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The Ledge Feb 10, 1921

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 -���'"  J
'Ui z
���.;]{b?9**)- -X
Vol.   XX^IL
No. 31
House Furnishings,  Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
For Lenten Season
Fresh Salmon and Halibut
Salt Cod  and Herring
Smoked Kippered Salmon
Sable  Fillets,   Bloaters
Finnan Haddie, &c &c
LEE & BRYAN'S     Phone 46
uutuuuuuuiuuutuuiumuuuuuuuuu uiuuuiuuuuFv
Winter is not the time to travel. -Not only is the cold weather
uncomfortable, hut one is liable to catch cold, if nothing worse.
The long distance is just the thing at all times, and in winter especially. There is no need to travel wheu the party wanted can be
spoken to, just as ii the interview were face to face. An interview
by long-distance "telephone is always personal and eminently
satisfactory. -
,  Try Our Coffee
Nabob, Braids Best, Seal, Wedding Breakfast
and Reindeer, from 70c - 75c
Bulk Coffee from 60c - 75c
rPHONE 17.
~y GREENW50DXb. o.      V
The WINDSOR.' HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. ' Fine sample.- rooms. A comfort--
able home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane ���rooms reserved.. The .buffet is
replete with cigars, "cigarettes, cooling beverages,
VV . , . buttermilkaudjee-cream. "v.
0��<H><K>b<>��O<><>OaOO<K)<>04>0O<Xk��^ ,
: $��&S��4&4S��&2^-&��4&?^^ fS��&��&l��G��&��f
::fv; vv Shamrock Brands v   : - x'-'i^
^;;HAM,..^BACON;'an^'.^LARD;J ^:",v .xi. $
Carnation Compound .-;���      \Butter and Cheese
:_'.'"V  '.���'���/-   riANDIvED BY.ALL tEADING.GROCERS       '   ,._
* P, Burns: & Go>,   Ltd^  N^kon, B, -G |
''Greenwood, B. G.
A Complete Assortment
Wagstaff's Jams and
Marmalade   .
''X.ryy Try Our' XX ���
��� Pride of Canada, Pure
-.-;-��� Maple Syrup'
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best Companies in- the World .
Enquire  as  to Rates
I    ; Ranches  For Sale
1 . Auctioneer
& Call And See
Presbyterian Church
S. S. 10 a.m. Service 11 a.m.
S. S. 2.30- Service 7.30 p.m.
Subject For Fefe- 13th:
'���Floating Iron"
Rev; W. H.  REDMAN, Pastor
For Sale.
3 "cows.. One. will freshen very
soon.' ;.A.ll are government tested
aud splendid- milkers. Can ,be
.seen anv'liuie'.--'���-.-'"���'" --��� >v
���"'������'-. -;-;.'��� v .' MRS.- ROYCE., .
For; Sale;
'i ��� ��� -
It is always well to have a Sayings
Account upon which interest is fegiila-rly
paid and from/which Zyonyare.: free to. draw,
.atatiy:-timeI should'Jyptt.'have.a'gc^''bppoih-.:;
. tunity to buy stock or7 feed.    A Sayings.-
Account is Ready Money. -     .    ?8A
PAID-UP"CAPITAL-V.;>':VV> v:.   $15,000,000
reserve fund vvVv;:::;-v:: $i5,ooaooo
GREENWOOD BRANCH, ���>&&' Brawders, >fanagcr;;
. 1; -' set .stock scales-. and ~'h set
light -.Bob'' sleighs. -." Will, 'sell
cheap,. Apply ~'V���.V "������XX'X.
Xi.iix V-.VED.-:MADGE." :' .v
V.. :'-.' >:>: Rock Creek. B.C.;
..; W. H. .Pierre, : well-known
printer,,died in Aberdeen, Wash.,
last week.- :He was a former resident of Greenwood and; during,
the early days was employed by
the late Duncan Rossi '.."������:���'
fBert Logan.and Harry Parker,
formerly pffGreeuwood,': are;buy-
lug;. furs in the ffArticle fqirclie.
They have been out one year.and
it will be another; before they return. Mail reaches them once a
"yean   ��� -       ."���    .:..
The secretary of the G.W.V.A.
will be pleased to give cards to
those who are entitled tb the War
Medal and Victory Medal to be
issued shortly by His Majesty lhe
King... It is necessary for. every.
.; The final hoqkey.game will, be
played in. Green wood, next- "yVed-
nesda v. tpVdecide :. the\fBoundary.
league - championship. ;vX. Grand
Forks j'are;.; coming ... by.'.:-;special
trainr.anil.expect .to have" about
. 200 su pporters with -:them^:v" V^
Around Home
Jim Bush, of Midway, was a
visitor to Grand Forks oti Saturday.
Mrs. Chas. Russell and daughter, Patricia, left for Calgary,
after a visit to relatives in this
Robt. Wood leftlast night for
Vancouver to recuperate his
Just received a fine line of
childrens and ladies- rings at
McElmon's. ,
H. R. Townsend, Provincial
Tax Collector, was in Greenwood
on Tuesday.
Mrs. G. W. A. Smith will he
"At Home" on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 17th. V
Miss Vera-Redpath, of Nelson,
was the guest of Mrs. T. Jenkiu
during the week-end.
Mrs. L. E. Brawders and two
sons, Jack and Billy, are visiting
relatives in Vancouver..
. Joe Landers who was injured
while hatiling logs near Midway
is recovering very'rapidly.
A. T. Ceperley, special agent,
Dominion Income Tax, was in
Greenwood, on Wednesdaay.
H. S.. Brisbin, of Victoria, is
the relief, ageut at Rock Creek
during H. Whiting's holidays.
xx The many friends of D, McKee
are pleased to.see him around
again after his serious illness.
A four horse team brought
about 16 routers from Midway
to  the hockey match last Friday.
Born,���To Mr. and Mrs. W.
Marshall,, of "Rock .Creek,' atMrs.
Rendell's home, on Feb. 2nd, ,a
Died���At Rock Creek, B. C,
Tuesday, .February 8th, 1921','
Mrs. Mary Ann Anderson aged
52 years.
Mrs. A", Sater returned1 on
Thursday, from attending the
funeral of her brother-in-law,
L. Halseth, at Kendrick,   Idaho..
A Board of Trade meeting will
beheld in T. M, Gullej's store
on' Tuesday, Feb. 15, at 7.45
p.m. All citizens iuteiested are
urgently requested to attend.
A Dance will be held in the
Anaconda School; House on Friday evening, Feb. ,11th, commencing- at ~9 -o'clock-.';;-'"- Admission'
free. Ladies :kindly bring, re-.
freshmen ts. ... ;< V      -
.'������The - funeral- of.. Clarance E.
Salter, was held Mn. the Presbyterian Church, Midway, ou Feb.
4th..' "It was-./largely' attended;,
service being conducted by ..Rev.,
W.; H.Redman.f       "V   .'
Capt. and Mrs.; K;~R. Davles;
Capt. R.f Gray,. Com;.N.;M.'Lev?is.
and S. T. . Lars.en all pt Rock
Creek, and J. Luce, of Camp McKinney,: attended the Court of
Revision oh Tuesday. .
...The.'wedding., was.sojenitiized
at.Nelson. ou Friday flast in -..the-
Methodist.parsonage,".-'of Charles
Ludvig Johnson; of iMagna.Bay,'
formerlyof Greenwood and Mrs.
.Hanna Johnson, of Lincoln, Neb.
Rev. J. P..f;We.stman,:fofficiated.-
Mr.. and Mrs. C. L. Johnson will
reside at Magna Bay.
.. Persons who are in receipt of
salariesonly are not required to.
render income tax returns unless.
they.:make.a taxable., income or
are requested tb do so by the department. Those in business,
however, should render returns
as often, deductions claimed by
them are sometimes not allowed
under the Income War Tax; Act.'
Everybody is expected to be.at
the City Hall !\thisf Thursday
night at 7,30 to discuss waiys and
means of:getting a; sawmili-start':
ed-iii. Greedw6dd.;;-.'JWhether'; '-yo,u
Wave anything;to-suggest for; :not
show fy our ;apprpy ai of the scheme
by beingf presentXy It;depends e��-,
;tirely;���. upoii-: iodiyiduai interest
:whether.;;a;.saw:mrii..:.w.ill. be.;star,ted
orfnot": ZyriXyyXZxyXXf: ;;Xy.Xyi
.""'������ The Boundary League Hockey
Championship at the local rink on
Friday night was. the best- of the
season and the two teams battled
for one hour and nine minutes before the���winning counter came to
Grand Forks. The game was just
what the length of it shows���a terrific battle in which-the fourteen
men involved fought until exhaustion robbed them of their speed,
until they were all but ready to
drop. They back checked until
they were blue in the face, the defensive work in enemy territory
being little short of wonderful.
Grand Forks had a change in
their line-up, by playing Morrell,
recently from Seattle, and Sud
Smith an old Greenwood player
who certainly strengthens the weak
link in the Grand Forks team.
Battling for-S^minutes without
registering a score and playing
many varieties of hockey, the game
satisfied the fans that it was well
worth seeing. Grand Forks had
the best of the first period although
no goal could be scored. Taylor,
Wood and Blundell broke up
rushes galore and not a few times
did one of the trio halt the Grand
Forks sharpshooters. The forwards worked hard and accom-
plisSeda lot of good work and
their team play is much improved.
Grand Forks resorted^to long distance shooting which had our boys
non plussed for awhile. -The only
way to counteract these tactics is
to rush the puck and attack close
and hard. Keep right on and
dont back up. Each of the goal
keepers had his work cut oufe to
guard his charge. By actual count
24 shots were rained on Blundell
and 19 on Atwood. When ife is
considered thafe oufe ot 43 drives
straight at the nets only three '3
escaped the goalers, ife must have
beeu pretty nifty work on their
The second period was resumed
with a greater amount of zest on
the parfe of the local boys and fehey
certainly had the. besfe of fehis period
by long odds. Grand Forks' however scored and this put greater
vim intp_ the game. Greenwood
scored; a clean one which was
noticed by a score of spectators bat
went unhieded by the umpire and
was; not allowed. The period closed
with Greenwood bombarding the
Grand Forks, nets.. ���.':.'.-'���
. The third period found the fans
in a high; tension ami Greenwood
with one goal behind worked like
Trojans to even the score. -'The
rubber disefwas chased, backwards
arid forwards during .the .period
without any let up until one minute
before time wheti Clerf on ;a pass
from, Murray shofe.one passed , At-.
wood and.evened the score. : '"X-
.-��� Overtime hadrfeo.be played and
it was anybody's game",L For nine
gruelling-minutes no goal, was registered iind ife looked as though it
would be a battle of endurance
when Grand; Forks scored, a lucky
one. Ife. looked suspiriously like
&n offside but it was allowed.
NOTES.   . S
Friday night's fracas was crowded with thrills.
Not once during fehe entire 70
minutes did the teams relax in
their efforts to score.
{; E, Morrison is fehe youngest and
lightest player on the ice. He is a
pretty stick,handler, and fast skater
V The;playing of Cierf is,a surprise..
He is the veteran hockey ist and is
herej- there:and .everywhere.'';. XZy-i
X. It.,v?as:a:rgreat.; display ,of rfehe.
national winter game,);,;. f!> ..; ";. V
V \Mri.rray:;. ^&%!?&': faithfulIyjOdid
-Boundary's Unexploited
This district with great undeveloped natural resources suffers
less than other countries from industrial depressions and recover
more quickly. It its a further
truth thafe ifc is. in advenrerous development of such resources as
gold, silver, copper, lead iron that
the first symptoms of recurrent are
The "hungry forties" were assuredly a darq night for Western
Canada and in 1893 and 1894?
Kootenay and the Klondike where
the greatest splendour of material
development any conntry has ever
We have not yet taken a dipper-
ful out pt the Boundary country.
Nobody knows yet with any conclusive certainty, just where its
productive deposits may be de-
ueloped. Bufe of its general riches
there is no doubt. This country
calls loudly to the spirity of Western enterprise and adventure, temporarily at a pauBe.
Great Britain is building more
commercial shipB than all the rest
of the world combined,_said a statement issued by Lloyd's register o
shipping. On reports'received up
to and including December 31st
shipping under way in the United
Kingdom amounted to 3,759,000
gross tons. - In the United States
it amounted to 1,310,000 tons and
in all countries 7,17.9,000 tons.
good - work.- and deserved the
plaudits of the crowd which was a
record breaker.
McDonald showed flashes of
speed and did much good team
work. - Hallett did the utility
honors and made good use of bis
Taylor and Wood on defense are
steady and reliable.
Blundell was stopping 'em. Several times nothing but, thin air
separated him from the opposing
forwards.' He stopped them from
all angles.    .
-The boys are grateful to the
ladies for providing cake and coffee
-This is greatly appreciated by-the
teams as they are usually tired 3nd
hungry after their gruelling efforts
ind a warm cup of coffee, makes
them feel better. V '������;:'     >
:The game at,the Forks oii Mori-"
day night was nofe so one sided as
the.ecore would indicate���4 to 0 in
favor.of Grand Forks, ; It was
evenly andfairiy contested and for
the last .ten., minutes .our' boys
played the game of their lives to
save a jvhitewasii ibufe had hard
luck each time they shot on goal;.
