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The Ledge Jul 13, 1922

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ovincial Library
_. Vol.   XXVIII.
We carry a large line ot
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock
X Underwear
Shirts, Drawers  and
Be comfortable while it is warm
Thjese prices, are right
__r?-l |~3
Now in Season
��~|     We can supply yoji with the best for preserving
"~       ~ Place your orders with us
���   ��� x .  __ Prices Right .     T.
W. ElsonSCo
I   LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46   |��
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
GREENWOOD - -  *     B.C.
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker!"
and Overland cars. Garage in connection.
D. McPHERSON        -       Proprietor
The Trout are taking the Fly now
Everything in the Tackle line
Poles,.Steel and Bamboo, big  assortment
All kinds of Leaders, Flies, Spinners,
Silk and Cotton Lines, Etc.
itaa___i___i___________��_________,._,.,_, . ��0^��
Insurance Claims paid by
J." B.  Sheridan, Carmi, Hotel, #2,000.00
B. W. Bubar, Beaverdell, Dwel. 25 00
J. Boltz, Bdy Falls, Clothing- 5500
W. Hart, Greenwood, Dwelling
and Furniture 600.00
W. G. Pond, Greenwood.'Dwl. 25.00
G. S. Walters, Greenwood, Auto 900.00
A. J. Morrison, Greenwood,
Sickness 105.00
0. Lofstad,  Greenwood,  Dwell. 300.00
1. H. Hallett, Greenwood, Dwell. 55.00
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
The WINDSOR  HOTEL   is  heated  with   steam
and electricity.     Fine sample' rooms.     A comlort- *
able home for tourists" and travellers.     Touch the
wire   if you   wane rooms reserved.     The buffet is
'' "* replete  with  cigars,  cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.      ' ���
A Car of
Cereals,  Flour and  Feed
Their Quality is Pre-eminent
Commencing at 8.IS p.m.
Marshall Neilan presents  ~
Randall Parish's
"Bob Hampton
Of   Placer"
The frontier days���Custer's Last Stand-
thousands of Indians,  Scouts, Horses, in
7     " thrilling prairie fights
Wesley Barry, James Kirkwood, ftftrjorie
Daw,'head cast of hundreds
7 reels 7
i Around Home 1
��� t
Conserve the water.   '
Robius aje having a great time
stripping- the cherry trees.
-Pat Kempstou; of Bridesville,
is the guest o�� Johnny Kerr.
H, M. Strambsrg left for Victoria on Friday morning last.
Harry Royce, F. C. Hurst have
returned to town from Hedley.
A. J. Morrison has returned
from the mining; convention at
Roddy McLeod went to Trail
this week and will work7..in the
Trail smelter.
There will be no service held
inSt. Jude's Church for the next
three Sundays.
Mr. * Hurst and daughter of
Iadianna, are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Fred HurstV _������
r k- *
' Mrs.' H. H. Pannell and son,
Philipj-of Midway, were visitors
to town on Monday..
D. Mcintosh-went to Vancouver last Saturday where he will
purchase a house for his  family.
, The residence. on the Allan
Eddy ranch near Bridesville was
destroyed by fire a few days ago.
Robt. Wilson and sou William
have returned to town from Osoyoos where they were burned out.
.Miss Eva Murray is spending
a well earned rest at Kettle Valley, the guest'of Miss Victoria
Shillcock.  _-
A. H. W. Crosley, of the West
Kootenay" Machine" and Equipment Co., of Nelson, is in town
for a few days. -   -
Miss B. Jackson, pf Midway, is
No.   51^
A 'Strange Meteor
r  Las. Saturday night at   10.55, i<
hizzing sound  and  the eight of a
flying meteor engaged the attention
of those of our  citizens  who were
up   at   that   time.     The   meteor
passed in a north easterly direction
over    tho   city   and    its   descent
occupied fully  forty-five  seconds.
Those who saw it state that it was
very bright and  that its progress
was marked with a  hissing sound.
Two minutes  after it had passed
from view a thud, or rather  which
sounded like  an, explosion,  from
ihe direction of the place  where
spectators  thought it had fallen,
was" heard, distinctly.     People in
Rock Creek, Bridesville and No. 7
Road   have V_reported    that    the
strange visitor was visible to  them
and as far away as Carmi come reports  that the explosion  or thud
was distinctly heard there at that
Community Picnic
Mrs. L. -C. Terhune returned
to Tranquille on Monday after
spending a holiday at Danville
and Greenwood.
Jim McLennan was reported lost up the North Fork while
oh his way to Lightning Peak,
via Franklin camp. Last week
Scott McRae and Provincial Constable Killam went out in search
of him, but in the meantime Mr.
McLennan had returned safely to
Not one-fourth of the people of
the Boundary know what a noxious weed is- when they^see it.
Yet there are laws and rules con-
- The community picnic held  on
Wednesday afternoon  and   evening in the beautiful grove near the
C.P.R.   station wsb a very successful affair,   their being present
all    denominations    and "classes.
Sports for the children  were held
on the school grounds in the afternoon and proved to be very exciting and keen competition in all the
events.     Another  attraction  was
diving for nickels from the bridge
A 20-foot table was erected for the
supper to which  there were three
sittings besides many taking ad-
vantage of the shade trees  for a
spread.      Those   responsible    for
getting up the affair are to be congratulated on the success of their
The sports were held under the
direction of J. A. Fraser. L.
Bryant and H. R. Bidder acted as
judges with  P.' H.   McCurrach as
starter. -
The following is the list of the
prize winners:
Children's race, boys under six, ist
Ernie Johnson, 2nd Stanley Kinsman.
Children's race, girls under 6, ist June
Tony, 2nd Velva Docksteader.
Kettle Valley Notes
cerning noxious weeds and dis-
. eases of fruit trees, intended for
employed at Lee r&vBryan's. stojej f atmwgVcpmmanities.c,aiid^ tbjjy
during the absence of' Geo T--*'-
who is takitig a vacation.
Mrs, Alex. Greig, of the Pacific
Hotel, returned on Wednesday
from a three months vacation
pleasantly spent at the coast.
Also a two reel Christie Comedy
"Short and Snappy"
We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
Its every centre of population.' in the. lower part: pi the province is a
telephone exchange and an orgaaizationof skilled workers to facilitate-commerce. Every circuit must be tested, every inch qf -wire watched-and 7kept.
in repair; every switchboard operated, day and night Not only that, but
there is always new'^obstruction to meet the,, increasing needs of the. tele.
phone asing public.:. Crews of linemen" aad cablemens aad installers of every
.kind of telephone eqnipna'ent carry on this work as the province progresses.
Prtsbyterian Church
Greenwood, Midway, Etc .
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Services on Sunday. 16th July
Midway nam.       Greenwood 7.30 p.m.
A cordial invitation to all
Sunday  School- for   the  children   and
young men and women
Midway 10 a.m.     Greenwood 10 30 a.m.
The Bibm*���ithe Book of Books ia the
best book. . H. G. Wells in "Tbe Salvaging of Civilization" speaks thus ofthe
Bible: *'It has been the book that has
held together the fabric of Western
Civilization. It has been'the handbook
of life to countless millions of men and
women. The .civilization we possess
conld not have come into existence and
could not have been sustained without it.
It has explained the world to the mass of
our people, and it has given them moral
We invite you to send your children
that they may be trained in the "Way of
Life" as contained in the imperishable
Dr. W. H. Wood, of Penticton,
drove in. from Vancouver on
Tuesday afternoon, ..leaving the
following afternoon/ for ;Grand
Forks. Br. Wood intenes return-"-
iug7 in September and spending a
couple of weeks here.   "--���'       1
Miss McKinnell, of - Kanaimo,
arid Miss E... "Olson,, formerly of
"Anyox- have been engaged a3
teachers at the public school. A
High School teacher, has not yet
been appointed.
A public dance "will be held at
the Anaconda School House on
Friday 14th inst. Ladies kindly
bring refreshments. Admission
Walter G, Kennedy, who represents the Northwest Biscuit Co.,
with headquarters in'Nelson, was
in town on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Miss Nellie Axam has been appointed .teacher.of-the-Boundary
Falls school, Gordon McLaren
who has been in "charge there
for the past two years having
Miss I. Keir, who has been in
charge of the school at Jaffray
during the past year,' arrived
home on Thursday last to spend-
the holidays with her, parents,
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Keir.
R. Gray and wife of Los Ange-
los, Cal.,.who baye been attending the" Mining Convention at
Nelson, are spending a few davs
in town. Mr. Gray is the inventor of the Victory Ball Mill.
Wm. Henderson, of Victoria,
superintendent of Dominion Public Buildings spent Sunday afternoon in town .leaving in the
evening for-Grand Forks. Mrs.
Henderson is "accompanying him
on the trip; through B.C.
About So were present at a picnic held last Tuesday afternoon
July 4th, at Riley's (Christensen)
Ranch. All farmers and friends
in the district were present and a
great reunion was held. Tea was
served at 7 o'clock after which
there was dancing with refreshments.at midnight and. the dance
continued until an early hour.
.: Mr. and Mrs. E.7 S.. Lpgie of
Penticton, spent a.Vfew.daysin
town this week. Mr.. Logie is
the district representative of the
Canada Life Insurance. Co., and
Mrs. Logie _ is a contributor
to the Vancouver Province.
They travel by auto and carry
camping equipment.
Conserve the water.
