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The Ledge Mar 18, 1920

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Provincial Library j
-a...   yyx
Vol.   XXVI.
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware, in your kitchens
and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware"-
We carry a"large line of
J. G. McMynn, Midway
Around Home I
Xs   ��
Just Arrived
Kippered Hearings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable, Fish, Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,   Raisins   and
, all   kinds   of   Nuts ���
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson,T3.C
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
I CKM><>00<>CK><><>0<>dO<X><^
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
. 100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each.
60 Watts
100    -
200 ,��
���   /   $1.25 each
-    -   2.00 ������
3.50 ��
/   /   /
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection; kept in stock and made to
order froin selected'skins
Customer's furs made up. -Remodeled
and repaired
Skins'dressed and mounted at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metalsj Sacks,
Horses, -.Cattle, Etc.
421 Baker Street  ���
Stocks, Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
John R. Jackson  was in  town
from Midway on Tuesday.
T.   M.    Gulley    has   bought
Hamarstadt's Chevrolet car.
D. R. McElmcm, watchmaker
and Jeweller, Greenwood,  B,   C.
Service in the Presbyterian
church, Sunday next at 7.30 p.m.
Fresh Cream^ Cheese at Rendell's Store.      * ���
Conductor Tom Peck has returned to Rossland from a trip to
W. Nelson, of' Spokane, was
visiting' friends "in Greenwood
this week.
Geo. Swayne who had a paralytic. stroke last" week is progressing slowly.
"Bat" Boone, a'former resident
of Phoenix and Princeton, is now
living at Kiefield, Sask.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Casslemah
and family are ill, at their home
in Boundary Falls;rwith influenza.
In stock Royal Household flour,
wheats shorts, oats, cracked corn
and chick food.    G. A. Rendell.
MEAGHER &  Co., 511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First
i       �� 	
Tasty meals and comfortable roomB.    Meals served at any time.
Sample roomB for drummers.    Soft drinks, cigars^andjtaigarettes.
Pool hall iu connection.
Ai at 30tb NoTcsabar, 1919
Paid-up Capital    -     - $ 15,000,000
Reserve Fund      -     - 15,000,000
Loans      ...     - 283,870,274
Deposits   -.-- 393,605,156
Total Assets   -     -     - 479,644,205^,
PAID-UP CAPITAL      -       i        $15,000,000.
RESERVE FUND -        -        $15,000,000
GREENWOOD BRANCH, I* E. Brawders, Manager."     .
In Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods sent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
, and efficient manner.
Dealer in "Farm "Produce, Railroad Ties"
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me, ' Have a buyer for good ranch
Pedigree Purcheron
Iron Grey, 4 this Spring, Good
disposition and well put up -
Apply ROCK, Midway, B.C.
Kodaks* full line of Films
and Supplies at
Goodeve Drag Store
"A Rose'to the Living   -
A'rose to the living is more
Than sumptuous wreathes to the dead;
In filling loves infinite store,
A rose to the living is more~'
If graciously given before
The hungering spirit is fled���
A rose to the living is more
Than sumptuous wreathes to the dead.
" ���Nixon Waterman.
Arthur Nelson and John Oland
who have been at ^Bridesville all
winter, returned to town last
The Vancouver Board of Trade
is planning an expedition through
the Boundary" and Kootenay this
The S. K. P. L. Co. have a
crew of 30 men putting up the
wire on their Greenwood-Princeton high-power line.
See the samples of the latest in
.w���aJ.l, gamers before/��you renovate
your house this spring. Orders
taken at Goodeve Drug Store.
Stuart Mitchell, of Saskatchewan, has been visiting friends
at Rock Creek and is at present
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. N.
Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Biner,
Victor Biner and M^ss Mary
Biner left Phoenix last week for
Los Angles where they will reside in future.
Jno. Mowat returned to Victoria on Wednesday after visiting
the district for the past ten days.
Mr, ��� Mowat will return during
the summer months.
Fresh vegetables are very
scarce_and_ dear, -but_you_can get
the best of canned tomatoes,xorn,
peas and beans��� at reasonable
prices at Rendell's store.
The people of'Midway will be
greatly pleased to hear that Hon.
J. D. MacLean has written to
say that' good progress is being
made relative to the installation
of an irrigation system on the
Midway flat.
P. Timberlake of Grand Forks,
recently purchased a large tract
of timber near Fife, where he has
already considerable timber interests, and it is his-intention to
erect a sawmill jit that point
in the near future.
According to a Victoria report
the British Columbia Sugar refinery is now in a position to
practically guarantee the population of this province an adequate
supply of sugar for the current
year, according to the information given the legislature Inquiry
by Blythe Rogers at its session
on Monday afternoon. He was
not in a position. to name tbe
minimum price which it might
be expected to reach, but pointed
to a statement that his plant had
given the British Columbia people
'the cheapest sugar in the world
during the shortage crisis as'an
indication that his refinery might
not be expected to exact an undue
toll. Mr. Rogers - also swore
that the refinery exercised no
control over the retail price of
sugar at present/
Three Hundred" Dollar Ore
The Pr6vidence�� mine, ^G^een-
wood, is showing up better than
ever. On Wednesday a car of
high grade ore was shipped to
Trail, making a second so far this
month. There is about 36 tons in
this shipment and owing to the
high quality of the ore it will easily
run 8300 to the ton.
This is proof that the Greenwood camp can produce ore as
high in valne as an section in B.C.
The Premier mine near Stewart of
which one hears so much these days
shipped $200 ore this winter, while
the Providence has sent out ore
recently valued afe $280 a ton and
the car that left yesterday will
touch $300 a ton.
The Susie Group
. r Send a.Float to your friends at
The. Ledge has always  room I once.      Tou   can  get   them   at
for one more ad. ' i The Ledge office.
In 1897 Guess Bros, opened an
office in Greenwood as assayers and
chemists, moving to this city from
Fairview where they had been connected with the Strathyre mine.
The firm consisted of George A.
Guess and Harry A/ Guess both
brilliant graduates of the University of Toronto. While'they were
in business here, tbey had the
Guess block built in 1899, now
occupied by McElmon's Jewelry
Store. Leaving here in the early
part of this century the Guess
Bros, went to Mexico, where they
were connected with the famous
Cananea and other mines.
In recent years George  has been
connected with the University of
Toronto, ��� being Professor of Min-
l ing and Metallurgy.^   ^, (      ,
.When the Granby smelter at
A.nyox was constructed and the
furnaces were blown in, for a
period the ores of that camp were
hard to smelt as they did not properly flux. In this instance Professor Guess came west and for a
time acted in a consulting capacity
a^Anyox, and his experiments enabled the management of the
smelter to handle the ore successfully.        ' ���     '    v
Every since Harry left Greenwood he has been connected with
mining and is now the head
engineer for the Guggenheim syndicate and he is also consulting
engineer" for'~various mines and
smelters in which this syndicate is
interested.  - '   '
Our jeaders will be greatly
pleased to learn thafe.tbe Guess
Bros, have for over 25 years owned
the Susie group of mineral claims
near Fairview and have had great
faith in jthe group. At present they
are having the water pumped out
of the mine, to enable a full an
careful examination by them, with
a view of working the property.
It is to be hoped that while they
are in Fairview, they will again
visit Greenwood district, in which
camp they played such an important part in tbe early days.
Court Jails a Motor Car
1 A California magistrate struck a
new note recently when he jailed
a motor car for speeding and allowed the speeder go free. -There are
great possibilities in this line of
reasoning. For a five day period
at least that motor car was ont of
harm's way, and the owner, presumably not having a second car,
would also be safe for a like period
of time. On the second offense the
magistrate might fine the car one
tire, and if it' still persisted in
"hitting it up" a second tire might
be pinched; and so on until finally
His Honor would have a complete
car at his disposal. - These suggestions are nofe patented.' , Any Canadian police magistrate may adopt
them without fear of infringement.
���Saturday Night.
Of      "   '   '     ' '"
I Western Float
The store clerks in Fernie have
organized a union.
The Irrigation system at Caw-
ston will be enlarged.
/-Trail  police court gathered   iu
$2,300 in fines last year.
There is. a building boom at
Keremeos and Cawston.
The contract price for the best
tomatoeB at Keremeos $his year
will be $25 a ton. !
After'July 2nd, real estate men
in British^Columbia must pay an
annual fee of $10.00.
The Nelson.hospital has a nursing staff >f^20, of^ which 15 of them
are nurses in training.
The government of Canada has
now under consideration the coining of a nickle five-cent piece.
The Creston .Review is again
being published. Some weeks ago
The Review office was destroyed by
Some people have found "that
better booze can be" obtained from
Boundary Creek, than is shipped
in from-Alberta.
The latest "move by the state
legislature 'of Mississippi is that
teachers are forbidden to marry
during a school term.
Since its incorporation in "1899
Revelstoke has had twelve different mayors. H. F. McKinnon has
held the reins for five years.
Rev. D. J. Welsh, of Enderby,
and formerly of Kelowna, has accepted the position of principal of
the Summerland High-School.
Thirty-six thousand cattle and
j horses .andvfive...thousand- sheep
were'grazed on pnblic lands under
permit in  British   Columbia   last
A dozen quarts of liquor were
stolen from a drng store in Creston.
The thief was only afterjjjthe joy
maker as it was the only thing
...Three "tin horn" gamblers, who
have been locating in The Pass
towns for some weeks, were arrested and sentenced to six months
each in the Lethbridge jail,
Dr. W. E. Necomtoe died in
North Vancouver last week from
pneumonia. Dr. Newcombe was
well-known in Grand Forks having
practised medicine there 12 years
ago. _     _  -_
A.human skeleton was found in
the woods in the Union Bay district. It is thought the find may
be the remains of either of two
men who disappeared about eight
years ago.
Bob Edwards, of the Calgary
Eye Opener, has discovered that
the following sentence contains
every letter of the alphabet.
"Pack my box with five dozen
liquor jugs." ,
Arthur O'Kell a familiar figure
in tha early history of Crestou,
died in the Old Men's Home in
Kamloops last month. He came
feo -Creston from Maple Creek,
Sask., in 1898.
Wisconsin and Michigan lumber
interests are reported feo have paid
$400,000 for 10,000 acres of timber
on the Moyie river, and may build
ft. mill at Wattsburg or thereabout
wherein to manufacture ife. The
timber is largely spruce.
Under the automobile " act,
motorists ^meeting ^wifch accidents
aret compelled to report -to the
police within .six hoars, if such
occurs in a cifey, and within 24
hours if the accident should take
place in*a district municipality or
in an unorganized district.
