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The Ledge Mar 1, 1923

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Array MMH|iiJf��w|..w ~r-rrt~n-yar'"~-r,,fn' ^^
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'Provincial Library
W"THfTirafBlM^WTllMnirrarTTr ���nan hm����i^�� ������ ���  -	
Vol.   XXIX.
We carry a large line ot
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock
No. 32
���~~�� ������*������������������-���������"""-"������������"     j-^j
Meatless  Days 1=1
Canned Salmon, Chicken Haddie, Herring   .
and Tomato Sauce,  Pilchards, &c. &c.
We wish to announce to
everyone interested that we.
have disposed of our Millinery department to Mesdames
Trounson & Schainbure and
new hats will be on display
in the near future. Watch
for their announcement of
Millinery0 Opening,
Next door to Paclfc Hotel
a W. Elson & Co
I Around Home
Tomato Soup Heinz Spaghetti
Fresh Fish Every Friday
Watchmaker, Jeweler aud Optician
LEE & BRYAN Phone 46 Jf
?iimmmmuui iMMttiMUiMUiMMiUMMUUUMttniin^
No More
Chapped  Hands or Rough Skin
This can be accomplished by using the right kind of Soap
Vinola Round Bath  and Vinola Winsome
are the two most suitable for the hard waters of this district
Try Them.
..... - , , _ _
The ' WINDSOR HOTEI, is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comlort-
nble home foi tourists and travellers Touch the
wire If you wane rooms "reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Real Estate    (Licensed)  "
Insurance/Fire, Life, Accident.
Sickness, &c.
Stoves   and   heated   pipes   cause
- .    many fires
A small premium will protect your
house and furniture
Call at my. Office Copper Street
Presbyterian Church
Minister in charge  ���
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Services, Sunday, March 4th
Midway. 2.30 p:m. -
Greenwood. 7.30 p.m.
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props. -
Commencing at 8 p.m.
Apricoty Cherry, Peach, Raspberry,
Strawberry Jams, Etc.
From 35c and Up
They are  all of  finest stock procurable
Mr. Vail Halle
.will give a performance consisting of
Sleight of Hand
Hawaiian Guitar &
Hand Shadowgraph
In conjunction with the" Regular
Mayor Gulley is ou a business
trip to the coast.
.Eggs are retailing at 45cts and
butter at 55cts.
H. McCutcheon was in Grand
Forks yesterday on business.
Service in St. Jude's Church,
Sunday, March 4th at 7130 p.m.
Reserved seats on sale for the
Sunflower Minstrels at Goodeve's.
Cash paid lor hides at Brown's
The City Fathers will meet in
the Council Chambers' next Monday night.
March came in like a lamb. It
is hoped that it will hot go out
like-a Hon.
J. C. Carruthers, the well
known commercial traveller, was
in town on Friday.
So far it looks like the bear
and the ground hog made a mistake on Candlemas Day.
Mrs. Charles King will show a
display of New Spring Millinery
about the middle of March.
Albert Christensen is in the
Grand Forks hospital being
treated for blood poisoning in
the arm.
' All members of the Sunshine
Minstrels are requested to be at
the theatre on Friday -night, at
7.30 for a full rehearsal.
Mrs.   L.    C.  .Terhune  left on-
Monday  morning for Trauquille
after being called here owing  to
the illness of her son Bruce.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hallett of
Trail, are visiting their daughter
in Enderby prior to going to
their old home in Sussex, N B.~-
- One reason why goods are more
expensive now is because of. the
cost of express. It is four times
as much as it was ten years ago.
Everybody will be at the
Greenwood Theatre on Friday.
March 9th, when the Sunflower
Minstrels will drive away dull
The curlers had a real good
time~last Thursday night when
the points game was contested.
Eighteen entered for this competition. The winner was Jas.
Kerr with a score of 21; P. H.
McCurrach second with 20 points
and Dick Taylor got third place
with a score of 17. Capt. Gordon
was master of ceremonies and
under his able supervision everything was pulled off without a
hitch. A. N. Docksteader was a
very efficieut assistant. During
the competition coffee and sandwiches were served.
On Saturday A. J. Morrison
brought a perfect specimen of a
minacureV.curling stone from the
Bell mine at Beaverdell. It is
now on exhibition at Goodeve's
Drug Store and haB been donated
to the CurliDg rink to be competed for by a rink picked by Capt.
Gordon and one by H. McCutcheon.
This should prove a most interesting game. .
The article written for this
paper last year about Jamie and
Dougal is now going the rounds
of B. C. papers, but The Ledge
does not get credit for originating
The winners of the Ross cup
is not yet decided and some of the
rinks are running very close in
this interesting series.
Broomball Game
The broomball game at  the rink
on   Friday   night   drew   a larger j
crowd than the previous game and
excitement among   the spectators
ran high.   The Amazons had greatly strengthened their team and for
two periods the Benedicts were unable to score although in the third
period they   made   tl eir one  and
only tally and   shortly  afterwards
tbe Amazons evened the score and
thus it remained till the end of the
game.    Twas a gr6at   contest to
watch, the Benedicts  being superior in combination   play  and  the
Amazons   excelled   in    individual
rushes.    The Amazons looked real
cute -in  bloomers and while they
were out for revenge, they got it to
the extent  that they evened  the
score.    Three hearty   cheers  were
given by both teams for the splendid efforts put up by both  sides in
such a hard tuzzle.
Kettle Valley'Notes
B. Bubar is down  from  Beaverdell.
Miss Gane is the guest, of  Mrs.
Arthur Roberts.
E. P. Rock returned' from Chute
Lake last Sunday.
Mrs. R. Gray returned last week
from a trip to Nelson.
Several carloads of hay are being
Bhipped from Rock Creek.
John Portmann is laid up with a
bad attack of rheumatism.
Anita Stewart    $
K    ' X , .,,
We carry only  the best stock procurable in
Beef,  Veal, Pork,   Ham,  Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
Proprietor f
The Invisible  Fear
Not mystery as you generally understand
it,  but the mystery of a woman's heart
It bafflesyet entrances. Its solution is love
A dramatic conflict of woman's fear and
wife's faith
""-"   6 reels 6
One reel Chester Outing
Four Miles of Smoke-Stack
Also one reej_Christie Comedy
"Pearls and a Peach"
MR. HAIvI^E has had three appearances before Royalty. Played five
mouths with , the Royal Hawaiian
Orchestra, England, aud, later, of ist
. Long distance telephone service will contact you with any desired City
withia hundreds of miles. 'This fact of getting into personal touch with
the distant party is worthy of your serious consideration. Yoar own telephone is a potential hub from which, at will, you may radiate business
both incoming and outgoing to numberless distant areas.
Call "Rate Clerk" for information desired on charges to distant points,
Your telephone entitles you to a courteous efficient service by carefully
.trained operators, and it is   our pleasure .to provide you with the many
benefits oi this service.
ADULTS50C      -     CH1LDREK2SC.
To Hawaiian Music
For Sale
Three (3) pure bred Wyandotte
cockerel for breeding, $2 each,
F. O. B., Kettle Valley, C. O. D.
N. Lewis.
For 'Sale-
Reliable whipping Cream, order
Mrs. Royce,
Bos 372, Greenwood.*
Will Sell
Set of double  team harness (3.
Harry Royce.
This has been a wonderful winter for" lumbering. The snow
has not been too deep and yet
the roads have been good for
The Independent Liquor Co.,
opened up this week, a carload of
liquor paving arrived on Wednes__
day. Three men are in charge
of the warehouse.
- Tonight (Thursday) General
McRae, leader of the new Provincial Party, B. G. Stewart and
others will address a public meeting in the Greenwood theatre.
Dan Biner left" on Monday for
Mexico, after dismantling and
shipping the old Phoenix brewery to the south. Four carloads
were required to ship the machinery.
A. E. Hales and son, Murray,
of Grand Porks, were visitors in
town on Tuesday, Murray
bought eight head of cattle from
H. McKee and has taken them to
his ranch on the North Fork.
Good jokes, comic songs,
hynotism, burlesque band and
farce comedy given by the Sunflower Minstrels in,- the Greenwood Theatre on Friday, March
9th. Proceeds in aid of skating
rink. , - -      -
������ Be sure and come to the
Pythian Sister Dance in the
Masonic Hail, Greenwood, on
March ]6th. Dancing with cards
as a diversion. Admission:
Ladies 25c, gents $1.00, supper
35c.    Werner's orchestra.
Re-organization of the provincial police by Attorney-General,
A. M. Manson has resulted in the
superannuation of Colin Campbell, warden of Qakalia prison,
and the appointment in his place
of W, G. McMynn, former head
of the provincial police. Colonel
J, H. McMuIlea, government
agent at Prince Rupert, replaces
Mr, McMynn.
Happy House Party
The home of Mrs. S. J. Roylance
about seven miles up Boundary
Creek was once again the scene of
a merry party when about 30
people availed themselves ofthe
opportunity .to'share the hospitalty
of this well known home. Mrs.
Trehnne, R. Folvik,- Gordon McLaren and J. Roylance contributed
the music for dancing. The following programme during the evening
Lineup -
Amazons Position Benedicts
Georgina Lee T. Jenkin
Mrs. G. S. Walters ; ....R- Forshaw
Mrs. C.'Nichols............P. TH. McCurrach
E. A. Olson W. B. Fleming
Priscilla Kerr W. Jenks
Mrs. G. VV. A.'Smith .Jas. Kerr
Ethel Fraser ........... Jas. Muir
Mabel Axam Sub.
The Scouts and Cubs also had  a
return game and resulted in   a tie.
Cubs Position Scouts
Harry Hallstrom Gordon Jenks
�� Goal
JTohn Kerr :���- George Morrison
Juan Puddy john McDonell
Percy Fraser      .....Allen Fraser
DaflKerr ���;..... John Putzel
Leo Madden Edward Johnson
William Walmsley..... ���...Jess Pudd
Alien McCurrat!.-,.  Suj,, .
- The Scouts played theTBenedicts^j
variety    to   the
gave   spice" and
Recitation J. Roylance
''Hans Breitmau's Barty"
Recitation Violet Auger
Song Gordon McLaren
"Just Look at Him"
Recitation " Nellie Keir
"Maiden's Prayer"
Recitation Chester Fretz
"Deacon's Prayer"'
Humorons story Lewis Keir
Humorous story J. Roylance
"Spelling'-Dialogue by Gordon McLaren
and the Auger and Fretz families
j and after a swift and bard game
resulted in a victory for the Scoots
with a score of 1 to nil.
The wearing of good clothes
puts- your occupation and" your
town in a good light in the community. A farmer need not be
slovenly to be properly^ dressed
for his "occupation, a merchant
need not be dudish. A good rule
is,. respect yourself and your
occupation in. your dress.
Many people are beginning to
weary of the winter. They
never bad a nicer winter and the
young people have had a good
time, but we would all like
spring. There are many people
with" colds, and some have the
flu. ' These things make them
more weary of the winter.
In cod jucction with "the pictures
in the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday night a novel feature will
be staged by Val Halle. Hawiian
guitar, the music of the Southern
Seas, sleight of hand, conjuring
and shadowgraphy is - also promised'. While in England Mr.
Halle had the pleasure of playing
three times before royalty.
; The .joy of a large family is
sometimes "marred by the .difficulty in renting aliouse. Sturdy
lads whose parents are weak in
discipline are destructive to bouse
property. These stamp their
character upon all large families.
The instinct of self-preservation
which is ia every man is not confined to his owe personal struggle ior existence and perhaps unconsciously makes him solicitous
for the life of his race, and most
men and women too will give
some preference to the man with
the large family.
Watch for the Pythian Sister
Card Party and Dance on March
Ibth.   Werners orchestra.
Provincial Party
Public meetings will be-address-
ed by General McSae, of Vancouver, B. G. Stewart, of JN"ieoIa  and
other speakers at the Co-Operative
Hall, Rock Creek, 3  p.m., March
1st;  Greenwood,   8 p. m,,   March
1st; Grand  Forks,  8 p.m., March
2nd.    Genr.   McRae is at present
the leader of the Provincial Party,
is   one of tbe   foremost   business
men of the Province, and served as
Adjutant   General and    Quartermaster General  to  the   Canadian
forces during the war.    Mr.   Stewart is a farmer,   was secretary to
the   Farmers   Political  committee
and one of the founders of the new
party.    All men   and   women who
have the interests of their  country
at heart are urged to attend  these
meetings,  it   will be their best opportunity   to judge   whether   the
Provincial Party is worthy of their
support. Advt,
Comdr, IS". Lewis was a visitor
to Grand Forks last week.
