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The Ledge May 5, 1921

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Array V_>
._   ).
wm grr rcminrnmrr- -7*7T^fc*Tr^^^i*^1���nrf*^p^���"^"rl,' "it iff ft-
Vol-.   XXVII;
No. 43
House Furnishings,
''' "'      ' ;'
v .:  Kitchen Utensils,
ymm.mmnmHmmm?fmfmm?mmmmmmmm m\m
We can fill your wants for:���
Also a full line of
LEE' &' BRYAN 'V "    Phone- 46
Grand  Popularity Contest
Goodeve's Drug Store
J Prizes given to the three most, popular ladies  in the
| ',        Greenwood Riding . -
First Prize, $25.00 Kodak, Post Card Size.
Second Prize, $12.00 Ivory Mirror. .	
Third  Prize,  $5.00 _ Box Camera.
Iff1 Mm'��'^TnM.T^f*HWW__g__WKingB
*��� I    "^   ���>
Before you: send that spring order look over
"'""   ' '*   our stock of  "
.-.: .
Prints, Flannelettes, Boys and
/    Ladies
They will please you in every respect -
���    ���       y~* tnur* K??niiMf**ssBmi f^      ��_5_-"?">.   _         "?
The  WINDSOR   HOTEL    is   heated   witL   steam
...and electricity.     _Mne sample rooms.     A comfort-
-able home for tourists   and travellers      Touch the
��� wire   if you   wane "rooms reserved.    _The "'bTrfifcTTs ,   >
, . replete   with   cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages, ,
' -   ���   buttermilk aud ice-cream.
~��&��^^^>^?!��^&&%&2S <?ZS45��GS&��&=��4
The woman's judgment in lhc selection of foodstuffs is the
final judgment, hence the <acl thai thousands of women every
day ask their merchants for SHAMROCK HAM and BACON -
and insist upon getting it!    Have you tried il?
_���_.      ������  ���_��� -��� i-t
W   Wholesale Distributing Branch, for West Kootenay District. NELSONr B.C
ft - racking 'Plants at
$  Calgary     " Eomoiitoii       Re_rina       Prince Alfcert       Vancouver
The Best Way
DON'T risk loss by enclosing caah
in your letters. You will find the
Money Orders issued by this Bank a
safe and convenient way o�� paying
your out-of-town accounts.
Oar-Teller cars, issue them without delay at the
' same cost as-Post Office or Express Order*.
PAID-UP CAPITAL"    -        <���        $15,000,000
RESERVE FUND -        -        Si5,000,000  j
GREEXWOOD'eRAXCH, L. E. Brawders, Manager.'     .
Buy a
Made to Measure Suit
Quite a   substantial   reduction in prices
L'our measure   taken   by   one
.who. learned the business
No  Guessing
W. Elson 0 Co S
A Complete Assortment
Wagstaff's Jams and
Try Our
Pride of Canada, Pure
Maple Syrup
J. G. -McMynn,' Midway
1 Real Estate & Insurance
1 Life, Fire, Health, Accident
B Automobile
Best  Companies'in   the  World
Enquire  as  to Ratee
Ranches  For Sale
I '    ���       ..      _
�� Auctioneer
�� Call  And See
-'- '* ��� GREENWOOD,' B, C. ' ' ~
in Shell or Nickel Frames ,
Put ud in a neat Spring Covered Case
$1.00 PER PAIR     .
Watchmaker      Jeweler      Ootician
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail your' watch for Repair and I will
mail il back.   Charges are moderate.
6r.enw.od Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
A  First National  Feature
"Romance ��_ TafzaiT
The cyclonic cinema drama of a primitive man's struggle against civilization
sinister forces
In Se%-en  Reels
AUo a Christie Comedy iii-Qiie Reel
"There's many A SSIn"
Sir Johnston Foibes Ro1>ertson in
"Passing ��f Ihe Third
Fleer Back"
One Reel Sennctt   Comedy
"Daddy Ambrose"
Baled Hay For Sale
Baled hay for sale. Extra good
quality, mixed timothy an<J
Fritz Haussenee
Bos 364 Greenwood, B.C.
, Fop Sale Cheap
Two chair    barber   outfit,    ia
gv>od condition.    Enquire
, Ola Lofstad,
2 'Around Home
�� in
Fishing season opened ou May
Born.���To Mr. aud Mrs. Joe
Klinosky, on May 1, a son.
C. McCutcbeoa, of Vancouver,
is visiting- his parents here.
_ Mrs. D. D, McLaren left on
Sunday morning for a trip to
coast cities.
Refreshments served in Kennedy's old store, every Saturday
evening after the show.
Capt. Swayne was   able   to  be'
out on Tuesday afternoon for the
first time in fifteen, in Driths.
On May 2nd the money order
business at the Boundary .Falls
post office was discontinued.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lindsay
and daughter, of -.Riverside, were
visitors in town on Monday.
,. Get-your wall paper at-manufacturers prices. See the 1921
samples at Goodeve's Drug Store.
Dad Hopper was taken to the
Government Farm a-t Oakalla
where he will spend the next IS
Mr. and, Mrs. P. _G. Crane aud
son, of Beaverdell, motored to
Greenwood ou Sunday and returned ou Wednesday.
John Mulligan," postmaster at
Copper Mountain, is doing some
assessment work on his mineral
claims at Phoenix.
Oscar Lachmurcd, mining engineer of Spokane, formerly manager of the.smelter here, spent a
days iu town this'week.
��� ��� Miss Ethel Royce, of the Vancouver General Hospital staff,"'is
���Spend _i_g- a - va^ion . with:V__er
mother, Mrs. A, R. Royce.   ,
'Mr.-and Mrs. Frank Bu'ckless
have returned to their ranch on
the Main Kettle river, after
spending a few days in town. '
Mr. and Mrs. W. Swa\r_c and
daughter, Yvonne, of Butte,
Mont., are spending a few days
in town, tbe guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Capt, Swayne.  -
The Independent Meat Market
is now open all the time. We
carry only the best stock procurable in fresh meats, hams and
bacon, lard, sausages, head
cheese, etc,
Harry Wright, of Trail, was
in-town���last week- on- his-way
home from. a~business trip to the
Okanagau. Mr. Wright will
shortly open up en insurance and
real estate office in Kelowna.
Grand opening of the tennis
season will be be. d on the afternoon of Wednesday May 11th.
The social committee will provide
refreshments. All members aud
prospective membars are invited.
"The Standard"' a new weekly
paper is now being published in
Penticton. It i. well written,
nicely arranged with liberal advertising patronage, Hanley &
Brown are thc proprietors aud
the paper will beconducfed along
.the lines of independent thought
without any frills or furbelows.
The concert which was given
here last week will be repeated
by special request at Riverside
Hall, Friday, 13th inst. .The
proceeds will go towards the
Kettle Valley School Library. As
the cause is a worthy one and
the concert and play of a iiigh
standard there should be a record
attendance.      ,       ,
Clean up da.s were a great success. Everywhere the loyal and
patriotic citizens were seen with
their, rakes, shovels and wheelbarrow cleaning up the rubbish,
while the city council had teams
and men engaged cleaning up the
streets. The city now has a tidy
appearance, ' There are 'still,
however,, a few backyards that
are a disgrace to the community,
but it is hoped that before, the
health inspector make* his rounds
that these yards will _e cleaned
Greenwood  Public  School
.  "'     April, 1921
V. Edward. Tripp,  Principal.
No. in actual attendance 23
No. with perfect attendance - 14
Pereeutage of Efficiency - 9S.04
Percent of attendance     -    -   22.25
Perfect attendance:
Anuud Anderson, Mabel Axam,
Agda Carlson, Gertrude Dixon,
Ethel Fraser, Harold Folvik, Lilly
Intilla, Gordon Jenks, John Kerr,
Georgo Morii��on, Silvia Price,
Estclla Storer, Edna Williamson,
I.Ia_ia Williamson.
Standing. ��
Senior IV, Entrance: Maria
Williamson 79.21, Edna Williamson 77.09, Ethel Fraser 7G.87,
Mabel Axam 7G.71, Estella Storer
7_.30, Goidon Jenks 73.55, Emmet Anderson 73.38, Russell Eustis
73.OS, Harold Folvik 70.8-, Agda
Carlson 69.17, _Jaek Anderson
62.16; Johnson Beattie GO.91, Lilly
Intilla 59 9
Junior IV: Margaret Eddie
74.91,- Mildred McLaren 73.32,
John Kerr 68.GO, George Morrison
68.52, Gertrude Dixon 08.20,
Samuel Eustis 67.77, Mary Kerr
65.7S, Anuud Andeison G5.39,
Dolly Granberg 64.62, Silvia Price
64.54. *"���
Cecilia M. Mclutosh, Teacher
NumbeY on roll -        -        28
No. iu perfect attendance - 19
Average daily attendance   -       27
Perfect attendance:
Bessie Bidder, George Bryan,
Myrtle Di^on, Lloyd Eustis, Percy
Fraser, Clarence Johnson, Doris
Kinsman, Kathleen McLeod,
Edward -Wilson, ~ John Putzel,
Edward Johnson, Eraine DuHamel, Horace DuHamel, Allan
Fraser, "Riiby Goodeve, Cecilia
Hallstrom, William McLeod, Annie
TliOTslijndV. " . " *. _���������>--
.. Proficiency List.
Sr.   II Reader: ��� George   Bryan,
John   Putzel;" Helen  Kerr,   Irene
Inglis, Percy  Fraser,  Harry Hall-
. strom.
Jr. Ill Reader: Myrtle Dixon,
Frank Campolieto, Clarence John-
boii, Kathleen McLeod, Lawrence
DuHamel, Lloyd Eustis,, Tillie
McDonell (absent) Doris - Dixon
Int. Ill Reader: Bessie Bidder,
Edward Wilson, Doris Kinsman,
Edward Johnson.
Senior III Reader: Alfan Fraser,
John McDonell, Ruby Goodeve,
Mary Klinosky, Cecilia Hallstrom,
William McLeod, Ethel Benson,
Annie rifdrsluiFd, "Eraine_DuT
Hauiel, Horace DuHamel.
J. M. McKee, Teacher.
No.  iu actual attendance
Perfect attendance
Punctuality Pircentage    -
Perfect attendance:
Helen Bakkp, Robert Carlson,
Meridetli Fenner, Lawrence Folvik, Robert Forshaw, Lewi-
Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Laura
Mills, Malcolm McLeod, Dick
.Morrison, Edward Parry, Alice
Ritchie, Marguerites Ritchie, Mary
Skelton, Daniel Kerr.
Pioficiency List.
Senior First Reader: - Edward
Parry, Robert Mitchell, Lawrence
Folvik, Lewis Mitchell, ^Margaret
Junior First Reader: Meredith
Fen tier, Malcolm McLeod, Eileen
Bryan, Mary Skelton, - Bertram
Price, Dick Morrison, Daniel Kerr,
Marguerite Ritchie.
Second Primer: Allan McCurrach, Arthur Cox, Helen Bakke.
First- Primer: Laura Mills, Mary
Putzel, .equal; - Roy Hallstrom,
Alico Ritchie, Robert Carlson,
Lewis Clerf, Roy Bakke:
Receiving Class: Robert Forshaw, Albert Kinsman, Charles
Geo. C, Egg, of Grand  Forks,
spent  a few hours  in   town   on
Wednesday morning on  his  way
to Kock Creek with   Capt.   S. A.
H. Brew to look oyer some  farm '
lands   in    that   district.      Capt. j
Brew lived at   Rock  Creek some;
years  ago  and  if  be can  get a
suitable ran;h will  again  locate
in that sectioa.
,   15
Large Audience
Well Entertained
There was a large and appreciative audience in the Greenwood
Theatre last Friday night at the
entertainment given by the Tennis
Club and there was no- excuse for
any one of them failing to enjoy the
programme from start to finish.
The general verdict was that it was
the best all round show ever given
n the city.    The  programme   was
A Serious Accident
produced in such good order, tho over the north end of town and
customary waiting time between
numbers being saved, it was com
pleted by ten o'clock which means
that the entertainment lasted for
nearly two hours. Space will not
permit to do justice to the different
items, though every single one was
given in a manner creditable to tlu��
performers and all were encored.
