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The Ledge Sep 29, 1921

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1 _*'-*"* s'1*" V"-
Vol.   XXVIII.     ���
No. 12"
House Furnishings, Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
For Preserving
Crabapples, Prunes and Peaches
Halibut and Salmon
Arriving Fresh' Every  Thursday
All Steps Lead To:
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Your Fall
To your measure
Aft Wool
Call and select today
W. Ebon ft Co
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Automobile    V
, Best- Companies in . the World
Enquire as  to Rates
~3 I ' .Ranches For Sale
?iaiaiajiauaa aiaiiaiaaiaianuaiaiiaaauiiiiiiiuaiim^
������������������������������������>������<����������������������������������������������������������������������������� iinnni
, Owing to existing conditions it is imperative that I conduct this business on a cash
basis. All accounts must be paid by the
10th of each month. Those in arrears at
present will kindly settle by Oct. 10th.      .    .
This does not apply to Providence accounts
We are clearing out our stock of
Children's Shoes
At Cost
Come in and inspect our stock
-      , Call;And See ,
Spectacles of All Kinds
For Sale and Repaired
waltham; WATCHES
Ask for Prices and Compare with Mail
Order House
McELMON, Greenwood
Independent Meat
The WINDSOR HOTEI, is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comtort-
' able home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
We carry only the best stock procurable
Fresh Meats,   Ham, Bacon,
. Lard, Etc.
A Trial will Convince You
John Meyer
Burns' Shamrock Sausages
"The Empire's Standard"
It will become a habit!
Wholesale Distributing Branch, Bast Kootenay District, NELSON, B.C.   K
Packing Plants at
Calgary       Edmonton      Regina       Prince Albeit       Vancouver ft
Kit*..?^-* ��^��. ��^j| ^q-A ��*a
Tbe great increase in the number of telephone stations ia this proviece means that
the telephone "subscriber is able to reach many more people by wire, and consequent!?
his serrice is of greater value. Dariasr the past year or two. ex pant km has been marked in all parts of Vancon-rer Island and the Lower Miinland, bnt adequate facilities
Jiave been installed, both in resrard to outside plant and inside equipment, to meet the
needs of the -various coraiaaajties. The object- of the company is to git* a telephone
service second to rone. The B. C. Telephone Company, being a British Columbia con-
..ceanall thronffh. has x real interest in provincial progress, and every effort Is made
sot only to meet the seeds of development bnt to anticipate thexa.
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf, Props.
-   Commencing at 3:15 p.m.
A First National Attraction
Constance Talmadge
"The Love Expert"
A John Einersoif-Anita Loos Production
-   6 Reels 6
Also a Two Reel Toouervilte Comedy
"The Skipper's Flirtation"
ADULTS 50c     -     CHILDREN 25c
Patrons are assures of a warrri Theatre
-;.;������ 7 BY  .DAY  or .CONTRACT   7   '
'"'-   7.Wopd For Sale   V.
Apply to J. W- Clark. Pacific Hotel
For Sale   x'y y;'
Good   Fall  Wheat. 2c,  per lb.
Walter Clark, Midway.        V
Probationer   at    Grand   Forks
Hospital.    Apply to Matron. \.
]-XX. X- :Xxl$Qtic&iXX;\[-y;
.:DrV6;VM. dravMj'/benlist/'Wlil
be in Ferry,7Qct,7lat to Oct. lOtb,
prepared to do7aH, kinds of;work.
Make dates early. VI make good in
all'my-work.V 7   -V .V V X.X'XXr
Around Home
_   W. H. Ramb6,Vof  Beaverdell,
is visiting in town..
Remember the Rock Creek Fall
Fair on Friday, October 7th.
Mr. and Mrs. ,H. Siiell, of
Riverside, were iri town on Monday.
The Stacey jesidence was
destroyed by fire in Grand Forks
on Tuesday. "^
Miss Ada Thomet, of Midway,
is seriously, ill in the Grand
Forks hospital.
Mrs. G.7 A. Rendell left this
morning for Penticton where she
will spend a few days.
Midway defeated Rock Creek
at baseball in the latter town on
Sunday by a score;bf S-3.
Place your orders now for Fall
Wheat and Fall Rye for seed at
R. A; Brown's, Midway.
, The price of silver has advanced during the past week and
on Wednesday was quoted at
7l^c-7'7 ', 777:7-"
-Mrs. H; Summers, Mrs. G.
Summers -and son Harry, returned
to their home in Vancouver on
.Wednesday morning;
. Douglas Cavaye of the Bank of
Commerce staff is -spending his
holidays in Nelson and is being
relieved by D. C. McKee.
Every once in a while a farmer
is heard to say: "Well, well the
crop I planted this year is the
best aud heaviest I've ever had.
' Jerome McDonell and Walter
S. Smith returned on Saturday
from doing some work on their
mining property up the Kettle
river. ,;,
a Card Party in the Masonic Hall
on Friday evening, 30th Sept.
There will be a short programme
and refreshments served. 'Admission 50c>
John R. Jackson has razed his
house in Anaconda . and moved
the lumber to his ranch near
Midway, where he will build an
addition, to his residence.
" Last night Wm. Jenks shot a
horned owl that measured 4 ft.
6 inches, while" last week C. T.
Fenner also shot ohe, with a steel
trap on a claw, that measured
4 ft. 2 inches.
P. Phillip, provincial public
works engineer, and Mr. Gourley,
inspector- for -Dominion- public
works, of Victoria, were in town
on Wednesday, having been
motored over from Grand'Forks
by J. A. McCallum.
The wide awake business man,
merchants^ and capitalists and all
who are interested in this city's
welfare, should put forth every
effort to improve the town and
makeila place for homes and encourage new enterprises.
V. E. Tripp writing to. The
Ledge says that the wounds
from his recent accident are now
quite healed. He was only in the
hospital for three days. He ���" lost
the .tips of the index and third
fingers and half ;of the top joint
of the fourth finger. . Mr. Tripp
says that though. Vancouver has
manyxharms and advantages he
still. ^ often thinks of the good
times.enjoyed in Greenwood 7 arid
thekindness arid friendlinessjdis-
plajed by everyone. �����.      7
: There: are more 'persons who
sponge from, newspapers :,than
from' any other source. -When "a
man comes into the. wdrld he re-"
ceives a free "ad;" when' he dies
his bad.debts are forgotten by the
charitable editor. -All during his
life he asks- and receives favors
from the newspapers. If they
speak well of him the flattering
notice is received, in silence. If
his acts are criticized he talks of
a. suit for . damage. /He desires
favorable .mention 'and'-, he desires
it often.7 In fact7some; men have
an idea that a . newspaper ��� is run
gxpresslyjto keep them; before'the
public, and^ that. too, Vwithout
money and without price,7; ^; ;���';''
Farmers'Institute Fair
October 7th is the date of th<
Farmers' Institute red iletter day
for 1921.   Sure it is the date of
the fair to be held in Riverside
Hall, Eock Creek.     Preparations
are proceeding apace,  and  say,  if
every live wire farmer���and what
producer will say he does not line
up 100 per cent in that class���has
been planning an exhibit of some
kind, this year's efforts will produce  some   fair���we'll   tell    the
world.   If you   have  resolved to
exhibit and have inadvently forgotten about it (yes, you have been
busy),   just  pull   up  your    belt
another hole and make that resolution -a- life   size reproduction of
yourself and   be   there   with   the
There will be no frills or trappings with this year's display, just
plain acid test, brass tack stuff
that will hold your attention and
cause you to hold your breath���the
kind you have read about but
seldom or never seen. The directors will be there with a full to the.
top programme and they want
every resident of the district to
boost for the fair. Get in the
game fellows and fellowettes, there
is room for everybody.
Legislature Opens Oct. 18
Victoria, Sept. 28.���Conference?
with Premier'Oliver and the members of the executive council have
been had this week by representatives  of    various    municipalities
throughout the province and while
nothing definite has been decided
upon in the way of relieving municipal taxation problems; still, it is
known that important steps will be
taken by the government to meet
the more or less critical situation.
Hon.   John   Hart,    minister    of
finance, has. had officials working
upon the question for the past five
months and it is hoped to be able
to secure sufficient funds without
the necessity of raising   the   tax
rate.    Other questions to be considered by the members of the Leg7
islature, which opens on Tuesday,
.October 18,  relate to1 the Liquor
Control   Act and highway extension.   There will be little new legislation enacted.    "
Rock Creek District Notes
Executive Meeting
At an meeting of the National-
Liberal'- Conservatives held in
Greenwood on Tuesday evening
the following delegates were chosen
to attend the convention at Penticton on Thursday night to select ;*;
candidate for��fch��7forthcominggeni
Greenwood delegates:���W. B.
Fleming, G. A. Rendell, Mrs. G.
A. Rendell,, J. Price, H. Murray,
O. Lofstad, R. Lee.
Mid way���J. R. Jackson, John
Zurfluh, Frank Roberts, Miss G,
Jaekson,- James Atwood.
Kettle Valley-rCapt Davis, Mrs.
Davis, Paley Wilson,
Rock Creek���R. Johnson.
Sidley���John F. Leightoh, Mrs.
J. F. Leighton.
Did He Find It
Andy Johnson was a visitor to
Greenwood on Monday.
Bohn.��� To Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Blakeman, of Nicholson Creek, a
daughter on Sept. 24.
John Portmann, of Nicholson
Creek, wbb on a business trip to
Greenwood this week.
Com. N. Lewis and wife, Capt.
H. Gray and wifei motored to
Greenwood on Monday.
The Kettle Valley Hockey Club
will hold a Masquerode^' Ball in
Riverside Hall on Dec. 2nd^ -<V.
Mr. Little.' who '"recently acquired Capt. King's property and
Wm, Johns, of the Anderson ranch
were visitor to Greenwood on Monday.
A grand Poppy Ball will be held
in the Co-operative Hall, Rock
Creek on Friday, Nov. 11. A
prize will be given for thejbest
Poppy boqnet. Bush's orchestra
in attendance.
When the beU rang the' other
day little Johnnie went to the
door.   Soon he returned alone.
"Who was it?" asked the
���."Oh, it was just a man looking
for the wrong place." was the
A regular meeting of the City
Council was held on Monday
night and after routine business
was disposed of, the Private Bill
to be presented at the coming
session of the Legislature was
thoroughly discussed from all
angles. The Bill in toto was
finally approved by the Council
with a few. alterations and suggestions,;'; ..���_'������-' .'-;V'--'-'- ;-'.'-"--'-������'-''��� -
; C, J. Eales, who; has been with
the Greenwood branch of the
Bank of, Montreal during the past
22 ��_ years was on Tuesday transferred to the Nelson branch;. On
Sunday evening, after, church
services, the. members of. St.
Jiide's church presented Mr, Eales
with a.dressing case as-.a7 tokea
of the great esteem of which he
is helid not only by, the members
of the churchv but by the entire
community. And as Mr; Wilson
said in the presentation address
he is one man who has riot an
enemy. Rev. Mr. Smyth said
he never knew a. more conscientious:; or ; faithful worker... Mr/
Eales .will 1 be; much ^missed in
church^ work. 7 Everybody will
miss-Mr. .Eales for 7 h'e..was {always /polite, Vgectiemanjy7~ and
straightforward with one and all.
G. V Randall, 7of,^KereinebsV ��� will.
succeed :Mr, ��� Eales, -���'���""'V. VV \.X.     '������.
South Okanagan Land
Within the next two months
additional lota in the South Okanagan land settlement area___being
developed by the provincial government will be placed on sale. The
last sale of lots . was made in
October, when a considerable number were disposed of. The new
area to be disposed of comprises
the best fruit-growing land in the
entire area and through the construction of the new irrigation
system now being pushed ahead
will be provided with an ample
water supply. Koads have been
made through the tract and the
hew lands are thus made accessible.
Mining News
"The Rock Creek Mining Syndicate has been organized in  Vancouver by Martin J. Ravey, to develop placer gold at the mouth of
Rock   Creek,   a  few   miles from
Greenwood," says the' Vancouver"
Mining   &   Engineering   Record.
