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The Ledge Jan 1, 1920

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-���~2..'.~';.*'-. >~
Id    .<
i ���������
'Pr��'*����iai Li
ary '
"   /
���/ I
Vol.   XXVI.
Cosy Homes
Make your bome cosy'and attractive by filling' it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures.
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms
Oils for ihachlnes of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
i   ���<-./ iii  ��ii
if"  = ~
) k Just Arrived si
> Si ZS
\ ��:  Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie, ��2
j ��~ , Sable Fish, Salt Cod ~3
; I ���~���: :  Ii
Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish, Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,   Raisins   and
..all   kinds   of   Nuts
I Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
We wish
all our customers and friends ,
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year
J. G. McMynn, Midway
No. :25;;
���   - ,   * -   -  )
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 JOHN MEYERf'   -      -      Proprietor.
-. -LOAN X
P. O. Box 1102      - .;-  Nelson.-TB.C
Best prices paid f6r raw furs
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins
Customer's.furs made! up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skinsjdressed and mounted at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts
100    "
200   ��
/   >>   $1,25 each
-    -   2.00 ��
/   *    3,50 "
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks!; Bonds, Notes and Debentures.
I Around Home f
The Ledge wishes all a Happj
New Year.
The price of local coal in
Princeton is $7 a ton.
Fresh oysters and crahs on sale
at the Windsor Hotel.
The Greenwood Central School
opens on Monday morning.
Ingersoll watches, Radiolite
wrist watches, Waltham watches
at McElmon's.
Miss Ruby Smith, of Grand
Porks, is visiting Mrs. Guy
Wright, in Nelson.
Finnan.Haddie, Smoked Sable
Fish and Golden Fillets at JRen-
dell's store, Greenwood.
Bobby Morris^ of Trail, was
at bis home in Boundary Falls
for a few days last week.
Rae Lane, of Calgary, is spending the holidays, with his father,
Bert Lane in Grand Forks.
Jap Oranges, nuts, raisins, figs,
dates, grapes, Xmas candy, at
Rendell's Store, Greenwood, B.C.
Mrs. Jory and. son, Jack, of
Camp Lister, near Creston, are
visiting Mr. and Mrs.  J. Finlay.
Just received at McElmon's,
some nice goods in the jewelry
line. Suitable for the holiday
Miss Gladys' . McCreath and
Miss Ethel Dominy, of Vancouver; spent Christmas in Greenwood. .
Recipe For A
Happy New Year
Take twelve fine, full-grown
months, see that these are thoroughly freedom all old memories
of   bitfifirnpRd     rancor
j Western Float |
MEAGHER &  Co., 511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First
In Great Variety""!-'
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods'sent.upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner. -
�� 0O0O0<KKH>O0OO<>0O<>0<K^
TaBfey meals and comfortable rooms.   Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.   Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Fool hall in connection.
W. D. RUSK - - - -        PROPRIETOR
o <
���Sheet Music	
Latest Popular Song Hits
10 for $1.50 postpaid
Largest   line  sheet   music  in   interior
of B.C.
Write for Prices
Modern Cleaners & Dyers
P. 0. Box 152 GRAND FORKS
H.-Ralston, of the B. C. Telephone Co., will leave shortly for
Duncan, where, has been transferred.
Mr. and' Mrs. D. McKay and
children, - of Winnipeg, . are the
guests of Mr.- and Mrs. G. A.
The Rebekah's are giving a
Social Card Party and Dance on
New Yearns Eve, Everybody
A. Gordon Wilson, manager of
the Nelson branch ol the Canadian Explosives, has been transferred to Toronto.
For that nasty cough get a
bottle of Rexall's Syrup of White
Pine and Tar at Goodeve's Drug
The Windsor Hotel has cigars
m boxes of 10, 25_ and_50,_for
the holiday season; also special
beer in pints and quarts.
It is stated that H. A. Sheads
and Dr. Acres will run on the
mayoralty ticket at the municipal
election in Grand Forks,
A fully supply of Royal Household flour, wheat, shorts, bran,
oats, etc.; on hand. G. A. Rendell.
bitterness,    rancor,   bate  and
jealousy; cleanse them  completely
from every clinging spite; pick of
all specks of pettiness and littleness;   in    short,   see   that  these
months are freed from all  the past
���have them as fresh and clean as
when  tbey   first   came   from the
great storehouse of Time.
' Out these months into thirty or
thirty-one equal parte.    This batch
will keep  for just one year.   Do
not attempt to make up the whole
batch at one time  (so  many persons spoil  the  entire lot in this
way),   but prepare one day at a
time, as follows:
Into each  day put 12 parts of
faith,  eleven- of patience, ten   of
courage, nine of work.(some people
omit this ingredient and so  spoil
the flavor of the   rest),  eight of
hope, seven of fidelity, six of liberality, five of kindness,  four of rest
(leaving this out is like leaving the
oil out of the salad���don't do it),
three of prayer, two of meditation,
and   one well-selected resolution.
If you have no conscientious scrap-
les, pnt in a teaspoonful of good
spirits, a dash of fun, a pinch of
folly, a sprinkling ��f play, and ��
heaping cupful of good humor.
Pour into" the whole love ad
libitum and mix with a vim.
Cook thoroughly in a fervent heat;
garnish with a few smiles and a
sprig of joy; then serve with quietness, unselfishness, and cheerfulness, and a Happy New Year is a
The B. C. Legislature  will open
on January 29.
telephones and
Nelson  has 834
Kamloops 841.
There are 900   names   on   the
voters list in Fernie.
A box factory will be erected in
Summerland this year.
A Co-operative store was opened
in Penticton last month.
A bank clerks union was recently .organized in Montreal.
Sir Robert. Borden will not retire from the premiership of Canada.
A new high school building may
be erected in Grand Forks this
year. -.
James Aird, an old-time resident
of the Kamloops district, died last
Mining News
Charles F. Caldwell, has bought
a building in Hyder, to be used as
an office for the New Alaska Mining Co., of which Mr. Caldwell is
Ore is being hauled from the
Dolly Varden mine to Alice Arm
by dog teams. The ore of the
Dolly is so rich tbat it can stand
up under^the expensive transportation.
Mayor J. A.
candidate for
McDonald will be a
the    mayoralty of
In Great Demand
This Bank is more than merely a safe
place in which to deposit money; it is an
institution whose purpose and policy is to
assist in the wise direction of the financial
and business interests of its customers.
Those who make full use of the exceptional facilities provided by this Bank extend
the ranene of their business possibilities. 79A
PAID-UP CAPITAL      ...       $15,000,000
RESERVE FUND .    ���   .     ��� $15,000,000
GREENWOOD BRANCH, E, E. Brawders, Manager.
Stock Ranches Wanted
I iiaveenaulries for Stock Ranches
from buyers In the East, call and List
your properties with me-
Rea! Estate & Insurance.
Greenwood. B.C.
New stock of Mitts, Gloves,
Socks, Woolen Underwear Fla-
nelettes, elc.    G-, A. Rendell.
A Belated Joke
He had dropped a nickel in the
slot of a telephone ~ pay station and
stood patiently waiting. He was
full to the brim. He read the
instructions and took down the
"Number? asked Central.
"Fife centsch."
' "Wha6 do you want?"
"Son Sen."
The latest styles of Sigact
Rings in solid 14k gold for
Misses, Ladies or Gentlemen at
Mr. and Mrs^ Sam Matthews,
and daughter, are spending the
winter in San Diego. They may
spend a few weeks in Phoenix,
On Friday, Jan. 2nd. a regular
meeting of'tbe.G. W. V. A. will
be held inthe Club Rooms, whan
officers for the'ensuing term will
be elected.
January 1st. Milk will advance to 18c per quart, and cream
to 25c per small bottle. No accounts carried after the 10th of
each month,    Mrs. M. Royce.
Miss Greets, agent for the B.C.
Telephone Co., in Kaslo, formerly of Greenwood, is in the Kaslo
hospital with a broken limb,
caused when she accidentally fell.
" Ladies and childrens fancy
Christmas handkerchiefs in boxes
or single, a wide range to select
from; also some very pretty runners, tea cloths, tray cloths, etc.
G. A, Rendell.
Miss M. McArthur and Miss
M. McMynn, will be oa the teaching staff of the Greenwood Central School, taking the places of
Miss Munro and Miss Simpson,
who resigned last month.
The Ledge has .always room
for one more ad.
The portrait of the Prince of
Wales that goes with the Family
Herald and Weekly Star of Mon��
treal is in great demand?7 It is
certainly the beet portrait of the
Prince we have Been. The Family
Herald isv simply deluged with
orders from new and old subscribers. The yearly subscription price,
including "the Prince,s portrait is
only $1.25 if .remitted-for- in-De-
cember, and is the best value
offered anywhere. It is said the
Family Herald's subscription receipts are more than double former
years. It is certainly worth the
price and should be in- every home
in this country.
Boundary Falls.
Fifteen hundred reindeer will be
taken from Alaska to the Hudson
Bay District.
E. O. S. Scholefield, for the past
20 years provincial librarian in
Victoria, diedJon'Dec. 25th.
The" oldest bank notes in the
world were issued in China 2,897
years^before the Christian era.
Col. A. W.;R. Wilby, has succeeded Captain G. E. L. Robertr
son, as marine agent in Victoria.
Hon. Dr. S. F. Tolmie, minister
of agriculture, is suffering from
diptheria at his home in Victoria.
The Japanese   Consul at Vancouver says there is no truth in
the riimbr~ thai a" Japanese syndi-1
cate has bought   the   Coldstream I
ranch near Vernon.
A contract has been let to ship
2000 tons of magnetic iron ore from
the Roosevelt mine, near Chesaw,
Wash., to the Northwest Magnesite company at Cheweiah, Wash.
The ore will be hauled to the spur
at Chesaw by two five* tori  trucks.
The Granby C. M. S. & P. Co.
produced 1,776,863' pounds of copper in November, according to a
New York report. This is comparable with 2,164,344 pounds in
October and 1,584,515 pounds in
September, all of which were produced at Anyox.
���Word was received by. the
Boundary G. W. V. A. from various semi-official sources that certain individuals at Boundary
Falls had been conducting themselves in a most un-Britishlike
manner and a request was made
for an investigation and, if substantiated, action was to betaken.
On Sunday a delegation from
Greenwood, augmented by contingents from Midway and Rock
Creek, went fully into the
matter. It was proven that
drunken carousals, sprees and
celebrations were held when news
of German ^victories were received, that pro-German state-}
ments were made and some citizens of Boundary Falls were
subjected to insults by -fliese so-
called British subjects. The
Ledge understands that ihe last
of this has not been heard as a
report has been sent to headquarters and in the meantime the
eyes of the G. W. V. A. are
watching these individuals and
one false move will' mean a rumpus and-probably deportation.
Frank J. Conyers, foreman on
construction of S. K. P. & L.
Co., Greenwood-Princeton power
line died ia tne Grand Forks hospital on Wednesday afternoon,
from burns received when hi3
house was "gutted by fire in
Grand Yorks, yesterday morning.
Residents of Kamloops will read
with pleasure the announcement
that bull fighting will be resumed
in Mexico. Kamloops and Mexico
are the real ball centers of tbe
western hemisphere.���Trail News.
Pte. C B. Sharp has returned
to Rossland after being a prisoner
in German hands since thevsecond
battle of Ypres. Pte. Sharp was
at Giesen camp .for nearly four
years, being released after the
signing of the armistice. x He left
with--the-" 7th-Batt. and the first
The McCune block was destroyed
by fire in Nelson on Thursday last.
The ground floor was occupied by
J. P. Morgan, second hand dealer,
who estimate the value of his stock
at between $3,000 and $4,000,
partly covered by insurance. Mr.
