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The Ledge Jan 5, 1922

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Full Text

/P"viacial Iibra^
Vor,. , XXVIII.
We carry a large line of
Hardware,. Hoiise FufnisHhgs, Etc.
Inspect our stock before buying elsewhere
;. '���'���'������':-T,
jd* .yX:..   -  . x   "':���..-':. ~ :'���' . '.---"��
With, a. sincere appreciation of the confidence we have
���3 enjoyed in the past and solicit, a pleasant continuation.
S��l in the Ritore        ;
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
~i iX'-'-x y-y- [ '77:7.-vr.v7v7-;v...:-::...,r;.X-~,',7.:\ |g
Thanking   my   many   friends- for
their kind patronage during the Xmas
season and wishing them one and all a
'Happy and Prosperous New Year.
The WINDSOR HOTEL Is heated with. steam
and electricity. Pine sample rooms. A con-tort-,
.able home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire If you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete  with   cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk aud ice-cream. g
Ladies Braclet Watches
A flue line of
In 16 Size Gold Filled and Nickel cases
$15.00 up
Silver Spectacle Case a nice Gift
for Mama
Price List -
In a variety of cases -
A Prosperous and Happy New Year
Start the new year by wearing a
Good Servicable Shoe
From our stock.   Up.to nine dollars.
���   �� �� �� ��
.�� ��.'''a
�� m  0
'   -^
��    ��    �� :"��
������>'   .
IH ' 00 ' ��    9m
'.��'*��� '�����
** M   ��-1   "���
.' -. ��"��� * ������
, ;7<7.7- '���%
���-�������   a)
'.'   ^ V
';��' ��:��.7��
. ��� a. -...
... > -
��� in-��  a.
���. ��� ��� . ���������-���--..
-- --,��� *>' .'
'���'���:��� W--rv-uv NO
���:��-v .
7�� ���� ��
*��*   M ' <U
-.--M   ���:
���^.W :;���-'.-���:-���;:;-:'
:���������.-,     -��� O
;-i'-:x": '��� -ig.:
'���'������ or.;
��� ;;|7
7��~ ��7.0."��
�����n ��','.:���;.���
.-������: 5 ''-
'������""?.'�����   7_-.
���:;-S�� 77;.'77:7\:.
'-�����.'=-7.o:S" .:'.'��� ���
������.':7: ���'���:������; *t��
.-������'O :r\fi.--:~---
V-j'"-'"-''-^'^ ^
: _-..���.-; u_ ���-������ ^S ���������    ���-
'.; ���'.'������ l-.-O ���
'.-.'o:..'ov. is���''������"���������'
>..��-���-*��������. ft-.
-:';:" .--a-'-':
- ":_���':.��).'
--������~.������-:������r-t ������ 1 -.-
..-   j.:. ���*i-.:.H"-:i -���:"���
������ ���>.:-S2.=-Sj.:- .-:-
��� ������--���5. >���-
��� "���������:��� ��� ���
ty-. :-3".  *j -.-������-.
���������.-������������* ,B   O"-
.'.<U ���-.
~ .o ���������-.,
:'   .-��    :���
:'.':: 6". ���
���:- ** :~-
:v-- ��      ���
*{-[��� p ;7 Cfl.-'.- >���"���'
:>�� . H-.--�����-���������.
.:���": :.h0.:_��.��� ������-���.'
������,-cs-,-.'n ra.--.t3.
���u   .w-""3'-.
-. ^,.��).-.s,.;*3'-.
^h    .-* ���-�����*���- u;
-���  -u.--.--y ��� "- " -
:.My-M :->- ""tt ���
���a ���a-.-ifi ���:���
��� o-.'.-u.-'-.rS:' ra ���
'^-���'���^���������:��.'- ��,'
���iteMy. p77;C7
D: ft. McELMONv Greenwood
Burns' Shamrock Brand Sausage
make art appetizing breakfast, luncheon or dinner, put tip as
they are fresh every day under the mott sanitary conditions
7..*iWll enjoy them!        "'.'���-������._-.
Now the. New .Yea* is began, .}-Kee|��: to the Right" is 'a very goo^I
motto. _ Follow it,to at?id.t*ll ^Ccidests.   ,    7        '":-���-     '..V
.; Keep to the right,:'U>0', wlwajoii telephone. That is, be right In'tj_fc
-way.you telephone,,be ri&ktiB courteiay,in short, be right in all.those practices which make for.good telepBonlcg. Keepipg to the right means good
:W^ ^rry:(/oii jy'-rtjelhcist
A. ��� Trial /��ill Cb&vin'ce You
.Vancouver, | J0hn Meyer
���[-'��� 7 BY. DAY   or- CONTRACT-.,'.;
" Wood. For.Sale.,    -..
Second Hand Pipe,.; Rails, JMiaing7-Cars
V an��l other .Mining Equipment
. Reasonable Prices   ..:
AddIv to J..W. Clark/Pacific Hbu.
7    V Send Your;
BOOTS rand SHOES ;..-���-���
To - -   " --"-���" '-
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forki^
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work aud material- guaranteed..   We
.pay postage one way;: TenBsCash..
I Around Home (
The ice harvest is in full swing
in Greenwood. 7
Service in-St: Jude's Church,
Sunday, Jan. 8th at 7.30 p.m.
Gifts that ,.;i,ast ��� Waltham
Bracelet   Watches.     $15 up at
Word has been received from
Victoria that, the Anaconda
school will remain open...''.,
Miss Ruby Smith returned to
Grand Forks on Sunday after
a few days visit,to this city.
J. Henderson's trap line is beginning to get results. On Monday he got two valuable mink.
Mary Campolieto has returned
to Nelson where she will resume
ter-studies in .St. Joseph School.
Business at the local post'office
this Xmas was 1. better than the
corresponding mouth of last year.
Ay genuine Waltham ;"Watch,
guaranteed, for Si3 00 at Mc
Eimon's. ,7 - 7V
Miss Mae ' MpMynn ' left for
Vancouyer on. Monday morning,
where she will:.,attend Normal
Mrs. Minnie Scbamburg, of
Spokane, is on.a.month's visit to
her daughter'Mrs; AvN. Docksteader.
A. H. Biggin has opened up, a
tailor shop in Midway and is pre-
-prepared to de-repairing, cleaning
and dyeing.
Miss Cecilia Mcintosh returned
last week from a pleasant holiday spent with friends iu Okanagan Centre..
There was a swell time at the
.AnacQttda..school?.!hou!ie J-astJTri-
day evening. About 60 were in
Miss I. Keir returned to Jaffray
on Sunday after spending the
holidays with ,her parents, .Mr.
and Mrs. E. F. Keir.
Geo. B. Grieve, of Vancouver,
formerly with the local branch
of the Bank of Commerce,- is renewing acquaintances in town.
Oyster Cocktails. Virginia
oysters by the pint at the
Windsor Buffet.
On Monday next nominations
for - Mayor, Aldermen, School
Trustees and Police Commissioners will be held. Candidates
please step forward,
H. M. Stramberg spent- the
Xmas holidays in Spokane.
While there-he stayed at the
Davenport Hotel where there
were upwards of 2000 guests.
Sam Lee, the laundrymac,
has returned from a holiday in
Vancouver. He was accompanied by his son, a recent arrival from China, who has become a student ia the iocal.public
7 Good crowds1 are continuing to
attend tbe picture house on Saturday nights. ��� 'If the. present standard of pictures is maintained it
will. be but a short time before
the show is one of the most
looked'fpr events"oE the -week/
Last-Monday ��� while returning
from Greenwood to Mid way..on
horseback Walter Cla.rk met with
a painful accident.. ' He.was tak:
iag a.short cut7��ear Anaconda
when his horse slipped ahdjn;the
fallMr. Clark injured" his 'leg.
He was taken to. Frank Mallette's
house where first, aid'was administered. Mr, Clark; was . able to
ridie-home..;;   7"--'-;
The local boys, were defeated
in a hard- hockey, ] match; for the
Boundary championship.at Grand
Forkslast Tuesday by a score of
4 to 1. The final-game ,will be
played in Greenwood on. Friday,^
Jan. 6th at S 30.p.m., -when it is
expected that a large crowd will-
turnout to7encourage the boys
on to victory- It is bound to be
skeealy contested game..
Send a Float to your friends at
once. Ypu can . get them at
The I^edge office   .
Kettle Valley Notes
' There    was    skating   afer Rock
Creek on Sunday.
Mias HoofcanTwent to Penfeicton
on Saturday's train.
Miss P. Soberfes returned to
Vancouver on Saturday morning's
Mr. Farri83 of Victoria, was in
town on Wednesday with Mr.
The Women's Institute dance in
the Riverside Hall was a great
,% H. Pannell, of Midway, was a
visitor in the Valley for a few days
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Thompson
and family were the guests of Mrs.
Weed for a few days last week.'
0. Eaton who has been visiting
Eock Creek and Kettle Valley for
a few days, left on .Saturday for
Grand Forks. -���'
King . Kennedy will show in
Rock Creek on Saturday. Jan. 7.
It will be your last chance to see
Buffalo Bill, ~
Mrs. I. V. Shillcock and Mrs.
Ed. Madge entertained about 90 off
their friends to a Dance in Riverside Rail, on Dec. 26feh. The
merry party danced till 3 a.m.,
and were in no hurry to go home
The annual meeting of the
Women's Institute will be held in
Riverside Hall on Jan. 7. The
Farmer's Institute are also holding their annual meeting in Riverside Hall on the same date. A
-large attendance is expected at
both meetings.
Greenwood  Public  School
December, 1921
Providence Water Question
Mining Inspector Robt. Sferachan  Eileen    Bryan
of Fernie, and Mining Inspector
H. H. Johnson of Rossland,
arrived here last Friday through
Greenwood Board of Trade to inspect wafer question between
Providence mine .and Elkhorn
Mr. Stracban senior mine inspector, came here as requested a
few months previous and inspected
the same quesfciou.
The inspectors examined the
water at Providence mine both
sides of bulhead. Then traced the
water np to city reservoir, where
this water com��8 from. They also
inspected Elkhorn Fraction shaft,
finding two feet eight inches after
about a week's shut down.
.On consulting the owner of the
Elkhorn Fraction he informed the
Inspectors that he.ia not associated
with-bringing fcneia in regarding
this revived water question and is
no. making complaints.
" Both inspectors reported the
same as former decision, that there
were no . complaints to be made
against /the Pro.idence mine re��
garding the water question. -
J. N. O'Neill, Principal"
No. on roll -        - 24
Average daily attendance       23.12
P. C. of attendance   - 96.33
Proficiency list:
Senior IV: Maria Williamson,
Estella Storer, Gordon Jenks,
Emmet Anderson, Robert Mowat,
Mildred McLaren, Lilly Intilla,
George Morrison, Mary Kerr,
Jack Anderson, Silvia Price, Sam
Junior IV:    Allan Fraser, Mary
Klinosky,  Ruby Goodeve,  Annie
Thorslund,   Jesse Puddy,  Bennie
Hurst,    Cecilia   Hallstrom,   John
Kerr,   William    McLeod, . Eraine
DuHamel,  Vera  Walmsley, John
McDonell.   ~
Perfect attendance:
Eraine DuHamel, Sam  Eustis,
Allan   Frasar, Cecilia  Hallstrom,
Bennie    Hurst,    Gordon    Jenks,
Mary  Kerr,   John  Kerr,    George
Morrison, Robert Mowat,   William
McLeod, .Jesse    Puddy,     Silvia
Price,    Annie   Thorslund,    Vera
Walmsley, Maria Williamson.
Cecilia M.. Mcln tosh', Teach er
Number on roll -        -        32
No. in perfect attendance   -       27
Average daily attendance       31.37
Perfect attendance:
Bessie Bidder, George Bryan,
Walton Crane, Lawrence DuHamel, Lloyd Eustis, Harry
Hallstrom, George Hurst, Irene
Inglis, Edward JohnBon, Helen
Kerr, Doris Kinsman, Leo Madden,
1 Kathleen McLeod, Robert Mitchell, Lewis Mitchell, John Putzel,
Edward Parry, Margaret Royce,
Thomas Walmsley, William'
Walmsley, Wilfrid " Tromblay,
Dick    Morrison,
a-Xmas. Entertainment at
Marguerite Ritchie, Mary Skelton
Proficiency list:
Second Reader: Eileen Bryan,
Edward Parry, Margaret Royce,
Malcolm McLeod, Walton Crane,
Harry Hallstrom, Wilfrid Tromblay, Lewis Mitchell, Robert
Mitchell, Marguerite Ritchie, Dick
Morrison, Meredith Fenner, Mary
Skelton,   Bertram   Price;  Daniel
Kerr, ThomasJkValrnsley.|      	
Junior Third Reader: Irene
Inglis, John Putzel, George Bryan
(equal), George Hurst, Andrew
Anderson (equal), Helen Kerr,
Lawrence DuHamel, Percy Fraser,
Leo Madden, Lloyd Eustis.
