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The Ledge Feb 16, 1922

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 i-MATi.*?  W-*.a-*li.
r- .**ifir.
4- i���j     ^v
Vol.   XXVIII.
No. 32
We~carry a large line of , '
Hardware, House FurnishingSrEtc.
Inspect our stock before buying elsewhere
PHONE 28     V ��� GREENWOOD. B.C.
On and ''after March  1st we will give a
For Cash and prompt payment of accounts.
This 7 is a genuine proposition and is " an
earnest endeavor to aid our customers until
better times.
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Wall Papers
1922 Samples Just In
You Want To See Them   -
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity.. ' Pine sample rooms. A comtort- -
able home for tourists and travellers." Touch the
wire If you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Ladies Braclet Watches
A fine line of
Waltham Watches
la 16 Size Gold Filled and Nickel cases
$15.00 UD
D. R.McELMON, Greenwood
-Commencing with Feb. fsf we are-offering an
inducement'to the public for cash sales and
prompt payment of accounts with our
Special  Premium  System
. We are certain this system will prove a boon
to the thrifty public
,-       BY   DAY  or  CONTRACT ,
Wqod_For Sale
Second Hand Pipe, Rails, Mining Cars
���and other Mining Equipment
Reasonable Prices
Apply to J. W. Clark, Pacific Hotel
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Prous,
Commencing at 8 p.m., Sharp
We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
? JOHN MEYER -      .    '      Proprietor
The Next Issue ��f the
Closes on March 1st, 1922
If yoa are contemplating taking new service,"oV mating any changes in
or additions to yonr present service, yon should send notification, in writing-
not later than the above date* in order that yoa may take advantage of the
new Directory listings^   , ��� -   - _ - , "
"Yes or No" -
Through the marbled columned hallways
of a Millionaire's Mansion to the squalor
of an East Side Tenement, NORMA
TALMADGE carries an absorbing tale of
love, humor and tragedy with all the
realism essential to making an audience
live through the days and nights of a
Also a Two Reel Toonerville Comedy-
The Skipper Strikes It Rich
ADULTS SOc     ���     CHILDREN 25c.
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
Dr. 0. M. Graves, Dentist, will
be in Ferry, Feb. 28th until March
10th, 1922, prepared to do every
thing in the dental line and make
To Farmers and Dairymen
. Would ail the people who are
interested in the projected Dairy
send by letter, the amount of
cream and the number of cattle
milking, addressing all communications to Charles King, Greenwood, B.C,
For Sale
Light Ford Deliver j, 1917
model, good running order, price
$350.00, Wm, Jenks. Greenwood,
Around Home
W. R. Dewdney attended court
at Grand Forks last week.
W. Clayton, barrister, of Penticton, was in town on Sunday.
Servu* in St.; Jude's church,
Sunday, Feb. 19th,  at 7.30 p.m.
'I. H. Hallett is', attending the
mining convention in Spokane
this week.
Dr. E. G. Smyth and J. F.
Perasso.of Nelson, were in town
on Sunday.
Miss Jackson and Eric Jackson
of Midway, were.'visitors in town
on Tuesday.
J. L, Coles formerly of Greenwood, won the Strickland Cup in
curling at Merritt.
. Arthur Walters, of Anyox, is
visiting his parents,. Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Walters.
Mrs. J."VH. Goodeve left on
Saturday for Seattle/ where she
will visit with relatives.
G. A. Rendell left on Thursday morning to attend the Mining Convention in Spokane.   v
The Board of Trade executive
committee will meet today at 4
p.m., in T. M-. Gulley's office.
The ,Knighfs c-f Pythias will
attend divine service at the
Anglican church on Sunday
evening, Feb. 19th.
C. H. Fair, formerly of Greenwood, is now the head buyer for
the Hudson Bay, Company with
headquarters in^ontreal.
H. McCutcheon has sold the
Big 6 Studebaker car. to Dr. E.
G. Smyth of Nelson. _ This car
was confiscated by the Customs
*6rae^time^agbr=^~ -��� -.��� --* ���"������ >-
Capt. Vane Yarrow whol-has
been relieving "at the Bank of
Commerce during the past three
weeks, returned to Penticton on
Friday morning.
During the absence from Victoria of several ministers in the
cabinet Hon. J. D. MacLean is
acting premier, minister of education, acting attorney-general and
provincial secretary.
H. B. Jones, of .the B. C.
Wreckers is tearing down the old
building opposite the court house.
The B.C. Wreckers have shipped
13 cars of lumber from here during the part few months.
"~G.~A.rH. Baxter,^traffic Supt.
of the B." C. Telephone was in
town on Sunday and Monday.
Mr. Baxter is an old timer around
these parts having been in Grand
Forks at the time of the great
In a letter from Miss Mary
Biner she says: "We always get
a' good kick out of The Ledge.
I just love to read the descriptions of the various happenings,
weddings, parties, etc.. etc. It
makes one almost feel that they
have attended the affairs."
Kettle Valley Notes *
W. Clark is moving his family
to Bock Creek.
Mrs. Gray and Miss King spent
a few days in Grand Forks last
Bryan Palmer baa purchased
Cap!;. Davison's   ranch at Kettle
J. Hindmoor has brought his
little daughter to the Valley in
order-to attend school.
G. Nicholson has returned from
Grand Forks Hospital and ia stay
Creamery Meeting
A meeting of farmers and citizen?
was held in T. M. Gnlley's store
on Sat. Feb. 11, at 3 p.m. There
was a large and representative
attendance. James Kerr was elected to the chair, and Charles King
Hon. See. pro. tern.
The chairman gave a short address explaining the object of calling the meeting, and also read a
letter from the Government Dairy
Commissioner, Victoria, stating
details and conditions necessary
before it would be wise to erect a
ing a few days with Mr. and Mrs.   Dairy.    Particular   emphasis J was
Mr. and Mrs. G. Harper entertained a large toboggan party at
their house on tbe 14th, the merry
party breaking up about 1 a.m.
Enough Said
"A flirt am I?" exclaimed Mary
Ann, under notice to eo. "Well,
I know them flirts more than I
do,  and with less excuse.
She shot a spiteful look at her
mistress, and added. "I am better
looking than you. Your husband
told me so." .^
'   "That will do," said her mistress
"But I ain't finished yetf" retorted Mary Ann. "I can give a
better kiss than yon! Want to
know who told me that ma'am?"
"If yon mean to suggest that
my hnsband "
"No, it wasn't yonr husband
this time," Bald Mary Ann;" "it
was the chauffeur*"
This 'winte>Tih "California Has
been the coldest in 25 years.
RX O.   Fisher returned to his
The Misses Cassie McDonald,
Eva Murray, Josephine McKee
and Messrs. Roy Spencer, Dick
Taylor and Guraey Randeli attended the Trail-Grand Forks
hockey match at the Forks on
Tuesday night. Trail -won the
game by a score of 3-2.
On Friday the 10th inst a
number of ladies' spent a very
enjoyable evening when Mrs. G..
S. Walters entertained at a Whist
Drive. There were seven tables
and the game went right merrily
until, a late hour when many
delicious refreshments were
served by the hostess assisted by
Mrs. Helen Thomas. Prizes
were awarded to, first, Mrs. Geo.
Clerf and the consolation prize
went to Mrs. H. Bidder. After a
variation of music and dancing
the party broke up and the guests
departed one and ail voting Mrs,
Waiters a charming hostess.
The reception marks an epoch m
the social affairs of the season,
so cordial was the welcome, and
so lovely was the home.
duties here on Thursday after a
three weeks honeymoon-holiday
spent at the coast. Mrs. Fisher
went on to Nelson and will join
her husband here in the very
near future. Mr. and Mrs,
Fisher will take up their residence in the Pond house.
Rockcliffe Fellows, one of the
leading men with "Yes or No?"
the new First National production featuring Norma Talmadge
at the Greenwood Theatre on
Saturday, Feb. 18, was formerly
leading man in the spoken drama..
His"greatest"success-in-tHat line
of. work was with "Within the
Law." He is a Canadian and
his Christian name was taken
from Rockcliffe Park in Ottawa,
his native city.
The A fternoon Tea and Card
Party iri the evening of Tuesday,
Feb. 14th, St. Valentine's Day,
at the residence of Mrs. G. A,
Rendell in aid of St. Jude's
Church, went beyond the expectations of all, both from a financial
and social point of view. The
reception and dining rooms were
prettily decorated with St. Valentine's cupids and overhung with
bunting of hearts, some of them
pierced. During the afternoon
Mrs. J. Docksteader and Miss
Beattie sang a duet "Whispering
Hope" and so pleasingly rendered
that they had to respond to an
encore. Miss Beattie also gave
several selections on the.piano in
an acceptable manner. The
cakes were daintly cut by Mrs.
J. V. Mills, while Mrs. G. B.
Taylor, Mrs. J. Docksteader and
Mrs. T. Jenkin served tea. During the evening a card party was
held and at the end of a jolly
game the scores showed that
Mrs. A. Greig was the winner of
the ladies prise, a beautiful china
cup and saucer and A. N. Mowat
gents prize* while the consolation
prize went to Mrs. Mowat
Coffee, cake aud sandwiches were
served by the ladies of the
church. The profits of the afternoon and evening amounted to
The Ledge has always  rooa
or one mort ad.
laid on the number of cows required, stating that 350 should be
available. The letter stated that
no government assistance is given
unless the district has no available
means of disposing of cream. It
also recommended the building up
of the Grand Forks Dairy by shipments from the Greenwood district,
stating that when more than sufficient cream was available for the
Grand Forks Dairy then the erection of a Creamery at Greenwood
should be considered.
The initial cost_of machinery for
a gathered creamery plant, consisting of boiler, engine, pasteuriser, combination churn, with a
capacity of 600 lbs of butter, and
other necessary appartus, would
cost approximately ���3,000. If a refrigerating machine is included, the
coat would bean addition of 51,500
to $3,000, some curtailment to this
amount, could be made by the use
of electric power. The chairman
after stating these facts threw the
mwttng open for discussion.
Charles King stated that he considered that the establishment of a
Creamery in Greenwood would be
* most desirable institution for the
city and district; but the main consideration was the amount of cream
available, butter could not be made
without  cream,   the   expense  of
operating a Creamery with insufficient cream,  would be as great as
operating one to its full capacity,
one would be operating at a loss
the other at a profit, and he considered that it was up to the farmers
to show that sufficient cream was
being produced before a Creamery
should be erected.    Should this be
necessary then a cold storage plant
could be ma in conjunction, and
any rancher wishing to kill some
of his stock could have it held in
cold storage till a favorable market
could be found.   The whole issue
was  with   the  farmer  and if he
would guarantee sufficient cream,
the financing of the project could
be arranged.
H. Hartley stated that before a
Creamery could be established successfully, milk stock should replace
the beef stock that are being raised
in the district, he stated that too
many Borub bulls were roaming the
country, and he suggested that
application be made to the government for bulls, of a suitable breed
for milk stock, be imported.
Robert Floyd stated that he was
shipping cream and if a Creamery
was established in Greenwood he
would increase his dairy stock.
