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The Ledge Apr 8, 1920

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 '._������  y, y-y.^y-'i .-g. ".���'��� "y- ���    --: ���   .     .--y.-'y y--- - "
vincial Library
-v c ^V-v.^-.-
Vol.   XXVI.
No. 39
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive fcy filling it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
Just Arrived
Kippered Herrings", Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish, Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,   Raisins   and
all   kinds   of   Nuts
Phone 46       LEE & BRYAN
mttumiimmmmmmmmiuuumumu mmninm\
Independent Meat Market
-      HAM, BACON, ETC.
Phone S MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$125 each.
60 Watts   -   '   '.  $L25each
100    "      '   -    -' 2.00  ��'
200   "      '   '   ''    3,50 '���
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
For High Class Dry Goods; and Ladies Ready, to
Wears and Millinery*
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First
Tasty meals and comfortable rooma.   Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.   Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Fool hall in connection.
W. D. BUSK.     ���-      ,- - PROPRIETOR
We carry a large line of
-J. G. McMynn,  Midway
P. O. Box 1102
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skins dressed and mounted at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
aud Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
v  Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
421 Baker Street
NELSON^.   B. C.
Stocks, Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
u   Iii Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods sent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
aud efficient manner.
Kodaks, full line of Films
and Supplies at
Goodeve Drug Store
MAKE your banker your iman-
advisor, Let him help you
to shape your affairs, so that he
���will be warranted in giving you
ample credit to operate your farm
efficiently. Our aim is to* assist
you in every way possible.
PAID-UP CAPITAL      - '  - S  ,    $!5-22&222
RESERVE FUND -        -        $15,000,000
GREENWOOD BRANCH, U E. Brawders/ Manager.
Dealer in ���.
Orders Promptly Filled
clothes cleaned "
.pressed and repaired
Around; Home I
Miss L. Sinclair of Nelson, is
the guest of her sister, Miss E.
Sinclair, agent for the B. C.
Telephone Co.
" Send a Float to your friends at
once. You can get them 3t
The Ledge office.
George Robinson has left for
Nevada. '
A. Sater is on* a business trip
to Vancouyer.
'  H. R.   Bidder left   for Allenby
on Friday morning last.
Gasoline is 55 cents a gallon at
McMynn's Store, Midway.
S. M. Johnson was ia town
from Beaverdell this week.
Charles Buckless has returned
to Princeton frotn'Vancouver.
D. R. McElmo'n, watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B,   C.
John Skilling is now employed
at the Sullivan mine, Kimbcrlev.
For Sai,e.���1 Ford Car, apply
to G.   A.  Reudell,   Greenwood,
B.C. i
y       o
A.   Pontesso,    of    Kingsgate,
spent Easter with  his family in
this city. ;
T. S. Quance, formerly of
Pboenix, has boughc a drug store
in Toronto, Ont.
The Canada Copper mill at
Allenby is expected to be in
operation by Augiist.
W., Beal, principal of Phoenix
public school, is spending the
holidays in Vancouver.
Gordon S. Smith was recently
appointed manager of Johnston's
Drug store in Toronto, Ont.
Fresh Cream cheese, sausages,
kippered herring, salmon aud
sable cod at Rendell's Store.
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs, Roy
McLeod. of Phoenix, on March
31st, in Grand Forks, a daughter.
Miss M. McMynn, of the 'Central School, staff, ij^spendiug' the
holidays at her home'in Midway.
A. L. White of Princeton, now
travels in an auto, having recently purchased H. C. Lucas'
Mr. and Mrs. J. Henderson of
Beaverdell, were the" guests of
Mrs. G. Bong, for a few days this
Miss V. Gufstafson and two
brothers, of Phoenix, were visiting friends in Grand Forks this
We have received a new shipment of English prints, flannelettes, pillow casing and cambrics.
G. A, Rendell.
The wages on Government
road work have heen increased.
The foreman receives $5.25 a day
and laborers $4.25.
Four million feet of logs will
be taken out for the sawmill at
Lynch creek. Thissawmill has
commenced operations.
Miss E. M. Vladoyano returned
on Tuesday morning^from Trail,
where she spent Easter with her
mother, Mrs. L. Homes.
See the samples of the latest in
wall papers before you renovate
your house this, spring, Orders
taken at Goodeve Drug Store.
Miss M.' Keady, who has been
attending school in Nelson, is
spending the holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs.  J. Keady.
James Frank Montgomery' of
Rock Creek, and Miss Alice Ellen
Duncan, of Oroville, Wash:, were
married "on April-3rd, by Rev.
St. G. Smyth. ��� %'*
Chester Charlton, of Bridesville, received 60 sheep and a
young bull from London, Ont.,
last week. The sheep originally
came from Scotland.
Frache Bros., of Grand Forks,
shipped three tons of shrubs to
Edmonton, last week. The Riverside Nursery has' also commenced to ship out trees.
Dr. J. M. Burnett who has permanently-located in- Greenwood,
was with Dr. MacLean in 1914,
and overseas three years with
No. 8 Canadian Stationary Hospital. -Dr. Burnett has occupied"
Two Houses Burned
Two houses were burned to the
ground in the Rock Creek district,
recently. One of the houses was
owiied by Ed. "Berg and it was
on his ranch  up Nicholson creek.
The building and contents were
totally destroyed. This is the
second house that Mr. Berg has
lost in recent years.
The other fire occuried close to
Inghram bridge, in which a house
occupied by Mr. Wilson, was
burned, being a total loss, along
with its contents.
s                      *
Enjoyable Dance
The "Hard Times" Dance given
by Pythian Sisters in the Masonic
Hall on Monday evening was a
successful affair. Good music was
supplied by Mrs. Terhune and
George Sutherland, and the dancers
thoroughly enjoyed themselves until an early hour. Refreshments
were served by the ladies, and
their were an abundance of good
things to eat. The net proceeds
will be about $25.
Booze Poaching
,"Jake Myers, the United States
custom officer at Laurier, Wash.,
is said to come into possession of a
Ford car and about a dozen cases
of booze on Wednesday, says the
Grand Forks Gazette. A grab of
a fortnight ago produced about 20
There is said to be quiet a lively
traffic in booze /between British
Columbia and ^Washington. Washington ip now "bone dry" or sup;
posedly so, and some of the Uncle
Samnels across the border have become thirsty'almosfe to the parched
condition. A good.vbottle of booze
will command fifteen," twenty and
even twenty-five doliars, it is
stated, and as this booze can be
purchased on this side from $2 to
84 a bottle the temptation to smuggle some across the line has be-
come increasingly attractive."-
Close Races
An Englishman, a Scotchman,
and an Wshnaan_were _ indulging
in reminiscences of sporting occasions.
"The closest race I ever sasv was
a yaht race," said the Englishman, "in which one of tho boats
that had been recently painted won
by the breadth of a coat of paint."
"The closest race I ever saw,"
declared the Scotchman, "was one
in which a horse, stung by a bee,
won by the height of a swelling on
his nose."
. "The closest race T ever saw,"
said the Irishman, "is the Scotch."
In stock Royal Household flour,
wheat, shorts, oats, cracked corn
and chick food.    G. A. Rendell.
J. B.. McAuley, better known
as "Senator", died very, suddenly
in Princeton, last week. He was
a veteran of the American Civil
War. For 20 years he was a resident of Phoenix, having arriyed
their whfen the camp first opened.
In recent Vears he had lived on a
ranch in Manitoba, but sold out
last fall and went to, Princeton to
The Rev. Ales Sinclair who
had charge of the Phoenix,
Greenwood and Midway Presbyterian congregations last summer,
has just finished his nine year
college course, and has" received
two Diplomas, the B. A. of Manitoba University and the full
Diploma for - Theology," from
Manitoba College, At the Convocation he received to prizes, a
Dr- MacLean's residence and also j scholarship for General Profic-
ofhee.,. ' iency and one for Oratory,
Western Float
A lacrosse club has been organized in Penticton.
A jitney service will be operated
on the Cariboo- road this  summer.
Ranchers up the North Fork
from Grand Forks, ship meat to
A number of Mongolian pheas-
auts were released in the vicinity
of Penticton last week.
T. Eaton Co. of Winnipeg, is
advertising extensively in a number of B. C. newspapers.
Mary Pickford and Douglas
Fairbank, noted movie stars, were
married in Nevada last week.
France will float a $20,000,000
loan in Canada. The proceeds will
be used to purchase merchandise
in Canada.
The brass band is again in opera-,
tion in Penticton. Now that city
will be able to greet a royal visitor
with a big noise.
Robt. Jones one of the few remaining old-timers of the Cariboo,
died in Baikerville last month.
He came west in 1886.   ���
Ten thousand acres of land formerly held by Doukhobors near
Kamsack Sask.y will be opened for
soldier settlement on April 29.
The last of the Chinese war
workers have left the coast for the
Orient. Since last September 48,-
000 coolies passed through Vancouver.
A high board fence adorns the
boundary line at Kingsgate. No
person with an auto or wagon can
cross the line until the custom
officer unlocks the gate.
" A 'number 6f -Fernie" hotel men
who were sentenced to jail for an
infraction of the Prohibition Act,^
arrived in Nelpon on Thursday
night. They were in the best of
A. passenger on Thursday east-
bound train carried an alarm clock
in his suit case. This sleep disturber rang intermittingly, and
not even a porter near to answer
the call.
Vancouver's building permits
went well over the $300,000 mark
in March, a)id thereby showed an
increase of over two and a half
times as large as the total for
March, 1919.
��� Liquor consigned-to-Chinamen
has been seized at the express
office in Quesnel. by the police.
Under the law they have no right
to have no right to have liquor in
their possession,
' Mrs. E. M. Blaylock,_, widow of
the late Rev^ Thos. Blaylock. of
Nelson, died in Trail on March 30,
at an advanced age, at the home of
her son. S. G. Blaylock, general
manager of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Corapanjr of
The Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Company of Canada has
announced a housing scheme for
its employees at Trail, where the
housing problem is somewhat acute,
an employee having the privilege
of a loan of $2,000, to be expended
in either purchase or building.
Indications that there will be a
flood of applications for the housing loan. ^   ,
An act to disincorporate the City
of Sandon, in the Slocan district,
was introduced into the legislature
at Victoria on Wednesday last as a
means of settling a carious municipal tangle which has kept the
city conncil of Sandon in office
long after they wished to lay down
their municipal troubles. No elections have been held for the past
three year because there is hardly
anyone in the' municipality qualified to run for office and very few
who" are qualified to vote. The
trouble arises through the discovery
that the town is located on some
mineral claims, with the result
that there are no property owners
other than the owners of the min -
! ing properties.
Mining News
On" April 1st Indian reservations in British Columbia were
thrown open for tho mining of gold
and silver.
The Valerie copper mine in the
ynkon is being dismantled and
the machinery will be shipped to
The Trail smelter recived 194
tons of ore from the Providence
mine, Greenwood, during the first
three months of this year.
During the first three months of
this year the Trail smelter received
73,226 tons of-'bre and concentrates.
Over half the crude ore tonnage,
or 35,236 tone, came from the
Sullivan mine at Kimberley.
It is reported that the Loon
Lake Copper Company which owns
property four miles from Loon
Lake, Wash., will resume operations. A plan is now under way
for the refinancing of this company.
The Tallyho group of mineral
claims in the Wheaton district in
the Yukon has been bonded to
Philadelphia capitalists, and it is
expected that development work
will be commenced at an early date.
A modern flotation mill will be
installed at the Pyrargyrite mine,
formerly the Ruby, across the
boundary line and at the foot of
Mount Chopaka. The mill - will
operate this summer, and electric
power will be used.
Capt. J. A. McLennan arid A.
E. Garvey have bought the "Royal
group of six claims on Alice Arm
jrom D.J, ..Hancock. The price
mentionedis around one hundred
thousand with a large cash payment. This property lies close to
the Dolly Varden mine.
A car of ore a week ie being
shipped from the Horn Silver mine
of Similkameen to the Tacoma
smelter, according to a report from
that district. This mine carries
silver values of from 450 to 500
ounces to the ton. In 1919 the
Horn Silver was a heavy shipper
to Trail sin el ter, being credited
with 665 tons, the shipments ceasing with August.
