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The Ledge Apr 17, 1924

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Array //.
Now is the time to  Brighten up your Home
We have just received an assortment of
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
and Varnishes
For The    EASTER    Festivities
Swift's Premium Hams and Bacon.
-���. Peaches, Apricots, Strawberries,  Pineapple
in Heavy Syrup.
Lobster, Shrimp, Sardines, Etc.
Durkee's Salad Dressing.
Bananas, Oranges, Etc.
For Quality and Value Order From <  Phone 46
Just In A Big Line Of
Box, Bulk and Bars    -
Buy a box of these extra fine fresh Chocolates
for Easter
|?     Our Stock of J$
$ Ladies Silk, Lisle and Cashmerette
Hose has arrived
, JL
Prints; and Ginghams at 28c. a yard
We carry only the best stock procurable in     7
Beef, 'Veal, Pork,; Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
.7 A trial Will convince you
fProprietor |
Greenwood District Liberal
Tuesday, April 22nd, 1924
At 4 p.m.
Business:    Election of Delegates to Grand Forks-
Greenwood Riding Convention
Fit^ Reform
Made to your measure
Order yours now
W, Elson & Co,
..      .   -
Real Estate.      v
Fire,  Life Insurance
Licensed by B. C...Government,
Accident & Sickness Insurance
Auction off your surplus Stock
Call-"at.'iny Office and see me in
reference to any of above
New Spring Hats and
Now open for your inspection
Store Hours   '
8.30 to 10.30 a. in.;   2.30 to 5 p. in.
Office: Bank of Montreal Residence
near Post Oflice
Office Hours:
" Mou./Tues.', Wed., Tburs. "���'
io a.m. to 12, 2p.u_.t0 5 p.in, 7 to!
,  Friday, 9 a. m. to 1 p.m.
Greenwood Theatre
. Commencing at 8.15 p.m7.:
'"Inspiration Pictures Inc., presents.
There never has been a greater drama
of tlie sea! ..That's the absolute truth;
:"' [.- .---.- '.-_.. A triumph for ..  /���   :"-
afnd Dorothy GisK        '.,
You .live 'with these, folk:���"Boy"- ���
'.- Keytbn, the mate thcyfcalled.yellow;
7Minnie, the "Ximeliouse slavey who .--
7;ioved.hiiu;:"Dqg"'Leyto:i", the brute- ������
���. master ,wlio . .woiild f"'.'knock ��� the -
���woman but.of his son." '    "-���   -
9 Reels of moments too big for words
To My Friends, and Patrons
/ Thanking you for past favors and
hoping to see you aH again ih; the
near future. The Sunday Chicken
Dinner is oa aa. usual. Just", come
over the Hill to. the /Penticton
Hotel.where yoa:��� will receive the
same welcome as in the past./ /f
.    Tho8_ R. Hanson.
'"' Sister Mary Stephen,'. who- -21"
years ago came to the Sisters
hospital at Greeov^od, passed
away" at Rossland on Friday,
April 11th. Before taking the
vows of sisterhood upon herself
Sister Mary Stejphen. was known
to the world as Elizabeth Dooley
and was born ia. Ireland about 61
years ago. For over 30 years her
life had been devoted to the care
of ths suffering.
I Around Home f
J. B. Desrosier, of Osoyoos,
spent a few days in town last
'Dr. Acres and W. J. Cook, of
Grand Porks were in town on
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Garris and
two children returned this morning from Spokane.
\ High Mass will be celebrated
in the Catholic Church on- Easter
Monday at 9.30 a.m.
7Harry Royce left on Sunday
morning for Hedley where he has
secured employment.
--fMfs. C. J. McArthur, of Butte,
Mont., was visiting friends in
town ou Friday last.
7fR. W. Halcrow, of Penticton,
was renewing acquaintances in
town the first of the week.
/Dick, the delivery horse of
Taylor & Jenkin, died very suddenly ou Tuesday morning. 7 7
. Born���At Mrs. A. J. Morrison's
residence on Monday, April 14th,
to Mr. and Mrs. C..S. Floyd asoa.
-i George Sutherland returned to
Beaverdell on Wednesday after
spending a few days at his home
Mr. and Mrs Hanrahan and
daughter aud H. C. Stringer, of
Westbridge. were visitors to town
on Saturday.
. H. R. Bidder left ou Wednesday for the coast, where he will
probably remove his family if
business warrants it.
D, McPherson, the hustling
garage man of Grand Forks, sold
a new 1924' Superior Chevrolet
auto to A, N. Mowat last week.
-,. After having resided near
Bridesvillejor the past 16 years
Mr.- and Mrs.- J. F. Leigh ton and
family left recently for Vancouver.^
/Miss Lilly Pickthall is expected in from Allenby this afternoon and will spend a few weeks
in town the guest Mrs. G. S.
The Liberal-Conservative Convention for Grand Forks-Greenwood Riding will be held in the
Greenwood Theatre on Friday,
April 25th at 8 p.m. ..
/ - Mr; and Mrs... Willard Smith
motored in from Pasedena, Cal.,
via Portland : and Vancouver
reaching here last Friday mora-
and Mrs. Rr Lee. 7
On" Good Friday and Easter
Monday'the merchants, bank .and
government office will be closed.
The wicket atthe Post Office will
be .opened.on -Friday after the
4 o'clock mail is sorted..
_���;'��� The.attendance at J.;C. Cruse's
Auction last: Saturday was tair.
Prices were not up to expectations, the highest price for cows
wasVSS2..00.../.Hog's /sold readily
at varying prices, sows $41.00
to"$21.00, and:young pigs $12.50
to $9.00,7   ,7''7   ,    -",
, The "annual /meeting of the
Greenwood. District Liberal Association...willfbe.held' in Riverside
Hall; Rock.Creek, on Tuesday,
April -22nd._ at;4 p.m. Business;
Election of delegates to attend
Grand. Forks-Greenwood Riding
convention.,,    .
Greenwood is fortunate in ~ securing two. conventions next
week. The Liberal-Conservative
Party will hold a convention in
the Greenwood Theatre on Friday
April.25th''at .8 p.m., while the
..Liberal-Party's will- be held, on
Saturday^ April. 26th.
Mrs. Einery, ' postmistress at
Boundary.Falls;is leaving at the
end .of,the month and" unless the
Department can find- a suitable
person to Take over the business
,the7Post:Ofhce,at that. place will
be closed; -Twenty-five families
get mail at Boundary Fails, -    ,,
A soccer game has been arranged to fake place on the
hockey grounds at Kettle Valley
on Monday, 21st April, between
a team from Greenwood supported by some players from Grand
Forks- and a team from the
Kettle Valley district. Kick off
has been called for 2.30 p.m.
Major R. Gray will act as referee.
West Fork Waitings
Paul Triadou and Jack Ferroux
went to Midway Mondays
Mr. Burgess, of Spokane, motored to Beaverdell this week.
Sam Matthews, of Grand Forks,
inepeoted his mill at Carmi recently.
Mrs. Rusch, of Rook Creek,
visited friends in Westbridge on
MrB. Powers, of Midway, visited
with her daughter at Beaverdell
last week.
D. McPherson, auto dealer of
Grand Forks, made a business trip
up the West Fork Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtz and Archie
Archer motored oyer from Molson
Sunday, visiting with Mr. and Mrs.
John O'Hara.
Hugh McKinnon made a trip to
Bridesville Saturday. He has
commenced operations in his new
mill at Rhone.
Ed. Styles, road bos3, moved his
gang up to Beaverdell on Monday
to complete the portion of road
started last fall.
ThevWestbridge Hotel replenished '- the empty stomachs of many
tourists both local and American,
over the week-end.
C. A. Butler and party of the
Butler Garage, Penticton, were displaying a few of Henry's latest
models here Sunday.
Mr. Saunders, of Beaverdell,
motored to Penticton last weekend. THie wife and family accompanied him on his return.
The game law allows us to catch
only 25 trout at. a time.. Tough
luck I Hardly worth while going
out for only half an hour fishing.
Gordon Haskell is trying to invent an attachment, whereby be
can attach his broad axe to hia
new .flivver and. make it hew the
The roads are good and Bush's
orchestra will draw a big orowd to
Greenwood on Friday, May 2nd,
when a big social dance will be
Floyd Loomas, custom officer at
Molson, Wash., and wife, And Mr.
Avery, manager of the Molson
State Bank, motored to Westbridge
,. Summer has arrived! ThewoWl-
ticks are ticking, the house flies
are buzzing, and the mosquitoes
have juafi signed a two month's
contract to drill for the sanguine
fluid on all suitable locations.
' Mr." and Mrs. Frank Buckless
motored down to. Kettle Valley
on Sunday, visiting at the home of
Mrs. Shillcock. f They report hav��
ing witnessed an exciting hockey
match between the residents of
Kettle Valley and . the citizens of
the "Cripple Gate," country.
The farmers around Rock Creek
are very busy with their seeding.
Already many green patches on the
slopes, show rewards for their
labors. A little more; humidity
howeves: would be, appreciated.
Disappointed American tourists
visiting that town on Sunday, report it almost as dry as Calvin
Coolidge'a country. -
There are bugs with wings, both large
aad small,
Some wild aud some quite teine,
The wood-tick has no wings at all ,7   .
But he gets there just the same.
Combination to Resume
The Combination mine of the
Eholt Mining- Co., will resume
operations ia the coarse of a few
days. C. R. Garris, who returned from Spokane this morning,
will be ia charge.
.  Clean-up Bay
Next ^Wednesday, April 23rd is
the day set apart for the annual
clean up day. - Every back, yard
and alley way is expected to be
cleaned up. The city will have
a team and wagon to .gather up
all the refuse placed ia heaps or
barrels on the streets. Make
Greenwood a city beautiful.
Meeting of the Greenwood district Rod and Gun Club will be
held in the old school house,
Midway, on Friday, May Sth at
8 p.m. instead of April 25th.
Kettle Valley Notes
Miss Fernstrom returned to
Revelstoke on Monday.      ''
Matins and Holy Communion
will be held in the Anglican
Church on Easter Sunday at 11
o'clock.    ��� =
A football match will be played
on the hockey grounds on Easter
Monday at 2.30 p.m., Kettle Valley vs Greenwood. If it is not
scientific it is sure to be amusing
to watch, so spectators turn out
and have.a laugh at our expense.
The annual hockey match
Kettle Valley vs Meyers Creek
last week resulted in Meyers
Creek winning by 6 to 5, after a
very fast and keenly contested
game. Major Gray kindly "ref-
ereed the game. The teams were:
Meyers Creek���A. Roberts, E.
Richter, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. B.
Gane; J. Jacques, F. Richter, F.
Letts, J. Harpur, E. Walker, T.
Walker, o Miss E. Thompson;
Kettle Valley���J. Lander, J.
Thompson, Miss Sterling, B.
Gane, Frank Bubar, B. P. Hardcastle, R. Norris, Mrs. Rock,
Paley Wilson, H. D. Hamilton,
Mrs. Hamilton.
Midway Warbles
The bright lights of Chinatown
are dimly burning.
The Midway Cubs were taken
out on a route march last Saturday
by R. D. Kerr.
The ball team is fast rounding
into shape under the "eagle eye"
of Manager vBrown. i
H. H. Pannell has 800 eggs in
his incubators and expects to have
1000 by the end of the week.
A goat ranch would' be a great
asset to the town, provided the
goats were of the tin-can eating
variety..-.,..'..  ~r,y    _,     7.   W.���
Someone said that G.' O. Guise
has gone into the cattle business.
