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The Ledge Dec 15, 1921

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 i "V"-3V:
���v-.Vvj.. '
i^ovmcial Library
No. 23
* ���       We have just opened up a nice assortmet of    _ --
Xmas Toys and other articles
Would fee pleased to have you. look them over Before
Buying Elsewhere
aimmmmmmfmmmwrommmmfnmmmmmm mm
Japanese Oranges
New Season^ Nuts
Raisins   '
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
You can certainly get what you
want in Christmas Presents
-     ' y
- AT -
greenwood: b.c.
The WINDSOR HOTEL is hosted with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comlort-
able home for tourists and travellers. Touch the ,
wire If you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Arrived This Week
Fresh Bulk Raisins, Currants, Dates, Cluster Raisins,
and Xmas Njits
We have aUo a limited amount of cider for mince meat
,  _ are the supreme in quality
"The Empire's Standard"
The quality ofthe product is influenced by the ability and' the experience    -
of the men who produce the raw material." "'."
But the value of the final products depends ou the painstaking care which ' v
we put into the task.
Company, Limited.
Calgary       ESmoatOis
Plants at
Regisa       Prince Albert
Vancouver .;4
Tlie signals of the traffic officer are obeyed instantly by the intelligent
citizen", as he realizes that indifference means confusion and congestion. .
Over the telephone wires and through the switchboards there is a constant volume of traffic.   There is also a signal���the ringing of tlie telephone .
bell. A great obstacle in the flow.of this traffic is delay in answering the bell..
Answer your telephone bell promptly.   Yoa will accomodate the.party.:
calling.   Your own line will be more quickly cleared for other business;. ..-_-
A Merry Xmas
This is the time to buy,
his remembrance.
This year it should be
We can supply you with
Mackinaw Coats and Pants-
Heavy tweed and serge sants-
Shoes. Rubbers, Slippers,
Suspenders, Neckties. Shirts,
Etc.   Etc.
H. Elson 8 Co
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
T3est Companies in   the World
Enquire as  to Rates
Ranches 0 For Sale
Call And See
Ladies Braclet Watches
A fine line of
Waltham Watches
In 16 Size Gold Filled and Nickel cases
$15.00 up.
Christmas Cards and other New Goods
Suitable for Christmas Gifts
D. r; McELIHON, Greenwood
Independent jMeat
We carry only the best stock procurable
Fresh  Meats,   Ham, Bacon,
Lard, Etc,
A  Trial  will Convince You
John Meyer       - '
���BY   DAY   or   CONTRACT
.Wood For Sale
Second Hand Pipe. Rails, Mining Cars
and other Mining Equipment
.   - Reasonable Prices'      "'-.-. -
Apply to j. WV Clark, Pacific Hotel
.'//..;".For Sale ��� 7,"/-
.Nice  lambs,   'dead-'-or7 alive.
Apply to   R.   Forshaw,, Phone
74L;"-'City. .7 ': ...        -:..;-7-:.>v;
Crushed Wheat For Sale;
Tine for hogs and cattle, 2c lb.
Walter Clark, Midway.    .;.
1 Around Home I
Notice ������.;.-,'..;
Dr. O. M.'; Grraves, Dentist,
will be Iri Ferry, Dec. 24th until
Jan. 3rd, 1922. Prepared to. do
every thing in the dental line
and make good.
���XMartin.;Anderson has; bought
the two storey Keffer residence in
Anaconda.- j3e intends to tear it
down for the lumber. Xy
Deer hunting- season closes
today. 1      ���
A vacuum cleaner���a man
blowing dust off his family Bible.
A genuine Waltham Watcb,
guaranteed, for $13 00 at Mc-
We wish to call your attention
to our ad Von this page. T. M.
Gulley & Co.
The mucilage on the back of a
postage stamp is made from the
syrup of sweet potatoes.
Lawrence Kleive, a tie contractor of Westbridge, was a
visitor in town on Wednesday.
C. F. Williamson. Dominion
weights and measures iuspector,
of Penticton, was in town on
Saturday. <
Oyster 'Cocktails. Virginia
oysters by the -pint at the
Windsor Buffet.      ;
It is foolish and dangerous to
open your homes and hearts to
new and strange teachings out of
curiosity or courtesy.
Mrs. H. McCutcheon leaves
Victoria on Dec. 17 for Los
Angeles, Cal., to spend the winter with her son, Roderick."
Cigars, all kinds; Cigarettes,'
Cigars in boxes of 10, 20, 25 and
50, for Christmas presents, All
kinds.    At the Windsor Buffet.
Some men are .refusing to curl
this winter because', it is their-
firm belief that somebody has to
stay at home to rock, the cradle.
St. Jude's church. Matins and
Holy Communion, Sunday, Dec.
25, (Christmas Day) at .11 a.m.
There will be no.service on Sunday, Dec. 18. ,   - "*"" ~
��� Honoring mother and motherhood lies at the root of a nation's
life and prosperity. To mother
we owe to a largedegree our life,
health and character, and often
our salvation.
TKe soft weather during the
past week has delayed the making
of ice for skating and curling.
However, Rink Manager Taylor,
hopes to have good ice as early
this year as previously.
D. R. ^McEltnon's -jewellery
window has quite a Christmasy
appearance. It is nicely displayed
in Xmas Cards and decorations.
A visit to his store would be
worth while this Xmas.
Mrs. J. Frederickson returned
to her home in Vancouver on
Tuesday after visiting her
daughter, Mrs. L- E. Brawders
for three weeks. Her grandson,
Billy Brawders returned with
In the report of the Scandana-
vian surprise party at Ola Lof-
stad's new residence several' of
the guests were inadvertently left
out. They -are Mr. and Mrs.
Granberg and daughter Dolly,
Mrs. Hallstrom and daughter
Cecilia, Mr. and Mrs. Thorslund
and daughter Annie..
The ..B.C. Stenographers examination was held at, the Court
House on Saturday afternoon,
under the..supervision of W..R.
Dewdney; ."Miss Ada G. Beattie,
of Anaconda, and Miss K.McRae
of Penticton, formerly in the employ of the 7 Canada. - Copper Co!,
here were the candidates. 7 ..,
Of all the cranks, the crankiest
is the-pessimist... He is always
whining like a half-starved dog
with:a tin tied to his.tail. He is
always expecting some., great
calamity,, misfortune of . some
kind, The country is going to
the bow-wows and everybody is a
dirty and dishonest rascal. The
town is alright but he is con--
vinced that it will never improve
very much. He himself envoys
excellent'health; - at present, ...but
he is"surethat: he; wont live' long
���and fie7shouldn't.' 7-The. woxid
would be;mucti. -happier: without
such cranky:.pessimists.7.-"-7--;". 7.7
Boy Scouts
The attendance last Friday was
not all that was desired. .Parents
might kindly see that their boys
are present as thiB is beneficial to
the individual and to the troop.
Second class work is now in full
swing and some are already advanced towards 'getting this badge.
Scout Robert Jenks to be Second
of Curlews.._
Scout Joe Putzel to be Second
of Owls.
Wolf Cubs
This section of  the movement
is taking a good interest and attending regularly.    Time is now
found to introduce  games along
"Twin Beds"
with the work and the youngsters September and October withdraw-
show a great enthusiasm with both.   aiB broaght the  fifiure down   to
819,000,000 at the end of last
month. Of that amount it is estimated that abont 300,000,000
poundB will be needed for export,
leaving 519,000,000 pounds available for domestic consumption.
In other words, the surplus is
rapidly approaching limits that
will remove the menace overshadowing the market for over a
year. It is not believed, however,
that there will be complete resumption, of production by the big
companies until next summer. Before that time some of the lower
cost companies will doubtless resume, thus -catting down the proportionate rate of withdrawals from
JurpluB. In any event, there is no
doubt that the future is consider-
ably brighter than it has been for
many months.���Spokane Mining
"Twin Beds" iB the screen ver*
sion of the stage success of the
same name by Margaret. Mayo and
Salisbury field. The play, a bedroom farce_comedy, was extremely
popular and enjoyed a long run on
Broadway, and with companies on
the road, over a period'of two
Mr. and Mrs. DeHaven are
starred in the piece, which adapts
itself admirably, to their talents,
and in the supporting cast, besides
William Desmond, are Helen Ray-
mend, who created the role of
Signora Monti in the original stage
production, Katherine Lewie,
William J. Irving and Lottie
* The plotof the' picture revolves
about the marital relations of a
flirtatious Italian tenor, and the
complications ensuing when he
gets in the wrong apartment and
sleeps in another man's bed.
There is an abundance of clean,
wholesome comedy in the farce,
which is the First National attraction at the Greenwood Theatre on
The teachers and pupils of the
Presbyterian Sunday School will
hold an Xmas tree and entertainment on the evening of Thursday, 22nd of December at 7.30
o'clock in^J the____Presbyterian
church. An interesting programme has been prepared and a
good time is"" assured for all,
Everybody welcome.
Gifts that last ��� Waltham
Bracelet Watches. $15 up at
Morrison was held from the resi
dence of his brother at   Haney
The metal has shown a much
better tone during the past two
weeks, with foreign buying at
higher levels than in recent
months. Domestic demand has
fallen on slightly, but it is believed
stocks in the hands of manufacturers are so short that buying will
be resumed at fair level almost immediately, although there is a possibility of easing up during the
holiday weeks. There is now no
donbt that big holes are being
made in the surplus from month
to month and tbat the end of the
present inactivity is in sight. It
is figured that on September 1 surplus, was   942,000,000    poundB.
A Good Forecast
The following is a forecast of
a local Liberal in the past elections. He received a pipe for his
N.B    4
Pro. Lab.
1       1
55     117
Important Discovery
Hundreds of tons of supposed
dross mined from the Coalmont
Colleries, at Coalmont, turns out
The funeral of the late Norman ����   expert   examination   to    be
amber.   This is  believed   to be
the first amber discovered on the
.C. on   Sunday last,  and was w^t. A
largely attended!   Alex Greig of N��nh AmenCan Coatlnent Safil
Greenwood was one of the chief
mourners. It was Mr, Morrison's
wish that interment take place*in
Greenwood and that the funeral
be conducted by the -Knights of
Pythias of which he. was a member. It.is regretted that his relatives received this intimation too
late. '��� - -':- ���.- V     XX     X; ���   X -
/We are tempted to speak.a
word to pur merchants. 7 We do
it with. the ' best of. intentions..