Kettle Valley School is closed on
account of Miss Debney's illness.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Bonnett
were the guest3 of Mrs. E. P.
Rock on Sunday.
Service will be held in the Rock
Creek Anglican Church on Sunday,
March 4th at 11 a.m.
-Several are'planning   to go to
Greenwood  on  March 9feh to see
the   Sunflower   Minstrels. Lef?'$
all go.
The first robin, of the year was
seen on Wednesday morning by
Ted Whiting. The first sign of
Masters Rupert and Bruce Gray,
who are at school at Coldstream,
are recovering from an attack of
chicken pox.
Mrs. Ed. Richter returned on
Saturday from the coast, where-
she went to see her brother-in-law
who was very ill.
Mr. and Mrs, H. Douglas
Hamilton left England on Friday
last. Their many friends will be
pleased to see them home again.
There was a large" toboggan party
on Sunday at Paley Wilson's ranch
"Skeeta Ridge." The fnn was
great, ^but, the next day, what
about the bruiseB?
Miss Christina Blaekadder,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.-John
Blaekadder, was married to Mr.
Charles Duncan Devlin at Long
Beach, Cal, on Feb. 22nd. Mr.
and Mrd. Blaekadder were well
known in the Valley where Chrissie
was a general favorite. She has
the good wishes of all old friends
in her new adventure.
The Card Party and Dance held
in the Kettle Valley School on the ��� -
17th was a most enjoyable affair.
-The music was excellent and was
supplied by Miss V. Shillcock, H.
Borders and H, Whiting. * On
account of the influenza there was
not a large crowd, but, "those who
attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Miss M, Gane won the
lady's first prize, J. O. Thompson
gent3 first, Mrs. Thorburn the
lady's booby and' Comdr. Lewis
the gents booby. The_ sum of
$10.45 was cleared.
Sunflower Minstrels
Friday Evening, March 9th
Show will start prompt at 8 o'clock
Come and hear all the
Jokes,   Songs and
AtottsSOc. Children 25c, Limited number of Reserved seats 75c
on sale at Give's Drag Store <nlr. ap to 7 p ���. on above Ut*
Dance   After   The   Show
;��*! '<>!
THE     LEWR.     rn^FiNwoOT).     B.     0.
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Accept only an "unbroken package" of '-'Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," wliich contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during- 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Hcid.iche Rheumatism
Toothache,        Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 i ablets���Also bottles of 21 and 100���Druggists.
A��l>lrin i.i tha trade mark (I'-sistcrd! In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Mono-
���icctlrai-liU-ster of SulicyliraM.l. While it is well known tliat Aspirin means llayer
manufacture, tfv assljt tho public aKiiln'at Imitations, thn Tablets of Mayer Company
will  be Jtaiiip-.U  with  their eenural  trad�� mark,  the "Bayer Cross."
The Russian
British Commissioner Advises Against
Further Outside Assistnnce
Sir Benjamin Robertson, member of
(he India Council, who last year presided over the British effort for the
relief of the famine in Russia, gave
the opinion lo The Times on (he pies-
enf position jn Russia.
Sir Benjamin, in July' last, sever oil
his connection villi lhe all-British appeal for the famine, anil at the time
..lie  said   that,  "witli ihe advent oC a
normal  season, the  time bad arrived
for the Soviet Govenimont to show its
"competence and itself assist tho people under its rule.     Tho Bolshevists
at The Hague had spoken about their
splendid harvest and about the excellence of iheir administrative arrangements.      It was for them  to demonstrate iheir eiliciency    by    sweeping
away the remains of last year's cala.5-
U'ophe."' .   Sir,'Llonjamin liad-then advised-  .tliat '-.lhe' . ] All-British ./-appeal
should .be closed, but made-, the reser-
. vaiiim that the Eoejetlps'-iri/ihc. famine
.'area-'Vpi'ihh Jiave.ip.'continue -to. -Support, (lie 'ownerless', children liiey-were.
.' ihon'-feedin;? uniilvarrarig<>men.s''ec.uh]'
. bft_ math. Tor. iheir disposal-.  ���
.", ; "Since.lhen.-Sir-.-lleiijiim'in has   ;tbs"e>'
-ly,- followed   ihe��� situation;--'���   lie   has
'-noticed- the statements.in -the -!>:imes
of September 20 and November.;?S thai.
- ;fhe7 Commissar .for "agriculture had nd-
7vise"d'..the Soviet "Government- of .the
shortness of food slocks iii Russia, anil;
. "lhc". precariousness of the agricultural
situation for the -coming ycai. .'.."Bos-1
7 pile-'these "warnings,.it has now"-been.
decided "by Vt'he. All-jtussia Con^res;. of
''-Soviets .tliai. t-xpoffs of .grain. :"-h6u!'.l
..-be ��� permitted, -and" it is report V)."that
, -exports"   have', already.' taken ��� -place.;.
Sir Benjamin also understands- tliat
-growing --impatience    lins. bcenVma'iif-
���fti.st_ed.by,the .Soviet,("lovernmeiii- ar.sl
;��� ii.s.'otliciais- towards ;thc" activities oi.
.' ihe relief'workers;-Ihey have -J.fio.1 to;
_ Impose.. restiiciiohs. "on-".the- Vatter
:. which' -"niust ~"teiid;1"'"to" hamper thefli'"
,'work.    -The; information - v. hkii- -Sir
- Benjamin has received goes ,to  -how
.-'.tliat. ihe'.Po'vicl��� Government is l'7e_,in-'
ning.to i'hink 'that"the presence of re-
- lief workers  in   RussiiV "is  ;iir.n'��7'er-
tisemeni..-of.1 lhc -".inefficiency of its
- nil", fttjif .that j'i 'woiild"iiot'.7th^r_,f.H'e;.'
bo;sorry to"'see ilu;"relief'..worker's. 1.0.
.    -Xo'.wii'hs.iaridui:. 'the    unfavorable
.';. jtro^pei'ih ..for,    the epming; y.e.ar, .Sir
.Benjamin'   a'dhere- to'  tht.-oplnio.ii'Jho.
' "o.vpress'ed    last    July that 7lhe'-S6yi--,t-
Government should itself be left to
deal Avith the situation. It attitude
towards the relief societies and its
recent decision with regard to the
export of grain confirm his view that
further appeals for famine icUef
should cease. It does not seem right
for other countries to contribute towards the pauperization of the Russian
people nor to continue, to throw money
into tin's bottomless pit.���London
Forest  Resources  On
The Down  Grade
uture is one of those [he vas cl,ose�� to represent the King
at the Rumanian royal wedding. A
keen student of industrial problems,
he has made one valuable contribution
towards their solution���the establishment'.of a "play the.game camp" as he
styles it, of which the youth of.tlie
public schools intermix with thc youth
of .the" factory aiul the workshop, and
thereby/broaden their outlook and sec
with more. sympathy.---one; /'another's
Viewpoint;.;X '���   7" ' "���   .' "y'X.. '     V'"
Action   Must  Be Taken  to  Preserve Our Forests
That the present state of public or
private forest management'in Canada
is 'Wholly inadequate to safeguard the
rights of the
self-evident facts that grows prosoy
by reiteration. Limit holders know.
it. Taper companies know it. Government foresters have no two onin.
ions-'coiicerhihg'-it.',7 "V - ." ���-     V '-
-" The"...forest; resources, 'east"of".the
Rockies'-are on".the;down grade. Noh-
. agricultural areas as big' as Belgium
or Iiol)ahd..'liave -been cut' 6iit; burned
"out,- or eaten- out times withouiViium--
ber "by plagues '6IV��� forest .-insects.- The
yearly count is. almost- wholly, on'tha
debit side.-/Quebec planted last. sum-,
nier- a ���'thousand acres .and'oveVr-halt
a million acres' yvere fire sswe'p't.. -Ontario's recortl'.runs hot "much iiifferen;.
.Where is all this ibVend ?'"".".
It would-be an ugly"-compliment'to
the.sagacity- of-"Canadian citizens to
suggest'., ihat-they-will' put .a .Ixui'Krup.t
sign oh five thousand-forest industries,
before/they- will admit the bankruptcy i
of- their public forestry, policies; Unless".a -public-'forcsl r\;-' policy-is main-,
.taining-. at' par;, the" forest "..resources,;
indeed, lf.it doc's ;iiot ."froin', year;to
ye.ari'ncrease'the f (ire's I. stock it-ia,\UOt
:t publ'ic'policy;.a! all,,-for'public rights
'must' fully comprehend., the -V unborn
Canadians -of .1995, .rath'er-.morc'thr.iV
-the", passing,show "of .1923.,- ']-',. ���-- ���-..   -
-The.-.plain, fact -is"that-the,ancient,
saw-'.regarding "inexhaustible;' foreal"
.still dominates Government, expenditures on forestry.'. ,A .wholesale" hardware.-', house would, never ' dream" of
calling a box of. hinges or;-.a row of
nail, kegs -'".inexhaustible,";. nor would
it" spend the-receipts from'sti'.cs bf
hinge's, on; the boss's- limousine:until
if ..knew ���';��� for - .cerium - "-that,, enough
.money .was left to keep'the hinge tii'ji-
plies iit.par.���From Canadian i^Gresi-vy
Magazine,".       .  -: .-.."��� .-   ���������'-���.;,."    "-V
A Popular Prince
Duke of York Is Keen Sportsman nnd
Makes Many Friends
' Prince Albert, v. ho is the lallest of
(he Royal family was born at York
Cottage, Sandringiiam, on December
jl-1, .1S95, and has therefore just passed
j his 27lh birthday. lie was created a
I peer, with the titles Duke of York,
Earl of Inverness, and Baron Killafney
iu l!)2o. These peerages were held
by ihe King when Prince of "Wales,
and ihey merged in tho Crown when
His -Majesty succeeded to thc throne.
The titles represent the three kingdoms. With ihe Prince of Wales he
studied at Osborne and .Dartmouth,
and on his father's coronation on June
22, 1911, he was made a midshipman af Ihe age of 17. In 19.11 hc was
commissioned to IT.M.sl Cumberland,
and went on a cruise _�� the Atlantic.
A month after war was declared he
was gazetted to thc Colltngwood, and
while serving ou that ship had a sharp
attack of appendicitis, I'rom which he
made a good recovery after an operation, lie served in the Grand Fleet
at the Baitle of Jutland, was commended by Viscount Jellicoe, and was
promoted acting ''lieutenant. After
the war ihe Duke took up the practical
side of living, (Qualified :is a pilot, and
was gazetted a captain. He flew on
several occasions, but it did not suit
his delicate constitution, and further
living was vetoed. He i.s an adept
with the bat and the ball, and has
been'described as quite the best player of iiis generation in thc Royal family. In his younger days he used to
shine as a trick cyclist, performing before the limited group of the Royal cir.-
cle. In December hist the Duke drove
one of the London and Northwestern
Railway Company's newest and most
powerful engines from Camden Town
into Euston Station, and was presented with a driver's watch, bearing the
company's style and title. Thc role
of a second son is a difficult one, particularly when the elder brother is the
most popular man in the kingdom, but
the Duke of York has played it loyally
and well. Like his father and his
brother's, ho'is a-keen sportsman. He
has the same charming air of boyish
zest in lire as the Prince of Wales,
and makes friends wherever he goes.
During his brother's long tours of the
Empire many public eugagenients��fe!l
to his lot, and he discharged them
with marked success.     Only recently
World's Blind Spots
Thunder 'nnd;  Lightning
;   ��� '.Ssldom Heard or Seen.'
The' worid..'h;'.s"lis/"blind spbis'vfor
liiumln. and "lightning, -says;'a bulletin.
Arf .t      TII"-U"-"-il       n-     U     | o'* iiie;-NatJorfH7:,apoiirai��liicih''SpcIet>>���
���Mother -.lells How Her  daughter jTije'-briijiiuii'/jasiipflJigiitninganti.ihc'
Suf fered.and W.a$ Made Well  by ; eracl.it' and-'runibleVif timndeiVwouM
���i-'Lydia'' E. Pinkham's Vegetable    ; be ��* impossible ."o.f conception."-by
""   ���"" '   " '""''���' -'-' ---���.. ���-..!-= .-j_..i.i -jolid-water"
Records in 1922
Soldiers'  Insurance.
Details, of Number of- Policies'.' Sssusd
.-: - According to .Provinces -'
7A. total' of. 10.-YS.6 policies for "a, total
sum .of-?2CJ05,500 had-been-.issued" tip
to "the ;end of: the .'.fiscal, year,-ended"
'March. 31"st, 1022, under the Returned
Sspldiers.' 'Insurance- ACt- of Canada, ot.
