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The Ledge Sep 11, 1924

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Provincial Library
* ������-<
Vol.   XXXI
Nor 7
Now  is  the  time to  Brighten up your Home
We have just received an assortment bf
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
and Varnishes
Every Thursday
4 lbs*Tins* @   80c.
Crosse &  Blackwell's Vinegar       v
White or Brown per gallon $1.20   .-'
New, Patent   QUEEN   FRUIT JAR   Now In
' \
For Quality and Value Order From
Phone 46
Just In A Big Line Of     ^
Box, Bulk and Bars
Buy a box of these extra fine fresh Chocolates
Mazda and Carbon Lamps
In AH Sizes
$ ���������:���
V We carry ��� only tbe best,-slock, procurable-in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc;
A trial will convince you
i   ������. . f     -."..-��� vv--.  v
.. M
X i!
Proprietor j!
-The"--Operator" Is Able , )y/.-)
To Work More '.-QnicKly: -.-     ':
By always giving .tlie number instead of the name of the party, "being f
called, the;telephone subscriber ^ill assist the .operator, in giving niore.
efficient.service.   Operators are now instructed to request the. number if is
liotgiven.f - ..".     V '"      - '7..-,-''. .-   ';."���. y .-. "'.. W ,'..'""  -'-WW   '������' '-' .
^Sfri^H eOLUMBirTELEfllONE'"^Mpah^?.
Auction].  Auction!     Auction!
.Why not realize on your
Surplus Stock?
Cash in hand,  is better than a 6.
month's Bill for Winter Feed.
Terms Reasonable
Just Arrived and Very
Reasonably Priced
Ladies fine Silk Hose       $1.25
All Wool Hose in Black,
Brown and Heather  .85c
Boys and Girls Wool Stockings
Barretts Fancy Lace Edgings
Princess Pat Hair Nets 2 for 15c
Childrens Fancy Handkerchiefs
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing, at 8.15   p.m.
';.--.' JESSE-L. LA-SKY Presents" 7   '
7 Homestead"   7
' .'      """ '   '-., -with'  -- ;-  .;.���   '    ���'.    f
," "  . ." ��� -.-    -   -. ';-    ..... V   ' -���   ���
WTtoeodore Roberts,
George Fawcett. Hajrison Ford.
T."fRoy BafnesT 7"""Fritz!Ridgway
V.'. ""- Here.s the.immortal drama that;
'-'['- lias-filled American hearts, with-'-
-. thrills and tears and gladness.for
-' -. fifty .years. VNow." "af last,'', given --���'
on'the screen "the.magnificent-    ;
.'. production its story merits. .-.
A    wonderful   entertainment" ^ that; will
.  ---cling to your memory-forever. -
';-'.; 7- -"NotipeV 7
, . It- is recommended "that" for. the
present water for drinking purposes be boiled, before using.
'���)���- ."city Council.-
M Consolidated Mining & SieltingfCof
of Canada, Limited
VW'V '.-.\ fOffiie/ Smelting arid Refining Dejartment - ���_���.,
��� '������''V    W" -      TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA    '""'-kXy.
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, CoppW, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producer of   Gold,   Silver,  Copper*   Pig  Lead  and Zinc, V
)���'   . ".'    x':      "TADANA.C" BRAND W   X 7  "; X XX
. "V "X }X- '/STRAYED''W;wf-
On the property of the undersigned
lastMay a 2 year old black.; heifer with
white' spot on each shoulder, .-two'white
hiud -feet and. part:white.underneath;
Owner may have same by applying to>
7.7 ���_. -: -"."-���" ' :"7 ."SAMUEL FRETZ, 7 ..,
'"". V Greenwood near Eriblt.
7       HIDES   '.-
:: Albert Maslcnka is'in the market for
hides. "Bring.your'hides to'.my.shop in
Midway and receive a good price.       W'
Minister in charge
Revj W. R. Waikidsbaw. B. A.
....-    X. ^Greenwood
)y > W Sunday, -.Sept- litli: W Xxi X-'
������ 7-;7^f^eay^el!fip;3'b.a.'m.;ff- 7  -
Greenwood 7.30 s.in.W
'������lit.- and Mrs*��� E..-7F."- Keir returned on Wedaesdayiaight from
an enjoyable motor trip to Hood
fRiver3 Portland and/ Centralis,
whet ertheyvisitedf relatives, ff.f;
H. Hartley is on a visit to
Frank Maletta has bought E.
A. ' Wa'nke's Ford car.
Calvin Hopper is in the Grand
Forks hospital suffering with
Alex Greig- and Archie Aberdeen w��re in Grand Forks on
Monday evening'. ���
Mrs. E. Granberg and two
sons returned from Vancouver on
Tuesday morning.
Miss Daisy Axam, of Trail, is
visiting her mother, Mrs. M.
Axam, for a week.
P. H. McCurrach and Dr. W.
H. Wood were in Christian Valley
the first of the week.
Watch fbr Pythian Sisters
Chicken Supper, and Social evening to be held in October.
There are sixteen children at
Kerr Creek school with���- Miss
Reta M. Lytle in charge.
Miss Barton, of Vancouver, is
teaching at Ingram Bridge
where there are ten cbildren.V
Harry Bryan and his aunt
Miss A. Bryan returned on Wednesday from a visit to Vancouver.
Cash paid for hides at Brown's
Store, Midway.
Light and heavy draying and
express done by Frank Maletta.
Leave orders at the Greenwood
Miss Mildred McLaren returned op. Wednesday evening last
from a few weeks visit to friends
in Spokane.
G. A. Smith and daughter,
Ruby, returned to Grand Forks
on Wednesday evening after a
visit to this city.
The Post Office and store at
Kettle Valley is being nicely
painted. G. B. M. Gaae, proprietor, reports business good.
Fall Wheat .and Fall.Rye at
Brown's Store, Midway.
R. D. Thomas and Mis R. H.
Jones, son; and daughter of the
late, Thos.. Thomas, arrived in
town this morning from Spokane,
Wash;- - "-        WfVVW ��� z-} }
Georg;e .Hallett returned to
Golden on. Wednesday afternoon
after spending his. vacation with
hisparents, Mr./and Mrs.  I. ,H.
.Hallett:'- . .- ff- :       :W
..Mrs. f .Ellen V Trounson. has
bought the late Mrs. .W. Elson's
house on Long Lake. St.V  .   _���_
...Charles King...is -holding, an
Auction at Grand Forks on Saturday,-. Sept.: .20th, consisting of
cattle, farm impletnents,: and
household furniture.  .; W-
X. Miss Dolly Granberg has gone
to California .where ...she. has
secured a. position. She motored
all the .way via Tacoma, Portland and'Grants Pass...    7  7
Mrs. Hugh..Murray returned; oh
Friday last from a few ; weeks
visit to Trail. She 'was accompanied, by Mrs. Walter Murray
who will spend a ;few weeks here.
���VI... Fillmore,7 of . Rhone, has
started the stone foundation for a
new house, . He is at present
busy picking apples .and has one
of the tidiest, farms in the district.     ' y.}. }; ;.-;"��� 7- - V,  '"'"' :'"- "'-":
. . A well, attended meeting of the
Yale Riding Liberal'executive in
Pentictonf Thursday - night de-.
cided to. hold a nominating convention in that xity: on Friday,
Sept;;i9th. V ..VVV;'""". w.;7'-
." Miss Eva;Murray, dffVictoria,
is spending her vacation with her
parents -Mr." and .Mrs. Hugb
Murray.- She is accompanied by
herf friend Miss M. Murray also
of.Victoria, yX-y ' ^-V------
7; John H. Grunwell, of Los
Angeles, pal.,;. was .; ia;, town on
business, in Phoenix and Danvilie,f
Wash., later ^oing intpf'the.. oil
business in California.
W'" ���'   #.-.
To accommodate the increased
attendance at the Rhone school
an addition has been addedf to
the/school house. - New -desks
are also being, installed.,. Seven-
tees children are attending,, this
school..' ;��.Mis3:"-'Cameron 7"is'" the
sew,teachferW.VV7':'WyV;7i:: }'���' ,-
City Council
A regular meeting of the City
Council was held on Monday
evening ia the City Offices, Mayor
Gulley occupying the chair and
present. Aldermen Morrison,"
Taylor, Mowat, Kerr  and King.
Correspondence was quickly
deal with and the financial report approved.
The Water committee reported
in detail the handling of the.
water situation so that nearly all
householders were able, to obtain
water regularly and the few
���residents at each extreme end of
town were able to be supplied at
intervals. The protracted dry
spell has seriously depleted the
creeks and it has only been*hy
unremitting attention and manipulation of the various sources
of supply that service has been
maintained. A serious; break
was reported on a-main at the
north end of the system and
water is cut off there until repairs are effected.
Good progress is being made
on the work of replacing the
leaky wooden mains running
under Boundary creek and Gold
St. bridge with sections of iron
pipe and an immense saving of
water is expected to be the result of this expenditure.    .
The chairman of Streets committee _ advised delaying the installation of silent policemen until next spring and this view was
concurred in by the rest of the
Council.        -'.--������
Permission was granted the
superintendent of the Spotted
Horse mine to lay a pipe line
from Gold St. to the mine workings under the supervision of the
City Clerk.   -
, A case of indigent sickness was
dealt with and referred to a committee.
Repairs to the rink as reported
necessary by the building committee'were ordered to be proceeded with. _
A diversion of opinion re the
quaiity-:-of the .city water .,was
heard, but finaLly it was decided
to recommend that water f for
drinking purposes be . boiled.
This is purely a measure of precaution and not because of any
known contamination - in . the
water. ���-���        . .-. V "-. = .
The Late Thos. Thomas
After an illness of. about, one
month's/duration Thos..Thomas
expired, ih the Grand Forks
Hospital at lQ.30;f;on Monday
night. He- had been ailing for
some time and on Thursday last
wen t to-fthe. hospital -where every-
attention.was given him: but he
rapidly1 sank.;;��� W"-.f '���-'.
7 The late Mr.f Thomas .was a
native of Rhyl, North. Wales aiid
came to^Tbronto 33; years ago,
laterf moving, to, .Rossland. and
thence to Greenwood, over,-20
years. agb,..aud successfully conducted a. taiioringfand; cleaning
business /during all that time,
He was '��� 70. years of age ..and
ieaves besides .his,wife, and two.
daughters fwhof are in. Wales, a
daughter,. Mrs. : RV H. -Jones,
and son, R. Tb.fThomaS' in Spokane, Wash., and soa.'.Williath,
witHthii. British army in India.
: He was of a quiet fand retiring
disposition and ��� wais; very >well
likedby a large circle of friendsf
in- this- city.".";'-;        .--���   :-
The .funeral., service , will be
held .in. Gulley's[ Undertaking
Parlors on Friday, Sept. 12th at
2 p..mM Rev. W. R. .Walkinshaw
officiating.; Interment will take
place in the local' cemetery.- - -
. -���.^i    ^.;     , ..:    ^     __r____n___-���_Wu-^���.��' ��� i
Xx Mining Notes ;y
H.fBauer, superintendent of
the" Spotted Horse mine, returned
on Monday from a business, trip
to Spokane. Mr.Baiier'says that
he is figuring onf. installing a
small' compressor 'at., the mine.
