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The Ledge Apr 5, 1923

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Array Eife':M-7-
(___E��wl*4 aj^AjjcB-ittrmAA^tyiB-
V -V.
Provincial Library   r
r     ll
Vol..   XXIX.
No. 37
We carry a large line ot
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
- Inspect our stock
.  - ��	
V   T. M. GULLEY & CO.
_!mmmmmm mmmm?wmmmnm??mm?mimmmmfc!
Canned Salmon, Chicken Haddie, Herring
~ and Tomato Sauce, Pilchards, &c. &c.
Tomato Soup
Heinz Spaghetti
Fresh Fish Every Friday
Phone 46
ens Hats    $
Spring    '
Samples for Suits
and Styles
X W. ESson & Co
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
tfuSffiuiMMU iuiuiaaiiuiuaiiia.iii.uiiuiiauaiiuuui.^c
No More
jChapped Hands or Rough Skin
This can be accomplished by using_the right kind of Soap
Vinola Round Bath and Vinola Winsome
are the two most suitable for the hard waters of this district
Try Them
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine.sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists -and travellers, Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttennilk and ice-cream.
Ladies and Childrens
Prints. Cottons, Flannels, Flannelette Blankets,
. Sheeting, Towels, Toweling,. Etc,
Overalls.  Mens Shirts, Work Socks, Etc.
Just in and of Fine Quality
&s& ^es^gs^K^s^f,
We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef. Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
. Proprietor |
Long Distance Telephone Service" A Real
Asset To The Exacting Easiness Man
There ate few advantages in modern business to be compared in"actual
���value with Use service your own office telephone is prepared at any moment
of the d$y or night to supply you with.
At a minimum outlay in minutes you can gel in direct touch with 3-our
desiyed party possibly hundreds of miles away where postal or other delay
���would be a decided drawback. Correspondence caanot compete with the
speed of telephone service, besides which consider carefully the undoubted
advantages of personal talk.
Real Estate    (Licensed)
Insurance, Fire, Life, Accident.
Sickness. &c.
Stoves   and    heated   pipes   cause
many  fires
A small premium will protect your
house and furniture
Call at my Office Copper Street
You are cordially invited to inspect
our Spring Millineiy, which includes the newest ideas iu Ladies'
IJats, Novelties, etc.
-   Mrs. Ellen Trounson
Next door to Pacific Hotel
Presbyterian Church
Minister in "Charge    ";" * \""
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw, B. A.
Services April 8th   '
Midway, 2.30-p.m.
Greenwood, 7,30 p.m.
The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
will be obesrved at this Service. It is
hoped all members will avail themselves
of this Communion -Service. Communi-
cants'iu good standing but belonging to
other branches of the Christian Church
are cordially welcome to this Sacrament-
6reenw@��d Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Graphic Film Corporation  presents
James K. Hackett
Effie Shannon      Mabel J. Scott
IVAN ABRAMSON'S Latest Creation
"Ashes of Love
One reel Chester Outing
"Temple,Bells, Wayside
.   Ah;o one.recl Christie Comedy
"Know Thy Wife".
ADULTS 50c   . -     CHILDREN 25c.
���   Will Sell
��� Set of double  team  harness��
1   Harky Royce.
Representative for old established
coast firm.^ Must be hustler���
popular���with good connection and
driving own light delivery trnck.
Apply P. 0. Drawer 619, Victoria,
Dr, O. M. Graves, Dentist, will
be in Ferry, "Wash., the first 8
days of every month.
Will the party who took a pair
of lady's new rubbers by mistake
froix behind the creasing, room
door, on the night of the Magpie
Minstrel Show, kindly leave same
at the Co-Op Store, Rock Creek,
and receive their own.
Around Home
Miss  Eileen Bryan  .spent
week end in GrandForks.
Robert Jenks, . of   Nelson,
home for the Easter>holidays. .    '
Cash paid for hides at Brown's
Midway. ... ,
Mrs. R. Williamson and son
Tom are sperding the week in
Miss I. Keir, of Lumbered, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. E  F. Keir.
Miss C. A. Stewart,-of Vancouver, is the guest of Mrs. W.
H. Docksteader. ,
Remember the Pythian Sister
Dance in the Masonic' Hall on
Friday evening, April 6th.
Miss M. A. McLoughry and
Miss E. A. Olsou, are spending
the holidays in Vancouver.
Service will be held in the Rock
Creek Church next Sunday evening at 7.30.
Mr. and Mrs.'J. N. O'Neill and
family left on Wednesday.- morning for Langford, near Victoria,
where Mr. O'Neill will teach.
Mr, aud Mrs. Walter Forshaw
and two children arrived "Monday
from England and are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Robt.   Forshaw,
Herbert "Holmes, of Beaverdell,
spent Thursday and Friday in
town enroute,to Trail where he
will visit relatives for a few days.
Teddy Bryanhasreturned from
Grand Forks where he-received
treatment for hip trouble. He is
now completly better and feeling
Mrs. E. S. Lockwood arrived
from Jersey City, N. J., on Friday last on a ''tttree months visit
to lier mother/Mrs, J. P. Anderson, in Anaconda.
Dr. H. L. Bryce, specialist in
diseases of the eye and correction
of errors of eyesight will visit
Greenwood, April 12th, and may
be consulted at the .Windsor
Owing 16 ill health I propose
closing up my business in Greenwood. Will shortly have a-sale
at reduced prices of which due
notice will be given.- D. 'R.
'Mrs. H. McGillvray 'has received word from Hollywood,
Cal., of her success in passing
dramatic tests" entitling ~her7 to
enrollment in the Palmer College
of Photoplay writing.
O. Lofstad spent three days
last week at'the Riverside mine
Rock Creek. "He brought back
some fine samples and says that
the mine is looking good. A
small force is employed.
The New Provincial'party had
an organization meeting in
Greenwood last night. E. F.
Keir was iu the chair and Comdr.
Lewis addressed the meeting.
Committees were- appointed. A
fuller report will be given, next
week. -
.Be sure and come to- the
Pythian Sister Dance in the
Masonic Hall, Greenwood, -on
Friday, April 6th. Dancing with
cards as a diversion. Werner's
4 piece orchestra^ Admission:
Ladies-2ScM gents $1.00, supper
-Nelson is to have a new weekly
newspaper, The Kootenay Times,
the first issue of which will appear on April 13th. The Ledge
will welcome the new paper to its
exchange table and wishes it a
bou voyage o'er the rough, sea-of
Last week The Ledge.published
instructions on "How to make  a
Midway School
Report for March
O. M. Macklin, Teacher.
No. enrolled - - 37
No. attending, this month - 33
Average daily attendance V. 25.80
.Percentage of attendance        79.
Proficiency list:
Senior Fifth Reader: Annie
Thomet, Nellie Brown.
Junior Fifth Reader: Alice
McMynn, Rnfeh Carr, Pearl Johnson, Joy Sharp, Leslie Salmon,
Wilfred Carter."
Fourth Reader: Roy Sharp,
RoBalie Brown, Leonard Moll.
Third Reader: Mayneen Bush,
May Sharp, Johnny McMynn,
Kenneth Stewart, Edward John-
stoDe, Verna Evans, Lloyd Chase,
Mildred Johnstone.
Second Reader: Gladwin Sharp,
Dorothy Birch," Jimmie Brown,
Zella Johnstone, Kenneth John-
sto'ne. '
Sr. First Reader: Olwen Mair,
Bernadine Brown, Irene Johnstone.
Jr. First Reader: Gordon
Roberts, Alice Mair, Luceal
Evans, Billy Moll.
Punctuality and Attendance:
Jimmie Brown,   Nellie   Brown,
Joy    Sharp,    Bernadine   Brown,
Gladwin Sharp,.Roy    Sharp, May
Sharp, Annie Thomet;
Norwegian Creek School
Report for March
Ada_M. Burnstill, Teacher.
Average daily attendance    21.09
Percentage of attendance     91.69
Perfect Attendance: -
Andrea Caron, Jules Caron,
Louis Caron, May Clark, Lawrence Folvik, Alexina Gidon,
Madeleine Gidon, Charles Riley,
Uames Riley, Virginia Riley,
Alice ...Watson, . Daisy ...Watson,.
James Watson, Yves Bohemier,
May Bohemier, Angemarie Bohemier, Marc Bohemier, Bertille
Proficiency List
Jr. Sth Reader:   Andrea Caron.
Jr.    4 th   Reader:     Lawrence
Folvik,   Yves  Bohemier,  Madeleine Gidon, Jules Caron, Daisy
, Third Reader: Alice Watson,
Irene Watson, Louis Caron, Marc
Bohemier, Gisele Bohemier.
Second Reader: Alexina Gidon,
May Bohemier,
First Reader: Charles Riley,
May Clark, Angemarie Bohemier,*
James -Riley, -James "Watson,
Virginia Riley.
Receiving Class: Mary Gidon,
Bertille Bohemier.
Greenwood Superior School
Report for Month or March,  1923
A.  McLoughry,   Principal
stealing of glass frames for the
hot beds. During the week glass
frames have been stolen from
va'rious places in Greenwood and
such, vandalism will not be countenanced when the thieves are
caught. A search of all gardens
may be instituted.
The Ladies Aid are having a
sale of Fancy Work and ' Home
Cooking in Kennedy's old store on
"Thursday afternoon, April Sth.
Great preparations are being made
for this sale and it is hoped everybody will come. Afternoon ..tea
and ice-cream will be- served at a
nominal charge.
Another of- those delightful
surprise parties was held at the
home of Ola Lofstad last Saturday when about 30 of his friends
took possession of his home for
the sole purpose of enjoying
themselves. Mr. Lofstad was
taken very much by surprise but
rose to the occasion and welcomed
his many guests. Dancing was
the principal event of the evening
and S. Bombini, R, Folvik and
Mrs. Werner Johnson- played the
music, It was a real homelike
party and all had a good time.
Nearly'every kind of employment brings with it its own
monotony. Housekeeping, teaching, blacksmithing, banking and
nearly all trades, dotng the same
things over and over again.
Even the publishing of news-
hotbed," but it did not advise the papers requires a weekly budget
No. in Class      ..'.-''    - 17
Average Attendance       - 14.88
Percentage of Attendance 87.81
Proficiency List                . ." "'
Entrance: George Morrison,
Bessie Bidder, Allan Fraser, Mary
Kerr, Silvia Price, Ruby Goodeve,
Cicilia Hallstrom, John . Kerr,
Bennie Hurst, Doris Kinsman,
Mary Klinosky, Jesse Puddy.  ���
First Year High School: Juan
Puddy, Mildred McLaren, Robert
Second Year High School: Ethel
Fraser, Mabel Axam.
Regularity and Punctuality r
Bessie Bidder, Allan Fraser,
Mary Klinosky, George Miorrison,
Silvia Price, Cicilia Hallstrom.
Olson, Teacher
that imposes   a nervous strain.
What must the  preparation   of
two sermons a week be to the
conscientious preacher? The fact
is however that there are no tasks
that do not come easy to the man 2nd. Rosie Madge
who is  fall of enthusiasm  and J 3rd. Evelyn O'Donnell
love for his'work. 4th. Beatrice Walker.
''\    E'VA
No. on Roll      '���-.-..    -       '..-.     28
Average Daily Attendance     24.83
Percentage of Attendance        88
Proficiency List  ������;<������
Senior Grade 1st Year: Edward
Johnson, Vera Walmsley, John
McDonell,'Eraine.DuHamel, Tillie
Intermediate Grade 2nd Year:
George Bryan, George Hurst, Irene
Inglis, Leo Madden, Percy Fraser,
William Walmsley,- Helen Kerr,
John Putzel, Lawrence DuHamel.
Intermediate Grade 1st Year:
Margaret Royce, Harry Hallstrom,
Eileen Bryan, Allan McCurrach,
Lewis Mitchell, Robert Mitchell,
Edward Parry, Marguerite Ritchie,
Bertram Price, Arthur Cox, Meredith Fenner, Thomas Walmsley,
Regularity and Punctuality:
George \Bryan, Eileen Bryan,
George Hurst, Irene Inglis, "Allan
Morrison, Margaret Royee, Marguerite Ritchie, Harry Hallstrom,
Eraine DuHamel, Edward Johnson.
E. B. McKinnell, Teacher.
No. on Roll       - 31
Average Daily"Atfeendance     25.57
Percentage of Attendance       82.48
Proficiency List
Reepiving Class:   Ellen McCray.
Beginner's Reader: June Toney,
John McCurrach, .James Forshaw,
Stanley Kinsman,-David -Nichols,"
Leonard Sortome, .Mark Madden,
Victor Ritchie.
Book II A.: Beatrice McLaren,
Jack Morrison, Ruth Cox, John
McGillvray, Albert Kinsman.
Book III B.: Robert Forshaw,
Roy Bakke, Helen Bakke, Francis
Jenkin, Cleo Toney, Robert
Carlson, Charles Royce, Gee Mon
Yen, Lewis Clerf, Roy Hallstrom,
Viola Benson, Alice Ritchie.
Book III A.:, Helen Hurst,
Eugene McGillvray, Mary Putzel.
Regularity and Punctuality:   -
Helen Bakke, Roy Bakke,
Robert Carlson, James Forshaw,
Robert Forshaw, Helen -Hu'rat,
Albert Kinsman, Stanley Kinsman, Eugene McGillvray, Cleo
Toney, June .Toney.
Magpie Minstrels
A crowded house enthusiastically
greeted the famous Magpie Minstrels at the Rock Creek Co-Operative Hall last Monday night, when
then presented their second annual
concert. One hundred and eighty
eight dollars was taken in at the
door and after all expenses were
paid $164 was realized for the'
The show waa a real good "one,
the songs, jokeB and choruses being
of a high standard and merited
much applause���all the Bongs being
The Bketch entitled ."a pair of
lunatics" was exceedingly comical
and very well presented by Mr.
andJMrs. Bodman.
There were eight minstrels in
the troupe and all were suitably
blackened and dressed and everyone had��his particular bit to do.
