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The Ledge Dec 8, 1921

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t-u ���"
X xM
���-��� 'r> -*\ a
j Pre
>l "H&
Vol.   XXVIII.
No. 22
> We have just opened up a nice assortmet of ���
Xmas Toys and other articles
Would be pleased to have you look them over Before
������''���'.. ���'���"'._      Buying Elsewhere
^1??t?^^fH!Hf^tnn^?!t??m??TTI5H??n???t?!?1!?nHMn?n T1!?n^S
Now is the time to make your
-While we can supply you with new season
Currants,   Raisins,   Peels,   Figs,
-x ^^ .���.'.'-"- '   .  ]X
Dates, Shelled  Nuts;   Etc.
AH Steps Lead To:
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
^aaiuuiuaiiu aiaiaiaiaiuaaiaaaiiauaiuiamaiiaiij^
You can certainly get what you
want in Christmas Presents
The WINDSOR. HOTEL ia heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Is arriving daily and leaves nothing to be desired
Etc-, Just In
% Xi
,k Back ofthe product you are offering to tlie consumer stands the plants     - ��j
|~      ""''-,,           wl-ere SHAMROCK BRAND is made. '     - ���-      . ' Jfc
i Are a distinctive product.  . They always carry that rich, crisp, nutty
���&'' - flavor.   The supreme in quality.                      ,    '
I "The Empire's Standard"
$ P. Burns. & Company, Limited.
* - Plants at, -
|  Calgary       Eamonton      Resina  .    Prince All&ert       Vancouver
A Merry Xmas
5" This is the time to buy
his remembrance.
This year it should be
We can supply you with
Mackinaw Coats and Pants-
Heavy tweed and serge cants-
Shoes, Rubbers, Slippers-
Suspenders, Neckties. Shirts,
Etc,   Etc.
W. Elsou 8 Co
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident^]
-Best Companies in   the  World
Enquire as  to Rates
Ranches For Sale
^Auctioneer 7
Call And See
D. R. McELMON, Greenwood
Agent for
Waltham Watches
Independent Meat
Fresh Meats;
A Trial  will Convince You
John Meyer"
f^^f88^     Late Norman Morrison
I Around] Home
R.   Williamsqn-V returned   last   Wednesday   morning as a shock
The news of the death of Norman
Morrison came over ��the wire on
week from Osoyoos.
Miss   Ruth  Anderson  has returned from Spokine.
John   Portmann   returned    to
Nicholson Creek on Sunday.
Service in  St. Jude's   Church,
Sunday, Dec. llthat 7.30 p.m.;
time.   Last summer he visited re
latives   at   Lloydminister,   Sask.,
and while there had a serious at
���_ ������_..���,���.....^ *..��.��.,��, ���."������������I
John Meyer is-now open  for tack of pneumonia which left him Goodeve, Cecilia Hallstrom, Bennie
business in P.  Burns &   Co.  old "'~'~  ---��� -    -       	
to be examined by specialists.   To
aotar7 day all that   was   mortal   of   our Padj,y> ��� Eetella    gtorer,     Annie
friend and townsman is at peadeful Thorslund, Maria Williamson.
Geo. C. Egg, of Grand  Forks,
has   been    appointed   a
W. C. Wilson^will shortly move re8-r
to Osoyoos where he will open up
a garage. "
. Gifts that "i,ast ��� Walthau
Bracelet Watches. $15 up at
McElmon's. 7r
'We .wish to call-your attention
to our ad on this page. T. M.
Gulley & Co. ~ V
F.F.^KetchumVof Beaverdell,
spent a couple of days in Greenwood this week.-  7
Oyster Cocktails. Virginia
oysters by - the; pint at the
Windsor Buffet. 7
.".- Mrs. Jack Holmes, of Trail, is
the guest of her daughter, Mrs.
G. W. A. Smith. .'
��� Twenty-five from Greenwood
attended the Masquerade dance
at RockTtlreek last Friday.
Born*���In Greenwood on Dec.
5, to Mr. and Mrs.-John C. Frazer
of Rock Creek, a daughter.
Jas. Machell returned to Rock
Creek on Wednesday after spending election day in this city.
��� W. G. Kennedy, formerly of
Trail'and Greenwood, has opened a stationery^store in Kelowna.
Mrs. Lyons and Miss C. L.
McDonald did some Xmas shopping at Grand Forks#on Saturday.
Frederic Keffer who examined
the Riverside mine at Rock
Creek returned tp Spokane .on
Mrs. C. T. Fenner left on Tuesday afternoon on a two weeks
visit to. Rossland the guest of
Mrs. h. Keating.
Alex. Greig will go to Vancouver on Friday to make arrangements for the funeral of his late
Baanockburri all wool Tweed pants at $9.00
Men's white rubbers $5.7 5.      Bib Overalls $2.25
AH Flew Low Prices
1^ */. a, Mc/Mjij/y/y^
We carry only the best stock procurable] Partfler- Norman Morrison.        ,
Some of the little tots-of Greenwood are writing to Santa Glaus
aiid mailing the letters at thYpost
office. The ajcldress is not given,
It's the spirit of Xmas in the air.
Mr. Copeland, president of the
United Farmers of B. ���., will
address an open meeting in the
Co-Operative Hall, Rock Creek,
on Dec. 15th.    Dance afterwards.
- While sleighing- on the streets
on Monday Francis "Jenkin met
with a nasty accident. He ran
into a cow and was kicked
over, the-eye necessitating two
stitches.   . , *,
W. J. E. Biker
Bush returned to Nelson last
week-after a successful ,hunting
trip at Stecves ranch, Main
Kettle river. They" got three
bucks each. ,
A plebiscite is being taken from
all ex- service men on the ques-
Wood For Sale   ' V
Second Hand Pipe, Rails,  Mining Cars
���   and other Mining Equipmeut
, '       Reasonable Prices .
Apply to J. W- Clark, Pacific Hotei
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at. S p.m., Sharp
Biggest   Train   Wreck
You Ever  Saw
Head-on!   Crash!   Right in  front ofthe
camera.   Habit wrecks trains just as it
wrecks lives! ��� *
- See this big sensation in
.    6 Reels 6
Christie Comedy
"PeUicoats and Pants"
ADULTS 50c., ? -     CHILDREN 25c.
Patrons are assurelo-f a,warm Tfieatre
tiorrof the disposal of the surplus
canteen funds amounting to over
two million dollars. Ballot postcards can be had. at all post offices.
A number of Ola L-ofsiad's
friends gave him   an agreeable
surprise at a Scandanavian party ?eannff   ���������Mrees    in
in his   new  house on Saturday Sommers,   of  Westbridge
night.     Among  those    present
were Mr. and Mrs. M. Anderson,
Mr. and Mrs. Mellrud,  Mr.  and
F. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Folvik
and two sons, C. A. Carlson and
family, Mr. and Mrs. F. Johnson,
Mrs. C. J. Carlson, Mrs. Mattson
and son, and Paul Nelson came
from the Riverside mine..  There
was lots of good things   to eat.
It was a- merry party "aud dancing
was'kept; up.; until747 a,m--.7 Mr.
Lofstad.7wili7 be/" gladVto .have
them come" agaih/VVj ������ iXciX X XyX
barbed with pain and Borrow. Mr.
Morrison died in Vancouver on
Tuesday Dec. 6th.    He   had  not
Greenwood Public School
November, 1921
na weakened'condition.    About Hurst, Gordon Jenks, Mary Kerr,
ten days ago be went to Vancouver John " KeiT|     G6orge  Mo,,ri80n.
The' deceased came to Greenwood
in 1906; when he and Alex.  Greig
purchased the Pacific Hotel, which ���_���,���, ���
:.- -*���,       .                                ���   ; Robert Mowat,    Lilly     Intilla,
they   have   successfully   managed ���       . _,       '
v       .         -���      ,,    . Emmet Anderson,   Mildred   Mc-
since. Mr. Morrison was
born in Quebec about 64 years ago.
Deceased was never married and
was held in the hightest esteem by
all, being straighforward and upright in all hiB dealings, and of a
quiet yet genial disposition. He is
survived by a brother, at Haney,
B.C.,7and relatives at Lloydmin-
ster, Sask. "7
Darkness precedes the dawning
and out of the blackness of night
comes theTunshine and joy of the
day. And so from "the. beauty of
his life take an inspiration and go
forth to live as he lived, so that
when the end comes yon may Bay
as did he, "all is well." "
City Council
--..-The Council nlefe in.regular-'session in the City Hall on Monday
Dec. v5th, Mayor Gulley in the
chair and all aldermen present.
A communication from the re*
presentative of the Greenwood City
"Waterworks Co.', in connection
with the lighting system was laid
over until further information was
The clerk reported the result" of
hes negotiatione for the skating
and curling rinks for the winter
season and the,arrangements made
were endorsed by the"council.
The course adopted by the City
Clerk in connection with certain
outstanding accounts was approved
by the council.
^Several matters pertaining, to
buildings in the city recently
acquired by the.Corporation were
left in abeyance pending the visit
of Trustee Awrey towards the middle of the month.
JN>xk council meeting will be
held on Dee. 19th. .:
On Wednesday afternoon and
evening, Dec, 14th the Ladies Aid
will give a tea at. the home of
Mrs. D. Mcintosh in >id', of. the
Vancouver Santa Claus fund. A
silver collection, will be taken at
and .Howard the door. 7
-   Arthur
Milltown, Mont, where she will Allan McCurrach, Helen Bakke
reside with her'son.
J. N. O'Neill, Principal
No. on roll
Aggregate attendance
been in Jbhe best of health for some Average daily attendance
���:, 504
P. C. of attendance
Perfect attendance
Sam Eustis, Allan Frasar, Ruby
Robert Mowat, Silvia Price,   Jesse
Proficiency list:
Senior IV:   Maria Williamson,
Gordon   Jenks,     Estella    Storer,
Laren, George Morrison, Jack Anderson, Mary Kerr," Silvia Price,
Sam "Eustis, Johnson Beattie,
Anund Anderson.
Junior TV: Mary Klinosky,
Annie Thorslund, Ruby Goodeve,
Allan Fraser, Bennie Hurst, Jesse
Puddy, Cecilia Hallstrom, John
Kerr, William McLeod, Eraine
DuHamel, John McDonell, Vera
Walmsley. )- -
Cecilia M. Mcintosh, Teacher
Number on roll -        -        32
No. in perfect attendance   .-       16
Average daily attendance       30.33
Perfect attendance:
George Bryan, Walton Crane,
Lloyd EubMs, Harry Hallstrom,
Irene Inglis, Helen Kerr, Doris
Kinsman; ���_��� Kathleen .��� McLeod,
Robert Mitchell, Lewis Mitchell,"
Edward Parry, Thomas Walmsley,1
William Walmsley, Eileen Bryan,
Malcolm McLeod.  Bertram Price.
