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The Ledge Dec 18, 1919

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Vol.   XXVI.'
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling It with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures.
Use our Crockery.Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
ana dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
Dolls, Toys, Toy  Book,   and
many othe^ articles suitable for
Xmas Presents
A Large Variety of Christmas
Groceries in stock
J.vG. McMynn, Midway
Around Home
Ross Wood was in Nelson
P. E. Crane, a  graduate of the
mines school at Pullman, says  the
Spokesman-Review,    is   achieving
R. W. Halcrow will  spend tbe  sllcces8 in  operations on  the Bell
Western Float]
Coal cannot  be exported   from
Just Arrived
gj Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
" Sable Fish, Salt Cod  -
tl Layer
Figs,   Dates,^ Peels,   Currants,
all   kinds   of   Ntfts
Raisins   and IBs
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN   n
i 09000000000<X>00000000<XKOO<KX><X><><><>0000000000<>0<>000 <
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 JOHN MEYER,      -      -      Proprietor. ;
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson.'JB.C
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
���order from selected skins   -
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
ahd repaired
Skins'dressed and mounted.at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
J, Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamp*���SOc each,
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
. 60 Watts
100 I ������
200   ��
$1.25 each
2.00 �������
, 3,50 �����
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
^ 421 Baker Street
. NELSON.   B. C.
Stocks, Bonds, Notes and Debentures.
MEAGHER &  Gar511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First
In Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods sent.upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a'prompt
and efficient manner.
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.   Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.   Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Pool hall in connection.
"   W. D. BUSK - - - PEOPRIETOR      $
Dealer in General Merchandise
[Massey/ftarHs Co,, Farm Inv
r  plements, and the; Canadian
Fairbanks ��� Morse   Co,,
Gasoline Engines,
Sheet Music
Latest Popular Song Hits
10 for $1.50 postpaid
Largest  line  sheet   music  in   interior
of B.C.
A Good Investment
- 'T'HE money you save earns interest
* A when deposited in our Savings
Department, and both principal and.
interest are safe and can be obtained whenever required. Open aii
account to-day.
Write for Prices
Modern Cleaners & Dyers
P- 0. Box 152 GRAND FORKS
Music Lessons
Lessons given by a qaalified
teacher ou the violin, mandolin,
guitar and banjo. . For terms, etc.,
apply P. O. Box,  201, Greenwood.
New stock of Mitts, Gloves,
Socks, Woolen Underwear Fla-
nelettes, etc.   G, A.Rendell.
The latest styles of Signet
Rings in solid 14k gold for
Misses, Ladies of Gentlemen at
winter in Victoria.
Fresh oysters and crabs on sale
at the Windsor Hotel.
A  District  Horticulturist will
be stationed at Grand Forks.
Mr. and Mr1?. Jack Ryan returned from Nelson, last week.
Malcolm Morrison, of Midway,
has recovered from his recent
Oa Friday tha Greenwood Central School will close for the
The Phoenix skating1 rink has
opened, under the management
of W. Almstrom. -n    o
Finnan Haddie, Smoked Sable
Fish and Golden Fillets at Rendell's store, Greenwood.
Wm. C. Banks, a returned soldier, has purchased R.' L Hayes
property, near Grand Forks.
Jap Oranges, nuts, raisins, figs,
dates, grapes, Xmas candv, at
RendelPs'Store, Greenwood, B.C.
Just received ' at McElmon's,
some nice- goods in the jewelry
line. Suitable for" the holiday
Justice Clement is in the St.
Joseph's hospital, Victoria, suffering from a slight attack of
paralysis. ���
The Windsor Hotel,-has cigars
in boxes of 10, 25 and SO, for
Christmas; also.special beer in
pints and quarts. -
H. A. Sheads'returned to the
Forks, last week, from a two
'months' visit with his' father at
Gettysburgh, P&Q,rr.       -^
Orders   taken for   Christmas
puddings,    fruit cakes, .  layer
cakes,   mince ' or apple   pies  at
Lee & Bryan's.'
H. C. Lucas, manager of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce in
Princeton, returned to that cify
from Vancouver, last week.
James McCreath is putting up
ice for use next summer at tbe
Windsor Hotel. Thirty tons will
be required and the ice that is
being stored is IS inches thick.
For that nasty cough" get a
bottle of Rexall's Syrup of White
Pine and Tar at Goodeve's Drug
Store."       ~ ~ ��� "
Last Friday was the coldest
day in Greenwood in ten years.
The government thermometer
registerd 28 below zero, with a
rise during the day to 2 below
zero. " This week the severe
weather let up and. yesterday the
thermometer showed only a few
degrees of frost.
Received today from Ogilvie
Flour Mills Co., a car of flour,
rolled oats, wheat, shorts, etc.
G. A. Rendell.
On Monday,-Dec. 22, at 6 p.m.,
the Woman's Institute of Greenwood are giving an Xmas Dinner
to the returned soldiers in the
Institute room opposite tbe post
office. Any returned soldier in
Greenwood who may have been
inadvertently overlooked will
kindly accept this'as a personal
invitation. After dinner the
public are invited to spend the
evening socially.
��� Ladies and childrens fancy
Christmas handkerchiefs in boxes
or single, a wide range to select
from; also some'very pretty runners, tea cloths, tray cloths, etc.
G. A, Rendell.
Following the latesf boost in
the United States exchange rate
against Canada, the Canadian
postmaster-general has instructed
postmasters to discontinue issuing postal money orders to tbe
United States. Spokane bankers
on Friday.last, commenced charging IS per cent, discount on' Canadian cheques. This will virtually put Canadian money out of
circulation in Spokane and other
American cities. .
mine   at   Beaverdell,    B.   C,    in
which he has a quarter interest.
The   remainder   of   the    interest
is   vested    in    Duncan.  Mcltosh,
who  has been engaged  in the development of tbe mine for several
years.    Crane was  superintendent
of tbe mother  Lode mine of tbe
Canada   Copper corporation  until
he became identified with the Bell.
The   production   from   Wallace
Mountain  on  which  the   Bell   is
situated, is about three carloads of
ore a month, of which twocarloads
are contributed by the Bell.    The
ore lies in narrow bodies containing high values in silver,  that of
the Bell containing 100 onnces of
silver in a general way, although a
carload shipped some time ago contained  an  average   of 502 ounces
and was sold for $17,000 after the
deduction of all charges.    Among
other contributors of the district
are the Sally, Napanee,   Rob Roy,
Duncan and Bounty Fraction.
Mill to Run Next Summer
The Canada Copper Corporation
has proceeded with the constraction of its concentrating mill and
the development and equipments of
its mine as far as possible without
the contributing efforts of a railroad and of electric energy, says a
Princeton, report. The mill, which
i8'"pHctically"completeV"has"a* cap-
All the houses in Granite  Creek
are occupied.
Deer hunting season  closed on
December 15.
The Gerrard sawmill has discontinued operations.
Cumberland is once more  minus
a police magistrate.
Oroville creamery is paying  72
cents a pound for butter fat.
,    There    weie   three   moonshine
leases tried in Princeton  last week.
Seventy   cents   a   pound,   live
weight, is the price asked for  turkeys in Victoria.
The livestock shipped out of the
Nicola Valley this year was valued
at half a million dollars.
A million dollars in American
silver is stored in Vancouver. It
will be shipped to the Orient.
Coa) is selling in Princeton at 87
a ton. The low price is due to it
being mined near that town.
The national debt of the United
Kingdom is still on the increase.
At present it is $975. a head.
Moore & Whittington's lumber
mill, Victoria, was gutted by fire
on Dec. 10, with an estimated loss
of $90,000.
Four Cumberland citizens were
found guilty of illegally hunting at
night and were each sentenced to
three years at Okalla.
Mining News
The Standard mine at Silverton
employs over 80 men.
This year the alaska and Yukon
gold export will be aboufe $5,250,-
A compressor plant has been installed at the Donohoe mine,
Stump Lake.
T. B. Cosgrove^ well known in
tbe Boundary, is manager of fehe
West Hunter mine, near Mullan,
Diamond drills are now boring
on   the   property   of   tbe   Aspen-
Grove Amalgamated  Mines, Ltd.,
near Merritt.    The drill  will work
for several months.
J. W. Power is in charge of the
Flint mine near Kaslo. Recently
a payment of $22,500 on the bond
on this property was made by E.
J. Edwards and associates feo James
Development work will be carried on all winter at the Silversmith near Sandon. Milling operations, interruped recently, will be
resumed as soon as weather conditions permit. This is usually
aboufe April 1st.
acity of 2,000 tons daily and the \*'Z  V
.,./,��� nation wide  tour
mine contains' 12,000,000 tons of
copper bearing ore, according to
figures-of engineers. K
In the meantime the construction of the railroad, which is to
j cost $1,000,000 or more, and of the
power line, the cost of which will
be $200,000 or more by estimate,
is proceeding steadily, the railroad
The Government of Saskatchewan has expended no less a sum
than $13,200,000 for educational
purposes, since the province was
declared in 1905.''
Rev., J. R.^ Craig, a Presbyterian
ministec of. .Vancouver, - has-been'
called   to   Scotland,   to   make   a
in  behalf of the
with 500 men. The railroad will
serve the mine and mill, which are
eight miles apart. Half of the
construction has been completed,
Lincluding-mnch of-a -tunnel- which
will be several thousand feet in
length. The mill is at Allenby
four miles from Princeton.
A large gang of men is working
steadily on the power line between Greenwood and Prineeton.
Construction of this line was started lasfe spring. Ife is believed that
the railway and power line will be
completed by next; summer, when
the Cauada Copper Corporation
may begin the production of ore
and concentrates.
prohibition campaign
Due to the fuel shortage in Spokane, an emergency schedule of
business hours has been fixed.
Retail stores open 11.30 to 5.30,
with banking hours from  11 to 2.
Lieut.-Col. E. G. Prior, of Victoria, has been appointed lieu ten-
ant-govenor of British Columbia to
succeed Sir Frank Barnard, whosjs
term of office expired'on December
Mr. Reeves, an Ontario farmer,
has bought 460 acres of land on
Denman-��Island; -ahditis-" the in7
tention of the purchaser to go into
the sheep raising industry on a
large scale.
