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The Ledge Mar 13, 1924

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\U ��*> ^
Vob.   XXX.
Now is tlie time  to  Brighten up  your Home
We have just received an assortment of
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
and Varnishes
 ���i ��� ^. ���
T. M. GULLEY & C07
greenwood; B.C.
Is the Popular  Food
Finnan Haddie, Kippers, Herring, Sable Fish Fillets,
Kippered Salmon, Salt Cod, Etc. ���-
Every Thursday
For Quality and Value Order From
Phone 46
Headquarters for Everything in
x ':.-. x  .-- ���     ;���    ��� -.    y
Drugs and Stationery
Mail orders promptly  attended to
f77.   \ ., :��� . . :.:..-, .;-���--���
Fit/ Reform     X
Made to your measure
Order yours now
W, Elson & Co,
Real- Estate.
Fire,  Life Insurance
Licensed by B. C. Government
Accident & Sickness Insurance
- Auction off your surplus Stock
.Call "at my Office and see. me iu
reference to any of above
Making ready for
New Spring. Millinery
We are selling one lot of
W"���-���-���'��� HATS'- 7- f-W
-���'������������.-.������ ..on band-as .low as  7     , '
$4-. 50, others at $1.00 or less
Meals at -air Hours
Open Evenings       ;   .
"Dance or- Hockey" nights will be
.   .        ' open later
MRS. TROUNSON. - Proprietress
For Spring eieahin^
XxXxXXXX'     ';'-���������'' ;'. ; A Full Line of -'' ')-, XXy. i    xy.7-7
yyzXy Polishes,y Veneers,   Brushes, / Brooms, -,- 7
7WWfeWashing.. Compounds,   Soaps,   Etc.   '
Wf 777:77,.Our- Windows, will give Suggestions    ;"7 7 f
'%?&.($$�� 17
Wi#W---���W--^-~ -W_��� XX'.    ':���   '   -- _W |
'    X  X    '     --ft
Proprietor ffl
We carry ouly tlie bestfstock procurable in.    ' .'
} Veal, Porkf   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
.77 A trial will convinces, you
::.||^:|W��^bst kiifbwfybu' adore fa ''bargain"; ./mosteverybody does, and even
-'public^^utility companies offer tliem*.'f ...7'-."-" ;''   7-   .7'
:y; zy ���Hdtil.jpvix "Long Distance social conversations between the hours of*
xyz.QXhi andS a.m., wl_.eq.wegive you a conversation lasting three times that ���
.fottbedai? period allowed at tlie regular day Tate to B. C. Telephone Com-:.
yp^uf:sta.txons.-  Now what could be- more alluring?* -.        7 ���.---.-.7'        .'..*."-
^f-VjSalitbe "Rate Clerk" for charges or. other particulars.'"'7." ',;   - 77/
Chiropractor . 7
Office: Bank.of Montreal Residence
yy-'-X    -'near Post'Oflice'���;    ""��� ���-
".-.-.. 77.--Office  Hours:..'.""'-  --;
7 ' ; .Mon., Tiles., Wedf, "Thurs. ...  .
-"'���   7 .   ' ''"'   - ."   "      -    * >     ' '    ' ;.,
10 a.m. to 12, 2 p.m. to 5 p.ni;-7 to 8
Fridiiy. 9 a.'m. to ,r p.m. -. ' i;
Public Auction
Mr.  R,  W. Taylor of Rock
Mountain, Bridesville, BlC,
is vacating., his -Ranch,  anil has:.given
inductions to-sell by. Public Auction on
Saturday, April 5th, 1924
--. *- '   ������   at 1.30 pirn.....'-   :���
"'.- All his.valuabl'ef herd'of   ..
Grade Holstein   Milking Stock,
Horses,. Pigs, Farm Machinery,
Baled Hay and Alfalfa,. Grain,
[.-'������ Household. Furniture,- &c.:
For full particulars see
Bills of Auction
i; CHARLES 4CING    .. W
Auctioneer        Greenwbodf""B.G.
{^teabyjeriaii 7Church
Mi liister in charge"  ; ��� Xy; *," '������ - XXX- .*, ':���    -f
: 7Rev. W. R. Walkinstiaw.B..a;7
."-..   . /'.'.���   -,_��� /- --'-." :- '-' ��� -" Cireeiuvooil
". '7v'7..Sunday7-March;'l6tt".f.7f -7;.
-"".'.'������ X.XXMidway ira!ffiWW;;\ :7
'7 -Greenwood 7;f30"B.nWWW
'""7 Secdyour eggs-to. .H. H.VPasnee.1,,
MidwayV.for inci_.bation7. Three dollars
per hundied.-lwo "dollars .for Sfty.y. XX'
I Around Home
Our nexrhoiiday'will be Good
Friday, April 18th.
Service in St. Jude's Church on
Sunday, March 16tti  at 7.30p.m.
Before the auto came the farmers could sell a fine horse every
��. H. Sheffield, of Nelson, public school inspector is in town
today.        7 _-
Business was good for the
season on Saturday afternoon and
Miss Helen McKay, of Van-*
couver is,the guest of Mrs.- W. B.
Fleming. W.
The yoiing. men should organize a base-ball team.aud get into
the game. Wf
Mrs. E.*E. Wood, of- Pasco,
is the guest, of her sister, Mrs.
Jas. Kerr.       - ., '-
Mrs. Smith of Westbridge, is
staying for.a few days with Mrs;
G. S. Walters.    '}    .     7    '     ;
'A.^D: McKenzIe, of. the Pacific
Hotel, is in Grand Porks for. a
coiiple of days. N
Harry Anderson left on Saturday for Jersey City,  N.J., where
he intends to Veside,   '..77
TEggs are selling ffor 2Scts a
dozen. There is praictically no
farmers butter coming in.'
J. G. Turgeon, Federal and
Provincial . Liberal organizer,
was in town on Wednesday.
Soccer, is being practised in
���'town'with a view to" playing a
game in the not far distant future.
James Dale, who has a big tie
contract near Beaverdell, paid a
business trip to. Greenwood, this
week.", V"Wf ���."'  -:-.- .'"-.;.."*" '
.*��� Prom- this d.aj]_ 6n7 tie' Pound
by-law will be.strictly7 enforced.
Mark,Christiansen -is 7the,, pound
keeper.7-'���-'.." -'-'--" _���-��� X ") '-- )'z -
The drawing for the lunch
clpthTwill. be. held af Goodeve's
Drug Store;- tonight '(Thursday)
:at:8:0?cibck.-- X-y-X-X.-, X..X.zX.zy,.
Mri.R. W. Taylor^ of .Bridesville, .came:-iri7from' Grand Forks
on .Tuesday    morning   to, visit
Mrs. Jas.; Kerr.'""..   ,*'    ;f.....
.-. G. Sauuier,;J; Saunter, J,. Fer-
rout and'J. P. Gachain, of West-,
bridge and fCarmi, were visitors
to'town^fduring the-week-end_    , ,
: McKelvie and McKinnon fhave
erected a tie mill near Rhone.
_*They have a'large tie contract to
complete before next.September; .
The Misses Violet and Hattie
Auger returned home oaf Thurs-
day.after a two months visit with
relatives at Lumberton. Mrs. A.7
Christcsuseja and two children returned with them". and are the
guests of Mr. and, Mrs. S. W.
Aitger, ^Eholt road.   7..;       7   :; '<���
���' It is, noticed that small boys
wandering around the streets
have matches - in. tlicir pockets
and.haye_.the habit., of stricking
.'them on vacant buildings and
throwingWtbe 7lighted_ match
away. .This is a dangerous practice: .and \parents 7should warn
their children about carrying
matches..   * -':;/..--��� XxyX. X-XyX
"���From ^arch'i'Silrtd7May ;3istv
live day. old chicks may this year,
as,an experimentalf service, be accepted at the risk; of the sender
for ..transmission at' parcel post
rates to places within Canada and
the United- States provided the
package in'which they are contained is properly prepared and
that delivery.can ��� be made to the
addressed within-36 7hbjirs. from
.the.time of pqsting.7 :Xyy Xx y'yy
Providence Mine Auction
The Providence Mineral claim
was offered for sale by Public
Auction;, on Saturday afternoon,
March 8th, at the office of C. F.
R. Pincott, solicitor, Grand Forks,
by   Ernest  Harrison,  auctioneer.
There were, two bidders, Wm.
Madden making the first bid
of $500 -which was raised to
81000 / b�� Jas. Kerr. Wm.
Madden then bid 81100 and
J. Kerr 82000. No further offers
were received and th�� auctioneer on
the direction -of Mr. Pincott adjourned "proceedings for 60 days
notwithstanding such adjournment
was opposed strenuously by Mr.
K��rr, who claimed that as his was
the highest bid and that the property was not offered subject tp a
reserve bid it should be knocked
down to him.
The sale was the outcome of a
certain mortgage on this valuable
property held by the Chicago Title
and Trust Company/
v   ^Eholt Mining Co.
A meeting of the shareholders of
th�� Eholt Mining Company was
held in the company's office 505
Eagle Block, Spokane, WaBh., on
Saturday, March 8th. Twenty
ehareholders were present who
were very optimistic fas- to the
future of thymine and are hoping
to resame operations very shortly.
This is good news for the people
of Greenwood ��� as the company's
property, the Combination mine
haB ona of the best showing of
high grade ore in the district.
The following directors were
elected: CD. Jones, H. A.
Pebles, C. R. Garris, E. S. Eugene
and J. H. Goodeve. E. S. Eugene
was then elected president and C.
D. Jones secretary.., .'
Strathmore Mine
On Tuesday a rich vein, about a
foot in. width carrying native silver
was struck at the Strathmore mine:
This mine is operated.by a:local
syndicate and promises 7 to' be a
good1, producer." f Althangh; only
running �� few. weeks �� trial shipr
inent has"already beenflmade which
netted 8150 a ton. 7.
, 7 Hogs s^old ' for .$8   to f $9 per
hundred this week.   .,     7, -7. .
It isf-reported that -Penticton is
to be headquarters for the R.CM.
P. .for .West TKootenay Sub-district. Inspector R. It, Cadez and
and staff from Grand Forks and
Sergt. Birch from Yerhon will be
moved to Pentictoh.     ;
Full instructions in regard to
the collection ot the gasoline and
fuel oil tax have now reached the
ProvihciaI,governmeht office Here.
Importers of gasoline'and fuel oil
are particularly warned that all
gasoline and fuel oil ..imported,
whether, for sale or private consumption are; subject to and; must
bear the."tax. .Further ;informa-
tipn will be7 gladly supplied on
application to the governmemt
office, here. 7       777"- ;/7-'W
- Greenwood h as Ion g. ^needed a
rest room, for, strangers and visit-
ors.-.tQ town .who come in from
the country to do their trading
in bur popular;.. stores -or other
places Xqt ;,b.usinessV77to. sit and
talk and waitf for their men folk
who are busy with' their trading
operation's. It is wonderfully
how many business calls a man
has to make when he comes to
town after a week, of absence in
farm work.: ,So we_ need a rest
room for the . ladies i who come
to town with these men, There
are plenty . of vacant buildings
and some, furniture. . There is
sufficient-::to start 7at7 this great
work at all:events.7.-X\ yy:'X_
Kettle Valley Notes
B. P. Hardcastle iB on a visit to
Mra. Buckless, of Westbridge,
visited Mrs. Shillcock- last Sunday.
