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The Ledge May 1, 1924

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(Provincial libra
Vol.   XXX.
Now is the time to  Brighten up your Home
We have just received an assortment of
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
and Varnishes
Five Roses, Purity and
Royal Household Flour
Crushed, 3 c. w., 2 c. w., and  SEED  OATS
Bran,   Shorts/  Oat Middlings,   Corn,   Etc.
Fit/ Reform
Made to your measure
yours now
For Quality and Value Order From
Phone 46
Just In A Big Line Of
Box, Bulk and Bars
Buy a. box of these extra fine fresh Chocolates
Curtaia Scrim, Drapery Chintz
Extra Special Dress Goods
W,   Have Just Arrived 7
Our stock is limited. f First come first served.
Elson &
AVe carry only tlie best stock procurable < in   ' .
Veal, Pork,   Ham, = Bacon, Lard, Etc.
.'"',   A trial will convince you <*
TUer Consolidated
ing f& Smelting
.��� of Caiiada, Limited ���})������
, ���"   Office, Smelting and Refining Department
/; 7 TRAIL,, BRITISH COLUMBIA     -'"-'���" 7/7...../
''.-'" -^^������:.������<Ov'-;���;C���^^w:���:w7-;v^;.^'7���'77^:-
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   of ./Gold.    Silver/ Copper, ;. Pig'Lead;   and Zinc ,
-: -' W.-;-. W'-'TADANAC-" BRAND   ..-77-/' i 7 ["-'.[
icHall^^ Greenwood
May  2
This will be the first of a series of Social Dances and a
;-  big crowd h expected ;..-   "77    '���'.       -\[ '<'���'"
)x)Xy)yXXyyy^<i& Supper;'.Provided 7 ^ W WW:W;
f^misilqinW 50ci/; Supper 35c.
���XX WpfiiW7'7fffW xy yXyXX, Xy. Xy
Real Estate.
Fire,  Life  Insurance
.' Licensed by B. C. Government
Accident & Sickness Insurance
Auctioli off your surplus Stock
Calf at my Office aud "'See  me in
reference to any of above
New Spring Hats and
:* Millinery
Now open for your inspection
^ore Hoius
S.30 to 10.30 a.m.;   2.30 to 5 p. in.
Chiropractor     .
Office: Bank of Montreal Residence
near. Post Office
: Office 'Hours: .-
. "   Moti.'.-Tues,; Wed., Tliurs,'-    ''"-"
.'10a.1n.fto 12, 2 p.'iii. to. 5 p.m, 7 to 8.
--- - "    Friday,'"9"a. in., to-i p.m."  --
Greenwood Theatre
, Commencing; at 8.15 p.m.;
Another greatiplay.hasxo'me'.'to the "screen
���and with.it the'world-famoiis actor .wlio
so triumphantly portrayed its dna| roles
_;���"���-.".-   -��� oh.-the stage' ���'.,''   --'_..-
-- '..Richard.'\Valtou'Tul!y presents-'
y- Guy Bates Post
' / "/��� '   '".'    "   in -���-'   ���    ""._-,,     "  '"'������
The Masquerader
A drama of great denouements���the story
of John Ctiilcote, the leader.'of men, and
then the "outcast���and of his. double, John
Loder/wiio' took his- name, his place-"
7'.   !---���       ./.and his wife   , .   *-  ���XX''
A Masterpiece Among- breat Motion
\X "': -"- ' ���.--    Pictures .'
* Around Home
-'/Messrs.' Porter -Bros.,.- of.Spo-,
kahe, owners of .the'Porter Bros,
sawmill, Sidley,  'called, on 1. ;H.
Hallett "on1 Sunday^   enroute  to
tbeir .mill.-.
,Mrs. :W; BJ: Dewdney." and" family, of Penticton and "Miss Ethel
Ferguson, of Kelowna, were
visiting- in town 011 Thursday
af ter noon last/ being'motored up
^bv.A/'W...Sharp. /"���/- XyX}yZ.X ''".-,
Midway Warbles What's What at Westbridge
Price    writing    to
from    Stiiithers,    says:
and    lumbering-     industries are  very prosperous in
this    section.  ' -We --have--just
Struck a ledge 20 feet wide in. tbe
Mastite, so we mayfget  a concentrator down in Smithers. Howard
Thompson, an /old-timer.; of   the
Slocan/; is manager of-the Mamie.
Tom.. Rowe is  working on/a jig
and 1 have charge "of} the'''"mach--
iriery.;/-! ana kept .well  ppsted.of.
the-/happenings' in.-;the.,- Green7
wood f district/ by" 7the /arrival off
-The XeSge/eachf..-w:eek_ ?'/ yXy X-
Harold Mellrud left on Tuesday
for Spokane.
Errol Keobke has opened up
a garage in the Kinney building.
Mrs. T. Jenkin is on a visit
to her brother, W. Francis, in
Chief Fraser   has   rented  the
Rendell house and will  move his
family shortly.
Louis Putzel, sr. has returned
from a trip to Alton, Cal., accompanied with his son. ���. /
Mrs. Stanley Bubar, of Kettle
Valley was renewing acquaintances iu town this week.
The Combination mine resumed
operations on Monday with C...R.
Garris, of Spokane, in charge.
The Pythian Sisters will meet
on the first Friday in May and
on the first Friday of each month
. Mrs. P. H. McCurrach and
daughter Margaret returned, on
Tuesday from an enjoyable holiday in Nelson.
Miss Irene Bella left on Tuesday morning for Vernon where
she will enter the hospital as
nurse in training.        7
Mrs. A. M. Manson, of Victoria
ann Mrs. Nichol, of Prince Rupert, were the guests of Mrs. J.
Kerr on Saturday evening.
Meeting of the Greenwood district Rod and Gun Club will be
held in the old school house,
Midway, on Friday, May 9th at
S p.m.- .
Ninety-five per cent of the local
K. of. P's went to Grand Forks
last night to meet Grand Chancellor Hooper and Grand K. of R.
and S..E. S.H. Winn..-.
Mark Christenson received a
shaking up and a few bruises and
scratches yesterday when his
horse ran away, on the. Lundy
hill near Midway.
Walter G. Kennedy, of Cascade,
who was. in business in Greenwood,a number of years ago, is
ppeningWp a news stand . and
stationery store in Trail. ���
..Mr.-and Mrs. Sam .Clark and
son Jackie, Mr. Wilson and Mr.
Forbes, of ./Penticton, were'. in-
town. the .first of the: weekl. ;Mr.
Clark, Geo. :and Harry Bryan.
went to school together.in County.
Cork, Ireland. Xx'-  ''������)��� XX-
/The Masquerade^*- drama-;of
great denouments���-the story of a
leader of men, and then the outcast and bis double; who", took his
name.tiis~place;and his .wife, will
be shown at the /Greenwood
Theatre . on Saturday. Miss
Lily Pickthall will .again sing
between the acts, - Miss Pickthall
has been specially requested to
sing "Angus ^McDonald.". An
evening.of real' enjoyment.
A' big crowd is /expected at
Bush's: Orchestra Dance on Friday night 7 At least, three carloads are coming over from Grand
Forks, ������_ Beaverdell will be .well
represented, one car comingfrom
Carmi; Many from Midway,
Kettle X^alley, Rock .Creek .and
other district points; will be here
as well as.a number from Ferry
and Guriew,;. Wash.; ;Greenwood
off course will do/ its. share.
Supper /.arrangements, are being
.made for a.large.crowd and there
will.be���ample-.for-all.  .-:.7/ .7 X
..On the eve.of he*departure for
Vernon -to : enter .the General
Hospital as 'a nurse; in training
Miss/Mabel Axam. was .tendered
a farewell party by Mrs. A." N.
Mo wat.on/Monday ynighti when
about, 25 ��� young . people were
present and the. evening pleasantly passed iu dancing, singing
and all sorts of. games. Some of
Miss:' Asam's ffriends "came.= over
.from.Grand Forks andfPenticton.
/Mrs." ;,T.''_ W.' Clarke7 ffbf7 Carmi/
graciously assisted -Mrs. Mowat
and nothing was left undone to
make the evening a most enjoyable one. At midnight a dainty
luncheon was served after which
the d ancing was continued' until
the 4 o'clock trrin when "a/number of the invited guests. >went to
the,train to bid Miss.Axam adieu.
Miss Axam is one of:Greenwood's
inostestimable young/ladiesfand
while/ regretting. her -departure
ail wish. ~
Miss Winnie McMynn' returned
home this week.
C. P. C. Rock waB in town on
business on Tuesday.
Ofcfca Hanson and John Anderson are loading ties for the C.P.R.
at tbis point.
We dont need beer by the glass,
we need it by the barrel to satisfy
tbe thirst of some individuals.
Someone said that the Mayor of
Rock Creek has joined an expedition bound for the "North Pole."
- The Kettle river has started to
raise. 8ome of the natives wish
the price of eggs would do likewise.
Shorty Green has started in the
wood business. Shorty haB a buck
8aw and a box of snoosh for operating with.
Midway residents are glad to
know that a first class auto
mechanic is opening a Garage in
8chool opened last^ Monday after
the Easter vacation. Boys say
there is always someone taking the
joy out of life.
A big crowd went to Greenwood
last Saturday night to see and hear
the "big guns" of the Liberal
party in action. c
Charlie Bing has painted his
motor truck red. Someone said
that Jimmie Moran was going to
paint his track green.
- A conference of tie-hacks was
held in town last Saturday. They
are interested in the beer question;
also the price of drinks.
Some of the natives around Rock
Creek are wondering if the Mayor
will ever return, as the duties of
his office are being sadly neglected.
The Republic Ball team brought
up a big crowd of supporters with
them. We would like to see; the
Midway team get the same support.
Motor cars kept, the roads hot
and the dust flying on Saturday
night: Lots of beer must have
been bought and sold -to down the
dust. ��� W7/ ;'���-' ".'y  X-
] -Cheer up .boys! We are going
to have a big ' crop of dandelions
this. year. 7 If you cannot buy
booze; you. can make/dandelion
''-pop;'W   //' 7.--W-f/:" ;������   --;/
The'first, skirmish in the political
war took place last week. The
natives .were securely entrenched
and no casualties have been reported.
1 _
-Mrs.-Jr G." McMynn gave'an
Easter party for the children last
week, 24 children being entertained, to a nice time and lots of good
things to eat.
There is a good opening for-a
first class auto - mechanic in this
Qld Burg; but ho 'IwheelYbarrbw"
mechanic need apply) as. we are
overstocked with thorn now. 7
Jim Dale was in.town for.a short
time on Saturday. Jim. looks fas
young as eyer. He was on his way
tp Green wood-to inspect.ftbe heavy
artillery of the political parties..
Mrs. Tommy Roberts, gave a
birthday party for her little daughter, Pauline, last week (24th). .A
big crowd of.the younger, generation were in. attendance^ Mrs. E.
DeLisle assisted Mrs. Roberts. .: '7
The Union.- Oil Company^ fof
Oroville, ;; Wash.,;. is '.delivering
gasoline;in town every week.. They
haul it. from. Oroville by motor
truck. . Some of the natives may
start trading boose.for gasoline./
'���i: Who saTd ..that -Midway" was a
hack number. Those .who attended
the' entertainment, oh, TneBday
got the worth of their money, and
those who did not-attend, missed
"the" entertainment of the season.
The season is .now,.;.open. .for
cleaning up .baclr ..yards,'f etc.
Cleaning np yonr; back 7yard and
depositing the'f- reftise/ on yoar
neighbors or adjoining -lots does
not go towards sanitation, neither
does it help the appearance of. onr
old Bnrg. 7  ���..���'-   ,       7 7   "
There, was1 a largef crowd, on
hand last Sunday afternoon for the
ball"game/7 Over.50 autos were7on
the grounds. /Ifrwaa. rather disappointing to see thef home team, go
to def*at,;but .Republic/;had.7the
"horse-shoes"/ and;;.-:.she-'- .breaks
were ' .against. ;7MidwayW Onr old
Howard Smith visited Graind
Forks over the week-end.
