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The Ledge Aug 7, 1924

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Y6l.  xxxi
GREENWOOD, B. C.,-THURSDAY,; AUGUST 7,   1924.       v
No. 2-
Now is the time to  Brighten up your Home
We have just received an assortment of
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
and Varnishes
i -
"$    ^      FRESH   SALMON   &   HALIBUT
7      Every Thursday.
'._."���'-      ��� ^- .      .    *
Now Arriving. Order Today        -
Crosse &  Black well's Vinegar
In Bottles 45c each. Per Gallon $1.20
Fruit Jars, Rubber Rings, Schram, Economy & Mason Caps
For Quality and Value Order From ; Phone, 46
Just In A Big Line Of
Box^ Bulk and Bars v
':-...'.--'-" v".:'-\ '���������'- 'xx-' ���>; v -X s
Buy a box of these extra fine fresh Chocolates
Xx'--:- . y ���:.:--:X.,;   .-. y_y__y
Is In Full Swing
Place your orders with us for
Immediate Delivery
. C^��e��!N��5����<s����5��^��^S^��<5����K<
V 77 VKV Af/f^l^lT^^pn ^M^i^XXyyXyXyyX
The Telephone Is A Daylight Sayer
���V    Saving daylight, as a big topic at this tiirie of'tiie. year.   Everyone endeavors.to make the .most.of the daylight hours; In these nioclern times, life .
_ each day is fuller,*a��d each hour must mean far moire than.it did yesterday.
fThere is no better aid to daylight saving than the telephone. . Nothing
can help youmore to make each successivehour of greater Value. -"..--���.
Whether-you telephone -one "mile or .one hundred niiles it isall thefsameV
to ti^,telephone. The telephone saves you hours, fit lengthens-jpur. day,. .
'giving you time for'many, things, ....'. }.'������'..   V-W .'
For Men
Felt and Straws.
New Shapes and Colors
Just Arrived
W, Elson & Co,
Real Estate.
Fire, Life Insurancex -
Licensed by __.. C. Government
Accident & Sickness insurance
Auction off your surplus Stock
Call at my Office and see me in
reference to any of above
Ladies Fine Silk Hose
In All Shades
Ladies and Girls Hats
Boys Straw Hats and*
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15   p.m.
Joseph M. Schenck
Busterk Keaton
.}���-'��� V- '      -- - in- -iyx <���"- X-' .- ���
Our Hospitality
'.'"A Metro picture in 7: parts7  -
ADULTS 50c..- "7-7   CHILDREN 25c
\      vW. 7Send'-your'-7
J   BOOTS <*nd S1H0ES -
- " -' . . -'���-'.:��� . "To-- ' y X'X" '���' ���
GEQ: A^SON^ Grand F^ks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work'and material  guaranteed.  'We
. pay postage one" way. .terms Cash.
Minister in charge".---       .,7.7
Rev. W. R, Walicinshaw. 8. A.
...[���--... X- '-,;'   ���"���..}���'���''- Greenwood
-'; XX '. Sunday,;Aiisr. l6th.'-W7-7.;'
���)-���). . V Midway \I a.m. ;7 , v-7-'
'-.'-. ''   Greenwood?.SO'p.m;'-:-
Eyesight; Specialist
of Canada^ Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers  oj   ,G��Id.    Silver,   Copper,    PiK  Lead   and Z!KC
w ^m^^[}^^ifx$Q^4x ���.
S7V:g^|^||r|i^f|;;|^ 7"
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Don't Miss This Opportunity
Mellor & McCutcheon had a
boom containing over 30,000 ties
in the Kettle river near James
creek, last week; Tbe ties are
now being taken from the water
to tae K. Y. railroad. .     ~       77
7-Ed. Heed was a visitor to town
ok Wednesday -from Nicholson
, Mark Madden left yesterday
on. a business trip to Wyoming
Jas. Copland, of Bridesville,
was renewing acquaintance in
town this week.
C. T. Fenner and two sons have
returned from a few days motor
trip to West Summerland.
Mrs. Fred Johnson and son,
Ernest, are spending a few days
at the Sally mine, Beaverdell..
,; Miss Ruth Axam returned last
week from a visit to her sister,
Mrs. A. Christensen, in Portland,
Mrs. L. Lyons and Mrs. K.
Walters went to Grand Forks on
Saturday returning Sunday morn-
{��S-    '.-..',     .     }X'
..7 Mrs.   A.   Mathesou  and tbree
"daughters, of Cloverdale, are the
giiests of   Mr.   and   Sirs.   Geo.
Clerf.. :..    "...:,
77 V       .-:���,.*���
VTenders are being   called  for
the repainting of the  interior of
the local office of the B. C. Telephone Co.
i -Born���In Grand ' Forks, on
Wednesday, July 30th, to Mr. and
Mrs.'Wm..Smith, of West Grand
Forks, a son. '-���"
7 Joe Price returned  to Greenwood on  Sunday  after  working
at the Duthie mine near Smithers
for four months. "
ff- ���      .  ..-       :
r Born���In Grand Forks, on
Wednesday, July' 30th, to Constable and Mrs. W. B, Stewart,
of Midway, a daughter.
7 Murdoch .McLeod, * Eyesight
Specialist, will be at Goodeve's
Drug Store, Greenwood, on Wednesday morning, Aug, 13th.
:��� L. Portmann is in".charge of.
the Portmann ranch up .Nicholson creek, while John and Anton
Portmann aire in Greenwood.
Thfe Misses Irene Bella anil
Mabel'Axam were successful last
week in getting their "caps" at
the Vernon General Hospital.
. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Keady and
Mrs. Gus Graser and^son returned on Saturday, from an enjoyable
motor trip, visiting Kelowna,
Kamloops and Merritt. _
. The B.'-C;. Telephone Co. will
repair the telephone line to Midway. .- The.' poles7 -wiir.be re-set
arid it is likely-that-a copper
circuit will "replace the present
lmeW7:.V;,:.:7__w..V.!.V. _ ._
- Miss V. -Simmons,.fof Nelson,
retiring district supervisor of the
B. C. Telephone Co. was in town
today. She was accompanied by
Miss Cox, pf Kamloops, the newly
appointed .district- supervisor.-.   \
Mr.. andVMrs. Chas.. K. McArthur and sbn, motored in from
Butte, Mont, on Monday for a
visit "with. Mr., and Mrs. R. 7D,
Kerr in Midway, V
.Dick Pasco returned, to Allenby
on . Wednesday, morning ' after-
spending a two Weeks? holiday in
Anaconda, -the guest .of E. .A-
Wanke.. "".'.. ��� [-"x-    y)-,z yy
Mrs. ..Dick Park ind... three,
children returned to Trail on Saturday after visiting at the. home
of : Mr.7 and Mrs. 7 R.:-Forshaw,
Phoenix road.   :      X.y      f
;7Buster Keatonkin."Our Hosptt-
ality," .will. be. sho.wn.at r,the
Green wood f Theatre on Saturday.
August -9th: This;..well.fknown
actor 4bts. riot 7re^ui.r<;: much
bopstinig and should;draw a",big
house.'.;."-''-..", \   y ���).-_ -"      .:}. [,
. Wni. f f Henderson, 7 Resident
Architect, in;the Domitiioa! Public Works, is retiring from active
service after he. has .served faithfully for nearly- SO years. Mr..
Henderson fis.well known in.
Greenwood... and ' a past Grand
Master of the7Masdns.
The fishing diiriflg the past
week has been fairly good, especially at Fish lake, arid mariy
large salmon trout came lo the
bait of the angler. Most of the
time no angler had any trouble
in getting his quota in a few
hours. Most of these anglers go
to the. lakes aad streams by auto
and this is a fairly good season
for everybody who has anything
to do with entertaining or assisting the" sportsmen. . 7. -.
The Late Wni. Tippie
One of the best known pioneers of
the district passed away lasfe Saturday, August 2nd at ten minutes feo
five in the afternoon at the home
of his daughter,. Mrs. Jas. Wisted,
Myncaster. Deceased had been
ailing off and on for the past 18
months, but only a "short time ago
specialists informed \him that he
had cancer of the stomach. He
was 67 years of age and was born
in the Southern States, coming to
Midway about 30 years ago. His
wife predeceased him eleven years
ago. .He leaves one son, Arvil,
and one daughter, Mrs. J. Wisted,
both of Myncaster, and five grandchildren.
The late Mr. Tippie was a successful farmer and was highly re.-
spected throughout the entire district. When the Co-operative store
at Midway was in operation Mr.
Tippie was selected as manager.
He was always known for his integrity and straightforward business
dealings. Of a jovial disposition
he had a host of friends.
The funeral services took place
at Midway on; Monday and the
church was crowded to overflowing
Eev. W. E. Walkinshaw, officiating. Burial took place alongside
hiB wife in the Midway cemetery.
Many floral tributes were on fehe
caskefc testifying to the high-esteem
in which the late gentleman ��� was
held. The pall bearers were;���Jas.
Atwood, D. McfNanghton, C. J.
Lundy, Joe. Richter, C. Kingsley,
and H. Strauss.
_ Kettle .Valley Notes
Capt. Brew has returned from
a trip to Nelson.
Miss-Jessie Caldwell left the
Valley last week for Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Berg returned
from Greenwood on Wednesday.
Major A. D. Welstead ,left for
a trip to the coast ou Thursday
morning. ------- : . i
-  v. '     - ���- ���
- Matins and "Holy Communion
in the Anglican Church -prt Sunday, Aug. 10, at 11 o'clock/
H, Blakeman returned home
last Thursday, having been
working for so'me weeks near
Master and Miss Pearson, who
have been spending a holiday
with Mrs. T. N. Walker, returned to Penticton on Tuesday.
Mrs. Sid Storer returned to
Princeton on Saturday after visiting relatives in town for a few
days. Mrs. Storer was accom^
panied by" her mother" Mrs. " J.
H. Goodeve who will spend a
holiday in Princeton.
Sweet peas are the standard
garden flower when the roses are
done. - Then comes' the asters.
Dahlias ia favored pots are in
bloom,' aud occasionally a big
sunflower calls for admiration.
Some of the gardens are looking
very, beaiififul.''."'"' }'y     '-,-"..
f In the case of Kerr, and Walters
.vs -Madden -which'-wasftried! before
Judge J.. R.';Brown .recently at
Greenwt>pd,_ the.decisiori has now
been rendered, judgment for _|he
plaintiffs; Kerraud. Walters, $95
damages', and .'the costs .of ...the.
action.,. ...The plaintiffs'.must pay
the.costs -of/the setting aside of
the. injunction order.;... : ��� X .-
'.-'. The holiday. season is .not.; so
joyous aud carefree as itV^s'itr
previous .seasons.. ..-Jobs are less
numerous and ; more precarious.