We are thankful that you have
placed your ad in par columns.
Our. many'. wide, awake; readers
will see it and they will read it.
If tha merchants "wish to. keep
trade at home, they must of
course let'the-public know what
goods and, what inducements
they7offer.7. The merchants of
the; large cities are constantly
advertising at an enormous expense, but it pays them; and it
was by shrewd advertising that
they became so successful." They
.cannot afford tostop. or else they
would77 Our; merchants can't
afford to. stop advertising in their
local/ paper.. 7 Advertising pays,
eye.il if, vou have.no competition.
pies sent to Ottawa and New
York have- been pronounced good
v The Practical Side
' 'Do yon aay that your hens 'sit'
or -set'?" asked a tourist of & busy
local housewife.
^.It never matters tome what j
B��y��" ,"��� war 7 the V quick reply.
*>What concerns.me is. to learn?:
when I hear the hea cackling,
whether she is laying or lying." ,-...���'
V Applied Advice
'���I see young Richieigh has
given his limousine to a well-
known actress."
"I suppose that ��� is the idea of
hitching one's wagon to a star."
A year's subscription , to The
Ledge would be a valuable Xmas
present It 7 is now only $2 a
year. . Your friends in the distance would appreciate this weekly reminder of Xmas good will
arid cheer. 77
Boundary Falls School
Report for November
A. G. McLaren, Teacher
No. enrolled - - - 13
Total attendance - - 223��
Average .attendance. _-_ _j_ 10.64-.-
Proficiency list: Intermediate
Grade, Annie Swanlund; Junior
Grade, Alice Casselman.
Closing exercises and recitations
will be given in the school room on
Friday, Dec. 16th, at~l p.m. All
parents are invited.
Soft Part of the Job
It is easy enough to find a man
who will grunt while yon lift.
Green weed Theatre
7      Gray & Clerf, Props.
Commencing at 8 p.m., Sharp
. The Best Laugh, of the Year    .-
���:',, A -.Riot of a. Night
Mr. and Mrs. Carter DeHaven
vln the Uproariously Funny.Screen -
���-;     '.. Comedy. DeLuxe
Adapted from the Great Stage Success by
.  Margaret Mayo and Salisbury Field
"' '. ���-      7 '6 Reels 6   V ���
.Chester Outing '...'���      /
the Gassiar's Goat
ADULTS 50c     -     CHILDREN !25c.
Patrons are assared of a warm Theatre- 7
Ai   *
Kettle Valley-Notes
(Too late for last .issue)
There, is   fine skating   on   the
Kettle river.
Mrs. Snell, of Riverside,  is on a '
visit to Penticton.
Six deer were shipped out from
Rock Creek last week.
Mrs. H. Pannell, of Midway,
was visiting friends in the Valley
on Thursday.
Mr. Thompson was able to be
out last week for the first time
since his accident.
There might be some smart men
if there weren't so many women to
make fools of them.
Mrs. A. Whiting has just received a large assortment of Christmas toys and present^
Frank Bubar met with a painful   -
accident while chopping, the axe
slipped and cut his hand badly.
The Women's meeting was held
at the residence of Mrs. P. E.
Glossop on Wednesday afternoon.
The local school children are
practicing for a concert at the
Xmas tree to be held' in their
school on Dec. 20,
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, of Rock
Creek, left for Vancouver on Sat-   -
nrday   last,    where  they   intend
spending the winter.
A news item states -that a man
broke his wife's rib" hugging hor7
Well,- even that is better "than
breaking her heart by not hugging
Service was held in the English
Chnrch last. Sunday for the firstv
time  since it was  moved  to its-..
new location.   There was a good
It's pretty- hard for a woman
wearing a dress she has --turned''
three seasons and faded cotton
hose, with patched heels, to say to
her liege lord, "I love you jnst as
well as when we were married ten ,
years ago.''
THE     LKOaE.     GT?EE^WOOT>.     B      O.
What One Boy Did
Little  Country Boy Worked  His Way
To the  Top
i    Tho death is announced of Amos K.
Fiske, .formerly an editorial -writer on
ithe New York Times and the author
| of   many   books.     There   are   some
! things in the story of his life which
,are worth noting by even those who
have never  heard of him.      He was
���bom on a farm and spent bis early
boyhood there and in a village cotton
: factory where he worked as a "bob-
jbin boy" from the age of ten to thirteen.     At the age of fifteen he was
���left   an   orphan   and without means,
ye he worked his way   through   college, studied law, was called   to   the
bar and finally became a distinguished journalist and author. Parents who
argue that there is no use in giving
an   education   to a child who has no
expectation   of   making   a   living by
his education should make a note of
this case.     It did not look as if there
was much of a future  for the little
.J farm or lad who had become a "bob-
,'bin boy" in a cotton factory. But who
'can tell what'is ahead of any boy in
this   world   of  opportunity?      Every
boy should have the advantage of.at
least as much schooling as will enable
.him to know the meaning and value
of education and leave him with thc
i desire and the ability to continue the
���work of education after
days are over,
girls    as    well
And this
as boys.-
his    school
applies   to
Minard's    Liniment
used  by    Veter-
Was Biggest  Exhibitor and Captured
Many Prizes
. Tlie keen practical interest which
King George takes in agricultural and
stock bredeing was demonstrated by
the fact that he was the biggest exhibitor at the annual fat stock show at
Canada -s Opportunity
Feelings of unrest and thc state of depression which have prevailed in Canada arc but a reflex of similar conditions throughout
the world, and thc cause can be attributed very largely and directly
to conditions brought about by the Great War. Only through a
general improvement in world conditions can a permanent betterment be effected, but in the bringing about of that general world improvement each nation has a part to play. In addition, each nation
must assidiously-sct to work to overcome existing difficulties and
find a solution for present problems as they arc found to exist in each
particular country.
Thc conference on the limitation of armaments at Washington
is one important step towards bringing about what cannot fail to bc
a vital factor in reducing thc burden now imposed on thc economic
structure of the world, and in lowering the tremendous load of taxation levied on all peoples. Aside from thc enormous reductions to
be effected in war expenditures, thc agreement for limitation of
armaments, which now seems assured, will havc an even more beneficial effect because the result must be to greatly reduce thc danger
of war in the future, thereby giving confidence and stability to world
finance, trade and commerce.
The successful outcome of thc negotiations between the British
Government and the representatives of.Southern Ireland is a second
and enormously important step towards a rehabilitation of confid- King George Wins At Stock Show
encc throughout the English-speaking world. It means much to !
the whole British Empire as it removes the one great danger spot
of friction and ill-will within the Empire. The solution of the Irish
problem also means a betterment in the relations between the Empire and the people of the United States, and this is of thc greatest
importance to Canada and cannot fatl to havc a steadying and bene-
cial effect in this Dominion.
A third event, bound to have a good effect on business conditions throughout the Dominion, is thc holding of the general election the Royal Agricultural Hall and was
in this country, when, for the first time in a decade, thc people have conspicuous also as a prize winner,
had a free and untrammelled opportunity to pass judgment on questions of purely domestic policy. Until a A'erdict of the people"\vas
obtained there was bound to be a considerable degree of political
unrest and business uncertainty.. The people of Canada had become divided into several groups on economic questions and the impression prevailed generally that for a period of years it was going
to be extremely difficult to carry on government in this country
without resort to log-rolling and the making of dangerous compromises. 'This inevitably had an adverse effect on business and the
people as a whole.
Quite apart, therefore, from any consideration as to which one
of the three political parties has emerged victorious from tlie battle
of thc ballots, people are breathing a sigh of relief, that one of the
three has been given a sufficiently large following in the new Parliament to enable it to direct and carry on the business of government;
This, in itself, is bound to have a good effect in removing the formers
uncertainty, and with the.ending'of the uncertainty there will follow
a removal of much unrest. Depression will thus, to a very considerable degree," give place to confidence, and with increased confidence a renewal of activity will follow. * '
It remains now for each community and individual citizen to
loyally accept the verdict of the majority, and for all to join hands advanced,
and forces'in a great co-operative effort to develop the great natural j nutrition of the nerve, cells, requiring
-- resources of this country to their maximum extent and thereby Kve tote���a��X��d bf S?  wSS
swing Canada into an .era of prosperity for all.
Canadians should enter into this great national work with" stout
hearts and a will to succeed. "It can be done." The divisions and
feelings engendered in thc past should now be buried with that dead
past. What' is required is a united Canada; a Canada with a forward look; a Canada imbued with optimism; alive'with energy,
thrilled with a-national enthusiasm, and inspired with a true Canadian national spirit. It means that every Canadian must work and
work hard,'and it must be the business of government and of every
Miss Flora Boyko
Tells How Cuticura
"My face was very itchy at first,
and "after that it was covered with
=gp>, pimples that disfigured it
m . Y\ badly. The pimples were
fe^ ~ Rl hr.rd and red and thej* were
"small, and they were scattered all over my face and
^X^f v/ereso itchy I had to scratch
" >=��     and I could not sleep.
"These bothered tne nearly a year
beforel used Cuticura Soap and Ointment and when I had used five cakes
of Cuticura Soap and five boxe3 of
Cuticura Ointment I was healed."
(Signed) Mios Flora M. Boyko,
Gardenton, Man., Dec. 2G, 1918.   '
Having obtained a clear healthy
skin by the use of Cuticura, keep it
clear by using the Soap for all toilet
purposes, assisted by touches of
Ointment as needed. Do not fail to
include the exquisitely scented Cuticura Talcum in your toilet preparations.   Splendid after bathing.
Soap 25c,  Ointment 25 and SOc.   Sold
throughout theDominion. CanadianDepot:
Lymans, Limited, St. Paul St., Montreal.
iSKJfCuticura Soap ahavei without muf.
Doubt Helicopter Proving Practical TRjch Embroidery Trims a
New Landowners In England
Criticism -of Expert Includes Review
of Machine's Imperfections
Doubts as to whether the helicopter
will revolutionize flying and .become
'. really a challenge to the airplane are
expressed by Major C. C. Turner, edi-
jtor of Aeronautics, late'officer in the
I Royal Air Force",'in an article contributed by him to the London Observer.
