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The Ledge Jul 27, 1922

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V -
al Hbr
a*7  /
t ���_
Vol. < XXIX.
We carry a large line ot
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect onr stock
fcBONE 28.       ' y  GREENWOOD. B.C.
| Underwear
ammmmfmmm?tmmmmmmmt?lmmmmmm mmfes
Cr|  = s
Now in Season
._ ���     ��� -. *>���
We can supply you with the best for preserving
^      Place your orders with us
���   .   ���   - Prices Right.
Shirts, Drawers and
Be comfortable while it is warm
These prices are right
Around Home I
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
^    LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Licensed B. C. Optometrist
r ' Will be at " ' ���
Goodeve's Drug Store,  Greenwood
Jv On Tuesday, August 1st
This i��Lyour opportunity to have your "eyes tested
One day only. Don't forget the date, AUGUST 1st
-":t:v^~-'       Children* Eyes a Specialty
* "The Province sits~on a Powder
'    '       4 Barrel"
* District Forester," Major L.  R.
���    Adams makes this statement
"Are* you fully insured in this
critical situation
Most of you are not, calfand see
Greenwood, B.C.
The best Companies in the World
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars. Garage in connection.
d. Mcpherson    . -    " proprietor
The WINDSORvHOTEL   is   heated   with .steam      , ^
,    and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.     A ���comiort-
������ able home for tourists  and travellers.   -Touch the
"wire  if you" wane  rooms" reserved.   'The buffet is
replete  with -cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages,
v " -  buttermilk and ice-cream. " y
* ~�� ' a
         -    s -   ,
;       X_ A Car pi ^
Cereals,  Flour and Feed
Their Quality is Pre-eminent
Greenwood Theatre
, ,.;��� ��� _ Gray & Clerf. Procs,, _ , , _,
��� Commencing at 8. IS p.m;
Mayflower Photoplay Corp. presents
You'll see two souls engulfed by oaths of
love in the great
R. A; WALSH Production
Miriam  Cooper      '
The drama of many truths, many oaths
and a woman's wonderful lie
8 reels 8
Also a Two Reel Canadian Educational
"The Master of Music" ^
We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
.A trial will convince you
It? every centre of population ia the lower part ot the province is a
telephone exchange and an organization of skilled workers to facilitate com-
- merce. Every circuit must be tested, every inch of wire wxtdied and kept'
in repair; every switchboard operated. day and night. Not osly that, but.
there is always ne*# construction to meet the increasing needs of the telephone using public Crews of linemen and cablemen, and installers of every
kind of telephone equipment carry on this work as the province progresses.
ADULTS SOC      -   - CHILDREN 25c.
Presbyterian CBorch
Greenwood, Midway,"JEtc
Minister in charge
Rev. YV^ R. Walkinshaw. B. A.   .
Services on Sunday   ���   <    -
Midway ii a.m..      Greenwood 7.30 p.m.
A cordial invitation to all
Sunday   School   for   the  children   and
young men and women'-       i
Midway 10 a.m.     Greenwood 10.30 a.i*.
Jacob's Ladder. Genesis XXVir, 10 ff.
In William Blake's water colour picture of Jacob's Dream, we see  Lhe youthful Jacob lying asjeep on a grassy hill.
top, his shepherd's crook in J_is hand.
'���Ending; by his pillow and" descending
froin a vast golden sun on high, whence
-eminate Coods of bright yellow beams,
is a white spiral stairway or" ladder, upon
���which  countless  angels and girls and
little children are passing up and down.
Foremost among them is a winged angel
bearing a basket of bread upon his head,
! and followed by a damsel "with a jug of
j wine.   Others sre engaged in various delights; "einbracing-onfi another,   leading
little children, one   carrying  a  scroll,
others a book, "compasses, or a musical
instrument���all joyful and-beautiful.   Beneath the rays ot the sun is-.deep blue
sky   star spangled.   Many of those for
whoni the symbolism of art is, as it was
For Blake,  inseparable  from its reality,
will be reminded in this'lovely intention  of .the    striking ' words   in,'  'The
Obscure Kight of the 6onl'   when .St.
John of the. Cross tells of how the Ladder
Of Contemplation ascends to the Sun,
uConserve the water
Beans] are quite common in
uearly every garden.
G. W. Rogers, of Kellogg,
Idaho, is'in town today.
Mrs. Wm. Jenks- returned on
Saturday from Vancouver.
J. B. Desrosier; of Osoyoos, is
spending a few days in town.  *'
There will be plenty of grouse
this year for the ^f all shooting.
Miss Daisy Axam is spending
a few days with friends in Trail.
Dutsc. Mcintosh has purchased
a house on Angus Ave., Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs\ C. A, Banks, of
V-ancouve**, were m town last
A. D. McLennan, of Rock
Creek was. a visitor in town on
Tuesday.'" '"   -1
R. W. Taylor,' of Bridesville,
has been appointed a -justice -of
peace.   .
"Geo; EilisVof Calgary, was the
guest of Mayor Gulley during the
we_ek end.
Miss Eva Murray has returned
to her duties after a pleasant two
weeks vacation.  ,    ,
Raspberries are ripe, They
are plentiful this year and should
sell for a small price.   .
"Miss Ethel Pond, who has been
the guest of MrsVL. Bryant, left
for Nelspn on Tuesday.
E. I*." Steeves, of the Mairi
river, was a, visitor in town on
Tuesday and Wednesday.
The bush, fire northEholt of has
driven the bear and-de_er into the.
.valley uo^thVof .Gr-ecnwood... - _,,="
J.- Keady , has - purchased an
automobile, " D. McPherson of.
Grand Forks made the sale.
The,second growth of clover
and alfalfa are growing nicely on
early cut sub irrigated nusadows.-
The Governtnent'Liquor Store
windows jbave been nicely painted
with the usual green* and gold
Miss Gladys McCreath arrived
from Vancouver on Tuesdayand
is the guest of her father James
Sheriff T. A. Taggart and H.
H. Sawyer were in town on Wednesday on their way from Carmi
to Grand-Forks. =������
Norman MacDonald, of Nelson,
district plant chief of the B. C.
Telephone Co., spent a .couple of
days in town this week.
A. N. Docksteader was in Osoyoos on Tuesday. He was accompanied by N. MacDonald, of
���the B. C. Telephone Co., Nelson.
R. Lee, Chief Fraser,-G.-Clerf
and J. Drum are unwatering the
Spokane claim which adjoins the
Providence   mine   on 'the north.
Lost, A purple plaid mackinaw
coat near Fretz' ranch on the
Eholt road.. Finder will be rewarded by leaving same at Thk
Ledge office.
M. McLeod, Optometrist of
Vancouver, will be at Goodeve's
Drug Store on Tuesday, Aug. 1st
for one day only. Have .your
vision corrected.
H. McCutcheon, customs officer,
left' last week for the 70 Mile
House, Cariboo district, where he
will sell some horses that were
seized by the customs.
Jas. Drum shipped three tons
of ore from iheTwin and Morrison
& McGillis three tons of ore from
the Tarn O'Shanter, to the Trail
smelter on.Wednesday. .
C. E. Wilson, supervisor of .the
-Manufacturers Life Insurance
Co., for the Kootenay districts,
with headquarters in Nelson, was
a visitor in town this week.
Sam Johnson is spending a few
days in town having completed
the work on Cork avenue. He
will commence work on iris placer
claim at'Rock Creek in a short
Joint Installation
- Mrs. Margaret L. Halket aud
three children, of Kettle Valley,
spent a few hours in. town on
Tuesday. Mrs. Halket recently
acquired', the Little. . ranch at
the Valley.
Large crowds are attracted to
the moving picture house every
Saturday night. The pictures
shown are all very fine, splendidly filmed and are great boosters
for "the picture house.
.Don't forget the date Aug. 1st.
Any defects in your vision rectified if glasses, will do it. Satis-
frction guaranteed. M. McLeod,
Goodeve's Drug Store.
A general meeting of thfc Conservative party will be held at
Rock Creek on Friday, Aug. 4th
at 3 p.m. Purpose of meeting to
elect'delegates to attend the joint
convention at Vancouver. J. A.
MacKelvie, M. P., will-address
the meeting.
Wm. Whitman, of Lethbridge,
and J. P. Hall, of Kamloops,
took a fishing trip up the Main
KetUe river under the guidance
oi our local piscatorial artist,
Earl Hooker. Mr. Whitman on
his re'furu left for home. Greenwood may look for many Lethbridge tourists in the future.
A Big Dance will be held in the
Midway Pavilion on Friday evening," July 28, under the. auspices
of the Midway Celebration com-
j'nritteer "-"-BSfshtV" orchestra ' ywtft
supply the music and" the floor 1
will be in first-class condition, j
Admission $1.00 including supper. A real good time is guaranteed. '   '"    -
N. A. McRtnis who accepted
the -position of High School
teacher here has, owing to un-
forseen circumstances, been compelled to resign. P. M. Grant, a
teacher of IS -years experience
and^_ highly recommonded has
been appointed High School
C T. Fenner
W. Walmsley
R. Blundell
D. McGillis
A. N. Mowat
A. Jv Morrison
H. R. Bidder
H. Bryan
J-. Keady
G. S. Walters
Last night the Knights   of   Pythias  held a joint  installation  of
officers when   Grand  Forks came
over abont 35 strong  accompanied
by R. J. Gardner,  Grand Chancellor Commander of - the domain  of
British Columbia.    The celebrated
Grand Forks degree was also over
and put on the second degree iu  a
a, most impressive style, not a- ritual being used in  the  work.    The
following officers were then installed for the   ensuing   term   by  the
Grand Chancellor and his subordinates:
Grand Forks
:C.C. ���' C. Miidge
VvC. J. Grassick
Pre. E. Caguou
M.W.     A. Michiner
K R.S.   R. h- Hodgson
���   M.F.        R. E.Jenhe"
M.E.     B. McCannon
M.A.       J. Woodward
I.G. J. Berry
O.G. J. Herd
After installation all  repaired to
the outer hall   where the Pythian
Sisters had laid a sumptuous repast
and after all had partaken  of the
bountiful   spread    congratulatory
speeches were made by nearly  all
present.    The spirit of fraternity
wa8 shown   by"  eveiyoue but the
great speech of the evening  came
from R. J. Gardner' who   give a
brief outline of his,official' visit  to
the coast lodges and -then clearly
described.the meaning of some of
the K, of p. symbols/
��� "Auld Lang Syne" three cheers
by both"iodges and   Grand   Forks
departedTsinging -'For They are
Jolly,Good Fellows." .       ���'    .