This    syndicate    has    taken   up
ground which includes a length of
900 feet along the course of the
creek that Col.  Robt. Stevenson,
one of tbe pioneers in the creek  in
the rush of 1860, asserts has never
been   worked   for   gold.      While
there are no official records of the
production- of Eock   Creek, it  is
stated that in the  sixties the output of gold was valued at $2,000,-
000; and that later on it was worked by Chinese who took out $350,-
000.    The last clean-up is stated
to have been $16,000 from a shaft
50 feet deep.
F. Keffer, formerly manager of,
theB. C.  Copper Co.,  had plans
for working the upper part of the
creek by means of booming dams.
Rock Creek is tributary to the
Main Kettle River, flowing in a
north-south course to the railway,
thence striking east to its confluence with the Kettle River, a
short distance north of the International boundary.
"The Love Expert"
"When you are in love with a '
man, on taking his hand you will
blush,  the pulse will beat faster
and your heart will palpitate "
Thisls the infallible
the part-played by;
madge in~��Th^:bo
first National picture which will
be    shown    at ' the. . Greenwood".;    V
.Theatre,  on Saturday,   Oct.   Isi;.-<&��.'.
She tries it on her fathers , busi- -��    V"
ness partner.    It fails to register. ':
She tries it on a college professor.
Again the test is negative.   She " ;
experiments    with    a   handsome -
young   fellow,   the fiance of her
aunt.    Well,   the result  is   very, --
positive,  and   that's   when   some
strange things began to happen.    ;   -      '   ���
'*? - I
Will Not Enter
^   The Federal Field
Victoria; Sept. 28.��� The definite
announcement that Hon.. Mary
Ellen Wraith, minister without
portfolio in the Oliver cabinet, will
not enter the Federal field is received here as a strong tribute to
the Premier..' She has.been strongly influential In having.legislation
enacted bettering conditions7 for
women and children in British Columbia and her work in the province has not been finished,V During the coming session Hon. Mrs.
Smit��lis expected to sponsor several important measures dsaliag
.with.- social- questions.':"' V--.;
For Sale
Plums and Prases 11.00 p��r
box of 20 IbW Phone 7L, W.
Jenks,    V
$8,000,000 Crop
Victoria, .Sept. 28.���Okanagan's
fruit crop this year will be"worth"
$8,000,000, according to the estimate of W. H. Lyne, provincial
fruit inspector, who has just returned from inspecting the fruit
quarantine stations^ along the
border. The work of the department of agriculture in providing
advice and inspection has borne
fruit this year and full provision
willbeinadeatthe fall session of
the Legislature for a larger staff of
inspectors next season.
Returned to His Desk
Hon. William Sloan, minister of
mines and commissioner of fisheries, has,returned to bis desk in
Victoria after several months'
absence spent in search of better
health. The minister underwent
an operation in the Vancouver
General Hospital, when a nasal
abscess was removed. He is much
improved in health and the high
blood pressure from which he
suffered has been reduced materially, '-������-.    .
The Sunday School teacher was
talking to her class about Solomon.
and his wisdom. "      7
V'When the Queen of Shebacame
and laid .jewefe and fice rainmeat
before Solomon, whay did he say?T*
she asked presently. --- V
One small girl,, who evidently
bad experience in such matters,
replied promptly: "Ow much d'yer
want for the lot,"���London Evening News. y
j j
FA'idK.     (>T-/E'F:'NT\VOOT).     b.     a
Ihe  \Vest and Redistributi
It is altogether probable that, even before the present issue of this pnper :
reaches its renders, the Dominion Parli;uneiU~\'vill bo-dissolved .rind writs!
issued foi i. acw Parliament whose legal span of life will run until 1927 1
unless, because ot some exceptional circumstance, it is deemed advisable >
to .consult the people before that year.
Family Of Fifteen
Coming To Canada
Father  Is  Minister But  May  Farm  In
j     A   family   ot  fifteen,   consisting  of
i father, mother and thirteen children,
stepped on the Canadiau Pacific liner.
Miuuedosa at Liverpool bound for
Canada. They were as cheery a party
as any on the boat and all looked forward with hopeful expectation to the
now life which tho voyage Avas open-
in;; io them.
Of the children the eldest is IS
years old, and the youngest two.
There are eight boys aud live girls,
including two pairs of twins. The
head of the family is the Rca-. Itufus
John Kirklaud, a Primiti\'c Methodist minister, of Danbury, Oxfordshire,
who is coming to tho little prairie
town of Mazenod, SaskatchcAvau, to
take up the pastorate of a church
there, and possibly a farm.
Revolt In Baltic Fleet
In-compliance Avith the terms of the constitution of Canada a census
of the population was taken in the month of .'June last. It is also provided
by the constitution that upon the completion q��- such census thc representation of ihe several Provinces in the House of'Commons shall bc readjusted in such manner as to give to each Province equality of representation
based on population such readjusted representation to become effective upon
the termination of the then existing Parliament.
h is admitted by all people in Canada, from Premier Meighen down,
that that portion of Canada Avest of the Great Lakes Avill be shown to be
entitled to a larger ri presentation than it iioav enjoys, and the fact is equail}*
well recognized that Canada east of the Great Lakes will not be entitled
to unite as many 'representatives as it now lias.
Nevertheless, although it Avould require only a 1'oav months more to
compile and tabulate the 102L figures of population and thus make possible
an early aud fail1'readjustment of the representation of the Provinces in the
House of Commons, Parliament is hastily dissolved, although no iioav or
sudden issue has arisen, and Avrits for a new Parliament issued Avhich Avill
result in Canada foi the next h-ve years being governed by a House of Commons Avhich is not truly representative of the country.
The action taken may be constitutional Avithiu the strict moaniii;,' of the
law, but it s'eems a violation of the spirit of tho constitution.     Yet if is not i 	
the first time this has happened in Canada. In fact ever since tho popula- j Four Hundred Officers Arrested and
tion of the West began to increase so rapidly, Avliilc the population of On-! '       Taken to  Moscow,
tario aud the Maritime Provinces failed to keep pace Aviih Quebec's In- Warsaw.���A now revolt has broken
crease in population, there has been a tendency at Ottawa to precipitate out in the Russian Haltic ileet. Four
general elections in the year of the census taking riglil ou the eve of rod is- hundred of the officers of tho lleet
tribution but before making it effective. haye been arrested and taken to Mos-
Let us take a historical glance back over tho past thirty years and the j cow,  according  to  advices   from   the
last three census enumerations.     In ISO! the House of Commons consisted' Soviet capital,
of 21". members re-presenting the Provinces as IoIIoavs:  Ontario 02, Quebec'
GS, Nova Scotia 21, New Brunswick 1G, Prince Edward Island C, Manitoba ii,
British Columbia G, North "West Territories -1.     This was a census year but
instead of a redistribution bill being passed before going to the country,
Tarliameiu avus dissolved, the issue being Reciprocity Avith the United States-
It Avas not until five years later that thc country secured (ho benefits of the
readjustment. Avhich Avas really due in 1891.
The next census came in 1001, but a general election had been held .the
preceding year, but as the result of tho prcvioin-ly delayed redistribution Ontario Avas entitled to only SG members instead of 92, the three Maritime
Provinces lost S, Avhilo Manitoba doubled its quota from 5 to 10, the North
vWest Territories from -1 to ill, and British Columbia added one. *In 1905
the neAv Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan Avero created, Saskatche-
Avan being given 10 members and Alberta 7. This additional rcpresenta-
��� tion became effective in 100S.
While the figures oE the census of 19.11 Avere being tabulated, Reciprocity with the United States again became a Jive^issue and an Agreement
signed Aviih the United States came before Parliament for -ratifcation.
Strong opposition developed in Eastern Canada and the Opposition obstructed and blockaded tho passage of the bill. The Government thereupon appealed to the country, and once again the "West was deprived of its rightful
representation ou a question in Avhich it was vitally interested, while the
East Avas allowed a representation to which it Avas not justly entitled!
War broke ont in 10M and by agreement the life of tho Parliament
elected in 1011 Avas extended and it Avas not until 1917, .therefore that thu
people secured the benefits of the representation to which they Avero really
entitled In l.ll". That long delayed readjustment further reduced Ontario's representation to S2, a loss of 10 members in two decades; Nova
Scotia dropped to IG/a loss of 5 in tho same period'; Ncav BrunsAvick fell to
11, a loss of 5; IMS.l. to 3, or only one-half Avhat it had in 1S91. On tlie
other hand Manitoba increased to 15, or three times its representation In
1SP1; Saskatchewan got 1G and Alberta 12, as compared with -1 for the
N.W.T. in 1S91; British Columbia was accorded 1?, as compared Avith 6 in
1S01; and the Yukon Avas given one. "��� ~ ' -
In other words, although thc membership of the House of Commons only
increased "from 215 in 1S01 to _23-t on the strength of .the-census of 1911.
ihe_ representation Ayest.of the. Great "Lakes' roso from 15 to- 57, while the
representation cast of tho Great Lakes fell from 200.-to 177.. '       .'."'.
It -is. generally "agreed, both .East and -West, that the same'evolution
in the political'pqwer of the country "is .taking place;-that-is,- that/the representation of the West will be increased and that of the East 'decreased, when
the final .figures for 1021 are tabulated. It'means thatv for one-half of" the
whole period during Avhich the-readjusted representation.should be "in.effect"
the West Avill .be un'der-r.epresented. ���/.     "     -���       -"  '- -   -    --
Honesty Was Not
Lavishly Rewarded
Paris Chauffeur Given One Dollar For
Returning 810,000.
Among the S5.000 articles lost in
Paris and returned to the police department in 1919 were . 20,000 umbrellas, according to' figures just published. Eighty per cent, ot the articles lost in taxicabs aro reclaimed,
one chauffeur recently bringing a
glove of Avhich three fingers were
missing. Honesty is not always
lavishly rewarded, as may bo seen
from the case of a' chauffeur- who
sacrificed a morning's A\Tork to trace
Make Tlie  Most
Of Apples
An   AcknoAvledged   Expert   io
All  Matters  Pertaining  to
Household Management.    -. ���
With the first days of autumn, the
marketer sees a glorious array of
healthful apples. Apples are to the
fruit AArorld Avhat potatoes are among
vegetables. Unliko niost fruits, we
do not readily tire of them.     It be
an old Avoman who had left $10,000 j h0OV0B   the   bouseAvIfe, therefore,,to
in notes in his cab and was reAvarded'
Avith a dollar.
The Russian Soviet Government
has invited former financiers of tho
czarist regime to collaborate with the
Soviet Government.
The Many-Purpose Oil.���Both In the
house and stable there are scores of
uses for Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric Oil.
Use it for cuts, bruises, burns, scalds,
the pains of rheumatisrh and sciatica,
sore throat aud chest. Horses are
liable very largely to similar ailments
and mishaps as afflict maukind, and
are equally amendable to the healing
influence of this line old remedy Avhich
has mado thousands of firm friends
during tho past fifty years.
Salisbury Cathedral
Has Wonderful Spire
A terrible experience had Edw. J.
O'Connor, of Sault Ste. Marie. From
boyhood ho Avrites: "I havc been a
constant sufferer from Asthma and
Catarrh. My nose and throat Avas
often stopped up, and I had disagree-'
able droppings from my throat. When
an attack of coughing came on, it
seemed as if I Avtiuld barely live
through it. I would gasp-for breath.
Catarrhoiione made me avcII. It's
soothing healing action was exactly
suited to my case." To those avIio
suffer from Catarrh, Asthma, Throat
Irritation and Bronchitis, Catarrhozone is highly recommended. Tavo
months treatment, one dollar, smaller
size 250 and 50c at all dealers or Thc
Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Steel Shipped By Airplane
Was Required
buy apples in quantity���such quantity
n a Hurry For London
Two cwts. of steel avcvc conveyed
from Manchester to London by aeroplane for'use in connection AA-ith the 'tin or iron vessels must be, aA'oided.
.as she. can convenient^' store.