Morgan will again be conducting
business in his new quarters at the
corner of Kootenay and Baker
streets in a short time.
Great enthusiasm was shown at
the'semi-annual meeting of "The
Get-Together Club Ine" which was
held in Silverton, last month, when
the balance sheet for the first half
year was read by the secretary.
The principal project of the club
since its incorporation in July last
has been the erection of a Memorial Hall for the people of Silverton,
which haa met with such gigantic
success that the Hall as it stands
today, with the interior^complete,
is practically paid for. It has been
built entirely by public subscription
and free labor. A presentation
was made to the secretary treasurer
on behalf of the club by J. P. Me-
Dermott, whose speech waB much
appreciated by the members. The
new trustees for the ensuing half
year are: W. Tattrie and G. T.
Ironside; secretary-treasurer Rus-
ael Hone being re-elected by acclamation. The permanent committees appointed are; Building,
J. M. Tinlicg, W. Hunter, W.
Jones, W. Tattrie, A. E. Walton,
A. Erickson; Dance, J. Dunn,- W.
Jones, Homer Dimock; Hall, G.
Mclnnis, G. J. Morrison, Frank
Llebscher; Sapper, Mrs. A. Erickson, Mrs. J. M��� Tinling, Mr?. W.
K. Feare.
Messrs. G. J. and W. H. Hammond have sold their interests in
the magnesium deposits at Basque,
to eastern capitalists for $125,000.
The Basque deposits are said to be
the largest and purest discoveries
of Epsom salts on this- continent.
It is estimated that Jjbere are several million tons in this deposit.'
Belgian^ interests have obtained
several group of claims, in the
Salmon River section. The claims
which have passed to the Belgian
syndicate are the Northern Light
group of eight claims owned by
Chas. and Wm. Bunting; the
Woodbine group of two claims and
a fraction owned by Dave O'Leary
and Charles Lake;" the "Cobalt
group of three claims owned by
John Hoyland, The bond is for
The price of lead closed at 87.35
bid and $7.45 asked in New York
on Dec.-22. This is an increase of
more than 50 cents in about a
month, and of $1.10 per 100 pounds
since March last. If maintained
for a year the increase of $1.10
would add nearly $500,000 to the
gross production of British Columbia mines, which was 4,829,962
pounds in 1918. The price was
not far from its cnrrent__level_a _
year ago.
R. Abernethy and associates of
Spokane, have been developing the
Victor mine, on Maus creek, Fort
Steel district, for some years past.
The ore contains galena and zinc
blende associated with iron pyrite
in a quartz gangue. The quartz
vein varies in width up to five feet
and contains ore at seyeral points.
It has been opened by two drifts,
each about 400 feet long and 125
feet apart vertically. A building
which has been under construction
is now ready for the concentrator
and the installation of the machinery will commence as soon as delivery i3, made.
H. R. Van Wagenen, general
manager of the Canada Copper corporation made & recent statement
of the affairs of that company,
which has one of the biggest mining plants in Canada at Allenby,
four miles from Princeton. The
plant is about completed, although
another million dollars may be
used in enlarging it. Already the
company has expended $2,500,000
and in addition railroad connections and a long power' line is
under constrcntion, and when completed will make tbe total investment close to^ S6,000,000. Mr,
Van Wagenen sayB the ore at tbe
company's property on Copper
mountain is not dissimilar to that
of the Hidden Creek mine afe
Anyox'and of the-Britannia mine
Howe sound. All the plant and
equipment essential to economical
treatment cf low grade ore has
been provided. "Thereis a tonnsge
of 10,000,000 in sight, with 2,000,-
000 of semi-proved ore, with additional ore known to exist.
> ^��--,����=s ^^^^i^yXXm^^^r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^^^^m
THE     LEDGE      (mF/FINWOfm      T*      h
Proved    Every    Day    That     Dr.
Hamilton's   Pills   Are   Just
Right for Woman's Ills
tains from Mr. Somebody's big store
on S'onnc street cheered the neutral
lints of Mr. Somebody else, once
merchant of Smyrna or Bagdad, as
a newborn baby might cheer his
inany times grandfather in heaven.
Furniture, which must have appeared
absurdly callow to the very- ancient
��� rugs, and fragments of tapestry, were
���.supported by these latter as sweetly
Little wonder woman suffers so If? a great-grandfather might carr/
much from constipation. She always >ll!s wide-eyed great-grandchild, ridic-
hesitates, continually puts off taking jU'ously young, and finding infinity in
medicine ltle "anllI'�� hues of a brightly color
Easily   and   Quickly   Cured   witt
l-'or bale by All Dealers
Douglas  &  Co..   lJrop'rs. Mapanee.  Ont
Manitoba Soldier
In French House J
Of course a woman's system is
delicate, is easily injured by drastic
purgatives. Bitter experience with
harsh medicines makes her cautious,
and to her great injury, chronic
sluggishness of the system is
Former Pipestone Farmer to Represent Loire, France, in
Announcement is made by M. J. A.
I ^  ^  ^  Giclais,  managing  director
was   yonr   big   brother  that s jand     .secretai.y_treasllrer      of      the
like   I
going to take care of you
ed  chrysanthemum.
It looked all  right to Ruggles. He !
gave Hamid Pasha credit for a lot of
taste.    More than that, after the first
shock  of  disillusionment  about     the
per-j divans  arid  slaves  and  things,  it   oc-
jcurred   to   him   that   perhaps  he  had
"Yes," Rosa answered, and her
small hand tightened on his. "I see,
Ruggles   Effendi."
(To   Be  Continued.)
England Building
Giant Dirigibles
Fevy pills are suited to thc actual'never quite thoroughly appreciated
needs of woman ��� thcy are too j Hamid Pasha. This was, quite true,
strong. jHc never had.    It was not altogether
But there is a good woman's laxa-j Ruggles's fault, however. He had
tive, and it combines mildness with I not had the timc. If hc had been
thoroughness of activity���it is known (allowed another century or two this
to thc people of many nations as Dr. .fault might easily have been correct-
Hamilton's   Pills,  which  never  gripe, j ed.
never cause nausea and are safe to Thc flirnjturc of thc room did not
use no matter what the conditions of |belong to anv single school or period,
strength or circumstances of ljfalth jThcrc was a large Louis XVI. centre
may bc. A naturalness and regularity j tnbi0) 0I1 w!l;ch 1ay \)Q0\{^ ailj m;,ca_
of the system, so important to  every   zjncSi    bot],     prcnc|,     :UKi     English.
There   were  a   few   handsome   Adam
Trustee Co. of Winnipeg that Roland
Forissier, who formerly resided at
Pipestone, Man., has been elected
member of parliament for the district
of Loire, France. Thc information was
contained in a letter received by Mr.
de la Giclais from Mr. Forissier.     '
Thc district which elected Mr."
Lporissier was represented in thc
French parliament several years ago
by his father. Roland Forissier and
his brother, Jean, in pre-war days
operated a large farm near Pipestone.
Thcy were French reservists, and
when the war broke out returned to
France  and  served  with  the  French
Asthma Utfred
;"   To Stay Cured
Thousands Testify to the
lasting benefit secured from
woman, is quickly acquired by the
regular use of Dr. Hamiltons P-'lls.
As a heallh-bringcr, as a tonic laxa
chairs distributed witli those of Louis
XV., Chippendale, and others, with  a
live, as an all-round ladies' medicine, Sheraton bookcase, all or these dif-
thcre is positively nolhing so cffica- fcn,lU pieci.s selectcd apparently for
cious as Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Man-J t])e*r individual beauty, and thus
drake and Butternut; 2oc pcr box, atjqiljlc in h;mnony> as beautiful objects
nil dealers. jaie never discordant.    The room was,
fact, suggestive of its  fair habitu-
Keels Laid for Ships of 5,000,000
Cubic Feet
In view of the fact that thc United States navy has put in an order
for a 2,000,000 cubic foot rigid dirigible to bc constructed by England,
a   few   facts   relative  to   England  afc
pertinent.      English    dirigibles    pat-
, i    r.      .1 ���  ���     .    ���i���    ���r array.    Jean  was killed on  or about
tcrned after the approximate plan ot ���"      J
.,     ,- v        ,-        ," ,,���������  August 24, 1914, and was one of the
the  German    Zeppelins    havc    been'      b ��� '
constructed     to   a   si2C    of  2,700,003
cubic   feel.     The   speed   of   ships   of
this 'size is about  75 mi'.es per hour,
Filling Hi
Own Shoes
��� BY ���
Copyrighted. Printed by ipccirl
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
ees. In onc corner was a grand
piano and a harp, while on a divan
lay a mandolin and a guitar.
There was nobody present when
Ruggles entered, but from somc distant part of the house came thc low
chatter of several voices, all apparently talking at once. lie looked
about him with surprise and pleasure
at the pretty, homelike atmosphere of
thc place. Here, certainly, was no
suggestion   of  voluptuous   sensuality;
ancl their endurance about 175 hours.
This   gives   a   possibility  of   a  cruls-
' ing radius of over 13,500 miles, more
than half thc distance around the
Ships of still greater    size and capacity   are   already   being   construct-'
led in  England, keels havc    been laid ���
for ships  of 5,000,000 cubic  feet, andj
all  new  hangars in  England  arc  bc-j
ing     constructed     to     accommodate
ships np to that  size. i
Airships of still    greater    size ard i
contemplated, and plans for a 10,000,-
I , l ��� i aha t_ ��� f*       _.      I*    '     ���!   1 .\   ��� 1 ~     IlUllie   UU    tl    1.11 UU    lilliuil   at.    i\.tu,   X1.1UI.,
I no  heavy,  scented  air,  no  slaves,  no   000 cubic    foot dirigible    ship    have f '
srhminrs.   nothing  hut   n   whnlrsnmn  i,���*.,    ..��� i���.���,i    :..    T7.,���u.���i       Tfc | from an affection of thc lungs caused
Ruggles's general idea of a Turkish
harem was that of most people of the
western world, based chiefly on perusal of the "Arabian Nights" and other
descriptions in more modern ta'cs,
and which must afford thc latter-day
Turks considerable amusement. The
stock properties were of fullsomc
beauties, in silken "panties" drawn in
above Morocco slippers with curlcd-
up toes, flopping about on divans,
blowing perfumed smoke from nargi-
lchs, and observing indolently the ablutions of sister captives splashing in-
marble fountains and attended by
semi-nude     slave women   of  African
and  legs  and
scimitars, nothing but a wholesome
brightness and cheer. Through an
open window came the rollicking
song of a warbler, together wilh the
odor of roses and jasmine.
From behind the portieres at the
far end of thc room there came a
rustle; then thc curtains were slid
smartly back with a clicking of gilded rings, and Miss Elliot entered, at
the head of a charming group of
girls. Ruggles rose to his feet and
stood supporting himself with his
cane. He was scarcely able to believe his eyes. Harem ladies? These
lovely sylphs gowned in the latest
Parisian models! ' Thcy wcrc just
such charming creatures as he had
frequently seen stepping from sparkling limousines to enter the Ritz at
the tea-hour. Thcy were wonderful.
His head'swam as he looked at them.
Such was Ruggles's first impression. -That ol the girls was of a so'-t
lo be compared to such emotions as
origin;     monkeys,     parrots,     Persian      . .
cats,  a  good   many  bare  arms   might have  filled  the  pulsating bos
things, and,  guarding  ��.'"s  of   the  maidens  of  Thrace
the door, huge blackamoors of lhe ox
variety, bearing drawn scimitars and
with  forbidding scowls.
Art had combined wilh literature to
paint this picture in Ruggles's mind,
ancl although the modern atmosphere
of Hamid Pasha's palace had eliminated any expectation of so barbaric a
setting as the above, he was still
quite unprepared for thc milieu of thc
apartmc.it into which he was ushered
by Sarah, a few minutes after -Miss
Elliot's haughty and silent entrance
of the house.
