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The Ledge Sep 11, 1919

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-'���v^-J "-..X
""? '"",' ^ * " *"���*?.' .-J^ol'-
."",y .* .:   -"    .���'���-.       '   ' 'xv-,'    -     ..---.^     '^-'XXZ-y-'XfyXXyXX^^M\
��� ���   )' v . -
Vol.   XXVI.
Come In And See Our
'Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Before buying see ine about
Motor tractors and complete line
.of Farm implements
MIDWAY      -      -B.C.
g Dessia Golden Tips 80c. Liptons Choice Ceylon 80c 3
���� nal/i   liilifl  kZ,r ^
_ Deki Julia 65c __
��i EMPRESS. MALKIN'S BEST, NABOB 70c or 21fcS for $1.35 ~3
|�� BRAIDS BEST at 65c ���        H
|E BLUE RIBBON 1-21bpkce 35c. BLUE RIBBON lib fikge 65c 25
��~ BLUE RIBBON 3lb tins $185. BLUE RIBBON 51b tins $3.00 ;=3
2~    Choice Bulk Tea 60c per lb.      Choice Spider Leg Tea 70c    ~s
| Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      |
. g~ Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ~2
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each,
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts   -   -   *   $1,25 each
100    ������      /   - . -   2.00 ��   ,
200   "     *   *   <    3,50 -
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
���     GREENWOOD, B. C.
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfort'
able home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
MEAGHER & Co., 511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show  The  Newest First
^ Fo? over fifty years Hie Canadian
Bank of Commerce has been serving
the people of Canada in increasingly large, measure, until at the present time we have over $70 branches
catering to the needsof the Country.
Greenwood Branch     L. E, Brawders* Manager
Wool Sweaters
Wool Underwear 2 piece suits
Wool Combinations
Fleece Shirts and Drawers
Fleece Top Shirts
Work Shirts and Overalls
Lumbermans Socks & Rubbers
Mens and Boys Storm Rubbers
Leckie's Shoes for Boys  J
Strong and Servicable
Elson & Co
P. O. Box 1102
Nelson, B.C
Best prices paid for raw furs
'      ..  - Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skins dressed aud mounted at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
,_ and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
 - -(Expert-Optician)	
K- w. C Block       -      -     Nelson
421 Baker Street
Stocks. Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building aud finely furnished rooms
JOHN BL0MBERG   -   - Proprietor-
Nicely lurnisked rooms, by the
day, week or month
Nilson & Nilson       -      Proprietor^
Mr. aad Mrs. R. J.  Muir, and r._.
Eli Christensen, of Allenby, were season,
ia town last week* having made
the trip bv motor from the Mill
Site of the C. C. Co.
Wm. Thomlinson of New Denver, and Ivan DeLashmutt, superintendent of the Standard-Silver-Lead1 property at Silverton,
recently looked over the Union
and other properties in the
Franklin camp.
Chas. Nichols, of Phoenix, left
Spokane. On his return Mr.
Nichols will go to Camp McKinney, where he will be timekeeper
on the construction of the South
Kootenay Power line.
A meeting of the Greenwood
Conservative Association will be
held in Greenwood on Wednesday, Sept. 17,  at 8.30 p. sa., for
to attend the convention ia Van
couver on Sept. 29 and 30.
I Around Home I
The Granby has closed its store
in Phoenix.
Mrs. Ashby is-visiting- friends
at South Slocan.
H. McCutcheon is on a holiday
at the coast cities.
Mayor Gulley,is on a business
trip to Vancouver.
A. Dumas, of Trail, is spending a few days in town.
In the United. States there are
22 towns called Nelson.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches. w
C. V. Meggitt has opened a
real estate office at the Porks.
A young team for sale. Apply
Hugh McKee, Greenwood.
Mrs. F. A. Johnson and son,
returned from Allenby-last week.
Operations will be resumed in
a short time at the Midway coal
Gilbert Kay, formerly of Phoenix, is working in the mine at
���Business is rapidly improving
in Nelson and all other towns in
Kootenay. v
-P. J. Crane and J. S, Boyce
are on a tour of the Lightning
Peak district.
Apricots and peaches for preserving. Place your orders with
G. A. Rendell.
Miss M. Keady has gone to
Nelson, where she will attend St.
Joseph's School.
Miss Hazel Redpath has\ returned to Nelson after spending
her vacation in Victoria.    '-
A modern line of cigars, cigarettes, pipes, etc., at the Windsor
Hotel Cigar Stand.
W. J. Hannam, who has had
a dairy near Phoenix, will leave
shortly for the Okanagan.
Fresh killed beef and veal for
sale every Saturday, 20c upwards.
J. Meyer, Government street.
About seventy pupils attended
at the opening of the^ public
school in Phoenix last week.    ���
Full line"of box and bulk chocolates. Absorb early while they
are fresh.,   Goodeve's Drug Store.
Creighton ��� McCutcheon and
Allan Morrison returned from
Copper Mountain on Thursday
Full line of school books,
scribblers, slates, pencil? and
other school supplies at Goodeye's
Drug Store,
After spending the summer at
Copper Mountain, Mrs. Dan McLeod and family returned to the
city on Tuesday.
For Sai,^.���-Black and Red
Currants, $2 per crate. Apples $]
per .box. Delivered. Wm. Jenks,
phone 7L.
Miss V. Gustafson, of Phoenix,
and Miss V. Kempston, of Bridesville, are attending the Greenwood High School.
Napoleon Docksteader, late
electrician of���the- Mother-Lode,-
has accepted a position with the
Greenwood City Waterworks.
Dancing every Wednesday evening at Christina Lake Pavilion.
Refreshments served.
The South Kootenay Power
Co. will build a high "power line
to the Rock Candy mine. The
linevwill be built from Coltern or
Grand Forks.
Greenwood Rebekah Lodge will
hold a Card Party, in the 1.0.
O. F. Hall, Friday, Sept. 19th,
it being their 68th Anniversary.
Admission 25c.
W. G. McMynn, superintendent
of provincial police, of Victoria,
was in town the first of tbe week
renewing old acquaintaince. It
is seven years since Mr. McMynn
left Greenwood.
Grouse shooting season opened
on Saturday and a large number
of local sportsmen took advantage of it, and many of them
brought in good bagfuls. Grouse
are plentiful in this section this
Kelly Metal
We have just received
carload of flour and feed from
the Oglivie Flour Mills Company,
Now on hand a full stock of
Royal Household Flour, wheat,
shorts, Chick Food, etc. G. A.
In an exhibition baseball game
in Vancouver on Saturday, the
Arnold & Qufgley club of the
Commercial league, with five of
on Tuesday.^on a business trip lo the Daily Sun champions of the
~ ""     City league on the line-up,  shut
out the Allenby team, 4 runs to 0,
John Albo,  of Rossland, was
successful    in     obtaining     the
solidated Mining and Smelting
company to the boy who made
the highest   percentage  in   his
the purpose of electing delegates Rossland, Trail, Eholt, Moyie or
Kimberley, his percentage
While tbe history of copper was
lost in the fogs and mists of antiquity, the metal was even known
to the cave dwellers, long before
iron. Ifc was the "Venus" metal
of the alchemists; the soft, yielding, ductile metal that alloyed
readily with nearly all other)
metals. .'
It is the basis of the brasses and
bronzes foand in the tombs of
Egypt, as ife is the basis of those of
the present day, with the one fact
     .T ��� w     ��� ���J   J "��vm     V*f W       \/UV     4MVIU tf  "-�����**�� V14LUV1 J      Ul     XxDl
outstanding     preeminently;���that owna m��de 105,000 pounds of but
tli ft    Vs*in ni-isvn       �� �� *4        L��<v __ ���         _ #      a J        EOT*.
the brasses and bronzes of today
are practically the same as those
produced more than three thousand years ago.
Innumerable attempts and " experiments have been made, looking ������ &ltv
to such an amalgamation of copper month,
and lead, in which, however, failure has been the inevitable result,
chiefly because of the widely differing melting temperatures and the
wide difference in the specific
gravity of the two metals.
Under all ��� ordinary conditions,
when lead and'eopper, in a molten
state, are mixed together, without ^ada amounts to about 170,000,-
- 000, bushels.
any other metal,  separation  and
liquation follows.
Even where a reasonably uni-
form^mechanical mixture' has been
effected, ife is only temporary for,
upon remelting, separation of fehe
two metals.always follows.
The discovery,  however,   of   a      	
process by which tins liquation or United States corn
separation is entirely overcome and 000,000 bushels,
which .makes possible a uniform,
homogeneous and permanent amalgamation of copper and lead, has
given the world an absolutely new
metal   of   tremendous   usefulness
and value���Kelly metal
This process is a truly revolutionary one, and, for the first time,
copper and lead, without any other
alloy, are now successfully amalgamated in a uniform mixture,
that can be remelted again and
again, with the remelted metal as
good as new metal; accomplishing
what, after generations of unsuccessful experiments and fruitless
research, had come' to be regarded
as impossible,
t, In this new metal, Kelly, metal,
"is ~found "the "'first" fundamental
change in producing brasses and
bronzes, since the earliest days of
Bome; a remarkable change in the
internal and integral structure of
an alloy that has never been obtained before.
A claim that a bearing will run,
afe high speed and with heavy load,
without any lubrication whatever,
and without damage to shaft or
bearing, would seem to be incredible.
Nevertheless, in a government
test, a bearing of this metal was
run, 3 hours and 41 minutes���
without any lubrication whatever���
at 1020 r. p. m. and with_**n 800
pound load, without the slightest
damage to the Bhaffe or bearing;
the report of this test states that,
at the end of the test, "an examination of the journal and bearing
showed both to be in excellent
Also a claim thafe a bearing can
be run without lubrication until a
temperature of more than 1300
degrees fahrenheiFhas been developed, with the bearing and journal
both, red-hofc, without melting the
bearing or the bearing freezing on
the shaft, would nofe, under any
ordinary conditions, be believed to
be possible, by any one familiar
with bearings and bearing metal.
Nevertheless, in a government
test, a bearing of.this new metal,
1\ inche long was run on a shaft
2 7-16 inch diameter, wifeh 1000
r. p. m. and 1000 pounds load, per
square inch, without lubrication,
until the temperature reached 1320
degrees fahrenheit, and the abaft
and bearings were both red hofe.
After being chilled by coid water
being turned on, with the fame
load continued, the report on this
test states 'tbat after the foregoing:
"Both the bearing and shaft
could have been put back into service, in first claaB condition."
��� As a result of this test, the report referred feo makes fehe following broad statement, which puts
another this new bearing metal in a class
of its own: "This metal will nofe,
even under extreme and normal
conditions, melt like babbitt or
freeze on the shaft like bronze.
A public meeting will be held
iu the Star Theatre. Greenwood,
on Thursday, Sept. 11, at 8 p.m.,
when Major F. A. Robertson,
will explain work aud scope of
the British Columbia Returned
Soldier Commission,
and Mrs. A. McMillan and
successful    in     obtaining     the      Mr. and Mrs. A. McMillan and
scholarship offered  by the Con*, ^family are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. S. P. Dixon. Mr. McMillian
at one time was master mechanic y��rnon, and 60 of them belong
at the local   smelter   and  left
w ��� --     the    Chinese    National   League.
matriculation   exams   at   either Greenwood eight years ago.   He The League recently bnilt a ball at
is now in the employ of the Catt>
adian National railway at Saskatoon.
