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The Ledge Mar 4, 1920

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Array ��� f >'-
x   x-'- ���-,-��� xx '..\*&m
Vol.   XXVI. ,
No. 34 ���
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it with some
x of our choice and elesrant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery. Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms .,
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
aammmtwyrowmfflmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mn
Just Arrived
Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish; Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,   Raisins   and
all   kinds   of   Nuts
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each.
60 Watts
100    ������
200   ��
*   ��* > $1.25 each
2.00 ��
3,50 ��
����   ���   #*
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
MEAGHER &  Co., 511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and. Millinery
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First
Tasty meals and comfortable roomB.    Meals served ai any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.    Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
,.      Fool hall in connection.
'���'   W. D. RUSK.'���"'���- '������-----"- - PROPRIETOR
,���.'������' -vAi ��t 30tb November, 1919 >'���
-   Paid-up:Capital '-, - : $15,000,000 ;
Reserve Fund     - - 15,000,000
Loans       -     v   -.: - ; 283,870,274
Deposits .''--     -     - -       393,605,156
Total Assets  -     v .       479,644,205^
PAID-UP CAPITAL      I ':Y-'-. *   $15,000,000 ;
.- .RESERVE FUND /.-.-,' .Y-.- Xy* YY v$l 5,000,000 ���. -������-'
.    GREENWOOD BRANCH, li .8. Brawders/Manager;'. .'
We carry a large line of
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
LOAN "���
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson,*B.C
Around Home
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and'made to
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skins* dressed and mounted at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle, Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks. Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
In Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods sent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner.
.WANTS. _ ETC. _
Foe Sale ��� Willys-Knight
Four' 1916 Touring Car, also
Overlaud 1914 model, Enquire
W. X. Perkins, Phoenix, B.C.
The  Ledge has always  room
for one more ad.
Kodaks, full line of Films
and Supplies at ,
Goodeve Drug Store
He Found It
A.well-known Indiana man,. -.';   ";��� ",/-.
- Onie dark night last week,;      '
Went to the cellar with a.inatch;
In search of a gas leak, . '*.-". - \
:���  .(He found it.).- .'. .";-   V
John Welch by, curiosity ---,.'
(Dispatches state) was goaded; -    -
He squinted into his old shot gun -.-
To see if-it was loaded.-���   -"
���A man in Macon stopped to .watch';-."
- A'paterit cigar .clipper; '.:
He wondered if-his" finger was
' - Not quicker than the nipper.
(It wasn't.) .X. - .'" r ''. "���
A Main man read that human eyes
''',-Of hypnotism w^re full; "-'.-
He went.to see if it would.work"-"   "
"..Upon an angry bull.',. r ��� -     ,���; -
Y - ; (Itwouldn't) -.Y-Y-:"
X- : ���"���'���������''! "'-'"--. ���San Francisco Bulletin;
Wm. Bruce, of Midway, was in
town on Wednesday.
Fresh Cream Cheese at Ren-
deli's Store.
M. J. Buchanan is now a resident of Boundary Falls.
Roy McLeod of Phoenix was in
Grand Forks on Wednesday.
D. R. McElmon, watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B.   C.
Mrs. Walter Murray, of Trail,
is visiting relatives  in  the city.
R. W. Halcrow is talcing a
course in a oxy acetylene welding
in Vancouver.
J. Walker representing the
Nelson News, was in Greenwood
on Wednesday.
F. M. Kerby, of Grand Forks,
is doing some surveying at the
Providence mine. '
John Skilling who has been
employed at the Emma mine, is
visiting in the city.
Conductor Tom Peck is in
Oregon, recuperating from his
recent serious illness.
Archur Walters returned to
Anyox this week, after visiting
relatives in Phoenix.
Mrs. McMynn of Midway, was
the guest of Mrs. W. H. Docksteader, on Saturday last.
Chas. Nichols, timekeeper on
S. K. P. L. Co./high power line,
returned to town last week.
Bqfn���In Grand Forks on Feb.
23rd, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Bubar, of Beaverdell, a son.
Jack Morrison is in the Nelson
hospital, being under treatment
for injuries received in France.
Malcolm Morrison has returned
to Midway from spending several
months in_ Nelson and Halcyon.
Mrs. Thos. Moore has returned to Phoenix, after nursing in
Greenwood during the past week.
After spending the winter in
Southern California, Bill Beach
returned to the Boundary last
H. JR. Bidder who has beeu
employed in the smelter at
Tacoma, returned home on Tuesday evening.
H. H. Sawyer is on a business
trip to San Francisco. Mr.
Sawyer -expects to- return- to-
Carmi in April.
Have your eyes attended to at
once. We have both shell and
gold rimmed glasses. We can fit
you.   Goodeve Drug Store.
A. F. A. Meyer, auditor for the
Canada Copper Corporation, has
returned to Allenby, after spending several weeks in Colorado.
We are unloading today another
car of Royal Household flour,
wheat, shorts, oats, cracked corn
and chick food.    G. A. Rendell.
L. A. Campbell, of Rossland,
was in Greenwood on Wednesday,
on business in connection with
the S. K. P. Co., high power
. This week a large, gang of
men commenced putting the wire
on the high power line of the
S. K. P. L. Co.* .from the Greenwood sub-station;- , -." Y ������.'_
.vFresh.. vegetables are,;" very-
scarce and dear, but. you can get
the best.of canned tomatoes, corn, ���
peas and. beans at reasonable
prices at Rendell's store.     Y
Harry. Hildreth Jr., left for.his
home in Omaha, Neb., on Wednesday morning, after spending
several days looking over mining
properties in this section. ; Mr.
Hildreth - y is"", interested , in the
Providence mine.
Miss -"_ Elizabeth    Lynch   was
beJg at St. Sayiour's church,
Nelson, -bnyFeb;-"28.YYRev. Fred
H..:'Graham officiated:.; Mr. and
Mr& Swedberg are well-known in
Phoenix; YThey; will . reside in
Gerrard. Y;
Central School Report
February, 1920.
No. actually attending       - 24
No. daily present       -       -       18
(Attendance was,irregular owing
feo illness of pupils.)
Perfect attendance:
Selma Benson, Gordon Jenks,
Silvia Price, Harold Folvik, Johnson Beattie.
Highest standing.
Entrance: Selraa Benson 77,
Gordon Jenks 75, Johnson Beattie
The following Entrance pupils
were not present for all the papers
but made the percentage placed
after their names on the subjects
taken: Sanford Pond 85, Irene
Mcintosh 84, Daisie Axam 83,
John Krouten.69, Gari Intilla 69,
Mabel Axam 68, Emmet Anderson
68, Joe   Klinosky 61.
Junior Reader IV.: Dolly
Granberg 77KHfirold Folvik 69,
Silvia Price 49.
- The following Junior Reader
IV pupils were not present for all
the papers but made the percentage
placed after their names on the
subjectsitaken: Agda Carlson 78,
Ethel Fraser 72, Gabrielle Legault
69, Ragner Johnson 68, Stella
Storer 69, Lily����Intilla 63, Jack
Anderson 58, George Morrison 54,
Harry Desjardine 47.
Perfect attendance:
Bessie   Bidder,    Myrtle  Dixon,
Cecilia   Hallstrom,    Mary   Kerr,
John Noren.
-...Standing in class; __,:.... ....   , .
Senior 2nd: Bessie Bidder,
Edward Johnson.
Junior 3rd: Mary Klinosky,
Ethel Benson.
Senior 3rd: Mildred MacLaren,-
Gertrude Dixon.
No. actually attending
Class percentage
Perfect attendance.
George Bryan, Arthur Cox,
Harry Hallstrom, Clarence Johnson, Daniel Kerr, Helen Kerr,
Leonard Pontesso, James Stalker,
Meredefeh Fenner, Allan McCurrach, Arnold Pontesso.���   -    	
Standing in class.
Jr. 2nd Reader: Leonard Pontesso, Clarence Johnson.
First Reader: Helen Kerr,
George Bryan. '
Second Primer: Eugene McGillvray, Bertram Price.
First Primer: Meredeth Fenner,
Malcolm McLeod,    ,
Receiving Class:' Allan McCurrach, Arnold Pontesso.
The Gold Finch
The Gold Finch mine a short
distance up the gulch from the
City Hall will be worked, this
spring. Wm. Madden, of Rob-
sart,;Sask., who is .well known in
this city, having lived here during the early days, will be in
charge!,-. ,, " ;' -..-'',,' Y'., /.-���
, .Ernest Johnson and Mrs. Olive
Georgina Keinpstpn, both of
Bridesville, . were married, in
Grand Forks on Feb. 23. . Ifcev.
P.' ,C. ,Hayman performed .the
:. W. N. Carty, for many fears
secretary treasurer of the.-; Coo.?.
seryative; party in British Columbia, died in. Vancouver this week.
He is survived by his widow and
four smiall children. ';<?:
married to George Henry. Swed-     M.F.. Madden, of Chicago, and
nephew,YWm. Madden, of Rob-
sarty Sask., .have'; been in town
for several days looking.-over the
Proyidence and > other mining
properties that they" are interested in.- ���'. ���'"���    .��� .-"'��� '���'-
Western Float I
Cranbrook has seven pool and
billiard parlors in operation.
Forty houses of various sizes are
now under construction at Penticton.
Penticton'a war memorial will
cost 85,000. It will be in the form
of a monument.
John Baird has been appointed
stipendary magistrate and coroner
for Cumberland.
The silver content in Canadian
silver coins hae been reduced from
925 to 800 parts in 1000.
The Salmon Arm Creamery sold
$89,099 worth of butter in 1919.
The quantity manufactured was
148,852 pounds.
Western Canadian farmers sold
last year 3.961,921 dozens of eggs.
for which they received an average
of 51 cents a dozen.
Recently the Cranbrook mounted
police captured a still that had
enough mash in stock to produce
about 500 gallons of whiskey.
Hogs sold off Canadian farms in
1919 exceeded $80,000,000 in value.
More than 40 per cent, went direct
from the farm to the paeking
It is proposed to amalgamte the
Farmers' Institutes and the United
Farmers of British Columbia into
one big farmers' organization for
the province.
Former Premier Herbert H.
Asquith was elected to the British
Parliament from the Paisley constituency in the recent by-election,
by a large majority.
Penticfconites are showing a decided tendency to attend church,
and the good move is necessitating
the Baptist and Anglicans erecting
new houses of worship this year.
A Dominion Government movie
man will take pictures of the swans
on Vasseaux lake near Penticton.
These are said to be the only
swans of the kind in existence in
Nelson Presbyterians claim to
have wiped $6,000 off the church
debt last year, as well as paying
all Hhe other running expenses.
Sixty-eight new members joined
the church last year, and about
250 children attended the Sanday
In addition to high rates of pay
and three _square meals a day.
Vancouver Island logging camps
are serving their employees with
doughnuts and coffee in the middle
of the morning, and about 3:30
o'clock with afternoon tea, cakfls
and pastry delicacies, in an effort
to retain the service? of the   men.
Kissing is unknown to the Maori
women of New Zealand. When
fehey meet each other and wish to
demonstrate their mutual affection,
they grasp each other by the
shoulders and rub their nosses together. In times of sorrow, when
mourning for the death of a relative for Instance, two women will
sit together and mourn by the
hoar, all the- time rubbing their
noses together.