. Ruggles entered with no emotion
of triumph at having gained his point.
Rather, he regretted thai it had been
placed in question, making it .necessary for him to exert an authority on
winch he had hoped not to be obliged
to insist. Yet, on the whole, he was
nol altogether sorry that thc issue
"had been raised. He liked" Miss Elliot
and respected her, and counted upon
her aid in helping to carry out his
moral obligation -to Hamid- Pasha,
but when all was said and done her
services had been, retained subject to
his own approval.    Shc was thc girls' j
sight of .Alexander the Grcal.
such sentiments as these are purely
comparative and drawn" from the experiences of our own little lives. Here
been    completed    in    England.      Itsi
length  would     be   about     1,100  feet, i "^   Sas   PO^oning.
slightly   less   than   one-fourth   of     a
mile,  while the  total   lift  of  thc  gas
would bc more than 300 tons, and
thc full lift would be approximately
200 tons. This useful lift could be
used for transportation of troops
and equipment, or for a cruising
radius of ovci 20,000 miles, if such
wcrc  desirable.
Power hi Alberta
All the Power Required in the Province   Can   Be   Generated
From Coal
The conservation commission    has
published a report by    James White,
deputy head of thc    commission,  on'
thc generation of electrical   power in |
Alberta, in which thc usc of coal  is I
Is the Future
With Airplanes?
Sir Percy Scott Says Battleships Are
Admiral Sir Percy Scott, who six
years ago foretold the ascendancy of
the submarine, now declares that the
battleship is obsolete, and that "the
future is with the airplane." Some
who differ from him imply that, admitting a certain amount of truth in
the dictum, there'is a suspicion also
of a desire for sensationalism and for
maintaining the character of thc prophet.   Let us see.
By the summer of. 1918 thc torpedo
airplane was becoming a serious
.proposition.' Among thc British plans,
which included the bombing of Berlin,
was a. project for. an attack on thc
German fleet by largc numbers, of airplanes, each carrying one torpedo.
Already these craft had bc.cn employed in various theatre of war, but by
the autumn of 1918 it was possible to
prepare for their usc on a largc scale.
Jt will be argued that battleships can
defend themselves against aerial attack; and that is true. They also have
thc means of defense' against submarine attack. But, as lhc experience of
the Avar showed in one case, so it will
prove in the other; the possession of
a means of defense by no means connotes security, Tlie submarine can
attack unseen; thc airplane will be
able to make up for its visibility by
numbers. It must bc remembered,
too, that thc bombs and torpedoes
contrived toward thc end of thc war
were far more destructive, and the art
of using them less uncertain.
Not to err ou onc sidc, it may bc
conceded lhat Sir Percy Scott's dictum is only a broad generalization,
not to bc taken loo literally. Even so,
it musl.be obvious that lhc. military
affairs of the nations havc entered
upon a ncw phase, and the plans of
all thc war offices will havc accordingly to bc modified. No onc who
now considers these questions can
hope to arrive at any sound conclusion unless hc divests himself of prc-|
conceived ideas. He must dismiss the!
conception of war as waged in the j
struggle of 19M-1S, for throughout
lhat war, despite the amazing dcvcl-
poments    of mechanical    appliances,
who had-been missing for years, and j Kamloops,  B.C.,  will  bc  the biggest j ^"the"^^^'^   true,"they 'were
whose namc  was again  brought    to-J thing-   of   its   kind   ever   held   in   the]
first French reservists from Manitoba
to lose his life in the war. Their
estate is being administered by the
Trustee Company of  Winnipeg.
Mr. dc la Giclais said thai his com- ]���'
pany is also administering the estate
of Louis dc Longcveille, another
French reservist from Manitoba, who
was killed in action in 1915. A
brother, who farmed with him at Du-
frost, also served in the French army
and is still in Fiance. Four other
brothers were killed in action.
Administration is being conducted
by the company of lhc estate of Capt.
R. dc la Salle, who served in the
French army and who died at his
home on a largc ranch at Kew, Alta.,
One of the finest discoveries in
medicine was given to the public
when "Catarrhozone" was placed on
thc market about 'fifteen- years ago.
Since then thousands have been cured
of asthma and catarrh. An interesting case is reported from Calgary- in
a letter from Creighton S. Thompson,
who says:
"Nothing too strong can be said
for Catarrhozone. I suffered four
ycars from asthma in a way that
would beggar description. I went
through everything that man could
suffer; I was told of Catarrhozone
by a clerk in Findlay's drug store and
purchased a dollar package. F, It was
worth hundreds lo mc in a week, and
I place a priceless value on the benefit I havc since derived. I strongly
urge evcry sufferer to use Catarrhozone for Asthma, Bronchitis and Catarrh."
The-one-dollar package lasls two
months; small size, 50c; sample size,
25c; all storekeepers and druggists,
or the Catarrhozone Co., Kingston,
Canada.   .
Seed Growing Industry -.
Of British Columbia
He   formerly  re
sided at Fannystcllc, Man'.���Winnipeg
Free Press.
Scion of a Noble House
Farm and Garden Seed Valued at
Over 550,000 Grown in Province
The seed growing industry of British Columbia has seen great advances
during thc past two or three ycars.
Last year it is estimated, farm and
garden seed valued at over $50,000
vvas grown in that province, chiefly at
mainland points, and disposed of to
buyers of Eastern Canada. This ycar
the value of the product will be much
greater, though at present no reliable
! data thereon is available.
British   Colubmia  is  considered  to
"Mountie" Baronet Was a Descend
ant of Lady Godiva
Sir  John   Grcnville   Louis  Temple, \^c an ;dea] piacc for sce(] production
a   member   of  the   Royal   Northwest! and jn an var;ctics Uic excellence of
Mounted Police,  who died at Prince j tilc  prociuct  gr0Wn   there   has    been
Albert, Sask., and was buried in that  demonstrated; thc demand from cast-
city, was a descendant, of thc famous ( crn po;Ilts being especially Keen.
Lady    Godiva.      A    search    through |    Annual seed fairs have done much
standard    reference    works     reveals j iowar(is arousing the interest of thc
several    interesting  things  regarding j farmers of lhc provillcc.      The    seed j sea" power an d"la"nd" power "were
thc  family  and  past  of  thc  baroncl , fair Ulis ycar wllich ;s t0 be   hc]d all dominaling. ��� factors _ ailhough
Instead ol paying high prices far
drosses and waists, buy materials
and make them yoursell with
tbo aiu ol a "Queen" Adjust.-
able Drosj Form TlUa Form
will enable you to fit yourself
perfectly, and will more than
repay your Investment In lt.
Write at onoefor afreocopy of
our booklet" How Mary Kept
XJo witb tho, Joneses.1: You.
will be Intensely Interested.
Address: Dept. fa
Great Activity       *
In Farm Lands
Signs   Indicate   That   Land   Values
Will Double
Great activity in farm lands in
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
with the biggest demand -that' has
been in evidence for several years, is
Farm lands arc chaitging hands
rapidly, but the purchasers are, for
the. most part, local'men wheknow
lhe land and have had an opportunity during the summer to inspect it
and lo ascertain what it will produce. Onc feature of lhc land move-
men t^is thai fully 80 pcr cent, of
the purchasers arc men who will actually farm  thc'land themselves.
During thc last six months land
values have advanced fully 20 pcr
ccnl., continues the report. In the
three prairie provinces thc prevailing
prices at which these properties are
changing hands arc from $50 to $60
per acre for improved land, and from"
$30 to $35 pcr acre for unimproved
tracts, with possibly a difference of
$5 per acre for Manitoba lands. There
will bc an era of road building next
ycar, and signs indicate that land
values will double.
Colds Cause Headaches and Pains
Feverish Headaches and Body Pains
caused from a cold are soon relieved by
Tablets. There is only one "Bromo
Quinine." E. W. GROVE'S signature on
the box. '30c. s^
mcc  can
was thc youth who had fought like a, at lhc principai cbal-minihg    centres
lion  over   ine hodv  of  their beloved     ,,   .. ,   .     .,
protector,  and  who     had  succeeded  a11  tlie Powcr  r��lu,rcd m  the  Prov
him in honor and estate.    Here  was
the fair demigod who was ciirator-'of
their fortunes���and who bought-thcm
nice new gowns.   Hc was young and
brave   anci   handsome  and   very  rich.
All four fell violently in love with him
upon the spot.
"Mr. Rugglcs," said Miss Elliot,
"let rnc present Miss  Bulbul."
Miss Bulbu\ a plump and . pretty
Turlish maiden, with hair'so black
that it was almost blue, plucked her
chiffon skirt daintily . between her
thumbs ancl fimrers and madc a curtsy. Rugglcs, vho was on the point
of limping forward to shake hands,
bowed. Miss Bulbul straightened
herself, took a deep breath, and
midged her wav back .behind Miss
'Mcssandra, on whose dainty slippered fool shc inadvertently stepped,
thus evoking a stifled "Aie!" from
Miss Alessandra
public attention  by  his  death in  the
northern city recently,
declared to bc more economical than |    Thc   name  of   Sir  Grcnville   Louisjaild ar0Uscd much interest among the
water power.  Mr.  White shows that I Temple was dropped from such refer-  growcrs
by  establishing, super-power  stations
considerably affected by aircraft. But
Utilizing Old Tin Cans
Before   the   War   German   Company
Made Profit From OUfTin
Cans in London
Some interesting facts in connection with thc utilization of tin cans
which are' not generally known were
ence works as Burke's in 1911,.as the
result  of  King  Edward's  royal  warrant, issued only a few weeks before
be  generated'   from  coal,{tbe Kins's death. Thc warrant1 dircct-
which at present is being wasted oric<l that   ~an    pffidal    rccord    of thc
lefl in thc mine.   It is suggested that border of baronc_ts should be prepared
Drumheller and    vicinity of Edmon
stations   at   Lethbridge, | a"d  kept at  the  Home  Department,
Last year the seed   fair al! jn  any  futUrc great war thc nations  recently  referred  to  in  Salvage,  the
B. C, was a great success,  will start-not pledged and committed' official journal, of the  Salvage  Club;
'to sea or land operations; thcy will- Lar^e works for recovering the sol-
begin the conflict and end h in thc der> tin and.iron from old tin cans
air. Land forces will plav a part, no "wcrc established by a German com-
doubt, and so also'will ships,'.but-the !,an>r al several places in England be-
tune will be called by the fleets of the:forc the war�� ~aml 01ie hundred and--'
Personally Conducted Tour to Hamil-  air. : flfl>" thousand tons of steel plates dc-
ton, Bermuda, Via the Can- j    The day of thelailor strategist and''rivc(l from'this source" were Exported...
' ad.an National of thc    soldier strategist,    who    are jt0 Germany annually for many, ycars.
The  tourist and  travel  bureaus  of'nothing else, is past. Before the dawn' No difficulty attaches to- thc process
Tour to Bermuda
mentor,  not his, and  if  she  counted -cw,,..
on directing his behavior from the "M��ss Roxana, said Miss Who .
start, it wai better that they should M��x Roxana. a wonderful ruddy
comc to an understanding as soon as blonde who looped Miss blliott bv
possible. Ruggles had acted precise-1 half a head, stepped forward to make
Iv as he might'have done had he been ! her curtsy. For an instant her great
given the managership of the Vienna jambcr-coloicd .eyes looked straight
branch  of thc  Walkeasy Shoe  Com  l~"A '-"'����'  <!��� "f R"<��*W
ton, wilh transmission lines of, in
general, not more than 100 miles in
length, would supply electric energy
to practically thc whole of the province. The energy generated by only
two great steam electric units of 80,-
000 h.p. each, similar to one now in
operation- in a street railway powcr-
housc'in New York, would'supply the
whole province with power and light.
