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The Ledge May 19, 1921

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Provincial Library
(j V    HAY 2 * 1921       ;)
Vol.   XXVII.
No. 45
House Furnishings, Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
Mmtitrnmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmm mm
We can fill your wants for:--
Also a full line of ��� / ^
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Fishing Season Is Now On
Everything in Fishing Tackle
Before you. send that spring order look over
our stock of
Prints, Flannelettes, Boys find
Ladies Hose, Etc.
They will please you in every respect
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms.' A comfortable home, for tourists and travellers. �� Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Indespensible in the kitchen!
Shamrock .\[
. Lard   . v |!
"       I
Wholesale Distributing Branch, for West Kootenay District, NELSON, B.C.    \i
Packing Plants at ' U
Reeina*  Prince Alters       "    *
Calarary       Edmonton
Vancouver   $
We will cash your Victory Loan
Coupons or place them to your credit
in our Savings Bank where they will
draw interest at 3% per annum.
PAID-UP CAPITAL      -      . -
GREENWOOD BRANCH, h. E. Brawders, Manager.
Buy a
Made to Measure Suit
Quite, a   substantial  reduction in prices
Vo^ measure   taken   by   one
. who learned the business
No Guessing
W. Eison 8 Co
A Complete Assortment
WagstafPs Jams and
Try Our
Pride of Canada, Pure
Maple Syrup' -
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best Companies in   the World
Enquire as. to Rates
Ranches For Sale
Call And See
In Shell or Nickel Frames
Put up in a neat Spring Covered Case
Watchmaker      Jeweler      Optician
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
Katherine- McDonald in
"The Thunderbolt
Is a kissless bride of hate in the romance
of the strangest marriage ou. record���It's
a big theme in a. most unusal story.
Five Reels
Also a Christie Comedy iu One Reel
The House That Jack Built
Ethel Clayton iu
"Her Sporting Chance"
Five Reels
Also a One Reel Christie Comedy
"Honeymoon Baby"
For Sale
A 2 wheel sulky.  - Good   bargain at $7.     Apply Ledge. Office.
Baled Hay For Sale
Baled hay for sale.. Extra good
quality, mixed timothy and
alsyke. -
Fritz Haussener
Box 364 Greenwood, B,C.
Card of Thanks
Tbe undersigned desires to take
this'medium of thanking all those
who worked on her -behalf and
rolled up such a splendid yote in
the recent Popularity Contest.
-  Mrs. C, T. Fenxex.
Around Home
Jos. Buron, of .Eholt, was in
town on Tuesday/
Jas. McCreatb,-' sr. returned
from Halcyon on Friday.
T. Crawford, of Carmi, motored
to Greenwood on Tuesday.
I. H. Judge Hallett has returned from a*trip to the coast.
Geo. W. Rumberger, of Vancouver, was iu tovfn on Thursday.
F. K. McManu.'of Merritt, will
open pool hall in the new town of
Mr. and Mrs. D. MePherson
are on a motor tour through the
Chief J. A. Fraser left for
Princeton of'Wednesday morning
on business.
Get your wall paper at manufacturers . prices..' See the 1921
samples at Goodeve's Drug Store.
R. A. "Wood, of the Bank of
Montreal, is spending his vacation with his parents at Penticton.
The Fire Department will send
a team to compete -in the "Wet
Test" at Grand Forks on May
Geo. Hallett. of the Bank of
Commerce at Mission, is spending
his vacation with his parents
~ Died���At Princeton on May 3,
Mrs. Clara Luciani, aged 59. She
formerly lived in Phoenix for 13
Miss Ethel Royce returned to
Vancouver on Friday after spending a holiday with her mother,
Mrs. A.'R^ Royce.,
Miss Bai-ron, who has been vis-
iting.Mr. and-MrkrC. S. Walters-
returned to her home at Grand
Forks on Tuesday.
Last week Eric Jacksoa, of
Midway, had the misfortune to
be kicked on the hatid by a horse
breaking a finger in two places.
Miss Cajdwell. of Kelowna,
who has-been seriously ill, is recuperating her health here and is
the guest of her sister Mrs. G. B.
Monthly General meeting of
the Board of Trade will be held
on Thursday evening, May 19,
in the new rooms Miller Block,
Copper St.
Andy Johnsoti, formerly of
Phoenix, has purchased the stock
bf Harry Nash "and" will "run" the
pool-room and soft drink establishment in Coalmont.
The Doukhobors are, ready to
sell.their holdings in the Grand
Forks district to the highest bidder. The yalue of the property
is estimated at $2,000^00.
While hanging up his gun Geo
Putnam, of Rock Creek, accident-
ly shot himself through the
middle finger of the left hand.
He was attended to by Dr. Burnett and is getting along nicely.
A good time is assured allwho
attend the Dance in Riverside
Hall on May 24, under the auspices of the Women's- Institute.
Bush's orchestra will supply the
The Independent Meat, Market
is now open all the time. We
carry only the best stock procurable in fresh meats. Hams - and
bacon, lard, sausages, head
cheese, etc,
The tennis season opened last
Wednesday week when quite a
number of enthusiasts turned out.
Tea and cake was served during
the afternoon. The season promises to be a bright one for
- The appearance of the cemetery .'God's Acre" is not very
creditable.*�� the cemmuaity. An
endeavor should be made to-have
all interested in the question of
beautifying the grounds arranging for a general clean up. 'It
seems a great pity to see monuments going to rack and ruin and
unkempt graves.
^^^H Providence Mine Resumes . Sale of Liquor Delayed
After a sliut down of over six
months the Providence mine ��will
start mining operations this
(Thurfeday) with a gang of 25
men which will be increased
from time to time. Work
commenced on the 400 and 500
foot levels and shipments of ore
are expected to be made almost
immediately. Work has been delayed for two weeks owing to the
high water in the creek, which is
tbe highest since 1904. There
will bo two shifts with Wm.
Madden is iu charge of one shift
aud Thos. Rowe the other. The
compressor is running smoothly.
It the intention of the company to work the 600 foot level
when an increased force will be
put on.
The baseball club was organized
on Monday night. A league will be
formed with Midway, Rock Creek
and Greenwood. The grounds
have been put in shape and a good
fence built. It is expected that
there will be some good games
played this season. The following
officers were elected:���
Hon. President, Hon. J. D.
MacLean. Hon. Vice Presidents,
J. L. White, J. V. Mills, L. E.
Brawders, W. E. 'Madden, A.
Sater, W. H. Docksteader. Pres.
and Mgr., Geo. Gray. Vice-Pres.
D. McKee and N. Docksteader.
Executive committee, Geo. Clerf,
L. Clark and R. Murray. R.
Taylor, secretary pro tem.
Kettle Valley Notes
Mrs. H. Whiting went to Grand
Forks last Saturday to visit her
daughter, Winnie, who is in the
hospital there.
The Concert Dance in the Riverside Hall last Friday in aid of the
School Library was a huge success
from every standpoint. The concert was of exceptional merit which
included local talent as well as
numbers from Greenwood and
Midway. The proceeds amounted
to $110 which will go towards
furnisbiug a library for the school.
Scotch Ham
When two old Scottish housewives met one morning, one asked
the other what was in a parcel she
was carrying.
"Oh, it's just some ham," was
the reply. "I always buy my
ham from Mr. McDougal's shop in
the town. My husband is rather
particular, and he likes this kind
of ham." The other said her husband was particular also, aud she
thought she would-try the ham.
So off she went t& McDougal's
shop." l'I want some ham," Bhe
said." What kind of ham?" the
shopman asked her. "Oh, the
same kind that Mrs. Robertson
gets." McDougal smiled and
leaning over the counter, whispered, "Where's your bottle"
Don't forget the School Bazaar
on June 3rd. The boys and girls
will be looking for you at their
Sale of Work and Concert in the
evening. Bush's orchestra will
play for the Dance following,
Keep this date open!
A large, number of Greenwood
people will take in the Victoria"
Day, May 24, Celebration in
Grand Forks. This,affair promises to bc one of the best that has
ever been held in that city. The
Colville brass band, of 20 pieces
will supply music during the
day. There will be a baseball
tournament,' horse racing and
children's sports. The Firemen's wet test between Greenwood ,and Grand Forks will he
one of the features of the day.
Commencement- of the government sale of liquor in British Columbia is now delayed indefinitely,
according to a report from Victoria.
"There are many problems the
board has to deal with yet," said
Colonel Winsby. "There is now
no chance of us getting the system
started early in Jane. If we get
it started after July 1 we will be
doing well."
James H. Falconer of the board,
who has been covering the communities in southern British Columbia and along the line of the
Canadian Pacific, returned to Victoria on Sunday, with information
on which appointments of staffs
and selection of warehouses and
offices may be based.
Members of the board declared
that the new federal taxes on
liquor would hit the British Columbia liquor board hard. -The
new taxes will greatly increase the
cost and selling price of liquor in
this province, tbey said, and because of that will cut the quantity
sold and consequently the business
of the board and the profit the
province will make.
Midway News
C. W. Barrett expects to go to
the coast very shortly.
Harry Borders is intending to
make a trip to the coast in his
Chevrolet, in the near future.
Howard H. Pannell is now preparing to move the Rock Creek
church to its new site at Kettle
Valley, which he started last fall,
but had to postpone' it for the
The Census
Thirty-five questions must be
answered regarding each person
enumerated in the .census of population next month, according to the
forms which Commissioner Gapt.
