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The Ledge Feb 17, 1921

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Cial Libr*
>"X-\ .A--1
s, ���........_. "lv^. rJ***
Vol.    XXVII.
No. 32
House Furnishings,  Hardware,
; ' _. Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
X ���'    .-..-'-    -     '   '      ��� ' '   '"   ' . ll    ' ,  ��    '���'"'���      Xy .
v t. m. gulley & ed;
PHONE 28��
���f -/GREENWOOD, B.C.
For Lenten Season
Fresh Salmon and Halibut
Salt  Cod  and  Herring _
Smoked Kippered Salmon
"" Sable  Fillets,   Bloaters
Finnan Haddie, &c &c
LEE & BRYAN'S     Phone 46
7��piiuuuuuiUiUiUiummuiiuuuuiuiu ;ipuuuutiiirc
Order Your Kodak Now
Full Range from $5 to $50
Everything: in Films and Supplies always
on hand .
Gobdeve's Drug & Stationery Store t
..X,i'xX Try Our Coffee
Nabob, Braids Best,. Seal, Wedding Breakfast
\ aricT Reindeer, froni 70c - 75c
"     . Bulk Coffee from 60c - 75c
The .WINDSOR ��� HOTEL, . is healed, with, steam
and electricity.'. Fine, sample rooms. . A coinfort-.
able home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved, f" The . buffet-is
replete, with- cigars, cigarettes, cooling.beverages,
buttermilk and ice-creain. '
z'x'' ' Shamrock Brands v--,v.$
���... -.   -..- ��� .   - -'--'"-'-���-.,- ���?��
XX'XXyiXiHAN^iiBACONy and 'LARD, ,Vv/^v    |
v-Carhatioii Compound Buttftf and Cheese V;   |
f' -';������;��� ������"���''.Xiif. HANDLED m -Ahh LEADING QROCERS   ���:��� f    .' . .
R -Burns &  Gp^   Ltd/f   Nelson, B> G
'��� '���    - ���   *���       "; . - -, "
| ;_;V
^   Greenwood, B. G.
A Complete Assortment
Wagstaff's Jams _a.nd
*       Marmalade
'- ��
Try Our,
��� - Pride of Canada,' Pure
Maple Syrup
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
I Real Estate & Insurance
I Life,. Fire, Health, Accident,
ji _- Automobile
P    Best Companies in   the  World    ��j
1,  Enquire  as  to Rates
1       Ranches  For Sale      1
%  r' ���'      .,       I*
^ .-    ��� ��� ��� -        '"���'... --ft
I Auctioneer .  1
S��     - ^t
&   -     - Call And^See, |
��-���-..,   ,y.:..+-..c:y.. .   .........���-,..,-,..   .
Presbyterian Church
""'- .   Services
s: S. 10 a.m. Service 11 a.m.
S. S. 2.30- Service 7.3 0 p.m
���    - "   ���   WELCOME
Rev. W. n.  REDMAN, Pastor
-.- We carry the largest and most ���
.complete stock in B.C.   Cash   -
.'.discounts- on   all   IncubatorsV'
Write for-Catalogue;-- '  ""'
. 844 Cauibic,St.". '-'. Vancouver, B.C.
For Sale
fi' tr -r .--
It is always well to have ia Savings
.    Account upon which interest is regularly
paid aud from which you are free to draw
at any time should you have* a. good opportunity to buy stock; or feed.    A Sayings j,v
-..f.:-'-Account is Ready Money.. tsa
���PAID-UP CAPITAL v -i-" x* .'��� ; i $15,000,000:;
jRESERVE FUND-:>,-__\��Xxi'y-i      $15,000,000;
GREENWOOD BRANCH, V.R Brawders, Manager:.;.
1 siet istock scales arid .1 set
light Bob sleighs.' Will sell
cheap...  Apply. .V'   '  .-. ,     '������'.'
yy: KB, MADGE,.x ixi
���';-��� ;"-..:'v1-'.'.'.'���-"Rock'Creek.'B.d.-
'R, R. Earle, K. C,, of:; VaQcoa-
v'er, has taken oyer- the; law practice of the late James. Marphy at
-Ashcroft.;. '- '���',';
X The Nicola Pine Mills-afe Merritfe
will .commence operations aboufe
March"-1st. -Two hdudred men
will I>e,employed;
Jack iicConnell, well-known in
Vancouver newspaper circles, was
recently iippointed to fehe directorate of the McConnell & Pergnssdn's
'Advertising"Agency,'" London, Onl.;
.- Increase^; in newpprint/. prices
facing newspaper .publishers, -who
are now .being Vaskedf to.,pay (Si
cents per: pou nd,\ f.'-; O.i: b.." mill.
The same, paper.;, before;, the" war
cost2i'cents per pound.Vv i., . Xy;
Around Home
J. R. Jackson left oa Wednesday on   a   business   trip  to   the
coa;st.' .������ ' -'f.f
Just received- a fine, line of
childrens and ladies rings at
Isabelle Kier, school" teacher, at
Coltern, .spent the week end witb
her parents here. -
P. K. McMann.and family of
Merritt, are on a visit to relatives
in Hortonville, N.S.
.J. A. McKelvie, M.P. for this
riding seconded tbe reply to the
speech from the th rose.
Chas, JBard,oC Buckless' logr
ging camp -on the Main Kettle
River-arrived in town last week. ���
Kissing is not prohibited in
this-district. The indulgence is
entirely a matter of local option.
So. far we . have heard little
about the.flu.' As time goes on
one begins to hope the disease
has flown.
Trail is .eagerly watching the
Boundary League hockey games
they intend challenging the winners for the McBride cup.
A. S.. Black, formerly of Greenwood, who has been spending the
winter in California, expects to.
return to Princeton next week.
As The Ledge prints ou Wednesday evening the result of the
.first of the,home and- home hockey games is -unavoidable - detained."
Board' of Trade Formed
The Ledge is endeavoring  to
give all the news of the town and
district and woulcTlike to receive
reliable -jnews '.frpm   r e I i a b���l eJ
"people? *""""'  " "   '""       ' """""""*	
Realising the need of an organ-
izecTbody to supervise the wants
of this district ;the Board of Trade
was re-organized and got away to a
good start on Tuesday nighfe.
Many problems were, brought up
and disOussed and the members of
"the Board of" Trade are most enthusiastic that much benefit will be
derived therefrom. It is expected
that many from outside points will
join as the Board has been formed
Tor the good of the whole Boundary
country. The following officers
were elected for the ensuing year;
President Robt. Lee
Vice President D. McPherson
Sec. Treas. G. 8. Walters
A council of eight and seven
committees were appointed and
these committees have already
started on their various duties.
It was decided to send the presi-
deut���and vice-president- to the
Associated Boards of Trade Convention as delegates to be held afe
Penticton on the 22nd inst.
The sawmill and box factory was
discussed and progress made
towards getting ib an established
fact. The industries committee
are working on the proposition.
The Board ^received the name of
a wealthy Swiss shoe manufacturer
who is desirous of locating in B.C.
with a Swiss.colony and employing
these settlers in the shoe factory.
The Board is investigating thiB and
getting in touch with the manufacturer.
Tahlac may not. not be
article of diet quite as much
bread or potatoes, but the money
spent in advertising.it might
lead to that belief,      "...      . .
An enjoyable dance was held in
the Anaconda school, house last
Friday night.' A large number
from town were present and danc-.
ing was kept.up until early niorn-
ing..;    ���.. .- v.   "
The'JPrestfy.tery meets iti Nelson
next.week.. Rev. Hillis Wright
of Grand Forks'; will-.occupy the
pulpit in the'Presbvterian church
here ou Sunday-evening, and
while here.will go into tlie matter
of.keeping., af minister, here-perma-
.E. E. Campbell, assistant, general manager of- the Granby Co.,
has resigned and gone to Arizona
to accept the assistant superintendency of,the United "Verde Extension Mine.;'-' Mr. t Campbell
started with the'Granby company
at" Phoenix a dozen years ago.
. J. W. Grier; ;edttor and manager of the. Kootenaian, Kaslo, and
well known in;,the Boundary has
severed, -his connection. ..with'
that paper." In -his , valedictory,
remarks he says; .."We have, had
our little spats (this world would
be hell without tliem), .but they
were straight, above.board Lkind;
no .- sneaking underhand .lying
about. theirh: " The. man who.
tights .in.the open is a' gentleman;
the other kind are not. respected
anywhere, even in. prison or politics...    V; V' ;'.     '' ,  ���'���.-; .'"' -; ;-; yf'
The.British Mint contains some
wonderfully, accurate and : sensitive ., >alaiices.- Iia one of tha
rooms there are two .large'pairs
scales.kept iu glass cases, sus,^
pended oh pulleys. The pair used
for weighiugout silver will record -the weight-of a postage
stamp, but.eve^ more sensitive is
the balance one used for.gold. It
will ^how the difference in
weight between. ,.twp; absolutely
identical pieces or papery f one jof
which contains a;-sigaature.and
the other; does not. .     --X-;.yyX
;.���.;��� Albert ���Maslonka was'���;fined;S75
by.. Magistrate .Ellis in Merritt;; last
ises other than a private 'dwelling,1
New Checker Board
A Winnipeg, printer, home ifrom
the war, has thought an improvement in the old-fashioned game of
checkers, doing away wifeh the old
double corners feo the respective
right hand of the opposing.players,
and transferring a safety ground to
to the centre of the board, says the
Winnipeg Tribune. .;���"-...
- The probability. is that, some
think it; is time for a revision of
one of.the most ancient of man's
Sixteen hundred years before the
birth of Christ,. Egyptians were
playing- checkers.; Thjey did. nofe
calljtjhat; nor_.did the Englishor.
Scotch who preserved the. game in
Britain. They wilt Bpeak of ife "as
"Drafts,"- bufe it is checkers to
every Canadian who moves, the
rounded .discs from square to
square, .fehatis until, his opponent
removes them from the board.
The ; most; remarkable thing
about checkers is that the death of
nothing\else has) been .predicted
more frequently, or ; by Vas inany,
persons. Centuries ago the yonng
folks were .-saying, it was a fine
sport for :old people, bnt doubtless
it would die oufe when'grandpa, and
his gang passed away. '.Ife did.nofe,
possibly, because there always have
been "elderly people, who/ naturally
enough, 'wonld. rather, move upon
a checker .board than ,on a. more
active field; -""'"'.
Alex. M. Manson,.'Liberal member .for.. Omineca, is . the .new.
Speaker of. the Legislature, now in
session at Victoria. F. A. Pauline,
Jjiberal meniber ior.Saanicij, was
chosen as depnty.Speaker.;
City Council
The cifey council mefe on Monday
night, Feb. 14th", Mayor Galley
and Aldermen Jenkin, . Mowat,
Tayior, Kerr and King being present.
A communication was read from
the Wesfc Kootenay Power and
Light Co. and submitted for discussion. The chief poinfe urged in
th'e letter was the necessity for the
council, to take steps to minimize
the-atnount of current drawn from
the lines of the power, company.
The lighting committee was authorized to take action in fehis matter
and report a next meeting.
Letters from the Hon. Martin
Buirrill re mail service at Greenwood were read and fehe clerk instructed to communicate again
with the P.O. Inspector.
Estimates pf income and expenditure for 1921 were submitted by
the' city clerk and ''discussed at
length by the various committees.
By-law No.. 1 covering these estimates was tabled for final reading
af the next council meeting.
Rate by-law No. 2 fixing the
Special rate,"School rate and General rate for the current year was
passed subject to final reading on
Feb. 28thT "
Aldarman Kerr gave notice of
Temporary Loan By-law to be
introduced at next meeting.
Council then adjourned.
Mining News.
British Columbia's mineral resources and exhibits from mines of
We Province will" be" largely " featured afe the |fehird international
mining., convention to be held in
Portland, Oregon, on April 5  to 9.
A. 17 mile aerial feramvsray is
about to '""be constructed near
Stewart, to connect the Premier
mine wifeh tidewater. With the
completion of this line, ife wiil enable the owners to deliver 100 tons
of ore at the seaboard daily. The
last shipment of. ore from this
mine to. the smelter at Tacoma
netted $400 per ton,*
Tfe'is reported that Frank Gorgan
'of Oroville, has struck some rich
ore on .his Similkameen valley
ranch,-The samples were taken
near Nighthawk, that Mr. Grogan
has owned for years. He has put
both money and labor into hiis
mine with the result he has upward of 7,000 feet of underground
work done, much of that work ex-
posinga high quality of ore. As
an example. it can be stated thafe
one place he. has driven in a tunnel 500 feefe on an eight fbofe ledge,
and at fche breast of that tunnel a
sample of the ledge will assay better than 835.to theton. V '
The.shipment of liquor,.in bond,
througli theV.porfc of Portland,
Maihei from, Europe to Canadawill
be stopped by a decision announced
at "Washington which states that
shipment of liquor from one foreign; country to another via the
United States, is illegal.