The Canadian Importer, a steel
ship 'of 8100 tons, and the firsfe of
f'four to be constructed in the
Coughlan yards, Vanconver, for
fehe - Canadian government, was
successfully launched on Dec 6th.
A gasoline driven compressor is
being installed at fehe Goldenrod
property on Copper mountain, near
Chesaw. Wash. Extensive development will be carried on at this
property during the winter and
should be in a position by spring ' .
to' commence shipping ores. The
property contains gold. **"
Tbe Chataway" mine,   Highland
Valley,  is   to be developed  on  a
considerable   scale.    Title to   fehe
property   has   been   secured   and    '*
funds are available for an extensive; development   of   the   group.,  -
The mine and mill of fehe property' ~
operated  during   1917,   producing
over $100,000 net smelter returns.
The A nyox smelter of the Granby
Consolidated Mining, Smelting and
Power company baa been operating afe its capacity of four furnaces
since November 15. as compared
with two to three furnaces previously, according to a Vancouver,
report. It is handling 80,000 tons
of ore a month now, as compared
with 57,000 tons in October.
Germany  has been   purchasing
American copppr fehis fall.    In fehe
last 60 _days one producer alonehas	
sold 5,000,000, pounds feo manufacturers in Germany, says the
Boston News bureau. Much of is
was billed above 20 cents per
pound and only Wednesday of last
week he agreed to deliver 1,000,000
pounds more at prevailing quotations, making fehe total to date of
6,000,000 pounds. The copper'
was paid for in   American/dollars.
A Family Gift
The best gift for one's family,
one well thought of during a whole
year is a year's subscription to the
Family Herald and Weekly Star of
Montreal.    Ife'costs only  $1.25 if
remitted for in December, and with
it you get the very best portrait of
tbe Prince of Wales ever taken.
The portrait is 16 x 22 inches.    It
is said tbe Family Herald  is overwhelmed  with orders tbis season
and no wonder,  for it is the best
value to be had.    It is a great family and farm paper.
J. A, Fraser, chief constable
for the district, was in Princeton
this week, and spoilt some joy
that was intended for Christmas.
The chief is Scotch, therefore it
was no trouble to" locate a "wee
drap."���Princeton Star.
Iugersoll watches, Radiolite
wrist watches, Waltham watches
at McElmon's.
Suggestions For Xmas Gifts
Victrolas and Records, Silver war c, Cameras and
Supplies.    Splendid assortment of Celebrated
^Neiisons-Chocolates in both Box and Bulk.
Safety Razors, Strops, Pocket   Books, Kodaks,
Fiashhghts, Travelling Cases, Hair and Cloth
Brushes, Collar Cases, Cuff Links, Tie Clasps,
Compasses,   Etc,
Ivory Goods of all kinds, Leather Goods, Pillow
I ops, Photo Holders, Snap Shot Albums, Combs
and Brushes, Mirrors, Hand Bags, Manicure Sets,
Kodaks, Perfume and Fancy Stationery
Large assortment of.. Dolls, Toys,   Everything
to please the little ones,
Crepe and Tissue Paper, Xmas Cards, in fact everything
for the Xmas Season.
Full Line of Kodak FiW
Goodeve's Drug & Stationery Store
*' "' \-^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B
THE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD,     B.     0.
Symptoms That Tell
of Biliousness
Are you dizzy?
Docs your head swim:
Docs everything: turn dark when
you  rise  after  stooping?
Arc you constantly suffering from
Ave you short of breath after going' upstairs?
Is your tongue coated and furred?
These symptoms give warning that
your system needs a thorough
cleansing���all poisons must bc flushed out. Tiie remedy is Dr. Hamilton's Pills. Marked benefit immediately  follows  their use.
These famous pills loosen the bowels and stop constipation; they act on
the liver and kidneys, make them
strong and vigorous.
'This ensures health and purity for
the blood and consequently the whole
system  benefits.
No oilier medicine tones and braces
jSelim, thc dragoman.   In that way we |
I shall bc sure of having trusty and de-
jvoted servants and ones who will not
i gossip."
I "That ain't a bad idea," said Rug-
'gles. "I think T know of an old gentleman in Paris who wouldn't mind
giving me some good advice���a Mr.
Falconer. He's a retired English
clergyman and.the salt of the earth.
Pembroke  knows him  well."
"Thc very person," said Miss Elliot. "No doubt he may bc ab1c_ to
put you in touch with some Englishwoman of good family and connections who would bc willing to act as
the girls' social godmother���for a salary, of course."
Rugglcs thought suddenly of Miss
."I know the very person, right
now," said hc, "if she would be willing to do it."
During his convalescence Ruggles
had thought a good deal about Darthca and her aunt, and it seemed to
him lhat his miraculous change of
fortune could not help but bring them
within his reach again. Hc was no
longer a shoe clerk. He was a millionaire, and he felt that hc had earned his wealth honorably by devotion
Dr.   Ilamili
on s
they  at
once cure bi'iousness, headache, dizziness, poor color, coated tongue, and
all diseases arising; through fault of
the stomach kidneys, or liver; try
Results    prove    the  merits    of Dr.
Hamilton's   I'ills, 25c pcr box.
With our "Oueon   Adjustablo   |)
Drcs3 Form, you can make aud
flt    perfectly   most   stunning   11
dr63j:3, Talsis, suits ��� nd coata.   "
Hun. eds of wejen are dolni?
it. besiuso   tbey simply c. i't
allord tlie fa   .lav. prices 6torea
aal dr> ,3malicrs charpe.
If yoa want to Jtnoa ftoir write
for \ f-ee copy of our liool;let
"IIowMarj Kept Up with 1ho
Joneses.' Vou will bo I-       -jly
interested In It.   Deal   ^4
Saskatchewan Plans
Seed Grain Relief
Annual Seed Fair
Is a Success
Excellent   Exhibit   of   Seeds   Raised
In   Alberta   With
Thc  first  annual   seed   fair  of  thc
eastern section of thc irrigation b'ock
was  held  at   Brooks,  Alberta,  a   few
to his duly on the field of b'atlTe."His-! dai's ago, and the exhibits shown tes-
ing his
Own Shoes
��� BY ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
"I guess I've been given enough
already to pay for all that 1 can ever
do," Rugglcs answered. "Say, arc
these girls Turkish, or what?"
He looked at Miss Elliot with a
sudden curiosity. Until meeting her,
he had rather dreaded to let his mind
rest on his new and embarrassing responsibility,  but  this  reluctance  had
.    . 'laa!in his chair and closed his eyes
been   dispelled   within     the   last   few (Enjot noticcd with alarm the sudden
lory proved that many a great fam
ily had had it s origin in precisely
that way. Moreover, he was thc
proud possessor of a Turkish decoration which his benefactor had procured for him and which conferred
the relative title of a knight in Ottoman   society.
lu youth thc human mind is able to
adapt itself to an unexpected flood
of prosperity wilh wonderful faci'ity.
The tide of such an inundation is invariably tempered to a normal
warmth and marvelousiy buoyant.
This is perhaps because youth is ever
prone to dream of just such joyful
eventualities, ancl is often more perplexed by thcir delay than by a swift
and unexpected realization. No
youngster of romantic mind is ever
lo be greatly surprised at being suddenly presented with the deed of a
castle in  Spain. ~
Rugglcs, blessed with the heart of a
child was rapidly adapting himself to
jthe fulfillment of just .such fancies as
| had often amused his mind during
periods of repose. Tt cannot be said
that he was imaginative, but he possessed that happy faculty of fantasy
which is imagination-in its infancy.
He seemed to havc swum backward
aeainst the tides of the ages to the
Thousand'and One Nights. Nothing
was no longer impossible���not. even
But as thc thought of Ruth swept:
across his brain he grew suddenly
faint and breathless.    Pie leaned back
minutes, to bc replaced by an intense
interest ancl a not unpleasant excitement.
"One is Turkish. Her name is Bul-
bul���nightingale, you know. Then
there's Roxana, who comes from
Tiflis,    in    the    Caucasus.      She's    a
pallor of his face.
"There," said shc, rising, "I've talked too long and tired you. Forgive
me, please."
"Oh. it's, not that," said Ruggles,
rather weakly.; "T just happened to
think    of something    that���that  I've
beauty - tall   with  blue eyes and *\'^r lfaV'theTcn^c  tTthink about
great mane of red-gold hair. She and . bcforc,"
Bulbul are each twenty.    Thc next is
Alessandra, a Roumclian, who is
nineteen. And then there's Rosa, who
has Italian blood, but was born on
thc Island of Cyprus. She's only
seventeen. She was. to..have married
the son " of an old ..friend .of .Haniid
' Pasha,"- i
A polite and po'ishcd Greek lawyer,
with a name which suggested the undulations  when   one' shakes   thc   end
of a  rope,  called  upon- Rugglcs ,and
but hc was    killed    at   Lule  offered   him  "proof  positive  of  much
Rosa's.a mischievous little |that had seemed like the dream of -i
lify to the possibilities awaiting thc
farmer who specializes in growing
grains and field crops for seed or �� ho
combine this phase of farming with
his other activities.
Seed growing in the Brooks district is a comparatively new industry
as thc district has been but very
sparsely settled up until lhe past ycar.
But in spite of the youth of the industry and thc sparsely settled nature of the district the great variety
and excellent quality of the seeds
shown there havc been a great surprise to the judges as well as to thc
settlers   themselves.
The seeds exhibited were all grown
in thc district during the past ycar
and consisted of the following: ���
Grimm, Baltic ancl common alfalfa;
white and yellow sweet clover; red,
white "and alsikc clover; both spring
and winter vetch; field peas; four
varieties of garden peas; six of garden beans; flax; barley; oats; wheat;
potatoes;     northwestern     dent    and
white flint corn.
This is the first "time that such a
large number of varieties of local-
grown seeds have ever been brought
together at onc place in the Brooks-
Bassano district, and many of the
local growers, aftcr carefully examining thc quality of the large number
of varieties shown, declare that thc
future of the seed growing business
in this district is now assured.
