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The Ledge Feb 14, 1924

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Array ���*���"���<���
0. ���
Vol.   XXX.
.. ���-
We have in Stock
Skates, Hockey Sticks and Pucks
Now is the time to secure them as the Rink is open
Perfection Oil Heaters
Snow Shovels,  Brooms, Etc.
Fresh Every Thursday
Dominion Bacon
Pure Honey
* Sausages
For Quality and Value-
order from
30c. per lb.
25c. per ib.
30c. per lb.
Phone 46
Headquarters for Everything in
Drugs and Stationery
Mail orders - promptly  attended to
��� 1 . .*������-'    f
Are the Best
���We are the Sole Agents
<?i��&&Zi��&&!e��4^^ ��S<��*��S����ehffi5��
8 "'���'������
I. -'���
.   ...     .We "carry'only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,. Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
'""'-    A trial will convince you
Fit^ Reform
A .Made to your measure
0      Order yours now
Wi'Bison & Co.
Real Estate.
Fire,  Life Insurance
Licensed by VB. C. Government
Accident & Sickness Insurance
���   y    -.- 7   . ���
Auction off your surplus Stock'
Call at my Office and secnie in
reference to any of above i;
Making ready for
New Spring Millinery
We are selling one'lot of -
on hand as low as
$4.50, others at $1,00 or less
Meals at all Hours
6��en Evenings
Dance, or Hockey nights will be
open later
MRS. TROUNSON. Proprietress
.'-'.   Chiropractor
.".'���.'   GREENWOOD
.Office: fBank" of Montreal Residence"
7 ���' ��� - near Post Office
.-'-'���' '.. Office. Hours: - '.'.'_
-' ; ~Mon7)'"Tues."rW'e"d~,' Thurs.'".:'.-""
roa;m. to ia, 2 p.m. to 5 p.ui, 7_toS.
_,'".    -Friday, 9 a."in. to r p.m". ....-_'   ,
Senior Hockey
;v'Grand Forks vs Greenwood
.-'-',* Greenwood Rmkf .*'������'.
Friday,* Feb.;"l-5thV: at 8.30p.m.
Boundary Clip. Game
rietor ��
$  JOHN MEYER .W7;:.,...7 W77       Proprietor
The Next Issue of the Kootenay Telephone
Directory Closes March 1st, 1924
If you.are contemplating talcing new service, or making any changes in
or additions to yonr present service, you should send notification, in writing,
not laterthan the above date, in order that you may take advantage ofthe
new directory listings, ......
The Telephone Directory offers an attractive and effective.medium' for
advertising-purposes'. Advertisers should bear the above date in mind, so
tha��insertions may be sare-in the. Directory.   "'���-'.  '-=.���'-.'/-7_. *-f.
-Will beheld tirthe :--���   '���
. Greenwood Skating Rink
Monday, Feb; T8th;at 8 p.%
X      ' X > FIVE PrVzES --���''.;.  .:
Best.Dressed- I,ady,f'Best- Dressed. Gent;
Best--'Dressed Girl, ."Best Dressed . Boy,
'- '���'���   :-,��� -.-'_��� - Eest Comic'-.*-"*-    -
Childrens Races at .845 as follows:.
Children.'under 6 .yrs.; Girl? 6 toS;'. Boys
6- to 8; Girls 8 "to io; 'Bovs'3 to fo;Oirls
��� '      *- ��� �� .
ii to i4;"Boysii lo 14; Girls 14 and over;
Broom   face; : Coat., race;-  Potato * race;,
'������'-. y, "-.:[��� y'y'X-:1inn'nicy'' 'x ' - ���"--['.,-
"XSkating, till'II o'clock '"."';
Admission for Skaters."   5bc. and 25c.
Spectators:    25c. and 15c.
Presbyterian Church
Minister in charge"
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. 8- A. .
.   .-       "' ..V" "���' "  Greenwood
)    Saitday, February 17th ~yX')
,*';,..-.   .'���;. Midway 11 &&.; *. ,yXX
X'x '��� " Creeiwocg 7.3.Q e���s, -X.. XX.
Around Home
St. Valentine's Day.
M. W. Ludlow spent a couple
of days in town last week.
Service in St. Jude's Church on
Sunday, Feb. 17th at 7.30 p.m.
Tony Krouten was a visitor to
town on Monday from Kerr
A. N. Docksteader has resigned
from the B.C. Telephone Co. and
is at present living* in Spokane.
R.'.W. Clarke, of the Bank of
Commerce, is*spending his holidays at Kelowna.
There will be. Mass in the
Roman Catholic Church on Sunday, Feb. 17th at 10.45 a.m.
Jas. Kerr has purchased the
Dixon house on Government St,
and will move into it shortly.1)
Mrs. Wm. Walmsley left on
Wednesday' morning for a few
days visit with relatives in Trail.
A masquerade carnival will be
held in-the Greenwood rink on
Monday, Feb. 18th.    Five prizes.
Mrs. F. Smyrl, of Myncaster^
is spending a few days in town,
the guest of Rev. and Mrs. W.
R. Walkinshaw.
Mrs. E.mil Lund and children,
and Mrs. Biggin were the guests
of Mrs.- Hartland, Grand Forks
for the week end.
John Docksteader is in the Nelson-Hospital receiving treatment
for stomach trouble.    He  is progressing favorably.
Mrs. M. Axam returned on
Tuesday ^morning from an enjoyable holiday spent in Stoney
Creek, Hamilton   and    Toronto,
Ont. -. ' ' '   "������)-..-,
Mrs. J. Hallstrom and son Roy
returned home from Grand Forks
this morning. - Roy has recovered
from a severe attack of" blood
poisoning."     ;"';'���'..-��� WW.   X',;.
;'S.T, Stevens, of Eholt,'. was
in town on Tuesday completing^
arrangements.for. a trip7to the
o.ldxountry whichhe intends tak-
ing-shortly.- f.'���-. y -.-'��� ")- _ ^ 7'
A hockey match .will be played
here tomorrow (Friday) -night
between GratuT Forks and Greenwood to decide the Boundary\ Cup'
-' The Knights of Pythias will
celebrate the Diamond Jubilee at
the.local' Castle Hail-next Wednesday, Feb. 10 th.;,Speciar:.and
appropriate .ceremony.f. Knights
and Sisters are urged to attend.-
- C: H.Stillwelli of Vancouver,
arrived in town' on -Wednesday to
take over the duties of. Teller in
the Bank of. Commerce. Noel
Butler leaves for the coast tomorrow mornings
The Beaverdell Lumber Company, Limited was incorporated
on. Feb, 2nd. /This company will
take over the .lumber.mill;;iease
of mill-site,;timber ancl timber
rights, .'etc.,','.of'- the Whitmore
Lumber Company,; near Beaver?
.dell..W.' '"')- 'xi-xy))).   ''-Xy )
VP. H. McCurrach. of Greenwood, has been appointed Registrar of Voters for ..the. Grand
Forks-Greenwood7 Electoral .dis-.
trict, and'. Charles - Mu'dge, of
Grand Forks, Deputy Registrar
of Voters for the above mention-
'/ '
John Holbert. of Midway, died
at Kamloops on Feb. 3, aged 86
years. The funeral took place
at Kamloops on Feb. 6th, Rev.
Johnf. Lee officiating. ��� The deceased was a blacksmith by trade
and resided in the province over
20 years. ; He is survived . by a
I daughter, Mrs. Sharp, of Midway.
Midway News
Aca Mesker returned from Spokane last Friday.
Dont forget fehe Ladies Aid
whist drive on Tuesday 19th inst.
A. furnace has bee.n installed in
the school to replace the old time
Mrs. Hawkes and children were
visiting at the Richter ranch over
the week end,
Mrs. C. McArthur and little son
returned to Butte, Mont., after a
pleasant visit to her parents Mr.
and Mrs. R. D. Kerr.
Time To Register
February 25 will be the latest
date on which applicants who wish
to have their names on the new
provincial voters' list may apply to
the registrar, according to notices
in,,the British Columbia Gazette
that special courtB of revision for
the voters' list will be held on
April  7  throughout, the province.
It is not necessary for those oh
the last revised list to register
again as their names will automatically be transferred to the new
list. -   ."���
The usual court of revision will
be held on May 19fch.
Reunion of British
Columbia Pioneers
A committee of the British Columbia Historical Association is
making arrangements for a grand
reunion of old-time residents of
British Columbia. In its efEorfe to
make this gathering an outstanding event in the history of the
Province the Committee has secured the hearty cooperation of
the Victoria Posts of the Native
Sons and Native Daughters, and
to ensure a representative * gathering similar societies throughout
the Province and individuals are
asked to supply names' and addresses of all pioneer residents in
their respective districts. For the
present purpose,;* the term ��� "pioneer!' is being applied to all.those
whof resided in British Columbia
prior to Confederation jn 1871.x'[
- -The time of the "reunion will be
about the;middle of: May, tdcon-
cide with the .Annual Convention
of the Native Sons of British.Columbia, which is to.be. fh'eld in
Victoria this year. ���'./'
.The Provincial Archives DepV
ia taking this -opportunity; of col;
lecting records and has prepared
forms for-personal history : of pion*.
eers. Theseforrns may be obtain^
ed- on application to'.;J.. Forsyth,
Librarian and Archivist. Victoria,
and thoBe with' the resident quaii-
fication who furnish their, names
and addressea, will later receive
invitations to the reunion.
