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The Ledge May 11, 1922

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Array x.v
Vol.   XXVIII.
We carry a large line ot
Hardware, House Furnisliings, Etc.
Inspect our stock
tr '������- ' i     ' -*
O'Cedar Oils and Mops, Liquid
and   Powder   Ammonia,   Soap
Powders   and   Washing   Soda,
Brooms &c.
Fine   "
Mackinaw Pants and
Suitable  Tor, the lumber and
tie business
Lighter weight Tweed
W. Elson 0 Co
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Watch maker, Jeweler and Optician
GREENWOOD        '���      .    - B.C
Just Arrived
Fire,    Sickness,    Accident,   Life,
Auto, in fact any insurance, with
the best Companies in the World.
Houses for Sale or Rent
Auctioneer aud Valuer
Call at my Office Copper Street
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
* The WINDSOR  HOTEL   is  heated  with   steam   '���"',-
aud electricity.     Fine sample rooms,     A comfort-
7 able home for tourists  and travellers.     Touch the
wire   if you  wans:  rooms reserved.     The buffet is
yy     replete  with^ cigars,   cigarettes, cooling' beverages,.     .
buttermilk and ice-cream. -.-.���-
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
~     . Jule & J. J. Allen
"Battle of Jutland"
Britain's '"greatest   photoplay���A" most
tfirilling and authentic presentation of
.the greatest of all naval battles   -
A picture that tells the story of Beatty's
great victory
-' A triumph of the screen in three reels
Prints, Cottons and Flannels
Have Arrived
These goods, all at reduced prices, are worth
looking over
Along with Mack Sennett's comedy "'.
"Married Life"
"'-"".-     5 . Reels" '5    .
For Sale
Windows, Doors and Store
Fronts. ; Lumber from $10
to $20 per thousand. Also
some Brick at lea piece and
other articles.
- ,.    -For further.particulars apply to   ."
Greenwood, B.C.
Dissolution Notice
VS'V;ff7^7VV77;VV^ V 7 ... ��� V.; -:,. ���        7;; *
Statistics.recently compiled show that British Columbia has more telephones to population than any other province pf Canada. It is to maintain
this enviable record that extensions of^Outside plant and central '.office
equipment are constantly being made, and this year large expenditures are
planned. Facilities for adequate telephoning are always kept up to top.
notch, with the result that oar whole system is in excellent condition, and
we are in a position at all times tp supply, service when tlie request is made.
.'- In   consideration 'of Wm. " Powers
selling his, half interest to me.I   have
agreed   to L assume :' all just   liabilities
against' the Midway Saw Mill -Company.
Dated at Midway, B.C., April .13, 1922.
77. ��� ,7';'-" - -.' r;"'.' B; lequime. ';���:
If you are looking for Good
2nd Hand Lumber,
Poors,     Windows,     Bricks,
Shingles, Guttering Etc.
y- .     y
See-me-at the
HOSPITAL   at   Greenwood
Seeing- is believing
Baled Hay For Sale
Have for Eaie about 50 ions of
baled hay, mixed, good feed, for
horse3 and cattle.    Ton or car lot.
"7;.   . F.   HAtTSSENEB, 7
Box.364. 7 7        Greenwood, B.C.
��� S. J. Dutiri, of Hilly.ard.Wash.,
formerly of Greeawood,' was married a-short..time ago, V.   ���,;;
Around Home
Frank Buckless is oa a trip to
Edmonton, j
Mrs. D. Mclnfosh is visiting-
friends in Trail this week.
Boen���To Mr', and Mrs. C.
Elliott, a son, on May 9th.
Mrs. Gray Pond, of Trail is renewing* acquaintances in town.
Service in St. Jude's church on
Sunday, May 1.4th   at  7-30 p. m,
Mrs. G. B. Garxetl, of Grand
Forks, visited Mrs. Rendell last
Chief Fraser and Mrs. Fraser
motored to Grand Forks last
Mrs. D. McLeod and daughter
returned on Wednesday after a
visit to Trail.
Midway and Greenwood will
occupy the dian*.ond at .Ingram
Bridge on May 24th.
Mrs.Twells and two children,
of Trail are the-guests of Mr.
and Mrs. L. Bryant.
Mrs. Wm. Walmsley returned
Wednesday morning from a trip
to Trail, Castlegar and Rossland.
Mrs, Sid Storer returned to
Princeton on Sunday morning
after a visit with": relatives here.
Creighton McCutcheon returned
on Tuesday after-boon from Vancouver wher6 he was attending
college. 7,
.... ,-.
Occasional batches of rank
butter is received^ The, keeping
processes and-the^storage are at
fault.' ������$$
Miss Maria Williamson, of
Westbridge, left yesterday afternoon for Edmonton to attend
college.    .        '  -' X
��� Miss Bryan Returned on Sunday
morning from a ten days visit in
Trail. She was accompanied by
M-ss Ivy Cross.
Chas. Larseu, of Vancouver,
has taken thie McLaine house on
Kimberley Ave., formerly occupied by J. Price;   ..-���;.
Ola Loftad received full compensation' from Chas'.' King for
the recent loss by fire of his house,
near the Power Station.-
" The Battle of Jutland will be
shown in the.Green wood Theatre
on May 13th, 3 reels. .'. Also"a'five
reel comedy will be shown.
J. N. Butler arrived from Lad-
ner on Friday and has taken up
his.new-duties, as--ledger-keeper
in the Bank of Commerce. .,
In some parts of this district
the farmers/are having, some
trouble in "getting the ground
ready for springseeding,
Mr. Martin,   of''Nelson,';, "civil
engineer passed -through   Greenwood ori. Wednesday, for  Midway
returning on the; afternoon train;
���The.shower.on  Sunday  afternoon :.was;just what was,, required
for .-'farm".and "garden/   It was  a
little coid;,but  it' will .do a .lot
.of good. V. ���"...   7". '-'V ���.-,-'"- - ��� '-]"'_���
Some grasshoppers  are report-
edto have been seen'in. this district this spring, already, al th ough
the authorities do not  anticipate
a plague.
Miss Gassie McDonald and her
sister- Louise left--this--morning.
for Denver, Col.,;. where they will
yisit. their sister. Louise will re--
main in Denver.
There is very little social s.tir
at this time, of the year. The
time for.picnics has not arrived,
arid the people are all very busy
with home duties.
The Canadian Pacific has
adopted a new system of railroading. Coast freight for Greenwood is earned past to Nelson or
some other point. Evidently the
company , is. ..overloaded with
officials not capable to look after
the'. interests of "the company or
its patrons,'..Itvis a good thing
for the public that .the company
Ha^ capable meri in the passenger;
department - otherwise Vtb ey. ce'r-
| tainly would suffer.
The  water  in  the  creeks  art
quite high this year.
Vegetation is very backward
this season. Scientists who make
a study of the heavens attribute
the cause of this to a great sun
spot many miles long and wide
and dark with heavy gases.
These dark spots make the earth
tremble, and disturbs its electric
currents and make the whole
system of telegraphy uncertain.
City Council
In spite of weather conditions
not being altogether favourable,
the Tennis season opened last
Saturday with a goodly number,
about 20 members being present.
The two courts were occupied by
enthusiastic players continuously.
At 4 o'clock tea was served by
Mrs. A. N. Mowat assisted by
Mrs. G. S. Walters, Miss Eva
Murray and others. A car load
of visitors arrived from Grand
Forks and helped swell the
crowd. The afternoon was a
very enjoyable one arid biennis
promises to be well patronized
and popular pastime this season.
High prices for the things produced on the farm have gone for
a generation at least. ..-Perhaps
they will return for short intervals, but the rule will be small
profits.   No matter how the fight
with the coal men and the railway men ends, whether in revolution or in submission,  the  prices
of  other   things   will   seek the
natural   level  of   small   profits.
The crisis of the coal men aud of
the  railway   is the crisis of the
world.   It may end in a revolution   or-in  subservience, but it
must end,   and the poor and the
middle classes will -either be enslaved or given the relief of living prices and hope once more.
The Boy Scouts   have lo3t a
good friend and Scoutmaster in
the'departure "of Do'uglais Cavaye
who was transferred to the Cranbrook   branch   of   the   Bank of
Commerce.    Mr. Cavaye has been
the .Scoutmaster ever since the
organization   of the Boy Scouts
in   town   and. it is due   to his
capabilities that the Scouts haye
been so flourishing.-  On Friday
night the President of the Scouts,
P.'-'H... McCurrach,  on. behalf of
the boys, presented Mr.  Cavaye
with a morocco leather travelling
set, to which Mr. Cavaye made a
suitable reply.   During the.even-
ingthe boys gave an exhibition
of boxing which was greatly enjoyed .. by   all   present.   Among
"other  speakers, were  G.   S. Walters,.. _Wm. ,7-Walmsley- -and T..
Jenkin.  The meeting closed with
three, hearty   "cheers   for    Mr.
Cavaye." -
...Iri ; the. departure of Mr.  and
Mrs. G. A. '��� Rendell  from Greenwood  to. Penticton where  they
have taken a ranch we have  lost
two .of  our ""oldest   and   much
valued  residents.,, whose . places
will, not,be readily filled..  During
.their twenty-five..years.in  Greenwood they have always been the
foremost :in   helping?   personally
and otherwise.' in7 any7 schemes
organized for the benefit, of the
town..; Mrs, Rerideli.left on Monday afternoon for Trail,- Calgary,
arid Moose Jaw  to visit  friends
previous to taking up her permanent, residence in   Penticton.
There has been a series, of fare-.
well entertainments given by her
numerous "friends "��� who. gathered
to meet and. wish  her  good bye
arid Godspeed on her new enterprise..   On   Friday,. April   28th,
Mrs- D. Mcintosh entertained in.
honour of Mrs.  Rendell, several
ladies for tea; on. Wednesday afternoon 3rd  irisf.,  Mrs; Thomas
was hostess at a large gathering
of ladies, Mrs. Rendell Jbeirig the
guest of honour.     Bridge   was
played after a delicious tea was
seryed,. the ladies assisting being
Mrs. Walters, Mrs.  Fleming and
Mrs. Jenkin., On Thursday afternoon 4th inst.,  Mrs.  A,. J. Morrison .entertained   in   honour, of
Mrs.-Rendell, a large gathering
of ladies being present.   A sumptuous tea  was served, by,-Mrs.
Crane,;Mrs.7 pram,ViMrs.  Jenkm
'and";Mrs.7Clerf.. "'"-'��� '. [-XXX-y- ��� '''���
The regular meeting of the City
Council was held on Monday even-
ing, May 8th. Mayor Gulley in
the chair and present Aldermen
Docksteader, Mowat, Taylor and
The Fire Chief and City Clerk
reported having inspected all
hotels, public buildings and empty
tenements. Recommendations as
contained in the report will be acted upon by the Council. The
hotels, schools and theatre have
ample provision made for exit in
case of fire, the only suggestion to
be made being renewal of indicators to fire escapes. Hotel premises
were found to be'" exceptionally
clear of any accumulation that
might be a fire menace.
Great satisfaction was felt by tbe
Council on receiving congratulations from many citizens for the
manner in which they have followed np the work of cleaning-up this
spring after commencing the system last year. Many years accumulation of rubbish has been disposed
of and steps will be taken to restrain tenants from utilizing vacant
lots and alley-ways as dumping
places for rubbish. Aid. King as
chairman of Streets committee was
thanked for the special attention
be has given to this work.
The Fire Department complained of continuous trouble with the
fire alarm system, The wiring hasj
been in use for many years and
many of the electrical connections
have become badly worn. The
City Clerk was instructed to make
a contract with C. Elliott for patting the apparatus In good order
with a guarantee to be furnished
before payment.