Pick out tho best looking- apples
from among those you purchase, wash
them thoroughly Avith a briish and
warm water, dry and polish Avith soft
paper. Pile these in your prettiest
fruit dish. Tho kiddie Avill often
pass by thc candy box to pick up and
��� bite into an attractive apple.
While nearly ahvays apples in the
raAV are easily digested, it sometimes
happens that in order, to be more easy
of digestion, thcy need to be cooked.
There are innumerable recipes for
cooking apples in various ways, but
every hqttsoAvifc should be familiar
Avith at least throe or four easy methods of preparation without reference
to her cook book.
For baking, select thc green or
cooking apple. It is perfectly possible to bake the pretty red apple
so common in many sections, but
connoisseurs long ago decided
upon the all-round superiority of the
green apple. - Siuce apples are. of
the acid fruits, cooking them in either
;,Same Good
Always in the
'  87
Said   to   be
in   the
Pumping, Out The Collieries
Cannot Start Taking Out-Coal For Six
��� y  ������ - ,. Months.  ' .
.. The--pumping of' the enormous-accumulation of Avater in tho Avorkings.
oi the collieries in tlie Lothian counties, during the recent strike through
thcAvithdraAvalof-the volunteer pumpmen tproceeds' apace, but even alloAV-
ing for the Avo'rk.continuing night and
day, fully six months'will elapse before a' start- can -be-made .with" coal
.getting1 at several of the collieries.'-..
"���"'���_ .' A Good Sign.. -"'-. ;
" Inquiry- is' made . whether" a'.AVaA'o'.ol
something cannot '.be;'-discovered. that
would add-to the-sum of happiness, as
-a relief from the "crime 7.- Ayav.es -:,and'
suicide. Avayc-s Avith winch- w.c'.are constantly, regaled. ..-'H is nevertheless "a
good sign that-a .Ayave.bf happiness
is. still iiot.noVs.- Happiness .is a"'good
deal commoner, and, hence nio.r_e commonplace., /than'" thc /pessimists---arc
willing to 7idi-rit.���--Krom .the --Portland
Oreponiari, *.-' ,������'".���;'���:'< X    '   '' " .
. Need Of Immigration
Canada  Can  Take  Care  of   Desirable
V-    "' -"Settlers.".
"Certain, it.-is- that.unless..immigration is :'stimulated, unless more and
more .. immigrants ' of the-right class'
are -Avelcomed and ;oncburaged, it. Avill
���bo a long time, ii .���over,, beforo the
taxpayer' is relieved", of"the present
'.heavy-"drain on" his. pocket", a" drain.
Avhi'ch is" increasing' rather -than dim-:
inishiug' and -Avblc'ir' the.���Minister of
.Itailways-.-tel3s.us will run-oyer- 100
.million "'.dollars"���_-duringX"the";' present
���year;;'" If- the.four-western provinces
Avere as- thickly, settled as" .thcVPrdv-
inces. of'.Prince -Edward ' Island .and
.Nova Scotia-Avo"7AA-ould."h'aye7a population /west .Of '.'the: Great .Lakes .-of
over '27,000,000: 7To:settic',th'is:many
people would'";-take"- over ;"125 ".years'
.Avith'.as'"great air influx ?.as,..Ayb..'had
'.'iiylo -.the" -west .'during' the .'banner
"yoaW-of :i 9,1."l> ;i912, 1913 ��� and- -1914.;)-
'/Manitoba"- lias- -but/six- people-to
every - square"."'' mile'. -Saskatchewan
tAvo " Alberta-" "less than." two; /and
i.'.rlUsh Ooliii.nbia .practically but .oiio.
��� Surely in ' this. ;grcat - era, AA-lii.ro
'settlement -is* so/necessary-;.tp further.
rtfiyolopni'Mit and . progress", Canada!
can take' care of/all tlie desirable J
iiii'mlgraii.ts. offering for'-years to"
comer 'St.'Johns,. P.Q.,-Xcwp..
Most    Beautiful
Salisbury Cathedral, so familiar to
many of Canada's sons Ayho participated in the stirring events of the
great worm A\rar, is perhaps most ve-
noAvncd for its Avonderful spire, Avhich
is the highest in England, reaching
10-1 feet in the air, and is said to bo
the most beautiful in tho world.
The history of tho See dates back
to the timc of the foundation of tie
Bishopric of Sherbourno, In 705, and
later in 909, Avhen a ucav. diocese was
created. . . "    .   ���
The present' building was'begun
in "1220, Avhen Bishop Pooro ��� decided
to remove the'present site, , and in
125S the- Avholo building' was "finished
at au approximate cost-.of-.?2,500,000.
The. celebrated spire, hOAvever, was
riot added" until about one ' hundred
years lateiy .
''One pe"euliai\",fcauir"e" of the building.' is that .the number of windows
is said to.equal the days'of the.year,,
the pillars the" hours;-and. the door-
Avays-tho months. , . -    .
Tho' total -exterior, length -Is- -17;;
feet, the "naA'o" 229 feet, and the interior height 'of- theViave St feet. V
completion of the steel Avork construction of tho neAV depot of the
London General Omnibus Company
at ChisAvick, W. Tho aeroplane, au
Avro, Avas chartered by Lambournej
and Co., Ltd., Victoria Steel Works, i that
An earthen baking disb, an aluminum
pot or pan, or:, the- familiar agate or
granite utensil must be used.
Before 'deciding as to the number
of   apples   you AA-ill bake, remember
.i loft-over baked apple that has
OpenshaAV,   Manchester, Avho  are  re-1-been properly cared  for is quite as
sponsible for the work, the steel be-J S��od Uie  second or third day after
-���dug urgently required for certain vital  halting.     It mayxbe Aviso in order to
Ex-Kaiser's Publishers
Are Bankrupt
Sunis   Still , Owing .For   Work
���'--"; V" v    Done .During War".-7 ���.;.  7..;
The' jex-lvaiser's'.publisher in." S\vit-
zcrland. has" gone bankrupt." ��� During
thelAvar his._flrm printed and distributed all;. tho "'propagandist., publications
for; the. German' Government, and the
ex-Kaiser; .-and.the cause of .its'ba'nl-y
ruptcy is ;.'sai(V to bo. .that large/.sums
are still'owing "the. firm" from -Berlin
and'William. '.The comment "of cerj
tain.-Swiss .newspapers"-on,this failure
"is that .-dealings 'with "William I-Ioheri-
zollern. have:.never done .any -'one. any
-good;".';-..'-'     ���..-;  .'  ; .'"".    /;,- '    '.-.:
...    ...York  Cathedral.'  '���''; -    >/.
The.largest cathedral in''England is
that; of York, the area of' which is
C3.S00 squafoi-fe'et. .St.-Paulvs being-the
.second largest", with-an area of -5Q.7ft0
square'feet.     - .'':���-"'     , .7-".
is he
Teiis  Remarkable  Story  of
Sickness and Recp'yeiyi
.'Woman Has Factories In China;    ."
:A AA-.oi>iah'Avhose business-card.reads
'���merchants of, Shangliai, Canton and
Pekin-". has, built' up  a  largo  export.
business.to "China, aiidis the only .avo-!
Toronto. Opt���"Iv suffered, greatly   man "member of the American Cham-!
ambition, to do any-   --Mihlrt-d S: .Crowe." who has three fac-|
thtogorgoanypla'ce.   tories    in    China, and -last vein- did!
K^icfr'tf Te^���w   mo,v'  lhfl"   51,000.000  worth  of busi-
baa shape;  1 could     . -
net sleep at night,   nvss.
and   then   carrie  a  '
breakdown, t read
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound in. the
newspapers and several- of" my friends
advised me.touse it,
 ; surely.put neAv life, into me; Now
I'arr. quite"able-io do all' my own work,
7And I would strongly advise every suf-
..���fering woman to give Lydia,E. Pink-
-harn'g Vegetabie Compound a trial."���*-
-Mft..-Charles Wakelin-, 272 Christie
'St.';'-Toronto,;Onf.?.��� .���. ...  .-_".,
"Tne''maker?"of Lydia. E.-Pinkham's  . . . .
Vegetable &>mr>jund have, thousands of. j -.-"',: :.''.-���; .>.-.,.->���-.,.-- ���v;.-,-V.--."." i:. ��� '���-".,
sscn l.ttere'as'that.above'-they.tell the! Xy.Xi Rope- From '.Milkweed.-7WV
tmth. else they could not have'-beien ob-',i-. ���. rtX'FTXtr'X'i<ieyX iric-io.- 'n.-V-Vit"
ta-nedforiovearmor*y,.T}ii3rnedi6ine-;:. T.i.p,..>ra.-o>..5onisf..;sp^e?;W-J9j��r
is no strar-gcr^rit ha? stood the���te3t iorX;:^X'-"Xll3X: .,u*en,"��M-..1n.=ipakins< rqpe:
������isore than ibrty years.7''.-/'-'.���;'7^.--'7",'':-(..'-'-/:!,,TJi'��'.!.inT-fouhd;in"lh^"-pods
If f::ei�� use anv'com'Clieation's you do- -ar--J-'.silkv; ��� 1.-.-ks '-.fwisrVand- cannot7fce
ItmssMediaaa Co. (caahdea^ial), .Ljna, ���:!���--.-���.., ������������X ���������*���'���:"��� ���./��� .���-���- ?-. ������.���;;.'-���-.-.'-
.Mass. ."-���'-   XXX'X-  ~yX ���"/���;- ''-X- j V'-"c?--:-^r-:^lJ??.1--'S:.P:II<JY.-|s.'; .yy.'\: :-::i'-i'.
��� 'T sec yc have a" ncAs-.
ICzra.'-.said Kben Potter. ...
.. doing?" ' -   ..  " '._��� . '��� -- .'    ..
"itesting. considerable   easier   than.
i the biher. one .did, thajihye!" replied
tlie disgusted farmer. .. ," .'���' ���
parts of the building. Tho machine
left Manchester at 9 a.m., ' reached
Croydon, London, at noon, and by
about four o'clock the steel Avas in
position at the new depot.
A Remedy for Earache.���To have
the earache is to endure torture. 'Tho
ear is a delicate organ and feAv caro
to deal Avith it, considering it Avork
for a doctor. Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric
Oil offers a simple remedy. A feAv
drops upon a pieco of lint or medicated cotton and placed in tho ear AA-ill
do much in relioving. pain.
Explaining It. -
Fountain pens figure, among the
utensils confiscated in America for
containing illicit Avhlsky. No wonder
some - of "theso Americans are" such
spirited .writers. ��� From. " London
Opinion'. X-'~ \    '   . ,;   V
Rich,   Red   Blood   Means- Health, and
. Strength".
... The anaemia of young.girls may.be
inherited,"or.it.may-be caused by bad
air, unsuitable food, hasty and-irregular eating, insufficient. out-of-door
exercise: and not enough'.rest' and
sleep.*'-'   ."  . .   .    '    - :
It conies, on gradually,- beginning
AA'ith laugour, indisposition to mental
or Jiodily exertion, irritability and a
feeling, of- fatigue." " Later conies the
palpitation of the''heart, headaches,
dizziness folloAving a.-stooping position, frequent backaches and .breath-
lessuess.-'. In 'a majority of cases "constipation is" present..., -ThereTmay-'be
ho greatloss of flesh, but usually the
complexion,;'takes' on_'a.' gre'enish^yel-
loAY.pallor.';-""--':"..���. .'". ;     7 ���- ."-'
- Cases;.pt this"' kind,' if neglected,' become, riioro- serious;, but if:taken in
time there is ho need to "worry! -.-Dr.
WiHiamsv Pink Tills, Avhich' are free,
from any harmful7 or. habit--forming
drug,.aro Just tho"- tonic-'needed, to
remedy, this-Avrctched state of. health;
Though' it ,.is', not, noticeable, improvement, begins'with the first 7dose. .. As
the- blood is-.-madp' rich. . the', "pallor
leay.es" the face, strength and .activity,
gradually-.- return - and ; the danger ..of
relapse is'"very 7slight/ ���_��� ���--���'���-.'; ' V-"
.- If any symptom -of. anaemiaVapr
pearsV   prudence suggests'..that .-Dr.
economize in 'oven heat to bake more
than you expect to use immediately.