Lee jhave some usesV   They give a
quarrelsome  man   an  outlet for
grudges which  might otherwise
settle in his chest and do him an
injury.     When  he has   a spite
against a neighbor he can prose-
I cute-him finder the noxious weed
act  and make   him pay  a fine.
This will ease-him quite  a lot.
But there are waste places   in
every town and community where
tall weeds grow and  become unsightly,  harbor filth  and breed
evil odors.
It is a joy to live in summer
when all tbe flowers are in bloom.
Even lo savage a flower makes
an appeal,, for it is an assurance
_of continued-life,_a vague-promise of immortality. But whatever may be the subconscious
promptings, we loye to revel in
the beauty of the great masses of
flowers which the summer brings;-
and to catch their delicious odor.
Sometimes however mingling
with the scent of flowers there
comes to us unpleasant odors
which the health inspector might
suppress, In little towns like
Greenwood it is difficult to suppress these odors, but it can be
done if the people * are trained
along the lines of health, and
their senses kept on the alert to
the disgrace of eyil odors. It is
well to learn that there are other
uses for lime than that of makiug
mortar;' and the plentiful use of
it should be insistedupon, -
The latest and most interesting
of all studies is the scientific feeding of babies. For many years
the feeding .of little pigs so that
they might grow and be full of
exubereut life has been counted
as of great importance in all
agricultural colleges, but pur
babies which are of more importance than all the little pigs.that
.were ever invented, were neglected. At last however, the baby
has; the thought ;of medical
science focused upon. it and baby
life has been made >nore beautiful. What babies eat-has a lot
to do with their personal" happiness and comfort during in-
j fancy; and with the.: health and
temperament of 7 the . men and
women IntoTwhich they grow.
Send a Float to your friends at
once. .. You can get them at
The Ledge office.
B6ys race, 6 to 8. 50 yds, ist J. Morrison, 2nd Lewis Clerf
Girls race, 6 to 8, -50 yds. B; Hopkins,
2nd C. Docksteader.
Boys race, "8 to 10, 50 yds, ist Allan
McCurrach, .2nd Dan -Kerr
Girls race, 8 to 10, 50 yds, ist Helen
Kerr, 2nd Gwen Hopkins
Boys race, 10 to 12, 75 yds, ist Percy
Fraser, 2nd Edward Johnson
Girls race, 10 to 12, So yds, ist Cassie
McLeod and Bessie .Bidder
Boys race, 12 to 14, 7�� yds, Joe Putzel,
2nd Robert Mowat   '_
Girls race, 12 to  14, 75 yds,   ist Doris
Kinsman,'2nd Lilly Intilla"" "	
Obstacle race, boys under- IS, ist
Percy Fraser, 2nd Edward Johnson
Obstacle race boys under I2,~ist
John Kerr, 2nd Allan Fraser
Egg and spoon race, girls under 14,
ist Ruby Goodeve, 2nd Ethel Fraser
Three-legged race, boys under 15,
John Putzel and Geo. Bryan
Three-legged race, boys under 12, John
Kerr and Sam Eastis
Potato race, girls under 14, Cassie McLeod, 2nd G Hopkins and Helen Kerr.
Boys- race, over 14 and under 16, ist
Sam Eustis, 2nd John Kerr
Miss King has returned  from a
trip to Banff.
The Road camp closed down on
the Osoyoos road last week.
Rhone beat Rock Creek at baseball on Sunday by a score of 9-8.
George Cawston ia baying a carload of eattle this week which he
hopes to ship in a day or so.
Misb Dpbney left on Sunday for
Edmonton where she will spend
tbe holidays with her brother.
Miss Winnifred Whiting is
spending a week's holiday in Greenwood the "guest of Miss Silvia Price.
Mrs. G. P. Harper of Myncaster
and Miss Roberts of Vancouver,
were the visitors of Mrs E. P.
Rock during the past week,
The annual meeting of the .
Kettle Valley School was held in
the School House on Saturday the
8th inst at 7 p.m. H. Douglas
Hamilton was re-elected .as school
trustee for the ensuing 3 years.
and Mrs. J. Madge auditor for the
coming year. It was decided to
enlarge the school before the next
term commences.
Midway News
Greenwood  Public  School
No. days School was in session   22
PupilOn attendance- 28
Average daily attendance       26.86
Second Reader to Junior Third
Reader: Meredith Fenner, Bertram Price, Marguerite Ritchie,
Allan McCurrach, Lewis Mitchell,
Margaret Royce, Malcolm McLeod, Mary Skelton,' Robert
Mitchell, Wilfrid Tromblay, Eileen
Bryan, Edward Parry, Arthur
Cox,        -" -  *'
Passed conditionally: Dick Morrison, Daniel Kerr.
Junior Third to-Senior Third:
Leo....-Madden, Cassie, McLeod,
Helen Kerr, John Putzel, Andrew
Auderson, George Hurst, William
Walmsley, George' Bryan, Percy
Passed conditionally: . Lawrence
DuHamel, Lloyd Eustis.
James Atwood will have a
good crop of raspberries this season.
A couple of impromptu dances
were held at the local pavilion last
Bennerman and Pannell are
re-shingling the roof of the Midway
Wm. Rusk, wife and family have
left for Omak, Wash., . where .they;.
I will reside. -*
"Harry Borders has received- his .
radio machine and expects to have
it working in a few days.
Mrs. A. C. Mesker will leave on
Saturday" to visit her daughter,
Mrs. H. C. Griffin in Spokane.
Mrs. H. H. Pannell" visited
friends at Bergen, Kettle Valley
and Ingram Mountain last week.
Mrs. C. O'HandJey returned to
Vancouver on Friday after visiting
Mrs. H, H. Pannell for some
Boundary Falls School
Seport for June
A. G. McLaren, Teacher
Days school in session       - 22
Total attendance - - 291
The Honor Rolls were given out
as-follows: 7-.. 7
" Proficiency���Daniel Boltz.;
Punctuality and Regularity���r.
Andrew SwanluBd. 7.     .- V
Deporfcment^Helen Casselman.
- A picnic was held pn the closing
day at .which the parents .were
present. , After ..some games v?ere
played, refreshments; were .served
and - everybody had -="a v good time.
It is.hoped that a picnic will' be
held every year. .7
Prodigious Poesy
The muse, has often been wooed
to stir nations, to rouse the inert.
spirit of action.    Picturesque limericks have been indited to suggest
volumes,  but it took the Greenwood Bard, H. McCntcheon to use
his poesy  as a   means   to pry   a
few    dollars    from    an  absentee
Greenwood   well wisher.    As the
citizens  know,  efforts   have been
successfully made to collect a sum
of money with which to materially
revive the mining industry of the
city.    It took the  Bard  of Greenwood  and his muse  to go beyond
the precints of the city.    A poena
inspirational   and   appealing   was
addressed to J.  L.   White, depnty
provincial, secretary, it was not so
long as  the proverbial Norwegian
clothes   line,.' nor   as   short as a
distich bat for results it has any
collecting evangelist  faded as the -
reply was twenty dollare, ten from
Mr. White and ten from the Hon;
Dr. MacLean.   Next time an appeal is to-be made the persuasive
pen of .our Greenwood Bard mast.
be solicited.      ;    V '-���'
���__A, little bird was put  of, its .
nest on a window sill in town at
siao'xlock on Saturday morning..
The parent;bird came and fed it'.
with a worm cut small with the
shears of7her beak.    Then she
took the baby bird on her neck
and soared gently with, it to, the.
nest. -'-','--���'���' THE    LEDGE.     GREENWOOD,    B.     0.
Don t Puak
Reports from all parts o!.' AYcslern Canada are ,at the time this article is
written, distinctly optimistic so far a;; crop conditions are concerned: TIig
heavy Spring rains, -while ihcy retarded seeding operations in some district;;,
and resulted in certain low-lying lands not being seeded, nevertheless prepared an ideal seed bed. Then, during the latter part of June copious rains
have fallen fairly generally throughout the West giving the growing grain
sturdy development and providing needed moisture for rapid growth.
Sections of the country which during recent years have been afflicted with
the grasshopper plague report a maikod decrease in the pest, while never he-
fore have farmer:} generally heen su well organized and ready to fight this
Reduction.- in freight rates, and the passing of legislation "calculated to
assist in the marketing of the crop without such a disastrous decline in prices
as took i)lace last year, are also encouraging features of the situation, leading to the hope that, providing the crop passes through the dangers still
ahead, a reasonably profitable return on the season's operations will be
realized. *-
It ia never wise, however, to figure on a crop until it Is actually harvested and marketed because ao many eventualities may occur, and so many
factors have to be considered. Chickens should not be counted before they
are hatched, and neither should the probabalities of the Western grain crop
be figured on'until they become actualities.
Evidence is not lacking even at this early date that some.creditors and
corporations, to whom farmers are7 largely in debt, are figuring on and preparing for what they term a "clean up" this year. In other words, they are
planning to conduct aggressive debt-collecting campaigns. In some fe,w
isolated cases steps have already been taken to effect foreclosure of mortgages on tlie strength of growing crops, and without giving the individual
farmer an opportunity to himself realize on his year's labor and thus place
himself iu a position to meet his liabilities to the extent that the crop maj*
place him in funds to do so.