Premier Martin Says Loan Companies Will Handle Business in
Organized Areas
Measures which will bc provided by
thc Saskatchewan legislature for furnishing seed grain in the districts
where there -were crop failures were
outlined by Premier Martin in the
Saskatchewan assembly during the
debate on the reply to the address
from the throne. The bill to be
brought down during the session,
Premier Martin informed the house,
would make provision to enable the
loan companies as far as possible to
handle seed grain relief in the organized municipalities, the loan companies having performed this service satisfactorily last ycar.
While Mr. Martin did not state
what provisions would bc madc in
thc bill for seed grain reiicf in the
unorganized areas, he informed thc
Canadian Press that similar measures
to those in force last year wou'd bej
proposed. In other words it is the
intention that the fcdcral jovernment
shall look aftcr thc requirements
where unpatented lands arc concerned
and in thc case of patented lands the
provincial government will furnish
the grain bul' the provincial machinery will bc utilized for administrative
purposes in both cases.
Wash Out Your Pores
With Cuticura Soap
And have a clear, sweet, healthy skin with
little trouble and trifling expense. Contrast this simple wholesome treatment
with tiresome massaging and other fads.
On retiring smear the face witli Cuticura
Ointment on the end of the finger, wash
off in five minutes with Cuticura Soap and
hot water, using plenty of soap, best applied wilh the hands which it softens
wonderfully', and continue bathing a few
Rinse with tepid water, dry gently and
dust on a lew grains of Cuticura Talcum
Powder, a delicate fascinating fragrance.
Soap, Ointment and Talcum sold every,
Canada A Mecca
thine:, pretty as she can be. Sh^ Ye-jhashheesh habitue. This lawyer's
minds-you of n Persian kitten.' They, card announcing him as the attorney
arc a'l four veiy dear-girls, though T (at'-Constantinople for a banking house
never "feel   quite; sure  about'"Roxana. j of which the name-was respected the
Elephants in the Indian Array
Elephants in the Indian army are
fed twice a day. .When meal time arrives they arc drawn up in a line before little heaps of food. Each animal's breakfast includes ten pounds
of,raw rice done up in five two-pound
packages. Thc rice is wrapped up in
leaves and then tied with grass." At
thc word of command each elephant
raises its' trunk, and a package is
thrown into ils capacious mouth.   By
(   It Works! Try It   I
I   '{
| Tells   how   to   loosen   a   sore,   f
1 tender corn  so It lifts           I
| out without pain.                j
? f
Good news spreads rapidlv and
druggists here are kept busy dispensing freezone, the ether discovery of a
Cincinnati man, whieh is said to 1 os-
en any corn so it lifts out with the
Ask at any pharmacv for a nuar'er
ounce of freefone, vvhirh wii1 <-ost
very little, but is said to be sufficient
to rid one's feet of every hard or soft
corn or callus.
You apply just-a few drops on the
tender, aching corn and insta-Mlv the
soreness is relieved, and soon the com
is so shrivelled lhat it.lifts out without pain. It is a s'irkv subsiance
which dries, when applied and n^vir
inflames or even irritates thc .adjoining tissue.
This discovery will prevent thousands of deaths annually from loci j-iw
and infection heretofore resulting
from the suicidal habit of cutting
Meat Supply From Arctic
She. "doesn't  say all   that  she. thinks, j world over Ruggles1 affixed.-, his- mod-1 ibis method'of feeding   not   a single
". like  the other-three.    Yo.u  must uti-|cst signature to a number of very in-
dcrstand.   Mr.   Rugglcs;  that none  of-tcrcsting.   documents',"    whicli. Pem-
; these.-girls"���the" color  flamed   again  broke,   who  had  brought  the  lawyer
*. in-Miss Elliot's face   to be as quickly,over in" bis "launch, assured.him' was
reflected'in that'of Ruggles'���"that is.
that'..they are���are���"
"I   guess'. I  understand,". "Ruggles
mumbled. .   -
the correct-thing for him lo do.- Pern
broke  and   thc. lawyer,  after - having
partaken-of' Turkish coffee and cakes, ,|
departed,-leaving"'with Ruggles a con-
"What I am trying to tell you," said isidcrable -treasure in gold notes for
.Miss Elliot,-"is that "these girls -have .'immediate. expenses and the assur-
aever suffered any of thedctrradations ance-that the bank's Paris corrcsppn-
of "harem, life. They have been care-1 dents-' would honor his drafts for
���fully brought up- and arc not. .vicious- .'whatever sum-he-might require. " .
minded; like lhc inmates of some-' of' ��� -This interview did not fatigue. Rug-:
"the harems where [have given le:
sons".* ��� -All four were destined- to become the- wives' of high "officials or
very rich .men, I imagine,-' as" thcy arc
ales'. On the contrary, it had a tonic
effect. He was possessed of a clear,
businesslike head for figures; and his
acumcnl -in  seizing    the details  prc-
very beautiful-and nothing has been''sented., to. him surprised- both Pem-
spared .on their education.-.But. T want broke arid the Greek lawyer. The
to warn" you of onc. thing-
grain of rice is wasted.
, Any-man who calls himself an idiot
wants others to question his veracity.
.-  ' Easily .nnd   Quickly-Cured "witl-"
Kor. bale  by-All  beaters '        b
.Douglas. Si Co., -1'iop'is.. -.   -    Kapanccv  Oat.
The Study of Plants
-such girls
arc very quickly .spoiled by too much
good nature or familiarity ori thc part
of those-in authority-over them.'They-
���   look -upon y,bu as their master���their
-owner, you might almost say..  Thcy'
��� ' know t'nat if. they.-are- good- and obi���.
dient,-yoii. .intend to make-good mat-
. ches for-them and give, them each a
handsome dowry,::but that-if,thcy ;are
naughty"  yotvhav.c the- right, to .send
'.thcm  off to' shift  for  themselves  as
best, thcy may.;.-  ' A Turkish  woman-
thinks-' as -much    of her',- "dot -as    a
Frenchwoman, and you may be sure
they'll behave,themselves' as Jong as
���thcy don't get'it into .their, heads that
..you  are  easy, and, good-natured .and
that they: can do-as thcy ,like."-;\  ;,
.-Ructrles'.s -gradual-inflation   during
-, this discourse" inijfht -be compared to.
""that-of a'pnbumat.ic tii'eninder the 're.-.
.; peatccl .strokes   of a  small .air-pump:
.Guardian,   trustee,-, master;  ovyner.'of
'fbur-,'lovcly girls who thought of- hiin
- with-fear, aiid awe-i���it was an outrag-
..' edus> but an'"'cxhilaratiiig'.idca;.   ";He-
" was conscious' of a 'gr;o\viifg-;-scnsc', pf
- aulhority,sof a dignity of mastery -arid |
firm '������ proprietorship.' - ."Many ��� men," -he
thought to himself, might Jook.upon
thc whole ' matter   -as'a stupendous
joke and acquit themselves of such.an
latter had brought a. = Iist of Hamid
Pasha's- holdings, which were widely
scattered -and. included sound securities in Russia, the Far. East; Europe,
the United-Kingdom,    and America.
Among thc American  investments in .  .
tlie United- SlJite's.-wcfc'.-stocks-" arid", plants- possess-striking-flowers -
bonds of different" railways,'certain, clearly defined parts,. and arc
industrials, and a considerable block ;su;tcd 7tb" a\ botanical "examination,
of. the preferred stock of .the' Walk-1 r,, - ,.',' ., .���--������'���- it' ' ',
easy.-Shoe Company. Ruggles's eyes IPlants 1,kc the -oatsj on- the. other
lightened as'he/looked, at. this item, j band, are seldpm studied eithcr.'.from
and affairs began ;to seem "more real' a botanical ;or biological, standpoinl:
to mm.  _ '      ���- .,-. -���    .- - I One of the-purposcs of tlie new pam
phlet, "A.'Giiidc in thc S'.udy and lin-
Some Value ble Information' Regard-
. ing the. Cultivation of Oats'.
In  schools'where botany or allied
subjects are studied it is usually the
custom -to   study  wild- plants. - Such
Government and Men With Intimate
Knowledge of the Far North
to Confer Soon
Conditions in the far north, measures for increasing by developments
there thc country's meat supply, and'
to establish aerial communication
with lhat part of the country will be
considered at a . conference between
the government and men who have
intimate knowledge of conditions iu
thc far north. Adding lo the conn-
try's meal siipp'y by increasing herds
of "musk ox, buffalo, reindeer and other animals will be considered.
From the performances now being
made by", airships, it is figured that
thc round trip-from Edmonton to
Dawson could be madc in 36 houis, i
and air -patrols - to Hudson Bay and:
thc Yukon "and Mackenzie valleys by
the,-. Mounted police greatly facili-J
lated. " ���_ ���    -
"I -know all' about that .stuff," said '
Ruggles.to the benignant Mr. .Kara-
popoulopoulous���^-or' sounds, to that "effect. "Thc company's all right, but
dam. poorly managed."--     ' ' '.._'-
. He looked at Pembroke and' grinned. ���,  Pembroke  roared,, and-Mr.   K:,
provement. oPP'.anls and Sccd.s" prepared by the Canadian Seed Growers-
Association, "and. obtainable, free upon
application,     to -   .the r   Publications
etc;, pushed-.' back'-  his''-shcil-rimmed'.Branch";':Departiiien't ; df-.'Agriciilturc,
spectacles and-looked at ihem inquir-i Otta.vva,"is to .en courage, a'greater in-
ingly.". from. under\ his ; white - bushy
brows". X.. He had always "understood
that this- security -was a very, sound
one. '- -V' ':. '; "��� -. .-' ������ ' --'-= '' y.x-"
-/rhc'consultalion.lcft Rugglcs . with
his. .self-confidence    marvelousiy"' rc-'
tcrest: iri ;..,this -important" plant. The
fact'that.different-. oat plants, taken
froni-a field may. differ-- very ,considerably iin practical.rvalue, and may
mark ...the  starting" point, of- new.and
stored.!    If the-Turks.wanted to grab.. -        .- .  - ,.._,-.���.���-
the palace, "let" tlicni.grab.it.".'"AVliat !.suHcr.!0r ..raccs as ..-strains,; provider
could he do1 with if,, anyhow? '.-;I't had j a" 'attractive; opportunity, to- engage
alw'ays'r.:bcIongcd,.t_o/'the' Turks,_ and   in  a.most interesting 'and promising
The Petroleum Belt
. The more the supply of coal becomes uncertain, thc more is airen-
tiori-drawn-to the world's^pctroi supT
ply.- A French journal rcnia'kcd recently.that, if the"'prognostications of
a. mining .."engineer in Kashmir ��vere
well,founded, the Old Woild's petroleum - belt extended from , western
Europe to the Malay Ai chipelago.