Western Float
V" 11'
At Creston apple boxes cost 820
a hundred.
m There are no permanent currents
m the Arctic Ocean.
Hol8tein-'catfcle are being shipped
from B.O. to Australia.
The booze	
the oasis in Cranbrook
Last year the creamery af Kel
Mining News
Development work is being done
on fehe Ruth near Sandofi.
Near Erie, S. L. Myers is building a bunk house at the Luckv
Boy. ~ *
���    , ,.,. The old Ruby mine afe Chopaka,
fiends are hiking for west of Oroville is  putting in a
flotation plant.
In July the police court at Cranbrook took in more than $500 for
will be a. kissing concert
Siding   eome   time   this
Many horses die on the Pacific
coast from eating a plant called
Canada should domesticate tbe
musk ox, and increase its herds of
This   vear  the   wheat
crop in
The average cost of railway ties
in Canada last year was a fraction
over 60 cents.
There was much smallpox among
the Indians at Pemberton Meadows last month.
_AC,nLcag0 expert estimates the
crop afe 2,500.-
A regular steamship service has
been established between Vancouver and Singapore.
The price of hides has gone down
and leather will soon be used for
the making of shoes.
More than 500 firms in Canada
make chemical products, aud 61 of
the factories are in B.C.
At Wynndei, a whistle has been
added to tha buzz saw orchestra at
Winlaw's new sawmill.
The negro at Cochran, Ga., who
boasted of what colored people did
in Chicago, was lynched.
When British Columbia has better auto roads the world 4s "ours
from,a tourist standpoint.
Fuel oil is expected to replace
coal in many new New England
textile mills in the near fatnre.
Germany is preparing to ship
100,000 milch cows to Prance and
Belgium, as required by treaty.
Canada has not given any land
grants to aid railways since 1894.
Ife gave enough before fehat date.
Eight steel cargo vessels of the
United States Shipping Board have
been assigned to trade routes to
At Victoria, Fred Holmes was
fined $30 for packing a gun without a license and shooting birds
out of season.
Five years ago the C.P.R. locked
its depot afe Kitchener, bat that
town came back and again is a
hive of industry.
The Cresfeon Review now has
opposition. _The_ brftss band-has
come back in that Jown, after being out of wind for'a year.
In 1917 Canada produced a little
over 41 million dollars worfeh of
factory cheese, 97 per cenfe of it being made in Ontario and Quebec.
Cranbrook expects a detachment
of Mounted Police to be stationed
in that unholy town. Cannot the
local police handle the booze question? ��
Since Jim Grier went to Kaslo,
the Cifey Council has built a new
sidewalk leading, to two of the local
churches, but have nofe ydfe builfe a
guard rail to it.
Mrs. Anna Alston, whose maiden
name was Tuzo died in England
this summer, aged 84 years. She
was a pioneer of Victoria, coming
to thafe city in 1859.
This year 700 head of high-class
dairy cattle, have been brought
into B.C. from the State of Washington. More good cattle will be
brought in from Alberta this fall.
Jack Wilson, fattest man in the
world, died of paralysis at Brook
lyn, N.Y. Wilson weighed 650
pounds. He was only five feet
five inches in heighfe and 28 years
In Trail a bartender was fined
850, for permitting some chaps
...r- to
the Holy City in his  hofeel.
Miner says that the singers
had been in Rossland  previous to
fehis terrible affair.
In 1918 for the
years snow fell in Buenos  Ay res,
8outh America.   Afe the same time
Everybody fro8fe mined half of the coffee crop Were ProsPec6ing across the glac
in Brazil, which Js one reason why from fehe BiK Missouri.   So far
  " coffee is three times dearer than it ' ' "   " "
used to be.
There  are   500   Chinamen
The Placer Mining Act will be
reconstructed afe the next session of>
the B. O. Legislature.
The North Star afe Kimberley
will begin shipping a carload daily-
when the cable arrives for the
Ore Bhowing $120 in gold and 60
ounces in silver is'reported to have
been struck on fehe Silver Bug
the Lardeaux.
W. B. Pool is one of the owners
of the Reno on Fawn creek. A
force of five men are taking oufe
ore on the property.
The Yukon Gold Co. has shipped
two large dredges to the outside
from Dawson. Ife has ceased operations on Eldorado creek.
Some rich carbonates carrying
from 4000 to 9000 ounces of silver
to the ton, have been found in the
Waterloo afe Lightning Peak.
At fehe Big Missouri, Portland.
Canal, P. Hanley has charge of
Boyle Bros, diamond drill. With
three shifts 50 feet a day is being
At Mount Brenton iu the Cow- '
ichan district, it may be necessary,
to erect^a concentrator in order to
treat the -low-grade   copper.,ores...
now being developed." This is another possible ore supply for the
Greenwood smelter. -
���x<; 'SiTsi
X, ; ,<3M
A company has acquired a black
sand proposition oh the Quesnel
river. The process invented by
S. J. Marsh will be used to extract
fine gold and platinum from fehe
black sand. A dragline" plant will
be installed with a capacity of 600
cubic yards daily. The ground
contains over $2 a yard in gold
and platinum.
- -4
1' ii
Oil is said to have been discovered on the wesfe coast of Vancouver Island, petroleum records having been registered in the name of
_Dayid_ _ Logan, _ a_Iineman - in the
employment of the Dominion Telegraph Service, with residence afe
Clo-oose. Mr. Logan Btates that
he -haB found large seepages and
has taken some samples to' the
town of Port Alberni for assay.
The Consolidated Mining and
Smelfeing Company has bought five
groups of claims in the isibola
country, sitnated twenty miles
north of Sibola mountains and one
hundred miles from the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway, and both
silver-leau oro and silver-copper
ore have been found on the property. The consieeration is said to
be in the neighborhood of $250,000.
The extensive staking up Salmon
River Valley has caused a lot of
exploration beyond the old locations, with the result thafe some
fine ore has been found on the
Naas side of the divide. It is reported that quite a large number
of prospectors have made locations
beyond the Yellowstone group,
and are working on ore showings
which appear to be similar to the
prevailing characteristics of the
ores of the well.
/    , I
an expense of $5,000 in thafe town,
and at the grand opening many
-'���white people were present.
Some splendid looking ore was
first time in 80 brought to Stewart by A. W. Balz-
imar,and Patrick McBride,  who
were prospecting across the glacier
was learned, no assays had been
obtained from this ore at the time
it was being exhibited in Hyder
and Stewart. A number of claims
have been located by Balzimar and
McBride, and other prospectors are
reported to be workiBg is the same
��� jtJ-J
> M
���*-y . yry^^-yi y>yiyiyisiicy'
THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,     B.     C.
Hew To Awake
Fresh As A Daisy
Constipation Gone
No other Tcmcdy acts thc same.
Works while you sleep, smooth, silent, effective. Cures thc worst headache or constipation.
This is what happens wlien vou tise
Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
For wind or pain in the stomach
nothing works better.
No bad taste left behind, no furred
tongue, no more, dizzy spells or bilious fits aftcr taking Hamilton's Pills.
All the old costiveness, frightful
dreams and nervous disorders disappear as a ship iu  the night.
The appetite is sharpened up, lakes
on a keen edge.
You enjoy \nnr meals, relish and
digest  them.
Strength    and buoyant    spirits  return.     Vou   feel  good,  you  look like
your old self again
and   rosy  cheeks.
Tlic best guanintcc of good health
and old age that man and woman can
have is thc icgular use of this family   Pill.
Suited to all ages, you should get
a few 25c boxes from the drug store
and   keep   them   handy.
iiiing tils
��� BY  ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with  Thos.  Allen,
(Continued.) .
Ruggles would never havc suspected that amongst his other gifts hc
possessed eloquence. Miss Challand's
tightened features' softened as she
stared at the flushed, boyish face. She
had never before considered thc
question of trade from thc viewpoint
so eloquently presented by Ruggles,
and her Britisii sense of fair play
forccd her to admit that it might bc
well taken.
"Miss Challand," said Rugglcs, "I
wish 1 could speak lo your, niece."
Miss Challand hesitated. She was
sorry for Rugglcs, but she could not
forget that he was a shoe clerk and,
even though promoted to thc charge
of a shop, must still, shc felt, bc separated from her niece by a social gulf
that admitted of no bridging. She
quickly reflected, however, that Rugglcs would soon bc leaving Paris for
Vienna, aftcr whicli thcy need sec no
more of him. Besides, hc had been
guilty of no actual fault, and for thc
sake of thc=.r past pleasant relations
it seemed ungracious fo send him off
with a snubbing. So shc answered a
little reluctantly:
"Very well. I'll-ask her. to comc
and listen lo what you have lo say,
Mr. Ruggles, though I doubt whether
you will bc able to change her attitude."
. "Oh, I don't know," said Rugglcs,
hopefully. "She's a sensible girl and
she must havc seen enough of me by
this timc to know that I'd never, try
to impose on her."
Miss Challand nodded, and rising
passed into the oilier room. Ruggles
stepped to thc window and stood
looking out across the Luxembourg
Gardens, Ten minutes passed.., Then
thc door opened and Darthea entered
the studio alone. Rugglcs, turning
from the window, thought hc had
never thoroughly - appreciated her
high-bred beauty.
��� "Good afternoon," said Darthca._
"My aunt, says that you insist ., on
-speaking to-me. Well, what "is, il?"
Rugglcs strong young heart, which
had been beating much faster,' though
���with less force, lhan if he had just
reached 'the top of thc Surcsncs hill
on his bicycle, slowed "as might havc
done that same machine on striking
a wintry blast of air at thc top of thc"
said ascent. '
"Nothing,"   said     Rugglcs"   shotlly,
"if you'd  rather not have me bother���
, .you"" '      .'
"I  tried lo  make that clear in  my
letter," Darthca retorted.
"Oh, .1 guess jou succeeded, all
right," Rugglcs" answered,-slung as
though he'had been, lashed across thc
. face with a dog whip. - Iu thc. .shop
his' patience was limitless, partly because he regarded . a customer, no j
matter   how   disagreeable,   quite     as |
man," Darthea replied.    "But I took
you for a gentleman."
"Well, and so I am," said Ruggles.
"What have I ever done that wasn't
gentlemanly, I'd like to know? What
1 told you about expecting lo represent a big American exporting concern in Austria was true. Why, I'm
expecting every day to get orders
from the home office to take thc
managership of one of our stores in
Vicuna; and believe me, Miss West-
brooke, it will bc just as fine an establishment, if nol finer, than our
Paris store that you came into yesterday."
Darthea gave a little shiver, yet
her eyes lingered on Rugglcs with a
sort of puzzled doubt.
"Ancl is lhat the height of your
ambition?" she asked, "lo bc in
charge of a shoe-shop in Vienna?"