He brought down a nice herd from
Rock Mountain the other day.
Road-foreman Ferguson with a
gang of men is putting the roads in
fine shape. ' Motorists should have
no kick on the roads around here.
Scotty Fawns was in town the
other day on business. Someone
said that Jimmie Moran tried to
purchase jSeotty's green painted
X'Yes we have no   Bananass",
but we have a fine big fiat here,
suitablejor .the .landing andjrising..
of  airplanes.     Spokane    readers,
please note.
Mrs. ��� John L. Bush and son,
Farmers, were np from '"Spokane
last w.eekon a flying visit to Mr.
Bnsh. They returned on Saturday
morning again. ,
- Another cold wave struck Midway Sunday evening, coming from
the direction of Roek Creek. The
natives are wondering if ice bergs
have again appeared in the river at
that place.
' John Champa moved' his family
into town last week. John has
purchased a new Briick Four from
Republic, Wash. He says- it has
brakes on all four wheels eo that
he will not upset going round -
corners any more.
A radio message received from
Rock Creek last Saturday evening
stated the Provincial Police had
swooped down"on the "Old Burg '
pulled of! some strong arm stuff,
and departed with the goods, under
a shower of "farewells'' from some
bf the natives. A later message
stated that frfaeold burg was so dry
that it was- cracking, and some of
the natives were downhearted.
"Pink.TeaB" and "Showers" are
the order of the night around the
Burg at present. A few nights ago
one of the natives gave a shower
in honor of some of the Tie Manufacturers, from across the Border.
From authentic reports received,
the affair was a "howling" successf.
Some able speeches were delivered
onthe manufacture and inspection
of ties, etc. The guests took their
departure in the early morning.
Other - reports state that some of
the guests took more than their
James  Kerr is  on aa bifida!
trip to Penticton. I
Women!  Dye Faded
Things  New  Again!
or    Tint    any     Worn,
Garment or Drapery
finer tea and more of it
A Friendly Note Of Warning
When u man occupying tlio im].6i.t_uU nnd' high ollice of [.iouten.uu-Ciov-
< mor of a Province reels it incumbent on him to lift his voice in public protest agaiust ihc selfish attitude of people in Eastern Canada regarding; matter!, ol' viuil concern lo tlio prosperity and development oC tlio Provinces of
Western Canada, it i.s lime for those same .'..astern people and interests io
awaken to tho fuel that lh..y are playing a nationally dangerous game.
Lieutenant-Governor Brett, of Alberta, i.s not. a man to speak hastily or
without giving duo com-.idoration to the effect any statement from a man in
his position may have. He i.s a highly trained professional man, absolutely
impartial, strictly non-parlizuu in a political .sense, and intensely loyal to f
Canadian ideals and institutions. Vet on the occasion of a recent visit to
Ontario ho was, to use his own words, "goaded to exasperation" over the
attitude, assumed.by Eastern people towards tho West and its needs and problems to such an extent that he made known his mind in a newspaper interview in the course, of which he risked the very pertinent question: "If a barrier was placed at Von. William, what would happen to all the Eastern industries"
Answering his own  micsnoit.  Dr. Ih'eU declared  ihey would  be ruined.
Yo;  Eastern interests go on blindly, and  with a self-sufficiency amounting
to smugness, declaring to tho world and 'convincing themselves that they owe]
nothing to, the West; that on the contrary, il is the East that has made an<i j
developed the West, and thai his section ot the. Dominion is heavily in debt j
to them. .     j
A University   at Sea
��� Six  Weeks' Visit to the  British   Isles
i and Continent
��� In all rosnecls the steamship Met;tc
, gania will present a university ai sea :
! when she sails from Montreal on June ;
1 i
J 2'j with more than 200 students from j
i various .Canadian universities, who are ]
j acer-pring the invitation of" the Over- j
I seas Educational  League to visit Europe this summer.
According to the itinerary, the parly
will "disembark at Glasgow  for a  .sis ;.].,,
weeks' visit to the. 1-h'ilish  Isles audi
the  continent.      Tho  P.rilish  Empin
Exhibition will be visited, as well as ;
historic scenes of London and dislrids             _.	
In Scotland, tlie    Sir    Walter    Scott. |:      ; ;
country.   Slratford-on-Avon,   and   Ox-j Paris   Doing   Away
ford, and the fourth and fifth weeks j With  Street  Sweepers
will be entirely taken up by Loudon.! 	
I'he party will go to France during I lie i Modern   Machinery   Taking   Place   of
last  week, and  will sail  from South- Women Workers
ampton on the Empress of Scotland on      The   old   woman   who   shivering.y
\ugust 1G for Canada. sweep the narrow streets of Paris havo
lost their fight against modern.machinery. The city lias decided their
usefulness ls ended. Henceforth only
one vacancy lu three will be filled,
aud before long these jobs will bc
abolished as their.holders die or leave.
These women once were among the
picturesque sights of Paris, swinging
I U.S. Airman Makes
Altitude  Record
��� I
!   ...     . ���  ^^^-^^^
j Each lGcent package of "Diamond
j Dyes" contains directions ko simple
any woman can dye or tint any
��� old, worn, faded thing new, even if
jshe has never dyed before. Choose
! any color at drug store.
Painful Sprains, Bruises
Restored By Nerviline
Tliere i.s soothing power in Nerviline ihat has .made it famous for nearly
fifty years past.     ft sinks in deeply.,
it penetrates quickly, it takes away '��� their long-handled, brushwood brooms,
the pain from a sprain and brings
grateful relief to bruised, aching muscles. If your joints are_ stiff and you
are suffering from Rheumatism or
Lumbago; if Neuralgia bothers you
I now and again, use trusty old "Nerviline." It works wonders, whether
tho pain is internal or external. Get
ti large 35 cent bottle from your dealer
Hoatzin Is Valuable Bird
���The hoatzin is a bird  that swims,
breaks rocks with its bill, and resembles a bat.
The University of Pennsylvania.ex-
pedltion, sailing for South America j
to explore the Amazon Vnllcy, ...will
try to bring back all thc hoatzins il
can find, it is announced, as their niar-
valuo    in    America is ?50,000 a
beginning at dawn. But now- with
few remaining there is more "of pity
than of romance in the sight. It
won't be long until some good old woman will be photographed leaning on"
her witch-like broom aud written
about for the newspapers as the last
of the sweepers.
His- Flesh Horribly Burnt
Below    Zero    Encountered    at
Height of 23,411  Feet
Lieutenant Harold R. Harris, of Me-
Cook Field, established a new un oflicial altitude record Mr. airplanes
carrying a load of 551 pounds, when
tho*Ilight was made with little preparation in comparison with previous unsuccessful attempts. instruments in
the plane showed that a height of 2S.
LU feet had heen reached and littje
change from this is expected on Until
The former record was held by Adjutant Bury and was established on
liourget, Eunice.. June IL 15)23. when
a height of 27.76S fccLvns attained. .
Lieutenant Harris was in the air
about an hour and a half. A tempera tui'o of 50 degrees below zero w.is
encountered at the peak altitude,
Lieutenant Hani., said, a compass on
the plane lilled witli alcohol having
been frozen to a cake of ice when ho
... For making soap.
For washing dishes.
For cleaning and disinfecting
For removing ordinary obstructions from drain pipes and
Carried Out Execution
When a man in Dr. Droit's position even so much as hints in a published)
i niece
interview at tlie possible effects of cutting the, Dominion iu two tit the head of j '���       '	
the lakes, and follows thal_;iip by. calling upon the people of the west to real-j .   ".
:ize the absolute importance of "continuing fo hammer away until they have, a j ��pRIW{]   IMPURITIES
real voice iu their own affairs," If is, we repeat, time for the East to give heed <
���io   tiie-stale, of   fueling, i1k-\ : are   themselves, engendering-. In  this  Western/
country; ���. .'   '-'.-'.- 7__-'-.:,   .:,-':[-. - "���,.   y [X ���' xyy .-    ..'..   Xy        '        ���" .
-.   '"Wo do not believe .-tliere-is u.(Hv..Ui;ni':i. mere handful of.people in Canada
who Vould like' to 'see.""ihe .Dominion;, divided inlofiwo. separate.'.and distinct j
���-D.ritisli co'iiiinonweaUhri!-. east,nnd7wc)ir.._. ,-Af the. sain'efiimir there enrunqu','.--- J
. tioh.ibly-thousands Svho.'-believe 'ihat'ecpnohiically.-West^rirCanadafwouid be".:
��� much- better".off;-;and" decidedly "m_ort'> prosperous, 'if ;il7yas..reliovod-;-!'rom tlu-
"'-li.tiidicirps' imposed.upon .-it- through-Kasi��'rn" selfishness .and's.elf-iuteres 1/
the 'memory oC the soldiers of Denain
who died during the Great War, and
of the Canadians buried in the cemetery there.
The  monument  is   surmounted   by
a large figure of peace and bears in
the front below the figure, the statue
of a French poilu.     The back shows
the entry into Denain of Gen. Currie
His druggist sold him a cheap Acid . aud the troops of the Canadian c<5rps.
corn remedy, instead   of   giving   him :Round the base aro inscribed all the
good old reliable Putnam's Corn Ex-.j u   -    ]die     from the town
tractor which has been lor fifty years i , -,        ,   ��� ���
the Standard remover   of   corns   and ; of Denain who were killed and the
warts.     "Putnam's" never fails, it is '-names of the Canadians-buried in the
Canadian Memorial Finished
Remarkable     Monument     Has    Been
Erected at Denain, France
Sir Arthur Currie litis received notification  of completion of the monument erected at the town of Denain  Hubert Thome, of the K.C.M.P., has
ln the Department Du Nord, France, to j j-ecently reached Edmonton, bringing
Mounted Police Officer Returns From
a Trip to Far North
Completing his trip of many thousands   of   miles   by dog train, Sergt.
A'.Tonic Medicine a Necessity at This
���.'   ......   .     ��� SeasonV ���.
'���" l)r7 \rilMams.. Pink Pins'.are an all-
year-round tonic for - the blood -and
nerve's; .-- But tliey are especially' valuable.' "in the spring wheii. Uie system is   the storm
always- a success.      25c everywhere;"
Itefuse a substitute.
L__ "~���"������~~
A Magnificent Edifice
Thousands   of   Curious   People. Visit
New Union Station at Toronto
Hundreds  of curious  citizens daily
take advantage of the opportunity to
visit, and view fhe new Union Station
of  Toronto,   described. as  without  a
superior on" the continent.   With curiosity piqued by a two years' sight ot
closed doors, with interest roused by
of controversy    over-   the
the paying  cil.l-
i loaded with impurities as-.;v result..-���of.