Proficiency list:
Second Reader: Edward Parry,
Eileen Bryan, Margaret Royee,
Malcolm McLeod, Harry Hallstrom, Lewis Mitchell, Walton
Crane, Bertram Price, Robert
Mitchell,-Meredith Fenner, Daniel
Kerr, Marguerite Ritchie, Dick
Morrison, Mary Rambo, Thomas
Junior Third Reader: Irene
Inglis, John Putzel, Percy Fraser,
Helen Kerr, Lawrence: DuHamel,
George Bryan, George Hurst,
Andrew Anderson^ Leo Madden,
Lloyd EuBtis. _
Senior. Third Reader: Bessie
Bidder, Doris* Kinsman, Cassie
MeLeqd, Tillie McDonell, William
- ^ division ;n   ' -    -
J. M. McKee, Teacher,
Perfect attendance:
Roy Bakke, Violet . BenBon,
Lewis "Clerf, Robert Forshaw, Roy
Hallstrom, Albert Kinsman, Laura
Mills,    John    McGillvray,    Jack
After   residing-in Greenwood  Morrison, Allan McCurrach, Mary
for about 22 v'earsMrs.,G. Swayne ��.,<. ,,   K,.X �����* iV
; ���   ��� ��-'v   - ,   -      . .-   Putzel, Alice Ritchie.
left on Tuesday on a short visit '
to Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Jackson^ at
Midway,   before   proceeding   to
Proficiency list:
First    Reader:
Second   Primer: ' Laura. Mills.
On   Friday afternoon at   the Mary Putzel, Eugene McGillvray,
local Court House, W.  Miller, of Roy    Bakke,     Roy    Hallstrom,
Helen Hurst,, Robert Carlson,
Brace Terhune, Lewis Clerf, Alice
First Primer: - Patrica O'Neill,
Violet Benson, Robert Forshaw,
Charles Royce, Albert Kinsman.
Receiving Class:, Jack . Morrison, Francis Jenkin, John _Mc-
Gillvray, Beatrice McLaren, Ruth
Cox, -    \
Rock Creek, appeared before W
R.  Dewdney,  S.  M.,  and J. R.
Pergiison.   J. P.,  charged with
stealing   double-trees    from  E.
was .fined $25 and costs or one
month . imprisonment. He paid
the fine.
James Moriarity, -of Bridesville,
was up before Justices of the
Peace, J. R. Ferguson and W.
H. Norrls in Midway on Monday,
charged with branding a - colt
owned by R. G. Sidley, pf Sidley.
He was found; guilty and fined
$200 arid costs, or default in pay-
ment>siz, moaths7imprisonment;
;L>Hi-7Hallett, acted/forVthe;.de:-
!.feridant;;V '; --���- 77'--': ;- V 7-'' 'XXXy ���
Liberals Sweep Country
V"    ;���:. ��,:���������
By a majority over all parties
the Liberals will rule the country
for the next four years. Quebec
and the Maritime provinces went
solid Liberal; New Brunswick
broke even, while the prairies
voted Progressive. B.C. returned
7 Conservatives. 3 Liberals-and 3
Progressives. The total standing
is���Liberals 119; Progressives 60;
Conservatives 51, Ind. 1; Labor 2
and two seats not reported.   - *..
In the local riding of Yale J. A.
McKelvie was re-elected. The
following is the result of some of
the polls surrounding Greenwood;
McKelvie     Sutherland
121 -J
Boundary Falls
Rock Creek
Riverside         ���
Denoro   '
Masquerade at Riverside
It is not only on the field that
the members of the. Kettle Valley
Grass Hockey Club shine. This
was more than proved when they,
held their Second Annual Masquerade Ball- in the Riverside Hall,
Rock* Creek, last Friday. They
showed themselves adepts as hosts
and hostesses. They certainly had
taken infinite ^pains to see that
nothing had been left undone' to
make the evening a perfect one of
The hall was crowded, many of
whom had come from a., long diB-
tance, and showed their' unstinted
appreciation of Bush's famous
orchestra in their repeated demands for encores. The musio
was certainly largely responsible
for the success of the dance. The
hall presented a very pretty picture with ' the many bright costumes.
An excellent supper was provided and it was a busy time for
those who worked in the kitchen
and at waiting.
During the. Grand March , the
judges, Mr. Griffith of Grand
Forks, Mrs. Dions and Mrs. J.
Richter, -~of - Midway, --awarded
prizes to Mrs. H. Snell for the best
dressed lady, D. Hamilton and J.
Walsh, best comie and A. .W.
Lift best dressed gent. -
Mail Your Xmas Parcels
Remember that : thousands of
other people are mailing, an unusual number of letters and 7par-
eels, too, at this season, and if
they all pile up together the last
few days, it is impossible to get
everything handled .aud delivered
on time, and somebody is bound
to be disappointed, Maily early,
and see that your friends get your
Christmas greeting before the day's
festivities are over, -
Too Low For Comfort
; /Notice" x
Dr., O; M. 7Graves, Dentist,
will be in Ferry, Dec. 23rd until
Jan.73rd, 49227.'-Prepared'to do
every thingVm
and make good.;
the ���dental .line
Wife���Joe, - your /mother got
talking this afternoon about what
kind of a boy your were. She said
your school teacher used to pat
you on the back nearly every day.
Hub���That's true, my dear, but
generally the patting was too low
for comfort.
Two London newspaper boys~
were arguing. One said, ,SI sm-
short & penny."-. "Well," said the'
other, "you don't accuse me of
taking it, do you?" "No said the
first. *'I don't say yon josttcok
it. Bat I say this, that I am a"
peany short aud yon are eating a
.cake.?-"1 THE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD,    B.    a
Romance Of The Uniform
Special Holiday Fares
Coloi- Used to be Emblem of Country's 'Canadian    National    Giving    Reduced
Glory Rates For Home Visitors
The red coat of Britain, the blue j "As tlie Christmas Holiday Season
tunic and red pantaloons of France, approaches many people in,the West
the solid Prussian blue, the war-sane- look forward, to spending some time
.tided dark blue of coat and light blue .-with relatives and friends in the East
of trousers of the American army
somehow became  emblematic of
Creation Of Prairie Provinces
Organization First Started. After Riel
Rebellion in 1870
When Kiel's first rebellion was put
down-inthe latter part, of the summer
Most important of all is proper attention to the bowels. Avoid constipation���its  the  health-killer of to- , ,������     ._, x,
day.     Harsh griping medicine is ruin- 0l ls'�� and the government of the new..
��� i    ,��� ,>.      ., .    .  . ..     ,.     -.,     ous���beware of it.     Best results, foi- Province of Manitoba organized, Fort
, all ,    laking this into consideration, the  low a remedy like Dr.-Hamilton's Pills Garry was made the pFovincial capita/
the  Canadian    National    Railways    have  which   relieve   costiveness   promptly nTlf-  tl,_   nlop_  wao   ���.    ���      '      y
,...-..���- .:.,..,_ .,   --mi tnno tha ���������������-��� = =�� ti���t nrtnetinn. and tlle 1--Iace was given the name,
.Willi    lhc    Kins':-;  made ������rr:\nseu!:;ni.s to~ii.-?uo tickets at
ime I'or Cour,a'ge
shilling in his hand and his" red coat greatly reduced* rates fronv stations in
on his back, the British soldier was a Alberta, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg
hero among men and still more especi- West in Manitoba, to any point in
ally a hero among women. In the Eastern Canada. These tickets will
pantaloon rouge the Frenchman-be sold from. December 1st, 1821, to
marched to the conquest of hearts as January 15th, 1922, and are good for
well as
shall say
time uni
woven with the soldier's prowess? No  further information, and, if ypu desire.
your trip
and tone the bowels so that cdnstipa-  -���,,._,.���_.,,_
tion becomes a thing of the, past.   No   Winnipeg.
distress or inconvenience attends theJ Aftervthe creation of the Province
use of Dr. Hamilton's Pills, which are of Manitoba, the prairie country be-
famous    for    their mildness and cfh- d wag  known ag the ^0rth-West
ciency.     For   headache,   biliousness, se,     ... ,.,-*��� ���,.   .* ���
indigestion and liver complaint, Dr. . Territories-to which in time a limited
Hamilton*! Pills are just what you form of self-government was granted,
need.        Thousands    maintain    their and tho seat of government was estab-
There is no disguising the fact that conditions throughout thc
Western P��-~vinccs of Canada arc not, at thc present time, very cn-
couragin- and many people arc faced with  a difficult winter and ;one "as yet fathomed the mystery of ,'wiil assist in pianuiii
tome hardship.     In this respect thc Canadian Prairie Provinces are j color.     There is inspiration as well;  :r���
not so very '������C.Vrent from other parts of the Dominion and other j as joy in it.     We   cannot   imagine '
countries throughout the world.      There is. however, no real reason j Garibaldi's thousand performing tbeir
why the people- of the West should lose heart and indulge in blue prodigies of valor without their' red
ruin pessimistic talk.     Such an attitude will not help, but will rather shirts.     Sentimentally, in vpoint   of
operate to further hinder a return to better times and conditions. prestige, khaki reduces the solder to,
Present conditions iu the \Y'e.s.t are bound-to be of a temporary j"is lowest terms.���Boston Transcript.
character ami no country in the world is capable of more rapid re-| 	
rovcry than the Canadian Prairie West.      One misfortune and un
toward occurrence after another played havoc with agricultural pro
(tuclicnTand marketing this year, and while it may bc hard for
families to maintain themselves this winter, their condition will De j
no worse, and in the vast majority of cases very much better, than |
the early pioneers of this country and of Ontario and thc Western
States had to bear.     Yet these earlier pioneers held on, revealing.a
determination iuid courage which in due course brought iti; reward,
and thousands of them are today enjoying wealth or a secure and
comfortable livelihood.     Yet thcy experienced harder and apparently more hopeless conditions than those with which thc people of
A 1 '<* ��
5 to that bf nations. - Who return within three months from date health by regulating frequently with 7Io1lVj"V VV Y ��~V" * """ 'VV """""
y that the glitter of the old- of issue. Any Canadian National ��r- Hamilton's Pills, 25c all dealers or :"*}ed ��*�� tlle ���me being the
v��� ��� 4. ,        .x       t> ���, V   .������,      ,   ���, ��� i     The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal. .Latin.-form of the word queen.    ,-.:���,   ���
""' was "��* ��������"��'��"' '��tei- HiuM-ay wot tvxII U�� Bl.��l .0 TOply ;_-___..._.-  _ 7 7_T7TV_ I    ,��  1S05 'the  southern Vrt  ot the
n   Rare   Cases   Dees   Backache
Mean Kidney Trouble
Every muscle in  the    body    needs
constantly a supply of rich red blood
  ;in proportion to the   work   it    docs.
/-< r\ i <-.. ��-. 'Tho muscles of the hack are under a
Uovernor-beneral Gl^Jl Degree v.!hCavy strain and have but little rest.
 ��� ; When the blood is    thin    they    lack
many |Lord Byng Honored By University at  nourishment, and (lie result is a sen-
'"   ' isation of pain in those muscles. Some
An    Acknowledged    Expert    in
All   Matters   Pertaining ��� to,
Household Management.    \
Territories was erected into two provinces. Regina became the capital of
Saskatchewan, and -Edmonton the
capital of Alberta. Edmonton had
long existed as a trading post. Today the new North-West.lies beyond
Edmonton. ~       ..
The houoraryS degree of doctor of
I laws was conferred upon Lord Byng,
governor general of Canada, by thc
: University of Toronto. Following
���the ceremony, Lord Byng expressed
!appreciation of the honor and said
ithat   in   the   universities   of   Canada
come i
rjrganie"kidney home, I'm so tired lhat I do not want '�� n    ����� v     n.   , T    . - .
���rogressed to a  to do anything but fall into bed.     I , rreS--���e Dr. McKay Uied In Arctic
today arc confronted. \
First and foremost, there must be individual courage, -inspirIng in lhe rlslng generation.