Rock Creek.
Here we are again, open spoken
and to mention news and truths of
all men and also not to forget items
of the opposite sex, if sometimes
they do get a little vexed, as our
local paper has' got to have some
wit to jolly us along.
Miss Gladys Bell, of Victoria,
formerly of the Riverside Hotel,
is visiting friends in the. district.
Five car loads .of -cattle were
shipped from Rock Creek this week.
Three gentlemen from  Kelownsr
came over the summit  on  a specially bnilt car from McOuliough to
Rock Creek   on   Sunday.     Forty
miles of the way there wasuo road.
The trip was made to prove to the
government that it was possible to
open up tbis  new  highway from
Carmi to Kelowna.     Photographs
were taken on the way whioh will
appear later in some  of  the coast
Raspberries  are  a   good  crop.
Cherries are also turning out well. _
The wheat harvest will   begin next
S. T. Larsen, Provincial assessor
was renewing acquaintances in
the neighborhood this week.
Midway News- v
At present there seems to be
good natured rivalry between pro-.
gressive towns of respectable > proportions to make "our town" or
district Sfgood place to live in,--On
every hand.can be found evidence
of .this commendable; spirit beings
fosteredin our midst, the friendly
competition of traffic,   the support'
Amateur gardeners are growing
tired of their task.    Thi^seems
natural      "       "
A Farewell Dance
for a Sister
and other young people Jeaving
Greenwood will be~ Held under
the auspices of ��� the . Pythian
Sisters ia the Masonic' Hall oa
August' the 2nd. ' Admission-
Ladies SOc
which Is God."       """" ���.-. --.��� -���, Gents Sl.oo��� Supper
' |��c-..   ferood nms.c     Everybody
- xhei*ttensofWSn.Biake.��Icome and have,a good time.
quite natural. In all 'departments of life the^baby^coosriaJiis
white blouse, and the boy roves
���in overalls. Why'should it be
different with the garden and its
baby plants or well grown vegetables? Human nature would
not have it different but culture
and art impose another rule.
James Grant, of Oliver, appeared before P. H*. McCu'rrach,
S.M., and J. R. Ferguson, J. P.,
at Midway on Monday, charged
with running a car.-without a
license. He was found guilty
and fined $10 and costs, A
charge against Mr. Grant for
entering a cabin illegally was
amicably settled to the satisfaction of all parties. W. Clayton,
of Penticton, appeared for the
In this community there are
some cherries and throughout
the country the crop is good.
Common red cherries- are on the
market. These are the regular
pie cherries out of which, with
granulated sugar, delicious pies
can be made, pies that are worthy
successors of the marvels our
grandmothers used to produce
out of black Tartarians and
scraped maple sugar. After a
good dinner finished with a nice
helping from' one of grandmother's pies, many acradler-has
cut two acres of big fall wheat-in
the five hours that elapse before
tab supper meal. But red cherries
and common granulated are a
good substitute, and tbe burdens
of the world sit lightly on the
shoulders of farmers while the
cherry season lasts.
Conserve the wafer.
Mrs.  Chas.  Moll   lias jeffe
Victoria to visit her mother.
-Don't forget the Big Dance at
the Midway Pavilion "on'Friday
Mr. aud Sirs. Chas. K. McArthur, of Trail, are-the gaests of
Mr. and Mrn. K. D. Kerr.
Mrs. Leggati and Mr. Phipps, of
Victoria, are the guests of their
sister, Mrs. James Atwood.  -
I enwonment,_ and all, else conspir-
I ing to that end. These, .and more
may be secured' through well
directed human effort.' Practically
speaking, this commnijity con-
togtopyhas ever been among the
unknown quantity. The extreme
purity of the water and air has
much to do with this condition;
. Among the numerous, other possessions this community lays daim
P��l HUM- *.asm_orso_e Xj ^ ^ ^   "-
iomf,*��� �����.j.i.��� /-( . -. ^   .    ���     I �� _)aars    ji.,  gnell,    the
operation at the Grand Forks Hos
pi.&l-and is progressing nicely: "'"
Miss Eva "Murray . and Miss
Ethel Fraser, of Greenwood, have
been visiting at the Weed ranch.
Mrs. Chas. Bubar, of Beaverdell, spent the week-end with her
mother: Mrs. Powers, at Salter's
Hotel. *
Mrs. E, Hawkes and children
have left for Kamloops where they
will visit Mr. Hawkes at the Tran-
quilfe Sanatorium.
While on  a picnic at "Liberty
Lake  near  Spokane,   Miss   Jean
Richter had a narrow  escape from
drowning.    The   nurses  from  the
training   school    to   which   Miss
Richter belongs, were out for their
annual picnic   and   were   having
some fan  on a  raft when it was
accidentally   capsized.      Most    of
the young iadies could swim, but a
Miss Benson who was unabie to do
so would have been drowned bad
it not been for Miss Eichter who
with much difficulty managed ��0
held her ap and bring her to shore.
Miss Richter is not a very strong
swimmer and taok chances of being drowned herself.
genial proprietor _has^ been caring
for the needs of the community, as
well as  for the travelling public,
and so ably has the  work   been
done that his house is well patronized almost continually.    Mr. Snell
ia a natural  born   landlord,  ahd
with the able assistance of hia good
wife, has established an  extensive
business.     The  large   tables are
neatly arranged, the culinary work
ably looked after,   and the palatable viands include every delicacy
on the market.    The house contains  many   -rooms.     These   are
kept in the best of condition, thus
appealing to   the   fancies  of the
men  whose lives are spent on the
road.    Moderate in their charges,
unsurpassing in the service render*
ed, Mr. and Mrs. Snell have Jong
since gained the enviable reputation of being,tbe very best and   .
most popular caterers in the district.
Boy Scouts
Troup meets on Wednesday at
1 p.m.
Thc Cubs frill meet this week
at the usual place -on Thursday
at 7 p.m. instead of Saturday-    .
Writing- from -.Penticton, M.
Beattie- states that great quae
tities of cherries are being shipped from that place. The Bing
dad Royal Anas are done but
there is another late/ variety
coming on. The nest fruit will
be apricots.
The Ledge wants the news,
the latest news, authentic aews
and all our readers have a standing inyitatioa io tell as of local
happenings we might miss otherwise. Wh ess-friends corse and go
or interesting happenings occur
tell as about them. -i i
- -��� .17.
.U. :
When Does Bronchial Trouble
Begin to Get Serious?
First it was a little throat tickle,
then a cou-.li which grows severe.
This'neglected cough travels down the
lungs, and it's mighty hard to treat.
To treat throat trouble right, use Catarrhozone. It heals the sore spots,
allays irritation, oases the cough,
makes breathing regular, clears out
the phlegm and frees the nostrils from
crusts and accumulations. You can
prevent colds, and keep free from Catarrh and bronchial trouble by frequently using Catarrhozone���thousands prove this every day. Sold
everywhere, two mom lis treatment
��1.00, medium size 50c, sniall size 25c.
"The man who gives in when he is
wrong," said the street orator, "is a
wise man; but he who gives in when
hc is right is���" .        '
"Married!" said -a meek voice-
Passing Show.
\Vhy and Wneref or of Prokititory Laws
Unquestionably tliere is a considerable degree of restiveness ainong people over the enactment and subsequent enforcement of prohibitory laws of
one kind and another. While this feeling of resentment finds expression
most vigorously in connection with prohibitory liquor laws, there is an undercurrent of feeling in relation to other matters as well. But do the people
who*so vigorously object lo these repressive laws over stop lo ask themselves
to wh.it extent they are Ihenfsclves responsible for their enactment?
Prohibitory laws are always the result of excessive over-indulgence, a
lack of self-control, or solf-donial. This slatement holds true not only in
lvganl to lii-uor leglslalion, but in regard to practically all laws of a sumptuous character. For example, the laws passed prohibiting the killing of
.beaver in Canada .were rendered necessary because sonic hunters and trappers
would not deny themselves the pleasure or profit: to be derived from lulling
these industrious little workers. Close seasons for duck, prairie chickens,
and all kinds of game had to be established and are enforced for the same
l.very year thc newspapers of this country are filled with reports of the
destruction of millions of dollars worth of valuable forests, and in the vast
majority of cases these destructive fires are thc result of the carelessness
arising out of the lack of a little self-denial on the part of someone who would
not. take the time or go to the trouble of properly protecting a campfire, or
who started a lire for fun under conditions of wind or in such close proximity
to bush as to invite a conflagration. Some people, too, have a mania i'or
stripping the bark off of birch trees,' or otherwise defacing public property
which necessitates th'e enforcement of prohibitory regulations applicable to
One or two farmers in a given community will not exercise the self-denial,
or take the precautions necessary, to keep theirland free from noxious weeds,
with the result that thc whole district is threatened and suffers loss. The
inevitable result is the passage of laws to compel everybody to destroy weeds.
"Keep off tho grass" signs in city parks always cause a feeling of Indignation because it is felt that these grassy spaces should be for the special
use of children on liot summer days. Why, then, aro such signs displayed?
Because- people will be selfish. The temperate use of city park spaces would
give them and everybody else real pleasure, but tliere are those who will persist in making beaten tracks across these lawns with the result that everybody is prohibited from walking on (hc grass.
Some people go fishing and haul in everything they can, big and little,
and keep it up regardless of their requirements for seasonable food, with the
result that lakes and streams five fished out. If such'people alone wero the
sufferers from such wholesale destruction they might well bc allowed to suffer.
the penalty of tlicir folly and lack of self-control. Hut everybody suffers,
and so it becomes necessary every now and then to prohibit fishing altogether
in such lakes and streams for a lew years in order that tlie stock of iish
may be replenished. . .