Three carloads of coffin boards
were shipped out ofthe McArthur
mill" lately.
Commander and Mrs. N. Lewis
left on Wednesday for Pender
Island, where they are going to
Service will be held in the
^nglican Church on - Sunday,
March 16th at 11 a."m. Sunday
School will be held at 10 o'clock.
*��� The firBt hockey practice was
held last week, a large crowd turning out.- Many of the aged and
infirm are still feeling the effects.
Midway" News
W. Tippie, who has" been indisposed for sometime, is improving.
Ace JHeBkerJs in the Grand
Forks Hospital undergoing medical
Another . successful whist drive
was held on Friday last, ten tables
being' in use. The ladies prizes,
went td Mrs. ^Biggin 1st and Miss
Emery 2nd and the gents/prizes to
T;" Roberts 1st and Mr. Cromb 2nd.
Ther^ will be another card party
on Tuesday, March 18th at the
Old School House. The Ladies
Aid take this medium of thanking
their patrons for past. favors, and
look for another crowd on the
aforementioned date.
What's What at Westbridge
Billy Middleton spent the weekend in Rock Creek and Bridesville.
Mrs. F. Backless left Sunday for
a visit with friends in Kettle
Valley.  7. ...      :. .
. J.: P. Gachain, recently from
Seattle, spent a conple of days here
before going to Carmi.
Westbridge. and Rhone Bchools
were last week honored with a visit
by inspector Sheffield of Kelson.
Miss Edna ./Williamson arrived
here.Tcesday.morning irom^Grand .
Forks, ;.to visit with *her7 mother
Mrs; Backless,   7 "7 ---
Sheriff. Taggart.and party,   in-,
eluding Wm. Thompson  and .Geo7;,
Guise of-*Midway,- spent. a night
here last week en route fco.BeaVer-
detlx) '; Ty;   i'--WW"' .���:-''* ���"-
Steve Teckham; long-time resident of - the West Fork,  who has
been working at, Mellor's tie camp
all winter, is spending a few days:
here before going to .hie .home at
Carmi.     At. the   camp,  he says,
business ia brisk���broad axes flashr
ing���chips flying-in all directions���?
and the ties are chained; on the
dollies" and landed on . the "river���'.
bank before; they have a; chance to
get cqoI."'   Paul Triadpn  and Ed. ���
Styles,, who were also down frotn"
the Main River camp .confirm tfiis
report, 7 .'W'
Someone,: just for a joke,  asked
for sweet,potato seeds.    The clerk
hunted all through the seeds biifc .
could not find sweet potato seeds,,
and finally, appealed tothe.bo.ss7   7
.7 The.latterfexplaiced that:hefwas_
being kidded  and c^ntioned him
abont hotletting smart Alecks put>
anything over on him. ['-.'
A few days later a lady entered ,
the store and asked for some bird
seed. W7
"Aw, go on," grinned the clerk,
4-yoa   can't kid   me.      Birds are.
hatched from eggs."
When March  started in many .
were watching for the lion.to appear.    The lion of March isTcjuite;
as reliable. 7as the bear of Feb*
raa��y,77*-' "      7 77/ ; -,- THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD, -R. C.'
Would Amend Elections Act
finer tea and more of it
Banking Problems In Canada
Urges" Appointment of Permanent
Returning Officers in Canada
Thc appointment of permanent re-j
turning .officers to simplify the work
of organization at election time is recommended by thc chief electoral ofll-
cer for Canada in his report to parliament. An amendment to the Elections Act Is suggested empowering the
naming by the government, either ot
an individual or a public officer, such
as the sheriff by virtue of his position,
(o act nt all times as reluming officer
in his county. Tho report remarks
that the lime required for preparation
for an election in Canada Is very much
longer than the period consumed In
Great Britain, -where the system ot
permanent returning ojlieers is in
! vogue.
.The chief electoral officer also re-
coinniends that urban registration for
electoral purposes should not be required, excopt-ln certain ocmuiuuities.
where tho population of an electoral
district is less than 5,000. At present
urban  registration  is  reauired  of all
The British
Empire Exhibition
communitiies over 2.CO0. Exception
would have to be made in the case of
a few small communities, which aro
essentially urban, but the majority ol
them could be registered as rural
communities and effect economy in
registration. Tho Increased- population limit, says the report, would reduce the number of communities now
requiring urban registration from 185
to 80 W
In the course of the address dcliveivd by him In Winnipeg some weeks
ugii, and in which he discussed outstanding problems of the West, including
farm labor, grain markets and marketing, transportation, export cattle trade,
.immigration, Sir Clifford Sil'ton paid his respects to bankers and the Canadian
banking system, and suggested-what, in his opinion was necessary to restore
public confidence in tlie banks and enable those institutions to function
more efficiently in times of stress and emergency.*
There can be no question that what: has been termed the "wrecking of
the Merchants Bank" and the failure of the Home Bank, coupled with recent
amalgamations of other banks, has shaken confidence in the Canadian bank-
iuig system which for many years has been held up as one of the model systems of tlie world. Therefore, constructive criticism and suggestions are- to
be welcomed.
One of the criticisms most frequently heard in the West in years past
was that while the Canadian banking system might be air right from" the
standpoint  of large  financial  institutions  such  as  Bond  houses, insurance , .
companies, mortgage, loan and trust companies, and also from the standpoint i catarrh.' ^ r��m run nB_.��
of manufacturing industries and large commercial aud transportation enter-j Catarrh never stay3 in the-sama
prises, it fell far short of meeting the needs of agriculture and the. primary f place���-it travels down into the lungs���
producers of the Dominion.     It was this popular feeling which ultimately^.rthn��iltlS^5)_JlS"Ti'tn����:
Straight Talk On
Danger Of Colds
Let your  cold   gain  headway, and
demanded and forced Provincial Governments in the West to embark upon   ,J?i"Iveo,C0.lda an(* Catarrh right out ol
*     , your   -system    while    you have the
! chance.
Prefacing his remarks with the statement that he was not hostile to the' H-(?asily done  b>" Inhaling CATARR
banking interests, Sir Clifford Sifton*declared that it had been conclusive^   trui? �����''' ^ch instantly reaches the   Madame
��� : true  source of tho  trouble and gets
long term credit schemes ancl farm loan boards.
Strange Effigies Are to Be Found In
Westminster Abbey
The British Museum in London has
been'*the growth of nearly two centuries, the first purchase for the collection having been made, in 1753, although the present magnificent bulld:
ing In Bloomsbury was not completed until 1S53, the gap of a century.
The Natural History Museum . at
South Kensington with its splendid
array of specimens was not commenced until 1S5C. Those museums
and tlio adjacent museums and colleges of science, lho Imperial Institute, tho Royal.Albert Hall, and the
Albert Memorial are all "clustered together and each Is well worthy of a
The Low I her Arcade ln the Strand,
that Toy Bazaar beloved by children
of" past 'generations, has disappeared
with' most of the old institutions. The
Royal Polytechnic in Regent Street
opened in IISSO and closed in 1881, Is
slill remembered. Who. can ever forget the thrill that-went through the
youthful beholder whon the diving-
bell with iis human freight sank beneath the. water, and the suspe'nso
i with which one waited for it to emerge? Many were the exhibitions!
clevoted tci1 Napoleon and' Wellington
that flourished in Loudon in the early
part, of the last century, hut theso
have long passed away leaving not a
rack behind.- Among the many entertainments that have come ancl gono
one can. only mention Wilde's Map ol
the World,, the Colosseum in Regent's
Park, the Christy (afterwards Moore
& Burgess)- Minstrels, the Mohawks,
the Dore Gallery, Hengler's Circus, tho
Royal Aquarium, and the performances at the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly. Happily,' the "Old Vic," the
home of Shakespearean plays, slill
survives.'  . ��� **   ���'
Reference    has    been    made    to
Tussaud's   Exhibition, that
-,,,.,. . .    . ��� ,..-.,_.    , . -   . i 'Valhalla" of Immortals which came
demonstrated that the Canadian banking system, great and .successful as it Is,   right where the living germ of Catarrh I, *- ���    ,,.   , f   _   �����.,..,.,���   ��   Xw> X i
does not at present furnish adequate security.     This was the great drawback
.���lack .��>('-..security!     "Lack-of security: for the shareholder, lack'of security
for,the depositor, lack of security, in ilie carrying oiifof .his business for the
farmer/aml, the.small 'business-man."--' --.---f-���;/-_-. *   ;   .���'   ...--���   . -_���_:���[;    ���:������[':.
...   Kiesc'ribiug'thef'situa'tiou, "Si>;. -.Clifford, said:   "When' .times- are" good;:;ihe
hanks get too -liberal with, liie'ii*.'money ���;��� and when "{lino's"begin- to- tigliteV lip;
the banks."gelfjfi'ighteired aud'call*t.ht'ir'money"in, and' good,; honest' business'
nien'fcannbt.'gel.-t.he; required -credit,  "'Tliere is ..no necessity -for the. present.
��� KlliuUion I'o go", on..'   It. is 'sheer stupidity.    'It'could be'rectified'at""c>hco';if
we,Vou Id bike- the proper-measures!'""- ..     "������'   y 7  -.    .'"���'.;"��� 7.     ��� .--"'7,....-
,'f  f-AV'liat are'-th.v-prppfer measure-*'?' .. Sir .Clifford' found the.fanswer in fihe
"experience'of Hie Tjnittfd States.' and- in the- creation- in that country of. the
'Kederal.'Reserve Bank. " . Prior, to- tlu*" creation of ihat .great institution���one
of- tiie' most .'wonderful and  successful pt- its kind inf existence���the United
; Slates suffered the shine'disabilities jis now exist in Canada only in an-aggra-
f-viited form because the ���Canadian "branch" banking system contains', 'elements
problem's.:'.'"Tobacco   creates   _i.ri.nt-
of-'strr-ugtli and flr.'xil.ilitj-.Iacking.jn;.th_.. United .Stales system..
'���   Outlining .his" .proposed "remedy,'.Sir "Clifford said-..that -what' "Canada re-i mosphere of .cheerfulness ami. content-.
��� (liilr'ed  Was'the' appointment' of. a .com])".'tent -body of. men, a -small -central ��� niont.,, -.',- '-.'������ .."-,., ���-.-."-       ''[[���
-board-of in a hi 1*07111 en; three.,--four.-'or hair'a'dozen experienced ;"and success-
-;iul bankers, and financial men, the same' kintl/of-m'en" who. have, been appoint-
. ed- a s-directors, of'.the."Federal-K'L\set-ve: 1.a tUy. in tite". United ~Sla(es,-"whb-will.
say,- 'vlienthe bankers are getting td() liberal...".Slow, up','.;' and wheii moneyf
begin's'toget tight-,.-7T.;ori__on up.'-''.    ./'���,     .'       -..,'.-     . ���       -'.-���""'.���  "', .'   ."