V    Trail Ore Receipts
Receipts at the Trail smelter for
the firsfe seven days of .February
were .7,453 tons. -The shipments
are,'as follows:,; . : " ? ,
Bluebell; Riondel - " . -; -','-';:: .71
Bik:Prince, Slocan Cifey . - 57
Company MinesfV.: .. - f     7,325
Plan to Finance
Sale of Copper
'  ' -\
New York.���Plans''for' financing
the sale for   export   purposes   of
400,000,000    of   the   600,000,000
pounds of surplus copper in the
American market we're made public here  on  Wednesday  with  the
announcement   that   the   prodnct
was pledged as security for $40,-'
000,000 eight per cenfe notes of the'
copper  export   association    to   be
offered for public sale' by  a banking syndicate headed  by  the Na-   '
tional City Company and the Guar- "
antee Trust   Company    of    New
York. c
; This is said to be the 'first large
public loan made in this country,-
tp be secured specifically by a certain amount^of an essential commodity as well as fehe firsfe big
movement by American companies
to take advantage of 'the opportunities offered under the Webb
Export Trade Acfe to invite public
participation in the financing of
foreign trade. __
The heavy accumulation  of surplus copper  was the result of the"
sudden ending of the  war and the
inability of European consumers to
take    their   usual    requirements.
The. 400,000,000   pounds is  only
about three-fourths of the ' export
trade done  by  this country   lasfe
year and, in  the opinion <qf'pro-,,,
ducers, if marketed over a reason-  f
able period,  it will_ easily be ab- :
sorbed.    The present  rate of pro- ,
duction is said to be below the de-.
liveries of copper in 1919 and 1920,
:fS^JJRg.ft .farfeberhea-yy^accumula-
tion  improbable.    The notes "to%e'i
issued for the loan are being offer-
ed at prices to yield from 8 to.8:30 ""
per cent,
"In the rempval of this 400,000,-   ���
000 pounds of surplus copper from    .
the American market,"   said John;
D. Ryan,  president of the Copper-
Export Association,  ."a very important   step^ is   being   taken to-. /
wards stabilizing the copper mar-  X
kefe, both here and   abroad.    The !
current price of 13 cents a pound, -i
compares with an  average, market   ''
price   for   refined   copper   of 16f-:'
cents.over the lasfe twenty ,-years, -
and-with arlowrecord price "during'fV
that period of.11 cents.".
An Antiquated Egg
Tony. Grisnick,; a  Kansas City   :
grocer, was arrested by Lee. Nelson,
food inspector,, after.vW housewife
had complained Grisnick had sold
some antiquated eggs.    The.grocer . "
pleaded hot guilty in." police court:
"Is any one here a judge of good
and bad eggs?'.'  No one responded.
Nelson, who was prosecuting Gris-    .
nick, toyied with an egg above the
judge's desk.    "I guess we   had
better give Tony the benefit. of the.
doubt,  and���",  began  the-judge.
He/.was -interrupted   by-  a   loud
"pop.";  Nelson,had dropped, the
egg. -"You're fined $25," shouted  '
the judge. -. . -      \f
f fLasfe year Vernon hospital handled on. an average 44 patients per
.dayj". > Tb.eir >stay ia , the . hospitel
averaged-20 days,'';"'!",;.;,'���/ [..yZXyi
B.C. Governineflt:Irrtgafi
SOUTHERN OKANAGAN VALLEY, adjacent' to new Townsite of
QHvef,BC, 25 milesf Sooth of Penticton. wfil be offered at
AUCTION at Penticton. B.C , MARCH 4tfi and Sttai. 19-2K
Irrigation   system- jmstalled. by.  the' Province . ot- British,. Columbia':,
;-,   First Payment,f20 per.cent cash, balanceiii four payments', comnieiicTV
VV. ��� cing-Svej-ears from date of sale, interest at 6 percent.   __ ., '
.';, fFor RETURNED B.C SOLDIERS,   similar terms but with only io.
���V     per cent, cash initial payment arid a rebate of iSoo.oo after.five-
-;,;-;   years; subject to cultivation duties.    ,   f      :     .,
- X;tots in new TOWNSITE OF OLIVER will be offered at the same time.
.���' For full details"and general information applyfto-". - - : - f '
iyiyX i-Xyix, iXXy .-'--���.'.'��� X'X   - ''   "G.'R.- N.4BEN.
V, xx f yXyryy .;.. .-. Deputy Minister of Lauss,
";V; ';-'-'/..      ���"���:���;������������'. i,." -'       yiCTORIA. B. c.
-v ���'���������
'i��i: /<
THE    LEDGE,     G"REENWNOOD,    B.    .Q.
How Sallow Skin
Can Be Changed To
Rosy Complexion
Every woman witli pale cheeks and
poor complexion needs medicine������
seeds a potent tonic to regulate her
To tone up the stomach���to insure
good digestion���to give new life and
, ."vitality   to   the whole system���where
te there a remedy like Dr. Hamilton's
Pills? ^ ,
Dr^ Hamilton's Pills enable you to
<eat what you like���they correct constipation���making nourishing blood���
Jnstil force and vim-inta a run-down
'If nervous and can't sleei> your remedy is Dr.'Hamilton's Pills ��� they
Search out the cause of your condition
and you rise in the morning refreshed,
Strong .vigorous, ready for the day's
Dr. Hamilton asl^s every weak and
debilitated person to use his mandrake
\and Butternut Pills. They make old
folks feel young, and weak folks feel
Btrong. Their effects upon insomnia
Hnd langoiir is marvellous. Hundreds
declare they soothe and quiet the
nerves so that a good night's rest always follows' thcir usc.
To look well, to feel well, to keep
well, use Dr. Hamilton's Pills. They
are mild, cleansing, strengthening���
good for tlie young or old. Sold by
all dealers in 25c boxes.
Coat,"    LaPeer   answered.     "I ain't
been able to find dat old fox."
The Frenchman looked troubled. "I
w:as comin' to tell you bout dat," he
added. "Spray-Coat ain't been near
her puppies all night. Dey was cry--
ing wit' hungry when I look in not
long a^o."
Dorkin's face grew serious. "Something must have happened to her," he
said anxiously. "Come, Danny, we'll
take Lorry and sec if we can find her.
Want  to  conic, Willow?" .
The girl shook her head. "I'll help
Pete house the rest of tho animals,"
she said. ''And���Dorkin?"
-Impressed by the odd note in her
voice, he turne'fl, and came over to
lier.      "Yes, Willow?"
"I want you to bc keerful," she admonished. "I'm afraid for you, Dorkin."
"Nonsense girlie," lie 8 lauirhed.
"Afraid of what?"
She <was silqnt.
"Tell me," he insisted gently. "What
are  you   afraid   of?"
"Abe  Dalton,   fer  one   thinr?,'-'   she
an��"- r',tl "a��-d"���she hesitated.
��� "And somebody else, Willow?"
"Yes,   that   man   Timberley.      Oil,,
hc- is  here,  Dorkin,"  as the keeper's
brows contracted.      "I saw him.      I
saw liim���yesterday." \
Warming relief ..
theumouc aches.
HE'S just used Sloan's
liniment and-the quick
comfort had brought a smile
of pleasure  to  his face.
Good  for aches resulting
from  weather 'exposure,
y. p. v sprains, strains, lame back,,
o5f    overworked muscles.   Pene-
70$    tratcs without rubbing.    All
jW(40  druggists have it.
(Made in Canada)
Threat Of the
Income Tax
Rigidity About the Law Which Makes
It An Instrument of Tyranny.
In its issue of Feb. 4, 1921, thc
Manitoba Free  Press  says:���
Wjj print herewith some observations  of the  Income Tax  Law  em-
You Can Be Relieved Of
The Pure Balsamic Essences'^of Catarrhozone Afford Surest and
Quickest Relief.
"Oral Hygiene" Lay
Education Series
The shape of a tooth is' the result i
of ages of evolution.    . It would be
impossible   for  us- to   improve  upon
the. plan of a'normal tooth;      When
d<fcay, or caries, has destroyed a part
of the contour of a tooth, that contour must bc restored if the tooth is
main a desirable
teeth   in  the
. .. vel of thp y<r��� i��� r^'if-ving ^ose, threat' mouth, and to the gums.     After thc
as such, but against the Income Tax   and bronchial'troubles,    that's    what levity   is    shaped    right,'the dentist
���        **?   ab0ut Catarrhozone. j   . h,    d . d .stcHlizcs i( ai d
i There is nothing so sure  to relieve, i   , , * _,,. ...
"The   act    in    cpiesiion is, full of  a,ld t0 tho3e in'*�����   of   chanBeabie  Places ��� thc filling material
Catarrhozone  is   certain  to  relieve
because  its  healing vapor is   carried
bodied in a correspondent's letter to   witl* tlle breath direct to the seat pf
the Montreal Gazette.   - Ip principle ?he ch~��-st nos,c ��?�����^ ttovh\c   Be-
,     T w,       ,-,,,. mS composed of the purest  Dalsams
lhc Income Tax snould commend it- and pin<< essences, it immediately al-
i as a proper and equitable method lays irritations, facilitates the ejection^        ...        .
of    raising    revenue:    the    criticism of mucus, soothes and stimulates the   "> ao its work and rem;
quoted is not against an income tax lun*s and bronchial tubos.    The mar-1 neighbor  to   the  othcr
Law and the method it provides for   thousands
so    that
. weather���those who^'easily catch cold everv  p'art  of  the  cavity  is   exactly
glaring anomalies, but n is with the -those who work among lung-chill- filicd'.     Then-he builds the filling to
penalty  clauses'   I   wish   particularly ing surroundings ��� or where dust   im- bifa { the original shape of the tooth,
to deal.    Some ot: these arc so dVai- P"ie air, fog or damp can effect them b ���    ' ���
,:c   ���nr--^,lh1, .���,, ���,���,   . ,,  XX ���1�� them get Catarrhozone "and use Every little line and every ridge and
Uc, unreadable .nd tyrannical  that h scvcVa] ^ da;iy_;t win relieve conc is duplicated.     The margins of
the filling arc so carefully and closely
Dorkin stood in perplexed thought;' look    ;r!i   ������ hc cr;cd, "she is stirring.' donbui-r and  V,dendorff ,and> ln
she reached out and touched his arm   \yhy, she is looking straight at vou    opinion, are quite unworthy of a
gently. I believe she knows you." I resentaiive of a  free people sue!
The Wisp
BY ���
He shook off his unpleasant refl"c
tions "and lifting her hand patted it
connneiulingly. "Good true little
friend," hc said. "I don't know what
I would be without you, Willow, the
She'gazed at him, unhearing.
"Timberley    said     that   he'd   even ; truded t'o give the "girl the brief' caress
thimrs with you:  you  know that?"    , which had been its daily token of love
.      'Oh, Dorkin 1" | wc
The girl had fallen on her knees beside the fox, now stretched on the
sward. She bent down with hcr face
close to the slender muzzle. With a
spasmodic effort the sick animal lifted
-it?" head, and feebly its red tongue ob
they    are   undoubtedly the invention, everv, timc. r
of  a  student  of thc  school  of  Hin-       Largc size  Catarrhozone, sufficient
mv   for two months use, guaranteed, price
*    $1.00;  smaller size, 50c;  sample sizy,
reP"   25c.   /-Sold  everywhere,
h as i _
Canad'ans    once were but, since
framing   of > this   act,   are    no
"The Bank of Montreal has issued
recently a booklet interpreting the
'Income Tax Law' and on page No. 1
thereof, alluding to the citizens send-
Will     Develop      Ability     Without
Mechanical Aid Says Scientist.
That all animals, including human
animal; will be able to fly in the ages
ever since  she had come  among its   'nS m lui> tax form,���,says:��� j to coinc, is the belief of science, Dr.
"'If he (thc citizen) puts the figure   Frank    C.    Clark,    president  of  the
California     Academy     of
Man Destined To Fly
tee']   automatically  liable   to  heavy  penal-   Science, told a meeting recently. How
Printed    by    Special    Arrange
ments   with  Thos.  Allen,
... Toronto, Ont. .���
^ - ���#
(Continued) j
*���~ "Dorkin," she cried, chokingly,
"you���you mustn't touch me like
that." Tears sprang to her eyes and
she   stamped   her  littic   foot  angrily.
"I'm not a baby, Dorkin.      I'm "
"I'm sorry, Willow; I keep forgetting." Dorkin spoke gently, and let
his caressing hand fall to one of her
brown, clenchrd ones.
"You mustn't, you mustn't," shc
repeated faintly ,and gripping his
hand in both of hers, carried it to her
face again.
He tilt her hot wet cheek against it,
felt her warm lips press it; then she
was standing away from him, the old
-grave-eyed Willow, the Wisp, of other
"Come, Dorkin, we've got to look
after our wild things," she ordered.
And 33 of old, he followed her up thc
path. --       ,....- .
Danny and LaPeer .were already
at work housing .'the-animals', in the
bi<7 wicker' kennels -wli-n Dorkin and
Willow came TO thc breeding-grounds."
Danny was struggling to'.hqld "and
discip'ine a frolicsome bear, cub' of
three months, and place it in th> .cace
from which, the. mother bear looked
out with disinterested, sl'eeby eyes,
the while shc tenderly-,.suckled . its
3css7playfiil brothc?. . -    '.--.-
-    Dorkin took the cub from "the- bov,-
and lifted it. pawing and kicking, in'o
the  air..     Ther^ "it ���hung.- suspended,
clawing and -whimpering, .and .in cub
language, promising to be good. Dorkin gave it a" playful .shake and set it
down-on thc sward.     He sfaohed-his
hands together and tlie fa: .little fellow  scampered  ipto    the . enclosure.