At present development is being
carried. onf-ini. the ���;��ppef tunnel
wherefj.DuHamei found" the ore
last'yearif ff;'"
VH. T. Ailing, a mining man of
Reno, Hevada, arrived in town
on Wednesday and is at present
at the Gold Drop mine the property which is being operated by
Louis .Bosshart near the Jewel
mine, w.' y -'��� X}--'- .- Xx   , ���    .-   -.
7 A 40 ton shipment of ore wais
made from fthe Providence mine
last week to Trail. _��� rf   V
Gov't Liquor Store Robbed
- Some time Wednesday night
thieves broke in the Government
Liquor Store and made a get a-
way with about 30 cases of liquor.
Entrance was gained by cutting
aiiole in the ceiling of the center
room, through which the cases
of booze were handed out.
Ships Nine Cars of Cattle
Last week 9 car loads of, cattle
were bought in the district for P.
Burns & Co. 7 and shipped to the
coast the first of this week.
Six loads went from Rock Creek
and three front Midway.
Midway News
Harry Borders has left for California affeer a vacation spent here.
Mrs. A. H. Biggin and son, Eoy,
have returned from Spokane, having had a pleasant time at the Fair.
Mrs. Ef Lund has returned from
Grand, Forks where the has been
caring for her mother, Mrs. T.
Hartland, who has been ill.
The Ladies Aid held,., their
monthly meeting laBfe Wednesday.
The ladies are sewing for a Bazaar
to be held in the Fall, notices of
which will be posted later.
The Women'g Locab of the TT.F.
held their meeting on the 6th inst.
Mesdames Pittendrigh, Pitman and
Smyrl of the Rock Creek Local
were visitors. Entertainment foro
the winter months was discussed
and card parties will possibly be
the outcome. The' ladies have
undertaken to make the card
tables, by the next meeting and a
prize is to be awarded for the'best
one made. However, a fine will
be imposed for any fancy touches,
polish, etc. The Local invites new
members or visitors.
.Interesting tennis matches were
played on the local'courts on' Sept. '
7fch when. 4 players came.over from
Grand Forks and competed with
local players in friendly competition. Those who came over from
Grand Forks were: 0. Atwood,
E. Atwood, F. Bariee 'and E.
Eitchie. The result by. games ia
as follows:   .
.  N. E. Morrison and T. Crowley,
Greenwood, beat F. Bariee and E. f
Eitchie, Grand Forks, 6 4,, 6-2.
7 G.  Stilwell and [EX. 0.  Taylor,-
Greenwood,  beat C.. Atwood and,
E. Atwood, Grand Forks, 7-5, 5 7, .
6-3.   : J.    Muir    substituted   for
Taylor in the. second game.
VH. Ef Morrisbh~b~e"afe'fF. ""BarleeV.
2;_6'f.6-l,'-:6-3.,,'VV��� 7 WVW 7-
, 7E.   Eitchie   beat;.T.   Crowley,;.
6-i, 7--5'.'.iV-���/."-.-.���.  7'-7V.. yxyXx
G. Stilwell beat Ef Atwood, 8-6,-
4-6^6-.3;77f. ' .wV-.-W-W'-V-  -'
'}- G. Stilwell" ;and R. Taylor beat
C. f Atwood. andV E..- Atwood,
6-376-lWW ,.;;"-_..-:.;' .- ; ' VVf -
-;N".-.E.' MorriBon arid. E. Eitchie
beat F. Bariee and W. :Smith,
6-1,-6-1.     ' y'Xy -yyz-ix
X" T." Crowley and E. Ritchie beat
N"; E. Morrison'and Wf Smith,
6-2, 7^5. ���������; f z-xy.   -XX - > j
J. Muir beat C. Atwood, 6-4.  7
/'���'N."E. Morrison and E. Eitchie
beat 3. Muir and T.  Crowley, 6-1.
! Ideal Uncle Josh
;   Yoa might go far and fail to find
a more artistic type for Uncle Josh
in   "The Oid, ITojuestead"   than;
Theodore. '���; Roberts.   .. The   Para-7
moant   Picture ^versionf of    thia.
classic will be. shown atfthe Greenwood Theatre oh' Saturday,  Sept.
13th at.8.15.p.m;, and has a wonderful cast, including besides. Mr/
Roberts, .Harrison  Fprd, T.f-Eoy
Barnes,  George.. Fawcett, .7Fritzi
Ridgway,     Kathleen.   ; O'Connor^
James Mason and others.. ..... -'
Mr.    Roberts   with;., bis." beard
fringing Mb under jawj- bis bucolic
clothing and manner! .his benevolence and ability to portray snch:
a role,   makes   the   character, of
Uncle Josh stand ont delightfully.
The new Legislature will be.
asked tp grant money ior the completion of the Traneprovineial:
Highway between Hope' and
Spence's Bridge. Tenders will be
called for within a few.weeks aiid
the ebntracfe aw&rded. before the
House sits. 7 '��� 7--���.-' TH
k  lttor   a^K^yrrooD. vR Q
Folks who want the very best use
A Simple Luncheon
Safety First
Tlii.- ___.-i_i._uu of llie .lulonioitiio and tlio rapidity wiih wliicli il haa come
iato i_t.ni.-i... u.:c lias wwl.o.l a n volution in tho lives ami habits ol' people
coinp-.ii-ablo only to iliai ..i-ou!*).i: about by tlio introduction of the steam loco-
moth <.'. T;ie slfi'.ni railway made possible the enormous expansion and development whicli marked ilie nineteenth century, it spanned the continents,
brought hokued settlements into touch with centres ol: population'opened
vast areas to settlement, and made possible our highly developed industries
by providing t.ie means of transput tat ion of their products to far distant markets. Jt broke down the provincialism jn which so many people lived through
making travel possible, thereby dissipating much of the ignorance and suspicion of oilier people and countries which prevailed.
The automobile is now futther developing and extending these benefits 1o
mankind. To a greater extent possibly than even the railway, the motor
car is bringing city aud country parts into closer touch and understanding.
Tiie average farmer of today is not isolated as was the case twenty years ago.
A day's journey to town by a horse-drawn vehicle is now a matter of only two
or three hours, with all that, this means in service of all kinds to the rural
And the city man and his family, who formerly spent their vacations going by rail to other cities, are now to au increasing extent every year making
use of their motor car to tour the country. Week-end trips to the country
are a popular pastime, and picnic parties away from the city i'or twenty, fifty,
one hundred miles to beauty spots in the country aro'of daily occurence.
The country thus reaps the advantages of the city, and the city is enabled to
enjoy and appreciate the counlry.
The farmer has long suffered inconvenience and loss through lack of good
roads.     liven he did not fully appreciate just liow great.was the loss thereby
'.-'suoi'aiked in; LheVh.uiHng.of lus.-produc'ts't'o.- market, ;wilh .the result-that noi.
".Jiifn'tiu'eriily he.'opposed; expenditures iiefcos'sary'' to'' Caa: construction-of- good
roa'ds-'and. bridges: . f To-aii.. cv.eiv.greater cx.tetu.'-theci.i-y dweller was averse
���to ih'creafsing'f taxation, for the ..'purpose "of .'.rural;".road -building. X Tlie-fautbmo-'
bll(V--!ias.-.-'ciiariged all,.'this,- and" today: bb tli..city, dweller-and -rural-'resident.'is
clamoring for.fthe-buildiiig .of "good roads'. .7 iKuntlreds'-'of,-'millions of .dollars
are .iVing'-spe.tu on-rofids'aiid the .farmers are..reaping-tiie-'benofit'in'rodiieed
t'ost's in-hauling their.products ".to market'.. V - 7 ��� "~   W ���
.'."_   - .Thus are -thef habit's 'of people'changing.'and radical flmprovemetils' being
wrought -in. 1 he economic .life of-tiie-country.   " The automobile has."of course,
also', c'realed.".lew  problems. ," Congestion of -traflic. iti centres of population
. 'is' one oi-fiii_*m.'and' cities-la el; ing'wide thorough fares'now find- themselves fa
fdiirieulty'.-while,in ail t'he.iiibre .populous cities,; congestion-in tlie clown towtt"
-sections'1 is .so"great that the inos.1 'slringen.r-traflic'.reguIaUoiis arid control havo
. t'o -be--eii forced. '���   7-f'V "'������ ��� -;' - V V   .  7' ���-.[. .'������'������ X ���--., ~    ..-,.-.--    "--'" V "
The use of theinotor car. having become almost.universal, llie most'serious
-'problem;-of all :is Uie'uvoidance pf accidents".';.'. Gars are" driven by-all kinds of.
People; old and .young;, those whoaVe careful and those-who'arc.careless;'.even
.reckless';- itervc'us-.people.-,aud-'daredevils'.    - AUliough the'great.'ip.ajority are,"
-.no'doubt", car.eltil- drivers,', oue reckless _ person,- ha\ingliUTc-or.iio r.egard I'or
��� others,', may- be'resi'tonsibieffor'-'niuclt damage "aad.suffering; - ' Th.erfe' are the
"-roan,..bogs'." 'aruT-ihc :.'speed', fiends'^-who sticritic-e everybody to'-'their. own der
-'sire's a'nd-fselti.sliness'.   '        f.'V '   -   ---. ' ' ,     X-X       }  ���     -'���:-
.   . ��� 'Adiriitting-,ther.e-arij'.fewi_-r accidents -iliah would ,-be"the-.ca'sp if the same"
number of liorse-'driven .vehicles."were on' the-fstieets and roads, "the.-number
-.oL'"motor .iccidcD'.'s' is Tar,-"gi:calr.i: .lhanf.it should, be.or there.is:aiiy. nece'ssitfy
...tor.. ".lienor.: Uie importauce.of the Safety, First, campaigns now being organ f
-Ized in-diffe're'ul parts ot the "couiitry. such,-tor example, as the.one in West:
Whc'_5Ler-._Coiir_.-y,-.\_\V;--.On-Juiic -1 last, the'.-nVom.mijniries in ilie county-joint-'
ly started a Bitlely Week -tompaign���a short, intensive drive"to impress on all,
.;7resideiii_; mid. tourists .alike, -wiih . the- necessity bt-bxercising-care.    '.During
-the-"week in this county' of'-lOp, 00ft population.;an(]. through'- wliich' JOO.OOQ'.mo-
. tor:drivea-vehicies'pass everyday to'itnd'l'rcm N"e-wfV;ork City, there was only
*.cm.e'dea.tli aiid mx serious injuries, as compared .with an. average; of.J 8.;per-
fsons  killed..eadi" moiiili -during:lhe'.preceding -four, months, jno'i .to merilioii
i'luindredri' seriously iidured.     7 ._���'���'.-'-,: "...'.; -   }X._ W "W"W  -'���'.'--;.   '-,W
-..- "- What is--being ..accomplished-in- Westchester. Couiity "c aii. be.- i;epeal..ed-.all
'ov/-r'the-(:o;antr.v if- sufliciently energ'etie;:'stt;p.=_ are I alien-to impress, on everybody thr'f..ibsolule'tHH:essit'y;Ol:-the'greatest eai-'e being' exore"ised'iiifvic.w of the
- changed .eondiiiuiV wliich.; tiie-.'n'lmbsr  universal-.use  of .the, motor' car  has
brought; iiiio. of! r pr'Fsetii day ciVilizaiioh..and tlie inflicting pf drastic punish-
Wif-m on'Ui.ose .who persist in disregarding all laws and-the;right's .of.others.7
Carefully    Prepared    Rscipo
Tasty  Meal
One runs out of ideas I'or a simple,
nourishing,  tasty  luncheon, especially
for a fish day or i'or'warm weather.