A car ' load of liquor recently
arrived in Penticton from Montreal.
To escape pnblic notice the boose
was unloaded and scored Saturday
midnight and Sanday morning.
Even at thafe a number of Penticton citizens had a longing look at
fehe cases aa Ihe truck wended its
way through fehe sfeill night to the
owners cellar.
No. 36
Mining News
Three hundred men are engaged
in the mining industry at Kimber-
ly in East Kootenay.
A shipment of ore went out
from the Crescent, Greenwood, to
the Trail smelter last week.
This winter the famous Premier
near Stewart, shipped 600 tons of
ore valued at $200 a ton.
The Aspen mine in the Sheep
Creek district, recently shipped
several tons of high grade ore to
the Trail smelter.
The Silver Tip mine on Alice
Arm changed hands twice in two
weekB. This mine will be developed durirfg the coming season.
The Hedley Gold mine on Nickle
Plate mountain at Hedley, one of
the richest gold properties in the
world, is again operating to full
capacity with 168 men.
Recently! two Washington shippers appeared on the ore returns at
the Trail smelter. They were the
Gladstone, at Boundary, with 46
tons, and the Kaaba at Oroville,
with 41 tons.
A short distance west of Oroville,
Wash., the Southern Minnesota
and Washington Mining company
is installing a large amount of
machinery at their mine. Development work has been carried
on for some time and it is now
proven that a great mine exists.
Definite iustructions have been
received at The Pas, Man., - to dismantle tbe Mandy mine and,take
the machinery" and equipment,"
valued at $50,000,000 to the Flin
Flon property. Fifty teams have
been placed on the trail to'trans-*
port this outfit a distance of 10
mile3 to tbe great sulphide mines
and to carry-in supplies from this
point. This activity and shifting
of machinery is taken as proof of
the sale of the Flin Flon to the
International Mckle Company of
The best year in the history of
the continent's greatest gold mine
is indicated by the annual report
of the Hollinger Consolidated Gold
Mines, Ltd., for the year ending
December 31, 1919. Total production of gold for the_ year
amounted to""$6,722,266, an increase over the previous year of
$1,200,000 and over 1917 of 82,-
500,000. Owing to the large investments of the company and the big
premium on gold, the company's
income from other sources during
the year grew from $155,957 in
1918 to $340,830 bringing the total
income of the company to well
over $7,000,000.
At Wingdam a crew of forty
men has been employed in sinking
�� shaft for the LightniDg Creek
Gold Gravel and Drainage Co.,
according to a Barkerville report.
Other shafts have been attempted
on this property during the past
twenty years,, bufe owing to the
tremerdous water pressure in the
stream gravels the shafts were
not successful. About a million
dollars have been spent in attempts
to develop the deep gravels of this
creek, which drilling has shown to
be immensely rich, values as high
as $75 and $80 to the cubic yard
beiiig reported. Tbe present company has equipped a pumping
plant of $6,000 gallons per minute capacity, and with a?1. .**
latest equipment necpesary for the
handling of difficult ground. The
present shaft bas been in' progress
since October, and good headway
is being made on ife.
Not To Be Disturbed
"By the way, May. I forgot to
tell you that we have breakfast afe
8 o'clock ebarp."
"All right, mum, if I ain't dowa
don't wait."
SSsgSPffiaS v^xXyZXirXyXiyi
" '^ssyyyi
/Jim    LEDGE,     GBEElSiWOOD,    B.     0.
Canada; A Nation In
A League of Nations
Participation In the Great War
carried Canada into world politics.
Prior to the war many Canadians had
got into thc habit of referring to Canada as a nation, but when it caine
down to a definition of onr legal and
International status it had to bc confessed that we were still a colony, a
.dependency of Great JRiitain. The
Great War has finally changed Canada's position in the world. Great
Britain no longer "looks upon Canada,
Australia nnd other overseas dominions as colonies or mere dependencies, but as sister nations' with Britain herself, the whole united in onc
partnership of equality under onc
Crown and forming thc British Empire.
Recognition of Canada's changed
atatus is not confined to the Empire
itself; it is now officially and legally
recognized in ar. international sense
by the admission of Canada as a nation in a. world League of Nations, a
League wherein Canada has equal
standing and equal responsibilities
with all the sovereign nations of the
world. Canada's right to such a status may be questioned, and recognition delayed, by thc United Statcs
Senate, but it is accepted and approved by all other nations, aud the United States will either have to accept
it or remain outside the League of
Because of this change in the international status of the Canadian Dominion, and the new responsibilities imposed upon     Canada,  it  is not only
right but necessary that our people
should lake an interest in, study, and
endeavor to understand international
questions,'world politics, international
���'  finance,"' and  all  the  many questions
.which have, a vital influence-upon  thc
'..-������ currents of the world's public opinion.
:; No longer can Canadians be content
.;> to-allow the British foreign office and
,v.;tiie : British ' Parliament   to   settle   all
yfn.ternational" problems   for   us;   -we
X.must now-study, uhdersland,..and take
yZatii.active part-in the settlement of all
;; -such problems ourselves.
.;::-Undoubtedly one beneficial effect of
.* this , larger .interest ������   and  vision-   in'
;:Vworld affairs will" bc to broaden; the
;.. .view of' our people in' the considera-
;.'"'ticiti of domestic questions.' A's'"time
.':: -passes wc are: likely io become less
-. petty and parochial in our_ home poli-
\V..;tics.= as wc icar:i-the; necessity, ,'of com-
���'';-.promise-,   and; a' .policy  of;.'givc   and
..;..take,' in  the  settlement of.thc  many
ed by a consideration of the solution
! of similar problems elsewhere.
The introduction of the larger issues of world politics into the political discussions and life in Canada will
i not serve to weaken our Interest In,
or divert our attention from, domestic
problems and issues; on the contrary,
it should serve to" strengthen tlie determination of our people to approach
and settle them in a bigger way than
ever before in order that Canada may
become more and more united and
better fitted to perform its part with
honor aud credit to itself as a nation
in the League of Nations.
Formerly a debtor country to Great
Britain, United Statcs and other countries, Canada today has become a creditor nation. Belgium, Rumania,
France and other countries are now
in Canada's debt. We havc a direct
interest in thcir welfare aud stability.
Canada has established a great mercantile marine, with ships plying to
ports in all parts of the world, and
within a ycar or two thc number of
ships flying thc Canadian flag will bc
two or three times greater than today. Canada's international trade and
commerce is expanding by leaps and
bounds. A new national consciousness is at work which is the outgrowth of the war and our new national  status  and  dignity.
If this ncw consciousness is developed, and the people of Canada lay
aside their old sectarian quarrels and
bitterness, and set themselves energetically to thc task of developing thcir
own natural resources, aud increasing
production for world consumption,
thcy will quickly find their Dominion
forging ahead to lhat place which destiny intended Canada to occupy, aud
the hope of which, was thc inspiration
of the fathers of Confederation, and
the dvcani of our earlier pioneers.
My Catarrh All Gone
Suffered Like a Boob for Years���Got
Relief in Ten Minutes
Catarrhozone Did Cure
That's the way hundreds of the
boys around town arc talking since
Catarrhozone got into the drug
stores. Nothing on earth like Catarrhozone to really cure Catarrh,
Colds or Bronchitis.
"Catarrhozone"���it isn't a drug ���
it's a healing vapor full of pine essences and healing balsams. It
spreads -over the surfaces -thSt' are
weak and sore from coughing. Every
spot that is congested is healed���irritation is soothed away, phlegm and
secretions arc cleaned out, and all
symptoms of cold and Catarrh are
cured.- - Nothing so quick, so sure, so
pleasant" as Catarrhozone. Beware
of dangerous substitutes meant to
deceive you.-for genuine Catarrhozone.-Ail dealers, sell Calarrhosjone,
largc size which' lasts "two months,
price $1.00; small size SOc;1'.' sample
size '25c. .   - .    .
tho interest of your akin,
in��i��t on Baby's Own Soap.
"Reit Jot baby���best/or j/ow."
Albert Soaps Llmlud, Mto., Uontreil.
U. S. Airwork
During the War
Congressman Says Not One Battle
or Bombing Plane Waa
Washington.���;Flatly opposed views
of the aviation accomplishments of
the U.S. during the war were expressed in congress during a session devoted entirely to discussion of divergent reports arising from .prolonged
investigation of aviation matters by a
special committee.
Representative Magee of New York,
who was a member of the committee
which investigated aviation expenditures during the war, declared that
not one American-built battle or regular bombing plane was produced during the war from the expenditure of
more than a billion dollars.
Settlers' Wives Learn
How Creameries Are Run
Short   Couise  Given  at  Moose  Jaw
Creates Unusual Interest
Unusual    interest    is   bcing    taken
in    thc    short    course    now    bcing
given   at  Moose  jaw,   Saskatchewan,
for thc wives  of  thc soldier settlers
from the outlying districts. On March
1st,  68 of thcm  arrived in  this  city
to participate in the course.      They
were given a warm welcome by the
ladies of thc city.
. Some of the subjects dealt with in
thc course arc:
1. Butter-making, by P. E. Reed,
Dairy Commissioner for Saskatchewan.
2. Practical work on farm butler-
making, by "W. Harkncss, S. S. B.
Supervisor for Swift Current.
3. Demonstration of creamery plant
in operation, showing sterilization,
pasteurisation ancl milk testing, by J.
A. Cauldcr, manager Moose Jaw
Creamery, assisted by Mr. Logan and
Mr, Harkncss.
Price of Seed Wheat
Coming:- of the Cattalo
New Breed of .Cattle to Face Severe
Maxwell Graham,' director- of' park
animals, who js .in- charge of an exhibition .of buffalo robes and .heads,
stated al. the "office of the Canadian
Fur-Auction Sales company; .Montreal; that, a new" animal had been
created, ��� called' "Cattalo," ��� by* cross
breeding" buffalo and common  cattle.
Reduction Made in Interest of Farmers Who Suffered Crop
The Canadian Wheat Board has
issued an order reducing tlie,pricc of
wheat, sold locally from country elevators in lhc Prairie Provinces for
use as seed, to $2.45 per bushel, Fort
William basis, this price to be effective from midnight, February 21, until further notice. Prior to this order
the price of seed wheat was the-price
to millers ($2.80), plus onc cent., with
an increase of one cent cvery 15 days
from December 31, 1919. This reduction was made in response to resolutions ,passe.d at thc annual conventions
of, the United Farmers of Alberta and
the Saskatchewan Grain Growers' Association, asking; in the interest of
farmers who have suffered crop failure,, that the price of seed bc reduced
to $2.40, "Fort- William basis.     ..
