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The Ledge Jun 9, 1921

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 -7 '-xyy-^i\
Vol.   XXVII.
No. '48
House Furnishings,  Hardware,
- Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfwmmmmm mmg
We can fill your wants for:���
Also a full line of
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Buy a
Made to Measure Suit
Quite a   substantial   reduction in prices
Your measure   taken   by   one
who learned the business
No Guessing
W..EIson 8 Co
i ^
Fishing Season Is Now  On
Everything in  Fishing Tackle
This week we are celebrating our first
anniversary of   business in   Greenwood.
We wish to" thank the people of this city
and district for their patronage in the past,
and solicit the same for the future.
" -   The  WINDSOR  HOTEL   is   heated   with , steam
and electricity.     Fine sample rooflis.     A comlort-
'   able home for tourists  and travellers. " Touch the
wire   if you   waiic, rooms reserved.     The buffet is'
replete   with   cigars,   cigarettes, ��� cooling beverages,
-buttermilk and ice-cream.
�����>K^^^������^��^S^We��5S^��<5S^^����Me��-^f��M^^��i^eS ^��^��^������^?f
Furnishing the meat portion of more than a quarter of a million
breakfasts & day is the service that our Pork Department renders the
Western Canadian people. "
A quarter of a century of striving for better products has resulted iu
Burns'   Shamrock   Ham   & Bacon
Calgary     -BSnionton       Retrina       Prince Alfcert       Vancouver   |
There's No Guess Work About Long
Distance Telephoning
When you Gnish your conversation you know your message has been
received.   In addition, yoa have your answer.
Remember also, you do not p^y for messages uot delivered���No tal��T
no pay. __ ~
All the company's telephones are available for service day and night.
Special rates between 7 j>.m. and 8 a.rn.
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
-        Automobile
Best Companies in 'the TWorld
Enquire  as  to Rates ���>���
Ranches  For Sale
--  Auctioneer
Call And See
In Shell or Nickel Frames
Put up in a neat Spring' Covered Case
$1.00 PER"PAIR '
.... ,���^_-^-_....*
Watchmaker .   Jeweler      Optician
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties,
Cedar Poles, and Fence Fosts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. l/ist your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good rinch
Greenwood Theatre
.- "  ~ Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8:15 p.mr
Constance Talmadge
In a Matrimonial Nightmare
"A Temperamental
A Peppy Play ^bout Wives and Stenogs
Six Reels
Also a 2 Reel Lerham comedy
and Warmer
For Sale
Two teams of horses,~~i200 and
1650 lbs.    Apply to
S. A. Biggest,
Midway, B.C.
For Sale
Team of horses, 2850 lbs. JSet
of ' harness goes with team.
Heavy wagon 4J^ in tires, used
only a few mouths. Light Democrat,wagon, large heavy sleigh
and a light sleigh. Chains and
cant-books for logging. Apply to
L. Putzei.,
Baled Hay For Sale
Baled hay for sale. Extra good
quality, mixed "timothy and
Fritz Haussener
Bos 364 Greenwood, B.C.
i Around Home
'   RrD. Kerr, of Midway, was in
town on Tuesday.
J. B. Desrosiers, of Osoyoos,' is
spending a few days in town.
W. C. Wilson returned on Sunday from a trip to Vaucouver.
Normau Morrison returned ou
Sunday, from a trip to the coast.
Born.���To'Mr. ,3ml Mrs. Sam
Bombini, on June 4, a  daughter.
Geo. Bryan' is attending the
Oddfellows , Convention at the
coast. _
Miss Ruth Swansou. of Spokane, is the guest oi Miss Eva
Miss Nellie Axam pa'sed .the
Normal teachers exams with high
honors at Victoria.
returned to Calgary on Friday.
Get yourwall paper at manufacturers prices. See tbe L921
samples at Goodeve's Drug Store.
Ice cream will be served iu the
refreshment rooms, Copper St.,
every Saturday afternoon after 3
o'clock,   '-"
W/R. Dewdne.y has received
instructions from Victoria to
issue permits", under the new
Liquor Act.
Creightoa^ JVLcCutcheon. _has
secured a lucrative position with
Major Whittaker on the Cascade-
Roy Spencer of the Bank of
of Montreal staff left~bn Friday
last on a vacation trip..to Vancouver and Portland, Ore.
When you puy of your home
merchants you are helping the
town and thereby sharing iu the
profits of your own purchase.
G. C. (Jeddj) Summers who
has been visiting relatives in
town left for'Buccaneer Bay on
Tuesday, wrxere he will manage
a store.
Miss Maria Fiorito aud
Onofrio Fiorito arrived on Sunday morning from Italy aud-are
the guests of their uncle. Pete
Chief Fraser tools L. M. Mc-
Carren, of Boundary Falls, to
the Old Man's Home at Kani-
loops last week. McCarreu is 98
years of age.
' After being  on  the road   for
about a quarter of a century  Nat
Darling made   his   last   trip to
town this week.    Moderation has
put him out of business.
/ _
weed  harvest   is   ready.
Mr. and Mrs. H. McCutcheoc
lefton Thursday morning for a
holiday trip to the coast.
-A Government Proclamation
states that the new Liquor Act
will be effective June 15.
In two daysv last week nearly
2000 autos crossed the border with
tourists all for Vancouver.
Miss Groves, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Chas. King,>Ureue    Inglip>    Doris    Kinsman,
Greenwood  Public  School
May, 1921
V. Edward. Tripp, Principal.
No. enrolled -'       �� 23
No. with perfect attendance   -     8
Percent of .attendance    -    -  21.85
Perfect attendance:
'  Gertrude Dixon,   Lilly   Intilla,
Gordon Jenks, John Kerr, George
Morrison,   Silvia     Price,    Estolla
Storer, Maria Williamson.
Senior IV, Entrance: Edna
Williamson, Maria Williamson,
Ethel Fraser, Mabel Axam, Gordon
Jenks, Emmet Anderson, Russell
Eustis, Estella Storer, Jack Anderson, Harold Folvik, Johnson
Beattie, Lilly Intilla.
Junior IV: Margaret Eddie,
Mildred McLaren, George Morrison, Samuel Eustis, John Kerr,
Gertrude Dixon, Anund Anderson,
Mary Kerr, Silvia "Price, Dolly
Granberg., -
Cecilia" M. Mcintosh, Teacher
Number on roll -        -        29
No. in perfect attendance   -       19
Average daily attendance       28.66
Perfect attendance:
Bessie Bidder, George Bryan,
Lawrence DuHamel, Lloyd Eustis,
grow an additional  harvest  next
Ted Nagel, of Penticton, spent
a few days in town last week, the
guest of Ross Wood, en route to
Cascade, where he will be employed^, on the new Government
The Independent Meat Market
is now open all the time. We
carry only the best stock procure
able m fresh meats, hams and
ba"non, lard, sausages, head
cheese, etc, -
Harry Nugent who was1 out 011
bail failed-to put in an appearance at the Court House on Monday. His bail was forfeited and
he was fined S50 and costs under
the Immigration Act.