Moaeyf is -not so;-, plentiful,-' and
hopesfare not- so buoyant; . But
care sits, lightly .on the f young,
i andholidays stiH' appealto them/
' Iri'the evening ib'-this valley
while autoing, great flocks of
blackbirds can be seen .flying, to
low lands where they. spend their,
nights..' In. the, morning just
about four o'clock they come, flying back'to their feeding grounds.
There are scores of them, is a
Yves Cabelian jumped off a
freight train at Floyd's ranch oh
Saturday, receiving slight injuries
and was placed in detention, in
care of the Provincial Police.
Later he was fouad to be insane
and was taken to Essocdale on
.Tuesday ��� morning hy. Staff Sergeant J. A* Fraser.
- fLe&ge ads bring results, .
City Council
The City Council metiu regular
session on Monday evening,
Mayor Gulley presiding and present Aldermen Kerr, King, Morrison, Mowat and Taylor.
After transaction *of routine
business the reports of different
committees were considered. The
inquiries made by the solicitors
of the City Trustee of Vancouver
regarding the electric power
franchise had been satisfactorily
dealt with by the chairman of the
Lighting committee and the City
Clerk and the Council endorsed
the correspondence.
The activities of the Water
committee during the past month
were shown in the detailed report
presented and great credit is due
for the manner in which the
water question was handled during the extreme hot weather and
consequent water shortage. Twin
Creek reservoir proved to be the
safe standby for water supply and
by well-thoughtdut manipulation
of the differeut mains it has been
possible to keep a steady reserve
.of water for emergencies with the
minimum inconvenience to the
public.        "
Aid. Mowat, as chairman of
Streets committee brought forward a strong recommendation
for the erection of silent
policemen at the principal cross
streets. After- a thorough discussion the Council decided to
accept the recommendation and
the work will be put into effect
after fin.a.1 details have , been settled. The Councillors* were
unanimous in their decision to
put down speeding through the
town and the dangerous cutting
of corners by careless ", motor
The chief of police was instructed to investigate and., act
upon acomplaint made of interference with the poundkeeper
whilst in the performance of his'
duty, this being a serious' offence
and entailing a .heavy fine as
A vote "of thanks was passed to
the ladies who interested themselves in the cemetery.upkeep,and
to the willing workers who went
out on a "working bee to-~the
cemetery on July 16th.
Matters pertaining to the Fire
Department were dealt with and
recommendations as.put'forward
wfere approved and the work of
repairing hose-houses, etc, will
be carried out.
An application for purchase of
Lot 9, Blk 4, Map 34" was refused
owing to the purpose for, which
it ,was_ intended using the- lot,-
being at variance with'the policy
laid down' by the Council concerning-same.
A request from the Union of
B. C. Municipalities that Greenwood send.-a - delegate to ,the
annual convention to be held in
Penticton next month was not
entertained, as the Council withdrew from the union some tiine-
ago. -"*���. - -��� -      .-...-..    .. . -
..(-Written Specially -for The f.Leilge)
��� ���" - ;    -'    -���.-���  ."si.'-'"-..- -'.-""
How pleasant it is to wander on."
an August evening along the shady
roads or woods, to .hear the' birds
warbling their vespers^ the lowing
of cattle froriTa neighboring ranch,,
while the air is laden  ^ith^thef
perfume.'of ,wil$k flowers and pine,
trees which, profusely surrband ,ns.
Thousands of 7 insects .throng the.
air, wonderful myriads of annate
life whose brief span of existence,
at ���_ the close . of day,  sinks .in the
hash of Natures repose. 'The great
poafe,f Alfred Austin,  had it thus:
"When-August woocls are stilled ih sleepy ���
---. suitriaess  '-'���"���','.-."        ;'V   V'~'
"The Stock-dove.broods low -to' its elf.'1.
-   Ori Uie. still calna nights when
the last purple glow oJ: surisefe has
disappeared,   arid . Nature   seems
wrapt in.darkest,nigh�� arid whea
the bait and night hawk flits arid,
reflits; silently, over 'head,7.ct_rioas.
sounds are often heard in * theTair
corning down out bf the darkness .
and. gradually dying 'away fin lbs
distance like a; passing, whirlwind;
I'thesesounds of the night' may be
caased by birds returning to.iheitr
haunts iri the. calm of the evening;
a Soae robin warbles a few notes, ia
sweet tonea before bs tucks  hie
head ander7bia wing for the night,
then, as sight creeps -on and the.
eliadowg deepen in the  sky,   all.
grows sileal, IsTaiare-eleepa,
4. -X ypTFV LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   B; a
finer tea and more of it T"*
Do Something For Canada
Addressing �� gathering at Vancouver iasl nionili, His Excellency Huron
Byr_g-ol' Vimy, Covernor-lioJirriil. said:
"I havo anoiln-r year ii-ul a 1'aif io sidy in Canada, aud when I go somehow
I would lilu' lo IVi-l tlint Canada has trod the path of prosperity and toward
Idealism. ) would lik<�� ui feel thai when 1 go Ihe people will say: 'There
goo* a good Canadian.' I can't tell of the pride il. would'give me lo think 1
had done something tot' Hilr country, for which my pride is unspeakable."
These words came at lhe'conclusion of an address filled with optimism
for the ninny of Canada, but urging .as an essential, national unity and the
I>u(citi�� of Idealism into the minds of the rising generation. "f know'that
Canada is going ahead," declared His Excellency, "and that the spirit that
emanated Irom small pla'-es where the Canadian units formed and spread to
baua'icns nd divisions overseas, slill exists among the Canadian people. But
ve mu.-.i *.������.��� eye to eye, for without unify Canada cannot become a real nation."
It 7!aror P-yug. an Englishman, whose duties necessitate his residence in
Catiada for .wily five years, feels this way about llie Dominion, and is imbued
whit thij dos-ire to do something lor Canada, how much more intensely should"
uaiiM-borii Canadians, and ihose who have chosen Canada by adoption as their
pirmaneut homeland, fuel towards this .Dominion, and how anxious they
should be lr> "do something  for Canada."
And, after all, that is just, what Canada needs, that her sons and daughters should strive to do someihing for her. For" a time a tendency.towards
paternalism swept over -t.hi.t- country when the doctrine-seemed lo find ready
acceptance that it was ilie -business of the Government or State to look after
ihe p.-'oplc nil her than that the people should look after and promote the wei-
fare of the Slate and thereby promote the well-being and advancement of all.
No doubt lhe war was largely responsible for this tendency, because,
while that grim confiicl'-was being waged, it becam.e necessary for the State
to call upon the entire citizenship to fight for ils and their preservation, and
while in lhe army every man's slighlost want was'provided for by Govern-
nie.n and Ids dependents cured ior by Government in his absence. War
made these things necessary, but a continuance of war policies would mean
national bankruptcy, aud Slate paternalism carried io an extreme inevitably
means nuMonnl disintegration.
Fortunately, popular b"Iiof in the efficacy of State aid for this, that and
tho ether thing is on the wane. People-have learned that the Government
is, after all, themselves, and that it is impossible to lift oneself by the boot-
straps. The slogan of today is r.ol "Wait and'sec what the Government will
do." but "Do something yourself, for yourself, and for the counlry."
H  is selfish  doing  for oneself only.      England would'not be the great
nation ii is if Englishmen- had only had a vision of England, and not of the
great .Uritish Empire in tho.making.   ""-The- United Slates would never have
'[ grown into the powerful nation H-is ���today if the people had-insisted on-States'
��� righ's iirsV, last aud:all"the-iimef riigardless off'.the national well-being.    'As'
Baron fiyug"���liiis'."emphasized, there must be'unity-in' Canada;-and union in
-.iia.fi;'.narent'leavor'a/ul'dnto?rnse,7bef6'rea real nation can arise.".
-'��� ......And7uaiionai.ideali_Jti) requires to bdajjictilcated in the youth'of today,and
"���careful!.'- nuluiVd' a_'nd''ilpvolertd "-  Wen -and women are hard .it-''work'earn'cst-
-ly "stVivlng.-'for.'soitie object -in'.life, but' what greater, objective can any Cana-
..dlktV.Ji'avef'ihau'the rendering fof service t.o '.Canada itself.   .Development oJl
-o.uu' natural,resources.'niiay .bring" rt wards,to-the individual, but it.is.bound to
7b'ri*i;.v something ^greater to.Var.ada-itseli- if -carVR'fl;.out..hVa" spirit ;ol" national
��� set-vj.ee frafiier-.thau of naHbitai exploitation:.- :.. ������[ "���".---...���'. -'.'"'���'���- .'-,' .k- .'-...-'���.���
-��������������� ���' When' the (lme"co"uies-r6r -.a. Canadian; to. go.'noL; going -in .the sense-or.
7 Paroti'. Dyng's departure ioVhis" old iiomc in .England, .biit going' because-life's
-workis ended, wha t-great er satisfaction ''cahfbe'feil. thaiVin-ii knowledge that
- .he Ims'do'nc sdmetlifng/'aciiieved' sdin'ethjug for his own ..country... .-While not
.agreeing wiih  the.'-extreme'io which the-theory-was carried .by. Germany," it'
.'must'.be .admitted that there is much .to'.be said for- the'doctrine, or. policy,
'��� call ii fwhatyou Will; .which-sets; forth" that''the individual exists-for .ihc-'State
. .'in-Viol the State for the individual;'" The-truth! of course,, lies between'these.
-.  twc\ .-xiremes...   in Canada' there .is '"apparently Utile danger-of the: German
- poiiey.cf a.State "'supeVimpo.GCc! oh ihe indlvJduaVfnulmg'aceeptance;-.the.dan.
- ger.tfo be "avoided"is- tliat o.f., rec;aytii'ng tlie.indiv'idual/as all-.i.mportanf and' the
^".SttUe.as'.of little account except asit can-be used .to. promote the-selfish'aims
'-. 'and desires'of-lite individual      '.'--':���"-. ���''[���" -W.'-/' "-.."" '.."V  " "..- '
������."'���[��� X_ Like7.lhe Eoy ScottIri" with" their :sIogan.;7"t)q-a Good/Turn; Every Day,",
���' .Ca-.ntiia'iisVshould In 'uhily'/and/willVa",I rue'uaUonal-idealisni"strive in-season
'-" an'd.'jui.' o.f season to"do someihing.for Canada/.    '��� /���-."".��� ".- :"'-'      -' V.     -..
���  The  Power  Of  Lightning
Pint of Gasoline Contains Samo
Energy As Average Lightning -*
��        Bplt Said Scientist
Scientists have a way of talking
about things that gives the impression of calm indifference, to all that
scares and concerns the ordinary man.
