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The Ledge Jan 3, 1924

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rt^prrr. ryaifertff
Provincial Library
^   *;: rt    *     --W0 v*    #
Voi,.   XXX. ,
No. 24
i >'
We have iii Stock
Skates, Hockey Sticks and Pucks
Now is the time to secure them as tHe Rink is open    .-
Verfection Oil Heaters \�� V
XX Snow Shovels," Brooms, Etc.
��,    ". SALMON and HALIBUT
[v Every Thursday
Try Our
You Will Like Them
Start the New Year right
- order from
Headquarters for Everything in
Drugs and Stationery
Mail orders proftiptly  attended to
Ogilvie's Flour and Feed
Are the Best
We are theDSole~Agents
To our Friends and Patrons
we wish you- all
Bright and Prosperous
New Year
li^^A/A/'S   STORE   -   MIDWAY
;   Wc carry oaly the best stock procurable in
fSV^f^eef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.        ��
%xXyXx. W. ,:A trial wiil convince you--.-.
The Joy: Of Hearfnf A Voice
:V fIsWhen ydiiare travelling, evening brings lonesome hours. You would
���jbefglad if it were possible to pack your grip and find yourself .instantly at
home or among your friends. .Youf cannot make this ^uick visit, but at the
ifneareat telephone "Long Distance" will send your voice back where you
f%anttobe. When you hear the voice, you.feel its presence. The voice is
/title person. That'* why nothing can take the place of the telephone a^a
���medium of communication. You feel you are with the'perspn to ��� whom you
fare talking.   - ��       .
A Happy
and ���
New Year
W, Elson & Go,
Real Estate.;
Fire.  Life  Insurance
Licensed by B. C.Jpovernnient
Accident & Sickness Insurance
Auction off your surplus Stock
Call  at my Office and see  me in
reference to any of above
Ladies   and Childrens
Stockings and Rubbers
All Hats Going
At Cost
"Send Your
..     _. To  --     ��� .   '--  ~
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
-The 20th Century-Shoe Repairer
All work and material  guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way..   Terms Cash.
Corporation of the City of Greenwood
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the
electors of the Jlunicipulity of the City of
Greenwood, tliat I require tlie presence of tho
said electors in tlie City ITalLin the City of
Greenwood on tha 7th day of January, if.2-., al
12 o'clock noon, for tho purpose of electing
persons to represent them in "thts" Municipal
Coxi-ieil as Mayor and Aldermen, and for the
purpose of electiiiff one person as School Truss-
tee and two persons as Police Commissioners
for the Municipality of the Corporation of the
City of Greenwood.
The mode ol nomination of candidates shall
be n 3 follows:    ,
Thc candidates shall bo nominated in -writing; the writing shall bo subscribed by two
voters of the municipality as proposer and
seconder", and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between the date of the
notieeand-l'p.in-of-tlio day of the nomiiiatloir
and In the event of a poll beintj necessary, such
poll will bo opened on the lOfch day of January,
A.D. 1..24, hot ween tho hours of !) a.m. and 7
p.m. at the said City Office, of which every person is hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
Tho persons qualified to bc nominated for
and elected as Mayor of tho City shall bo such
persons as are male British subjects of the full
age ol twenty-one years, and are not tli-.qui.l_-
_ied under any law. niui have becn for tho sis
months next preceding tho day or-iiominalion
the registered owner, in the Land .Registry
Office, of real piopcity in the city of the assessed value on the l����t municipal assessment
roll of Ono Thousand Dollars or more; over and
ahov�� any registered judgment or charge nnd
who arc oihei wUc duly qualified as _._.i._Ic-_]..il
The persons qualified to hu' nominated for
and elected as Aldermen, School-Trustees and
Police Commisstonersof said City,sh,illbe such
persons-as are nritl&h subjects of tlie lull
i>go of twenty one years, swiil are not tlia'iimli-
iicd underuny law. and have been fornix month-,
nest preceding the day of nomination tho rpgii.
tercd owner, in tho Laud Rcgistiy Office, of
lam! or reuI property in the city of the nsse.-_td
value,on the Im.t Municipal Assessment rull of
Ave hundred dollars or more over aiul abow
any rogi-_t<rcil judgement"or flunge, find who
are otherwise '.duly.' qualified as . municipal
voters,.- .'"."-���"-.- '.'��'" - ".. " 7 '��� -- - "
' Given under my hand at jjreenwood this2Tih
dnyof December, A.D."_ 10__5..-    -'-   ."' -
"    f'G.iS.-WALTERS,  . -' .'; .
.'.-,_     '   .-   :       -  '    Returning Officer.
Minister in charge, -ff    - -'
Rev. .W. RfWalkinshaw; B.A.   .-���
X-..--X"- ���'���" '   '   Greenwood
'   ' X   Sunday, January 6 th
Midway ll-a.tnW-
.  Greenwood 7.30p.m.
At Both Services
"��� ������������������ -���   ��� $
Mixed baled hay, Timothy and Alsike
Clover.good for cattle and horses, $20.00
per ton, transferred or F.O.B., Green-wood.
P. IlAUSSEN^R, Box 364, Greenwood, B.C.
John McDonald returned to
Bonnington on Tuesday.
Miss Nellie Hammerstfadt, of
Penticton, is the guest Mrs. A. J.
-Morrison. '    --
Matins and Holy Communion
iu St. Jude's Church on Sunday,
January 6th at 11 o'clock. -
-Mrs. H. Snell returned .to
Brookmere on Thursday after a
pleasant week's visit with friends
in town. ,,-_
Mrs. M. Axam left on'Wednesday for Owen:Sound, Ont.,-to
visit herVfather for the first.time
in 30 years.
L,ouis Keir left on Thursday
morning- for Pullman, Wash., to
take a course in dairying in the
College there.'
Miss Sarah '[McCallum. .'. of
Grand Forks, who was the guest
of Miss E. A,-Olson, left her for
home on Monday.
Juan Puddy returned to Spokane on Saturday after visiting
his mother, Mrs. E. Trounson,
during the holidays.
Kathleen, Phyllis, Wesley and
Harold Wheeler, of Rock Creek,
are- visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. James Kerr.
Allan Morrison returned to
Pullman, Wash., on Wednesday
after spending a. few days visit
with relatives ih this city.
Miss V. A. Gustafson, of Penticton, was one of the successful
candidates at the recent B. C.
civil' service examinations for
The government thermometer
registered 33 degrees below zero
on New Years Day. This is the
.^oldest that-has>!leeii- recorded in
Greenwood iu 10 years.-
The death occurred " in Van-
cower on Dec. 27th of Miss Irene
Craig, the 17 year old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W.'W. Craig of
Waterhole, Alberta, formerly -of
. _
A local syndicate has taken
over the Strathmore' mine near
the big tunnel . opposite the
athletic grounds, A, J. Morrison
and John Hallstrom who are interested started to work this
, Greenwood Sunday School
(Presbyterian) Christmas Treat
for the children passed off very
successfully last Friday evening
despite the severe weather. The
pictures were good and appreci-
ated'by bld~~and��� youiigW The"
social time at the close was brief
but enjoyable. Thanks are due
to the ladies who provided the
"Eats" and also to" the servers
and the lantern operators.
~ As will be seen by the election
notice on another column of this
issue public notice is given to the
electors of the ~ Municipality of
the City,of Greenwood that nominations will be held in the City
Hall - on Monday," January 7th
for the purpose of nominating a
Mayor aud alderman aad to nominate one person ~as School Trustee aad 2 persons as Police-Commissioners. In1 the event of a
poll being necessary such ��� poll
will beheld oh -the 10th fday of
January., .'
: The Sikating Rink opened on
the afternoon of New "Year's, for
the season 1924.-.7 Many, improve-,
ments for'.tbe'xomfbrt of patrons
have been made. The ladies
room has .been" double boarded,
and the stoves in all -the rooms
changedf to .more convenient
places. The committee hope to
make this season a banner, one
and are doing everything ia their
power towards that end. They
ffitust, however, have the support
of skaters. Season tickets are on
sale at The Ledge Office. Family tickets SI0; gents, $5; Ladies,
$3.50; . Children, 16 years and
under, including school children,
$250. General admission 25cts.
and 15cts.'-.V>.--XX': XXX[. V .���
With,the Curlers
A moBfc enthusiastic meeting of
the Greet wood Curling Club was
held iu the Rink on Wednesday
evening. President James Kerr in
the chair. The following Rinks
were chosen: '
C.   M.
skip; . A.   N.
S.   Bong, 2nd;
James Kerr, skip; H
mate; N. ,Butler, 2nd:
Spence, lead.
G. S. Walters,
Mowat, mate; G.-
R. W. Clark, lead.
W. Walmsley, skip; A. J. Morrison, mate; L. Putzel, 2nd; H.
Royce, lead.
G. B. Taylor, Rkip; H. R.
Bidder, mate; J. M. Bella, 2nd;
W. Tj. C. Gordon, lead.
James Muir, skip; P. H. McCurrach, mate; A. Carlson, 2nd;
T.if. Gulley, lead.
J.   H.   Goodeve,
Taylor, mate;"'J. A?
kD. McGillis, lead.
Spares:     E.   Andreas, ' F.
The first match will be the President vs Vice-President and the
Rinks will line up as follows.
1. Kerr vs Walters,
2. Walmsley vs Goodeve,
3. Taylor ys Muir.
The-first game in this match will
be played on Friday evening at
7.30 if the thermometer does not
go too far down.
The draw for the Warren Cup is
as follows: ~
Goodeve vs Taylor,
Muir vs "Walters,
Walmsley vs Kerr.
The dates for-these games will
be announced later on.
skip;   R.   C.
Fraser,   2nd;
Iu spite.of the prevailing sharp
cold snap the New  Year's Eve
dance in "the "Masonic-Hall" under
the auspices of the Knights  of
Pythias aad Pythian Sisters was
well patronized and  very enjoyable.   The   supper-provided-by
the Sisters was perhaps the best
ever served at a dance in Greenwood.    Bush's Harmony Orchestra was in attendance and suppl ied
up-to-date dance-music'with masterly pep.    Although the" attendance was not as large as  anticipated still under the unfavorable'
weather  conditions-  everything
was most satisfactory.
The school reports that" appear
once a month in The Ledge
should be studied by the parents.
If a boy is at the bottom of his
class list every time, or near the
bottom, he may not be trying, he
may not understand ih_e_work..__A
wise parent can help his boy in
these cases and one' who isn't so
wise can do. a great deal. We
have often ' heard teachers say
that they* would rather .that par-,
ents would not "interfere with
their childrens' studies, but of
course this is only a dignified way
of boasting and like all other
strutting counts for nothing. As'
a rule the child that gets assistance from home reaches the high
school early.        - ,
Eli' Plecash appeared Before
Neil McCallum, S.M., at Grand
Forks on Dec. 29th; charged with
fraudelent conversion, in connection .with the executorship of the
will of Michael Vorezich who
died at Mother Lode during the
flu epidemic in the fall of 1918.
The deceased left about $3,000 to
his father. .."and mother. in fhis
native land. The "evidence went
to show that ..-'Plecash'":.djrew/"the
money in' .Nov. 1919Vffrom' the
Post.. .Office Savingfs Bank .at:
Greenwood and7:--".that he never
carried out his trust butipentthe
money: himself.- After the evidence of the Provincial Police
was taken the accused was com-,
mitted for trial. At 2.o'clock the;
same afternoon he. was brought
before His Honor. J. R. Brown
for election and on the advice of
his counsel Mr. Crowe, he elected
jot speedy trial, pleading guilty
and was remanded until Jan, Sth
for sentence.
-'. Dog taxes are now due.
New Game Regulations
In future deer hunters must net
remove the headj from   any  deer che holidays at her home,
they have bsgged until  the carcaBB
has been taken to  the place where
it   is   to  beconsumed.
is to beconsumed. ThiB new
amendment to the Game Act is for
the purpose of preventing the killing of does. In the past, it is said,
some hunters after killing does
have removed the head ancl quartered the carcass, in thiB way
rendering detection practically impossible. 'In future it will be unlawful for any person to transport
or have in-his possession for transportation the carcass of any deer a
from which the head or any part
of the head has been removed.
Farmers or their permanent employees may shoot any deer actually
depasturing upon any land of the now progressing favourably.
.farmer in a state of actual cnlfeiva
tion, or may trap or shoot any
bear or shoot any fur bearing animal found to be menace to domestic
animals or crops. The same applies to pheasants, but in all cases
a written report must be made to a
game warden.
Any Indian who i8 a resident
may at any time hunt buck deer
over one year of age, for food purposes. If he resides in an organized district a permit is  necessary.
Huntingfrora aeroplane is prohibited.
Pump guns must be permanently
plugged. This means that the removable wooden and metal plugs
at present used will not be satisfactory in future.
Jack Paul
Samples of ore, showing upwards
of 100 ozs. silver to the ton, with
good lead values as well, havo been
received at the office of the Jack
Paul Mining Co., Hutton building,
following development/clone within
recent weeks on "the ' "property.
These operations are: described by
Frederic Ke��Eer, E. M., consulting
engineer, as highly satisfactory,
notwithstanding that they are
limited by necessity of maintaining
a small crew at the present time.
One showing opened up at one
point is a face of two and a half
feet of silver-lead,. - which also
carries some ainc and nickel. The
latter, however, is of no commercial importance, though its presence
.is always welcome, as it has always
beenv associated with good silver-
lead values in the Jack Paul ore
showings.   '    ' ~
The company, which is a Washington corporation,, was recently
registered as an extra-provincial
company, under the B. C. Companies Act, and is now able to
transact "business "under-Its- own
name on the other side. Holdings
of the company which have been
held ia trust by Paul Kelson, manager, pending registration,' are being regularly transferred - to the
corporation. The property is 17
miles from Midway', B.C., and it is
throughout   the   winter.
Truth, Spokane.
Free Masons Install
Officers For 1924
of King Edward Lodge No. 28,
A. F. & A. M.,' took place at the
Masonic Temple, Greenwood on
���St. John's night, Thursday 27th
inst. Installing officer -'was F. E.
Qlossop'of Kettto Valley; who ron-
ducted -the installation in a most
efficient; maimer. The ~ list of
officers for-1.921 follows:
'.'WVM?, Peter H. McCurrach; I.P.M.,
Janies Kerr;-S.\V., Wni. Walmsley, J.\V���
H. Rf. Bidder; .Treasurer,  Thos. Jenkin;
John Docksteader; J.D., Charles Nichols;
S.S:.;.  A.-; J.-. Morrison;   J.S ,   Frank   h.