With the Curlers
Two games were played in the
McLennan*McFeeiey . cup competition this. week,. X H. Goodeve
winning both games, which puts
him in the lead and makes him
look like the winner.. ,It is hoped
that the weatber.wiilget tolder
so .that .more7games will, be
played. yXxX 7
Kettle Valley Notes >
J. Pearson has returned from
Penticton where he has been visiting his son.
The Banff Orchestra are coming
to the Riverside Hall on the 4th of
March. It will be their last visit
this winter.
There will be a Service in the
Anglican Church on Sunday, Feb.
17th, at 11 a. m. Sunday School
will be at 10 a.m.
A meeting of the Womens Auxiliary was held at Mrs. F. E.
Gloseop'�� on Wed. Feb. 6th.
Fourteen members being present.
The next meeting will be at Mrs.
Beaven Gane's on Feb. 2i5th,
Mrs. Thorburn giving tea.
The Card Party and Dance held
in the Kettle Valley School on
Feb. 9th was a great success and a
most enjoyable evening was spent.
The sum of $17.65 was cleared, and
put to the school funds. The
ladys first prize was won by Winnifred Whiting; gents first by Capt.
A. S. Brew; ladys booby, Rosie
Madge and gents booby, A, Landers. The Sohool Board wish to
thank Mr. J. O. Thompson for the
loan of piano and also Mrs. H.
Douglas Hamilton and Rosie
Madge for playing for the dancing.
Game Regulations
A recent amendment to the game
act, which does not seem to be generally known, includes in the fur
bearing classification wolverine and
lynx, two animals which up to the
present time have not been classed
under this head. The result is that
these animals came under the close
season regulations, and it is unlawful, to kill or trap them. At
some-points in the province a number of these animals were recently
brought in, and to the disappointment of those who had captured
them, they were confiscated. As
the change is not generally known
it is. not likely prosecutions will be;
pressed, though warnings are being
sent but whenever occasion presents
itself.";;'  ""W-. ���'���- W .-"
The Town
.'. Every now and. then you will
hear some chap irying ;tp tell .what
is -,fche "matter with fehe town.-
There isn'i.a thing the matter, with
the fto wn.' . A f to wn... is^. maide up of
the people/in it, and if there is
anything the matter it *. is "with the
people and not. with the town. If
yoiikhlwof.any mistakes that are
being made, go... to. those who are
making the mistakes arid tell them,
about: it. : Don't* take; f up your,
own 'time, and the f time of other
people by. telling, them." If you
want to cure a disease, fyou treat
the kick person, not his friends and.
neighbors who are in good health..;
So, if you want things corrected,
go -straighi to those who are at
fault and talk to them.; Tha rest
of us have .something else to do and
we don't wantto be bothered"."
The date * set for  the. special
court of   revision , of  provincial
voters'   list.is'7Apr.il   7*   which
makes. the;iast day  for registra-7
tion .Feb. 25tbW_-;'/. >'-
New Verse for Banana Song
Yes, we have no old ladies';
We have no old ladies today
We. have Sappers aad y.oung-thiug's
And bachelor girlies    ���
And all kinds of "modern females;
We have youthful grandmothers ���
��� And numerous others���
��� But, yes we have no old ladies,
' We have ao old ladies today.
Have  you patid your sub:
scriptioa to The X*edge?.;
Under ami by virtue of the. i_ow��rs contained-"
in' a certain. Mortfrapc- wliicli wilt Reproduced -
at the. time,bf sale, tlier��v.in l��i ofleriKl for sale'
liy Public Auction oil Saturday this Stlr ��lay;"of
Marcli A:D,, 192*,"at the -hoiir-of two o^clock iit"
tile-afternoon at the osficeofC. Y. K. l?ini.-oti. ���
"Solicitor, Bonthon Block in'the City o'f Urand'*
Forks'in the-Province of- Ilritisb Columbia by
Ertiest  Harrison,   A.uctioneer,:. the  followin-f
property namely;��� ;"'������     -       ,.*    .'���'
All and Singular the Providence-Mineral
Claim beiriirI<ot6l3 Group One, on the-Official ���
Plan  of  Survey  of the Similkameen Division.
of Tale Pistrict in  the  Province  of  British
Colombia. --���";'   v   _���--       "
Terms;-"-Casli. ,-'.     -   _��� ...-",',���
For further particulars a.nd conditions" of"
sale apply to C. F. R. Pincott, Bonthon -Block,
Grand Forics, B.C., Solicitor. .    7\ .7 .-
-' Dated at Grand Forks,B.C-, tht= 12tU day bi-
Febniary A. O-', 19I4.  , -.'"-;" ;x::'-X
the Mortgagee of the above, property
-....'-..   By C:F..R.PIXCOTf,
���'���-'��� : ;'".    .''  .''"'' .*,'** >-.":V. "Ita-Soffciior. #HE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   B. C,
Canadian Immigration
Tho twin subjects of emigration and immigration are much in the limelight, at the present time the world over, and parliaments, newspapers, magazines and organizations of many kinds arc closely studying the problems involved, with the result that varying policies are being offered and suggestions
innumerable advanced.
Old world countries with surplus populations and restricted areas and
uroans of providing employment for iheir. ever increasing numbers are anxious to find new* homes overseas for these people where living conditions will
bo better and chances for success in life increased. Insofar as the British
Isles are concerned, coupled with this is the hope, amounting almost lo a determination, that these British subjects shall remain British through emigration lo the overseas dominions, thus adding to the strength' and prosperity
of Lhe Empire at large. The British Government is prepared Lo assisL such
"movement--ot population to-ihe"'full extent of its-resources.    ;*,-��� '__
The-problem now confronting, the United. States-is one. of-'limitation of
���immigration arid selection - of ^immigrants.'.-' - ". '/- -'."    X.X [,i '* 77-. -'*    .-"*-','
*'fiie.,overseas British'--Dominions,'' ori-..the.' other hand; including 'Canada',
.'.'Ausira'lia'.VKow .Zealand,- Soulh-'Africn.; with' spavce populations "and" vast un-
o'c'cunied. areas iit- for-'. Settlement, require -.lj_rgo_.addil.ious*10 -their "populations.
..Theit'fcontiiiuea.dovelopmenUand.-jiros'perity-aro contingent''upon" ii large'ini**
- migfation'-offholh". people -and .capi'i'al. -. And 'these, pominions- are fully "'in
-.accord1 with \h'.}_ Rviiish" Government in fa, .de'sim that EnglIsh-sp.cjrkihg. Brit-;
iHli-fsubjeols ".'sii'o'iild''predominate in 'order that -British -',traditions',_;ideals and
fsysivins'bf governnionL may j)/'evaii..f- -    -.  -���" ���.'-.".;   ���"'   "-.. ���*.' .���-��� -��� -rj.y-. -. \ .; y-y ���
':Th'o..pr6}5h*ni then is iidsv.'-to effect, ihe-'transfer,-of Ipe.ople-from the.Brit':*'
f:islv istes"' i'o,-say Canada.' under, conditions whicli will ::_'ssure -their success' in
"iliiW'country,', thereby' "making them air-asset i.o.Canada arid not a liability."--"
"'    , Ths-; problem, ho\vevei*,"is.hoi as simple-afs* it-would appear'to-be,'hut
'is -iii "reality- quit'' "complex.���'- "Canada* requires"men and; women capable .and
wining'or facing UiV-hardships jn'separablo.-from-.th'eiife'lof" pioneers.   ' This
.couniVy wantspeopie to"'go on; the land, and to engage.in hard tasks of devol-f
f opmeiu. of whicli' will coiiie'.s'uccoss for- the n6.w7setf.ler'arid advancement for--
Gam-d-i." ...A -large percentage of Great* Britain's surplus population, is. found
"in-ilu','!;i'rgo. indusi rial centres," and by ^training-- "and .-physique "-'these -people
- a.rr riWuri-ipiabl'i*-' to .bur "conditions,' aridall-'too'troQuently quite incapable of
fbeceniiiig so'7 -To trails for" tli.��.in iii large numbers'to Canada; would be a
"tragedy I'or .them, as individuals- and harmful'to'-this JJoininio'n,.- 7 There must, -
'.iheivfore, i.e st-lcctiou..--   -. ��� --   .   -.s    ,..=..'..'���--,-'   '���_-���.. *."--.���.;'...,-.,-.- '
7 ���,- There;, are, however.. o'Tjain pressing renuiremenls to'' be met'in; .Canada,.
;.iiid ii'nyonpAvhfS: can" offer "suggestions aud��� a - workable, policy.-as- to .how* .the
���-���'. lieei-ls'-oi'. both- Britain* ami Caii.ad';:. are to be-met'-is "rendering invaiuable,se'rr
'-vice i.o1 the'.'Enipi'ro7'''"',"'Aiur"o'f""theprbpos'a'l's'-soafdvance'u those" contained iri.-n
- recent "address, by Sir Clifford Siflon before the Canadian'-Club of \Yiririipeg-'
are deserving, cif serious ocnsid.eralioh; 7 _'..',-.    -:-������.   \   '���'.".   ....
;. - It. mii.rit be" recognized that'; alt bought mistakes-were made by. him, Sir
Clifford .was "the. lii'oypenergeticfaml; successful Minister of-Immigration Can-
. ada.has yet- produced.."   .Under'his administration .more people were brought
to* Canada, mon-' nHv^ti'iTiloryf* opened up and developed,711101*0 -material, progress""recorded;" tuid "grcal.in*''prosperity*"eiijoyo.d;th;tn at anv time.either .be-
fte're oi*, since ..his. tenure  of oflice at Ottawa.   /'Mistakes, we 'repeat., were1
���'- made. and..I'vqm some" of-these havo-"grown problems still-demanding'attention."'