B. Folvik stated that he was
making butter sad would continue
to do so, but if a Creamery were
established he would be inclined
to increase bis milk cows,
E. F. Keir considered that more
attention should be given by farmers to cream production, as the
of cream was guaranteed a
regular salary. He contended that
farmers should endeavor to ship
more cream to Graad Forks Dairy,
and when the supply had increased
Grwsawood    should
Helen Burnett Dead
Helen Burnett died on Saturday
afternoon aged 3�� years. The
word flew over our town as on the
wings of wind. Wherever ifc touched
it left serrow, and the expressions
of sympathy for the bereaved ones
were many and from the taart.
It is only a little over a year ago
that her mother predeceased her���
and now little Helen has gone to
join her mother in a happier clime,
free from all sorrow and suffering.
Bright,   happy    ftnd   cheerful,
Helen carried  sunshine wherever
Bhe went.    Her death comes as a
dark shadow to her father,  friends
and relatives   who   loved   her so
dearly.    Death ie a hard master.
He would take from us our brightest-and best, but  he cannot mar
memory.   It will serve as balm to
wounded heartB.   The sunshine of
love could not warm her life nor
the affection of father beguile her
from drooping.    Her breath went
out   like   the    exhalation   of   a
sweetly   fragrant   minion   of   the
woodland and in her stead was left
only a holy and beautiful memory.
The small body was taken to Van-"
couver on Monday morning and
laid to rest beside her mother by
Lands that had tried to make her
young life happy.   May God's puree* ��ngeTsguai-dVher slumbers.
With the Curlers
The; Mother Lode cup which is
up for competition next week at
the curling rink will revive many
pleasant memories among the
few old time bunch left in town
that competed for this trophy iu
the- palmy days at\thfe -Mother
Lode mine. The cup is being're-
turned from Copper Mountain to
the care of G. S. Walters.
W. Walmsley headed a rink of
Greenwood curlers at the Grand
Forks bonspeil last Friday and
Saturday.   The   visitors   played
two. games on heavy ice on Fri-    .
day   evening   and   made a very   -
creditable showing,  one   of the
garnet going   to   an extra end
with the veteran Dick Gardner's
rink,    Saturday was a real day
of curling and  the boys report
haying had a greaUime-and the--
best of hospitality extended by
the Grand Forks enthusiasts, and
are of the opinion that during
their stay business was forgotten
with   curling   taking   first   and
foremost place.     Riaks skipped
by Messrs.   Gregory,  Hull   and
Collins came out winners.
Beaver Protected Here
A regulation issued recently
under the provisions of the Game
Act removed the restrictions upon
taking of beaver in tbe portion of
the province north of the main
line of the C, P. & sad weat oJ
Cascade Range and within the
Municipality of Richmond. Beaver
still remains protected in this
part of the province.
then have a Creamery.
R. Forshaw, W, Jenks, J, Bolfcz.
added remarks to the discussion,
laying stress  on   the-growing 0�� .
feed suitable for milk production
such as clover and alfalfa.     f
On the motion of R. Lee seconded by A. Sater and carried unant-
mously the secretary was "instructed
to place an advertisement in The
Ledge, asking farmer* to state by
letter, the amount of cream and
also the number of cows each one
was willing to miLk.
A. phone  message  read at tha
meeting from G. 8.  Walters,  who
^n8' g��nd Fork*, "staled tha* '
22t^Sr <*�������* ����� abort
ete 0
THE     LEDGE,     flTfRENWOO"n.     "B.     O.
Canadian Mo.de
As a health builder. Foyal Y��asf is gaining in
popularity every day. It is a food - not a medicine.
It supplies tho vitamine which tho diet may lack.
Royal Yeast is highly beneficial in cases where tho
system seems "run down". Royal Yeast is the richest known source of vitamines. and when taken
into the system acts as a corrective agent. Royal
Yeast Cakes are recommended for their purity and
wholesomeness. It is the purest, the most convene
ient and economical yeast on the market.
Two to four Royal Yeast Cakes a day will.work
wonders. A full day's supply can easily be prepared at one time by using one glass luke warm
water and teaspoon sugar to each yeast cake. Allow
to stand over night in moderately warm room. In
1he morning stir well and pour off liquid. Place in
refrigerator or other cool place and drink at intervals as desired throughout the day.
Send name and address for free booklet" Royal
Yeast Cakes for Better Health."
Canada s Need*
Trials of Wireless Everts    ]C ASTO R I A
Radio   Operators   Still   Bothered   By
"Vagrant" Signals
Despite ihe most diligent research,
experts are not yet able to say whence
thc mysterious "vagrant" signals come
that every day, and particularly at
night, are received on wireless aerials.
"From the earliest days of long distance wireless telegraphy, the difficulties in reception due to vagrant or na-1
tural electric waves and atmospheric i
electric discharges passing down the I
receiving aerial have been the bane .
of the wireless telegraphist," Professor John-Ambrose Fleming, of London University, told the Royal Society
of Arts.     He said:
For Infants and Children
in Use For Over'30 Years
Always bears
Signature of
An Acknowledged  Expert  in  All
Matters Pertaining to Household Management-
An Architect's Mistake
Admiralty's Building in London Constructed from Asylum Plans
The modern Admiralty's Building in
London, according to a story for which
a correspondent wil'not vouch, has an
amusing origin.     The architect who
had been commissioned to prepare the
designs for tlie new building was at
I the same time engaged planning a new
| lunatic asylum.      Summoned sudden-
l ly to Windsor to show Queen Victoria
j his drawings, he took with him by
l mi-stake those for the asylum.;     This
, he discovered only when Her Majesty
! to. whom he had handed his portfolio,
. i expressed herself highly pleased.    As
A   letter   has   come to me from a \ she approved very much of the de-
ise Tanlac
As Long As He Lives
States Henry Stone
"Having   regard    to the fact that  serious-minded- young   man who has
the positive atmospheric electric potential gradient of tho earth increases at the rate of about 100 volts
per meter of ascent, roughly speaking,
it is not surprising that aerials several hundred feet high may be traversed by quite large currents duo to this
cause alone, which may utterly swamp
the feeble signal currents."
Professor Fleming is the inventor
of the thermionic valve-receiver,
which revolutionized wireless telegraphy and telephony.
A terrible experience had Edw. J.
O'Connor, of Sauit Ste. Marie. From
boyhood lie writes: "I have been a constant ,sufferer from Asthma and Catarrh. My nose and throat was often
stopped up, and I had disagreeable
droppings from my throat. When an
attack of coughing came ou, it seemed as if I would barely live through
it. I would gasp for breath. Catarrhozone made me well. It's soothing healing action was exactly suited
to my case." To those who suffer
from Catarrh, Asthma, Throat Irritation and Bronchitis, Catarrhozone0 is
highly recommended. Two months
treatment, one dollar; smaller sizes,
25c and:50c, at all dealers or lhe Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
No. 6���Scientific Research (Continued)
Admitting that Canada has been backward in the prosecution of scientific
research, and granting that an effort should now be made to*" overtake the
Joss occasioned by past neglect, the question arises what is to bc done and
No Government should be expected to bear all thc cost of discovering
new scientific truths; that of course is paternalism. Most of the cost of
this work must be left to private enterprise since it is by private enterprise
that the new knowledge will be exploited, properties laid out, employees set
to work, and production carried on.
But if every branch of Canadian enterprise starts independently in the
pursuit of new scientific information, there is bound to be tremendous waste.
Many duplicate laboratories would be required. Much over-lapping of effort
wouid go on. In one laboratory time would be lost in proving or disproving
what had already been learned in a laboratory somewhere else���and perfectly willing to share the knowledge.
A vast ampunt of energy and money would be wasted on ground work������
instead of having the ground work done as far as possible in common and
the money available lor research concentrated on the really new effort. To
discover a quite slmple-jforinula might cost so much for laboratory and men
as to discourage the enterprise.
A lack of organization would be, therefore, a drag on the wheel.
It has been suggested in such, circumstances that the universities should
fje moboiized. But this view has had to be abandoned, not merely because universities are scattered, but because university routine cannot meet
the requirements of the kind of research the business world now* needs without damaging: the usefulness of the university to its students.
It has also been suggested that the scientific staffs attached'jto certain
Government departments could satisfy this 'need. But the work, which is
needed, cannot be done entirely by ,the Dominion Government. In miany
cases investigation can be carried out to the best advantage under, one or moro
of the' Provincial Governments, or under Federal" and Provincial authorities
in cooperation. Moreover it will often happen that .the work cannot be com-,
plefed as a practical and commercial success without calling on the financial and other help of the industries -which are concerned.     In all such cases      Stoney  Lake,  Sask. (Special). "I
the .work lies outside the duties of any Government department and should' suffered for .two .years from rheuma
In the Argentine Republte
If an engaged man in ,the Argentine
Republic dallies beyond a reasonable
time in leading his fiance to the altar
he is heavily fined, and "if a resident
of the republic should fail to marry
he is taxed until he reaches the age
of SO.
His Rheumatism
Gone He Rejoices
Mr. Mike Karaim Praises Dodd's
Kidney Pills
Saskatchewan Man Who Suffered
For Two Years Gives the Reason
Why Hc Recommends Dodd's. Kidney Pills.
asked "the most wonderful girl in the
world" to be his wife. He asks for
some points to help him in selecting
a home.
I believe one's first home should
be a rented one, even if it-is rented
for so short a period as one, two or
three months. In this rented home
one may learn from first hand experience just what is desirable.
Sunshine, ventilation, sanitation,
ease with which the home may be
kept clean are among the factors
to be considered. Froximity to cars,
post oillce, church, school, should bo
taken into consideration.
In fact ,the carfare of a worker
from his home to his place of business
and the time consumed in transit
should be considered, possibly as part
of the rent. An hour's journey from
home to business should be the limit.
Where one must travel longer than
this, there is too great a drain upon,
what should be, reserve vitality or the
transportation cost is unduly high.
And, after you have studied out just
what you like and what you do not
like in your rented home, you will be
in a better position^to know just what
you want when you buy a home.
And everything considered, ' it
should be the aim of every married
couple to eventually own their own,
home. People who own their own
homes feel a certain responsibility for
the condition of their home, the con-,
dition of their streets, the kind of citizen elected to public office, the
schools of the neighborhood, the moral
conditions of the community, the social side of the-community as well as
what kind of business may be permitted to come into the neighborhood.
And when people begin to feel'this'
kind of a responsibility, they automatically begin to be better citizens.
And better citizens and their children
make for a better America, and after
all, that is what every real home-maker in our country--, is striving for-r-a
better America. ��� i   -\      - "
sign, nothing more was to be done,
and the admiralty as it stands today
was  constructed  on the plans made
for the asylum.
For Rheumatic Pains.���The pains
and aches of Sciatica and Rheumatism
should be treated with Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil.. The soothing and healing properties of this famous remedy
.have been demonstrated for fifty,
years. Use it also for inflammatory
pains, cuts, scratches, bruises and
sprains, either in human beings or the
lower animals.
be directed fby a body with greater-independence and freedom-from administrative duties.    .   ���  .... .'.' ,"        ""���'���"  ���-. ���   ...
���"., Thus in England, in the ..United States,'iu Germany, and in Japan, the
need- for -some central bureau of research to ��� synthesize the efforts'.of its individuals has resulted in the establishment of State Institutions equipped and
��� endowed by public funds, controlled by .'Parliament-only in regard: to the
.amount of funds made'-available for its yearly work. ;--'..'
