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The Ledge Feb 3, 1921

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.x^e*-* *""*���*-.+
cUl Li
Vol. .XXVII.-
No. 30
House Furnishings,  Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
Purity pr [ 98 ���� f��r
Five Roses Flour
i -49
Alfalfa, Timothy,  Bran, Shorts, and  other Feeds
at lowest prices-
LEE & BRYAN'S     Phone 46
^uuuuuuiuiuuuuuuuuuuutuiuuuiuui umiumiumsk
Winter is not a convenient nor comforlable time in whicli to
travel. But there is little need to travel, when you have the long
distance telephone. You talk^direct t<? your party, - knowing that
he gets your message.   What is better?
Every telephone is a long distance telephone. 'Special 'rates
between 7 p.nu aud'8 am.-
'       Try Our Coffee        .
-   Nabob, Braids Best, Seal, Wedding Breakfast
and Reindeer, from 70c -. 75c
Bulk Coffee from 60c - 75c
_���Qpge A/WOOD, S, C.     " ~
The WINDSOR' HOTEL- is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists aud travellers. , Touch the
wife if-you wane rooms reserved. The buffet (is
replete' with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
���-*" buttermilk and ice-cream.
<C^gCeS^��g<e?<g��<^^������<e^efr^g^��^5��fr��?^��^��^i &��&&45��&��4&e
.      Shamrock Brands |
Carnation Compound Butter and Cheese |
P, Burns & Co,   Ltd*   Nelson, B, C |
It is always well to have a Savings
Account upon which interest is regularly
paid and from which you are free to draw
at any time should you have a good opportunity to buy stock or feed. A Savings
Account is Ready Money, 78A
PATO-UP CAPITAL      -       i '������   $! 5,000,000
RESERVE FUND -        .        $15,000,000
GREENWOOD BRANCH, Ii'E. Brawders, Manager.
a   Greenwood, B. ���.
A Complete Assortment '
Wagstaff's Jams and
Try Our
Pride of Canada, Pure
Maple* Syrup
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
Just Received Some Handsome
"The World's Best Watches'"'
Full Line Of
Shell Framed Spectacles
'   Guaranteed To Fit You
'Watchmaker & Jeweler
Greenwood, B.C.
Presbyterian Church
S. S..10 a.m. Service Jl a.m.
S. s: 2.30. Service 7.30 p.m.
Subject For Feb 6lb:
Rev.  W.  H._ REDMAN, Pastor
For Sale!
3 cows. One will freshen Very
soda: All are~govemtnent tested
and splendid milkers. Can be
seen an1? time. ~ ~
.    ���"       ���    MRS. ROYCE.
We carry the largest aud most
complete stock in B.C.   Cash
discounts   on   all   Incubators.
Write for Catalogue.
S44 Cambic St.       Vancouver, B.C.
For Quick Sale
Ore Bins at Boundary Falls
Three mile's from Greenwood &
situated alongside GP,R. tracks
Lumber merchants & cordwood
dealers should get interested
Snap For Cash
For particulars apply *
G. S. Walters, Agent
r Canada Copper Corporation Limited
.Greenwood, B.C.. '-.
For Sale
Around Home 1
Greenwood  Public  School
January 192f
V. Edward. Tripp,  Principal.
No. iu actual attendance 24
No. 'with perfect attendance   -    13
Class Standing.
Senior IV (Entrance): Maria
Williamson, Edna Williamson,
Estella Storer, Mabel Axam,
Ethel Fraser, Etnmet Anderson,'
Gordon Jenks, Russell Eustis,
Harold Folvik, . Agda" Carlson,
Jack Anderson, Harry Desjardine,
Jolmpon Beattie,. Lilly Intilla,
Joe Klinosky.
Junior IV: George Morrison,
Samuel Eustis, Mildred McLareD,
Gertrude Dixon, Mwy Kerr,
Dolly Granberg, Auuud Anderson, John-Kerr, Silvia Price.    -
i* '
Cecilia M. Mcintosh, Teacher .
Number on roll -    ^ - ��     30
No. in perfect attendance    -       IS
Pei feet attendance:
Bessie Bidder, George Bryan,
Myrtle Dixon, Lawrence DuHamel, Eraine DuHamel, Horace
DuHamel, Lloyd EtiBtis, Clarence
Johnson, Kathleen ��� McLeod,
Edward Wilson, John Putzel,
Joseph Putzel, Edward JohnsoD,
Ethel Benson, - Allan Fraser,
Cicilia Hallstrom, William -Mc
Leod, Annie Tho'rslund.
Senior HI Reader: Joseph Putzel, William McLeod, Eraine DuHamel, (equal) Ruby Goodeve,
Cicilia Hallstrpm,- Marp Klinosky,
Ethel Benson, Horace DuHamel,
Annie Thorslund, Allan Fraser,
John MeDonell. ^
Infc. IU'Reader: Befsie Bidder,
Doris  Kinsman,   Edward Wilson..
Jr. Ill Reader: Kathleen McLeod, Frank Campolieto, Lawrence
DuHamel, Myrtle Dixon, Tillie"
McDonnell, Doris Dixon,- Clarence
Johnson, Joseph Krouten. Lloyd
Sr. II Reader: Percy Fraser,
John Putzel, Irene Inglis, Helen
Kerr, George Bryan, Harry
division in
J.  M, McKee, Teacher.
. 1 set stock scales, aad 1 set
light Bob . sleighs:. Will .sell
cheap.    Apply X-'X'���'-��� :i'Jy
X-y ,    X---/.ED.' MADGE,,-''
Rock Creek. B.C.
, G. H. Pitman, of Rock Creek.
was in town on" Monday.   ,-
Jas, 'Mack, of Allenbv, is spending the winter iu Greenwood.
Mrs. A. Christian, of- West-
bridge, was a visitor in town last
��� Just received a line Vine of
childrens and ladies rings at
McElmon's;       .     ���
Mrs. J. A. Fraser" and daugh-,
ter Miss Ethel spent a few da>s
visiting Nelson last week.
R. Forshaw and family have
moved from their ranch at Phoenix to thcir new heme lb Greenwood.
Fred Bidder, of Marysville,
visited his brother here for a few
hour's last week on his way
home from a holiday in Vancouver.
Last week Chief Fraser killed
"a bQb-tailedcal in a wood shed
in'the north end of town. Probably the cat was tbe cause of a
good many chickens being tniss'-
ed. A few years ago the hills
around Phoenix were infested
with these wild and treacherous
cats and now that Phoenix is
deserted they are likely to come
back to their old haunts,
��� The hockey match on the local
ice promises to be a humdinger.
Should Greenwood win it  means
they will again be the champions,
On the other hand; Grand Forks
is also determined.lo .win' aud -it
is expected thev will have a
change in their line up. The
fans can be "ussured of a good
game. :
' Steve Swanson and son Elmer.
"of Copper" Mountain^ spent a
couple of days renewing acqiiain t-
ances .in_town. They^ left on
Tuesday for Grand Porks where
they will spend a.short time prior
to going to Spokane. Mr. Swanson is pleased with the treatment
he received here and says he will
soon be back again, He reports
that Allenby is expected to open
up about June. _ __1
About 27 citizens gathered in
Mayor Gulley's office last Thursday night for the purpose of
forming a Board of Trade.
Mayor Gulley presided and explained the need of such an organization and pointing out the
many benefits to be derived therefrom. Great.   _enthusiasm__and
much optimism was displayed
and all spoke in favor of forming
a Board of Trade. A strong
committee was appointed, to get
the necessary information and
when such has been procured
another meeting will be held,
officers elected, and the Board of
Trade will then get down to" business. It is the intention to make
the organizasion a district one
for more can be accomplished by
the whole district working, in
co-operation than by working independently.
Much dissatisfaction is being
expressed at the way the Post
Office Department is treating
Greenwood iu the matter of
mails. At a large public meeting held last Friday in Mayor
Gulley's office expressions of indignation were manifest and several speeches were made all
showing how the mails were delayed by not getting exchange
with the westbound train. Telegrams were sent to the P. O.
Inspector; Hon. Martin Burrell.
Postmaster General and others
explaining the urgent necessity
of getting the mail from .the
westbound tram. A, letter was
also sent to J. A. MacKelvie.
M.P. for this riding urging him
to use his influence with the, department. -The Departmeut. seems.
���very iax~ia'their treatment of the V ClarancVE. Salter. Of Midway
citizens of- Greenwood,   but '.the.i'brother of I,-, E. Salter, proprietor
taxpayers,   have--'fat    last -f been" lef? the -.-Hotel' Spokane -at .that'
No. in in actual attendance
Perfect attendance
- Perfect attendance:	
Eileen Bryan, Roy Bakke,
Violet Benson, Merideth Fenner,
Daniel Kerr, Robert Mitchell,
Malcolm McLeod, Bertram Price,
Edward Parry, Mary Skelton,
Dick "Morrison.
Proficiency List.
First Reader: Lawrence Folvik,
Margaret Royce, Lewis Mitchell,
Robert  Mitchell,   Edward    Parry.
Passed from SeeQnd Primer to
First Reader: Merideth Fenner,
Malcolm McLeod, Eileen Bryan,
Mary Skelton,' Bertram Price,
Dick Morrison, Dauiel Kerr.
Marguerite Ritchie.
Passed from First Primer .to
Second Primer: Arthur Cox,
Allan McGurrach.
Passed ft om. Receiving Class to
First Primer: Laura Mill,*, Mary
Putzel, Lewis Cierf,; Alice"- Ritchie,
Violet Benson, Roy Hallstrom.
W. A. Jowett, a pioneer news
paper man of Nelson who came to
the Kootenay from Revelstoke iu
1S93 and previously to Revelstoke
from Winnipeg, died in Nelson on
Thursday last in his 72 year. For
some years he had resided afe Edge-
wood on the Arrow lakes, being a
Justice of the Peace. He ie survived by his widow, four sons and
a daughter. ...
City Council
For over two thirds of the distance Greenwood had the decided
edge on Grand Forks last Fridaj
night. There was a larger attendance than previously and the fans
witnessed the local boys uncork a
buret of speed and ��� injected combination into their efforts that'eom-
plefcely sweptf aside all opposition.
They came through with one of fche
most exciting whirlwiud displays
witnessed for a long time. Their
rushing tactics, back-checking,
coupled with' accurate passing and
sharpshootiug that had the Grind
Forks defence pressed to a fare-
No goal was scored in the first
period, but strenuous play was on
tap all the time, and heavy checking and sensational rushes kept
referree, with his eagle eye on the
The second period started with
both teams playing at top speed,
and racing from one end to the
other. Ed. Morrison played the
first fifteen minutes and then waB
relieved by Hallett; later McDonald
was injured and replaced by-Morrison. Murray^finally got a clean
gefe away, ancl scored from a very
ueafe shot.
The third period was hair raising
and thrilling. Our boys fairly
outskated their opponents and bewildered Grand Forks with their
effective rushes. At times Grand
Farks did some spectacular work,
bufe fehey were hopelessly outplayed.'
The Greenwood defense Blundell,
Wood and Taylor broke up their
rushes repeatedly. The defense
were in good-form, working together ,nicely. The speed of tlie game
was surprising and occasioned a
lot of enthusiasm and Murray
again scored for Greenwood bringing the fans to feheir feet. The
game continued with unabated
speed and the big rink, rocked as
Greenwood circled around and
bombarded the opponents nets.
Ife looked like a whitewash for
Grand Forks until 20 seconds before time the visitors scored on a
foolish in front of goal by one of
our own players. The game ended
2-1 in.faver of Greenwood
Referree Al Morrison had all he
could do to watch the game and
players as_ he also had to acfe as
judge of play. However his decisions were-fair"and "satisfactory"to
to all.
Ifc was,a great game to win. The
fans liked ifc better than fehe opener,
Afe times things looked' dangerous.