Sundav observance laws are passed so strict in character as to malce that
day one which thousands of people loathe, instead of hailing Its coming as a j
day of joy and gladness. In some respects our Canadian Sunday observance,
laws aro like tlie blue laws of Puritan New England. Yet these laws have
been enacted in order io prevent Sunday becoming even less restful and
sacred than the other six days of the week.
. It was not the moderate drinker, the man who really enjoyed a glass of
beer as a beverage, who brought about Prohibition. Such a man was 7iot a
menace to the whole community. It'was the man who drank to excess and
in his drunken state was worse than a beast, or an Insane man, ill-treating
ills i'amilv, and disturbing the peace of all, who caused such a revulsion of.   ,   ��� ,,,,,���
- ,, ' _    ,   ,    , .       .... .    similar exhibition
public opinion as to lead to  tlie demand thai the sale ot intoxicants or all . . _ctp(1 fo    (!le .IU| ,",,���,_ 0f -fl"'*
kinds be rigidly prohibited. -     - '
Strange Alpine Phenomenon    |
'       * -i
Pollen of Fruit Tinges Whole Country (
Vcllow Hue
- A curious Alpine phenomenon is reported in different" parts of the Canton of Vaud. When a strong wind
ceased tlie -whole country assumed a
yeJlc-w hue. Tlie Kent Vaulion, -1,880
f V high, looked like a golden dome,
nnd the forests seemed on fire, while
Lake Joux! resembled a sea of champagne. The yellow was caused by
large masses of pollen from fruit
trees, which was blown across the
mountains and deposited when the
wind dropped. The peasants call it
"golden rain."
Immigration for May
Immigration into Canada for the
month of May, 1!)22, tolalled 11J99,
of whom 5,!)?2 were British, 2,S0(i
from the United States and 2,3C1 from
other countries.
Cholera infantum is one of the fatal
ailments of childhood. It is a trouble
that' comes on suddenly, especially
during the summer months and unless
prompt action is taken the little one
may soon x be beyond aid. Baby's
Own Tablets are an ideal medicine in
warding off this trouble. They regulate the bowels and sweeten ihe stomach and thus prevent'the dreaded
summer complaints. They are im absolute safe, medicine, being guaranteed to.contain neither opiates nor
narcotics or other harmful drugs.
Thcy cannot possibly do harm���they
always do good. The Tablets���are
sold ..by medicine dealers or by mail
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Mothers sometimes find it difficult to please the little miss when selecting clothing for their wardrobe. " They feel quite grown-up. at that age and
their tastes usually run to modes that "add* materially to their years. Mother,
of course,, insists on something useful. Here is a suggestion for an afternoon frock which is bound to be classed~"as adorable.by tlie most particular
little miss.. it is of brown crepc.de chine, with pleated fiutings of ros��> crepe,
which afford an attractive note of contrast. Very- novel is the leather girdle,
which serves as a 'distinctive Hushing touch. -  ���
Alberta Coal
- -It is a law of nature.tluit* tlie innocent must suffer with' the ���guilty.     It
.is"a maxim that wc inu-tt make provision,in Saw and in law enforcement which
will result, in the greatest good to the greatest number.-   Hence, thc passage
of prohibitory laws for the advancement of the public good, and to prohibit
the majority from the selfishness and viciousness ot tho few.   *
'.   Hand in hand with the passage of such laws���and even more Important
and lasting in the results to'bo achieved;���Is the need for proper training of
���.children Jn thc duties, the obligations, the restrictions involved in Canadian!
' citizenship.      Tliere is need for a revival ot" teaching tbe young lo respect \ CATARRHAL  DEAFNESS
..the rights and property of others, and thc property of the state which is the [l* Kroatlyjvileved iiyconMUution.-d iroat-
British Engineering Exhibition in 1923
During tlie year 3!'20 a very success-
fit!   exhibition   of  shipping, ���engineering and machinery was held in London.      Under Ihe    same    auspices    a
is   now being  pro-
preliminary   arrangements    have   already ,been  completed  and  the  management Is confident of   getting " together    a    thoroughly comprehensive
display  of engineering    exhibits    especially relating to shipping and factory equipment.
Compares Veryv Favorably With Imported Coal for-Smithy ��� Purposes :
.-.Af.ler extensive experiments ..with
tlie use ol: an Alberta coal for smithy
purposes, tlie-Industrial itesearch Department of the University of Albert-}"
states that it compares very favorably
with imported Pennsylvania coal for
this .purpose. Comparative tests were
made under ordinary .blacksniithy conditions,'and included'heating, welding
and tool-making, "i ln all these tests
the- results obtained with the Alberta
coal were equally as good, if not better than, those obtained with ^.Pennsylvania coal.
Miller's Vv'orm Powders are sweet
and palatable to children who show
no hesitancy in taking them. They
will certainly bring worm troubles to
an end. Thoy are si strengthening
and stimulating medicine, correcting
lhe disorders of digestion tliat rlie
worm.1 <'*nisc and imparting.a healthy > . . .
lone to the system most beneficial to .-"eciareu,
Separation, But No Alimony
A peaceful, quiet separation, no.
damage done, everybody happy again
���that's the situation when you
divorce your corns. Try Putnam's
Corn Extractor^ Acts like magic, no
pain, iio failure,- success every time,
ltefuse a substitute for "Putnam's,"
35c everywhere. '_-.'.'
Says Helicopter Easy
Mark for "Archies"
If  China  Wakes
According, to thc  Hamilton Herald
one of tlie most remarkable pupil?* ih
Hamilton public schools is a Chinese
'meat      II MI'S cvrwim Si mirivi-* I!lu5 of fourteen.      Last  .October    ho   officer
property of all.     Tliere is a crying need for lhe inculcation of the principles ,Js':i \.o���.,ij.u.io-.-if rom.-.ty. * Ciii.-u-.-ii.-il ! coui(i  not  spen], *     ---"--'
of"self-control, self-denial, and a true conception of the gain to bc derived'D';,-*"os;- ls ���-au.-.-d l.y ���<.. inflamed con   '
No'' Use in .War According to British
Artillery Colonel
While the Brennan helicopter is expected to revolutionize civil flying, an
artillery colonel opines it will not be
of much benefit to armies iii the
event of war." ..
According to the Graphic, this officer says a machine would prove an
easy mark lor a modern "archie" or
aircraft gun, its very stability proving
its downfall. "It was dliticult," he
to hit an ordinary airplane
living 10,000 feet high at the rate of
100 miles an hour, but we did it. What
about a-stationary one?"
When it was pointed out to him
that-lite new machine claimed to be
"practically invisible at 5,000 feet, the
replied:    "With   modern   ��.le-
i  word -of English,   velopmcnts in  anti-craft artillery we
ciiiloiTof the YiuVi-ous'iiriiiif. of the'KuVia-j Now he has passed the" senior grade   could    piaster,   the   whole area with
lrom the practice of conservation in the true sense and meaning of the word. icWa^M^ n^^]^^'l^^l \ examination of his school with honors,   high explosive shells, from the explo
���=. heavimfc   him*    -vli��n    Ii  !.-< enlirely-lWd. k_n   cjg*,_  months  he  got   through   the
tho ru.-iiiU.      I nli-M    this   in- i
Deny Cruelty to Hottentots
��� Administrator   of    Southwest    Africa
Says Report Is Untrue
'.The report of G. It. Hofmeyer, nd-
-rniiilstr-^tor��� of .Southwest- Africa, _on
tlie" matter of alleged cruelty by Government troops in the suppression ot
the     recent "  Hottentot   uprising   re-
; fe'rred to in a -Heuier despatch  from
7 Capetown in regard to Premier Smuts'
��� denial "of ' cruelty, says the. officers'
were impressed with;lite, necessity of
recognizing- the 'principles' of ,"warfare
.and  tlie -dictates."of humanity.      He
has no reasoii�� to. believe'  that    any
member of.. the;* force abused" his'' con-
. Jidence, lie says, according tp a.T'eu-
������ ter cable. .. V '
-y "Un;  the    contrary," Administrator
..Hofmeyer states, '"inimodiately   after
-the; surrender ail- the-rebel  wounded
7, were treated by. the medical oiliccr of
health; ourJ'obd was shared with the
prisoners and tlie-women and children
, ;3>oaair.y.�� is
Aa (������>����� o�� nncaIMn   -iftor Hie ' niiiy bo a-'stioyed foiever.   HALL'S i".\-
Aa la. as possible, alter t!*e|TAj!RK  M!.:D!aXK <irti)    ,|mi���K|,    tho
ill the rank ami'blood on tlu- iiiucoum *urfiirp_. of tlie sys-
tent.llRJE rt-diic!iiK the inflammation ���wiil-
a->?IstTn_. Nature In rc^torm-; nomi-il ton-
Circul.'irs froe.       All  nni,,t"ists.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo. Ohio.
.were'driven in our lorries to places of jfh.umiArhilf /an i
close of hostilities,
file of prisoners were liberated and'allowed to return to their women and
children at Halm. Tiie older -non
ami wounded, were accommodated
with horses, and bur men walked."
Administrator Hofmeyer declares
that hc and'other officials concerned
are convinced that nothing that the
administrfftion-cpiild 7 luive done short
of complete-surrender to. the.Holteii-
lols would have-averted the conflict;
o rcducfil. your liuirlng
���Fire Brings .Arrest in Chile ~.
When:" a; - fire   occurs in Chile; the
owner^ or    occupant-., of"the burned
'building, is immediately, arrested .and
made to prove-that he'is not. guilty-of
���having set or "instigated- tho fire.-V- '
In Libya smoking," drinking .ami
dancing are forbidden by/ the Seri-
.ussi law.
A Cruise on the Great Lakes
Enjoy to the  Fullest Extent the Trip
-Tlfe trip. to. Eastern Canada or the
United States can bc*m;'idc doubly enjoyable . by.; including - the .��� delight ful
cruise oh the-Great Lakes from Fort
.William-and Port Arthur to Port .Mc-
Nicoll.or,.O.wen Sound."on lhe"Pa'latlal
Canadian- Pacific. .Steainers '."iCee-
watin," "Assiniboia," and ^"Manitoba."
-.Three"' sailings' a weck.cfrb'in.Fort.