. bill, Uir*. b'e'n<-fU*-f ucmiing. to _Ca'i.ad-v.and.-p..rt.ieul__rly'.to thii 'West,' far.out-'
���weigh--the disadvantages.    On" the.subject of.iiiimigration.-'therefore,-Sir Clif-.'
���;r;ord'can"speak with authority,; .and.his: views, should, and, will,.carry weight
and Irifiuehfie. -������'>'.���""'.  ,*'.'."..'���   '���[:'"' -.;''���.      ������;'���'/-7-'f-"f:--V"   .'���.���;'-���/.'. X .
- - - f.Sir .Clifford .pii'-ion is-\vtse-enough-to see thai.even, "proper -selection of
��� immigrant/.-' arid tln>ii\. suitable, location-'al'tet7 arrival in* Canada, will/not. iii
. themselves be"'suliii*i.-"iH.',to ensure' success!/;  Conditions essential to success
must'Ilk',wise -ree'i'ive' consideration,, and'.remedies.."applied., where.- existing'
. conditions-do.'iioi.;.'iiiako for success.- '���' Among tht; .matter.* requiring specific
'action by-the Govvi'inuVnt- of Canada; enumerated, by Sir Clifford are problems'
fnf-market Ing, notably" lake-freight'rate..i on grain; ocean, rates on cattle from
Montreal" to i.hirislv port's;: a. slrengLhenniK of. the ' Canadian  Bank. Act and
"banking system- which' wiU provide needed, security to the'public, and' greater
..facilities for currency, aiul loan..- in.ftimes,; oi emergency -and financial stress;
: greater economy in public.'atlndnistrailorvleading-to a lessening of .taxation; - '.-
Aii outline of Bh- Clifford"Hilton's proposals.ami consideration'of the same'
'will bo. reserved for future articles.
National Economy Campaign
Public Demand For Lower Taxation
Reaching . From Atlantic to
Several days ago a movement commenced in Regina which will probably
be Dominion-wide in its effect. Rep-
resenatives of all classes from important parts of the prairie provinc.es met
in conference to devise ways and
means of creating an organized public demand upon the governments" of
this country for an immediate curtailment of wasteful government expenditures. As a result similar conferences will bo held in Eastern Canada
and British Columbia, and it is hoped
that within the next few weelcs lho
whole country will uuite in demonstrating lo all governments that tho
public will not stand for a continuation for the ever Increasing additions
to our tax burdens. A National
.Economy Campaign will be commenced on February J5th, aiul last until
February 29th, and during lhat period
a general protest will bo made through
the pulpit, press and platform, against
the present tax burden. Govememnls
are very considerate of organized
public opinion and it would seem tliat
fhe best "way to convince them that
the time for lower taxation is long
overdue is to demonstrate to them
that the people as a whole will back
Ihcm in any effort tliey may make to
reduce government expenditures.
Corns Between the Toes
Painlessly Removed
A real sure, dependable remedy that
has been lifting out corns for the past
fifty years will surely lift yours out.
Putnam's Corn Extractor is the old reliable corn remedy���it stands the test
of time and never fails, 25c everywhere.
To Scale Mountain
Thinks Will Reach Summit of Mount
. Everest This Year
The summit of Mount Everest will
probably be reached this year, in the
opinion of Dr. T. G. Longstaff, a member of the last expedition. "It all
depends on the w'eatlier.'j, he told an
interviewer. "If "the climbing party
reach the same altitude they did last
lime, (27,000. feet)",beforef'the eve of
the blizzard-season, they should successfully accomplish ihe final " 2,000,
but_af that altitude* a blizkard would
just about kill'yoit,V; - -
- -;' Vancouver Harbor Record... \
'*   Vancouver- ."harbor   ('���reatt)d7a".^"new.
..record for deep sea-shipping, in "port
on January 12th. There were 3-1'.deep
sea vessels' atanChorat wharves', load:
. fng for-all, parts' .of tiie-world- ��� Tin-
previous record was 33 ship.1..    '.  .
[ "Pear of.old'age.comes ouiy to-those
who have not.learned how to Jivo.* .
'- 7 7 U.S. Tax Collections
f:'7'-An_* average or $6S.37lor every man,
f;woman aiid child- iu the ."United.States
'.was collected in -taxes in J92'i by the.
'national, state; county and city-governments, and. all- "other civil divisions
having power to levy and collect taxes.
Taxes collected in that year amounted to $7,433,081,000, according to The
U.S. Census Bureau.
Left Weak, Nervous and Broken Down
���Health. Regained -
7"A Tew years ago",-says-Miss Frances
Hankla,.'of -Plenty, Sask., 'ihv mother,
Mrs. Walter. Hankla,'-wits stricken with
influenza ���-which.' was then' epidemic,
and i'pr'-a.tinie.was'in a .critical condition', ��� She appeared. to* get over the
-proimnent-' symptoms of tho trouble
but did. not regain her. strength. Some
.weeks -later-her weakness:'developed
into.sinking-spells in- whicli she would
almost-^ 'smother. .. Notwithstanding
medical.aid these spells continued and
she. was-' constantly' growing weaker,
until-she was" practically'reduced to
skin and bone.'. ..Her"lips aud gums
were colorless,'.she was.nervous, and
suffered from- indigestion' and palplta-
-tioa -of-vthe.'-heartf.-' -TAt-iliis stage"a
friend'of,mother's,' who lived at a distance, came.to 'see her and strongly
.advised her to try.-Drv Williams' Pinic
Pills, -which. " she said,- had greally
helped lier in a' critical illness. We
gdl-thesirpilis and "mother'began taking Iheni.' rTha-'.-improvement was
slow- at first, but we.cc.iild'see that the
..sinking, spells'were growing less fre-
fluent, and-'that-strength" was. returning. . ,Tho treatment with Dr. Williams'- Pink Pills'was. continued, and
day by.-: day "health-and strength returned, until she was again able to go
about,"and" lielp with the" work-or the
house... Theimproveuieht tliis-medi-
clne inside in her-case-was simply-remarkable.' ...��������� '"*:.-'.' . ��� - '*
'-' "I.may also say," adds.-Miss Hankla;
"that iu.my own* case these" pills were"
of'the gresito;st."bene"flt.v Last'winter"
f wasln'-a badly-run-down condition,
and,-yery. nervous. My appetite fail-
-ed'aridi had no color,, Knowing what
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills had doiio for
mother, i began-taking theni with .the
result that they' soon "made" "mo as
strong "and full of Vigor as'lhe.'other
girls ot' my age; I may just add 'that.
I .tliihk*.wo-ow(!".mothQr'.i.'lIl'e:.a'nd. iny
good.health to.t-lie-'pilla.and I liopcfour
experience' will be of-benefit, to: some'
other, sufferer.'
You can, get these .pills .from any
.medicine-.dealer or-by mail at-50c a
box- from The Dr. Williams' "Medicine
Co..-Brockville-.-Oat.- '   '    .  ' "   '
.Especially Prepared for Infants and Children of AIL Ages
Mother! . Fletcher's Castoria. has
' feeen- iu use for over 30 years as a
-pleasant harmless substitute , for
Castor,OH, Paregoric; Teething. Efrops
AHd Soothing SjT��PS. Contains no
aarcotici;. Proven directions are os
-��afch    package.        Physicians    every
where recommend"li.:-X The kind you
have always bought b'ear3 signature .0/
Curb Border Thievery
'-Agreement intended* .to curb; thiyv-:.
ery alon'^ the Cfinjidfan border .lias
been, made between" the Canadian and
I'ni'red Slates Government."- . Under it
the two governments'-"^agree; to"return'
stolen iiropenyv smuggled by thieves
across the border to iheir. proper owners, either ��� in the United States -or
Canada. ��� .   V
* A wise -woman shows discretion
in the selection of things ..to. be left
Unsaid.   " ' ' -.*."'    '""*-.
"" There's nothing a'man can.be siwh
a. liar about aa telling his son how
different iboys were in his time.-
Dyspeptic, Bilious
Strong purgatives have killed many a good man. Cos-
tiveness is bad���violent cathartics are worse. If bothered
with stomach trouble or biliousness, use Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
They are so mild you can
scarcely feel their action, yet so
effective that the entire system
is cleansed of wastes.
Dr. Hamilton's Pills
Dr. Hamilton's Pills move tho
bowels gently, they tone the kidneys,
assist digestion, clear the skin. For
those subject to colds, biliousness,
languor, tliere is no better medicine.
Dr. Hamilton's Pills, 25c per box, 5
for $1.00, all dealers, or The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Greatest Treasure Box
Estimated   That  Twenty-Five   Million
Dollars    Will    Be    Taken    From
Ontario Mines This Year
Plon.  Charles  McCrea. minister of
mines for the province ot Ontario, declared in a recent public address at
Windsor, that Northern Ontario was
the "world's  greatest treasure  box."
He estimated that the production of
precious metals ln Northern Ontario
this  year would  total  $25,000,000  in
value.    Referring to the nickel industry Mr. McCrea said that 85 per cent,
of the world's nickel supply was being taken out In the vicinity of Sudbury.      There  was an  inexhaustible
supply of this mineral.   In 1911, when
mining first  began ln Northern  On-
i tinio, $18,000 worth of gold was taken
. out.     Last year more than $22,000,-
��� 000 in gold was produced in the district.