Mrs. A. Claughtoa and .son,
Roy, who were the guests of Mrs.
C. T. Fenner for a few days returned by auto to Grand Forks
where she will visit before taking
a trip to Spokane.
Kathleen McLeod, John Putzel,
Frank Campolieto, Ethel Benson,
Eraiue DuHamel, Horace DuHamel, Allan Fraser, ifcuby Goodeve, Cecilia Hallstrom, William
McLeod, John McDonnell, John
Wyder, "Ernest Wyderf^
Proficiency List.
Sr. II Reader: John Putzel,
Irene Inglis, George Bryan, Percy
Fraser, Helen Kerr, Harry Hallstrom.
Jr. Ill Reader: Myrtle Dixon,
Frank Campolieto, Kathleen McLeod, Tillie McDonell, Doris
Dixon, Laurence DuHamel, Lloyd
Int. lit Reader: Bessie Bidder,
Edward Johnson; Edward Wilson,
Doris Kinsman (equal).
Senior III Reader: JohnWydeiV
Allan Fraser, Ruby Goodeve,
Cecilia Hallstrom, Ethel Benson,
Ernest Wyder, Annie Thorslund,
Mary Klinosky, William McLeod,
Eraiue DuHamel, John McDonell,
Horace DuHamel. ���-
The report of Division III will
appear in nest issue..
Sensational Arrests
"Saturday a sensation ' was-
created in town when Sheriff Eli
Wilson and Marshall Weldon ar
rested Louis Prince, Philip Prince,
Jack Slagle ahd Jack Fiannigan,"
says the Oroville Gazette. "According to the sheriff he was acting
upon requisitions forwarded from
tbe sheriff of Ferry county, and
that the men were wanted for participation in the shooting of Joseph
Wagner on or about the 30th of
April, at Ferry,,just this side of
tbe boundary from Midway. The
list of names of the men wanted
also include Ben Prince better
known as "Red" Prince, a brother
of Lovuis and Philip. The prisoners were taken to Okanagan' and
from their to Republic. Ben
Prince, who figured last week in
an exciting escapade over in Douglas county, in which he was arrest-
'ed and fined for speeding, is still at
large. According to the reports in
circulation the crime for which
these men are held was as follows:
It is alleged that the individuals
under arrest had made arrangements with Joe Wagner to deliver
them a certain quantity of liquor
at Ferry, When Wagner showed
up, according to the story, the men
considered there was more money
in taking the liquor by forc9 than
paying for it, and one of the number pushed a revolver into Wagner's stomach and ordered him to
throw up his hands. Instead of
complying Wagner knocked- up the
gun, it went off and the shot took
effect in Wagner's neck, making a
Bevere but not necessarily fatal
wound. On Friday, May 20th,
Wagner died in the Greenwood
hospital. It is only fair to state
that the coroner's jury that invest-
igared. the death-rendered a verdict
that deceased died from "failure
of the heart, caused by over exertion and worry," and the Greenwood Ledge states that "the
wound was almost healed up and
had nothing to do with his death."
It is further alleged that Wagner
made no charge daring his life
time as he proposed "to get even
with the persons responsible for his
wound in his own way," but before
dying he made a death bed state-
ment implicating the parties
School Fairv
A Temperamental Wife
Money  was no inducement   to
Billie    Billings,    the   fashionable
daughter of a fashionable Washington family.    Her requirements
for a husband were only that he
should be a man who would neither
talk   to   nor   look   at any   other
woman except herself.    ^
How Billie found her "ideal" in
The   weed  harvest   is   ready,  the person  of the unhealthy,  nn
Gather   it.     If   you   value   the|r0mantic, but understood Senator
economy of saving time never let
the  weeds ripen  their seeds   to
Newton of N"evada,_ and, how her
jealous nature led her to elope with
a Bulgarian Count is most interestingly told in ."A Temperamental Wife," which -will be
shown at the Greenwood .Theatre
on Saturday, Jane 11.
Miss Nellie Hamarstadt, of
Spokane, is the guest of Mrs. A.
J.v Morrison.
J. V. Mills, G. A. Readell and
C. Manahaa motored to Penticton
on Saturday. They made the
trip in 4 hours and IS, minutes,
driving through some of the
prettiest roads and valleys in the
To accommodate our customers,
the Greenwood Dairy will deliyer
in the evenings during the hot
weather, commencing June 13th.
However, this will only be possible if all bottles are left out regularly, as we cannot"-provide
milk unless bottles are returned
MARRIED      -
-' Two popular and well known
young people in this place were
united in the holy bonds of matri-
mony.at Spokane on Friday, June
3rd, when Miss Marie Anderson,
eldest daughter of Mrs. J. P.
Anderson, of Greenwood, was
married to E. S. Lockwood, of
Jersey City. The bride was for
some years in the employ of the
Provincial Library at Victoria,
while the bridegroom is well
known in Greenwood having
been an electrician at the Mother
Lode mine some years ago.' The
newly married couple will reside
in Jersey City. The Ledge along
���with a host of friends wish them
happiness and prosperity.
Card of Thanks.
Not been able to personally see
all my Greenwood friends I desire
to take this medium of thanking
all for their great kindness and
thonghtfulness during my long
illness which- has done much to
ease my sufferings. I purpose taking a three months holiday at
Kamloops in the hope that the
change will do me good.
George Swayne.
Baseball is to be the summer
sport in the Boundary and judging by the first game played here
the first of the week good sport
is in store for fans and players
alike. Midway came over and
defeated Greenwood by a score of
9-3. Midway has a good team,
are in good shape and put up a
first class game. The home team
is in hopes of turning the tables
after a little more practice.
(Written specially for Tbe Ledge) -
Friday, June 3rd in spite of previous weather indications turned
ont to be a glorious day, and the
school girls and boys, who labored
hard in final preparations were
well rewarded by the sight of a
great majority of tho people of this
district who turned out to patronize their Sale of Work and Bazaar.
They offered refreshments, hot
anil cold, the boys having a "bar,"
with an assortment of drinks,
while the girls offered ice-cream,
and afternoon tea. Two booths
were erected, one containing fancy
work, knick-knacks, pictures, etc.;
the other fresh-home-made candy.
When the receipts from the Bazaar
were totalled tlipy amounted to
approximately $165.
,The Concert following began
about 8 p. m. The program was
a varied one and most pleasing to
the appreciative audience^ The
solos by MrB. Birch and Mr.
Cavaye were greatly enjoyed. The"
three sketches were amusing and
particularly well acted. A chapter
from Tom Sawyer seemed to especially "please the audience., to say
nothing of a number of young ladies
���rather neglige���eating fudge.