The first "act of tlie mother-bear .who'
'had no doubt watched the proceedings'
with     disapproval,    was    to  hit", the
7   roeui-sh cub",a swat on the.'ear which
���Sent  it -sprawling.        ..    ���'���','.,;:
��� :   "Oh, Dorkin..look at-the cute littic
Jhing!" cried Willow..    '-'See, he'sse't:
Sin*.up an'-beegin'-for forgiveness."
/���     "He's  a little .hypocrite," yVUlow,"
laughed-the keeper,;. ; "He .gives.us
.. more .trouble than all the :o"ther;cubs
- together.     "Arc  the  foxes .all-right,
.Pete?" he asked; turning to" hisfh^lper;
"""f~"7'"Ail .buV'dat; oiefs'^r-grey^ Spr"ay"r
- yj.V . .'..,.-.=L_i~'zr'.. ���."'.rr:
"Yes, I know that."
"Well���if���if anyt'iing hr,s happen-   kindred to live,
ed to Spray-Coat-she's the most val-       ��We  mllst  save her. Dorkin!"  she t00 low  he becomes immediately, and   Southern
uable  animal  here,,, you  say���if any-   oried chokingly.     "An" Dorkin,"���her '
thing has hanoened to her���?"
Dorkin nodded. Already a suspicion h,ad entered his mind. That
Wi'lo.w had felt the same suspicion
strengthened it to almost a conviction.-
"I'll lose no -time in finding out,
Willow." he told her. "and"���he smiled���"I'll   take  my. rifle."
voice chanced to the hardness ol
���"we must get them as tried
Iv away, to bring thc hungry puppies .. . , . ,   .
homo " ' crccs '"c precise sum which hc must
By supper-time all*the animals aiid   find.'
birds had been kenneled and cooped, |     "Page 2 reads:���
"we must get them as tried to mur-. ty, 'even if his in-ror is unintentional.'' man   will  develop   the  ability , to, fly !
���r her, damn 'cm!" I Thc   Government   officials   havc   no   without tlic mechanical aids Dr. Clark)]
VHfii1:. *}XluT,Xi? "PX ?X.?.l?.?i.Siii}Xx' P��wcr tcrk,t hlm ��'T-     The law dc-| dkl not say.     When asked if contin-l
t,       ., v;v      ,        ,       ...      -^.'endid specimens th-se which  Dor-!     "'If he (thc citizen) is late in s
fl he g:rl_ caught>ier brcatn qmcK-lv. ^in and his lu-luor had been careful to >k
"That's what I was goin' to ask you
to do. Dorkin. An'��� you'll bc right
watchful, won't yoiv?"
"I'll be watchful, Willow.      Now I
must go." '
He   turned   away  in   the   track   of'_, furtively in
Danny.      WiMow stood watching un-'  some day ,tii
mg in his returns; 25 per cent, is added to his tax.      If hc  (the citizen is
keep  close wiO'in    Hardwoods     Retreat.      But    down    throughout  that
five-hundred acre lower Preserve w^re   asked for further information and is
many'furred .Jenizcns which wcre still   iatc in sen(iing ;t| 0r hc fails to keep
almost as wid ns when thev had crept ,    . ,      ���. , , .,
These, too. must learn, j sudl   ^equate  records  and  accounts
the big keeper oi the.! as    the.    Finance    Minister may pre-
til  he  joined   her  brother,   then   she   Preserve was not a being to bc fear"d.' ������
turned towards the kennel, where La-   Every spring Dorkin secured certain
P*er.was busy housing the little wild   of the young of these vwilde<- animais,
uous jumping out of the way of automobiles will in'an con or two result in
the evolution of wings thc scientist
said hc would not venture an opinion.
Advice for Backache
When stooping hurts, when lifting
a"nd bending causes distress, that's the
time    to   rub   in lots of "Nervilihe."
A pair of ring-tailed raccoons were
protesting against being shut away
from the open sunlight, and w��re being cautioned to behave , by the
Frenchman, as Willow came'up.
"Dat    hard    work,"    hc    grinned.
"Sometam  swear.      Dem  litt'e .feller
dey lak me pretty well,  I  guess  so,   deccssor had been
but when  I  go put dfm in pen, dey
scratch and sometam bite."
"Pete," said Willow soberly, "you
told me once that you could shoot
holes through the leaves, as they fell
from the trees 1"
"Yes, Willow-de-Wisp, I remember." ;      ....  -.-    ,..      '���.    -. .-
"Well; -sohvethin* tolls mc'that'we-
must watch���-must watch over Dorkin," she. finished quickly. '."He's' so
.strong, so good, he thinks, all other
men are also strong and good/.D^n't
you sec-?- "Don't your"- Her voice
was high-pitched aiid quavering. -' -
-,"Ycs, dat is"" so."* -LaPeer-frowned
and- ���'���',- ''* d - ii'T"T>si!v' '. "Ybu are
right.   Willow-de-Wisp.'-'  '- -".-���
"Then-you will watch, .won't you?"
��� -The Frenchman shrugged his shoul-
.ders.'_   "All de tain I will watch,"- he
promised.   -   . -' '     '",'""     X  .
"Thanks,",Pete," she smiled gratefully; "an' now,' if you go an' house
the animals on the lowVr Ridge, I'll
tend to the rest bf these," she.offered.
and c-irrid them into the Retreat, as
he called it.
Dorkin's market for his wild thin"*
had been extended greatly. During
the past two years inahv requests for
animals had comc to him from big
zoos. Tlic prices were. good. Each
fall shipment was greatt than its pr^-
This autumn, all
scribe, he may be fined *100 a day for , UsuaHy    a    coupk,    of    applications   thc Icss wc hearabout them,
his default; and for a false statement   brings    grateful   relief.    No-liniment   the ��,a.i ones'that rai*=e-Caiu    i
approximated that tlie cavity vis her
metically sealed. The most difficult
place to' shape and finish a filling is
at the gum margin between tln^^eth."
If ia filljug should be left, rough or
shoujd become roughened from hard
use," it becomes a; source of. danger to
the health of the "mouth because''it retains food, causes irritation to the
|. tongue or cheek or -lip and many
times holds food tightly packed
against thc gum. If there is too
much sjjace between the teeth, or if
there is a projecting filling or a roughened -area, pyorrhea will usually be
started by infection that follows constant bruising of the gum.
If a filling is too high,.^ the tooth
will have more than its share of pressure and either the filling will give
, way or thc tooth will be loosened in
-its socket and the pulp will bc destroyed. -This mcans soreness at first
and eventually an abscess. The correct filling of a tooth���is~one of the
most skillful operations thatf man has
ever learned .to^ierforin.V Like many
otlfcr good things, the better they are,
It is
I   Be sure you- get
The genuine bears this sigaatore
��� V
Grain In Storage ,
JBushe'is    is
of    2,199,282
Returns received at the Dominion
Bureau of-Statistics for'the week ending Jan. 28,' show that the quantity of
grain in store at the different public
elevators throughout 'the Dominion
has decreased by 2,199,2.82 bushels of
wheat, barley and rye as compared'
with the-previous week. Decreases
are shown of 2,071,894, ,88,776, and
38,612^ bushels respectively, in thc
foregoing grain's. Oats_indicate an
increase of 1,418,978 bushels and flax
92,811 bushels.  ' _ .    '      ,
may be punished by a $10,000 tine and
six mouths in jail.'
"You will observe from    this    that
in a hypothetical case of an aged citi-
-inore soothing, more certain to kill
muscular, rheumatic, or sciatica pains.
Thousands of homes rely on good
Old Nerviline for cramps, colic, dysentery   and   external muscular pains.
tically  and  publicly  disgraced..
"All through tlie 'penalty clauses'
of the act run the insolent inference
that 'all citizens1 are likely to dishonestly evade the. taxes; and I be-
beirig wc'l, he hoped to ship, to different centres of the world, {-animals
aggregating in value over six thousand dollars. Already he had received orders amounting to as much.'
He had, a't first, been rehiefnt to
send his wild friends to the cities, al-   ,.        ,, , ,   . -���   .
though .he realized what few, not.un"-.rheve the PeoPlc�� as a whole- are not
demanding- th"  dangers- and vic.'ssi-   ��0"?g - to * stand    very long this at-
tudes ihe wild things are subject to in- tempt to Prussian"ze Canada."
their ;nativ.e haunts, realized  that they j f "the.Finaucc Minister,, in "-framing
would be. lar-better. ted and-cared ior1' -
than if left,'to .the mercy' of thc {or-'
est of .deep snows, scant food,, and
crafty fur-takers. . * But ..within the
-protected zone of his Retreat, they
seemed-so happy.and .satisfied, - he
hated tosend them aways - This, however, he was forced to do. for two reasons..; ������'...' """���',������'-
-    -'' ".  (To be.continued)
icn of unblemished reputation, should' Largc 35" cent bottles for-sale cvery
he have thc misfortune, even through I where.
accidental cause, to send in too late! > ..    -       -,-,. .,      -,-,   .,
the information asked for, he i.s prac- j Livestock   and   Meat   Prices ! *"T* ^vcr raJroad bridge, sa.
Big Bridge Opened
Spans . Susitna  River,   Alaska, and is
504 Feet Long.
-' Traffic  ha
High-Brow Fisherman..
Old salts arc to be,taught new
.tricks. The Massachusetts' Institute
4of Technology proposes ' ito ' open a
fisheries college and- apply scientific
rescarcluio Cape Cod fisheries.
Junior Partner.���Yes, that new.office boy is a good deal of a bungler,-
but let's havc patience; he may bring
home thc bacon yet.     ( ^
been  opened  over  thej     Senior   Partner.--Ke   won't .unless
(j t0 j we send him for ham,���Nashville Ten-
Matter, of Relative Prices for Livestock and Dressed Meats.
A clear light on the vexed matter
of  relative  prices   for  livestock  and
these . penalties    constitutes"   tiimse
'high executioner'    of'- the Canadian j duct>n and  trade  during thc period
.people, high, low, "rich and poor;, but -pf the war,'with ""��� sufficient
as fa lawyer- lie must know vcry well
that'   he ! dare   not attempt-to carry"
be-the second   longest   single   span' ncssean
bridge in  the  world.      The .-'span  is
504 feet long aud was erected in temperatures,  averaging   40 d<;g. below
zero. _s^i
, The Hurricane Gulch, 354 feet can-
dressed meats, is given in au  official! tilevcr ,vH1 be swung int0 p,ace
publication just issued by the Domin-'i noxt July- Nrhe govcrnment railroad
ion Bureau of Statistics, described as j ;s now compIctcd    355    miies    frgm
iles bcbe con-
Trains  are  now
Those Having Sick Atnimals
x     SHOULD USE   .        V
S , "the'first of a proposed series design- j Fairbank7,"icaving Jnly 8o"mil
'^: cd to present a general review of pro-lI {-wr>   thc  cndg  of  stce, _t0  L<
liectcd   this .year.
t-    . crossing .the Tanana^River on ice, a
data to afford a-bnsis for comparison." 1 700.ft" SI)a:vfwiH bc. required to'brid
��������� j ..
Hon. Duncan^ Marshall*
Favors Shorthorns
th';:.tn. out.to the. letter of the law and
place-on an .equality, by penalization,
the innocent witfi the gui!t>." --,..
.Tlie lead.ng point.s-in. this letter
are. well taken." There is a" rigidity
about the - Income ' Tax 'Law! an
automatic- dcscent__of .penalties iipon
In table 9, the output of 78. packing
houses and abattoirs in Canada in
1918 is shown: It" gij^es Ohe, total
quantity of fresh- beef^handled as
335,196.000 lb.s.,"-valucd at $65,149,000;
of ff'rcsh *pork'i61,694,000 lbs!, valued
at $15;528,000;"and of hams," shoulders,"
bacon and sides'' 119,148,000 lb"s.,fval-
,000.;. ,  ���-"'      ���-   -X-yy
amc period,-"-tlfe market
iC-   Domiriion    Depart-
the, Tanahaf
jriculturc   . reported   'the
,?; maintaining .-the .''.'revenues ' of ��� Xth.X averagc value, of cattle and. swine, at
i-r hone about, me j .I'll housefher, rShorthorn    Club - in Toronto, stated! cf.untr-v-' -Many-of'the penalties are..Toront0- ; Stockyards     as '  follows
-:..!,���� ���      >������������:-     .- .-..-.      ...----.- .- .    -   :..������      . i absurd, in -the manner-of
Willow assured "him.   -   "We're good''8 .   .
friends..'. Slip-along  now,  an'VdonY """V3!'- meeting; 01 the Dual Purpose
alT-rj-fht." '   ..X "X :\ that "ninety "per cent, of the milk and ^^ m ^
.f.-Wuh> shake of his'head,.LaPeer-p^- f���Ppiied "to-thc-citv'trade in i ^-icats0n'    aiul;*   as lhc-^V��tcr above   drcdweight; .Igobd   steers, over 1,000
turned, towards .the work- on the low-.   ./    -   ,'.,   ". -   ��� ��� :"'-    ,'   .      correctly   -states,'   seems   -to - spnng ;u,���    ti-529-   koioci  1iop<s   $1021
\fberta,- and. ninety, per cent.- ot  the t. ,     "   /   ;   ,. ,'���--- -    . b.,'os., .$ioxy,  select, nogs, ,$iy.^i. ..  ,
"   '" from  the, belief    that -every...person j;   TjUiS. whi!e the- price for livestock
iS" 1 was, because of war dcinand/Qnus.uai-
.     .. ���   Proof.-
Bobbie came, home one day with, a
brand" new;, golf ball."       ."��� ��� .  .