Knight has in stock to furnish his
enumerators who will start quizzing
the public ou June 1st. Ona thing
formidable about the questions,
however, is the lengthy list of
them, and the average individual
will not have to detain the enumerator long. There are forms for
speeial occupations but the population form applies for everybody:'���
"The Thunderbolt"
Thunderbolt." starring
Katfierine MacDonald, will be seen
at the Greenwood Theatre, on
Saturday, May 21. This is the
first picture of this star's to be released through First National Exhibitors circuit. -lb tells the story
of a girl forced into a loveless marriage with her most bitter enemy,
Eastern critics have praised it
How Prospectors
May Get Powder
Included in the estimates passed
at, the last session of the Provincial Legislature, was the sum of
$10,000 to-provide assistance for
the "bona fide mineral prospector"
in the purchase of the powder needed for the initial development of
mineral claims staked in the
Hon. William Sloan, minister of
mines, has had under consideration
regulations' to govern the disbursement of this aid. He haB approved
a set of rules which, taken as a
whole, should assure the equitable
administration of the fund.
The procedure laid down in this
connection is very simple. Applicants have to comply with a few
clearly explained conditions to obtain a rebate on /��� the powder they
use in the opening up of their properties "of 25 per cent, of the legitimate cost of such powder."
The rules referred to may be
summarized as follows:
That applicants prove to the satisfaction of a mining recorder or, a
resident mining engineer that they
are "bona fide mineral prospeot-
The grants will be made on a
basis of not more than ' ten cases' of
powder to each applicant in one
That an additional- amount may
be allowed to a prospector in one
year "under exceptional circumstances," and on the written recommendation of a resident engineer of the Department of Mines.
That the applicants shall sign
declarations, upon forms supplied
by the Department "of Mines',' setV
ting forth the legal description of
the ground on which powder has
been used and the number of cases
of explosives actually used in prospecting such ground.
That applications shall be signed
in tbe presence of and witnessed by
one of the following persons, viz.:
A mining recorder, a deputy min>
ing recorder, a justice of the peace,
or a resident engineer of tho De* -
partment of Mines.
Upon receipt of such declaration,
with invoice of the powder purchased, a subsidy will be paid to
the extent of 25 per ceut. of the
retail cost of the powder.
Special 'attention is called to the
terms of the last clause. It meaus
that, if powder is bought in centres
where it is comparatively cheap,
the rebate or subsidy will be based
on such cost. Should it be purchased, however, at interior points
at a higher price the percentage
will be figured on the higher cost.
This is of more advantage to prospectors thau a straight rebate per
Grand Forks Volunteer Fire Department
. -AT ~ -\
Grand Forks, May 24
Brass Band - 20 Pieces
Four Teams Wilt Compete
Firemen's Wet Test
Between Greenwood and Grand Fork* for purse of $25
Good Children's Sports and Horse Racing
A large crowd will be present and a good time in store '-
Stomach Treatment Futile
For Catarrhal Trouble'
Impossible to properly treat
Catarrh in the nose or throat by (losing thc stomach. To rid the system
of Catarrh, send thc healing vapor of
Catarrhozone after the germs, and
yop accomplish real results. When
you inhale the rich piney essence of
Catarrhozone and get its healing balsams circulating al! through the
breathing organs, thc cough is eased,
sneezing stops, tlie nostrils arc cleared, the throat is healed and freed from
discharge. If you want permanent
���relief from Catarrh, irritable throat,
"bronchitis, use Catarrhozone several
times every day. Safe and sure. Two
months treatment One Dollar, small
size 50c, all dealers or The Catarrho-
yone Co., Montreal.
Xne Lamp In
The Window
By Frank Wall
It was just a little cottage, standing in a corner of what had once />cen
old John Humphreys' farm. John
Humphreys was dead and thc farm
bad becn merged long ago in the magnificent grounds of thc house built by
some unknown millionaire on the
crest of the hill.
There were all kinds of rumor's
about that house, but the only facts
were that no one had ever seen lhe
owner or had even heard his name.
The house ,a palace in white with
broad terraces and smooth sloping
lawns, was exquisitely furnished, but
only the caretaker and the scrubwoman enjoyed its perfections. Day
by day and year by year it stood there
drowsing in thc warm sunshine, and
at night the moon played quaintly
about its white walls and cast long
slanting shadows across the lawns;
and that was the only sign of life
there for almost twenty years.
The little cottage stood near the
road and was occupied by old "John
Humphreys' son. Hc kept himself
aloof from his neighbors and was not
very popular. They said hc had no
social ability, no human feelings, and
perhaps they were right. Ordinarily
his face was like a mask, but when
sunset came and hc placed his little
lamp in the window overlooking the
road, it softened into an extraordinary tenderness. If thc neighbors
Could havc seen him then, thcy might
havc changed thcir opinion of him.
And this had gone on for nearly
twenty years. Every night hc lighted
thc .little lamp and when hc had lighted it he sat by the window watching
and watching and watching for some-"
one who'never.came.
Sometimes there were noisy parties
who .-had ���motored, down 'from- New-
York,    which' ���  was   -only, fifty miles
.-away, and thcy would come and ask
for somcthing-to cat;     He' gave them
thc best he had, and.then he would go
' back to his corner and stare' down die'
unanswc.iing road.-.     .'-.   -    -      -' ..
One ' night   a furious storm broke
.over that part of the country. 7   The
' rain . came down in. torrents and flic
livid flashes of-lightning made thc big
-house" 011.".the.;hill appear. even"vm'ore.
���  impressive and' beautiful.      After-he
_ had lighted his little lamp, he.stood
watching :thc storm, and'it was'.whilc
hc was so occupied that he saw an
automobile    toiling  .'painfully ^up'the
steep slope of the road.   It'came to a
. standstill'opposite the'   cottage-'and
half, a dozen people-alighted and hurried-up..the .little "path.- "���""-���'���,'-
Thcy-were all young.except one, a
���- very- beautiful "woman- of; about" forty
"years of age.'     The others, addressed
her as Madame Lesia,'and the. cotta'g-
.  cr, sitting quietly-in'his corner, recalled her-name as that of"'a .great singer,
who,--.after years of.' struggle";', had recently-taken.  New. 'Y.ork-by s.torm.
They .were all artists of one" kind or
another,.full of wild spirits; mocking
.   every convention"; and -.the^.one. they
. called Madame-Lcsia was thei ".wildest
of them" alt. .. Yet .there, was' this difr
fcrcncc: that ;her >yildncss seemed-to
.be forced: " It was as though-it strug-.
-. gled all ..the- time -with' some deeper
feeling, as'though-some, secret fibor
of her heart had been- touched and she
-wished to"hide it;-   -V-   . .' 7 -'"'
������" "Let'us ask- Madaiu'e" Lesia," cried
��� .oric .in- the*mi.dst'.of'.a furious, argument; and. the singer :turncd'smilingly.
"7, "Jack.. Mouhtford "says., that if.he
. ���were married; he would, sacrifice -even-
fcis wife's:happmcss to" his"art, if need
he;, that art is supreme." V         ' - V, ���
V "And.you,;Helen?*'-/   -V .���".,
-. - The - girl ��� -laughed" vivaciously' and
��� yet -with .an" undercurrent, of .sadness.
"I, .don?t .".know,":she murmured, "I"
: wantlto be famous but I'want to be
j happy too. Is it not possible to bc
I both, Madame?"
The singer was staring at a photograph that stood on a side-table. It
was a girl of perhaps twenty-three or
twenty-four years of age, dressed in
some cheap material, obviously -village-made, but one scarcely noticed
that for thc transfiguring happiness
that shone in her face.
"Do you see that girl " shc said
quietly. "Do you notice how plainly
she is dressed? And that cheap little
wedding ring at which she is staring
so intently? That girl isn't famous
and yet she looks happy. And 1,"
shc added, as though speaking to herself, "I am what you call famous, but
I am not hoppy."
The cettagcr had left his corner by
the window, as though drawn by the
sadness in thc singer's voice. "That
is my wife," hc said hoarsely. "We
lived near here, but the lure of New
York crept like a poison into her
veins. She thought shc could become famous and shc left mc."
"Some day perhaps ..." said
the singer softly.
"Every night I light my little lamp
in thc window and watch for her return," said thc man passionately. "Always I hope that shc will conic back
to the simple happiness she cast aside
for the glitter you call fame."
Madame Lcsia rose suddenly. "We
all hope so," shc said earnestly. "Sec,
my friends, thc storm is over. Who
will prepare the car for thc journey
The young men of thc party raced
out all at once and the girls followed
a moment later. Madame Lcsia turned to the cottager. Her eyes were
shining. "Thcy told me you had
gone abroad," she said.
Thc man lifted his hands in a gesture of despair. "For twenty years
I have waited here," he said. "And
now . . . you have come back,
but you arc famous. This humble
life will appeal to you Jess than ever."
"I want you," shc whispered, "that
An Acknowledged Expert in All
Matters Pertaining to Household Management.
"Wc arc five women who havc secured a summer abode where our kiddies may havc a good time and to
which our husbands may commute
daily. It is close to. the seashore.
The house, however, is very old,
and by pooling our funds wc were
able to purchase it at a low figure.
The men will do the necessary
repairs, but it is up to the women
to provide for furnishings, and for
these we have not much money.
There arc three large rooms on
the first floor and two large ones
on the scctfnd floor. There is an old
windmill on thc place which, I believe,
may be repaired as= to provide thc
house with water. Any suggestions
will bc appreciated."
When I read this letter I almost
envied these fortunate women. It
is a find in these days of high
prices, and with certain alterations
will undoubtedly bc most comfortable
during thc warm days to come.
Plan to use one of thc large rooms
on the'first floor as a dining room.
Have thc men construct a long table
with folding legs. Use folding camp
chairs. Cover the table with plain
white oilcloth. Should you care to
use this room for a dancing party the
tables and chairs may bc folded up
and placed away. '
'"' The porch adjoining the front
room, which you described in your
letter, should bc repaired and enlarged and then (Screened in. It could bc
used for a family sitting room.
