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The Ledge Nov 15, 1923

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Provincial Library
��nfivr^r��%>.^^^^>liit^'��^rn3Tjm^^ ^g^i���
Vol.   XXX.
No. 17
',."'���"'     '   W-   ��� ��� -'
Just received a. large ^shipment of 7 7
-';   _���'.. '    ������   .    ;_
���'   . ��� - ���'
"������ ������'"���: ���
V      Enamel,
t. ���������-        ���-������������������                     ������������������..';."  .
.Tin arid  Galvanized' Ware ?
:���      ���'*       .-. ,.���';..
'��� ������''"'.
,��� Consisting of ���   X_ ���:���'���.
Doulble Boilers
3 sizes, Steamers 4 sizes, Stew Pots, Kettles,
Strainers, Collanders
Pails, Wash Basins. Dish Pans. Wash Tubs.
.7.7                 .
Wash Boilers. Sprinkling Cans, Etc.       .
���                          GREENWOOD.
Fresh Salmon and Halibut
Every Thursday
A Car of Oats Rolling,,
Crushed  and  Whole
%    Ask for quotations on quantity
For Quality and Value Order From Phone 46
f 7   Fit Reform
# WV'W        X'yxyXX
W���for Fall in Suits   and Overcoats
&%  Blue^and Red Label Brands of
jf Underwear
Also Tweed Shirts, Khaki pants
Blue; Overalls, etc
i W. Elson & Co
<?umumuttuu ittimuimuimuumiiimuttmiuiuutauuK
Greeting Cards
Order now for foreign mail
Exceptionally pretty samples at
We are now equipped to handle
Fresh -
Fish Every Fridiy
Place your orders with us
PHONE if 7.
^&��4G��&��&&&&��4&&��G��&��&��G^^ ������S��S������_**,?,
��� 7    ���. We carry' only, the best stock procurable in ~'..'  '.-.. , -"_
Beef, Veal, Pbrk,   Ham, Bacqii, Lard, Etc. W
-'X 7   . 7A trial will convince you.
JOHN MEYER/ V        - V-.      7V-vv.v --''Proprietor-|
Pala&e Lli/ERY Stable
R.LEE. Proprietor
7Express and Heavy; braying 7
Auto ForHire, Day or Night;
7      "/' "      W/ -V-'e .carry*     7 y '. /���'-.'���- -*- y
Tires, Oils, Greases, Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13,
Residence Pfeone 59R
"Wonderful .indeed is the power qf
tlie voice"."���Cicero.
...   .The power of the voice is the success of the telephone.   It wa? in.the
endeavor to transmit, sound that the telephone was:invented, aad the great,
factor of its development into an article of Very. common use ,is, that direct
conversation may be carried on.   .'.'���."
Because it. enables one's personality" tobe sent is the .'reason that the
telephone proiaptfcs.friemlships'and intimacy, and hrisxgs about closer relations beiTs-een those in business. The" pleasure of hearing the voice yea
know makes long disiances'the casual practice of every one. - *      -
'Real Estate.  V
Fire,  Life Insurance
Licensed by B. C. Government .
Accident & Sickness Insurance
���Auctionvoff your surplus Stock-
Call  at. my Office and see me .in:
.������ '    reference to any of above
New   Fall   Millinery,
Dresses and Stockings
The ladies of town ancl district are
cordially invited to inspect same
Mrs. Ellen Trounson
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at. 8.15. p.m.'..,. ;
Maurice Tourneur present
"Lorna Doohe"
The world's sweetest love story brought
to the screen  with all ils uuforgetable
drama, in all Ils gorgeous investiture.
Ma<3ge Bellamy as Lorna Dooue, John
Bowers as John Ridd; "Frank Keenan as
gruff Sir Ensor, bandit and gentleman.
Imagine them���springing as from the
author's pen to thrill, to lire us, to love,
light, woo and win for the world again.
'    ��� also - ^,
"Movie Chats"
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material  guaranteed.'- We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Tenders are invited for the making of
-ice and managing the Skating' Rink during "the -��� season.' -State -wages required/
'fenders to be in by Thursday, Nov. 15 to
.The Ledge"
/Skating. Rink "Committer
V'7       ' " FOR SALE -.->'
One hot air'funiace complete,' suitable for large dwelling', or hall.' Cheap;-
Apply to. P. O, Box"516, Greenwood..   .
;������      7  FOR SALE  V/..-
Eight Rhode Island Red Hens and two
White Wyandotte Hens, in first class
condition. Apply to The Ledge, Greea-
wood.    ���":���.-       ;������    .7 :���' .
7 FOR SALE   ...
""-.Two pairs of ladies:, high t6i> shoes;
almost new.7'Apply to' Mrs. C.-.R. Garris,
Greenwood; -.'..'     . -     " . -'���
X-      FOR.SALE
1 Baby buggy in' good condition.   Applv
to P. G. Box 513, Greenwood:
Presbyterian Church
Minister in charge
Rev.-.W; R. Walk.iis&aw, B. A. V
Sunday. Koveikr 18th
X-  Beaverdell 1! d, 'mi.
Greeawood "7; 3o!p.ia. V
Chief-J^AVPraser is on business trip to Vancouver.
Skating has. been good on the
ponds during the past week.
Wm. Jen��s,V of Eburne, is
spending-: a few days in town.
Mrs. James Lindsay, of Rock
Creek, is the guest of Mrs. Jas.
Kerr.   W V
Miss M. Smythe, of Grand
Porks, was a visitor to town on
Friday.    ""   '   ^
Chas. Martin, of Oliver, will
open a shoe repairing shop,in
Greenwood. 1     ���
-���- ' .   . .������... ,',?;?������ ..������������. ....
Miss M. A. "McLoughry spent
the week end with friends in
Grand Forks. 7   V
A number of Green woodites
attended a da.ncejin Grand Forks
on Monday night; _
Miss Mude^/of Grand Forks,
was visiting-friends in town during the week end.
, The; Knights^bf Pythias will
give a dance in the Masonic Hall
on New Year'sTEye.     "���"-��� -''���.; '*
Tt is reported that 70 deer have
been taken out of the Main Kettle
River section this season.
Normam . MacDonald, of" the
B. C. Telephone Co., Nelson,
was injown on Wednesday.
Miss Nellie Keir returned to
Grand Forks on Monday after a
few days visit tohome here.
Bert Mussattb, of Kelowna,
formerly of Phoenix, was awisit-
or in town during, the week endr
The British'House of Commons
will dissolve on. Friday and a
geaeral<electiott"WiU be -held next
month. .    -
Mr. aud Mrs. G. F. Killam, of
Grand Forks, jwere the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fraser on
The Ledge can supply your
every need in the printing line
and at prices consistent with
���first-class work.
Mrs, C. Olson and daughter,
Irene, of Rock Creek, spent the
week end in Anaconda, the guests
of Mrs. E. Granberg.
John McDonald of Bomiington,
spent a few days in tow.a during
the past "week with his sister,
Miss Cassie McDonald. - ���-
- Miss Ethel Sales" returned to
Billings on Wednesday after
spending a few days in . town the
guest of .:Mr..,and Mrs. VEJ. 7F.
Keir.V:.-. V��� ;J W . ���
Ei.Hi'Hanley, of_.Nelson; and
HV'A/ .Sheads, of Grand Forks,
representing ..'North/'- American
Life Assurance Co,, were in town
on"'Tuesday./.-'. '.--/. ,      7 ;,
7 .Greenwood had a-large number
of visitors duringthe week end.
Manycoming from the .Bell, aud
Sally .mines, Beaverdell, Carmi,
Grand Forks,. Cascade and other
places in the district. "..".:��� WW
' D. Cavaye 7?as. the guest of.
Mr. and-..Mrs, P* H.J McCurrach
on Sunday /and Monday. VMr��.
Cavaye is now located in Grind
Forks haying, been., transferred
from the Bank of Commerce iit
Trail. ;.' :_,V'7'' V "/--/���  ';���    -.    --./���.
7A sawmill at Carmi owned by
Sam Matthews;', of Grand; Forks,
was destroyed, by fire von Friday
evening last. The lumber in the
yard and part., of the comyeyor
were saved, .The loss is partially
covered by insurance.1   V        *'.-.-'7
Paul Johnson, ai well known
smelter man,;died in. Stockholm,
Sweden* on Oct. 14, at the age of
66 years, after a long illness. The
late Mr. Johnson was a did timer
of Greenwood having lived here
in the early days. He was smelter
manager when the B. C. Copper,
smelter iwas built. Previous to
coming here he built a ssaelter in
Nelson. The deceased is as
uncle of Miss E. Ai Olsoa of this
city and a brother-in-law of the
late Martin Aadersoa.     7
Mr."and Mrs. Wm. Walmsley
motored to Rossland, Trail and
Castlegar on Sunday morning,
returning Monday evening accompanied by Mrs. J. McKinnon,
of Castlegar, who is spending the
week in this city. Mr. Walmsley
reports the new road in fine
shape and that very high grade
ore is being take out of the I.X.L.
mine at Rossland.'
District Deputy Grand Master,
D. C. Manly paid an official visit
to K. of P. Lodge, No. 29, on
Wednesday evening. He was
accompanied by more than 20
members of the Grand Forks
lodge. First rank, was conferred
upon a candidate by the two
lodges.) A very, fine supper was
served during which there were
speeches, ��png and'stories.
D. R. McElmon, J. P., (watchmaker), for many years a resident
of Greenwood and district writes
from Blaine, Washington, that
he is steadily improving in
health. His many friends here
hope tha the will entirely recover
and be able to return to the
district once more.
The case .of the Rock Creek
Trading Co. vs H. Snell came up
before His Honor J. R. Brown at
the local Court House on Saturday, Nov, 10th. I. - H. Hallett
acted for the plaintiff, no counsel
appearing "for the defendant.
Judgment of $416.04 aud costs
was given for - the plaintiff and*
the counter claim was dismissed.
^A Stenographer's'Examination
for British Columbia Civil Service will be held on Saturday
afternoon and evening, December Sth, 1923. Intending competitors in this district should
apply to the Government Agent,
Court House, Greenwood, for application "forms arid-"further iiffor-
mation, or to W. H. Maclnnes,
Civil Service Commissioner, Victoria, B.C. Applications will be
received at Victoria up to November 28th.
F. L. Christian, whose home is
in the Kettle Valley," but who is
assisting Len LeLeivre iu packing for Steven's survey party on
the transprovincial highway, arrived in town yesterday afternoon
suffering from rather painful
scalds about the face and neck.
It appears lhat the Jboys were
cooking a meal on the trail when
a tight-fitting lid blew off a kettle
in which they were boiling water
and spattered Jhe lad/with the
sfeam .and hot water. He Was
brought into the hospital by a
car which met him on' the .road
this side of Nine;. Mile.���^-Princeton Star...    - *-,-   ������''-/.'-'
..' A pretty reception was heldin
honor '. ;of 7Mrs.V John G.. . B..
MovpattV formerly '."Miss'.'.Cecilia*
Mar jorie'; Mcintosh,7 on Tuesday
afternoon at "the home of. her
sister-in-law, "Mrs. X Jacob ;.V.
Lightheart, ' 1S91. Twenty-ninth
avenue west.' The rooms were
decorated with roses, chrysanthemums and autumn leaves. The
tea table,'centred with a. bowl of
yellow, chrysanthemums '-,. aimd
yellow tulle,*', was presided 6.ve'r.'by'
Mrs.- ,D.;. Mcintosh,- >Mrs��� J. W.-
Hislop; - Mrs. ;S.pankie,:, ."Mrs-
George E. Lightheart,': Mrs.: W.
J. Wilcox, Mrs. James Muir, and
Mrs. Mulligan, Cutting the ices
were Mrs, C.; Austin, Mrs. Mason
Miller,.Mrs. W.;J. DuffieMi.-Mr^
George Sutherland and Mrs.
Hislop, while serving the guests
were.Miss Mary .Mcintosh and
Miss-.Madge Hislop. Receiving
the guests were Mrs.,7"Duncan
Mcintosh, .mother, of. the bride;
Mrs. -Mowatt and Mrs. i'ight-*
heart. Musical items were given
by Mrs. Ecales, Mrs. Duff* Miss
Jean Paierson and Mrs. Thompson.���Vancouver Province.
Boy Scouts
Troop   ineets   on   Friday   at
7:30 p.m. in the Fire Hall.
Have-yon- paid-7yonr subscription to Tiie Ledge?
Masquerade Dance
Greenwood has witnessed many,
successful dances but the Masquerade in the Masonic Hall on Friday
night, arranged by the G.W.V.A.
was without doubt the best, ever
held in many a long year. One of
the most largely attended balls, it
was delightful to see that fully 95
per cent ofthe dancers, were in.
costume, a statement which cannot always bo made^of fancy dress
affairs. There was really Very
little duplication in the costumes,
considering that there were nearly
three hundred present.