A new coal seam near the North
-Thompson���river,���Kamloops,��� is
showing up well. Eight carloads
have been , shipped to the Queen
Bess mines at Blackpool for use in
their steam plant, where, after a
thorough test, it has proven much
superior to any fuel previously in
use. The product is a heavy,
bright butuminous coal, burning
clearly away without clinker and
with a- minimum of ash.
Dale L, Pat, who has succeeded
R. K. Neil of Spokane as general
manager of the Premier mine near
Stewart, says emphatically Stewart
will not be a second Klondyke because it is not a poor man's camp,
but one requiring modern equipt-
ment, and that of course entails
capital. With regard to labor conditions, the 'number of meu to be
absorbed afe the silver camps is
limited, but with promised railway
construction on the Alaskan side
fehe United States government will
employ a considerable number of
men this summer.
"A carload of machinery ior the
Athabasca Mill, which is being improved and extended by the California- mine, on Give-out creek,
has arrived in Rossland,. says the
Miner. It is now.being transported to the mine over the road constructed lasfe year. This particular
consignment consists of a Hardinge
ball mill, for fine grinding, fabricated in Denver, Col. Other'machinery has proceeded'this, and more
is feo follow, and fehe total cost of
the improvements will be aboufe
$20,000. The plant, aa altered,
will be completed and ready fcr
operation within 60 days.",   ,,   ,
^ ���yfyyfrrf'M'
T^    T-^T^a^.     a"��5^^\T\voor>.     B.     C
Real  Seville
All Orange and Sugar���
No camouflage.
Boiled uiih care in SiloerParu.
Espionage Game
Counter System Completely Paralyzed
Hun Spies in .England
The London Morning Post publish-
Seeding Prospects Fair
Good Supply of Wheat, Oats and Barley Seed in West
Ottawa.���Seeding prospects  in  the
prairie provinces arc very fair as far
Judges covers the pc-:ed  rccently an  interesting  record  of  a* can  be judged at this early date, j 3.
inquest of Canaan and. Ger���any's sPir system and Great Bri-, it is stated in reports to thc depart-.11
tain's counter-espionage   organization J mcnt of agriculture.   There is a good   *=-
Spohn's Distemper Compound
j    The book of
! riod from the con
j _  _   w-r B>_   uijj.uiizai.iuii |������"��� ui agiuuuuic,    jiicicis a gooa
I death of Joshua to the judgeship of which was so efficicnt by the summer  supply of wheat, oats and barley seed
���Samuel.   While Joshua and the elders of 1915 that seven German spies were""1 the west.    It is fairly well distrib-
I of his generation lived the people in taken in   one    fortnight,    paralyzing  utcd and in good conditions,
'some   measure   remained   faithful   to Germany's   schemes   to   re-establish      Good fall rains were reported from
,-���,,,,,   .   .,                     ,.          ,��� .her spy service  in  Great Britain.    A   most districts, and nowhere is it an-
,  his Word, but the very next genera- .                       .            ""'"'    "   .. .    .   . .,   . ..           .,.,    .      ��. ���    .,
.  ,                '       ���,   .     . feather in the cap ot the British or- ticipattd that there will be insufficient
tion  went  into  apostasy.    Their  de-:       . *           ,v- "'"'s" ">          .                           .
.      .               .        -   ���    .   , ,           . . ganization    was    the    capture of two  moisture for germination.    Some dis-
jclcnsion may be accounted for as foi- �� wpiua ui ���u
Apply to C  Q. PARKER. Western Manager 3
.348 Main St.     --   ,   -      WINNIPEG, MAN. |
j Dutchmen named Janssen and    Roos. | tricts are  fairly dry and depend  for
Ca        >t     I Suspicions were arounsed concerning , their crops on weather conditions ear
them   on   account  of  numerous   tele-I ^ in the season.
will   act   on   the   glands,   eliminate   the   disease   Kcnn   and   prevent;      _   ,.,.    . . .. .,    ..       _'     i grams     thcy    despatched    from   naval!      ill   giving   out   tliese   details,   Dr.
further   destruction   of   body   by   disease.     "SPOHN'S"   has   been I      2.   1 heir amalgamation  With the Ca- ,b * ' lcu    I10m   navaI
will "knock   it  in   very   short   time."    At   the  first  sij;n   of  a   cough I      *���   Failure   to   drive   the
or   cold   in   your   horse,   give   a   few   doses   of   "SPOHN'S."      It   from   their midst.
_  .nt '
disease.     "SPOHN'S"  has   been I
body   by   disease.     "SPOHN'S"
thc   standard    remedy   for   DISTEMPER,   INFLUENZA,    PINK
EYE,   CATARRHAL   FEVER,   COUGHS   and   COLDS   for   a
quarter   of   a   century.     At   all   drug  stores.
ports to The Hague, apparently ord- H- Crisdalc, deputy minister of agri-
ering cigars. 'This was remarkable as culture, stated that no difficulty is an-
sailors arc not in the habit of order- ticipalccl in distributing seed. There
ing cigars, so thc senders were arrest-!'s sufficient to meet every'demand and
ed. !**  W1"   kc  available Avhere  it  is   re-
70 Lombard St
naanites. Thcir close proximity to trie
people had its leavening effect, for
they soon intermarried with the
heathen. Tolerance with thc enemy
is closely followed by union therewith, and quick disaster comes in the
wake of such union.
3, Idolatry.   Intermarriage with thc
heathen was soon    followed   by   thc
j worship  of thc heathen  gods.    Thus  contradictory cxp'anations,   and    thej
Janssen and Roos, wlien examined 'qmrci1,
claimed to bc travelers on  behalf of      ("lop ProsPccts throughout the Dollie  Dicrks  company  of The  Hague.'"lim0U'> are   apparently  good  at  this
The only breed of draft horses ever shipped back to England-from
.   Canada for breeding purposes were Percherons. .   '"....
The greatest breed of draft horses in North America are-Percherons.
The safest investment in draft horses today Js Percherons.'
A profit to own���A pleasure, to handle. .
You will make no mistake in your horse breeding this year if you use.
a Percheron sire.    -    ������' . "... ."���'���''
Let us put you in touch with tbe best Canadian Percheron Breeds.:
Mention this paper when writing.
The   Canadian   Percheron   Horsebreeders* Association
William H.Willspn.^Secretairy (DeskA.), Calgary, Alberta
Under further examination tlicy gave
Spanish Flu
Claims Many Victims in Canada
and  should  be   guarded  against.
Minard's Liniment
Is a Great Preventative, being.one of the oldest   remedies   used.      Minard's    Liniment   lias
cured thousands of cases of Grippe, Bronchitis,
Sore Throat, Asthma and similar diseases.     It
is an  Enemy to Germs.    Thousands of hollies
being used every day, for sale by all druggists
and  general  dealers.
Yarmouth,   N.S.
Dairy Business Increases
Send   a
Thcy   arc
Swift  Current Increases   Output  By
Over Six Hundred Per
Thc Swift Current plant of the Saskatchewan Creamery Company reports an increase of over six hundred
pcr cent, in thc business done during
the first ten weeks of this ycar, as
compared with that of the corresponding period in 1919. This showing is
all thc. more remarkable since Swift
Current is in the heart of the so-called
"dry area" of Saskatchewan, where
during the past year the wheat crop
was much below normal. It is accepted as evidence that while lack ot
rain may seriously affect grain crops,
A *nte, reliable repviatinff   ii has no apparent effect on the dairy
.cn'ituie.   Sold. in_three do*   .,.���.,. .     ���
Israel's power was gradually weaken
ed, so that instead of bcing conquerors they became the conquered.
In chapter 2:6-9 is given a synopsis
of the book of Judges:
1. The sin of tlie people (vv. 6-13).
prosecution .showed that the address
of thc Dicrks company was thc samc
as the headquarters of the German
secret service in Holland. Next day
Roos endeavored to commit suicide
by cutting his manacled wrists on the
2. God's judgment for thcir sin (vv.  broken   glass  of  a  door.    Tlie  cigar
14, IS). lcoclc was found to rcfcr to naval scc-
3. Repentance of the people (3-9).     j rets, Habanas meaning Hsllt cruisers
4. God's deliverance at tlie hands of jand Coronas battleships.   Janssen and
the   julgcs   (vv.   16-19). i Roos  were convicted  and  shot on  n
A Tonic Medicine Is A Necessity At
This Season
Dr. Williams Pink Pills -arc an all
ycar 'round tonic, blood' builder and
nerve strengthened But they are
especially valuable in thc spring when
the system is clogged with impurities
A  repetition  of sin, oppression  by  miniature  rifle range  in   the grounds  as a result of the indoor life of  thc
winter   months.    There   is   no   other
season when thc blood is so much in
The largest stud ol the Pure-bred Percherons in the World. The fi. it Percheron-
breeding Farm Established in Canada. The only firm on the American continent
froni which British horsemen have selected Percheron breeding stock to establish
stud? in Britain.
Do not let the British breeders."comc to Canada nnd carry off all our best foundation stock. Oo not be satisfied with thc cheap cull stallions brought in by irresponsible dealers and stallion pediars from the United States, when you can buy the
best individuals of the best breedinR raised, right here .in Alberta by men that: have
been in the breeding business for 25 years, and expect to remain in the business.
We have sevcnlyrfour head of Pure-bred Percheron'Stallions ot our own breeding now.
on hand to select trom. You can see their sires and dams, and if you cannot choose
one from the lot to suit you we will give you every assistance in our power. Write
for prices or comc to Calgary Alberta, and we will meet you and show you the stock
at any time.���Address:
Manitoba to Improve Roads
The province -of   Manitoba   is
Dominion    Express   Money   Order
payiiblc   everywhere.
Cook's Cotton Roof Compoazi
the enemy; repentance on thc part, of the Tower. They faced'the firing
of the people, and God's deliverance, | parties with bravery. Neutral spies
is the story of the book of Judges. |from Holland and "elsewhere thus
1. The Judgeship of Deborah (4: 4-5). learned that an espionage mission in
Her name mcans "Bee," suggesting England was attended with thc groat-
! orderly instincts. As suggested by est difficulties. Thenceforward Gcr-
another, "She answered her name by! many only sent casual spies, who pre-
her industry, sagacity, and great use', tended  to  be  commercial   'travelers,  the spring^^ th'arpofsons"in"'the"blood! concrete bridges- arc .to be built.   All-
.    . .    . | spend $5,000,000 on road improvement
need, of purifying and enriching.    In, M T1    bu!k   f  hJ      .���       fo].
the  spring one  feels  weak and tired    ... ,   ������.      ., . "      .
���Dr.     Williams    Pink     Pills     give  lhe grading of   800   miles    of    road,
strength.'  In the spring the. appetite j When this is completed the province
~             " will have 2,000 miles,pf graded roads,
is often poor���Dr. Williams Pink Pills'
improve the appetite, tone the stem'
ach and aid weak digestion.    It is in
mostly graveled.    A large number of
to the public."   Thc period was mark-,and   tried   to . get   away  beforc  their  "10St of^" find an outlet in disfigur- the work will be done by contract un
roea of strength���No. i, si;   industry.    The  butter  output  of  the
2. $3; No. 3, S3 pcr box.
Sold by" all dmpcists;or srnt   Swift Current plant in 1919 was 199,-
^pSpES.^ &JSSI  054  Pounds, according  to figures  re- j^; administration of justice
ed by awful oppression.    Thc Israel-! movements aroused suspicion
ites were helpless, for the enemy had
900 chariots of iron.   Deborah was an
unique   character.     God   raised   her
up  for  such  a  time  as  this.    Under
a  palm  tree she lie'.d an  open  court
I Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
TORONTO. 0HT. '.Firntilj Wiiiur.)
ceived at thc dairy branch of thc pro-jIL Deborah Summons Barak (4:6-10)
vincial  department  of agriculture.       j    Barak mcans -iigiltn;ng.��   Deborah,
This creamery is a branch plant of bcing a  prop],ctcsS| wils ablc  to sc-
Crcamery    Com
ing pimples, eruptions and boils... Dr. der the supervision of the government.