The cWreenwood orchestra appeared for the first time "and'their
difficult selections were happily
chosen and played with good assemble and remarkable dex.eiity
of fingering. ��� The orchestra is doing good work and if they will
continue to practice there is no
telling what heights in the world
of music they will reach.
Mrs. Birch, of Midway, is the
possessor of a rich well trained
voice and she gave the audience a
rare treat with her siDging. She
had to sing four songs and even
then the audience wanted more.
Mrs. P. E. Rock -accompanied at
the piano in a most artist'c style.
D. Cavaye was one of the surprises of tho evening. Mr. Cavaye
has sung  in some of  the  biggest
halls in Edinburgh, and Greenwood^(]ian Vimy Memorial Church
is fortunate in having "bim. His
rendering of "Hail Caledonia"
sent a thrill through the hearts of
all Scots. Mr. Cavaye's voice has
a" beautiful timbre, seldom heard
in a bari).one. <5The .Old Fashioned Town" was very pleasing.
,. A. V. Foot is already,a favorite
and was - in good voice.. '*Tue
���"Mountains of Mourne" is at least-
exacting, but he sang it with exceptional ability. Bte gave a hunting song as'an encore.
A number which deserves special mention was tbe singing of
"My Little Gray Home in the
West" by P. B. McCurrach who is
well known to Greenwood audiences and is always a favorite.
The singing of this song, had great,
effect because between tho verses
dancers gracefully glided ou to tbe
stage and waltzed. This number
had to be repeated to satisfy the
demands of the audience.
~~No~F"on "the-!clramatio"Title was
there any sign of hesitation or
weakness. The recitations by Miss
Mcintosh were well delivered and
and much appreciated by the aud'-
��� The choruses were well rendered
an<3 particularly well chosen for
the occasion.
Greenwood is accustomed to perfection in Mrs., Taylor's accompaniments and on Friday she enhanced an enviable reputation.
Following the concert "Romeo
of the Rancho" a ono act farce full
of exciting and amusing complications, was presented; G. S. Walters; Miss Barron, R, Spenct-r .v.d
W. Bryant- taking tlie parts. Not
once was the voice of the prowptet
heard. Mr. Walters, who had the
leading male part, gave a splendid
characterization of an old Shakespearian actor who was very kfen
on having nis daughter,' Rosalind.
become a great actress. He was a
laugh provoker all tha way
through. Miss Barron, as Rosalind, was very graceful and her
pronounciation is clear and. her
acting good, while Roy Spencer as
a gushing cow boy played the part-
to peifection.    V,".   Bryant as bell
-A serious accident of a mysterious nature occurred on' Wednesday morning about 7 ��� o'clock'
when C. A. Carlson, C. P. R.
section foreman, and his assistant O. Scholberg received painful
flesh wounds on the legs, arms
and face. As. Mr. Carlson opened the-door of his section tool
shed to get his speeder there was
an explosion which was heard all
the two men received nasty
wounds. Dr. Burnett who" gave
first aid, before sending them -on
the work tram to Grand Forks,'
fouud pieces of .copper in the
flesh of the wounded men. ' "The
explosion could hardly be the result of gasoline for then the
place would have "gone up in
flames, but there is a hole iu thc
floor of the shed where the mysterious thing exploded. An in- ���
vestigation should be held.'
Rock Creek- Institute
The regular meeting of the Rock
Creek Women'? Institute mot at
Riverside H..11 on Saturday afternoon, April 30th, 16 members being
-A short discussion on the coming
conference in June. Mrs. Lindsay
"was elected as government delegate
aud Mrs, Norris as Institute delegate.
The Institute donated 810 to
each of tho three district schools
for books for children's11 library,
and also  voted   $50  for the Can-
Mrs. Pittendrigh gave a very interesting address on rural community improvement.
Refreshments ��� were servwd and
tlie meeting was-adjourned by sing-
Popularity Contest
0nly two more days and the
Contest will ��� close. There are
many anxious people waiting to
hear the result Now is the time
to cast your ballots. Boost for
your favorite candidate and don't
forget tovotc. Contest closes on.
Saturday May 7 at 12 p.' m.
The following is the latest official
count: *       ,     . -  , .
Miss A. Podbielanick,- Midway,
���520, Mrs. Geo. Walters4220, Miss
Eva -'Murray 6710, Miss Cassie
McDonald 1620, Mrs. H. Snell,
Rock Creek, 2470, ALss Josephine
-McKee 2_34Q,-.-Mi5&~Ge"Q"rg_na"Lee~
5210,   Mrs.   C.   T.   Fenner  421.0.
Rock Creek Orchestra which made
the evening a happy one. Tho
gross proceeds of Che concert and
dance amounts to nearly S150 and
after pxpeuses are paid the surplus
will go towards repairing the
teuuij courts.
>ot_:-5  ov the concert
It in uot often riut au audience
i= bo appreciative,
[���.very mi Liber was heaieily on-
Dis (lir.i.uit to. write about-_t
without de.ilhig almost  entirely iu
"Any audience would have liked
it. .     .
Many werv prtwnfc from Rock
Creek, KeUle Valley. Midwav and
One old country gentleman said
that "hunting sccap and Join.
Peel chot us brought him back to
the d_*ys bi his youth and sent a
thrill thiough him."
The Kettle Valley sjhool trustees
have invited the concert party to
repeat tho _.h..��w at Riverside Hall
oa Friday the 13th inst, which !_...*
��oy  had a difficult  pair,   but he been accepted. " - ' .
rose to tho occasion   and   helped! ��� =	
make thing3   funny.-    From   the
dramatic critics point of viev'thpv
are   entitled   to   a   q.v.iter   of   ..   nee::
colnmn of boqa^.s each   ai.d   ihtir' Fern
pictures would   go with   t._p   <_.!_
aliments if they wero available.
After the concert a  most  cajrn- j ���hiic crossing the' line   and shot
ablp dance was held in the Ma-nn:c ' vith'iut war.r.sg.    The hold-ups
Hall at which   there  w?--   a   v*iy !robb?.i Wagner oi all he had ��nd
large attendance.    The Krp_nwfl j departed in  a  car   for parts un-
Orchestra, played  assisted, by  the I known.
Early Sunday morning J Wat---
;r. oi. Midway, was shot ia the
bv -=03:0 Americans _c_r
. Wash. TI12 wound is not
-erious .-inrl Joe is dcir.5 nicely.
It appears that  he   wa_   held  up THE     LEDGE,    GKEEJSTWOOD,    B.     0.
When symptoms of indigestion
Occur. Act quickly before
Shese become obstinate.        J.
Beecham's Pills at once. In many
cases a few doses will bring relief.
Their success in stomach, liver and
bow2l disorders proves the worth of
Sold every'
where in
In hcrxttt,
By E. L.
Written   Exclusively   For
Tins Paper
"And so, Nellie, you havc made -up
your mind to go to the big city?"
. Nellie swung her wide brimmed hat
to and fro' ere she replied:
""Yes, Ned. I want to bc independent to earn money for myself, and
mow that Aunt Marin has this friend
of hers coming, it's a good chance
for me to get away."
Ned, big and brawny, with his shirt
open at his pillar-like throat, a "very
son of thc soil, could not forbear a
slight smile as he looked down at thc
five feet of independence before him,
who was about to go out and make
her mark in thc world.
Nellie was an orphan who had been
brought up by her aunt, but for some
time now her soul had chafed against
thc restraint of her quiet country
existence. She was twenty-one and
shc wanted to go to the city.
And so, with a gay smile on her
lips, standing amongst thc daisies in
thc sunlit field that beautiful June afternoon, Nellie said "good-bye'' to
Ned who had loved her all her life.
Ned was n prosperous young farmer^
but he seemed very prosaic to Nellie
who had all sorts of visions of being
a clever business woman and to whom
the life of a farmer's wife did not in
the least appeal. And Ned, whose
heart was aching, said no word.
* - *       *       *
Thc weeks in thc city passed slowly. The little room for which Nellie
throught she had to pay a1 small fortune was hot and stuffy and she could
not help remembering the clean white
cottage-she had left where the rambler roses climbed, and yes, sometimes as shc struggled with the mysterious dots and dashes in the Pitman
system, the beautiful green fields
���white with daisies rose before her.
But she was proud and said no word,
and in the country thcy thought she
was happy. Thcy had no idea of
how lonely a little country girl of
twenty-one' can bc in a large city.
-    -��   -   * -     *       *
And then one day Nellie took sick
and for weeks shc lay at the point of
death. But youth and a good constitution triumphed. Ned and Aunt
Maria travelled up to thc city to see!
thc "little lass."
"P'raps," ventured Aunt Maria
hopefully, "shc may be willin' to come
home fur a spell, eh Ned?"
"I shouldn't wonder," replied Ned,
setting his lips in a firm line, "I
shouldn't wonder."
* *       *       *
And when Nellie saw Ned she knew
that she was not cut out for a career,
that    she    was   just a little country
Ned's voice was gruff, but his heart
was full and he could hardly suffer
himself to look at that little pale face
which had been so blooming that last
day they had talked among the
"Yes, dearie," chirruped Aunt
Maria, "thc city don't 'pear to have
agreed with yc, but if ye havc a- rest
and pick up yc can come back next
*       #     - *       *
Next summer came and on a lovely
June day Nellie and Ned again stood
in the field of daisies. .
Ned stooped and picked one of the
white blossoms and brushed it against
her soft check.
"Arc you going to the city this year,
"Maybe!" replied Nellie mischievously, showing a provoking dimple as
shc smiled.
"And maybe not!" replied Ned masterfully, drawing her closer to him.
"Maybe not," he went on. "Instead I
think you and I arc going to be married and live in the big farmhouse
down thc lane. You were never
meant for the big, hungry city, but
just for a sweet country daisy."
As Nellie made no reply to this wc
presume that Ned was right.
Nervous Headaches,
Wherever there is any weakness of
the heart or nerves, flagging energy or
physical breakdown the use of Mil-
bum's Heart and Nerve Pills will
soon produce a healthy strong system.
They renew lost vita'ity, build up
the strength, increase mental activity,
give nerve and brain power, improve
tlie appetite and make rich, red blood,
thus banishing nervousness, headaches, sleeplessness, nervous prostration, heart palpitation, (shortness of
breath, faint and dizzy spells, smothering feeling, anaemia, general debility and all troubles arising from a run
down system .
Mrs. M. Damgand, Youngs Cove
Road, N.B., writes:���"I was bothered
very much with my heart and nerves;
had nervous headaches and dizziness,
could not sleep nights and my appetite was all gone. I was almost on a
nervous breakdown when a neighbor
told me to try Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills. This I did, and before
1 had thc second box used I was better."
Price 50c a box at all dealers or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
x our   1 eetn
By   Rea   Proctor   McGee,   M.D.,
D.D.S., Editor of Oral Hygiene.
Copyright,  1921,  by  Rea Proctor
In speaking of thc diseases and infections of tho body that arise from
the teeth, it is not intended to give
the impression that the- teeth arc invariably the cause of infection, but
these cases arc explained in order to
show the results of neglecting
Until recent years we had not realized thc danger of neglecting the
mouth and teeth���because digestion
was so seriously interfered with, by
thc inability to '���hew, and because appearance and distinct speech were
ruined, and because pain of many
kinds and of great intensity was a
very frequent occurrence, and because
broken roots and open cavities retain-
Naval Periscope
For Skyscraper
New York Man Wanted to Enjoy tbe
Harbor View From His Apartment.
"We Senators aim to oblige," said
Senator New (Ind.), "but often there
are demands that cause us to dust 6ft
bur thinking caps. Instance a letter
from a man in New York wanting me
to ascertain where he could get a
periscope cheap. It seems he-has an
apartment at the top of a skyscraper
overlooking New York harbor and his
idea was to insert a periscope in his
apartment so he could take his ease in
his library and yet enjoy thc spectacle
of incoming and outgoing ships.
"Wc discovered thatvthe' gentleman
could have a perfectly good but obsolete periscope for $400, but that if he
insisted on a brand new, ultra medium, top-hole first-class navy periscope, it would cost him a cool $18,-
000. That information was promptly
transmitted���to thc gentleman's satis-
iaby S
War With Wild Beasts
cd decomposing food and mucus, with j faction, I hope.'
a resulting bad breath.     These were j '
a few of the things that caused tlie  file DoiIghboyS KnOW Best
more cultured people to havc thcir
mouths put in order.