Eye witnesseBS will agree that it
would be difficult to find a district
that possesses so many ladieB capable of turning out such ingenious
and clever dresses. The judges
were Mr. Rylett, of Fife, Mr.
Smith, of Cascade and E. R.
Workman, of Stewart, B, Q. Their
task was a difficult and delicate
oue considering that there were so
many ��� costumes nearly equally as
good as the winners: They awarded prizes to: x-X"
Best dressed lady, Mrs. T. ,W.
Clarke, of Carmi, "butterfly." ...
BeBt lady,, comic, Miss Nora
Jackson, of Midway, "Jonteel Talcum Powder."
Best dressed gent, L. Keir,
Greenwood, "rooster."
Best gent, comic, Thos. Williamson, Anaconda, "tramp."/
Best dressed child, Miss Olive
Mowat, Greenwood, "fairy."
The costumes seen* on Friday
night were a treat ,to the eyes.
Among nearly two hundred costumes it was not easy to pick oot
all the outstanding characters because they were all good.
Bash's melody orchestra of four
pieces won more laurels for the
really excellent music supplied for
the dancing. Mrs. T. W. Clarke.
"and Miss V. Shillcock/very kindly
played the supper extras.
To supply the refreshments for
this large crowd was no easy task,
but Mrs. Axam and Mrs. Blnndell,
the caterers, did remarkably well.
There were four sittings and all
were fed within two hours. It
waB a splendid supper, ably managed and the Boy Scouts did the
Provincial Police
To Wear Uniforms
Attorney-General Manson has
introduced a bill into the Legislature, now in session in Victoria,
to re-organize the provincial police.
All summer plana have been .under
way and It is aimed to divide the
province into four police districts,
Prince Rupert, Nelson, 'Kamloops.
and Vancouver -Victoria; .-'Inspect-.
prs will be in charge. of the first'
three districts, while sub-inspectors
will have control at the coasti' The.
police/constables- will, wear khaki
uniforms, similar, except.for color,
to-,those of the .Royal "Canadian
Mounted;Police.7    7    7. ���.-.-
. Con stables' will sign on for three
years but may buy. their release at
any time for 0100.: .They will have
their pwhfinger-pririt:. and- secret
service departments. It is planr
tied to7.have- half . the* service' in
uniform byVneit March; and the
balance by fehe'end.of 1924.   -
Kettle Valley Notes
Mrs. Ed. Richter left last weak
for Rochester. Minnesota.
Miss Yonge, of Grand Forks^
who has been visiting Mrs. Brew
returned home last week.
Service in the Anglican Church
on Sunday, Nov. 18th. Matins
and Holy  Communion at 11 a,m.
Mr. and  Mrs.- Taylor, who have
been visiting Mrs. Smith of  West-
bridge, sailed on the "Makura" for.
New Zealand.
John CaldweU, Maurice Jewell,
J. Warrington and David Caldwell spent a few days in Chriitian
Valley hunting.
A colored glass ocfeaganal window
has been presented by Messrs.
Harker & Pawaey to the Church
and placed in position. at the east
end over the existing stained glass
The Banff orchestra will again
visit Riverside on or about D��c.
18th next, 0 when a Pierrot Fancy
Dress Dance will be held in the
Riverside Hall under the auspices
of ths Rock Creek Women's Auxiliary, The exact date will be
announced later.
War Memorial
On account of the '-granrte
block" not having been received
from the makers, the unveiling
of the Memorial at Ingram
Bridge has been postponed. The
committee hope, however, that
the unveiling will take place at
any early date and'as soon as the
date is definitely settled, a notice
will be broadcasted throughout"
the district so that as large a
number as possible may have the
opportunity of being present.
Sale of Work at Rock Creek
The Rock Creek Farm Women
are holding a Sale of Work at the
Co-Operative Hall, on Saturday,
Nov. 17th, opening at 1.80'p.m.
When the Farm Women do a
thing, they do it well and they
have undoubtedly excelled thin
time. The~Farmers are keenly interested in it as well and are running two of the stalls���Produce
and Second-hand. The Work
Stall Is a speeial feature this y��ar.
It will be packed with dainty,
exclusive and intimate articles,
which should find a ready sale���
do not order jour Xmas presents
until --yon have seen this stall.
The'Farm'Women^at great trouble
and expense, think they hare
secured fehe services of fehe famous
fortune teller who was so successful and in sueh favor with Lord
Renfrew when at Calgary.
7 Reserve sufficient money for
afternoon tea, which will be a
specialty and dont forget the date
Nov. 17th.
"Lorna Doone"
x "\. ^ [ .Mining - News.-" -
E.7 A., Wanke /made a-, trial
shipment of ore froli the Preston
to the. Trail smelter last week.
���:' The Jubilee Mining Company,
N, P. L'.,- with head- office, in
Greenwood, was incorporated last
week. This company: is operat-.
ing the Spotted "Horse on ihe. hill
west of Greenwood/..
"Why," said the American,,
"we grow cabbage so big that:an
army of soldiers can camp under
npthiug," said the
Scotchman, we make copper kettles so big that a thousand men
cau be riveting one and yet be so
far apart ; they can't: hear, each,
others hammer." " 'W
"Go on," said the American,
"what would anyone use a* kettle
of that size tor?". ;7
"Why.fo boil yoar Americaa
cabbage in," said the Scotchoiaa.
The famous "Dooue country'.'
of Devonshire, England, to which
hundreds of tourists makes pilgrimages annually, is shown ia
Maurice Tourneur's film, version
of:"Lonia Doone, "which will be
shown at the Greenwood Theatre
on Saturday, Nov. 17th; Taken
from the novel written by R, D.
Blackmore, the story relates the
exciting adventures and romance
of a maid of high birth who is
captured by the Doone outlaws.'
The. scenes are laid in Exmoor
where ruins of the ancient Doone
village are still pointed out. Because of its historic background,
the picture is attracting- nation
wide attention.  V
Awetstern eVangelist; makes religious mottoes on rocks and fences
along the public .highways. On
one big fiat rock he. painted these
words::'/ XX- X ���
''What will jou do* wh*a yoa
die!??.. ������-. .   7->V ;,.-/.,
ijB.VadvertieiiEj; gazabo .esane
aJoBg>nd painied paderaeath that
.question;/ '.-���"'"[
"IJee Bella oil; gobd for burns."
s��Hi___2_i___2__ ni
LEDGE.     GKEEN WOOD.      B      C.
Medical Research Fund
A Popular Soprano
particular people^
All the qualities of superfine
coffee���roasted to a torn, crushed
to small9 clean grains���every can
perfect coffee. ,ao
I Banting Medical Research Foundation
! To be Launched
j     A-great research organization ir. io
j be started in Toronto, to be known :ik
j tiie Banting Medical Research fouiiihi-
jilou.      The  iirst  contribution for its
| founding  comes   from   tho  discoverer
: of in-iuiln, Dr. Fred G. Banting, who
j wiil   contribute   SJ.0,000,   it   portion  ot
1 Iiis share of the-1923 Nobel prize..
!     Meawnliiie a coiuniifice. of five lias
j been    formed    to    take    preliminary i
charge of tho foundation and its fin-
anc'iis;-.     Its members are: ."lolm llog-
ers, of 'L'orouto, cluiirman:  Prof. Fitzgerald, of the University of Toronto;
Dr. Stewart, president    of    tlio   New
"York Academy of Medicine; George W.
Uoss, Toronto; and a fifth man yet to
be named.     Cf. H. McCorinaolc, of Toronto, is honorary secretary, although
not a member of the committee.
An appeal for funds in Ganada aud
Women Can Dye Any
Garment,  Drapery
Dve   or
Tint   Worn,    Faded   Things
New for 15 Cents    -
Diamond Dy��
Misa Una Bishop, daughter of Mr.
Don't wonder whether you can dye
or tint successfully, because perfect
home" dyeing is guaranteed with "Diamond Dyes" even if you have never
dyed before.. Druggists have all colors.
Directions in each package:    ���'
the United States is to bo mado.     At j and Mrs. A. J. Bishop,  of KamsacU.
well    received   as- a
Saskatchewan Highways.
Almost 2,000 Miles of Road Built,
Costing Over Miljion
The activities.of the Saskatchewan
Highways Department, computed tip
to the end of the present session,
are set forth- in ' a    statement   just
The Greatest Of All Assets
The award ui' s.li". Ni'i.el prize this, year in Dc. V. G. T!ani.iiij_.', "I:��'i'uroiiio,
tlie discoverer <>f The insulin U'>;::ti.mfti.it for diabetes, i* a well deserved tribute
and recognition uf what has been hailed throughout the medical world its the
Breatost. boon <.<mi'i.r_'ed ou laankhul in preventative medicine since the discoveries of Pasteur. And Dr. JlaiUiug has conferred additional honor upon
himself by ijiiinortiai'.tdy donating S .10.000 of his prize inonev towards the estab-
Ilsinuenl of a Fund i'or inedical research in Canada.
The whole world'is at last beginning to fake seriously to heart the truth
of the aid saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Gov-
rnimonis tho world over, _iss-i.-,'od by p'l'Ht'���wili.'r.lat.. organi/.riruijis like flu-
PUti-Tub-milu.-d-> AasocJatiun.-'. the lied Cro-v Society, and kindred bodies,
and i\u n of gn-ai W'-alrh. aie eiisj.iqed. in work ol the niosr energeric kind not
onlv lo find -:cioriTiii'- means ot combatting and preventlits: disease, but iu educating I In*" nji_-^s ol ihe -," ople cveryvi here that by 'he adoption aie: adherence io simple lii-nirh rub-', most of the sickness and di.M-.isi-, and < on.-,ei_uent
tuUiring lliaf now alllii is ihe huiiiati race can be comidi ujy b.-uii.-hei!
Vellow lV\er. onoo the M'oiugo ot cerlaiu count lios, is now praciieally
luikiiov n U ha.-, been isolated into a few small uveas and successful -M.'oi'l.s
are now in in-ugivx-. io stamp li out. emirolj.      It  has b^-m established tine
least one million  dollars is  reciuired, who is  beiii,
for  the   scheme,   and   its   originators \ soprano   vocalist   in   Regina.     Miss ] made public by Hon. J. Cf. Gardiner,
' Minister of Highways. In it the comparative rarity of gravel surfacing
Is explained by scarcity of gravel do-
tluit    a two-milliondo!lar fund{^Bishop  sang very  acceptably Jit' the
.---���. j will  bo  established.      Already  many   banquet tendered by tho Leader Fub-
���.veir known people in both countries j lishing Co., Ltd.. io the weekly "new-s
have, signified thoir willingness to participate actively in  the work of ih"
foundation.      'these      include     Lord
Byng,    United    States   .Secretary    of
Stales Hughes, whoso   daughter   was.
one of Dr. Banting*-.-, first patients, and j
ex-President Woodrow AVilson. Headsj
of several large universities   in    iho! Brings    Eas
United States al.ro are ccuumetod with!
the movement. .. '
"The idea'," said Dr. Itoss, "is
to give assistance to young ambitious
s-.HeJili.-_rn who like research work, but
who cannot follow UiN bout becau-c
of lack ot liii.iuiv.. Such people
���would be ri-miired to go be.ore a s>oioiv
lilio oinmii.'.-e and stiire what The*
defiled to do in the way of research.
This commirt'-e In turn will pass upou
the applies,lion and rho.applicant's lit-
tiess for iho woil:. arid either dismiss
paper men during their recent convention at Regina.
Drives Out Rheumatism
Subdues Lumbago |
and    Comfort
Sufferer at Once
A King Over Pain
posits and tho necessity of first building tip earth roads to form a satisfactory and consolidated base for the deposition of a gravel surface and the
establishment of a proper system of
j connected drainage.
The report anticipates that a total
to   the ���ol-' ���'���'975 miles of provincial highway
; for which agreements have -been en-
tered,_.into with the Dominion Government   will    have been' completed ^before the season closes and lhat the expenditure on these highways for tho
fiscal year will bo ?I,OGO,000.
By tho end of the season the Gov-
ciin be made immune fiom diph*
wh'u h cirried oh* people by iho
le   cd-- -��� which do\elop ot a mild
Will Send Relief to Germany
���" through the u^e ot io\in ;iuli-(o\in peoph
iheria. Smallpov. once a common disea:
thousands, Is now (niift- i,in<, aud most of
t>w-       11. too, is beintr wiped out. j 	
Tuberculosis is srili a it rrible '���couri-'e, but. a bus now been deiuonsrrated ' Bnve   in   U.S.   to   Feed   Two   Million
that it i- not an insurable dihease, anil it tre.ilod in its earlitf mages can ha'      ,  German Children this Winter
iiici'ot-5fully overcome.     More impottant Mill is the arou-,'uig of people gener-j    Leading Anieiicu. in au endeavor to
ally  lo a  knowledge thai   tuherculijsis can  be pr-.-vi nr--d by  the adoption of-sticcor a distressed puoplo, Major-Cien-
f-imple rules oi li\ing, plain, wholesome food, lots of i'i esh air and sunshine,     j eral Henry T. Allen, who commanded
Tiiof-e who pp"k permanout i\llcf from
��� he "iiinilniK' pain    ot    UliCiiiiiatisni    and i
X.uiali iso .should read the hitter ot V. 1'!..]