Regulations regarding motor
vehicle traffic on Saturday evenings were reported as working very
Certain . owners  of  horses and
cattle not having complied   with
the request of the Pound committee
to keep their animals either outside the city limits or in a corral,
it was decided to allow them until
May loth to make their arrangements regarding this and from that
date  the  ponnd-law  will be. enforced.    The Councillors. are very
anxious    to   avoid   working   any
hardship on owners of animals, bat
feel that in.view.of the many complaints and the. damage' done to
sidewalks, fences and gardens they
are justified in  acceding to ...the
the wishes of. at least ninety-five
per cent.of the citizens by taking
means to put a stop to a most .decided nuisance.  . .     -. - V ::"'-..."'.: 77
The ..Water committee reported
good progress on .work being done
on.the leaks in7the large wooden
mains from the Providence reservoir.   It ia estimated that this cost
will be met by the amount collect-
led in sprinkling rates,;
no. /*r^
Greenwood  Public  School
April, 1922
J. N. O'Neill, Principal
No. on roll
Average daily attendance
P. C. of attendance   -
Proficiency list:
Senior IV: Gordon Jenks 68.33-
Robert Mowat 66.50; Estella
Storer 65.41; Mildred McLaren
60.91; Lilly Intilla 56.41; Silvia
Price 56.09; George Morrison
51.66; Mary Kerr 50'; Sam Eastis
48.75; Jack Anderson, 44.33.
Junior    IV:      Bessie    Bidder
70.33; Allan  Fraser 64.08; Cecilia
Hallstrom 62.83; John Kerr 59.16;
Mary     Klinosky    58.66;   Bennie
Hurst, 58.33;  Jesse .Puddy 67.08;
Ruby     Goodeve     56.91;    Annie
Thorslund 55.91; Edward Johnson
55; Doris" Kinsman  52.50; Eraine
DuHamel   and   Vera    Walmsley
52.17;    John    McDonell,    48.41;
William McLeod 44.16.
Perfect attendance:
Eraine DuHamel, Allan Fraser,
Cecilia  Hallstrom,  Bennie Hnrst,
Gordon   Jenks, George Morrison,
Robert   Mowat,  John   McDonell,
Mildred   McLaren,   William Mcr
Leod, SilviaPrice, Estella Storer,
Vera    Walmsley,    -Lilly   Intilla,
Bessie    Bidder,    Doris Kinsman,
Edward Johnson.
Cecilia M. Mcintosh, Teacher
Number on roll -        -        30
No. in perfect attendance   -      25 "
Average daily attendance       29.35
Perfect attendance:
-   George   Bryan,   Eileen. Bryan,
Walton    Crane,     Lawrence   Im-   .
Hainel,   Lloyd   Eustis,   Meredith
Fenner, Percy Fraser, Harry Hallstrom, George Hurst, Irene Inglis,   x
Helen Kerr, Daniel Kerr. Malcolm
McLeod,  Robert Mitchell,   Lewis
Mitchell,    John   Putzel,   Edward
Parry,  Marguerite  Ritchie,  Mary
Skelton,     Wilfrid     Tromblay,
Thomas    Walmsley, 7   William
Walmsley, Arthur Cox, Allan McCurrach,. Bertram Price.,
Proficiency list: - -V
Sacond Reader:   Wilfrid  Trom-
blay,  Harry    Hallstrom,   Walton
Crane,_ :Lewis...-Mitchell, -Edward   -
Parry,    Allan. McCurrach,   (next.
four    equal)     Margaret    Royce,.   .
Malcolm McLeod, Robert Mitchell,. *
Eileen Bryan;  Marguerite Ritchie,
Bertram Price, Arthur Cox,; Daniel..
Kerrj   Mary   Skelton',7 Richmond
Morrison,   -   Meredith       Fenner,
Thomas Walmsley;
,   Third Reader:    George   Bryan,'  .
Kathleen . McLeod, . Irene Inglis,
Leo Madden, George -Hurst,. Percy
Fraser, John Putzel, Helen Kerr,
William Walmsley (equal). Lloyd
Eustis,  Andrew Anderson,   Lawrence DuHamel.' - *
Chas. Knight, of , Spokane,
Spent a few days in, town last.
week. While here he inspected
a number of Ola Lofstaid's inining.
claims. It is Mr. Knight's intention to ireropen the Midway,
coal mine.
Between cleaning up and gardening the poor then are having a
very busy time of it these days,
and to make things worse their
wives are housecleamng. However, 'twas ever thus, and still
the old world rolls on.
* Sirice the visit of the Kettle
Valley officials to the North
Fork the rumor is going around
that they are seriously, thinking
ot' putting on . an bbseryation
coach for the benefit of any. who
would like to rubber the "nude"
parade's held up there.
division" in- ,
J. M. McKee, Teacher.'
Perfect attendance: ' - -
. Ruth" Cox, Robert Forshaw,
Helen Hurst, Francis Jenkin,
Albert Kinsman, Eugene McGillvray, John McGillvray, Jack Morrison, Patricia O'Neill, .Bruce
Terhune, Gee Mon Yea. *
Proficiency list:
First Reader:. " Mary Putzel,
Helen Hurst, Eugene McGillvray
Bruce Terhune, Soy. Bakke,
Helen Bakke, Robert Carlson, Roy
Second Primer: Patriea O'Neill,
Lewis Clerf, Robert . Forshaw,
Alice Ritchie, Violet Benson,
Charles Royce.
First Primer: John McGillvray,
Jack Morrison, Beatrice McLaren,
Francis Jenkin, Albert Kinsman,
Ruth Cox. THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,     B.     (I
Because Its
ine Qualities
re  Protected
by the Sealed
A Gratifying Cnange
There has in limes past been so much bitterness in Canada's parly jtoli-
tk-s, and such a'pronounced tendency for the loaders oi' one political parly lo
refuse io.see any thing good in ihe polifios and actions of tlio opposing party,
that it. is not only gratifying, but decidedly encouraging lo noie the change
i'or the bet I er which has taken place in recent years, and which is becoming
more pronounced.
A pleasing nianiiVs.iaiion ol' ibis was Riven a few days ago when, address- ;
ing one 01' our Western Canadian Clubs, lion. II. II. Stevens, who was a mill-
isier in the Meighen. Covernuh-ni, frankly stated that lie believed the King;
Covernmenl was honestly desirous 01' hel|)ing tbe I'arui'-rs of Canada in their ���
presnu diliicullies and was earncsily seek in-; a way whcivby praclical assist.-!
ance could In- rendered  the agriculitira!  induslr>. j
Newspaper despalclo-s ri-|nu l ins; the proceedings of tlio Parliamentary
Coiiiininee invesiigiii ing the problem of wiieai markeiing indicate lhat the
members, in giving consideration lo ibis large and vitally iinporlant subject,
are not trying lo make pariv capital lor themselves, and lo place their political oppomnis in a false light, lun are sincerely striving lo evolve a policy
and devise ways and means which will be practical and provide I'or the re-
inoval of presem disabilities imposed on agriculture, and give to tho producer of grain a reasonable guaraulee thai he will receive the largest possible I
financial reiurn from his labor.
Itoth from ihe purely Western and lhe larger national, standpoint the alii: tide now being displayed towards agriculture is most encouraging, and |
holds promise ihat the same*'palriotie and business-like views will prevail
when Parliament is called upon io deal with other great national questions,
in the wise solution of which is bound up ihe welfare and prosperity of tbe
people of this .Dominion.
And why should ibis bigger, belter, national viewpoint not: prevail in our
national Parliament? Considered in I lie mass, the Canadian people, while
interested as all people living under a democratic form ot" government must
be interested in the organization and policies ot political parties, tire not
rabidly parti/an and more concerned in Lhe fortunes of a political party than
in the good government of the country and ihe wise administration of Canada's affairs.
There was a time when it seemed to be the accepted view that when one
parly announced its policy on a given question, whether that party be in office
or in opposition, there was only one thing for the other party to do, and thai
was to oppose the policy announced regardless of its merits. Fortunately
for Canada that lime now seems to have largely passed, and today political
leaders are becoming more and more willing to acknowledge the good features of their opponent's policy and to show- a readiness to co-operate in still
further strengthening such policy and carrying it into successful operation.
In these difiicult and trying times through which the whole world is passing it is not partisan, super-critical government that Canada requires, but
patriotic, constructive co-operation by all members at Ottawa, regardless of
the party with which they are aligned with the one.common object of giving
tlie. Dominion wise, sane, business-like administration. Let there be suggestion, and criticism and even opposition when it is called for in the public
interest, but the main guiding motive of Liberals, Conservatives, Progressives and Labor needs to be the Advancement of Canada's highest welfare
and the sound development of national policies with a view to the happiness
of Uie.; Canadian people aud thc enhancement of the prosperity of the country
at large.
VVTVv'e:7repeat;Vliereif6r/*V" tlia'.��7ni:.esen.V;;sjgnsv.ar ej-both gratifyingiand 7encoufc
.,���;$iaiv7'iiidifstryV.'-'a.grifiul'tu*#. wiiicis' 7 in-'-th e'..7pa$t.'���fijaJis.%S ��&;t]Ae:7'piiieC;;stiff erer:
7.;;_)0Se;d7Vner7c!;y7-- l^criuseV ;theVa'I��as7^ancV ^pHc^e;s;7:ernanatea/'}fr;oivi^. jpplitiCal
vppporiehts.;- '-.���"���: :iXy.y;y 7 -XiXXXXXX' X X~'X xXX.7 77;:77V VVV.*'-:X VV .-7: V-77
Good Argument for
Si. Lawrence Waterway
Statistics Show Immense Tonnage
Moved on Great Lakes
Shipping statistics show that the total tonnage on the Great Lakes in
1916 was 125,000,000; from Atlantic
ports, SO.000,000; Pacific coast, 10,000,-
000; Gulf coast, about 15,000,000, and
rivers and canals some 25,000,000
"This  means   that almost  as much
tonnage is moved on the Great Lakes
j as on all other American wafers, and
j more than on our three coasts," says
the   Ureal   Lakes-St.   Lawrence   Tide-
' water Association.
"Aud this is done in spite of the
crippled condition of the St.
Lawrence. With a seaway via (be
SI. Lawrence, the Middle West will
develop more water-borne commerce
than all tbe rest of the world.
"Opponents of lhe Si. Lawrence
seaway may say this is heavy low-
class freight, but iu saying so they admit the need of wafer transportation,
for low-class freight cannot afford a
long rail haul."
An Oil that is Prized Everywhere.���
Dr. Thomas' l_cleelri<- Oil was put upon the market without any flourish
over fifty years ago. It was put up
to meet the wants of a small section,
bin. as soon as its merits became
known it had a whole continent for a
field, and if is now known and prized
throughout this continent. There is
nothing equal  to it.
I. Hezekiah Proclaims a Passover (vv.
The way for a smiling and divided
people to get back lo God and be united, is around the crucified Lord.
.1. The Invitation Was Representative of the Nation (v. 2a). The king
took counsel with the prices and the
congregation lo show that the proclamation was the expression of the
nation's desire.
2. The Time Was Unusual (vv.
2b-l). There was not sufficient time
to sanctify the people, nor to gather
them together af the regular time, so
they resolved instead of postponing it
for a year to hold il on the fourteenth
day of the second month. This liberty luis been granted before in an exigency (Num. !):G-1'1). This flexibility
with reference to lhe holding of lite;
passover shows that God's ordinances i
were made for man and not man for
the ordinances.
o. The Scope of the, Invitation  (-vv.
Many temples in China are provided with a bell at the entrance
aud when a worshipper enters he
gives the rope a pull to ring.the bell
G-'J).      It included all of both nations j iu onlor Ul.lL lho ���ods U1.,y be not-Qed
who would come lo keep the passover j ot- his com-ng ;uul be al hiliul  Lo at.
lo the Lord God of Israel.      "Israel"'
is now used to include both kingdoms.