"'-, -.Such ti board should act./as; a batik'tn" re-discount/bominibirhotefe .being
issued'.-by-, tiie Finance" Department lipo'n their- 'requisition,.it being the privl-;
���. !egc;u!ul''dut.y of a'llban'ks to go to this central board-fot/re.-cliscount when
ever "Hie -business of the country ."required it
be.indicatvd to- the banks that they* 'a re-not" to pursue a" policy, of panic".be
Is working.
CATARRHOZONE-is <a\\ -of healing j continues to be ono of the foremost
balsams, and essences, and is able to ; of' tho houses of entertainment iu the
patch up the sore" spots and remove , Ml!li.01>olIs. . Ti,c public never seems
that tender, sensitive leeling irom tho ; .    ,. .    ,. ,,     .,   ���
nose and throat. ." ,������'., ' -. x j to tire ot inspecting its figures ol pasc
' /-Hawking and spitting coa'so. because ! anil' present" eelebritea, its jtrlceloss
;the..discharge..'is stopped.. "The .1109- j relics, and its tableaux/ "'"There. Is,
trils are -cleared headache is relieved: ,h0^ver,' to.be.seen In London a" col-
breath-is pnrliled. - . Every trace of :;.'.; ..**'*. -+" -
Catarrh," bronchial" and .throat- weak- lection of .waxefl* figures .111 a place
ness is permanently removed."'.-. -���'-"''{.where one' would least expeci'to find
"7 Get  ,_C.ATARnilO/.ONE ..,"today; Ithein���'namely,    Westminstw*   "Abbey.
^rrth��7,re>ftmnn?   5l-?��:7sm:llU  -?1": Here,' in a gallery not ordinarily'ac-
.50c:   -.Sold by all druggists; or bv mah ��� ' ....     ,--   .   * ,      ,   ��� '    ��� .
-from:The Catarrhozone. Co.,-Montreal."*, cessiblo to ihe public, therc.is a minor
.... ���.'*     '~���X���yy ':���'     '   ��� f    j "Tussaud's".--'exhibition;   of."-perhaps
:/.. Solves Home.Problems *efliial interest to the'   monuments - iu
_ Persuading the-liusband to smoke Is '"the sacred odlfl.ee. ..The collection litis
1 practical'way o[-s.6lving,-iiianjvlioino.'j received .the" "names  of  "the- Ragged
THE: BABY _. i
Jo rely on liieahs provided by Parlia
uid j lirice of. Baby's Own. -Tablets.' as
the tax-.
eause"iliey feara'lack'or. currency,- bit
merit; lor their relief.;-   7 -.���"��� .-'.-.'_;','��� ��� '""-' - *.  "-".:- ���'.'..        '7;.   :/.'.       -,"';-   .���������  7 I
7      The'United States, with all i'ta .wealth", would,,'siitd Sir Clifford,-Und'oubt.-'j
tidi.y have liad a tVarfuL 'financial-^cnaslV. 8i"f'tei:-the war-had-it' not ."been,-for-" ih��"7. n,.w
Pederal Reserve Bank���a. system' whicli provides.a salety valve;- a. ready
sufljeienL supply of. curi*en<:y in. emer'gencies, and tlie el'feel. of -which" is- prac'--j yonipany.'payt. t
lically':to guarantee that.,110 -batik; In the'. U-niLed States',' which -is"in a solvent;.?!?!?���"^.i?W1''!
condiiion.-iieed, fall'-'for -lack of-currency.- fn-, therefore, .beconi'esf unu'ecessary
for fhem-to" contra et- "their-, loans: aiid-ccinstTve' their .-resources -to meet -eiiiHr-
gtincies.:. ���" ! .��� 7 [-��� X'XX ��� *-: 7. X ... 'XX .;'���'��� 7 -W -'-' -������ ���'*������' Xyy'' '������* '������'-���"'���.':
' 7'Such ii...control liotird _as.prt>pos>d 'jyoiiht; hnye lis own small staff, o'f-audi-:
tors, which would.lje aVileterrention any. bunk; manager going into.an "unsound
"t nuis.iy.ion..--'. .-It won id* not*.'; be' .necessiiry u>'.inspect all' branches/of a Bank,
only' the head oflk't'ri.iind.the larger'branches-, tiie law eoinpelling-'eacli, Bank's
own .Inspectors ;t'o nuike a"; special-ret'uhi to .this' central .board-'of: all "loans
in" branch banks over, a! cej-iaiii'-'iiniouivt; w.lier'eupon .a. special audit.would- he
inside where, any large7.oaris/might boregaVdedas'-n' source of danger. v.;; - ���
Regiment" and .'.'.ihe- Piay.of Uie.'-Dead
Yolks."'-    For    niaiiy - centuries ��� ".lhe
curious 7 cits I o tn . prevailed ������- at.   stale
fuiici'iilri, even in old .ipngiand, 'of-. nx:.
hibiting iii/tiie funeral":.'ear, or. .carry--
; ing.. in  procession;.-a -waxen -cfligy" pf
/the. individual ' wliose   remains   were
j about  fo be'- cohpigiioil to .the- tomb.
...To   guai-a- thcr batiy-'agaitist Vcohls i^'10-11*.^*-0^1110'" "��l��r'l,??t." ���������!-c;h-
nothing can-eqiial Baby's Own Tablets.! sta'tesniau,-.oi-_. warrior .was  niodellt;(l
The: .Tablets.-a re a mild"-laxative r'tliat. ;'in wax. .and.'an-efligy was built, iiptind
In other words, thaf'itfslioiild-1 fiil"1"-^' tlio little one's stomadt andf cl.a, 'jn Ul^ ,tctuu! znrmohik worn" by
' ' bowels   working, regularly. 7 ..It .is- a' " '       	
reetSgniz'ei)  fact. t-h"at./wliei;t.'' the.'sLom-.
always fresh
O^cto   ,5ClU���TpCoC/
White Kitchens
Becoming Increasingly Popular
-Among the Younger Housewives
White is everywhere a symbol of
cleanliness; Of course, It Is really no
"cleaner" than any other color; a gray
enameled ware Dot, for instance, has
all tho advantages,of cleanliness that
a white one has, for all enameled ware
is' easy to keep clean and will not discolor"-. But the least speck of dirt
shows on white, where it might re-'
main unnoticed on some darker shade.
For this reason the fashion of white
In  the kitchen  where  cleanliness is)
of paramount importance; is growing! Canadian." Inventor   front   Montreal
Government ftjerchant Marine
Monthly Sailings From Vancouver and
East Coast All Year Round
Announcement is made by tho Canadian Government Merchant Marine.
Limited, that it had be"en- decided,to
operate an inter-coastal service between, Canadian Atlantic and Pacific'
coast ports via the Panama Canal.
Steamers of 6,400 -tons de|nl weight
capacity will sail monthly from Vancouver _all the "year around, and
monthly from Montreal in/the summer and Halifax and St/jolm in the
winter.     Tiie first sailings-will be tin?
May C, and the Canadian Winner from
all the time.      The."white kitchen"
has    whito   enameled    table,    white j Vancouver -for Montreal on April 1
chairs, while kitchen cabinet���even a
whito "range���and," of course,  it lias
white enameled Ware "utensils.  -
It is becoming increasingly popuhu',
particularly among the younger housewives, to have a definite color scheme
for a kitchen. Borne prefer all white
while-others find .thai, "white blends
"veryfwell wit.li the gray, blue and
other shades in-wliich enameled ware
comes:  * -J _���-""'.    ." ": "-"- ''���-��� ���__..'
Apply." Minard's  to  throat  and
chest.     Also -'Inhale/    ..    ,
Minard's gives'.. Quick relief.
- ff
the- deceased in:-h_is- lifejjiii�����.hut"_0111-
ich-aud bowels'are in good"order thai, i-bellished - with --false, "gems.,-.-.- Often;
colds/will not.. Mist; that the.'health when tho'.co.nn had. been deposit edTin
of. the.little one-will l,e godd.iind lhat- ih(i Vault,-thofigtirewai-'f.piaeetr over
he  will -thrive and  be  happy.   .  Tho    "'" --'������-       * ���"<.���.
-Canadian Editors'to' Visit British' Isles
""-.IL.lias beon .(.lelinitelyf decided tliat
during" the coming-summer a-jiiirly-.- of
projirielors and editors of weekly Can-*
d'dian newspapers will visit Great Rri-
tidii, with .the" object .of. "promoting .an
iiitercliahge .of- i'.ioasj.f not jnerely- in
.'the journalistic1 world, but _ils,p"'as". regards, "general ques.ilons - of'.-.imperial
tinddominion interest." 7 The arrange-,
siients." .in . connection' with'.the trip
have been le.fUin.tho' hands ���" of the
Canadian High CoiUniissjmieUrS^fOnige-
tax .will"-- not.-increase. "1 he;
You can slill
els through any mwit-"
cine .-dealer iii.-'25 cents, a'* box,-or" bv.'
-' Wlien -a/mother  detects.'fnim' tlie
w'rithings and .fretting of a child ihat
, This' central board', would Hkewlse-^urvey. the-whole field." In, Canada and! wornirf, are troubling it, she* can' pro-,
the toiisb as a sort' of temporary substitute for-.a -stone .niotiumeni... Sev-
eral-of thesftefllgies are'still "preserved
in glass casfi* in- the gallery, in cfiies-
mail.. postpaid, from The Dr..-Williams' (Uonr- 9nf" ������������ 'sH-llcliig -model'..fof
Medicine Co", llrockville,' Out. ���'".,.'. Queen'Elizabeth -arrayed_in the fami-
-'""   - ':���: :������     -'������"���":'���' /:-���   liiir i-uffed" costume ofthe period, and
/..A-Mjcldgan wimian-at t!H;,wedding. 0|.,^r ,(4ijgics Xv��"ihay. o! -King
feast of 'terfdaughtrr, sewed: sl.faw-;.^,.,^ ^|#v William and Marv, Queen
-berries and other fruit that was "put...-;\nno/t_ie/ek!er l>l��-i.-jind-Nnl'_(on. who
uir;."In. the .year;.ilio_ daughter wasXup^vXidXav^ b.vn the last":>e_:son-
2:! ycars.ago.;".. -', . ��� 7 .*;""-     --|
'ig" - tints ri'i'ireseti led.
Distress  In  Erin
renonitnend hietins or'.siipnlj irig/ariv legitimate, demands for. credit ivhat' Were f-curo a; ruliiiblt:    remedy    in
,   ,    '    -     ,,",'   '.,;-       r    ���,"-- -"-'   --'���,-���'' ������,,���: ���-. /'-x':\   ,-  -  ���,     ���   -        Worm-Powders  which* .will.'.oxiiel'all
not betug.complledwuu.  .. In this way-U eouk5;b<* ol. great help.to fho-iarm-.J ^^ fr0il1_ th- syaU>ni;;,   .Tiu*y mil;v
sfat.eJ;. provision .was"nia'de for lending
ers-of- the Wtfsi, just'-as. In thefUnliiid
��� s.oirio liundri'dk of. luiliions-to farihersf-' -*7 . '-* /"���_,. ,-.7---:. -���.,-.-.-:.,
. .-..'The people -'of-.-.Canadit-have.long -b.'<-n illscussiag-; fhese' 'rrobloms/fand,
: apart fro |ii. \vlietti;;i*;; Sir CMtYord' HiftVn'Kso.i.utiouis .ihe right, ono or./not;' it Ss;
tlme'spnie d('cislvp--'nii>:isunO.'.-vve!'<> tak'-n.'   "���".'""''*���������'-'.-���- " -���', -������.'���     /*���"'-- ���' *"'   '
Especially Prepared for infants and Children of A!!