H. Moll was the centre man while
Paley Wilson and B. P. Hardcastle
were the end men. Then we noticed
E. P. Rock, who sang two songe,
both being encored. Rich. Norris
is an old favorite in comic singing
bnt his beBt was his rendering of
"Oh Lucky; Jim." Major Gray
and Capt. Davis were good and had
to respond to encores. H. Moil
and Paley Wilson Bang a comic
duet very creditably and they were
both exceptionally good in their
acting and solos. B. P. Hardcastle
amused the. audience with two
comic songs. There were two
other singers but from a distance
it was hard to distinguish who they
were, their make-up being so good.
Mrs. Douglas-Hamilton was the
accompanist and performed this
difficult role to perfection.
As a whole the concert was
snappy and the Magpie Minstrels
are deserving of the highest praise
and have retained thair merited
reputation.> There -were- over. 30
people from Greenwood at the
show and all are loud in their
praise of the kindly reception.
The concert was brought to a
close with the singing of the
National Anthem. After which
the hall was cleared for dancing
and a real good time was had by
Rock Creek Boys*    .
And Girls' Club
The following is a report on tbe
Boys' and Girls' Club competition
as-received from the Live Stock
Braneh, Department of Agriculture:
potato club scores
David Smyri
Warren O'Donnell
Edgar Walker
Frederick Fernstrom    >
corn club scores
1. Esh&l Thompson
2. Marjory Bnbar   -
chicken club
* Prizes awarded to:
1st.  Winnifred Whiting
Proposed Church Union at
Grand1 Forks
Meetings were held in -both
Methodist and Presbyterian
Churches in Grand Forks on Tuesday of this week for the purpoB*
of discussing the proposed Basis of
Union.���The attendance-was very
satisfactory considering the unfavorable weather and was representative of the active membership,
The Basis of Union was adopted
unanimously by the Methodist
body and with but a very small
minority at the Presbyterian
gathering. It ia expected that a
joint meeting of ithe congregations
will be held at an early date to
further consider the matter.
Christian Valley
The hill sides are bare and there
are about 12 inches of snow on the
meadows, with lovely weather the
last week. Stock is being turned
ont and in pretty' good condition.
Frank Christian and Sten Peterson are working at Westbridge,
Gnner Lindgren has secured a
position at the Grand E"orks garage.
The men will soon he returning
from the lumber camps. Most of
the married men from this Valley
go oat to work dnring the winter.
w   Anaconda
The Maple Leaf Social Club
will hold a Public' Dance in the
School on Friday evening, April
13th. Admission: Noia members
'gents SO cents, bachelor members
25 cents, ladies free. Ladies
please find refreshments.. Ladies
not bringing refreshments will be
charged 25 cents for supper.
The Ledge can supply- yonr
every need in the printing Has
and ..at prices consistent with
first-class work. ri'W     i.F I ><;..;.    (Mi'i-Mvwvonn.
Household Hints
Hccipes    For
tlie    nusy
particular peoj
Are you one of the "Particular
People"? Then you will surely
be charmed with RED ROSE���
It is truly a "particular" coffee, tc
A  Disappointing Announcement
Forecast Rhubarb Pis
2 cups rhubarb,   ._   teaspoon suit.
:i  cup sugar, 3,_  teaspoon nutmeg.
2    tablespoons    Sun-Maid    seedless
i raisins.-
Xi  cup very  line bread crumbs.
Pastry for 2 crusts.
Cut rhubarb in !_ inch pieces, scald
v.'ith boiling water, drain and mix witli
' other ingredients in order given, T'laee
in a pie pan lined with pastry, cover
with.upper crust and billse in hot oven
���'��� | about 20 minutes or until  brown, re-
I duee heat and cook 1~> iiiinui.es longer.
Hon. Charh-s Si.cwari has made his long and eagerly awaited statement to
J'aWiamcnl oui lining llie immigration policy of the Dominion Government.
Tint' K'iiienif'iii lias, however, signally tailed i.o arouse any enthusiasm either
in i'liriiniu'cnl or throughout, the country; in fact, taken on the whole, ii has
proved a grievous ili.-appolnlvnent I.o all who were expecting real action in
regard to lliis subject whicli is admittedly of such vital importance to the
I'utuiv de.velopmeiii   and  prosperity ui' Canada.
The lengthy delays bffore flic Minislct's annouiicciuenl liad given rise to
strong hones ilmi ,i 'ar-reaching i'ik! comprehensive, immigration policy was
being fvulvril. These hopes have been dashed, because there is nothing new.
original or vigorous in llie plans laid before I'aiiiaineni: on fhe contrary, ihe
poiiey outlined is .n timid, and so palpably follows fhe lines of least resistance, ihat it has called forlli slicing c.riiicism from even the staunc.he.st of
Liberal newspapers-and outspoken opposition from Government supporters in!
the Commons.
\'o one will attempt lo deny the I ruth of .Mr. .Stewart's statement, thai ���
anyone who could formulate an iiiiniigra/ion policy for Canada that would bo
satisfactory to all people, would need lo be a second Mose.s. Mr. Stewart j
talks opfimislically ot securing 2ihi.oi.iii immigrants I'or Canada this 'year, 'mil ,
if that number is achieved it will be. not because of llie. Government's plans,;
but in spite of them aud because people cannot, be wholly'kept away from j
And, after all. what are 200 000 new solders in a country of Canada's
immense area and almost incalculable wealth of undeveloped natural resources, and which is now about ihe. least thickly popuIa.te.il country in the.
world? Two hundred thousand additional peopb- can be absorbed in Canada
almost without being noticed, especially as if is an admitted fact thai, this
Dominion loses tens of thousands of people annually to the I'nited States.
This Dominion Should aim af. receiving 200,000 I'rom the Jhitish Isles alone, j
and as many more from all oilier couulites combined.
At a time when Australia is gelling thousands of I'.rifish settlers under
the Umpire Settlement, scheme, the Canadian Government hesitates to adopt
a really effective policy whereby this nonunion would receive. .Its full share
of 'immigrants froni the Old Country. Instead, the Government seems to
place its chief reliance in the Canada Colonization Association. Granted that
lhe Government, should utilize to lull advantage any and all reputable agencies for die obtaining of settlers, such as the Association referred fo. ihe
C.L'.l!.. Canadian NYitiiinul Railways, and the Umpire Settlement scheme, these
should be but auxiliaries (o the main Government effort.
Apparently the short-sighted altitude adopted by the leaders of organized
labor on lhe question of immigration is largely responsible for the weak-
kneed attitude of the Governmenl. Labor, as has been repeatedly pointed
out in this .column, is standing in its own lighl. No sane Canadian desires
to see wages reduced in Canada below thai, which will guarantee, to the worker not merely a decent but a. good standard of living, hut the fact remains
dial, the average. Canr.diai: is not prepared to do the "rough" work which is
required to be done in order that, raw materials and means of transportation
shall be available for our industries, and without such class of labor, Can-j
ada's .resources; miistTeiua_ii.7inu^^
V      Furthermore',., .ust.-s'o' it.iig':-as.,.ilus\'cl^ re-7]
main/at 'or���'cloise.Vfyl'V-tjicVJieii"k'a;eai.tlteil7-��1 ru'Tii^itvi;.-;:ilin��ir'niin--wy'Lv��� j,-e:ir.s:.s.costH''��ft-
' '.pix.ductib.i;.sih'i].U~'1^
cannot..'afford Ho'iVpiinihYi's^
���result, is Vd^reasei^Vsate^
Sugar Cookies
.    ._ cup butter, ].\  teaspoon salt.
1 cup sugar, 71 tablespoon milk.
2 cups Hour, grated rind I orange,
i cup chopped Sun-Maid raisins.
2 eggs, 2 teaspoons balling powder.
Cream butter and add sugar slowly, t
creaming   them   together.      Add   well
beaten eggs.     Sift Hour, baking penv-
Keep Your Hands Soft
and White With Cuticura
The daily use of the Soap, ,with
occasional touches of the Ointment,
is very effective for keeping the
hands soft and smooth. For red,
rough or sore hands: On retiring,
bathe in hot water and Cuticura Soap,
dry, and rub in Cuticura Ointment.
Soap 25c. Ointment 25 ����J SOc. Talcum 25c. Sold
throuRhout theDominion. CanadianDcpot:
Lyay., Limited. 344 St. P��al St., W.. Monlrwl.
M^  Cuticur��_So��p ���h��Tfn'"withautjiuur.
Ex-Emperor's  Horse  Sold
der and salt logether and add lo egg' U-Boat Seaplane Great Invention'1;0Usllt   ihc   :inilll��b
mixture.      Add    milk.    Unvoting and! ���  j been dispatched  to I.
raisins.      If dough is not stifl' enough j Equipped  With  Wireless Can  Fly 500
to roll, add more Hour.      Turn out on' Miles Without Alighting
llourcd  hoard and  roll  thin.      Cut in j     A submarine-seaplane, designed and !
fancy shapes and bake in hoi oven  10 j built  by  die  Germans, is  understood '
Hungarian Royalty Too Poor'to Keep
Court Stables
���  ln consequence of public ccononiios.
I ihe horses at die former court s.tables
in Vienna have to go.
The while horse used by die ex-
Knipcror Karl at the Budapest coronation led a very quiet life there, being
now seventeen years of age. Inning i
recent years it has liad nothing to do,
except to appear occasional)* at the
state opera, where it was a favorite,
owing to"its mild, gentle temper, especially as Grane, in "Wagner's "Dusk
of the Gods," in which role it always
behaved with admirable patience, despite, fhe Humes and the collapse of
Valhalla at the close. ^
A -Magyar count heard of lis pend-j.
i Ing dismissal, and, feeling afraid
j that the faithful coronation'animal
j might become the ' prey , or some
I butcher, desired to acquire ; it in
j order to shoot it with all the solemnity
! due to such an historic creature, llut
j he found the price prohibitive, and in
j his stead the Hungarian Government
which lias just,
he Magyar capital, where it will be allowed to finish
its' days in peace.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
lo 15 minute:
his makes about
to.havc worked satisfactorily in tests.
j The machine i.s said
i'aris  to be
��� j "one  of  the   most  disquieting invon-
! lions    of    German    factories."      The
! Americans required one of the first of
BE MADE TO HEAR?|Uie ��e�������"���Tt " single-seater with
* j a 50-h.p.- engine.
j This question can be answered both i
I ways. rf the deafness is due 1o Oa-
j l.arrh, success is general if the sufferer persists in tlie use of Catarrhozone, and thereby drives Catarrh out
of tho system. Penetrating through
the passages of the ear, die.soothing
vapor of Catarrhozone relieves the in-
llammation. destroys the Seeds of Catarrh and thereby allows nature to reassert herself. For Catarrhal Deafness, pain over the eyes, plugged nos-
j trils and other symptoms associated
with Catarrh, use Catarrhozone.
You'll be more than pleased with die
quick improvement in your condition.
Two months' treatment. One Dollar,
sold everywhere, or the Catarrhozone
Co., Montreal.
' Medical  Men to Meet
Over one thousand'members of die
profession aro expected to attend, the
annual meeting ofthe Canadian Medical Asosciation. to be held in Montreal in June. A number of the most
distinguished    surgeons    from    Great j piano, pilot will be able to scan a wide
The seaplane takes fo pieces in
sniall sections and fits into a watertight, metal tube .which can be lashed
to the deck of a submarine. The submarine, can dive with it and carry out
���ill evolutions.
The crew, it is claimed, can .assemble the wings, fit them, and mount the
floats in less than five minutes. The
machine, which is able to fly 500 miles
without alighting, is a direct result of
the German submarine experts' desire
lo render sea commerce raids even
more destructive than in the war.
Their idea is to free the big, oceangoing submarines from their ''blindness' owing to their low position on
the water, a disability which'led to
the destruction of so many raiders in
the war. The little seaplane will act
as the "eye" of thc submarine in a
commerce raid.
Kauipped wil'.hi wireless,    the    sea-
Britain,  the  United States  and  Can-
i tula, are io be  present.
j area of ocean and indicate I.o the sub-
] marine the locality of food ships and
also of any war craft likely to menace
If:. ��� .' ;,., . .,.; . -.,;������ .-. -   .���",.-
B.C. Hen a Winner
Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a remedy for Infants and Children.
Foods are specially prepared for babies. A baby's medicine
is even more essential for Baby. Remedies primarily prepared
for grown-ups are not interchangeable. It was the need of
a remedy for the common ailments of Infants and Children
that brought Castoria before the public after years of research,
and no claim has been made for it that its use for over 30
years has not proven.'
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Cantor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic "substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constantuse for the relief* of Constipation, Flatulency,
,_ Wind  Colic  and Diarrhoea;  allaying Feverishness arising
���therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthyvand natural sleep.
The Children's Comfort���The Mother's Friend.
Does Away With Soundings
New  Searchlight  Has   Been   Used  By
English  Pilot
The latest nautical invention now in
use on a Newcastle pilot boat;is a machine which throws a beam of light
to the.sea bottom allowing the depth
of the water below the ship 1o be j
gauged. Soundings may thus be done
away with. ,
The invention is of -unusual importance since it may be usefully employed by the big liners in entering shallow waters.
The searchlight is worked through a
hole in _tho lower part of the ship
while an observation window is placed
nearby through' which the beam of
light may be seen. A mirror is set
at the end of a long observation tube
running vertically through the ship to
the bridge. By working a handle an
officer can lake any angle of the pro"1
jected beam and by a single calculation measure the_depth of the water
below.    .
In Use tor Over 30 Years
A'Tpnic.:Medicine;a Necessity at This ! ��nly: "One t0 Reach,. Coveted 300-E3rj
'. 'Xx ' ' V- " .Season .,-' - > -.'��� ���_ j . . \.7 .. . ^'Mark ' '... -- X ' ���.. .