The Merritt Herald says: "Arri-.
vala in the city, Monday night,
from Spences Bridge, tells of a 6uf-
ciently serious, but in some of its
features rather amusing accident
occurred on the main line, some
distance below North Bend.. This
was the derailing by some "obstacle
on the track of three cars of westbound freight, two of which was
loaded with beans. The cars were
wrecked,.and there was a veritable
mountain of beans on. the tracks
enough some wag suggested, to
maintain a. force of 700,000 or
800,000 men for six months.. The
supply greatly, exceeded the local
demand at any rate, bot the.wrecking crew from North Bend made a
valiant effort to equalize this, so
that the market closed with beans
strong and active. "Beans was
bsans,". without any doubt, and,
fehey will appear pretty frequently
on North Bend menus, for some
time to come, in every disguise
known to the culinary artists.''
Mining News
Cobalt operators will do considerable work iu the Alice Arm section this year.
After a few days closedown, due
to labor trouble, the Northport
smelter resumed operations last
A carload of oro was shipped
from the Providenco mine, Greenwood to the Trail smelfeer, last
Three men are employed on
the Pathfinder Little Bertha property on the north fork of the
Kettle river. A. E. Savage has
the contract to run a 700-foot on
fehis property. The tunnel is now
in 60 feefe.
Clarence Cunningham's mill at
Alamo is operating full force.
Clarence in not bothered with
a shortage of power, as most of the
larger operators in the Slocan have
been this winter. The Alamo mill
gets its water supply from the
north fork of Carpenter creek.
Receipts at fehe Trail smelfeer for
the week ending Feb. 21 were 5,692
tons "of smelter feed, of which 238
tons consisted of concentrates, and
5,454 tons of raw ore. This bring
the total for the year up to 47,842
tons of smelfeer feed, of which 2,139
tons were concentrates, and 45,703
was crude ore.
The Rambler-Cariboo mill in the
Slocan has closed down. After
operating all winter, during which
there was extremely cold weather,
tbe management was able to keep
the mill running, bufe the late
freeze has diminished the" streams,
and operations were compelled to
cease last"wefek.^-; '��� -    Y'..:.'- _^
Shipments "of iron ore are being
made from the Roosevelt mine,
nine miles east of Chesaw, Wash.
Sixty tons daily is the output,
and that amount is handled when
the condition of the roads permit.
Three trucks are used in hauling
and 10 men are employed. The
ore is consigned to fehe Northwest
Magnesite company  afe Chewelah.
; a;|
Negotiations have been closed
for the purchase of the Yankee
Girl mine at Ymir^nd a substantial sum has been paid on account,
acoording to a Nelson, report.
-The purchaser is a-syndicate com--"
pesed Canadian and New York
men and tht vendor is fehe Hobson
Silver-Lead company, whose members are residents of Chattanoga,
Tenn., and Fort Worth, Texas.
The ore in the Yankee Girl contains gold, silver, lead and copper,
but principally gold.
The Granby Consolidated has
ore reserves estimated at 11,000,-
000 tons, says a Boston report.
In addition there has been developed moie thau 10,000,000 sons of
lower grade ore having an estimated content of more than 150,000,-
000 pounds of copper. The ore in
the 11,000,000 tons is of a grade
that ean be bandied with profit in
the smelter, while that of the 10,-
000,000 tons is of a grade. that
must be concentrated before it can
be handled. . All of fehis ore is in
the Hidden Creek mine at Anyox.
The company has been experimenting for about a year with the ore
of low grade. These experiments .
were made in a mill having a daily
capacity.of 100 feoas. . The.installa-.
tidh of a mill having a much larger
capacity is anticipated, but when;
it will be built has not' been indicated;     ';���'.'-''        \ ' ��� x -
Stimulating Literature
* Diplomacy,is essential,.; even ; in
a conntry station-mas ter.. -Witness
a. post card from the. local .fetation
agent to a well-known prohibitionist:       '.        ;   ;     Y   .   '.-.-:-.
"Sir���Please send without delay'
for the case, of: book directed to
you w;hich is lying s��t this station
and is badlyieaking.". ,-
��� *���"��� -_   .-'v-^^f^S
ijrS'rf-SSyt^^^^tl^.S^-ss^^ -^gv'.r*^ i^syy0y��y
THE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD,    B.    CL;
iMdi bUVbtt
���    ������,     ��-    ������������
When 4 Days Old.  Cross
and Cried. Cuticura Heals,
"My baby brother had eczema
which began when he was about
four day3 old. It caina
in littic pimples and then
a rash, end he was covered, lie waa so cross
th^t he could not sleep,
i?i-*and he cried.
1 "r^vA "This lasted about two
'"���..������y\ month3 before we used
Cuticura. It helped him.sowebought
more, and he was all healed aftcr we
had used two cakes of Soap and two
boxe3 of Ointment." (Signed) Miss
Almeda Williams, Youngs .Cove,
N.U., May 22, 1918.
Use Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
Talcum for all toilet purposes.
For free Rumplo euoh of Cutioarn Soap, Olnt-
iciit urn! Talcuai address pnut-card: "Cutlsar*.
apt. A. Bolton, TJ. U. A."   Sold everywhere.
only 80 or 85 cents in the United
Statcs will, in itself, operate to discourage Canadian buying there, while
thc fact that our dollar will buy more
than a dollar's worth of goods in Great
Britain will encourage heavier purchases, there. This will help to right
exchange conditions between Canada
and the United States, and will also
i help thc Motherland. From the purcly Canadian standpoint, however, the
main thing is that our people should
produce in ever increasing volume
I those tilings which are in demand in
the United Statcs and which wc can
most easily and profitably export to
that country.
At the samc time, the Ottawa'Government  would     be  well   advised  at
jthe approaching session of Parliament
'if  it   loses  no   time  in   adopting  thc
.policy advocated  for  so  many ycars
J by  the  farmers  of tlic West and increase the preference accorded to British goods under thc tariff to fifty pcr
cent.   This would greatly assist Great
1 Britain  to  enlarge her sales  in   Canada, and, to the extent that she does
so,   to   replace   United   States  goods,
thus assisting both  Canada and  Britain.     It   would   likewise  result   in   a
lowering of Customs taxation on thc
masses    of the Canadian    consuming
Close American observers of conditions are becoming alarmed over thc
prospect of losing a considerable part
of their Canadian business���Canada is
the best customer the  United  Statcs
thc careful consideration  of all  mer- j lias���and leading financial  men  therc
cantile    houses,    manufacturers,    and
others   engaged   in   largc   enterprises
doing an international business. Now
it  is a  matter  of concern  to     cvery
individual   purchaser.     It   has   now
reached  that acute stage where it is
influencing politics, international and
domestic, and is vitally affecting    all
channels of trade aud commerce.   In
the newspaper press,, reviews, and in
private   conversation   it   lias   eclipsed
even discussions of the Peace Treaty
&nd thc League of Nations,
The Exctaige Problem
No onc question is commanding
such widespread interest in all countries as the problem of equalizing
rates of international exchange. It
is a problem which first engaged the
attention of financiers and governments.    Soon,  however, it  called for
arc urging adoption of a policy which
will have the effect of raising the
value of the Canadian dollar across
thc line back to par.
Canadians, however, should not depend on United Statcs action, but
should by hard work and unremitting
energy increase production in all
lines, and thereby enormously increase tlicir export trade to the United States, and thus offset their heavy
purchases of needed commodities
from that country. And the Ottawa
So far as Canada is conccrncd.oour Government should encourage and as-
?noncy is at a premium in practically sist in this work by substantially low-
tvery country but tlic' United States, cring, or altogether removing, the
where it stands at a vcry serious dis- tariff on all implements of production,
count. British money is at a dis- coupling therewith a larger tariff prc-
count in both Canada and the United j ference to British goods.
Statcs, so, too, is French, Belgium,
Italian; German and other foreign
currencies. Thc United States alone
tnjoys thc distinction of having its
money at a premium in all countries,
while Canada comes second with its
money at'a discount only in the United Stales.
.Canada has always purchased more
extensively in .the United States than
that country -has in Canada. In'
.other, words, our imports, from thc
Statcs have always exceeded our-ex-
' ports tp that "country. On the other
hand,- our 'exports. t">
.liabily aud Uuicklv Cured with
For Saie . by AH Dealers
Douglas &  Co., Prop'rs. Napance, Out
Russia Completely
Mobilized Now
Report   Rays   All   Abie-Bodied
35 Are in the
I. The Origin of Love (vv. 7, 8).
Love is  of God, for God is love.
God not merely loves, but he is the
fountainhead of love.    Love of country, love of humanity, filial and par-
Up to 35 Are in the Army        |ental   iove,   every   particle   of   love
A correspondent of the Amsterdam  everywhere   has   been   derived from
Handelsblad has completed a tour of j God; his love is infinite, eternal and
Soviet  Russia and  described  his  im- ��� unchangeable.    Since love is of God,
prcssions in a series of articles.
Russia has been completely mcbil-
evcryone  who  loves is born  of God
and knowcth God.   The Christian, by
ized, he says, all able-bodied men up;his lifc of love, interprets God to thc
to 25 being in thc army, with no age;world. It is not enough that the
limit for officers. A deserter's family j world should bc told that God is good
is held accountable for him. jand kind; it should sec his nature ex-
Thc correspondent found the sol-1.pressed in thc lifc and love of the
diers polite and well disciplined. Ajdiscipc.l Thc Christian's lifc is the
soldier  gets  800  rubles  a  month,    a,world's  Bible.    Where Jove is want-
company leader 3,200, and a regimental  leader 4,200.
Six   former  imperial   generals     on
Trotzlcy's staff received 6,000,
Lenine draws 8,000.
Girls!  Have a mass of long,
thick, gleamy hair
ing, knowledge of God is wanting.
II. God's Manifestation of Love (vv,
9, 10).
God's method of making known his
love is through the incarnation���the
sending of his only begotten Son into
thc world to bc thc propitiation for
our sins (John 3:16). The coming of
Jesus Christ into thc world and his
taking on human nature makes possible life for those who receive him. If
we would know God's love, let us look
at Jesus Christ. Those wiio gaze upon him in reverent contemplation
cannot doubt  God's love..
III. Thc   Supreme   Motive   of   Love
(v. 11).
God's love is the grand incentive
prompting his children to love.
IV. Love the'Proof That God Dwells
. With Us (vv. .12-16).
1. No man hath seen God at any
time (v. 12), but there is abundant
proof of his being. The one unmistakable proof of his being is love in the
heart of man. Love is not native to
the human heart, for thc heart is deceitful above all things and desperately   wicked   (Jer.   17:9).     Out   of   the
Canada exported to Great Britain
in 1918 only about 2% per cent, of
the total importation of beef therc.
During thc past six months there has
been practically no export of beef���a
fact touching production and marketing 4that should receive the joint attention  of  farmer, and packer.  --. .
Warts Disfigure the Hands
have .always exceeded our imports
from the Old Land. In former.years
wc have, therefore, been able to liquidate our", "adverse balance" . in. thc
United Statcs by- British funds on-
New York;, that is, we paid our debts
in the States with money, whicli Bri-
.tai'n Owed' to us..