Norman Rob, of Beaverdell,
made, a speedy trip to Molson on
Scotty Fawns, of Midway, piloted his green bus up this way on
Mr. Banmgarten and partner, of
Oroville, made a fishing expedition
up the West Fork Sunday.
Miss Edna Williamson returned
home after spending a week visiting with friends at Kettle Valley.
Miss Maria Williamson left last
week for Bellingham, Wash.,
where she intends to train for a
nurse. ^
Mra. Christian and daughter, of
Christian Valley, were down over
the week-end. This was their first
visit this spring.
Many residents of this district
motored^ to-Greenwood last Saturday, taking in the "big time," and
returning home in the wee small
hours. As a convention city
Greenwood is alright but why the
shortage of grub? One could get
���verything else but.
���Boundary Falls Notes
Mrs. Mitchell visited her numerous friends here during the holidays, returning to her home at
Mid way "on Thursday.
Miss Ruth Axam has returned
here on Monday to resume her
duties at the school, after spending the Easter holidays at her
home in Greenwood.
The. Post Office at Boundary
Falls has been moved _ to W.
J. Anderson's residence, where
Anund -Anderson will have temporary . charge of distributing the
mail. ,        '
Mrs. Emery, who has been postmistress here for tbe - past ten
months, is leaving with her family
to join her husband at Rhone,
where Mr.--Emery has been located
for the past month.
--'.���--.���       ,.-, ftb. ��� ���
'-.-. J. .0. Cruse^ bt' Lardo,   inade a
flying trip ��� to Boundary Falls on
Thursday the  24th,   airiving   in-
the ;morning and leaving on the
afternoonf train... He was;accompanied by Mr.  Col8dn,  of  Lardo, .-
who . has': purchased - Mr.   Cruse's 7
farm at- Boundary Falls,   and he
wiirreturn with his family in about
two weeks to take up their residence.
Death of Mrs. Si. J. Cross
Mrs. Mary Jane Cross,   of Rock .
Creek, died suddenly on the even- /
ing of 24th April, jvhen  returning.
from a visit to. a; neighbor.    Her
body/was interred: in,Rock Creek
cemetery on Saturday 26th, , Rev;
iW.   R_--. Walkinshaw }-officiating..
The    deepest    sympathy,   of   the
friends and neighbors' goes out to
Mr.   Cross   in   hia   bereavement.
Mrs. Cross was a native of County
Armagh, Ireland and came to this
country1 two years ago. Tin November.last she and her husband settled
on; the John's place,7;Bridesville.
road.    The deceased was 47 years.:
of-.age. ��� , "-   ~/7 ,-.".-.���'..--        f  '
fExtraordinary Orderis
..The .Bank, in consequence, of a 7
farmer's, failure, had to ffinance a .
large, farm,   and last. Spring, the
man they had put in charge,bf it
wired to the Manager of the branch: ;
���'��� '.'���Lambing, begins   next month...
If drought continues, will result in 7
total loss." ;"-;
"Postpone lambing till further,
orders," wired back the resourceful ;Manager.���Cadnceus.,.
her succsss7iu.her chosen Tillicum George Gray umpiredfthe
!B-'7".'-'. 7;7;v/'7-77<7/f;-;-77.'.g8me:t6.the'safeisfacrti^
The final Whist party, of-, the
season was held in the Old School
House on Tuesday <wening 29th.
A. W. Sharp won the gents first
prize and Mr. U'ren the booby.
Miss Joey Sharp won- the ladies
first prize and Mies Nicholas the
booby. During the evening a num^
ber of the Boy Scouts with thtfr
lady loves entertained the party
to some snappy minstrel songs and
dances, Mra. Stapleton playing the
accompaniment. . Tbe entertainment was enjoyed by aU. Much
credit is due Misa Keir 'and.; Mrs.
Stapleton for the success of the
evening.- A good sum was realized
for She.aid of the Boy."Scouts.77 .....- ''I.
After Many  Years
The Late Sir Edmund  Walker
[race* may
Glasgow   Courts   Return   a   Cross   to j A     Bank     President,     Unrivalled     In
Parish Padrs j Knowledge of Banking
AH or several yours of litigation in! In Sir Kilniuiid Walker, Canada lias
Glasgo���w courts, a Ilyzanliuo cross, in- j lost, ono of her groat citizens, tho
enisled In jewels and valued at more. bank, a president unrivalled' in his
j than 51,000.000. has boon ordered to j knowledge of banking; and the staff
be returned to lho parish priest or a j a friend. lie v.as idealistic in lorn-
church in the province of Aquila, perameni, yet possessed of groat prnc-
lialy, to which It once belonged.- : ileal shrewdness. Although remark-
There were two claimants to the able for his breadth of vision, he nev-
proporly, an Italian leo cream shop J er overlooked the iniporlunco of detail,
assistant of Glasgow named Atiilo J Allliough ho loft school when only 13
Franehe, and tlio priest of tho parish} years of age, yet through reading and
iu Aciuila. The cross disappeared ; study he developed into a man of
from tho church in 19 IS and was uot-great culture and of extensive and accurate knowledge. While ho excel I-
it for0 sale Jn (Masgow. j eel as a banker, his abilities 'ivould
Kraneho's slory was thai hc found il! have brought him success and dlstinc
in the ruins of his family castle ailcrj Hon In almost any field ho might have
tin;    earthquake    at.    Messina.     Tho,' chosen.     It was remarkable how, day
heard of .until May, 1921. when Frau-
clie   offered' it   I'or0sale Jn
Throw Away The Crutches
On the eve of lhe presentation or .the i'.udget at Otiawa each year tho
|>r��-so of the counlry, and notably in the nianufaciurlng oliies of tlio East, is
filled with predictions ot dire disaster thai will overtake ihe country if there
Is any lowering in Customs duties through which protection is afforded certain industries. This year was no exception to the rule, iho manufacturers
oi agricultural implements and machinery being the most outspoken.
While il is only human nature that these manufacturers should light lo
the last ditch io retain any and all advantages they enjoy, and which are calculated lo add to the value of their plants and increase their profits, and ud-
liiinhig that Ihey are only doing what any other class would do. it is in the
nalional interest that such claims as are advanced by them should bo fully
t.vani.ni-d in the light of actual facts.
ii. a recent, article in this column figures were given showing thai, in 1923
Canada, imported coal from the United Slates to a value of over % 100,000,000,
find iron aud iron products lo a value of $152,85-1,000. both largely imported by
iiianufaeuirors, whereas during I.he same period the value of agricultural implement..-: and machinery imported from across the line only amounted to
Th.e manufacturers feel aggrieved because of these $Vl,72.l,So(i of im-
j.onalions and contend that if the tariff was only made high enough these
goods would be shut out and replaced by Canadian-made articles. Tliey
ldame the. inadequacy of the tariff from their standpoint for this loss of
businoss. ��
It is interesting, therefore, to note that in this same year Canada exported
farm   implements   and   machinery   to   a value of $S,1ST,-192.     The Canadian
' jiiaiiurac.iurers were able to sell to this extent in foreign markets in which
they were not protected by tariffs, but in spite of tariffs levied against them
and in open competition with the whole world including tho United States.
In  other words,  Canada's  imports  of farm implements  and  machinery
from the United Slates were only $3,r>3-i,"6-l in excess of exports, which goes
to show  thai   Iho Canadian  manufacturer of these implements has mighty
���  Huh'ground' for- complaint;..--' ",-,     ������_. <���/'"/. .'/'-_    X'X'    //'-'!-   !.'-.--_'- ""���"."������'/
.' '-. llov.-evci/if ��� those .num.ufa.cuu'tM's"-have/good'-reiison to complain; ..as'they
..Chiii'n -they'.have,' then'-what";is...t'o. be said- tor "Uio.'-farmers/'of. Canada- in .the
.... lig-hr/dt' the following figures?      Import's-'of .agricultural -' and vegetable .-jiro-
: '/tlu ers-' for /the-twelve.- mouths, ended February-'lasi/aniouiited; to "?'! So, Sit,CSS
::B.iuI-()l animal product:)'- ?���(<;, 227,013,". a total-of .?232;03SJ.Ot! .   .Why .should;" the
'fai'iaen; r.f/C.inada^make .the. importation oif these -farm' products'--prohibitive'.
7 thereby', securing the -.whole.Canadian market, nv themselves, even .though .hy-
/- bo -doing, the cost of living for-every arilzan and. laborer iiilhu. Dominion fwasi
:-   BUb:danlia'l!y increased?.;   '-. "   ;������ -     _'/;_     f.'.-'-.-. ���   ', , "-  '---���'     :-
. Hut--what, .would the "manufacturer-say"to such'.a.-policy, whioh'would coin-
'p/'l him to'further increase, the. already-, iiigii."wages, he is'obliged, to pny.-his
employees? " ���;-,.'��� ' X i - X.x ;'��� :^y ~ :< ",'  ��� '-���".  .'.-��� " ' ���-/���'."-��� - "'-*'"/--"/.--'.   ."'"
The Canadian  fa rmer-; ��� however,, makes no such- demand."   -.-A If'he asks
Is a-free field,.;! t'reb market/and-no favors. 7 Tie is7inVpa"i-ed,-:ioifac_o'"tlio-.com-
peii'ii'.m.of'ihVi' whole vverld/relying, on liis:/own.._industry- and. The Tt/rtility of
f- Canada's' "soil to .win.,.ou'tV-_.'. Ho/is.;asking .-for. no -artilieia! props, to"hold'him
-'. up. .bur he- does ask. that t he" restraint's,;'t-he handicaps",, th"- shackles n'owimpos-'
���-'.ed upoihim 'lie removed". / With-these out-, of the. way he'has.no fear for his'
.owii'.'fiU.ui;e.'n6r.for .the/future of Canada. .-'        ,"'-'"" - :   .'   ���.'-:".
���/.-' " Win- Ciit.ui6.t-'- the -Canadian- manufacturer' Ijo as- self-re.hint as the Cafnti-.
'���"'diiin-i'HfDif-r-?    .('an-, he noi, 'through -the exercise of Iiis own
--.tiaitve/ ihe. "skill "of .Canadian-' artizahs and workman 'w.iio'se-'s"G-r"v-ices are. so-
- -'i-i.i.tieh. in: demand .in -the' L'uiled  States," and  tiie great .wealth  of .Ganada's-.-
'jnanu-a.l =' resources   lyitig "right  at'Ins-door and" only .awaiting development,-
- Kucoeed equally'as well in capturing his" fair share,..not only of the domestic
'- trade of. Canada, but of the trade, of tho entire 'world? '. ���-/���/.   '"  '. ';   -
��� OT course .lhclnanufactuiers 'coitld do it if they-only-would;-.. The trouble
__��� \vlili. t licit., is ..-that -they-, ha vo-sp -long,, I'elied-iupon^tn-utchei-i'-provideu-foVftheu";
/by tit,-' tariff .tliat they, a re afraid "to put their feet, s'tjuaroly on .solid ground,
"..., Tliey prefer, to remain feeble.cripples, and the very crutches upon which they
.���/relj'-for. support aro having the effect .of,making, cripples .'"of everybody else
,   Htid . rendering Canada  weak- and; impotent where this : Dominion./should he.
- sturdy and-'s'trong. --.-We eon ti hue-as a'coiintry' io limp, along, wlu'-nftfe.should
.. not merely'be- walking- biit. rapidly-ruhtiing. at-the heado'f the: race,..- .'"..//��� -_���
court, however, did not see anything In common with the earthquake
and the jeweled cross.
Joint Stiffness Goes,
Swellings Disappear
Pain Is Subdued
Liniment   Gives   Such
Satisfaction As
It is the great penetrating power of
Nerviline that makes it so efficient in
overcoming swelling, stiffness and inflammation, it rubs into the very
core of tho pain, penetrates quickly
through the tissues,    and    brings    a
by day. people in till walks of HTo
would come to him for counsel and
��� aid. Statesmen, educationalists,
musicians, artists, .business men and
explorers wero glad to take advantage of his shrewd common sense, extensive knowledge of affairs and organizing ability.
lie had great faith in the staff, aud
believed in giving tho branch managers Ihe'maximum of scope for their
initiative: for he knew that it was
only under responsibility thai men develop. .Tie avoided a dictatorial al-
litiido in his relationship with his
subordinates and insisted strongly
that courtesy be shown'by tlio staff
in all internal and external intercourse, setting thc example himself.