Peterson; Organist  F. J. Lander, I G.t
Arthur Rusch; Tyicr, James.Kerr.
Owing, to. the  inclemency  ofthe
banquet which was very much enjoyed by all.
Kettle Valley Notes
Miss  May Caldwell is spending
Mr.   and   Mrs.   R.   N"orris are
away on a holiday  in  Vancouver."
There will be uo service in the.
Anglican Church on Sunday, Jan.'
Miss Michie who "is teaching at
Ingram Bridge is spending her
vacation at Vancouver.
A meeting of the Provincial
Party will be held,in the Co-op
Hall on Wednesday, Jan. 9th at
~ p.m.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hoy lance are
the guests of Mrs. A. Tanner. Mr.
Roylance recently underwent an
operation  at Grand  ForkB and is
A    very   successful    Christmas
Tree was given to the children of
the Kettle Valley  School  on  Friday, Dec. 21st.    A sum of $86 was ''
raised in the Valley which w��b dis-   '.
tributed to the children in presents^-'
and candy.    Tea  was served-at 4-~
p.m.  after which a  very interest* ,
ing   and   amusing   entertainment-
was given  by the  scholax's; at the
conclusion   of   which Santa Claus.
arrived  and distributed  the presents.    A Punch  and  Judy Show .
was next given  by  Messrsr Hardcastle, Paley Wilson and  Bodman -1
andthe lemainer  of  the evening V
was given over to  dancing." The  ,
thanksjaf the committee are given^
to Mrs. J. O. Thompson-who look; >"
ed   after   the   Tea,   Miss yictqriaV
Shillcock who played for the_dance
and   other   willing   helpers ^who
decorated  the School House ;and.
prepared  the Christmas   Tree for
the occasion. "   .
*   -U
>���* \
i. ^)
*v              *��""
'"    /'"-A
*     wH
.   '
i   ��   j-�� i -
-  ' ��������. ', .i
���*   ""  Wvl
.   '.V,?
Gains in this ProVinotf"^
,     -   '        7    -      ^   xyp^-zS^^^i^h.
Victoria,  B. C, Jan.   2.���Ovef".
forty per cent, increase in  minerftf.
production in British Colombia in\ "z)'~x
two years, js the highly gratifying   - / 'X) '
report   of Hon.    William   ffloM,":*i#-.
minister  of   mines,     Despite Hjhe.i���!W..	
big production  of 1922,   last' year V V"V
showed an increBse of  12 per cent." -   -C/J
over 1922 and the 1923 figures are
all the more significant considering -..
the fact that they  exceeded the in-^  -
fiated production of war years.      "V   \
The actual  monetary   value" of "*
last year's production Jof minerals ^
was 839,699,758, as compared withl ',
S35,158,S43 in 1922, an increase of   * .     '
84,540,915.     The   production   of   ..     -v
1921 had a value' of  $28,066,641j    ���
so that in two years  the industry
has made an advance equal to $il -     We -,
633,117, or 4.1 per cent. '    '    *   - * '*
Hon. Mr. Sloan points out-that
the bigger production of gold ir
most encouraging, as was fehe jump
in copper. In 1923'there were
54,000,000 pounds of the latter
metal produced, as against 32,359,-
000 pounds in 1922.
���.    .-.,       The increase in  zinc production
planned to maintain development is pointed to as  most remarkable.
���Mining During the war years this metal
was produced at the rate of between 49,000,000 and ,50,000,000
pounds per annum, which waa considered most striking. However,
  ���� 1923 tbe ptoduefcion was 62,900,-
Tfae annua! installation of officers 00�� Pounde> &a& increase of 5,000^-
000 pounds over 1922.
The minister of  mines predicts
that even greater strides will be
made in mining during 1924. Confidence has been restored in British
Columbia mining investments; the
world has come to realize that in
Shis province are mining propertieaT
of untold wealth. With tha tabor
market stabilized and with lumbering and agriculture on a Bound
*���.���.���.������ -        ��� basis' thenj is eveT reason to look
Secretary, Q.B. Taylor; Chaplain, Ovren   forward to a record *���a  Vt     ���   -
-Wheeler; D. of C, A. 11. Barwick; S. D.,   'OTW?ra *�� * F6C��rd ar*a  Of mining
Tohn Dockst4a.i_.r- T.n  rt,���ri-_. m,���i.~i,. development and mineral  production during the next few yeara.
weather-the attendance was not so ^iTdVrrty���*0*'^ black*o&
'Afterrthe'. totalling the fcdTtlh^S."  O^S^SSf
company sat down to 'a sumptuons 5t��Ti"S__j3S?5u be sold. Ckim"ed
IJave^you.paid your subscription to The Ledge?
Greenwood, B.C., Dec. 27th__i923.
Phone ?�����,, GreeawcJod or
A. Forjpaw, Phoeair*
Ledge ads bring results, :/
Y\ll\      LKIU-IK      (iRKKNWOdll.
The Natw^Highway     I Muskrat  Farming
Has a sparkling clearness and
a smooth richness, fot all the
chaff and dust ^is removed foy
our special process.
I Motor    Car    Proves    to . be    a
i Method of Education
I ) du-ibi. if the people in general realize ilie gieat iiiiiH.rUueu of tho motor
��� car. w its contributions lo human
i weliari-. Tin.- motor our has raise..
; the jjeoj.lo and has Klven them a new
! omlooli on lift.. It i.s very ditlk-uli to
1 conceive any luiiyer a slml-in popula -
I lion. The motor eat' afford;-; an op-
i pori.unity (o travel about
f'-.ofiii.-,- ciues and secikm
Advise Prudence
Opening   For  a   Commercially   Profitable Industry in Western Canada
At one time, Canadian boys made.
devoted their winter leisure to the
coyote, fox, lynx and other largo ani-
f he .mi-suit more profitable, llul with
mals, the value of whose polls made
tlio "'country | muskrat furs soiling at remunerative
illaj "pi-Ql,. j jirices, i.he older generation no longer
i ably would noi otherwise -have i,0M1 j despises spending its time^ over tlio
j seen had ii not been for the advance 'Htlo animal, and Indians, miners and
! of this Indus trv.     it is u great nietli-1 industrial -workers have lel'l. ilie ordin-
Solvin^ Canadian Problems
j oti of education.
Weal   fuUiliiuei.il
To'   o_��porioueo   its
llie  motor  industry
ary activities to set out traps.
Even   witli   llie   probability of tho
j must be provided wii.li Kor��<l roads;.   H >'iccs of muskrat having reached iheir
:.n-> niii; a new year lhe pi.-oj.lo oi" Canada, whilo rejoieing in iheir great
��� <iuona.) heritage, may well give moro intensive thought and study to national
������.'obk-ins aiifZ their solution than ever before. Kvery
is   llie .l'etllie-
ilio Provinces, nninteipalitles
can be debt redue
_  young nalion has /jigan-
^ problems to mcvt, aiul by reason of Canada's geographical conditions the
��� .'!;.on;ties fo contend against tire immeasurably greater than would otherwise
)���<��� tne ease. Nevertheless. Canadians un-. a virile, progressive' people and
..'jiatinted in (he face of all obstacles.
(uie problem requiring immediate aiid combining attention
:.���!��!! e' debt.      To debt reduction ilu- Dominion
; Jul individuals "must give considerui ion.     Heroic tlioro
��� H.u lb.-re musr lir,-|. be a stoppage to fun ber. debt increases. Tho average
-n-'lr.hhia! will bi.- well advised it ho refrains irom going an..- d.-.j.or hiio debt.
-.���!nn;_ if,2 I and strive-s -Willi might and main io reduce present indebtedness
��� ���-' ;mi-.'h .-md as rapidly as po_.sibb>. IXlunicipalivios. the Provinces and the
.'..minion should all balanc- their budgets, no! by imposing additional taxa-
"-'""��� ,,n! tnt'ougit the adoption of very necessary economies.      Certain capiial
��� ���..���end.uures will, of course, be necessary, but Hieso should be restricted to
:��� 'title producing services and tiie encouragement ' of production of new
v.-!i:th through flu- development of natural resources.
An example ol what can aud ought, lo be don.' is furnished by lho present
.'m'.-iageuu-ui of the ���'Canadian National Railway,?. In .192.1, the C.N.It. had an
-I"fitting profit of only, three million dollars which did not go very far to-'
'���-arils meeting its ioten.-st charges. Last year the C.N.It. increased its oper-
tting surplus to ? 18,000,000 or more, and whilo this did not moor interest
.fitirges in full, it did malo.eially reduce tlie deficit to-be inet'bv the country
i.' large. .""'���"
How was it accomplished? By larger-.eiiniings through increased traflic
.\:n3 Die development of productive services, but also through a very gratify-
i.:ig reduction in operating expenses resulting from good management, the
i-.ir.iinatio.i of waste, and sound economies. Kor example, gross earnings ot
���:.'.i> C.N.It. last November increased by .��CSQ,57S over November, .LS.21, but
'���eentting expenses wcre>tfccreased by almost two million dollars, resulting
ni\ _. not operating .surplus of >.,581,3'.l$, an increase of -135 per cent, over lho
corresponding month of :i_)__i. Sir Henry Thornton anticipates an operating surplus this year, if nothing untoward happens, of ?30,000,000 aud he predicts that by Uie .--nd of :192s the C.N.'U. will cease to be a burden on tlio
3'om.tnion treasury. ���'<-.,.
Another problem to. be tackled by Canadians, individually and collect ive-
iy, it to make Canada a more self-.conlained and .self-supporting country. To
solve uot only our Transportation problem, but other'economic weaknesses, St
r-houhl be the aim of Canadians to develop our own natural resources to a
?...-_��� greater extent and thereby create a larger internal trade. Alberta, for
'���sample, possesses IE. per cent, of the coal of the world, yet Canada annually
import., hundreds of millions of dollars worth of coal.     Ontario,.north of ihe
necessary also that reasonable rules | zenith, there is -no doubt but that
and regulations be made.and care tali- j ti-titlo in these furs, will be commercial-
en thai safely io tiie greatest possible j ly profitable for many years to come,
be    presi-nod. -Calvin ; al,(l considerable interest   has    been
aroused as to the feasibility of raising
this animal in captivity.     Tho great
I success made in Canada of thc artificial breeding of foxes and other aul-
exteui    may
His   Flesh  Horribly   Burnt
mals, the setting aside of Arctic is.-
lauds by the government for the propagation of reindeer and liuiskox, are
tendencies wliich indicate that thinking mind (.arc turning towards the conservation of meats and furs, ihe demand for which is greater Hum the
supply. With the pelt of the humble
muskrat bringing iifty times what it
did a-few years ago, farmers and trap-
Prospects Are Bright for Development ��� 1H.rs must inevitably be attracted to
ll is druggist sidd lilm a cheap Acid
corn remedy, instead of giviug hint
good old reliable Putnam's Corn Extractor wliich has been for fifty years
indard remover of corns and
���'Putnam's" never falls, it i.s
a success. 25c everywhere,
a substitute.
t he H
Sodium Sulphate
Great: Lakes, has enormous reserves of iron ore, yet imports her requirements      , -
If!0"* % ���e* ^1% iiml *��rmi.l!m(L      Can^'fl adTC?e bUlanC�� ��C ������o^%��? /!S^JHn��hfe'
...tuo^.un lhe Lmted felaies is not made up of manufactured goods, as some Among the thousands benefited by thc! fed on garden vegetables
people would have us believe, but is made up of raw and soini-iiianiifactured uso of this medicine is Mrs. .Tos. Rob'-1 ,llnj j~ llot mi^-Poi'V   and
materials wliich Canada can and should produce for herself, .providing em- S\g?i w^'In"-tn ^aomlT'Sf ' ^^ iood ���^r VlU remtnu i��.
_J:ic.y.Hont .tor count ess thou,,nds of people and creating that .increased .Yol- S;^- so Vl^o^SnV^ bte native-haun,.    The principal en
eme.oi;..tivrnal tva.l.u upon wlucii.Tlv; liUmtate .-nd pennanent succi-ss.ot our. :iL times:: .thad.no appetite, could not! erodes of the. muskrat'are ihe hawk
; """""' ^;lartcelyi (kpends. _,. .. '    7.;7^;   .y-.        ..-..-    7 yy-: , .- "  7 "do my hpusew-ork.-.Vin fact life sewned |-owl 7,md . mink. .   Muskrat   ranehc
.rtii.,f._ -cven-.a!.;aIoss. woUitl.nol; iue'.iin::,l re.jttlr-be groat, sain ior .tne 'rail-- ^-ilii.-no-ppo'd result. ,-'TJien ontV..day--j b"eeu;.-.c?>iiimorciaHy'v prolitable.   .one
���'"->''--';' '.-LarLiely.''jiiorea-.f.a productip]i. of Alberta coal'would lower'costs. o'CVi- saw'-DrVWilllama^TUnlc'Piliri-reconf-i-i^^^ '-2";500 .iiiu/.krats =
.1  .-
of Deposits in Saskatchewan
.Progress and bright prospects iu tlie
devclopnient of sodium -eulphate in
Saskatchewan, is report ed by fhe liur-
ettvi of Labor and industries. Sodium
sulphate recovered from Saskatchewan
deposits is now being uscd In the man-
ufacLure of glass at liedcliffe, and six
deposits so. far have been investigated by the Federal Department of
Mines. Other, deposits not yet investigated by tho department number
close to ninety.
Reconstruction   on  a   Large" Scale
Japan is Opposed
In an afticlo discussing the many
. ,     ,   i "ideal reconstruction plans" of Tokio,
pocket  money bv trapping  muskratskT. ........ , ..
,...,,.' .   ,,     ,     ., Nichi Nicln, one of the leading ncivs-
whilsi tuetr fathers and elder brothers ... , ,
j papers of Japan, says it is opposed to
j tho idea of undertaking rcconstruc-
j lion ou a scale that is manifestly be-
I yond the economic power oMh.o coun-
,iry. ..   -
''\\ y, are opposed to the foreign loan
proposition," says tho newspaper,
"before all attempts-have been made
to procure the funds oh the home.market.
"Everybody desires perfection,- but
that presupposes the, command of
ample.means or tho ability to muster
suffleeint means to defray tho 'enormous expenditure,?, which the carrying out of tlio reconstruction pro-'
g nun mo would necessarily involve.