- - Mother!- Fletcher's Castoria has
been in utfe. for over 30 years as a
.pleasant,', -.harmless .- substitute for
Castor Oil.' Paregoric, Teething Drops
find" Soothing .Syrups- ���:..'.Contains no
narcotics. Proven 'directipns.'are on
each   package.      -Physicians -every-:
-Xy-xXy /'W^W.^R-rl^j F^R;i5^��pKpiiir.^ll^|^
Famine;'Conditions ih West of Ireland
.-'Are-Reported '��� '-'[.'���.���
cause-vomiting/but l.hts"ne��'d;cause no X Cival\ilIs_fiv'-s-iiA>'|��oi-liMl from tlie
aiixiety,' because it. is* but.!i"nianifesta��- -<;6n��es��".'d dlsirlfls in" .th** Avest priri--
tion; of*.-. their-" liioroiigli w��.rfc;"' N";o7iiin<l. win-re the,- coiulii ions aro-sliited
worms:can long -exist;- where .-these t01)eVorw tiiiin-iiiiv sin^.,.the famine
Powders are used.   *-.*- ;..*��� .:-'--     * ,. ,���..,---   .���-   .,-* .    ;    ' ,     , ,    .-
��� _��� -._,-     -* ��� ��� .-."'-  j year ol ISIS...  fra<ie in lOngland has
-Xo Beautify 'Grounds       ,"    "7|;affecfed"i,h(.* price of Irish producn-as
-   Withiii afew-weeks Ihe h'orl.ciiUi'ir-. well, as ..dlininisIVed   rhe-'di'titand   for
al-department of. tho Oana'disiti Pacl-"' Irish.laborers-.. ~- The, lartners are-re-
fic.-lliiilwjiy- will.have-sent.diit.'.'lo Jts-'du'ced"- tp ���' si'icJi   iin:-;c-xtreiiiUy,-in-tht
agent's-11.000 seed paciceisfand 30,C��0{��: .poorer districts .that they' have'been
to-. 10,001)-'bulbs. '  'As s.oon as western obliged lo'-consume .for food'tho��� seed
condition;- 'pernilf*, 'tree's,  shrubs" smd   poiatoes- .tliey--f,reqtilr<;_ for- the--next
perennial  iflarits- will  be.packed. and ,crop. -��� "..".     .-  -
Slave always bought bears" slg'nature.of  shipped.; *One.humir��.d "thbtisand trc-f--t= j     (Jbvernnie.nl ~ inquiry/.shows,   liow-1
) and shrub.-* and 7-0.000.. perennials ai-e;-ev(-r,-- that-. tlivr.t. " lias.been..no"* such
being'used .;>mnValiy. and" it 'requires/general  failiire'of p'otatoas. as-would
200.WJ bidding'plants to fillMli.*- beds ; warrant, introduction of "local schemes
01" tliy pernianent, gardens in-the sta: f of relief flnancr-cl by the..credit of the
lion  grounds.' and'- "parks' ;_plV the. com -'/'ratepayers;.':-.* TJief question islsaid .'to
ip.any/every-y.eah;*;:;^;.."''.,'".^^..;..' /-/���/������ .,'|:be'.o'ne'.of'f.poveriy-due.-fo lack oi/.em-
-��� .'-'���-.-  y--.-y���'-r������~-''r X"X: f-.',"--..! yiioymenf',' and tiie government is ar-
all  diildren  arc/siibj.-cl'jo'''; ranging    to ' mobilize    all   "possible
worms,-and manv are born.with therti. 1 ' y.":   ' ,   -     , ,   /������ ',- <4  zx
sources   ot ^employment ,-to m<_et-the
where recommend it-.---'��� The kind.yott
VSpare them suffering.by using Mother.
'Graves''  Worm -Exterminator, an'.i-x-i triiuation.
cellent remedy.
.According to reports' piytrXffic, ]6t\
] Ficialsi ''flopping gaioslios'-;/. are... -the
cause of many woitaen and-'girlsfbeiDg"!
injured fin alighting, from" street cars
Miiiard's Liniment for Headache
���xy W-.vwi 7:x77U-'7i5i^:W7
.; ''/.---.School For Bakers'..-' - '*'.'.:
f -A-school Tor-bakers.'is lb .be f-rect-
ej'in connection with the Ontario"Ag-
ricUUural*'-Coi!eg��, y-'The- building, is
to:be' erected by' rhefBread' and. Cake
Bakers' Associkiibn. of Canada, and
building, operatIons are - expected . .to
com m ence ...ea rl y in the "spring. ���'/ --.*-: [--
;"W.hyfsuffer from corns wheii tliey
can" be' painlessly, rooted .:oiit.by "using
Hollbway's Corn ilemovfer. -,; -        -' ?.-���
World's Poultry..Convention.
Canada witi be reprosented'iitffh'o
world's poultr.j7cQnverit.io11, to be'held
this"-spring "in '��� IJarcefloivii";. Spain', according lof an announcement by *>the
Federal Hepat'fmeni -.. of- "Agriculture.
Authorization has been given.for two
delegates Co. go, 'and., efforts-'will -be
.made'to increase .-this nutnbeivby way
of.a delegate, from each of the provinces.. ,���:... yX: : ������''       ' "-        ���-'."-���-'
Use it
Free Recipe Book-
Writc the Borden Co.
Limited,  Montreal.
_*T. O. ��(_.��_l
* Yoa wil! see this shield-shape trade mark
inhardwscestores everywhere. You won't
, see.it.on cfteap,"inferior goods.   It goes
/ only on household utensils of the highest
quality, yet selling at. moderate-prices,
because of the tremendous quantities sold
^���feach year.:        / ���
Choose cookings and baking utensils that
f carry thia tc��do mark, Choose SMP
Enameled Wtare, with its very hard, smooth
surface. , Heals fagtisr,' cleans easier, im-
: parts no.metallic flavor, causes no dangerous acid re-actions*   Ask for
Three finishes: Pearl Ware, two coats of
pearly-grey enamel inside and out. Diamond
Ware, three coats;, light blue and while outside, white lining. Crystal Ware, three
coats, pure white inside and out, with Royal
Blue edging.
*"*��*����? Metai* Products Co
UMlTgO THE   MbGE,   GREENWOOD,   I. "&1
���  ***
ty ���'
, 17)6gic 13akin<
^Powder b&e> been,
known and used
eJI over Can&d&
For more than'25
years, If has .set
and iTtairif&inecl thej
standard fbr.gooasj
of its class,    its '
use is increasing
daily becausexox
its strength,-purity!
and  universal--:
satisfaction   *
'ftre food insures ���
���good .;healtb *"
lf)0c V&&k\n^
ifowder iriseires
"food '*
'      .,..."    TORONTO. CANADA.
LwiNNIPEO .     .    MOP*T��Mt._J
Proposed World Flight
Will Get Special Plane'-"for Trip
"��� - Around the World.'')
.Major Pedro Zanni and Ensign NelV
son T. Page, the Argentine -aviators
���who are to attempt a/flight around the
world next summer, expect to let contracts for a specially designed plane
very shortly. This' machine will be'
used for tlie first half of their'trip...
After ii conference with the Br.it-
ish officials, ��� Zanni and Page have
changed " their route, avoiding Constantinople ' aiid proceeding via
Kgypt. The .present rotate will be
frorii London to Paris, Homo, Cairo!
Bagdad, Calcutta, Rangoon, Shanghai,
Tolilo. Alaska and San Francisco.
Tlio.y expect to si art April 15.
A Severe Attack
Of Heart Trouble
Was Relieved By
Heart and Nerve Pilis
A mid-empire ..... Pan-Paclflc, or
world's fair, for Vancouver in 1927 is
1iie appeal made by Mayor Owen.  ..
. The National Assembly at Angora
has passed the bill calling for tlie
deposition.of thq, caliph and the abolition of the caliphate,
State laws prohibiting the possession of intoxicating liquors acquired
before national prohibition ��� in tlife
United States, were sustained by the
'The public debt of the United
States.lias been cut more than ?���!.-
800,000 in tho four'and a half years
since lho great war-indebtedness was
at its peak, August 31, 1919:
The British Government has turned
down the idea of obtaining revenue
through, a tax ori betting7Philip Snow-
den, chancellor of the" "exchequer, told
the House of Commons.
7 An adva*nce.of $3,000.'was made by
the.Dominion Government'to Vilhjal-
mur Stefansson in connection with
relief of the Crawford party on WrangelIsland, according to the report of
the auditor-general tor 1922-23 tabled.
In the House of Commons. \ . W
-.-��� Enough gloom prevails in the world
without ). sqmbro liearses passing
through the streets to remind 'people
of death, in the opinion of
the.... Associated Undertakers' .. of
New* York, who, have voted to/dis-;
guise; their.;-hearses like ordinary
limousines. ��� /' .������'.. '���:/' '���'" "������    ,
Unfit to Live^-Must Die"
This* Verdict is rendered a .thousand
times.every week^-no:corn can live,
At must pass out, drop off, ifvPutnam's
Tfix'rfactor is applied to" corns: and
warts. Use the old reliable - "Putnam's," it never fails, 25c at all
""' Mr. S. . IS." Barnes, A then;;,/ Ont.,
writes:���"Four years ago I had ii very,
severe attack of heart trouble...1' it
consulted my' doctor;   he  treated me
-for- some'-, tinie, but i only seemed to
be.' getting, worse. I finally, went/to
our druggist ' and purchased ; thre'o
boxes'of Milburn's?, Heart aptl-Nervo
TPllls ,arid derived: immediate relief
from I heir'.'uso; .and I.cuii: trutlifully
say they are.a/wonderful medicine.. I
always^lceep^ a_._b.ox; on ..hand,"., and _-if_l.
feel out of.-'sortsjftake a few pills arid
"foci.all right again.". .9 -, ..
Milburn'sllrartand Nerve Pills are
-50c a box ;at.all' dealers,."- or mailed
direct   on   receipt of price'by Tho T.:
'-.���Milburii'- Co., 'Limited', ..Toronto," Ont. ',���'���'���
";.. "Curfew" Must -Not' Iting.'-Tonight','..'
,'whlei. .has probably been'; read. / a nil
recited -more' iim'es -..than -tiny'-' otlier
nibderii' poem,'was'written, in It!fi7
by Miss .Rosu.llsir.twick', of'LU'cl.ili'ld.