'Div Williams' 1'ink- Pills ���are."aiVall-'j'V The only hen out of the total oi 711,-
yeai-round;' ionic..-for the blood v,:u\'"r^r, competing in the llecord .of Per-'
ijierves:     llut they .areespecially valu- ���       --    -  - .   .
greater - the ��� uneiVijdoyjnei.1, iho -" smii l!cr the-^Snles/a nd-.thi; lower- the ..i'l'oduc-
lion.'- ; Arclitrn to more-normal conditioiis -���wliich a largo volume of immigration -.would assist to -bring ���-would-'ineai'i an" incrojise iii .the i/iit'chasing-power"; ableVin" thft'\spi;ihg .when the system is'
of die dollar: and -even'wii.lt Wbiiiewhat ���low.ir\w;i'ge...th> ".workman would'find 7loa'ded.7witii''.inijmriVies as Vi 'result of i 'wliich   reached- the ���-��� coveted   SOO-egg j ""W'V
himself iWWol'f.'.mrchases would-iacreus.v industry rovivfvand <mip!o-siumt1Uie Vndbo.r life of-die, winter-months..! mark".was 'a-'-'singlc.coml. White'VLeg
-���.----' ��� ������ ,-There, is no other   season . when .the :'hornowued bv the L'niversitvof'i'jrit
I'biooil is so:mui:lv in .noo'ii of inirifv'in'g'.,'->,', : ;.- .'��� ,,;.':,"��� >nn r��~ '���"���%
. and enriching., and: ererr ��� tlo^ of Ihe^ ilsh: C<>1^nlu:l'" " Of - the 2J,5^..iKrd:
i lii'ils lic-Uis to'enrich tlieblood.-' In the ! V"ich Imve been-entered .in;; the-.con
'.'.���.���'.-���<-   ������-.-.��� ��� ���' -v..---   ���;..-    .- ������-,-...���.:...-;-.��� -.-.-.-.:. -. -, :.:. ���-;.������: -���-������; -.-?.i--- "-���.:.v:     :,,-.--: ":;;"; ��� ..->."���.:. ���-��� ������'. -.-���:;'.l-Vr:..:.--;:--;:.-.-.-.. ������.'��� i:'..-.-.-.--: -'|'-l:lie. ���-Spi.lUg.-Llie. uPjieilte-;lS;OllCll:-:l.>OOlV-^r   -V^-  ���' ���'���y 'j'--:-.-- \-~;;-"- ~�� -'':i'"-WctC\-" ' '""'"   ���'^������'>-.:rii.';~
if W;g^|s VUe��VuS(> V\^
V^iuiilyVpoiiiihfwt:;::!;^^  ' '
Business  Outlook Good
Prospects    Are    Regarded    As    Very
��� Experts who have recently made ��� a
review of Canadian" trade report that
Canadian business continues to improve in xnost districts, and prospects
as a whole are regarded as very encouraging. Most of the leading~whole-
sale centres are busy shipping out
spring and summer merchandise, and
a satisfactory number of orders .are
being received for later delivery. Surplus labor Is being steadily absorbed,
arid the outlook in the building, iron
ei, paper,".ami pulp, "lumber,
mining,and other basic industries inspires .much'- confidence in. the future."
"V , V "-'' V'Her. Error.- " ��� ','-.'
.-. Miss, Guslily.-r-That' hist' little thing"
you,played was charming.. -I'loved
its .'wild abandon. '-'-��� Was it "your own
composition?. ',. ��� ;���"."- ; ��� '.'
-'yi6!liiist.^7N6,'.:I .was putting a iievr
sli'ing ou.my violin.-.-.   :
.Newly . Inv:
Size of "Atoms
cle.aiMIie "skin/hecaiisc.diey'go to the'!' 7Sp6:ikins in-London, Colonel. J.. C
root of" ihc trouble in-(he blood."', in j Amery,- First. Lord of- the'.Admiraltv,
tlui;,sm;ing7uiaen>ia. rheuhtatism; in- \'8'uld Great Britain had scrapped war-.
digestion, neuralgia.and   many ��� other i-l, .   - .   . ,;.��� - -.-,-.-;.>_,; _.__-.       ���-' i" "  X, -
-' -        '.ships, totalling .1 ,(.00,000 tons since.-the
!'Washington, conference, -qr witii.-tbe
dine whenall i.nitire'iakes;"on new-li fe!'ships ���. ih  -course, of construction and
^.: that die. bloocl' -iWikI- '^riousl^' needs j ;ilixiliarv.;vessels.'slie   had;   scrapped
"I attoimon.' " Some ".people": dose  them--1' ������        ���' ���       -.-.,.    . ;     ���= '.    ,- ������ ���   ,x
-Tselv^^widiptirgarivcXat lliis..^^5;; somejr two-nullion--tons,--1ucluuJnS-So
���    1 but these only, further"weaken-Uiem-i battleships   and   battle   .cruisers,  "S3
, .j selves.     V\ juirgalive  merely gallops ! destroyers,:' <)5,. forpetlb'7. "boats 'and.
-l0i through    the" system, .emptying."' the _ |(([ submarines.-'  V    -" : ,~ "V -    '   ���-     '"
.'I.bowels, but   does ��� not. lieip the  blood.)  . ���  i'i ' ���' ".-    '.-'��� ���  -' ;--. ���-.-/.���
' On die othev hand. "I H\-Williams'Phil W.,        ������ '  . -      ������'-". 7  '-'.-
Kcamilnavuui wom'en are agitating
-,ted ��� Process" is:   Reported ^"Striking  "..Illustration-    is      Used
;���"���.'    .".    .  "From Australia ....,/    -,7.-;_ Express Their Minuteness     '7  '
Aiu'Wly invonieil process, whereby'    If a diamond in-:a.-ring could be in
certain kiniis'.iit lh',(.C(:K.n<)f.well-iihipl.-V'reased. to. the-Suae of the'-earth", the ! ' "'-' ;���.���:-���-.-���...-...-������--.............v., . ���,.lf,.������,-  �����  ,^,.^i ������    -������i ���
��� ..     -. ;- ���--        - ���  . ��� ���. .-    ���       -��� ���   ���-' ; everv,nerve  and  c.verv organ-in the   lor.    a ..reform    in present marriage
oil- to- spinning yn, be  miinut'iiciuro.l^ individual "(-arbon - atoms, in--It; would : j.pdy bringing, new :strength am!" vigor] and pro]ierly laws- so"Ilhaf- huM)a'rids
���into a' rich, fur-lilte nuitcrial.'.-wjiich, is'^lVejonly abotit as.largp as a tennis-ball.-��� (o; weak, .easily tired.iiien, Wtinienund
supiiosed 'io    present a  valuable h. -7 This' waH -one ;of 'the-illusirafions used- -.<:'��il<l^��- -  'i'ry... .l)r., 'Williams'    Pink
"    ' Klvanlag.'-  oveWkin   fiirs Vfor ��� to  express 'the' niimtWess '. of atomV pn-ls: tl'ls-sprins-lhey will not disap-
nenic   aovaniagf   over, stem   uirs ,1 or   to   express   the.' tiiiiiuicness  ,
,  ���-,  ',-..���.    ,��� '������'..������  -"���   '���'-.  ,     .'.: .    -',   " ,��� ���    >-      -      ."-������������ ,  ������ i point you.
.clothing    lHva.use...|he..  ma.^nal. .!,��-. m.jijie  tnimau-U ood lentitre.-preparcd V .-:Sokl-by all medicine dealers or sent.
-liioi.intei! oh a word  louudatioiu. is  re-..j by Sir, uiljhun  JSragg for... a "'tiieetiim-; by mail-" a I. ">0 cents a box .by The "Dr. |
"'. i.-orted:!).- a. consit! geiier.iil iii.'.Viisi.ra- j m"'di'c "^o��-i.cty of Art:- iti.I.ondo.n. -'���     ' ;."Williams' {.Medicine    Co;, . Prockvill*,'.'
lilt,   "   Tip*   inventor   rlaims   dial,   this _.    'Jr. was pointed1 'out, that-.Thecombih-':- *'n'-       ,'."'���".-    :'-....��� ;7- -"-       ;-' '   ���*-'���'',���   '
would be'prc-hibitcd.front speculating,'
or squandering their ," money ,in,   any
[ direction;,'. unknownVtb their.-wives. -
Do Large Breaths Hurt ?
Is Your Chest Wheezy?
ing of tlie.'chest, neck-and -sore side
.wi'tlr good~oHr Nerviline." . This .wonderful'liniment sinks into7the tissues
where the pain is seated and give's in-.
:stant relief, f '".Slia't"-catch''disappears;
all , sense of-* ��� soreness, goes" quickly.
Just try Nerviline for-chest tightness,
coughs,'colds -and' ���.soreness.' 7 It's, a'
wonderful- liniment; saves .the -:whple
family from" numerous minor illsjand
should be"inVevcryJibme". ' Large'bot-
tles, "_!)Cj at all,dealers. ..������..'��� '...   7 -
Limitation  of Armaments
France   Will. Fall   in   Line   if   Given
Time 1
More - than ten months Is 'it since
tho United Slates Senate ratified-almost unanimously the naval limitation
treaty, which was one of the fruits of
the Washington conference for thc
limitation of armament. Some four
months later, Japan followed suit;
then Canada, India, aud the Union of
South Africa assented to its provisions, and.a few days-thereafter Great
Britain gave formal approval to tnein.
And now Italy has gone on record as
favoring its terms. France alone rd
mains to act. And certainly that
country will be heard from, to the
satisfaction of all, "if it is given a
little more leeway. It is easy to
condemn, but it were welllf a keener
sense of forgiveness and mercy permeated the foreign relations of the nations of the earth.���Christian Seiem.e
No Entries for Soaring Flight
Now Making Light-Engine for Use by
So far no entry lias been registered
for the P.ritish prize of $5,000 for a
soaring. Ilight of fifty miles and expert
opinion has been heard to express the
view that it will not be possible to use
gliders for travel across the .-country after the' manner of the vulture
and. albatross. ���-Attention is being
turned to the possibilities of installing
an engine of 20 horsepower in a glider
and an aircraft company, has "produced
a two" cylinder air-cooled, engine which
weighs S5 pounds,'and' develops IS
horsepower; - ��� -An ��� attempt.- is - being
made to interest pilots who cannot
afford to keep a full-sized aeroplane in
th is .new. engine..-[.-'        ���"'.-'X'XX
Few Lepers in Canada
Only   Seventeen ,As   Compared   With
2,000 in States
Itev.-'.JI. N. Konkie, Secretary for
the whole of Canada for the mission
of lepers, says that at present there
aer two thousand'lepers in the United"
States, according to estimates mado
by medical authorities. . In Canada
there are only seventeen lepers segre-^
gated in two leper asylums, one on the
west coast of.British Columbia, about
fifteen miles from. Victoria, arid known
as D'Arcy Island, and the other at
Tracadia, off the coast of New Brunswick. There are estimated to-be
about two million lepers in the world,
scattered among alt the countries.
When asked what results liad been
obtained from the new cure for leprosy announced some time ago, IMr.
Konkie said that what they called a
'temporary cure had been discovered
and that some good results had been
accomplished from it. It could not
yet be called a permanent cure, hoiy-
i.i. consti
inventor i-laiins that, this
material, has.an i.-.v<-ell.'nt, 'app<-an.n<Hv r.tion .oi'--P-r'a;/s -'anil- tlie.'ci'yst.a'lVhad
tliat- it" is suitable ;Jor all purposes for"-, opened up a ii(i\y, iiehi of res"?..-., eh into
���_wh'ich "fur- is util.i/.i'-d "anil. .I'or."<\U��UHiikV tin";, prop'-.rfb's r,"i "atonis.: iOvery cr.ys-
whnre. (he urniosi;;y,:ai'iiit.h��� ihv .iV-a-.'-f t.al wii'-: hiViiVway-a,.lohg avenue''down'
W(-ii;ht; "aiid" lhc .'i.n:i.\"iint!ni'~(il'p!i<.!ei::^v-'hiriL we 'cniild ". look anil see' ;ir fhe
tion are,' deruani^'
Wonderful   Muscular  iPower
far end'ol it t.he.niosf in'.imiiive grqilp'"
ins."* or die atoujs., "-���-.- ���..������ ;-   ���     ..- '���[---
The t .imbi'. .'wlili.-__��.11 ��� - 7 in.-i'ii;- \
luio.ws" nnlhing- is . i.lia't hei,; alv,
ilu',"fast oiH- 10 "ii 1 nl  ii .inil.,,"7'"-
Le'ain.ing Irnin tin'
(Vfiierjj. is like gel ting
Vtet.V;,-. .     -.
IlllllieV   in ��� ;i
J-. s^V
~".'When.a nian.has li;nl: i>i:i;:iVimr
eniploy-.a Vlirsi.'-'i'lnss' lawyer, .vnu' i-\
iijtu jtlre -hi iii   thai   iall. )<_ t:ty {,.--[
7-11 >
'.'-,"A- Carrector'of, Pulmohary Troubles:
T-.Matiy^ieslimonialscqiild be present-,
ei!'.showing the_great.eflicac.v-.of. Dr.-"
71'iiomas'. Kcleciiii: Oil iii correcting"
disorders ofl h'>. respiratory processes,
but the' hVst tfsiimuiiial is- experience
and.theVOil.is reeonimeiided lo all who
suffer  Iiom .lh��-se, <lisorder3;.7witli' the
���'-. Japan's Supp.ly of Quicksilver. -7'-'
7- Japan WiU-soonrbe'ViiUlependent for
its.supply of quicksij\^_r. ' A rich vein,
said to. extend seven miles on.the sur-
:'face';and:to;"varj- in width .from two,t'o
six ;feet, has Ibeen'- discovered.7'' The.
ore assay's IS percent.;.and.the".vein
iaereases.in thickness; the deeper'"it
is-followed.-.;."  -'     .".     ;.- ���[;:.'.
Research ; In China -
. \'ou may lead a'l'ool io 1 y 1 u. biii Via
-ran.not ..ruake him think,   ""
czema tasverett Arms
of This Healthy Child
Mr*. Alex.   Marshall,  Sps-ucedaie,   Ont.,   write*:���^-
' 4 "
"When- my . little son was three
montiis old he broke out in sores ofl
his chest and arms. We did all we
could to heal those terrible "soresi but
nothing did him much good. Finally I ventured on a box of Dr. Chase's
Ointment and kept on using it. At
��� last-we _ were .rewarded by   the/
steady healing of the sores, and
. finally he was completely 're!lev- ..
ed  of;' them.   He  is   now  three \
;years ':old, and has":'had - no  re- 7
turn of' the, trouble since.."...-.
liaby  Marshall.  >    -
SO cawJs a. box. all dealers orKdmanson, Bates &-,y'X Irttl., Toronto.
"A Point of Resemblance,.