If a huge programme not in due proportion with tho economic resources
of the country is undertaken, not only
will it be found to end in failure while
yet on ihe road fo tlie final result; but
will bc calcuate'd to shako the fouudn-
tion of tho nalional economy by endangering he bitsis of life gold reserve
on which the currency system of this
country rests.
"When -wo look fo the violent oscillations of the German marks against
pound sterling, we cannot help shuddering at the thought Avhllc hoping
such will not bo the case, tliat the
same may chance to be the fate of lhe
yen, unless thc authorities move with
the utmost prudence in the matter.
"If anybody thinks the stupendous
enterprise wo are entering upon ea_n
ho executed without submitting ourselves to tho strict observance of self-
denial, he Is indeed greatly in error.
From now on we must concentrate till
our efforts on the recovery from the
heavy damages, not by the power of
arms, but by a clever and well conceived economic policy to be pursued
with u steady spirit and a determined
will, not only on the part of the government, but upon the pari, of the entire populace.
wards the establishment of ranches
for their breeding iu Canada, to every
part of Svhich they are indigenous and
thrive so vigorously.
Experience has proved that the
nruskrat is not a difficult' animal to
.pise in captivity, as he is not natur-'
tllly a wanderer, but spends all of his
life in his native stream or .marsh.
Jleing found in every part of tho Dominion, there ls no limit to the location oi>ran dies. All that is needed
is a piece of marsh, a lake, or quiet
stream. Buffalo Lake, some eighteen''
miles north of this city,.: would scent
to bo an ideal location, and some of
our readers who are property owners
around this body of water in thc Qn'-���
Appcllc Valley might find it profitable
to make the experiment. Mifislsrats
will usually be' found in such an area,
This     Condition     Relief     Comes
Through Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills
When   the   shadow   of poor health .���      _ , , ,    .  ,
falls upon you; when hope fades and.DUl ir ^ot, stock can be easly lnlro-
lifo Itself seems scarcely worth living, dueed. Tho animal increases rapid-
then is thc time you should remember ]v aud brings forth eacli season three
fUni* ll,1"\lsau1ds jllst as, Il01'e!esf1 ns >'ou . lifters of from six to nine young.      ���
feel,   havo   been   restored to tho sun-      ������ ��� *  ..x.    ...
shine of health through tlio use of Dr.J Tlie expense ol the care and feeding
Williams' Pink Pills. The rich red is small, as the animals exist on the
blood which iheso pills actually make,' natural growth of iheir ground���the
strengthens iho whole system'.
Tho nerves are   strengthened,-   head-
roots and stalks of aquatic plants,
reeds and cat-tails. When this food
supply is not sufficient, thoy can be
'The ani-
given   an
Speaks Well of this Country
Scottish    Immigrant   Says   Prospects
Excellent   for   Making.. Good   In
v -
���The 'Toronto Globe says that W. 11.,
G. Roger, a recent-Scottish immigrant
to Canada, in a letter to the Edinburgh Scotsman, fakes exception to
fhe action of lUijJsh- harvesters who.
have returned to the old country,
with tales of hardship and suffering
endured this year while in this Dominion.
Natural Resources Bulletin
Liquid  Condensate from  Natural .Gas
Important Article of Commerce'
Tlio Natural Resources intelligence
Service of tho Department of tho Interior at Ottawa says:#
When natural gas "was first struck-
in Pennsylvania aud Ohio, they were
already' two of tho most populous and
enterprising states in tho Union. A
very different condition exists in East
Central and Northwest Alberta where
already tho flow of a largo supply of
gas is assured, but the field of usefulness limited.
Tho ideal way fo utilize natural gas
is for domestic heating, lighting and
cooking, aud as a fuel in the development of power for manufacturing
plants, l.ut before this can bo done
there must exist both the population
and the factories within a reasonable
distance, say 100 miles, ,to jconsump
sufficient gas and to pay a price high,
enough to wararnt thc operation of
tho field and the investment requisite
to tho laying of tho pipe lino.
If, however, there is nothing to be
done, at present in tills direction, and
the gas is to bo utilized, the manufacture of commodities for. which there
is a continuous demand, such asj gasoline and carbon-black, is tiie next best
tiling. Twenty years ago it was the
common experience both in tho Pittsburg and the Ontario gas well district,
that in tho'cold weather wlien"-a good
flow of gas was required lho" presence
of a liquid condensate.that���.ficcumtjlat-
ed in the lpw..;places on tlio pipe line,'
interfered "with th6' steady-' fio^Vaivd'
necessitated pumping out or'dfaiiilhg
at intervals. Nobody"l'ealIzed then
that in a few years' timc this liquid
would beconie an iuiportant,ariicleof
commerce, and would add millions of
dollars to tho income of the natural
gas producers.      . .,.'.'
��� Since 1901 varibus processes for obtaining gasoline from natural gas -have
been in operation, the object being to
extract it at the wells before-entering
the pipe., lihe.- -Improvements -have
continually been made, and iu a ������prop-'
ifter pointing out ^f^j ^'J' designed'and' carefully operated
plant . It is now possible to recover
from S7 to &G per cent, of the gasor
lino contained iu -the gas. v
od'-u-._p... -at. uie mines "to
ci'",:j&e-'eu'iployui<.-nt, add'
the .'benefit, of .till .consumers',- would.-enormously:
tnendod-fof-tt .'similar; condition--anti '!_:
-��� If cpntiiiued.'-fakihg the
o population,-lucroasou  carrying of -coai -would,.*���?,;        '^ v ���> - ������   ���-- -.    --   .
..;,     -...., ,   -..:   ������ ���    .���  '-,-'   ., ��� -,   :.;'���,.,', . -xyZ . .  .-'-���������   -pills until I.had us.ed ai.out a-dozen
io.-. er:.i;!ahvay operating co.-ts, hundreds of millions of-dollars -poured     -    ������   -
tinder' tho Canadian ���Government j
scheme only 000'to-1,000 have gone j
brick, -Mr. 'i(ogenr-Kay.s.iu part: "These
few. haw. ma'dc noise-and'trouble -^o
out. of- proportion .'to- their- numbers
tliat. many must'havo been led to be-
j'lild  ll
i.'iu>"AlberLa iiis.of.Vl of into ibe'Uuiied-Slatos wpti'ld briug'hnf'ora.'of-prosperity
..fid lierfeh-iinteni.' there v��"hich would iniftiii increji'scii business-for.Ontario and
km.afla,. and ".Increased tijaflTcdor fh6T-niilways..
'���������A   * Ui-
Ontario, would .get back
. ������'��� evyulollar .she._fspe.nt for-Alberia" eo;.l.'b.ui .which.js.; nowf lost _i.o",the Hia'tb of
_-.Peii;!_!.yh-iir!Jii.- ��� '-'X ;,_ -X'X ;." ': ' .'��� "-     ' -.-- ":--.-   [.z.X.    - ���' -. "���-_-'.-'.���
��� ;-- .'A-uioro sclen lifif, di-yelopmon i,-. Pf - CauadtiVs.' ji;u u rarresottrccs and siatcs--
���'m;.! ��: ik-.���._ vision jn "the" developnic-nt of ���int.erh.al trade within .'Canada w.otihl.soon
fij.yiact.that larger ifiopuliilibn ihe "Oominiou .so'hadiy needs., and without hugo.
.��. ^p*.'fid I lure:- _p.V imniigrnliori..".- 'Canada- ���is-V-penditi};- money 'on-'-immlgratJon'
f.Ati'.on tr.adi-. t.oinmts'sioncrsfnbTOa'd-'t'o develop', our export-trade, niid this is
���f.b'od-busnies.s.'.   .;l;nt it^vbuld.bc- equally goo'd'; jn.b?':-d'-bettcr business',-to c-x-
.c'-nt'i.a few'millions on developtDgfrade within f.Ganadu i& oiirown products.,
.-making'. 'iiie>resourc.e.ci of brie ".section "of .ihe.-DPUiin'ioa available in. other se'e-
.!lon;- litcking.-such" luaiori.tls, rirfiVoyercomiiig as..far aa'Iiumaiily possible': the
n'.'js'acl'-s whilst -result-froin ilie "geographical, formation of ;Canada.; '���"" '
y_ear- froin 'a: iif t y;-ac"re' snar's h and "leaving enough;��� for rer'slocking.
ing.profiiabje iii- the old'days .should.��� 1V'V
mean., tiiitcdtl fweal tli 'now.���'Moose, jaw 'has
For Catarrh.���It i.s one of flic chief
reconnbendfitions of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric 011 that it can be used internally with'as much success as it can
Canada aiid the U.S.
Relations Between the Two Countries   .
Have   Been   Growing- More
��� .^ , Cordial .
lJrobably tho greatest international
phenomenon in the world's history is
the' drawing together Industrially of
the people of .Canada and the United
States' without any political impulse
or tho remotest suggestion of' a gov- ,_
ernmental union. Elsewhere iu tin-
world, international rivalry in maiij
ufftcturing and commerce has always
led to national hostility, either open -
or-repressed, between neighboring nr.^
*Tho relations between these .uvo
countries, however, havo during the
last 20 or ao years grown rapidly closer and closer, wliile commerci.il rivalry
has been ou tho increase. Their respective railroad systems ignore the-
boundary line, and the trains pass
back.and forth as freely as'do those
of Great Britain between England tahd
Scotland." The stocks and bonds of
Canada are quoted on the New York
markets just like our own. In social
life whero such differences as exist
have the greatest influence on pas---,
jsions and prejudices, there ave still
many; points of dissimilarity, but these
are constantly growing fewer. Not
many year's ago tho vehicle's- in lhe
streets "of ^Canada and the custom-oi
turning, to. tho loft were Wsourcc, oi
.wonderfto visitors from this c'ountry,
but these things now have till; cluing-
.ed., -If.-this process goes' on asf-rapid-
ly during the next..20"years as iti the
.last,-tso.,customs;..barrier..-W'iil be. .the
-only evidence of a different ���nationality:
that will remain aside from' politics.-.->/'���
Georgo Sf fMumford,.^ President - Comf -
monwealth/ Atlantic National I'.ankY;
Boston. ' '��� y.y '��� ,    ������. >y
ieve that titey ive're'voicing thc feel- ol!|Ml.vd!J":, .Sufferers from catarrh
.,- . .- ,. ��� 7.. ,,7 ..,-,, , ,, ..--j- , i.ivill liad that the Oil when used ac-
Jhis be-!t-ig.. pi    ino .���harvt'sler.s in'general.
boxes,.and they.'have, niado-.nio a-well
."woman. --- 1 caii- now; do. it good- diiy's
���rwork "aboul. tlie "house,, have no "moro-;'pimes.'
fainting spells 'and can.go abourinore '!; '��� "'
acfively-thau.I did before.- -1 believe i   '   -"' . , ���    . , ��� -.-!���-���_
iheso.- pills, "just.;uie- tilingffor'p.iksvSir- Henry..Thornton's V" - f'-y- i:il'VV�� ^.sdy-engiiged
weak girls, and "women', aiid'. if given ii; ���' - ���* Niy.X- T�� PmHlnuaaJ-"1^ " !mvo "nP -Xh^o
fair trial will-do for-them %vha"t.'the>7   --.-".   >--  "Message.^IO   -C.m|)ioyees;^.rj,ing   ���,.,rkey   ^-.
have, done for me..-".... -   ' ..'..'; ' -.-'-���'    ''-- "-'".-   -' X'X-':.-    -.--";       '-fj-enough
r'any 'Appreclhtjve' of. Year's Work .'and Has ' ;'   ' -   '
cordijig lo directions will give prompt
seem to give a thought to what, relief.     Many sufferers from this aif-
. You can get those pills throiif.
medicine, dealer or -by mail at CO cents
j a- box 'from."The Dr.f Williams''iModi-
eitK;'C'p., 33rockville, Ont.---     _���'���    -������ -   '-���.
become. - of .fhe.fitill remaihlnig
11,000, of-which, little-or "nothing 7 is
heard: -'" /The,. fact'" \Xtliti I I hose, rneti
'.Cor talking 'or
g.   -.They,.. .lavs' "been ..,sensible
add pii'ieky'" Aitotigli/. to take
ment.have found relief itt thcOllfand
haA-.o sent testimonials.-   .
! .what'tiioyf.cpu.HI' get-'iir tlib meaiitime,
rough" tliough" it' may .-be,.aiid aro co.i.i-
Siiail  Farms Inf. France
���  ...>.-
".Vitamines-c -...;������.-���,<-,' .
food "substances";". v>;3iicii.. arc'
-.ry. to "keep iho body in" ��� good
- . Thp;fpllp3ying. o.r_ef;.fh.i.!-iiKist
'. important foods y.'hich, ..contain vita-"
-;I'lin.';.-.:'-,Ciibliage,- beans,, lettuce, :spiti-'
, iijL-h'. -ftptd-s. t.oiiialoes, oatmeal,-.corn-'
. I'li.-til.'-, whole"vrheatVinirp -milk, 'egg's,'
_i.fan-io-;. . Kat one, or .niore. of these-.
'���0O(!_...'''rV_ every/ meal,-..-advisesy.ih.e
t.'iiiiaeian' National Siiferfy League In
-,i ':iv<>;_c StealtU' bulletin,--      " -   ', -.���;   .
Returning- Good  for. Evil'
:.";ii fistiV'.-i-.'jjol.d w_at<di'wa"s
tt. t   !f.
iu  .Berlin  the
:1'iic"-):<w.ycr "iuserieil.an a'ilvei-
.' ��� "- '-.Youthful. Immigrants-'-
Tliat"- 5Q;000 'teen-ago-hoys will'bo
brought-to" Canada..in 1024, .is .the'.-ex-'
-pectaiioii-,ot-Majbr--ai.-J-f-ib'Erioii,: re'p.--
r'esentiiig-the British Iminlgratlon anil
Colonisation-'Association.;;; jlc stated
-thai.- afier..sufficient- ..Training,-, "iheso
boys could be., given ftirms .-of -.l-licir-
own, and. the vast .areas" of 2sro"riherh
O.nliii-lo .'coi.i'ld'he filled Vvlfh- desirn.blo
settler's.7 .-   ��� ..'-"��� '' -'" . '  '       .���     '.'������
'., i-., ' -Saskatchewan Crop , - '-���""
-'���' Th.e-valueof Saskatchewan- crop for
1923. is placed. at-$276,"S-ii;650,'fac'cord-
ing t'o'.a reportissu'ed by the Dominion
���T.urcaii'oi''Statistics,^ Of this amount'
contributedf. . ?1S0'!,-166,500';;
" ."   .Confide hae;-'in .Future'-'
"Tlie following"sigued mes'sftgu. from . .. ,    .  .. ���   ,     ���   -,-
Sir Henry Thornton, K.I1.K.,: President! ^^'^t -they have;;every in'ospecf
and Chairman: of the Board'of Ifirec
tors of the .Canadian".' Nalional   Tiali-
Ciuiada-.iii    the
.' tJ.--'i.t..:ii'.i_i.' i nehevr'spapers -promising , .wheat
i..-��� - ot/ly; .Ward/for. .-its return, "hut.? pats/-" ?.55,��Sy.600;- hai-hi'y,-  ?r,C20,SOO;
.-;";.h-dg:t!if t<;fd.!;.eiid;fT...e. ihiWwijon he j rye. ?.t,Gf*n,yOO;- and.-flax, ?9,-1 tts,2oO..'