"Il is, just now," Rugglcs answered stoutly. "Whal more can you
with bright eyes j expect of a man of my age? No
I doubt, later on, when I've madc
good, I may go gunning for something better. Vou can never tell; if
I ~oh, say, look here, Miss Wcst-
brooke, it's the same wilh all of us,
Just now you're working hard lo get
a picture hung in thc Salon���and you
sort of feel as if lhat was the height
of your ambition, don't you? Well,
suppose you do, -you're still only one
of thousands that get pictures hung
in thc Salon. You wouldn't be satisfied with that. Thc next thing, you'd
want a medal, or something, or a
picture bought by thc state and hung
in the Luxemburg. Well, it's just thc
same in business."
"1 must say," said Darthea coldly,
"I fail to sec any connection between
art and business."
"Tlicrc is, though," said Rugglcs,
stubbornly. "There's got to.be art
in everything that's made, I guess,
if you wan I to make il a success. And
there's got lo bc business in art, too.
The two things go together, just like
���like a man and a woman." Thc
color flooded his face.
"I fail to catch your meaning," said
Darthca, and quite untruthfully, for
shc had caught it perfectly, both in
its abstract and concrete senses.
"Well," said Ruggles, "it's like this.
Suppos'n' there was nothing bul artists iu the world? Who'd supply
their materials and build their studios and furnish tlicir food and
clothes, and, most of all, buy their
pictures? All that couldn't go on
withtful business. And, on llie-con-
traiy, if everything' was business,
wilh no such thing as art, the world
would bc like one big factory. It
wouldn't bc worth living in. Believe
mc, one can't get along without thc
other, and just for that very reason
an. artist hasn't got any more right
to look down on a business man than
a business man has got his license
lo look down on an artist.    Sec?."
Darthca felt ratlicr confused. Shc
understood, iu a vague wayj what
Rugglcs was trying lo impress upon
her and was unable to find any par
ticuiar flaw in his argument. No
doubt, if shc had listened lo a similar dissertation from thc lips of a
prominent"personage, shc might havc
been quite inspired and joined a
League for the Promotion of Art in
Trade, or something of the sort. But
she could not rid her mind of Ruggles's stretching shoes for- the convenience of thc splay feet, of thc Balkan gentleman, then presenting himself in spotless raiment thc following afternoon lo take her aunt and
herself for a walk and tea in thc
Bois. Being* thus perplexed, she fell
back upon her insular reserve, which
is in most cases quite as safe as a
cell in most well-managed prisons, or
monasteries or convents and similar
. "Very -interesting, I'm- sure," said
Darthca, and looked at thc " door,
wishing, that Miss Challand would
comc to her rescue. .
' Rugglcs reddened, and -rose . from
thc edge of the divan where he had
been sitting. lie fell thc sudden need
of air and exercise. Rugglcs was a
bit of a physiognomist as well as a
pcdalisl (if there is'such a word). Hc
had seen.similar expressions to'that
now worn hy Darthca oh. thc faces
of customers whose earnest" wish was
lo- escape from the store as quickly
and gracefully 'as possible, without
having made a ��� purchase. ,
(To Be.Continued.)
An Enemy
How You Can TeU
Genuine Aspirin
Germans Are Trying To Hold    As
Many  As  Possible  With  The.
Thc New York Times says: By the
treaty the Germans promise to cut
down thcir army to 200,000 men, and
aftcr a ycar, when Sparlacus will presumably havc ceased to bc dangerous
to 100,000. Dispatches from thc
Rhine havc already told how thcy arc
evading tins provision by thc organization of home guards and police reserves, including hundreds of thousands of veteran soldiers and amounting virtually lo minutc-men ready to
be flung into line in any ncw war.
Bul even this is not enough. Now
Ihey arc trying to obtain exemption'
trom the requirement to cut down
their regular army to 200,000, on the
ground thai it would bc a hazardous
undertaking to discharge so many
trained soldiers all at once.
The American Army has been
brought back to this side of thc Atlantic, and most of it has put on
civilian clothes and gone to work,
lliis was done in response to an unmistakable popular demand. The
American^ people thought thc war
was over and wanted their troops
brought home. As rapidlv as possible the BritishGArmy is going back
ot civilian life, also in response lo a
popular demand. Demobilization in
France and Italy has moved more
slowly, because the French aud Italians arc much closer to the scat of
trouble and know, what it mcans to
bc invaded; but even in those countries there is strong pressure on the
Government lo disband the 'armies
and let everybody forget about the
But thc Germans are trying, not to
disband as many men as thcy can,
but to hold as many as possible with
the colors. Tlic Turkish .army was
theoretically beaten a year ago, but
the disarmament which was promised
seems to havc been incompletely
carried out. Today wc know that
Armenia is lo bc freed from' Turkey,
but wc hear lhat thousands of armed
Turks are in or near Armenia, and
that the Armenians have no war material with which to oppose thcm.
Wc can give Armenia freedom, but
thc Turks arc likely to wipe out llic
rest of the Armenians.
Wc havc been talking about the
disposition of Constantinople. Tlicrc
arc Allied military missions and food
missions in thc city, but according to
credible reports there is also a considerable Turkish army there. The
Turks are not prepared lo take thcir
defeat lying down: thcy madc some
resistance when thc Greeks occupied
Smyrna, and it is far from impossible
that the nation which gels Constantinople  will  havc  to  fight for  it.
The Burgarian army was thoroughly beaten a ycar ago, but the Bulgarians, loo, applied sabotage to the
armistice terms. There is still iu
Bulgaria a considerable force of veteran troops fairly well supplied with
munitions, andjhc Bulgarian's will
nol admit lhat thcy havc lost the
war until they arc forced to admit it.
There is danger that before long the
enemy whom our armies defeated a
year ago will have stronger forces in
thc field than we.
To America,-,which is four thousand ���=��!ilcs away, this may nave no
pressing interest, aud certainly no
immediate menace; what it may
mean in the long run is another question. But it is undoubtedly of an engrossing interest to the nations
which live next door to the enemy.
With conditions such as this, is jt
surprising "that the Roumanians finally took lhcir fate .into thcir own
ha;ids and went forth to abolish lhe
standing - menace on their northern
frontier? Thc conference was doing
nothing for them; thcy concluded to
do something for themselves. There
havc been no report's in thc last few
days that the Greeks, menaced by the
unquenched hostility of a Bulgaria
by no mcans disarmed,-and'kept out1.
Only Tablets   Marked   With   "Bayer
Cross" Are Aspirin
If You Don't See the "Bayer Cross"
on thc Tablets, Refuse Them���
They Are Not Aspirin
There is only one Aspirin, that
marked with the "Bayer Cross"���all
other tablets arc only acid imitations.
Look for lhe "Bayer Cross"! Then
it is rcal Aspirin, for which tlicrc is
no substitute.
Aspirin is not German, but is madc
in Canada by Canadians, and is owned by a Canadian Company.
Genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
havc been p'roved safe by millions for
Pain, Headache, Neuralgia, Colds,
Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuritis.
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets���also
larger "Bayer" packages���can bc had
at any drug store.
Aspirin is the trade mark, registered in Canada, of Bayer Manufacture
of Monoaccticacidcstcr of Salicylic-
Yorkshire Miners
Cost Nation Dear
Hutterites Must
^Educate Children
Strike Fund Exhausted With End of
Fourth Week's Benefits
.,-, ...      ,    ,   . , .,     , London.���The    Yorkshire    miners'
lhe subject selected by the lesson       .... .  ��� ,,,..,,_
��� tl    X    ������,,     .,  ,   J ,-,   ��� ,   J strikes havc been an expensive thing
committee is "lhc l'ulurc Life,    but1...     ,,_       . ....,, ... ,_.. ,, ������_
at best such a statement    would    bc
the usc of the term in an accommo-
New Express Rates
Increases   on    Shipments   Over
Pounds, With Some Reductions
Montreal, Que. ��� In accordance
with lhc judgment of thc board of
railway commissioners, the tariffs of
lhc express companies havc been revised effective Sept. 1. While the
ncw schedules provide for an increased rate" on merchandise shipments
weighing 100 pounds and over, thc
charges on thc smaller parcels -arc
in some instances reduced.
Thc special scale of rates on shipments over 500 pounds havc been
Wilh lhc cxceplion of carload 'fish
rales from thc Pacific Coast no
changes havc been made in thc commodity tariffs, though aftcr Sept. 1
no cartage will.be performed on commodities carried at special carload
On less than carloads no collection
service will bc given but delivery
will bc made at destination where a
cartage service is maintained.
Active Trade In Wool
Increase   of a  Million Pounds  Over
Business   of Last  Year
T. Reg. Arkcll, manager Canadian
Co-operative Wool Growcrsi Limited, announces thai present business
in wool is as active as it was at this
lime last ycar, and prices received in
disposal of that portion of the Canadian clip that is passing, through the
hands of thc company at Toronto
arc within 15 pcr cent, of Ihosc secured for the 1918 clip.
This big organization has already
disposed of 2,500,000 pounds of wool
this season, and will handle in all
.5,000,000 pounds of wool for Canadian
sheepmen before lhc ycar is out. This
is an increase of a million pounds
over the business of last ycar. Mr.
Arkcll reports an urgent demand for
wool in many quarters and expects
to havc thc bulk of. the sales transactions completed by'the middle oi
As regards lhc quality of thc wool
received compared with that of last
year's clip, Mr., Arkcll stales that the
western wool is of slightly weaker
staple, bul that thc shrink in the eastern uwools is lighter this ycar, owing
presumably to thc favorable, winter
conditions" for sheep in 1918-19.
Guns At Home ~~
Canadian.   Guns    That   Fired    Last
Shots On Armistice Day Handed
Over    With'  Elaborate
Mons,   Belgium.  ���   Canadian   caution, which fired thc last shots at the
Germans   on   armistice   day,   November 11, were presented lo thc town of
Mons    with    elaborate    ceremonies.
of Thrace bv thc solitarv opposition!Colollc! ^ 'Bovcy,     of     the     Canad-
r     .. . * ' :~���      (������-...���... _..:.t :_       .'.	
' Trying to Leave Germany,
German   millionaires  arc  now  trying to escape from Germany tb avoid
thc confiscation*   of their    property.
impersonally, as the customer rc.j Qvcr thirty millionaires have arrived
garded him; partly- because hc- felt j'" Svendcrborg, in the " Island of
tliat he owed this politeness  lo trie!Alsing, in Slcsvig, hoping to succeed
people who paid him for that and
other, qualities that go to make" a
good salesman. But' out of thc .shop
it  was "a different matter. ,    Here
in becoming -" Danish citizens, and
thus.saving their fortunes. Thcy havc
already bought house and landed property, but this, according to the respected other--people's feelings and[ cent.declaration of thc Danish Gov-
saw ho reason why other people ernment, will not give thcm- Danish
���hould    not respect ' his.      "If    m iCI,-Izcnship. -       '    '
thought for a second that you  wcrc'
the sort of a girl to think less of a
man  because -he .was   working   hard
of the American delegation, may
"presently do the same. It is,no
doubt' to be- regretted that a Power
feels itself, as tlic Roumanians seem
to feci, tlfnisl oul'of thc alliance and
compelled lo "take measures for its
own protection; il is particularly unfortunate, since a power which has
to do this sometimes goes lob, far, as
thc Roumanians may'have.done; bul
those,nations which have gone'-home
satisfied. ,with tlicir part in the war
ought, not to bc loo critical of those
who "will be lhe, first to "feel Hie enemy's next attack. -  ,    .
lan forces,. said in presenting
the guns that thcy would bc a souvenir of thc kindness'.shown by-the
natives of the town to'-the soldiers..