Hereunder ls a suggestion with recipes which have been carefully prepared.
Cream of (_recu Pea Soup.���l-Weup-
j fills   Hoyden's   Si.   Charles   .Milk;   2\<,
jcupt'uls    eold    water:    1    teaspoonful
1 sugar;   \'..   teaspoonful  scraped  onion:
'2 tablespoonfuls butler or butter sul_-
'stitiile:   1\'..   tablespoonsl'uls   flour;   1
teaspoonful salt,.1,-!*  teaspoonful pepper:   I  cupful canned or cooked fresh
peas.     Add thc peas, sugar and onion
to Ihe cold water    and    simmer    for
tweiuy  mimil.es.   _ Then  rub  through
a sieve; add the evaporated milk, re-
beat and thicken with the (lour blend-
-ed with the butter and the seasonings.
Steamed Salmon with White Sauce.
��� t  slice salmon, about 2 pounds; '2
hard boiled eggs; Parsley.   * Once the.
recipe for white sauce.     Wipe off the
salmon with a damp cloth; lay it on a
well oiled.plate, dust lightly wiih salt
and pepper, and steam for thirty minutes.   Then carefully remove the skin,
transfer  the fish to the  centre  or ti
-medium  sized  platter,  surround  with
the white sauce and garnish with the
egg -'cut in sixths, and the parsley.
Custard Pie.���?i cupful Borden's St.
Charles Milk; ]���,.',-cupfuls water; 3
t'ggs;'4'����� tablespoonfuls sugar; % teaspoonful salt; few drops nutmeg extract; grated nutmeg; pastry. Line a
deep pie plate with the pastry. Beat
together thc eggs, sugar, salt aud nutmeg extract, then pour in the evaporated milk and water. Mix well, pour
into the lined plate, grate over a littlo
nutmeg. Bake 'in a quick oven at
first to set the rim, decrease the heat'
afterwards, as egg and milk in combination ueed to be cooked at low temperature.
Corns Between the Toes
Painlessly Removed
A real, sure, dependable remedy
j that lias been lifting out corns for the
past.-fifty, years will .-surely lift- yours
o"uf..": Purnam's Coin .-Extractor is the
old reliable corn-'rcmedy���it'slarids tho
test,of tiine.'aud.fii'ev.er-failsf 25c everywhere':"- V   - '- '- '���-.' ���    f  .���..;���."-"���
'=--' Death?of M. Quad" ���; .
-Tlie death was reported iii tiie.news
dispatches- tho "etlieri/dfiyof- Charles J3.
Lewis, more"'familiarly;khowii-among
newsp.aper'men-'ahd'-readers-. as" '}M.
Quad,"-"dean -of-Amcrican^htihiorists,-
-and. for many years, a member of the
staff offthjef-DelroiL'Frec'Press.. Mi\
-Lewis, was eighty -twoyears of age arid
was'cjiiite famous-.ih IhoVarlietv days
as.the originator of the."Air. and Mrs.
Bowser", letters an"d..a?tiele"s, also as
the .author"o.f., the '"Lime Kiln Gliib."
He had been -writing--for newspapers
for ' sixty rtwo-years aud".. was -the
author, of a number-of plays. . .     ���   ���'"���,
���.'.Miller's;Worm Powder.f prove their
v.a'Iue., .They- do not. cause' any yiole.nl
disturbances inflhe stomach, any pain
..or griping,.- butd'd.. their, work, quietly
and' painlessij",:'so- tliat' tlie destruction
of tlio worms-.is imperceptible. '.Yet
tliey are -thorough,- and. from" the .first
dose there is improvement, iir tlie condition, iof-'tlvc .suife,i,or---'arid--?a-- cessation
bf matiifeslations of internal trouble.-
-'.Last year -'nearly- 700 persons were
killed'- in- .London ��� .street-- accidents',
while.there were. 72,000, lioii-Tatal accidents. ������������     ���-'.'  -���'..".. .-.-7 ���������������[������   -X
.'To every acre on-.the.s.uuCace of.-our
globe there are-more Jhan'tq'n'.thpus'-
and acres on the surface .of the sun. f
'V Tight- shoes .-arc said fto'-aggra vale
attacks of neuralgia.-   - .  ��� ' -,= .--���"
Will Urge Completion
Of Hudson  Bay  Road
Hon. W. R. Motherwell  Finds Reports
Muskeg   Roadbed  Are  Untrue
The four great natural resources of
the north country���minerals, -timber,
fish and fur���are enough in themselves
to warrant immediate completion of
flu- 1 Tudson's Bay Railway, Hon. W. R.
.Motherwell, Federal Minister of Agriculture, told a large gathering at Le
Pas, Man. He had jusl returned
from a trip to the end of steel at Mile
JtIL', Kettle Rapids.
"Atier my return from a trip of inspection over the Hudson's Bay Railway as far as the end of steel at Mile
382, Kettle Rapids, you will naturally
expect me lo tell you what my impression is of this vasi and very rich
couniry," said Mr. Motherwell. "Let
me first say this, withou'lot'ear of contradiction, the magnitude of your tremendously valuable, local industries,
minerals, limber, fit.li and furs, are
to' my mind, sullicient in themselves
to warrant the expenditure of the remaining necessary capital investment
of approximately'?6,000.000 to complete the Hudson's Bay Railway aud
put the port of Nelson into immediate
operation. I intend to go back and
tell niy colleagues at OttaAva just what
I have told you here, ancl you may rest
assured 1 will not knock the early
completion and operation of this route.
"This iias been my first: visit into
the country, tributary to Hudson's Bay,
and my ears have noi heen closed to
all that is going on, and 1 tell you I
will try and put the information so
gathered to good use. I am not-only
surprised, but inspired, by .the vigor
and resourcefulness of the people in
this counlry, aud that alone; I feel
certain, is a guarantee oT llie success1
of this great national uudertaking on
the part of all Canada.     V
"II is impossible for anyone  to go
through  this, extensive  country in a
private car and see from its windows
the great  potential  wealth  contained
therein, nevertheless, one can see the
unlimited possibilities.
"Now, in. regard to the roadbed of
lhe rail-way itself, and the criticism of
the eastern press,   stating   lhat   the
rails were.sunken ;ouf of sight in the
muskeg, V- want' "to    say'   that    such
statements arefnot .only incorrect and
false, but are'tliefwildesl of theories. 7
f;VThis\ so;called. Vhiuskog ' is not a
quagmire, as they would have'us. be.-'
Jieyo", but ii is simply af top sell which/
���drained,"'sboa\ becomes* feriilc and
product!ye.7 ..Of .course'; tlie 332 miles
ol: road, is not.- equal to filaily operated
lines,-owing lefts having been in dis.-.
use niore oriesssiuco the-contractors
lefi.it some six-years ago.'.-. Any.btlier-:
railroad on the continent, -tinder."simis
I'ar-conditions, would iiave-suffercdfthe"
same.f W- W . ."'.''[. "V 7 - ���.-"" f  - '""-'-..
\"I.!ravelled"hnsl of-the'line.behind
a mixed train of SOi cars,,, going" ���u-sal'e
speed of.'20;-mi!'es an.hour,,and.'I am
cbnvifnce.d:that'the. Hudson's Bay Railway can., be bull if. aiid.'. kept.-in first-
class... condition'." at > .reasonable "expense."-.-"; -"    --,"   ;., - .' "--'.7   ���"- -���
"Les" Booth Finally Got
Relief Through Taking
"Since taking Tanlac I fe.e-l so fit it
sometimes seems like a dream for
there was hardly a day in 20 years
that I did not suffer," is tho striking
statement of Geo L. ("Les") Booth,
271 Perth St., Brockville, Onf., one of
the best known farmers in Ontario.
"For 20 years, up lo three years ago
when 1 took Tanlac. I suffered _from
rheumatism in my arms, shoulders,
back and hips, so bad at-tlmes I could
not lift my arms to put my coat on. I
couldn't even  write my name and I
just limped about like a -cripple.
Many a ni��ht it looked like 1 would not
live to see daybreak and 'once I was
laid tip six months unable lo hit a lick
of work.
"Money could not buy the good Tanlac has done me. If ended every sign
of rheumatism and built up ray weight
1C pounds',' and since then 1 have not
had a rheumatic ache or pain. If
anybody wants to kuow about Tanlac,
just let them see Les Booth."
Tanlac is for s<sle by all good druggists. Accept no substitute. Over
40 Million bottles sold.
Take   Tanlac   Vegetable   Pills   for
constipation. .
fNew Chateau at Lake Louise
, Contract for the reconstruction, oa
a fireproof basis, of the wing of the
Chateau Lake Louise, recently burned, has been awarded lo Carter, Halls
and Aldinger, of Winnipeg. The new
addition provides for' an increase iu
the number of rooms and will be completed by June 1st, 1924, in lime for
next summer's tourist travel.
Missionaries motoring thiough Ton-
do, a district, of .Manila, were shocked
to see the word "dammit" on signboards. It was then explained that
the word meant clothing iii;the Taga-
log dialet.
.. Experts say that f a watch keeps'
much better time if it is wound in the
morning instead of at night, because
the spring is taut throughout the day,
when it is subject to. mos< vibration.
Says World Slowing Down
The rotation.of the earth on its axis
Is gradually slowing down;-Dr. A; CD."
Crommelin told members of the British Astronomical Association. "In a
few hundred- million.years," he predicted, "the sun will shine on one. side
only, the other side will be wrapped
ih frozen darkness, and the moon may
vanish altogether."    ���
If anyone began to counl the cor-,
puscles of the hody of a man of average weight, couuling at. the-rate of
100 a minute, day aiid nighl, it would
take 285,000 years to complete lho
task. ''' ��� " -'..-:.-  " "��'
Young Lady (to artist).���"Would it
be possible for you to lake the picture you've paiuted for niy husband
and change.it to a landscape? I'm
going to get a divorce."
H. B. Demonstration Farm
' Ten Acres To Bs.Used By-Gover'nmerit-
V  To'Demonstrate Passibitities'Of,   '
.���','���  ;-" 7 Northern-Latitudes   f
An.aroa ;of :itppro'xin)a lely, ten acres
of crown iaticis-siiuaf'ediit .either Mile
K'.i -oi'. ���Mile. 1S5 .311 (lief Hudson's' Bay
Railway.'is to be placed undvr cultiva-
li'oii as-a demonit ration ���'.farm by."Hi.1
IVd��T;0 .'l.Vpai'triii'iu - of-_ Agriculture.