���Conn/ It., i_i.said-.fhat the-author.'di'
.the poein,'spenr..otiiy two hours in '.its
composition...*"::-"_'��� 'X-x'-'x ��� .-'.,-"'
Press For H.B. Road Completion
1 j*.
Progressives Will Keep -This" a Live'
Issue Before Parliament * -
Ih order to keep completion of the
Hudson Bay Railway a live issue before the Parliament of Canada, Robert
Forke, leader of the Progressive party,
will introduce during the present'session of the House of Commons a resolution urging tins continuation of construction, and the opening of-the road
at as early, a date as possible.   -���
.Mr.'.'Foi-ke, in discussing the proposed resolution,: said hc- was fully
aware "of tlie depth of. feeling! which
prevailed throughout the prairie' provinces-In (his matter. Al. inc. same
time, having in. view* "the adverse
opinionsfheld in thc-east, he was not
over ..optimistic concerning the
chances.-, of. Progressives- obtaining
liciion this year. * lip said he had
been receiving ��� numerous resolutions
from point's in-.the .west urging-lhe
party.to press i'or'the "completion-ot
the road.",--;../-.-'..-"-.-;������. ." .  .,
. He wished io inform- al itho .supporters- of the project" on lhe. prairies
tliat the" Progressives, would"' not" 'fail
to." impress'upon "tiie'-government the
'n"pe<j--��pr; actionTv~;At:'-the""saRie"..tihsln'
however,:ilr. Forke, in , dealing -with
the government's prograriime,'staled
t ha" t- /the-" promises- ..contained "..in '-the
speech from the throne.were such that
he felt :tiie government should be. sustained.' wholeheartedly, in- carrying"
litem"out.  "    ������ -7/ ' '_- ..""'". ..."
Dizzy Spells '
Bearing-Down Pains
When pains gather around
. -/the hips-and lodge in the small
of the back-r-when tQ" stoop or
bend seems impossible, when
/ dizzy spells and bearing-down
pains are ever present���that's
the-time to use Dr. Hamilton's
Pills. Irregularities disappear,
vital energy is restored, back
trouble is forgotten/
yrha --'ailing sick woman gains
strength, - improves in looks, increases in spirit,"" by using Dr. Hamilton's Pills. They correct the conditions that rob her of health and vigor.
No medicine so helpful as Dr. Hamilton's Pills. 25c at all dealers, or The
Catarrhozone Co., Montreal. ���
Britain Most Heavily
Taxed of Countries
Chancellor    of    Exchequer    Supplies
Figures  Showirfg  Taxation   Per   '"
- Head in Different Countries
Philip Snowden, Chancellor, of.' the
Exchequer, has supplied figures showing taxation per head in the principal
"countries in* 19i4 and, in 1924.-    Tho
figures follow:   '-'���    ."
���'.Great.".Britain, 1914, .three pounds,
eleven shillings; 1924, fifteen; pounds,
eleven ���shillings/ France,"1914,* three
pounds, seven shillings;,. 1924 six
pounds, eighteen shillings. United
States,-1914, one pound, seven shillings; 1924, six pounds, fourteen shillings. ^ "Germany, 1914, one pound,
ten shillings; .* 1924, four pounds^ one
shilling-;- Italy, 1914, .two pounds, two
shillings; 1924, eight pounds, three
shillings. Canada/ 7 1914;.-.. tlireo"
pounds, eight shillings; 1924, seven
pounds, nineteen shillings, f y Australia,.1914, three pounds, eight shillings;
1924, eight.pounds, one shilling.
' -    boundary.- {.Sn.e "Extends North.."
. 'I By the 'end of* this year ihe\bound-
a'ry line between British Goluihtn't sind
Alberni.   will * have been��� established
.froni "lhe .-191 h. parallel -io ?_ point" 100
'".Mil's.norJ.h of the Peace -Rlver, JToii.
T. D/ I'iitl.ullo".' minister .off. Kinds, nnr
-noiinced recently/'-.
��� X. ."��� .. National Parks." y
.-National parks-are not mere piea's~
uro. . resorts'. ���* ���: They" -pay    national
diyidt-nds " of."-such'; magnitude - that
they.cannot be.overlooked, but the human"'diyltiends .ihey pay in'-ihe form
of "-renewed and /increased- health,-.e/fi-
cie"ney:and piwer, -;_physical, -mental
aud; even. moral." are of 'niiich'-greater'
moment. 7 itcc'rwi'i Idii timid, scenes of
Incomparable.; grandeur -will do more,
to reyi/t'.a .Jagging pulse, and, af sick
! mind  than ."any. physician's; ��� prescript
j iioii���find the-first'to. admit that .is the
'doctor himself.���Vancouver .Province*.
bst Hdihes
7 In' these days, of seden-.
tary habits it become.'',
necessary for near! y all the.:
iniembers of the;familj1*. to
;.use some, -treatment, ..to.
arousd the sluggish liver and
ensure regularity of the,
action of.the bowels...-;:    :.y.
x. -Because "Dr. Ch&se's Kidney--
Liver Pills can be depended upon
���to produce -the desired results
under all conditions they are
the niost popular of family regulators  and.  are  found m   the
- great majority of homes- as. a .
safeguard against, the .scores of.
aliments which have their begin--
ning.in constipation, biliousness
and a;derft'nged digestive system.
\ .You  will  notice'.that, while������
the price of Dr. Chase's Kidney-.
Liver Pills hasbeeh increased to
,7-35 cents,.".the bos now contains
1 35'pills instead "of 25 aeJorm'erly.
��� Likewise .* Dr/ Chase's Nerve'
Food is 60 cents a box of"60
pills'," instead o| 60 cents iboj'
of 50^-piI!3.-. Edmanson.. Bates
& Co. ltd., Toronto.
By Enriching Their Blood With Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills
Rheumatism" attacks peoplo when
the blood is clogged with impurities,
thus setting up an Inflammation of the
muscles and joints. Cold * or ��� wet
weather may start the. tortures of
rheumatism, but it is not the cause, as
was once supposed. ' The cause is
thin or impure blood. Rubbing with
liniments or'applying hot applications
may_giye relief, .liut"'.t.liat is all; the
pains' are soon'back again. You must
treat the. trouble'through the blood to
get rid of it. Tlufvalue of.Dr. Williams' Pink Pills iti cases of this kind
is proved^ by the following statement.
Miss Margaret M. Cullen, writing on
behalf of her grandmother, Mrs. Af
McEwen, ' Orms'town, -' Que., says:���
"My. .grandmother,- now-85 "years of
age, was, some years ago, a great sut':
ferer from 'rheumatism.'' " She ��� tried
many remedies,- but- found none (hat-
did hor any,good until she began.using
Dr. Williams' Pink Pilis.;-.;.. These/she
used for. some months * until " 'every
iiraces. "of 'rheumatism-, "disappeared.*
Silica-then she.has taken;the'pills; at-'
intervals,-and they,have"kept h'er-.;ih-
ihe .best of'healfh. '. Il.is'.niarvel'lyus-
how-'well "and/active my.graridntoUier-
is.. , She cooked thof dinner ' for" - tlie
Jhi'_eshci_'s_.lasti_frill,, aiid slie-.--gives.-the
-credit, for her good health 'to'D.rl Wil-'
.Hams' Pink Pills. ' -, She' is- anxious
,that, her experience witli this splendid
medicine,be" given for; t.hc.beneflt-of
others.".-;, f . ', '[������';������'-'���
.If you are suffering from any.trouble
.due'.to-poor or- watery, blood Dr. \yil-
iiaiiis' Pink Pills'.will,lielp.you. . Sold
by medicine -dealers everywhere, "or
sent/by iualt .at 50 cents ii box-by.
writing The - Dr. Williams'""Medicine
Co., Brockville; Ontff..'/���:',    ���.*���''
."-.Find. Ancient Roman Temple".
.'��� Workmen eitgageil In.-clearing.-the
fgroi'nd'.around,-Vlic__-��� ancient . Rbniun
gymnasium "at .Orange, * France, 'have
"brought '"to.Jjgliltlie ruins'of-a, temple
"b'f greater/iliniensions'than-those of
the famous .Maison Carres, at Kimes;.
the teniple Augustus rmd/f Llvia - at
Vienna. The. rhier. architect", of' the.
Slate Ariehiieological- Department, regards;.the find as of.giya.t.Importance
jihtl Is pushingthe work of exctivation.
Golden Text.���I delight to do thy
will, O my God.     P-salm 40.8.
Lesson.���I. Samuel 16 to 2 Samuel
24.   ��� .__.-
Devotional Reading.���Psalm 24.3-10.
- The Text Explained and Illumined
I. David's Plan to Build a Temple
Not Approved by. God, 1.1-7. In "a
time of peace from all his enemies
round about David told the prophet
Nathan of his great desire to erect a
suitablo building for tho sacred nrlc,
which was unworthily housed in the
tabernacle while he himself dwelt in
a pnlaco of cedar. This plan 'seemed good" to Nathan, but that night ho
was mado aware that it did not meet
God's approval; David was not-the
man" to build the temple nor was the
time rlpo for such a project. See I;
Kings 8.17. "A tent of God's appointing was better than a tcniplo of
his (David's) own inventing" (Matthew-Henry). "Some day wo shall
understand that God has a reason in
every No which ho speaks through the
slo*\y movement of life. He would reveal it to us if we could hear it; but
it.is better not to pry into "the mystery of his providence. But the time
will come, probably in this life���certainly in the next���when the word of
the Lord will come to us; and from
the emlnencooC the years wo shall,
descry... why he led us as he did"
; II. David's Son . Shall Build wthe
Temple and David's House Sha'If'bo
Established' for Ever, 7.S-17. Nathan
was commissioned, to tell David that
Ills past experiences of God'3 care
were an earnest of the future, tliat
he should have a great name, that his
son should build the 'temple, and his
house and his kingdom -'"should be
made sure for ever. . ."If we consider
how.David's dynasty really came,to an
end as a' reigning family some flvo
hundred years after, we see that the
language-addressed to him was not
exhausted by the fortunes of his family.- -In the divine mind the prophecy reached forward to the time of
"Christ; and ouly in Christ was it fully
verified. �� God's words implied that it
was in David's line thai the promise
to" Abraham -was to bo fulfilled���'In
thee and in thy seed sliall all nations
of ilie earth be blessed'" (Blaikie).
Assists Farmers to
Purchase Livestock
New Policy Being Carried Out By
Livestock Branch
The���Minister of Agriculture for
Canada, Honorable W. R. Motherwell,
by the carrying out of policies administered by-the Livestock Branch of
his'department, has, during the past
fiscal year, either for breeding or
feeding, been, able to conserve a large
number of livestock consigned to
stockyards and abattoirs. Unfinlsh-*
ed steers to tho numbor of 807tl7, 89,-
024.heifers,. 673 sows and - 48,000
sheep were, under tho arrangement
referred to, returned to tho furms for
breeding purposes in tho caso of
females and for finishing into ��� good
beef in the case of feeder cattle. ��� Two
policies are Involved,in this service,
one, the remission of freight charges,
brought about by an arrangement between tho Livestock Branch and thb
railway, companies, and the ..other,
the payment -of the reasonable travelling expenses of farmers making the
purchases. The minister's report,
which supplies this information,
makes it clear that "the assistance
thus given was available for' stock
purchased for breeding of further
feeding by the purchaser.and not for
speculative purposes. .