.', - It is" proposed, therefore, that the  Government of'Canada'should'set-
aside $500,000 to'erect and equip a-building at Ottawa to be known as "The
: National Research Institute," and'that it" should make an annual .grant for
the carrying on of research in the public interest.. ���'���../.-.
In addition to'this kind of work special confidential studies of- commercial-problems would be. carried out for persons or "corporations or trade guilds-
willing to pay the cost of such studies. --. '." -        ,".     ' *    ���
tism but I am glad to tell you I am
well again." . In these words Mr.
Mike Karaim, a respected resident of
this-place, gives the reason why ho
recommends Dodd's Kidney Pills to
all his-, friends. . ��� . -
��� "I   spent   a " lot of money on- Other
'medicines before! tried'Dodd's Kid-'
,ney-Pills," Mr. Karaim ��� continued..;. "I
only.used two boxes.of them and now
I-feel-flrieV.   . -      '     "-
Rheumatism is caused-by Uric .Acid
ia the .blood. ..' The-natural way to
treat it is to strengthen .the kidneys
so they' will do their full work and
strain all the uric . acid out-of the
blood. .   -, '     ���
Production In Canada
���,, . .    A. ,, .,       ��� ,    ,     ���   ,. .    ���- -Dodd's   Kidney- Pills  make" strong
... This organization, would provide a Bureau of Standards���that is, a Bureau1 healthy kidneys.   Dodd'3 Kidney Pills
for the. making of delicate tests, measurements or analysis of standard articles i have -been in use "iti Canada for more
bf. Canadian'trade���a work lor which' Canada has.now to depend��� largely ori   than -a'quarter of a- century.     They
thVs'ewices- of-' foreigners.'"; -"' '    --..'���   V-''.'   " '':-.-..   have grown-In'   popularity   year   by
-..���.-,--���'-,    t    .     ,    .",-���- V      ,'       '��-        ,, '   ,      , year because of the work they have
.    In. other-words, instead of having to rely on the scattered and unorgan-! (jone_ -.-'.'.'       ."'"'-
"ized  efforts ;of gallant and public-spirited  investigators���instead of having'  , Ask "your, neighbors -.about Dodd's.
her-manufacturers "send their money, as happened in at'least one-case, to a
foreign state.'institute, to .buy research���Canacla, would haye' her/ own ..-'central
Bureau of .Standards for Research: : 77    '-7 '     X ' X- .'   "������ "'   "    7
liere,-laboratories and.a'library would be- maintained.for'public use-and
e7continuous study- of- Canadian, materials would- be. carried on.7"  -'    X--' ";
-Here the results.'of. ground -work" could.bej.*?qole'd'and^made.ayailablelto
anyone.      '-  .' -.��� -     . "... --���       -.'   "���-'-  ���-; .   ."XX-"'-'' '"  ��� -"'.''-���'  "���''"���'
-Kercvthe Engineer ;or"..cherhist might, find-the  last .word in. common
Kidney Pills.
Marketing Hogs
products of All Kinti for the Dominion,
Reach High Figure.
Tho value of Canadian products of.
all iduds-for the year 1G20 reached a
grand total of $5,716,247,141, according-to a report prepared by the Dominion .Bureau "of-- Statistics. Of
this total 'agriculture contributed .?!,-
9-10,000,000" made up as follows: Field
crops'- $1,455,244,000,-' farm, animals
$140,083,600, -wool .$5,321,000, dairy-
products $250,000,000, fruits and vegetables $40;000,000, and . poultry .and
eggs $50,000,000. The "total for general manufactures is placed ��� at
?3,264-,391,594.   '    . ;  .   " ' .
Grading." to   .be; ..Done
.;:. .>. V:7P.ove_r_nem'nt;,Officials  _ .". .".-
- -All hogs marketed'' at' public stocl
vards"' and' abattoirs -In Ca'hada on and -' mehts will, be /made'through- the .De
For Returned Soldiers
Govf rv- ".er.t. to" Assume Paymeni - for
All-Claims fop Damage
In order to relieve the employers of
financial' responsibility  for accidents
to disabled returned- soldiers and. to-
facilitate the employment : of-'- these'
-men, the.govern ment has assumed .the;
payment of all, damages." . These-pay-
knowledge of. a subject; and-'..so-.li?.ve7a much' better taking .off; place -for "his":!.after May 1 will be sold according to.'- Partment -o'f   Soldier .Civil "Re-estab
dwu" research".''- -'  - ���:   -V-':-'   V V   /     ;.'""'   V    7 \ '.'.--.'"    Vj an .'announcementmade- by" the ������-j)p; i 1isn?lent ?tt 'co*��Peration
Here'; would be .'men- who': might be-. employed-~at - cosWto- make .experi-'i minion .Department   of,. Agriculture
with ���  the
Compensation" . Boards
Have You Stomach Risings,
Gas, Heart Burn, Sourness?
Tells of a Simple Remedy
It's really wonderful the quick relief
you get from ten or twenty drops of
Nerviline taken in sweetened* water.
For cramps and spasms, Nerviline is
equally eflicient. To safeguard yourself against these ailments, keep
handy on the shelf a bottle of trusty
old Nerviline. It will relieve the
minor aches and pains of the whole
family. Good for internal or external use.     35c at all dealers.
"I will have a good word for Tanlac
as long as'I-live," said Henry Stone,
379 Hargraye St., Winnipeg, in relating, his experience with the medicine.
"Stomach trouble had me in awful
bad shape the past two years and I
was so weak-and run down I was just
about 'all in**5 Every, mouthful I ate
seemed to sour and the bloating, palpitation and shortness of breath that
followed was almost unbearable. I
had splitting headaches and a'ttapks of
dizziness.   '.I  spent quite a sum of
money trying to find relief, but was'
getting worse all the time, and it was
only through sheer grit that I 'managed to stick to my worst.
"But my troubles are a thing of the
past now and I am feeling fine in
every way, for Tanlac fc.'-.s put me in
the best of health. The medicine "
helped me from pie very start and six
bottles did" the work completely I
haven't an ailment of any kind, and I
think Tanlac is the greatest medicine
on earth."    " ;    :
Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
Farms In. Canada
According to the latest returns^ of
the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics
tliere are 698,368 farms in Canada,
184,337 being in' Ontario, 142,017 in
Quebec, 120,900 in Saskatchewan, 86,-
000 in Alberta, 55,184 in Manitoba, 46,-
269 in Nova Scotia, 35,562 in New
Brunswick, 14,211 in British Columbia
and 13,888 in Prince Edward Island. -""
Britain in United States
More Than Half of White People Are
British Born
There are more British in the United "States than in Great Britain! \ Of
the 95,000,000 white people atN present
within the continental limits of the
United States, 55,000,00, or more than
half, are of British birth or extraction.
This revises the prophecy of the historian, John- Richard Green. In 1870
he wrote: "As 200,000,000 Englishmen
fill the valley ' of the ' Mississippi
.- . "-. ���the primacy of the -world will
lie with the English people, English
institutions, English speech, English
thought. will become the .main features of the political, the .social, and
the intellectual life bf mankind."
English Writer's Opinion
Of Prohibition Law
H.   G.   Wells   Convinced   System   In
America is a Success
v Figures   of   approximate   accuracy
are beginning to be available throughout   the   United   States showing the
effect of the. prohibiten law.       ���'
Under the license system there was
a commerce in hard liquor and beer
sufficient to allow a.quantity, of two
quarts per month - to' an army of
twenty million drinkers.
Under the prohibition law, giving"
effect to the widest estimates of illicit
liquor selling, it is reasonably certain
that there is not more than enough to
give one quart-per month to two million drinkers.
Mr. H. G. Wells, the English writer, coming to Washington as a correspondent at the Peace Conference,
bringing wiVh him the British idea
that prohibition was a joke, gave out
a statement on the day of his sailing
for home, in which he declared himself convinced that prohibition in the
United States is a fixture, and that the
days of the bootlegger are numbered.
This agree with tho report made
by the. two Labor members of the
Pritish Parliament, C. H. Stick and
J. E. Davidson, sent to the States for
an investigation of prohibition. They
reported .the prohibition\system a success along economic lines; marked by
an entire absence of spending the pay
cheque for dj-ink on payday before going home; and that the illicit traffic
in drink depended for its buyers upon
those who had learned to drink before
the prohibition law was passed. This
class of buyers is dying out; and no
new class is being taught to drink in
its place.���Vancouver Sun.
Football Played On Horseback
���-'      .    ���������
Chief Amusement of Men In .Mountains Near Turkestan
A kind of football game played jsn
horseback is the chief amusement of
the Kelgis, or people who live in the
Pamir Mountains near Chinese Turkestan, says Miss E.la Sykes, a well-
known English traveller who recently
visited that region.
( It is a man's game and the football
is made by inflating the skin of a
goat. The women find their greatest
pleasure in attending funeral feasts.
Minard's Liniment for Garget in Cows   \
Blamed for Cattle Disease
Trouble    Said   to    Have   Originated
Among Irish Cattle
The new outbreak of foot and mouth
disease in England is-said to have originated among Irish cattle, and have
led to an embargo on English cattle
by some Scottish countries.     English
papers are renewing their demand lor   w
the removal of the embargo against   "-
Canadian   cattle.      Col.  Mullings,  of
Winnipeg, who is now in England to -
ascertain the market   conditions    lor
Canadian cattle "on-behalf of the Winnipeg   Livestock   Exchange,   reports
that one Liverpool firm handled ten
thousand   Canadian  cattle   last   sum-    _
mer with a loss of only a fraction of
one per cent.
..Winter is a dangerous season for
the little ones.' The. days are^change-
abie���one bright, the next. one~"cold-
and stormy, .that the mother is afraid
to take the children out- for the'fresh
air. and exercise tliey'need so much.
In consequence they are often cooped
up .in overheated, badly, ventilated
rooms .and are sooii, seised with colds
or grippe. What is.needed' to . keep
the little ones .well is Baby's Own
Tablets.. They . will regulate ��� the
stomach .and .bowels and- drive, out-
colds, and. by their use the. baby will
be'able to get over ihe winter season
in perfect safety.' : The'-Tablets are
sold,.by_ medicine dealers _or by mail"
at 25 cents "a "box from" Tlie .Dr. Williams''Medicine "Co., Brockville,-Ont." '-
inen.ts for.'this concern "or that',, their finding" in .such-cases'-becoming- tlie-
property of tho^mah'or-firm 6V;group-of firms .who. paid 'the cost.'. - - ;*.
��� .'   Here the finest instruments, and" apparatus;-would .be available for. those-
who"desired to7send"lheir experts .to explore-some branch'of kripwIedgeV-V\
This.policy is'thc-outcome,of.a' meet-'..,-t.broWhout the "country.,������ The sum of
ing of producers", packers and'Vgri'cuH:?100-0-��� ,has'-'been_set aside to .cover
.'tural"officers'held-at Qtlawa-.last���No-l.payment-S-fqr the current'year.- 7.... ;-
vember. 7' ;A minimum premium of.te'ii-1'-     ���" -i:      y~^T     "��� ''
Here, in "other words,-the State would .provide =at:cost,-a common-work- -per cent, will .be'recognized ior:seIecl ; - ���^<r--eve,s A.sthm�� at-Little ..Expense.