The fact ought to be, and must be, realized that in those sections which
have suffered from repeated crop failures in recent years one crop will not
liquidate the debts which have been contracted. It has taken several years'
losses to put many farmers in the position in which they now unfortunately
find themselves, and it would be both foolish and cruel if drastic measures
of debt collection were taken. Yot when a man has several creditors it is
inevitable that, if one proceeds to take drastic action, the others who are
willing to be reasonable must adopt somewhat similar measures in order to
protect themselves and not allow the unreasonable creditor to get away with
everything to their own and their client's loss.
In a few isolated cases it has already been necessary i'or Governments to
warn unreasonable creditors that, if they persist in demanding their pound
of fiesh without giving the debtor-farmer a fair chance, an individual moratorium will be issued lo protect such a man and his other creditors. Should
this Shylock, characteristic become at all general, Governments might be
forced, much as they would regret thc necessity, to declare a moratorium in
order to prevent .the precipitation of a situation, which would prove.disastrous all .round. ' - '    .'��� *���-.     " ���"'-���"
On the other hand it must be fully recognized, that there is an "unwieldy
.burden of debt now7 resting oh .the country which must be" paid off to the last
dollar it is possible to squeeze out of this year's production and-yet leave sufficient to enable families to enjoy the necessities of life and continue to-"carry
on" "next. year. Tlie whole credit, system of the country, and the stability of
the entire financial-and business fabric demands that.this be done. There
can b.e no sympathy for, and. little-mercy shown to, the man who does not deal
.frankly and ���honestly with--his-creditors, and make every possible effort ;io
pay.off his liabilities.    - - ';._ .       -.-'-"      -
���'There is, therefore, imperative necessity foi* mutual understanding, good-,
will- and active co-operation nelween debtors and creditors this year; " There
must be no'tendehcy on tho part, of the debtor to evade or procrastinate, but
an'open, honest effort to'meet his creditors more than half-way and fairly to
-the full'extent of Iiis abilityV". Creditors, onHhe other hand; must appreciate
the fact that, one good crop .will not pay' for three, four and "sometimes five
' years of no-crops.     They must,.'therefore, be reasonable, and .thosS who re-
- fuse "to" bo'-reasonable, must, be taken in'hand and compelled to be-do.",. -.
'   V-The   national - interest"   demands   not merely an appreciation of these j
��� tilings, buta practical recognition of tliem.   National interests are paramount, j
and above-any individual or corporation interest, and if-the' latter do not ofi
their volition-conduct themselves as' the national interest'demands,'well; then
. they must b.e made to'do so.    - ;' - ' ' .... 7   ���
About Advertising
To      Be      Effective      It      Must      Be
The Montreal Star makes an interesting and pointed business remark
when it declares that "January's advertising helps June and June's will
help December."
There is a world of truth, reason
and significance in this pithy utterance and a little reflection will prove
why this is so. Effective advertising
must not be spasmodic but must be
persistent. To hope for instant and
sustained results from one or two advertisements is to expect the impossible���is as though one hoped by attending school a day or two every
six mon'ths to become an- educated
man. The one is as absurd as tlie
The wise advertiser is he who.ad--
vertises regularly week in and week
out and regards his initial advertising as the builder regards his foundation���a basis / for the permanent
superstructure that is to rise later.���
Kingston Standard.
Pains in Back, Limbs and Side
Yield to "Nerviline."
If you have failed -to secure relief
from other remedies, rub on lots of
good old "Nerviline," the strongest,
most penetrating pain relief on the
market. Nerviline acts quickly on
small pains and is the surest to drive
out the big ones. It's because every
drop of Nerviline rubs in, because it
has the ability to sink in deeply, that
it drives away pain that ordinary oily
Liniments won't touch. Large 35c
bottles at all dealers.
English Motor Cars
British Concern May Establish a
Plant in Canada
A cable from London announces
that an English motor car concern is
to make the experiment of establishing a branch in Canada to enable its
product to'������ compete with the American cars now made and sold here.
An assembling plant will first be built
in the Dominion and it this is successful complete manufacturing will be
undertaken.. This pioneer - in ihe
movement'to construct English cars
in Canada will be "able to sell its product for less than ?1,000. ��
I with PE-RU-NA,themostfam^
I ous tonic and blood purifier
I on the North American..
Get a
1 Lottie
of     >_.\^BT   to-
and lot
this  ideal
win you back to
Let PE-RU-NA give
you an appetite; purify
and enrich tho blood; correct  Stomach nnd liowel
Troubles;  strengthen   tho
nerves; and clear away all
catarrhal inflammation.
There is' health, vigor and
vitality in PE-RU-NA.
Get nTJottle   to-day-
Sold Everywhere,    x
344 St. Paul St., Montreal
Old-Time Pffstal Service
An Extra Charge for Late Mail Was
Made in England-
A hundred years ago, in England,
anyone who mailed a letter too late in
the day was subject to a fine. Unless letters were mailed in London
before 4 o'clock a fee of a penny for
eacli one had to be paid to the bellman who collected the late'mail. The
postman was an important personage
in those days. He was all done up
in red,white and blue, scarlet coat,
blue breeches, white stockings, with a
great cockade in his hat. Those who
chose to carry letters to the general
post office could do so, but if they
wished to have letters received after
a certain time no less than sixpence
must be paid. It was usual for postage to be collected i'rom the person
who received.a letter.
For Both House and Stable.���There
is a good deal of similarity, physically
speaking, between human beings and
the lower animals. Both are subject
to many ailments arising from inflammation and to all manner of cuts aiyl
bruises. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is
an entirely reliable remedy for such
ailments and mishaps in both human
beings and the lower orders of
Broadcasting News
Of Natural Resources
Canada's Exports   7
Now- Leads the  World  in .Volume  of
- V -    ���' Exports.Per Capita.-
-Canada leads the .world  in "volume
of    exports ' per.   head - of "population.
.Computations="made, by-.the' Department, of Trade'and  Commerce", show
that Canada's exports now-amount .in
value to ?150 per capita,'as compared
. with' ?9S- for-the .United Kingdom) and
?65-for-tlu  United  States.      In 1902
-Canada was exporting, products to ..the
value"of- ?2S per capita, as compared
'. with - ?-107 per-' cap!t.a -.-im 7-..the." ��� United
Kingdom and  $15 per-,,, capita-- for  the.
United Slates.���;-'���     ''-  -
.. ."The-Height.'of "Formality
. ~ "Spiflins'is.tlie most-henpecked man
in.th'e,world." .-...'.
'���'���', "How 'c.6me?'7       :-'"-;-
V "His Avife-.njal.es hiin put ..on evening clothes to sit.homeland'listen to
a. ra'dii. concert.'.'.���Buffalo' Express.7 ��� -:
���It's .'an .impressive-.-��� moment, in a
giiTs.life .when a- masculine.'arm '-first
.encircles-bitv-waist. ������'   . ���   -���-*'.
, -.Every .dollar .spent . in-; your ".home
town is a-boost for .the community."    -
American Immigrants m.
.7 '-   -       ' ������ ���     ���/   ���  W>   .'.-
Party   Travelling   to   Fort   George   in
Oid-Time Prairie Schooners
-. Fifty-'families from the State.of Oregon are treking up in old-time prairie
schooners through the. Fraser Valley,
towards St. George, a- rich farming
district in Central British Columbia.
Their _ rate of ��� progress,is about. three
miles "an hour, and they anticipate-being months on.the. trail. /The'new,
land to which the-settlers are,', bound
is proving-a great..attraction to,"-Unit-
pd.States, farmers, ,'and-.it is' expected
to absorb five' hundred- colonisls.be-
fore the Tall.    ������""���   "'-���-���- -;"   ���---.-.
.---..'--     Russia Reverting*-.---
J '.was chatting -with, one" of-'the many-
Russian :-notables-/-of the ..old regime
who are in London:now, and-was surprised' at- his" optimism./';-.;A',Vfe\v-
moiitlis ago ,he regarded/ the* future,
with the deepest despair-.' Yesterday
he was bubbling over with excitement-.
"In, a year,'1, he said, "we shall be-hack!
in .Oussia.;,,-You-willVsee.' . Bolshevism-is.going..to have a sudden end.
Many- of;-.its1 leaders are- already-emigrating��� the; time"for our return.is at
hand!"���London Sunday Express.**
Until your various digestive organs
are in- order yonr food, instead of
. properly nourishing you will be liable
to clog arid poison your system. Your
blood will be poor and .impure and
your nervous system thoroughly run
down. Take immediate steps to secure
the healthy activity of stomach, liver,
and. bowels.   To this end you should
Th��    Most   Successful    Treatment   is
Through the  Blood
The early sTages of nervous debility
are noted by restlessness and irritability in which the victims seem to be
oppressed by .their nerves. - As the
trouble advances, common symptoms
are a tired feeling; weakness in the
knees and ankles;' headaches, backaches and sleeplessness. The matter
requires immediate attention, for nothing but suitable treatment '-will, prevent a complete breakdown..  - -. '.'  -
The nervous "system, governs "the
whole body, controlling'.heart, iungs,
digestion and brain, so- thai, it- is not1
surprising- that nervous disturbances'
cause acute distress.- For'tro'ubles of
this kind Dr., Williams' Pink.Pills succeed when other -.treatment fails, for
these pills make new. blood, enriched
with .the elements on -which = the
nerves -thrive, and In this .way- reach
the., root of the trouble. . In. proof of
this is -the- statement of -Mrs,. Doc-
keril), Stratford, Ont.,- who - says:���,
"My daughter, Matilda, was suffering
from nervous, debility,- and. the usual
remedies" did not seem .to. help her. I
ivas advised by'a friend (o give Dr.