Scrub tho apple, remove the core
and a ' strip of skin an inch in
Avidth from the stem end of the apple.-. This will help to prevent the
bursting of the skin, riacc the apple
on the baking dish, fill each cavity
Avith broAvn sugar and add either a
feAv grains of ground cinnamon or a
few drops of lemon juice to each apple. A dot of butter may be put here
and there on the apple.
Pour a little Avater, preferably hot,-
into the bottom of the baking dish
and set the dish in a-moderato oven.
Open the oven every ton minutes and
Avith a spoon dip the syrup over the
apple sto preArent burning. Serve
cold either Avith the syrup formed in
the dish or with cream,- plains or
whipped.    "" ���       ' -
From the loss-perfect apples one
may prepare steAved apples. Cut tho
apple in half-;-' remove the ' skin and
core and from each half .of.the apple
.'cut.about four sections.' Make " a
syrup - by ������ boiling together, for ���-.five
minutes a-cup of Avater and one:fourth
of a cup of sugar..'
- Into' this put the. apple and stevv
slowly"..until tender. Care must.be
taken ~hot^ to oA-ercook the apples and
cause them to break.. - A bit of stick
cinnamon or a couple of cloves or
some lemon. or orange rind may be
cooked AA'ith' thc apple to vary the
flavor.-;     --
-.Deep dish apple; pie' should, hot be
overlooked. This is-.made Avith an'
upper crust only. ��� The -;best crust
Avill. soak.-' the - fruit-juice. if-placed. oa
the- bottom, and ;unless one has d
particularly., good digestion It may
cause - trouble.' A ' glass . baking
dish is ideal for this type of pie. The
shops -are sboAving delightful little
individual glass pie. disl\es which'are
highly desirable for.'serA-ing one-crust
pies.  - ,'  '."    'V -',; ' . -��� '   -���..-".
Watercress Farm
Paris   Has .One7Coverin_   Forty-Five
.;.;."       ''���;-.'"'"-   Acres.'. .-',-' --'������    :";'   .
' - The largest-.Avatercress.farm. In the
Williams''-Pink Pills .should -be given I -world is that" at Enghion, near Paris,
at once, and the sooner.they are tak- j_u-.cOVCri.'45 -acres, and"coiisists: of 7a"
en. the-more speedilylAvill their- ac----" ; . - ���. ... ,. ��������� ��� "���������,'",-'������ v
ti'on .improve tho'bldod.'- -.- Vou .'can get.fK<?nes"o��. UiH.-hes, or . crpssbeds, run-
these. pills through -aiiy" dealer . in lining parallel/.V ,,;.Tho ..^ditches "are
medicine, oi; by mail-at .SO cent's: a' j-about- 225 feet' long, 4 feet .wide, and
box pr.slx'7boxes tor.WM- froni-The' 13" "inclle_-deep.1 7They ^are^separatcd
Dr.    Yv.il.Uams'
ville, Ont.   -
"Aledle'ine  Co!; Brock-'
Arrive At Compromise.
' Xew York.-'-Urbain Leddux, whose
activities in behalf of New York's unemployed have been combatted by the
police, announced that he and the police had arrived at a compromise. He.
has proraiseu*; he said, to abandon
plans for holding'a modern "slave"
auction.-here, and;'- the.- police have
agreed to aid-his efforts'to feed the
jobless,/-'' :'yy.:: ".'��� ���'' ''..- -'. ,'.!:7.'   -.
It. is said that Avealthy Frenchwomen' use extra-dry champagne as a
shampoo for the purpose of producing
reddish-broAvn hair with iich golden
lightsin it.
The closing of the eye," thc rest,
and thc .opening of��� at have becn
measured, and arc found to consume
395 thousandths of a second.
An eminent scientist has estimated
that the average, man's eyelids open
and shut four million times during tho
year!   .'.      -       . ;    -"-
Good spud3 to grow. Early Ghic,
Irish Cobbler, Wee McGregor, puke'of
York. ./As. these aaIII/mature before
���we" get .killing frosts!'V.-ViVW ;-;"';.- .-
Speaking .-."'of-''; weather .'.indicatlqas;
iwhen' ��� /-allspice/ /ls;.!.adultVred"7 "with-
totind CQCoanut .shells, ittie- asason -Is
ii're to'-ie- mlli. ���:  ,-' X-XXX--, X'X,.-'
''.'���6c}t-��.rs;,ioaT!'--"-yV'e merely tak>''a;r*��Si";
- Trapper'Drowned. "~ ,.
1'ort Arthur. Ont.VrP.' e! Extrom. a
trapper, -AvasVlroAvned in a lake/forty
miles-north bf.Ra'ithj;:on the Canadian
Pacific "mainline,, forty miles west/of
Port Arthur. IlB.'ffas Avith, aripther.
trapper named Hansen, but Hansen
was saved. .Extrom's home- is- not
Barcelona��Has 717,000 People.
The recent census shows that the
population of Barcelona Is.now 717,000.
an. increase  of  nearly  130,000  oyer
1910.       '    .
Many a sunstrokelS;due to a man's
efforts to make hay vrhllo   th��   sun
t/JffJX'C How CUan, Health?
Eyes. Ktheyljn.Itefc_
Smarter Bum, if Sore.'
*��,,_���.g^rt.C Irritated,'-. Inflamed.-.**;
iUUR BLTfc3Granulated,BssMurine
often. Ssetigj., Eslrejies- Safe for Infant'
or Adult At all Drug^stsand OpBdana,
Write for Free Eye Sect. S��iKE��l��srf7���8.CBai
���.K-Xi-XyXii.' :~tt&'X
froni.each/other by'grass-path's 3 feet
wide. " /'/ ��� ,' ���- .//. - ': . >..-'������'-'���-
..The cuilivation of the plant.-is'-ih-
tercsting. .- The cress is grown-from
seed planted in April., '-Before they
can:be sown the. beds must.bo drain?
ed," tilled and manured..' ���" When; the
young .. grass . appears, cuttings are
.taken and -pi anted;' In the various
ditches.in about a foot of water.
Where Frost Goes Deep.
.A. shaft- sunk' at. Yakutsk, Siberia,
in the hope of finding, water for 'the
town, failed to penetrate' below the
permanently frozen ground;'- or
"ground ice," erven at a depth of 3,82
feet. In. Alaska several shafts have
been sunk about . 220 ^ieet, -without
penetrating below the frozen ground.
A Pertinent Question
Why Did Kaiser Run If Troops Were
Never Vanquished.
With, his .old-time grandiloquence
the former German Kaiser sent a
message to tho Junker mooting held
by^-his son and Ludendorff in Berlin
recently, in Avhich he exclaimed:
"With proud and Warm gratitude I
think today,, of my brave comrades,
neA'er vanquished in the field." But
if they Avere never A-anquished in the
field why is it that the puissant partner of "Mo and God" so unceremoniously skedaddled from the field and
scurried into hiding \x Holland,
Avhence he has never dared poke his
head across the border since?���Louisville Courier-Journal.
Industrial Ontario
Has More Than BO Per Cent, of
Dominion's Manufacturing Plants....
Ontario is the richest _province of
Canada. Of-the Dominion's Avealth,
estimated at 2,801,000,000 for the year"
just past, Ontario's sharp Avas $1,267,-'
000,000. Consistent with tho remainder of tho Dominion, agriculture asserts its superiority over other lines
of activity and maintains tho premier
place In proAincial assets. Ontario
is, however, the first Industrial prov-���������
ince of Canada, considerably mora
than fifty per cent, of the-product of
the Dominion's manufacturing 'plants
being attributable to! this proA'ince.   .
Minard's       Liniment
Killed By Blood Poison
"Used an old razor for paring his
corns. Foolish because 25c buys a
bottle of Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor Avhich for fifty years has been
removing corns, and warts without
pain. No failure if you use "Putnam's." Refuse a substitute, 25c
Rooms With Baths Are Scarce.
In London "and Paris there aro soa--
eral hotels which have rooms . with
private baths, but there are very few
bathrooms in the aArerage European,
hotel. It is always an extra even
Avhen used Avith - cold-water. - Hot
AA-ater Is diicult.to obtain in winter,
and In some hotels, AA'here it is worked
by a slot machine attached to a gas
geyser, thc guest has to., feed It Avith
20 cents for every quart of "water.
W. E. Lord, 23 years old, captain
of a steamship of the Baltimore
Steamship Company, is one of the
youngest skippers on the Atlantic
coast.- Captain Lord is a native of
Springfield, Mass., and first Avent to
sea Avhen he Avas 16 years old.
i-Sparc the children from" suffering
from Avorms by using Miller's Worm
PoAvders,. a most effective vermifuge
with A\"hich to. combat these Insidious
foes of tho.young and helpless.' It
Is an excellent-Avbrm-destroyer, and
when its'-qualities become known In a
household no other,-will be uscd. The
medicine acts by itself,'requiring no
purgative, to assist it, and so thoroughly that nothing more is desired.
Record Among
Canadian Indians
Six Generations Have Been Discovered
At Nelson House.. .--.
��� Six generations of one family,
Avliose aggregate ages amount ��� to 342
years,-have-been 7 discovered -at .-Nelson House. They belong to the Cree
tribo of 'Indians-.and were photographed at the/paymeTnt of treaty in July.
It is believed; that this establishes. a
record,, at least, among the Indians'of
Canada.. ;-.. "V       V   " ;   "
./The.names, ages .and relationship
of tho family .follow': , ".,    ... v
Sarah Donkey, age 1-12;. Carolyne
Spence, ago.90, daughter; John Donkey,/ago 70, grandson;.' Ina , Spence,
age -46, . great-grand-daughter; Sarah
Donkey/age 22,/ great-great-granddaughter; Jemima ' Donkey,," age .2,
".-' Sarah.Donkey, the .first, was born
at York 7 Factory, of full blooded Cree
parents; 7 .- She.retains possession, of
all her facilities excepting.; her.- eyesight," Avhich Is. failing. To" attend
treaty sho.travelled In *a canoe for
150"hiile'sVnnd lived in a .tepee for
three Aveeks, while the treaty negotiations-Avere.-ori.   -   7 ������'.-:--" -77   -'���
- V . A Disappearing Island.. ���/���"
,'P:ie7oI- the.most. famous -of disappearing--'��� islan'as-. is Expedition Island,
sittiatcd.7off the nortluvcst corner of
.Australia,, and -.which was visited as
lalcly"asVi892. ' - Today- it'.Iias. disappeared, /and is' now fifty feet below
:w"atcr. The island was., 13,-miIcs long
i and -famous'' for-its beauty. /    ,.
Paring a corn Is both risky and In-
effectfve.'. ;Jt Is much better to ustt
Holloway's .Corn Remover and eradicate, them entirely, -i-.   \, v."���"���'���-���" .. ;'X-
";The"' fc��i-shbetli;.lii3/ne!gabor*s'. hens
irom,.iiIs;backyard, ;bui;thei-wlsa inan
Exettiup" a saug   place ; for theni;:-to
Hay-'la; W / \X:X:r XXXyy^XX. J-X
Keep;Miflard!s' Liniment in'the. house'
-Hutchinson, Kas.,. claims to be'. tha
largest exclusive hardvrtieat market ia
the; world. Nearly 100,000,000 busli-
els of haTd wheat -wOl be marketed
through/the Kutchihsoh. elevators tMa
In China, .12.1-2 miles frqm;the/Til.
laga of lAovt Chek/thero Is'a/inbun-
tain-?f7 alum, 'whlcn, la addition to b$-
Ing a natural curiosity, Is a. source of
Wealth./ to 7 ,th��. /inhabitants (ot. th��
country..^V' X X::- ~:" /.��� / ��� }y XX.- ������'!-.
: A man puts,, a/woman's head on th��
'silA-er, 'dollar,../and : noAT7Avo'men,ar��
trvins: to'se* their, hands on \VX'���-.