Senior., Third Reader: Bessie
Bidder, Doris Kinsman, Edward
Johnson (equal), Tillie McDonell,
Kathleen McLeod, William Walm-
Mining' Kews
A general resnjapMon of copper
and-zinc mining has started in the
Butte disferic.. .These; mines were
suspended ;for. rime months because of; the low 7 metal priceg.
While.operations will be begun oa~
a modified .scale it. is estimated
that approximately 10,000 men
will be.given, employment; in .Montana through lhereviyalof mining,
exclusive of. those, employed in the
email district, and the' prospector
typa dependent npon the Anaconda
cocapany's smelters at Gfeafc Falls
and Anaconda top. the treatment
of their ore. Coiaciden! with tbe
fixing of the- tdtto of resumption
the mining eompaaies announced
a horiisont&l wag. reduction of 50
cents a day, aiaking the wage for.
j a miner $4,257 *
division m
- J. M. McKee, Teacher.
Perfect attendance:
Helen Bakke, Roy Bakke, Violet
Benson,    Robert    Carlson, Lewis
Clerf    Robert, Forshaw,     Helen
Hurst,    Roy Hallstrom,    Albert
Kinsman,    Laura   Mills,  Eugene
McGillvray, _ John ^McGillvray,
Jack-Morrison,  Allan McCurrach,
Patricia    O'Neill,   -Mary' Putzel,
Alice    Ritchie,'   Charlie    Royce,
Bruce Terhune.
Proficiency list:
- First Reader: Allan McCnrrach,
Arthur Cox, Helen, Bakke.   -
Second Primer: Laura Mills and
Mary Putzel, equal; Eugene Mc*
GillviPay, Helen Hurst, Roy -Hallstrom, 7Roy BakkeVRobert"Carlson,
Brace. Terhune, Lewis Clerf, Alice
First Primer: Robert Forshaw;
Patricia O'NeiU and Charles7Royce
eqaai; Violet, Benson, Albert
Receiving     Class:     John   McGillvray,*    Jack    Morrison .'and
Beatrice McLaren, equal; Francis
Jenkin, Rath Co*.
���      ���-. . 7 ... V-\
On Dec.  2oth  the residents- of
Midway gathered  in  the Presbyterian Church to enjoy a Christmas
programme by the children.    J. R.
Jackson presided and  opened the
concert with   seasonable remarks.
The first item was a   FIa-g Drill,
marching and the  singing of the
Maple LeafForeveij followed by a
recitation by   Mary   Clapter,  and
then a carol by the school. Margaret Rock and Clifford Ruak as Jack
and Jill came   next,   after  which
was a recitation by Mayneen Bush.
A dialogue, Aunt  Betsy's Beaux,
by Irene Wall, (Aunt Betsy) Alice
McMynn,    Joy.    Sharpe,    Annie"
Thomet (her neices) Wilfred  Carter and Leslie Salmon (her beaux)
caused a lot of -merriment.   Nellie^-.
Brown and Winnie ITcMynn satig  ���
a duet,  "You  Canfe Play   in  our
Yard" and did  it justice in good   ���
snappy style.
Verna Evans and  Johnny  McMynn in   "Where are   you going
my   pretty maid"   brought  forth   ;
loud smiles from the audience.
Little Philip Pannell (age 3��
years) recited "Jesus Bids us -
Shine" and bowed himself off the
platform several tinier to the delight of the'grown nj>8.
7'An action song by the feirls, The
Little Mothers -with- their Dolls
.was .thoroughly enjoyed by all.
The boys dialogue  "Too Greedy
by Half" when Carl Thomefe (dentist) removed 9? very, large molar
from Douglas McMynn'e (patient)
jaw, assisted by the Irish attendant fX
Harold Rittenhaus, convulsed their .
audience with laughter. - The dentist after removing a  large wooden  -
tooth and charging his patent   ten
dollars   for   the    extraction    waa
astonished to find the patient with
his own tooth still in his   mouth.
Carl decided to quit and  go west ^
and so ended the fun.
The last item was marching', flag
drill and singing ' the National
Santa Claus   straight from the   -
North Pole next amused tbe young
and she old and   gave  away over
seventy presents and stockings from
a well laden tree.
Refreshments were now in order
and wound up the evening's entertainment. ' <
The children were Srained by
Mrs. Harold Panuell assisted | by
Mrs. P. Dion at the piano. ;
The toy buying and tree arrang-
ments were entirely in the capable
hands of Mra.  C. J. Lundy  and.
Mrs. R. D. Kerr.   "
. Advertising is not a modern invention- . read Numbera 24; U and
Ruth 4; 4. ���  '
Greenwood Theatre
'      Gray.-S Cierf, Pr_t>s.
. Commencing at 8 p.m., Shaip
Come Early and Get a RiRj.side Seat
Here's & comedy-kaockoiit ia five roiiacl--
Constance Talmadge
, in      *   -
' Her Latest Hii
7V7V:7VCliest^i- Ohoitltigr' V- V v7
ADULTS 50c     v    CHlLfeftEN 25c,"
Patrons are asssreS of a mtmXh���^a&
THE     LEDGK     GKEENWOOP.     B.     0.
R. R. Man Says It Kept
Him On The Job-Was
Nearly Down And Out
Genera! Smuts' Advice
Nations Will Prosper If People "Keep
Their Heads"
As General Smuts said, our present
troubles will leave us stronger later
on. It is better to fight through them
now, even at some sacrifice, than to
i Grain At
Montreal Port
" , .���
Over 140,000,000 Bushels Received By
Boat and Rail
In  the total volume of grain into
Scientists Befieve Land Soured From
Rapid Vegetation
A good sized island in Puget Sound
Is apparently dying of old age.
It  was recently  observed,   says  a
correspondent,   that   every   fir   and
cedar tree on the island was dead.
Germany i cember 1st, the  rail   route exceeded i About the water's edge vegetation ap-
deal with j Montreal port  from  May 1st to De-
"It's all duo to Tanlac that I am
able to be on the job today, for I was
Just about down and out when I began
taking It," said Harold Blanchard, a
trainman on the Canadian National
Railway, residing at 330 Donald St.,
Winnipeg, Man.
"On returning from France, after
three years service over there, I was
bo run. down and weak I could hardly
work. My appetite was gone and my
etomacb in such a bad condition that
what little I did eat seemed to do me
harm    instead    of    good. After
eating I would bloat terribly and my
heart would beat like a hammer
iigainst my chest. This palpitation
was so bad at times I began to think
If had  something serious  the matter
with my heart. My kidneys had also
bothered me for several years and
there was a severe pain in the small
of my back,
"My sleep at night did me little
good, for I would wake up at all hours
and then get up feeling as tired as if
1 hadn't gone to bed at all. In fact,
1 felt miserable all the time. One
day I happened to hear a man telling
how much Tanlac had helped him, so
I.began taking it and the results have
been nothing less than remarkable.
To put it all in a nut-shell, I am now
as strong and well as I ever was in
my life and I consider Tanlac well
worth recommending to everybody."
Tanlac is sold by leading druggists
put them off and have to
bigger ones in the future.
is adopting a seemingly easier course, j the water route by elevon million bus-
She is producing a temporary and il-  hels in the biggest grain year the port
lusory   activity   by depreciating her' has ever experienced.     According to
currency and trying to live upon paper i the Montreal Board oi Trade 64,559,-
money.     Every imperial    expert    is   360 bushels of grain arrived by lake
convinced that she Is merely postpon-, boats as compared with 75,557,069 busing the evil day, and that a gigantic
crash is inevitable.     The mirage of
inflation never lasts long.     Suddenly
it vanishes and reveals   the    desert,
"Keep   your   heads,"   says    General
A Dying Island
Canada s Need.
No. 1���Population
In this, thc first of a scries of articles cleali-ig with some of Canada's outstanding needs as it enters the new year, first attention is
g-iven to the subject of population, because, after all, thc provision
of many other needs and the solution of most national problems
hinges upon the question of people.
Some people may challenge the statement that population is
Canada's most pressing need. Pointing out that there is much unemployment at the present time, some may argue that wc already
have more people than wc can adequately provide for, and that all
efforts at immigration should cease. Others may contend that
more important than population is thc righting of certain social
wrongs and the raising of the moral and religious life of the nation.
There is, of course, room for argument, but thc writer would
S'tibr.ut that before "any country can amount to anything, and before
there can be increased employment and a- high standard fn life,
there must bc an adequate population to make these things possible.
Churches, banks, factories, railways, and so forth, do not make a
country. It is people who make a nation. Without population
any land will remain a wilderness, but with people, and only with,
by and through people can a barren land be made anything else
but barren.
Along with the New Year, Canada gets a new national administration. Among the big problems which- will confront the new
Prime Minster, his cabinet and the new Parliament, not one exceeds
in magnitude and importance the question of largely augmenting
the population of the Dominion by the introduction of the right
class of immigrants.
Fortunately, the whole country is beginning to realize this fact,
and cast and west a growing public demand is being voiced for the
adoption of a wise but vigorous and persistent immigration policy.
The immigration portfolio in the new Government calls for the
biggest, brainiest, most aggressive man, that Mackenzie King can
call to his cabinet. The task confronting such a minister is a hard
one, but the man who tackles it in earnest and keeps at it will not
only make a lasting n-tme for himself, but will confer benefits on
Calllda which cannot be reckoned in dollars and cents alone.
The new Government is pledged to adopt policies and enact
laws designed to bring ;about areturn of prosperity to'this Dominion",
to keep our. factories busy and, generally, to provide ample employment for all'-citizens. 7 The. basic stone, in the .construction; of the
.national'edifice of prosperity is population���people settled on-the
vacant lands of Canada, people tp work in the development pf our
vast, wealth of raw natural resources, people who will create traffic
'for"our national railways, people who will help to divide the load of
taxation and thus make it easier for all."    -. 7 - - -
7 There", are. hundreds of thousands of-'prospective^'emigrants in
the countries of Europe. '   If number alone was all that' counted the
''ta.sk' bi the;new Minister of Immigration .would be7easy. ' But
while. Canada .waiHts-quantity, and can absorb tens pf. thousands of
new -settlers/thcy must be- of :the.right type," men' and women and
children who will prove ail.'asset and not amiability to Canada. " Unfits, whether physically,.mentally or.morally, are not wanted, and
must bc debarred, but the clean, sound/able-bodied should be picked
out and encouraged to'come/and. mere lack of money should riot.be.
..imposed as- a bar to, their admittance. ��� - .   ^ .
7 Canada is a land of opportunity.    .'While the days of. free home-
: -stead lands, which attracted a-great influx of sct'tlers in the first decade of the century, are no longer-available, there are tens of millions of vacant, acres of good ^agricultural land awaiting settlement.
If"will.be the task.of statesmanship and true, nation-building to work'
out a sound policy .whereby these..lands are made available "to Sct'tlers on reasonable terms and some assistance given to such' settlers
to enable theni to establish.homes with"an assurance of success.7 "V
-'- The first step towards evolving a practical and-successful ��� settlement, policy is to discover why it is'that:s'o. many'thousands, of peo7
pic who have come to' Canada7'in:_theVp'ast .with-.the fulLdetermina--
- tion-'to remain here'and' mal<c: permanent,homes' for them'selves'.and
their children, have,' after, the lapse "of. -a-Tew-years,,- left the; country;.
TThere is. a weakness', "a; fault,' 'somewhere.-- r.,It--should"be clearly-
. located -arid steps'-tak'en',without"loss7pf time' to,"'remedy-theVdefect,"
���ttiu.te'ver it may.-be. V -.That done;'then" .vigorous action should'
-follow, to encourage; .the hardworking,'"fitvpeople'-qf, Europe' to tome
. to Canada,.establish7;homes here,-assist;in'the 'development of our
"stores, of natural. wealth, and. become go'bd7 citizens'and active, par-'
. ticspators iii.the building up'of.this Dominion.-'   '.-"-' 7 -    - .--.'   7
Smuts to bankers and traders and the
people generally. It is the only
sound and sane thing to do. We cannot change world conditions and make
all the nations prosperous In a moment. But we can at least refrain
from making our own position worse
by needless interruptions of activity
and panicky measures.���The Johannesburg Times.
peared withered, and a thin vapour
hung over the island   ... ing the day.
Never    inhabited/   and  about  100
acres in extent, the island   has    for
years been noted for its growths of
wonderful trees.     Firs three feet in
hels by rail in the same period.     The  diameter grew so thickly as to make
grand total of grain"liy boat and rail! travel   through   them   almost impos-
reached   the  enormous  aggregate  of i sible.     Both cedar and alder flourish-
140,036,445 bushels of   all   grains,   a; ed.
volume in excess of all other Atlantic      The
ports combined from Halifax to Phila-
dephia and Newport News, including
[he port of New York,
Viscount Grey Is
Recovering Eyesight
^ownership of this tract lias
been in litigation for some years, and
ihe timber could not be logged.