A Message to Women
Ask Women of World to Get Behind
Labor Body of League
An unique leailet has just been issued by the International Labor Office
of the League of Nations as "a message lo women," signed by all eight
women members of the British Houso
of Commons.
It declares .that evidence of the nonpartisan character of the International
labor organization is contained in the
fact that the call to support its work
was endorsed by members of all three
political parties iu Great Britain. The
message says: "The International
Labor Organization of the League has
given strong impetus to a realization
of many of the aspirants ofthe women's movement, and it should be actively supported by the women of all
countries and all classes."
The signatures run: Nancy Astor,
Katherine Atholl, Margaret Bond-
field, Dorothy- Jewson, Susan Lawrence, Mabel Philipson, Vera Ter-
ritigton and Margaret Wintringham.
Farm and Fishery Products.
Canadian and U.S. Debt
Canada   Now   Greatest   Single   Contributor to World's Wheat
The farm and fishery products of
Canada, during 1923 showed material
increases over the 1922 figures. The
value of the Dominion's mineral, forest, agricultural and fishing industries
is placed at $2,420,000,000 in unofficial
j government estimates for J.92S. This,
represents an increase of $252,000,-
000 over the values of the previous
yoar. X
Canada is now the greatest single
contributor to the world's-wheat supply with more surplus wheat for export than any other wheat growing
nation, according to statistics compiled by the International institute of
Agriculture in Rome and transmitted
to the Dominion Bureau of Statistics.
British Columbia's salmon pack this
year will total 1,250,000 cases, according to preliminary -. eslimates of the
provincial Department of Fisheries.
This is an increase of about -iOO.OOO
cases over the 1922 pack, and is the
largest output since 1919.
Is Unegua/fed For
Concentrated beef-goodness, easily
imparted to dozens of dishes making
them more tasty and nutritious.
lr_t'njo'4.10,50 nnd 100
Canada Is Heaviest Taxed of English-
Speaking Nations
Apologists for governmental extravagance in Canada tell us that our per
capita debt is much lower than that of
cither the United States or Great Britain. The truth, however, is just the
contrary. ' A statement of fhe entire
gross debt of ihc United States, issued recently by its census department, places the combined gross debt
of the Federal Government, _, stales,
counties, "cities and all other civil divisions at ?32,7S6t000f;000-���or $302 per
head. '   ��� *
Now according to the latest available government statistics the. gross
debts of the Dominion, provincial and
municipal governments in Canada
total $5,300,000,000���or ?590 per head.
The cold truth is that in both debt
and taxation.Canada is the worst off
of the English-speaking countries.
And what is still .more1 disturbing
while the other English-speaking
countries keep on getting better, .we
keep on gelling worse.
Since She Used
Heart and Nerve Pills
Miss Bertha Charrettc, Regina.
Sask.. writes:���"I havo had a lot of
trouble lately, with what I thought
was heart trouble, and after any unusual exertion I always felt sick.
My doctor advised a complete rest
and change, but this 1 was unable to
I became interested in Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills, so started taking them. I have now taken throe
boxes and am so much improved I can
go about my dally work" wil lioul feeling any after ill effects, and have not
had any weak or dizzy spells i'or
some time. * Your medicine has done
me more good than anything I have
ever taken, and I will gladly recommend Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills to .any woman who i.s. weak and
run down."
Price SOc per box at all dealers, or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The T. Milburri Co., Limited, Toronto,
Ont. -     '
It.Bids Pain.Begone.���When neuralgia racks iho nerves or lumbago cripples the back is the time lo test the
virtues of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil.
Well rubbed in it will still the pain
and produce a sensation of ease and
rest. A trial of it will establish faith
in it.
Ask for Minard's and take no other
He Didn't Play Rough
A 15-year-old English boy's football
playing"has won him a college education. A military officer, noticing his
work in a recent game, i3 going to
send him through Oxford .when.he has
completed 'his. "preliminary ".schooling.
"No. boy.could comport himself as lie
did ������unless- hef had the makings-".pf.-'a
gentleman," the 'officer declares. The
lad, whose name is Waiter Moiiey, is
a son of a boilermaker.
Write to Thc Borden Co.
Limited, Montreal, Ior
two Baby Welfare Books,
Canadian Explorer Will Go North
Capt.   Beniier   Will   Sail   For   Arctic
From Portsmouth   .
Canada is lo provide competition to"
the United States polar expedition by,
the dirigible Shenandoah next summer, but it will be by water. Captain
ISc-rnier, noted Arctic explorer, has
left for England, where he is to take
charge of the steamer Franklin, acquired by tlie Federal Government.
Captain Bender will sail for the Arctic direct from Portsmouth.
It is understood that a number of
new posts will be established on the
northern islands, and it has even been
said lh_it the Dominion Government is
considering tho advisability of sending a number of special representatives north next summer to take formal charge of the Islands already discovered, thereby eliminating the possibility of the titles reverting to a foreign power.
-' Only the -..uninformed, endure "tho
agony, of-corns: "'..The. knowing ones
apply Holloway'ti Corn .Remover, and
jget relief:,'-'��� -"   ';*     . v, "'.'.:   -".---;:
.".������- National."Railways Revenue"'' *
..- In. an official - statement issued ���.-.'recently' by"-;Sir Henry"'- Thornton,' chairman and presideiit.- tlie- net. revenues
;of the Canadian" National Railways for
1923-.-ar.e- placed ' at.-.^(l.127,447,- .*belnjj
an. increase, of ,?17,6-t6,9.35 in' net- revenue over'' 1922. '     .:'-'...������ "
W.   N.   U.     1511
Don't let constipation poison your biood
and curtail your energy.
liyourlrVeraiid T
don't work prop-
erly  take
UttU   tive-r
Pills  today
and   your
trouble will ___���_______
cease.  For <Hs��B*ae, Jack of appetite
headache and Uotshj s&ia nothing
can equal than*.  Porefy vegetable.
SaaOJ PsS���Swaft ���������SasaH Pric*
Changes In" Dominion
Lands Administration
Department   of  the   Interior   Effects
Needed - Economies   by
During the past few months the'de-
paiiment organization in charge of the
administration of Dominion lands in
the three prairie provinces and the
Railway Belt and Peace River Block
of the province of British Columbia
has been thoroughly overhauled, with
a view to providing satisfactory servr
ice" iit'.a' minimum cost.-. ' Changing
corid it ions, have made it possible to re-,
duce .the number bf laud olllces,. the
operation of tho field staff has been
simplified, and the number employed
cut. down- by requiring. ail Inspectors
to.'undertake .inspection work, for, all
land divisions, in the past.the Dc-
part_iH'nl7of;'th6 Interior had home-
stead inspectors, crown Umber inspectors;, grazing - inspectors; ��� and-.* school
land." inspectors.' ��� ' Now, there-will; be
oii ly'.'one "-class.''o'f Inspectors, namely
Dominion iand ihspectors.   ", ���..       .'-..-.
: The. changes made at, head., oflice. iii
OUajva will be of considerable interest
to those who have land business to
transact withvthe.-department. /Up to
the 'present' tinie.. the-land branches
have been- housed in several-buildings
in different-parts of "the city. ".However, they, are" .now"being concentrated. In one building, the. Norlite Building on "Wellington Street; opposite the
West' Block; - The establishment of-
tihs one oflice for the transaction of
all Dominion lands business should
prove a great convenience to those
who have -federal lands business to
transact and, of. Course, the.advantages from an - administrative standpoint are obvious. At the same time
it Is. confidently expected that a material redaction In staff can be effected as the amalgamation of related
services progresses.
The smaller the town tho more Important Its leading citizen  considers^
himself." *'
Virtue is Its own reward���^andl too
often its oaly oae.
Soiul :i -Dominion Express 'Money- Order!"
Tiify ���aroLpuyiiiblG evot-ywlKiro.'   yyyyyy:'-
fEarijr ��M Agfl
f Tbecefebnttei! Dr. Mitientoff,
T an authority on early old agi*
9 e*y�� 6hsl it ii "caused By p��i��CD9
i. generated .in . th�� fnt<utin&":
i W&enyonrrtomaehdfffecUfeatl
-1.' properly it. id, febsorbed without
7' forming poiiencu* EMttcr. .Poi*
? tone.bring on early old agetUKi
f premature death* IStoSOdrops
* of "Seiser* Syrnp'^ '���fter'.scetfir-
f m&o* your dfreition ieusid. 7,,t>:
X_yrM*i MTVI PRXNCH RKMEDY^i;'*-f;*:f
Ko. 1 for Bladder C*t����-r_i_. Ho. % for Blood ft;
gklaDisMui. Ho.3forChra_..cW_sata��_.��si.:
soi.'i. ��;��� _.__*u:_(r.cii_!K!ST!i.rxfcr.iN ENi;tA��'_j-.'3��.'���'������
. Bx.LKd.Kitc Nfe��-.Co.l!��rsis-oekM:N.W.S.XM��!<jfr7
O* MAIf. IH FPOM "I, FROST ST. EASrl T0S_O._f.tQi'
ok *M.. sr-:p*i.j.  Sirkkt v.-isr.. MoK.rKEAt"v- w.
the" iTe^'giv gbeewood, k a
For making soap.
For washing dishes.
For cleaning and disinfecting
. For removing ordinary obstructions from drain pipes and
sinks '"*
Heavy Shipments of Grain
Vulcan Leads Southern' Alberta in
Shipments of Wheat
A record, for shipments of grain has
been made at Vulcan, Alia. From
this one point there has been shipped
since the harvest last, year up to the.
end of the��� -third week in January of
this year more than .1,700.000 bushels
of grain, of which 1,500,000 bushels
was wheal. Vulcan leads' Southern
"Alberta in shipments. *   .