���  (-'(.yX'X-.v X 'lor;  trial.'jf lib'is. appro-!' ":    ;' -���"   '" -f���^"1" ~ ""~ ������". -,���'���'-.  ''-.-
' '���" Ti:T^    :.':i;
i.-ltaj...'   JiJi!
..-.'-. f      ..��� .' !'-'"    ' .Condor Largest. F.yi.fg  Bird -yy
'. It'h'' the - narrow'' Jhlud. i f   -f'he-.'cond.ot:, weighing' from;, tw.eniy
up. for it iti-tho lnii;iif|to tvvtihiy-riv.e  pounds,   in "tlte laigi-st'
:. j't iOiif'f...
!.HK lhe
a- -.thr._i,;.i-f
bt iter ih-tu' *io__-bread
ilulh is-, often"- worse
bird I ha: tliesf
patronize horn
���- It pay:-;
Uiij- i'rc>m ii,e nicrcb
-town... '..--.
ihd us try.
its in your own
.Bep'otnihg'.Quite Popular As An.Article
-: '-"���' ' 'XX. X��'f:9fei[ V . " ���"-'���' ".'-''-
' Snails it's aii'article'.6C'diet are.hp--'-
pareittly' growing-,, in -'favor -in .Fiance.
Snail farms' nrtVno'.v becoming riuife.
.eoninion and- are said , to yield- satis-
:^^.[op.yy. l-Ctyrira',-.-__ In..order, tofim'pttrt
it-piquant flavor tp the snails, tliey:a"re
Ted. not-' only- on greenstuff's; but- on.
wine dt'ogs,.or bran soaked in wine,-a
diet' which is "supposed;', to impart a
Special, flavor. - Five hundred . thous-
nrui, "iirst quality'.-- snails can be" reared on-an acre'of-land'.V They, need be
���fed only-once "a day, preferably, in tho.
evening, and.-lliough very voracious;
''are Invito nieans hard.lo please.;.After
a'.fall or;rain, which- seems-.to make
them "hungry; 'a bed of1100,000. snails
will.soon got-rid of a; barrow load.of
'cabli'age.-::." "���''���'. '������ ���. "; :"' ;'.-'.-' .y ..-"--"   "'
' "-'- f ��� ������;_?henomeiiai..-yiel'ef -.". . -' '��� -'
. -Vfitiie. report ofrecoffil-brettking crop,
returns' comes from f tho ".Maidstone,
-Hask.,' 'district., whero, llowlin'- llros.
sowed: eight:- acres of' oats; for' gr'eeii
feed. - They threshed^liio-crop,-which
yielded . 1-25 '.'bushels tp. tiie" acre,-rind
weighedI -iylbs.'.tp'lhcfbUshii. ::   -.,'.���,;
Many men suffer- f ram ..irritation -of the skia as ayi^stil^ipf ;
shaving.   With some tfc^uBife
a fornr of- cczejna anf Deqaijies ,.
most   annoying   and   uiisifgiitfy.
By    applying  a  little.   # Br.
Chase's Ointment after sitavinf.
the irritation  Is  overeoi&o aritl.
.Barber's  Itch  and   E^im. [ppy
prevented' Of relieved.. fWWVV|jf
���'".feciStt*.-*- *��xi-ai! dc��!e?J., w rYiiuanson. iBaica & f��.. l:*^'rT*tii��o.;
ways, .to'.oUi'cc'rs-ati'd. enndoycps .of tlie
sys.l ein," is '-published in ftlie ,l">f'coinber.
issue o'f- the'-Can.idian >n.itional��� '.Ititil-
ways' ifagazine.";'-"' ���', "' .'���-��� -' : "-'.���' X. ���-[
To.Ofnceis andfEiuployees:" . "-"-': ���/<_
"��� i '.wish,-.ypu all a .'Mcfrrr- ChiistnniM
and a;.lfap"i!y Kew .Year.' ." For twttlve
nionths"-'wefliave he'enf";engaged iaTii
joint 'enterprise-and any - success _. ^vo"
-havo infot witli .has"; been largely: duo"
to."the-fine spirit '"and,.eflicient- service
rendered-by ^ilicers and employees'.;
I thank .you one and all for "the, way
-you- have.responded^ to "tlie demands
upon:you and forthe "excellent servico-"
3'du' have- Bivcii the ~conipaiiyf ' Es-
peclall,.!-wish to. thank .fthosd employees who come-in. contact with the
travelling public foi; tho-courtesy thoyf
havo1 displayed.-' . They have, indeed;
.'treated'.every passenger en our' railway as-a guest-'of tho company,.; with
the" result that not only-have our men
found satisfaction'In their'-vbrjj�� hut
they have materially"added lo the'good
opinion of pur .-undertaklrtj;-fexisting
hi the minds- "of the" public." -   - .
'U'(! will i'a.ce the oncoming year with
onthu.--ly.sm, courage and -a dclermina-
tiou fo' oatiibllshrstllV.higher' ou'r standard of .service.-.';..-.  ';-;'../ , ,   -'" '.-._.
With yonr '.conlliiued ' co-operation
���and 'support, 1- am. cohiidc-ht tlie day is
not'.far dislaiat'when we shall'justify -'
the wisdom of-those wii(>"were respon
of iiiiiikiriK pood in'
future. ���--..-- . ������--.' -y." , [, - -'.,. ,"'-
"Of eoiU'ris.'.iL.i^---i,'i;iUyIs;tble-for aiiy-
pnc'jo come: out-who is not. prepared
16 rough ���- ii,\, and; ic inust be under-
friiqocl tliat-tho-'uilualions offefed" do-
not b'y'any. meaiis'absori) tlie -man in
ilie Vrades "ar professloiis '.for-'..-which-
���they ar.of fitted or. Irained, sucli. plac--
.lng;--being.:inipbssib]e;'.at- th'is"'l!m6".'of
���year, owing"To'--t!ie .se:ispual-;slaekt_n-
ipg'of trade. -.,'However,if .the -.vork
ofCered- continues to .be ifik'on advantage of pro tern It Is a-certainty, that
those .desirous \ of. obtiiiiiing employ-
nient in iheir .respect!vo'-voca.tion's -^jlt
���havo.'ample opppruiniiies and ..will be.
iri'a position, to do so iu the-'spring,-
ivhon tliey can" launch into- whatever
"occupation -tliey desire; and with every"
'chanco"y.'bf ��� success and" everyi confl-
deuce/that- they will be satisfied/' -'.
Two Tons bf Christmas Pudding' '.
-. Tho"' "week ; before -Christmas was.
spent by. tho Canadian National -Rail-,
ways diniiag car. department in 'tlio
preparation:'of two tons "of Christmas'
pudding, luiif a Ion of turkeys with the
proper, ratio.-of "iixins," to whet'.the
appetite, .of-Christmas and New Year
travellers.'along tho ./National 'Way.
Elaborate preparations .were.made- by
the department to glvdf-Tl.osp yiio. aro
uiiforitinate'bnough to bo .away from
home, for -the- holidays, "as inany. of "the
.comforts".and- pleasures! of the.season
as 'possible if they happen to be travelling 'on.the Canadian National.y" ���'���-'
New Markets for Canadian Grains
r.eraus.^ of; h:0iv habit of going bare-,
fooled iii youth,  tlie .average country
girl has developed    a   moro    perfect
foot  Hi-i'i her.'sister of file city, ac-,   ,,,    , ,,. ..     -,  T, .,
���������   ',.'"   .    -,,"--,   ,'-      ,--, ,      .     ,-isiblo for our National Hallway Sra-
:cording to ..Vr.-J.. Anna.-Norris.;.. head p    .-.-'_ ...,-..,   .���  -...,.-.       . .   .    ,   .
"of i,he'-d'"ii.irtiiiVnt. of-jihysical.fediic;.:'i
-ti'ojfi' ^iVtvcinisir 'S;fe'tlt&::Fiij|;i?i|ntjVS'
I tem'-and rnakethat.system a source;of
.^a;pfi;t-:-a-ndj" iyi! dp;>: tp;,thp;. pepplpf [$,?, f.pur'
pdiM&iopXi X "i':XXX. -VW:XXXXX WV
xx(XiVrieiij -ii-: if. yikmt^:'pW^mL
Canadian   Grain- Shipped Trom, Van'.
: ���'-���-_' coKver to South American' '
- ��� .. ":/ V '-���.���".Porta. ..-'.-"
V, New _. markets ' for Canadian-grain
.cbnilnuo to-appear.'- "A ..steamer will
iload at'Vancpuvcfr. shortly with" 4,300
tons-for: Brazil,, which' it is-;expected
will i>e the forerunner of a number;to
be.sciitfto-tho -Soutli'-jMnerican coun-.
tr>v Anbtrier^tcamer'wiil-load one
thousand ton's of grain for the "West
coast of South America. Recently
Mexico, made its first purchase in Van-
couver of tt small "shipment :'oC.;wheat.
��� . '.' -~M6htreal_.Maintai.is:Lead : --
" - Grain -handled at .tho port, of Montreal iii, 1923, "tolall6d.i'20,01G,933 bush,
els,"':".tho" ..largest - ^amount ���'��� shipped
through any. port .in."North .America
during- thb -:yoar. .'Montreal;"-.'thils
maintains, / for f tho third successive
ycar.'licr position as..tho leading grain
exporling seaport- bn. tho ..contiiioat..;
Grand Ciiampions.hip
- Blaclc'-Lomdne,f-owiied by the 'Uni-
-verslty, of .S'askatchcwaa',' was-aw.aixi-f
ed'the reserve grand bhamplonshlp for
I'ercheron mares" at tho Toronto Itoyal
Sto.clc-Shbw, held recently. - The uni'
versity also secured the reserve-grand
ciiampipnslilp of lho-steer."class .with
Linda llray Lad, k. pure -bred Hereford
steer.-      ���   " -'    /-   ���    .     --.'."'." -
���-Soft corns are difllcult to i-ra(!k:ai<'';
'biit'fjlolloway's. Corn Remover will
flrj^'them but painlessly. -. ���
To Make Railroad Crosi-iags Safer
Use of Mirrors at Railroad Cros-inigS'^
_- ;    To be'Ti'ied Out in Sweden
The use of mirrors at-railroad eroo-'-
ings, a new expodieiit for -the I'tniur-.
Hon of accidents, .Is."being irled inii.
by the Swedish Stato Railways.'
Tho -first-of such "warning min-ors"^
have jufet been installed    al    ci-rtaiu
crossings   for   tests and approt-Hi h\
tlio general public.     They, an- .-light-.-'
ly convex in form aud reilec.  \ln Jin-
ago. of an approaching    train    uTiTT-i! .
may be seen by drivers at a'fuii&ider-
able distance down tho.road.    "Thoy
are particularly valuable at niglii because of the bright refleclion of. iraia.
lights."   >." "���     ��� '������'.'���
��� -, .        ' ._ :y
���',' Since She Used    ;:.'.'{-
wr.MiLBiiRN's ;���;;���
Heart and Nerve Piife ->���--'.'
Miss .Bertha- - Chariette, Slegiua.
Ssisk.vf writes:���"I havo.had a .lot .of.
trouble, lately,;, with"what 1.-thought
���wsis'heart trouble,**and.after-,any uu.-..-
usual "exertion lalways felt sick.. ��� ��� f
' My doctor advised ti.complete'rest
and��� change,-;but.this-.I-'was".unable to-' .
\ I .became   interested;' in   Milburn's.
Heart"-and Nerve.Pills, so "started l:il:;
ing them.-..  J have .-now taken tbre;...- -
boxes and anvso muchiinproved l cati
go. about my- daily- work -.without feel- ���"
���ing any. after ill-'effects,- raid havo.-not'
had"" any .'weak :or;" dizzy.. ;spOHs   for"
somp. time.' - Yoiiivinedicino" liny., dono,
;.ino. moro' - good-Chan .-anything ( havo. -
|ever taken, .aiid I,-will gladly rt.""cbm-
'm'end" Milburn's .Heart'  and - Noire...
PiUg-.to'any., woman, who is weak ami"
rim down.".;      .  .. - .""   ��� ��� .'^ v. -,..-.
:   Prico-{jOc per-box at all'dealers., V.V.
mailed direct on 'receipt;.of price by -
Tlie T. Mllburn Co., Limited, Toronto,
-brit...-'. -" ���  ���    .-.; '.-,.7=,    "   - ���-     "
;o llvt?. tlatt- ^vhyii.rpii
ridinir (in. Sfflufe^;- y-oiir E*
triaUi;:fiii<.ti��;is_ ^ijh/senilvffiiNV-^rfe :���:":";,
<> .Out .,toy-'.f:
;hlJori.: :;iiid.[
X ;'";��� ���     'Cx'h'i Miss-fThiwi-'   '::''""'
"^iy;:UieyKicaii-^fe^b^ *^ibfl?aim^
������uO-Jiou'? ''i^r-i^iS^^i'k^^'isi'^^'^f^
%:Mrt?'Heaivf&e;pla:ee;.'.'V ���   V'""-:-.' ���"
:": ������Sebbri^'OiiGsfeHX^Sl}see--iksiti. h&[
���rote yon: go.-'.. it's i ���..'pie'a.sahl' Jittlb
'���feur}iris&-.-4ha'--;:"V^a'lters--ViJ'cep| for 0ie:
A v=utemtij.GVlXl'ttoTt &'exiigcil hy.'.tire.*jguesfp^pu^he last d'aj-.-of their-.Slffyv^
VtV'iiS.n-- ";a "giri' Is'ehutnmy Witli'lipr
5tfotl.iei' -site 't>sji gfet nlong ytfptlV-^eft
���^fcithptit.tt.ie-iapeitm:- 7" : 7-"
���d��'..tlii.:;vPl(.ano7.;f: yy' X:y::xyx4xX:
7-Cprn;:<eitt he.va_fied'.iu6!rt? qulcKiy 'by
'SBle<.tipa:;fof;jee4f.yia-i.; catif any. bth&r
:feio3'-:Cfbr..,.;'.f:::-f7-f:-     .-Vf" 7 '���"Vi-.ff.W
yX*:??..XyXXXxyV;i;'ifw:jhoitep,ttat ��nes^eb^j^;wjiof;iro
fii^U?.jttf.'. [[ Igsj^Ti^
XFX _.-. :iSi'iitiS.ij" XXyXX
X&rapge[dX:p<^iiz%V fikiknikr X yXMi[.