.Vornuiiiti, I'ron. Ooorpelov n. who writes:   eminent wilt have spent,   the   report
"X  ""\va_.    lairly    cmiipLlm)   \\illi  aching,'
International Agreements
Have Been Disregarded
Rowell      Says      Allies      Themselves
Responsible   for   Chaos    In
Europe *
Chaos and. misery existing throughout Europe and the world today Is attributed directly to failure of Euro-,
pean countries to carry out those provisions under which Germany capitulated to the allies. The Germans
laid down arms believing tliat ex-
President Wilson's fourteen points
would form the basis of peace. But
these fourteen points have been disregarded as ruthlesslyas Germany herself disregarded the sanptity of international agreement in 1914.
This thought was submitted to delegates of the world mission .conference by Hon. N. W. Rowell. He appealed to "the spirit of brotherhood of
"men as being the only solution of international difficulties.
"We ourselves are responsible' for
the turmoil of the world today," the
speaker said. "Every nation that
signed the Versailles treaty added to
the dishonor of the allies. Germany
was led to believe that peace would
havo as its foundation the idealistic
fourteen points of the United States
president. But tho allies, greedy* for
the spoils of war, took advantage of
Germany's helpless condition ami
abused their power. This constituted
as flagrant a breach of international
honor as the world has ever seen."
joints and Kheumatism. Xeiviline must
havo been what 1 ncvdid. because it
cleared up my trouble quickly."
"if you need  a  reliable,  slicing,  penc-
tratuu; pain lemeily, one you cm depend
on, K-et a 35c bottle of Nerviline to-day; it
"will make you well qui. My.
Indian Family Has
First Train Ride
continues, not less than ?120,000 for
concrete and steel bridges and $150,-
000 for limber bridges, new structures
and replacing decayed ones.
Accepted    Unique    Experience,   With
Stoicism of the Race
The first p.issenger train to he operated north ol  (ho  former Trans-Con-
tineutal line in Onl.ario provided some
Mot her! Give Sick Chi!d     *
"California Fig Syrup"
Harmless    Laxative  cfor    a     Bilious,
Constipated  Baby or Child
Constipated, bilious,   feverish,  or
sick, colic 'Babies
,    ��      r _., ,    ,       . .    , ��� and Children love   tJL
descendants of the country s original i to   t.lkG   jrc._u.jiiQ \(/K>
In fact, nature has  pnnided  free of charge  all  tho ^entiuls of good I ttio United States army ot occupation | inhabitants  with the, thrill    of    their ' "Calilornia <W<'
h> alth if people would only maKe u -o of thc-m.     Sleeping iu rooms with win-' in Germany, has an,uounced a nation- j iiTOlS.      When the T. and
cio\vs open and kept livsh and clean by sunshine and fresh air, instead of clos-   wide drive to carry rel'tet to wi least
iirg them up like prioon cells, if followed in all homes would  do more to ' __,0(H..0OO cliililrou in Germany during
1'tadieate fubt.jculo^is than all Uiej-aniitoria ever built.      Lt would result in ] th* coming winter.
I'^ood and fuel, admini.-_cored tlnough
ihe Anieilcan Society of Friends
(Quakers;, will ,icum the  chief com-
stronger, healtlnor children: botli physically and menially.      Xext in itnjiort-
vijep to fresh air and sunshine comes the plemitul use of v.arer and milk.
Tile adojilion of hah'us of cleanliucss, washim; the hands before humt-
' ling lood, ctiro of the TOeUi, proteclioti of the homes afiaiusr ilie,-!. rhe careful
disposal of all reitise ,-iud rubhNh, and tho guarding ugain. c conUtiniuation ol*
the wairr supply���these Things'do not co--t much money and if systemalictilly
iolloweu do not take much Ufoe. If persisted in they wiil result in better
lualth ami iu (he saving of conmless'dollars in doctor, drug and hospital bills,
to say nothing of the greater prosperity accruing to tho home and individual; J3ore than 100 ptomiuenf persons hi
through increase'I ^atninjc ]'f)wei  resttliing from good lie.tlih, a  strong body
and a clear mind.      . -  - .    ���        ���
Manj iiPonle c-iiiophiiu ol hard times and of accumulated debt--, aad all
too frequently give as an o.\eu��.. tJiai ihey havo "had much sickness, with eon-
'x riuent heaty cxjienso on lhe one hand ami loss of earning power on'the
other. But they never stop to consider that, instead of such sickness being
sm excuse, it in many Insiancfs merely consiilucos. au indictmenr/of Themselves; that tiiej are noi only thorn solves r<>_.ponsibio for the hard times and
-accumulated debts, bur for lhe sickn-ss from which  they or  their families
have suffered and wliich brought on rheir financial dilliculties. '
'   Thcaverage employer of huge siatis of male.anil female help loses more
through lost-lime and disoi&anlyation of his business caused by (ho absence
' 'of pmplo>ees through sirkiu's��. than he does through strikes or lhe general
dislocation of business ea_i��o(i hy economic depression. But because such
Josses arc not of a spe-incular kind, possibly small in themselves but going
on like an xmnoticed leak in a pipe, he pajs little uiteiitlott to lliom or to (he
r'lO** ision of previMitative safeguards.
it U encouraging. how\ei', to noi- that a genital -avvakeuing is takltig
place, that the work of education on health matters is havlnt. its effect, that
legislative enactment.-- are following closely ou the heels of medical discoveries: iu a word, tliat the Twemh th Cetuuiy Crusade for Good TJoalth'is proving more and more effective, and that pfople are beginning to realize that
health is more impoitant and a far great.r worhllj-asset Than wealth; that
lhc latter williotu tho_foriner is of little,v.luo m the pos^fr-^oi' of it.
modifies ot the American relief work.
Contributions to fmanee thc tmdetraking will be solicited by tho American
Commit roe for Relief of German Chil-
uren, of which Gen. Alleu is chairman.
accepted places' on the nytiomtl com-
mirroo. Local- orgauizatious in the
principal .ciiie'-? of the country wil! be
formed as rapidly as possible., -
The plan-of the American committee as regards Jeetling'only will cover
Fig >
N.O. train ��� Syrup." - No other ��.""
land Fans!l^a,iviVrt^i:\tes '{(
No.    102   pulled   out of Isla,,..  .....-,   T. _, , .,
. _.        , . ���    ,    i It   sweetens   the
Junction on its return trip io Coeh- j bowels so nicely,
rane, it carried among its passengers the tender littlo
a family of Indians from the lower stomach and
reaches of the Abitibi River, who were ' stavts    lhe    livw'
An   Oil   that   is   Famous.���Though
Canada was not the birthplace of Dr.
Thomas* Eclectric Oil, it is tho home
of   that^ famous   compound.     Prom
here its good name was spread to Central and South America, the "West Indies, Australia and New Zealand. That '
is far afield enough to attest its ex- i
ccllehce, for in all these countries it i
is on sale and iu "demand. f
A    ti
is Scientifically ms.dej
anefhas never Failed
to give the maximum
leavening efficiency'
Because dF this
^apd the uniformly
5ati5fdiCtory. results
obtained by its use
we recommend it
55 Ganadae> perfect
baking powder *
,  'OF
iih i uiTi i n i
Deplores Pessimistic Outlook
U.S. Egg Yield
Egg    Production    Contributed    More
Than  Ons  Billion   Dollars to '
Wealth of Countqy- /
The little red hen and her numerous
sisters in the United States contributed more than one billion dollars to
thc national wealth in the last year,
Everyone Should Help in  Reconstruct . according to statistics made public in
tion of .World Says Rev. Henry        advance of the annual meeting of lho
van Dyke National Poultry and Egg Association
The appearance "of so many pessi- ( held in Chicago,
mistic books of late    was    deplored '    This is the biggest yield in the his-
by tho ttov. Br. Henry van Dyke in   lory of llie egg industry and is in excess of tho wheat crop.
a sermon in tlie Park Avenue Presbyterian 'Church, New York, of which hit
only son, tho Rev. Tertlus van Dyke,
Is the pastor. 0"Wben Elijah went
into the cave he had a 'bad case ol
pessimism,"" declared Dr. van Dyke,
"lie thought all lhe world was wrong,
going to thc bad, and lhat ho only was
-1 faithful to God and to duly.      lie aland bowels acting' .   , , , ,, .   ,     ,     . .,
, ��� . without griping. Contains no narco- terar'ted l0 ��rov6 Uus b>' havmS noth"
having their initial experience of this ; tjCt. or S00tliing drugs. - Say "Caliror- ,ing more to do with tho world and iso
form of locomotion!      They accepted   nia" to your druggist and avoid count- , la ting himself in a'cave.      There art
the ovetu wiih lhe
sloleism   oc   their
South Alrican church programme-���
Tlie choir will sing the Hallelujah
Chorus, after which there will be a
collection for repairs to the roof.
Only  Toy  Dogs Admitted"
_Mrs.   Alfred   Trancheiuontagntj,   St.
Michel   des   Soints,   Quo.,   writes:���
"Baby's Own Tablets are an excellent
mecliciue.     They saved my baby'sjife
and I can highly recommend (hem to,.,.     ,
all    mothers."       Mrs'.    Tranchemon-1   infc,t*,0l\
tho period from .November 5 to April Vagtu/s   experience   is that ol thous-. outside the boundaries of the domin-
ands of other molhovs who have test-  ion.   " A ministerial order, issued bj;
sTo   0<l the wqr^h oE 3idbJ'*13 ����'n Tablels.'mo    Dcparlment    of Agriculture, ex-
supply one meal a day to each child,' 2 ^nntell!"^ rTfaTto ��� ��lttdM *"��* and dogs7Vith the ex-
and on thid basis it is estimated that | regulate the bowels and stomach, thus . eeption of toy dogs" coming from tho
erl'cits:       Insist upon  genuine  "Call- ; many men totlav affectod bv this forn
lorma   Fig   Syrup"   which   contains1,,.      ,��...,��� .   ��� ���,,
directions. /    Iot   self-righteous   pessimism.     Thcj
���  : tell us that the 'great Nordic race' is
vanishing, that 'lho revolt against civilization is sure to succeed, that 'Europe is hopeless,' and therefore America should keep oui of it, and so on.,
"What is this bul going into the cave? j
Tho still, small voice of God calls us
to come out, lo bear a hand in the
For You*
WhQlssonie cleansing eefres'ning
and   Poultry  Are   Barred   From
Entry to Canada     *
Hereafter  'Toy  dogs"  only will   be
admitted to Canada from.. Iho  United
".Real dogs" must remain
16, including  Lll actual"feeding days.
It will cost approximately two cents
"the immediate problem' 'of feeding
2.000,000 children will require $5, IS!),
020, (Jen. Allen declared.
A   letter   from   Secretary of Gobi-
s ,
inerce   Hoover,   endorsing the 'movement, was read b> Clou. Allen.
"Tho breakdown , in currency and'
rhe rapidly-spreading unemployment
in Germany are such that hunger and
tinder-nourishment arc already spreading,", thc secretary wrote.
Coachman Did Not Understand
.\ji"lrish coachman of daj^ truii'; hj
said in answer to a question: - "7\It.
T.radley has ponu to take a ride in his
interim, sir. An hour ago ho says to
iue,- 'Michael," ,��ays he, 'I'm expeciin'
TMr. "Brown tbis morning, but as he
-won", be hero for __o;ne time, I'll just
go down town in the interim.' And
���uith mar hc got into what 1 always
called his 'hugg>" aud off he drove.
Thcy. do be havin' strange name-; for
tiling*;  ihufac days.'-'
No surgical operation i._-iiei.oss;U"j-
���rrr: i in removing com.-, if Ilolloway's Corn
i Tie mover be used,
I .	
Origin'Of-"Two Bib"
Chineiis Use Peanut Oil
.   Peanut oil i-> one of tho prime neces-!
.���>ifi<'i_.of the .n'ffip*1 Chines'.' in "South |
China.      As a cooking oil  and food-."      -
sniff 'ii m.'aiH to lho Chine.-.**" what Is American Equivalent for Spanish
cliVe oil does to tho Spaniard or Iral-7 '    Coin Worth 12J4 Cents
ian aad lard lo the American. Largo I Many have, wondered why 23c.
stocks of Tic-aniit oil aro jilwaj's main-1 should be referred lo as "two bits,"
tained in Hong  Kong.      Most of the! ,.,i,i m.1}- h0 inkresled lo h-arn how if
relieving all the minor ills lrom which ' L'nited Kingdom.'
children suffer. They arc soltt by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
���cents a box from 'The 'T)r. "Williams'
Medicine" Co., Brockville. Ont.