"Look at the lost ball I found on
fhe links, daddy," he said. '
'But daddy Vvas suspicious. "Are
you'-.sure it was. a lost, ball, son?" he
asked. ' - -     -���'..
"Surest, thing 3'ou know. I saw
-tlhe - man and his caddy .both looking
for  it.".���American   Legion -Weekly.
cr .Ridge:'. ;"-Willow    passed. ;a1ong,
coaxing other of the'.wild.animals into "raw", material ..for .cheese - and ��� butten ""'". "l\- w>""   .-'.����VVV '��� - -*'v-""-
their rcsp&tiye kennels,'and. nutting, are produced;by/milking shorthorn*;" l'^ed hy- l!��c.'"x;.is" naturally  di
""'"'      -.��.��� - 1.-1.. .��- ��� ���    ���  ���    - -.-.-- ���-. -���! honest,, m-. Ins-: attitude,   towards. ^,.I ly highV thc actual "returns to all nack-
and needs ;tofbe;drag"ooncd by official-1 ers ^0^4. out as follows: Fresh beef,"
Hi ^ m iKt:tts<
up'the-'bars upon them-to-hold them'
prisoners'-uu til-the .sjorm'had passed.:
. It -was,.:. late afternoon before hcr
task '"wasTmishcdV. .All the' birds7 and-
aniinals of'the upper Ridge had been,
safely and securely .housed',. r-ven to,,
tlie big:lynx,'Lulu, who now .lay close .
t.o"; vyhe.re Willow,.sat,' watching., long
taw.n"y,-_body stetch'ed out; paws work-
HoniJMr:- Marshall" .said, that ..if ���_ the
diialfpurpose . shorthorn-was- to make
headway,-more-care must be. taken in
breeding;"andf selection", particularly
in;bu!l"s.'-' y.   ;X     Xy'-. X -;������',-', "-'���-"';
Geo. E.-Day,;'secretary of the Dominion - Shorthorn   Breeders'-; Asso
- Good ior all^throat ancl chestdistases, Distemper, Gargefc>,__ Sprains, Bruises, Colic,
Maiige, Spavins,;" JUuuning Sorts, etc., ttc
Should always be in the stnblc���SOLD
"Lascarets" To-Night
>      -   For Const lpation
"JusV think 1 A pleasant," harmless
Cascaret works while yoii_ sleep and
has your liver active, head clear, stomach sweet, and bowels moving as regular as a clock by morning. No griping or inconvenience.- 10, 25 or 50
cent boxes. ' Children love this candy ���'.
cathartic too. \ V
.ing.and red tongue^rbtruding.asfshe." ciation,'. said"1- that''from"'"twenty-five
purred to tlie-nursing-kittens." %V "   A.- .- ."     .   'r, .,." ;   ' '���'.   -
- ...Dorkin:and.Danny&had been ^onc \tp .th,r^.',?"-" C?^-��rt|ie-Uir"���S
for' nearly three hours.;- .-Wi'low was he. received from -prospective -.buyers:
surefthcy-had-fotind something.amiss., in the-cast rclafed'-to milking sh'ort-
horn's," and..' that'. 111. the/west"'-it-'rah
asfhighas fifty per. cent'." ;      "V
-dom.-, .-'-;. " - ' X. ""i-X    f ���,.l 19c" p6r-.lb.;: freslVpork, "25c-pcr lb,;
." The;act, as'-'it. stands, is.an. insiilt, '��� hams,'-^shoulders,   bacon - and .'sides
directed .against-" ;th'e people of ���tl��s"-.('which' in ihe; export trade-are' all 'ln-
cburitry .by  their    servants- in
Government and in -Parliament.   '
Women! Use Diamond Dyes
Dye Old Skirts, Dresses, Waists,
v..   Coats,   Stockings,  Draperies.
.-.,-Each._package. .of /"Diamond .Dyes"
contains, easy directions for dveing
any article of .wool,silk, cotton, jinen,
lor mixed goods. '_Beware], Poor
dye ! streaks, ,. spots, fades^nd ruins
material by giving it a "dyed-look."
At last- she ;caurrht- sight'ofthem 'returning, and springing up, ran t.o'meet
.thcm.- Dorkin, was.carrying. the limp
form; of Spfay-Coat '.in hisf -'arms.
Danny ran forward, arid to his sister's
qiikk._ '"WhatVis'-it; "Danny?"" cried:
"Tt'-s SrVrav-Coat.     She's'b;'Cn:poison-
Japanese In Hawaii.
Japanese.', population,'of Ha-
etl.     Dorkin asked me..'to-get some waii in .1920'was 109,274 out of the
bear grease-melted fiuiek as I could,
No, .she'isn't dead,      Dorkin says''it
Director"of 'z-zx'.'���- >- .���:
:     Coal Operations Post
Mine    Operators['"��� and    Miners...of
Alberta and British Columbia Re-f
quest Govehiment to Continue.'.;
. \ - .'Position; ���
Owing to representations'made by
eihploy.ers and mine operators-of Dis-
^*HIS   question; has    been
answered. by; inany thous-
fcadB. of   women   who   have
found health and happiness in
vtHe wse of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Sleepl*B��m����SE, irritabllltr, nervoss*
loess,   sloomy f forebodings   of   the
, Suture,, depression and   discourage*
. mentr-^-theso are some of the syrop*
foms -?irhich"tell of exhauet^a nerved
In'order ��0 avoid iservoue prostration or some'form of paralysis U iis
*ell to aret"'th.e bulidlns vv procees
SrtaWUhed  at=. ence , hy use. of Dr.,
C3iase'fl Uir7��'\Tps'^i]:y.f..--.;,;>;...-''.'..
S�� cents e %ot. C for;$i."35,;;air'i4��3eris,-" es
-B&BM.wsi, Sties *vCa,.I.-t<3.'0.:Toroat��k'.
Was' an" overdose
He  rushed .on," and,'Willow stood,
.whiti-faced   aiid- panting, 'her  hands
cl'-nchcd, her;breath coming in gasps.-^'crease in Hawaii than- the. Japanese
"Tht- "damned cowards!" she- cried."." vv;as t3ie Filipino/ With- an increase
��� Th" damned.cowards!   ,.   '-. \        "
'.'There,    there    girlie; you mustn't
take it that way,"-said Djjjrkin.'as.'he
total^population;of. 255,91-2, and" rcp-.i trie1.1.8, Alberta and British Coliim-
rescnted ah... increase for. that race ] "bia ;it is poss.ble that' the Gpv'crnmcnt
of abouf 33 per cent, since -1910. The';Will ^continue'the post of director.of
only 'nice, which showed'a greater in-
from 2,-36.1. in. 1910 to 2.1,031. in
1920. The .Hawaiians "decreased from
26,041. to 23;723.   .      ..
came up.     "They did their best to get
Spray-Coat, but they were over-eager
-I guess.     They- la:d poison, too much
��� of it to accomplish their, purpose. S^e ,
1 threw it up: but she's sick; very-sick,   in stock of matches containing phos
; Willow.      She had strayed away to
! die.     It took us -a long time t.o lind
The   girl
The   manufacture, sale   or keeping
stock of matches CGntaini
phorus. is .'illegal in Belgium,
held out her arms, and,
Dorkin   'placed    the    sick animal in   godd:as he is; show him
them.     She pressed hcr face against   are better.        r
the stil} ho<iyt crooning to   it, ��� tears
streaming -down- her cheeks.
"Poor Jitt'e sweetheart; pGor little
Spfay-Coai," shc whispered. "An'
I tlipy.tried io murder her, an' let her
! babies   starve.     No,   no!" she cried.
/They cin't, they can't do that��� Oh,
Dorkin!'-; she wailed,     "She must oc
dead,' or hcr dears tongue- would lick
my.'ch^ek, ,, .'Oh, .she.must be dead!"
'.Dorkin .put, his armi about,. the- girl's.
���/shoulders... X.-r .. y?r.*-r-- X-' '--""-���= -J -vf
��� -''Nd,' -.'sTi'^ :"-isf not dead.-;onlyf'-Te.ry, |.
sick, .Wi.iiowr,?''he 'said;'";. ".We; may .'bej
able .-to;,- save '��� h.erf yet.-.'-.', There, now-/!
-please.give heVi'.tofmc.:,f.Here'cornesj-
Danny.;.with/.the. s.ntit&d"e.:'-".:'\y ���.-' f-'-'fj
��� \ i-The .. girl"? ;��� fingers.-fstrayjdd.''through '
the beautiful- fur., with.' Hngerin.rr:..c"-'fessfj
f as Dorkingtc'bkXthc. ioKZ vfjorh.f'her.-
.;"Kadn't Irljtsi}se-'fan' D-ing-fh.er p-jp-
-plrs ini "Dorkin ?"''.;iie{'asked:;:..- --- X ���
y-Y^-Xliiyo^:. will;: W^o-^X iXWhj.
coal operartons. after the corning session ctf-r���iiarliamcnt.. Under. Icgisla-'
tion' '.vhich was passed at the last'ies
sion,. the -post was continued ..until
the end of the coming.session. The
Government notified both, operators'
and employees that it was-not the*
intention to continue."' "the position
after this'"time had elapsed. Since
this notification was sent put, the
miners have communicated- with, the
Don't tel!  a man  that.you  are as ' Department   of   Labor,   asking that
that you ( the post be not discontinued, and recently a delegation representative, of
the    operators    appeared beforc the
eluded1, in  a Wiltshire /"side"), 32j4c ! Buy" '.'Diamond^Dyes", only.     Drug-
per lb. It should be understood that
in7 a" 1,000 lb.;steer."'there, are 257'fibs';
of waste arid only 540 lbs. of beef; aud
in a 184 lb. hog "there"are'42..lbs.-.of
waste and only.118 lbs.' of. meat.., f The
rest forin-by-products;. 'V''' '-'��� ���"'���-
-���Wlien:--lh'e prices, for- 1919 arid 1920
arc. similarly issued,, they; will -probably show .'a' still smaller margin-between /livestock and-- dresscduicats.
These., official figures disprove the
easy belief.that the packer "skims the
cream" of "the" livestock^'business., '-"���
..; 1 -r   ���- :' -       '-'    ���'���'-'-.'
;.f Same Old .Wai!:.,
Thc'-tiVrinatis are-talking about this
propostcroiisnes's and- impossibility-of
!'thc indemnity, demands': . Wcdo not
know-how reasonable the action of
.the 'suprcinc- council may be 'froni an
"ecopomic standpoint,- but. we remember that Dcrliii..talkcd about the same,
way, regarding thc tcrmsof the "Versailles, -treaty- .and -then . signed- the
treaty.���Detroit, Free Press.
gist has Color.Card.
"California Syrup of Figs'*
\   Child's Best Laxative ;.'���
Only "Bayer" is Genuine
... Warning] Unless you see the riama
'Bayer",on package or. on tablets you
are not gcttingAspirin at all.     Take
I Aspirin only as told  'in    the    Baver,
package for Colds;,Headache, Neural-,
gia,    Rheumatism, * Earache,:  Tooth-;,
ache, Iiumbago and for Pain; VThcn;
.you  will ,*bc . following ;the  directions-
arid'dosage worked out by physicians
during twenty-one yars'and-proved ''
safe'by millions..    .Handy tlt^bqxes
of,-twelve-Bayer Tablets-  of   Aspirin ,
cost fev/ cents.... .Druggists'also-sell'-.
larger-packages.f   "Made fin  Canada/,
Aspirin-is.the-trade mark (registered
in Canada), of Bayer-Manufacture of
Mono'accticacidcster -61  Salicyliracid.'-
Government with z. similar request.
It is understood that W. H. Armstrong,- who occupied the position of
director of coal operations, has been
successful as an arbitrator between
the operators and employees on &
number of occasions,'and that bejth
parties want/him to, rehialn. ',.; .
f .The -matter is:now/under consideration.'-by-the Government.;-'
f-fiVmong;English'Tvpmen.'-the.habit of
in.crcascd-during/aBdf since-tlie;j^
The "Little" Nation. a
M��ny people speak.of Japan as, a
."little-' nation. A. census just taken
shows.the. eimpirc's population to total
well over 77,000,000. This fact, should
be remembered by those who think
Japan would bc .easy to thrash,���
Toronto World. . .   ,.
Accept "California" Syrup of Fijajs
only���look . for. the "name California
on the package, then you arc'-sure
your child is having the best and
riiost harmless-physic for-.the -little
stomach, liver arid bowels. Children love its fruity taste^ Full
directions .. ori "each bottle. You
must say "California." ..
Perfectly Splendid/.
-. Captain .Clark���We. were haying-.a
terriblctimc until the French brought
np "their :-75s; f-V".-:'; .; X.pX-'y ' i..- ..
���f-;Cc.lia.-^I -:do-fth'mkf it;was' splendid
for' naen ".of.' that-; age ftoTSgh"t,f;do'n|t.