He did not. want fhe managers to be
mere  rubber stamps,  working under
warm, comforting relief at once. ^0 j instructions from tho Head Ollice; he
liniment compares in pain relieving' expected them to form their own opin-
power with Nerviline.     For the minor j i0ns on the facts and to-ma Ice rccom-
r8*"Z^ & "������� ���- *��<* -
handy on the shelf.     Use it for l'theu-
matlsm,    Lumbago,    Neuralgia    and
Colds.     35 cents at till .dealers.
these opinions. Ho always prided
himself on tlie calibre of men that tho
system had developed, and the spirit
of loyalty which distinguished this in-
Heavy Movement of Wheat to-West slUllti0n.-The Caducous.
An average of 90,000 bushels daily | 	
of wheat has been moving from   Ed-!     ,, ... ,     ���      -
���,���,,��������  .��� v,n, _���,        ,- !������       .       Many mothers can testify to tho vir-
nionloa to "Vancouver   ior   shipment. Uic or MoUlol. G[TiVOi
from that port. During a recent seven-day period f>2(. cars of grain, chief-'
,ly,wheal.,were cx-iiuined and graded
by rhe-'governinent. inspectors' a"l 3?d.-
nionton,-". "-.   ''./'���   -���'���.���'���'��� ���', .-y- -.
Worm Exterminator, because ihey know-from'experience how useful it I.s.
Albertan  Receives Knighthood
Prominent;Alberta Man is Honored by
'-���:     .Danish Government
,    For .the secon'1 time.a prominont.Al
MD- NFURALClAlJjvi'^ Jn-ni !ii,s'',"��� bon-oi'��,!v'"Ub th��
--       ; .'���       .   \-y.-  - .���--..   ������:    .     .>.-.,.  Ul'egreeof'-k'nigliihuod.from tlio Danish
:Causeil"..by starved /Nerves'" Du^ to ' ^^"i^>'��-���l7   .Jbo ,-fIaiest; W.: Dam
:'-Wcak. Watery/B.lood'-"" .    -  \ Hyrk*)bnie.;- iliv ;Morkebrag .has.beoii
People think oi'neuralgia as'a^^ pain-j.^r'-1'1^"'-- ��1-' -'^.'^W'* for ���soni�� ?>����'"
in the-head or face, but neuralgia may! aiid .was'at. oife iiiiie-a' member of'ilie
affect .any- iiorve of the- body. - .Differ- UegiskUiire'.."- .-Tlie- first1' nian to 'receive
ent riaiiissare given io-it-'when it af-i. .' ii ��� ' ,���- .- -' -������,'��� ,���-,'"'-.--, ,-.
i-../.t- ^J,.,.,-i,_ ...;... ��� - n't ' - 7- - 7 I,n<i disrtnction ��� yiun tho-Danish ( ov:
tects-certain norves.      lhus neuralgia ( -  ..���-, -. -
of the.sciatic nerve is- called-.sciatica.. .��?����in-TH -was C:    i>larkeri.-provinehil
but. .thec-hiiracter of. llie. p.iln aiid the- dairy-c"omniis.-jo:ior,_ and -f(.riuf-r "Dan
.nature of the disease is thir.sanfe', and
'.iho-reriu.-dy to b(<e.i1'eciive;]_"mst"b(k i'he'i
same.  - -ThoZ-pain;   whether  it -takes i
.ihe-forth of sciiiilca or--whether -it.iilV|
locts.the-J'ace.and;head, is caused,,by [
"starved '."nerves." '-'/The   :b!ood, '--which I
���noi'iiially. C'.irries/ ndurishnient "to  tlio"I
ish Consul in AJbevta.
.No. heed :-to -suffer with' corns, or to
run- the.risk ,of paring .fhenv. - Jteinovo
them surely and:.jiainlessly with Hol-
loway's Corn JJeiuover.-   .-'���'.-
Tkt oiittrweipfrr
fncf/M-jfl!* /��/��.-+
ThtrtluUr "ad
Chum wupfir
iAopind name
��� Va trjStmtrh ���
He htiuy
tin foil
' mt.v'/k ptjitr -
io bring you the full richness;
and mellow sweetness of this���
Tobacco of Quality'
Manufactured by"
Could Not Capture Canadian Deer Planes Will Avoid
Animal Shipped to Dublin Zoo Eludes
Keepers and Escapes
A large Canadian deer, which arrived at Dublin Zoo in a crate recently, jumped over two riugs of high rail
is soon as it'was released, and settled down to graze in the grounds of
the Viceregal Lodge.
Keepers tried with ropes -'tind
tried to lassoo it. The deer jumped
the high wall of the Viceregal Lodge,
raced at high speed across Phoenix
Park pursued by keepers in motor
cars, and was last seen when the
darkness fell at Castle Knock.,several miles from" the city, when it was
si ill running ln lhe direcUoruof Counly
Meaih.     '"-���''���
German Territory
Bavaria" to be Spared Bother of
"Watching Foreign Aifrcraftf
Bavaria is to be spared the hothe-r
of keeping an eye on cross-country
fpreign airplanes next summer, as the
German Government has refused lo
enter Into a convention which,would
permit aircraft of the. Conipagnle
Franco-Rouniaine 4o cross tiio state.
via.Nuremberg, on 'their-'way to Strasbourg and Prdgue.   ��� /
It was on this i;puto that several
planes made forced landing last
year; which led to reports Unit the
Germans had discovered a wireless
wave making it possible to bring
down aircraft at will. A number of
machines which came down on Ger-
The indications .of worms.are rest-  man soil were, confiscated by the: nu-
1Jr.S4K0f,-!':-B1'incli"? ?f_liIe. ^e?fc-.h,._?.icki"e. "loritles ou the ground that Ihey were
in the country, illegally.
of the noso, extreme- peevishness,- often convulsions. . Under these conditions "one of the best remedies that
can be got.is Miller's Worm Powders.
They will attack thc worms as soon
as administered and they- pass away
In the. evacuations. Tho little sufferer "will b(> .immediately' eased and-'n
return of tlie-attack'will not-be likely.
-.-.'     :- Money For Parks -xy ���
Tin.. Housef of. Common's, in coiiim.it.-
��� It lias been decided that the. mall
tind passenger planes of the company
will proceed from Strasbourg via
Basel, along tjie valley of the upper
Rhino,; to, Lako Constance, and then
via.'Innsbruck, Linz and Vienna, .thus
avoiding.flying over German territory..
.Ready-rhad��    Medicine.���You.! need
Saskatchewan Automobiles
cnerg'v a'n'dini-i ^T^'"-1'"1' !j-01,i-e '���iMsoii.no iongVr-does;!
���   '-'   -        '     i so and ".liie.pxei'u'ciating jiai"n"you,.i'e'U I
Is 'lhe. cry-o'f the starved /lit-rVes ZJo'v \
food'.' "'-The rcason'wliv= the bhio'd fails-.''- -"-, '-,���',���>..:- -. -,-"-: ;-.. " .7' "' -
to properly nourish the., mrw* is' Number of Licenses Issued Last .Year
usually" because -,the'. blood llseU/is'i '""���'��� ---'" 'Totalled-.64.456;, ;- .....
weak1 and thin;.- './"'���'- .' '���' .. -: j"' "During lhe "year...1D_!'3, the'iuimb'er
' ^Vhen you liuIUl up . the, impoyerish- | nr/imomobile, lieeieies' issued:iu Sas-
ed-blood with Dr. Wllharaa'i'lnk.I'ilis,;-..-, -        -,,-'   -..-���   -������.. ���;,    . -   ,.
and kindred diseases al ilie'root. As-j loy, commSssione'r-cH" the' Kaskatche-
proof- of ��� tlie  v_ilnu_ of.-Di-. -^Viliiams.' [ \v;tn-]>ur'eau of Labor "and Industries,
Pink" Pills, in casf's of ���lfWs..]dnil.-w'tV|...^cl.,;'ci,-l'6li. made 7up "as- -"follows:
give   tlie   slatement   ot -Mrs. "Marion.!,,-. "     ���-   -'  -    '-;.,.-���.;,    . ",���"-.,__.._.
T'nvale   aiifos,...t>o,'j:jI;-trucks, :],0Bf>;
The. Shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre
/ "Air. advance'dls't,.o.f .pilgrimages and.
tourist -parties -booked to.date; for/the
"summer season ,at St. Anne, ihi .1 lean-'
"pro shows thai/.'ilroody- forty;pilgrith-
'agi's,, have .been arranged -for Juno,"
July, and Aiigtist. -JMontrein, Toroii'toV
"Huffiijo, -;PhiIadvlphia.. ,Chi(.-;igo,f Ww
Yo'rk" nnd Hostbn are;-ainong the "cities
from which, a "l.irge. imnilici:,<if jiil1-
Brims.a!'���>- expected' af. Ih^<sliri'ue,.."-. it
!s esp��'Ct("'i!-,'thar .over '^OO'.^on: [ieople
wllfl visit tliV'"-shr'ii_i' this -yi.-iuy- ..      ,-��� '
drugs, to dull she
.,   .      ,      .... .... j" found no-'-relief.'
obvioujly.a.-.couiilry  squire,  en--i -vviili rlio troubl
/. . '"..'.. ;The'Literal ist"- x-'-���-.X.
"-:- A.brbad'-shouldered; tanned iudlvid
f"l��'red- ii'.'"Jijil'ter.'sf. in T'iccadilly
immaciilatr assistant, -with -llic-'man
ne"r.v--of a .Gran'dison, gracefully" "approached hini,"and-'sa.id,.suavely, "And
what i.-i your pleasure,'"sir?"/ .' '.    "/-
motor cycles, 207
Bell,  Port   filgin.- Ont,,...%vlio "says��� -;--'
"Some, y'ear.s.'ago .I.was attacked[with j. livery autos
sciaticsi-in my-leg and'hip.--'Tln/paih i tliis being in. proportion of one iiufo-
was.^xcruelatlng- and    fluallj-. I.-v.W )31ybile to oaiiii Xl.lt people out of th;
��� lorqed to go to. bed.. ...Apparently all' " 	
lhe- doctor, could  do was to", givi; nief
jiain,-"'as otherwise I-
I had bvv'n'-ln bed.
total population'-, of the; province of
757,510. * 'Dealers' licenses- and gai-
tge'jit'o.ises were also isMnnl  to tho
.^;j-villi the trouble .for. eight "week^when/,-,,,^ ot_7:!8 ,,nti"aJG; reapeclively.'*
An   a..lady who came to see me-said that      ���,,   \,..-, ....    . ,-. ,-. ���   ���>.--   ,.   "  ,
ln7 -sliefhad'.had'a" similar" attack, and had .7 J h-�� lollowmg-mlorniation has been
tee'of" supply, .passed-two -items 'for/no. physician - for - ordinary ills; when
Dominion" lands* and., paries,  tolalling-i Vou- have at, hand r _a"  bottle-"of ' Dr.-;
$551,000;--    -A grant to'the" Canadian j '^m^' Eclectric .Oil:      For coughs,
"   '-..,-���'.,,'       -�����.���;���       n I colds, .sore throat, bronchial troubles,-
.Fovestry    AsspciaLlon .-of .54,000_.-and-| lt_|a avttilable/. for/scalds..' burns."
bruises, ��� sprains ..- it is unsurpassed: f
while for cuts, sores, and the like it is
$;>-l7,000-for surveys,of wafer, arid power : resources, including the-/ hydro-
met jic . suVvey comprised. ,1 he vote.-.
Those made... a-'--total vote house of
5r,703-,125V  ..'.   ; '-:
'only.--;fountl. relief? through "the. .Use-bf
.-Dr. f\V_lI_anis;_'Pink. Pills. ��� . I decided
at. once "to Iry I hi.-?, medicine, and before J.li.u!  taken., inorrtf-.th'un "three
obtained by, lhe. bureau:"'.'niore -is an-
average investment ..of.' ?27,^:;0.'J5 . by
! .The-country squire-pondered a nioCi.boxes { found, relief. I 'continued the'
.n..-������it aW then-made reply: '"���Fpx".hunt:.'] ��V'.of.-tb;' fills' and ,und.-:-the treat-'
ing chi"f1y���"-/ite  saidf '/ "';"nut -whal <1
mt'nf-tiic'palh-ltift me.