The order,;issued under tlio auihor-
ity of ihe Animal Contagious Disease'
Canadian Cattle Exports
Large Increases Shown In Exports to
Britain Over Last Yonr
Act, is designed to protect Canadian      Tender.-:
greAt success of can-
tassium treatment.^   ,
A well known Lonilon surgeon and
recognized 'authority on Cancer has
created world-wide interest iu the dis-
��� struggle for right, to do our duty and covcry that Cancer is due to u fie-
1 rust God for victory. j ficiency  of potassium "salts" in  tho
 '__ ;_. | body, which causes the cells to break
down'and become malignant.
In order that everyone��� may   learn
a remarkable, book has been specially
written.   ,���^
This- book "-will
High-Powered Wireless Station
Australian   Company  Accept  Tenders
For  Erection  of Station  In
be   sent   free   io
for ihe erection of'n high-1 patients or anyone who is interested,
dogs and poult rj from the importation ! power wireless -station iu Canada have '; in Tlie most successful method of ���Qght-
of .disease. ' - j i,Pen   accepted   by the Amalgamated ! in-rr3l(^_��^��LCFAS��?^??;",
 , ��� i wireless,., Limited,   of   Australia,   a
company which has ihecommonwealfh
government,in partnership. The cost
of each station will be two and a.half
trillion dollars. Tho new,stations
will be the last .word in wireless eiliciency.��� Their silt'sTiave not yet been"
selecfed, but it is understood that tho  ^f13'  1A9' ���e <��Icf Minerals of the -
o��� ,,���_ ���,���*,��� ���..���.,  ...,_,������ ����� ,��-..   Bod>"'_.. 10- The Thymus Gland.     11.
Moved In a Circle -
.A .mid-western paper reports ono of
Canadian exports o'f cattle and beef j ihjJ u^st "vicious circles" we have
io Great Britain for thc nine months.; elumced to read about. A young man
ending with September both show! worked.Jiarci, saved his money and
largo-increases over-the" same period ! bought a house.���Then -he-ami his
of tho previous year, according io aljidu  decided  to buy an automobile.
report prepared by the Department of i They mortgaged the house* to buy the j Canadian station-will either Se Vic
Agriculture.     l'Tom January to Hep-! automobile and lately had to mortgage-1 toriu or Vancouver
lumber l_isLUu.ro were 11,138 head ofl tho automobile to pay the interest ou | 	
cattle exported to Great Britain, as  tho   mortgage   on the house.     That,
spiral truly winds to a tight place.���
Youth's Companion.
The following is a list of lho chapters:���
1. Tho Limitations of Surgery, 2.
Some Doctors Oppose Operation. 3.
What. Cancer Is. 4. \fhv the BODY
CELLS BREAK DOWN. 5. Injurious
Cooking Methods. 6. Common Errors in Diet".*- 7. Vital Elements of
Poodr87 Medical Eudorsement-of Our
local oil is cru-.hed from nuts grown \ originated
in   ihe    eoloaj..*   Smith China and in I
TNTorrh China.
A bit is  the  American
compared with i 1,006 during the corresponding period of 1922,.    The export* of beef to Great Britain'for the
', nine months this year was oyer 5,000,-
! 080 pounds, as compared with 3,618.-
I <.>0G  pounds in thc same period last
 , I Banking On Alhftita-
Apples Breathe      ,   .       - |    li    v, e    were   a��kedVo gvn'S-s whai
Although jt sounds utteih   imp.r-s-1 province of Canada has  the greatest
t'ouhnlent to the old..  Spanish   real.!J
���which-was used in California back in
'���H'. When it disappeared finally, il
hud become part of' the language.
When Anieriean silver replaced lhc
,1'C.il it "\as reckoned in terms of bits.
End Stomach Trouble,
Gas Or Indigestion
"Pape's Diapepsin" is 1he quickest,
surest relief for - Indigestion, gases,
llatuleuce, heartburn, sourness, fermentation or stomach distress caused
ible  scientists  have  been, conducting  fuiiitv    \\t
oxpeiimrius  on the bica'hin.,' ol   the   Y',rl >!'e g;
f-e^ds   of  Newton   pij'pins.-     The  ac-j <,��'<"1|'. oil and limbo
tual  taking in  of oxygen and  giving  "s'liage    of    poker,    thai,
out oi carbon dioxide just n-i our own  hu^h.    Ottawa Journal.
hmgs do have been   measiin.d   by   a; ,
respiration     apparatus,     many    new1    ���\I,*irr.a_r<" is o't^n a  failuu- ijiii"\u.<i-l l,'an
thing?    ha*ve    also   been    discovered   nehher ol  tin- atere^t^d parties luii-   m^ui
would ,-ay Alb^ilii.      To ��� which were worth "t2Vi  cents.      Two,
Air Travel Popular With Invalids
Austria   now   has an aerodrome al
Mauer, half an hour's ride by automo-! by acidity. . A Jew tablets'" give al-
bile from tho centre of the citj. Vlanos i most immodlale stomach relief.
ma> be had at till hours for any des-1 Correct your .stomach and  digestion
Important    Gypsum    Bed    Discovered
A gypsum bed 99.S per cent, pure,-
extending ten miles inland for a
mile along a branch of tho Mosoe
River midway between Cochrane and
James Bay, Ontario, is said to be one
of the world's most important. It
_was but recently discovered. The
outcropping ca nbe seen at lho river's
edge, where the deposit is forty feet
iru" sh.- bolus wheal, coal, j of them mad(> uvu bits, which ecmalled ,lma,,oa
win.i.V rh.    rnnnfri- " ' \)r'now for a f��v'" cents.     Druggists sell
witiun    thb   countij.     Air   ���,���.������_   ���- ���,.,,,.���.  nf p.,T,���-��,  -jun.
It  was also' Ti'av����tis growing popular with invalids ( popsia
millions  of packages of Pape's  Dia-
nd  iu the Ian-i ihe American  quarter.      . 	
a-lrai.rl't!u--d  in*company   with   Chinook.  tli.W'ho    ���nl    to    reach health rcsort.i
w-stern-mnde lan^iago of early d��vVJ f^'iC^' alld fl'���� ot' U,�� '1oIUns a,,(l ?&
' DiWculiy aim.- ftli^n an.Mhing smaller i ^'"lf"^ i''iemling trips by train.
in��� ..  ,jsiaiter. was produced in pav-1 ~ !
Requisite on the  Farm.���Every far-, gigantic department store, or bazaar,
Moscow Has the Largest Store
The biggest store- ia the'world under ono roof is In .Moscow.   , It is a
Tho bit  was ''the    universal I
Two barrels of soil of Belgium and
; mer aud stock-r,tiser   should   keep * a ' u,uler  a- thousand    difleient
.bout   lhe. productn.n  of  sugars  and , f.ense enough to take   an , occasional; sramlard,.    Jience. a djuie was knovm ( SUypIy of Dr. Thomas' Kclectric Oil on ' .,,,:��� . jj, j,intlg of ���ooc|3 an(;
icids within the apph>. vac.nion fr.om th.^ otlier. i ��s a slioit Isii and 15 cent-i as a long' haud, not only us a ready remedy for  se i g .i , .      s      ���>
~... ^   ���^====^=^r=^r=;:T^  .; bit.      Copper *au  taboo.      If a'cua-rills in Ihe family, hut because it is a  >ng on every kind ot business
j tomer bought a bir's worth of tobacco
��� and srave tIk- huh ekeepi-r    ���    -i^.,^^..   ,.,,   .���,   r,,.,.s,.^  ���,.,.,   ,.��,,,[. a,,Bl.in,   ...   ��� , ,. ...        _,..
,,   ., ,.        , ,,,-,,    ' ���� 101'i,1'ioi"' '       '-*���<-�����' ��-yyy. '���   France, fi'om Ypres and. Vimy Ridge
h��d jror-a dimt�� t-lnnge.     K he had a , colic  it  iar  surpasses  anjthing  thai .   ...   . .   .    ���    .
Iviime it AVouhl'-'be'a'reepied/but if^'lie'; c;iu h(- ad-��inister.>d,
i diiiii'ihe'-Wiis.:.penaliz';d'2i^ cent's. -   -   -,-' V~      _   X,    ,������   ." ���       ���   ���   ,       ,    - _     _,        .���,.-._      -.,
���iXXyy-.    ������-.     . '       Substitute for Double-. Windoyvs       f placed under the crossof. sacrifice.ihe
Double window panes, separated by *
Woman Mayor-Made Good ',
Amy A. Kaukouen, mayor of Fair-
port, Ohio, resigned recently after
a bitter fight - of nineteen months
with bootleggers. She clamped thc
lid on and beat the* bootleggers to a
finish and then resigned,
meeting pf citizens her
lion was declared-to be the best siu
years, anil all her predecesooi* weie
men.- ���. - .
At a mass
Mrs. P. G. Murdoch, Box
433,    Portage   la   Prairie,
Man., \vrites: .. - ���-."���W v
��� 7. "I- .was,., trpu}>leci7 for,:3yr.ar.'.
" kidney, '"jand jVliyer. troubles.-" I
tfieel7m.any different kind^   of
medicine,   but   nothing did me
much g<rod until/ I   tried Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.      I
:-now   -feel, fine;  but a;n never.
without these pills in the house. ���
Lv^l^    ��� "W^-VW,^^? Dr. Chase's Ointment - has te-
N^^i2Si^.\Ss's^*^.*SSthsvcd  my   nusband  oi
7 hem -which* he iued.to
i   nil
uf fer,:
"'��"-��e u-H a Sd��i��.,
& <>*., T.td.-, T,srt>V'U--._ ��� '
i-Aiii't^iSis'-rri,   t.jitrs
luTi-se   and   cattle   medicine of great |
potency.      As n, substitute for sweot;
'a   quarter- '0n r0r. horses niul  cal lie aifecred by
! respisclively, were senL to Quebec to
��.Itev.   Canph   (Chaplain)   Scolt   to   be.
'7 '- S.O. Apple Crop
"CUyy  'iirlUsh    Columbia crab
soldiers' "memorial'in that city.
One of rhe best collections of jade
to be found anywhere is in the Metropolitan Museauni of Art in New York.
��� If [all people were obliged'-' to think
of something, to' say. -they wouldn't'
talk so.-miieSi.". .     :���-        _" '
Age When Lime-Begins to Accumulate. - 12. Potassium Causes Lime Excretion. J3.'Great *yaiue of Potassium.
14. Parts of Body Liable to Cancer.
15. Parts Which Are Seldom Affected.
16. How A Doctor Can Help. 17. How
to Avoid Cancer. 18. De'ath-Rate From
Cancer. 19. Arterial Sclerosis "and Old
Age. 20. Rheumatism, Gout and Kindred Complaints.
With this book aro a number of interesting case-reports proving tho
great value of "Cantassiunt Treatment" in various cases. .The treat-'
ment is simple and inexpensive and
can be easily taken in one's own home.
Apply for free book to Cliarles Walter,
51 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, Qn-
THE   MYSTIC   DREAM   ROOIC   tcl.s   the .
mianiutfofstmrdreams; postpaid 2i1c. MYSTIC
FORTUNE TIJr.I.r_H civef alt t lie I.est mr-thr,d.s;
po��tp��td 2<Sc, MAPLE W-.AF AMATEUR
RECITER, forjiarlor. school or enicrt:iininent;
licnt'pjia 2."c. TOASl'S AND BALLADS for
si\ occisioiis; I5t>stpaid l."p. . ROIHNSON'S
MODERN CONUNDRUMS, ��hc crcnicst i.c.1-
Icclion ever published : postpaid 12c. ONE
SAVINGS! postpaid lOr. UP-TO-DATE
FRENCH CARD TRICKS, tclk you huw ����
puzzle your friends: postpaid 10<-. SECRET
pl.j;iatioa of NEEDLE TRICK and HYPNOTISM) ; postpaid 10c. These books cun b��
had of all ..oofcfiei.cr!.. or'will ,I.e. rcnt.,po*tpai<t
on receipt of price li�� STAMPS 6ilCUK KENCY
Adf'r��r�� ��� - ��� ��� -��� .���       -;"
266: King St.'W.. ;���      .,.;..   Toronto
! a distance of i-wo milJimeter:, and join-
'i-'l'"' i <ii i()ar<>iher ai thy cdp��5a"-hy a specially
; croif. vhicii w��s anproximatPly icn.i'i-r-: lrtlll,nK.j meitim-��� 'process to prevent
;c"-nl. proator llian lant year, has been ljnoJsUlre 0r <hi,t ^ttlng bt;iv,;een them
: mariwu-d. . A considerable amount otj Ar<, u?ed lo keep'oVii the cold in the
J Wealiifies aro on tbeir vny to. th" I ,lls0je of ordinarv double wlndoire. It
7 British iuark.:_�� and there has- been ;jjf said the jlfiflt insuiai.ibn-i!��- perfect
, found* to be quite a demand for gee- i U.J(1<?_. the^. Vomliiion^,'"
j ondary'   giii'l':   of   apph's-in Norway. |, ".  '- _.___- _-_    '
������ISwvdfn,  Sou.ii-Africa,  Xew  Zealand"
; and Shaaebai. "" If eohl storage steam
i ers could be secured for the '.Argentine,
; a large markei, accordinR-'io .���reports. |
Storage .Slcvator for Ednidntori*-
."Vi'eparalions'are no-.v being,made- io
j toirtjnenre construction of the, million
eon hi also Tic found there.
dollar' government-, storage,  elevator
: -.- Loff: of men a'fxer t*e!Hng "tb-? .truth !