"Freezorie'V-forf a.feTV .cents,"" sufiScient
'ii;;;.Wcddirig; gifts; forfdowerles'sr-.brides
are presented '.{by/ the"-. aa;"
seyeral .-toivns,-ra. England, ';-.;-. x-;y ;^|ioSe^"wthouraparticte;^f:pa|o;---;
Stbps Hair Cprhing, Out;
Thickens, Beautifies.
Corns Lift Off
i Drop a little "Freezone"-on an'aching, corn, instantly. ��� that. .corn . sXops
hurtin^;���/then;shortly you'.lift Jt right
off' vnth. finger's/ -'""'��� It-'"doein-'-t/h'urt. a
���bit-VVV,;; ."���-^f.--,'f;;V^;,;. vf-.--
V^.our-driig'gist'sells_a tiny.bottle qf|'y_& few/cents buys,*'D4Ti,derii��^5.Af-.
;//'?^.""v^l.to remove.;every hard corn, soft corn,'a fallen hair'cr.any dandrufiFf besides
ifiontKS- ��l|'or com.between, the tow, ai>d thefcal-, ever? hair f chows ..forw LlH?,\f vigor,
terfa/few'applieations you cannot find
a fallen hairier any dandrufiFf; besides
everv hair f chovrs.. forw , lit?,, fvigor,
I brightness, mere e��5fir'���&&& almadanee. ������;���?.:
TTTR       f,F;"n^F,.       (TVivVVWOA^
Watch your children's sWns. Ae
soon a-, you see the slightest trace
of a rash or-'sore, apply Zam-Buk.
This antiseptic balm���-frill protecl-;
the'sore place^from Infection, pre
v?nt lt from spreading arid healin?.,
sdon follows. ���-���   "?���    (V
-   Careful    mothers    always   lreei
Zam-Buk on hand for their cb.il..
_dren'8 injuries���it ends pain sc
.qu1c";;1-/ and proventB any pbssibil
Ity of festering. Best for cuts
burns, scalds, bruises, ringworm;
scalp sores, eczema and teethinr,
rash.    All deailers \50c box.
From the Land of Wealth
Sale of Alberta
Hereiords In Chicago
Prizes. Realized for-the Total Herd ;
���y       ' Averagedji450 a Head, j
"""An entire shipment "of more than"'
fifty, head of Hereford cattle from the
Curtice Cattle.Company of Peace Yal-f
ley, Alberta, has just beenfsold at Chi- f
cago. The prfces realized for the to- ',
tal herd averaged $450 a head; Several;
particularly choice animals/ fetched
more-than $1,000.     .
It is interesting to note that eighteen head of the best cattle from this'
sale were purchased by a Chicago firm
who haye a large ranch almost adjoining that pf the Curti'cc Company
and intend shippiitg these animals
back to. Alberta ..where they will. become lie nucleus of another Hereford
herd. With such stock as this for a
foundation, this should soon grow
into one of the best herds of Hereford cattle' iri the province.
An ^Acknowledged   Expert   in
All  Matte'rs Pertaining to
Household Management.
A Sad Trajredy
200 Russians Returning Home With
a $500,000 From U.S. 	
With-a total of nearly $500,000 in
their  purses  and-$250,000  worth   of      T/   r,    ��� t----  r���     ��������� .���
, Vi _     . . .    ...        It often happens-^yourrsore corn is
jewels, 200 Russians, who arrived m stepped onr Why not use "Putnam's
B-oston. seven years ago as poor im-
: migrants, are about to return to their
native land and expect to spend the
rest of their lives in ease. Thev
will sail for Libau and ��� proceed on
horseback to'the interior, where their
families aw.ait them'f'
Fbr Both House and Stable.���There
Ion- b.,;   acto. ii  ���.- I'ii'vc -,- >   '.uie
day. Absolutely no pain withv "Putnam's." Usc no ""other, 25c at all
dealers; - ,    '"-.-,        > ���.
.   X   To Spend $10 jWO.OOO.
The Vice-President of the Canadian Pacific Railway, western lines,-
announces that railroad repairs and
betterments to thc*-amofint of $10,000,-
What is so delightful as the little
surprise, stipper when ybu come home
On a winter's evening from the real
theatre, or the littler-motion picture
house just around the corner? With
the prices of restaurant foods today,
only the'very prosperous can indulge
in the'after-thcatrc suppers offered by
the"1 best restaurants.
What to have is tlje^ncxt consid-'
eration.^ Perhaps sandwiches and.
hot cocoa will settle the question
very nicely. ��� And it is well to liave
the sandwiches prepared and the'
cocoa madc before leaving.
There arc a number of appropriate
fillings. A delicious filling is made
of boneless sardines mashed to a
paste and mixed with finely chopped,
hard-cooked eggs. A few gr^iis of
cayenne give just the right_seasoning.
Cream cheese, chopped olives and
wa!nuts spjead on thinly sliced brown
bread makes another inexpensive filling. Canned shrimp or crab or lobster or tuna, finely chopped, scason-
.,,,,.,,..       ,     ���    ���     Uviit...��t,i�� iv i.^-^iiwun v. ^w.uw,-, cd with mayonnaise, makes a,-wcll-lik-
is a good deal of simi.anty, physically   .���.��������� , \   , . T       ,   J���,i'-cir������ u X ���������    ����� ���*
speaking, between humaAeings and  000 arc contemplated this spring, but   ed filhng, but is a bit more expensive
the  lower' animalsv     Both  are  sub-   that new .'lines and  track  extens.ons j than those previously suggested.
jeet to many ailments arising/from in-   must depend on developments on fin-j     Sandwiches keep  fresh if wrapped
aiicial and labor conditions as they | in waxed paper and then placed in
may- arise during, the spring and j the refrigerator, In fact, sandwiches
summer.-  ; ". j .v .���/ so stored might be made the day be-
flammation and to all manner of cuts
. and bruises.\ Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil is an entirely" reliable remedy for
such ailments and "mishaps in both
^hunian ^beings'��� and the lower orders
of animals. . /   ' ��� ..-:.".
Will Reimburse German Sailors.
German sailors thrown out of employment by the delivery to the allies
of the German merchant fleet, are to
be reimbursed' to the extent of ,60,-
000,000 marks.;- Two-third's of the
sum is to bc paid by the shipowners j you?
and one-third by the goveruihent. An
^agreement to this effect was~rcached
after two years' negotiations.
.    y ;���;:
'-'{....   .       ..��� / ~
Relieves. Asthma at Little Expense.
Thousands of dollars have been 'vainly' spent upon remedies for astlima-
and seldom, if ever,' with any relief.
'Dr:'.- J.-'--. I->���'-��� H'.llorg's Asthma.'Re
j fore.      This   is   sometimes   desirable
. when a large number a're to be served. \y X'.-^  X'X'-."   ....
'-  Salads,'   too,    are    appropriate for
serving  late  at  mght.      Good 'salad
A Man is just as Young
and Strong^-as   his
\    Blood
No man can fight the battles of
life and hold his own if his blood
is not pure, for rich, red blood
is wjh'at strength is based upon.
When yon see a strong, vigorous
jrian, who never knows when he
is licked, you may wager that
3uch a man has coursing through
.iiis veins rich, recTblo'od. ,Many
people have thin, pale blood.
They, aro weak, tire easily, become discouraged quickly, and
.sometimes feel like giving up the
struggle. Snch folks need DxV
Pierce's'Golden Medical Discovery, which is sold by druggists
in liquid^ or tablet form,
Send 10 cents to Doctor Pierce's
Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y.,
for a trial package of the tablets.
Niagara Falls,Ont.���"I have used
Dr. Pierce'B Golden Medical Discovery
atjiinesfor the past three years with
wonderful resulfcs^and I take great
pleasure-in saying a word to boost the
cause of 'Freedom from Illness.' 1
am a pressman by occupation, which
is quite fatiguing and injurious to the
system, but ih��ce taking the ' Discovery' business has no drawback for
me. Three cheeks for Doctor Pierce'a
medicine 1"���William H. Di?mpbey,
Je.. 32 Bridge Street.    -
Her Lasting Job.
An Attractive
Dress of Black Net
By Gertrude Beresford.
The all-black dress always attracts
certain women who realize that tlicir
Don't let constipation poison your blood
and curtail your energy.
If your liver and bowels,
don't work prop- j
er Iy   take
tilth   Liver
Pills  today
and   your
trouble wiil      	
cease.   For dizziness, lack of ajjpetit^
headache and blotchy skin  nothing
can equal them.   Purely vegetable.
Small Pill���SmaU Doee���Small P��c��
edy, despite.-its 'assurance of benefit,, can  be made from first qiiTTIity/can
costs:so little that it is within reach
of all.      It is a reliable remedy for.
asthma. .Your   .dealer   can    supply
.On some of the Greek islands where-
the people earn their living   byf   the
sponge   fishery,   no girl is allowed to
marry -'until./she has brought, up a ccr-
Heart Disease Relieved In' 30 Minutest
c��e;*A$i?i^^ ?* sponges,"whichMnust
be- taken' from a certain depth.
. peerless
; remedy  lor\.Palpitation,   Sho^ness ol  Ilrcath,
Smothering Spells, Pain in T.eft Sidci and nil
symptoms  oi
a  diseased   ileart.      One  dose
Rain Best Sprinkler "~
/ Rain Brings With It a. Considerable
Quantity of CarbonicxAcid.
. Many persons must have noticed
that the most diligent sprinking of
lawns aud flower-beds fails to impart
,   to thc grass and plants-a vital stirriu-
lus equal to that that, comes from "a i
good shower of grain.     It is because [
.   rain,    falling    from   & great  height
- through-the air brings with it a considerable'quantity of carbonic acid, of
"nitrogenous    particles, ' and'of other
\ elements  nutritious   to plants,  which i
it has washed out of thc atmosphere.
So a'sprink-lcr used from the fop of a
tall building: might lc slightly more
.   effective than when, employed at-the
surface/of the. ground." ���
A  square foot of-.honeycomb, contains morc than-9,d00 cells.
Minard's Liniment For Colds, Etc.
U. S. Wheat Product.on
J-      \_ :   ''���';"��
1920   Production   100,000,000 Bushels
Canada has the largest.forest in the
-w,orld.. It is in the Hudson Bay r_e~.
gion and is .roughly 1,000. .by'.1,700
miles. .._-.-.     . .
Ab��ye Pre-War Average.
"' Wheat production in the United
'States in 1920 again exceeded that of
any other nation; amounting'to..787,-
i 000,000 'bushels;-, or 100,000,000 more
than the pre-war average and twice
as much as Vas. raised-by any .other
country for which statistics are'available .according to the National Bank
of Commerce in New York. The ag.-
gregate output of-'those countries dc-"
c:incd-71,500,000.bushels- below, prewar averages, while at-the same time
United. States crop, was" nearly 150,-
000,000 ; bushels-./less7" than .the" 1919
record, thf bank shows in the. February number ,'of its'magazine, Comr
mercc Monthly.   .
ned chicken when ' freshly . cooked
chicken is, not available. Gut the
chicken in uf inch cubes-with, a sharp
knife. Add an, equal quantity of
.diced fable celery. Set this away in
the refrigerator. Clean the lettuce
and place it: in a covered tin can in
the refngerator. Chill'the plates.
When the time comes to serve,
moisten the chicken and celery with
mayonnaise and place on leaves, of
lettuce on the chilled plates.
Hot coffee is' frequently served
with cold salads. Make it, arranging
to free it "from���the grounds before
leaving home.-- It will take but a
moment to reheat it when it comes
timc to serve.
At    a
metropolitan . hotels   thc other even
ing    I    tasted    a    salad, that    some
hostess  looking   for Something  new
and    most   'palatable-,   will  want .to
serve.    The salad was termed Sala'de
Archduc     Oh a leaf of lettuce there
was a parallel arrangement of strips
o* brilliant, red pimento, soft, yellow-
toned asparagus' tips and cool green
strips of skinned alligator pear. This
arrangement  was   repeated  until   the
well-trimmed leaf of lettuce'had be en-
en tirdy  covered...'" XX.
Ehc    chafiing-.disli
Willie.���I think Peggie will make a                . .   .
c         -        T ,   ���    -i            ,.���      ��� <.      j beauty is greatly enhanced wheu attir-
nne w.ie.     I have been calling on hcr |   ......       ���. . ,i
for    six    months now and nearly al
ways   have  found  her    darning    hcr
father's socks.
' Reggie���That caught me, too, until I noticed, that it was. always the
same socks she was trying to darn.
Yoii are. not
Ing   when
jou u.��e Dr.
_ Chase's Olnt-
��� .    ment for Eczema and   Skin   Irrita-
^_ tions.-' It relieves at once and gradu-
^^ ally heals the skin.   Sample toi Dr.
v.Chsise's Ointment free It you mention thls^
T"jpap��r"and send 2c"Btamp" for postage.- coef'a"
*box: all deulcis or Edmarifon, Bates & Co.,
limited, Toronto. ���-'������-
Old Mine Op-ned. f _- .
Thc. St.". Anthony, onc of the,famous old gold mines of the-Port Arthur district,' has-been pumped.out
and' i9 being operated ' again by a
syndicate under the maiiagcmcn
G-.-P.--GharlebdiSjTT.oronto;y Results
are said to J>e encouraging:
Most Troibles Afflicting Women Are
[_.;' Due to Poor Blood.