The effort was to win back the nation
which had seceded.     The posts who
.-7' t e.t ts jr. ,;in; Bo tt I6s7has7 ��� Re ac h e y A d d ressy.
xyy.XiiX ���������". XXXXxyyX?i)ti<*yyXX- aXXX,y~.
XX XaX. bo.V��l e7 'jfttl'vPa. ;ntes��a fegXi a: ;at :.f i^onV
X XkiJ. lii p vv re cited. ���. c r e w'VJi. i.s'y reached, :Xl k]
7"V i.fc7l-8.j-i'���'��� aiti^ustrian-' ���PoJaj.'-iSkpidi-;
~: X}i i.e iiVa, hcP. rift-fti eil- ���. 7Franz>-vXo's^&77Land^
V7aM'iV tligo^h:^t:r'ian7 i3ifti>ertfr^;07:|7>?&
:Vftthvl_7eys; -craelcSdj,/-thevSideis/bKtKjership.
VTw'ei-'S .;-:��t6Y'e'- ��� iln,:- :atfdVU7wiJ:s^ (-JleaVv^hc.,
; .-wb'"^'-''"^
7 Xi. 'Sflj;':i-u:e'-.' crew' abari:doh6d71ji^;7iiRdV&3:
/ ^b^iC'jeyjer-������be.-��� hea.r.dVpf7^S^PVtfey'
^VBoatcVAt1 ^V7jwit:hi7l' rpjTteiojns'l^jup'M
:: -J a&tMi'rfji^ V
���';"���. ^qi'tunate^^
:-. 7 -ui> 7byMVRujs'si;i^.;yegj-eitaha77f eaciiieft
' 'tehi^'-saf Slv^
-." w-lVat -h^5^:e^ino7oji^tfe(tvjb
XX,,. :LateJy;sifc7^v'as';i;6und^
7VKd'va: Xeln'blaft^n:^^
7:77:ceived at thte';*i[aiirje|'s'7inj^;ie^
Wwits PA the =cti-yejpBe."_p:feU.iiV''jC.tt^
^NeWes't--- JVleansr7Qf77-T.rayel;j;.Becbtning:
���'::Xy. X'yX^^i^^:^Si^^K0XXXXiXXX-
.'��� .:7i^Vtsin&7;si.orl6s;';wiiioh; ./proyie, :pciM.
ilye j Vpu ]>1M';7'a i#^
; trH vgl 1 i ii gihX j'al rS's j;a ^mattqi\pf7cptiVs^
giveri ib y^^lie^Iiaiidi ey'^Page/iCoixipan y.
x;'-..Q'ne'���?���'��� j��as^'.eii'geV;--l'fi:oii.'7
actibriV^hp W ing7it|iaj/77the.Vjpassenge*:y
;V6riafilex p|i|sag��\;.th7at3^
i-iia^^fi^erijiir yk&iyxxXXXXxXxxy
pviTAfe'pIJier ;lrfcidxin tijTOSr-tha'tJJpjfja^^Ui^
|-:wh'p7;^haHere(i;a��r- :aei ii;6'p1aite7'toj^ebiryejy7
i-sa id V^wai,fi7$VeasJB' XXXXXXXXXXXXXiX
���0XrJtfi _)|^p;tt 1 e#3.&'*?aftiJL^
V'toici jV^tp dkiiip/iier 7knijliiifg^;;^ifel^7js!i^
:jV7G;ene7f af -7Sljj7^.7;SMe^7j;said.7he7- d7ict
: .n)e^;^ften7 :|akS: j lign &y rhopif:; ixip ��Vi?ii't
;;heVfj!?.PUgi>&thte Jvi v 'iwas��thj e?: 'bnij^Miiy:
Vfjltvf7E|vila;iui ie^.^jvga;^said77Bi^JbigliJ
7mSSii in g& ji a|lj: Tdts n fffe^ tljtfiy ���$irsU>0a&;&
';.BpcratiPiV .b.f -^tlife-stibii(i'ijs6^-7Ebn(!fe:ii.7:
;inprfe-$.a^'iSii:g.S'r's tliajn ;tivH'Rt,en'C_i7;VV
were sent with the message wore au-
B.C. Tree Seed for New Zealand . thorized with urgent exhortation to
Fifty   pounds   of   Douglas   fir   cone   join as a united nation.     This urgent
seed and a same    amount    of   Sitka I invitalion   was   tactfully   put   as   fol-
spruce  seed have been shipped  from   lows:
the Dominion forestry seed extracting i     (i) it touched ancestral memories-
plant a I New Westminster. B.C., to
the New Zealand Government, a similar shipment at thc same time going
forward to the Australian Government.
How   An
Ontario   Teacher
"Good Health
"I am a school teacher by profession," says Mr. James R. Thomson,
R.R. No. 1, Genitalia, Ont., "yet
when [ started school teaching*! was
in very poor health. I suffered a nervous breakdown, brought on by overwork and no relaxation. I was unable to think, to act, or even to eat
properly. Queer little prickly sensations were continually running up
and down my back, my arms and my
legs; like so many needles, seeming at
times to fairly paralyze mc, and often
my heart, was thumping like a triphammer. 1 determined to consult
our family doctor, and he immediate-'
ly::Put,me;:.viuder,,or.ders^:. .1 liad ;to,
:giv;6-,up..my.; seiibjo' L'anu^return^ tipine: in;
���prdei-'- ;tp -'i;ecuiyer'a1teVniy--.:-lbstVfiealthV
'.drank Qiiarts7pt"'lt;"'.yet, though it help-
:;e{}7:nie7.it7..did not -build mc up to my
.normal-.'���'; 7-cpndUiOn-^soniefliing ' was"
.ihfs".sing';'.sbme.thing 'my system was
cailing'7To.i^'7b,ette.r---b3bod. One day,
j$ipfl--i-.piolf'e^^ 1 came,
acrpssV.an'^a'dX'.ertiS'eiiVent- of .Dr. Wil-j
'Jia.nxSv^CiU'kvS.iirs^su^gestiug just-what
ivag..iiettlej'd'Vjiii-.^ily.:';case���nevr'.. rich,'
TredT; blood:' Xd.jimnfediately. sent for "a
l-oxi". and. :7wh en7 the- -:d oc to r. v i si ted. in e7
;i,-- tpld;7iiiniVl Vvaci -deeideu'-to try. Dr.
���\Vii]i4ms'7.Eiulc77Pills';;aiid' he -.seemed
satisflPdJp^By'thi'jyiime my box.was
nearly/'don^ get:
anptli:ejr,Vhy77iJie^time7. E  had  finished'!l, -;ni*
tliis;'r;was7;St^ti^iy.:conmig.' back l.o"
jiorii).al.':'.-j:M^'-gtr$75.^tli: was returning,
llvcpuldVsit,and77w7a1jk;Av.ifbout- stra'n.7
TForrthfi nextLte^wiJeks I continued-to
(ivK<i-'tlv$''^)ills���7;^-rid-?7(:heij''' were- working
wonders.witlt;:mpf:77J7.My head was bc;.
7c'6'minffVc)'earqivV;iiiy.-.'inoinory   better.
:arid7'ni^7rcbSves; wejfe^heconiing stetid-  us rriven jjv mioses.
lef ':-������ ��� "��� '^iKbegaJrivto^gd-out  l'requenlly, i -'" -1    '    ,-'-;,"    , "-iv"'  ���   ? n
Mavinti^mXxiMy 'appetite- im-!.cl^rS�� ��.,"-��- kli!mS oC me-passovcr.
._)rbyed;:fltid-j*as;.^ven'!b many. pf. the- officers  wcrc  not-
"Turn again unto the Lord God of
Abraham, Isaac and Israel" (v*. G).
Both kingdoms had a common ancestry. (2) Recent bitter, experience���
"Be not like your fathers, and brethren, who trespassed against the Lord
God, and were given up to desolation,
as ye see" (v. 7). This was a delicate subject, but their ruin was so
marked that such truth could be
pressed. (3) Yearning for captive
kinsfolk���"Your brethren and children
shall find compassion before their captors" (v. 9). (4) The'instinct of sell-
preservation���"So that they shall
come again into this land" (v. fl). (5)
The forgiving mercy of God (v. 9).
God will not turn any* sincere seeker
away from Him. "Him that comcth
unto Me I will in nowise cast out"
(John 0:37).
4. Israel's Reception of the Invitation (vv. 10-12). This invitation in
Israel met. a mingled "reception. (1)
Some mocked. The urgent and sin-,
cere,.invitation only excited opposition.
heart's :iVcam^^
ievcr the case. Tlie gospel" is "a" savor'
of life-unto life- and 'death 'unto,
death.      .'" - -        -.      -"'   .
If,. The Passover Kept-(vv. 13-27).
; 1. Aliars Removed (vv-. :33, '1.4).. In
the time of-j Alias* (ch. -2S:24 J, these,
heathen altars were erected in Jerusalem. -Before tliere could bCAVorshit)
pf the true.God all. these'   traces' of
lend to his prayers.
A Real Asjhma Relief. Dr. J. t>.
Kellogg's Asunna Remedy has never
been advertised by extravagant statements. Us claims are conservative
indeed, when judged by the benefits
which it performs. Expect real relief and permanent benefits when you
buy this remedy and you will not have
cause for disappointment.'"' It gives
permanent relief in many cases where
other so called remedies have utterly
London Bridge, England, cost $10,-
000,000, is 900 feet long and 54 feet
wide, with .100,000 persons passing
over it every 24 hours.
An Oil for All Men.���The sailor, the
soldier, the fisherman, the lumberman, the out-door laborer and all who
are exposed to injury and the elements will iind in Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil a true and faithful friend. To
ease pain, relieve colds', dress wounds,
subdue lumbago and overcome rheumatism, it is excellent. Therefore, it
should have a place in all home medicines and be "amongst those taken on
a journey.
For each inch of rainfall recorded
101 tons of -water have fallen on
one acre of soil.
People take it for granted that a
good-natured man can't get angry
and great is the occasional surprise.
Create Gas, Sourness, and  Pain   ���
7 How to.Treat"
- . Medical authorities .state; that nearly nine-tenths ot the cases of'stomach
trouble,   indigestion,   sourness,'   burning, gas, bloating, nausea, etc., are" duo
to an- excess- ot  hydrochloric acid in
idolatry, must be removed.   ' This act i the stomach .and "not as some believe
of  .tlie -people- was   voluntary,   and.! to a lack of digestive-juices.-.The dc-
siiow.s'   thai'   a   'right spirit Actuated -li'^ite.   stomach    lining, is    irritated,
Moisture Conditions Best in Years
Moisture conditions over the prairie
provinces are perhaps thc best for ten
years, according to the preliminary
report of the Grain Trade News. The
report further states that the'supply
of labor, as regards number, can be
said to be quite satisfactory, with
wages running from as low as $26 up
to $45 a month for good men.
Many a woman who should be
strong and healthy, full of life and
energy is bound by the shackles of ill-
Some disease or constitutional disturbance has left its mark in the form
of a weak heart, shattered nerves, impoverished blood and an exhausted
condition of the whole system.
they will find a remedy that will supply food for the exhausted nerves, one
that will strengthen and regulate the
weak heart and invigorate the whole
Mrs. W. \V. Pearse, 14 Seaton St.,
Toronto, Ont, writes:���"I was left
with a weak heart and in a run down
condition from the "flu." My nerves
were badly shattered, and I had"such
pains around my heart I could not
sleep much at night. I took several
doctors' medicines without getting any
better, My husband got me to try
Milburn's Heart and. Nerve Pills, and
after 1 took one box T got relief, and
after taking six boxes r'liave'been'well
and not bothered since.'-'-.   .-.s;���>:-.-��� -.���.y-:
Price, 50c a box at .all';'dealers./ of
mailed direct ori receipt of price by
The TJ Milburh Co., Limited, Toronto,
Ont-   ��� . . .--.