'.'-. .v'i'li'.". West demands the' coiiipletion oI't'hvITudsonf'Day railway.. 7 Kveryj the indoor- lite of the. winter months
;";-po!iiicar-party'-in; Canaila'f-'ha's "approved "i;s. cons: ruction-and'pledged-tlU'n^'|.Tiu'l'e i-s  li0
X- selves ".ui-i't. ��� iVei'trie,'fihaii'ei';i!.7Lriinsp'oi,tatio)i and-'-, commercial iiiterests-'ol'!
f'--Montreal". Toronto." Quebec-/aiul 'the Marifime" Province se'fiports have been; v\\\s- helps'.to -enrich
-'���'--  ...I-     __ ��� .1       , 2 _,! I ���  .    -      ���
"doors'"-, opened, 1,700 .people had-
-in tli,- spring, tho .appetite " is often j bedii= admifted,^'aud- atotal" of .nearly
-���poor���Dr.   Williams';" Pink ". J'ill-i'.deV. '1.000 "curious people.;, saw . the ' white;
other  season'- wheii   tlu ,
. S; blood is >,<>. much in .need of purifying j: 'Au f.hm'1'.. before
"! and o"nriching,..and'every .dose; of/those
the blood...
sttccessiuf in denying this much-needed outlet to ihc- West... -���   -   .-' ;   .  ���Ir.l'ie'-.sjinng.one foeis; weak and iir:.-..-- . lh-0
'��� "     .The \Vest. stands badly.in need/of branch lino* of railway witlimu wliiW" >^ Wiliiams'-Pink.Piils give strength:'
-tens, ol' thousands; of soliiers anV.s'irugKling to" eke out ah e.vktencl.'..^ These.
"railway  situation,1
| zens come.to see.
the tinie set for
opening on.-.the first day. there were
:.!".; signs foi a line-up.   . Two,hours after
(Ir��� I
cemetery there.   ._-���;..:,.'.      ".
Denain was captured on October 21,
101SV ���-" :X^ ':���   ��� 'y
Beware of Imitations!
branch lines are likewise essenljal a.s' fe'e.lers -to-.'iiie; great u-anscontinenrat j Vlij0p" -the." appetite.,-lone the stomach
;iln..:;-.(jf:-our National railways; but j'jasferhjiutere.si'.s -opposi'fi'-,io-;_(.rOver.nmen.t"j and aid .weak dige's'tfion.'  . .It is in;, the j
''spring; that-.poisons iu the "blood-* find-j
aii outlet in disiiguf-ing pimple'
tions and' boils���Ur.   "Williams
ti' i I 1     ._        1 _ r _..   T . _, ���_  L'l-       ..   .. .-    I   .    _,. 4- i _-. *,'      t ������-. ^ttr^-.ri.t ii._i I   I'.il   --ri'twili. I    loml KIHIi    ..'I
The. West lias-learhe(l-"frriinf:biirerf'e-\peri(-nee't'ha.t-.ii caiinor." develop 'ii'nd'-pi'os-
' per-under--sjticli;''a".Jiahdiciip. '-' If tin- Tin si' "insists upon/ami ���must'-have-this'
7_iriiiidal slimuiti's.-.-lei ."tiiem have'.it., but- give to ".the West;.; whicli-;,c;m .stand
(("li.'-i'ts .own fee.!, ahd.doe's "not- reiiuirefartilieial -'supports., freedom.-in.f regard'
���to its own fiscal "policies and n'e��'ds.- - . -.'-.- -' .,��� .'-; "���-' -��� y. i 'y
.*'-���-.'i-'he' Western 'Provinces can only ��� obtain- '"a r<al. voice.'in ..r.hi.ii'-ow.n 'ai'-
lairs'" by .secession, hy oulf.-voting-the-.Hasi. in tlie llouse76f'Comhions,'or by
- convincing a'he'.t';i st- ns'.to'.thogustlce.-.ahd.iiiec.<^si.i.y of admitting the West ion
ownership have thus Tar succeeded in blocking.consinicfion. ���  -"--.
'    - The K_istrue-.laros.it cannot'survive .unless its nianufacntrhig-nidustries
bolstered iip, by high, tariff pi-ofectiotf imposed, on- lhe whole^DQmiuifm.'j-p-j'^ "^/'tj^ <Z^[n bonause. tlie.v ;go.;;u-e   tlio." n..iuies...of- cities   of -Canada,
^ aie-rootoffthe troub!efiii.11icvi)Ioo(l..iLb,^.]in.^
:lu. the" spring   anaemia,- 'rheumatism,       - -    -
iuarbled editice' on" .th'e;/irsf day.- Day"
after day the crj'wd'has not subsided;,
erup"-1 -   Carved1" in ." a'   hiarble panel,"-and'
Pink-Lsiro'lcliinX round;the"walls,..high up,
with him the oflicial report of the
hanging of the two Eskimos at Herschel Islaud. Sergt. Thorne carried
north the confirmation of tho death
Bolh men were hanged in the old
"Done House" of the American whalers on Herschel Island by Special
Constable Gill, who was sent north
by way of the Mackenzie last yeai
for the execution. Both met their
fate with the stoicism of the Eskimo.
Both men had a long list of killings
to account for, and each was feared
by the other natives of Coronation
Gulf and tho^country to the east;
neither of them will be regretted and
for many nioono, as tho Eskimos discuss the topics of the day In -their
igloos by Ihe light of the blubber oil
lamps, the story of the fate of ,'\'i.
omlak and Tatamagana will be produced for the benefit of thot.e who,
desiring a wife, prooeed to render
her a widow preparatory to a new
lJn spite of ihe fact that Sergt.
Thome was held up by uiihl weather
lasi fall in the Yukon, he lived up to
the expectation of the force that the
mountles are to bc at the right place
at the right-time, and rushed the last
"200 miles of his flying trip over the
ice and snow and trotted his dogs
into the station at Iler-jchel Island one
day before the dale set lor the execution to find that ihe condemned men
were to be granted a reprieve until
Feb. 1." ���
less',: si retch down the vast floor areas"
ivoubles" are. most persistent." because ^Deauty as welPas- efficiency is tliukey-
of-poor. 'weaic-bloo'd. and.it is at", ibis' no to unused aiid wHl continue -".to :.re-
main"'so"-for. someytinie yet."    - .-'-
.Tn-tiio liiiiln- waiting room, .row
'���larger., measure .'uf._a.ijthprij.y in jlefermining. finest ions...vi
affecting'life W'es.t.   .     ���"..-.-    f   ���...'..   ���". ��� ���"-" -.   . - ������   ���'���
-Secession should, and AYiit-be,;seriotisly'.considV.red on
-ate .rented v.-'.   '  ,- -.     '-  -.,-.   '-Xy..   .-.[��� y-   :'.'-���'" \y. -X -yX'      ''.'-���   ���������'':
The-ability-to out-v.oi.e' the. Eastern.-'PnniiK.es".can' only. come..with'���oho
time when. rill: nature" takes ,'ou'- new
lite .thai the ' blood ..most"' seriously
needs attention... -Some, people dose
'themselves' with ;purgati ves; but.these
only'.fur.th'er ..weaken, themselves.    -. A
a nil ipritiiarjly .j, purg'a tivo -inerely ��� ga.llops-T.lu'ougli "tlie
;  j system, emptying "the,,fbowe!s;-but;does
hot "lielp -thb.: bloodf   '" On" the .-other.
hand.  Or., Williams' Pink  Pillsjonrich
tin;"-blood which -reaches .every' organ
"JiK.sr "last desjifi':'
softly;, curved', "and highly . jiolished
benches" offer "com fort to'the expected "public.". "T!ie;qak"-pane]led resia'ur-
aiit chamber-rivals ihaiiy a pretentious'
. Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" oil.
package or on tablets you are not get-!
ting .the genuine Bayer Aspirin proved :
safe by millions   and-, prescribed - by
-   Colds  -. .,' Headache '
.Toothache.     "..Lumbago
7'. . Neuritis '  . .7.   ; Itheumatistri- -. -:
' ..Neuralgia^ * - Pain,; Pain:' -: 7
-. - Accept "."Bayer -f Tablfot'a .^of.. Aspirin;'
-only.'."; pach"-' unbroken' package co'n.-
.talns.proven, clircctlons." Handy,boxes-
bf twelve tablets cost few cents.'Drug-?
gists also sell-bottles of '24.'and'-lOO.'
Grain Shipments Westward
"^An average of 90,000 bushels dally
of wheat has been moving from Edmonton to Vancouver for shipment
���from that port. During a recent seven-day period 526 cars of grain, chiefly
wheat, were Examined and graded by
the government inspectors nt-Edmo��i-
ton.     . -    -   >
hi tne
inously .increased population,-whielt"inercas��' is .beingfdeliiye'd l)(j'eii.use'of-.t.l'i'o ; and  vigor .t'o 'weak,'easily
iiandicaps imposed on the West.'  --.-,;...;.. X, -���-_..       .'.   ,:    ' -,."'. ���". ���'_-' ���  '      '"'.''
The sane, sensible,' parrioiu':'"solution i.--for. ,the  yasl."t.o -abandon" their
hotel.    ."Luxury for. tlie traveller ..-that
nov'i'i; conies, lias not.been forgptj eh : Aspirin Is .tho' trade, mark (registered!
body, bringing ; new-"-.'strength |'iu  j(je- ���<whitfi elephant" of- Toronlo.' in. Canada)  of.. Bayer.Mahufacturo,of.:|
tired men,!,..  ... X���y. -.-_.....:...,,,-._..;, 7.-i.:;-���.. ,,^"���..v.i".,   Monoacetlcacldesto'r   of'Sallcyllcacld.
, 0-.. .....   ...-,-, ... -��� ii_. ���-   reoin- ni   ������l/ofless  white-m-irbleMonoacctJcacldost.or   ui: -o_iiii;,i��.-iiviiu. ,
'women and children."..   Try -Dr.-. 'WU- i -"* '" l(fom- or  --WW a* wmteiniiDe   whlle lt. ls. wcu.-kn6wii-that.Aspirla.1
���-������-���-���'������ - enjoy -either shower or bath, "
iiams';  Pink   Pills, this
room;' ot
.pTing���they -he' may
prvsi-iil-attilu.de' of regarding .the West,-.as...one
ol'-a governess, ami -frankly, a-diiu'ui ng'.tlir.- l-iglit
..mining voice, in ihat t-rs"; -absolutely vifa'lto.t hei
���   tliat -"uiiity- esse'nliaT- ft67eaiiada's7ail:!o'iir'id';- devolopnient and-prosperity
iia" a "nation can nWr-bo" realised unless.the kast abandons-it's.._present; sc.l.isli
- and" arrogant o\ eiiordship." " S i; is" the TCastenratiitud.i. tliat-. proyides-'fuel -for
���lhe. .spirit of bitterniws whicli'-it. would -be idhrtqdf nyJdo^s t-xisr'in-tlie'-'W-est..
fi-East and West-fare to grow' together, the ouh aiding-and'"assisting tho.-.other."
there-luustf be a vadicalchauge c>f iittitu'de east of the Great DaUeK....   .-     ...
i. will not.'disapp.oiuf.'.you
paper put-1 -it, a child-lir.need.p sold by till medicine1 dealers or. sent j R^:-en i10avily lahl cork flooring haslets of Bayer Company if
of-Wesk-rn.people; to.a deter--fby. mail., t 50c a box^y Mie Dr..\yiK bPen'ltlid'��i61iii.a 'the Vlcknls'. elis.,-.foi��! *$ v;ithf^.FCn(!ral'tra'
r own welfiireahd nfosresj   ���    Hams'- Medicine- Co.. Brockville, Ont.   -     -...., , - ' ���    ,���",>-'���  "Bayer. Cross.    -���.-.: -;
i iiwii.wuhiii. ,mn I'lusn*;. ..   lliv'   .     "--.w -; ���. '..   ...   .���;     .. the. employees- who must- perforce, use      .    , .     .-   --    --'
"Trrimig'rants' For West
-   . The- Motor .Car In Canada '-:   .;.