There is oil in Scotland; il has been
discovered rccenl'.y. in England; il is
also lb.be found in Alsace. The Rumanian wells arc among lhc most important in thc world; then, geographically, comes -the Russian supply, ihc
Caucasian,. Persian", and that of th'.'
Indus -valley. ' On the other side ol
India petroleum is met with in Assam
Bunhnh.'and Sumatra. If, then, oil is
actually.to be" .fo unci on thg southern
slopes-of. the Himalayas, thc geographical,, -continuity of lhe supply
will be found unbroken.
Our Western Country as the Centre
of Possibilities in Growth
of Population
An English manufacturer of cutlery, a Sheffield man, has bought property in Winnipeg, likewise a building, where he will shortly establish
liis business. It is his'intention to
make a move from England to Canada, bringing out his special machinery ancl his operatives.
This is __.au extremely significant
move, an event'of great importance,
not only to Winnipeg, but to the
whole Canadian West. It is evident
that this British manufacturer looks
upon our western country as the centre of possibilities in growth of population and business, the likeliest part
of the great Dominion in which to
establish a manufacturing  concern.
He must also havc come to the
conclusion that the .post-war conditions which have played havoc with
the manufacturing business, in old
England arc more favorable for capital in Western Canada than anywhere
else in thc..world. The outlook for
English factory owners, who once
held thc world's trade in the hollow
of their hands, because of low cost
of living arid consequent low wages in
thc old country, is now dreary in
the extreme.
In futuie it will bc necessary for
them to. compete on equal wage conditions with manufacturers in Canada
and thc United States, who havc their
raw material at their back door, so lo
speak, while thcy have lo haul il immense distances to England before
they can bi'gin the process of manufacture. During recent months the
mircrs in the United Kingdom "-have
succ��edccl in getting such advance in
wage* lhal the price of coal to maiui-
faclin ��.rs has been gieatly increased,
thus (tiding to thcir cost of pro'duc-
tion. And in addition to these scnous
handicaps, English manufacturers are
groanirg under a weight of taxation
to which thcir brothers in Canada are
comparative stiangers.
Wherefore this shrewd Shcflie'd
knifemaker is cutting the Gordian
knot and escaping from beneath an
insupportable load by transferring his
whole business, stock, Jock and barrel
to Winnipeg. If other manufacturers
in England do likewise, Canada will
soon bc the centre of population in
thc Biitish Empire. ��� The Calgary
Imperial Conference
Of War Veterans
Proposed That an Inter-Imperial
Organization Be Formed
Thc holding of an inter-imperial
conference of the veterans of the
great war on land, on sea and in the
air is being seiiougly mooted. Thc
suggestion some time- ago was
broached among the veterans of Canada. The Dominion executive of
that body of men is now in receipt
of a communication from the vetcjans
of South Afiica suggesting that such
a conference be held al the cailiesl
possible date at Capetown. Thc point
is claimed lo be thc most cciitral point
for the foregathering of the fighting
men of Canada, Austialia, Ncw Zealand, Newfoundland, Great Britain
and the other portions of the empire
which participated in the conflict.
It is proposed that representatives
of soldiers' and bailors' organizations
be"sent and that an intcr-impcrial organization be formed for thc furthering of good comradeship among the
men who fought for the common
cause, and for intcr-communicalion on
matters in which all arc concerned.
Should the organization be'formed
it would constitute one of the most
formidable /fraternal associations -in
thc world. The proposal is receiving
Old Folks' Coughs,
Catarrh,  Bronchitis
Qu'ckly  Cured
This Tells of a Method That
Cures Without Using"'
Elderly people take cold easily. Unlike young folks, thcy recover slowly.
That is _why so many people "past
middle lifc die of pneumonia.
Cough Syrups seldom do much
good because thcy upset digestion.
Any doctor knows that a much more
effective treatment is "CATARRHOZONE," which heals and soothes the
irritated surfaces of the throat.
Tn using Catarrhozone you do not
take medicine into the stomach���you
simply breathe into thc thro.il, nose
and lungs rich piney balsamic vapor,
so full of healing power that colds,-1
catarrh ancl bronchitis "disappear almost instantly.
The germ-killing balsamic vapor
] mixes wilh the breath, descends
through the throat, down lhe-bronchial lubes, and finally reaches the
deepest air cells in the limes. All
parts arc soothed with lich, pure
medicinal essences, whereas with a
syrup thc affected parts could not bc
reached and harm would result
through benumbing the stomach with
A Catanho��Cmc   inhaler    in    your
pocket or_ purse enables you   lo   stop
a cold with  the first sneeze,    Large
size costs $1.00 ancl supplies treatment
for two months; sma'l size, SOc; tiial
jsize, 25c;  all  storekcepcis-and drug-
! gists, or The Catarrhozone Co., King-
j sion, Canada.
You want him good and healthy.
YoTTwant him big and strong.
Then give him .a pure v;ool Jersey",
Made by his friend, Bob Long.
Let htm romp with all his vigor
He's the best boy In the land.
Arid he'll always be bright: an! _
,: smiling,    _ - _.::
If he v/ears a Bob Long Brand. -
������.;'"_;��� T-Bob Long.
Work for R.C.M.P.
Women Are Indignant
Strong Feeling in England Against
Immigration Rules
The- London Daily Express asscrls
lhat there is a strong feeling being
manifested among women immigrants
going into Canada against the revised
regulations for. stricter medical inspection and compulsory guardianship
by- Canadian government conductresses.
Col. J. Qbcd-Smilh stoutly defends
the regulations as being cnlirclv in
Jthe interests of both Canada and thc
limmigiants, and says the Imperial
government is fully' in accord _vvith
the Canadian government in the matter.
Amalgamated Dominion Police  May
Extend Scale of Activity
To  East *
The     amalgamation of the  Royal
North-Wcsl Mounted Pplicc and'the
Dominion    police    force    under   the
namc of the Royal Canadian Mounted _
Police,   which  was  authorized  by  an
act passed at thc last' session of par-"
liament, will bc completed by a proclamation  by the  governor-general  in-
cotincil.       Wilh  thc  passage  of  thc -���
order-in-council, executive control of
the   police   force   will  be  centralized
at Ottawa.
Thc Royal Noi th-West Mounted
Police have been gradually growing
in strength. Enlistment for overseas
military service reduced the numbcis
of the force, which in May last stood
"al^about 500. The strength has now
xiiscn again lo 1,800.--This autumn, a
new post was crpened at Barnard hai-
bor, on Coronation Gulf, in a tract of
territory rich in copper and oil resources.
Thc governinc.nl is said to have
been urged to extend the jurisdiction
of thc Royal Canadian Mounted Police into Eastern Canada.
There is a suggestion that it may
assign a portion.of thc force to Noi-
thern Ontario.-' In Western " Canada -
thc mounted police have long been
used as preventive officers lo suppress
smuggling in violation of thc Customs
Tariff Act. They may"now, it is said,
be appointed preventive officers under
tlic provisions of lhe Inland Revenue
Act to put a stop to thc operation of
illicit liquor stills, which are slated
to have become very numerous in the
Dominion.  r
Ofificials at the hqad of the North- -
West Mounted Police have been considering the feasibility of utilizing aircraft as an aid in patrolling thc orcat
northern hinterland of thc Dominion.
It has been suggcstecT'that at the outset a- lighter-than-air machine should
be employed; that routes- should be '
mapped out ancl stations established,
and that then the airplanes might ba
brought in thc service.
Farmers Market Poultry
During thc past few weeks 50,000
lbs. of live poultry havc been handled
by thc Moose Jaw Livestock Feeding
Co. a concern organized from ranchers and business men for the purpose,
of^linishing poorly fed stock coming
lo market. A car has been built by
thc company especially for the shipping of poultry from outside points.
This is properly heated and give?
evcry protectiou to poultry in transit.
The Wallace Shipyards! Noi Hi Vancouver have been awarded coiilr.itts
by thc Dominion government for the
construction of two sli J s'cauu'is of
8,3^0 deadweight    ton*'. -
office, with..   saiXmi worthy,   flippancy.-: God.'knows   thcy'-Iihd; been ^stripped   |jn-'   j investigation. "^Sucha studv in
The-look-which-he. turned upon-Miss .enough, poor, tcd'ows,    'Let it  go,to'  '-     ,   .   ,-  "'.= ���-���    -. -   ���      ,    ���,,'���,"  >
. Elliot was almost austere,
"Vou   needn't   be  afraitl,--"''sakl  he,-
compressing.his lips;   '.'I'll let 'cm. un-
. derstanci that there ain't any' nonsense
j about mc."-'        -   -'"".'  ���,..'.'���
'Miss'Elliot bit her lip,,.repres"singa
- strong .clesife to"'laugh.' She -read
Ruggles. as*though-, the. workings .of
his honest mind had. been.'thrown upon a. screen by a; cinematograph.
- '���That's what T cbiin't upon," she
managed to reply.., "Now,.in regard
to-our'-plans, don't you think it might
' be a good, idea for yoii .to go to Paris,
as soon as you're^ able .to travel, arid
look';up' a   house,? '/Some -big  place
With' a^garden  and .surrounded, by a
the-' tomb with ."Hamid Pasha and-his
wearied-country.-.- y '-  -   ''-.
'.   '   ,-"  . (To> Be?Continued.)
', .Relic of Bygone Days' '.-:'"'.
��� Bones.of-an:.ancient'"-bu_Ta!6'r /tliat
died between 1,000 and 2,000 years ago
were dug-up. yesterday by'II.'Smith;
in charge, of.excavations -at. the"foot
of Water- street: . Prof..- C: H. .O'D.on-
rural schools, "moreover, should help
to'.arouse .a new ..interest iii farming
and:.in farm life'.by demoustrating,-
among other things, ��lha_t mcirc- profitable' varieties "are .often ��� obtainable
right at c'ur'doofs. ",;".  .   "   ; ,...-'      /
-."-..Selects LS'fc.e"-For Cannery  /
:'..-D,,.AV. Huntley; -of .the" .MacKeiizic
Fisheries ��� Ltd.,. whose;.head-office  is
oghuc,- of the-zoological: department, ;-;n Calgarv, has arrived at "Fort 'Mc-.
