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The Ledge Apr 21, 1921

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Array -1*>,
i O'
provincial Library |
Vol.   XXVII.
No. 41
House Furnishings,  Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
PHONE 28. ~        ���- GREENWOOD, B.C.
Mmmmrnmmm?mwmmmmwmm?mmmmmm mmK
We can fill your wants for:-^_
���������������'.' . o
Also a full, line of
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
^aiiiiiuaaaiu iiaiaiaiiauuuiUiiuaiamiUiUiUiiauiiu^
f . ^
Grand Popularity Contest
Goodeve's Drug Store
Prizes given to the three most popular ladies in the
Greenwood Riding
First Prize, $25.00 Kodak, Post Card Size.
Second Prize, $12.00 Ivory Mirror.
Third Prize, $5.00 Box Camera.
A Couipltte Assortment
Wagstaff's Jams and
Try Our
Pride of Canada, Pure
Maple Syrup
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
Before you send that spring order look over
our stock of*
Prints, Flannelettes, Boys and
Ladies Hose,  Etc.
They will please you in every respect
<3*EJENWOOp^J3^Qr_ ___.
The. WINDSOR HOTEL ' is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sampie rooms.. A comfortable hoitae for tourists and travellefs. "Touch the'
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, -cigarettes, cooling^ beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best" Companies in   the World
Enquire as  to Rates
Ranches For Sale
Call Aud See
J.  Caron hasv
Around Home I
bought   a new
- Pete Campolieto has a sow that
had a litter of 13.
Grand Forks .will celebrate
Empire Day. May 24.
W. T. Thompson, of Beaver-
dell, is visiting in this city.
F. M. Elkins, of Vancouver,
was in town on Thursday.
H. H. Sawyer, of Carmi, is
spending a few days in town. ���
A. W, Francis, of Trail, was
here for a few days this week.
J. E. Hoy is building a garage
at his ranch on the No. 7 Road.
H. Moll of Rock Creek was a
Greenwood visitor on Saturday.
H. McCutcheon paid a business
yisit to Grand Forks on Saturday.
W. B. Fleming has returned to
Greenwood and intends remaining
for some time..
JUorne Terhune has returned to
Greenwood from Copper Mountain.
W. K. Gwyer, district engineer
of Penttcton, arrived in town on
Miss, Nellie Hamarstadt, of
Spokane, is the guest of Mrs. A..
J. Morrison.
Theo. DeWitte left last Friday
for Merritt where he will spend
the summer.
Tennis Meeting
A meeting of all committees of
the Tennis Club was held iu
the City Hall on Tuesday evening.
It was decided that the dance
committee solicit refreshments from
members of the club and any
others interested.
The grounds committee was instructed to proceed with necessary
work and to interview L. Bryant
regarding cost of cementing part of
the courts. >
The secretary was instructed to
send for nets, rackets, etc.
A working bee was . decided for
Saturday afternoon and on Sunday
from 9 to 12 and 1.30 to 6 p.m."
It is requested that everyone possible will be on the courts to help.
The concert committee reported
a splendid programme arranged
and an offer from Geo. Gray to
handle the ticket selling.
Mrs. G. B. Taylor ws enthusiastically chosen as Hon, President
of the Club.
P. Docksteader informed the
meeting that the -Midway tennis
players were anxious for tournaments to be arranged as early as
possible for the coming season.
'of Vancouver,
was in
' la Shell or Nickel Frames
Put up in a neat Spring Covered Case
$1.00 PER PAIR
Watchmaker      Jeweler      Optician
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail your watch for Repair and I will
mail it back.   Charges are moderate.
The little green Shamrock, emblem ofluck in Ireland, has  -
in Western Canada another weaning.   It is a  "sign" of high
&, ^prlS|A7iIApVd^ON>' LARD' BUTTER-
.Wholesale Distributing Branch, for West Kootenay Distinct, NELSON, B.C.-
Packing Plains" at
Csisrary       Edmonton      Regina       Prince Alfcert       Vancouver
The Best Way
DON'T risk loss by enclosing <
in your letters. You will find the
Money Orders issued by this Bank a
safe and convenient way of paying
your out-of-town accounts.
��� Our Teller caa issue then- without'delay at the
same cost as )?ost Office or Express Order*.
GREENWOOD BRANCH, X.. �� Brawders,. Manager.
Greenwood Theatre
Cray & Clerf. Props.
An All Star Cast in "
Seven Reels
Also a Senuett Comedy in Two Reels
Gu&id's Day Off
BUI Henry
Five Reels
In And Out
One Reel Christie Comedy
Out Columbuslng ���oiambus
One Reel Scenic  Picture
Sealed tenders -will be received by the Mia-
fster of Lands at Victoria, not later than noon
oa tlie 2Sth, day of April, 1921, for tlie pnr-
cbaws of Licence S3145, to cat 3,000 Tien, 40,500
Lineal Feet of Cedar Poles and 160 cords of
Cordwood, on an area situated near E-oIl,
Siaiilkameen District.
; Two B) year will be allowed  for removal
of timber.
Farther particulars of 'the Chi.. Forester,
Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Nelson,
T. R. "Hanson,
formerly of Rock  Creek,
town on Wednesday.
The Rock Creek Women's Institute will hold a dance at Riverside Hall, ou May 24th.
Mr. Hanrahatn whp recently
leased the Rock Creek hotel,
was in town on Tuesday.
Get your wall paper at manufacturers prices. See the 1921
samples at Goodeve's Drug Store.
There will be a total/eclipse of
the moon this Thursday night,
It will begin at 11 57 until about
3 a.m.
Dave McAlmon, Chief Fire
Warden of the Kettle Valley,
was visiting friends in town on
Mrs. Wm Spooner returned recently to Trail from a trip to
England. She was accompanied
by her mother.
C.~H.~ Robinson, of Nelson, was
in town on Saturday making preparations ,to stock Long. Lake
with while fish.
Mrs. Tavlor, who has been attending her sister for tbe past
three months at Kelowna returned
home last Sunday.
R. J. Muir, of ��� Allenby, has
accepted the management of a
billiard hall at Oliver, the new
townsite north of Osoyoos.
The Musical Mystics will show
in the Greenwood Theatre on
Friday, April 22nd. Admission
adults, 75c, children 25c. Free
dance after show.
Mrs. G. A. [ Rendell left .on
Wednesday for Merritt where she
will visit Mrs. J. L. Coles before
proceeding to Vancouyer to spend
a "month's vacation.
The new time card of the G.N.
goes into effect next Wednesday
April 27th, when, the train between Spokane and Oroville will
run tri-weekly. The G. N. mail
will arrive in Greenwood on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Any voter whose name is liable
to be struck off~the last revised
list of voters may at any > time,
either before or during the sittings of tbe Court of Revision.
file, "with the Registrar an affidavit in support of his application for reinstatement of his
name 't>n the list of voters. The
Court of Revision will be held oa
the third Monday in June. This
applies to all those who failed to
vote at the:last Provincial election.        '   / '    ���
Commissioners are Named
J. Kelford, of Edmonton, a returned soldier, who has a reputation of being avgood mechanic is
opening up a garage and repair
shop iu the Kinney building.
Linn Clark has been appointed
to take .charge of the Greenwood
and Midway Presbyterian church
for the summer months. Service
will be held here on Sunday evening April 24. ..
- The~It_dependent Meat Market
is now open all the time. We
carry only the best stock procurable in fresh meats, hams and
bacon, lard,, sausages, head'
cheese, etc,
Joseph Richter who owns a
ranch on the Midway-Rock Creek
road, was in town on Wednesday
and disposed of a wagon load of
some of the finest potates ever
grown in the district.
Mrs. M. Shamburg, of Port-
laud. Ore., who has been visiting
her daughter, "Mrs. A. N. Dock-.
steader left for her home on Tuesday. She was accompanied by
Mrs. Docksteader and little
Jack Brown, of Moriarty Camp
near Westbridge, had his left leg
broken in two places when a log
rolled on him. He was taken to
Dr. Burnett's hospital, Greenwood, where the injured person
is progressing favorably.
Nine reels of up-to-date pictures- is booked for the Greenwood Theatre, on Saturday night
when "Alimony" a seven reel
picture with an all star cast will
be shown. Also a comedy in two
reels entitled "Cupid's Day Off."
For Wednesday, April 27, Charles
Kay in "Bill Henry" 5 reels, "In
and Out" comedy and "Out Colum-
busing Columbus" will be shown.
The new parts have been secured
for the machine and is now running smoothly and the'lights are
Indications point to the Tennis
Club Concert and- dance being
well patronized. 1 he concei t
promises to be a good one and
the artists are practising hard..
The Greenwood Orchestra will
make its first appearance in public and there are also a few other
surprises in store. Talent from
Midway and Grand Forks has
been secured and. an endeayor is
being made to get Mrs. Pitchall,
of Allenby. The comedy entitled
VRomeoof the Rancho" has a
cast of four and is well worth
seeing. Then there will be
solos, choruses and recitations.
After the concert a dance will be
held iu the Masonic Hall and
Kettle Valley music secured for
the occasion. - Refreshments will
; be served at midnight.
Appointment of the three commissioners of the -liqnor board
under the government control act,
was decided on Wednesday last at
the meeting of the provincial, executive, according to a report from
Victoria. The appointments were
announced by Attorney-General
Farris as follows:
A. M. Johnson, K. C. Victoria,
Lieut.-Col. W. N. Winsby, Victoria.
J. H. Falconer, Vancouver.
Mr. Johnson as chairman, will
receive $6500 a year. The other
members S550O each. The headquarters of the board will be in
The board will start work at
once, as the government has been
given power to appoint the officials'
before the act comes into operation.
Actual operation of government
liqnor storps under the board will
not be started until the middle of
May, or perhaps until'June 1.
Mr. Johnson has resigned his
office as deputy attorney-general.
Col, Winsby, who is inspector of
city schools, may have to act in a
dual capacity for a few weeks until the Victoria school board takes
steps to appoint another. Mr.
Falconer is ready to step into the
office at once.
The Back Yard
Mining News
The, Providence mine, Greenwood, is being put in shape to - resume operations.
Forty per cent lees ore was produced in the Rossland mines in
1920 than in 1919.
Ore receipts at the Trail smelter
for the week ending April 14 were
8,450 tons, all from properties of
the Consolidated Mining & Smelting company of Canada. The receipts for the year to the above
date are 118,061 tons.