.William aiid-Port Arthur- every "Wednesday: ..ah.iV. Saturday. .tp . ...Port .7 jl;c-
N'ico'Il, where direct, 'connection is
made with., special" train for Tomnio,
and every. Thursday for Owen Sound.:
Tlie Great Lakes- trip is a delightful'
diversion to tlie -East���Kesifu.l,' cool
and refreshing, ..���.".-     " ������;-
-The Ticket .Agent'of the. Canadian
Pacific will'be pleased to give'hill information as. to rates;; .sailings;'etc..
and arrange., every-detail foran- enjoyable'trip.    7- -���;���-.,  -     '   -   ....      ���������'������.���;
work of four years.- An In telle c .uul
awakening in China would mean
something for the world if that boy is
a fair sample of his kind. We know
what an awakening has done for
Bnclielor Sentiment
He.���Indeed, I am fond of children,
partreularly In tlie Country.
She.���Why particularly when you're
in-the country?" 7        '-'   -."������      .'
,-He.���Not .when" I am In .the country.
When .they,arc.���:Spare Moments.
'��� Tho.'first,   veterinary, school
established - in'1'7C2 at Lyons.    -
Because Lydia E. Pinkham's
": Vegetable Compound Re-
; stored My Health   7
sion of v^iidi nothing could escape
Don't think that .the 'archie' In an
effete weapon by any means;' it was
only ;in its Infancy during the war."
- Nothing as Good for Asthma.
Asthma- remedies,.'come: and:_go~ but
every year tlie. sales of the'original
Dr. J. D, JCeliogg's Asthma Remedy
grow greater and greater. - No further evidence could be asked of its remarkable merit. It relieves. <lt is
always of the same unvarying quality
which the sufferer from asthma learns
to know.. Dp" not suffer another "attack, but get this splendid remedy today. -*." -���      - -'     ���'    .,._--.
How Vaccination Was Discovered
I: The Return From Captivity. Predicted (29:10-14).
It seems that false prophets were
flourishing in Babylon telling the people that they would speedily be restored to their own land. To counteract this ���- the Lord moved Jeremiah
to send this letter to the captives in
Babylon (vv. 8, 9). In t'his^ letter he
advised them to settle down and
quietly pursue their regular callings
of'life and not to be led astray by ^the
false prophets (vv. 6, 7).
1. The length of tlie captivity (v.
10). Their coining back was to be
"after seventy years." From^Daniel
9:2 it is clear that seventy years
means a definite time. It dates from
the time when the first company was
taken captive among which Dauiel
was found. ~
2. Recovered .by God (vv. 10-14).
God's purpose in the captivity was
to cure them of. their idolatrous practices. He assured them that when
His purpose was accomplished he
would visit them and convince thcm.|
of His good puflioso toward them.
When once this was done they would
call upon Him in sincerity nnd He
would be found of them. Their captivity He would turn away; gather
them from all the nation's and bring
them into their own land.
II.    Prediction    of Captivity Fulfilled
Ezra 1:1-11).
1. The-proclamation of Cyrus (vv.
1-4). (1) This, was not by.accident,
bu.t tliat the word of the Lord might
be 'fulfilled (v. 1). What God has
promised He will do; He never forgets. Wherever we find a promise
which He hath made we can rest
upon it; He will make good. (2) By
divine initiation (v. 1). "The Lord
stirred up the spirit of Cyrus." How
this was done we do~"not'know, Possibly Danief-brought to his attention
the prophecy of Isaiah and-Jeremiah
(Isa. 55:2S; Jer. 25:12). Every impulse to do good in all men is-caused
by "the-Lord���even a' heathen king
who may not have'be.cn conscious of
doing. His will, at God's -appointed
time took the initiative In thismatter.
It may havo been that Cyrus only saw
his own'action as a piece of statecraft
���the creation of a buffer state nation
between his kingdom and that, of
Egypt. Be that as it~may, God stirred him up to do His will. (3) The
content of His proclamation (vv. 2-1).
(a) "The Lord God of heaven hath
charged me to build Him a house in
Jerusalem" (v. 2). This makes clear
that he had some impression of God's
hand upon him. (b) Appeal to Jewish patriotism (v. 3). ' He invokes
God's bleslsng upon such as possess
the national religious feeling, and
commands them to go. and build the
house of the Lord God. (c) Lend assistance (v. 4). Many of the -Jews
were established in business and
therefore were not free to go. Many,
no doubt, had lost their national sphit
and therefore were not anxious to go.
All such were to-lend friendly assistance" in silver, gold and beasts.
Those who cannot go to do God's work
should ..strengthen the hands of those
who do go. "
2. The response of Cyrus' proclamation (vv. 5, 6). The chief of the
fathers of Judah and Benjamin and
the priests and Levltes presented
themselves as willing and ready to go.
The c6mpany - which returned was
largely made up of representatives of
Judah and Benjamin.
3. The royal favor (vv. 7-11). Cyrus
brought forth the vessels of the house
pf__the_ Lord___which _Nebuchadnezzar
had brought fortli out of Jerusalem
and put into^the house of his gods.
This wiis a great encouragement to
every loyal Jew whose heart had been
grieved over the profanation of these
sacred vessels. Now.to have 5,400
of these vesesls returned to their owners and sent back to Jerusalem to he
put to their original use, met a hearty
response by the Jews.
For Infants and Childrea
in Use For Over 3��Years
Always bears
Signature of
:: "EAT   :
Saskatchewan Has Biggest Burden
Liabilities   P��r   Capita' Aro ' Greater
Than Other Provinces a
Saskatchewan has the largest ami
Prince Edward Island the smallest
burden, of liabilities per capita among
municipalities, having a population
from one to three thousand." This f
statement is founded on a report Just
published by the Dominion*Bureau of
Statistics. The figures for tlie larger
municipalities have been published
earlier. The report refers to tho
year 1920.
The figures for . the .western provinces, based on 7 this report, are, as
follows: "*****
Saskatchewan, $125.90; British
Columbia, $119-95; Alberta, ..-?9.0..4,->;
Manitoba, $86.47.
No child'shbuld be alldwedto suffer
an hour from worms i*f%ni prompt ^relief can be got in a simple but strong
remedy���Mother Graves'Wo��n Exterminator.
Canada's Population
Final Figures of the Sixth Census At'^s
Canada's total population as at June
1st is 8,788,483'. This latke final figure issued of the sixth census.' Tho
total represents a gain of 1,581,$ 10
over the total population recorded In
1911, an.lncrease of 21.95 per cent. A
total of 4,439,505 of the Canadian population is residing in rural districts as
compared with 4,348,978 ia urban centres. Ontario leads in population
with 2,933,663 residents, followed by
Quebec with 2,361,199. Alberta led
the way in provincial increase wfth
57.22 per cent, followed by Saskatchewan .with 53.80 per cent These two
western provinces hare- populations of
-588,454 and 757,510 respBctlrely.
A Frenchman who lias invented 'a,
special method of natural breathing,
recently ate cherries and laughed under water. X  ���
A. Calendar Savings'Bank'
To entourage "the formation o.f'a.
daily-savings'hitbit, a neat, home caleri-.
dar has been-devised" which . can be
kept" at the proper date'.only' by the
insertion of a coin each day, says .cm
illustrated article in' the' August 1...-3UC
of Popular Mechanics Magazine. A
special slot is also' (provided iri. which
.coins may be inserted-without affecting the calendar numbers. v-
Milkmaid   ; in     Gloucester,,  England,
..-_""--Gave Dr. Jenner Idea
' The .interesting story, of  how vac-
cii-atiQii  was .-iliscovefe��rVjs ......related.
by  Dr. "William J,  Cfulcksliank/pi-o-"
sident of the  Brooklyn_ Cardiological
Society; and  consulting . phyb-ilciah- of
'the, Wyckofft'l-Icights'llospital in  au
article.in; Medical Lire",.as follows': "
_V "It; was-a niilkinai'd. who "gave ISd-
ward 'Jenneiv-ihe Jdeii. which resulted
in    the  ���preveniion '. of snia.lipo.v, ;.a
scourge  which ! was- then "-devastating
PornclV N; Y.-."I was in bad health.-.-.Europe/   No one riow-J.ving-can-real-
but there didn't seem to be any one thing   .'������u.*-. ������i'���/..' -',',','" ������. *-���   ���   ������'
the matter with me. i Uc- u^.calamity, death * and;, human
I was- tired; out .all I. disfigurement' caused - by .smallpox Lbe.
over arid it was an cf-', fore, todays "of vaccination..'. ..'Jenn.er'
fortfor-mc tomovel i vi-os Tir'i��!;^;,.w ��.V^:���:_-. ���   ,-V        .-    ���
I--.was* irritable and'! ^S m^liSI"?-medicine iiuGlouceslcr,
could notsleepnigh'tsj. h'ns/**n��*7 ..'.Qne.-dny, while,making a
and had trouble with'; professional- visit/ a milkmaid, .who
my bowels and at'my- .happened lobe -present; ren*rri'nsr lo
periods;, It -seemed' -~~���i,������v -"-'  , ,�����-,".    *  '���'"-"."
thatnearlyeveryone: i sma11.!-0**' -m��W to -Inm./I cannot have
around"me"knew.,6f 7the -disease because .I. have had  the
your medicine.and-.natural pock:' '..
wanted riie:totryit.'\ -.-- ������'nii<* XX.-fXy.     ',- -���/',-' , '.���
so at last'I tbolc'l-.,:^.-18-   sl?ten-ei*t    starts.    Jenner
Lydia E.  Pinkham's Vegetable. Com- \ mnk.����� and-investigating.;- with"   the.
-jKHihd Tablets and Lydia E, Pinkham's"-result that on May.I4,-179'6,'he vaccin-
BUH>dMedicmoan<libjprovedbvfery"day.- ; ated,.aboy named'James -Phinps with-
I.do all-my own work-now-except the   _���_,". V,;���.i *-���r    , '      ,,    .������.���.���
washing and do it with case.;  IcL ac~ j c?wpQV- v ���s taM�� from the .hand: of
complish as "much, in" a: day. now as it! one Sarah -Nelmes'.      In 'due course
woald have taken me a'.week-to dolasfc ���' the bbv-was Inpculated-with smallpox
winter and I try-togeteveryone.Iknp.w-1 but ^Hed ~t0    contract' the "'diseaV
��� to take your medtcme tobuild them.up. i -, ������ ���    ... -.-���   ��� . . '      .u,!*-��se-
' You are wekoniebt-se this letter as.a ! *^cim<-rs method of preventing small-
testimonial if you like-'-'���Mrs. Chas/J-Pox was subsequently   adopted,' with
Baeep, 21 Spencer Ave., HorneH, N..Y. j. the   result   that   smallpox is now al-
Iri alnibst every neighborhood there j most a thing of the past"
are women who know of the value of ; ���_ --   ;   -.    .*    .