In the first period neither, team
could bulge the nets. Skating was
fast and checking close.    ,   -
Murray heads the scoring list;.
Clerf was fehe hardest worker on
the forward line and never tired.
His checking and rushes were a
feature. .
. Halletfc is showing his'lasfc year's
form again and"McDonald is playing afe top notch. Morrison had
his first game tu senior hockey. He
annoys his opponents and plays
his position perfectly. He was
given some hard bumps but thafe
did not worry him.
After the game the ladies gave
the teams' hot; coffee and cake
which was appreciated and Grand
Forks went home loud in their
praise for,the Greenwood ladies.
roused and will insist upqitf getting justice,Vf Thosef interested
should write the P.fQ.f Isspectbr
at;,Vancouver /explainingV-the
situatibnand demand recognition,'
place, died-'on-Feb: ���.l5t;.-ag-ed"f;63.
years, after fa',.lingering-' iliness';
fFuneral.sc-rviccs.vcj.il   "be hcid';.at
the Presbyterian Church. Midway.
on Fridav, Feb.. 4th-,' at 2"t). ini'X;.
The game at Grand Forks on
Monday was won by Greenwood by
a score of 4-3. The game was very
hard fought aud in spite of the
fact that Grand Forks had stren-
thened their.line-up .and . changed
their tactics somewhat they" were
unable to get the upper hand.
This mokes three wins for Green-
wobd and one for Grand Forks. If
the local septette; wins on Friday
night it will cinch the silverware,
and a large crowd of fans should
be present to cheer our boys on to
victory.   ,:
Regular meeting of the .City-
Council was held on Monday'nighfc
Mayor Gulley in 'the' chair and
Aldermen Kerr, Taylor, ' Mowat
and Jenkin present. '
An enquiry from J. D. Mantion
of Neepawa, relative to locating
here with the intention of starting
up a match block factory was discussed and" City Clerk instructed
to obtain more particulars.-
The city clerk reported on the
lighting question following an interview with J. D. McDonald ,.o��
the S. K. W. & P. Co. and the
Mayor appoiuted a standing committee to deal with future business
connected with lighting and power
The city clerk was instructed to
communicate with the Post Office
Inspector afe Vancouver regarding
improving the postal facilities
which have become worse since tho
change in train schedule.
The following were elected as
member^ of the Court of Revision
to be held on Feb. Sth at 10 a. m.
injihe City. Hall:���Mayor Gulley,
Aldermen Jenkin, Taylor and
Alderman Mowafe introduced the
sa.wmill proposition, giving the
estimated amount of timber within
three miles of Greenwood as obtained from an - expert timber
cruiser, and also cost of machinery
and erection, etc. Ife was pointed
oufe that a sawmill could-be. erected
and operated at a cost of $4000.
The council wenfe thoroughly into
all details and ifc was finally decided to hold a special meeting oa
Thursday, Feb. 10 at 7.30 p.m. in
fche Cifey Hall and all interested in
getting an industry started are invited. In the meantime the city
clerk is looking up a suitable site.
Council then adjourned.
Liberal Association
A meeting of the local ��� Liberal
Association was held in Gulley's
store on Tuesday evening Feb. 1st
and was attended by a large number of local Liberals. The following officers were elected;���
H.oru. Presid_enfe, _Hon. 3V._L._Macr
Kenzie King.
Hon. Vice-Pres, Hon.   J. D. Mac-
President, '     -       J. H. Goodeve
Vice Presidents    -  ��� -    H. McKee
Sec. Treas.      -   -   D. McPherson
The following gentlemen were
elected fed tho executive committee
pending the compbtion of the organization when several local ladies
will be added to the committee:���
Wm. Lakeland, E. Pope, T. M.
Gulley, J. Keady, J. McDonell,
H. R, Bidder and D. J. Murray.
As soon as the roads are passable
ife is the intention to hold a meeting of fche Liberal Association for
Greenwood riding for the election
of officers and the usual routine
The downward movement in
prices continues, according to figures compiled by the Department
of Labor for publication in the
December issue af the Labor
Gazette. "Retail prices' for foods
are dropping, practically all commodities with the exception ol
eggs and potatoes being effected by
the downward tendency. The
average cost of a list of staple foods
in sixty Canadian cities at the
middle of ��� December, 1920, was
$14.83, as compared with $15-32 at*
the middle of November, S14.73 in
December, 1919, and $7.95 in
December, 1914. Therefore, though
food prices must fall very much
before tbey will approach pre-war
prices they are gradually coming
down. IHE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,    B.     0.
The Wisp
Printed   by    Special!   Arrangements  -with  Thos.  Allen,
���. Toronto, Ont.
%  ^
the winds and lightning had taken.
Where giant trees had fallen and boulders had been hurled from their foundations, other trees would, in time, be
lifted up by the hands of the guardian
Mother, other' boulders shap-d to fit
the waste places. For in the world
of solitude the wail of death is never
Silence and darkness deepened; the
uir grew heavy and oppressive. Then
far-off,    sounded
baying the pack.
ning split the inky skies, to show in
lhe livid scar of its course thc lake
trembling in the iirst wild clutch of
storm. Al about ,the trees shivered
and complained; but thc Indian's
steadfast eyes gazed beyond the
world of travail to a far-off upland,
where the trail had first beckoned
him, the long red trail which hc had
followed in vain.
There was but onc man, so the
Algonquin reasoned, with sufficient
hatred in his heart to shoot Daddy
.Farney down in cold blood. That
man was White Hawk, and him he
was seeking. But like the fo!x. who
matches cunning with cunning, White
Hawk, possessing in like degree
Sagawa's craft of forest and stream,
had managed to outwit his pursuer.
Once, too, by way of warning that
there was danger in too closely pressing a hunted thing, a rifle-bull"t had
clipped off a twig close above the Algonquin's head. From that time forward, he had redoubled his efforts to
bring his quarry to earth, following
with unfailing eye the tracks whicli
the fugitive strove to cover up.
And now had come the storm, the
wild, tearing storm of ripping wind
and obliterating rain. When it passed nothing would bc left of the track
���of thc hunted. Only Sagawa's marvellous intuition to guess accurately
the direction of his quarry, and so to
pick up that track once more, remain-
��d to the man reclining before the
Above   and   around,,   the   thunder
Wo\ild Be Boon To Motorists 1
New   Method   of   Starting Cars At
Very Low Temperatures.
Professor John W. Dorsey, of the
electrical     engineering,    department,
heard above the note of her grand and j Manitoba  University,  has announced
sublime harmony of life! that hc has perfected a   method    of
Far out on the lighting lake a loon   startin    and operating automobiles at
waned to his mate.    From the frowsy, 7 , ,n ���
' ! a very low temperature, down to 40 F.
j Hc    has    been  experimenting along
I these lines  ftfr some  time.      He  is
I convinced that he has now discovered
j one which will be cheap and effective.
Speaking of his discovery Professor
Dorsey said:  "It is possible for the
average  individual  knowing littic  of
thc technique of engines to start and
operate     their    machines    with    reliability    and    without cranking during    the    coldest    temperatures    ex-
forest on the water's far shore a mate
seeking fox barked; through the gold- j
en moon-mists above thc lake night j
hawks flitted and called their p'ain-j
five notes in response to fluted whistle i
of copse-haunting whip-poor-wills.i
The world of the night solitude was |
awake again.
Thc Algonquin gazed about him.
the first rumbling breathing.deeply, and a tender light
A shaft of light- chased the lines of weariness from
his face. Then, slowly, he stretched
his arms towards the fathomless sky.
"Great Manitou," he prayed, "finish
for Sagawa the tasl.
ie must leave;! perienced in this country. By the
that he might save his brother." Then usc of mv tem ;t Js possibie to save
swiitly he turned, ancl down the lake,   4,     ,     .."        ,   ,,   . .    ,, .
in thc track of thc moon, propelled j thc hcahnS of a11 thc garages in this
his canoe with the swift, noiscl-ss i city. Thc necessity of storing bat-
strokes that had earned for him thelteries in winter is obviated and the
name, "Water-Swallow" among his I avcrag0 car js madc a utility instead
tribe.      Quickly the shore on  which-   c     ,      ,      .       .   . XT ,
he had pTtchod his wigwam sank be-1 of a bu"lcn in wintcr- No source of
hind him. Onward he flew, imp-lied external power is needed, neither elec-
by the desire to reach his friend and tricity nor coal. The farmers, who
brother before it was too late. He { generally havc thc greatest difficulty
had promised to comc when thc token was given; and the promise of an
Algonquin is sacred
On he sped, until the spikey fringe
of the lake's upper short stood up
against the sky. There lay a portage of two miles, across which he
must carry his canoe. After this,
many hours' paddling lay before him,
in winter due to the lack of charging
stations, may, by thc adoption of my
principles of starting and operating,
operate thcir cars with the greatest
reliability. I have been assisted by
thc McLaughlin Motor Car Company
in making these experiments, and the
up the long chain of lit'tlc lakes and [ system has been demonstrated.     This
rivers. i is onc instance illustrating   the   fact
He beached his canoe and stepped t
out, his moccasincd feet making not
the slightest sound on thc rocky
shore. Then he crouched, sudden'y, |
his sharp eyes peering through the'
trees. Above, and not more than a
hundred yards distant from him, he
had caught thc glimmer of a camp-
For perhaps five minutes Sagawa
watched that light, then, nois-lessly,
he dipped into the forest and madc his
way towards it.
Silently he moved forward" until be-
crashed with booming reoorts which   fore his views lay a tiny glade.     The
echoed from-rock to rock,  rambling, light of the camp-fire fell upon a tent
outward and on, to be lost in heavier   of fair size, pitched    in"*its    centre,
detonations from the lightning-licked   Brewing tea beforc the fire crouched L
heavens.      And over a'l sounded  the 	
which is not recognized by many,
namely, that in most cases one.unit of
heat under electric control is worth
four units of coal or gas heat used
by our accepted methods, which are
generally highly efficient."���Winnipeg
Free Press.
Every Girl Who
Earns Her living.
Read This!
First Use Of Forks
Very  complex in  her physical  relations   to   life,   disease early seizes
I, Royal Guest Gives Account of Dinner
In 1574. j
Forks first came into use in 1574,'
at a dinner given by Henry   III.    of
France.      Here' is  an  account by a.
Royal lady guest: "The guests never
touched  the meat  with  their fingers
upon"the" woman who"\vorks".and'"she j but with forks, which thcy carried
must  therefore  guard jealously  any-   their mouths, bending .their necks and
thing that would tend to destroy her .bodies over their plates,
vitality or health.
Probably nothing is of more service
than Dr. Hamilton's Pills, and every
girl  and  woman    can   .employ    this
grand remedy with gratifying results.
"There were several salads. These !
they ate with forks,-for it is not con-i
sidered proper to touch the food with
the fingers..   However difficult it may
SAVES $70.00
The very latest edition of tlic Encyclopaedia Britannica may be had in what is called ihe Handy Volume edition at $70.00, less, than the ordinary Cambridge edJtionj we
have both editions.'-- The Handy Volume edition has every letter and every syllable
contained in the more expensive onc. The paper is just the same, but the_ margins are
narrower and the type is smaller. You can buy this Handy. Volume edition for $1.00
down and the balance Jn small monthly payment of about 14c a day. The special easy
terms puts the Britannica in either edition within the reach of everyone. Those who
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child and have always wanted it���now is your chance.
Send us a post card, you need not write'much, just write the word "Britannica"
with your name and address; wc will understand and full particulars will be sent.
McAINSH & CO., Lta.. 4 to 12 College St., TORONTO
t       <��� Agents For Encyclopaedia Britannica.
As a system tonic and blood reno- i j--,,.  .�����.������*���..,       1.1..
such    re-'   e t0 mana��e ir- ��t is thought better
vator, no treatment gives
For maintaining good digestion and
healthy appetite, it is impossible, to
equal Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
Dusky, saHow complexion is changed to a healthy, ruddy glow, which
proves that Dr. Hamilton's Pills circulate blood that is rich and nourishing.