, i        ��� - -> -  ���
. i.'i rv to H<5 out of it.
m_i im iwjiwii
wiiia'j-   ...minji-J^m
Minsrd's Lin>mentf��r Coughs
��� j wlii��:li io to br'; t'St.'ihlishcjl at Kdruon-
| toit... ��� X,   ��� '        ���".-    "'-���"���
I MiAard's Liniment Tor Distemper
������ ���^���-���������aqig^^H'-l"!?*^^.'^*^'^-?^?*"'-''*''''^ ~*~*' "N   - I
.:>!;.__, -w-~j^_.;
I   ...
xx-X: XX' :xyyy33$
fH l-'f-xV'
ist l>-zXr '
THE    LEDGE.     GEEENWOOD.   VB.    0.   *
\   ]
Norway's capital is to lose its familiar name of Chris tlau.ia and y& lcnown
In *the future by its original namo of
Doukhobors    froni    lvamsaclv  ,and
Buchanan districts -vyho have returned
from Mexico have reported unfavorably against if5move to that country.   ,
. The Virginia Hotel at Caltexico, Cal.,
- shifted several inches on its foimda-
'   tion when a pronottnced^earthauake
shock shook the* place.
Claims for damage to foreign ..property filed with the Government in
Mexico as a result'-of. tlie years of
revolution there .total ?25*��,000,000.".
Mennonites colonized in Mexico
have bougftt a carload of sewing machines to make their own clothes because of the high cost of clothing in
Mexico. '
An embargo on the export of pulpwood from Canada was recommended
by Edward Jleck, Secretary of the
Canadian Pulp Association, before a
Royal Commission on the pulp" and
papei' industry.
.. Inspector T. v. Sandys-Wunsch.
' R.C.M.P.,' Vancouver, formerly of Eo-
glna, won' * the- military match gold'
-medal for the third successive year at
the Canadian Revolver- Association
outdoor matches at Montreal.
Yields of shelled corn runing from
31 to 65 bushels an acre were recorded in the Shaunavon district this year,
according to E. _E. Erockelbank, extension department, University of Saskatchewan.
According to tho newspapers, the
'orphaned sister of Jack Cornwall,
V.C, T5oy hero of Jutland battle and
other members of his family haye
been living in poverty, whilo huge
sume were collected for memorials to
"Worms cause freifulness and rob
the infant of sleep, the great nourish-
er. Mother Graves' "Worm Exlermln-,
ator will clear tlie stomach and intes-'
tines and restore healthfulness.
Turning Tin Into Copper
They are turning tin cans into copper in Arizona. In many of the mining centres carloads of tin cans as
well as .scrap iron aro put through si
process* to extract .tlio copper' from
water seepago pumped fro'nv tho
mines. The water contains-a small
Quantity of copper and tho scrap iron
and cans go into solution and the copper is deposited fn the bottom o'f the
6luices containing the scrap., _A very
""JoyT'cjcpenso is involved iiV tli is process. "
Says' Gold Crowns Breed-I insanity
- People with gold crowns? on their
, teeth are inviting insanity, according
to Br, -H. A. Cotton, medical director
of the New Jersey Hospital for the Insane at Trenton, who declared al a recent Kiwanis Club luncheon that gold
crowns, pivot teeth, fancy bricigeworlc
arid all forms of dentistry lending to
infection made a person very susceptible'to mental diseases.
'������ The'Advance of Dentistry
Exhibition/in London Shows Teeth for
Every Shape of Face
At the Dental Exhibition-in the Imperial Institute, South Kensington,
S.W., London,. there are square teeth
for square-headed persons, oval tQeth
for ,tapering faces. �� Thero are teeth
in 40 shades, from ; perfect white. to
brown. VSomelire of a pinkish hue,
others bluish and' others a yellow
brown���tho last intended for smokers.
The now porcelain teeth, however,.
neVer-lose their color however much
'one smokes. .7They; remain, a pearly
white. The .increasing use'of X-rays
for diagnosis of obscure tooth troubles
is one. of the chief advances iirdenlis-
try during the year. ������;'.. ' '.V
Swiss7 Building A [
' - '   ���    New Niagara Falls
When Completed Will Make Country
Independent of Foreign Coal
A new ^Niagara Falls is being constructed in the Alps at an altitude of
6,233 feet, near Martigny, iu the ,can
ton of Valais, for the purpose pf. supplying electric power . to the Swiss
-Federal railways. '
���A dam" is being built acress the
Barberino cascade, whose waters
flow into the Rhine. An artificial
lake of.'40,000,000 cubic yards will be
formed. ��� The dam will be 2G2 feet
high���the samo as Niagara Falls. Its
length wil be 818 feet,' The complete cost of tho work will,, exceed
When completed in 1926 the installation will bo capable of supplying"' suflicient electric power for the
entiro railway system in Switzerland,
which will bo independent of foreign
Want Canadian Grain
Demand For-Our Wheat From Foreign
"Markets in such places as Philadelphia are , calling   out   for   Canadian
1 grains;"   said   Professor   Rutherford,
j Dean of tlie University of Saskatche-
All Night with Asthma. ��-. Everyone
knows how attacks of asthma often
keep their victims awake the whole
night long.; Morning finds .him ..wholly
unfitted for a day of business, and yet,
business must still be carried through.
All this night suffering and lack of
rest can be avoided by the prompt uso
of Dr. J. D* Kellogg's Asthma Remedy,
which positively does drive away the
Growth Of. Cities Limited
Census    Figures*   Show   Very   Small
Increase in London in Last Ten
'        Years
Just how big a city can grow has
long been a subject df. speculation.
Some persons think that the metro
politan area of- New York City will
eventually have a population of
twenty-five million people. But- the
census figures of lho County of Lonc
don #show ihat in the" years .from
191L co 1921 inclusive the 'rate of
increase in London was only"3.2 per
cent., whereas the rate of Increase
in the rest of tho country was Jive
per cent. They show" too that -in
those years there was an actual migration from London of 320,000 and that
for tho first time in centuries there is
a decided tendency of humanity away
from the metropolis. Perhaps Greater
London with 7,500,000 has about reach-
oil the limit of its growth.'��� Youth's
Pericles was lhe greatest statesman
of anVicnt Greece. *
She Kidneys ara the-Blood Filters���
When Thoy Weaken and. Stop XTp,
The System Becomes Overloaded
With "CTrio Add.
Toionio- Out.���"I can higrhly recc-ta-"
tneud Dr. Pierce's At;uric (aiili-itric-acidj
Tablets to all tho.se who suffer in any
way with their kidueys or bladder.
Anuric i? by far the best medicine of the
kind .1 have ever taken. My kidneys
were' cnm*e<-ted and imiamed, my back
ached -?oa_etbu_(>: awful, my bladder was
weak and 17 suffered front a scalding: and
burning' sensation.- 1 wan almost do-,ra
and out ��� but, thanf.* to Doctor Pierce's
Acuric (kidnev) Tablets I do not fu_T<*r
atiy more. Tha<=e who Puffer a�� I did wiil
find Dr-. Ptt-ice'i Anuric T.ibiet*; ji_<-t the
medicine thcy need."���Mr_=. Albert Bhust,
G Elevfcs Place.
Ask your nearest dri.-yci^t for Amine,
in tablet form, or send ]:"��� cents to Iiixter
riercs's 1,-ilsoralory "'a Brid^ehurg, Or.t,
for trial package. Write Dr. pierce. Prest.
Invalids Kotet, Buffalo, 2*. Y., for free
jatdical advice.
Weak,   Watery   Blood   the   Source   of
All Nervousness ~    >.
"If people would attend to. their
blood, instead of worrying themselves
ill," said an eminent nerve specialist,
"we doctors would not see our consul tins rooms crowded with nervous
wrecks. Moro people suffer from
worry than anything else." "
���The���"sort -'of ~~thlng "the" specialist"
spoke of is tho nervous, run-down
condition caused by overwork and tho
many anxieties of to-day. Sufferers
find themselves tired,-.low-spirited and
unable lo keep their minds on" anything. . Any sudden noise-hurts them
like a blow. They aro full of groundless fears, do not steep well at night.
Headaches and other nerve pains are
part of the misery, and it all comes
i'rom starv\l nerves.     :        -  -   -
Doctoring the nerves with poisonous
sedatives is a terrible mistake. . The
only real nerve tonic is a good supply,
of rich red blood. Therefore-to relieve nervousness and run-down health
Dr. Williams''_flnk Pills should beiak-
on. These . pills enrich tho bloody
which'tones the nerves, improves the
appetite, . gives new strength and
spirits, and makes hitherto despondent
people bright and cheerful. 7 If you
are at all "out of sorts" you should
begin taking Dr. Williams' Pink-Plllo.
You can get these pills through any
dealer in medicine;-or by mail at 50
cents a "box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Urockville, Ont.
Canadian Newsprint Production
"Iu 1923 six machines for manufacturing newsprint have been installed
in Canadian mills, producing 380-tons
daily, or 111,000 tons a year. Two
machines are planned for January,
1924. Others planned' for 1925 will
make tola! increase of over 1,200 tons
daily, or 380,000 a year, which "would
make Canada pass United States production and be the largest producer Qf
neu^print'iti thf> world.   ���
Strengthens  the Stomach
Improves Digestion
By   Clearing   the   System   of   Sour,
Fermenting   Wastes,   Dr.   Hamilton's Pills Quickly Restore
It may be only a
slight cold uow���
just' a tickling in
the throat.'
But little golds'wan, interviewed at Fort William on
soon grow large and ( his way west after attending sessions
dangerous. ^ Often of the���royal grain commission "of
tliey become chronic.
Hansen Has Thrown
His Crutches Away
develop catarrh and
I which he is member.
end In consumptioa.
C a t ar rhozone is
the remedy. It driv.vs
Inflammation " and
soreness'out of the throat. ' Relieves
the cough, cuts out th<^ phlegm, makes
..breathing easy; kills any germs lodged in. the mucous lining of the throat
or .Jungs."   :    ���.
By- using. CATARRHOZONE INHALER now and again you keep j
the passages free from germs, and
thereby prevent coughs and colds.
Get the Dollar outfit, it lasts- iwo
months; small size, 50c;. sold by
druggists. Refuse a substitute for
Catarrhozone.- By mail from The
Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
If'fermentation of food In fhe stomach can be prevented, you go a long
way towards stopping the most frequent ailment of the day. After once
using Dr; Hamilton's Pillg the stomach
Is cleared of the sour, fermenting matter that causes gas, heartburn, indigestion and headaches. You will bo
pleasantly surprised at the smooth,
easy way in which Hamilton's P1113
tone up the liver, kidneys,and stom-[
ach. To secure the aid your system
needs, use Dr: Hamilton's Pills., 25c
at all dealers.
Renewing'the Quarrel .
A story is told of two Jews who
went ,tp the synagogue, on the Day of
Atonement, made up their quarrel and
shook lfcinds. Then one said to the
other: "I wish you all that you wish
mo.'.' "There you are���rbegluning
again, complained the other.���Toronto'
Mrs. O. IS. Tilzgerald, 106 Ross 'St.,
St. Thomas , Ont., writes:���"In tho
Fall of 1921, I was taken ill with my
.heart, but I did not pay much attention to it. I kept on with my household duties, but seemed to become
worse and'worse, and finally had to
callln.'.a;. doctor. He said I was all
run-down and-was a nervous wreck. I
had a severe pain in rny chest which
would move over to" my heart and it
became so had
Experts Puzzled By =
Action of Earthquake
Some Buildings In Japan Stood Strain
0,f Shock
Building experts aro still a good
deal puzzled by tho performance of
various types of architecture under the
strain of the Tokio and Yokohama
earthquake, and opinions differ as to
the ideal structure, to withstand- violent tremors.     '"V
�� .Refugees do, not tire of talking of
the marvel of tho Imperial Hotel at
Tokio. The critics of that .building
had declared it would bo a death trap
in case of an earthquake, but-there. It
stands with hardly a crack, and only
.a. few-o'f-tho .light standard vases
thrown. After the first severe shocks
people slept- confidently during the
quakes that followed for several days
and remained inside during the day.
One guest says ho felt safer in tho
hotel ,than outside. He did not know
how it was done, or what stuff il "was
mado of, but oven the ceiling kept up.