.,-., ., ,, nr,i ��� r . 1--     'more than iu anv other place, were to
,'fhCYn?Xt f^Lm0nt,U.? Cf'lU for.!he cxerc.'sc of certain qualities jbe foun(l a��� U]at wag best and mo8t
Civilization     and    modern     social
the  .time   when   faith   and   a
arm    wero    all that was re
in control as from any other cause.
by all people.
determination and energy; the putting forth of everv possible effort ,
to meet and overcome adverse conditions; an insistent turning away jlloedS; Lon1 B^g saldf had adrauced
from the dark side of thc picture and a constant hunt for the silver \     t
lining and contemplation of all the brighter and more hopeful fea- ist'r011fC
tttrcs of thc situation.     Secondly, there is need for the development |quil.ej
of a spirit of helpfulness, even to thc extent of personal sacrifice, in !,.,,.    -,���,.,,,.���..,���,..,
,, < . ii       i -ii      11 ���     , tne    lmpoitauce
order that thc more fortunately placed ones will rally to the assistance of the less fortunate.      In a word, these more di
should develop a strong community spirit of helpfulness and co- - the dlsain,eai.aI1C0 of the brain worker
operation. ���
While nobody ever welcomes adversity, it must bc remembered
.that it is in that hard school that really strong men and women
arc developed. When, everything in life moves smoothly, without
any great difficulty or obstacle in the'way, the individual becomes
soft, loses initiative, becomes weak and lacking in character. It is
thc .struggle to overcome, to achieve, to win, that makes real men
and creates strong characters.     Thc man who, overwhelmed by ad- ,    ,,..���   .���,-_,        ,  .     ���
!���       - ���        r -i i - i    i,-      .  1 ���"     r -i Millers   Worm  Powders,   being m
versity, lies down, is a failure and would ultimately prove a failure ! dernan(1  everywhere,  can  be  got  at
even tinder normal and less trying conditions.     But "the man worth j any chemist's or drug shop, at very
while is thc man who can smile when everything goes dead wrong." ���small cost..     They are a reliable rem-
And he is the man who will triumph in the encC and in" thc more I edy f?r worm ti-oubles and can be fiilly
c  ,       i i   ���   i .       i . -ii i     i   i.    i      -^.1       ��� j.-     , relied upon .to expel worms from the
successful and brighter days to come will look back with grim satis- !RVS--filT, nwt nim*P hip snfr-��rini?s ttint
faction and a deep joy to the dark days in "which he struggled and
achieved, and won not .only, worldly success, but strength of character, to meet whatever life migh�� bringto him.
"By the time I cook three times a
people think pain in tlie back means day, .do the cleaning and the laundry
kidney trouble, hut lhe best medical work ,md drcss t.ile'children for school
authorities   agree   that backache sel-       .    . .. , ,,
dom    or   never    has anything to do  [��-d change,them vrhen_  they
with    the   kidneys.     Or
disease    may    have    pr
critical    point    without  developing a C��Ulnot afford a mald he,
pain  in  the  back.      This  being  the  ��� ,    ,   . ...    , , ,    ,
case, pain in the back should always er once a week; but life does not look
lead the sufferer to look to the con- good to me any more, and I am eager
dition of his blood. It will be found for some practical-, not theoretical, sug-
in most cases that the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills to build up the
blood will stop the sensation of pain
in the ill-nourished muscles of the
back. How much better it is to try
Ui-. Williams' Pink Pills for the blood
.'than to give way to unreasonable
alarm about your   kidneys.     If   you
Put right out of business, a whole
family not of good honest folks, but of
Corns���sore, troublesome Oorns that
sting and bite. Putnam's Corn Ex^
tractor is the only-painless sure relief
for corns, it never fails, 25c everywhere. " .
Off hand, I think you cook too often.
Not to mention the fact that no child :
old enough to go to school should be j
Last Seen in, February 1914 Bound for
Wrangel Island^
Edinburgh probate court has given
leave to the heirs of Dr. McKay, a
member of StefansSon's Canadian Arctic expedition party, to presume that
the doctor is dead. McKinley, a
member of the scientific staff of Stef-
Bone Grinder Saves Money
man. Ho emphasized SUSpect your kidneys, any doctor can but it is time well spent. Get rid of
n tup nC-51--.1--; - lce of scieilce aml d0" make tests iu ten minutes that will things that require much cleaning,
ffl": ,,-. -;, VV clared he kelieveJ ~-h0 ^sent "ori-ors set your fears at rest, or tell you the. Blth seU(] our wa8hing to a com.
tticult times Iof                   d          it               h f worst.     But in any event to   be   per- dry laundrv   of which
ess and  co-!,,.. .,, ._, i,.. ,..���. ,.... -.fectly    healthy    you must keep the  "leicicti. i-oub��, ury launuij, oi wmui
Boots    made    of
metal,    extremely
with all parts Teplacable, have been
designed by a Marseilles workman.
blood in good'condition, and for this there are many everywhere doing ex-
purpose no other medicine''can equalcellent work at reasonable prices, or,
if you must do it yourself, invest in a
a special patent
light. and cheap, - 50 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
You  can get these    pills    through
any dealer in medicine, or by mail at ,washing machine and mangle.
To reduce time and effort spent in
dressed by anyone saye himself      It ansson>s party> testifle(1 before the       ���
takes patience to teach.a child to dress, | bateicourt ^ when ^ vessel ^
crushed by pack ice north of Herald
Island, the party separated into two
bodies and started for the land.
Dr. McKay's section was seen on
February 16, 1914, bound for Wrangel
Island, witness stated, and no.further
news of the*inembers had been received. Undoubtedly, he said, they
had perished in the-storm.
Turn Out Many Pounds
Poultry Feed
Money can be saved in feeding poultry through the owning of the useful
feed grinders which aro now sold.
This year the corn crop is generally
good and corn meal for the mash can
be produced at home. A bone grinder
in the course of a year will turn out
quite a few pounds of "poultry' feed
from the bones that might be wasted.
At.slaughtering time there is often a
large Stock, of bones' which .can ba
used to stimulate egg production.
Accepts Canada's Good Wishes
. King Replies to Message of Congratulation to Princess Mary  ."���
-.'.The   felicitations   of   the- Canadian.
Government ��� and    people, offered to
His Majesty the King by the Cover-.
-nor-General ori the occasion of the announcement ", o'f. -' the,.- engagement of
"Princess Mary, have.,becn   accepted'
by  Their  Majcslies-   with, "heartfelt
.gratitude."   "  '   V      ..".���-.
The."'message    from  His; Majesty
follows:'   . 7     .-.'   ''-'.-. -
-'".."LondonVNov." 2fi, 1921. ���'
��� "Tlie .Queen .'and I deeply, appreciate
the kind message from yourself, your,
government arid' the' people of Canada
on the occasion of-.the "engagement of
our dear .daughter,'who joins'with us
in .the expression ''of ��� our heartfelt,
gratitude for Ihese words' of. congratulation' and good.wishes.'      -' ;    .-".".
77.   '-. -    "George R:.l."_\;
'"Baron" Byng;    in'.his message;,to
-Which.the above was a.reply, said:, -.-'
; ���",'."' "Ottawa,'Nov; "25, ���19.21-,"
"My government" have1 asked :irie. lo
-convey    to  'Your ������Majesty.���ihe���-'deep
"pleasure"! ahdVsalis'faction. with which
thcy"-and.the..people, .of."-Canada, have
- received '..the''.news  of;the -.engage-
- ment.'of Her Royal ��� Highness .Princess
.Mary. 'They desire-to^ offer, to Your
-Majesty'and to" Her ��� Royal Highness
. their'- heartfelt '-"congratulations--.and
good, wishes.".' 7    "���: , :,;'-   '   -���������..'���"---
The Position of France
Hasto Have Guarantee of .Peace.and
..."' Safety
The position jof France Is perfectly
simple. .."She wishes to'prevent .a re-,
petition . of "1870  -and 1914
system and abate the sufferings that
worms cause. There are many
mothers that rejoice that they found
available so effective a remedy for the of toe walking for patients who aro
Toe Walking Develops Strength
Walking on the heel is the attitude
of civilized man alone. The people
of the woods, who are much superior
in their, muscular development, all
walk on the'toe, as do the lower animals. Taking this suggestion, a
French doctor is prescribing a course :mjnc
cooking, you inust plan your nreals on
paper. Since you want, something
very definite, suppose you look carefully at this plan for three days.
Breakfast.���Sliced oranges, oatmeal,
milk, toast, butter, coffee or cocoa.
Luncheon.���Cream of potato soup,
bread and butter, baked apple, tea or
relief of their children.
Mining Company Blamed
deficient in chest development.
Mother! Clean
>.' Child's Bowels With    ;<.
California Fig Syrup
Negligence Caused Britannia
Disaster Says Jury '
..." Al the close of the inquest responsibility for' the flood which""'wiped out
Unlessjfhe town of Britannia.-'Beach several
her former allies' giv.e. her adequate weeks "ago. and caused' the' dea"th# of
guarantees of protection; she., has. to j36 persons, is placed on the Britau-
protect    herself' by
None but a-disappointed-prophet could j ate copper mines at Britannia.     The  }WVl- thoroughly-it works all the con:'--ca.
fail to understand that a -war-weary ! cause .'of., the"  flood" is sliowh io be  stipation poison, sour bilo and waste!
France has "had her fill of fighting, and ; construction, of a railroad fill on. the  out olXhe: ]?o"vels;.luul J'ou ha>*i3 a wel?'
Dinner.���Roast Hamburg loaf, baked potatoes on half shell, creamed carrots, cold slaw, .cake, coffee.
Breakfast.���Baked apples, top milk,
ready-to-eat cer^jfi,  toast and butter,
coffee. .-."      . " ;
- Dinner.���Vegetable"    soup,      roast
lamb, mashed" potatoes, canned".peas,
-Even a'sick child loves the '.'fruity."
taste-'of "California Fig Syrup." If
the little tongue is coated, or if Your
child-is"listless, cross, feverish, full.of fruit gelatine,- coffee. '"
cold   or' lias.co'ic. give a teaspoonful .    supper.���Cold sliced-.!aml>Vpickles,
her' ownforce. ,uia Mining & Smelting CoVwho'oper-VOClfus0 tho hv<?1* and b^v'eis'   la\ar 'nofato *alad   cut cal-e   caime'd fruit,
i �� a    v , i >-     lew hours.��� you - oun see  tor yourself 1'ouu.o. fc^uau, ttu, -.�����.-..��, cdiiut-u nu.-.-.,
Great Britain's Cotton Industry
The only time some men are permitted, to bo first in their own household is wlien there Is a burglar hunt.
There are many men on whose heart
and nervous system tobacco produces-
the most serious results. It causes
palpitation,- pain in the heart, irregularity of its beat, makes the hands
tremble, sets the,--nerves - on edge,
causes shortness,of breath and loss of
sleep.      " ;   \        '������' ..���'."   ,,    *
To counteract this demoralizing influence ori'the heart and nerves there
More    Than    One-Third     of
Spindles at.Work.