"The Unwilling Patient" was well
acted and "No News or How the
Dog Died" showed good training.
The choruses by the school children were well sung and the irecita--,
tions by Miss Mclntosli and Edward Johnson were very well delivered. The Greenwood orchestra -
played saveraLdiffienlt.andJnfcric-,
ate selections which were well re-;
ceived and enjoyed.
The Dance concluding the evening's entertainment was made into
a patriotic ^occasion. Bush's or- "
chestra furnished the excellent
music and they were in great form,
being most obliging in responding .
to the many encores. The Masonic
Hall had been decorated suitably
with pictures of their majesties,
King George, Queen Mary, and
Edward, Prince of Wales, To
complement the patriotic scene so.
arranged, ribbons of red,- white
and blue were furnished to the
- Duringthe eveningthe "numbers-"
winning the two quilts raffled,
were announced. - They were held
by Annie Thorslund, for the large
quilt, and Mrs. Boag for the
smaller one. To complete tha
pleasures of an enjoyable evening,
the Masonic Lodge kindly don'ated
"She-rent paid for the hall back to
the children; for which, and tho
generosity exhibited by all attending the whole days proceedings a
hearty vote of thanks was tendered
by tbe happy boys and girls.
The sncc63B of the entertainment, bazaar and dance Is due to
the untiring efforts of V. E. Tripp
who trained the boys and girls in
their various parts and praise is
also due to Miss Mcintosh and
Miss McKee as assistants. The'
whole affair was a credit to the
scholars and teachers alike and
there is no reason why this should.,
not be made an annual event. The
proceeds will go towards purchasing athletic supplies and library
books for the school.
The Bazaar finances   stand   as
follows: _ V,
Total receipts   .      -      ���    $316.85
Total expenditure -   8156��05
Cash balance     $160.80
r. 11
'��? i
:s 1
Ensign A. Nelson, financial
representative of the Salvation
Army work'in British Columbia,
was ia town this week. THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD.     B.     0.
Most   t
of Summer
ENJOY the greatest foot comfort you have ever
known iirsuin'mer by wearing FLEEjT FOOT.
Enjoy the ecoaomv of having several pairs of
FLEET FOOT at'the cost of'one pair of good
leather shoes.
Wear FLEET FOOT right through the summer. Pitt on FLEET
FOOT heavy shoes for work about the fields, garden sincl barn.
I lave the FLEET FOOT white shoes, oxfords and pumps to wear
when work is done.
There are FLEET FOOT styles for every summer need, for men,
women and children. Put* thc whole family in FLEET FOOT
this summer.
Genuine FLEET FOOT shoes have the name pjrTpsSf" stamped
on them.   Look for it. ^>      '
Ask your Shoe Dealer Jor.Fleet Foot
and wake sure you Her Fleet Foot
��� ���
Briefly Told
On Cjuard
This is truc in every walk
thc nation, but of thc in-
"Eternal vigilance Ls thc price of liberty."
and activity of life. It is true not merely of
dividual. li. is truc in thc realm of political reform, in the preservation of
health, in thc success of any business undertaking. Thc man who is indifferent lo, neglects and sleeps on his job, cannot succeed'. Failure 11 utter
such circumstances is inevitable in the long run. \
Once again thc^farmcrs of Western Canada have seeded their acres. It
is to bc hoped that, bearing thc above adage in nfind; thcy havc used only
good clean seed, the best that could be obtained. It is to bc hoped, also,
that to thc full extent of their available equipment, and the time at their
disposal, thcy havc pursued thc best accepted methods of farming and--prc-
parcd thc seed bed iu thc most approved manner.
The growing season (at the time of-writing this article) has been all
thai could bc desired, with copious rains and cool days which give promise
of a strong rooting of thc grain so that it will be in the ticsl possible condition to withstand a dry period should such befall.
V But "eternal vigilance is thc price of liberty."    There arc many enemies
-to a growing crop iu this western country. Farmers everywhere must remain alert and vigiient to combat these on every hand. There is thc
grasshopper scourge. Governments and municipalities have devised and
outlined the best methods of fighting this pest, and those materials required
to wage thc battle havc been procured. But official bodies cannot do it all.
It remains for thc individual fanner everywhere to do.his share, to do it
promptly and thoroughly. All the precautionary measures should be taken,
and an ever watchful eye kept ou developments. It is necessary to wage
the battle against thc grasshopper, not only lo save this year's crop,.but to
insure lhc success of future crops-which lhc rapid elimination of this danger
requires. / . ��� l\   ���
Then there is the noxious weed. It takes many forms^but each and
every variety is destructive, some, of course, more destructive than others.
Noxious weeds have, through neglect, because of neglect in the past, ruined
many a fine farm. Thcy .are still, making headway, and a.combined allied
.warfare by,all -acrricultiplsls-agains'l,;them.713 one;.of the pressing:nccds'Tpf
; the present .'lime.
Despite ��� the. g'rcaTcsi .care' by .scQrcs7.of''-:"faruicrs,,:onc- or twoindiffcr'c'nt ixnd
:.f rcighlaa.tcJ5; whTclf h a' ve- tlrcl; sdu\X0eh t ;;--'pr7:Vf;:the7lqss;;,qL^o>man^-; centra,
.bushel itsulting;!^^
^:;feavJcr-7loli���7tli":jn7:Viiy; b7iro^
;. VVpNox'oJjS".'^^
7aiid-enfGiic cnicutv o^eccs s;^
��� tftct is-tleancdvuV'and7.:kcpt;:clca^
Oregon   and- Washington   lumber
mills'   cut   8,844,000,000 fcct in 1920_-|
thc largest on record.
Frcdcrickton, N.B., civic employees
have gone, on strike rather than observe daylight saving time.
Watson Batchclor's Glasgow cattle
reports show that Canadian steers.
sold at 19 and 20 cents per pound live-
weight. - '
Emma Goldman, deported to Russia, is said to bc pleading with her
friends to obtain permission" for her
to come "homc" to thc U.S. to- die. $
Two sisters just graduated from
Athens, O., high school have attended school ten years without, missing
a day or being late.v
Hon. S. F. Tolmie, minister of agriculture,   declined   lo  accede >to   ap
peals that  the "short" berry box bc
permitted  again  this  season.
As navigation ou thc Yukon River
is expected to rc-open about June 10,
parcel post will now hc accepted for
transmission to places beyond White
A powerful "jiniera1! trusl," reaping a toll of millions of dollars from
Cho'ciigoans by maintaining high
prices .for funeral cars and hearses,
is said to have been in operation in
Chicago for years.
\JSix' Japanese submarines havc collided during naval- manoeuvres off the
coasl of Kiushiu, and one of them has
been seriouslyflamaged. As a result
thc proposed long'"distance cruise of
these craft has-been postponed.