In his room there was not. even a
crack. He reckoned there was only
one man who could come to Japan
and get big contracts for quake proof
building and that \jas thc architect
of the Imperial Hotel.
As to reinforced concrete buildings,
one hears of all sorts of rumors.
Certainly tho proportions of reinforced walls that are standing seems
to be larger than brick. And then,
as if to ridicule theories, some of tho
very lofty brick chimneys rear height
as if there had been no shock.
But tho marvel of the,Imperial
Hotel remains. The severity of the
.test may be gauged from tho fact that
thc foundations Lave settled in" parts
"We do not anticipate any shortage now, in American boats," said
Dr. Rutherford. "in fact I understand that one American, grain carrying lino is adding to its fleet in order
to give greater despatch.".        7
Asked if there was any possibility
of congestion in eastern ports, Dr.
Rutherford said it all depsnded on
Montreal, and it would not take
many bushels to create "a jam there,
or at Port Colborne.
���< "Montreal will order grain- for ox-
port as fast as the European' buyers
send in orders for export, and no
The Druggists All Agree
That "Putnam's" Is Best
Tho oldest corn remover on-tho
market is Putnam's Corn Extractor,
and It, is the best. Your corns will
all drop out after a few .treatments
with this painless remedy. Failuro
impossible. Refuse-a substitute for
"Putnam's," 25c everywhere.
Alberta Registered Seed
Applications are coming in steadily
from seed.growers of Alberta to have
their registered seed handled through
tho provincial government seed> plant'
at Edmonton.. To date more than 58
seed growers have^sent in appllca^
tions. It Is anticipated that the plant
will handlo about.six times as much
grain this season as last.
I could-not lie down,
as when I did I had such a femothe~ilng j For -instance,- the level of the bath
SiiTCs^SvJr010 sil up ln bed iias been fmmd aitered- what 'iias
I trie'd several remedies, but with
no good results. . "Finally, I was induced to, try ' Milburn's Heart and
Nervfl Pills. I took \ 7���boxes, and
I am now as well as i was 30 years
ago, and I am now 65 years old."
���-Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills are
50c a box at all druggists or dealers,
or mailed direct on receipt of price
by The T. Milburn Co., Limited;
Toronto, Ont,
frequently been ridiculed as a freak
building will now create xpore interest
'than ever. ' "
Excellent Christmas Service
To The Old Country
The Canadian Pacific' havg mado
available a fleet of superb steamships
and an unusual number of sailings for
.Christmas travel to tho Old Countpy
In connection with "
lal tourist sleepers
from Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary,
-Moose-;Jaw,- -Regina "and "Winnipeg,
direct'to'the ship's side at West St.
John, thus giving- a through service
with the1 only change or transfer being from train to "steamer.
The December sailings for which
these cars -\fril bo operated,are: S.S.
"Montclaire," December 7th, to Liverpool; S.S.."Melita,"'December 13th, to
SouChampton; S.S. "Montcalm," December, 11th, lo Liverpool; and S.S.
"Marloch," December 15th, to Glasgow. '
In addition to the through tourist
sleepers, a special train will also be
operated' for the sailing of tho S.S.
"Montcalm," December 14th. This
train will leave Winnipeg-9.50 a.m.
Tuesday, December 11th. - Special
cara_ froiii western points will bo at^
iached to this train for operation
through.      >        .
Hookingsliohld bo arranged early in
order to secure the best accommodation, and any Canadian.Pacific Agent
can mako full arrangements.        32-23
I      '    Schooner On Iceberg
A steamer was rounding Capo Horn
recently when tlio captain saw a gigantic iceberg floating in the water, and
on it was a large three-raastod schooner with Its boats still ia position, but,
apparently no ono was on board. It
was impossible to get near enough to
it to see its name, and what had happened to its crew remains a mystery.
Worms, by the irritation that they
cause in the stomach' and intestines,
deprive   infants   of tho nourishment
Say "Bayer" and Insist!
"Tanlac is the only thing I can give
any credit for helping the," is the precise statement made recently by C. B.
Hansen, a well known carpenter, 12835
121st St., West Edmonton, Alberta.
"For three years I had rheumatism
so bad in my right hip and foot that
I couldn't hit a lick of work. In fact,
I couldn't get around at all without
my cane or crutches. My pain was
almost unbearable.     I couldn't sleep
and got down to a mere shadow of my
old self.
"My case was so stubborn that it
took a long, hard pull, but Tanlac finally brought me around in fine .shape.
It gave me a fine appetite and such -
.complete relief from the rheumatism^
that I put my crutches aside and went
back to work. IMncreased my weight
twenty-five pounds and left me feeling
like a new man."
^ Tanlac is for sale by all good druggists.     Accept no substitute.
Returns From Arctic
Hudson Bay Steamer Brings Million
Dollars'Worth of Siberian Furs
Baychinio, a Hudson Bay steamer,
which has returned to Vancouver from
Arctic waters, carried about a million
dollars' worth of Siberian furs and a
number of passengers.
Protest Against "Xmas"
Detroit    Dealers   Want   "Christmas"
Spelled Out Correctly
Protesting against the abbreviation
of "Christmas" into "Xmas," the Retail Merchants' Association of Detroit
has started a campaign for general use
of tho correct spelling of the word.
The vessel, which operated as a pas-' An appeal sent out by the association
senger-carrier during tho summer on
the Siberian coast, penetrated into the
Arctic as far "as North Capo.
Nearly all of Siberia Is under control o'f the Soviet Government, and
members of the crew reported that
much confusion exists. Through a
recent treaty between tho company
and Moscow, the Hudson Bay Com
pany has" a monopoly of the fur
trade of tho country. A representative of the Soviet accompanied the
ship on all its journeys. A tax had
to benpald on every fur. 7,
The offlcei'3 said that the Arctic
was very clear of ice and that they
encountered practically none south
of North Capo. They "saw the native
hunters killing walrus with spears and
guns, using skin boats to. work among
the herds.     -- -
Unless you sec the name "Bayer" on
package or on tablets you are not getting the genuine Bayer product proved
safe by millions and prescribed by
physicians over twenty-three years for
Colds -Headache
Toothache Lumbago
Earache Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of/Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken package contains proper directions. Handy boxes
of twelve tablets cost few cents.
Druggists also sell bottles of 24 and
100. Aspirin is the trade mark {registered in Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Monoaceticacidester of Salicy
licacld. While it is well known that
Aspirin means Bayer manufacture, to
assist the public against imitations
the Tablets of Bayer Company will be
stamped with their general trado
mark, the "Bayer Cross."
these sailings spec- j thaVthey should derive from food and ler ,vorl(1 myseif."     ��
correct- the morbid -conditions_in "the
stomach and bowels that aro favorable
to worms, so* that tho' full nutriment
of the child is, assured and development in every way encouraged.
Manitoba Wheat Pool
Manitoba lta_3 decided to adopt the
Alberta form of contract for its wheat
pool, reducing the percentage of acreage required to put the scheme into
effect from Rtiy, which is the percentage In the 'Alberta contract, to forty
per cent. Thc forty per cent, muse
be obtained by April i, and when this
percentage has been secured, tho signers , aro definitely committed" to the
pool, according to "an announcement by
John Ward, secretary of the Canadian
Council o" Agriculture., .
_ '     Lights As Storm Warnings
Sweden Is about to equip I16 shores
with a novelty in the way of storm
warnings:, pillars of fire readily visible
at night from the- sea to tell mariners
of approaching storms. Strategic
points ��� on both th?- east and west
coasts will be selected for the lights,
and thc new service will be particularly valuable to vessels not provided
witli radio.
Night Service For
London-Paris Air Route
New Machines Will. Carry Two Flares
-   ' On Wing Tips
Plans have been completed for thc
inauguration of night flying :;ervlce
between London and Paris for carry-.
ing ' passengers and - mails. -.The
scheme is tho, latest addition to tho
popular Paris-London service, and like
all the English services will bo subsidized by tho government."
This improvement was urged by
the post ollice ofilclals as necessary if
tho'air mall idea is lo he. developed
adequately. - Some months ago the
air ministry carried out night Hying
tests with much .success, and on lhe
London-Paris airway there is at present, a lighting arrangement on a fairly extensive scale.
Each of- the new night flying machines will , carry two ' magnesium
flares,,on tho wing tips, which can-he
lighted at will, in addition, to another
flare which can be dropped If necessary, for lighting up tho hiding
! ground and ascertaining tho direction of the wind Jf other faciiiU^s arc-
inr-uffieit-nt. ���  . -   �����
A pessimist and an optimist wore
discussing life from their different
viewpoints. "I really believe," said
the former, "that I could mako a bet-
Sure," returned
���hat we are. here
for.- -Now-let-us-go-to-work and" do
it."���Philadelphia Ledger. N
'' ' '   ��  Only One Friend Left  - -
Taylor.-���"lly brother has only one
friend Sn the world."    .    ���
'   Tyler.���"How's that?" "
"He was the judge iu a beauty contest last'week."-���Answers.   .
Nature may have invented war in
order lo thin out crowded popula-
lions, but man invented automobiles.
, When 1,000 people are born In California, 16.7 per" cent." of litem arc
negroes.     ' '
Secures Buffalo Robe
One of tho iir,->t buffalo robes from;
last February's kill at Wainwrisht was
purchased by Sir Henry Thornton for
presentation ro Mr. Lloyd Georgo as
a souvenir of his visit.to Canada.
Mrs, McRMon   Tells How SW
Found Relief bjLTaking lydia ��,
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Chatham. Ont.���"I took Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for a
run-down condition after the birth of
my baby boy. I had terrible pains and
backache, and was tired and weak, not
fit to do my work and care for my three
little children. One day I received your
little book and read it, and gave up "taking the medicine I had and fcegan taking
the Vegetable Compound. -I feel much
better now and am not ashamed to tell
Anatomists pronounce- the- human
hand the mosi perfect mechanical instrument v\.-r produced by nature.
To m i'.v*- one poand of axtar of roses
S,<'.>'i-('i<!j rr>s-e blooms are required.
N.    U.    1 IDS
^    F.inard's Lir.imeet Relieves Pain
If the liver �� right the whole system
is better off.   Carter"* LitiJo Live*
PiUIs awaken your
sluggish, clogged-p
up liver and relieve coastipa-
lion, ��totnach
trouble, iaac- ^
titre bowels,
loss of appetite, ackhead-
' ache and dizziness.   Purely vt��ctabl&
You need theia-
SJ2slSF��~-Sss^l ��*s�����Small Prk*
French scientist predicts that in a
few hundred year.-" the world rrill
be in the grip of another ice age.
A good memory i* one that enables
a man to forgot the thins<= he does
not care to rt-coiicct.
Isn't it queer that the ihing-- tl.af
people pram; most io know - are usually none of their basiaess?
j]vk   what it has done for me.   I recommend
"" I it to any worn in I think feels aa I do."
110   ���Mr?. J. R. McMahon, 353 Harvey
St., Chatham, Ont..
Lydia E.'Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, made from roots and herbs, has
for nearly fiftyrearsbeenrestoringsick,
ailing women to health and strength. It
relieves the troubles, which caijse such
symptoms as backache, painful periods,
irregularities, tired, worn-out feelings
and nervousness.This w shotva again and
again by scch letters as Mrs. McMahon
writes, asiscll as hy one woman telling
another. These vroraen know, and Are
���Rilling to tell otb.er?, what it did for
them; therefore, it is surely worth
year trial.
Womsn ^o suffer should write to tJio
Lydia E-Pinkhain Medicine Co_ Cobourg.
Minard's Lir.imer.t fer Dandruff
British Empire Self-Supporting
Dominions Can Supply Practically
Everything that Is Required
There is scarcely anything required
for conversion into.objects of use or
luxury which could not be drawn from
one or the other of theaDominions.
In some tho production of agricultural
or mineral wealth is already very
large; in some it is still comparatively
small or only just beginning. In all,
it is safe to say, it could be almost indefinitely extended in one direction or
another. There could be enough cotton, wool flax, iron ore, and non-ferrous metals to feed all the mills and
looms and blast factories and steel
works of Great Britain, more than
enough food for all its hungry mouths,
within the ring-fence of the liritish
Empire, if thai. Empire's natural resources wero developed to even a
fraction of their full capacity.-���From
tho London Daily Mail.
The Conquest Of Cancer
Purs Air, Pure Water and a Natural.