Barons, another point near Vulcan,
has marketed 1,250,000 bushels, Champion, and Blackie over a million bushels each, Nahton a million, Claresholm
a million, and Grauum aiul Woodside
combined, more-Ihan 3,200,000 bushels,
Points along lhe Cardston" line and
other branches iii Southern Alberta
have also done well.
The healthy child sleeps well and
during ils waking hours is never cross
bul always happy and laughing. II is
only the sickly child~thal is cross ana
peevish. ' Mothers, if your children
do,not sleep well; if ihey five cross
and cry a great deal, give" them Baby's
Own Tablets and. they will" soon be
well and happy again. The Tablets
are a mild but thorough laxative which
regulate    the   bowels,    sweeten    the
" stomach, banish constipation, colic aud
indigestion and . promote healthful
sleep, They are..absolutely guaranteed free from opiates and-may be given to the new-born babe with perfect
safely: The new sales tax.will not
Increase the price of Baby's Own Tablets, as tho company pays the tax. Vou
can still obtain the Tablets through
any" medicine dealer at 25 cents a box;
or by mail, post paid, from thc 'Dr.
Williams'- Medicine. Co.,- Brockville,
.Ont. : -
- -      Rush to New Silver. Region .'.-
Referring to the rush now in progress froin. Mayo to the newly -.dlscov-;
ered. silver region of Bearer'River dis?
triet in. (he Yukon territory,'., W- ;[ti.
* Co'ckfield,"" - of , the -geological -survey,
stales thjtt. si[ver-.leadfores, havolb.o.c-n.
;discovered at..many points and with
.'much, of; the area still, uhprospe.cled
there: is tin'-excellent- chance;tha't fin--'
; tRer discoveries will be.made.-.-.-.The
"district   is   fairly.accessible, 'being
within a few. miles of. territory already.
prospeeted and"partly worked.,
. .Getting Back At Father/"..-'
..���_'" Little .Mary's, father" had' denied her
a 'pleasure which she. Iin'd expected io
enjoy. '".Thai, night; >when "she said
ber prayers at her -mother's, knee,."she
concluded . -with- -this-petition: J.'Ahd
please-don't give niy-papa' any'-'mart.'
" children.    He don't know how. to treat
Spain will sign the agreement definitely fixing the future status of Tangier. Prance and Great Britain already have signed it.        ���-'.���-.
Word has been received thai the
Scottish Gold Union , will 'finance an
expedition of British' golfers to Canada and the United States next summer. ���*
It is feared that the Amundsen exploration ship Maud, which is drifting
with the Ice in the Arctic Ocean, is in
danger of grounding on the new Siberian Islands.
Charles Herbert Levenmere, or New
Vork, student of International' relations, writer and former college professor, was announced as the winner
of the $100,000 prize offered by Edward W. Bok for the best plan to pre-1
servo peace among the nations of the
Women Can Dye Any
Garment,  Drapery
Dye   or   Tint   Worn,    Faded    Things
.   New for 15 Cents
!s Your Nose
Stuffed With Cold ?i
Don't .load your
stomach with cough
Send healing med-
fcalion-through the
nostrils ��� send It
into - the passages
(hat '-. aro. inflamed
Willi Catarrh.
It's easy to get
rid oil-a bad cold, to
drive out Catarrh, to
strengthen a weak
throat by inhaling
Catatrnozone. ^ G.e.t 7 Catarrhozone
from your druggist.today. By using
it frequently you keep the air passages free from germs, and thereby
prevent many a. bad cold. ��� Two
months' treatment $1.00; small size
50c. .Refuse a substitute. By mail
from The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Airships Untrustworthy
Production of Large Aeroplanes
Supersedes the Zeppelin
The Bixmiulo was the latest-German airship completed at. the time of
fhe armistice, and was handed over
lo France and put- in commission by
the French Government instead of being, as it should havo been, destroyed.
Long before thc end of the war lhe
Zeppelin had proved itself entirely untrustworthy as a fighting instrument,
We had destroyed" Zeppelins by sea
and over land here and in Eelgium,
and in the last.groat raid over London
not one of th.e. ships employed survived the. weather, conditions to which
thoy were subjected. The practical
German mind, well-aware of the limitation of its o-vii instruments,'"deflected the activities-of .the great airship
factory at Frlcdrlcksluifen'.to the production of largo aeroplanes instead.
At any riile, for the moment, the best
brains in aerial*study'in all countries
are agreed that the airship" had best
be-leri alone.-rLohdon Standard.   ' : .'-
Don't wonder whether you can dye
or tint successfully, because perfect
home dyeing is guaranteed with "Diamond Dyes" even ir you have never
dyed before. Druggists have all colors.
Directions in each package.
Irrigation and Mixed Farming
Substantial Gain is Shoton in Southern
Alberta Irrigation District
Evidence of tho manner in which irrigation is promoting mixed farming
In Southern Alberta is found in statistics compiled for the Vauxhall irrigation district. This is one of the newer Southern Alberta irrigation _ districts. ��� In 1920�� there were only ,27
farms operating in the district; this
had increased in 1923 to 65. The increases iu livestock in these farms in
the sanie period are as follows:
Horses from 152 to 435; cattle from
10 to 975; sheep from none.to 8,-109;
hogs from 11 to 1,171; and poultry
trom 137 to 3,499. The principal products of the district are wheat ��and
coarse grain, potatoes, hay, vegetables
and livestock and dairy products.
Golden Text.���Not one thing hath
failed of all the good things which
Jehovah your God' spake concerning
you.     Joshua 23.14.
Lesson.���Joshua, Chapters 1 to 11;
23; and 24.
Devotional Reading.���Psalm 47.
those    he's
Guest, .
got    how.
Mother! Give Sick-Baby
.7 ��� "Califoraiaf Fig - Syrupl
Harmless   Laxative, to.  Clean '"Liver
f and Bowels of Baby or, Child .
-.Even. consllpat- -.-"' O.
ed, bilious, feverish, or.sick, colic--
Babies:-and . Children love to/take*
genuine   "California   Fig :Syrup." ���_
No other'.laxative '���
regulates the ten-
j dc-r.. little, bowels
j.so    ;nicely.-7  Ity
8 w.e e't o'n a - the. <W-__ >_
j stomach;.and   starts-Mlie " liver.. and
I bowels acting without griping; -���" Contains no narcotics or- soothing drugs^
Say "California" tof your druggist.arid   a -total/of;4,S.3S5",042.bushels
avoid.counterfeits!-  inslst.upon genuine "California    Fig   'Syrup"-"which
contains directions; ���-" f :
-'/'^fif'X *���
this Norse Sends;4 Message'
to Every Woman in Canada
"JJrantford. Ont.-7-"During; twentv-ono
years'. ;uf experience* at fmiirsing. If- not
.only took Dr. Pierce's1 Favcrte"prescription myself Ut keep tip my health
end strength, but 1 have alw)-.recommended it to many a patieutf especially
to prospective mothers., .and think it is
by far tho best tonic and nervine that a,
woman can take, and for thsit reason" I
give it my highest endorsement."--Mr*.
A- A. Foulger, 41 Sheridan. Street.'
Health Is most- important to, <jv(-ry
woman. You cannot afford- to rieglecfc
ltwh��*n your ntjighlxirhood dmg-g&t can
supply you with Fa-vorite Prescription, ���
in tablets' or'liquid. "This Proscription.
Js made in Br. I'lercfi".- Laboratorr in
Bridgeburs, Ont. Send Jofrents toll voit wish.a trial package. . \
W.   N.   U.     1511
The Farmer Pays
He Pays'As a* Producer and As a
Consumer and Is Vitally Interested In Lower Taxation
II takes a keen eye and an active
mind to trace the process by which a
great proportion of the taxes paid in
Canada eventually conies out bf the
pocket of the farmer; bul it does noi
take long to satisfy ourselves that this
is so. As a general rule taxes aro
paid-by the ultimate consumer..or lho
producer. In some instances the
producer is able to pass the tax on to
the purchaser of his product, but, the
farmer cannot do this because the
value of his product is fixed hy world
conditions and forces over which he
has no control. In addition to being
affected as a producer the farmer also
pays taxes as a consumer���so he gels
it both going and coming.
The farmer is Iherefore vitally interested in governmental expenditures, whether they be ��� federal, provincial or municipal.' The more
these governments spend,, the more
he has to pay. He may "think.that
the levying of certain kinds of taxes,
such as the income tax, relieve him of
part of "his tax. burden; because the
city,-nian-has.to pay. heavily tinder
these taxes." '.But the. fact is clear,
that;wherever possible -the business
man includes such taxes.as a. part of.
his business expense and .'lhe.things
he'sells cost just "that-much more and
:      -      '...-.'.'ot*        - ,
the farmer, who is unable to add-his
faxes to the price of his wheat, pays
a very respectable share, of. the ".income Jaxcs__p_hi.d_._by: businessjcoiicerns;
with'- whom .he does. business. - .The'
remedy is-less Expenditure'.by_.Gov-.
ern ments-and Lower-Taxation.".'- ���
The Text Explained and Illumined
I. Joshua's Commission, verses 1, 2.
The death of Moses seemed to end
everything. ' Who could tako his
place? Everywhere there was deep-,
est gloom. But Moses 'himself had
appointed a successor ln his minister, or "chief of staff" Joshua, the son
of Nun. The change of leaders was
great, but nothing else was changed;
and event it was not so great as
faint hearts in their sorrow are apt to
think, for tho real Leader lives, and
Moses and. Joshua alike were but the
transmitters of his orders and his
words to Israel (Maclaren). Jehovah
spake unto Joshua. "God's voice is
still' speaking, and the spirit-educated ear will be quick to discern the
old music transposed to a more modern key. God- is perpetually repeating his great affirmations. Moses is
dead, but the march continues" (Gau-
trey). Moses my servant is dead;
now therefore arise and go over this
Jordan,- was the message that Joshua'heard. Do not sit down and give
way to your grief, but arise and carry
Moses's .task; ray work must0 go for-
ward. To go over the Jordan was no
light'command. See the Geographical Background and chapters 2-4 of
Joshua. "Whatever sorrow falls
upon us there is always a next step
which must be taken, and always light
enough to reveal bur immediate duty.