;.-staled lion.���'\V.'"n.- Motherwell,,'M.inis'-
'.-ler of Agrlduli.ure, cm his' r&tuin trip
f after an inspection-of llie railway..
-'��    The  object.:;wi!l  be, .to- demonstrate
the. growth and.maturity of .alt garden
���. vegetables; grains and grasses, which
, may prove comniercially practicable.
; Hits Chinese Trade.
,,; Brazil'   produce.-;������''four-fifths,  of   the
.coffee constmied-'by t.he"v.;b.rld._-j;. .."-.._-
Bobbed" Hair-Habit >'Ruins..Important'
- -   ���    Industry fn China ��� .
-If llie -\yomen -'o'f. "Canada'" and the
���United; States '""contiriue to' bob- their
hair,''one' of China's, important' industries .is" doomed; ��� ="'.;'f ������ 7--.,' !f-. ... '.
���., The -bobbed;'h'air---lVabit-" isf ha'yiug;a;
disastrous -effect-'on the,manufacture
of --hair n.et.sV. -Thefilemand for .. hair
nets has -��� decreased so- de.cidedly that
during, the-, past, ffew months the industry has been practically at a slahd'r
still. The exportation of hair -nets
from China fn recent years amounted
fo $10,000,000 (gold) annually. The
industry was" rapidly built up Iti China
following, the 1011 revolution,.-when
the edict against the wearing- of.queus.
was; issued;; flooding ".the.- .uiarkeiff.with
lhunian;hair.7_-' ,vW'���V-V'-.'-'���'���'-' "f-: ������   ' ^ -'
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta-
ble Compound a Depenctable
Help for Mothers
Don't .neglect 'o iake a bon
M's'nard's   in   the   woods.-
universal remedy    for   spr;
bruises and cuts.    .
le of
. The
-'A^-'ti'tfvbl.iJnoUniac^f'poHcy-f lias just
b.?eii- issued'-by; Lloyd's :'iinderv,-ritf-is.
It- insures -'againsi-";death 'jfronV- excessive laughter-while iiif the. theatre. V
; ��� Can ada /in- pr.oport loft .t o pppula tion ,-
lias/fewer., uivorccs -,than'., any. bf ��� the
Kr_g?ish'-sp?"akiug.; c-buntries '--[oiVthe
1 world.'
- Ii- is-jior .too-.errly,-lo.'.regisi'pr.-i'af'sol-;
emh.,vqw; -tO'swat-; the , man., who calls
itf. Xnias7 ,.i" ;-- yy-;:'.-   xyXyixiXXy X.,
Minard's "Liniment" for.Dandruff-
.. 'Port,Gr<_vi!le, Nova Scotia". -L" I took
your medicine Xor a terrible pain in my
side and for weakness and headaches. I
seemed - to bloat all over, too, aivd -iny
feet and hands were the worst.. I am
the mother of four children and I am
nursing, my baby���-the first one of four.
I could nurse. I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. before the
baby.'s. birth; so you can. see how much
it,helped, ine; "I cannot praise-it too.
highly for what it has done, for me. I
took all kinds of medicine/but the Vegetable Compound is the "only one that
has helped nie for any length of time.
J recommend it to any one with troubles
like mineand you inay usemy letter fora
Port Greville, Nova Scotia.
Before and after child-birth the mother
will find Lydia E. Pinkham's^ Vegetable
Compound a blessing. V
��� Many, many letters are received giving-the-same: sort of experience as'is
given in. this letter. Not only is the
mother benefited, but these good results
pa*3 on to' the chiIdW'::',- : =. ��� ��� ���>��� -..-: --1"-
,;'-No'f;harmful! dru^s sre.'used in;the
preparation of; this medicine���just roots
.and herbs���and.it can be taken in safety
by,the nurasng iriother.  -7'-'"' Xiy yXy.y-.
.98 out of every-l^womea reported
benefit from its use ma rscent canvass
atnocg.woFsaea^nsers oft&s'inedfcIae.-C
.A" Liner .Without Funnels
Motor-DrivStV, -Boa,t- Plying--Between
-. f .Vancouver and-Australia" ���-'-,"
..The" nuniherof .fiumeis on-Vitnfoceaiv
liner- has- be/on a popular gauge_ot-the
grandeur bf the vessel,"���buVtli'e Qor-
angi, recently. la'Mhelied-'on .lhc-Clyde,
iias no. fuiiiieisVThe.vessel is; fairly
'called" the first :'h_6l orr:di-ivea passeu'-
gei-- liner. ^.. She . has "a.- displacement'
of twenty-three.- tlioitsand. ftoiis aiid .'a
speed ot".eighteen kiiots. Four sets
off six-'eylinder Diesel- engin'es. deli vet*
���thirteen, thousand horsepower,- which
is applied to four screws.. ,. The Oor;
atigt. will ply. belw'een Vancouver and
'Australia, a'route long ���.etiough--to
make economizing;,fuel and fuel space
of considerable, importance.���Youtlfs
Companion; ...'.'���   ,f      7     f"   .  '
Princesses In,Business- "-"���-.
. There-are now- tliirty-foiir Russian
Princesses'.in; England1." engaged in
business,' says, an" English" Correspdn-
ii.'f'ht.":- Siraiigo los'ayfwhjle many find
St--hard'to make a living, these exalted refugees all seem to prosper, although . some oT them can scarcely
speak a dozen1 words of the English
language 'correctly.. One' charming
Princes.s. sells puppies and claim's to.
be making a cool ;��7,000 per "annuna.-
Inter'nally and Externally it is Good.
T'iie crowning property of Dr; Thomas'
Eclectric Ol! is that it' caff be .used, internally for ir.ariy cphiplaints as .well
as externally.-'' For sore throat, croup,
whoJdpirig cough, pains ia the chest,
colic and many, kindred ailments it has
qualities tliat are unsurpassed. A
bottle of it costs little and there is no.
loss in always having it at liand,
Calgar'y, Alberta, Is said to. have
more - telephones in proportion to
population than any oilier, community
on the American continent..
f-Tattooingf the .iovei:*-3. aaine fon the
wrist is.- said to bare supplanted the j
wrist-watch as., a fad. among' English j
girls;   ,. -. .'��� W-,'- XX ���''. '-���-- :-X: .   -''
Garage Men
-.- -77 V:- ���   SKN'D FOR OUR
September Stock L
.  f ���''��� MAILED FREE1 0N7EEQUEST
��� Showing Winnipeg Warehouse Stook, on. hand ready
"��� -���'* for immediate shipment,of BAR IRON AND MILD STEEL,
"     CASE  HARDENING COMPOUND, etc. f;   .   '
. 7'V:���"-%,'.; y]If:irS Sted.or Iron. We:HaveIt . 'X:   X
U^s-nol just custom thatmate;^
t    miisTard' with thcir ^mcals.    Mustr
X  A vS SstLrv and Kelps to ass.nu-
.-wd-ai*. d'^50"   fe.R good habit to
acquire.   Mix iflrcshMo1 c^r^     7
To Women Who Do Their Own Work: Supposes
you could save sis; minutes every day in washing
pots and pans���two minutes after every meal.7 In
& month, this would amount to, a. saving of three-
hours of this disagreeable but necessary work.
fThis saying can be made by using SMP enameled
; kitchen utensils, as their smooth sanitary surface
will, not absorb dirt or greaise: . No scraping', scouring q��
polishing, Js needled when yoa. use Diamond or FearlWare*.
Soap/ water and a dlsH towei Is all you need,.-. Ask fot   ' ������
jkFaee of Porcelain and a Heart of Steel"
"Three finishes: Pearl Ware, two coats of pearly grey
enamel iBfiide and out. Diamond Ware, three coats, light
blue and white outside, white liniripr.    Crystal Ware,
three coats, pure white inside arsd out, with Royal Blue.
[heet Metal Pf?ODumxo^^,'ir
' ^   'Jfardpvare Store\
Minard's' Liniment1.: for':.grains "and t
",....���;!Bruises Xy -'."���'���'���'��� ZZ'' X-' X-'-''���-���:  "   i y
\ \
One Source Of Fire
Danger of Spontaneous Combustion If
Crop Is Housed When Damp
We know there are peoplo who seo', ��
ihe idea of spontaneous combustion.
Their odly idea is that fire cau start
only I'rom a match or from lightning,
and it is useless to talk about fire resulting when neither of these elements
are present. Those who have belief
that fire starts from such mysterious
origin as spontaneous combustion, and
that spontaneous combustion will result from wel or clamp material will
be careful in seeing that the crops aro
Jn fit condition before being garnered
In wet or catchy weather Ihe fanner becomes anxious and in spite ol'Jii$
belter judgment,- mav yield to lhe
temptation to put his crop in before
it ls really fit. Crop so boused should
be salted to minimize the danger from
overheating. Better lose part of the
crop through destruction by the wet
and catchy weather than lose the
whole crop and the barn .besides,
through fire resulting Trom it being
housed too soon. Part of our readers
may still be skeptical but the wiser
ones will take ..share in the warning.
Nothing cau be doue with those who
are too ignorant or too ^stubborn to
believe there is such a thing as spontaneous combustion. ���    -
A number of years ago we saw an
lee-house, full of ice and packed in the
usual way in sawdust. Moreover,, it
was built on a wharf aud accessible
to a whole' lake of water. If would be
impossible to set fire to such a place
by- ordinary mear's,.' yet we saw the
whole building consumed about noon
on a hot summer clay when nobody
had'been near to give it a start". Spontaneous combustion was the only-
theory by which^tbe fire could be accounted for.���From tho Durham
Chronicle. ""���  ""'- ,
The first shipment of wheat was received by ' the Saskatchewan wheat
pool Sept. 2.
.Sea-fish,   aggregating  a   weight  of
03.817,000  pounds, and valued  at ?2,-   ,   ,
9S3.250.  were lauded on  the AtlaniKff Why M���y M���*li*���M. Are Bad,y
Pacific  coasts of Canada  duriug
British troops have evacuated Fort
Bekleek, Fermanagh. ' This is the last
of the British garrisons ia Ireland
with lhe exception of troops at.
Queenstown   Hart or.
Hon.    G.    J*.    Graham,  Minister ot
Hallways, has been appointed Minister
' of Defence during the absence of Hon.
E. M. MacDonald-a I the Loan.to ofNa-
9; ...
tious assembly. "   "
'.German? has made her initial, payment of 20,000,000 gold marks; under
the Dawes, plan.     The payment was
. received by-Leon Frnsier, assistant to
. Owen D. Young, agent general nd in-
, 'terlm,. for reparation payments.
The ltepar.uion .Commission.oflicial-
. ly "declared ..the Dawes".plan in. opera-
Tiion  Sept.' 2...    .The  decision- to pro-.
���claim-the plan iii effect'was reached
.by/llie''commission1, in a. plenary s'es-
Vioii' pretided over by Louis Uarth.ou. .