Women Can Dye Any
_ Garment, Drapery
Dye   or   Tint   Worn,   Faded   Things
New for 15 Cents
Must Insure Cars
Quebec Will Have-New Act to Protect
Automobile Owners -
To --(U-siroy the market in stolen
motor ears-in the province of Quebec,
which -was assuming alarm ing proportions, . the provincial government
will this session introduce a-special
act dealing with the traffic. Under
j the act/all" motor car dealers must obtain a" license from the provincial
"treasurer, submitting, with their-application for such a liability insurance
policy siifllcieut to'guarantee a "year
purchasers o.f cars In" the Movent of
such-cars-b_emg stolen, . If-fh'e insurance company-, cancels'" its policy fhe
government .'license U> tho dealer will
aulpmailciilly.-cease. '/The general effect of "the. act will'be that popplo-buy-"
ingcars'of a, licensed dealer will he.
considered to'be* in good, faith,'" while'
those wlio buy in otHer-ways will do
so tit their-own'rlsk,. "-.     "- "7' --.-".-
Don't wonder whether you can dye
.or tint successfully, because perfect
homo dyeing is guaranteed with "Diamond Dyes" even if you have never
dyed before. Druggists haro-all colors.
Directions in each,package.      "77
Radio Station Opened
The Largest Broadcasting Station In
Canada Operated By C.N.R,
Radio station CKCIf of the Canadian National Railways, located on the
roof "of Ottawa's highest office building,- came "on J.he air" on Feb. 27th
with a varied programme to tlie enier-
taihmeiit and "delight of thousands of
radio enthusiasts throughout Canada.
This, .the largest and'most powerful
radio'station operating in ihe Domin--
ion, was opened-by Sir Henry Thornton, K.B.E.; chairman and president
of tlie Canadian National Railways,
who spoke, to employees and tiie gen-'
erHlpublicof Canada and iho; States.
At the.sai.no time'CKCIJ was "lied in"
vyilh - CHCi". "��� at /^loufreai and "the
speech aiid'programtno.were broadcast
from both.citlos'sliiiullaneouslyV."- ������
'.Best.Fish Season..
; A greatlj/lhereased demand' for unfrozen flsli from. Lake. Manitoba" is-re-
ported . for this, season . by Canadian
National Express officials'.���.-" Since the
opening of the season,- Dec./I", -shlp-
me.rits. to .Moht'ro.iS,-' Boston and-New-
York have .surpassed "the .-records of
- previous y.eai'ri-and. the supply-of- fresh
fish'...'froni-;Lake -Manitoba.for. these
points "does not at' present-nieetf the
demand:   - "'"'..   ���' . '.--    '���"      *
..A Power.of-its. Own.���Dr/gliomas*
Eclectric-Oil. has a "subtle power of-its
own/ .All'wliq.haye'used-it know'this
and keep it by'them as theniost-.valu-
able iiniment available. ��� Its uses are
Innumerable and for many years it
has been prized as the leading liniment .foi- man and beast.    .
R.C.M.P, for Empire Exhibition ������-'���,,
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
will be: represented .at the British JEm-
pire exhibition at, Wembley Park,
London,. England, this, year.- From
therLethbridge unit Inspector Hill aiid
Constable Pelleiier will attend.-.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Coidu
- Edison's Son'to. the Fore*..
''-Charles' Edison, son' of "Thomas'*.A.
;Eiiison-y-iiuk-:assumed' ihe; ���respossibility of. financial" director o.f the/thirty/
.three" E'disoii industries and"cpmpaii-"
it-s;' " ife;.lVas~fbr-several years be.en
.chairman- oi lho Edison industries, ol
whieh his. father'is-presiil.en'i. .-Mr.
Edison-is'-lhirty-flve" yeah. old."'   ,
-A, barometer-, Iii c"oinuion.7iisi.7";'in
.sonic.parts of-Europe* consists of a. pan
of water and a frog\anii; a little'.t-te'p-
Sadde.rin.it.. Wheii the frog-comes
out of the.water, and .sits, oil- the step's
if is said infallibly "to,Indicate rain.'-"
"Asthma Victims.' "..'The. maii-or- woman- subject-' to .asthma"-! is; indeed- a
victim..; What, can; be .more! terrify-:
ing', thai/ to suddenly be"seized "with,
paroxysms:of .choking- whicli ��� seem to
fairly ' threaten, the .existence of-life
itself/ "-From'such'a-condition "Dr. J.
D.'' Kellogg's, A.stlima .^Renieijy _hafs
hro'uglit '"many: to .completely ivkfored'
health "and happiness.*' '-.It/is;'.known
and prized ih every section-' oi/- this
broad-land.': ���'  7 .""'���'" ���"
���-     -   ' ^    ��� :*
Entirely;: Remedied^ by Lydia
E. Pmkharh*s Vegetable
Compound X ���-._
..- Eberts,Ont.���" I started with cramps
and bearing-down'pains at the. age of
eleven yegrs, and I would get so nervous
Lcould hardly stay in bed, and.I had
such pains that I would scream; and my
mother-woaldcall the doctor to give me
somethinjr to take. At eighteen I married, and I have four healthy ..children,
but I still have pains in* my right sicief
I am a farmer's wife .with" more work
than .1 am able to do. I have.taken three
bottiesfof Lydia "S. Pinkham's'Vege-'
table Compound and I feel that it is.
helping mi; every day." My sister-in-law,
who has been taking yourmedicine for
spme' tinieand "uses your.SaiuitiveWasli,;-.
told ine about'it and I recommend it
now, as I have received-great relief
from it "���Mrs. Nelson Yott, R/R. lt'
Eberts, Ont..
Lydia E. Pinkham's.Vc^etable Compound is a rnedicine for ailments common to women. .It has been used for
such troubles for nearly fifty years, and
thousands of women have' "found relief
as did Mrs. Yott, by taking this splendid
medicine. - '���.   - ������     ..,"--
If j-ou are suffering from irregularity,
paimul time's, nervousness, headache,
backache or melancholia, you should at
once begin to take Lydia E. Pfnkham'n
Vegetable Compound. It is excellent to
strengthen the system and help to perform its fififictioas with ease aad rega-
Jsritj.;_-. ,...-. " ���";" ., ;--.',.-,'.*0... -
... Helping the Hebrideaiis
- Definite arrangements* for-fi'nahciitff
the "jnoveiuent of -Ifebride.-; fishermen
to' settlements .on the -Ih'itlsh .Columbia., coast were ,closed by Hon. T.- D,
PattulJci, iriinist'cr of lands. .The pro-'
vinciaY goyerniiient will .advance pro1
press" loans' up" to - $300-- per family to
Hebridean sefliers pa. condition ihai
(lie British Government" advance, a
similar 'abmimt! " Settlers, would-' be
given" honiesltes on "tiie.coast and islands; where, they can. engage, in- fishing, and- farming." *-
Should Know
"that Zam-Buk contains ia most
compact form all the essentials
of a perfect ever-ready home
skin medicine.
This grand herbal preparation
is beautifully soothing for cuts,-
burns, scalds, "etc., or for chafed
and chapped skins. It removes
all danger .of germ-infection,
poisoning or inflammation, and
heals the most troublesome wound
or sore with remarkable eas��
ZAM-BUK Is "A Surgery in a
Two-inch Box," useful for both
Accidents and Skin Disease.
gravies, savoury dishes, and in
hundreds of different ways Oxo
beef cubes will make food more
tasty and nutritious.   !
In tins of 4,10,50 and 100.
Taber Irrigation District
Success Attained Is Evidenced by Last
"��� - ' . Financial Statement
The success attained "by irrigation-
lsts is evidenced by thc last financial
statement of the Taber Irrigation District. - The" report reveals a total
surplus collectible or an hand of $30,-
000, of which $7,000 is on deposit in
the bank. .Operations have been so
satisfactory that negotiations havo
been entered into with the Canadian
Pacific Railway to" sot up a fund ot
$3,000 to $5,000 to redeem bonds of
the district held by thc railway;- In
this way it is hoped lhat the district
will be cleared of debt in a few years.
Internally and Externally it is Good.
The crowning property of Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil is that it can bc used internally, for. many complaints as well
as externally. For sore throat, croup,
whooping cough, pains in the chest,
colic find many kindred aihuents.it has
qualities' that are unsurpassed. A
liottle of it costs little and there Is no
loss in always having it at hand.
Don't expect to enjoy the cream of
life if you-keep your milk of human
kindness bottled up.   .
',    inJGHildren    -"
.:; SC&ftiX
- PfLj-iueiit-'for .arlieU's ��� n'dvonlscd * in ttii.1"
colHiiin ..Iiooid, bo-, ma'do v.iLli Dominion
l2xpii!ss--_MonRy' "Orders���a, safe . way ot
sending-iriono'y by iii.-iil.".-       ���'-.'������.'
���;"-..   '        '..-'SHIP TO 7   "X
"���''-'���)X t.-j.7powell; ;."- ' W 7
415, Mclntyre". BIk:,'      "   ..'-.Winnipeg
Successful" Fur Auction
.\\"hat  Is' considered", to f.ha'ye  been:
Canada's . most .succe'psful.. furnuctloii.
sale'- since, tlicse sales "were" Inaugurated, resulting In. fhc'chapglng hands
of some $1,500.000"worth of. furs, was
held in' "Montreal"'-!"recently!-".-.'Moro
'.than .300. buyers were present; a rec-
i.ord number,:, from the United Slates,
Europe ��� and - from* Siberia "and f Man-.-
churia.';.'.' -���.. .*���.:'    ."--. .   "''"���'"' .���:.."-"'.- '.-
MihiJixl's. Liniment for'Cbrna
.  Afraid of.Losing Vbiir.Job,
7 The. "young  fellow who'is-all   the.
litue afraid- of -losing his-job, probably
-does not deserve to keep it.."/ .IL-.--.ia.-
(the. incompetent.fw6rlver7:"or. iho  ki��y
j".worker, who'/is, always ", fearful ��� ihai
'.'someone will be put ih Ills place.-   If
you are doiiig the work you. should do,
and arc doing it with the enthusiasm
and zeal which belongs to it, the last
thing that will enter jour mind fs that
somebody' else is going . to get your
' place, ..   7   .  ..*;..
.$ A druggist, says: ��'For nearly: $
..." #. thirty years I have recommended g>
2j the Extract.of Roots," known as. X
k; Metheir Scigcl's Curative Syrup, for S.
��arresting and pefmahenllyreliev- V
S ing constipation and indigestion. &.
% Itfis'an'old reliable remedy, that X
...ft never fail* 56 do the woik." 30 9
g. drops thrice daily.    Get the {2
'A  Genuine.     At your, druggist..   #
:;^|iS��|t��SLl#C^ I
���0fei;ReH*l>l6, r��"gMUt1n8.:
0ii^.ifK{*''^t'p.��^���'_.!! 'WW
pt.^;iC!_;7Fi��^��op'Mtt:'.  "������'���.;'"
XjH^iis6Kmi.oicini cov..