Janitor of thc Yenlor, N.J., city
council chamber, is going to strike
for bigger pay because, hc says,
after the  League of ""Women Voters
c'rids    its    meetings   ' thc floor is
littered with cigarette
cause him extra work.
Rich,   Red   Blood   to   Regain
Health and Strength.
Of the Heart
' Many people arc kept in a state of
morbid fear of death, become weak,
worn and miserable, and are unable to
attend to their household, social or
business duties through this unnatural
acliqn of the heart.
To- all such sufferers Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills will give
prompt and permanent relief.,
Mrs. F. X. Gauthier, Tilbury, Ont.,
writes:���"During 25 years past I was
greatly troubled with palpitation of
the heart, and sometimes so much so
that those around me thought I would
die at any moment, being so much
weakened by the sharpness of thc palpitation which would last sometimes
up to 3-Jiours. ( . I had lhe doctor who
kept mc taking his medicine to overcome thc disease, but to no effect.
There was no change at all for tlie
better. Two' years ago a friend advised mc lo use Milburn's, Heart and
Nerve Pills. I began to use them at
once, and at the second box I began
to feel some relief, so I continued to
use them according to directions and.
now I am perfectly well. Before
using the pills I never weighed 100
lbs., now I weigh 117, and feel as if
I wcrc young although I am over 66
years of age."
Price 50c a box at all' dealers or
mailed direct on receipt, of price by
Thc T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto. Ont.
By   Rea   Proctor   McGee,   M.D.,
D.D.S., Editor of Oral Hygiene.
Copyright,  1021, by  Rea Proctor -
The Cattle Commission
Many children, start school' in excellent health, but after a short time
home, work, examinations, hurried
meals . and crowded school rooms
cause thcir blood to become weak,
thcir nerves over-wrought and their
color and spirits Ios't. It is a mis-
lake to let matters drift when boys
and girls show symptoms of nervousness or weak blood. They arc almost
sure lo fall victims of St. Vitus dance,
or   drift   into   debility   that  leads   to
Noxious  weeds -cannot' bc fought bv farmers* singly. I ��thcr l���blcs.      RcS'ukir meals, out-
��� * ;. P., ..       .-,.,���>.. r door exercise and plenty ouslecp arc
necessary to combat thc nervous wear
of school life. "'-But.it is still more
important, that parents should pay attention to.lhc school\ child's blood
supply.. Keep this rich and red by
giving Dr.. Williams' Pink Pills, and
the bo.y or girl-will be sturdy ancl fit
for "school. The value" of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills in cases of this kind-
is shown by ' the. statement of Mrs."-
Watson, Grand Falls, N.B., who'says:
"In-the spring of 1919 my daughter
Thistle; then 12-years of age, began
to show symptoms of nervousness
.which.developed into St...Vitus dance.
She seemed to-lose control of her
limbs and at times every 'muscle' in'
her body'seemed to bc twitching and
jerking,-and the troiiblc.:'secmcd to be
growing worse,' Wc finally", decided
to' give Dr. Williams' Pink .Pills, and
the - result .waS) belter even thanVwc
had hoped for,- and" she is. now enjoying lhe. best of health."    .   -    -
you.' can . get   Dr.-^Williams'   Pink
Pills through any "dealer ,in'medicine
or by mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes "for, 2.50  from -The   Dr.   Wil-'l
Hams'- Medicine Co., Brockvijlc, Ont.
Terms of Reference Important to-
Canadian Interests.
As Canada, has a direct interest in
the outcome of the investigation now
being conducted by a special British
Royal Commission in thc matter of
the cattle embargo, some importance
attaches to the terms of the reference
under which the inquiry is being
made. Thc commission is composed
of Viscount Finlay (chairman), Lord
Askwith, Sir Algernon Firth, Si"
Harry Peat and Sir Arthur Shipley,
and thc reference is as follows:
"To inquire into the admission into
the United Kingdom of livestock for
���purposes other than immediate
slaughter at the ports, whether such
action would increase and cheapen
thc meat supply of thc country, and,
if so, to what extent, and whether it
was advisable, having regard to thc
vjgicccssity of protecting livestock bred
in the country from the introduction
of disease, and of restoring their numbers after the losses to which thcy
wcrc subject during thc war."���Montreal Gazette.
No other person'has ever seen a"
picture or a landscape or a; beautiful
face or a sunset just as ypu see it., \
No one has-ever heard a.piecfe'pf
music or a thunderstorm just as'you
heard it: -,-   ���������������' '..;;,. j
When-orou and your dearest friend
read thc same book or heir the 'same
story you will always differ a little' in
your understanding.of it..: ���'"���'-
This is because -.every impression
that tomes to you is moulded by your
own personality...;. jYpur personality
is like an export and import tax; it
touches^ every>;$?t3 of., life���it affects
every impression, both -.coming-Tand
going. "-''"   .-'���  "'    """      "' v y '���
Personality isjthc sum of all of your
experiences mid of your ideas and- of
-\      V (*y-
your memories, .plus your physical
condition. Your appearance is a
[^Iargc factor iii your effect upon other
people; it is one of thc great factors
in your effect upon yourself.
Wc all lovc magic and thc supernatural because lhc everyday humdrum
of solid fact gets upon our nerves.
Fairy Malqs arc not for children,
thcy arc for grown-ups.  '  '-
Wc call them "novels'-" and .wc always expect thc magical power of
good lo overcome the sorcery of evil.
Our heroes and heroines wc always
endow wi&h'bcauty, health) energy or
youth, because in our experience these
conditions give a desirable personality
-y 6i.eraii
Walking To Ottawa
'punishment -.while--in" ."-"France" .7 and
lashed to' ihe.''-wheels '.of guns .in', action...   It,is;-'these -matters he hopes
Has   Several, 'Grievances, .to ' 7Bring
���-.'.;. Before.Government..:  -
Chitl in'khaki over-alls, stout'boots
and a pack, slung from-his. shouldcrs,-
��� W. IT. Couldcr,--.left "Vancouver, oh.a
inarch to  Ottawa whcr'c""hc will lay
his .grievances-as..a  returned  soldier
before"  the   'government.--'__- Couklef
served. in;.thc  Royal  '.Navy-   in ' his
younger days-but was.in Canada.when
---War" broke put -arid" joined    tip, -;al-
-"though he was then-'52.'.years -of. age'.'
He- -was,.- later 'invalided .from, thc
Canadian..forces .aiicl.joined-the Royal-
Imperial. Engineers".,      :������'-'
Coul'dcr. asked 'to he" rc-cslablis)jed
r.*,.a .naiapator'.buV-s'fiy-s he 'was...informed'- . lip .-was ,loo -o.ld to- take-a
course and one of.his" "complaints" is"
. that he "v,;as.-'-.noti'oo;pld io. go , to
; France. Another... of' his'jgricvanccs is
Lhat'lic,-waV given7'.--42  -days*., -field
lo.   call"
���at't'Cn tityi ��;;tcftby. Kalkiri^.to;
���'"���"'/-7V7lt';Had Beeri.Used..;-'_"������'."