The relative costs of steam-electric ,-been long described as missing, it th(J pemisyivanja Hotel, New York,
and hydro-electric-plants are com-s was discovered . that' hc had joined ju|Uil ti,c departure of the steamer
pared, and ihc use of natural gas fori the      Roayl      Northwest      Mounted ;���Fon   H?.mil1on"  thc  following   day,
the Canadian National Railways have  of air power thc one could at any rate! of   recovering   the   solder,   which   is
exist without  thc other;  but each isimeIted off in special furnaces.      The
now intimately involved with 'the newj fm JS not so easil>r removed; and var-
I ions metl-ods havc been trieo   includ-
thc  use   of   acids,   cniorinc,   and
and that no person whose name was
not mentioned on the roll should bc arrangcd a pcrsonany conducted tour
officially acknowledged or addressed 'tQ- Hamilton| Bermuda, leaving Win-
as baronet. At thc same tunc a com-. llipeg via thc Canadian National train
mission was appointed to examine all, Saturday> january mh, at 3.30 o.m.
claims to bc 'included m the-roll. J F'rom vViniiipee. standard electric-
lighted steel sleepers will bc operated
(to Toronto, and thence to Ncw YorkJmon  or more dreadful, although  for
J via  Niagara     Falls, arriving at  Ncw a few years to comc, at any rate, thc
notice    at the ; York Tuesday'morning, January 20lh.' temptation of s'lriki
Several baronets with doubtful titles',
disappeared from the following    editions of thc reference works.
Thc case attracted
arm,   which   must   inevitably   be   the
first arm.
Thc effect of this will not, in the
writer's opinion, make war more com-
time,   for   while   Sir   Grcnville      had,
dng a sudden unan-
mg thc use of acids, cniorinc,
caustic alkalis, thc tin being afterwards recovered by an electric process similar in principle lo electroplating. Aftcr being cleaned the iron
plates are formed into blocks of about
the production of power, except un- j Police,
der special conditions, is deprecated, | assumed
Meanwhile,   a  swindler   had
his  name   and   title,   pcrpe-
Thc. possibilities of the electrification i tratcd  several   frauds  and  finally in
of railways, thc occurrence of petroleum   and   the     fixation   of  nitrogen
are briefly discussed.
Among   old-laws   against   kissing,
Accommodation is being- reserved at nounccd     blow may appeal  to - this j 01lc hundredweight each by hydraulic
brigand power or that. It will almost' Pressure".   At first the tin was reinov-
ccrtainly     shorten   lhc  struggle.  But  ed '"  Germany by. the chlorine pro
so  delicate  are  thc  problems  raised,
January    21st, arriving    at Bermuda ,and  so  intricate    arc  the considera-
ccss,    yielding " tetrachloride  of   tin,
which was used in the  weighting of
Friday  morning,    January 23,  where ��� tions  that must bc weighed, that al-!sllk' after its natural oil had been-rc
accommodation  is  being reserved  at
thc Hamilton Hotel.
The first-class fare" from Winnipeg
most certainly    thc    responsibility of
mcnt   when-shoes .were   being   tried j antagonism. " It  was
unconsciously questioning as, that of
He did nol believe that Miss Elliot 'a fearless chi'ld.   Then the long lashes
would resign her position. There had .swept down, and'with a movement as
those pf Iceland appear to have been
the most severe.- Banishment was thc
as  straight ancl  penalty laid-down-for kissing another
been an expression < on her - flushed
face as she turned lo enter thc hoiise
which was-,not entirely of anger; surprise and a certain quality of respect
were a'so written there. - "\
" As Ruggles waited, leaning on his
'��� stick, Sarah came out and asked, deferentially:
"Will you please comc in,  sir?     I
gract-ful as deep water running over
a dam-she-made her curtsy, straightened herself Jikc a poplaraftcr a gusl-
of. wind, and . stepped aside, still intently studying Rugglcs. .   ". -
."Miss Alessaridra."
���'. Thc slim  Roumelian girl made her
curtsy quickly, panting a.little as shc
did   so,   then   stepped   back  with      a
man's wife, cither wilh or without he"r
consent, , and   the
was  enforced for kissing an unmar
ried iyoman against her will,
The Days of Cheap Living
$25 , a
duccd an American woman to marry
Sir Grcnville    had    figured    in the  l0 Bcrmuda and rclurn runs from $186jTh      w'erc  niistakcn .   and   thc
works  prior  to   1911   as  the  twelfth  tQ ^ according     to  location  and'now cynical as to the future, lt :
baronet of Stowe. The cignth baron- numbeiv in    room    on thc    stcamCr.|bc hoped thcir cynicism is not justi-
et,-it  was-said,  on-.t,ic -strength- of-Twcnty.fivc- r-ooms arc-b-e;ng hcld-by I fiVd, and" that thV new"fac"toFwill iFi-
whose assumption of the title at the Winnii,cg officCf corncr Main and! deed make'any' civilized power anx-
end of the 18lh century Sir Grcnville _ Portagei whcre thosc dcsiring lo takc j jous {Q ayoid war> n ;s foAhc wQrld
same punishment j took the baronetcy, was an Amcri-ladvanlage of this ddightful tour can, tQ scc that therc arc nQ uncivilized
.can. One of the reasons for thc na���c.seicct Uie cabin desired; also reserve
being dropped was said to have been bcrths on thc slccpcrs to Ncw York,
the possibility of another descendant ( ThLs is intcnded oniy as a reminder,
of.this man being rightful claimantlIt ;s jmpossibic to pr0perly describe
to the title. The Temple family islbeautiful and delightful Bcrmuda in.a
an ancient onc, being descended from {ew words_ bul pampbiets may be had
making war will be too heavy to face.      ~ .  .
xr ,     .,       . .   lt   .   .     irn^t      aomc  species  of insects  are in  a
Many   people   thought   that   m   1914!    x ^       ��        ,    .
" state   of  maturity
are'   .   .    .?
.   t    birtn.
cynical as to the tuture. il is toi
30   minutes  after
._Tliere_is_no .wisdom,like_frankncss.
-Disraeli.   -
am   sorry  that  you  have  been'kept' stifled giggle  that was  the  result of   r'   i:slim..n -who   j,
waiting so long." - -       nerves.    -Ruggles  was  smiling  as  he L^yisiiman   wiio
"Oh, that's "all "right," Ruggles an-, made   liis   bows. ,   There   was   a   reck ^3 a year migut cot
Ewercd, and followed the ;Grcck wo- spot in cither of his pale checks.    Tt
'    -    *  was like, a happy .dream-of princesses
and things,
man to thc rosc-covcrcd veranda and
into the house. '   -
The room into which hc was ushered was precisely such as onc might
find in .the summer residence, of some
rich arid traveled Briton of simple
but aesthetic taste;, such a room as
onc might find in any of the charming, unpretentious residences on'the
Thames between Henley and Maidenhead. Thc ceiling was higher, perhaps, and richly ornate in ��� coffer:
work, sunken panels of carved oak,
containing/in their centres roses or
pomegranates,  while  thc ��� highly pol-
.ished floor, of the same valuable -Palestine "oak, or, "Abraham's oafc." now
" scarcely to be had, was strewn with
such, rugs as arc to be seen only' in
museums and in ' thc houses of the
pretentiously rich;.in both  of which
'"Miss Rosa." -
" The .little maiden from the Island
of Cyprus took a deep breath, grabbed- her skirt on either side as if
clinging to a .life-line, stepped forward, and paused. Rugg'cs, watching
her curiously, saw her- dark eyelashes
flutter like the wings of a butterfly
impaled on a pin. Her pupils dilated
and she swayed. Ruggles stepped forward'quickly. Hc" saw that the little
girl was. almost overpowered by-emotion. - .
"Let's cut but thc curtsying business and shake hands, as we do in
America," said . hc, and caught her
just as she was about to fall.
. In spite of his bad ankle, he' managed   to .support   her   to   the   divan.
Earl Lcofric, and his countess,
famous Lady Godiva.
'' Putting  A  Premier Wise'
-Hon.  E. C. Drury, the new prime
year to-the Assistant-Clerk
���of-'Parliament ���
In the' days of the; Planlagcucls, an
ad a" revenue of
consider himself one
of the fortunate. This was, in fact,
thc exact sum paid lo the assistant-
clerk of Parliament, and more than
the. average cleigyman icccived; while
thc pension allowed by-Edward 111
to  .,             .
i        -    i  -ir-  i    i-i       i  t\'>    requests,
cents a day; pikI  Kink. Edward -J v. s       ' -   ,   , , .
,, ,      ., . ���.!    But before press of business even-
allowancc   to   his   daughter, was-, but     " ,, it-.        i        .i - r
- ,        . , .,.,.      .   ,..0-n: lually compels him, to reduce the fre-
$3   a   week,   with   an  additional  ^2o(J! .   r. , ...
'      , , .  ,'    . ���.      , qutney   of   these   public   appearances
vearlv  ior her eight  servants.'   lwo    ,      ��� .- i ���    _. ��� .���    i
-there is one subject in particular on
powers", and that the brigand nations
arc kept in subjection.
What makes thc problem of air-
power so extremely intricate and delicate is thc comparative, secrecy in
which it can be developed under cover
.on application to our tourist and tra- j 0f. commercial  aircraft  development;
vel bureau,- and detailed information
and reservation of all accommodation desired made at the s?mc time.
Thc number who can be accommo-
ministcr of-Ontano, is- receiving invi- datcd is nccessar;iy limited, and early
tations to make speeches at all sorts-jaw>:ication should  be   made   for   ac-
of,places,  and  with  a  generosity  in icominodation.    The  cabin  accommo-
/which  hc  cannot. Jong  afford  to  in-Jdat!on on the various steamers from
and, above all, thc brief manufacturing period. A big aircraft program
can be conceived and made" effective
in 12 months, once a considerable
manufacturing and training nucleus
exists; and this is swift as compared
with the lengthy and necessarily overt
building up of sea-power.
, -     - ., ,���      .       , Olllge lie IS acceding tO many Of lllCSC      ii   r,ct.rn   Atinnlir-   nnric   will   hn   tn   !-'  tt -n   .1 ��� ,      . ���
his   apothecary   was .only   twelve        a ���      . |��ul  J-astcrn mianuc ports win uc ta-j-   How will thc nations approach this:
ken up well in-advance, as this short [problem?, Thc future may lie with j
ocean trip from New York to a winter1 tbc ,���ost aicrlf Avitll thc onc qu;ckcsl!
climate of 70 degrees .Fahrenheit ap-|lo abandon old ideas, and which first!
public institutions ,they are apt to be i where he placed her among the cush
m ^^ ���* . f__       ^ n ji.Y_.<b      ? - . r- _. IC?_^>     TT V1?____._l     ___.T___.m *�� a JX     \* ^ *_    l*��<��* *T r*
bpgus. But thc atmosphere of the
room was purely modern, just as a
child  may be very young and     still
.have ancestors ��� as most children
have, even    though these    ancestors
.arc," at times, not worth the having.
Here, ho\vever, , the elders were in
sweet, sympathy with thcir successors. Nothing clashed. Harmony of
proportion, color and design swam
together with np more friction than
fish in a pool.   The bright chintz cur-
ions. Miss Elliot clapped her hands,
at which a maid came quickly and
was sent in search of salts.
"The poor child has been on her
feet getting fitted all day long," Miss
Elliot explained.
Ruggles seated himself on the edge
of the divan and patted Rosa's hand.
She looked up at him and smiled. The
color crept back into her cheeks.
"You are ver'ry nice," said she.
���Ruggles regarded her benevolently.
I Shc. was-as pretty as-it is possible
cents an acre was considered a fair
annual rental for pasture-land, and
twelve cents for arable land; carthorses were almost a drug in thc
market at 1 ��� cents, and oxen at $1.20.