University, of.. Manitoba, .was .called .m ^^^ froni a .trip into.'thc- north:
to pronounce oil.thc find... Hc.saidjic ;Mr__ -Hl,nilcy- looked over the fishing
did'not, oLcoursc, consider the bones | rrourldS-af the" confluence of. the- Alb-
can follow with the -girls and--.Srirah-.j.^/trunks,- were just above them,|.for a fis,ie- and canne^. :r��� -fa
their om servant, and a'ma:d,-->^a ..Pro^O Donoughu^;concluded.;, that', n6rtll e���d of Black/Bay;^Everything
 .._== = ^Ji^r j"tsic;Ked-had eitner-cnangea ^^^^0^^^.^��� enterprise
���', JLmir:.^: ��� %^'SSf:
A WfcoJesenie, Cietsslsg,
Betresbieg snd Healing
tolien���Murine fof Redness, Soreness, Granuia-
of. the Eyes cr'Eyelids;
or had becir':a;'wider river iii  those
fir-a-.yay days.^���Win-fiipcg Free Press.
Multi-Million aire Proves Charitable:
Henry CLay\-Frick,'multi-millionaire'
, T2 Dross" After iAe Movj^J^otics or God  iron ..master and. collector of a��=t Wt
rill win to-.it confidence.. A* Yonr Drassi* j   ,.  ;���    u;'-,^^^     ,.-"''      'V ���-   7"
iot Miirine when y.inr Eyes K��ed Care.     K-B ; an  but..-$2:^000,000 oi liis vast - estate
SScxitieEyi Kei��e4>. Co., C&icaxe
lis. ^&y��:XixxxzxxMXiWi&xyy:xXZ
is of-the most" favorable character, hc
statcs;-excepting only'the short- fish-J
ing".'-'season and the' transportation
problem.-.. He advocates a small plant
of six, tons a- day capacity,, to bc iii*
creased and enlarged as,fast as transportation can'be furnished.  -'-.;.-'.,.
.|-;q-!iic��est^:ffVgyZy,.XXXyiXXXXy 5
Trade With North Country -
During~~lirc~]past week 57 carloads
of grain, 33 of hay, 29 of timber, 2\
of cattle, and 6 of coal have been
brought into Edmonton from Grande
Prairie and vicinity. On the other
hand, 58 carloads of cattle and 14 ol
horses wcrc sent into the district a>
well as 9 cars of settlers' effects and
69 of merchandise.
lt required more than a century for
a cedar to grow large enough lo
yield a thirty-foot lelephorc pole.
Do not su/fti
another day iviiti
Itobi��i(?. Bleed,
insr. or 1'rotrud.
Jiijf IMios. Na
���mii'ijical opor.
ation required.
Or. Chase's Ointment wlSl relievo you at onca
mid as certainly euro you. (Bo. a box: nl)
(letters, or Kdnniiiflon, Bated & Co., Iiimit(i>1(
Toronto. Sample box free if you niontion HilJ
isapor at"4 ��nc!o��>a 'lo, stamp to pay poatago.
Jl rt">wl.."J>.v.
THE    IiED(iE     <1RRE\T worm      u     n.
Will Not Let Prizes
For Butter go West
Hudson Bay Land
For the Soldiers
Dominion Governments Is Ready to
Turn Over 100,000
Over 100,000 acres of Hudson Unreserve land lying in thc three praiiie
provinces which have come into the
hands of the Dominion government
arc being turned over -to the soldier
settlement board" for settlement by
returned, soldiers.
The>,c lands wcrc inspected during
the past summer. All of Ihenr arc
of good value for farming purposes,
and a considerable area is of specially good value.
In addition to lhc Hudson Bay
lands, the East View lanch, near
Carbon, Alia., comprising about 1S,-
000 acres of liigli ckiss agricultural
land, has been secured by the government and will bc disposed of to
soldiers through the soldier settlement board.
All these lands havc been classified
and will bc disposed of early next
spring. They will bc divided for the
purpose of . disposition into two
classes: (1) Specially "valuable lands
whicli will be - sold at reasonable
prices   under   settlement   conditions.
The True Democracy
If  There  Is  Democracy  Anywhere,
It Is In These British Dominions and the Motherland
J'he Prince of Wales is shrewd bc-
Declafes    Western   Creameries
Making Special Butter For
Ontaiio    crcamciy   men    alliibute
i their falling behind lhc western men
in the quality of butter as being due
to  exhibiting an  honest  average,  in-
j stead of exploiting a special churning.
A   lively   argument   ensued   Between
Mr. McLean, of Bowes, Limited, and
William Newman, of Lornevillc, at a
meeting of the On taritr Creamery Association held in Toronto.
Mr.   McLean  pleaded  for  the   test
Will Foster Interest
In Good Citizenship
Premier   Stewart   to   Inaugurate    A
Scheme That Will Involve
A Province-Wide
In the interests of good citizenship throughout Alberta, Premier
Stewait is_ about lo inaugurate a
scheme that will involve a province-
wide campaign of lectures by men
who know how. Thc premier will
go to Calgary and Lethbridge shortly
to lay his plans before the Canadian
Clubs in those cities, it being his intention  to  do  the foundation     work
of thc average, so that llie exact anal- t        i      ., ,
b      >, u.c exact qn.ii^ ]argciy    through    that    organization.
ity of Ontario butler would bc known
Mr. Newman would beat the westerners at their own game ancl play up
for exhibitions and not let lhc prizes
yond  his ycars. He told a group ofjsowcst, ancMn   that way  stimulate
Washington newspaper men that he
-\sas sure he"was not going to be disappointed in the United Slates.
"Yotii institutions, your ways of lifc,
your aims, arc as democratic as
ours," he said to them. . To .hold
one's friends to bc as good as one's
self is sufficient, as a rule. But in
this case the Prince was saying in
his guileless way that the one thing
strides  toward better butter making.
Faint and Dizzy Spells.
Weakness and
Shortness of Breath.
The Canadian Club at Edmonton has
already taken tbe matter,up and had,
iii fact, given some attention to it
locally, before the larger scheme was
outlined by the premier.
'Mr.'Stewart believes that scries of
lectures of this kind throughout the
province will bc extremely timely,
and will do much to offset the evil
of -ignorance and uii-Canadian propaganda now- more or less evident. He
is expecting lli-at lhe suggestion will
be taken up actively by the Canadian
clubs, and thus, give an effective introduction to the public.
The great "key
food"that makes
other foods more
Power of
Bovril taken
Canadian Flagpole
In England
Ifhdfpendeni er-ltntifio   experiments   haQe
con lasio.lv pr ved thntt �� Bo ,\-buiUini
Potter of Boeril i, from 10 lo 20 f.nci
the anoun. af Bottril taken.
B.C. Shipbuilder   Presented Flagpole
To Glasgow Hospital
Vancouver has a direct interest now
iu thc Red Cross Ralston Hospital in
Glasgow, Scotland���a new and addi-
! tional interest it should be said, crcat-
' cd in a manner gratifying to all Biitish   Columbians   who   take   piidp   in
their great forests and lhcir matchless
I Some time ago a leading shipbuilder
of Vancouver presented a flagpole to
that' Glasgow hospital���a single spar
115 feet in length, straight as an arrow ancl beautifully foimcd. It was
landed at-'Portsmouth,'England, and
thence forwarded to Glasgow. It
was al once creeled and from its top
now Acs the Scottish fiag, the silver
saltirc of St. Andrew, but the hospital
authorities have given the donor of
the flagpole the assurance that the
Canadian ensign will fly from thc pole
ou Canadian holidays.
You' can generally tell when the
heart i<= affected by lhe faint and dizzy spells, the shortness of breath, >ial,-
tipon which these republicans prided piution, throbbinor. irregular beaMmr,
themselves above the monarchists of smothering sensations, weak, siiil.ing.
Biitain was just as good as was thai a��-Rone feeling, choking sensation,
of thc Britisii people, namely, their C%.dny mm ;md %;omc��� bccomc
democracy. Here wcrc folk who bc-l,���miown anci worn olll w]lon oti,P1..
licved in thcir hearts that their dc- wise thcy could be strong and heal'hv
mocracy    was   the     one   simon-pure >>" thcy would only pay some attention
democracy of  thc earthy   "It  is just,10.lhe first *����" ��(. hf.wi weakness
, ���      . ,    ,      ,-, .        I    No   -emedy   will   do  so   much   to
as good as ours, said the Prmcc. i]nakc- tI,-0 la-art, regain strength and
Their institutions were as free as vigor, regulate its" beat ancl icstore
were  those  of th
scnted. Their cotuia, ��� -, -���       Mrs_  Q  A<  s_  Drak     par;   , Q
practices, all wcrc as replete with tl��c\v,iics:���."l.Iiavc 11SC(] 0I1 towards the
tenets of democracy as were the Bn- second  box'of  Milbuin's   Heart  and
lish courts," laws and practices. _Thc Nerve Pills and find tlicy  have done
(2) Less valuable lands, but still suit-1 Prince did not say lhat British laws "ic good.;. Uiad those fainting; dizzy
'.,,,, , . .      ,   u   spc Is, oucc in a while, and also weak-....
provided the same degree of freedom (���ess and shortncss   o(   brcalh;    and | uscnpls  in  existence
s were as tree as vifjor, regulate ns Deat anci icsioie
lie empire he i-cprc- it -to a healthy and' noimal condition
iris, their laws. lhcir;as.-),i1bu���'s Heart and Nerve Pills.
New .Theosophical Society
A charter for a new thcosophical
society in Canada has been received
from Mrs. Annie Bcsant, the gencial
picsident, now -in London. It is
| granted to the seven senior lodges,
Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, Nanaimo, Oiphcus (Vancouver),
and Hamilton. It is expected that
thc headquarters will bc in Toronto.