Made Her Feel Like
A Different Person
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont
Dominion's Demands
*      Are Upheld
She had kidney troubles and her feet
swelled, but shc states she found
the relief she looked for in Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Arden, Ont., March 15.���(Special.)
���"Dodd's Kidney Pills made me feel
like a new person." That is the statement of Mrs. Miles Wood, a well-
known and highly respected resident
of this place.
"I was troubled with my kidneys,"
Mrs. Wood continues, "and my feet
swelled. I tried Dodd's Kidney Pills
with thc result that the swelling js
nearly all gone and I feel better in
evcry way.
"To' any person who is bothered
with kidney trouble or with their feet
and legs swelling I, would say 'use
Dodd's Kidney Pills.'"
- The women of Canada have come
to look on Dodd's Kidney-Pills as a
standard remedy for their kidney ills.
They act directly on the kidneys.
They are purcly and simply a kidney
remedy. By putting the kidneys in
good, condition to strain all the impurities, all the seeds of disease, out
of the blood they carry good health
to every part of the body. .Ask your
neighbors if Dodd's Kidney Pills ��� do
not help all kidney ills.   ���
United States LegaTExpert Supports
Canada's Stand
Henry F. Munro, lecturer on international law at Columbia University,
came out in support of Canada's stand
in regard to the League of Nations in
an address on "The United Statcs and
the Peace Treaty," delivered in New
York recently. After emphasising
the practical independence of the several parts of the British empire as a
compelling cause for thcir separate representation, Mr. Munro said: "It
does not follow that the British Dominions will always support Britisii
demands. A striking instance of this
was thc decision in the Alaska boundary dispute in 1903, when Lord Al-
verstonc, chief justice for England,
voted with thc American arbitrators
as against the two Canadians.
. "If we trace thc rise and development of the so-called United States
protectorates in the Caribbean region,
we find that the U.S. "is possessed of
much more authority ovcr Cuba,
Haiti, San Domingo, Panama, and
Nicaragua than is Great Britain ovcr
any of her dominions, and in international conferences of any kind would
bc likely to have much morc influence
over their votes than would Great Britain over those of the .British Dominions."
Mr. Munro made a strong appeal
for ratification of the treaty by-the
Leon Trotzky's
Train deLuxe
One of Most Interesting Fittings Is
a Printing Offica
London, England.���A Russian refugee who recently arrived in Finland
gives the following account of the
special train used by Leon Trotzky:
The train consists of 14 cars and two
powerful engines. It is supplied with
a wireless installation capable of receiving communications from Nau-
heim, Lyons and London. As soon
as the train arrives at a station it is
at once connected with the telephone
system. The wireless telegraph works
night and day. One of the most interesting fittings of the train is a
printing office, which prints Trotzky's
paper. On the Way. The greatest
curiosity, however, is the train car of
the former imperial garage, which
contains six motor cars, one of them
a French car which belonged to the
Czar. The escort on the train consists of 250, that is, a whole company
of machine gunners, as Leon Trotzky,
with his train, has often been near
the front. The train also contains a
library and a dining car.
Creamery Butter
Dairying Is Advancing Rapidly in
Saskatchewan '...--.
Saskatchewan is fast coming to the
front as a dairy. producer, but even
more rapid development is looked for
in thc future. Quality counts, and
everything that can be done^in the
way of emphasizing the need for a
higher quality of butter is considered
a step in the right "direction.
Greatest of All Cunning
The greatest of all cunning is to
seem blind to the. snares which wc
know are laid for us; rnen are never
so easily deceived as" while thcy arc
endeavoring to deceive others. ���
Lift qffGorns!
Doesn't hurt a bit and Freezone
costs only,a few cents.
your brain
works like a
dog with three
legs walks���
you need
-Nine hundred ami ninety-seven cutting tools alone arc required in manufacturing a modern rifle. The twist
drill is one of the busiest of these." To
supply. >,000,000 rifles, 94,000,000 holes
must be drilled. ' '.X* ���
Witn juur fingers! You can lift off
any hard corn, soft corn, or corn between the toes, and the hard skin
calluses from bottom of feet.
A tiny bottle of "Frcezone" costs
little at any drug store; apply a few
drops upon the corn or callus. Instantly it stops hurting, then shortly
you lift that bothersome corn or ca'lus
right off, root and all, without one bit
of pain or soreness. Truly! No humbug! -~
An active brain must
have pure blood, not
poisoned with products
of indigestion���or fiver
and kidney laziness.
LtrcMtSdecf Any Medietas la th��W��t&
S��U*TUT*kniaC4muU. 1bWim,Z5c,I9��.
' JKBaa*mmK*\mmmamm< ;
Under The
Bolshevik Regime
British Officers Describe Unequalled
Horrors in Northern���
A party of Britisii officers arriving
at Harbin from Omsk and Chita declared that their experiences west ol
Irkutsk excelled all other previous
horrors, says the London Times, Harbin, Manchuria, correspondent in a
communication Feb. 19.���Piles of naked and frozen bodies of men, women
and children were stacked at every
station, the correspondent quotes ths
officer as saying. "The Czechs took
the engines from the hospital trains,
leaving thc sick to perish from cold
and hunger." .       - ���-
Warbk Flies
Minard's. Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Wanted it Unlarmed
Ovcr the telephone a worried voice
Serious Annoyance and Evil Effects
To Cattle Caused by These
"."''. Pests
���When an animal    is    attacked   by
warble flics  for the first  time  it allows- thc fly to deposit her .egg without showing any greater sense of -discomfort '.than .tickling . with   a  straw
would occasion. -If thc fly is-persistent  the. first, noticeable  sign   is   that
cktio'tty. international problems created j This new breed retains much, of .tlie
.yby'.-geographical- barriers',   and facial
:.-and creed divisions.   Administering-a
���������'.'world-wide-empire,- the people of,' the
..���British Isles long ago learned-this.les-
���'���:.;-60tV of tolerance,;and/appreciation-.of
:;;th& other'fellow's viewpoint, and, hav-
/ittg;.; learned ���' it;-.it'.became   -Britain's
------greatest -asset.- in.-successful   colonial.
���'������; administration : and -world'; diplomacy,
v, Canadians .will', learn'the "necessity' of^
;;rtpierance-' in d.ealirig'vwilh great ihtcr-
"���;. national-problems,- and- by. the -a'pplir
v> ration of a greater-tolerance at :home
Xi many, o f the ^ pre j udiccs-.' which n ow
���X.^retard Canadian development will fade
;X:j3ywa.yX ������ y :X ." ''��� '- :���' ���"''.������'.'"';���'
;.:y<'Bv the .past-.Canadians -have;-been'
fe/tob" self-centred., Lacking that close
c.:Wterc6\i"rse. \vitti 'other' nations,  'and
hardiness of the-bison and is inured
to" facing driving, storms. It has a
coat of shorter, but glossier hair than
the buffalo,'. and, in-, thc. opinion "of
many, .makes a more beautiful robe. '
_. In- size", ���'tlic "cattalo,is" larger ;than"
eithcr of. its/paren'ts.- .When used for
food.-iit furnished many- good- cuts..So
far., great .success has attended: the
g'ov'ernrnent's .-experiment's ���_-in''' the
cross breeding of buffalo';and'cattle;
and its efforts" will, be--:carried still
further. -\Thc",'depa'rtmcn ts -of ; the'- in-?
terior--;ind agriculture, are-making the
experiments.   ..,,/"",-    ' .-'' ;--;"  '".-.,'
addressed the proprietor of a small".?f annoyance; the animal will stamp
hardware store. "The speaker began: ��r ldck. or switch its tail vigorously.
"I come   "iri. your-place,   today    and'The next thought thc animal has: :s
Nine/Thousand Persons, Shot.
A..'.dispatch'Lrcceivcd- froin '-Warsaw-
says 'the report; of/the .committee"-; pf
fipebples;" which.-.our .new ^international j the' struggle "against/counter, rcvolu--
:f:%atus'-wilt force .iir6n''.us,-:,v.'C-iiav'e tion; (officially- announces' the "number
;��'-;faU'e"d- to., appreciate-inany" of the "fine of- persons' arrested /during, the past
-i'qualitiea , of races whom'- wc'have- three.-years'as ^28,000.=' The number
'^brushed aside "as "foreigners'.';���wc of persons, shot,'says '.the,-report," was;
//Have77-failed to. learn from them inany 9,641.
/(things .'which. wp.uld ."have��� added, rich-
:^/itess and variety' atul ���'���strength."to'-thc;
U.-life of. Canada; we have been, too i'n-
./tent,upon--the practical problems of
���^Canada, arid-'the teaching of. solutions
ft&yourscl'/es wiih'ou.t regard to tlie .his1
Mtpry qf,--othc.r;.natious,_.and-;have thus
//frequefntly^made mistakes which could
K.:.:Casily-and ought to have-been avoid-
apparently to move away from tlie
annoying insect,, '-which it does by-
walking to "another place.. If the fly
continues its pestering' the inimal begins ' to - trot i and ' final'y to ' gallop.
When "an animal "is rtmning >n ihis
manner it.will be noticed that it "frequently turns its head to."try aid see
if,tfe fly is sti'l pit;suing it, and-to
do so pauses in its flight. If, at tins
moment, it finds that Thc fly is still
pestering.it, the flight will begin.again
with redoubled energy and with additional terror.-- In-Health of. Animals
Bulletin ' "No. . 21; .Scientific Series,
{-'"'It's four: years sin'cV-hc left me," "Warble.Flies',' supplied free.upon ap-
wailcd a deserted wonum" with; tears !plication- to' the Publications Branch,
in-her eyes." '"I :rcmcmbcr'it-just-as  Department of-Agriculture,    Ottawa,
bought one .of them dollar alarm
clocks,-and "you set it for. me-to go off
at.5 o'clock in the mornin'.,- D'ye remember?" - ���'    -,
"Yes," .said  the hardware  man, "I-
remembcr." '"    -    ." :
' "."Well,"/ wcnt:"on.-the" other,,;'Tvc
just-found "out. that I .don't, have to
get up at 5 o'clock in the mornin'."