.f'fiie. siriib.'ij "uiadeby.ihe automotivii
'industry during (lie .lasl-.dec'ade-.-.iinvi:
.Jieen:"Vi"!iiMrk'iibi'!.f-7.-'ri,iK: :ri'iotor,C!ir7is-- ed -'"at 'lIallf��xf-r��{Cf.n't.ly..';. Those "new
7no"!oiiger'regar(led.,:i.s'.fn- ltixhry. -   It isefilers travelled fo ���;.Wiiuupeg;-over
--iias-' attained fits" light'ful'j'piiio.e.as. a   Canadian  .Vaiio'mil  linos ��� inr;dis'tri!)ii:
utility. -". Tho'lirs't. 'aiilo was-soki- in"', tioiv IJirqugiiout (.he vyi'-si.,.. . .-'-';- .',.
Canada . in7TSGO,-.- "rod:tV- th/f-total 777, -'-:'���';: yX-X.-.-. ^7^""   '.���- '"': .;:_.'���
registration   -runs -close "to.'  556,000;'  . Qn>\- Xi.w Vo>k. physiciari'-'says
-,'.'. Discover: Coal.Seam    . ;- .. -
r.-.-'Escavations.-'oiv-'.liie- banks oi' the.
Little 'River for coal, within- theflimits
of the-city of- Priiice . Alberl, have
struck a-:wldeiiuig'" seam -of harder
aiiaiii'y.''epal'.>; ..Tlii7 engineer, at  the.
i work, a man of practical- niitiinV ex-
t-     '    '
p'eri'-thce, --dociares the- merchantable
V f>ix qfcean-Jitiers with a total;.of,-2,105 }-^oa, ij,-vr}tbiU'm0a^urabie",ilisfiince in
-in"! migrant:* lor'.W.osterti ..Canada'doek;. -x    rnijie     -"  "        - -'      "   " ��� - '
Material' man ��� con  want' for nothing, j the public against .imitations,,tho. Tab-
fill be stamp-
trado mark," tha
Business Sense
;   Saleslady    (to   storekeeper) .-
tleinan asks if   this   undershirt
shrink. -x        ~ "
���   Storekeeper.���Does it fit him?
Saleslady.���No, it's too large.
Bayer, manufacture;,to assist;-    storekeeper,-���Yes,    of    course
leg power; to .pursue their daily work;
Makes; .Food Taste Better
Oflicial..slaUsticS..show.-, 'ihat. l)')ftA~f) [ business uie.n :'wh6. oc��hipy dllices-""on
autos entered Canada, during 1.922��� foi-; th(-'"tipp..r tioors of the .great Mcyse.rap-;.
touring. piirpoS'Sv representing a iraf^ j ers gs:?, ilighi.y ;ift.e"r a.few yc'strs.. and
'iic..vaMe or ?l70,00,0,i00'.; 'Thus''th'ej-j]iilV'S_*iniiUinp. a "change, become, iriiidf
auto'took fourth'place as- a ;revon"ue"; jy insane.
"-���-��� _\*0' matter -how good your, fish - or
fmeaf. liiay'be, whotiier'a .roast,-n chop;
,.a .steak, "poultry;or- game:' -  Clark's
that j. Toma to "'Ketchup "improves" its- tasto.v '
"Let.the Clark :Kitc!iens,herp you."
,-producer.���Froin'the Saskatoon .Slur.
(���'���-'       '.'Says-Horse .Wil!'Go
.-- Professor. Fiui'oiig of the fv'hiversiry
lOf-.C'iUifornia,   says   that.-in   another
. When some people   are-  unable
.do- a tiling '.they boast of ft.    .
 .  1 century  the hor^e. will,-be.- extinct .on
No reliable estimate" ofthe eompar-j our >oiitinent7;7Ho ^,W>iire about
this "that-lie. is'now collecting skeleton
. specimens' of horses for the California
���'�� Mufniimi.'   . .
. The Poor .Man's Friend.���Puf up.in..
small bottles thai-'are-easily- portable
'antl.-sola.'-lor a" very'- small; sum...Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil.possesses' pow:.-
er in-concontralfd form. .; Its. cheap-.-
ncsrf-.and.-he Varied-uses. to. which' it
.caif bo-put ,makp it the;poor, man's,
friend.' No difaler's -stock-Is complete'
witliout it.      .    ���    .....' '-.' -���'''-"'
Warfare of the Future
The. name .'of '.Rothschild.'.so famous in finance;-signifies.---in . German
"Red Shield,'', and Is taken '1'rqiiv;t'ne.
sign'.of-'a'- s.li'op iii-rtho Jewish "quarter
of.-.Frankfqff, ,where the ��� foundations
of" the family- fortunes "were" laid,.. ", '.;������
,The only gold "coin in general use
In Egypt and the Sudan is the British
to:-a live-wealth of nations lias been pub
jlished sirieo 131 J.        ._   xi'Xix
A Harmless Substitute fphteferfOii;:-;Paregoric; .Drops
7-7:. _ - and Soothing Syrup^^" No Narcotics      7.
' ��� Mother'' -' Fletcher's" Castoria ' has - latlon' of Food;  giving -natural -sle��j>
...otier.     * �� I. , jv.lthqut 01,jates,..:,The gesuino bears
��� Leen in use for,over ,.0 jeara to ��. ,   {    dt ro-   j -. ���..-.,,..  ..,-._������
lievb' babies and children-of "Constipav
Flatulency,';.'. Wind ";'-Colic " aad j
IJi.UTl.o"a; a!!*'\ing. Feveiishhess r.rls-; :
Ing.UiereVrom.'anu',- by regulating, the i .
'fc'.oaiii-;^ aid Kov.dsr.^id.-.ilni-ii^uai;.'...;
Prize For Grain Exhibit ,
-As an added inducement for Canadian farmers to exhibit theh- products
at the Chicago Ihtornaiiorial Livestock
Show, this year,- the .Winnipeg Grain
Exchange has donated ?-">00, to be added to"prizes given by:.llie Federal and
Provincial Governments to the Canadian farmer .-jvho wins the grand championship. in"7 the grain section of-.the
.show.- 7      ,.-���  ���- ' : -. ��� - .     '-   ".
WiLti, so '.thorough.:ii- preparation.at
hand as iiitier's; "\Vonn -Pbwslers .the
mother who allows-her- children: to
puffer from'the ravages of. worms'1 is
unwise-, and . culpahl>" careless.- . A. plant's 7
child ���siibje'c(od"-to -;the' attacks of
worms is always- unhealthy, and will
he stun.ted iit its growth'.-. ...It", is a
merciful act to rid it of these' destruc-
flvo partt-'-ile's, especially wheii-it, can
be done without diiliculty.
Claims Future Wars, pan Be Fought
-. With 'Invisible Raya,    7.
-Wars of the'future can* be-fought
witii��� invisible.- .rays,"-which-, create," a
.zone- death, ia-which everything explosive or, liillainmablo will Ignite, anti
even inetals wiil be.reducc'd'to a 'molten- mass. -     ."���'-���"   ;;"���".-
7 That 'is the, declaration of II. Crin-.
deli-Ma.tthewt;,   scientist, who   claitns
ti> have in vented .si ray projector-al-'
ready effective over short distances.   '
v At the present stage'of his experi-'
mchts,'  6rindell.--AIaUlK.vrs   lias .'.sue',
cecded iii extending a-ray until-at, a;
distance f of .-40 -feet il;-"explodes cart:
ridges. and gunpowder,-   Ignites -, sub:'
stances "��nd".-. kills "mice" and "shrivels
<   ity NIGHT
(    MEW   iNiurm. y
tnut* 'Of. rMi *ri c**i ���������� mwiuki cg_��ic*Mjtti��
There are 56"4.5J0,000 Christians in
the world and. twice that fiiany non-
AH    women    are    born equal, but
' some spoil it. by getting married-.
Minard's Liniment for Headache
7; WW. " N.~tl.'..;' 1520 ~X
X, Grindell-Mafth.ews claims.that at aii
expeiiae of ��3,0.00,fl00=he could create
a.,50-mile, ray barrage ��� about London
which-wotild,absolutely prevent an attack oh the.city by" aeroplane.7'V 7. ���'",
The eiise" with ..which corns and
warts can be removed by llolloway's
Corn. Remover is its strongest rec'om-
mendationf     It seldom fails.
, - Old Ducal Castles
One. of the famous old castles of
Germany, that of the Saxe-Coburg
ducal family, has been restored; inside
and out fo the design which prevailed in'lSSC, and the owners believe
that, ihey have measurably added to
the raluo and plcturesqueness of tlie
building. ..-���"-.-
A Fresh Powerful Battery
at the Right Price
NOTE���We guarantee these
Batteries Eighteen Month*. If
dissatisfied in 30 days, return
Freight Collect and we will
refund money.
N*. II Jatterj. c Volt,�� Flat*. r��?
Ford. GherfoUt 4SO SUiWflor. firar-'
SOOTt. Onrlaiul 4. McLaughlin 1X4,
MS. IMS, 047. Etf, ��43, ��43. K.CT.
rrto*  S14.75
No. IS 8����teiy, S Volt, IS Pine.    Fm
Ch.lman. Cbrnroltt PA ��_mJ VB. M*i-
Wdl   1321-22-23.   Studebairar  19TS  to
��9S3. McLoutLbUa 1959-1323.
J?rfc�� ���_ _, *19^S
-I' *J
I Demand and Supply ���
I ,        W -'        ^' .    -    I
I American Farmers Will Soon Produce ;
j Fer Home'Market Only W
j Not until American farmer;;' have;
I adopted tlio. policy ot producing only '
1 enough wheat-for iho domestic' mar- ���
I ket will a larifi be- abb.; to afford .'real j
' protection , io Ihevn. - The sheer drift j
| of. economic forces, seems destined in j
! time to -bring about a condition in j
'whicli -American wheal farmers will.
' produce for the homo, market only, j
! Last, year the world took only .17:5,000,- j
j 000 bushels" of our wheat, including;
Hour, compared with 235!,.SUO.00O bush-j
els In 192-', and with 30(5,000,000 in'thoi
I liscal year 1020." With the (.titer |
! great wheat producing countries abloj
! lo grow wheal, chtaper than the Unit-j
Capital punishment has been abolished in Austria, Holland, Norway,
.Sweden. Portugal, Italy and..Rumania.
Announcement    is .made that fit's
Majesty,  with  groat  regrel,   has  approved lho dlsbandmont. of King Ed-1
ward's Horse.
Divorces    exceeded    marriages    in
���Constantinople  during  thc  last  ye
according' to.  the Daily,Mail   correspondent.''    Ills gives  the. official  figures at 9,25!) against 7,Di>l.
A combined total.value of imports
and exports of ?S57,6S5,750 is lhe record of the port of ���Vancouver for 1023,
according to a statement; issued by
the board of harbor commissioners...
Turkish police cloned French and
Italian schools in Constantinople. This
action was taken owing to the failure
of thc school authorities to .remove
I'rom the schools religious emblems.
between eight and ten millions of
dollars have been remitted to Canada
through New York, In final adjustment of British Government debts to
Canada hanging over- from tho war.
Because they contain mercury and mineral salts, many
pills are harsh. The easiest and
safest laxative is Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and
Butternut. They clean the
stomach, intestines and bowels
���-drive out waste matter, tone
the kidneys, and forever cure
Dr. Hamilton's Pills
Instant Relief
As a general tonic and system-
cleanser nothing is. so mild and eflicient as Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and llutternut. At all dealers.