; "Tha.t'new, man I hired reminds me"
oi'.a . .steam, engine."      "Good worker,
ehV"-_.,.  "No-;   - gopi.l-.-7 w'h.istl.e"r:"-r-Xew
Haven llefrister...." 7-<;  .-..    , -���""'
Jewish .Athlete -Proves-that .He  Can-'
;.- Bite Through..'Steel ���-'"      ."/���"��� ���
. -'i'liii! ;i..I,i.'\virfh.alhle(e .iiaiued Ureil-"
i.eut; :il yejii'K old, i;.ir: :; in..:in 3ieii*hr.,7
-! iinil-wei^hinii'-.iij Ihs..."run hii.ethrouf.li
".st>>.f,l is""!v��ni',li':dVf"ii'- h'y ;i lil��>iiic;il cor*
r.\^iii<n(|r-rn'('ii, (lie  f.iinei:!:   "    -'..---..'
.7: i:i%.'i'l.ii:iri7s VjH;r.i'i.>riii;iii(;��;s Viist.ouhili'il IcertiiiiHy tliat tliey. will find relief. - It i carcerateil much tren sure* including a
'; .i.i'n:iiiniti.'M\.ol7pliyVi(i;i'ii.^. engineers. 'X:'l])- ���',l?;'.v ' iniiitinnni'i'ion -.in 'fhe'bron- h'sea' ���'of- nVercury."' The .'"primitive
7Mnith> :inii jir'^'iilenfs'i'ir'iiilireiirco.r-.V':''   ;'. .." ^i'-X XX W-.W" "'"'' "-   7 . (race's,of. China li'ave" also" left tlieir're-.
''-iPoi;'(iions:-'n-lio7s;i'w him sf'-v'er witli-liiA-'1, ' 7 '.       _       ,. ���. '��� '+.:���' -. .  ��������� ,.     ���'���- ."'  '-    '.niains," and once 1 It is field of "research
��� -  ���'��� -    -.���-      .. .- -      * 1 ��������� - Canadian-Richest  Man -���(..- -     ..���-.-���-  -.   -
; ii'fih  -Ki'vcriil   i i-i.m'-iini I:-si.ee"!   dm iiis 1"  ���..'    '-''.'.","'"- ,���-���--������      '     ' -   '    ! is explored" it liiay. he'.expected ��� that
'  -      ���,.,     ,.-       .-.,-.,'���.,. I'    Krank-Veij.il, a' well-known iecutr.'v; -.,-'���.    -'-'.".  ,  .    ... ,-"--:,7'-- -      ',
. one-filth oi ;m itiih i.hnl;: iietnl into a I -���..'-; Hood of -n_jht- wiU he .-thrown on much
;-.   ',   --���     ��� "   ,    ,-,,'-    , '       .       i of' Toronto,  in   aiiilressiiiK  the '('ana-   "-, ."���,"   , "���."���'       . -   -"    ''. ���'-'.,,
,! f.-iri-lo-iron ��� rods, hah ,an inch Kfiif:ire7. ,, -   .,,,  ,     ..   .,��� . ... .   -,       ,j which at present is-.(jb?cnre.-in .-the
Exploration :.Would, Throw." Light
��� Man's Early" History -
- 'IMiat," China conceals some, fascinal-.
ing' treasures 'i3-".certain. 7' There .is
for"example",' the- Rt'eat "..tumulus.-.of
T;.sin-:shi-Tu"iirig-fl ;ih- ShcnsL-' 7 Into"
the la'byrjnthe recesses of this, mound
it is written" t hat - ten. - thousand .^york;'
men Xn(_l a horde of sla^es.and wives
were driven h,efori��. the jetitranees were
sealed. Together .with these victims
of a barbarou.-' custom thereWas in-.
. Worms h_; children, If "thcy .be'not
attended to, cause "convulsions, and
often death.":.-. Mother Graves'. .Worm
Jdxte'riniriator will protect, the children
from these distressing afflictions. ��� ���"
; ������-Fi��ed7_Jro.r .Harnessing .Dog:. -
" Though; dogs "are used' for drawing
yehicles'-7i_i many"parts of the-Continent, i.V is an offence in.KnglnndV-At
Culloinpton, jDevon,/a summons was
lieiird against an elderly .man";.who "had
harnessed a dog'to a four-wheeled Invalid .carriage.   7lle claimed ihat lie
was .'.only ��� following tlie. Krcneli-"cu.i-..
torn..    An/inspector .of.Uie Society for
Cruelty to Animals explained .that it
(bad been an.offence to tie a ilog .foi-
\ draught since J8H��.. '  A"..n'e 'wis 'imposed:-- ;-������������ ���     .._- .:���;;���;���       ;-..-
usi'nj. hi��- ihoiit-h as ..;_. liili'i'iiin;". bend'
. iiv<vr his head a  rail"' lonr inches -t-liii-k
by iwo and a 'lnclf in.'aVs.   .
The- '.���orrcsiMiridenl says"?'���"The 'rcim-
, nu.r."tc''- is sftiisiied    ihat    he    aceoni
"l>li"shes the tasks by uifans ol' fxli.i-
; oidinary iniiscniar power cinipleil with
'.csopIIoiu scivniiiii.-. ii'ainiiu': and iinis-
' flUa'r eti'jrgy.
;.���.""'   '.-Canadisn.-Richest  Man   ".-
Krank -Veigh, a ' well-known "lectin-.*;-
i��f'Toronto, in iiddressjiig the Cana-
���"iLianVChib - o't Ihiffalo 'recently stated
;that'.llie.. Canailian: jier- capira.is the
; richest.'man" in ihf".world.- boeaiise" his
: wealth is haseil on'rlio���ti:?m��*ji'ilojis"n 1 ���
I early . history".
of - man.���Hong .'Kong
-."The -. fastest. flowing ���  river in the
world'is the-Sutlcj;   in.   India,   which
^rises'15,200 :feet above tlie sea, ".and.
falls" 12.000 feet-in." ISO miles!.-
.' Hubby Gets In Bad-
"���..The committee wanted Mrs." Flub-.
dub~:,t071 ecture" 6h~ "spme_siibje"ct"orV
other.    ". -- .'. 7 '.-.'.   -" . .-    '". ,   '/'  "-.
���"'"But" I "can ;t lecture."-   V  '..;,'" 7.
7 "Your hiisband assures'us   to "the.
contrary;"'' "they     "said.W'Ouisville
Courier."Journal.". ";"���' X'.-   X X.   '���.
'''X- -.'-: 'What's Needed V '.WW
An interesting- device���that niolor-
truck-ivliich .".walks like a. lnani" ,Now
for, a" peilesti-lan lYhb can. run Jikc.a
motor -truck,���New. Orleans Times-
Picayune."  "V     ''..'.���'   "  -.    ���'.'"-". -���'-���'
. And.'V lhe .man , who -Is, really and -
truly- in "love; doesn't lie to "the 7w6--
man in"'the case. -."'     :   ��� " - "- -'   ��� .--;-
1M(eep Them GrowinigJ
Children 7 who are over-thin, |
��� listless or delicate, should take ���;
Scott's Emulsion
regularly every day-"as an
aid to growth and sturdinesa.
{Nothing surpasses Scott's��
Emulsion its a tonic-nutri-W
ent.for a child of arty age.]M
' ���Scoit.&'itonne. Toroiiloi'Olil..        20-0*M.
1 urn I'resources ol  rhe'-cohnfry.
Corn Grows Well in Alberta .
Tliat   Alberta   is   einineutly. suitable !
for the growing of c<>rn i.s demons rat-1
led bv exiierimenis fohdurted l>v H. 'I.."'
. - i-
��� Dot en ol rhe "<;ifichf-n district.  , I.;i;���t |
: year,.he reporied " ha\snK-.grown -' itii!
{ acres.,of- corn.; harvesting more  ih.-irs:
I -      .'..-���- 1
���.rl.OO'i-- bushels. -0.1 ' perfet-tiy.. manured
. .se^-il.   -   This   gave., iiim ,!feed   for. isis
-1 hogs "and  oi'iifr srock.,-l.^fiXing him a
7K'irplus for r&i? -its seed. ���������.:',!   . ���'.���[.'���'-
Tfonfsty'.neirer"���iias. to' frown' sry-
I body in ord^r tojaake i living.
'"Ific'rease'.ln,Building ,.','���. "'   ,
The value of the. biiihliiig'aitiiioriv.ed
.Tiie Duke, of York, .whoso approach.- '(during l^ebruafy  as intii.cated: by  re.-
jng marriage is attracting much at.l.cnV ports tabulated by the- Dominion. IJur
1:011. has the reputation o'f-being  the ] oau  of >'taiisii<;s-.    was. ; considerably
humolist of the Knglish Uoyal. family./''.fgher  than  in   the   preceding  month
���;������-���_���������^rrrrr-���: -7 _. | and also than during February, 192-'.
The -55 cities nia'kiiig.returns issued
permits valued at ?}.TI4."I7J> as coin-
pared with ?::.70r��,2.">lj in .January; 1S23.
and with S��.2tH.��3:'; in Kebruary of fttst-
year. The increase "in the first comparison was Sl.0Un.222 or 2S.0: per cent.
;tnd--in the latter, it^siood at $."-f2,:72:.,
or 12.S percent.-
���-1 -
.lM.-i<'0 :v- pioco o{. cotton wortl-
Kiitiuitnil witli' TMiiiarsl'-s...in the
i-.-i-vity.' _\>:is 11 r ;t rou:if>T
-irritant'  nuil; i.-iv�������-<niifK   r<-li*>f.
-It. is often a good riiing for a man's i
; peace of mind rliat he doesn't knoiv;
( what, oilier people know about Jiim.     j
is one of those pure food products that, is so
. good and; popular that it is known' and used
from orie end of Canada tb'the other.
.,' ��� " Grown Brand,'1 the original Corn
Syrup, is .the favorite because of its
flavour and'unquestioned  quality.
no substitutes;
Justice For All
Would Develop Better Spirit to Kesp "
People in Canada
"The Canadian idea'- was the subject of a forceful and convincing address by William II. Moore, Toronto
author, at. thc CanadianiClub luncheon
in Ottawa. A spirit mu��t be deycl-7
oped, he, said, which would keep her V .-
young men liere.
In no uncertain tone he emphasized
that justice in Ontario for tlio French-    .
Canadian minority-"and justice in"Quebec, for the'British-speaking;, minority'
was the real basis on. which to erect,'
Canadian' na f ionhood..-   .-      :'- .".        ._   " .
W.   N.    U.. 146
THE\CANA-DA STARCH CO. LIMITED ��� .J,'-��� * -���������.;^������'y^JZJi:,i^i&'>-Tt
- -vr"���^^"""T"
'���-.=: -K'i' v7;? [-X-y^ \ ft W/?1$0-
THE     LEDGE.     GREENWOOD.     B.     0.
The importance of
Vitamines in food is
being recognized at
the present time to a
'greater extent. than' ever
before. It has been conclusively demonstrated
that; yeast is rich in this
all important element.
Many people have received great, benefit
physically simply by taking one, two or three
Royal Yeast Cakes a day.
Send name and address
for. free copy "Roya.! Yeast,
Cakes,for Better Health.""
Value of Hudson Bay Cruise
Announced that Saskatchewan is Unlikely to be Represented on Trip
Saskatchewan is unlikely to be represented on the proposed cruise
through the Hudson Bay to be organized by the Federal Government iu
August next, according to the present
intentions of tlie- Saskatchewan Government, as announced by Premier
Thinning iii the legislature": He intimated-an overland trip on the Hudson Bay .Railway which some western
provinces contemplated organizing in
1923, would have, more practical value
than lhe proposed cruise through the
Straits. ���"-    ".
Premier Dunning said, some of the
western provinces had in mind organizing an overland trip to the bay
over the Hudson Bay Railway during
1023. lie believed that would have
more pracfi.nl value than a eraine
through the Straits.' The results of
such a trip might be very valuable in
the event of a controversy arising as
to the suitability of one or other of
the two ports. The Government'hud
been assm-red by high maritime'authorities-that (he/trip through the
Straits in August would prove nothing,
and (hat the passengers Avouhl not be
able to see anything that, would determine the praetibility of the route or
"However," he added, "(here is still
time to change our minds if wc should
later consider il. advisable to have, the
province represented oif that occasion." ''���-/
Madame Feriliiiiinil.Bi'.viid/a, 70, sis
ter of former Premier Cleniencoa'u, is
��dcad at Paris.
Opening of navigation at the head
of the lakes is not expected until the
first of May, allowance being made for
a longer than usual cold spell.
The war damage in" the devaslal.-il
region ol'Prance is fixed af S5,7f>0,00U.-
000 francs in lhe revised figures announced by the .Minister of Liberated
The United States legation has verbally notified the Greek Government
that it reserved the right to protect
against application ol a recent -lay,-
providing for additional taxation rn
Ioreign joint slock companies.
A severe enilhnuiike was recorded
on tlie seismograph at the Vicfoivi
observatory on March 21. The record
lasted about ihroe bouts and vin_ estimated at a point probably in lhe
Southeast I'aeiiic region of Chile.
! The 'Spring is a-lime of anxiety lo
j mothers who have little ones in tlie
I home. Conditions iiiake.it necessary
to. keep the baby indoors, lie is often
confined to overheated, badly ventilated rooms nnd catches colds which
rack his whole system. To'-guard
against tin's a box of Tiahy's Own Tablets should he kept in the house and
un occasional dose given Hie baby lo
keep his stomach and bowels working
regularly. This will prevent colds,
(onslipalion or colic nnd keep baby
well. The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mail at 2,"> cents a
ho\- from' The Ur. Williams' Medicine
Co , Brockville, Ont.
Alberta* Coal  For Ontario
Hops  to  Secure  Satisfactory   Frsignt
Rats to Make Plan Possible
The Ontario Government is investigating   the   leasibilily   oL  gelling  the
coal supply tor this province from AI-
beitn.     lion. Ifoward Ferguson, in the
l/cgisl;itun., got  this information irni.i
Premier  Prur.   when   he  asked  wha1
'"\vas~ being    done    to prevent a coal
wfeChest Grids
in short order
Whenever  you   feel  that
tightening in the chest; that
deep-seated   irritation   that,
is. the'sure'forerunner of a
chest cold���
Apply Sloan's tochest and
neck. It breaks up the congestion and brings instant
relief. The penetrating
warmth of the liniment re-��
stores normal circulation
and reduces inflammation.'