Experiments with helicopters���machine with horizontal screws giving
vertical if ascension���are being carried
on in many countries, and in Great
Britain, the United States and France,
are helped by the respective governments. The results of late have been
far more encouraging to the inventors
than were those obtained before the
war, due to some extent to the air-
j plane research under the stimulus of
the worjd conflict. .   ������
Major Turner, however, states that
references to helicopter' experiments
are often sensational. It is made to
appear that vertical flight Is what
1 the whole .. aeronautical world is
I breathlessly awaiting and that it will
.revolutionize flying, since it would
enable machines lo land on flat�� roofs
'and to hover over an enemy. Major
Turner seriously doubts whether even
| complete success with thc helicopter
make    much    difference;    al-
Coat of Poiret Twill
Type of Monied Landowner Is Herald
ed in Burke's Directory
The advent of a new "landed gen- .would
try" in England since lhe war is made 'though he would not go so far as to
plain by "Burke's," an annual work  say that the experiments are without
of reference on that subject which has scientific value.
re-appeared after a break   of   seven | 	
years. I
Over 100 names of old landowners
have disappeared since the last edition, and their places have been taken
by double that number of newcomers.
In the preface, the editor remarks:
"Much as the passing of old families
from the land, or the diminution of
By Marie Belmont
This lovely coat is developed in tan
Poiret " twill, combined with
brown. The latter is chosen for the
upper part of the coat as well as thc
under part of the sleeves. The skirt
...,.���, .     ,. ��'",?"; of the coat is lavishly adorned with
their holdings, is to be regretted, the ���^^^SSSSgX ^ HamiSs dark brown embroidery, and this en-
Pills..   They make weak sickly people riches the upper part of the sleeves,
strong and well because they keep the Beaver fur encircles" the neck and also
system   clear of impurities.      Those
who regulate the   system   with   Dr.
Your table may be loaded with food
digestible and wholesonier- yet you
don't get strong. What's the trouble?
The liver is lazy, stomach is overload-
rise of a new class of landed gentry,
possessed of means enabling them
to develop estates which had become
impoverished through the misfortunes
of their previous owners, cannot be
without benefit to the country."  *
With 32 entries, His Majesty secured
with Herefords six first prizes, seven
seconds, four thirds, one reserve and
three commendations.
BuffaloMeat For
New York Banquet
Will   Be
Park   At
A Tonic Should Be Taken
the Blood
--.���When-you become so exhausted after! a 'day's work that you cannot sleqp,-
pr-Blejep. fails to refresh you, it is time
'$�� look after your health.     Failure to
Furnished   From
Members of the Canadian Gamp will
be regaled on buffalo meat from Wainwright Park at their annual dinner in
New York next, February. The Do-
1 minion Parks Board' wiU sacrifice an
Enrich animal for the occasion, which will be
the twentieth- of the series of this annual event. Last time between
and 800 members attended.
The   Canadian   Camp" is   compos'
Hamilton's Pills don't have indigestion
or constipated headaches, they feel
enlived all over, because their system
is kept in smooth running order. To
revitalize and stimulate your whole
being, to shake off lethargy and tiredness, nothing compares..with Dr. Hamilton's Pills, which certainly bring
good looks good spirits, good health,
25c all dealers, or The Catarrhozone
Co., Montreal.
.       y ___	
Addition to Fort William Elevator
makes. handsome cuffs. The wide
belt is slipped through a buckle of unusual size, while a solitary button
fastens the collar. The hat that accompanies this is of brown hatter's
plush and is trimmed with flowers.
"No matter what.I should say about
Tanlac, it wouldn't bo half good
enough, said Mrs. Mary Wilhelm, 716
Mint Way, South Side, Pittsburg, Pa.
. "I never dreamed it possible for a
medicine to restore lie tp the splendid
licalth I now enjoy. In fact, I had
almost resigned'myself   to   being   an
dark -nva-id* as -��� c0Ul(J seo * was losing
weight ..and strength every day, and
no relief was in sight. For threo
years stomach trouble, headaches and
nervousness made my life miserable.
"The first bottle of Tanlac acted almost like magic and it wasn't long
until I was so well and strong that I
could hardly realize I had ever known
a sick day. I am like a different person in every way now, eating, sleeping, feeling and looking better than in
years." ....
Tanlac is sold by leading druggists
everywhere. ���
The Other Fallow
Always concede to the other fellow
the right of private opinion, free
Bpee'ch and half of the road.
ed of men and women who have camp-
Will Increase   Aggregate   Capita
Over 900,000 Bushels -���>
Construction has commenced on the
addition to the Northwestern Elevator
700,Company's Plant, and it is announced
j that the  building will be^ completed
next spring.      The elevator addition
Mother! Open
Child's Bowels With
California Fig Syrup
act at.once means a steady drain on'., ;t7V7 ^"���^^--;^l wilt cost approximately ?700,000, con-
your health reserve, which can result ed at one hme or.another m Canada. sistmg in 6tf concrete tanks, 22 feet in
in bu't one thing���a nervous break- iaihe objects of the association are diameter and 95 feet in height, which
down. ' ,the promotion of fellowship and thep Avin give tile entiro plant att aggre.
gate  capacity  of-more  than  900,000
bushels of grain an hour.
Your little one will love the "fruity"
taste of "California Fig Syrup" even if
. constipated, bilious;' irritable, feverish,
^tV^^ can be utiliz-
jln a few hours you car- see for your- ed to advantage.     If they do not al-
Growing Timber on the Farm
All Land Has Spots That Can Bo
Timber. is essentially a poor-land
crop. Steep slopes, poor soil, rocky
land, unusual corners, gullied and
wooded tracts���all these afford opportunities for growing timber profitably.
A careful survey of the average farm
will 7 reveal   a  surprising  number  of
Do not wait for a breakdown.     The 'observance of the higher   aspects   of
treatment is simple enough if you do w���,.,,���-.;���������!  ���-n,-,,���  ������,i ������-���v,,���
not let your condition become too far ,totern^onal politics- and sportsman-
The treatment is one of
the- vital fluid must be built up. Dr,
Williams' Pink Pills act directly on
the blood, and with proper regulation
of the diet have proved of the, greatest benefit in nervous troubles.
Mrs. Mary -McAdam, Sydney Mines,
N.S., Is, one of   the   many
Too Many Short Cuts
Efficiency Is Not Reached   Utvfci
tails Are Mastered
Learn a trade and don't be satisfied until you have mastered ihe de-
who has tails and are able to prove you are a
She specialist   at   your job.    .One   great
trouble   today   is that short cuts are
360 Characters on Typewriter
A   typewriter   has been introduced
self "how thoroughly it works all the
sour bile, and undigested food out of
the bowels and you have a well,'playful child again.
Millions of mothers keep "California
Fig Syrup" handy. They know a tea-
spoonful today saves a sick child tomorrow. Ask your druggists .for genuine "California Fig Syrup" which has
directions for babies and children of
ready have trees, planting them with
the proper varieties will materially
increase the value of the land.
into India which will wrile the three !al1 a'ses Drinte* ����� b��"1,!*-     Mother!
i,,,T,drprt n��rt  rtvtv rt,nr���.*����� nr tw*' Yo.u mHst.**?. "California" or you may
.hundred and sixty
JBcgali alphabet.
characters of the
proved   this   tonic   treatment
says:   "Last  winter my  health  completely gave out.     I was all run down
and my nervous system in a condi- .taken to shorten apprenticeships aud
communit)' and individual  to sec that remunerative, constructive [tion that greatly alarmed me.   I often the result is often,a "botch" turned
IiajL.nervous headaches, and at times out instead of'a workman;    The same
severe pains in the    region   of^my ig  often  imQ  Qf  8chool ^  col]ege
got me a |IifeJ anything to get in ihe prescrib-
that lining is broadening in extent-and becoming brighter all the [supply of Dr  Williams*   Pink   Pills'ed timc, and as a result it is often a
" -���   ���   -           ---���.>.                   and before the second box was finish-1poor stab that'is made at the examined I began to improve, and under-a ���+-���,,-      v������  ������_.j. ���,.,,,��� ������lr ������
further use of the pills I felt as well ,atl0US-     lou can t gicnv an oak on
as ever.   I would advise all weak and mushroom principles.���Brussels Post.
-work is provided for all.
The dark clouds of adversity which have for so long hung over i^ f feTt as ^hTSSuM
thc wond are lifting; there is a silver-lining all around them, and ibe well again.   My husband got
time. -Through a union of all their forces,'and the application of all
their energy and skill to the.development of thcir great wealth of
natural resources, the Canadian people can easily place this Dominion very quickly in, the; front xank of--the. nations treading.the paths'
,of prosperity.- '���-'���' -'    -" V 7     ; ':;X X\ ''��� " ��� ���"'��� 'VV-. . '.V.   :' '.-   ���;���_���   ' ���-
Manslaughter In 2nd Degree
Using a razor���bad stuff���but many
people do it for their corns. The only
remedy that is painless and ��ure is
Putnam's Corn Extractor, -which does
remove warts and co*rns, cleans them
right off. Refuse a substitute for
"Putnam's," 25c everywhere.
get an imitation fig syrup.
iFirst Line Of Defence
Marshal Foch Indian Chief
Great Britainand America Depend on
;   ' . .!.   "    -Their-Navies ��� '-.V-'   '
.'.The navy-is the-first line of defence
In this country. -.'������It is. the'" first "line-
'.' of .. defence;- in-Great- -Britain -' and
. throughout the British Empire.   Arm-
; les are.'-t'he.-'first''lines' of ...defence ��� in
France-and efswhere in-Europe:'-.-jCTn-
, til the world .'establishes methods Vf
. arbitration^ that effectually guarantee
the_'. nations   of',.- Continental 7 Europe
. -against lan'd. attach, Continental Eur-
-ope'.wiir 7practice conscription under
-' one name or another.     Wc  cannot 1
No   More
nervous women :to give this medicine
a trial."   '""���������'    -        '".-���''      ���-,
-' You -can"get Br. ...Williams"""Pink
Pills through any dealer in medicine,
or..byuihail, - post. paid. ,at ,50-cents -a
Blind Deer Had Sight Restored
Developing Strength
A Canadian banker thinks Germany is in a fair way to capture the
trade of the'world. Certain it is that
by the .time Germany, gets through
paying   the ' reparations, if she ever
A blind deer was found stumbling : Pa>*s them, she will have an immense
about in,"t:He...Pennsylvania-/iwoods^a^^9rtA��?Ines8.B.Ittce.it^.te_ onlyl.by.
bpxVor six boxes, for' "$2.50. from The 'few days ago.V, A" veterinary surgeon |lier. exports that-.she, can .pay herin-
for-Him in.