In the days of the second Henry a
farm   could   bc  cpuippe'd   with ,three.
cart-horses, half-a-dozcn oxen, twenty
cows, and two hundred sheep for $50;
and a five-dollar bill would be ample
to pay the year's rent of the farm.
which he should give an address.- He
ought to tell the public about thc buckets, .barrels, oceans of advice that
have poured in upon Ihim from all
sources since he was called from the
farm to undertake the task of forming
~'\ a government and directing its policy.
pcais to many people in the East.
Prohibition In Japan
appoints a board of air strategy. Onc
could almost wish now to start anew
and face the future without any commitments or prejudices from the past;!
and the danger to the nations victori-!
ous in thc late struggle is that thcyi
Propagandist of Anti-Saloon League
of America Sees Fine Prospects , ���������������	
The wave of prohibition which has|may bc self-complacent and'apt still j twltclfing
blanketed the' whole- of Canada    and \to lcan on tl,c arn,s that save them
the United States is gaining headway.! victory.     .The warning    is    obvious.
���  rX2?Z=X32��^^S:-'ZXis����ii
Could Not Sleep
Mr. Earnest Clark, Police
Officer, 338 King St., Kingston,
Ont., writes:
"For three years I suffered
from nervousness and sleeplessness. . I believe my condition was brought about by
overwork. I had frequent
headaches, neuralgic pains and
of     nerves    and
in thc land of Nippon, according to
D.   M.  Candler, propagandist  of  thc
Unappreciated Kindness
I    "Who gave you   that- black eye?
(    t'One  of  the  diggers.       He  came J Anti-Saloon League of America, who
Tbe man who wished to regale ?"s | home-suddenly and copped rae ?vith 1 returned recently   'on thc liner .Em
France appears to heed, it already. ���
Christian Science Monitor:   ,    -
!S^'-"    ' '��� ������'"  ' " {for a girl of seventeen- to be, with a
_ _ firannfaff*d FtfPiffte. t clear olive  skin  and  the eyes  of a
SuretoSM.IfeSlaBdWtad '^"V natured poet and warrior, Ha-
ctsiekly relieved by Haiirt   mid    Pasha,   had ' ever, been infused
'^/^���SftCreRtseSj. No Smarting,   withl more  paternal    sentiment than
fjE ^^lust Eye Comfort,    At was Ruggles at. that'moment-
Your Dra��irt��o/By ma2 60c per Bottle.      ��Savy Rosa," ��^ '-" ������w-.m.-rt-.l
For B**i* 'te Ey�� **? ^Pte **t���J�� ,y?�� something
family on mutton could buy thc finest
of fat sheep for 25 cents, which would
allow him to give a banquet on two
cents' worth of mutton. A cow would
naturally come more expensive; but
51.50 would buy the best he could find
in the local cattle-market, while, for
a fat hog he need only part with 80
cents, '    '      ' -  ."
his girl.   And I only used to take her press of Asia aftcr conducting a pro-
down of an evening to the newspaper .hibition campaign in Japan
MorlU Cf�� 8������*y ������* �����<������. jafraid of me.   'Think:
There are nearly 300 active volcanoes in the world, many of them,
however; be.ihg quite smalL"  .
said he," "let'me7 tell I ^   y-~.
-���" don't vou: evrr ,bi*!   "   ' ''
i-M   -.1.
y/.".-  N..    V..   1296
shop to see if he was killed or nol"
The crater of Mauna Loa, Hawaii's
famous volcano, is'20 miles in diameter. At times the stream of lava
issuing from it is 50 miles long.
' Mr. Candler is bound for. Los Angeles. He formerly was .a Presbyterian minister in Rossland, B.C., and
is the original of -Ralph Connor's
book "The Prospector."
It costs a lot to live, it costs more
to die; it "costs still more  to buy a|
car,'and costs, yet more to fiy.
A Diplomatic Prince
Thc Prince of Wales in reply to an
address of welcome told the Amcri-
Salt Lake Is Saltier
- !
'   Great  Salt  Lake, which     is lower;
than it has been at any time  , since j
1909, is saltier than it has ever been.}
The absolute amount of salt in the
lake probably-'does not vary appreciably and has'not varied since it was
first seen by white men, but since thc
amount of water varies with evaporation  and   precipitation,   the   relative
salinity increases as the level falls.
1 The dolphin is believed to V
fastest swimmer in the seas.
jean people: "Your.aims are as demo-; Those who enjoy a dollar most
- icratic as ours." Now, could Mr. Bal-:    Are thosc who really cam it;
the  four or John Morley have   improvedjAnd if they-have the cash tn bum
'o��i ih?t'���Toronto Star. I    T'is because thcy df> not \mtv it.
xriuseles. I had indigestion,
wai short of breath and easily,
tired. I commenced a,treatment of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food; and seven boxes of-this
medicine cured -me of all. my
symptoms^ I am now feeling
one hundred per cent, better
than I was, and have to thank
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food for
the good health I am now enjoying."
Dr. Chaw's Nerve Food, 50 cents a boi,
6 for $2.75, ell dealers, or Edmanson,
Eaten & Co., Ltd., Toronto.
^fe.iH-.-:!-*-'1-------. ���'���'.-''    ��� ������-������   '^-V^VH^'V?^ JSStaSSBK
TITE     LETDftE.     (1RETCNW00D.     B.    . C.
. i
And double razor efficiency. No muir,
no slimy soap,, no germs, no waste, no
irritation even when shaved twice dail/.
After shaving touch spots of dandruff or
irritation, if any, with Cuticura Ointment.
Then bathe and shampoo with same cake
of soap. One soap for all uses. Rinse
'with tepid or cold water, dry gently and
dust on a few grains of Cuticura Talcum
and note how soft and velvety your skin.
Absolutely nothing like the Cuticura Trio
for every-day toilet uses. ' Soap to cleanse
and punfy, Ointment to soften and soothe,
Talcum to powder and perfume. Sample
each free by mail. Address: "Cuticura,
Dept. N, Boston, U. S. A."
Canada's Task in 1920
The world can get along without
many things which arc, however, in
general usc, but it cannot get along
without food, and particularly thosc
kinds of food which Canada is specially adapted to, produce; namely,
wheal, meats, butler and cheese. Thc
world needs food today just as badly
as il did during the stern days of war,
and Canada is pre-eminently in a position to supply that need. Hundreds
of thousands of people in Europe arc
still existing on thc ragged edge of
starvation, and owing to the ravages
of war thej' arc not in a position to
produce at home thc food ihey must
have in order^to sustain lifc.
During the war, millions of people
in liurope tasted thc quality of o'ur
Canadian foodstuffs wiio had never
even seen them, and possibly had
never heard of thcm, before. Even
if thcy were not in the dire straits
in which thcy now find themselves
they would relish the obtaining of
our Canadian products in large quantities, and both as- individuals and
governments the nations of Europe
arc prepared lo take all thc food products of Canada which wc can produce and thcy have it in their power
to pay for.
Let it be repeated and emphasized
-���the world .needs  food and  Canada
is in a position to produce it and get
the  world's best price  for it
Under these, circumstances, surely
the lesson for .Canada, and the people
of Canada, is plain. It is to develop
the food producing .capacity of this
- Dominion -to the highest degree.
During thc .war greater production
was urged and undertaken by our people as a work of patriotism, as an cs-
scntial war-winning work. At one
timc wc came perilously close to losing the war for want of food, but
the people of Canada, the United
Statcs and Britain rallied lo the call
of greater production and saved the
situation. By winning the war we
saved civilization. But civilization is
still in danger, because a hungry people arc always ripe for revolution and
the acceptance of all thc wild theories
of the Bolshevist and anarchist.
The call of patriotism is, therefore,
still insistent that the people of Canada should in this ncw year devote
their energies to greater production,
no waste, simpler living. Thc practice of these policies and virtues is
essential, not only to safeguard thc
welfare of the world, but also_to remedy thc evils in our own land rcsult-
'injfTForii the "excessively high "cost of
"But there is another aspect, a purely-business onc, to this question of
greater food production. Our Canadian boys paid with their lives and
tlicir maimed bodies and broken
health for the freedom wc enjoy -today, but there is a money obligation
for us-lo meet for that freedom, and
it is as bad to bc a slacker in peace
as in war. The national debt of Canada lias increased enormously because
of llic war, but if everyone gets busy
on production it will not bc an intolerable burden.
As Dr. James W. Robertson recently said in an address at Winnipeg,
thc war has demonstrated to us the
winning power of a great idea, tlie
idea that <?j.ir cause was a righteous
onc and must succeed, so that the
Freedom of thc world might be safeguarded. What is needed now, he
declared, is a great idea of the obligation to supply thc-world with food
,.m ap-
..ccion.   The man
.ii   his   energies   in. the.
wo.  production will net only be
doing a patriotic work, and rendering
efficient service to Canada and to all
mankind, but he will add enormously
to the wealth and financial strength
of Canada as a nation,.and to his own
prosperity as an  individual.   \
Prices may not, probably .will not,
remain   at  their  present   abnormally
high level, but inJyiew of the present
world shortagevof food and enormous
demand   from ''"'Europe,'-' it. will ��� be   a
long time, if ever, before prices" will
drop  to  their.'. pre-war level.    Before
thc  war farmers   were   not    getting
what  thcy' earned, but in  the  future,
they must secure  such a return ...giid |
thcy  can  be assured  of  it  this  year'
and   in   the   immediate   future   at   all,
events. "::
The. outlook for Canada is might
if our people turn with a will and devote their energies to greater production. Wc-havc 6,000,000 more acres
of-land ready for cultivation than before the war, our men arc home again
wc havc learned new and heller methods, our country aiid its national services   escaped   the   destruction   which
New    ,
*eview. of the
Bond Market in
Canada for 1919"
.'���--'"-   Contents
Canadian   Financial
Conditions      in    retro-
> spect.    Trend of prices
:   of   Investment    Secur-
ties. . Compaia tivc
"Statistics Bond Sales m
h  - the  United States and
:Canada      1919 Victory
'������.Loan-.'figures.    A reference     booklet    issued
'annually   for   investors    -
in Canadian Securities.
Copy mailed free
- on     request
LONDON.   F.ttfi.
Formal Welcome
Home to Prince
Track and Fruit
Growing in Alberta
Alberta Not Producing Sufficient
Vegetables to Meet Her
"In spite of the fael that nearly all
staple vegetables and small fruits can
fell on other lauds. All that i.s neces-'be grown successfully here, Alberta
saryjs for our Governments and in-.as a province is not producing sufn-
dividual citizens to unite ancl co-opcr-j cicnt vegetables to meet her dc-
atc in a great national effort of great-j mauds, but is steadily importing from
cr production.
j outside    points,"  declared    Professor
Greater     production   in   all   useful  Harcourt,   Professor   of   Horticulture
lines, and especially in food production would, therefore, seem to bc thc
onc great task, the oustanding duty,
the splendid opportunity, bcfoic Canada in this ncw ycar of 1920. It is
an opportunity such.as comes to few
nations, and onc which will not present itself again in all thc fulness thai
is before us now. y
Greater production is not only patriotic; but, let it be repeated, il Is a
business   enterprise   for  Canada,   Ihis
at the University of Alberta, in a recent address to lhc returned soldicrs.
���Tn thc course of his lecture Professor
Harcourt pointed out thai.there is no
reason why strawberries, raspberries
and" currants should not; be" grown
on the acreage basis. The line of
agriculture should be particularly remunerative to partially disabled men,
because the work involved is light
'and remunerative.. In addition to the
training  for production, co-operation
Expressed   His .; Appreciation  of the
Cordfality With Which He
Was Entertained
Sir Edward E. Cooper, Lord Mayor
of London, on behalf of the city, formally welcomed tire Prince of Wales
home, after the Prince's visit to Canada and the'United States. The ceremonies took place in the Guildhall,
in the presence of a representative
gathering, including Premier Lloyd
George, former Premier Herbert H.