, ,��� , , .,, lt . , 23c per box, five for $1.00,' or The
cil States, and with .the present .great { catarrhozone Co., Montreal. "
world  sowings,  a  substantial   rod tic-1 i-7:'z:lz..x. 'yy.i:rr^i".^xr:ryz . 	
McKim's Directory Of
Canadian Publications
tion of our'wheat acrea gt.
able.---���>.(. \v Vork Herald.
is  inevil-
Is In Perfect
Health Again
.' Daily Newspapers Have Dtereased As
-.     Well As Weekly Newspapers 7
i    There    are    1,1!)..  newspapers and
l  .._..."        , regularly published periodicals in Can-
v  So   Says   Madame   Blanchette1 of ftdil' against 3,553 a year ago.     Daily-
inewspapers have, decreased from 121
Dodd's Kidney Pills
j to 1.14; semi-weeklies from 34 to SO;
Quebec   lady  suffered  from   bad   kid-; an(l weeklies from 1,022 to 975.', On
rieys   for   three   ������years'and-was re- ' the other hand, a small increase has
stored   to   good   health';by   using ! taken  place  during . the  year in -the
Dodd's Kidney Pills - ��� ���   7      j mimber ot monthly and semi-monthly
St. Raphael, Que.��� (Special).���From-      ,.    .       .    .-._������
all  parts of Canada  come the  same.; Periodicals. :.
glrill   tidings,   telling  the   same  glad!    These facts arc shown.-.in,McKim's
story of sufferers that suffer no long- jDirectorv   of   Canadian. Publications,
or   of  tlie   ft-oitk-boliw inadoBtrons I un(ier which name    Lho    Seventeenth
and .hoakhy,  and  of  the  good  work
that, is being-done by Dodtl's Kidney.
T'Mition of the Canadian Newspaper
Pills. People aro now learning the \ Directory has just been issued. It is"
importance' of keeping I.he kidneys in the ouly complete directorv of the
shape, of watching for tho least symp- j publications of Canada- and New-
tom ol Kie.uoy'1 rouble, and they turn j ,.   ,,. ..     , .        .--���  .    .
at once to  Dodd's -Kidney. Pills,   be-11��ulUllllIul- -Btvmsr   accurate,, physical
cause tho.y.know thoy have a remedy
that they can rely on. a remedy that
never - falls. Right hero in St.
Raphael, Madame A.    Blanchette,    a
Police oilicers tire given the right to j much respected resident    comes   for-
I ward with a statement that adds lo
arrest without a  warrant  of   anyone,;. |1r, 1ot)��� lisl o[ gr.ltoflll ]elte
carrying liquor, by an amendment  lo:sayS:
lho Ontario Temperance Act. adopted ;     "For three, years T suffered with had
hv tli.. l.-.ciiii'ifiM-.-. i kidneys and no other remedy did mo    .
bj thc koislafiiK,. |    -Kood      Aaer jak.ni? ^ boxw  tlcSj tI^. eh.ssified list of g.meral and
uiv   in   per- ,- special "publications, and    a    list    of
; publications' in  languages other Hum
and circulation details of each publi
1 cation.
i At. the,back of the book are several
, lists of publications arranged for-'con-
��� veiiiont use-by tho advertiser, such as
She | tho condensed list arranged by Prov-
|inces. the list or daily newspapers,
the newspaper list arranged by coun-
A Record-Breaking Play
Great   Crowds    Force    Hold-Over   of
"Lightnm"'  Another  Wefek'ln
To meet the record-breaking demand for seats, "Lightnin' " will remain at the Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, through Easter week, with the
annual matinees on Wednesday and
Saturday. Early this week, when it
became apparent that-thousands would
bc turned away unless the famous
comedy classic could be held over, arrangements were mado to extend the
engagement to Saturday night, April
2C. On the following Monday, April
2S, tlie company will move to Saskatoon, to split the week with engagements of three days each at the Empire Theatre in that city and tho Ite-
gin'a Theatre, lleginu.
Not since the farewell tour of Sir
J.--Forbes-Robertson has the Walker
Theatre hohl such large, enthusiastic
audiences as have surged in to meet
Bill Jones, the flirtatious vaudeville
actress, the Reno judge and the other
widely - discussed characters of
" Lightnin." Tho -thrilling courtroom scene, the hotel astrido the
California-No'vado state line and the
other high lights of the play have captivated Winnipeg audiences as completely as they dkl Broadway during
its. historic run at the Gaiety Theatre.
Thomas Jefferson, Bessie Bacon,
Charles E. Evans and the other artists who 'arcintroducing "Lightnin'"
to Canada, will be sent to London next
���  - any
���    A  passeugor and  mail  air  service.! m- do,^ Kidney Pills l'
between Victoria and  Vancouver may; foci health again."   .   ..
soon  materialize,   if plans  are   found; J      -
feasible.      It will be the first service ', Soviet   Airman   Will
of its kind-O])0i;il.t'd in Canada,
i English or French," with statistics
! to the populations they reach.
n is
A Foe to Asthma.- Give Asthma
half a chance and it gains ground:
rapidly. Out give if repeated treat-'
ments oi'Dr. J. 1). Kellogg's Asthma;
.Remedy, and it will fall, back even;
faster.- There is no hair way mens-;
ure about, this remedy. li goes right.1
to work and. drives asthma out.      It'-,
Attempt   Polar   Flight X   l'11"���"1^-'Um ���� tlao geography, popu-
 ___ ��� | la tion and industries of each -province
Will Set Up Red Flag On North Pole.'.is-given, as well    as    (IcI.iilJod    facts
reaches "the inmost, breathing passages
and leaves-- no place for lho trouble lo persons, including scientists, will par-
Have if by you for ready use. | ijc-ipato In lite expedition. Tho ;iir-
_ piano lo ho used. lie. said, would bo of
; the hydroplane type, specialty equip-
! pod lo carry ftn-jl for a ���IS-hour -Jiiglii.
Byi J :	
Not Later Than September "' j about each city, town aud village
"The red flag 'must bo.sot. up at the ; where a newspaper or other publica-
Norlii Pole uot later than September,"! ,J<>11 i;; issued. McKim's Directory
RosFins'fcy. the Russian airman who j I-Imk is a valuable compendium of in-
contemplates an aerial expedition to! formation - commonly required by
the lop of tho,world hi June. said. .1 those whofsW business demands a gen-
Aecording  to Kossin.-W.  some  ten   era! or spocilic knowledge' of Canada.
Valuable.Map Found
- f.7 f HARD ON BABY7*!fW���,
to     Have     Been     Made
. .'' Christopher Columbus
A" nia'p,   made by 'Christopher Col*
' uinbus and of. grout value owing to'its
possible, bearing on" his  discovery of
America,-has" been found under.'cui'i-j 7 ': . .-  ..',-'. ��� .-":.    -.,
ous " circumstances in -  the 7 National!"'   The Canadian -spring w,-athcr���one j.N.
-���.,''     ',    ,,  ,.x .,    ,,      ..      ,      .-,'day mild ami bright; lho.next-raw ,and
Library by->.t. 1>�� La Iloneu.ro, head ol : bhlstvrj;.7i.s exlrenHdy," liard    on."   the
.the printed boo.k soction.s '"X.'- ���-   -���-,       jbaby. "  "Conditions are such . thuf  the
MWDe    La'  Roriciei"' be!iev.ivs'tlie I'm.other ciiunbt take the little one "out
Wtap-lo be none"   othoi-f titan-the ono '.Sor ,t hi: fresh air. so; nmrti f'w )><��� d.-slr-
������.-;. ,      .,,-.,      ,     _-���-"_���   ",'   : f'd-' H<1. is conimed to tho house winch
-which inspired-Columbus   i.-poch-mak-; iH 0heii'Ovoi--h��.ile(l and'badly, ventil--
_,Jng'_voyage.; ...Ii. Kas.niudlinit.he.Uib^j-aAcd.-.lIr.'-catches-coldiH
ra'ry as.-a ��� Portuguese'nmp. of tlie six'r j.acli'.andfbowrils ' becohie . disordered
'-'teehtb century;.' "���    ...;;'.:��� 7    ' ��� '  '���
--^"An "iiiustration - a.ccompjihyirig .the
_A. McKim. Limited, is the publisher.
In the preface it modestly slates lhat
it is only because of the. service it
renders to adve'rliser.-. ihat it has bo-.
conte aiid remained the largest Advertising Agoucy in Canada.  .      '       --
The price pCJUcKim's Directory of
Canadian; Publications - is ?S".-,   Copii-s
'J'oronlo,;""  \\"innipe.c
I.ra!iiillon/.ant!. London. , .-England,"
Norfolk St.,  W.C.-2..   7 . ' ."    "    ..-.'
Established  a .Record
and.'the moths.r.soon has".a. sick .baby j
In look aftrT,. To prevent" thi_> an" oe- i
"cksioiiardoso ol ibibvV Own tablefs f Coincidences:
Brothers -Work'   Together; For
7'.        7"-   Sixty-Oiie Years'.;.".
--��� .nicd"ui.t-(i;:"'7i-od;"~Jolin^"\Ve'.:i>eiV' twin
brothers b'orii near"Uaiinstaple, Devon.
iti -1851, hnvo"-'oslablislu'd a record of-
Stops Coughs, Colds
Sore Throat in a Night     $
Think of a medicine so healing, so
balsamic and antiseptic that every
trace of cold and
soreness goes before
C A T A R R II O -
ZONK" Is so certain
in catarrh, bronchitis, tliat every case
is relieved promptly.
', Experiment no
S    "*>-*-^ 'longer ��� success is
guaranteed if you use CATARRHO-
ZONIO���a veritable dettth lo catarrhal
diseases, becauso" it destroys their
cause.aud remedies their effects.
Delightful and simple, to use, quick
to act; sure in results. Bettor got
CATARRHOZONE today." ��� Large
size, sufficient for two months' treatment, price 51.00: small size SOc. At
all druggists. Refuse a substitute for
CATARRHOZONE. By mail', from
The' Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
The Tobacco of Quality
Sealed   Package
X ( which keeps the tobacco     \
x\     in its original condition )
also in /�� lb. tins
Manufactured by Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Limited
��* 9
Instructions Obeyed
The- managing editor of a city
newspaper wheeled his 'chair around
and pressed a button on his desk. Tho
subordinate, wanted entered. ''Here."
said i.he editor, "are a . number, ot
directions'",from ' outsiders "telling us
how.-to .run :the ptiper. See that
every one' ir!--'carried o.iit.":.-.-��� And The
oifiice boy, gathering, them "in" a :large
���waste ".basket..", ''did. so.���American
Legio'u Weekly.     -:;"'"    . -; - .'"   :-' -
docu'men! gives "a notably. lVn?'vlew;.6f;'j"siioiild be given. ; Tlmyf regulate' tlie
���the port, "of .Genoa. 7 "'7 ���' '--..'-. ' '! sloniacli.-'a.id- bowels, thus pre'vetifiiig
'7 The mmXrenresenbi the.'earth nkf.it W" r��lie,viiiR colds,:simple.fcriTS.-.'cqJin
���.-,'���    .;    ."���-.-._-��� :,    ',. '-���     ,...-    .'. ior :my otiier.ol the ninny minor-ills ot    .-.   - .