---���---������- -- - ,-���'-.-���--.   -   ���   -   "    . ~       -  -    ��� .--..'��� ������ i Thousands ol'dollars have been vamlv
bacon-hogs.-----.. .^-~���.-.---���������--���-������;-  .- ' 	
. lr-g place, and a ..common, repository, of such new'^scicritific knowledge -as -had
. been acquired at public7expense.-- 7Atthe' same time, secret discoveries made
-at the expense of-private entfcr^rise,.''wpuld7yemain'7thc.,prope-rfy''bf.-tlie-ir..d$s-
coyerers���so;.long as'used.;in-.the" public. Jntor.est-^ihe. public, at. large--benefit-,
ting by rthb'.stimulus Ho.-industry. _and''e'��ipioymcnt ���-which; in- theory 7at 'least,
- follows; the application of ;such private knowledge.--, .--    -   -V,- X ��� ..' ..'���''  - '
'.y:' -.This'is what' lias been'-doiicvviiVforeign 'countries.   '- This'-is."what -.the'
"Council of Scientific and Industrial Research believes .should-be .done in .Can-.
,_ada. ," And, after .all. -is "this nol.6no.of .Canada's needs'which musfbemet if1
��� this Dominion' is.-to "take .and hold its .rightful/place ;ambng, the' "enterprising
and progressive nations -within, the League-of .Nations?.-, ��� -���-���'��� - ���..   ��� '   7 '.,'
-As-It Ought-To Be
A prison official, who has compiled-
statistics' of the New. York/state- re-
forrriatory;;for 'male's, has"'found'-, that
.only .-',8 ��� per". .Vcent. "of the convicts be:
tween the-ages-of 16 and ..'30 . were
ex-seryice" men..-.' This'is only, as it,
ought 'to- be,1'.as irien who risk their'
For Both House and Stable���There
is a good,, deal of similarity, physically speaking, between human beings
and the lower animals. Both are subject to many ailments arising from inflammation and to all manner of cuts
and bruises. Dr. Thomas' JEclectric
Oil is an entirely reliable remedy for
such ailments and mishaps in both
human beings and the lower orders of
Work Always Pays
Everything   In   Life   Teaches   Import-
.   anoe of Keeping  Busy
There is nothing so true aa that
work pays. If your roof ��� leaks, you
may replenish it; if your crop was
poor ��� last summer, you may improve
it this summer;" with" more care and
effort. Everything in life teaches the
importance of work.' If you . are a
woodcutter, and your ..'axe is dull, a
little work at-^e, grindstone will improve it. It.is all a - question pf /industry,-, of taking ��� pains,- or being
tiirifty, and earning the respect of
those- with whom .you. are associated.
But"-thp"cry;.npw-is for less work. -Tlie"
; remedy ��� ���': Is ���  -more. - work.���i-Io'we's
Monthly. ���"'--'-     ���-..'���������   '"���'
^.       v       ���.���     ..   ��� -    ��� -
Minard's .Liniment for Colds, Etc.    ���
Th"e':. first Portuguese ship- reached
: - Apothecaries' bills were., exceeding
'ly high in' the, 17Uicentury.1"' ���-','   ..
Prosperous Canada
Judged By-..All:Standards. Position 7!3
-���"   " ���'"���   Enviable.,,---      7.V 7-
-.   The  .Canadian -Bank Statement for
December shows .a":billion and a quarter -'- dollars.v tucked away as.-sayings.
:ThJs,- added to demand, 'deposits��� 0"ur national .credit is high. --' Judged,-
which" are. half a;., billion nioreV-arid , in short> hy ~most ahy._ standard, our"
holdings.of industrial, .municipai   and! position   as-   a'   "people   affords
little that it.is within; reach of all.'- -It
1 is-a'reliable- remedy' fbivasthma. Your
dealer can,supply you.''.-. - ; '.   -"   y-"i
Justice SIow^Bul Sure
DomihioD. bonds;'Is an. impressive in-
"dicat.ibii'tliat-Canadians-are far from
_: impoverished. 7 The:-plain*  truth   is
"that .despite ..unemployment���it is. less
noticeable   'in   -Canada".- than' in any
other.country'in the. world-~this'Do-j .  MW
minion .is really ."a. cozy corner of the I ��-nj''-. .,-       , u   .,.      ._ - ,,       ,. .���
':   V    ,-  -,.,-,���   -  !���-,  -;-. I onerpy-is bound by-the shackles .ol ill-
world,. .   Our.'-trade,', .although; below I health. '     "���' '���'- '���''-."' "���.'-..' -
the'-'extra-npfmai war height, is:good; I   -Some disease or cons"t.ilutibnai."dis-
our ' revenues' -are being maintained;'.' tiirbancc" has' left its mark-in -the,"form.
'of a,;weak heart, shattered-nerves,, impoverished blood and. an-. exhausted
condition of the'whole system.
..ia." '���'������':'.
strongsst ground for
and optimism.���From
the    Ottawa
Those flaying Sick Animals
'   ,..."-"-' '������:.  SHOULD USE
Itajia'r*-. Government ..Clerk .- Receives
';/."' ��� .Award /After Twenty" Years
7 That .the. course of justice is slow
i.bul/.sure -must be.the reflection of a
'.-",'���'��� ���,/-': V'- _-7'V      7 ...certain'Jtalifi.h ' government. 7-clerk;
.woman'  whoVs.lioultl bo -Tw.pb.tj. .years7agb he,-.was,.dismissed'
healthy,- full  of -life sand-from   the.; Italian', postal' service, - ac-
'.cuse.'fi of .stealing a .'-postal, order" that-
'had. .disappeared.-in the',-bificoV'at.
Aquila. . Recently'a clerk -wa3 tidy-
.ing.-ujp.the ?afe fmd there'lie-found
a yellow, postal note . for a'< considerable-sum, ��� An/.old-man",'who had been
in.the. seryice" for more than a quarter"
- ... -' Wheat Out Of Vancouver. .'-- ' ���
'��� 'Provincial-'. Cpfernnient- records
show' thatUOO.OuO tons of-wheat, have
been shipped, from "the" port- of"Vancouver during the- hist "three;., month's
of .1921..- ��� .This is-comparcu' with.12,-
000-- tons-- shipped "during _the"san^
period in 1320. .;'.'"-  ' -    ' .."   '_.'. V".
'"- '- ;': Motor- CaVs:-.lri. W.��st; ���
;, Of a; total/of. 460i0pj!) motor cars' in
commission. in'Canada 1567,65-1 ar'e.'lo-
'cated-in: the - western -provinces.; . In
Manitoba there.are 3-1,81-1'; in Saskatchewan, 5.8,235; in ������ Alberta; 3C515;.
axitf.-in British Columbia, 26,500.7 '���
\   ���--     Harvesting Cascara-. .   . '/���
.Cascara- bark, .of ivlii'ch -1:000' tons
they will; find a "remedy that will sup- i
ply food for the" exhausted nerves, one
that will strengthen and regulate the
weak heart and.invigorate the whole
system."   ��� ���    - ��� -    '.'-"������
Mrs. W. W." Pearse,- 14 Seaton. St.,
-���Good, for aH turost V-n<I ch-rst diseoj-c". Dis-
ten-.i>=cr,    -G-~rcet,  ' Sprains, -  Bruises,     Colic,
VMsn!^-. . S*��vi=:s,.. -asiaJ**S    Sores,- etc-, etc..
��� Shan!.. ' -stU'nys    be    iri    the   siab!e.-r-20I.D
' EVERVWIIERE. -.       -    ' ' - 	
:SSS==X "=--^--.,l.TJ-=!
W.   N.   U;'
Funny Advertisements   "
The. weekly newspapers dp not contain all of the'funny advertisements,
��� Most of us know   that' Toibntonians',
were   .a
siowspaper tolls it to-the world in the ,ConditIpn"from7the "flu."'    Sly nerves
following   advertisement: " "A   lady, \ were badly shattered, and I.had-such
living p;
man   for
Those Toronto boarding house ladies better.     My husband got me. la'try
r---.no���   i*7t V,.V XXXXX���in ?-Toronto, Ont, writes:��� :"l   was    left
hungry, .lot .but a Toronto. ^ith..a Vea-K heart and in a. run down
bf a century, -��� remembered that a j.
clerk had been"charged- with' stealing .annually are exported-, from British
an-order and dismissed. ' An invest"!- '������ Columbia, the wprld-'s -last-commer-
ga'lio^ followed, andv'tho' 'innfjeent:.^-- source, of supply, is'-now being
victim "of the'blunder'was finally dis-J 'Jiarrested. .- Eight- to ten ..cents per
covered. . The government, r.ecbrdirig
to the Kew-York Tfibuiie' awarded
him the" handsome sum of $20,0.00���^
the total-amount of salary Me would
have received had hs. not been- discharged.
The only pure white monkey, known
to exist was reeeatly brGUght to X-bn-
Airplane Carries Diamonds
A    company    operating    diamond
mines Jn   the   Corigo -i3   using   air:
to ten ..cents
pounds is obtained for this product.  ...
"I. don't- care."
- Is a' deadly snare--
���"Had I-thought," died In the- poor-
/From the."Hat" ,,:'
��� "There/has. been'shipped from-Medicine Hat for export lo"Europe; via,the"
Panama Canal,:. 1,679 tons of flour
since the 1st July-last, and orders are
'oa hand for a further.i2;49S tons. ���
/.The/extinct volcano Palobo, overlooking Honolulu, . now furnishes
2,0.00,000" gallons "of.. drinking - water
daily to the city.   ' -- 7  ...... -        -   .
The Druggists AH Agree *
That "Putnam's" Is Best
The oldest corn remover on the market is Putnam's Corn Extractor���and
it is the- best. Your corns will all
drop out after a few treatments with
this painless remedy. . Failure impossible. Refuse a substitute - tor
"Putnam's," 25c everywhere.  ���'
Government Approves Canada's Shars
Canada's payment of her sliare of
the cost of the Imperial Institute,
which amount to $20,000, and for
which ,ari appropriation was made in
the supplementary estimates of '1921,
has been authorised by the government, it was learned. The-appropriation was conditional upon the balance
of the cost, ��40,000, being borne by
other parts of the empire.
New Mill For Grande Prairie
The Northern Light Milling Corny
pany, whose plant was destroyed by-
fire during the summer, announces
that it will rebuild in the early spring.
The iiew plant, according to the manager's ��� statement, will be the - most
modern. of the smaller mills of the
west, -with, a capacity of 125 barrels
per. day.
"-   r    .. .
. Couldn't Understand Ut
Mother.���No Bobby, for - tho third-1
time I tell you you cannot have a
nickel.-^;-- -"- *--^---y---^���^.-_--'���--_.
Bobby (in ..despair)';���I. don't seei
where', pa gets.the/idea . that' you're
always changing your\mind.     ." ;- .7
"-.'One. of.-the commonest complaints
of infants is" worms, and the most effective, application...for them' i.i Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator.   .'      .- -
To Build Huge Plants,..   -
/Plans are'now in hand to proyido .
for two of the world's..largest concent'
tratiou plants In copper, mining in-tho
province of- British Columbia. -   The-
two new mills for -which "tenders aro
being asked .will have .a .capacity - of
40,000 tons a "day. -.'