Weak organs.arc filled .with ncw life
and vitality; weakness, irregularities
and the common ills arc prevented.
When you feel poorly, when the
'head aches, back feels lame, and a
drowsy, tired feeling creeps through
you���that tells of the need of Dr.
.Hamilton's Pills ; try them.
Sold in yellow boxes, 25c.
The Lure Of the City
Necessary For Nation's Welfare and
Not Wholly An Evil.
The lure of the city will always bc
potent.     It is not whplly an evil.    It
torrent of the rain, and the wail of
tempest lashing the face of the lake
to foam-capped waves. Occasionally
the d"llcr crash of a fire-girdled tree,
overthrown by the gale, broke
through the wild cadenc of the
storm, or a tongue of fire licked a
livid spiral down some giant monarch
of \hf forest, as thc forked lightning
found it.
Bnt all of this the Indian marked
but impassively, as he waited for" the
storm to soend itself. Wilder
s'iriek-d the wind, 'oud^r crashed thc
thunder, and darting1 finfes of fire
adown "the low-hanging clouds illumined the night-world solitude, with
hl""-white, wavering li"lir.
Then, suddenly, ahove all'other
sounds, came one which sent an icy
chill to Sacrawa's heart. 'Involuntarily he clutched at Tne tiny iron cross
henep^h his buckskin sHrt, an^ lifted
his rifle. A wail, almost lmma�� in its
note, w.-ivr-rine. shriM. had floated
<lo""i on the wings of thc wind.
With a singif movement the Indian
snrang un and leaped outside in the
driving rain, faring the direction from
winch had com" that dreaded cry.
Nearby, the hVhtnintf claimed a
gr'-Jit. hii-h-itanding tree, its cash of
exhilaration drownine���for the i?i-
"stant���all other sounds: But-thc Al-
gonanin's eves strayed not for a second from the headland one hundred
yard": distant, sprayed now with thc
.o^-white li^ht of the zigzagging arrows of the storm.
And, as he watched, there sprang
from th" forest, and leaped across the
headland, a nu-iber of great, g^unt
creatures with .lowered heads and lolling tongues. And the l~ader of the
wolf pack was white as snow.
Another instant, and thev -wcre
gone;- on'y from the waste of th�� opposite  forest   rame   that  wild,.fluted
a man a half-breed, his back towards ps very necessary for the welfare of
Sagawa, and on a block before the; the nation that the city should have
tent sat a tall, sour-visaged man, who; the farm as a recruiting ground.-And
now  and   again   turned  towards   the j    h w b      m      f   R fl
tent as though listening.     Hc twisted | . .... -.
about now, as though to makc some
remark to his companion and evidently his guide���then his eyes opened
wide and he sat erect with a jerk.
"Well, I'll be damned!" he exclaimed
in wonder. "Where did you spring
from, Mr. Hiawatha?"
Sagawa had stepped into the firelight. He answered the other's question, his eyes on the half-breed, who
had twisted about and now sat with a
look of fear on his face. 'I comc
from where the red 'trail beckoned
mc.     I go where my brother calls."
"Well, you've- got some little run-
wav, my regal friend, and I guess
maybe you don't find the track crowded any." The tall man was evidently piqued at the Indian's non-commit.-
tal answer to his question. He took
a chew of tobacco, munched it in his
cadaverous jaw.0, then laughed shortly.
"By gosh, I've guessed you out,'I'll
bet a" dollar! You're that Injun
Sagawa, ain't that'right?" He stood
up, and, advancing to the Indian, hfH
out his hand. "My name's Haight,"
hc introduced himself.
But th.e Algonquin did not take thc
hand extended to him. Pointing to
the half-breed, with an imperious gesture, he said:	
"I would know why Darbo, who
does the bidding "of the trappers in
thc willow-hedged valley, is upon the
trail leading to thc Basin of White
Water, the village of Sagawa's people? And" ��� turning his burning
gaze on the white man���"why hc has,
as trail-mate, one who wishes the
brother of Sagawa harm?"
"Sacrel" cried the half-breed,
springing erect,  lean,fingers seeking
ous rural population, in these days of
labor-saving machinery, if it were not
for thc opportunities offered by the
city? Unfortunately, maiiy of those
who leave���thc farm are not equipped
for city life and are not prepared for
the struggle for existence as it goes
on in the city. It. is a problem of
considerable complexity and not to be
solved as easily as some people imagine.���Woodstock Sentinel-Review.
cry of the white lesder. And all tm-j the knife in his bell, "many tarn you
conscious of thc dnving rain and far- | accuse Darbo of wrong, Sagawa. But
ing wind, Vne Algonquin stood, his! no more he fears you. Nf ider does
bead sunk-or.-his breast.-- -Once again. -White Hawk.his hrudder, whose trail
the white wolf-had crossed his trail.
Another brother was in danger.   . ;He
you follow, fear you���not now." ,
He  ceased f speaking,"���' at 'af motion
must leave, .for. the time,.'vengeance from .the'.-white man," twisting about
.of the d-ad. that he might.lend his aid .so,as-to-put'the fire: between himself
to the livingf-   .''.,, ���  .''.;'.', arid - the   , Indian:'-. ..Haight."- stood,
.- Onrti again,, ^crouched,in his "skin J .frowning,- 'fingering .-the -"stubble of
tepee, Sawaga waited -' for' the storm -whiskers on.his-iong chin.'.';-'.;, ..'"";
to pass.-' He would, hack-trail to the j.f "Darbo speaks, the truth, for-once-
hardwoods".and help his - friend-." and "in. his lifc,",he said,'at:lcngth: "We
brother fight off thoscwho meant,him-1. found-White Haw'k.aikhour ago,-after
harm. "But his objective lay, a day^ the storm. He was' pinned-tind-.r- a
and two nights'-, journey, .through .wild;.. wind-thrown-" tree. '��� He's in-the;
forest and-;swift'"strong water;":���The rthc.re,'what's left."of him." "" f- ,-'
last" time the. white .wolf -had-.cro'sscdfj- '��� With .a'gutturai cry Sagawa'sprang
his' trail, he-had been^ too; late to save! towards:'; the ;-tent's"' entrance;." "but
his aged brother,-, the. trapper,...; He- Darbo,' lips."drawn ' 'back"-'-'.from .-his
must   not   be-top-late   aga:n..  . He   teeth, snarled ��� liirn.hack, ."with, uplifted
No Magic Wand
No Magic Wand By  Which Economic- Penalties Arising From In-
fiat on Can Be Averted.
The million unemployed 5u Britain
arc finding, that Governments havc no
magic wands by vvhich economic penalties arising from inflation can be
averted. When Governments borrow extravagantly, and pay out recklessly, the business created develops
fictitious prosperity, and when this is
over, and business settles down to
regular community trading, the reaction goes further, temporarily, and
creates unemployment. By and by,
consumption overtakes supplies, and
industry starts up again. We arc
now coming to that starting-up
period.���Toronto Mail and Empire.
Children Leave
School Too Early
Well Equipped Men And Women
Who Make Good.
As to the need of more care in
the choosing of life occupations, Miss
Bollert, of Sherbourne House Club,
Toronto, quotes a recent questionnaire in which eighty per cent, of a
large establishment had explained
how thcy had just "drifted" into their
"It is this shiftlcssness in labor that
is onc cause of the high cost of Hying," says Miss Bollert, "labor which
is not well trained is too costly at the
price. As Arnold Bennett-points put
today's curse is our amateurishness
for our work.
"Our young people are leaving
school too early because they do not
see much connection between school
and life.'
"Conditions arc changing. It is
the best equipped ones who make
good now!"
to put the little forked instrument in
the mouth than the fingers. -
"The artichokes, asparagus, peas
and beans were brought. It was a
pleasure to watch them try to eat
these with their forks for some, who
were less adroit than the others, dropped as many on thcir plates and on
thc way to thc mouth as they were
able to get to their mouths.
"Afterwards a great silver basin and
a pitcher of water wcre brought, and
thc guests washed thcir hands, though
it seems as if there would not be
much scent of meat and grease on
thcm, for thcy had touched thcir food
only with those-forked instrument's."
Germans Surrender Guns
An "Adamless" Eden
One Great Essential
To a Woman's Health
Is Her Nerves
Nature    intended    women    to    be
[.strong, healthy and happy as the dav
Paris Prov.des Homes
For lhe Homeless
Carriages   From   Big   Ferris   Wheel
���Made Into Bungalows.
The . carriages. ;..f or ^passengers, are
being, .taken from ..the big.Ferris
Wheel iri.-Paris' aiid sent to.-the,devastated regions, of France where they
will be used as.bungalows'to.prbvide
homes "for the homeless. .' They .arc
just, big enough to niakefa." diminutive.-!
home containing-611c living "room and
'a kitchen'.'" "-''-."'" '; ��� ,'.'-. --'. - -'���������' ''
,_;.��� The":-Ferris .Wheel is being, dismani
tied after- having-b^ciif-'oric ���',. of'- the
sigh.ts;fbf Paris forr many .years.;'- .' '���;
wou'd.'Start now,'and-'nb.t -wait"for ,thc
. tempest .to-pass. -       ... "��� '-';<
But  even  as   he .gathered -his. fey/'
simple cainpingtitensiis,.together,"'the.
.shrieking winds grew, still, tlie heavy
rain shrank- to' a faint;pattcr on  thc
akin, tepee;  the .voice. of. thef thunder
, came '.'angry -'and'-.sullen  froni afar.
Through the.heay-y blackness.'the- lake,
sighing itself to, rest -again, "glimmered faintly. Fiyc'.'hvniitcs later Sawaga    ���.,,	
...was read'y for the'journey td-the"'Up- r'drWhitV'Hawk " 'for-  long,.,  because
. lands;   ..-_ ,   - :;    -.,. -. -    ,-..   ..-;���'-;.  j White Hawk .took the lifc of Sagawa's
-As- h.ev-drcw   his   canoe Jrom  .the.;. aged -brother.   " Good. ' --To-night,' in
.copse..of-cedars,-the clouds above.the   the track-of thc.-storin, the white wolf.
- lake rolled, back,: silvery-edged, to 1 '
a fuii.fnopn ���'--*���
' world,-so"ft-iiluminrd,"alt.ve, fresh, with j Sagawa spoke to the- Mighty Manitou
gcents ;sucn as'-o.nly-." the    wilderness j a prayer to.finish for him the-work He
*?i?s-: .      - --"";.""   V-'  ���    -.-.-,. 'had pointed-out to him to do.     "But'
; ��� Notning- to' bemoan thef toll which   because   there   is   that  which   White
. The -Indian.- paused,'-and his eyes
rested" contemptuously on 'the-half-'
breed, as-he afddrcssed hiin. ������ '.;.'
.'.'"Is Sagawa th.cn-'-'a-starving; wolf
that :woiild feed -on.-'thc. brokert.,,b"dy
of'' the t'|\iarry;hc'has/followed,'-that
the broflicr of- White .Hawk- fears to~
let liitii,Vee for himself if hc. has heard
truth? . Listen), then. Darbo, Sagawa
has- fo'lowcdfthc red trail -.in. the." track-
:,-V""'.-1��-.v> ��-"���'"����=' auuvt-.nn: mc" iracK-01 tnc.-s'.onn, .tne wmtc" won.
cd. back,: silvery-edged, to let crossed''Sagawa's- trail oncd agphi; and
ion-look through. ;'then the : because he mnst 'seek -the 'upland "of
i.-was.transformed to j>.fairy   hardwoods , without   sleep,  or'   rest,
Hawk    would   spe'ak   in
Sagawa,  Sagawa  must  be
.".._,'_ . Application is Dismissed.