Canadian   National   Excursions
digestion, is delayed and food sours,
causing the .- disagreeable symptoms
'which ev.ei-y stomach .sufferer, knows
so well.--, ''"'        -', -
Artificial .digesle'nts are* not_ needed,
in such-cases and may. do real .ha nil.
Try laying aside all.'digestive-aids and
instead get. from any druggist, a .few
ounces, of Disunited.' Magnesia ��� and
la.ko a" teaspoonful. in a quarter glass
of- water . right, after- eating. -This
sweetens- tlie stomach, .prevents the
formation'of excess" acid" and there is
aVlJiad^niy^Tsre'akd^wn.'i .'twas -my-. i:Sancti'lied so as to-render'this service i nb sourness, gas dr pain. ���   Bisuraied
The Passover Killed .(v.-15). " ���'
- 3. The Priests and Lovites Ashamed
(.vv.-15-20). 'The zeal" of the- people ".
put" to shame the. priests" and-Lcvico's.
They .were "stimulated to,.perform their
duties according lo the. "law of God
They .even took
;s^Ifr ^���iJiiy;;^;L77g!Pt^,t)aclc  my;sehpoV  for. themselves: ' " Though unprepared
a-id7,tp7H.iiS75^7l;7nave had no; ret urn j Ce1.pmpnially,..yeV . they   .took part iu
this most" sacred service and were ac-"
XXy '.Di7ffe.r��Ht VIewpO;irfis.v "������,-���
;^V")iiK;kV fijfesightv BJtiiJt^hUriisi'lp^-
::5ca;i^vi;rw'hat' you. liife-^v^^^pi.^tTo-ji;!?;}
7pi?:Mffii- .me"8*7'7 Thus -t-I-je i?hiladej:p)iia7|;
77l|e:3g&cpivgrat:iil'at'e-s .itself' .'thitf "-'tliet
;i7l^nRe4:;&idt@ la-absent Item :!te..can7-:-
^re'Hfie^ati'fcijpa;.." ��Aer* wouifi citli-J
Vi��V7ft^ii:lv^it>-\Iti��..t7^: T.Jrosiglit. nor si-ilss-7
������^��_a.n'sl'H|'^ '.
;-7tawa7;Jpuriiat, . yX"Xyy:.\
X:y. i :i-Fffen$Xi yXiX?'.
7��7iihi b.&rm aWs'
v^'fe.UisM.ffjf-  Hvve- -..thfiiV name:i*j.7;Cer;V
.:feU.!s,''''i--:W^^ XXyXi
i;;. ;:,.V^6;^;-;Wal|iuis^i hVOk^i-ig an 7777 V.
'-���'���. :T;pVrP ~i S:;iiS7;,r.^sp if wli;y%tl)g7 0 Infri a7
Kit ii;' '7\7allc*: 7VwIriclV::sl*a3;::mi^
���fcoiim ifti-iia-l iy: ;iiYnr#us7;>'^^
(luceft; : '���Tr.iS/:Sllri!s^
refiehJtlS !r��:cclyed7tlVre^
eae'.WTi'lft'iftS'- -grD\v'ji-.-fl-t^t'ellafly:yTfefe
;andvexperfe Whs'hjivfl^^ahiingdi tUphi
ItSeclan-^themvto- ;b.e '.6.f w 'berior-qifaUtA":
;Qf,:the;.ArMblev;an(l:;now when "anyone |
sc'o^^^7l7o^^e;7^tIil;n^iT^     trouble, I
;Pilifcasva77rSnedyi;,:.a:s t belioTve; that
7^v^atvtH^^3i^7itf7^^V3'fsc. they -will-do
7i'oi^:<_tIiei?37''V;? 77.777;f:\s77: '\ ���'- ,:-:"." ' .
^SD^^nilaigsi^Wl^iPills' can'l-'e. 6b-
tti'tiijf;'dVfibpv;an.^'d^;a.i.^ ih'mcdicitic; or
l^niaiPafiJSfe'c'erite     box "-or--six
1b6sfe;f6.r'^5.6'Cp7Q^S"'l,!i?7--: DX- yW^'
ii^i'iX^BAviim^pXX^ro^vUW,'" Ont.
f^i)l7Kee^��an;;a3a'sV V. - -= .-;', Xx
XyyxxXxX%y:M9^y ."a^Home 22)..
cepled "<*Ts/worshipers "tllrdugli "Theiii-"
tercession ol'.-HczekiaU;: ��� .God ace'ept-
"ed the .purpose of heart ��� rather,, than
the. letfer'-pt the law'.'". .-. .' ���" ���.." - ���-,���"
;,"���].- -The���.Praise1, of Glad Hearts :"(vv.
2!, ;220.-:-,.'..Thcy.'-'contijiued :'severi days
wifii- gindness:'- (l-VThe' Xev'ites*'; -and-
priests.siiug God's praise daily on.ioiicl
instruments-(\V-21). ������, (2), Ilezckiah.'s
comfori.ing . woi'ds   to IhC'LeVifcs (v.
He co.m.mended "them'-."aiid:-(heii' |,
teaching: of;- the. .knowledge of "God:
(23 .Tliey' made,, confession '-,of'..' their
sins'. l.o.God" (v7 2.2).'.. ���-.'. V' XXXyXXXX.
;-:ii. Tlie .Passover-. Prolonged-.' Seyeri
Days' (v.v. 23-27)7" -' Tlie king's "object.
Magnesia (in, powder or tablet form
never .liquid or milk) is harmless to
the stomach, inexpensive \o take" and
.is.Llie.'rabst -efficient form b��.magnesia
for sloriia'ch-purposes., it is used by;
thousands' .'of people who- enjoy- t^eir
I meals wii'lv.'rio.'more7. fear'of, incliges-
I tion.-: .-���'.        . :- ..  -7 ', :. ������'    '���' -   -- ."-.
iTl'eathifent/^i^JCar^diaii   -Ore
77S-.7;7"7:festa&lf#{vfJsi^>^7^ 1 ncfustry;; - v% ._ ."
V^ivpaiii^ng;7^tiia;t77;7Canadi'-.-has ','been
;pa7^iig^ahtitialj;y7'iinllipns7bf dollars -foi*
?Hte7R!7vPi-piWff^ tlm Utjif-'j iii-"pr6ipng"iiig"; five" feasf'7was' to-make
7fctyStn;fe&,7amlvfilW)7^^   phtntsuii-'thcl-^.iiisiing/an  impresisbii. ;is; possible,
7ijif0-imVbf7^'i^ "(lepehd*/i;ap':.:i"s.-io. result .in" the  thorough ;'eb-ur
76ht7iiuon;7;i^eHUW fbrrllieir .-.version-oi7 their "so.uts t.o'.God.^',.,-   ' ���-.'
7stfpp'lieii7,bf^ Council for' .';��� ;' ���_ ���'.' 7 ,yX ."���   ' "" ' ' ' ^���     r7 '- ���" .
;iScicntn��77iinjl��� VlnliifS'-friiiI. 11esearc! 1' sit 1
'/'Danish Prince' Likes]-Alberta -.'-
.- '.Since-'last i'ali Priuc'e'.'lpric.of- Den-
mai":k has. been, an". "addition /.i'o-.-'tlie
till ed farmers 0 f'. Aib'e'ria '.when' .he - es-
tablished "Isim'self 'iti: the/Danish farm
colony-at- JMa.rkerville ���.with tlie -.object
j"of,oliiaitiing'" firsi-Iuuid."knowledge of
|"farniiii1'..-��� methods-; '.as-, ^practised ��� ia"
j VvPstprii.'Canada;.-. ..lie is; going west
J to -meet .-iiis -brother, -imister'bf, a.Diin-
i isii .vessel', plying betwceir'thc Orient
Ti'ih-r Canadian ports,''and'-almost his
hist words' were.:. "It-.I ,hiid- niy way' I
would- nc-ver... leaye 'this' province.". "7 :'-.
Tho halibut catch at Prince Rupert,
B.C., for the month of April totalled
approximately 2,500,000 pounds.
A twelve-foot shark, -said "to have
been of the man-eating variety, was
shot and killed in the Delaware River
at Tacony, a northern suburb of Philadelphia..
The Earl of Balfour is thc official
title by which Sir Arthur J. Balfour
will be known by virtue of the earldom conferred upon him recently by
King George.
The establishment of an "aerial
freight service" is planned by tho
companies now operating the, airplane service for passengers between
London and Paris.
Approximately 92 per cent of the
first Canadian contingent which went
overseas in 1914 had received previous military training. This statement was made by Hon. G. P. Graham, Minister of Militia. '
The Cunard liner Mauretania, from
New York steamed at the rate of
2714 knots during a part of the voy.
age which ended at Southampton.
This establishes a new
record,  it  is
Plan "Your    Summer  "Trip    Via   the
��� - \ . National Route
--.Tlie Canadian ' National Railways
announce their summer "excursion
rates to the Pacific Coast and to Eastern Canada. The Pacific Cpast-trip
through the Canadian "Rockies,- includes choice- of route .on land and
sea, going or returning.' A magnificent 750 mile voyage belween Prince
Rupert, Vancouver, -Victoria' ���- and
Seattle-may-be taken. .The trip to.
Eastern Canada includes' all -raii arid
.lake, and "rail, with-choice of routes.'
See-Toronto, ..Quaint -Quebec," the
.Thousand Islands, "and., the. magnificent. Niagara "Falls. . Sail down tlie
St, Lawrence.-      "-. '  -
The Canadian National trains cross
the Rockies at the lowest altitude, the
-easiest gradients, and in-view of Can-
.ada's . .highest,  peaks;   VBreak"_7your
journey "and. stay.' at'7Jasper--Park
Lodge, Lac.. Beauvert, 7 Jasper, " JUta.
"The lodge is; open-from June-.15th-to
Sept.- loth.''".'. It:is 'modern in every- re-
spe'et,'.]Vas-'.'a7dancing    pavilion,    and-
-commands . .a 7 wonderful "'-view . of. all
the" prominent mountain ,peaks? .  On.
your    trip .,.to'., the-East, have'your
travel ���plans;'-ihclude7a.'few' days  at
���JMinaki Inn,'-' 1-15 miles-east' of. Win1-
nipeg.:.. Decide'-now-lb take a holiday.
-Vou".owe;-it to   yourself /and   family.
Get 'suggestions' and- full information
as to" fares,  reservations';-' train-:scrv-_
ice, etc.!'from.any Canadian National
-Agent Ask  for free- tourist, booklets';.
Six armed automobile bandits held
up a messenger of the Central Bank
of Oakland in a residence district and
robbed: him of".$12,00.0, which he was
taking.in a machine to,a branch of
tlie'banlc-. -7        .-;.;
> it is learned1 that King George, cu.:
his forthcoming tour of British war
cemeteries during the state visit to
JCelgium, will be- accompanied by
Earls Beatty and Haig, and Sir K.
"���Ware.   .
��� Scaling down of the amount of compensation paid for animals destroyed'
for tuberculosis .in the ,'lieali li of aiii-,-
nials legislation, is provided for in'a,
bill which-has been placed on-the order paper-of the- Commons by. lhe
Minister'of Agriculture, -Hon. \Y.. R,
Motherwell.    ' .   . '     .
idoxjire; ia^stJt'taiit
" &xy
Xis 74-is^aipfre^^
70f. ;v_^Jha^beieh;5itfycst igaling 1
':ti'y;e7'7n-b:ii';ibr.e7:-i^biirc^ and Oia's/su",.!