-was then Known, m the. form cM-_ai> is-! cli]fdU-ood;... -The Tablets "aw sold' by ,��We "t'thc
land "enveloped- by  four   oceans
bf GoiidfTIopi
lim}.\ medliuno dealers or..by. mail at-25c a! Both' were married on- file
.".When twelve, years    of.''age:   tltcy-
sc.-ir"ted" woi'k-together   in, Wales -as
moulders"."-..and  have, worked .side .by
ain'e occupationj-ver since:
'same', day
ono ��� tin-
;lvicV. In'".detail "the coast linos-.of "'Eur- j box .frpm"--Tlie"Dr..'-Wiiliains'7Medlciiie I and "they";" live, next" door', to'
jpe.and off Africa,-as far- as thefCapc^0"': D';<>ckviUo. Ont.   ..;--";   '.:)���   \ oUlt,r_-. '        -'"' (-. ���    . '-',)' '
Easy: Now to Lose,
xx-. -y. Xy- ''��� ia-;Poiind'
Large-' Sum '" For   Shakespeare   R9I10 j
.fAi" the "auction"' stile .01  tho poi-tioo
Eacirhas- teii children.- .- ���   ���
.Tliey havc bothf.bt'ien.'.Sunday.school
,57- years.
.., The'.Oil/for the' Farmer;���A'-bottle,'
oi' Dr. Thomas'' Kclectric Oil--in - tlie
farm", house,will save niau'y a journey
for .the doctor." it is hot-only-good for
t h'ef-.children ��� ivh.--n7-t akon'with cekl.s
and -croup, a .id for.-the'mature who"
suffer-from paiiis :tn<l nches, but. there
-arc directions for"-its .uso on sick- cat-.
,tle: -Thero.-."should' always, b'e.fa. bot-
tlcot'it iatheliousi1.'        ;-, '   ��� "���.-"
-.'. Currcnium,-.anew-g"as receiitly made
by'an electric process.in .Los"Angeles
for use .in airship.-',. Is. declared- to- be
non-in(Uuiiniable,'iioji-o..\-j>loSive,_ cheap
and easy to produce,:'..    Xy". ���.;.'.'
- ,,..of;-vhe' 'fatuous- .JBrHwcU- Libmry inK^11011^'* ilnd tdioi;isters.f6 .
a   "ay j London," Div Phillip-" 11": "'Rosonbach-. i.'-    " -"     '..���'-"���-">-���---
-��� in"this di-liffbtful. simple way. No dnufs. !,-.-,���,- .  , .y.-x.y-ny-cri  e:*,. ..-�����_��'���,��� '     For   .v,,��"t'�� "Mothers. .Craves'   Worm
-.���o _l��,K,.-K.ii8-UiyroWH1-no w.,-k.i..-PaWiiir:.Wi"a<J*'U'l��n. paid. ��l,S.t,0 iot.a.oopj j Kxt(;nniiil"ltoi: ]lils ra.iked a.-^ u rolitible
- ��erc so*.-���. >_..asM.Kinff. -- -\\, nie for.fr.-c :-0f-Shiik.ispey re's. "."Rape, -of -Lucreco,".. y-oriu - nroinnuion    and v' ir   ihvr. '
Sfimt'lo    01    Ali'SJindor *    lU'itili'IiiK   \if:i-i   -     - -.. ���  "    - ...-���> ���  | ���>�����'*l"-.' |ii<-|��.iirtiniii      .tmi   - ii-.. .ii��ti...a
' mines. - . AT.K.v.vJCDKt:   (.MJORATOn-'f^rusa,- of which onlv fiw copies aro in; maintains its. reputation. ���
-. IKS.US.l Jiohan-'isifbf.'.. Tiiroiito. Ontario.  " " ...
'- In".-.Utah" ; persons Atnder sehfence
of death inay,it"they so desire, be
shot-by. .a. firing .'squad     "..       -   :',.
��77,000    already .has":
Pershing May' Retire
Famous American -Geir;ra! Wili Be" C4
-j.existence. -
7 Pay For Occupation Armies        *|     JMore ....than
'.  An^agreement b'etwoon Forfign .Ajin-: Veeu-realized at'the sale.;.    D.i.7 itos
-jster'Kaiiofr and the Inter-'Allied com-1 eiibaciv.paid'f��GS;00p. foi;  the '.most;
mission   has  bion" ivarln-d. bvi-'wlilcli'i valuab'k'-item.s.-iii-the .collection.-.    ".. I."   .--. Years. Old on Sept/13   '���-     .7
Bulgaria-will pay" 2_7,00i),(.M gold,levash -'     >---���--���   ..    . -   -. ; J   -ti-meral. Vershiug.h is-sealed down
..for tht> expenses ofthe 'ariiiie's7oixoc7 '; Estimates place the total- popiila tioii i'lor Ui�� l��?t;milo-  ol, his   lemarktiblo
..cupa lion": after-the ariiilsticb. " ��� ;;'- - of- the world.; at "-1.500.000,000.
With Sore, Aching
Mrs. Roland Fergusqh, 194 Lake St^ PeterJ^oro, Ont,
���writes" 1 --- ' - -.
..- "For. over  two years I sufTersd
terribly, .with sore back. 1 was
almost ma^ with the. pain, and HacJ
doctored ..with it until I. was dis-.
couraged. Then "my father, .who: is
a firm believer iri Dr. Chase's Medicines, advised me to try Dr. Chase's
kidney-Liver Pills. I followed hi*
advice, and am glad to say I was
completely relieved of that t6rtur-
ing pairi in my back. It is over
j, a year since I used, these pills, and
f \ I have had no return of the trouble,
but always keep them ia the
���Dr.- Clause's lOdney-Liw** Fills
cts. -a.box-of 35 piUs. .Tdmasipon, Bates & Co., Ia$., Toronto
j army caresr. ���--.-���- -. .-������
,- lie has -returned to his dV'sk from
a six.-inonths' trip iii Kuropc, whore
ho. re-visited -the.- b.-iitlefields iinsl
completed-his story of this "world.-war.'
. - OnSei'it. .13. lie wiil-bv- Ul'years oldi
and.will-retire from aciive serviceau:
tpmatically,' unless-. congress-' acts on
:"i p.ehdihgbiU to. wniye .the age. limit,
so that-he may-conlinue-tb give the
army the benefit of his unparalleled'
military' expedience.
- Saskatchewan  Representation
Saskatcliewan .will- again be ropre-
ented  at Toronto aiid  Chicago live-
'Srtock exhibitions to be held ibis year.
This  was  decided nt  the meeting of
the   Saskatchewan    Livestock. ISonrd
held in Tlegi'na a few days ago.
( -Most cyclonos' in Korili America
, follow definite tracks which cover
I Southern Canada and Northern United
j States;    ' -    - . .    '--
Minard's Liniment., Relieves .Colds ,
W.   N.   U".   1&20
TbeKldueya ara  tha  Blood  yiitere-
Wheji They Weaken aad Stop Vfp,
The Syatem Becomes-Overloaded--
--   -With. TTrlo. Acid." :
Toronto.-.Otit.-r-"I can, highly reeo'tu-
ineii'd- t>r. Pierce's Anuric'( antiriiric-acid }
Tablets to'all tlio.^c wliosisffcr in any
way with' their, t.iducys or bladderf-
Ain'.ric'is. by far the best mediciae of the
kind 1. have ever taken. My tidiieys
were congested aiid inflamed, my 'baefcr
ached' something:- awful, my -bladdct waa
weat and I suffered from a scalding and
burning sensation. I was almost down
and oaf���but, thanks to Doctor Pierce's
Anuric (kidii'ey) Tablet* I do not suffer
any more. Those who suffer as I:dtd will
find "Dr. Pierce's Amnio Tablet* jast the
Ksedtcirie thev need."���Mrs, Albert Blunt;
6 Blevms Place..
Ash your nearest dn;ggtst for Amine,
in tablet, form, or settfi io cents, to Doctor
Pierce's laboratory in Bri.<i.ieb_;rg. -Oat.,
for trial Jciokasre. \Vnte Dr. Pierce. Prest-
Invalids Hotel,.'Unfialo, N. Y., foj" free'
sn-dical advice.
Golden Text.���Bul now hath Christ
been raised from the dead, thc first-
fruits of them that are asleep. I. Corinthians 15.20.
Lesson.���Mark _I6.1-:I5.   -
Devotional Reading.���Psalm 16.5-11.
War Material Scrapped
Largest Pile of Junk Metal in the
World to be Sold at Vancouver
One 01 the greatest piles of junlc
metal In the world will be placed on
sale in Vancouver to anyone willing
to pay from $500,000 to $1,000,000.
In   the earlier years  of the  Great
War, the British and-French Governments   had   constructed   In   Canada
and the United States huge quantities
Explained   and   Illumined  of railway material for Russia.   Forty
Fast    of the Resurrection! thousand tons of car wheels, trucks,
Made Known, verses IS. The Jewish Sabbath closed. at sunset, Saturday; when It was past, three women,
Mary Magdalene (Wary of Magdala),
who had been freed from "seven demons," Lie. 8.2, but there is no reason
to suppose that she was "the woman
who was a sinner" of Luke 7, as is often assumed), and Mary the mother of
James (aud sister of-lhi?. mother of
Jesus: Mt. 27.5C; Jn. 39.25), and Salome (the wife of Zebedee and the
mother of James and John), purchased
spices to embalm ids . body. After
sunset thero was a lively trade done
among the Jews, because no purchase
could be made on. the Sabbath..
With the exception of the Sabbath,
the Jews gave no names to the days
of the.week, but called our Sunday the
first day;.our Monday, tiie second; and
so on.. Very early,on the first.day of
the. week, Mark says, the three women
started for the tolnb and arrived tliere
when the sun had;risen. On.the way
one.fear engrossed them: "Who shall
roll us. away the-stone from."the door
of. tiio "toinb.'.'-they-. questioned one another. - ' They forgot' about, the" guards,
and until."on their way .evidently forgot
about'-the itone tliat wouldkeep them
from'-;entering the toinb-and.'carrying
out tlieii;'purpose:. at.suchii time one's,
mind is:.little occupied- -with> "plain"
-common' sense." "Jlow.;_eomnionilt^ls.
���To .-worry" "aboiitfdiiliculties"5:."which do.
hot"'..exist! .- "There, -is .an"- Indian
legeiid,- whiclv-: says .-that 11 traveller
once .had-his' way blocked "by- .what
looked lik*.} an. impenetrable", rampart
'of..-.-thqrhs.'--. When"..however he advanced; upon: it," tlie' thorn hedge. turn-,
.'ed-'outto be mist:."- The great stones
we dread we~ofterifiml havo boon rolled' away. "Trust, your love, rat her" than
your- fears! ��� Courage.M~ always the
truoisi. wisdom". (J; B.-Jones)..  -    :  :
springs aud bolts were accumulated
In Vancouver���when the Russian
revolution broke out. "" Kot a pound
was ever loaded on a ship. The material, which cost ?M,000t000, was ot
a special size for Russian railways,
and it is now advertised for sale in
Tou are not
; 111 g when
you use Dr.
Uliase's Ointment for Eazenia and Skin Irritations. It relieves sit once and gradually heals tlio skin. Sample box Or.
Chase's Olntinont free if you mention Oils
paper and send 2c. stomp for postage, rate, a
box: all dealers or ��� Ediaaiii��on, Batea St Co.,
Limited, Toronto. -
r.'iy yonr out-of-town accounts hy Dominion lOxpreys Money Orders.
- """."maple- syrup-" '
the farm to the- "consumer. .. E. A.