Thc researches bf the .great institutions that arc devoted to thc study of
disease havc shown us that thc results
of neglected mouths arc far more serious than we had at first believed;
and there is just one way to avoid
these serious results. That is to take
care of the mouth in time.
Begin with thc children, and if thc
child is trained to have its mouth in
good condition and to know thc comforts that.follow a good mouth condition, thhc child will make very
strenuous efforts, in later life, to have
those same physical comforts.
One of thc most cmbarassing as
well as serious of thc widespread diseases of this country���a condition
that is becoming more and juorc frequent���is goiter, which is the enlargement of thc thyroid gland which lies
in the interior portion of thc neck.
A swelling of this gland produces a
very unsightly enlargement of the
neck, many times causing a scries of
what is known as thyroidism. <:
Thyroidism is attended with sleeplessness (or insomnia), nervousness
and excitability, twitching and rapid
heart action:
It was found that in large numbers
of goiters thc infection iirthe thyroid
gland was a certain bacteria that is
found in abscess sacs at the ends of
American Soldiers Who Went With
the British Through the Hinden-
burg Line.
There are some people who seem
to bc under thc impression that in
thc World War we fought against
Great Britain, and not on her side.
But thc American soldiers who went
with the British through the Hinden-
biirg line know better. They did not
care whether they fought under ,an
American, a British or a French commander, if only thcy might bring America's power to bear on thc enemy in
the most effective way. In the greatest enterprise that the world ever saw,
the two nations were welded .together
in bonds, forged in the fires of war,
which, it is hoped and believed, will
never be broken. Our people have
not forgotten, nor-have our soldiers,
and they are not likely to forget.���
Indianapolis News.
Letters Of Recommendation
Tell the Truth But Rarely Tell the
��� Whole Truth.
. "Billy" Williams, United States
Commissioner of Internal Revenue,
says a lawyer told him once that "a
letter of recommendation docs not
evidence a man's ability, but merely
signifies the amiability bf-thc writer."
roots of diseased teeth in the mouth j That 5s about as solid a truth as one
of the'patient; and in many instances  win scc 5n �� day's walk.    Every ready-
Many  People  In  India Are  Killed
Every Year.
��� Thc struggle between human beings and wild animals in India seems
to bc constant. Last year fifty-five
persons were killed by elephants, five
by hyenas, 109 by bears, 350 by
leopards, 853 by tigers, and 688 by
boars and other animals. Poisonous
snakes claimed no fewer than 22,478
victims. More than 19,000 wild
beasts of various kinds were destroyed and 91,000 snakes were killed. High
floods killed off many of thc small
animals that are' ordinarily thc prey
of wild beasts, and this probably accounts for thc attention that tigers
and other large animals have given to
their human neighbors.
thc treatment of the teeth, or the extraction of thc teeth and curetting of
thc sockets, relieved the goiter entirely.
It is therefore advisable to have a
careful X-ray " examination -of the
mouth in all goiter cases.
Superstition of Sailors.
Old sailors believe ill-luck will
surely follow if-anyone even accidentally counts the number of persons
on board ship.
It Will Prevent Ulcerated Throat.
������At the first symptoms of sore
throat, which presages ulceration and
inflammation, take a spoonful of Dr.
Thomas' Eclcctric Oil. Add a little
sugar to it to make it "palatable.     It
letter writer will agree to that. Many
letters tell the truth about the man
for whom they arc written, but they
rarely tell the whole truth. If there
arc unpleasant facts about "the bearer
of thc letter, the writer has been discreetly and courteously silent in respect to them. It is not his business
to argue and analyze. It is his job
to give a friend a lift.���Montgomery,
Ala., Advertiser.
Antelope Becoming1 Scarce
Few of These Animals Now Remain
In Canada.
Half a cenn-ry ago countless antelope roamed the prairie of Canada,
the United States and Mexico, today
'jTKAT there are Physicians who specialize on Infant ailments you know, 'AH-
Physicians understand Infant troubles: all Physicians treat them9  It is his
profession, his duty, to know human ills from the Stork to the Great Beyond.
But in serious cases he calls in the Specialist. Why? He knows as every
Mother knows, or ought to know, that Babyis just a babys needing special treatment, special remedies.
Can a-Mother be less thoughtful? Can a Mother try to relieve Baby with
a reruedy that she would use for herself? -Ask yourselfi; and answer honestly. <
Always remember that Baby is just a baby; And remembering, this you
will remember that Fletcher's  Castoria is mad�� es^^ and
Children. ~   .- .,,"".
Children Cry--For
The False and the
Advertising by the use of large space, the expenditure oi! huge sums
of money have placed on the market, have putinj'.��rhome,perhapsj
many articles that today have been discarded, as you will readily admit. ��
Do you recall anything that has more modestly appealed to the
public than, has Fletcher's Castoria: modest in all its claims, pleading
at all times���and truthfully���for our babies ?    -'��� '
The big splurg, the misleading claims may ���win tot a time, but
the honest truth-telling advertiser is like the old story of the tortoise
that beat the hare.
Mothers everywhere, and their daughters, now mothers, speak
frankly, glowingly, enthusiastically in praise of Fletcher's Castoria.
Speak of it lovingly as a friend that has brought comfort^ cheer and
smiles to their little-one.
To them: to these true mothers no argument can induce them -
to set'aside their bottle of Castoria, their old friend, that they might*
try even another and unknown remedy for babies. Then, would YOU
think of going to YOUR OWN medicine chest to find relief for Baby's
troubles?  Can you not separate the false from the true? u
Exact Copy ef Wrapper*
One Oi' Xne Unconqueraoie
Man Paralyzed in Childhood Has
Career Worthy of Admiration.
Joe F. Sullivan, forn.crly of Inibo-
den, Ark., who was paralyzed - in
childhood, and who in spite of his
serious infirmity struggled through
school, edited a paper and became
mayor of Imbodcn before hc was 21,
is now, at the age of 29, earning
$7,000 a "year as a writer and head
of the- Michigan Hospital, School at
Farmington,  near Detroit, establish-
lareaier Love
For Canadian Womcn
Canadian  Born  Men  Select   Native
Born Wives for Most Part.
The    Canadian   born    man   holds
greater love for thc Canadian women
than  the  women  of Canadian   birth
does for Canadian men, all this according to the Dominion Bureau of
Statistics report for 1920.     Excluding
thc province of Quebec, thc number
of marriages recorded in thc Dominion last year totalled no less than 56,-
ed witl^a million   dollar   gift, from  637] inc}���djng a11 registrations at Ottawa   up   to April 10, 1921.     Of this
���Rub it in for Lame Back.���A brisk
rubbmg with  Dr. Thomas'  Eclcctric
Oil will relieve lame back.     The skin
will  immediately absorb the oil and
blossom which would quickly fade if \Jt w>" Penetrate the tissues and bring
.rirmnlnntpd  eUeviVierp   -mr.  that *hr i sV^oy rch. f.      Try it and be convwe-
iransplantea elsewhere, and. tiiat she , t.d     Ag th(j lin5mcnt sh)ks ;n the pa5n
could, after all bequitc happy in a
"Oh," she said, as they were leaving
the hospital, "where arc you. taking
mc, Ned?".-"'   7-7 -'    -V...-. ���'.. ���"���.������:
"We're taking you home,- my girl,"
will allay thc irritation and prevent ll is doubtful whether there are 15,000
the ulceration and swelling that are of these graceful little animals in all
so painful.' Those who were period.-; thig vast arca though "in -past years
eally    subject    to    quinsy have thus'     .��� .,      , , .
made themselves immune to attack.      pliable observers have  seen several
thousand    in    a    single day, says a
writer in Conservation.
Mr. Thompson-Scton has estimate?
Eye: If thiey Tire, Itch,
Smart or Burn, if Sore.
Irritated. Inflamed or
> Granu.ated,useMur_ne
often, looibss, Refr��s_ies. Safe for Infant
or Adult At all Druggists and Opticians.
Write foxFreeEye Bock. fefl��fKfc��jixC_,Qtaee
.  When ordering goods*by .mail...send V Do-
minion Express  Money  Order. .-, ..j-.������'.'..   :���
Neat.appearing lady, to act as "our
representative introducing.useful.line
comes - out and -- there -are ample
grounds for saying that it is an excellent article.
For Relief Of Unemployed
'. The Old Gardener Says,
In your garden planning allow for
liberal" crops of all vegetables which, that, at thc time of,first settlement
can-be canned for wiiner. Almost j of the-west; thc rangcof the "ant elope"
everybody cans peas, corn and string! covered two million square miles, and
that there were no less than twenty
million of these animals.
-. The'rifle; and-the advance-of agri-
Mayor Couzcns. There will be no
steps to climb in thc buildings, because the school is for cripples. Joe
Sullivan's career is worthy of admiration.���Arkansas Methodist.
Old Auto Tire Useful.
A piece of discarded auto tire tubing cemented to the sole of thc shoe
will, it_is said, .outwear-two leather
number 6,200 Canadian born women
selected husbands other than Canadian men, whereas 4,632 Canadian
born men chose as their wives other
than Canadian women, the total of
���such marriages being 10,882,
Of the 56,637 carriages in Canada
last year (excluding Quebec) 29,104
took - place ���in- Ontario,_or_in-other
Large Amounts Are Obtained From
the Federal Government. ���""
V That up. to April 23,;$133,093.42 had
been paid by. the Dominion .Government toVm.unicipalities throughout
Canada; for relief'of; unemployed, was'
stated, in ,the Ottawa-House recently.
Winnipeg-'ied'.thcJist". witli $51,003.49
and Vancouver "next, wi.tlr $49,457.00.-
. Tlie. :V municipalities "and-: - the'
amounts, paid, to them as .the '.Government share, of -.the' relief plan,
follow: :.";-���-'������'" . .- '���.' --" 7,V\V'"'
.".-Amherst,' .N,S.,. $830.54; - -.Montreal,-
$3,811,03;'-'' ./.Winnipeg;' . J51,003.49;
;M6osc- .Jaw,. $7,505.10;-. Saskatoon,
$1.320.37; ���;. Regina,.   $10,54.0.24;    New
" $847:47;
j West' :KildonaiV.. $316.43;:'  Biiroaby,
"FALSE TEETH.(old), Discarded' B.C.;..$140; .Nelson,    B.C,V$105.51 ;
beans, but the fact is often overlooked that carrots and beets arc really
bctter,,whcn,,"canncd than .when stored,
in, the .cellar."'' The only point' is' that
.they, must.be .taken when small.'" This
means; of course,1 that'more.of then)
mus.rbe,planted. ��� New Zealand spinach is." :anbther "good vegetable to can
and, ^greatly... ;relish'cd'" .when '. win ter
.cornc's.'-.-". .-'���".-���"'"���..- -���'���- -���-.:'- ".
half soles. This is easily done' by j -words " more than half were solcmn-
roiighing the leather with rasp or i,j2C<i ;n that province. A table shows
scraper, applying three coats of patch t]lc number of .marriages in Ontario
cement and a layer of cushion stock,! as follows: 1915, 23,506; 1916, 23,401;
Jb ranee jttias ror Uiym^iii
Paris   Would   Secure   the   Olympic
Games for.. 1924,
Premier Briand of Frances states it/
is his earnest desire that Paris secure
the Olympic games in 1924, and promised thc moral and financial support
of the government to that end.
Premier Briand has offered government support to the building of the
stadium necessary in case the games
arc held in Paris, plans for which will
bc submitted to thc international
Olympic association^ its coming conference at Lucerne, Switzerland, June
"Under the British army regulations
no soldier is eligible for married,quarters unless hc is'26 years of age.
 ������ . . ~ -
Art . is ' not a thing separate and
apart���art_is only the beautiful way
of doing things.
.-af. fast selling/article's." f Write,' "An:-'.-Wcstm'ins"tcr,"'   ;$112.30.WVar
-on!?0,SanUfaC'f?n? ^Ompafly,iL-n"'|.$49.457.C0;' ;St   James^ManV
Jewellery, Watches,, Diamonds; Anti-
.qucs, 7.Ladies',;'..Gents'; "Wardrobes.
Highest-Prices.'-. Ellison,467-Church
St., Toronto." y .".'.'- . .-V '-   -..' 7
"Write The-Fruit Lands Exchange,
Grand Forks, B.C., for Mixed Farms."