According to a Juneau report,
thousands ol tons of gravel soon
will bury what remains of the
town of Bonanza, Y. T., known in
tbe Alaska stampede days of '98 as"
Grand Forks. Pioneers say Grand
Forks at one time was the metropolis of a rich mining district and
that thousands of dollars from the
creeks went across the bars and
counters of the town's saloons,
stores and hotels. A hydraulic
plant, which is soon to be worked
on the one-time placer creeks near
the abandoned towu, will poor it-
gravel onto the site.
~Many back yards are abomina
tions to the eye and nose.' One
finds in them all sorts of litter
from an oyster can,to-old boots.
Here the slops of the kitchen ' are
poured to increase odors which
ought to warn every thoughtful
person of the malarial influence
breeding there, to break out eventually in fevers or diptheria. If
any member of the family dies
from one of these diseases, his
death is probably lamented aB a
''mysterious dispensation of Providence," but the minister would
say, if he were to visit the back
yard, that death was caused solely
by a violation of hygenic laws. A
very strong argument against dirty
back yards is the spirit of deception _which is apt _to_ foster in the
young members of the family, for
it is a constant deceit to present a
clean and attractive front yard to
the gaze of the passers, while the
back yard is not fit to be seen.
Children should be taught to be
clean for the sake of cleanliness
and not because outsiders crifcicixe
them. Do not allow anything to
be thrown about. Have drains
made to convey all slops entirely
away from the house. Make, good
walks and let the ground have a
fine covering of grass not weeds.
Put up etrong supporters , for the
clothes line. Keep the fence in
repair and plant currant bushes
near it. Set vines about the refuse
barrel and train them over it until
it is hidden. If you have a receptacle for ashes, let it be something
which can be closed .and not a row
of old barrels - to offend the eye,
and give out a cloud of ashes every
time the wind blows. Make it a
rula to have the back yard at all
times as clean as the front one. -
Either the electrical installation
or the oil flotation system was responsible for the disastrous fire at
Britannia Mines recently, stated J.
A. Thomas, provincial fire protection officer, after conducting an enV
quiry into thfe origin of the con-_
flagration. Whether one or both
of these was responsible can only
be told after a careful analysis of
the technical evidence,- he said,
and this was been undertaken.
Mr. Thomas' was assisted at the
enquiry by H. L. Taylor, assistant
electrical inspector for the province. That the estimate of $1,-
000,000 damage was about right,
was Mr. Thomas' statement to a
reporter. Fully seven hundred
men had been thrown ont - of em-,,
pioyment and the entire plant was
shut down. Only a few men engaged on development ��� work were
retained, he said. Rehabilitation
could becompleted by next January or February, officials told Mr.
Thomas, if^ the_insurance adjustments are made promptly.
Popularity Contest
The following is the result of
the count, on Wednesdays April
2tf at 4 p. m., of the Popularity
Contest being conducted at
Goodeye's Drug Store:
Miss A. Podbielanick, Midway,
460, Mrs. Geo. Walters 2300, Miss
Eva Murray 3S20, Miss Cassie
McDonald 1170, Mrs. H. Snell,
Rock Creek, 1760, Miss Josephine
McKee 1700, Miss Georgina Lee
3230, Mrs. C. T. Fenner 2520,
Miss Victoria Shillcock, Kettle
Valley, 930. ���
A Season Ticket
The Bosun mine,' near New
Denver, owned by the Surprise
company, is still developing with a
force of a dozen men.
At a college in England it against she rales for male students to
visit the "resident lady boarders."
One day one was caught in the act
and brought before the headmaster,
who said: "Well, Mr. Black, the
penalty fertile first offenece is four
shillings, for the second ten shillings, for the third one pound, and
so on up to ten pounds.
"And what would a season
ticket cost?" enquired the culprit.
The Pioneer Mine at Cadwall-
ader Creek, Lilloot Mining division is to be re-opened by A; I.
Wallbridge. In the past this mine
has produced gold to the value of
Wanted to Buy
For cash piano and car,
must be in good condition,'
Box 475 Greenwood
V Work of The
Red Cross
Giving  Medical  Attention to  Those
Who Live in Remote Districts.
A Red Cross worker in one of the
primitive sections of the west made a
discovery last summer. She visited
a sawmill camp and, while there, discovered two men, one of who had
chopped half his foot oil with his axe
and was unable to get any treatment
for it.- The other had suffered a kick'
in the chin from a mule and the jaw
hone was broken. He was unable to
get thc bone set. Both travelled 30
miles to a place where they hoped to
find a doctor and they travelled in
vain. When they arrived there they
were all in. They were put to bed
and remained there until, as in thc
case of animals, their hurts healed and
they were able to go back to their
work. Thc net result of their failure
to receive attention at the proper
time, or, indeed, at any time, is that
one will limp badly for life and the
other will have a terribly disfigured
The Red Cross, organized for peace,
will, by its guidance and expert advice, make it possible for all such far
away communities to have something
like adequate medical and nursing attention by equipping hospitals and
nurses' quarters and providing suitable surgical and medical supplies for
the treatment of all such and similar
cases, whether of accident, disease or
what not.
Not only that, but the Red Cross
aims to give lessons in first aid to thc
sick and injured and to teach people
���ftho, by reason of the nature of thcir
occupations, must live far from medical and nursing aid, just what they
should do to aid sufferers who come
within the zone of thcir influence.
Thc Red Cross, it is realized, is
seeded now more than at any other
time in the history of the country,
and it is earnestly hoped by those
who are endeavoring to organize thc
humanitarian forces of ihe world
that Western Canadians to the very
last man and woman, boy and girl,
will join thc Red Cross when .the
campaign is on from June 5 to 11.
Any man or woman who keeps
Moan's handy will tell you
that some thing
ESPECIALLY those frequently.
attacked by rheumatic twinges.
A counter-irritant, Sloan's Liniment scatters the congestion and penetrates without tubbing to the afflicted
part, soon relieving the ache and pain.
Kept handy and used everywhere
for reducing and finally eliminatingthe
paiiisand aches of lumbago, neuralgia,
"muscle strain, joint stillness, sprains,
bruises, and the results of exposure.
You just know from its stimulating,
healthy odor that it will do you good B
Sloan's Liniment is sold by all druggists���35c, 70c_ $1.40,
liniment ess
Ex-Kaiser's Book
North Offers Canada
Great Opportunity
Laird River Will Produce More Than
The Yukon.
In 25 years, with an efficient development programme, J. T. Burns," engineer, geologist and Yukon pioneer,
believes" thc northern country will be
producing $500,000,000 annually. "Can-
. ada's great opportunity lies .in-the
north," he. stated.- ���"        ".-"..
"I  ."have ' spent    20 years, in  the
"Yukon,"   Mr.-   Burns continued, "and
have panned it from" one end- to thc
"other, so I may be said to'know the
-Yukon las-; well'as - most    old    sour-
.doughs.     But from what! have, seen
of'   the .. Laird   "River   and, its head
streams-I am'convinced that for production it could outdo'thc Yukon."
��� -Mr. Burns is"-urging construction of
a railway "from Stewart into the Laird,
- country abo'ut'-the confluence .of the
Dease and Frances Rivers, and thence
,3-orth to Fort Norman or east to Fort
Simpson, "'at-   the-, confluence of "the
. Laird and Mackenzie.     This road, he
point's out; would, not   only. tap   the
newly discovered.oilfields, bnt-would
.open up the. Groundhog coal country
and the placer gold and quartz ,dis~
trict- west of- Fort Simpson.  .
.--' The Portland -Canal, Mr.. Burris-.n-
'/ sis.ts, is the logical outlet for the, min-
�����cral products of the Mackenzie "; River
" basin-, and he backs tip his contention
by . reference- ..to 'the ". ;map.-., ���. From
Stewart to Fort Norman is,-approxi-
mately :625" rn_les,7275 miles less, than
from- Edmonton  -to TFort .Norman;
- -From Stewart to Fort-Simpson.is.ap-
��� proximately.-500 ..miles, 150 .miles, less
. than from...Edition toiV to Fqrt',Sim"p.-
. son. --"- In addition rto-this; .Stewart".'is
.at. tidewater;;, while Edmonton is.'hun-
;'drcds,of"iriilcs -away "frorh.it.'- 7  '" ���
Former Arrogant War Lord Would
Like the World to Believe That
He Was a Peacemaker.
Tlie ex-Kaiser William has not employed himself exclusively since thc
Armistice in wood-cutting at Amcron-
gcn. Hc has written a book, of
which twelve copies were sent to
twelve generals in September of last
year. It is a self-defence, but not a
reasoned argument. The ex-Kaiser
has constructed a conspectus of diplomatic events from 1884 to 1914,
comparing all the principal countries
in parallel columns, and the inference
which hc would like the reader to
draw is that hc was always thc peacemaker���he says hc even had a project
for a League of Nations which' he
thinks was a better one than Mr. Wilson's���and that England was thc leader of a conspiracy to hem Germany in.
It is an old story, but the ex-Kaiser
has not got it reasonably complete.
He ought at least to have added another column with his own name at
thc top and to Have mentioned, with
thc appropriate dates, those striking
speeches and threatening phrases
which from time to time made Europe
fear that peace was only to bc permanently had at thc price of submission to his will. Either he docs not,
even now, realize, or hc discreetly ignores, thc effect which was produced
on an island people when, with his
restless policy and his growing fleet,
he publicly proclaimed himself "the
Admiral of., the Atlantic." Things
like .this, which helped powerfully to
produce the atmosphere that led to
thc war, are not even mentioned'by
tlie Kaiser, aiyl the book will not do
for'history,, though ,it will serve the
uses of the historian. - But-it is of
great interest as being the cx-Kaiscr's
work and as showing that' he- is impervious even to the teaching of the
war- and' thc Revolution; .in his view
the war: is' still one that was engineered 'without provocation against his innocent'self, and-lostby his own ungrateful people." .He had a narrow
mind and a-closed mind';'and-the-two
things between them, did -niOTe to
make -the war-'tlian all the' events he
chronicles:���Manchester' Guardian.
A Matter of Color
Planes for Mounted Police
College Boy Did Not Get Ahead of
Gardener. J
An American  writer tells a story j
of his college days.     It relates to a!
negro gardener, with whom the bo-.. !
used to havc considerable sport. One j
day in spring, Sambo had been burn- !
ing the college green in order to get J
rid of the old withered grass. A fiesh-
man    came    along,   and, thinking to
have some fun, shouted: "Say, there,
Sambo, you ought not to   bun>    that
stuff."     "Why?"     inquired     Sambo.