Silk Suits For Men
"Nucloth" is thc name
fabric just produced by a Pudscy
(England) manufacturer from thc
short ends of silk after the combers
Miave extracted the'long lengths. It
is intended to meet the present demand for economical clothing. It is
claimed for this cloth that it is 1111-
tcarablc, equal in appearance and
wear to worsted, yet can be sold at
the price of shoddy. It is estimated
that a boy's suit can be made for
58.75 and a man's suit for $15.75.
able for agriculture which will bc
disposed of to soldiers under soldier
grant. -
No prior-rights.-including those of
-squatters, will be recognized in connection with these lands. _    .
Thc system of bal'otiug, which
worked out satisfactorily in thc case
of certain Indian lands and the Porcupine reserve _this year, will be
adopted. The date of thc ballot will
be announced later.
The Vatican Library.
The    Vatican  libiary    is  the most
sumptuously   housed  of  all   libraries,
Jand contains some of the rarest maii-
Fhc printed
as did the laws of thc United Slates, .'would become so choked up at limes i books include over 2,500 volumes is-
Hc put it the other way. What the) I could hardly sleep without sitting |Sucd in the fifteenth century, many of
Americans regarded as peculiar to ��P" in bed. When walking too fast | lh vcIlui��� copics T])C library is
themselves thc Prince praised as bc-1
ing the equal of his own.
Reserve Land Settled
By Returned Soldiers
Balloting /or Farms on Former In?
dian Property Takes Place
at Edmonton
It is announced by ihe Soldier Settlement Board of Canada that balloting took place at Edmonton recently
- for the 33 parcels of land in thc Bobtail Indian Reserve near Ponoka, Alberta. This reserve " was purchased
from thc Indians by the government
and turned over to the board for
soldier settlement. There were 91 ap--|
plicants. Twenty-five parcels were
sold at prices ranging from $8 to $20
per acre. This was considerably below values of adjacent properties.
The fust ticket fell to J. W. Kerr,
and hc secured his parcel at $1S pei
Thc whole reserve comprises 6619
acres of good agricultural land. Thc
system of drawing was the same as
used at thc opening of the Porcupine
"reserve, thc ballots being placed in a
churn and an outsider making thc
Besides, the Prince is right. If
there is democracy anywhere, it is in
these British dominions and in the
motherland. Who rule, if it is not
the,people of the country where men
and women, whatever their station,
may express any opinion at the polls
ancl compel respect for that opinion?
I would have to slop and try to catch
|my breath.    I feel a lot better since
11 have used your pills and'kiibiv that
thcy havc helped me wonderfully as
11   ha"c.improved very much."
|    Price  50c. a box  at all  dtaVrs  or
J?,a,lc,4 ^ir.cct on  receipt ot   pi ire by
The T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toi onto, Ont.
said  to contain over 220,000 volumes
and 30,000 mamisciipts.
Wireless Phone Recommended   '
Establishment    of a wireless  lelc-
Who rule, if ii is not the people who' phone system throughout  the scttle-
namc   tlicir   own   rulers?    True,   we|lneiUs   ;n   northern   Manitoba   at   an
Of two evils 'vc are advised to
choose the lesser. Why not reject
them both.
Some engagements    end     hapyily,
but the majority end in marriage.
The Real Liver Pill.-���A torpid liver
means  a  disordered     svslcm,  mental
Have a monarch, .but not thc tyrant; j estimated cost of from ?25,000 to $30 - ^P���881.���. lassitude and in   the end,
wc have the King, but not Jho auto-i 000,  will  be  recommended  by   Pro . 'of Slftv %!;   ^r*^?��� i^tC
'���rat.     Thc  throne   of   Great   Biitain  i?   r  wi n ���   ��� r       X     ,     fle"",ty---1 \Y' very best mechnne
���    ,,,��� .  .      ,    " ,       Binain  r,_c. Wallace, commissioner for that lo n<-0usc lhc livoi  to healthv anion
s tie great bond of empire holding territory,  Hon.   Edward Brown     an- is Tannelee's  Vegetable Pill?   The-
together in onc common purpose the  nounccs.   Prof. Wallace has been   at "? comP����n<led   of purely vegetable
'    ' .    substances   of   careful   selection,   and
no other pills hav- their fine qualities. -Thcy do not gripe or pain, and
they are agreeable to thc most sensitive stomach.
Nothing liiins a woman'-, complexion quicker than marrying a man to
reform liim.
When a man falls in love    th<;
is apt to break his pocket book.
Look at tongue!  Remove poisons from,.little- stomach,
liver and bowels
It doesn't bother a lawyer when
he sees breakers ahead���if Ihey are
law breakers.
Protect thc child from thc ravages
of worms by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It is a standard remedy, and years of use have
enhanced its  reputation.
Manitoba Honey
R. Mucklc obtained- 7,050 lbs. of
honey fiom 77 hives on his farm al
Clandcboyc, Man., this season. The
supply was sold at thirty cents per
lb., making a total return of $2,115.
Hc has great faith in thc future of
honey production in thc province and
has increased the number of his hives
to 116. Hives purchased in thc spring
for ��12 produced $75 worth of honey.
Accept "California"  Syrup of .Fig4
only���look for the name California or
thc package, then you aic sure your
child  is  having     thc  best  and   most
harmless  laxative  or  physic for the
  j littic    stomach,    liver    and    bowels.
-P.      n       ,.       ,-,���     ,   ���       ,   j        Children love ils delicious fiuilv faste.
rne_ Canadian _ Wheat   Board   has,. Fu]]  dircclIons     for  chil<rs  d"os<!  on
miditiest group of nations that    the|work for somc timc on thJs ..
woild has seen, each of them yel cap7|lionj and wi|, probaWy ^/^ ^
nil moving forward to the goal of an  Mm,Mndation�� �� ^ ���� ''*�������
advanced civilization. But the point
of thc Piincc's exceedingly happy remark is that it will cause the people
of the Uniled Statcs to inquire if,
after all, they have a "corner" on democracy. It will increase" their rc-
��pccl for thc British syslcni of gov-
fi-umcnt, and, indirectly, for the Bri-
flish people.���London  Free Press.
Attractive Winter Tours
Teacher: Johnny, what is a cube?
Johnny: A cube is_ a solid, sun minded by six equal squares."
Teacher: Right!'Willie, what is-a
Willie: A cone? Why���a cone is���
er���a funnel stuffed with ice-cream.
There is no more effective vermifuge on the market than Miller's
Worm Powdcis. They will not only
clear*the stomach and bowels of
worms, but will prove a very serviceable  medicine   for  childicn   in   rcfiu-
During   lhc   summer   months   it   ... ,   .        ,     .   .     ., ,
impossible for many Western Cana-'^".K ihe. infantile system and niain-
dians to lake a vacation. However, !��,intn*. u m a _ healthy condition,
with thc advent of 'winter, and liar-1 {here is nothing in their composition
%cst over, manv arc planning a trip 'that,wl11, inJ"��� tbe most delicate slo-
for  a  few  weeks,     or  possiblv     to  niach   when   directions  are   ro lowed, j the pools, painters ond authors,
Women who' wear tight shoes have
narrow soles.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
When   suspicion   enters   the
love goes  out of  the window.
spend thc winter in a warmer clime.  a"d rt],,7 ca" bc ��iv,cn,{o, children i���
| Some will  go   East  to  visit  the  old.t,,c fuI1 assurance that they will ut-
Deciine of Individuality
Great   Thinkers ancl   Inventors Possess Individuality and Brerk the
Bonds of Conventionality
One of thc weaknesses of modern
civilization, with its mass formation,
its classes and organization, its aggregations of humanity, is that individuality is disappearing.
The  great   thinkers,  and  inventors,
until further notice, set a maximum
piice on bran and shorts of $45 and
$52 pcr ton, respectively. Another
order provides that the standard of
flour to be manufactured in thc Dominion shall be that set by the Board.
No man can have too much good
breeding and no woman can have too
much affection.
each bottle.    Give it without fear
Mother' You must say -'California."
Animal Humbugs
Get up with the lark, bin don't disturb others with your larking.
When you get up late
A rapid brushing up of
the soap, a few turns on
the strop while the
lather is getting ia its
work; followed by a
once-over with- your
AutoStrop Razor and
the job's done. Three
minutes altogether by your
%vatch. You can't beat that 1
And you bave a cool slick
shave into the bargain.
To dean, yon simply put tlie
blade undci- the tape wipe it
off, then it's ready for the-
next shaye. No precious
minutes lost fumbling Uitk --
parts. That means more
time for breakfast, - and a
smile for the day's -work.
Razor ��� Strop ��� 12 blades ��� $5
in a neat, compact' case.
Aat=5ttC)E>.Bua<��as��� Toronto, Canada
folks and spend Christmas at home
othci s may desire lo visit fhePiici-
fic -Coast,-where -otitdoor^sporls ran
be enjoyed thc ycar round, am;d loiy
lying hills, silver and blue sea, and
lofty snow crowned mountains,
where flowers and^stmibs^rare elsewhere in America, thrive. This trip
can easily be extended to California,
and a choice of a sea voyage, or train
journey via the wondrous Shasta
J?outc, is offered. This, combined
with the SOO miles of scenic beauty
through thc Canadian Rockies, is unequalled  anywhere  in   the  world.
At San Francisco and Los Angeles
Canadian Pacific Offices arc maintained where visitors will be made
welcome, and given assistance in securing rooms, cottages or hotel accommodation.
Thc Canadian Paciffic Railway
maintain an unequalled service to
Eastern and Pacific Coast points, operating two so.id through trains each
way daily.
Florida also al tracts a great many
Canadians each winter, with its hundreds of ideal winter resorts. The
abundant and delightful outdoor life
of (he Southern winter is the chief
charm, and no attractive feature has
been overlooked. Golf may be played upon dozens of the finest courses!
in thc country, riding, driving, yachting, boating and bathing arc somc
sports available almost everywhere.
Call or write today to any Agent
of the Canadian Pacific and hc will
be pleased to give you full information,  and plan your trip. _^
terly destroy all worms.
_ Lots of~schchfcs_for_ic"dticing"ih"e
cost of living, but pork remains so
high, that only thc umbrella mender
is likely to have the spare ribs.���Boston Transcript.
A ball dress is cut low, but the bill
for it comes high.