But  can  bc painless'y  removed  in
, twcnty-foui hours by thc-use of Put-
Great   Britain.;nam's Wart and Corn Extractor. Fifty
vears in usc and still tlu-"best. Insist
on getting. "Putnam's" Extractor, 25c
at all -dealers,' . .
Trees for Saskatchewan ,. -  -
- -During the past five seasons, an'average of nearly- five million trees "per
year havc. been distributed among.far-
���At the .present timc wc cannot-do  lners from the government nurscr.es
this because, while Great Britain and If1 Inqian Head, arid .the average num-
other. European . countries .owe 'Can-ibeYof pra.ne farmers receiving these
add" far more than this country owes
the United States^ they arc not lira
Let "Danderine" save your hair and
double its beauty    You can have lots ��� L        .      ,     h ��� f   ,      God
of  long, thick,  strong,  lustrous   hair. *
Don't let it stay lifeless, thin, scraggly I dwells within.
or fading.   Bring back its color, vigor I    2. Love proves that God's Spirit is
and vitality. j within us (vv. 13-16). The fruit of the
Get a 35-cent   bottle   of   delightful jSpiril is lovc (Gal  5:22). God's Spirit
Danderine     at  any     drug  or  toilet
counter to freshen your scalp; check
dandruff and fallinc; hair.    Your hair
needs this stimulating tonic, then its
If you know tho norra-
xttiklng Agonies of Noural-
?la you will bless the day
were discovered. This
famous remedy la absolutely guaranteed to sire
relief to auSerera from
Send for free sample to
Templetons, 142 King St.
W., Toronto. -
Doctors recommend
them, and reliable drue-
Klsts everywhere Bell them
for 91.Ot a box.
Templeton's RAZ-MAH Cap-
sul��8 are guaranteed to relieve
AST H MA. Don't suffer another day.
Write Teznpletons, 14a Kins St.
W., Toronto, forfreeeample.
Reliable, druggists sell them at
91.04 a box.
Developing Natural
Drilling For Oil and Gas in Southwestern Saskatchewan
East End, in southwestern Saskatchewan, on the C. P. R. Branch line,
known a3 the ��� Lcthbridgc-Wcyburn
line, promises to be the centre of oil
and gas drilling. Negotiations have
been completed by the Imperial Oil
Company for the purchase of the oil
drilling outfit there with a view, after
a geological survey has been made in
the spring, to explore possibilities for
oil and gas. East End is also known
as Frenchman's Creek and White Mud
on account of the peculiar nature of
thc soil there. It is- thc centre of
largc pottery works.
New French Woman Aviator
The number of women aviators in
France, which     for  some  time  has
heart proceeds murder (Matt; 15-19). !stood at thirteen, is soon to be increased by one who will establish a
dwells within  his children.    The  indwelling  Spirit shows us  Christ and
makes us believe in him as God's Son,
lifc, color, brightness and abundance. the  Savior of  the  world.    Those  in
will return-Hurry! lw]lom God dwclls will   always make
The Centre For Fur Buyers
Edmonton Coming to the Front As'
Fur Distributing Point
An extra" fine lot of Northern fur
was disposed of at Edmonton, Alberta
during the past week, at the sale of
Lamson and Hubbard, when several
hundred skunk,.lynx,'bear, wolverine,
otter, silver fox,.fisher and white fox
this confession. Those who deny the
Deity of Christ havc no fellowship
with God, and thosc who havc fellowship with God will confess Christ as
his Divine Son.
V.  Love's- Relation lo the Judgment
(vv. 17, 18).    .'���   ;: -      '
It casts out fcar.i A judgment day
is-coming,' for God "hath appointed a
day in which he will judge the world
in  righteousness by that- man whom
pelts; went under.-the hammer to. the'he  hath   ordained ".(Acts   17:31).    "It
record for youthfulness, being only
14'/i years old. Shc is Andrcc Far-
man, a daughter of Maurice Farman,
a brother of Henry Farman, one of
the pioneers in aviation. Miss Far-
man^cw for thc first time in 1919.   ���
Our Canadian winters arc exceedingly hard on the health of littic ones.
The weather is often so severe that
the mother cannot take the little onc
out for an airing. The consequence is
that baby is -'confined to overheated,
badly ventilated rooms; lakes cold and
becomes cross and peevish. ' Baby's
Own Tablets should be given to keep
thc littic onc healthy. They are a
mild laxative  which
highest bidder.   Competition was very
keen, thc successful bidder being" A.
will be'a terrible-thing for those unprepared  to'.riicct God at. that time,
Carruthers Company,. Limited,   'their -but- for- those who are indwelt by..the
position to'pay us in cash or.in securities negotiable in the States, ' because- wc have been forced to sell tb
them on credit on;thc one.hand, and
on the other they, too, owe the States j
-large sums in' excess of' what thc"
States owe them.   -- -"       "   "-.
Therefore,' while .waiting, for   that
"tiiTKTwhen"Europe will-be:ablc'-to -pay
.Canada what it owes us", we must pay
thc   United   States ' what'- wc ��� 'o.wc-- it
either iii'gold-or.in-goods:'1 In'1'the/
,.three years. 1917,- 1918/a'nd 1.919 "Can-
, ada" bought--goods', froin   the -_��� United -
Stales to, a-total of, one. billion' dollars
' in ;exccss of the value- pf the goods
"sold,by us- to the States...""Notwithstanding' this' heavy' debt to' the;.Unit-
ed   'States,-:the 'American.; Exchange
. National  Bank  of. New -.York  cs.tini-
- atcs -that" Canada, has a-;.fav6rable bal-
��� - ance"; wi th'' tlie,- whole., world, of - over
'$5OO,0O0".P0O.':- -��� ..'- -���'- ^ ''':. 7> i
.,. |"In the ni'eantiiu'c,-and-until Can.'Vd:*
"can c'ojlcet from, :6lhcr .countries, .there
Yis- only.-.onc of'two,-way's, or-,a~;cqms
- biriati'on of both,, whereby Canada' can
v right., her/, balance- v.ith'the .United
;"StatesYY(l); By buying/less: from,the
��� United'.' Stales than  in  the- "past; 0;ind
bid being $27,000..   Other bids were
in the. vicinity of $25,000,000, the fine
assortment and' desirability- of    the
annually is 4.405. r Since, the- nurseries j goods being, fully appreciated by the
were established   in  1901,    53,142,400 j many, fur" buyers in thc city.   '".
Messrs.-Lamson. and _Hubbard sold
their .last  splendid  collection  at   thc
New  York sales in  October.   -From
experience and results of that sale theJQ0Ci n0w.
company decided, that' the; Edmonton jyxt   God's
seedlings and-cuttings have been distributed through the priirie provinces.
A Quinine That Docs Not Affect
The Head
Because of its tonic nnd laxative effect,
can be taken by. anyone without causing
nervousness or ringing in .. the. head.
There is only one "Bromo Quinine." -E.W.
GROVES signature on the box.....30c. .
Oil Seeking Operations
Work to' Be Prosecuted This Season
.���". .."���"' :". \ With. Vigor' Xy-XyXy -
Y The. oil-seeking operations ,'of ...-the
Imperial -Oil- Company will.be more
extensive in-Alberta in. 1920; than in
any' prcvi6us-:y_ear. - About ten .holes
\yill be bored during lhc. seas.on...'Most
of-the"-work will be undertaken in,the
territory;'between..Edmonton.and the
international boundary- line:" -, <��� y "
.- According _td: Mr.. Charles'E.-.'Tay^
lor, western.manager of the Company,
their-., explorations-Sh 1919 cost- about
$G00,00O, but the outlay in 1920 would
be '.greater. '...:Tii:q-; drilling.of 1919. pro:
duccd:-.no /favorable - or"'".unfavorable
market was a'much better inducement
to  dispose of  tlie  decent  collcction,-
living God there will bc a joyful meeting. He that/ dwellelh in God and
God in him will realize the perfection
of lovc in, boldness .in the day of
judgment, because as hc is so are. we
in this world (vv.. 16, 17). The way
to'get rid of the fear.of meeting God
in the judgment-Is" .to be living with
Love thc Ground of'All
Love (v. 19).
The reason we lov.c is that our lives
To Protect Canadians
Holding Huh Insurance
Policies Not Cancelled by War/Says
Insurance policies issued by German companies before the war are
still good in Canada, and the Canadian government is prepared to protect Canadians who possess paid-up
insurance of this kind. The peace
treaty provides that the war did not
cancel such policies, most of which
are held in Canada by Italians, Norwegians and Russians.
Sums falling due during the war
on German policies are recoverable
with interest at five per cent, from
date thcy became due. .The government is anxious to learn at once how
much of this German insurance is held
in Canada.
Where enforcement of war measures prevented, policy-holders from
paying premiums, it is possible to
revive thc policy by payment of overdue premiums before April 10. The
fullest possible information should be
given in the notice sent to Ottawa.
This Soldier Knows
What Helped Him
He Found in the Old Canadian Remedy Relief That the Hospitals of
Egypt Could Not Give.
Cape St. George, Nfld., March 1. ���
(Special.)���Eugene Corncct, keeper of
the light and fog alarm here, and who
was overseas with the Newfoundland
forces, is a firm believer in Dodd's
Kidney Pills as a help for kidney
disease and rheumatism.   ���
"For two ycars I suffered from kidney disease -and rheumatism," Mr.
Corncct statcs. "I was treated for
them in the hospitals in Egypt. ��� But
it was five boxes of Dodd's Kidney
Pills that cured inc."
Dodd's Kidney Pills arc purcly a
kidney remedy. By putting the kidneys in shape to strain all tlic impurities out of the blood thcy remove^ the
uric acid, the cause of rheumatism.
With the kidneys cleansing the blood,
there can be no uric acid lo crystallize
in the muscles and cause those excruciating pains known as rheumatism.- Ask your neighbors about
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Sugar on Fir Trees
Valuable Discovery of New Product
In British Columbia
Discovery of the growth of sugar
on fir trees, in Britisii Columbia is announced in the current number of the
American . Forestry magazine. . Thc
discovery, which is said to be' of
great value to chemistry, came as thc
result of the investigations of Prof.
John Davidson, chief of the botanical
department of the University of British Columbia at Vancouver.
Specimens of- the product upon an-
Oxo Cubes contain the rich nourishment of prime beef in" so compact and
convenient a form that they we handy
for use anywhere, at any time. Just a
cube���hot water���and a biscuit or two
���and a light sustaining meal is ready.
Alberta Seed Again
To the Front
Demonstrate the Great Possibilities of
Southern Alberta
The success of farmers on irrigated land iu the neighborhood of
Brooks, in the centre of one of the
most rapidly developing irrigation
districts of Southern Alberta, in winning a large .share of the prizes at the
Idaho State Seed Show at Pocotcllo,
Idaho, when many first and second
awards were Avon, has been followed
by even better success at the British
Columbia. Seed Fair last month. At
this fair, out of twelve samples of
seed grown on irrigated land in the
Brooks .' district, ten were awarded
prizes. First prizes were won with
alfalfa seed, red clover seed, white
Dutch and clover seed, Marquis
wheat, field peas, spring vetch seed
and alsike clover seed -were awarded
second prizes, while third prizes were
won with winter, vetch seed and dwarf
garden peas. All this seed was grown
with irrigation last season. . ,.,
These.successes right in the heart
of districts that are famed for thc production of a higli.quality of seed am-:
ply demonstrates the great possibili-"
tics  of Southern Alberta as a  high -
class seed producing area.