.which ],6S6''Ceascd,7&.i"' the . .sum', -of-
?-i,-171 ,G00,-"leaving - a. net,.-number 'in
.force at'ihe end of that year of 8.S00
for "the'sum of'?22;23i;0007 ;"" )
- The. .-policies . iss'ucii'iaccording.'tp
provinces during that-fiscal yeaiv were,
jis-follows, with _thc7amounts70ut o.f
Vj;tna'da,7Gll "for 51,585,000; "Alberta,
GOT -for, ?J,.478,000," BrMslV Columbia;
L28S for"'?2,G03,50'0," Manitoba; MS- for
$l)-llt..0p.0;7-New Brunswick,"! .37-i../for.
���?'-JC:l",000;"Nova Scotia, 21G for'$632,V
500;;;. Ontario," 2,86! "Tor "-$6,778,500;
Prince Kdward. Island, II for- $-15,500;
Quebec, GS6 for $1,393,000; -Saskatchewan,. G-t-i'.'for $.i;-lSO,000,-'.totals, 7,-JuC
for..?i7,87-!,500..;-   '���'-': 'X'.- ��� --X   '���'] ���''
A-"inixfure:of emery" powder," sweet
oil ami kerosren'e'-is said -to be p.x-
cel.l.ent" .for ��� cleaning the.'leetiWpf'a
siiw.-7   "'" ''��� -" '���;- """ ���'-'���' ���"-"���   ��� 'X  ' -''.-   ".
Jjjjfmy Ksldiuos as would.'
j by-equatorial stivages.    '"
;'��� Vancouver;. B.C.-���" My daughter is a I" .. Isn-gi_neral the l'roqueiif.'y- of thunder- ���
'.young girl who lias Ireeo'havinK severe-! sl ornis decroasos as one  goesVnortii,
.-; Through an.Voldei"-. daughter .who. ha'd.v Circles they seldom occur.-.;. ,-: - -. . ,
.= 'lieard-of a; woman ���who':.iva's tahinig it J When - Jvatmai .,vbic:ino,: 'on-'-.!.��.
--��� f^tho^ame^rouble, ���w,tom told .of J Al��skaii*rentnfmln,   crupted'7 in ".1012.
��� Lydia'.-i;. rmhliam ��  Vegetable Com- > ,  ,       ,. ,     V-.    W   ,-   - .
Vpbund.'' .My- daughter has been -talcing it > *-��m'' ��r ,,ie atlu,t "Htives of the vicin-
. V for several;; months.'and is quite, all.right.-' it:-:  wen?  more  terri tied at   the liphf-
nbw.-it has done ailit was represented : ning  and   thunder   that   accompanied
to do and we have told a number of ! **
Reel BlooJ,; Vim; Vigor, Vitjity Foi-'.
.,,'".. low TBi��  Advtce
��� -Niagara Falls. .Ont.���"Ab my parents have used Dr. Pierce's remedies
with   such   won-,
derful and .quick
resit Its I take great
pleasure ~\xi[ send;
ing,a good .word'!
to boost the cause
of -Freedom from ���
Illness.'     I   hava
: used   the  Ooldefi."
.Medical Discovery.
at times for the
past three years.
Am .a- ;prcssman-
hy occupation and the -labor- is quite,
fatiguing and injurious'to the system. '
llut today buslnsss. lias-no drsuvback'
jor'nie.. Three cheers-.for" Dr.-Pierce's
Dis-r.overyl'VT^ WiHiam II. Dempsey,' ,
Jri! 32B:-^!se?St;V-;77.,:    .--.:"
As soon'as.you-.begiri-to.talve.this.
"Discovery"  y*i.".begin -to'-'feel"its'
;-SK it[ I^v^r without \"**��� <*��'"* '!'���� ;" "- I^bOlt, | bracing .nppet^ng effect.    Buy of:
a bottle of it-in the house, for I. myself !{)1  r"'in�� buried by asli, because rhey!
tahe it for. that-we'ak. tired,.-worn-out [ had  noihinK in  tiieir lifelong cxperi-���'
Vf^JnS^Wchwme-UmescoYnestousall. , ,,,,0,, ,)y -,vhidi..i0 ;jlulf:0 the-blinding!
I find itisimikhngmc UDand I strongly :      ,,..-. i
recommend it to" women"v. ho are sufre/-.,il?,il .".*v'"��-15"^-' r!"J's<? ^'nm l]" ^w.    i
ingas.r'androy-daught'erhave."���-Mrs. i -   -  ��� j
J.. McDo.VAi.n.   2U47 2>th ;Ave. East, i Taxicabs  Cheaper than   Hotel" Rooms'
Vancouver,- B. C ��� j     ...    . '  ���   ���    .    ���,
"From the age of tvvelve a girl needs all:   . Jaxicabs _are   being., hired
"thfftarc a thoughtful mother can give. : "nh.ht   in
Msinva woman has suffered years of
pain and rn.iscrj.'���the victim of thought- [
Icssncssor ijrnorance of the rriother who \
should have jjusded her durinfr this time, j
if she-complains of headache's, pains '.
iri-the baclc and lower h'mbs,-.or if yoa j
notice a slowness of" thought, -nervoiis-
r'ess or-irritability on the part of your:,
' <iaGffhter. mahe-life easier for, her.
'. Lydia E. PinKhani's Vegetable Compound is especially adapted for such
cojiditio'ns..'' .... 9
for rise/
Vienna,   where   hotel ��� prices j
i ifrar.
your-neigbbonoo'J drug, store in tab-V
lets and  lirjt'id, or send _ lOe  to Dr.
T'lerce's   Laboratory   in   Bridgeburg,
Ont,. .for trial pkg. tablets and v.'rlto"
for-free mcu'.cal advice.
Colds, Fevers or a Rundown
Condition, Taks Tfsis Advice '
������- Pleasarii'^ilie,  N,  S.-���"T-'our  years .
ago I was .:<. very sick wora'an    The
doctor- said  '.t was  pneumonia.    It
3:ept -me iii'b'rd for five weeks and
I. left-me eo weak that I coiild hardly
j". get "about.   A dear friend advised me.
,  to t,rj7 Dr. Pierce's, remedies and i
f"tl:d so.' After taking a bottle of the
Golden  Medir'al-JjJscovery arid one
j  of the Favorite Prescription Ifounri'
-j'-I was getting sp much-stronger, that
Approxiirately one-nin'h of Uie ul*I ,   I.'co'htjnued   using   thern. ��� .together
Results for Year Ended 31st JDecember-
Assurances in force   -   - - -; $63 l,f 04,869.49
Increase for year, #94,686,738.96
{Including. Reassurances)
-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   174,088,858.32
Increase for year #44,716,730.99
Cash income   -   -   -   -   -   v 36,251,322.13
Increase for year, #5,144,172.97
Payments to policyholders   -   15,615,505.85
Surplus over all liabilities and capital  -    14,269,420.95
Increase for year, #3,885,511,85.
New assurances issued and paid for
in cash    -   - -   - .r   -    -   90,798,648.79
' '.W ���' '���.'������'��� "V'xx
The Belgian Congo
Practice ly." One-Third as Large
.. ."- ���"���'���- United States'".
. Alniosl-'everybody has a' general
idea of.'-the .'ipcitli'on'.'.of. the.- Belgian
Congo,; although .'many, do" not' realize'
tliat it-Is.practically one-third-;is large
as {lie.United States, including-Alaska;.
In detail,; .if-its southwestern corner,
w-re; placed.at.Stin Diego,. Cal., the
southern .bouhdriry would roughly cor-*
respond w-it.h t.lie Mexican border, and
.the-southeasterh;corner.'-woujd fall'.at
tlie-southern-, point. 61'-.'Texas;"": 'Form-
ins,"a- rough ��� square, its", norilieastern
���"icoriier \yould lie'in the neighborhood.
of Des-Moines,'- Iowa, .'.and-lts- north:'.
.jvesiern corner in...the, Yelloivstohe
Park.' 7 The Belgian Congo ha"s"-'-b'ec";i-
ea.ll'ed the. Brazil of .{Africa; and has
flowing through it .'corresponding;. to
the ATnazonMn"-' TJttizll,-Xthe .;Congo,
,one;of- the V world's greatest ' rivers,
capable ������ of'��� carn'lns":.an empire's
commerce. - 7The average width, of
this."river, by-the, wajS.is live miles'
for-about-half', of its length of. somc
'3,000'miles-, and jn"places it.runs7to
as.much; ��is, sixteen" miles.���:Christia��
Science Monitor.        .-   V   . ..
What;lhe  Spider  Indicated
Getting a Lltie on. a .Good Quiet.Place
.'���' In Which'to. Spin His.Web
"''AVhen:'.-.Mark Twain", in his early
days;'was editor- 6( a Missouri paper,
.i"" e'uprfstitlqus. subscriber wrote to
him saying, that'"he had found a. spider
In' his, paper,..and' asking him"-whether
ihnt.was a.sigh of Vgoo.d'luck:or7 bad.'
The" huiiiorist-wrote him ihis-Vnswer-
ahd .printed.'it: '-"���'"���. ,.'; ",.:���'"���;.'
". '"Old : Subscriber: '.Finding ,"a ' spider'
InVyour paper was neither good luck
nor bad luek'fo'r you. .-;Thc spider'.wiis'
nierely looking over, our-paper To "see
.wiiichVmVrehani.is nqt'ndv'ertising.'so
that ho" can-go- lo-that store: spin.'his
web across the door and lead a'life of.
undisturbed I'pca'ce 7ever ulterward."-.
Europe Subsidizing
v   Commercial
Government Grants'Making. Operation.
-."'. Of-'Air'.Lines Possible.;.',,' '-.'
; 'J'be practice pf encoiiragirig-the development ;���'of- - commercial. -. aviation
by.'mcansVof-'S.'ate subsidies is becoming .- general ;._iri" Kuro'pe.;' Germany,-
PplaiKl.'.-Czeciioslpyakia, Kussia . and
Runmhiii are.all making'the. operation
bf air lines possible by ""-"government
grants". ' In;Great Britain ".tho/. Air.
Ministry "pays . approved .air lines" a
sum.-cqual to a-'quarter of'"their gross
receipts, besides paying-.;i_3.for every
passenger carried aiid.3-.petice"foiScacli'
'ppuncVoMVeiglirmoved.    ..'V'-.-"" ";". ""
.'-   "Nb.'Use Wishing..
. Slk* '(meditating.'on��� a 'wishbone)-,-:-
"But -1 - don'i. Iciiow-' what .to wi-iii
"foi"!'-'"' ' '.."',- 'V ; -. 'VV; " :..y -;-
.' HeWril-yj'sh. for'/you."-.."-   -.
. She.���:"WeJl. then, .there's - no. use
fooling with the old-.vvishbone'4-you
can have" 7iic.!';--Jiulge.   ������;���-.-
'-California. Fig 'Syrup''  is
Vv Child's Best Laxative   :
ire.   %<-iy    high.
The cost of petrol
iiia:;��s rlUing. in u\ taxicab. prohibitive
for all but the rich.. "VAs a shelter for
the. nighi a" taxicab-.niayVbe..rented"
f-hfaply ia any .quarter-, of .tlie-. (own,
rioVinc-Ir.dinsf th.��'j.crvice of theV:liauf-
U".    x.   Vi".    1^61
-iiiatf '"fofest. land oi"S:sskfiS'.-h"-sv6
nnw-'in.'forest  re?f.'ii"csV      -,'-:
���_ 1
��� 1
���sfith "Dr.; Pierce's- Pleasant Pellets,
��� t'RtiJ I fully recovered my strengths"*".
' ���iff3. Agnes Brun��liv".. -.-''"
" Natural Wonder in-Bruce County
One of the wonders of Bruce.
-County," ��� Ontario, is to-be 7?een on
tiie farm of Christ. AVe.l.ier, at Formosa, where a Jiowing well bubbles
Up from-000'feet .beJow the 1.1-ound
and spouts a stream 20 feet in the
air. .Tho'ice cold geyser- of Wa<er
has -been maintained at th.; same
volume of water fos' 22 year?, .in:I
show.i no signs of" abating'. It is located'in what i.~ popularly known-as
the Palace garden and is fre��_',?eritly
visited by-curious people fron. zrt>A
'distances.. -   -.   ;-..   -'���   ��� X    '--"        '."'.-"
Conditions in the West
Difficulties .Which. Confront ...the ��� AgVi-
..-���- culturist Today. ���
. I shall not-'eiaborate at. any great
length.on conditions ia the-wast. .The
hdn. leader 'of .this, .group "who "has
preceded 'me-has, I think, done full
jusUce.to'ihat subject. ��� "We ."do not
like-to appear in.the position of being
calamity howlers, but perhaps. an;
other.illustration, and- again .'a' per1
sohal one, for which.I -'must-apologize,
will show-the -condition of. things bet-
I'er, perhaps" "than, any thing else'can do.