���J6c't;.'ta';-:jifi.t?im.a-'ia itiiltted; ;for iiis at-
her ��� lifers ; worK/. Strfciiglh.; dBpai.tf.f
and- -energy is- t'aRen- g;way;:tlntiyiIfo
ibecoraei: fit... .drears'-veSiBtpnce.- ��� ���V.Aiid-
^b^;thfc:ifetie^Se:ss.f; :^K..^'7to.Jj_pi--;
Ipgg?s: Agtiinjia/ IteiS^y;has:'&bugBt.; tf
:great-cliasg(*. 'to^:aiff-arihy'bf Sufferers.:
tt'relIeve9;^li0-irGstri(_ted ^Iriyhesf'stittt;
guards'-'agi'tot-future ���irbufe'I^'- Tj#;:it.';
, ; Tire* .sbil. bi .Splt^hpt-gen- -fti'a's teeebf
Ibundf ftp. .fbof ��� Trozett. ��� ib������ a- -depili. ef.
1,0'OOf'tt-dt. f..iit summer the. surface
.'tliaws.; to,.* 'depth Of fabfout' Wo feet   '���
Time has Tested It.^-Dr. Thomas'
.'Ecleclrlo Oil has been ori tlic market
upwards of iifty years and in' that- lime
it-has proved h blessing'.to thousands.
It.is iu high favor throughout Canada
and its excellence liusrc&rried.its.fnma
beyond the _5ea?.'If-it".troro double tho
price It woaid bo. a cheap liniment -
A man- never Ulcfcs if. his name is.
nils-spelled-in. tho police, records of.a"
3_.ew?;papeit\,/;.. ...f'7  ,. V- -y. .X.X.--.. .'���:.
f-fttesM*s;fl^nlm<.rtt:Hfrafs "Piife.-"
ti';Ii:o ���.: Gunafi. ��� ��� Caiifpitsy' 'aiippunces
^thiit1. iho -; ^pfcbsjia.;^^i^h^;^4*���^^l��f
3Efawr epce; ;ipiiitb:ln;;i Apr if jiestrwlifthpf
cbnyerted";fe{m;cbal:^ib b|^Srije*gi;.'.-'-f.
X' ,        To Prevent 'Dlabet��'s ;-,   -".'';'
-:.'Tlio "excessive use. of-cano-;.su"p;;ii;
m.!i>*be one of the,causes.of the .pre-'
yalenco'. "of. diabetes,^ according- io. ].��r._
Royal" S." Cpi/eland. "-Senator- Cope-:.
land-. Is.   a."fheaUhViutoiirlty; --listvliiR"
been health., commissioner- f of, VsT-w
York   City.   . Ho-  contends that the
substitution, ef: .dates, "corn,"-tsugrar aiid"
other sweet's in place-of: the- excesf
sivo-.uso'of. cario sugar, would,- doubtlessly ' "improve'-.-.tho"  health-  off., '.ihe-
peoplef   , ..
's'v s
f Tlio-world admires'a man who ha?
sand-and-senso,'as much, as'one who'
lWS,(lUSt-,a^;<l0^1ar8v';V;:f::-V.^f^.f;-- yX[
'��     !
.: s>
nro^gpOnTparfted,- vjtnd^et^^-fpKfpeSS1.'''
fltpppf fright. .M^aeemiUaMg^w|>to^
fdfe.di.aiif; vfSVVVVf; V W XXyXXXXXXxxx
ispecfafiy Br^pamd: for liifeiit^ ^ncl ���ltfkffefl of ^fI iges
XXMother. .-: :FlH.citet^' -.-Casipriaf ��� Sifts;
:hMn- htmsiXim- iorM-; 30- .years- h^'h-
i��t(?agka.t; ''���;rliatinl.r*s.: - istibstitute. "' tor.
Caster .011,.' '_f%r.egO-.ie,��� ���.T#!tSigg-.;I>TOpg,
sp<^-|!pothing:'. 0ynii<si;-$X;COT.feiii_?:;i_aOi
irliere r'ce'O'-ii.meafJ.-it ?fShe: :��ln'8l; ypu.
iiwvP-al^yBfboiigtil M&rs -Eigna>iS.e;ol ..-]'-- ���
-��� t
: i- ,t
Beware of Imitations!'
The Woman Voters
Uuleos you see lhe "Bayer Cros.-." on
package or on tablets you are not get-
ling the genuine Bayer Aspirin proved
.-afo by millions and prescribed b>
nhysicians ov-r twenty-three year., for
Colds Headache
Toothache ' Lumbago
Neuritis v __ Ulieiiiuatisni
Neuralgia "" I'.iin, Pain
Accept "Ba>cr Tablols of Aspiriu"
only. fCach unbroken package con-
Jains, proven directions. Handy boxes
of twelve tablets cost low cents. Druggists also sell'bottles of 21 and 100.
Aspirin Is the trade mark (registered
in Canada) ot Buyer .Manufacture of
Monoacelicaciih'nler of Salieylicacld.
While it is w'cll known that Aspirin
means Bayer, manufacture, to ansist
Hie public against imitations, Uie Tablets ot Ba.voi Company will be stamped witii their general trade mark, the
uBayer Cross."      -' >
Votes of Women Do Not Differ Essen-
,  tially From That of Men
- Always when votes aie counted it i.s
lound that iho vote of women does not
differ essentially from   that of   men.
Thi-5 does not mean that the women
_- ��
vote   as    the __ men advise.   * It 'onlj
���means tliat all members ol the lctmily
j now vote together iu tlie same la&hhin
| that all the male "members voted 10-
t gether.     In practice, the family is Unpolitical unit.     Whothei the husband
has the vott or ihe wife has it, or both
have ii, the result is much,the same,
except ihat with women suffiage th"
family with  women in it has greater
political power than it had when only
tlie inale'nti'mbeis  could  votc.--Van-
couver I'roiince.
Railways Have Big Payroll
More Employees Means Big Increases
In Wages Paid
From present indications tiie railways -will pay to iheir employees in
Canada alone this' year .<.18.00u,00n
inoiu in wages and salaiivs ihan ihey
did in 192.!. This is something more
than a mere guess; ii is based on figure., lo_.ue.l by the Dominion liuieau
oi Statistics foi the fii'ni nine month-,
of 1923.
The railway h;r,'G""T.e,on  employing
more men than ilia in 1922, ibis being
due to thc geneial iuoroa_.i: in tra/lic, ' <|
especially  lo   the big grain-ciop.
iho    west      fu    September,    indc
In September the payroll was $.31,-
12u,aiU, or ?790,22l over that for September, 1922.     3'Y>r rhe nine month.-, it
,     ���        ,���..,       .       .     , was ?lS0,291,922,.as   'compared    wiih
i greater Uow of Uritish emigration,,,. ���,.-., oc���.  .,    ,, .   , ,    .;
1 ?l6b,5t_ 1,882 ior the same period last1
Immigration Prospects Good
Two  Reasons  Why There  Should  Be
Flow of Imimgration  From Great
-   Britain Next Season
TlnTnexi season, it i.s expected, will
io Canada than ar. any time since before the war. This effect will*have
two causes.. One of ihe exhaustion,
until July of lho'British quota perniil-
U'd under the United States tlu ee per'
cent, immigration law. The other is
tfie decision of llie Canadian Coieminent, announced* at the Kcononiio
Conference, to furLlier assist Uritish
omigimion lo the Dominion
It may be only a
slight cold now���
just a tickling in
the throat.
But    littlo    colds
���oon giow huge and
dangerous.        Often
thcy become chronic,
develop catarrh and
enU in consuiuptioa.
C a t a r rhozonc hi
the remedy. It dra.YS
inilamination      and
in I fcoreness out of lhc throat       .Relieves
j I thc cough, cuts out the phlegm, makes
.,    ,    . _      . ' I breathing easy, kills any germs lodg-
*"l'n lh0 cro�� quintal iuis noi as J C(1 in lhe nulcous llning ol thc ri!r0...
lieuiy a.-> in the same month last j ear.   or lungs.
iho emplovee.s numbered 177,122, a-.! By usfng CATARItllOi-ONi-; __JN-
oompired ^ith 172,670.    So. while not   "ALEtt now and    again    you    keep
,.,��� ,-,���-.      .���..���  .. *    , the-passages free   irom   germs,' and
as mam during J922, thue was u lieav- thereby mevent coughs aud colds;
ler general movement-of all miHTltaii- Get the Dollar outfit, it lasts ,\ro
disc. - ' ! months;    small   size,   50c;    sold   by
druggists.      Itefuse  a  substitute  for
The Drug Evil
Catarrhozone.     By . mail   fiom
Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Lloyd George's Retort
year. More grain was moved during
November tills year Ihan was the case
' in 1922, wliich means thai undoubtedly .more men weie emplojod and morn
wages paid. The latter i.s certain
anyway, for more irelght and passengers are being handled in the easf.
Less Narcotic Drugs Enter Canada
During Past Year
A decrease in tlie quantity of narcotic drugs which entered Canada
a i mg the 12 months whicli ended
with Nover oer, in comparison with
tlie preceding corresponding poilod, is
shown iu a report made public by the
i Dominioir-Huivau ot Statistics.
During   the   period   under   iv_iew.
j 1,7S2 ounces ol cocaine were imported,
las again.il :;,51G ounces for Uie same
lime in 1922.     Morphlm. also j_ho_>vs a
i decline, 9,2o9 ounces reaching Canada in 192.! a-^ compared with J0,609 in
I the pievious  12 months.     The ciuan-
i tit} ol crude opium imported during
iho period dealt���wiih by the repoit
was 1.100 ounces, as compared with
l,lo3 ounces for lhe 12 months ending
with November, 1922.
Figures indicating, the quantity of
cocaine imported into Canada are
not given, but it is shown lhat ?11,-
000 worth came into lhe country
during    the.    12 months which ended
'with November, 1923, as compared
with ?10,000 in the previous period.
A Chosen  Leader and a Chosen' Land
Pain In the Muscles,
A London Fog
Weight Is Fiiiucd-Out At Six-Tons Per
Squaw Mile
_ , tfos-. in London are always mon. or
Stiffness 3ir Joints, !oss (imul :uul alra"orii c���>->- toiler
Quickly Subdued By Nerviline
in the big city has interesting fog stories to tell.     A city fog is, a more or
Those who have tested oui  numer-   less solid aml lunglble lhing u, was |
oils lininiems  will agree that, where ��� , . _.      _
something is needed   to    dislodge .a  l,loml by moans of a largo expanse|
deep-seated, more or less chronic con-j oi glass in Kojv' Gardens'.     Just be-1
illtion,  thoro  is  nothing to  comparu  fore a thick fog settled down the nu
ll. J. Fleming was elected president
oi the Toronto Ttailway Company, to
replace Sir Wm. -Mackenzie.
'fhe French Coicrnment has docid-Uith Nerviline.      It's  because Nervi-1 thorities   were   enabled   to   weigh   ic!
ed to open a   campaign   against   the   line penetrates so deeply, because it I - ,.tl. ..,���,,��� ., ,  x . ,
CMhi\ has about nve times the stiength 0�� | Mltu fc,omo app*-oaeli to accumuy.     At-
| tlio ordinary oily preparation, it has i ter thc fog had dispersed the  ulass
, come  lo bo known as   King  over all ��� was  caiefully   cleaned  again,  all  tin:
Tht! public (oiiM.-iorv  for Mie iorm-j Pain.      For    Itheumntic    conditions, i deposit.*���mainly carbon imd s ul pi icric
niusuclar   nnd   joint stiffness. Nervi-1 ,,    ,,.,... ,���,..���'., ,._. ^.. .
f   , | line, works wonders.      A trial proves ]
| ibis.     Cet a "5 cent bottle from your
wsj dealer today.    '
*  Ii'     P"
slow but steady increase iu the
of living.
(oiiai.-iorv  for Mie iorm- j Pain
al    elevation   of   Cardinals   Kvaiistt.
Lucidi and Aurolio   tlalli,   flhn
created at a secret    consisloiy
held in tlie Vatican. "I
On her Ural trip to St. John, the big
C.P.R. steamer Mont Laurier, fonuei-
ly 1he impress of India, landed SG(i
passengers. Ol these 702 woitVuow
Canadian set tiers, ",00 of ^Liom wero
from Finland.
Creation ol _a division oi scientific
research in the dairy and cold storage branch, to bo headed by Dr. JL'. C.
Hood, late of McDonald College, has
been announced hy the milliliter ol'
A standard of living ior the unemployed such as is laid down in the
Canadian Labor Gazette was demanded hy tho pjovittciul boa.d of ihe In-
dependwit Labor party, in a resolution
passed in Winnipeg,
.. Explaining' that hib public- dutiu.s.
would not permit of his coming to
tho United Slates at Ma-; time, General Smuts paid ho had long looked
forward to :mch a visit, whenever his
ofiicial work- would permit.
Negotiations with Great I!ri(ain for
a .special liquor,treaty havo progressed auotliei stane wiih the transmission to London c��C Vniie'd Slates,.suggestions to the British" counter-dratl
of the original I'niied States proposal. ,'
Thc Aiistialian Go. omnium has instructed    the    Commonwealth
For Empire Exhibition
Alberta   Prize-Winning   Grain  Goes  to
The woihl beating Albena grain
which took topmost honors at the
Chicago show will bo displayed at
tho Kiiii.sh l'.mpir... Exhibition in Loudon. Arrangements arc being mado ponded in it
for tho exhibit to bo sent iorward as-
part of the, seed grain display from
Cuuifla while it Is also proposed to
place die exhibition on display at the
provincial seed fair in Edmonton.