To cvery woman belongs the right
to enjoy a healthy, active life; yet
nine out of ten suffer from some
form of bloodlessncss. That is" why
one sees on every side pale, thin
cheeks, dull eyes and drooping figures���sure signs of headaches, weak
backs, aching limbs and uncertain
health. i\ll weak women should win
thc right to be well by refreshing
their weary bodies with the ncw, rich,
red  blood   that  promptly   transforms
'supper in-one of' the 'larg^f ftc.m j"t0  i'fHhy attractive w-omen.
:,.._   V.-1-I     .t.    -.i_ Uns new, red biood is supplied by Dr.
Wir.iatns' Pink Pills, which reaches
evcry organ ami. every nerve in the
body. Through thc use of thesc Pills
thousands of women , have found
benefit when suffering from anaemia,
indigestion, general weakness and
those ailments from which women
alone suff r. Arpong the many women who tell df the good Dr. W-'lliams'
Pink PiUs havc done thcm is Mrs. L.
Hicks,-Round'Hill, M.S., who says:-"I
became/very much run. down ' in
health; my blooit seemed weak and
watery, my streiigih' failed, and -T was
so easily tired that my work was a
burd-n. ��� I: had. often read-about-Dr.
Williams' Pink Piljs" and'decided tp
try them, and I can truly say that-after'using three boxes I found myself
gamin sr,-"and under a further use of
the. pills air my old-time energy'and
vitality-was restored. Out of my'
own exberienc" I-.can-strongly recommend this medicine." - .
- Y^ij^ can get - Dr! Williams-' Pink
.Pills tnrough any dealer-in-medicine,
or by mail'at "SO cents a box or-six
boxes for $2:50 ��� from- The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont."
- "v
should he plftyed
offers .splendid
opportunity for after-theatre snacks.
Whatever- you. intend making, ' be
sure you- havens, much as possible
prepared beforehand. The" butter
calkd for -should 'Jic measured" on
the tablespoon and- then rolled .into
dainty littic balls and dropped'into a
bowl 'of. cold water". If toast is're-,
quirt d it may be made beforehand if
cart is'taken-that it toasts but slightly. ' Reheating for a. moment will
t'ofi'then make it just.right. ' Other in-
.Sicdicnts.should.be.measured and.set.
aside.    ���   " f    ,
- =ure that -your" c'>afiing-dish is
in.working order, f Many a littic
party has been spoiled " because ' the
hostess.discovered at the.last moment that there was no'alcohol in
the' lamp .or -that fthe' electric connection, was:out oL-ord^r. "-���������; '' "
, Cake���-either cut cake or individual
cakes���arc .-appropriate.' " Biit; thes^
should be .'of the- 'plainer.' .varieties.
Elaborate-' pastry"-..isfnot. appropriate,
."especially just.beforc going:-fp-bed;   -
/-    ��� Let the Brunswick be; your 1921, Pjhonograph because it
.is the one COMPLETti Phonograph.      V   ,--  .^, v'.-���. -.'; ���'.-_;-
V , ;  It plays every.make bf-record, with the correct needle,
���'--.the preci^ diaphragm,.aridHhe.exact weight..;,    v.,. -
f   :y Nothing to take off or put on���no needles to change, f.f
With your Brunswick you get the famous ULTONA
which is equipped with a genuine diamond-point for Edison.
Records;-genuine  Ceylon Sapphire     .; f:.
point for Pathe Records; and steel;    X-i". xx.-Z
'needles for Brunswick,>Yjctbr, Colum-
;: bia and ^11 other steel needle records.
the Brunswick is .the best-'phonograph-
value. It costs you nothing to know t^e
facts. -"' Send ua the coupon for interesting
booklet fey Henry Ptirfort .Eam'es,"1 IiB.:
"What . to. Look for in Buyins-*-Phbno-
grapb,'-'' V ^   .-:-.
Made in Canada
��22EM^: '-Xi'-X-X XXixiixXXxxyX
The Masieal.Merchandise Sales Company^: f
Dept. W.N.L.,' 14J Portage Ave. E,,..f.-V
!,;"-: ;./. -Winnipegj Man. Z-Xy .-ff^'.fffV-ff'f'.;
;-. -Without 'any'.. cost-to ,rh"c. .whatev'cr, pleasc."send-
iMr/Eames' Booklet.','-'-;'..-::'XXyXiX'-XyXyX X^Xy--y
- ^f 3TT1C"���  t t'i ��� * f !����� �� ��� i t ��,��� 11 * ��� c i # (^ i^i �� �� i_i.t ��� i * ��"��,��_��� ���,��� *,��v
f'-\.:" Expenditure. $20,455i459, .\-
��� .Tptal' cxpe'nditiircf incurred;, byf the
Department of .Public Works? during
the .fiscal year"1919.-20, according, to
J the annual, report of the. department,
was "-$20,455,45?."' --'."pffthis' ,juni;-$4,-
33.7,127 was^eharg'ed to war .-appropriations. - '������'���': x.- xy.. -,-;.-;-.-'   -���.;,v
���;f     . V.f ;--;.Needed-it/".'/;.     '' -;���-
f"How' old-,did you say ;you "we're?"
" "I've,seen-18 summers.",.'-. '-""
"Ever have'.your,eyes" examined?"
ed in black. This model is fashion
cd from fine tflack net over a foundation of black circ satin. The bodice
"shows thc swathed, lines that are
quite, popular at this time. The V-
shaped neck opening is very pleasing, while the sleeves are wide and
hardly full-length. The rather bouffant, curved.sidc panels arc trimmed
with cire ribbon. This mode or ornamentation is also'apparent on the
loose sleeves, while thc ne'ek opening
is accentuated by similar, trimming.
Should a touch of color be desired a
garland of flowers might be used as a
girdle. , .
Use Wireless Telephone.
<��� A wireless telephone, to bc used in
thc transaction of.business, has been
installed by the Pittsburg chamber of
commerce. Thc radio telephone
connects with 30.0,000 operators within a-wide-area, surrounding Pittsburg.
Ireland spends less per
drink than any .other part
United Kingdom.
head on
of    the
47,000 Miles of Films
Export. Alone   From   United   States
.   Amounted to.That.
^  ..-..      .-    .   - y        --.'  ;.'
Motion picture.films sent out-of-the
UnitedfStates-iu" 1920 aggregated 47,-'
000 miles in.length or nearly enough
to extend" twice "around' the -globe fat
the equator, .ancl' incoming' films were
nearly half as'much in length. '; These
tremendous .figures,;says'a statement...
by The-National City Bank "of-New
York," illustrate' the bigness'and-con-
sta'nt.gr-owth of-the nib.t.ion, "picture
industry of ;thc: .'world arid especially
.of the United Slates, whic'h is b'y far
.the _ largest; x'rianii fact urjir'-of _fi"hn"s"'and
also-, -by . far;- the world's'largest ex-
:~porter 6f:filnis,-both" exposedfahd unexposed.-', '.-.".", ���    '    ''.-"- = --"   ;���.-'
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas
Frank J. Cheney makes-oath that he is
senior partner of the firm oi F. J. Cheney &
Co., doing business in thc City of Toledo,
County and Slate aforesaid, and that said
firm will-pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED
DOL"LARS for any case oi Catarrh that cannot ' tie cured by - the use ol HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE. j. ��� '���'��� '
S.wirn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, tliis 6th day of December, - A. D.
188(5.'     .        - '.  '.. "-:- .   .   '.- .-
'  (Seal)   A.   W. ��� Gleason,   Notary  Public���<.
'internally and acts through the- Blood on the
Mucous- Surfaces *8f .the  System.
'Druggists,   75c.    . Testimonials,  free.'-.
" F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio. -
.GINS. ;t       f''S''
This lesson is. a part of the wel|
known Olivet discourse, giving a prophetic view of the course of time from
its'uttcrincc, just beforc the crucifixion to the .second .'advent of Christ.
The .order of events in that time are
roughly speaking as follows:
';��� 1. The moral condition of the world
during Christ's absence (24:1-14).
This is the period .covered by the parable of chapter 13. V -
, 2vThc appearance of lhe Antichrist
<|24rt��26). JV
3.-The great advent (24:27-31); in
which there will "be migli-ty convulsions of nature, the mourning of thc
earth's-tribes,,and the gathering of
the elect. s
4. Warnings to God's people in. view
of the great advent (24:32-51), the
time of advent unknown and unexpected.
5. Instructions to saints in view of
the unexpectedness of His coming
6. Thc judgment of the nations (25:
The ��� present lesson is one of the
two parables designed for the instruction of the saints in view of the coming of the Christ. ^ It has a continuous application in the present time (I.
Thessf 4:16-18; Titus 2:11-13).
I. The Foolish Virgins Took Lamps
��� But No Oil With Thei^ (v. 3).
. ' 1. Lamps signify Christian profes-
sio'n (Matt. 5:16), and oil, thc Holy
Spirit (Zech. 4). .Having the lamps
and no oil sho%ys that they were professors, of religion without possessing
its reality. ' As soon as a man is regenerated. the. Holy Spirit takes up
His abode with Him. The proof-that
one is a child of 'God is that he has
the Holy Spirit dwelling within .him.
"If any. man have not the Spirit of
Christ, he is  none of His"      (Rom.
8:3).     The foolish "virgins may have
been of good moral    character,    but
they  were 'unregeuerated.
2. The wise virgins possessed both
lamps and oil (v. 4).     They made a
profession and backed it with" a real
life of righteousness.   These are" the
true, believers.    Both the wise and the
foolish   virgins   slumbered and slept.
Their eyes h*d grown heavy and they
fell   under    the spell of sleep (v. 5).
This shows that as the Christian age
lengthened   t)ic   rcal   and professing
church   would   cease looking for the
coming of thc Lord.      It is unspeakably sad that so many even of God's
saints,   wise virgins,   should  give  tip
the expectancy of the return of the
Lord. ���       '
II.  The Coming Bridegroom  (vv. 6-
'12).     _    .-,>
l.-The midnight cry (tj. o).    In the
midst-   of    the'  night when all were
asleep the "cry was made, "Behold the .    --.= - -, ��� -        -,..-��� .    *3.
... ���   it , I petite, weakness and diuzinees should
bridegroom, comcth. go ye���out to meet, ^e heeded by mjddie-aced women, and
liim."-'   How sad it;is that the church   let Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
-    -       Salmon Pack For 1920.
Thc total salmon pack' for British
Columbia during 1920 was 1,187,616
cases. There arc 48 one pound.tins
in a case or %. half-pound tins.
Minard's- Liniment
'C8w"s.   '.
Garget   in
The human, body contains ,as much
phosphorus .--as - 5,000 boxes"- of
matches.'-  "' V     "  .. ';.���;'
Bouncing the Blues
Success  in  Business  Only. Achieved
by the Man Who is Full of-
Gumption and Go,
Dr. Stanley L. Krcbs, of New York,
delivered several addresses in Winnipeg last week and his references to
"Bouncing the Blues" wcrc timely
and worthy of repetition.
"A man who" is afraid is a coward,"
he stated, "and thc coward is a man
whose efficiency is always dropping.
Success in business and thc happiness
that comes, with it arc only achieved
by the. man who is full of faith, pep,
push, grit, gumption and go. Con-
ditions.may not bc satisfactory at any
specific time, but, wc can change thcm
by displaying thesc qualities^v^Wc
should not simply wait for conditions
to change but put our shoulders to thc
wheel and change thcm. History
has proven conclusively that man-
made problems can always be solved
by man."���Canadian Finance.
This Woman's  Letter Tells
You How To Pass The
Crisis "Safely.
Lascelles, P. Q. ��� " During the Change
of Life I felt so weak and-inn down 3
could hardly do niy work. The perspiration woulcppoor over my face so
that I couldn't see what I was doing.
We live on a farm, so there is lota t<j do,
but many who felt aa I did would nave
been in bed: I took Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and it did me a
world of good. I tried other remedies
but I put Vegetable Compound ahead of
them all, and I tell every one I know
how much good it has done me."���
Mrs. Duncan Bbown, Lascelles, Prov.
.Such-warning symptopig'as sense of
suffocation, hot flashes, headaches,
backaches, dread of impending evil,
timidity, sounds in the ear, palpitation
of the Jaeart, sparks before the eyes,
irregularities, constipation, variable alp
has lost hcr hope, is not wakin'g and
watching for -'the return of her Lord.
2.- Activity   cf.   the   virgins (v. 7).
/They all arose 'and trimmed .their
lamps. There will be great activity
when the Lord comes, on.the part of
both"-the rcal Christians and those
who only made a profession. The professing    Christians   .w"! then realize
..that thcy lack that which" is "essential
to .entrance to thc marriage feast. -
;3. Thc foolish request the wise- to
share their oil' (vv. 8, 9). -The revelation of Christ will snake manifest the
genuineness of our-religion and expose the ,- folly of mere profession.
When thc.;Lord...comes. 3t_will:.be.too.
late to mend one's ways. - '
4. The'wise enter to.the marriage
(v." 10)." While -the foolish were seeking to amend thcir ways trying to buy
oil , the bridegroom came-and'those
who were ready were admitted to the
" For   Rheumatic -Pains',���The" pains
and ache's of Sciatica and Rheumatism
should be, treated with Dr; Thomas'! marriage.