- The Mayor of Mons spoke en' the
self-sacrifice of the Canadians, who,
without profit; came to fight fo; 'lie
liberty of Belgium
dated sense. According to legitimate'
textual aud contextual signification it
is thc judgment of the living nations
which lies still in thc future (v. 32).
Tlic idea of a general judgment
which is of such frequent occurrence
in religious literature and teaching is
a fundamental error. It is not once
found in the Bible, neither the idea
which it is intended lo convey. Doctor Pentecost most distinctively says,
"lt is a mischievous habit that has led
thc Christian world to speak of the
judgment as being one great event
taking place at the end of the world,
when all human beings, sv.ints, sinners, Jews and Gentiles, the living
and the dead, shall stand up before
tlie. great white throne and tlicrc bc
judged. Nothing can bc more wide of
the Scriptures." Tlic Bible speaks of
different judgments, differing in respect to the subjects to be judged,
the place of judgment, thc lime of
judgment and the result of the judgment. This is not thc judgment set
forth in Revelations 20:11-14, but precedes that one at least one thousand
. I. The Judge (v. 31.).
It is the Son of Man, llic one who
came and died to redeem thc human
race, and who now being clothed wilh
majesty and power will act as judge.
Those who accept him now shall not
comc into thc judgment  (John 5:2-1).
II. Thc Timc (v. 31).
This will' be when the Lord comes
in   his  glory,  accompanied   by  a  retinue  of glorious  angels.     This  will
take place aftcr hc has gathered the
clccl remnant of  Israel.    There will
bc no resurrection in connection wilh
this judgment.
.111. Tlic Place (v. 31).
It will bc on his glorious throne.
This throne will bc most surely in
the land of Israel. The Prophecy of
Joel, third chapter, and Zcchariah 14:
1-5, make it to be in or near Jerusalem. The angel said to Mary:
"Thou shalt call his name Jesus; he
shall bc great and shall be called thc
son of the highest; ancl lhc Lord God
shall give unto him the throne of his
father David; and he shall reign over
the house of Jacob for ever, and of
his kingdom there shall bc no end."
(Luke 1:31-33). Just as there was a
literal place and a literal king there
shall bc a literal throne.
IV. The People ludged (vv. 32-
These will bc tiie living nations upon thc earth after lhe church has been
translated (l.'Thcss. '1:16, 17), These
arc the nations to whom the gospel
of thc kingdom shall bc preached
just prior to the coming of thc cid.
"And this gospel" of the-kingdom
shall bc preached in all the world for
a witness unto" all nations, and then
shall the end come" (Malt. 24:14).
This gospel is distinguished from the
gospel of the grace of God which is
now being preached. The preachers
of this gospel will bc Jews (Rev. 7
and Rom. 11). These arc the brethren in- lhc flesh, of the Lord, they
lhat move among the nations of lhc
world with the startling message of
the news of thc Lord's approaching
kingdom. Some of thc nations will
gladly receive thc message and 'most
kindly receive the king's uicsscngcr-3,
giving them clothing, food, shell cr,
etc. Others will persecute them,
thrusting them into prison, etc. Here
the- former- will visit -these-messengers of the king and provide for1 their
wants. At this timc thc judge will
separate thc ��� nations, placing thc
sheep on the right and the goats on
the left. The "sheep" are those who
havc given proper treatment to
Christ's brethren. ' Thc goats arc
those who rejected aiuPill-lreatcd his
brethren. .If these three classes, thc
"sheep," "goats," "brethren," be kept
separate, all confusion will be avoid
V. Thc  Issue    of thc Judgment
(v. 46, cf. 3-1-41).
, 1. The sheep enter upon thc inheritance of-a prepared kingdom (v.'34).
2. Thc goats go into an everlasting
fire.( prepared   for   the   devil'and   his
angels  (v. .46),'   This judgment   shall
determine  their  dcslinv.
ffor thc miner as well as for lhc pco
pie  not directly   connected  with   thc
dispute.    The generally accepted figures arc:
Damages to mines, $10,000,000; coal
lost lo industry, $15,000,000; losses to
kindred industries, $12,500,000; the
strike fund of thc miners, amounting
to $1,400,000, was exhausted with the
end of the fourth week's strike benefits. , This fund, il was slated, had
taken some 25 years to accumulate.
Thc Local Government Board, it is
stated, cut out a lot of red tape, and
wilh thc co-opcraiion of thc local
relief authorities averted distress
throughout the district, lu some cases
$2.50 a week was allowed evcry married woman, wilh $1.25 for every
child. This money, with the strike
benefit, averted, the authorities believe, a great deal of suffering.
Must    Conform    to    Regulations    or
Suffer Prosecution
Winnipeg.���The Ifutteritcs, as in
the case of thc Mennonitcs, must
conform to the regulations of ,the
Manitoba school attendance act or
suffer prosc.culion, was thc decision
announced by tlic department of
Robert Fletcher, thc deputy minis--
ter of education, Visited the ('.colonics
at Eli, Man., and. informed thc Hutterites that they must make some
provision for the education of their
children. A school is under erection
now, and upon completion the department of education will appoint
trustees, as the Hutterites do not '
take part in elcclions,t and assign a
teacher to ihc^school.
Extremists In India
Had a Very Bad Attack
Bowel Complaint
, Any one suffering from bowel complaints such as diarrhoea, dysentery,
colic, cramps and pains iu the 'stomach, summer complaint, etc., will find
lhat Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild
Strawberry will give -quicker -and
more permanent relief than any other
remedy on thc market today.
This old tried and proven medicine
has been oii the market for the past
74 ycars. You don't experiment when
you buy it. Surely the lest of time
proves this,
Mrs. Daniel Havtwick, Mountain
Grove, Ont., writes: "I used Dr.
Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry
and have, found lhat it is a good remedy. When my little girl was 2l/i
ycars old shc had a very bad attack'of
bowel complaint. Nothing prescribed by the doclor seemed "to do her
any good. She got worse, until wc
thought wc would lose her. I got a
bottle of 'Dr. Fowler's,' and she soon
found relief. Everyone who has children should not bc without it in their
Price 35 cents a bottle; put up only
by The T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto,  On I.
London-Paris Air Service
Using     Against the     Government a
Vigorous Propaganda
London.���A grave warning about
possibilities in India arising from
thc activities of lhc extremists was
uttered by Sir Harrington Vcrncy
Lovctl, who has held many important positions in-'thc Indian government, in thc course of testimony before thc committee of thc government which is considering the India
Sir Harrington said lhat thc ex- ���
trcmisls wcrc increasing rapidly and
were using against the g-ovcsisi-ii-t a
vigorous propaganda, combitivc and
nationalist, and backed by slander
and" misrepresentation.
A strong lead was needed - from
Great Britain, hc declared, for otherwise .the ruin of Indian and - British
interests would bc- accomplished. A
policy of "drifting might mean the
introduction of premature home rule
with strife and disorder.'
Journey' Both Ways Being Made in
Just Under Six Hours
London.���Three machines took
part in the inauguration of thc , air
express service to Paris, the journey
both ways being made by one machine in just under six hours.
The "Airco 41," which belongs to
the Aircraft - Transport and Travel
Limited, and which has often carried
Air. Bonar Law and General Sceley to
France, carried one passenger and a
cargo of goods and accomplished the
journey  in  scheduled  lime.
The "Airco 16," poliicd by Major
C. Patterson, M.C., carried several
journalists and a cargo of newspapers
at the fast speed of 140 miles pcr
hour, also .arriving to lime, despite
head winds.
The Handlcy Page machine, piloted by Major Footc, carried 11 passengers, but was detained in Paris.
All the machines were examined by
customs oflicers at Hounslow and at
le Bourgct" before departure and-on
arrival. ���    '
Salvaging U-Boat Prey
Most    of    Ships    Sunk    Had    Very-'1
Valuable Cargoes
_v Thc cablegram telling that $5,000,-
000 gold has been recovered from the
Laurenlic, the While Star liner sunk
off Bunarona, Ireland, January 28,
1917. will stir salvage men lhc world
It is probable that a fair number
of the ships sunk by U-boals or by
mines-in thc North Sea and thc British Channel, if noL elsewhere, will
bc raised. Careful records of thc
place of sinking, the cargo, the vessel
and other-details have been kept'by
thc_ British Government and plans
were being -considered long before
hostilities ceased for ship recovery
on a scale never dreamed of before.
A ship is worth so much now that
there is a big profit in salvaging,
if only" for thc hull. Most of ' the
ships sunk in^tlie war period had very
valuable cargoes. That adds . spice
to  the undertaking.
Trade With Central Powers
, After Due Deliberation "
. Lexington, Ky.���"Uncle Johnny"
"Shell," described as "the oldest man
in the world," lias just celebrated his'
131 st birthday by sending for a lifc
insurance agent. "You never can
tell  what'll happen'  sonny," hc    told
Coal Mines Running
Operations in District Eighteen Re-,
ported in Full Blast.
Ottawa.���The Minister- of Labor
stated that hc had received a message
from thc department's fair wage
officer at' Calgary to tlic effect that
nearly all thc coal mines in District
British-Ships Take-Cargoes- at-Kam-
burg and Bremen
London.���A great deal of curiosity is being evinced by thc Briiish
public regarding th.e effect of the reopening of trade with the central
European powers. Although it has
been known for some time that German firms havc been sending ��� circulars to British business houses offering "articles for sale, it was generally
believed some hesitancy still existed
among commercial houses with regard to thc resumption of business
relations, with thc central powers.   -
Owing lo thc lack of shipping fa.-
cilitics, it -will be impossible for any
consignments of imports to reach
Great Britain for some timc lo comc.
The Peninsula and Oriental, British "India, and Well.- hues announced
lhcir vessels will ]<>:ul at Hamburg
and  Bremen.
.Hawaiians Dying Out
Hawaiians arc dwindling, according to a Honolulu professor, who
says that there arc probably not
10,000 pure-blooded Hawaiians living
today. In 1778 there -were about
300,000; in 1S23 there wcrc only 142,-
000; in 1833, 130,000; in 1869, 44,000;
in 1900, 30^000; iu 1910, 26,000. This
rapid disappearance of "one of thc
finest physical types known in the
history of thc human race" is due to
thc introduction by white men of alcohol, plague, measles, leprosy, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and thc most
terrible of blood diseases, none of
these having been known in Hawaii
before" the advent _of_th_c_whitc_man._
- X
i   ���
x .-..
; i
'��� I.