The teams are now tied and. home
and..home., games will be. playeid,
total goals.iri bbthgames to.fcouht;
The first game will be f played Jn
Grand. Forks on .Friday and the
final in Green woodfon, Wednesday
wh(jn,it. is expected'. Grand Forks
will run a special, train;'"��� A dance
will be Held after the game. ���'
Mining News
Last year's average selling price'
of copper, 17.45 cents a pound,
was the lowest for any year since
1915, when the, average selling
price was 17.27 cents, says the
Wall Street Journal,
In January 1920, popper sold up
around 19 cents a pound. Bnt
thereafter the trend was gradually
downward. In September it sold
under 16 cents, in November under
14 cents, and in December at the
lowest price since 1914 ���12.50
cents a pound.
'.The first half of 1920 was marked by large exports, but in July
they fell of materially. So did
domestic buying. ��� The rate of exchange remained so low thafe Euro- ���
pean buyers could nofe easily take
over, large quantities of copper
without an extension of credit.
Curtailed production and closing
down of mines undoubtedly has
put the industry in a healthier
condition thau it has occupied at
any time since the war. Copper
experts , agree that when present
stocks are obsorbed the industry
will be in good position and that
the demand for copper will soon be
greater than it has ever been before.
The Granby Consolidated Mining & Smelting company all but
entirely won its two appeals
against a decision of Justice Gregory who some months ago gave a
judgement in favor of the E. & N.
railway company, seriously affecting the rights of Granby and its
coal operations at Cassidy, on
Vancouver Island, says a Vancouver report. In two judgements
delivered Granby wins absolutely,
in what is known as the Dunlop
case and the propriety of tbe provincial legislation in this regard is
upheld. Justice E&erfes' dissented"
from the remainder of the court in
tbis judgement.
In the Ganner ease, title" feo- the
property i9 found feo be vested in
the Granby company, but there is
a finding that in case of assessment
of damages against Granby in respect to the coal rights these shall
be considered as feo the coal "in
nature." , The outside price .at
this rate is stated to be a matter of
$150 an acre so that in respect feo
the total oF 200 acres the outside'
amount of the claim thafe Granby,
may have to settlejs unoffically
estimated at $30,000. The original
charge against Granby, had the
case gone against the company,
.might fhave__run_from- a -faalf-a-
million to a million dollars. Justice McPhillips dissented in the
Ganner case.
Notice, was immediately given
by council for the E. & N. thafe
application would be made for an
appeal to the privy" council.
Reciprocity at Grand Forks
VThe. captain of the Greenwood
Hockey team says that (George says
old Dad of ..Grand Forks said Ed.
Blundell and. Bob Murray, were
both there.when Geo. Walters told
Dick Taylor-that Ross Wood told
him he-heard Jim McDonald say
Jim Hallett was sure itbe manager
of the Greenwood hockey club
said Ed, Morrison got it from his-
brother that Attwood was sure he
told Morrell was in and said thai;
pa told him he was afraid that: re-
procity.had,started in Grand Forks
because' fehey had gofe . in two new
liockey players.
B. C, Governmentlrrigation Project
.SOUTHERN. OKAKACAN VALLEY, accent to new Townsite' of
Oliver, B.C. 25 miles South of Penticton. willbe offered at
AUCTION at Pentictom B.C , MARCH 4th ancl 5th. 1921.
Irrigation   system   installed by the, Province   ot .British-Columbia.
.First.Payment, 20 per cent' cash,- balance in four: payments, -coinmenc-.
ring, five years, from date of sale,.interest at 6;.per cent.'   ' ��� Z Z '.     -
For RETURNED, B. C.-SOLpiERS.,, similar terms' but'.with1 only 10 '
f. .:'ffP?r. c?nt: cash--"initial payment'ahd a rebate ofVeocob-after five '
.-'.f'fyearsvsubject to" cultivation duties, '��� ���-.. "        '   -���-...'
'-^.'in 'new TOWNSITE: OF OLIVER will be offered at the' same time?
For fnll. details; and .general information, apply to .'.."-.  '������.���"-
xyxi XyXixiyXiXxZ.XXy: -X X.X,.;���;;G. "R..NADEN,      ''  Xi'-"1
XXXX-ZXXXii'y. ,y f.'V,V-V,-'VDeiDuty Minister of Laass,"'   -"
r-XXXXXX. y'yXyXy-y.y i.X'y"X "   - VICTORIA; B.'C." ,
n THE    LEDGE.     GREENWOOD,     B.     0.
The Wisp
��� BY ���
Printed    by    Special    Arrangements   with   Thos.  Allen,
., Toronto, Ont.
* J"
Appendicitis Prevented
Life LengtheieJ
Healh Maintained
Thousands Finding Wonderful
Benefit in a S:mple Home
Remedy That Costs But a
perious  head  above  its  fellows,  had   ��JBctt^F  Farming"    Tr&illS
quivered hcr the note, and shc paused,
Darbo,  liis swarthy  face  drawn  in
malignant  hate,  slowly  slnath d  his
knife,   and   moved  a   littic   closer   to
d0 "     ���-��� ������    >   u
Haight seated himself on thc block   ?u;s,f the s:lnic-
again and lit his pipe.   "
"If I ever g.t out of this damnable
woods, without being killed or driven
crazy by you and your like, Darbo,"
he growled, "I faithfully swear to
forever after hold'to the world of civilized human beings. You're crazy;
that Algonquin's crazy; everybody's
crazy, even that damned fool Timberley." Hc turned slow'.y towards
the sulking half-breed, "Well, why
don't you say something? What thc
dtvil am 1  paying you for?"
Doctors say if people kept their
bowi ls in proper order there would
be no snch disrasc on record as appendicitis. It is due solely to neglect,  nnd   is   therefore  preventable.
If you have constipation, b'd breath
or headache you need medicine right
The moment you susoect your bowels   are   clop-ired you shou'd take Dr.
her arms about the rough trunk of
thc tree, eyes lifted to the blue skies
above  the forest.
Larry, the shaggy setter, watching,
lifted his heavy muzzle and whined,
and Willow called to Dorkin, who
had lingered along the path to watch
Educative Value of Programme Cannot Be Lightly Estimated.
"Better Farming" trains have been
long used in  Western   Canada as  a
mcans of bringing to thc notice of thc
a    covey    of    young partridge being   farmers the best methods of farming,
mo'her'bild ^    *    Jr00PinS-wi��eed   These trains go from station-to. sta-1
^There's" goin' to be a storm," shej tion throughout the country. At each'
said, as he came up.     "This old tree
never lies, and it says���listen, Dorkin,
to what it is sayin'. Hold your face
close here to mine. Now, hear it
whisperin',  'Storm,  Storm'?"
Dorkin laui?h~d and, reaching forward, drew the girl from the tree. A
wisp of a brown curl entwined his
finger. The ��� warm touch iof hcr
throat against h s hand sent an elcc-
She lifted
Hcr lips
' stop lectures are given    on    various
phases of farming by competent agri-
Taken at  night  you
morning, clear-headed, Canadian Fruits in Britain
energetic, feeling like
"Ba Gar, den, 1 will say somct'ing."   ^Q and ',���
flashed Darbo.        Iwi.l say dat you . ily*prove y
And how you. lak
also  are  crazce.
dat, eh?"
"Well, I like it well enough to express my appreciation of the second
real truth I ever heard you utter, iny
amiable friend. I am crazy, there's
not a doubt of it. If I wasn't, do you
suppose I'd be risking my life on
these hellish trails on account of a
fool sentiment for a fellow who
doesn't care thc smallest of a��� But
hold oh!
Darbo, if I find what you have to'd
me is correct, and we can get proofs,
���up in the Basin of White Water, I'll
make it all right for you.      Ah���"
Sagawa had stepped from the tent,
and stood fair in the firelight. .. In
his fingers he,held a small iron crucifix. His eyes, burning no longer, but
filled now with a glow th.tf made his
lean face tender and brautiful, sought
wake up next
\ hurt'rry, rested.
I a differ' nt man.
Why don't yon spfid a mmrter today and try Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
They work so easy, just as nature
: would order, never gripe or cause
headache. Finrst thing for fo'ks
that are out of sorts .depressed, lacking  in   color  and   sptnts.
Folks that use Dr. H-mi'ton's Pills
arc    nevr    sirk.    never an  ache or
i a pain���feel good all the time simply
because tT1 eir system is   clean.,  regu-
althy.     This you can eas-
Canadian Fruit Commission Suggests
Energetic Advertising to Increase
As a mcans of popularizing Canadian-fruits in Britain, the proposal has
been made that a "Canadian Fruit
Week" will be held next ycar, according to a report of J. Forsyth Smith,
fruit trade commissioner.
Mr. Smith statcs that a national
apple day may be held next ycar as a
part    of a     general campaign of ad-
culturists and livestock men. Hitherto j
the  "Better  Farming"    trains    have!
generally  been   operated   during   the
summer months, but thih ycar one is
visiting various parts   of   Saskatche- \
wan during the winter montl^ j
One car in the train is especially
devoted to dairying and another- to
field husbandry. Thc programme in.
thc former includes addresses dealing
with thc formation, improvement and
management of a dairy herd, as well J
as* the handling   and    marketing   of  Permeating Labor, Capital and Man
It takes a joint of beef to
make a Bottle of Bovril
Has Not Changed
Since 1914        -
Same Price.   Same Quality.
Same Quantity.
YouShpuld ^^
Take Care'S^Tu^
largely a matter of Good Digestion.
A wise person should use Beecham's
Pills to relieve digestive ills and
correct stomachic disorders, pn account of their service and reputation
for reliability���TAKE       ,��
What Business Needs
dairy products.
In ..the field husbandry car lectures
are given on    general    problems    of
agement With Integrity, Loyalty
and a Desire to Serve,
"The future of American business
crop production, special attention be-1 depends on the developing of the soul
ing paid to matters of farm manage-   of the man and upon again pcrmcat-
ment,    rotation    and   growing crops,
ing labor, capital    and    management
sen, you hear hecm some more? Hee's. vertising.
com'li' dis way.      Mojie, hc is come'     Speaking generally on the condition
fas'." I of the apple market in Great Britain,
Sure     enough,    Haight   heard   the: Mr. Smith remarks lhat a large part
howls distinctly drawing closer.    He0f   the   consum.ng   public cannot af-
rcached for Ins nfl:,    but. the    half-j <���     .        ,        .  < .    .       on i
breed, with a cry, snatcheo.it away.    ' Tf��n   applcs at 14c t0   20c,  a, I)0Und-
"No!     No!" he cried.     "You must   Under government control   the   con-
..... lift no hand  against  dat, white  wolf.! sumer   is suppose    to be charged 10
I know he dorVcare, and,   It means d-ath.      Sit    still    and    do   pence a pound.      Retailers are charg-
not'ing!      Sacre, but look, look!"        ! ing that figure, though in some cases
profits    arc    as high as 90 per
but matters dircct!y relating to dairy- with integrity, loyalty and a desire to
ing and livestock will be thc chief I serve. The need of thc hour is not
features. Moving pictures are shown, j more salesman, or more foremen, or
giving information on various lines of' more technical men, but the need of
dairying and livestock work, while the   the    hour   is    to   get employers and
addresses will be illustrated   by   lantern views.
Down the glade, swept now by the
soft light of thc    moon,   a    compact   the    Prohts    arc
body    moved,    splitting into  several   cent.      Apples   on   which   this  profit
shapes as it drew swiftly closer. The   was made were Golden Russets,
fire had filmed oyer and died so that,     A notc ad(ied to Mr. Smith's report
only  the   moon   illumined   the   glade. , ,       British Ministry of
J hen, as the wolf-pack swept closer, ��� ��� .-.,���'
the leader, a great white wolf, lifted   Food ,las removed all restrtctions oil
his muzzle and howl d.     And w th a   the  importation   and  control of fruit
hrst those of onc and then the,othcr   new an(] gripping terror in his heart,   as from March 31, 1921.
of his watchers. Haight  covered his    face    with    his,  .
"The   spirit    of    White Hawk wi'l   hands  and  waited until   another  cry| _
soon seek the last long trail," he said   bes-ioke the pack far down the trail,    j    England S IraCe In Gold
impressively.        "He     and     Sagawa         ""	
have spoken together.     White Hawk
has  said   that  which   Sagawa  waited
to hear.
"Once   when   the   w'gwams   of  his
peop'.e    were    as    many as thc gulls
above the face of the Basin of White
Watc^ Sagawa   and'    White     Hawk
wre  little  brothers   together.      Together thcy  roamed the forest paths
and    hunted    the fleet-footed rrhbits
with bows and arrows, and snared tlie
swift trout  from  the brooks.      Th-n
the trails which  they followed  forked, and   White Hawk    and    Sagawa
went their.separate ways."   .-
He   paused, - and . stood, "in    deep
thought.-      Then' he   continued:���
Slow'.y then, and with the mien of
one who has received a'mysterious
m ssagc, Darbo turned to the white
"We will back-trail at once," he
said.     "I inns' lose no tarn.      I inns'
Where She Sent It and Whence She
Imported It Last Ycar .
Complete returns of the export and
import    of    gold ,coin and bullion in
get   back    to  de Golden Highlands,   England  during   1920 show   that  the"'
largest imports of the year wcre ��38,-
wage-workers to give their hearts to
God. Business depressions can be
avoided, but only by redirecting the
World's Largest Buzz Saw j "linds.of your people.t0 the need of
  integrity, industry and thrift.      Busi-
Is Nine Feet High and Weighs 795, ness. conditions can be  changed for
' p   ���   j 1 'he better only as nian's attitude to
ward life  changes."���Roger  Babson.
Thc largest buzz saws'in the world     '������.. T
were recently installerl on the.Pacific!
coast to cut the enormous cedars .of
that region. They are nine feet high,
and in the rims arc inserted 19 detachable teeth, which can be easily
replaced if broken. Each saw started out as an*ingot weighing 1,140
pounds, and after heating, rolling and
trimming, each weighed 795 pounds.