Diet Are Essentials
Since the publication In these columns of my letter on 2Cth August last,
the President "bf the Imperial Association for the Prevention of Cancer has
kindly presented me ,with a copy of his
latest published book, entitled "The
Conquest of Cancer." In this work,
Dr. Robert Bell, M.D., F.E.P.P.S., etc.,
pre-eminent authority upon the subject, gives the following advice, from
which al! readers may obtain personal
and lasting benefit:���
"There are three things whicli Nature has amply provided for us," and
the proper use of which will enable us
to defy disease in whatever form it
may endeavor to attack us, viz., pure,
air, pure watcr_atid_a natural diet". X
employ the word "natural" advisedly;
becauso flesh meat Is not the natural
food'of man, nor can this term be applied lo^'Ipe fruits and vegetables after undergoing the process by which
they are usually prepared for 'the
iable."   " ' -7:7 7.   -
- "In the ' first place,.--. cooking
not only destroys two-thirds* of. their
nutritive value, but also deprives, them
of the vitols'or living principles f havo
referred to.. 5 And In this "condition
they are niorc-liable to undergo fermentation in the stomach and .intestines, than if they had been partaken
of, and thoroughly mast Icated,: in the
condition which Nature has presented
them to us. It will thus be'perceived that there is a double economy effected by doing away with cooking
.such vegetable products, whicli--may
preferably be consumed -in -the- sun-
cooked condition. Moreover,''they, are
much more palatable in their so-called
"raw"' state. Furthermore,. thoy- are
much more easily digested if Ihey aro
thoroughly inasijeated, and less liable
to undergo fermentation���-which gives
rise to flatulence���than when reduced
to'pulp by cooking." ' .V
.Believing that every man .and woman sliould personally help id relieve"^
humanity from its needless sufferings,
the writer has printed and copyrighted
a dietary which Dr. Bell .has approved.
Fathers and mothers, adopting such
diet, will speedily fiud.thenisel.ves and
their children enjoying such health as
nerer before experienced. -- Consequently, doctors' bills become non-
existant and no medicine is .wanted.
Last, but not least, a considerable
money-sat ing will be. effected, by a
greatly reduced cost of living.' '��� -
," To help' some who may .not, .know
how to cut loose ' irpr* civilization*_>
present disease-producing, premature
death-dealing liabus. the writer...���will
gladly and freely mail one thousand
copies of his dietary to the first thousand readers of'tha Great North-West
who apply for frame to Charles Walter,
51 Brur.svslck ,Avenue, Toronto,; Ontario, Canada. . -,   *
to all retail stores in the city reads
as follows:
"Christmas is, without a doubt,
the most universally observed holiday in the world, and there is no reason why the abbreviation should be so
generally used.
"Wo believe lhat this request will
meet with a ready response from all
members of this association, and we
trust Detroit busrhess men will 'establish a rule, beginning this date, that
tho word 'Christmas^must bo spelled
out in full in every instance."
>,15 pure.Giean,
,^:.    LiF��^givinoj7
�� ~ A' universal custom
AttCr   that benefits every-
Fwrv body-
?Z     \   Aids digestion,
rlCcll   cleznses the teeth,
f soothes the throat.
a good thing
to remember
Sealed in
its Purity
Keep Stomach and Bowels Right
By' glv.r_c. baby the harmless, purely
T��setaWe. infants' and children's regulator.
brines sttonlshinsr, gratifying rcnults
is making  baby's  stomach digest
food and bowels more as
thcy should at teethinff
time. Guaranteed free
from narcotics, opiates, alcohol and aii
harmful Ingredients. Safe and
\ At All
* "B.C. Lumber
Approximately 33,000,000 feet oi
lumber-was exported from British
Columbia mills during August. Thero
was plenty of business during September and August.   *
Ton are not
(I n g when
you ti5e Dr.
Chase's Ointment for Eczema r.nd Skin Irritation'.. It relieves at once and gradually heals tho skin. Sample box iit.
Chase's Ointment free it you mention this"
paper, ami send 2c. st^rap for postage. 60c. a
box; All dealers or SUmauooti, Bates & Co.,
11��.!fn,l   Tnrnnto
Ontario, for a free copy of Lydia K,
Pinkham's   Ptieate  Text-Boo!*:   upctj
* * Ailraesis Peculis: to "Woicca.''      C
Lumbering In Quebec���-- '.
Next ���winter's cut of the Quebi;��' i'or-
e__t_j Is export-.-'! to bo 'ono of iho la'rs-
est In ivjcenr timet. Three .ihoasand
lumber camps ai^ due tobemopera.-
\iifn, employing in Th* neighborhood 01
25.P00 n;c-n. aecordins; to Chi-.-T ForeJ-
tc-r Piche. Ifc- s>acod ihat'-there-Va?
a scarcify bf labor Is soree'sf-ctions o"
ihe lan:bcr district and that' cen.se-
(juenUy liy'ac-r frames tv>jre being offered as~aa Icdacct.ij:nt.to go' i_ito'ih&
��-...._.!;_ ftj.��� rr.C- "K i_u*���-T. - "-
Remit by Dominion Express Mon��.y Order.
It lost or ktoien, yo�� jret your moary bid.
Q al:
O    E
Dorothy Hair Nets. Send 75c'
for    dozen     samples.     Special
quantity prices.      Dorothy Hair Net
Co.* Lindsay BItig., Montreal.
I Constipation
ft A druggist says: "For nearly <&
<S thirty years J have recommended ��|
2 the Extract of Roois, known aa X
ft Moth�� Seigris Curative Synsp*for %
& arresting and permanently reHeV" *��
<g ing constipation and indigestion. Si
J|_ It ia an old reliable remedy that &
' nersr fails to do the. wo*k.w 30 w
drops thrice daily. Get the St
Genuine. 50c-and$i.0Obottlc3. <a
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
-        "..'.-   ���- ��� -. "'��������� ������-'���--  - -
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices :':    7,00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks :    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ii> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advsrtlsing, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2j��c. ia line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that ijje editor would be pleased
to'have more money.
News From the Capital
* Victoria, Nov. 14.���The guns of
the opposition were effectively
spiked in the Legislature, when
Premier Oliver announced that a
most thorough investigation would
be made into the affaire of tlie
Pacific Great Eastern Railway.
Messrs. Price, Waterhouse and
Company0 have been instructed to
enquire fully into all charges made
by the Provincial Party and members of the Opposition regarding
the construction of the railway by
the Northern Construction Company.
For several yeas a determined
effort has been  made by the Op;
position to  "start eomething"  in
connection with the P. GL B., but
without success.    Premier   Oliver
ha�� been subjected to a constant
stream of veiled accusiations that
all is not a8 it should  be.    How-
'ever, he repeatedly challenged any-
..one   to   make Va. specific icharge.
���None was'made..   At the: last.'ses-
V Vsion-of the' House an opportunity
= Vwas.provided for a review of the
.7 P.'G: E..accounts,, but critics were
unable to, unearth-anything. .. .'     -
; "80 in order.to gat an end. to the
campaign of abnEt. ��nd whispered
...   *wrorigdoing,vthe investigation Thaa
; beea ordered.    Those familiar with
the  situation   in   the Legislature
: maintain that the only  result will
;-*   be that the Government has been
. obliged to spend money unnecessar-
7 i]y in order to protect the credit of
_Vthe prOTince.. ] "  XX-X- ������- XX.
-X:X,   Hob. "William Sloan,* minister of
7 miu.e^,. speaking, in -the Legislature,
.7 . showedl 7th at" during the paetfew
yaars.fatalities in coal-mines have
been reduced 42 percent., and that
conditions . have   been   materially
improved.    During the session fur-
.   ther amendments to the Coal-mines
ORegulations Act will be passed.   :
., The ..Government .has promised
.complete support oi 'the'-- demand.of
this province for a. customs . officer
at. the port .of. New York,, arid a
ireBolution.tb this -effect has been
introduced into the Legislature and
passed, ���'- 7:7',   77" X"'[ 7-"
The Path O'er The Hills
���The hills round our", valleys 'are" lovely lo
-* 7.' -;" see,-.; '  '��� :* '. 7 : _*-''. 7 "' V '-" -
-./'���When Spriisg its-..green'mantle, hat
. ,.-*' spread;. ���'X-z ���'-. X X ��� ��� '"-- '������   y-'-
'"*" Or::Autiimn- has'.clotbed every, sumach
..,;.'��� '..and tree-"' /   -"""* ��� ... ���
��� ���- ; In garments of golden'and red.      -      '
."' The creek dashes marljy.or'babbles along
���," Aad its murmurs are wise.-^oh so wise;
When Nature awakens-it breaks into song
- , Or a requiera.of grief, when she dies:
- .There's, a'grass^r; green path, climbing
'   over a bill,'...' '.-V;'.-'.-.,���   .-.'.
A path.tbstinounts upwards, so.high���-.
oh so high, -V"'.. V:V -'V XyX'XX.-"."-
. It leads 3-8U to nowhere, yon'.'wander.at
wiil    ... -���-.'-"
Andcornt not the boars as they fly.   -
The wild, flower, surround it* in purple
and gold :   . 7.
Tbe winds that float over are sweet-rob so sweet; "'---"..
For tbcTethe wild roses tiieir biossoms
And scatter their leaves at yonr feet..
Abrooilef, whose waters are silver aad
bine,. _'       -.
'Comes tnmbling  o'er  rock   tliat are
steep���ofa sa steep; "
Its mtamtas are aii ofthe elfin "folk,- who
���' _Holds.r��eis at night,  while we sleep.
Midwaj,.B.C. . . A-^f,
ere an
The season for moose hunting
opened in New Brunswick October
1st, and the chief game warden expects one of the best seasons in the
history of the province. Game is
reported plentiful in all sections.
The drydock at St. John, New
Brunswick, is now an accomplished
work. It was opened October 29th.
The largest drydock in North America, it is .capable of accommodating
the largest ships of the British Navy.
Speaking in London, England, on
October 19th, Sir Lomer Gouin,
Canadian Minister of Justice, stated
that Canada's exports per capita'
were three times more than those'
���of the United States and her imports'
���per capita four times more. The
British Empire was Canada's second
(best customer.
There are more telephones in Canada per 100 population than in any
other country except the United
States. This is shown in a report
issued by the Dominion Bureau of
Statistics, in which the proportion
of telephone users per 100 population
is set at 10.53.
A dispatch from London states
that a number of cattle from the
Prince of Wales' ranch was included
in a large consignment of Canadian
cattle which reached Cardiff recently.
There appeared to be a keen-demand
for the consignment and 150 head
were despatched to Norfolk farmers
by special train.
Members of the Bread and Cake
Bakers' Association o.f Canada, at
the closing session of their Toronto
convention, pledged subscriptions
totalling $K>,000 towards the launching of a permanent institute of "baking, in connection with the Ontario
Agricultural College, Guelph. It is
expected that the school will be
opened early in 1924.
Canadian Pacific Railway figures
show remarkable increases in the
shipment of grain for the ten week
days preceding and' including October 18th, this year, as compared with
1922. During the ten days there
were loaded for shipment over the
whole system a total of 16,195 cars,
at the rate of 2,350,000 bushels, a
day, in comparison with 12,000 cars
at 1,753,000 bushels a day last year.
It.��is expected that by the end of
the present month track-laying on
the branch of the Canadian Pacific
running from Kipawa to the Government dam on the De Quinzft
River, a distance of 69 miles, with
a spur from Gaboury to Ville Marie,
a distance of 8 miles, will be completed and that by the end of Novem-
ber the whole line will be ready for
A system of education by raaB
for those who live in remote rural
districts out of reach of rural ichooli
is being prepared by Hon. Perron
Baker, Minister of Education for Al*
b.erta, to go into effect this month.
The working plan has already been
drawn up to run through the white!
to.the end of the school year. It is
expected .that from 20 to 40 leaBon*
will-;be-given in the'case of each
V:~^licant for, the service.
There is a heavy demand for
bushmen, according to the Government Labor Bureau at Montreal.
The big lumber companies have been
engaging men for the bush, and the
prospects are that the demand will
be sufficient to make fall and winter conditions good. Wages paid
this year by the lumbei companies
are higher than last year, the rates
paid being $40 and $45 a month,
whereas a year ago the schedule
was down to'��26 a month.
Tailored Clothes
With the completion of the harbor
works now in progress, Montreal
will be in a much bette.- position in
1924 to handle a record flow of grain
than ever before. Windmill Point
elevator will be increased by 1,250,-
000 bushels storage capacity, making its total capacity 3,250,000. Four
additional shipping berths are being
provided at this elevator and will
be in commission early next month,
and the elevator's loading capacity
will be increased from oO.OOO to 90,-
000 bushels an hour.
Men's Suits and Overcoats
For Fall and Winter
Splendid Assortment of New
Samples Just Arrived
Call and see them
Tailor and Cleaner
Reports to the Canadian Pacific
Railway, show that Ihere arrived
at Winnipeg from the British Isles
this year for the purpose of working on the harvest, 11,8S3 men.
Special efforts are being made to
find occupation for as many as possible to cover the winter period, and
it is stated that it is now probable
that a considerable number of these
harvesters from Great Britain and
the Irish Free State w.Ul remain in
the Dominion.
Addressing a recent- meeting of
the Vancouver Board of Trade,
President E. W. Beatty, of the Canadian Pacific Railway, announced
that the company proposed immediately to add two large modern'
steamers to its coast fleet in order
to take care of increasing tourist
traffic over the company's coastal
lines. He also announced the early
completion of a new pier at this
harbor at a cost of several millions,
whicn has been made necessary by
the steady development of Canada's
trans-Pacific trade.