Crown Prince In. Movies
Geneva. ��� The Munich journal
"Filmspicgcl" announces, 'that the
Crown Prince has consented to act
as thc principal hero in a colossal
film picture representing thc attack
on Verdun in order "that the great
military event, should descend " to
Tl is  not  staled  where,  when  and
how this event wilLbc pictured.
to make an honest living and get on
in thc world, I would "have told you
U.S. Fleet May Visit Vancouver -
Vancouver.���"Great   hope,"   thai   a
portion  of thc United Stales  Pacific
fleet, may visit Vancouver harbor on
"   "'   Altered  Cases     .'���          ,; the agent. >d T-want to-prepare for
.,,���.,                             -                      '    -     -the worst.       ,               ���
Where's" your watch?"  asked  thc i"  ���
observant man.    " , !    portunc    Teller    (reading    cards):1, IS arc again ih full operation. About
Why.Jierc it is,"'replied the man|��y0H ]x^yc money coming to vou.'but 1$,000 men were affected by tltc strike,
-whose prosperity had slipped back ajIi0 s;c'kncss whatever." ".     '       . whicli tied up approximately 170 coal
Tells How Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable   Compound
Restored Her Health.
long ago that I' was just a salesman ( Scpt. 22, when thc Prince of Wales
in the Walkeasy- shoe' store. It'i3 to bc here, is expressed iu a tclc-
never- came into my head that you I gram from Franklin D. Roosevelt,
took me for a rich man." [assistant  secretary  of"the  navy     in
"I  never  did-take  you   for a   rich; 'Washington, "to W.'K. Owen, acting
 ., ..���^��� ' mayor,
cog recently. ,'    '       ���   '
"But that's a silver one.    Thc one;ncw doctor .across the street."���Bos
you used   to   ha\c   had   a   handsome   tou Transcript
gold case." " ,
A recent issue of lhc Aberdeen
Journal was-the 20,000th number of
that venerable newspaper���now thc!
oldest in Sco'tland. The first issue, of
the Journal was published on April
IS, 1746, and'eontained an account of
an cyc-witness of thc battle of Cullo-
dcu fought two days previously.
Have to. Wait Their Turn
j    Client:  "That's "singular!     I'm  ihejmmcs.    lt is understood that all thc,     London.���The     CP.O.'S.     havc    a
"Well ��� cr
circumstance's alter
HIDIMFZ 2ests,Befresiies,Soot&es,
'W��~y���� Heals���Keep your Eyes
Strong and Healthy. If
they Tire, Smart, Itch, or
Burn, if Sore, Irritated,
 ' Inflamed or Granulated,
cse Murine often. SafeforrnfantorAduIt-
AtalJ Druggist*, in Canada. Write for Free
Eye Book. Marine Company, Cbfeaeo, li. S. A.
-  One caitVjudge t_i<- good there  is
in   a   man   by _ the ..worldly  goods, hc
1)1C..r,CJ-i.. ' .   - ���
One Big Union Is Dead Issue
Winnipeg.���In thc opinion of R. A.
jRigg, organizer for thc internationals
iii the West, thc One Big Union
movemeftt 'is' definitely defeated .as
far, as .Regina, Saskatoon and* Moose
Jaw arc concerned.-;    " '"      ' -
."Very little O. B. U. sentiment is
Although she" may not get much,apparent in these' cities, and with
Credit,-the woman behind the brpomj very few exceptions the unions are
raises a lot of dust.      ,''''"     ,  -    jiining  np behind the internationals."
Spanking doesn? t curebed-vretting
���tlie trouble is due to weakness
of the internal organs. My successful
home treatment will be fonnd helpful.
Send no money hat write Hie today for
free trial treatment. Hy treatment ia
equally successful for adults, troubled
with urinary difficulties.
VRS. H/SUM1IERS,Jhx       Windsor, Oaf,
mines  arc in-operation  with  the ex-| siting \\%t 0f 5,0y0 people'.for trans
cepiioti of 16. "      porlalion  tp   Canada.      Thc   Cunard
The Moth and the Clothes
Society Woman: "I see by today's
papers I am referred to _ as one of
'fashion's butterflies.'"
Her Husband: "Considering the
way you go through clothes I should
think moths would apply better."^
Pershing's Rank Permanent
Washington. ��� President Wilson
has signed the bill making permanent thc rank of General John J.
Pershing, commander of, the expeditionary force.
company list will'not bc cleared until
thc end of November, and it is said
that over 500 "applicants call at thc
company's office daily.
Pay $11,750,000 Rent "
Washington, D.C.���Rail Director
Hincs has signed a contract awarding thc Pullman company ��11,750,000
as one year's rental for thcir coaches,
it was recently announced.
When you hear a man say "that he
is tired ,of the v^orld it's a safe bet
that the world is tired cf him.
Philadelphia, Pa.���"I was ?ery weak,
always tired, my. back ached, and I felt
fl sickly most of tha
time. I went to a
doctor and he said
I had nervous indigestion, which added' to iny weak
condition kep ma
worrying most of
the time���and he
said if I could not
stop that, I could
not get well. I
heard so muchabout
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable   Com-
fotmd my husband wanted me to try it.
took it for a week and felt a little better. I kept it up for three months, and
I, feel fine and" can eat anything- now
without diitress or nervousness."���Mra.
J. Wpbthline, 2342 North' Taylor St.,
Philadelphia Pa. , ���   ���  - .
- Tho majority of mothers nowadays
overdo, there are - bo many demands
upon their tima and strength; the result
is invariably a weakened, run-down,
nervous condition with headaches, backache, irritability and depression���and
soon more serious ailmenta develop.
It is at such periods in life that Lottie &.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compotand will-
j restore a normal healthy condition, as
I tt did to Krs. Wortotin*. ^^^^^^^^I^^^^^^^^^^^^igp^^^^^
< ���
'��� I.
THE : LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,     B.     C.
Back To School
The schoolb' summer holidays arc
over for another ycar, and teachers
and pupils arc again occupying thcir
places in the little schoolhouscs^ all
over tliis piairic country, where thc
rcal foundations of Canada's future
citizenship are being laid.
But .while the teachers arc in thcir
places, something more than ten
thousand of thcin in thc three Prairie
Provinces, it is important to ask and
answer the cjiicstion whether all thc
boys and girls arc again in , school
who ought to be there.
Compulsory school.attendance laws
arc in force in these provinces, un
der which it is obligatory on parents
and guardians to s"ehd their children
to school until a certain age is
reached. These arc wise "laws, designed to prevent future citizens from
growing up to young manhood and
womanhood nol only uneducated, but
illiterate. In this western country
boys and girls arc wisely compelled
to lcam to read, write and- speak
English and master tlic rudiments of
a primary-common school education
Evcry ycar, however, some .thousands of boys and girls reach "the age
when thc compulsion of thc law en
forcing school attendance is lifted,
and it becomes a matter to bc decided by thc fathers and mothers whether Charles or John or Susie shall
return to school, . or whether thcy
will be kept al_ home to help on the
farm or in thc store or about the
house, or bc allowed to go out and
"get  a  job"   and   thus' help   to  keep
"the family. X
Il is a critical decision fathers and
mothers arc called upon to make.
Boys and girls, usually, arc anxious
to get. a way from the discipline, routine and what so many regard as the
drudgery of school, lt is not until
later years lhat thcy look back upon
thcir school days as the happiest,
most carefree days of thcir lives.    In
"their teens, however, thcy arc anxious
to go out into thc world and begin
life's great adventure. It is the parents who must decide wisely for
Aflcr all, as one observer has said,
it is just a mailer of arithmetic. If
a boy is just ready to enter high
school he can probably earn six or
eight dollars a week for thc first
ycar and an average of ten, twelve
or fifteen dollars a week for thc next
three ycars. That is to say, he can
earn from ��1,500 lo $2,500 if hc stays
away from school.
But lake lhc other side of the led-
���gcr: If~thc"boy continues-to-go_to
school for another three ycars he will
bc able, at the end of his course to
earn on the average more than thc
boy who stopped short of thc high
school, and hc will bc able lo earn it
for thc Ihirty or forty or fifty ycars
��� of liis earning lifc. Thc balance in
money is ou the sidc of thc boy who
returns to school.
Then comes along thc pessimist
and thc Job's comforter and says:
flWcll, if he goes back lo school and
gets cram full of book learning what
will il profit hi in? Docs not a plumber earn more than a schoolmaster,
and a carpenter more lhan a clerk?
And of what particular value will a
high school education bc lo John as
a farmer or to 'Susie as a farmei's
wife?" These arc unfair arguments
and illogical. Thc Irajucd eaipcntcr
and the skilled plumber having the
backing of a good education soon
forges ahead of his fellow carpenter
or  plumber   who  left  school  before
hc was half-way through. It is thc
educated man who succeeds in business for himself while thc uneducated ones become his employees.
And in this age and generation it is
not necessary to dwell on thc fact
that successful farming has become a
highly organized business undertaking-, a really scientific undertaking in
the carrying on of whieh ignorance
and siipbhod methods can have no
place, but in which the trained, intelligent, thinking men is pre-eminent.
Bul everything should not bc measured by the money standard. Is
there nol a better opportunity in life
for happiness, for contentment and
for service, for'the boy or girl possessing the qualifications and powers
which a good education confers upon
them? Tlicrc is a place in tlie lifc of
thc community, the Province, thc Dominion which only the educated can
fill, and in these days, and in the
years to comc, service to our country and to our fellow men is going to
Parents must ask themselves the
question whether, by withdrawing
thcir children from school before
thcy have secured lhe advantages of
a high school education, thcy arc
going lo deny lo Ihem the oppoilun-
ity of fitting themselves for thc rendering of such service, and df attaining thc place in the life of thcir
country which Ihey may otherwise
bc exceptionally well qualified lo fill.
Thc fathers and mothers of today
arc the trustees of the future citizenship of Canada. With them rests thc
decision now which may make or mar
their children's future, lt is a tremendous responsibility. The wise
decision will bc lo keep thcir boys
and girls at school just as long as
they can possibly do so, and thus
give to Ihem the best possible equipment for their lifc work, no matter
to what lot or sphere of action thcy
mav bc called.
Germans Prepare To
March Into Russia
A  Condition Due Entirely to Poor,
Watery Blood
The girl who returns home from
school or from work thoroughly lircd
out will bc fortunate if shc escapes a
physical breakdown, because this getting lircd so easily is probably the
first warning symptom of a thinning
blood that must not be disregarded if
her health is to be preserved.
When thc blood becomes thin and
impure the patient becomes thin, pale,
haggard and angular. She not only
tires out easily,, but suffers .from
headaches, palpitation of thc heart,
dizzy spells and a loss of appetite.
This condition will go from bad to
worse, until perhaps fatal consumption sets in, if prompt steps arc not
taken to increase and enrich thc
blood supply. To make thc rich, icd
blood that brings the glow of health,
no medicine yet discovered can equal
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. If given a
fair I rial tlicir usc brings rosy checks,
bright eyes, a good appetite and good
sp'irils. Dr. Williams' Pink Tills
havc madc thousands of pale, languid
girls active and strong. On thc first
sign of poor, thin blood, mothers
should insist upon their daughters
taking a fair course of these pills.