Plan to use one of the rooms on
the first floor as a room for reading
Police Force Strengthened
Provision Made for Enforcing Law at
Fort McMurray.
'Hie importance of Fort McMurray
as a jumping off place for the great
north land, and the fact that the
townsite is at thc end of the steel
of the Alberta & Great Waterways
line, has resulted in the Alberta Pro-
vincial Police strengthening thcir Ft. jtllc producer ended with thc turning
Making a Name For Itself
Canadian   Wool   Now   Marketed   on
National Basis.
At any time now thc wool clip for
the 1921 season will be-taken from thc
back of thc sheep and gradually passed from'hand to hand until it comes
to the consumer iu thc form of clothing.      Until  recently  the interest ,of
McMurray detachment. It is the
anticipation of the police that additional police protection will bc required at the steel's end.
Constable J. Smith, formerly of the
detachment at Clyde, left Edmonton
for Fort McMurray-reccntly and will
take up his post at that point and cooperate with Constable J. B. McDonald who has been stationed at- Fort
McMurray for thc past three or four
years. Two men will also bc stationed at Lac la Biehe, these being Constables Moses and McCarthy.
over of the wool to the local buyer.
Thc price which {he buyer saw fit to
give was usually accepted and noih-
; ing was said regarding thc qualify of
is all I care about.   ���  I would have j or study,- or, on occasion,"a guest bed-
spoken as soon as I saw you, but I   room.
And as for the fame you
,    .   it means nothing to
was afraid,
speak of .
mc now."
Her companions were calling her.
Thc man went to thc window and
took down the little lamp he had tended so faithfully.
"It is' for you to decide," he said
solemnly, "God knows I want you,
but there is no bitterness in my heart
now. If you decide to go back to
your great world I will put out this
light and there is an end of all my
The others were at the door now,
and shc went and stood by her husband. "This is how I answer that
question, Helen," she said'to the girl.
"1" left my husband twenty years ago.
I, havc tasted all that fame can offer
and now :.l come back home. You
must go 011 to New York!withoui mc.
This cottage is my-homc."-
"N-o," cried the.man in a. ringing
voice.' . "I have something else to
say. You tired of me because, you
said I wasted too-much-time on that
invention I-was working on.    -Well; I
The' other room will, of course, bc
The kitchen and laundry combined.
Adjoining thc kitchen, or, entirely
separate from it, have thc men construct a bathhouse. If the windmill
is working well, arrange to have it
supply water to this bathhouse. A
shower might bc arranged. Several
partitions might bc made so that several may don bathing costumes at thc
same time.
The larger room on. the upper floor
might bc partitioned with curtains, or
it may bc made into berths, one above
thc other, ship fashion. The larger
room might accommodate thc women
and children and the men might have
thc other"rooni.-
Good mattresses and springs are
expensive. Personally, if y,ou arc
within commuting distance, I should
prefer to have thc beds and bedding
brought from home by. motor,
��� You say you havc not much 'money
to -spend- on furniture. - '.Most every
family has' oh hand some article of
furniture .which seems too. good to
.throw- away and yet .of which they
���justified' my. ambition as you justified j ^.ouk_ giadiy (.i;Sp0_c.    'Why hot have
Not the Ireland of History
According  to   Government  Murders
Are Committed by Imported Gun*
Thc dragging of a woman out of
her humble home, in thc dead of
night and shooting her to death,
heedless of her pitiful appeals for
mercy, and riddling her poor body
with bullets under thc open sky���
surely this is not Ireland! Certainly,
it is not the Ireland of history, in
whose pages we find chivalry and
tenderness and pity and gallant service rendered to worthy causes by a
high-spirited race, who thrill to what
is high and poetic, and find a catch
in the throat for all things lovely and
exalted. .   .       .
Thc    Government    must bc right;
and thc murders which   suffuse   the
thc wool, whether   it   was
coarse; white or black;  or,
fine    or
in  many
cases, clean or dirty; for thc price was
pretty nearly the  same  to  all.
Wool is now the.one Canadian product which is handled on a national
basis. Wc havc Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia apples;
and they are sold as such. We have
Ontario and Qtfcbc.c cheese each seeking to make a" reputation for itself.
But our wool, thanks to a centralized
selling organization, is now sold as
Canadian wool, whether it is eastern
or western domestic, or range wool,
and it is making a name for itself.
Production Of Gold
United   States   Has   Decreased
Canada Increased Output.
The British Empire is becoming
more and more the.source of supply
of gold for the world, thc Transvaal
j mines alone yielding SO per cent, of
the world's production. This change
is due, nototo any increased output
on the part of British mines, but to
the sharp fall in that of mines in
other countries during the last five
years. The United States, for example, with an output of 4,S(i8,000 fine
ounces in 1915, valued at $101,035,700,
produced in  1920 only 2,395,000' fine
cheek with shame arc committed by 1 ouhces> Valued   at $49,509,400r   Canada has, on thc other   hand,   with   a
gangs of ruffians who have been
prime scoundrels -for whom the sac-
redness of human.life docs not exist
and who will kill for wages, without
compunction or remorse. It must be
so,'for it is incredible that any Irishman would commit thc ineffable crime
of murdering a helpless woman,
whose appeal for mercy could not bc
withstood by, thc fiercest savages.
comparatively small output, maintained her figures, fairly steadily during
the period in question, and in thc
course of the last two years has actually increased her output, producing in
1920 "gold to the value of $15,S53.000,
as compared with $15,580,000 in 1915,
and $ 14,-164,000 in thc previous year.���
St. Thomas Timcs-Tourual.
Bulgarian Labor Law
Now In Operation
AH  Classes  of  Society   Have  Been
Called to  Fulfill Service Duties.
All classes of society in Bulgaria
havc been called upon to fulfill tlieir
service duties under thc .provision of
the compulsory labor law, which was
adopted a year ago. Thc law provided that men who had attained thc
age of 20 years and girls who were 16
years old, were to-be called upon for
a certain amount-of compulsory labor
Four Nurses Homesteadiitg
Have Taken Up Land In Peace River
Further recruits for the little army
of women farming in Western Canada were secured lately when four cx-
army nurses of Montreal, taking advantage of tlie Soldiers.' Settlement
Act, which permits them to take soldiers grants for thcir services overseas, settled in thc Spirit River district of thc Peace River country. A
cabin has been built in the centre of
He. went across  the-room
each  of. the.-.four  families  look
and'pulled aside the.curtain, showing tllcir households'?" No matter what
the big house on the.crest of the hill, tlle nn;sh niny bCj sandpaper it'doWn,
glorious "in-the moonlight. -. "That is'an<i ll!ti. n.jss_on brown, or gray-finish
thc result,:df my invention.", he cried, j
'"That is the home to which you havc I
come'back.".-   .      " .        -  ��� - |
for the. state. V>Ucn were to work 12 1 the section of land which the four arc
'months'-"an.d '.women six -months and ' h'omes'tcading, which '.is, needless to
none' was allowed to emigrate until 'say, comfortably furnished. - Thc four
duties imposed had .been .performed, girls 7are commencing their-active'
The number of-persons coming with- :,operations' this spring, and all arc
in the" sco.-e'oi the law-.was 700,000, of confident. .of making good in'.' their
whom 600,000 havc. been at work, the novel venture,
���labor'done ro'.-ip.ising road-making,
sanitary scr\[y, digging- .of canals,
street pavin.. and .the. building of
schools'and readme* rooms.       :'
Expansion Tn .Irrigation Projects,.
Tlie year 1921 promises,-to.be' one of
-unprecedented expansion- in irrigation
projects... -An examination has just
been conducted by the government of
the'United-.Farmers' -Irrigation District,, formed. forVth'e.;purpos"e. of 'irrigating 15,000 acres of first-class' farm
-land; near. Cardston,'. with .the, result'
that the-project.-is declared feasible-,
and even simple. ,-Thc work, which it
is.considered "casi be.carried out with
a 'minimum.of: expenditure;-will begin
this summer.'". ���   '!    V.-'-''-   -   ='.'--'--.
���'._.;,'A -Matter Of '.Sense.-' -':--���
.;. .Cardinal; Bourne.is quite-'clear that
there can'be~no complete ^separation
of Ireland,and England. He docs "not
believe -that* 7 the Irish want it.' -For
this,is-a matter, not so much7bf'sen-
timent, but of sense. ' Ireland, cannot,
live "without Great Britain, and. front
llic';standpbint of national defense it
may be-said that Great Britain cannot ,!ivc, without -Ireland. -.The. sooner that. dream disappears the better^-'
The Argonaut. - ���     /v 7" "._-:_
. A Man's Weight In Gold... V
How much is-a billion dollars? One
billion worth of coin silver would
make 'a'cube nearly .fifty, fcct,on- an
edge. If you were- worth .your
.weight in silver that would not.make
you.ric'K. .". The weight of a 180-pound
man would be balanced on the scales
with $2,500 worth of coin silver.' His.
weight in coined gold would be worth
only ��40,000.-
on'thc furniture. "Seats niadc of.cretonne or' checked gingham are suitable. - Avoid,' however, white in any
form for the summer cottage..