Dyed Her Draperies
Also a Faded Skirt
"Diamond Dyes" add years of wear to
worn, 'faded skirts, waists, coat3, ��tocktiiB3,
sweaters, coverings,, hangings, draperies,
everything. Every package contains directions so simple any woman can put newr,
rich, fadeless colors into her worn garments
or draperies even if she has never dyed btfore.
Just buy Diamond Dyes���no otfier kind���then
your material will come. out right, because
Diamond Dyes are guaranteed not to streak,
spot, fade or run. Tell your druggist
whether the material you wisli to dye is wool
or silk, or whether it- is linen, cotton, or mixed goods.. .     -
Snub From Argentine Government.
A -Reuter's 'message from Buenos
Aires- states that the Argentine Goa"-
ornment has declined to receive Laurence Ginnell officially as tlie representative- of tho. '-"Irish. Republican
Government.'.'' ' The Foreign Minister,
however, received him ^at his resl-
denco-ih a private capacity.  ,   _
Ask for.Minard's and take no other
Scottish Castle Sold
Has Secret Chamber and Walls" Ten
._ Feet, Thick.
Viscount CoAvdray. has bought tho
estate of Castle- Eraser, Donside,
Aberdeenshire", ~for-~��" 48,000: - 7Castl"a
Fraser. is-reputed to ono of the. Finest specimens, of the Flemish, style of
architecture in' Scotland, .
, The castle, has a - secret chamber
in ������ AA'hlch tho . master'of the house
could OA;erhear. tho conversation of
his guests in.the dining hall. This
is supposed to have suggested to Sir.
Walter Scott a similar contrivance in
"The' Fortunes.,. of -Nigel." -Walls
throughout'' tho . .building, -which
stands, upon' arches, .are from 0 feet
to.10 feet thick; -;' /     "-.      .'   "-"   ���"'"
"   IS
/Many, Uses. For Paper.
In the art of making and using pa-
,pfcr aa'o are not in line with the Chin-,
eso and other!Asiatics, vtho.not.only
make tho finest paper in tho world, ���
but apply it to all sorts-of uses., making AvindoX panes, umbrellap, - fans,
sandals and eA'eri cloaks and garments
of It>"  . .-"���  ' ���'-���  -7'V/-..;/.'/; 7- ..._.
/Torturing Her/Husband.//,
:   Husband  (to wife).���r"Where. is . my;
hat? '���:-. 7,/-';".-;/..'     ."-. V.V-7V--.; ���-
/"Wito.-r-On the mangle, dearV  .;/
Husband^What!- \ On'the mangle!
I \>rondor.7what ridiculous ./; thing    I:
shall find it/on next? ���/. ^,
Wife (sAA-eetly) ~On/\ybur    head,
dear.-���Ediburgh Scotsman.     "���       .; /'
ttTCTCENWOOB.     B.     C.
World Happenings
Briefly Told
Canton has to go without its morning, noon and evening teas. "The teahouse Avaiters are on strike.
The Lord Provost of Glasgow has
re-opened the fund for tho purpose of
paying rents of. the deserving unemployed.. ��� -��� ,        """
The Shanghai Day and Night Bank
has been organizedvon tho. plan of remaining open for business until midnight.1 ��   ���    '
An Avro airplane in good condition
was sold ia Uitenhage,. S.A., on a
court order, for $1-15, the highest bid
offered by a Port Elizabeth firm. '    .
America has seven special "chapel"
railway coaches," .each provides a
home for the minister and his family, and has seating accommodations
for 90 persons.  .;'��� ..���/���-
A large 'twin flight airplane shed,
which is. said to have cost more than
?150,000; has been sold "at "auction In
London for $525. ,o   /
Rumors that- King Christian of
Denmark ^- is..- V, shortly to pay
,an. official A'isit to the. United "States
are unfounded.
A number of persons were injured
when trapped beneath debris, ripped
from buildings by a'.tornado at Zanes-
ville, Ohio.
The^storm tore through thevbusiness
section of the city, damaging nearly
eA'ery structure. ��� Upper stories of a
number of buildings collapsed, tearing
their Avay through the ground.-
Pope Eenedict has addressed to
President Van Karnobeek of tho assembly of the League of Nations an
appeal, for tho. famine sufferers of
Teaching in England and Wales has
become more popular since .the end of
tho Avar. Tho Board of -Education
reports GOO more teachers enrolled
this year than last. . j
Thomas Sullivan, arrested for breaking into the store of the British and
Foreign Bible Society, Capo ToAvn,
and slealing a Bible, Avas sentenced to
three months imprisonment.
Lady Patricia Ramsay, formerly
Princess "Patricia, has just received
through Col. Hamilton Gault, a
bronze statuette representing a man
of Princess Patricia's Light Infantry
in full fighting-kit.
The staff committee of the League
of Nations has adopted the proposal
of Sir George Perley that the staff
should be recruited, Avith fair'proportion, from all the countries that are
members of the league.
The Workers Dreadnought, Sylvia
Pankhurst's paper, is not going to
.stop publication, as previously announced. Bliss Pankhurst has stated
that she aa-111 continue tho paper as
s,he has been successful in raising the
��500 necessary,to carry on with. -	
Reuter's correspondent in Bombay
say that the news of the arrest of
prominent agitators in Bombay and
Simla was ��� receiA'ed quietly throughout India. There Avere a feAv slight
disturbances' in Bombay, - but these
AA'ero confined to tho smashing of
tram windoAA's.
In either'.case you'll get such results from good.old "Nerviline" Which
has   five  times  the  pain   destroying
1>OAver of ordinary remedies.. Nerviline gives results because it penetrates to the source of the pain, be-
-causo it contains ingredients that destroy rheumatic pains, It is the_un-
usually bad case that proves the power of Nerviline. Suited for young
and old; used internally and externally for many purposes, 35c .at air
dealers. -."-.-���
World's Finest Diamond
Was Given to King Edward by Transvaal-Government.
Tho largest diamond In the world
is the Cullinan diamond, given to King
EdAvard by the Transvaal Government
in 1907. The stone was presented to
King Edward in token of the loyalty
and appreeiation-of the people'of the
TransAr'aal for the bestowal of the con-
stitution on the colony. It was unearthed at the Jaegersfontein mine,
Orange. River Colony, South Africa, in
1905. In its rough state it weighed
3,025 carats, or 1 1-3 pounds. Amsterdam diamond cutters.made nine
large stones and several smaller ones
from it. , The largest, still weighs
51G 1-2. carats and is said to'be .'the
most valuable and brilliant diamond
in human possession today. '
New "Court Of Miracles"
Is Yours Acute or Chronic?
Choosing Future Queen
Prince' of Wales Will Ndt Be Forced
Into Matrimony. '*"-...
The public.never tires of providing
the Prince of Wales with AA'ives; it is
a favorite amusement not only with
A\-6men but with: men; I vvas^told in
confidence who tho embryo - Princess
"really is -the 'other day. . I shall not
betray tlie confidence, but may say it
-is _a girl .whose engagement
to quite another ..,young man
will soon bg announced. ;.Yet I/was
assured the information came from a"
member of His Royal Highness's household direct to my informant. So
much for social tips, which are about
as reliable as racing tips. The Prince
Is not going to be either hurried or
coerced Into matrimony. When the
announcement of his engagement Is
made it will be sudden and surprising���we may be sure of that ���and
it AA'ill not please everybody.!���Belfast
Weekly NeAvs.
One of the best IcnoAvn guides in
Nova Scotia gives this testimonial of
.. Havo used Minard's Liniment in my
liome, hunting and lumber camps for
years, and consider It the best AA'hite
liniment on the market. I find that
it gives quick relief\to minor ailments,
such-as sprains, bruises and all klnd3
of wounds. Also'it is a great remedy for coughsVcolds, etc., AAiiich one
is liable-to catch Avhen log driving and
cruising during the Avintor and spring
months. I would not be Avithout
recommend it too highly.
(Signed) Ellison Gray.
A Girl Farm Manager.
Miss E. C. Knight, avIio has passed
her second .examination for the de-
greo of bachelor of veterinary-science
and also her second examination for
tho diploma of. M.R.C.V.S. at Liverpool University, is one of the first
women to try to qualify as a veterinary surgeon. She is- the' daughter of
W. A. Knight, headmaster at Sexey's
School, Bruton, Somerset. Miss
Knight is 25. Hunting is one of her
recreations, and another is painting
pictures of animals.
___A__Chicago __Avonian_destroyccl- hcr-
husband's clothes in a fit of passion.
Hc complained of her; shc AA"as ar
rested and fined, and he had to pay
the fine.
> You can't expect the dove to settle
down AA-hile tha riveters keep 115 such
a din on new battleships.
'- The Man Who Said:
"The proof of the pudding   .
is in the eating"���
was only half through
V He started a good 'padding-,
proof, but he didn't finish it".
7 There's a lot of trouble ;in
the world from puddings that
taste good but don't do good.   '.-���'
T��1_J.   .    <*^
-They "^t" well,  but
ends the recommendation.
Sanitariums are, full of pud-
; -7 ding-eaters wfaostoppedtheiestat ���.
,   tasteandforgottoinquireVivhether
.    their food gave the body, what it
needed���until'the body rebelled; ,
Grape-Nuts is a;food that  .
. tastes, good and does good.   The V
proof of Grape-Nuts begins in the
eating and; goes on through the
splendid service  which  Grape-
Nuts renders as  a  real  food/
Grape-Nats ia the perfected goodness of wheat and irialted barley
���delicious to taste, easy to di-
V./'gest, and. exceptionally. rich  in ; /;
"���-. /nourishment for/body'and/brain."/-*-.
Fhere's a Reason,;';-!/��;*. Grape-Nuts -���;hXy_V
House Described by Victor Hugo Discovered In Paris.
A new "Court of Miracles," bo
vividly described by Victor Hugo In
"Notre Dame,", has been discovered
in Paris.
Every night scores, of. beggars���
.Wind men, lame men, deaf men, dumb
men, ; paralyzed men���came to tho
house of the "King of Egypt," himself
a. "blind man" by'i profession, behind
the town hall and in. true beggars'
style spent their "earnings" in revelry
all night long.
Neighbors complained, and one
night recently the police descended
on the "Court of Miracles" with an
ejectment order, but the beggars set
up house again in the open-air on a
piece of AAraste ground and the -revelry began afresh.
The joyous .spectacle increased in
intensity. The'blind saAV and the
men took out
^ and played,
AA-hilo crippled, palsied pee-plo merrily
fox-trotted in tho ruddy'glare of the
camp fire.
.The police interrupted tho fete, but
just as in tho days of yoro they Avero
met by a stubborn resistance and attacked AA'itk. crutches and Imitation
legs and arms.     They wore routed.
Next morning they returned to the
charge, but all tho boggars had returned to their "employments" except
the "King and Qucon^of Egypt."
deaf heard, armless
musical    instruments'
Once a mother, has used /Baby's
Own Tablets for her little ones she is
alAvays happy .to recommend them'to
others. Her "advice, given- after a
careful trial," can bo readily folloAved
Avith assured goo'd results. The Tablets are a mild but thorough laxative
which never fail to regulate the bOAA'-
els and SAveoten the stomach. They
alAvays do good���thoy cannot possibly do harm even to the youngest
babe. Concerning them Mrs. P. La-
forest, St. Nazaire, Que., Avrites: ���
"For three months my baby was constipated and. cried continually. On
the advice of, a friend'I gaA'e him
Baby's Chvn Tablets -and-now at the
age of five months ho is perfectly
well and Aveigiis-tAventy pounds."I am
delighted to be able to advise other
mothers- to use them." The Tablets
aro sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Brockville;
First Baby Travels to Paris.
Among the passengers ou tho Croy-
don-Paris aeroplane Avas a'baby girl
Just 5 1-2 months old, Avho Avas going
to France Avith her parents. This is
the first baby in arms to travel by the
Continental airway. Frieda Inglin,
as she is called, lay quite contentedly in her mother's arms, and did nor
appear to be in the least frightened
by tho roar of the giant engines.