-.The'.application of, the -Sloca'iv.district' board, of.' trade, for' \hci rc-.estab-
lislimcut of.daily ..lake scrvices'on the
Slocan, Nelson and .-Nakusp. lines fof
the ;C.P.R.' has: been ��� dismissed by-'the
board of railway commi'ssioner.'v Hon.
,F.:-,BVCar.yel, chief - commissioner,
finds- that "the, board has no-jurisdiction f to order, the rc-cstabliShnicnt""of
the daily service.     ' - -      - --".-.:'-' ' :-
is Jong, instead of being sick and
-wretched. iiut how can any woman he healthy and happy when the.
whole nervous system is unstrung.
The trouble is they pay more attention to thcir social and household
duties than they do to their health.
Is it any wonder then that they become irritable and nervous, have hot
Hushes, faint and dizzy sp"lls, smothering and sinking spells, become
weak and nervous, and everything
in  life becomes dark and  gloomy.
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills
are thc very remedy that nervous,
tired-out, weary women need to restore them to the blessings of good
health. '
Mrs. P. H; Ryan, Sand Point, N.S.,
writes:���"I havc been a great sufferer from nerve troubles. I was so
weak' and nervous 1 could not s'eep
at night and my-'appetite was very
poor. -_ I "could not walk across, the
floor without trembling. I had' hot
flushes and fainting spells.. When I
was on my second box of Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills I began to
feel better and kept-on until.I had
used six boxes when I" felt like 5
different person. I am never without them in the house and recommend-them to all who -suffer--with
their nerves."
Price S0c~ abox at all dealers or
'mailed direct oh receipt of price by
The T. .Milbiirn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
Males   Have   Been   Excluded   From
South Sea,Island.
There is a nearly Adamless Eden
in the South Seas���an islet on which
a girls' school has been established,
in charge of- a U.cjy missionary, and
from which male's have been excluded with the exception of one individual who esteems it a privilege,
to act as "hewer of wood and drawer
of water"j for this maidenly community, f
The girls numbering between seventy and. eighty, are from' the best
native families ��� on- thc Ellice and
Union Islands, and the islet on which
they dwell���and where, according to
the missionary, "happiness reigns
supreme"���is Papaclise, in the Funafuti Lagoon. Ellice Islands" is the
headquarters in that group of thc
London   Missionary   Society.
Miss Joliffe, the London Missionary Society's representative, in the
Ellice Islands, wl&'is at present in
Sydney adds that thc curfew bell
rings' nightly on thc islet at nine
o'clock >
Huge Amount of Armament Either
Surrendered or Destroyed.
German guns surrendered according to the latest returns, up to November 25th, is 30,500. The total
number of guns destroyed is 27,650.
Within the last five months 11,000
guns havc been destroyed. In addition to thc above figures, 6,000 guns
in process of manufacture have also
been destroyed. The total number
of trench mortars surrendered is 10,-
000; thc number destroyed is 7,300.
Thc total number of machine guns
-surrendered is 63,100. Of these" 48,-
300 havc already been destroyed. The
total number of rifles surrendered is
2,324,900; thc number destroyed
amounts to 2,206,400.   A considerable
Gold Widely Distributed
Found in Nearly Every Country On
Gold, though the most precious of
metals in1 common use, is by far the
most -widely distributed. There is
hardly any coun try on earth/ from
the Equator .to the Poles, where-it is
not found. It is dry blown out of
the scorching sands of Western Australia, blasted from thc cliffs of frozen Spitzbergen, or washed from the
Arctic beach to Cape Nome. <   -
Mackenzie Oil Fields
Ottawa Giving Close Attention to the
Whole S.tuation.
Following suspension of regulations governing petroleum and natural gas in thc northwest, the government is to give close consideration to
the whole situation in regard to the
oil fields pf the .MacKcnzie.
Various representations in this regard have been madc. One is that
instead of permitting private individuals to locate, claims, the oil fulds
should be developed as a national enterprise thus ensuring that full control of output would bc kept within
Canada.      - ' '      .    -
.There is -also the question for
decision of creating somc more appropriate form of government for the
district in view of an anticipated
rush of prospectors when the ice
breaks up. In -view of the world
shortage of oil, proper development
of the MacKcnzie fields is regarded
as of the grcajfcc'st importance.
Stopped.at the Border.-
During thc month of December, 534
persons were - refused - admittance tb
Canada through-Windsor and Walk-
eryillc, according to the figures of" thc
Immigration- Department of. the "two
border-ports. '.-'--The .reason given. fof.
this was thc'iuncmpioynkntfih-pctroit
andfthc consequent attempted influx.'
Tlic .1920 figures show-that '6,892-persons,: i,168.fmorc_ than in .1919,. were
admitted ":t.o-''-Canada- at"'-the-' border,
while 4,985. wcrc'frejected. ,-.'���.- f -". f -\
< Winnipeg Factories.
Thc output 'of Winnipeg factories
during 1920"is"vahi(Td "aF$T20;00"0,000
and approximately $85,000,000 is invested-; in Winnipeg industries, according to thc" statement made by D.
J. Dyson, chairman of the - Prairie
Division' of-thc Canadian Manufacturers Association.
Pit-Brow "Girl" for ���2 Years.
The death has taken place of Miss
Elizabeth Wilkinson, of Wigan, at
the age of 73. She worked on the
pit brow for sixty-two years, begin-
number of small arms arc still being I ning at the age of eleven for 8d. a
collected by thc German Government,' day of elcvcp hours. She retired a
and will in due course be handed to few months ago, when it was consid-
thc Commission of Control' Some ered she was'too old to continue. Her
havc been handed, in already. With I unmarried sister has been employed
regard to small arms ammunition, the J on the pit brow for forty years.    ���
total amount surrendered is 405 mil-1  ���
lion rounds, of which 170 million
rounds havc been destroyed, and 235
million rounds remain for destruction.
Of gun ammunition���32 million rounds
have been surrendered, 18 ��� million
rounds having been destroyed, while
14 million, remain for destruction.
Alberta's Coal Production
Ani'MVuvwwwww'M^iA^ -
Figures for the Twelve-Months Will
TotajkAbout 6,650,000 Tons.
The largest output of coal, in the
history of the province is the record
of thc Alberta mines for the-past year
as announced by "the Provincial Mines
Branch. Thc figures for thc twelve
months will total about 6,650,000 tons,
as compared with 5,022,412 tons for.
tlie preceding year. -Final returns
are not yet in from all thefmines for
the month of December, but _it is
known that >the total production' will
bc approximately as stated, and,may
somewhat exceed those figures.
A marked increase in the shipments
of Alberta coal to. both eastern and
western markets was the outstanding
feature of the year's business. To
Manitoba there went 516,198 tons of
domestic coal, ' with 'an additional
1,161 tons of anthracite as against a
total of 314,290 tons in 1919. Thc
British Columbia market took 108,430
tons- of  domes ti
gain of nearly 20,000 tons ovcr_ the
preceding year.
Even Ontario furnished an'increased market for Alberta fuel during the
past year. Shipments of 10,688 tons
were madc to Toronto and other On- \
tario points as compared with two
hundred and eight tons for the* year
previous. The foregoing figures for
1920, in all cases except the estimated
total output for the year, cover eleven
months only to the end of November.
Lift Right Off
without Pain
Magic 1 Drop a little "Freezone"
on an aching, corn, instantly that com
stops hurting,. then shortly you. lift
it right, off ��� with fingers. Doesn't
hurt a. bit.
Your-druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Frcezone" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove evcry hard corn, soft corn,
or corn between the toes, and "calluses.
Only ''Bayer" is Genuine
Warning!     Take "no chances" with
substitutes for genuine "Bayer Tab-
letes of Aspirin.     Unless yoti sre the
i name "Bayer" orf package or on tab-
i lets you arc not getting Aspirin at all,
and  steam  coal, a J In every Bayer package are directions
for Colds, Headache, Neuralgit, Rheumatism,   Earache,   Toothache, Lumbago and for Pain.     Handy tin boxes
of twelve  tablets    cost    few    cents.
Druggists also sell   larger   packages.
Madc    in--. Canada.     Aspirin  is the
trade mark (registered in Canada), of
Baver Manufacture   of   Monoacetic-
acidester of Salicylicacid:
Persian Lambs For B. C.
V Death Reported
An .old offender that hung on for
years! ���- .Nothing touched his stony
heart -but Putnam's Corn Extractor,
and out-'he came, root, stem and
branch. All corns relieved just as
quickly-when Putnam's is used; try it,
25c at all.dealers.  ���
.   Coal Jrif Saskatchewan.,
' The coal.deposit at La.mphian, Sas--
'katchewa'n,' is beli-ved  to be one-'of.
the" best' of its kind in-the -world,- and
.one of the greatest, assets of the prov-.
there' arc  32,000,000, tons   of c-oal -in
two and thrceqiiarter "sections of land..
-if ; you   can
secret '.to.'iiice,.according to   .the   investigators
. allowed ^i^vJio recently mailc.an examination of
little time alone with him before' n.is I   , .   ,���������,- rr,., ._,.,���..,.,.-3   ti._t
spirit's .^onc" tIie  l0"110"'       rh(?>   estimated   that
He tossed his knife and- rifle at the'
half-breed's feet, and, pushing him
gently aside, stooped and entered the
. Haight, his hands deep in his pockets, swore .softly, "Put up that knife,
you fool,* he ordered Darbo. "You'd
ibe, afraid to use it on that big Injun,
.even although you. was sure his tribe
wouldn't .cut. you into ������ shoe-strings/
ahd-ydu know it.y -It's -barely pp'ssib'c'.
thai:- He- knows Vwhat' -'he's"' .talking-:
about.-"-.'"'   "     '  ' '"'    " ''        ""   '
wan tins' as ���much./of
Z"   Baby Seals Afraid of Water. .
f Baby ���" seals arc. actually afraid of
water.and have' to-learn, to. swim "by
repeated, efforts. W.hcn ��� on'c.c '.thcy
havc- been-taught -to swim,. :howey.er,-
fthey .soon forget -how -to walks;  - f-
Any excuse "is good-
make people believe it.
Women! Hse Diamond Dyj^s
Dye:; Old" .Skirts,   Dresses,   Waists.
/Anyway; *or Vmy; part^.I'mi;} >vCoats/; Stockings,; Draperies.:���'";;
as fmti.ch.:-of that'Algonquin's [ff-Hach package of. "Diamond " Dyes"
good,witl.as.-J,'can,'park',:'seein'"asfl'Ve;;Contains'ea'sy directions' for f dve.ing
got a lot-of Jiob-nobljin'g.:t,o^do--arnong.,?ny'article.pi wpoi," silk, cotton,.iinen,
his -. pjeophc.fVFr'om, what-f I've /learn-' fo.rVmixed.: goods. V- Beware!.;- Poor
ed .-of,,-;that." White"''Hawk, js'ornej'piiig 'dye������> .streaks, ffspots, :fades,\and:'ru:ns
sudden- ->v?.?-f .comirigVto-'/him.Var.v-- material ;by'"'givirtg".'jt a "dyed-look."
hpw.r ���;���;.-;:. :-.vVV.VVf;vV'     ���;'fV-v-!,.Bay'-'''D!a!nbnd'']>yes:t;onlyI.;VpnJS-
- ("To:b'.c '-coatir.uV'd)'"'
f    .f   ..Pulp Mill At Nelson.
, A; number of capitalists havc been
interested and' arrangements are being uiade for thc erection of.a large
pulp'mill, at the probable" cost of two
million dollars, in the vicinity of Nel-
Daity. Mail: costs $25. an inch, and a j^ Crit;��h' Columbia. An eminent
whole page $6,000,' In English papers   consulting, prtlp   and   paper  engineer
ted thc existence of a
niber suitable for pulp
Larger.thc Space, Higher the Rate.!
fAdvertisiiVg'  spYcc"   in the London
��>.v.v. i,<.fcv. vv,w.,. f,. ~..fc.w...,...,,*.... j.consumng. pnip
generally, the larger th'c.spaec an ad- j;as ,j^-st rcport{
vcrtiser .takes,-.'the'higher the. ra(c." ��� ;.J'.jarKC a"rca."o.ftii-
British Columbia Said t<k,Have Been
Chosen for New Industry.