Jn .the year 3012 I.bcmght a-wagon-for
���use ori ihe farm":.aiid it cost- me $78
'cash.,.,7 :lt'was-a-fullyVVequipped.-farm-
wagoh., "'with--..- a' "threeVdecke.dV'b'ox���-ii-
type-' familiar ".to gentlemen" from.'-tlie.
prairies.. '- My.- crop, ;,K-.-i .-"remember
aright,- iVsold'fqr. 70 cents - a' bushel.;
.Now,' remember���$7S-for a'wagon ;uid
wheat'selling at 70 cents'a.bushel!
Ltist .fajl I found' 'that I '- needed -a
wagoii "box. l��k put. on'-this same wagon,
the .old one-having..become useless hi-
the.meantime."-'.-I paid' ?67 forfhe box
alone, and. "for my wheat I ��ot 78 cents
-a, bushel-net".'._-'.;X6w-I think these figures .will sliowVyou - i."h:it-:..he.. thirig.
.which' is confronting., the a}.ricultur-
isfs today is.-the fact that the' old
"equilibrium -between-tlie--price he received for-his.products and -the juice
of the articles he bought for'carryintc
on -li is_ work has not" been restored':;
illustrations ' of that kind might." b<;
.multiplied.indefinitely,, but 1 (hink'.one-
is'sunicient,-���U. A. Ilqey. ��� .Spring1
ilcid).-." ' '���'   -   ���   ;."��� "."'
.,    Like the Laundryman
"})o you know .our new minister is
just" wonderful,    .lie brings home to
you  things  thai, .you never saw  bo'-:
fore."   ' "        '
.'"That's nothing; wc have a hum-'
dryman that does the same thing."���
Pelican.     -' ..'"���-���'"
its Quality Sells It���The-fact that
so many thousands of intelligent people continue to use Dr. Thomas'. Kc-_
lectric Oil speaks volumes for its heal-"'
ing efficiency.  ' Ever since it was first
introduced it has. "grown steadily In
public   favor,   owing   entirely to its
manifold usefulness. In relieving and -
healing sickness.   . As a specific'for
cuts, .burns, * scalds   and. various  in- .
flamriiatorv pj.ihs_.its .record. Js .beyond,.,
reproacl'i.      -���      - _-..; --; '-'   ��� .  -.--".
.Good Advice ���       ."-
"Keep-the" telephone "of your inind-
forever  - transmitting    thoughts ; of
love', joy 'and health";1 then.when..liate, ���
ssorrow; andi disease try  to call-yqu,
they, will get-the busy signal.���Philadelphia.-Bulletin.-. '
For Infants and Children V
Kit Use For Over 30 Year*
Always bears
the   --
: Signature of
Jt.lias""been estimated = that; lh-'-ri*
_are.400,0&D,000 tons-of salt, stored, iu
Great ShU Lake."-"    ,   "      7' '"-V   - .
Hurry Mother! A teasp'oohfui cf
"California Fig Skrup" now will thoroughly clean the little bowels, and in a
few hours' you have a well, playful
child again. Even if cross, feverish,
bilious, constipated or full' of. cold,
children love its' "fruity"' taste, and
mothers can rest easy because it never
fails to" work all the souring: food and
nasty bile rigist^out of the stomach
and bowe'is without- ffriping. or upsetting the child. VV. .- "
-���-. Tell���.your .druggist you ' want "only
the genuine '-.Callforaia Fi{_ Syrup"
which has directions for.,babies and
children of.al! aces printed on bottle.
Mother, you must say '-'California."
Befusc any imitation, x
--.Advertising Did It     '   ,
, And. if .(���anie.'to.-p.ass' lhat aflcrhc
had advertised-his goods -tliere /came
iinloiiiin great" -multitudes -froni-'all;
il!*1' regions.-.round about;'aiid did buy
of;iiini."���-' And wh'eii ljls,-cbnip(.tltdrs
.saw it they "marvelled ainong theus-
.sely.es sayiiig)-/'How is" .-if "'that ,i]_i.;
man- isV busy, while wc have-to lonif-
about; our- doors'.-'.'"-' And lie .spake.
itnto 'them say'ing, ''.Verily; .verily,; I.
_=ri'y unto you; in tlsis fast age of .{jashV
ami rustl?.' it is easier "for a-<'amcl"U>
��>n'le.r the eyie of'a jieedls than:for a
business " man to flourish witli'ou't
adverii.sing. ���The Durham-Chronicle..'-'.
Grain Via Vancouver
Fifteen million bushels of grain is
now the estimate for the Vancouver
f.riiin movement for the season 1022-
23. Europe has taken 4,1S3,000 bushels, with ..4,306,153 bushels yet to load.
Tlie Orient has taken -123,000 bushels,,
���with 1.306,003 bushels yet to be despatched. . In addition to l-J.500,000
bushels of wheat slapped last year
4�� 1,037 barrels o��,.fiour we're fixport-_d
or four -times the amount shipped in
the. previous, year.
'   These delicate" organs, one- of 'tlie
most important iii our body, become-
easily deranged and .soon fall prey: to
many-diseases".. ; At-iiie" lirst signof
trouble. :such as backache, headache,
torpid .liver", hcrv.ouVnc;HS, tired feeling.'
etc.| if is" wise..to. procure :i'bottle o'f
tlie old reliable Warner's Safe. Kidney
and. LiveVltemedy" at-your dealer's and'
Ihus'flecure"'instant relief;;.   Standard
for-50 years..-".. Our .'-'Safe Fa'cts"-bbok-.-
,l"et, .cbnialslhi., a- wealth' of ihfbrma-
tion'o'n .tiiesubject; mailed free on- re-'
quest.     The-Warner's Safe'Remedies
Co!. Toronto,. Ont.. -.- - '-' -.-Xy
fe, mde&nkely
Pure,; rich,
Fr*c  Recife 3<j��fc���
Wri��5 th�� Bordca'Ce.
i-SEiitJed,  Mants-eAi, XWZ
a����,��^w!.ai^ttM��s.-w.�� .���iVrni}nriTrtinii.rj)miiiiTwiff'rwiii
fc>:aj..-^-fg=WLrva^ff���gs'a?'-��k,|..-.^^ , ...-v^.^-."���'!���
f��     __l
_t      *"
P      ��V
��      V
,,,v\ronri     p.      (i
Precautions Taken
To Guard Utilities
^   From French Invaders
Essen ���IMia precautions to gu.'id
public utilities ihioughoui thc Ruin
have been taken up b\ the Erauoo-
Bclgian authorities because ol a" 01-
dei is.sited by Gen. "Willielm Gtoenoi,
German Minister of Tianspoit.ithm, to
thc .slnUng taihoad tvoikPi* to out off
gas, fitter, eleclin: light and potto
wheietei possible ,
Accoiding to inloim.ition in Hip
hands of tho Fiench lntelligpncp stall,
the stnkeis hate been given .1 pte
cmploij older to poipelrale acts 01
sabotage ol this kind immediateh at
\iuious points so as lo lundoi in
e\ciy t\a> the occupation foices.
. The I!eiman customs houses Jn ihe
Huhi woie taken mn, the (.Seaman
olIltiTils being leplaced bv custom'
oflicci-. trom Eianee fii.idunllj nil
thc Germans in the custom oflices In
lhat 1 ei i it oi v aie to be let' out, and m
,.i lew tiny & thc Ficuch and Belgians
will bc in conttol
Search Party Find Hunter
Hrd Been Lost for Nin; Days in
Cowichan Hills
\jcioiia���Alter being lo^t *ioi nine
data in the snowbound Cowichan HilK
v nhotit food, blankets or matches to
light a fire, Albeit Socket!, 15, was
lotind bv a seatch pailt near Mouni
I'lotost and lomovod to Duncan TTo-?
pil.il lie was tiawling on hands and
kneos exhausted, slatting and halt
(ta/.ed with hungei when lound
Ch.ules All.nd, a ..companion, with
whom Rocketl slatted out eougai
hunting Febiuaiy JII, ib still missing
Allaul is an c\peiicneed c woodsman
and it i. hoped he will bo lound nine
The two men became sopamled on
their taunt
Sockctt   former),   lived  in   C.tlg.u v
j J Io is expected to lecovei
I v _	
Sweden Stops Aiding Russia
May Revive Old Issue
Consideration of Amendment to Can-
ada Temperance Aot Likely
Ottawa���Proposed amendments to
the Canada Tempeiance Act now
standing on the oider papei oi the
Commons in the name ol D 1). McKen-
?ie will, it is ui'tlPistood, letive an
amendment of last _eai which lesull-
cd in conflict between the Commons
and lhc Senate as to the rontiol ol
impoils of intoxicating lniuots bt tho
piovinre.s ot Quebec and British Columbia, which have government liquoi
commissions The amendments this
jeui niotcd to add pail ,"> to tho Canada Tempeiance Act. Bast >eai this
section of the act was passed by The!Ku<3Mil Congress that Itifsij, must
Commons at the instance ol thc I'.iifWo on ^'oit tations and unance ilsell
ish Columbia Government, who claim j thiough giam sales. N^
ed thai the placing ol such a piotision | '
in tho act would git e theii liquor com        Allied Commission  Leaves.  Ivlemel
mission    a    chance    lo pie\ent  bool-
legging and ieduce  lhc  illegal  liquor
liaflic to a minimum
Red    Cioss   Will    Not    Attempt
Fuither Relief Work
Bei'in ���On lh<>-- leceipt ol news
fiom ll.imbuig that the G pi man led-
eial giain buieati had contracted loi
115,000 tons ol Ru-stan grain to be
loaded at serial Black Sea poils, in
eluding Odos&.i. the Swedish Bed
Ciosc announced thai it would not at-
t. nipt ittilhet leliet work in Russia, as
ihe public would not buy gin in lo^send
In a count]v which was cxpoilmg
giam "^. "v
The��� Sotiel Minislei, Kiassin, has
dochiied lepeatudl. that lviissin must
soil giam to i;use monet, and Win
Minislei  Trotzky told    (lie    hc-l    all
Mon!i cal ���Thrio }-, on., on.- oh
sl.icle to ^Canada's bong united io
membeiship in the ''I'm \mpn<an
Tmon accoiding lo John IJ.iiu-tr, gen
eial counsel and :uh isoi ol Lhe union,
md thai is that Canada lias no min
i-l pi plenipolentui \ ai Washington.
The constitution goteinmg bodies
shall consisl ot minisUi-, ol each
meinbi i nation lunirnjiilng at the Am-
puc.m capital Y\ lion he pointed tlu=
out lo ihe Pi imp Minislei, Mi I3ar.
ic-tl said in an inleit ietv, All Mackenzie King 'indicated thai Ibis obstacle
v ould bo wiped out in lutute," loie
shadowing, accoiding lo Mr Bauctl,
the establishment ot a Canadian am
bass.uloi at AVashiiujlon
The P.in-Ameiuan 1 nion compiKes
21 member nation, and is an ollicial
oigani/alion detolud to the develop
ment ol coiimioice, luendship and in
teieonise among ihe peoples'on this
Quest Purchased By
Canadian Explorer
Captain  Bernier Makes Arrangemsnts
small military unhs j*smet Blames France
For Breakdown Of
Lausanne Conference
C   II. Ash,  Bditor and  Propiietoi   ol
The Gazette, Bhch Hill*, Sask.
Death Of French Statesman
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dies Suddenly at Nice
XIco���Theophile Dolcasse, lite, em
Inent l\ench statesmen .md lomiei
mimstei of foreign affair, died suddenlv hcie Feb. 21 M Belcas-e lcll
his hold dm ing thc da\ to come. In-,
sMiipatln to Minister ol M-uino Bai-
bcili on lhe occa ion oi th,> deilh ol
lhe   mmi^tei's    nioih^i       Allei    this
LORD       BYNG       ST'RUCK       WITH |
WINNIPEG        \ '
<jlii��a     Small   unit-,   hiirhh   n un
��� d,   was   the  _ku1  oi   Canada  :'l  the
,  '
pie-ent moment ol much m oded econ !
z.XT:x::r;ixzxxxjasks completion of
Cairuli in Atltllp] \ A-iooi mon heir      |
His    l'\c'l'enc v     '-���ul ihe .ip]>aieni I
npathx     on    the    pair    ol  those who
conductc-d    th"    tiilairs'of llie Doimn '
ion  did  noi   mean   thai   ihe\   did   noi '
\ii-li  tho aiujleij   aiid  oihel   miiilan '
association-,   well        11   w;is   ]iLilecil>!
ii:>1vial    ihtl    wiih    tin   imradiaieh
iillpiWi'i     dc\ i Inim P]il->'     whe-n     lhc
high    note   in    eiononu    \,as    hi liif;
���sounded.  milii,i'\   app'u.mons  ��honU]
be (ut -down
AmiiiIIu'ih     highlj    lKuiicl     \.al
biouglu     to    a    ln-rli    ile,riPo  oi   pjh |
rieiicv i,i A\ mill])-,",   ���- ml    Loid Bwig,
and when h<  m-,p((Kd '���ome ol  Iheni
Oil   I'l     Wi'-lell)   tup     he     W:ls     sliuck
will)   ihe   peil-il   oi ganiMlioiis  maiil-
l.'incd       Commanding olhccis should i
not bo. ,,n\ious io have    huge    mini |
btr, in ii| n mill-,    but   'houlil    >-pek ,
J ioi  pt-iio<ii��in  in a  iiw  --c-lei led men
to  Buy Shackleton's Ship
Quebec.���Canada i, to entei once
more into Aictic expeditions Cajtt.