-wniit now Is.a hat."'
Wldhr Hoiuc bu"-;ne'd-X.e'ri.'--]>l:iy.i,'d-'ili"
fiddle' insfead of tlw.t'iiiis'.*.'   _   -
��� The lon iegii.l<>rf-or--uhFl.of..capacity,
, of"a;jsli5i'��.;wiis- originally/the- space be-'
eupied ;by' 100 cubic- foot-of wheat'.'   -
��� The-palU of
p.oii'i.cal- grave
amb'iihm h>;ids- i.o jium.\
!     Droiiiediirii's . can. perform' a- joiir-
: n<-,i of GUO liilieK-'iis.live-days. ,
Nervous and DespoiideMt,?
Mrs. M. Chevalkse, BeUe River, Ont., writes:    \
"For eight years I suffered from despondency and nervousness.;
Sometimes I could not sleep at
nigHt for worrying and the next
day I would be.so tired that my
work was a burden to me. I. began using Dr. Gsase's Nerve
Food and can say I am now entirely relieved of the nervousness
from which I used to sa^er; and
things do, not;worry.fnie. as they
-used;tb; ', ���'."-'-���//��� -���=������;.';.. J-.-yXx
.''Dr.ChascVOinfment alsorer.-;
flieved me oi.eczesna on my arms,
Iv^iicK. h ad :.hothej^^m��;;igii7; thre^ef;
7^;?iip ai^;*7��ys<v/i>H|^
I .was able to :
. had |;
-conncclloii with "."their; business, inak-
Ing.a toial." of" 51 VJ30.163 "of'-.a capital'
Investment.-   - Seivice garages with an
Tell$ Jtist Why
Is So^TbaiiKiuI
Ontario Lady Found Relief: in
_ Dodd's Kidney Pills
She liad .suffered with bladder trouble
: "for years, but Dodd's Kidney Pills
--'-.quicklyVetieved her. .. ".   ' .
7 Bright. Ont.--/(Special)..^-"!' received youi-I)odd'_. .-Almanac' "and", havo
been going to write; to. yoit over" since.
���J-am. the mother of ftfjir children'and
have had '-'pry- bad bladder -trouble. ...I
Iook-. different" medicines and���"' all / tho
time- it. kept.getting" worse." " At"last i
my-niother toUl;m"e to try Dodd's.K'id-
I.gpt two boxes and" they
agencies  operating garages in I.ney Pills:
!iav*:'completely rciSeved.me: . I have
lu'ver-been'-'sotlviiiltfui for a nytlitrig-in
myHfe.'a's iwas for those pills." This
st'ateiiieiU is jnad'e hy .Mrs. 'Henry D.
<":i"irisiensen,'"well-'"known -.rosldont-. of new ship will .iKivdly bc .popular-, with
,    .   ^        ,       .-���.,..,....,   .    ,���iiai.i..H-��uiiniv u.  j, wu���       , .,���. lUTs. plac��. ���;'   ''. '-.  - -   .  ."-     tbosc liable to seasickness	
rlmr   Dr, : Williams'- ,Hnk ^illa have .IT  -." \".    ]". "'   * *'" ^ "  7, , Women'H troiibUrs. or-neaily.f-all of    ���:���  -    -      ' _ W-_._"f^ W:;.
been ol/such great b^-flttq n.otthat  iiverage^mestnient of.spme ot.D.deal-l illftni >������,���.froni-j,,Bk-kWnpVM.. jfaxY*
'.l.s!i'<mgly-urg.,'7.Kinillar-.sUiTer.-rs Vtp.!.ers..in-aecesosries. is .$3.0.00, . with, a   Kidnev.Piiis will relieve^ kidney trou-
wiilk/tigaJn/ tiiiii- have- nor  since, had Iju-erageinvestnVent. of ?5,000 show a
thi'.lea^t-retuns of the-trouble.    ��� I-ft>el ! -      . '..       ���     -���.-���-      ��:,.,-��n,u   -   'i'L~.<
totat-investment ol  51,0.10,000. .   i lie j
invcstiiiOnt Vif.some 3t;0..de__l-_
g_ve llieii;,fa fair trial." ' -     .'""���
- Voti- can  ge!   these-pills :froii!;.'any.:
.medicine dealer'or.by'inaii iit,SO cents
a box/from fTlie-ni;.- Williams',.Mo��M-','
cini> Co,-,"3)fock-vil"|e.-'Ont.,    ,".'--    ���'
it'otal of $1.08O,OUO.
salinon.. . and .likewise.carp,!
ble. no maltei'-.,where or In what, form
it is. ���'-.������������"''/   '/���.''��� '"��� '���;
��� './  '"., Premier Magnanimous:
f . Pfpuiier.- '-iltinisay    Ma'cDonald    Is
drawing   ouly   .;.ao   salary of   5,000
have, been;
" Sound  -kidiieys   .mean' pure -blood, j vom<\* 'for his dual, position-as first
Pure blood means good health:. :���-..-���.I.
kiiown 1q .live ,a .century, j     Arik yo^,; ,u.jghb(>t:ri if I'loddV"Kidney
lord  of/the
while some eeis'have..surviveil, for:60i pjjis'are not the.best.remedy for sick j-secretary.
Quebec Maple/Sugar-. , years.
.The province..of (jueb'ec, which :pro-;|- v
treasury    and    foreign
The separate Salary .for.
j kidneys.
each "oiiice Is S,000 pounds.
duces mon;. than half, .of the total
raaple crop-'of the world, I3- ready' for
a record.-production'-this s'eason, according-to ,the .director of the maple:
sugar",'servlc./ bureau.' -.The weather
conditions '��� hi sit 7 "all atid:-, at'; present,
both of which have been .a fgreat- infiii-
'rncfi on tlio sugar crop, ppint/to'.h'iijetr
ter quality of-sap 'itid/a/bigg.T/crop
t-han last year. . .    ..,.���..     '. .- '.-"'"��� '/ '
;   Experience..leaches people.a lot'off
tilings tliey- would "rather not, know-..
-.,[.'��� Pure-Bred Cfattle Sale . - f" /
- Tvvo"- hundred head of; cattle, were
"sold 'at .the'nineteenth 'annual" wintV?r
sale/: pf.-'.tlie^/SajskatichOTvan,." Cattle
Breeders' ''^Association liehi'at Itegina
recently./--' .Over half, of -'.the p.uref:bred,
jjaltle Tsftld/^cfre,. Sbprthptn.? .f ./^.Sati^ -.
mM^^im��^��WmhV'ml&1  o?^��ate effect of constipation. relfc**
"""?%^��y"$yXXyx^ biliousness, indigestion and sick.lsead^:
'^^':p^^y^^^'^^;^^;'��^^xgM  gefae. '    7 yysyi
���Oui of Sffris^-fiaveNo Appetite
Your liver Is Sluggish 7
will help put you right
ia a few days.
, They act quickly
though gently
and give nature a chance
to renew your
health.    Correct  the  im
./Warship Is/.BuHed ":|
������-" Willi, solemn..ceremony the veteran;
warship .Australia" was sunk. 20 niiles j-
PIT SIdnfey, In accordance, wliii llio*
naval.progrrtiiiine undcir.the Washing-;
ion. treaty: 3.aden- with"- hundreds of j
floral tributes.froni tlie i>opiilae<\ Utei
warship-was towed to (lie ' scuttling '-
pohit/by 'tugs-"accompanied by hvo|
.Australian' and ..Jive British cruisers I
with"officials aboard. There- her sea
.valves- were opened and shc slowly
setth-d beneath.. the- water  while  thc
Cigarette Papers
ci-ui.ieis.-.' fiied _-salutes
circied.oyerhC'ad. _ -
and -aitplaues
tor^e-Double Book
iZO Laavas
F.ne��^You Can Buy/  Jjf
:'-Farmers" in 'practically' '.u.y
,ili*��".United Spatesf.can now it c
part' ot
eive by j
;- priKe* 1
ii^7 ctntrp;s/:7// xyy-3; yxyxyyy, ~ ~y y \��
\ShaH fof'IJM'of lt_-t����.t'loB��':-i����iiitc_<SI"J>y Maotifjic*--.
:..��ai��r;����- ,F<W.JMoW.li������-''l��ee!��::njii����.,|.r9_tt:��!i__iS!��"
'��� Jrft����; ��� ���������P��fca��: P��jt*sjtloo"-:i��w!.1i!et oo'^wjWMSi .-
XfA'siia'iriiysy X: LI ��v hneht j/f airJ/A eKe*;.} St n4: [
zXi9yiP<wQ&zy'XXXyyxy;yyxii x
xM&M'mjb- 'Cf -.isiiwwi an ^ jfe7ecj/
��%.. -BANK. WmEST',
aii unquestionable., healer. ...It. needs
no testimonial' other than the iisc^ and \"
that will-satisfy anyone :as"-t�� its~ ef- :
fectiyen'ess.'; ���-/,'���"--  /   ''[.-',[ ������'   "���
Ship Driven Without Fuel
'.Electric; "^'Generators ���"'.' AreV^tin^'By";'
.-,.--'��� '.Motjon _of. Waves' -'-7.
A, new departure^ Is a recent English Invention fof";a vessel --that.uses--
the'--motion' ol/ the-'peeah. .instead, of-'-,
"fuel .to  drive "it. '.   The" ship/is  built
in sections :so that I hey"-rock", up and'"-
.down witli the motion"- of - tho -waves. "--
This, 'motion -runs/electric generators . -
In each/section    " The "current."gencr.-
.atcd'lu this way 3s'carried to thb rear
of.the ship-.wher.: it runs motors.con-/ '
ncct&l with the.,   propellers,   thereby .
propelling the ship.   - There, are storage batteries"also,that collect the'surplus, current so "fha.t,;,it may- be xiscd-
when. the-sea is.quiet..;-. -The gears axa-
made so that both the iip^ahd down"
motion of the waves fare used. '   The ~��s?*^-r.&#*>l*vJ?Mt��S.'-*F.^~Z��i~i~
J!''. . !
M'..' i
if', -
If \
- Y
* KeepsYom'
Skin Freshi
And Clear
- The Soap
purifies the
pores, the
soothes and
heals any
redness or
On retiring
srncar the affected surface with the
Ointment on end of finger. Wash off
in five minutes with Cuticura Soap and
hot water.. Do not fail to include the
exquisitely scented Cuticura Talcum
in your toilet preparations.
Soap 25c. Ofntraeat ZS"V_ti<l 50c.  Tifcum25c.  Sold
throughout the Dominion. Canadian Depot:
Lrm��i. Limited, 344 St. Panl Si., W.. Mvatrut.
_&���*��' Cuticura Soap shaves without mug,
Delaying Tactics
Stalling the People of the, West Over
Hudson Bay Route
As the time goes.on it becomes apparent that tho present government is
playing the same game with liny Hudson Bay railway that its predecessors
played. -The line is being' used to
���'string the farmers" of the west.
Tliere is no use spending more money
on ihe existing portion of this railway
unless it Is the intention to complete
the line and open if to operation; and
Gold   and  Silver  Exports
Shipments Made to Great Britain.
United States and Hong Kong
The total expoit of gold from Canada during February, 192-1, worth
?2,I02,7S7, went to the United States.
It is- a little less than in January,
102-1; but greater by $1,250,000 than
in February, 1!>23. This includes gold-
bearing- (juartz, dust, nuggets and bullion obtained directly from mining
operations. Of silver (except bullion)
Canada  exported  last  month  270,925
Women! Dye Faded
Things New. Again
Oy��    or    Tint    any    Worn,    Shabby
Garment or Drapery.
if it-is Ihe intention to complete and j ounces, worth ?17J,CS5.
operate lhe. line, what in Iho name ol* ( Of silver bullion, exports, to the
common sense ls the use of another j United Kingdom, were 366,-lS" ounces,
board Io jiujuiro inlo��lhe navigability j worth ?2:.G,G15; to the United States,
of the Straits?��� ! ,121,153 ounces, worth ?2G9,6'IS; and to
Tlie navigability of ihe Straits was
determined two hundred nnd fifty
years ago���ancl has been redi termineil
many times since.. ���When Sir .Wilfrid
Laurii'i- and Sir Robert Borden ami
Arthur Meighen and even lhe present
government declared Ihai the road
should he built tliey all accepted the
feasibility of the route as established.