The matches that arc the result of
love must be thc product of trust.
engineers and master mechanics who
create aad build arc not constrained
or by
. m?i! at 25 cents a box from Thc Dr.
If there is one weakness in    labor 'Williams'  Medicine  Co.,     Brockviile,
unions,' it lies    in  their tendency to Out.
make  all   of   thcir  members   of
Animals Are Conscious of Deceit and
Show a Sense of Guilt if    ���
In military stables horses "are
known to havc pretended to bc lame
in order to avoid going lo a military
*'xercisc. A chimpanzee had been fed
on cake when sick. After his recovery hc often feigned coughing in order to procure dainties.
Thc cuckoo, as is well known, lays
Mrs. Alfred Naud, Nat?gap River,!'1* c��gs i" another bird's nest, and,
Que., wiites: "'I do not think theie j to make the deception surer, it lakes
is any other ^ medicine to equal away one of the other bird's eggs.
Baby's Own.-Tablets for little ones. T Animals arc conscious of their deceit,
have  used   thcm   for  mv  babv     ancl i       .      , , , , ,
would use nothing else.'*' What Mrs. j =s ls shown by the fact that they
Naud says thousands of other moth-Uhow a sense of guilt if detected; they
ers say. They luuc found by trial | take precautions in advance to avoid
lhal the. Tablets always do just wliat i discovery; in some cases they manifest regret ap repentance, an exchange saysr~riurs,"bee's which steal
tate often before and aftcr their
ploits; as if they feared punishment.
is claimed for thcm. The Tablet* are
by custom, by types or" orKaniz-.tions ^jll^, t��,Vf \ l*xai���  whifh
or umons.    Ihey possess individual- stomach and thtis banish indige".io,U hesi^a
ity and break thc bonds of conven- constipation, colic,  colds, etc.    They!     Y-
lionalily r^re told  by medicine  dealers "    'cxpl0!
-   Big Lumber Output
Lumber  shipments   from  the  Brit-
SKd^X .io.: ^X^xxiatxixi Tlin w,nnipc<r !t rxmhh c<- *���*���������������
ralLcr lta��� lhcirCn    U    -Z    b���^t ����.��,?"     ,' s��vc���m��''��f   ����?**  �����.��^   to   30000000
���New York Herald.
! pi ice per bushel vvas $4.46.
lbs. of paper were exported.
Indians Ready For Winter
The mfoniiaiion icaching thc department of Indian Affairs, from all
parts of Canada, in legaid to the outlook for thc winter is decidedly encouraging, according to Duncan Scott
deputy ^.Ujpcrinlendcnt general. Mr.
Scott stated that theie had been no
reports of influenza thus far and the,
Indians in all parts of the Dominion
appeared to bc well prepared for the
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Garget  in
Albert Oil
More than   100,000    acres    of    oil
'cases in Alberta have been filed on
ithin the past few weeks, ancl onc
roup of financiers alone has e>,pend-
d $62,000 in filings.   A big group oE
eases has been executed in the Czar
'istrict,- about 150 mile's cast of Calvary, where   the  Imperial  Oil  Company is  drilling;
Broke Altitude Record ���
Major Huston, of thc British aimy,
} attached to thc Chilean army as an
aviation instructor, broke the altitude
record for South Amciica. He ascended 21,400 feet in 85 minutes with aa
experimental scout biplane of 220
You'll find Sloan's Liniment
1    , softens   the   severe
rheumatic ache
Put it on freely. Don't rub il in.
Just let it penetrate naturally. What
a sense of soothing relief soon follows 1
External aches, stiffness, soreness,
cramped muscles, strained si.icws,
bnck^'cricks" ��� those ailments can't
fight off the relieving qualities of
Sloan's Liniment. Clean, convenient,
economical. 35c, 70c, $1.40. Made in
A Not Unusual Case
"'Here's a Southern poet singing
that while his body is in Texas, his
soul is in Tennessee."
"Well, he's not thc first poet ^\ho
has had trouble in keeping body and
soul together."
It is usually   thc   blunt man-  *h��
says the sharpest^ things.
The Most Efficient
Lord Lcvcrhulme says that if men
are going to main tain the idea lhati
they should be paid more than wo-f
men the men must do better work.
_On the other hand if Women arc to
retain the status they gained during
the war thcy must expect to compete
with men now that the war emergency is over.
Lord Lcvcrhulme, who was made a
baron in 1.917,. is a very large employer of labor, at his soap colony in
England, Port Sunlight. In choosing his title he compounded a name,
using his own, Lever, and his wife's,
Hulme. }
'OU are sure to be right if you give him a Gillette Safety Razor.   Let him know what
comfortable shaving really is.   With the 24 factory-sharpened edges that go with
every Gillette set you realize the importance of NO STROPPiNG-NO HONING-
these is no need for either.
It is a happy day that any man gets acquainted with Gillette shaving, and you do a
friend a right good turn when you select for his Christmas present one of the handsome
Gillette Safety Razor sets. Sold By the best dealers everywhere at $5.00 the set
Is $2 a year strictly in advance, or $2.50
when not paid for three months. If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3.
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices....... $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     9.00
Betray Notices 3,00
Cards of Thanks    1,00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir�� notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All "other Iegal'advertising, i2>cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each   subsequent    insertion,    nonpariel
Business locals la^c. a line each insertion.
Tfie blue crow means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Always count   the   cards in a
new deck.
Better auto   roads will   bring
;  ore tourists to B, C.
Tne miser seldom  pats au ad in
the local newspapers.
Falling in love can be avoided
by a laek of propinquity.
In zero weather never run out
of wood, and be sure that yoar
chimney is clean.
The high price of silver should
cause many mines near Greenwood
to resume operations.
Do a kind act to some poor soul
at Christmas, and you will get
your reward in heaven.
What has become of the old-
fashioned woman who always used
goose grease for a sore throat?
The Prince of Wales attended a
prize fight in London this month.
He did not see anything like that
in Canada.     ��� ,
The whiskey sold in Mexico is
hot enough to burn a. hole'in a
glacier. At least that is what we
have been told by the victims..
There are more thieves in California than any Btate in the 'west.
They steal everything ������ from a
chicken/coup to a railway loco;
motive. :
-- It is a safe bet that the United
States will not. make war upon
Mexico, although from reading the
yellow papers you would, think
that it would, break out the next
day,  '    \ ;-.-.-��� ;'���..-,   .
:_ It; is 28 years _agp this month
since New Denver was founded.
It was first called Eldorado City,
and at one time, it was predicted
that it would have a population of
20,000.    -'" -'       '-'-'"'^'- ���;���;"..',
Thebk is a shortage of ;oopper.
,'iWts in--itb"e United States,.and it
voposed  to   issue?.two and;three
;.(-nt coins;.. The silver do^ar may
��o be replaced by.paper,. money.
..-j is alBO quite likely . that paper
. vUl be used in place, of Biiver ;for.
25 anil 50.cent coins. '     ;-"'
The.price of legal; aud.govern-
. meat   advertising'. in - the   B.   C.
, newspapers is bo more than;it was
before the;, war;   Within  the past
five, years wages and; everything
used in-the printing and publish-
. ing business has increased from 60
to   500 .per :cent.    Little, wonder
that some editors cannot  butter
their, bread on both 3ides.
Fo* the Land's Sake
.--. Two Tommies went intoa restaurant over oh the Eastern front and
said to the waiter, "We wau't
Turkey with Greece.", ,..      ;.
The waiter replied, ''Sorry, airs,
bofc we can't Servia." ���';;
"Well, then, get the Boephprns."
The   bos3  came  in and heard
their order and then _?afd> "T don't
want  to   Kussia,   bnt/you  can't
Romania." iyiiX'--     -,--i-X
So the two Tommies; went arnty
Hungary. '-XZyXxxX-y
Creed for the Discouraged
I believe that God created me to
be happy, to enjoy fehe blessings of
life, to be useful to my fellow-beings, and an honor to my country.
I believe thafe the trials which
beset me today are bufe the fiery
tests by which my character,, is
strengthened, ennobled and made
worthy to enjoy the higher things
of life, which I believe are in store
fore me.
I believe that my soul is" too
grand to be crushed by defeat; I
will rise above ife.
I believe that I am fehe archi tect
of my own fate; therefore,
I will be master of circumstances
and surroundings, nob their slave.
I will not yield to discouragements, I will trample them under
foot and make feliem serve as stepping stones to success. I will conquer my obstacles and turn them
into opportunities.
My failures of today will help
feo guide me on to victory on the
The morrow will biiug new
strength, new hopes, new opportunities and new beginnings. I
will be ready to meet ife with a
brave heart, a calm mind and an
undaunted spirit.
In all things I will do my best,
and leave the rest to  the Infinite.
I will not waste my mental
energies by useless worry. I will
learn to dominate my restless
thoughts and look on the bright
side of things.
I will face the world bravely, I
will not be a coward. I will assert
my God-given birthright and be a
man. For I am Immortal, and
nothing can overcome me.���Virginia Opal Myers.
Notice is herebv given that an application
"will be made to tlie Legislative Assembly of
the Province of Britisii Columbia at the next
session on behalf of the Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia, for a
Private Bill to incorporate the said Association, the said Bill to be known as THE BRITISH COLUMBIA ENGINEERING PROFESSION ACT for the purpose of governing
and regulating the pracice of Civil, Mining,
Metalurgical, 'Mechanical, Electrical and
Chemical Engineering in the Province of British Columbia, and tbe qualification, examination and registration ot intending practitioners, the discipline of ils members aud for the
acquiring of real and personal property and
the disposal of the same and for the general
management of the Association.
DATED at' thc City of Vancouver, B.C.,
this 5th day of December, A. D. 1919.
"of the firm of Pattullo & Tobin,
-,   -���- ���- .-Solicitors  for the Applicants.
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview: and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
- TAKE NOTICE that I; Charles G raser,
of.Bbundary Falls in said District, occupation,
Rancher, intend to aoply.. for .permission . to
purchase the following described lands: - .' .."
��� Commencing at "a post planted at the
South-East corner,of Lot 1028; thence North 20
chains; thence East 20 chains; thence South 20
chains"; and-thence West 20 chains, and containing 40 acres more or less, the same to be
utilized for grazing purposes.