Dr.*  Williams'-
ville, Ont.-
Goat Holds WorldV Record!
Of  Weight-
Gave   Over.,One-Fifth
V -V;'-- 77 "   ,7Milk.-  V7        '7'.'"
. What Is7believed.,to be a world's rec-
Hohors- Left
���:.-,-' "" America--^ - "���":.-
' .Has 7 "any 7 other., pale-faced --.visitor
from-abroad been accorded��� a-7greater
diversity-of public honors?;- It'"has.
been.'left f0 the Indians.to perforin the;
finishing "flourish'of American hospitality.'-" .Marshal Foch"Is;-reported,to,have,
found the-; grandeur '-.of' tlie.-prairie animal's - body weight was given-re-":
country--'-'almost "overpoweririg;"'and. e'ently:-by.a "goat belonging:, to-- Mrs.
in the'natureof.things-ho. cannot, have- p0tton, .'of-.Rayleigii, "Es.se::. England:
failed "to be impressecTiwith the. novel- Weighing'just under lOO.lbVahd'stand-
ty of his reception by the. descendants ing !ohiy-26 .inches high, the-, goat was
of -the aboriginal Americans. They milked three times in,one:; "day'.arid
have- now-, conferred Xlie .final freedom bay*.a. few,.ounces above 20.1bs./or'2
This Is'-'over' one
Medicine Co., Brock- ��� removed;   eight 7 buckshot .from   the
animal's skull, restoring its sight..
Ari Oil'for'Ail Men.���Tbe sailor, tlie.
soldier, the.fisherman, the. lumberman,
the: out-doo'r.' laborer ,and ,all who are
exposed to. injury and the' elements
will find. Dr.' Thomas' Eclcctric Oil a
demnities. . The prospect is not at-,
tractive but is rooted in economic
law.���Winnipeg Free Press.-. ���"-
Fall Rye In West
Area Sown In Prairie Provinces Shows
- 100 Per Cent. Increase
The area sown to fall rye in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta this
year is about 100 per cent, greater
than the area sown last year. ' The
figures of rye sown are   as   follows:
1920, 236,155 acres; 1921, 544,183 acres.
/ Timeless
. The Fisherman.���I suppose this
rain will do a lot of good, Pat?
���Pat.���Ye may well,say that .son*.
An; hour of ut now will do, inore good
in five minutes than a. month of ut
wou.ld.7do- In~i a " week "at any "other
time.   . -
A certain church recently posted
this announcement on its bulletin
��� "Herbert - Howells will sing next
Sunday at the morning service. "Oh,
Lord, Have Mercy."
".-.The Superstitious Japanese
A Japanese will.never, sleep with
his head "toward', the.north," for the
reason .; that ��� ��� the    dead 'are-' always'
true  and   faithful   friend.' ��� To  ease
prd yield of milk jn= proportion to the ipain, relieve colds, dress wounds', sub- -buried in that   direction.' 7 la  .sleep-
" " '"    "   '" ���''" " ' ' due.lumbago" and   overcome ;.rheuma--ing-rooms. o'f-,private.-houses,-and of
Hf^V'iT1'3 ex'^1Ient:   ���,T uer^fore' //" j Hotels even, a diagranrof the.-points:
should-have a place ia all home medl-J      -,   . ��� .     -���   .���.,������ .������.-,--   --  -,.
cines'and-tliose.-takeii on a journey.      of ^ cdrnpaps is., pasted 7upon, the
ceil ing. for tlie benefit of timid guests.
challenge..'the "principle as they applv i-""*- "-".'-- <-"���������.<=" .<���">-- -��'���"������ w����uuui gave
"it! 7 7 Neither -can Great Britain dial- ;of "^country on its illustrious guest,- galloi,s of milk.
:ienge it..    But 'this -country and Great
-Britain should-both b'c'thankful that'
7 they-are riot confronted by the necessity for conscription as a fixed part
of their ;several' policies" of defence:���
���, ��� From'.the Brooklyn" Eagle.
...Something to Worry About
',' Some, people 'admit frankly' that
.they made all .their friends, but. they
can't :.��ri'derstarid where "their enemies 7 come 7 froin.���Columbia Mis-"
"eourian.. "
and there are. no. more honors left'for fifth 'of "her entire- body .'weight, arid
him- to achieve, liere'.���New. . York, n0 coy has .yielded in mlilc mqr:e-."than!
World-. . ((oiie-seventliof-he'r body .weight. -��� ;"-
Knew From.Experience
With,   an   air  .of great daring- the
meek-loo.king man. walked    into-   t'iie
large draper's shop.
. "Er���I want a pair, of gloves for-my:
wife,'-' hc said -shyly to the .assistant.
"Yes, sir," replied the. g'iri "blithely7
"What color?      Kid, suede, or lisle
thread, and how many buttons���two,
four, six, eight '" ��� '      "
"I don't care," interrupted the man
boldly "so long as they don't button
down the back."
Hall's Catarrh Medicine
Those: who are in .a. "run down" con-'
ilitloh will notice that Catarrh bothers
them much more .than when they, are in-
Koor] health. This fact proves . thnt-
while- Catarrh js a local disease", It-is
greatly Influenced by constitutional con^
ditions. HALL'S ,CATARRH 7MEDI-,
CINK {.���������'a-'Tonic; and acts through the
Wood upon the mucous surfaces of 'the
body,- thus .reducing the inflammation find
.assisting Nature in restoring normal, conditions. ' ���-
AH Druprglsts.     Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney- & Co;, Toledo,' Ohio.
Canadian Aluminum Cheapest
German Product Is Twopence .Dearer
- and of Inferior.Quality.
' InVeome. things Tanada can beat
Germany, at her, own game of,cheap
production.. According ,t'o. the-Man7
Chester; Guardian, . after .going the
rounds, of-the.-world's 'markets', buyers-
for-the' fir'st-lime-in- many months find
Canadian - aluminum the cheapest, sells
Many .women get weak arid rundown-
and' unable- to' look' after, their -household."'duties owing to the heart action
becoming"impaired or the iierrous system "unstrung.; ".- ������'������.' ���
NatureJ intended ..,.women 7 to. be
strong,-healthy and happy instead of
sick and_--wretched.- 7'But how'can a
Relief From Asthma. Who can'describe the relief from suffering which
follows the use of. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy? .. Who can-express the
feeling of joy that comes when its soft
and gentle influence relieves the tightened/choking air tubes-! It has made
asthmatic affliction a thing of the past
for. many. Good druggists everywhere have sold It for years. -
Miller's Worm Powders were devised to promptly relieve children" who
suffer from the ravages of worms. It
is a simple preparation to destroy
stomachic and Intestinal worms without shock or injury to the most sensitive system. They act thoroughly
and painlessly, and though in some
cases they may cause vomiting, that is
an Indication of their powerful action
and not of any nauseating property.
Market Being Developed   .,
For Canadian Granite
Large    Consignment    Was    Recently
Sent to.Australia
A new market for Canadian granite
is --being- developed-by- the Granite-Is- -
j and Quarries of. Jervix Inlet, British.
Columbia.     Sample   blocks   sent   to
Australia and New Zealand were very
well received, because.- of    splendid
coloring and freedom from rust stains ,
and froin them have come the orders.
The 'last ship to Australia carried a
comparatively large consignment.
: -*)
Don't letcoaatipition peisoaypta'Wood
*ad curtail yooreasrgf.
af yourUrerand baweJa,
don't wisrieprop-
9t\f t��ka
���    MS
Fjil* today ^f 8aiVS^ "
tad   four 3?
Eeubfs mm ,   ,_
! reiiwred.  Far dszfcaw, I*efc
Time Enough
He. (just accepted).���You   say
were never engaged before?
She.���Yes7 ���,.   .-'...���
He.���How is that? .1 thought all
women, always.had three,or four engagements. - ,':.,: .-���.*.��� ��� -. 7 .
. She -, - (guileiessly) .^-Well perhaps
I. shall,"-tool.. VBiit; this", is my" first!���-
'Pearson's-.WejeklyVVV"777V"- X "-'77
, j woman be strong and healthy when
at -1 shilling 2^ pence, per 7.ppund, fay in and "day. out she has 'to "go
whiie.the-German product,.despite the 'through the-same routine . of work,
depreciation of the mark is 2. pence'","sweeping," dusting,   cooking, washing,
dfcarer, The Canadian produce; ���*.^��.^��^^2fc-%%.
is often called-American because it is ,able and nervous, has hot flushes, faint
suipped.from New York,,issaidt6 be and.dizsy-.spells; smothering and, sinls
-How7"Humbug": Originated .
The expression, "all .humbug," had
Its'origin during a. Continental war,
wlien many .false reports wei;o circulated. in Hamburg. - It became customary . for anyone- wishing to signify
his disbelief in.a statement to. say,
"That is Hamburg," and so the word
"humbug"..found ,ft8 way into the
language, -:.������'/.'���       ..--"'     '.   7 '.-'���
of exceptional quality.
Geddes' Economy
Sir Eric Geddes who resigned the
office of British -minister of transport and is now chairman of the Government Economizing. Committee, is
economizing in a way that is reported
to be very popular. He is saving
time by having his committee meet
three times a week at 9 o'clock in
the morning.���Buffalo Courier.
'���;., B.C.'Halibut.Catchv;7:7. X'::
.. "'The-; total:', halibut";'.catcis '.bandied:
through ..Prince. Rupert, in November
probablyX .will-.\ -exceed.,' --^GOO.GuO
Irish Pride
Oltourke.���Were ye. hurted much
by .the crack Flannigan;gaye ye wid
his shtick?. ':���"-'
McNally (proudly).���It takes a better man than Dinny Flannigan to hurt
me. Oi wor only shtuhned.���Boston
-Bees Have Smallest Flats
The    smallest    apartment,   houses
are those occupied by bees.     In a
cobIc"-.--,fpot*"7o?:'-rhoiicycpmb there are
about'9,000-iceHs. 7 ��� ;-; X-X'X -^'7-7 V
7- >Witliput" courage...there  cannot:.; be
���.���-Cireatist.";Level St*rface;-in World .