For. the wall - finish-, choose .some
of the . composition boards'!-..which
wc-find- on the" mpdern "market. A
cool' green finished board of this type
was ".seen in-a seashore'cottage'last
summer!.- = "The" furniture was .mission
brown���made over .to this!shadc���-afid,-
:the kerosene: lamp, had a.sha"de\qf-soft-
.toned yellow: .'-. .- .- . '."' = . ; -' ',
7 T.he.;! floor-had had its .cracks filled
���with one of.-' thc-.patcnr fillers' on: the
.market."and."had'��� bceti "stained dark',
bro'wn". and -waxed, ' 7..Here- and there
-was a green .gra'ss rug.:'. -.'.'��� -.-7.'--
;-. It. Js my suggestion, that',each-, i.-.dy
do the .entire" housekeeping 'or. one
entire d'avv-with the children,'perhaps;
assisting, h.c.r in" turn��� on.-,'the'-- dishwashing;. , hi this way,-each of the
five .womcii will, have four days' rest
out of-every five..- > -   -'",-   --
^Eastern Cities Will
boon be Modern
Flin-Flort Mine Sold. "
��� The . Flin-Flon. cbppcr-gold-silvcr
mine, near The Pas, .was. recently sold
to the Mining Corporation 'of Canada'aud British, mining,interests, according, to advices received by local
mihing: interests. Winnipeg.niinjng
'men are' jubilant at the news,- and-
���Ihey-say that tlie sale at this time will
irieair a- greatly- revived interest- in
Manitoba, mines. . -
Sir Philip Geddes;,to Transform. Cities
.   .   .,  " !'���.-,   of Palestine.,   _ .' , -
Sir' Philip Gcdde-s, thc famous English landscape."gardener, has becn asked to plan.,lhc'.city of. Jerusalem'and
other' cities 7of. Palestine,- by Sir Her- '   jjoys For Ontario, Farms!
hcrt:Samucls,;iiic British-High, Com- .V Kift^me-b6yrirom^lfc"X:mndiEn
missio.ncr.   ...All thc   .old- -insanitary   Farm   Training ' School;   Goudh'urst
.places.'will be" removed, and instead of rKc.lfi Englc,mK havc arrW<^ in can_
didy-surrb.mdmgs. there will bc both , ada.,0 g0 t0 posUJons on farn3s j!l0n_'-
.samtary.and picturesque effects..    It j lario that had becn arranged-for "them
willjiotbc many years, before J eru- ,j i)0forc 'their, arrival.,' ;      ,-.'      V "-
'sa'lcm-and.Palestine cast" off the characteristic's of Turkish rule and assume
.the appearance, of. modern progress.
Fuel From Sawdust
Caiifoinian  Has Been . Successful'
. Solving Problem..
��� ' Asaihplc'offucl from sawdust, has
bech; received in New-Westminster by
the-Board of Trade from "Mr..!-Walter.
Thomas,-of Eureka, California.' Methods .of -making."' fuel from .."sawmill
.waste have, been experimented with-in
the "New Westminster district ,'for
many years, but.so-far:roneMiave been
evolved tha,t proved to.be suitable as.
a commercial 'proposition. Apparently the problem has been solved by-Mr.
Thomas, who- is -now considering establishing a plant in this district, and.
is enquiring as to'a site.
Noble Farms Plants Large Acreage.
Fourteen 'thousand acres are being
planted in grain on thc Noble farms
at Nobleford, Alberta, this season. Of
this area-eight thousand acres will be
in \vheat, three thousand in oats, and
.three thousand in rye. All crop is
being- sown on summer'fallowcd land,
and, theepmpany.plans to summerfal-
Iqw; another twelve v7. thousand acres,
during'-tlie-siimmet;,'.- V"'. -' V 'I'vW'
Settlers From California.
-Sunny- California lias no further
charms for American farmers who
have taken up their residence in Saskatchewan and gone into wheat or
mixed farming. North -Battlcford
district recently welcomed thirty-five
settlers from California. ; A number
from across the line have gone to the
Mcdstead Lake .district, while -others
are settling in the.Meeting.Lake.and
Rabbit Lake.districts. -:'7 '���"'., '-'.:"���
.���:The'.7pr>scht','year7marks..;t3ic': 40Q,th
annivcrsary7;of; the' deatlr-.of-. Ponce; de
Leon, the ..discoverer of. Florida.;
���'���'��-!���������-May-Build-'Paper Mill7>
- ��� -    ���   ���      . ���"    . ���      - ���,-/..'
��� The Princc: Rupert Pulp- and Paper
Company,.!jccuntly, incorporated -iii
this., province, iV'askihg , /industrial
privileges- jit" Seal; Cove - .within-, thc
city-limits.. -The company1 will.;.erect
a .sulphite- mill, with a- capacity.;-of..fi~fty
toiis.'ot-pulp.' ' It will -operate, in: conjunction- with .the 'Emerson1,-sawmill,-
and the intention is-to' later build, a
larger paper riiill;: -VV.  -���-������'";
Evidence Of Progress."
��� To provide for extensions-to the.
government telephone system, im. the
province of; Manitoba and. to. erect
new'public buildings this year $3,S70,V-
000 l.ias'.bccn voted by the Provincial
Legislature..'- - '-���   ' '"" '-'  ��� /-  '.'-' - 7
shouldbe promptly attended to
It is well to keep the liver active, stomach
healthy and bowels regular, the mind clear,
alert and efficient. Beecham's Pills taken
according to directions will help to keep the
digestive processes active. Life will be more
satisfactory and successful by taking
Sold everywhere in Csnada
In boxes, 25c, 50c.
Largest Sale oil
Any Medicine
in the World
The National Concern
All Social Progress Is Dependent On
Good Health.
Good health is, at least.it should be^
made, a matter of community and national welfare; for much of what we
call social progress is dependent on
it. It is a fact worthy, of consideration that a sum of not less than ��700,-
000,000 in wages is lost through ill-
health each year in the United States
alone. On an average we lose something, like seven days a year from our
working time, and when this is multiplied by thc number of workers in this
country, the sum total is a surprisingly large number.���From thc Detroit
Migrating From California
Many Families Moving Household
Goods,and Stock.
s A .party of twenty familes from
California passed through Ne'w Westminster recently to look at farming
lands in the northeast part of British
Columbia. Most of these families
have already bought acreage, and are.
moving    in    thcir household "effects,
.stock and-implemcnts.   -
All-Canadian Route for Auto Tourists
Construction work is under way on
thc wharf at Kuskanook, and it is expected'- that by the middle of May
auto tourists from Alberta points will
be able to make thc trip to Vancouver and the Pacific coast by thc All-
Canadian route. In the past auto-
ists invariably went via Yahk, British
Columbia, and Spokane, Washington,
r    Tilc-,Plant For Winnipeg.
Plans for the erection this fall, or
early next spring, of the first unit of a
brick tile and glazed tile nianufactur-.'"
ing plant in Winnipeg*arc now completed, according to C, L. Thompson,
manage* of the Martin  Engineering 7
Company, of Niagara Falls, Ontario. ���
Thc first unit will have a capacity of
20,000,000 face brick   a   year.     Deposits of day. used in thc,.manufac-
ture of red/buff fine brick arc known 7
to exist in close proximity to the city. V
"Police Gazette" Banned In Canada.
Thc "Police, Gazette" is now banned
but the ^completion of the wharf will I from Canada through the customs'de-
enable cars to be run right onthe passengers steamers for thc trip across
the Kootenay Lake to Nelson.
More ihan 75,000.wooden shoes are
made annually in Michigan and Wisconsin out of scran from sawmills.
partment. It had been banned
through the mails, and on April 27 an
order was passed banning it through
the customs. Both the customs and
the post office will now work in conjunction on this issue.
The Swiss people were the -first to
date- thcir coinage.
Kaiser Bill is still a great man; hc
can get money put of the Germans,���
Washington Post.
CfuEdreit Cry for Fletcher's
Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a remedy for Infante and Children.
Foods are specially prepared for babies. A baby's medicine
is evea more essential for Baby, Remedies primarily prepared
for grown-ups are not interchangeable.    It was the need of
. a remedy for the common ailments of Infants and Childrea
that brought Castoria before the public after years of research,
ami no claim has been made, for it that its use for oirer 30)
years has not proven.        .     ���
Castoria is a, harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Parejgoricy
Drops and Soothing Syrups." It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind' Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishncss arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
.The Children's Comfort���The Mother's. Friend,
ML ID   ISflH�� etim^.
In Use for Over 3d Years
Lack of. Home Training. ..
.-There arc four h'undrcd'boys under
twenty years" bf age in.thc penitentiaries of ! Caiiada. according to General W. S. Hughes, .Superintendent of
Penitentiaries. General ��� Hu'ghcsV.is
undoubtedly right . in putting a large
share of the blame 'on the', lack , pf
proper training in the home.'���Orijlia
���Packet.- '" '   V"  ������: - ���'
Loan Fair Board $200,000.
The Provincial. .Government of
.Manitoba has. agreed to loan the
Brandon Winter Fair Board $200,000
at six percent. Th.e bbard;wil! erect
a large steel arena on the site of the
old building which was destroyed by
fire last fall. ���!"'.-.������
rboms. ��� V '7.;. -" 77VW VVV!- VA-- V V
."-;!   His.Daily Program...,-yV-.
;!; Mrs;7Gopdsore.-;rI'-ani soliciting- for
thepoor!.  .What do'you do with your
CASt:;6ff:,c!o.thing?,';V:'::7 ^-.7.7 ': ;- 7: .-, '/..;
..'7llr. Lqngsufferer.���I. hang,:them rip
.carefully .: and... put'"on. .my pyjamas.
Then I ---resume, ���ifaem in the mornings
WM THE    LEDGE.     GREENWOOD.    B.     C.
The Country Life Problem
Will Not Reduce
Military Preparation
Not long ago, says a writer in the "Problems of Democracy" department of The Literary Digest, a well-known traveler and writer was being
shown through the immense Capitol building of a Middle-Western State.
"Just see the great army of officials''wc employ," said his guide, "every!man
of them was born on.a farm." And then the/visitor.w.as shown through a
quarter of the city where "you can go.a'mile and see only the homes of rehired farmers/'    .Quoth the guide, "Thisis a wonderful farming State."