-7 No matlei* what vou buy hi kitchen utensils,; de- ^
jnand that each article carry the SMP trade-mark
shown below.   SWP Enameled Ware is safe to use; 7
/acids or alkalis-will not affect it; it cannot absorb
odors; cleans like china; wears for years.   Teli the
storekeeper you want either ���'; -".' V
'Diamond Ware is a three-coated enameled fieel*
sky blue and white outside with a snowy white lin-
ingV Pearl Ware is-enameled steel with two coats of
pearl grey enamel inside and -out.
ive   "voracious   appetites.���Arnprior:,- Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills, and.
ironkle. after I took one box I got rel.i��f, and
after taking six boxes I have be��n well j planes   to   convey   tho. gems to the'/
and. not bothered since." . 7    nearest town of importknee- j
. Price. SOc a box at all- dealera. or i I    S
lee cream made of goat's milk arid
flavored with rose leaves is a favorite .delicacy .of the people of Greece
and Crete.
Price, SOc a box at all. dealera, or
mailed direct on receipt of. price by!
Some people seem to thlak they can
.The T. MObDtn Co., Limited/Toronto,, Minard's U^iriT^^. Corns, | *%V f^T ^ *" "^ ���Ge*'
SOst j 'Etc. J���I-Uni Journal,
���^Sheet Metal Products Co uSr���
ft r^ym:X:^m
THE    LEDGE, "G-BEEN-WOQD, - B.    0B
Trust Your Complexion
To Cuticura
The majority of skin and scalp troubles
mii*ht be prevented bj* using Cuticura
Soap exclusively for all toilet, purposes.
On'the slightest sign of redness, rough- /
ness, pimples or dandruff, apply a little
Cuticura Ointment. Do not fail to include
the exquisitely scented Cuticura Talcum
in your toilet preparations.
Soap 25c. Ointment 23 Mid 50e. Talccn2Sc. Sold
throughout theDominion. CanadianDepot:
Lymam  Limited, 3*4 Si. Pali St.. W.. Montrnl.
U87~*Cuticura Soap shares without mug.
7, For the purpose of aiding IiTthe detection of crime, the city council has
adopted a resolution favoring _the use
of police dogs in Montreal.   *
Gillies Grafstrum, Swedish skater,"
won the world's amateur figure skating championship by defeating Kach-
ler Bockle of Austria.
Deaths in England and Wales from
influenza totalled thirteen thousand
since Christmas, according to the figures issued. .
With 147,770 bushels of Canadian
Wheat for Russia aboard, the United
States steamship, Lloyd, sailed from
Boston for^Constantinople.
Reuter's correspondent cables from
Melbourne, "Australia, that  it  is  expected   tariff   reciprocity agreements
will shortly be completed with South
Africa, Canada and New Zealand.
'-   The cVictoria CJty Council passed a
resolution  offering a  five  dollar reward   to   civic _ employees   for  every
-workable idea they can think of to
save the city money this year.
. Field Marshal -Earl Haig has been
unanimously elected Chancellor of St.
Andrew's University of ��� Scotland   in
succession to the late Lord Balfour of
' Casualties to the Newfoundland fleet
this winter and last have seriously
reduced the -tonnage available for
carrying flsh ' abroad. During ,1921
forty-two Newfoundland vessels were
lost. "    .
M.' E. Gandhi, the non-eo-operatlon-
.- ist leader' of India, has sent a manifesto to Lord Reading, the viceroy,
saying, ho is prepared to abandon-his
aggressive policy under certain conditions, says a Bom boy dispatch to the
Exchange Telegraph Company.
The need of'a new post office building in Calgary, Alta., was urged upon
tlie Minister of Public   Works,   Hon.
' Hewitt Bostock, by a deputation ap-
./pointed for that purpose.     Consideration .of the request was promised by
the minister.
.   ' Soviet Russia is ' going   after   the
trade of Nationalist Turkey.     A Mos-
'"cow radio dispatch says that the Kem-
alist government has consented to the
establishment    of    direct \ passenger
-"   and    freight   steamship   lines   from
-   Russian Black Sea ports to Anatolia. "
When   General   Higginson, British
commander or the-Cork district, was
returning   after   superintending   the
:__embarkation- of/the- British -troops ��� at
,   Queenstown, his automobile   was   at-
��� tacked by. armed men.   - General Higginson'and his rellow officers repulsed
their assailants and gave pursuit."
Galican women have expressed their
, - willingness to collect gold, silver and
' jewellery to be used as a basis, .for
-..   new currency.     Forty women's organizations    have' addressed the Polish
-    Government, volunteering "their services in the collection of these gifts to
the national treasury.
London to Algiers in Single Day
Airplane's Being Built Will Accommo-
date Sixteen Passengers     ,./
Today, if you want to go^to' Algiers, on the African coast; of the
Mediterranean,. , to 7 enjoy the hot
winter sunshine and to.- live among
the flowers, you must go by train to
Paris, which takes you .'ten';, hours,
then by train to Marseilles, which
takes you 16. At-Marseilles you wait
until a steamer carries you. across to
Africa in 30-hours more. Altogether
you will hardly do the journey comfortably in less than four days.'���'_������������".������
Next- winter it may be7 possible to
leave London . after 7 breakfast 7 and
arrive in Algiers'-inFtime .for coffee
and : rolls there ..': the next morning.
The first stage of the journey will.be
made by aeroplane.. Paris will be
reached .'by- -lunch-time, and after
lunch the flight.will be resumed, pas-
7sengers being due in Marseilles at
half-past five in the afternoon.
Then, after.-dinner,'-they will step
into an airship, which will cross the
Mediterranean during the night - and
land them at nine o'clock, just 2-1
hours after they.left London.
**The aeroplanes for this service are
being built with seats for 16 passengers, and a kitchen which will keep
soup and . tea. and coffee ready for
those who want'refreshment.
One o/ the airships to be used' is
the North Star, which Germany surrendered to France alter thc war. Far
better'that it should be put to peaceful^ purposes than used as a bomb
dropper." *
Jhe WoBdenui ueruul balm fop iso
juries & skin ilseass. 50c all dealera.
Empire' Exhibition Will Visit Canada
The. British Empire Exhibition mis-
son now in South Africa is scheduled
to arrive in Canada on August 12,
reaching Vancouver from Auckland,
New Zealand, on ' that date. The
itinerary will extend to Toronto, which
city is expected to be reached about
September 1. The party will leave
Canada for New York about September 30. ^    -
Health cannot be looked for in tho
child that is subject to worms, because worms destroy health by creating internal disturbances that retard
development and cause serious weakness. Miller's Worm Powders expel
worms and are so beneficial in their
action that the systems of the little
sufferers are restored to healthfulness,
all the discomforts and dangers of
worm infection aro removed, and satisfactory growth is assured.
From the Tcp of the World
fray Squirrel
W W��* V "M e V W WU ���*���>���*-"*������'-���-'
By IViarie Belmont
In.This Condition a Tonic Medicine-is
The condition of being "run down"
is one that'doctors do not recognize
as a disease:,    hut those-who are rundown in'health know that it is not a
fancied affliction.-
v The  expression "run down"applied
to health means a.condition in which
the bodily functions    are   enfeebled.
Appetite fails, the digestion    is . im- j
paired, the- nerves are impoverished,,
the complexion becomes.pale or waxy, ���
there - is ��� no * animation, but "rather .
worry and mental'depression.   Fatigue'
,is a constant symptom.    .No particu- i
��� lar. ��� organ   being  affected, ��� you. must
look for relief'to the" blood-' '��� As it
circulates through - every parti of tfie";
body,-any improvement in the condi-
tion   of   the 7 blood, is   quickly' felt-
throughout   the   entire   system.     In
cases of "this kind, a tonic medicine-- is
.what is needed and Dr. Williams' Pink,
Pills are recognized   as   a   valuable
tonic because of their direct action on
the blood and through- the blood on
the ���nerves giving .tone to th�� system
generally*and restoring:vigor. Where
ythe system is run down the" Value of
this medicine is shown by- the statement of Mrs.    Gregory,    J.    Murphy, j
Lower Ship Harbor East, N.S., who '
says:, "About-a year, ago I was completely run down.'    I was so nervous'
and weak that I could scarcely, do my j
housework,   and   the   least   exertion
left me>breathless and tired out.     A
neighbor advised Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and so much-good-did they do.
me I feel, quite like a   different   wof
man.  - I - hope some - other' suffering
woman . may   benefit   by my experience."    "
Dn "Williams''7Pink-Pills can be
had "through any" medicine dealer, or
by-jnail at.50 cents.a box or. six boxes
for ?2.50 from The Dr. Williams Medicine Co.; Brockville, Ont.
Coats and  suits make popular the
combination of blue cloth and squirrel,
and seldom aro two   more   effective
colors used together.
(    This suit, with its straight box coat
Plants and  Birds Arrive  in  England ' is of navy blue tricotine.     Its large
*     From Mount Everest | pockets and  sleeves are  stitched  in
Birds, plants and insects���including ' blue and "blended in gray squirrel. The
fleas���from high altitudes have arriv- j close-fitting chin collar adds a youth-
od safely in England from the mem- fu* t0uch in its ties of navy satin rib
bers of the Mount Everest expedition.
Among the birds was a sparrow caught
at an altitude'of 18,500 feet. There
were larks of various species, wagtails, white-headed robins, a-chough, a
cuckoo, bullfinch and a bluebird.
Boxes of birds' eggs had also arrived,
and. cases of- .butterflies,t moths,, bees
and other insects, besides frogs, fishes
and a few mammals. The plants included a species of pink from" a height
of 20,400 feet, several species of primula, "gentians, a ' remarkable yellow
delphinium and some dwarf rhododendrons of great beauty.     Many seeds��� Ivil! -V?- streak, spot, fade or run.    Per-
J feet   home   dyeing   is   guaranteed   with
thin, flat; hair
grows long, thick
and abundant
11. Naaman's Fatal Defect (v.71).
He was a great man, but a leper.
He was held in high esteem by the
king, because through him the Syrians had been delivered from their enemies. He was not only a -capable
general, but was a very brave man���'���
valorous. Every unregenerate man,
regardless of his gifts and --possessions,'has this one fa'tal defect. He
may be a mighty warrior, a great orator, a gifted writer, a man of profound
learning, an honorable statesman, but
if he is an unbeliever in Christ, he is
a lost sinner���a leper. Leprosy is a
type of sin. Note its characteristics:
Loathsome hereditary infectious,
separating, destructive, deceitful, incurable by man.
II. The Faithful Witness (vv. 2-4).
This was a Jewish maid who had
been   captured   by   marauding Syrian
troops who made frequent incursions
into Israel's land for the purpose of
Decline  In  Value  for 1921  Appalling ' plunder.     Daniel at a later date was
Says Mr. Dunning j carried away captive, and he likewise
Another evidence that the farmers j was use,J o-" G��d t0 Dless many. Jo-
have not been .disheartened by the up-jsePn is another example of one who
hill fight they have had to make is to I was Put int0 a hard place, but became
"Danderine" costs
only 35 cents a bottle.
One application ends all
dandruff, stops itching
and falling hair, and,
in a few momenta,
you havo doubled ' the
beauty of your ' hair.