A great big streak of lightning that
hurtles through space, opens the sky
up for a strip that looks like a yard
and half wide, and seems to be satisfied only by taking tlie steeple off a
church or knocking the chimney from
the back kitchen���tlie scientist looks
on Quietly takes a pencil and starts to
figure on the back of an envelope.
He announces that it is forceful and
impressive because of ils high voltage,
lu a few more minutes he has it figured out that, it was not worth 78
cents as far as electrical energy is
The late Dr. Steinmetz, before his
death, claimed that the average bolt
of lightning wv.s no greater iu power
than the energy stored up in, a pint of
gasoline. At the rate paid for electric lights in cities with which he was
familiar the average streak of lightning was not wo'-lli ?l; on the basis
of prices paid for power, uot over 20
cents. .i_.
The same authority had it figured
out that a person with a very small
gas engine could make as much electricity for 80 cents worth of gas as
was developed_in an average thunderstorm, e
It's very interesting to have it all
worked out on that basis; it might
even make a timid person resolve uot
to be afraid of any GO-cent electrical
storm, yet there would be the tnental
reservation that.it would be much nicer to make one's own supply of electricity rather than have it shot at him
from the heaven3.���St. Thomas Times-
London Zoo Receives
Remarkable Animal
Rare   "Liger"
What to Do if You Find Yourself in
This Condition"
The sort of "thing thn.t_ specialists
speak of as nervous debility is the
run-down condition caused by overwork, household cares_or worries. The
sufferers find themselves "'"tired, mo;,
rose, low-spirited and unable to keep
their "minds on anything. Any sudden-noise-startles and sets the heart
palpitating violently. They are full
of'groundless fears, and do not sleep
well at. night. ' The hands tremble
and .the legs feel as if they should
give' way, following a walk or any
exertion. The whole, condition' of
such people may be described as pitiable. ... ,
" Doctoring-the nerves.with poisonous sedatives - is a terrible mistake.
The' only real/nerve tonic, is-a' good
supply /of new-itch blood.' -. Therefore
the ,'treatmeiit- for -nervousness'" and
run-down- health-is Dr. Williams* Pink
Pilis,' which promptly build 'up.and
enrich the. blood. _���" The revived appetite, ."'the strong ' nerves',....improved.
spirits arid'new strength which .'conies;
after a-course/of these.'pills, will de/
light:-every .sufferer.'.    .     V.-'  [X-'X
���You .can/get; these" pills ./from any
medicine-' dealer .or - by-, iria'ii - at- 50c- a
box from The ."Dr." Williams'-Medicine
Co., Brockville. jOnt.V 7   f' ���_      7 7
Is   Gift  Of  An   Indian
Prince  7
Prince Ranjitsinhji has just presented to tho Zoo a male lion-.tiger. As
a lion was the father this remarkable
animal will be known as a "liger," and
as it is a freak and very rare it ought
lo be of great interest to visitors. Owing to the natural distribution of-the
lion and tiger, hybrids are rarely bred
outside menageries, and it is extremely diflicult to get llou and tigress���or
a tiger and lioness���to agree together
in captivity. The Zoo has never
tried the experiment .of putting-lions
and tigers iu the.same cage, and there
is so much natural sympathy and antipathy between Individuals that it is
often diflicult to find suitablcy mates
for the large cats even among their
own kind.
'i'liis particular liger has come from
Prince Itanjltsinhji's estate in India,
where it was bred" and reared, and
where lions are- preserved and often
kept with tigers. These hybrids vary
a great deal tn appearance and temperament, some favoring one parent
more, some the other. The Zoo's
liger is a particularly fine specimen,
being beautifully proportioned, and as
tall, if not taller, than Rajah/the largest of the tigers at the Zoo.
AL a glance he looljs most like a
tiger, for he inherits Iiis walk and tho
shape of his body from his mother.
But the color of his head' and body is
the sandy-brown of thc lion,, with
tiger stripes showing in parts. ' His
head is an odd mixture of both parents.
It is shaped like that of a tiger, but
the eyes are the amber eyes of 'the
lion. On the head and round the
neck are a few- hairs that would like
to" be a mane, and very distinct on this
sandy head are the black and white
striped ears thai, so characterize the
tiger. Thc tai" is shaped like a
tiger's, with the well-known lion's tuft
���on. the end. He is a young animal,
and may not yet be fully grown, and;
like all cats borr in captivity or semi-
captivity, he is a little spiteful. He
has been given an outdoor cage, at
the Zoo, so that he will have every
chance of keeping'well, and healthy.
Unfortunately, he refuses to show
himself at present, and sits in his box
gazing at ��� the crowds ..through the
small hole.
._i ���.
:< .:
this beverage has
individual ity-r-
distinctive charm.
Drink    _
Sold everywhere���L��
bottles aad at soda
Delicious and Refreshing
The Coca-Gola Company of Canada, Ltd.
-^ Head Office: Toronto
A Trans-Canada Highway      -       Test Trip Is Success
New Instrument Locates Metal
Print Bible History
In, Indian  Language
V     King Entertains Lawyers, .
Visitors-From Canada .and..U.S. .Took
��� ���;���; - Tea- With,-Royalty  -
Yiyitiiig''"lawyer-;."' from  Canada   and.
.tlu:  if'i.iiti';d .Stales, walked, talked, and
took tea -wiih,..'Kiiigi.Oedige. ��� Queen-
MtirVi  a.nd  -ih'tVPrhice." of   Wales' -in
Royalty's, backyard; so "to apeak,, when;
f'the pleasant grounds id -.-the rear of-'
'JJuciiiiigiiiiiVi Palace "were- thrown open
toV.OOfi. invit.vd-gtu.sl__, .m(>.sl of'whom.
were visiting "lawyers. Behind . tlie-
-severe-','forbidding front of the'big
-buiiding'^which.  faces -t!i<;   Mali, they
'found;"iiith','of-".ihe ceremony usually'
' associated.with royalty.
Vancouver Expects..    .
Bi? Grain Movement
X- ������ Something-Ne'vy In .Sidewalks
. '',, Piiik-.'sidewaliis-Jitive- beon laid "Iti" a"
dish-ici - near. {re'rne.na.V l-.ftgJ.nnd. to
'do/away ."with  the7 sun'., glare,   fronr
.'ordinary'���". stone    vyalli.s.f    " The:.."new.
X. wiil ks. Ji o.': on I y-. a re" "nior/. -rrsi 1 u 1; to t he'
ey;es. but' cooler-beneath the:feet, it is
.claimed..", ,  --���-���_. 7 -     ,     '     ''-."-.
-���'��� .Production of Pig iron.
,.">The production of .pig iron in-Can-
fada= in May "was 84,987 tons, .an i.ii-
, crease over Api'i'  of 1,113 "tons.- ;Prb--
dii'cuon of steel during; ihe same
���month, was iGfc.433'ton's,'!_��b greatest
tonnage since October,. 1S20.
hundred ;IV!illion Bushels Is Aim
, '.'",- X ', "-For7l.924V_" :'";.'"..-,'
One hundred million; bushels, of
grain tih-ough "Vancouver.for the,ip24r'
25.season '.is' the prediction' of .grain
.'men itere. -. With the,1023^24-crop
'_> 1 iiI'��� 'moving," siiipping and graIh interests." are. already negotiating : for
space; for next .season/ when (lie- ele-
'v.Hof; capacity here will, be at.'least
;7,100,000,-bushels, as -cpinpared- .with
2,000,000. .-'tiowy -"By- the "end. of the
sbason .eOjOOO.OftO "bushels 'will .have
been."nipved," iff is estimated, .based-on
.the iota 1 movemeii.t of 53',000,000 .bushels to July ,22. "���' V-7-V .   "'". ;. X-y'
Makes'," Sound When. .Passing.'Over
f". Ground' Containing-' Metaliic.-.Ore's-
- .Old legends tell of men" who had. the
power, lo lo.dk down. into.tlie.earih-and.
see wliere gold and" silver lay .hidden.,
7 AVe. cannot, do this yet,, but someihing, almost as. wonderful - is now;
possible;'wefcah. listen ..and hear the
veins of-precious metal.-. '.". '-"'-"��� 7-
Twt>,-Swedish "engineer's; Mr. -Hans
Lundbcrgf-.ahci'; Jlrs. Harry Nathafs't,
have-invented."aa electri'cai' "instrument, which will -locate, metallic ores
under- the ground arid' indicate"'their
presence by malgng'.a .sound..ihat can
be. lic'ar.d.' .-���-., '  . V   W ' ~f
; The' prospector caujes .-the- sn'stni-
ment . over, the. ground he.isnros-
"pecting, and,- with '.telephone-, receivers fixed ohhis head,-listens.". When,
the .liislrunient-fpasses; pv.er.-a-vein-a
sound is" heard, and the "prospectpr
knows lhat what, he seks". is' somewhere- beneath-liisffeet. ���    ' ;" ".-:--"-
Tliree   Thousand   Copies   Ready
Distribution    Among    Sioux
...'-'���.-.      . :'' . Tribe   ���-.'
An innovation _ ln the ^printing" of
biblical history in (lie language of 'In:
diansWrom .the Teton Sioux tribe of
the"-.Pine Ridge Reservation of.South
Dakota,- has' made its., appearance in
Cincinnati. ' Tlie". work, wliich is. thc
fruit-- of much painstaking -and self:
denying work on the part ot its author,
Rev. Eugene -Bueclrel, S.J., who is stationed at ;,SL'.-Francis, South .Dakota,
canie from.fthe presses"hcre-wiih the
distinction; of being- the first time a
"history, of the .Bible "has- been, translated into an.Indian language." "-.-t-,-':
'-'AVowapiiAVakau," is .the. name .of
the new book; and this turned'' into
the English 'language' hwans, "Bible
His toiTy"."'"". rLa'tin,r" ctfaractersTf'consFi-
tute 'the' words," forming phonetically
the language, of the Toton Sioux. ..���-"-'
" About.-3,000 copies of the work" liava
been" printed'." and-.'are-, ready 'for distribution-among-the Sioux..   ;.-
Canadian   Highway,From   S'ea'to'Sea
A Thing' of the Future
It is. how possible-to cross Canada
by motor car, with .the exception of
two detours into United.Slates, territory. There.is no suitable road from
Sault Ste. Marie to Winnipeg, and" another 'gap must be filled In -British
Columbia before the tourist can keep
on the Cauadian side of the boundary
all the way. A Canadiau highway
from sea to sea is. a thing- of Ihe
fuLure, but' perhaps not of the so "fa-^
distant future as many suppose. . The
traveller by road is incidentally a generous "dislriBulor of money, and if a
few thousand enthusiasts' from the
United States could be induced to run
across Canada every year their spend-
ings "would, make up for the capital
costs' of.well niuile and -well kept
roads. -Besides which, of course, the
coun try. jvould secure the, development
of" some presently, inaccessibleVdis-
tricts which "would thus "be opened tin
to ] settlement and^ use.���Edmonton
Bulletin. .-". ' ~"~"   W      '" --..