���The proposal to create another board
of inquiry into this question is nothing
more or less than a stall.���Regina
.'Without debate, the.house adopted
and sent to-the senate a resolution
which would prohibit importation "ot
crude opium into the States to lie used
in the. manufacture of.heroin.
Count Alexander Slcrzynslci, wlio
was foreign .minister under Gen.
Sikorski, lias heenf appointed permanent 'representative of Poland at. the
hoadgnarier.s of the League of Nations.
King.. Alfonso- views the military
directory governing Spain as necessary to the future, welfare of the country, according to the correspondent of
Figaro, who has interviewed the .Span-'
ish""sovereign<:at Madrid.
Candied "Sweets"
How   to-  Prepare   in   the   Real   Old
Southern Style
The southern housewife is the ono
who    knows    how    to prepare, sweet
Hong Kong,  230.S2S
ounces,    worth
j Straight Talk On
[     Danger Of Colds
Let your cold gain headway, and
you can't keep It from running into
Catarrh hover stays iii the same
place���it travels down into tho lungs
���then it's Consumption. ���
Drive colds and Catarrh right out of
your   system   -while   you   have   the
Each 15-cent package of "Diamond
Dyes" contains directions so simpla
that any woman can dye or lint any
old, worn, faded thing new, even if
elie has never dyed before. Chooso
any color at drug store.
The Blind In Canada
Out of 2,000 in Ontario 500 Live hi
Capt. A. E. Baker, general secretary
of the Canadian National Institute for
the Blind, who lost his own sight in
action in France in 1918, was the
guest of honor at a recent meeting of
the Kiwanis Club, London, Ont. Capt.
Baker gave statistics showing that the
amount raised nnd expended for the
benefit of the blind and for the prevention of blindness in Canada has
risen from ?40,000 in 191S to approximately $400,000 in 1924, and the ob-
Golden Text: "I will delight myself
in thy statutes:
I will not rorget they word. Psalm
Lesson: 2 Kings, Chapters 11 to 17.
Devotional Heading:   Psalm  119.33-
The Text Explained and Illumined
I. A Recapitulation of tho Reasons
for the DownfulI of Israel, verses 7-
12. Here wo have, according to Dr.
Maclnren, 'a post mortem inquiry into
the diseases that killed a kingdom."
The historian makes no mention of
Ihe overwhelming forco of the great
Assyrian army,- but emphasizes tho
moral and spiritual causes that led to
tho destruction of Israel. "It wns so
because tho Children of Israel had
sinned against their God." Their
first great sin was ingratitude (verso
7). Israel owed its very existence to
Jehovah, who had 'brought them up
out of the land of Egypt, from under
the hand of .Pharaoh. King" of Egypt;
but instead of being lo3'al to him they
had followed other gods and the laws
of the heathen nations about them.
Compare the first commandment: "I
am Jehovah thy God who brought thee
out of the land of Egypt; out of the
house of bondage. Thou slmlt have
no other gods before me." And tho
children of Israel did secretly things
that were not right against Jehovah,
their God. "The Israelites cloaked or
covered their idolatry witli pretences
that it wa3 a worship of Jehovah, so
glossing it over nnd . dissembling towards God, instead of openly acknowledging their apostasy." Other sins
aro enumerated. They built high
places for idolatrous practices from
lho'lower of the lonely watchman
who guarded his flocks to the fortified" city; wherever, that is, there
was;a handful of people. Upon every
high hill" and under every green tree
they set themselves up   pillars": and
Ashorim.     Tlie   pillars   were   stone
.,,-,__,...,,        - ���-   - - ���        columns erected beside altars as syne
two tablespoons  of butter and',cook i months   treatment ?l.q0; .-small; size vinciul   g.imo   wardens' .department. 1 hols of the deity   worshipped   there.
Easily done by inhaling CATARRH- jective "for 1930 is a million dollars.
OZONE, which instantly reaches the.i There arc 7,000 blind persons in Can-
true source of the trouble and gets!,,, , ... ������ , ,, ,. ,
right where the living germ of acla' llilU ��r whoni could-liaye been
Catarrh .is working. spared this misfortune, he said. Of
CATARRHOZONE is full of healing j the 2,000 blind persons'In Ontario,
potatoes so beautifully golden brown: balsams and essences, and is able to:500 are residents of .Toronto",
and-sodeliciously candied that-thev,iratch up the sore spots and'remove
fairlv. melt in vour mouth.     X            j ihat tender, sensitive feeling from the
! nose and throat.
Hawking    and    spilling cease, be-
Here is the v/ay to cook them: Boil i
three or four medium-sized potatoes; j cause "the discharge is stopped..    The
peel and slice them  "and .place   tlie\ nostrils are cleared, headache is re-
slices   in   an   enameled ware baking
dish..v   In a saucepan put half a .cup
Manitoba a Hunter's Paradise
lieved,'.. breath   is   purified. /'.Every
trace of Catarrh, bronchial and throat
'/weakness is permanently removed
Returns   From   Game   Licenses   Show
Success.of Sportsmen
During   the   past year i0.15S game
bird licenses and 1,801 big game per-
of water, a cup of brown sugar and j     Get .'CATARRHOZONE  today:,, two ; mits were issued by the Manitoba pro
this mixture.until'it forms a thick
syrup. Add barely a pinch of salt
and  pour  this  ever  the  sliced  pota-
Cover aud
for   fifteen
50c.     Sold by all druggist's or by.mail
from Tlie-Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Russians Preparing
For Polar  Flight
Among tlie passengers who arrived
at    Vancouver    Irom    tho Orient   on J toes, in the baking-dish,
board (he steamer Empress of Russia, put in a moderate    oven
wits Rev. J. A. Mackenzie, who is re- j minutes;  then take off Ihe cover and I ���
turning 10 his home in Scotland ..iVrjbake a  few-minutes longer to brown ' E*Peot to pia,lt Red  Fb9 on ToP of
having spent almost a lifetime ai 1 li���� j tlie- potatoes on top.     Serve from the,' World
Jeper colony in Korea. ���'      ! enameled ware baking dish,-which is;     Sovit''L Hussln's decision to send
The  Ukrainian  leader. Gen. Shuttle,'
charged with res>ponsIb.ililj lor many
pogroms against the Jewish population of Soviet Russia, was sentenced
to death, but his sentence was later
commuted by the courl to ten jours
in prison.
Marie f'orolli, English novelist and
traciive enough for the din hug-room..
mra.  Alfred- Tranclieiiiontagne,  St.
Michel   des   Paints,   Que.,   writes:���
."Baby's Own Tablets are an excellent
author 01 a'score of populai romantic' medicine.     They saved my baby's life
talcs, died April 21 from heart j rouble
aud 1 can highly recommend (hem 10
aeiial expedition to the North Vole has
fired popular Imoglnalion in Russia.
The Bolsheviki expect their airman to
plant the red tlag'of revolution al the
pole at the end of the f-unnner.
Commander Ttossinski, who will
lead'ihe expedition, cays a number of
scientists, explorers and airmen .are
anxious to follow Dr. Fridtjof Nan-
sen's example and participate in ilie
adventure.     Ros_.i_1.3k_ asrci'tod that a
Returns from Ihese licenses show that
527 deer, 3S!) - moose, 4S.282 prairie
chicken-.. 28,028 partridge, 1.359
grouse, 752 wild geese and ISS.969
brant and ducks comprised the ag-
grogaled bags of ihe hunters. The
government realized a revenue of $_!!.-
53o 1 j0111 periuiL fees, e:e.
On, the Marriage Day
Romance usually c.>a_,e_. and history
relics of the old stone worship; the
Asherim, were wooden columns, or
sacred trees, symbols of fhe goddess
of Ashcrah, a survival of the ancient
tree worship. They burnt incense in
all the high places as did the nations whom Jehovah carried away before th.Mii. Some of these objects
were eroded in honor of Jehovah,
bul the worship was con upt, being associated with the evil practices of the
old Citnaanite worship. They arc,
moreover, expressly chaiged -witli
serving idols, whereof Jehovah had
said unlo  thom-(7_if.  12.31). Yo-shall
Good home-made'
bread is the finest
food on earth���the
one food that every*
body eats ��� that
everybody likes���
and that agrees with
Alberta In Pictures
. , all    mothers."       Mrs.    Tranchemon
at her home, ScraUord-on-Avon. Eng-   tagne's experience is that of thousands  specially designed Mrplane, with four
land. She h<ui beeir ailing for some
weeks but was apparently recovering
when the fatal attack occurred.
Tho firsl ioy.il visit to Ireland since
King George opened (he Ulster Parliament will be paid by^tiie Duk<> and
Ouchess of York ��aily ihis summer.
They will go to Boil ast to unveil tbe Medicine Co,
Queen's I'nl.'orsiiy war memorial; after wa ids'going to'Derr.i, where they
will he gnosis of the Maro,ui:-> 01 Londonderry and  tho Duke of AbVrcorn
Mrs. O. E. Fitzgerald, ior, ttoss St.,
St.    Thomas . Ont., writes:���"fn the
nll'S.,0ii nf ?' r ^Vi,k8U m fXt\\my ' >Yh>nipeg.-Saskatoon and R-glnu.
heart, but I did not pay much at ten-,   _ ,    , ,,., ,r
tion lo it.     1 kept on with my house-      -\'    t��"    Orpheum  1 heatro, Moose
of other "moihers who have tested thn motors and powerful wireless equin-
wor.h 01 ihiby's Om Tablets.     The f      h,d. , , ,*.
Tablets are a sure and sate medicine
for Utile ones and never fail to regu- Uon in Philadelphia, will bo brought
laio the bowels and stomach, thus re- to Nova Zemtia on the Kara Sea.
lieving all tho minor ills from wliich where Nansen and thu other pailici-
ehildren  suffer.      Thoy  are sold   by wi��� a8���,.nibi0.   "   ''
medicine   dealers   or   by   mail   at   2;>
cents a  box trom The Dr. Williams'      Tl!e  exi>"di'i��n  oxpocK to.sturt   in
Urockvillo, Ont. 'September and,10 remain at the pole
 ~ " .  j seven days.     As roo-i as iho pole is
Triumphal Tour of West .reached a radio m<S'--.-ge will be f-enl
'     ' -      ''out  lo all    ob-.erv_Uorie;    and    Viidio
"Lightnin"' In Moose Jaw, Medicitfe atntions In'Europ? and lhe United
Hat and Lethbridge Next Week
Coniinuing Us triumphal, tour of the
northwest, the all-slur cast in "Lightnin'"' wil 1 make, stops. 0 lr._three_dnys
at Mooso .Tav., one night at Medicine
Tint and two day's"al Lethbridge next
week There is a heavy advance sale
in each city, indicating a repetition of
tli"   organization's    big   business   iu
duties,   bul   seemed to become
wor,so and  worse, and ilimlly-had to 10p��n Monday night, May" 5, and con
call in a doctor..    He said I was all
run-down and was n nervous wreck. I
had :t severe pain in niy chest whicli
would move over to my heart and i:
became so'bad f could not lie down,
ao when 1 did f had such a smothering
feeijug I would have lo sit up in bod
til! it passed away.
I tried several remedies,_ hut with
no pood results. Flnallj. f was induced to try Mllburn'i Heart nnd
Nerve Pills. I took 7" boxes, and
I am now as well as I was 30 years
At    th
lhe  company's engagement will
States, offerirg to verify lhe accuracy
of the presence at the pole ot the expedition.
"The'following message will then he
.transmitted    Ihroughoul    the    world:
'"Workers ol tho entire wcr_d:
"Arise,  tho. red   flag  of' "revolution
floats af llie top of (lie i\oild."