Tremendous     difficulties    attend   the
Unique Holiday Flan
Custom Practised in Denmark Has
To Commend It.
Canadians can learn much from the
work, methods, customs, industry
and educational system" of Denmark,
besides how. to raise hogs for profit
ahd to make gilt-edged butter.    -
An exchange tells of a very unusual and practical' Danish custom
for spending summer holidays. This
article says that a custom prevails
in  Denmark that can  hardly  fail  to " ' ....   ������
bring nearer together the residents of Freak leather In Britain
town and country ,and make a fellow-
feeling between families whose Jives,
but for that custom, might never
comc in contact with one another.
Residents in the towns send their
children to the country for the sum-
Sold everywhere
in Canada,
In boxes, 25c., 50c.
LurgeatSaleZof *ny .Medicine is the World
England Enjoying Spring in Middle
of Winter.
True to its reputation   for    eccentricity,   our   climate' is providing us'
mer holidays,  and take  in  exchange ! with a very good imitation  of early
for them country children, to whom
the sights of the city are a novelty.
The school children of city and country leave their homes1 by thousands,
and change places witb one another.
spring in the very depth' of wintcr.
So good is- the iniitation-4hat some
of the hibernating creatures, who
Should by all the rules of predeccht
be deep    iti their winter sleep, havc
It is estimated that Copenhagen alone 1 come   forth   to   sec   what   is doing.
sends ten thousand school chil !rcn to j More than that, primroses are actual*
the rural districts, and entertains the
same number in return.
Value of Farm Products
���"~ Oi: the Frairies
Total Value of Products For Three
Prair.c Provinces Amount to
Products of the soil of the three
prairie   provinces   of Canada in 1920
making of such  huge implements 0f' reachcd a value of $471,671,823, an in-
industry.    Thc ingot must be fashion-, crease of $$7,732,911 over the preced
ed into a plate absolutely straight and
true. The saw7s in-operation attain a
speed of 130 miles an hour, a bit of
stat.sties hinting at the revolution in
sawmill methods since modern demand outstripped old-fashioned
mcans of supply. Circular saws
have been in use for over a century,
"Like hell you will." Haight sprang ,.,���..,         c     L,   . , .       ,,               ,
up and stood above his guide.     "You 661.000 from South Africa; thc second
are going to finish what  we set out largest,     ��6,711,000,    from     France;
to   do,   sabe?"   hc   said,   tapping   the third, ��1,443,000 from Russia; fourth,
half-breed on the shoulder      "You're ��977000    from    West  Africa;  fifth,
going  to  lead   me  to   that   Basin   of ...,'         ,         .,      ,         .       ,....
White  Water." ��894,000    from Sweden.    In addition
Darbo returned his threatening look' ��351,000    came, from  New  Zealand
calmly.     "It is of no.use to go dcro.a'nd   ��201,000 from    Holland.-,
���,..,-      t, .     . now,"  hc-said. f ' "What- you-would       By   far   the  largest-exports    were-1   -"       --"       '.-"    "   :- -    V
VVhen .hey met ag-i?   it -was; not   learn at Basin of White :Watcr,. you. made't0 thy'Unitc<L Statcs, to which .': Newest Type, of'British Aero-Engine
heart, ot. W��itc - can learn better by going back from- -        .     ���    ,   .��� , -    x ,       ' ~y. '
where wc started,'.   You t'ink  I  Le,' country England sent, last year. ��52,-
674,000.    .The   second  .largest   total
shipmentof the" year .was ��23-630,003
ing ycar, according to statistics compiled by the. Manitoba Free Press.
The figures on grain are for- the last
four months of thc year, but all the
others cover thc full twelve months.
The value of grains increased from
$206,917,690 in 191�� to $299,438,880 in
1920.      Dairy production is valued at
The Right Spirit.
The London, Ont., unemployed who
are going to-technical schools while
idle, in order to improve themselves
in mechanical theory in their special
lines, show the right spirit. Jn
the new period for industry, efficiency
and skill will get first choice, and
special training will be a greater asset than' ever to a worker.���Toronto
Mail and Empire.
ly in bloom in many a London garden, and in some of the rural districts the gorse is in full glory. Here
and there, too quite a show of roses
is to-be seen, and there has been a
sudden activity on the part of the
'\"es, who have emerged from their
hives to pay a series of out-of-season
...us on me flowers.���-Overseas .Mail.
" V
In order to win success a" man must
be in a position fo grasp opportunity
by the bark of the neck.
Tragic Contrast. ���
It is the grimmest peice of'irony
one -knows of that while British ex-
soldiers are walking the streets in
destitution and French civilians are
still living in holes in the ground in
the devastated arca^, the ex-kaiser is
a millionaire, enjoying evcry luxury
and receiving from Germany an unceasing flow of vast' wealth already
in estimates from two to four million
pounds.���London Daily News. .
yft| m m Granulated Eyelids*
Eyei inflamed Jby expo*
. wre to Sbi. Di��t and Win!
E?m,4^Mt quickly relieved by HurfM
LVCa^,Bwe^' No Smarting
4f jun Eye Comfort.    M
Tour Dronhtt or by mail 60c pcr Bottlfc
Foi Beak oTfhc Cyt free writ* mm'
tturia* Cy�� Bmmmiy Co* Chicago.
bcinsj  of  English  invention,  but  the^ $71,839,966   m    1920   compared   with
insertiblc  teeth -was the development ��� $'M58,441 m 1919.
of   an    American   idea.���New    York
World. New Type Of
Britisii Seaplane
, London to New York by Air
as brothers, f The
Hawk had changed. It was the firewater' of the' traders that killed
Sagawa's. brother, and planted'hatre'd
���where1'love once "was. And so it
w;'s- fo.r-many snows,f and always
Sagawa's.heart longedVor the' littic
broker he had lost. '���
' "What White -Hawk'has done is
now remembered no longer. He -has
paid,- and f'he" ' hassnokrn that to
Sagawa-whifh has-.-made his heart.at
peace.-'    Look."' --..'-    ; V .���
High,   above   his.  head the Indian
held "the.- ]\tt]r  crucifix' '���_'_
"WHte   Hawk  kissed, if 'and ;"said
after Sagawa.. that'which 'the   Tes"it
r:   <���*'  l,~V   . I.i   i.:_       .���"-am    .      .���..
- but you arc.Wrong.    Distam, I "swear
I  spak   truf.      Before,..!   lie- to��� you,
-yes.     I tellyou a leetel of.somet'ing
which happen eighteen years ago. You
say, if 1 tak- ybu-"to one who c.fn t.ll
I y'ou.all, vou pay-Trie well.,.-  All right.
I. say, 'Yes, 1. will.' -   But I  lie, me,
'bout dat. Only one man have what
1 you, would-get', hold of,, proofs, and
��� dat man  lies now in dat t"crit~-dead! . .
Now; I-wi'l bury" White Hawk, denfto" Egypt and to-Switzerland."
wc'.will "strike'eamp and back-trail."- '
Haight stood chewing-hard, on his
pipe and thinking.     '
to .India, .the third largest  ��5,-735,000
to,South America.' ���  The Straits'Setri
tlJmenf ..took .'��3,727,000   and South".
Africa "'in    the   form ' of minted coin 1
��3,610,000.-'    Amounts" in  the neighborhood of  ��750,000 each- were sent
Develops . One   Thousand
The , successful- testing of.a 1,000
horsepower aero engine which.is said
to be the most powerful known, has
opened up claims'by experts "of the%
possibility of-a^ regular London-New
Profited By War
Machine Can. Manoeuvre oh" the Swr-
- ,-��� " "- face of thc Water. '
-. -^ "���,���-' jf - -
. Many interesting features arc embodied ih a new type of British seaplane, designed specially for strength:
The floats arenearly ^wentj' feet long
and-they-are divided into six watertight, compartments so that the machine can .be. manoeuvred successfully
,on the surface of the water even after
York aerial, service and a ��� complete
passage' within.24 hours,'either direct" *-wP compartments in-each float have,
or" by changing aircraft: "at the Azores: been flooded.- .With such long floats
Islands.." It is being recalled;by the the machine rides^ttie water.in flying
experts- that Capt.- John' A!cock, in latitude under all conditions; no tail
��� 1919, flew, from Newfoundland tolre- f float   being   required.    - Thc   engines
arc of 240 horsepower.     On" a test the
Japan and Peanuts.
Surely Japan is winning a prominent place among the great, civilized
nations. The 1920 peanut crop of the
island empire is more than ten thousand tons. ' Whether thc Japanese
have become so cultivated that they
^a't their peanuts in public is not
stated.���Youth's Companion..
"Bayer" is onlyv Genuine
Women! Use Diamond Dyes
'.. ''ii
Warning!     It's criminal, to take a
chance on. any substitute for genuine
"Bayer Tablets, of Aspirin," prescribed by physician's for twenty-one yea s
and proved safe by. millions.     Unless
I you see  thc name "Bayer" on pack-
! age or on tablets you are not getting
Waists ' Aspirin a.t all.     In cvery Bayer pack-
*i age  arc  directions  for  Colds,   Hejul-
ache-, Neuralgia,, Rheumatism.   Earache,. Toothache, Lumbago "��� and    for
Dye   Old   Skirts,   Dresses,
Coats,   Stockings,  Draperies.
Each package of "Diamond Dyes"
contains easy directions    for   dveiug   p���iti
any.article of wool,."silk, cotton, linen, i tablets   cosT'few-" cnts. '   Dnigrrists
or   mixed   goods.      Beware!      Poor  aiso sell larger packages.   " Made in
dye   streaks,, spots,-fades,, and ruins. Canada.      Aspirin is the  trade  mark,
materia! by giving it- a. "dyed-look."!.(registered    in    Canada),   of-   Bayrr
Buy   'Diamond  Dyes" only.      Drug-   Manufacture   of   Monbaccticacidcster'
gist has Cplor Card. ;-.-���- . <jf Salicylicacid.
Handy tin boxeg   o��   twe've
" cnts.
1   .
��Yb&l*s*bVh%  X~��".^jr^ViitS Estimated. Wealth of Great Britain is   land, infles.s than 16 hours, using two
iween  them."" To-night Sarawa has"'. ?ut' "*SU ^ecertainly> the worst! Of,--.' .-... f  -���=��� $230,000,000,000.; f'."""-," .'.j-,375 horsepower engines, ������
jrWneyed    with"   -his    'ittP    brother ': c��u,rse'"' '"'-' .���eful,v. ������- 1J1 have' to-go V.Tht .British- Empire ��� profited -most'.: -The   new X engine iis - called "The
White  Hawk,'along an  aUkv  forest-^"X^ f^Ji^\^%^fi.Xxs^ " *     '
\���ic      H^'^ni 'whlVHtt,%Jr�����#fa financial reports'from foreign ahd^ AirTorce.V It' is understood-that" thef- two heavy", passengers and 40 lbs.' of
.<...    nt win journey on. atone ""-j. thing;..   Now/you. tryto salve, iti over, domestic sources "receiyed by'the-Say-| titania,    a- -flying -boat", destroyer,- .ballast."
til the-.last long trail stretches-oiit before him. '���" It is well."- - .' ,���. -?-V
-'.-Abruptly hf. f, ceased : speaking,"
snatched up knife ..and. rifle, and slipped into the forest.- ' ;'" --....'.        X-y-'
For a  time-Haigh.tf "sat., his'teeth1
..damping-his- deadf pipe, - his ��� eyes, on
the"   smouldeHng. fire.-f-clos" . beside
.whi'-.h^ the 'ha'f-brred was. huddled.' -".'
Then, slow.ly he .rose, iand 'walking
machine "took off"-from a calm'sea
after-a run.'of less than   ,400' yards,
;rcsult  'of the  war,-accbrdingf Cub.".-    I'tfwas-oi-dered- by the Royal J when "it  was. carrying a full load of
vyf.passengers and 40 lbs. of
". Both seaplanes "...and . aero-
by saying I'll. IcarnVwhat  J   vvant, t.O":ings Banks 'Asso'ciatlonf of New York 'which- is. to-be used in. loijg' distance'-- plancsfare" "now; being regularly -em-
.knoy;- back .'where  we ��� started- from;;. s"^te_   . j^Q- totaj es'timatcd.wealth bf . patrols',. ��� will" 'lis : equippedwi.tH..two'.,'ployed :,irt.; Great \ Britain " to   furnish
---He'gave^thc half-breed a: shake that' .thc'-.'principaT - iduntries   involved in f "Cubs,"-   and   ".have a", range .of "1,500 , records of air conditions to assist-the
fairly.made his teeth rattle..
the . war .is.   $819,000,000,000, against-'
^ILook' yqu,Vcri;dibarbo,^if I'Spak;v$69i?,p00,00p,000-,in -"19WS-;fThe.esti
not: fry truf; youpay! nie hot-'ing: Ees  mated-wealth of Great. Britain now-is |-cral.t.'can a'ccomriiodatc 50 passengers
it-nbtfair?/'-;     '..'-..,::';. ;.'-���,'-..-,  $230,000;o6b;006,.a"gainst $130,000,600, V
Haighf stood, 3cratclrng.ih,S,-herd'0(j0;wllen'.-t]lc wa-  star'^d V "    '"'    '
Smiles.   " F.o'r'wartiin'e'the,.crew   will, fweath'er/experts  "in making-accurate
number;- ten- aud-for- civilian use "the-:.-forecasts."""'������-"."-""" :���-.-;���      . ���
nt ���ifted its-flan ���ind'loS   and'pondering, ...Darbo looked artiim," .W'wj*c��  "'   -Z,  21^'   "
v-  ��� -f...   T    d. ��
-to his ten
in. _    , ....