It is proposed to make tho exhibit
tn London an industrial lather ihan a
decora tho ��nc and commercial pro*,
peels will ho kept largely in mind in
older to secure increased trade for the
Dominion.���PMmontmi IhiHoiin. .
icid���left behind by the dirt-inipreg
nated clouds being preserved. Tho
weight of this fog wan figured out as
six tons per square, mile which wa.-t
quite light compared with some of the
fogs experienced. Tho worst fog.,
lie low. The effect of a fog that remains In tlie upper yir, no matter how
deii.e it may be, i.s simply that ot an
oidinary nlglil. By descending tlio
fog not only \dimls, but injures the
lungs with the pois..nrfus maifers siis-
Prominent Journalist Dies
F.ank   Cobb,  Veteran   Editor  of  New
Vork World is Dead
Frank    Cobb,    veteran    new^paper-
mau,'edilor of die NV.y Vork  World.
Mother! Give Sick Baby
"California Fig Syrup"
Harmless    Laxative   to   Clean   Liver
and Bowels of Baby or Child
Even constipated, biliousrievcr
ish, or sick, colic
Babies and Children love to tako
genuine "California Fig Syrup."
No"other laxative
High i regulates tho ten-
Commis.-ioner in- London ��lo warn
shippers of tiie forthcoming prohibition on tho importation of cattle,
sheep, swine and goats from Gieat TJri-
taiu iu view of the presence of toot
and raoiilh diseases in i-iigland.
dcr  little  bowels
so     nicely.     . It,
sweetens    iho />Vr-,< y-^ -..
stomaclf and ~start<_   tho ' liver   and
.bowels acting without giiping.     Contains no narcotics or hoothing drugs.
Say "California" to your druggist and
I-avoid counterfoils!     Insist upon gen-
A child horn todaj has tho prospect ��� nine "Calilornia    Fig    Syrup" whicli
-,  -oi 12-more jimi.k-u Oiie-than-liad one
born 2o years ago, said Sir William
Wheeler, president of tho llo}ul College of Surgeons of Ireland, iu an ad;
dress to the i>indents. Medicine and
surgeiy, he anserted, have made greater advances during the last 2i years
than duiing th.; ir> jir��<:i.dhig centuries.
Plenty of Water
The amount of water within-the'
�� crust of ; tho earth. is euoriuous,
.���niiounting io"5C5,000,000,000,ft0fl cubic
yards. This vast accumulation, if
placed upon tlie earth, would cover
its entire surface lo a uniform depth
of from S.oftp to I'.J.OfO ieef.
h\ tho case of human beings, the ili-"
iletion between sheep trnd goaty is
not very .shaip. "When a man finds
ihai he i-- th<- goar, ho usually lonl.s
shri-i��lsli --As'ncvillt! Timi"-.
The. Time You Save
I'liC   time  thai   yyu  fave.  like   tin*
money  that >ou tave, is  useful  nulj
il >ou Un��w ho v.- to spom] h.
contains directions.
York .liter an illness of mx months.
A leader of liberal jouruallsm in
Nov.' 1'ork for many yi-aiv, Frank
Iving Cobb was tho champion of an
editorial campaign waged ou behalf
oi the League ot Nation*. lie was
a close personal triena of former
President 'Wil&oii. *
Liven alter illut - i.'iused his, confinement to bed. It- ctiiilinued to dlc-
taU' editorials in i.u'or of wide participation hy iho United States In world
Ilo wa.. a scholar, a Jmmiisr, a philosopher, a scientist, a traveller���a remarkable combination of human ability. He knew political economy and
was a histoiian. Above all, he was
a leader of liberal piogrc.-is in the l-hig-
Hsh-speaking woild.
New Avenue of Employment
Demand Now for British Workme/i in
Continental  Europe
Uof erring lo The -yranco-Uritish
-igreomeiit lor tbe employing of Uritish workers lu France, the publication
L'Amo says that only some 120 British workmen are at present-employed
in French woiks* aiul th��-.-.o aie almost
eniiiely in tho motor car industry.
The paper adds that they evidently havo given satisfaction, since.
Freuch firms aro now readj to take
further contingcuiM. One firm Is
prejiared io employ 'J00 men.
A iirm ot motor cir builders in Antwerp is requesting riO British experts,
and li hfue already left  ICnglaml  to
accept   tlie   liOattlOIls  offered.
(Jcnuaiiy's iiieicwililo llc-i has iu-
"rea-od from G0P,0"t�� tons in Juii",
U'22, to 2,��0u,0ub gro.-s-. ton.-, toda.i."
j '���'	
CU-TaiN  H^ve Many  Uses
From iho cat-fail1* found iu almoM
every swamp, s-cieiuisls ha%e succeed
id in making botii   food   aud   cloth.
Hoots of the" wetd produce starch and
��� sugar, the pollen has been used as a
' dour to make bie'id, the blown spikes
inuKe aa twrllont subsiitut-i.for silk,
tht: huffy down   i.-.- uilusiblo   for.
Our   Pulpwood   Resources
Investigation Shows that Our Supply
"is"Rapidly Diminishing
The Canadian"J'ulp and Paper As-
-sociation has issued an ���������xhaiistivo
statement concerning Canada's -pulpwood resources which deserves the
most soriou.< consideration of tho Dominion and .���.provincial government".
While the statement was primarily
designed to assist the royal commission now investigating,the matter of
an embargo on the export of raw pulpwood to the United States, It goes
very fully also into tho more general
problem of the conservation of our
pulpwood Ftipply which is rapidly diminishing. Tho association deserves
high credit for the pains taken lo obtain accurate information :u_.l for the
offeeth o manner it is presented in this
.statement.-^-The WJnlpeg Tribune.
France to Pay Debt to Uruguay "
A convention h i.s been signed uu-
dor ^hich France undertaker k�� pay
back fo Uruguay the 13,000.000 gold
peso,Tv borrowed during the war for
the purchase . or produce, tlie inpayment to be in ivn inst ailments ('if
1,300.000 gold peso-, oa��,1i. >>\w to nil
dm: e\ cry six iiiomh".
f-iecalls the Days When Conservatives
Were Glad to Have  Him in
I was shown a poster which e\i-
tlenily had been issued by the Con-
seivatlve central ollice. It represented me as a mere vain talker who
has accomplished nothing. There ij
no party from wliich that Taunt comes
witli such ill-favor as irom tho Torj
Were thoy of ihat opinion in 39.11
and 191S? My recollection is they
were rather glad to havo this vain
talker in charge of state affairs in
those days. When British finance
was in a slaie of panic and arrangements had to be made to save it
| from disaster, when shells and rides,
machine guns and cannon had to be
forged and great organizations had
to bo improvised ior turning them
our ac iho shortest notice to support
our gallant men in tho field, the vain
talker had his uses.
When Germany had broken up Uiree
of our Allies and was on tho point oi
breaking up a fourth, when the German submarines were sinking our
ships by millions of tons, the Torj
paily was frightened, so Heightened
tliat Ihey shirked ollice and begged
this vain talker to take charge and do
his best to pull the country through.
When there wa"s great unrest in this
country after thc war in 1919-20, and
there wero menacing-' strikes and
movements, they were glad lo get him.
I recollect another poster in which
I figured in 191S, also issued by thc
Conservatives. It was a more lettering povtrait of myself than the
present ono. It was issued in tho
interests of tho Conservative candidates v.ith the words: ���Vuppnn lho
man who brought victory."
I can show you one still sticking lo
an old brick wall iu a constituency in
the home counties, whore it was fixed
during tho election ol 1918. if was
only when they thought their I roubles
were over, troubles in Europe and
troubles in.Ireland, and that trade was
beginning lo pick up that they suddenly discovered I v. as a vain talker,
aud that fhe time had come for thefu
to have a change.���From ;i Speech at
C'tiecioih, Wales-
Rabbit Pest In Antipodes
Australian Expends ,13 of Its Borrowings to Exterminate Bunny
Decimal thirteen per o&u. f ot ihe
borrowings of the CouimoVealih ot
Australia have boon spent" for killing
rabbits. Tho members ot tho Bond
Club of Now Vork -warn informed of
this fact iit a luncheon at the Bankers"
Club-recently by Tfonr IJonald Mac^
Kinnon, Commissioner for Australia
lu the United States. - Air. .MacKinnon's addiess,, which dealt with the
general financial position of the Commonwealth, was flavored with a number of interesting facts and lightened
by a flow of humor.
Farmers Who Diversify
Given Preference
State Board of Noith Dakota Favors
Mixed Farming
The Stale Boaid of North Dakota
adopted a resolution to the effect that
after January persons making applications i'or iarni loans, who are diversifying, will be given the preference.
It was also decided lhat there will be-
no foreclosure made for delinquents
on farm loans or k^iid bought on contract if iho faimors are lalsing their
own gardens, heaping chickens and
making an effort to diversify, it was
the .ittlnule of the board, according to
Land Commissioner Kositsky that
every encouragement should be given
to the farmers to keep their laud and
to make up tlicir delinquencies."
s Tiie.-ailments   of childhood���constipation, indigestion, colic, colds, etc.���
can be quickly banished through the
use of Baby's  Own Tablets.      They
are a mild by thorough laxative which
instantly   legulate    tho   bowels   and
i sweeten the stomach.   They are guaranteed to contain no harmful drugs
and can be given to the youngest baby
1 with perfect safety.   Concerning them
! Airs. Alcide Lepage, Sto. Beatrix, Que.,
I writes:���"Baby's Own Tablets wero ot"
groat help to rny baby.     They legulal-
ed lier bowels and stomach and made
her plump and well."      The Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers  or by
mail at 25c a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
First Christian Edifice
First Church in Britain  Built in Year
A.D. 61 i
Tlio first Christian Church hi Croat j
Biltiihi, According to tiad'uion, \ni_j
established A.)'. tU-al Glastonbury in
Somersetshire by Joseph ol Arima-
ihea. Ife is supposed to have located tliere wiih eluven companions and
built the first Christian house of worship. Us length was 60ft. and its
breadth 26ft. Tin. walls were made
of hvigs and branches twisted 1o-
gethor after the ancient custom. An
"Architectural History of Glastonbury.
Abbey," records that "on the spot
where the present church stands iliore
existed a .structure ot twisted roths, or
bundles, ���which"was believed-to have
been built as a Christian Oratory, ami
icporled to^be thc earliest church in
Britain. It bore the name of 'Velusta
JCcclesia,' rhe 'Old Church," and was
dedlcaled to the Virgin Mary." i
GOLDEN TEXT.-In thee sh'all all
the families of the earth tye blessed.
Genesis 12.3.
Lesson.���Genesis 12.1 to 25.10.
Devotional Reading.���Psalm  2^.
The Text Explained and Illumined
The Reason for the Migration to
Canaan, 12.1. Now Jehovah said unto
Abraham, Gel ihee out of my country,
and from, thy kindied, and irom thy
lather's house, unto .the haul that I
will show tlide���thus our narrative
abruptly begins. The difference between Abraham's adventure and that
oi the oLher great adventurers���Columbus or Drake- or .Balboa���lies in
tlie motive back of it; ho was carrying out, not his own but Cod's leading. How did God speak to him?
Evidently a powerful inner impulse, a
sense of destiny, an overmastering belief that God had given him a definite
mission, impelled Abraham io bo up
and away. "How does Cod speak to
you and me?" Dr. Jowett questions*.
"We use all manner of vague phrases
to express our souse of iho divine
leading. Here is a little batch of
them: T had a feeling!' '1 could not
get away from H.' T could not get-it
out" of my mind!' 'I felt I must!'
There is nothing very definite and
illuminating about this speech, and yet
it all suggests ihe compulsion of a
divine imperative. Sometimes the
divine will is made known to us in
some now and strange assoi tment of
our circumstances; an unexpected
door opens, and every oilier door seems
to close, aud theie I.s only one way. before us. Wo can talk of men without
the ministry of actual speech. �� If I
come upon a blind man at a street
corner wlio wishes lo cross tho street,
I do not guide him with counsel, I
speak to him with a grip! I lay my
hand upon his .shoulder and speak to
him in the language ol dumb -constraint, ls not this the meaning of
that groat phrase in the book of
Isaiah, 'The Lord said unto mo with a
strong hand?' Isaiah loll ihe dumb
grip of the Almighty, and ho foit Jio
must! Some similar imperative laid
hold of lho soul of Abraham, and he
felt lie had got to leave tlie homeland."
Tho call of God Abraham obeyed.
As the writer ot Hebrews slates it:.
lly faith Abraham,'when he was called,
obeyed to go out into a place- which
he was to receive Tor an inheritance;
and he went out, not knowing whither
he went. His course illu.stiale.s ihai
groat definition of iaith, as substantiating tilings hoped tor, cwdencing
filings not seen. "Abraham had no
knowledge of the ultimate goal, but he
was perfectly sure of the present
direction. Whore the road would lead
after the next turning he could not
tell; but tliis much was clear, "it is
along ht;iv!' 'The distant scone' was
slill in the mist. llut what of that?
The immediate direction was plain,
'one3stop' was enough. And so it is
wiih dhine guidance today. Tho
Lord does not iight up ihe entire
road leading from the calling to iho
goal. He jiiot lights up the hit of
llie road we have to travel oday, and
the rest is slill hi daikness ' Howell).
This famous household
cleaner and disinfectant
is now made in Crystal
Flakes instead of po>v-
der. It is the best house*
hold lye on the market.
Use it for cleaning
and disinfecting sinks,
closets, drains, etc.;.
destroying vermin;.
softening water; making soap; cleaning floors,
greasy pots and pahs,
etc.; removing^paint,
Avoid inferior and dangerous substitutes. Get
the genuine article in
cans as reproduced be-
\ -v
Getting to Know Each Other
Removing Prejudices Through Getting
" Better Acquainted
A pleasant play now running,in
London shows us an American and an.
Englishman, who, coming together
bristling -with prejudice, learn by the
simple process of knowing each other
to be the b^st of friends. Perhaps it
is only on the stage and in proverbs
that to know everything is to forgive
everything. We cannot bo sure/that,
as a presciiption for peace and goodwill between individuals, it is invariably efficacious. liui there is little
doubt that if nations knew one another""
better lhe world would bc tho\happior.
������London Daily Telegraph.