Don't let your chest cold
develop. Wherever congestion causes pain���use Sloan's.
A/ailt in CmtciiUt
Sloan's Liniment-kills pain f
For rheumatism.Imiises.strains.chijstrolds
By    Rea    Proctor    McGee.    M.D.,
D.D.S., Pittsburgh, Pa.
At the Lester. Institute in London,
years of experiments in the study of
scurvy have shown that the slightest
trace of this disease results in definite
changes in the"structure of the teeth.
We have .long known that the mere
presence of bacteria does not mean infection. To have bacteria become.ac-
tive w;e must have a point of entrance
and a.lowered resistance.
Scurvy lowers the resistance or :.he
teeth by causing changes in the tooth
structure; and so encourages the activity of the bacteria of decay. In
addition, the lowering of the vitality
of the membrane surrounding -.he
tooth, causes a loosening of the teeth
in their sockets, whicli will result in
Iheir total loss if the disease i.s nut
checked. j
Scurvy is a disease that is caused i
by lack of proper nourishment.^ We j
usual ly flunk of lhc disease as one '
that, was commonest in lhe Civil War
give  your digestion a "kick" with
Sound teeth, a good
appetite and proper
digestion mean MUCH
to your health.
helper, In all tbis
work - a pleasant,
benelicial pick-me-up.
InterestlnWesternlOEtlGHTED  OVER
Canada Grows    !QUICK RE(MRy
To  Save   Nelson's   Flagship
Suggestion Made that Famous Ship bs
Placid in Trafalgar, Square
..The fund to-save Kelson's famous
flagship, the. Victory, has been -swelled by a gilt of ��50,000 from a "well
wisher of (.he .navy."' For some lime
the old wooden inano'-war has been
rolling in her drydock at 'Portsmouth.'
but-the worlc of restoring her will
soon begin, so that she.nitty be a symbol of Syave-ruling Iliitannia. - It is
'expected'-that the craft will be-kept in
a drydock dodicated to her use alone,
although the suggestion has been
made, that-.she be placed at the base
i of the Nelson 'column in Trafalgar
j Square. =
j Nelson's Victory, the fifth ship of
; (hat name in the Uritish navy, was
! laid down in 1759. She saw thirt.-
' lour years of service.
Wheat Exports
days and Unit, it is not likely to occur |
104/139,000 Bushels Shipped to British
Islss in Six Months
AVorlilng out tho shipments of Hour
i exported   froni   Canada   in   terms   of
n our own lime.
llut,   strange    as   if may seem, jn /    ..    ,  .,      ,   .. , ,     .,,      ,    ���
,,    j wheat the statistician ol the Hoard of
"1C-Grain  Commission   finds  that Canada ! stiII< tliere'are but twenty such agents
times of peace, and in all parts of
world, scurvy ls a prevalent disease. ���������
Tliere is u very common form,
known as latent scurvy, (hat is dilli-
cult to recognize except by the-condi-
tion of the gums and teeth. This is
particularly' prevalent, in under-nourished children., The causes of this
disease are: lnsiiflieicnt food, food
that may be eaten-in suIUcient fjuan-
tify but. that docs not 'provide the right
elements for .nourishment., food tliat
may be-suflicient in -quantity and finality but tliatMs not properly "Insist icsited j
and consequently does not complete-1
ly digest. /'
Many American  Farmers   . From '.the
Middle  West Looking   For
Cheap Land
(By G. C. Porter, of'Winnipeg)-
Kansas . City, Mo.���"Our inquiries
for Canadian farms are away above
those of the same period for last year,
and there is a better type going northward this season than in other years."
Thus spoke A. E . May, in charge Of
the government immigration ofTice
here. This ollice is responsible- for
all inquiries originating in the vast
agrarian empire composing Missouri,
Kansas, Oklahoma/Texas aud a'part*
of the State of Arkansas. There are
no field man attached, just one man
and a girl sqcreiaryi They must answer
about eighty mail inquiries in a season
and personally talk lo half as many
who call at tlie'oilice each day. Some
of these-inquiries come"ihrougli It, G.
Norris, representing the Canadian I'aeiiic railway with headquarters in
Kansas City, but the bulk of them go
through Hay's ollice.
ft would be a joke, the idea of one
man'pretending to take care of Canada's immigration business froni all
parts of this vast territory, if it did'
not concern such    serious    problems.
has exported during last six.months
ending February ot this year, J.SB.SSa,-
S'-IO bushels of wheat. Of the wheat
exported to the Uritish Isles. 1.01,420,-
000,000 bushels. Of the wheal, exported Lo oilier countries. :;,9K;,_)00 bushels
went via United' Stales ports while
15.S7t;,000 went hy Canadian ports.-Hi
the month of ..February lho wheat, ex-
l'or all the American Itepublic.     They
but, if Canada means business, if tlie
vacant lands are to be'tilled witli farmers' from this country in the volume
expected and in numbers such as the
fine prospects in Canada warrant,
every office ought fo have three or
four field men who would do nothing
ports to the r'nlted .Kingdom totalled! 1>u,; tn,vel ;uul .?110eL personally those
who    are    writing    about going "up
north" and live million dollars instead
u,27S,0t)3 bushels and   to other coun-
i tries :i,7(5(;,l!)2. this being an" increase |
of about 1,000,000 bushels to the Unit-1 oL' a m""���:'""! a balf, as now, should
j ed Kingdom and 100,000 to other, coiiii-,| be spent annually on this arm of tho
In fact, if is not the quanI ity of focuM
that'counts; if is the'nourishment da-
lived from il that gives strength. The
condition of lhe teeth and gums mav
be either- the cause or the result of
this disease uf under-nourishment.
If   the   child's   teelli decay rapidly
I tries   over   the ..'exports of February,
"11)22.   ��� . "     .. .''"���..
Canadian Travelling Exhibition
French Government Votss La'rge Sum ;
For Canr.di-m Exhibit
shortage'  next    winter    like the one
Six   carloads   of first-class Alberta I v,-hu;h had caused so much misery tin.:
coal, mined in  diifeient parts of the , rear.        ' "
She Suffered for
Twenty-Five Years
Quebec    Lady    who    Suffered
Bright's     Disease,     Diabetes
Dropsy Restored to Good Health by !      V      ,    .. ���-,
Using  Dodd's Kidney Pills. I aml oul 0l !Ue'
and   the gums  are inflamed  and   lhe!    Tlu' J1'1'���''11 Government
bony process around the teelh-begins j ,"'i:ltei1
to  absorb,  giving  the  appearance  ol j
premature agoing, if is lime to have'
''For some weeks this Government
has been in communication with ihe
Government v.  ol
province, were sent to Toionio and
Ottawa, to give consumers in those
cities a practical demonstration of
how the ivpst can solve their heat ing
Two reserve oflicers ol the United
States Army Air Service were burned to death at Fori llliss, Texas, when
their De Havilan plane. 1n which llu-v
were making a practice Ilight, crashed
to the ground in lull view of hundred-;' situation, I have mori laiih in 'i solu
ins appro-
7.~0.fioi)   1 runes     lo     expend
upon lho Canadian Trni filing Kxhibi-
tion.    according    lo ;a!vices received \
the child I rented by both the physici m | fl'01"  7Ml'is-      "���   l>',(,l>osos   to  accord
aud the dentist, i Canada the s-tmc lachilirs -is wero ac
Every child-1s entitled to the privi- j corded   to   Franco  hy  Canada  in   fhe
lege ol growing up healthy and .slrong.,F,','n("!l   U'i'vid'ing  oxlii1iilir.il of 1021.
Don't wait for your child  lo  "o"'   j The i-ro-rrannue pro. ides lor cons!ruc-
frorri  grow" this condition.   Help Ihe liule j (i011 01 :t <'fWo.v composed of a mnn-
a"d j fellows to gel all there i.s out ol loot! Jljev r,! Jl,r,lfn' 1(>rri-s which will-draw
J trains ol" .-pe.i.il tars built to receive!
( fhe exhiUfs.     Alter loiiring Ihe prov- |
For tweniy-nve yeais i have sut-j     London's Transport Problem    j ir* ,Uo ^Ty^ *���   -^T- *��
tered   lrom  various   tonus  of  kidney t.  ! I'aris wnere  it _ vl ill be m'siallod in a
! disease  which   includes   Uright's   Dis-   -.������ ..,,X'       ������,   -,- ,.       ��� _   v   ' large building.
ease,   Diabetes   and   Drops*.     I hurt   �� u" X   ��V V - - -
pains in my back and was atwajs tir-j Three Milfion Every Day j Pulp Mill For Manitoba
In    carrying    London's'   jias-senger!
service  down here  for  the next ten
years.. -������ ��� ��� '
���'���A':prospect from Kansas .City visiting Canada must pay.5Sn.7l to Winnipeg lor a ticket and $171 for a car of
settlers effects.      From Texas points
j the man going to Canada pays on his
i car ol settlers effects ?330.     This rate
I is based on the tariff to l-.dinonton and
lis    somewhat   less    to    intermediate
points.      So the railroads down here
'are doing everything possible to dis-
i courage fhe movement of farmers to
; Canada.
I     lieginning    this    month,    however,
there is a monthly homeseekers' spe
Mrs.   Nellie   Mollard   Gains   Weight,
Nerves Steady and Other Troubles
Gone" Since  Taking  Tanlac
"Three bottles of Tanlac did me a
_world'of good, and I certainly think it
is a fine medicine," declared Mrs. Nellie Mollard, 1121 Wascana Ave., Regina, Sask.
"For several months before 1 got
Tanlac I was simply run-down all over
ami became dreadrully nervous. I
liad absolutely no appetite, weighed
only a hundred nnd nine pounds> I
was so unstrung the least little thing
upset me terribly and I was so weak
I.couldn't even- do my housework.
"A neighbor advised me to try Tanlac, so 1 staited on the medicine and
now r have a splendid appetite, relish
what I cut, and feel fine. That tired,
run-down condition is all gone, and I
have gained considerable in weight,
f can recommend Tanlac highly."
/.Tanlac is for sale by all good drug-'
gist...     Over 35-inillion bottles sold.
Ancient Shield Discovered
Carries      Likeness     of     Christopher
Columbus and  Date "1492"
An ancient shield, dating back  to
have done and are doing very well.-j-tbe discovery of America by Columbus, was found recently by men excavating at Marysvilje, Ont. It bears a
replica of the St. Maria, one of the
discoverer's barques, and carried a
likeness of Columbus and some Icneel-
On'it is engraved the word "Columbus" and "St. Maria," and at the baso
are the figures "HSi."
This shield is being sent to the
Queen's historical authorities.
Silos in Western Canada
Approximately three hundred silo:,
were sold in Western Canada hist
year, according to figures compiled by
the TS'or-Wesl Farmer lrom .eporls
recei.ed Iiom manufacturers rind distributors. In addition a large number of home-made, silos were erected,
bringing the total up to between 900
and 1,000. ft is estimated Unit approximately double thai  number will
be erected dining 1923.
To  Asthma   Sufferers.      Dr.   J.   I).
Kellogg's Asthma Itemed)  comes like
a helping hand to n sinking swimmer.
cial run fo the Canadian border .that   It gives new life and hope���something
White Head Feive, Que^���(Special), j
ed and nervous.     At times I lomul it |
,,.     , ,.       difficult to collect my I hough rs and 11 ..���..,.,. h .. rr���,i-.., ���,���������: .*.,!!���..,,. (���.,:���, i
\lhertii     roffirdini'   .    .    . . ;,       , "       .. name tne uiuiergiouni  uain\.n iraitis
mini..     its iii.ui!,   i,.U| sharp pains on (he    top   ot    rav       ,    , , ,
Driiiy.    "'VVe have j head." I *'l,ul tne omnibuses travelled  !Gu\l0l,-j
"1 took fifteen boxes or Dodd's Kid-j b02 miles last year. . J
le.-l    ils   luel    . nine.    we are hoping! ne-v pi,ls amI Uie-V hi,vc <lomi '"e il lot!     Tniri    lig'ure.    evlracted  from   what I
,,   . .      ,.   . , ,   ��. .,    i ol    good.     I   am now enjovinrj good ��� h,��� ���,���,..,,,���: ,��� ii.ri,!i,- ,..,n u.,.;,. .������_;. '
lliaf we can gel a livighl rale on the , ]ie,x^ ���< ; rue cotap.inies Uglnl.i  call tlicir   iiu;)-
National   Itailwayrf  that"   will    mat,.;'     Madame Francois Arbour, who lives j ��elhnif*out4 statistics," gives some id-ia
lhe transportation of   large   supplies ] liere. makes the above statement.   All j of  tho immensity    of    the    tian.'-port j
ol  roaT tea.sible       After studying Uii. i over Canada. Dodd's Kidney fills are Uroblem dealt -will) every da\.   i-Mthtr'
iiecoguuc^l as sufioring wonien's best I for    w-orki    blIf.illess    or..!
of spectators
A further addition ot 2,500,000 bushels  to the
Port Arthu
i .        . - ��� j ,.
in an  addition, to  the .Saskatchewan    '
Co-operative.    lOJevaior "   Company';-.
. plant.-  " This will give"the SaskalOhe.-
lion ot Iho diliicull problem by bringing in Alberta coal than   I   have   in
1'iiend:    They act directly on the kidneys, making [hem '���Irons and health.'.,
Diseased kidneys are    the.   cause    of, on tbe average daily abo.-e or
plea-qirc*. no
fewer than 3.17;:.:17S people tnnelled
The erection ol a pulp and paper
mill ai Fori Alexander, about 70 miles
I'rom Winnipeg, v, ill be started this
spring b. .1. D. .McArthur & Co.. Ltd..
according (o information received in'
Winnipeg. Th,- "-ehciiie also provides
lor ilie conr-triHtion ol a railroad 20
miles lrom r.eiwonia lo l'ort Alexander, and lhe total expenditure will
amoiini lo x:!,0uo.0i)i��. The plant,
which will liaio a capiuiiy oi  120 tons,
day   is   expected   to   be   completed
gives a one-fare rate, plus ?2 for ihe
round trip. This is not done by the
U.S. railroads for the benefit ot the
people who want to go to Canada, bid
tor those who desire to move into the
northwestern states and, of conrs-.,
the Canadian lines extend this lrom
the border on into Canada', but il illustrates the difficulties of moving immigrants north-nurd from this sociion.
he has come lo believe impossible, Ils
benefit is too evident to be questioned
���it is its own best argument���its own
best advertisement. If you suffer
trom asthma gel this time-tiied
remedy and find help like ihou.iaiuN
ol otlieis
! *    "' Long'est Glide
j The longeft straight line glide yo.