It will appear a mass, so
soft, lustrous, and easy
to.do up. But what will
please you most will be
after a few weeks use,
when you see new hair���
fine and downy at first���
yes���but really new hair
growing all over the
scalp, "Danderine" is to the.hair what
fresh showers of rain and sunshine aro
to vegetation. It goes right to the roots,
invigorates and strengthens them. This
delightful, stimulating tonic helps thin,
lifeless, faded hair to grow long, thick,
heavy and luxuriant.
DID pain Dine
THE> pain and torture of rheumatism can be tjinckly relieved
by   an   application   of   Sloan's
Liniment.   It brings warmth, ease and
comfort and lets you sleep soundly.
Always have a bottle foxndy^ and
apply when you feel the first twinge.
It .penetrates without rubbing.
���  It's splendid to take the pain out ol
tired,   aching^ muscles",   sprains   and
etrains, stiff joints, end lame backs.
.For forty years pain's enemy.    Aslg
your neighbor. " " ������
At all dniKgists���35c, 70c; $1.40.
Made in Canada.
Saskatchewan Crcp Figures
Lumber Shipped
Via Panama Canal
be found' in the increase in the amount
of livestock owned in the province.
The' number of horses, cattle of all
kinds, sheep and swine reported for
a blessing to others, even to the saving of his brothers, who sold him. This
Jewish maid pointed out to this great
man   the   One   who could heal him.
1921 were all substantially above! ManV are the Persons who have been
those for the previous year, although' pointed to Christ as the Healer of
the value of the- livestock owned in,1 s"ouls ��y children.
Bluov-or gray may be the predominating note in a crepe de chine or canton blouse worn under the coat. A
blouse of tie-arotmd style .is smart,
and effectively tops tho suit skirt..
Dyed Faded Sweater,
Skirt, Draperies
,.        In Diamond Dyes
Every "Diamond Dyes" pacl-.iR-e tells
how to dye or tint any worn, faded frar-
rnent  or drapery a   new  rich  color  that
Saskatchewan in 1921 was estimated
to be $16,000,000, as compared with
��2-11,000,000 in 1920. The decline in
the value of livestock has, undoubtedly, as Mr. Dunning pointed out, affected the credit of the farmers with
the banks and will probably continue
to affect it for some time to come.
The decline in the value of the
grain crop in 1921 was described by
Mr. Dunning as "appalling"���so appalling in fact that he hesitated to
quote figures in regard to it that had
III. Naaman Seeking the Healer (w.
1. He goes with-a letter, of introduction and great gifts (v. 5). In the
East valuable gifts are taken along
when in quest of some favor. In this
case the value was perhaps $80,000.
2. He goes -to the wrong place (vv.
C, 7). The maid did not suggest that
if Naaman would be with the king he
would be recovered of his leprosy, but
with the prophet of God. We should
be   very   careful    that we go to the
Increased   Rail    Rates- Double   Ship.
m��nts for Last Year
" An increase of 118 per cent, ln lumber traffic through Panama Canal
from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast
of North America and Europe in 1921,
was the most conspicuous feature of
the canal traffic history for tho
year. The stimulation was largely
attributed to Increased rail rates on
The total of 448,087 tons to which
this traffic increased from 205,172 tons
in 1920, the record showed 387,993
tons came from the United States,
and 57,292 from Western Canada.
Woman Naval Veteran
Serving on transports for the first
part of the war and afterwards in the
Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, Mrs.
Deterling, now residing in Toronto, ia
perhaps Canada's only woman naval^
veteran. She holds the -mercantile
marine medal and the general servico
medal, besides the little cross given to
mothers who lost a son in the cause.
been compiled but of the accuracy of  right place with our troubles and sins.
The great dome of St Paul's Cathedral, London, is supported on eight
underground piers.
had also been sent, among them a
packet of edelweiss from a height of
19,000 % feet���tho highest point .from
which seeds were obtained.
Diamond Dyes even If you havo never
dyed before Just tell your druggist
whether the material you wish to dye Is
wool or silk, or whether it is linen, cotton, or mixed goods. For fifty-one years
millions of women have been usinj- "Diamond Dvcs," to add years of wear to
their old, shabby waists, skirts, dresses,
coats, sweaters, stockings, draperies,
liang-injjs, everything!
Starting  Right
The object lesson of the other new \
countries   established   as a result of  jj j f     L & j       f w oj
the ,war havo not been thrown away | -        -���-""*--��� waura "**
on the Sinn Feiners.   They know the
which he was not entirely satisfied.
Threshing the wheat crop alone cost
the farmers of Saskatchewan last
year $64,000,000, twine cost them 54,-
000,000 and they paid $11,009,000 in
taxes. The farmers thus paid out
$79,000,000 on three items before they
marketed- their wheat crop for $127,-
500,000���an estimated figure���and
had le'ft only $46,500,000 to pay production cost including wages' to the
farmers themselves and their help.���
Regina Leader.
proper procedure as they proved by
arranging -immediately to borrow a
million pounds.���Toronto Mail and
Paper Sound Amplifier
Ask   for
Are    Beginning   to
Ch-eaper Fabrics
There is an increasing demand for
lower grades of wool for which there
had been no market for some years,
declared G. E.. O'Brien, general man-
A    parchment    paper  cone serves' aSer ,of   tlie Canadian Co-operative
>th as the diaphragm and magnify-' Wo��- Growers,-Limited,  Toronto, at
So Thinks Mrs,  Tracey a$
Ontario, Regarding Lydia
E* Pinkham's Vegetable
v Compound
Knlghtinglon, Ontario.���"I took
Lydia, E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at the change
of life for troubles
that women often
have at that time.
I had not been well
for a year .and was
not - really able to
do: my work. - A
friend who had
taken the Vegetable
Compttand herself
recommended it to
me and I think its
use saved me from
an operation; I highly recommend
It to all women who hava troubles
like mine,, and am willing for yosi'
to use any testimonial."���-Mrs. Bakiel
J. Teacey, Knightlngton, Ontario.
Some female troubles may through
neglect reach" a stage"when an operation is necessary. But the more common aliments are not the surgical
ones; they aro not caused by serious
displacements, tumors or'srowths, although the symptoms may appear the
When disturbing symptoms first
appear take Lydia ��L ��� Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound to relieve the
presert distr*��*s and prevent xaoro
���serious' tronciea, -  .     '
Celebrated Russians
Working in Paris
t - _____
Genera! Now Earning Living by Driving a Taxicab
.'Passers-by on the boulevards'were
surprised recently to see a distinguished looking man fall on the back of a'
taxicab driver and kiss him on' both
cheeks, -the regulation-salutation between Russians. 'The passenger was
a Russian admiral and the chatr&enr
was a^ former Russian general, celebrated during the first period of thc
war, now earning his living by driving
a taxicab.
Students who take their meals in
a very modesty boarding house in the
Latin Quarter had a similar surprise
recently. As the serving woman, a
woman of mdidle'age whose worn garments could not conceal her distinguished appearance, approached a
table, a young girl student suddenly
arose, knelt on one knee- and kissed
the hem of the waitress' apron. The
student had recognized her as a former" lady, in waiting of the Russian
court.  . '
both as the diaphragm and magnify
ing horn is a new electrically operated sound amplifier.
Corns are caused by the pressure of
tight boots, but no one need be trou
the anmial meeting of the Saskatchewan Sheep Breeders' Association at
Regina, recently.
��� The public are beginning to demand
a cheaper fabric, he    said. *" If    the
bled with them long when so simple maimfacturers want to fill that cheap-
a remedy as Holloway s Corn Remoy-1 . , ., .��� ,        .    L
er is available.
Tractors Popular
Farmers of Saskatchewan invested
approximately $6,000,000 in new tractors in 1920, no less than 2,000 tractors being sold to purchasers during
the year at
er requirement they will have to turn
their attention to the low-priced wools,
the quantity of surplus wool will be
gradually taken up, and as the surplus is taken up thc price will reflect.
a cost  averaging $3,000 , ,3 m acmc a:tack of Na,n] C3.3rrh.__    _ _.
each.-     Farmers in "this province are I     Those   subject   to   frequent   "colds   in   tfi��
head"  will  find  tliat    tlie    use    of    HALL'S
Mother!      Move
Child's Bowels With
California Fig Syrup
Hurry mother!      Even a sick child I
loves the "fruity" taste, of "California I
Fig Syrup" and it never fails to open
the bowels.     A teasponful today may '
prevent a  siek  child -tomorrow.      If
constipated,  bilious,   feverish,  fretful,
has cold, colic, or if stomach is' sour,
tongue coated, breath bad, remember
a good cleansing oi' the little bowels
is often all that is necesasry.
Ask your druggist for genuine "California Fig Syrup" which has directions ior babies and children of all
ages printed on bottle: Mother! You
must say "California" or you may, get
an imitation fig syrup.
Finishing New Dictionary
Neither the king's power nor Naaman's money could avail anything in
this case. The prophet of God can
bring greater blessing than kings and
rich men.
3. Naaman at the door of Elisha
(vv. 8, 9). Elisha, upon learning of
the king's embarrassment, sent to him,
saying, "Let him come now to me."
Naaman appeared before Elisha's door
in great splendor. He did not come
as a suppliant but as one who could
pay a goodly su-ra for healing.
IV. Naaman Healed (vv. 10-15).
1. Elisha's message (v. 10), Go
wash in Jordan seven/imes.
2. Naaman's anger (vv. 11, 12). He
thought that Elisha should have
shown-deference to him. People today think that their rank and wealth
entitle them to different treatment by
God. -They turn away from the humble way of the Cross, God's method of
salvation. Rich and poor, high and
low are alike ^in God's sight Reasonings of the flesh must be supplanted by the obedience of faith.
3. Naaman's obedience (vv. 13, 14).
Through the earnest entreaty of his
servants his pride and prejudice were
overcome, and he did what the propn-
het commanded. The result of his
obedience was that his flesh "came
again as the flesh of a little child."
4. Naaman acknowledges Jehovah
(v. 15). After his cleansing he came
again to the prophet and said, "Now
I know that there is no God In all the
earth,' but in Israel." The vital point
of teaching in this lesson is how jiear-
Iy Naaman missed being healed.   The
la tbe natural desire of every woninn,
and is obtainable by the use of Br.
Chase's Ointment. Pimples, l-lacklleads,
roui-Uiicsa and, rpclness of tho skin,
irntatjon and eczema disappear, and
tha skin is left soft, smooth nnd velvet?-.
All dealers, or EdKinnfiort, Butes & Co.,
I-imjted, Toronto. Samplo free if you
mention this paper.
depending every year upon. mechanical contrivances to a greater extent.
-   * Fits His Forte
An American doctor was summoned to the bedside of a child , whose
complaint entirely 'baffled 'him. ���
"Never mind," he said to the anxious mother, "I'lVglve the'little chap
a powder. Then he'll have _ a fit,
and I'm a dab on Qts."-
CATABJUt MEDICINE wil! build up the
System and render thesu less liable to colds,
Repeated" attacks of Acute Catarrh may lead
to   Chronic   Catarrh.
en internally and acts through the Blood on
the Mulous surfaces of the System, thus reducing the intlammstion and assisting Nature
in restoring normal conditions.
All Drujigiits.       Circulars  frci-.