Lydia Rr Pinkham'a Vegetable Com- \ ,y       "���
of the movement would in the future! pound.   They know.because. ttrey have J    The    tinoceras,    extinct    mammal
'T^iyL^u^i^y ms-1?out ** si2e ��l 1!ie^ephant- ^!
~���������*-   *������ _ _���^_*���____.<���������-*?. ctnaHest   brain   of   any   living
English Catholics Come to Canada
. A great flow bf English Catholics
to Canada fs to be expected in the
near future, according, to an officer of
the Catholic Immigration Association^
visiting Canada just now. He stated
that the society had transferred six
thousand boys and girls from the Bri^
ish Isle3 to Canada and tliat the scope
be considerably expanded.
Indian Calm
.You cannot startie an Indian, declares ,Malcolm McDowe'' in the
Washington Star, nor can you rutlle
his.calm dignity...,:vI pnce,had..the satisfaction bf pointing out to an Indian ..chief an aeroplane sailing
across thc sky. it was the first aeroplane he had ever seen, and I had
fond hopes that he would show some
- "There:" I said,
do you think of il?
;  The chief looked up at  the aeroplane calmly;* then he looked at me.
"But   it -was    built   to    do  *tlut,
wasn't it?" he said.
"There!"   What
Isn't it extraor-
.   Ton aro Dot
v experinient-
(Ing  when
' sou nse Dr.
L Chase's Oint
ment for Eczema and Sbin Irritations. It relieves at once and pi adu-
ally heals the skin, 8iunpM box Dr.
Chase's -Ointment tree it you jneuUun tills
paper and send 2c stamp for postage, cocv a.
box; till dealers or Edmonson, IVaies & ,Go.,
.Limited, Toronto.
Make $5.00 to $10.00 Per Day
Apents wanted everywhere*; hook
territory now. Splendid values���
everybody uses���rell on sight. rfend
50e for sample outllt to
Cnxton Press, Ltd., 1825 Scarth St., Keuina
Scud   a   Dominion   I-Wpresi   Money   Older.
Tliey  are payable ererywhere.
Saskatchewan Dairy Products
According 40 figures recently made
public the value of dairy products In
Saskatchewan in 1921 was f 18,771,445.
During'the year farmers In the province Increased their dairy herds by
50,000 cows. Exp:'-** ! ~un-3 -cached
a new record,' a .; i -���!' '��',i)S5,5G2
pounds of butter lea*, lin* the province.
" Prevents Frost Forming
7  An   electric   radiator   that can be
operated from a light socket has been
designed to prevent frost from forming on store windows in cold weather.
j Minard't Liniment for Dandruff
The tendencies of the' father are
usually handed down-to the daughter
while the- son inherits those of the
mother. *   '
W.   N;   U.   1430
.{ Minard's   Liniment
��-     .    where
for   *al��   every-
New and used ItcIMnfr of every dfsrrlp-
tion shipped subject to approval, Gin. 5 ���
jily new .lubber Belting-, lilfjii -rnidti
quality, at 40c per ft. All othoro at Ion--
es.t prions In Canada.���Tork Baltluf. Co..
115 York St.. Toronto. One.
.  ,. -OINTMENT^
������;' <^B.ai'ns:.;^res:. G^SiEp;: yi
Cook's ���6*408 Hoof Coffipoun^
A. aafe, rfltdbUretwlatinff
mtilunns.   Bald i*> tbr*s <!*���
frse* ej Btrengtl*���?����. J. 31}
to. 3. S3: No. 8, <5 p��r bou
Sold by all drufjiits. or -col
prepwa oq rectipt of nr',<��.'
jTr���� pamphlet; AdJr��ui
IMOSite, S87.  .Fwbh-. Wiittt.}
Uog Remtdles
boos: ON
and  How to Feed
j Mailed  Frea  to ar.y
AddreBS by the
129   Weat   ��ffi   St..
New  York,   l/.S.A.
KV:'V^":- -��V-
i-xivdrtNyiy *i
"Winnipeg      TORONTO, CANADA-
I  ��
'   Ignace Jan Pederewski will return
, to "the piano next   ftfll,   touring   the
United States and Canada, it has been
Fire completely destroyed the railway car factory of the Orcnslein and
Koppel works'at Spandau, Germany.
Damage was done to extent of several
millions of marks..    ���   ���    ���
W. II. Robinson,  aviator, and  two
men-passengers were burned to dealii
at Los Angeles when' Hie airplane in
\ which they, were flying caught fire aud
The skeleton of .John Collins, avBcl-
I'gian farm hand, who disappeared un-
(\,der mysterious circumstances'from a
High 'Ululf farm last    January,    was
found on the outskirts of Winnipeg.
Lady Wilson, widow of- Field Mar-
-   shal Sir Henry Wilson, declined tlie
invitation extended to her lo stand as
Unionist candidate for Parliament for.
North Down, her husband's late con-
' stituency.
The1*Swiss .Government, it was announced has dccldedto adhere to 'the
St. Germain convention i'or inter-
' national control of trallic in arms and
ammunition.\ The decision is subject
to approval by the Swiss Parliament.
Shortage o.f foods has grown acute
In Dublin. ''Tlie"shops are charging
^ exorbitant-prices-for eggs, bacon and
bread. - No taxicabs and only a few
jaunting cars are available 'and -the
drivers demand extra payment for the
risk "they run, allowing no discount,
however,'"for "the risk the passenger
takes. The newsboys ask double
""  price for papers. .     . '
��� A new town of about 1,500 popula-
-* ��� tion wiil be established between Klko
and Waldo, li.C, in tlie Crow's Ni\st
IJass country, If plans of a syndicate
of Chicago newspapers for establishment of "a pulp mills on the Ella)
Itlver materialize, according^ to C. D.
MacNab, of*- Waldo. An expenditure
.   "~     -. ot about $3,500,000 is Involved.
Walrus whiskers designed for Ciiina
were a part of the Behring Sea cargo
- from the-steamer Victoria, the first
boat down from" tho Arctic this sara-
_ mer. They were-collected by traders
from Eskimo hunters. They are exceedingly stiff and quilWike. In
China they are used as toothpicks,
some be.ng mounted with gold or
_The_ Royal Mail liner _0rbita_wa'3
Evuccessfully navigated through a narrow channel leading to Portsmouth
Harbor by electrical signals from ihe
Admiralty's submarine ��� cable laid 20
miles out to sea, with the object of
- - lessening the fog peril near the harbor," The' Orbita up to the present
time is the only ship on which tlie
necessary equipment 'has been
Hard Water Softened by Pent
'Hani wafer can be sol toned by
merely pouring it through a bed of
raw peat, the softening being caused
by the formation-of Insoluble calcium
-and magnesium salts'by read ion with
acids Hint are normal constituents of
the'peat, and all the hardness 1s'taken out of the water in passing through
it. It is thought that if this process
could be profitably adopted, (he result  would  be quite an achievement,
O. SlePIierson.
I'uniituie Dealer, Undertaker,   '  "���
��� Armstrong., B.C. .-.���
Minnr-lVs Liniment Co., Ltd. ,   ''������.'���'������'
Yarmouth, K.S.:
De;i. Si is..���Since the start of K-iseball
season we have boon hindered with sore
muscles,, sprained, .'inkles, etc., but just
as .soon a.s we started usiii.* Minard's
Liniment our trouliln.-s ended. Kvcry
baseball pl.-i.vcr> should Iceop a bottlu of
your luiiniciif li-imly.
You is lnily, \
W. E. M'cPherson,
Secretary    ol    Anns'ioim    Jllj.li    School
Uuseball Team.   ..
$32 Becomes $30,000,000
The -largesWidverllser of any single
product in (he world is a Chicago
chewing gum manufacturers who
started with a capilal of ?32 and now
lias a business' with an annual turnover of more. limn. $30,000,000.'
Sc-reen for Car Windows
In a new type'of street csir-si heavy
wire screen it attacked to the bottom
of each window so that as the window
is raised it lifts- tlie screen to cover
Your Home Medicine Chest.���
Among the standard household remedies'that should-always be on hand in
your   home   medicine   chest,   none   is-i
Need Rich, Red- Blood ; to Keep Up
���health and Strength V
��� It is a mistake to think, that anaemia is only a.girl's complaint. .Girls'
probably show the' effect'of Sveak,
watery blood more plainly than>boy.s.
But many, boys in their -teens grmy
thin find weedy, showing that they
havo not enough blood, or that tt is
thin and walery. Lot Ihe boy in Uiis
condition catch cold and he will lose
his strength and his honllh becomes
precarious. To overcome this trouble
give bolh your weak boys and girls
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and see lib\v
soon good appetite return:, and the
weak "boy or languid girl becomes- full
of activity and high spirits. Mrs. P.
Garvey, R.R. No. fi. Mono Mills.. Ont.,
tells what this medicine did for her
young son. She sa.s:���"Three years
ago, my little boy, who was then 11
years old, was very pale and weak,
lie would take fa in I ing spells find
complained of a pain about his heart.
One day a lady friend who noticed
his run-down condition iold me l;rr'
���daughter'had been In a similar state
and   found  new  health    through    Dr.
iDaEgersy* Cargoes
Sailors Dislike to Saii With a Cargo of
Sugar or Coffee
At first thought it would seem that
dynamite was a cargo to be carefully
"avoided, but from iv sailor's point of
view ' there are Vfar, more dangerous
cargoes. Ho Vdreftds, for instance, a
cargo "oOugarS'I ; Put hundreds of
tons: of cane sugar in casks in the
hold of a vessel and let the ship steam
through a spell of; hot weather. The
odor is sickening.-.. The. sailors cannot get the swc(*t; taste out of their
mouths and. crave vinegar or lime
juice���anything sour. - They lose
their appetites and are always glad
when 'a voyage on which the cargo'
was sugar is over.- Coffee is as disagreeable as sugar, in addition being
very dangerous. .       ".-���*���
Cotton is a really dangerous cargo.