-��� The young .housewife, looking very
preity...and.'.workman' like . in :a"'--;bsg
green-overall,, was.-.clearing; put .the
pan try, cupboard..''- "'���.'.""-���' ""' :- V - "'���''-'
" '-'Dickie',".- shc- cried'167.her. young
hiisba'nd,-, who".' was.' smoking inthcj
-spi.ck-and.'-span.lji'llcsilrawing room,.'.'I
wan.t you ,to .bring, me -a; mousetrap"
home tomorrow.!' , "  -   -      -;
��� "I'.u.t, Angel,-";.cried/the' youn'gi'man,
"Tbrought you one home* yesterday."
���"!���' -kiipiy', pet,"-' called ..back. the.
young-, bride,', "but' that one ilia's/: a
mouse in.'it.'--r-Spanish""Riycr News."  ���
- -; The- first .mention- of .fountain-peri's
is to be found in-a, book published in"
;i6oo.\- -��� -V-       ��� ���;     - V. -
Prevention of Soil Drifting
Rotation of Crops and Summer Fallowing Lessen Danger.
- To . stop" drifting of thc soih thc
work on the experimental.farm at Indian Head has shown that hedges will
protect 80 fcct of crop for every f6ot
in height-of-ltfdgc. A hedge 20 fcct
high -will save 1,600 feet perfectly,
"arid as much more from serious injury
by winds. NA rotation'of crops; including grass for pasture, or hay,' is
invaluable','-and land ahd thathas been
under grass for two. or'three years,
when broken up, is safe froni winds
for at Icasrfonr'or five" years."Ploughing-summer-fallow twice, June and
October���-the last ploughing to bring
to thc surface-soil that has. not becn
pulverized by repeated '"cultivation"���
will also lessen the danger from soil
drifting;. Growing fall rye on summer-fallows instead- of- ;wheat, noi
only stops''drifting, on account of,thc
early and rapid' growth before the
winds commence, but "is one of "the
-best means, known for the eradication,
of wild oatsi���Inspc'ct'or Western Ex.r
pcrihieri tar Farms.-- -.       ,
a genial'bid age
Our villains wc endow with forbidding faces, crooked bodies, often .with.|
ill-health, because we know that these
things warp the disposition and frequently change a pleasant personality
into an unpleasant one.
Did you ever hear of a beautiful
heroine or a manly hero whose smile
showed a. row of decayed teeth or inflamed -j. gums? Do '"you remember
how qh-ickly "Dr. J.ckyll's even and
beautiful teeth changed into protruding snaggle .teeth when he became
"Mr. Hyde?"
Your mouth and teeth make up
seventy-five per- cent, of your facial-
expression;' Who wants.to look like
On the Marriage Day
Romance usually ceases and ' history begins, and sore corns begin to
go when "Putnam's**-is applied. It
takes out corns, roots, branches,
stems���no trace-..of a single corn left
after Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor has done ils work, 25c at all dealers.     Refuse a substitute."
'""- Belgian Consul For Alberta.'
-' Appointriicnt of H. Milton Martin
as-Belgian consul,-for the whole of-
Albcria has been niadc/according to
official information received here from
thc Belgian consul-general at.Ottawa.
The' dfder- -has- been signed ..by the
King pf the " Belgians. arid sent forward to the" ambassador in London
for King.George to endorse-     v;
Freedom from Asthma..; Asthma
is one.;'of the most distressing
troubles,-, sudden" in- its attacks���and
prolonged in- its agonies. -' Frequent-;
ly many things arc tried, but nothing
seems to. give hope of relief.- Dr. J.
D: Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, can be
depended upon. Do not fail to get
at once, a: package of 'this uniformly
successful  preparation^ ���".   . -
If by "Making thc World Christian"
the'lesson...cjjmmittee: means the conversion of the world in "this dispensation by the preaching of the gospel,
then we submit that they-are in error,
leading the people into.v-ialse._hpp.es.-
The; main. ^text chosen -for our, study ���
'pictures are the glorious coming age
Tvhen "Christ..shall reign over thel
whole earth. Before this ivill take
place Chris,.,shall..comeiri person and
destroy'the works of the devil and
bind him and .cast him into trie pit
(Rev. 19:11-21); II. 'Thess.-;2:3-10). :
I. The 'Reign of Messiah the King
(Isa.: 11:1-12),' ��� .        "'   "
1. Messiah's lineage (y. 1). It was
to be of David's line���royal stock. A
road or twigjivas'to come 'out of
Jesse, which- indicates that thc royal
house was in a depressed.state
k2. Messiah's qualification (v. 2). (1)
Thc Spirit of the Lord, that is,.a divine person proceeding from 1 the
Father and Son. (2) Spirit.of wisdom, giving insight into all things
human,'and divine. (3) Spirit of under-
standing,sthat is, to choose that which
is highest and best. (4) Spirit ofj
counsel, that is,' thc ability to make
plans. (5) Spirit of might, that, is,
thc ability to execute 'His pla;is. (6)
Spirit of knowledge, that is, the
ability to perceive the will of Sod
in all things. (7)' The fear of the
Lord, that is, reverential and obedient
- 3. Thc character ofllcssiah (vv. 3-5>
(1) Quick' to understand goodness
(v. 3).     (2) Hc shall not judge after
and contribute^ a happy present and [.external appearances (v. 3). (3) Shall
.. . . Sewage Disposal on-Farms'...
N ...The iBiircau of. Public Health '��� has
just issued a valuable"'bulletin dealing
.with' the -^natter of treatment.', of -sewage _oh -farm home's. 'Sewage systems npw in actual use. .on 72-"farms
have recently "been', -examined,".! and
the-conclusions.of .the officials of thc
bureau,', following; this ' investigation,,]
have-'b'ecu'-incorporated-in the: bulletin', .which'.has a riumbc'r.o.f diagrams
for differing-'conditions.  "' -s:- '���'  ';. -'- -
,��� .If at first some -men don't succeed,
thcy faii/-fail" again.  -'       '
'       Accidents' In Saskatchewan;  ,
-.Industrial accid&iIs in'thc- province"
of Saskatclicwan duririg the ii^b'nth of
April numbered. 51,-riond... of" which;
wcrc.'-fatal.",   Of .these .33~;wcre. ac'ci-
It-'iits to-employees ,on steam 6;r'elec
trical ��� railv.-ays,. and','"18-,amongst
c��tlfcr trades. "-, ..   77   -'-.7   '
full food, value for ypiir
mbxiey wiien yoix eat
Sach ^plden granule of this afctracti^
"X wheaz and ihaited 'barley food is rich, i
x- '?i&xajptfmt^-$x .