"Because,"    replied    the  ��� freshman,
"it'll make that grass    as   black   ir.
you are."     "Well,   massa,"   retorted
Sambo,    "dat's    all right.     Dat 'ere
grass '11 come up and be as green as
you arc!"
An Acknowledged Expert in All
Matters Pertaining to Household' Management.
For Infants and Children
lit Use For Over 3�� Years
Always bears
Signature of
Canada Should Not
Export Raw1" Material
Nine hundred and ninety-seven cutting tools alone are required in manufacturing a modprn rifle. The twist
'���ill is one of the busiest of these. To
supply 1,000,000 rifles 94,000,000 holes
must be drillcd.o '
Quickly Relieved
It  is   a   good   tiling  to  know  just
what to do when gas belching starts.
One sufferer related the following experience: "A few months  ago 1  ate , r      , .        ,
some    green   vegetables   and    somci y��u.  arc    in    danger of melting thc
fruit    that    was    not quite ripe.      It   strainer.
Many letters come to me asking
about crullers and doughnuts. And
if they are well-made, they are a delight even to thc most jaded palate.
Here is the modus operandi:
Fill a heavy iron pot half full of
fat, lard, vegetable oil, hard vegetable fat, or beef fat. Butter cannot be used because it burns at too
low a temperature,
you choose, enough must bc put
into the pot to make it half full.
Thc fat must then be heated until
it ceases to move. It should brown
a cube of bread to a golden brown in
sixty seconds.
Having the fat at thc right temperature is one of the secrets of success.
Fat that is too cold will soak into the
material to bc fried. Thus wc not
only lose the fat, but we make thc
product more difficult to digest. When
one is through with thc fat, it should
bc strained through several thicknesses of cheesecloth. If you strain
real hot fat through a metal strainer,
of our raw materials at home instead
of sending them out. Sawlogs, pulp-
wood, ore and various other commodities should be manufactured by
ourselves. In other words, we
should build up our basic industries
and not spoon-feed exotic industries.
���Farmers' Sun. '   '   ���
brought on indigestion hiccoughs,
nausea and cramps. 1 belched gas
continually. A neighbor urged me
to use "Nerviline." "J took it in hot
sweetened water and got quick relief.
I will nevr again be without this valuable remedy." Nerviline is a household necessity, large 35c bottles sold
Think Airplane is Bird
Frightened Natives Hide in Timber
For Hours.
There are even yet in remote parts
of thc world people who never even
heard of an aeroplane. Some of those
people live in thc little Nicaraguan
village of Gigantc, where thc naval
plane NC-6 was forced down by a
hurricane while on its flight from San
Diego, Cal., to Panama, along with
about a dozen other planes, in January.
They thought the NC-6 was a huge
bird, an albatross, which had come in
search for some unfortunate mariner
who had offended it and they hid in
thc woods for several hours.
Unfit to Live���Must Die
Tliis verdict is rendered a thousand
times every week���no corn can live, it
must pass out, drop off, if Putnam'-s.
Extractor -is-'applied to.corns and
warts;" _ Use the-old reliable "Putnam's" it never fails, 25c at'all dealers^
Recommendation is'Made, that Riders
, of the Plain Should Now Travel-
...   V'       Bv Sky Route..
-"If 'plans now projected Twork out,-
th.e old; idea of ��� rtd'-coatcd, riders' o
the plains dashing'.over the: crests, of
hills." on.horseback, or .mushing "along
over the lone-trails' with huskies.and
sleds is due for a-revision..-   Instead,
in.", the  -not. .-far    distant" future-.the
mounted police, are due to'arrive at
outside'posts by airplane, thereby .be-"-
hig.enabkd to carry_.the."white man's
law" to'the natives "in" the'   farthest'
liortii, 'cov'ering',iiy7a'-feW: hours; their,
patrols which now take-as niany day's.
' In the- 'report -of" the .commissioner
of Vthc ' Roy;.!- '-'Canadian ..Mounted
���Police,.tabled-in tlie house by Hon. J.
A., Caldcr,'. CommissibncVPcrry says a
request has' been made    to    the    air'
.board  to share-in  ah- air-.scrvicc.'io
��� For.t.Nornian from Peace-River'riext
orcek.capital, enjoys  sumip?r> ". '..The,fyrcc-f.. ��ays Comm3s:
'.-Half - of all _ the; lead pencils' in the
-world . are {""made ..from   American-
grown cedar..  7-', '";.'"
-:, Athens,   the
���"bright sunshine on ".an average.qf .300
"days in the year,
America^ Champion Typist
Has a Speed Record of 265 Words a
���     . Minute.
Miss., Rose L.- Frit2, America's
champion typist,- has been telling a
Ne.w York interviewer that her speed
.contests' mean "as. much to'her as. a
big concert to..-a musician or a football' game to. an-athlete." ' For two
months beforehand she is in training."
She takes physical exercises, walks a
great "deal, eats only thc simplest, food
and . sleeps, .regularly.--.. Unless , she
were- in perfect condition her nerves
inight "go-back" on her.' . She started" her high-speed career when she
was only fifteen. ,,.A .manufacturer of.
typewriting" - machines - happened to
visit-tlie" typcw'rjtjrig-school-a't-'which
Miss,."Fritz was" -a. pu_._3, and. was
struck .'by the- rapidity J.of,'-her-work,
.which -was'.due-.to'her adoption of the
touch;system.- -She'-.was.' asked. ���_.to
c'amc/:t6_ .his-office and- exhibit her.
powers,"'and as a result.,the company
offered her a .three-year contract .to
operate-, and.-.demonstrate.-their machines.;';-; Since-then she--'has;, won
forty- "championship" trophies.'" -Her!
extreme speed record- is 265 words, a
niinutc, but ;jhat, she explains,'-was
done on ���sliort words.and 'on-material
which, -.she;, knew..- In
new material she-has sometimes writ
ten as:many as 155. words a minute.
"In terrible rash pri face which made
akiri 6ore snd inflamed. Mrritated.
feceby scratching, and was disfigured."
Could not sleep well and. roade feel.
unpleasant. Trouble lasted'3 rnqn_ia:
before used Cuticuia and after using.;
2 cakes of Soap and 1 box of. Ointment was completely healed. -���;'_" ���
Fr-m" s'gned statement of Miss
Gladys Neabel, 3R-R.3,_3russels,Cntr
Cuticuia Soap, - Ointment and Talcum promote and nsatetfiin.-kiri;
pHrifr, skin comfort ��nd sicia health;
cfie-Tiffben eil.elsefails." ���".-"_  f;
Sms 23e- O-jfaceat 2S and SOe/SoM.
tirrooaioirtthcDotEin-ca. CanadjanDepou
tynwiSi,L&_rte_,S_ P��_ISt,H��eretl.
.gfJB-iCetSirw!!* Seae'*_*irxe w&SseotHras..
W.- 3T.., .U.-.-1364.
ssoncr Pe.fry, ''lias'p.accd at thc dis-.
posal of ..lie board suitablc-quariers at
Peace River and .storage and accommodation; at all.,posts down the Mackenzie. '        , ,'���"   ������.'       ';   .
"1 anticipate an extension of'..this
service to 'other points in .the north-;
west territories, which are. very remote and difficult of access."
. Good Goods Wanted.
.."Tod-'inariy." Canadian manufacturers'
have: bi-en. relying; upon .the tariff'.to
_s<ll���thi-.ir goods  for' them.'"   If they!
would/make ;i good-article;..brand it,.j
.and' advciti.se. it,-the "problem
bcscttlcdV-Farmcrs' Sim.-
If the fat becomes dark it needs a
cleaning or a clarifying. When thc
fat is cold, cut up a raw potato and
drop in it in thin slices. Gradually
heat it up. The potato will' absorb
the impurities. Strain thc fat through
cheesecloth and repeat the raw potato
process if necessary.
In frying thc doughnuts, put only
half a dozen at'a time into thc hot fat.
More than this cools the fat to thc
soaking point.
Have ready some soft, unglazcd
pap.-r. Drain the doughnuts and then
put them on thc pa"per to drain. This
absorbs any objectionable >grease.
Dust with powdered sugar mixed with
a little cinnamon as they arc placed
on the paper.
Doughnuts arc made from bread
dough. After bread making, if some
of thc dough remains, cut-into form
with a doughnut cutter. Cook these
in hot fat and dust with powdered
sugar and cinnamon.
The cruller is richer and made with
baking powder. Here is a good recipe for crullers:
"Cream together one-fourth cup butter with one-ha'.f cup sugar. ��� Add
one we:_-bJatcn egg and two cups
flour sifted with three level teaspoons
baking powder and one teaspoon grated ' nutmeg, and ���-sufficient milk to
make a soft' dough." Pat out on a
floured board to the thickness of half
an inch.. Cut and drop into the hot
fat.   - ..'..-''
-Put only six or seven, crullers in at
one tihuy- "More than that chills the
fat to the ��� soaking point in temperature./   .Reheat the fat each time be-,
fore   cooking.      Drain  from   the   fat.
and toss into sugar mixed with cin.
niimon. ...... -''.;.,
- Crullers.should be wrap"ped.in.,wax-
cd paper and stored in a stone.crock
or tin.-box. - - "' "    .
, A- delicious pudding imay be made
from stale crullers.. . Break the crullers into pieces and soak in milk.Ar--
range in a buttered baking dish, a lay-
-cr-.of thinly 'sliced apple, a dusting.of
cinnamon, a very little-sugar and'a
layer-of-niilk'-soakcd crumbs. - Continue .the.layers, until all the material
s used. '' -Bake in a moderate, oven
until -the apples are tender. Serve
with a sauce.made as follows :
-.- In the top of a double boiler break
one egg;.-* Beat-into .it three level
tablespoons of sugar and add.one and
onc~ha!f .measuring cups of milk.- Cook
ovcr.hot'watcr,' stirring -constantly
until the mixture coats thc spoon7R.c-
move.at once and.add one-fourth tca-
."spqon--of. vanilla.'. ;When, cold, pour
"over the pudding." . ...       "��� "    -    .' '-
- There havc' bcci'i several inquiries
. . .. .! about.'-jelly-doughnuts.,-'-The jelly is
transcribine|'piit..into-thc'(lpughriut'aftcr.it^i.s cooked by making-a .'.small, opening, with.a
sharp knife and tlicjclly .isi-then (ore-.
e"d"in' with a .small." spoon-' and'': thc
opening -pressed together^ ,-
No   Reason   Why   Country   Cannot
Manufacture More at Home.