Dated at-Boundarv Falls,   B.C., ' November
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar.Poles, and Fence Posts, 'Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. -List your lands
with tne,r Have a buyer for^ good ranch
���fr 4* 4* rfr 4\4"& ���*��� 4�� ��8�� * * ��{���
��� ���������'���.���+���
, ���'���������'.'���'���*.
���>: +
-'^���;V. -:.':.��� ���;":���:���> -'���;.*���
: - ������ :Xx ' x':'X'���-x: -:.;.*���
C LOAT is not aperiodic-. j
-.; ; al/.. It is a.. book con- ;J*.
taining 86 illustrations'"' all ��� "F
told, and is filled, with '��J��
sketchesX. and; stories of; "*J��
western life. It'tells how
e! gambler, cashed in after
the flush, days of; Sandon :
how.it rained in-New Denver long after^. Noah was
dead;, hqw aparson '.took. a.; ����:
;drink, at Bear . Lake./.in
.early/days; how justice
; was. dealt in Kaslo in 93;.
how the saloon : man. out-
prayed the women in.Kala-.
mazodj and graphically depicts the' roamings/ of a
western editor; among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
, of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is feoo late. The
price . is 60. cents, . postpaid1 to ..any/part of xi the
world. Address-all letters, to '  ; '- y'X'"       'Xyy ':���'���
Applications ior permits to graze livestock
on tlie crown range within each grazing dis-
Jn" ��f tne Province of British Columbia must
be liled with the district foresters at Cranbrook,
tort George, Kamloops,.Nelson,Prince Rupert,
Vancouver and Vernon or with the Commissioner of Grazing, Parliament Buildings, Vic-
��"d\    C,'on or be*oro February 29th, 1920.
Blank forms upon which to submit applications may he obtained from the District Foresters at the above named places or from the Department of Lands at Victoria, B.C.
Deputy Minister of Lauds.
Department of Lands, Victoria, B. C,
December sth, 1919.
Syn&pm of
Land Acf f msnt'menis
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
refh.'?_!!P'2m.cpr,oe ot Arst-class land
JIM IVe5 an aCre: socon*-��l����' t��
��W lS5ti��onlJOW C��nflned  l�� BUr- '
land��w.s }v,iU.b0 panted corerlnK only
ind VmW* for aKrlcultural pufpoaes
Pnr^ich L8. n<>n-tlmber land,
but nn?Hrshl5 Pre-emPtlons abolUhed,
awaSS.-"*? 0f not mora than *our may
S fo��,���/��I ,-fdJacent pre-emptions
neces^ll1 ,resIdence. tut each making
claims       'raprovements on respectlv?
nv^ry6tm.ptD��55 mu?t occupy claims for
JSr l��S ^O Per acre, Including clear-
be?0?e -fUi��tl7at1^1 ot at least * a^s.
WhLrecelv,ne: Crown Grant,
less th^^Pfe-emptor in occupation not
noptlono? S.years- and h^ made pro-
canVe nat�� 'njprovements, he may, be-
KranLrif, "i"11^^, or other causi, be
Ee^nt an,��l transfer his claim,
dence ����, 'TTUhout   P^manent   re.l-
can? mm,ay ^e lssued, provided appll-
SS00 ��rkes lmProvements to extent of
ot record6 t0 ?,ake improrements
?eiture drv^me win operate as for-
less tLpTiU^ cann��t be obtained in
oMlOnnnLyears' a,nd improvements
cleared ���.5?r a-^e- including 5 acres
of tt Lt?? cultivated,  and residence
PrV!st.2 years are required,
mfv p"�����mpior    folding   Crown   grant
��Ks��irandn0nher P^-emption, If he
farm, wi/hnn*1? conjunction with his
vided   ItJl ?l actual occupation, pro-
nfr.Stl,tory   improvements   made  ���
^nte^'a06   malntalne<l  on   cLn
acre"sSUrJ_eye(l areas> n��t exceeduf iO
3ttetob?Xh& ^^ as homesites:
dantini =   9b,tained after fulfilling resN
For ^P_.n1 improvement conditions
areas eJ?Zlnf. and industrial purposes
feased ^ceedlnK   6^0   acres   may   be
MHl b,y ��.ne person or company.
by .StaSL11^ ineadows inaccessible
o������^i*/sting roads may be purchased
tS th^na,Bn5��? construction^^'a^?oad
road ?;��� Rebate of one-half of cost of
K i^Ude6^1118 half ��' Purchase
!n!lS��? ^'S����!:
for tt?fe eSnderP?wtnif *?r.may aPPi^
frnm i*��  unaer . this Act  Is extended
such i��err800ne year/rom,the aSSh of
year afttr8tDh; al formerly,   until   one
w��r " -rli-    conclusion of the present .-
rroacti?e ? r,rlvlIe��e ls also mfdS ?e-    '
or taxes��onnaaC0^nt.0f P���nts,Ufel    ���
Intwei.? ��^1��dlers  Pre*emptions.       -
town o?8eit��y lofs^hiJr^ t0 P^chase
Allied Wnplil     s i101"1 by members of   .
direct !^5S,uStd"SS5?��f��Q��'���i
"��tm.nt to March" 81?mo d fr��m en"
Crown'^nntf1-^6   lor    issuance    of
Crown  f^f  t0  Sub,-Purchaser3    of ,
pwSiasws whoa��fq, nfing ��� rl*hts from
-  whol.   l��?   d    Proportionately   over
.ma^by^yi^r'10"3   m���*   be-
* : .GRAZING, ���
'^nt;ttfree,-or partiaJIy ffle. perSfite
���"; NELSON, B. C.
X -.'-:���    .' '-������- MINING-- ������ -  :   .   ��� ,-'
,"';:'.   .,���;.:- :-.BROKER---'-'-:-
Agents for"Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage iu connection.
Xulatneen ffofel
Ome *f tke largest hotels to
the ttity.    B*aKtiful location,
ine r��em�� aad tasty matte.
Nicely tunicmed nomi, by the
day, Tre��k ar atoatk
NillOi * NilMI
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block        - Nelaci
All Work Guaranteed
Morrison Block, GRAND FORKS,'B.C.
Send a'Float to^yourffriends-at
Christmas. You can get them at
The^Ledge office.  "
Get yourjjob printing at lhe
Ledge, before the paper is all
gone.     ;      %      J
All   the   latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott Si Hastings Street*.
616 Verntn St., Nelson
Brick building aad iutly furnishedjreams
JOIN BLOMBERf    -   -  Proprietor
M. W. WIDDOWSOJN, Aaaayer aad
CktiaMt,. Bar anaS, Nalson, B. C.
Charge*:���Cald, SiWer, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Oali-SiWer $1.5*. Silrer-Lead
fr.aa SiWar-La^d-Ziac $3.ao. Charges
foratkar aiataU, at��., aa ��f)��1'c*tio��-
Buy Your Winter Clothing Now
We Have A-Complete" Line, of'
Mackinaws   and Mens   and   Childrens  Woolen
and Rubber  Goods
A full line of Christmas goods will arrive shortly
Fresh and Cured Meats always in Stock
Ship us your hides.   We pay ca<=h aiid remitfpromptly.
Midway, B.C.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Aut��s F��r Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Lirerj  And  Stage
W.   ��.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
P. Burns & Co.* Ltd.
'���'--"-���'���-��� ;
Home of Shamrock Bac*a,   HaM *nd Lard
Eggs,   Cheese   and   Fi*h   ��f   all   Varieties
-" *'1*l*
;^ ~ Can"yoii iise the Long^Diatatice telephone between"7""p.m."
and 8 a.ia.?   If so, you'can talk for three Umei the day period
for the same cost.   Special rates obtained during the evening
hours, and besides you get prompter lerrice, becaage tke linen,
" are less congested.
Remember appointments caa be made for any particular
. fine for tong Distance calli.X We will, haye your party ready
at any hour you wish.
* ^^-Lp^er^
��|��" \. QB^E^W(pp^.bxc7
* 'i''''xXyX,XJ-X-lX;xyyX.fr
^:^/>;^Tte"WiM Western Canada
Xxx'ii:''':'i:-x'yy-   TO; END OF DECEMBER, Iti 7
.Has producedrMiaerals valoed.as follows:   Piaoer^Gbld, $?#,ll��,lt<; Lode
'   :-Gpld, 993 jl7,974; Silver, $43,623,761;.Lead $89,366,144; Oopp��r,:$18a,W7,f20;
������,-;   Ofeher Mefcals; (Zinc/Iron,  etc.)-010,933,466;  Coal  and Ookt,   1174,811,868;
.    Bnilding Stone, .Brick.  Cemerit, eta,  $27,902,381; making JiteJ Mineral ?r*slue. ,
tion'to the end^pf 1917: show an , - >
i  ^ X'
Pro4actiW for Year; Ending December^ 1917, $37,010392
The   Mining   Laws of this -Province -are mors liberal aad A* lwil#w��
than those of any other Province iri the Dominion,  er any eoleay ia Iks  British
"-    Empire. ^.'{^���o.'':'''
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for bomibaI foM.
Absbinte.Titles are   obtained   by developing tack properties tha M��srity
;���;'-���"'-.: X'ot which isgaaranteed.by Crown Grants.
: Full information,'together with mining Reports mad Mape, way k�� cktaiatd
���"'.7:"/':���"���:gratis^by addressing-^:Xy '..X:.yXy'X".. Xy..-.- y
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting-Co,
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting-and Refining Department  ���*
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestoue,   Pig  Lead   and Ziuc
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. -The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Cbe Rumc Botcl
Kelson,. B.C.
The only up^to/date Hotel in the interior.
;"      in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES S1.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
1 For Good
I Job Printing
~*��   <]
���Economy and Satisfaction 3
combined with Promptness H
are the features which go to %
make up the Service we give f|
our customers. Are you 3
one of them? ^
3   I.
m a
Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
���   (Ruled or Plain) ~*
Envelopes, Billheads,
(All Sizes)
g Statements, Business Cards, 3
I Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. |
I The Ledge       PHONE 29      1
Jj; ��7 *********
3    i?;
mn ii^ 11 ^ m
B     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department    3
jiKMitiibii '���' HY 1


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