'Williams'" Pink *Pi^_. a trial, and soon
we found they" were, doing.her a great
ueal of good.. She complained, of
pains" in the stomach, and a severe
fluttering of the heart, .with a general
w.eakness. Under .the use of these,
pills she continued to gain, and I believe they have" saved her from going
into a decline.", ."."'���*
You can get these.Pills from'any
medicine 'dealer.or-by mail, at'50 cents
a" box or "six boxes "for "?2.5~0 from The
Dr.: Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.   ",     '.������*". '7 '  '7 -' '������ "���"' .
.'. ..Was Prepared -.-
Mile". Marie" Don, aged 'So,''was; buried -at Bagnieres de Vigor, .France, in
a coffin .which-she -had had/specially-
made - for' -hevself"almost' half-a.-century a go..,' -...'-..'��� 7.- X. ���.. "'. X'-'- -'- /
'The coflin,. while/waiting., for its mistress, to occupy.it, was-used by her as
a,wardrobe7and as/a dinner table./������
',' Mile..Don always look Jier'iheahvon
'it and scorned-a'tablecloth". ..-/ ���'-_���-- -7.
'-'"./;.'���-';.'- .���-;.. -"'. 7    ���rV" X '/'f '
/'.Medical-Service ..in'.the Future; / .
. ���..The'best "service. 6f,;the''i)hy'sici"an-.o.f
yesterday".-was nV'thc. treatment' and
"cure77of- "disease Jn-. tlie""individual. The
best service of tlie "physician of 'tomorrow will be the prevention of disease in the community.���'Winnipeg
Free Press.
Information About Canada Will Be
Featured by. Wireless Telephony
Alive lo the importance of placing
before the Canadian people the extent and ^ value pf their natural resources, the Natural Resources Intel-,
ligence Branch of the Department of
the Interior is broadcasting this information by wireless telephony, through
the courtesy of the Radio Branch of
the Naval Service.
Short interesting .notes of new discoveries, of hew and unusual processes , of - manufacture, and of the
progress, of utilization of the natural
resources of Canada are featured, especially where'Ihey are typically Canadian or where this country ."leads in
development.    -   .. ���. '������-.-
Value of the Hoe
Keeping the Soil Constantly "Stirred
Means Success -in vVegetable
- - Culture
Much of. the..success of vegetable
culture .depends oh keeping,the hoe.
going. 7 Never miss" a chance when
the. ground is' in a semi-moist, condition.- That is just'.the very best time'
for the work. Keep stirring as deeply as possible between the rows of all
-young growing, vegetables to open'up
the soil and lay it ready for.the action
of .sun and air. "By.this process
.weeds never get a foothold, far less
reach the" see'dihg~sfage7 If 'this "plan
is preserved in one can" almost see the
vegetables "growing.. It. is not hard
-work, and it; is well 'worth'the time it
lakes.' ".""- -  .: ��� 7-" " - '   ':    "'.'
Value of Shelter Belts
Animal Intelligence
Interesting Incidents Showing Reasoning Powers of Dogs
In England a short time ago, says
an exchange, a medal was awarded a
Great Dane for saving his master's
life. A roaring, deafening wind was
blowing, and tlie man was walking
along a_dark Cheshire road with his
head down.
The dog was some distance behind,
but 'presently up he came at racing
speed, took a jump at his master/and
sent him sprawling into the hedge.
The dog himself could not escape the
bonnet of the car ^vhich, but for his
intervention, "would have killed his
master, and was badly injured.
Quite recently an Irish terrier, of its
own accord, paid repeated visits to a
Croydon hospital for treatment, while
in the boardroom of King's College
Hospital, London, is a picture of two
fox terriers escorting a wounded collie to that institution. The incident
depicted is a true one. The owner
of-the dogs was a bookseller named
Hutt, and his explanation of the dogs'
sagacity was that they lived so near
the hospital that they must have noticed people who had. met .with accidents being taken there. They used
their knowledge when t]ieir friend,
the collie, was run over by a cab.
Owners of bull terriers have countless stories to tell of their favorite
breed. One of the best is of the animal which went to a dog show "on his.
own." He was a wonderful dog and
had taken prizes everywhere, but
eventually he grew old and his son
reigned in his stead.
Evidently, however, he thought this
was an oversight on the part of his
master which it was his duty to rectify.
Consequently he jumped through a
kitchen window, over several walls,
made his way through miles of London's thickest traffic, and finally finished up at the Horticultural Hall,
where he took his place on the stand.
��    The Mysterious Vitamines
Are Real Things, But No One Has Yet
Set Eyes on Them
��� Vitamines are essential to life and
present in minute quantities in food.
No one has ever set eyes on a vita-
mine, but vitamines are real things,
and quite indispensable to our dietary,
food scientists tell us. But just what
vitamines supply, no one seems to
know for a certainty. Some scientists are of the opinion that they supply the body with certain necessary
chemical units which the body is unable to manufacture. Others regard
them in the light Lof stimulators, in
that they exert a stimulating influence
upon the various activities of the
body. But all this is said to. he intelligent guesswork, and nothing
more. ..The word vitamine was coined by Casimir Funk, a Pole. The
first part of the word indicates its relation to the life process; the "second
to its i chemical nature.
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Accept only an "unbroken, package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose, worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets���Also bottles of 24 and 100���Druggists'.
Aspirin ls the trade mark (registered Iri Canada) of Bayer Manufacturc-of- Mono-
aceticacldester of Sallcyllcacid.. While It is well known that Aspirin means Bayer
manufacture, to assist the public against Imitations, tho Tablets of Bayer Company
���will be stamped,with their general trade mark, tho "Bayer Cross."
Manslaughter in 2nd Degree
. 'Using a razor���bad stuff���but. many
people, do it for'their corns. -The
only remedy, that is painless and sure
is Putnam's.Corn Extractor, which
does remove warts and corns, cleans
them right off. Refuse a substitute
'for "Putnam's," 25c everywhere." ,
Automobiles in Canada
Asking Too Much-
Boctdiv-Vtour trouble is ��� dyspepsia.
You should laugh riieartily befo.re7ahd
after meals.
Patient-��� But   that'sv, impossible,
doctor. .   I cok them myself aiid wash'
up the dishes afterwards.
>      Sold
in Boxes
25c���40 pilh
It is- believed. that ultra-violet light
rays are largely responsible for the
fading of museum specimens in show
cases, and experiments are now being
made with a view to obtaining glass
which wiU be at. the same time colorless and- inexpensive.
The Achilles Statue,. in Hyde Park,
London, was cast from a.cannon
captured during the Duke of Wellington's victories, and is dedicated to
him and his troops. 7
India is one of the largest growers
of .wheat in the world.- ���   "'
Japanese    women ^usually   begin
smoking when about ten years old,''
Minard's Liniment for Burns, *ic.
W.-   NV   U."-142S.
Prairie' Farmers ;place Average Value
.;' ,- of $1,000i-on -Trees as Farm.
7 " ,,-...;... 7 'Improvement 7'- -'-
". The number-.-.of seedlngs and ..cuttings distributed, free of charge- by the
Government-in. Saskatchewan for -the
past twenty-one years has: been 60,--
418,000, "pi* about -3,Oo6,000 annually.
That. - .the;..: tree's mean- much" lo ��� the
.prairies, is "seen-'from the factthat-.of
the' estimated..4fl,0,00 cultivated shelter' belts,"thc farmers value them from
��500 to $5,000 each, with an average
of about $1,000.
- -' X - Current'.Humor .-���_ .. -, r
. Once, there, was -a. conductor '-who'
wa s = not sat istietl - with -his .wages,-.and
:iertl:. ' The next day''while looking-for
a job- he happened ., to-step on,the
third rail. Bid'he^get'killed?.:, -No.:
He was a non-conductor.���Science and
Invention Magazine.--1       V. ' ��''
One Car for Every Nineteen People in
the. Dominion   "���
Canada's registration of. motor vehicles for -1921 shows an Increase of
more than' 50,000 over .the previous
.year.-according to official .figures Issued" by"the""Highways"Branch "of" the
Department 7of Railways, and Canals.
Last year'there were 463,848 motor vehicles . registered in - the Dominion
as against 415,258 the previous year.
Total; revenues ��� from . registrations
were $7,664,493. 7
On the. 1921 census of 8,782,422 persons in the Dominion there was one
motor vehicle for every 19 persons
in Canada... *   . ���     -.���'-.''
Scotland Intends to
Utilize Waterfalls
Ontario. Forest Crop7 -
More, than 400,000 "pieces-of timber,
represent the forest-,crop of the Thunder. Bay District for-the luir-bering
season just closed..'.'in'i addition, to
the above 135,000 cords of pulp wood
and- 9,6.00 cords of firewood we're'
lie- that^ cannot forgive others
breaks the bridge over which lie
must pass -himself; for every man has
need to be forgiven;���Lord Herbert.
Italy, has sent, a steamship "emporium" - to the ports on the Mediterranean to .advertise- the goods of
Italian manufacturers. V
'More .than .7,000 pounds of pure
gold,' says' an" authority, are required
each year to supply the wedding rings
for our brides.  '-'���'.