Norwegians Greatest Whale "Fishers
���. Sixty ptv corn, of .I lit! worlds whale
fishing, is . done by Norwegians,, and
the ���C'lirlstirinia correspondent, of the!
London ���-���Morning Post estimates the
yield, this-season at 70.000.G04.crowns.!
Nearly the entire output was .-sold to
the United States:- T7'.   ' ���. "  ,
Whale   Oil. Fo.r'Engiand
More :'(han ' t��o   'hundred tons'of
whale oil froni tlie -whale stations in
the" Queen Charlotte islands have:b,e"en
shipped "to England.
A Harmless Substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
and Soothing.Syrups ��� No.Narcotics!-
Mother!- Fletcher's . Castoria has , lation. ot. Food;
teen in use for over 30 reira -to.re- \ wltbwit;opiates.
lleve babies and children ot. Constipa- j. signature m
tion, Flatuleracy, .Wind Colic and;
Diarrhoea; allaying Feverisfcness arising therefrom, and", by regulating-tha
stomach and Bowela. aids tbe assiaai-
giving natural sleog
<-, The genuine bears
It-Testifies for Itself.���Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric'Oil needs no..testinVonial-of
its powers other- than "itself.1 "Whoever ti-ledsj it Tor "coughs,or. colds, for.
cuts or contusions; for :;sprains' .or
burns,-for pains in the'limbs or..body,
well know that the ineiiiclhe.-.proves,
itself and needs yd guarantee. This
shows why.this.Oil fs in general use.
-/Saskatchewan Exports Eggs
���Eiflhty/Fiy'o    Carloads'   Are'   Shipped
" ������' During Two-Month Period
. -A.-large", export""-business .-in .poultry-
products is-being built up by. Saskatchewan .farmers," according" [ to'thef
careful .'supervision of the Provincial
Marketing' Department'.'.:. From; April
"1- to May 31- of this.;' yosii', .forty-five
cat's .of eggs-were shipped from'different points, in Southern Saskatchewan..
Jn.-addllioh.-approximately tliirty-eight
io -forty :fcars [of eggs ;vve.re shipped
froni the Wrthbrn.'half of the province during ".'the same, period: ,'
Asthma Can-be "Cured. - Its suffer--
ing,is as.needless as.it is terrible to
endure. .'.'After its many years of relief of. the niosf.stubborn cases no
sufferer can doubt the perfect effectiveness of Dr. J. D.-Kellogg's Asthma
-Remedy���"���Comfovt of-body =and"peace
6f""mind-refurn with-'lts.use and-nights
o.f- sound; "sleep come bacli. for good.
Ask your druggist; he can-supply you.
De Luxe. Plane Carries Eight Passengers From Detroit to-Chicago
. An ait'Plnne carrying eight, persons
and equipped with reclining^ chairs for
sis.passengers, with-a tabic arranged
between the chairs, arrived at Chicago, from Detroit oh n test- voyage.-,
after a cruise of three hours and- five
The plane, owned  by- Til. B. Stout,
left Detroit at 7.3If a.m. and landed at*
May wood atlO.IS o'clock.     It returned to"Detroit later iu the day.
���-Tho"Six "passengers aboard Included---
two women, "While-.the crew'consisted of a pilot and" mechanic."   Tlie women were Mrs. Stout.and Miss'jana
Suimnins, of Canada. '.. -
The plane is fit metal, with 2,380
-pounds  useful. capacity for" olis, gas   -
and  other  equipment,  and .measures.,
fifty-eight i'cet-from  Up  lo  lip.      It
has windows,on    all-, sides."    Doors ���
that, can be sealed are between, the
pilot's seat and  the passenger compartment, which is-so arranged as lo '
be almost- soundproof.
The airplane party ate "F/roakfast in
Detroit,    had   luncheon. iu    Chicago^,
and returned in time - for -dinner ���io
Detroit. .-.. ���' f ��� .   ��������� ..''���'' "X
Irish Linens Are. Strongest-
Linens, -valued -fat" ?171,7;43;'-.'"and
manufacfturcdrih.tlie Irish" Free State*
were-bought for the United. Slates liner Leviathan . Tiie contractors found
that the type of linens tough, enough
to- -withstand: the steam laundries ot
New York and Southampton' were not
available" in America.   "    -
In Paris many society v. omen add-
to their incomes by selling diamonds
and jewelry to their friends, receiving
liberal' commissions from .the jewellers. .  -   " " "  -    ���������X""'-
German Aviator Breaks Gliding Record
��� Among.-/European - aviators/gliding
still c'ohtSh\ies.;lo be a-favorite, sport.
Performances, such- as astonished the
���wdria'three -year's ago. are. now commonplace.. A German recently sur-_
passed- all ��� previous feats in" gliding,
by-remaining in Ihe'air for eight hours
-and. forty-two minutes. .He landed;
moreover.'at a.spot-higher;.than his
starting.-polnt.' -.    '"���   "-'
; . Makes Tour On Nothing
Sixteen.-Year-Old Boy Crosses' Atlantic
-. ��� i;    . f Without Paying ��� Fare    _:���"
; How to. live on nothing, a year would
be anapl title/for thc.fstory told to the
.harbor, police by 'iGr-year-old  Arthur.
0,'SulJIv'aii,-"giving his address1; as .Liverpool; England, who is being held'iit
tlie Canadian immigration Oflice, Montreal; -"��� ���       . f -;���-[.' ': --'.."    " "-
.-  On fit is. owa-.-a dm Isslon', Artiiui; "ob^"
iaiiied free passage across the.-Atlati-
sic on J..1? s-s-: Hegina;';. by mingling-
with pa:ssengerH. in!lhe third class.section's by day rind sleeping in the'stolce-.
Ii6id by uigiit. ./After anlvlng-ia.ivlon-
treal/he visited Toronto and ��� smaller
cities and'parts of the'Utitt.ed States,
travelling ,du freight'.cars fand. riaiag
ttie bumpers.     lie returned--to-1 5lon--t
creal"- and" '."was--: attempting.-to  get
aboard-a liner bound for England when
his plans were interrupted by the'Ha*-,
bor Police, who discovered hiin,and
took hiiii'.into custody. ..-    -. - ;. ��� '"!"-".
-   The Harbor Police concede that Ar--
t'hurls story is pictar'esq.uq.--x Tliey believe that! fer a boy of;his' .age"' in a
^t'raiige country the; manner ��� in. which
,h'e: .travelled denotes ingenuity" a bit
out:;of: the" ordinary._ ��� -' ' s..,:'   '. "... "
Canadian Furs..
^���That-Canadian- rurs-arc"- fin'ding--a���'
disfi'aet place in the leading .inarke!a '
of the world isVlluslra ted -In', the do- .
veiopment.of the'Italian market,-ac- -
cording- to a report"' of the Canadian
Assistant;':Trades Commissioner    for;
that:- country; ~' At the" presfiir "ti ma
there isji large import duly on.dressed furs-and importers-.have been im-r
porting furs in'the raw state, a large_-'
proportion of v>;hichare of "CanadktH"
origin. .'���"��� ..--'',
. In the  Middle' Ages .cat's-,,v>ere always .Kept in convents..". -,-,-'
Minard's Liniment Relieves Pain
W- -N.. U.   1536
Syrsari Cttais Fruits ."
The Syrians are fond .of! all kinds of
citrus fruits, and their climate is,par-.
ticularly suitable for' the '.cultivation
of oranges and" lemon's, yet very little
actual cultivation. Js done. The fruits
found In the Damascus section are
grown almost entirely for the purpose
of adorning the open courtyards, which
are built around ? fountain in the middle  of all Arabic houses.    '    ���.
'  X .' 7 Latest Inventions".      :y
' -A Rumanian- inventor Is' tb; exhibit.-
in Paris s method   of���'.showing   mo-.
lion, pictures'--in   three . dimensions
.without tlie.use by the speculator of
colored, glasses.'.    Next should come a'
device/!o prevent the -seenario from
falling    fiatWsprlijgfleld., Mass.,. Ra-
publican...   .' ���"���''.
'��� Parin'g'a -con. is" both:risky- and in
effective.'  ':. It is. much, better .to use
Hqllovvay's.Corn Remover and1 eradi
cate them entirely. ..,  . ���"    -���".',."'
London-has" 2,223 niiles'of "streets, the. London Zoo
which if placed end lo end would he
fon�� enough to; reach Constantinople.
Latitude 13 said to have, been --first
determined by Hipparchus of Nice.
about 162 B.C. lie ..also determined
longitude..' "
"Scratching.posts," of wood ace,now
provided Ih all the ahiniai cages at
F��r Sots Feet���fetfnani'a. Llnim&at TBE   TJEDCE.   GREHTSrtVOOD,   B. 0.
. V
.a :���
y with
A teaspoonful of
Gillett's Lye sprinkled
in the.Garbage Can
prevents flies breeding
Use Gillett's Lye for all
deeming and Disinfecting
Costs little
but always
Jamleson Ulaek,. 78, one of tlie oldest millers in_Canada, died at St.
tJatliarines, July 29. He was a^vet-
.Tan of the F.euian Raid iu 3S66.
The" trallic in the' streets of Paris-
"i increasing rapialy, and tlie police
;laim that is now is more intense than
hi any other city iu the world.
A decided increase Jn tlie export of
A'estern Cauadiali-eaUIe lo Great Bri-
ain this year has been foiecast by
3L S. ArkellV5ominion Livestock Coni-
One of ,the most valuable -minerals
in the worid today, h'ldiuni, lias been
discovered in the upper waters of the
Peace River by the Canyon Gold Mining Company. '
To Mm. \V. A. D. Milndy, of. Van:
couyor. belongs the lionoi of being
the first woman to-climb to the peak
of Mount Robsou, 13,069 feet iu height,
in the (Canadian Rockies.
-���Villi jalmur SlehuisSoon, the Arctic
explorer, lus started on an expedition
into Central Australia-! "lie is accompanied by -the Government- Geologist,
L. K. Ward. '   -
A budget or $21,2 10,000 has beeu
drawn up for ihe leconstructiou of the
Imperial University*1 oi ToldoT The
buildings were largely destroyed by
tlie earthquake and fire of September
The actual wealth of the fanner^ of
the L'nitcd States has increased $-l-!8,-
497',000 in-the last three weeks, owing
to the increase in hog prices,-according toTfig_ires.inndo.ij.ubHc by Armour
and Company statisticians.'"
A gas-filled* tcy balloon made an
extraordinary flight, when, released inii cohrest from \VkswicIt, Cumberland,
England, il_was mailed back - from
Koiiigsberg. Germany, "-a distance Of
about   1,000.miles.