Serve <5rape��NutS;;direct
;:. air-tight. pa<^t.for;Breal^
,- Canadian Savings Establish.Record, 7
. Savings bank deposits.in Canadian
bariks totalled ,$1,319,142^146 - at/-.the
end of March,this,year:.. This, total
established-a new high, record and
represents .'approximately $146.50 per
���head of -population, taking,', the'latter
at-9,000,000'. " -"��� ' ������ . : .(".
City planners should be able to
forecast-at least 25'3-cars ahead in
ordcr':to provide for the changesthe
airship will make .in coriiriierce, said
John Ihladey, manager of the civic
development department of the U.S.
Chamber of Commerce.       ,    ,
��v *
"Homing: Squirrel" in B. C.
Many Attempts Made to Lose Him
Have Failed. '    V,"    -
"A -"homing" squirrel, ofmore^ than
ordinary sagacity and cunning is the
subject, of,;a.:grcat deal of interest in
New We'siiiiinstcr, B.C: x It "took up"
it's-home in.the rafters of the .home of
.George H.- Small'some months; ago
I wi.t'h"thi>cv-idcnt intention.of spending,
thc  remaining-.years of..-.lifer there.
Various attempts to-lose .the-squirrel
proved fruitless;'"  - On -one occasion it
was taken' .to-A'anc.oiivcr'.a;nd""libcratcd4"'caI}irig the church.'
in Stanley" Park,-.'but thirty-nine days
later,it was back in",its New��� Wcstmih-
stcr -honie."' '   ���'   .7-V.".-.;-.��� "������-"    -."     7
,-"Tliere :is ,'no' doubt, of the.'identity.
of -the aniiii"a),"-'.said" Mr. ,<S.niall;-"as
cdincs to the.same window
riot decide upon hearsay (v. 3) Each
case shall be decided upon on thc
���basis of absolute and perfect knowledge. (4) Hc shall defend arid avenge
the poor and meek of the earth (v.
4). The meek shall inherit the earth
when Messiah reigns (Matt. 5:5). (5)
Shall smite thc earth (v. 4). Those
whom Hc smites are the ungodly inhabitants who arc then in federation
against Christ. The head of this
federation is the Antichrist (2 Thess.
2J8). (6) Hc shall havc a zeal for
justice and truth (v. 5)..
4. Universal peace (vv. 6-9). This
is a picture of-the glorious golden age
of which poets /have sung and for
which the wise men of all ages have
longed and looked. There will then
be_pcace not only between'men, but
between animals. This peace and
harmony is -shown in that in each
change suggested each animaL. is
coupled with its natural prey. (1)
Thc wolf shall dwell with the lamb
(v. 6). "Dwell" means'intimacy, as,if
lllfijamb should receive tlie "wolf into
its home. The only place and circumstance at. present in which thc
wolf and lamb dwell together is when
thc iamb is inside the wolf. (2) ���The
leopard shall lie down with the kid
(v. 6). (3) The calf, young lion, and
falling, sliall be together (v. 6). Thcy
arc so gentle and peaceable that * a
little child can lead theni. . (4)-The.
cow and thc bear shall feed together
(v. 7): (5) The lion shall-eat straw'
.'(v.7), no'loriger. flesh.- (6) The sucking child shall play ori the hole .of
thcasp-Xv. 8). ' Thc most venomous
serpent shall not-harm little children.
This blessed ��� condition shall prevail
over- the whole earth (v.- 9).'
5. All nations shall gather unto him
(vv. 10-12). .The glorious rcigri of
Christ shall attract the -.Gentile 11a
tions. 'This^is the full purpose of
thc -kingdom, "namely, -to attract thc
II.. The Supreme Obligation oi Bc-
, Hevcrsin this Age (Acts' l:6"-9).
.������While wc arc'not responsible, iov
bringing in the kingdom,'wc arc-under solemn obligation to. witness - of
thc salvation which-is graciously provided for all".who'.7 will' believe on
Christ /' - -   -"'''-V;"': '   '..
" 1. The' disciples' question (v. 6).
They we're perplexed "as tp the time
.of the^kingdom's establishment..Thcy
were right in.-ttfiS"' expectation of thc
kingdom,- but wcrcSstill" in .darkness'
as   tp!   the   real -purpose-of God in
i$��j been the- ,statidard'*���.
7 XXxy<&asb.j&��"Canada ;.
''���'������������   foir over fifty^eai'S,
���'..";v-';: ..'7l^hte:^^iaAity'.is 7
al>vay$ tnaintained
at tlie Kighest point
of perfectioti.
w.MMiPte     TPIIONTO.CAN.   H
fbr BETTER ,
Lumber For Pulp Company
Powell River Co. Acquire Spruce in.
v Northern B.C.
Approximately 1,000,000,OJ)0 feet of
the best spruce lumber standing in
Northern "British Colurnbia has been
acquired by the Powell River Company. '(This tract is on the Queen
Charlotte Islands,, and is reported to
carry, high, percentages._of number
one and select spruce logs. The
Powell River Company already 4ias,
large tracts of pulp acreage which
was acquired under the pulp lease provisions of the provincial government.
The ease with which' corns arid
warts can be removed by Holloway's
Corn Remover is its strongest rccom-.
mendatiori.     It seldom fails.
Entente in Asian: Affairs Desirable.
High Commissioner Sir Herbert.
Samuel, of Palestine, has arrived in
Bicrut to confer with General Gou-
raudj-'Trench High .-Comrnissioner of-
Syria, on the question of co-operation between the British and French
in thc near east. At a dinricr given
in his honor, Sir Herbert declared it
was his desire to see a closer,entente
with the French in Asian affairs.
One of the most efficient wireless
systems is the' invention of Japanese
electricians, who were among the first
to experiment with radio-telegraphy.
Vou ara not
V eipeilment-
(Ing   when
r%   you use Dr.
 ...    ,   .   .? m"0Hase'�� Olnt-
racnt for Eczema an4""Skin Irritations. It relieves at once and gradually heals the sScm. Sample box-Dr.
Chase's' Oluioient free it you mention this
paper and send 2c. stamp for postage.^.600. a
box; all dealers or .JJdmanaoa, Bates & Co.,
limited, Toronto.   :������      -���     ��   ���
#Buy your- out- ot.. town suppliej- with Do-'
nizaipn Exp'ris's""Money""Orderau Fif�� dol*
lars costs three  cents.     -' ' .'.      -'"
yyy-X ���-? :;mA��k<i:\ '���_-.', ��� y_Z-r X;--
7 .-If.:,th"erc's'tnuh'.iu'the-report that
Lcnln.e has gorse crazy; thcy .won't be
able to' distinguish.:liim, fro.riirthe ��s.t'i
pii the;,-burich.-VAtlantic^.Constitution.