Some years ago Ontario exported
her ' sawlogs to thc United States,
where they were sawn into lumber.
Quebec exported her pulpwood to
American paper mills.- During recent years Ontario has sawn her logs
ii7i'.�� *" 7"-!at home while Quebec has converted
Whatever  fat  . '-,.". . . .
her   raw   pulpwood into paper, with
the result  that a huge lumber, pulp
and paper industry has been built up
in this country.
A somewhat similar situation now
exists in connection with some of our
mineral products. For example,
Quebec, which has 85 per cent, of
thc world's asbestos, last year exported over $11,500,000 worth of-the
raw material, sending it to thc United
States,. Great Britain, Japan, France
and other countries. It is estimated
that this crude asbestos would be
worth $81,500,000 if it were manufactured at home. In Ontario wc used
to export our nickel ore in its raw
state, but within the last few years
wc have been refining thc ore at
There    is  no  reason  in  thc  world
Will Help Campa'gn
To Fight Hoppers
C.P.R. Will Have Poison Laid Down
Along  Railroad Right-of-Way.
The C.P.R. will assist the campaign
to sqeulch the grasshopper this year
by laying down poison along the railroad's right-of-way through affected
areas, it is stated by Thos. Achespn,-
general agricultural agent of .the
C.P.R., in a letter of F. Hedley Auld,
deputy minister of agriculture.
Mr. Achcson states that if the
municipalities will provide the poison
to thc section foreman at cost, instructions will be issued to foremen
to distribute the bait, the work to be
done by thc section gangs under the
supervision of the Government officials in charge of the general campaign.
In the opinion of the officials of
the Department of Agriculture the
grasshopper menace promises to be
as serious this year as last, though
thc centre of attack may be slightly
changed, some of thc older districts
badly infested last year being more
free of the pests, while it is.expected
that some districts comparatively immune last year may havc to be pre-
i Rheumaiic Pains |
S Are relieved in a few days by ?
���) taking 30 drops of Mother Selfjel's (a
(<*  Syrup after raeala and on retiring. ���)
% It dissolves the lime and acid J)
o. accumulation in the muscles and <$
<��� joints so these deposits can be ���)
expelled, thus relieving pain and <jj!
soreness. - Seigel's . Syrup, also (*
known as "Extract of Roots " e)
coctainenodopenorotherstrong Q_
drugs to Kill or mask the pain of (i
rheumatism or lumbago, it re- ���)
moves the cause.   50c. a bottle 2
at druggists. i. J
"Last Post" at Sea
why wc should not manufacture more' pared for a strenuous attack.
Britain's .Atlantic Fleet Held Service
Where K5 Went Down.
Great^Britain's .Atlantic fleet, on its
way home from the Spanish coast,
held a memorial service in thc Western Approaches on-the-spot where
I_5 went down in January.
Tlie K5 i.was lost with all hands
while cruising with the Atlantic fleet
at thc start of the, spring exercises,
and it was by thc wish of the ships'
companies that the memorial service
was held.
The scene of the service . was over
the approximate position : of the
wreck���9 deg. 5 mins; W., of 48
dcg. 15 mins. N., or.120 miles.southwest of the-Scilly Islands.
The service was timed for noon, to
bc held: simultaneously in the 40 : or
more ships which make up ^Si-
Charles'Maddcn's command.
The Hague is one of thc handsomest cities in Holland.
Tw_ri Ports Lead in Grain Shipments;
With a total of,137,50_),5907bus|icls
would   passing . through: its elevators,. Fort
William and Port' .Arthur   lead   all
points oh the North American contingent in the amount of wheat-handled in
��� 1920,. according to the grain commis-
Th'c ports were also
-:, . .'Lesser EviL "-
Bill ' Collcct.or.-^"But   why do you
let: your wife spend all your money?"; sidner's report.-
Mr. Hehpeck.���"Because I'd rather .second in oats, third ��� in.- flax,   and
"Ruined Germany.?'
German claims, that thc demands
of the Allies mean thc complete ruin
and. immolation of Germany do not
-worry the French people much. They
are afraid that the claims arc slightly
exaggerated."' They would be willing
to. sit up a couple of nights a week to
see., a. picture of a ruined Germany.
And nobody could blame them.���:Los
"Angeles Times.:  VV. ���--'.  .'.  ".    ���.[
argue    with    you    than with her."
American Legion Weekly.".
Laxative Medicine
With Great Care
fourth.in- barley.
Increased Acreage.������-_.. .
An increased acreage of 500,000.
acres is expected to be sown, in wheat
in thc province of -Manitoba this j
spring. Indications are for the early
opening of agricultural operations.
The season has been especially favorable, and farmers are getting their,
machinery in order for'operations. -   '
In debi'ity and'weakness, medicine
should    be    mild    and  far reaching.'
Many pills and purgatives    are " too
.hard, arc drastic instead of curative. I
Excessive .-action. is.\always  followed |
by;deprcssic'ny and .k'ngwing.'-this Dr.'j
.Hamilton '.".d-'visc'd-'.his':'pills ~6f-'Man-;      ���.      ���������.-.-  r   - -.*_-���_
drake .atid-'':Bxit.te"rhut  so-V-'t'o'. mildly},. --Discoyery;of, twq.ncw graphite, de
Graphite Footid, ini B.C.
X. ".:���.' fanners- Come JFirora \13-_S.
-. :E.rcie>'/ VWoodcock,',������,'- of. .. 'Jplietlej'-i. itrcr.casc. liver and-'ki_ncy.'acti.v.ity, "so'Vposits-'.arc; reported, from :Prince,. Ru-
111.hois .is���pne ofVthe"''"'       '   "' "-���"-*"---'*- .��������-*..=_... *i.~ - ���_..._______--���:-    .-���*_-.     ���������-       -..-������.   -    _~_- ._���_���-_._ _
spring's .flow? ��."farm
thc:',HncV.-��� >.H e:,has- st'akcd.' his
ttic .country' to'-th.i'ej, tent -of
which -he- ha��i..-paid ''fo'r.-.a '-'sec
land  near'Socrr.ijg.. Man:-, ;.'-
3.'vim-guard-bf theV<is'. to -flush'.cut', the' system':- by toning"'" pcruv'. One '.s.on'Gradner.Cana!, and
ic��V/ro.rt-''_bV6.s "���-?"��?/_fcSu.at ing-tV bow Is.;;.. Tfius^dq^^j.,;.-- sc^nS of .from Wo. inches to
""'  .lton.sPiMselirmnatc-po.sons.-:*.;"'-;"'" 7--n_-.   -  '_.'  :': - ��� -���'..-- ' ���-' .-.t-=
-��.��_._ -.i���.c'^_.-'-.K��^>v��,��,*'_.''t*P -fee!;.- .'The--other -is- on-.--.the
:!3:'.,n7iri_ from .the.; body, 'thus, db^'they-restore
$f0,OC0,.-.' .clsarnc��s-' to"-thc"'_kin,- thus ;dp"t'h'c'y. rtr
. Skc'ena'!-R .ver.V;'-,
Owls-arc.; found all the world' pTer_-Kv,p?j'cVCpV-Mbntr.ea.lI:',"-:V--';
.eat.ifigV birds, have .their-
ly' curved: at V the ������ :'*nd;; to
prevent .th]eir.;"psex slipping���.'awaj.,:;;';. ~?
Itr Peace or in War���The one Universal Emblem of Sacred
Motherhood, watching over Mankind.
Counting neither cost nor Sacrifice.
Measuring only Service and Devotion,
N time of peace, ail over civilization, the Red Cross, drawn
by great need, has consecrated itself to the task of active,
vigilant,  comprehensive   service to  these   itfgh   ideals:
"'���-'"". . '
In Manitoba, in Saskatchewan, and in Alberta, the Red Cross hias undertaken broad and effective programmes that will not only lead to these
ends, but will in their progress and accomplishment make our communities better places to live in, brighten our lives, improve our material
.welfare, and help weld all the people of our prairies into a brotherhood
of common sympathies. .    : , ,
And so also in all the other Provinces of our Dominion, and in every land
and clime that knows the crimson badge of mercy.     . ���-.
'..'���',    Western Canada Dates* June S -11
Red.Cross is not asking that you pour gifts of money into her lap .at
._"      this time���excepting only a nominal membership fee of One Dollar;
but it proposes to lay before the.citizens of the west its programme
-���---"���aiidits peace-policies,-point out the need for itSrhelping-hand.-and ask^���=- ���
every man, woman, and child during that week to subscribe to its creed,
.. enlist in its ranks; to join the Red Cross, enroll his or her name, and
:  become a member of the Society.
And this is also a call to every citizen who can and will, to give
...   their service to the organization, to assist in the work of personally extending to every individual the opportunity and privilege
���y    of this membership^
Kotify your Local Branch or advise your Provincial Headquarters:
..' In Alberta: . ���
7   O'Sullivan Block, CAX.GARV.
7.,   --., Go.mpai6n Ditcctot'..  _
In Saskatchewan:
W. F..KERR, ���:'
. jSorthem Crown Building, REGINA
7*-'       . Campaign Director .
.     In Manitoba:    -
G. J. SEALE,   :
Red Crow Headquarters, WINNIPEG.
7'''-CaBajtoifa Director '
1 tyy& yy isfya ���. s?s l
THE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD.    B.    0.
fa   . /f ,
Effective Han to
-A^-Mountain Wilderness
Destroy Hoppers,!
Flame   Throwers   in   France   Meet
' Success in Exterminating Locusts.
.How the flame thrower troops of
the French army provided large quan- |'Railways, has an area of 4,400 square
tities of freshly roasted meat for the) miles.
Jasper  Park  is  Largest  Big  Game
; Sanctuary in World.
Jasper Park, east of the Yellowhead
Pass through )hc Rocky Mountains,
traversed by the  Canadian National
Not Trading
With Belgium
Has Lost Opportunity Says Agent
General of Quebec."
That Canada had done  absolutely
nothing toward*the' in'dustrial recon-
It is, therefore, a little moreystruction of Belgium and so lost the
poultry of the country and at the same
time ridded the fields of crop-destroying grasshoppers arid' locusts is told
by Dr. L. .Howard, chief ciSIo'molog-
ist of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, who re ccntly inspected insect-
fighting methods of that country. The
than  twice the size  of the province
of Prince Edward Island.