-.-��� South "America 'has the-greatest-" ora-
broten. extent'of IeverEnrfa.ee of anyji^--38'';'b'reaking,the,-'reeord.-;-for:.this.,-t'rutb; and withouttnith there c^n ->?
region of "the, gloW. 7-The plains -close jfl'ea^��V7 Despite. frequent7stbrms,."aH m6 virtueV    'X'k/X^y ; --' 'X ''Xyi; '
to. 'the Orfnl.co River-' can -scarcely"; foe - j ycs^els" x^a^e^ sood ;.5atciies.;;'_ - -' ---""- ^ -   �����-'---'������'---? J'  : ������"-"'-���--   ��� ���--���   ---���-'���---.:.���
detected- "-*���*--*���*" ,l^n..*sre.n"-f>f-'ftt-rk^ Tjtvti- 17-      ... 7-.:-'  "   '.'   . - .
roTer_:'an;;aresVov-'tTfo;.]hna- {7 .; -XX-'X.' X--i-.-.: : ;'- .-.---? -7- XX.: \- ������X-, \   Many;a great hope Is. erected on-"a
dred- ttoas^lJ^Mfe mUes..;;'^;y>...V yX ?smalltou^dation.XX i -V Xx'--:y/y"'
.."��� ; Not Looking For-.Work '-.
A washerwoman applied to a gentle-:
man for work, and he gave her a note
to the manager of a-certain-club..."'-'.-It
read.as follows: , X / ""; XX;."'-
7 :"be"ar'"Mr/'X.���This woman wants
washing." -. -"���".:  7 . 7,' -.' -''-'   -���-. ���  7
Very, shortly.afterwards the answer
came back:' -'-"'.-'  ��� -"..V/7. .7 -' ' -:-
V'Dear. Siri���rl daresay she does;.but
I don't fancy the job.-. .--���        7 7
Give your local merchants, a chance.
Buy at home. ..
ing spells and can't sleep at night.
To all women whose heart Is weak
and whose. nerves are' unstrung we
would recommend
as the best remedy to tone up the, system and strengthen the weakened organs. .        "      . -      "'".'.
Mrs. Daniel Bezanson, Loganvllle,
N.S.," writes:���"As I was troubled with i
a weak heart for nearly two years. I
am writing to tell you what your great
remedy, Milburn's. Heart and Nerve
Pills, has done for me.
My heart _-��� was so bad at night,7i
could not sleep, I would take smothering, spells, and wa3 so weak I could
not .do my hoiisewark.  . I, tried two
doctors,, but got no.results^.7: A^ftiend ��� ���Ei.^ m&a , has hi3 troubles/
advised me to try.your pills. .1 used .--���-.'������ .^���'.��� -
six boxes and amlcompletely relieved, seryed the bage.
Ilhink.they arei the best;remedy for '.'.'.'.'Yes," -agreed-the. Fool.7'And most
heart trouble th.er*' is " V '��� ���'- >.'.:.: 7;7 0f. themtwear skirts."���Cincinnati Eh-
'���' Price, 80c a,.box-. at. aUV dealers,-"or. ^nt,ir"-7'->-~'"'":"='-':'"--'"- "v';'-   :--'-'-' '���-"""'. -���
Commandments For Japanese Brides
Upon ?. her wedding morning the
Japanese bride ls given eleven commandments by her mother. ..These
eleven rules,.prescribing the conduct
of a wife towards her Imsband and
also directing the proper management of the household, hava been
handed, down from mother to daughter in japan for -centuries, and ao
well-bred girl disregards them.
mailed, direct "on ,receipt" cf price, by j
The T. Mllbura'^Co^^iimited/^Toronto,; |
this it a Short Letter, But It
Prove* the Reliability of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege-
7  table Compound,    ;
- Bothweli, Ont-"I wssWak and 7
run down, had no appetite and was ner-
vous. The nurse who
took care of me told
me to try Lydia E.
Pinkham.s   Vegetable Compound,,
and now I am. get- .
tingstrong. Irecom-
mend your, medicine
to my friends, and '.'
yoa may use my.,
W.J. Brady, R.R.V
Bothweli, Ont.
 -The reason ������why'-/
Lydia E. .PicMiam'8 Vegetable Compoundi is' so Buccesisful in overcoming
-woman's ills is because it contains th��
tonic, strengthening properties of good
dld-��a3hioned roots and herbs, which
act on the female organism.   Womea
from all parts of the country are. con- .
thmally testifying to its strengthening,
beneficial influence, and.as it contains ���
no narcotics or harmful 'drugs-ifc .is a >
saf* medicine for women, - -  ^    7   7";
If = yoa want special. advice.' .writ��7;
Lydia E. Finkhxm Medicine Co. (con-
��aential),; Lynn, Mass.   Yots: letter,:
wiU h�� cpesed, md, and tsaswerad by
wimes. coly. ���  '*���-,;>���'"���-- ���-
iMiMr-trfr-Llnimtnt.for-GargetJn Cew��
���w.yEx.vyim ��^^toa5S^"^^W|A"''��T.^^i;'3
THE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD.    B.    C.
I. Paul's View; of Death (v/6).       ���
Set forth in two metaphors:   '
1. An offering (yV6)7 "I"am ready
to    be    offered."     This  -specifically
J meant   a   drink   offering���a libation.
.The shedding of; his blood was to be
Boring Power Of Ants
World Happenings
Briefly Told
Engineer    Found    They    Had
Through  Lead .Cable
An extraordinary instance of the
boring power of white ants comes
from.New South Wales. '
7-An'engineer who was repairing a
buried lead-covered telephone".cable
found that the. ants .had eaten their
I way inside. ; They had first bored
| through an outer covering of timber,
an off ering poured.out upon tlie sacred 'which had been purposely steeped in
altar as an act o'f worship. Death' can 'arsenic) ' then through a layer of s6ft
only be an offering to God when the ������paraffin, and finally through the lead
life has been wholly yielded to the do-71 covering, itself. V-
ing of God's* will. This was pre-emi-1 In spite of their difficult journey
nently true of Paul, for he could say,, j and their meals of arsenic and para-
"For to me to liye is Christ  (Phil. I fun,; the ants were full N6f lite when
J. ��� ��>JL } *
; An   Acknowledged   Expert    in
All   Matters   Pertaining/to
Hp'usehold Management.
Former Turkish Grand Vizier Said
Ali Pasha was fatally shot while he
was taking a walk, through the city.
The German currency output during
the last week in November Increased
4,750,000,000 marks.
Emil Neiml, a settler near Rowan,
brought into Port Arthur the first
pelt or a brush wolf for this fall. He
received the $20 bounty.
Andrew Macdonald & Son, of Chatham, Qnt��� received the only award,
given to Canadian corn at the big fair
held in Chicago.
An inquest into the death of an aged
widow at Shoreditch, Eng., revealed
the fact that her skull was three-
fourths of an inch thick. /
The national diet has gassed a law
imposing a tax of eight per cent, on
interest from investments by foreigners in Finland,
Fuluda, Japanese lumber king, will I
marry Miss N. Oti,' Chinese slave girl.
He rescued her from a band of wandering minstrels. -
A freak election bet was paid when.
Dr. S. C. Rutle'dge,    of   .Newmarket, t
Ont., wheeled a 'fellow-townsman, Fred
.Nottingham, along the main street in
a wheelbarrow.
The Cunard-Anchor liner Assyria
which sailed for Londonderry, Ireland,
with 400 passengers, is the first passenger, steamer to sail from Boston for
an Irish port since October, 1914.
It is reported that 100 persons lost
their lives as the result of the explosion of an oil tank.in the Nobel Dynamite Works at Saarlouis, Rhenish
2. A departure (v. 6).. "The time
of my departure - is at hand." ' The
same idea is expressed in Philippians
1:23; "Departure" is a nautical term
which signifies the loosing qf a ship
frorn its moorings, in-order to _enter
upon-itsvoyage. '-'��� it is not .'the end of
the voyage, but its beginning.
II. Paul's Backward Glance at Life
(v. 7)
they were discovered.
Dollars Worth    K
For Thirty-Five Cents
British Columbia  Rhodes Scholar
Lester W. 'McLennan, Vancouver, of
the arts class 1922, University of British Columbia, has been recommended
for the Rhodes scholarship.
. When you are awakened from a
sound sleep by Cramps',' when without
a moment's warning pain springs
upon you, .it's when you would readily
pay a hundred dollars for the quick
This backward look is ���--Upnrp-i tn  ��ellef yoii could secure from a thirty-
misi Dacsaara look is piesented In nve cent bottle of trusty 0m Nerviline.
throe figures: Nothing    like   Nerviline    to    relieve
1. "I    have   /fought   a good fight."  cramps,  stomach gas,  diarrhoea  and
The-figure here Is that of   a   soldier. |kintlred 11]s-   Nothing better for Neu-
The Christian life is a warfare of dir- ffi?t' colcI11" "i��   cl>f'   im*   S01:��
���������,.,���    ������������. i .   i   ��� �� tin oat..     The   price  of   Nerviline  is
Acuities, conflicts, dangers and temp-j thirty-five cents, no more, no less, in
tations.     As a soldier, the Christian  all stores where medicines arc sold,
must fight and overcome all these.
f2. "I have finished my course." The
figure is that of an athlete who sets
out to win a race. The Christian life
is a race.to be run; we must not only
begin the race, but persistently run
to the end.
3. "I have kept the failh. The figure is.that of a husbandman to. whom
had been entrusted a'treasure. This
treasure was the Christian faith. He.
was conscious of having been faithful
to- the trust committed. He had
many temptations to give it up, but to
the end maintained his fidelity of his
vow to Christ.
III. Paul's Forward Look to the Future (v. 8).
This is a. beautiful picture of calm
confidence at the end of a period of
faithful   service.       Though   knowing
death was awaiting" him, there
no  dark  cloud  before-him, be-
"A vendor came to my home the
other day, asking me to buy some,
foods which he'said "he was selling on
commission, for a wholesale house. I
felt very sorry for this man, and so I
bought a number of things from him.;.
So did my neighbors. We never
heard of any of the brands beforehand
so we are wondering if they contain
adulterants. I am enclosing a list of
the foods. Could you tell me of any
simple method by which a housewife
can detect adulterants?"
So writes a woman who probably
tried to help in the problem of unemployment and yet has the health of
her family at heart.
- To detect adulterant in ground sof-
fee shake some of it into cold water.
Pure coffee usually floats, while the
average adulterant Mnks. Chicory
colors the water a brownish red.
To test your lemon extract to a test
tube nearly filled with water add one
teaspoonful of the extract. If the
real lemon is present it will come 6ut
of solution, and will give a turbid appearance to the solution and will form
an oily layer on the top of the water.