Among the essays of Dr. John'Brown,
the" famous author of 'Rab and his
Friends,' there is a noble and touching account of the father's conduct on
the day when his child died. It was
on the Sabbath, and- he insisted on
preaching as usual, saying as he went
lo the crucitixon' of his pulpit, 'While
the child was yet alive, I fasted and
wept, but now that he is dead, wherefore should I fast? Can I bring him
back again? I shall go fo him, but
he shall 'not return to me.' It may
be, as his son says, that he ought not
to have clone this violence to his eriio-..
tions, and yet one cannot but realize
how much of piety and nobleness was
in the act; it was the resolute taking
of the next step in.i.liat path of ineluctable duly which God had appointed
him. To those who dwell in the
great darkness of bitterest loss, I
would affectionately say, then, remember the next, step, tlie duty to children, the duly to employers, the duly
to.'the world" (Dr. W. J. Dawson).
"I like tliat great, deep, loyal word of
Ezokiel.'-'In- the evening my wife died,
and in lhe"morning I did as God com-
manded..,me,'. Along, that road even
death; is defeated, being made lo minister lo lhe further glory, of God.
.'Moses, my servant, ia dead; now,
therefore���.* ' How shall we finish the
sentence? What are we writing in
our bereavements?- . Is it a word of
despair? . ..Or is it a record of holy,
vow. :aml of renewed consecration?"
(Jowett).   .;._.-        .. ...
For.Scalds and Burns.���Dr.'Thomas'
Eclectric Oil'is a.standard remedy for.
the prompt ."treatment of scalds and
burns.. '.Its healing, powerf quickly
soothes the-pain and aids .a-speedy:
-recovery from-the .injury.'. It" is also
an excellent remedy.for ail-manner- or
cuts,, bruises, aiid sprains,' as "well as
for'-'-relieving- the pains "arising- from
inflammation - of ...various" ��� kinds. '' .A.
bottle - iri- the-houso ��� and"-'s?able-= saves
many a doctor's and velerinary.'s fee.
A Human Seismograph
" *    -        -   - -    -r1-���������'   .     -'_,',-    ':
Woman    Who "Rgisters    Earthquake
Shocks Is Found In London ..'-";
, London has a.'human seismograph,
a woman who .rcgisi*1!'.-. * -earthquake-
-shocks _��� vlu-iu'ver thoy-..occur,, says
Prof. li. II. Turner,! in an article, oh
earthquakes iu the. Quarterly Review;
- , "A .woman of peculiar sensitiveness/' he _ writes, "has been - able for
years ��� past-' fo report almost every
-earthquake 'in alt,parts, of.the -world
before, aiiy how's coiiiesiul;.. .She stif-.
fers from, a curious 'nervous tension .although under "."lie-influence of electricity; ��� -it .'almost incapacitates her
while ii lasts, biit*,_t: ends -suddenly."
Recognized a? a leading specific for
the destruction of worms1, Mother-
Graves'"Worm Exterminator has proved a boon to suffering children., everywhere* '.   It seldom fails.
XX Grain ThrougrrVahcouver
'-.*. Vancouver has shipped and; booked
for shipment to date, almost 50,000,000
bushels of,the'1923'crop7 'Last*'year's
total crop "movement-.Uirough this port
was 'approximately "j9,"000,000 bushels.
Up to the end of. December.' the port
.bad shipped 12.9S-1/767'"- bushels-^..of
grain arid, additional shipments:, and
. bookings ""'for the-/next few, months
amount   to' 38,100,275," bushels,, giving'
Minard's Liniment for Dandruff
Ah Accomplished.Linguist' ;
: Sir,Ksm��! Howard; riew British din:
bassador tothb.. United. States,, is .an
accomplished linguist..- lie speaks
-Arabia,, Persian," Japanese, Spanish
and Gcrnian. .   ,"���"-"       .���"..*'-.*-.
A .Scotsman's Heaven
A Scotsman was explaining to a
group of acquaintances how greatly
he had enjoyed himself .the previous
evening. "I* was in a great rooni,"
he said", "and" there were seven - pipes
all. playing at once and all playing different' tunes. - Maal it was just like
Keep Minard's Liniment Fn the h��uas
After Every Meal
It's the longest-lasting
confection you can', buy.
���and tVs a lielp to digestion and a cleanser:
* for-the mbotle
r and teetii,
Wrlgley's; iheens
fteneSit as well as.
,-"New Oil Refinery --...-.
:.Vt"lth ii capacity, o'f '-���l.OOO.-.barrols'-'a
day, the new "oil refinery "..of the-Imperial .Oil Company ��� lias coriirnenced
operations at Calgary.;.' The" refinery-
is :well "supplied -witli-crude: oil- from
the Montana field, .the. lingo, storage,
tanks . beingV-.filled", .in,-readiness for.
operation. '.....-���..      ��� "       - -   *'f
. Exhausted, from Asthma. - Many
who read" these words-kiiow-,the' terrible drain upon health' arid, strength;
which conies in the.train. of aslhtriatic
troubles..- 'Many, do, not-realize,.liow-.
ever, that-there-is one true remedy
which will usually stop this drain.'Dr..
J." I).-Kellogg's Asthma.Remedy is a
wonderful check to this enervating
ailment.. It has a countless record of
relief to lis credit. It.is sold almost
everywhere. ���'.-        '���''-'
'. Saskatchewan Butter- 'Production
f Production of ��� creamery'butter.'in'
Saskatchewan,passed tlio.1 10,000,000
pounds - mark for tho first time witli
the returns received for 1923 up to tire
30th of November.*'"-.-The production
for. that month' was. 444,344 pounds,
making the output for the eleven
months"of the year"' 10,121,702 pounds',
an. increase of, 1,551,795 pounds, o'f 18.1.
per cent, over the .corresponding period of 1922.        W:V': " ���'"/'  ".''.'���  " -":
. New.C;N.R. Service
..A through train .service between
Chicago and New Vork has been announced-'by" the'. .'Canadian National.
Railways. ., The new train will have
running rights over the Lehigh Valley
railroad arid will reinstate the service
given la the territory t'o be covered
prior to -the war. New equipment of
the latest Ca.nadian National type will
make up the train. ���-...'.
You can either take our
word for it, or experiment for
yourself, but  you  will find
is in a class by itself���Try it.#
Gold Output in Yukon
That the gold output in the'Yukon
Territory will bo greater this year
than last, is-the'opinion'of Dr. Alfred Thompson, M.P., for the Yukon.
Tho: silver-lead camp at Mayo and
lteno Hill would contribute a total of
S,000 tons, ho said.
.. Miller^ Worm Powders will eradicate the worm evil that bears so heavily on children and is believed to
cause many fatalities. They are an
acceptable medicine to children and
can be fully relied upon to clear the
food channels thoroughly of these destructive parasites and restore the inflamed and painful surfaces-to health-
fulness. They are an excellent remedy for these evils.
Not every fellow who is praised by
the fining station man could get a
recommendation from his grocer.L
You can't convince a man of anything by scaring it into him. ���   .
Keeping Christmas Day In May
Day Was Once Celebrated In Eastern
Church In Spring Time
Christmas Day has not always been
kept on a fixed date. At first it wa3
as much a movable feast as Easter,
and was celebrated by the Eastern
Churches in May.
The date, December 25, was selected in the fourth century* by a commission of theologians. They would
seem to have'boen singularly ill-advised, for this is the height of the rainy-
season in Ju'dea, wliich makes it improbable that shepherds would bo
watching lh.eir flocks by night and
that the stars would be visible.���
Lloyd's Weekly. News.
Saxophones, which are now so popular with-.the musical public, are very
sensitive instruments; a sudden
draught of cold air may cause them to
go flat in lone.
SMP Enameled Ware has
the smooth surface and polish of
fine crockery���without the breakage. And it is so very easy to clean
*tjust like china, and therefore
jnakes light work of pot washing.
Try this test. Take an SJSfiP
Enameled Ware sauce.pan and an
all-metal sauce pan "of equal size.
Into each pour a quart of cold
water. Put on the fire at the same
time. The SMP sauce pan will be
boiling merrily when the water in
the other is just beginning to
"AFace of Porcelain and a Heart of Steel'*..
', '���' Tiiico ftcrfsfics: Pearl Ware, two toats of pearly
-grey enamel inside and out.   Diamond Ware, three""*
. coats, light blue and while outside, white lining.