;^he;d'7rcj)prt S,.i|'r.om: Its commit tees to |
the ;effejC^;.&iat;jl:77i'.7t;iine "to *indc?rl'al;"e'.
tli&sp^iiii tr'eiiXment;wliich- .tlie :Canii;. i
4iah7br.es    re.ciiiii:e'i    10 fit tiietri for:
the "rfif.-rWhy-.;Germany. Held ,0at So Lorig^
Minard's ��� Liniment-used by7 Physicians
OD'ld , j'.oii' -ever-..nbli:-.e Vwliat "a"Mot
of friends you haven't got when-yo'u
liappen'.t.o:nc(id:fliem.V-"--���.   ,.-'
Made ,Poss"ible-.;La. gety  by Utilization,
' ���     -��� 7 of ���'Science"'-" -....���'"..��� . "���
.   V\'ii h i he' intense 'competition' which.
exists ih the industrial.world in tlie-
co:mhieireU'[.I rediictioii. to pig iron. n.! present lime, aud wJiicii promises (0
is: lipped, thereby, to .establish a new j become, even.keener in future- years;
and irnporiant home industry. - those  nations- whJoh _ have    the    re- j
7 V. ..-..-..-...'..   - 'sources of science.'a.t theii':-con*marid 1
Wagss in: Germany \ will.have anJpnQirrnous'adyantago. oyei-.j.
���'���AVage's in' '''(Jeitoy-JT-ft-liave,. nei-eas.ed:. t'io'so "wiiich^/liavr'; npfV-"/Germany's-^
abp:utM,:50BrpeV-c'ent��pyer,^ --before)
ii|^ci\7pS��l|ily-b-';a V)1?-'  >a.r:"7and;(-tlie tremendous; mili-.j'.
hallfppr��^^ silc  i)ut   foi-tl*. for l
l^^fl^af^fi^SVi'ks'.'pnly-'-reaVly'l'l'our years until beaten Back bywhal j-
^Wf^b^f^liii&ite-iVoTi'" wliiit. is] was, -practically;'a .world-combination, j
j-a!d^in|^bil^^ 'both made;, possible" largely, by 1
c��TOi-M?'cm:i^^ ;on.-'fiiose,; the; fullest utilization of science as ap- j
Lift Off with Fingers
?-&.%:tf-:^ 7arelihi^;ftrbfe^ibis,jii*V^
la tbo natural desire 'of-every woman,
.fiad ��� is obtainalilo; by tho n.��o of 3>r.
Chaso'sOintment', "I'iDijilfcS, l>lackhcnds,.
ronKlmuss and redness- or. tho skin,
irritation and ccxc-iiia diBn.pp(-ar. and
-tlio .sJtiu ia left soft, smoolli and velvets-.
AU dealers;, or Ed:-ianso2i,']*iite3 & .Co.,"
Limited, Toronto. '" S:u:i|)l�� freo if you'
mention lUis jmijer.- ' ' "..--���
The" safe" way to. scud  money  lij- mail ii by-
Dominion ��� Express Morey-Order.  - ���'
. Origin of,. Arbor Day ',���
Fit"ty'.yeiir's ago- J.. Sterling ��� Morton,-
-ot/"Nebraska," later U.S. ^Secretary" "of
-Agriculture", started.-the -'. Arbor Day
idea. .-'--.lie', lived on- tho .bare"prairies
and saw" the;-need ;6f trees,-aiid .as ti"
result-of. Iiis aKitatipn-,- l.BOO.OOO" trees
were planted "'iri .Nebraska." oh' that
first''Arbor1--17>ay, -fifty years, ago.
Since" then ,.lhe idea -has spread all
over tlie " continent with most beneficial and' helpful results. "Plant a
Iree' is a good mottol���From the-
Farnicr.V Sun.; ,7   .   "���;:���"-.���"- '-X- ;-.'������. ..-.���
:A.:7compbsite -flag.-reprosenlirig.'-'the'
national; colors of-:the;IXnited-States,
'C3reat"".i)ritaiiv France, Belgium,"'Italy
and Japaii" has been placed upon, the
grave of Hlie 'British ��� unknown -;warrior in Westminster Abbey.
from one vaccination with ���
Cutter's Liquid' or Solid ���
BlackJerf Aiftfressin. Absolutely safe. Cutter'sSoli'J Agpje.--
!;is"unol)cainablclocally,write'.-   -
The.Cutter Laboratory
Berkeley (U.S. License) - "California'*     ���'.<
-N.B.���OU Style Powder and Pill Vaccines still jaadi .-
for those who prefer them.-
w 7Dqesn;t'hurt'a';bit!'7V;Prpi'a.7Iittle.
:"'Freezori.e''7on an aching' pprn)-instant-
iy'thattorn'stops hurting,- theh'short-
���ly-' you7.lift .it "��� right-7 out^ ..with��� '-fingers'.:
jTruly;?.;������ '.y,XX-XxiXX'i'.'X XX-y-X
j^'Yorir;driiggistV"sella-a7tiny. bottle- of.
;"Freezone*-for- a", few cents; 'sufficient
;to remove; every hard-' corn.;so ft' corn;
or.:cp.i:n between.the,.toes.- aiid-lhe'^at-
or irritation.;.
���-Millers. Worm .Powders .can-do.no
injury- to'the most delicate child. Any
child.- or infant in the state of.adolescence, who. is infested "i:-with - worms
can.���'.take, this." preparation .'without a
qualni:Oi the stomach,'arid will find in
it;a sure."relief and a.full protection
from'-these'..destructive'; ^pests;';",which
are responsible for- much sickness and
great-'-suffering. .\to'."-"'legions;of. little,
'ongs.-:'"-.-',"';-" .���'.,";���.'-':- X'X-.- ���-��� -.'���- '-7...-V'-""-,-..-;'-
Qook's Cotton nco! Ccsp0ii2a
A taft, reliable Tcpu!alint/
medicine. Bold ia three do-
croM of ttrength���No, 1, 31;
No. 2. 33; No. 3, 85 per boi.
Hold by all dni^gi��t��, or scat.
propiid on receipt of p'rico.
i'set     pamphlet.      . Addrcsi:
ICiOXIO, ��KT.  CF*-ki-!�� Wliiiir.)
.;'Xdnlion, has -the..best traffic-regulations' arid; .Paris.' the' .worst,; 'according
toari'-^oinerican iiive^Ugpjktor..f,.'.':'-,"-'"���,-.'
'" -America's
,-- Pioneer ..
-Do^-'RemeclieJ. ��
m ii i ������-i��nlii����iniil IIUl.i
'.    BOOK ONT
.. anrl --1 low to Keed -
Slailed ; I-'ree   to atiy,
'    Ad<Ircss:by*tlie'-
., ,.'.   ���- Author '���    ���': -������
H.- . CliAY   GI/OVEn
:    .    .CO..  INC..   --".'.���
123-.- Vest-" .Fourth���
. Street.  New York,
-���:���.-.:, ...ir.s.A....-.;-.v-7
���*." I
���   ���
THE     L"Fir)0"R3.      attTCTCWWnOTV     B      0
aSMmtm^Mmaejami, ���mvmxnm^}^pantK^mf��^^ggfnniSKjyiim
Look for this Trade Mark
when You Buy Kitchen Utensils
Would you buy a can of salmon if it
had no label? Or a bag of flour?
certainly not! Then be just as careful
when you are buying' kitchen utensils.
Purchase only those articles of Enameled Ware carrying the S��_iP trademark. It is your safeguard and your;
guarantee of quality.   Ask for
Diamond Ware is a three-coated enameled steel, sky blue and white outside
with a snowy white lining. Pearl Ware
is a two-coated enameled steel, pearl
grey and white inside and out.
to-Siieet Metal Products cotiVw
China's Railway Mileage
Has Less Than 7,000 Miles of Railways All Told
Wll.ii a population of nearly '100,-
000,000 and an area of 3.913,000 square
miles, China has less than 7,000 miles
of  railways   all   told,   or  about   one-
'thlrlielh the rail wiiy mileage of The
United States with less than one-
third the population of China ami a
land and water area smaller by' *J00,-
000,square miles..
For tho motor truck and the motor
tractor China is a virgin territory
holding   out    immeasurable possibili-
' ties of development.���From the New
York Herald.
Ladies Remove Their Corns
In a Very Simple Way
No pain, no trouble, costs only, a
quarter. . it Is a very simple thing to
paint on a sniall application of good
old "Put"nam's" night and morning.
To remove corns, to get entirely free
from them, use Putnam's Corn &
Wart Exlractor. It is guaranteed,
25c at all dealers. Refuse a substitute.
An Example of Value of Aviation
The Ever Young Earth
Every Year Men Are Cheered by Her
( . Optimism
Al: this lime each year when men,
irritated by the long winter, brood
over their troubles the earth shames
and cheers them with her optimism
and the renewal of her youth. By
magic practiced for a niiUiou years
she sends the green wave flowing
over the fields. So she has tried to
soothe the human race since the lirst
creature picked a��ilower. Cave man
aud Chaldean, Greek" and ^Yankee, she
has given them inspiration and a
grave. She is their mother and their
servant. * She has lived perhaps a
billion years and may last a billion
more, always faithful to man as if shc
knew that he will live' forever.���New
York Herald.
Airplane engines now are able to
run 10,000 miles before they need to
be overhauled.
Women are said to be more valuable than men for work . in delicate
eye tests.
Australian  Surgeon  Used Airplane to
Make Emergency Call
An example of the great value of
aviation in  bringing  far-away  places
-near to the city and science   in ' case
of emergency,  was  a call  from Carnarvon, 500 miles away, to 'Dr. Treat-
howan, of Perth, West Australia.
- The  services of.a skilled surgeon
- were urgently required, but. there was
no. railway 'communication:/- One of
the Western .Australian. Airways machines, llown'by"Lieutenant Kingston
Smith, left- Perth, at.3 p.m."' and arrived at: Gerakllon'.three- and a half
hours later-." The ��� doctor met lhe
machine there/ami the "next morning
at 0 o'clock left Carnarvon; arriving
not long .after people in Perth- had
breakfasted." " ���    .
-The'operation was-performed, and
at G.15 the'following-night-13r. Treat-
howan was.back in G.erahUoh Aero;
drome after" concluding the fastest
call in iiis-career.   .    .��� -^-." '
After Ten Long
.Years of Suffering
HE      SINGS      THE       PRAISES    OF
Jules Labrosse, who had Bright's Disease,     Gravel,     Dropsy    and-   Diabetes Tells of. Benefit  he got  froni
i     Dodd's Kidney Pills.'
Papineauv;ille, Labellc, Co., Que.���-
(Special).���After suffering- for ten
years from various forms, of kidney,
disease" which included Bright's (lis-,
ease, "gravel, dropsy and diabetes, Mr.
Jules. Labrosse, a well known resident
here, is "now so far recovered- that he
is singing the praises of Dodd's Ki'd-
l ney Pills.-   -"       .  -      .,- * -
"DoddIs' Kidney Pills have'rendered
me-an immense benefit for "which I
am happy," Mr. Labrosse says iii.telling his story. '."I suffered for ten
years and am now very well. I went
dowii in weight to 125 lbs. ��� . Now I
weigh .1(30 lbs.". -    ' -    -
��� DollcTs-"Kidney -Pills are. purely a
kidney' reniedy. -Healthy kidneys
strain -'a.11: the . impurities" out 'of the.
blood. ��� Pure blood carries - new
strength to all-parts of tlie body,
"Ask your'neighbors if Dodd's' Kidney Pills do not. make healthy
kidneys".      . _-   -       -   -' ���  .   '
Things Wis Never Hear.
much of an artist:' ��� -''���_.'-���.    _ ���'-        ;v
;" A  political parly declaring, that; it
-was not acting for the public good..