Williams Pink Pills speedily clear the'
skin because they go -to the root of
the trouble in the blood. In spring
anaemia,, indigestion, neuralgia, rheumatism ancl many other troubles arc
persistent because of   weak,    watery
Bleak Prospect
"Two bags and a hatbox," said lhe!blood aild !t is at ^1}S time'wlien afl
the    Saskatchewan    creamery    t-om-  ject  thc  man  whosc  glfts  wou]d  cn_
pany  which  has other branch  plants  able ,lim t0 ra|ly thc forccs necd?d to
tourist who was   travelling    for
first time in 'Scotland, on arri
a little  wayside  station
nature takes on new life that the blooc'
tlic  most seriously needs attention.   Am-
"������>������>������.#���*���*>#..���.�� ��.>��l>��Ht��f..t.>��>.P<*��.*��"��.��tf>.��.M
Peanut Candy
Boil three cups of sugar in one cup/of
water until. it hardens when 'dropped^ into
water; flavor/ with lemon, then add one and
a half cups of Wantmore Blanched Salted
Peanuts chopped fine. Stir well. Have Veady
a hot dish or pan freely buttered, and pour
candy in. . Spread over enough surface','to ,
make a thin' candy. 'Be sure and use-Fowler's Wantmore Salted Peanuts, as no other
peanuts \\-ill_ make it as good.   <
ving at  ong those who have proved thc value
Thc porter  ��,f.^r-  vVilliams Pink Pil's is Mr. Ar
in various parts of the province. Since
January  first  the  total  output  of all
branches shows, an increase of approximately  fifty per cent, ovcr the cor-1
responding period last ycar. The faith
which thc company has
of dairying in the southern and west
crn  portions of Saskatcewan is evid
gain the victory over the formidable
1. Deborah's call (vv. 6.7). It was
I God's call through her She gave dc-
. finite instruction as to thc number of I
Constipated,  Bilious or
Headachy,  take
f __
j Allies Borrowing
j From Argentine
-!��� ������"��- �������������������������'���"��"��">">���'>'��#','<'������-'���"������'���.^"��">"��..��.i��
Britain, France and Italy Share-Loan
For Wheat Purchase
"   Announcement that negotiations for
Argentine's loan    of   $200,000,000", to'"
Great  Britain,  France and Italy  had
Telephone feystem
lenced by-the fact that thcy are erect-
ling new plants this'year at Weyburn
Being Extended !aiid m^p'c Creek. \
-_;.--. I-.-"The. idea  of : dairying   at-  Maple
mournfully collected thc articles and chic D-<(Carmichacl. Tarbot, N.S., who
put them on board a cab "And hv fayf:���"F��r a number of years I was
thc wav   porter" s-iid tl���! ���       ' bothered with pimples   which   would CJ
"ZZ ,U Z    I,,,,,ii Passcn^r,   break.out on my face and body.   The
what do thcy usually glve you here   trouble    was    always    worse   in   the
for��lt'P?   ��� I spring, and .although I tried different i
"The porter, jerked his  thumb over' trcatlll?nts' it: was wi 	
his shoulder.    "See yon bier hoose in   m��SS;      i ,the spr,njr of }wo years ago  stiPalcd-   Remove the.liver and'bowcl ;.sioncr o{ rlnancp of Ar���mlin,     - ,,;,-
in the future'    ,"',  \   -'amang thc trees?" he n,t^ l * ^ tr0l!blTe was w,��.rse than usual- a,,d  ^?lson   which   is   keeping   your  head'1!'0"".0/  ,na"CC ��f A,^n ine, on his.
urn nuure|men and thc stralogy to be cmpioycd, I    "^8 c eX '    nc askcd- ; although I was taking medicine it did  dizzy, your tongue coated" your breath ���arnval  fronl  Europe on' thc  steamer-
assuring  Barak  that   God  would  de-'.   .,      ' w at    as tilat t0 do wilh  not help mc until 1 finally decided to  bad  and   stomach  sour. '     Why. not  Lapland.   ...
^y Dr-. Williams Pink Pills.    Underspend a few cents for a box of Cascarets and  enjoy the nicest, gentlest
"Brain foggy?    Blue devils got you? ] heen  completed was madc yesterday
I treatments, it was without much sue-: Don't stay sick, bilious, headachy, con-' by Carlos A. Tornquist, high cpmmis-.
��� livcr-
X      - . | Creek five ycars ago was'a joke," says
Are 11,000 Phones' ia Farm Homes in-! aiV official of the dairy branch. "These  .
-���Alberia   - -|results,,accomplished in dry years,-on- -'
Accordinfe..to the deputy.minister of ly.go'to'shoiv the, possibilities of-the. ., ,   . ,,--     -.-
.-..--        ���,'..- .  ,- .���     ,-���      ���   , -.--... . ,     ; the prophetess, would inspire courage
railways and telephones bf thc provm-Jdairy industry, m this province under oh th&   'rt of.the warrio^   TTou.e^er
I normal conditions.
Sisera,   thc   captain   of - Jabin's!
army  into  his  hand.' -   i
2. Barak's reply (v. 8). Expression'
of unwillingness to go unless Deborah
would go. with him-should hardly be
considered as .cowardice or weakness,
is it. is a well recognized .fact that
the presence, of a woman, 'especially
cial government, therc arc 11,000 telephones in farm' homes iiv Alberta..
"It is thc aim of the government".to
"place an automatic phone in the home
of .every .subscriber. ,-The government
has adopted the-policy of extending
the system "as soon- as possible to dis-
-'" ������ British Shipping Supremacy
", Every,Britqn must have been" proud
to'read the statement'embodied" in a
��� "Weel, that's the Workhouse, ana
it's fu' *o old railway porters." Argonaut.
this treatment the pimples disappeared, and there has since been absolutely jio return of the trouble.'
laxative-cathartic you ever expenenc;,
ed?    Cascarets never gri'ic, sicken-or;-'
Great Britain and France each received 40 pcr cent, and -Italy". 20. per.
cent,  of the loan, ��� which', he  said, is
Dr. Williams Pink Pills can be ob-' inconvenience one.like Sal's. Oil. Cal-!fcir the purpose of financing'purchase
taincd from any.dealer in medicine or
by mail at 50 cents a box, or six boxes
f<K$2.50 from The Dr. Williams. Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Dairying in Manitoba
he should have believed- God's word
to give the victory without the aid ot
a woman. - "-'"...'
3.'Barak's rebuke (vv. 9, 10),'   Deborah" yielded  his. request, .but  made
cable despatch "that the: supremacy of '^ plain  to him. that it would detract
.British shipping lia'dbeen re-establish- from' his honor .ns a conqueror, "for
tricts where the service does not now     ,-  -   ,  -,   ,     '������ . ,,     .    ,.,   ���, -Xti1��-Tnrrl  dnli-coll  <;;Mra    ;���tn    ti,A ���
.���.'"���-- ��� ,       ;    -���    ied,   and  that  thc   Empires   share., or. tlic. .Lord snail sen  sisera    into . tlie,
CXJS-''   -������' ���',.-".'. 'j tlie   confiscated  enemy  shipping,   ad- ha��ds of a.woman."   ;y
���   In .pursuance-of rhis policy an am-1 , -. .    iT    .���       t .,.,,'. -   ilTT  -Tln> DpfMtnf T-ihin'c >\rmv (w
....        -, *   ,.     , /.    .   .   ���    ded to thc great output of ncw ships, l11-1.-  llle ueteat ot jabm s Army t.vv.
bilious plan of development is-being-1,-       -.       ..  -       . . .- "'A        11 i/r\
Value of Dairy Products.For theYear
Amounted to $16,789, 892.51
Manitoba has ibrty-four crcani'*i,jLS,
omel  or  Harsh   Pills,
while you sleep.
They    work! of 'wheat,' beef and other foodstuffs1 iri'
the" South American country. .
General Botha
As Campaigner
"followed this year.   Miles of construe- i-"^ - S'v���  us,  within; a  year  of thc
tion work-is being    undertaken-   forid��SC pf the 'var' a, tolal |on,!a&e fivCr
which the government-   has:   ordered'^ CCnt" Greater-than we had before
Sisera,    the    captain,   ,gathered    a
mighty army and went forth wilh full
She Tells Just Why
;   They Are So Popular
She had-severe backache before using
. Dodd's Kidney ,Pills, but  now  ��itiP:,.,.i, ->->nnn     -i        . - ������ i - ���-        -----  	
says she is quite well again" I     ,       ,00��"1"1;' an.d <^m'shippc-is,1 South African bulwarks of thc British ! a decided objection to this disappear
Hastings,-pnt. April -5th:-(Spccnir" ,PrC.SCnt ���"ld|Ic.at,ons ""-.increased Empire during the world war, carried ! ance, and instructions have been is-
-Among- the women i��� this" section Prod)!Ctlo�� .��t dairy products in- die on his campaign agaiiist'Great Brit-' sued that persons' traveling in India
D&rkidS Pills ^$���*'~\��f Province are exceedingly encouraging, aiu during the Boer War, is told; by . and. adjacent' countries Will not-be al-'
Skes ^^o^l^^J^n^r^C:y^ 19 V --Jer ot The.Contemporary Review:. "During j lowed. to car.* awayMnorc than 30
residents'.    Nor does 1 rfn^fln ,'"CVf   Sll.��S . WCrC   crectcd   at "d'ftcrcnt ; the Boer war he.used no maps.    He! sovereigns, while innocase will- Chi7
cat-'nese or Hindus he permitted to take
Embargo on Sovereigns
- China and India have an unlimited
capacity for absorbing the Australian
.sovereign, but unfortunately    in    the
During the Boer War Hc Used Noproccss 0f absorption. the gold, piece
j is melted down, becomes-'jewelry or
The Cojnmonwcalth has
General    Botha,   one of the ' is hoarded.
_T y- ���     -������ ���  '""" ������""'WJ   VV,-J,-   ticun;u  ui.  uiuercni   mc tioer war he used no maps.
St'h  Ivr^^��es'Mrs-.��akesfan.| parts of the province.-' ��� These" have.' worked entirely by rote, by swift
telephone    poles,   one "and a  theV^ar. ' It is scarcely..neccssary-to^^ssurance of victory, but. he made-a
half million   pounds'of  copper "��� wire, add for'the' .information'   of   peoplc. ^4 mistake;, he did no  .consider-tha
"   - j    u     ^ t -ti-   '--���-,      r. ���    'whose'business i�� witlr <5liinn!n<r" tli'nf'jt was t,le Lords battle  (v. la).: At
and about four- million poundsof iron- "11U!,C. ouhtil. ss is.w un snipping -tnat  ...-.    .       ... ��� v.       '
_w.fe   ���   .-���    - ....,-    ���..;,--   biir. carrying- capacity, is- "stiTI  short, the psychological  moment ��� Deborah
���y W ���"���"-     ii       '- V   -  "  -       "V1";   ������>��� 'of reauircmcnt<;'"-   " 'Whatevir^pfirii- 'gave\thc' signal .to'.- charge,-' assuring
���-During'the past-year over -two-miU-:-"--.--vq    .."*���-- --^vnaieycr-.acncu.-   -- , ------ ,���--.���.-- ---,-- -��� - - -.- -- ��� -
i'-"      i"       i-"��      -       n '��� t -'  ii   i"exists" however" ���will'c��rtiin!v"lip m^t Barak that .the; Lord would give -vic-
hon>long distance calls-wcrc handled-.'    "rtt-vrr> ",IU ccrtam.iy oe met     -   ..���    ..-;.;���-   ���,..., ���  ' ,
in   timc/.as'' eve'ry.month  many .new--Vtory .(��.;. 16).  -.1 hrough. supernatural
ships", are'being   launched', from" /the" interposition the enemy,became panic"
by' the system'.-
.,-A will written on a table cloth was
. refused probate in,San Francisco be-
.cause Mrs: Helen Scott,"who" wrote it
to give
sh?s^Ut^^e^K!^CyTi!,S";!S fi"c?>flh" .co.���- ereen oats,'and culations, by keenness of eye, by'away! more than 20 sovereigns each.
J3acka6hes:- Now^S qSjwST good che^f^d f?  " Tv ^^^'^  ��* thc  country.-by. rapid  Travelers to the United" . States    and
'air, " .   . qmtC *c'! a^1g0��J cleaP fec? for mi ch cows .(perception of the lie of the land/and   Europe, however, may still, carry ��S0
t--7��� am^i?Wyi,?}css^- with -Dodd's!i      e  l0td V;i,Up-'��! da!ry. Pro^cts !of thc. difference between dry and wet. in -gold. -   ''      ' "
S&     k(;hfhwc  Biven  me.i?1r-tl)c.y-car:a���ounted.to.$l6,7891892.5r.fe���d. marching  .places    and   haltinr"
*InbVnoS  ia t'tw'^cVt, '        m'     1?1?"��cr?lscd  Production,   combined -placcs, an4 s0 for^h��� . Yet his {ns^
Kidney. Pills are so Universlliv pop- ?>S'001'719-2;'-.. Thc ^crease .mdairyxng" i,{s,a5des,de.camp said that Bothahad
So^��^-rmw0f Canada..Thpy!,?-"lor.e-1n<?lIceab.,c  m   xhc  Southern.. only oncc bcen c      ht om   am, t, ���-
give satisfaction.-  Women in all parts Par': of  the province,    where "   '    "     ' ' "
yards of the United: Kingdom.
stricken, (see' 5:20).:.;
IV.-Sisera."'Killed "'by
17-24). i'i-y X'.X -:y
Woman' (yv.