��� There is usually more.danger in ari
elopement, than ...in any other-kind of
runaway.   "' ;.- .   :%-   '..",.-'���"   '���"  "' -
Now Can Do All Her Housework
Alone Because lydia E. Pinkham's
etable Compound Helped Her
Scenic    Streams    Will    Soon    Turn
Wheels for Industries
Scotland is waking up to the fact
that its lakes and waterfalls may be
made' to serve other purposes than
providing scenic attractions for tourists. As proof of this the "Grampian
Electricity Bill" has been given a'second reading in the House of Commons.
The company is empowered to collect and use the waters of 15 lochs
and 99 small lakes, rivers and
streams, over- an jirea bf 417 . square
miles.       ..'������' -
The water proposed to be utilized
are^eslimated to be" capable of generating 56,000 horsepoAver to supply
electricity in' the counties of Perth,
Kinross and-J'orfar and districts in
four other counties. The capital -is
placed at ��4,500,000.
That any.of the beautiful lakes and
falls of "Caledonia, stern and jwild,*'.
should be used to set the. wheels of
industry spinning, many in Scotland
regard almost as sacrilegious desecration. AncPthat opinion is shared by
not a few Canadians who are accustomed to visit Scotland annually.
But the promoters declare that the
preservation of the natural beauties
of-Scotland is expressly provided for
by" the terms of the bill. And they
add that when'the hum of the electrically-driven' wheels of industry are
heard in the land, and dividends begin to come in,' the. cry' of "desecration", .will be silenced..
Canadian Cigar Boxes
Native Woods to be Used in Future
For This Purpose
As the result of experiments conducted by the Forest Products Laboratories of Canada in connection with
McGill University it has been'determined that certain Canadian woods
are qulteVas suitable, both in appearance and in preservative qualities, for
the manufacture of cigar boxes as the
highly expensive, woods which have in
the. past been especially imported for
that purpose, and it is expected that
native Tvvoods will in future be extensively used in this connection.
More than 23 per cent, of the. total
area of British India is covered by
you aie not
n experlment-
t Ing when
' you use l>r.
Clmsc's Ointment for Eczema and Skin Irritations. It relieves at onco and gradually heals the skin. Sample box Dr.
Chase's Ointment free It you mention this ���
paper and send 2c. stamp for postage. 60c. a
box: nil dealers or Edmanson, Bates Ss Co.,
limited, Toronto,
Remit by Dominion Express Money Order.
II lost or stolen, you get your money back.
A Cruise on the Great Lakes
Enjoy to the',Fullest Extent the Trip
Jasper, Minn. ~X-"l saw m the paper
about ��� Lydia E. Pinkham's .Vegetable
Compound and-took
it because I was having such pains.in my
stomach and through
my back that I could
riot do my .work/ I
had tried other medicines, but none did
me the good that
your Vegetable Compound did.' Now I am.
able to do all my
work alone while be-
��� Jfore I liadmy daugh
ter staying at home to doit. I have
told a number bf friends what it has
done for me-aiid give yoa permission to
use'my letter as a testimonial. "���Mrs.
Jesse PETEBSBS;Rou'te l,Jasper, Minn.
There fonofoetterreasonforyour faying Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound than this���it has.helped other
women. So if you suffer from displacements, irregularities, backache, ner-
vonsnees or are passing through the
Change of Life remember this splendid
medicine. ' What it-did for Mrs. Petersen it may do for yoa.
The Vegetable Componnd stands apoa
a foizBdation of nearly fifty years of
/The trip to Eastern Canada or the
United.-States-can.be made doubly "en-,
joyable by including the - delightful
cruise on the .Great Lakes from. Fort
William and Port Arthur to Port Mc-.
Nicoll.or Owen Sound on the Palatial
Canadian Pacific Steamers. "Kee:
watin," "Ass'iniboia," and "Manitoba."
Three sailings a; week from Fort
William and*Port Arthur every '.Wednesday and Saturday to Port , Mc-
Nicoll, where direct , connection is
made with special train for Toronto,
and ev.ery. Thursday for Owen Sound.
The Great;. Lakes- trip - is. a'" delightful
diversion to the.'East���Restful, cool
and refreshing. -'..-.;
." The Ticket. Agent .of the .Canadian
Pacific will he pleased to give full information ,,'as - to. rates, sailings, - etc.,
and - arrangeVeve'ry detail for. an" enjoyable'trip.' 7,   '-.."_    ."/VV" -__' -  -. :,-
7. Sultry Medicine. Hat - . '
7 We who' blame "Medicine liat- for
|.our,.extreme;-winter weather, should
hot have failed- to. notice-that .it' was
SO.in' .tiie.shade; there .recently, when
amateur gardeners here Tsyer.e placing
mufflers on '.tomato.plants":���Buffalo
Express.   " ��� -'!        - -'';_...
Geishas. ..the professional.entertainers, of Japan, are taught music;, dancing, singing;- and the -art .of "amusing
conversation. *���     -
Mexico has a tribe of Indians
whose language is limited- "to" about
300. words and who cannot count
more than ten. -    -
India    possesses    900    species-, ai
timber trees: -      .
About 250 toiis of honey, are being
produced annually in South. Africa.
Minard's    Liniment   for ".'sale 'tvtry*
'        . "where
���   ���    .    ������ ^ :
niacin. T
V _
is needed in your town to
handle   our   product   direct   to
7 consumer.- -, This wrench is the
finest ever made and. has been.
.endorsed-fey good mechanics all
over the world. . This,is a sure
fire seller and .profits are. good,
arid."fast.--7 Only, responsible
parties 'considered - as > agents.
Replies hie\d confidential.
Universal Wrench   Company
.'Pioneer   .
Dog Remedies
-BOOK-. ON    .
arid  How- to Feed '
:JIall*��i   Free, to any
- Address by the.
' Author
H. ,.Cf_AT  QliOVEIl
-  '%).. IXC;
1S3  ��,-*st   24th   St..
New York.- U.S.A. s
THE    LEDGE.     G-REENWOOD.     B.     C.
5*gtSTHE WHITEST. tlC��^
(ju&mpfeed to be the puresf
efod besr baking powder possible-
fo.produce.^Becaase of.tbe purity.
&r?d high Qa^lily, of the fegredienfs
of filmic liking 9owder its
leaven i ng ,-. Qu&ltf iev& &re perfect
&nd.it ie> therefore economical-,
, EWGILLETT company limited
Western Ontario's oldest resident,
Michael Egan, died at Lucan, Ont, in
his 108th year. .       \ .
- The .French, Italian and United
���States Governments have accepted in
principle the proposals of the British
Government in regard to inquiry into
the alleged atrocities in Asia Minor.
Hon. Stanley M. ISruce, treasurer of
Australia, announced that the approxi-
7 mate revenue of the Commonwealth
for the year ending June 30, amounted
to  ��65,000,000.
An -jrlsh ^ Republican poster says
that Eamonn De Valera, the Republican leader, is on active service with
the Dublin brigade, lighting, for the
"Irish- republic."
/ Two armed men by a sudden bold
dash over-awed the;warders in Dun-
dalk jail, Belfast, and liberated three
prisoners arrested by the Free State
troops afDroghera for raiding a railway station.
The "catch of spring salmon off the
west coast of Vancouver Island will
be exceeded only by the 1919 record,
If results so far are to be taken as an
indication of the season's yield. It is
better than that of 1920 and 1921.
Speaking in the Australian House
of Representatives, says a Reuter dispatch from Melbourne, Hon. Walker
Massey Greene, Minister of Customs,
said Australia's representation at the
British Empire Exhibition in London
in 1924 would cost ��200,000.     _
The Moscow Soviet Government, is
inaugurating an export tariff which
will be highest on livestock 'and fur
and lowest on timber and tar. Oil,
ore and melal scraps ' will be ��� free
from duty. Export of rare antiques
is prohibited and there is a temporary embargo on exports of foodstuffs.
A number of London, Ens'., firms
have definitely decided to undertake
the employment of a certain percentage of disabled ex-service men. Thirty
thousand firms originally agreed jto
co-operate in this-regard, but only
12,000 renewed their pledge. Five
hundred firms- have definitely , withdrawn.
The Imperial Institute Advisory
Committee on Timbers, which is inquiring Into the possibility of extending the use of timber from the overseas dominions in Great Britain, has
drawn the attention of the Board of
"Works lo~ the value���o��- - the "British"
Columbia^Douglas fir, spruce and hemlock for constructional purpos'es.
Liverpol is expending nearly ��1,-
000,000"on dock extensions, according
to information available in Loudon.
At the Frieburg residence of -the
owner of the Rathenau murder car the
police seized two minenwerfers, six
heavy'and four light machine .guns,
thirty boxes of ammunition and telephone appliance, all concealed in* a
bricked-up recess.
Extension   to   Grain   Exchange
Work\ has started on lhe ?250,0OO
extension to thc Winnipeg Grain Exchange, the contract for which was recently let by the Traders' Building
Association. The specifications call
for the raising of the original building three, storeys, making the whole
structure ten storeys in height.
For Rheumatic 7 Pains.���-The pains
and aches ot Sciatica and Rheumatism
should be treated' with Dr. Thorjas'
Eclectric Oil. The soothing and
healing properties of this famous remedy have been-demonstrated for fifty
years. 'Use it- also for inflammatory
pains, cuts, scratches, bruises and
sprains, either in human beings or the
lower animals. '������::,.