TJIEUBS is a remedy Jor thc.relici ot  Con?
'ttipstioa. Indigestion,    Biliousness,    RjitBroa-
. liiin.   Kidney'.Troubles.",    It   is .well-known,
Baling  been.,extensively.-.advertised,  since  ij
was .first- "manufactured in  1SS3, by distribu-
i.<ui)  of  large  quantities  oi. Almanacs,. Cooi
' jooto, Health Boots, etc;, which are furnish-
td-'to'-ageDts -free of ;char��e.      The remedies
_��Te"*o_- at a pries'   that    alkros    asects. t��
-Ajubte-thelr.-Bio-ey...   "Write Alonzo O. Blis*
Medical C0.712-4 St. Paul Street East, Mon-
_tal, Ca_3_.v; '-..Meation, tij:9.T>aper. 7.
V/Uiicir*. gold in ttw* e*��
grata ��f etrenfth���-No. S.-SJ}
Ke. S. U; lib. S, ��3 pith?*.
Soldi ly -il araaiiifcotwit
prepria ea recsi** of-pic*,
l'ie�� peup-bt." >-__rcM}
THE COCK MO-iCr.*- C94
turns,sn, ife��^t,__**!
,W.    N.   U.    "icf^r
Princc .Rupert, $1,558.45; .thcVdis-.
tric't--. of VSouth ' Vanc'pjuvjer;- .B.C.,
$5,519.28;,: and Cumberland,. B.C.,
?26.2L VV. '' -.-;"���-   .
Increased Use Of Drugs
Drug Addicts Reported ori Increase in
Vancouver District.
Indicating ah increase in the use of
drugs in Vancouver during the last
few years, the annual. report of the
city health department sho.ws that the
number of examinations of drugs during 1920 was nearly double that of the
year previous and more than five
times, as manyas.in-.1917. -. -,.;'-;-'-''.V-'.'.-���
-. \During.'.192Q. theVhealth-.dej>artJ3Knt
analyzed;..for"the- 'police���-departrnent
2,148 ���;samples of '.'..opiuai/.-'morphinc,'
herein '-.and-V'co.cainc.;,'-- D��.rins.i_>19,
thc^numbeVwas" but-.'.l,133-'- In. 1918^
512,J��_d ia:i917,;.4_?:^
...Percheroii. Hprse. for Okariagan/
..In -order' to".obtain7a"better strain.1
of. horscs.-Okanagan farmer.;"are'im-.-
po.rtin'g; many.'purc-brc'd; sires. ' Re-,
cc'ntly,- a syndicate of-fanners paid-ten"
thousand, dollars..for.1 prize,winning.
Pcrcheroiv stallion; .V"- -������ ������'-,���
culture have done their,..work. .. One
writer; ; in'describing ^tlie. antelope
herds of the. "seventies," ��� say ���"���"the
prairie seemed .to vibrate with the
.galloping'.bf-tliese swift little, -crea-
..tures,. and; _they were . slauglncrcd .to
such, an-extent-thai their .ou*s,r-c:crcd
carcases. were-piled ., in. heap's; like
cordwopd."- -'     --���   '',..���''.'-'-.'.  .���:'-���
to which is applied the cemented tub
ing as. in the .patching of a tube on
thc road."
Oil Development in Alberta.
;.--.Thc',.devel6piiicrit'l. of Okotoks.and ���.lwVsweepltakc
Black  Diamond:, oil. districts  will  be
undertaken by the Royalitc-Company,
recently.'.ji.c'o'rpqra'ted and capitalized
Winner For Fourth Time.
S. Larcombc, of Bjrtie, Manitoba,
has " been-- declared-- winner" of. the
.Manitoba Free Press sweepstake prize
in connection-with..the National Soil
Products. Exhibition  held in  Winni-    .The Australian water lizard,., which
peg last January.. -. This makes, the  is three or four feet in   length,   walks
��� fourth-' time.'-Mr. 'Larcombc'; has won ;.upright, on its hind legs'when travc.rs-
1917, 21,499; 1918, 19,524; 1919, 26,328;
and 1920, 29,104. .    .
A real estate company of Birmingham, Ala., gives to' every purchaser of
a lot.20,000 feet of lumber with which
to-begin'thc construction of a homc.
_��o not ��u0<t*
another day v:��n
It oh ing, Bleeding, 0? Protruding Piles. No
B_rgl-.il oper-
-alion required.
Dr. C-asc'f Ointment -will relieve youi at onco .
and aflorrt lasting .eneflt. ��0o. a-boxt aU.<
aealcML, or Kdmanfton, Bate* * Co., limited,
'.Toronto. Sample Ko_ Iree U you mention this
paper and <mo.08�� i��. -tamp to pay postage.   -
America* Plenccr
Dos Bciaedit*   .
���  and Hen. to Feed
Milled    Free    to    any
Addrei. fcr ��1S
'    CO.,   INC.,
118    Went    31*��-Mreet,
New YarV. U.S.A.
,. . , t'���$ 1,000,000,.of which, it is reported,
English SocIologistJsr.D.cad in Pekin.., $800,obQj.6f-stock "is held.by thc.Jm-
'. The. deaili in .Pekin .-of Pro'f.ssprj'pcriaro"..' Company,-and $200,000-by
B.crtrand. Russell, En glisi, ^oci.ol'ogist.V the.; Dingiuan.-interests. ���" "It is' said
mathematician 'and  pli^o'sophe'r.  who; -.that. the.Imperial. Oil :has contracted
to spend .$400,000 in developments of
the-.properties..'        ������.'���[���>s.    ���;'.��� V...
arrived in. China late''in 1920. for a lecture", is reported.
������   Mammoth Trees .bt California.'   "
The.- mammoth   tree of> California,-
the' giant  of:'the' famous   coniferous
- Motor JBoat.For Pol'ce Patrol.
_���. Owing- to  the growth'- of' northern-
settlcmcnts,.. Provincial . Police ��� will
grove at Calaveras, is 327 feet high' patrol, the Saskatchewan'..River   be-
by". 90 feet-in circumference.'.' " It is .be-
.lieve'dto bc 3,000 to 4,000 ycars^pld.
''-The halibut is. th j
flatfish 'family.'- ..VV;
��� largest':.bf-:. the
tween Prince. Albert', arid the west
Manitoba boundary., by.cmeans of a
motor boat capable of carrying 24 men.
The departure.is estimated to effect,
an economy, as these settlements have
been policed bvcrland at great, expense.. . The boat will be put into
thc river at once-. -    -
;.'. Mount Everest, for some reason unexplained, has no native name, as
-most" bf .'the "gigantic peaks, of    the
.H&jiaJa^s-thayeybiit 'v^^^e^zfitT
SlrVp VE^es^wbp:'1* was' -:;-lie'V ���&&��
:ditccWrVpf-';^e,pn4ian "Survey.:^ ;.V��a
; s t aM;;o u t;?b^f^r e;^ '������^.--.r.-;>".::,"
THE    LEDGE,    QEEENWOOD,    B.    0.
���:���   7
The Shortage of Homes
While not prepared-to fully accept the statement recently credited to
CsyiarVs only .woman cabinet minister that this Dominion stands in need of
ont. million new houses, which would mean that at the present time something
more than one-half our estimated.ponulation of nine millions pf "people lack
reasonable housing accommodation���most Canadians will readily agree that
the provision of additional, housing is one of the pressing needs of this
country. Canada, however, is: not peculiar in this respect;it is a condition which pr.cvails in practically all countries, and constitutes a problem
that i- engaging the attention of people, in Great Britain, the United States
and other countries.      .'.��'������
Dealing with the housing problem in Great Britain a short time ago,
Lloyd George'uttered one of those epigrams for which he is noted, and
compressed in a few words a truth;which it is well all statesmen, ,-in fact all
citizens, 'should recognize. He said: '.'You cannot maintain an A-l empire
with -a C-3 population. Ifou cannot, brh/g up healthy people in unhealthy
homes'."      . ..-''."' '"   ��� ������
A lackof adequate and proper housing accommodation means the resorting to makeshifts, to overcrowding of people and whole families in
buildings-where the necessary conditions of sanitation required to maintain
health cannot bc observed; it means the use for .purposes of habitation of
buildings which should not bc devoted to such purposes; it means a loss of
that privacy in family life, the loss of which so frequently leads to-a laxity
in morals; it meajis, in fact, the physical and moral deterioration of the people and a consequent weakening of the nation. The effect on babies and
young children, who are the hope and citizenship of the.future, is positively
dangerous and alarming.
Socially and economically the result of inadequate and bad housing is
just as serious as it is in a physical way. When people arc compelled to
live cluttered together in a state of congestion, or in habitations which are
not fit for human beings, unrest and general dissatisfaction with the prevailing order of things is engendered, and, as inevitably Governments and
the present system of industrial life and. society arc blamed, rabid socialistic and even revolutionary ideas and doctrines arc accepted and spread, discontent grows, and thc very life of the State is threatened, thc while thc
physical standard is being lowered. .
Revolutionary ideas and extreme socialistic doctrines seldom find much
acceptance among-people wlio arc thc owners' of thc dwellings in which
thcy live. Ownership of a bit of land, and a housc'which becomes a
permanent homc, is thc best possible guarantee of contentment within and
���stability for a nation. In Canada it is frankly recognized that the large
. percentage of the population engaged in agriculture and living on land of
��� thcir own, and not as tenants, is the one outstanding reason why this Dominion has escaped to a greater, extent than perhaps any other country thc
perils which havc^threatencd thc world following thc upheavcl of thc Great
War. :     K
If not a million new houscs.'at least tens of thousands arc required in
Canada this year. Yet thc prospect of obtaining them is remote unless
some action is taken to meet the need. It cannot bc met under existing
conditions if left solely to individualc-Tort, initiative, enterprise and available financial resources of individuals. Governments and municipalities
have made some provision/but "it is inadequate and haphazard in contrast
with the importance and seriousness of thc problem. Something further is
required, and it would seem as if that "something" should bc provided, not
in thc way of paternal Government assistance, but in the direction of encouragement of building operations all over the Dominion.
How is this to bc done? . In thc humble opinion of thc writer of this
article, by Governmental action bringing, about a lowering in thc present
costs of construction. Governments in Canada, Federal, and Provincial,
own and control millions of acres of forest and timber lands. They havc
it in thcir power to reduce thc cost of lumber to the people of Canada by
developing those resources on a large scale and in a scientific manner. By
so doing thcy can provide employment for thousands of laborers and arti-
zans, develop the natural resources of thc country, and add immeasurably
to the wealth and prosperity .of the nation. .
Thc cost of transporting needed commodities from one part of thc
Dominion to another has risen enormously in recent years because of inV
. creased freignt rales. Admkting^-that increased rates were necessary to
enable the railways to pay .their way, it would nevertheless appear to bc
thc part of statesmanship to reduce those rates on lumber and other building
materials in order to build up the country.
Cheaper lumber in thc first instance, and a lower cost fof'transporting
it to those who want it and will gladly use it if they can.obta'n it at a
reasonable price within their means', would operate as an immediate and
tremendous factor in bringing about renewed building activity. This
would provide an enormous volumcof employment, and artizans with steady
work and wages would soon begin to build homes for themselves. It
would mean greater prosperity, less unrest, better health. Under present
conditions even those who can possibly afford to build defer doing so because of a belief that sooner or later costs of construction will fall, and thcy
would then bc faced with a heavy depreciation in the value of properties
���constructed at present high prices. Thcy, therefore, continue to occupy
houses, paying unduly high rents for'thc time being, which houses would
��� otherwise bc made available at a more moderate figure for those who arc
not in a position-to build for themselves.
"Ever since a boy of fourteen," .
writes-Mr. John Redmond, of West
Frampton, Que , " I had trouble with a
bacf leg. I used many remedies. Though
some appeared*to heal the ulcer for a
while, .-it'always broke ot>t asain ai
bad as ever. This last time I suffered
coiitinuously.for nine years, and the old-
remedies had absolutely no effect.
"The limb was in aiVawful state
when someone advised me v-to get
Zam-Buk right away. I had only used
this herbal healer a few days when!
began to see great improvement. So I
continued the treatment, for even
Zam-Buk, needed time to have complete
effect. However, 1 am glad to tell you
that it was oj)ly by the aid of Zam-Bnk
that the leg was eventually thoroughly
healed.  Ne. era sign of tha ulcer since."