When.at" last he'turned towar'h-'ii'X.    . :"TJ,cn."   bX ,.sai.d:f"I have'-fso.nict'ing.,of $5,000,000,000 since 1914.
"Sre  again,'"he.carried" his-hat- in"-h"is""-c,s.cvtP,say.'tO-you-'an' when.I say-it,   '. - ','-; f-       ��� ' ���^_i__~__.'.
hard.    ',-Darbo': looked" up .question- i" yo.ii:will,lose'.no taw. f Yo.u '."will,want;; ,'"'    "'-'- ' Get Home Goods
ingly. .';���.''    - ���-'--.., -.; -;..'  - ���-!'to fly .back-.to dat udder place, yes.!.;  ��� ������      -
- "The: Cub's'.'' 18;cylinders, on a; t-st,
and Vthe -indicated ��� .1,057    horsepower"- in   :20.
hours of running: -.Thc'cnginc weighs
nearly .a-ton; and costs about ��5/J00.
XSAVES $70.00
T^e -Tery latest editior 0} thi- Encyclopaedia Britannica may be had in what Is ealU.
' ed the Handy -Volume edition at $70.00, less lhan the ordinary Cambridge edition: we,
-have both  editions.      The  Handy. "Volume  edition has every  letter and-erery  syllabic
. contained in the more expensive one. The paper is just the tame, bat the margins are-
narrower and the type is smaller. -   Vou can buy this Handy Voiume edition for J 1.00,
-flown and the_balance in'.small monthly payment of about J4c a day. The special eaiy':
terms' putS the Britannica in either edition within the reach oi everyone. Those who.
wish to pay cash-may do so. You ha<re hea<-d.about the Britannica since you were a
child and. have always wanted it���now is-your-chance.'      ���' if.
Send us "a post card, you need not write much, just write the word "Britannica".':
with your name and address; we will understand and- full particulars will be sent.'
McAINSH & CO., Ltd;, 4 to 12 Collie St., TORONTO^
Agents For Encyclopaedia Britannica.
-:' .".That Ji.ig-InJ'-'rV' wa.e.-riniV. ",-,H'>.iiT'it
said gently." .'-; 'Wlr'te. Hawk has sure
foumd his last .long trail/'-"     f'    - ,-
.., Like, a; flr-sh- tlie.-sf-nder'fonn   of.
,_Darbo'was Mfted,'and'with'a-'bduTiV!,.he
-' yas    beside " the "'ten.t.'     Franti'ca'lv'
. lie; lifted "the ,-flap; then".' stood,    half
.-.   crouched, gazing in'on' the dead, form
.  of the Indian.lying on a bed'of spruce
'��� *��� bounrhs.   . As 'he' gazed,    ihc'   tallow
-  ���candle,;-bitten-by a draft    from    the
'" f.oo-.ning,; spluttered   out,-and'-.Darbo,
"with -af whispered  oath, dropp<-'d. .the
'" .'flap'and" staggered back into" thc firc-
���lightV -:':;'" .���/"...' - "..-'. '..'.
Twice Haight addressed him, bnt
Darbo pain'd.noaUen'tipn. Then suddenly, ,the- half-brccd sprancr erect,
' terror in his -eyes, arid pointed towards" '; the , forest of .the tnainland,
.ce'sen!". hc shuddered.;'   "You hear
inutes'-Haiglit^'tdo-d,. li^tV .kct; .the presiden t of .onc.of Canada's- The- :Q&nknt -, Remark':' of "--an" "Irish - province'among'cx"-s"oldicrsi-
whrspcred words'.of ;the.- -leading  banks  savs: '"Every   dollar's-   -  ���.     ,-"..��� .--   .���.-     .--���,.���:-.---:-".'���-       - -' --.--"     -���'  '���-��������� - .
'���yy'j"X' -''--Xi" :���-'-, '  .Gentleman, Earns a: Pat on the,'
abroadmcans that a
,it?   f.Yes?':
Haight b'ent-his .head- and listened.
.Faint.'and.-weirdly    wild,    from-  far
away., came-th/-, howl-of"a wo.lf. ��
""You  hear  it?'-'  Darbo  r'peatcd.
"It's, nothing, but a. timber wolf, you
.fool-"','the other answered;
.   "Dat's   de'.'white   wo'f!"   cried   the
half-breed and crossed himself. "Lcc-
' Lc-sen, den,.you:"
-; 'For. five m
'cnirig to.thc
-half-breed.f ���. Slowly,; as he''." listened;
liis blue'eycs ppcried- wide; and on cell s cadaverous -jaws opined tp explode  an   oath.
.'When Darbo .had finished, he gripped him by the .wrist, "Is that all
true?" he  gasped���"true?" (
"if I lie., may dc white wolf tear me
-to, pieces,"  answered  thc  half-brred.'|
"You change your iriin', I guess? You;
woiil'd go back now, yes?"
"Darbo," shouted H'right, "we'll
bury your brother, and we'll keep going night and day till wc -get there.
Good G.od!" he shivered. "What if
we arc too late!"
For the next hour there was. noi'
. wovd. spok n between thcm. In the |
i cavity, made by the uprooting of al
storm-cast tree, they buicd the dead
White .Hawk, Then thcy pack- d'.
. their utens Is: and struck thc trail-for
! the lake.     Ir was hot until they were
""Buy your goods iii the-home mar-
i Qiieeii-Mothtr and Her Age
V "jf- $10,000 For Vets//. ; v
An .emergency grant of $10,000is tp-'
:be "given "-'at. once -,:to- the ��� provincial -
cofmman'd'of the Great.-War/Veterans
by "tlic' Alberta - Government for "the"
purpose' of -meeting the .-.un em ploy-.'
iricrit-situation" now obtaining in the.
wprthf ,we
dollar's; worth-.of work has be n di--
ver't'ed from a Canadian workman."
Make your money support home industries.���Guelph Herald.
95 Years in Workhouse.
James MavMCie, an inmate of .Morpeth Workhouse, Northumberland,
England, has lived in the institution
for ninety-five years'. He .was born
there in 1826 and never missed a
Christmas dinner.
Through Growing.
He.���"Do you think you could grow
to love me?"
-She.���"I'm  afraid   not.      You  see,
I've done growing."
,     ��� <*- ��� �����
The    re:crca:tcd    state    of   Poland
Ariril    -���
Queen Alexandra is', quite herself'
again, and she goes ab.out ' freely
among her private friends.'This week
she pa.d. one of hcr unexpected, un---
cere.monious visits' to a little "fiat    in
''Utlgravia,   and   over-' the-teacups'shc
said: "Ah, mc,. I'm 76;   and   as    I'm
Qui en all  the world-knows it!"."
"Well,"  remarked an  Irish, gcn'tlc-
1 man- present, "that's the only way
they c'o'uid-know it. Otherwise, thcy
would think your 27." /
The Queen patted him on the arm,
j as if to say, "It's very .nice of you to
think of that,"���London. Sunday'
If-a-man-is a chrome'grfiirhbler'"it
always  makes  him; happy-to. find���a-,:
buttoii .off his coat wlien..his. wife .is-"
b'u"sy. " -   .- -   "V-V ��� .  -
Just Imagine rr.'..���"-_'   -:: ' "������ v
.. Tbe delicious preserve* jou wouiJ s>ake ii you could walk ��vt into as crcburi ���! ������*���
One Thousand'Acre*'ol ripe,-lusciou* fruit, :s  the pink ol condition,  picking only <
the  choicest,   using  nothing  with  it  but,pure  cane- ��uSar,  and  il,  io  addition,  you
had .the mo��t scientific "machinery to turn it out���DrtPg'yon. iiS=i fOtar  Jem .w��i��l<
b* just-about/"perfect? ;lhir  is tost bow :.
���'���>���������; XE. xDmiTH
Th����   true  tie  fir��t  to  make" Pure. Jam*  iu. Oinnda,  and  w��  ��til)  leatiliiS
ia popularity.    Try  a  tin.of  their  new  icasoni  ��tr��wberry.     ltii  delicious.
��� - Ask.youryxrQcti, ior E.:D.  Smith's J��ra��  with "the  Urplt. Leaf label.
E. D. Smith ��� & Sons, limited: '^SJiS'^S.' o^Tar!o'y*,:%-
'",    .'���'--'   --���'   '-V-      ".:--     VJtnttrn   Dijtributora  -.',"   ;; -. - ^.-. V. -'"""'.'
Watioa '* Tmeidale, Wirnipes. Rej;inB.and\S��tk��toon,.;SMk.    Donald H. Fahp C^.,
-."���-.  '-)..   -Ca.Igrary and Edmonton, Alta.        -   ;--: ... ^   ' -'
���������    y^r-rn^-c ���--.   ._  ���.:...r^.-v- :\y " i'v"    -K
out   on  thc  Water,  silvery  grey  now
beneath the rays of^he sinking mooh,!
that Haight turned back towards his'
g ��'rV 1..   ������ ji ��� i   ���'      > j.  -  ��.    . consists of 120,000. square miles, with
Darbo,  'he said, -you're not aomg - I,.    ' mn . ."
all   this for  mc. ", You've got  some  a population of 21,000,000. .    -
work of your own. to do bac.k there. ; '.-..'   >���-~ r~r-y. - V ..
What is itr", ���-���, ','-      /    Advertisements in newspapers vvbre
-Darbo's.facc  twisted .in  a" grin  of  not gcneVal in England until the bc-
ficndish hate.        Yes. I    have    some   ���*.    r .     ,"       --,.-,        t -...
l.'etle  t'ing"to,."do  up'. dere,."me;"  he   ����"-'-"�� ot' thg-cighhcnthcentury. .. ,
said softly.'.-.-"Derc one feller, nam*���-.���
Daltoii, who .wh.'p me .wit'"stick,,.lak
I was drunk -Jisciuirn'o.. ft:'I; go b^ck,
ma fricn', to. kecl'hcem.-f-; Dat'sfall,'
'������: Xi^yX'CHAPTER,.XVliLf'-; XX:y
: ff.'iThchf-.-'subtie.-fwarniVg .whicli;-'was."
- acres'.fof" lake-sh.pt' foreV4,.fs.tretchiiig'
Ba'sif>- of. White 'Wjat(-.'r,~; was:>.v.h'spcr-v'
fcd.alsofto the.Hardwoods .sanctuary:.
*'Willow- Far.'ncy
To Develop Pouce Coupe Oil Fields.
The development o.f the prospective
Pouce Coupe pii field northwest of
. .Peace River is b ing undcrtak'-n by
J the Imperial Od Company without
; delay. ��� An ".extra- heavy standard i
. drilling, rig','-capable of going down
j 4,000. feet is being shipped by rail to
: .Spirit River and will be. freighted by
teams to the oil ficldon the snow. .
;-; It- is*said that ^thev-streets of ;.the
Jerusalem, of ;.today arc.filled with
morAdiverse types of people.,and; a
more ..complicated o babel, -of tongues
tharif ari'y/.pther city.'.in.lhe:world.-The.
population " ?-"'*-  ��� ~   ^/.����^   --��� .
��� te-: .between',.. 60,000 .^ahd
teams " furnisH. Vthc-'-.-'only
f.W.''>.-K.ViU,;: 1354V
.,    ... ........ 'RHEUMATISM;.;-;.' ���
iiad.-i-Wri^.'-the - first - to,- .T.-jm^agoVXetiraisii, "^r-anyfothef. pam, - apiiTy   \    Caniel
,Sense,lt,= SS  ?uc ^nd^orKin-;w.;r^ r,-    Mi!^;!^m^Kio'tfce>eW^
. turnmg-'.up. the ip.ath1 from   Ulld D.fK- fluicfc. relief..-^..Minacds  i*. .the ���.. remedy. .yvq\ /.", ; . ".. ��� '������_;;,--- ,���.."      ���<";--_*;>���-   '.-TI.���
--���"������ ---'������--- - ,t;;;.-.t^,.f;, ,-^;-; -r -.-:Kiani!moiher;-u=td--. .-.There is nothing"-to>qu2i',.'tw'cen-.libooDurra and  Broken  Hl.l,
iv''"" '���"'""'-��� '-' xX"-'-xx ���'���xiX'y rr. ; .-jjfs^y.
-UakV,:. to..-fiie
: ,:pa?:?
-'���at:'  r--.
XixYh'ooaX.X-'thc "tall -luckory,- 'lifting;..nj^'.
T^ttt;    xTP"n^^,.    cii*-wT?\>-w'nr\i\     r   . o.
Poor outlook For ^ i A Distinctive
bo.shevism in England
World Happenings
Briefly Told
Tht: New York Times says that.,the
Efforts For,. World Revolution Not
Regarded As Effective In Old /
Director of Bolsheviki propaganda
in European countries"met secretly in
Bremen, Dec. 26, under the presidency
of the commissar Eliawa of Moscow,
for the purpose bf reporting the suc^
i cess of their efforts, on behalf of
I world revolution, says the London
\ Times. ' A'.l. the' delegates entered
j Germany under assumed names and
j with false passports. .
I "Comrade Facher, an English delegate," the newspaper "-adds,'"re-
j poind 79 Communist district organi-
j nations" in England witli ���0,000 mem-
| bers and i.219 agents, mo jt of-thc
latter, of whom are paid. He'was
pessimistic regarding the cause in
England. Hc.srid that the Russian
proh tariat need not expect support
from thc English, but that the Communist outlook in Scotland, Ireland
1 and   Wales  was brighter."