Now there is not a living thing on
the island. Death alone stalks grimly over the trails worn by formed denizens of this forest empire.     Not a
British Columbia Developments
Canadian   National   Railway   Official
'Speaks Optimistically of Outlook
Osborne  Scott,   general   passenger 	
agent, Canadian   National   Kailways, ~
Vancouver, who was in Winnipeg re-1 ,Many "�� .wo���an   ���}�� ?h���ld b��
���,.,      ,7   .. . _ ��� __ .strong and healthy, full  of life and
cently attending a conference of offl-|ener^l3 bouM b/{he shackles ofU��
cials of .western lines   with   C.   A. health.
Hayes, vice-president in" charge of
traffic, and H. H. Melanson, passenger
traffic manager, Toronto, writes with
respect to future business activities.
Speaking of progressive developments in0-his territory." Mr. Scott
was in an entirely 'optimistic mood.
He spoke of steadily increasing land
settlement in the valleys and on the
platineux of Central British Columbia
traversed by the Grand Trunk Pacific
and also in the valleys of the Thompson and lower Fraser Rivers. Considerable land is already under' cultivation in the more recently settled
sections and production has reached
a shipping stage. The fruit output
In the southern part of the province
crow rests on the dead tops, and as I is, of course, the outstanding feature
On The Marriage Day
Romance usually0 ceased, and history begins, and sore corns begin lo
go when "Putnam's" is applied. It j ly
takes out corns, roots, branches,
stems���no trace of a single, corn left
after Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor has done its work, 25c at all dealers,     lief use a substitute.
The Aftermath of War
Nations Have Common Enemy to
Fight Against
In a great war the nations involved
fight first against one another. But,
after the war is over, they all have
another war to flglit too. In this
second war they are all on one side;
the enemy is common to all. Whether
they, now squabble or agree among
themselves, whether they keep up
their previous groupings, or all fall
sourly apart, or all help one another
in some sort of tacit confederation,
they all must have it out with War
herself in hex new incarnation as
poverty, misery, disappointment and
disillusion. France with her shattered Budget, we with our gaunt host
of unemployed, Germany with her
almost worthless mark, Belgium with
her sour racial disunion, are all sustaining, at one or another sector of
a common front; the pertinacious attacks of war in her economic aspect,
the great impoverisker, discourager,
and alieantor.���Manchester Guardian.
Mother!    Clean
ChUd's Bowels With
California Fig Syrup
Even a sLek��chlld loves the "fruity"
taste of "California Tig Syrup." If
thc little tongue is coatedVor.if your
child is listless," cross, feverish, full of
cold, or has colic, give a teaspoonful
to cleanse the liver and bowels. . In
a. few hours you can see'-for yourself
how-thoroughly It - works' all the'constipation poison, sour bile and waste
out "of" ,the bowels, and you have a
well, playful child:again.
- Millions of-mothers keep-"California. Fig Syrup" handy. They know a
teaspoonful today saves a sick child
tomorrow. .'Ask you. rdrugglst, for
genuine "California Fig Syrup" which
has,directions for babies, and' children
of-all ages printed on bottle. Mother!
You must'say'"California", .or. you
may get an imitation ilg syrup. ���"_
Statesman   Able  to   See   Because   of
New Treatment
Viscount Grey of Fallodon, who
suffered at one time from an affliction of the eyes which It was feared
would cause total blindness, is to bc
seen now on any day walking brisk-
through London streets without
wearing spectacles and showing no
signs of his old trouble.
Recently the formejr Foreign Secretary paid a visit to an old brick
house in Lower Seymour Street, \V.,
which might bo called a house of
miracles for here he and many other
people suffering from serious ailments have received benefit from a
new system of treatment invented by
Martin Sherwood.
It is understood that Mr. Sherwood
has discovered a method of treatment which has revolutionized former practice and has been efficacious
in cases, hitherto considered incurable, of blindness, deafness, paralysis and other complaints.
Mr. Sherwood, who employs electricity in parts of his treatment, is
anxious to obtain abundant confirmation of the success of his system before he announces its character, as
he is aware that he may be faced
with strong criticism from members
of the regular medical profession.
Viscount Grey has been receiving
treatment from Mr. Sherwood for
about six months. While his eyesight has not yet completely recovered, it is probable that eventually it
will be quite good, and he will have
little difficulty in reading.
Neatly Put
A Secret of St. Paul's
Hunters and Dogs   ; V' V. -:���
-Attacked By Eagle
Wings; -Measured'".Moris' Than ' Seven
Feet From Tip to Tip ' .
Great royal eagles, coming -from the
���Tyrolese Alps,, probably owing to-lack
���of foo4 there/have appcarely;recently
in the-'canton o'f. Grlsona and fiercely
- attacked   chamois 7ai?cl: also hunters
'and dogs.-""";" 7 '���-.��� ���""- V.'-   VV 7;;
- A battle royal between an eagle,
and a setter dog-took;'piaceV in   the
. mountains. above. Thusis,-. T**;o hunters eventually shot-the,,' -bird, 7'whose
wings measured more than, seven feet
. from tip .to" tip; - ���.-.      .'-',.'
." ��� Eagles, have 'killed several- chamois,
goats and-Iambs,- and: carried them
off. to   their'."-nests on the mountain
-"tops; V'' ���;���"-'��� ;   7   .
. Should Destroy Submarines']
Iff DGBtf S-;- 'k
Greater   Factor :\n- War   Than
., VV Capital-Ships. V        .
' . Unless- the-'submarineJ-i3.:'des'tr6yc'd.
"root-v"and; '..branch'-' - ah.' agreement
"reached -for,reduction.-of land -arma-;
meats, and .'the- aircraft; problem solved, the Washington 7confe'rence; .will
have failed to live, up to its'full-iiuly
-and . privilege,'' -���Josephus .Daniels,
'former;U.S. secretary -bf-.the navy,
;declarcd. in7 an address before, the
Charlotte, ��� N.C., /Rotary; Club;'" "7 ,'/ , /
. ���_ The only step made toward.armaments; reduction,- tie-said, had,-been In
the' case of tlie, dreadnaught'arid during -the'war,.,he added, the "dread-
naught, considered the backbone of a
nation's fighting strength, was tied" up
in harbor."
The submarine, Mr. Daniels said,
was a greater factor in war than all
the capital ships while . bombing
planes, he predicted, will. be the
greatest danger "in any possiblo future war.
Poison Gas Perfumes
Poison gas is once more in daily
use-, this time as a .perfume in London-
drawing-rooms. Chemists have discovered that the gas used in the war.
will make most wonderful perfumes,-
and on' turning out a large variety of
scents. Thus another variant of the
old saying concerning the beating of
swords into ploughshares, spears into
pruning hooks. " -VV.'/  7'7,
���W. ���&��� ~1j>   U01
According to investigators, womeat
are more honest in the' payment., of
their taxes than are the men7.-"-./ 7- 7
Beautiful Dome Not What'It Pretends
', -'���-,.--' -.'-. ... To Be- ���;���*-. -,������_ ..'-
. 7An interesting.���,. secret' /about.. the
dome .of St'. PauTs���Lohdoh's/most
arresting ~ landniark-^has -' just been
disclosed -by "R. P. .Oglesby. In'.a lec-��
ture Xon. "Early .English Renaissance.
Architecture,"'-.it is 'lie'-Said,.a -sham
���but', an, adorable", sham. - In- other
words; it, is not what.it pretends'to
be at .all.-...' To. -quote- the-lecturer,
"Wren.said,-,'r.am going to "give you;, a
beautiful dome outside",- and an appropriate Tdibme.inside, and what ihey are
made'of, or" how" -they, support- /my
stone lantern and;.cr'pss -weighing 700
ions; "��� is niy-7 business" "arid . nobody
.else's.','*.; 7 Neither of'.the; denies, said
Mr.' Oglesby,. In- any, -way supported
"the; lantern.���Overseas, Daily - Mail.";;
Chairman In Parliament .Rebuked
Irishman In Clever Way
When called to order "by the speaker
for using' the expression "Damned
nonsense;"- Viscount Curzon did. not
defend himself so ingeniously as an
Irish; member described in Captain
Harry Graham's "Mother' of Parliaments." ; "During one of the interminable sittings of, 1877," writes Captain Graham,, "when obstruction was
at its height, an'.Irishman, 'weary with
.watching and warm. with whiskey,'
called a fellow-member"; a. .clatohed
fool. ��� On being ordered to withdraw
the expression he explained/^hat- it
was only a-quotation;.'
--" 'Whether the' remark- of the - honorable/gentleman can be explained by
a quotation or a potation it Is equally
inadmissible,'-'. - said - the chairman.
'I must ask'hiin-in'ruture.to:mind.his
p's- and q's.' 'S-London - Express. '-
boats pass an occasional crash tells
of the falling of a great tree. #
Scientists who recently visited the
island believe the land soured. The
growth of tho trees and vegetation
has been so rapid and dense as to exhaust thc humus in the soil.
Another theory Is that the soil rests
on a rock base, and the rootlets of
the plants have come 'into contact
with the brine of Puget Sound to
such an extent that the salt has burned out the plant life. Th�� vapour
is caused by decaying vegetation.
Birds keep away, as insects are few
in dead timber.
A Condition Due Entirely to Poor,
Watery Blood
The girl who returns home from
school or from work thoroughly tired
out will be fortunate if she escapes a
physical breakdown, because this getting tired so easily Is probably the
first warning symptom of a thinning
blood that must not be disregarded if
her health is to be preserved. "
When the blood becomes thin and
Impure the patient becomes pale, haggard and angular. She not only tires
out easily but suffers from headaches,
palpitation of the heart, dizzy spells
and a loss of appetite. This condition will go from bad to worse, if
prompt steps are not taken to increa.se>
and enrich the blood supply. To
make the rich, red .blood that brings
the glow of health, no other medicine
can equal Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
If given a fair trial their use brings
rosy cheeks, bright eyes, a good appetite and good spirits. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills have made thousands of
pale, languid girls active and strong.
On the first sign of poor, thin blood
mothers should Insist upon their
daughters taking a fair course of
these pills. They will not only restore health, but will save further, doctor bills. ��� -
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills can be obtained from any dealer in medicine or
by-mail at.50,cents a box or six.foo..\-es
for'- ��2.50 ' from The,Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Out, .
of land production. By the introduction of improved varieties and exercising constant vigilance in combating pests, the old prejudices harbored against British Columbia apples
have been dissipated and now our
apples are being marketed successfully in Great Britain, United States,
Japan, New Zealand and Australia,
and also in Eastern Canada, which is
worhj famous for the quality of the
staple fruit."
The export of pure bred dairy cattle from British Columbia to Antipodean countries and to Japan is another Interesting feature of our agricultural progress during the past two
years. Fruit shipments, were found
so satisfactory that large repeat orders are now coming. The dairying
industry is also expanding fast, the
long season of outdoor grazing being
a big advantage.
Lumber is the chief export of the
province today, our splendid timber
Some disease or constitutional dls-' *
turbance has left its mark In the form
of a weak heart, shattered nerves, impoverished blood and   an   exhausted
condition of the whole system.
they will find a. remeuy that will supply food for the exhausted nerves, one
that will utrengthen and regulate the
weak heart and invigorate-the whole
Mrs. W. W. Pearse, 14 Seaton St.,
Toronto, Ont, writes:���"I was left
with a weak heart and In a run down
condition from the "flu." V My nerves
were badly shattered, and I had such
pains-around my heart I could not
sleep much at night. I took several
doctors' medicines without getting any
better. My husband got me to try
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills, and
after I took one box I got relief, and
after taking six boxes I have been well
and not bothered since."
Price, 50c a box at all dealers, or'
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The T. Mllburn Co., Limited, Toronto,
Record Wheat Shipment
Over Two Million Bushels Handled On
Great Lakes In 1921,
Closing of the navigation season on
the Great Lakes reveals the fact that
for the season of 1921 a total of 108,-
017,810 bushels of wheat have been
shipped since navigation opened; by
far the largest quantity ever shipped
in tho history of upper lake navigation.
Dyed A Child's Coat
And Her Old Skirt
uy   "Diamond   Dyes" and follow th��
plo .directions    in    every-   package,
products finding ready markets iri all'Doft wonder;, whether yfUCa?   dy?