Eclectric Oil.-"   The   .soothing - and    ,;5_ Tt,c pit;ful position of _the foolish
-   - Toronto's Population "597,386.
" Toronto's 1921 population'is 597,386.
according- to  an    estimate    recently
made   public     The. city   has   1,902
j streets and 121,311 buildings.      -."_/'
The Silent Poor. .
Real poverty is silent.���The kind
that trumpets its needs-is often a
counterfeit-composed of indolence or
some similar distemper of the soul.���
London Daily Express. ...   ..   ;,.....
Minard's Liniment. For Distemper,:
'"'XX.:. Xy To; Visit EnglandLV- X'XX
i.The.merchants division of;the-Van-'
"cotiycr,'-f.British ;��� Columbia,-, Board'��� of
.Tfcde;-arc. planning' anVcxcarsionf...tb
England r.during. tlic coming; summer.
.VAtfprescnt-ftherei...isf;nd..rnetaj V.ar-
-reri'cy:-iiv,Turkey^. :'VVf'��� "r-X '-..XXyy;
' Long Sail .to Reach, Aus.ti alia.-'.
... Interesting, facts arc being-brought
to, light  in.-ahf invcstig'.vi'cin   off-how
Japanese  have"-Surreptiously..entered
Australia.   . .,'���-.' .       '..'..-.---
One Japanese who--had been -charg--
cd,with-being a prdh'bn.ed'immigrant,
stated that he-a.n'3 two others ..had
built aboat 30ieet Icing at Singapore,
and.after, rf voyage-.of 62 days, '\wy
had reached Thursday. Island, whence
thcy made thc voypjrc X.nd landed in
Queensland.      .   .
healing, properties of this-famous rem";
edy haye been demonstrated for fifty
year's.V.- Use it also for inflammatory
pains,. - cuts," .'scratches, "bruise's and
sprains ,cither in.human beings or the
lower-auimals, ..'���. - .-'..   'VV    .'-'--'
". .���;.'- A -Mammoth -.Cake. f"f -; '-
Eight ..'hundred eggs, '80'pounds of
flour'.-and' 65 pounds of sugar were
���'among-the'ingredients-"-used to make
a inammoth.cake .which was presented
-to.the founder; of thc 'San .1'raticisco
local, of ,th'c United Commercial 'Travelers at,the recent silver- iubiiee". ccter
��� ��� -. ' ,��� '.- .- - - - . y . - .-
bration   of   that 'Organization':'-:-  .The
cake ,w\vs thirteen feet in ��� circumfer;
ch'ce and weighed.354-pounds';' .- ,;'""\
-; No need t.o suffer .with corns, or to
run .therisk *of paringfhem. Remove
.them surely and-painlessly with--H0I7
lowav's -Corn. Remover! '���    ." ���   y
(v...11). JThcy -��� begged the Lord to.
open the .door.'that thcy might:enter-
to th'c marriage.'feast. '.. No.one'-can
.open" that door but the. Lord.
:<5. The 'awfulfjudgment -(v. 12). The
Lord-; declares, ."Ikn.owf ��� you not."
Those who put off the. pers.brial contact with-Jesus until'that.day shall bc
shut out froin-thc."presence ot.-Christ.
III. The Solemn. Obligation (v," 13); ��� .
". "Watch, for yc know not^thc day
nor the. hour' wherein-the Son of man
coineth."'-."" -'y      'V ,������..-'-.;.-   .  -    .
Depre'ssipiilri ���-'���;._.,'. v -': ��� :'���'
Diamond Market
pound carry them safely through this
crisis as it .did Mrs. Brown. t
Yoa are invito! to write ior ine advice
No other medicine has been so successful in,, relieving woman's suffering
as has Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. Women may receive free
and helpful advice by writing tie Lydia
E. PickhaRn Medicine Co., L^ynn, Mass.
take out
a ��� little .'more.-in'than.you.
'.will    eventually fill  your
.'Many mothers can" testify to the
virtue; of "Mother-Graves', Worm Exterminator, because they know from
experience .how useful i.i is..
The Wife Scored.
. The husband, who had a great habit
.of teasing his wife, was out driving in
the; 'country; with- her, wherw theyrnct
af ffarmer; :-drivihg Vaf spanf-.of'. rnules.
Just as-they were about .to pass the
farmcr,is..Tig'-.thc m'-tiles .turned .-"'their
heads toward the ."auto.V.and--. brayed
.vociferously..,' ;'.'-;���-';.f;'-'���.''!���;'-' X ":���'' XXy'X ���
cuttingly Temarked,.; '/Relatives fof
yoiirsjC I''.snppbseT]'.'J,V __X' ���:. ;��� .-'.=:���,-,'- XyX.y ���'"
:- ;';'.'Yes,',i;f.ssid,;.fhis';' ,vf.ife'..s.we���thv^by,
ni3rriage""'-.f:"-"''���' V X  [-'������' ''r
Precious. Stones,. Are , Becoming .a
;"-; .'-.-"���;' '.Drug* on .-the. Market.'','"' ;/"<"-
'Nearly-S.i.tOQ of the,.10,800'meinbcrs
of the, diamond -workers' union of Amsterdam fare'7 idie ��� and"' 'the ."bottom
seems to liave.f.illen -out. of thewo'rld's
diamond..market. -.-Experts' in fpre-
"cio.us stones say .an area of financial
stringency has supplanted..-the epoch
of free spending to such'an'-cxtriit"
that prci'ious'stones" have become a
drug on the market; although prices
are being maintained/ ^The irid.ustry
reccived a. serious, blow through the
Russiiii'.-revo.lutioni'.as, that couhtryf
was the greatest.buyer of gems. .
--,:'Austria.' and Germanj- then fell out.
and now the. depression in= thc United
States has cut oii the last great market for diamonds. In addition a large
number.;':' of i geni?..fprrnerly. owned, in
Russia'.have been .placed on,the mar-
ket,.bj*. the Bolsheviki. " yXi'"' ' "-"
_ , CURED	
in 6 to f4 Days
AU druggists ar�� authorized to
refund the money if PAZO OINTMENT fails to Cure any case of
ordinary cases in fl days, the
worst cases In 14 days.
PAZO OINTMENT instantly Relieves ITCHING PILES and you
', can get "restful sleep after the
first application.
It ll guaranteed by Paris Medicine Co., St. Louis, Mo., Manufacturers uf the vrorid-famous
Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine
- This signature Is on every box
of PAZO OINTMENT.   60c    ��
lf you are uuable to get PAZO
OINTMENT from yoar druggist,
send 60c in postage stamps to
Paris Medicine Co.. 193 Spadina
Ave, Toronto, a��d a box will be
mailed to yoa promptly. Write
your name and address plainly;
CHOICE SILVER Black Brdctiing
Foxes. '     Instructions.        Reid
BrosVBothwdi, Ontarlb. -
' P��y-|jt>iiT out cf wn sccouuts by Dominion Etpre��s Mamy "Orders. Fire dollar*
eos-ts three ctnta.
IHtdifXK*.  gold Sb tfcM* d��*
o. S, <3: No. 8, ti ptt ttoa^
jld py tJ3 drs<ai��tm or *-b4
prrpaid ��d STtcp* of frie*,
TKS Cec���l HEB!C!K�� CO4
"More'^English'surnames begin witSi
'*"W".'tKan 'any. other letter.
Set B*��*4iea
Msikd    Frte   ts    UT
hiirts* *j tkt
Aatk��r __.
ca, THC,
119    VP��st    31*f-**S*!V*
Iftfl Y*rk, U.S A. "N
Is $2.50 a_year strictly iu advance, or $;���
wheu not paid for three mouths or mon
have passed. To Great Britain and tin
United States 53., always in advance.
Lessee,.     '..-���>
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Etstray Notices ., 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificaie of Improvement...:  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, ��5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal 'advertising,   12 cents a
. .. ,'line first insertion, and  8 cents a line for
each   subsequent    insertion,    nonpariel
Transcicnt]display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2^c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t hat the editor would be pleased
to hnve more money.
Hints for Board of Trade
The Home Circle
The idea seems to exist among us that to be polite to
each other in the family circle is foolish and like putting
on airs. We must rid ourselves of this notion and act on
the principle that whatever helps to make our intercourse
pleasanter outside the family circle should be brought into
use there. We should avail ourselves of any and everything that can be used to advantage in our daily intercourse. It is no exhibition of airiness to say "thank you,"
or "if 3-011 please. " These little courtesies are indications
of refinement, and costing nothing, they help to make the
wheels of life move more smoothly. It is not in elaborate
attempts at politeness that true gentility consists. It is
in the simple, honest expression of ,the genuine feelings of
the heart which is interested in the welfare of others.
In   order   that   the  Greenwood
Board of Trade may be better able
'.     to';:pply itself more  vigorously  to
yy mot-ing the best interest of  the
y x   and   district we are herewith
: vVig a few ' pointers' which might
,      "     carried   out.      Besides giving
��� t-:.k.cial attention to industries, cori-
���;   HionPjiopposition  to freight rate
���:-   Increases, .market,    better  roads,
amateur   athletics,   peace celebration, placing of war trophies,   etc.,
:     there are  other needs   aud  other
- lines of useful activity, which   will
.   at once suggest themselves  to  the
reader.    Here are a few tests of a
'    . town that people  ask  before  they
decide to   locate   and   which  the
Board of Trade c&n answer;
'1. Attractiveness���"Shall I like
fV the tb\7n���its   atmosphere?   Does
it have beautiful shaded streets and
other- beautiful - features?   ,1s   it
.-������.'clean ia every sense? .'..-     ; - -.
:,. ...:.;2..H5aftfifulness^."u_Wiir.my'fa-
'   ' icily havo si,treasonable' chance to
-'-��� --keep'well? ,. How lib'ou.fe'its "water
.   ���"  supply?:   Its sanitary.systeni?"
- 3. Education ������'���'Can VI  educate
',    iny family?    How about its  public
hchooltj- present.and  future?.. Its
'' newspaper, its postal facilities..
��� .  "   ~&. People-^ '.'Shall' T   like    the
"people of-towii?''."Are tlvey-neigh-
f    ��� borly and  friendly?    It  the .'town'
'.    .free from factionalism?" '"  ; ;���'".-."
-"   ;5.'.-Recreation���"Can   I" have a
...      . -     - '   ���    -. -
-. good time in-your.��� town, I and-my
family?     "How   about  a   theatre"
'a   recreation   room,'" .etc. .    What"
about fishing-and hunting?"'V -.
G. Living-rr-"Can'we'live reason-
;. ably.and,well",in your, town?   ?Are
fthe ho.using-.-aud. shipping  condi-
.-'���_���""��� tions'fayorabl-e?' '-Kent-syntaxes'"and
: V.prices'fan? 'Hotels'-good?-   Hoine
'.. v.and truck gardens and''dairy'.pro-
".. ducts' ''plentiful?'?;'' V   fV/f: ;;V'V-
-'-.".', .'X'e'x.b-W.eek.w.e will'give six more
' . 'tests' of 'a town., .'.���-.-������,-,-   V - ~- ���';    '���
Our men of wealth and inlluence did not startwith any
cash capital. They went to work with their plow, the
hoe, the jack plane or axe, and in time their capital
brought them a rich harvest. Ah! but there's the rub;
you don't want to work. You want money on creidt so
you can jDlay the gentleman, speculate and end your career
by playing vagabond. You want to marr}' a rich girl
who will support you, while you wear fine clothes, smoke
cigars, and be a gentleman of leisure.
Young women have the same longing to get away from
their native tow.us and live among new, scenes and changed
surroundings, that boys are possessed of."-- They feel the
weight of local enviroments, even more, than the opposite
sex, and one frequently hears the remark, "I wish I were
a boy, that I could have some freedom." Thisr marks a
critical period of a young lady's life. She needs, more
than ever before wise and loving council, and the sypath-
etic companionship of a true friend; and there is no friend
like a mother in unselfish, untiring devotion. Girls, tell
your mother o�� your hope's and ambitions, and you are
quite-certain to receive advice which you can accept with
profit, and which will do you good.
Applications f"i' permits to graze livestock
nil'llu-Crown-raiijA' wiiliiii u.'icli Grazm'tr J3is-
iriclof llie Province uf ISrilisli Columbia ilnr-
311j_r Uie irrazintr season i>f,l(>21 in list be fileil with
tlu: llisirict I'YiresteV. at Carilioo. Cranbrook.
l-'.iri (tuoru'ei Kaniioops.-Xdsoii, Prince Rupon.
Vancouver. Vernon or witl.i Uie Coiumis'sioner
of C'.i-azinsr." Department of" I(muls at Victoria.
li.C. on or before. Marcli 31.1021..
lilank forms upon whicli to submit -applications'may be obtained froin llie District- l'\n-
Vsters at'tlie abo-.e nanicd' places'or from, llie
Department of .Lands al Victoria.,_... ���      . -
'��� Tlie- yrazintr -of .livestock .on the-Crown
Kanye" w.illiout permit constitutes trespass.'pro-
hibiteil-bvlaw.'     '    ���:. ::-
- ."('.. i<: XADES, -
-Hepiity Minister "of r^ands.