Jasper Park is an immense moun-
opportunity to capture the Belgian
market, was the statement of Godfrey
Langlois, agent-general of the prov-
hoppers were swept into great heaps 'highest known peak in Canada.
by living circles of soldiers and then | is the largest big game sanctuary in
exterminated- by the -flame.
tain wilderness, partly unexplored. It! ince of Quebec in that country, speak-'
contains :unc4imbed mountain peaks, \'mS before the Chambre de Com-
giaciers, . snowfield's, canyons and! merce. Mr. Langlois declared that
many lakes; also Mount Robson, tho I out of the 300 United States and Erig-
Every Smoker Read This
Tobacco does not seem to affect all
alike.     Many men enjoy their smoke,
the world.
Good Profit in Poultry
Canada Needs More People
,,.... In the.development of the natural resources of Canada, and the;resu.t-
ant increase in'traffic for the transportation systems of the Dominion, is to
���rbc/foundf the pnJy permanent solution of the problem now presented by
the annually recurring, and increasing, deficits in the operation of* tlie'-Na-
7ti_onal^Railways.     This was the view expressed in this column >_ast week,
and further study of thc question only serves .to confirm and strengthen
that opinion. ' .���-"TV
It is gratifying to note, too, that the soundness of this suggested solu-
ion isbeingurged moreand^ore.pon the Federal C^rnme,,^ Z^^'Z^Z i""cd ��" the ^^ ^ **��**���
Alberta Farmer  Who Kept  Record
Shows that Money Can be Made
Out of this Side Line.
An example of the profits that may,
]. ��� lish agents who gathered in Brussels
after the armistice there was not a
single Canadian. He had tried to get
a Canadian bank to establish a
branch there, but his efforts were
He pointed out that New York was
selling Canadian .goods in Belgium
and making their big profits on them.
Until he had taken steps to remedy
it even the Canadian' dollar was hot
It   causes   palpitation,  pain   in   the
people of Canada. Such influential men-as Hon. T. A Crcrar, President
Beatty of the C.P.R., Sir Frederick Williams Taylor, general manager of
the Bank of Montreal, and other leaders in Canadian affairs, support this
view. ."������'
If in the development of our natural resources lies'the solutioirof our
railway problems���and if increased business-will solve the railway problem  heart,    and   irregularity of its beat,
it will likewise assist to solve other   national   problems   of   taxation   and   makes thc hands    tremble,   sets   thc
_.,       _t_       '..-'���        _'���_'._���       _      i- i ���   r - ��� nerves on edge, and causes shortness
economics���then the queshon presents itself as to which of our many re-j of breajn aT.cT loss of'sleep.
sources attention should first'be turned as best calculated to quickly re- j To counteract this demoralizing in-
spond to well directed Government and individual effort. Also, in the flucncc on the heart and nerves there
light of existing world conditions, which of our resources will make thc7�� no rc,T?r^y    ^^.^"'^    Mi'-burn's
1 .    _i    ".���-���.'      . _i ',.,      a     ���        i-i      .    '       - i Heart and Nerve Pills,
strongest appeal .to the people of the world?     Again, which of our re-,     They  make  the h art b"at strong
sources, if more fully developed, will react upon and operate to^bring about and steady, restore tone, and vigor to
the development of other-resources?       ' .'���'-_ V'.<   "    the nerves, and renjove all the evilre-
Tbere can be no two opinions as to the richest, the most -important,   *v]** caiisedby.'the tolbacco.
,-   ,     .     '     . , , ,- t   .       .,..,���    . .     Mr.  D.  McKillop,  Coxheath,  N S.,
the basic natural resources of this country. .It is to be found in the-agr,i<Mil-  writcs:���I   was using  too  much   to
tural lands spread over the Dominion from  .l-*- Atlantic to the Pacific.'
-Valuable as arc'tlie mines,'-the forests, the fisheries of Canada, and necessary as they arc to the-upbuilding,of a strong and; self-contained nation,
they individually aiid collectively take second place to agriculture.
The first essential, to the development of the unfilled acres of Canada's
fertile agricultural lands is population.. Without���people thc lands must
remain idle and unproductive.   .Lacking, workers on the land, crops cannot
suffer, no ill-effects from thc use of  prairie farms is given by" W. E.Dcck-
thTheercdarc others though, on whose' ar* who  farms  near Bassano,  Aha.
heart    and    nervous system tobacco
produces the most serious results
Do You Keep
a close tab on your digestion? ."'This>is important. It will pay you well to do'so. Digestion
is complicated and its processes often" become
disordered. This brin gs immediate discomfort
���often severe pain.  Use
This valuable preparation has for years been
found to relieve indigestion, biliousness, sick
headache and constipation. Thousands of
careful folks, have learned to use BeechanVs
Pills, which have proved both corrective and
preventive. Experience, has -taught them to
;always have a box handy. Profit by. their
example���always have Beecham's Fills
In Your Home
Largest Sale bf any Medicine in the World
On January 1st, 1920, he had on his
farm two hundred and fifty-eight
White Leghorn hens. From these
hens they Obtained and sold eggs to
thc value of $656.35. They used and
set eggs to the value of $283.90. They
also sold $105.79 worth of chickens
and thc va'liic of-thc poultry they used
at tabic was $14.10. . This makes a j
total of $1,060.14. Against this feed!
to the value of $73.99 was bought, and
Rheumatism Relieved In 1 to 3 Days.
South   American   Rheumatic   Remedy   is, a
woiiderlul medicine in the treatment ol acute
or inflammatory rheumatism, chronic rheuma-;  .
tism, lumbago, neuralgia, and all ailments due j Alberta
to,   rheumatism      It    often    cures in 1 to 3
days.      At druggists.
Cardston Irrigation Project
The Housing Problem
Government   Will   Irrigate
About Fifteen Thousand Acres.
The Alberta Government consulting engineer, D. W. Jlays, has just
completed an examination on- behalf
of the government of thc United Irrigation District, which has been form-
Character in The Face
Features Are Very Frequently a Good
Index to One's Character.
A command of words and a faculty
for acquiring languages is;denoted by
eyes that are prominent and full underneath. A GrccianD nose denotes
passive   .endurance.       An    ac'quilinc
100,000   Couples   Married   and   Only
' 11,117 Homes Built.
'   While    over    100,000 couples were- cd for the purpose of irrigating about: nose, and that part of thc cheek lying
married in Canada during 1920, only I fifteen . thousand   acreseof first-class' between the nose and the check bone
.- ,-���.���. ,       .       .    .-       ..    ,       , n 117 homes were bui't in  the same! farm land near Cardston in Southern  very prominent. Much space,between
about $200 of grain raised on   he farm i11>l>-' "0II1U wcri- UU1-1 J"  Ul{- "*", ;   ���     .    ��� .    ��� -u ~      ~~j +t^ _ ..i Vw;."��.......
.-������ ������������-y   ,         ���,         -     -_.   neriofl   iccordinc to statistics avail-' Alberta. the eyebrows and thc eye at the outer
was given to thc hens. The net profit, ��� Pcnoo,  accorain_  io-m-u.ik.-  -vtiu ,
The T.  Milbiirn
onto, Ont,
Co.,  Limited, Tor-
To ���' Make Study Interesting
Cramm ng is Favored,
A lively argument  resulted  in  thc
bacco, and got so 1 could not sl'ep at
night, my hands used 7-to tremble
something awful, and .1 'suffered terrible from pains in my heart. 1 told
a /friend about it, and he ���advised me
to' got your Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills. 1 took two boxes :and
they gave -great -satisfaction."
,. .... ...... ,     Price 50c  a box  at  all  dca'ers  or
b" produced.     Unless our unsettled lands arc peopled with, workers who, mailed direct  on. receipt "of- price by
will produce, and through their production create^traffic for the railways,1'���"'   *p'   "'11 r*~    t ._.:*..1   ^p...
all 1h> economies in the'world will not result in making those railways
profitable.      ^ .-..''. ���.
Furthermore, it is on1y tlirougli lhe placing of people on the land.that
the necessary  demand  will bc  created  for manufactured  products  of ��tll
kinds, the demand for which will, in .turn, force the development of our
mineral and timber resources, and thereby create still further traffic for thc
railways and provide employment-for an ever increasing body of artizans
and skilled-workers in shop and factory.
Another million of people settled on farms in Canada and .'.producing
.wealth from the soil would rcsu't in such a volume of produce for export in
the shape of prains and livestock that many of our now unprofitable lines of
railway would become paying propositions, because for every dollar's: worth
of .produce shipped out, the people on the land would purchase a dollar's
wortii of goods to-be shipped in. I
Yet there'are people in this country who arc advocating the adoption'
of the most stringent regulations to prevent     immigration   into    Canada, j
Nothing could be more shortsighted.     All will agree that the bars should
be kept up against thc mentally, morally and physically deficient.     Canada
does not want such as, these, who are not producers, but who become a
.menace and burden to the state.     But Canada does need and must have a
large'increase in immigration of the right type of people if it is to develop
and prosper. .
Thc most prosperous period in Canadian history was during those years
when immigration was -flowing-'into this country at an unprecedented rate
and the vacant lands of the Dominion were being brought under cultivation. . Those were the years when, with the incoming of those pioneer settlers, our cities, towns and villages grew-apace; our railways .were busy and
constructing new branch lines as feeders; our manufacturers were constructing larger-factory biddings and employing many more workers,'and
activity was manifest in. the development of natural resources of all kinds.
With the falling off in immigration, and with large national'obligations
incurred fortransportation and other services which were provided to'mcet
- the expected continuance .of thc influx of new settlers,-the slump came.
Then the war put a stop to all immigration for over five years,while at the
same time it took its toll of millions of human lives.- -
��� The opportunity again presents itself to scr���ure a large volume :of immigration to Canada,:and immigrants of the right type, too. ��� ' Sound national policy demands that full advantage be taken of the opportunity.. If
there ever was a time'when Canada needed new people to assist'in the development of our great resources, it Is now.      Imringration should .be en-
- couraged, and there should be no trouble in selecting and eliminating the
_._small_percentage of undesirables at the pqrt^ of; embarkation      The- great
majority pf immigrants come to .Canada to better-thcir condition, and have
a fairly, clear idea in mind of what they are going to do.     They should be
cncouiaged to come, and a hclping*-hand_and all reasonablcassistance and a
.. warm welcome extended on thcir arrival.'.
therefore, amounted to $786.15-
bad'return from a side line.
not a, ablc todav-
i    Construction    contracts   to a total
.  ! of   $5,774,300   were -awarded in On-
Germany Has Paid $500,000,000.   . jtario d""nS March.      Building pro-
In reply to a question in the House ! Jccts contemplated,   totalled   $8 620-
of Commons, Premier Lloyd George .. j.3P-    Work ���s starlcd ^-642 dwel-
stated that the net amount of repara-: mBs'
tions money  received from Germany
was about 100,000,000 pounds sterling.