Bciniei, the Canadian o\ploiei, who
h.is letuinod tiom Ihuope, appeals lo
)ui\o made tne necr-s-an anaii^e ' UMt- i[- Belcasse, app iiently in good J
nicnts lo" bit. the iiuost, ShacklolofK. health, letttined Io his hoicl De.-th
\nt.iictie ^hip eame with gieac suddenness    in    the
Capt. Ueiniei, acrording lo mloimi-   eouise o. the evening
w'a-,  teealled   lioni   lhigland   bv
Antweip���The mtei-\llied Commls
sum which has supoiMhed the  Mcmel
|pnitoi>  since ihe war ended, landed
heic  on  the Buti-h  ciuisci   Caledon
Manitoba Not Second Reno
Winnipeg���Wauiing that Manitoba
niiijt not bc leg.udetl as a scgond
Itetio, to which pioMnee poisons .seek
ing dnoico might come and. ic-nlo a
lew months, was sounded bj -Mr .lu��-
licc 7\laclJoiiald, in te.sei\ing mdg-
meiit m the di\oice application ol  .>
t Soa eieignitj  over tho Memel di-liicl
j is now in lhe hands of .Lithuania b>
decision  of the allied  council  ol  am
Ihe Dcp.ulmenl oi the Inlenoi to gi\o
details leg.tiding the de.il which te
now piojeeted Capt llciniei will
lea\e phiI) thib 'ptmg J or Bui ope Iu
biing the ]>uichased ship aeioss the
Atlantic to Quebec
Piom here an e\pediLioi) will he
oiganued in the begnming o1 J.me
V t& said ihat mmeial resouiees will
be rine'Uigafod
Tlio news ol the bulcmi. n s dcaih
wab biing withfielil Horn Mine Dil
cabsp as her ph>--Mians wno unwilling
lo ris>k tho bhock the tidings would
'isne hei m hoi slate oi health 'A
iatei account of the demise ot lhe mm-1
islei stales that his bod. was found
al eight o'clock in the evening in lhe
Y\ mnipeg ��� Iuuoduecd   In    rienuei
1 r.i.icken,  a   lesolution   calling on   the
J'edeial   (Icneinnieni   lo  complete  the
Hudson Ba\ llailwa\ wa- un.mimon^li
;|M>-,ed in  till   J.Ogi-daluie.      In  sjt.-ali.
ing on the lesoliiuon, i>ie:iuei Biaekun
mnhneil  ihe  ad\ .Ullages to  be gained
b.\    ihe   laiiiiers   ol   the   we-t   il   thc
j woi k weie r.iiiii l thiough to ,i finish
A\     ('.   "McKinin 11     Rockwood.   pio
po^ed    thai     ih>     leiri-l.ittucs ol   the
iluet    piaim    piOMiices   fahould   linilr
to (.omjdcte the load Jl  lh<   Dominion
Gov. i nm�� nl Killed to lake at tion       A
^iii    was    ucvtid    when the meml.ei
loi     Boi'vwoud     adtocaled    that     lhc
  llud-ain J!a\   I!ail\,a.\   leiiniinis should
'be   made  a   Ihp  poll   ol   c-nti\   loi   a
Court Officers jpcioa <>i ����<> jcar-   u nun w*pic
~ n        , I don ���>, h�� piediJcd it    would    become
Larry Revolvers,01"1 ����� ""^ gicaiesi i>oik on hk
.  | Xoulf Anieiiean  (ontinuil    within
People   Seeking    Admission   to   Man-' s1'01' tinK'
chaster    Assiz��s    Closely
London  ��� Considciabh   cxtiiemeifl,
w.is   created   at   the   opening   ol   lhc
M.uiLhesii'i assj/es wlu-n the police ol
fice'is who allended the  uulsrcs to the
conns njipcued aimed with ie\ol,cio
! Plans to Take Up
Coiibl niliiiople���A dc-patch from
\ngoia saj, that the gieat rational
asscmbh. is holding =ecret sessions to
heai Ismet BaMut's lepoit on the Lausanne fonleienoe, but it is undeistood
ihat Ih" geneial tone oi the assembly
is unl.n'>iable to the piopcals ot tho
pov 01 s
"Ismet I'ash.i, in addipsging the as-
sembl., .ittiibuleil ihe bieakdown of
tne (onleience to ihe nnjielding alii
tude ol Fianc" on the financial and
economic feim-, ol the piopo.^etl
iie,u> afioidmgio .hImccs jecened
Pom the capital.
The 'Joiisiami.iople jncs-, gcnerallv
is juedicting the e.nly uppioath ol a
l''sumption ol the N'eru Ba��iern jieaeo
The MiSfliain pa en di&cusses tlie
piobablo jilaee ol tho ne\t peace
I'leeum. .inl jnedietb it will be Con-
sl.uilinoide Tin-? newsjiaiier alt-o
^aA s that the lojlheonung note lrom
the Angoia Gineinmtni to the l^au-
sanno ,-eci ctaii.it will outline the
Turkish position; thai i_ will indicate
t willingness lo di.oice ihe economic
.md hnaiiti.il chitt-os lrom the tieaty
''ml leaA p them loi sepniate negotia-
uons with Fiance and the Mottil cpies-
iion 101 neeoii.ition wiih Gieai Biiiain
It is added b> theinewspapej that poli-
gaidens of the bishops palace, death
Proposal to Have
appaientlv having _pci lined
liotiis picMouslv lie h;ul gone lo
jihe gaidens earlj in lhe alieinoou to
!hs(en lo (he band, and it is supposed
j must ha.e lelt the lieail attack com-
Nations Control Ruhr!;"'onand ieuml ,0 !l"clu,lr,, ����,n
That ihe\ weie ainud was no s-eciel
to the public, and imeiosi m this l.icJ
was intensified when c\eiy jiei-on
j v ho bought admission to tlf assise
couil was ciosoh stiulini/cd h-\ lhe
It is bell- \ed thai lhe aiming ot llie
police ofiiceis was due to Sinn Feia
llneats It was an iimi-tul pioceed
ing and was ihe cause ot much uneasiness among llio&c who had biisi
upsb at ihe comt
, Heal ciiclr-s in Const,uitinojilc aie Aeiy
Land in Canadai-j-,im5ii(
Hmigaiy's   Fust   and    Last   Pisside
May   Begin   Life   Ag?in   As
Fa i met |
Duihiiiest   -(.ounl    Michiel   K.uohi  i
Iiungauan fiial and la-l piesulent,  is!
nt j Crossed Ocean As Stowaway
Finnish Gnl  Fell  in  Love With Ship's
Heavy  Snowstorms  In   England
London���Ttcnewed    .sr.owfcl^iui,    in
! ihe noith oi Bngiinil  liaio senoush
man who came hci^ limn K<noia to j nileiieied with tiallic aud in one ease
l e.slde in the fall of 10L1 '- a eounirx mail \an has been embedded
Coicspondenl's counsel nigued ihe|m a miow bank In the .Pennine
man;s it'sidenec heir wjs loi (he pui j chain oi hills the Lumen aro gia\elj
pos.*ol itppl.ing loi i dnoice jconceined foi the satoly oi (heii ewes
  ,'owing io the gieat depth ol the snow
Hoises Perish nt Fusilier |
Fusiliei.���Tho winfei has ptuvoji to
be \er> haid on hoibcs itinning al
Itirge. Keporfs are coming in dailj
of hoi'ses that h.n c jioiishcd 'J'ho
imimal,, owing lo Ihe deep Hiow aie
tinablo lo find "-ufllcient feed
Ambassador Honored
llallinioio, " MB ��� Sii Auckland
flodik", British :imba.ssador at V\ ash
inglon, was accouled the houoiatx de-
gie" ol Doctor oi Laws- by Johns flop
kins Vnivoisitj.Hn abbcnliu.
Interaationalization      is    -Jrged      By
British Labot  Mission
Loudon���Foui Scottish Laboi mem
beis of the Jlouse ol Commons, John I
Wheal 1 v. James Ma\lon, l)a\icl Kuk-.!
wood and the Bc\   C impbell Htr-phen,!
who  iccently made  a   thing -\ Kit lo
the Ittihr, pu-spnted a xepoit ol ilien
impielisions to (hen colleague-,
Thev doclaie (here is no Lop' m
ljiuish mediation and lhat the onl> I tl(. \\w- pilUit ot
altejn.ili.c will be lor FiaJiee, Get
m-m>. (iit-al Bntt'in Belgium md
Kith to iH+^inafnm.ih/e the lluhi
and put ihe aclnunistiatioD ol ih.it
teirilorj in tho hands ot i\n inter
national bonid to dislilbutc Ihe dnblends earned a.s lep.u.tlions
r ol the gaidens lo iest and had su.-
^ climbed fo tho auatk
undei stood h^ie lo be planning m
cmigmte lo C inada and Ijcirin hie .is
t humei lie i- at pie-ent lnimr at
Bagu&a with his lannh nnd ,s in i_ie.il ,
I)Om-iI} Bis j,iupo)t\ lias beiii cud i
wed conliscafed h\ .i den ton handed
down   in   the" Biidfipi-si   ( oui l J'he j
ti ial ol   ho (rise has been gmn; on un '
iwo ) \Us       li w.is (h.'jged thai  K.u-
ohi  was   guilH   ol   high   urison  and I
j Fireman
! Huston ��� Tomtit "-tonus cncouniei-
jed \<y the shipping boaul .steamer
t lh-llingh.im, which anhcd heio trom
Pinkiud, dio o fi\? stowaways tenoi
Mneken iiom then hiding places during ihe \o\.ig���� Bui a faixfh, a conie-
B l_M-aiold l'limi-h girl, lcmained
hidden ttniil the stcamei was neanng
I lie
(,i plain
-nl,   Bei tha
.tne,   told   the
the -\ e.ss>el was
;Asks For Wheat Board Fiie';',:i';-',!'7*..;.li�� 777"77�����:"",""��� ... n�� ,..,..i is,������. f��M,
Six Men Killed
In Powder Plant
Princs May Visit S, Amenca/"
London���Accoicimg to lhe Daih
Mail, it is said King Geoige is consul
erlng a pioposal that one oi the "lto\al
Prince-5 \isil South Amenca dining
the pieseiU j eai, and that if is not
unlikely that the Duke ot Toik and
his bnde xnll \isil  the exposition at]
Explosion    Staitsd    File    Which    En
dangeiecl a  Dynamite  Magazine     "*
Mton, Pis���Siv oi  eight men  weie
icpoilcd kilted in a.letiific e\]do-ion
io  Illinois   Powdei
Companx  reat  Giafton, 1'ls,,  lij miles
fiom hcie      Tne felarled horn lhe e\
jilosion which was reported to be cn-
dangoijng a dynamite maga/iue.   Thc
company's piincipal pioduct is d\iu |
mite    'The shock was plainl.   lelt in i
somc parts of St   Louis, which is 26!01) sue!,
ipilt'5 Mom Grafton i
��� 1020 he s]1ould lose lus jnojjeu\
_  ,,   _    _     .        ,.,    "    , '    The    i oui t    lound    him    guilu     ot i
Full   Pa.ttculais  Wanted   By  Progrjs 7,       ������    ,, ,   . , , iu
..      .       .      _.....        . iiieason.   (he  act   hating    been    com I
milted ^.bj   Karolvi   liking   sides   .ind |
naleini/ang v.ilh  tho    .Mites    dm ing I
the  wni   and   in  loiimg Un   laii    Bin  '
jieioi  ChaiL'e io ahdii_;ile_ '
Undei    iho    s nlence   he    will lo.c i
i luii    when
the n e ,,a
he   met   A    Altaic/, a Bono Bican
sive Member for Battlefoid
Ottawa���Pioduction ol all coires-
pondence relnlhc to the allemptcl
lotmalion ol n wheat bond lor ihe
handling of the 1'j2J etoi, is .tskecMoi
m an addiess lo be- muted iu the
Commons, bj '1 IT McConic.i, Piovie,-
site, B.ittloloid Mi MeCoiuea ttiti
mote   loi   eoiiesoondtsnce   r\ehanged
between  tho  I'edeiaJ Cotcinmeni   oi j 	
any   (lep.titmcni   Uieieoi   nnd   go.ein ' p """".   %      r�� -   .       m .j
ment, oi any of Ihe p'otinco's and be j TRlgm   11*3111  AlflS
1ween    the   got eminent    and    Tames J
Sstewnil, Bidden oi   nn,\   olhei   p(>i<on'
sotejal castles md i;n Oyrt
Innd il hc i^ n )t st'O'.esslnl
PM.!mg iiom Pu- Ori ision
e mi I
.u i es" ol j
���ip |
m,ui ol tho steamer in a cute, and
the j lell in lot c. She decided to
-lowawav on hei lotei.s ship. The
l*em ri will appeal betoie the iedeial
. ut hillings      'lho   hte    oihei    stow
���wa-s, all ileehucd lo bo BoltdtetiW4-,
veic  taken cjif and ordoied  depoiled
is d.iug ions i adi< lis
Debt Funding Bill
j Ready for Signature
Mail   Under   SuSpici0njP������ci5ntHardmg's Assent Needed to
j lel.itit e fo  then
areejiting- a  position
Canada's Fish" E^pott
Otwwa���Fi-h evpoaed to the Lnit !