If alill.le oil happens' to touch raw
cotton.tlie .result Is spontaneous combustion. A single bale of cotton saturated with such an oil as boiled linseed and lying at thc bottom of a hold
,can be compared only 'to a slow
hfatch attached'tona bomb.
Acids and other chemicals form
dangerous cargoes. Carbide of cal-
ciu.ni, for example. Acetylene gas
is huide"'from lids chemical and the
gas Is constantly given off if the product is exposed to air.
Shipmasters dislike to carry drums
of acid where they can, be reached
easily, A Chilean shi^ recently put
in at the Falkland- Islands leaking
badly. Her cargo was made un of.
drums of acid and' chalk. The acid
liad leaked from the drums and mix-
7.ed with thc_.chalk, forming carbonic
acid gas in tlie hold. This gas is
deadly and the-crew could not mako
repairs. ''Meantime, the acid had
gathered in ""Tlio bottom of the ship
j and liad eaten away the iron frames
A Picturesque Land
Arabs Forbidden to Portray Anything
That Has Life
That-tlie religion of the Arab forbids him to make a picture of any
living thing has had a somewhat
startling effect.
Forbidden* to portray anything that
has life, ._the Arab has apparently
thought it' not worlh his while io
portray mere inanimate objects. Thus
the land of thc Arab, though it blazes
more important* than Dr. Thomas'Kc-   "T.���^*���^!"*-   * ,M,\T#^.*?il wllh Hgl.t and, color that would make
lectric Oil. '   Its manifold usefulness
in relieving pain and healing sickness
is known by many thousands throughout    the-   land.     " Always    use    Dr.. .    ,    . ,,        , .
Thomas      Eclectric      Oil      for      re-1 was surprised at the   change   in   his
���lieving      rheumatic      and      sciatica | :;on,d!,ti��V'.lh' ^V!"0!1 :l fine'.h?.alUl-;
pains,    treating .sore    throats    and I
chests,  coughs, burns,    scalds,    cuts,'
a supply for mv boy, and bv the time,
.tlie first box was used    his   appetite'!!111   artist's   linger. Itch, is virtually a
seemed hot ter, and by the lime he had J pictuveless land.  . ^
taken   half    a dozen boxes everyone
Fine Buildings
Post'Offioe Ranked With Four Courts
As Beauty Spot  , .
Dublin is the subject of so many
tales of fighting and destruction that
its natural beauty in architecture
and environs is apt to be overlooked.
The loss the city sustains by the recurring strife is" one of the' sorrowful
features of the whole trouble. Tho
post office, which was destroyed in
the Easter rebellion of 1916, ranked
with the Four Courts, now the scene
of siege and battle, as a beauty spot
within Hie city's boundaries. Tho
Four Courts was erected late in the'
eighteenth century, and with its striking' dome and columns has been one
of the city's architectural gems. "With,
in the four facades was a quadrangle
in wliieh Important assemblies were
held. ���
Thackeray said in Ks "Irish Sketch
Book" that it was curious bow some
of the streets of Dublin so suddenly
ended in potato fields, but that .was
long ago, and houses now cover the
former fields, for the,city has made
rapid growth ia the past half-century.
The natural charm of the River Lif-
fey has excited admiration for centuries, though close contact was not
so pleasant as the anticipation until
the recent drainage improvements
wero made. Around the shores of
Dublin Bay there is great natural
beauty, made more impressive by the
profusion of wild flowers, which are
said to flourish better-from the moist
climate and the, tempered sunlight of
the region. Heath, or heather, covers tlie hills and Invites the rambles
and romantic reflections of the imaginative Celt, and likewise of visitors.���From the Toronto Globe.
Minard's Liniment for Burns, etc.
Crude Machines Used
bruises and sprains.
Bells and Their Tone
Makes New  Balls Sound as Good as
Old Ones
Tho quality of tone in many old
European bells could be .accounted
for only by their age. Arter careful
investigation an Ingenious bell maker
determined that with a century of use
Hie. bell clapper and the inner surince
of tho bell became so worn that they
fitted exactly and a considerable surface of each came in contact. Accordingly he cast a. bell and a clapper in
a form that gave them a considerable
contact surface to begin with. The
result was all tliat lie had hoped. A
month of llvciy ringing Is still needed
to give any given bell a tone of the desired-quality, but tho economy In time'
is "obvious.
Corns cannot exist when Holloway's
Corn Remover Is applied to them, because it goes'to the root and kills the
growth. , _    _
looking hoy. lie had grown tall and
stout, vTTfh no signs of his former
run-down condition. I believe Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills are unexcelled
for anyone weak and run-down."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by
all medicine dealers or by mail .at HO
eents a box or six boxes for . .-52.ro
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Circle Tours Through the
Canadian Pacific Rockies
" Blind Man's Invention
An automatic bookmark has been
invented by a blind man, a weighted,
strip of flexible material falling into
piaee as- pages are turned.
'Among tho -head-hunting tribes of
Borneo custom forbids a widower to
re-marry until eight months' after
the death of his wife.
Deligfitfui Trip Afforded for Tourists
Over C.P.R.
By tho most magnificent mountain
and inland' water trip in ttse world,
passing through beautiful Banff, lovely Lake Louise, Field and Glacier
thence to Arrowhead ��� stenmerj
through the Arrow and Kootenay
Lakes, winding in, and out past majestic mountain peaks���touching-nt West
Robson and Nelson enroute,        ^_
This delightful trip can be made in
the opposite 'direction It desired and
at remarkably low cost.
Any Canadian Pacific tinket agent,
will gladly give lull information and"
arrange details.
Indeed, unless, a native has been
much among Europeans he will
scarcely understand a picture ��when
he sees one. ^     .
But Curiously enough tliere are
pictures on a wall of the Bey's palace
at .Constantino in Algeria. Ships,
forts and houses are painted there so
crudely that one might suppose a
child hud done them.'
According lo-Mr. WHlard Price, who
recently visited the palace, it seem.*
(hat-an old-time Bey, one El Hadj
Ahmed, careless of the Koran and its
laws, brought a French captive up
from the dungeons, gave him paint
pots find brushes and, setting him In
front of-.lho wall, ordered him forthwith to adorn it with pictures.
"But 'I am not an artist; I am a
cobblgr," the prisoner objected. "All
Frenchmen are ariists.y Insisted the
Bey. "Vou ^vill receive twenty-five
lashes a day until you begin. Bur if
* ou jmiilfe pretty pictures for us you
shall go free."
Tiie cobbler promptly turned .artist
ami-created what are' perhaps (lie
most' childish daubs that adorn-any
palace wall In Hie' world. But ihe
Bey thought they were pretty and set
'I    say,   old  fellow, you
aro getting thin    since    you ,retired
from buMncss."
Tobbiits (ox-shopkeeper).���"That's
right- You see I don't weigh as much
as I did."
Mackenzie, the. largest poljticai division of Canada, has. an area of ~562,-
3S2 square miles.
When a fellow
needs a friend���
EVER wake up in the morning feeling fagged
and foggy?".. c v
Tired rpuscles and weary brains call for a
breakfast of Grape-Nutsr'the friendly, easily
digested foody.to fortify against "exhaustion.
Grape-Nuts repairs thc daily wear and tear
on body tissue. It provides the essentials for
rebuilding body and nerve cells; lime for the
teellj and bones; iron for the blopd.
Make this crisp and toothsome cereal a reg-
' ular^part of your daily diet. Made from wheat
and malted barley, and partially pre-digested by
20-hours' scientific baking, Grape-Nuts with
cream or milk is a complete food���satisfying,
without overtaxing the digestion.
field by grocers everywhere!
"There?* :: Reason"       "'    '"���
Made by 	
Canadian Postum Cereal Co.. Ltd.
Windsor, Ontario
Manitoba Butter Wins
Awarded Prizes at Exhibitions
7 Calgary and Edmonton""
For years butter made at Manitoba
creameries has won an enviable
place at. the leading Canadian exlilbi".
lions. V .Word.-has .been received by,
the .Department of Agriculture of tlie
awards won at Calgary.and Edmonton by a.i^ exhibit placed by 'the Brandon branch.of the Crescent Creamery
Company.       ���.  - " ��� ���
'.'This creamery . won' two, first
prizes .on May butter at Calgary; one
first, 'one second, and t-yq thirds at
Edmonton. "Winnings.at' Calgary, also
include"a bronze medal and diploma
for "third 'highest average score given
to any butteron,. exhibition;'- also -a
special . p'rl'/.e.-of $15.and provincial
championship.'ribbon.   '
Persian Weave'rs Make Priceless Rugs
In Underground Room .
Tlie .wonderful,, almost priceless,
rugs of Persia are made with the
crudest of machines today as they
-were centuries ago.
The warp is stretched on a loom,
which is merely a frame. The wool
consists of short' threads woven and,
knitted by hand without the aid of
any shuttle.. When a row is finished,
it Is tightly pressed to the rest ofthe
web by means of a comb Inserted into
the warp.
As Jie works; the weaver does not
see the^pattern, for the reason that he
sits with the reverse side of the web
toward-him. The looms are generally kept In an , underground vaulted
room, often with water running
through the centre. The number of
workers at a loom varies according to
the size of the carpet or rug to be
made. Sometimes the workers consist of one man and two children, and
occasionally the owner uses boys and
girts only i'or the weaving, one man
acting as overseer to the children.
The overseer holds In his hands a
paper from which he reads instructions something as follows:
"To No; 1, three blue threads, one
white, two green; No. 2, four yellow,
one white," and so on, each child repeating after the_ove"rseer tlielnsTruc^
Mori's given. As it is ail uttered In a
high-pitched monotone, the result is
confusing, not to say deafening to the
foreigner, but there the little weavers
sit,-day in, day out, week after week,
in the gloomy cellar, kept hard at it
by the unrelenting overseer.