Gillespie", Abbotsford, Que. .--
Botanist Makes New Discovery
Coughing "Plant, In  Tropics- Has  Dis-
-"'. like- For-Dust
- Not -satisfied, with finding- trees, with
heart boats; -plants^ ._tbat-,trap living-
things'aiul- feed, on- them and ' othei
woiid'er.-i.- a^bota'nlst 1ms how dis.coy;
c-red a plant-;that.coughs. '.'This is.n.
certain.-bean--that gV6vvs; in the tropj--
cal-region's.--" The courihingplant is ��
very cranky, niemberaf tlie vegetable
kihgdom.'-nii'd lia? a,great dislike for
dust." -..As.'soon as-.a..fe.w""g"rain's-'of it
gather on its leaves, llie nlr chambers
that cover the face of the leaves and
aro the br.e.itnin'g organs of the plant
become filled-with gas and s well until, witli a slight explosion ..-"and; a
sound' that resembles a "human, cough,
the gas is-- t'xpellfd and blows '.'a way
the .troublesome'dust. .'-.... y
Minard's L-insroent-for .Carns.
Britlsh .'Columbia Timber Resources
Three .and. a -half million dollars, or
nearly 20 per.cent, of the;.whole revenue of the. province, i.s the estimated
dirt-ct gain from the timber resources
of British Columbia during the coming
fiscal year. Tim.bvr licenses are expected to produce $.1.250,000,-royalties
?i,600,i)00, timber scales ?3"?i>.0.i"Vanil
timber leases ?100".POO.
Cigarette Papers
Large Double'Book >i5_PHj
120 Leaves-   ,        .        ^flJD
Finest You pan Buy/.'^jy     "^T
^S^^ i
Start for Hit et invention* wanted by Mtmufao ~
tur����.   Fortunes have been made from ��lmpl��
' idea*.-.; "Patent Pnsiectioa" booklet on request.
��� Pbr'-the'-Kidneys1
Kidney troubles are frequently
: caused by badly digested food {
which overtaxes these organs to
eliminate theirrieantacidsformed.
Help your stomach to' properly
digest the food by taking 15 to
30 drops of Extract of Roots, sold
ac Mother Stigel's Curative Syrup,'- j
fand- your kidney-- disorder Will
promptly disappear. Get thr
genuine.   At your druggist
Mm '-~~^- ������ *-
So. 1 for Bladder-Catarrh.'  Ho. a for Blood a
. Bkis Dijeaaes. No. 3forC}sri5n!cWaahnes��e*...
', aoL.DBvi.Fi:iTnNr.CMi.y;sTf..p��tr.:iw ENr.i.\sji.;.-j. ���
.. D*.I.l:Cl-E!!CKe<l.Co.Ha��eTj:ockRiI.SAV.S.J.or.c_oii. ���
��a Mail St ppok 71. Fhony St. Kast. Tohon o."
����   3H._ h:.   Pall.   SlKEf.T   WEST.    6(o\TSEAl_i
Among Knglish miners." there was
formerly a curious belief that. %vhen
having' a bath, ih��.-\ must noi -rash
ilie back.-.as .: vratur -\veak��tud that
part of the; body. ���/..'-    ,    77
MinardV Liniment for Sprains THE LBDGE,   GREENWOOD,    BRITISH COLUMBIA
Is !$2.oo a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Of all the holidays in the year
Christmas and Easter stand more
prominently on the page of history than any others. Throughout all the nutations and vicis-
situdes that have entered into the
world's history during the past
two thousand years the two
festivals that commemorate respectively the birth' and the
resurrection of the Man of
Nazareth still shine with a luster
that remains unfaded after a
lapse of two centuries.
Easter was hot kept as a festival until the fifth or six century,
but previous to that the question
of establishing it as a feast day
came before the council of Nice,
when it was decidedly authoritatively that Easter was henceforth to be the Sunday following
the fourteenth day of the calendar moon which happened
upon or next after the 21st of
March so that this fourteenth day
be a Sunday, Easter was not to
be on that date "but ou the next
following Sunday. Easter day,
therefore,, may be on any day
within five weeks inclusive of
March 22 and April 25. It cannot happen earlier nor later than
these two dates. In 1883, Easter
occurred on March 25, and again
'in 1894, which will be twice in
the last century. Iu 1951 it will
occur again on March 25.
Stock Breeders Meeting
The annual meeting of the Stock
Breeders of Greenwood Riding was
held recently in Riverside Hall.
It waa well attended, nearly all
the local owners-of beef cattle being
present. James Lindsay was in
the chair.-  7  ���.." -. ������"'.'������
���-. Accounts for.  1923...were   read
showing   a   total   expenditure   of
$105.00, the major portion of the
amount being on range improve-
. ments.    The balance on hand at
the end of tho year was $45.00.   -
The following were -'-elected".; as
: directors for 1924:   J;  Richter, J.
Madge, E. Richter; F; Roberts, H.
f Smith,   J. f.R... Jackson, and   H.
.".-Martin". 7.At.a subsequent direct-
f.ors   meeting . J.   R.  Jackson was
7 elected president f aiid  H,  Martin
, secretary-treasurer."     yXX.-'x 7. "'.".
.  The.membership.fee was fixed, at
82 for"1924 with no/rebate to members of. other .associations fas was
practiced iast.year.   ." "
f The community bull pasture was
discussed,  11 ' bulls :belong!iig 7 to
members are to ,be pastured, there
.this..year,"and;it was decided to
levy a charge "of 85 per bull, the
Tfmoneyftb"be~spen"tT.pri.'."extra fenc;"'
X.ing; a gate .was all that was neces-
7 sary to hold them last year onfthe
naturally fenced pasture,  but.it is
:. thought advisable to. help nature
out a littlebifc. ..;: .; 7.   7
of three. were.ap-
charge of market-
ihis jear and an.
made to have all
dehorned.' Any
members wishing to . ship this year-
had, better dishorn immediately,
unless already done, to avoid .die-
appointment later. ;���-'--���. "WW...",
��� Subscriptions for 1924 are now
due and the. secretary would:.he
glad to receive same in'- order to
have all stock. breeders on .the
" mailing list.-   ' V ' ; ��� '���''- ���
Midway United Farmers
The United Farmers meeting was
held in the Old School at Midway
on Saturday, April 5th. The president was in the chair". Tho attendance was. not as large as usual on
account of the auction sale. Visitors from Rock Crepk Local were
Major Gray and T. N. Walker.
It was decided that the Midway
Local of the U. F. would pay a
bounty on all gophers caught this
summer, as well as offer three
prizes. All tails to be turned in to
the secretary-treasurer on or before
the firBt Saturday in August.
Bounty to be 2c per tail. For the
greatest number of gophers caught
by one party a prize of 83 will be
given; second largest number 82
and the third largest 81. It is
hoped that everyone will take a
great interest in getting rid of this
pest. Encourage the children to
get all their gopher traps busy and
see who will win the prize. Perhaps parents will add a little to
the bounty for all gophers caught
on their place.
Next Saturday is to be clean-up
day in the new home of the TJ. F.
in the Dr. Jakes building. It is
hoped that everyone who can spare
the time will be there and prepare
a nice home for both the ladies and
mens locals; also a kitchen and
dining room for those popular and
much enjoyed lunches at the close
of the meetings.
The new officers for the ensuing
year are: President, E. F. Keir;
Vice-President, IT. Bruce; Secretary-Treasurer, A. .,' Lander;
Directors, J). J. McDonald, J.
Richter, S. Bender, F. Roberts,
and H. Mair.
Tbe next meeting will be on the
first Saturday in May. Let every.
member turn out with new suggestions for the betterment of the
local, and closer co operation.
Co-operation and hard work are
the only means by which the
farmer can hope to succeed, and to
get results they must go hand in
hand. 80 bring all your frieuds to
the next meeting on May 3.
Phosphate Beds Wanted
With the large acreage under
cultivation in Western Canada
there will soon be a demand for bii
enormous amount of manures and
fertilizers in order to keep up a
good yield from the land, so that
the manufacture of fertilizer will
year by year become a more important and necessary industry in
this country. Among the constituents of these fertilizers phosphoric acid is probably the most
important, aud at the present time
all the phosphate rock for fertilizer
used in Canada is imported from
the United States.
Phosphate is a log grade material
that will only stand a limited expenditure on transportation, so
that it is important that an attempt
be made to discover workable deposits 6f this rock more adjncent to
the western grain fields.
The Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. of Canada, Ltd., ie
anxious to obtain Phosphate beds
and will make free analysis for
phosphoric acid for prospectors who
send samples to tbeir assay officp
at Trail, B.C., plaiuly marked with
the name and address of the prospector, ancLgiving the location from
which the samples were obtained
..Samples of Phosphate Rock can
be seen and copies^of a pamphlet
issued by the above company to aid
the prospector in locating such
deposits of Phosphate Rock, can be
had from the Government Agent,
Dorothy Gish Plays
Lead to Barthelmess
Its a long time since there has
been.a dance in Greenwood, but
the one to be given in the Masonic
Hall on .Friday, May '2nd, at
which.. Bush's 4-piece melody
orchestra will preside, promises
to be a: humdinger,- with all the
latest music. Don't fail to take
this'in. --,-- 7 ;"' 'W
. Rhone News
A. committee
/pointed to be in
ing   the.  cattle
effort will   be
cattle    shipped
" - ;.-"' (Too late for'-last issue)   ���-'. _���'; -
���' Canaille'. Saunierf has ..finished
hauling his ties. -'. ...    - 7
Eugene Saunier - was; a visitor
herefduring the.week.     7
' , S. Clappier, of T.auras, .was. a
week-end visitor here7.
-." A.-Michaud, of Penticton,, was
a;visitorhere; on Sunday.; XX X
John, Saunier. ;,Has returned
from a .trip .to^Beaverdell :and
GarmiW'7:W "W" 7^;- ' ��������� ^xyX-
. ;M. Saunier returned on.Tuesday from a7pleasure trip in the
Okanagan, visiting Pentictoti,
Kelowna and jVerhon.        ...
.Mrs. W; X Mahoney is visiting
her parents Mr. and Mrs. Saunier.,-. She will return to Penticton
on Tuesday accompanied by Nliss
Y..McCelyey.   7.
W Meyers Creek NeWs ; y
���'.""-   , '."   (Too late-for last issue)/  "" 7 "; "
Richard7. Roylance   added." an
addition .to hishome last. week. [-
"Gus Graser painted: his,, limousine list, week ;and - greatly .im.-
.proved the. appearance of it..
Ted McArthur is improving
��� rapidly, and hopes to be back
home before the -week is out.
Ed, Cook, champion tie.hack at
-McArthur's, is working :on Van
, improved gear shift for Ford .cars
ahd if it is a success hef is going,
to throw his btoadraxe away and
hit for the bright lights. All
his friends wish him unlimited
success.' '"X   X
Gus Lofvendahl is practicising
trick driving ia his Ford. At
present he is trying to become
efficient ia running over large
boulders without upsetting. He
says that if he becomes expert he
is going to Hollywood and dcr
; stunts for the movies. It is hoped
that some of the films will reach
here;" .;   - -  ���": ���   "''--"   "   "' \.y,": .7;
Richard Barthelmess seems to
have a peuchant that calls for a
new leading lady in each succeeding picture that he makes. At
least, during the past year this'bap
been the case,, but even so, none
can\ deny that Barthelmess. has
mighty good taste in choosing feminine support. His latest selection
is the .sprightly and charming
Dorothy Gish. who will be seen
with him in his new First National
starring vehicle, "Fury," at the
Greenwood Theatre on Saturday,
April 19th.-   .