'< ^=0^
For Hair And S!dn Health
Cuticura Is Supreme
The majority of skin and scalp troubles
might be prevented by using Cuticura Soap
exclusively for all toilet purposes. On
the slightest sign of redness,-roughness,
gimples or dandruff, apply a little Cuticura
lintment. Cuticura Talcum soothes and
cools the skin and overcomes heavy perspiration. Delicate, delightful, distingui.
Snip25c. Oiatae&t25-cn-lS0c. Talcnm_5c. Sold
throughout the Dominion. Canadian Depot:
Lphm. United, 3<M St. I*h1 St., W.. MontreW.
'Cutitura Soap shaves without mur.
German Merchant
Sold Poisoned Hat
Leather Band  Contained  Quantity of
Sulphuric Acid.
Tho last form of German "frightful-
noss" is in tho form of a poisoned
hat, Avhich produces severe pains in
the head^ It must bo recorded, however, in fairness to Fritz, that the inconvenience suffered by the Avearers
of such headgear is tho result of
chemical action, and forms no part
of a deliberate scheme to inflict torture, on the public.
A hatter at Bonn has just been sued
for selling a customer a poisoned hat.
After Avearing the hat a short time
the man felt his forehead throbbing
and shooting pains in the head. Not
being accustomed to such"nialadies,
he had his hat examined and found
that the band Avas made of artificial
leather, Avhich contained a sufficient
quantity of sulphuric acid to account
for his pains. / " . ,
1 The Court aAvarded the buyer
damages and told - the hatter that it
Avas his business to discover Avhether
his goods were injurious to customers before selling them.    "
Attacked by Asthma. The first
fearful sensation is of suffocation,
Avhich hour by hour   becomes   more
Isn't She Mean?
She (during the quarrel).���You neAr-
er deserved .1 AA-ifo like me!
He.���And I never deserA'ed the rheumatism, but I got it just the same.
Complete in itself, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator does not requiro
the assistance of any other medicine
to make it effective,- _It does not fail
to do its AS'ork.
A Growing Union *
Movement In Progress to Extend
Union of South Africa.
The Union of South Africa, over
Avhich General Smuls presides, contains four provinces, but is only a
third larger than British Columbia, or
tAA'o-thirds the area of Quelfec. Tho
moA"cmcnt now in progress for the an-
nexatioiT~of" the" colony^of Rhodesia,
at present administered by the British
South Africa Company,' would nearly
double the-area-of the UnioD by add:
ing 450,000 square miles to tho -173,-
000 iioav administered by the Union
GoA'ernment.' It would add 1,500,000
to the native population, Avith some
40,000 -Europeans.
Tho GoA;ernment of-Mr. Smuls is
also adminifitr��-ing the former German protectorate of West Africa, an
estate of 329,000 square miles, Avith a
small European population' and seA"-
eral hundred thousand natives. The
number of tho natives Avas greatly
reduced, and1 some races nearly exterminated during the German occupation. Geueral Smuts i3 thus likely to havc under his jurisdiction, 1,200,-
000 eduare niiles pf^ territory,/with a
000 square miles of.territory, with a
total population, not,'much less .than
that of Canada.���The Daily Province.
V      /Donated Handsome Prize. ..'.
The Edmonton Livestock Exchange
announces... that . through the-'-'gener-
osity of H.. P. Kennedy, -of-" Toronto,
Ontario,, it. is .able to offer the sum
of one thousand .dollars (.1,000.66) in
prices .for -the,, best gains, in weight
on steers fed and finished this.coming winter, season/-'/Mr/Kennedy is
a' strong advocate.for.the finishing of
.Canadian cattle1'in Canada,-' and \.to
encourage the tanners ...of.Alberta-ahd
SaskatchoAyan, \ to . 'fee��,< .steers   this
Kellogg's Asthma remedy is very
grateful.. Its help is quickly apparent and soon the dreadful attack is
mastered. The'' asthmatic aa'Iio has
found out the dependability of thl3
sterling .remedy will never bo Avith-
out it. It is sold evoryAvherc,
j  _______
Error Jn Report.
A discrepancy of 100,000,000 bushels iu the crop yield estimate of the
Dominion Bureau of Statistics-Is revealed by officials of the Saskatche-
Avan Co-operative Elevator Company. Quoting Iho estimated Avheat
yield for tho Dominion this year as
204,000,000 bushels, the Dominion
Bureau's report says that tho total
may be greater than ,the aggregate
in 1915, Avhich, by .the Bureau's OAvn
figures Avas 393,000,000 bushels..
Cretonne United
������- - * ���'
The establishment of .the church at
Corinth is an example of missionary
endeavor for all ages. The method
employed, which resulted In success
then, will result in success now.
I. Tfie True Missionary Method (atv.
1-3). "
Paul came to Corinth a stranger in
a strange city. He did not have an
advance agent to do his advertising;
neither did he have his photograph
put in the daily paper with sensational announcements, upon his arrival In Corinth. He did not have a
trained singer with him; neither did
he havo his salary guaranteed. His
method in gaining a foothold In Corinth was as follows:
1. Finding a home (a'- 2). This he
found with Aquila/and Prlscilla, Jew3
who - were recently expelled from
Rome by the cruel edict of Claudius.
Being Joavs, ho found natural affinity
Avith them.
2. i-Io toiled for his daily bread
(v. 3). Ho Avas of same craft Avith
them, being tontmakers. Every child
among tho JeAArs Avas.v taught some
trade by means of Avhich he could gain
a liA'elihood should occasion require.
One of the rabbis said that he who
failed to teach his boy a trade taught
him 60 steal.      ' ���
II. Teaching   in   the Synagogue at
Corinth (a'v. 4-S)..
1. Though compelled to toil for a
living Avhilo getting a foothold in
Corinth, he did not lose sight of his
main AA'ork (v. 4). He reasoned in
the synagogue every Sabbath, persuading the Jews and Greeks.
' 3. His activity was increased AA'hen
Silas and Timothy came (v. 5). "This
resulted from-three causes: (1) They
brought'good news from the church at
Thessalonica (J. Thess. 3:6).' To
hear of the steadfastness of those
Avho had confessed Christ .under ouf
.ministry puts' neAV vigor into our labors. . (2) They brought ���' pecuniary
gifts from tho Macedonian churches
(Philip. 4:15; II. Cor. 11:9). Being
relieved from the necessity of toil for
a living, they, noAv could devote more
timo and energy to the preaching of
the gospel. (3) Silas and Timothy
became assistants to Paul In the
AA-ork,    thereby     strengthening,    his
desperate and hopeless.     To such a  i,������j��� -������ ������ +��� ���������!,-��� ���-,.,������, *��� ������
case, the relief afforded by Dr. J. ��}&***& -" to ^able him to accen-
Catarrh "is a local disease greatly influenced
Ire constitutional conditions. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE is a Tonic, taken internally, and .acta through the blood upon the
mucous surfaces of tlie system. - IlALL'S
CATARIUI MEDICIXE assists Nature in
restoring normal conditions.
All Druggists.     Circulars free.
V. J.  Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Canadian Wool
*       Has Good Reputation
High Quality Appreciated by States
and Overseas Markets.
A -virtual reA'olution has been
wrought in the avoo! industry of Canada in tho past feAv years. Whereas
but a short Avhile ago the Vvool produced In Canada was offered for sale
in such an unsatisfactory state that
the Canadian manufacturer looked
Avith indifference jipcm tho homegrown product, -tody he realizes lhat
Canadian wool compares favorably
Avith that" of. any other country and
more than half of tho domestic production- finds its way to Canadian
mills. Not only -is the .high quality
of tho Canadian product appreciated
locally noAV but in' the United States
and the oA-erseas markets it Is now
generally recognized.-, that- Canadian
sheepmen are,-producing / aa-oo1- the
equal; of .'similar:'classes .aud grades
groAvn elsoAvhere. iii the '".world. / Grad:
ually. but- surely a reputation has been
built up for Canadian, fleece' avooIs on
the doniestIc,;'and, foreign' markets/ ' ���
Poor "Old "Nature. '-"*. '
. -.-Four... fcct-. of -,- snow has;fallen in
South" Africa.-,. And - recently' It Avas
S3 degrees; above' zero; in Lapland.
Poor old Nature seems to' be acting
que.eiiy.. . -She has bobbed- her hair
and -" shortened. her; skirts.--Xew York
Herald.' . ,-.���''-.
-.  The patriotic man is _-loyal;,io- his
country    arid    to  -the-community in
Avinter,   has "donated   the/'handsome  which.he .lives.      It hc is consistent
sum mentioned above. ;..,' ������'.,..������        ;'   hc'Avill give first preference to Canadian made goods when   making-   purchases. -   He Avill also stand loyally
bvhts local dealer.'.'
Outclassed.   . ���'
Mother.���These.-little playmates of
yours look rather   common,   Bobbie.
J-hope none of them swear.   //-..-   -"-:
Bobbie!���Oh/some/of  'cm-'try to,
mother,/but 'ihey'.'ain't.-'inuch good af
'it;~Life.-/7.V- ,"-:;,-��� VV',W.-' XXX--
��� ,.The nests, of''South' America,h horn:
ets are" used'by the.'natiyes.as baskets,
being, light,'/��� stfon'g'/iand; - so ,; closely
made as to/be .waterisroof. -��."���-.���.-'... 7
:P^rp,nizc';y6ur:.l6fai,'mcycliasit7antl 1 Minard's Ltniment'.iised by- Physicians
llicreby'/iicip \to b'uil.-.!.
town' a;id ,cp:i.:i;U,:-..ity7
up ���'yoiir] homer ~
XW.k N.",;TJ.-;i38?.'
tuate his efforts.       vv
3. Paul opposed (a". 6). His Increased activity was met with In-
creased opposition. This can always
bo expected.
4. Paul announces his purpose to
turn to the Gentiles (v. G). Because
of their blasphemy and opposition he
ceased Tto Avork among the Jews.
There is a time AA"hen'good judgment
causes one to abandon AVork where
efforts have been fruitless, but It Is
difficult to knoAv just Avhen to do it.
5. Ho did not go far aAA'ay (v. 7).
He remained sufficiently near., that
those whoso hearts God touched could
easily find him. It Is likewise true
that although Christ is obliged, to depart* from the soul^that refuses Him
entrance. _IIe lingers with yearning
love around"that heart.
C. His success (v. S). Crispus, the
chief ruler of the synagogue, atos converted. Perhaps the severity of his
action in turning aAvay from theni
moved Crispus lo action,
III. Paul's Vision (vv. 9-11).
His experiences since corning to Eli-
rope Avero very trying. He needed encouragement at this time."It Is just
like the Lord to come at the time of
the servant's greatest, need. Note the
Lord's-AA'ords-to him���      -    - -
1. "Bo not afraid." When one Is
executing the commission of the Lord
he need not bo afraid.
2. "Speak, and hold not thy peace."
Tho one who has heard the voice of
God cannot refrain from speaking���
cannot" be still.
3. "I am1 with thee. The Lord ia
Arith everyone Avho faithfully carries
out his commission.
4. "No man shall set on thee to
hurt thee." , The one sent by the
Lord to do a Avork ls immune' from
danger and harm until his Avork ia
done.      "     > ~"
5. "I have much people in this city."
It is' most encouraging to know that
in the great-'cities the Lord has His
OAvn- people and that tho one Avho goes
in.His name shall haA-e fruit for his
service.:"- / ' ' --  .-.:'\ - -.  ,     /.   -:"..'
\ ""'-���'���-.What Microscope Shows.'
, In Avater in/which decaying vege
tables have been Infused, tho microscope discoA-ers creatures so lniniite
that lu.OOO of. them \vbuld not exceed a-grain of mustard, though they,
are supplied- with organs, as complicated as/thoso .of whale3. ���     '  7.7" ."���
' Mrs.Z'MorningsydQ 7tp';Mrs. Struck-
byie.���That ;mbnument? /Oh,' 7 that's
Cleopatra's;Needle. It came' from
Egypt, ..you know, and; is: literally
covered with;hieroglyphics./   - :'
Mrs; . Struckoyle.���iGpodness . gracious: . And, haven't, the sanitary authorities. 7e\-er tried-.to' exterminato
them? - '     .'--.'     '."'/'���'
School Teacher (to little boy).