The art ~ of .cameo .. cutting,   .was j Xln his flight he took refuge injael's
just'.before she died,.forgot to put a-'-brought to a high-stage of perfection  tent:'.-.Underi' the -guise-'or'Tricndsliip
found" relief- in Dodd's" Kidney PiPsi""        yCarS' ; 1-1CrC appcarp t0 be a
���If.you haVen't used DovU'c v;X..X.. (marked, change, towards ...more mixed
date onit."
)by the early'.'Grceks.
; As our boys "came, march- '"������
���ing home," they brought a. per--/
\tain red-blooded doctrine, and
showed ws,the glory of a perfect'X
body.; They will show us how \
\,'to "keep fit," even".if/we have/
passed middle life and are be-
:yond the athletic stage. /For
the tired business; man, the
man who feels/ the daily grind;
and the.nightly fag, has meager
appetite, headaches, nerves
^unstrung, is gloomy, ending.in
a soggy���..brain,, try the -right
way. Get out of bed, open the
window/breathe deeply, exer-
Jcise   the^ army "setting-up";
exercise or use dumb bells,
until in a warm glow.
Before breakfast take hot
water, and occasionally castor
oil or a pleasant laxative made
up of May-apple, alpin," Jalap^ and sold by all druggists as
; Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
/; ./As Prof. Strauss says, "The excretion of uric acid we
are able to effect by exciting diuresis." Drink copiously of
soft ram" or distilled water, six or eight glasses per day, hot
water before m^ala, and obtamyAnuric .Tablets,- double
Btrength^ for 50 jCte.., at the nearest drug stpre and take
them three times a day.: If/'you/want a trialpackagesend/
10 cents to Dr^;Pierce's Invalids-Hotel; Buffalo, N*XY.���-;:/;���'
"An^iric": (anti-uric-acid) is;/the/recent discovery ;6ty
Br. Pierce and;is much more potent than lithiaj-for it will
dissolve uric acid as hot tea dissolves;bukw./>*-: ;.:*>, xxix
she committed the most, heinous/murder...- She "fastened his head, to; thc
ground'by means of-a,"tcnt-piii. ''���
V. Deborah .arid Baratc's;S6ng of Vic-
"-. tory; (chap. 5). .'.' . :-"'.���"':.���- "--��� .'.-
-" Tliis-was.coiriposed and sung in celebration, of ...the -marvelous vie lory.
which God "had wrought. . .-   y'Y
you naven t used Dodd's Kidney
Pi Is ask your nefghbors about them,
i hey have.bcen -in.-use in Canada for
m.ore.than a Quarter, of accnturyaiid
have earned a place; ;��� thc ..family
medicine .chest  almost everywhere.-
Native Drivers in the Jungle
farming in this part of Manitoba. ���
Minard's Liniment. for   sale
;. where.-'
Wireless for Irish Cities
Cutting oi Telegraph and Telephone
Wires. Causing Trouble" "
V'-In',. consequence of-thc. frequency
Become, . Full-Fledged
Within Three or Four
/-.-'--Weeks *
It is natiiral;"that";sincc'..automobiie's/!
Former Emperor.Starts Moving .
X Part of former Emperor William's
personal luggage has been moved
Chauffeurs ���^rom'' .Bcntinck Castle, where he is
'living'at "present"to Doorn,. where he
is soon to. take-up his residence., A
latgc number." of . trunks.;   most ..of
was. when hc allowed his'own judgment to bc.'out-weighcd by that*of his
staff.";     ""    ' "
Motor Cars in Canada
.    -   .-,        , .-,   .    -���--...-. :.'""   which had not been opened since.thc
have-found-their-way into every-part f '-  '���:'-"���'      -.-    ,-"���  '���   ',   ���',���'���  ������ \
��� f-.i" ���',. ���.,      i ���"���    -     ������-.?'   -   .    former emperor s arrival-   here .have
of the world,;thc drivers;-would vary. . .     ������ ���,-   - ,-  ���        - . -.-    ;     M    ���.-
.��� .   ���  -   .-...'������-.,-.-���-������.--���    --    .    f-been taken lo Doom-in motor-trucks,
in-, appearance,, and in attire or. ack df  s, ../���--,.   f ��� ���-���-       .���--,----   -,-,
,   iX. . . ,. ������ .-   ,, ---���",-.    ��� Moving; day for Count Hohcnzollcrn
attire, according to-the-customs1 of'the  ic. ���vn* :���/-.��� k�� Mn :��� i    "
I     ������.-������ ���-. ���-       i ��� i   ., ..- -,     .. -is. expected to bc May- 1.        .-.-.-
countries-in which the motor car is i"  - /     -     -������:'.       . '"���.""
... .'called to do service.   If youwere.to
with which telephone ,and   'telegraph I ^j^ along th
ISffi^ ^ 1:' Catarrh Cannot be Cured
wires  iri.Mrcland  are .being "cut,  the j west" coast, of equatorial Africa several
governmcht'has.decided on an.'extcii.-j-hiihdrcd  miles  into
sive use :of wireless, telegraphy' there,';instance, you migli't.'sce a-motor truck lB" !oca!
{.       ......   >,      I by  LOCAL- APPLICATIONS.- ss they   can-
ine  interior,   for ' ���ot reach- the ��eat of "     ���'
One in Every Twenty-three Persons
In Canada Own a Motor
There are. 6,000,000 automobile's in
the United States or one to every
twenty inhabitants. In-England there
are .only. 180,000 ears, or onc to every
268 persons. There is.'one automobile
to'every :402 people in France,7 tb 684
people'in Germany, to" 1,000 people in
Italy;' to;-2,700 ��� people .iii- Austria, ,to
5,300 in-Russia".".-'.' -.'���'���
"Registration of cars in Canada -in-,
creased 13 per cent, over that of -19.18
Ontario continues to. be the banner
"province for automobiles, with 127,850
passenger ciirs, and. 11,428 motor
trucks in-use, .with"Saskatchewan, Al-
Property of Indians in tlie United
Somc ��� people   put. on   airs
others merely whistle them.
says' the Daily Mail;/    .'/ -."
.'.Naval'signalmen.'are being-."employ.-,
edto start .the. system; and the pew'i
paper intimates'. that  -portable
phones with a radius bfabout"30 miles :appcariance of. his. driver
the.'disease.'. Catarrh is . ,
greatly'influenced  by  con--bcrta,-Manitoba and Quebec following
,.     -     -   ...  -      t     .i    ��� '. - - ' i stituticnal- conditions.-     HALL'S CATARRH I-   .   ���   , -     - rr.. i    -       i   2-        -*-���   ���
jp.owing. through ,the jungle,  and -in .--���MEDICINE will -cure - catarrh.  . It is .taken ,in-ordcr..  lhc rural population owns
in the Domiri-
provinecs  the
rm, it
purifiers".    .The'j-
the'  ingredients., in t".
"are being ."employed , in-   transmitting jivould he evident t'hrit the high cost of  pro""'3 CAlr^Rlli.1 .MEDJCINE ��� is what
messages from one police station to (clothing, would   bother   him   not
another  or between  adjacent.-towns!  whit.  '   These   natives   become -full-
It'is-asserted that,   the'   system'   has'.fledged chauffeurs Within two'or three
proved satisfactory.. - ,
British Bullion Reaches  America
1'-erf<xTt,c 7-vr\n!?ini   ?f1-\^jn^edi.ents >ini    Canada is no longer an assembling
-.\. a v^.i--viii^n - MLDJCLNE    lswhati-;     . '    ' e '   '��� i ���>' .
uces, such .wonderful"results'io catarrhal,centre tor automobile parts made Jn
thc United States.   The made in Canada automobile is now.a reality.
conditions. -.   -   . "v    . . ���   _
one       Druggists 7Sd-Testimonials free.     ' "  -
F.' J.' Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo,, Ohio.
weeks from the lime-they see their' Good.Prospects'For Crop/.;.
first motor vehicle.   -".The. trucks,'of j   ,!** .c��n?idcr ;thc  prospects, for; lhe
which there are about' 200, maintain 'c��m'nS  season-��� on  the  land are  the
Gold bullion valued at two millions'reeuIar schedules as feeders'tb a largeIJ."' in^vfal.-years,?' states. F. \\[;
pounds sterling, to be used in paying steamship line plying,  between   west ICr?ndaiI' 01. Calgary,- the largest, in
interest on Anglo-French bonds. ^due I African-ports; and Europe arid.Ameri7:
next. October* .arrived in "New :York
on-the s.tea.mer:'-��aplari&.-;.' -The", con-;-
signment,.. .the "first to he -;s'cr;t-. here
from."Great". Britain, for- this-purpose,
it .was : said, .was consigned to J. P.
Morgan -aiid^Companj-.-. -/--'.';:/.'L".:";"'- ,'
An  oyster .attainscits.'"iull;-.growth'
in,..about, three years.'... ,".-.-,
They are {.loaded,.with men -aiid
supplies on the;inland trips/ and--With
cocoa, products, pal;n: pii, hides,- and
rubber hound-for,'the." coast. ;
dividual farmer, in Alberta.'--:
_: Mr." iCrandall states,that"he expects,
to crop;about. 10,000' acres.this year.
i. _.;��������� FisIi.May Cheapen Shoes :
.. Fish leather may reduce thc cost of
boots .and" shoesl The:.app'earahcc of
leather made.; from-~th.e" skins .of the
finny tribe is heralded by .tanners and
shoe manufacturers as the .beginning
of a hew national industry..   Experts
X Great'wealth" and j little health rhake
a pitiable combination!"      . -
"vV..:,N. ; U:     1310
Thc .moisture-conditions, he says,,are .say. fish leather will soon be used for
ideal.. ..There has been a heavy fall all kinds of footwearTlTom the-finest
of snow% which has gone off. gradually,! of women's shoes to.heavy hunting
furnishing..'moisture to.thfe.soil'-' boots.    It will also.be in demand for
This, opinion'is shared by "experience 'bookbinding, bags trunks and harness.
r:��i,,;farmcrs from rdl parts of the pro-.|Leather> made from fish/skins, it is
virice, an>l :-M indications point to a said, equals in quality that "made from
biayy-crcp UiFs-season.' ,   -    | land animals. V
Will Morning
Never Come
TJOES this illustration pic-
;������ ture your exjperience?
What is more distressing
than being unable to sleep?
Sleeplessness; is one of th#
first and most certain symp*
torns of exhausted nei^ves.
- This Is tho warning that you need.'
the assistance of -Djv; Chase's -Nery��
Food "to restore vigor to tho'nervi
cells tind: thereby avoid th'e=dev��lop-
xnent of-serioue nervoua trouble.   -,
"". By.lmprovins tho-;quality of the
hlood and-building' up the nerv-mis
system thte food cure brings .new
energy and strength to the vrhol��
b��dy., "    _    "'
��0 ceEt�� a. baz. 6 for $2.78, aU dosTers, er
Bdmanson, Bates & Co., TA&., Torcmts.
% ���r    r  . .     . / \
--> -      _ -..       .
T^     T-^"nn.-R].     O^t^N-WOOT), , B.     C.
<, 6/3.
Zam-Buk, because they have proved
that it does what is claimed for it.