.. ."Glad.to hear.it,"..said,the hardware,
man,, "but what dp you ,want mc. to do
about it?'.'- Xi--.; ..:-..[ :--y .... .- -/'
.'"'"I want ybu,"---said"the customer, "to
tell.me how,t.o unlarm-this clock." ,
Mothers, when your baby is cross���
when hc cries a great deal and no
amount of attention or petting cheers
him���something is the matter. It is
not the nature of -little ones to be
cross and peevish���the well child is
a happy child. Give him a dose of
Baby's Own Tablets, and he will soon
be well again. The Tablets arc a
mild .but thorough laxative, which
regulate-��� the bowels and stomach;
banish .constipation and indigestion;
break up colds and simple fevers, and
relieve thc other minor ills of little
ones. Concerning them- Mrs. Oscar
Bedard, Stc. Sophie, Que., writes:
"Baby's Own Tablets are an excellent
remedy for constipation. Thcy relieved my little- one. when nothing else
would, and I can strongly recommend
them to all mothers.". The Tablets
are sold by .medicine-dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Brockviile,
Out..   '   " "���
Another View of De Valera
well.as-yestcrday, how'he.stood in thc
the above is given as the mental pro,-
into the house."���Newton Kausau: "
. '. Bad ; temper is" like '-'.tlie scorpion
which - stings itself: ..-".-Kvcry, fit. of ahV
gcr injures'-niost the soul that indulge?, in it.' -_���'.���'-'-"/"   ,   -. -'.'���.'"' '.-,'"-"-
-.The -bravery 6f:. some- riicii. is .like
that of bulldogs; they.haven't sense
enough to be afraid of anything.    .'
dobr.holdingit open until six "flics" got. CCJ>s, an "animal/ goes   through   when
it-is attacked-by warble flies."; Fear
and terror inspired by. these insects
cause animals to lose'their heads, completely-and., the; 'results- are often - dis-
//Remove Those Unsightly. W.irts
���By" applying .Putnam's Corn . and
Wart;. Extractor. -. ' It.".cures corns,
warts and bunions permanently, painlessly and surely. "Every druggist in
America recommends and sells Putnam's-Extractor;, it's the" best, 25c" per
bottle:' i ���' X" ���';.������'-.     ��� '-    /.'��� --
The .first. Chinese ever called for
jury- duty was included in thc panel
before a-New York, judge.
Wished for the Triumph of Annies
Against Which We Were
As far as England %vas concerned;
the Irish people wished and hoped
lhat Germany would win the-war.
Thus "President"- dc Valera, addressing an audience in ��� Germany?
No. Austria? No. Bulgaria, then?
Not at all. In The Bronx. Why assail
England from the safe soil of an enemy country when you can assail her
from thc equally safe soil of an ally?
We poured millions of Americans into France. What of it? "President"
de Valera tells us that those for whom
he speaks wished for the triumph of
the armies against whom wc wcrc
fighting. We. denied ourselves that
we might send food and ammunition
to France. If hc could have had his
way, not an ounce of it would havc
reached her shores. Rather it would
have gone to feed and arm our foes.
And an audience, calling itself American, and presided over by the presi-
"Cold in the Head"
is an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh. Persons who -are subject to ^frequent "colds in
the head" will find that the usc of HALL'S
CATARRH "MEDICINE will "build up the
System, cleanse' the Blood and render them
less' Stable to colds. Repented attacks of
Acute Catarrh -may lead to Chrome Catarrh.
internally aiid acts through- the Blood on
the- Mucous   Surface's, of  the  System.
All   Druggists  75c.-""   Testimonials] free.
$100.00 for . any case ot catanh
cure.' -���. '
S.. J.   Cheney   &  Co.,'. Toledo.   Ohio.
Never mind I  Just take
Cascarets if Bilious,      j \
L        Constipated j -
Everyone must occasionally give tc
the bowels some regular help or els<
suffer from constipation, bilious attacks, stomach disorders and sick
headache. But do not jyhip t.he bowels "into, activity, with harsh^cath'artics. ,-
What the liver and,bowels need ii
a gentle and natural tonic, onc that
can constantly be used without harm.
The gentlest liver and bowel tonic is
"Cascarets." They put the liver, tc
work and cleanse thc colon and bowels of all waste, toxins and poisons
without griping���they never sicken or
inconvenience you like Calomel, Salts,
Oil, or Purgatives.
Twenty-five million boxes of Cascarets are sold each year.   They work
while you sleep.    Cascarets cost sos.
little, too.
Labor Bureau PlaceB 33,399 Persons
During 1919 there had been 40,180
men and 4,668 women applied for positions through the government labor
bureaus in Alberta. Of these, job��
were found for 30,018 men and 3,381
women. The cost of operation wa��
$39,879 or $.92 per applicant and $1.19
dent of one of thc boroughs of Ncw | per placement.   The cost to the prov
astrous. Through a study of the. fly!s |
"methods it is" easily seen -what an aggravating"-, and annoying insect- it- is.
The tcrror produced is contagious and
spreads-amo'ng lhe whole herd, causing, a- stampede. '^. "' -���       ';.;���. ;���-.;
IS^Iicious coffee-like fimov.
Made instantly in
Costs le^s than tea
��� "������     " frpcers
Building Activity at Calgary
Many Handsome Business and .Public
:;  Buildings.to be.Erected
The program of cohstr,ucti6n'of new-
business -and .public buildings, which
will  be -commenced ��� at ".Calgary 'this
ycar already totals jvell- over $2 000,-:
000::   They include ,a.normal, school,
and "a. school of technology .and the
new post .office, contracts'-"for which
are being awarded, and  the, $306,OQO
Allen   theatre,   tlie  Herald    addition;
costing .$100,000, and a ^50,000 addition
to thc  Vale- Hotel.
-   The  ncw  Normal   School  and   Institute of Technology; will be situated
north of the Bow river, in the north'
west part of the city, and will cost
approximately   one   million   dollars.
Plans of the structure show that it
will be one of the most imposing educational institutions iri;Western .Can-'
jada.., The building has been,designed
by FL. P. Blakcy,. provincial architect,
and is in the :GplIegiate. Gothic style,
l.LaidYout.in the shape of a capital "I."
j The.'nejv structure, vrili face, the -city.
j ca - a;; site '= of^ 110. acres.-: 'Xyi:y '~ yi:-:
Farm Lands Sell for Over $100 Acre
V Farm lands iiear Morden, .Manitoba;
sold-for.over one hundred do'lars;yr:>-
terday, when the ��� McC.uish "farm just
east, of, the. town sold for' $105 per
acre, tlic farm of Rove Henderson,
adjoining Morden.-to jthe north,-.'for
$110'per-acre.   ���". '.','��� ���-.
. Polo is the ;oldcst- outdoor game
played today. ' The-Persians, played it
600 B.C.   . '
Coughs   and  Colds Mean
Restless Nights
- GJ
Vihkh sap the vitality.
Danger larks In every
iour a cold it allowed
to ran.  Aulit nature.
to brine your children.
cnSddy back to fceilth
- RiuUti-ength andivok!
" ssriottt complication* -
by the prompt tue of
-. 'Cray'* Syruj> r- m*r
*twoy�� tarUi*
.. Large Six*
Sir Wilfrid and His.Flute
Thc late Sir Wilfrid Laurier was
intensely fond "of music when he was
close up to it; and once had quite an
entente "with an agent who wanted to
sell him a phonograph. "Sir Wilfrid
was-skeptical about the instrument,
but on ��� being, told that it would reproduce his owh.voice, and being asked to siiig into "the:-machine, he volunteered instead, lo-.play the fluid, on
which he-was" some": amateur. When
he heard'the: record, he said: ,"Do
you really mean to-tell mc lhat is the
way my flute,-pounded?" "Precisely,
Sir Wilfrid... Now let me sell you this
machine". "No;" was the. sorrowful
reply: "I think. I "Had better sell the
flute;"   . " '"���.';.'-.
York city, welcomes de Valera, cheers
him, hangs upon his words; the aldermen vote him honors, and the mayor
bestows "upon-him the freedom-of-the
city! Is there any answer? Yes:
Politics. Do rcal Americans have any
feeling about all this? Yes. Shame;-���
New York Evening Post.
Thosc who bring sunshine to    the
lives of others  cannot keep it from
themselves.���J. M." Barric.
ince was $60.76, the remainder being
borne by the Dominion.
At the height of onc mile the
average velocity of the wind is four
times as great as at the earth's surface.
Minard's Linhnent Relieves.. Neuralgia
Spring.Ploughing in British Columbia
Exceptionally:favoral.le v.cathcr his
been 'experienced for farming operations, throughout Fcbi-uiirvvsaju i report front Ilazclmerc, Briiish Coium-
b.a, - and *hc result is to, bc seen in
tht many" rjtwly, ploughed-stretches of
land, much of it virgin; soil newly
cleared. There is- every1 indication
that seeding- will be accomplished
much earlier all round than w*s po����
sible last j'ear in thb neighborhood.
Not Aspirin at AU without the "Bayer Cross"
Wv��� --liXXV."-. 1307:
; .There ,'are some ;, astrologer* ia
China, but hot many, as astrology is
a very i perilou* profession. When
one of these so-called prophets predicts an event which does not occur,
he loses his head.
Fir trees In. Oregon often reach, a
height of 300 feet
contain��~propef directions for Col&f
Headache, Toothache, Earache, Neu-
ralgis, Lnmbigo, Bhenmatiam, Neuritis, Joint Pains, and P*in generally.
Haady iia boxes containing 12 tea-
lets cost bat * lev ceae*. Draggbt*
 ^__ also sell larger "Bayer" packages.
Aro'rfa "$�� th* tr%a��'rz**k (r��*i*t��r��a to C*s��*��> ot B��yw Kiottfaetur* hi *goa����
^S^r^i^^^a *^�� ss*^ S^?SSLS **** ******
~1h* asms "Bayer" stamped oa ta.V
lets positively Identifies th�� only ^en-
oisa Aspirin,���the Aspbfo prescribed
- ky physidaas for ever nineteen ye*rs
��cd ac-cr mads In Canada. '
'Always buy aa aairofcsB padsags
$f "Bayer TableU of iispirina -which
*-'J 'fit&yxs-.zsyy..
X- Ui1
THE     TxEDaE-     GRBIMNWOOB.     H:     fL
Vigor, Spirits
" Many of the woes of' womanhood
are due_to kidney weakness.:".���'..������������
At;first the back-aches. .  X���..-..,���' X-
Then pains gather around the hips
and lodge right in the small of the'
back.-..- ::���-'.    ", ~- -y'X .y
To stoop or bend seems ^impossible.
Headaches are constant.*
Unhappy existence.;XX No   pleasure
in life when, the body-is overloaded
' with poison's;;7 that the-:> sick kidneys
can't filter oiit.Y "       .":; .'.'^Xi���';    -.,;: ZX.