Mr. Hays says the project is qiiitc' corner denotes great love of enjoy-
fcasible  and is, in  fact,  the simplest   men..      A  square, high,  broad  fore-
proposition    he^   has   ever met with. ( head denotes faithfulness.
There are no difficulties to surmount- 	
The Spirit Of History and Not Date' ,,,,��'? immediate relief, than to inhale from'thc
r <; I uoUle through thc nasal organ.
Unless worms be expelled from the
system, no child can be h-althy.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
Tor years I have never considered my stock'' is ""all excellent medicine tO destroy
ol household remedies complete unless a bottle of Minard's Liniment was included. For
bums, bruises, sprains, frostbites or chilblains
it. cxcctls,, and 1 Unow ot no better remedy
for a severe cold in tlie head, or that wi.l give
and the'construction work can be carried out without any large or expensive machinery. It is expected that
1 work on this project will be begun
this summer.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
And as to my supply ot veterinary remedies
it is essential, as it lias in very many instances
proven its value.     A recent experience in rc-
, ., .       . . i-   ,      /~, t- a claiming what was supposed to bc a lost sec-
pllbhc SCllOOl SCCtlOll Of thc U.J-.A. 011    t;0I1 0f a valuable co'ws udder has again dem-
a. resolution to ban thc history paper,  onstratcd its great worth and prompts me to
J .... 'recommend it in the highest terms to all who.
Insatiable Birds
in the entrance examination. When
the'votc'was taken, the majority in
favor of cutting history, out of Ontario's examination subjects was a
big one.
..It was argued that thc old-fashioned system of cramming certain dates-'
and facts into the minds or pupils had
long ago been played out. Thc spirit
of history was thc thing that should
be taught. History.should bc inadc
interesting instead of abhorrent to
Bravely Spoken
The Island of Yap
Is Considered Valueless Except as a
Cable Station.
The Island of Yap has recently
come' into the limelight in connection
with the action of the League of Nations, which-has delivered the mandatary of the tiny piece of land to
Japan, and refuses'fo.recede from this
' act, despite the protests'of the United
States;    ..-..'  ;;- '.���-"���. V" V
; Except as a cable station, the .island
is-virtually  valueless,  as .copra-and
. shells arc about all that is. exported
from there...
"Yar" may sound . comical -. to the
Canadian ear, biftin the language of
the Caroline Islandcrs.it means "the.
land.' ' For. to the native .Yap, his
eighty square mile bit of land is preeminently "the land,"     There's nqthr
ing else like it .on the-' face of ' the
earth; he's as-proud of it'.'as' if Lit..comprised a who'.c-continent.     -   ...    '
One bf a group of S2S islands, it.is
believed to have been, with .its insular mates, .part of thc Asiatic mainland.-      ...-..-   '.-..'
The population is about 7,000 natives., They belong to that.part of
the Malay race known as Micronc-
sians; -which - meatis ��� "small, island
dwellers." They'.are somewhat smaller
in stature-than their-brethren of the
Polynesian ("many ..islands") .type
and are conspicuous-also for the great
length of skull from forehead to back.
Example   Set   By  France   When
Comes to Prompt" Payment.
: "France is no beggar; and France
will pay her debts," said M. Viviant,
former Premier of. France, 'who is
at 'present on a visit-to the United
States. " . France, indeed, set thc example of prompt payment when she
paid thc indemnity .to Germany in
1871, -long before -that was due���an
indemnity of 5,000,000,000 francs���
'staggering in its bulk at thc time,
and of which Bismarck refused to
abate one io'tn���the conviction being
that " the payment "of such a' sum
would, .together-^with the seizure .of
two of thc fairest ; of the French
provinces, so overwhelm the nation
that France would nevcrsbc able to
hold up her head-again' among-her
-whilom peers.���Montreal.Gazette.-
have a herd of cows, large or small. I think
1 am safe in saying among all the patent
medicines there is none that covers as large
a field of usefulness as docs Minard's Liniment. A real trtieism good for man or beast.
\' '. CHAS. K. UOBUiNS,
ChcboEue Point, N.S.
City and Rural Population.
The New York Tribune Is authority for the statement that in the United-States there arc 51,318,082 persons
living in cities, as against 51,390,739
outside them.���Montreal Herald.
At Calcutta a couple were married
recently in an aeroplane. The wedding party ascended 6,000 feet, and,
the engines shut off, a- clergyman
read the wedding service as thc machine circled gently to earth again.
There   Wasn't   Much   Left   for   the
- Shipper After the "Ducks" Got
Through With It.
A new story is going around the
financial district about an old southern negro who was asked by the proprietor of a store how he happened
to nc.d credit when he'd such a good
A moderate trickle of water from
an ordinary tap will waste 150 gallons a day, or 54,750 gallons a year.
Largest Room in World.
Thc Union Station, Washington,
U.S.A., boasts what is said to be tho
largest room in the world, its passenger concourse being 760 feet in length
and large enough to accommodate an
army of fifty thousand men.
Some of the copper coins used by.
the ancients-were as large a.s-dinner
Do not sn_J��.��
Mother Uaj v:.n
I to lit iik, Bleed-
ing, or I'rotrod-
ing. Piles. No
suri.icitl operation required.
Dr.Chaso'p Ointment will reliever, ou at once
mid uffo.a la_iiing benefit COO. a box: all
lealeis, or Edmanion, Batea & Co., Limited,
1'oronto.   S.'unple Lox ftree it yr:u mention tliis
is only .Genuine
cotton crop.
"Dc ducks got 'bout all dat cotton, j papcrBd~enclos.2o.stamptopaypostage.
sah," was the mournful reply.7' i-i.������.   .
"What do you mean the ,ducks got | f^j^g CofctOa ROGt CompOUE^
it?"       . v ���;-.' ���'-. ���'���'.;, ���'���������'"...���"������
"Well, you sec": explained the old
man, "I sent'dat .cotton up to^ Men-
phis an', dey deducts the freigbt. an'1
dey d. ducts the storage charges,, an'
dey deducts ithe commission, an' dey
deducts the taxes���yes, sah, de ducts
got "bout.all dat cotton an' dat's why
I'm here."���Boston Transcript.
__ tnjt, rtlidble repvlattng
medicine. Eold la Itreo il*>
eraas ol Bti-t-nath���Nu. 1, 51.
No. 2, (3; No. 8, $3 per bo*.
Sold by fill drapciste, or ��rn$
prrpkid on rf-rcn)* of pries.
Fre*    pomphlct.       Addrcm.
T080MO, 0NT. 'Jumilt VlUur.l
Soft corns arc difficult to eradicate,
but   Holloway's  Corn   Remover  will,
draw them out painlessly..
Wanted to Ee On
Winning Side
BOOK ON     '
f   _pMfew         \
# ___S��_r^^___L_ ���
and How to Keed ���*
Mailed    Pree    10    any
Address  by  the
^T-PrP Jr
CO.,   INC.,
America ��� Piontn
118    Went    31st-.itreet,
Dog Remedies
New  York.  U.SA.
Warning! It's criminal to take a
chance on any substitute for. genuine
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin," prescribed by .physicians for twenty-one years
and proved safe by millions. Unless
you see the name "Bayer" on package or on tablets you arc not getting
Aspirin at all In rvcry Bayer-package are directions for Colds, Headache , Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Earache, Toothache, Lumbago and for
Pain. Handy tin boxes of lve'vc
tablets cost few cents. Druggists
also sell larger packages. Made in
Canada. Aspirin^ is the trade mark
(repristpred in Canada), of ,Bayer
Manufacture of Monoacctic_\cidester
of SallcvlicaHd.
Once,   a   mother-. has-used Biby'si .
Own Tablets for her little ones shel
would use nothing.clse.   Thc Tablets  *
give such r.sults that the mother has  Blacks   Are   Astounded   at   Hearing
nothing but .words    of    praise    and- I Wireless Messages.   -
thankiumcss  for them..    Among the'
thousands   ;of-   mothers ��� throughout
Natives of the Swazi tribe who in-
, The Scottish, fishermen arc among
the- most7 superstitious folk in tlie.
world.'' .One of,their peculiar, beliefs
is that : it." is Vinlucky to" pronounce
cither their own "or' .other people's
names during thc 'fishing season/-
More Pleasure
ra the meal-time drink, if.besides its,
fine taste,70iilciipw: it makes for health.
��� ���is a wholesome and. satisfjring
."'.��� It has aTich,full-bodied Ea^or,'!;
; but contains nothing that can pos-
-.;',:"' sib^jdisturb nerves or digestion.  \
Qgiekl7 Prepared ^Ea>nomic^
"���x""-'-' $qH by Grocers
New Company Formed.
The formation ."of a- new company
in.-Toronto to operate steamers on thc
Mackenzie River to below Fort..Nor-
��n'an:has- been- announced. "Four
steamers havc been acquired by the
company,' and another is being bui'.t
and-will be-ready for. the. opening of
navigation in'the spring. ...It is stated
that.the new company .'will be strictly
a transportation company, .'and. "w.l!
not engage in cither the "-oi! "or fur.
business....     ���     ' '".'     '. ...
Canada who praise the Tablets is Mrs. [ habit the mountainous wilds of Africa,
David A.-Anderson, New 'Glasgow,' wcrc dumbfounded recently at wire-
SiVowA Sfcol m^ti^n Ms telephone experiments, according
and from my experience 1 would not   to-a Marcorji othcial. .        -   ^
be v/itliout th'em.'\' "T. "would" ' urge"! "fThe "nat.vcs refused to" believe "it
every other mother to ke.p a box'of!,was possible to communicate vocally
the Tablets in the house." -The Tab-- , distances, and were given
lct_ arc a .mild but thorough laxative, a    . ' .
which regulate-the bowels'and.'swcct-;J a"'opportunuy to listen in   on wirc-
"n   the'stomach;, drive  put-constip:i-:| less conversations,
tion and-indigestion; break-up colds. : .Q31  hearing thc voices, the tribes-
:_nd- simple fevers and make .tccth.nS|.mcn h mbcr q{
easy. 1 hey are sold by medicine deal-;. . , . .     ,      .   , ,  ,   ,.
ers or by mail at 25 cents a box from;Pctty chiefs, hurried away and held
Thc 'Dr.'���Williams ./Medicine Co.,: an "indaba." Presently a deputation
Brockville, Ont. ! returned and asked if there was-to bc
! a.-white man's war.-... "If there is,V hc
sa.d," "wc .want to be oh "the.white
man's side."' ���:_-'   ,.;..-    -,'"..