Life    .
Lifc is made iip, not of great sacrifices or- duties, but of littic things, in
which smiles and kindness,.the small
obligations given habitually, are what
preserve 'the heart and secure comfort.���Sir H. Davy. .
regulate     the
stomach and bowels aud tints prevent,       . id       have indicalcd tUc
colds,   lhc.Tablets arc sold.by medi-,   J
cine, dealers, or by mail at 25 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co.; Brockviile, Ont.
this city being, the. centre of' interest ihive comc into'touch willr the great
to "'.fur""buyers, throughpy t_-.thc" United
States arid Canada.
Just Breathe "Catarrhozone."
....   Balsamic Vapor. Does
..'���.-��� '-. ���   "(the' Rest- - X'-'X
buying more at hemic and from Great j indications;.  .-.   --'"-.       Xi Z-'- X '
'��� Britain!" France, "and'.other, .c'oim trie's fl-'  The"-.Sictiv.ities. outlined "for "the.cur
United-Slates will'-.buy froin -us, and- j-encottiitcre'd in .deliveries'of, tools and
energetically' proceeding-, to sell such .pipes. '/.Calgary, made, tools, according
(2) by producing in/Canada in lar-, I rent year will lie. carried-on as rapidly
quantities ��� those tilings, which the 'lis"-possible;���'. -Some-difficulty.- is. .bciri.g
goods'across the.line.
J t.o Mr. Taylor/ are proving equal  to
"The  fact .that the Canadian  dollar j-importcd tools,,"and" are relieving -the
-liasiat: present a-purciiasiiig power of jsituation-to some."extent.      -
It's a-tiny germ -that.: sets up the
irritation' that'" makes" "colds'.so disagreeable., " Ccilds' die-' quickly if" Catarrhozone is used, . simply---."because
the vapor of Catarrhozone,instantly
destroys', the genu- that" .keep's " lhc
coltl alive. -' - Y' -������-."'   ' ��� ' -. Y , '���
..-:livcr'y. breath. you '," draw. . through
the inhaler tills1 lhc whole "breathing
apparatus --with - pure piney rssen.ccs
that'.Viop:,colds ,.it.'-their very . hegin-
jniii^: .'-You experience.'a'pleasant sen-
| sation-. of relief :at :once. -;Sorcncss,
congestion and irritation.-.' leave " the;
nose arid;throat, the head" is rlcarcd,-
-and'every trace of cold, or-'catarrh is
cured..- Catarrhozone is.., so. sure,- so,
pleasant,'yiich-'a safe .remedy, for".winter ills,',. that'.you can't - afford :to. do
without' it. Get - the- -dollar outfit: .it
lasts two r"nontlis':and is.guararitced'to
ciirc". Suia'H. size'50c; trial"-"size ,25c,
a!l. dealers, or The Catarrhozone .Co.,
Kings ton.. Canada.   ���"       -     .-   ...    - _-."
Big" Aerial Plan
Firms  in  England  Are   Negotiating
Development of Trans-Atlantic
Airship  Service   ~     "
- Four of the largest aviation firmi
in England are negotiating, according
to London advices; with regard to a
combine,  with   the  eventual  purpose
iof development of a trans-Atlantic
airship" service. '
" It is:said,to be.the purpose of the
combine to .Ypurchasc" ~all""airships,
whicli, the "government docs not require for thc "army and.navy. Experiments have been arranged for.lhc car-
My" spring, when short trips to Scandinavia and Holland will be attempted
after which an endeavor, will be made"
to put into, effect a bi-wcckly service
to-;Ncw-.York, thc voyage.', taking 60
hours.   '���"--..-
A despatch from London, . said n.
weekly airship service -to" the United
Statcs .was contemplated by a combination of aviation' firms. These
firms" were credited with the intention
presence of a large percentage of an
extremely rare variety of sugar. While
fir sugar is not expected lo become
a factor in the food supply like the
product of thc cane and the beet, thc
article advances-the belief that it will
prove useful for experimental pur-J
poses. Indians havc made usc of thc
sugar-in British Columbia for many
years, the article slates.
"Cold in the Head"
is an acute attack of- Nasal Catarrh. ��� .Persons ^Yll<> are subject to frequent "colds in
the head" wilt find that the use of HAU.'S
CATARRH MEDICINE will build up the
System, cleanse the Blood and render them
less' liable ' to colds. Repeated. attacks .. of
Acute Catarrh may lead to Chronic Catarrh.
internally and acts-tLVough the Blood,.on
the  Mucous  Surfaces of the  System;
All Druggists 75e.    Testimonials free.
$100.00 for any case of catarrh
cure.  ��� .
]'.  J.  Cheney   &  Co.,  Toledo,, Ohio.
' Sand for Window Glass
Bcauscjour, Man,���Pits here contain
an unlimited supply of sand, which
can be , used in the' manufacture of
window glass, A sample was recently
analysed at Pilkington's factory in
England, and was found to be of good
quality which could successfully be
used in thc manufacture of window
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
fountainhead ..of love. ..__T_hc;.in_coming
of God's-being and nature becomes
the animating .aiid controlling' principle of our lives. .'The one in whom
lovc is not the master principle "does
not know.God.". ..." .   ..;-'  ...
VII. "The- .Child', .of" God   Possesses
..     Dual "Loye.;,(v." 20)..    .;"" \ / -/
."The proof, that.one loves the unseen God is that'he .loves the person
visible who Shears the "likeness and.
linage "of.God,' and -has' become.a
member, of .the, same "family through
the'redemption, jn- Christ.Jcsus. Lovc.
to God and'man is. united in'thc piic
breast of, ihc'Christian. -The.one-who
hates his brother while- pretending. lo of acquiring, the famous dirigible R-34
love God ii a liar.. - ' ';.' '���'-''���' '���" - which made the.trans-Atlantic voyage
Vlil. The Solemn" C'oWiuind From last year and iicr sister ship thc R-33.
-:   ������ God- (v." 21)'.     ,'.'---'"'��� . .' ���     .   Tlu: ��� airships,  it. was  declared,  were
Even the lines.of.a poor poet are
apt to bc cast in pleasant places ���
when hc goes fishing. .'
"Thc human anatomy is a wonderful- bit pf mechanism," observed   the -
Sage. -���'���
"Yes," agreed the Fool. "Pat a man
on the baelc and you'll make his head
swell," ," .-. '   "" . *
-God e'oiuii'iands that those who lovc
f lim '-''ould-lcivc their brethren. Obedience- tti't'.is '-command, will eliminate.-, all. war and vontcntiotK" -      ..
... , Famous-Tree Destroyed
Jerusalem.'���During "a recent" -snow-
is to'rm, the famous "tree named. El But-
| tini, ih the garden of" Gc'thsemaric, was'
blown down. According to- tradition,
this tree wctal.d fall when the Turkish
empire' had' fallen. Twice it was
bound with,iron .braces- to nrcvent it
from falling;    .���������*."������
Large Herring Catch, in.B.C. Waters
.;' Nearly'. half, "a million ".,. dollars*.
worth' .of'hcrrinjj were caught-.'..last
month in.-thc waters surrounding Vancouver".Island. Vast "schools of this
fish frequented ihe Nanaimo', Alberni
arid Clayoquot. districts; bringing the
month's catchuip to the unprecedented
figure-of $441,390. Of the! total of
353,112 cwts., 197-,i20/..c\vt!��. were dry
salted. .-..-..-.-.-.   -
being", altered,, to'1 meet passenger- arid
cargo requirements. '-.   ���-.--'
Minard's,  Liniment.
wfierc. ���".;-.''������ -
for. sale   every-
Earl Curzon's Advice
He May Be A. Dummy
. "Who is Edith to Marry?"
"His name is Bridge-."
-'.'Good  gracious!-��� Is she- carrying',
the" craze- asY/ar,as.' "iIiatr"-^Bostqh
Transcript;.'-.'='������������-'������""'.-:'' .."."'"" '-.''"
'ymy^rXzvi sawJ:;.-";XXX ZXXiyriiX-iMitXXy
XJ^esiiJsyi \ 'liiznyZJftX^s^ '^im^i^r^
IrigY^qY &ayv;y'ti�� ^'{saiti/^fc^tife
<^;'��a.;v��atb&qbile/* '< XXXiXyy$XXXiXyy
IL.     1305
Novel iu the furniture-line"is a davenport   containing- a.'phonograph Yin
one end-and'space' fo'r,.re cords iu tlie j
Deprecates   Sensiational   Articles
. -U.S. Attitude Towards Peace Y
���- 'Problems. Y, -.-:���--
��� London.���Earl,   Curzon,- , secretary
for, .foreign . affairs, speaking at    the
dinner;pf the-Primrose League, dc-"
plorcd ' the publication, of-: sensational
articles', concerning -the .settlement of
the peace, problems;and the attitude,
toward  those .-.of the LTriitcd  States,
which, iie'-poiutcd but, was confronted
with'exccptional.difficulties..   '.      ��� :-
" "So far" -those difficulties'arc bf-a.
domestic- character,'' he added; "Thcy
arc   not our Lu'sincss,   and   I   hope
nothing will be done- in this Country,
to aggravate those dignities.' Nothing; conld be. more deplorable than at
the . present . moment   the. United
States shbuldYwithdraw her, Influence
from the council, of nations. It ���would
be bad.for Europe,, bad for the world,
and...I believe, bad for the United
Statcs herself."   : YY '_YY .'-.-_.'���-. ������'..
A. writer, ssye, that sleep is condu-
i clve to beauty.   Perhaps it it, but we
IhaTe seen sotne rather homely p-lice-
Bieo. - '���'
���[-tlLN'you-buy.a phonograph you want
lo be sure tliat you arc getting the
best instrument to bc had for the money-���
one that will'give lasting satisfaction.. But
how can you be sure, unless you know 'what
to .look for? , This book outlines thc vital,
points that ' should be considered. The
author, Henry Purfort Earnest LL.R., is a
renowned Concert Pianist, Lecturer- and
Director of "the Pianoforte Dept.. .Cosmopolitan School of Music.  .'
THE. Brunswick  "All" Phonographs  in :
'.   .One," answers every on<Tbf the rigid
-tests' which Sir.; Eatnes says"' shott1d'; govern
^phonograph, purchases, .   ' ..-.'"_
Mail This Coupon Tonight "'=.'
Dept. W,HX.,.S19 Yohge St, Toronto
.'.Pleise sad ice free of diarse acd postpaid,
the bootlet "Wfcst to foci ior la. boring a
S. a.'.,..".��i....'.,_.:>��������������-Iv"
i 1   ^
THE     LEDGE     aHEENWOOTl     T*     <"!
A Constipation Cure.
Sold on-Guarantee
Dr. Hamilton Say; His Remedy Never
Fails to Cure Quickly
Mine is a marvellous remedy.
There are others, but not'one. possesses the peculiar merit so prominent in mine.        <
With my remedy I guarantee to
cure constipation.
I .also guarantee to prevent it.
My preparation, which .-is in pill
form, gives tone and regularity' to the
bowels that quickly rids the system
of effete matter, accumulations of hile
and other injurious results of costiveness.
I call my pills Dr. Hamilton's.
I am sure they are safe, because
composed of such health-giving vegetable extracts as Mandrake, Butternut. Hyoscamus and Dandelion.