Thcy will nol only restore health, but
will save further doctor'bills.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills can bc obtained from any dealer in medicine or
by mail at 50 cents a box, or six
boxes for $2.50, from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Party   To
War . Workers
Under   Pretence   of Endeavoring   to
Help Admiral-Kolchak
Paris.���A modcrnly equipped German army of 40,000 men has assembled in Lithuania, and is preparing
to march into Russia under thc pretence of endeavoring to reach and
help Admiral Kolchak, according to
Luthuaniau sources here.
Word to this effect was brought to
Paris by Chief Engineer Steibiko, of
thc Lithuanian railway system, who
declared thc Germans talked freely
of a coming understanding between
Germany, Russia and' Japan.
In describing thc situation to thc
Associated Press, M. Steibiko said
that the largc German force whicli
has re-occupied Lithuanian territory
have been several times ordered
away by thc Lithuanian government
and Marshal Foch, wcrc entrenching
themselves and making preparations
for a march through Russia. Thcy
called themselves "Kolehakis," and
pretended lhat their immediate object was to reach and co-opciaic
with the admiral's forces.
Lady Rhondda Is
Delighted With Canada
Widow of British Food Controller
on Way to West
Toronto.���Lady Rhondda, daughter of the late Lord Rhondda, former
British food administrator, accompanied by her mother, the Dowager
Viscountess Rhondda, Lady Rhondda's husband, Sir Humphrey Mack-
worth, her brother-in-law, " and his
wife, Col. and Mrs. Mackworth; Mr.
Haig, a cousin of General Sir Douglas Haig, and Mrs. Haig, and Mrs.
Cardew and Lloyd Oliver, of Vancouver, B.C., and Canada representative of the Rhondda estates, arc on
their way to the Peace River country, where thc late Lord Rhondda
made large investments.
"Canada is a wonderful country,"
said Lady Rhondda in an interview
here. "One feels lhat its possibilities
havc only been scratched. Coming
from a land where possibilities are
almost exhausted, one feels this very
Flax Survey in Ontario
Toronto.���A personal survey of the
flax situation in Ontario made by Mr.
Justus Miller, field crop specialist of
the Department of Agriculture, reveals the fael that the crop this year
is only a fair one, al least one-third
of thc yield being too short to pull.
This quality will bc made into Scotch
low, and the. remaining .two-thirds of
thc crop will be used for fiber. There
are in all 50 flax mills in thc province, and these arc 'operated by 33
companies. Thc growers expect to
ship about 50,000 bushels of seed to
Most Democratic Royal Garden
Party Ever Witnessed
An army of 10,000 war workers responded to the lecent invitation of
thc* King and Queen to a garden
parly in Buckingham Palace grounds,
the most democratic loyal garden
parly ever witnessed. The green
lawns wcrc filled to ovci flowing with
lhc workers of the nation, and save
for a few exceptions the men workers attended in dazzling silk hats and
faultless morning coats.
Women predominated. There wcrc
women iu khaki and women, in blue���
women who had "carried on" iu the
dark" days of war; women who had
organized; women who had filled thc
vacant places; women, indeed, from
the battlefields, wearing French, Belgian and British decorations.
Among thc "Victory" women present were the three commanders-in-
chief of the three armies of thc Women's Service ��� Dame Florence
Leach, of thc Q.M.A.A.C.; Dame
Katherine Fursc. of the W.R.N.S.'
and Mrs. Gwynnc Vaughan, D.B.E,
of tlie W.K.a"f.'s.
Cold In the Head"
is an acute attack oi Nasal Catarrli. lVr-
.sons who arc subject to frequent "colds in
(l.e head" will fili'l that thc use o�� HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICIX1S will build up the
System, cleanse thc Blood and render them
less liable to colds. Repeated attack-; of
Acute  Catarrh  mav  lead  to  Chronic  Catarrh.
UAr.l/S, C.VIARR1I MEDICIXK is taken
internally and acts through thc Blood on the
Silicon*,   Surfaces   of   the  Sjbtcm.
All  JirugKiits 75c.    Testimonials  free.
$100 00 for any case of catarrh that
Asthma Brings Misery, but Dr. J.
D. Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy will
replace the misery with welcome relief. Inhaled as smoke or vapor, it
reaches lhc very inmost recesses of
the bronchial passages and soothes
them. - Restriction passes and easy
breathing returns, lf you knew as
well- how this remedy would help
you as do thousands of grateful
uscis, there would be a package in
your home tonight.    Try it.
Isn't it a fact that thc congregation of a wide-awake preacher is seldom caught napping?
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Dandruff.
Disappearing. Hair        -    -
"I think the baby has your hair,
ma'am," said thc new nurse, looking
pleasantly, at her mistress.
"Gracious!" exclaimed thc
glancing up from her novel,
into the nursery and \ take it
from her.    She will ruin it."
Doukhobor Wins Medal
Led  Bombing  Party   and  Succeeded
in  Capturing   14 Enemy
Regina.���The only Doukhobor in
Saskatchewan lo win tlic Military
Medal for gallantry overseas is Private J. J. Halobofl", M.M. and bar,
46lh Battalion, who enlisted at York-
ton, Sask. Pte. Haloboff -joined the
188th Battalion in' 1916, went overseas thc same year, and entered thc
trenches with the 46th. Hc stayed
with that unit unitl musteicd out this
The official notice in connection
with thc awarding"""of the medal is
as follows:
"887366 Pte. Haloboff, J. J., 46lh
Canadian   Battalion,   Military   Medal.
"During thc night of August 23-24
he courageously led a bombing party
through cellars and succeeded in capturing 14 enemy prisoners located in
one cellar, which was connected by
telephone and contained maps and, a
store of bombs and small arm ammunition."
Halobofl came to Canada seven
ycais ago from Russia. All the education hc has was secured in provincial schools. Following the exploit
in which hc distinguished himself,
Holoboft" won a bar to his medal for
further bravery. This was toward
the end of the war.
The Future British Navy
In its leading editorial, a recent
issue of "The Naval and Military
Record," speaking of the future development of the Britisii navy, said:
"The German fleet has disappeared
. . . and the only foreign power
which has augmented its navy upon
a largc scale is thc United, States.
In these circumstances it will not be
easy to hit upon a working formula
to represent our minimum needs.
"Wc might, of course, base our future building progiamines on the corresponding efforts made by"> the
United Stales, but the objection to
such a course is that il would imply
a rivalry in armament between the
very powers on whom the world relics lo prevent fresh wars. Few people in this country would approve a
naval policy which could in any sense
bc interpreted . as a threat lo our
friends  across  thc Atlantic."
The winning of it can't case the
pain of thc corn,, but "Putnam's" will
case, cure^ and prevent corns and
warts. Guarantee goes with every
bottle of "Putnam's." Use no other,
25c at all  dealers.    -
Fish   Explode
i\  J.  Cheney &  Co.,
Toledo,  Ohio.
.   Dutch and Belgian Dispute
Paris. ��� While rumors havc been
current in Paris during tiie past few-
days of increased tension between
Holland and Belgium because of the
Dutch reply to the Belgian case on
the revision of the treaty of 1839,
with intimations of a rupture of negotiations, the rcal attitude of thc
Belgians remains one purely of expectancy. Thc flying visit of Foreign
Minister Ilymans lo Premier Clemenceau yesterday had as ils object
a matter entirely unconnected with
ibis ((iKViion.
Rumania's Luck
Paris.���Reports from Budapest say
tliat the crop in Rumania is thc largest in 20 years. Thc Germans aic
already offering 20,000 marks pcr
carload of twenty tons of wheat.
Thc police department employs
many detectives ��� also many defectives.
A dish you 11
of Fish That Has Been Seen
By Few Persons <
To the Russian people Lake Baikal,
in eastern Siberia, is a holy lake, and
thcy believe both the lake and 'its
surrounding country are' endowed
wilh supernatural powers, and inhabited by unearthly beings.
All kinds of weird tales mingle
with lhcir explanations of any feature _or the"lake.- "Even "so "simple "an
object as a great rock lying in the
middle of a river just where il flows
from Lake Baikal lakes on a mysterious significance. lf this stone
were to slip from ils place, thcy say,
thc whole of T akc Baikal wouUPpour
out of ils basin and flood thc river
and probably'the continent.
But there arc actually many
strange things aboul Lake Baikal.
There is, for example, a species of
fi>.h that inhabits lhc de.cpesl part.
These lish have been seen hy few
persons, for as soon as Ihey arc lifted out of their accustomed atmosphere of high water pressure they
Figures on Strike Losses
Ottawa.���According to figures prepared by thc Canadian Department of
Labor, a total of 14,127,220 days havc
been lost through "strikes from 1901
lo 1919. Putting the minimum wage
at $3 a~ day, thc department estimates that hc working men of Canada
havc lost at least $43,000,000 during
the period, though no estimate is
madc of increased wages seemed
through thc strikes.
Thc total number    of strikes    was
2,127, involving 597,735 employees.
As a vermicide there is no preparation that equals ' Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It has saved
the lives of countless children.
"Pa," asked thc inquisitive child,
"was Job a doctor?"   -
"Not that I know of."
"Then why do people have so much
lo say aboul the patients of Job?"���
Health Magazine.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
A  Shower
Jinks: "You look dreadfully baiter
ed.    What's happened?"
Binks: "Wife has been pelting me
with flowers."'
jinks: "Why, that    wouldn't mark
you up in that maimer."
Binks: "Oh, thcy wcrc iu the pots."
'   ^^'SSs
:" ft^'
""  v;
*Jh�� /nan csto luuft an uifcuo* wMcle
���$4  tfck. l&feft *���*-  ^&e Ion*? Suu*t.
Sirs   tfcc Lmej A+e*v that C&wt-tS.
c��C*��c   Mini
��cae  imio
*r>r TO  Mt*t '
Any   Kind
Heats the Floor Like
a Base Burner.
Can be Supplied
Equipped      with      a
Double   Heating   Attachment,    heat    Upstairs    as    Well    as
Him Mft _
���>'-"' Down.
50  HOURS   ON
Not an Ordinary
Heater, but Two
Heating Systems in
One���A Hot Air Furnace built inside a
Heating Stove.
Made in Three Sizes:
Xo. 453 ��� Height 58      in. ��� Fire Pot 14 in. Diameter
No. 454 ���       51'/ ��� ��� 16 ���
No. 455 ,.       64      ��� ��� 18 ,.      &s
Double   Heating   Attachment   Extra
Plca'sc Sec This Heater at your Dealer's.   Full Particulars
will bc sent you on lequest
Established 1882
Manufactmers and  Wholesale Distributors
Stovci,    Furnaces,    llaiclvare.   Metals,   Building   Papers,,   Roofinff   Auto
Accessories =nd Sporting Goods
117 baxxatvxi; av��. j:��� ",       Winnipeg, man,
Canada's Increasing-
Wool Production
Propaganda Funds From Russia
Washington.���Russian soviet interests apparently arc supplying
funds for a propaganda to stir race
antagonism in the United Slates, according to information now in thc
hands of the department of justice.
Extradition of Bela Kun Asked
Basle. ��� Thc extradition of Bela
Kun and his associates in the former
Hungarian communist government
has-bcen-demanded by-Hungary-from
thc new Austrian foreign office.