An Acknowledged Expert in All
Matters Pertaining to Household Management.
!>0c. box. sll dealers.
Another Ancient Civilization.
Ruins recently discovered in the'
vicinity of El Pcrotc, State of Vera
Cruz, reveal thc existence of an ancient civilization hitherto unknown.
Idols discovered arc neither of stone
or clay, but of a curious bright substance heavy and looking like tin.
Nothing is more common in childhood than indigestion. Nothing is
more dangerous' to proper growth,
more weakening to the constitution
or more.likely to pave the way to
dangerous disease.. Fully n'ne-tcnths
of all the minor ills of childhood havc
their root in indigestion. There is
no medicine for the little ones to
equal Baby's Own Tablets in relieving this trouble? Thcy have proved
of" benefit to thousands of homes.'
Concerning them Mrs. Jos. Lunette,
Immaculce Conception, Qii'\, writes:
"My baby was a gr'-at sufferer from
indigestion, but the Tablets soon set
her riclit and now T would not bc
without them." Baby's Own. TnbMs
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr. i
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvillc,
A mother writes to say it is all very
well for dieticians totell mothers that
their children* must never havc a drop
of tea q/ coffee, but that children get
tired of- cocoa.  ."
For a change, give0 them Cambric
tea. Half a cup of milk is mixed
with half a cup of boiling water. ,A
little sugar is added and thc youngster
sips his tea along with the grown
folks who arc perhaps indulging in
Orange Pekoe.
The cereal coffee on the market���
and there arc several varieties���arc
good for children and most acceptable to the palate if properly made.
Read the directions carefully and then
proceed to follow them accurately.
Sometimes a child will take hot
malted milk when it is flavored with
cereal coffee when it may refuse it if
unflavorcd. Malted milk may bc mix-.
ed with either hot water or scalded
milk. It is-good cold as well as hot.
Cold malted milk is often accepted by
a child if a generous spoonful of fiav-
orcu ice cream is well mixed into it,
Hot lemonade for tlie last meal at
evening may be very properly given.
It is so much bttcr than tea or coffee.
Squeeze half a lemon into a strainer
JSTou can just tell by its healthy,;
Stimulating   odor,, that   it   is
feoinfe to do you good
���F I only had some Slban'sLini-
incnt!" How often you've said
that! And then when the rheumatic twinge subsided���after hours o��
suffering���you forgot it!
Don't do it again���get a bottle today and keep it handy for possible use
tonight! A sudden attack may come
on���sciatica, lumbago, sore muscles,
���backache, stiff joints,_ neuralgia, the'
pains and aches resulting from exposure. You'll soon find warmth and re*
lief in Sloan's, the liniment that penetrates vtithout rubbing.' Clean, econom*
Seal. Threesizes���35c, 70c,$1.40
(Made  in  Canada)
The British Family
British Unity Not a Sham But Is a
Wc havc no fears as to the loyalty
of thc Dominions to the Empire, any
more than wc havQ. of the Empire's
loyalty to the Dominions, for although matters may arise causing friction between them such will bc family quarrels which do not affect the
family unity. If other peoples would
remember that most of the Dominions
arc permeated with our blood and
that thc bond is not a bond of Im-
sct over a saucepan,..     Add one level   pcj-iai conquest, but of family relation-.
Coal Industry in Saskatchewan. ,
The coal mining industry in Saskatchewan gave employment for the
year ending March 31st, 1921, to 3,400
men. There were forty-five mines in .
this district under operation, and- the
total output, of coal was. 334,389 tons.
Urges .Canadians
To Buy at Home
Drayton Says  Idea  is  that   Canada
Cannot grow or Manufacture
Things Properly.
Sir    Henry    Drayton; Minister.of
~~finance-of"Canada,^~jvas~givcn a-civic
. welcome in the City. Hall, Toronto,
��� by-the. Mayor and officials who were
his. colleagues when he was corporation counsel for Toronto,  'and   addressed the Women's Canadian Club
and   the   local Council of Women in
.   Convocation Hall, University of Toronto.     Sir Henry appealed    to    the
ladies to help to keep the Canadian.
dollar working at-home, instead of in
thc United States,  where it was  at
such a.  heavy   discount.     Evidently
having in mind recent statements.by
prominent Toronto .ladies to thc.cf-
--. fcct that a number of Canadian manufactures    were'. inferior,   to    maiir
.tifa'cturc.s imported  from uhe United
States, Sir Benry.lcaniiig forward on
:  a desk; in. front of him and speaking
confidently tcthc audience said: ���'
"You have,an idea not, only . that
wc can't make anything, properly.':.ih
Canada,!.-but' you have the extraordinary idea" that wccan't."grow
things properly in Canada.". '-'��� '',.-������
As tp Canadian .manufactures not
being satisfactory, Sir Henry said:
.- "Wouldn't it bc a good thing for
us if we feel that -our manufactures
are .-not what-they should;be, to
examine them and sec that they, arc
made right?"
Sir Henry ��� paid considerable .attention -to���thc-imporiations-of fruit
and'.vegetables . from the- United
States into Canada, .which was called
a great agricultural country ahd'.he
said that in. the-past eleven months
Canadian imported''. $29,965,000 of
fresh .and canned, fruits. "Ought it
to go on?" he asked. "Can't you wait
until you get your own strawberries,
your>;pwn tomatoes?" .Niagara'.grapes
were, pretty ..good; he. said, yet this
country imported 6._27;8S3 pounds of
grapes'in the last eleven months. .
".Among.other importations touched
upon by the minister of. finance, was
American soups, which' Were advertised .in ..American, not Canadian
magazines, -" and' "he" askrd:.'. "What
kind of. advertising do ypu think all
this; is.' giving agriculVural;.'"Canadfa in
trade statistics?"'.   '-' ���    7
'-}13,100 French Koine's Rebuilt. ;������ -
'. Since    the   .end of the World War.
13,100 7 honics "have    been rebuilt in'
France, ; 178,500;.-' repaired and 46.570
other houses.arc in use temporarily, .
Drives Asthma Before It. The
smoke vapor from Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma ftemedy gives asthma no
chance to linger. Ori. experience with
the relief-giving ' remedy shows how
actual and > positive is thc succor it
gives.' It is the result of long study
and experiment and was not submitted to the public until its makers
knew it would do its work well.
A Federal Research Bureau
Bill Providing For This Will Be
Fathered by Sir Jeorge E. Foster
Provision for steps to bc taken toward the -equipment of a federal research institute on. somewhat the
same basis as the bureau pf standards
at Washington,- will be made"' in a'
bill-"to be introduced in the house: by
Giorge Foster, minister of tradc.'and
. Thc provision of a research Jbiircaii
at or near Ottawa has" been urged
upon the government during the;last-
two . sessions by the honorary and
advisory -council for Industrial, and
scientific- research.;--It- has- been^urg--
cd by the council and by the members
of the special parliamentary committee on scientific research .that thc
.-���"stablishnient of a research bureau
here was'absolutely necessary if;Gan-
tda was to take her proper place in
ndustrial and scientific development.
The proposals -which were laid before thc gpvenimeht. called for an .expenditure  of  about  a-half a ...million
... ji  J     ��� - - ' _.-- .- -
dollars for buildings-and equipments,
but it is understood.that this estimate
has been'., somewhat.. modified -.' and
that" thc .initial outlay'-would, not be
more-' thai_..$200,U00 for."the first' ycatv
tablespoon, of sugar and one-half a
measuring cup of water. Boil, for
one minute. Pour into a mug. Add
a .little cold "water to cool for drinking.'    ��� -       '    '
Grape juice, cither hot or cold, is
suitable for children. A little grape
juice added to a lemonade gives it a
different turn.
Orangeade, also, is good for children.
Of course, children should learn to
drink several glasses of water a day.
Make the water hot if you must, but
give the child wareft--
If you 'live where fresh pineapples
are fairly cheap, you can enjoy a
drink that will promote good digestion. -Prepare"a pineapple and crush
the fruit into a bowl, Sprinkle lightly with sugar and let stand. Collect
thc juice and dilute it with hot or cold1
water. Thc drink may be made from
canned pineapple, but it is not so valuable to digestion as when made from
the fresh fruit.
A Gruesome Paradise
Russia Dying Before the Eyes of a
Helpless World. ,
After a little over three years; of
Soviet rule Russia lies dying before
thc eyes of a helpless world. What
was to have been the triumph of Marxian Socialism has become a disaster,
which has involved in mental and
physical suffering many millions of
human beings, besides sweeping iway
all thc foundations upon which their
prosperity rested. "When Lenin,
Trotzky and Chicherin seized the
reins of power towards the close of
1917 they proclaimed a Communistic
Government with a Constitutional Assembly���which . has never assembled
from that day to this���in which ~'he
last word as well as the .first .word
would lie with "the workers." Ar
last thc great masses of Russia,
whether living-in the towns or engaged in various agricultural pursuits in
the countryside, were to come into
thcir own. What has been the
sequel?���London Daily  Telegraph.
ship, they would realize that British
unity is not a sham or veneer, but is |
a reality which forms    in    fact    the
grain    in    our oak.���Singapore Free
Forage Crop Competitions.
Carrying out one of "the recommendations of the Better Farming
Commission, a series of co-operative
experiments will bc 'undertaken in
Saskatchewan in the growing of crops
for forage. These experiments will
take thc form of competitions.
Explorer Is Honored
Stcfansson Gets Medal For Services
Rendered to Canada.
Vilhjalmur Stcfansson, the Canadian explorer, has been awarded the.
Founders' medals of the Royal Geo
graphical Society, London, Mr.
Stcfansson is at present on a lecture
tour in the United States, and hc received a despatch at El Paso, Texas,
from the secretary of thc society,
Arthur Parr Hicks, advising that His
Majesty thc King has approved of thc
award for his distinguished services
to Canada in the exploration of the
Arctic Sea.- ��� The Founders' medal
fund was established by King William
IV. in 1831 to encourage geographical science and discovery.
Why suffer from corns when thcy
can be painlessly rooted out by using
Holloway's Corn Remover,
i i.r i c��i
......... ��mt |'
8 __. fuf iH 1 * ***"' ' ^.! M I T I * f T ';' ' f f
time Drink
Made irustaatly in the cap
hy adding Hot water -���-
lie delay and no waste. Delightful and
satisfying in flavor, with none of the harm
that sometimes comes from tea or coffee.
jii'__u -'yjfjw. t ml jjnuniMimjJtlCiiiiiiUMnmnMiiniimni. rervw'
/ .
... -The:Crux of thelTrouble.. . V
-' Thc time -is not .one. for widening
thc 7 gap between, employers .aiul-eni-
ploycd' by. frothy .''appeals to elass-
-war, but for drawing them .together'
on a .-basis' of���" greater mutual', frankness, in, order to-save, the industries'
in ..which thcy: have a common int'er-
cst.\ Wc are still,!.'of,ppituon'-'tliat the
crux lies'aii output rather than in
wages. -The best way for the workers' to avoid- wage" reductions js-'for
them..to study .the ways.of -bprovhig
their, "output ,\\t> to. th'e.levcl of .wages'
now 'paid.���London:Daily Chronicle.
Where  Things Are Cheap
Money Has Great Purchasing Power
In New Russian Republic.
If you want to buy "a quart of diamonds for a dollar or two, go to Tif-
Hs, writes a correspondent.   . Tiflis is
sen in .the
sually a. couple of ''appl-ca'tion's: ^"^3��* ���� ����= '����"> ��" ����e Russian-
brings .grateful relief.- .No liniment, empire. : The-value of the Georgian
more' soothing,- -mbre'Ccrmn to kill ruble is worth hardly anything at all.
muscular, rheumatic, or sciatic.pains.��� But-thc dollar'has such abnormal pur-
Ner^mfto'r 'crSsVc^c, %t$ ��� d-sing power, in this nation, of lost
and .external muscular.-pains.      Large
35 cent bottles for sale .everywhere.
". .'.:.. For Irr'gatioh Project: ..,
^.. The. Calgary .office; of the- Canada
Land and Irrigation Company has received wordv from the" office in London, .. England, that satisfactory arrangements have been made for financing thc construction progranmie of
the irrigation project in Southern Alberta, involving an expenditure of
World's Highest Mountains
Andes   Have   Greatest   Number   of
...High Peaks. 7 ..