Woman Founded Successful Firm
���,'���_'' ���������' i
Business Started In 1870 Now Has 100
One of the romances of business in
London Avas ended by \he burial at
Putney Vale Cemetery af Mrs. Greig,
the.founder of the famous provision
firm of David Greig.
Mrs. Greig,' who. was 85, left her
native town, Montrose, in Scotland,
in 1870, and came to London to seek"
her fortune. She opened a small provision shop in High Street, Jlornsey,
and the business flourished so well
that it was not long before branches
were opened.    ,
. David Greig, .who had assisted his
mother, went to Brixton in 1899 ^and
started a branch. That branch became the headquarters" of the firm,
whichjhas now 100 stores in all part3
of London, and. is one of the largest
and most reputable trading concerns
in its ldnd of business" in the south
of England.
Mrs. Greig continued to direct the
business up to 30 years ago, when she
retired. She, howeverj took great
interest in the firm's affair up to the
time of her death.
Her remarkable energy and capability became almost proverbial in Hie
provision trade, and she furnished one
of tiie most notable examples of woman's success in business in London.
An Engaging Chinese Figure
General Wu Is Clever Politician With-
' out Conceit
fi General Wu is tlie most engaging
figure that has appeared in Chinese
politics for a long time. He has none
of the conceit and cunning that mar
Sun Yat-Sen's character, and seems
to be free from the chicanery and
unscrupulousness of that bandit risen
in the world, Chang Tso-Lin. He
expresses himself well and patriotically.! He does not, he says, desire
office, but the- opportunity to unify
China, abolish militarism, revive in- j
dustry and gain tho respect of JLhe
world. Of course men who w��ire not
so modest as they would like to seem
North Vancouver Woman
Says,She Wishes Every-
*" body In The World Could
Have The Medicine ���Restored Her To Splendid
"I think so much of Tanlac I am
sending it to my relatives in Holland
for I want them to know what a> wonderful medicine we have over here,"
said Mrs. C. Spruitenburg, 15i'h St., E.,
North Vancouver, B.C.
"I suffered from stomach trouble
and other ailments so long I was al-
mosi a nervous and physical wrecl*.
After meals my food soured and I
often bloated until I could scarcely
breathe. My nerves got in such an
awful condition I couldn't sleep
nights, and I had dizzy, fainting
spells so often I was afraid to risk
myself alone.
"My first bottle of Tanlac helped
mo so much I kept on taking it twill
now I feel like a different person. My
stomach never gives 7ne the least
trouble, my nerves are normal and I
sleep like a child every night. I wish
everybody in the world could have
Tanlac. I cannot praise it too highly."
-Tanlac is sold by all good dni'-.-i.-ts.
British Railway Novelties
New Electrical Locomotive Installed
For Passenger Traffic --. -
One ��of the leading British railway-
companies has recently complete-.! it'*
first electric, locomotive for jj-ahi'���i>ie
traction. This locomotive Is <**.'������'! ble
of hauling a full size train at a speed
of 65 miles per hour; and afMts recent
The Family Physician.���The good'
doctor is always worth his fee. Bui.
it is not always possible to get a'doctor just when you want him. In such
cases, common sense suggests the use
of reliable home remedies, such as Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil, which is wonderfully effective in easing inflammatory pains and healing cuts, scratches,
bruises and sprains. The presence
of this remedy in the family medicine
chest save many a fee.
��� Indians Unearth Antiques '-
'.Indians on.Christian Island stirred
by the. recent, search for Jesuit treas-
u'r in the Itiver Wye have been busy
digging around; the- ruins, of Fort St.
Marie, and have' recovered .several
mementoes of.the French mission to
Ontario centuries ago. These include
the inscribed-cornerstone which was
��� taken-by theI-Jesuits from.their first
fort-oh the mainland when, they- had
to abandon it under the attack'of tlie
IrflTtuois. ;-,.....'
;. There' is also an'= iron. Ink-well
thought, lo have, been   iised    by    tlio
-���There ". were---. twenty-two creamer-   niisisoharics,    two";  ancient, keys dug
ies entered in .these exhibitions,; from
Quebec, "'Ontario, ���-Saskatchewan,,*-' "Alberta. -Msiiiltob:i';aiid ,- British' - Columbia,"-said. Mr. Gibson,, DairyComniis:
sioner.-. ��� " --.".'    "   ' '. ;*- - ..--��� V ������:'-,.-.*
. -1,500.Telephone Directories
- About", 1,500 - different;' .telephone
directories,. with - an; aggregate "circii;
Jation'of "25,'000',000 copies a year, are
issued,by the.principal telephone system in--tlie Tjnit.ed States. To print
{*nd distribute the-directories costs
the' .corporation .approximately ?S,OdO,'
000'a.year.. '- "-  ;*--:     . y',   '.'.
��p:- -inside"
knives. : - 7
-the / old '��� foYt." and. two
Fountain-.Paint-Brush'   7
,   Ah Iowa roan is the Inventor, of a
fountain paint brush , that - combines
the accuracy of a hand brush with the
speed of a spray device. .    .- .
..Opera performed In - Berlin and
transmitted'.' by wireless '--telephone
was distinctly,heard. 800 miles away.
. .About one-lialf of'our globe; it is
estimated, consists oif.. Iron.        -   ..    7
W. , N. 7U.   1430
:- During thc.la.st ten"years-7New, York.'
city"-'- 'gained1 ' 85i,268-.in ��� population.'
More people live vith'ilr.her.'boundaries tiiah' in-any- state-except Pennsyl-
���iv'anla,-' Illinois .'and.-_-of--cours.e, New
Ybrk.state.V--  '.V-:  ->-"���' -'-;' ���''"' .  -'-"X
. In- New- Guinea- both men 7and women are subjected from, in fancy .to
a' distention'-6f the .lobe's of .the .ear
until-in .maturity the-orifice is. so
large that a"."rin"g can be ' inserted as
big.-. as���a.' child's small.hoop. ��� It is
their notion"oi* beauty."   V--. -  -;..
trials it completely fulfilled the CAact-
have used such language before, but|lng specifications which Lad Wen
Wu adds to the Impression that he is | p]ace(] ,berortf ���a deslgners. A]j. n" s
an honest, likable fellow with more c)ectrlcal and other eQUiJ)ment milium his share of brains.    ,* U]lg   locomotlve   was   dc8,gned   ,,r,.j
manufactured in Great Britain. The
same railway company has been cor.-y
ducting.an interesting scries of experiments with the object of improving
ser.vices on certain branvi��es of^ the
line where the running of long trains
is not justified by tha volume of traffic. On such routes veliicies closely
similar to the ordinary motor ,-*nutibu3
have 'been placed, the wheels bo in,,
flanged as required for running on
rails. After the results of the experiments have been ascertained the company, will probably construct special
omnibus vehicles with a view to giving a frequent 'service on lines" of low
trallic density. \
Tho Heart of a Prince
The secret of the Prince's conquest
of all sorts of conditions of men lies
in his fine nature and hearty goodwill. Ho need never pretend sympathy; he feels it. Everywhere his
presence carries the' sincere conviction of our determination to promote
the ordered liberty and happiness of
ail peoples gathered under the King's
rule.���London Dally Mail.
Color-blindness, hearing, the sense
of touch and other perceptions In Individuals can be measured by a newly-designed apparatus.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
The'' world's ��� record for Sunday
Schoorattendance is probably that of
Owen Jones," "of Liverpool, England,
who has been a regular attendant for
more than 94 years.
The pendulum was first applied as
a regulator to a clock In 165C.
Greelc capitalists are reported to be
investigating the -water."' power, resources, of Macedonia. .The' current
will "be mostly .conducted to-Athens.
Energy is to. be^ diverted. on the war
to Athens for use in new'mining and
Every, noble life leaves the fibre
of it, interwoven forever in the. work
of'the. tTorld....'.;;.,'."'" "������
Had Xo'ur Iron Today/
Not Digestion
HERE'S an ideal hot-weather
.;>=_ Two packages luscious Little Sun-
. Maid Raisins ��� one cool glass of
milk.   Big men don't need more, f
��� 290 calories of energizing nutri-
.   ment in the little raisins.   Pure fruit
0��� 7sugar, practically fredlgested\o it
\   'acts almost immediately, yet doesn't
.7. tax .digestion and thus heat the blood.
-;xyf There's fatigue-resisting food-iron.
.    also in this lunch'.
Vv-.-' Vital men eat like'this" and resist
V the weather. Don't work their digestion because they want to work their,
.. 'y-brains.
V V V Try it for a few days and/you'll
, reel be'-^r.
between." meat Kaisms
5c Everywhere
-in Little Red Packages THE LEDGE
Is {2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States ��2.50, always in advance.
The Home Circle
Something to Cackle About
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices..    7.00
Sstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks ,    1.00
Certificate of Improvement .���.. 12.50
(Where more than one claim appears it*, notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advartising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals 12.4c. �� line each insertion.
A wife on hand is worth two at
the movies.
It is a grander thing to be nobly
remembered than to be nobly born.
Figuratively speaking, girls are
much franker than they were in
the old days.
Cain may not have been without
some justification. Abel may have
been a reformer.
"What is so rare as a summer's
day? TBTot a bridegroom anyway���
he'a pretty well done.
David couldn't find a man who
would admit that his wife bossed
him.    -'Ah," he sighed,   "all men
are liars."
How our hearts are touched by
the photograph of an old sweetheart or a nickel found in an old
pair of pants.	
The only excess prophets now
cluttering up the premises are
those who assure us that everything is going to the dogs.
If a girl cooks (or a family at
$15 a week, it is drudgery. If she
cooks for . one man for her board
and clothes, it is romance.
What is Courtesy? It is the myrrh and rosemary
which keeps society sweet. It is the crown which makes
a monarch of every human being possessing it This
monarch may be a day laborer, a child, a woman or a boy,
if he but have tranquility and self-poise, a good heart,
and a fair understanding, It is a convention, it demands
conventional manners. There is in it much that is excellent and necessary. It is like the Constitution of the
British Empire, holding many different laws and many
conditions of men peacefully together.