Miss Gish has the role of a little
boarding house slavey in Lime-
house, London, with who Barthelmess, as the. bashful. second mate
o.f a four-masted schooner, falls in
love. She is said to give one bf
her most appealing delineations.
. .Others in the cast are Tyrone
Power,; Pat.Hartigan, Barry Macol-
Inm and. Jessie Arnold."
A trio of young Turkey's, 1 year old,
$10.00, (Shoemaker's stock.)
r B.R. & 1 Sussex cockerel, $2 50 each,
also pen of Light Sussex; 1 male, 5
females, $10.00.-
1 pair leather chaps, $15.00.
1 rifle, 30-30 Winchester, $ 15.00.
Apply,   Mrs. Royce.
Send your eggs to H. H. Pannei.!,,
Midway, for incubation. Three dollars
per hundred, two dollars for fifty.
FOR "BOYS attending. High and Public
Schools. Fees $30.00 month. Particulars
apply/to the".Reverend',-the Principal,
1186 Nicola" St., Vancouver, fS.e.
Comfortable room and board, close  to
the mine. >
Mrs. R. BUWDBU..
Send  Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work aud material  guaranteed.    We
pay postage one way.    Terms Cash.
Have  you paid your subscription to The Ledge? ������
$50.00 REWARD
Oriental Hair Root Hair Grower
World's Greatest Hair Grower. Grows
hair on bald heads. It must not be put
where hair is not wanted. Cures dandrufl
and all scalp troubles.   $1.75 per jar.:
Agents Wanted.
... o       -.   .        .
7 4-48 Logan Ave.. Winnii.eg. Man
Do you get the fullest use out of your telephone? Of course, you use it
to call up a friend, or place an order with a tradesman, but do you always
think of it when you need to do something personally? How many times
would the telephone save you time? If a business man, how much money
���would the telephone save you? -.Many trips could-be saved, if the telephone
were used instead. ,,- \
The telephone gives direct and prompt communication with that personal touch which brings both parties to a conversation close together. That
is why it has become one ofthe greatest factors, of business and social life."
To Whom.It inay concern:���
..." - On March 8U1, 1924, at "a Public A ucliou s:ci!o
ai Grand-Forks, I was tiie hi(_'!iesl.-twiner for
'the Providuucis Mineral,Claim, I;6f 613, lit'-the
Greenwood Mining Division, ami -am claiiniug.
delivery of title thereto, ,-���-.--
.'-I'am not, and .will'-not "be responsible .for
aiiy'worfc" iloiic pii"s'ucli"Claimror-aiij-Tritalcrial
delivered for use - thereon,' or "for aiiyimprove-
inents.after this'date. ..     ' ."77
���' -Grecinvood,"13.C.;'March.27th,'l924. -    -.'���:."
' -      ��� ������'."'    ��� -JA^TES KERR.".
Minister in'charge"-,: ':.'������''
"���\7Rev,-"';W.;.R..'W3ikinsliaw.:-B'.' A; 7 X
.,   7   '-    -    -    -;-.   ���   "Greenwood
; ;' Sunday. April 20th.:7 71 W
7 Beayerdell 10.30a, in;
X-X Greenwood 7.30p.m7
.Communion Service at Greenwood. :
.Missing-Heirs are.beiiig'..sought through;
but.- the -world,  Many people are -today
living in comparative",poverty wbo';are'
realty .rich, -but do .hot know it",-. You
may be one of them.   Send for Index
Book, ''Missing Heirs and'Next of Kin,"
containing carefully authenticated lists of
missing   heirs . and   .'unclaimed - estates
which have been advertised, for,- here and
abroad.7The Index of. Missing -Heirs..we.
offer for .sale) con tai u s. thqusan ds of-names".
whicli have appeared.'in-.- American," Can-.
adian,- English, "Scotch,- .'Irish,-   Welsh,"
German,    French,    Belgian,.   Swedish,
Indian, Colonial,- and" other L'/5wspapers,
���nserted by lawyers,  executors, administrators.   Also contains list of English
aad Irish' Courts of Chancery and . unclaimed dividends list of Bank., of England.-   Your, name  or your  ancestor's
may be in the ; list.'. Send  $i.po.. (one
dollars at once, for "book. .    .- .���    1   f ���
International Claim Agency
}msburm^i,. V5&\'j$ri
'.'��� X'yx'XyXXyyyyXy^ yyXxX'-AAr.-
[yy 'NOTICE- '���'������;���;���������;-'���
, NOTICE is. hereby given'that the statements
made by Mr. James Kerr that he has purchased
the "Providence" Mineral Claim are not correct
and ii Mr. James Kerr or anyone represent!!.}?
him is"found oil the "Providence". Mineral
CtaimV'I/ot-'618, of the' Greenwood. Miniiip
Divisioi! tliey will be jiroscciited-for tres])ass,
��� DATED at Greenwood,U.'C.-, this3rd day of
-April',-1924. ���' ,-.  -��� " ' ,���.- ���     _������   , ��� .'. '."
"     f" '   (Signed) WILLIAM. MADDEN.
X'-xXyX.MmKAL ACTxyX-y] x-
������;.   Certificate of ImBroyements 7
X..-Z}- Xxy [ ; NOTICE    "���'- .-   )X ';
"ISANANKA".Mineral. Claim, sit'natc'in. the
. . "Greenwood. Mining- Division of-YaleDiS'
'.- 'trict.-'-  " ��� -  ���    ''���,���'������'      "\- -. "   '.'.'.-;.������
,��� Where located:"'In Fisli LaWeCam]).   .
...TAKE NOTICE.'that. i.Isaac.H. Hallett,
Solicitor, as-Aprent for Timothy Sullivan, Free
Miner's Certificate No.'57821, intend, sixty, days
from the date, hereof, t'o spp^y .to.^ the" Mining
Recorder, for a "Certificate .of Improvements,"
for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown Grantof
the:abovs claim. -,   .. ' '_'.".   y   ..' ..':'-  " ' -"
And- further take notice that action, "junder
Section 37, ' ma'sC be' cotnnscHCed ; before .the
issue of such Certificate of-ImproTcmeuts.
"Dated this 27tU dayof March, A.D; 1924. .. "
'.'.-.    '���'-'     ���_.:���'.   .  7   I. H. HALLIiTT:'-.
'Provincial Elections Act*-
NOTICE IS HEREBY given that I shall,
on Monday, the 19th day of May. 1924, nt'tbe
hour of 13 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Coort-
Hdase, Greenwood, hold a Sitting of the Conrt
of Revision for the purpose of revising-, the
List of Voters for the'Gran'd Forks-Green-A-ood
Electoral District, and of hearing' and determining- anyand'a'll objections to.the retention
of any.name on.the said-.List,, or to the .Registration as a Voter of; any, applicant for refj-
istration; and for ihe' other purposes- set- forth
in the,"Provincial Elections" Act. 7 - ���:X;'yi: -
. ��� Dated at Greeawood.-B. C.,' this'8th ''&&$:of
April, 1924. V-- .' ; ;'-" ������-.--- XXXx
'.__ ���-'":-:.'"-���' - -Z. P. H. McCIXRRACH,; XXyZ
..X 7 Rejristrar.ef .Voters for tlie Grand PotitS-.
���';."'���...' -.-Greenwood Electoral Distikt..
M Citmsc(lida^ed7 Miniiig ^& f Smeltttig ^ Co.
7.77:7 ;;;���-7-W:. j-pf, Ca'nadai--'Lim!ted;..-.7;7f.i7l;7.:, _7ffL-_;..
f"     ,.-'"���    "*     Office, Smelting^ and Refining Department; ,'
' ',:��� . >       TRAIL, BRITISH. COLUMBIA:     7       7      . .   .   ���  '
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper,lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   ol    Gold;y Silver;   Copper,    Pig   Lead7 and. Zioc\ .;
X) r  ' W-W^'TADANAC" BRAND.-,""        ' 7. 77   .".' f f -. ''
Tailored Clothes  ���
Special Display of
New Patterns
The Seasons Latest Styles  n
For. Men
Tailor and Cleaner
Greenwood, B. C.
Has opened an office above Chas.
King's office.
Open 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring*intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and- improvement for agricultural
purposes. _.
Full information concerning rcgu-
.ations regarding p're-emptions is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Laud Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge
. by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C.,. or to any Government Agent. ���*-.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable, for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over ,5,000 board
feet per aero west of the Coast Range
/ and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Range.,       7 ,
Applications for pre-emptions ara
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
'������ is situated, and are made on-printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
.. Pre-emptions must bo occupied for. ���
five years and improvements made
to value of $10 per acre, Including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For moro detailed information, see
the    Bulletin    "How    to    Pre-eo*pf~
Land," -r
Applications aro received for- purchase of vacant and unreserve'd
Crown lands, not being timberlnnd,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price of first-class (arable) land is $5
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
land $2.50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands is given in Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and _
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber.land, not exceeding 40 acres, -
may be purchased or leased, the conditions       including-       payment       of '
stumpage. -
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres,  may  be   leased  as  homesites,
conditional   upon   a   dwelling   being
erected-in, the flrst year,-title-being,
obtainable'-after  residence" and   lm--
"; provement .conditions - are"  fulfilled ,
'and land has been surveyed,. --  xy
'-' ._"���_;���   ;:7le^ses -. yX "W'- 7
���,_For-' gracing.'and���industrial-:.pur~-.-
-poseg.areas not. exceeding'640. acre's"
"may be .leased'by on�� ��� person"' or .a-.
- company.', ���   '���'    , . '���     ;��� '.''.
.-1 Under "the Grazing. Act.-ths Province Is.divided Into grazing'districts--
.and the range administered under, a
f Grazing ". " Commissioner. ��� Annual
'- grazing permits are, issued based ori
. numbers.ranged, priority -being, given.:
;. to.-' established ��� owners." Stock-.owners
;may  form' ��� association's.:, for.,..range
- management.'��� Free; or-partially free,"
'��� permits  ara  available ,tor    settlers,'
���campers   and   travellers,, up   to ..t'eii"
-head. : -''7'   "7 '-��� ' - ;. '-"   -."'.7
/ ,
The Mineral Province of; Western Canaia ;},
XxVy}).       TO EPiD OF DECEMBER' 19^2   ��� 7. V}-:x).VV
[  Haa prodoced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, 8.76^542,203; Lode f     f -'-".
.Gold, $109,647,861; Silver, $59,^814,206; Lead 851,810,891; Copper, 8170,723,242;~
Zinc,7$24,625,853; Miscellaneous. Minerals, 81.358,839; Coal and Coke, $238,-   :..
289,565;7BQiiding Stbae,; Brick, Cement,Veto.; ,$36,605,942, mSkiBg. its Mineral 7 ,. 7
ProdacfejpQ to fehe end of 1922 showX y).''.-.-. x        " ���.7   . .���   7 ; /
ion for tlie Year Ending Decembieiv1922j^35,158,843;
;���"-';. \Tbe':' Mining, Laws of %\uz Province; are more liberal, and the fees lower, 7 ,      -   y
ihan thOBe"o'f any other Province, in the Dominion,for.any Colony in the  Brifeisb
'Empire. - '' '       -.   .     '"''-''   '   'X'-'-.X   ' Xixy.yy..., '"   -^ -:-
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominskl fe8s7   7 y XX
Absolute  'Ktles are  obtained   by developing such properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtRinecT-
graSis.by addressing���   '' :'���' ; - . *"/.    -".-.,
���>i ���
: U


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