ed St'ttPs fiom   Canada    dm nig   the j
mon Ih ol  Januaiv reached a talue oil
Weird Dose Proves Fatal
MissiOii-.ry   Bible  Student  Dies   Aftei
' Constaole   Cut   Off   Fiom   Puicuit   pt
j Level Crossing
j     V.ineoiMii���Tn a running gun Jn.ln
I villi a man who was undei mi^iuoii,
j Constable .1. 31. McLeH.iii. ol  the eitt
police force, naiiottlj   e^cijiecl iuim\,
tin go    bullets    pciloratmg hi- gieat-
eont       A    susjiidous    tnaiacn'     goi
Pish expoits to the Pnited Kingdom
Rio .laneiio io luin otc-r tho Biili.h : du] |m_ Jaru.u.   wri.p . ^^ ^  ^
Patil.ou fo B.a/.l altei  Urn e.xpos.uon j ((?9| ^ com]j.lrc(1 ���[ih f3,3 132 j0] ������.
I';aid.s the \niious methods oi dealing
vtith the (tuc-tion lhe method jnopos
led bt Laboi it ould lya'e the counlij
'in a woise condition than beioip
i immigration would majjto a big eontn
i button fo a
tloses and thence go to Buenos Ahe.-
Loudon     \  mee'jiig onlgani/od  bt
lho   Xiiiional   Cinisutuiioiuil   Associa
lion and pie'-ulcd ot oi bt Lout Ani]>t-
hill w���s iield m  London to mgc thc
Cot cininenl io lake immediate action
tot.atds ti solution o*l the uuemplo.-' lie admiiied.th.il (he piejiuhqc ol the
menl problem bt means ol Kmpnc ] v.oikets against emigiution was thc
setlleniehtVmd dot elopment 'woik  o^  poQi--oigfni7aiion.      31   wj
,-oSutioji  of tho  pioblcm
Ask   Rigoious  Cattle   Regulation
he po-siin
oi the imputation nt hi ceding aiiiinal�� !
lioni Canada, fhe Council ol tho \'a- j
tional Bieedeta' Union tins derided loi
linsist thai the Minisii.  ot Agiiculluia
Jiiamc regulations giiteining   lhe   im
Taking Chine.e Coiupoiuid
sc.S13,o7.1  -is-compared with  .M1G7.0j(>!    Los \ngeles, Cal.���The death in fin'
in .Tnnuait oi last >o:u _ ]i-t chopathic ward or ihe L^s Angeles' 'lv,l>   wounded, il i�� btlietcd, in  the
.ounl. hospitil ot .loseph J,u, a Cln \v-u^i J1e leluscd lo halt when cull-
ne=e mlssionai. student at the Ihble!ocl ll!J011 ���'nt' ^%,'^h i etali.u Pd v.ilh
institute heic was at'iibuted b_ pht llali ������ tlozen ret oh pi- shots when ih
f-ician. to two doses o! wan jujoh a
Chinese comjiound, said lo eompiiso
sixtt ingredients, lntludmi.' puh en/ed
figer teeth, dioji- ot hgei blood, .sawdust, etephim-5 nopi*,-bpa_ claws. i)iid
iratheis end tarious tegefable^
.same month last .cat     Canada's form
ftbh cxporis  foi   the month  wno  SI,
712,011, ns   pomppied   with   'l1 "".ii\,7_>
Jondon. ��� In tiew  ot the po-s_).ihtv J |01 januaiv. 1922.
Asylum Officials Exoniiat;;!
|     New Voile���Officials and cmp'otoi-
J Oi  the M.'iihatlan  .Stale Jlo-pit.il Pn
constable  fiied  one     sjjor    into
gtound   lo  emuha.sir.'   his  oieten.
ireight  tiain at a  ict el closing
Oil* the eoilsl.Jjle's pni^lHI.
porl.ilion ot   such animals efiur.llt   as.
the Insane at W.iids- Island, ate r\oi<-
Austraha Buys Canadnn Cats
Otl.tw.t --l'.isspnm;! aulomobik's c-
Death  Penalty  Imposed
Ki-;a--The   i?iipn mo  Conn  at  .Mos
cow  has seninnml io death Col. Stc-
jofki ioi   conii'licity jh  -i i cccnt ai
���ill  ol  ilumiMUg sinpioad-- ' gi.ition
colonic   I
Ingoiou. as Ihose inipo-cd on  the .id
em    a    new, piactjcablo and. misbinn 0, nliu^ bieednig ��toc!c mloi
nane lea.siblo basis    Sir Joseph Cook. I  ���"       ( thi��c
It v.,>s   High Commission! i  'or An&iiiih.i. v.asi
(oniinu.ilh   uiiciiupteil.  as   ttcie  ihe (
lo a lesser deg'oo i
(('.mad i
Ion! Ainptihiil said   theie   was   m7 pioposed   now,  howevci,  lo  put   cmi |
nuostioit .if
ot Bniisli lincinpiot. d    into
wheiotliet m.'ic nnl ttantid
lhe objec '   of  lhOh<   behind    lhe    pio
po?a! In ie"-lore iminigiation undei the   pietiou- s,,ea,i.-.-   tu lt _i--._.-i  nv^-.-.- ���     Vaii'outci
Lmpiie Setllenioni Act to im .oiewni i Hi. sud no pnisgr.uil.s would be taken j ]mnt|,  (1
eimensiniis ami thus ehniunitt   unem ! to ths  Dominions utiles, oniplojmnu
plo.MOPl       T   j   AleXa.ni.a  s,l,l 1he|(U   good   tta-res  weie   awaiting  them , Q,  ,h6 0, .^^ (llfeUk.t 0,  Tlait_ I "���
inieinplot in^nt   piobl"��i had  ,tnpiot ed i The fiue,ti<m was one ol oig.ini/.alion '    ...... ... . . r-
iiul thai the wcM-t  was o\ei      \s to-j and capital
ei.ttrd ot all blame foi  the fire which jpoitPd    l>t    Canada    dining   J.uiit.nt   (emI��' ��ni Nikolai Loiiine's' hie
B.C.  Fruit Shipment?
Foui    tiiousanu     st\, it j
ui  and  eight v-iotu^e.u s oi   last'
season's nmt ciop h,_d been >lnpped |
biought the ciealh oi 21 patients and
aile'idanis 3Vb   ii. m a  upuil
be in.' ptepauHl bt  John Uo-, Insjiee
ioi lor Uie State Hoopifal Cotiiinission
Ppitul tout   monct   til  home   ilm-1
hi   helping join   ot. n  tovn and  local
Make Agreement Law
Washington���The last action neees-
'-.irt to Con^re-jSjonal appiotal ol iho
Bi uiedi debt settJcmcm ."siecment was
taken h- ihe House vtlncli, without a
toll eill accepted Senate changes to
the bill amending Ihe Allied Bcbt
Bunding Aei
'J lie iintttoi nc,tt goes to the Bresi-
tii in and upon hi. Mirnauuc the
.'^lcement between the rnueil Slates
anil Gieit Butain, ttoikcd out bv the
1.mted St.ites and Ihitish l>ebt Com-
mis.joneis will come into loicc, hating been cippioved bt the Binish
Cable Pioneer Dead"-
I'm i ( ho-iei X}���Capt Boben JL
Pmuh why pent the fu.i cablegiani
aeioss the Atlantic in IsfiG foi Cm us
W. Field, v\ho laid lhc fiisi cable, is
de.io hiic .u thc age ot S2
1 7
T 1
- V.
'        1
numbered  ! (!��������;   wiih a talue   ot    $>, I
,1:10,1111",       Dumm   lanuait.   1H22,   (he!
nuiiibe. was  I "il. tallied ;(t C'10I,UC7 '
The    kiisrci    cuaionitj   ioi   Canadiat J
intomnbili's li-i jiiiinM' v "s ^ii-fi "iiin '
| faking  I !.nn,7 bile   '"ill!  went to  the i
llnn-d Kingdom       lliiii-h India  took
I ���'".7 and X< tt Zealand 23G
(oiding to a  statement  made to  the
Redistribution Bill
Will Be Considered
By Special Committee!;
 Ilioaid ol  fi ado. bt F   \V
( oi ii 1    Supeiinlendcnf    ol
(Bniish Columbia ditision
Peter-  (Ion
the    ('I'll
aboi'i   ihe ilgiu   si/e to deal
iii.itiPis mt oit cd in the Tie
(Jtiati.i.-Kolciling   to  the  dismbu i would b
urn   Bill.  I'lenner   King   .said   in   the, villi  tin-      ]
irons, that the Oot eminent tv.us oi lhe   di-u ilaiimn   Bill   without   being   un j
opinion 'ha-t   lhe work ol   Ihe .special   tti.hi;       Ho.etei
May Bs U.S. Mimstei '
Ouawa���I'i o\ ision is made in 111 -
estimates again this toai loi ihe aji i
point men! ol n Canadian mim'stei
lenipcteniiait to \\ .i^h.n^ioii and in
'at liann nlni i (lilies ITon, W. S.
rieldipg i- homc uiennnm <t as a noi
impii'b.ible choice
r.nnmiiiee to lv appointed to con
id'>�� tlie bill would be done bclUi il
the committee was a. small one. li
���ppiMH(i to ihe l!o\eminent that <i
tonunitipe comiosed  of 11   membeis
New Ricoid By Hsl.riot*!
iKimmibcis of The' ���>.i>��^". Ohio -A uc-t- p-n,,, u.
OllKi-ii.ei consideiicl this too M)ialWfl ln lhf> li* Both"/1 it beln op..-1
Hit Co -irmeni had dec.did io (on ' h<Lin" Incited In lhe I'niled ShU-
c^de .. comi'iutee i.l \~, membCM on ' 'Vu ^e'M''(> ���'��� MeCoo! CuldheK
which ckIi ol Hi' diffeient i\o',\\^ iiil^1'1-11 " iem mied m (be ait |o. ' ml i
the Hoti-e would Iftc repieantation r''Ub'     '"'     s-',fun',s-      '^ h��     m  cism '
A bill to ameiic' the Canadian Copt,
litrlr Ari was innodticed in the lions,-1 '
oi Common-, i.t lion  J.  \   l.obb  Min i
I -it i- oi 'iiadc nml Commerro. Ms , Raih'ny Fatalities In Januiry
Bobb expl.iin.ii that the existing (^opt j OttatVa -t'tnhats on (\_r-adiei
right Aci, which v.is p's^d in jl.3? |railw,its duriiu' ih �� month o1 .Lniunt
mid netci b"en pioch.ime'1, and so I aceoitnl.'d tor ^1 deaths end lejuiios
had ikvci com. into effect J'hi pui ito 271 pii-on-- ()i utelte i.Mhe.td
po"e oi tiie pi^sent Mil na-, to mil e' (tossunx accin-nts isiiomi>t>il' s v.a
'ome mi'ui amendmenis to ih�� act io   nr.oiteil    m    rigiit,    u^_ilt,ns ,n m,>
i v Inch ,u I*
' ���  nch< d ,��
"s ..nd d. -. 'lids t et 11
>"i._I,t   Oi   flljeca   H'Ct
biing u inn   hmnon;  with tin- I'mi-h
cop 'igln   lav. and    wjlh    the    int��i
nation..]  (optiight contoifion.