'ASH day is the kast wel-
, -   come day ;of the .week in. j
most homes,, though 'sweeping
day is not much better^. Both
days are most7trying .on tha j
back." l V.'V'V
. The atraJri of washing, Irontngriind
*w��8plng   frequently, :;dera^se8, .tha^
Tkianeyg..    Tha, system " Is   polsonefl^
an<3, "backaches, .rheumatism, palas la
th't'llmba- result.
SCIdnoy actSoa muist ba are-.useii-^
the Uv��r awakened to action &ad th#
bo-wela regulated. 1>y aucn treatment
����" Pr.; Chase's Kldnsy-IetTCir;-Pills.
. tThta favorite prescription of. itis well*,
known Becelpt. Book author will sot
.fall you lath* hour of ne��d; -'.':
��ta�� pill a do**, 25o'�� box at nil ittiirt,
���r Edma&soa, Bates ft C&, Ltd^, Xerent*.
for h?5 fo.o.il.pir, his-r'c.tiini,.'arid .'then |
rcpaii^/.to. the. sanic'. hole in the.'roof,
which? is the .entrance to his home.."-/'
.'The squirrel -has' now. been ,takcn"to
"West Vancouver, and-will cither.havc
to swjm. the- inl'c t or "e'qmfc over ori'thc
fcrry.Jf, fie. elects ..to: return -hbrflc. '. "7
;.-2,."C.hrist's .answer, (vv. 7, S)X.AIe
turned their, attcntipn from ."'the desire
id; know times:.arid seasons-, which belong to X'od,'' to their' supreme duty.
TheyVverc. to be; witnesses-of-.Christ
to; t'.ic uttermost parts ,of the earth,
beginning'at Jerusalem".- ;'"     '"-' .
EYW17CV persons^
r KJAJliDy^ wmti-nG;
and how to get started
WRITE -jOR WIRE   ,'   ,
The Canadian Fox Breeders'Associatioa
Box 254, Winnipeg, CanadtV
Cook's Coftoa Root Compound
A toft, rilteibU npulaHni
mtdtcin*. gold io thte* im
orvu o! ttrenjth���-No. 1. f 1|
No. ��. $3j No, 8, t5 p��*bos^
Bold by til dm* ��itt*. or ��*nl
prepaid e�� rtctlpt- or priM.>
Fr���� pamphlat. - . AddfiMt
icioito.ci;. cr��Mii��W!itiirj
. .-. .  John'Bull's Shirt.
Great- Britain is still working along
without a .general strike, though, her
coal'strike'is'-.still unsettled and'she
is .loaded"up'.-'with tinsolvcd- problems,
especially-labor -problems. \-._-But even
in-thc throes, of revolution,'John BulL
traditionally-prefers;to keep his shirt
on, and at last advices it -' was still
tucked in it the wjtis't' line.���New-
York Lifer
Saskatoon. Supplies. Lamp''?Staridalrds-
;- A shipment"of fifty cast iron lamp
."standards." by-.Jth'c,- 'John.'East. Iron
Works, of ..Saskatoon, to Regina to.be
placed .'dn-.i'thc parliament"building
grounds, is --claimed.-;to be the .first
"Order-of .this nature to.be placed ..west
of -Winnipeg.'; The lamp, posts are
*iine; feet high.-with a twenty inch
base, weighing about' four hundred
and-Vweirty pounds'-each.
*' ^���>��-'    m
1 f   M^��.l
- *ad Hew to Feed
Willed   Fire* * to   say
'. lnfifVEL��y
' Addres*. by .the  -
'���' '-"-""Author'
^9^r    '- ~
:>CO.,   INC,
' AntrleaVPionew.
lit   Wul   JUt-itreet,
- Dog Kesaedles
"   New York.,U.S.A.
w.^giidl^yi^^^af raid; 'tlie'^coSeeVis:
���ejebaustcS^V:- XXXyXyXX yXX*- iXyf: -:
:V:B^W^i^.m7%*|:;sitr^rts^i lt7;fcis=
Sydiie^^:t^&il|i|7;:fri^sMXX. ;;;��� W VV
7...Tie .South '������ African. cow, tres ;
��'-juiceVchtmicEily ak?:i to^cok's
. The-making-of artificial pearls is a
considerable ihdustry.in France. The
French craftsmen obtain fish scales
from . the Baltic fisheries, and use
theje sheeny scales to give.'glass
beads the lustre of. pearls. -..",,'-. . '-'���,'.
Only ^Bayer" isdenuine
. :knicker.���^That florist surely keeps
ia-!-touch .'.with, theV slogan, "Say it
With Flowers." V., ^"'V ���'-;,
" KriOcker.-7-\\liat's. his.: method?
;; Knickcr.���Scnds a bunch of forget-
me-not's" iwlth.'.cach' bill. \v .���-.,".' -    . "���'
-ilVarningl    .Take no chances with
substitutes for. genuine "Bayer Tab-,
lctes.of Aspirin.-;,- Unless you see the
name. "Bayer" on packajge or ori tablets you arc not getting Aspirin at all.
In-every.Bayer package are directions
for Colds, Headache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism,   Earache,   ToothachV, Lam-.
bagoar.d-for Pain. -/Handy tin boxes'"
of "twelve .tablets Vs, eost-Vfew  'cents.
Druggists also sell,  larger   packages..
Made .7in   .Canada.''    Aspirin is  the
trade mark (registered in Cansda),'of.
.Bayer. Manufacture ...of -"-llpnoac'etic- ���
'acidestir-of SaticylicaddVVVV:-. >.;y ,:
.��1 mm
/ ���'���" ,
THE    LEDGE.    GKEENWOOD.    B.    0.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a remedy for Infants and Children;
Foods are specially prepared for babies. A baby's medicine
is even more essential for Baby. Remedies primarily prepared
for grown-ups are not,interchangeable. It was the need cf
a remedy for the common ailments of Infants and CEildren
that brought Castoria before thfr public after years of research,
and no .claim has been made .for it that its use for over 30 ,
years has not proven.''
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
^ Drops and Soothing Syrups. ' It is pleasant. - It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in- constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishncss arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach, and Bowels, aids
-the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
_._The Children's Comfort���The Mother's Friend.