..   Itch  Cured In'30 Minutes.'
Itch,   Mange., and  all   contagious.: scratches
on human.or-.animal, cured..iT-30 nunutet by.
-Wolford's. Sanitary  I-oUon.7    At Druggists. ���-
Gold Exported From Yukon Territory
���'- During last year there.were mined,
and exported, from",thc "-Yukon- Territory" 110,693 ounces of gold. The cost
of -production has. increased - enormously., and when the cost- is ^reduced,, large quantities . of .gold-bearing
gravvl-will.-be. washed.    ���  -' - , -,,.. V'_
V It ' costs.7thc;. government of .Italy
more than ^25,000'a year to keep up
the Coliseum.. ' A."number of masons ,-
arc'. kept at work :repairing ' breaks
and cracks ��� for" "fear" of endangering
the- lives, of"tourists who constantly
visit the place :      ���   "
..".��� picture Film 15 Miles Long.   ';
A indtion.-picitirc film,"IS inilos .in
length,.--'and - 'which . requires   nearly
24. hours' fo'r -continuous .exhibition!
I has been completed in Italy, showing
the. ,'Pnncipal.' incidents-in the Bible
from, the Creation enlil the..birth of
Christ.'-, '-'-'"������      .-"-   ; -;-.. :.'������'���'"-'��� ���      .���".������
'All. things wait for those who come
aft'er.-them."-    ."���     -'-''',.'���.,   ���'..������
..",,. ." Will-Open .in'B.C.^   ,\ :.
��� William Hbllins, & Co'nipany,- Limited,   Mansfield,-England,. have' been
incorporated in British Columbia with [
a .capital of $2,000,000, .and will enter-.;
.into-thc manufacture-of all kinds of
textiles. '..������'...'���-
but Economical
. Icing
In 2,5,10,
20-lb. tins
Z_ soffe anc* ^e"cate g^ace coating" that sticks"t����� j
X'X. ^e cake, but not to the plate���without the
hardness orgranuiation that comes from using
sugar alone. Its mellow richness pleases the
palate. Its economy will surprise you. Crown
Brand Syrup is truly "The Great Sweetener"
for baking, cooking and candy-making.
Crown Brand Syrup
Die Oredt Sweetener"
;"Life Plant" Is.Indestructible.
,' In spine'-, of the islands.of.the West
- Indies,;.thcrc.-grows a creeping moss,
on account .of its exceedingly"hardy
properties, called .the "life -plant." 'Il
is .quite", indestructible; by any; means
-ix'cept immersion ,in boiling water", or
application' of reef-hot iron. .. It" may
bc'.'fut up- and diyided in any manner;
a'nd.ilie'smallest shreds, will;throw out
roots,'1 grow.'and bud.''.'The leaves of.'
.this. extraordinary "."plant, have,;. .b.ce.n
planted in-a.-.close, airtight, ;dark box_
without moisture of atiy sort, and still
���they .grow.-.  ". V   '-..-.-''--'  '-. "   ..   \7-
Occasionally.   .
An    Australian    scientist   predicts 1
that mankind is. degenerating:-rand ^illj,
eventually   become-:a   race';-oi.: iron': j-
kcys.' ," Here and there one-occasion-.-;
ally sees evidence,  to '.support . tlic'.-
ttw'ory.���Hamilton.-Hcrald. *.--;;.��� -7...--'': '|'
--fVit.has'becn.estimated that, one-Tccr.
iand.'.watcrfaU--.could bc'piade.to-'yi.eld
..You can relish your'mealswithout feat
-.of npsettingyour liver:;
or stomach if yrvt will
put your faith inj
Carter's Little j
, liver Pills.
Foul accumulations .that
"poison  the -
blood arc ex-:' ,
pelled from the bowels- and h? ad ache,
Imported Pure-Bred Sheep...
"In thc .course -of .the' past few "weeks
three hundred pure-bred sheep have
1 been., brought into thc Huntington,
B.C., disfrictfrotn the state of Washington-, by local ranchers.: - Under the
po'.icy. of-.aidVng the sheep industry in"!
the Dominion ,the nnin.als.wcrc .'per.
mitt.cd to enter.duty free;
60 000-., horserpowcr:. and "'another ..-50,-"--fduaanes^ and sa?��ow fV.n.are Telifved.
OfiCi ���'-������-.'.���.������":      '..:. ~y. ������-.���-"'���-'" ;--.-"-���- -.'.'���   '-"-,-������'"-.'. S    ScutliPill���SejiH Doae-���Small Price
Minard's liiniment For Borhs, Etc.
. "' ,,. "High.Grade Stock.;-. V'VV""-
'- The;-two-y car-old :,. shorthorn, bull,
"Clear tjic Way," from the Ciirric
farriv'at Stcvestoh, British Columbia,'}
was sold at.Kamlcops,; .-recently for
$U-250V;"'A',,t'wo.-ycar-old heifer.:froin
-:hc same herd brought $500. Prices
at the' bull, salc-i for' anijnals^oycr". one
year.averaged $250." ;'_;:���:7.'.- V-' -V'-
U   your  floors
���__re hardwood,
;'Tbe Floor,
finish 'with a
���guarantcc. 3t
���weirs and T*e��r_
ftnet *tirs. _t
viS oot naar ncr
- scratch *hil��.
an4 * ft0t '*$*
Feet That Never
Toucb the Floor
A worn floor spoih the loofe of (your Isosce aud
is inifWs.'-.ibJc' to repair, twt if you keep y<*ur
floors painted, f��t cannot touch them. Let
thc paint -��car but save ttie wood. Save tho
- " Surfrvci; ainj you Save all,
Floor Paint
t_ ��sj to o*. dria vny hard with ft hish fastrc and into vttb.
Aland a great amount oi hard wfar. No skill _s required in
using SENOUR'S FLOOR PAINT. Anyone csn'apply it.
The result will fcrearty cnhairee the teauty of jeur borne and
- much labor -will be oavciS lor thc ftoora will Be \��ry eajji t�� i��p
ciean.' ,
���Tkreisn special MARTMSENOVRpioiiulM
f*?y wrfett and for ewry ttapcu. Consult cur
veatai vtaJer Agml, er write as dmcL OvxbetkUt
["TaaHfai Country ]Jem;"?auiil;<lJrr.tcv TfqMil.
7 'rh,e..fioVcr of .'the-Mohammedan Te-
.lsgion.is.thei.yioUi..-.;      -<���--���-; .-���'.:���,.''
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three mouths or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
��� Delinquent Co-Owner Notices .'.$25.00
Coal "and Oil Notices:....     7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one "claim ap-   '   -' '
.   pears ir notice,  $5.60 for each additional claim.)   .-;
All other legal 'advertising,   12 cents ,a
'-.line first insertion,; ami 8 cents aline for.
epch 'subsequent insertion-,. nonpariel
measurement.;   ���:.-.; 7 > ���
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an iiich each insertion.      '    '
-Business locals I2><c.  a line each insertion. ���     '  : - ���
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t'..aithe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Lt.oyd George says  the world is
"reeling."     Not in   these   parte,
" Lloyd. ._	
Seattle women have put their
foot down on a pretty ankle exhibition.  .
.  If the country  broadenp out in
keepiDg  with  expenditures it will
"be going some.     ''"'
Phesher Meighen  wouldn't pro-
���bably hesitate telling, who are  the
tics in politics.
The Home Circle
The girls of an eastern college
who have abandoned modern styles
say it's not so much for propaganda as propriety.
Savinqs deposits in Canada average about $160 per capita. After
paying income and a dozen other
taxes there is not much left.
People who are born  with the
golden spoon in  their mouth often
jjnd that the gold  has. depreciated
-quite a bit when they grow up,:   ..
= ���' After centuries of- examples it's
"still hard, to conyince.some  people
";that one part of the  world., cannot
' get along-very   well   without.the
-other. y.      :.-'���'���    '   '���'   ' .
A Minneapolis man blames two
wives for his life of "banditry.
Sometimes one is -almost sufficient
excuse, if the court records are to
be relied on.'
The biology class of an Oregon
college is making a tour, of the
state to. study, the habits of "the
jelly .fish. Many interesting speci-
. mens can be observed without leav'
"ing hdmeV: ~ "V,'""'���"-        "';,~;:T~y~".
'. Premier Meighen is' face to face
with a serious.unemployment.ques-
: tiori. . Seven Senate vacancies and
about 150. needy - applicants. ..- Too
bad the number of .salaried cozy
corner's is.so limited;.'- V 7'���'
Germany Biiyihg Copper
Germany has been a steadjr buyer
qf American copper, for some time,
. according;' to -the   Boston. News
.Eareau.    It.is. estimated by-a selling interest that the daily  takings
of Germany during tlie last. two. or
. tliree weeks have ranged, between
���" 500,000    and    1,000,000 ..pounds.
-The transactions , have'  been .for
cash,--except in  isolated instances
.where barter has been  the, basis of
trading.   .During January exports
oi copper to Germany ran ahead of
those, to any other  nation.    The
..amount ..was   18,801,672    pounds
against 15,011,991 pounds con_fgn-
7 ed to France. . The advance made
by;Germany iii regaining its  position, as the best customer of American1 copper; is emphasized, in exports of!5i,-t2S,0i8, p6.nn'_s inadei
to   that    conatryVin'_'.: .feheVsevpn-
"mbriths to. tfae._-s. of Februaryy .as
compared ;.'wi EhV ,b)at. ? 11,512,7000
potind3 in ..the ;sa.rne period .last
year. VV'";;.';'^.Vv.;-V-;V';V;: ;: 7 V-v;
"My boy," writes aV white-haired mother to her son, a
busy man in a distant town, "write home often. You do
not realize what your letters are to me,- and.how long it is
between them." "No, he liad not realized it;.and unhappily there are many absent sons and daughters who need a
similar reminder. They would be indigent as the suggestion of waning filial devotion, but in the stress of business,
in the society of new friends, in the happiness of a new
home circle, how rarely they spared the hour for a good
long letter to the aging mother in the old home���the 'loving mother whose heart, aches, as the; passing' days fail to
bring the longed for letter -is one of the most pathetic
tragedies of old age. The decline" of the letter writing
habit of an earlier generation has often been deplored, but
this feature of the decline can���neither be excused or defended. ��� The post card substitute forletters is little less
than a. mockery when. the cards? are sent to the mother
who wants, rind should have so much more than that.