Bright'sidiseasc is the; ricxt'jstage.
but it can be prevented by using-Dr.
Hamilton's ' Pills" of -Mandrake and
Butternut. ;They; cure sick-kidneys
and cure them permanently.    ~
When the kidneys work properly
pure blood is formed., "X Z'   -
This means nourishment and
strength for thc \yhole body.. "..-"
Backaches and dragging pains are
forgotten. Irregularities disappear,
vital energy is restored, ancl happy,
robust health is once morc established.    . ������"���' '-  '-
Dr. Hamilton's Pills for women's
ills is the slogan of thousands today.
Enormous benefit in many ways follows their use, and no woman or'girl
can use medicine that will do their
general health more good.
For the sake of your kidneys, for
the  sake  of your liver,  for the ad-i
vancement of your general well-being, j
you can't improve on Dr. Hamilton's;
. Pilhv25c per box. !
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� B"V   ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
*       " T��w ��
The litigation (a polite phrase for
anything pertaining to equity in the
Ottoman Empire) over the estate of
Hamid Pasha was tiresome in the extreme, thc object bcing apparently so
i\ to delay anything approaching a deli' cision as to wear out the. patience of
thc foreign claimant and thus to save
for the Empire the ten per cent, of
the whole which Ruggles might otherwise have' expected eventually to receive.
- In this the wily Turk met with thc
success which usually has attended
his policy of procrastination. Ruggles, after several interviews with high
officials, one being no less a person
than the Grand Vizier himself, and
appearing several times before a tribunal for thc investigation of his
claims as an'heir, was politely informed that the ,case would be tried according to the regular procedure of
the Ottoman law and that every justice would be .rendered him. Aftcr
that nothing happened.
���Pembroke returned tp England
when Rugglcs had been about three i
weeks at the Porte, and the latter was
relieved to" have him go, as the surgeon had grown moody and taciturn
and inclined lo avoid all social intercourse. His attitude toward Ruggles
was similar to that of a would-be suicide who harbors resentment against
the friend who has thwarted him. It
was understoocLbctwecn the two that
Pembroke was not to see Roxana
At the end of six weeks, thoroughly
disgusted with Ottoyian "law" and its
methods, Ruggles^_ consigned the
whole business^ to Mr. K., etc., and returned to Paris, The summer had
been a vile one in western Europe,
and many"people had preferred to remain in Paris to soaking and freezing
alternately at the beaches and other
icsorls, so that with the usual influx
of foreign visitors thc city had rather
its winter than its summer aspect.
His~household "greeted him" warmly;"
and from Miss Challand (for Miss
Elliot had tacitly resigned her office
of matchmaker in favor of this lady)
lie received the gratifying news that a
matrimonial alliance had been propos-.
ed by a certain Madame de Monterau
'on the part of her two sons, Marcel
nnd Bertram!, aged respectively 27
and 24, whom shc desired to wed to
Bulbul and Alessandra. These young
gentlemen, though ��not titled, were, of
a good family of prosperous manufacturers.- On thc death of their-fa-
Jher, they might expect io inherit thc
business and a considerable fortune.
. Also, the hand of Roxana had been
lought in marriage by thc young
Baron von Hertzfeld; son of thc retired banker of that name, originally
of St. Petersburg. The Von Hcrlz-
feldn wer*c orthodox Jews, enormously rich and highly respected. Yakub,
Roxana's suitor, was thirty years of
age and a man of great charm and
Intelligence. lie had been presented
by an attache of thc British Embassy.
"Of course," said Miss Challand,
"she would have to embrace his religion. - Do you think Hamid Pasha
would have objected?"
"No," Ruggles answered. "All that
Hamid Pasha objected to was an all-
round infidel. What does Roxana
think about it?"
"Nothing has been said to Roxana,"
Miss Challand answered. "Shc is a
very odd girl, Mr, Ruggles. If it
weren't for the clever things she
sopetimes says, onc might almost
think her dull. The others arc tremendously interested in lhcir new:
lives, and as merry as schoolgirls on J
a lark. But Roxana goes sometimes
the whole day without speaking a
word., W. she seems happy, and is
always extremely agreeable. She must
see that Baron von Hertzfeld admires
her tremendously,- and shc is .always
very, nice to'him, but then she is-nice
to everybody. It is a constant source
of wonder tc mc to sec how quickly
these girls- have" adapted themselves
to - cur  customs.     One   would   think
that thej', were convent-bred.**
"I gu(\*s Hamid Pasha had something of this sort..planned for them
for a iongrtims," Ruggles answered,
"and sort of trained theni.for.it. Now,
about Roxana;: Maybe .I'd better
sound her a little, on the subject of
Von Hertzfeld. I'll.try to get a chance
to speak to her alone, to night after
dinner. Of course, if she doesn't
want; him, she doesn't have to. have
him." '"X-xX- x-y
"What do you think of it yourself?"
Miss :Challandvasked. : ���'������.;.-��� '-. -'
.. "Oh, I" don't see anything against
it'/r-ve"'known~10ts;''of-JeiVs- that were
mighty fine men. ' When I was^ working in the store the best friend I had
was a Jew named' Simon.He left
there to study art. I'm going to look
him.up as soon as I get time and.see
how he's making but." ',-���
The household dined together, Rugbies presiding at one'end of the.table
and Miss Challand at the other, between them--such-a galaxy of beauty
as one might travel far and fail to
find.- Ruggles enjoyed these repasts,
for odd as thc assortment was they
represented the first home atmosphere
that he "had ever known. The conversation at table was general and
vivacious, Alcssandra and Bulbul being the chatterboxes of the party, and
Ruggles derived -much entertainment
from thcir childlike comments on people and things. When he hinnelf
spoke, the girls became quiet.
Roxana seldom volunteered a remark, although at first she had asked
a good many questions, usually of
Miss Challand, for whom she seemed
to have formed an ��� affection. Her
manner to Miss Elliot was formally
polite and to Dar'.hra friendly and
admiring. A musical artist herself,
Roxana appreciated Darthea's skill
with her brush, and nothing pleased
her morc lhan to bc askeel to. the
studio to sit and watch Darthea at her
work. This did not often happen, as
Darthca did not like to have her attention distracted when at her easel.
The evenings were usually spent in
music and bridge, of which game Miss
Chnlland was inordinately fond, and
which the girls had acquired as young
ducks learn to swim. Roxana alone
took no interest in cards, preferring
to amuse herself at the piano or harp
while the others were "at the-bridge
table. She liked, also, when the weather permitted, to throw a scarf about
her tawny head and walk about the
gardens alone. It was "Miss Elliot's
opinion that the girl was secretly
homesick ancl pining for the soft airs
which wafted clown the_ Bosphorus, so
she never interfered with these evening promenades.
Ruggles appeared to have brought
back the fair weather from the south,
for the day of his arrival in Paris was
one of thosc bright but softly colored
ones for which France is famed, and
which, alas, arc now becoming rare.
Thc sky - had been a drowsy, hazy
blue- and a soft breeze ""whispered
through thc high foliage of the ancient elms and acacias. Aftcr dinner
thc air cleared and thc stars shone
down from a lofty dome of deepest
indigo, and the air was sweet in the
garden wilh the flowering syringa. As
thcy left the dining-room, Roxana
"I am going out. in thc garden,"
shc said to Miss Elliot. "I wish "to
take  the  air."
"Vcry well, my dear," Miss Elliot
answered, and glanced at Ruggles.
"Would you like to play .bridge" aftcr
we have our coffee, Mr. Ruggles?"
she asked.'
-- "I don't know how to play," Rugglcs answered. "I'll have to get you
to teach me some day. I guess I'll
go out and walk around a little with
Roxana,   if  she don't  mind."
Roxana's long lashes# swept up sud-:
denly, then down again.
"I shall bc mos' happy," she murmured.
Miss Elliot turned away, and Rugglcs led Roxana through the conservatory and out into thc perfumed
darkness. His stick slipped on the
step, and instantly Roxana's hand
closed on his arm with an amazing
"Be careful, Rugglcs - Effendi," said
her sweet voice in his ear. .And Rugglcs, while wondering at her strength,
for shc had saved him from a nasty
fall, was at the same' time conscious
of a faint, exquisite odor, spicy and
elusive, suggesting cinnamon and stc-
phanotis, and which seemed to comc
from her hair.
They followed a little path and
came presently^ to. a wicker bench uiv
der a flowering-catalpa, of which thc
snowy blossoms shone white against
thc dark, lustrous foliage..
"Let's sit down here," said Ruggles. "I want to talk to vou, Roxana."   .
"I am listening, Ruggles  Effendi."
Shc seated herself beside him, and
Rugglcs felt her breath on his cheek
as she swayed toward hini to look
into his face, as though trying to read
its expression in thc gloom. Again
hc was conscious of the sweet, faint
perfume. He leaned forward, resting
his clasped hands upon the head of
his cane.
' ^"Do you like it here in Paris, Roxana?" he asked.
"Yes���now that you have" come."
"Oh, what difference does that
make?" Rugglcs asked, a little awkwardly.    "You like it anyway, don't
tbat old Bore or skin disease of
yours breaks out again? It's because the remedies you have been
using do not get to the root ot.the
disease, but remain on the surface. ���
Try Zam-Buk! It penetrates to tha
underlying tissues,: destroys-; all.
germs arid cures from the "root"
up. Hence , Zam-Buk cures ara
lasting.   All dealers, 50c. box.
.-'���'���������������-��� ;'IN HEAVEN '
comes, she-comes in sober black with
an umbrella and galoshes-to enter
their lives under the name of Smith
or Brown.
Had Rugglcs iii "his '.r'ambiings- a-,
wheel possessed the���'".'.'imagination io
have .conceived such- events as had
happened him during the last few
months, thc rqmauce of the fantasy
would havc dazzled him, But. because
thcy had actually occurred, poor Romance got no credit for thc.-n. The
God of Things as.ThcyArc has scant
lime, to waste on his impractical
though charming brother, the God of
Things as Thcy Might Be.
(To Be Continued.).
j Britain Building
! Locomotives
One Large Firm Engaged on Order
for Foreign "Government
There has been a marked revival in
locomotive building in Great- Britain
since the conclusion of the war. One
large engineering firm which recently
entered this field is engaged on an
order for many thousand locomotives
for a foreign government. In the
production of these locomotives all
the highest refinements in economical
mass production have been secured.
The various shops are arranged so
that thc materials and parts flow uninterruptedly through "to thc finished
locomotive, and each step in the process of manufacture and assembly is
subjected to close continuous observation in order to prevent thc slackening of one part in thc process of evolution delaying the subsequent steps.