The Himalayas contain the.'tallest
mountains in "the world, .but- it is in
the-Andes of South .America that.are
to be. found the greatest number of
peaks oyer.20,000 feet in height..   In-
-Bolivia V.rc thc'-Cordillcras de. UvPaz,
of which twelve 'peaks,-altogether,
tower'more than, four miles towards
the'sky. .' Farther north,' in Eucador,'
are twcnty'=vplcanoes in. oho cluster,.
-all covered with perpetual snow.- The'
lovyest-i.s jus"foil"16,000 feer, the high;.
-est", 'Mpiinf Cliimborazp,���, is'--. 20.498.'
Three of ihcs.c'.yp.canpcs.arc still active, "and", eleven out-.of the .twenty
have,', .never -��� yet"been climbed.. ���-'Tlie
highest of t.lioSoiHli'-American Andes
is -supposed to,bo- Aconcagua"; .23,030
feet."V .Hj'.f.Jie". Andes,  between, the
'.Isthmus ot" i'aii'ama ;ahd Cape Ilorti",
can-show .no -fewer-than 288 peak?,
which-., arc.-more than' 10,000 feet iii
height;; "13S" over' lS.OOO/.sev'cnty-niiie
over 19,000,. and forty-two. o'vCr'20,000'
feet: ���'-. .The foiir biggest ,all ��� exceed
23,000 .fcct..'. The Andes possess another., record,- in -.the shape, of the
highest ;for."d in the' world;. "This is
the-famous Aroyd... Road, in-"' Peru,-
which pierces the, mountains.by' "the
Grucero Tunnel at-a height of 15,654
fcct.. .'.'This-is almost'.,-the same level
as the. topmost -summit, of Europe's
higkest mountain, Mont.Blane. ;,,'���'
values that it seems less.like money
than-magic; -You can get a fine dinr
ner in Tiflis for 10 cents., and rent a
room" in the best hotel,for.$1. a month.
The. Bolshcviki.havc ruined Georgia.
Thc'y-have -killed -industry- and-tradc
and consequently the value of the native ruble. The swarms .of- refugees
from-Russia'have sold their most precious possessions-to Tiflis-merchants
for food and clothing until..the stores
of thc city have become stocked with
.diamonds-and pearls and all kinds'of
precious, thing's which were .-paid for
perhaps with a plate of beans, or. a
pair pf socks.   .' ���  : .".'-.-
Minard's V Liniment
'-':. Friend.
A Famous Hat
Yes, the moon and a woman's heart
arc...cpri'star.tly''Ghangin,g-^biit, -there's,
always-a .man .in .them.";   .!. Vr.V '-" '
;, -.Russia is "the; only' great: gold pro:
.du'oing-country_-in:;Etiirppe.";.   V��� '-V-';.V
WV N... 'U.'.. .136$
Be We Need Oil Development?
Canada bought "from the United
States vin February last, 23"million
gallons vi crude oil; 11 million gallons of fuel and gas oil; 2 1-4 million
gallons of kerosene; nearly half a million gallons of lubricating oil; arid 3
mi'lion gallons of gasoline.. Nearly
40 .min.on."gallpns" in all. !. -, ..-
���' Tii-. .'women; or,.Egypt -have east
aside-..their .-'.seclusion.' and "iVo . ��lc-
in' the' lurenu'-'"1.'.--'.'1-;,.'':���'��� ���>.-.*.,'%':���.������"���;��� ���""''.-
Ask "for- Minard's and. take, no ptiier.
Napoleon's. Cliapeati Arn'orijy. Relics
. .For the-Waterloo. Ccnteiinary..
""The "hat' that Napolcon/won": at the
:battle of Waterloo,'-wiVTbc atuong the
relief of :tlie "great Corsican to..bc .displayed ' -at = the . "Archil'.. Trioinphe,
when - the -lOOtii anniversary of th��
-Emperor's death ?.t-St. Helena, will be.
celebrated: ��� .'���;'.. -���������," '.,--.,-.���.������ ��� '.- -'���
-. Iii- - the . route ���' that' followed thc
crushing - of .the .-.Imperial 'Guard,
.Napoleon., came very'near-being .captured 7by- Blucher's.Uhlan'sj-leaving
Vni.-fann- at- Hougcinont'-.ii. few -.riiin-
Iites before '.the1 .Uhlans'- arrived.
Fleeing'through'the. night in a downpour of "rain, Napolcon's.h'at suffered
greatly and -when ,-he reached -P.i'ris
on. the morning of the 20'fh of; June,'
he sent -.the..hat,, to his'hatters-.at the
Palais Royal t.o have it repaired.'-
Events precipitated with s.iich'rapidity that Napoleon left Paris before
the rnt was repaired "and it .remained
.with, the hatters, who presented, it
to tlie Museum^ at Sens where it .ia
.; At'.-thc' burial of ah^English" judge
recently'a'man whom 1-c'had stntenc-:
ed'._-.- fo' imprisonment placed" 3 floral
tribute ion-.thc. grave.." ".;>. /V-V.VV.-
A Divorce Granted
. After ma?jy years of patient suffering, you can bc divorced from
corns, you can get rid of them completely by applying Putnam's Corn
Extractor. This wonderful old remedy acts in.24 hours and never fails.
Refuse a substitute and remember
"Putnam's" is the only'Painless remedy.^    25c everywhere.
Farm Products o�� B.C.
The British Columbia minister of
agriculture, Hon. E. B. Barrow, announces that thc value of* the farm
products of. thc Pacific province last
year exceeded sixty-eight million dollars. The minister adds that not
more than 15 per cent, of the area
capable of cultivation is occupied.
.11 WITH
I had been troubled wit_ec_em_
on my face which took the form of a
rash.. Later h broke, out on n_y
'limbs and they itched very much,
causing me to scratch them until
they ,were bleeding. The rash would
often keep trie awake at night.
"I tried some remedies, which
foiled, and then "thought 1 would try
Cutiaja Soap and Ointment. It
was not long till the rash began to
disappear, and I U3ed three cakes of
Soap and four boxes of Ointment,
which healed me." (Signed) W. M.
Hymeis, Paris, Ont., Sept. J2,1919.
Cuticura Soap to cleanse, Cuticura
Ointment to soothe and heal.
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and SOc.   $oH
throughouttheDominion. CanadianDepot:
"  r__��M. Limited, St. Paul St., Montreal.
"Cuticura Soap shaves without uiug.
Minarii's Liniment Co., Limited.
Sirs,���I have used your MINARD'S LINIMENT for the past 25 years ami whilst I
have occasionally used other liniments 1 can
safely say that I have never used any equal to
If rubbed between thc hands and inhaled
frequently, it will never fail to relieve cold in
the head  in 24 hours.      It is  also  the  best
for bruises, sprains, etc
Yours truly,
Hawaii Using Volcanoes
Scientists Claim Volcanic Gases Have
Limitless Possibilities.
Thc volcanoes of Hawaii, whether
dead or alive, are working for, or are
going to be made to work for the people. Honolulu has -just tapped the
extinct crater of Palolo, ovcrlookiiig
the city, and ,5s getting therefrom 2,-
000,000 gallons of drinking water
daily. Hilo, on thc island of
Hawaii, is raising a fund to-tap. the
active volcano Kilaue and utilize the
tremendous --olume of gases there for
industrial and other purposes, Scientists say that pentup volcanic gases
havc limitless possibilities from an industrial and power standpoint, while
they also contain all the food elements necessary to sustain the human
body���carbon, nitrogen, .- hydrogen
and lime.
Hennessey's Clock.
"Hennessey had bought an alarm
clock. Hc took it home aiid wound
it but failed to get results. He fried
to open it to get at the starter, but
failed. Finally,- disgusted, he."threw
it-in the.corner, and-when it struck
thc floor, thc .back;, fell ofF. ,' .With
contrition in .his heart, Hennessey
picked.,, it up-and as he did so a dead
"cockroach fell out.-. -
"No. wonder the-thing woukhrtgo,"
Hennessey moralized- to -himself.
"How could it' v/hen .the _notor_-rnan
was dead!"   .
In  English, law -there- i-3 "no "definition bf "an accident;'    ���"���-..
Batflky Horses
What to Do and What Not to Do to
Prevent and Overcome Trouble.
It is doubtful if any horse is a born
baulker, that vice generally being acquired through mismanagement when
young.. It is no exaggeration to say
that numberless even tempered horses
havc been absolutely spoiled by overloading and over-driving before the
muscles of thc shoulders arc seasoned
to the pressure of thc collar. Young
animals should never bc expected, to
pull a load when first broken. ��� Thc
task should bc gradually increased as
the horse becomes accustomed to
work, and gains confidence "as his
shoulders harden. In all cases a man
must bc watchful, and see that his
horse, especially if young, is not getting- winded or showing signs of overfatigue by breaking-out suddenly into
a heavy sweat. Before he slops of
his own accord, pull him up with a
sharp "y/hoa," lift thc collar, and let
his shoulders cool for a minute or
two; do something to the harness
while he gets his wind. By doing
this thc animal goes freely again, and
is not cowed. If thc shoulders arc
over-heated and tender, and he is out
of v/ind, violent means to make him
go render him frightened, then ob <-
stin'atc, and thus a baulker is made.
Western Produce Exchange.
A produce .exchange has been-formed at Winnipeg to- handle' .butter,
cheese, cream and poultry. ' Opera--
tions are to bc begun at once. Quotations on these commodities will be
collected from similar exchanges in
the large cities of Canada and thc
United States.
Good seeds are uniformly bright
colored, whereas seeds that liavc becn
exposed to moisture, or that arc dead,
are duller and darker in color.
"Bayer" only is Genuine
' Warning! Take no chances with
-substitiites-for- genuine --Bayer-Tablets of Aspirin," Unless you see the
name,"Bayer" on package or on tablets you are not getting Aspirin 'at ail.
In-cy.ery Bayer package are directions
for Colds, Headache, Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, . Earache, Toothache,
Lumbago_ and for Pain. . Handy tin
boxes of "twelve tablets cost few cents.
Druggists also sell larger packages.
Made ir.- Canada. Aspirin is the
trade mark (registered in Canada),
of Bayer Manufacture of Morioacctic
acidestcr-of Salicylicacid.
The Eight Tires, to suit your car and"
;;���'. the roads "you travel ��� ,-
If your icar t* a Ford or-Chevrolet, Gray-Deri or Overhand, the
DOMINION ���'Grooved'* or "Nobby" Tread give you non-sw<J, non
side-slip Tires of consistent quality end proven mileage.   Or you
; may. find that DOMINION "Chain", "Grooved" or "Nobby"* Tread
on the rear wheels atxi DOMINION "Plain" tread on'the'front, are
the idealeoinbisiation for comfort wid mileage. ���
}{ you drive a heavier car ?ike the Studebaker, McLangblin, or
Packard, you vffl hwe ihe utmost aai��sl&<3ti6ii with DOMINION
"Royal Ccrd" or *Noh1>y" Treads���the- tapreme - sdiieveinento in
tire building..' .....        .   ,-
The   bett  ��?����_fe��   thnmshoat  Cafitulx*  hatm
������; ' V:      J^BEStmd^MIMONimE ACCESSORIES,
/foo^mahy. inen. in-.ti.e1 conn try.-vole
as;th_y; pray���and they ��� 7ncvcr pray
unless it,,is-to,-ark. a"personal, favor*
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3.,. always in advance.
The Home Circle
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Sstray Notices ���3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than oue claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim,):'
��� All other legal .-advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8.cents a line for
���such subsequent insertion,' nonparieJ
'measurement:"-" ' ������ '
Transcicnt display advertising 50 cents
r.n inch eachJnsertion. - "���������   ���
Business locals I2}4c. a. line each insertion.
Thc blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t.'.at the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Board of Trade
There was a good attendance a.
the monthly general meeting in the
Board of Trade rooms, Monday
evening May 2nd. . President R.
Lee in the chair.
The matter of stocking Long
Lake-with Manitoba,white fish was
decided-to;accept the offer of the
Dominion Fisheries Department
for .this work to be; carried next
���year. .    ���
A communication from J. A.
McKelvie, M. P., was read and
satisfaction expressed by tho Board
for the interest being taken by the
member for the district in the matter of improved mail service.