Define Prefercd Goods
At breakfast or lunch
with either milk or cream
fills a reQuIrement for
nourishment not met by
many cereals.
No cooking No waste
*  At Grocers Everywhere.
To safeguard the child from damage that worms cause, usc Miller's
Worm Powdeis, thc medicine par excellence for children. These powders will clear the system entirely of
worms, will regulate and stimulate"
the organs injuriously affected by the
worms, and will encourage healthful
operation of lhc digestive processes.
As a vermifuge it cannot bc surpassed in effectiveness.
Why Prices Go Up
From an Address lo Congress By
President Wilson
With thc increase' in thc prices of
thc necessaries of lifc come demands
for increases in wages ��� demands
which are justified if there bc no
other meant) of enabling men to live.
Upon the increase of wages there
follows close an increase in the
pi ice_of tlic-produclS- whosc_produc-
crs havc been accorded the increase
���nol a proportionate increase, for
the manufacturer docs not content
himself with that, but an increase
' considciably greater than thc added
wage cost and for whicli thc added
wage cost is oftentimes hardly more
than  an  excuse.
Thc laborers who .do nol get an
incieasc in pay \\hcn thcy demand
il aic likely lo .strike, aud the strike
only makes matters worse. ft
cheeks ptoduetion, it affects the railways, it prevents distribution and
strips thc market-, <,o that there is
piesently nothing to buy, and there
U another excessive rddition to
pi ice- .culling i'i om the scarcity.
Government i -���..--cs Would Indicate
a Production of Close to
18,000,000 Pounds
Thc wool clip of Canada for 1919
has been placed at 15,000,000 pounds,
according to early estimates, says thc
Manitoba Free Press. This lcprc-
scnts a very material increase over
last ycar, and probably marks the
apex of woo! production for the current decade. Government figures
would indicate a production of '-lose
to 1S,000,000 pounds, but this ' is
thought by well informed persons in
the wool trade to bc in excess of thc
actual clip. Thc 191S production was
12,000,000 pounds or thereabouts. The
sheep population has been incre^-.ed
by between 300,000 and 400,000. making the gain in wool production amount to between 2,000,000 and 3,000,-
000 pounds. The increase is believed
to be1" fairly evently distributed over
the entire country. This is fairly-
important from an economic standpoint, increasing the revenue lhat
will accrue, to lhc producers and enlarging the exportable surplus of thc
domestic staple.
Splendid Type
Of Patriotism
���  xM
-��� xm
, r.y- -fyt
' M\
'. HilL
- xi
��� xd
- J
:��� "M
���   y\
Manitoba Good Roads
Winnipeg.���A. McGillivray, pro\in-
cial highway commissioner for Manitoba, who returned from an intcr-
provincial conference of government
good roads representatives, announced that Manitoba's share of $20,000,-
000 appropriation by the federal government for the construction of good
roads will amount to $1-602,265.
A   Ffine   Picture   of   a   Modest
Honorable Gentleman" ,,
There resumed his duties as constable in Cardiff, \Vahs, thc other
day, remarking as a mutter of cours��
that hc considered any man who had
been on lhc Cardiff police force ought
to return because the taxpayers had
been supporting his dependents in his
absence, a man who cpito izcs a fine
type of patriotism. Constable Ritch-
ings enlisted in the British Army in
1914, served for some timc in the
ranks, aud then tosc' by promotion
to second liculcjunt, captain, major,
and Hculcnant-coloncl. Hc was six;
times wounded, three times mentioned in dispatches, and won thc decoration of Chevalier of Lhe Legion of
Honor, the Croix de Guerre, and the
Military Cross. Then, the war being
ovci, hc came home to Cardiff and
resumed his v.>lacc as constable. As
thc account says, "A fine picture of
a modest and honorable gentleman 1"
���Christian  Science Monitor.
- J ;> >l
Cardinal Mcrcier to Visit U.S.A.
Brussels.. -Cardinal Mcrcier will
leave for America on Sept. 15, according to thc most recent information. It is said that he probably will
meet Ivirf Albert and Queen EHza-
beth abroad.
 Bolsheviks "Want" Peace ~~ ���
Copenhagen. ��� Kicolai Lenine, the
Russian Bolshevik premier, has scut
a delegation to Kishinev for the purpose of negotiating peace between
the Russian soviet government and
Rumania, according to a report received from Budapest.
The average woman would consider
lifc a success if she could find just
one man vriia would make love to her
without either-shocking her with his
suddenness or wearing out her
patience with his inertia.
Do not FQffet
Another day wills
Itching, Blee*
in(r, or ProtrucU
ine Piles. N*
surgical opor.
n-tion required.
Dr. Chase's Ointment will ratiovo you at ouca
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Toronto. Sample bos free it you mention thl��
ptipoi- sj?a enclose 'ic. stamp to pay postage.
National Educational Conference
Twenty-five Per Cent. Total Value of:
11-me Production J
London.���According     to   new   "ini-"'
perial   preiVrtncc'"  orders  l1- jj
thc bo.ud of trade, preferential rates
shall apply to refined susfnr, molasses,
sugar extracts and manufactured tobacco "only in respect of such pro-
i portion of these goods as corresponds  to   the  proportion   of  dutiable
material used    in  their manufacture.  WJTR    TOMATO, -  CHILI,
which is  show ii  to have been  grown; YT,nr-t
or prodiu-ul in llic empire."    Another j OK   PLAIlN   SAUCE
order sa\ s that goods shall not bc
deemed lo havc been manufactured
in thc empire unless at least 25 pcr
cent, of their total gallic is the result of labor within thc empire.
She Hadn't Reformed Him
There was fire in Mrs. Nagg's eyes
as she met her,hubby.
"I caught    you flirting,    Joseph!"
she exclaimed.
"That's'   right,"     responded     Mr.
Xagg.   "That's Just how you landed
work  hard.
Children who play
Cotton in thc Far North
i'kiueis. cto\\ piofv-ily in lii.iuj
parti of the Arctic retrionx. One of
the mo4 ttc(]ii"!itly nut with is, the
cotton plant, Xortlier-.i mjncis have
a saying tli.u A\hcrever cotton blooms
ice K not fai below. One may walk
for miles, between the months of
Juno and ..August, through fields of
cotton plants in flower, the white,
silky tops s.\\ayinEr in thc Arctic
breeze. AI present little use is madc
of it, from an industrial point of view,
except where the down i^ gathered
for filling pillo\. s. The flowers
bloom IiiMirk'nll;. a-? - K * natural
where the. sun shines continuously >
during the summer months. Among
others, the flower-hunter may gather
purple larkspur, bluebells, monk's
hood, primroses, asters, Hlies-of-thc-
valley and even a-kind of Arctic geranium, pink or white in color.
Twelve outstanding addresses by the best -
known public men and women of Canada,
thc United Statcs and England.
REPRESENTATION is being asked from
evcry public organization in Can da. lf
any organization is being o\crlooked, let
us know. In addition ample provision is
being made for individuals who will attend the conference in lhcir own capacity.
Address Any Inquiries to '
The Convening Committee
To ilircct pitblic ?t-
ten'.o'i to viie fundament >1 proMcm.-. of
I'llKMIOIl.tl -j^civ.s s:i
To consider education
in it-, rrlation to C.in-
.idmn citi7i*ii-lup. To
umlcrUkc llie establishment oi a ])<.i mancr.t
burca'j to guide and
,>>Mst the educational
thought  of  thc country.
Winnipeg, October 20-21-22
A girl doesn't like the idea of worker a living unless shc is married
to a    shiftless man.
ing f<
���all    profit" from    a    meal    of
"Clark's" Pork and Beans.
The purity of "CLARK'S"
guaranteed' by -the Government
legend on evcry can.
W.   CLARK,   LIMITED,   Montreal
"Smith is mighty careless with the
truth, isn't her" said Erown. j
"Yes," replied Jones. "Why .he'd j
try to deny it right aftcr hi had eaten |
a raw onion,'"���Know ilie Tournal and i
8 BBB^cjr K�� C9N CR^g
mm&r*tr~ ^-*=^ c>he jhkt will EHpufee.
VTri��N WJ BUY  P. VIE3S5N   WBRNEUT   YfcU    ��uy~
���*     *���     *J*-rr1'^-1 ''���'i -^v^-"^^'."^. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^S
Is $2 a year strictly in  advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for ualil the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier-
'Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7 ^
Estray Notices 3-00
Cards of Thanks..    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, aud 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
By auy other name a rotten egg
would smell aa sweet.
Even science   cannot   make   a
spade fill a club flush.
Step out of any kind of procession, if you wish to attract attention. 	
The total orange crop in California is 10,000,000 boxes. Chawley
can still have his marmalade.
True greatness is expressed
more in deeds than words. The
same applies to backing up a local
England might kill two tigers
with one shot, by trading Ireland
to the United States for some of its
debt to Uncle Sam. o
TnE Hamilton Herald says that
Currie is now the only full general
in Canada. All the others probably live in dry towns.
Mining News
The government will rebuild the
wagon road and bridges, between
Erie and the Second Relief mine,
burned by the forest fire in July.
The road is 12 miles long, and
three bridges will have to be rebuilt.
There are about 200,000,000 tons
of iron ore already proven up in
Northern Ontario, immediately tributary to the Jines of railway
owned and operated by the Dominion Government. Tho iron mines
of Northern Ontario have produced
over 4,000,000 tons of iron ore, of
which about 50 per cent was exported to United States fu.nacee.
Millions of dollars have been expended in developing iron mines,
railways, hydro-electric power,
concentrating and roasting plants
a"nd ore docks, and with the slightest aid by way of bounty or the
imposition on foreign ore duty
placed on manufactured goods coming into this country, these and
other iron mines would be enabled
to produee one million tons annually.
On this continent, Canada alone
has extensive coal areas on the
shores of both the Atlantic and
Pacific Oceans, adjacent to large
iron mines. Canada possesses over
75 per cent of the known nickel
resources of the world. Slip ranks
third in the production of silver.
Her copper, zinc, lead and asbestos
mines are extensive. We have
fine deposits of magnesite in Canada; uur carbon electrodes are
second to none, and cheaper than
those produced in England.
Everything calls for Canada to rise
to the first rank as a producer of
high-quality steels to displace the
heavy, short-lived common carbon-
steels used in rolling stock, ships,
dredges, farm and other machinery,
and become one of the principal
exporting countries of the world.
Owing to the high price of paper,
and the fall in the price of hides
many of the shoe, manufacturers in
Canada are now making shoes from
leather.  - ���   -       '.   '���."..���. '"--
: Since  Prohibition  the  kick   in
the- booze, seems   to   have   been
transferred to the people,  judging
from the insanity now  raging in
.America."- ."-'-.      ���."���"-
������������������ -^
The awarding of the contract to
carry the Cariboo mails, without
calling for tenders is causing much
comment in sections of the press.
Contracts are like kissing . sometimes..   '���'..-. "    '..'    ,-; '
Every year the Americans Bpend
$150,000,000 for patent medicines,
and double that amount for
tobacco. .No wonder, tbey. shoot
the bull, and- chase the salted
peanut.        .