As youth lives iu and for the future, so does old age always look back over thc slope as it uears the summit.
The parent is wrapped up in the son.and daughter; but as
the son grows to manhood and the daughter to womanhood, they are absorbed in the plans and the process of
building the structure of the coming year." Such is.the
law of life 'and the basis of all process, but it is a pitiful
thing when the sou and daughter fail'to.keep in mind.their
obligations to the loyalty and' love' of their parents.
Blessed are the absent ones who write long and frequent
letters to the old home. Soon, they cannot know how
soon the precious privilege will no longer be theirs.
Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
Culameeti Bote!
One of the largest hotels In
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and lasty mealo.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the'
day, week or month
F. Nilson
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Good breeding, like charity, should begin at home.
The day is past when children used to rise when their
parents entered the .room where they were and stand until
they had received permission to sit. But the mistake is
now made usually in the other direction in allowing too
small boys and girls too "much license to disturb the. peace
of the household. We think the best way to train children in courtesy'Avould be to observe toward them a scrupulous politeness. We would go. so far as to say that we
should make it as much a point to listen to children with-
ouHnterrupting them ancl to answer, them sincerely and
respectfully as if they .were grown up. And, indeed,
many, of their wise, quaiut: sayings are far better worth,
listening .to than .the/stereotyped,"'comin'ouplaces of the
moruing callers. Of-course, to allow uninterrupted chat-
ter would be . surrender, the repose ;of the "household, but
it is very- easy, if children are -themselves ��� scrupulously
respected,, to. teach them in turn scrupulously to respect
the convenience of others,.and to know when to talk and
when to be silent.   ...   .".-'.
Auto Stage .twice daily, to Midway,  meeting .Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson train,  leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m. .._
"For Oroville, Wenatchee and Princeton leaves Greenwood,73 p.m.
.Fare Sl-50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage Free, .  Trunks Carried.
Expressand Heavy Drayingr. . ':."-"  .    Auto's for hire Day.or Night
V We carry.Tires, Oils. Greases,.'.Hay and Grain .-..-> - V
Office.Phone 13. ' V.   .Residence Phone 3L
'-��� Tlie distance may. be, only a few miles.or.it may. be.-hundreds,,
but it is as next eloorif you use your long distance-telephone... ��� V "
.Theprovince, of the whole/coast, loir that.matter, isypur iieigli-
bb'rhood, it's people your neighbors.   'Your telephone'links tothcui.-
��� .-"������   Special rates between 7 p.. in.'and 8 a.--in. :     V     - "   ."'.���':������_". :
All   the    latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   B.C.
E. W, WIDDOWSOiN, Assayer and
Cheinis1-, Box BiroS," Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1 25 each. Gold-Silver ..1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead ��3 00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc ..3.00.
Charges for ether metals, etc., on application.
FRONT ST.,      NELSON.     BOX 865
^L  TC LOA.T is not a periodic- ������
r    al.    It is a book con--T
taining 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; "how "justice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silyer King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The 4*
price is 50 cents, post- ��|��
paid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
The Ledge
$50 to-;i5,00j0vVVV|
.' +.-..
The Ledge has- always  room I
or one more ad. .'.
���No better life investment available
���No better security-.obtainable '
-.,,..' ..-X ,- -���Cannot be seized'or levied upoa for ai.y"caaisie������.''���
V /---.'. ;"->'-^WilJ'be replaced irio3t,'stoletf br.destr^��lV..V";:-:
;'     A '.---\\r���Not affected by-.trade' depressico ^ ^X^yiXiBXy^cX
' ���'.  _.."-', ^-rFree from Dominica Incosr.e.TiUE "rXWiXtXX?X$:&
': ;-���-"'-���",��������� -.-^No medical ��aim_ial_pa"required'-. \HyXyrySf^X%
���>��� '.'Anyone-'over.the age of 5.years resident cr.'domid_rf''^;��iHBs^;-V
,;atay.purcHase.''-77'���'--,7-7'. '; -;;.;:', -'''.'i >"���!'���'���. .^yy^XyyyX^M
',";';Any. two peraons'may.purchase.jointly.' -,' '^Xyy^XXXyiXXXfi
;.-',' -Employers iriay purchase-fcir .their .empIc_fee��--ra<iso^._oa^'K^
:their' teache_sV-congrcgatio_is fo_-. thear^isiisjistera^iJiSf r^XXx^XXXB
Apply to your postmaster; or write, pcttaee free, to S. ^:'Be��t��^;__aj^.Ss7.
iateadwit of Aanuities, Ottawa, fer nrar booklet ��ad other i_ioi_aitso_ <Ie��anKt:W-'*
State sex and age last, birthday. :r--  ':���'������������'���':���      .'.::���-���-        -.-.--4   ���.-��...:>....���.......-- -m.
��*���������������*������� *"tt**'t4'**i't'9*9**4*^4*
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have a_buyer for good nnch
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses, Cattle,  Etc.
I11 the Simill.amee_ Laud District, Recording-
Office of Fairvlow; and situate adjoimng-
Lot 1453s.
TA.KE NOTICE tli&t Paul DuMoiit, of
Bridesville, iu said district, Rancher, idleuds
to apply for permission to purchase the follow-
desenbed lands containing- 40 acres, more or
less: Commencing at a post planted on the
West boundary of said Lot 1453s and about 11
chains North "from the South-West Corner of
said Lot; thence Easterlv about 10.5 chains;
thence Northerly about 20 chains, thence
North-Wosterly about 20cha.ins; thence North
about 5 chains; thence We.t about 1.5 chains;
thence South to place,of commencement 28
chains more or less; and'also a small portion
of land comnieuciug-at the South-Wesi comer
of said Lot 1453s, thence South-Easterly about
1.1 chains; thence West about .5 chain; thence
North I chain more or less to point of commencement.
Dated at Bridesville, B.C., March 17tli, 1921.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers Cadillac cars, Garage in
Synopsis of
Land /lei Arosntfmenis
MIn.muni*prlc�� of first-class la.nd
reduced to 75 an acre; second-clas* to
$2 50 an acre. ' ���
Pre-emption now confined to aur-
veyea lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
��nd which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. , f <
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ave years, and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation "hot
iesa1 than 8 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may.be issued, provided appll-
5*nt makes Improvements to extent of
MOO per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
'���.Ss-Ah!_t 6 years, and improvements
of 110.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
��* at least 2 years are required.
'Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunction with his
'arm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
ana residence maintained on Crown
granted land. m
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding to
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling resi-
���"gtial and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.     ���
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural  hay  meadows  Inaccessible
^/mStIn,,r roads may b�� Purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
prloe, Is made. f y       *""^����
^ ACT.
^^I.S/00,?* of thto f V ����� enlarged to
S__1Ui?f_!4,P*W,y &WV ��nd ����v-
in* with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within .whloh the heirs orMevitfies
SL ���meiulS!1 pre-emptor jnay apply
JrnJ'Jl' und#r ttl5 Aot IS eitended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one'
.rear after the conolusion of the present
war. This privilege is also miTde retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are'
.^���Sf p*y"i5 > �����Idiers on  %%.
emptions recorded after June 28. 1��18
Taxes are remitted for five yews. "'
Provision for return qf moneys ac-
1rU<eoi,_i<1^a_ld b,a? P_,ald B!nce August
��. \iJi on *����S��nt of payments, feet
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
, interest on agreements to purchase
ffi.0*,^"? loU *M ^ members of
^llSt ?2r?*3'. or d*Pendents, acquired
direct or indlreot, remitted from en"
listment to March II, isso. ^
���U_-l��UROHA|jC^ OF CROW.N   '
Provision made for Issuance -of
Crown pants to suh-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complex
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of oonditlons of purotase. ln-
ers do-n��>t claim whole of original par
eel, Purchase priae due and taxes ma:
be   distributed   broportionaCMy   ori
QRAZINO.    j. f ,
Qraalng Act. 1919, for systematic
development or livestock industry Dro-
vldes for graslng districts and range
administration under _Comm'����ione-
Annual grazing permits issued'based
on numbers ranged: priority for estab- '
lished owners. Stock-owners ma.
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
for MtUtrij campers or t*��v��.Uera, uj��
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block'      -      -     Nelson
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department ���; '
-  <i
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,' Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluesloue,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
Hclson, B.C.
The only op^toxdate Hotel in the interior.
in every respect,
K^4-* _---^^***** *4*4*4*���*��� *4��***++4��
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Sho^T
. Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
- RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan;
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
****************  **********
1 For Good I
I Job Printing |
I "���'��� ,   --Economy and Satisfaction J
^ combined with Promptness 3
g are the features which go to 3
^ make up the Service we give g
g our customers.     Are  you 3
S" one of them?                          __|
B. Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
ZZ. (Ruled or Plain) .   .    ,, ~~   3
B- Envelopes, Billheads,     3
CT   ' (All Sizes) ���- 2
| Statements, Business Cards, 3
g Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. %
I The Ledge       PHONE 29      1
- **!
-jM^5_ --
&     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   3
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has prodnced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $75,722,603; Lode
Gold, 8100,272,431; Silver, 850,432,30_; Lead 843,821,106; Copper, $153,680,965;
Other Metals (Zinc, Iron, etc), $16,818,487; Coal and Coke, $199,123,323;
Building Stone, Brick. Cement, etc., $29,991,757; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc.,
$785,918; making its Mineral Production to the end of 1919 show an
Aggregate Value of $670,649,894
Production for Year Ending December, 1919, $33,296,313
The  Mining   Laws. of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion,"" or any colony in the British
, Empire. ��� ' '
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing snch properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Full information, together with mining Heports and Maps, may be obtained
&s7s;:;g^grat%by.add^ ���:imyyyy~:yy:-yy:,^: ::���. ������.-.-.' .���������.���..:.- -\. >y^y<"' - .""7.7?-;


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