If the solution remains clear after
diluting with water very little, if any,
oil of lemon is present.
To" detect alum in baking powder
put some logwood chips in a small
agateware dish, cover with water
and bring to a boil.- Throw the
water away. Do this three times,
then save the fourth extract. Fill
a test tube half full of water and add
Warm   it   and shake it until effervescence ceases, then add a drop or
Loud horns on Paris taxi-cabs have
been declared illegal and procedeings
are being taken against their .users.
That's part of the campaign to reduce
Paris noises.
Lieut-Col. W. G. Mansell, of the
Royal Engineers, was found to be
. working as a mail sorter in the London, post office. He has been promoted to .be postmaster of Ware, Hertfordshire.
Denial was given at the home of
former Emperor Wilhelm at Doom,
Holland, of the report of his betrothal,
says a dispatch to the Daily Mail from
.  A decree exempting from duties all.
cattle and horses entering. Mexico will
The well child is always a happy
child���it is a baby's nature to be
happy   and ��� contented.     Mothers, if
your little ones are cross and peevish one  level-teaspoonful of the baking
and cry a great deal they.are not well  nnw,*,, ������,, +��� ,���.���>. f��� + ���f
-they are in need "of medicine-some- powder you to wisb to test
thing that will set their bowels and
stomach in order, for   nine-tenths   of
all childhood ailments ' arise   from, a ;two of.hydrochloric acid to'make the
JSSS!d sS-a S[.S3nbeTai��S !Mtatton acid-- .���*>���*�� soluti- ^
Own Tablets. Thev a"re a mild but four or flve dr��PS of^the logwood ex-
i thorough laxative .which regulate the tract. A bluish red" color indicates
(bowels, sweeten the stomach antl thus the presence of alum.     A yellow col-
cause the glory of a completed task ffi SS^^S^A^^^ or ���*>����� ����� absence. " Try a small
rested upon him. ��� 'and make the baby healthy and-fiappy. ibltf of alum dissolved in water to be-
1. He saw before him' a life with Concerning them, Mrs. Albert Hamel, 'come familiar with the color you
God.     Fellowship with.God.is a prize jg^^SfitB ^UielK^K
know of for little ones. ; They relieved   my   little   girl from constipation
when'nothing else would, and I can
strongly recommend them   to    other
mothers."     The Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by   mail   at   25
cents   a   box from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
friendship, honor and duty,
2. Luke, the faithful (v. 11). Perhaps he was the best; fitted of all to
minister unto Paul. Luke was faithful whether in shipwreck, imprisonment, journeying by land and sea.
3. Mark, tho restored..-runaway (v.
11). Mark had gone'.'back, but he
was restored. Though.we have failed, we can redeem ourselves and become trustworthy.
V. Personal Matters (vy. 13-18).
1. Bring the cloak, books and parch-
be promulgated shortly, according to ,ments {v.. 13).     In the jail the cloak
greatly to be deslred.7
2. A  -prize    laid up���A crown of
righteousnes.     This   award   will   be
given at the coming of.the Lord to all
who.love-His appearing.
IV. Paul's Associates (vv. 9-12).
.1.   Delias',. the .renegade.' (v.- .10).
Demas   has .becomje "immortalized ais-
one who was religiousVbut'because of
the attractions of the- world he went,and flour from the Columbia River and
after it.   The love of the world caused. iPUget Sound district to have been 54 T^t
him-to turn his, bacfr.upon principle, J per "cent, greater during July/August'
^Pacific Port Shipments On Increase
Satisfies show, shipments of wheat
and September than during the same
period last year. Shipments to the
United Kingdom and Continental ports
from the Pacific in September alone
amounted, to 7,843,000 bushels. One
great changJTin the export grain business is the large movement now being made to the Orient. i   "*' -
official information, in order to assist
-���ranchers to replenish their herds, de-.
pieted. by years of revolution^      j->
, The Mexican Government is, heartily in accord'with the proposal to establish closer trade relations between
Canada and Mexico and better steamship connections , between the two
-countries.- ---.--���---.' 7 ���������'���"���,-:���
would be needed for-his comfort. The
books and , parchments "'would . be
needed for his. study and wrltingl
- 2. Alexander, the coppersmith (vv.;
34; 15). We have no, way qf determining' when this deed was committed. It .was given as a warning to
Timothy.   -/
7. ^DefendedTby; the. Lord .thoughlfoiV
sakenbymen (w. 1G-18);   Paul in his'
An Oil that is Prized Everywhere.���
Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil was put
upon the market without any flourish
over fifty years ago. It was put up
to meet the wants of a small section,
but as soon as. its merits became
known it had a whole continent for a
field, and it is now known and prized
throughout this continent. There 13
nothing equal to it- -
A Little Bit of Time
last trying hours- was much like hie.
Lord���left, alone;. .He says, "All men
forsook me."     It was said of Christ,
Reuter's Melbourne correspondent
cables that there are .reiterated demands upon tho Federal Government
of   Australia   for resumption of trade
with Germany.     Imports   from   Ger- j manifests a like spirit, "I pray God
many are supposed to be absolutely j that   it.  might   not   be laid to their
Icharge."    Christ said; "Father forgive
Measuring a Thousandth    Part   'of-, a
��� What can._happen.in.tlie-thousandth
part of a- second?    -    '
This question comes to the mind
when we hear of the wonderful instrument in use at the.Royal Observatory
should look for.
To test for artificial coloring in jellies is the same test that we use for
artificial coloring 'in candies. Place
some of the sample in water.and boil
to dissolve "it. Place in this liquid a
few pieces of white woolen yarn and
boil for five or ten minutes, Stirling
occasionally. Remove the yarn and
wash "in hot water. If it remains
brightly colored the presence of artificial dyes Is shown. To make the
more certain,, boil, the yarn so
colored in diluted ammonia for five
minutes. The artifiicial coloring matter-will dissolve-in ammonia.
If this is colored, add hydrochloric
acid drop by drop until, the solution
is acid, as test-ed by blue litmus paper.
In this' solution now place some fresh:
white yarn and boil. "Remove and
wash in water. If the yarn is color-
,cd tho presence of artificial dyes is
proved positively.  .
Tho chemicals,, test tubes, litmus
paper and so on required in these
tests can be'.obtained for a few
cents at any .drug store. An alcohol lamp can be used as a source of
heat if gas is not available. Further
tests are described in Bulletin No. 100
vuu^Uuui nc-j i'ur it-i.ta
'Order for 12,000,000 feet of ties for
Peking Mukden Railway, China, has
been received by various mills in British Columbia, delivery to be made, in
the spring. This order" is only one-
third of requirements, which are 36,-
000,0,00 feet,'order for which has been
split up along Pacific Coast. .
Dyed Her Draperies,
Also A Faded Skirt
Diamond Dyes" add years of wear -to
worn, faded skirts, waists, coats, stock-
. ngs, sweaters, coverings, hangings, draperies, everything.-- Every package 'contains directions so simple any woman can
put new, rich,- fadeless colors into her j
worn garments or draperies .even if she abreast Of the times and hospitalitv
has never dyed before,-    Just buy-Dia-l.   ��� - .      - "
:nond  Dyes���no other    kind���then    your 'has  .ever    been-   a western Virtue.���^
rree Camping Grounds
Swift Current Is Preparing To.Welcome Motor Tourists
The city of Swift Current, Sask., is
to be congratulated on the plan to establish . next season a free camping
ground for fully equipped motor tourists. Most private owners resent
casual campers on"their property, with
the possible resultant clutter of tins
and paper and the possible passing
destruction that follows the wake of
the dynamic small boy. Any town or
city, or village.that will, from now on,
provide, a'-place to pitch a tent or
make a fire will be the mecea of the
tourist.     It is well to   be   at   least
Discovers New Planet
of the Bureau of Chemistry, United ig^d -T^e.00��� ^a^eod^tS From the.Western Municipal News.
States ��� Department., of 7 Agriculture, j streak,  spot," fade
which may be. obtained by-sendinjr.10 _t-��UdyeSiSW-,vooieor silk
cents in coin to the Superintendent of
Documents, Washington, D.C. ��� 7
guaranteed not to
or   run.      Tell' your
j"They all ;forsook Him and fied." Paul at Edinburgh/Scotland, .which Profes-
barred. but it is apparent that indirect'
operations in this line are proceeding
to;' a considerable extent, altogether
nullifying the effect of the prohibition.
Healti h fee Mott'."ValuUe Awet
Xou Have,   You cannot Afford to
'-..V    ,X-   Neglect it
.   Crofton, B. C���-"I-was troubled for.
{fears with inflammatory rheumatism
and  rheumatic
fevor. I tried several   cures   for
rheumatism, '��� but
did , not   receive
any benefit from
any of them.     I
, had been in the
""hospital  for
months, being ua*
able to walk.   A
friend advised ma
to try Dr. Pierce's ���
.Anuria   . Tablets.
After taking the first bottle I began
to  improve,  ante after  taking  six:
bottles I had.no more rheumatism.
: I think 7 Dr.. Pierce's Anurlc i�� the
most wonderful medicine that any
one can..take for rheumatism. .. I
7 have recommended these tablets:to
; several of iny friends'and they, toeV
.have all been benefited by them."-���
Melville Colllnsoii.
7 People are realizing that th* kid-.
neys,-just as do.the bowels, need to
be flushed occasionally, Tbe kidneys are an elimiaativa organ and
are constantly working, separating
. th��. poisons, from the blood. Urio
.acid, backs up. Into the systeig, cans-'
Ing rheumatism, neuralgia, drops?
and many other serious disturbances.
This can he avoided by stimulating:
,.the7 Hiii*.ey8 to. Increased, action, and -
'. because' of its. tonic. effect;.on; these 7
..organa rfnybnewcylfi do" well to .get
Dr. Plerce'a Anaric TablstB which ars
-te. be. had nowadays], at almost any*.