,tlnt successfully, because perfect home
quarters of the globe, but other pro-,dyeing is guaranteed with Diamond
i������f. v���fu ������,,, ������* n.nnnFi>nh��.- :Dyes even if you havo never dyed before,
ducts, both raw   and   manufactured, Wortli faded ,jress6Si sk|rtSi waists, coats,
of overseas ! sweaters, stockings, draperies, hangings,
everything- become like new again.. Just-
tell your druggist whether the material
you wish to dye is wool or silk, or
whether it is linen, cotton, or mixed
goods. Diamond Dyes never streak, spot, *
fade, or run.
* Coal Or Water?
A new French estimate of the
world's water power resources - credits the United-States with" 30,000,4100
available horsepower; ' Canada . with
25,000,000; Norway, with . 7,500,000;
Sweden with 6,750,000; Austro.-Hua-
gary district with.6,750,000; Italy and.
Spain with"about 5,000,000 eacli;" Germany with only 1,500,000; and England with." 1,000,000, have a supposed
compensating advantage in .their supplies, of coal. ���,
.^Cheapest, ofvall. Oits^���Corisiderlhg
the qualities of Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc
Oil it.is the.cheapest of,all preparations offered;to the public.' It-is to
be. found-in every- drug" store Iri- Canada from coarft-to'coast, and all coiin-"
try merchants keep it for sale.;- So,
being easily1 procurable aiid-. extremely moderate in price,, no. one'should, be
wlthout.a'bottle of it,'7 X 'X<'���
X X ���- ,.,. .To. Toughen. Glass * -.'V,-
V When-new glassware i3 bought, such
as drinking "glasses,: lamp 7chimneys
and so "on"it'.'should'" be- toughened - before; it.is us��d. .��� To.do this'place, the.
articles; in 7a iargo pan, "pack tliem
round with -hay .orsxewspaperto.-pre-.
vent breaking, and fill up with cold
water, adding, a handful of'"salt. Place"
pan on the stov&. and bring water
slowly ,to boiling point. Remove
from stove and set aside to cooL
Insurance Policy For Snow Storm
First , One i.Ever.  Writteiri   Was . For
X ������ ^Photop!ay^Producer     V...
"VA~ "��30,0007 insurance policy for a
snowstorm, was7taken out by D...W.
Griffith,',-the producer ; of "The Birth
of a7 Nation," "Broken Blossoins" ��� and
"Way Down: East." s- Tlie snowstorm j
had.' to arid !did- appear before' November..'20. 7 The' storniyiwas essential",to
���a Jiew Griffith. production,and'.tn'e contracts.of several actors who appear in
the -.snowstorm''- scene .-expired. on; the
date mentioned!...- Insurance /merisay-
.that'.this'is the "first time a policy'was
ever .written Tor a.;stbrm, although
many1' have-been' written against one."'
No surgical operation Is necessary
in removing corns if Koiloway's Com
Remover b-e used.
The minister.who made the following announcement seems to have been
prepared for. untoward .results from,
his preaching. '/������'   ' ��� ���
"There are some flowers here," be
said, "for those who are sick at;, the
close of this gen-ice.''    - ;',
,7.'',-German. Defeats"'-^"
.. Princess - Mary's -popular, "All "British",- ":betrothal-"recalls how-Princess
Louise^-when she-set~the happy.fashion .of-, marrying: a" British", peer, - fu.r-
nished'Slr John Tennie! with .the subject" of one of his. - happiest cartoons.
The1 Franco-Prussian War '.was .'7then
in progress, and-the French: press was
full of unfortunately apocryphal "Ger^
iriari .defeats.". Teriniet- depicted .the
smiling young.'Marquess.of Lorrie, in
full..Highland rig,; leading^ oft, the
chirmirig Princess frorii .under the
noses of acroVd of scowling German
princelings, ' and wrote- beri.eath ��� "A
Ileal German. Defeat:"���i.ondon; Morning Post. ...   ���.������-'���������������-
Mucilage on Postage Stamp
The mucilage on the back of a postage stamp is made. from' the syrup o i:
sweet potatoes. The liquid is -forced
through .pipes leading to-a. series-of.
machines consisting of. rollers between which, sheets, of stamps are.
led- one- at -a -time.- -The Hq-uicl 'falls
in a spray upon the rollers. The sheet
with; its' wet" coating " of: mucilage
passes - from -.the .-Toilers" into'a'flue
filled withJiot air. - ��� When- "itXcomes-
out-at. the other end'.,of the flue .'the
mucilage.is, dry. -,' , ..':,.     - 7'. .'-���
are claiming attention
consumers to" such an extent that a
company, known as the Canadian Producers Corporation Limited, has been
organized with an authorized capital
of ?1,000,000 for the purpose of purchasing and exporting the output of
British Columbia forests fields, fisheries, factories arid mines to all parts
of the, world. This company has
trade connections in both the Orient
and Occident. In connection with
growing export business, Canadians
should feel special pride in knowing
that the ships of thfeir Merchant Marine are playing a very Important part
In carrying out goods to the world's
markets. -.The flag of our merchant
fleet is now found on the seven seas
of the globe, and wherever it goes
Canadian trade goes too. With respect ' to the' lumber business, . Mr.
Scott stales that exports this year to
August- 31st,
feet.- -
As all year round resort of tourists,
holiday .- makers ' and seekers .after
health, British Columbia is growing in
favor, Mr. Scott declares, arid community and other .organizations, are
providing facilities for the accommodation and entertainment'of the many
visitors.'.. ' Vancouver is providing a
new. attraction for -^hat city -. in the
way of an immense pavilion for winter
salt water bathing and water sports.
It will. be. located on English Bay. and
.the water will, be heated to the proper
temperature. -' Visitors .-from - the
prairie provinces,"whose-Humbers increase each succeeding.season,.have
their own social organizations and
have enjoyable gatherings and recreative amusements..,
Thanks For the Suggestion
A countryman went to London to
visit some relatives and to see the
sights. He remained until patlerice
upon the part of his hosts, a married
couple, had ceased to be a virtue.
"Don't you think,-my dear fellow,"
remarked the husband one day,
"that your wife and children must
miss you?" "No doubt. 7 Thanks for
the suggestion; I'll send for them."
Simple and Sure.���Dr. Thomas' /Eclectrlc Oil is so simple in application
that a child can understand the instruction's. Used as a liniment -the
only direction is to rub and when used
as a dressing to apply. The directions are so plain and unmistakable
amounted to 101,604,256  that they are readily understood by
young or old.
77vTAKE.'NpTICE;7" v
We. publish simple".'. ;s,trai'gh"t testimonials'from- well known people, net
press agents', interviews... .���-..'
.. - Frorii "'all over-America they testify
to the merits of MINARD'S '��� LIUr-
MENT, the.best of Household Remedies.'" -'���-- ���   '   -'-".-" : "''- ��� "--'   '   '     -
"';:- -;-...'���' ' 'Yarmouth,- N.S'.v -.,:' '.-. 7 .'���-
-  Branch-Factory, St. John's, -Nild.-'
Londons' New Dock ..
A new deep-water dock, sixty-live
acres in extent, has ..been constructed
near the Royal Albert dock in, London. This, dock, will have a depth of .
about . thlrty.-eight feet and about
10,000 ' lineal feet of quayage, with
large sheds and railway lines. Therr
will also be available after its open-
ing; a. new dry dock 750 feet long,
100 ��eet wide and.53, feet deep ' on
the'bloeks., . -    .        .   ,. '
Earns Sixty Dollars a Day
In a." round-up ofteggars in the
theatre district,. New York, the police
discovered one mendicant who - says
he has been making $60 a. day, five
days a week, and gohc-g to Atlantic
City over the. weele-enils. Many
others boasted bf taking from ?20 to
540 a day and several iad 'purchaseci
expensive fur coats. The majority
j of^them are able-bodied men.
7 ���'-"'.'""���   '..;���   A Nice Jon' 7...
' Poetess CcaUIag oa-' newspaper editor).���*.*Who waa" that polite little
office boy who sio-jred* me in.?"
. Editor.���"On, 'that's' the page devoted to-women."   77'-     -
Not content with the Jioney and isvas
which, the bees yield, tfi'o Cingalese
eat the Insects themselves.      ,,-'���--.
Some,   people   hare eo muck aad
others, just nothing at **J1."-.
Minard's Liniment For Distemper
Burled' in- His ^W'orklng'-Clotlies -,-'-'
7 During his- lifetiiuo';-W, 'Lindfldge,'.
butcher' of Charing,---Kent,-.' expressed
the - desire. to. be. buried in the clothes.
In which- he went to'market. "He has
just-died, "aged-65,! and -was' buried
"fully, clothed, even .to'his, boots.-V. The
coffin was borne to- the churchyard
on a ;.butcher's motor car-which Mr.
Liri'dricige had.used-Iri his business. -���
The Wise Spider
Knows That Wet.Weat.her Makes En-
7...- snaring- Threads Useless""' - ,;
V The spider-is''an excellent "weather
prophet.' Henri Fabre, the ;wonderful
old man who found out so many of the
secrets:of insects-and their kin, learned. - that' ��� the, threads of the- spider's
web. used for catching .its prey-are
made uselessly'too.much"dampness.
These,, threads,-, so tiny as _to be-almost invisible,, are really .'hollow tubes
filled.,with 'sticky-fluid''which; 'oozes
through. the .wal ls'; and chills -. whatever
touches the.thread: ,7This7fluid readily absorbs the molsturo.from the air
and; would soon lose its sticky nature
in.the.rain or ice. 7-So the.wise spider, -lo'atlv to waste, precious ;raaterial,
waitsuritibtlio wet.weather is'ylrtual-
ly over .before -weaving the ensnaring
threads.. '"-How.;7it ��� knows' what the
w'-cather" Is, to-, b'9'7 is still' one ' of the"
mysteries.- -".''."-   "...   '7,7'"VV ���7    ;-. -
Cascarets Tonight
For Liver, Bowels,
'If Bilious, Headachy
- Gtt a 10-cent box now.
You're headachy!' You have.a l>ati
taste in your mouth, your eyea.buiji,
your skin is. yellow, your..lips parcli-
ed. No wonder you feel mean. Your
system is full of. bile not properly
passed off, and what you need. Is a
cleaning up Inside. Don't contiuiie
being a bilious nuisarice to youra��lf
and those who love you, and don't
resort to harsh physics that, irritate
and injure. Remember that jraost
disorders of the stomach, liver and
bowels are gone by morning -with
gentle, thorough Cascarets���tiej-
work wh.Uo you sleep. A 10-ceat Imms
will keep your liver and, bowels cleajsj
stomach sweet, and your head c'tese
for months.." Children lovo to ta,fe��
Caseatets too because they ' jterer
gripe or sickeru
A tank heater that can burn wood,
rubbish-dr'soft coal is a boon to farmers, see- offer. made7 by, -the . -.Metal
Sbingle.andVSiding Co., Ltd., Winnipeg. ' .Their ad'.ar>'pearing;el5ewhere
in-this-issue.', ""
Many New Factories In Winnipeg
Within the past year 71 different
enterprises were started; in Winnipeg;
aggregating an.investment of $1,000,-
000. Among theih were factories for
the manufacture of. linen, garden implement," cabinets, electric'"appliances,'
lamps,. chemical products, radiators,
wood',-carving, brooms, cigars and
caps..':.. '-.-'" "7;. ���..
Sleeping Sickness Cure ���':"-'
Professor  Newstead;   of  Liverpool
University,   says   German .scientists,
have' discovered a' new   drug   which
has proved invaluable.in the cure of
sleeping sickness.'     _
Be "fair to your local merchants.
Ask', to see his- good-* and-coEipa-re
prices before sending your money to
the mail order houses;' You will, find
Ihat'it pays.. V   *
"What are you doiri'   of ,   James?"
."Sharper-La' a'.bit of pencil."
������You'll *a.ve the union . after   yon
jtne lad.   That's a carpenter's Job.'*
Palm trees supply food, timber,
fuel, rope fibre, and sometimes material for clothing,       ...
Approximately 800,000 plea are eat-
*a daily in ten of the Largest cities in
th�� United States.
Minard's Liniment For Celda, Etc
Mra. Dalton tell*  ��f a Well-know*
Doctor'* Prescription Uiat.i* Mfo ..
.  . for Young Mother* to take a* *
.';,.- Tonic and Norrin* b*eau*e it.  7
7 contain*   110   harmful - in*
London, Ont.���-"Dr, Pierce's Favor" ���;
ito Prescription saved my life years 7
ago and for that
reason I am most
enthusiastic in my
recommesdatlOA 7
of It to  womea .
���who are ailing and ;
weak. I was taken .
with the measlce
whea in  an  expectant condition;
. then blood poisoning set In and my ���
family : be cam*'
greatly alarmed.   The doctor'advised
them, to give me Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and .1 took several
bottles of it 7and was restored to
absolutely   perfect  health.   I .'later
took Favorite Prescription as a tonle
and nervine and received great'berie-
flt from li.   As a woman"* taeilicbm.