I recorded has been made by M. Ma.r-
! ciol, who travelled &ix    miles    in    a
Increase In Trade
Mnard's Liniment for Coughs & Colds
>   "r.iin  otortge c.ipnr-ilv oi ! eitlim1 Ihe development of pea! or the ' "ino-tenths of all the ills women are! (he surface  (average of 233.10S more'    . ,,.'
u.-��cIev:itors is' provided ' iov \ imporla. ion  ol""easiern  coal,  at leas;-, J'f1",10^' So""<J ,1;i(lllft^ 3"'-;'�� l'��f   than  in   I92t)..-and. in  the  year -Lhi<��: .. 7 ���     XX.JXX     -.
ui; uiiiiiuii- t>> iiiimiiiiMLi  .    k   . ....-,        /���      .       .. i blood.    I'ure-blood means good health.    .-���  ������   .   ,.     .- ;:-     .-.    ���  .  ,  ..   ,   ,,_,    -������   - ������      ���   ��� : -���
Many have beoii relieved of corns bv
.  Weak,: nervous,   run-down" women!. ��'eanl .the.isfaggoring total' of-I.Ul,-:i"-|j|T��D'. >jn   miWT  nADC
���should , ask "'.���'their.- neighbors ',aboiit.|..��27,7(i6 passenger.^,/      .. . .'..InUODAFlU- l/llilM 1   UAl\L
Dodd's Kid'hey-I'ills. >  '-',   -'--    i/7Whut-is even-more striking, is. the
i lloiloway'
power ol;
���i-'C'crn Ilemover.      It'has a]      """.-.   ' r���t- y.'. -
i'ls-.ow.n. that will'be.-found : V.Said  .an    old   lady Id a child.who
:  -    '���'-"_���'y '"- '    '-��� -    I.looked at'her. "What are you staring
~~"'VIZrrT77:~/:_^i-----.i-- /-Vat?-. Whal-'do-you/.se.e-in Tny
Printing-GallCO- In' Olden Times / \ '���Nothing.;.Vreplied '. the c.hikl, and lhe.
��� lady passed on.'     -'-;"V   - ;''   ,_.���' '
Hall's- Catarrh Medicine
wan.elcvalor.il lota! capacity of R.000;- ���
000 bushels. V.   -  "       _' ) ���...'.        / j
... As a result of_'ii_ ine."ejing_o^,nie IXl-.-!.
fence  Council- the -I.iril.ish  Aduiiraliy !
.will, .'be-  asked   lo agree" to: an'inter- j..  '..-'     XX'     ������..   .
.change.-- of- vessels ��� or  the','Australian !-Work':. Was;  Slow7 "Before.; Machines
Valid' Imperial'Heels %vith a view .to.giv-'-!/.--, .':    .VVsre-lnyei-ited" ' .
-ing Australians the b.fmeiif of .'training |"  'In.-fhe tlnys before theprinling; ma--
:in;t1ie-3redUe"ria'nean7'aii(l' the 'Allan.-; chiue
tic service.",'; ".-    X-       7.   ": i- '-'���������
-,.    ,y-      ;.-'-.���--.'.������'. ---...     '���    . ;-     j.ed. l.y'liaii<t':by-|.h'e blot;!, lacthod;;, : lly "'-iriV'trityV.inlfi'i^''i<*(Ml-.Kv. VoVist i t"n Lif>it:il  con
��� Deing .a dreitiiier hj;iy bespeak.'..the ,.-ti!'K incl.hoti'.lluv design, "y.-its;'outlined . i.-inhW n To.iiiV iin(i"a<u.s jhrpi'igh '
artistic; t'eiiiiichinienf.'but.' ybii; must; on; the sifrface.oi.ti wouilen. block, .the
'dream"/to Venire,   ptirpo.sc-.'t.i draw a | oiirlin'os. y,-ere. -botinde.l   by  pieces  of
���salary!   'X/'XyX. ��� '��� .'���/' '   v- '���'���     ;;-��� brass or copper, aiul- the., mi ir face filled
,. '. V:.'.���.-,������-���-X-.y -������ :'���'-'"'. ;"in ���with" ,1'ejl.  to- htild. .tlie.- color"!  and
!7A process .for SUver jdating-Wiiiiir U^i'icl.imds , .'designs'.' of 7 as -many'-as
jng.bu.t hull', (heusuai   lime..- was dis
j fact- that tliis huge.-figure represents
| an iiicrease'of-72.!)tS,S-l-l over -t92I,':'tnd
(hatbiit,_for,l.he buses there_-__wbii!il.
havebeen-.a big decrease.  ���  -   -.
'i'ho.->e who are  In "."a ."nit'i ."do"M;n'" = .coa-"
v-i��   invciVlPil   nr   iM-eti   iinlili'L'-' tiitlo,r   whl-notlcis   that - t'iil;iri:li    bollt'ern
1..IS  in\(.l\ted..oi   oven .lllllll liS   ,(���,,��� ������.,,i, ���������.;. than, wben-'lliey-aru In
.tiiein uuir.h mori
���i Use becahie general; calico'wa's.prinl-'K"0;','   .bealtli.-   ���This  -taut,, proves - that
!   -. /   ... . - .,.-   .....     ..-'-.--   '    ..'   .      ._������'; wliilo. l.iitnrrli -!��. a - loeal   tliseii."*'. ;it   is
covered recent ly in "JOnglahd.
! three/tu'-t'oiu/cdlors woro'printed by
this'''method." '.'VVhen -ilie'b'ldck ��� wiis
coriipleCed- it,'-' was'dijipcd in .a:, color
bo.\': and tin:, pattern was'then-jsiifiress:
ed "iipon'.- th
is a Tonic iii3(l a<'t.s .through' the
lilood iii>s>ii: tli!> mucoiiK' yurfiicits. of, tlio
boily.-!!tu�� i-ikI'icI'ik' the iiiflaiiunnnon- and
assistitiK is'atiu�� in restoi'tiig normal.cou--
(iltloi)!'.- ' ' ���-,      '"... ���  .'' ' -.
��� "AH-DniiTstsls..     rrliviilnrs free.        '-,,'���-
��� 1'.'. J.'Cheney.& Co., Toluilo,."Ohlp. "-" ' -.
...Those.- feelings-" of 7'fainhiess, those
dizzy: spells, ftlie "all-gone" sinking sen-,
salions .wliicli.'coii'ie oh 'froni time to
time ' indicate a weidvened'condition
���'orthe heart/and. a-disordered "state bt
theneryes. -.    '."'-������.''/'.-'''   ",  .,���-''-  .".
.-.'���Lucky.Channel islands 7
'..���The Channel Islands, are.'so lightly
taxed ,-ihat..people'migrate'- there?-from,
Ktiglaud in - order Vto-escaji'e Ipaying
llifair'shiire" tpwards the upkeep of the,
lb" be ' ���''���'"lure, and the inlanders-a re now-be;",
ing asked"';Iri put an end-to this -state.
fabric-by-stamping'' by
hand." aiid . lor> each   .color
printed.'the- cloth" had to be. stamped j
j.j^ v/0].]7}0i'.7: affairs;  by.-7 taking themselves'Of
/by/a separate operation:
j.w'as -slow- jiiul' laborious; and. in prlnt-
. j Iiig e.'en .soiii.v-   p'ritli-rns 7 that    wcrej'
'printed in tho'sVdays il would" lake "a'i
��� j man and rule- or I.wo helpers, a. whole '���
3'ear7 to print  as nianv yart!s..of cldth-i
as.c-iii be pi'iiih.d on ii modern print-!'
mg"machine, in probably-a dii-y.or'a lil--|
lie. I'uoiv.-^-lJoston .'franscript.
--'Simple Addition.-.������'
"1.am'selling adding,machines." .announced .the. new..triiveiling" salesm.aii
to the-country si'ortk-eopeiv '-. ,-T jiiivc-
the best add lag: niach'tnc -on 'earth..;  It
7v.'ill add/any number--of figures acciu-
ritely," .)_���[ '������ ���[ "--.--. ''."��� '\, " .". ,;-
.. "ltcckbu' I..don't V-;ieed"-bne,!' replied   the   storekeeper,.- shifting'- ids
.seat'on-tiie cracker-barrel."'     ��� " .    -; ���
: "Dut," man,- how else can-.you'keep
up witli tilings'.".       ""'.  ; . '���'���-   ���-���-/���
. "AVal, I-
'.systeni! '-" I";cut a notch on, the coun-'j dare-leavenie aloiieVanil often had to
.(.er-everv tinie-,1 .niakc a/.saleV���Amer-l-stay.'.up iit- night.Vwith"me".'
���fjia'n I;cgion.>VeeI.'Iy.    '- ..     .������ ." .   -
strong   sou Ih westerly    wind    in    the
identical machine in w-liicli he won the
���,  _      , ,     _      ...      ^ ���        piize in the competition al lllord, lust
Noticeable   Growth   in   Exports   Over   ���  .  , ��,,.'-
, ���       .    ���, October.     On this occasion he won a
Last Year Is Shown ,   .       .   .        _.,.,      .        , ,,        ,
prize of about ?J0O, given by a French
The total trade of the Dominion "or: con&ituc(.or
the eleven months of the current fiscal year shows sin increase, of ?2lu,-
000.000 above the figures for the corresponding period last year. The reexport of foreign merchandise remains practically the same;.and of the
increase ?l'i"J,000,000 is in domestic
exports: and? 12.000.000 in imports.
: The increase -in exports .is pretty
well: spread over/the entire list,'although ,the-,most, noticeable- growths
rs're-?SG,000,000rTargely;iii"i'oods";~$42;-" ;:'7An_anien<lnVrenr~to the income Tax
'000,000 In wood an'd its products; ��3��,-rAct providing exemption from taxa-
Asbestos Production
Asbestos output in Canada showed
a great revival iu 1922 when 139.000
tons were produced valued at ?3,2O0,-
000! compared with 02,761 tons m
1921, valued at ?l.90G,230.
Want Income Tax Amendment
I'havij ho equal as a.rein.edy-to/strength-
:en  the. heart,' invigorate   the nerves"
I and,build up the run down.system.'"
I. /Mrs: ,0.- A'anhorn, ���  Kckville, -���..Altai,'
.      - - ..      ���   !"writes:��� '���About -.'a'" year.ago I had.
ot.:i_plent\/.good.'enough i !ieaj.t   trouble.:- .. My. husband' didn't
000,000 in.'iron,and'$'lt.0b0',000 in-non
ferrous metal's: - Anions"the-imports
the ciiief .increases -a're-.?2S,000,000";in
fibres-' and7 textiles and 7?2-l,Or>0,000 in
!3ro.n'-and its products. /There are also
several "decrease's in'imports,-the larg.
est; being cine of h'ea'rly. ?S,000,000 in
the" food' 'group.''. -'-For February; ��� the
last month'reported.'the betterment in
the -total trade; is."?22,000,000,. divided
just about equally "between.-imports
and.exports.-   7  7'7'-. .    V-""-'
The Life-Saving Airplane
"Surplus Wheat, in West-
the'ir own, free'will..
:" -Probably   (liere   is   nothing." in" lhe'.!
world-thai .gives a man" -that- tired feel-' channels;'   ;.Thl
ing riuicker thnti lo have 'another mail j count, some. 7"i.OOO.OOO' bushels fn"rh.
s^iy',"'"Why dbn'l you diVas'l do ?:.'���" '  I west' that, in list be ulilize^l r<sf-doni��vs-
.    .   ,   ,,.-,-   .  , , .,       ,     x "would  Tribute to'.Value ,of "Conquest of.the
just, feel .kind ot.laint and.-my heart; ..-.'    .-���.<-    '..-��-'     '-' -'.���--   -   -������
| would seem to/stop beiiting". -, I would |    "',.,   ���*".>-���'      -    r/    - --- -.'��� ������ "���' -
"j;just -faint-away;,suid'Vit-would -some- j;-, Day,by -day, the" airplane.-'eonnects
���j times-be an Jfour .before" " they - could ; itself U30re dii-'ecUv-wi'th" life andor-
Graih-"exchange   authorltfcs asserf   bn,lB; m*'^��*.'�� .'"'?;'- R?"^n*.told ! dinarv   liunian   exigencies
.... ,    '  ,,-.  "���-.--������,  :   me about Milburns, Heartand Xerve'i -in,,li-   A'"1"'.1"   wibiuues
there are still not less than .p.OOOsQOO pills.,-1 got .three" boves;. r .took them
bushels of wheat ������'scattered over the.} sindVielt'much" better./.so,;-continued'
west that, hiust go-lo'England either jail Winter, 'si nil now I/never feel' any
such lalntness..   I-surely doiappreciate
by tlie-Vaiysuuver'-routii or.-the eastern I .... .      ,,,-.���,        r j       ...
...   -      ; --      .   the good they-have done for iae."
figure rakes-tmcac-f     Price:50c a-box at   all   dealerS'
l denied, seed,-anil flour.-
mailed/ dircet = on receipt of price.by
The T. .Mllburn Co. i-I.imited. Toronto;
Ont.7- -'    -'--'.':'    .;.������"'.'���    ��� --:. 7.   .'. :J;-
- ./���; Miners Hold.-Daily "Service ��� \, .
Thiily- prayer services".for Vtheir'safe--
ty have;becn introduced,   by'   nil net's
-.employed at a large-mine of the' Valuer Coal/Company  ne.-ir   l)iiqii(.iii;"-Il|.