Facher   referred    to    Plymouth as
Coat of Moleskin
Grocers Taking Less
Profit On Many Lines
Fordney -tariff bill is as cood as .lead I ..^ ^^ Qf ^.^    ^    Frcnch
Morc than 200 unemployed men in
London havc been hired by thc farmers from thc surrounding district.
Aftcr offering up a prayer, a Kansas City jury acquitted W. V. Spcn-
er of the charge of murder.
Germans declare the reparation
terms decided upon by thc Allies as
fantastic and impossible.
Lloyd George  will visit    Palestine
* in  the spring, according to a report
printed by thc Evening Standard.'
Gait, police commissioners will eh-
gage thc services, of a policewoman
to act when called on.
Dec.liueN.in wholesale prices is proceeding at the rate of about four pcr
cent, per month from'the peak.
Ontario.milk producers have been
' .euolgizcd    for    voluntarily
milk    prices,    contingent    upon    thc
lower production rates.
Morc than 250,000 children in New'
York City receive only part-time instruction    because    school    facilities
_arc, inadequate. -- ���       ^
Thc first passenger liner to make
the trip between Germany and the
U.S. is expected to leave Hamburg
for- New York soon.
A  bill,  introduced  at  Washington,
' ���  would increasc'salaries    of   Senators,
., and    Representatives    from $7,500 to
��� $10,000 a year aftcr March 4 next.
Emma Goldman, -^deported from
the U.S. as an anarchist, is reported to have said she'd rather be in jail
in .the U.S. than free in Russia,
A   hundred   million   dollars is thc
and United States naval people."
Rheumatism Re'ieved In 1 to 3 Days.
South American Rheumatic 'Remedy is a
wonderful medicine >in the treatment of acute
or inflammatory rheumatism, chronic ihcuinn-
l tism, lumbago, neuralgia, and all ailments due
to rheumatism. lt often., cutis >n 1- -to J
days.      At druggists.
Lloyd George Scolded
'rcmicr    Lloyd    George has'-been
A Farming Community First
Before All Else the Dominion.Must
Be a  Farming Country.
The census bureau of the  United
States announces  that  slightly morc
Red Rose Tea People" Make a-Further
Somc    of    our   friends among the  than half the population of"the repub-
grocers, in speaking of our letter to   ,���    ,. ,��� ���    . ,    ... T,-   ���
b r - lie live in towns and cities.     This in
Canned Foods
A Blessing
An   Acknowledged   Expert .in
All  Matters  Pertaining  to
Household Management.
The canned food as we find it today is one of the important cohtribu-
the press on grocers'    profits,    have ,
indicated that apparently it has been  a.country approximately the  size of
construed by some readers   to   mean   Canada,   inhabited   by   more   than   a
that Red Ross Tea was the only arti;  hundred million people, and whose na-,
clc on winch the grocer takes a small-   tional  poli      has  aimed consistcritiy'
er profit, in order to give his custom-       . ...  ,. it   t        ,      a
ers a higher quality. and Powerfully'to coax the people off
It was not our intention to convey &e land.and hive them in great jndus-
such an impression, as we know that trial and commercial centres. It! tions' to modern civilization. The
most grocers sell well known brands 0u&ht' to bc accepted as the normal trouble with most of us is that we
?hf;y��ctridSmake 1 ^ITbrSX -d wholesome condition ofthings in>avc grown s0 used to taking the can-
equally well krfown, and for the Canada that thc large, majority of our ncd food for granted that we neglect
same reason that they recommend people live upon farms, and'must for- t0 s;ng its praise.
.Red Rose Tea, simply to give their generations. ��� Beforc all else the Do-
customers the best possible value.      ��� minion raust be a farming country for
In    our   letter   we mentioned Red ��� U,        ..���
many    ycars    to    come.���Edmonton
Rose Tea because it naturally came
first to odr mind and because we
knew that grocers wcrc se'ling it at
a 1 ss profit than tltey_m;'kc-on othcr
teas.���T. II. Estabroolcs Co., Limited,
Winnipeg, Man.
Women   do   officer things, but man |
is the only animal who will bet a hat
i . .
. on any proposition.
Bv Gertrude Beresford.
There arc times wdien a fur coat is
taken to task by some of his former ,; ,   ,
              .              .        ,    .           .,   to bc preferred to any that are fash-
Welsh   constituents  for  playing  goif   .                             ���        ' ���
, ���,, _ ��� .      ,   loncd of cloth.     Onc of thc furs that
on      Sunday     The     Congregational .
,., , , . ,    .   : lends itself well to the art of the coat-
Church rcc< ntly voted unanimously to.      ,      . ,    ,.   ���     _        .     ��� .   ;,.
, .       . i    .i    i maker is mo cskin.     So soft and silkv
protest against the cxamp.e set by the i .     , .���       .    .      .   .     ,       ^ .. , '
.     . , .      ���     , ,.      us tuis pelt that it is almost as.pliable
Premier in seeking Sunday recreation.,
 - i as velvet
' tration
H. B. Sh p To Go North
Will Carry Food, Clothing and Mail
to Trappers of North Country.
Preparations arc under way at thc
Hudson's Bay Company dock at Montreal for thc annual trip to the "Nas-
copie" flagship of the fket of supply
vessels to thc trading posts on thc
Hudson's Bay and Labrador coasts.
The ships will carry food, clothing,
sustenance, good cheer, letters and
news of the great world to thc traders
and trappers, of the far north.      Mis-
"You can just tell by its healthy^
stimulating  odor, that  it  ia
going to do you good
!'tF"I only had eome Sloan's Linf-
. I ment!" How often you've said
���"��� that! And then when the rheumatic twinge subsided���after hours of
suffering���you forgot itl
Don't do it again���get a bottle to-
Say and keep it handy for possiole use
tonight! A sudden attack may come
on���sciatica, lumbago, eore muscles,
���backache, stiff joints, neuralgia, the
pains and aches resulting from exposure. You'll soon find warmth "and relief in Sloan's; the liniment that pene~
(rates without rubbing; Clean, econom*
jcal.  Three sizes���35c, 70c, $1.40
(Made in Canada) -
Depend Upon the  Condition of the
Blood���Keep it Rich, Red and
When a doctor tells you  that you
arc   anaemic,   he   simply   means,   in
I met a woman the other day at the
market and she was purchasing eighty
cents' woflh of fresh string beans.
These had been shipped many miles
to.a northern market and were rightly classed among the luxuries.
"Why don't you buy thc canned
ones?" I asked her.
"I'd bt afraid."
Once in a great while wc do hear
of    unfortunate    people madc ill by   Large Percentage of Whites in U. S.
indulging in somc    canned    product. .Are Biitish.
But careful investigation usually Qf tjlc 95,000,000 white people in
proves that either it was of inferior : t]le United States, ovcr 55,030.000
quality    or   that   it was food left in   arc 0f xji-itifcii origin.     "Thc fact is,"
Of bntish Origin^
the can after it was opened.
says  World  Work,  "that  thesc   55,-
. Once in a great while, wc hear of   000,000   constitute   thc   largest   single
folks madc dangerously ill by a new-1 fJrit.sh population in the world today.
plain   English,   that   your   blood   is . . . . . .
weak and watery.     But this condition   ly  discovered  bacteria  causing   what; There are more people of British on
is one that may easily pass into a is known as "botulism." If "this <jin in the United States at present
hopeless decline if prompt steps are poison happens to bc present in can- than in Great Britain itself. The ac-
not taken to enrich the blood. #   Poor      d  {ood   Jt   Mn  be  absolutclv  des-! tual figures are 55,000,000 as against
sionanes, police, government officials   blood,  weak,  watery    blood    ts    the' , ,      .     , , .    -,    -���.,,,������ n������ .    _     .     .     c      , , ,,
of    headaches and backaches, | troyed and  thc  food made perfectly   37,000,000 in England,   Scotland   and
safe to eat by ten minutes boiling, the   Wales
The accompanying illus-
If Miller's Worm Powders needed   tration    reveals    a    very  clever use
thc support of testimonials they cculd   of this fur.      Thc lower part of thc
bc got from mothers who kncjw'vthe' Wrsy> is..designed in three   tiers    and
great virtue of this excellent medicine.
reducing      ut t'le P��wdc"s \vill. speak for them-
"   sc'.vcs and in  such a way that  there
can .be no question of them.      T4��ey
act speedily and thoroughly, and  th-; I. Tha  belt
child to whom thcy arc ad.r.ini.-tcredI c��b"0chon
will show improvement froin the first
and explorers look to the annual voy-! causc . _
c .,     u   ,   ���   , ���   ��� ... ! loss of appetite, poor digestion, rheu-
agc of thc Hudson s    Bay    ships   as    ���   ���   "        ,' . '        ���' '.. , ���,
& . ' l ijnatism,   neuralgia,   nervous, lrritabil-
their   only   means   of transportation j ity   and   many   other   troubles.      To
from Canada ports to thc territories' poor   blood   is   due  thc  pimples  and
thc pelts are arrang^jl in horizontal
style. Thc collar affects thc lines of
the cape and is exceedingly attractive,
of cord uis finished with a
fastening. A small hat
fashioned from mo'eskin completes" a
delightful  mode   for  cold  weather.
lying at thc edge of thc Arctic circle.
When their work is fin.shed, thc company's boats bring them home.
Canadian Firm
Secures Contract
Veteran C. P. ii. Engineer
Shoves in-the Throttle for Last Time
And   Retires   to   His   Rose
W. F. Van Antwerp, for 35 ycars
engineer in the'service of thc C.P.R.
and 24 years on thc Sicamus-'Okana-
Heart Disease Relieved In JO Minutes.
Dr. Ag'ttew's Ketnedy .'or ttte llc.'tvt gives
perfect relief in all cases of Organic or
Sympathetic Heart Disease >n 10 minutes, t.nd
speedily effects a cure. It is ;i p-erlcss
remedy for Palpitation, Sliorflicss ot Ilrc-atli,
Snotheriiig Spells, Pain in T.eft Side, and all
symptoms   of a,   diseased   'leart. -     One   dose
rnnvtnri**; ^*ffc
Will Build Engineering Wcrks in
Africa For British Government.
Fifty m.llion dollars will bc entrusted by thc British Government to
thc Canadian firm of Stewart and McDonnell Vancouver, luaded by Major
General J. W. Stewart, C.B., to bc expended on enormous engineering
works in the gold coast colony on the
 ������ ' | west coast of Africa.     General Stcw-
Takcs Poultry Prize in New York'. ' *Ti has return d from England aftcr
gan rum shoved in the throttle of his W. Mack��.y, president of the Swift making final arrangements for thc
own engine for the last time recently   Current .Poultry Association, has   se-   carrying out of thc lirst unit of the
and is now superannuated. ' A few
years ago,-in honor of'his long and
faithful   service,   thc   uU.u��.o   w.    ......
road~inttKi^is name engraved in gold
outside figure for reparations .which \ on the engine which hc operated for
the Dominion may expect froro_Ger- \ the last ten years, together w.th\thc
inany, according,to Ottawa advices.       railroad crest, beaver and maple leaf;
1 He has never injured\a passenger or
trainman, and hc has hauled all  sol-
One of the first duties of Rt. Hon.
Winston Churchill as colonial secretary, will be thc selection of a successor to the Duke of'Devonshire, as
Governor-General of Canada.
Nathan Cohen, who fell from .the
sixteenth story of a New York sky-.
dicrs in and out' of " Vernon)'; where,
during ' thc war, there was' a huge
mobilization camp. ...He':'has had
Royalty in his engine cab. Van will
now devote his attention to his beautiful    garden . ,at' Okanagan Landing,
cured third prize at the Madison
Square Garden Poultry Exhibition,
officials of thej Ncw York, for a bird which he sent
to that show. The bird is a cock
bird of thc Houdan bre d and it is
much to thc crtdit of Mr.-'Mackay
that he secured a prize when it is taken into consideration that the bird
'was immediately put into the show
after a train journey of four.' days
without thc care it would, have received  at. home.'- .
scraper, reported for fwork'the next j whcre he .has"" morcathan-150 varieties'
morning.    ��� His   only   injury   was-' a
sprained  finger.
��� Joseph Dansc'rcau, of Quebec, with
an.average of 96.56, was awarded the-
first prize inthc all-Canada creamery
butter competition held iri "connection
with the .- Western .Canada Annual
Dairy Convention  at Winnipeg.
Dr. J. C. Ferguson,    financial    ad-.
viscr to the President: of China, who
Jellicoe's Case Seems Stronger After
. thi Report.Than Before.It.
The report of the Jutland battle has
set all thenatibn talking,   but -in' the
���    ,. ..,.,-, ,        -,    i^clubs, and particularly in-the Service
lias just arrived in Vancouver from tire"    , ,      ,'. .- ...   . -.,'.   - ,
.. . ���    . ;���      clubs, discussion is too mud a word.
Orifnt, 'stat. s that, in the famine"districts.of China, people line'the'road-
s:^r<; too. \ycak.'to walk from want
of.food.-...'-. ;"���.-   .
of  ros;s,  a. garden-which  is  kriown'
frbm coast to coast.
Jutland D.-sputes Raging,
great harbor works at Takpradi.
This unit will cost $17,000 000 and
will ' take from five to six years to
complete.     - N ..   .   '
Gvhcral Stewart stated, that as far
as possible Canadian mateial and
equipment will be used in thc woric.