'   The':   number '""of,immigrants "-from
���Canada and .Newfoundland during the"
.-fiscal year ending June .1, ,lf)2-f. was
'  "200,690.- according' lof figures'issued-by"
:'"lhef.United Suite- pcparfincnl "of iiii-
:-:mig!'atibn.----. -_-������ .-----.^--y- -������-.--.- --.--���_-
..--.'The    L'.S.-tf.". Trenton' leJT Biisliire,
.Persia, for-the, -United-Slates;-.bearing
HVe- body' of- ~Vice-.Cons.iil-" Robert; At.
Vlmbru1." who was .-killed ;by a nioh:.a'
I'-'.Teheran...  It  was  beiiig  rel'tirned "to
fl'hc'-UnUed "States;.ai .llie "  '
t.he.Heraia-.-i-.Government".' ':- ...--'   .��������� -
������ Kn'ut!' Rasmusst'ir,' -DiUHshVe.iplorer,
Juts arri'-ed at    "Nome,   Alaska,-   after
When you are so. run-down iu health
that it impairs the efficiency of your
work as well as your power to enjoy
your leisure hours, or obtain rest, it is
time you looked to the cause. ��� If you
do not, a serious breakdown is alufost
sure to result" sooner .or later. In
nearly" all cases this condition, which
doctors usiiallyd^scribe as general debility, is due to poor blood���blood that
is deficient in ted corpuscles. ' 'When
the' blood is thin and weak your whole
system suffers, You lose appetite,
have no energy, your nerves-I rouble
vou and you feel restless.
What you need Is help to buiid up
The Apple Is AW
Most Attractive Fruit
British Columbia .Apples Noted For
Their Intense Color
Tho beautiful coloring" of the B.C.
apples makes them specially attractive. The cause of color is not thoroughly understood, but it may _be said
tliat each variety of apple has* a color
peculiar to itself and it only requires
the proper conditions and chemical
changes to develop Iheni. It is well
known lhat sun'ight is an important
factor iu color development, helping
to intensify the coloring of the apple.
In warm dry seasons such as this has
been on the Pacific coast,-fruit matures earlier than ln wet seasons.
Where the fruit is permitted, to mature on the tieeu before it is harvested the higher and more beautiful lho
color will be. .
British Columbia apples are noted
for their intense color. In most districts the land is irrigated, and by-
stopping'irrigation ancl causing a ripening of the tree the fruit more thoroughly matures and partakes of the
rich colors which make (lie fruit of
B.C. notable.
There is a wide variety of ways in
which apples may be prepared for the
table and-there is no lack of practical
recipes-which are suitable for any
home or table in any'part of the country.
Dutch Apple Cake.���Two cups flour,
.half teaspoonful salt, two teaspponruls
baking powde"r7 four tablespoonfuls
butter, one cup milk, all level measurements, pour butter into greased
baking dish, cover with sour apples
peeled ancl sliced, sprinkle two tablespoonfuls sugar and'one quarter teaspoonful cinnamon over thorn and
bake in moderate oven aboul 25 miu-
u.tcs.'. Fill a baking dish three quarters1''full of sliced tart apples and
sugar. This may. be covered with
pie crust, soft, biscuit dough, or a batter of one cup" sweet milk,- one small
teaspoonful salt, one egg. one teaspoonful soda;'two teaspoonfuls cream
of tartar, and flour to make a stiff batter.'' ��� . '
^Applo Catsup.���Quarter, core and
pare 12 sour apples. ���, Put in a saucepan, cover with water and let rammer
until soft; nearly all otWlhe j-water
should be evaporated;'rub through
the sieve'and add the following to
each quart of pulp: One cup of sugar,
one teaspoonful of cloves, oue teaspoonful of mustard, two teaspoonfuls
ot cinnamon- and cne tablcspoonful of
sail,- two cups of yincgar and two gral-.
ed onions. ..Bring the catsup to a boil
and. let simmer gently  for one hour.
No woman can
be homely who
does this
A simple method which safeguards lovely complexion���
the beauty every woman can possess.
No girl or woman can bc called
unattractive who has kept the
beauty and radiance of youthful
And today millions of women
know tin's simple method. You
too may employ it to keep lovely
and young the clear, fresh skin
Nature gave you.
This is all you need .
Cleanse the skin regularly, au-
Madc in
thoritics say, to keep your complexion lovely, radiant, youthful.
But beware of harsh cleansing
methods. They injure skin.
Wash thoroughly; with
Palmoiivc Soap���each night before retiring. Rub thc creamy,
foamy lather well into tlie tiny
.pores. Rinse ��� and repeat the
washing. Then rinse again.
Then���if skin is dry���apply a
little cold cream. That is all.
Skin-so cared for is not injured
by. cosmetics, by wind and sun,
or by dirt.
The simple, correct way
_ You cannot find a more effective, beauty treatment. Because
Palmolive Soap is blended of rare
palm and olive oils��� famous for
mild but thorough cleansing qualities since the days, of Cleopatra.
Aiid it is inexpensive. Let it do
for your whole body what it does
for the face.
Sec that you get Palmoiivc ���
which is never sold unwrapped.
All dealers: have it.   In a short"
time improvement will be noticeable, encouraging.
Volume -and
produce 2So
quality for
Winnipeg Toronto Mr.'itreai
dPalm and olive oils���nothing else--give
Nature's green color to Palmolive Soap.
your blood  and  you  should begin at
oiie.e io make your blood rich and red| Dot tic,- cork and seal.   .'   ..  ,:
by-taking Dr. Williams' '- Pink'   Pills, j    Apple Icing.���One cup'of su,
You will soon notice the difference in    . .   . .    -,-���      ��� 1-, if-= >>���,-,__ ful
vour health ov, ._, better- appetite ancl H111"1 cuy 0l *atu' ont  ^1<-spooulul
increased "vigor.     Thc reason is that jt'rciim  of ..tartar;   heat gradually and
ar, one.-'
Saying Goo3-by To London
Queen Alexandra Plans to , Visit
Metropolis For'Last Time
In October the Queen-Mother Alexandra will leave Sandringhum'for her
last visit'to (.London; For years now
���ever since the deatli of King Edward
���she has lived at -Sandringham, her
country homo, with which are associated the happiest memories of her
life. But she has paid periodic visits
to Marlborough House, her palace in
London, every.year. Now, at eighty,
she feels the time has come lo retire
from the rush and whirl of-the great
metropolis. Yet she "must say goodbye, to London���the London to which
she canic(,moro. thau sixty years ago;
tlie "sea-king's daughter from oyer
the sea." to .be the bride of the heir
lo the British throne. "I want to have
just oue more look al my dear Londoners," she is reported to.have said; and
tho forthcoming October visit is,to af-'
ffc-rd her that opportunity;'
-'There.-is none other London loves
quite so; veil. It.'was-London that
-took her to Us heart when'she.came
%   ���
anointed me to
Luke 4.18. -
Golden   Text:    He
preach good tidings.
Lesson: Luke 1.16-30.
Devotional Reading:   Isaiah   Gl.1-3,
10, 11.
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boll'-without' stirring until   thesyrupj
will thread wheii'dropped fromaj'ork.
j in all- her shy lovelin'ess ��� fresh from
her .' .Danishf; -fjionie. --... - She "won., the
hearts!'of-.the''London .public,   then-,-
Pour slowly .over the well-beaten white | and ' sh6  hay ]ic]d  hpy ^y. secure
ever since... .-Affection has'long since
deepened, into abiding .lovo,"-.touched
of  oue   egg,   beating  constantly,' audi,
continue until'.I hick., enough': to" spread.1
Add two- tablespoonfuls of grated1 apple,", beat'.and.'spread ,on-tiie cake. '.���   .,"
Canada's Production Of__}}}_ 1=: _-_..
Butter: and Cheese
travelling. oiu, fqo.tv by .-dog;,.sled. >ihd
su'anior from Diinina.rk.'" "IJasunissen
��� left. "Denmark', three years ago 'to'make-
,-lils  way as best hi. .might. along the
��� frozen' "liule" half "circle" of llie eartli.
Clark's Canadian, Boiled Dinner
A    jiHupl.e'o.  meat -and -.vegetable
course.'-   Prepared l'rom:,,Canada. Ap-f
���proved'' prime beef.and ii vari.ely.of-
fresh   vegetables, with-a'tasty .beef
���'stock "gravy... Simply heat and'serve.
"Let thedark Kitchen's help you.". ������
/.Come From .U.S. .To Settle :
f 'Thirty-./hoinoseofcers ..from." Da.veri-
port, Iowa, ancl. vicinity left'there, r'e-
"'rently:-I'm a-.spei-ial, car 'for: Winnipeg
-���io'-selilV"on farm-, lands ,in .Western
���Canada/""'..'   -'W:   XX   '':i"-V-f.*   '7'
...The 'population-offLondon .exceeds
by ;two'.million'' that  of the..whole." of
>-Ausfra"liaf-- -��� X'-. -      ---'������ V " -   ' '.-
Growing Importance of.Dairy'Industry"
''-'In Caiiiada Shown By Figures '- ,'
���. Canada '".- lurned ",. but ' IGc!,45(.,'75i>
pounds of, creamery butler valued..at
expense. of ( $56,S9'4,00S . last "year-,., compared fwiUi'
152.501,900.. pounds Valued- at-?53,_i537
.2S2 the' year before..' Tlie :price of
butter���'iu"-".i92.J/ayoragcd 34'-cents per
pound;agtiliisl ZAii -cents per pound iti
1922. ""Qflajit year's production, Que:
bee ..manufactured 60,179,016 "pounds
Valued at, ?20,7'-lUu.-_; Ontario;'54,.773,r
ISO. pound's valued- at $19ff43,505;-
Marilhiie" Provinces, G,319,57-1 pounds
valued at; $2,:J5i521; Prairie" P'rov-
inees,V,9,22:?,225 p'oisiids.-v.iluod at. |1_5,-
.106,'04o;.and Bri.iiih Columbia; 2,9(3!,-
154' pounds Vahse'd af $l',250.1S5f".'. ,. .
.-: Of.cheese, Canada -manufactured 1.1.
per ceiH.-more'ai ;in' increased value of
-31 per. cent, last year.;confparod with'
tlie' year ���-���before.'; the total maiiufac-'
.turcs in"Ift'l'i being "Jf>l,4S3,353 pounds
valued at.;-$2S._J2f).366:-v '.The average
price, of "cheese last, year was 13cct.ni-
psired with"y 6c "In",1922.7 .ThefMari-"
tinie Prfiyinc'es,' produced -.inf. -10.23,
2,67r,23S poiinds-' of cheese valued at
$514.404;���'. Qucibee.. "46,770,55(." pounds,
valued- at $S,763,'7fe:2':. Ontarip;-99,535.-f
.405 pounds' yalued-.'at ?18,842,102,;"-:anc!
ilief-PraJ.rie.ProvIncesi-^zrs'.OaS". pounds
valued it ��438,023. ��� '-"   ".,
.. H'.wilL-benotic.ed Quebec' manufactured.-the m'osi ereanicry -butter- ,a_id
Ontario, by far the 'raost-cheese.      ' " ���
7 v Alberta-Wheat  Pool     V
Handled'. .Over , Thirty-Four." Million
-,.-.--Bushe'ls-of-Wheat Lasr.Vea'r""' -���'.