It is unequalled."t-Mrs.- Jennie DaJ.
ton;.W Yorkist,;../   -
Your Health i> Vital to Yoa ���
Barrl&, Orit.~-r"I wae suffering froaa
a rundown 4yste��8om<9jtlaae agov
was unfit to perform my daily duties,
and wa* advlHed to try Dr. Pierce'a
Fftvorlte Preicriptlon. : I. tried it,
took tiro.bottles, and was restored
to my natural strength. I. cannot
praise Dr. Pierce's ei&dlci&e to*
iighly and -will be willing to writ**
to any one seridia$ stamped envel-
cpe."~tMra. A. H. Bishop, R. R. No.-X
You'll soon feel better il you ob*
tain this "Prescription"' ��! ' Dft.
Pieree'a at your ae&rest drug stora,
in ' Ubiete os* liquid, or send l&e
to'D?- Piercs's Laboratory la Bridg*
featC Out, for trial pkg. tai-leta ssA
i Stilt Sw fee* su&i&al Aftrle*        v ���'���'#;������
THE     LROO-E.     OREENWOOn.     B.     O.
Civilization Bad For Eskimo
Traveller Predicts that Eskimo Tritjes
. Will Soon Be Extinct
Members of the Eskimo tribes, who
total upwards^ of- 5,000 persons, will
be extinct during the lifetime of people now living, according to a prophecy made in Toronto by S. Sainsbury,
who spent ten years in the Arctic regions of Baffin's Land and Hudson's
Bay.: He declared the effect of civilization on the Eskimo was appalling,
their health and stamina breaking
down completely. The chief'cause of
their physical deterioration is the in-!
I. Elijah's Message to Ahab (v. 1).
This was a startling, message, for
Ahab had not only led Irael into
idolatry, but into a repudiation of the
living God.
World Happenings
Briefly Told
Valuable Clay In Alberta
; 1. "As the Lord God of Israel liv-
eth." Elijah knew the source of the
message. He knew that he represented the living God, therefore had no
troduction   of   civilized foods, white !fear to come into the presence of the
flour being particularly disastrous in uno- ����� tji���	
\ its effects. '   2. "Before whom I stand."   Because
Elijah    stood    before God, he could
stand  before Ahab.     His "standing"
before   God   indicates   his   constant
Suitable for Manufacturing Brick and'readiness to go on His errands
Tlle Drain 3. "There shall not be dew nor rain
The story of a pronounced disability j these years but according to my
disclosing itself as a valuable asset;word." This suspension of moisture
comes from tha Smoky River country! continued v for three and a half years
along.the line of the Edmonton. Dun- (Jas. 5:17), and was given in answer
vegan and British Columbia railway.,to Elijah's prayer (Jas. 5:17).��� Drouth
Engineers of the road had ceaseless was predicted as the .punishment for
trouble in maintaining the approach to, idolatry (Deut. 11: 16. 17), and the
the crossing of .the river owing to the prophet was now applying the divine
continual sliding of the clays of which ; judgment.
r  -
���-'������      Seriously
An   Acknowledged   Expert   In
All   Matters   Pertaining   to
Household Management.
The Manitoba Farm Loans Association is now self-supporting.
A decrease of over $9,000,000 In cattle alone handled at Alberta stockyards in Calgary Is shown, as corn-
pared with the same month in 1919.
Jewelry is safe in Sing Sing. A
vaudeville actress who lost her ring
while entertaining the prisoners there
had it restored to her by a convict.
Twenty-six women hold positions
on educational, public welfare and
' other important state boards in New
Thirty persor\s were baptized by
immersion in the river at Llanlley,
Wales. The ice had to be broken
for the ceremony.
The former Austrian archduke and
admiral, known as Leopold Woelflng,
has accepted a position as advertising agent for a Vienna newspaper.
Fire losses in Canada during the
week ended Dec. 21, are estimated by
the Monetary Times a't $798,400, compared with 5457,500 the previous week.
The second chamber of the Dutch
Parliament, passed by fifty-seven to
eighteen, the bill authorizing a loan
In the United States for the Dutch
East Indies.
Three hundred and fifty tenants of
a downtown arcade building in
Cleveland received Christmas presents
in the form of rent reduction of ten
to fifteen per cent.
With only his face showing above
the water, Joseph Norwalk, wanted
for grand larceny, was found by' officers in an abandoned well under
the kitchen of his home in Toledo. O. ......
the banks are composed. Now it appears after examination that these
clays, of which there is an enormous
quantity, are valuable for the manufacture of brick and tils drain; and
may^in time give birth to an Industry,,  .   _  ..������ u���lt
the traffic of which should compensate jthe king sought east and
the railroad for some of the trouble it
has experienced.
II. Elijah's Retirement   ((vv.  2-16).
As soon as he had delivered his
message he retired from the king's
sight, while the penalty of the king's
sin should be visited upon the land.
When the famine was sore in the land,
west, north
and south for Elijah, but God had concealed him. Those who speak God's
message frequently seek solitude when
the message Is delivered.
1. By the brook Cherith (vv. 2-7).
(1) Drinking of the brook (vv. 4-6).
While drinking of the literal waters
of the-brook, he was being nourished
by the Living Waters from the throne
of God.     From day to day Elijah's
Winter ls a dangerous season ���for
the little ones.     The   days   are   so
changeable���one bright, the next cold,. ... ...      . .      t_   m
and stormy, rhat the mother is afraid taltA was testea as he saw tIie stream
to take the children out for the fresh run lower and lower as the drouth
aid and exercise they need so much, continued. (2) Fed by the ravens
In consequence they are often cooped-!(VV/ 4.5).. The ravens brought him
up in overheated, badly ventilated ,,���������,, ������,, fl�����, ,��� +. . . ���x~.,u,~ ������.���
rooms and are soon seized with colds bread and flsh ln tho momlDS and
or-grippe. What ls needed to keep bread and flesh in the evening. Elijah
the little ones well is Baby's Own Tab- thus enjoyed two meals each day, with
lets.    They will regulate the stomach' water to drink.     The same God who
^^StS^^^^X'^^ Eli*h' fi" "ves a.<l we
over tho winter season in perfect! should trust Him for our daily bread,
safety. The Tablets are sold by;At last the brook dried up because
medicine dealers or by mall at 25'
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Have you ever taken marketing
seriously? Of course every woman
who keeps house has to buy provisions. But too many women run
into the nearest store at the last moment and buy anything at all for the
meal. This is the most expensive
way of doing one's marketing.
Much time and labor and anxiety
are saved if the meals are planned
on paper for at least a few days
ahead. Then one knows just what
shall be needed. Potatoes, rice,
winter vegetables, canned goods
and things that do not spoil easily
may be purchased at one time and
then set aside. Fish when it is
fresh spoils easily and it is best to
shop for this at the last moment
or if it is purchased in advance, it
must be covered with 0 sufficient
cracked ice to keep it.
But In ��� marketing' for anything
it is best to go to the store yourself. Select for yourself the article
you desire to purchase and inquire
Its price. Allow yourself sufficient
time to visit other stores and inquire the price of a similar article.
It. is only by careful comparison of
quality and weight or measure and
price that we may know which
shop is really the cheaper.
You aro entitled to all the trimmings of the piece of meat' you
buy. The butcher trims off thede
and    sometimes    removes the  bone
..If neglected, it will weaken the
1���' an*3 perhaps reach the lungs.
Nothing surer to help you quickly
than the healing soothing, vapor of
Catarrhozone. it's action is magical, every congested spot Is healed,
irritation is soothered away, phlegm
and secretion are cleaned out, all
symptoms of weak throat, Catarrh,
Bronchitis disappears. Catarrhozone
is a genuine, scientific preparation,
bold everywhere in three sizes, 25c,
50c and one dollar for a complete two
months' treatment. Prepared by the
Catarrhozone "Co., Montreal.
Wrap of Black Dinretyn
.    And Hudson Seal
Canadian Forest Tree Seeds
A Hopeful Sign In Regard to Forest
During the season of 1920, the work
of collecting the cones of coniferous
trees for reforestation purposes went
on in practically all the provinces.
The work was, perhaps, most vigorously pressed in the west where the
Dominion Forestry Branch collects
seed for its own forest nurseries and
for the Forestry Commission of Great
Britain, but, to a greater or less extent, it was done ln all the provinces,
either by government or private Individuals. This is a hopeful sign in
regard to forest conservation.
Calgary Has Dahlia Show
Some of Blooms Entered Measured
Eight Inches In Diameter
Calgary gardeners have demonstrated . that the pessimistic prophets - of
twenty years ago were lacking In
vision in respect to certain flowers,
such as dahlias. The first dahlia
show has just been held In the city
and nearly 2,000 blooms,were entered. . Some of these were from six to
eight inches in diameter and the hues
were particularly vivid and. gorgeous.
A .fund has been allotted Toy the
directors of the Montreal Star to provide 50,000 meals for tho unemployed
. men of Montreal and their, families.
A largo hall is being fitted up for tlie
- First death of a passenger on. the
Illinois' Central. - suburban, service in
���-.Chicago since - its establishment
nearly   SO-, years   ago, occurred' re-
. cently when two,trains collided! Service accommodates an average of
2,500,000, passengers' daily.
. With December's -collections estimated at $1,000,000, the total collec-,
tiphs at tlie port of Vancouver for
'1921 are.$12,662,772, according to lig:
,'iires given "out by tho customs de-'
JpajtmentLthere.^._ThIs represents:_an
increase of more than two millions
over 1S20, and more than four millions
over 1919..
Increase In Wheat Receipts
It is reported that wheat receipts of
the Saskatchewan. Cooperative Elevator Company for the past season total
22,000,000 bushel3, . This is 3,000,000
bushels more than, last year at this
time. ���' ���-
An Independent Man
Our idea of an absolutely Independent man is one who walks into a
store the.week before Christmas and
buys himself a necktie.���Detroit Free
Press.   '" '   - '"        - ��� "
. : By   making  your   purchases  from
your   home   merchant   you are
trlbuting direct to the   prosperity   of
the community Id which you live.
, Planet Neptune,, farthest,froin the
sun-of "those, yet known, was discovered in 1846. --.--'-
last alt
"Good Morning
9y..XX-y   Xyxxxxx'
, 7   Easy to start from the breakfast table with
eest.and enthusiasm,  but  how easy is  it to.
keep on? Does ambition last, or lag, as the day
; develops? ':-������[ '-'���>.,X'1 ���-\-   ,7-V '7-
- ��� The afternoon "slump" is a factor to be counted upon, in business or. social life.   -
X-X-X- Usually, there's a reason, 7   7.
7 Nerves whipped by tea or coffee won't keep
on running,: and  they7won't stand constant
1.whipping.', -'V...7 "7V ��� ,X'X XX-
X. Many a man or woman who has wished the
afternoon would be as bright as the morning has 7
simply been wishing that the.nerves.vrovldn't
have to pay the natural penalty for being whipped
with the.caffeine drug.7;-
7 - Postum gives a.brealrfastcup of comfort and
cheer, without any .penalties afterward. .There's
no "letting down" from Postum���-no midday
drowsiness to make up for midnight wakefulness;
no headaches; no nervous indigestion; no increase
of blood pressure^
Think it over, There's full satisfactiont/in
Postum��� a cup of comfort for anybody (th��
children included), anytime.
��� ���-''... You can get Postum from -your grocer-cr.....
your waiter today, and probably yotiTl .fyigin to
have better tomorrows, as so many thousands
have had, who have made the change from tea
and coffee to. Postum. .
Postam-comes in two forms: Itisunt Postum (In. ties)
q*.��4i�� Instantly in-tbe cap by' tlie Addition .of bo&foff Waitf,
PoatHCB ,Cerei! .(in pAcktgt* of larger bulk, foi- these who
prater to snake the dHnk-while the tne*ll* b*ing prepared)
uwuJ.s by boiling- for 20 minutes.   Sold by sll grocer*.
Postum for Health
"There's a Riasoa"
there was no rain in the land.     The
Lord then instructed him to move.
2. At Zarephath (w. 8-16). ' (1) The
place (v. 9).     Zarephath was at the
west side of Palestine, near the Mediterranean Sea, in Gentile territory, in
order, to   reach   this place Elijah had
to cross the country from the Jordan
to the sea.     Zarephath was only a
few miles from the home of Jezebel's
father.     This, no doubt, was. a trial
to Elijah.     (2) Sustained by a "widow
(vv. 10-12).     VBring a little water and
a .morsel  of  bread," was the request
which he made of the widow.     This,
no   doubt,   was   a   great trial to her,
but God.had touched her   heart   and
stirred up faith In her.     Her reply reveals: her deep distress. ,   (3) Elijah's
reply (v. 13).   This.made plain to her
that It was a1 case of- mutual Interest
to do as the Prophet said.   " The barrel of meal shall-not waste; neither
shall the cruse of oil fall."     (4) The
widow's.obedience (v. 15).     "She did
according to the sayings of Elijah; and
she and her house did eat many days."