��� Crystal War*, thrco coats, pure white inside and'
oat, with Royal.Blue-edging. .' '-
""Sheet-Metal-kroducts eo
'. LlMtTEO    '
'���   -*   '.' ..-   '���  -: " '-""-  "'" .'    ."   .       " '-:-:-"    165
laim Help Now"
- 'IN-"'VIEW of the great demand for farm help" existing-, inv
Canada, tho ..Canadian Pacific Railway will, continue its Farm
X Help Servico during .1924 and wDl enlarge its,scope .to in7
elude women domestics and boys. '*. -     .;.-..'���--.-    -  ���_"',.'.
.THE COMPANY Is jn.tdticli-with large numbers of goodfarin.
��� laborers in. Creat Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmtirk,. France,
Holland, Switzerland 'and*.other: European countries asid. through
its widespread organization can promptly fill applications for
help received from' Canadian farmers.   * X' ������-'. [ .
In ordcf to have, the Kel*> ireach. Canada in time for the Sprang
',"' operations farmers rieecUhg help should: arrange to get their
applications in early, the earlier the better, as naturally those
.  applications: wliich are .received early Svill receive first attention.
. Blank application forms md full information .regarding the-
. service may be obtained from any. C.P.R. agent or from any
. of the officials listed below.   THE SERVICE IS ENTIRELY.
Department of Colonization and Development
- ,   SWNNrpliG.���M, Vj. Thornton,  St__5erint*n<fcnt of Coionizatloa
T. S.-Achnon, General "Agricultural. Attn.
SASKATOON.���W. J. Cerow. LsndlAsrent.
,  ... ���    H. 'F. Komojy Speclsi Colonization Assent    " '-���. '
CALGAfcY.���T_ 0. P.. Herzer, A_r��t to Supt. of CoJottiMtiaia
.EDMONTON_-~J. Miller, I*nd Agent .-���"
MONTgEA-lU-nJ.  Doaff��U,   General-A*Tttul.ar_.I Agt'iig
jj. I_��, JDce Korrreed, L*ud Agent -
G. WHITE,    ,
Assistant Commissioner.
S. PENKIS. _ -"
. fZhiel Commissioner.
What mail lias done man' can do���
but there'is a great deal he ought to
be ashamed to try.
Thft average man cannot tell a f_o-:
man anything, because she woulti rath-!
er talk fhan listen. '
M.in*rd'4 Liniment Htals Ciitt
W W        . Inrimediate Shipment From Stock
Is .$-2.oo a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices    T-oo
ISstray Notices ��- 3-00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificale of Improvement  12.5��
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim,)
been secured as yet. Ife willtbe before Honest; John quits the fight.
In demanding the fullfilmeut of
the principles of Confederation litis on solid ground, and while others
may' take the credit for the ultimate victory, history will place the
credit where ife is due.
Concentrated Enjoyment
All other legal advirtising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
au inch, each insertion.
Business locals i2j��c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross mean* that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
The difference between a hog
and pork is about 30 cents a pound.
Why should we think of posterity? It probably wont think much
of us.	
The only nation that is powerless to aid fehe cause of the common
people is assassination.
Being old fashioned, we prefer
the days when girls did bareback
riding instead of bareback dancing.
. . "When a man keeps'. talking
about himself he gets as companionable as a'. fiddle player /with only
one tune."     """v ".."*-'   ...    W-.W."'-
The noaes that. get,into other
people's affairs fare .the7 ones that
have lifctla: acquaintance with: the
:grindstone;: "XxX.~ "   -���"���'-'*'
" A young-.man ..walking on; the
main/road, in the_. North . end, was
startled to hear what he thought
was a I_ewis gun in action; After
noting fewesty. bursts of fire (i.e.
100 rounds) he investigated and
was surprised to. find only a young
couple, say ing good nighti.. ;Owing
to..their, preoccupation he was able
to , beat an unseen retreat, . con-
. siderabiy wiser. ... This should be'a
warning to all 6uch . to; moderate
their tone of osculation.
���';  News From; the .Capital
.; Victoria,  Feb.   13feh.,���Criticism
.of public men in high offices   is
",- taken, asa-inatter of course.. Praise
.for them,' even    when   especially
��� merited is often withheld;.������- But a
...different situation/arises when. a.
. prominent official actually-benefits
his country and others try to take
the credit for his success. ..7. .
,���'������: This latter situation ..haaarisen
in ..the case of the-freijghti  rates.
-���"- fighi ;;Vpremier'\'.Oliver.vin-'''19071.
-when in opposition.to the/late'Con--
servative-  government,-   moved .a
..resolution in the Legislature asking
.  thai aii investigation be made into
:  thief mafeter.-6f freight rates and the
-f province be fully represented before
_; the Federal Government,     f
;. '-,-N'oysr,,;for the.past, few years.the
government leader.". has .waged   a
most successful  war on .behalf of
.British Columbia,f.and even many
��� of   his' political ���".' enemies   admit,
.  although grudgingly, thai the province has profited by several millions'^ of. y dollars through  reduced
Today grain is- pouring through
Vancouver to world markets,'f Before this could, take place a mighty
barrier of opposition had. to be
broken down. This, was done
largely tbroKgh Premier Oliver's
determination to secure falrplay
for the Pacific Province;, The ball
has .been, set ������ rolling' and. even
Montreal ;.; interests admit / thai
western grain must find its way to
market through British Columbia
ports. --. -   '     " ....77 W/ x
But equilization of rates has noS
A Perfectly True Story
I met an acquaintance of mine
yesterday iri the hotel lobby ancl
as I am a man of leisure, I decided to draw him out by way of
occupying the tedious interval
between breakfast and lunch.
"I suppose you have had some
very peculiar experiences iu your
time," I ventured in order to
show that I was'ready aud waiting.
"That's so," he replied, rolliug
his cigfar round in his mouth,
"but I don't know that I have
ever had a more peculiar one than
what happened to me when I was
travelling in the Old Country."
"How was that?" I enquired.
"Well," he said, "it was this
way; you know the way the
trains are fixed up over. there,
sort of horse boxes. One day I
got into one of those and it was
not until after the train started
that I noticed that I had got
into a non-smoker. I was alone
in the carriage except for an old
lady with an ancient and very
dirty poodle.
I had got my pipe alight already, but out'of politeness I
asked the old dame whether she
objected to smoking.
"I think it's a disgusting
habit," she answered, "and no
gentleman would have dared to
light a pipe without first asking
the'permission, of the- other occupants of the carriage." ff
She was so.needlessly rude that
I lost my.temper and replied with
some heat, "I think it very.probable, madam, .that-thie lady would
have done the.sam'e"-thing-in re-
spectfto her dog,"..and"I; went on
"My.-dog has"'nothing; to/do
with", -the -.case,"' -she'-, snapped..
-f"And Imust ask you- to.remove
your obnoxious pipe." - ' .'. '���"'-
. - V Arid .'.I, _ m'adame,. must ask
ybit to remove ".'your '.very- "smelly
dog,"-I .answered.'f '".'. ....
/--At this.irisuit she.g're.w' purple
in the face'-with-rage ;and.fairly
snarled" at me,'*--"Dp..you know
whom-yqu aire; speaking .to';_I;a'm
one of the directors' '.wives'?"-   X;
"Madam,""I."replied;with equal;
asperity, "It would, not make the
;slightest.7di#er.enr.eC_if .yqu.were
the director'sonly wife."
/'Well,-sir,'' he said, .mopping
his brow at the remembrance, "I
cab tell you'-the old girl flew off
the handle when" I said that; she
leaned forward ;arid- picking "the
pipe put of my mouth, chucked it
put of the window;., [yX:X:"'Xi'
". ,;"And.'that,;m.ade,me:.so mad.
that I did the same thing with
her infernal dog", . After; that;we
just sat in silence,* wfc were far
too ' angry tp.; speak . arid atfthe
next station we.both gotpui; .and,
this is the curious part of7it, for
there was :the -poodle" with-the
pipe in his mouth.���The Josher.
During the year which has just
commenced Tho Family Herald
md Weekly Star of Montreal plans
to ran at least ten stories in serial
form. They will be the best obtainable, regardless of coat. In
book form each story would cost,
fehe reader two dollars, which is all
one has to pay for an entire year's
subscription to The Family Herald
and Weekly Star, containing th'e
whole of the ten sphmdid stories*
and a great wealth of most absorbing matter���never before attempted in any paper. Commencing
the new year fehe headlines are
J.eflery Farnol, Booth Tarkington,
Mary Roberts Rineharfe, Gertrude
Atherton and Mary Johnston.
One must bear in miod also that
these exclusive serial stories represent less than one-tenth of all the
reading in this wonderful combination of a farm journal, home magazine and weekly digest of world
news. The Family Herald and
Weekly Star of Montreal is the
most economical journal for the
home, because it satisfies every
member of the family at a Very
low cost.
For a limited period the pub
Ushers of this great weekly announce the gift of a magnificent
picture in ten colors, entitled "The
Wonderful Heroine," to each subscriber.
---'. ;fSend""Your-" '-X'X-..[,]_.,,
��� '���.-.. [. rx'���[_[-.)tXo_ 'X-X X"- X. -] 7
GEO; ARMSON, GirandfForks;
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.. We
pay postage'one way.   -Terms Cash. -
This week Attorney-General
Manson will announce the personnel of the Royal Commission
which will investigate charges
of the Third party relative to P.