Alex. McOwen, of Canwood," Basic,
has been appointed district coinmis
sioner of a new Canadian Nalional
ItalJwiij^ipfllce_to_be_opened-in Glasgow, Scotland, for the purpose of increasing Scottish Immigration to Canada.
Gun-Running" Plot    xx.
Aeroplane -Machine'  Guns   Smuggled
From' Englandf"to~Russia
-Inquiries are being made by the
police into a gun-running expedition
from' London to It.ussia, in which an
unknown foreign vessel anda London
Ashing smack co-operated. .
./Scotland Yard lias' discovered, that
5Kanachine guns were shipped abroad
undei. the'nose of the authorities, and
also that had the 'thing.-remained a
secret gun'-rimhiug on a much;:larger
scale would have followed, until 1,000
guns had been got; out'of the country.
It is stated that the! guns were aeroplane machine guus, a fact considered
significant in" view of the large deliveries of aeroplanes to Russia from
Germany. .
it is" known that cthe guns, wliich
were bought by f~a London firearms
dealer, were taken by him froin'the.
factory to a wharf not far froni Lon-.
don Bridge. Here they.were called
for one night ���by a London- fishing
smack and taken on board.       7 ,-
The smack thenfsailed to appoint
about 20 miles" off the ! Gabbsfffls
Lightship; east of llarwick,!" where
it.met a mysterious foreign' vessel and'
transferred the- guns to her. This
vessel s.ailed for Petrograd.        /
AU' the poro of England liave
been t watched, -and many ships
Separation, But -No "Alimony-
A peaceful, quiet separation, 'no
damage^done, everybody happy again
���that's" the situation- when you
divorce your "corns. Try Putnam's
Corn Extractoi. Acts like magic, no
pain, :np failure, success every time.
Refuse a substitute for "Putnam's,"
25c everywhere.
"Frc'a Recipe Book-
Write thc Borden Co.
Limited,   Montreal.
- UT. C. a7-_t4
The Order Of Procedure
Baby Show At Wemt>!ey
Best Baby in British Empire. Comes
.   From   Australia
Mary WJIston," of Melbourne, Australia, has beeu chosen froni 60,000 en-
tiatils as the bonniest baby In the
British Kmpire, according to, an .announcement made by ollicials of the
national-bjiby we< k competition conducted at WembJfy. Baby Wilson,
who. Is two year* and eight months
old, receives ��200. James Kdward
Rowe. of Whitby.-Ont.r was (he winner of the second .cfass for babies between nine months and two, years of
age, 'And,' whh, John Strang, of St.
John's. Nfld., who finished at. the lop oi
the firs, clarfs for Infants, three to
nine months, wins ��100.
Kenneth. Fanvl. of Mount Forest,
Ont.��� was one of tho'fiye babies in the
first -class who each receive a prize
Of ��20.       -"  '
"Humanity's Best - Protector
No Community Is Safe If Church
f Isj-Banished
Tho Church ls human! Yes, but
the very men who. disclaim Ihost-
loudly against her defects take greatest care to plant their homes beneath
her shadow. The Church is the greatest protectbt ef-.i'uman life'and liberty
that the world ever knew. The
Church is the greatest fiicrid of humanity lhat"exisls in the world today;
and even-her bitterest enemies would
probably not remain long in a community from which "that Church bail
been banished. - Yet men will .today
find great enjoyment in telling of the
Church's fauks; and tomorrow iii selling their property they will take pains
to say that It' is near- a church.
Strange, isn'i it?���Christian Guardian.
Mentality of Eastern People Who Arc
Hostile .Towards the  H.  B.
" - ��� ���  -.���--        .^-Road        ," 'yx ."'};
A. lot of .worthy people^ down east
appear to think that since they" are
hostile to llje opening oTthe Hudson
Bay route the Government must convince them of thc practicability of the
route���which in view of their closed
minds would be a rather largo order���
befoie doing anything further iu thc
matter. -
In view of the fact that Parliament
has becn committed to opening up the"
route for sixteen years and has spent
twenty- million dollars ~upon"'the pro-'
ject, the presumptions, however, ave
all In favor pt its practicability. It
is up to the opponents ot the-scheme
by such means as they cau devise lo
prove if this be"possiblc tliat the criun-
JLry's settled policy towards this undertaking is wrong.
They might be reminded in this con-,
nection that a n\< re chorus of denunciation and assertion does not pr5ve
anything.���Winnipeg Free Press. -
""More little ones die during^he hot
weather than'at any other time of
the-year, _Dfarrht��ea,- dysentry, cholera-infantum, ami stomach' troubles
conio without warnljig, and when a
medicine is not -sil_ hand to -give
promptly the short delay too frequently means that the child has passed beyond aid. Baby'd'-Owif Tablets
should always bunkcpi in the house,
where there are you&g children. * An
occasional .dose^-of fhe Tablets will
prevent stomach and- bowel troubles,
or if the trouble comes suddenly the
prompt iise of the Tablets will relieve
the. baby: " The Tablets are so]d. by
-medicine-dealer! or"-by"_iiiair"al 25
cents a box from The Dr. -WilliAms'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Om. -      . _
' Miller's Worm Powders are a pleasant medicine for worm-infested children, aud they will take It without objection. "When directions are followed it will not injure the most delicate
child, as there is nothing of an"injurious jiature in its composition. -They
will speedilyM-id a child of worms and
restore the health of the little sufferers whose vitality has-become impaired by the attacks of these internal
A   Good  Investment
Queer Fish Received ���
��� "   -        At London Museum
Increase In Newspapers
- -"Alexander MacLarcn, Genrial'Secfe-
tary ot tho National Federation of Retail Newsagents, speaking on Aha in-,
fluence of the press, said that each
Sunday nearly 30 million newspapers
were distributed in,Great Britain and
Ireland, and on each,weekday over 20
million morning and evening papers.
The-productions of the press toda>
were "33 per cent, greater than in the
war's most urgent days,    n _ ���
V&_YTt raft  t-Mt  VYJE ��**_* MCVWVaiS �� CO. CKiCA*XMjS
W.   N.   U.   1536
Fishing  Device With .Tassel  Projects
From Baol< '
The Natural'' History Museum in
Soutlu Kensington,' London,"" has just
received a Queer fi^h of a species new
to science.     -
It is one of the deep sea anglers,
unrepresented In lUu museum; and ap"
parent ly related'to the very bid forms
of'-llsh sometimes fonnd iti fossils in
the older locks. It was captured by
a .Hull trawler; St.' Hubert, at a depth
of 100 fathoms,-at ThorJaUs-Rhed, Iceland. ~
U Is about afyard Jong: If iias cottl
black sl.Iu, ��m! pure "white foriical
spines all ov<_r ,lt; Jt'td Jail has-eight
rays connected by it thin web"; from
the middle of its back fn-��J<.(-r'.3 a
long fishing-t'od device, with a long-
This is used fo.attract the crr-a="
ttireV prey into its mouth.' Very little.is known about these fish, and.It is
hoped thru further light may be
thrown by some of the specimens
brought back by the expedition which
recently-went to lho South Pacific.
- ��� Millions in Forest Products
- The forest.���- in Canada prodn<y .a
volume of business amounting <o
?r>00,000,OQO a year. .This includes
lumber of all kinds, pulp-and paper.
We should conserve our forests by
preventing fire ' IqSs and wasteful
cutting and also plant more trees to
take the place of those <.ut down..
Well,.old man, has fortune; smiied
on you yet?
No; I'm beginning to think that the
dame must have a front tooth out.
Minard's Liniment Hssalj. Cwt��,
Big  Business .Houses Prove Advertis
'    ing Is Most Important
Despite the many proofs of its value
brought to notice every day, advertising continues- to be a luxury to many
merchants-anil others wlio believe it
is a necessary evil, like rent, or lights,
or heat in winter, or some other "over-,
head" expense. ���
Big business houses-, "spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising yearly,-, havo proved by test,
that advertising is the most important,
highest-paying'" investment,ihcy can
make.    . ,   " .
A certain percentage- of a year's
gross business is appropriated- for ad-
verllsing, which is-carried ou.continually. The returhs ai;e_greater than
i'rom any other investment that can
be made.
- The fust trial, like patent medicine,
may not do the trick, but persistent,
intelligent advertising"will get results.
���Placerville, Calif., Republican.
>:. EstaWishing Radio Stations -
Vancouver and Montreal Are Links In
Empire Wireless Programme
Radio stations aie to be established
near Montreal and Vancouver as links
in the Empire wireless programme as
the result or arrangements just completed between the British Government, the Department of. Marine and
Fisheries of Canada and the_afflliated
Marconi Companies.-     "'"- 7,  "
The station,!,-which are to" |je'short
wave, or "beam" stations, will "be
owned and- operated by the Marconi
Wirejess Telegraph Company, bf Canada, and will have a guaranteed operating speed of 100 words a minute and
will cost approximately $300,000 each.
Licenses have been issued by tlie department permittirigthe Marconi Company to proceed promptly .with-the
work. V.   -
The English station in the new set-
vice will be built by the English Marconi Company, and will be operated
by the British post oflice,, ihe latter
paying a percentage of the gross receipts to the Marconi Company in re-
respect to patent royalties,
rangements concluded between the
British post office and the .English
Marconi Company settles a deadlock
regarding the Canadian service. The
Marconi Company has accepted the"
principle put foi ward by the British
Government, that the English super-
station now in.the course of construction at Rugby must be state-owned
and operated. The short wave service now arranged fo^jj-lll be adequate
to provide the best service under' all
Increase  In  Exports
Golden Text: Whatsoever he saith
unto you, do it.     John 2.5.""
Lesson: John 2.1-11.
Devotional Reading: Psalm 108.1-6.
Port of Vancouver Sees Big Business
This Season N>"
According to statistics prepared by
the Merchants' Exchange, approximately 230,000,000 feet of lumber
stood on the list-as having" been* exported from Vancouver during the six
months of this year ending June 30th,
against 125,000,000 feel for the same
period last year.
Of this year's exports the Orient
took more than half, while United
States' ports took a little more than
50,000,000 feet.
Canned salmon exports stand at
about 490,000 cases, against about
350,001) cases Jjtst year,.and 225,000,the
year before.
Wheat exports for the last six
months were about 40,000,000 bushels,
against about 11,000,000 bushels last
Flour also shoved a big improve^
meut, in exports, going as high as
730,000 barrels, against -150,000-barrels last year.     7 _
Apple shipments also showed a big
spot on" the expou sheet, going up to
nearly 15,000 boxes this year against
1,700 boxes for the same six months
last year.
The Text Explainsd and lll"urr_jnetf
~I. A Festive Occasion,--v.crses 1, 2.