(5) God keeps His word (v. 16).   May
we learn from this. lesson:
.1,-The particularity, of God's providence...   Truly a-sparrcw shall not
fall to the ground without our Father.
By . the . pre-arrangements of God al'
bur needs are daily met.   There is no
con- (happen so in God's providence.     The
~* woman   of.  Zarephath, ��� going out to
gather sticks to prepare the last-meal,-
met  Elijah/ and~ls  helped  for~twd
years;   -. '..-'''    ���;-  '-.-,
2. No matter how small'our ^resources, we can- do something for God
if we will. ".The lad. with the/five barley loaves and, the two. small..-fishes,
with. the blessing of the;Lord,.did ai
great.work. ' ..-'-���-. .'- ""��� ��� -'V-",7'
v& Our. concern should be., to .work
for- others and for God before ourselves. We should give our all to. God
and trust Him for further supply.
.4. God often allows us to get down
to our very last in order to teach us
that all Is7 from. Him, -���,
5. God's dealing with' this.-Gentile
woman is a foregleam of His dealing
with the. Gentile nations.-. .
The kiddles will get their feet wet,
catch cold, get croup and give their
mothers lots of trouble. With the
first cough or sneeze, rub the little
one's chest with Nerviline, rub it on
plentifully, it can't harm, Then
make a gargle with Nerviline "and
water, and have the child gargle for
. five minutes. Just at bed time, give
and throws them Into a box under / the child ten drops of Nerviline In hot
���1���    ������������^���      w-h~BO,   ���,,.���,   0���h    tn   sweetened water.     The result ls fine,
the   counter.^    These   are   sola   t0'an(j    next    ~ "-"    	
someone else.*    Even a smal?  *
of    trimmings    and a bone will, be
enough for the basis of a soup for
Cuticura Is Just Right
For Baby's Tender Skin
Bathe him with Cuticura Soap and -wann
water. Dry gentl-r and if any sign oi redness, roughness, irritation or rash i�� present anoint with Cuticura Ointment to
soften, soothe and heal. Finally dart on a
lew strains of the fragrant, delicatetr *����d-
icated Cuticura Talcum.
5m��2Sc. OfetmatStadStc ftloM&c. Sold
throughout the Dominion. Canadian Depo<:
���VCaticm-. S��ap altavM vr-idtM-ft ��������,
Even a small amount - ^LlS-- ���rninfg  ch��<�� is  better.
- ���  -    1 nerviline is a great protection'in the
home.     Large   35c   bottles   at   all
Hand to mouth living or buying
Is to be deplored. Unfortunately,
some .must live this way. But many
who run accounts might do much better if they made an effort to get together two or three dollars in cash
and then shopped where the very
most can be gotten for the money.
~ Whenever possible, buy in-bulk, and
not in fancy packages. Food that is
wrapped in attractive looking packages must of necessity cost more.
Buy by the pound���that ls, loose���In
bulk anything which must be cooked
before being eaten. This includes
the cereals, the dried fruits and many
other-articles"of the diet. It is perhaps better to choose foods in packages If they are to be eaten without ;is ^ rellevcd ��� constlUlt-onal treat.
further cooking,.   An example of tni3'ment. -^ halx/s catarrh medicine
Aeroplane Stunts Are Barred
A New Clause Is Added to the Air
Regulations ���*"
Acrobatic tricks, Involving entering
or leaving an aeroplane while In flight,
are barred out under a new clause
which has been added to the air regulations.   The clause reads as follows:
"No person shall enter or attempt to
enter any aircraft in flight; or leave or
attempt to leave any aircraft in flight,
except for the purpose of making a
parachute descent; or give upon any
aircraft In flight any gymnastic or
other like exhibition."
By Marie Belmont
A c&at which can adapt itself to
varied occasions is a very desirable
one to possess. This versatility of
use finds expression here in black
duvetyn trimmed in Hudson seal.
The wrap ls built on loose lines,
this effect being carried out in the
single button ��� fastening , and the
dropped shoulder seams. The chin
; collar ls becoming and gives additional warmth. The finishing band
of fur at the hemline Is attractive
for a person of sufficient height, but
should be avoided by one of
short stature.
This coat is attractive over afternoon frocks of black or color, and can
also be used for evening wear.
Rebuilding  Copper  Concentrator
Will Cost Britannia Mines $500^00 for
Tenders have been closed for the rebuilding of the concentrator a.t tlis
Britannia Copper Mines, Britannia
Beach, British Columbia. It ia understood that the cost of construction will
be over $500,000. The Britannia
Copper Mines are the second largest
copper mines in the British. Empire.
o Solid Achievement
The Washington conference for the
limitation of armaments has arranged a Pacific league of nations to prevent and settle disputes, has arranged
the trouble over the Island of Yap between Japan and the United States,
has freed China from foreign control
of postal services and has started
other causes of possible dispute towards adjustment. The members of
the gathering appear to have had their
hearts in the job their countries gavm
them to do.���The Montreal Gazo-tte.
Worms in children work havoc.
These pests attack the tender lining
of the intestines and, if left to pursue
their ravages undisturbed, will ultimately perforate the wall, because}
these worms are of the hook variety
that cling to and feed upon the interior surfaces. Miller's Worm Powders will not only exterminate these
worms, of whatever variety; but will
serve .to.repair the injury they have
done.'"-'.- .;--.-
c *    j ���    .., '        - , ��� -   1 ,    ;is a   constitutional    remedy.    "Catarrhal 1
type Of., food is thecracker or.cookie. Deafness Is caused-by an Inflamed  con-
Studv  vour bills   for everv'rar^fnl'd,tlon of the mucous lining of the-Eusta-
&iuay your DiUo, ioi  every ..car^iui ,chian ,Cut>e^    when.this tuba is In/lamed
housewife sees to It that she gets a you have a rumblins uoun-a or imperfect
I.,,.      ui. i_ i7 i   ,       .-phearingr,   and   when- it Js entirely closed,
bill with each purchase, or at least (Deafness is .tho result. Unless, the ln-
she writes down what she purchases, "animation can be reduced, your hearing
auv ��"^= wren, in*--,* a��c Y- " irnay bo destroyed forever. HALL'S CA-
and how much It costs.-   Careful mar-1 taxjrh medicine acts   through ��� the
7   ����_-     . m".   __ a., ��r��.iii^     '_  ..i.�� _ I blood on-the mucous surfaces "of the ay
keting    will    reducer.bills anywhere ! tem. thus r��-fiv.Mn��r ,*��� i~�� -.-���--- -
from ten to twenty-per cent. In a giv:
Elevator Destroyed
en time.    And such a-saving Is decidedly worth while. -     .
��� Worms cause ' fretfulness and . rob
the .infant of -' sleep, the great; nour-
l'sher.. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.will clear7the stomach and
intestines, and restore he"althfulness.. -
The Effect of Fear
Host'Hated Man'
In American Army
Armenian    Children    Afflicted
Forms bf H��art Disease
According .'. to    Dr; .Mabel   Elliott,
head of the American Woman's Hospitals, who "Is;now-serving-with the
Near East"Eelief."at.'Isniid7;Tiirk"ey; a
large.,number of the   Armenian/children '.-under..-hcr: "care' are-  suffering from enlarged   hearts- or   other
forms '.of  heart disease,  due., to  the.
constant fear.to-which they,have been
prey- during'the' past, few." years.- 77- 7
. Relief ^workers 7, In ther Near Bast-
have'7-long'.been";familiar   with   the
mental ~. .petrification . due. to the terrible experience through7 which these
children.have,passed, most':of ' them
,having--forgotten'everything' of,their
past, .-their,  names, their homes,and
their---language' included,',:,but .thlsVis
the' first;, instance   that has been re-,
corded-of the effect of -.rear7 oh' their
hearts..'.1; -', '""- 7'Vy'-    ���' 'V'V-'   . 7
��� . The cure which Dr.', Elliott-is'prac'-
.tising'.is; a combination "or mental and
physical;  , Firstof-ail they are made
terii", thu3 reducing the Inflammation and
assisting- Nature in restoring normal conditions.
Circulars free.      AU Druggists.
F. J, Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio. .
Hours For Female Workers
Manitoba    Issues.   Regulations.    For
Forty-Eight Hour W����k
"The   minimum   wage board of the
province of Manitoba has. issued regulations requiring, that female workers
In Industries in tho ��� province    shall
not work for more ..than' nine hours
:per day, .or 48 liours per week.     All
night work or. Sunday work is "prohibited absolutely,'while overtime can
be.worked only on'permit-from the
Provincial-Bureau - of Labor;" and"- rsot
oft'ener than -30 days. In anj; year;'
Was Loaded to the Roof With Grain
and Flour
The 35,000 bushel elevator of Northern Elevator- Company at Orcadla,
first7siding;west ot Yorkton, Sask.,
took fire and was totally destroyed. It
was full to the roof with grain and
considerable supplies of flour in an adjoining warehouse were also destroyed. .���"'������'"'.-'
-One. railway .car was burned, but'a
long string was saved by prompt, action of. a-through freight crew, which
f pulled them to safety.   .
The Priceless Image
A short-sighted old lady went into
a large curio shop. After pott-cring
about for some time she asked the
assistant: "How much Is that Japanese Idol worth���the one near the
"It   is   worth a great deal," i��i>Ued
the assistant.    "It's the proprietor."
to realize-that they are'; entirely   out
.... ; . ��� ,;  / " ���  ���-  - ��� ��� -' '"- -;" I of "'danger .anil'among-friends. "Then
/Hardbolied" Smith Now"a CoIone!...ln j they. are., put; on ,.a special diet, of
.' Like a- Grip', at the /Throat. ' ��� For a
disease-that is. not-' classed.'.as fatal
there "is probably none which" causes
more terrible suffering .than." asthma;
Sleep, is. Impossible, the. .sufferer becomes7 exhausted and finally though
the'attack passes, is" left" in unceas-.
ing-.dread"--:o'f, its'' return..- -Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Kemedy-'is". a reliable-remedial: agent; ".'7 It .immediately
relieves ' the. restricted .'air passages
as many/can. testify. 'It .is,sold-by
dealers everywhere.,. V"  '; ���.-���'.-
There are usually compensations.In
any public loss. With the announcer
ment of. the first departure of .Mennonites ; leaving Western Canada for
Alabama there comes the news, to
balance it, that, the future movement
of.._,settlers.-frottu-England to- this-
countr'y7will be limited only by our
power '-to. absorb it���Edmonton
Journal.  ���
nv,      .   !?,bt��inB.bIe   bf tbe  dbo  of Dr
'Station"��*? -ret5ne8-> ,0'   tha  8kU
SS skin ���Bi-?."e5?on*a �����,-s��-Pl>6��. and
Aif j?   1  ���Bl��'*��>ft, smooth and velvet*..
LhitoS"* ��r ?am*��-"��>:Bn.tes &Tea
On Chases
Spider's Web is Marvel of Strength
No. Rope   For
Mexican. Forces
Lieutenant .Frank' H.7 (Hardbolied).
Smith, whose brutal treatment "of
A.E.I*. prisoners at prison farm No. 2
at Chelles, France, finally'landed htm
in. military prison at Port Jay, Gover-
nor's:-lsiand, -New-York, for a short
term, now. is a coloiiel in President
Obregon'a army in Mexico.   .
Closely, following this information
word- reached New York that.Smith"
had dropped out of sight in tills country and army, officials, to whom he
was supposed to report during his parole from prison have, no traceof him.
Inquiry developed, the fact that Smith
vras paroled from.Fort Jay before the
expiration of his sentence In the. face
ot evidence before a congressional Inquiry branding him aa "the most thoroughly; hated man in th�� A.E.F."
Smith's whereabouts was learned, It
was said, from a former officer.
nourishing ,food and certain exercises are'prescribed;" The. results .so
far have been remarkably, successful!
Might 89'    ���
! Patron   . (crossly;.���Say,' ,- waiter,
.what are th'es^ black .-specks in my
cereal? y~~ .,    .,'
. Waiter (after a close inspection)-.���
Dunno, sir, unless it's some of them
vitamines everyone is talking about
Its Sirs. Is. Nearf/As
������77 7, Strong' -' " ; .. X'--'. --
-'. -- The web of - the'spider" -is' a.' marvel
of strength.-', -No"rope'that7man can
make is, for its-'size,' anything like7 as
strong' as .-'-������ the} spider's ���". web. -". -.The
smallest "r,ope ,'that .will-"- hear' .the
weight of a*'man. 'id arx: inch7la*.circumference; or-;, one-third of .an'- inch
In'.' thickness; To equal. the 7spfder's
J average daily performance "a mail'six
"feet tall.would, have'to carry about7a
half of.mile. of one Inch; rope,, which
would be a physical impossibility.