Easier For Her to
Dye Than tp Buy
"Diamond Dyes" Turn Faded, Shabby
Apparel Into New
Don't worry about perfect results.
Use "Diamond Dyes,"- guaranteed to
give a new, rich, fadeless color to
any fabric, whether-it be wool, silk,
linen, cotton ��� or .^mixed goods,���
dresses, blouses, . stockings,, skirts,
children's coats', feather's,0'draperies,
The Direction Book with .each
package tells how to diamond dye
over any color,'    "
To match any material, have dealer
show you "Diamond Dye" Color Card.
Prospecting For Oil
Kcrrobert district is cxepcricncing
an oil boom says the Regina Leader.
Many people havc filed claims as oil
prospects during the past few days
on land in that district. In two hours
20,000 acres had been leased.
It would appear lhat the announcement of au increase in rental prices
Ins something to do with' the p-ccnt
rush, also the cil spirit is in the wind.
Thc territory northwest and west of
Kcrrobert Iris been sounded for oil
before with the result, lhat there is
a belief that with deep drilling" oil
v,iil bc produced'"in that "locality. .'
:ocs that
Shoe    Salesman:    How
Lady Customer: Try a size smaller.
I can bear a lot morc pain than that.
JL Wtalmioe, Cliazskj*
Betresiisi aed Heattsf
i*H��s���Murine for Rsfr
*2 VroptT After f&* Maries. Mrtorisg er Cri*
Mill was yoar eso&feaee. A* Yoar Dnirsat \ ���
you?"     ,
"I would not like it without you,"
she answered, "because I lovc you.
Can't you feel me loving you, beloved?" Her voice was like the first
sweet, low, tentative note of a nightingale before its song; a prelude and
a promise of thc liquid notes tb follow.
Rugglcs could scarcely believe that
he had heard aright; he was bewildered and confused. ' What did thc girl
mean? "Then it flashed through jits
head that this childlike declaration
was not to be taken in its "literal
sense, but merely as an expression of
sympathy and liking. ' It -would bc
outrageous to suppose that Roxana
had fallen in,love with hini, or that,
even if she thought she had, she would
state thc fact with such simple candor. ,   .
For Roxana's Oriental viewpoint of
their relative positions was impossible to Ruggles. It was inconceivable to his Western mind. He saw
himself as her guardian and protector and saddled with thc responsibility of her future welfare, himself but
a humble person from the middle
class, essentially practical and possessed of somc executive ability, but
as far removed from Romance as a
shoehorn. There is a certain type of
person -which, while gifted with imagery and capable of sentimental daydreams, cannot apply personally the
realization of "such dreams. Such people knock repeat* dly at thc door of
Romance, and  then, Vihen   Romance
for Keriae wfc*a rrar Eyes Ntsd Care,     m-m
W.      X.
I. The Worshipers  (vv.. 9-14).
\ 1. Who,thcy arc'(vv. 9, 11).    (1)
Redeemed men (v. 9); They are mainly .Gentiles  ���~ "of  all  nations,   and
kindreds/ and- people,  and   tongues:""
They, are those to whom the "gospel
of  the kingdom"  has been  preached
by converted Israelites (Matt. 24:14).
In. the first part of .chapter seven we
saw God scaling his chosen ones-from
Israel.    Thcy were sealed with    the
seal of God in their foreheads, which
doubtless means the supernatural en-
jdow.ment of the  "Ho!v    Spirit on the"
|last days  (Joel 2:28-32).   /While this
{was partially fulfilled on the day of
I Pentecost, .its larger, . realization    is
istil| future (Acts 2:15-21).   This outpouring is for  the equipment of the
iJews for thcir divinely ordained mis-
jsiori, namely, to preach the gospel of
;the   kingdom   to thc   whole   world.
jWhen   God  sends ' fortho the   144,000
jjews with the   unction, of the Holy
���Spirit, the innumerable multitude from
all nations will receive     Christ, the
slain Lamb, for their redemption. (2)
AU'the angels (v. 11),   These angels
indorse this ascription of praise offered by these redeemed men by saying "Amen."
2. Whence came these redeemed?
(vv. 13, 14). Thcy came out of the
great tribulation (v. 14). After the
rapture of thc Church (I. Tness. 4:13-
18), awful days of suffering and trial
shall come upon the world (II. Thess.
2:7, 8). It is the time of sorrow when
the anti-Christ shall hold sway; such
days as were not before nor shall bc
after, in which if not shortened no
flesh could be saved (Matt. 24:15, 21,
22; cf. Dari. 7-8; 9:26, 27).
3. What they say (vv. 10, 12). (1)
Salvation to our God and thc Lamb
(v. 10). They ascribe tlicir salvation
to God through the sacrifice of the
Lamb, Jesus Christ.- (2) "Blessing."
They, acknowledge that all blessings
comc from him. (3) "Glory." Thcy
acknowledge him as the glorious one
and the onc lo whom all glory should
be given. (4) "Wisdom." He is infinitely wise and all wisdom comes
from him. (5) "Thanksgiving," because salvation was provided by him.
(6) "Honor." Their hearts went out
to him in high esteem. (7) "Power
and might." Thcy recognized that all
power inhered in him. ,
II. Thc Blessedness of-thc Worship
ers (vv. 13-17). '" .
1. Thcy are before - God's throne
(v.. 9, 15). They are in heaven and
near the throne of God- Jesus Christ'
is__no\v preparing, jnjyis-ipns,. for. those
who shall go to. heaven (John 15:1-3).
2. Clothed with white robes (vv. 9,
14). Their white robes suggest their
character. They have been made such
in the BTood of the Lamb. The only
���way for a sinner to be made ready
for heaven is through the blood of
3. Thcy bear palm branches (v. 9).
The significance of the palm is fourd
in thc use that thc Jews made of it
at the Feast of Tabernacles.. It was
��� a time of great joy,' because it represented the gathered harvest. The
bearers of the palm branches will experience the blessedness of nol only
bcing in heaven, but of enjoying rewards for their work on earth.
4. Thcy serve God day and night
(v. 15). Heaven is not a place of
idleness, or altogether of singing
God's praises, but a place where real,
vital service is rendered to God; indeed, therc-are -nobler- fields-of- endeavor awaiting us beyond this life.
This lifers but a training school in
which we arc madc -ready for service
Jin heaven.    .
5. God dwells among them (v. 15).
jTo get to heaven at all would bc truly
I blessed, but to bc there and have God
to dwell among-us will be wonderful.
1    6.  Hunger no morc "nor  thirst   (v.
'16). Here life is onc continuous
round of hungering and thirsting.. In
heaven wc shall neither hunger nor
thirst, for Jesus "Christ, the Lamb,
shall feed us. Thc straits and necessities of lifc will then bc over.
7. Neither shall thc sunlight or
heat come upon them (v. 17).
8. God shall wipe away all tears
from  thcir eyes   (v.  17).
ra \\\ HAS
Very My and Burned.
"Our daughter's face came out In
a fash that we were told was eczema.
Her cheeks got-sore
and she rubbed causing loss of sleep. The
breaking out was very
itchy and burned so
that I had to tie gloves
on her - hands to keep
her from scratching.
"This trouble lasted about six
weeks before I used Cuticura. I used
one large box of Cuticura Ointment
with two /cakes of Cuticura Soap
when she was healed." (Signed) Mrs.
H. Stares, Blenheim Rd., Gait, Ont.
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum are ideal for daily toilet use3.
/For frat nunpfo etch of CuUcar* 8o��p. Olnt*
meat and Talci.       J      r-
S��pt. A, BmUd,
meat and Talcum (ddreas pott-cvil:
       u,V. B.A." *K?- ���
���p. Olnt-
,    (nttean.
Sold irerjrwhere.
Fox Industry On j
Prince Edward Island
Sun Life Shows
Large Gains
49th Annual Report Is Issued, Showing Tremendous Expansion .
Several new and interesting records
in the insurance business were made
jby  thc   Sun   Life  Assurance   Co.  of
Canada during 1919.   The 49th annual
report of the company .has just been
published and  shows     that the new
business actually issued and paid for
during thc past year was $86,548,850,
being an increase  of $34,957,457,  or
[67.7 per cent., ovcr 1918. "The tremen-
|dous business of the Sun Life.will be
.realized when it is stated that applications   for  ncw  assurances  retained
��� during 1919 exceeded     one'hundred
million dollars.   The .figure creates a
distinct record in the insurance business of the Dominion, as no Canadian
company has ever approached this total. :-.;;;
The business in force amounted to
$416,358,462,  showing an  increase of
J$75,548,805.    The assets of the company were increased by $8,091,089, and
jnow amount to $105,711,468, while lhe
| report shows a net surplus of $8,037,-
440 over and above all liabilities and
| capital stock, which indicates the im-
'portance attached by the company to
1 safety and protection.    Thc company
paid out  to'policy-holders  and their
beneficiaries $12,364,000, bringing the
total amount paid out in this connection since organization to $91,227,532.
Another record was  madc in  regard
to income with a total of $25,704,201,
or an increase of $4,053,101 ovcr the
previous year.
| Owing to the remarkable development v in thc business of Canada's
{greatest ~ life assurance corporation,
jthe directors feel that the business in
thc Dominion is due to enormously
i expand during the present year.
F. H. Auld, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for 'Saskatchewan, is authority for the statement' that creamery
butter production in Saskatchewan
has increased   during   thc past   year
j from 30 to 35 per cent, as compared
with thc year 1918.    The increase in
J1918 over the ycar 1917 amounted lo
i 50 per cent.
Sale   of  Pelts   for  the   Season  Will
Reach a Total of 5,000
.It is estimated by the government
that the sale of pelts in Prince Edward Island for the season will reach
a total of'5,000 pelts. These range
in price from $1,000 received for silvers down to $10 for the cheapest
reds. The average prices for silvers
will be between $150 and $200; for
patches, from $20 to $60; and for reds,
$35 downwards.    .
Fox ranchers are giving up the
breeding of the cheaper grades of
foxes, as their cost of keep and feed
is the same as for the others, and in
consequence domesticated reds are
becoming a rarity. It is estimated
that 1,500 pups were exported from
the island during the past season to
different points, viz., Upper Canada,
Manitoba, United Stajtes. and to Japan
and-Norway. An effort.is bcing made
to restrict the exportation of live
foxes for the protection of the province's industry.
Look at tongue!  Remove pok
sons from little stomacn,
liver and bowels
Chills and
Use 'Bovril in your
cooking. It flavours, enriches, nourishes more.