Vj Short services.sire held each- morning'
Toronto. pnt.-".ni;rinc all my, jvara:| at, "the. bo'ttom":of ih<?""shaft b'ofoVc-'tiie'
of .wifehood suul.niotherlifKM I have, had
such   great, comfort  from .-tli.rt. iimV of
-l'.ut'.it doesn't rain very hard on the";
unjust if he- is roost ing.under a stolen :
��� umbrelUi. --'._.".'",'  "' .������ .   -7   "  ;
Toronto Woman Advises
":'. "Young, Mothers!'.' )'
-The.ie.'is -nothing 'r.episls'ive, in .Miller's W'onn Powders, and-they are. as
pleasant iotakeas stig;<r. so "that few
" Many
: children will refuse,, them.
���   ;.   Death. Rate in. U..S.. .'     -
.  The deal li rat e in the-United Slates
last vein- was S.S, but it ivould.have
tion on contributions to educational
and charitable institutions, will be
urged at Ottawa.
7 Pimples Disappear ?
Z   <<V���,. J���->> I. ,._  �����,,l.    z
'You don't need mercury, potash
or any olher strong mineral to
cure pimple* caused by poor
blood. Take Extract of RooM ���
druggist* call it "Mother Sei|tl'_
Curative Syrup���and your skin will
clear up as Ircsh as a baby's. It
will sweeten your stomach and
regulate your bowels " Get the
genuine. 50c. and $1,00 Bottles.
At drug stores.   ' b
A ; prior
woodsman is,desperately -injured on"
Denver '.Island,, .a!-lonely:. Isle in'.'the*
northernniost- waters of take. -Michigan,, whose
tant froni the. Michigan mainland,
operation is,necessary to - save the
nian'sJife, '-��� Over-dangerous ice..word
,1s carried to the inainhiud-.of'his con"-, j,
"ditidn.. ��� 'fhe local doctor strives vainly to reach" him across the" ice".-' But
.tlie.vwVmi.o'f.:tlie att.enipt goes' to-lhat
Manufacturer*  always consider  good  In-
ventloni.   - Fortunes aie made from New
Idea*  to  suit modern  times.      Send  for
shores- are 11 miles' "dis--i Free List of ide.ns and circulars.
,-'-:-        THE RAMSAY COMPANY
������� ! ' Patent Attorney*
In- some ; ijeen considerably less .-��� if" that   had
���Many .a  woman, never, knows wii;.!.- cases-ihe\'-- cause' -.'vomiting., -through ���'-= r   -/���-"--;���'������',      -,--.'   "-.      --. =
---'-��� I- ,. ���   -/���        -   .-..   -:-������-. ^ ���   ... '".-���i* . ..i^r.   h^prt- fiij��   ^neoil   rati*-��� Vi-iiei-it'-m
e wsints.until she finds oulvwhat he.-i th��ir.action-., in, an unsound stomaeK.' -':    .; - ��� *': - :   ,-Vy.M1*-1'-
isbsinit does, not -want:   ''       -;    '...'"'.; but" thi.-; is'only- "a   .m;inifestsitio*n    ot7;r'uui,>orl'',ari-'" "������ 7,-:'-.-.    -
'.miners'enter die "various .rooniS'to p.>r-
Dr.. Pierce's Favorite- Pn/scrijitiOn .that-..form their work. mine, officials reciting.!
I-do hot hesitate .to rivuiumeud, it. to I ,,-. ���-      - i .;    -i     7 .-      ,     -4-i 1
other-women win. need Xreiigtlrand iu,e "^rvice while the men stand with
iielp during exp<vtaiivy. "Favorite Pre-! uncovered heads,
Bcript-ioft' relievwl  mu of all ii.a'iisea. !  [         __
or sick slomadi, and kept me well and : "���    .
strong,    I took this spk-rtdid tonic-and'f Two Vicars In  104 Years
?e of Penally,
._._ ._.   ,.. _ ... ��� ...         , -. _        .._    Pembrokeshire,
I nivself, for thf-r were  plump ami ir,.,. ;.,., ,_���-, if.. .:,.-���,. ii���,, ,,,,.���,, -ir.T
esce��iingly   healthy from  the iirsfi > !u& j��Bt lost itb \ic.ii. Ue\. band Mel-
xnoment."���]\ir?. Rose Per<:rs, 2*o. -^1 , ville Morris. if.A., who had held office
.Sack-villa Street, (.since"  1373.     His   predecessor,    the
;    Health  is most important to every ! -.,       T ,     Tr,.��j,PC  ��--.<: vif-i.- tm- f.nv-
vroman. r Vou cannot afford- to neglect I Ke>' J<>Un-- Ilusnf.s. wis Meat. Joi fittj
.   ru'Uj-^.-,
work men
their cleansing power,' no indication
-���'-/-���--X ��� :- " ,. t-that thfy are burtfuk The-vVcan be j
-per. cent, of siemderiis. to [thoroughly depended upon ..to, c!ea.r:
sue    due     to,   insuflic'ient J worms from the .system.' |
VTnen orjrfinfr sooii'  h\   mail, k<
million r.xpre<'  Money  Order.
fullj- carded and fluffy, entlrely
free from oil or grease.     Large sum-
nervine during, each of nryfotsr eii^ect-j ..... ,_���_._;���-,.������,. ,.s.i.,���,
ant period* and I feel quitef sure ihafmj. j 1 lle 1>ietul ft!,*uc vlU',se
ha.bies were j list a? greatly Iveiiptited as ; on the sea coast   of   Pe
it-when your neighborhood druggist '"in
snpplv you with Fa.vt��ri!<" Pn,s1;ri|it:o'ii, ���
iii tablet^ or liquid. Thi< Preyiription
7 is made in Dr. Pierce's laboratory in
Uridgebhrjj, Ont- f.eud 10 cents .thera
if 50a wi.3 & trial package,'
VV.   N'.   U.   J1G6
four. y.ears. It must be an uacoram'un.
event for a place - to have only two
viears -during the "space of one hundred and four years.  =
Minard's Lsnimint for Burns &. Scaldx
Where United States-Failed j
��� We know how .many of. the politi- !
cians  feel about America's placing'.a ;
neighbor's  part in  the.-sad  blight
I which Europe is' left after tlfeV.y-.nr-.!
1 We undertook to do   a   noble   tiling. |
Nobly we began it, and then���-cleared \
i out and played" the safe and -selfish,
I game.   If we believed -ihe wJioH coun- ' I-ibrnry at Washington.
-try felt as the politicians do w'e .--lsould ;
be ashamed of our country.* The na- j
don,   like   the   iadividual   that    will'.
save Us-life, will lose it.     We are al- \
(centre, .of aviation', Mount-Clemens,
hundreds'of miles' iiway/neur-Oetroii pies, enough for comforter. $1.00.
-ahd.jnstaii'rly.sin.airpiane goes.up.-is 'Woolen M��ls. Georgetown, Ont
on-.its'way tp the'scone, picks-up-'the
It.-has M��oy Qualities.���The"man tloct0'* at ciidrhqix7:i:inds him . in a
who possesses a bottle ot Dr. Thomas'; trice on" Beaver Island--and the nian>
..electric Oil isiirhied against' many: j;fe js /;lved. Wh'at'a fributV'-io ih-
il'ls.      11 will relieve a cough, break a-: ^on(ion .and what :���-proof qf-she bene.-
cold..prevent  s;ore. throat;
7dt,ice tise swelling from a
lieve". the  most persistent  sores and
j will speedily heal cuts and contusions,
in ," If is a medicine Chest in itself.
it. will re-1.. .   . ,    ,.,, , ..- -  -
sinsiin, re-X licence of this,20th centiiry-eiiinquest
'of the lur.-'.The B'o.?tou: Transr;i:ipt;  '
all fhe
'An edition bf the .New Testament
inch by a Utile over  .i inch, and"
7C.ahada's Meat Trade
'Canada   exnorved  meats'-and
ready   loslu'g   ours.-
Bostoa.   ��� ��� -.   .    '
-Dumb   Animals,!
'      I
I'products   t.o  t'he  vajue  of -'$ 10.255.000;
��� .      , i leaving a 'favor,ibU��  balance "of $207 i'
jit the Congressional 1     ,"? 7:    - ,        .   -_   s. >���
j.-fi$7,.'0i., according  to a'-statement-is-j
I sued by the'Honiinion Bureau of- Stat-!
listics:.    It. is -espeetcd ilnii ..Isirrtuenrs ;
,10  llie, Pnited  Kingdom.in  3S23\wiH-j-
; .-liow j4'?ubstaniiai-inoreape o\o'r those   .
\ of !'922', in view of ihe lifting of ihe.j"
! emb'argo  ori Canadian "cs*tt3e  by  tlie
Minard's Liniment for Rheu'matisni
Mew Eyes
-������, ^��sar=*  aa�� "��i 5**8 CSS ?r8M��!eJB
��li!B FfFV^Morine E��e Seajedjr
XK��ftmWiftmGsa.fae��i uj Seasrter.
! British Gove'inment
nar'd's Liniment for Neurifsia.
-i j
- Strain., iprxint sai psinj,
OTerwetked Biiiieie��, *^P v , _,
twmttofrlieom.S.m���f Ke_ad*ll * peseta.
��H oi them wmtS *'* "*ht ��" tfce wm
��C cnee ta Ken- JT V"1 7 *<,ot��e��' ^^
<lali:�� Sp^via /X"K?��, * ��� n- .
T����tm��at. /. Kend*H * Sp��?,BTre��>����nt,
fcnown for store thin 40 ;��n
mtcal and clean���no mu��>ui��n4
bmsl*����c;t. ^'>
AjIc jour dfrc4��m.for A bd'tle l��-&M.y
& -"-:!?���."-
���'7"-';--:--'.:. y. :x.--
- -i  I
���-���-���yy: '.'���������'$
':, xy :������ .-1
Is $2.00 a year strictly ia tAytmse, or
$2.50 when not paid for tlu*e wratka or
more have passed. To Great Britain sad
the United States $2.50, always ia advance.
��� '  ' ���   ���     - ������
Oelinqnent Co-Owner Notices $35.00
Co-', and Oil Notices    7.00
'���:*tray Notices 3.0��
- Cs.rds of Thanks..,    x.oo
Certificate of Improvement  H..50
(Where more than one claim appears ir> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legaradvirtiaing,   ia cents a
line first insertion, and S cents a line for
��� ch   subsequent    insertion,    nonpariel
."ranscient display advertising 50 cents
1 ich each insertion.
siuess locals i2>_c. a line each in
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
throughout the province this year.
Part of the credit for thia return
of prosperous'" conditions is given
the Oliver Government for its
economical administration during
the trying years.
Canada beats the world for increased output of gold and bootlfg
whiskey. .
It is not the hours you pat in
thai count;, it is what yon put into
the hours.	
Yon can make a mistake in five
seconds   and   need   a   lifetime to
overcome it.       '
It is very pleasing to know that
one's greatest  enemies are those
least worrying about.
A candidate nowadays is a man
who stands for what he thinke tbe
people will fall for.
A gaudily attired lady reminds
us of a cinnamon tree���the bark iB
worth more than the body.    .
The colonization efforts of Hon.
T. D. Pattullo, minister of lands,
and in fact the entire government,
promise to bear good fruit before
the summer is .out. Word has
been received from the Imperial
Government that plans are in
progress for the placing of large
numbers of settlers in Canada and
homes are to be found for several
thousand children. British Columbia will receive a fair share of
this new blood, and within a month
an announcement may be looked
for regarding the definite plans for
active colonization work.
Anaconda School
Report fop March
Miss H. E. Hoppa, Teacher.
No. on roll
Total actual attendance
Average daily attendance
Percentage of attendau.ee
Proficiency list.
Entrance:    Lilly Intilla.
Intermediate  Grade   2nd
Andrew Anderson.
- Intermediate  Grade   1st
John    Campolieto, Eugiuia
polieto, Rosie Bombini.
Junior Grade 3rd Reader:
Grade     2nd
Cariboo and Caribou
Boy Scouts
Troop meets on Friday, April
6th at  7 p.m.   in the  Fire  Hall.
The Cubs will meet on Saturday, April 7th at 2 30 p. m. in
the Fire Hall.
A perfect huBband . is one who
always feels penitent after, a quar-j
rel in which his wife was to blame.
7 Aman is a7creature who would
rather go to his. lodge'and ride the
goat than stay;a.t home ..and be the
-.goat'.-," .-        .-;-;.-��� _��� \.-. -7 7/ W
Dok't imagine- that champing
your jaws on -a wad of gum adds
���aiiyj&hing to your grace.'of movement. 7 It .only makes., you look
Vike a goldfish stilping ant eggs,
stid that's no compliment^to the
poor fisti'either.7.'.:.  ,-���[  ] ;.  ,-W; ���
Premier OiiyjBr7 to Speakjn
Prairie Provinces
Victoriaj April 4���Premier John
Oliver has made, ajresh ayowal of
:���""?    determinatibn   to., fight 1 the
'���������.'���iig-ht rates case to the finiih and
."-.te'ent public; meetings, has de-
::  sd that there can be no genuine
Ver standing and unity between
W; andV West until ?rjtifihCo:
7 bia is granted the same: freight
" vfis as are enjoyed by ..tbe east-
���;("-. provinces;   He is leaving, this
-Vk for a speaking tour of Alberta
-'-. !'.'t! Saskatchewan..-   " '"' WW. V ���
V ...A. careful census. of industry in
7 Bvitishv: Columbia,   made  by: the
rli-partment  pf: VlnduBtrieBj " under
, Hon;. John Hart_  shows that not
for ten years in this, province has
.there been such industrial activity.
A-,labor shortage ia eminent; reports the Minister of Labor, Attorney-General A. M.. Hanson  and
little encouragement is being given
men to go, to the prairies to assist
in.spring seeding.
.-������- "Every available worker will be
needed in this province by May 1,"
is Hon. Mr. Manson'a statement,
and bearing this out comes the
announcement of an. increase in
lainber prides owing fo higher
wages being paid lumber workers.
The. governments labor bureaus
are already enable to .supply the
demand for men in edas�� industries
and indications  are   that  Sigher
will    be
Origin of Scouting
In 1904, Sir Robert Baden-
Powell, the originator^ of the Boy
Scouts, began scheming some
means of putting the spare time of
boys of eight years and upwards to
some practical, instructive, and
recreational use.