Tlie third day after, which- was "the
day after tomorrow," reckoning from
Nathanael's talk with Jesus, the little company of Master and disciples
reached Cana in Galilee, Nathanael's-
home town. At.a house where Mary
was well known wedding festivities
were being held, and when her Son
Jesus appeared with his followers
they were invited to attend. Jesus
was no ascetic like John the Baptist;
he did not shun the simple joys of
life; he "came eating and drinking,"
and was a welcome guest on many a
joyous occasion. -1
II. The Conversation Between Mary
and Jesus, -verses 3, 4. Marriage
festivities lasted several days, often
from one to two weeks. Toward the
end of the time lho wine began to
give out. owing, it has been inferred,
The ar-^fto the .unexpected arrival- of five or
six men with Jesus. ~ Mary saw the
predicament and turned to Jesus for
help: had lie not always proved helpful in their own home'.' "They have
uo wine," 'She told him. "Mary's
remark suggests two thoughts: (a)
Jesus is the best refuge iu every kind
of need. Mary had been in the habit
of carrying her trouble to her Son. So
she carried this cue. We^cannot do
better than carry our difficulties and
troubles to the same place. There is
no trouble Jesu*. will not help us to
bear. He is" a 'refuge and present
help.' (b) The statement of need is
in Itself a prayer. Mary made no
request, she simply told Jesus of the
difficulty. This Is true prayer.." It is
a prayer of faith. Mary spread out
the need and left It there. She knew
the need itself wps a petition. And
having told the need, she was content
"to let Christ deal with tt as he thought
best".(J. D. Jones).
How Should I Wean My Baby?
This is a serious problem fo many
mothers. Weaning should always be
done gradually, beginning about the
seventh month, giving one or two bottle feedings during the day, increasing
lhe number of bottle'feedings gradual-
-1-y until weaning is accomplished. Borden's Eagle Brand Milk is so like
mother-'s milk in raste and case r of
"digestion that n can be given alter-,
nately with breast milk without causing abrupt weaning.
In this paper Iiom time to lime'you
will find an advertisement of Borden's
Eagle Brand Milk, a food "that has
raised moro healthy babies than all the
prepared infant ioods combined. Cut
out the advertisement and mail it to
The Borden Company Limited, Montreal, and they will send you, free of
charge, instructions lor feeding your
baby, aud a Baby Welfare and Baby
Record Book. Or, just write the
Company, mentioning this paper, and
they will be seat.
Say; "Bayer Aspirin w
INSIST! Unless you see the
."Bayer Cross" on tablets you
are not getting the genuine
Bayer Aspirin proved safe by
millions and prescribed by physicians for 24 years. "
C* yfo^ AccePt 9n]y, 5
^/ffif*^      Bayer package .
which contains proven directions
-Handy "Bayer" boxes  of 12  tablets
Also bottles of 24 and TOO���Druggiata
Aspirin   h   the   trade   mart    (registered   In
. Canada)    of   Bay��r   Manufacture   or   Mooo-
���ceticaeldestcr. of SaUcyllcacid
Chicago's Murder Record   "
Crime Commission Report Shows Ons
a Day for June
A murder a day for June and_ 177
since the first of the year is Chicago's
records, according.to the report or the
Chicago crime commission, mado
public. April, witli 33, had the largest number of homicides.
"Tho trend In murder is upward,"
the report stated. "No country, with
j the exception of Italy, comes near to
the United States in the murderous
tendency of its people. This country
has twice as many murders as Italy,
and Chicago has nearly three times as
many per capita.
"Many   murderers    escape   arrest;
only a small portion of those found
suffered    the proper punish-
Out of nine sentenced to bo
last year only one was exe-
What "Gold-Filled" Means
~'Gol(i-filled"-ou a, piece of Jewelry
doesn't mean'that" the article is filled
with gold or that' it is solid gold.
What it does mean is tliatf the article is plated extra heavily with gold.'
However, ..'sterling" on -silver- always
means that, the metal is "at least
925|1000 pure/silver. -The other
things in sterling silver are used to
harden and toughen up the more precious metal.       ' ". -        -
A" yacht can stand on a lack In silence, but a man isn't built like a yacht.
.During ba.by's teething time, especially in" tho hot summer months, tho
bowels' become loose and diarrhoea,
dysentery, colic, .crainp9, etc. manifest
"themselves; the gums become swollen,
and cankers form in fHo mouth.
This is ths time when iho mother
should use "Dr. Fowler's,'7 and, perhaps, save the baby's life.
Pat up only by The T. Miibura Cftj
limited, Toronto OaL
Theory and Practice
Easier to Suggest Changes Than to
Carry Them Out '
Premier MacDonald of-Great Brila'in
is a frank aud honest mail. He nd-
mlts someVbings that lie and his
party would not,have admitted before
thoy came _iii_to_ power. Speakirig of
his Government's scheme .for creating new .employment for those who
needed h, he said In the House'^of
Commons the other night: "When-we
were without experience, things scented very simple to carry out; but when
we bccairie members of the cabinet
responsible" for .them, they, became
very complicated and diflicult."-.
That Is the whole truth of' all Government. On the, outside the -men
who are shortly comlug into power
believe that they .can bring-about reforms in a jiffy. ' Once in, however,
they realize ' thfc''diiliculty of doing
things as they would liaie them. It
is the same the world over. Responsibility brings "aView sense of performance.���Boston Post.
Largest Butter Exhibit.
Brandon Stages Largest Exhibit Ever
' Shown  In  Western'Canada
The creamery butter exhibit at the
Manitoba Provincial Exhibition held
recently in- Brandon. Manitoba, was
the largest exhibit ever staged inVhe
history of the creameries of Western
Canada. It even exceeded the great-
creamery exhibit of Toronto. Over
100 companies were entered, with approximately 5,285 pounds. The great
majority of the exhibitors were Mani-
toba'flrma. The"quality of the butter
was. excellent and the judges had a
hard job to pick the winners.
The dairy butter exhibit featured U
entries; this by tar exceeding last
year's entry. Cheese entries - were
doubled this year and the quality was
better.   AH told there were 47 entries.
Complete In Itself,_ Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator does not require
the assistance of auy other medicine
to liiake it effective. _ It does not faiL
to do UJTwork.
Where  Divorce  is Cheap
Russians Cali Obtain Them  For $1.50
���" ~ f n-Few-Minutes���; ������
' Soviet Russia offers far more advantages to persons seeking easy ancl
quick divorces than perhaps any place
in thc world. Under a new decree
a divorce can.be had within five minutes at a cost of $1,50, provided both
parties agree to the dissolution of the
marriagt. ties. If, however,.one party
object^ to dissolution, the case muse
be referred to the courts, which" will
decide the question on'its merits.
- Misconduct does not constitute a
valid reason for the annulment of
marital ties, butf, desertion, religious
superstition, exesisive religious piety,
incompatibility, of temperament and
divergence in. political views are held
to be sufficient causes. No Russian
may, obtain, a divorce and re-marry
more than three times within one year.
tn coKsequvnce of the flexibility of
the Soviet civil code covering domestic relations, divorces in tho Moscow
district increased by"43 per cent, dur
ing the first six months of 1924 .as
compared with' 19?2.
7 The Only Elixir Of Youth'
There-is but one elixir ofvouth that
is any good. And that Is a clean life,
a 'clear conscience, regular personal
habits, a simple diet, steady work according to one's strength in some tise-
ful vocalioa,-s.nl a kindlyspirit. Mi.v
thoroughly and take every da}*,"every
yoar. Thai ^~ prescription recrularly
taken will produce, not. perhaps, actual youth, but peradventure something more satisfying and. even more
beautiful.���-San Francisco Chronicle.
Mothers Value this Oil.���Mothers
who know how suddenly croup may
seize their childien and how necessary prompt action Is iu applying relief, always keep at hand a supply of
i")r. Thomas' Eclectric Oil, because experience has taught'-41iein that this Is
an excellent preparation for the treatment ot this'ailment. And they are
wi.-,e, for its various uses render It a
valuable medicine.
Largest Electric Sign
Letters Forty-Five Fe'et High
'-. \ Illuminated By Electricity
. 'Onexword, witli letters 45 feet high,
hasv been set upon a mountainside
v.edv Los Angelas to de&ignafe a real
e&fate subdivision, At night four
thousand lanip's_are studded over tha
surface of the gigantic letters, so that
the whole word is not only visible for
miles in the daytime, but also for a
considerable distance after dark. The
lamps are of the ten-watt size. This
is believed to'be the largest sign in
the word to be lighted by electricity,
so Tar as physical dimensions are concerned. Each letter is supported on c
a frame of scaffolding, and thc entire
sign is about a miarter of a mile-tn
length.   _OrigmaJIv_il_Vas__p_rpii0sed	
to illuminate the sign, at night by a
high intensity searchlight,;but it was '���
found thai ihe consumption of current
necessary would .make this  undesh- "
able: .-      '     :'' -
Fisheries Add lo Wealth of Canada
7The .total catch of sea fish on both
coasts of- tho Doiiiiuion during tho
month of May was 24,600,800 pounds,
valued at 31,182,15n. compared with'
16,761,600 pounds, valued ai $932,219
during the same' month a year ago.
A    teaspoonful,   of paraffin-in  tha
washing tub lightens work, while tlxj
same amount in a bowl of starch will
prevent    the    irons    sticking    whea,
starched things are being ironed. '     ' '
v6u'\ie."rKis.6 the^r'est""'" ~
There is a dealer handling Newcastle cost
In every town in Weatern Canada. Look
for him.
Girls Walking Across Continent
Two youns women. hikers_ passed
through Vancouver recently iooting" it
across the continent. . Miss It. Mann
and Miss P." Pinkwiils have been oa
the road since last _winter in Texas
and California and Intend io make the
trip home en foot across Cssada.
Curious Restaurant in Su?nc>s Aires
Probably iho most curious restaurant ia the world is in Buenos "Aires;
The equipment consists of one large
pot about a'= >ard in diameter, and
one large fork with %r?_;-;j :hi- customers, for the sum ot Sre cents, are allowed a chance of Ashing out a chunk
o�� HI*11-
Minard's Liniment for Rheumatism
Avoid toss nlien'spiidiup money l.y mail
���ITso Dominion Kxprrps. Mon<*y_ Orders-���
the safe, convenient, inexpensive'way.
���;:A;i��ft, Be.teM*r*iulatlHg;
Ha. I foe BUdtlsr Catarrh. K��. a f��r Bicod a
Skin D.sa&393_  No. 3 forChronic W��aknc?uc<i.