'������'Aiberla'i wheat, pool, the-,first, established" iii 'Canada, fdislribut'ed ��?.i,-
720,77'G in "the itiitiaifye'ar. o'f,opera ("ion,
which closed J.uly 1.5," according to an
with, veneration since she.:h'as-grown
old. ..-.--There" is', no.'.'day the .Londoner
-hdn'ors".-" witli' liiJre -.seiitiment..,than
Alexandra Day, wheii ��� thousands1 sell
roses-Vhor;": favorite ������ flowerv-.lo. swell
the Hospital Fund: -And''wh.en7Alex.-_.
���aiidra "di'ives- alone -through London's:
streets���through the dingy-East" End
as well'- as. through.dignified. Belgruvia
-���there fs none,'not even, the,Miiost determined opponent.ofanonarchy as ari-
aiinouncement . ^nadu     by-1 . Manager [.institution, who' "does -no.t lift-his hat
Chester Elliott. " The first and second
The Text Explained and Illumined
The Mission of Christ, verses 1G-21.
Jesus came to Nazareth, where he had
been brought np and where he had lived through hii early manhood until
-the age of thirty, and on the Sabbath
he entered the-synagogue, as "his-custom was.. He had. been trained by his
parents from, the age of four to attend the synagogue services, ancl now
that. he. had come back-:inspired for
Jils.unique .work.-he continued to-frequent: the -place of worship. ^Custom is the fifth element in l.he'.uni--
verse," says a Syrian proverb. "'.'Habit
is1 (en "tiines natere," said "the. Duke
of Wellington. - "Better a boy's complaint, about the. rigidity'fof .parental
insistence upon "church attendance,
than a-man's censure of home-laxity
during the habit-making years of life;"
Bishop Vincent, was woiit.f-tp- aflirm".
/.'Jesus saw ihtintely. more in'the .word'
and revelation of God than.his.fellow-,
worshippers.' - Tlie rites .were simple
and archaic. .-.Nevertheless,- he-made
it- hisf custom still" to join -.in'the old
habits-and to keep" u'p the practices or
public service.- Aiid this is-more significant than we'.sometimes -realize.
It is .a; reminder of. ,the "truth.which.'
iti our.f'aricied spirliiia'Hly.-'vre .iir'e apt
to forgot���that tiie holiest, personal'life
can 'scarcely .afford.-.to"-.dispense .wil.h-
slated' forms'of,-de'votion,"and thai- tlio.
.regular public worship-of.-ihe Church','
"for- -all-- itsVloeai" imperfecu'ioh's1'"and'
dullness.".is a.'divine l-.provisdon " for
sustaining :t!ie individual; soul.,-%. Wo
cannot ;itTect-.Lo be-wiser than our Lord
-in this-hiiil.ter.' If ariyfpnii could have
pied thai,..liis sih'ilual experience was'
so lofty- that it did ndl/reaiiire tho'
stimulus, of -'public worship, if anyone
:   Powers Of Death Ray
Matthews Says He Will Give Invention
���*��� To Britain
Once the "death ray" is perfected,
it would bring down a fleet of attacking aeroplanes in a charred and 1 wisted mass of wreckage, H. Grim'loll
Matthews, inventor of the supposedly
deatli dealing device, said in New York
as he sailed for England.
It will require eighteen months'
work and $250,000"o\pense to perfect
the ray beyond ii.s present limitation
of 6-1 feei, the inventor said.
Matthews said that since coming to
the United State.?, ho had been offered
a big 'price for his invention by another foreign "government, but would
stick to his determination to give if to
thc British ���Government.
"The British Isles are no longer Is-
lands.'with ���"the development of aeroplanes," lie.said.,:. "It Is iny purposo
to.perfect a defence in the death ray."
".'- A Power pf its Own.���Dr.' Thomas'
i Eclectric Oil has a subtle power of it's
own.'. All. who have usoclil. know this
and keep ii.by-.tii'piu as .the most valu- .
able, liniment- avail::.<lc. "lis uses'are
innumerable and for ~-:-\\.y~years jf has
been prizod.us the-, lead ing Hniitient for
man "aruhbeasiif. .. -. -V   V; ':'
payments.'totalled $31,934,776.'and.4he-
final pay men/7 amounted- to "$5,7SQ,000."
'The pool -handled: betweenf.Sl.OOO.fOOd
���ami--38,000,000.'bushels--of wheat, the",
exact figures a 17 not '-yet' obtainable
and .practically vail .this-grain-was- of
y.ory-high/grade. -The'iiel return to
focal growers w:is about . S(> -cents a
bushel.  "-    "-".".;. "-.-.. 7.       -       V
or cap and cheerf-"-From-the-Montreal   -'"teht have-feltfthat the consecration
���'    ' '      and-communion, of his "personal  hie
"The .city; of Lima. Peru, lias an
;ea"rlhquake' about once a week, but in
ten; years there has.beeh.no loss of.life
or property. Slight jars and heavy
rumbliiigs are the chief characteristics;- -".
W.   N- - U.   1541
' in 1920 there were but 15,000. radio
receivers, in the country. Now there
are 5.000,000, and with loudspeakers
and extra head sets probably 10,;
000,000 people listen-in. ev'evy day.'- '.
SVtJ'nard's-' Liniment
Pains'- ,-. ���
for-'Achit   and
��� Nights'of Agony, come .in the' train
of astlihia.' ���' The - victim, ."caiuitit.": lie
down, and sleep -Is/driven -. from '- his
brain-.. What grateful .'relief is .the
iinniediatfe effect' of Pr.-.t.:D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy. It banishes; the
frightful.'.conditlons, clears.'.the"; passages,-and enables the" afflicted;oiie to
again sleep as soundly arid reslfully f's-!;pr0vious voar
a. child-. . Insist on the genuine al your;. ' *   ''
nearby." druggist'., ,..,
"������ Nearly all. children fare-subject" to
worms, and iiianj are borii "witli i hem.
Spare" them suffering,"by using Mother.
Graves' AVqi'iu ExLerminaior, an excellent remedy.  ,'   ".      :'..'���    "   '������[.
''-Automobile'1., tourist;. X in -Southern
California; are w.irned hot to yield to
the..hire- of the.'beautiful white, yucca
blooms of the desert, c-lfher on private
or- public lands.". ' The yucc'a.-ls protected fhy,law from extermination..
���.Iti-'the fiscal y7'i-r ended 'March '3,1st,
Canyida.'exporfeiT257,000,000 bushels of
wheatl'pr -i2,00p,0( 0' niore" Hum in. I lie
Tlie value bf wheat
shipped aboil wi' I his year; amounted" to
?268.0(}'o;000.- - '��� " f -"' v " V ['-" '.'-'���  :'���-
���'���.:-     Welcomed-By-Radio j
Tho-lOO membersfof the British Ast 1
social ion "for .-the \ Advancement '--of
Science "aiid the'International. Maiha-
matical - Congress -iviiq, ��� have ��� beeii
travelling across Canada byCanadian
National Railways, received their first,
welcome -10 Western -Canada by radio
as (lie two special.trains.neared Vrin-
nipeg. In a"-special programme
broadcast by'CNRW, "the National
Railways "broadeasts'ngcs,tali6n'at Winnipeg, cordial grieting_3. were extended
to the distinguished -visitors by Lieut.-
Governor Sir James Aikins and representatives of the sciences-in Manitoba.!
Other points visited by thc .party .'in !
addition to Winnipeg enroute.to Vancouver w.ei'e Saskatoon, Edinonloii and
Jasper National Park. ..     -  .   [y..
You Should Taka
The -expression "bee.s'-knees".f and
"snakes* hips" may be heard. with,
frequency among the Indians . of !.-lo-
dayf".-'. -������ '��� X- X .'-:���'       ��� '��� "X-'X .
: Teaching parrots to ta!k-,is'{he-prof
fessJon ofsa women in Xevr Ybrk.\:7"'"
And Vou Will-Get'":":.'
prompt relief :
��� --.'Whe'a'Toti aak for "Dr."Fowler's."
be sure you get Tfhat-^ou ask lor(ns-
feome-fof  theso  cleap^  nb-oanio,-no--
fcepuratioB.   preparations   may  jprov:e.
.dangerous' to yoiir health.'  --"
���'-.Pat up only by The T.MilburaCftf,
-'Liisusei .T��wat��, &&" ���
exempted . .hiin. -froni",what ordinary,
mortals.needed!-it "was'Jesus".. -i3ut Ho
niado- no such" pica. Sabbath after"
SabbathVcven. He was found in ���-the
place 'of worship,'" side-by.'.side. wit!).
God's average" people,; not,for the inero.
sake ef s'etfitig'a good - example,"' but
for; the deeper-1 reasons of fellowship,
with God.and man": (James Moffat).
.'= When the ..herring fishing proved a -
comparative failure inV I he .''Shetland -
Islands, the' women -tityned- tb" making
hand-knit. Woollen-' goods- which   sell",
readily" for high "prices".  -"
.f.I'ti. tlifi.latest"��� annual-.-lvpurlVofV'ua-
tTgaiida .'Rail way is'" i"he'--,quaiiii entry:; -
'.'.Two native, passengers killed"by wild
animals." f  -f.   .    -' : '-' - -WW
-   "FeHo'wship-in"ut'? to be-cstablis'liea
at'.-ttollinghaui,' Eiiglaiulf wlll.be a-new . .
expSiiinontin- a -.coniblued. comnuuiity ,f
cenl're and bar. '���  '  '.;.������  f; .".   -��� ,,-,  ."���     -;
"-Among th.e"-countries of the  world
Canada stands" fiisl-in tlie/percentagn r
of-its population living in -electrically-"
lighted homes.���'   ; *       ���   ".."-'-.-
Tourist .Traffic In. Quebec
:'" Tourist-, trail!: .in (he province of
Quebec in the past year or two. has developed iiito,one of.the-provinces most
important-industries,' and in, order to
make ���better,known, .the-',-.attractions
.which tills province has to-offer .the
tourist, .tlie-Provincial Government
lia's ��� authorized- tlie : expenditure 7o'f
some 3.50,0.00 for "advertising, aiid pubV
lici.ty purposes'."��� -The, money- -will .be
spent -in-cijnjupciidn .wiih the;Quebec
Tourists'- 'Association.    V" ��� V".- . .   .7
"7 f- '"T.hin People'Live Longest:' "
��� ."Thin people;iive long: ��� This-wk's an
jiiteresting disclosure, fat", 'the.faunual-
Ipicnic'ofthe Three1 Quarter Century
Club;. Battle Creek's, unique "organlz'a-;
tion- of those' who have reached 75 or.
niore', of which Fic'd-Lamera. aged:0;l,'
.was,the oldest.- in the entire, as'seni-,
blage not iif.fat.peri'pn-.was to.lie found;
;if riches have .wings a man may be
able-to' cliase.the almighty dollar more
successfully-with, the aid of-aii air-
shi��. ' '"���".-
_->��. ���a    vrna. ^ J'00 C3^  PrO^Ote ��
fo% ^^ISw^Cieaii- HeBMhyCoadiilon
YnltD fV_P\U��eMurine Eye Remedy
.SUtlK.E_.IIUJ "Night and Morning.-   .