My pi'Is are not harsh or drastic.
They cause no pain, no distress;
thcy arc prescribed by physicians because of their mildness and certainty
to cure.
For women and children T know of
no better medicine for keeping the
system" healthy. For men they arc
I have proved their merit in biliousness, constipation and headache, and
can strongly recommend them in
these troubles.
My personal guarantee stands behind every box of Dr, Hamilton's
Pills of Mandrake and Butternut. 25c
per box.
your mouth tastes like all the mean
things you ever did���mixed together,
then you need
���man, she fully appreciated its worth
jand determined to profit by it., For
many days she grew hot .with "shame;
whenever, she thought of how she;had
sat' aiid -giggled', oyer what she had
considered a very "quick arid' clever,
scries of matchmakings, and then how;
Ruggles had quietly torn up the whole
prospectus and thrown it into the
waste-paper .basket.
With-, some inward, mortification,'
which, however, she managed to; conceal, she. told the four girls that Rugglcs Effcndi had seen fit to veto their
prospective alliances, being determined to find them richer and more^ distinguished husbands.'" 'Much to' her
surprise, they took this information'
vvitli the quiet submission of'the Oriental; women, trained from infancy ^ h.- :coming out tb Constantinople to
obedience. In fact, their coolness was , defend th��Utigatioh Ruqgles>sPbusi.
a bit of a_shock,to Mis Elliot,.Rox- ness instincts rebelling. i^instY the
ana was the only one to venture any Udea. 0neUing_; property that was ..his
by  moral/and  testamentary right be
Your mouth is a good
indication of the condition of the stomach
' and bowels. -'.-
..,;;- Worth a Guinea a-box;:;;    .-���
Zali ���Terywberb ia Canuta, la bout. 25c Sfe
direct expression of her sentiments.
She raised her splendid shoulders
slightly, smiled a little to herself, and
said: "1 am glad."
The Marquis Raoul de Poligny de
Poui!ly-en-Auxois arid "Galloping"
Livingstone called- upon Ruggles
within  a  day  or  two.    Ruggles  felt
taken from him without a protest,
lie decided to act upon this advice,
the more so as his presence in Paris
seemed no longer .absolutely "necessary.. Therefore, he turned over the
business management of his house-
J hold     to     a     trustworthy     honimc
sorry for the Marquis, a courteous and (d'affaires recommended by his  Paris
as Miss Elliot had said, distinguished iawvcrs     and  pr0CCeded at once  to
man  and  a chevalier of  the  Legion   -
d'Honneur.   lie explained to Ruggles
{Filling His^
Own Shoes
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
quite frankly that practically ail hc
had to offer was a good name, an
honorable career, and thc assurance
of affectionate marital devotion.
When Rugglcs explained with equal
frankness that as thc executor of a
sacred trust imposed upon him by his
benefactor he did not feel justified in
bestowing thc hand of his ward, with
her dot of a million francs, upon one
who, all questions of family and personal worth aside, was unable to
match her fortune with something approaching it, thc Marquis replied that
such a point of view was quite reas;.
onable and customary, and thcy part
(To Bc Continued.)
Going For the Furs
Huskies Taken to Far North to Bring
Down Pelts
A pack of seventeen yelping huskies, among them several famous for
their qualities of endurance on the
trail, could bc seen at one of the Winnipeg stations early one morning i
about a week ago.   They wcrc bound
for  the  McDonald and  Ray fur post
cd with mutual expressions of esteem, at Crooked Branch, York Factory, 20
miles from Port Nelson on Hudson's
Mr. Livingstone was not so easily
disposed of. He tried first to impress
Ruggles with his splendid family con- ,
nections, good prospects ("When this | "More than a week will bc required
old uncle of mine cashes in���head of ;to cover thc distance to the fur post,"
one of the strongest banking houses,said the man in charge of the pack,
in America ), his recognized abditics
as a writer, and the fact of his being
an ex-lieutenant of the United Statcs
"After reaching  railhead at mile 214
on  the Hudson   Bay railway,  thc re-
"And  now   he  seems  to  prefer  to
Army.    Finding this preliminary skiri maining 125 miles will be "mushed."
mish a waste of ammunition, the more      The pack was leaving to bring thc
so as it faded even    so  much  as  to | fi h    f   fa       .       ,   f ,
draw the fire of the enemy and locate  ��� i   ��� ��� ���  ��� .    ,r    .
his position  (for Ruggles merely lis- i ^ as> a thriving .mining town in Mani-
tcned   to  the  detonations    -from   his  toba.    The" value pf. the pelts is csti-
masked trench  without so much    as
shooting a  question  in   reply),     Mr.
mated at about $50,000,
Among thc dogs were the team that
 gin to marry an Am-icame sccond in th'e Sc,kirk rac"e las5t
erican gentleman than somc scrub of .winter, the leader of the team that
a titled foreigner who would cat up I won the race, and a ten-month old
or   drink   up   or   do-something-else-ipup that has a.record of covering 68
quit writing and get married for his (Livingstone  tried argument.    Wasn't
hvmg.    Well, never.mind him.    Next   it better for thc    ir] t0 m an An,: ,ca
here s this French officer. No doubt
he's a vcry fine man, but he's oyer
forty and half deaf, and has nothing
but his retired pay, and that in    the
French army or navy is about enough
to pay his laundry bill. He's got a
title all right, but you can't cat titles.
Now just stop and look at this bunch,
Miss Elliot? ' What sort of a man
would I bc to hand out Hamid Pasha's
daughters to three such bums, just to
save mys'e'f a little more bother, and
aftcr what he's done for:me?"
Miss Elliot's eyes fell. Shc looked,"
in fact, very much abashed, which was
a -most unusual expression for Miss
Elliot. .   ���
"No doubt you're right, Mr. Ruggles," she murmured. "I���I hadn't
looked at it in just this way. -Thcy
all seemed so nice���and attractive and
- Ruggles pondered for a moment
longer. Miss Elliot remained discreetly silent.   Anger and resentment
had all  oozed out of her.    She Wt.    ,dicr of for, tQok d ,ook
extremely foolish. Here si e had come Ru jes>s al set facc, sanc! bcing
bouncing into this stately mansion | kecn%dg<! of' mc d'cidcd ,,,.��
which   Ruggles    had  prepared     with ^ a further waste
such  care  for his  wards  and  herself
worsc-up with her fortune and throw
her ovcr when he'd got all hc wanted
of her? Rugglcs agreed with him.
Well, then, why not���etc., etc. Ruggles waited until he had got rather
tired of talking for so long a time
without liquid refreshment, then asked him ,if he had ever been .in any
sort of business. ' Livingstone said
that he had not, in the strictly commercial'sense. Ruggles then pointed
out that he himself was a business
man^ and had formed thc habit of
looking at things from a business
point of view. In this particular case
he was the trustee of a million francs
to be put into a marriage partnership. If Livingstone could raise an
equal sum, why then hc migtii come
around and talk business-. Otherwise
there was "nothing doing." Livingstone,   world-bitten   - adventurer   and
miles  in  onc day.
Supplies for this'northcrn post were
brought last August by vessel all the
way from  Sidney,  N.  S.
of  powder.    They  parted   pleasantly
Miss Challand and Darthca took up
their abode   in Ruggles's household a
--��� -~     . ,.    ,      .    xf:o��� 'W  few days aftcr the arrival of Miss El-
jvaytobesoond.schargcd-Mss   E^ ,. ^    , r
h6t   wished  a  trapdoor  would  open .Ruggles-S ;mm��nse *cliefi appeared t0
and jubilantly informed him that therc
was no need of it; that all was arranged,, his responsibility relieved, the desired   behest   of   Hamid   Pasha   in   a
under her feet and drop her.into an
oubliette. She thought of her semi-
hysterical mirth at Ruggles's dazed
expression as hc had listened to her,
and  her checks burned.
And here opposite her was Ruggles,
whom from the first she had been disposed  to patronize and direct.    Shc
bc charmed with the girls, Miss Elliot,
and the establishment in general;
which latter, thanks to thc high efficiency of the trained Levantine' servants, was soon settled down to its
steady beat with the noiseless rythm
of a finely adjusted machine.
MrYFalconer called with the Tur-
had regarded him as a rather ordin- j ^[^ Ambassador, whose chief Hamid
ary but agreeable boy of no particular; pasha had once been. Then came in-
traits, who, by a stroke of_m'aryclous^vitatiqns to informal teas at_the_4iou.se
luck ""and the senile "whim of an old of the Turkish Ambassador "and at
man,-had fallen, into fortune like a: Mr.. Falconer's apartment, where ac-
pup into a fountain. True, he had quaintanceships were formed with
once dominated her, but that she had, CCrtain ladies of thc diplomatic'set.
felt since to have been an accident.. Other invitations followed, these
She had not intended to yield again., functions being of a quiet and form-
But now, as shc met jL,Ruggles's j ally informal character; for although,
quiet, pleasant ~gazc, her Woman's in-j following the Mohammedan, custom,
tuition told her suddenly that in all .conventional mourning was not bcing
crucial questions with thc forceful observed, it was necessary to conform
personality opposite she was destined to a certain extent to surrounding
invariab'y to yield.   He would compel conditions,
Matrimony in Scotland
Large Number  of Couples Are Be-
.    coming United in Glasgow
These Cays
Glasgow. ��� Glasgow recently- saw
the crest of a matrimonial wave.,
Fully 50 couples with, their witnesses
lined up before the-sheriff "to swear
that thcy had fulfilled the legal requirements under the marriage schedule, which is afterwards completed
at thc office of the registrar.
This so-called "irregular form" of
marriage, which is in evcry respect
legal in Scotland, has been very popular in Glasgow this year.'
Fully 4,500 couples, from all classes
and of particularly all marriageable
ages, havc appeared before the sheriff. This is easily a record, beating
last year's figure by' 2,000, and - the
record war rush by 1,000.
Big wages- have ��� tempted many
working class couples to marry, although house;, cannot be obtained.  '
Nothing in  This   Generation   Seems
Now to Give Cause for
This is such an age of surprises
that the announcement that the
French Academy7 of Science will act
as judge for a prize, to be given for
the best means of making a signal
arid receiving a reply from "a- heavenly body" is in .danger of being overlooked in the clutter of news dealing
with the troubles of our own small
but 'animated terrestrial ball. ���:��� The
day, however,- has apparently arrived
when getting 'into .communication
with one of the other planets in our
solar system is regarded as a reasonable undertaking by our scientists.
The, prize to be handled by thc French
Academy amounts to. the tidy sum of
100,000 francs, and the Academy evi-
jdcntly regards interplanetary communication as a possibility, as it has
always been its policy not to handle
prizes for any feat which it regarded
as a waste of time.     .
Wireless operators have recently
noted disturbances coming from somc
unaccountable source, and it has been
suggested that they are messages being sent to this earth from the planet
Mars, or from the planet Venus, and
these disturbances arc being carefully recorded in an effort to find out
if they show such a regularity as to
prove that they arc not accidents of
Nature, but an intelligent effort on
the part of some of the other planets
to "get in touch" with Earth.