:.*.-:-,;^��nJtiw.u,����% Wi��a��fl .���;**??
.UiiH^tn V iTflTi
Mo. I for EUddtr Catarrh.   Ha; t tot Eicod A
. Kkin Dlsentat. *io. SforChro_jl��_\��fS��ki)e��ic*.
:_ ��� toi.v nY-Li.Ai>:sr;-CHeMiSTs.F��!c* im KNhr.AKy).3!u
-"��� DK.Lr.C:.r.scw��d:Co.!IaT'.rtt��l|-Rd.x.%V.S.L(jn<Io:i..
;" o* Mail SI fpow 71. FsontSt. East. Tofor-'io..
" O*    Sil     St.- PAtL .SlSEU.    WEST,    MOSTRKAL.'
��� According to an .American esiimai��?
'there'."are eight ..hundred and ihirty-
seven causes of war. ' Tho Balkans
sec-m to.have tried them all.
Minard's Liniment for Sprain*
Is ! $2. oo a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
      '.-- -. ���>��� -  -���-������ -*
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices J25.00
Coal and Oil Notices.!     7.00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
Greenwood Superior School
Report for Month of February, 1924
N".  E. Morrison
No. of pnpils on roll
Total actual attendance
Average actual attendance
Percentage of attendance
Pboficiency List
634 5
Robert G. Sidley Dead
Only a mint can
without advertising.
make money
The hen ia the only animal that
can lay around and produce dividends.
If you use printer's ink you can
bring the whole province to your
door ancl the whole world too.
Progress has always been pushed by those who pursued. The
fish grew legs to escape pursuit
and became an alligator.
and if
Business depression is only a
state of mind. In play or work, if
you win you say it is you,
you lose you blame it on
thing else. _
Whoever says early to bed and
early to rise as the elements of success lies. Correct the motto to
read:���"Early to bed,
rise, work like h��� and
early. to
Grade VII a.: George Bryan,
Helen Kerr, Leo Madden, Andrew Anderson, Percy Fraser,
William Walmsley.
Grade V a.: Lewis Mitchell,
Robert Mitchell, Alice Hingley,
Allan McCurrach, Margaret Royce,
Lawrence DuHamel, Eileen Bryan,
Edward Parry, Harry Hallstrom,
Marguerite Ritchie, Meredith Fenner, Bertram Price, Gee Mon Yen,
Daniel Kerr, Allan Morrison,
Artb.cn* Cox. Absent during examinations���John Putzel, Wilfrid
Grade.iy, a.: Robert FcSrshaw,
Mary Putzel, Cleo Toney, Jack
Morrison, Lewis Clerf, Robert
Carlson, Francis Jenkin.      <.
Absent during examinations-
Charles Royce, Thomas Walmsley.
Regularity and Punctuality:
Eileen Bryan, George Bryan,
Robert Carlson, Lewis Clerf,
Arthur Cox, Lawrence Duham.eV
Meredith Fenner, Robert Forshaw,
Francis Jenkin, Allan McCurrach,
Lewis Mitchell, Robert Mitohell,
Mary Putzel, Margaret Royce, Cleo
'Provincial Elections Act"
Toney,  William
Mon Yen.
Walmsley,   Gee
Emeikon was wrong when he
said the world would beat a path
to your door if you made the best
goods. If you make the finest
mouse-traps, the world wont beat
a .path to your door unless yon tell
the world.ancl.use*printer's ink";-'
7: When the - snow .went it ..left a
'lob of dirt- behind.;' The-'winds' of
.tbier winter .-gather a. lot-, of   filth
. from . odd-corners^ and  scatter" it
7 upon the snow, and. when the snow
-vanishes, it is there in plain sight.
If we would only keep' the. odd
isomers clean in summer we would
not have so much dirt to. take care
of.in.the Spring when the snow is
. gone. ..It'is little holes, and, cor-.
f ners, these little'spbts'' that are the
worst to keep clean even in our
characters.' 7The,eyes of _Ae. world
aire ;th�� whips that .make us keep
7the,big.areas clean,; but-the little
holes    and   corners,    theT hidden
. places where .there are no whips,
make it hard to. keep ourselves
"unspotted.from- the world,' V
News FromJ the Capital
7 Victoria,. March 12.
the less saidNabout -. the
Royal .commission these
better.7    The   affair,  ie
P.;G. E.
days the
Elsa A. Olson
No. on Roll       -       -    ...
Total actual attendance
Average actual attendance
Percentage of attendance
PaaFici'ENc.y7XTST./-...'-yy X .", ��� - / _-.
7-'Grade7 III   a.:; ���-Beatrice ������_&&���_
Laren, TRa th Cox, * E a gene Spence,'
Munroe Spence, :Vi61et7Benson. -���'..;.
7 Grade Ha: . June Toney;. Alice
Ritchie,". Hugh McCurrach, fLaurence,Gulley, Joseph. Tromblay.
Grade   II   b;: 7 David   Nichols,,
Mark Madden, Leonard. Sortome,
James   Fprehaw, . Ralph ; Spence,
Victor Ritchie..7 .,-'-'; W "������'
7 Grade *���;,I - a.:'"' ,-;.*Delia'., Klinosky.
. Grade I. b.:'..',,'Ernest .Johnson,
Melvyn Fenner, Ernest. Cox. 7
.. .Violet 'Benson, Ernest . Cox,
Ruth Cpxj'- .Melvyn Fenner, /James"
Forshaw,. Ernest Johnson,1 Celia
Klinosky, June Toney, Eugene
Spence, Ralph Spence. ...
After a lingering illness of
many months, R. G. Sidley,
pioneer of ..the Okanagau valley
and first white settler of the
Molson country, died at his farm
home four miles northwest of
Molson, Monday, March 3rd.
The funeral services were held at
the farm home Wednesday and
burial was made in the Bridesville cemetery. lie" is survived
by his widow.
Richard G. Sidley was boru in
Ireland and was about 70 years
of age. When a young man he
crossed the ocean to Ontario and
then in 1S85, came to the Okanogan valley aud was for a short
time employed here by Okanogan
Smith, before locating on his
land across the boundary near
Molson  nearly   forty  years ago.
At that time his nearest neighbor to the east was a trapper
who lived near the present' town
of Midway and his nearest trading points were Vernon and
Soon afterwards a large number of settlers came upon the
discovery of gold at Camp McKinney and Mr. Sidley was of
much help to the settlers of the
new country.
He served for a number of
years as a government official and
when the railroad was under construction in 1906 opened a general
merchandise store at his place
for his community, which he ran
until it was destroyed by fire
some five or six years later..
During 'his long residence in
the Molson country he made
many friends. His death marks
the passing .of another- one of.the
pioneers/who. blajjed the trails for-
Oroville Gazette'.". -'.'..'': 7.7.'.
NOTICE IS HEREBY giveu that I shall,
on Monday, the 7th day of April, 1924, at the
hour o�� 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Court:
House, Greenwood, hold a Special sittiiitr of
the Court of Revision for the purpose of revis-
iiig the List of Voters for the said Electoral
District, and of hearing-*and determining any
and all objections to the retention of any
name ou the said I/ist, or to the Registration
as a Voter of any applicant for registration;
and for tlie other purposes set fortli in the
"Provincial Klectious" Act. .
Dated at Greenwood, B.C., tills 19th day  of
February, 1924. ���
Registrar of Voters, Gratld Forks-
Greenwood Electoral District.
Sealed tenders will he received by the Minister of Lands at Victoria, not later than
noon on the 10th day of April, 1924, for the
purchase of Licence X5222, to cut 5,100,000 feet
of Tamarac, Fir, Spruce and Yellow Pine, and
96,000 Tics, on au area situated on Cedar and
Marsh Creeks, six miles West of Midway,
Similkameen Laud District.
Three (3) years will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Nelson,
B.C. 1
I, the undersigned-William' Madden, of the
City of Greenwood, in tho Province of British
Columbia, by* occupation a Miner, and being
the holder of the Providence Mineral Claim
under thc Mineral Act, aud which Pro+idence
Mineral Claim is situate near Greenwood, B.C.,
give thirty days notice of my intention to apply
under section 2 of the "Mineral Right of Way-
Act" being Chapter 1G2 of the Revised Statutes
of British Columbia, for authority to construct
a ditch across over and through the following
mineral claims, viz.,���
the Texas Mineral Claim, the Diamond Fraction Mineral Claim, the Sunset Mineral Claim,
the Deligate. Fraction or Ottawa Fraction
Mineral Claim, aud the Spokane Miiu.ral Claim
rf>r the purpose of diverting water from aud
out of the Providence Creek, which Mows Westerly, aud drains into Boundary Creek about
one mile north of the City of Greenwood aforesaid.
It is proposed to divert tliu water from the
said Providence Creek at a point about 792 feel
from the Greenwood City Reservoir, and East
bf saniS, and to carry such water so diverted
along a ditch across the Texas Mineral Claim,
the Diamond Fraction Mineral Claim, the
Sunset Mineral Claim, the Deligate Fraction
or Oltawa Fraction Mineral Claim, and the
Spokane Mineral Claim to Boundary Creek during high water, i. e. during tlie months of April
to August inclusive.
DATED at Greenwood, B.C.. this 10th day
of March, 1924,
Tailored Clothes
Special Display of.
New  Patterns
The Seasons Latest Styles
For Men
Tailor and Cleaner     >
Greenwood. B. C.
Has opened aii office above Cbas.
King's office.
Open 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
FOR BOYS attending High and Tublic
Schools. Fees $30.00 month. Particulars,
apply to the Reverend, the Principal,
1186 Nicola St., Vancouver, B.C. v
���; A proposal is bn: foot to/establish a sanctuary, for-..-big., game ,be-'
tween/the two :forks./of -the-Main
Kettle - river.. ��� This- .wouldy embrace approximately-six.^hundred
square miles, in which there are
.still .a number..of elk .and caribou
as well, as, deer, in spite.of the
number.that have -been' killed in
that- rsg;ibn7 during., the past 20
years or so. 7'   W-'-'"' f- '- ���')''���'���:;'
Premier Oliver,baa received, a
cheque for thts .government.-from
Ottawa, : for. $4;G527 being.refuud
on* account of. aales-'taxf unfairly
levied/"   '       -   -"' ���'.'.���*',-. .'  '.      -!-X
/Ledge ads bring result's.
/along -...monotonously,    wiih.   the
..." Third_ party, counsel-' beating:about
the bush, in .a frantiivendeavor to
. discover something.'   But. the farther the enquiry proceeds .the -leaa
/.there- seems "'7to,.-'"be :;'pf   intereg*.