Yet, comments the Literary Digest, writer.,the boys on its farms dream
of jobs in town, and old folks on' its'farms' dream of homes, jn town, and,
as soon as they can arrange it, hire somebody else to run the farm, and
move away. In less "wonderful" farming,States, meanwhile, you 'occasionally see farms abandoned outright, but even thc custom of farming by
proxy is deplorable.
In "The Country Life Movement," Mr. L. H. Bailey observes, "Farming by proxy or by any absentee method is as disastrous in the long run
as the doing of any other .business by proxy. I hold that it is essential I time havc -sufficiently trained to take
that the vcry\best people live actually on the.land. The crops are there, the place of the older class, it is con-
The livestock is there. Thc machinery is there. All thc investment is! sidcred, and thc 1919 class will then
in the place itself.     If this business is to be" most effective, a good man 'probably bcdcmobilizcd.
must.be constantly with it and manage it.   ' A farm is not like a store or aj ���:	
factory that is shut up at night and on Sunday. The more difficult and
complex thc farming business becomes, tlie greater will bc thc necessity
that a good man remain with it."
"The fundamental need," declares Mr. Bsiley, "is to place effectively
educated men and women in the open country."     In his opinion all else de-
'pends on this.     No formal means can bc of anypcrmancnt avail until men
France Will.Hold Troops in Readiness for Action Against Bavaria.
The army contingent of 1919 called
to thc colors in connection with the
preparations for the possible occupation of thc Ruhr Valley,, will in no
case be sent home before July, it was
said in Paris official, circles. The
troops mobilized for the occupation
will be held.in readiness for action in
case Bavaria docs not disarm before
June 30th, the time limit fixed by" the
Allies for completion of the disarming process, it was stated.
The contingent of 1921 will by that
Russia and Germany
Form Trade Treaty
Three Months Notice By Either Party
Will End Agreement.
andjWbmen of vision and with trained minds arc at hand to work out thc jV~ Germany has concluded a prelimin-
pl(i!ns in an orderly way. Agriculture is now a school subject. It is! ary trade agreement with Soviet Rus-
��� recognized.to'be such in the schools course'of studies,..inVthc. minds of the; sia and the convention became effec-
npcbple, andof ^educationists.arid legislators. -J It has found its way into thc| tive May 6, according to the official
high schools. In WcstenVCanada it is the outstanding department in, our | text which has been made public in
Universities. 77
But do the young people thus trained return  to the open  country?
Some, of them, of course, but a lamentably small percentage of the.total.
Why not. a larger number?     Docs farming pay?     Is life in the open country attractive?     Farming has its off years,"and sometimes scries of years,) mav   terminate    the   agreement
when the financial-returns arc not commensurate with the effort put forth,  giving three months'notice.
But the same thing is true of business! generally.     And assuredly farming     'The convention states that it is to
today pays better than m the ;days of pur grandparents.   ' There are istill  be a binding basis for the resumption
many hardships;in ..the,.iridic remote, arid pioneer districts, and conditions  ��f trade relations and to    be    inter-
generally rriay not be quite so favorable as in the years before the warjbut
neither arc condition's in the cities as favorable, with thousands of men
out of employment.      Such a situation is, however, only temporary; it will
be overcome both in city and country.
Life in thc open country is not as attractive as-it should be for other
reasons. The recreative life of the country community greatly needs to bc
stimulated. Not dnly games and recreation days need to be encouraged,
but thc spirit of relief from continuous and-deadening toil must be encouraged.     Thc country population needs to he livened up.
How is this awakening to be brought about? ..The small towns and
villages, which" arc the real centres of all country districts, and whose very
existence depends upon their surrounding farming communities, havc a duty
and an opportunity in this respect. In his admirable book, "The Little
Town," Mr. H. P. Douglass devotes a chapter to "The Town's Country."
Says Mr. Douglass, "Thc town's country is the area which trades with it;
which makes common cause with it in buying and selling, in'credit and!
transportation facilities." Its typical functionaries' arc" the retail merchant,
thc banker, thc postmaster, thc doctor, the implcnjcnt agent, thc railway
Moreover, the town's country is thc area which comes to it for play,
education and worship. Here arc the country's moving- pictures, its exhibition and sports grounds, and its Chautauquas. The country's high
schools are here, and most of its ministers of religion live here. Here,
though thc farmer may not directly share in them, are,those..sbcial groups
and activities which hc imitates and possibly envies. - Most of the social
organizations to which hc mayibclong centre'here.
Therefore, the small town has a duty to-its own particular "country."
And the opportunity is as great as thc duty. Among th_c chief needs of
thc farming community today is wholesome recreation. There is little
community life in the open country, except what centres in thc small towns
-and villages. '--'Its-lack constitutcs-what.-oneinan- has"called-"the*in'tolerabie
condition of country life.'"     In almost every other respect, life in the open
country has improved.      It is a less isolated life.     'Railways, telephones, I forest  rcservcs  of   Western   Canada,
automob.lcs havc greatly relieved loneliness.    .But is it a jollier life?  . No  six aeroplanes will bc used in South-
one pretends that U is.     There is no play for children; no rccrcation_for thc   cnl   A]bc. tU)   hv0 mahl .fli  ,HS bci
young folks. n Yet it must be made jollier or wc shall sec more and more imldc (laUy in 01.din;lry   wcather,   one
farms abandoned or farmed by proxy and more and more  farm people   nortl,   ai,j   t]le oti.cr S0llti,
moving to the city. ��� ���
If we arc to "place effectively educated men and women in the open
country," men and women "of vision and with,trained minds"���if wc arc to'
place them there and keep them there, we must promise them not only prosperity, but a jovial, sociable, merry existence which thcy will honestly prefer to life in town. '
Berlin. Thc text shows the pact will
continue lo bc operative until a commercial treaty is completcdVand oro-
vision has been made that either party
prctcd in tlie spirit of a mutual desire to-promote prosperous and economic relations between the two countries. It provides for the exchange
of commercial delegations who are
pledged not lo carry on propaganda
unfavorable to both cauntrics .
German Crops In 1929
Very Slow Recovery From Results of
Final official estimates of .the principal German crops for 1920 indicate
that the agricultural districts of thc
country arc recovering very slowly
from the effects of thc war. Even
after allowance has been made for thc
loss of Alsace-Lorraine arid a large
part of Prussia, figures of production
in 1920 make an extremely poor
Airplane Will
Fa.trol Forest Areas
To Minimize Danger of Fire in Western Canada.
Measures are being taken this year
by the Dominion Forestry Branch to
deal    with ' outbreaks of fire in  thc
" My little girl's trouble started
with small pimples on the back of
her head and they spread-
down her back. Thepim-
i pies were hard and red
and thcy itched and
burned terribly. She
sy-\ scratched and" irritated
them and, they later developed into sore eruptions. Her hair fell out and became
thin and dry, and scales fell off on
her clothing.
"I used a free sample of Cuticura
and the pimples commenced to dry
up. I bought more and when I had
used one cake of Cuticura Soap and
one box-of Cuticura Ointment she
was. healed." (Signed) Mrs. Alonso
Crawford, 83 Parker St, Bangor,
Maine, Jan. 22, 1920.
For every purpose of the toilet and
bath Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
Talcum are wonderfully good.
Soap25c. Ointraent2SnnJ50c. T��tcnn��25c. Sold
throughout theDominion. CanadianDepot:
Lymini. Limited. 344 St. Pan] St., W., Montreal.
Cuticura Soap shaves without mug.
Necessary That
Canada Should Grow
Nation   Must   Have   Men,  But
Undesirable Ones.
Both war debt and the railway" situation require that Canada must
grow, in the opinion of the Journal of
the" Canadian Bankers' Association,
which says that to grow up to these
we must "people the vacant;spaces."
However rigorous the United States
may bc hi; immigration regulations,
due to the fact that thcy are approaching the saturation point, Canada's policy, the Journal states, can
well afford to differ from that, of her
neighbor. .    '
"It is well jfo remember," the Journal adds, "that a prosperous and advancing country has a greater digestion capacity than a stagnating
country.' Let lis winnow out individual undesirables, . . . but men
wc must have; Not least, wc must
seek to keep our own sons from drifting southward."   ���'."���'
She Feels As Fi^e As
A Growing Girl, Says
g Woman
" Your Teeth
By   Rea   Proctor   McGee,   M.D.,
D.D.S., Editor of Oral Hygiene.
Copyright,  1921, by  Rea Proctor
"My heart goes out to anyone suffering from indigestion and nervousness, and I want, to tell them: all about
this grand Tanlac, for it is the medicine that relieved me of these troubles
and restored my health," said Mrs: S.
Jackson, wife of a prominent business
man residing at 429 Agnes -St., Winnipeg. .'������'���'���.''.'.-'.'���
"Before I got Tanlac I was in a
dreadfully nervous condition. I
couldn't stand the least little noise,
and at times I became so upset I vyas
afraid'Twould go into hysterics. My
appetite was so poor I,had no desire
to cat, and. couldn't relish my meals
at all.      My food didn't digest prop-,
erly, and I was in a badly rundown
condition.     My   sleep   was   restless
and broken, and I felt miserable all
the time.
"Well, Tanlac has rid mc of all my
troubles and put me in such fine
health I feel as fine as when I was a
growing girl. / P>eat good and hearty
and enjoy my meals, and never have a
care or worry. Why, I feel as fine
as anybody could-want to feel, and I
can't.lielp but be delighted and enthusiastic oyer this wonderful Tanlac."
Tanlac is sold by leading druggists
If you have sour risings from the
stomach, feel bloated and uncomfortable^ just try hventy drops of Nerviline in sweetened water. * Relief will
come quick! Nerviline dispell the',
gas, sweetens the stomach, makes you! bought from their original owners- at
fit and fine in a few minutes. -   As a  Sj^   cents  a  pound,  which  have  left
Livestock For England
���  *���'     ' ,
Edmonton District Has Made First
,. Commercial Consignment.