Mias.n. L. Doxey, graduate nurse,  ; at the mere "suggestion."
of   3220   Michigan   Ave.,   Chicago,        ------
id." She glanced at" her little- pendant watch. "It's nearly four, and the
tide is high at four. Let's go for a
. "That for me!" said Ruggles, with
, such a clarion enthusiasm that Ruth
, laughed.
j   ""You seem very keen about it," said
A Tribute to the Cow
A True Friend That Has Never Been
Known to Falter
Littic do we realize thc debt we owe
the cow.   During thc dark ages of sa-
"You look like a different person vagery and barbarism we find her early ancestors natives of .the wild for-
Japanese Capture
South African Trade
eays: "I have a patient who suffered terribly with piles. Zam-Buk
Ib the ouly remedy that gave her
"I have used Zam-Buk myself
(or the same ailment, also for sores
���md burns, and have tho greatest
con fresco In it." "   -
British Formerly   Did   A   Business
There  Worth     200,000
Per Year
In 1913, Japanese imports into Bri-
trh South Africa were valued at only
Progress of School
Exhibition Centres
Saskatchewan Department of Education Is Encouraging Good
One of thc aims of the Saskatchewan Department of Education during
thc  past  few years  has  been  in   the
"Oh,it's.nice-to be able to get in/ests of the old world.   As the bright 'tl,,i South Africa were valued at only rfiP^^HtZ^���'l' fJwif-Tl
on  something- in  tne way ot sport, f    ��� ���,��� ,     .. dorr,  Unt.,  wntes:  ���    1   tcei  mar   i
said Ruggles, wondering if Ruth real-1"yf ot CIV,llzatl��"    penetrated    tlie   $sfil>891i    By 1918-tIiey had increased must write and tell  you of tlie bene- (organization of school exhibitions by
ly thought that it was her suggestion (darkness of that early period, and man ;      ��.,?07r0R<;  nnf1 fnr 1010 ���,-,- nnlv fit     T     have     received     from     Mil-1
of going to bathe that had so cnliv- called upon the cow, she came forth   to. ?W<V��51 ancl for in J vvcrc only bnrn,s     Hpart     and     Nerye     pi]|s
ened him.    "Swimming and golf are I from  her' seclusion   to   share in   the .^shtly less.   The Japanese have notjAbollt     four     years     ago     j     was
about all I can manage now, and it's | efforts that gave us a greater nation only caPtu'red tlle German trade in the taken      terribly      bad      with      my
lnot much fun to whark a ball a coujile ' �� p���iL  ��_.:/=.   r.i���i.   1...^ .t_... 1  i>��">
of hundred yards and then go limping
after it."
"But you can ride and drive a car
and sail," said Ruth.
pupils, both in thc cities and in the
rural districts, throughout the province,    fn them arc shown samples of
I'm not much of a rider," said Rug-
glcs; "1 never had the chance to learn
and there's no  exercise in driving a
and morc  enlightened  people!
-For two thousand   years    sli
shown "her allegiance to man, sharing
For two thousand   years    she   has 'a.1���51 completely superceded the Bri- I^^     , doctored  w!th nvo differ-
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� B\  ���
Copyrighted. Printed by ipecial
arrangement  with  Thos. Allen,
South  Pacific  Islands, but they have,��cart. nerves and fainting snells, andlWork turned out by the children and
down-in    bed    for    about     six  lhc  spirit  of C0Illpetjtion   aroused  is
. . .        , .,.,,. ...~.iilis.    I doctored  with two diner- . . ���    ,       .  . .     ,,.,
tish,    who    formerly did a business  cnt doctors and seemcd to pet belter. Proving especially beneficial.    Where
alike in his prosperity and adversity   thcre worth ovcr $200.000 Per year- A although  the fainting    spells    would boys and girls clubs arc in existence
responding nobly to all that was done": correspondent'   of   the   Scandinavian  not leave sm%hl^\^lsSU^e\l club fairs are he'd in connection with
for her, until throughjier development  Stopping Gazette states jhat every ar-, ���\���* fc to leave mc at'home at
car. -But I always like to swim and-she became an idol of the people of ticle on sale *" the-Marshall Islands  any  t;me     At fast   j   derided   to  re-
that's about the only thing that does her native country. "'s  ��^ JaPanesc  manufacture,  ranging sort   to proprietary     medicines" and
jjjg'from  needles  to anchors,  biscuits to  took
In 1493. when Columbus made
second vovw  to  Amorir-i   tho  row  sewing machines, jewelry to European  ��e"nc��   IO   re"'ve   D.ut   ""'.".""X
secona voyage  to  America,  the  cow .<=> ,    ,,     ,        , , from   them.       One  dav noticing  tlic
several     different     kinds,     but
seemed   to   receive   biit  little  benefit
not  seem  to bother nry  ankle.    But
I can swim all dav." ^...
"Weil,  then,  I'll  gel   Auntie,"    and - ,~     --   ���-������  ���  ���-     . .    ,.     .        , . ,.^.���   ...>..,.        _    _
we'll go down to the beach. *hc said.'came with him, and from  that  timc 'wcannf? lPI3arc,�� a" a"aPted to please advertisement    of    Milburn's    Heart
Miss Downing seemed efad to spc j to  the   present   day   she   has been -i   tlie nativc tastes    Thc British Cham-jand   Nerve   Pills   1   decided     to     try
RuprHcs and readily accepted his in- mosl   polcnt   factor  in   makin&   t|lis   her    of    comme
vitation, to   dinner.     Like   her  niece.'    , ,       ,, ,    ,      ..        Rcnuhlir   in i rc
she  was -devoured  wiMi   curiosilv   to!our own counlry, ��" greatest nation,, Kcpuo ic, in a r
the school exhibition.
Last year over two hundred exhibitions by schools were held and this
ycar already shows a substantial advance dver thc number of ccntrcs'org-
anieed in 1919; the Education Department set  their objective  for  1920 as
ber    of    commerce iu  the Argentine j them, and  beforc  1   had  taken   morc 1250 school exhibition centres
Ben Aii Hamid.    Ru<r- witli the highest type of womanhood  competitions in that country, says the boxPS   an(1 nm .d\most
to the villa to sav that  and manhood history has ever known. I Japanesc havc a,so donc a considera-1 terrible  spells.    I  si"c
, sec the-Misses
j pies telephoned
there would be two more miests for
(liiTi% . ��� for Von HrrtzMd and  the
two Dc Moiiterea--s were aUo expert--
ed���then went down to the beach wilh  ducts of thc fari" t0 market.
story uas ever Known.
Her sons helped till the soil of our  b'c business in plain
report on textile trade ',1,,an.two boxt;s } c0"kl,se,e l]}cy "crc l    lt is the Polic>' of thc department
���   helping me.    1  have  taken about ten     f cducation to     nd at least one judgc
' cured of those! , ,     ,   , ,     ,
crelv  feel   tliat Ior speaker to each of tue school ex
your medicine has proved a b'es^ing
dyed    cottons.
i . 111 1   . iHu-incr tn tlimr f-limn i-ii-.ni- h w rm,-,  ito nlc. a"d I advise any one troubled
(ancestors and slowly moved thc pro-1 0wl"S l" ��'cn  cheap laboi  il 1-_gen-;wit]l t]lci). hcarJ t0-try thcnii as I am
Ruth and hen aunt.
Rufcles    scarcely    recognized    the
Theyleril-y  considered   that Japan   will  in  confident  thev will  find relief."
went with  man  to  the dense  forests
of the ncw world, helped clear them
strolled  for homes and made cultivation pos-
routided     Aphrodite     w*Vo
across   the   beach   to  where   he   waWjbfc for the coming generation, and
_ . 1 waiting  at   t'-'e  waters   c'p-e.       Andi    ,        .,     .��� ,       c-     ���
CHAPTER XXII. !R���th vas  equallv surprised  at  Rnir- wllcn  the  tlde  of  emigration   turned
Ruth welcomed Rugglcs as warmly gle's viqrnrous nhv��inuc. fr>r his lean (westward they hauled thc belongings
���as thougn thcy" had heen friends of facc and limping p?it cave *'ie impres-' of the pioneer across thc sun-scorch-
years  standing,     which   indeed,     on   *\nn of a hodv sn^rrcly rob-st.    A"d  ccl piai���s and over the great mountain
Ruggles s siue, thcy had been. here, on thc contrary, was a vouthfuli ��������� .^ ��� ,��� ,,���      ��� , ,
"I*n so glad to see you." said shc.'Tn'on.  decn-chested.  stronglv    mus- lra"^ t0 ,new ll0lncs be-y01ld-
"Do  sit down and  tell me all about' cled, with the suggestion    of    latent I     Iruly,. the   cow   is   man's   greatest
yourself."    Shc half-closed her  eyes,  force a'ul untiring"encrgv. 'benefactor.   Hail, win'd, droughts and
and, with her head s'.ightly aslant, j As they swam seaward. Rn^glcs 1 floods may come, destroy our crops
gave him. a-brief but solicitous exam- ! rolled on his side and as his sinewy, and banisIl Hr ll0 b t froiTlwhat
ination   . "Do-vou  know   vou're  not   a,T"   n-islied   clear   of   t*e   wa*er   for  .    .  ,,   ., .' \-  ,      .
liking quite ays robust is T'd hoped its downward stroke, Rnth saw h.-|IS lcft the c��� nlanufacturcs^nto the
to sec "you. I believe you're thinner 1 tween shoulder and elbow a livid, M"ost nourishing and life-sustaining
���-and-you seem lots older than'when .��� tr^Jirr"'ar- cicatrix. I foods,  and  is  she not foster mother
the future be. a serious competitor for
thc textile trade of that market.
A wife must not expect her husband
to bc light hearted if her biscuits arc
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills
arc 50c a box at all dealers or mailed
direct on receipt of price by The T.
Milburn  Co.,  Limited. Toronto. Ont.
Cuticura Helps Clear Away
Dandruff and Irritation
On retiring, comb the hair cut straight",
then make a parting, gently nibbing in
Cuticura Ointmgnt with the end "of the
finger- Anoint additional partings until
thc whole scalp has been treated. Place
a light covering over the hair to protect
the pillow from possible stain. The next
morning shampoo with Cuticura- Soap
and hot water, using plenty of soap, best
applied with the hands. Rinse in tepid
water. Repeat in two weeks if needed.
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum
25c. cuch jilus Canadian duties.
Farm Values Increase
'hibitions held, and, with veiy few exceptions, judges and speakers wcrc |
provided for the exhibitions last year.'
These added vcry greatly to the interest and the value of these gatherings.
In addition to this outside help, thc
school inspectors in whose territory
the exhibition is held invariably attends, and it is largely due to thcir
efforts tha-t thc movement has attained its present success.
I saw-yeu last." |    J.'Tl,!,t's an ugly acar on your arm,"
_,   Rugglcs laughed.    "Can you blame 1sn^   sir< ..   ,
mc?" he asked    "Four lively girls and :    Ru*��r,1PS1 smW} .    f,     ,  . ���   _  ,  , ,
thre,e chaperoncs to watch is enough'^f,1^   in"f1"".   '"   ^c fi^t  T  told
��� '���       ���     -        ~        ���    ���     - "...von  about, but it never bn*1-i��rpd me,ity,
"1  p-ot that  fro"i
and life itself to countless thousands
of Jit tic children all ovcr this world
of ours.    Wc love her for her docil
Evcry child���whether it bc poor or
rich  is  entitled  to joy and  g'adness.
Health is the   birthright   of   all   and i"g to the estimates of lhe Dominion
there is absolutely no doubt that the Bureau of Statistics     This is a sub-
The Highest Price Prevails in Biitish
Thc   average   value   of  farm   lands      The Egyptians were the first to fix
for the Dominion, including improved, the length of the year,
and  unimproved  land,  together  with |      _> 	
thc value of buildings, dwellings and j , pjjWn ����ttv niiwrn
and other farm buildings, is placed at j /||,n|}j Alili fAlPId
$52 an acre for thc year 1919, accord-
Not A Blemis
mars   the    perfect
appearance of her complexion.   Permanent
and   temporary   sk n
troubles are effectively
concealed.   Reduces  unnatural color and corrects
;y skins. Highly antiseptic,
used with beneficial results as
curative agent for 70 years.
��riehtal 'Mr&atn.
healthy baby is a happy baby.    It is
the  baby's  nature  to  bc   happy���not ^.^
cross.    Only tiie sickly baby i.s cross *   ���
stantial increase ovcr    valuations    al
last   year;   $44' in   1917;   $41   in
to take thc fat off anybody, I guess." 1y0"
"I should think it might be," Ruth
agreed.      "I'm crazy    to meet them, j
Mr. Falconer has been in London for
her  beauty,  and  her  usefulness \ T'lc well child is a joy to the home- 1916. and $38 in  1914.    By provinces
IniiTh.   T prnrss T trot n��T pretty Iuel?v.  He'r lovaltv has"never weakened   and iif is a laughing..gurgling, happy little the value is highest in British Colum
3     J m.ui.un.u�����iiuipiccc  Qf i,uman,ty  which  drives
than  a smashed
' I \vi*Ii   nothing worse
I ani''e."