Buy  >'6ur._ out. "of _town--��uppIic
minion "Express - Money   Orders.
Iars" costs three cents.
-with;- Da���
Fiiv-e- -Jol-
. .,'��� Final Hearing of Freight Rates.
:;. George "E. Carpenter,; secretary'of
the prairies- branch. of the Canadian"
Manufacturers' -" Association,". has ��� been
informed" that;, the ' Board;,pf'-Railway
Commissioners will meet' Feb.\ 15,'-in;
Ottawa, for "'the final .hearing'on" the
equalization ,of freight rates" between
Eastern and. Western 7Canada, ,- and
British - Columbia77 and the,-7'prairie
provinces. 7. ---'.
YOU can' make'  money  in   ha.vl(iK that'
IDEA PATENTED.   "We will B&te*''-
your PATENT before the proper MANfJ"--
FACTURERS a!i<3 BUYERS.    . SESTD tar ���
ARNPRfOFt Patent Solicitors   ONTARIO
-.- Farmers* -wives in Japan rear silk
worms, just as- women on. the farm3
in. this country keep poultry.1."'
Minard's Liniment For Garget in Cows
'New York has theatres- playing In
six," different -tongues,- and newspapers
printed; in ;20 - foreign, languages:;
or etutterins. overcome iMM'threly. Oaii
natural nictbods peraaancntly teetot*
natural speech! Graduate pupils everywhere. - Free advice sta<$ literature
KITCHENER.     -     CANA��A
. >���>v ".
jT    ^fc^       ���
"   bbS H��vr u 7c��id'
SliiUJ ' Trte   to   a��9
^AddfeM  by   tt��   .
*iiRp^r /
CO.,   INC.,
America �� Pioneer
112    West   31ct-����ci-t,
Me���� York.' OlS-A    J
. The Interest on Great Britain's war
debt io tha tJhited States amounts to
1250,000,000 a year.-.      ���:'-.: 7 . -.
The Meanest Yet
While, ���rislting the meanest men to
th�� world, don't forget the New York
tiiief who stole a California w;ar
hero's artificial ttnn.'~-SaB Francisco
V : Making Th��.m'Useful'
Traveler.���"it^s a nuisancer-these
trains are always" late." '
,.Resourceful Conductor.^~**But, my
dear sir, what would be. the use, of
;the waiting-rooma.if they wWe oa
timer���Numero; ��� Turin.
;A 7 shell 7 treighing   about   seventy.
pounds explodes into-a shower, of'1,200
pieces.", ,'yy .-���' '.-";.'""' -     * '
Tour attention is "drawn to th* advertisement of the Metal. Shingle &
Siding Co., I,td, appearing In another
column, of this. Issue.. Farmers and
others will dp well to tafce advantage
of their exceptional offer.
Lift Off with Fingers
His. Sad Fata
Traveller/1 (at. remote \ station).-
���Have you a "Sporting life?'       ���  ��� -
��� Boo&5tal3f.Clerk.~Jf6r-not yerj,   \
Motor Cars In Prairie Province*
Of a total.-of 400,008 motor -cars" In
cpmmlsslen in Canada, 156,-554 ar* located In tlie Western J-Voviuces. In
Manitoba there are 34,S14,�� In Saskatchewan^. 768,825; in Alberta, 36,515;
and in British Coittmbia, 26.5W.
Minard's Liniment For Diphtfi��ria
^Doesn't hurt a hit!     Drop a little
Freezone   on an aching com,, lastant-
": There are 5,000 living aaimsls of 3,-..   t.    . .       , -a���~, ^a^.u>..
000. species located -ia the New York �� - u ^?��n.stops hn-ftog, then short-
Zoological Garden, anymore are add- fcij?? "* !t rl8ht ont with fingerf*
ed yearly. , Your druggist sella a tiny bottle', at
j Freezone" for a few
- -   cents, suffieiezit
WJse parents area'i above apoloizlz-      remove eveiy hard corn, .soft cora,
1 ing to their cMldrea.- ��P��*����B��-   or corn between the toes, and the c��..
iws w, uieir.cauarea.- 'lassaf, without sottaess orinltAttea.   4
*TJaaderinfe,y 7 eoais-
or��ly' 35 -cents'.- a;'bbtfcle��-
One application ends all,
dandruff,   stops .JtchLng.
and   falling'   hair,   and,
iri,   a.   few7 moments!,
you   hays   doubled *. fclrai
Deauty*: of   your -taif.
It will appear �� wl&s, so
soft, lufltfous, and easy
to io.upi. "But. what wul
. pleass you -most wiU. T��
after b iew weel�� use,
vhea you. see *d��'W.aa&>-'
fine and downy at first���
ye^r-but really new hair
growing *11 over ilie
s'calp. ������DsEderfea". is to iie.iiir -Vbal
fresh -showers cf sain And sunefeia-J atrft
to vegetation. It; goes rlgist'i-3 the roots^
invigorates and -*t��sg-Ui��KE- tiksm. Hi*
ddigbtfcl, 'stimnl&t&g; t<JBia ~hs��$& Hrf&t
lifeless, faded &ur SO gffdsr Iffi^j iStidu
heavy and lurariaafe.
-.w. 2?; v. im
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
J2.50 when uot paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the Uuited States ��2.50, always iu advance.
Oelintiuetit Co-Ownar Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices    7,00
Satray Notices 3,00
Cards of Thanks     r.oo
Certificate of Improvement.  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ii* notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal 'advsrtising, 1.2 cents a
line first insertion, arid 8 cents a line {01
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
TransciciH display advertising 50 cents
n:i inch each insertion.
B'.n.iness locals ia.j-jc. a line each insertion.
aer=r~    . '    :'  .   :. ~. - .,
The hliis cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t'.'.ciUbe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Public Service
In tlio very near future our
citizens will be called upon to
select men who will be entrusted
with our local government and the
control of the education of our
young people, "and we consider
uhat ft few words upon this large
subject of Public Service may not
be oat of place at this time.
We state it as a fact, and  if you
will   be frank  with  yourself you
will agree, that  the public  is  frequently lacking in sympathy for its
servants,   and we suggest that the
direct result of  this  condition is
the keeping apart of  the governed
and the governing to the  end that
the people usually see no  good  in
anything  which   may  be  done on
their behalf.    In fact it becomes a
cause for some  wonder as  to  just
why men oft'ei'vthemselves for pub-
He   service;    Soiflo7say,- it.is the
-.honor that it. brings,'but is .a. difficult'task to  reconcile our-under:
'fitaudiiig of the-word thus {applied,
with the,'criticism-"tb.afc7.i8 >:usually
..." directed'   to\var'd8;'--.;public-    men,-,
- " Others are drawn '.by, the-thought
������- "of' .weiklirig ' power; -many; seek to
-   -be. ii�� ;the public. view because- it
���    gratifies -"then1-^vanity, -a��d :ii6t'"a
1 -few just natural ly-'likeVtobe iii -the.
-' ' kiiovvon,-all .that -is going oiire '
- gardle'ssf of  their, "fitness ��� for   the'
.. position-striven for.', .-    ..-,.-
���'���- '.'Times ' are .changing  however,
-and -day' by;  day ifc ' is-becoming
..  more, apparent,to f JtheVinterested
" ' observer that,the old order, is, passing and ui-its's'tead-7 is -growing" up
in the land 'a.diGerent.'-'.coneeption;
:. _6'f ;.tKe-Vquaiificafcion8'. of 7 the ..mab,
V" who seeks to serve hia:'fellow man.
��� '.'in,public, administration. 'He. must'
7 i>e .sincere ;7-He -must - realize that
X at- no-time' should .fae^se'ek- to-rhis-7
' .represent "conditions"or- endeavor,
to keep from .the people  whom he
7:.-':fierv.es;a knowledge .of their-public
.;'' business;-;-  'H(j, in list "-be: 'unselfish.
1 , "and ..willing; always.;.. to subjugate
',. his personal-interests to -the inter-.
..Mts oith'e. community.   -Ho'must-
-V; b.e -broadmind'ed, - tolerant -of . the.
���-/"'views-, and,-opinions'' of -others-.an'd
. willing, at all times to'recede. read-
; Vily from his opinion;i.u: favor-'of the
-views of;another, when shown that"
The Home Circle
The life of the world is strenuous, and the door of the
home should shut out the storms and stress but should
not shut out new and inspiring influences. It should stand
wide in hospitable welcome to 'friends.'. The home life
that is narrow aud selfish is dull and enervatiner.
The first word a child titters is apt to be ''Mother"
and thc old man in his dying- dream calls "Mother!"
mother!'' It matters not whether she was brought up in
the surroundings of a city and in affluent home, and was
dressed appropriately with reference to the demands of
modern life, or whether she wore tlie old time cap and
great round spectacles and apron of her own make, and
knit your socks with her own needles, seated by the broad
fireplace, with great black logs ablate on a winter night.
It matters not how many wrinkles crossed and recrossed
her face, or how much her shoulders, stooped with the
burdens of a long life, if you painted a Madonna hers would
be the face. What a gentle hand she had when we were
sick, and what a voice to soothe pain, and was there any
one who could so fill up a room with peace and purity and
light? And what sad a da}-- that was when we came home
and she could greet us not, for her lips were forever still.
We certainly are blessed with an unusual number of
bright little boys in this coiiimunity. Little tots just
starting on life's journey. They stand upon the threshold
of life with foot uplifted aud hand outstretched read}r to
begin the journey, and happy in anticipation of the beautiful and wonderful things they expect to see. To them
all is bright and promising, no thought of evil crosses
their minds; their imagination clothes everything with
rainbowhues. They little think that every rose has its
thorn, every pleasure its corresponding grief. They are
eager to be off. The path is narrow and on either side
are yawning precipices which threaten to engulf them at
every step; numerous and enticing : by-paths seek to lure
them from the narrow 'way that leads them to safety and
honour. Here it is that the counsels.of christian mothers
take root in their hearts, and their saint-like faces will go
before them on their journey, guiding stars whose gleams
cannot be extinguished, no matter how hard the stprms of
temptation.may 'beat'upon them. ' VV
"Good References"
Constance Talisi.i-dg^'Iia.9 searched for sinners, she's been a love ex.
pert and a perfect woman, but foe
the first time in her career has she
gone to the lengths of rescuing a
young man ���from jail in a picture,
"Good References," the latest First
National vehicle, to be exhibited at
the Greenwood Theatre on Jan. 7
Being in love with a fascinating
young lady is enough to keep any
young man in a constant state of
worry and perplexity. Bub being
in love with a beautiful girl who
bailed you out of night court and
didn't tell your family about the
trouble���keeping the little dark
secret as a whip over your head, to
drive you at your leasure���that is
misery that btggirs description.  '
But of course Yincent Coleman
says he didn't mind playing this
part at all, because opposite him
was the winsome and capricious
This humorous situation and the
embarrassing dilemma in which
Mary Wayne (Connie) is subsequently placed form an amusing
part of Miss Talmadge'8 new starring vehicle.
Corporation of tie City of Greenwood
these are'best.
. n
Free Masons Installation
Greenwood    and   Grand Forks
. .lodges of Free Masons held a joint
installation  of   officers   in  Grand
Forks last week.    The installation
was conducted by  W. J.   Cook of
Grand Forks and J7 A. Fraser,  of
Greenwood,     two    distinguished
' members of the craft.    The follow-
'7 ang-are.the. new officers:      ..-
- -Greenwood���W.if.',':. 6.- Wheel
, 'er: J.F.M.,  Tho?. .Jenkin;- S.W.,
; JamerXerr; J.W., P. 'H.  McCur:
rack;  treasurer,  A. 'J. -Morrison;
.Secretory, jB;- B. Taylor-Chaplain*
G. ^Courtney; D. of C,  H. 7R.;
Bidder;-S. P., Vfm. Walmsley; J7
&.,.&. Lee*i.'S,, A.;R.  Barwkk;
���I'eterson, Tyler, R. Eustis." -
-7-Grand;Forks��� W.M;, John."'A.
Hu.fcfcon;"Tr.P.M,.. .W,F. Huffman;
S;w.v;K-A7."St. G. Smyth; J. W.,
J.- B.-McDonalds-Treasurer, .Geo.
7D7 Clark;.Secretary,-; Wm'. "Smith;
Chaplain,:Hillis:Wrighfc; D. of C.
PV T7 McOallum;;vS!D.3 \W. 7B.