Th* Bo4yJnMt*g ,"��*���� e' Bai.-*it *������� tun
travii 6* indtfitki**: itiMtille tx.^nninti
U i* Irom tO lc 30 r'lirui tht tmsun. oj
'    Bnrii t**uu
Undesirable Tenant
Porpoise: What caused you lo evict
Whale: Thc pest had a habit of
i walking in his sleep!
'Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only���look for the name California
o.n the _ package, then you are sure
your child is having thc best and most
harmless laxative or physic for the
little stomach, liver and bowels. Children love its " delicious fruity taste
Full directions for child's dose on
each bottle".    Give it without fear.
Mother' You must say "California."
Soldier Settlement Loans
Loans approved by thc Soldier Set-
���tlement-Board now total nearly $57,-
000,000, and some 35,213 returned men
have passed the necessary tests to
qualify them as agricultural settles.
Up to February 14, thc number of
settlers' loans approved was 15,083,
and ovcr 12,000 were established on
farms and have got a good start in
thcir agricultural career.
Farmers Are Still
Buying Automobiles
No Class of Peopls Have Such Prospects for Continued Prosperity
as the Farmers
Representative automobile dealers
in all parts of Western Canada handling all types of cars are almost all
agreed that the demand for new passenger cars will be as great during
the next twelve months as at any previous time.   .
There are some very good reasons
for this viewpoint. They are particularly in thc rural districts, and they all
centre around the fact that no one
class of people today have so much
ready money or such prospects for
continued prosperity as the farmers.
Thc farmers have also realized in the
past few years, as never before, thc
ical value in dollars and cents of what
an automobile is to them in their
every day life, not only in thcir work,
but in their leisure timc as well.
The following table is sufficiently
comprehensive to give a striking impression of the growth in the number
of automobiles in use in Western Canada during the last ten years. The
figures contained therein are compiled
up to and including-September 1st of
each year:���
Automobile Registration in
Western Canada
Year Man.    Sask. Alta.   B.C.    Total
1910 1,542      531      423 1,026     3,504
1911 2,599   1,304   1,631 2,220     7,754
1912 4,770   2,268   2,505 4,289   13,832
1913 5,406   4,659   3,773 6,138   19,976
1914 7,001   8,027   4,728 6,688   25,444
1915 8,812 10,225 5,832 7,440 32,309
'16 11,352 13,849 9,211 8,576 42,988
'17 17,040 31,381 15,025 11,386 74,832
'18 23,452 43,811 32,286 13,145 112,694
'19   33,896 54,754 34,362 19,050 142,062.
A tractor designed by Italian engineers to give, maximum traction with
minimum road damage is featured by
a number of flat steel pads held against the rim by individual coil springs
from the hub.
Old Norse is still represented with
wonderful purity by thc modern Icelandic language.
Airplane Comes Down to Business
The airplalne has now taken it3
place in"the day's work. A telegraph
trouble-hunter in the Panama Canal
zone made thc-flight to a break fifty
miles away, completed thc repairs, and
was back at his'starting place in ten
minutes less than.two hours. The
trip would.have required three days
by the method hitherto employed of
horseback travelling through the
jungle.    .
Had It
Browne: I didn't*iharry beauty, my
boy; I didn't marry wealth or position; I married for sympathy.
Greene: Well you have minel
Penitentiary Farm's Success
Intensive  Farming   Has  Been  Very
Included in  the report of thc governor of-thc Edmonton, Alberta, penitentiary    lo thc    superintendent    of
penitentiaries*is an interesting paragraph  dealing  with  thc  farm  operations  carried on  al  lhc penitentiary,
jas well as its mining operations. Some
'70 acres wcrc under cultivation during -the  past year, and 'were  farmed
with -gratifying  rc Mills.      From  this
small acreage, after bujing a tractor
���and stubble plow at a cost of $1,314,
"wc  show  a  iici   profit' of $4,191.17.
From 9$i acres of wheat wc threshed 45,bushels to the acre, and from
11   acres  of  potatoes we sold 3,500
bushels.   Our oats yielded 85 bushels
to the acre, ahd thc amount of small
vegetables    was    exceptionally good.
Our intensive farming has been vcry
A body which weighs a pound here
wonld weigh only about two and one-
halt ounces f? taken to thc moon, '
A genius is :t man who i> nut nu'ch
good  at  an\thing  ilso.
.:.   New milestones in the progress of"the Sun Life Assurance Company
of Canada were passed in 1919.
Applications received,..'.���....... ,.over $100,000,000.00
'    Assets.....". i..:._. over $100,000,000.00
Asstsraiicesin force ..,.;..... XX. over $400,000,000.09
��� Gratifying progress Was madc in all" other'departments during the year.
1919 :
Assets as at 31st Decetnber, 1919........'....'....:.	
Increase ovcr 1918 ."..-.. .V.. -..-.. :..'.'..-...-........:.'..'. .-. .V.
Cash Income from Premiums,"Interest, Rents, etc., in 1919!...
Inctease over 1918 i .��� .'....'....-.'.:-.;....-...-.....
Profits Paid or Allotted to Policyholders in 1919... y Y:...
.    25,704,201.10
Total Surplus 31st December, 1919, over all liabilities and capital  8,037,440.25
(According to the Company's Standard, viz., for assurance*, the Om. (S) Table, with 3^- nnd 3 per
cent interest, aud for annuities, the B. O. Select Annuity Tables with 3 % per cent interest.)
Death -Claims,'-Matured Endowments,-Profits, etc., .during' 1919..., ,  12,364,651.15
Payments to Policyholders since organization ...Xi....,-'.'.'-.  91,227,532.30
Assurances issued and paid for in cash during 1919  86,548,849.44
Increase ovcr 191S  34,957.457*10
Life. Assurances in force 3lst December, 19IS: .Xi:X.y.  416,358,462.05
Increase over 1918.........-..���..'.; ;....-.-."  75.S4S.80S.92
Life Assurances applied for during 1919.  100,336,848.37
.     Inawsje'ovw 1918 .'..;.' .:..........". '.....:....'  4:,52<>.8S!.70
"..'���'     -'     '-   '"' - ":-'VEAK  '          '",;..   -_,   .;    -__    -
-.' ISCOMS". -
" 1872..'...:..:-.	
��������������� .........-:. .".
$     48.210.93
���/    1.373.596.60
. .
$     96,461.95^
4,616.410 63
4,844.404 64
218,299 835 00
The StyjS'. LIFE hats mere 'crJinmyauiiravei annually than any otktr Company of she Uritlsk t.p-.f'rt.
T. B, MACAULAY, President
I 92.O
- X\l
1 s $2 a year strictly in advance, or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for nntil the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.    -
Editor and Financier*
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Batray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1,00
Oertificate of Improvement..........;  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each'additional claim.)
All other leg^radvirtlsing, i2>centa a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals I2#c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross! means that
your subscription ia due, and
tV.at the editor would be pleased
to bave more money.
Stop, Look, Listen!
About 1500 persons were killed
at railroad crossings in the United
StafeeH last year. Mosfe of them
were in automobilee. Some didn't
look; others didn't listen, and very
many tried to beat the train across
the tracks.
Men waste hours and hoard
seconds. A fellow will loaf all day
and then risk his life in his hurry
to cross a congested street, or race
across a track ahead of a train, to
save a minute! It's a poor sort of
What's the,hurry? It's better
to get there late than not at all.
Everybody knows this/ of coursel
But tbe headline that tells of a
family wiped out at a railroad
crossing has become a commonplace of the day's news.
"Stop! Look! Listenl" is the
classic among snappy slogans.
Everybody knows it by heart, but
nearly everybody forgets it when
he needs it most.
only field of mental, spiritual and
metaphysical study which is winning investigators and converts.
No one can say today what belief is correct and what is wrong,
whether there is any basis of fact
to popular theories or whether the
world has gone off on a tangent.
But there is evidence of a sincere,
world-wide longing to know the
Leap Year Proposal
. "Dear me," exclaimed the pretty
girl, we'll be late for the movie, I
know. Here we've been waiting
many minutes for that mother of
"Hours, I'll Bay,", the young
man said.
"Oars?" she smiled sweetly,
''Bill, this is so sudden."
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Indian Names
According to the interpretation
of. Mr. Isaac Harris, the well-
known court interpreter, given the
Vernon News, the following meaning is attached tp the designations
given by the Indians to. these familiar names:
Kamloops���Beautiful, point wnere
' waters meet. .   "
Sicamous���River circling mountain.     -
Spallumcheen���Beautiful    river
. bank."   - ":,;   ���
������> 8huswap���Water flowing toward
sunset.  ' ..- .-.".  " '-��� ��� ' . .*; X.y
Kalamalka-^Mild healing po.wen
A name given to a renouned Indian
"medicine man."       'V ';   -���' ./���'
���-. 'Kelowna���Grizzly. Bean ;
Penticton���Place .where   water
passes.beyond.    :,;,y -;.-.  ���X.y'Xi'i'i.
Keremeos ���-". Beautiful    stream
crosses fiats. '   ..- -.;-.������-;-���'-��� "������
Osoyoos���Narrows between lakes.
/Similkameen^���Gold eagle valley.
. KickWillieBoad���Winding down-
; wards.  ���;. ~   ~~i :.X:Xy '���':-���' .'���'���.
';   The Trend of Thought
"������"''. Ina very material, period, when
���such problems >as reconstractioh;-
7 labor disputes,, business difficulties,
,. higti prices, trade expansion, social
readjustement and - many others,
are so ranch before mankind). the
bodily side of life seems all-important. ">.���/--       j
/'Ana yet on every hand there are
indications of snch a spiritual
longing, so deep an interest in
exploration and study of those
'*. thyigs beyond this human life and
outside this: bodily' existence that
they cannot;but,* causeconsidera-;
tion and speculation. , -./
The most apparent, indication 0!
this trend of thought is the sodden
popularity '*- and .: prominence 'of
spiritualism. The librarian of a
leading reference library declared
the other day thai the demand for
book? on spiritualism exceeds thai
for works on any olher Bttbjees.
Nor fa the gpirltaal
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview: and situate East of
. aad adjoining Lot 1023.
TAKE NOTICE tbat 1, Charles Graser,
of Boundary Falls in said District, occupation,
Rancher, intend to aoply for permission to
purchase the following described lands:
Commencing* at a post planted at the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 20
chains; thence East 20 chains; thence South 20
chains; and theuce West 20 chains, and containing 40 acres more or less, the same to bj
utilized for grazing- purposes.