Scotch Settlers Arrive ��� V
Eighty! Scottish farmers (recently
arrived at Regina. under tlie auspice
of the Canadian Pacific Railway. All
are- experienced agriculturists, and
will take up farms in Western Canada. *
Pope  Has 35 Secretaries
Thirty-five   private   secretaries are
required to deal with thc correspondence of the Pope. .
Miller's Worm Powders act mildly
and without injury to the child, and
there can be no doubt of their deadly
effect, upon,worms. They have been
in successful use for a long time and
are recognized as a leading preparation for the purpose. They have
proved their-'-'.' power in numberless
cases and have given relief to many
children, who, but.for the good offices
of this compound, would have continued weaK and enfeebled.
July���the montlv of oppressive
'lieat; red hot -. days and sweltering
nights; is extremely hard on little
ones. Diarrhoea* dysentery, colic and
cholera infantum carry off thousands
of precious little lives every summer.
The mother must be constantly on her
guard to prevent these troubles or if
they come7oir*suddenly to fight them.
Np other medicine is of such aid to
mothers during the hot summer as is
Baby's Own Tablets. They regulate
the bowels and stomach, and an occasional dose given to the well child
will prevent summer complaint, or if
the trouble does" come on suddenly
.'will banish "it."'��� The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by' mail at 25
<cents a box, from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The Reason
Teacher.���"What beautiful clean
hands you have, Tommy. Just tell
the class how you got them so clean."
Tommy (sulkily).���"My mother
made me wash the breakfast dishes
this morning."
Spanish Doctors Poorly Paid
Physicians   in   Spain   are   by   no
means well paid, and they are expected to attend the poorer classes without any charge at all.
Is greatly relieved by constitutional treatment. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE
is-a constitutional remedy. Catarrhal
Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mt-Qous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube is inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect
hotf-ring, and when it is entirely closed,
Deafness is the result, Unless the inflammation, can be reduced, your, hearing
may be destroyed forever. HALTL'S CATARRH MEDICINJ3-acts through the
blood on the mucous surfaces! of the system, thus reducing the inflammation and
assisting Nature in restoring normal conditions.
Circulars free.      All Druggists.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. Ohio.-
 . ,	
Alfalfa at Grande Prairie
A summary of crop conditions in
the Grande Prairie district discloses
the fact that alfalfa is showing good
results. Plots seeded in 1921 have
.all passed the winter well and promise good first year crops. The fact
lhat alfalfa is being successfully
grown so far north ia Alberta^ is .an
indication of the area in this'province
which. n___y_bo dev*p_ted__to_lhat_imporl_.
ant crop.
Dust Causes Asthma. Even a little
speck too small to see will lead to
agonies which no words can describe.
The walls of the breathing tubes eon-
tract and-it seems as it the very life
must pass. -From this condition Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy brings
the user to perfect rest. II relieves
the passages and normal breathing is
firmly established again. Hundreds
of testimonials received annually
prove its effectiveness."*
A Harmless Criticism
German Labor in Reconstruction
The French Cabinet has decided to
place before the Reparations Commission the reparations project recently-
presented to Premier Poincare by M.
Le Troquer,.Minister of Public Works,
providing for the extensive use of German, labor and material throughout
France for (he rebuilding of railways,
waterways and other, public works at
a cost of 1S,000,000,000 "francs.
On  Tending  Diligently to One's Own
Business v
' An English visitor has been telling
a Winnipeg audience that Canadians
seem narrow-minded. What he apparently means by it is that'they concentrate their attention on the things
of personal, practical and immediate
importance to themselves. It is not
a bad fault. There are some reasons
to think that England might be happier and more prosperous if its Government spent less time and energy
trying to reconstruct Russia and gave
some serious thought to the re-esiab-
lishment of British Industry and
trade. Tending diligently to one's
own business may be "narrow," but it
makes for success, independence and
contentment.���Edmonton Bulletin.
Only One Airman Killed
One man only was killed last year
in tbe carrying out of the entire programme of the- Dominion Air Board,
-avhich included total "flying distance
of 1S1,000 miles, undertaken in con-
neclion with forest protection purposes in the Dominion.
Some people s excu'se for making
bad breaks is that it is never too late
to mend. -""*"*
la the
EXPLORERS and hunters have taken Grape-7
Nuts as one of their principal fpbds^-because .
Grape-Nuts   contains   much, nourishment ...in '
^ small bulk; --..-,, V '--. ���'V".���"--:-_ .       ,"' V
; Office workers find, that a.breakfast or: lunch of
GraperNuts if much, better for them thanTa .heayy;V
"starchy meal���because Grape-Nuts digests easily
;and wholesomely. 77
The .richness and crispness. of Grape-Nuts.-that
splendid wheat-and-barley foodjhaye a wonderful
"charm for the7taste;
An order to your grocer today will bring this
splendid food to you. Ready4p eat from the pack-
age-radd a little cream or milk in the dish.
"There's a Reason
Made fey Canadian Postum. Cereal Co., Ltd., Windsor, Ontario
~   .    "WALL
I. Belshazzar's Jmpious Feast-(Vv. 1-
'   4>*        v V"V7-
' 1. Who attended .'(vv. 1, 2). Bel
shaazar, his wife and. concubines and
a thousand of his lords.
2. Behavior thereat (vv. 3, 4). (1)
They drank wine; they engaged in
revelry. (2) They committed sacn
lejge. In their drunken revelry they
drank wine out "of the sacred Vesselb
���which had been taken but of the temple, of the-house of God, which was at
Jerusalem. When men are under the
influence of intoxicating liquors they
lose all regard for sacred'things. (��)
They worshipped idols. They pra*.
cd to gods of gold and of silver, of
brass, of iron, wood and stone.
II. The Handwriting on the Wall (\ \
5-1G). ..-       '
1. The time of (v. 5). II occurred
in the same hour in which Ihey weie
engaged in their drunken revelry.
.   2. The effect upon the king. (v. 0)
He was greatly   disturbed;    he    was
seized with consternation. "The joint.s
of his loins were loosed, and his knees
smote one against another."
3. The king's behavior (vv.-7-1G).
(1) He called forth astrologers, and
soothsayers, offering rewards of gold
and position (v. 7-9)7". Their utter inability to interpret thc writing left
the king even worse perplexed. (2)
Daniel brought at the suggestion' of
the queen (vv. 10-16). The queon
here was perhaps :the wife of Nebuchadnezzar who remembered Daniel's
service-in interpreting his dream. For
that reason he was7sent for and promised great reward. yyX
III. Daniel Interprets the Writing (vv.
V 17r2S). V-
17 Daniel's address to the king (vv.
17-24). He brushes.aside his promised gifts (v. 17). He would not
have his speech limited by the king's
2. The interpretation of the writing
(vv. 25-2S). (1) "Mene" means numbered" (v. 28)..:;.'.God hath numbered
thy kingdom and finished it." (2)
"Tel-iel". means "weighed" (v. 27).
"Thou art weighed in the balances,
and art found wanting." (3) "Peres"
means "divided" (v. 2S). "Thy kingdom is divided, and given to . Hie
Medes and Persians."
IV. The Judgment Executed  (v.*. 29-
In that night was Belshazzar slain
and Darius the Medeau look the kingdom.
The Chaldean dynasty ended with
Belshazzar. .So we may interpret
this whole scene as pointing to the
conditions at the close of the limes of
the Gentiles and as adumbrating the
prevailing conditions?      Let us nolo:
1. The stupidity of men. They, liko_
people today, would not learn by example. Nebuchadnezzar's fate should
have deterred Belshazzar from such
2. The magnificent splendor. This
great feasl was characterized by
pomp, display, parade. How characteristic of this agei
3. Luxury. The -famous hanging
gardens ,of Babylon swere' a noteworthy example. Signs of luxury today are on every hand. .
4. Licentiousness. The king'with
his wives and concubines. This is
notoriously prevalent today.
5. Blasphemous sacrilege." And
may not the sacrilege of today be in
excess of theirs, expressing itself in
(1) a profession of religion for pecuniary^ gain, _ s_o_cial_and political _prefer_-_
ment; (2) use of the pulpit and of the
ministry for display and notoriety,
even for, thc propagation of false doctrine; (3) uniting with the church, attending the communion, so as to cover
up secret sins; (���)���') the use of thc
Word of God to give point lo a joke;
(5) denying lhat the Bible is God's
Word, making it a book of errors,
myths and legends; (6) sneering at
thc Yir%in birth, repudiating..Christ's
deity and setting aside His vicarious
6. -Drunken" carousals. - The hand-
welting is on .'.the. wail- God will not
endure'-this . forever; His, judgment
shall fall.: Condition's in the world
indicate that the time is. drawing near-
Are you ready?, -r     7- -.'���,- .'���'
Radio on the Prairies
Many- Isolated Points Will Now: Be
-Served With -.News ' by fiadio X. 7
��� -".The.-"development-of, rliilio broadcast-has a greater 7significance-'-for
���Canada .'titan'perhaps any other-country--in.-tlie world,','- said A.-""H.' Morse,
managing director.of the--..Marconi-
WirelessV Telegraph Company,'-'ih-'a
public' address. "One of the".most
important results -.will, be' that within,
a,-few "months.at* ieiist. half a. million
square-.miles of territory now-: regarded as isioated will'.become-ah attractive'; territory .to", prospective "settlers:
to. whom, life' would b&' impossible'- if.
they were -..ntircly out .of touch with
,the'culture of civilization which to so
many Is .expressed ih te'rins. of hews'
and music."' .77"   ���
Just Like Mother's
The little Miss of today just loves
to feel grown up, and here is a dress
especially designed . lo satisfy this
longing. It is of jade gre'en duvetyn
over a slip of pearl gray crepe de
chine. The, high collar and the tightly buttoned cuffs give this little model
the "grown-up" effect so much desired by the little ladies.