.Tns earth must be near the
grand finale. For the'first time
since it was organized, 1600- years
ago, the Vatican chdir will Ce
heard outside of Bome. It. con-
tains 70 voices and will make a
tour of America. : The .choir carries,its own holy water.       ;
;. .The adoption of the metric J sys-'
tem; of weights and measures
means great, things., for Britannia
and America., The. English speaking people are the - only, ones that
do not use it, and in this respect
are behind the rest of the world..
Millions of dollars have been expended on the extensive low-grade
copper deposits of Bruce Mines,
Massey, Herminia, Jury, Superior,
Michinicaten, Big Duck Lake, Tip
Top Mine Centre and Shebandowan
District under the direction of able
and experienced British, American
and Canadian capitalists. Now
that-: the British government,
through the British-American
Nickel Company, bias erected a
copper refinery in Canada, many
of these copper deposits could be
operated if the Province or Dominion wculd aid in the erection of.
local smelters and guarantee a certain minimum output,-sufficient to
secure economical operation of the
several mines. The Dominion
could perform the assessment work
on valuable mining. claims discovered ^by returned soldiers for a half
interest therein, and aid iiTsecur-.
ing a purchaser for same. These
copper mines, could. give employment to hundreds of returned
soldiers and manyrother promising
copper, deposits would -be explored
and developed.   ,' ' .
Andrew Carnegie's Will
We first saw Sir Arthur /Carrie
in 1879. He was four years old
afc the time,, but, already in .command of a.battalion, that - went'
. ovei\_the topi many a : time where
the apple trees were the.ithickest,
around -the historical -town, of
Stratbroyr.'     "'���-': 'V.".''' 'X.-iX'-X'
It might be woree around here
. than it is,, bo*be always cheerful.
Away ou fc i n Dawson eggs  are $2
a dozen and apples 10 cents'.each,
while it costs- 20; cents a mile feo
���- ride on the train between Skagway
; and; Whitehorse.    They' ball it the
.White Pass railway, but we do not
'see .any pass about it, except by
getting a reserved seat on the last
"Well," said the doctor, "I^ope
yoa profited by nay advice?" 'iyx'
"Yes, Doctor/' replied the
palienl, "but noS, so much as yoa
did. "���Blighty, London.
.Andrew Carnegie's will, just
probated, disposes of ,an estate!
valued at nearly thirty million
dollars. Annuities of $10,000 are
left to PremierDayidLloydGeorge
and,ex-president Taft, and one of
$5,000 to Mrs..T. X Preston, formerly Mrs. Grover Cleveland.; His
widow gets the real estate/ works
of art, ana with the; daughter, is
otherwise provided, for.-.' .The University of Pittsburg gets $200,000.
The deceased's gifts to .. charities
during his life time aggregated
$200,000,000.-.-.;.     ri- ' Xyyy.i
Anything Would.. be Better
.' He���T.can't decide /whether 60
go in for-painting or poetry.
.She���I'd. go in for  painting if I
were you;.-':.
He���Then you've seen some of
my paintings!   i
She���O, no; but I've heard some
of your poetry!���Stray Stories. ..
Braver Than the Bravest
jrModesfc Young Lieutenant (reporting I0C..O, after a thrilling
raid in No Man's Land)���Captain
I wish: to report Private. Hicks'
conduct in/ fche/highest terms pf
praise.- He is,the bravest man in
tbe world. He folio wed. me every
place I went.-Edinburgh Scotsman.
Wholesome Food Keeps
the Children Well
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
is made from Cream of Tartar derived from grapes, a delicious, healthful fruit, and that is why it produces
wholesome food, superior in texture
and keeping quality.
Prudent mothers avoid cheap baking powders because they frequently
contain alum, a mineral acid. No
matter how much they are urged to
change, they stick to
Baking Powder
they KNOW it is absolutely pure
Contains No Alum���Leaves No Bitter Taste
TAKE NOTICE that Charles Noble Bubar
of Beaverdell, B, C, Farmsr, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following: de-
sciibed lands: Commencing- at a post planted
at the south-east corner af Block A Lot 1441,
thence south 40 chains, thence west 20 chains,
thence north 40 chains, thence east 20 chains,
to point of commencement, and containing
eighty acies more or less.
Dated 28th August, 1919.
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview: and situate North of
and adjoining Lot 2502s.
TAKE NOTICE that Cyril Radan of
Boundary Falls in said District, occupation
Rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe following described lands:
Lot 2377s, containing- 80 acres more or less.
-^ Dated August 25th, 1919, at Boundary Falls.
Returned Soldiers,
Corporation of the City of
At CITY HALL, PHOENIX, SEPT., 30th,  1919, at
10 a. m., a Tax Sale will be held of all property on
which taxes are delinquent.
Many improved and unimproved lots will be offered
for sale by auction
Further particulars may be had by applying to
City Clerk, Phoenix
Order Now
Your Cutting Machinery -   Binders   -   Mowers.
and Rakes
We handle the McCormick and Deering   Line
and will be pleased to'orderjrepairs
for all makes of Machines
Get our prices on Barb Wire and   Nails.     We can
save you money on large or small lots.
Ship us your hides.   We pay cash and remit promptly.
Midway, B. C.
DR. WOOD, of Greenwood, B.C.
hue been appointed by tbe Department of Soldiers' Civil He-Establishment as Medical Representative
whose duties are to attend to all
returned men who may be taken
ill any time within one year of discharge, whether the cause be from
war service or not, and to men who
are suffering a recurrence of disability caused by War service, at
any time.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smeltiug and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig  Lead   and. Zinc
���     ' "TADANAC BRAND
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms. . Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers..  Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
y Pool hall in Connection.
Autos of all- kinds   repaired.    Tire   vulcanizing  a   specialty.
Shock absorbers, oils, and all kinds of anto supplies for sale.
Synopsis of      e
Land Act Amendments
-: E. W.WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemis��v Box Bito8, Nelson, B. C;
Chargesi-^r-Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each; Gold-Silver $1.50;-/ Silver-Lead
$2^00.. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc., on application.
To The Grumblers
Whistle away your, troubles, :  \
Whistle away your fears;  -.'
.. Just do your best,
,' Then leave the rest  ".' -' .       :,;-  ���;
To the harvest of the years.  . j.
Dismiss ajl thoughts of anger,..
Dismissall thoughtsof hate; :_;-"'.-;
And all the while' ~ >-
'Just wear a smile \ ' -'
Whatever your lot or fate.
There's nothing gained by worry, ���'
There's nothing gained by fret; ;     ���--.-"
, Just do your pari
-   With cheerful heart,     '     .,' -������-
And you'll win the victory yet.
���Augustus Treadwell.
No Man's,Land
.. VWhai are yonr impressions of
No Man's Land?"
. "I. didn't gefe into the war,"
answered the morose citizen. , "My
only vivid idea of No Man's Land
is home while fail housecleaning is
going,on^'f^-Washington Star.'..
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Pool Room and First-Class
Barker Sliou
Ctears, Tobaccos. Soft Drinks.
Ice-Cream Parlor in Connection
Come in Oftea
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars,, and Republic
truck motors Garage in coanection.
' Autos sold and repaired. Agent for
Chevrolet, Dodge and Stndebafcer cars;
also Republic and National trucks.
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to }5 an acre; second-class to
��2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land Buitable-for agricultural purposes
And which is non-timber land. ���*
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
.out parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ' 0
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ave years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
,��le reoelving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent resident* may be issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record eame will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
�� 3.Ah?���n 5 yews, and improvements
of 110,00 per_acre._includlng_ 6 acres-
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor ^ holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, {f he
requires land in conjunction with his
- farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. > ^
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
tuHfatfJ", le,asSd M homesltes;
*3?*,t0i be ��b,tail>ed after fulfilling resl-
��� Ial and improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres mav. be
leased by one person or company.*
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
*J. SlYiSl hay Feat3��wB inaccessible
_^n_f����.lniB roada m.ay be Purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to-them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, ls made. p       Me
.^S sco,?e of thls Ac* is enlarged to
include all personB Joining .and serv-
time within which tho heirs or devisees
S!L ��m ceaa��d pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act Is extended
from for one year from Uie death rt
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
Active. pr,vlIe*8 ,a al"<> mad!?"-
- No fees relating to pre-emntlonn ��r��
due or payable by soidiere"S? preemptions recorded after June 26 I9is
T��3? are remitted for five ylari
Provision for return of moneys ac-
5ru,eod//ue Md t,een Pa!d since August ���
4, 1814, on account of payments fees
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions. -
interest on agreements to imrchass.
towaoj, ��ity lots held by SeSSSS^S
^Jlled Forces; or dependent*, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted froSi enlistment to M&rcb. 81. 1920. -     -
Provision made for issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown JUinds, acquiring right* from
purchasers who failed to comp���S
purch���� involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest and taxes. Where sub-pSShJS-
��re do n�� claim whole of original paj>
.._.-.       Appllci
made by.M&y 1,1620.
$                    QRA2ING. ���
Qraalng Act, 1918, for syatematlc
development o? livestock Inddstirpro-
**$**, f��T ^ask�� districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual graaing permits Issued based
on xmmbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock-ownw* n��
form Associations for range management EVee, or partially free,permits
for settlers, campers or travellers, ttp
to teat ^ -
There was a picturein the papers recently of Enid Bennett,
movie star, using the telephone. Miss Bennett is'afine actress,
and she surely knows how to use a telephone, - but in this illustration she had her" face turned away from the transmitter.
Perhaps she was posing, but it might have suggested to some
that her method was the proper one when telephoning.
When you telephone, talk directly into the instrument,
with your lips an iuch or more from the transmitter. Then
you will have to talk in an ordinary tone and the person at
the other end will be able to hear you distinctly.
The only up-date Hotel in the interior.   First-class   ������
in every, respect,
; Cbe Burne fiotel |
% Relsoti, B*& +
4�� in every, respect, . 4��
J? ~    == ,  ^
* Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in *
* each room. ". J
* First Class Cafe and Barbe^ Shop *
��j�� Steam Heated;  Electric Ivig-hted.        ' ��J��
* -   ==��� '      A
^ ,   RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan. i
��|j Bus Meets all Trains and Boats. , j.
,   RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets ail Trains and Boats.
1P. Burrijr 8zi C6~ Ltd.
Home'of Shamrock Bacon,   Ham and L,ard
Bggs,   Cheese   and   Fish   of   all.  Varieties
Cuiamccn Rote!
���One of the largest hotels In
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Round   Trip   Fares
Vancouver Exhibition
Sept,   8 to   13
Kasl��  '��� "..:  $25-50 y   '   Trail.. ...���.���	
Rosslaud  $21.70- Creston ......' ;.'
Phoenix '....;  $21.55 Silverton '. -.	
Sandon     $23.60 Grand Forks .".	
Tickets on sale Sept. 4 tb 12 inclusive
Return Limit Sept. 17
Corresponding Rates from all Kootenay Stations.    Tickets from
Agents or Pursers  .
Should be made at once through I/jcal Agent or write
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson/B. C.


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