Asquith, Sir George H. Perley, High
Commissioner for Canada; Lord Morris, United'States Ambassador Davis,
and Consul-General Skinner.
Thc Prince, replying to the Lord
Mayor's address, said the warmth of
the welcome he first experienced in
Newfoundland followed hiin through
his travels in North America. He
said he greatly enjoyed his first visit
to Canada and the United States,
where he was accorded the hospitality for which thosc countries arc
famous, and expressed his appreciation of the cordiality with whicli he
was entertained.
Referring to thc United Suites, the
Prince said hc was struck by the fact
that thc lifc and politics of "lhat
great country closely resembled our
own." Hc declared the war had put
an end to thc feeling which prevailed
in somc quarters lhat Great Britain
was, losing vitality as a nation.
"Our duly now," the Prince continued, "is~to work together, adjusting
the social, economic and industrial
problems which cannot bc solved by
hatred, but by common sense and
goodwill. It is up to us to show the
way to-the other nations of the world
how to overcome difficulties. I feel
sure we will show thcm thc way."
Valuable Horse
Crosses Atlantic
Swcetbriar Is Valued at Two Hundred
Thousand Dollars
Swcetbriar, a brood mare valued at
-200,000, has arrived in America after
a three weeks' voyage from France,
and the railroad administration made
an exception to its ban on special
trains to allow the precious animal
private accommodation to the home
of the owner, Willis Sharpe Kilmer,
at Binghamton, N.Y.
Five men attended the animal on
the trip, including a veterinary surgeon to' prescribe a diet. The stall on
the boat was padded with mattresses
and bulwarked with bales of hay to
prevent injury. With thc mare was a
seyen-monlhs'-old foal, Sun Ray.
ycar  especially.    We mortgaged- our  in  selling and  in   the  providing     of
country for thc Great War; the mortgage has to be paid; wc havc the
wherewithal to pay it if wc will work
and produce; -there is a market and
the world's best price for all we can
produce���surely this' should appeal to
the patriotism and the keen business
instinct of thc people of Canada.
storage   facilities
are   lhe   great   ne-
The Koh-I-Nor Diamond
History of This Famous Jewel Can
Be Traced Back for Six
..   ......   .Centuries
Onc of the most precious jewels in
tlic world is the*Koh-i-Nor diamond.
This stone has also been called the
Mountain of" Light and bears a most
remarkable history, lt is possible to
trace tliat history for six centuries,
when onc of the most powerful of the
Mogul emperors of India used the
Koh-i-Nor as an eye of the pc?cock
adorning his throne. . Thc diamond
has passed from onc ruler to another
until it became a belief that whoever
possessed the stone was sure to rule
over thc Junjaub, thc large province
in the northwest corner of our Indian
empire. Bul when in 1849 the Pun-
jaub was captured by British forces,
thc Koh-i-Nor was handed over to
Queen Victoria and placed in, the
Tower of London. The stone has
since been rccut, an operation v. hich
reduced its, weight and value, yet it
is worth a huge sum of money, as
upwards of $750,000 have been offered
iir-purchase pricc-aud refused.���Ath-
elney  Evans. "      ��
\ou^ simply say to the di ug s.orc
man, "Give me a quarter of an ounce
of fteezone." This will cost very little
but is sufficient to remove every hard
or soft corn from one's feet.
A few drops of this new ether compound applied directly upon a tender,
aching corn should relieve the soreness instantly, 'and soon ' the" entire
corn, root and all,, dries up and .can
be lifted out with thc fingers.
This new way to rid one's feet of
corns was introduced bv a Cincinnati
man, who says that, while ficezone is
sticky, if d'ies.in a moment, and simply shrivels up thc com without in-
fiaming-or even, irritating the surrounding tissue pr skin.
Don't let lather die of infection or
lockjaw from whittling at his corns,
but clip this out and make hini try it.
Shipment of
Cattle to-Hawaii
Scotland's First Pipe Organ
Is Now the Property of the Glasgow
Thc current appreciations of James
Watt, inventor of the steam engine,
have not, so far as wc have seen,
called forth any protest from the
Wee Frees.
Vet Watt was responsible for the
first pipe organ built in Scotland, and
round it raged one of thc fiercest
controversies in the history of the
movement against instrumental music in  thc Scottish Church.
The story of the organ itself was
told -fully when thc instrument was
given a ycar ago to the Glasgow Corporation. It was built by Watt in his
house in High street in 1762, and in
1807 found its way into .St. Andrew's
church, Glasgow. On hearing that
tlie organ was to be played during divine service, the Lord Provost of the
day wrote to Dr.' Ritchie, minister of
thc church, and an enthusiastic fiddler, "begging to know of him if such
was really the case," and adding that,
if so, he would consider it his* duty
to enter a solemn protest against him
and the congregation for all damages
which might bc thc consequence. Dr.
Ritchie was also held personally responsible for "any breach of the'peace
which might possibly bc occasioned
by lhe innovation-he had. attempted
to introduce."
After being used  for  one  Sunday,
Like a Tidal Wave
Heart Disease and Nerve
Troubles Sweep the Country
Probably at no period in the
world's history havc heart and nerve
troubles been so prevalent as thcy
are today.
The heart can't stand the stress
and strain of this busy, bustling age,
and the care and worry, the anxiety
and activity of business life constitute
a serious drain on the nervous system.
The business of this work-a-day
world goes with such a rush that thc
stoutest hearts and strongest nerves
break down under the strain.
On thc first approach of any breakdown of lhc system Milburn's Heart
and Nerve Pills should bc taken. Thc
reconstructive power of these pills on
the heart and nerve system is simply
marvellous.   .
Mr. W. A. Wright, Hopewell Ave.,
Ottawa, Ont., writes: "After suffering
for sonic time with my heart, T consulted a number of doctors, but got
no relief. However, I read what Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills had
done for others, who had the same
symptoms and thought I would give
them a trial. Believe me, six boxes
cured mc completely. I am feeling
fine now, and can attend lo my work
every day. I can recommend your
pills to anyone suffering as I did."
Price SOc a box at all dealers, or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The- T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
A Mortgage on the Farm?   |
An Excelsior Policy will provide for its payment 3
whether you live or die.   .Write us' to-dayfor jf
pamphlets. i
-= British Prestigc-in-the Air	
Thc first air pilot to make a nonstop flight across the Atlantic was an
Englishman;     thc  first  airplane     to
Consisted    of    Eighteen    Pure-bred
Holsteins and Two "Pure-bred
Jerseys .  .     .
The first shipment of caltic from
Canada to the Hawaiian Islands left
Vancouver recently for San Francisco, where it will board the S. Lurline
for Kahalui; Island of Maui. . The
shipment consisted of eighteen _ purebred Holsteins and two pure-bred
Jerseys, and is composed of selected
animals of the finest breeding and
showyard    type    from    thc    leading
reach Australia from London was pi-11,���  , "    c ,, . ,���..,_
Ioted by an Australian; the first dir-i" ��f thc pr0���ncc ��f Bnt,sh Co
igible airship to cross and rccross the
Atlantic was navigated by a British
crew.    Two daring Canadian aviators
Nine of thc, Holsteins came    from
Mr. J. M. Steve's herd al Steveston,
.,     ,   ,,   ,     .      .    ���  ,     'two   from   Colony   Farin,. two   from
wcrc among thc half dozen air fight-, ar     T    ���  ,   c ,,   r X
,.,-��� ���.i,���,��� ..������-��� ���*���...) r_.��� ! :.. Mr- Joseph Sayward's farm on Vancouver Island, and one each from thc
following men: John Multord, Milucr; William Mcdd,-, Milncr; 'Kettle
Valley Railroad,- Pcnlicton;'A. W.
Cooke, Kelowna, and Dr. S. R Tolmic,  Victoria.   '      .   .    ''
ers whose names stand foremost in
the rccoids of the war. Altogether,
the British Empire is doing not too
bad, says the Ottawa Journal.
No less than 70,000 Church and
other bells wcrc seized in Germany
by thc military authorities during thc
war and melted down" to make can
non shells and other material. As a
result of these sacrifices thc belfries
and steeples of German churches are
now silent on Sundays.  ,
fhe organ' was closed by command of
the  Presbytery;  and  then  the floods
of controversy were let loose.      Tho
"friends   of  music"  were   forcible,   if'       Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
not very polite, in a scries of pamph- j Druggists refund money if PAZO OINT-
Briquette Plant
Making Progress
Premier  Martin  and_,Hdn.   C.  Dunning Explain. Process in Saskatchewan House
Thc method that will be adopted to
carbbnibe lignite for the manufacture
of  briquettes  at   the   plant  which   is
being   erected  by  the  Saskatchewan
lignite   utilization  board  at   Bienfait,
Sask., is to pour, lignite dust over a
scries of heated baffle plates projecting from  thc  sides  of a chimney, it
was announced by Hon. Chas. Dun-
ning in the Saskatchewan assembly.
In view of thc uneasiness of thc
southeast of the province over the
apparent progress that is being made
by thc board in the conduct of its
work, Premier Martin gave the assembly a very complete report of the
board's work. This was supplemented by Mr. Dunning with lhe relation
of an interesting description of the
experiments conducted by the board;
He clearly indicated tlie difficulties
wilh which thej' have had to contend
in solving thc numerous problems
which confront thcm.
The premier read extracts from a
number of monthly reports made by
thc board, thc last report dated Dec.
1 slating that tenders had been
called for crushers, driers and bri-
queuing equipment in connection
with the Bienfait plant, together with
the announcement that it was expected at lhal time to award contracts
for the driers within a few days.
Great Demand
For Alberta Fish
A Saskatchewan Invention
Threshing Machine For Removing
Seed From Flax' Straw
A ncw machine which will in all
probability revolutionize thc flax-
growing and linen industry in Canada has just been completed by a
Saskatoon Iron Works. This machine was designed by F. W. Van Allen
and is to be shipped to the Dominion
Experimental Farm at Ottawa, Ontario. It is a threshing machine for
removing seed froni flax straw which
is to be used in fibre mills. For this
purpose it is essential that thc straw'
be kept straight, even and unbroken.
In the operation of the ncw machine
the bundles of flax arc opened and
fed into thc dcsccdcr, which threshes
the heads thoroughly without injury
to thc straw, and delivers the seed
well cleaned, and sends the chaff to
a bagger, this having'value as a stock
feed. Thc straw is kept parallel during the whole operation -and delivered, aftcr being threshed, into small
bundles or sheaves ready for the processes of "retting" and "scutching."
Companies Have Contracts for- Half
a Million Pounds of .-,;/.
'". Whitefish X-Z.:''Xyk x'Xy
Planning to, supply; over one "million pounds, of whitefish during each
season, the two new fishing companies at Buffalo Lake, Alberta, the Alberta Fish Company of Edmonton
and the Big River Fish Company of
Saskatchewan, bave already been actively engaged in fishing operations
since the season opened on December
1st. The first consignment of white-
fish to arrive from the scene of operations at Buffalo Lake has already
arrived in Edmonton, this being a
shipment sent out by the Alberta Fish
Company. This company began moving out the shipment on December 3,
or three days after thc season opened. Already these two companies
havc contracts for half a million
pounds of whitefish in Alberta and
Accoiding to an official of onc of
thc ncw companies, there is a shoit-
agc of whitefish in the smaller lakes
this season, and the demand for the
product is likely to be heavy. The
first carload arriving is of the finest
quality and commercially establishes
thc great value of Buffalo Lake as a
future source of whitefish supply.