Securing Farm Help
During the month qf May approximately 5,000 men and women were
given employment through the offices
of the Saskatchewan Government Employment Bureaux. Of this number
2,885 were farm workers and others
railwaymen, builders, domestics ��� and
casual laborers.
Whether the corn be or old or new
growth, it must yield to I-Iolloway's
Corn Remover.
Wesi Growing More Fiax
Acreage Nearly Thres Times that of
Other Years
The acreage devoted to flax in the
western provinces this year is estimated to be-.nearly,three..-times that of
other years with excellent prospects
I'or a heavy yield. Government figures this spring indicated a world
shortage ol" available flax seed to the
extent of 27,00p,000 bushels, and together with the price prevailing farmers are expecting a handsome revenue.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
To Film Alberta Scenes
Farming Activities to be Illustrated on
Movis Screen
Farming activities in Alberta are
about to be illustrated on the movie
screen. The province is to be pictured and filmed from a rariety of
viewpoints, for the information of its
own people and lhe attraction of peoples' interest in other countries. Tho
agricultural and publicity departments
of the Provincial Government are'-doing the production work*, which is now
getting under way.
All phases ot farm and industrial
life in Alberta will be put into pictorial form, according to the Govern-
me_nt's_pla_ns, _the_ id_ea_being_that moving picture"? of actual conditions,
scenes and working methods in this
province will be prepared for exhibition at home and abroad.
Ten or a dozen reels will be produced this year, and will be added to a
number that the department already
has in stock." When completed these
wil! be used in the Government's educational work in Alberta, and some of
them will later be sent over to England in connection with the immigration campaign.
7 To Meet at Calgary
Alberta City Decided Upon for Annual
��� Convention of -Dunkards
.- The .members of tlie" religious sect
known-iis the Dunkards, running into
many thousands on tlio'Americau continent, will hold-their next annual convention in Calgary. - The Alberta ctiy-
-was 'decided :.upon;, after -the "rival
claims'of'California,.-- Colorado and
Missouri had been considered at-the
Indiana -convention. " The- Calgary
gathering niay. bring'as. many as- ten
thousand- people "of the persua"sion"for
a. week" or more. '��� 7- .        -"-.-'-.-.
��� "Cleanliness of Japan '
The cleanliness of the Japanese is
.well known. The . poorest Japanese
.coolie regards his evening bath aa a
sacred duty and as the greatest. J usury of.the day*. Br'th'e time the head
of the family Is home from" his labors
his wife has the tub and the water
ready. In goes the little.inan."first,
then his wife, then the.childrea in order of age. Afterwards the family,
clad in clean garments, are'ready for
supper.���Youth's Companioa.-
,'-'- - A Remarkable- Bridge':
. Yisitors to" Kandyvin Ike -island of
Ceylon,- are"- sho.ftn 'in the= neighborhood a. beautiful .'.bridge 'made'ehtirer
j ly.' o'f -"'satin-wood; .'-and spanning-. the
River " Maii'avillagange ;- in- one : fine,
sweeping, arch. 7 It, was constructed
by-.'Major.Skinner, a. clever military
engineer,7-iuany. years ago..' One'of.
the.-mosj;" remarkable - points ��� about it
fs the fact that no.bolt,.screw,.or nail
is U3ed in any part, and, notwithstanding the changes of temperature, "all
parts remain perfectly in. order and
position. '."--���'
Circle Tours'Through the
Canadian Pacific Rockies
Delightful  Trip Afforded for Tourists
7 Over C.P.R.
By the most magnificent mountain
and inland water trip in the world,
passing through beautiful Banff, lovely Lake Louise, Field and Glacier
thence to Arrowhead ��� steamer
through., the ,Arrow and Kootenay
Lakes, winding in and out past majestic mountain peaks���touching at West
Robson and Nelson enroute.
This delightful trip can be made in
the opposite direction if desired and
at remarkably low cost.
' Any Canadian Pacific ticket agent
will gladly give full information and
arrange details.
B.C. Lumber for Holland
Order Received in'Direct Competition
With Baltic Timbers
An order for a large quantity of
lumber to be shipped to Holland has
been received by the Canadian Producers' Corporation, The shipment
is of rough Douglas fir and will be
finished in the Holland mills. This
lumber was sold in direct competition
with Baltic timbers and was chiefly
chosen because of the; lack of-resin in
the lumber.      ^
Many mothers have reason to bless
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
because it has. relieved the littlc'ones
of suffering and made them healthy.
Pulp Industry in B.C.
Pulp and paper activities in the
province of British Columbia now represent an investment of $42,000,000,;
and require one-fifth of the entire cut
o'f timber. "The present production of
pulp and paper is 800 tons a day.
Several new mills are in the course of
construction or under contemplation.
Too Much  Haste
An old woman, having for sixteen
francs bought a trunk filled with rags
at the Hotel Drouot,._ where.  official
sales are held in Paris, immediately
dived her hand among the rags and ,
pulled  forth a-small hag  containing,-
15,000 francs in gold.   ' Unfortunately
for her,'the public auctioneer saw her
and confiscated both the bag of gold
and the trunk and'the old woman is
now lamenting her impatience which
prompted her to examine the trunk's
contents before taking it home.
New Jersey is to pay its prisoners
for their work while Jn jail to give
them a fair start when their terms are
completed. Tlie experiment is receiving wide publicity in America.
Stage people regard it as unlucky
lo leave soap behind in their dressing room when on tour.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
'the .
Signature of
New and uscd Belting of every description shipped subject to^approval. Gin. .*���-
ply new Rubber Belting*, hijrh grrjido
Quality, at 40c per ft. AU others at lowest prices in Canada.���York Belting Co,,
115 York St, Toronto, Ont.
Had Your Iron Today?,
Our   slogan   for   the   coming year
should be, "Buy at Horned" '   Add toj
your own and your neighbor's pros
perity by keeping the money circulating ia our own district.
Minard's Liriimsrtt for Dandruff
W. _N.   XI.   1428
��� X.   -itm"""^^
BI��ST lunch is.two packages of'..
Little Sun-Maid Raisins and a
glass, of milk.
,\ .Tastes good when you're hungry;1
V, Nourishes yet keeps you,cool,
7 7V'Raisin's 75 perxent fruit sugar is
. in practically, predigested.form, fur-
.  nishing 1560, calories of. energizing.
.Vriutriment per..pound.V -     'X-.y    ".
>}7VDqesn't'tax digestion so. doesn't
heat trie blood, yet energizes almost .
; imrnediatelyV 7- .
^.Bigmen.eat.iittie lunches to con-
. serye .their thinking power.- Don't
. 'overeat.and lag behind the leaders.
. Get: two  packages. of .Little .Sun-
,;-Maids' riow;.. ���.��� 7,7; v.*:
Is $2.oo a year strictly In *dvance( or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To, Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Bstray Notices ...3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one-claim appears ii. notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legul advertising, 12 cent* a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
nn inch each insertion.
Business locals I2^c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Rock Creek Women's
The best thing a dentist ever
Bays:    "That's all!"
This powder and rouge epidemic
is hard on soap makers.
People who say the world isn't
making any progress are uot.
Laughing  yourself to  death  is
better than worrying your head off.
Don't talk  your  head   off   and
then wonder why you haven't any.
The world's a stage. People
who don't like the show are out of
Howdy, folkB! In the older
days girls clothes used to be modest; now they're shy.
A man gets into trouble marrying two wiveB. Some get into
trouble marrying one,
Poets are doing their midsummer training running up and down
the columns of a dictionary.
At a well attended meeting on
June 24th the Rock Creek
Women's Institute closed their
work for the summer. The secretary was instructed- to divide the
proceeds of the Ohildrens' Conc.rt
between the four schools for library
books. A hearty vote of thank?
was passed to Mr. Morah, teacher
at Rock Creek and Miss Debney,
teacher at Kettle Valley, for the
excellent programme; also a vote of
thauks to all who contributed to
making a concert the success.
A vote of thanks was passed to
the retiring entertainment committee for their able work during
their term of office.
A new entertainment committee
was appointed also a committee
appointed for the Fall Fair.
An evening was arranged for
July 12th at 7.30 o'clock to meet
Mrs. McLachlau, secretary of B. C.
Women's Institutes. Mrs. McLaughlin spoke on Provincial Confederation. The meeting was well
attended and most interesting.
Refreshments were served and a
dance held afterwards. '
Mrs. Norris was' appointed a
delegate to attend a conference in
The meeting came to a close
after refreshments, contributed by
the members, were served.
A town cannot grow without
business. By helping your local
dealer you  assist the community.
The school registers show that
girls names are getting away from
Sarah, Isabella and Elizabeth and
all the good old English names,
and that boys are coming back to
them. As a matter of fact Edward
is far more likely, to succeed in life
than Sylvester, not bo much as because of the name as because of
the common sense Btrain . in the
family that dictated it. . Foolish
names and giddy, parentage usually go together.