We havc reached thc mental stage
when wc' can discuss inter-planetary
communication as a serious possibility without becoming excited about
it. So far as our capacity for, wonder
is concerned wc havc reached thc end;
nothing to this generation is vcry
wonderful any morc, and the.spectacle
of the French Academy preparing to
award a prize to the first clever earth-
dweller who succeeds in getting "Central" on one of thc .neighbor planets
will be regarded in the same way as
the prizes offered for the first trans-
Atlantic air'flight; if the one was possible, why should the other not be
equally possible? '..*���
"Presently we,will havc our "signal."
We will know for sure that there-is
a communicating intelligence talking
to us out of the depths of space, and
it will only be a simple and logical
step then for-somc patron of science
to extend his offer and give a prize
of a million to the first man who
makes an inter-planetary trip.���Win-,
nipeg Free Press.
Canton, Ohio.���"I suffered from a
female trouble which caused me much
suffering, and two
doctors decided
! that I would have
to go through an
operation before I
could get well. ..
,-. "Mymother, who
had been helped by
Lydia I!. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound,, advised me
,to try it before sub-
mittinjfto an operation. Itrelievedme
from my troubles
so I can do my house work without any
difficulty. I advise any woman who Is
afflicted with female troubles to give
Lydia E. Finkham's Vegetable Compound a trial and it will do as much for
them."���Mrs. Marie Boyd, 1421 5th
St., N. E., Canton, Ohio.
Sometimes there are serious conditions where a hospital operation Is tho
only alternative, but on the other hand
bo many women have been cured by this
famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, after
doctors have said that an operation was
necessary ��� every woman who wants
to avoid an operation should give it a
fair trial before submitting to such a
trying ordeal.
If complications exist, write to Lydia
��. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.,
for advice. The result of many years
experience is at your service.
Two Airdromes for-Alberta
The establishment of two airdromes
in Alberta, one of which will be at
Calgary, witli twelve machines, arid
the other at Peace River Crossing,
with probably a similar' number of
machines, is part of the prograrii of
thc Canadian Air Board, as] outljncd
to'the members of the Calgary Air
Board at a recent meeting addressed
.by Major McLaren; Canadian attache
of thc. Imperial Air Board.   ,
her obedience on'every point; cither
that or her demission. He would havc
his way.
Miss Elliot realized this with a sudden warm glow, the source of which
shc would have found impossible to
analyze, bul which was very far from
being unpleasant. She remembered
that shc had felt it that day at thc
palace when Rugglcs had had his way
with her. Her eyes rested upon him
with a ncw respect and a peculiar
submission.   But she felt that shc had
Miss Challand then issued some invitations for tea���and there were no
regrets. On the contrary, several of
her invitees asked permission to bring
friends. On one of these occasions,
Roxana was asked to sinf ��� to the accompaniment of her harp. This triumph of the Trans-Caucasus drifted
from her chair like a wreath of seaweed caught in an eddy,,-and stood
for a moment* smiling and swaying,'
while her eyes peered beneath thcir
long lashes until  they  caught  thosc
Value of B.C. Forest Products
Victoria, B.C.���Thc total value of
thc forest products in British Columbia for the-ycar 1919 is placed at-$70.-
285.09.4, as against $54,162,523 in 1919;
$48,300,469 in 1917, and $35,528,000 in
1916, according to a statement by the
Hon. T. D. Pattullo, minister of lands.  ~f of food a dayf-an    carefully balanced.   The pcople'of this country cat
Go. after  it  with   Sloan's . Liniment before  it  gets
1 dangerous,
������'Apply a little, don't rub, let it penetrate, and���good-by twinge! Same
for external aches,' pains, strains,
stiffness of joints or muscles, lameness, bruises.
Instant relief without mussiness or
soiled clothing. Reliable���the biggest selling liniment year after year.
Economical  by
Great Britain's
Financial Strength
London Supplies Needs of Continent
of Europe
London.���Great Britain is fundamentally sound, both financially and
commercially, says the American
Chamber of Commerce of London in
a statement referring to difference in
the financial position of Great Britain and the continental European
countries. The chamber expresses
the belief that the recent unprecedented drop in Sterling exchange on the
United Statcs makes it particularly
desirable that thc opinions of each
side of the Atlantic concerning this
question should be understood on the
other side. Aftcr a thorough discussion with the leaders of British finance, illuminated largely by the addresses of thc chairmen of five leading British banks to thcir stockholders in annual meetings, the chamber
of commerce has prepared a message
to thc American business public. Thc
message reads as follows:
Thc collapse of the pound sterling
in New York is no index to Great
Britain's financial strength or weakness. London is today as before the
war, thc monetary centre of Europe.
Without adequate assistance from
American credit in Europe, Great
Britain has been forced to supply the
credit needs of the continent as Avell
as thosc of her own traders.
Dollar exchange is really New
York-Europe, not Ncw York-London
exchange. Great Britain is neither
bankrupt nor anywhere near it, although her external debt is1 larger
than ever before in her history. This
debt was incurred mainly to supply
the  needs  of her  continental   allies,
Scottish isles as
Separate Monarchies
Each Have Their Kings, Subject to
The British Crown
There are a number of diminutive,
waterrsurrounded monarchies off the
coast of Scotland. They each have
their titular kings, subject, however,
to the British Crown, and to the common law of the United Kingdom. One
of them is the Isle of Bute, in the
Firth of Clyde, which is owned by
the Marquis  of Bute.
The kingdom contains only fifty
square miles, but has a population of
11,000 people. There arc six lakes
within the island, the largest being
Loch Fad, which is about a quarter
of a mile wide and about nine times
that in length.
Arran is another of these kingdoms
in the same firth. The Marchioness
of Graham rules ovcr its 5,000 inhabitants. It is nineteen miles long and
ten miles broad. It was on this island
that Robert the Bruce is said to have
hidden in a cave for somc timc aud
there planned onc of his expeditions
to recover thc crown of Caledonia.
The ruins of a castle, once the home
of one of Scotland's kings, is on this
Thc largest of these island groups
is Lewis island, onc of the outer
Hebrides group, off the north-west
coast of Scotland. It covers an area
of nearly 700 square miles aud boasts
a population of 37,000 people. It has
splendid lochs, where splendid fishing
is to bc had and red deer still roam
over thc moors and forest land.
Modern legislation has placed the island under no moral or ceremonial
obligation to any titular overseer.
What are tbeyf A solid form ��8
trostrMt*����� chilling of the part to
such a degrea that inflammation la
set up, causing.a tingling pain, e��
centra irritation and often swelling. Zam-Buk- cores eMblaln* by
drawing out the inflammation, thim
ending the pain and .irritation aad
reducing the swelling.
Miss Annie Lepard of B��r��rdal*fc
Ont, eayat "I soffned agonies from
chilblains and used many remedial
tut nothing gave mo any earn until
I used Zam-Buk, which, attars
little perseverance, completely ri4
gne of this painful ailment."
Regular applications of Zam-Bn*
-will prevent a rtenmxtea of tlu
trouble.   Keep it band?.   Nc bos.
^v.iuuuuu   uv   reason-of  enormous       ... , ,        .
sales.    Keep a big,bottle ready at all .and shc IS owed approximately twice
times. ��� Ask -your druggist for Sloan's ["as much as she owes America. While
35c, 70c, $1.40. Made in jthe United States may fairly expect to collect all her Briiish debt,
Great- Britain is preparing to write
off 50 per cent, of her continental
"In spile of these facts, British
business and Jjnancc arc Jn a fundar
mcntally sound condition.
"Business men and workers are
recovering from the demoralizing ef-
Wizard'Says That Curse of .the Day. fects of  thc war.    Their customary
Edison Celebrates Birthday
.\ Is Over-Eating       .  .
Messages from President Wilson
and scores of other statesmen; scientists, men of letters, old-time telegraphers and others were received by-
Thomas A. Edison, congratulating thc j$l,000,000 lo $1,500,000,000. The
"electrical wizard" on having'reached jprcssioit 'wc arc rounding the
his 73rd year.
Mr. Edison is still hale and hearty.
"My body," lie said; "is ' a machine carrying my mind around, and
I'm taking good care of it. . I'ni .'not
eating morc than a pound and "a" quai-
still onc claim to his commendation. Iof Richard Ruggles, iatc salesman of
"But how about Lord  Pembroke5" jthe  Walkeasy    Shoe Company, who
iniidly.    "Surely", happened to bc sitting next thc wife
to in
she  asked,  almost   timid
you    have nothing    to object
Rugg'cs rose from his chair with a
slight effort and stood for a moment
leaning on his stick and placing a
gradually increasing weight upon his
Injured ankle.
"No," hc answered slowly.   "I guess
" nobody could find anything much thc
matter with Pembroke. But say, Miss
Elliot, s'poscyou had a'friend who
had done more for you than any pcrr
" son alive���and s'pose one day he went
crazy with the heat and took it into
his head.that hc was a lion-tamer and
wanted to get into a cage . with a
lioness. -Would you let him, if you
were husky cnoughto hold him back?
Of course you wouldn't. And when
he got his senses back he'd Lc mighty
glad that yon hadn't. Wei!, I'm not
so sure that I am husky enough���but
I'll certainly do my darnedest to hold
Pembroke 1"
of   the  Argentine  Ambassador.
"Do vou wish mc to sing, Ruggles
Effendi?" she asked.   .
"Sure," answered Rugglcs. "Sing
one of those Persian songs.
So Roxana sang.
Rugglcs, once he had got this business well going and its several departments in competent hands, gradually withdrew from any active direction. Not only that, but hc withdrew
from personal participation. . Learning from Miss Challand that his presence was not required by the rules
���of social conduct, he seldom appeared
at the quiet functions,"-which;,like a
well-formed snowball-rolled .about a
lawn, were gradually increasing.by a
sort of geometrical progression. Ruggles, in fact, was a sufficiently busj
person. He was beginning to discover
that thc life oi a millionaire at the
head of a largc and expensive household was not the primrose path which
he had formerly thought it. In fact,
so far as actual work was concerned,
Ruggles usually got through more in
the twenty-four hours than the aver-
 age clerk.
: j    Then onc day he .received.a letter
tSs3fs,e___fresles,S����llet, from Pembroke saying that hc had
Seals���Keep yonr Eyes seen Mr. Karapopoulopoulous, who
Strong and Healthy. If was having thc greatest difficulty in
theyTire,Smart,Itch,or preventing thc confiscation, bv .the
Born, if Sore, Irritated, Empcrial Ottoman Treasure, of thc
��� ��� ^ ujaamederGranulated jate Hamid Pasha's p?-lacc'and the
^n^iS^" ^&*��__ta&ntorAdult" many valuable "things thai it contain?
ff-pS^K^f^^^^^^^l^.cd;  and  that  if   Rugglcs   wished   to
The first medal recorded in history
was given by the emperor of China
in thc first century lo his military
Lift off Corns!
Doesn't hurt, a bit and Freezone
.  costs only a few cents.
Miss Agnes Elliot took her lesson
, very much to heart, but being an intelligent and  fair-minded young wo-
thrce times too much. If,"the Germans ale only as much as I do tlicy
could afford to sell food. I used lo
say I'd live to bc 85. but I tfiihlYril
extend that time a little,"
Asked what he was working on
now, tiit inventor said hc was \ not
prepared to make any definite announcement, but his. latest investiga-j
tions had to do -with ether.- He,said
hc believed radio communication
with Mars to bc possible. " Incidentally he said-hc was sorry to see a man
like Sir Oliver Lodge depart from his.
scientific training. "
energy is reviving and British factories are increasing thcir output. According to estimates madc public by
onc bank chairman, the present year's
exports will produce a profit of   from
expression 'wc arc rounding the corner' isnow heard on all side?;. Neither Briiish bankers nor the Britisii
government expect or ask further
government or long term loans from
the United Statcs.