Canadian cars, steam shovels, locomotives, cement and iron will- be
shipped in immense quantities, while
British Columbia Douglas" fir will be
utilized.-     Thc .first cargo-'of British
The naval world is divided between
thc pro-Je!licoes--,and:the anti-jclli-
.co'es. .-���.," , -' ' f .-..-. yr , ".-.    .
. - Certainly -most people will agree
that' Jellicoe's" case :. seems, "stronger
���'ver the n'port .than' it. did b fore it.
He" did not turn "aw'ay to escane battle fal�� Commercial
but' to avoid a'torpedo'-attack. ,;.'"7
f. The low' visibility and the. failure of
.the- wireless ' messages "to reach him
'promptly and., clearly' also"-scrv> -.to
f xplain. -. much.���L.ondon ..' Sunday
"Chronicle. ���;������.���-������',*.���
'������-... ��� ������   '-. .. -. ���, Columbia  timber will "be  shipped as
"Women and Asthma;     Women' arc   soon as-shipping.is available,
numbered among .the "sufferers   from''    .While-   for. . the "most part negro
asthma by the countless thousands. In--, b^ will be "employed, the heads'
< very climate thev w.i 1-be found, help- - .���  ,-���   ^.-    ',-
less in thc-grip of .'this relentless dis-' of -departments;   will be Canadians,
;ase   unless   they .have availed thcm-' and -the first-.30 officials ..will    leave,
selves of the proper remedy.     Dr.-J.' Vancouver shortly- in  time  to  reach
D.  Kcllogg's.-Asthma    Remedy    has f ���hc gold c6ast by April,
brought' new- hope and  life to many .-.- -        -
such. Testimonials, sent "entirely,'. In c.h*rge of the/work-for the first
'without'solicitation, show the'benefit ��� year will be ' Angus - McDo'nn 11, -a
it has wrought among' women" every- | well known former resident of .British
^herc- :      .'\ .-. ..'-      ;j' Columbia.; ��� "��� V.f  -.. ;     f
Hard to Flease.      ..   ,.
As.most of-us,know, it's impossible
to.please some women. Almost every
house in a c-.rtain'section*of Buffalo'
has been, burglarized, and tlie; mistress.of one;of- tht-' fe.Wj. exceptions
has been -heard ." to express the' fear
that the: nV'ghbprs'-' will think sh4-
hr'sn't anything" worth stealing.���Buf-
blolches, the'muddy complexion that
disfigures so many faces. To have
good health, a good complexion and a
cheerful manner, the blood must bc
kept rich, red and pure. This is easily
done through the usc of a blood enriching tonic like Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. The whole mission of this
medicine is to help enrich thc blood
which reaches "every nerve and every
organ in thc body, bringing w:th it
health, strength and new activity.
That is why people who occasionally
use Dr. Williams' Pink Pills always
feel bright,  active and strong.
Mrs. E. E. Cook, Simcoc,- Out.,
gives stroncc testimony to. thc value
of Dr._Williams' Pink'P -lis -wh;n the
blood is in an anaemic condition, she
says "I havc been a sufferer for some
ycars from a run down condition of
thc system. 1 suffered from pains
in the back, twitching of the nerves
and muscles, my appetite was poor, I
had inditrstion and'would get drowsy
aftcr eating. My.hands and fc-t were
almost alwavs cold,/and though I was
constancy doctor'ng, the medicine I
took did not help mc; I had practically given up hope of good health,
until a friend from Hamilton came
to visit me, and urged mc to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. It took some
persuasion, but. finally ..I consented to
try th'tn.. I have reason to be
grateful that I "did, for aftcr using
seven boxes I felt like a new person.
I have gained in weight, havc a better
color and my work is now a pleasure.
For-this condition my thanks'arc clue
Dr..Williams' Pink.Pil's, and I cannot
praise them  too highly."-
You . can. get Dr."Williams' Pink
Pills through any dealer-in medicine,
or by mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes, for. $2.50 -.from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.,
For cvery two representa-
timc to be counted from the. time the tives of the British race found in
food begins to boil. j Great Britain there are three m  thc
Somc folks complain of foods last- ] United Statcs."
ing  "canned."      This   is   duo   to   thc  :    ���
fact  that during the process of can-   ....Time  has   Tested it.���Dr. Thomas' ..
ning all foods lose a certain amount' Eclectric Oil has bc.n on the market
r i. u ��� t,    j      *    *i ���   upwards of nitvyears and in that time
of oxygen.      It is partly  due to the : .^ d ^iessing t0 thousands.
presence of this oxygen that foods
have thcir characteristic fresh flavor.
The oxygen, can, however, bc restored by absorption.
Take a can of peas, for instance.
After opening the can, turn the contents into a strainer and let the water
run off. Rinse the peas witli fresh,
cold running wa^er,
i ii iius prove
It is in high favor throughout Canada and its excellence has carried its
fame beypnd the seas. - If, it were
double the price it would be a cheap
Jews Walking to Palestine
So  eager are    certain    classes    of .
European   Jews    to get to Palestine,
Spread the peas   liie;r ncw national home, tliat  many
on  a shallow  dish  and  expose  them I LirCi actually   walking there from  the
to thc fresh air for an hour.     During | Ukraine,, drifting into    the    country
this    time    they    will    become    re-1 v;a   Constantinople,   said   Sir   Alfred
Canada May Get
Hundred Million
-fV Another Alberta Industry.'.."
...A new.- industry to-serve, the.fgrowr.
ing'^agricultural "Mieedsfof Western
Canada is now;practically assured" for.
the;city of .Medicine'.Hat, in the. ccn-
tre.of the- na,turalgas:ficlds of South-!
cm Alberta.. -'. ;Th"i_s-'is. the -.manufacture'fof- stookingMriachincs 'and stook
load rs by the'.-Hilts'Stpoking Machine. Company,; which'is;.said to' have
several.. excellent shachiius .to- put. on
the "ma.kct.v ..<���'  ..'.'.��� .       ;..-:���
'..Heard in a' dry' goods storc.-^'.Let
mc  sec . sonv .invisible'hairpins".'*. "
������-. Another,���"-I'r.warit an umbrella for
a. man that'-has steel,rib's."   " . '���":.'.
The oak is the "most'-common-'
in,'.Northern -Unitcd-'-Stat'c.s; ������--���-'
Will Depend^ on Germany's Willing--;
"...   ":-.:"--'ness to "Pay."'".'-""~ v '"���"'"_.
-.The most that-Canada-can hope..to
���get 'fn-',the\\yay-"of- reparation from
Germany ' is-,- thought'iti Government
���.'circles to Uc'around.a hundred million
dollars... Thc figure", however,;-is.' a
mere guess. -Canada may getfmorc
or- may get 'very'corisidcrablylcss.-.
If .'depends on Germany's willingness
and-ability tofpa'y.:-And before brdin-
���_ary reparation"-claims' arc- met,- there
"are trie prior "charges for.the. tost' of.
the'  ariny,; of"   occupation and ..Belr
"g:nin's .- priority clapnfof' ��100,003,-"
000;;    - -''���' '���""''. X y'yZ.-y'.  '-;  yi.
.'-'_ 'The total British "Empire, cl"- iin 1 for
reparations is around '��2,270,030,000;'
of,.-which  about ,'scvcn-pcrfcent.    is
.froin Canada, Exact ".figures on th-r
Canadian .claim yvill,' however, not- be
available for some davsvef,-   " .   -,
Skin Healthy
Minard's. Liniment!"; For -Garget
��� 'Cows,'    -.'.''
Please ReadThisLetter And
See What Normal Health
:Berwick,'0nt.V '.'-rhaior'ganic ti-ou-
ble.arid after taking Lydia E.,Pinkr
ham's Vegetable Compound and Blood.
Medicine-all my troubies;-passed'awayl
I v.-aa1 made.strong arid well and have
been ever since.    Now we have a^Srie
Montreal to  Winnipeg,   /now    being'baby boy ".six-months-old, and I know   _   .
erected,   is   completed, the Canadian .that I would not have tliis-baby.and.                  *&          -, tM   * f      .
���    . ���-      ,         ,          .        .��� ,   '������      would.still be suffering if. it had not         .'    ���     , ,��� ' ,���, .
Pacific telegraph service will have a  been for your remedies.   My husband "   ��.^-i..-  *._
Stringing New Ccpper Wire. .',-:
���AVheri-   the   new copper wire from':
Won Farm C.iOps Trophy: .   .
Competing.'against" forty-two  com-
rpttitors ,. with    a'  sample of. "Ruby"'
wheat,"-George. S.  Canficld,. of  Wild
r Ros.J"; won thc "Farm'Crops" trophy
at .the   Provincial   Seed...Fair,  .which-
was.hcld at tlic Saskatchewan University.      Iii  the oa'ts-   competition,    R.
Smith, of Prince Albert, wbn thc T.
f- In-the White Sea ice forms after
August, 30 miles out and- does' not
mclt-.untilf July. -   f
>     ��� % 'y '    h   ���
' !For Catarrh.r-It is one"of-the chief
recommendations of Dr.-. Thomas'
Eclectric-Oil that it can.be used internally with as much" success as it
can outwardly. Sufferers from
catarrh - will find that thc Oil when
used, according, to directions will give
prompt relief. % Many, sufferers.from
this-ailment-have-found; relief in.=the
Oil and have sent testimonials;,   -'.
-Radium Burns Cause Death.
. 'Twenty.-- .years, suffering" from'., the
burns of radium and X-rays were ended recently.,-for"Dr.. Beh'rens;- a prominent Swiss, surgeon .of Bicnne, when
death. 'brought--, relief.-.. Physicians
several y'ears-ago.pronpunced his.case;
hopeless and death -certain', -.but'. Dr.
Bel.iti'n.s,'whose' hands had "been spared,' ���^continued his /experiments' until
his.last..days;; -���. -��� f       ,';.. ''.���"��� -yy.
- .As-'a-'vcrmifiigc an "eff-.c.tivc.preparation ' is 'Mother Graves!.- Worm.:-Exr-
fi'crminatori and it can-be giv.cn -to ttic
"most delicate" child, withoo't' fear of
'.injury  to" the .'constitution;. ��� "- '.
��� Some, huitdrcdsvof;.-years.ago nnim-
niics. were powdered- into; dust-".-aiid
niadcf-'-intb/fpowdcrs'-.aiid .potions for
the. cure of disease. ',.'.������
When you wish to reheat, cover
with fresh water in a saucepan, add a
little salt and a .y.ery littic sugar if
thc peas are a bit old, and reheat, boiling, if desired, gently, for ten minutes. Add butter and ^pepper or,
drain from the water and serve in a
white sauce madc by rubbing together two level tablespoons each
of flour and butter and cooking this
till thick in.one cup of milk. Add
one-half teaspoon' of salt and a few
grains of pepper.
; Thc use of white sauce with most
any-of the canned vegetables, not
-only .''extends", the vegt'able, but in'
creases thc food value. -' Besides, it
is one .of the 'many-ways of putting
extra milk, with all its wonderful
properties, into the diet.      -
Of, course, with corn, it would be
wasteful' indeed , to ' drain off the
corn milk.' Frpm corn, however, one
can makc so. many delightful dishes.
It seems to be so cheap just now,
too. Perhaps you will want to.know-
how to prepare it in Creole style.'
Turn.a can of.cbrn out on to" adi'sh'
an'd "air it one hour or longer! Put a
layer of corn in a baking dish, dredge
it with "flour, add a layer- of finely
chopped green pepper and then a little-milk--.and seasoning.. ..Continue.
the layers .until all the corn is-"used.
Sprinkle,  a    thick ; layer,   of   grated
cheese" over  the.-top. and bake" in  a
moderate oven about half an hour.
-VYou' can  use- canned. crab  or  lob^
ste'r    in   " salad    .'or  cocktail  or - any
other-dish and'no one .will .ever sus-'
p'ect it-is' canned-if you. air it-first.   -It-
is  well  to-boil crab- and 'lobster  for!
:ten  minutcs-'and ..then  put. it";" to' air.;
-.Use only enough water    to ' .prevent]
burhingfand; cover the. sauccpanif    In'
this.'way ho food-value'to'amJbunt to
���anything -willbe' lost. -.,-'*.   ".' -"".,' XX'
Mond, the first commissioner of
works ir. the_J3ritish Cabinet, who
has just left London for a visit tb
tr    tiuLmSmm
PAZO OINTMENT instantly Relieves ITCHING PILES and you
can get restful sleep after the
first application.
All druggists are authorized to
refund the money if PAZO OINTMENT fails to Cure any case of
PROTRUDING PILES. Cures Ordinary cases in 6 days, the
worst cases in-14 days.
It is guaranteed by Paris Medicine Co., St. Louis, Mo,, Manufacturers of the world-famous
Grovels Laxative Bromo Quinine
This signature is-on every box
of PAZO OINTMENT.   60c.
If you are unable to get PAZO
OINTMENT from your druggist,
send _.C>0c._ih-postnge"_8tamps_to;_
Paris Medicine Co., 193 Spadina
Ave., Toronto, and-a box will be
mailed to you promptly. Write
your name and address plainly.
:-    ^ _,--^_
Minard's' Liniment 'For-"..Distemper."
'���-  Plant Trees. f
"The    call: "lias   gbne "forth for tlic
trcc-plaHtcr.     He is to be the.man .of
the hour.      The- man who' will help
save "oiy river banks, our valleys; bur
Send for list of inventions wanted
by Manufacturers; Fortunes have
been made from simple ideas.
"Patent Protection" booklet and
"Proof of Conception" on request.