If a.farmer raises 3;700 Bushels of
wheat and sells it-for f 2.50. per bash-
eh/what/will he get?''���>.'//;'���7..7 ."���-./
, -Litile^Boyr-^A- motor'car." './'/.��� ���"'.-
/. Giriizef. -'-'a .'"merchant.:! of ./Kiachta,
has." the , reputation-fof.7 '.being ���"'- the
greatest-'bear. rhur.ter''in/'Sibcii3.:/; He
is-"'65. years' old. and,,- rcccnlIy/:-.k511cd
his seventy-seventh ;bear.;, ������'���; :->!/, ,"���'
0 By Marie Belmont.
This youthful frock shows thc effee
tivc use of cretonne as a trimming:.
It isfashioncd on very simple lines
that affect the much-liked chemise
dress. The frock is made of orchid-
colored gingham, although should you
Avish you might copy it in any other
color-that may be more becoming to
yourself. It is fastened doAvn the
back Avith self-covered buttons. The
deep border and flat collar are' cut
from cretonne which has a lavender
and green grape design. The three-
quarter sleeve is finished with a flaring cuff of the cretonne. A girdle of
bright green ribbon encircles the
Made Long Journey
Without Food
Can Be Quickly Overcome by
Purely vege
table ��� act sure
and gently on
the liver. Re-
Sieve biliousness,  head-
ache, dizziness and indigestion.   They do their
duty   .
Email Pill���Small Dose���Small Price
Italian Trade Suffers
The balance of trade is still running against Italy. In the five months
of 1921, the imports were approximately $317,00,000, while the exports
amounted to but ?134,000,000. This
leaves an adArerse trade balance of
.183,000,000. In tho corresponding
period last year the adverse balance
was $1GO,000,000.
Phonograph and Camera.
The latest novelty in pleasure
equipment, a - phonograph-camera
combination, is described Avith Illustrations in the October Popular Mechanics Magazine. A regular spring-
AA'ound motor drives tho phonograph
part and is located within the camera
box. Nearly all tho modern adjustments wlth^ relation to tone variation
and speed are included In the construction of tho phonograph. Ths
contrivance is so compactly arranged
that it makes a handy accessory for
He'd Die First.
Mr. Giggan.���Poor Bill was scnteno-
edi for-life.
Mrs. Giggin.���Sentenced for life?
A delicate feller like him? WeU
that's a joke on the Judge, 'cause he's
too sick to ever serve a life sentence.
A Dominion Express Money Order for fire
dollars costs three cents..
Penguins Are Able to Fast For
.  Weeks.
Fourteen blackfooted penguins have
just'come 6,000 miles to-the London
Zoological Gardens without a bite to
eat. Even now they are not In a
hurry to restart the meal habit, says
the Dally Mail.
There is an extraordinary variation
between the-fasting capacity of .birds,
Some starve if they have to go
through an 1& hours night, while the
penguin's limit has not, been ascertained, though they go .fort-many
weeks without signs of distress beyond a certain slimness. Seals also
share his power of going Avithout
food. A-few weeks between meals
does not seem to worry them, though
they make perfect pigs of themselves
when they like.
Remember Augustus, the sea-lion,
Avho got at the Zoo main supply of
fi3h- and devoured the whole consignment. Then, four hours later, when
tho authorities had scraped together
a feAv hundredweight for the remainder of the fish-eaters, Augustus took
his place iu the "bread-line", without
a blush.
T ADIES wanted to do plain and light sew-
*-* ine at home'? whole or spare time; cood
pay, work sent any distance, charges paid.
Send stamp for particulars. National Manufacturing Co., Montreal.
Put the Fire Out,.
Poet.���"You read my little
Editor.-���"Yea. It was quite pathetic. It excited - considerable...comment in the office. The boy who
attends to such matters informs me
that it was the first poem he ever
burnt which AA-as so full of tears as
to put the fire out!"���Tit-Bits'
The Toronto Hospital for Incurables, in
affiliation with Belle-rue and Allied Hospitals,
New York City, offers a three years' Course
of 'Training to young women, having the required education, and desirous of becoming
nurses. This Hospital has adopted the eight-
hour system. The pupils receive uniformi
of the School, a monthly allowance and
travelling expenses to and from New York.
For further Information apply to the
America's Pioneer
Doc Remedies
and How to Feed
Mailed    Free    to   any
Address  by the
CO.,   INC.,
118    West    3Ist-5trret,
New York. U.S.A.
Cook's Cotton Roof Compotffig
A. lafe, reliable rcpulating
medicine. Sold in three do*
cra��* of strength���No. 1, SI;
No. 3. ��3; No*. 3, *5 per box.
Sold by al! di-Ufgiats, or sent
��rep-tld on receipt of price,
re* pamphlet. < Address:
.910810, ��nr, (Firairl. Wlifar.)
"Bayer" is only Genuine
When Potomac Is In Flood.
Tho volume of water in tho Potomac River Avhich flows   past   Washington   la   sometimes   250 times as
great in flood as at low water.
The half-moon ��lsh,-which Is found
in tha upper waters of tho Amazon,
casts a phosphorescent glow resembling moonlight.
Warning! Unless you see tut
name "Bayer" on package or on tablets you arc not getting genuine Aspirin at all. In ever^ Bayer packago
are directions for Colds, Headache,
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Earache,
Toothache, Lumbago and for Pain.
Handy tin boxes of twelve tablets
cost feAY cents'. Druggists also sell
larger packages. Made in Canada.
Aspirin is the trade mark (registered
in Canada), of Bayer Manufacture of
Xfonoaccticacidcster of SalicylieacicL
A Supply of "Clark'' Good
Things, all ready to serve
prOArides a choice of many
excellent dishes for every
occasion, without hours of
cooking.. For a satisfying.
strengthening meaj, serve
&  Beans
A real treat. Every beau cooked just right in the
great Clark ovenfl. Never hard, never "mushy,
and tHe seasoning: is delicious..
At Dealers Everywhere
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $$
when not paidfor three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
������-iintiuent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
, cal and Oil Notices    7.00
l*stray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
Ihic first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
���oach subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Trauscient display advertising 50 cents I
an inch each insertion.
Business locals  I2^c,  a line each in
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
tl.at the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
"What looked like a fire on Saturday night od a corner of Main
.St. waa only the smoke from somebody's pipe.
The surest way to build up some
other community is to invest your
money in something that is going
to be located there.
"Troubles may come and troubles may go but bond troubles go on
forever," words by the City Council, music by the public.
The small fruit growers are putting up a heroic fight, under very
;dverse circumstances, and they arc
��� ?erving of all the moral and other
V>ful  kinds of support that the
Vicfe and  community can give
'���7cm.    Every new movement has
0 overcome difficulties.    "We be-
Ueve there is a great future for the
sinall fruit industry in this district,
nnd the men in the business today
who are bucking the currant are
laying the foundation  for a bug
ceasful   structure.     More; energy
':?.nd power to them. . ���������'.-"
The Home Circle
Yes, boys will be boys; and why should they not?
Now, a boy should go to school, but there is no particular
pleasure in that, for fun he wants and fun he will have.
Your boy should be always nice and clean; it., makes liirn
look well���but even that does not satisfy his frisky nature.
A boy should go to a meeting, once or twice a week, but,
good as he is, he will crave for pleasure. We love a boy
with a merry twinkle in his eye; he looks so cunning; and,
besides, he will need all the spirit of a young colt before
he gets through the world. If properly trained it will be
to him what steam is to an engine. Did it ever occur to
you to turn boy yourself and lay aside your dignified airs?
Try it, Play with them; laugh with them; talk with
them; sing with them; and, when night comes, yon can
pray with them with a result you little dreamed of. If
they can have always more pleasure with you than anybody else you will always know where they are. Did you
ever notice how the older animals play with their young?
It looks funny you will admit. Wc have often laughed at
a stiff-legged horse playing with a colt, and what a queer
game of "tag" it was; the baby horse beats every time,
but the little one always kept close to its mother, and was
never heard to neigh. Parents, take a lesson and it wil]
be possible to know where the "wandering boys are tonight. ".
Order your  winter supply  now
JOHN WYDER,    Box 615,    Greenwood
��� ^Notwithstanding the lessons
. that people have learned���:fche past
there are still a lot of folks who
insist upon swelling the lucrative
commissions earned by stock salesmen who blow into our community
(tuite frequently, tell their wonderful tales of profits to be, made land
. the individual commonly known as
that variety of fish, which . we used
to catch in Hickory .Creek early in
tlio spring (you 'know'the-kind),
and   fade   away   to   freshV creekp
where the new fish and some of the
old are biting good. He's .a 'wonderfully friendly chap the stock
salesman, and if he gets you going
or coming ;(it's all the same to
him) . he'll Vstick" closer- than; a
brother until-': you're ; milked '-.dry.
.   and then  he'll leaveVyou, some of
' the nicest bits of engraving which -
you would care to see, will bid yon
...;. a.fond farewell, because;he never
':���' expects'to see.you again if he can
help it,- and  trots, along' .with that
7 '-.'winning* smilei to harvest the fresh
V crop of which" a famous judge once
said one is born every mintute,
7    Dispensable^
��� Tbe.author of '.'Balr Ballads'.'  once \coin-
"''-"���-,   tiosed a'little list .    ;;' ._������   '
- - Ofvarious bores in'social life who" "never
7        would be missed."    .
.  Recent research would-���.seem to   prove.
that list might be extended,
-- '-With later types brought up-to-date like
-. "_.., "those we.haveappended.
Boy Scouts
Announcement is made from the
Provincial headquarters of the Boy
Scouts Association, Victoria, B. C.
that a campaign is being organized
for the advancement of the move-
ment in the Province and Major
W. D. S. Rorison, District Commissioner of the Boy Scouts Association of Vancouver, has been
selected to tour a portion of the
Province, and will at an early date
be in Greenwood.
Under the provisions of Sec. 246
of the "Municipal Act Amendment Act 1919" all lands and improvements in the City of. Greenwood affected thereby will be sold
on Friday, Sept. SOfeb, 1921, in the
City Hall- sale commencing at
11 a.m. .._"���' :-
-    Geo. . S. Walters,   .
-'-. .-_.-''."   . City Clerk.
V-uiujc-notice is ''hereby- given
th.-it an application will foe made to the Letrisla-
lure of the Pruvincu of llritisli Columbia at its
next sitting's for an Act-in relief of the City of
Ciruenw'ooci. by providing:
].. That the debcnliires to'the amount of
$15,000 issued pursiinnt loan .ijrrei-meiit dated
24th March. W09. made between the said City
aiid the Greenwood Phoenix Tramway "Company. Limited..be declared mil! and void and
cancelled forwant bf consideration: '   -
2..- That tlie .operation of the -jucifrcinciitR
bearinjrdaie the 71 h day of .Septeniber, 1121, in
favor of the Jlaiiu-facturers Ivife Insurance
Company and the Sun Life -.Assurance Company'of Canada, respeclivelv. for the stun of
519,522.29 ami ?n.203.68, respectively, be suspended, and the said jiulcrcment creditors sliall
take no further action tlu'ereiiuder:  "     - '    -.
3.- . That all the oiitstandintr debentures of
the City of~ Greenwood be "brought into botch
pot and that thc siiikintr funds ou hand now be
distributed in reduction of the -liability .under
the said oi-tstandinj.--debentures: _.." " '
.. 4.. That one ".person be-appointed by the
Lieutenant.Governor in Cniincil.011,the nomination of llic.lioldei-.s of a" majority in value of the
said debemurcs.to act as Trustee for the-'said
holders: ���?-.." "' ..���,' ���. ���- \  --,'--.