On the first railways a caudle stuck
in a station-window meant "stop";
its absence was a signal to go on.
If all women who look back were
turned into salt pillars, the streets
would bc lined with statues.
Get rid of every bit of that ugly
dandruff and stop
- falling haii-
lcts. , Both  sides,  of- course,  quoted
Scripture freely; and in a Presbytery
MENT fails to cure Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles.   Stops Irritation;
minute   the  writer  of  the  pro-organ,'Soothes and Heals.   You can get restful
pamphlets vvas convicted of "culpable  sleep after the first application.    Price
inaccuracy and a scandalous violation,
of the truth." History, so far as we
know, does not record what Watt
thought of it all.
The old organ is now the property
of Glasgow Corpoiation aud stands
in" the Central'Hal! of the Kclvcn-
Grove Galleries.
Jaoan pays its members of parliament $1,000 for each session, with
travelling expenses.
Ih The* Cup
-4he healthful table beverage
now used so much by; former
tea and coffee drinkers.
j Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Winnipeg's Building ^Program
More than $20,000,000 of building
operations will bc started in- Winnipeg, Manitoba, next year, according
to a recent announcement. Indications point to the belief that Winnipeg will extend more in 1920 than in
any other ycar in thc history.
The city alone plans to construct
improvements that will cost $3,000,-
There's a. R&ason
The  Guard's Wish
Tlic railway official tells a story of
thc tourist in Ireland who left thc
train at every station and went ahead
to thc luggage van to ask if his trunk
\vas safe. Aftcr the sixth timc thc
exasperated guard replied: "Bcgorra,
I wish the Lord had made ye an elephant instead of an ass, an' then
you'd always have your trunk in front
of you."
In the early Days of Greece and
Rome all thc doors of dwc'Iings opened outward. A person passing out
of the house knocked on the door
before opening it
Of people who  arc lame, 85  per
cent, are affected on thc left side.
W.     N,     U.     129$
A Mighty Domain
Canada the-Last Great. Anglo-Saxon
Nation the World Can
Ever See
Western Canada is jhc last great
Anglo-Saxon- nation the world can
ever see. The dimensions of its domain represent figures of enormity
when it is realized that Canada West
is as largc ns Britain, with several
European countries in addition. A
population in excess of fifty millions
can bc suppoitcd in Western Canada.
At ihc present time the census statistics do/nut repiescnt onc twelth of
this number. Countless acres - of
first-class soil await developmentjn-
to crop producing areas. Thc entire
question is summed up in-a few words
bespeaking what mighty power for
good under thc-British Flag this wondrous .country will some day attain,
if proper means arc adopted to populate its immensity.���Athelney. Evans.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Garget  in
Eastern Canadian Birds
To stop falling hair at once and
rid the scalp of every particle of dandruff get a small bottle of "Danderine" at any drug or toilet counter
for a few cents, pour a little in your
hand and rub well into the scafp. After several applications all dandruff
usually goes and hair stops coming
out. Every hair in your head soon
shows new life, vigor, brightness,
thickness and more  color.
Farm Implement Company to" Erect
The   plans   for   the   erection   of   a
varehouse for another, largc" Canad
Publication by the Geological Survey
Department of a  Volume    -
on Birds
Bird lovers will welcome thc publication by thc Geological Survey department at Ottawa of a volume on1
"Birds of Eastern Canada." It covers
all the birds that the ordinary observer is likely to meet with between the
Atlantic and the prairies. These differ very largely from birds of the
east and thc open country on tbe
prairies. The volume is beautified
���with pictures of a large number of
species in  their natural colors.
The author, P. A. Faverner, says
that the object of the publication is
to stimulate interest, both aesthetic
and practical, in the study of Canadian birds, and to suggest the sentimental, scientific and economic value
of such study; to assist in the identification of native species; and to furnish the economist with a ready
means of determining bird friend
from bird foe.
He tells how to attract birds by
guaranteeing for them protection
against injury and by supplying food
in the winter time. The'migrating of
birds in the spring and fall he attribute's partly to the waxing and waning of -the food supply, but he says
there are probably other causes not
yet understood.
Large-Shipment of Cattle
Onc of the largest shipments
cattle from the Cariboo district
British Columbia was madc recently
to the'Swift-Canadian plant at New
Westminster. There were about 390
head in the lot, and the settler, J. E.
Regulations For Mange
Competent Inspectors to Be Sent to
.Mange Areas to Survey the
.Following the agitation by Alberta | cm part of Saskatchewan.   Thc build
ranchers   for  better  control  of     the  ing, when completed, will have a fron-
Her Faded, Shabby
Apparel Dyed New
"Diamond Dyes" Freshen Up Old,
- Discarded Garments
Don't worry about perfect results.
Use "Diamond Dyes." guaranteed to
give a new,' Vtch, fadeless color to
any fabric, whether it be wool, silk,
linen, cotton' or 'mixed goods,���
dresses, blouse;, stockings, skirts,
children's coats, feathers, draperies,
The Direction Book with each
package'-tclls how-to diamond dye
over any color.        -
To match any material, have dealer
showyou "Diamond Dye" Color Card.
mange trouble the Dominion Minister of Agriculture announces lhat a
crew of competent inspectors' will be
sent  to   the  mange  area     to  survey
.an farm machinery concern in Rc- Trcthewas, of Havcrvillc, received a
gina, Sa3k.,-has-been-amiounced.-Tliisr$36>0oo Tlieque. MF."Tre{hems"!lili"
firm is the Regina Fairbanks Morse has on his ranch about 2 000 head
Limited, who havc practically coim-. The cattle were driven to 59-Mile
pletcd the purchase of a site for ihe;P0;nt, 0n the Pacific Great Eastern
erection of a substantial warehouse | Railway, where Ihey were loaded into
to be used for the distribution of lis cars, which made up a trainload
their products throughout the south- During   the  long     drive   only   three
cows were lost, all of which decided
to- take to the woods.
tage of 250 feet, and it is proposed to
handle through this warehouse the
heavier lines, and more particularly
tractors,    separators,    electric    light
the  ranches,  as  this is  the  timc    of, plants, farm engines, well casings and
ycar when thc presence of mange can ' pumps aiui aulo accessories. -
be most  readily    delected,  to deter-  -
mine which' is  mange  and  which   is i ��� "Hello, Wombat,
mange-free territory.    It is  expected, treating your"
How's thc world
the inspection will be completed and
all,reports in inside four.weeks, and
then every portion of thc territory
whicli has been found, free will bc
handled as uumge-frec areas.
- The plan is to concentrate upon'the
areas where mange is found. These
areas will be divided into districts,
and .dipping vats will be erected
wherever necessary. The government
-will contribute $400 toward each dipping vat, and-dipping will be madc
compulsory. , The" whole matter of
stamping out mange will be thoroughly organized .'and prosecuted
with the'utmost vigor, and the measure of success will depend on the
co-operation received from the livestock men who are-intcrested. .
- The minister fully realizes the
heavy handicap the present regulations have been to a number of livestock men whose lands have been included in the affected districts, but"
he cannot hope - to get' entirely free
of these regulations unless mange is
absolutely cleaned up. There must be
not only a degree of caution in order
to protect the men in mange-free districts, but also in order to safeguard
the markets which are open to us.
In the Hawaiian Islands, where
some of the natives do not enjoy the
advantages of buckets, clumsy long
bamboo logs are used to carry water.
"My  friends   arc very  stingy  with
what thcy havc put away."���Judge.
Always  Was  Slow
Edith: Jack's been   calling   on   mc
for six months.    Don't you think it's
timc he proposed?  ,
Maud: Oh, no! it was nearly a year
before hc proposed to me.
' The (36 books of the Bible were
written by 40 men during a period of
1,600 years.
Not Aspirin air All without the "Bayer Cross"-
For Colin, Pain, Headache, Neuralgia. Toothache. Earache, and for
Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica, Neuritis, take Aspirin marked with the
name "Bayer" or you are not tsking
Aspirin at all.
Accept only "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin"   in   an  unbroken   "Bayer"
packaga wMch contains complete directions. Then you are getting real
Aapiiri____-"-i3?" genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for over nineteen years. Now made ia.Canada,
Handy tin boxes containing 12 tablets cost bet. a f��ir rents. Druggist*
also sell taxger "Bayer"' package*
Th^sro is oaly one Aspirin���"Baysr^���Toa sm*t My "Baywp"
Aspirin f�� th�� trad* marie (rerMrrcd ja C&a&da.) ot Eayep Manufacture of Hea����
actUcacidevter of Salleyllcecid. Wbll* U Is well knows that Aspirin mean* B��ya*
unaaufacwnre, to tMtst tbe pablie against baiiatiasc tb* TafclsU ot S��k OtJwsAJM
will b* it��a����*^rstb Uwfcr f*a����l ��eft�� saifc, &�� "genr- CtauT
Is $2 a year strictly in advance, or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50. a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Estray Notices :... 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears iv notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.) 1.
All "other legal'advertising, 12'Cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals I2j��c. a line each insertion.
���������--������ <m
The blue cross' means that
your subscription ' is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
The man slow to show figbt pubs
up a much harder fight when
roused thau the one who is always
looking for trouble.
There are 2,000,000 people in
America, waiting to go over the
sea, and look at the historic spots
in France. They better wait until
they are sure of a place to sleep.
How is your B. R.���bank roll?
The holidays have passed.
So far in "Winnipeg fche police
have not caoght tha sleeping sickness.
, Publicity of any kind puts a
magnifying glass on a man's opinions.
Just now' the country is well
supplied with paving material for
the highway to Hades.
Where has the old
who always asked us
Collins in the moruing.
fellow gone
to take -a
This is leap year. . Any ladies
wishing to propose to the editor
will please do it by mail.
The kidneys have no nerves and
give no pain. Tbat is why so
many people die from kidney disease without really knowing by
pain that they had any such
No, Paddy, Sherman did not
write, "Marching ;Through Georgia." He however was the author
of a short poem that; tho world
knows quite well. It contains
three words.
There is a bitter antagonism in
Canada against the war movies
from. the United States. These
films depict the Yank with the big
mitt in the recent war, and tend to
belittle the rest of the allies. These
kind of spread eagle pictures are
allrightin the United States probably, but they should never come
across the border. Tho Yank is a
good fellow, but many Canadians
do not know that his bluff is worse
than his bite. The Yank cannot
fail to blow his own horn. He is
the   greatest    advertiser    in    the
Applications for permits to graze livestock
ou the crown ran^e within each grazing ais-
trtct of the Province of Britisii Columbia must
Ixvfiled with the district foresters at Cranbrook,
Fort Georg-e, KamloopsyNelson, Prince Rupert,
Vancouver and Vernon or with the Commissioner of Grazing, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C., on or before February 29th, 1920.
Blank forms upon which to submit applications may be obtained from the District Foresters at the above named places or from  the Department of Lands at Victoria, B.C.
Deputy Minister.of Lands.
Department of Lands, Victoria, B. C,
December 5th, 1919.
In London recently a pigeon's
nest was found in the heart of the
cifey, made .entirely from  hairpins.
It sometimes pays to get married. A bride in Pasadena received a nuptial gift of $10,000,000
this week. .
Oft in.the stilly night, the
moonshine trickles down the hills,
filling all the land with . the spirit
of other.days.
In California this winter, touriBts
are inclined to fall dead when they
have to  face the high prices for
board and rooms.. In Los Angeles,
with its 700,000 people,  hundreds
of  families   are   leaving the   cifey
because they  can  get no place to
stay.    Scores of men are sleeping
in  chairs in   hofeel  lobbies   every
night.    In   order   feo   relieve   the
situation   there   is. some   talk  of
using army tents.    In  the meantime rooms  that   once cost $4 a
week are now i$10 ai/d  812.' .The
rent profiteers  in. Los Angeles are
eating turkey every day, but hurting the futnre of fehe city.