There are at present over 152 million cotton spindles at   work   in   the   . ,
world, and oNf these Great Britain owns i1S n(? remedjr to caual
over 56 million, .or more than:a third, i'^     ���            MILBURN'S
UnfortuWely   owing   to the slack-!     . HEART AND NERVE PILLS
ness in.the cotton industry, many of j    Thev make  the  heart beat strong
these snindles are workinc onlv short  and steady' restore tone and vigor to
tnese spinoies aie wonung only saort  the nerveSj and remove ali the evil retime, but all those intereste'd in the  suits caused by the tobacco,
tradejiope and   believe   that   better.    Mr.  Fran�� Lutes, 71  Terrace Hill
limes are coming, 'st'> Brantford,  Out, writes:���"I had
The  raw   cotton   used   during  the
that what slie desires more than anj*-j mountain behind the town in such a;
thing "else..in the. world'is to, live^ujway as to-cause the damning and'ulti-
peace and safety.     "Dp"you  think/'|mate overflow .of mountaiii~streams.
| said Premier Briand the other, -"that
playful ~ child again,
.Monday   .
The . meals -will   be  left-over
Redecbraiing;Londo,n Bridge-'
7ToweV.Bridge, 'London; is.iii.process
of-redecbi'.ation. .-'For the..-'next   six
: months, -a   ^hundred,   men.- will .be at
work",.'which -will be-carried'on day"
-'arid.'-night-1.almost  without   a  break..
France enjoys- having- a .large army?
"Millions of mothers keep "CaliforniaVboth Saturday and Sunday.
i Fig. Syrup" handy.     They know a tea-1". When    cooking    tho  oatmeal  cook
'spoonful, today saves;a sick.child to-">enol   h- )0 ���  >        n Saturday morning
morrow.    .Ask.your.druggist for gen-
been troubled--with palpitation of the
heart for ia number of years, and by
first half of 1921 amounted roughly to spells it would-bother me a' lot. Tho
a million-and a'half tons, or 7,357,-, doctor told me it would stop on me
212 bales j sometime if I did not cut.out tobacco.-
V; '  .'���     , ��� :���  . ,  ������" ._,��� .When"I would get a spell my heart
.   Ot tins Great Britain used 630,230 ; would poimdj and. r would break out in
bales,   the'' United   States   2,540,000, '.a perspiration, and get    so   weak    I
'Japan.971,654,'India 904,181, Germany  would have to sit right down and quit
ir,,,-,: ���-���,���- v,��-vif-n 'oni ope- ������        i-iny-work; also in :the night I would
4d ,,2o7 and Ftance 2ol 935.    . _ . ��� wa].e up and my.heart wou,djbe going(
Nearly four million,bales were.still i should say, about 120 beats a minute,
in the hands of the spinners at the About three years ago.I got a box of
end.of-July.   .A bale-varies from "four ' Mil burn's Heart; and Nerve Fills, took
Reduced b"y" Asthma.
uine "CalifornVa'Fig'Syru0^"^ again on Monday morning.   When
-The constant directions: for. babies, and, children' of baking, plan .'to use. the oven to capa-
to five, hundred pounds..
Do: ypu" think, it. amuses her .to keep 1 strain . of' asthma   brings-tlie patient :a7ras;VsVprinte^ city   ��Bake enough apples to senVat'j
so many.men under arms who might.! to.a dread.f.ui slato of hopeless exhau^" You must say "California" or yoM-may noon SaUu;day and at-breakfast Sun.
tion.     h.aii> .ut>e siiouiii by all means  gee an imitation fig-svrup.     -- I.   -    -    -        ������   --_ ���. -  -       '
be made of Dr." J. D.1 Kellogg's Asthma V _"
otherwise be doing; productive, work.?"
���Now York Tribune. -  '"���.,.-    -
Regina Horsemen Take Prizes   ^
Blu'e-Blooded Ariirnals Win Honors at
���'��� ���. /Chicago'Show   ���,       -"'""���-
' Western 'Canadian-horsemen, parti-
cuiariy ;tliose ..from - Regina; ��� annexed'
inanji':additionali ribbons" andhondrsal
the international livestock .exposition
when -;, -"their   - blue-blooded.' animals
-'-. Making a Speech   -
A Scottish minister- was oiicc asked
day - morning.'' 'Bake,   potatoes   and
have Hamburg- roast, and -the lamb in J
at the same time;   ..In preparing pota-
RemedS', which acts quickly and surely on the-ah-  passages " and    brings
blessed help and. comfort.-1  No home.,   -   ,       ,. .... ,        r   .,. .   ..      ���,   ,-
where- asthma1 is- present in the'Tlast .^owloiig he would require to prepare ��� toes for-.the cream soup, boil enough
.degree should be without (bis-remedy.1.*1' speech., v "That depends,',- ho said, , to.be,made into-mashed potatoes-for.
"upon how-miich-.time i am to occupy'!Sunday dinner arid salad,;.for Sunday
iri its-.'deliyery.- .''Ifl-am. to.speak for levening. Make enough cake to serve
a -'quarter 'of an hour I should like two "days."    Cut it in" half.-,'Serve the
Money Not -Saveil:
Figures"Show.Th'at'1Americans.- Do -Not
~i"y 7 '"""Hoard Maney". "7"'."" 7 7".",7"~7'
XA ��� Washington '.statistician- reports'
that'as against.$ns,'000',000-thY'coun-
were'carefully inspected r!-and-Ipassed "iijT ' spent -7 for tlie army','5750,000,000
upon-by 7Alex;, Galbr'aitli", of "Edmonr | has.1 gone on candy "and chewing gum.
a_'vreek." to prepare;" If-'l am to speak-;c'akeu��ed one" day and1 the oilier half,
for half an. hbur.-'three :ditys - will .do;.! might be served .'plain, .or-- sprinkled
if I-.'am to.'gdori1 as-long as .Ilike,
I 'am- ready-. -iiow/'-^BeUast'.,, Weekly.
News7 : V-'���    .''....-" '".- -.."".'/-'"--"-'--7
tonV Alta.;:"Robert Graltam,.",""-of-   Tor
onto;-.and. Harry McNair,.of Chicago.
The.1 Dominion" "representatives', won'
th'e reserve., senior champion -stallion
ribbon,-, two."  first prises,\three sec-
;"''Sweetens -:tli9'."-. discontent wiih/'mili-
tary expenditures,, does it riot?.. ������'������
. And ?.83-i;000,:0007for socla,arid other
soft'-dririks "and ?"959,0"00,0b0--f6r'. perfumery;   .jewelry..- silk'-slpcldrigs'
rinds, a severith-award, "arid,  also' an jkindred: luxuries.   .AjuMhe pih moriey'j
eighth position-
pleasantly.'expended- on; theatres,, concerts, "and; baseball was $S97,000,'OJ)0.
And", .above all, the tribute to My-L'ady
"The- base    with   which .corns- and
warts can, be removed by Holloivay's !.-Nicbtiuo cost her flcvotces"' ?,l;15i,000,
,T     �����������..   ,- ���   , ,������ , ������,.���(. ���.-:n i Corn Remover1 is its strongest-.recom- ;000!     - '' "    -"    '
More tharf sixty tons ol lead -panu- will J ^^.^^     lt selfiom fa]ls>
be used; and tho total cost will ap
proa oh -SI 00,00.0.
New Idea of Disinfecting.
,"   For . some    years ultra-violet rays
-have been used, for sterilizing water.
niiili -rind* other fluids.     The "idea. has.
, now been/applied to tlie disinfecting
of barrels,and casks.   .
Idea Not Worth Much
.-;. .        '   Talc-in South. Africa j
/ ���-.-Discoveries''   ot   deposits of talc or I
-'. soaps tone, have given   a   new   indus-
-try to" South Africa.
Don't letconstipation poison your bkod
and curtail your energy.
don't work prop-
er'I-y. take
. Pill*  today
sad   y,oarw
- Ir cable wilt
eeansX' F��r dlkshies-a, lack of eppttite,
���hgadafTiit  ��ad H&Ktsg 4&in7 nothing
Can ��qoaI feesn.". Purely Vegetable;'; -:
~     I���SausH Oc*��~S*aaU P/iee
Doubtless these- figures" tend to
prove something, one knows not what.,
rhey certainly show .that Americans'.
  lave not excessive hoarders aiid ought
Young American. Farmer Had a Lot to !to bring.a little mofe:seus.e ",of pro-
Learn ' . ] portion to .indignant taxpayers.,- It
A bumpLuous1 young American",.far-: is 'not fair -,to -aSsiim*- that people are
mcr w-prit to .England to learn his~ busi.-ruriduly -self-indulgent. Yet '"it."does
ness-, but where lie went he pretended',make one-dizzy to- tiiink of a .billion
that it was'far easier "to leach the far--gone up in smoke���not the smoke'of
mers .than to learn anything -from ;'the -battlefields, 'however.���New York;
tlierti) .says an English exchange.   "-I've Tribune.
got an idea," he said one day to a ~������-	
grizzled old Northumbrian ag'rieultur- Balloons  Rise to 90,000  Feet      -
ist, "for a new kind of fertilizer which- Miniature balloons ^frying scienti-
will be ten thousand times as~ effective fic instruments for recording' atmo's-
as any that has ever been tried. Con- .jpicric conditions have risen as high
densed fertilizer���that's what it is. !as 90(000 feet before bursting, when
Enough.for an acre of ground would :the instruments arc brought down by
go into one of my waistcoat pockets." |a-parachute* -
"I don't doubt.it, young gentleman-"
said the veteran of the soil. "What
is,more,', you'll-be able to put the crop
into the'other waistcoat pocket."
with',powdered",sugar the second day.
The baked potatoes should be cut in
half, ierigthwise.'and allowed'to... cool.
TlieSvhite part.shpiUd.be, scooped;out
- . Cainels die. without' warning, iniich-'with a spoon;'mixed with-butter,'; chop--
the same ������as a car stops, from lack-of jped parsley and ^sufficient .milk. \. to
oil. , ���  .. ":;   -'���  '-:'.'.,"-       v-; ���-J moisten,.'as well, as salt and ..pjepper;
arid then.packed-lightly-back Into/half
tlie. number of.shelis; :io-,be--reh'ea"ted'
when the. lamb- .is ,'put.'; baNck.' into .the.
oven.on-.'Sunday .morning for its-last,
twenty minutes 'of,roasting." .' ; -"'.-���
.��� Thus, byJ cooking', for two hours or
|,sq on Saturday- morning, you accorn-
.-��� bamboo,; is-:,
in irido-.Chiiia;
,'u"sed- for -papennakinj
Every \Voman '-Needs' a.' Tonic  and
Nervine st Sonic Period of Her Life. -
The Scotch song, "Comin Through
the Rye," does not refer to a rye field,
but to the River Rye. ���' ���- .
tliem, and -found that they did the job.
I am feeling^ fine and have gairied.over.
20 pounds iri weight."
Price, 50c a box at all dealers, or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The T.-Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto,
Nothing Jlse is Aspirin��� say "Bayer"
'Warning!. .. Unless ypu- see-.name
"Bayen"-'. on 'tablets, you are - nofe getting- ', Aspirin - at" all.   - Why '��� take
chances?. -���:- 7 "-.-��� ...'  -:..' . '-.,"'.."
��� Accept,  only ..an unbroken "3Bayer"
package '.'which'-contains directions
worked.out by,"physicians during 21
Pllsh,  by 'planning,- (he preparing of'X$?*f -'andvprovedsafe by millions.-for.