G. E. Railway matters. The
scope of the commission will be
comprehensive,...it- is learned in
inside, quarter?, and before the
commission has-fiuished its work
opportunity will-have';"" been ��� provided for the. fullest' enquiry into
every' ch arge - of /wrongdoing', inefficiency", -and"!excessive :cos's in
the handliu'g;of -the government
line'.-' .-."' .'; .'-". ' "��� -.   ���*'..-  - ":"-"���'. -."".. ���
[pon the arrival of the Canadian Pacific S.S. Empress of Canada at New
York, following her cruise Round America, Captain S. Robinson, R.N.R.,
who now commands this vessel on world cruise, was created.a Commander
of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his heroic work at Yokohama when Japan was rocked by earthquake and when the
Empress of Australia, which he then commanded, was the headquarters
for the rescue parties and relief workers. The investiture was made hy Sir
Harry Armstrong, British Consul General at New York in the presence of a
large gathering of important figures in Canadian and American political and
commercial life." This photograph was taken at the time of the investiture
and shows, from left to right, Sir Harry Armstrong, Captain S. Robinson,
C.B.E., R.N.R., and Mr. E. W. Beatty, K.C., president of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, who visited the blue ribbon vessel of the Canadian Pacific
'^et after the ceremony.
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
For Fall and Winter
Splendid-Assortment of New
��� Samples Just Arrived
Call and see them
Tailor and Cleaner
Has opened an office above Chas.
King's office.
Open 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
z HOME FOR BOYS   -���
FOR' BOYS attending High aud -Public
Schools.- -Fees ��30.00 month. .Particulars
apply, tb-lhe Reverend,'the Principal,.
11S6 Nicola- St.', Vancouver, B.C.'   -*   7*   .,
'Sealed lenders .wjll'be rcceivedljythe Miii*
lstpr.of. Lands7at. -Victoria,".not later-than
.sion'.._..on_. tlie_.10.tli_ day" of ...A p ril, .192}.,-. for. the
purchase of Licerico X5222, to.cu'.-S.lOO.OOOfeet
of Tamarac. Fir, Spruce and Yellow -Piuc',- aud
'KtfiOO Ties,- oh. an' areasiiiianul on Cedar and
Marsh".Creel's, six miles .West.of Midway,
Slffiillfa'tneen Land'District. - ,',,"       ���--/"
." Three (3) years will bcailo'ved for removal
of limber."*" '      _'" ;���   ...   /   "-:'.-'      .
. ," Farther particulars-of llie. Chief Forester,
Victoria, B. C, or.District. Forester, Nelson;
B-.C. '-.-������>���'   ���' 7   '- ���
.7"Applications tor,permits.to irrazu livestock
011 the Crown' ra_ij.'C within each. Vr"__.._ifT district of the province of liriCij.li Columbia must
be tiled with the District Koresler at Cranbrook,
Fort (jeurfre, Ka'1'11loops,-Nelson,* Rriiice Kupcrt,'
Va'i.couver;-Veri_on,'at_d Williams Lake; or with
the' 'Commissioner "of. tlraziiiiLf,-. Parliament
Buildings', -Victoria,- li.C, on or before -March
lstiyiw.     --       .'.*.  7- :.*. .������; . '"' '������'.-,
-" ISlank fornis-'upon which to sutimit applica-
tiptis may be-obtained from the]..District. Fjot-.
esters at the above*, named places or. froni .the
-Departiuciit of Laiids*atfVictoria,'3J.'C,
''     '-,.'   - "'       .fiW KADEN,.   7-   -7
.*-"*. - -Deputy Minister of Lands..
Department of Lands;' _'' '..'     ' , ���-���
Victoria',-B.C;-*" .'"*--"*   .-"    '-*
January 'Slit, 1924.   -     ���
Mnp| fSmeltiiig Co.
of Canada, Limited'W-777";; xX'-y-
.Office, Smelting and Refining Department
rPurchaser s ofGold, ���Silyer, Cdpper,;Lea^f and^Zinc' Of es^
'";:yM r'-I*rodncers;fqr .Gold;'-'.Silver,'ICopper,7 Pig'"Lead*fand Zinc
X-;>Xs'XSyy.XxX.. X -^/V'f^TAiJANAC1"' BRAND."*; '���".' Xx": [XyXXXXXxXX
itv First
'"pHROUGH.every process in the
: . brewing of "Cascade" runs the
predominating .thought of "purity"
Wit jealously guards its right to be
classed as fa "pure tonic beverage."
Think of that when buying beer���
then you'll INSIST on' "Cascade."
.- LIMITED '��� *-...-'
��� This "advertisement is .not published or;
"disp.layed.by the Liquor Control Board or"
"iiy, the Gbverninent of British'iColumbia.. '[���-
. Mixed-baled", hay,' Tiiiiothy and Alsike
Clover, good for cattle and horses, $20.06
per-ton, transferred or F.O.B.,, Green wood.
F. Haussen*��;r; Box 364,-Greenwood, B:C.
;.--'' "'  F0R:SALE -
Seven mens winter overcoats 5 mens,
raincoats..:5' ladies coats, 30 pairs of shoes.
Will sell cheap...*/'" .".",:
-'._. ." .AiBERT MOSI,6nKAj',
"-'..:-';....;-���   ���.���,'.-"*' Midway, B.C.
. . 'Water-service- will' be' immediately
cut -pff'anyf' premises; where it* is found,
that fa.ucets:are left open for the1 purpose
qf keeping water circulating in Mhe pipes
and :also "where- - "wastage is. occurring
through negligence of any kind on part
pf:theconsuin'er. y *   '
Citizens are asked ' to' cooperate/by
notifying the CitjT Office, or f menifjers' of
the-Council .of. aiiy case coining under
.their'notice."   "'"
By Order,
.������-'      ' CITY COUNCIL-
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Orown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects/conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
Full information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions ls
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department of *
Lands,.Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.   7'
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 6,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Range.      ' ���      "
Applications for; pre-emptions are
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can.be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions, must be occupied for
five years  and  improvements   mado' -
,'to  value  of  $10  per acre,' including *
clearing and cultivating" at least five
acres, berore a Crown Grant can be
received.   _    .''.���' .,   ;���      ': ' ''""""".
For more detailed information see
tho Bulletin.. "How-to Pre-empt
Land." -��� .    y.:
Applications are received for purchase    of    vacant    and. /unreserved:
Crown  lands,, -not ..being: timberland,
for  agricultural purposes; '-minimum ..
price of first-class (arable) land is $5
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
land  $2.50  per acre.    Further information regarding purchase  or lease,
of Crown lands is "given in. Bulletin'
No. 10, Land- Series,  "Purchase and ���
Lease of Crown Lands.'!   -';.,'   -7   ;._
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on
timber land, not - exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased "or .leased, the "conditions       including ..---.payment���''     of ���
stumpage.     :.-    -.-���;." "",.7   ->"-*."'"'���.
Unsurvcyed areas,"'not^exoee'ding 20'.:
acres, may be' leased- as hom'esites,.���[
conditional upon . a" dwelling ; being
erected in the'first year, title/being'.,
obtainable after- residence, and -inir-
provement conditions are 'fulfilled
and land hasf been* surveyed.      .'.-.
X,. _ -__LEASES _"._ X. X-.XXyl
For  grazing* aiid ^industrial _ pur-"-
poso3 ai*cas not exceeding 640 acres
may be  leased by  one  person -or a
compa"ny.      '-: /    ;" .   *��� .*-- :' - ������/ . . _  -;.- ���:.-
-. -.-.-.,. -'grazing'-,   _.;  ;.'.-: I-
,/ _Under"the. .Grazing- Act Uie,"Prov--
-irico Is .'divided, into grazing districts
..and the. range.administered under, n.
"Grazing."',f- Commissioner." .. Annual
/grazing permits are.isfsued based on
numbers ranged; priority .-being .given '
"to cstabl!shed''ow,ners: -Stock-owners"
' may- form "associations , for ','rahgo-*,
" management.- .Free, or,partially free,-
���pevmlts   are "available--for    settlers,*
-campers   and   travellers,. up   to - ten
head.  '    "   ..' - '    -.  . :
VXXy  TO END OF DECEMBER, 192?     " ^)V}'r
.Hai3 proddcodMinerials.valued as follows:   Placer Gold, 876,542,203; Lode
WW./   'Goldv;$10^647,661;8ilyer;859;8i4s266rLead85^
-}Zinc,  S24,625,853;\-MiBcellraMnVr.'Bfiiieralr, 81,358,839; Coal and, Coke,. 8238,-
7 .289;565;/Building Stoae, B^ok/^Mi'et&;^36ITO6i942i.\-toiking: i^Minerai.
'-]: '.,-.-. -'Production to the end'of 1922 show " XX-).-..    [ - "���'; '
VV7''x [zVxk&xkg
Prodactidri for tM
. _._";._i.7;.':^'^'The/Mining--'LawB of this Province are more liberal, andr the fees lower,5"'''""'/W/
y)Vr    ^sn those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British
f;-' V Empire,    " ������
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing such properties, the security
���)X, of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
���'";;:'"'/* XX 7'    7 Fnllinformation, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained:
. ../-.-',.���.-' X "gratis by addressing-���XX,  . [ xz ./-��� __ yx-'.; - -/*     X 'yy'-,. - ,"7 ���"   //��� .���- ;/.���  ���   .;""' WW-;
Xy[,: XX   XXXXlXXyzy: ^ ."��pK; tbe hunsster of ;��ines-;
'yy:z- yy y] yiXXxXyXXxxxyX'iymmAiXmmi coimnwa/W
Of $769,418,462 X[y
Ending December^ 1922, $35il58,843
r il
rrjw^;-"*^^-*^*'3?,*!'1?^���:-.*.^ :���<*-��*$


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