5>__.k��!��s_��.,cr3r��.} t-^"f"TifiiJ s t\,i...pr.<i~_i
or Wn! Si. 1 O .Via Ti, t tcS? S~.-���~-.iL___' ��� **��� OWf
i v
Is J2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
#2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Gteat Britain and
the United States $2:50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
CoaLand Oil Notices     7.00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificale of Improvement.. ..  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advartising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2^c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your ��� subscription is due, and
that tbe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Theee has been much controversy as to the advisability of encouraging nature study in our
schools. Many seem to think it so
much time", wasted when the teachers spend and hour or so pointing
out and explaining the beauties of
Mother Nature, to our children.
Yet how much more pleasure will
they find when out walking or,,
picnicing to know the wants and
habits of the various birds, insects,
flowers and trees. It also teaches
them to be kind to. these little
creatures when they  have, an  in
-teresfe and understand, their ways.
How often have we seen,  boys in
. particular, illusing birds, and other,
creatures simply .thru', ignorance,
whereas had they been taught, the
various uses these little people .-of
the air and earth,,they would-have
fa greater respect and love for them.
That grand old 7gentleman the late
William Ewart Gladstone said "I
thinkthatthe neglect-of Natural
History was the; grossest -defect7of
our old system of .training, for.the
^youngV.and further fthat,.little or
; nothing has been/done by  the way
of. remedy  for that deefct in the
'attempts made, to alter or reform
that syetem."    Therefore' may we
be advised  by that wise man and;'
dof all 7we can  to].-[ encourage7, the
.teaching of fnature .study.-iii-our
.school's.7 ;"-'.*    W;     ' "���,"'"'   '������    ."..'
'_,'"���     X '��� ':"':������'*  *X* V-.W:_.-' '������--, "_}\
The- Municipal   World   ib 7the
authority for. the.-.'statement that a
7- dog-trespassing .-on  the   premises
* after "nightfall iuay.beshot.   There
..... are some valuable dogB with aristo-'
7-erotic    breeding    whose ..royalty
should be their; passport.    Indeed
no   one   wants ; to^ shoot: even a
mongrel, but owners should take
Wfio'me. thought for the people,", as
... these    roaming ' doga   can - make
.themselves obnoxious even in day-
. . light. -'     - V7" ''  ...     ~ "'-'; .7- ���.'���'   -:- '
yy]-'' '��'��� * '*   V ; W"' -
In aii eastern paper'we noticed.
..- that a. baseball team showed  the
.-. .proper spirit by deciding to work
...  in the bay fields rather than play a
-.'"league game with: a   neighboring
.'town. VThe.'gn-mei of life demanded
7" that thehay should be saved,   and
.'.-  worthy sport always .follows along
7. the line of honor.   .
Midway Notes
Mrs. H. Pannell left on Mondays
train to visit Vancouver and coast
Harry Clark Bet sail for Seattle
thiB week, where he expects toxbe
The stork, once more, paid a
visit to Midway, this time bestowing a daughter upon Mr. ancl Mrs.
W. B. Stewart.
Tom Rowe was in town last
week, having returned from Smithers, and is a present visiting his
daughter, Mrs. W. -E. McArthur,
Myers creek.
Walter Clark holds the'record
for securing tho largest catch bf
gophers this season. On Saturday
last, he turned in 506 tails. This
entitles him to a prize offered by
the TJ. F. In addition to the bounty
of two cents.
Those who did not.atten'rl the
"Pound Day" Auction Sale held
last Saturday by tho U. F. in the
Jacques house certainly missed a
good time. Mrs. Pannell officiated
as auctioneer and was ably assisted
by Mrs. Richter in the role of clei'k.
Each member brought some article
of food or farm produce, weighing
from one pound upwards. Alarge
and ' varied assortment resulted,
bidding was kfeen and good prices
were realized, and the writer would
gamble to say that theee two ladies
would make very apt pupils under
the tutorship of Charles King.
The bachelors of the community
did remarkably well, securing mixtures of merchandise ranging from
spring chicken to cut flowers.
Sugar and butter were in great demand seemingly, one pound of
icing sugar and butter bringing,
respectively, seventy and eighty
cents.-.. Previous to thc sale, a
short entertainment was proffered
by Mrs. Pannell, Mrs. Tom Clark
and.others, Mrs. Richter reciting
a,'.'locally, built", poem entitled:. X:
) The U. F. Womens7Co-Op. _ 7:
The town was "a small one," the people few
In Midway;..the Farmers Co-Op slowly
-XX f'grew,' "Xy "- } ;' X ���--'" --.-������
Now the farm-"women: thought they'd
=.V - - compete with the. men, 7 _-..'. _; 7 ~
So they... figured they 'd_. start" something
' V . right there.and then.'' .-._.":-"
We commenced in the.;Springtime, the
' air was still nippy, ���       -       .
-And fused for our .office, the home of"Bill
-.-. --. Tippie." '- \- - .7 ��-: - '.- " "-7"   ...
The-'membership small, (only, seven "'at
.'.-.--that time).'. ....     ;.."...'   ',.-
-Has steadily grown to a. number sublime;
Since' our, first nervous meeting-'a year
-  -   ���"��� has passed by,  _"-   ..'���"; .'-"-���.
Unbelieveable- almost���how times does
���: ���--���%';'.- -W-W  - .   :
Three ladies"from. Rock. Greet:-(so "kind)
-."" ... be.it Quoted;     '   ���   -   "
Explained.organizing���how"officers were
. - -V .voted-    '  ,7   ���   -'-.-. '���   ..y '���   -  ..
A. Maurer Estate Auction
. There was quite a good attendance at the Albert Maurer Estate
Auction at Bridesville on Saturday, Aug. 2nd. Fat cattle sold at
$38.00 to $27.00 per head; horses
varied in price, one brought
$110.00; second hand farm machinery was all.bought up at mediumv
prices; standing grain, brought
$220.00 for 15 acres.
Crops in the Bridesville district
appeared heavier than those farther
north. . 1
Mining Notes
E. S. Eugene, president of the
Ehplt Mining Co., motored in from
Spokane on Friday with O. R Garris. The president inspected the
Combination mine and was well
pleased with the Bhowings. Ore
is being taken out every day.
The current issue of the British
Columbia Gazette _contains7 tho
registration of the Mary Agnes
Mining Company, an extra-Provincial company, with an authorized capital of $200,000 and a
paid-up capital of $101,000. Wm.
Madden, minor; Vof Greenwood,
B. C, is the attorney. The company is limited and the head office
without the province is situate in
the City of Dover, Deleware,
U.S.A.j/'wbile'the the head office
within the province is at theProv-.
idence Mineral claim, Greenwood.
w  Taking No Chances
Kate, the cook,- had an inherent
distrust of mankind in general end
of banks in particular.. Being of a
frugal nature,; she; saved .a certain
." proportion   of    her.   wages   every
��� week, and stored it .tip underfher
., mattress.
For some tinie paBfe she had-been
��� "walking out", with . the gardener
and ep her .mistress  waa not surprised to hear one clay that she was
. .going to marry him. V ..;...
7 ."V'.'I.wan6.to..a"Bk you, caning" said
- Kate,: ,''kh& best way to pat my
'money into the bank."    V.    W7
";V"Pat    yonr   money    into   the
bank/5   exclaimed    the    lady   in
astonishment.      "Why,   Kate,   I
'thought you   did   not  believe in
, banker
. ('Ah, that's all right mam; that's
all right," replied the cook: "Bat
you know I'm going So get married
next week, and I think the money,
woold be safer in the bank than in
the Bouse with . a strange man
abont." ��� ".-.'"���' -
Mrs. McLennan'-the President from there
Told.hbwo.a movement could' start   with
7 'small care';- yy, "[���' .--.���.
-Both Mesdames,Gray, T-.ew.is;" expounded
""'... .   tbeirfvieys-'V _ -' 777.'   -_  V i-.-.V
AndVttieT ".greasiest" thing���Unity���-curb
-for.the blues.. '---���    .
One lady stood ' up and suggested as
President",'- v;- v- : -' .. ������.���"���'.
Mts: Joe 'Richter,. a" long, standing-
": ?~ , resident; ;"--���..-"- . -. ���;
Another reminded us that/-Moqey Talks";
Said, "we've .funds hut no Treasurer, I
'������ suggest Mrs.-Hawkes.," 7���,
'fwas put .to the vote and she was elected
And for Secretary Mrs. .Keir was" selected;
Distance, made it impossible' for her to
..'-attend meeting, ��� -'-���-}---.'. ���'
Mrs. Pannell was named-whom we. have
7   ,.   with our greetings. ��� .   .���������"������:'.
But'there's one whom -I inu'-t- not forget
-��� ...... .sh "this ditty,  " ' .'  ." 'y.,; "'������' X   ':.-.
The boss of our  Concert  Refreshment
".W ...Committee,.     V .   .-���    '-.-..'-.""
E'er on the job be it Friday or Sunday, f
With Kettle or'ice*water���Mrs. C. Lundy.;
From -Ingram Mountain; we . have Mrs,,
:". Weed,,/;.'' .'--'���.- '['[X ' '���'���'-. ���'-'.
-Her three-story'creatit cakes insure usa
���-.; feed; -" ��� 7" -" '-'.. . z > .' ,.. ���'��� V". ���_ .
Also Mrs. Bruce wlio resides on the hill,
She-has three'fine- sons John, Bobby and
V ;. -Bill..'*,������7.7 -,.;./������ .;������;: -;. ;���  "-���
Mrs. jfender.. who, lives way. up in "the
.       ..woods,-.-- '7.':- V ,W .'���    .'}���;[;
On the.Siipjper Committee is '.'there'with
_ -'.'.   the goods';"1- ���    ��� ..''-'' -"' f" .,..���'   "������ '������;
And-we"?*-Mrs; Ef Lund,, who adopted
-."fthetwijis,   ���;..    -. -VV     '
She'll find;- with a family, one's trouble
.   ���' ��� begins.-   -y'X ." '-v, . '���.-���"   ���}-
At'the' outset the' farmers. discussed 'us
:   -..-aljot .     ...   .' ,-       . -'   ���
And said.U.F.W. stuff was all'rot;.
But" they're .pleased to drop in, pay -a
-*dime, or a nickel,
Purchase tea,- buss or cakes and their dear
-������"."- W palate tickle. ' *, ��� ," - ������' >'.'.: '-'X
If titiie-wpuldvgermit I- .could' goon for
V.'f hours,': Vf;'"X-X x.'.'.Xx-X '������': 7_
Bringing in Mrs.'Johnston ana Mrs.-Bob
��� '- -. ��� ��� B6uers;V'   ' '""���" ---!"..-.' '-    ' ".'
I'm not a speech maker and poor 021 thc
- . vocal, ._.-     ": .    .- - ^
But I "wish every blessing on thisHttle
'   '.- local-."."-." ".-..���   - *-��� .-;���       ������'-.,���������
��� X.hX the close of the sale tea was
served and" the ladies are to be
complimented _ npon the excellent
cakes and the .spread in general.