We are all encumbered with our personality; wc exaggerate, we talk too much; we have prejudices; therefore
we have a constant need of courtesy. Tolerance for the
opinions of others is the first requirement of the courteous
spirit. We must be courteous to every ism which others
may believe in though we do uot ourselves; for^we 'must
remember that to those who hold these beliefs, we are as
much outside the pale as they may be to us, We must
have courtesy towards all men's thoughts.
A courteous manner often pleases more than wit or
brilliancy,, Emerson says tliat Fashion is good sense
entertaining compairy. In the first place we obtain-command over our own natures, we control our severity of
judgment. We aim at seeing virtues rather than defects;
we may perhaps affect a cordiality which/we do not feel,
but which makes us more agreeable than we ordinarily
are. A world without courtesy is a disorganized thing.
A child cannot be too early trained in courteus manners,
All the elements of polite behavior should begin- earry.
Good table manners are most important, and caiinot begin
too early. There is a very old proverb that ''Courtesy
costs nothing," but it is a lifelong study to obtain a
courteous manner, To meet a person" who has it is a
cordial exhilaration.
When one of the handsome
Rhode Island hens belonging to
,Mr. F. W._McLaine, 526 Lonsdale
avenue, North Vancouver, unduly prolonged her proclamation
that another unit towards lowering
the cost of liviug had arrived, she
not only excited the jealousy of
her feathered sisters, but the
curiosity of her owner. He investigated.
In the nest just vacated he found
a tremendous large egg, and of
rare conformation. It was not
oblong; rather was it semi-equare,
with little bumpy abrasions here
and there. .
This morning, after it had been
blown and partially opened at the
smaller end, Mr: McLaine presented it to The Province' as something
now in freak eggs.
Inside the large shell is a perfectly normal egg of the ordinary
The larger shell, besides containing the second egg, originally
held the usual white and yolk of
its leas pretentious prototypes.
In recent years' many freak eggs
have found their way to the Province editorial rooms.---Mr." Mc-
Laine's contribution easily takes
first honors.
The excitement created . over its
arrival seems perfectly justified.���
Vancouver Province.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co,
of .Canada, Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department   -   ���
TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA 7   -    ���   . / \   .
Purchasers of Gold, Silyer, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   of    Gold, -Silver,   Copper,    Pig   Lead   and Zinc;
Fdr Sale
John Deere High Lift Gang
Plough, 14" bottoms, nearly new,
extra shares; $90-for quick sale.
G. L. Atkinson, Rock Greek, B.C.
iummer Excursion Fares
To Eastern Points
After reading the long list of
bathing suit regulations in some of
our cities, we don't wonder thatj
the kids sneak to the old iwimmin'
When we are entirely civilized,
history will devote one page to the
victorious general and three to the
hero who clouts a homer with the
bases full.
Never argue about religion. If
you get the beat of it, the other
fellow has the consolation that you
are going straight to hell because
yoa don't agree_with him.
In a small town everybody feels
. privileged to stop and kiss a baby
that is out for an' airing.   In a
- city that person would probably be
, arrested for an attempt to kidnap
the kid.   ' -    .    - -.
Thobe -who talk the most and
impute the worst motives to others
are usually expert in" covering
their own tracks. . Such need close
watching themselves���if we care to
know just who is who and what is
what.- . -
"The Oath"
An event of importance to motion
: picture patrons ie the announce-
?. ment that "The Oath" will be the
attraction   -at    the     Greenwood
Theatre, on Saturday,  July 29 th.
The     picture    is     the    R.     A.
Walsh     production,     featuring
-  Miriam Cooper, which has created'
Each a furore where ever it has
been shown because' of the sheer
dramatic  intensity   which   marks
the climax.
, When Mr. Walsh had completed
the prod action it was selected by
Associated First JTational Pictures,
Inc..   to be incladed in the first
Big Five Group of extraordinary
photoplays for  this year.    ������Passion," starring Pola  Negri,   and
Charlie Chaplin  "The Kid"   are
two of the other productions classed in.the eame group���a criterion
of the greatness of the "Oath", jn
When Travelling
Total Assets
in Excess of
Head Office: Montreal
THIS Bank's Travellers' Cheques
provide a safe and convenient .
"method of carrying money when
' travelling, and its JVIoney""Otders a
safe and convenient method of remitting small sums.-
Branches in all Important Centres in Canada    ,���
Savings Departments, in all Branches
Bank of Montreal
Established Over 100 Years *
For Sale
Stanley Jones _Grain Separator
with blower attachment, complete
and almost new $590 or nearest
offer for quick sale.        '    .
G. L; Atkinson, Rock Creek, B.C.
St. Paul, Minneapolis or Duluth
Chicago . .
Detroit     "    '    .
Ottawa  ��� . ..
Quebec '
St. John
New York . -
$72 00
On Sale,May 25 to 31 August. ReturnLimit 31 Oct.
Many optional routes, via Great Lakes or-'through
California at slightly higher fares. Stopoveren route
Rates to  many obher   points.    Details  from  any
agent or write
District Passenger Agent,   -
Nelson, B.C.
1 For Good       '.'-"��� J
When you have something
to sell, put a
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
The charge  is reasonable-
Tailored Clothes    -
Fall Rye For Seed
We can fill your orders now
W.H. DOCKSTEADER. PROP.        V     \<    .
Auto Stage twice daily 7to  Midway7 meeting Spokane, Grand
' .Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m. '
For Oroville, Wenatchee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare 81.50 Each Way. ��� Hand Baggage' Free.    Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Drayinsr.
Auto's for hire Day or. Night
We carry Tires, Oils, Greases.  Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13. ','';. Residence Phone 3L
Men's Suits and Overcoats
A flue range  of samples to select
from.     (Just arrived.)
Now on view at   - -
Tailor and Cleaner
.    Greenwood
Job Printing |
���Economy and Satisfaction 3
combined with Promptness |
are the features which go to ||
make up the Service we give |j
our customers,
one of them?
you =2
Send Your X
To ,'
GEO. ARMSON,  Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material "guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way. " Terms Cash.
' Physician, and Surgeon
,   Residence Phone 69
'��� BY   DAY   or   CONTRACT
Wood For Sale
Second Hand Pipe, 'Rails, 'Mining Cars
1 ami other Mining Equipment   i
'   -, Reasonable Prices ��� *"���
Apply to J. W- Ciark. Pacific Hotel
Letterheads, Noteheads,   '   3
(Ruled or Plain) .    - ���       2
Envelopes, Billheads, 3
'(All Sizes) - "-_--- ~j
Statements, Business Cards, 1
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. H
H The Ledge
Job Printing Department   3
E.W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, ' Nelson," B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or -Lead $3.00. Silver-Lead $aloo. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc.," on ap-
plication.       " .
the Forest
you kill its
payroll -.
products mean
work and prosperity for you
in the woods cost
the taxpayer
$450,000 last year
haying  won a
place   with  sacb
a watch on your
camp-fire and all
Sighted. substances,
with the
high cost of
must pay for fight-
ing forest fires,
your share-
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class-to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now   confined   tosur-'
veyed lands only. ���..'"." . �����-   ���
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for v agricultural
purposes . arid which is non-timber
land.   : .. ~'X '"''
Partnership pre-emptions abolished .
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims.  ��� _.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and' must make improvements, to value of.$10 per acre,
including'clearing and cultivation of
at".' least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 yea!rs, and has .made proportionate improvements, he may because of -ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
, 'Records without permanent'residencev
may   be   issued,   provided   applicant- .
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum   and records   same  each    <'
year.   Failure to make improvements
or record same "will operate  as  forfeiture.   Title- cannot  be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including S acres cleat. V .
ed and cultivated, .and residence of at.
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors' holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if hV '
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory. improvements made
and residence maintained on- Crown
granted land.      _ ��
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20.
acres, maybe leased as homesites; title
to.be,obtained after fulfilling resident-.
ial and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres. may be
leased by one person or company.   --
Mill, factory or industrial sites onv
timber land not exceeding   40" acres
may be purchased; conditions' include -   -
payment of stuinpage. ? ^
Natural hay. meadowsv inaccessible
by existing' roads may be .purchased
conditional upon construction bf a road    . '.
to them.   Rebate of one-half of cost of    _
road,' riot exceeding .half -of. purchase
price, is made.   . ,   ���     ���      '"''.���
The scope of this Act is enlafged_to
include all persons joining and serving ' ..
with His Majesty's.Forces.^-The time ���  -
in which the heirs or devisees-, of a de-. -
ceased pre-emptor may apply for .title
under this act is extended, from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the con- --
elusion of the present wan.  This priv-.
ilege is made retroactive.   ���
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions, recorded "after ��� June 26, 1918.
Taxes' are remitted for five years..
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees "or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions. -���
Interpst.on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of *' ���
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired    *
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920. 7'
Provision   made   for  insurance   of
Crown. Grants   to  sub-purchasers, of   *'
Crown  Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete pur-~ '
chase, involving forfeiture, on fulfill- ,-
1 ment of conditions of purchase, interest
"and- taxes. - Where^ sub-purchasers ~da~~
not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may'be distributed  proportionately    over, whole   '
area.   Applications must be made by
May 1,1920. "    '
-      GRAZlNfi.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock   industry   provides for grazing districts and range '
administration . under" Commissioner.   *
Animal grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock ownera may form
Associations for "range  management.
Free,   or partially .free,-  permits -for-
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
r __^
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
* .       ' ~   j  .. .. 1 j
Has produced Minerals valued as "follows:   Placer Gold, $76,177,403; Lode
Gold, $105,557,977; Silver, $55,259,485; Lead 848,330,575; Copper, $166,393,488;
Zinc, 821,884,531; Coal and Coke, $225,409,505; Building Stone, Brick, Cement,.
$34,072-016;     Miscellaneous     Minerals,    $1,210,639;    .making'   its    Mineral
Production to the end of 1921 show
���".-. ::  An Aggregate Value If ^734,259,619
Production Tor the Year Ending December, 1921, $28,066,641
The -Mining   Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower,
'  than those of any other Province in-the Dominion, or any Colony in the  British
, .Empire.  ' " ^    ; .     \
' - Mineral.locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees. -    _ -
Absolute, Titles are  obtained  by. developing such properties, the security ���
- of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Fall information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis byaddressing��� " .-'������*
/      VICTORIA, Britisfi ColomMa. "


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