Dated at Bouiidnrv Falls,   B.C.,  November
17tli, 1919.
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to ?5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre. -..-...
Preemption  now  confined  to but- ���.
veyed.lands only.       -',
Records -will be-grranted covering only
- land, suitable for agricultural purposes -
. *nd which is non-timber land.  "
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties" of not more than four may
arrange, for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
-necessary.improvements-on respective "
. claims. '"-'���'���
- Pre-emptors musi occupy .claims for. ���
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 par acre, including: clearing and cultivation of at loast 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not   .
less than. 3 years, and has made pro-   -
pprtionate improvements, he may, because, of ill-health, or other cause, be   -
gTantod.intermediate certificate of lm- .
' provement and transfer his claim.
Records   without   permanent   residence may be issued, provided appli-..
cant makes improvements to extent of
$800 per annum and records same each
.year.- Failure to make Improvements
or  record  same will operate  as  for-
teituro.    Title cannot  be obtained  In
less than -6 - years,- and- Improvements :
. of $10.00 per acre,  including 5 acres
.-cleared and cultivated, arid residence- "
of at least 2 years are -required.   .-
���y- Pre-emptor   holding   Crown   grant-.
may record another pre-emption,-if he -
requires land in conjunction with .his-L
'���- ra5m.' wlthout,actual occupation, provided-statutory- improvements   made ;
and  residence .maintained  on   Crown
��� granted land. ^
'   Unsurveyed areas, .not exceeding 20 ' :
., ��*res..,may.-be- leased   as  homesites;.:'
tiUe to be obtained after fulfilling- real-.  .
��� ���laI and improvement conditions.   :
-.For grazing and industrial purposes' -
areas   exceeding- 640   acres   maybe"
leased by one person or company..
Mill, factory. or Industrial - sites on :
. -Umber land- not  exceeding -40- acres'"
may be purchased; conditions include'
���payment of stumpage;-"--.-- "--..������"- -,-    -.' -
..Natural  hay  meadows   inaccessible
zLSilsUnfl "^"may'be purchased -
conditional upon construction of a road-
to them.   Rebate of one-half of cost of
. road, not-exceeding, half of .'purchase
��� price,.ia made. '..       -. , .-'-��� :       ���-������������
.'-pre:em"ptors''    FREE   -GRANTS  :
;���"'���-"-   --:',.-'-"-���      ACT.   .   -
i���Sh2 B?0,?* of thl" Aci ���� enlarged to
' i��Iuiff��.-oP*1??11.8 Joining-and serv-
��JU y"lSl,nlaJx��i*atya Forces.    The .
time within which the heirs or devisfees
, or a deceased, pre-emptor may aoniv'
':fSLuH.'r:unaer ""���. Act ls ��tSSSi
rrom.for one year-from the death of 1
-SLch ���Ron?P''ej3 formerly,  until  one,
U�� ���   ��ir.the fonolufllonof the present.
-��oIctiv��lB prlvlleg* Is also made re--"-'
No fee* relating to pre-emptions, are -.
due or. payable ly soldiers, on    pre":
.waptions recorded after June 26  ma
T^?e" ."?��� ."�����������- for five-years.
JtTW0* f0/jetiirn of moneys ac-
crued, dua and been paid since Augiisi
��� .!,'���on ^S"11* ofLPttym��nts. fee*
or Uses on soldiers' preemptions,
^interest pn agreaments..to purchase
'���2ni2i3rJ��!y lot��i>-��l�� by members of
2iii>5 *orf��|-; ��r dependenu, acquired
d^ect or indirect, remitted froi en-
ll*tjnent to Marsh-,81. 1920.
- LANDS. *
V Crowi> "P*nw to .subrpurchasers of
-��� .Crown .-Lmndflj.;acquiring rights from
..purchasers who f*��ed- -to-complete
��� -purchase..Involving, forfeiture/ on ful- :
SUment *r conditions of/purchase iln-1
.-Wrest *a�� taxes...WJi*�� sub-purchai- ���'
. ers fio,not:��laim whola of original par-
;��}' B?1^*? ��rt0* dn�� and taxes ki��. .
..be   dlstrtbut��a   proportionately   over
w&ol��  ttea.,   .- Applications. must  be -'
made fey May 1, 1S20.    . ,. ":.
-:'��> i'Xxy -ORA2i.NO.; -.-:      ..'���'���.7
X-GnslitM Act,  1918,-for - sy��t��iaatio
development of livestock industry oro--
: vldfts for grating districta and range's
- administration .under .Commissioner- "-,
Annual grazing permlta.- issued based
;-on numbers ranged;, priority for estftb-���'���-
- lL��hsd ::"owners. -^. Stock-cwners   may
- fona :A^oelaU��,* for range maaa**- v:
mentor- a? ^rUally f��e.^raSt�� .���
ag^rTiftrs. camper* ot travsllara. us :
��cpartment of Jfinancc
JBominion of Canada
Should be Filed
at Once!!
AU persons residing in Canada, employed in Canada, or carrying on
business in Canada, are liable to a tax on income, as follows:
Every unmarried person,- or
widow, or widower, without dependents as defined by the Act,
who during calendar year, 1919,
received or earned $1,000 or more.
Forms to be used in filing
returns on or before the
31st of March, 1920.
Trustees, executors, ad-
minstrators, agents and
assignees must use Form
T 3.
Employers making a
return of the names and
amounts paid to all directors, officials, agents or
other employees must use
Form T 4.
Corporations and Joint
Stock companies making a
return of all dividends and
bonuses paid to shareholders and members during
1919, must use Form T 5.
NOTE.���Individuals comprising partnership must file returns in their individual capacity on Form T 1 or T 1 A.
Every person who is required
to make this return, who fails
to do so within the time
limited, shall be subject to a
penalty of $10.00 for each day
during which the default
continues���and all such penalties shall be assessed and
collected from the person
liable to make the return in
the same manner in which
taxes are assessed and collected.
All other individuals,
who during calendar year
received or earned $2,000
or more.
Time Limit
All persons in Class 1, as
shown hereon, must file on
or before the 31st of
March, 1920.
All persons in Class 2, as
shown hereon, must file
on or before the 30th of
April, 1920.
Every corporation and
joint stock company, whose
Profits exceeded $2,000
during the fiscal year ended in 1919.
General Instructions
Obtain Forms from the
Inspectors o r Assistant
Inspectors of Taxation, or
from Postmasters.
.Read carefully all instructions on Form before
filling it in.
Pre-pay    postage   on
letters and documents forwarded by mail to Inspectors of Taxation.
Make your returns
promptly, ,and-v
CLASS 2 -  o
Forms to be used in filing
returns on  or before  thc
30th of April, 1920:
All individuals other
than farmers and ranchers
must use Form T 1.
Farmers and ranchers
must use Form TIA.
Corporations and Joint
Stock companies must use
Form T 2.
Every person required to
make a return, who fails to do
so within the time limited,
shall be subject to a penalty
of twenty-flve; per cer.tuin
of the amount of the tas
Any person, whether taxable
or otherwise, who fails to
make a return or provide
information duly required
according to the provisions
of the Act, shall be liable on
summary conviction to a
penalty of $100.00 for each
day during which the default
continues. Also, that any
person making a false statement in any return or in any
information required by the
Minister, shall be liable, on
summary conviction, to a
penalty not exceeding $10,000,
or to six months' imprisonment or to both fine and
Address of Inspector of Taxation for this District:
R. W. BREADNER, Commissioner, of Taxation.
The Consolidated pning & Smelting Ci
of Canada, Limited
v'""-".   -    .-" .-  ���  .     . \
,v    Offices, Sineltiug and Refining Department ,.
'.....'.  '���'��� "V-
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and. Zinc
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
aud electricity. Fine sample rooms.. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
All Work Guaranteed
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
(Expert Optician)
K- VV. C Block       -      -     Nelson
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and. Republic
truck motors ..   ' -. Garage in connection.
. E. W. WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer and
Chemist, Box"'"Biio8', Nelson, B. "C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$ 1 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
Jr.oo. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc., on application.
Culameeti Hotel
One of the largest hotels In .
the city��\ Beautiful location,
.   fine rooms and tasty meaU.
Nicely furnished' rooms,:by the
day, week or month
Nilson & Nilson
616 Vernon St., Nelson;
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG   -   - Proprietor
PHONE   13
Auto   and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
When you say "Hello?" when you answer^the telephone,
do you realize you are impeding your telephone service? The
person calling invariably asks who is speaking, and you give
the information you might have given iu the first place. When
you answer the telephone why not give your name or the name
of your firm and department in the first instance? Then you
would be getting service and giving service.
I Cbe Hume Hotel I
1 nelson, B.e. *
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DO0K8TEA.DEIt, Ppop.
For Lenten Season
Kippered Herring, Smoked Black Cod, Finnan  Haddie
: Whole Salt Cod, Codfish Bricks,
Pacific Salt Herring in 10 lb and 20 lb kits
J? P, Burns &  Company,   Nelson, B, C
���r-:x'Z'i;X/--y;-/;';Tp;ENDOP DECEMBER, 1917
Has produced'Minerals vained as follows:   Placer Gold,- $75,116,103;  Lode       -:
Gold, 193,717,974; Silver, 843,623,761; Lead^^$39,366,144^Copper, $130,597J620;    -v"
Other Metals  (Zinc, 'Iron,; eta), 810,933,466;  Coal and Coke,^ $174,818*65$;/;',
Bdilding Stone, ;Brick.  Cement, etej' $27,902,381; makings ita Mineral Production . to the end of 1917/show, an ���' \ '-        "."''v.,,'���'���; " ^      '���'.      "
ftr Year Ending Deceim^
The   Mining  Laws, of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower .
than those of any other Province in the Dominion,  or any colony in the  British
Empire. " -..'''*
; Mineral locations are granted to^discoverers for nominal fees,
"V "Absolute  Titles are   obtained   by developing, such properties, the security
of which ia guaranteed,_by Crown Grants. .   ...... ������--..���...;'���*
\; Fall.inforhi&tion, together ^th;mining .Reporteiand-; Maps, may be obtained  :.
.gratis by^addressing-r-^-;'.^ ;':-:.'. yX---X'' Xyi-- '.yX. '.'���''.'���-.-.. "'"���'.:'"
VICTORIA^ British Columbia.
The only up/to^date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room,
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.    .    ���
- RATES 51.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
I For Good 1
Job Printing 1
���Economy and Satisfaction 3
combined with Promptness 3
are the features which go to %
make up the Service we give H
wimm^mxm amm


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