39  (MtpMAN  CHAMSCltS    >   ���   OTTAWA. CANADA
.; Light arid Heavy Timber! :. y
"'��� Tlic heaviest' timbers'-���are'oak, teak,'
'jarrah ..-(an.. ..-Australian   .wood) '. and
grecriheart;-. the"'. ligluest are/willow,
-poplar and- spruce.;' Tiie difference is
-choririous.v.   A cubic" foot of ~xcak will
weigh   over .'80-pounds,.while a'.cubic
,foct;of willow 4des;not ;Cxc^el.; U  ^ho1CE'-S1LVEK Blac:k Breeding
pounds..;  besides  'being.. one oi.-.thc \>   p0XCK>     . Instructions..' ; Rod
-heaviest -the-. African.'tcak. oak is'also . Bros::,,.BothwcH, Ontario.'
the-strongest, of all-woods. -';.-
Send, a   Uoir.ir.ion   E.ipirss   Uiiiiev
Kivc (iollars, <-ost<  three rer.ts.-
Not Too Much.
total of 6,752 mi'c's of ncw copper and myself say that your remedies
wire. In addition. 1,073 miles of oil. *����. worth their weight in gold, and I
. .     ,        ,      =     ���   ,      ,    . ..   recommeni tliem to my irtcnds.   One
iron wire hav;- been replaced with of my.aunts i3 taking'them now."-
copper.   A report further states that  Mrs.   Napoleon  Lavigne, - Berwick,
seed offer, d by Seager Whccfcr for
the b-^st soldier-settler exhibit, went
to J. J, Coffey, of Dalcsbor'o.
TP every iribthier could only
���  realize   the   dariger  which
lurks in the neglect of chafing
and skin irritations she would
llOt    take    chances    on   being   copper.   A report further states that  Mrs."Napoleon  Lavigne, - Berwick, I Nothing Left to Know.
tvithout Dr. Chase's Ointment   4,099  miles  of  copper wire  and -346  0l^^'C^aj1Ytuesof Lydia E Pink-'     Announcement of -the Germans that
miles of iron wire were erected during Yiam'& Vegetable Compound is its abil- ^y won ^1C battle of. Jutland, taken
the ycar 1920, from Halifax to Monr. ity to correct sterility in many cases, with ths fact'that thc Americans won
tr al, from Montreal - to Toronto/This fact is'well establishedVis evi- t},e Wj.r, completes the history of the
IIERUS '.s  a  remedy,  lor, the  reli*i.-c*> Con.'-
sttpation. Indigestion,    Biliousness,    Rhcuma-'
Magistrate Frazcr, of-Niagara Falls,"' fis"l-' -KMMy-.Troubles.-v -It. ��.. well-known,
.-        .     . 4 , ...    --.'   lis-Fir.g-been ..exSenstTcly   advertised,- since   it
fined    a-    Russian- .i>100 for carr'yinga   Vas  first .manufactured-in. 1888.  by   dist ibu- .
Eaton  cup with a- sample of banner   highways, who will help purify soggvj revolver."-   This '. precedent" ought^ tfe\!S*c.!',i!S&S!
mc-ass   aiid   swamo   land    nnd   brin tr i bc adopted both'   toward  "native, .and   ed .to agents.Iree of-charge.  .  The. vemedies.
inu-.taa   .mil   ivvaiup   ianc,   an��   onng , .    '    -        ,        .     -.       ���       . .;       ~, are so!d at:a prtqe    tbat    allows    agent-    to
shade to thc su'n*pa-chcd prairies- I torc.igti ollcnacrs in ah municipalities.- doabie their monev.   : Write:Alonzo O   B1U*
riantintr  trc'c<; in  CVnidi :^  i diVv ! ���Toronto Globe.        :.���,; '  ".     X.XXX   ff-i Medical'Co.,' 12* St,  Paur Street'.East. Mors
i t.iming^ irecs in  ^anaua is a utuj .... -..:������ ������'��� -,'��� ":���������  '���'.    :'��� real, C."inr,<j��.      Mer.tior. this paper..       ,   . '
toxvard   thc   empire,   a duty toward j        f ���.   ., -.   ~r���Tyyiy ���-:--"'"v. i y._ '.���-"'.~~'Xry X.-..���Z. ;_ ���.yy.y-
So apply after baby's bath.
Jt   arreata    t^e    development   cf
eesema  aad  mates  tbe   ekla   ootu
: smooth; *ri�� velvety. .;:
Canada. , , .^f. ,- -r
. Wc- should plant, plant and. 'igaiii
plant, for'the comniunity,/fpr-fprivatC;
p^casurc.r-Iipndon'"Free ...Press:' V ������-
���"He's..a'; .mean '-father,  who has his
'.ceBtt e:bos, stl dealers, er EdmaEws.fi
���;-.���.'jB��J���� A Co.,Xti, Xor.o'ntp..''. Xyyy'h
* "   .    .    *":    .- , ;     ���'. dericed by the above letter and hundreds . *-, y^X  :^y" .".:���-  r^s v- -y ,..-^�� ?..��.- -������ ,-iainer  ^no nas ,nis
Toronto tp.Winmpeg and Lon-  of 0^er^ ^e ^^ pUbHshe(j in these   great  struggle.���roronto  Iclegram,.-  whiskers .amputated; just because the
,'..-   X-ri'X- ;:V-���-'%"'--,.��:   yy-X'- i columns.-"',',,- V yyXx:X:y yyXy-��� XX.:- yi'xi- XX ������.'-:���'.'���'���XX X\ -;f;';"'"..-',..--'. baby-likes .-to'-pull'/thcm.'':  ���'Vf;'f
������..���:-.-'��������� ".'������.-"������.." ���:i'X XyXy..;. fin. many othep homes,; once, childless,   ..; The1 trees rii.ds��comnionIy found \rXi-:- --'-.;.-,'-:- -'-���.'-'      '���"���"- ?--"'' --J-' '".' ���'"-' '   -���'
:������ For.'scyeril-'Jy ca'rs  France'; was-'the
only, cbiiritry producing' aluininurn;
JSok'g Cottoo U<mt Cmpmz%
Minard's Liniment-For Cdds, Etc.
Mahogany Grows.fQtrickly.
!;there are now children because of the
���fact that Lydia E. Pinkham'^ Yege.table.:
-Northern AI'ani'toBaJare'-s'priscc,'  pop-
ThV;T'ate.b.fV'gr6wth,-of mahogany,fCofnpdundf makes:-"women'; normal,- ''.Iar;ff taniarack.f birch'.fand./jack^.'p.inci
- is''shown iri: Southern; .Nigeria,'^ where -;healthy-and strong.'-7     '':--���      ����� ;'��� "." '; The white spruce "is; the- only'."durable-!
'-;-,v�� e-yyirX'- ^������-^j,-.,Vx;V^''/^'.'��r4Ti'"-'?If"-you'*,aTe'-t'ie slightest doubt'that-.->:v:I:, r./l.  :_ -���::'���..  ^'y.r-Xy: ���-���/���������>
:.jhesitco   a,iown destroy. d;,60 j Wis   .���,.' F._  Pinkharr,^ V*.<����teble; rom--
. ..,..�� w^. opened, fead;andanswore''hyu.    ...   .���->.,.,, ,
ii XXyromani and helda ^^co^^c^V^^���^'. X. <^f .��?cample. y ���';���';
Do  not   ��uiff��r
fcao&pr day v.oi
It chine, Bleed-;
lag, or rrotttid- f
Ing Piles... Ko.1.
��tion required "-
Ointment-*UI reHrrsyou as once
testing Ceneflt    eoc �� "box: S&
Ettmantton, Batsu * Co., limited,
"   l.oxtreeSf-jra-inenaootbis-;
paper and enc&sa ac staaj te. I>*7 posSaje.
"":",: German Planes Fell .to 1,70��.
"; At, the signing of thc armistice thc
total, of Gernian.bombing and scouting ;:aeroplanes had fallen to-1700,
".while the - allies had .three machines
on .the frpnt'fto every .German one.
. A*nf��.rtHtsliUr���n>/atf>��(l
Viruiciit*. Sold lo ttns�� 4a*
STM9 ���} Bte��nglbT-K��..'I.Sl|
No. i, ��3; Ho. 3, E5 pttb**.
Bold by all drertrUto, ot ��ra��
prepsid on' jee��sp��- of prieo. .-
JVeo , puropbki. AddrHog
TSMBTSt, Sit, tjHrwHf W&*S
X Caxton published, a book on chess
inA^74.Xxy.yX-yy;' y-yX...: -X
f All men are liars,\; more ""or   les's-
mostly more.'        "'-'_'''
���sd Be* te.yetd   -
*l��il��d    Fne*   to    ����
Address ij -&%
'��� AelW
H.  CLAY  0.".OV��R
CO,   WC
us yitsi siM^tfta.
<-,Ke�� Y��rfc,.U.S.;\. - THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $}
when uot paid for three mouths or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance,
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Bstray Notices -.3.00
Cards of Thanks    1,00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
��� (Where more than oue claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advsrtising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient'display advertising 50 cents
an inch each iusertion.
Business locals I2j<c. a line each iusertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t hat the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Today    is   the    tomorrow * you
worried about yesterday.
1,300 boys were born in Calgary
.- during 1920.    No wonder they call
it "Sonny Alberta.
Eveky  nation  is  willing  to be
polite aud  let some  other  nation
"     start tbe naval disarmament.
A marriage account says "the
bride wore a frown of white tulle."
She. was bound to look pleasant.
Pkobabia* the reason there will
be no match factory in Greenwood
is because there are too many
match makers here.
Ok a wet night, seven thousand
people in an eastern town turned
out to see a champion prize fighter.
In similar weather how many
would bave gone to church?
��� STATicTicsjfit'is' declared, - show
that tbe average woman walks.two
, miles- every time;-she . prepares a
meal.' This .perhaps, explains wby
tbe cook in so many cases seems to
be known as-a step mother. .
The Home Circle
This is becoming a wonderful world. Everything- is
done by steam pressure. When the great Atlantic cable
vvas being lovyered it was on all tongues as the greatest
project the world had ever known, and he who was the
possessor of au inch piece of the twisted wire was rich'in
relics. Now we have almost forgotten there is such a
thing. The air'ship and other great inventions "are now
in the limelight, but in a few years these, will move into
the shadow of some mightier scheme.
We note that the metropolitan papers, report that one
of the wealthy men so well managed his fortune of twenty
millions as to double it in three years. Suppose he has,
what theu? What has he made by thus increasing his
wealth, except increased worriment to keep the run of his
increased wealth. With his increased wealth In eats no
more quail and turkey than he did when worth ten millions.
He dresses no better and has a thousand times less fun,
We beat him on the sleep and have no law suits with
tenants aud trespassers. Robbers lay for him cvery time
he goes out of doors after dark. The man with sixty
millions of dollars has sixty millions of troubles. To keep
thc run of his rents, bonds and real estates keeps him at
hard work fourteen hours a day and yet he only gets three
square meals a day, which is just what we obtain without
auy millions, any tenants and only have to work eight
hours a day to credit up all who pay their subscription.
Physician and Surgeon
That'he has locatedj at Greenwood
Office    -   Guess Block.
Residence   -    Dr. MacLeaii's House
Office Phone 90.       Residence Phone 69
A New Scheme
It. is said "we. have only, the
lantern of experience to.guide our
footsteps.". That'is true today.
The.spirit and the will that overcame in .1914-1918,-and. in 1919-
1920, will see us through'1921. ���/,-. .
The Dominion mnst. pay the
price of unemployment. Handing
out cash doles to keep the wolf
from the door is one of the" most
expensive methods: of; relief, arid,
moreover, does not solve the problem. Work is the real and only
solution.     VV  , - f .;
The man who believes that" the
less"work he does the more, there;
will be for. somebody e!se,;does not
. comprehend : tbeVlaw of. work,
which is, the more work done the
more there, is  to do.   'When the;
: Indians roamed  this country  very.
���little  work .was "done,/and. -there
, waB consequently {very little to do.
The law of work is the law of. the
nmltidlication table. ��� ,;���
Grimsby Reunion
'.An Old Boys iand Girls, renniori
is.on tapis at Grimsby',-'Ontario, for
Angust"25, 26 >B'd 27, 1921. Did
you: everf live in or near there?
The. Old Home Committee wants
yonr.name anti-address.
V;;     /Worried
: "If it ain't-enough to drive a
poor woman barmy, I dunno wot
is!", explained "Mre. Mixap to a
sympathising group of friends and
neighbors.    " 'Ere's   me just on
me feet again 'after triplets���triplets, mark. .yer!���and . they' ye \ got
nie oldefman down at' the "training
oarop,;and  they're.^learning..'ini
'ow to form IbavsYXyXyZyXX '���'.-.'-. X'X- -:
Statistics ��how-. that..there; are
more murders inVXew.TTorkfiri-a.
year than the whole; ofEngland .fo j
A despatch from Calgaiy states
that Peter Veregin, head of the
Doukhobors iu Canada, has a new
scheme of conserving the world's
meat supply. He hopes.J;hat the
eating of meat in the civilized
world will be entirely done away
with, and a diet of preserved
blood, drawn from live cattle, will
take its place. Mr. Veregin has
made repeated tests and is convinced that the form of sustenance
that he proposes will be . far more
beneficial .to the human race :than
meat can be, and, further, that its
world-wide, adoption -'will cause, the
world's supply" of cattle to be.replenished in a very short space of
time.  '.  -       -     -        '.       -X. -
We carry thc largest and most
complete stock in JJ.C.    Cash
discounts   on   all   Tiicubalois.
Write for Catalogue.
A. I.  JOHNSON  &  CO.
S44 Cambie St.       Vancouver, B.C.