Habits of tlie Whale
Want to  Kno.v Where  Sea  JvLimmals
Go When They Migrate
Where   the   whale ' hei ds go ttlu.ii
"Worms,    however    generated,    aro
found in tho digestive tracts,  whero  ��
they sec up disturbances detrimental^
io  tho  health of the  cbihf.      There
can ho no comfort for the lictle ones   .
until the hurtful intiiuU-rs have been -
expelled.     An   excellent   preparation
for-lb Is purjio.se can be had in Miller's
Worm l'owdors.     Tliey will immediately destroy the worms and coiroct'.
ihe conditions that were favorable to *-
their oxi-ieiico,. ��
Ihey migrate or    whether    th.
The Name of Tutankhamen -
To tho ordinary mortal lhe tale of
Tutankhamen is irresistible. iris
name is more familiarly on the liiis of
millions than that of any reigning
monarch of today. Aud tho romance
of his age-long sleep has been heightened immensuiably by the mj stnious
suggestion, confirmed by tlie superstitious iu the tragic death of Lord Carnarvon, that hidden forces btlll lie iu
wait to bring disaster upon those wlio
would commit tiie iiua! outrage upon
tlio tomb of the mighty tloud.- -Loudon
T).U1> Nowh. '    -
Opium Conterence Postponed
To meet the wiohe-s of tho fniti d
State-* tho two projected international
opium conferences will be hold at Geii-
���:v;i ill -November, 19*11,"after the United States eloccious. 'The irf��vtariat
of the lopgue is asking all the government j for their \iew__. ou tho po^.-i
btliiy of total suppression of tho
manuf.ioturo of heroin, or iis limita-
ems of th.e cwest dance frocks.offer- j Uon t��� th,- minimum amount nceivod.
Jul   by   lionihm   .��-hopko'ipor��.     The) [ __
-   ---  . *i o. to be wi.ru umler tin   ��enil-Victor- j Ttioughts
Tbe Joy of Life jian h.ill dicc.-o. v.fi"ich are u^ height!    W>.    hav    na-ou   to be more e<��u-
Jtub .s f��n long 3i- ing are vci> inter-jo) fn.-hiou in Loudon. , earned with our thoughts about others
.-���tuning pillow-
TIte plant was fust i
Those New Styles
Victorian pantalettes, filmy t> uiininc
disn.-vr-rOd    by    rs^t; Iioquois Indian.-. creations   in  gold   and   ��ih or   gauze
and. dining tho (.real "War, it was ov-^are beginning to appear   belov?*^ the.
| tonsively     ti'-etl    Throughout     (
Kit)"'"lie _*-
as rv- i ;_i-
'outnil j hi
No Sunday Clothes
 T'to_  average;- man -iu_lhe- United
State.-, no longer has a ' Sunday suit of
clothes," but he owns an auto or is
bu>ing one on tlie instalment plan, according to a nation-is ide survey made
b}- the National Assoehitiou of Ke-iail
Clothier-*.   - -
Prophets and Profiteds
Tho ditfervuee between a prephet
Mid a. profiteer i-- that llie one is
iu��t without honor .'ave in his own
country, and the other is wirhoui honor in hi�� own country and everywhere
ol-o.���lioston Transcript.
Jfou  5.OH10 ptoph- who aro. so widely difioront  irom Ui can bo saiUficd
vtth thfiiisclvL-s i-; pant ;.li human v.n-
iit_r->ta tiding.
Thero aro many dirty loads to bc
crossed in life, hut with a littlo
paii'-roo jcii i. til ah\.<v- be ;iiiio to
llud .1 ��� bvii < rowing.
Vocki'l goplu'i-.-s. lhwig i.i-.u Lo* Sn-
g��'lt'��, ��ho\\ ilu appreciable dliu.-roiuv
Htiin lho fo_-s,li gopher* v hiou Hvod in
Ciliti'i ni.i __'"'0.ii'>y j.-ars ago.
During    th>
last year ihe   PnlU-d
of   standards   tooted
the   largest
lumb'r over tested in any one year,
'States   buri-a*!
S.7O0 predion weight
migrate is one el iho problems whicli
aro oi tluj first importance Any and
every piece of knowledge bearing on
the food and the habits of llie whale
will'be valuable, fi is time, and high
time, ihe lesson was learnt that the-
right policy for commerce la iis dealings' witli the animal kingdom is to
look to the supplies of iho. future.���
London Dally Telegraph.
Unless worms bo expelled frpivi ihe
system,, uo   child   can   bt   healthy.
.Mother  Grave-.'  Worm   exterminator i
is an excellent medicine    fo    destroy
Alberta to Indu
This (announces a corn spondunt)
is ihe exact wording of a letter received by a storekeeper in a small
to\Vu in -Alberta, Tho iriond--who
sent it averred that the wiiter, owner
of a remote quarter-section, was Irish.
"For Heavens sake send mc a 3 pun
ax. Our stoarkeeperd hotr wun n
place In a turtll rac sum joers back
and bin chom\ hided tinoo."���Times of
Oil Analysis 66.3 Pet- Cent.
Oil from the Diiiiah-Aiiierlcau well
at "Wainwright, when lho water was
eliminated, contained 6ti" per cent, ot
lubricant, aoeonliug to analysis of a
sample mado by J. Fouler, of tho
Technical Institute Csilgarj
How Interest Accumulates'
Legacy    of    One     Hundred     Dollars
Reaches Large Sum in a Cfentury ' :
The   town   oi   t.o.-lion, Ma.-*s., has,
just benefitted to ihe extent of $10.;>56
from an odd nill drawn up by John
.Tames over  ono hundred years ago.'
Ife. acted as modoi.tlor .it the first."
lown meeting in I "S3.     He then drew
up a -will, probated shortly after his
death in ISO J, reading, "I give to the
town of Goshen iho sum of $100, the ���
fund    to    remain   untouched for 100-
years alter my decease, the amount
then to be used for the support of the
Congregational minister and for public
building."     Jn 1007 the Selectmen ofr
Go.shon found the ?100, with interest .
compounded, had become ?19,"56.-Tliey
have now built a handsome publidSib*
rary for-?IO.o,"6 and appropriated the
balance, ?S,S00, for the Congregational Church of Goshen.
Wainwright Butfa.b-fo.r New 2ealarTd_
Throe buffaloes are being gent from
tiie fluffalo J'ark at Wainwright to
Aueklatid, New Zealand, where they
will be placed in the Zoological Gar-
don-5 in that city.
The thinnest thread visible to ihe
human o\o i�� so small that it would
take a bundle of a thousand of them
t'o equal tho diameter of a woman's
hair. Those threads are made from
molted fliiatu.
Ask For Increa&a
..V return to 1021 latos, involi ing aii
increase for 12,0'X' men ��miployod by
the Ca.iridl.iu National Railway, Is ho-
ing asked foi by tlio Canadian Brotherhood of lls.ilroad Kiupluyt,*-"*.
A man is willing to !"��� pus.hi.d_to fhe
irout, t-ut h'-> il".--'i'c want to be-
shoved.      '    -
We ii.".-, i ie.ili._e hov mlcli. nervo
wo posse.so Until r,0 hav. '>ci_a-i<��n to
occupy a deu'ist's chair.    ..
B M    WLX ��W another day wit*
9 &.bml ln< File*. w��
S ������������i^^ ��urgt6&l epev.
mtfon waairei
Dr. Ch��ie'(�� Olntmen* ^111 islleye you Rt cno��
auii H&ord listing bisnoSt 80a �� box; lUl
ae*5��T��, or Kdmamon, B��t���� * Co, Limit**,
Xoramo. Sim]>.�� Bos tste If you tneatloii tt-,t��
psyr and eu.-los* So. Ksuip t�� p��y jtojlftje.
llore than h.ili 'he- m-u in Xev,-
foundSand aro casrat'ed in Hie ribbing
P=>- }c;;r out oi tuva iCLOisat-, by JUornin.
ion J".xprc;�� Moaey-Onlers. five dollar*
co^t<  t-.re* cmt^.   ~
file   MEW   rftEMCH   REMEDV.
Ho. l for 3_.U._j<_*T Cstftrrh. No. S for stood *
Skin Ditches. Na.3forChronlc'W��ako����B����.
S-)i O -., _-A-uH-. .Cl__ ���.'.'.T^.��.-lCt !!, l^(.HNB3f,
1>* L 't . -">\ Med Co ll*^?r^t;cLRd.:, WS.I cot-tiit,
e'.h SM rKi,K 71. r _.,,sr ��.-_. K*si. rr*'*n., .o.
L-?   -st   : ., Jf^'-r.  ��.K__;r v..��_;.-,-tiv-jier*!.
t^inK lo contomplau', but nwi poo-!
l>\r>  prfKr  onnie.nphuing them   at  n
'S Pore  av
| ili.m with thei."   iho'ights    about    us.
:a' j Outbid'- opinions of u-s. ju-^t or unjust
aud  roiii't-ni
life h-��j!id.�� th.
hundi-< d    and
atxr.'t the -���''?���
Al r.'i--
Bioss,.��ii is ihe man whi> ka.J ih-:
othor iklight.--j of making  friend*:   for it   i- one  ofi,lo uot nil\\}- mA)^. u, Oihoi  than wo
o mako a  full j Cod's  b-'-i gift=.      If  invohes  many j :ir,-,p },ut to tHIsik unohaiiushfy of tho-e
ot living
��� hat go
delights ot jiving to
th- ji��n.f-lual concern
ol yonr .-merle Capo
MeJi.-iniesl <lt.vic�� -:  i-.5U'-> a <j..aiiei
. r>i ,i niiiiloiL tickets d.iio-- on th" X.-on
!:don l"r_do���.g.-o.uE.d..Rid!way.........,;..   ..v,...,.,,
thing-, hut ahovo nil the pow.-r <>t go i ilt���vu n^ w ju pol,-oa our ov.-n nature
jng out of one's ovn s=��*l�� aiul peeing .,-,.
aud approria'jng Ttluti.'KT    i.-    noMo, Hubby Kiowa
Tind loving in :vm>.h<n in__ii i     'Could  joii t.par.5 ihe  tim-  .<m
 ���__ | hour'* Utlk'.'"
Belgian Cong<�� ha��, c^al ip.|.iwii^ ... j     'VrtainU
more than 1 .''H'��,i"j-��r0f"''�� top- ! ...^ ;_���,,..-u i_o
... ~   X-   ~-,.. .���{���.,ci.an..5>.1.. .. .,-..
.:,,fVVfhe!V-\4_iWney;'  .-laik# ...it -'$$..;tl�� _<��-;sTf ... -__,,
M;.   Ti'V !>a-- ju-t  <o!d
-���j.fiy in a miaut<-.--Kx-
If^s&^r Mwar^'sfai^ .til(e'f;ii*-bt^
���X;iUi^r^rm^mm .^^.^.^aSy..
^i T     ������___lli'��i_iiM1. �������������������
I. !|2.oo a year strictly in advance, or
J.2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain aud
ihe United Stales ��2.50, always in advance.
Oliver,Manson, Sloan, etc., have waited
nine mouts until they could make their
charges from the seclusion of the Legislature, where as your readers are doubtless aware, uo action for libel can be
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices	
Coal-and OU Notices...: :.	
.  .7.00
1 .stray Notices	
.. 12.50
Certificate of Improvement	
(Where more than  one claim ap
pears it. notice, $5.00 for each ad
ditional claim.)
All other legal'advertising,   12
cents a
line first insertion, and  8 cents a
line for
tiach   subsequent    insertion,    nonpariel
Norwegian Creek School
Report for December
B. Thorsteinsson,   Teacher
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2>��c.  a  line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
tliat the editor would be pi eased
to have more money.
[The Ledge invites correspondence of a
public nature but does not hold itself,
in any way, responsible for the opinions
Kettle Valley, B.C.,
Dec. 22nd, 1923.
Editor Thb Ledge,
Sir:   '"������'.';
Iu your issue of Dec. 20th under the
' iadiug "News from the Capital" there
... re several statements that are contrary
0 the facts. Knowing The Ledge's
reputation for fair play I feel convinced
you will give me au opportunity to refute
(1) "After submitting more or less
meekly to veiled insinuations oi" wrongdoing in condition with P. G. E. railway
affairs    .    .    ."
For about 10 months the Proviucial
Party on every -public platform and in
The Searchlight'have been making the
most definite charges against Messrs.
Bowser and Oliver, backed up by the
affidavits of government officials and subcontractors, in connection with maladministration and corruption of P. G. E.
affairs, open letters have been written
to the Premier demanding 11 Royal Com-
_uissicm_to investigate, all with jio icsult."
.Finally the Provincial Party Convention.
at Vancouver sent' a Petitioi; . to the"
Lieut.-Goveruor embodying a large niiiu-'
ber of charges, asking for a Royal"Com-:'
mission, and under that pressure it appears possible that at last it rriay.be obtained; although at the moment "of writ-
7 ing that appears -by. no means certain."
--, "(2) It is impossible with the small
"  space  at my disposal- to- refute fall the
- charges against Genr. McRae, but just to
". take, one; viz V'Genr.-McRae has-paid
" $18.70 income tax in this province while
-.-,spending .$25,000 .a year.; to-keep.uphis
..-home."'     ���"-X.X-'--��� ���'._������-.    X    ������----'
Surely it. was the; 'duty.of.the Govt, to
; get after McRae if he wasdodging income
- tax and why didn't -they'V because"at. the-
���time they made the" .'charge'they-knew:
perfectly well that McRae was paying all
* .he should,Vhat. he had  no'- income" from
..within the Province,',:'that, the"$2,000,000
he has invested in-the Province is' not
-paying dividends yet.'althp  it-soon will.
-; All" the "other chargesare of alike nature,
'' tliey know them-to'be false, but believe
"they can put it over the' - electors,  which
~.is^justf-"wfi^e""'they7~w}llVfind.out" their
. mistake.        ' -.    -';���..,   .'     --.''  '-,.: f-
'-'.'  /Is it not rather noticeable that whereas
.. all-ProvinciaTParty's charges have been
itiade-publicly,' thus, if untrue, ".throwing
' '.themselves open ��� to a libel suit;"Messrs.;
Number on Register
Total attendance       ���   -
Percentage of attendance
Lates        -
Proficiency List
Grade   I . (1st   term):     Mary
Gidon, Bertille Bohemier.
Grade I (2nd term): May
Clark; Virginia Riley. James
Watson, equal.