.        , . , .      "Ts thc mnn tli.it rrve vou that iab i become   bowed   with   the   weight   of
a few days, and he-gave mc a good  -    ,, ....    ,.    ,.,>,",      ,    ,      '
j    1    e c?   .1     1       n 1 in ''if* ari sHM alive?    R:1*h a��Vefl
deal of your news.   So they're all en-      ���xT��� ���  n���     .   clllv'--     IX     ' '���     "���
i?,�� . !      wo.    Piiiro-les    answered shorMv.
g''^l should say thcy were!" ^^sQ^ ^^ ^7^    a"    ��ff"
sighed.    "I  need a bell and blinders 1 S"2JC currr'    ",U '   ,    .
I hey prddWl slow'v mi ^nd w?'1cd
out on   the  bcfirh
to go around my house, in spite of
.Miss Challand and. Miss Elliot and
Darthca and Sarah. Thosc girls take
morc watching than a Bulgarian advance column. Not tliat there's any
harm in them," hc added hastily, "but
they're such a pack of kids���lhat is,
all hut Roxana."
'You know, you're a celebrity," said
ThisrlwWo   they
turned as  thon Hi  bv a common  im-
pil'sn   a"d  lor��k"d   it   earh   other.
"It's funnv." said Rng<rl^s. "hut after a gond 1o"f svim T nlwavs feel
as if I didn't belonnr on the land. T
sort'of hate to yo ashore p"3Jn p��<\
crawl  annul  wi'h   the  crowd."       He
r ,     ,   -    ,   ,,    _,,      . ,,    bia, being $178 an  acre, as compared
care from the household.   Thc sickly.   .,,   ,-.   .    .' ,       , . tr
baby is the opposite-he is cross and lw,lh Ontario s values of 66 per acre,
peevish;  cries a great deal and is a1 and Quebec of $72.
source of constant  worry to  the mo-|    Wages paid to farm help have con-
thcr.    But mothers  there is no need sidcrably    increased during thc year.
���        ,...., _   ���           0f your little ones being sickly.    Re-  P���   r       , ,   .    ..
saves the home.    God bless the cow  gulatc the baby's bowels and sweeten ,For- ^nada as a whole the wages pcr
' his  stomach  with  a gentle bul thor- month, during the summer, for males,
ough laxative and baby will soon be inclusive of board,  was $78. and  for
, should misfortune overtake us as wc
ycars, we., know that in thc cow we
have a friend that was never known
to   falter.    She  pays  thc debt.    Shc
^m\      SINCE g 1S70
You'll    find    Sloan's    Liniment
softens     the     severe
rheumatic ache
s one
Ruth.   "Have you seen the last 'Tat-, Pavc a. ?h��rt hv7h-   "M-'vhe it's h-
tler>?�� ,. cause its sort of hprr] work to keep
"No," said    Rugglcs, "and I "don't j UP ,V'M: !h�� p:?c;s,iIon;" ,
want to.    I've seen enough silly stuff!,     ' think    said Ruth.   T^s mo-pant
in-the papers���and pictures, too. Only    �� h,e because the passion rinds it
last week I took a fresh guy's camera 1 harf1  to kcQV Pace vlih  >'0"-
aAvay from  him and threw il in  thc I"   Miss-Dovmii" and Ruth w'"rc both
water."    He did nol add lhat on thc  charmed viMi Ruga's    wards,    and
vehement protest of the owner of the   found it difficult to hel^ve Hmt- such- , .    _     'a^,���-i   a> ���~
camera.hc had. pitched-him. into the  cn^me-ii-faut yonnfi ladies, could p?s.;Shcbby,  taded,  Old^ Apparel  lums
���littic do wc realize the debt we owe
her!���E. G. Bennctl, Missouri State
Dairy Commissioner.
" "That star up there is Orion."
"So that is O'Ryan, is it?"
"Yes, that's Orion."
"Well,  thank goodness  ther
Irishman in heaven."
Put it on freely. Don't rub it in.
Just let il penetrate naturally. What
a sense of soothing relief soon follows!
External aches, stiffness, soreness,
cramped muscles, strained sinews,
back "cricks"���those ailments can't
tight off thc relieving qualities of
Sloan's Liniment.    Clean, convenient.
well-and happy agrin.   Thousands of fema!cs $43 pcr month,    as    against economical.   35c, 70c, $1.40.   Made ini
mothers    have    nroved     this     thrnurrh   ~���� . * - _      Han^Hn I
Bit AT N AND    >
Trlai Bottlo elthej liem'di !1��. leadliit' CIii-'uMk or
V(.t��reolt"me<l!c��0o.f!u��piil0ali N XV j liunHi.n Biiir.
.US   I^OK   THE
        _        (ER-'.K Dvi YS
In. all,aliln foi (tup^n��� of thpsp ImportMH orcwis.
('raid I'ani* in th�� fnuJi. (.'onl RViiniaCbin I'- rs
!t" l(-��dliiK Cli��mnti> o.- Dr I.I' n.l.UO XIi::) <<>,
HAVI'RMWK  UD    S'XV ������   KINDDN   EN(.1,AN1).
T11.111UUJL 1-VH.n I'UUUi/ HUAbl
Old Garments New
When Diamond Dyed
wash aftcr his apparatus, lo the in- sib'y l,;,ve grown up in- a Turkish
tense delight of the beach.' Ruggles harem. Roxana. par'iciilarly.- fasrin-
detcstcd anything in the character of afed Ruth, who thought her the most
a scene, which, however, had not pre- bcputifnl creature she had rvr seen,
vcnlcd his bcing thc central figure of ^"^ to'd R'iffglcs so
several  as thc  result  of the popular ' did not enthuse
Fresh and Colorful
Examples of the Service of the Federal Department of
Poultry culling-demonstrations that
Do"'1' WOrry ab��Ut pcrfcct  rcsu'ts-  have been  carried  on  by thc  federal
But'"Rugae's Use "Diamond Dyes,," guaranteed to;Live Slock Branch havc clearly prov-
Oncc or twire'rlur- give a new, rich, fadeless color to anyjc(i t|]at jt ;s possible to take out from
mothers   have   proved   this    through *.-n ���   . ,.,0 (n_ .., ���  ��� D
thcir use of Baby's Own Tablets ~.$,'�� and $38 for ll!c R��vious ycar. By
therc is a smile in every dose of the ���c year wages for males average
Tablets. Give them to your baby and $764, including hoard, as compared
make him hanpy. Thc Tablets are w;tll $617 for jji]^ ;uuj for fcmaies
sold by medicine dealers or by mail $465 j <>m   for   the
at 2o cents a box from the Dr. Wii- ���>��=���'
Hams  Medicine  Co.,  Brockviile, Ont.
Poultry Culling
age. lucre's a lull-page pic
you and your pretty wards about to
take your dip, and it's'labelled; 'Rich-
ard_ Plantagenet Rugglcs, Meteoric
Milionaire, and his Lovely Wards,
thc Misses Ben Aii Hamid.' They arc
"Oh, there's no trouble about their
looks," said Ruggles, wearily.   "Some
something in  that veiled look which i coats, feathers, draperies, coverings-
reminded him of thc look in the eves
of a cal as it watches a bird from the
ambush of a shrub.
Thc evening passed pleasant'y. and
when, late the following day, Ruggles
went to the hotel to pay his respects
to the Downings.   he    learned    from
times I've almost wished thcy were as Ruth that her father and brother had
homely as huckleberry pic. However, 1 decided to go on to London for a
they'll all be married pretty soon,! few days' business trip. Shc and her
thank goodness!" jaunt were to stop on at Le Touquet
Ruth laughed merrily. "I wonder until their return, Miss Downing hav-
you didn't, fall in love with one of ing found the combination of sea air
them yourself," said she. ~ | and pine woods most beneficial to her
Rugglcs shook his head.   "Don't tell ��� asthma.
mc anything like that," said hc; "because I-don't believe it."
The days which immediately followed were the happiest Ruggles had ever
_ _Ruth   gay_c_Jiim,_a_swift,__sidelong-known:���Hc and-Ruth were-constantly
look.   They wcrc sitting by an open, together,  on   the beach  or the golf-
window in the spacious salon couloir links,    bathing,  or running over  the
leading from the foyer to the dining
room of the hotel and looking out up
on the grounds of the casino.    They
everything. ^
The Direction Book with each package tells how to Diamond Dye over
any color.
To match any material, have dealer
show you "Diamond Dye" Color Card.
Grand Duchess
Found in Rags
road in a  light racing-car that Ruggles had purciiascd.   It seemed to him
Sister of Late Tzar Found Toiling
Among Fellow Refugees
Grand Duchess Olga, sister of thc
late-Tzar-Nicholas of-Russia","has_b<?en
found by Ameriain Red Cross xvork-
crs, living in a box car near Novor-
ossysk, South Russia, it was announc-
today as he was getting before. The
value of this knowledge to thc farmers of Canada can hardly be ovcr-es-
_ An equally valuable service of the
fcdcral live stock branch is the grading of market wool.   According to the
report of the minister for the  fiscal,
ycar ending    1918-19, ' approximately |
4,550,000 pounds of wool were system- j
atically graded and sold co-operative
These arc only examples of the ser-
A Little "Danderine" Stop's Your Hair
Coming Out and Doubles
Its Beauty
M-iWi^M^atH��?: '-x
Seed Peas in Alberta
Alberta   Farmer   Receives   Contract
From U. S. Seed House
As a., result of a visit of the repres-
and How to I'eed
Mailed    Free    to    any
IfulBfff^-- r
Address  b>   the
r ~
* ^Srp
II.   CTAY  fit OVER
CO.,   TNC,
America's Pioneer
118    West    31st-strect.
Dog Remedies
New  Vork. U.S A
���                                                                                         1
Business Psychology
A perpetually unshaven   fellow who
runs a ncwsland near the winter gar-
en tativc of a Urge United States seed  dc�� was haled into court on a trivial
company to Brooks and thc surround-  c}iarSe-   Hc P'^dcd his own case and
that each passing day brought them i cd al the headquarters of the -Amcr-
wcre quite alone, for the weather was  closer in sympathy   and "understand-'jcan rcj Cross in Washington
fine and everybody was on thc golf- ing.
links or thc tennis-courts or the beach |    Darthea and Ruth became quite in-
with  errant  couples  straying in   thc;timatC| an(j one night,    when    Miss
ing district for thc purpose of investigating the possibilities of growing j
seed peas on thc irrigated lands of
Southern Alberta, a contract has been
placed with Henry Davis to grow fifty
pcrcs of peas on his farm at Rose-
maty, A^erta, this year.
The representative of thc seed house
Mas vcry well pleased with the soil
rnd water conditions throughout the
district. Hc visited many farmers in
thc ncighboihood of Brooks, Duchess and Rosemary. If planted by
farmers who understand irrigation, he
��� , ,,.       ,   . , is  of the  opinion  that good paying
To   stop   falling  hair   at  once  and , ,     ,,, .,
rid   the   scalp   of   every' particle   Gf cr��Ps of Peas shoukl bc grown on t,ie
dandruff, get a small bottle of delight-1 in ig:tted farms there,
ful "Danderine" at any drug or toi'etj    Mr. Davis, with whom thc contract
w-s dismissed.
The magistrate was interested in his
excellent address and his knowledge
of the law. Hc explained that he had
been admitted to thc bar and was a
giaduate of a big eastern college.
"I could make $2,500 a year with my
law," he said, "and I make about $12,-
000 a year selling ne%vspapers. It may
sut prise you to see how unkempt 1
am. but it is business psychology.   If
1 dressed in good clothes peopie
would not purchase from me."
.   ,,      r   i  ' ,   T-*      v^       L     , in your hand and rub it into thc scalp,
vices  of   the   federal   Department   of Afj,er seyera,    appIicat;ons    the    hair
Agriculture, .which, has, branches and -usually-stops-coming-oul -and-  you
divisions for the advancement of prac- can'l  find  any  dandruff.    Help  your
licaMy  every  phase of farming    and haif ,t0 Brow strong, thick and long
,    . ���,:. .      , . ,   .     , and become soft, glossy and twice as
gardening    This report, which is ob- bcauti{ul and abundant.
tainable from the Publications Branch,
puntcr^fora^w ecuts,_ pour a little for the pianting of fifty acres of peas
has been made, came to Alberta from
Rigby, Idaho.-whcre he had had some
of the surviving members of the house
of Romanoff, thc duchess was discovered toiling among fellow refugees
from the territory recently conquered
Ottawa, covers concisely thc work of
thc whole department for thc twelvemonth period.