British Columbia may soon" become
thc_cenirc of" the_Pers��an" lamb"indus-
try, according to Dr. Lewis Saunders^
of Calgary. Dr. Saunders has on his
ranch, 12 miles out of Calgary, the
Karakule sheep. Plans arc now bcing madc to have -the Government
place thesc animals ori cexperimental
farms and distribute the breed to
British Columbia farmers. . ,
Flock of Famous Swans.
A flock of the famous Trumpeter
Swan, until  recently^ believed  to be
extinct, has been found upon an enclosed    lake,    north - of    Vermillion,
Yukon    Territory.    , Thc   Canadian
Government learned of this, lus had
screen  pictures  taken   of  thc  swans, j
but will not divulge details, of thcir j
nesting place.       ������     '
'"California Syrup of Figs"
Child's Best Laxative
Worthy of Imitation, :;'
- Australia^ '/'��� practical    method'
compelling    Irish .'propagandists
tak.cfthc oath, of allegiance before en-j jn
tering'thc country is" well woi-thy of
emulation in'all-parts of the empire.���-
Hamilton Spectator.
���"���'I.f;':a":.woman-js'--in love withfafman-
she always;believes, what, he says even
when she s��ys.shc doesn't.
- Farm Implements Higher in Price.
;- All classes of farm implements' and
machinery will be higher, in price this
year, according. to ;manufacture,rs.
The increase will be from ten to fifteen per cent, anjd it is stated that
this, due, to thc fact that 'the high
'price which prevailed" last year for
raw materials, is now being reflected
the finished product.  -
v It is."the easiest thing in thc world
ig stir up'.tfbisblel. All .you' have to do
is- toff tell |he: truth-at-all.-times..'. ;
Newfoundland Leads In Fish.
It   is  believed  that  more  fish,are
found off the Grand Banks   of   Newfoundland than in any other part of
the world.
X J^^;.|fesi:^V;eits y
ante'- i��ji. ryf tw;pf Jipii rsi
Ton ara cot
experimenting -when
jou we Dr.
Chaw's Ointment foT. Eszraia and Skla Irritations. It relieves Ai noefl and pradc-
. aiiy h��Ais the skin. 8amp!e t-01 Dr.
CJaase's'olaunent fre�� It yon mention this
pap��-r and *end 2c. stamp ler jwwttge. ��oe.��
box; iilidealers cr SdDuuon, Sates & Co,
Limited, ToroaJA,
Lincoln's Advice.
Do not worry; cat three square
meals a day; say your prayers; bc
courteous to your creditors; keep
your digestion good; exercise; go
slow and easy. Maybe there are
other things that your special case
requires to make you happy, but, my
friend, -these I .reckon will give you
a good life.���Lincoln.
A Source of vVonder.
Canada's foreign comihcrcc never
ceases to be-a source - of wonder.
Think of a population of less than
10,000,000 doing a foreign business of
$2,600,000,000 during the,last twelve
Accept "California" Syrup of -Fig*
only���look for the tyime California
on the package, then you are sure
your child is having thc best and
most harmless physic for "the little
stomach, liver ancl bowels^. Children . lovc its fruity taste. Full
directions on each bottle. You
must sav "California."
Stops Hair Coming Out;
Thickens, Beautifies.
Tired.of Them,    -
' Mothcr.What   are   you , grumbling
for, Kitty?
Kitty.���Why, I wish hens would lay
something else besides eggs.
Giris never keep a man waiting for
an answer. He may havc another
engagement V    ' "
A great many uncalled for
reach the dead letter office.'
A few cents btm "Danderine." Af��
er a tew applications you cai.not find
. a fallen hair or any dandrofi, besides
- every h&ir show? new life, ^igerf
j brightness, morc colo/ and abnrdanse. S
THE     LEDGE,     OifcJflEKWOOD,     B. '  C.
Governments as B
usmess concerns
Br ..-
_ >
In any serious consideration of the responsibilities, duties and; functions of Government in a country like Canada.enjoying a representative system oj Parliamentary Government, the fact needs to-be kept in mind that
changing times bring new responsibilities and duties and necessitate the
adoption of ncw methods. New' inventions create new conditions, ai^d
these"must be metJby Governments as'well as by-people engaged in trade
and commerce. v -'"VV
_ Within the half century since the British possessions in North'America beCame federated as a-Dominiori, the" whole world has become commercialized to amextent undreamed of in the middle of the Nineteenth century.
When the Fathers of -.Confederation-'.".drafted the-"constitution, of the new
Dominion to be, there was only one great public service of a distinctly
business character which it was specifically provided should be the duty of
the Government to undertake and manage, namely, the postal service.
Powers were, however, conferred on Parliament'of'an "extensive character,
���'thus enabling the people through'their representatives to embark on almost
any business undertaking'which might be; considered .in the national interest.
Onc of-the stipulations made by Nova Scotia and New Brunswick jn.
agreeing to enter Confederation was that a railway should, be-built connecting them with the old Provinces of Canada. The construction of the
Intercolonial Railway was, therefore, undertaken by the D.oniinion-Government as a Government undertaking. It was, however, more political than
commercial in character; nevertheless in this "way the Government did almost at once engage in a largc business enterprise.
..,''' For many years the management of thc postal service and the Inter-
��� colonial Railway constituted thc only, really business enterprises conducted
. under direct Government management.     When' British Columbia agreed to
��� enter Confederation,' the construction''of a railway across Canada to the
Pacific Coast was provided for.and this was commenced as a Government-
owned road, It was very soon-abandoned'and.a contract awarded to the
C.P.R., and if was not until thc National Transcontinental and Grand Trunk
Pacific project was launched, that any concrete step was taken to enlarge
the scope of Government ownership of railways by Canada, and even in connection with that project it was. not thc intention to engage in,.GoTernmeht
operation. : f
Force of circumstances, and the eruption of thc Great War, operated,
however, to compel the Government of Canada to engage in railway ownership and management on a largc scale. And conditions created during the
war, coupled with thc necessity of operating a hugs railway system, have"
resulted in thc Federal Government engaging in other large commercial
undertakings. ���
It is not so many years ago'that the C.P.R. wasVhe largest smgle railway, corporation in thc world, with the greatest railway mi'eage under one
management, but als6 owning and operating lines of steamships to all parts
of thc world, express services, telegraphs, hotels ancl conducting many allied
businesses. With the amalgamation of the Intercolonial, National Transcontinental, Canadian Northern, Grand Trunk and Grand Trunk Pacific
Rirtlways into one Government-owned system, the Canadian National Railways today boast of a greater mileage .than the C.P.R. Along with the
Tailway, the Government owns and operates telegraphs, express,' hotels, elevators and ships. ���  -
The next development was the establishment of the Canadian Government Merchant Marine, and as a result scores of Canadian Government-
owned^ vessels are operating from Canadian ports to all parts of thc world.
Whether Government ownership and operation of railways and steamship services in Canada1- will prove a.financial success remains to be seen.
Government railways have long existed in- Germany, Russia and other
European countries, but political and mi'.itary reasons were thc prime factor
back of these Government enterprises. The exigencies of thc Great War
forced. Government operation of railways in both Great Briiain and the
United States," but in neither case could thc experiment be described as
financially successful, and, with thc ending of thc war, the railways wcre
returned, to private management. ��� <
During thc war, too, the United -States entered upon a fGovcrnment
ship-owning policy, just as Canada did,,but whereas the United States.is not
continuing that policy, the -Dominion is persisting in it'and adding to thc
number of its vessels in operation. While other countries have suhsized
steamship companies, and havc be'en and are partners in such companies,
Canada is developing an out-and-out Government-owned and managed mercantile service.        ' ' "     ��� ' .
It will be seen, therefore, that tho Government of Canada' is now a
huge business concern, as well as a political organization entrusted with
legislative and administrative powers for the order and good government of
thc Dominion. It is engaged in what is probably the greatest experiment
along thesc lines ever attempted by the Government of any democratic
country. The outcome may well be watched with the keenest interest by
the Canadian people as it may cither make or break thc Dominion.
- tn next-week's" article some business undertakings by Provincial Governments-will be considered.
How to Make
Good Gake
'���--..-������-       s "    x " -
An   Acknowledged   Expert   in
f All Matters  Pertaining to
-~c     Household Management.
No matter whether a,woman ever
| bakes anything else it is her'ambition
���to be able to make fa gbod cake. The
i aim of this-article is to .simplify the
art of cake making so that the average houscwifer can be successful.
,In , the -first: place know that you
: have' a   good   oven.     If ybu use'a
coal stove arrange to do your .baking
i at the beginning of-the day.'     If you
. havef an  oil-hcatcd  oven  arrange vto I
��� havc it hot when the cake is rea'dy. i
j City dwellers -have  frequent  failures
because   of'   their   gas ��� ranges.      In
many ^apartments the ranges arc the  ^        Muriel Fnr
property of the gas   company,    and,  A���W JIiarKei UOr
WHEN you wsnt ijufct coni-
iortmff relief from, any
'external" pain, use Sloan'��-
Uniment It doen the job without stainin?, rubbing, bandaging. Uao/iw/y for rheumstiem,
neuralgia, aches and pains,'
' epraina end strains, backache,
eoro muscles.
Made in
At all
having been used by former tenants,
are sometimes badly in need of repair.
. Then there arc certain implements
required to make the making of a cake
a "pleasure .rather than a task,     Two
' mixing, bowls, a smaller    bowl    for
beating    eggs,^   a -standard half-pint
i measuring "cup,  a tablespoon, a tca-
' spoon, a palette knife or spatula, a J
j Dover egg beater, a whisk egg-beater,
' a sifter, a wooden paddle or spoon
i and baking pans..
Beforc beginning to make a cake
see that 'you have all the ingredients
on hand that the recipe calls for, By
measuring the dry ingredients first,
then the liquid, and lastly the fat
(shortening), thc same cup, may be
Flour, sugar, spices and any other
dry Ingredient's should be sifted
BEFORE it is, mcasifired. Shortening should be soft enough to-round
up easily on the spoon. Butter or
any other shortening that is vcry |
hard, may bciSoftened to the proper
consistency by leaving it in a warm
room -for a short- time or by adding
to - thc approximate quantity a
tablespoon of boiling .water before
measuring. The .shortening should
not b'e melted unless-, your recipe
spccificially directs that it be melted.
Followm'g  arc  some  excellent  re-1
cipes: -    If you  do not wish  to  try'.
the', whole   recipe,   take   one-half   or'
one-fourth  of each ingredient  called
for."  .'"-���' ' -^
'.'Admeasurements should bc taken
level. '-.,���''',-'.'
Plain White Cake.
One-half cup butter, one cup
sugar, two cups flour, three level teaspoons: of- baking powder, three egg
whites, two-thirds cup milk (about),
one-half teaspoon flavoring extract.
Cream, thc butter. Add the sugar
gradually. J Sift thc flour" witli the
baking powder three times. To the
creamed butter and flour, add a little
flour; then a httle milk and so on
alternately until all thc flour is used
and the mixture is a drop batter. Thc
amount of milk required varies with
the kind of flour used
u Alberta Coal at Coast
The next few months will likely
see the opening up of a ncw market
for. Central Alberta coal mines.   This
1 Saskatchewan's Wheat
^ . Average Smaller
Be Used With ^Missionary
In the previous parable the responsibilities of the-subjects of. the kingdom were before us for consideration
in the light of tlie obligation to render to the householder the fruits of
his vineyard. In this one the c.thic
is changed, and the privilege and
blessings of the kingdom are placed
on exhibition. This parable lifts thc
conception of the kingdom and places
it oh,a high plane. It is much more
than paying rent to a king; it is feasting at the King's table ou fat things
which He has prepared with great expense  to Himself.