Grade II (first term): James
Grade II (second term): Charles
Riley, Christiane Bohemier,
Auge Marie Bohemier.
Grade III: Louis Caron, Gisile
Bohemier, Alexina Gidon.
Grade IV: Daisy Watson, Alice
Watson, Marc Bohemier, Irene
Grade V: Jules Caron, Madeleine Gidon.
Grade VI: Lawrence Folvik,
Yves Bohemier.
Grade VIII:    Andrea Caron.
Perfect Attendance
May Clark, Madeline Gidon,
Mary .Gidon, Charles Riley, James
Riley, Virginia Riley, Alice
Watson, Daisy Watson, James
Watson, Yves Bohemier, Gisile
Bohemier, Christiane Bohemier,
Angemarie Bohemier, Marc Bohemier, Bertille Bohemier.
Great interest is being manifested
in the International Dog' Derby to
he run at Quebec during'the Winter
Carnival on February 21st, 22nd and
23rd,. 1924. The race is for .teams
of huskies driven by .Indians, trap-
pars, traders, mail carriers and others. At present ten. entries have
been received and others are expected froni the north shore of the
St.��� Lawrence and from-tiie Abitibi
mining district. As navigation will
soon close, it will be necessary for
entries from the latter district to
mush' 400 miles to reach Quebec.
About five American . teams will
probably take part, their object being to regain the gold cup for the
United   States.
-, .What inJrciit havc resulted in. a
very ser:ous_.tr..i._ wreck was avoided.
.in. the nick of time ori the Canadian
Pacific Railway Parry   Sound   sub-.
.division," by^ section foreman- Gon-f
zani, who while patrolling the track
"iieur ' Brignall   recently   ��� discovered -
two large  iron nuts on .top ..of''the-
rails,  securely   fastened   with -hay
.wire.    The foreman'- had just "time-,
to', unfasten  the   wire, .and   remove
,'the nuts to clear the ' track for a
train was due in five'minutes. 7Two
boys in the; yicinity-'"admittedr after,-
��� questioning," that, they, wired .the'
nuts to the rails."   They were sen-'
-fenced to the. local shelter;for" one"
"month, and'their fathers   were   re-f
_quired "to. giye -bond-and, report" .to
the - authorities - for. two - years:
".Evidence given.by farmers' before -the . U. S.' Tariff - Commission
showed that" under. American' rail-f
way rates a; bushel" qf .wheat could
be. hauled ; "only'. 35,.- miles."for" one.
cent,  while  under - Canadian Urates
���iho.same- amount- of fmoney would'
move the. same-amount of grain"66/
miles. "American farmers' "claim that
this, isf-a ^saving, in favor,.of the-
Canadian -producer-"of 44 per cent,
or about 8 cents a-bushel. The reason, given-for the difference is that
in th"e; United-States grain'rates "are'
.based on cost of moving;-it to-day,
while in. Canada they are-based 01V
: 1897.. 'costs,f when the':. .Crow's- Nest
fl'ass- agreement, was , made, between
the.. Government" and  theVCariadiair-
' Pacific;1'V-   ���-.*-...      " - -
Bottles of Satisfaction
".Cascade"���-the Beverage of sparkling purity and .tonic tang���-gives
the perfection of satisfaction. It's
-brewed right and bottled tight.at
the most elaborately equipped brewery on the.-Pacific Coast.
Experience   the   satisfaction   of
drinking British Columbicfs best
yheer���INSIST  on  "Cascade  at
[they Government   Liquor   Store.
.'This' advertisement is not published or displayed
"by the; Liquor Control Board or by the
Government of British Columbia.'  .-
Thc new Continental remedy called;
-"LARMALENE" (Reed.)
is a simple harmless home-treatment
which absolutely cures deafness,
noises in the head, etc NO EXPENSIVE APPLIANCES NEEDED for this
new Ointment, instantly operates
upon the affected parts with complete
and permanent success- SCORES OF
Mrs.K. Wilkiiison, of Slad Road, Stroud,
writes:���"Please could 1 trouble you to send me
another box of tbe Ointment. Iris not for myself, but for a friend of mine who is as bad ah I
was, and cannot pet any rest for the noises in
the head. I feel a tiejf woman, and can go to
bed now aiul pet a good night's rest, whicli I
have uot been -able to do for "many
months. It is a wonderful remedy and am
most dcllifhted to recommend it."
1.���A comfortable corner of the Baggage Car.
3.���Another view of the Baggage Car.
2 ���Lxlerlor of one of thc new Canadian Pacific Mall and Baggage Cars.
4.���This Is where the mails are sorted.
Almost every day we rely upon His Majesty's Postal service for the
delivery at certain hours of letters and parcels whicli are of value,
and which would lose their value were they delivered tardily. Seldom
have we cause to complain of the service rendered in exchange for our few
cents and we have come to expect the efficient regularity of that service
regardless of the 'natural or economic disturbances which affect other
services. The letter was stamped and placed in the postal box. It must be
delivered, and. with dispatch, rain or shine.
Due to the increasing use of His Majesties Mails, the Canadian Pacific
Railway has found it necessary to add to its rolling stock, twelve new Mail
and Baggage coaches. These, being up-to-date in every respect, provide
every facility for the handling of the mail, and a number of conveniences for
the clerks which the older type of cars could not boast of. The "All Steel"
cars are some of the finest used by Postal authorities in the wofld, and the
Company is to be congratulated, in that providing every facility for the
quick handling of postal matter, it has kept an eye to the comfort of the
clerks. ���     .  -,   .
The forward end of the travelling Post Office, for such it is, is used
mainly for storage purposes. On one side, movable iron stanchions separate
the bags destined for the various towns en route, and on the other isthe gas
stove, for, cooking purposes,- ice water tank, lavatory, wash basin, and
clothes cupboard ��� innovations which are-greatly commended by the clerks.
The rear end of the mail compartment is.the business end. A long
reversible table, running lengthwise, allows the clerk to face either side of
the car in order to sort his parcels into the bags which are supported by
-folding racks, and into the boxes conveniently arranged above the bags Ior
the accommodation of newspapers, and which can be quickly emptied by
the simple expedient of raising the front. At the rear end is a table, the full
width'of the car, and behind this are the hundreds ojE pigeon holes into which
the clerk must distribute the letters for the various towris,.quickly, almost
automatically. At his feet as he "stands at his table, the clerk has a tray into,
which theletters posted when the train is at a station, drop. These letters he
stamps and distributes with those put on the train at the terminal. Cord with
which to tie the letters info bundles is conveniently at hand, and if some-of
the bundles contain registered mail they are placed into the pigeon holes
at one side, over which a;wire grating is fitted and locked.: Everything is
scrupulously clean. " f   - .'
The baggage and express end of the coaches is also the last word in car.
construction. As with the mail section/the doors open in the centre of the
compartment, one half of which.Has a solid floor, the Other half being fitted
with fish racks. In addition' to the conveniences afforded the mail clerks,
the baggage men have a folding table which fits tightly against the 'wall
when notin use, and which may be utilized as a dinning table and ������ but no!
thereis too much business to talk of cards. "'"'" "  ^
The twelve new cars were designed by C. H. Temple, Chief of Motive
Power and Rolling Stock, Canadian Pacific Railway, and were constructed
by the Canada Car and Foundry Company, Ltd., Montreal.   They;are
designed to carry 3.0 tons of express matter and 10 tons of mail, a total of
40 tons; compared with 30 tons, the capacity of the old type of coach. The
Company has adhered to the six wheel truck, but heavier, journals have
been provided, 5H by 10 in place of the. 5 by 9 inches. -Another feature
of the new coaches is the diaphragm ends.. This eliminates the danger of
people "riding blind". "     - ......      ?    .-
** Until more are constructed, the new coaches will operate between
Montreal and Toronto, Montreal and Sault Ste. Marie, Toronto and St.
John, N.B., and Winnipeg, and Edmonton bn Canadian Pacific lines.
Mrs. E.,Crowe, of Whiteliorse Rond, Croydon writes:���."I am pleased to tell you that the
small tin of ointment you sent to meat Ventuor.
his proved a complete success, my hearing is
now quite normal, and the horrible head noises
have ceasi'd. The action of this new remedv
tnust be , very remarkable, .for I have been
troubled with these complaints for nearly ten
\ ears, and have had some of the very best medical advice toprether with other expensive ear
instruments all to no purpose. I need' hardly say
how very grateful 1 am, for my life lias un Jef-
goue an entire change.
Trj one box today, which can be forwarded
to anv address on receipt of money oriW for
Addressorders to:���   ���'".
"LARMALENE" CO.. (H. Thomas).
"Woodlands," Bean, Dartford, Kent. Enj.
���   The;' adverse   balance   of   grain"
; shipments . through    Canadian    as..
against-.United States ports is-being -steadily, reduced; according" to
statistics'��� compiled   by   the   Marine
.Department."  In. 1916"only 91,082,-
702 bushels'of. Canadian'-'grain were'-
shipped   through .'"Dominion - .ports,:
where "as   165,949,989  bushels  were',
shipped', through   the..States.-'" The-
figures for- 1923, up  to  September "
1st, on  the.-other-'hahd, show  that
-Canada>..now .-ships  nearly'"-half' her''
;grain through her'own -ports.-. During this .period .the anioiint ��� regist- -
ered .has..-.been."103,548,485 "bushels '
despatched via  Canadian .ports"-and'-
120,628,438' via-those of the -United .
SLates. -..-���- ������      i .
:;-,,        WDENTIST Wf -
Has'opened au" office- above Chas.
V: '.'. -, King's office. 7',' ' -
./'": Open- 9.30 a.m. .to '5 p.m.. ,--,.
,   Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
For Fall and Winter
; Splendid Assortment of. New
;-._..���" Samples Just Arrived 7
Call and see them
.- -   . ���r-~&t~ -., 7.
^    tailor and Cleaner    ,
*''"-       Greenwood   V
VThe . Ledge ,cafn supply:.,.your
"every tseed- in the,"printing/line
:and -,at ��� f prices - consistent'���. with
-.first-class.work.:V._y.-Z-,...._.f. ,_:.:_.fl
Just "at this time the mail order houses are active in
flooding the country with big handsomely, gotten up catalogues, quoting attractive prices on staple* articles and
making all sorts of big sounding- claims for your cash,'
They do not offer to exchange their goods for the farmers'
eggs, poultry, butter or other produce. They don't trust
a penny's worth, but- make you pay cash before you get
the goods and the freight- besides. They pay no taxes
into your city or county treasury, with which your, schools
are; maintained/'roads, bridges, and sidewalks built.
���Economy andSatisf action
cqmBined with Promptness
; ai-e the features'' which go to
'makeup the Service we giw
bur ;cu^tomersi Are you
one of them?
JheConsolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited;      W
...".-.-   , Office, 'Smelting and Refining Department    '    -yy";
X yX        "-'    TRAIL, BRITISH.COLUMBIA    '" 77 VW'    W" -
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers of   Gold;- Silver,   Copper,  .Pig  Lead  and. Zinc::
.,--". "WW"   VV' "TAD AN AC". BRAND.,. V   -:VV' ���.'- -W      ''.
���'^���.SYNOPSISOF v
Vacant, y unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by allens-on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and Improvement for agricultuial
purposes. '.''���-.
Full, information concerning regu-
ations regarding pre-emptions is
given in,Bulletin" No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-emp.t Land," copies ot
which can be obtained free of phctigo
by addressing- 'the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or .to any Government Agont. '.'���;-,;
Records will be granted! covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber- ���
land, i.e., carrying oyer 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Range. ������'���"-.'..
Applications for pre-emptions aro
co ;be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and.are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from tlie Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions.must be occupied lot
five years-and improvements made
to value' of ?10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at leust five
acres, before a Crown- Grant can ba
received. s
For more detailed information sea
the    Bulletin    "How    to    Pre-empt
.Land."     ""._'-
      PURCHASE _
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlm'oerland,
for agricultural, purposes;' minimum
price of first-class (arable) land Is $5
per acre, ancl second-class (glazing)
lari'd $2.G0*"per acre.' Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands is given in Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
''Lease of Crown Lands." ���.~
Mill, factory.'or industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 ncres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions including payment of
stumpage.     . , :    "
Unsurveyed-areas, not exoeedlng 20
acres, may ba leased as homesltea,
conditional- upon a dwelling being
erected in the first year, title being
obtainable after residence and improvement, conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
,   For grazing  and   industrial    purposes areas not exceeding 640  acres
may be leased- by-one  person  or  a
company.   . . \ .^      _
,.,.' ..GRAZING W ���
, " Under- the Grazing Act" the Province Is divided into grazing districts
.and the range administered under a
Grazing '--" Commissioner. .- Annual
grazing permits are issued based on
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-ownera
may form . associations - for range
���management.. Free, or partially free,
.permits are available - for ��� settlers,'
;cam'pers a!nd travellers, lip to ten
head.'.- ' .'���-.    ..       ���_   ... ~.    ,-.   .
��j[   ...
Posters, Dodgers, Etc, Etc.
B,   GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department    2
Jht Mineral ^Province pf Western Canada       ,
f Has.produced Mineralsi valued sb foTlowB:    Placer Gold,. $76,542,203; Lode . . ,'
Gold, 8_i'(��ffi47;681;-Siiver,;f^
.Zipc. ;$^4,625,853;' MiBcellaneoQs.. Minerala, >1,358,S39; Goal and-Coke, $238,-., "-':"
;2S9,5G5; Buildipg Stone,. Brick, Cement, eta., = $36;605,942, niaking its Mineral.. ,'
_Prbdnction~.to.t1ie.end of 1922 show VW -.. X) :.: ""''/���    ...   .
An Afegfef ate Value of $769,il8,462   V
letipo for tie Year Mding Pecemier, 1922, $35 ,|58,84
The   Mining. Laws, of this Province are more/liberal, and theff fees lower,
than those of any ofchsr Province in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British       f
Empire. V  ' ..f   - f: V ���'-..;-VV _. ..- ---'."���"���>   '���'���-    "' x  '   "'""���' .'-- -Vf---V . ""-. V;'" ',.-��� -
Mineral. locationa.are granted to discoverers for nominal fees/   .
Absolute  Titles are  obtained  by developing each proper^es, theiaecnrity
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.' . V; .
Full information; together with Mining Beports and.Maps; may be obtained
gratis by addressing���
THE H019.'--TBE'JVillllST^vpF^miN^!
VICTOMA; British ��#mbia,


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