~ ���rag srorf or send 10c to Dr. Pierce's
Xsfeotatory in Brldgetrarg, Ont-, for.,
trial p&ekas�� aud write tat free, cost-7
idenUal medical advice.
them for they' knowmot what they
do." Though it was wrong for them
to leave Him. alone, He not only for-
sor Sampson recently described at' the
British Association meeting:
A wireless' signal "willtfavel 186
miles In a thousandth of .h, second; a
ray" of light will do the same; an express   train ��� travelling'- 60   miles   an i
As a vermifuge.an,effective prepara:
tion is Mother Graves' Worm Exter-.
minator,. arid it can be given to the
mo3t delicate child without fear of injury to the'constitution. 7
���  ��� -. ..     or whether it is
linen, cotton, or mixed goods.
gave them, bat prayed that-the Lord hour-will cover just.under   one, inch
might forgive them. Paul had-so com-Un the time. : 7     >
pletely lived for Christ, and his fellowship with Him was so complete,
that he was alone in - this dreadful
hour. '��� '��� ��� ������     "..'"''      --.,..   ,.'- .-'   --
Urban Populatiori'^Shows Increase/
Census statistics issued by the Do--
minion . Bureau . of Statistics on the
growth of., urban population for the
ten-year period 1911 lo. 1921show' a
gratifying increase. The population,
I of. Calgary increased" from"43,704 in
1911 to 63,117 in. 1921, increase: 44.42
per cent.;'Edmonton,. 31,064, ,58,627,
S8.73 per cent.; Lethbridge .9,035 11,-
055, 22.81 /per cent;.Medicine Hat,,5,-
608 9,757, 70.74 per. cent; .and Red
Deer, ��118, 2.323, 9.6S per centV.' 7-;
It ls for registering with great precision the time of any signal that this
wonderful instrument has been made.
,;it is an electric detector and records
the movements of a tiny spot of light
on a moving photographic film. These
very- minute measurements are becoming more.important,every day, as it Is
only by. studying the Infinitely little
that; our. knowledge of the big things
can be advanced...    ' '.' -:    ' :���'��� X '���"-  -
Large Zinc Output
Wife.Had Authority
A Brooklyn .motorman, stopped by
a woman police reserve recognized
his wife. He ordered her to go home
and dry. her feet >'"You get that car
out of there, or I'll give, you a .summons," she said. , And he did.,. ���:���
. ... Traders to Visit Canada../ .'''.-
. A large, delegation of Scpttisli woollen traders will conie to Canada next
January to. inquire, into manufacture
and marketing conditions in the Dominion. "".  ���'"���'.' "- - -���... '������.,'���'���' .- ��� - ���-.-.
','- An Out;of Town Opihidn \
���;A New York hotel.'lias installed1 a
"thinking   room." ..Always ; catering
Flowers Which Are Injurious:
��� ��� Poppies, have a very injurious effect upon other flowers.placed in the
same .vase, which seems to react
upon themselves, as they soon
and. die under such conditions. The
same . applies to sweet peas, which
should always . be7placed, by"them;
selves. '    - -.   ;  "
Lemon Bath Luxury In Indies
In the West Indies a lemon bath is
almost a ..daily, .luxury. _ __. Three ...or_ four,
limes or lemons are sliced into the
water and allowed to He for half an
hour, in order. that the juice may be
fade extracted. A., remarkable sense of
freshness is given to the. skin. .
7. Japan Principal Buyer   ���
r-i'"Japanis the "principal buyer of; British Columbia lead and spelter, as well
as British Columbia's, second. largest
buyer.oi'copperand- pulp.
7 Patronize .your* local .merchant and
thereby help to' build -' up7 your';, home
town, and community." ....
In the interior    of    an . ordinary
piano" there is about a mile bf Srtre.- -���
to the out of town
Washington Post. -
trade.���From- tho
���j*   1  * 1    �����   �� ,,    �����-���--.���-���       No one need-endure the agony of
Market In Orient Has. Relieved Sur- c6rns:with HoIIoway's Corn Remover
plus.Stock Situation -..    .   Vat hand to remove.them.
announcement   that ���the zinc
and other Lung Diseases
Claim many .victims in Canada and
should be guarded against  .
production of the. Trail. Smelter," Canadian Consolidated Mining and Smelt
ing Co., this year will be the .largest
in the. history of the Plant has been
B.C. Honey Crop - . .
..The British Columbia honey, crop of
1921 amounts to .3.09,074 pounds,, a gain ; received with much Interest, in British
. of 33 per cent, over last year's crop, -Columbia mining circles.    The output
��Jaccording to^statistics Jssued7by W. j..(ls said to benearly .50.per centr above
Sheppard, provincial apiarist This
however, 'is below the record figures
of 1919 which were 344,580 pounds. At
29 cents wholesale the current crop is
.worth $86,631. Apiaries Increased
during the year from 1,98(5 to.'2,072
and hives from 9,537 to 10,329.
. - ...   _   True.SeirEste4m7.77V7'77
-'^T^at : fellow,?.. said: a man,, as' he
pointed to. a. passing 7youih,   "is 7the
most egotistical yoang   .fellow. I ever
met,"-VV    -' yy^XxX'y=yyX::X-
���.- -''WhF..so.*'' a"sked:hls cornpanion::",/'
"Why,.-yesterday.on'his birthday.he:
sent a .collect .message .eongratalating
bis mother."--rBQ-*ton Globe!::    ;   7
that of last year. A market has been
found in the Orient .Important, shipments-having been made to the east
recently thus relieving ,.the surplus
stoc!?- situation.
'"���Sea Turtle 100 Years Old
The biggest sea turtle V'ever .7 seesi
In New. York Is now a tenant- of the
Aquarium. It is five, feet long;' weighs
over 400 ponnda arid is believed to be
about'-1007'years.'bld.7.-:' ���7;V-''.:;7;- 7 -
Is a great preventative, being one of
the   oldest, remedies used.    Minard's
: Th7:d>*nasty of Japan Is the- oldest j Liniment-has.relieved , thousands; , of
.'.��� ��� j-       ������:���-������      .;    -.-    -     cases   of . Grippe,.   Bronchitis, . Sore
in the, world,, the. present ruler claim-, Throat> Asthma and. kindred diseases,
ing to be;the 122nd monarch of an un- [it isan.enemy toGerms.;..-Thousands
4of^bottles being used every day.- For
,'sale by ail druggists and general, dealer's. . ',     '-'   ��� ������ "'.- - '   7 .   " :.-'-. '     7   '.--   .
Minard's   Liniment   Co.,   Ltd.,   Yap-
.  mouth, N.S.   .
Japan: Oldest  Dynasty  In   World
broken line dating from 700 B:C.
7 Workmen ./in.7 turpentine7factories
never- have"rheumatism.V     -.V: 77'   "������:
Mlnar^s Liniment for Gelds, ete. V . j
. - �� RESORTS
SEND    for    superbly    Illustrated
booklets giving full and reliable
Information "covcriRg excellent
Dollar a Day- hotels,--Good'- Apart--,'
.nients-at'reasona.b!e rates,. Houses
for"."-Rent,'t-est    Restaurants-   awi
���.eeneral Jnfonnatlon .that win save '���,
���yoij" endless trouble and consider-.':
- able money.'.:'   .���.���.������."������.,--.-' .  -.-.'=-
->: Sent postpaid on receipt of 10c for
-postage. ������'-. -Address -Editor," Tha'7
-Traveller;."' Drawer -'. K.���' . Isijperlal-
; BZock.'.Vascouver.-B.C.,";;  '--;- ,'-''
-'W..-N, -C.-1S3S
-Exhausted the Subject
. "Of course, you all talked about me
as soon as I left."       , . '  ' . '
"No, dear.     We thought you had
attended to. that, aiilte-sufficiently." 7
Most - of.
are caused
sunshine. '
the   shadows of this life
by standing in, our own
R��C0HMEKD��Ofc��SOLD Br" DBUOCiSTS ��<>OpnciAia
Professor Dugan of Princeton College
Gives Some Particulars
The new planet discovered recently
by Dr, Hartmann, of the University.
of La Plata, Argentina, South America, is an asteroid of about two miles
in diameter, according to Prof. R. S..
Dugan, of the Princeton University
Department of Astronomy. This
planet is one of about a thousand
which have been discovered in the
constellation cetus during the past
century, the professor pointed out.
"These asteroids move between the
earth and. the stars and lie between
the orbits of Mars and Jupiter," said
Prof. Dugan. "The chief points of
interest 7 concerning them are their
locations; whether near or far from
the earth, their size and the peculiar
paths in which they move, they are
comparatively^ small; ranging in diameter from one-half to several hundred miles, and their average distance from the earth is 250,000,000.
miles." '        - '    -"."'"
Banana Goods Next
A 7 Frenchman .7 has    invented    a
fabric for women's dresses- from   the
leaves of the banana plant. .
'. Remit ..by Dominion Express Moticy Order.
If l<5st- or stolen, you" Bet your money back.
'b-c.    '       '   * -jofl
An application of "Vas-. :
eline'' White Jelly brings .
grateful relief when
applied to cuts, burns,,
.chafed skin, etc.
.|580.Ci��ix>t Ave�� Montreal.
/sr tt/its
��� endjersfit,
all drag-
Aaitrloi Pioneer
Doc Kemtdits
"    BOOK ON
-   and How to Feed
Hailed    tnt   to    aay
-    Addreis by the
-   Author .
CO.,   INC,
J1S    We-it    31��t-��treet,
���   New YorJt.'0-S.A.
M f
Cao be cured. Doa't
lose, your- valuable
birds. Act qirickly
���trim sick birds. an4
prct-ent tpread . of
<liseass by thi�� prov��,
ca-��iae<ly. :.--yy
ADVICE FREE. Oar pasltay ��.
peit�� will Jseljs yia. yriit*
IVatl to��d�����.��{ Csaa^Ud.
T��?o��t��' ���-���',
ip Vj
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance..
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Betray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where inore than one claim appears it* notice, $5.00 for eaph additional claim.)
All other legal-advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2)��c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means thai
your subscription is due, and
tl.atthe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
The Boundary Social Life
"Tile Boundary is alright; it is a
place where everyone takes in his
neighbors washing." We overheard these remarks passed by a
stranger some time ago. After
several weeks of thought we have
come to the conclusion that the
description, although it may not at
first seem a polite one, hits the nail
on the head. Surely what the
visitor meant was, that the great
yX, (,Money," or rather the
superabundance of it held no sway
''.���-.'- e, for it is an excellent com-
I'-raty, composed of all sorts,
i verybody or nearly everybody,
doing some sort of work, no
one ashamed of any work he can
find to do, no loss of caste, in fac*,
the absence of snobbery. It simply means that no honest labor
thould be looked down upon that
fill snobbery should be, once and
for all, abolished from the face of
the earth.