Keep yonr Eyes Ciena, Clear and HeniJ&y.
.   .  Write for Knee Eye Care Book.. .
tariti Eye Ecmeily Co.,9 tut Oliie 5��iecl. CbfMsfl
-.   NOW-8UY  THE  BEST;     -
There ts a dealer handling Newcastle eo.__i.
In'every "town In Western Canada. LooSs
for him.      ..-'-...       -_---':    '    y ���
~xx    --MONEY ORDfcRS~~~~"~.'
/'"Remit V.V - Uoni'inioiv.; 1-ixpres..! 'Money:
OitJci-. " IS tost or stolen you Kel your
money - back. .        ...-'.'
-��� TW-liy suffer from corns when they,
can be painlessly rooted out by'using
Holloway's Corii I?emover7 ���-.      .7   ._
: ^^rf^^r?;^n;^|iiirai_fll?-t
,*. y. "/:��� --.-'���'--> '^zi-iwrij^^v-":;;-.-;:-11-..-x}i"=;-;
'7-When first .kuowa to the ancient
Komans; silk waj-sp ���'��� expensive'- tliat
it f was;Void,,Vveight for ,v.eight, wiih-.
goid.7f- .V".'..-.f-V^f'.-.'"'-.:"- XX'.'"-.'[y-'-
For Corns and,VvartSrrMlflard'affLini-
-��� - X---zmsr,%~z:y.- .- -X .X'Z 7-W *������'���"���."
118. IX bLEiiU S  l-lVERit_SDiMEV3
-3V!-E %^t> TCr.t.1\Hl.V. F.��R  LADtI_p^n.��l--J.-T'*
H.5.1.T; S��K��ft,��i: O  APERIENT PILLS,
S��-_' bv l.lJla, y.n-'ZZtf P��W_r _i ZlZ^* "'*
Bf L^Cl.E-'CMed.Cn Iiirsrstw.Ki \ \T i "���'���S-S^S-
orMall 9!. lOfrj-n TI. FRO"'r S . K..Tosta_<T{>.����&
���� ��3. _ic��^_l_Ks itfttl, Si-A YOKisCjir. THE LEDGE,  GREENWOOD,   BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1924
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
^   Lessee
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices {25.00
Coal aud Oil Notices     7.00
Esttay Notices ...3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  u.50
(Where more than one claim appears lt\ notice,  $5.00 for each ad-
ditional claim.)
Eaton's Fall catalogues have recently been distributed, great loads
of them. The quantity delivered
here in a single week represents
more money than is expended in
other advertising schemes in a year.
This distribution has been kept np
for 20 years or more. Surely the
firm has found this expenditure
profitable, else it would have been
discontinued long ago. Ife iB estimated that one per cent of the trade
brought by these catalogues pays
the whole of the expense connected
with them. If we could keep this
trade at home it would be a wonderful help.
,      �� m m
The end of the summer holidays
has come. The beginning of a vacation is a joyous time, and bo is
the end of it, and the great space
that lies between is a succession of
bumps and disappointments. Short
visits at Christmas or on week-ends
to exchange greetings with the companions of other days, to kiss our
women folk, and see the moonbeams in their ..eyes once more,
shake hands with our men folk and
say, "take care of yourself," are
all right. But two months of holidays are a weariness, a make believe and a pretence, a lazy time
full of bumps and disappointments.
This long stretch of- idlenesB. may
be all right for women and children
but for men there can never be any
fun in idleness. For a man ..who
.'can take his family to'7Europe;-on
spme.exploring trip, a long vacation may be worth while.'. ."'-'.,'.-
i.'i:-V"   -X-. ���-.-'������: ffi'fS'f-ffi .'..    -   .;-,',_ .7
7 Men on the;streetf'were, discussing the question of appropriate
dress, and wondering why: none of
the -" sportsmen,   wanted   to    wear
- skirts, f There never was a- male
angler, here who wanted to .dress
like. a. woman.    It is not that .men
".could hot- imitate, women, beautifully if there was any necessity for
it. Away, out in the front in war
time, there; were no women ; except
nurses, and they were .always.bnsy
with the wounded. Sof there were
no-girls.for.[theatricals, and;..boys
took, their parts and imitated girls
to perfection.;'-: ��� When the soldiers
came home, [these,'boys f continued
��� their theatricals, " and   they were
_irresistable. "The7;girls who come
here in: men's apparel" could-he
irreeistable too, if they, wore real
tailor-made stuS. But nothing in
the way of wearing apparel can approach a dainty frock with'a sweet
girl in it.7 ���'-'.
Game Regulations for 1924
The following is the amended
Game Regulations relative to the
Grand Forks-Greenwood Electoral
district which is in the Eistern
Mountain goat���Sept. 15 to Dec.
15, 1924.
Bear���Sept. 15 to June 15, 1924.
Deer���(Mule, - White-Tail aud
Coast), |_iucks only, throughout
the Northern and Eastern districts
(except White-tail deer in that
portion of the EaHtern district
known as^North aud South Okanagan and Similkameen Electoral
districts, aud in the Grand Forks-
Greenwood Electoral districts, west
of the summit of the Midway
mountains), open season from
Sept. 15 to Dec. 15, 1924.
Fur Bearing Animals ���In that
portion of the Eastern district
south of the main liuc of the O.P.R.
there shall be a close season ou all
fur-bearing animals, except iu regard to muBk-rats in the Columbia
Electoral district.
Ducks (except Wood and Eider
ducks), Wilsou Snipe, Coote,
Blackbreasted and Golden Plover,
Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs���
Sept. 15 to Dec. 30.
Geese and Brant���Sept. 15 to
Dec. 30.
Grouse and Ptarmigan (except
Prairie chicken and Sharp-tailed
grouse)���Sept. 15 to Oct  15.
In respect of big grnne uo person
shall kill or take or have in hic<
possession during the open season
more than two deer, all of which
must be of the male sex; and no
person shall kill or take or have iu
his possession during the open
season more than three bear of any
species other than*' Grizz^, and
one of this species; and no person
shall at any time kill or take or
have in their possession during the
open season more than two Mountain goat.
Grouse and Ptarmigan (except
Prairie-chicken in tlie Eeastern
district), 6 of one species or"12 of
all specie3 in one* day, total bag
bag limit, 50 in the aggregate.
. Ducks: Daily bag limit, 20,
tatal bag limit, 150.
-Geese: Daily bag limit, 10;'fcotal
bag limit, 50. "
Brant: Daily bag limit, 10; total
bag limit, 50.
Black-breasted'and Golden Plover and Greater and Le?ser Yellow-
legs: Daily bag limit, 15 in the
aggregate of all kind**; total bag
limit, 150 in the aggregate.
.Wilson Snipe: Daily bag limit,
25; total bag limit, 150.
Carmi News
V    Father.Ferroux.left- on a; business trip to Penticton on Monday;
..��� J_f Gashonf has^ stria ckf. a rich
body of ore in his mine near fCarmi.
Stephen Peckham .. moved'' his
household effects, to;Rock Creek on
Monday.   '.}[  wfv'-VW-VV  yy
E.   Lautard has   rented.  John
Gallioz's   field . and   paHfetire .and
,  expects to start a.goat ranch. V.
W. Bernes,Vfche. contractor  for
- the K. V. R. will-.6nish.filling.i.n
the  Carmi  bridge   in  abont two
��� Aveeks. 7-    -..-.-.-WW..  ;���.
;..--* On.Sunday night last some one
entered  Father Ferrous's garden
..and helped   themselves - to   some
cabbage. ���---'; ������).':' ,-_, _.,.-
- Joe Caron and son, Harold,' will
be through logging."in aVyeek.
They halve taken a tie cbntracfc
from T. W. Clarke.
A man employed fighting fire
north of Carmi waa seriously injured on Tuesday and was rushed
to Greenwood for medical attention. - -
A surprise party, consisting
mostly of Beaverdell people, was
held afe the home of Mr* and Mrs,
T. W. Ciarke on Tuesday night
Mnsic and songs were: the,chief
events of the everting. )}.-
The Carmi Board of Trade held
a meeting in the committee room
on Monday night, with J. Bradley
in the chair and Steve Bwauson as
sec.-treas. . Matters pertaining to
the town asd. district were discussed. -W-V "-���'.���>��� x, y.'-. y-X'-XXXi
Dr. K. C. .McDonald New
Provincial Secretary
Victoria, . Sept. 10th, ��� While
the news came as a surprise to
many, the appointment of Dr. K.
C. fMcDonald,1 Liberal. member-
elect for TNTorth Okanagan,fas provincial secretary, is considered by
party, leaders one of the, wisest
moves Premier Oliver "has 'fmade.
WithJNonainafcion Day ��� :on September .17 and .Election Day set for a
week iater, there appears every
likelihood that Hon.;Dr. McDonald
will be . returned by acclamation.
The new minister has been prominent in his party for, twenty.ffive
years. He was first elected, to.the
Legislature in-1916,. again iu 1920
and-for, a-third time.last June. He
is a man.of "affable nature, keen in
his perceptions and very, highly re-
gardedf . Dr. McDonald's appointment has undoubtedly strengthened
the Oliver governmentf materially.^
. There,now;appears"every likelihood that the scale of timber royalties will be reduced when. the Legislature meets.; The new schedule,
due.to come into effect in Jamiary,
will .probably   not .be   enforced.
Students Storm and Capture Rocky Heights
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work, and material  guaranteed.   We
pay postage oue way.    Terms Cask.
Top Left.���encamped near the Columbia Ice Field.
Mount Columbia, second highest ( peak in the
Rockies, ls seen ln the background.
Below.���One of the peaks recently scaled for the f!t-��t
time tn history.
Five peaks in the Canadian Rockies have just been conquered for the first time by three Harvard and Hotch-
kiss students who were accompanied by their Swiss
guides. The students who climbed and named the new
peaks in the famous Columbia ice field are Osgood Field,
Frederick Field and Le'mond Harris of Boston. ' They
were led by the noted Canadian Pacific Railway guide
Edward Fuez, the oldest guide in point of service in the
Canadian rockies. Two of the newly conquered peaks
have.been named Mount Harvard and Mount Hotchkiss
after the two American universities.
The party made five first ascents including the hitherto
unconquered Mount Patterson, 10,400 feet, Mount Sir
James Outram 10,700 feet, the South Twin, 10.60C feet'
and the-unnamed peaks, Havard and IJotchkiss. Besides
all this they discovered a new route to the top of the"
second highest peak in the Rockies, Mount Columbia,
12,000. feet, which was made in a return journey of
twenty-three hours. The aim of the exploring party, to
conquer the South-Twin, was successfully attained.