TiVhen the 'commission commenced
. /itWsLfetings'on/ February -25,-. there
..seemed/a possibility that.the Mc-
��� .Rae'forcee bad something up tbeir
7 sleeve, and .. sensations.; might, de-
;-"veiop/-" But bo; far as interest,-ia
1 .concerned, the thing has developed
,. iiito a farce comedyjfwith the new
... political aspirants playing the. dual
-   part of .comedian and villan of.the
:���' piece. 7. "With'.charges,  eerious   if
f true, made .by proininent men, it
7 was,expected that there "might be a
...seinblance of.truth.    However,-the
. charges against   Hon.   Mr.  Sloan
and. MrWBowser   were   quickly
proven groundless, and now  the
charges of rash expenditure   aad.
7 loose    administration   have   been
.' {exploded.
.It seems a pity that the wheels,
of progress should be blocked by
what- appears to/be* political mani-
pulatioH, while the; tax^pay-erfmust'
foot the bill.' J,At any; rate/ whe^
tbe.enqmry, or comedy,, is. finished
the public will be io7a position.to
stand.firmly behind the administration and for al!. time give.attentfep
to the needs of the day raiher than
to the selfish ambitions of power-
��� seekers,   y'"XXX   XX. yX:X[Xiy:
[The Ledge invites * correspemdence .of a
public .nature but..does not. hold.-itself,
ih "any way*, responsible for the. opinions
expressed.];.-" ��� 77 7' 7-7
.;- 7 _- )r,   f   - .'���** Kettle' Valley," B.C..';.
'."��� ' f"������ :..'���- 7-777: - March 8th,. 1.924.
Editor .Ths' Ledgs,-" ��� * 7-'.;:f '*." -"\.
7*'���'��� Sirf-- 7-7'.' ;7.) x:))y ]_-- ) y
���- . I -observe "fin your'..'.'News
frosn the- Capital V it is', "stated- that.'['. the *
Third party fiiiled miserably to discredit
the government:-" :.";.- .'.   -7'.   ,, .-���.. X
'--.It is not stated' however - that. the.
Government .when they drew up,-, the.
terms ofthe Commission/cut .'out -all the'
most important "charges-.,made- against
them' in the petitition- of -the Provincial-.
Party, and Uier'ebymade.'it' impossible to
ever prove'the minor charges,; "as a great
deal of evidence -tiiu- would liaye beeii
used" was ruled out." - "f , " . * "
7. You quote an articlej 'from the. Daily
Province,"��� let 'me ".quote/.' extracts, from,
three articles 'in the British Columbian
(not a' Provincial Party paper) "in'order
that your readers may "see /there is. another side to the question.   *
"Those taxpayers wlio have viewed, with
alarm the spectacle: of Premier Oliver and
Attorney General Manson censoring, tfie
charges of betrayal of public trust made
"against the Government at Victoria, find
their apprehensions realized by the events
of last week at Victoria,"
"We have a "Royal Commission"
selected by the accused, so hedged with
limitations that important avenues ol information are blocked" or again "That
by trickery of the most gross kind the
electorate are to be made to cast their
funinformed. ��� verdict in * which.- alone, the.
Government;*"can"'*; have'" an.j* ./'hope'-, of;
suciess."ff X; ���_._.;;?;'X. '-X'Xyy._.. ��� '���-..������ ���',"���'y[
���/.-/-H is-not/accessary,,.for -tbe;-; Third
party to discredit/the Government',' they
have discredited'- themselves/': inf that'/bj'"
trickery;.of the.'worst-kind, they havepre-'
.vented;-the. main /charges/being��� .inyes-:
tigatedj; thus admitting, the truth of them.-
IIave! 7you' paid your - sub-
scriptiori to The.Ledgie?,,:.
//:��� 7BiCY���LE FOR SALE/ ���.l"7:.."7
���$20.00 cash;   Apply  to.C* Nichols,
Greenwood.' -.    ,. -   .."- "��� -f,'"- .', ";'-"',   "--   ' .-
���yXi X; ,X,- FOR SAL���,?r-7 [Xy :X
y .Baby;*Overlaud,   1920'"model,' in  fine
running shape, good rubber, 192.4 Licence.-
Wi'll take.FordVas'part'paynient.f.  .'.
:'"/ .'"-��� ' ' 7X'y-; ' "���, Henry Frktz, -~ ';*
..'���'"���-..'7.f""77'  ,-'.'*-   '  Box i'vM.id'way.-
Comfortable room and board,* close*"to
-Mrs."' R. BlundjcWv.
yXXyX. Y/MlEii ��� ), X X-x '
Second.hand bathroom outfit complete.
Must be in .good condition.. J.--B. DoviJY,
Trail,-rB*.C.*-;   ..-'   '""-     --���   -.   -- -' ;*
Send Your-
BOOTS   arid   SHOES^
. W " To- " '.-'-:.-
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Gentisry Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.   -We
pay'postage one wayv   Terms Cash.
' ' ' " ���   "u ���'
Oriwtal/^ir'Ro^t/Hair: Grower^
Worlds' Greatest .Hair Grower7 Groys
hair.-ob.bald heads.' It-'must not f be put
where; hair is'n.ot.*wanted_*' Cure's dandruff
and all'scalp troubles: f'3i.75, perjar.' ���. x-
[-'['���'������.'-'��� ��� -���*,';' Agents.-;Wanted7/77 -yXXy
"��� 7.448/ Lotaa^A^elVfWInnlBeg./Mas../;
A pure
"Purity from first to last" is the
slogan of Cascade brewing ��� even
the bottles are sterilized. Everything possible is done at B." C.'s
model brewery to give you the best
beer that Canada's choicest barley
and hops can produce.
INSIST on "Cascade"���
the better beer ��� at the
Government Vendor's.
15 of -;'
This.advertisementf.is notf published "or/displayed by/the Liquor Control
'- -;-'-..."/--   Board.or,by the Government.of-British Columbia.^*-."   .7 "/-'
fTlie Consolidated lining/ & 7 SmeltingjCo;
......7 "1.7_.77.'77,7:_..77pf.:CanadaLLiinristed/77;/ yXyxxy^x
'.'-[  .;'-"'      ��� ...Office, Smelting.'and^Refining-Departinent-....
���' X-X)..'. ', Xy-     TRAHv, BRITISH COLUMBIA " . :     "*'-    /
Bur chasers of Gold,^^ Silver, Cojpper, Lead and Zinc Ores
. Producers . of., Gold,    Silver,7Copper,    Pig . tead   and  Zinc.
W.../'���;. -- -77=-'. :-7-"TAiaANAC'^BRAND'-     ,--7"7-_--.^   -7 7'..
Vapant, unreserved, '��� surveyed
Crown lands may bo pre-empted bS"
Mrltish subjects over 18 years of tlge,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation, ���
and improvement for agricultural
purposes; \ /
Ifiill Information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions Is
given In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies ot
ivhicli can be "obtained free of chargs
by addressing the -Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C.," or to any Government Agent.
Itecords will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
lahd, i.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Range. __       .,
Applications for pre-emptions ' aro
to be addressed to tho Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, In which the land applied for
is situated, and are mado on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from tho Land Commissioner.
- Pre-emptions must be occupied rot-
five years and Improvements made
to value of $10 per' aero, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, -before a Crown .Grant can be
���received.     ,    "" *     '
- For mora detailed Information soo
���the    Bulletin'   "Row    to    Pre-empt'
Land." ���    *
- PURCHASE. .   .
.   Applications are received for pur-.
chaso -of    vacant    and  .unreserved.  .
-Crown-lands,  not  being  tlmberland,  -
for. agricultural purposes; ;minlmum
-price" of first-.ciasa (arable) landis $5..
; per/aero, and -second-class (grazing)
"land- $2:60,-. per-'acre.' -Further* infbr- "
rnatlon  regarding' purchase" or - lease ; ���
of .Crown lands-Is given . in Bullotin
���No'. 10,  Land." Series,-"'.'Purchase', and .
'Lease ,'of" Crown Lands."-    -,-'���;"".    -
\  Mill;'factory,-or'Industrial "sites'/on ���'
timber land, '.not. "exceeding-;40. acres; -*.
ma;y--bo purchased or/leased/.the.con-**
dltioiis ' . including ..... payment- .  of .
'.stumpagev  X'y.-.X     ���      -     .....;'���.     f. /
' Uhsui-v.eyed areas, not exceeding 20.7
.-acres,-, may  bo ' leased ' as 'hbniesitesi,''
��� conditional   upon -a-dwelling.'being
ei-e.cted- in /tlio first-year, stltlo ��� being .
, obtalnablo tfter  residence, tind.im- '
prbvpment/cphdltions;   are    fulfilled
and land has. been surveyed. ; ��� ,
7 .    7/ '-   '' '   LEASED.' '������"' ."'���    '���"-
_.For .grazing /and. Jndustrial/ .pur;.-,
-/poaos areas not exceeding'640 "acrea ���
���may. be  leaded  by--one "person .or _ a
company. .   -     .,    ; .-;���- :.---.,���_���; ;
" *-"' f' GRAZING"-..   '.''-* '" ':'7
- Under the'.Grauzing.-Act. the"Prov7
ince is,divided into grazing districts -.
'and tho range afdmlnistered under a
Grazing. - Comnilssloner... Annual.
grnzin^permils aro issued* based on",
numbers ranged, priority .being given
"to established owners.  St0ck-.0w.ieV3-
. ma>7 form associations -for =rang<j
.management. Free, or partially free,
itormits   are. available" for    settlers, _-
"campers- and' travellers,' up' ��� to- ten
h'eud.      :    '���""'  -������* - "   .
Tlie' Minwal Provitice of Western Canafe^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^;^;^^;
>::r-V-"-^'""^':r:-^^^ '^r^v[:}]V}x r
~y- ']��� Has prodaeed Minerals valued as follows:    Placer Gold,787C,5i2,2Q3;-Lode7;'      -,7
Goidi,81p9,647;66i;.8ilver359,814;2G6;Le^ $170^23,242-7 ''���  7 .7
Zinp, .$24,625,853;7 MiscellaueouiT;. Minerals.. si.358,^39V Coal and .Coke,. 8238,-1 y'Vx 7
289,565; BaHdlngStona^Bric^/CemenX.e^ .;'.''""���'��� X.
ProdQCfcion feo lhe ond of 1922.show .. ' '������'..- ., 'X X-X:']yy ���������'���'-XyxXy1 7'
Xx An: Aggregate^ Value 'My$<39,M,^x) xyXX
the Year Ming|(ecember-i9M
The Mining Laws of this Province are more .liberal, and. fehe fees lower;
Ihan those of any other Province in fehe Dominion, or any Colony in the British
Empire. \   -
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for-nominal fees.
.Lbsolnte  Titles are   obfealned   by developing 8nch-,;pfoperties, the seenfity. / .
ofwhich.isgaaranteed by.Crown Grants. ,--7W 'XXXxyXy'XXXxyXXx y'yXX^XXX'TX/yx
i:XX   Fntll information,, together..with" Mining Repforfee/and Maps,, may. be obtained .7" ... : 7;/
'.gratiafljy.addreBising���7'.7'7 :)X.xX" "z. X--'X-:[-.y* ~-x.X;,' 4/ -"���'*'..' -Xy' yXxXxX X )��� x'-xx''..
VV';MVx -'WxXxxxV)VyVwH7//^��ICT0R!ACBritish Columbia^ ��y


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