. "Appeals for American credit on
behalf of the destitute areas of Europe should not.be misconstrued as
"veiled appeals for assistance to Great
Britain. Such emphatically is " nol
the case. Briiish bankers and -business men look to American bankers
and business men only for such
friendly facilities as thcy have enjoyed and have themselves afforded
in the past."
T4ie past can teach us some splendid lessons if wc look closely. We
have.iiad great men and great movements; but the future as well as the
"prcf-cnt offers us even greater opportunities if wc will only avail ourselves
oi thcm.
A giMillc'man from Georgia.-bays'.the
labor'situation in tho south this year j
reminds hiin of thi,- stor\ ;     _ _-     ' -
A negro applied io a cotton' pkm.ta
1 tion main srer
Hogs'sold off Canadian farms in
1919 cvcccdcd $80,000,000 in value.
More than 40.pei cent, went direct
from llio farm to thc packing plants.
} "All right,"' said the manager, ."eome
(around in  the morning and I'll put
you to. work and pay yoii what you.
are ���worth." , ._.-.- .,...'
"No, ,suli:~I can't do dat,"' replied
Lois "of people   says   things' they
ought to be ashamed even to think.
An Old Wool Dress
Is Now Worth $50
"Diamond Dyes" Turn Faded, Shabby
Apparel Into New
Don't worry about perfect results.
Usc "Diamond Dyes," guaranteed to
give a ncw, rich, fadeless color to
any fabric, whether it bc wool, silk,
linen-, cotton or mixed goods,���
dresses, blouses, stockings, skirts,
children's coats, feathers, draperies,
Thc Direction Book with each
package tells how lo diamond dye
ovcr any color.
To match any material, have dealer
show you "Diamond Dye" Color Card.
Discovery of New
Territory In Australia
David Lindsay Makes Important Find
In Northern Part of the
David Lindsay, the explorer, has
discovered large tracts of new agricultural land in the northern territory
of Australia which previously had
been marked upon maps as desert
The explorer "reports lhal water is
freely obtainable at a shallow depth,
and that cotlon can successfully be
grown in the region. He asserts that
cotton already is growing wild over
scattered areas there.
David Lindsay, who was born in
Australia in' 1856, has carried out
wide tours of exploration in thc country. Notable among his discoveries
was the existence of a large aureaulis
area iu Australia in 1890, which resulted in the finding of the great
goldfields in that region.
Good Roads in Manitoba
Big Improvement in Work on Roads
During Past Year
Winnipeg.���Great improvement in
the construction and maintenance of
good roads in Alanitoba for thc past
ycar is shown in the annual report
submitted ��� to thc Manitoba Good
Roads Association. Thc report shows
that, despite drawbacks, twice thc amount of road work has been done in
1919 under the Goods Roads Act ovcr
that of 1918. Thc amount expended
by municipalities during 1919 for
roads and bridges on which government percentage was paid is $629,588,
to which the government contributed
?305,185. Thc total amount expended
by municipalities on roads and bridges
since thc inception pf good roads, legislation in thc province is -$2,963,790,
the government contributing an amount of $1,286,381; Ovcr five thousand mites of roads have been authorized improved at an estimated cost of
��11,6-19,280, and 298 bridges at an estimated . cost of $769,223, making a
grand total of $12,418,504 sinre the' inception of the Good Roads Act.
Thc association .went" on record as
favoring the promotion of an "all-
Canadian highway," in the matter of
co-operating with thc Ontario government for the construction of the
transcontinental - highway between
Kcnora and .Winnipeg. A delegation
will hc sent to thc convention in Kcnora to get further estimates on 'this
project. ' - -
S. R. Henderson, v,ho ha? held the
office of president since 1909. wa? reelected. , ' - ,     *
Women Have Task
Bettering Condition!
Mrs. McWilliams, of Winnipeg, Ad>
dresses McGill Alumnae
Mrs. R.- F. McWilliams, of Winni-
peg, speaking at a special meeting ol
the- Alumnae Society of McGill university, held at the Royal Victoria
College, Montreal, said that upon th��
men of the Dominion will fall tlu
burden of thc reconstruction work in
Canada after thc ravages of war, but
the part of the women will be to be
largely responsible for the bettering
of social conditions .and the maintenance of public welfare.
Women of the western provinces
had, shc claimed, brought about legislation providing for belter working
conditions and better wages for tho
factory and department store employees of the West, and in Manitoba
alone $200,000 had been granted to
provide mothers' pensions. She contrasted the refusal of Quebec to al-'
low women to practice law there, and
the failure of women to secure the
franchise in Quebec with the fact that
women sat in several of the western
The Disappointing Peace
This is not thc peace whose hope
sustained us through the dark days
of thc war. The "new world that we
thought we were making then is still
unformed; the spirit of international
rivalry and -distrust is not safely
chained up; and instead of a world
animated by the ideal of common
good, we havc a world, partly distracted by the rivalry between the
fiercely opposing principles of constitutional progress and partisan tyranny, partly affecting an indifference
towards this issue which it cannot'
really feel, and indulging the old
hopes of political isolation lhat broke
down so completely during the war.
Coal Mines Under the Sea
In England, the workings of the
Cumberland coal field run two miles
out under thc sea. The ventilation
of these mines is a nice engineering
problem, but is successfully accomplished. At Workington, England, in
thc year 1837, before thc science of
surveying was as highly developed as
at present, the sea burst through and
the workers were drowned. Somc of
Nova Scotia's coa! mining is also done
beneath the bed of thc sea.
Saskatchewan stands fourth in th��
Dominion in the number of her cattle.
During thc past year there was an increase of 100,000 animals.
' Thc usc of acetylene for iliQmina-
-Failing in lovc is often a
Witu .,-ur fingers!   You can lift off |the negro.   'Tsc'gittin' mo* -dan- datiaccident.
.   _ | tion has reached such proportions in
1   s {Denmark that nearly twenty different
any hard corn, soft corn, or corn between the toes, and thc hard skin
calluses from bottom of feet.
A tiny bottle of "Frcezone" costs
little at any ding 'store: apply a few
drops t:pon  thc corn  or callus.    In-
SyeBoofc n^tmm*Oh**V.S.M.\^���&S ��? i^ he wuld advise,bus'
-\   - .Our Great Blessing X'-X X X
��� There-is nothing .that makes "more
for human happiness than the, simple
stantly it stops hurting, then shortly j fact  that     sotncoV.c needs    'ust that
3-eu lift that bothersome corn or callus |son�� task is hoMing U3 fast;  Wc may
norantly think of it as a burden, bat
right off, root and all. without one bit
of pain or sorcr.es?. -Truly!   No hum-
it is our great Messing.
ha\e   been   in\ cnicd
SINCE' g 1870
SOP* *���*#��������-Trf-��T������    f
(types ot 5am?$
.: there.
I     ;   - - ���    -
I Even when s man modestly admits
that hc doesn't know everything, Lc
jie secretly proud of tlic fact that he
knows everything worth knowing.
Wash Day and
"y^TASH day is the least welcome day of the weelc iu
most homes, though sweeping
day is not much better. Both
days are most trying on the
The strain of washing, ironing and
'sweeping: frequently deranges tho
kidney*.' The system is poisoned
and backaches, rheumatism, pain?: la
tha limbs result.
Kidney action must T>e arouaed���=
tho livar a-wakened'to action and th*
bowels' regulates by such treatment
as Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
This favorite proscription of the irell-
knor.':s Receipt Book author will not
fail yoa In the hour of need.
Oss�� till ft uos". ^3c a tsox at *!! dealers,
er EarsMsoa, Kales & Co., Xtd., Toront*.
'* ri
' *l    '
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Betray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks.:    1.00
Oertificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal 'ad\ ertising, 12'Cenls a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals ia^c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross! means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
To the Unknown Scotchman
We write iu tribute to and in
remembrance of the Scotchman,
name and station in life unknown,
by natural disposition iu life a
volunteer, belonging to the army
of Scots who came from all over
the world, willingly, eagerly, without demand for payment, without
expectation of fame or reward, to
risk life that civilization might endure. In proportion to the number of Scotchmen in the world, that
race furnished in volunteers more
men than could be raised by Germany under the most drastic methods
of conscription. The war record
of the Scot is equal in brilliance
and endurance to a perfectly clear
and flawless diamond. For as
many centuries as history has
record of his doings, the Scotchman has clung to his own national
ideals, relationships and distinctive
religious beliefs. ���- When translated
into action under the stress of the
greatest possible human crisis, his
inherited traits have famished an
unforgetable demonstration, of
whole-hearted, fearless, efficient
fighting service.. In contemplation
of that service,, we are willing to
follow him in his. doctrine of predestination far enough to accord to
. him an unquestioned right to claim
for himself and his race that most
poetic of scriptural,promises. ','For
I ami persuaded that neither death,
. nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor-things tb
come, Nor height, nor depth, nor
any other creature, shall be.able to
~ separate, its "from theTid v.e~ of God,
which is . in JChristY Jeans our
Lord."���yancouver Sun...  ...     .
Old-Time Miner Passes
The Princeton Star says:
"Wednesday afternoon the body
of Duncan McRae was found near
the trail leading to the McRae
Brothers' mining camp ou Kennedy mountain, where it had lain
just a month to a day. Diligent
search had been made all over the
country. Wednesday, Chas. Bon-
mver and Gus (Belgie) Powels
were searching along the trail
and found the body. There was
a snowstorm in the hills that day
and the deceased had evidently
became exhausted and died from
exposure, The late Mr. McRae
was 6S years of age, and was
born at Glencoe, West Middlesex,
Ontario. He came to British
Columbia 25 ycars ago, aud was
well known in the Kootenays and
Similkameen. His brothers Hugh
and Dan were interested with
him in the Kennedy Mountain
properties. His mother, who is
92 years of age. aud two sisters
reside in the east."
"Once Overs"
Mr. Husband, why are yon fo
stingy when yon go out with your
wife and so liberal when others are
in company with you and your
Of course it is customary for
husbands and wives to have an
understanding relative to such
matters, aud your wife knows that
you often do things "for appearance sake."
Bnt once in a while why do you
not take your wife out and spend
lavishly on her for a good time,
when others are not prpsent, and
watch the effect? It will cost you
much less, than to entertain a
party, and the pleasure it will give
her ought to compensate you���
fully.      .
Yoa may be a bit short on sentiment���most husbands are���but
even-a little display of the old
courting day spirit aud sentiment
would be immensely appreciated
by that little wife of yours.
Can't yoa see her eyes shine at
the idea that you wish to please
And that you feel so liberal and
have the desire to do things up
right just for bei? Of course she
sparkles. ��� .,
And who has a better . right to
hold, firBfe place with you? .
Carmi is. to have a sawmill.
H, H. Sawyer is making arrangement Mo have ; a mill installed at
that point. Y;-���-~X-y-:~'���'--��� ���yX/-.--
In an .age'thai invented wireless
telegraphy; and.,discovered radioactivity,Y it; would   be- ioottBti to
deny the possible.exiatence of many
forcesas.yet unkiipwn to mankind..