Has opened an office above Chas.
King's office.
Open 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
-        - -}������������
Ledge ads bring results.
Sealed tenders will be received by the Minister of Iiiuids at Victoria, not later than
noon mi the 22ml day of November, 1923. for
the purchase of Llcenco X4S66, to cut 152,000
feet of-Pir, Larch, Yellow Pine and Spruce;
and 8,200 Ties, on au area adjacent to Kerr
Creole, Similkameen Laud District.
Two (2) years will be allowed for removal
ot timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Nelson,
Sealed tenders will be received by 'the District Forester, Nelson, not later than, noon on
the 23rd day of November, 1923, for the purchase
of Licence X5543, on Meyers Creek, near Kettle
Valley, to cut 100,000 board feet of sawlogs and
6,000 hewn ties.
Two years will be allowed for removal of
timber. .
Further particulars of the District F orester
Nelson, B. C.
Sealed tenders will be received by thc District Forester, Nelson, not later than noon on
tie 23rd day of November,. 1923, for the purchase oi Licence.X4514, near Midway, to cut
300,000 board feet.of Sawlogs. 7
Two years will be allowed for removal of
timber. ���:
Further particulars of the District Forester
Nelson. .
IN keeping with its practice of extending to
its customers every proper banking accommodation, the Bank of Montreal directs attention
to the fact that many husbands and wives
maintain Joint Accounts with this institution���
a convenient arrangement whereby either may
deposit or withdraw as the occasion demands.
Chequing Accounts for the purpoee of
dealing with household accounts may
also be opened.,.
It Is the aim of tht Bank to be.
helpful h matters' financial*
Greenwood Branch:
J. McD. REID, Manager.
Established over IOO yeara
"    The new Continental remedy called
'���LARMALENE*' (Regd.)
is a simple harmless home-treatment
which absolutely cures deafness,
noises in the head, etc- NO EXPENSIVE APPLIANCES NEEDED for,this
new Ointment, instantly operates
upon the affected parts with complete
and permanent success- SCORES OF
��� Mrs. K. "Wilkinson, of Slad Road, Stroud,
writes:���"Please could 1 trouble you to send me
another box of the Ointment. U is not for my-
self, but for a friend of mine who is as bad as I
was, and cannot get any rest for the noises:iu
the head. 1 feel a new woman, and can go to
bed now and get a good night's rest, which I
have not been able to do ���for many
months. It is a wonderful remedy and am
most delighted to recommend it."
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
D - " .������' ' -
-       -���     ���-"-.- o ���
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,    Pig  Lead   and Zinc
1 For
By Strawberry Flats and the Silver Daisy
."-'���--"��� ....-1���Falls about 5 miles from Hope  -
-���"'-'.-���-. ��� ���   . V'7~  -"'" 4���On-the'trail -
Tha little village of Hope, situated on the Fraser River
about one. hundred miles from the coest,, ia the
"starting point for. all. mountaineers wishing to reach .the
interior of British Columbia by theitrail route.- It is a
.Scattered-village of about two hundred inhabitants but-
possessing, both an abundance of natural beauty . and
a truly, romantic past. Tb.e: village is flanked on one side
by the noble Fraser river; while from the other side one
looks, .up three Wide, draws, in the mountain ranges.
.The one.to the left is.the beautiful Coquihalia valley
through which the turbulent Coquihalia river, cascades
from a pass.unmatched for rugged grandeur. Through
..this *pass too, under,-' innumerable* snow. .sheds, and
tunnels .the Kettle -Valley Railway-goes ."to 'Princeton
aiid the interior.- . In the centre is an opening for the
Nicolum rivet, to .the ;right is the Silver Greek:draw
aad. beyond it the snow-capped peaks of the Cascade
Tange.;   '.*���- ;'���}.''.������.    -.-. '-.[..���-'.'.', _       ' -"'"   - xy
The mountain .trail over the" Hope Pass is the old one
known, as the Dewdney which was surveyed and partly
built'for twenty-five miles. out. of  Hope, by ^English
Saup'ers .in 1861/. ;It"winds'.up_ the Coquihalia River-for
7 a-snort "distance, then branches'bC with the Nicolum. a'
.tributary of'the former river.    The way lies through
.""Sylvan glades/'past rushing waterfalls and over rustic
* bridges, the bid dry "cribbing" of which is as firm as the
day'when .it was "laid.
-   The first feeding ground for horses is at 12 Mile Lake
���otherwise known as Divide Lake at an altitude of
2300 feet.. This lake 13 the head waters of the Mcolum
river.  Here there is a beautiful hay meadow owned by a
"". trapper'. and prospector who is patiently awaiting the
day when the transprovinciai road will" give* him a means
!. of transporting his wealth, in the shape of hay, to outside
At 22'Mile there is another beautiful camping spot.
Here there is a large, cabin situated in the forest's heart
. on the very banks of the Skagit river. The owner of it
- carries on prospeetfeg andminifig operations, in.the
,-;.vicinity.... He appropriately calls his cabin "Defiance
. Camp" and his mine ."The Silver Daisy,"'".
.���> From here.on for many miles .the scenery .becomes
' jr.ore.wor.dtrful,*if that-wera possible, but at the'same
time more wild asd rugged.. The Pass, a narrow hallway
bounded by.eMs thousands of feet high,, is 2 right of
. nsver-ending'"marvd. '��� At one spot, known aa Skagit
. foiufs, the trail (a bare 18 JECJhes.jsidei.winds around the
;   ' 7      "    i���The'Summit "
4~De fla nee Camp   -.'-.-
shoulder of; a cliff which towers above and drops away
a sheer one.thousand feet to the bed of the river below.,
Then; the trail once;more drops down to the next
feeding grounds at Cayuse Flats which has a sister spot
three miles farther on���-Cedar Flats. -. Beyond Cedar
Flats' lies a-long strip of-heavy cedar timber, a. true .
"forest primeval." Strawberry Flata, a pleasant open
field on the Skagit river at a height of .3700 feet is the fast.
stopping place before the.actual ascent to the summit
begins; Here, in spite of the high altitude, wild straw-.
.berries grow in abundance. .. .*'_"���
In the next-2500 feet (of the perpendicular of coursel)
one is.led to the summit by a series of switchbacks zigzagging, up the face of the mountain. .The river, which at
the . foot appeared7s *torrent, is here .'.a. tiny"stream,
a mere trickle over, the stones. Belowj the everlasting
hills unroll-themselves for a hundred miles of valley and .
peak.- -..'���.    :������""-> "'���    ,' "-��� 7   ���".-    "':'....""
When, the summit itself is attained a sight liever to be
forgotten appears. A wide open meadow lies in an
inverted crown on the mountain top. Around its edge
rise whitish elifis.scarcely distinguishable from the many.
snow..banks.""' And everywhere; even beside the snow,
grows a bewildering variety.01 wild flowers.' -'
In the centre .of. the depression lie two lakes,, the
dividing of the waters, for from the one goes the Skagit
river -towards the sea aiid from the other nows the Whip
Saw.Creek towards the interior lakes7   ' "'.-.'
As soon as the descent of the eastern sl6pei�� begun
a great, change is noticeable. The gTade is easy and
steady, the country becomes more, open and is dear bf
the under-brush and ferns so characteristic of the western
slope. -"" ���
The last camp is twenty miles from Princeton but.the
last nine miles of that, distance are covered by a good
motor road, the beginning bf the proposed Trans-
provincial-highway from Princeton to Hope.
-:. About ..eight miles from Princeton is a wonderfully
interesting spot where stratified rocks yielding excellent
fossils remains are .located on the side of the hill.
Shortly after this the valley opens out before one-
Princeton snuggled peacefully into a-friendly circle of hills
and its two rivera, the SimHkame��n and Tulameen
keeping guard over it. Beyond it, risen & splendid vists
of-rolling |reen= foothills with, more ragged zaoHafednt
closer m, indicative of the districts most fioa?i__hi��.g
.industries, ranching sad isia_B$i
I Job Printing
����~. .'-...-      _..''.-..��� ���--������ .....'-'".    *..'.' ���.'_���'...
H ���Economy and Satisfaction
B combined with Promptness
I are the features which goto
���� ���'. make up the Service we give
H our customers.     Are you
B one of them?
l'7#E:PRIJNT^e;7 7k7::!:7:''''-7'"
Letterheads, Noteheads,      |
,     (Ruled or Plain) 7,,, ^        .W ~J
Envelopes, Billheads/ 2
'���'.���  (All Sizes)-        '���'���"-*- *-"'"'"   "2
Statements, Business Cards, 3
Posters, Dodger*VEtc-> Etc. |
PHONE 29      1
E     GREENWOOD: . ������ Job Printing Department   3
Mrs. E. Crowe, of Whitchorsc Rood, Croydon,writes:���" I am pleased to tell you that the
small tin of ointment youseut to meat Venliior,
has proved a complete success, my hearing is
now quite normal, and tlie horrible head noises'
have ceased. The action of this new remedy
must be very remarkable, for I have been
troubled with these complaints for nearly ten
vears, and have had sonic of the very best medical advice together with other, expensive ear
instruments all to uo purpose. I need hardly say
how very grateful I am, for my life has uu ler-
jjotie an entire change.
Trj oue box today, which cau be forwarded
to anv"addrc=s on receipt of money order for
AT ANY PRICE.        -
- Address orders to:���
10. South View, Watllng St., Dartford, Keut,
' England.
Vacant, .unreserved, '' surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
Bx-ltlsh subjects over 18.years of age,
and by aliens on declaring-Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and' improvement for 7 agricultural
Full information concerning regulations regarding .pre-emptions is ,
given in Bulletin N.oJ\l, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charg-3
by addressing the Department, of
Lands,-: Victoria, B..C, or to any Gov-
' ernment Agent.   ������'
Records will- be' granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is; not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions aro
to be" addressed to rthe Land Commissioner of: the Land Recording TDi-
vision, in which the land applied for
ia situated, and are made on printed
forms, ��� copies of which can be .obtained from tho Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
flvo years and improvements mado
to "value of ?10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at. least five
.acres, before a Crown Grant can bo
- For moro detailed information see
the Bulletin "How. to Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unroserved
Crown lands, not being timberland.
for agricultural purposes; "minimum
price of first-class (arable) land is $5
per acre, ancl second-class (grazing)
land $2.60 per' acre. Further information regarding' purchase, or lease
.of Crown lands is given -in-Bulletin
No. 10, "Land Series', "Purchase and
Lease of Crown-Lands." .-- . , - -_
-'- Mill,; factory, or industrial sites'on
timber-land, not exceeding 40 acres,,
may be purchased or; leased, the conditions Including . payment '", of
stumpage. '        "".....
.Unsunveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased . as homesltes,
��� conditional ..upon a dwelling being:
erected in .the first yeaf;.title being
obtainable-after residence and improvement "conditions are" . fulfilled -
and land has been surveyed.  . "
-;_���-"������ X'X' Teases. W^ 'V "X"
For grazing and. industrial .""purposes* areas not ^exceeding- 640^acres
may be leased'-by .one- person7 or a
company.' ���*���--.     _- .'-"      ..-���'.. '������;- '��� ""*. .
-W   7 W . GRAZ1NG7
-. - Under-the...Grazing Act' the-Province is divided lnto'grazlng"districts'
-.and the range., administered lunder a
Grazing-     7-Commissioner.'      Annual^
.'grazing "permits are. issued, based on
"numbers "ranged, priority being given
to established owners.. Stock-owners
.may.'form' associations for_'���'rango
management. Free, or partially - f ree,-
permlts' are'"' available", for*. "settlers,
campers- and7 travellers,"' up to tea,
head." .'  '.;-   ","-   .,X���    '--   ."."   : ---'* ;-'
).Vx 7/tq::end;:o^
Has prodnc��d kiaerais, valued as follows:���'[ Placer Gold, '$76,042,_203; Lode
Gold, $109,647,661; SiW, $69,814,266; Lead ���51,810,891'; Copper, S170,723?242;
Zinc, $24,625,853; TICiceHaneoisi Minerals, $1,358,839; Coal and Coke, $238.-
289,565; Building Stone, Brfok, Cement, etc., $36,605,942, making its Mineral
Prodnction to She ����d of 1922.show ..) '"';
? 7 An Aggregate Value of $7(59*418^2 ;7
jetioafer the YearMdiiig l)^eii5er,l?22, $35JS8
Tbe Miaisg .XaWa, q! tkfa Province' *re inpre'literal, and the fees lower,
than iiywe of any other. Proviace in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British
Mineral looatieai ar-fgr&Kted to dUasverers for nominal lees.
AbeolaSe Titles are obtained 6y developing such properties, the security
of which is gsaramleed fey Crowa Grank.
Fall Infematioa* together with Mining Reports, and Maps, may be obtained
gratia by addrsailBg���   ���.
VICTORIA, British C&lsmfcig.
,  _


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