I. The King's   Feast   Despised    (vv.
1-7). e.
The  previous  parable  exhibits  the.
Is Now Placed at 113,135,274��Bushelg
By Final Repoit.
A total of 113,135,274 bushels of
wheat were produced . in Saskatchewan during 1920 according to the
final crop statement issued by the
statistics branch of the department
of agriculture. This is an increase
of 23,141,589 bushels on the 1919
The crop was belo.w the average
and not nearly as good as expected
prior to harvest, Jhe yield averaging
11.2 bushels ^an acre as ^compared
with the estimate of 14.5 bushels. In
1919 the yield was 8.5 bushels an acre.
The yigld was materially reduced by
the dry. hot weather in July. The
acreage under cultivation for wheat
was 10,061,069 as compared .with 10,-
587,363 acres in the previous year.
- The prospects for next season are
brighter than they have been at this
period for several years. The land
is in better conditions than it has
attitude of thc Jewish people toward' been for ycars .owing to heavy rains
the king up to thc crucifixion of i during thc fall. Thc rainfall was
Christ.     This one carries us   beyond | the best since 1915 when the province
thc    cross, even through the present
market is the North Pacific coast j aSc of lhe Gentiles. Thc marriage
towns, a market which has never been feast wllich thc kinK madc for his son
systematically developed but which ! and t0 which he invited guests rcprc-
offers unlimited possibilities. A j *ents thc gracious offer of God to give
potential outlet for coal of consider-1 J��y and blessing to certain of His
able- importance exists, on  the coast,: creatures.     This feast has been made
particularly in thc bunkering of thc
smaller steamboats and trawlers that
I ply along the coast, ancl in thc fuel
needs of the industries of Northern
Biitish Columbia. The development
of this inarkct would require thc provision of storage facilities at Prince
Rupert,��� since at present therc is~'no
accommodation adequate to the storage of large shipments of coal from
Is Your Nose Piugged ?
Have You Catarrh?
If  Subject  to   Colds,   Here  is
Real Good Advice.
Don't load your -stomach with
cough syrups. ' Send healing- medication through the nostrils���send it
into the passages that are subject
to  co'ds  and  catarrh.      Easy  to  do
in honor of his Son and is an exceeding rich one. His oxen and fatlings
arc ready. His repeated invitations
show God's earnestness in seeking
to* bless men. God does morc than
simply invite men once; Hc presses
His invitation again and 'again most
earnestly. How many times from
our childhood-has He not 'pressed His
invitation upon us! Thc attitude of
those invited, toward thc invitation
and toward the king is passing
strange and exceeding sinful. To
treat the king's invitation with such
contempt after- he had made such
costly preparation deserves the severest punishment. They not only
neglcctcd it but made light of it and
hurried on to their worldly* business;
showing that they regarded it as of
more importance than the salvation
of their poor lost souls. Some went
forth and even did violence to the
messengers of thc king, killing them.
had a record ycar.
Quite Right.
Hubby.���What kind of chops are
these, veal or pork?
Wifey.���Can't you tell by the taste?
Wifey.���Then how can it make any
Was a Girl
HOOP skirts were
worn by those who
first asked the druggist
for, and insisted on
having, the genuine
Golden Medical' Discovery put
up by Dr. Pierce over 50 years
ago. Dress has changed very
much since then!- But Dr.
Pierce's medicines contain the
same dependable ingredient^.
They are standard today just aa
they were fifty years ago and
never contained alcohol.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medifeal
Discovery for'the stomach and
blood cannot be surpassed by any
tonic and alterative today.
When you feel "all out of softs"
���your vitality at a low ebb���tha
blood becomes surcharged with
poisons! Tho best tonic is called
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Dr. Pierce manufaatojced
this "Discovery" from roots and
barks without alcohol ��� a corrective remedy, the ingredients of
which nature put in the fields and
forests for keeping us healthy.
It puts vim, vigor, vitality into
the blood.   Try itl   All druggists.
Send 10c. to Dr. Pierce's Bridge-
burg, Ont. Laboratory for trial pkg-.
�������������� ^ Mi^������^��� ���   I     ���    ��� ���- ������! Jl. I������
Long Telephone Call
Our Canadian winters are exceedingly hard on the health of little ones.
The weather -is often so severe that
the mother cannot take the little one
out for an airing.     The consequence   the Ottawa Bell
this with Catarrhozone, which cures a! Whilc this is a Picturc of the atti"
cold  in  ten  minutes.      Even   to  the tude of thc Jews from Christ's cruci-
lungs  goes  the    healing    vapor    of fixion to the destruction of Jerusalem,
Catarrhozon��i���all  through   thc  bron- it has its counterpart in   thc   dav   in
chial tubes, nostrils and air passages , , ��� ,          ,-           c         .   ,              .
i              ,            r   i- which wc live.      Some todav are m-
���everywhere  a  trace  of  disease  re- .                V,-                           '
mains 'will Catarrhozone follow.' different to God's invitation; some are
You'll not have colds, nor will you, making light'oi God's way of salva-
suffcr from sniffles, bronchit's, or; uonj a?d others 'arc hostile to the
throat trouble if Catarrhozone is messengers of Christ." Their attitiide
used. Get it today, but beware ot ,,,.....
dangerous subs'titutcs meant to de-1 a,ul behavior incited tne anger otthe
ceive you for genuine  Catarrhozone.
! Large size, two   months-'    treatment,
j costs $1.00; small si/c, SOc; "Sample
siz;, 25e; all dealers or The Catarrhozone Co., Kingston, Canada,
is that baby is confined to overheated, badly ventilated rooms; takes cold
and becomes cross and peevish.
Baby's Own Tablets should be given
to keep the little one healthy. They
arc a mild laxative which regulate the
stomach and bowels and thus prevent
colds. The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mail at 25 cents a
box from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Conversation   Over   5,000- Miles   of
Wire at $16.25 for 3 Minutes.
"Connect me with Number Blank,
For the first time in the history of
telephone    service,
Ford Co. Paying. Bonuses
Line of Waiting Men Extended Four
Blocks. ,
the above call came in to a Jong distance operator a couple of nights ago.
The call was placed through Otta~wa,
New" York, Chicago, Denver, Salt
Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle,
and then to Vancouver, a distance
of considerably over 5,000 miles.
Voices could be heard distinctly at
both  ends.'
Thc    call    cost   $16.25   for    three
Itch Cured In 50 Minutes.
Woliords   Sinitary  Lotion  -will  cure  in  30 ^
i minutes, scabies, or what is known as  Itch,
Payment of eight million dollars to    Mange,  Prairie  Scratches,   "ocas   Itch,  Seven    .
.,        ��� ... , ,    ,       ���     ",    Year Itch, and sll contagious scratchei     bold
the    //,000    employees    oi the Ford   t,y druggists.
The    "	
Fraitor's Treaty
With Germany
Berlin Newspaper Publishes Text of
Agreement  Said  to   Have   Been
Drawn Up By Sir Roger
Casement. f '
A special dispatch from Berlin to
lhe Westminster Gazette declares
lhat Freihelt publishes thc text of a
Ircatv which was drawn ut> between
Ihe German Foreign Office and Sir
Roger Casement on* Dec. 28, 1914.
This document conta'ned ten articles,
the contents of some of which ^are
given as follows in the dispatch:
The German Government shall
form an Irish Brigade, composed of
prisoners of Irish descent.
The Irish Brigade shall wear Irish
^uniforms and fight exclusively under
the Irish flag.
Irish officers coming from . America shall command,' but in the
meantime German officers shall lead
the Irishmen.
. Aftcr a German naval victory, an
attempt will bc madc to land on thc
Irish coast and deliver Ireland.
. In thc event of disembarkation" in
Ireland proving impossible, thc Irish
Brigade shall bc used for an attack
in Egypt upon thc Suez Canal.   -
Aftcr },eacc the German Government shall bc under thc obligation
of aiding thc members of the brigade
to get to the United Statu.'.     :���
If. an . Irish Government shall be
j formed after victory, Germany shall
' give it hcr utmost aid and support. '
j    Thc -Freiheit adds that thc recruiting 'of   Irish    volunteers was a big
failure, on!y 54 Irishmen    could    be
enrolled up to August, 1915.
Many Operations
Are Unnecessary
Ex-Mayor     of     Kitchener     Would
Nationalize" Physrcians;      '
That about 5i, pcr cent, of the operations now being performed by thc
��� mc.dical profession   are   unnecessary,
j was a statement made by Dr. .Hett,
ex-mayor of Kitchener, in an address
at Wclland on,thc nationalization of
the   medical 'profession.     He advocated   that- doctors should be under
government salary and    the    people
educated by a system of lectures to
a standard of healthful living!
Open Season For.S>;al Hunters.
Seal herds on  the ice floes off the
Labrador coast ancl in thc mouth of
thc St. Lawrence River 'will havc no
piotection   next    spring "during   the
Add flavor-' hunt annually carried on by �� fleet of
Mofbr Company has begun
money is a bonus and each was handed an average of ,$112 as his proportion.
When     the    paymaster's    wickets
opened    at    10 o'clock" there was a
To Make Children Care For Parents,
Sons and daughters of financial ability would be made responsible for the
welfare of their parents under a bill
, .          ,.              ,  ,                   ���-        -'---     --     ���   ���  - introduced in the Indiana State L<gis-
kmg and he executed vengeance upon ! Hne txicnd5ng for    four    b,odc��    ^^^      Thc b,n"provides   that  un-
*hcnr   burning  up  thcr  city       I*iS   cither direction,   while   hundreds   of natural off-spring who seek to avoid
was   historically  .ui.fihed m the des-, incn were crowded oul into the mid. ^ rcspons;bi]ity may bc fine3 not t0
die of the street.     Twenty policemen exceed $200 or imprisonment for not
..,,,,          ,            ,                .      \ and a score of special officers kept the more than six months.      Courts arc
will do to those that neglect or reject \ mcn in Hnc_     It WM aftCf dark wheu
His invitation at the close of this dis- i
truction of Jerusalem by the Romans j
in 70 A.D., and is typical of what He '
ing.      Fold in thc  -stifly-heaten    egg !-Vcsscls from St. Johns,      The New-
y/hites and bake the batter either in
two layer pans or it; a loaf.
payments ceas'cd for the day.
It  is  estimated  that    working    at
II.   Thc   King's   Invitation   Accepted   top   speed  it will  require about  five
weeks' steady paying out of money
to get rid of $8,000,000. About
$250,000 was paid out in eight hours.
given authority to release convictecl
persons on promise to assume proper
filial attitudes.
vv. 8-10.
Wlien those who were first "invited
Caramel Icing.
Cook two and one-half cups light
brown sugar with one and one-quarter cups of evaporated milk. When
it forms a soft ball when tried in
cold water, add onc tablespoon butter
and one teaspoon vanilla. Remove
at once from the "fire and beat until of
the Tight "coris��stency-td-spread.-'
foundland Government announces
suspension for one season of all restrictions on the killing of the animals
and suggested to owners of sealing
ships that they cany the same number of hunters as usual.
"Fancy your getting married again,
_Mrs. -Smalc. I hope you havc done
"Yes, mum;  I reckon.
'avc  so much   washin'  to
The PLAIN WHITE CAKE may!��ow, if I adn't got 's I should havc
be varied.     Melted chocolate may be   been forced to buy a    donkey,   sure
j'refused, the king sent his servants
to others; for his table must bc pro"
vided with guests. He has prepared
this feast at an infinite cost, and
most urgently invites to the acceptance of it. Though He urgently invites, He will not compel any onc to
accept. Those that wcre shut out
wcre shut out because the king was
unwilling.      When this was done Hc
��� sent His servants among the Gentiles,
Ye see, 11 whidi_i_s_ shown _in_Hi_s going _iuto the
take  'ome j highways  and  hedges.