Strang :<.d * with Asthma is the, only
begtn.s. and sore corns begin to go; m)( t3o iMa tiiing "What a tragedv
when "I'utp.ai.iV:" I; applied. It takes, ...,0 b��� victorious over an enemv and
out corns, roots, branches, stems���no,' w_t U) be C0luiuc_mi bv bis spirit!
Hugo oi a Tingle corn K-li alter Pul-1 ^-ha, slupldilv���to dispossess a base
nam's P.imles.. Corn extractor has, niltif>n, .tl���i VPt to adopt thc debasing
done its work. __."e ui all dealer:,.: r.lUll; What ingraticudc���to win
Refuse u substitute. J f,nr00si. i>y (jod's mercy and then de
throne Ihc Giver! Yet St has often
happened so. How many men have
risen above the circumstances of poverty, and have heen debased by thc
circumstances of wealth.' How
manv have conquered hardship and
.sloth, and <>eer_ overcome hy pride
this jtiid hardness of heart! Kvery situation \xe come Into has iis false
gods, its wrong spirii. Only he who
.     , , ,   gave tu ; ower to win a position can
th�� monthly sem< e o.-two.-n Montreal; ���Wo ,|s. ���,.,cc to ,ivc ,-n ���_      only'ilio
and British Columbia ports. Sailings , ljm.iility and reverence thai, made "us"
r.rt--announced oveiv lo d.ns tor Mr. I strong in struggle can keep us sale
Kin*. Auligua. Darbadoes.' Trinidad il! "'���"mpl'" (James Held). .
and Ih'inerara as a re.-ult ot the increased  liMde between    Canada    and
Educational Motion Pictures 01
Alberta to be Shown at Wembly
Graphic and interesting educational
motion pictures will bring Alberta's
various resource? lo the eyes of those
who attend the British Empire Exhibi-
(lon this year. In addition to pic-
rures illustrating the life of Alberta's
citizens on the farms, on tho ranches
and in the wining districts, charts will
Bo used to bring out interesting com
pilations of statistics showing the 011L-
put and resources of the coal mines,
lho amount and value of livestock, of
wheat and other field crops, of dairy
production, etc.
'       Canada's Marine Service
Forty    Vessels   to    be   Operated
Canadian Government
Forty vessels, lrainuinifig   !I  regn-
lur services, will    he    operated
summer b.\   the Canadian Government
-Morchiuu Marine.     Aa innovation is
An Ol! of Merit.���Dr. Thomas'
j Eclectric Oil is not a jumblo of medicinal substances thrown together and
pushed by advertising, but the result
of the careful investigation of the
healing qualities of certain oils as applied lo the human body. It is a rare
combination and it won and kept public, tavor from the first. A trial of it
will carry conviction"to any who doubt
Its pov er to repair and heal.
Stranger.���Do jou really think you
aro a hundred yeurs old?
Agon Negro.���Go'se ah does. Why.
Ah can't remembah when ah wasn't
tlu- Btilish West Indies.
Soups Ready, to Serve
Tin-re ib no wailing, no tuel cost, no
bothei with Clark's Soups. They are
prepared, cooktd and flavoured bj experienced chefs. Vou havo a choice
of thirteen soups.
"Let the Clark Kitchens help you."
Naval Squadron's Visit Changed
Changes have been necessitated in
Municipal Hospitals
Rural   Hospitals  i-.i  Alberta Operated
At a Low Average Cost
- T)ttring"The past four .years, according to figures prepared by A. K. Whis-
lon,".superintendent of hos-pitals for
Alber'a, th>- rural municipal hospitals
sy.-reri! has eared lor a total of 21.112
patients, at tho low average coM per
ca.e of approximately'Mo, based on
operating costs.     The period covered
expression that .�� to convey -what ,lu. funerary 'of  the  .special   service ; is lrom I92u to 1923 inclusive.
is endured from an    tittaCK    ot    litis ,          ,. ,,     T)      , x.                  .   |
(rouble.      Tito  relief  from   Dr.  ,T.   f). slIua"ron ��'   ,iu> ^')\r,l Attvy, now in |     During the lour years mentioned Ihe
__ ��   . 1 __ ._.. ���_       a  - ��� 1.....  .       i-��        f_.      1 ..      1 ��        Ai_. tirithtn      *!���*��� 11  !���_* 'I**\i-!      ultfiiij      ll_.i. I    1     :..; 1     H. - i ..-- 1-.     -. O    it.  _     ...a-.
tiiute for tli roe days, wiih a matinee
���\\'i dnosdaj ; Thursday night. May S.
the comp.inj" vrill appear at tlio Km-
press Theatre. Medicine; and on fri-
day and Saturday, May !/ and 10. at
the Majestic Theatre, ' Lethbridge,
'.villi a matinee on Saturday.
The entire week of May 72 will be
played ai the Kmpire Theatre, Edmonton. ,    ,
Kellogg's  Asthma   Remedy  Is  be.tond Auatiallan   wnt>r.s.       This   alters   the
measure.       Whero   al!   was   suffering dates ior the stjuadron's elaj  inrllrit-
iherc comes comfort and rest. Brpath- is]l Columbia uau-r.,. which are now:
ing become.; normal and the bronchia!
ago. .-md I nm now i}Z, \.>;u-s old." ( ' 	
Milbtirn'* Heart .-ind Netve Pills are Hugs Timber Dea! Pending
GOc a box nt all druggist or dealers. v liniher d,eal. iiuohiiig an im
or mailed direct on receipi ot pil"�� 13,(Hjiiite co.-t of approximately .51.230,-
by The T. Mllburn Co. Limited,
Toronto, Ont.
tubea "completely cleared. This unequalled remedy is worth many times
Iis price to all who use it.,
,    Latest Find In Jerusalem
Victoria, June il
June 23 to July 3,
23,  and Vancouver,
Canadian  Kohert  Dollar  Comp.my in
Recent  Discovery-Adds 500 Years to
City's'Age , "
A furl in r discovtrj carrying the
history ol* .Jerusalem f.iif' years further
than hitherto known is r-poited to the
London    Daily    Telegraph    by    Prof.'
jf           Southern   Alberts   Wheat   Shipments   I lie Say ward district on Vancouver 1,. j Viioy ,._n,,
The Lethbridge division of the Canadian Pacl.'ic JJailwaj report . "tori!
shipments 01" grain lo dorr uf ;.",0lMf.-
000 bnshvL-., ol" which :!::.wn,.,(>0 bushels  were  wheal.       One  juiiiit   iu   thy
. is  now being  negotiatul  by the   St,.wa..t MoAlIist,r. who recently
���d the ancient Viiy ot Duvid.
in  tho  excavation
This ;
of the
ci<\ shows a gre.il trench sunk ih rock
older than tho JebUt-ite wall i>re\ious-
::���n.00rt.onn    feet    ot  lumber and has (]% flM!nt, aniI U���,iai.pnth 1()n.,od a j.att;
billions of l,.r-i tribu.aiy lo it.     There , o, ,.,,, -^.^ duU ^ ' Jn ;tJ|0    varl} |
is enough timber in the tr.ici now un
land.   '  Tho   Haj ward proj'et  affects,
ii sianil ot timber estimatod io contain!
I period. . , 'I
subdivision has s-hippfd two million der negoliations to provide the com-; 0n-tl,��� ^ul.rarp of di.Mrench whielJ
bushels, and live ofh'-r- points' have pany mill af Dollartou with logs tor' t< ^^ ,w. (Jl.ep r-���d eleven feet wide !
shipped o-.-rono million bushols'oach.   fHUvn or twenty-one .wars. j n^t_ Js a Bi>riiis of bn%ki,n st,.j):,.n()W]
' cleared  for the first lime of lhe rub-1
bi--h which encumbi red idem Irom be- [
'. lore the time of Abraham. I
A  blowing in dUgnlsi- "often has a      Total ot  13.000 churches are owned
hard time pro'.iug its identity. by colored people in. tin- fnited St it.
A distinguished citizen, honored \
politically and professionally, Dr. IL V. i
Pierce, whoso picture appears above, 1
made a success few havo e.jaallcd. Hia j
puce herbal remedies whicli have stood i
rural municipal hospitals of the piov
incc of Alberta system not only cared
for th" total of patients as stated, but
also provided, in addition to the ordinary hospital services, a total of 1,170
major operations and I?,Ii.'l> minor
opeiations, and had a lotal of ��,0f2
maternity fase:.. ��� In 1920 thoio wero
but S hospitals operating with a total
of Hit) beds. - Today these are l."i hospitals with a total of 277 beds,
'la lii'2'.'. tho rural hospitals were
operuiei1 i(i tiie l.iw average cost per
patient jier day o' ?.!.12. being the cost
based on :s total ol fiT.P H hospital
ilajs. with a total opeiating ONpendi-
ture of ?212.I17.2S. In Drutuln-Iler
j IIo.spitaL which had the largest ntnu-
I ber of patient days, tju. operating cost
wtis as low as 32.5)2 per patient day.
Ti Ls e.xpecled that at least five new
' hospital districts .will be put inlo ftj��er-
1 ation dining th-�� coming jear. P.mi'*
I of these aro expected io come Into
j operation within the nest few months.
You are not
{I n (j w tt e n
you i^e Jlr.
Wiase's Oiul-
for Eczoina and Skin lrrlta-
It relieves at onco and gradu-
__alIy-heali-lho skin. Sample N>x-i)r.
C'liaso's t)!tit:��eiic Jrea 1�� yoa ltiention ttds
paper and send 2c. stamp fwjjostnge. CCc. a
box: all dealers or JSUmanson, Batei & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
I      went
^^ tions.
Bond a Oominlon Kxpro^s itonpy Older,
Tbey tire ixiyabio everywhere.
- S?>2F
USE YOUR     ^,
!n It.
Money in Your Stocking!
Money in Your Purse J
Money in the Bank !
Act at our Agent.   Sell tmr\\. _t 5-:. Suprrfin*
Hosiery lo >oiir_Vicnd.., neigh!)oiii; and
Tiie worl. is c_t^j, TliejtooJ^sc'ttiif _n��eU-c<i.
Any wonun will at once reco^nirc the hit:.!
qikilityef IJ A l:hosiery.  Tln*��UHinf1iin.ery
iHfiotKeiiera!iyo;>Uiii,ih'e!ov.-.-.tls'.   'fhcrcfore,
jwople jrc inviou" to Kiy from our agent's.
Ilousen-ivri %.ho rsred nmrr te^dy cash,
sclxiotgirk v.itii IhjoK's ard tlrcsvc^ to l>uy,
tcrf4.h��r^, men ar women, jny one can sell
J* S. K Ho.leo ar.'-' n-.ike mono. At tiie same
lime they do.-. rcsilCuor to tlicir c��<itomei;..
Write To-djj.
B. & S. MAKUFACTURINa CO. (Dtpt. H.)
London.       ��       Ontario
,       TMR   NEW   FREWOH   REMtDV.     ~
A Harmless Substitute for Castor 0i!, Paregoric, Drops
:yyy  ,   ::%lti SOOthiflg SyfUpS ��� MJa|[CQtiGSl .^-     ~*
f77^Mbt*e^:i"'������F^etc'her*3-f������-Castt.rfa ,Bas'i-iatSon:VWf^qaj:^*ps^:iat
XMein'MMstXot, .owr 3o7years'w:i^X^^yo^mzX2^PI^&
1i^n^-?iffi&(vl$&&&;fa'U^^^ "'"        ���--���������������-- - -���
: 'vDiKri'liossi:-; ,al!ijlng^3p't*VCTishnes$'.,3irl3? \
X lm^[iM&eironiX$ntfy- hy. 'reguiatlts^Tthe- i
!X$t6mk(M:&i^XUoi^^ySias'.i^0 assiflJ^:;
Opening New Air Route
'A  new aerial  route  from  Sofia   to
the te&t for.lifty years are still among ' Angor.i will t.hortl>  be openotl unde
Pro^esMsr   ircAlli^ter   al.-o   rej>oi t�� j tho "bcit scllow."   Dr. Pierce*:? Golden ' irovemmem s.uper\i&ion.    It ���sili form
flndinir nt the top of tlie tn-neh what' Jiedical Discovery is a blood modicino
lie beihne.-, to be a Jebusite or ni��-, and stomach alterative. It clears ihe
Jebablto isanctuarj. and he described j skin, beautifies it, increases the blood
it as by far the ohIe.si lsn6vn "Jfolv | supply and tho circulation,aud pimples
place" in Jerusalem.