The life of the Boundary fits in
. and carries out well the right kind
of life to lead in this world, working side by side with one's fellow
workers, no . honest labor being
despised, with all the pride of work
but with no loss of caste. We do
not say that snobbery does not ex-
isfc'jin the Boundary, it probably
does, but snobs are few and far
between. ""  ���
- The general social life, , the willingness to help each other, the
general unconventionality are the
general outstanding good points
of' the, Boundary district' society;
a stranger is very Boon made to feel
at home, and the absence of formality to any great extent is what
appeals to human nature which has
been able - to cast off' the society
The wooden houses of the Boundary district are .well adapted for
the wife who has to do all her own
. household   choree.      Undoubtedly
the life is much   harder for-the
women folkthan.for the.men; there.
y-., is .more monotony,- less variety Vof
V-_ occupation, less fresh air in \thei_r
life:    Their work  seems to b�� so
;   incessant,7but perhaps this is due
7to lack of-system,', for with  more
"method, the ;.work  could be done
quicker and more free time obtaiH-
7. ed.    There is no doubt,, howeyer,-
tbsu. it is a hard life for the women,
,:'".��� ��� t they must ,-be admired for their
.'���'���al cheerfulness and for being
.  7. .Tjpy and contented in it all.
y; ; At any rate,  they are compar-
-..'"Vive'ly  free fronr the shackles of
V>-bion  to which  their eisters in
7o'7r-,;r p^rfe. are such slaves.    New
; -clothes and new fashions aire not so
necessary in the Boundary, but, in
���   spite of; it, if one goes tofja dance
or social or & party,  one sees that
Ihe feminine mind can  still turn
but a smart and prett attire.;,   7
To end  this diegression let 7" us
siy,.that the delightful  freedom,
V ta'e - absence7 of 7eq,- many conven-
\,:tions,%nd. ihe^sfeple^life 7and;tbe
friendliness "of;-the ^inhabitants, are
-'"' the   chief7feature;-that make, the
social  Jife^pf;tbe - Boundary ,jk>
pleasant,     ;���_ ' '"XXXxXXXXXXy
Questions and Answers on Forestry
(By the Canadian Forestry Association)
Q. If Canada is so concerned in forest conservation and the
timber supply is rapidly decreasing, why not stop the cutting of
Christmas Trees? '
A. . Because the Christmas tree custom is too beautiful and to
well established to be interferred with. All the Christmas trees
cut in Canada every year would only represent a few square
miles of forest, and in comparison with the forest fires of just a
single province in any one year are of infinitessimal account.
Most Christmas trees are cut by farmers from lands they need
as pasture, and it means a handy source of revenue for many
a worthy family. Let's be reasonable about tree cutting.
Don't let us disturb the joys of Christmas until we have done
more to block the ravages of the real tree destroyer, the fire
fiend. -
Q. -Is it possible to cut a spruce or balsam to secure a good
Christmas tree without killing the parent tree's growth?
A. Quito easy. Cut tho tree oft just above the lowest whorl
of branches and then trim off all other of the remaining branches
except one. The latter will grow erect rapidly and gradually
establish itself as the main tree trunk. In this way, a plantation of spruces can be kept producing Christmas trees indefinitely.    The plan is in effect in several parts of the United States.
Q. How far apart should trees be planted to form a shelter
belt about a farm or school property?
* A. Four faet apart each way. This will give you a dense
shade in a few years sufficient to kill the grass underneath. If
planting in districts where there is abundance of moisture you
can afford to space the trees farther apart.
Q. What is the value of the maple sugar and syrup crop in
Ontario and Quebec per annum? .  _
A. You will be surprised to know that it goes up to eight
million dollars a year.    Most of this is credited to Quebec.
Q. I am a Mauitoba farmer. Is there any arrangement
whereby I can get free trees for planting?
A. Yes. Write Tree Planting Division, Indian Head;- Sask.
and you will get full particulars.
Q. If I put on a roof of wooden shingles do I have more
insurance to pay?
A. As you are an Ontario man, you can lay
asbestos paper underneath your shingles and get
the same rate as a slate- roof. The 'scare' regarding inflammability of wooden shingles is due to the
use of poor cheap grades of shingles, that curl ..at
the edges. Really high grade wooden shingles are
a minor fire menace. ,' ,
Rod and Gun
The Christmas issue of Rod and
Gun in Canada .is particularly attractive and is replete with many
stories which will appeal to the
heart of the ' true sportsman.
Allen E. Kerr's - 'Trout Hunting
on the Kenogami and -Keniogame-'
sis" as the opening article 0will
prove a realistic tale, while the
ever popular F. V, William's and
Bonnycastle Dale's narratives- are
of.the usual high standard,- The
article by A. F. Wallace entitled
,(Clam and Pearl Fish" will undoubtedly be of vivid . interest aB
well as instructive. Guns & Ammunition, Along the Trap-line,
and FisbiDg Notes, contain several
articles valuable to the various
"readers. Rod "and Gun in Canada
ia published monthly by-W. J.
Taylor,-Limited, Woodstock,- Ont.
E. W. WIDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson,, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or. Lead
|i.25 each. Gold-Silver fr.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3 00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc.. on application.
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69 .
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars. Garage in connection.
d. Mcpherson
1 For Good I
DOLLS, large assortment at about half price
BOOKS, Standard Novels, Comics, Joke, Cartoons
and Light Reading
Fire Insurance
������X*i.xy-X:'asidL y.-,7 7'- - ''-..-
Real Estate
xXXyiAGmTix:. "���:""''',..
Royal Bank Bldg., Grand Fdrks
Come in and see our Xmas Boxes.   They will please you.   A splendid gift.
Best assortment of the celebrated NeilsonV Xmas Boxes ever shown in the
Boundary.   Also full line of Bulk Goods
Wrist Watches, Rings; Fobs, Chains, Lavaliers, Cuff Links, Etc.
don't have to send out of town for  anything,
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties,
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,    Have a buyer for good ranch
Send Your
BOOTS  and  ��HOES
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.    We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash."
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson
 616 Vernon St.. Nelson	
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG     -   -  Prowietor
---Economy and Satisfaction ff
combined wtH Promptness 3
are the features which go to �������
make uptheService we^ give 3
our customers. Are you ||
one of
| WE PRINT   'v ' ''V;;;f
B Letterheads, Noteheads,       |f
fe7 .-'.������---v- (Ruled or Plain) _.    2
H Envelopes, Billheads, 2
��~    7   -;V (All Sizes) -      V��3
1 Statements, Business Cards, ||
f|: Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. g
y -C LOA.T is not a periodic-
���;*V al.   Ifc is a book con-
+ ���
taining 86 illustrations, all
told, .arid is filled with
sketches and : stories . of 7
western life. It tells how\
a gambler cashed in.after,
the flash days of Sandon j
how it rained iri New Denver! long after TSToah was
dead; how. & parson took a
drink at Bear .Lake in,
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in "93;
how the saloon man. out-
prayed the women in KalaV
. mazoo, and graphically de-
picts the , roamings7 of a
western editor7 among7 the
tender-feet in-the cenfc belt.-
Itcontains the early history
of Nelsouland . a romance
of -the Silver KingTmine.
In it. are printedj.. three
western poems,.and*dozens
6f7 articles too numerous.
to mention.;, Send for one
7before it is too late. ..The
price! is 60 cents, postpaid to any: part of the
world. Address all letters to
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
-���-���   ^
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,' Copper and Lead Ores
Producers   of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
Auto. Stage twice daily to Midway- meeting Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatchee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1.507Each Way.   Hand Baggage Free.   Trunks Carried.
Express aod Heavy Drayinz.       -     _ Auto's lor bin Dsy or Higltt
We carry Tires, Oils. Greases. Hay and Grain
Office Plione 13. Residence Phone 3L
Synopsis of v
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.S0 an acre.
��� Pre-emption now   confined   to surveyed lands only.
Records   will be   granted  covering
only land suitable   for , agricultural "
purposes   and    which   is   non-timber
:   Partnership pre-emptions abolished
byt parties of not more than four may ���
arrange    for    Adjacent  pre-emptions
,with joint residences,-but each making -
necessary improvements on respective
claims. _
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for fire years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing" aud cultivation of'
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not ��
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, ha may because of ill-health, or other cause, bt
granted-intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be "issued, provided applicant
makes-improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each ,
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acres cleared and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors ' holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunctibn with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on' Crown
granted land.    -
Unsuryeyed areas not exceeding, 20"
acres; maybe leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling- residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding-. 640 acres ��� may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on ~
timber land  not exceeding   40 _ acres
may be purchased; conditions include -.
payment of sturapage.
Natural-hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made. " '   - "
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining- and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the heirs, or devisees/ of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act .is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present war. This privilege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
' Provisions,for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or ���
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces', or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from,, en��
listment to March 31st, 1920. ���,
- Provision made for insurance of
Crown Grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and taxes. Where sub-purchasers-do
not claim.whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately over whole
area. Applications must be made" by
May 1,1920.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock industry . provides fof grassing districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
.Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock owners may form
Associations for range management.
Free; or partially free, permits, for
settlers, campers or traveller* up to ten
head,      ���������---;"*
JM Mmii Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,944,203; Lode
Gold, $102,753j823} Silver, 153,668,284; Lead 146,637,221; Copper, $161,513,864; ,
Zinc,7119,896,466; Coal and Coke, $212,578,492; Building Stone, Brick, Cemenfi,
etc., $32,168,217; Miscellaaebtis Minerals, etc., $1,037,408; making its Mineral
Prpdnciioh to tha end of 1929 show an -
tggregate Value of $706,192,978  -
Production for year Ending December; 1920; $35i543,08-4
,The7 Miniag' Laws of Shis Province are more liberal, and .the fees lower,
than those of any. otherTProviace in the Bomieion, or sny colony in the British
���   Empire. .-X-" :'X\xX'\'-y-~~X'-   v ;:'. '��� .VV--:���-"-"": ,.77 ;,   /   y'.X.  -"'.-'��� V V ��� ���''. .7;
Mineral locations are granted to^ discoverers for nominal fees. \,
Absolnte Titles are obtained  by^developing auch^ properties, the geenrity
of which is gnaranteed by Crowra Grants, V        : 7
Fall inlbnaatibh, together with mining Beporta and Maps, may be obtained
.7".,;-..   gratis by addressing��� V -.7.7-7;,:~; ���'���-!���-��� 7'. ~-y -XX?'   -..y
:^-:/--/'X-y^ v-vV-    YICTOMA, British Coii^mbfa./


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