K. J. Cheney & Co.,' Toledo, Ohio.
Jos Jefferson's Placidity
Tho unfailing poise of mind displayed by Joseph Jefferson, the actor,
is Illustrated ' by a_ story - told by
Gamaliel Bradford in the "Atlantic."
One night the stage curtain, he says,
dropped unexpectedly in the midst of
a critical scene. ' Jefferson accepted
the situation with perfect calmness.
Afterward he inquired the- cause of
.the 'trouble, and one of the stage
hands explained that he' had leaned
against '.the button - that gave the
signal. "Well," said Jefferson, "will
you kindly find some other place to
lean tomorrow night?". ���'
���',.. r������V���_
" Goat Eats Paper ,,
The freighter Stanley Dollar, which
arrived at Vancouver from San Francisco recently, was held up in tho harbor for severalhours' unable to dock,
because, as Captain George McClem-
ents explained, "Cappy Ricks,"; goat
mascot, had entered the captain's
cabin and devoured the ship's articles.
The boat could not properly l*e entered at the customs until ihe United
States consul made out new articles.
The Kidneys are the Blood Filters-",
When they Weaken and Stop Up*
She System Becomes Overloaded
with-Uric Acid
Niagara Falls, Ont.���"I "have used
nearly all of Dr. Plerce'3 medicines
, , and take great
pleasure in giving
them - a- boost.'
The Anurio Tablets are the greatest benefit toman-
kind. I was suffering with kidney, trouble and
was ^ rejected by/
different Insur*
j.-.-^g- ance companies.'
' 'XX&i Today I am hold-
?""* ing three good
policies. ' Ail I
ask the readers of this is to give tha
Anuric Tablets a trial, and become
a life user In the future."���-"William
Dempsey, 32 Bridge St.       ,    v
Englishman Killed by Avalanche
Shouted Warning to Members of
���' Party Who Escaped
A party of 12 English visitors, the
majority good, skiers, left the Silver-
etta Hotel for Wolfgang in sunny
weather, expecting no danger. R. p.
Pearce, who was leading, saw an avalanche descending the mountain slope
towards them. He shouted a warning and began taking off his skis.
��� He was doing this when the avalanche ' engulfed him and a friend.
Ilia companion escaped, but Mr.
Pearce was dug out dead aa hour
later. A doctor declared the death
was almost insiantaaeous from suffocation. -
The "Oxford" Begun in 1879 Will Fill
15,000 Pag��s
The Oxford Dictionary begun in
1879 by the late Sir James Murray, is
now nearing, completion. When finished the dictionary wiil fill more than
15,000 pages. _"        "
. Sir James Murray, who died in i three enemies which almost kept him
1915srose every morning at-6 o'clock | from being healed were: (1) Pride (v.
to work on the dictionary and con-1 H>- He was Insulted, because the
tinued on his task for the greater, man of God did not come out to such
part^of the day. It took1' him two' a distinguished man as he was. (2)
months ' to deal with the history of Preconceived . opinion (v. 11). "I
'to" as used with the infinitive. '    thought."    - Many sinners procrastin
ate because they have preconceived
opinions as" to how God ought to save.
(3), Prejudice (v. 12). Rivers of
Damascus are belter than Jordan.
Countless thousands are lost by these
enemies. God has provided only one
way to save men from their sins���the
way of the Cross.
A Dominion Express Money Order for fiye
dollars costs three cents.
to color Easter, and Birthday'Cards,
- at home; light pleasant work.
Send 3c stamp for particulars.
Ladies Supply Co., Cumstock Bldg.,
Linking Up the Far North
An important link of the Edmonton,
Dunvegan and British Columbia railway "was completed this year.. It
joins Peace River and Berwyn and already grain is being transported from
a rich district.   ; >
It takes Jupiter a little less than 12
years to make its journey around
the sun.
- Montreal, Que.-���--I ��� cannot praise
Dr. Pierce's Anuric enough for what
ifc has done , for me. For thre0
months I was under the doctor's cars \ British Columbia,
and got no better. I was always
complaining of my kidneys. Finally
I made np my mind to try. Dr.
Pierce'ss Anuric Tablets. I took two
packages and don't complain anymore.- I have gained in weight and
-Flax Seed Production ,
In the production of Sax seed in the
Dominion, Saskatchewan led all other
provinces with a yield of-3,500,009
bushels .during 1921. Manitoba'produced 540,003-bushels; Alberta 135,-
000; Quebec 97,200; and-Ontario 92,-
000. . Very little flax seed, if .any, was
grown in the Maritime Provinces and
Whitefish in.Northern Saskatchewan
Four    car3    of. whitcfish, totalling
120,000 pounds weight arrived at Ed-
! monton recently.      This  product  Is
am   eUII   gaining.   My   appetite   iB j        .�� ,    ,, ,   .    ���    .  v  ,
great and- *!��p kj come  to me. ,caUght ln Pet&rs Pond Sa3to across
That is what the Anuric Tablets fea-r-s j toe Saskatchewan border and hauled
done for me. J truly recommend them
W.   N.   XL   1407-
i Soft Drink Plant
.The Canadian  Coca-Cola Company
wiil erect a $300,000 plant alongside!
, the C.P.R. tracts In Winnipeg-- - j
to those who sr-^sufit-ering from kidney ailments the way I fifd. They
are mighty good, though' not expen-
elve; easy to buy, but hard to beat"
���T. A. Brown; 415 Dorchester St, W.
Ask yoa nearest druggist tor An-
nrlc in tablet form, or &end 10c ta.
Dr. Pierce's Laboratory in Brldge-
burg, Ontario, for trial pkg-���- and
Trrf-S�� for frsa Jteefilcal ad-rice.
on   sleighs
to   the nt-are-jt railway
Minard's Linim^tit for Distemper
The tmclalmed baggage left on the
hands   of   American   railways   each
' yea? Tooldi make a moantaia if piled
In England the average ag�� ..-of
brides Is 27.79 and grooms 20.08. No
wonder there is a man shortage.
Lift Off with Fingers
Common Sense
Lloyd George knows how >to say
things. The British Premier scored
again when he declared that it is
cheaper to have 1,000 experts at a
peace conference" for a month or two
than hare 30,000.000 experts at a war
conference for four years.���St. Catherines Standard.    -  '    *
Mrmm _,
In the Striped Package]
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
"Freezone" on an aching1 corn, instantly that com stops hurting, then shortly you lift it right out with fingers.
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Freezone" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soft corn,
or -cant between the toes. r��n-I O-e cat-
lases* -Bithout saraa&sa or irrlutioa,
Gift For Princess Mary
-���The " wedding ' remembrance for
H.R.H. Princess Mary from the Girl
Guide3 of Canada, i3 a beautifully
modelled reproduction . of the Canadian Girl Guide crest-      ���    -
.Each Guide in Canada was asked
to contribute one cent toward this
souvenir. "
jjT   ^.^     A
T   ^BpSfe-    1
and How to K��<S
V jfl_b<___y___K--~J_L
Uiilti    Free    to    any
Aiitet-i  by   the
*( M______jjt T/1-^
H.   CT.AV   r.T.OVF.R
co.-, me
Act-erf-**'* Pioneir
tis    West    3!st-s*reet.
Dog Remedies
New Vork. M.S. A.
Mr. Sophie.���Well, Willie, your \-l3-
ter has given herself " to me for
a Christmas present. - What do yoa
think of that? ���'" '   - - -    -    -
Willie.���That's what she" did for Mr.
Bunker last-year, and he,- gave her
back before Easter. I expect you'll
do the same.
"Imperial" linotype
"imperial" Stereotype
imperial" Iitetype
Safety pins have heen fouM in
tombs 2000 years , old. some o�� the
pins being ten inches long."
The choir ,at" one church   ia   New
_ York costs $21,000 a year in.salaries.
Prom Ihs rery start 'imperial*
Typo metals fonna fevor -with the
leading newspaper of that time.
That was becatis-a we recognized tfi*
peculiar .Quality ol metal accessary
"and eiperlni��nted -until oar , result*
satisfied cs.. That it satisfied other*
~Is satisfying others-^-fe eloquently
proves by the fact Omt SO per ceat.
Df the Printing: 'Estsibllahaaejita Sn Cut.
sda are consistent and regular users.
The sting" of a fcee   is  oaly  abont i
one iMrty-secoM of as lad*, la leugil-|
��� j.    -ul;A *Ja~
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance- or
52.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance,
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    ?������><>
Bstray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    i-00
CertificRta of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal -advartising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
en inch each insertion.
J {Business locals T2^c.  a Hue each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
tV.at the editor would be pleased
to lmve more money.
Silence is tbe most
substitute for wisdom.
The woman who dresses better
than her friends will never be popular with them.
Faith may remove mountains
but it takes something stronger to
remove freckles.
A great many men reason in a
circle; that's why there is no end
to their arguments.
An optimist is that man who believes his wife as good a cook as
the dinner guests assert.
A novel periscope enables an
automobile driver from his seat to
examine all the tires on a car.
An optimist must be a man who
puts entire confidence in the bus-
pender buttons of his trousers.
Esehgy will do anything that
can be- done in, this world; no
talents, no circumstances, no, opportunities will make a two-legged
animal a man without it.
���^he frequent parades of the men
in large-centres with the prominent
���display of.the red .flag,., is not the
sort of .thing which .is; going to', do
.-"anything,ttf advance.-the .cause7ofthe unemployed.*-'   V    ��� ""������--'���'
. This should be 7 a good tinie to
7encourage the showing [of.--British
films. '. Some of us are a little"particular about whom we associate
with, and the British movie, world
has not yet suffered from the flood
of easy.money that, is ;proving' .60
damaging to the film- industry in
"the United States-���watching a film
is7very much like" associating 7 with
the actors depicted. V   .7;' .
Anaconda Shavings
(By Spoke-Shave)
The Anaconda Social Club met
Friday  evening last and  final arrangements   were   made   for   the
Hard Times  Dance.    Committees
were appointed  to carry  out the
various  duties essential,  to make
the event a  real  success, and to
provide a maximum of pleasure, at
a minimum of cost    Messrs. Bombini and Maletta, with Miss Nellie
Keir are responsible for the music,
and also all  arrangements appertaining to same. Mrs. Docksteader,
Mrs.   Bombini,   and Mrs. Bolts of
Boundary  Palls,  have tho labor-
ions task of preparing the supper,
while the purchasing of prizes has
been left to tlie direction  of  Mrs.
Docksteader,  Miss Ethel  Beattie,
and    Martin     Anderson.     Door-
tenders   for the  occasion will   be
Messrs. Johnson Beattie and  Dick
Pascoe.      Master   of   Ceremonies,
Frank  Maletta.     Dancing from 8
a.m.   to 2  a m.    Ladies!    Please
do not forget to bring extra dishes
to cope with outside visitors.
An up-to-date assay of samples
from the lead of Messrs. Bombini
& Co., of Anaconda, is shortly expected. It would be more pract-
ible for the authorities to divert
more of their attention and activities to the- erecting of a small concentrator, rather than petitioning
the provincial authorities for financial support for the initiating of a
creamery. Such an enterprise is
an impossibility without first having well bred dairy stock introduced into the district; a task by
no means easy, Neither can suitable feed for 250 head pf dairy
cows be grown, while a creamery
enterprise is under discussion.