���':'��� ..Trail- Ore Receipts
Receipts at the. Trail smelter, for
the last week of January were
6890 tons of ore.." The shipments^
are as follows:'     f    --.'V     "...
Bell-Mine, Beaverdell . - ��� f'f ; 16
Gold Hill, Taghum; , .-./.,',.33
Horn'Silver, Similkameen .. ��� .92
Li tVMine, Slocan City. - . :."\ll
Paradise,. Lake Windermere. ���;'- 29
Company Mines; ;,. X''���-;������     13,125
'An - Orange' Lodge^was fqrgari-'.
iz.ed'"in; Ca'wston'.last" month;'���';. " V
, There, will be a '^general election
in Great. Britain in;May pr.possibly
early in June!      .';  ,-:.... >    V, ������ ���;
. The value of the"-.five ^principal
field grains in 19.20 grown' in Canada '-'is''-' estimated;.; at more -.than
$M0;d0O,W0.i'i xiXXiii- ������ -:���"- Z
������ Patrick'Healyv lib. ye^rs- of'age,
and believed-to have^been the.oldest man in 'California, died at
Ukiah, .on "Thursday la?t.
Send a Float to your friends at
once. You can get them, at
The Ledge office
, SEALED TENDERS, superscribed '-Ten
der foi' Midway ISrid-ru So. I:-*.1!, will be received by tlic Iliiiinurablu the Minister of Public Works tip to S p. tii.-of Monday, tlie 21st day
of February, ;1921,. for'ilic erection and completion of a. timber highway I.ridfje .over Kettle
River, Midway. -
. mails, Specifications, Contract, aiid-Forms
of Tender may be seen al tlie. Department of
I'nblic.Works, Parliament .Buildings. Victoria,
or at tlie office of tlieDistrict Engineer. Penticton. Copies of Plans may., be obtained upon
payment of 55 which will be refunded upon re-
turn of plans iu fjfood  condition,   . -  ��� ���     '--"���
Each proposal miisi be accompanied by an.
accepted bank' cheque on a chartered' baiik-<if
Canada, made payable to the ]!onoiirablu'-llie
Minister of Public Works, for the sum-of tenner ceutof the amount of the lender as security
tor the due fulfilment of the Contract, wliic'h
shall be forfeited, if the party tendering decline
to enter into contract when .called ' upon UJ.do
-so..or K he' fail to coniplete lhe work contracted
for.      '        '      ".���".-.'.--
Tenders will not be considered unless imido
put ou the forms supplied, siyned -wilh the
actual signature of llic tenderer.- ' "' ';    '
.' The -lowest or any tender not necessarily-
accepted. .-.-.- ..*.��� '���.... -.-- -"���-.
         .     '-   _ "       P.. PHILIP."    -
.,-.;"   .   "       .Public WorUs Engineer.
Public Works Department.'        .--.-   '-
���   Victoria, li.C.,-KVbrnarv 5th. -l')21.       -    .''
Culameeh fiotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.- Beautiful location,
fine rooms aud lusty meals.
Nicely hiniishecl rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson  - -        - Proprietor
Synopsis of
land Act Amendments
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building:and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG     -    -   Proprietor
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Watchmaker' and- Jeweler '
Alail  your  watch  for Repair and I will
mail it back.  ' Charges are moderate..
..;' -' (Cleakinc. Stream's) -"-,--"   ���   "   , .
>,TAKE--.NOTICE:tiiaf Joseph. Peter-.Kcanc,
whose address is fRock.Creek._wiU apply for. a
licence td-iise. the waters of'-Hock Creek for-
"Cleariiii.'Strea'ms'f purpose' (i. e. clearing and
improving the. stream for. the drivinir,-boom ing,
o_r rafting'of-lojjsj. ���'.., .."   ...  ���."...:  "
.The poiats'on-tliesircaiii between- n-liich'itis
prooosed to clear are from.thc the cbnilueuce-of
RockCreek aild:Kettlc River tit a 'point whero
the Government- wagon' road- crosses' Rock
Creek "on. Lot No. 1S94. ���-.    '.       f ",-,
The   estimated    niilea'ire, between-   the said
points is ei(;ht miles." -The-term" proposed  for
the license is 20'ycars'. ���''   '    -      .���:   .'
'-. This   notice was posted ~V>ii;: the-Rroiiiul-.on
the 1st (lay of. February, A.D. 11)21., -"".,""'���".
A'copy.-of this notice-aiid'aiiapplicatioii pur"
siiaut thereto.'aud to the "Water Act",' 1914'-will
be filed ..in- the ofiice of the-'Water Keconierat
C,rand Forks, -   ' '     V     ''-       "".'"--"���.
Objection to "the app.licaiioii may be; filed
witli the said Water. Recorder or witli' the
Co|iiptro}ter of Water Rights, Parliament
Unildiiiff, Victoria. B". C, within thirty days
after the' first appearance-of tills-notice in a
local newspaper. -
The dale of tlie first publication of thifciio.iice
is-Fetiruary.3rd, A. D.-192I.    ' .
'. Applicant.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chahaers. Cadillac cars, Garage .in
* -
��� * '
* .
* :���
* "-.
* .
-'4 ;.
".* -���'
' *���;.-"-
������*. '
-.* -.
$50 to $5,000
���No better life investment available -
���No better security obtainable , '-.'
���    --"'-'-      '   -^Cannot be seized or levied upon for any cause.":.
V.. ,.,,.    -.-r-Will be replaced if. lost, stolen or destroyed ;
���-���-'.      -;';.- -'"��� Not affected by-trade depression..-   "-.���-������      ; -; XyX r' '
'X'iy -f '.'"���"���/-,r���Free from'Doniinion Income Tax, - ..y'y.- ,-:  ,  f-. ;. X '."���������
XXXi ,-��� " ,-^No medical examination required V ;-'���  ��� -'..-.V .-"���-'
f - Anyone, oyer the-age of .5 'years resident or domiciled in Caflada
' rriay^purchase^  ���:';-   'yy - '���-��� ..- y.-.-y.-'X'""- '" -Xy XX'r" y.y y; / _.   -'-X..:
'���jAriy-.jtwo"pe.rsdns.may purchase jointly.-,;' ��� '.'.'-;;'"" '_'"_ '���.-. ��� ���   -vf'f'f ���'
y, fErnplbyersfrriay. purchase.-fortJheir.empl<^e"��arT-s^ool.boar& for"'
.their t.cacher.Ef-^ong/cgaUoh's'forftheic mmiirters.':.   ';- --..;',-. .' ���_.'."'..".
ASSAYER    ���
E. W. WJDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
jfi 23 each. Gold-Silver $1.75.. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead ��3 00. Silver-Lead $2.0.0. Silver-Lead-Ziric J3.00.
Charges for other tnetals,' etc., on application. ' -    .
,   MONUMENTS ���-: -'���  . ���.-
FRONT ST.,      NELSON,     BOX 865
4.4, 4,4, 4,.^ 4,4,4,4,4,;^.
C LOAT is. uot a periodic-.
~ ai. f; It is a book containing.86 i'llusfcrations. all
told,;and is filled with
;sketches', and '.-stories of
western life, ff.lt, tells ..how
a gambler cashed in after
the. flush. daysof, Sandon ;
ho\V it raiiied in New"3)en-
yer-;' long..after- .'Noah, was
dead j how a parson took a;
..drink at.-.Bear 'Lake-fin
. early ; days;: how . justice
was' dealt- iu. Kaslo in 93;
how. the saloon man.out-'
pray ed. tli e: vvom en i h Kala ;;
niazoo;. and grapliically. do ���;
picta the roamings '.off a
\ve3ter11 editor, among the
tender-feet iti.the.cent.beit.-
It contains the.early history
of "Nelson-, arid"- a romance
of- the Silver-'King- mine."
In it are printed -. three
weatorn poems,'and dozens
of articles too ; nuinerous
to mention, f Send for one
before it is-too late. The
price.. is - 50 ' cents, post-
paid.to any part of the
.world. Address a]] -letters, to
4��     GREENWOOD, B. C.     4.
% - 4��'
���I* 4* fr 4* fr *f* fr fr 4* *!* ���$? ^* 4s
The Ledge 4
Dealer in ��� Farm' Produce,' Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farni and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
wilh'.iue,   Have a buyer for good ranch
.*.. --��� -'.''Apply h-y.*r pojtnisrter-. or write..pcutage free, to S.T. Bartedo,'Super-: - *������'
'���'* ���.-���-intea(Serit.ef-Anniiit:����. Ottawa; fpr-'new booklet-jind otherinforiiiaticrn.desired.-. =-.,, +-.-
;X-t-''  Stite'sei ar>.cj;,ag'e Ust-'b:rthd3y'.".-.�� ", ;    .,-'-,,.,. ' ----- ; .-"'    ...'.; ..���.'>"--������.'   ->-���'.-"   ���?
^'l^^iMWfftHiM^^^ "i.
Dealer in ..Sc'coisd-hand Famitiire ���
yy f-ai\d Clothes, 'Hetals, Sacks,"'- .'���;;������
XiiZy ���^l?TS^i^Cattle;;:-Etcvf'ff X X
;'baker;street. V iy. \wiswi
Mlnlmuni��arlc�� of first-class land
reduced to ?5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to mr-
veyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
And which ls non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may_
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. : r ���
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and mak* Improvements to
vjilue of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation or at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 8 years, ari(l has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other .cause," be
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
* $800 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 6 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required. ,
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, lf he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. a
UnsUrveyed areas, not exceeding io
acres, may be leased as liomesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions Include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, ls made. ,<;>
"�� ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
Include all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deoeased pre-emptor-may apply
for title under this Aot is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
fear after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege ls also made, retroactive.
No fees relating; to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, ms.
Taxes are remitted for five yearsT
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
i, 1B14, on account of payments, feet
or taxes pn soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
t.��,T?n.��X ^ lotf J1*1* *>y members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direot or Indjrwt, remitted from enlistment to Maroff ��1. 1920. ^
��� U��.*UR0H��JER8 OF OROWN
Provision piade tor Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purohasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed    to    complete
Surchase, involving forfeiture, on ful-
Ument of oondltlons of purchase, Interest and taxes. Where sub-purohasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purohaie price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
-.w-i-.  ._..      �����Moatlons  must  be
Be Consolidated Mining. & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,; Cbpper and Lead Ores
Producers .of    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
I Cbe fiume Betel 1
% Jlclson, B.C. ,- +
��3��  The only up/to'date Hotel in the interior,
���i" in every respect,
QRAZINO.    k '
Graslng Act, 1919 for systematic
development of livestock Industry pro- '
vldes for graalng districts and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits Issued based
on numbers ranged: priority for established owners. Stock-owners, may
. form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or tr*.v��ilir�� UD
to ten head.   . '    fc    '  '
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted..
RATES 31.00'per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats. .
ve*f**f*��f*4"9'^"9**f ��9"f*|'tf''f*,l"f' ���!������$��� ���$��*f**f**f**i8����?**?,,3&
aimmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn?3
For Good
(Expert Optician);
GRADUATE    "���'-     '
K- W. C Block        -,    -     Nelsoa
PHONE   13
Auto and Morse Stages
Leave Greenwood Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
���-.'->. ''���OrovJII.eiTrains.- V:
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace;> LiveryUMvStage
W.   H. .pOoksTEADER ��� Ppop.
g ���Economy and Satisfaction 3
H combined with Promptness |��
H are the features which go to ||
H "'   make up the Service we give Jf
g our customers.     Are  you 3
B onepf them?                           3
���*- ��� X --   .~* '.   :     ~- - ' '- ��� '- -y^l
Bx Letterheads, Npteheads,      '%
SZ-X- (Ruled or Plain) ' S3'
B Envelopes, Billheads, Jf
Bx. "i ':'(AilSizes)Tir V-  "   ' -3
BxxXx      Statements, Business Cards, 3
^ Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. 3
I tlie Ledge      PHONE 29     J
g,   GREENWOOD ^     Job Printing Department X 3
���vv--V'v.v'/^ :j:- X" \ -.'v:-'-v.':
. Has prpdnced MineralB valued &B follows:   Placer Gold, 875,722,603;  Lode ".-;
'.Gold, ^100,272,431; 8iIw,';^l432,3MyLead'$43,^ 'iX'i''.
6ther Metals <Zinc, .Iron,  etc.)if 816,818,487;; Coal  and poke,, J$190; 123,323;. .   :.
Building Stone,; Brick.  Cemenfe, etc.',,:.'$29,991,7j57;'Misceliai3eous Mineral8,'fe.fec.,. .
6785,918; making ife:. Mineral. Producfeion to the end of 1919 show an     -:.     ' .    " .. ,;
Aggregate VaJne;of $670,64^,894
for Year Endintbecemberr 1919, $33,296,313
. The . Mining Lawa of thi.8- Province, are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Empire. ���    s .   ,.f.-V.VV.^ f' X-\' ���XX-yx-:XyX.X'yyy.-..y
Mineral locations;are granted to discpyerers for nominal fees'.
���.���'-,.  Absolnte  Titles are. obtained y,by ^developing snch properties, the security V       iXXZ.
of. which -is''gd_sr&nt88drby^Crown- Grants.; .'fs X'y Z X. XyX'",..-..'';" f ��� ,:V;V..;V      V = V; XX'yX'...,.
���y[ FallinforinatioD, together with; mining.;Reports and :Maps,lmay: be obtained 'yyiyi:
fgratfCby.'^dressing^;^^^^^ iXx.yy;'XZXyyZi- Z'i'X.-.X'":x   XiX'X-y XXiyX
��� v.s


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