-,..'.-      ���,;,....���     ���-  -     ��� .      Colds. Headache,-Rarache.-.Toothache,
..... .     ,-siinicicnt fod.ror.^Ix-or.Seyen mcalA/Nouralsla.-:.- niie.uisalism. r.1'NeurlUs,
Toronto,  Ont.-7-"As.ia ,toiiic";and  j Soup'.niay- be- mad.o-.on, Saturday'., cool-   Lumbago arid.Pain. "-.Mad^iri Canada".-
buikler I 'can highly rccommcufl Dr.- ed'and chilled in'Uic-'rcfrigcraloV, .to '    "      ' ' '"       '   ""
Pierce's   -^"vdrfte-.l^,^-^^-. ift :ilhotJ{oru. on; Suntiay.-
,;And" who" does-hot iv.-t.nt a -Suirday'.off
.'to go'to1, church or '���out:.fo.r- a.walk'-'or
, for enjoying .-a 'concert- or .a .-picture
show? Try .planning'':;.anil-"''.'coo.k'irig
loss o'l'teiiT " -You will- .be. surprised
how much'free time", this plan gives
you.       -        .    ;:     - ". - ,7 ��� '������ 7'- -''.'���
--. V Pointed" Queries'
'..'��� There ..was ^'probably- never..a time
in, this, country when', so, many agencies. ' w.ere. at .work/for the protection
of ;-��� society----and.7the improvement of
the7iadiyidnal.-V '.Why is it7then, .that.
tIi��re7".are-.-''-so':\'-mariy..-'crJnne'".' and "sq
many-'.'young men 'of.-type's no't.'ordiri-
arily/regarded jas X, criminal 7'enegaged
iri; 1"criinina|--Sd,'7enture?' " :'ls' -tnere, a'
misdirection,- of .effort' and'a ..waste, of
j energy--. 'som"e,wh'e.r-e.?-fV��:oodEtq-ck���. Seii-
ytixi&RcwiewXyX'XX'XXy '���-���XyXX-XX '���:'���-
..-.-��� Gains 70 Pounds a Minute
Earth, that is the world we live on,
gains weight at the rate of about 70
pounds.per minute., To be exact, the
extra weight Is ..-*,250; pounds hourly,-
or 59 tons-per-dayV ,7.Ia a.year the1
accumulation ��� is 11,435. tons.' \ '; -'
7.7.7VWhere Rainfall Counts
���7 In parts 7 of 7 AustraliaV..where..the
javerago... .yearly':" rainfall, is .notijaqre
than 10. inches, >;square "mile, of ..land
will- support-only' eight��� pr;_nlne;.slieep7
iin.the Argentine' the -same..area, with
|3.-i''i.nc.lie.3"bfrairi7^'p'port3 .2;50'3.-:7;7-.;
Mirisrd's 'Linirneht.'fpr.- -Coif s,:-etc.
Prescription ,t'o
tired' ^and.'run-.
.dpwh. -women. I
am the mother ot
J .eight q.hildren'and
"" h'ave ,.f requently'
had .riectl of -such
a'/tonic. but.' did'
'riot know-what to
'take until-my-Bis--
tor gave me som'o
of ������-.the' .'Favorito.
Y-hicb.-B.ho herself, had found to,ba
good. ��� It was exactly, the tonic my
system required and-one'bottle-dfd
. Fear German'.Dumping
Belgian business men. are complain--
ing of German dumping and-.are demanding, preventive: measures. .   Ger-
wonders for me, so I-take pleasure in [man sales to Belgiurii, they say,- have.
telling others,-hoping that .they- will -jbeen increasing rapid!}-.
give.the 'Prescription' a trial and be
benefited just a3 I have been."���^Irs.
Elizabeth Taylor, 261 Ontario St-    .
..   Hear What This Woman Says
London, Ont.���T can highly recommend Dr. Pierce's Favorito Prescription to-the expectant mother. I was
in a terribly run-down state. . Was
very weak and nervous and suffered
with nausea. I was miserable until
I bsgan taking Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription, but my strength returned very quickly and my general
health was better after taking; it. My
baby was strong and healthy, too, and
has never seen a sick day." ~ Mrs.
Harry Harris. ^--195,Wllltani St. ; .-
V.Go to:ypiir nelghborhooa drag store.
' at once and .obtain this- Prescription
" Ambulance Tent
A French motor ambulance with a
speed of 90 miles an .hour carries-a
tent that can-be inflated by the engine
jof the ambulance until it is.self-supporting.
All druggists sell Bayer Tablets, ot
Aspirin in handy tin boxes of 12 tablets, and in-, bottles',.of .25.to. 100.
Aspirin'is the trade mark (registered
in Canada), of. 13ayer Manufacture of.
Monoaceticacidester of Salicylicacid.
While.it is well known that.Aspirin
means Bayer - manufacture, Nto assist
tlie. pub.Up.4igai.ns.t.-iiii.itaCion.si..'ihe Tablets of-Bayer-Company, will be stampr.
ed.with their' general trade mark, [tho-
"Biiyer Cross.."-   ,-"7'7  ;-' :>~y'���--',-'
���   Charity
.Weary.. Hobo.���"May; I cut. your
grass for a meal, ma'am?" 7 ' /
..Lady of-the House.���^-'Oh, don't
trouble to cut it.. 7. You're welcome to
eat'%it-.off<the/-grqup^/%7-7,.7-.v7 -- -V
7. Bible is .Much Translated ....";:"'
The, Bible 7is;. on an; average^, trans-.
of.Dr. Pierce's Iii tablets or Hauid/or, Hated s'irito7ribo*it; tetf new ianguages
-���send 10e';toiDr.';PIerce's..7I^ab"oratory- every ���vear''7:'"-''-';- ''^"'*'""���'���""' ���!'>������' W'"--
;in7Bridgeburg,: Ont4  for:5 trial pi's.':. ..-;���;- .;."-:-   *V '--"V'-'^-S-v'^V,'. ���" 7-7-7'
.tablets;arid write for fre^coafideritUi'- ->7.7"7-'.v '��� ������ .-  ,:- : .x'y'y-.'*���:' '���
'medical^.advice.- VV.'-.- X'XXy:- ii '���'. -'���''/:) Minard's..LJnimsrit for. Distemper",;:���'
xil xJ
THE ...LEIH-fE.     GREENWOOD.     B.     (X
Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a remedy for Infants and Children.
Foods are specially p^epared*for babies. A baby's medicine
is even more essential for Eaby. Remedies primarily prepared
'for grown-ups axe not interchangeable. It was the need of
a remedy for the common ailments of Infants and Childrea
that brought Castoria before the public after years of research,
and no claim has been made for it that its use for over 30
years has. not proven. .    ���
hat is CASTORIA?
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishncss arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Comfort���The Mother's Friend.
Direct Wireless From
Australia to England
Premier  Hughes  Has Announced  Details of Proposed Scheme
Premier Wm.' Hughes has  submitted to the Aust'ralianJHouse of Representatives the details of the proposed
direct wireless scheme beaween Australia  and  the .United  Kingdom,  according tb a 'cable frSm Reuter's Melbourne correspondent.     The common- j
wealth   and   the Amalgamated Wire-1
less Company .will jointly become re- \
sponsible for financing   the   scheme,
the premier stated, and the commonwealth will secure the controlling interest.    -V
ThQ. commonwealth" and Amalgamated Company will forthwith
i struct a high-power station to carry a
direct commercial service between
Australia, the United Kingdom and
Canada, according to tho agreement.
The main trunk stations ��� are to be
erected within two years. VThe rates
generally will be two-thirds of the
existing cablo charges.
Premier Hughes, in submitting the
scheme to the house, added that it
was an alternative to the link scheme
submitted at the Imperial Conference.
The cable message adds that there
is little doubt that the proposed
agreement will be accepted by the
Australian Government.
This is a private .letter.     Philemon
was a member of the church at Co-
losse.     Onesimus, his slave^ wronged
ihim. perhaps stole from him, and fled
��� to   Rome.     There   he   came   under
In Use For Over 30 Years
World Happenings
Briefly Told.
Men Shorter On Mountains
Inch and
Few Boots Imported
Canadian Factories Get Bulk of Home
'  ' Trade ^
Ninety-five per cent, of ali the boots
and shoes sold in Canada in 1919 were
inade by Canadian plants. Canadian
factories manufactured 19',160,749
pairs of leather boots and shoes of
which the selling value at the factory ! prisoner of Jesus Christ
A war memorial to the inhabitants
of Theux collapsed two days after it
was unveiled in Paris. Two were
killed and one was injured.
Grandfather clock of solid walnut
with Westminster chimes on eight
rods, came all the way from Europe
to London, Ont., and is to be sold at
$385.     It stands-seven feet high.
. Nine thousand dollars in cash was
the amount" lost on Nov. 14 last when
a mail sack containing a registered
parcel, the property of the Imperial
Bank of^Canada, disappeared from the
mail on the~wa>* from North Bay to
Henri Landru, who has-been on
trial for more than three weeks in'the
assizes court at , Versailles, charged
with the murder of ten women and a
boy; was found guilty of murder in the
. first degree. Landru -was sentenced
to die' by the guillotine.
' T, A. Stewart died at-St. Luke's
Home, Vancouver, aged 63. He was
one of the engineers on the construction of the Canadian Pa'clfic'inain iine
through the .west; a veteran of" the
Riel rebellion and the South African
war7. He had, lived in British Columbia for 30 years.
"Action  -by   'Congress-  within1  a
year,", has become the slogan .of .the
. Great Lakes-St/ Lawrence Tidewater
Association, the parent body of those
7 who    are    working for the improve-
,"ment: of the .'St. Lawrence. River, so
as.  to   admit  ocean-going - commerce
to the Great Lakes.
.    A contract for a floating- drydock at
Vancouver has been awarded to the
Burrard Drydock- Company   of    tnat
city, according to the Ottawa Citizen.
-The.company is,to. receive an annual
"subsidyTof .4 ~peFcent7"on $2;500^0007f6"r
^a period of 35'years, or approximate-
- ly $112,000 per year,/the. paper stated..
.- Frustrated in their -attempt to rob
the Orpheum. Theatre, ' Minneapolis,
four robbers returned . to within a
block of that place, and robbed .the
7 Pantages Theatre .of ?3;400.7 Patrolman John Moen, who frightened the
- bandits awayjfrom the Orpheum was
'.shot..arid seriously, wounded,by them.
. as.' they- fled. ..."-- 7V.1.
was $63,319,129. v In the fiscal -year
1920-21, imports of boots and shoes
were valued at ?2,200,121, aiuk exports
at $1,441,338.
Paul sent Onesimus back to Philemon
with this letter. This is one of- the
most tender and beautifuj letters ever
written,^and the first anti-slavery peti-
ition ever penned.
���I. The Salutation (w. 1-3).
!    His/, aim   was   to touch Philemon's
con- i,      -?_���,.'        ,���
j heart, so refers to. himself as a prisoner, and links Philemon to himself
as a fellow-laborer in the Gospel of
truth. He makes mention of Apphia,
Philemon's wife, and Archippus, tho
son, who had already enlisted as a fellow-soldier.
ill. Philemon's Reputation (vv. 4-7).
I Paul paid a fine tribute to Philemon,
reminding him that he never prayed
without bearing him up before God.
! This is a fine example of tact on the
'part of the minister."
I 1. His faith and love toward tho
Lord and all saints (v. 5).. It was
his hope and. desire that this faith
might bear fruit in Christ Jesus.
2. His ministry to the saints (v. 7).
Philemon was generous in his help to
the poor saints. %
III. Paul's Request (vv. 8-1G).
He requested Philemon to receive
back Onesimus, the runaway slave, as
a brother in Christ.
1. He beseeches instead of commands (vv. S-10). Though conscious
of his right to enjoin, he pleads as'the
for.   love's
Thick Glossy Hair
Shampoos with Cuticura Soap preceded by lifjht applications of Cuticura Ointment to the scalp skin do
much to cleanse the scalp of dandruff and promote the healthy
condition necessary to producing
luxuriant hair.