A livestock shipment of importance
to Central Alberta breeders has just
been made from Edmonton consisting of four carloads of choice steers,
all*   weighing    about    1,400    pounds,
jaw is fractured \��V1C^} li^^.olt'. ^medy for many
1 i of   the   ills   that constantly turn up,
Usually   when   a
everybody knows about it.   But there i nothing ismore useful in esvcry home
arc cases���in fact a good many cases j than a 35 cent bottle   of Ngood   old
Back From Brazil
Farmer Fortune-Seekers Glad to Return to Canada.
The vanguard of what is believed
will be a large movement pf farmers
from thc United States to Saskatchewan this year, has commenced. Thc
jicvvconicrs arc from'points south as
far as Iowa and Missouri.
While thc climate of Saskatchewan
has been much abused and men have
declared it was "no country for a
white man"���the Archambault family
���a farmer and his eight sons���have
arrived back' on their farm near
Ccdoux after trcking for three months
from Brazil where thcy had migrated
in'.the hope of finding something better than Saskatchewan had to offer.
U. S. Imports
Canadian Wheat
Large Quantity Has Gone Over the
Line Recently.
A solid train of forty-two cars of
Saskatchewan wheat passed through
JSTprth Portal __ oyer _thc_Soo_ line recently, en route to buyers and millers
in thc United States,- who have been
importing the wheat in large quantities in order to "get as-much as possible across thc line before the duty
imposed" by the Young tariff bill,
which is expected to cqrnc into effect
soon in that country, becomes law.
Twenty-five carloads of Alberta cattle
were also sent across the border recently.      - -
staff and equipment will bc in readiness for moic frequent flights when
there is fire danger. It is thought by
this system to greatly minimize' danger of fires in the reserves, which
yearly serve as grazing grounds fqr
thousands of head of cattle and sheep'j
Spirit Message.
A doctor and a parson of a same
name lived on thc samc_ street. ' The
padre died, and about thc same time
thc doctor went to Aden to a post
there. On his arrival he telegraphed
home to his wife, but thc wire went
to the padre widow by mistake. It
was in thc following terms: "Arrived-safely; heat terrific." As usual, People who seldom attend church
thc story is hard on the parson.���Cape ��� frequently register a protest when the
Argus. I pastor desires a vacation.
Holstcin Again Breaks Record.
A Colony Farm Holstcin has again
broken a record. Colony Faforit Segis,
a junior two-year-old, produced 17,507
pounds of milk and 715 pounds of butter during thc year. ' This record is
reported the high one"in both American and Canadian Holstcin association^. /       " .
May Be Found ;
In lJrince Rupert
Search   for , Descendant   of   McGill
University Founder May be
.    Successful.
The search for a direct descendent
of")amis McGill so~that" "sTjcl^Triay be"
present in person at the centenary
celebration of the founding of .McGill
University aud the graduate re-union'
to be hc Id next October, may prove
to be successful, and it ;s intimated
that he may be found in thc person
of ��W. J. Easson, of Piintc Rupert,
B.C., aged. 21, formerly of the Royal
Navy, a participant in thc battle of
Jutland and the- raid on Ostcnd' and
Zecbrugge, and at present wireless
operator on the government tender
S.S. Newington, operating in British
Columbia waters. -   ���
It is claimed that ho is descended
from James McGill through his
maternal grandmother, Annie McGill Dowell, with whom thc question
of his descent will be-taken up.
���where a jaw has been fractured
either by a fall, or in boxing, or football, or in almost any sport���and thc
patient has never known it, and it is
only by an X-ray examination for
some other condition that the scar is
discovered and it is realized that at
some previous period the jaw had
been broken.
Usually a broken jaw is very difficult to hold in place until it unites.
Where 'the pieces are not properly
held, there will bc a fibrous union.
Thc fibrous union- is a sort of a cartilage or gristle that grows across the
broken spot and makes an extra joint.
This condition, of course, cripples the
jaw .so that mastication is almost im-
When a jaw is fractured it is absolutely-necessary to get a good bony
union, s^d that the jaw will bc as
strong as ever.
Duruig thc war there were a great
many cases of fractured jaws from
gunshot wounds, from explosion and
shell lire, falling out of airplanes and!
so forth, and much was learned in re-���
gard to bone formation that was not
known before.
When a jaw has been injured and
remains tender for any length of time,
it should be X-rayed very carefully
to find out whether or not there has
becn a fracture.
Will Be Honored Guest.
The rrince of Wales has accepted
an invitation from thc West India
Committee to attend a banquet in
London, on June 24, to be presided
over by Lord Harcwood, the president. It is interesting to recall that
it is just over 100 years ago that the
committee had the honor of,cntcrtain-
ing the Duke of Clarence, afterwards
King William IV., and thc Duke of
York, thc Frincc's grcat-great-great-
Heart Weak,
Nerves Shattered
After the "Flu."
In a large majority of cases those
who survived the last epidemic of
Spanish influenza were left with weak
In arts, shattered nerves, impoverished
blood, and the whole system has been
left in such a general weakened and
exhausted condition that it has been
impossible to get back your old
herslth and strength.
If you arc in this condition there is
only one thing lo do; take a course
of Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills
and sec  how quickly your heart  will
for England. This is the first commercial consignment ever made from
the Edmonton district overseas, and it
'is expected to be the. precursor of a
regular traffic: '
A Household Medicine.���They that
are acquainted with the sterling properties of Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric Oil in
the treatment of many ailments woul'd
not be without it in thc house. It is
truly a household medicine and as it
is effective in dealing with many ordinary co'mplaints it is an inexpensive
medicine. So, keep it at hand, as die
call for it ina3r come most unexpectedly.
Canadians Are Thrifty
New High Record Reached In Savings Bank Deposits.
Savings bank deposits in Canadian
banks to!aHed.$l,319,M2,146 at thc end
of March this year. This total esl -.b-
lishcd a new high record and rep- c-
scnts approximately $146.50 per head"
of population, taking thc latter at
Minard's      Liniment
Thinking Makes It So..
If you would gain control of your
ability and increase it, you must
avoid as you would poison everything
j that tends to make your mind negative���worry, anxiety, jealousy, envy,
fear, cowardice, thc whole family of
depressing despondent thoughts. Thcy
arc all confessions of weakness, nor.-
producers, power destroyers.���Orison
Swctt Mardon in New Success.
Still Working On
Lignite Problem
be strengthened, your   nerves
Fractures, of the upper jaw are morel ��l> and your blood enriched,
b i Mrs. W. W. Piarcc, 14 Scaton St.,
Toronto, Ont, writes: "I was left with
a weak heart and in a rundown condition from the "flu." My nerves were
badly shattered, and I had such pains
in my heart I could not sleep much,at
night. I took several doctors medicines without gelling any better. My
husband got me' to try Milburn's
Heart and -Nerve Pills, and after I
took one box I got relief; after taking
six boxes have becn well and not
bothered since."
rare than fractures of the lower,
cause the upper jaw is not exposed as
in thc lower jaw.
The lower jaw is more of a buffer
than any bone in the body and *s saved from breaking by its-very wide
Fracturcs of thc tipper jaw usually
heal more cuick'y than do fractures
of thc lower; and also, the upper jaw,
being surrounded by muscles that
tend to pull it into place, does not
present the usual difficulty in splinting.
Fracture of the upper jaw
cause very* severe disfigurement
is allowed to go unattended.
if it
Miller's Wprm Powders not only
exterminate intestinal and other
worms, but they are a remedy for
many other ailments of clii'.drcn. Thcy
striiigthv.il the young, stomach against
IrilioysncbS and arc tonical in thoir effects where thc child suffers from loss
of appetite. In feverish conditions
they will bc found useful and thcy
will serve to -Hay pain and griping in
the stomach, from which children so
often suffer. ,->.
Additional $280,000 Needed For Building and Further Experimenting.
Experiments arc still being made at
the plant operating at Bienfait, Sask.,
under thc Lignite Utilization Board.
"Tho operations havc not yet reached
the stage of production on a commercial basis," says T. M. Jlolloy, provincial commissioner of Labor and Industries. "Uncertainty of delivery of
material makes it impossible t-o tell
when thc plant will bc in operation
and when thai is accomplished it will
still remain to determine the commercial possibilities of the various methods with which thcy have been experimenting."
Thc experiments are being carried
out under the joint direction of the
Federal, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
_ Thousands of mothers state positively that Baby's Own Tablets are
the best medicine they know of for
little ones. Their experience has
taught them that the Tablets always
do just what is claimed for them aud
that ihey can bc given with "perfect
safety to children of all ages. Concerning ihcm Mrs. Joseph Therricn,
St. Gabriel dc Brandon, Que., writes:
"Baby's Own Tablets arc . the best
medicine I know'of for little ones. I
thought I would lose my baby before
trying the Tablets, but they soon
made him healthy and happy and
now I would not be without thciri."
Thc Tablets arc sold by ��� medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Those Aggravating Optimists.
The   pessimist*, was suffering from
rheumatism.       "Every   bone   in   niy
The board has foun'd' body aches," he complained.      "You
that it now uceds an additional $280,-
000 to complete the buildings and go
on with the experiments and thc Saskatchewan Government has agreed to
contribute $70,000 oi this amount.
J3rice 50c a box at all dealers or
mailed dirdct on receipt of price by
Tho T. Alilburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Out
Burbank's Latest
Missionaries For Fort'Norman.
Bishop Lucas, Anglican bishop of
Mackenzie" Rjvcrf who has returned
from - England and is spending a
couple of weeks'in Toronto before
proceeding to his far north headquarters at Chipcwcyan, said thatv he .expected to engage three men to undertake mission work at Fort Norman,
the new oil region.