Lots.of British Isles.
People speak of thc   British   Isles
and usually think of tbern as three in
  j number.       But,    counting    them all,
For   Bums   and   Scalds.   ���   Dr.' large and small, ft  is said that  the
Thomas' Eclectric Oil will-take the islandsrComprised in thc United King-
added to thc mixture and a -snow
white frosting spread over the cake
i when it is baked. Or, thc cake may
be baked as. a white cake_and
adorned        with CHOCOLATE
Fort William Population 19 720.
Recent figures compiled by the city
assessment commission give Fort
W.r.iam a population' of 19,720. A
census of thc religious denominations
show the Roman Catholic Church
leading with 4,920.
"nough."���Loudon Tatlcr.
.Chodolate Fudge- Frosting.
III. Thc King Inspecting thc Guests
(vv. 11-14).,
As he made this inspection the king
_ ,. , r . -.. _ . found one among the guests who had
Relief from Asthma.     Persons sut-       . .,.. .    ,    ,
fering    from    that  extremely  trying not ou a weddiAg garment-had not
trouble known as as-thma know what conformed to the regulations   of   the
it is to long vv.th all lhcir h arts for feast.      Thc custbm in the East was
fire out of a burn or scald. It should
,be at hand in cvery kitchen so that it
may be available at any time. There
is no preparation required. ������ Just apply the oil to the burn or scald and
the pain will abate and in a short time
cease altogether.
dom number
about    5,500.���Toronto
The Dead Sea will be a solid*mass
of coarse-and dirty-salt-within
next 500 years, according to an' eminent geologist, who has been making
a studv
of   that   peculiar   body
Austria has~a law requiring every
employer to, retain as many workmen,
on his books as he   had   before    the
escape as from a tyrant       Never do   for t|ic king to furnish the guests with} war-
a suitable garment.    There could thus
For  Frost  Bites and Chilblains.���
thcy know wheu an attack may come
aud" they know that  to struggle un-
Cook- together,  one  cup  graulated '-aided is vain.      With Dr   I   D. Kel-   bc no cxc��se 'Or not having onc on., _,.,.,. ,
,.  ,, , i i "   ,    t   ,,        TJ      , i .    . c     ,   ,        i -i-.,      f .    .t ���,     .   c .t \ i   Chilblains come from undue exposure
sugar, one cup light brown sugar, one i 'ogg s Asthma Remedy at hrnd, how-, therefore, tins act ot thc-man showed -
����up milk, two squares bitter chocolate | cvcr'  ihcy, cai?  fi\\c! rclie.f from thnr   that he only accepted  thc invitation
.. ... ... '���     cntinv and cnjnv lifc again.
three tablespoons  cocoa, until  it
\ Construction in Western Canada. -
The value of actual construction
work in Western Canada during thc
past year totalled $71,185,100. as compared with $28619,100 'iii. 1919 and
$19,634,900 inj.918. -'.���"���'.
forms a soft ball when tried in cold
water. Add onc tablespoon butter
aud onc teaspoon of vanilla extract.
Remove from thc fire and beat until
of thc right consistency -to spnad,
taking care to stop thc beating just
as soon as the mixture seems thirk.
���It helps
to slush : nd cold and frost-bite trom
the    icy    winds    of wintcr.      In the
at once.
for selfish ends, not desiring to con- j treatment of either an excellent prep
Too many men makc strenuous efforts to get a liberal share" of something lhat' do/sn't belong to them.
B. C. Industries
The Saving in Health
along witli the saving in cost, attracts
;' many- a tea or coffee drinker to
Tjr a,
JO postumf
or J
Minard's Liniment For Distemper.
Real Pioneer Passes
form to the regulations of thc king.
; The wedding garment which the King
provided in this case is tire righteousness of Christ, which alone will entitle one to the place at the King's
marriage fca��t. This righteousness
is obtained by faith iu '.he atoning
blood of Jesus Christ.
Many New Companies. Incorporated
V Last Year, f
-..Not since 1912 has there been such
~a flood of new enterprises in. the province of British Columbia as during
thc past ycar, according to-.returns
issued by the registrar of new companies. -��� There were more, than twice
as many ncw companies incorporated
fin. the' province last year.' as" There
were'in 1918.'.' The figures are: 1917,
821;. 1918, 437; .1919, .616; and. 1920,
772.ff ."During "the 'first -six months.
ncw companies wcre .formed-"at-a rate
eclipsing all former records, but about!
the-middle, of the year there was a.
slight depression. ..-������. Until the end-.of
June- there were '499 companies incorporated..
Peter Brass Dies, at Punnichy' Aged
. ��� 102 Years. "
.;-Peter:,- Brass,-  :o,nc' . of ; the   oldest
pioneers -of .Western -. Canada, :died at
Punnichy,  Sask.','Jan.i 19.      He- was
aration is Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil,
.as it counteracts the inflammation
and relieves the pain. The action of
thc oil is prompt and its application
is extremely simple.
':    ..A Princess Student.'
.. Pupils - in., the Cambridge Latin
School are to have a princtss in
thc.r miclst.at.least for the remainder
of the term.. -'The school committee i
102' years old.and .-was    borV_;n'car~.Iiav.e"approved   au  application   from ; a.ltcntl0n ttl1* t)c p'""'c;
'Shoal-River.'' ,.<, He entered the 'service   Princess    Mahidol    Si.npkl.i. ��.-itV of . silvicultnral     practice
To Study Forestry Work. !
The Quebec Government has recently sent four of ihe employees of
thc Provincial Forest Scrv.ee���graduates of the rorest School o: Laval
University���to Europe to 'pem! r.
period of six months in making" advanced studies of forest practice and
, utilization in Frame", Ddgium, Swit-
j zcrland    and    Germany.      Particular
o saiv-milling,
of'the HudsouVRay,,Company;at rui" Prince .Songkla, half brother'to  thc ! acrial   Pbotograpjiy.    forest research
early"-- uge   "an'd,-m.:idc-many
'northern -posts.: -  - .   .
trips to   King- of Siam,' for pei mission  to at
tend  thc school,    ' Hcr  husband  p.-
I wood technology and.    wood   utilizs
.'He.' belongs- -to. an. Orkney family,   cently   began-a   course   at   Harvard
his' grandfather haying- conic to  the ; University.   -  '
Hudson's" '-Bay.   . territory   ,:in" ".the !���      ' :" -       " ....
' tion,    including    thc  development o
! market- for hardwood .-pcci.'S
! \vo<v'*-u..-mg indur-'tiiec.
eighteenth century-,
!".. His sons, John," William and"-Samuel, ' a daughter, Mrs." Ducharme, of
Meadow Lake, and. a,brother George,
pi Fort Pelly, survive him.. V "���'���"
Hc was buried ati thc-.Gordon's' reserve ' Church ;. of" England mission,
near Punnichy. "      ���..'," ',.'.,'-
Oil Struck Near Montana Boundary*
It is rcl.ably reported that' oil-has
been discovered in commercial quantities at Round-Up,'Montana,'"not; far
from"'the Alberta boundary.-..'fhc flow
of the 'Discovery. Well,".'which"; was | '.',."''. ;'V X'X^.���- ..���'-.
sunk ,by Alberta capital, is 'said iQ'beVV Debtors .forrrct.ftli:,
200 barrels a day.   ",. j forget.'-'; f" ���'���:"; f- f-.f-'-
To a lover.-there are but. two places
in -the '��� "world���one. where his .sweetheart island'-the"other/where she isn't.'
creditor*- never
M llions to Farmers. I
Farmers in Western Canada have -.
already received over $200,000,000 for i
their 1920 wheat, ctop. - I
"Garn, yer- lazy worm; if ye were
half a man ye'd help me    turn    the ,
Imperial Mica Axle Grease and
Imperial Eureka Harness Oil lessen
the strain on wagon, team and harness. Thcy make heavy hauling
safe and easy.
The mica in Imperial IvHea Asdo
Grease forma a smooth, heat-resisting coat on axle and hub. Ovcr
this the grease works easily and
kills ��11 friction, Imperial Mica
Axle Grease goes twice es far Ss
ordinary greases.
Imperial Eureka Harness OS keeps
harness soft, flexible and strong. It
protects leather from sweat, dust:
and moisture, and prevents cracking. It is easily applied and quickly
saves its small cost in harness and
repairs. It improves the appearance of any dark dressed leather
and keeps it in good condition.
Pf>*t*X    Heat    Light   l.ubiJcatioa
Branciee in tH Cities.
' ItaperiaX AGcjs Axis. Grease cotr.-as im
convenient tiias, tea��ia�� ftxal ai lb.
���tia to * bsnel.
Imperial ��ur��Jt* Ear.
n������ Oil in au��s {torn
t font to * baixej.
"I may be a worm,
wot turns, anyway."
but I ain't one
Sold by cWere
Pluck loses co time on account of
hard luck.-      _ ,
A fat man always has more troubles
than sympathizers. I
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when uot paid for three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States ��3., always in advance,
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Sstray Notices ...3.00
Cards of Thauks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than que claim appears ir.notice, $5.00 for each a<3- . .
difional claim.)
All other legal-advertising, 12 cents a
line first.insertion, and 8 cents ri line for
each subsequent,'insertion,7 nonpariel
measurement; '���    ' :���.".������������
��� Transcienljdisplay advertising 50 cents
an inch each iusertion.
Business locals I2j^c. a line each insertion,     -i
It takes all  kinds  of. people to
make a world.    More's'the pit}-.
Some.of tbe etull* you get on  the
phone these days is ;i bit phoney,
It is said that education pays,
but the trouble seems to be tbat it
does not pay teachers very .well.
President Wilsou has refused
an offer of $150,000 for one article
on any subject. We have never
done that!"
' , Some-men are born witli'troubles
some acquire troubles, and: still
others have municipal jobs thrust
upon them.
output being 3,'104,926 ounces or
1S07 -ounces over 1919, but the
value of the output was ��327,349
less than in 1919. Mr. Robertson's report points that the slightly
increased output came as a surprise
to many because of the closing
down of a number of mines in the
Slocan district, the district whence
comes the greater portion of the
output of the metal, but as opposed
to this the mines on tbe northern
coast showed large increases, notably the Dolly Varden mines on
Alice Arm, the output of which for
the year' ending September - 30,
1920, aggregated "1,700,000 ounces.
A feature of the mining industry
during the year was the increase in
the output of zinc, aud increases
over 1919 of 20,027.017 pounds,
while the value of tbe output
showed an increase of $1,602,S43.
In regard to this improvement,
Mr. Robertson's report ascribes it
to the increased operations at the
Sullivan mine, East Kootenay, and
the activity of the Trail smelter,
aud states: "During the last half
of the year in other places there
bas been little or no market for
zinc ore, and a small voluoio of
sales of fche metal; several of tbe
larger of the zinc mines ancl refineries in tlie United States closed
down early iu tbe fall."
The great increase in production
of coal,- especially on Vancouver
Island, shows tbe production for
the province was .2,79.4,269- long
tons, compared with 2,267,541 in
1919,. and coke totalled 7S.100 tons
as against 91,13S in 1919. In
point of value the increase in coal
exceeded all other minerals, the
.value in 1920 being ��2,223,436 in
excess of tbat of 1919,
Money packed away in a trunk
or tied up in a sock doesn't help
anybody at a time like this. Let
ib circulate.
\ The League of Nations will
make more progress tbe more men
use their heads for thinking instead
of for spouting.
A woman writer says, "there are
no women of genius; the women of
genius are all men." "We imagine
this woman is - in for a hot
Applications for'permits to ixr.-ize 'livestock
on the Crown raiiffe within each Grazing nis-
trict of the Province of liritish Colnmbia dur-
iiifT the frrazintr season of 1921 must be filed with
the District Forester al Cariboo, Cranbrook,
Fort Geoiffe, Kamloops, Nelson, Prince Rupert,
Vancouver, Vernon or with the Commissioner
of Grazing, Department of Lands at Victoria,
i!.C, on or before March 31, IM.