KirfcpStrick; J.7D. Geo. B. Garrett;
S"S..,\^.; Bubhiu*. J.S:,:Bea Eforris;
Tyler, Nathan Taylor,:;-.-;; 77 --
-;7.VrV.������. City"-Council ���/7. 'v.7'-,
-A meeting 7 of the City Council
was; held oft-. Jan. "3rd.: V Mayor
Gulley,. Aids. Taylor",-.Mo^ab'-Kerr
and Jenkin',,present. '
-7_.The various..points, covered.; by.
Trustee Awrey- on his: recent- visit
were discussed afe" some, leuglih.. and
the. matter's -"as. -written -: up on - the
records by-the.'Clerk werea-pproved-.
The: 'Council,decided .t!ia>b_' fehe
'appointment' of "a dairy h��td; inspector'.as. set;forth in-a letter from
the :N.auaimo .Municipal ' .Couwcii
was'not applicable' in; this district,
and no .action-vyas -taken.::..- X, .���
Elections,-By-Law- No." f.' was reconsidered adopted, .and; finally
passed.-' ���, -7.7' 7 ���- -'V- 77-...-
7, The. - chair man.--of = theV; Water
Committee was' asked "to" Uvcfit-
ig4.te the , possibility -ofJayiflg, a
temporary. surface ..line to '.-the
Rink and -report'''esfeimated. coat,of
same to City Clerk, before work
The Mayor drew the-alien tion
of the Aldermen to the 9tli of Jai��.
being the lasfe day for nomination
and advised those seeking ejection
to have their papers in* order for
the Returning Officer.
��� Meeting then adjourned.
I met a man wlio wore a smile,
-. He tramped along a country lane, '
I liiark'ed-tlie-IJglit-upoii'his-Iial        - -
, And called upon him to explain. .'
Says lie:, "I've been down past  the park,
���I'll tell the world itwas^excitia'.-- .'
Take one look here, but keep it dark���
.' The fish arebitiu'."
I niet'amata vvLo.'wore a smile,    ,    '    .
r   He jauDtedl'on a city main,       .. '
I "marked tke light .upon his dial '
��� 'And caLled upon him to explain.       - ;-
'Ttii selling oil stocks'���-whata 'lark! '
.The "sUtiFl tell -em" is excitin'-r1   ..'.'"������ y '
Pipe.this roirii'cie,'but" keep it dark-^- 7-
";The.'fish 'irc.bitiii'V-1../;, V ' -    'V,: V ~
"'Winnipeg.-7 7   -    7,7���^D'.'.'-B. McRAE...
No! Claiencel ,Tt isnot fcrne.that
-    ���>'        ,,'-':      . '   '.,.      ���  :     '���'..'.
a pressnna,a .sleeps on" the bed of a
press. :
PUBLIC NOTICE i- lifieljy given to the
electors of tlie .Mimiciimllt-* of tlie City of
G-Tcenwootl, that 1 iv-piire tlio iiroscncc of the
said electors in tlio City HalL hi the City of
Greonwoocl on the ���itb.jlaj or January, 11)22, at
12 o'clock noon, for tlie purjiosc of eleefcinp
persons to'represent tlnom in the Municipal'
Council as.Mayor and Aldermen, and for' the
purpose of electing.* one person as School Trus-,
tee and two persons as PoliceConunissioners
for the Municipality of Ilic Corporation of the
City of.Greeuwoodr
The mode of nomination of c.-ianlitlates slmll
hens follows:
The candidates shall lie noniirmtecl in -writ-
ins; the writing slutII he subscribed by two
voters of; tlie mnnic.iiialiiy as proposer mid
seconder, and slmll be delivered to the Retur'ii'-
iuR Officer at any time l-ctvveen tlie date,of the
notice and 2 n.ni. of tho dnj- of the -nomination
and in the cveiit of u poll helris necessary, such
poll will be opened on ilie 12tli day of January
A.D. 1!>22,between tlie hours of �� a.m. and 7
p.m. ut the said Cilj-Oirjco, of which every person is hereby-required to talie notice aud govern himself accordingly.- ^    .-
.The parson.:, (HMJifiei ti) he iKuninalcd for
and eleeted as Mayor of the City, slialt be such
persous as are male British subjects of the full
age ol" twenty-one years, rni'il are not dlsq.uali-
fieiliniderany law, and liiiA-c heen for the six
months nest iircccding die clay of nomination
the reqlstcred . owiibr, in'the Land Kcgistry
Offici',.of real property' hi .the city "of the assessed value on the last miLiiicipnl ��� assessment
roll of One 'J.'lionsaiid'3>ollars or nioiej over and
above any registered judgment Gr charge and
who arc otherwise diiiy <iU[Llified;a3..munieipal
voters.'-        ���   X   ' ' ' " X
The persons qualified to be lioiruiiated for and
e1i>eU(! as.-- Ahienr.eii, Scbool Trustees and
Police Coniinissioners of said City, shrill be such
persons as. are British subjects of ihe full
nge o'f twenty .one years, and are not disqualified iniilei-iiiiy'hiw.niRl lnu-e been for "six months
next pri-codiug tlieday'oiaipii-iiiiatioii the registered owner,', in the'Lnild Eegistry Office, or
land or real property in'the eity of the assessed
.value, on the last Munier-ia'" Assossmont roll of
five Hundred dollars' or moTo. over and above
any re'gUicre'd judgei-noii-t or cliiirg-a, aad. who
are otherwKo;.duly qitalifieii aa .municipal
voters.' ���-���.". . -. - -,--������
'.'Given.under iny haiultit SreC'nvaoa this29tli
day of December', A.D. 1021. -"
.' 7 ' -" *- V ' 7 7. ".'' G7 S 7 WAl'TER S7 .'.   '
\.''���,-,-:..    .,:;��� ilttuming. Officer.,~
dr. .a;, milloy
V7". DEIVTIST'-'";''.
.'yx" LOO BUILDING, "x'x
���""Cprrierl'Ab'Kott -S7Ha��tings"Streete.""'
VANCOUVER/  -   -   -   B^C,
With the Curlers
Curlers are having roneingg-fcraes
and keen competition is faking
place, between the differeiil .Hake.
Three, caps are. being played for.
W. Walraslffy's rink won th* War-.
ted c.ap..7 This .was- a knoek-oafe
competition.    The Boss ciap ia 0<m
���Economy and Satisfaction |
"lined^^ witk Prbmpthess ^
are the features which go to j|
make up the ^enrice we give ��� |f
our customers. Are ypu f|
For Yonr Convenience
Has Opened a Depot at
sTta^u^ J3U���� says ���
i <d/ccJkfcjfc4 at��<ftnj(
o*Zbke*X% *f7X&&4 4/tyfytte\c
comes to the front with a
convenience for fur shippers.
/ ^' As usual, "SHUBERT" is*
looking out for your interest.
In' order to eliminate for you the necessity of. obtaining
export permit and the payment of royalty���to make it possible for you to get "more money'-'���"quicker" for your
furs, "SHUBERT" has opened a Fur Receiving Depot at
Vancouver. AH you have to do is PACK UP YOUR FURS AND SHIP
"SHUBERT" is paying extremely high prices for Muskrat,
Mink, Coyote, Foxes, Marten, Fisher and all other lawfully taken fur-bearers.
We want all the furs you can ship, but we must have them��� QUICK��� so get
alter 'cm and ship 'em to "SHUBERT" as fast as you get 'em.
A. B . S H U B E RJr/Jk"''��
Fire Insurance
Real Estate
Royal Bank Bldg;, Grand Forks
A. B. 8h>bm
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co,
of Canada, Limited
~' ���' Offices, Smelling and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold. Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of    Gold,    Silver,'Copper,   Bluestohe,'  Pig. Lead   and Zinc.
Auto Stage twice daily to Midway  meeting Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson Jtrain, leaving.Greenwood at $ a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatohee and Princeton leavee Greenwood, Sp.m.
Fare 81.50 Bach Way.   Hand Baggage Free;   Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Draytojr. ���' ' y        Auto's for hire Day or Night
We carry Tires, Oils. Greases.  Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13. ���.;;   Residence Phone 3 L
. Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
E. W. WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each.; Gold-Silver" I1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper' or Lead $3.00. -Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges; for other metals, etc.,- on application.   7  ,.   'y     - ���- 7'-'-".
���:C. V.  MEGGITT
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties"
Cedar Poles,,and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands. For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars. Garageiii connection.
D. Mci-HERSON    '..-.-. ! VProBrietpr
NELSON. B.C. "'---,-V
Nicely furnished room's, by~ the''.'-
day, week or month
F. Nilsbn
616 yerrion.Sti.Nelson,
Brick building aiid finely,furnished.rooms
JOBN BLOMBERG     -    -   PrODfietOrJ head
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-clasB land
reduced to S5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined ib surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes' and which is non-timber
land.-- -.- ' :     ., ������  . .."���'������;.������
Partnership pre'-emptions'abolished
but parties of.nqt more than four may
arrange for .adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. , "
Pre:em*��tors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including: clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, ..before receiving
Crown Grant. ->
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, h�� may because of ill-health, or other cause, b��
granted intermediate certificata of improvement arid transfer his claim.
..-. Records withoutperm.anent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makea'improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records: aame' each'
year. Failure to make improvements
or record, same will :operate1-aa forfeiture. Title :cannot' be obtained in
less than 5 years,'and improveinehts of
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acres cleat-
ed and cultivated, and,residenc��--of at
least 2 years.are required. '
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may-record another pre-en��ption,~if he
requires^land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, pro-
yided statutory improvements made
and residence1 maintained on' Crown '
-granted land.;;. v; 1   ,     .
Unauryeyed areas abt. exceeding 20
acres, may be leas'edas homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential an< improvement conditions.     -���' "���
For grazing and inidustrial purposes
areas exceeding -640 acres may be
leased by onepersbn oir coirpaay. .'-
Mill, factory or; industrial .sites 0*
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
pavment of atumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased'
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include allpersonsjoining and serving
with. His Majesty's. Forces. The tine
iri which the Heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended. from one
year from tbe death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present' war. This privilege is made retroactive. 7.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after : June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid sines August
4,19145 on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers; pre-emptions.
Intereston agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from en-
listment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision   made   for  insurance   of
Crown   Grants   to  sub-purchasers  of
Crown Lands,;acquiring, rights from
purchasers.who failed to complete pur- .
chase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment'of conditions of purchase, intarest
and taxes.   Where sub-purchasers do -
not claim" whole of original "parcel, pur- 7
chase price due and taxes- may be distributed  proportionately.   over7 whole '.
area.   Applications must be made by
May.!, 19207'  '.���".���.;"
' Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock   industry   provides for grazing, districts and range
administration' under. Commissioner..
Annual grazing permits issued based ���
ou uuxnberi ranged; priority for established owners. Stock "owners may form '
Associations -. for  rang-c - management.
Free*   or partially   free,   permits  for
settlers, campers or travellers up to.ten
beingVplayedV.for. '..., HqqV'-raot*,
J;B.i W. Johnson;  LG.,. ?\.&~H��*H%*&��^
Letterheads, Noteheada*       3
{Ruled or Plain)    . -       3
Envelopes, Billheads, '' 3
(All Sixes) ^
Statements, Business Cards, =f
iters, Dodgers, .Etc., Etc. 3
I The Ledge      PHONE 2      _
B^x -GREENWOOD.    ,: job Printing hmrimnt   a
^iiiiiiiiiiiiyyiiiyiiiuiiii iaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiuiiyiiaimiiii^
X'..'-��� ���'/���; <Vv^ta Xx"; ���.:'''���'[
7H��s produced.Minerals.valned-as follows:   Placer Gold, 876,944,203;7Lode
Gold, 8102,753,823; Silver, 853,668,284; Lead $46,637j221; Copper, $161,513-864;     7     7
..Zinc, 819,898,466; Coal apd Coke-7$212,57S,492;. Bnilding Stone; Bnc^, Cemenfe, .V . 7 7
etc.,'832,168,217;.-Miscellaneous- Minerals, etev,.��i,037,408;7makjng' ite'.Mineral'":
Prodnciiion feo the end of 1929 show an- ,      - V. X-XX .. ','���'-. .; -    ..:
Aggregate Values of |706,192v$7$77
Production for Year Ending1 December; 19?0,7$35,543,084>
The; Mining  Laws df this Province are more liberal aijd7-the fees lower
than those of any other Province in fehe Domiaion,  or any colony, in. the British      7
.Empire.....  7 .\    .     \ 7   '' '- -������������: '��� 7
Mineral loca*ioii8 are granted to discoverers for nominal ieea. 7
Absoipte  Titles are   obtained   by developing BHcb properties^ the security
of which is gnawvtitseed by Crown Grants.
Full information, together with mining Beporte*.and Maps, may, be obtained
gratis by addressing���
'>-���-:' .-'���  THE HON.���*T8E:.'/H1KISTER OF M1JNES
xXy YICTOmA; British ColumMa,


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