A" reporter admitting: that  lie  had
been.scooped. '"-/',     -  -" -.-  .;.".-.  !'"-���'-
���- A man "complaining _about" his= wife
.wearing her hats two seasons..
-��� An insurance maii admitting that lie
did not have the best-policy,  on /the
. market. '".*���     '      '.-.;".-'- '-���-'���. -   '.
iat Men Admire Most in
Womeu is PerfectHealth: v
v7rt hetSign -ofI Strength V
���.Barrie, Out:���?"f/
was    suffering ���
from-,; a. rundown-
system-some lime./
ago. .was ���unfit...to-,
perform my/daily
duties, " aiid    was
advised.to- try Dr. -
Pierce's. Favorite"
Pres'cr.i p.U.'oii/ f"
bottles,, aiiil   was
restored    to    my
cannot priiise Dr.
too ' highly "and
write.to. any oiie;
�� n y elope. "���SI r's.
No./i;... .        -':���-.
���-.. m."-  ^xx-<A
V- "! ������/?��� .-
-natural strength.   I
Pierce's   medicine
will.bo willing to
��� sending a'stamped
:A.';:n: BishoivP. it
'Mothers, Advice for
London. Out.���"I wish' T could fell
all the women in the world who suffer iwith   woman's  trouble,  what   a
wonderful medicine Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is.' - 7My earliest
experience   with   it  was  during, my
first expectancy,   I became dropsical
and my people were quite- alarmed
about  my  condition.    Tho   doctor's
medicine did not seem to/reach.,ray
. trouble, at all so .my .husband, urged.
. rue to try Dr.. Pierce's Favorite; Pre:-
scription, and to please' hina.'f ,did.",;;
.Before I bad finished the second bot-7
. tie the" distress and dropsy/ left; me
. and-1 felt In absolutely perfect health..
.i had-ko. further trouble7"from -that
..flnuj on:.'-:I.afterwards took Favorite;."
Prescription -whenever in a nervous
"rundown   condition   and., it   always-
- strengthened and built mo up7*Tr-Alrs.;;
-Lily Stodvirt, 43S Ontario St.  VV-:7"-.
���    At all drag stores, or.send lOc/tq.
Pr."Pierce's  Laboratory,  In  Bridge-
.frars, "Oati.s\��r trial pkg; tablets!'
-���-'-��� ";-������Longevity-of:Trees'-:-" ';-"~
Unless   Root  is' Destroyed'They  Live
V' ".On Indefinitely" ' r
/ITow long may. a tree live?,. In
many cases unless:the,free is actually
destroyed "roof ami branch -by fire,' br
by. some fungoid or insect -'.'attack," it
.would seeiivas though it- might live oh
indefinitely. "'' At: Burnhani' Beeches
one can see tree's that are: little rriore
than-"''hollow' shells -rehe.wing their
youtji iha marvellous manner. 'The
new" lay ers ��� of growl h "turn round : to
protect' tha.. parts- that. have rotted,
whilst lhe. abilities of. the .root buds
.to send -up shoots -seem never ending.'
Peinovo-.the old :sfiitn"p aiid .allow.one
"of -these'. .5libots lo; develop, and/you
wduid so'ou'h'ue. as hisly a free as
over.' - ���' Not,.- as -some.��� riifglit/think, ii
7ie\v-'individual, bu( inerr.lv*" a conUn-"
uatio'n -of lite'.life of one.Individual.,
Harmless Foods
Poison Some People
Many Cannot Eat Things that are
Commonly Used
"One man's meat ls another man's
poison," runs the saying, and there is
a lot of truth in it.
In his book, "Food Poisoning and
Food Infection," Dr. William Q. Savage records the case ol: a boy who
was unable to eat eggs in any. shape
or form, no matter how disguised.
When fourteen months old,he was
given, a spoonful of boiled egg. After
only a taste of it he screamed violently and clawed at his mouth, which
immediately ,v-became swollen. Red.
weals appeared about the lips.
Even playing with egg shells
brought out similar weals on his arms
and hands. This went on until his
mother realized the cause of the
trouble, and ordered all -eggs to be
banished from the household. ��
Some time later, however, the child
accidentally swallowed a small portion of the white of an egg. The boy
suffered more severely than lie had
done before, and became half-unconscious for three hours. ������.
Such mysterious "illnesses," known
to medical men as "idiosyncrasy," are
far niore common than is generally
realized, and they can be handed
down from parent to child. In one
case four generations of the same
family were unable lo eat potatoes
without becoming seriously ill.
Many people find that they cannot
eat fish, tomatoes, pork or shell fish,
while even such seemingly harmless
things as almonds and other kinds of
nuts are poisonous to some people.
Sciatica's Pains Relieved
uickly By Nerviline
lu bringing quick relief to the Sciatic Sufferer, the best remedy is frequent applications of Nerviline. Thousands have-proved its success. Nerviline penetrates deeply, every drop
nibs right in. The irritated "nerves
are soothed and the pain goes away.
Wherever tliere is Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Lumbago or Muscular Pain, the
quickest relief always comes from the
use of Nerviline, 35c at all dealers.
Young Scientists Needed
The Balsamic Vapor of "Catarrhozone" When Inhaled Quickly
Dispels Colds
Every breath you draw through Catarrhozone Inhaler, fills the whole
breathing apparatus with'pure plney
essences that stops colds at their very
beginning. You experience a pleas-'j
ant sensation of relief at once. Sore-1
ness, congestion and irritation leave
the nose and throat, the head is cleared and every trace of cold and Catarrh disappears. Catarrhozone is sd-
sure, so pleasant, such a'safe remedy
for winter ills that you can't afford
to do without- it. Get the dollar outfit, it lasts two months: small size.
50c; trial size, 25c. at.all dealers or
the Catarrhozone Co.. Montreal.
An Outfit That Will Soon
Be Seen Everywhere
Rockefeller's Gifts to London
The Rockefeller Foundation has
given ��1,000,000 to the University of
London and the University College
Hospital. It has also made an offer
of $2,000,000 for buildings and equipment for a school of hygiene in London, on condition that the British
Government make provision for
teaching' and maintenance. The offer
has been accepted. "��� These are substantial returns for. sundry benefactions of Englishmen to our country
in its struggling days.���The Independent and The Weekly Review.
.' The" healthy child sleeps-well and
during its waking hours-Is neyer cross
but always happy and laughing.'It is
only,the.sickly child that is cross anil
peevish. Mothers if your : children
do not sleep well. Iff hey are cross and
cry a. great'deal-, give', them "Baby's;
Own Tablets and they will -soon, be
well and happy- again:' The." Tablets
are a -mild but'thorough laxative
which regulate the bowels, sweeten
the stomach; banish constipation,
colic "and indigestion, and promote
healthful sleep: - They tiro absolutely
guaranteed-frce from opiates "und may
be'given to-the-new-born babe'. Willi'
perfect safety.- ���'. They are .sold, by
medicine' dealers or ' by mail at 25
cents a box from Tho Div Williams'-
Medicine Co.,. Brockville,  Ont. V   ���
ndustry  Requires  Trained
to Solve Problems
Here are a few of the problems
faced by the men in the paper and
pulp industry in Canada.
They have heavy losses every year
as a result of the decay of wood in
storage. Also some mills now have
to haul their logs long distances.
Also, and this fact is not generally
known, the pulping processes have
been only slightly improved in the
last fifty years.
The value of the industry will be
increased at least 25 per cent, when
all these problems are solved, but a
great deal more intensive scientific
investigation is necessary in connection with each one_bl' them.
An effort to supply the deficiency
in trained men is being made by the
Council for Scientific and industrial
Research of Ottawa. Arrangements
have been made to award 7 Fellowships, !) Studentships and 29 Bursaries
ainong men who are taking scientific
courses, and it is hoped that among
Jhem may be found suitable scientisls
who will devote themselves to the solution of the problems of (he pulp and
paper industry among others.
Look for weakness or ill-health. See
if there is not a side ache, headache,
restlessness and tlie "blues." The
symptoms indicate that you need the
gentle assistance of Dr. Hamilton's
Pills. This soothing medicine is a
great friend to" womankind. # They
are a wonderful relief to constipation,
they clear up sick headache, remove
wastes and poisons from the system.
Girls and women can use Dr. Hamilton's Pills with great success. Thousands use no other medicines and rely
solely upon Dr. Hamilton's Pills to
regulate the system and keep it in
smooth running order, 25c all dealers
or The Catarrhozone Co./Montreal....
Radio in the Arctic
Time to Spend Money
Would Help to Gjve Country Fresh
Productive Start
If we all sit down and do nothing,
and wait for others to help us, we
shall not move far. We must help
ourselves. ' There must be a spirit of
enterprise, a determination lo hustle.
Under its influence the ranks of the
unemployed will soon be thinned and .j^.01'*J'
Equipment Will be Protection
Amundsen and His -Men
To the equipmnet of the Arctic explorer, Amundsen, will add' the radio.
When next he ventures into the ice-
locked seas he should never -be beyond communication by wireless with
the outside world. No matter how
far north he may penetrate he should
be able to send word of his whereabouts or to. call for needed relief.
It will be a new form of protection
against the rigors of the northern winters and a means of escape from the
tedious isolation of a prison-like existence.���New York World.
Dye Any Garment
Or Old Drapery
In Diamond Dyes
All hands aro now extremely busy
replenishing their wardrobes for the i
spring. - And one of the most important items in. this wardrobe is the
spring' suit. Shown here is a very
charming suit, of gray twill. The
self-colored hand embroidery and, the
iieat tailoring contribute to- the trini-
ness .'and distinction of this suit. . A
large "straw picture hat laden down
Willi cherries of different shades -tops
off a costume that wil! be very familiar in. a" short time. ' '  ' --. .
"'"������-  Vancouver Port Growing
Tife"growUf'bI''Vancouver as a seaport cannot be bettor illustrated than
by the custom's, return:.-for (he fiscal
year-'ended/Mai-.ch-Sr," 1922.'.- / The total.'revenue collected wgts $.12,9SG,S7J.
an increase- of' f3,400,000 over the preceding year.    -   .���   .   ..-'.-  '-,..���"
���Business Improving "���
' Building permits.] for "the first" three"
nionths ot" .th.is/year for Vancouver.
B.C., represent a total..value.of $900,-
000 as 'compared, with ��750;0QQ Tor the
first quarter:oMast year:"-/..-. -    '���'.,.'
Money for Industries
R'rovincial Government of Vancouver
Loaned Over a "Million"; , .'-'
Sixty-six industries, employing, between S00'and-900 persons, are now in
.operation.in British. Columbia, under
loans granted by the-Provincial .Government: to. establish and.; stimulate
industries' according to the. latest, report ot" the* Department of Industries."
To establish the industries, the. Gov-"
.ornmeht- has- loaned-, them =-5l,-10S,.6r��S.-
Six of the"industries thus established
have progressed so" well.-that- .they
have".repaid-the whole, of iheir; loans.
the whole country will enjoy a more
healthy and invigorating atmosphere.
The worst policy for us all to pursue
is to sit tight on our money and thus
let stagnation continue. There are
times when spending money boldly is
far boiler than exaggerated thrift.
Spend it now and give the whole
country ' a' fresh productive start,
Don't talk about what you are going
to' do later on when times get better.
Do it now", and times will get better.���
Johannesburg Times.
Buy    "Diamond    Dyes" and follow the
simple    directions     in     every     package.
iDon't wondnr whether you  can    dye    or
Stint successfully, because    perfect   home
'dyeing    is    guaranteed    with     Diamond
es even if you havc never dyed before.