A-wicket left and then a right ;
""Heragedandkicked  with "all his"
X might,  7 -
.His eyes light up like stars at night
He couldn't get a 34in tire on a
- . 7 36in rim. VV 7 ..'".-;���
"Bob Hampton of Placer"
���  -'Bob Hampton 'of Placer,"  the
First National  Attraction  coining
'-.-to'the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday,; July. 15th,  is   said to  be
. Marshall Neilan'a most pretentious
picture/. "*'    -7.. ~X;X:y . ,.V -V"',
In this picture; the .producer has
used 1500 men and horses of the
Tenth Cavalry, Btationed .at Fort
Huacbuca,, Arizona. r'In  the pro-
, duction of these spectacular military effects the entire 7 Fort was
turned over to Mr. Neilan. 7 Other
scenes, were taken Jn Montana.- A
thousand/ Blackfeet IndiansVin
their, picturesque attire are also,
shown and many night views with
hovel" lighting-   photographed   ty
. David Kesson and Jacques Bizeul
at the head of a corps of camera-
' men are,said to present the most
artistic,conceptions ofjfr. Neilan's
career of ten years in. the producing branch of the industry.
Boy Scouts
Troup meets as asijal da Friday
-..at 7 p.m. .-"'-���
"    cubs. - "-.7 -
The Cubs will meet this 7wee&
at the usaal place on Thursday
at 7 p.m, iastead;of Sataroay. ���-;.-    ��
Fire at Osoyoos
A serious fire occurred at Osoyoos on July 4th when the old
Richter hotel, a land mark of 40
years standing', aud the residence
and garage of Robt. Wilson and
son were burued to the ground.
The fire started in the kitchen of
the hotel about 5 o'clock in the
evening. Wm. Wilson gave the
alarm and soon a willing bucket
brigade was on the scene. Most
of the contents of the hotel and
the . furniture of Mr, Wilson's
house and. tools in the garage
were salvaged/ but the. three
buildings were completely gutted
and also a large quantity of lumber belonging to Mr, Wilson was
.  The  Ledge,has  always   room
or one more ad.
Conserve the water.
The Force of Advertising
Mr. Mclntyre, of the Dixon
Motors, has a good story proving
tho value of newspaper advertis-ing,
?ays the Vancouver World.
"The late Col. Lowery. of Greenwood, B.C.," r.-late.s Mr. Mc-
In';yre, "was editor of a newspaper there which was receiving
little support from _ the merchants
of the "town.
''It came along towards Cbris-
fcmas. No Chrisjmas advertisements were inserted by the mer-
clnnts. Then the colonel put in
big type on his front page this
a mouncement:
"Three weeks more and
C'iristmas will be here. Greenwood merchants have no Christmas
stocks in their stores. Citizens
will have to use the mail order
citalogues or go to Vancouver or
Sp}kauo to do their Christmas
���'When   the   paper   appeared,"
Mclntyre says, the merchants were
furious, held a meeting and went
in a body to the office of The
Ledge. There they met the
colonel, who expressed great surprise.
"They charged the colonel with
wilfully knocking the city and en-
deaver to drive trade away.
" 'You're wrong,' was Colonel
Lowery's reply. 'If you had
Christmas goods to ofiVr,-- you
didn't advertise them. I didn't
know you had anything to offer
tho people by way of special bargains. And if. I didn't know,
what "chance have the other
citizens of Greenwood'?"
"The merchants took a tumble
and pub on a strong campaign of
advertising and the result was that
they did a tremendous trade that
Christmas,"   Mr. Mclntyre added.
The Ledge wants the news,
the latest news, authentic "news
and all our readers have a standing inyitation to tell us of local
happenings we might miss otherwise. When friends come and go
or^interesting. happenings occur
tell us about them. :
- Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.   .
VANCOUVER,   -   -      B.C.
Rye For Seed
We can fill your orders now
Brown's; Midway
:.-.-..���'���.'':*. VV'rV--VYV.;'e. DOCKSTEAbER^PROP./'VVV-.', y [X]
-Auto- Stage twice daily, to  Midway. meeting-Spokanev. Grand
���:���'. .Forks andTNelson train, leaving Greenwood.at 8 a.in.-'-:     X
-, For Oroville, Wenatcbee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.mX
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Excess and Heavy Drayin?. 77   - -.       Auto's for;hire.Day or; Night=
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A SOLID foundation of agricultural re-
���**��� sources, great stores of coal and other
minerals of basic importance, forest wealth,
innumerable water powers, a far-spreading
network of railways and waterways���all these
advantages mark out Canada for a great
industrial future. 7     -
Established over. 100 years
A Complete Banking Service
Branches Throughout Canada
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
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from.     (Just arrived.)
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Physician and Surgeon
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Surveys and Reports
Land, Timber and Mineral Claims
Will he in Greenwood District
. in June.and July
Room 6, 525 Pender Street, West
.:   .VANCOUVER, B. c.    ..-_    ..  /
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Wood For Sale "���*    X'X
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Silver, with Copper or. Lead.j3.00. Sil-.
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Charges for other metafs, etc., on application. ".    " 7 _��� X .- '
products mean
in the wools xost
the taxpayer v v
450,000 last year
awateh on your
camp-Fire and all
lighted substances.
with the
high cost of
must pay for fighting forest fires i
Reduce your share,
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Office, Smelting aud Refining Department   ,     _.
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   "of    Gold,    Silver, ~ Copper,    Pig   Lead   and Zinc
"TADANAC" BRAND '        '
Summer Excursion Fares
to Eastern Points
St. Paul, Minneapolis or Duluth
Chicago ,
Detroit .           .
Toronto . ,          .          .,
Ottawa V  .           .       -v   .   .
Quebec^ .     ���-.**���.
St. John :           ,
Halifax .            ..    --    .
New York -",...
���   . $ 7200
_.   ' '' . ��� 113.75
r      . " 127.95
V-       -   166.95
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California at slightly higher fares. Stopover en route
Rates to many other   points.    Details   from  any
agent or. write'.   X -       "_.'".-
District Passenger Agent, Nelson, B.C.
When you have something
to'sell, put a
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
The charge   is   reasonable
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Mii-innim price of .first-class laud,
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
52 50 au acre.
Pre emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes and -which is non-timber
land. .,, .      --   -   ���
Partnership pre-emptions abolished *
but parties of not more than four may
arrange 7 for    adjacent   pre-emptions'
with joint residences, but each making-
necessary improvements on respective
7 Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value of SlO per acre,
including clearing aud cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
le.ss than 3 years,-and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause', be
granted.intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per.annum and records same each,
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in"
less than S years, aud improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acres cleared and cultivated, ��� and residence of at
least 2 years are required. 7  ���
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, 'if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual -occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
- Unsuryeyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling resident- .
ial and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acrea may be
leased by one person or company..
Mill, factory or industrial ;site��. on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.     ���
Natural hay meadows  inaccessible .
by existing roads may. be-purchased
conditional upon construction of a road -
to them.   Rebate of one-half of cost of *
road,  not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.     ���   ���-' -."���',
Ttiefscope of this Act is enlarged to
includeall persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. - The time
in which the heirs" or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one"
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion ofLthe present, war. This privilege is made retroactive. ���  -
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued,, due and_been paid since August
'4, l914j-on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held, by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to:March 31st, 1920. -
Provision made" for insurance of
Crown Grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown kands, acquiring, rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions bf purchase, interest"
and ,.taxes._7W.here7 subpurchasers do-
uot claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately - over whole
area." Applications must be made by
May 1,1920.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock industry provides " for grazing districts and range
administration- "under Commissioner.
Annual grazing' permits issued. based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners." Stock owners may form
Associations for range management.
Free, or partially free, permits for
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
head. - '-
Tiie Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valaed as follows: Placer Gold, $76,177,403;. Lode
Gold, $105,557,9771 Silver, 855,259,485; Lead $48,330,675; Copper, ��166,393,488;
Zinc, 821,884,531; Coal and Coke, 8225,409,505; Building Stone, Brick, Cement,
7834,072,016;     Miscellaneous!   Minerals,.   81,210,639;     making    its    Mineral
,.Production to fche end of 1921 show 7 . ; V V.
: V7VA11 Aggregate Value of $734,259,619
Pro^ctimfor the Year Ending Becemlier, 1921, $28,066,641
7     V7The  Mining   Laws of thie Province are-7moreliberal, and the fees lower,     . V   r.
.-. ;. shan thoBe of any other Province in the Dominion, or any.Colony in theVBritish.     7    7
;V-L   '���-'.., Empire. 7.7 '���'..',; 'V���,'.-._. X \   -���_-.. ���':_. -.'-.- ' y Xx'XX_,   X'i '"'  V'V X...-X'-'.'. - 77-'"-.-7  ��� ;
7  Mineral locations are,/granted to discoverers for nominal fees.     ...   7 V V   J
Absolute Titles, are  obtained 7 by developing such properties, the sechrity .     7
7 ' """ ___l>bich..is guaranteed .by- Crown Grarita. '���     V; .  '7' '," '���,���'���:/ 7     V-.--    -       7 XX.
���-..;]    Fall information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained ;        . /
" gratis by addressings  -'���   -;-,:- -,.-'- -..-    7 ' *-"- ---- -7
f:yXx:'['''y.xr-;xX]x ]"  THE HON. THE MIKIISTEH OF MIKES-
'-'''''[x'-''-y^x-.^'y^:y'yx   VICTQBU; Bntlsh ColomMa.   -
.*  -
'������ '
:   >���


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