The publicity committee was in
One may be happy a-while away from home, but he is
very glad to return to it. The plainest old familiar dish
is better than the daintest epicurean bill of fare abroad.
One's own little room,'with its handy, compact belongings, is preferable to all the marble halls, swept through
by silken clad dames.
A stranger entering a h'oushold knows whether the l^ey
note there is high or low. 'There are houses, affluent
wealth and culture, where the discords are incessant, and
the���meatiing'bf life ho higher than that of brutes, But.no
symphony can compare with the significance of daily life,
in a family of gentle words and noble conduct.
It should be the aim of all to give the girls just as
broad a business education as the boys. It makes them
capable of taking care of the family, if such responsibilities is placed upon them; it broadens their ideas and
makes them nobler and better. Girls as a rule, are fully
as clear headed as boys when young, but if, as is the
common practice, the girls are brought up to do nothing,
to think of little except of dress and amusement, they fall
far behind the young man, at the age of twenty, in mental
Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
2     V ���-' . "���;���    ���������.$
nr��w-_.!rxT&l <sr & ^  X
L ._ -_V ���C-'    r-
* 1
v C
One of the largest hoiels in
the city.    Beautiful location,.
. tine rooms and lasty meals.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the'
day, week or month
Nilson      - - Proorietor
616 Vernon St,. Nelson
Brick building anil finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG     -   -   Proprietor
In ilie Kir.iill.amcen ...7v.1l   District., 'T?.c<>rcH_.r-j.S
Ollico nl"   .'airvi.w;   ami   siuia'.e  ;ul ioiuin?. j y
Lot. 1._
TAK1-".   NOT I CI.   lli'ii.    Paul   P.iiMnisi. '"
firidesvillr. in wirt district, K.uic1;-.;;-. :iiU-i>i = s
to apply (nl- i>j-t-iiiis^'nui.ti,. ;.m-c!i:!s-_ ii..- ("liinv-
descnlwil iaiiiin c��>��i(:iiiiin}_. -10 .t::t-.., mo:c or
less: Coi:n::ciiciM4 ;u a p(i.-._- pUiinfil o'i i.lie .'
Wcki lutMinliii-y ntfiiiJ "Lot M.":sa:n.! ab-julll .���
cliains .Norm I'l-.-ip. tlif Somli-Wi-s. -cin-iutr of : P.
said Lot; llh-ncc .EnsU'iiy nbo-.u 10... cliains:
thence Nc-rilieriy" .ibULif lo cliaiii:.: Uimicc ���_
Noitli-\V(,";terly aiioul .Vicliain^; tl��-i:i-._ North -
iiliotit ."��� cli:iii:!".; lliL-uci! VVim about IS- rhains: ��� >.
llteiic-e Small io ..Inco uf C()iii:iioi'.'_omoi-.i Jo ; j;
cliains iniii-''or li^ss: mid also a s:na'.l ;w;ifii> 7
of l-inci commencing- at tlie H-.n;h WV'i-v. corra-i' ��� 1
of saiil.i.oi M.V-s, liir-nc. _������"::tii-!���_;��� =.;.>rii- ' v ���,_ ; -j
1.1 chuiiis: thence ',\>st,about. ... cltai.:; iii. Mice |F
North 1 chain niuiv o_ less li.'i po.'iu of cr.ai- : ii
lticnccntuiit. ���    I ''
On fed :u Bricks-. iUe. II.C, March !.7ili. I"'..1.. \ f
I'ADT.  IK-MO NT.     \l
�� >i
._ 1.1
Consolidated 'Mm &. Smelting Co.
of ..Canada, Limited
��� '-..��� ��
Offices, S_neUint> and Refining Department
Purchasers.,-of Gold. Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
���Producers    of    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluesloue,   Pitf   Lead   and  Zinc-
Agents' for 'Chevrolet,' Dodge, Hudson,.
Chalmers Cadillac cars, Garage ;i'n
coiineclion. ���.''_.
��� TS"
if 1H 'p.
���ft UN
u'    firs!-0':_...���    |t,i
ro;   .���.l:.-C.r|.-i.|.:l;;;.J
Greenwood Mining Notes
All Free Miners', licenses  expire
at midnight on May 31.
strncfeed to collect all data  possible !leIPinS f * fche  mine  refcurued  to
Spokane last week ami while there
in connection with industries, min
ing and agriculture.    This will  be cieve]op thig propeHy  on  a  ]arger
published in  a  Look  being issued
by the Board of Trades commission
and sent broadcast throughout .the
: ���Tin) ted -, -K i n g d o m . ..'"and... ..other
'.countries. "   ' ' -"'!''.'���.���'_''"; "-"
The dut.e oi the':,mph.thly: meeting, was changed to the third Tlitirs-
. -day of the.month.' '"'   '������";.   ��� y- -
The Romance of Tarzan
Vivid in characterization .and
gripping i.u plot is "The Komance.
'of Tarzan,"' which-Visualizes the
concluding chapters of Edgar Rice
Burroughs' great story,'. "Tarzan
..' of the.Apes;" .for patrons, of. the
. -_ moving picture; screen. "    ���
"The Romance of  Tarzan". will
be    shown" at.'the   .Qre'enwood
V Theatre, on Saturday, .May 7.'. It
is In-seven parts,"' and" in , addition
.-'to .the  remarkable novelty; of its
theme,- offers 'the,;eve' a rare treat
:��� with   scenes bf  natural "splendor,
p.qually savage.cannibals are shown
"���". In'-all th.eir''pri__itiv6'8trength.'ahd
��� '..i?.;-(if.lty.,;..- :' ..',"��� :.'V-,V       .', -! - -"
'.ElmO.Lincoln-",again Stakes'.-the-
'- ��� part-of Ta'izWi,..the ,whit& '.ruler of
��� this -' lintamed   wilderhes'sj ; while
.- Enid Marxey has the role of Jane
Porter^.,the   beautiful   daughterof
.--the rich American .scientist, on au.
exploring expedition .in  the. wilds
.... of. Africa, _-> where she. hieets and
"-. loves Tarzab; ���'; .,;-'"' ';��� .;-' "        '-':. ���-
^Tennis -Meeting
7 " The.Tennis Club,held^a .meeting
at the.residehce of Mr.  and  Mrs.
... G". 8V:-;Walters on  Tuesday  night
and after routine business was disposed off and .the  financial   statement; read i_ was.decided to hold a,
'"bee" on  Saturday  afternoon and
put the finishing  touches  to  the
tennis.conrts.    A. granii   opening
.will be.held.on   Wednesday,  May
... ilth; and the social  committee in-'
..? strncted    to.   have    refreshments.
, senred.daring the afternoon.
;     j?.- H. McCurrach was added  to
... .   the eemmittee   in   recognifeton   of
;V faithful service daring  past years.
After t.he meeting Mr, anil  Mrs.
.Walters threw their house open to
' the   club   and   a  most, enjoyable
.evening  was spent in [songs and
dancing. Refreshments were served
at midnight..-.and;  dancing   again
.eonfeihaed until after two : o'clock.
The National  Antheba  brbiightra.
happy evening to a close.. ",V:
The' Ledge has  always   room
or one more ad.'" V -      '-"-���. ' - ���.'; * X-'-
0. Lofstad has commenced work
on the Helen south of town;
Work is going on steadily at the
Bonnie Bell. This property is
owned by Andrew (Stonewall)
Jackson, of Spokane, Paul Nelson,
of. Oroville, and Ola Lofstad of this
city.    Mr. Jackson   who  has been
. The Consolidated Mining &
Smelting Company, of -. Canada,
will shortly investigate the mineral
wealth of the E. & N. Railway
belt on Vancouver Island.
will   try  and   interest   capital   to
Tommy Prayed
V Tommy was out' playing till he
was very .tired, and. did not.feei inclined to say his- prayers, ��� but his
mother' -'.insisted.' So .'-.Tommy
began:.. "Now, -I. lay me. down to
sleep, I pray thc Lord.my soul to
keep���'' ..""If," prompted'.hiB
mother:: Tommy (sleepily):���- "If
he hollers let hiin-go, eney, meeny,-
ininy,-mo."- -
Ore discovered by A. P.Clarke
on the west side of Okanagan. lake
near Shorts' Point,-, has given
assays from mixed samples of 46.64
oz.. of gold and 1,1' ��� oz. silver 'per
ton, or- nearly ��950. - Development
work is being proceeded with.   ',
:���''.������,���' Vadve"rt!"semew_":  '
-.' Scaied.t��!iidcrs-will.1)e received bj- tlie Mill:
istcr pTUiinIs .11- Victoria.' not la;ier'iha't_ itotjn
on'tlie. 2(itli (i:\_v of May-, 1921,-for tlie purchase
-of .Licence.: Xa?M,-,to citt 222.000 feet:of" 'rani-
'arac, 'Spruce ami. Fir;.- 1,000'cords of-. Fence
Posts'atid 109",730 lineal", F.cel of Polti-vou Lot
S4f>s, ne.tr"Lyncli CreeU,'"Norlli;Fork -.of "Kettle
'River.-Siiiiilkaiiteeit, District. _���''"..'-;��� . ���--.'.
1 Twii.'.J) yctii; will be allotved for removal,
(.(timber.' ,:',.' .'. " ...'.,"... _ -'.-.'-.'��� ...
,- -.-.V'urtlier .jarlieiilars of" lli.c Cliief Forester,
Victoria, V. C, or Disirict-'Forester, Nel'son.-
IJ.C. '���'-.'''' '    '   ' '���-       ���    ������"-'-
NOTICK is liereby jriveit that on Monday,
the 20th day of June, 1921. at 10 o'clock f'11 thu
forenoon at the Court House, in Greenwood.
B.C., a sittiiifjr of the Court of Revision will lie
held for the purpose of revisiufr the list, of
voters for the above-named lilccloral llistrici.
pursuant to the provision of the "Provincial
Elections Act."'
And notice is further (riven thai- any person
claiming to be entitled to be registered as a
voter in the above-named .electoral District may
apply in person to have his name entered on the
list of voters for'the said Electoral District at
the said sittinu: of the Court of Revision, not-
withsta.idiujr the. fact that his name, has been
omitted from the list of applicants for registration or that he.lias omitted to apply for reuris-
tratioii at the lime or iu the manner otherwise
provided by-the "Provincial Elections Act."-''
The list- of   applicants  for  registration  is
now posted'ainl may bc inspected at the office "of.
the iifidersiu-iied Registrar of Voters.
-   Dalo.1' April 19th, 1921. "-'.'    ' ���������-.
.Refristrar of Voters for the Greenwood
.    . Electoral District.
DR. A. ?
'   -DKNTIST   '   '
All   the   latest'   methods   in   bigh-cUiss
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   BX,
E. W, WIDDOWvSON, Assayer and
Cbetiiisf, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or I,ead
fr.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.7.5. Oold-
Silver with Copper or Lead S3 00. \cil-
ver-L,ead ^2.00. Silver-_.ead-Zinc ^3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc.. on application.
FRONT ST.,      NELSON,     BOX 865
Tenders For Coal
... SEALED'TENDERS, addresseil -to the
tindersifrned and endorsed "Quotation for Coal,
���Dominion Buildinps, British Columbia,"'will
be received until .12' o'clock- noon,. Monday.
May I.6119.21, for the supply of coal for the
public buildings throng-bout the province of
British Columbia. ' \    . "' -       - -
-.. Combined specification aud form of tender-
can .be obtained ' from tho" Purchasiiifj Ag_nt,
Department of .-Public Work's, Ottawa,' and
from the Caretaker's of the different Dominidii
liuildiiifs.   ���    ''-',"       '. ."���'
. Tenders will-not be "considered"' uiild.s"made
on the forms supplied by the Department anil
in-accordance with- the conditions set -forth
therein.-..-''!-. ���. ������   .  -���'.'   ..-..; ;.      '     . ��� ���
:-Each; tender must be' accompanied by -an
accepted chcVjue on a chartered ban... payable
to the- order of.the Min'ister.of'Public.Works,
eqnal.tb'lOp." cAof'the-amount'of the tender.
War Loanllonds of the DouiiDioti wilt alsobe
accepted .-insecurity, or War ilondsand cheiju'cs
if required to make "up an odd-aniq.uit. ,"',. _
'-"--.-���-        Ei' order ,     '      -  '���'      '-..-'.-.-.:..'