Chinese, Too, Fond of Movies
Bright' lights, joy rides and the mov��
ies have made a hit in China, Trade;
Commissioner Lynn W. Meekins reports from Shanghai. "The Chinese,"
he said, "are just as fond of the white
lights as the most exuberant Broadway crowd:'' The joy ride, too, made
an immediate hit in China and motor
cars are being multiplied. The Chinese are so enthusiastic over motioa
pictures that they have begun producing films themselves."   ��� ���   '       :
Worn, faded dresses, skirts, waists, coats,
sweaters, stockings, draperies, hangings,
everything, become like new again. Just
tell your druggist whether the material
you wish to dye is wool or silk, or
whether It is linen, cotton, or mixed
goods. Diamond Dyes never streak, spot,
fade, or run,
what wo claim for it���rid your system of
Catarrh or Deafness' caused by catarrh.
Wo do  not  recommend  it  for any-other
li'iuid, taken internally,-and acts-through
.the blood "upon the mucous surCiices ot
I ho-system, .thus reducing tlio inlluirinia-
lion and assisting Nature . in .restoring
normal conditions.". ' '    -      -
. All Druggists.  ��� 'Circulars .free.
-I'VJ. Cheney.'& Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Mothers can easily kndwwhen their
,children-are troubled with worms,-, and,
thcy lose no time.in applying.   a7 "re-.
liable,remcdjVr-Mother Graves'.' Worm
Exterminator." *������'-.' -'.-.- ,. .' .:~     -. -��� V' -'
Ask for. Minard's "and" take .no other
.. -Liverpool, is now. stated io-be" the
.sootiest place "in Knglaiid... "Hull, and
TNTewcastle-upon-Tyne;being 's(-co".1!
.and third: .-'.- ,"-'���' ��� -, ' ������'. '���'- --.   ;- ", . "-./'.
Strange Catile Food;
��� Marco "."Polo ,'was" rtiie'firi-f. Euro.-
poMi/'traveller lo speak of .lapaii,
and he called it Oipango.
Feed "��� Manufactured from Sawdust
Said to be' Excellent- -. ,. y-t
���.���' li, begins- to look, as . though". Canity
diiih cattle- are; g'o.iitg'' lo'ltave'-u""inore
varied ami -extraordinary diet in the
years.to come titan" any other cows in
the world.- The Council of Scientific
Research at Ottawa announces that
an excellent caitla. feed can be manufactured front sawdust. A^ood-deal
of the waste of Hie British Columbia
sawmills will doubtless be utilized in
that-way in future. ft, also states]
that a. plan was recently established
in Canso where food for cows is being
manufactured, from fish -waste. ���".-,-As
the losses .by . waste in .. the -Nova
Scolian fisheries amount to a staggering .figure.7every -year, -similar enter-,
���prises -will "-doubtless ��� "spring*up in
���bther'Howns/besides Canso/.:"-'  '"'..'-.���
." Queer, Signs in-Japan;. ">. X':
'���: The -Prince 'of Wales enjoyed,' m'aiv'y
a-', "laugh .when'' ."he'"saw some of "the
sign's- with English.inscriptions' which
several. Japanese".- 1 radesnien' - display
outside their..shops: - TIere'.are-a few
which'may catpli/his'.e'y.e..;" ' "Tailor, of
Resistant Wet'."Coat,"""Baggages, Sent
any ��� Direction .by Infernal RailveayV'
"llprsq-bii' Shop,;.'-.''Coats Made, from'
any...- hides -. -Yours or Ours,'1./"Ladies
Furnished in,.t he .Upper .Story." 7 .  ..'-
'- New Publicity Medium
Address' on .Canada's- Merits Trans-
.' mitted.by Radio to U.S."
For-, the first time .In history the
merit's and attractions of Canada were
made known to ...the public within . a
radius of 250 miles, of Omaha by "radial telephone. ' The occasion was tlie
delivery of. an address "to life""Rotary"
Club of that city, by '.Mr.-. J. .' Bruce
Walker,. Director or Publicity and Information .Bureau, -Department of Im--
migration and"Colonization, .Winnipeg,
Canada; .' Mr. Walker's address', was
broadcasted ��� through Iowa,-Nebraska
aiid Missouri, through '.,' the ��� .friendly
courtesy of/ ;the- 'proprietors' of.the
.Omaha Daily News and it'is]estiniated
that 'between 15{000.- and 20,000. persons heard . his' address .through the
medium of-radio.-. 7-This'marks a hew
development- in publicity for-,.Western
Ca nada'-.a nd in; tlie - means 'of- promoting ihiormatibri and good will.'.between
A mericans and Canadians.   ." .-���. ������'���. ' -.-.
Tracinc; Tuberculosis
Origin Can be,Easily;Traced by Keep-
";.-'    -ing.'Records" ',    \ ,-   7- ;"='
......      .,.,- ���   ,       "-By .marking hogs and-keeping ree-
. Corns',   cripple..'-lhc feet, and.', make  -.'"_   -..',.   .-���     ���--       '--:-,  _'_       ,'
walking a  ioriunvyetWe  relief .in -ords-.ol-their- source until they have
(iic shape of llolloway's Corn Renio'v ' been   "slaughtered    in    the    packing
er is within reach of all. . j. plants it is possible to find the farms
.on'which tuberculous hogs originated.
-  Refuses; to Film .Passion'Play 7'.;..
Anton- Lang" the potter, of 'Ober'aiiv
The use of this-.system has, helped to
find   many  herds  ot  diseased  cattle;
:.-";;./���' :::..".- '.Manicurists .of Old ".'-' -:'"' -'V:;.
//���i\L'ihictinists7ai;e-,nol'a. re'eehf; devel-
ppment-''.V Long//years// ago/the .-poet
wrofe:' '"Th:>re"s a ��� <11 vinit-y]. that'shapes
Prompt - Pemmjieht-^Reu'ef
never fail. Purely vegetable���acl surely but
gently on the
Step after-
dsnoei dss-
Areas r-correct indigestion; improve       ,	
the complexion ~ brighten the eyes.
SusaD Fill-small ��ose-- Saali Price
Keep .Minard.'s Liiviment/jn,"the,house
The Name/.;
jLABos��rof*v^^-- .cutter's
^*"-".������-���     '  .-jxiScrtims. Vaccines
���and tffegreitins sijnifie-', MsJe by,T5��= Labon-
'. tory.thit Knows Ho-*.-."" Twenty-five yan ot con-
&d;ntiou? nukavor :n one V.ne count fcr iffls-rtls/ce..
���-���.: Tlie Cutter laboratory .    :,
Berkeley- <���- :.(U.S.Iic��i_i��)-,.'-_ California
,W:.'.;_v-.U,; 1418''
ihcrgau. who plays tlio rolcof Christ ] for the hogs usually get-tuberculosis
-in thc "Passion Play," and'is also! from cattle. However., it sometimes
chairman of the village council,, has'i happens that no tuberculosis is' found-
refused an offer of ?.l,000,000 to film ( among Hie cattle on farms from which
the "Passion Play." "We will-never j tuberculous, hogs h*i:e been shipped,
consent*to Uave it filmed," Lang said.; In these cases evidence has . been
"The idea of commercializing it is j found indicating that the hogs proB-
abhorreni.''' It. will cost the visitor ably became infected from poultry. U
exactly 400 marks ($1.25) to see the Vs believed that in a large percentage
play. " This'includes the price of the of tlie. cases where hogs are'infected
ticket.'lodging]-tor-two nights and five . and tlie cattle are clean, avian tuber-
meals,.  "   X,- ,-.���"''.-'- ���   ��� .       ."  ".-"-"���-   culosis-will be found on the place.
Calgary Famous for Bull Sales
Calgary has become famous as having the largest annual association auction sale of pure-bred bulls in the
.world. At the twenty-first annual
sale this'spring 425. pure-bred beef
sires, from -the best herds of Alberta
changed hands at the local stockyards. In the past twenty-one years
since the initial sale -in 1901, a total
of 5,651 pure-bred bulls have been, sold
for an aggregate, of. ?t',0'29,750.
Light Burns.a Minute '-",
Electric lights that- remain alight
for a minute after -they -.have. - been
turned off .at. the switch will be .appreciated by "anyone "who has ever stumbled oyer a chair on the way to bed
or cracked his head on a half-open
garage- door. A 'thermostatic element
keeps tlie .current on for CO seconds
after'the switch is'opened:
Which tells when to use
the Saxophone singly, fn
quartettes, sextettes or
regular band; ho-,/ to
transpose cello parts Jn
orchestra; and other
valuable facts. Send
for your copy*
You Can Learnto Play tho
Scalo in On* Hour'a Practice, and Soon Be Playing
Popular Aira.
Vou can double your Income, you*
pleasure, andyour popularity.
-Tha Famous Bu��>cTier-Crand
. Tit lir_4i* ui noil perfect tsai ol uy
TORONTO; 7-      ONT.
.'���-"-   FOR FREE BOOK ' . .   '
"   and
Mentioning-This'Paper .,
: WARNING 1; vi-Say ��� "Bayer"  when you .'.buy Aspirin.
'-Unless - you.' see.the "name "'Bayerfi-bn tablets, yoii" are
no.t'.g'etling Aspirin at all. .Why'take'chances? ,'V '  ���
' Accept .only an "unbroken-'package'-' of "Bayer'. Tablets of
. Aspirin,'-'" which contains .directions and;dose'u'orked "out by-
��� physicians during; .22 -3*ears"and." proved safe byX,millions foi
���Colds  "-. V.Heiadache ,7   7; 7Rheumati.sni   . V':.
���:-_.. .Tooiha.cJie. .'.:... Neuralgia ' :."'.'Neuritis" -
Earache       -   'Lumbago* '   '"^ .Pain,"Pahi';������'���."":."
-Handy''''Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets���Also bottles of 24'arul 100���Dn.iggists.'
Aspirin Is the trndi? mark (r��!_ristprei_ ln-Canada)  of Bayer "Manufacture of Mono-
ac��t!racl(lcs't��r'or Sallcyllcacia,    TThllc tt is well known tliat Aspirin means Baj-*r
manufacture, to assist the public: against imitation's, ,t"ie Tablet's -of Bayer Company
.. will' bo stamped with, their genera! trade-marl:, the "Bayer Cross." - ���"    ���   -       .
Grn.tlnaies ��� of '303 -American ..col-". -V Although." blind,-.from childhood, a
leges." "andJ.''universities .. are]-*' now. j'niaii: living' near -Bolton. England, is
studying ��� ia'. J.rea'ch .universities,-. Ei2ji ��� an' expert. - gardener,-./and' - freq'uently
in all.   "���'���']'.-':-'"''���"���">-'" V.-       _--''-��� -X-   "7  "acts as jtttigejat flowei;;sliows: ] /  y'X
:,q9- m^X-
Sun Wind jou3&ihdeS
R��CCH?fi:.��ID_D����SO_D BY DsifGOSIS f��OPTiClA?JS
WBre-FoRfree lit; Boq& Hw'rhs co. CHicftco;
X'\ ���'".������ X'-X Canada's-" Army --'-. ,.'.:"��� ���" '.'
V X5>re.';t.he- nations generally to diS:'
arm.:'asV'efficiently'-/-,as Canada .there!
/vtoiild- bo little ineeii '.for disarmament,
eoijferencesy/" 'An^'arniy'VofJess! than- r
four thousand ',ni.en\for !.a. ..countrj*..r of
almost Bine'^iDiUiob .people .'must ^be a
record.^-Toronto;Globe. '��� ..-;:���" 7WV:V
xm^m^yx-xx -   x ��� ��� ^^S^^^^:;;
Jobbing Repairs 7 Castings.- Plate and Tank Work mmm
Is Ja.oo a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not.paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7,00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears itv notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2^c. a"liue each insert ion.