Pioneer D.es At Vancouver.
Vancouver.���Joseph Guichon, 7S, a.
pioneer o' British Columbia, and
owner of the second largest ranch in
lhc province, ciubucing 38,000 acres,
died here recently follow ins. a long
illness. A widow, four daughtcis r>nd
three sons survive. , ' >   -   '
Salmon as Prolific as' Ever.
Salmon this season is. fully as prolific as it was 20 years ago, Inspector
J. T. G. Williams, of,'Prince Rupert,
says. AH varieties are running
strong, and no depletion is noted anywhere. Forty canneries/out of 50 in
the north, arc' operating now.
��� -' To Finish Big Store.
The new Hudson Bay stores building at Victoiia, B.C-., the completion
of which has been-suspended'during
lhc- war, will bc finished and. opened
for business in thc early autumn of
this year.' .
Building In Western Canada.
, -Contracts for building construction
during .January arid February of this
year in thc western provinces totalled
$5,547,300 inS-alue against $3,900,900
for thc first two months of last year.
Minard's Liniment used by Physicians
Rainmaker Hatfield can well rebuke
censorious critics by pointing to the
scoffers " who "derided and doubted
Noah when. he .spoke of thc coming
of rain, and proceeded to ,��� build the
arid���Lethbridge Herald.   '        '
To put your trust in Providence is
More than one:third of thc children well enough, but/why go around look
in Egypt die-before, tlic-age of five j ins for holes for Providence to pull
years.'.,   -'���'���""'.. _ y. | you out of ?
Houses For Imperial Oil Employees.
Work has been started on construction of sixty dwellings for ..employees
of the Imperial Oil Company at Vancouver. Thc work is being done under contract'by the Dominion Construction Company.
Has Evolved New Wheat WhichJEs
Exceedingly Early.
- After experiments extending over
eleven years, Luther. Burbauk, thc
great Califoruian horticulturist, is said
to have evolved a "quality" -wheat,
containing over fourteen per cent,
gluten, an astonishing improvement in
this grain. Thc new type of wheat
has a very kirge white, flinty kernel
and produces a very white flour.
The ���new" wheat,, according to Mr,
Burbauk, is an exceedingly early
wheat, being thc earliest of some four
or five lmndifil varieties which hc has
becn growing. , It has been tested
alongside s>i\-ty-i ighl of the best
wheats in the vvoiid, and has exceeded
ilicm all-in yield, uniformity and all
other desirable characteristics Thc
growth ii strong, being four feet on
good ordinary soil, It tillers unusually
well, siiid on ordinary valley roll, with
sjuol.il cultivation, can\ or fertilizing,
produced this Miinmor at tlie r.Tue of
-19.SS bushels per acre, every plant and
cvory kernel being uniform, .is this
wheat was originally grown from one
single.kernel. ' "'    ,
It Might Be.
"Let us look to ourselves. Without American dollars Sinn Fcinism
probably long ago would have ceased,
many men- and women now (lead
would bc walking the earth, millions
of damage would not have occurred,
and Ireland might now, bc adjusting
herself to the self-government that
Canada ciijoys,-or-oo��� m��� a- -poaceuil
state of evolution toward that quasi-
iiidcpcnclencc."���New "York Tribune.
ought'to be glad you arc no!  a herring," said the optimist.
Before tfic age of thirty a man
wonders how soon lie will marry;
after that lie begins to wonder how
long ho can keep from it,
All the cork used in the world jn a
year weights little inore than 1,200
Valuable'Furs Sent to U.S.
Furs to the value of $1,500,000 were
sent to the United States through this
city in .1920, according to r-nnual report of the United States consul here.
Fishermen and Campers
Quick Relief
How To Live Long.
Xorbcrt, Barnabc, Ottawa's oldest
citizen, \vno will bc 105 years old-if hc
lives until October 14, might attribute
his longevity to-a diet of pork,onions
and bread. This is his nightly diet
beloro rttiring.���Ottawa Journal.-.   .
Wise Or Otherwise.
"Mamm3,' is papa going to die and
go to heaven?" ,
"Of course" not, Bobby. Whatever
put such an absurd idea into your
Nature was preoccupied when she
pat long hair on hunting   dogs    and
filled the woods with burrs.
.' Hawks which attack field mice never molest poultry.
W,   N.   U.   13<SS
Cheapest Trouble Insurance
' that a ca�� owner can carry is a spare DOMINION TTRE and an extra
Then���if accidents ,or emergencies arise, you can 'quickly change
tires and reach your destination without delay or inconvenience.
While youare fitting out your car with new DOMINION TIRES, ba
sure to gel the eatia one for youi tire holder and an extra
DOMINION INNER TUBE in a. carrying ca��e.
No msUer -what make of car yea-drive, or whether you use it for
fcusinen* or pleasure, you will find that DOMINION TIRES *ril!
give you a *ervic�� and mileage that prove their supreme quality
and varkmaaahip. - ,  . . ���
~   Said By Th* Bmtt Deaiem Tfir&eghQut Canada.
Is $2.50. a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States fa., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices....... $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices:     7.00
Batray Notices .: 3.00
Cards of Thanks ���    r.oo
Certificate of Improvement.  12.50
(Where; more than one claim appears i-p notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legaT'advartisirig,' 12 cents a
line first Insertion,1, and 8:cents a line for
each' subsequent' insertion, noupariel
measurement'.' ���������������'
Transcieht display "advertising 50 cents
��� an inch each insertion.
Business locals iiy2c. a line each insertion.!
The Home Circle
PRoni'umoN   is  morality   on   a
A good woman is  chaste-
good whiskey.
-80    18
A woman who can love hut once
is pretty badly struck   on   herself.
It may be peculiar, but a horse
can eat best without a bit in his
You can never tell the length of
a' woman's "tongue by, the size of-
her mouth.   .
��� : Love-is blind.. Perhaps, that
accounts for some of the bad shots
he has made.
Blessed is the man -that', is born
pf little furniture, for it shall be
easier to move. "
Before a man marries, be
Hwears to love; after marriage he
loves to swear.
Most women are both good and
true; iu fact, most of them are too
good to be true.
Hitman nature shows to better
advantage at a dog. light than at a
prayer meeting.
The man who never praises his wife deserves to have a
poor one. And the man who praises a good wife more
th'an she deserves hasn't been born vet.
Brother, when you come in from work in the evening-,
we all know you are tired, but put on your best look and
assume a happy mood; do not frown if the floor is not
swept, nor supper ready. JEngage the little folks just a
little while and get them to. looking forward'to your coming with pleasure. Tt- will help to;happify home 'wonderfully!      -       ' ' . " .
There is a very real danger that the mother of a large
family may never really come to know her children, and
gain that influence over them for good individually which
is so desirable that every, mother should have. We do
not hesitate to say that it is absolutely impossible for a
woman to become the confident and friend of Eer children
unless she weekly-���nay, daily���spend' some short time
alone with each. Only in this way eau each child feel the
security of his or her ownership of that  precious mother.
Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
'"'.Man- is made of ;tinst; along
comes the.waterwagon ol fate arid
his name is mud. 7     .
V : A girl my not let yon kiss her,
but the chances are she appreciates
your wanting to.   .
Lo'vj3 has been called miserable
happiness... Not so, it is what
makes happiness .miserable. .
NOTICE is liereby f.'iveil Hint 011 Monday,
the 21UI1 ilay of June, 1021. at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon at the Court House, in ftreemvood,
B.C., a siltiiiir of the Court of Revision will be
holil' for the purpose of revising the list of
voters for the above-named Electoral District,
pursuant to the provision of the "Provincial
Elections Act."
And notice is further jriven that any person
clainiiny to be entitled to be reifistered as a-
voter in iheabove-uained Electoral District tuay
appl.v in person to have It Ls name entered on the
list of voters lor the said Electoral District at
the said sitting of the. Court of Revision, notwithstanding the fact that his name has been
omitted from ihe list of applicants for registration or that he has omitted to .apply for retris-
i ration at the time or iu the manner otherwise
provided by the "Provincial Elections Act."
The list of applicants for resristratioii is
now posted and may-be inspected.at the.office of
the undersigned Registrar of Voters.
Dated April 19th. V)21'. ���
' -W. K.TlEWDNlSY,
������     -,Registrar of Voters for the Greenwood
,     Electoral District.
: SEALED TENDERS, addressed to the Postmaster. General, will be received .at Ottawa
until 110011,011 Friday; the 24tu'June, 1921, for
the conveyance 0/ His Majesty's Mails, 011 a
proposed Contract'for. four years, 6 times per
week on-.thei route ��� between -Greenwood and
Railway Station (C.P.) from the Postmaster
Gtenerars pleasure. " ��
Printed notices containing-further Information as 10 conditions of proposed 1 on tract niav
be seen aud blank foin s of Tender mav he
obtained at the Post Office of Greenwood" aud
at the office of the Post Ofliee Inspector.
Post Office Inspector's Office, 13th Mav. 1021.
Vancouver, B. C.
Post Office Inspector.
The   Ledge has  always   rocin
or one more ad.
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail  your  watch  for  Repair and I will
mail it back.    Charges are moderate.
IutheSiniilkameen Land District, Recording
Office of Fairview; and situate adjoining
Lot 1453s.
TAKE NOTICE that Paul DuMottt, of
Bridesville, iu said district, Rancher, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the f��llow-
desenbed lands containing- 40 acres, more or
less: Commencing: at a post planted on the
Westbouudmv of said Lot 1453s and about 11
chains North "from the South-West corner of
said Lot; thence Easterly about 10.5 chains;
thence Northerly about 20 chains; thence
North-Westerly about 20chains; thence North
about 5 chains: thence West about 1.5 chains;
thence South to place of commencement 28
chains niore or less; and also a small portion
of land commencing at the South-W.esi corner
of said Lot 1453s, thence South-Easterly about
1.1 chains; thence West about .5 chain; theuee
North I chain more or less to point of commencement.