���-'��� XZX: '���"'.- LimitedfPublicityxXXXX
_^^iiif:^y^^i:yr4>A'tXf0'ii'i:ii^'t; jne*
and eruptions vanish quieldv. Beauty
Is but skin deep and good blood is bc-
B.eatli.both.vj-.For jour.bluod to -be good,,* -jfln'oi)l.e.
f ;]I#rv*Etrve.;f .^Itis. Wis$pyfity[M[ Dacttir f?f 'XXyXXxXX
u. van of the Ihicharest-Conrtantin-
��H��lo-Angora line which nt present cuts
across Bulgaiii at Vamboli, where
ihero is ar> airdrome and hanRnrs built
by tlio Germans dutiug the war "for
their communication    with    Con'-t.-in-
���o. I for Bladder Catarrh, bo, 2 for Blaod &
Skin l)l3e*se��. No. 3forChronIcWe*linessei.
toi n n\ _ E4��>i,sr,rit. ��isr��.?wir*' in fm.i j__._i,3i.
Dk.LSC! mCMri Co iUvfrstockRiJ N v\ ��._ nri't.i,
0�� MML SI non Tl ��a,,>i >>r. Fi<-r.T��.R[.-. o.
��3 j .^��.^��rt.f^(^i;F|li.g;;M
X��y X^ii&XXXo^ i0a^i^;;f6if"tria| 1P^0^X\)yXX}Sy[^z$xy
XX. X^^X^^i&!i$SiJ[i^$^^^^^^fi 'f^I^fe7;Rr^F��rc^;'I^W5it^
z ������: ��� m-^^~-^ii&ifi^itiiM^^
-,-.,-.,-.. M^yr^XX^XXX^'XyXixy.'-. ���<&
Is .$2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
��2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance,   ���"���
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices    7.00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks >���  1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where..more than one claim appears Id notice, J5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
au inch each insertion.
Business locals i2#c. a line each insertion.     �����
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Boundary Falls School
Report for April
Ruth Axam
No. on register
Average actual attendance
Proficiency list.
Grade I (a):   Grace Casselman.
Grade II: Edna Swanlnnd,
Verdun Casselman, Louise Swanlund, Verona Klinosky.
Grade III: Helen Casselman,
Fred Emery.
Grade IV: Zophia KlinoBky,
Daniel Eoltz, Alice Casselman,
Andrew Swanlund, Anna Klinosky.
Grade VI:    Lawrence Folvik.
..Grade:...VII:. Caroline ^Casselman, Fern Emery, Beatrice Casselman,- Hazel Emery. ���.-;'. X. --.    ���.-.-. '-���-:
Grade VIII: 7 Annie--Swanlnnd.
. . Perfect Attendance:.'._'-.,'-���..-;.-  I',���>"
Daniel Boltz, Alice .Casselman,
Beatrice Casselman, -Helen Cassel-
,man,.Verdun Casselman, . Andrew
Ejivanlund, Annie Swanlund, Edna
Swanlund,7 Louise ���-. Swanlund,
Lawrence Folvik. XX
Report of Anaconda School
^ April,; 1924
7   .      Teacher; Helen 7E.  Hoppe. /:
7 No, on roll - " -'}' -W--W ���-'--..12
X Average daily attendance. - --10793
7 7-Percentagepf attendance.  7   91.
"'������-:..-.    r '---Proficiency- List/.7'.-���-'-'������
7 -Sixth Grade::  John Campolieto,
Rosie    Bombini,   Engenia  r Cam-
y polieto7 Tillie McDonnell. 7.7     .7 7
... .Third   Grade:    Cynthia,  Dock-
steaderjTArnold Bombini. 7-  7
:J: Secondf Grade:.. David. -Nichols.;
���--   ���-. -First    Grade:'  -;'      ���   ���-.''"}     ,X'
.. ,'-;.   (A . .Class)   G ed r ge   Hingley,.
Dorothy. Boag, Elbert Granberg.. f
-. - -.:.' (B Class), Elmer Granberg, Peter
��� " 'Maletta.  '.      7���.--'-.-.' ' W '-'"���
7'^ Perfect -Attendance 7 -Xx
'...    Dorothy Boa!,'Arnold Bombini,
7 7Eugenia Campolieto,- John, Campolieto,    .Cynthia      DocksSeader,
7-Elbert   Granberg, -;,Peter Maletta,
. David Nichols.7    ... .     ���'-���--;'���'.."'������7 .
Jno, MbKie Nominated
A    most..7 enthusiastic: political
-meeting; was held in the Greenwood
Theatre on f .Friday, night, - April
25th, when John MfcKie; bf.Graiid
Forks was the unanimous choice as.
.candidate  for, ihe Liberal-Coriser-
f vatiyes    for   the    Grand, .Forks-
Greahwood constituency. All parts
-of the. constituency was fully represented, the ladies being quite iu
evidence.-. Mr.   McKie's noraiha-
tion  was greeted  with rounds of
applause and  community singing.
After which  the  meeting  was ad-
��� dressed by Ed. Bailey, Mra. C. M.
- Kingston and Mr.   McKie.7 "Major.
F;  E.   Gloss&p,   president ,of: the
. Greenwood   District  Liberal-Conservative association   was   in- the,
chair.    The meeting bubbled over
"��� with enthusiasm and the the Conservative party feel confident   of
Mr. McKie?g election.
Mr. McKie waa nominated by J.
R.. Jackson, of Midway, former
member for Greenwood,, in declining the nomination for himself
which had been made by Dr. C, M.
We cannot change oar uatare; - W
16 ie quite beyond our reach;    y-
If a girl is born a lemon, ... . 7 7
She cannot be. a peach.   -7 77 7
Great Liberal Rally
At a very harmonious convention
held by the Liberals of the Grand
Forks-Greenwood riding in the
Greenwood Theatre on Saturday
afternoon, April 26th, E. C. Henniger, the sitting member for the
Grand Forks constituency, was the
unanimous choice, as the standard
bearer of the Liberal cause in the
combined ridings at the next Provincial election.
The attendance at the convention was the largest in many years,
delegates coming from every part
of the combined riding, 6ome coming a distance of over 60 miles. D.
McPherson, president of the Grand
Forks Liberal Association was iu
the chair and performed bis duties
in a very capable manner.
Previous to tbe nomination a
telegram was read from Hon. J.
D. MacLean, present member for
Greenwood, stating that he had
been tendered and accepted the
nomination for Yale and that he
wished the choice of the convention
every success. He regretted not
been able to attend the convention
bnt will visit the constituency during the campaign.
The nomination was proposed
by Mayor T. M. Gulley of Greenwood and the seconder was difficult
to name as several delegates rose
simultaneously. The naming of
the candidate . was received with
great enthusiasm.
Following the nomination, the
nominee, Mr. Henniger, addressed
the convention at some length, in
which he discussed topics that
affect the people of this district and
the province as a whole. Attorney
General Manson followed him in a
brief speech. Mr. Mauson paid a
high tribute to the ability and integrity of the sitting member, and
complimented his constituents on
having a representative at Victoria
with the watchfulness for their interests that Mr. Henniger possessed. r       7 W   ��� '
��� ���* Evening Meetinz
In the evening after the picture
show a crowded house sat for over
two hours and were greatly interested in the stirring, speeches of
three cabinet ministers and of Mr.
Henniger, the; -present member.;
All, >he " speakers referred to - Mr.-
Henniger's. energy and facility as a
member and laid particular, .stress
on the. fact that hisf-persistency always, got, for. his; constituents-..v^hat
he went. after from'.the government/
Mayor "Gulley".occupied the-.chair.
and introduced the Bpeakers. W -
Mr. Hennteer Speaks
'.Mr. Henniger was pleased tobe honored and.to lie given, the" unanimous""choice
;of.the liberal .party for -the combined,
riding, of-Grand Forks-Greenwood.- - He
reviewed conditions-in. the district ��� aiid
the province in general; and -.was fully
conyincedfthat the government-.would be'
Returned by a larger majority thsm it had
at the last election.'- ��� . ..' ..-' ��� ,���="-.;
.: 7 D?\ W. ���;���;; Sutherland 7
."' Dr.''.Sutherland;-f minister of" public
works, ...was the next speaker', He mentioned., about atten.ding.tlie Similkameen
convention-'in - Keremeos'at which Mrs.-'
McGregor was the "choice, of .thfe._Ii|beral
party.     "   ."'. . ."     ' [-   . ' ' ''���'}���'
-He - referred to his department and
stated how-the roads we're built prior to
1916, and how Dr. King, former minister
of public" works;- bad. inaugeraled; a new
system of-dividing, the province: into sections and placing 'engineers' ih cha'rge-'of
each district. He explained,'the', system
of trunk roads and stated that he considered an application", from a settler for.a road
a?'thoroughly as he did from" .a delegation.-
The present administration had,"speut
$1,000,000 in re-locating, badly located
roads which-should.bot-'have been necessary, if previous governments/had done
their duty,"-'.Dr.""'Sutherland pointed 'to
the 'Malahat.Drive and the .Banff-Windermere' highway, as instances; of earless-
ness engineering and consequent"extrava-
gancel- -.-.. ���-.-���-'.,--."' -���"���"- 'X..X-"������-.. -.--'...��� :.-���
.:" He stated that some improvements will:'
be made oh the Rock Creek-Bridesvill.e
road;ih the near'futu're..' f ���. f ".' .-.
������'Il'is'-more'."'costly to .keep up'the roads"
nowf than -in the." past- owing -tolhe in7
crease in traflic, as in 1915. B.C/had 6,006
autos while, today 40,000; also the- tourist
traffic had-increased'        ."-".-
Hon. John Hart
- Hon.-Mr.- Hart made reference "to. his
last visit. here when; after speaking . on
that.occasion, he was taken, to the local
rinkand given his first- lesson in curling.
He said that although private business
had.-forced \hiin to retire, he would use
all'the energy and ability..heLpossessed to
see that,the-govermnent,Was returned/.. ,'
He gave' Mrv Heatiiger "credit fo.r-bejn'g
a worker referring" to,,,the.-irrigation
system in'Giand Forks-which he secured
for Grand Forks. 7"'f ...
Mr. Bowser is going up and down the
province, - the speaker said,, telling- the
people that if they/return, him. to power
he will, restore' tWfinancesf of the. prov-.
ince. tp ..where .they': were. when he left
ofSce, 7When7 Bowser;!'-Jeft'"" .qSice, 7con-
tinaed -ifct.-Hart; \he'TeffcfJi^opo ,in:the'.
Ireasffiry,-and. over,.four; niillionf-'dollars
worth of.^obligations* "and-fin'oney could,
not be borrowed eicept'at a high rate of
interest. That was the financial condition ofthe province when Mr. Bowser
left office. Today the credit of British
Columbia is second to no other province
in-Canada. When the government took
office the rate of interest was 7 to 7^ p.c.
while today  money   can  he secured at
Mr. Hart also drew attention to the
reductions made in late years in the taxation of orchard properties, which, when
taken in connection with the reduction
of assesment, amouut to about 75 p.c.
The speaker finished his remarks by
saying there was uo reason for pessimism
as to the future of the province under the
Oliver government.
Hon. A. M. Manson
Mr. Mauson iu the course of his address, dealt largely with the royal commission appointed to inquire into the
charges of mismanagement and misappropriation of funds.
The "Searchlight," backed by McRae,
was a scurrilous sheet. McRae had been
a mud slinger and he did not believe the
farmers of B.C. would be led by such a
man. McRae had demanded a P. G. E.
commission and got it. He did not expect it, however, and it had proved his
undoing. The commission was the
broadest ever, given. There had been
much given of "the trail of burned books
and lost records," but all the original
documents were produced.
The speaker went on to examine in
some detail McRae's connection with
Port Mann flotations and the Northern
Pacific Fisheries put into liquidation for
the triumphant acquisition at huge profit
by the Pacific Whaling Company, winding up with an acid reference to "this
eighteen dollar, ten cent.millionaire."
Mr. Manson, then turned to Mr.