Ssap25e. Ointment25 and 50c. Talcum25c. Sold
throughout theDominicn. CanadianDepot:
LyranrirLisated, 344 St. Paol St., W.. Montred.
JEfc>  Culicura Soap shave* without nscc.
A Handsome Cape
With This Dress
Britain Back to Old Prices
Dread, Butter and Cheese Arc Still
Costing Double
Recent reductions in the cost of living have now brought tho British public back to 1914 prices for a number
of "commodities. Men's suits and
overcoats are tho best examples. Wo-
pien's clothing is still slightly higher
than in pre-war days. Bread still
costs twice as much, despite the fall
in Canadian wheat prices, aiid so do
butter and cheese, but meat is almost
back to the 1914 level, owing partly to
the arrival of Canadian cattle."
a Halt Difference When,In
A singular result)of the experiments
of Moose on the physiological effects
of high altitudes is thafa mountain
ascent may produce such a flattening
of the lumbar curve that a man may
be an inch and, a half shorter on the
summit of Monte Rosa than when^he
is in the -valleys beneath. The
height of Monte Rosa, the second loftiest peak of the Alps, is 15,'215 feet, j the pain and enable you to get a good
The cause of the shortening is partly ! night's sleep.'  Whether it is Neural-
��i/�� ^.-^.a��� Xf ���u���,i.- mi ��� i��� Sia,    Sick    Headache or some other
the exertion of climbing.   The human minor ache or pain( Nerviline can be
stature is always slightly diminished , used internally or externally and will
Have You a Remedy?
It may be a disordered stomach, perhaps cramps or acute indigestion. If
you have no remedy handy, you are
bound.to suffer. Twenty drops of
Nerviline in sweetened water will ease
during the day.
be found aUrue friend for every family. ��� Large 35c bottles sold everywhere.
Once   a   mother
Own Tablets for her little
would not be without them.   Tho Tab
lets.are a perfect home remedy. They,
regulate   the   bowels   and   stomach;
drive out constipation and indigestion;
break up colds and simple fever and
make baby healthy and hippy.     Concerning them, Mrs. Noble    A.    Pye,
Ecum-Secum, N.S., writes:���-'I have
found  Baby's  Own  Tablets .of great
benefit for my children and I would
not be without them.".     The Tablets
are sold by. -medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
i      Scotland of Course"
���He was giving his   new   aeroplane1
a   trial,   and   all went well .until he
has used Baby's 'found himself directly over a football
ones   3he ground where a match was   in   progress.   There was a sharp report, and
a few minutes later, he was' lying on
the ground .with a group of club officials bending over him.
-As he opened his ..eyes, the-club
secretary, with a sigh of relief, touched him gently on the shoulder.
"Ah," he murmured".' "I'm glad
you've come round! .. I don't think
you paid your admission  money,' did
2. He makes his plea on- the grounds
of grace (vv. 11-14). Ho admitted
that Onesimus had been unprofitable
���had forfeited all "claim upon Philemon, and that on grounds of justice
his -plea might well be' rejected, and
yet Onesimus was begotten in his
bonds (v. 10)���was in a real sense a
part of his own suffering nature (v.
12)���he ventured to suggest that he
should be accepted. Though Onesimus hitherto had been unprofitable to
his master, now was profitable to both
Paul and Philemon. Paul , would
gladly have retained him as .a- personal attendant, but sought first his
friend's permission.
3. Paul desired that Onesimus be received back not as a slave, but- as a
brother in. Christ (vv. 15, 16). Here
is the. real fugitive slave law. Paul
never attacked slavery, though it was
contrary to Christianity, and therefore
| hateful to, him, but emphasized principles which destroyed it. The establishment of Christianity   changes   the
whole face of human society.     The
wise thing to do ls to get men and women regenerated and thus transform
society instead of seeking change by=:
- In Paul's request you can hear the
pleadings of Christ for us sinners. AH
Hall's Catarrh Medicine
Those who are in a "run down" condition will notice that.. Catarrh bothers
them much more than when they are in
good health. This factv proves that
while Catarrh is a local disease, it ls
greatly influenced by constitutional conditions. HALL'S CATARRH MEDI-
CINIn  is a Tonic and acts  through  the
By Marie Belmont
Many of the new frocks are accompanied by capes which are fashioned,
so that, if desired, they may be worn
with  other  clothes.      This  dress  is
rOU  can't  do  your best  when
your   back  and   every   niuscla
aches with fatigue.
Apply Sloan's Liniment freely, with*
out rubbing, and enjoy a penetrative
.glow of warmth and comfort.
Good for rheumatism, neuralgia/
sprains and strains, aches and pains,
sciatica, sore muscles, stiff joints and
the after effects of weather exposure.'
For forty years pain's enemy. Asb
your neighbor.   Keep Sloan's handy.
At all druggists���35c, 7Cc, $1A0. .
Made in Canada.- '
liniment tea
Canada's Fur Catch
Muskrat Came First Valued at Nearly'
Six Million
Furs taken in Canada in the 1919-
1920 season were valued at moro
than $21,000,000. Ontario contributed the greatest share, with Quebec in
second place. The muskrat furs we,re
first in value, amounting to nearly
$6,000,000. Beaver, marten, mink,
silver fox, red fox, ermine, and skunk
followed in this order.
That pain is not rheumatism or neu-
raligia.     Many folks thinks so���it is
due to Catarrh, plain ordinary Catarrh
made of green Canton crepo which is iand needs attention right now.     Ca-
fashioned on simple lines. The skin
is elaborated with black stitching,
while the>roll collar is cut from black
tarrhozone is the name of a wonderful invention I that Is daily fixing up
chronic cases of weak throat, bronchitis and catarrh. Every breath through
���satin that matches the cuffs of the I the Inhaler is laden with soothing,
dress.     The capo is 'of black vejvet I healing substances that    destroy " all
lined with green Canton crepe.     It is |J?i!re"ed c��ndlti��nf3 -ft tl!e1 blleathil-S
. . ,     ...        . ��� I organs.     It can't fail to help, because
trimmed with a handsome collar of ��� it goes where the trouble really exists
black fox fur.
IX. SAX^l^uSl^0* the cape's'lining are several rows
assisting Nature in restoring normal con- Of black stitching that look most ef-
AU Druggists.     Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
The Last of the Battleships
Has   Peculiar  Interest  at
This Time
The Japanese battleship Kaga, displacing 39,900 tons and embodying' in
her armament and armor every ascer-
About the outer edges j���and doesn't attempt to cure an illness in the head or throat by means
of medicine taken into the stomach.
,.   .. ,        ., , ,, .There is  no sufferer  from a  grippy
fective when the fronts of the cape jcoid or any winter ill that won't-find
are folded back. benefit in Catarrhozone, which Is em
ployed by Physicians, ministers. law-
Platinum Once Worthless
yers and public men throughout many
foreign lands.     Large size lasts two
Platinum, which is now worth much  months and cpsts $1.00.     Small size
more than gold,    was    onco    thrown i50c' sample size 25c, all storekeepers
aside as a worthless by-product.
For years Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator has ranked as a reliable
tainable lesson of the-great war, took jworm preparation and it always main-
the water recently at Kobe. The tains its reputation.
American battleship Maryland, with a
tonnage of 33,590, had her final tests
and the West Virginia, another ship
of the same class, was launched at
Newport News. These incidents have
a, peculiar interest at .the moment be-
cause they may be the last of the sort I, f.    ��� ,_,��� ���.���,,���,   *.    -, ���
. . ��� ironi the same ranch destined for -ex-
to occur for many years to come.   ��� It ���      . *    ,      ,, ...     . .        *    .���
JJ ��� port trade.   Cattle shipments from all
Cattle Shipments to Britain Increasing
A. special train of livestock, including thirty cars from the Matador
ranch near Wiseton, Jeft recently on
their way to England. The Matador
consignment  Is  part  of ninety  cars
or the Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Must Be 18 To Drive
- No boy less than IS years of age is
permitted to drive an automobile or
truck for hire'in Illinois, and every
one who operates a motor veh'fcle for
hire or compensation of any' kind
must have a chauffeur's license.
Buildings in Arabian towns are de-
jvoid of all decoration    except   doorways.
is even possible that these are the last
of the grim tribe of battleships.���New
York Globe.
Co.; .Brockville,
The S.chools Go On
Meanwhile, the teachers, despite all
An Oil of Merit.���Dr. Thomas Eclcctric Oil is not a' jumble of medicinal
substances, thrown together and push-
the. impediments and harassments in 'ed by advertising, but the result of the
their, way, are making-up for the
physical shortcomings, so far as that
is humanly possible, by the.devotion
of their', spirit and the skilfof their
profession. . The schools go on.���New
York Times. '-'.'-'
Minard's Liniment for Garget in Cows
...   \- __���    ,
Sucdess Or- Failure
careful investigation of the. curative,
qualities^ of certain oils as applied to
the human body. It is a rarejcom:
binatioa and it won and kept public
favor,from the first'. A trial of it will-
carry, conviction to any who. doubt its
power to repair and'heal.
v v vRECiER
Shows Remarkable,- Restpr-
,. alive Power of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
vv. Compound.--;'
Things   Worth   While   Require  Time
.. and Hard Work        .    '
He is usually!considered .a'" failure,
who attempts something and does not
succeed. -_..���...'.-���
But on considering the subject, does
it, not seem fair to ^include among tho
ranks of the failures 'those'who obtain
the privileges of success without performing the duties   of   which   they
should be the reward?".   -        V X-,-.:
.Too .many.-in these, get-fich-quick-
days", demand immediate success, o'asy"
success.- .The past teaches'-'us-'-/that"
what, is to easily obtained is. prized
but little if at.ViU^-aiid-.also. that- the.
t.hingsr. worth .while, are not won; in ..a !
minute nor by feebld-effort. 7
TDo you desire-the privilegesof suC I
cess?    Perform faithfully its-duties. .
?i)o,, you    desire.  the pleasures of
achievement?    You , must  suffer  its
New Use For Warships
One Serves As Fish-Drying.Factory at
  :-,.77_j_!?ort'.Et!enne;-,i ^.__v.-��� 1
M. Albert Sarraut, French Minister
for the. Colonies, who- is now- at the
Washington Conference, may be able,
if consulted, to give useful hints as to
what, to do. with the old .battleships..
Ready-made Medicine.���You need no
physician for ordmary ills when you
have at hand a bottle of Dr. Thomas'
men'have broken loose���gone astray���:| Eclcctric Oil.   For coughs, colds, sore
and have become .unprofitable.  ' -We tftoaJ> hv��n?���\ tn-^IeB. U is invalu:
-..,-.-_   ...        , ��� .,    .     able, lor scalds, burns-; bruises, sprains
are.reconciled to God through, the1 in-.; ������������ is unsurpassed, while for cuts, sores
terceding of Christ.7 He has ;made us j and the ".like it is. an unquestionable
profitable. We have been begotten .healer. ' It needs no testimonial other
in Hisbonds-through "His passion,. S^to^'eSt^nS1 ^'*"
agony, of heart, we shall be changed. -
III. The'Basis-Upon Which pnesimus
Is to Be Received (vv. 17-21). -
The debt of guilty, Onesimus is to-be
put to the account of Paul, and the
merit of Paul Js to be put to the.ac-
count ���. of Onesimus. This is a fine1
illustration bf the atonement of Christ.