The Field-Harris party left Lake Louise five weeks ago
accompanied by two guides, five packers and nineteen
horses, and travelled 200 miles into the Columbia ice
inset.���Flcld-Itarrln party neurlng their objective.
Ussht.���Kdward Fuez, famous Canadian Pacific Itail-
�����vny Swiss guide, -who led the Field-Harris expe-
U.tlon, conquering five new peaks tn the Col-
___i.hlu Ice Field.
field. Their progress was halted several times by the
terrific winds from the ice fields and once they were
forced to Tialt a day at Mistayah lake in order to make
rafts with which to get their horses across. Here, at the
foot of Mount Patterson, they put up a biyouac camp and
accompanied by the weird howling of the wild ice winds of
this district spent most of their night thrubbing a ukelele
and singing warm southern songs. _ '������
Lemonde Harris had his own Swiss guide with him,
Joseph Biner who has guided him for many years in the
Swiss Alps. Edward Fuez who has been guiding* in the
Canadian Rockies since 1903 was the man who successfully manouvered this valuable expedition. The greatest
novelty of the trip, he stated on his return, was the
meeting of fourteen American girls on the lonely forks of
the North Saskatchewan River, who were travelling alone
with their packers. The girls insisted, that the party stop
off for dinner with them that night, following which a
note of civilization was added to their wild northern
environment by the sound of the Ukelele and the swish
of dancing feet over pine needles dimly lighted by a
biasing log camp fire. ���    _
Following the conference of Bixty
timbermen with the government,
Hon. T. D. Pattullo,' minister of
lands, Faid''he was in sympathy
with the...timber interests and
agreed - that the new schedule
could hardly be made effective. Id
is exprcted that a bill will be
drown up for.the consideration of
thfl Legislature ��nd revisions will
be made in the Royaly Act.
Premier Oliver ia en route to Ottawa to attend the freight rates
hearing before the Boaid of Railway Commissioners on September
17. He will be assisted by G. G.
McGreer, K.O., as counsel, provided the case develops to the point
where argument by counsel is
deemed necessary. Mr. McGreer
will be in Ottawa anyway aa counsel for the fruit growers. The
Premier left here hopeful of securing farther reductions in rates, fov.
this province and said he was. determined to "fighttoa-finish,".
(Diversion and Use.) -    .   .
TAKE NOTICE that Melcua ���Harrison
whose address is Kalcden, B.C.', wilt applyfor
d licence .to'take'and use 200 ac. it. of water out
of Beaver Creek wliich ...lows South Westerly
and drains into"West. ITork Kettle River.'aboul
Beaverdell.      ���""'..-'"." " '���   -
. The water will be diverted from the stream
at a.poiut about S. E.'Cor. I.. 3130 and. will be
used ��� for irrigation purposes upon "Uie laud
described as TU. 3130, h. 3129; I_. 565S, R. M. 8;.
^This notice was.posted ou /tlie- ground ou
the 15thday of July, 1924.   ..
A copy of this notice and anapplication pursuant thereto and 'to the 'yWalcr Act, 1914" wi 11
be Sled in the office "of. the .Water.. Recorder at
Grand Forks, B.C.     -'���.   f   -'   ..-���   ���   '..       --
Objection to the "application may .be -filed
with,,the said Water Recorder ��� or with the.
Comptroller' of' Water . Bights, ' Parliament
Bulldtiifjs, -Victoiia, B. C'.;, within thirty" days
after the first, appearance-of this uol'ice in.a
local newspaper.   ,���������������-   .,-'..    '���'-'.
The date of the first publication of this notice
is September 4th,"1924. - - ���"'
"������.'.-���-'���.   ��� ���; .       - MELENA-HARBISON,  .
'_.-"-:.   '-.    '-'Z.'��� ���. ;."'.'   ''- ,   Apul'icastt.
.,'.'..,'���."' .7     fv    -   JAS. D:.;1IARRI'S0N, X
'" ��� .' '���' '.    ' ���''  X'X . ,-"   -   "* .'".._ '.-.Agent.'
SEPTEMBER 16 - 17 - IB
Fare and One-Third Return Trip
- . From stations in - British . Columbia, Midway, Revelstoke, Cranbrook
'andall intermediate branches* including Efoatenay, Slocan aad Arrow Lake
steamer routes.;-'     V f 7 ��� V     "' ..���-'���' ���������-���.      --. "���    -������"--.���     --���"-'���-...
-WON; SALE; SEPT."' JS,/16,f ly-RETURS^UWIT SEPT,  207 )
V.v.'.'" Tickets from-Agents or Pursers. .^Conductors will sell Excursion tickets;
frojn'fiag statiQns..-f-. i'-J V-:'���-.'?,��� ">'--""-'f"  '-':"."':''��� -Xy'-xXxX'X^XXyy-
Hy^-y^x^". CARTER,- ;b.Pj��,;;.NelsoiVB.C:y] XyXy:
AI��L PERSONS having' claims iig-ainst the
estate of 'William Tippie, late of Midway in the
District of Yale, who died at Myncaster, in said
District, on the 2nd day of August; 1924, are re-
qu'trcd to send the same, duly verified, to tho
undersigned, the Executor under the will of
said Deceased, on or before the Uth day of
October, 1924, after wliich date the said estate
will be distributed among those entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims of which I
������hall then have had notice; and I shall not be
liable for the said assets or any pan thereof to
R.ny person of whose claim I sliall not then have
received notice.
Dated at Bridesville, B.C., September 2nd,
.. Executor.
Certificate of Improvements.
���.7N0TICIS.    .7.--V
"Black Pine Fractional" Mineral Claim, situate
in the Greenwood Mining Division of Yale
District. :y-������;������: .......:
Where located:   On Wallace Mountain.    ..
TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac Hoyt Hallett'
Free Miner's Certificate No.:. SS0S3C, for myself
and as Agent for David R. McElmon, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 62284C, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, .to apply, to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaiuing a Crown Grant of
the above claim. - ,    - '.--',"'
And further take notice that action, under
Sectiot. 37,- must be commenced    before the
issue of such Certificate of Improvements.   . ���
" Dated this 35th day of July.A.D. 1924.
xy ;��� y  yyyx-    i. h: hau,ett
New Westminster and
Return      ww
Account Provincial Exhibition. September fr-13
"From Allf Stations "in British Columbia."
7." 7 'ON'- SAfLB 'SEPTEMBER^:6-12; VvW"""'" '\y,
���X-.   ^^    .RETURN LmiTv. SEPTEMBER 15 7..
Fares apply ..via   Midway   and . Hope.     THrough   Service,;
via. Kettle   Valley ..Railway. 7
TICKETS  and; Berth.Reservations   from   any   Agent  of
;}���.)}]}��� ..    Purser Kootenay Steamers   ..
J.S, CARTER, D.P.A.; Nelson       {
Office above Chas. King's office.
Open 9.30 fi.in. to 5 p.m.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed-
;own lands may bo pre-empted by
British subjects over IS years of age,
uid by aliens on declaring Intention
to becoruo British ..subjects, condl-
:idnal upon residence, occupation,
md Improvement tor agricultural
purposes. "
Full Information concerning regu-
ations regarding pre-emptions Is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
'How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
whicli can bo obtained tree of charge -
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Gov-
. nment Agent.
Records will be granted covering
inly land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which ��� is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Kange
and 8,000 feet per acrei east of thai
Range. .
Applications for pre-emptions are
.0. be addressed to the Land Com-
nissioner of tlie Land Recording Division, In which the land applied for -
is situated, and aro mado-on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptipns must be occupied for
five years and improvements made
to value of $10 per acre,f including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For. moro detailed Information see
the    Bulletin'  "How.   to     Pre-empt
Land.". ,   ��� ���._���������
PURCHASE   .':       X  "';
Applications are received for pur-,
chase,   of    vacant    and -unreserved
'Crown  lands,  not  being ' UmbertamV
for agricultural  purposes;   minimum.
...price ..of, first-class (arable) land Is |5;
per acre, and second-class  (grazing)
. land  ?2.50 per acre, -f Further infer-.'
��� mattdn regarding purchase, or-.leased
of Crown lands ls given in Bulletin
No.  10, Land Series,  "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
���   Mill, factory, or industrial sites on
timber, land, not exceeding -10 acres,
.may be.purchased or leased, the conditions      including"-- -payment       of.
fsttiaipege.  . ���" ....       '7     ,-
Xx.. X-   HOMESJTE'LEASES"  '        ''���"
-���- U'nsurveyed areas, not'oxoeeding 20
_ acres,'; may..be   leased as  homesltes,
c'ohditiohar.upon; a .dwelling   being'
erected, in 'the. first,year. - title being'
obtainable : after  residence . and   lm���.
- provenient-. conditions . aro '  fulfilled
and land, haa been "surveyed.
7'   -   '- "   Xy - LEASESS-'";.-���"' '."-; X
���-.. ,~For Brazing-"and-industrial" "pur-
: po'863 areas not exceeding: 640-.acres.
"may be leased by on��.person or-a
. company.--'   ������' ��� y. yy    .-. :���'��� -���',.-.   ���
���.-" '; yX y   "���"GRAZING; x y"'y>y
; .tfnder- tli��; Grazing-Actithe Province is.divided into,grazing districts'
.and the range'administered, under-,a.
Grazing ' f.-Commissioner....-Annua] .
grazing' p"c_rmlls'';are~lss"ued"based--on-
;numbers ranged, priority being given",
.to established owners; Stock'-ownera
- mayf-form   associations - for- ..range
.'.management-   Free, or partially free','
- permits, are  available  -for    settlers,
campers''and-, travellers, .up -to"  ten.
head. '.������-=-.       '.'���-."   ...' ��� "-.'   -
.'Have yoivpai^ your .subscription to .The Ledge?7  ..
M   -;
���:. til
���   The IHineral Province of Western Canada
Xi '������ R&h  produced   Minerals' as. . follows: r Placer. .Gold, . $76,962,203;   Lode'
'-" V   Gold, $115,352,655; Silver, $63,532,655;.Lead-858,132,661; Copper, 8179,016,508;.
LXyXy. .Zinc,;  82.7,904,756y Miscellaheots  Minerals, $1,4.08,257; Coal and Coke, $250,-
968,113; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, efcc, $39,415,234, making ha Mineral
Prodncfeion to the end of 1923 show an       ; \       ..   \ ���, --'.��� -"_ '.
yy]x'- XXAggregate Value Of |810;722,782f7;7f
Production for the Year Ending-.'becsmt^r; fi?235 $41,304,3^0
The   Mining   Laws o! this Province are .moreJiberal, and fehe fees lower,
shan those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British .,
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
������..--' Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing snch properties, 4he. security j
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants. ...
:-,W- Full information, together with Mining Keports and Maps, may be obtained
WV        gratis by addressing���f y     X..x-/y   y.'X
���;'; v v 'h. xx Wf y ' "f iyx y'i? '& '-f^ lyTM, HON.' TBE MINISTER OF MINES.'
XXyyyX}^ British Colmnfeia, - :


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