Bowser, leader.-of the opposition, rating
him for his administration and the legacy'
of debt aud trouble he had bequeathed to
the Liberal government. The P. G. E.
and Dominion trust wire dealt with in
Mothers' pensions under the-present
B. C. Act, Mr. Mauson declared, were
the most liberal in Canada.
Dealing with the civil service, he said
he had no apology to make for its conduct. There had beeu a slight increase
in its cost, but in private services the increase had been 100 per cent. In 1916
.the cost was ��35,000, and the staffs totalled 166, while now the'cost was $37,000,
with a staff total of S9.
; -Premier ...Oliver's-f-actiorr regarding
freight 'rates had brought;a big flow.of
"wheat to.the Coast, meaning very much-
to the province! ff"; .._���".,-/��� .'-_-"
.. .Iu conclusion - the minister, paid the
highest tribute to the leadership; of Hon.
John Oliver,"who lie =aid would continue
to be. head of the. government of B.C:, - ���
��� The meeting closed .with the singing of
the-'National Anthem.. .    , .      ...
"The Masquera^er"
Before starting on the filming pf
"The M.agquei'ader,". Guy; Bates
Post's :-first- screen .-.vehicle --which
will .'be. seen'"at-'the Greenwood
Theatre'on- Saturday;,1 May.-'3rd,
this. distinguished -actor/.appeared
in'the -stage .version- for. oyer two.
.thousand- performances..77Under
the management7of jK.-'W}. Tully,
who presents the film as he did/the
play,:' Post has-;been;,.seen;.in", the
Ieading.dual7r61e8 of this story.;in'
every .citjrfpf.. importance- in tbe
-TJhi ted .".States -,- atid -'Gauafla..-. He-
also toured Australia, for half7a
year. These performances haye
covered> space of oyer six.years
and. in all this time Post has never
missed; a show. ...itpgardless of-
weather, or pbor-.'-feraih connections,
Guy Bates Post - has always kept
faith with.the public which- ex-,
pected to see him. :7     7 ;   .' -f
7 Special Delivery Letter
. The businessman"'. of 7 tbdayf is
only partially awake to the ''hurry?
np" influence and importance" of
the special deli very stamp..
. i The. Special Delivery ;lelter arrives, itf may-, be true, butf a few
minutes .before the - one" regularly
mailed. It, however, is delivered
by a special messenger, - aud, "by
that fact aJ6he,~ compels attention.
���;'- If .hundreds of letters are fin an
oflice being opened;and have to be
rocted through..various..channels; a
Special Delivery/letter fwill.,7 take
precedence over ; the in, all; on. the
theory that "ifcfmust.be important
-or'-ii would, not. have, been Bent
special delivery."...
Provincial's Name Atwood
Registered Percheron Stallion
m VxmyxS��$Axxxx. -
Saturdays  Only
rms as
Clinton A. S. Atwood, head of
the Riverside Nurseries, was on
Saturday evening, April 26th,
chosen as candidate for the Provincial party in the Grand Forks-
Greenwood constituency by the
delegates which njet in Grand
Forks in convention. Major Gray
of Kettle Valley and Chas. Sadner
of Christina Lake were also nominated, but eliminated in the voting. ��� E. F. Keir of Greenwood,
who had also been suggested as a
possible candidate, refused to allow
his name'to be considered, He
presided over the convention.
Those who are behind the third
party were quite gratified' with fehe
attendance on Saturday evening,
which was claimed to be double
that of the previous gathering three
weeks ago.
SEALKD TENDERS, addressed to the Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa
until noon, on Friday, the Oth June, 1924, for
the conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, on a
proposed Contract for four years, twelve times,
per week each wa3% between Greenwood and
Kailway Station from the Postmastor General's
Printed notices containing further information as 10 conditions of proposed Contract may
be seen and blank forms of Tender may be
obtained at the Post Oflice of Greenwood, B.C,,
and at thc office of the District Superintendent,
Postal Service.
Office of District Superintendent, Postal Service, Vancouver, B. C, 25th April, l'_24..
District Superintendent
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Sunday. May 4t1i.
Myncaster 11 a.m.
Greenwood 7.30 p.m.
A leader box cnear S. Fretz ranch,
Eholt road. Owner can have same by
calling at The Iyedge office and paying
for this advertisement.
Send your eggs to H. H. Panneu.,
Midway, for incubation. Three dollars
per hundred, two dollars for fifty.
FOR BOYS attending High and Public
Schools. Fees $30.00 month. Particulars
apply to the Reverend, the Principal,
1186 Nicola St., Vancouver, B.C.
To Whom it may concern:���
On March 8th, 1924, at a Public Auction sale
at Gran d Forks, t was the highest bidder for
the Providence Mineral Claim, Lot 618, in. the
Greenwood Mining Division, aud am claiming
deli very of title thereto.
I an. not, and will not be responsible for
any work done oil such Claim, or any material
delivered for use thereon, or for any improvements after this date.    ._ -
' Greenwood, 3J.C, March 2"tli, 1924.
.",   X    JAMES KERR. '
Certificate of Improvements.
'���BANANS5A" Mineral Claim, situate in the
Greenwood Milling- Division of Yale District,
Where located: In Fish Lake Camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac IT. Hallett,
Solicitor, as Apent for Timothy Sullivan, Free
Milter's Certificate No. S7S21, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 37,  must  be  commenced   before tbe
issue of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of March, A.D. 1924.
"Provincial Elections Act"
''    N0TICE    """-v-
>;" NOTICE is hereby jfiveii that the statements
made by Mr. James Kerr that he has purchased
the "J.'rovideiic_e'| Mineral Claim are not correct
and if Mr. Jaiues Kerr or.'anyone represent in g
liliii 'Ms found oii-ihe ."Pr<(v5(lence"i-Mineral
Claim, Lot.'" 018,- of the Greenwood : Mining-
Division they will be prosecuted for trespass.
:    BATED at Greenwood, B.C.." this 3rd day'of
Aj>ril,*1924.-   ���'���: .1    '.'.-.'-.'"       .'-. ' ZX::
"    (Sig-n'cdj'-WiLLIAMMADDEN.
..Have..you paid your sub:
scriptioti to The Ledge?: ;:
NOTICE IS HEREBY given that I shall,
on Monday, the 19th day of May, 1924, at thc
hour of 10 o'c1ock in the forenoon, at the Court-
House, Greenwood, hold a Sitting-of the Court
of Revision for the purpose of''revising, the
List of Voters for the Grand Forks-Greenwood
Electoral District, and of hearing and determining any aud all objections to the retention
of any name on the said List, or to the Registration as a Voter of any applicant for registration; and for the other purposes set forth
in the "Provincial Elections'? Act.
Dated at Greenwood, B. C, this Sth day of
April, 1924.
Registrar of-Voters for the Grand Forks-
Greenwood Electoral District.
Send Your    .
"To - '
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed
pay postage one way
Terms Cask.
$50.00 REWARD
������   IF-I FAIL. TO" GROW HAIR .";".-
Oriental Hair Root Hair Grower
World's' Greatest Hair Grower.-'Gfows
hair ou baldheads. --.'It  must not- be put
where hair is not wanted.. Cures dandrufl
and all scalp troubles.'-. 55r_75 per jar.   ,
' Agents. Wanted.'.--���"-'---
:4487Lo?an Ave.. Winnipeg, Man;,
Do you get the'fullest use' out of your telephone? 7 Of course, .you use.it
tocall up "a friend, or'place an'order with-atradesiiian, but-' do you" always
thiiik. of it- when you'-need.to.do something-;personally?" How. many times:
would the-tele'phbne sayeyou time?.."If..'a business man,: how.tiiuch..money",
would the telephone save you?/ Many trips could be saved, if the telephone.,
wereused-instead.; .      77, ' -f. ' -���'���". '  . -���   ������.    ��� "���"-, ' ' ���.'   .,-
The telephone gives direct and-prompt couiinunication with-that personal touch which" brings both parties to a conversation close together. "That
is why it has become one.of the greatest factors of business and social life.
Tailored Clothes
Special Display of
New  Patterns
The Seasons Latest Styles
For Men
Tailor and Cleaner
Greenwood. B.C, ,
Has opened an office above  Chas.
King's office.
Open 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown "lands may be pre-empted by-
British subjects over 18 years of ago,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to .become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement tor agricultural
Full information concerning regu-
.ations regarding pre-emptions is
given in Bulletin No. 1,'Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
, which can bo obtained free Of chai-g9
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.  .
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions are'
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which" can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements made
to value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
received. '
For-more detailed information see
tiie Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
I   '"'
Applications  are received  for  purchase    of    vacant    and    unreserved
Crown  lands,   not   being tlmbcrlanrt,
for agricultural purposes;' minimum
��� price of first-class (arable) land is $5
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
-Sand/$2.60. per acre. .Further infor--
-'.mation .regarding- purchase  or, leasy
of Crown lands is given In Bulletin
No. 10,'Land  Series, ""Purchase.and
Lease of .Crown Lands."    '_-"      ''''_'
. Mill, .factory,- or -industrial sites on���
timber land, not/exceeding 40 acres,"-'
may be purehasedfor leased, the con-.-
- dltlons       including,   -payment '  .of
fstumpage, '7,7 ._,- .7 _ ;..7 '       '���'.'-���
.������XX) '���}-. HOMESITE; LEASES 77.
; Unsui-veyed areas, 'not- exceeding"20
"acres, may- be leased. as homesltes,
-conditional' -upon a �� dwelling . being
.orecte'd in-the--first year;'title' being
.-"obtainable" after residence'' "and ������improvement   conditions   are-   fulfilled-'
^anfl. land has "been".surveyed/
77.. ��� X-   LEASES    -77.-7 }}y ..;
For grazing .-and   Industrial ;;pur-
;-poses-areas" not" oxceedin_r:"'640.���'acres"
may  be leased  by one .'person  or , a-
'company. 7 ;'. --y -'��� - .'.- ������ "'     '-. :.'...-���.
-V -'"-" -'��� ' -��� 77.  GRAZING' ; y y.-.-y
Under the Gxaaing Act-the Province is divided into grazing "districts ���
and the-f-rango administered iinder-.a
Grazing- -   'Commissioner. --.��� Annual
grazing-permits are .issued based on:
��� numbers" ranged, priority belng-glveiV
"to-established owners. Stock-owners-
may - form ���, associations.", for - range,
management.   Free", or partially- free,;
-p.ei-mlts'-ara' available- for .settlers,"
campers .and. travellers, up -to' ten
head.  ". ". ���    '.'.. X - ��� :.-" i Xx 7 .- -.
J y^
xV: TjQ END OF DECEMBER, -1923';",
,.     Has: produced   Mfaerals.as   follows:   Placer;   Gold,7 876,962^203;   Lode
Sold, $113,352,655; Silver, $83,632,655; Lead 858,132,661;.Copper, $179,046,508- ���
,Zinc,;. $27,904,756; vMiacellaneons," -Minerals/ 81,408,257; Coaland Coke, 8250,' ������"
.968;113; BaildfBg Stone, Brick, Comenfe,.etc.; 839,415,234, making-: ifes Mineral'-..���'���
Production .to', the'end of 1923 ehowan W X'-. -:' f "7 -7 --.��� ���.""'"..
Aggj^te Vaiiie of $810,^
tion for tlie Year ^ndinffiew^
The   Mining   Laws of this Province; arefmere Uberai, and ;fehe -fees lowerj."-
than those of aay other Province in the Dominion, or any Coiony in the  British
Empire. ,    -.
XX ...^���i?��^ locations a>e graced.to.dieco^rerB'forfnommaO 7'7V.
iyy Absolute., pities are. obtein^7by.developiiigf snch properties, the secarifcy;    ;
of which is gaaranteed byQigwn Grants.       '^:
71 v^aiOk^r*^^tdg^her;wB^ .^obtained-- f-"^''"^
7gr^i��;I^-��dareeBin^*-.^ zxX x. Xx        :,,:
yxyxixxXiyx'y:ysyxyy.xzx^xxxxxyyyxX' x "Xx:' ������ xxxx:x-yy.77..,,��� "���%��� yx.xy. /������ yy:;-.-,.


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