Whatever wrongs we have committee1
���debt incurred���all pur shortcomings
are debited to Him.     Jesus Christ, on
over the west to the British Isles are
increasing rapidly.
Silver ?n Australia
A rich silver vein has been discovered at Inverell, New   South   Wales.
I Assays of the ore,-it is reported, have
! yielded up to 376 ounces "to the ton,   '
'behalf of -thewhole universe, hassaid
'to ,G6d:. "Put that'to. my account; I
have .written-.with thy "pierced hand; I
will repay."-. Onesimus .was' taken
back,' hot as a runaway slave, but .a
beloved brother in .Christ,
Old Fort Camosun
Just before he-sailed-for America he IV. Paul Requests Lodging (vr. 22-25)'.
Cheslej*, Ont��� "Before using Lydia E
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I vtz3
a total wreck..   I had terrible pains in
��� my sides, and was not regular.   Finally
Igot so weak I could not go np stairs
, without-stopping, to rest half way up
. the steps. , I tried two doctors but they
did me no good.   I saw your medicine
advertised m the newspapers and
thought"I.would give it a trial.   I.took
' four bottles of the Vegetable Compound
and was restored to health.   I am mar-
. ried, ani the mother' of two children,,
and do all my housework, milk; -eight
cows, and do a hired, man's work and.
enjoy thc best of health.
Vegetable r-ompouhd a great help"for
tny weak back before my babies were
born. I recommend it to all my friends
who are in. need of medicine, arid yod
may print this letter if you wish. ���-
. -.Mrs."H��NRY JASKES, K. R.,Ko. 4,,Cbes-.
XUyi Ontario, -.---.-.������
It"     "
I made a tour of-the. French West A'fri-
jean'colonies, and Tat; Port Elien.ne he
visited former/French cruiser Chasse-
iloup Loubat, which now surely serves
a useful-purpose. -7:Kiding"at anchor
In the bay, it" serves as a fish-drying
factory.   "On its deck3 "sixty tons of
I fish, canJ>e dried, at. one tinie".     Port
lEtien'ne   is- the centre of;a steadily-
I growing .dried fish' industry and to tlie
IChasseloup. -Loubat.:'"all Wishing .boats
bring  tho   cargoes  to  be... cured  rind
idried7iA ''.--'-'���' "-���' -7 V1 X. -   ..--   '""-
*He expected a-speedy release.from
imprisonment,' and purposed-. " to'-.- sojourn "with -Philemon.1 In all probability this was realized.: What a -.welcome ,he must; have received! 'Jesus
Christ is-saying to-every one, of'His
redeemed ones, "Prepare.me.-'a.lodging:" . v; 77-. V7"V-x:-:"' - "V V -'
Trading Post Re-named Victoria
7 ' " r- in.1846 " -������"
Early in the past" century the Hudson's'Bay Company established a trad:
ing, post on Vancouver Island and called it Fort Camosun. In 1S-16 -the
name was changed-to Victoria, in honor of the reigning Queen, and_the
place became the capital of the colony
that grew up on the island. - -In 1858
the-adjacent mainland was made a
colony-under,the name of British Columbia and. in the following year New
Westminster was made'the capital. In
IS66 the two colonies were re-united
under the name; British Columbia,.and
.the province entered Confederation oil
'July."20..-1S71, with. Victoria the -provincial" capital.    ....   .', ���.   .'...   "7. '.-..   ..
Christine Nllssen, the noted operar
tic soprano, died.at Copenhagen, Nov.
22nd. -   ' ���"    "'"
Trade Mark
;������ Wives Costly .In Africa
, Oscar Olssou, a Swede,, who lias re-;
turned from.-a-5,000-mHe trip through
'-Would you" gather, the fruit's, of'"sue; Central Africa; where he, made, moving
cess?. 7You must.perform, the labor :Pictures    for . scleulmc.purposes, de-
of   planting
Mills.   ���' "''  .
and   tending.���By   Jack
hardier seems possible, that there is
a woman in this country, who'wfllcon-.
tinne to suffer without giving Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial
��f ter all the evidence that Ik continually
being? published, proving beyond coatra-
dlction that this grand old medicine has '���
relieved d<�� ��afF��ring among women
fe*a aajr other medicaus in. the world,
W. -N.   tJ? 71397 """"""-V   '
,..���    Just.Press the.buttonV
...Some of the"critics.of a newspaper
understand- the- l.usinesa   so.   thorT i
oughiy.    The, work' is in their opinion
so.- simple 7and. \ .easy, that when I
listen to them I remember, a certain
young matron.. V ^ V      ...
1   X great, banker -said to this young-
matron:-    '��� *-"7        ���"-
' "I am ashamed ..of my failure-., to !
keep   abreast   of   modern    science.")
.L^:'��?���!?'' Take th* electric light for instance.
I haven't the least id^a how it works."
The yerang matron gave him a patronizing smile.
"Why," she said, "it's very simple
really. You just press a button, and
the. light comes on���that's all there
is>to-it^7 7 7V;7 V, XXxXX-y-Xy'''
clares that tlie high-cost of living is'
even - a problem. in tlio . junglci The
price, of. African' wives has advanced
from: 35 to $6,"-lie said.," 'An-extra
classy"ivife costs $6.50.7 -Before .the.
war,'-.the'-best 'wives' cost- only $3.50.
Somewere to be had as low as ��2.   ���'.
77  ... .   --; Embarassmepi  7 ���      ..������-."-''������"
Orville Wright said    at   a   dinner
in-Dayton:-     . ���'-V'.'.'V '" ~   .������....'���
.,:"My." new..aeroplane .wing;'..which-
is' to';.revolutibnizc flight," has, been the
subject of, -many- proposals.1-. 71: doubt-'
some of tliese "proposals. -.. They -are
like,the fount's.". -'- ui., " ���'-.,_. ...
-.;" 'Dear,' - said - the"' heiress,, 'ivere
Vou. embarrassed - when, you propos.ed
to;me?':;"' "7.-; . .;_; ���"-.;��� ;-,''",. - ,.-.
" 'Er-r-'wclU'-.-st'immered, .the7 count,
'only to. the extent.of';abou.t $15,000,
Ioye.7"-""'  .' V .   ���'-;' X  ��� ' "--.7
������-' Viper, of the'Sea.- '.������-,.-'
"..More than- any other- tool 'of -..war",,
except gas, the" submarine- is -remembered-; for., the .tlisreputable' things" it
did. 7.-You cannot think"'of a, submarine without ���' recalling the * fate. of the
Lusitanhi an'd7{of Kitchener.���New
fork IIcraldV> yyXX     -    " ' '. ������-" -'
The ' first pair -bf-..spectacles was'
madeiby;Alexander de.Spina, a.monk
who lived in Florence in the latter
half of the thirteentb^eehtury'-:
* ..Saskatchewan.Leads'Canada -"--.-
-. There:-;-.are . ^approximately-' 13,000
Boy Scouts in Saskatchewan now ac-
(cording ,.to.-- figures'.- received from
headquarters "' at1'; 6ttaw;a;"   4,000 ,.,'of
jthem have been;;enrolled since, last
May."- r Saskatchewan leads. Canadk;'in:
the; number enrolled-during the past
six:'monihs. \ ���- XX-'-"- X-   '."   :<������ ��� :
. An application or7"Vas-
- - clinV' White Jelly brings
grateful relief  when
applied to cuts, burns,
" chafed skin, etc. 7 .
" CHESEBR.OUGH,'      ''   '-
1680 Chab'ot Ave..  Montreal.
Iti 'tubes*:
end jar sat
till dftig-
' gutsy' .-;-
Most   people   like
aginary troubles.
to tell their Im-
!�� tha natural desire of every" woman,
and"- is. obtainable-  by  tbo  use of Br.
Chase's Ointment.- Pimples, blackheads,
ronghness   and", redness   of   the   skin.
Irritation  and   eczema  disappear,   and'
the gk-n is left, soft, smooth and vplvely.
All dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto. - Sample free if you
- *s��
. A Dominion Express. Money Order for fire
dollars costs .three cents.
Lift Off;-with;Fingers
^ Telling .a,man not to wori-y is about'
as7effeetiye as earning a 7 small, boy-.
riot "to eat'too.'nsuch,..-;':"''.'-.' ���' V V":V,' ���
Minard's Liniment.
���;;. Aries   . ��� '- V
used::by; Yeterl-s?
:,'���"      ."Monuments For Seamen
'The names of member's of the crews
of Canadian, registered merchant ves-
sels,"-who lost, their lives at. sea du'r-
Jrig the .war-as a result-of enemy.-ac-.-
tion- are to. be immortalized on monuments erected by the imperial \\"ar
.Graves Commission
at Halifax and
Woman Grows Prize. Dates
On a four-acre plot in California,
Mre^ Carl Woodiiouse planted date
trees eight year3; ago, and this year
the harvest will net about $5,000. Two
of her prize bunches weigh thirty
pounds.-eacb^VVMrs.. Woodhouse has
done all'the work '-herself. .V 7'���"��� ���'������'.-'"' XX
7'7.Lcn*somenes8 Kills ..Pet J*arrot.77"
:V"Pony7vpet; parrot :of :the':Princo of
Wales, died at York House;. StiVJamea"
PalaiceV f; .The :parrot refused to eat.
after the Prince's .departnre for India.
77- 7 Why Not?-7 -7-7 .;
. i5oat'man.~"No, mister7 I. can't,-let
yon have, a boat now. There's, a.
heavy . swell, just come, on."
. -Profiteer.���"Swell be' hanged; .ain't'
my money as. good as. 'is?"-r-Pear-
son's Weekly.-   . .-.'.,-.���-   ���'*
The Dutch regard a stork's nest on
their houses as a sign of good fortune.
Some men waste a lot of. valuable
time explaining their actions. .
C.!,et0,P -Clears HealiKv
, Doesn't-hurt -'.a bit! 7 Drop; a little
"Freeione" on ah athing corn, Instantly that corn stops hurting, then shortly ���'-. yon. lift :it right -jfi .with fingers.
Truly.!-.-1/ .'������������.���'' "V.'V-
-Yoiir.,druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Ffeezonef - for a. few cents, sufficient
to'reniove every hard corn, soft cons,
or corn between the toes,,and the calluses,' without, soreness or trritatfoa.
Cook's Cottoa Root CoiiBpaKES
.. A'nije, rtXidtilarcaula.tir.9.
ptedicint. .Sold in tbteo c!o*
vr����B "of Btrcnsth���No. 1,51;
No. 3. $3; No. 3, $5 per boi.
Sold by all dj-u?tints, or ��cun
^nre8>loLoa receipt ��� of price.
-. Frs�� pubaphlct. Adclrcsa 5
J080BT9. ONT. {r.to.r;, YiMa:,)
Amsrici's Pioneer
Dog Remedies
' and  Haw to Feed '
Mailed    Free   to    ztf
. Address  by  th��
H.   Cr;AY-  fiT.OVKR
CO.,   TN'C,
118    \Ve*t    Jlst-street.
New York.. U.S.A.
THiN^FUVr HAIR;   ������[���'
y GRpvysaoNis,; thick
*   7 ;      AND ABUNDANT
. -^andsrine"~m eoata'
only - 35 cants, a. bottle. ���'
One.application ends all
dajidruH. stops Itching.,
and falling; Tiair, and,
in ---"���' a '- few ., moments,
jtm.. have doubled tbe
bcautr of your liair.