Depaitment of'Lands.     >���.'--..���-   !."
X Victoria. ll'.C. ,"-"���'.���-     -"""   -X
January .'24'vli. l')21. ��� "    "  ;.'Vf  -   :-.  '���    .".
.-School Trustees Meet: ���
;--.- ��� .-The eci.ioolftrust6es-;heicla  regu-
..-flflf   raeetiiig    last' Friday' 'uight.
'.;'������   Af-ti'V the miu.utes of the lust-meet-
'-.".'..ib'ij ^'"e're.;iead; aud, approved "anil
-���.'.-Vaec.bunts'O.'k'd- and ^passed, the
* "-" V ;loivi rig estimates J or the current
V  ;/car.>yere adopted;'���"���'���
'���:'Salaries'-, -V .   -���' 'V,  $4860
���-'Fuelfaad Light' ,- " . ���; -500
; Eepairs .."'.; .-"-' "-: -''���' i ' 500
"".-Supplies"   ..'.." -  200'
'''Janitor   -f  - 600
'.-"Health-."''. 120
... insurance      , -85
Sundries .  135
.Total S70C0
The .Board expressed satisfaction
of the work done by  tlie various
.." teachers and suggested that closing
eiercises ba held at the end of the.
terra, provided it does net interfere
vvithVthe -.scholars "istudies.?.; The
.ihspeetprs report w;as . most"-'satis':.
'���fAciOJ^iirXXri ii-'Xyix 'X 'iZyy.XyX-X.
��� ''-..���'Alexander..i��IclGr.eg"or,f'"o%/of;'tlif: j
.old t!irfVs;6ff:the-.-Qkanagan^;died.;
:ixTernohJast^vree^-'-i'VV;..;'.'-.ry "'
���:.: y. - (Clearing-Streams;'��� ' '
.TAKE' NOTICE that Josepli l?eter Keiiite",
whose address" is. Koch Creek, .will applj- for- a'
licence..to use'the-waters-of Rock Creek'for
"Clearintf Streams". ])itrpose, -li.e. clearing and
i'nipro'.Vin^r the stream for the ilrivinp," booming,
or raftin'f,',of logs).  .       -. ������"   f1--   ' -^
" The" points on the stream-between-.which it is
in'ouoscu.to clear are f ruin the "the c'o'nflueuce of
Hock Creek and-KetU.e Kiycr':to a.-poiiiCwher*
���tlie': Government wajjou - road .crosses "Rock
Creek 011 Lot No. iSW.'. f ., ,."', - "' .-'.' \
.'.The estimated mileapre" between -the said
points is'eipht niiies. ; Tlie, term proposed, for.
the-.lieense is,2b',years"; -���' - .._.'.-' ' .. ' -'. .,- ,
.This' -notice -iviis -posted. 611 -tlie'Kroimd foil
the 1st day of February, A.. D. 1P21". ��� -' " V
', A' copy;6f this notice and, aii application pur'
sua'nt tlieretofaml to the-" Water Act. J914" will
be filed, iii'-liite ofTice of tlie ...Water' Kecorileritt
Grand-Korks. -���.-;,.  ��� '���: '���    ., ��� ���       ,:       '
��� ..Objection ".tt).the" application may be filed
wiiti" the said' Waterf-Recorder or' with' the.
Comptroller of . \Vato.r Ritflus.:. Parliament.
i;"ulidiii(f, Victoria^ Hl.-C.f wjlhii'i thirty days,
after the first- appearance "of. this, notice, in. a'
.loeal nowsyaper. . -".-   u. f'X .' '��� -   y X
The'dftlc of the first "publication of tliis notice
i,. February 3rd,'A. D.1921. --       '-   ."        .  "
f-JOSIZrii riCTi:"R-KKANK,
Grimsby Reunion
An Old.Boys and Girls reunion
is on tapis at Grimsby,;Ontario,, fof
Augiisti>5, 2G.��R.d 27, 1921. pid
you. ever live in or near there?
The Old Home Gommittee wants
your name and address.
" SEALED TENDERS, superscribed "Ten
der for Midway Itriilfrr No. 15-43. .will be received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to 5 p. in. of Mondav. the 21st dav
of February. 1921, for tlic erect inn and completion of a timber hijrhwav itrulire' over Kettle
River, Midway. -..-���".
. ."Plans,. Specilicritions. Contract,.and-Forms
of Tender .may be seen nt-the Department of
Pnblic Works, Parliament IStiiMiu^s. Victoria,
or at the oflice of the District Knirineer. I'entie-
'toit.'-Copies of Plans mav be obtained upoii
payment of J5 which will be refunded upon re-
turirof plans iu (rood  condition.    - "   -
- Eacli proposal must'be accompanied bv an
accepted bank cheque on a clinrtered -bank of
Canada, .made, payable "to the IfoiKi'urable the
Minister of Publid Works, for tlle sum of ten
per centof.tiie amount of the tender as security
for the due fulfilment, of the Contract.Whicli
shall be forfeited if the partv teuderimr decline
to enter into contract when, called upon to do
so. or if he fail lo complete the .work contracted
for.     :" -. -. -,-."
.-Tenders will not be considered unless made
out ,<m the forms-.isupplied. signed with the
actual signature of tlio tenderer.-.
- The lowest pr any tender uot uecessa'tilv
accepted. -     .      -
,. - ��� '   -'   ���..-.' -; ;p. puiiiiiv   .'  -
'        .    .      " Public Works Engineer.
Public "Works lioparlniciit, - ..      '      -
Victoria.-U.C.. February Sih. 1921. .   ..     . ,
-Tenders for the. above' work li.ive been extended to live p.m. uf Mondav the 2Sth -dav o!
Februarv. 1<>>1. * ",.;"���-" - ���",-.-.
���������"  -;    -",    ".: '' .'-"' ������;,.P.'Pinrjp,'.
,,-_���'.-' ..-;-'  - Public, Works' Engineer.-   -
'Agents-Tor Chevrolet,'Dodge,-'Hudson,
Chalmers.,Cadillac- cars, -���''- Garage-' iti
iy-i.i JOHN GEASSICKv   /
_;''_. \\^cliniaker--and':.j'e\Veler.. -.,'"'
. VV/-.   ;.GRAND;FORKS   'Xy'.X'-X
Alail .your fwatcti. Tor.- Repair;and I-wili
' hiail it back."   Charges are:moderate." -.'.
"������.     DENTIST'   .V
All   the. -latest   methods , in;, high-class
.Dentistry.-"    -'..".'
"" Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets."
VANCOUVER.   -   -v   B;c;
v Wages-of- iamberjacks iii parts
of Ontario have been cut from $70
a month miuimdm to 845. '" -
Send a Float to your frieuds at
The Ledge has always  room  oace.      You   c^  get   them   gt
fnr r,ne> mhro r*A \ mi        -r      * ��.
for one more ad.
I The Ledge office;
Next Issue of Kootenay Telephone Directory
-:.;[..    Going to Press
���;.   The next issue" of the Kootenay Telephone.Directory closes on'V
��� '..March ist.f If.you are contemplatingftakihg^new -service, orXnakyX'X
\ ing any changes in.pi- additions to. jour present service,;y"oa'shoiild: r'.'-;
send in noti.ncatibn, in writing', not.'-.la'ter-'. than the.':-above 1uaUv..'-'in'-"'-"^
.   ' prdtr that you,.lijay take ."advanlagef of. tlie new'directorylistings;-V--::
Physician and Surgeon
That he has locatedj at Greenwood
Office    -   Guess Block.
Residence   -   Dr. MacLean's House
Office Phone 90.       Residence Phone 69
One of the largest hotels In
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson     - Proprietor
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBEKG    -   -  Proprietor
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
E. W, WIDDOWSOM, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8; Nelson, BV C.
Cliarges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. ��� Gold-Silver $1.75. ^old-
Silver with Copper or Lead J3.06. Silver-Lead $2.00. aSilver-Lead-Zinc J3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.   - -     ���
.   A10NUMENTS ' !���
FRONT ST.,      NELSON,     BOX 865
& 4* ^ 4s 4*fr *frfr 4 & *& <%>
TJ LOAT is not a periodic-:
7 al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations -all
told,, and is .filled with
sketches and stories, of
western-life.. ' It-tells-how1
a gambler cashed ,in after
'the'flush days of Sandorr;
how it rained in New Denver ���;. long, after. ISToah was
dead;-how a parson took a.
drink-.'at Bear Lake iii
.earty: days; how justice
was/dealt iri Kaslo in 93;
how. thefsaloon iman out-,'
prayed the women in Kala-
'=maz66,. and graphically de-
^, picts the . roamings . of a
western editor iamong the
tender:feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of :Nelspn and. a -romance
of the Silver King. mine.
In it- are printed . three
western poerris, and dozens
of ai-ticl es, too f,n ti nierdus
to mention. ' Send for one
before it is..too late. The
priccV.is &P .cents, postpaid; to any , part of the
world. Address allf letters tO"     '--..'". - ���' -'���' ''  ;"'' 'Xx
The Ledge
4. ^. ^ Jfr $. fyfr4*fr-frifrfr
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, arid Fence Posts, Farm arid
Fruit .Lauds. For Sale. List your lands
with nje,; .-.Haye a buyer for. good ranch
Dealer iiVSecond-hand, Furniture.
. -'. -, f and Clothes, Metals; .Sacks; ��� -",'��� X
X'xyX. iigraes.!- c;a.tt?.ef'"--''EtcT'': 'XXX
Synopsis of
land Act Amsntlmants
Mlnlmum^price   of   flrat-class   land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to ���'
$2.60 an acre. ,
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only. v-
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
��nd which Is non-timber land. ���
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each malting
necessary improvements on respective
claims. : f
Pre-emptor* must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
- MOO per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 6 years, and Improvements
of $10.00 per acre, inoludlng 5 acres
cleared and oultlvated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
, may reoord another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. ,.    ^
UnsUrveycd areas, not exceeding id
aores, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; oondltlons include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay tneadowB inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, Is made.      "      f ���,
* - ACT.
The scope of this Aot Is enlarged to
Inoludei all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within whioh the heirs or devisees'
^Sr \,d,*c*M6.d Pr��-��mptor may apply
for title under this Act ls extended
from for one year from the death of
such Person, as formerly, until one
K��ar after the conclusion of the present
yrftr# ..Thl" Privilege ls also made retroactive.
��� No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 2$. 1918
T������ are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys ac-
orued, due and been paid since August
���, 1914, on fcooount of payments," feet
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
interest pn agreements to purchase
.^n.��i ��*t3r Io's h,ld >>y members of
AJUed Forces, or dependents, acquired
direot or Indirect, remitted from enlistment to March SI.'1910 e
Provision made for Issuance of
Crown frants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who filled to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of oondltlons of xmro&ase. Interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase brio* duo and taxes may
be   distributed   proportionately   over
SSiTbHk ffflFti0Da muat *
ORAXINO.    * f
Grailng Act, lll��, for systematic
development of livestock industry provides for grailng districts and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or traveller*, uo
to ten head. w
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelling and Refining Department^
smelters' and refiners
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,; Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestoue,   Pig   Lead   aud Zinc
| Cbe Rumc Botel f
X nelson, B.C. ~ *
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block        -      *     Nelson
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
 Oroville -Trains
Autos For Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
The only up^to/date Hotel in the interior,    First-class
-^'n every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room. .
First ClasstJafe and Barber- Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
*��� V *T* *���* *V "��**��* *!* *fr *** *T* *V**V* *��"���* V    *���* *��* *V* *���* ^V* *T* *T"v* *��* *���
spmmtmmnmm mmmmmnmmimmmmmmmms
| For Good |
1 Job Printing I
H ���Economy and Satisfaction H
H combined with Promptness ||
H are the features which go to |f
% make up the Service we give fl
l~ our customers.     Are  you ~l
| one of them?                          %
B Letterheads, Noteheads,       %
ZZ ..                  (Ruled or Plain1)   '                '"                                        ZX
H ���   _      Envelopes. Billheads, .-.'._ _ _3
S�� ��.         (All Sizes)     ' ���              L���_          ,-,..���*     3
H Statements, Business Cards, 3
g Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. ]��
I The Ledge       PHONE 29      ]
B - GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   |��
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has prodoced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,722,603; tode
Gold, $100,272,431; Silver, 150,432,304; Lead 113,821,106; Copper, $153,680,965rJ -
"Other  Metals ,(Zioc,   Iron,  etc.); $18,818,487; Coal aqd Coke,   $199,123,323;
Building Stone,. Brick. Cement, etc, $29,991,757; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc.,
$785,918; making its Mineral Production to the end of 1919 show an
Aggregate Value of $670,649,894    '. T '
Production for Year Ending Deceinfcer, 1919, $33,296,313
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of anj other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in fehe British
Empire. ���
Mineral locations ara:gR^^fta$s<^
Absolute ^Am areVofcti^^V^
-:v'-'-VV:;",?? which ia guaranteed by.;?CS^w^r^JP8wajSu"-:iOSifs&:?V;-----" ^^-"^V-ff^i?^-"-"'' ���-��� v ������"���������"' ��� "' "���" X
X';Xi; i Full informatira;'^eiffiOT^tK^iu^^i||pt^'c^
������-���;. iyX -gratis by *ddre8&ng^:X%^f��^^


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