Bolshevism in Practice
pine-woods.   Rugglcs looked at Ruth,, Do%vn;ng was suffering from a head
and his features tightened with somc-iache   Darthea brought  Ruth inform-
thing of the expression of a person  aljy t0 din-ne-r at the viua,.which was bv thc Bolshcviki   civinsr such assis-
who has a sore tooth and bites on it! cjiuated it some little dist-mce from. ��oishcviki, fcivmg sucn assis
hard   with the idea of seeing    howlSftolclWe  3d��*of the  ffn��� *������ as shc could' ��U,WB*h hcrscIf-
much pain he can stand. I woods,  on  a  slight" eminence   which clad in rags, and grateful for any food j
,    Speaking .about engagements   and[ commandcd a view of the sea.   After and clothing shc could find,
&!,,n5, ���� .Jove  and  ail   that  sort  o    dinncr.-Ruggles. to his great disgust, i    RcfUKCCs havc been pouring    into'
thing,"  said he   M-Mr.   balconcr  tola was obliged to make a short call atL,    C   g   Yi    ,�����?��..      i      11       '   -
mc something about you-" ,thc ,,�������� of a neighbor? an English-1 Novorossysfc by the thousands, all rcvihc  history of  thc  w,
-    i'��e nasty, old gossip l-cvcn if he |man> t0 arrailgc some details of a golf.duccd to poverty.   Thc South Russian o[ s       ,,  ,,a    bccn  ,
is a dear!   cried Ruth      I know what !touniamcnt for which Ruggles had of- committee   of    thc    American     Red
hc told you. .He sa.d that I was en- fercd a cup< in which even hc )iad con- Cross has been cari���g for them to thc
wen, i '"Iscnlcd to serve on a committee.   The,'
gaged to Cecil Townsend!
nor ever will he!
limit of ils resources, .and it was in
Most   Remorseless   Tyranny, in the
History of  the World
In practice, Bolshevism has come to
bc thc  most  remorseless  tyranny in
orld.    Freedom
suppressed;   thc
press is more bound than ever it was
in the darkest days of Czardosn; and
the citizens hold lhcir lives more in-
London's Memorial
To Edith Cavell
Monument Carved Out of Solid Granite Is 40 Feet in Height
A London correspondent writes: In
experience with thc growing of seed
peas. Hc knows how and when to
usc water to get thc best results with
this crop. His experiment will be
watched with great interest, and if it
turns out as successfully as therc is
reason to anticipate it will, the growing of seed peas should become general in the distiict.
In the irrigated areas of Idaho considerable areas of land are devoted to
,thc growth of seed  peas,  which has
A Dyspepsia Cure |
M.D. advises; "Penont who *)
���uffer from severe indigeition jj
and constipation cancur*_��hem?_ *
���etv-aa by taking fifteen to
thirty drop* oi Extract of Root*
after each meal and at bedtime.
This remedy is known as Mother
Stigel's Curative Syrop in the drag ^
trade." Get the genuine. SOc. 9
/nd $1.00 Bottles. >  *
the middle of the roadway in St. Mar- provcd a vcry profitable crop, and thc
tin's Lane, a mere stone's throw- f>om  handling of the seed is an important
industry. Conditions near Brooks arc
said to bc similar to those in Idaho,
if not morc favorable.
(to bc continued)
Indians in the Great War
One  Indian   Credited   V/ith  Having
Killed 378 Germans
Later she. married an army officer,' Lcninc p]cads that J)is rdgll q{ tcrrQr
since which timc, although the old is Qn!y a means lo an ^ that ;t
Russian law permits her to retain her ;s thc prclude {0 a g:orious cra of
title, shc has taken the name of her i tranquiIjty' and prosperity. That is
husband and has lived quietly at Ros- dclusion of thc most dangcrous kind.
tov as Mme. Kouhnkovsky.   She hasiThc- rcign of terro_ may wanc
Trafalgar square, great iron girder*,
tlicii lower pari iciccncd from-view
by a high palisading^ havo rccent'y
beeu erected, and on several occasions
I have heard obvious Londoners inquiring thc reason of their presence.
It is a spot with which visitors from
c-s'iucd to become very
is here tliat thc gr .it
poor martyred Fdith
Cavel! is to be erected. Thc monument, which is being carved out of
solid granite, is to bc forty feet in
height.   The figure of Nurse Cavell is
Gorky's Disappointment
Fruit.Does Not Grow Where Thistles
Have Always Grown
Maxim Gorky, according to a Finnish despatch, has just voiced his disappointment with the Bolshcviki.   He
two children, but the Red Cross- rc
is disabused; the revolution has not
. in marble.   A woman with an infant,' getieratccj    any   observable    spiritual
Butitypifying humanity and the care of a proEress; the run of men  fail to bc-
grcat nation  for thc weaker nations, I comc  a  wj,;t more  honest;  and  the
T ���" r A ?STtAvK �����""""
; faCC
ciety papers under thc name of 'Faith,'J
'Hope,' or 'Charity," ��� jolly good
names for them, too���started an absurd rumor that wc were engaged, or
about to be. Il was all nonsense. I
wouldn't marry the Honorable Cecil
Townsend it hc were���well���if for mv
sake he wcr* to become a shoe clerk
in one of our stores���say the Vienna
branch." Shc smiled maliciously at
the panting Ruggles. "If I ever marry, I'll marry  some   man   who   sees
tS^Hdc?hcaetd&^^^^ Indian affairs for the "fis-1 London, while the only other  Rom.!^^'^^^������;-;; serpent of evil and malice underfoot. - tions> a pcopIc g;vcs"forth according;
tunc came from 'tryde.'    My father's'cal year ending March 31, 1919. More ,anoff surviving is the Dowager Emp-
in ���tryde'���and my brothers in 'tryde,',than 4000 Indians from thc   various .*<**, who lives in Copenhagen
and lm.dani proud  of . it!      Iin    at. .. .. .   ,     ..,   ..     .-��� r- c    ti.:	
daughter of 'tryde,' and I don't takeitnbcs enIl^ed wlth thc .CE-F: ' n""
Ipeacc" but desolation.���The Times of TUc desiB^er. of what should prove to  to. its natnrc.    Fruit does- not grow
any odds; from anybody! Do you get
me?" ,    .
"I sure do/' said Ruggles reverently." It'seemed to him that a nightingale was sineing in his heart.
"Well, then," said Ruth; "put all
that Mr. Falconer told you out of your
head. He's an old dear, but he's English, and that means he's an old stup-
Egg Dealers to be Licensed
After June 1 this ycar, aH egg deal-
was over 35 per cent, of the Indians
of military age. One man, John
Campbell, a full-blooded Indian, "trav- U��� in Saskatchewan are to be licensed
elled 3,000 miles by trail, canoe and !at?d after that date S1�� eg6S can be
river steamer to enlist. Indians were | purchased by dealers until the eggs
decorated for various deeds of brav- l5,avc bccn caadlcd�� and those unfit
cry. Several served as snipers, and for usc ejected. Most producers and
Corporal  Francis Pegahmagabow, of dcsIcrs arc ln sympathy wilh the ncw
Res! *, Befresies, Se��lsa,
9e��fs--Keep yoar Eyes I
Strosg and Healthy. If1
tfesyTire. Smart, Itcb,or
Parry Sound, was credited with having killed 378 Germans.
act, which it is generally recognized
will go far toward detecting carelessness or dishonesty in hand!ing~eggs,
and will improve the quality of eggs
.�����, ...^w^.^.<,*��.��<,����      The Profiteer: I don't sec the sense
Burn, If Sore, Irritated, ib the wife bcing so anxious to" buy [consumed in the province as -well as
IftSamed or Granulated,
a�� Murine often. Safe for Infant of Adult
At all &raggists In Canada. Write for Free
EyeBeok. IferfsftCrappy*Cftfctf*,6.$.��,}&
kimono.    Why,  she  couldn't  p ���y"those for the "P0^ lrade-
the blootnin' instrument if she'd got
W.     ST.     U.     1310
ibe onc of London's- most imposing wIlerc thistles havc always grown be
i memorials, is Sir George Franpton,'f0r<;_ The two centuries of European
who is now putting thc finishing culture in Russia left the intellectual
touches to thc work in his studio. worid pretty much' as she found"st,
The site is particularly well chosen,'and has failed herself to catch the
in that it is admirably situated for thc principles of that culture she has so
convenience of many thousands of assiduously studied.���New York Eve-
visitors'who will annually^jmakc pil-|ning' Sun.
grimage to it. St. "Maitin's Xanc
is rrscticaliy i],e gateway to Theatre-
land o? London; a-id the cosmopolitan
quarter of the West End lies but a
littic distance msy. -   -
Efforts are -!v.*ys successes.' ( It is
a  greater t'-.l-c  to  try  without succeeding thar. to succeed without try
Yellowstone park contains more
geyser? than all the rest of the
known world.
Glass' windows have been found tn
the ruins of  Pompeii.
The ancients do not appear to have
, bad Any system of pBaclnation.
"THE "Enstlalce" Round Ead
* Stock Tank �� very popular.
Made of highest qntlity, heavy
lalvanized iron; the heavy tab-
ini is firmly locked oa tod the
strong fcngle iron braces ere
formed around the tubing. Side
sesma hsre double row of rivets.
Bottom i* taraed np inside���the
strca^ett contraction kn^^ra.
"BsKtlak*" T��oit�� an K<ht la erwr
itreC A!lrty!e��toefodiat.HcmoeTaflk��.
{2��t*raa,' Gnssries. Hot Ttooths,
GuoHsa end Owl Oil TaolcJ. W<gs��
T*akc Starr Mtita*, Ferf Cooker*.
��te- WeH Csb*!b��. Corre(Hte���� Cal*
x*tta,Gsi&4**. '
A& ftrfrUtrtm th Taut r* ""M*
Is $2 a year strictly in advauce,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.    If not
paid for until the^end of the year it is $3
It is always #2.50 a 'year to the United
States in advance..
Editor and Financier.]
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices...'    7.00
Sstray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    1.00
certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)   ,
AU other legal 'advertising, i2'cenls a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals I2j4c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross: means, that
your subscription is due, and
t':at the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Central School Report
March 1920.
Perfect attendance.
Doris Dixon, Percy Fraser, Irene
Inglis, Clarence Johnson, Malcolm
McLeod, Dickie Morrison, Leonard Pontesso, Jim Stalker, Merideth Fenner, Aldo Vickery.
Standing in class.
Jr. 2nd Reader: Leonard Pontesso, Clarence Johnson.
First Reader: Irene Inglis,
George Bryan.j
Second Primer: Eugene McGillvray, Lewis Mitchell.
Firsfe Primer: Merideth Fenner,
Malcolm McLeod,
Receiving Class: Arnold Pontesso, Allan McCurrach.
Schoolmaster asking for a definition of "The Quick and the
Dead," small urchin says:
"Please, 3ir, the man that gets
out of the path of the motor ,,oar is
quick, and 'im tbat doosn't is
dead."���Sporting Times.
The  Ledge has  always   room
for one more ad.
]S"o. actually attending       - 25
No. daily present       -       -       22
Perfect attendance:
Emmet Anderson, Jack Anderson, Mabel Axam, Selma Benson,
Ethel Fraser, Gabrielle Legault,
George Morrison, Sanford Pond,
Silvia Price, Stella Storer.
Highest standing.
Entrance: Sanford Pond 86,
Irene Mcintosh S5, Selma Benson
SI, Gordon Jenks 69, Mable Axam
66, Emmet Anderson 51, Joe Klinosky 49. The following did not
write all the papers but made the
percentage placed after their
names on the subjects written:
-Daisie Axam S3, John Krouten
68, Gari Intilla 56, Johnson Beat-
tie 66.
Junior . Reader 1"^.: Ragner
Johnson 60, Gabrielle Legault 60,.