Dated at Bridesville, B.C., March 17th. 1921.
Nicely, furnished' rooms, by the|
day, week or mouth
F. Nilson    "���        - Proprietor
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Hrick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Dealer in   Second-hand  Kurniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
ITorses,   Cattle,   Etc..
E. \V. WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer and
Chemis*-, Box 11110S, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Stiver. Copper or Lead
��1.2.5 "each. Gold-Silver $1-75- Gol.cl-
Silver with Copper or Lead 5.3 00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
3�� ^^^W^^&^^U^W^&^MS?WS5g$gjgjts ��������$#^^^e^W'^MX'a
He ia a mean father who has
his whiskers trimmed off because
thehaby likes to pull them.
Mining News
All Free Miners'.licenaes,expire
at midnight on May 31.
ADVERTISEMENT- ���  ,    ��� ""
.Sealed lenders will be'received by the Minister of Lands at Victoria,.liot'later than noon
on the 20i.li day,of May'. 1921," for the purchase
of.'Liceiice.'X29';:i. to - cut Z22.000 feet of T.iili-
ara'c. Spruce and Ffr, 1.000 cords of .Fence
Post? and'109.730 lineal Feel, of ~Pol.i;3, on Lot
X-tGs. iie.ii- Lynch Creek. North Fork of Kettle
River. Simillcamcen-Dislrlci.       -    : .        "
Two !2-, yeftr will  be allowed   for removal
of limber; ���-'""".'. - '"
'' " Fnrther-i��artietilars of the. Chief. Forester,
Victoria, li.. C, or District .Forester, Kelson,
B.C., .      . -' .   .       .    . -
Auto  Stage twice daily  to  Midway   meeting Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at S a.m.
Kor Oroville, Wenatehee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m. ���
Fare $1. 50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage Free.    Trunks, Carried.
Express and Heavy Draying.        - Auto's for hire Day or Nighty
We carry sTires. Oils, Greases.  Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3L
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers Cadillac cars, Garage in
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department   "
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,1 Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestoue.   Pig   Lead   and  Zinc
Ready To Help A Man With
..      His-Business
.With trade reviving,- every reliance may bc placed on tlia telephone, which is such
a principal factor in-industrial development. British Columbia is particulaily fortunate in that telephone lines radiate from the piiucip.ll cities lo all u.iinls, so that
instant means of communication are always available
The duplicate subiuarinej.between Point Grev ami Nanaimo was laid this month,
'doubling the facilities for telephoning between the mainland and Vancouver Island.
Ifewlonir distance lines have been built on Vancoiner Island aud throughout the lower
.Fraser Vitlley. both north and outh of the river. Verv few application-, are unfilled
. because of lack of facilities, so" that the telephone alw.i. s taken for frrauted, will no
fail you. '".".'
Ife is reported that, the lost Discovery lode which carried:, the
original Nome stampede has. been,
located on. the-; beaohes oi- the
Kngluk river and panning from SI
to 82,50 a pan at. a depthVof 20
feet, In the original Discovery
more, than.,8100,000 in gold ' waH
taken out before the lode, was loet.
-   That., the   new  Ottawa concentrator, />ni which construction work
. l %vas resumed a few-days ago. with
..a small crew, will be turning but
Its first concentrates in: a, month's
~   time, was the statement' iaat night
.of L. H. Eigg&r, who designed the
'. new plant, pays,the. Nelson - News.
. The   Ottawa   mine,   on ~ Springer
creek  above Slocan City,- has an
old dump that is estimated to contain two:years', feed  for  the new
mill and. Mr. VBiggar arid  A.   L.
McFhec, who are the associates in
..this, enterprise,  expect to   utilize
this source of values  while at the
.-   same time prosecuting development
work; in the mine.    Ae. soon as the
- mill is completed ..and  commences
: operation.'Mr. "Biggar. .stated ; ..the
program, of .underground' develop
merit/will be entered upon.
���.��.. V. MEGGITT
. ,      GRAND FORKS, B.C.
Dealer in   Farm  Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts,  Farm and
Frnit'Lands For Sale.. List..your- tends
'with me,    Have a buyer for good ranch
Still Carries On
ritish Columbia
..CROSS  throughout the. world, is. still a vital
factor���a colossal task.   This call for. increased
meriibership. is one to which no.person in British"
Columbia, placed in possession of even a few
��� facts, will fail to;,respchd.    V '���'.''  -/ X ������ '.-.'
���'.Retnrheil���'Men ������'���.ln, *>j1^���'.
���7    w   -.-������; tals and sani-
Still In.Hospitals\'*af�����������������*'���
��� ---;.���'���:- . ..��� ������ :-��� -��� .-��� -   British ".Col
umbia .there are. still over .800 returned men���
seeking.to regain health. ��� True, these men have
all the'attention .which crowded hospitals and-
���"- over-worked nurses and attendants" can' bestow.  '
but they are lacking these little things * of/com--
fcrt���these small, simple luxuries which mean
so little to you who arc strong and healthy; so
much, to them v/ho ~are ill. and suffering..   The
Red Cross, supplies them..'with tobacco, socks,.
pajamas, underwear, sweaters, slippers, razors,
shaving soap, and ��� so on.   Their wants are few '
and simple���their needs are great.
Workshops For   ^St
-Disabled Spldiers^dorV.b^
sub-committee of the Victoria Branch of the
Red Cross for submission to the Federal Gov-
. crnment, Clause 1 states:'
7 "That even after all that has been done by the
Government of Canada, through its various
departments, for the.welfare of returned-msn,
there remains in this country 'a residue of dis-
' abled/men who are unemployable in "ordinary
industry, a.residue for whicli no provision exists
namely;.those who possess some potential capacity, but can" only exercise it if some special
arrangements are' made to enable them to
do 80."'
from/every man and woman in British
Columbia as enrollment fee in the B. C.
Division of the Canadian Red Cross
Junior Membership $0.25 -.
wmmm^mm. ml % to w
Mali your Enrollment Fee to.'ytrar LocalBraiich or the
626 Pender Street. West ," :f. Vancouver, B. C,
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Mlnimutt.tprlc* of first-class land
reduced to 16 an acre; second-claM to
(2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to ��ur-
veyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which Is non-timber laird.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
. claims. 9
Pre-emptor* must oocupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of (10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than S years, and has made pro- ���
portlonate Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
|I00 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record same, win operate as forfeiture.. Title cannot be obtained in
(ess than 6 years, and Improvements
of 110.00 per acre. Including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunotton with his
'���fnij without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. m
Unsurveyed areas,-not exceeding iO
' acres,   may  be  letfsed  as  homesltes;'
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For gracing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 810 acres may fee
(eased by one person or company.
., MJU' factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; oondltlonB include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of coat of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price. Is made, f')     ,
> ACT.
The scope of this Act Is enlarged to
.^i?.,.^'.^"'^ jofnlns ��nd serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
91 a deoeased pre-emptor may apply
tor title under this Xot Is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
reajr after the oonoluslon of the present
war. This privilege ls also made retroactive.
No fees relatln* to pre-emptions are
due or payable V soldiers on preemptions recorded after June It. im
Taxes are remitted for five years
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since Augusi
4, 16H, on aooount of payments, "eei
��* taxes on-soldlers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or.^ity lots held by members of
$K3 ����������
ilstment to Maroh II. list, q
���UB.|��OPlCHAJ|JJM OF *W0WN  i
Provision made for laeuanoe of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed    to ��� complete
X't<4** t"********4 i*************
Cbc fiume fiotel
nelson. B.C.
in every respect,
*-= ======
"i��  The only up4<vdate Hotel in the interior,    First-class
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Ste^m Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
*+* + + ��f + **+*** + *+  *** ***** **X
be   distrlbu
onately   ot%
-M must be
QltAZINO.   * *
Qraiing Aot. M��. tor systematic
development of livestock industry provides for grailng districts and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits issued based
-on numbers ranged: priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
settlers, campers ec travellers, us
(or ��.�����., .
to ten head.
(Exeert Optician)
K. W. C Block        -      -     Kelson
I For
Job Printing
^ ���Economy and Satisfaction |��
% combined with Promptness %
g are the features which go to %
% .         make up the Service we give 2
g our customers.     Are  you af
& one of them?                         ^
I we print I
k ������ ��� ��� ��� . 3
& Letterheads, Noteheads,       |{
tZ. (Ruled or Plain)       ' ^j
H'  -        Envelopes. Billheads.       _ _ 3
��: " (All Sizes) " ""      _     ^
% Statements, Business Cards, %
g Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. 3
I The Ledge       PHONE 29      ]
&     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department    =��
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valuad.as follows; Placer Gold, 875,722,603; Lode
Gold; 8100,272,431; Silver, $50,432,304. Lead 943,821,106; Copper, $153,680,965;
Other Metals (Zinc, Iron, etc.), $16,818,487; Coal and Coke, $199,123,323;
Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc., $29,691,757; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc.,
8785,918; making ite Mineral Production lo Ihe end of 1919 show an
Aggregate Value of $670.64-9,894
Production for Year Ending December, 1919, $33,296,313
The  Mining  Laws of thiB Province .are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in tlie British
���  -,      Empire.      . - -'        - w.. " ,��� ��� '\        \  y   ' " -   -
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal foes.
- Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing such properties, the security
of which is gaaranteed by Crown Grants.
-Fall information, together with mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
- gratis by addressing��� -      - '       .'   ,
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
' ��� if
l> 'J
��� tJ     ,
^���Jt-I i jHw��p��


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