Hon    Cl.ubs  ^5-t\itt,   Minislei   ai
I.nmiqrjiitn. anroum r��l in iho Ifou^e
in    rignt,
d> ath and injuiKs i-i two p^i.pl
ScotI?nd   Sn.ps  Csal to  Germany
London���O'.Tg  to l.tiire o:,lci<= oil
<o. 1 i.om rreiiiiant.   the  s-r,,ltIS], rfl
ha' he piopo-eil to biing down a bill ��� lun-if cJ~c !voo>.ihi2: ;heii  da-. ���-     (Hei
in io-pe(t io Chin��ie jniii.is.ation. 2" ni.ocftf ton= ot ro:' ha.e been ��fnp-
Fealures oi the 1 ii! v.ouhUse a. Mb-'i l | cd fion ?co land as an on.come oi
e>< i.-ffi*li.'iioi and 'Hiigei  firinti; 'ihe Trench occupation ot  ih^-Buhr
U. S. Secret Service
Has Unearthed Great
Counterfeiting Scheme
New   \ in k      I mild     States    socur
sei�� mo opeialues hate lound^d tiji l<!
alleged eouiHcii.'iteis intoltcd in a
'plot ��1 Jill") national ^eoiie, whricbt
; btttveen  ^! no a con and  s!0 iinii.iinn in
snuiioiis niciiiiM has he��m dumped jut"
'the   Uadin.r  in'lis  oi   a   . mie  >M   na
V  nation ���ude  i.unl  is    heiiu    ��>.n
11ud    on     it    was cVcot ised, foi  the
eapliiic  oi   l,',rt" niembej.s oi  a  gang
ih.u m,.iuiainecl its headcpuilcid m a
, l'.isi.nieni    in    ih��    li.ili.in cpiaiifi   of
, Vew  \'oik
i    Uote;nmen'   o[ie_alitps   m   jietioit.
tlm.igo     San    Ftaucjsco   and    oihei
cial Seitice sijuad o) (Ik iiitoinational
Betcmi" IJopuiment, dtclaied thousands ol 'iollaie-* woiih ot bogiib money
tound its way into foiojgn ports, especially Cuba ���md the West Bidifs.
Biiough iiietnbeis ol ihf boat eiet,,s iti-
ihc nun fleet
i    Th ��� hcpdcpm let-   .md mauulacttr-
i ing plant ol the ganu, Baliua lopoilcd,
i was    in     i    b,.=oment  -it 29 Cornell.*
iRtieot. in Ih" heait ot Gieemtich S"il-
laire       'Ihoie   weie  '-eien   ttbole.salo
dKsinbufing   agentiib   in   Xeiv   York
City   and    ���-uiioiniding    leniilDiy, tho
imrcip.il   one   in   Bioine   Stioet.   a.
h't!-��' eilie-. wiiii    tin     del uls   c>l
1 fl.iboiate jdof ,.i theh fmgei  tips   n,c
piepaicd  io  laid  f ouru�� i.'eji, is   du)s
���n ihe loiLign fpiniiei-, ��_| ihui cities
" Police oi Sotnh and Cenual   \meiica
and  Westfin   I'uiDin.in  nation- have
bee-n i'i'<umed oi the hunts i,, n.iLrri.
'.'gents ol the ciatu eiiiee nug
The irtot  was  bated afln   the cap
tine oi ilnec men alleged bt  the au-
i thoiiiips (o be ihe lca(lei-_.or on oi
, Kanl/ation   ot   international lamlfica
���Hon-, and the di*eovtr;   cf the print !
r in^ j,i.-.=*os which tinned out hnndieds i
oi thousands nf i"nited St.tes tj $-,_ |
I ""I'i .\nd S2'l bills, Unind Suites guld j
( pj"^-^, \��s iian kihontn, Halian hie.!
"internal tetemie ctamp-   and   ccrtill
ea*e-5r  jusi^Kt' stami'^,  water marked I
prohibition pap-^r=, ���vsLIsI.y .tnd chain'|
j pagne  botiie  labe!*1. .and  bingoi-  ding.
iiiid liiuor peisnits |
|    Jos- ph A   Pdlua, Chiei *��f V-il- Sp^ [
i stone's,    ilnott     lioni     police     hea��I-
<jiu i i ei s
If tlae liver Is right tht whole system
is better off.   Carter's Little Ltver
Pills awaken your
sluggish, dogged-,
up liver and re-
lieve constipation, stomach
trouble, inactive bow els,
lass of appetite, sick headache and tdiKituss.   Fwrzly vegetable.
Yon need them.
Sasaa PGI -SiaaS S��Mb���S��ag Widm
t -2 ���__���=?>: 'ttf
Hon.    Mr.    Pattullo,   who
that    increased   protective
I,   J,..o a year strictly in  rirace. or ( meafiQreg   ftre   bei        prbvided    for
J2.50 when not paid for three   months or j *  r
more have passed.   To Great Britain and j the Coming seasnn.
tbe United States ��2.50,  always in ad-
While many of the farming-districts of the province are happil..
not dependent upon irrigation
methods, still it is interesting to
note that iu the productive areas'
0! the dry belt, out of 8146,000
due from various irrigation districts, there has been paid ioto the
provincial treasury $138,000. The
government has loaned over 82,-
000,000 to the irrigation districts.
This item is cited as a debit on
the province, and while the province must repay the S2,000,000,
which it has borrowed for irrigation purposes, i t has an asset to
offset the liability much more
valuable than the amouut of the
liability. In fact, it is the life-
blood of the interior dry-belt,
claims the minister.
Delinquent- Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Copland Oil  Notices..    7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificaie of Improvement  12.50
(Where more tban one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
-�����    ' ���
AU other legal 'advertising,^12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
snch subsequent insertion, uonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
Rn inch each insertion.
Business^locals i2^_c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your 'subscription is due, and
that the editor'would be pi eased
to have more'money.
Do to others as others  do  it  to
A  pig-headed  man  is  alwaj'S a
The   success    of    anything
measured by its imitators.
Dough helps on a  loaf  but loafing doesn't help on the dough.
New  brooms  sweep   clean   but
they raise a heluva lot of dust.
Soiie girls are like a bad penny;
they can't keep from turning up.
The girl who is hard to find in
usually is tbe one that gets found
A team of horses is divided by a
tongue and so are plenty of married.
teams.".  ������'   ���' '-'���'   - -"' '������'���_. -' - -" v   :
..'" "Some men get tap and give, their
"seats to pretty'girls"but never stand
= at'home..-V ': V '������:-.'��� .'7.V'-W", ':. ':' X
. , What stories automobile engines.
��� could." t-el.l- if 'it', weren't "for .the.-'
"mufflers, W - '    7-       .'   --'. -���' '7' 7
-"���..'.A man may be a punkeirno on
mathematics but a a post-graduate
on .cabaret, figure's.- V '-: "7-   7 -.*-
A woman-is much like a motor,
car. Body lines' of-no. value unless1
.there 13 .power under the.hooaV -7  .-
'���- .The man-.who.7dbes'.aVlittie7-mpre
-than; he, is' paid for, will.soon be
paid for.a little.more, that he does.
7V ;-Wke>*- .the-.vccc[uettish -'"'woman
seek"-��� simplicity v&ud   the - simple
-woman seeks elegance ypu ��� may be
sure that, there is a nian around
somewhere.. 7.-"
Seeds for the West
Selected? Early.. Hardy,   Productive
varieties for Field. Garden and Lawn,
Write for illustrated Catalogue
SEED CO., Limited
Hon. William Sloan, minister of
mines, has been given a place in
the Hall o'f Fame. . His name
appears in a New York newspaper
as one of the twelve most prominent Canadians. The minister is
credited with.having done the most
creditable wort for the mining and
fishing industries in British Columbia, and therefore  for all   Canada.
Mining Notes
C. R. Grarris, of Spokane, sec
retaryofthe Eholt Mining Co. is
expected in town this week; Mr,
Garria will be iu charge of the
mine during C, E. Bartholomew's
absence. The compressor is ready
and it is likely that it will be
driven by electric power, and this
mode of energy is under consideration. The tunnel on the property
is in 81 feet and when work commences it will be extended to 225
feet. Tliere is a showing of burk'
quartzite, same as found in the
Couer d! Alene, in the mine which
assays-'S1.2l in-., gold and silver,
The-success of'" tbis.:6uudertaking
wiil' rneanVgreater activity , iri this
district. V  -'--���    WW:-;. '-.-. -;" W"
; Concentrates .Iro'rii.'Vth.e .'Copper
Mountain7property- recently.', ac-
.qnired byVthe., Granby V company
will be sent to Trail -to -bn .smelted,-
it-was annouriced.byVH. S. Muu'roe,;
general- manager of '-the--7 Granby
company,;.'.on'-7his.' arrival; in Yan.--
cpu.verfrbm Anyox a few days ago.
������ The property, has. not' yet been
actually, taken-over, he :saidj but
as.soou' as the-transaction was com'-,
pleted minor alterations, would be
made"in the -miii.so;-tbafe it could
be -vvbr-feed-'ats its. capacity of 2000.
tons a'day. . About.'400' men ��� will
be employed in the.mine and. mill,.
; Many Fires Were of        ;
.incendiary vOrigin
. Victoria,. March 28.���Last week
the district foresters   of   the 7 provincial  forestry   branch 7 were   in
..session  at the Legislative Build-,
inga, the object being,  explained
Hon.;;,T. D.  Pattullo,/minister of
lands/ to .promote   efficiency and
aecure uniformity of policy.'   The
duties of the foresters are many
and vari*d.   .They are, required to
act as.. responsible agents of. tho
7govsrrindent in an emergency, to
'appraisertimber   at   sales   and to
clasgify   land   needed  for- settls-
'-'"'ment.       ;
..  Hon.. .-Mr.;: TPafctuHo   points  out
that ;no matter, bow efficient tbe
forestry   staff  may   be,   the final
force and, powar are  the  people.
themselves..   Only through education, supplemented by practice can
tbefirast timber resources be preserved.    He gives oat the information that some of the disastrous
fires of last year were of incendiary
origin, in some cases the fires being
fanned  into -life  deliberately  fa*
-sie*d of. being extlngaisbtsd.     ��"
Come7'expecting-: -a   hilarious
time, if you don't have it others,
.will. .������ ^  ..." ���-'.'" _ -7-7'7 X" ��� ,- :
, The minstrels- will, teach .'you
that all is not bliss ..that blisters.
If you have-a.friend don't forget, to boost; the Minstrel Show
to him. ""'7'-- V''        - ��� -���"-  'X'
Don't 7be afraid to" laugh out
loud.V ''y'X"iy 'V ."- ;.-' V/V--,
; Don't: think of-V your .worries
cpjneto the Minstrel ,Shqw .'and
the worries-will vanish. '-.   -    7
.Y.oii.will, not thick of many
other, things while-the show is
going.on. .-7 W/.-'., V "'���-'���"'��� '���'-'���"
Keep close tabs on tlie calendar
the.. big^shbw.'wUlVbe;^!^^ ots
Friday, March'9tbV     7
. Cheer up! You.iare alright if
you are bald-headed. A . bald-
head is like Paradise���there is no
parting there.: V-VV-VV7 V' V.-.7;.
If you can't laugh heartiiyr-r
wear. \ smile in other words grin.
Don't bother about your
glasses, it is not a case of see so
much as feel.
Don't be afraid to come. There
will   be   at  the   show,   doctors,
lawyers aad . preachers.    So you-
canaot get lost.
The kind of men we need
..Is the men of ready wit���    .7-
Who laugh at pain aad trouble
And.always keep their grit/- :
There's 7 a shadow here  and a
"The Invisible Fear"
Not since the filming of "In O'.'d
Kentucky" has Anita Stewart. hart
such a strenuous time on a picture
as that which confronted her in
the making of "The Invisible
Fear," a Louis B. Mayijr-First-
National Attraction wliich enmrs
to the Greenwo-d Theatre on
Saturday, March 3rd.
Directed by Edwin Care, wo, she
raced over hedges and acro-s fiddy,
plodded through rainstorms, battled furiously with Walter Mc-
Grail, aud was the ceutral figure
in a miduighfc burglary in a country
Filled with excitement and
geared up to high dramatic speed,
"The Invisible Fear" affords Miss
Stewart many opportunities to
arouse the admiration and hQVc-
tion of her audiences. The pfcory
is by Hampton Del Ruth and the]
scenario by Madge Tyrone.