Jack Anderson 60,. Lily Intilla 46,
George  Morrison 34. ���'   ""
���' The following did not write all
the     papers:    Ethel-  Fraser    77,,
/Hnrold Folvik 72,   Harry  Desjar-
..rline 6S, "Agda Carlson .64, Stella
Storer 47..   '        .     ''��� X""-X '���     '.'���'
i y    . DIVISION'II-'    "     ' -   ' .
Perfect attendance:      ..
..���'Sr II \Bessie   Bidder,   Edward
Johnson, Teddy Wilson, Kathleen
McLeod. .
'��� Jr III Allan Fraser, Horace
DuHamel,- Annie Tborslund, Mary
Klinosky, Annie Swanlund, Ethel
Benson,"Eraine DuHamel.'" 7 0"/"
Sr III. William McLeod, Mary
Kerr, John "Keny Gertrude Dixon.
-Standing in class: ./' /'"-_. '-.-'���',' ' -���"--���
". .Senior . ",2nd: Edward Johnson
80.3, "Bessie Bidder 79.3, Myrtle
Dixon 73, Teddy. Wilson 69,. Law-,
rence Duhamel 50, Kathleen "McLeod 42i4, Tillie McDonell 28,4, .
...   Class percentage 60.34./7.
���;- Jr III.    Allan Fraper..75,. Mary:
. Klinosky ,68.S, pfcilia ; "Haljstrom
03.5, Eraine DuHamel 62 7, Ruby
.Goodeve 61.1, EtherBenson 59 8,
Annie Tborslund 5478,,Horace Du
Hamel  ,47, ��� John. McDonell 43.8,:
Annie Swanluiid 28 1.^7
-Class percentage; 56.40. -..       -7.
Senior 3rd; Mildred. MacLareh,
. 76.8,7 John Kerr 68.9, . Mary 7 Kerr
.58.9, Gertrude Dixon 57.4, John
Wyder 53.3/ Ernest: Wyder ;51.3,r
William McLeod 40.6 Joseph-Put-,
''zel 36:70" ...//; ������-_ -X- ' ':_.."';
/   Class percentage 55.49;
la the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and ^situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
TAKE NOTICE tliat I, Charles Graser,
of Boundary Palls in said District, occupation,
Rancher, intend to aoply for permission to
purchase the following' described lands:
Commencing at a.post planted ;atj the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; tlience North 20
chains; llience East 20chains; thence South 20
chains; and thence West 20 chains, and containing 40 acres mote or less, the same io In-
utilized for grazing? purposes.
Dated at   Houudiirv Falls,   B.C.,   November'
17th, 1919. "���"
4,4, ^.4.4.4. 4>t&><$4>'|*4> ��5-
j,  C LOAT is not a periodic-
*^    al.    It is a  book con-
taining 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how ife rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake -in
early.', days; how justice,
was dealfc.hrKaslo.in '93;.
How. the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically de:
piets the roamings .��� of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
Ife contains the early history
of Nelson and a -romance
of the Silver. King mine.
In ife are : printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before ife is too late. . The
price is -50 cents,"
paid to; any part of
world. . Address all. let
ters to -    -
the ����
* R. T. Lowery f
-<j�� /. GREEN-WOOb.*-B.'0.-    <��
��i,XXy:X''x:'--.Xi' -xx'-*
��&.xm^x xx"-
X: -division: hi
Class percentage
On May 1, 1920, the subscription
rates bf The Ledge will be '-aa follows; When paid in advance ��2.50
a year. When not paid for three
months or moje have passed 63.00
�� year. To Great Britain and the
United States 83 a year always in
advance. -..-'��.,.-'���..-
'���'-. iiR. T. - LOWEBY. ��� .
^:-v.*X*Zif..ir.:Wi.y ���"���.;���!..'--i.   .-:.
mmMW* ��� ':
a Watch
Our'plan let's you .get ��� yout-
present .quickly. 'The/quality.
of the article and when yoii'
get it depends on you.'..;-���
is being asked for in your -
district by all classes'- of
people. You can get. these-
subscriptions "for us ami earn
any article you desire. r)on't
./���'.let tonight pass without fin'd-
'���:... ing .out abg.ut this.^qfTer-
.'Tlie Bl'C, V'eterans'Wea'fciy.' 'XX. t
���-��� .'..'-��� 63-69 Province BHg,', '���'���'���'"���
'������ -'-V.'-/." ���'-.;��� '-'..,-yanconrer,..,IJ. C,'���:������-��� j -
���S*nd', me.;, {nil.-', particulars ��� of ,'7. ;
; .offer./-.'"'.''.-;.' ; , '���:... ��� . .". '/:"-.'-' '���; j"
} y~n.yf ���"���'.���.   ���       ������''      ���'. '"���'  ��� ���_ ...; I.
'   .\.AJSre*x ���'- -'-���- ���-".���--���     '-    --���
Do not forget
to file your
Income Tax Return
on or before the 30th of April, 1920.
Dominion of Canada
Department of Finance
A LL persons residing in Canada, em-
^^ ployed in Canada, or carrying on
business in Canada, are liable to a tax
on income, as follows:���
1. Every unmarried person, or widow, or
widower, without dependants as defined by the
Act, who during the calendar year 1919 received or
earned $1,000 or more.
2. All other individuals who during the
calendar year 1919 received or earned $2,000 or
3. Cvery corporation and joint stock company
whose profits exceeded $2,000 during the fiscal
year ended in 1919.
Fornix t0 "3e uset* m fii*n��
returns on or before
the 30th of April, 1920.
farmers and ranchers must use
Form T 1.
must use Form T IA.
stock companies must use Form
T 2.
Every person required to make a return, who
falls to do so within the time limit,' shall be
���ubject to a penalty of Twenty-live pet centum
of tha amount of the tai payable.
Any person, whether taxable, or otherwise,
who fails to males a return or provide information duly required according to the provision of
the Act, shall be liable on summary conviction
to a penalty of $100 for each day during
which the default continues. Also any person
making a false statement in any return or.In
any information required by the Minister, shall
be liable, on summary conviction, to a penalty
not exceeding $10,000, or to six months'Imprisonment or to both fine and Imprisonment.
General Instructions.
Obtain Forms from the Inspectors or
Assistant Inspectors of Taxation or from
Read carefully all instructions on
Form before filling it in.
Prepay postage on letters and documents forwarded by mail to Inspectors of
Make your returns promptly and avoid
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
-Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers bf Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Blueslbne,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
aud electricity. , Fine sample rooms. A comfort-
ablejiome for tourists and travellers Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling "beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Commissioner of Taxation.
Supposing you were telephoning a store and yougot-for the answer,
"Hello!" would you prodeed to give your order or would you enquire,
"Is tbat So-and-so's?" At the same time you would tbink how much
better it would have been had the person replied with the name of the
store. y . '���-
Had he done so, you would doubtless have slid to yonrself. "Now,
that man is up to date; beknows how to answer the telephone properly"
Yet how many people blurt out "Hello!" never realizing that it
sounds brusque ancl that it also interferes with efficient telephone service
Synopsis of
Land Ad Amendments
��� Minimum price of flrst-class land .
reduced to.$5 an acre; second-class to .
$2.50-an acre.
-Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only. .
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable .for agricultural purposes
ind which ls non-timber land.    -
Partnership pre-emptions abolished, .
but partieaof-not more than four may
arrange   for    adjacent   pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each' making
- necessary Improvements on respective -
claims. " : Q
���" Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ave years and make Improvements to
value of ?10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years,, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, be-~
cause of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of lm-.
provement and transfer his claim.
Records, without, permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
_y.e_ar.__Pailure_.to;jnake improvements .
or record same will operate as for-
felture. Title cannot be obtained In
's.S8.Ah?P 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre. Including 6. acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown "grant
may record another pre-emption, lf he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted, land. "'-'������'
��� Unsurveyed areas, not. exceeding 20
*cres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions. -
For grazing and industrial purposes
.areas- exceeding   6*0   acres   may. be
leased by one person or company.
Mill,  factory or industrial sites on.
timber land   not   exceeding : 40  acres
��� maybe purchased; conditions, include
.payment of stumpage.
Natural, hay. meadows   inaccessible
by existing;roads may be. purchased
. conditional upon construction of a road
to them. .^Rebate of one-half of cost of
road,, not exceeding half of purchase
- price,' is -made. ..   -   -
Culatnecn Botel
One of the largest hotels in
the city. Beautiful location,
- fine rooms and tasty mealu.
:;������   - act.--.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
nclude all persons Joining and serving with Hia Majesty's Forces.. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
?   * "ceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under.this Act. is extended
;from for one year, from the-death of
. such ��� person;  aa  formerly,   until, one.
year after the conclusion of the present
war.  'This privilege ls also made retroactive. , - ,-.--��� .--.   -
'No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable T>y soldiers on -pre-,
eruptions recorded after June 26. 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years
.Provision for return of moneys ac-
9rH2iv<Iue ana b8*n PaW since Augusi
.*, 1914, on account of payments, feet
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
V^TJ11*0��� oIty-IoU heId by "members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired .
direct or.indirect, remitted from ��n-
. llstment to March Si, 1920.    -.--.-;
'LAND8. .��� .   .
^Provision made for issuance of
Crown, grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Xands, .acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase,-interest aad taxaa. Wbara *ub-prachaa-
ers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase pric* due and taxes may
be distribute - proportionately over ���
.whole  �����*.;    Applications  must:7b��
JRAZiNQ. ��� '.���.:
��������� erasing Act,  IMS,  for    sytUmatic'
..development ot livestock industry pro- -
;;.vides for graalng districts and ransre
- administration   under   Commissioner "-"
-Annua! grazing permits issued baesd -
on numbers ranged-priority for established -  owners.      etock'-owneni   may '
form Associations for range manage.
roent.- Free, or paxUaEOy &a��, eaxtsiU
for settlers: campers or tr*.YWm, ap ..
made by
"��*' -7
,   Nicely lurnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
Nilson & Nilson
, 616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   - Proprietor
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse
Leave    Greenwood
Df ily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Easter Suggestions
A tempting piece of SHAMROCK HAM for Breakfast
SHAMROCK   BRANDS   of  Bacon,   Butter   and  Lard
w P, Burns  &  Company,   Nelson, B, C
% .. -������>.--
X4��4��*���&&#��$��� ���&*** '***���*���***+4��4��+4*tf
Autos for Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light ahd Heavy Draying
Palace ,, Livery   And  Stage
Physician and Surgeon
That he ��� has located at Greenwood
- Office
Residence   -
-   Guess Block.
Dr. MacLean's House
Office Phone 90.    . -Residence Phone 69
; prTlTfTtepoorten
All Work Guaranteed
P. 0. BOX 148. TELEPHONE 92
Morrison Block, GRAND FORKS, B.C.
(Expert Optician)
K- W. C Block        -      -     Nelsoa
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars,' and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
All . the   latest   methods   in   high-class
-.. Cotper Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -  B.C.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties,
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with iiw,   Have a buyer for good raach
E. W. WIDDOWSOM, Assayer and
Chemist, Box BiioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or popper.
$t each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
$7.00 Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc., on application.
Cbe RumcRotel
nelson, !$���������
The only up^tevdate Hotel in the inter ior,
in every respect, ���
��� ��� \
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
 each _ropm.__	
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
75   SAM RLE ROOiyiS
Steam Heated;  EJlectric Lighted. 4
RATES Si.OD per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.-
St *f����f��,��f*,*f*i^*?"?*4>^**f'*J*,l*,l* 4"%* ��f����f��4*��f,,l**f,,l*^*,l*'e
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
,   -    ,, Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Goid, $75,116,103; Lode
Gold, 593,717,974; Silver, 843,623,761; Lead 639,366,144; Copper, $130,597,620;
Other  Metals (Zinc,   Iron,   etc.), 810,933,466;  Coal and Coke,   $174,313,658;
,  Bnilding Stone,  Brick.  Cement, etc.,  827,902,381; making'its Mineral Production to fehe end of 1917 show an (
Aggregate Value of $595,571,107    i.
Production for Year Eliding December, 1917, $37,010,392
The   Mining   Laws of this Province are more liberal and-the fees lower
'   than those of any other Province in the Dominion,  or any colony in the British        ;
Empire. ���        ' /
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing such properties, the security
of which ib guaranteed by Crown Grants. '      . "-
Full information, together with mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
.  gratis by addressing��� '     -
VICTORIA, British Columbia.


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