His scheming took him back to
1901 to bis experiences in South
Africa where be brought together a
group of men and ran them along
non-military lines, instructing them
in woodcraft, nature study, cook
ing. and camping. This body was
divided in patrols of bix, with a
leader for each and a senior leader
over all; Responsibility! was thus
given to leaders, and emulation between patrols- produced a good
spirit and high standard of efficiency all round. The human side
was appealed to and the men were
trusted on their honor, , to a very
large extent, to carry out their
duties. V Their uniform for field
work consisted of the! cowboy, hat,
shirt, green tie and shorts. Badges
were worn for proficiency in different .lines of work. VWV.:V"'-''���'
He decided. to adopt similar
methods1 on ; a... boy-sized scale to
promote, citizenship, ...character,
obedience, trustworthiness, self-
reliance, thrift, 'observation, cleanliness, unselfishness and courtesy:
a practical kknowledge bf ��� how to
deal. with accidents through7 first
aid; how to signal by 7Morse and
semaphore, light .and: sound; how
to: improvise.. bridges for. small
streams; how to fell and log trees,
build Vlog huts and ahelters of.
nature'si materials:" howVVto" make
camp, and cook, for .a period of
timej- and numerous other things.
In this he found that: it was altogether unnecessary to adopt military tactics; Therefore; this was
left entirely ont of Scouting. . '���:
These are thepresent laws:!;.;
V ,1. A[ Scout's, 'honor,  .is. : to   be
trusted.   .'..
V-2.;A Scout is loyal,
'[''"-:&." A Scout's duty is to be useful
and to Iselp others at ail times. V
4. A Scout, is a friend to all and.
a brother to every other Scout. V
5. A Scout is courteous,"
. ,6; A Scout is kind to animals.
7.7A ..Scout obeys orders : of his
parents,  patrol leader  or ^Scoutmaster without question. '���',   7.7
. 8. A Scont smiles and whistles
under all difficulties.- -'X:Xx-
���9.7A; Scout, is thrifty.'-. :      V.V
iO.VA.Scbut is clean in thought,
word and deed. . ^' '=-.. '.
Here ia tbe Scout's Promise:' 7,7
''On my honor I proinise that I
will do my. best.    ..
''To do my duty to. God and the
"To   help other   people at   all
"To obey the Scout Law."
The Meddlers
Meddlesome, people are not
necessarily malicious���they may
even be well-meaning���bat the
harm they do is none the less real.
Knowing how to run other people's
business is not always so much a
gift as an affliction.���Ex.
Have yoii paid your  subscription t��r Tlie Ledge?
Beginner's Reader: Qp.orgo Hing-
ley, Dorothy Boag, Elbert Giiui-
berg, Peter Maletti, Elmer Gran-,
Perfect attend nice:
None���as School was  closed out'
Boundary Falls School
Report for March
15 17
Nellie Axiun, Teacher
No. on Roll
No. attending during month
Total actual attendance
Average attendance
Perfect Attendance;
Daniel Boltz, Beatrice
man, Caroline Casselman
Casselman, "Verdun Das?eltnan,
Mae Mitchell, Andrew Swanlnnd,
Annie Swanliinrl, Ei'na. Swanhuiil.
Louise Swanlund.
Proficiency list.
Fifth Reader, . Senior; ��� Annie
Swanlund, Joseph Krouten.
Fifth Reader, .Intermediate1
Caroline Casselman, , Beatrice
Third Reader: Alice Capeelman,
Dan iel Bol t z,. A n d re vv S wa n 1 u n d,
Jovie Klinosky,   Annie KlinoFky.
Second Reader: Helen ' Casselman, Frank Krouten.
First Reader: . Edna Swanlund,
Verona Klinosky, Verdun. Casselman, Louise Swanlund, Gladys
Mitchell.      W
.. Receivers:   .Mae'Mitchell. . -
^'Ashes of Love"
. RubyVDe Remer, whose latest
work is the creation of one of the
principle. Wbles -in "Ashes. of
E/Ove," the new photoplay. Writ,-.
ten and directed by Ivan Abratri-
sbn. for the Graphic/Film Corporation, which will be shown.at the
Greenwood.Theatre on Saturday,'
April.-7th, enjoys a dual popular-,
ity, accorded, to many" of. the
present-day youngVstars, as a
stage and screen, favorite.. Pos7
sessed of a. wonderful/voice,.iri
addition. /to marked' dramatic
ability, she"has not only/starrert
in many photoplays, but is .weil,
known. :f or.: ber. _, work:..' as" __' pr-ttri a
donna in a; number "of Broadway
musical; shows. -She-is :looked
Upon as-one of the most beautiful.
girls on the; screen. _
Tailored Clothes
1. Casting un Quesiiul Lake;   2. A fair morning's catch;   3. Cleaning the gun for the hunt.
"HAT is one o�� tbe finest big
same and fisliins' sections of
North America and one of the last
great stands for big game, lies within easy reach of the Canadian Pacific
Railway in the Cariboo district of
British"Columbia. Here, as nowhere
else on the continent; are .found in
'abundance the bear, grizzley, brown
and black; the moose' and caribou,
and the wavy mountain goat and
sheep. The cougar is often seen and
heard and the smaller fur bearing,
animals make a trappers paradise of
"this vast virgin territory. As-will
be seen from the picture above, the
fishing is superlatively good; it is
the fishing country of the west7
"Who is the man with soul so dead
and. bent on irksome chores, who
hath not sometime to him said, 'I'll
v seek   the  Great   Outdoors' ?"    Each
. year an .-increasing number of hunters -and fishermen are absorbed by
the district.Jaut so vast and extensive
Js it, that there" are yet parts of it'
that have never been visited by'the
hunter, and streams.that have never
. had a line thrown-over-them.' To
reach the Cariboo district one usually
leaves the railway at Ashcroft from
which place, arrangements having
previously heen made, one starts out
by automobile over the famous Cariboo road to Quesnel Lake, Harpers
Camp, Horsefly Lake or one other
of the numerous camping sites. The
road, which winds among the foothills i'or hundreds of miles, climbs
to an' elevation of 5,000 feet and
drops gradually to below the 2,300
foot level by the lakes, was made
famous by the horde of gold seekers
who passed over, it in the days of"'49.
The old road houses built ln those
days are still there, and while many
of them are used as headquarters
for the large ranches in the district
they afford- simple but comfortable
accommodation on the trip.-.
From the camps one can just
paddle along the still, black, g'reen
.bordered streams and lakes over
whiclrthe snow capped ranges tower,
or one can sit at ease by the camp
fire and watch the,, sun sink behind
the hills, set ablaze with its glory,
listening the whlle'lo the soft rustle
of the wind in the tree tops and the
gentle plashing of the water on the
crags. If one is of ;a "more agresslve
nature one can, accompanied by a
careful and well tried guide, strike
through the wilderness in search of
its natural denizens, or, armed with
rod, fly'and other bait, angle to the'
hearts content. One may spend
weeks, making short trips by boat,
canc-e, or saddle horse, fishing in the'
lakes and 'streams .near by, and
getting back to camp each night, or
travel with the- necessaries for bivouac and commune with the wilds
for days or weeks at a time.
The Cariboo hunting and fishing
grounds are located in the Great
Interior Plateau, lying between the
Rockies and the Cascades, east
of the Fraser River. Ashcroft, the
jumping off. place, is on the nialn
line of the Canadian Pacific 203
miles east of Vancouver. 7 Equipment
for trips can be purchased there or
at one of the various hunting centres
in the district close by. Guide and
Outfitting companies cater to every
necessity and the "Cariboo" 7 and
other lodges adequately care for the
wants of the business or professional
man who does not care for an extended hunting or fishing trip but
desires to get away from something
or everything for a HfcJlfL_^^^^i>
..!,.;; Hatching'. Eggs
',PurebredV.;Wliite-'"" Wyandottes,
1st,-'grade", "SI.50 'for fifteen; 2nd
grade,'', .Sl.-OOVfor' -fifteen, " - '-'Apply
.The'Ledge,.Green wood.-.   -
X Steis'6grapher_s7;-; Examination
"for British" ColumbtaCivil Service
will be. held .on 'Saturday, "after?
noon afc'd'7'evcnin^,. 'April". '28th/
-1923,7.'Application'-.fortnsand full
information .may. be-had from the
Government Agent."/..Court House,
Greenwood; ..;'���- .--      ".--     ; ..-���"
,7 Dont. for get' the sale: of- "Fancy
'.Work by" the Ladies^ Aid next
Xhursd ay'Vaf ter noon j-April 5th.\
Agent I'or Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overlaud'cars.. Garage in connection.
d, Mcpherson   .7 ���-,-. . Proprietor
,E. W.' WIDDOWSON;. Assayer and
Chemist, . Box biioS, . Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver,, Copper or Lead
,$1.25' each. Gold-Silve"r $1.75. . Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead ��3.00. Silver-Lead $2,00. Silver-L-ead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application; ���..,,-
'���xy.��� 'Send- ���.Your, V
V BOOTS   and  SHOES,   'J
���'��� '"'- ' V. ."7 ^- .To V 7" -VV 7/7
GEQ.7ARMSON," Grand Forks,
The26th. Century Shoe Repairer
A.1.I work and material -guaranteed... We
' pay postage one way.   :Terms Cash.'.'
Minmg7 & Smeltingv Co.
of Canada, Limited
.Office, Smelting and-Refining Departineh _
Purchasers of Gold,"Silver, Copper, lead and Zinc Ores:
7 .Producers ' ot.. Gold, .- Silver/, Copper,.'-." Pig ' Lead   and Zinc.','':
'-"--'V- "���-'"       ' W-"tadanac,'"brandW- ""��� "'-/-���.'-'���
combined with Promptness
are the features which^o to
make up the Sfenrice wegiye^
our customers,
one of them?
.   - (Ruled or Plain)
Envelopes, Billheads,
;     (All Sizes)  ..
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. %
\ The Ledge      ��^I3     1
i     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department ;���'.'=��
>jr -
������     ���
e; Lively'^���^t^bL^:'-
yVVb. docksteader. prop.
^Express and Heayy Draying
;: Auto*s and Truck For Hire, Day or; Night
XxX. .- W.e-.carry.''  y:[,"X-y:XX    '''���..-[
Tires, Oils, Greases, Hay and Grain
;.Office.Phone 13.   y)-X . :Residence PhonedL:
Men's Suits and Overcoats
For Spring and Summer
Splendid Arsortment of New
Samples Just Arrived
Call and see them
Tailor and Cleaner
��m..^i,,)n n ,_._.-�����_____^.^^������f���
Synopsis of   '
Land Act Amendments
Mil imiim price of first-class land
reduced to 85 an acre; second-class to
S2 50 an acre. -.
Preemption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records ,will be granted covering
only- land suitable for agricultural
purposes and wliich is non-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may ���
artati^e for adjacent, pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary hnprovenients'on respective
claims.   ^
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
fur'five years and -must make 'improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including' clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant. ���      ���
. Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improve merits, he. may because uf "ill-health, or other cause, be
granted..intermediate certificate of im- .
���provement and transfer his claim.
Kec'ords without perm'anent residence
may be issued, ��� pr.ayided applicant ���
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record��� same will operate as forfeiture. .'Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acres cleai-
ed and cultivated, and.residence of at
least 2 vcars are requirt d.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land iu conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, pro-^
vided statutory improvements made'
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveved areas not  exceeding 20
acre's, may be leased as homesites; title,
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
Pur grazing arid industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or corcpany.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber laud not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stum pager-
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them!' Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half, of purchase
price, is made.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time '
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from.the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present- war. This privilege is.made retroactive. '
'.. No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after ' June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years. .-
Provisions for return of  moneys accrued, due'and been paid since August .
4", 1914,'o'n account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.' -
.Interest oii- agreements to purchase   .
town or city lots- held by members of ,��
Allied Force's, or dependents, acquired
direct ..or indirect, remitted,-from en-..
.listmefit toMarch 31st; 1920."
Provision ,: made' for'insurance    of..
Cr.own ' Grants   to   sub-purchasers- of
Cro wri - Lauds'^, acquiring-rights - from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving, forfeiture, on fulfill- -
"meiit of"'co"nditio"ns"bf"purchase.interest"",
and taxes.; Where sub-purchasers .do   :
not claim whole of original parcel, pur-'���
"chase.price-due and taxes .may-- be dis- -"
tributed.: proportionately ' over.-- whole ,
-area.' -Applications-must be made by"
Mayl',,1920. ' :    --    - ' .. - ';    "
CRAZING':   .     ,'  7   ... '/ "
Grazing.Act,' 1919.'.for.systematic development, of-livestock, 'industry .pro���!.'
vides  for- grazing districts. and7range  .
administration ..under   Commissioner..
Annual- grazing permits issued based -.
oh numbers ranged; priority for estab- ���
lished owners. Stock owners may form
Associations for. range ; management.
Free,   or .partially.-free, ^permits : for.
settlers, campers or-travellers up. to ten .
head.'   x.-    -..-.-'.-'    .'.    ':"    ".���;    - ���'   ������
the' Mineral Province: of Westo^
;;" --TO;END; dF:P^EMBER.-"1922vv/::-':v^ V)--.-
Has^prodaced Minerals valued as follows: VPJacer.Qoid, 870,5.42,203,'Lode V 7;-
Gold, .8109,647,661; Silver. 859,814,266; Lead $51,810,891; Copper, &17Q,Y23,242'; '_���"���'
'��� Zinc,   824,625,853;... Miscellaneous Minerals, $1;358,839;; Coal aiid. Coke, 8238,- "=" W W ;
1289,565;; Building Stone, Brick, Cemenfe, etc./ $36,605,942, making its Mineral  -";���'
Production to the end of 1922 ahopr  :.   '
the Y^aic^h4in|r Decern^
l>e~Mining. TLaws of this Province are more liberal, and; theI fees lower,   .-' _X~   ''���
than those of'an;'other-Province in the Dominion,--'or^ran;7(^lony-in7t}ie VBritieh
.Empire.-. V ���      --V.", -"������'- '  .""'���'���'..'. .,.-..-'-'���".'-, ������" - .-"V. ; ,������ ������-.) X--X. ��� ������ X'X-'  '-X;y-  .'.".'������ ;.. ;'_-',
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for..nominal fees.   V    v    .
Absolute Titles are  obtained., by developing, such properties,.the security.    W
of which7iei guaranteed, by Grown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia.


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