Mr. ValJETalle will give a specia
entertainment. Hawiian Guitar,
sleight of hand, uhadowgraphy.
Two big shows for the price of one.
CALGARY, -Alia.���"We cannot expect to recover in a year or so from
the effects of abnormal circumstances the whole country has been
suffering from," remarked W. B.
Lanisan, of Montreal. fnMyht traffic
manager of the Canadian Pacific, in
the course bf an interview with The
Herald, in Calgary, "but I am safe in
making this prophesy lhat (his year
will witness throughout Canada 3
revival of industry and agriculture,
and that by 1924, the city of Calgary
and the country tributary to it, as
well as the rest of Canada are going
to'*'enjoy a return of -their-'- former
prosperity." ''&
-It  was Jn   these   words   that  the
freight traffic_manager of"the great
transportation   company   replied   to
the  question  as  to  how   he viewed
preseiU. conditions.   "No matter what
pessimists may say," he   continued,
".the. resources of this -country    In
minerals and   in   the  ferlllity  of Its
"soil hasnot.been appreciably tpu'ehed
and it has been inadequately 'adver-,'
,t!sed. ".The Province of,AIberta',-witli
its .'.agricultural"    possibilities,--its
wealth  of; coal; Vand -In  rhy "opinion,
tlie .waterpower "of, its "streams   and
hills.need, only.' po'pii.iilion 71-6. bring:-,
these possibilities-into wealth.-' How
ariy7person: can purvey-all these-na. -
tural. conditions .and: still 'remain a_
'pessimist',-is something I.cannot understand.'-'  '-'. -V-'    ���  -���--   -    "���'���-'
'-' BROCKVILLK,' Oiilsirio...Wscvoral "
retirements or. pension arcanhouncii-d
oh the.Canadian- Pacific- Railway -in'.
this vicinity,. -' X X X "���'������ ���'���-'    V .7
- James Jelly.' ;r~a-d master-for" fhe
railway" at, Carlftdn.-ria.ce for ,ri:in>"
.years-and a'-na'ive.b.f Leeds coun''..-
is-retired on -pension .upon 'rea'ch'iiig
the'age limit.   ��� Me" entered'the rail-..
���way.;service'as a-.youHi' Za& has seen"-
the railway-gro'.vVfrpm Viiiai;.-begin ."
uin^s' Into the present great'"system'7
.-JameV-'Miinken,'  section" ;f6':cirinn
fer the" p.PJtV'at.';'.Ca'rlei.pn'"' Place; is-
'alfO.siiperann'iiated.-.'P'o.r seme ybnrs
he was on d-u.t'yv-on .the.'.il'.'nVeal-To-*
Vr6;ii_tp7,.inai.njine7._and..-: a.... number 7.cii-
;yeai-3 ago was transferred to "Carle-"
;oh' Place. -'.''���'    .   ���     ; ��� .    -.'-'
.. After 28 .years as station agent at.
Meriickville, and nearly 40"-war's, .h
��� the , compa-ny'-s   service. . James   AV
���Angus has also-retired on. - pension.
He is; being Succeeded' by-'i_;'S.'-'Cor-.
~be,tt, T.e'r.r.eiionire, Que. .--
-   E-.M.VJelly, who'has bean assistant:
"division engineer: "of, the C. "P.'-ft', at'"--
Smith's Kal.ls, ha's been .appointed dl-
- visioir^cngineer,- sa'mfe'road, at-S'chrei-
'ber..,...[  . ,X'yX X-Xyy.   W'  .,-'....   ;,:.
. The.- steel'structure, for. lhe new.
" C. P.-U:.--pverheaciVb'iidge over the G..
...T: H. tracks' at Kingston Junction '
,'has.'arr'ived and' the .Dominion.-Bridge..
Company,. Montreal., the .contractors, V
��� hns.started to.erect the brldse'-wiich.
- when-eompletecl, will open-the new"
-Vlirid'iiilo" the-city, for ;the C.P.R, and-
."..CJN'.U.'itrains.";. ���';���:->   '-'     ..'':.," '-'���',
1 and 2���Corners in the Hudsons' Bay  Company's historical muBeum at Winnipeg. . 3-^-An old-fashioned
turn-spit, on which for many years the roasts were cooked at the H.B.C. port at York Factory.   4���A
������'-'��� 7      model of the:"Nonsuch," the ship that brought the first H.B.C.-adventurers to Canada.        7
f^OR a comparatively  young   city,
Winnipeg   has   many   points   of
V   interest.     None  is   more worthy  of.
a  visit  than   the  historical   museum
that, has 'there been   established    by
the Hudson's' Bay  Company,      The
great company's history is   the   his- ���
' tory of Canada's West, and no institution is better equipped   to    present
. .the earliest history of that land in thc
manner that-thc Hudson's Bay Company has chosen.. ,
���"-.'-'The value of museums as an educa-
... tional agency is now only beginning
".-to be'more, generally realized. "AVliat
'-��� book'or,series of books could give so
"'-comprehensive,- so .vivid- or,so.;unfail-
".ingly; correct a .view of tlie ^world's
.".  past.ages".as a few da;ys spent-.among
- the treasures'-of the. British Museum.
The-'idea grows in Canada as'educa-
���_' tional .facilities grow.., ' McGill- Uni-
. f-yersity; has .its fine'museum and the
- .'Royal'-'Ontario .Museum .at .Toronto,
'"..it 7w.ill-surprise many to know,, is'one
. of the world's finest' Its.. already.
-.- splendid buildings, soon, to be .'en-.
.. -larged,' is -overcrowded with ,-a ' won-
-' derful" store - of.; historic-' ...treasures
which visiting scholars from ab'road_
- never'fail'to visit.-.      ". ���-;- -..   .'"-     ."''-*
- ,^ The "object ofthe Winnipeg exhibit
.; '��� is .to,'depict.by- means"of 7relics,' pic-"
...tiires,"  documents, -'models,;'etc,   the
-  :history' of,-the Hudson's Bay. Com-
- pany, the.-life;" of-the fur" trade, the
77 story of the pioneer settlers &nd the
./customs,'.dress "and industries:.of.the.
aboriginal tribes. The exhibit is at
present set up at the; company's store
at Winnipeg, and-while not nearly as
large as it may be expected to. become, already occupies a series of
rooms in that establishment.
The following" principal divisions of
the exhibit have been made for convenience: Early History, Furs, Indians, Life in the Service, Forts7
Posts, and Stores, Fights and Wars,
Land  and Settlement.'
From . the time the "natives of
Hudsolu Bay welcomed the first H.
B, C. ship in 1688 the Company- has
beem oa intimate and friendly
terms with the Indians, and the exhibit ��f Indian relics will thus be'of
u'niqe interest. This will be of-all
the greater value sinse Indian skill
in-handicraft is even now almost only
a memory of past days. The other
sections ��f- the museum will tell the
tale of the entry of the white man into the West, and the up-building of
isolated trading posts that have become" important and fast growing
cities. .- V- - , ,-" - '
.The photographs reproduced herewith'"give an-excellent idea of the
splendid- 'beginning this exhibit has
made. . Oae item of particular interest is - the splendidly built model, of
the .."Nonsuch Ketch," the first Hud-
son'�� B.ay Company ship to arrive in
Canadian waters.* Prince Rupert and
associates "outfitted two ships, the
"Eaglet" aiid the."Nonsuch." ".These
ships sailed from. Gravesend, on the
Agent for Dodge,- Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars; -Garage in connection".
D. Mcpherson ;   -: -7     Proprietor
Br.���0.' M.. Graves,. Dentist,'"-will
be in Ferry,, Waeb;, . the - fiat" 8
ilays of..each; month" liufcil further
notice.". - /' - "- ,-.   ' . '--"'���
���     ....   . .. . darkVplace there, but: you'll'find
"Haagipg is top good lor anyone stipshiae at the Minstrei7sbaw io
refpoasiMe for  sad*  axm��^" IGrsen^oqa,on Friday, March 9th.
WW;; /'^V77V:W^a^
:: ��� w:;w||it^
���Purchasers, of G^
��� - 7' :' Producer"s.;Oi.VQol'di-' .'Silver..''Copper'i 7: Pig ..Lead   and  Zinc     -
..: E.'-. W. WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer arid
Chemist. Box BiibS, ,-Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$r.25 each; ; Gold-Silver I.1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3 00. Silver-Lead $2.00... Silver-Lead-Zitic $3.00.
Charges for other,metals, etc., en application.. ���-
/The Ledge can supply your
eyery deed in.-the printing line
and. at. prices   consistent   with
first-.cl ass work'. ^
Thames, near London, in June, 1668,
The "Eaglet" turned back from a
point near Hudson Strait, but thc
"Nonsuch" proceeded and on Sep-
tenvb'er 29th, 1668, anchored in the
South of James Bay. Tlien and there
a fort was built and named y Fort
Charles, and the river' flowing into
the Bay was named Rupert's River.
Owing to the carjgo of'furs brought
back by/the "Nonsuch" in'the summer of 1669, a charter for- trading
Tights was applied for and resulted in
the charter granted by King. Charles
the Second, on May 2nd, 1670, to
Prince Rupert and his associates
forming the "Governor and Company of Adventurers , of England
Trading into Hudson's Bay." And
thus bigin the great Company.
The exhibit includes a large number of important and exceedingly interesting documents and maps, as
well as a large collection of tools,
household utensils, and weapons of
by-gone days.
The later history of Western Canada is the history of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, thc building of
which resulted in the creation of a
nation west of the Great Lakes, and
these two great institutions are still
at work at their task of nation building, and preserving the history* of
Canada's past. The Canadian Pad-'
fie has also established an historic
museum at Lake Windermere, B.C.,
in memory of David Thompson, the
explprei_of_th_e_ Rockies.	
Send.' Your  -
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material (guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
The  Ledge has  always  room
for one more ad.
Taijored Clothes
Men's Su^ts and Overcoats
For Spring and Summer
Splendid AJsortment of New
- Samples Just Arrived
Call and see them
Tailor andSCleaner
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to S5 au acre; second-class to
52 50 an acre.
Preemption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for. agricultural
purposes aud which is non timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for . adjacent- pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 - a'cres, before receiving
Crown:Grant. -
Where pre-emptor in occupation, not
less than 3 years, and has made 'proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be. issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum .and. records, same each
year.V Failure to make improvements
or record sariie. will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than S years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including S acres cleared and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years are requirtd.
Pre-emptors holding Crown7 Grant
may record:aiiother pre-emption, if he
requires laud in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted laud.
Uusurveved areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial.purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or.corrpany.--
Mill,'factory or industrial  sites on_
timber land   not exceeding   40  'acres
may.be purchased; conditions  include
payment of stumpage. "   -
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
ib them Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, cot exceeding half of purchase
price, is-made.
Tne scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining.and serving
with His Majesty's Forces! The time
iu which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this-act'is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, uutil one year after the conclusion of the-present war. This priv-
-iiege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five year3.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to -purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, br dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision made, for insurance of
Crown Grants to sub-purchasers of
Crowts Lauds, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, oa fulfill-
_nient_of conditions of purchase, interest-
and taxes.'' Where sub-purchasers do
not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may' be distributed proportionately over whole
area. Applications must be made by
May 1,1920.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock industry provides, for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock ownera may form
Associations for range management.
Free, or partially free, permits for
settlers, campers or. travellers up to ten
Ralaoe Livery  Stable
^x-yy.K-X.y--^ ::��������� '-. ,���'.'>'���.' 7 ���'���.'���*'.'���.       ' -������-���:..   ..
fSISSw yV x-xyy ^WmV&SVxxV, yxyxx.
yxxixxyxyyyyyxy:yyyyycxyyxxxy.xyxxy- x..,X yi-yxV-l
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, 876,177,403; Lode,
Gold, 8105,557,977; Silver, 855,259,485; Lead 848,330,575; Copper, 8166,393,488; '-
.. Zinc, 821,884,531; Coal and Coke,4225,409,505; Building Stone,.Brick, Cement,   ''
S34,072,016;    Miscellaneous    Mineral,    $1,210,639;     making    ife*    Mineral
Production to the end of 1921 show V _ ' ' -
An Aggregate Value of $734,259,619
for tbe Year Ending December, 1921, $28,066,641
The Mining Laws of thiB Province are more liberal, and the fees lower,
fshari those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained   by developing snch properties, the security
. of which is gnBranfeeed by Crown Grants. --,   . ,
Fall information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing���    _. ... -
VICTORIA, British Columbia.


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