It will appear a mass, so.
eoft, lustvousi and easy
to, do up'.'- -But rfh&t will
please" yon most wQl be
after a few-weefca rise,
when yon see new hair���3
fine and downy at ftrst-r
yes���but really new hairS
growing all over the
scalp. ^-Danderine* is to tie hair vrkit.
fresh ehowera of Tain and sunsbineT&ra '������
to vegetation. It goes right'to therocls,;
invigorates and stwngtiems. them. This
delightful, stimulating tonie helpa thin,.
lifeless, faded hair to P9^f fcng�� i^ek��
���hsavy asd fejcartiaA. "; -7
Is ��2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Betray Notices 3-00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificale of Improvement ..... 12.5��
(Where more than one claim appears ir> notice, $5.00 for each additional claith.)
All other legal'adv;rtlsiiig, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Busiucss locals I2'<c. a line each in-
M. "
The  blue cross means that
your subscription   is due, aud
thai the editor would be pleased
���- to have more money.
The Home Circle
;i��^��m|I 1 1 mm niHHilf
Pumpkin pies are good for kings ..and they are good
enough for us.
It is good to practice what you preach, but be careful
what you preach and make your sermons short.
A Chicago minister has left the pulpit for the vaudeville
stage, but then we find fools and rogues in every walk of
life. . .
The man who advertises is the man ���'���who honestly tries
to increase his business and is not ashamed to let his community know that he tries. Such men deserve our encouragement. ..
ake Your Selections Now
There is always room at the top
for brains.
It was high living  that put us
up'in the air.
When   a   man   gets   tight, his
morals get loose.
A close-up of movie life causes
many to fade but.
As  usual the most   influential
book of the year is the pooketbook.
The knocker is a nuisance unless
he is knocking somebody you dont
TnE next sporting event will be
a contest between knickers and
The man with a pile is a man
with a smile when everything goes
dead wroDg.
In this land "of opportunity, tho
humblest can work up to a twelve
cylinder caste.,
"When December and May experiment in matrimony, there if-
usually an early fall. ,
You can fool some of the people
all the time but they don't include
yonr wife's relatives.
A ready-made suit looks like one
tailored to measure, but you can
usually recognize it as a  counter
The man who says that money
now goes further  probably  means
that one must goto greater lengths
to get it. - *' ,->.
���'. ��� ���?.  .
Ax alarm clock js like conscience.
Treat itiwith contempt a few tirnes
and afterthat-ypu wont hear, it at
ail.; 7-.'7'v'vVv.;7-7v' ��� ������='/'.���'-'..;
77.Whex some, of these reformers
urge the "world-Joturn oyer a new.
leaf, we are ''reminded. that a crank.
is what.you turn things with.  ;"'
7 r Surprised> Miss; Harris
ft ILIII    Ml   IT      "
7 Mildred Karris, who is. prominentia the vcast 61 "Habit," the
feature, attraction at the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday, relates
the; following of her childhood
home; on  tbe  prairie.     She   was
.'standing disconsolately outside the
railroad station on a blazing A'ug-
list day,when a St.; Louis express,
.for.some reason or other, stopped
opposite.    A car window over her
��� head was thrown up and a large,
red.rfaced superheated person
thrust out his head and gazed 'disgustedly at the fiat landscape and
a- '    *
the.heat waves dancing;from the
cinders alongside tbe track. Then
he looked down a-j'Mise Harris and
V "Do you live here?'!X ��� :t 7
"I do,", answered Mildred,,not
knowing what else to say.7.7 \X'j
','WeU, barked Ihe red-faced, one,
withdrawing; his"head,  ^why/do.n't
XjQU-mov&t'Xx-XX'y'yXx, 177; 77; ":'X
^Sead a Float tbybtfr.friends at
once. ;������ You Vcan^getrVlhem'-at
Tbe.l,edge office- '���*.. V, 7 VV7V V-..-7
Boy Scouts    "
On Friday last 13 boys having
passed their Tenderfoot test were
enrolled by the president, P. H.
McCurrach, as full Hedged scouts.
On Saturday 14 of the younger
boys passed their tend erfoot test
and were .enrolled as Wolf cubs.
Promotions, White Wolves, E.
Johnson,   sixer;   L.   G.   Madden,
Brown Wolves ��� Lloyd Eustis,
sixer, G. A. Bryan, second.
Ocean Sailings
Steamers will sail for the Old
Country as follows:���
Steamer        Sailing from date
Metagama       St. John Dec. 9
Olympic       New York Dec. 10
Megantic       Halifax' Dec. 11
Emp. France   St. John Dec. 13
Canada        . Halifax Dec. 16
under and by virtue of a certain Warrant
of Execution placed in my hands authorising me to levy ofthe goods and chattels
of Joseph Peter Keaue, the sum of
$1149.71, I have seizedCand taken in
execution the following:���,
. Situated at Keane's Mill:
About 1000 Ties.    Certain logs on skid-
way (approx. 12000 ft.)   About 80,600 ft.
of lumber.
Situated on Track at Rock Creek:
About' 1600 Ties.
And NOTICE is further given that
the undersigned has been ordered to sell
the above chattels aud will receive tenders-tor same up to and including the 20th
day of December, J92L Tenders should
be addressed to the undersigned al the
Court House, Greenwood, B.C.
Terms: Successful tenderer must
pay cash before removal of goods.
Greenwood, B.C., 30th, November,
1921. , '        ���
Car of .
Gait Lump Coal
Will arrive within a few
Place your orders  now
as this will be the last
shipment this winter
H. McKee
E. W. WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or? Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75- Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead &j.oo. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.       7 ���
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
aud Overland cars. Garage in connection.
D. McPHERSON        -       Proprietor
The signals of the traffic officer are obeyed instantly* by the  intelligent
citizen, as he realizes that indifference means confusion and congestion.
- ��� Over the telephone wires and through the switchboards there is a constant volume of traffic.   There'is also a signal���the ringing of the telephone
bell. A great obstacle in the flow of this traffic is delay in answering the bell.
Answer your telephone bell promptly.   You will accomodate the party
calling. '. Your .own line will be more quickly .cleared for other business. ~   ..
are tlie features which go to
make up the Service we giye
our customers* Are you
one of
Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
- (Rilled or Plain) f2
Envelopes, Billheads, 2
(All Sizes) _ ' tSm
Statements, Business Cards, |f
gets, Etc.* Etc. 3
0X}GBE��imqaoXX ycbPnntingDepsrtmeitt^Ts
DOLLS, large assortment at about half price
BOOKS, Standard Novels, Comics, Joke, Cartoons
(i - . * ���
and Light Reading
Come in and see our Xmas Boxes.    They will please you.   A splendid gift.
Best assortment of the celebrated Neilson's Xmas Boxes ever shown in the
Boundary.    Also full line of Bulk Goods
Wrist Watches, Rings, Fobs, Chains, Lavaliers, Cuff Links, Etc.
don't have  to send out of town for  anything,
Dealer in  Farm  Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts,  Farm and
your lands
good ranch
Fruit Lauds For Sale.   List
with me,   Have a buyer for
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash."
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson   ."-        ��� Proprietor
616 Vernon St.. Nelson,
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -7-  Proprietor
4- *S\*4vk4- 4v*�� 4*. * *fc 4*. 4>
���p LOAT is uot a periodic-!
*^ / al.V Ifc is a book con-
taining.86 iilusfcraMonB: all
told,;.and "is filled���* with
sketches ; and.. stories- bf
western life. 'Ifc telle how
a -gambler, cashed 'in;after
the flush days of. Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver-long after Noah was
dead; how. a parson took a.
drink at. Bear, Lake ; in
early . days; how justice
was dealt i.nTKaslo in '93;.
how. the. saloon .man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, . and graphically de ���;
picts the rbamings pfVa
western editor ainong the
tender-feet in the cent belfe.
It contains the early history,
of Nelson arid, a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are . pointed three
western po-sms, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention.. Send for one
before it is too lafcei The
price is 50 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to ..."...-.-' 7
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department ;
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead  and Zinc
Auto Stage twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
Porks and Nelson train, leaving"Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatchee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
'Fare $1.50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage Free.    Trunks Carried!-.
Express and Heavy Drayinu.    7; -      : Auto's for hire.Day.or Nteht
We carry Tires, Oils, Greases. Hay and brain
Office Phone 13.V .Residence Phone 3L
Fire Insurance
Real Estate
Royal Bank Bldg.,.7Grand Forks
Synopsis of  ���   ",.'������
Land ActAraendments
Minimum price of first-class Ian*
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will, be granted covering-
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
land. -   .. .
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may /
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ���
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must* make improvements, to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing aud cultivation of
at least S acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements; he may because of ilUhealth, or- other cause; b��_
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim. .
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each
year. Failure tcmake improvements
or record same will' operate as -forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than S years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including S acres cleared and cultivated, and residence of at
lea-it 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with';-hi*
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made'
and residence maintained- on -Crown
granted land. "7        ..."
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, maybe leased a* homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial'.purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased' by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial site* on.
tiniber land, not exceeding 40 acre*
maybe purchased; conditions include
payment of ���tumpage.
Natural hay meadow* inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
.conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all-persons joining and serving
vvitH His Majesty's Forces. Th* time
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, aa
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of. the present war. This privilege is made_retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emption* are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emp-
-iions recorded after June .26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.   '
Provisions for return of money* accrued, due and been paid sine* August
4,1914, on account of payment*, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by member* of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect,.remitted fr��m enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision made for insurance of
Crown Grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving- forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and taxes. Where sub-purchaser* io
not claim-whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately, over'whole ,1
area. Applications niust be made by
May 1,1920. -     ,
-.-���������' GRAZING
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock' industry pro- '
vides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based-
on number* ranged; ^priority for established owners. Stock owriera may form
Associations for range management.
Free, or partially free, permits for
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
head.  - ' - ���>���    7   ' ;7
��� ��������!
"" HI
* i
���<��y; GEEENWOOD,yB^G.:
pe i^inefaL Province of Western
-y Td END OF DECEMBER, 19207     ''^'/y'^'':   /y\
Has produced MineralBvalaed as. follows:   Placer Gold, ��75,944,203; Lode,   .        \
V   Gold^^^ $102,753,823; Silver, $53,668,284; Lead 846,637,221; Copper, $161,513,864;
.Zl.nc,:;.S19i 896,466; Goal and Coke, $212,573,492; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, 7 7'
7 etc.; $32,168,217; Miscellaneous Minerals; etc., $1,037,408; making its Mineral
Production^ to the end of 1929 show an 7:7   V     7    .7      ."'-": '-'-_.'-.        . V  : .7. .7
X[ '[��� ',.    Aggregate ^^^S^^i^rXxXX^-
Prodactioh for Tear Ending^ pecembbr^ 1920, $35,543,084
The Mining Laws of fehie Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colbnyin the British
Empire.    '���-.���.-;  ���  - V x '-'���'".
Mineral locaftions^^are granted to discoverers fornominal fees.
Abaolat�� Titles are obtained by developing such properfeiee, the security
of which is guaranteed, by Crown Grants. '
...   Full information, together with mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
-V ;. 7 gratis.by addressing---*   :-7_  ;1 ���*/'X --'XX x .--XX   X'X--.-X '-'"',-.
xx ?'- -'/xx.-7 ���'"'��� ���;���'���;.xxx:&xMy/'"xxy x���: ViCTOKIArBritfsli Cbliiiiiifa. /"���'


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