5. - That'the said Trustee for tbe bondholders be (jiveii veto powers covering- the expeitdi-
turesof Uiu-MuiiicipalHy,' the rate ..of taxation
and all-other matters necessary loolcinpr to the
repayment of the said'- outstanding- debentures
in.instalments as speedily "as may be:' '��� .,-
"' ,6. That the real property hold'by'"the City
and-all arrears of .taxes be., constituted -trust
assets, to." apply, on th<- redemption of the-said
debenture's:   - " .-'. '.   '.   '.  -     ..   .       .--.'.-
7. " That .the an'mial tax sale way be-held-
oiily -when required-by.-the-.Trustee' for the
debenture holders: ',-   ",    ';���'"'--.      ' .-' -
S. That the interest .rate payable on'.otit-
s'taudiupr.jlebeiitiires.lie six per cen't;-      .'���''-'* ~
.->. That ihe assessment'., roll for-the year
1.921 sliall be taken for the. next live ^year's 'as
the-assessment roll for tho City" and'aliat, tlie
"niaximiini rateof taxation shall not exceed nl'x-
aiid one-half per cent, of the/assessed value of-
the land and'one-third of.the assessed value of
'llic';improvementS:-.-,"'--"  '   '  '- ,.''"���
--. _10..-"Snch further aiid''other relief as to'tlie
Legislature.may seem nieet:- -    -      '   -.    "\
OAVED at Vancouver,. 7n.C.-,-;'tiiiR l"->tli day
of September, 1921.   '        .   -.' ���-.--''    -  ���_���-
7    -Solicitors'for "the Corporation of"tiie,
_'   ;     7 City of Greenwood, applicants.-
In future the Greenwood
Garage will be run under the
management of C. Elliott and
W. C. Wilson.
Mr- Elliott has had a wide
experience in the repair of automobiles. Any work entrusted
to them will receive prompt and
careful attention. A special
plant is being installed to handle
storage batteries in the most
efficient manner-
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.    Terms Cash.
Fire Insurance
Real Estate
'    AGIvNT
Royal Rank Bldg., Grand Forks
616 Vernon St., Nelson "
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   ���  Proprietor
Nicely furnished,rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, -B, C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25. each. Gold-Silver fi.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead .'��3 00. ' Silver-Lead $2,oo.7__Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.'
Charges - for other metals, etc., on application.
--.'- Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -������������-��� -   B.C.
(FORM. F)-
Certificate of Improvements.
"WATERLOO No. 3" Mineral Claim, situate
in the Greenwood Mining- Division, of Yale
VVltere located: In LiifhtuiiiK' Peak Camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H.' Hallett, Solicitor, as A-jeiit for Cliarles Morgan Kinustodj
Free Miner's Certificate No. 29153C, and Francis
Edward Rendell, Free Miner's Certificate No.
332SSC, intend, sixty days from tlie date hereof,-
to applj- to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of .'Improvements, for the purpose of
oLtaiuiut~f a Crown drain of tlie above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 85, must be commenced before the
issue of such Certilicate of Improvements.
Dated this 22nd day of July, A. D. 1921.
- " -    LAND ACT
In Slmilkameen Land District, Recording District of Fairview. and situate about Four
Miles North-East from Westbridge on Kettle
River.       .
' TAKE NOTICE that Asa Carl Mesker,
of Midway, ' II.C, occupation Railway. Conductor, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following-described lands:
Commencing at a. post planted .at the
South-West ..corner of Lot- 890s thence East
about 35 chains; thence 5ont.li'20 chains; thence
West 20 chains; thence North following, the
meandering!-., of Kettle River to-.point of commencement,'and containing eighty'acres more
or less.     ,      -  -    - ...
'-���     - ' A.' C. MESKER,
.    - -. -Applicant.
."   Dated 19th August, 1021. - ' ./
...Send" a Float to your friends at
once.- You can get them- at
The.L-edge office    .
Auto Stage, twice daily, to  Midway  meeting Spokane,.Grand
. 7Fork8_and-.Ne]spn-.tpaiu,V.leavirig Greenwood at-S a.m.V---
Eor Oroville, Wenatchee and.'Princeton leaves Greeiiwood, 3 p.m.
Fare,^i..50 Eaph Way.    Hand Baggage Free.    Trunks Carried.
Express arid Heavy brayineVr;:;    ;7Aiito'sfor hire Day or Night
7    We carry Tires, Oils* Greases; .Hay and Grain
Office Phone. 13;V V ^ \    h^^'yX'-'X'-X, Residence Phone 3L
-'The.~gol<lng; bore, the Ssbicg fiend,   the
.-',- auto maniac, - -
. '-'n-,e;bum who,borrows dollars arid who
.;..-   :ne.A;er pays.'em back,
.'.-   J.c siiovie pest who reads aloud the text
on film screens,
.T7Te.bpor.who puffs his 'baccy fumes all
oyer our-plate of beans.
., T.'ie   after-dinner  speaker who   revives
. cold-storage wit,' .....
/"-Tlie Bolshevik" who places his chewed
.-;.;-   j^iin. where .people sit,
'.'.".vl'f-' fipall'y-r.'that:.^biped,. efflnlatiye,of
XXheXTvjkXX'-'^X X XXXX'y'yX-'''
-V,"jo,struts along-- the sidewalk-'withVliis'.
.;...toothpick hard at 'yyork. >'--.''-'���'.;,' y- ".'���''
Sheriff's^ Notice of Sale
'.under and'by virtue of a certain Warrant
of Execution placed in .my hands authorizing me to levy - of' the -goods - and
chattels of JOSEPH ''PETER KEANE
the sum of $358.21. and' costs, I have
seized and taken in- execution- the sawmill known-''as-Keane's.niiil near Bridesville, B.C., together with all sawn lumber
GIVEN-, that' unless' the amount mentioned above together with all-costs incidental thereto,- are sooner paid to me,'I
wil! proceed to sell .the' goods arid
chattels seized.
. And unless notice is farther given Aid,
CONCERNED ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED- that the. sale of the goods and
chattels mentioned above will take place
atJCEAN'S Sllli'lVon FRiDAYr.q1e.3bth
day bf:Septemberj;i9'2Vi.at''2.3o-p;m".,-: 7 -
','��� VTerrns of Sale;- .Cash. ��� :.;, ';-���"",' ��� XX '
--/.; Dated. at:-Greenwobd; B^C;, this.a^th
day of September,"1921.7.-'.'. '. ���Xy _. ��~XX--:
This.sal.e .wiir.be subject .to a,chat ties
fiA7wbniani8 more graceful than
���'  :,V:'v ���"* '���' jV.''c"':"!;V'1.1~ .-��� -.���.-s.iiiis.saie wm pesuoject.toa.chatties
a. noan,',' obaen-ed lhe Sage.-���-���yNot. mortgage' for jziooo.oom favor of Andrew
r     ' i_" V r ''y :~ ���'-'�� '-' ��  :':X     '"����  Johnson and -Edwin Hatton'V-'  -;;' ���'-���"��� ���'���''"
-heu she's ge^goff aslreefe ear,- %:.:����^:&. &#��&&&
coramented ihPXFdoiyyXXX -���.--.,;-V XyXyXy^yyyyxj^pxity^ShiTiK.l
[Gre��|n Forests are anVinvestmehtvwMcli;gives big
x'-x.  returns.    y[/x-']-':y\ i-'-.rvV :..<x'x.y"\
The shareholders include; direct
.       citizen in the ProviricevH-;. -yy:x. :'x{x[[[[
^Divideiids7 are .shared directly by every; inalviciual
���;who;resides-ih^tish:c^ &c<
. Each/tree is 'woitfey\of-,'prc^eryation. ~ ahd^^me^ns-ein^
ploymentto someone, sooner or later. ���
No timber substitute has been found, but timber
provides substitutes for many articles.
The Lumber trade is called the barometer of British
Columbian prosperity*
Keep the mark set high; destruction of the Forest
Physician and Surtreon
Hospital Phone. 90.   Residence Phone 69
Agent for   Chevrolet,   Studebaker,   and
Overland cars.   Garage iu connection.
d. Mcpherson
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fetice Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
Syn:p:i3 of
Land f cf ^meni'meiifs
Mlnlmun.-'price of nrHt-clans land
reduced to J5 an acre; Mecuud-claaa to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be (ranted covering only
latjd suitable for agricultural purpoaer
And which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for- adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. q
Pre-emptor* must oocupy claims for
fire years and make Improvements to
- value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation or at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than t years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Reoords without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$100 per annum and reoords same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for--.
telture. Title cannot be obtained in
(ess than S years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre. Including 6 acres
cleared and oultlvated, and residence
of at least t years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may reoord another pre-emption, If he
The Consolidated Mining7&. Smelting Cor
of Canada, Limited
.''"->... Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
J****** + ��4c4p4r&'lFAc4r4r 1c4c4c4"b'b4c4c4c4r4c4c4r%
|CN fiume Bofcl |
nelson, B*��*
4��  The only up^o/date Hotel in the interior, -First-class   <���>
requires land In conjunction .with his
f.-���   ��uk���factual f
>ry tr
   -..^ "��-'
granted land.
farm, without ��� actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements mads
and residence maintained on Crown
Unstirveyed areas, not exceeding 10
���ores, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For graslng and industrial purposes
areas exoeedlng 140 acres may Ue
cleaaed by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 ��� acres
may-be purchased! conditions Include
payment of etumpags.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exoeedlng Aalf of purchase
price, is mads. /"'-)
> ACT.
The (cope of this Act is enlarged to
include all rtrspn* Joining and serving with His Majesty1! forces.   The
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats. _
3ssr <Me -aesssk iMl -a^sea asssV a-assW a-ssssl Sl<BBm bbbbh iMi a^Kil eMe s^sast sit assti^     . a^sW a^Ks-i iMe JL  ^.jbu a^su  assU assU ala ^BE
<m ��*������ "s*"p "sf^ *jot V "s"^ s^m.^m ^�� n* *FyF ^F ^P *^r      ^F ^T ^9    ^9    ^9    ^9    ^9    ^9   ^9   ^^
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
war.   This privilege ls also made re-
.   No U
due or
relating to Kl��
lyaWe \T --fflije
recorded eiterTi
;emptlons are
irs on . pre-
��n . p
-^r5Yl?oa ���1 r"��n�� 9f moneST
r,Al-l4^,��i!>!��1 V* ���""��� August
sV tiiii0��h^PaV* *��ymenu. fee,
IiSSL���h*5<>i4^���p��� PM-omptlons.
* J2i*Z??i,?n .Mrreements to purchase
7   ���U��"^URdHAJ'^or��ROWN f
''cJSSS^^S^*-   C*   -tawuwo   of
<~vSI2 f%?�� *��' -"ffi-Puwhassrs    of
For Good
Job Printing
���Economy and Satisfaction %
combined with Promptness 3
are the features which go to %
make up the Service we give %
our customers. Are you 3
one of them? %
d-tAXINO.   fc ���
Orasing Act l��l��, for systsmatio
development o? lives{ook IndusSySs!
tides for graslng distrtoU sSdran��e
admlntatration under CommlssSw?
Annual graslng permits issued h^A
on numbers ranged: priority for established owners. Stook-ownen ��ti~
form XwooUtlons loth^^SSf.
ment.   Tree, or partially ttUxSSiStl
Letterheads, Noteheads,
(Ruled or Plain)    ,
(All Sizes)
-- ������
0r** ���     ' ~*m
B Statements, Business Cards, I
B Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. 1
j The Ledge      PHONE 29     I
H     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
XX Has produced Minerals valoed as follows:   Placer, Gold, $75,944,203j Lode
Gold,7$i02,753,823; Silver, $63,668,284; Lead $46,637,221; Copper, $161,513,864; -
Zinc, $19^896,466; Coal and (Joke, $212,573,492; Bailding Stone, Brick, Cement,
.   V    etc., $32,168,217; Miscellaneoos Minerals, etc., $1,037,408; making Us Mineral
Prod action to the end oi 1929 show an
^^ of $706,192,978
Production for Year Ending December, 1920, $35,543,084^
The Mining Laws of this ProviBee are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province ia the Dominion, or any colony in tbe British
Empire, . . '
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for: nominal fees.
���    Abaolpte .^tiss are obtained  by develbpihg4 sach propartiee, the secariiy
7:  V;V of which ispiaranteed by-Crown-Gh-aatsV'; Vv
;;XX(XXyi\Kn}i Information, together with mining Reports and Hape, may be obtained
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