"Battle of Jutland"
At last a film h;vs been made
that should be of interest to the
public of Greenwood aud district.
The Battle of Jutland has been
placed upon tho screen in such a
manner as to make all points of
the conflict clear to the least instructed spectator. This film is'a
true presentation of this great
battle and has been based upon the
personal testimony of the naval
officers and extracts from the log
books of the ships of both the British and German navies and is
shown the whole of the action
from beginning to end. It has
been proclaimed by critics as being
the most striking, authentic and
thrilling picture that has yet been
produced by the British industry.
The Battle of Jutland will be
shown at tbe Greenwood Theatre
on Saturday, May J 3th.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
All great men work hard.
Success depends upon backbone,
not wishbone.
Not what we atart,   but   what
we finish counts.
Evex a mule can't kick and  go
ahead at the same time.
Doixg your work  well   ia   the
greatest satisfaction in life.
A man is like a feack, he can
only go as far as his head will let
Good management of a little is
better than mismanagement of
Business and life are like bank
accounts���yoa can't take out more
than you put in.
Luck may come to you if you
are on.the level but it will never
push you up hill. .      ..
Success is not made., by- lying
awake at night, .but by keeping
awake in the daytime. .    -
.. The best thing about a platbnic
friendship is that it smoothes the
way for real flirtation.
It is fortunate that .people can't
read the, kisses that have. been
printed on a girl's lips.
When a man listens attentively
.to what a woman says it is. a Bign
that they are not married;
The things that man intends to
do when he gets the time never
.help him.up the ladder  of success.
The man whbV wastes;self-pity
on himself with, the gloomy, belief
he has no chance ,iri life is usually
Tquite. right.:'        : -'- 7 X '-';'���..;���' --.-.;" ���.
NOTICE is hereby ���rWcii dial 1 shall liolil a
Court ot Revision on Monday, tlio 10th day ol
June, VJ22. at Uie Com t llou.iC, Cri-oiiwood, U.C..
al 10 (/duel, in tlie forenoon, for tlie purpose of
revising tlie Voter's Jji-t of lliu Uruuuwou'l
Electoral District, and of hcarini. and deter-
���uiniuf. any aud all objection-: to tlie retention
of any name or name* on tlie re^isicr of Voters
for the said Electoral District.
Dated at Greenwood. U.C.. this lOtli ditv of
.May, 1922.
Register of Voters for the
Greenwood Electoral District
Midway News
On Saturday night at the Old
Lancashire Hotel, Midway, there
was a splendid surprise party
sprung on Mrs. Clark and Mrs,
Lee, two very respected friends of
the community, which came as a
great surprise to both. The whole
affair was brilliantly engineered by
the able hands of Tom Clark and
Harry Borders.
The gathering numbered about
95 or more aud if ever two ladies,
(Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Lee) were
surprised it sure was them. ��� Cards
wero enjoyed by the older folks
and dancing was carried on by the
younger set. The music was supplied by Jim Bush, Mrs. Pannell,
Harry Borders, W. G. Moll, Clay
Nicholas and Percy Hammerstrom.
A most sumptuous supper was
enjoyed by all and due credit must
be given to the' ladies for such.
The party came to a conclusion by
playing the home waltz in the "we
sma' hours."
The Govern men t Of
The l'roviiice Of British Columbia
The attention of
Timber Licence holders who are
takinsr advantage of the provisions
of the 1921 Amendment to the
FOREST ACT. wherby arrears of
licence fees accrued prior to 31st
December, 1920 have been funded
and made payable in annual instalments, is specially directed to the
fact that any renewal fee which became due in 192Kis not. included in
thtinstalnientsaboye mentioned, and
such 1921 and; ah sii fcseauent.renewai
fees must be paid within one.year
after the date of expiry]of the licence
in order to maintain tlie rigrht ofthe
holder to obtain a renewal of tlie
' .   NELSON, B.C.    ;
'- . -Nicely furnished .rooms, by the
7 '��� "-    - day,-week or .month.'   .
F. Nilson
:/ vA&SAY'ER. '���;/
- E.7 \V. WIDD'OWSOM," Assayer and
Chemist, .Box' Biio8, Nelson,- B.- G.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper "or Lead
fr.25 . each. ��� Gold-Silver' jji.7'5.:. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead- ��3.00. Sil-
ver.-Lead^2.oo. ��� Silv.er-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for. other-' metals,' "etc.Xori application.-,   ���    - .
���iriririr.iririr * ���#-.���*��� * * !*
Be Warned In Time
A; man who would not take his
home paper, sent his little boy; to
borrow the copy .taken,by his neigbV
bor.   In -his   haste   the   boy rah'
over a hive of beeB,  and in ten
ruinates he looked like. a ��� warty
squash.     His. cries   reached 7 bis
father who ran  to his  assistance.
Vand   failing  to   note a barb-wire
fence   ran   into  that, breaking it
down,, editing.a handful of flesh
from bis anatomy, and ruining a
$5 pair of; pants. , The cow took
'. advantage of the gap in the fence,
. and got into   the corn.   Hearing
"the racket,  bis wife ran,  upset a
fonr-gallon churn   of   rich cream
into a basket of kittens and drowned them.    In her hurry she lost a
87 set of teeth.    The .baby,  left
alone, crawled through  the cream,
and into the parlor, ruining a brand
new $30 carpet.   During the excitement the oldest daughter ran
away with the hired man, and the
dog broke np eleven Betting bens,
and the calves got o'uS'aad. chewed
the tails off four night shirts.   The
..  r . .���. .
man eopld have got a paper of his
own at $2 a year, and Eaved all the
trouble and expense.
J, . n IjOAT. is'not a periodic- "j.
. . * al.- It iti a book eon- T
��g�� taining 86 illustrations all. "��*
ju 7' told, - and'' is V fi lied '���' with_;,.*&:
IT . sketches'-.* and-. :stories V of .*��*;
"^'���western.life. It: telle how ^
������? a gambler, cashed in 'afterV j_
i&. -the. flush .days of Sandon ;./��_"
4�� how it rained in.New'Den-   *
JL ver long ."after-.-Noah  was. "**r-
A dead; how. a parson took a *��>
drink  at...Bear - Lake   .in .����*
early   days;   how   justice X
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;  T
how  the saloon-man out-. **!
prayed the women inl��ala-' ,<-f**
mazoo,'atfd graphically de-  ��fa
picts the - roomings"  of   a A,
western editor among -the ^
���$�� tender-feet in the cent belt.  T
ejj�� It contains theeai-ly history **���
efo of Nelson and . a romance *f*
of tbe Silver King mine.  4��
In   it are   printed    three ��g��
western poems, and dozens &
of articles isoo". numerous ,
.. to mention. Send for ..one j*
*. before it is top late. The V
�����* price is . 50 ; cents, post-, �������
��|��. paid to any part of-., the ��|.
���j��'- world, 'Address all let- a
Tteratp.:-;., ���-��� X:X&
*X The Ledgei:-:*:
^XyxXyxXy   x^XX^:
A - GREENWOOD, BX. G. x ��>
^���":Vr77K:>v-v.V yX-y*.
& * 4-:-f ^ -f *l* 4 ir fr'-i? "I* 4s.
chinery Prices  Have
A Dance will be held in the Old
Lancashire Hotel, Midway, on
Friday, May 19th, for the benefit of the baseball team. A good
time will be guaranteed. Ladies
kindly bring cakes. A collection
will be taken to help out the good
Midway, B.C., May 9th.
Editor The Ledge,
Now that the Base Ball season
is opening up and the clean sport will
appear once again ou the big diamond,
I wish to bring to your notice that the
Midway Base Ball team is open to play
against any team of their own standing.
The team is composed of a good bunch of
sports that will stand to be "licked" or
give one. Hoping to make a match with
another team locally at any time. I
Yours truly,
Harry Borders,
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
A. fine range of samples to-select-
from.     (Just arrived.)
. Now on view at"
Tailor and Cleaner
.  -      Greenwood.
Send .Your
' .",  '   -"      '":   ���:���:   ��� To. 7'     '   :V.    "' -   "-,
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All .work and material  guaranteed.' We
pay postage one "way./ Terms Cash.. ,
Ploughs,   Harrows,   Mowers,   Rakes
and   Binders
When you have something
to sell, put a
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
The charge   is reasonable
McCormick,    Deering,   John   Deere,
Champion   or  Oliver   Lines   on
BROWNS, Midway, B.C.
���DR.. J.:--M. BURNETT
7 Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
Agent for Bodge, Chevrolet; Studebaker,
and Overland cars. Garage in connection.
D. McPHERSON;   " - - '  Proprietor
BY   DAY   or   CONTRACT   ,
Wood For Sale     , V
Second Hand Pipe, Rails,  Mining Cars
and other Miuing'Equipment-
7      X'X ""Reasonable.Prices"""" ~~.~TT
Apply to J. W- Clark. Pacific Hotel
---Economy and Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features which go to
make up the Service we give
our customers. Are you
one of them?
(Rulpd or Plain)
Pnvelopes, Billheads,
(All Sizes)
Statements, Business
? =3
gers, Ltc,
g :   GREENWOOD    ',-; Jofr Printing Department   ����
niiiiiuuuaaiiuauuiuiu uuiUiaiUiuiiuuauuuMiUiiuu&K
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co,
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department -
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,'Copper and Lead Ores
Producers,, of   Gold,   Silver,  Copper,   Bluestone,  Pig  Lead  and Zinc
Auto Stage twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
Porks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8a. m:-   ..
. For Oroville, "Wenatohee and Prineeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare 61.60 Each Way. Hand Baggage Free. Trunks Carried.
Express ani Heavy Draylne,        -        Auto's for hire Day or Night
We carry Tires. Oils. Greases. Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3L
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced toSS-an acre; -second-class to
$2.50 an acre. %
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only. , ,.
TRecords will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for - adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making,
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must, make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least S acres, '-^before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation riot
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, bt
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per ���innum-J.and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than S years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre,jncluding S acres cleared and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling- residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acrea may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding. 40 -acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stum page.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing "roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road '-
to them.' Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made."
~ The scope'of this Act is enlarged" to
include all persons-joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of thc present war. This privilege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision made for insurance 7" of
Crown Grants to sub-purchasers .of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving-'forfeiture, . on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do
-iiot.claini-whole of.original parcel,-pur--_
chase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately over whole
area.' Applications must be made by
May 1, 1920.
a        GRAZING
:   Grasing Axt, 1919, for systematic de- ,
velopmeut of livestock  industry  pro.
vides  for. grazing districts and range
administration    under. Commissioner.
Annual, grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for estab- .
lished owners, Stock owners may form
Associations 7for ��� range management..
Free,   orjpartially   free,   permits   for
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten .
head. - ""-���-���-��� .-���
The Mineral ProYiiKe of Western Canada
7 Has producedMinerals valded aa follows:.-.'Placer Gold, $76,177-403; Lode
Gold, $105,557,977; Silver, $55,259,485; Lead $48,330,575; Copper, 8166,393,488;
,Zinc, $21,884,531; Coal and Coke, $225,409,505; Building Stone, Brick, Cement,
$34,072,016; ., Miscellaneons    Minerals,    $1,210,639;     makingVita  ..Mineral
.Production to the,end Of 1921 ,ahow       ,7. "''''-.
An7 Aggregate Value of $734,?59,61%7
iction for the Year Ending Dtceinjjef, 1921, $28,066,641
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal,, arid the fees lower,
than those o!^any other Province in the Dominion, or any Cokmy in the British
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
A-baolafce Titles are obtained by developing, such properties, the. security
of which is gisaraataed by Crown Grants.
Fall information, together with Mining Beports and Maps, may be obtained
gratiB by addressing��� '-"-..-V- ' X
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
-i -


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