Such things can only materialize
only after some years of co-operation, and understanding among
the; local ranchers themselveB.
Why not a . cold storage or beef
canning concern? Is not this a
beef raising community? .
The challenge has not fallen on
deaf ears. 7 Anaconda will meet
Greenwood at the rink on Thursday the 16th inst.. Game-commences at 8 o'clock.'
Give our dance a trial tomorrow;
Friday night! 7
B. Roy lance and - wife, have returned from the prairie after a few
months sojourn there. Members
of the cl ab. extend to. -them a. moBt.
hearty -welcome. 7 .... 777,..
\ Mr. and Mrs.; Boag-, entertained
a1 number .of their friends Tat- their
home off Saturday last/ . All present were rewarded by a' most enjoyable 'evening".-'-.'"."
Boy Scouts
meeting   on   Friday
7 p.m.
Cubs meet as usual on Saturday
at 2.30 p.m.
Mortgage  Sale
(Section 160)
Re   Lot   1031 Slmilkameen   Division
Yale District.
WHEREAS proof of loss of certificate of
title No. S960D issued to Paul Nelson and covcr-
iiig- the at-ove land has been filed iu this office.
NOTICE is hereby g-iveii that at the expiration of one month from the first publication hereof, I shall issue a Provisional certificate of title unless in the meantime valid objection thereto be made to me in writing-.
DATED at the Land Registry Office, Kamloops, B. C, this 16th day of January, A. D.,
(Seal of k.R.O.l Registrar.
<-$-> 4.4* ��$, 4.4.��-}% 4.4.4. ���$* 4-.��g��
C LOAT is not a periodic-
r al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in 93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is ' 50 cents, postpaid to "any part^ of the
world. Address all letters to  .
The Ledge
UNDER, and by virtue of the powers
contained in a certain Indenture of Mortgage, which will be produced at the time
of sale, tliere will be offered for sale by
Public Auction
 In Front of the	
Court House in the City of
Saturday   the   25th   day of
March,  1922
At the hour of ii o'clock in the fore-noon,
the following property, namely:���
LOT 2083, in group 1, in the
Similkameen Division of the District   of   Yale,   and   containing
320 acres more or less.
On   the   property   are   a farm
house, barn, sheds, outbuildings,
orchard and cultivated 'fields.
For terms and conditions of sale, apply to
Solicitor for Mortgagees,
Greenwood, B.C.
Dated February 9U1, 192a.
___^____^ ^^^^  ^^Bm   ^^BU ^^Lfe  ''"-���^M  ^^BM a-^hM ^^^A ^^Bm   -*^Hm  ^^Bm M^b'
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
the 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Tbe Government Of    ���
The Province Of British Columbia
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   - :-���  -   B.C.
The, attention of
Timber Licence holders who are
taking advantage of the provisions
of the 1921 Amendment to the
FOREST ACT, wherhy arrears of
licence fees accrued prior to 31st
December, 1920 have been funded
and made payable in annual instalments, is specially directed to the
fact that any renewal fee which became due in 1921 is not. included in
th6 instalments above mentioned, and
such 1921 and all subseauent renewal
fees must be paid within one year
after the date of expiry of the licence
in order to maintain the right of the
holder to obtain a renewal of the
Licence.     V
7 iF.-yoa've-seeu-'nien come from: the,
.������'���..*  ��� Line* -    "'.'iX'Xy X ' X' "'- >
You'll.-know, it's-Peace  that  is
divine;' ��� 7..,. \X:- X
If. you've not seen the things 71've
" sung���.-' ";.-���'-   .' ���-, :.'-,.. X'X ���-"���"-
Let- silence bind yonr tongue,     ;:
But, make all wars.-to .'cease',-'- .
And -work, and work for Everlasfc-
-.-"77 '"ing Peac*.,-' ���" ���"���'V'77
���.[��� x City-"Council['y-X^
'.City Council met in 'regular ses-
.. r session on Monday. Feb, 13th 19.227
Present Mayor-Galley;-. Aldermen
- ,Tpocksteader.. Mowa-i", Kerr, Taylor,
__' 'and King.: ���.;...-.
���������-- -."Water.; committee reported work
being done on the frozen main from
7-Twin Creek reservoir and this will
be continued, until7 water is again
available..     .        -
V A report from, the Finance Com-
V mittee regarding adjustment's made
. in some rentals was' discussed at
X length and thecouncilaccepted the
V report after certain modificationi?
bsd been made by the Finance Com-
The clerk was instructed to bc-
.gofeiate with H. B.  Jones for the
wrecking and cleaning ap  of the
old Alberta Hotel.; V
Kezt Council meeting   v-ill . be'
held on Feb; 27th.      ..
'/.Rbck Creek Women's
". Instituted ���������-'������-",
.The anndai meeting of the.Bock
Creek AYpmeris' institute was held,
recently and muck, interest. taken.
TheVmeeting- was well ^attended
and various'.tbptcs -were ..discussed
among; them jijeihg the. Boy - Scottt
MovemerT-v 7the7i Unemployed at
Hastings Park;': School -. Library;
Arts and. Crafts.'   .
A resolution carried that absentees --- rnaking . objections.. to mo-,
tions.7pae'sed &b _ meetings .must
inaks tbeir objections in person at
th'ejfollo.wing'-me'etinjg;:/' .      7-
Tbe'folio wing officers'were elected for-'th'e ensuing term:
Preeidep t, Mrs.. R, If orris.
Vice-President, Mrs. W. M. Clark.
Sec-Treas.-, Mrs. J. Lindsay;:
Directors, \Mrs;  H;  D.  Hamilton,
Mrs. F. Glossop, Mrs. J. iindsay..
Auditors,.  Miss Debney,. Mrs.  J.
Entertainment Committee, Mrs. J.
Madge, Miss M. Bardick, Mrs. W.
Progiamme Committee, Mrs. -Hbr-
riSj.Mrs. Hamilton, Miss Debney.
Librarian, Mrs Pittendrigh.
The meeting closed by Btnging
God Save The King!    .
After the, meeting tea was served
by the ladies.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
,7 TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA"��� '.'���   ""    ..'    ;.
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,' Copper and Lead Ores
, Producers 7:,o| ...Gold, -Silver,   CopperVVBluestone,  Pig - Lead- and-Zinc
.   ' VV * "TADANAC" BRAND   '"..'���.'
---Economy and Satisfaction %
combined with Promptness J��
are the f-eatures which go to 73
make up the Service we giye 3
When you have something
to sell, put a
For Sale^Ad
In The Ledge
The charge  is reasonable
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Wants all your MUSKRAT and MINK-QUICK-
and will pay you these extremely high prices.
Ne. 1 Exkn Uni
Eitra t�� kiente
No. 1 Urge
Erira 1�� Awrife
5.50 to 4.50 3.75 to 2.75 2.40 to 2.001.50 to 1.301.50 to .80
4.00 to 3.0012.50 to 1.851.50 to 1.201.00 to .6S|l.00to .50
Pine, Dark
Usual Coloi
25.00 to20.M18.00 to 15.00114.00 lo 1ZJ
15.00 to 12.0W11.00 to 8.00 7.00 to 5.
10.00 to 8.001 7.00 to 5.5C 5.00 to 4.
5.00 to
3.75 to
The above prices are based on the well-known "SHUBERT"
liberal grading and are quoted for immediate shipment. No. 3,
No. 4, kitts, and otherwise inferior skins at highest market
value. We also want all your other furs and will pay the
BIG PRICES quoted in "OWjf ��lj��hwrt #lfl|ipw" to get them.
Don't wait���SHIP TODAY.
A shipment to "SHUBERT" will
result in "more money"���"quicker"
v SHIP   ALL   YOUR    HJKa     JlKt-,1      iv    ^^^
The Largest House in the World.Dealing Exclusively m
V-mrniivi-M* Dt'pt.
British Columbia
Auto Stage twice dally to Midway meeting Spokane; Grand
Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatohee and Princeton leavee Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1.50 Each Way. Hand Baggage Free. Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Drayton. V Auto'a for bire Day or Nisnt.
We carry Tires, Oils. Grtases, Bay and Grain   .
Office Phone 13.    ._, Residence Phone 3L
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
-7*"-   -
B. W. WIDDOWSOM, Assayer and
Chemist, -Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.35 each. Gold-Silver pi.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3.00. Sil-
ver-Ivead $3.00. Silvet-Lead-Zinc {3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application. ���.-;-.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties,
Cedar Poles, and Fence Poets, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studabaker,
and Overland cars; Garage in connection.
D. MePBERSOS-^���-_^-Proprietor
Nicety furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson
Send a Float to your friends at
once. You Can get them at
The Ledge office-
Minimum price  of first-class   land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to ~
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records^ will ��� be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ��
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because-of ill-health, or other cause, b��
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in .
less than 5 years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acrea cleared .and cultivated, wad residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation; provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, .may be leased as homesites; title-
to be obtained after fulfilling- residential and improvement conditions.'
For grazing- and industrial, purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acrea
may be purchased; conditions include
payment bf stum page..
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be<purchaacd
conditional upon-constructiou of a road
to them. ..Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not'exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces.   The- time
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title 7
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after . the con*
elusion of the present war.   This privilege is made retroactive. -,.���
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded  after June  26,    .1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
"Provisions for return of .moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920,
Provision  made   for insurance   of
Crown   Grants   to  sub-purchasers  of.
Crown Lands, acquiring -rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and taxes.   Where sub-purchasers do
not claimwhole of origin arparceirpur^
chase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately    over whole
area.   Applications must be made by
May 1,1920.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock industry . provides for grazing, districts and range
administration' under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
oh numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock owners may form
Associations for. range management.
Free, or partially free, permits for
settlers, campers or travellers np to ten
our customers;
one of them?
Tyou �����
y�� _____
1 The Ledge
gers, Etc., Etc, H
PHONE 29      I
Job Printing Department   3
v   The Mineral Pwince of Western Gana^
7; Has produced Minerals vained"aa follows* Placer Gold, $76,94:4,203; Lode
Gold, 81p2,753}828VSilver, 153,668,284; Lead 146,637,221 j Copper, $161,613,864;
Zinc, $19,896,466; Opal and Coke, $212,578,492; Building Stone, Brick, Cement,
etc., $32,168,217; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc., $1,037,408; making its Mineral
Prodaefeloa to lhe end of 1929 show an 7V   . 7      .
ikr^ateVatoe of $706,192^978
Prodflctioii for YearEnd^December, 1920, $35,543,0874;
The  MirJng  Laws ol this Pro-dnce are more liberal and the fees lower ;
than those of any other PiwvinceJn 6he Dominion,  or any, colony in tie British
���"/-'' -Empire. -7       ���'-.-' "   ,,. V"''. ��� '- ' y-: /7..V ���  X'x. X'yy "; V ��� -X''XX--.
Minecral locaiiona are.granted to discovereni for nominal fees.; - X?y-
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the seenrity     V'~7
- pf wbicliifignawjinteedby Crown Qranfe.   ��� ��� -7 .V
Foil informa-don, together with mining Baporfe and Maps, may be obtained
'X:'X    grafeis^byaddresMng��� "���' -^ '.]-������
VICTORIA, British Columbia, v


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