, Tables    may Y tarii,   voices . may
, speak:',the, o.nija;board, may spell
'.;.out.its messages in. obedience to
.commands we cannot.fathom. iZBtii
'don't let ^ u&'lopfc-"for wishing rings
, to be given n 8 by 'spi.ritB. ttiatY^aye
passed beyond the grave.Y.- '"'���_��� \
Y . Spiritualism, is like  radium in
.that investigators should-be prop-
-erljr equipped to handle it.., With-'
out   careful   precautions,, radium
���x   -   ���   ."      ".' ���    ������'.'' -        ���  -- ��� *,
experiments    : result    in    painful
.death    from ��� cancer.'     Whoever
- touched: spiritualism  phonld cling
to a well.-ballanced . temperament.
To expect infallable advice from.
a spirit world.is to reduce spiritualism to the level of. savage rites.
Civilization wants neither;charm
nor tailsmen.  '   "V" - i," xyyyyXy,
The baby, just learning to walk,
and refusing its mother's h#lp,fe
������ the . embodiment; of humanity's
true spirit.: The baby-wants ;fe>
find oat for itself. X*We adults.
who. are but little children in $fee
great, pnzzling universe, vrkhk to
find out for ourselves, .too.      ."     '
Nothing to.dobut'work,'.-'-; .:  . f-r ;-
,.: Nothing to.eat but food, ;.\_:   ���-".'���
Nothing to wear but clothes.-;
Y.To feeep oiie from going" liude." XX X
Nothing" to'breathe but"air?."        ..
" ���:. Quick-as a flash''tisgbne; ,        ....  ,
Nowhere to fall but off,:.    -."..;.
Nowhere to standout, on. ���     : " '
Nothing to comb but hair, .
'.-��� Nowhere to sleep but iii bed,
Nothing to weep bnt tears,
.. Nothing to biiry.but dead.-.-
Nothing to.'sing but songs;     ���.        ';
''Ah, well!-'Alas!''Alack!.       ,"-'.
Nowhere to go but put,   - - .  Y ���
.-' Nowhere to come.but back;   ,\
Notliing.tp read but-words, "
;Nbthing to'cast but votes,
Nothing'.to hearbut sounds,
Nothing, to sail but boats;
Nothing to see but sights/ '
. -Nothing to quench but thirst,
Nothing to have but what we've got,
'" Thus through life .we are-cursed.
Nothing to strike but a gait,
Everything moves that goes.
Nothing at all but cbmmonsense
Can ever withstand these woes.
���Ben King.
Synopsis of
Land ftcf Amendments
Minimum price of flrst-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to nur-
veyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which is non-timber land:
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrangre for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. a
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
nve years and make improvements to
value of ��10 per acre, Including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
���fSFe re��eiving Crown Grant.
where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement ahd transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
��300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
'6ss than 5 years, and Improvements
or $10.00 per aero, including S acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
or at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
��� J"1,' w,tho"t actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. ��
UnsUrveyed areas, not exceed!* 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
MH1, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
condltionalupon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, ls made.
9 ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devis'ees
or a deceased pre-emptor may-apply
for title under this Act is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege is also made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years
Provision for return of moneys accrued due and been paid since August
4. 1914, on ^ooount of payments, fee*
r 1 es on soldlers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
tA0,^n..0�� olty lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to Maroh 81, 1920.
f LANDS. .
Provision made for issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase. Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase Interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchaae price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be
made by May 1, 1920.
$ GRAZING. ���
Grazing Act, 1819, for sySt��matic
development of livestock Industry provides for grazing districts and rango
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
tor settlers, camper* or travellers, ud
to ten hMtd.  ^ v
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, aud Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
(Expert Optician)
Culameeti Role!
One of the largest hotels tn
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Nicely iurnished rooms, by the
day, week or mouth
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold, . Silver,   Copper,   Bluestoue,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
g un. u.*wm*mMLimivw.an*
(poooooooooooo��0-r,<x>oooo 000000000000000000000000000000
Nilson & Nilson
K. VV. C%lock
All Work Guaranteed
P. 0. BOX 14.8, TELEPHONE 92
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -   Proprietor
Get your job printing at The
Ledge, before the paper is .all
4* fr fr frfrfr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
j, D LOA.T is not a periodic- ^
^   al.    It is a  book con- jf
fr taining 86 illustrations all -fr
j, told,  and  is    filled   with fr
Jf sketches   and    stories   of fr
fr western life.    It tells how ^
fr a gambler cashed in after j
fr the flush days of Sandon; T
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourisls and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wan: rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
oooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Palace   Livery   And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop".
. -TAK'E.NOTICE-'thalappHcaii'Qii hasbeea
made by the Greenwood City^ Waterworks Co.,
for permission.to.-chaoge:- its rates' for tke s.a>-
ply of electrical energy for' lighting- purposes,}
as follows :-v "'-.'���>..-. YT-'-'-;���:"'" X-.i -";���-*.,'".
.'.".For dwelling' houses/from'a 16.c p.,flai
rate of 30 cts per raoTith,Jto;alO,ct.k.w\fi: .meter
rate np to 30 k.w.li.i beyond, that's cts p^r k.w.h:
,-'. Objections to_.tfais,-application., setting; oat!
concisely the gronnds therefor, laayype .filed
with the undersigned. Court Hoase, Vancouver,'
B.C.'," and'.71th the Company," Jwithin'ten_ (10)
days of the last jiahlica'ioa of this notice. ".- ..';"
'-' V Date of.first publication Fo.brnary 19.1520. .;
- -Dateof last publication March 4.1920. ���,���'"'���"���
���'X'".C"l ','���': ���,S.-J.:'S;,-REMNANT,':' ";.''.-'. -���.:".
-'.'.'''��� r'-y.r- ��� X-'yy ' -..''Secretary, V. C" ...j V :"'':'
.     :   ' Pablic .Utilities Commission.
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
TAKE NOTICE tliat'l, Charles Graser,
of Boundary Falls iu said District, occupation,
Rancher, intend to aoply for permission to
purchase the following' described lands:
Commencing' at- a post planted at the
South-East corner'of Lot 1028;- tlience North 20
chains; thence East 20 chains; thence South 30
chains; and-thence West.-20 chains, and containing 40 acres more- or less, the same tob:
utilized for grazing purposes.
Dated af Boundary. Falls, 'B.C.,' November
17th,1919..    ' '���
���    .;.'���'' \ -'-.CHARLES GRASER.  Y
���- E. : W. WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer and
Chemist, Box Biio8, Nelson, B. . C.
Charges;���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper,
{reach. Gold-Silver $1:50. Silver-Lead
|r.oo. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
fo'rother'tnetals, etc.,;on application;.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles", and Fence Posts,  Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale.   List your lands
with me, 'Have a buyer for  good ranch
: Y- ' --NELSON.-B.'C.--"
/.',-'���": mining: '."    .-,'" -Z
''��� ' Y'U/V,   -'BROKER--   :  :   --.'..;
All   the   latest   methods   in   high-class
-': Dentistry.      .     -
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
yANCOliVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
fr how it rained in New Den-  j
A ver long afteir Noah was fr
7 dead; how a parson took a fr
fr drink  at  Bear   Lake   in ��{*
fr early   days;   how   justice j,
fr was dealt in Kaslo iu 93;  j"
fr how  the saloon  man oat-  ***
jU prayed the women in Kala- fr
�� mazoo, and graphically de*  fr
fr picts the   roamings    of a  ^
fr western editor among  the ���*,
fr tender-feet in the cent belt.  T
fr It contains the early history j*
et, of Nelson and a   romance fr
�� of the Silver King mine,  fr
fr In   it are   printed   three fr
fr western poems, and dozens �����,
j. of articles   too   numerous T
fr to mention.     Send for one ***
fr before it is too late.   The fr
fr price   is   50   cents,  post- fr
'fr paid to any part of   the fr
A world.    -Address   all   let- ^
^ tersto ^
fr R.T. Lowery fr
fr ���> ^ fr
fr     GREENWOOD. B. C.     fr
fr .     fr
1    *ML A^b ajL'JL a^M __lK___i h__K___ ____S___i ____^U   ____BL_Il   -*-   ____���_* _____^____
^^ ^K ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^9     MT  ^^ ^^ Ti
JPi Burns & Go., Ltd.
YHome;(if  Shanirock Bacon,   Ham and: Lard :      k
.'".-������"- E&gS!.   Cheese- and   Fish   of   all;. Varieties '      j;
y ��� y    The Miiieril >royince ;o|;^e^era Gahada^
���yX ;/^^T<^;ENb--OFJyEJCEM^,A
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:. Placer. Gold,. $75,116,103; Lode
Gold, ?93,717,974;;8ilver, sis/eM^ei; Lead^^839,366,144; Copper, $130,697,620;.
Other Metals. (Zinc, Iron, etc.), 810,933;466; ,Coal :and Coke,Y$174,313,658;
Building Stone, Brick. Cement, etc., 827,902,381;,making ita Mineral Production to the end.of 1917 show an ;. :Y" _"���- X
Agnate Valufi of $595,S7tlO_7 yi\
Production for Year Ending December, 1917, $37,010;
The  Mining  Laws of this Province are more, liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion,  or any colony in the British
.., Empire.
._ .. Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Y���..;. X.y;   Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by devdpping anch properties, .the security ' ;,:.    .
yiyi -of-which i?guaranteed by Crown Grants. ,: .  ' X-XZ; \ Xx���'''���';''��� ~X- '.- 'i"'X:-:'X'\        i-X.
-X;, Fnll information,. together :with mining Eepbrfes and . Maps, may be obtained X;"  \ y.\ -���-'���'���
���Xi-. Tgratis by addressing-!-^,_..- ��� "'"Xiixy xxyy;-"".Y -xiXiXy ixiXy.yi''~ Xi:.X;.-'y ix-'Xyx.XiXx.'-.-..
When you say "Hello?" when yoii answer the telephone,
do you realize you are impeding your telephone service? The
person calling invariably asks who is speaking, and you give
the information you might have given in the first place. When
: you answer the telephone why not give your name or the name
of your firm and department' in the first instance? -Then you
would be getting service and giving service.
I Cbe Bume Botel |
% nelson, B.C. *
.   ~~ : ��� fr
fr  The only up^to^date Hotel in the interior.   First-class   fr
in every respect,
 =      ��� fr
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in  fr
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric: Lighted.   Xyyy-
RATES 31.00 per day and upjr European. Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats. Y?Y
2_t*'fr*��!"f**��f��$"|.4'f.*f frfriz^frx^zfrfri^ifryfrfr^i 'ii:il
For Good XZXXXx
---Economy and Satisfaction
are tlfef^ture^
������- --'       -- / J
33 ������"��� ���"���'-/!
pur ;g^tpin^$��|l^^!
i we pri m
Letterhead^ N<cr
(All?��izes)^: Xyy Xy. XXiXXXXiyXr. Y yXi i XXXiXyXx
i The LedgS
v^-r��� ���-������-.   '/- ���      ��� .���.-    -        ryXisx ���
iaiiiuatiiiuaiimuaiiu liiiiuiuijiiimiiim miuiuuiiiiiiiK
-IDYERTlSilMllffi' iMM


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