. ."-   -7 ...R... C.'i)ES.ROCHERS,7 - -
'    ���'    ���"   .'"       -,���".-'.-���' ,-. ,.     Secretary.
Department of Public Works,   ' ".*.      ...
' Ottawa, Out.,'April 15..1921.,
palace; autoviivery and stage
' V .���   77\7'VyVfl.'rD0CkSTEADER,.PRpP. . .'���'       Wi-V V
Auto;. Stag6- twjee daily, to... Midway- meeting!.Spokane, Grand' j
.-��� '  Forks,and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood ati i8.a.m.���'y
For 6roy.il je,"; \Yenafecliee aud Princeton leaves Green wood,.3,p.m.
I    Fare 81 50 Each \\Tay.    Hand Baggage. Free.    Trunks Carried.
�����      ��� .      '-.'.-'���        ���.-':-���   ���.   . ' . ......'
1  'Express andHeavy Drayirifi'.        - Auto's for hire Day or: Night.
~   We carry Tires, Oils.. Greases, Hay and Grain..
Office Phone 13. ,        ResideHce Phone 3X
reduced to .;i .'(
5'J.DU nn acre.
Pro-oi-.tptioii now cou;I:H-<i i.i> iv.r-
vcyeO laitiis only.
Records will be Rrantoo rovt-i-ittj; ov.ly
lar.ci Ktiilaiile fcir.asrlcuituntl ijuri.no..-
_.rid'!w!iic:b-is noii-tiinbor Intnl.
Partnership pre-ejiimions.aliol'^iicd.
but P-irtie._ of not tnoro��� th_:i lour n-.-O'
arrange .for .'uljacont pro--emptions
wltli joint retildunce", but each iviakir.g
nocessary improvements on respe-tivts
claims. '.-..'.
Pre-emjHors must.occupy chiim:. fc-i
flvo years and make improvements to
value of.$10 per aero, includiiur clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation-riot,
less than" 3 years, mid has iriiide P!'o-
"portionate improvemcuta, <he niay,-be-.
cause ,of ill-health, or other-.catise. be
granted intermediate certificat;; of lm-
���provement and tranufw his .claim. - -    ,���
���Records   Without-:.permanent   residence may he. Issued, provided 'applicant makes*.improvements to extent of
5300 per annum and records same "each
.year.   :rrilluro to make -improvements-
or  record  same  v/ill oj_i.rflte.ji.'.. for-
lelture.'   Title "cannot  bfi obtaint;l --in
.OEs;than-5 years), aii_____!itii)i-ovcmei..ts .
of  $10.00  per-acre,   including'.5' acres'
cleared, and cultivated,  aud  residence
���' of at least 2 year.-, are requir-r_. .""
Pre-emptor holdlnrj ������Crown _rrant
may record anoUier'pre-cniji.iori, if h.
requirea land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, -provided statutory Improvements made
and 'residence maintained on Crown
granted land. ""��� ��-
Unsurveyed areas, not'exceeding 2n >
acres,   may   bo   leased  .as  home Kite;.:
title to b'e obtained after t'ulfiiitiit" residential and improvement .co'.,ditiona.
'For grazing and.Industrial purposes
areas exceed_i__r C!0 acres may bo
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory -or Industrial sites- on
timber land riot exceeding . -iO a.ci-e_t.
may bo purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpa_.e.
Natuirai   hay " meadows   inaoce_;c-i)l;.!-f:
by  existing roads may be purch'-wod-
conditional upon construction oi a.-road-���
to theih.   Rebate of on'o-h'alf of eoyt oi _
road,  not exceeding half of purchase
price," is made. . ,-'7
i     J.-X
y y
"d "v. k4a Xh
y   ,|:.S/
vj' ���-������->.. 1 i  Ir, V-*_��
i v|* 4, 4, 4, %,      �� 4. r|. 4, 4. ^, ^ ^ ^.J, ^ ^ ^
fJ  W .t \i U N _��} feci
^ C LOA.T. is not a peripdic-
���     ���*���  .al:    I. ia.'a "book'.cpn-
��|h .taihiug SG "illustrations all. *-
,��, .told,   and   is    filled    with.*^
-.   sketches.-and . stones'. of 4"
^   western life: . It tells bow  e|_.
"8* a gambler'cashed in after ^
���S"  the.fluGh'daj'fi of Sanson ; ^
_^�� -how! it "rained in New Den- - j
-<sj��  ver.long after' Ifoab. was  ^Sr
'4�� ^e^^> 'how -a parson took a. ��$��
^  drink   at  Bear    Lake    in .��^,
*��*. early, daj^s;   how   .justice. ^,
>S��r-L^ai dealt;invKasIo.in---93;--jr
>Ji_ how- the saloon ".man oiit-;'^**
i% . prayed the women.in Kala- ' ^?
J " tnazoo,'. and graphically de- \4g>
_t' pJct8 ..sbe���.' f.oamiugs .. of   a ������'&'
.'"**' weBter-ri.'editor.'amoiig -the1'J,.
���f1  tender-feet in tho cent belt.  .^-'
e|��  It con tains the early history... **
ju  of Nelspti -and. a romance %3
^ '.of. the" Silver  King ; mine. ���-'��$���
' y "In 'it. are   printed.'." three, ��l��
A '.-western'poems." and'dozeua-V-'
y of articles   too .- numerous. ;-j��'
X "*0.Ir.enJi.Pn�� -.- Send for:one '
.V^befpre....'it-Ms".'too'Jate'iV The....
.���$* price' iff 5Q .cents,'"-post-- ����
^_i:,paid to (iny ;part ;pf ��� the^
jl,.-world.-  ."���'Addrefifi''!' all���'- let '
t   rne J-*e0ge
"* : 'ACT.  ���...,���.
(  The scopo of- this Act is eniartreS to
. nolude alJ ,pcraorm--j6lTi!nff arid  san��-'
inar with Hi3:Ma_esty's'-'Force_V   TtV.,
.' ���'.rJ ^'"t und^r   (.hls. Act"-Is ���'-.estr.n'iie.)
'���%?*�� ~:for- orie ������s-car froai' tiVo -death V.' ���
-."Buch- -,person,   ��.__. Xormerly    arttii ������<���.>'""'
V;t_.a_t.v?'^}V\e*e;.\S MAo'KLy..rX:
-.\empliona.T6cpn3ed.after Juno'"-'G--Tin- :'
.7raxe3-.-.u-6; remitted foK'five-veaV. :':
:��������� ������Proy.lB.on-,fo'r,return 6f:mo;uv__T':--:':
'���������*;������ i��W.-. ������<.!>. ^a.coouin'-'.'or;:payhier-��9-'-:V_f.'V
..or taxes. oi^Poldiara-.drtgmwtfoiiW'V'���..'
...d^ect-.-cr, IndSreat.vremitted".f .^'^n:V
'..listnj^nt, to:;Mafch;;ai.. 1?2.07^..^" XX\
���>'.-���', .y.':>:-- -''.y ".LANOSi,'.'���������:'���.-��� Hi.��� ':7 7:v:-:
7 ������:Proyisipn-.;.\tnaeic'';ior. .^'iEs_aiici.VV_ -
.Cwwtv"..grants:-t07 aubr'purciiasera :'"<..7
���: <>oTCn..v)Jatidff,-:--tt-cqul'rinff-''4-iKh'ti." -ir'art
-.illlment of ���.conditions^ of pt_vcna4' hr ������'
:. yfireat; auCtarcs;/- Wii^ro^ui.^ri-i-oii-vV'i
;;:.crs-;ftO.-not,clalm,.ttfhol(.;.o'f.Virl^ii.a-1-. k.rV
.,;be.._ distributed".=prpp.6Midnafeiy^ War'
: ..whole, aroa,,-��� ��� ApplfcatidasViitHwt w-
ym^e:.by. Hay: %-:.ifo&;s;y::;: ...7 ""���;.-������**;
XXX ^X'V-ora'z.in.9.. :XyX- V; V-7:
Vv Gra?i.r(j;.;-'A:cty;.' I&i-Sj;.; Jdr��� V_iys'feri_aJ\X
.. ��� videsxfox' <rra.zln._7dii.tY-.ic_s -';ind: taf--'--'
.. .on ..ivutvibera-TKi) fe-ed:. .p.-ISrlt V: "f ft-" ��v. iV.-.-.
.;:'neP4-7 ErQSi-or"partlAUyf.tkoy^ti^its'���'.
.;.for:-B.ettIf!.rs,:-.ca_.jper*-'or :t'r_v4Jlsra-.������u^1-'
7tp>t��n.-haad..:..--:.;>������ <>)::.,;"'���7-:::-7.-  ."':/:"^7-
?. only up-todate"Hotel ia the interior,    Eirst-class    ��|>
in every respect,
and Cold Water; Steass Heat-and Telephone-in  ������
Fi.rsi. Class. Cafe, and Barber Shop -
/��:��?/;���/_���_�������� e
Steam Healed;   Electric Lighted.
SATES Sl.00 pcrdriy and tip; European Plan.
&  ��� B.s .Meetsall Trains and Boats.
*-#$' "> -J* ���%*"i" '%^' *_* "iv��?*'4'"b^4s *aJ   wff *��* "f* *f*'���$* lf fy���%> fy&
ft--��� ��� ��� ������   ��� ��� ���    ���       . o   . '���    '.      ...������"    ���."���    ..;..<  v _. :... .... ;-...���
e.., . .. - ��� ���
P"���       ��'rnK. . '      _. ��� v_��
.,f :;��� vi-v .%%,; ^y\^:^^.L\:^^:x
%��?y>J?iw^y: &:-,  &k Ek_l..ii.4;��..fi._^' -.,.';,..���>'.. ~^V,
..eatii'res "W,hich g.
to =s
..'7.77' ������".������������.:.���".''���>...h i;_7V.:..'  V..-*-'. ���
'mmm im 'the! 'b&fvice: we 'mve:' ^
���.--���...������..-.'.'��� ���-���.���.������..-.���      ��� ���-.-**- ������   .-_.���;^38
re--:'Vyou.. 3-
'������F^irsTT's. trs;^7
;.iitl:e!-ifii&pjv ;NofeS
;i(K.uled:Or. Plaiii'..
::i-V'    ' ' ''"
!!ff__jd v^lnra'^ft^Kil kK_pp!irle.._
������.-���;�������� -(AiVSizes.:'V!V ':X-XXXyX XX\
ip:*;-.:-��-v. ,.-:. ���������:->������������:-:��� v
ia' r*a.i_T_. ^;||.'|;S-;..
'''"^'j^'__iT--_iaT>*f��''-' ������"���'"I'-vl ���*"_,���:(>-
:;��� I;. WjfiJ*; 1 Ga-'b.j,; ���;..__#SjQ.
��o*  "% Ai��*
.;!-'."- ��� .��� "7 .:   -^���aa'.'
-;ters to
Home Is No Further Away Than
the Nearest Telephone
Tlie man who. is frequently on the road,  realizes the value of the tele-
' phone.,;: "Weighed against the comfort and help the' assurance from home
that all's well gives me," says one, ."'tie small sum of the toll charge doesn't
count atal!...' . ��� ''    /.'---.' -���.'���.;-: . ;-.-.���. ,-V -������ '"-yXX*-^ '������ '���������.- ..-V '       '���<'X
���' {. ' - The. Ielephdne high-ivay-K."alway%'the'';sl.grte"st way' h'oihe'VV;' ;"_>.- "���:."-.' :"-,'"���'���
0. V. MEGG1TT '
Dealer in Farm , Produce, Railroad"'-ies,
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, "-Farm and
Fruit Lands For .Sale. .-List-your-"lands
with tue,   Haves, buyer'for goo.dr.nch
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and"Clothss, Jletals/Sacks, .
- V. .    Ilorsesj Cattle,  Etc.
;7;^7.;:i ��i \3m, Iiil|>.p4: k^hSyxB.
?.4'-^40..V8-_teCl-_* C:-
uodgers-, vlLtc.,
'".:������   PHONE":29:':v;-l
Job Printing: Department .'...-3
AC HJUMUxi��*__>(.".-_
-::f*"rr*";-v_i--L ���
. .Send;a:;^Float..tq,y6ur'frie_3_s at
on.cei/;.;-.YduVvcan." get ��� ;tbem Tat
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