Blank forms upon whicli to submit applications may be obtained from the District Foresters al the above named places or from the
Department of Ivands at Victoria.
The grazing of livestock on the Crown
Range without permit constitutes trespass, prohibited bv law.
. .   . Deputy Minister of Lauds.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C.
January;2-tth, 1W1. ' ' '���"���'���
Send a Float to your'friends at
once. You can get them at
The Ledge office
(Clk.akinc Stkicams)
TAKE NOTICE that Joseph Peter Keane,
whose address is Rock Creek, will apply for a
licence to use tlie waters of Rock Creek for
"Clearing Streams" purpose (i. e. clearing and
improving thc stream for the driving, booming,
or rafting of logs).
The points on the stream between whicli It is
proposed to clear are from the the coulliieucu of
Uock Creek and Kettle River lo a point where
the Gov'cruincnt wagon road crosses Rock
Creek on Lot No, 1S94.
The estimated mileage between the said
points is eight miles. Tlie term proposed for
the license is 20 years. .
This notice was posted 011 the ground on
the 1st day of February, A. D. 1!)21.
A copy of ihis notice and au application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act, 1914" will
be filed iu the ollice of the Water Recorder ut
Grand Forks.
Objection to the application may be filed
wilh the said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, 'Parliament
Building, Victoria, B. C, within thirty days
after the first appearance of this notice iu a
local newspaper.
The dale of the lirst publication of this notice
i.s February 3rd, A. D. 1921.    ��
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmer^* Cadillitc cars, Garage in
connection.   ..
Watchmaker  aud Jeweler
Mail your watch  for Repair and I will
mail it back.    Charges are moderate.
V   ��� . Physician and Surgeon
1 Announces
That he has located, at Greenwood
Office    -   Guess Block.   s
Residence '-   Dr. MacLean's House
Office Phoue .90.       Residence Phone 69
T.!   THOMAS \
Ciitametn Botel
One of the largest hotels In
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson     ��� Proprietor
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG     -   -   Proprietor
The Home Circle
In times of peace, prepare for
war, is rather an old maxim that
must be scrapped. Instead, m
peace limes, we must -prepare for
more peace and not for war but
against war. .   -
-We noticed a dance programme
the other day where a tremendous
streak of originality was shown.
Instead of having it run this way;
one-step, fox-trot, one step, fox
trot, waltz���they had it this way
fox trot, one step, fox trot,-" wall/,
Mininoc ftJowc
The rose of Florida, the most beautiful of flowers, emits
no fragrance: the bird of Paradise, the most beautiful of
birds, gives-no songs; the cypress of Greece, the finest of
trees, yields no fruit; dandies, the shiniest of men, generally have no sense, and ball room belles, tbe lovelist of
created creatures; are very often ditto.
Let no young man of industry ancl perfect honesty dis-
pair because his profession or calling is crowded. Let him
always remember that there is room enough "at the top,
and" that the question whether be is ever to reaclTthe top,-
or rise above the crowd at the base of the pyramid, will be
decided by the. way in which he improves the first years
in securing for himself a thorough knowledge of his calling
and a sound moral and.intellectual-culture.
���   avjlC/J
Dealer in
wo op
Orders Promptly Filled
Synapsis of
land let Amendments
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist; Box bi 108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges::���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$x 25 each. Gold-Silver J1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3 00. f il-
ver-Lead'$2.oo. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other tnetals, etc., on application.
Minimum��price of first-class ��� land
reduced to ?5 an acre; second-class to
$2.60. atl acre.'
Pre-emption now. confined- to surveyed lands only. '-.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. '. K '
��� Pre-emptors must oocupy. claims for .
five years and mak* Improvements to
value of $10 per aore. Including clear- .
Ing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant. .
���Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, be-
. cause of Ill-health, or other cause, be
.granted Intermediate certificate of improvement and-transfer his claim.
* Records without .permanent resl-
' dene* may be Issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
flOO per "annum and records same each
year.- Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
fess than 5 years, and Improvements
of 110.00 per acre. Including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may reoord another pre-emption, lf he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. #   -
UnsUrveyed areas, not exceeding to
acres,  may be  leased  as  homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling.resl-
" dentlal and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial' purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land . not   exceeding   40  acres
- may be purchased; conditions Include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purohased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them.. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.' /?>
-* V     ACT,
The scop* of this Aot la enlarged to
Inolude all persona Joining and serving with HI* Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may-apply
for title under this Aot ls extended
from for-pne year from the death of
suolr person; aa formerly, until one
year after the conoluslon of the present
- war.   This privilege ,1a also made retroactive.
No feel relating to pre-emptions are
~due:;or payable pr soldiers on   pre-
. emptlona recorded after June 26, 1918.
.Taxes arc remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4, 1014, on aooount of payments, feel
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or olty lots held by members of
Allied Forces,-or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March ll. 1M0. ^
Provision' made for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of oondltlons ot purchase, interest ana taxes, where sub-purchas-
-��� era do not Qlftltt whole of original parcel, purchase pride due and taxes may
be   distributed   proportionately
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co,
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,. Copper' and Lead Ores
-Producers    of    Gold,    Silver, .Copper,   Blneslone,   Pig   Lead   and'Zinc
"TADANAC" BRAND "-    "    '
I Cbe fiume Botel I
t Hclson, 0,g;    v     I
������z ^v _: ��     ���   ���:"������< v::;���:��� ���:��$���
must  be
}h .J*1*/ ior   aystematlo
whole MS*.
mAde by May
Qraslng Act.
development of
vldes forgraslng dlstrTots-Ynd 'ranae
��� administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged: priority for established owners. 6tock-o��n*ra may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or tr��v4Uu'4tiup
The only lip/tcvdate Hotel in the interior.   First-class
in every"respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
"* '    - e
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES 31.00 per day and tip; European Plan.     -    -
���*-      Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
**���**f**V* *e**e**���* *o*��� *���**e**T**f" T**a* V   T*T"v**e**a* <T"v'���$**?***
1 For Good 1
ior niuin, 1
to ten head.
4* * 4* 4"& * ir * ���*��� * * * ���*
The development work on the
Hidden Treasure group of .mining'
claims, situate on the .Fairview
road near Cawston, baa been
closed down until spring. -
Granby   -Consolidated , Alining,
Smelting &  Power company pro~
duced 2,665,018 pounds-of copper
, in  December," at - its   smelter at
" Anyox.-   This is a] record  for tbe
- year. . -
Lode mini cig has only been in
progress for about 20 ye.irs in
British .Columbia, and,not 20 per
- cent of the province has bteu pros-
- pected: 300.000 pquare miles of unexplored raining bearing land are
open for prospecting.
, The annual meeting of the Brit
ieh Columbia division of the Cana
dian Institute, of Mining an<5
Metallurgy will be held in Vancouver oh February 9th to 12th
next. The program that has been
1 arranged possesses some ' novel
features. Instead of the -customary presentation of highly technical, papers, there will be a series
of informal discussions On matters
of timely interest.
The value of the mineral production in British Columbia" .for
1920 aggregated 635,550,025, compared with .833.29G.31S in 1919.
according to a preliminary report
made by W. Fleet Robertson, provincial mineralogist. 'The silver
production was almost identical
with that in 1919,  the lasfe years
Your father has a last )^ear's coat, a two year old hat
and-a vest of still older pattern. He can't write such an
elegant note as you can' and allthat but dont call him "the
old man." Call him father. -For years, he has been
rustling around to get things together, he has been-held
to the thorny path of uphill industry, and the brightest
half of lifehas gone .from Him forever.. But he loves you
though he goes along wittibut saying much about it.
Everyone has known the, bracing,-, stimulating .feeling
that conies when looking into a face which reflects a noble
pure sourer a-brave strong-one. It may be the face of a
stranger/but the unconscious influence of. that" fine character is not lost on the passer-by. It-is a character which
counts in life; noble motives and'high thoughts vvhich are
worth having. ' With .these possessions, and that sweet
maidenly reserve, modesty and delicacy .which go with refinement a girl'will'not only be more charming,'but will
have-an influence over, all her associates: -
$50 to $5,000
* -
���No better life investment available
���No better security obtainable
���Cannot be seized or levied upon for any cause
���Will be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed
���Not affected by trade depression
f���Free froin Dominion Income Tax
,,"   s���-No medical examination-required  -    ,
��� Anyone over the age of 5 years resident ordomiciled ia Canada
may purchase."' ' ' ".""'-'
,'  Any two persons may purchase jointly.
Employers, may purchase for.their employees���school boards for
their teachers���congregations for their ministers."
,   ' Apply to your posttinsttr; or write, pcatage free, to S T. Bartedo, Superintendent cf Anr.-4.tits, Qwma, .fot new booklet and other information desired,
St-ate sea and EEe last birthday.     �����
JL C LOA.T is not a periodic-  J,
���*���     al.    It is a book con- T
��$i taining 86 illustrations all j
jb told,  and is   filled    with *r
X sketches   and    stories   of ��j��
* ���western' lifer" It "tells how"j^T
*5�� a gambler cashed in after j
4* the flush days of Sandon; T
��g�� how it rained in New Den-  "**
jcj ver long after  Moah  was T8
.   dead; how, a parson took a 4��
"|* drink  at  Bear   Lake   i\ ��J��
*s* early   clays;   how   justice^ j.
4*  was dealt in Kaslo in  93;  T
����b  how the saloon "man out-  ***
ju prayed the women in Kala-  4��
��   mazoo, and graphically de-, df
j^ picts the   roamings   of  a A
*��*  western editor among the ^*
& tender-feet in the cent belfe.  T
<^�� It contains the early history *��*
A of Nelson and   a romance *j*
-' of' the Silver King mine.  4*
*^  In -it are   printed,  three ����.
A western poems, and dozens j,
�� . of articles   too   numerous jf
? to mention.    Send for one j
"fr1,, before it is too late.    The v
��J�� price   is - 50   cents,   post- ��{���
����* paid to  any part of   the da
j��� world. ., Address   all   let- X
^ ters to        ^ T
* The Ledge *
4��     GREENWOOD, B. O.     <����
'**������- *
Dealer in Fann Produce," Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and. Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
- -   and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,    '
;        - Horses, Cattle,  Etc.     *   -
(Expert Optician) .
K. W. C Block       - Nelson
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Orovilie 1 rains
Autos. Por Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery. And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Pp0p.
I Job Printing . j.
H ���Economy and Satisfaction |��
H combined with Promptness |��
B- '  '      are the features which goto 3
% make up the Service we give %.
��� our customers.     Are you 3
I one of them?                         |
^ Letterheads, Noteheads,       %
S^ . (Ruled or Plain) ;3
B      ��� Envelopes, Billheads,    -3
2^, .(AUSisies)-7' - 2
H Statements, Business Cards, 3
H Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc, ^
| The Ledge      PHONE 29     |
g     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   3
The Mineral Province of Western Caiiada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,722,603; Lode
Gold, $100,272,'431; Silver, $50,432,304; Lead $43,821,106; Copper, $153,680,965;
"Other  Mefcals  (Zinc,  Iron,  etd), $16,818,487;  Coal and Coke,   $199,123,323;
Building Stone, Brick. Cement, ��tc, $29,991,757; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc.,
$785,918; making its Mineral Production to the end of 1919 show an
Aggregate Value of $670,649,894   <
Production for Year Ending December, 19f9, $33,296,313
The Mining Laws of this Province &re more liberal and the fees lower
than Ihose of anj other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the'British
Empire. , ,
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
- Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing scch properties, the security
V of whieh is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Fall information, together with mining Beporis and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing-��� , ^ - *
' VICTORIA, British ColumlJla.


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