The siim of thirty-two dollars was
realized and.has beea turned;'into
"Trail Bmelter has launched an
18 months construction program,"
says a Trail report. The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co.
will thus add 130 tons additional
capacity for the lead refinery, n
dressing andcasting plant for the
lead furnaces . ivnd, additional
Dwight and Lloyd roasters. A
substantial increase iu tbe zinc refinery is taking place and. a plant
installed in'connection with, it for
recovering. antimony. When the
programme is finished the com-,
pany will .be able" to handle ioe
productsfromfche Sullivan' silver,
lead and zinc mines at Kimberlej
and all custom ores '.offering-with-"
out having to ship. ,any; zinc concentrates to''Europe..; --'
, lfe,is understood thatS:.'F. Bradbury, representing '- sVancouver'
capital,-recently secured;iih option
on . a- large number - of mineral
clainiB near TFairview, . principal
among which7are the-Mcft ning Star;
Black Diamond.and Silver Crown,
owiiedbyMes'sra.'-Steve. Mangott,'
Dan -McEachern and W. '.Ti Shat-
fprd.. ,A thorough examiiiatioh of
tiieproperty will .be made, and already /and expert, engineer ,is. on
ground.. 'Preparations. - are. also
under way for pumping the watrf
out of the deep Bhaft of the Mprn-
iDg.SfearWExtensive- development
work was dope years .ago on" the
Morningf Star and Silver: Crown
and good showings of high grade
ore exposed. . Some tempting offers
have 'previously 'been, piade7 ori
these claims but were not accepted.
���Penticton Herald. "'.���-.
- Ai Stenographers' Examiuation
for British Columbia Civil Service
will .'be.-held- on- Saturday- afternoon and evening, Sept. 713th,
1924. For applicationfornis aiid.
further particulars apply to. the
local 'Government'' Agent.or to
W. H. i Maclnues,- Civil. Service
Commissioner, Victoria,.B. C.
Ranch For Sale
;.. Mountain sub-irrigated ranch, quarter
section, 4 miles;. from Fife-station'on
Canadian Pacific .Railway;. 20 .'acres fin
Timothy and. clover;, this yea*V yielding
between. 35'and 40... tons, oh ; 20 acres.'"
Buiiding'and"clearing cost "three times,
price asked for the ranch. ""To-be-sacrificed at $_K9<>o'," incli)ding-tk_s year's crop,
(ownerreturning to Italy, on account, of
ill-health in family).;- ��� $1,766 without
crop,.$2oq cash,'.balance.after iiexC.year's,
hay is harvested. ,' JPurtber particulars
apply The IiBDGe,'Greeiiwo"od;'B.C.-..
Certificate of IniDroyements,;. Xz
'Xy Xfyy. vi""-notice1 'x xXXX[ i -.' -f
"Black Pine Fractionar' Mineral Claim,situate
-in the Greenwood Mining Division of Yale
Wifere located:   On Wallace Mountaia.
TAKE NOTICE, that. I, Isaac Hojt Hallett
Free Miner's Certificate Ko. 5S0S3C, for mygelt
aad as Ageat for David K. McElmon, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 62284C, Intend, sixty days
from the date liereof, to apply, to the Mining:
Recorder for a Certificate oi Improvements,
for the purpose of ot.taii_.ing a Crown Grant o��
the above claim..: ; ".   :
���-;   Aud farther Sake notice"that action, under
Section'37," must be commenced   before the
issue of snch Certificate of Improvements,...
' '���- Dated this ISth'day of July A._>.'i924.'.7'7 f.
V.V; --'-  X.y '���"_-   '","-.. .if..H." HALLETT.
'   y7yr^"**~~yr"^��'
Tailored Clothes
'. ''
Special Display of
New  Patterns
The Seasons Latest Styles
For Men
\   at-=���'
T.    THOMAS ;
Tailor and Cleaner
Greenwood. B..C.,,.     X
vi^Kum.^if .i_u.._..^_.._p��F��-r���^jf,
sr-Nursis- u
Smokeless Locomotive
uilt of wood at the Angus Shops, this full sized model of one of the latest
'type locomotives was designed originally as a feature of the dinner
decorations at the Chateau Frontenac on the Occasion of the Quebec)con-
ference of the Canadian Pacific Railway" officers. Equipped with/bell,
whistle, and electric.lights, not a holt or bar is lacking to mar the illusion
which is that of-a perfect engine coming through'the wall against which
it is placed. The headlight holds a portrait of E. w. Beatty, president of the
Canadian Pacific. At .the Toronto Exhibition, August 28rd to September/
Gth, the model y;'\\\ be eiven a prominent position in the ComDanv's exhibit.
Vancouver Exhibition
iv# y august "af^i^iwiiv
^V 7^ yisPECIAfL FARES:.'; ' [ii' XXy
From ail stations-in British Columbia. .- Tickets sold August-7-15 inclusive".-'
y   v        ^Return Limit, Atfgirst 18
-x     ���' x        ' -    ���   --        ���'.,������ .. y - ��� . __   . ^ <saj  -      -      ��� ���;    '  .���
Nelson-Vancouver Via Kettle Valley Ry.
Sleeper reservations; tickets, details from any.agent, pursers.B. C, kake and
ff _.-_. i ..__:.. Xl:_.:_,;.._:...'.:y Riyer.stea__iers,-6r:_;write^^,-'.. ���...._X.-SXyy..^..���.--'.-..
.':\;rv j;::s/CARf_ffii:-:i.Pii;;: Nelson     -V
Has'ppened au office above .Chas.
��� ^King's office. '
,'Open '9.30 a.m. to 5^p.m.
Reasonable chargesf!   Fitted at  your
home. ������Address;.'-;'"
.7   MRS, JEROME'McDONELI/'    7
.7 Greenwood B.C. Box 483.
Vacant,       unreserved,"    surveyed-
Crown lands may be pre-empted by   ,
British subjects.over 18 years of.age,    *
"and- by aliens on declaring intention
to   become ..British   subjects,- condi-^
tional   upon ..residence,    occupation,
and " improvement    for     agricultural
purposes. ;'..���<;���
Full Information  concerning regu-
ations   regarding    pre-emptions"   i3
giv6n ln Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
'How to~Pro-empt Land," copies  of
-   ivhich can be obtained free of charg-i
by  addressing   the    Department    of    .
,. fjanda, Victoria, B.C., or to any Gov-v
������ nment Agent. .    ���������������''',   v
Records will._be granted 'covering
n!y land suitable for ��� agricultural
jurposes, and which is ' not-timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 5,000 board'
feet per acre west of the Coast R'anga
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions aro
:o be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the-Land Recording Di:
vision, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be-obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pi-e-emptions must be occupied 'fof'V
five shears and  improvements- made
to value  of  JIO  per acre,  including
; clearing'-and cultivating:.at least-, five ��� :
3 acres, befoVe a Crown Grant ean.ba f:
received. '"*'.-
For'more detailed Information see
the    Bulletin    "How    to    Pre-empt
Land.!'-... . ...---���
_   Applications aro received for purchase    of    vacant    and    unreserved
Crown  lands,  not being   llmborland,
for agricultural  purposes;   minimum .
price of first-class (arable) land is $5
per acre, and second-class (grazing)   '
iand ?2.60...per acre. 'Farther, infor-.
-mation regarding purchase-or-lease
ot Crown lands, is given in Bulletin
No. 10, - I>and Series,  '.'Purchase . and
Lease, of Crown Lands." - ' ' -  '���
- Mill, factory, or industrial sites" on .
."timber land, not.exceedlng^40 acre3,  -
.may be purchased or leased, the con- '���
dltlons       including",   'payment   .   of
. stumpage. . . ' ;-
- HOMESITE 'LEASES       ���}_' X ;'.
' "Unsurveyed areas, riot exoeedlng.20"
'acres,  may ������be teased  as^SomesiteF},  '-
. conditional >upon   a~- dwelling ' being-
erected in  the first-year, title.being
.obtainable  after."-residence "and .im- -
.provemont '.conditions . are; fulflilod'.'
-and land has been - surveyed. ���"������ -. - ,-���
���X-:X.y '.-LEASES      ' ..7 '7-   ';;
.'.For'grazing,and. industrial', .pur-'.
..poses areas not exceeding 640 acred
���.may--b��-leaaed--by~on��- person: or_k"".-'
- company.. ���'.     - -   .. .-""-"..'/. - 7 '.
;��� ;  )[".. / .7 GRAZING- '"        '.-��� X'yy.
'-Under trie Grazing Act the- Prov- V
ince.ls. divided into grazing districts'
_ andithe range administered Tinder, n. "
Grazing- '��� Commi'saiohor.   '"Annual
.-grazing "permits are Issued based on -7
..numbers.ranged; priority being given ..
to-established-owners. Stock-ownera'
'may form ' asaociatloha..  for-   range ���"
'-management..... Free, or- ptirtially free,
.'permits.-ore  avallabl*'-for.- settlers,' v.
"campers - and 'travellers, "up-.-to   tea. --.
head.' :-.-..'     -_       7" ^  ' ~-   .     '-��� ;.
;   The Mineral Province of Western ^
xy- '���"...' -;.: ..7vT0;END'flF;D]ECEMBER^
7Has. produced Minerals' as : followe: Placer. Gold, 7876,982,203; Lode
.Gold; $113;35^,655;8ilv8r��"863,532,655; Lead $58/132)661; Copper,^$179,040,508;
��� Zitio,.1' $27,i)04'>756;:. MiecellaDeons .Minerals, 81,408,257; Coal and Coke, 8250^ :;
968,113;! Building Stones JJrick, Cement, etc.,-839,415,234, making iW.Minerai  V      .
Productive tofebe end of/1923 show an 7 7 7 77   V V '���)���-. .   '..;'   : : -. ..
;7 XXy^mm^y yalne \ of '$810,722^62 [x^Xyiy
fir the Year Ending D^l^bef/lM/$4i73W,326;
The   Mining   Laws of, Shis Province are more liberal*, and the 7fees; lower, 7
Ehan those of any other. Province in the Dominion, or any.Colony in .the  British
Empire. _ - '   X, zi -���'VV,;,-.���-���-. ->'-W" V- -   '���"���
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for npminal feea.
A.bsblate  Titles are  obtained ^ by developing such properties, the seenrity ���
of which is gnaranteed by Crown Grants,
X    TFciynformation, together with Mining Eeporta and Mapas may be obtained
fgra*is '&y"addresS|ngW���/WVf' :'XiX'X-    .:..'. .- ,-.      -.-'.
Si^^^^^f Sli'"::-:-THE' 'HON.. TBE MINISTER OF MINES
m:MSSS3ixiMSiyy^'^'"'��� VICT0MA, British .Columbia.-" -
) :'


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