Is California when some people
get married they ask fehe preacher
. for a transfer,.same as they do on
a street car line..
Silence is something we like in
others,  although   sometimes it is
necessary to make a loud  noise
. order to get silence.  ..
���Their-is a:conspiracy..onfoot.to
boost the price of silk stockingssto
815 a pair.    Little wonder tbattbe
girls are beginning
"legs/"       ::
to paint their
There wpiild be-''fewer divorce
"   eases, .if aU such cases were tried
in   private. > Publicity   increases
:  business-.for   the .public   divorce
,:; courts.1'.-   ������".' 'y . ��� - ���-'/'��� V- ."';'-"'.-':.'-.' ' -
yi'L About 90 per cent, of the people in the .United States,; oyer 60
''������ years of age, are dependent upon
X others for. their living: '��� Might ��s
vwell be.chloroformed... ."   ->
Don't Stop
When someone stops advertising,
Someone .stops buying." ���:
When someone stops buying,'',
Someone stops selling.. " .     . "   -'
When someone stops selling,.
Someone stops.making,
When someone stops making,
Someone stops earning.
Everybody stops buying.   ;--.
Keep going. . "_' _'-."���.
. It is" alcoholicalljr. .wet
and that is one reason ,;
many people are going to
this winter.    It has been
.Florida for many years;.
in Cuba,
.why  so
dry in
- - -    ------ v(DlVERSIOK-AND USE.)-'--"- - -'-. ~-. ���;
. TAKE NOTICE tliat John Portmann and
Josephine Portmann whose address is .Greenwood,...B. C., will apply for-11 licence to take
and use 2 miner's inches of water out ol a small
un-named- stream running, through Lot 312 S
which flows southeasterly and disappears into
the ground South of the ��auth line ofsaid Lot
312 S.,-.   .'.-..   v.",-..* ���'....     ������':���'  X -     -     - '
The water wiil be diverted-from the"stream
at ft point about 100 feet South and 400 feet East
of the North-West "corner ofsaid Lot 312 S, and
will be used for irrigation purposes uyon the
laud described as Lot .312 S iu the Similka-
meenDivision of Yale District. ;.-
. This notice was posted on thc ground on
the.Sist day of December, 1019.. - "".'"���'���
A copyof'this notice-ami ah application pur"
s'uaut thereto andto the "Water Act, 1914"- will
be filed lu. the office of-the Water "Recorder at
Grand Forks', B.C.. "      -:. ''������   -
"'Objections to""lh"e application;may be' filed
with the-said Water. Recorder or with the
Comptroller- of ' Water ' Uiirh'is, Parliament
Bulldinu, -Victoria, B. C", '.within'' tuirtv.days
after the first appearance of! this notice in a
local newspaper.  . ~if->        y'li-X X.
'��� The date of the.firsi-pubUcation of this notice
is December31st,1919.-.     .,-.,, ','���'.
,' .' .  '--,'JOIIN.PORT.MANN, -    ~':
--..���-   ���'-'   ;���"".'���   -'   ,���',",-"  V'     Applicants,
-.'--���' Air eastern editor raises hogs on
the side, says.an. exchange.. He
should turn, them over, once in'.'a
wbile,.bufe perhaps he only wants
to! produce sides of bacon.       -
If we are to solve onr high coat
of livibg problems we must forget
agitation: and. legislation, .and go
ron a. producing, crnsade. .;Everyone of. as "should _ produce all we
can every working day.. If: we
could double production, the cost
bf everything wonld drop to abont
half the present levels,1, and erery
dollar would bay twice as mncb.
Goneaiae'leea and produce mc ret ,,.
." Notice is hereby.(riven that an application
will be made-to the Legislative'-Assembly of
the Province "of Uritish Columbia.'at. the next
session 00 behalf.of.the'Association of Professional, Engineers of British' Columbia, for a
Private Bill to incorporate the said ��� Association, the said" Bill to be known-.is THE BRIT,
ISH COLUMBIA ENGINEERING PROFESSION ACT--for'the purpose'.of governing-
and regulating; the1 pracice of Civil, .Mining,
Metalurglcal,: Mechanical, Electrical and
Chemical Englneering-ia the Province of Brit-
ish.CoIuiiibia,and the,qualification, examination and registration 01- intending- practitioners, thedisciplineof its members, and' for the
acquiring of real.and personal property and
the, disposal of-the'sime and" for the'general
management of the Association.,
" DATED at the  City of  Vancouver, B.C.,-
thJS Sth day of December, A. D. 1919.
H. s. tobin;
. of the firm of Pattullo & Tobini
Solicitors   for the Applicants.
la the Slmllfcameea Land.District. Recording
District of Fairview: and. situate Eastof
-    ant adjoining Lot 10.2 8...
: ' TAKE NOTICE that r, Charles .Graser",'
of Boundary Falls in said District, occupatioc.
Rancher," intend'to aDply for .'permission' to"
purchase the following-described.lands:"
Commencing-at a. post planted at'ihe
Sonth-East corner of Lot 102S: thence North 20.
chains: thence East 20 chaia=: tbence South 20
chains;, and thence West 20, chains^-and con-.
taining- 40 acres-more or less. the.same io.V;.
utilized ioce-razincr purposes.'" '--, - "'���" - ���'"
' Dated at. Bonodarv 'Falls,; B.C. -^November
nth, 1919. --.-.-�� :Xy..--y-- :��� .:;. .-y.'.w .;...
X'x. *--:' '.��� CHARLES GRASER., X
Synopsis of
land Aci Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with, Joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ' <��
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ave years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
J300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
leiture. Title cannot be obtained in
(ess than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years "are required;
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. ^
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites:
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
tareas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by, one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
���9 ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. Tho
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under thl3.Act is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one"
year after the conclusion of the present
war.. This privilege.Is also made retroactive. . - . ��� ' ,
.    No fees relating to pre-emptions, are :
. due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26 1918 -
Taxes are remitted for "five years
Provision for-return of moneys accrued, dU9 ana been paid'since August
t, 1814,- on account- of payments   feet
- or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions
Interest on agreements to purchase
ViTT11.,0��� oity lc,ts held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or,Indirect, remitted from en-'
, listmeni to March 81. 1920.
'..'-.' LANDS, *
Provision    made    for    issuance    of'
Crown. grants to  sub-purchasers    of
Crown  Lands,  acquiring rights  from -:
purchasers  who' failed    to    complete
purchase, involving, forfeiture, oh ful- .
Ailment of conditions of purchase   ln-
, terest and taxes.  ."Where sub-purc'has-'
" ero do not claim-whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be- distributed   proportionately   over
whole   aroa.      Applications   mu
made by May 1, 1820.
Act,   1919,  for
must. be.
.development of livestock Industry provides for grazing districts and range
- administration.-under   Commissioner-
. Annual grazing permits Issued  based
on numbers ranged; priority for estab-
, Iished . owners.. .- Stock-owners   may
���-. form Associations for range management.   Free, or partially free, permits
-. for settlers, campers or travellers, up
to.ten head.   , .'.
Dealer in
Orders. Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, "Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
T.   THOIVa.
Culameen Botel
One of the largest hotels tn
the city. Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
FRONT ST.,      NELSON.'o BOX 865
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block        -      -     Nelson
rAll Work Guaranteed
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
Send a Float to your friends'at
Christmas; You can get them at
The Ledge office.
Get your job printing at The
Ledge, before the paper is all
Nicely lurnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
Nilson & Nilson
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished|rooms
E. W. WTDDOWSOW'V Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8," Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
Jr.oo Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.^,Charges
forother metals, etc., ou application.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse
Leave    Greenwood
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
All   the
latest   methods
in   high-class
Corner Abbott: & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -.--��� BX.
MackinaWw .......x.   .-^~
and. Rubber Goods
A full line of Christmas goods will arrive shortly
Fresh and Cured Meats always in, Stock ^,
Ship us your hides.   Wepay cash and remit promptly.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
, Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver, {Copper,   Bluestone,. Pig   Lead   and Zinc
WX>0<)<>OOOOOOOwl<>000000<>000000����<>000^^ '/
GREENWOOD, B.C. 2    j
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts-in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Livery   And
P. Burns & Co.> Ltd.
Home of Shamrock Bacon,   Ham. and I��ard
Eggs,   Cheese   and   Fish .of   all   Varieties
^The  WINDSOR   HOTEL   is   heated -with   steam
aud electricity.     Fine sample rooms.     A comfort- '
able home for tourists   and  travellers.     Touch the |
wire   ifj'ou   wane  rooms reserved.     The buffet is
replete   with   cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Cbrfitiihe Botel
Jlclson, B*&
-=��� -^r  =====        ��� ���     _ ._ .=      +
The only up-4o-"date Hotel in the interior,    First-class   %>
in every respect,
o. -y; M EGG ITT;
Dealer in- Farm' Produce, Railroad Ties"
Cedar Poles, arid Fence.Posts,- Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale.. List your: lands
with'ine,'- Have a.buyer for good ranch
--.- -----.-' Caii yoa use the Long Distance telephone betweeni-7-p.m.--	
,:  and 8 a.m.?' If so, you can talk for three limes the day period
' for the same cost.. : Special rates obtained during the evening
1 hours, and besides.you get prompter service, because the lines,
���"���  .,are less congested. '��� ���'-���-, ";
-/-"-"���".'.'     . Remember appointments can be made for any particular
."-- time, for Long Distance calls.   We will'have your party ready-,
'-',../' J at any hour yon wish.
''X- Td^END;OF-:DECER?lBER,=l917;';:
1        '..    Has'."pr6daced.:Mnierals valued as follows: ;<Placer Gold/ $75,116,103;. Lode   ,.
Gold, $93,717,974; Silver, 843,623,761; Lead;839,366,144; Copper, 8130,597,6201 .
Other  Metals XZinc,-Iron,  etc:), 810,933,466;  Coar and Coke,   8174,313,658;   ,    . .V
BaildingStbne,  Brick.  Cement,'etc"';'.$27,902,381; makiiag Jfafl Mineral. Produc-     .' -
.tion to the end of 1917 show'an.    '.<..���.;,..: ���'..:.
'^VAggregate 'Tjdii^,^:{B5?��57i;iO^       l.^H.
Production for Year Ending beceinfcef,1917, $37,010,^92
The   Mining   Laws of this Province are. more liberal and the fees lower   -
than those of any other Province in the Dominion,  or any colony ih the British. i\
....;.      ;-..:;M^
!'.. ; Absolute  Titles are !obtained ; by developing such' propertiePt the security: X.
~""'.y,<   of ..which is guaranteed by Crown Grants..   .'   -:~X'X <"~'.'���-������ y'     XXX :;
-���', 'v- ���:      Foil information, together with raining Beports and Maps, may be obtained
���'.���K'.-'V'gratis by'addressing^iVrc^'rV; 'XyiXxX. X.x; "y:"i'-.. : '.'v.- Xx" ''iXyXXy X, '���'���:-.:-, .   '.:.'���'.���';'..-
���iyyyy \-y ^y^' hyX yyyf'ix fe^THE ��� HON.'' THE MINISTER;: OF MINES;
fr ���    "
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
y       --..���'     Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES ��1.00 per day and up; European Plan..
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
���Economy and Satisfaction
combine4 with Promptness
are the features which go to
make up the Service we give
our customers. Are you
Letterheads, Noteheads,      .3
. (Ruled or;Plain) ��� .., .  '--."'���--���'       _,. '.������':.33
(All Sizes)
Statements, Business; ^
PbstersV Dodgersj Etc., Etc. 3
Ledge      PHONE29     1
r��^l>fc<J ^.ti^^l
Job Printing Department   3;'j
mimmmmim iimmummn aumiuuiiuiii


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