In Use For Over 30 Years
Hoijr/To Canadianize
""      The Foreign-Born
Compulsory Military Service Would
Teach Efesponsibility of'Citizen-
A new suggestion for the Canadian-
izing of foreign-born immigrants was
given light when Brigadier-General
W. A. Griesbach in the House of
Commons urged compulsory military
service as a means of assimilating the
-foreign-born immigrant^ Hc advocated a system of universal compulsory military service under which'the
young foreigner between the ages of
19 and 22 would spend three months a
years on a soldiers' training, claiming
that in this time he would be-able to
speak English, become obedient, and
learn the responsibilities bf citizenship. "  '
To Tap South Saskatchewan
Scheme Receiving- Special Attention
Of Provincial Government.,
Thc proposed scheme for tapping
the waters of thc South Saskatchewan, -River' lo mceti the industrial demands for Regina and" neighboring
towns is""ieceivingv*-lhc special attention of the provincial government.
The system will embrace a pipe line
from the Saskatchewan River near
the elbow to Regina,' a distance of
112 miles, at an estimated cost of seven million dollar*. " .,
Closed Season For Beaver.
In order to give the utmost protection to beavers in thc province, a bill
has becn passed by flic Manitoba
Legislature whereby no_ beaver may
be killed in this province north of the
53rd parallel after May 1, 1921, until
November 1, 1925. t
\ ���	
Demand For^ Homesteads.
'-There has been a great'increase in
homestead    entries    in the Dauphin'
land district during thc past twelve
��� month's.     "*���
Service To North
Round'Trip Toronto To Ft. Norman
~ To Take 14 Days. ��� ' -
Round trip excursions to Fort Norman, in tlie Mackenzie River oil fields,
to take fourteen days, $1,000 for the
trip, are said to bc contemplated by a
Toronto"company which proposes 'to
build six"or eight big naval seaplanes
capable of carrying twelve passengers cadi and^IjOOO pounds freight.
The idea is to travel between Toronto"
and Edmo>ton by train, this consuming ten days of the 14 for the round
f trip and by1 seaplane the 1,780 miles
from Edmonton to Fort Norman, 36
hours each way of the 1,780 miles.
Consent of the Federal and Ontario
Governments is necessary before the
scheme can be carried out.
Looking For- a Bite.
Tramp.���Can you assist' mc along
the'road, mum?"
Lady.���Personally I cannot, but I
can unchain the dog and I know hc
.will be pleased to do so.
And Ott*ir Good Thinfe
For Tired Housewives
_ _I mJlo potaioefto peel���no-vegetables _to prepare���no _    -
long cooking over a hot stove���simply heat and serve
a complete and delicious dish well cooked and weil
seasoned in the greSt Clark Kitchens ��� Like al!
"CLARK GOOD THINGS" the cost Is modest.
Good at any time���essential for the unexpected guest.
Keep an assortment of "Clark Good Things" on hand.
Made from Canadian Farm Produce
,.    and sold everywhere, in Canada.
Z' 3 -21
TO ���
SASKATCHEWAN and from all stations CALGARY and EDMONTON
(inclusive) -"ffi ALBERTA, (Via
Liberal Stopovers.
Final Return Limit October 3i, 1921.
"Bumb" Made To Speak
Criminals Who Are Shaming dan Be
/       Detected. '
Sometimes a criminal will, pretend
that hc is dumb, and if he,is clever
it may bvc difficult to detect his fraud
BuL according to the March bulletin
of the National Anaesthesia Research
Society, thc man who shams' dumbness can bc detected by thc use of
The society records the case of a
man accused of murder who had refused lo speak a word for two weeks.
Thc doctors^wcrc not satisfied that hc
was dumb, and made an experiment,
which proved that hc had becn shaming. '
First tliey gave him nitrous oxide
and afterwards ���excited his system
with ether. The result was that hc
suddenly spoke quite loudly.
Wedding Gown For
The Summer Bride
.y. if. <>-
Bathe with plenty of Cuticura Soap
and hot water to cleanse and purify. Dry lightly and apply Cuticura
Ointment to soothe and heal. Cuticura-Talcum soothes and cools the
skin and overcomes heavy perspiration. Delicate,delightful',distingu6.
Soap 25c. Oii>ta��t25��d!Mc. T��!cw��25*. Sold
throughouttheDominion. Canadian Depot
Lfbuj. Liaittd, 344 St. P*al St., W., MtatnaL
~""~"CuticuraSoap chare* without mac.
Rush For Homesteads
Ready-'made Medicine.���*You need
no physician for ��� ordinary ills when'
you have at hand a bottle of Dr.
Thomas' Eclcctric Oil. -For coughs,
colds,_ stffc throat, bronchial troubles,
it is invaluable, for scalds, burns,
bruises, sprains it is unsurpassed,
whiU-fbr cuts, sores and thc like it is
"an unquestionable healer. It needs
no testimonial other than the use, and
that will satisfy anyone as to its effectiveness.
By Marie Belmont.
Beautiful lace is combined with exquisite white meteor in this attractive
wedding gown. It is designed with
a panel of thc meteor in the front and
back. "The corsage with its wide
draped sleeves is made of the lace.
The sides are also cut from the\lacc
and-elaborated with irregularly cut
cascade panels that give a pretty
flare to thc gown. A girdle of satin
heavily beaded modifies the side bouf-
fancy, _whilcv small handmade flowers
join thc panels on the shoulders. The
veil of white tulle is held in place by a
spjay of orange blossoms and white
War Cross Dedicated
Erected  In  England  In   Honor  Of
Canadian Soldiers.
At an impressive ceremony held at
Bramshott Cemetery, Ha��ts County,
England, the War Cross which was
erected by thc Imperial Graves Commission was recently dedicated in'
honor of the "Canadian soldiers who
lost their lives overseasV""
"I \ an^ lost in admiration at the'
magnificence of the1--, structure," said
Hon._> J. W. Lowthcr, ex-Speaker of
thc British House of Commons, after
the' ceremony of presenting the new
Speaker's chair lorthe Federal House
of Commons.
/     -     -^___
Establishes Large Dairy
California Man Purchases Land In
Vicinity of Calgary.
Charles Burr, a well-known California dairynlan has bought 1,020
acres of land, seventeen miles northwest of Calgary, aiuL brought up
eighty head of registered tuberculin-
tested Holstcin dairy cattle^, with
which he has stocked his ranch.
Mr. Burr, who, signified his intention of settling permanently in Alberta will supply Jarge quantities'
of milk 'to Calgary wholesale firms.
He has given a contract tO\a Calgary
firm %r thc erection on his farm of a
modern dairy barn, one hundred ,and
seventy-five by thirty-four feet, and
when itVs built he believes hc will
have one of the finest dairy barns in
When Brains Are Best. ���
- British psychologists have recently
drawn up a schedule of brain efficiency, which, if it bc accurate, should
greatly-assist in placing important
engagements, when one wishes to be
most alert. Thc schedule saj^s that
the brain is 100 per, cent, efficient at
8 a.m.; 104.3 at 9 a.m.; 106.6 at 10;
103.6 at 11; 98.7 at 1; 100.6 at 2; 10S.1
at 3; 104.2 at 4; 100.4-at S.
It is claimed that Liverpool owns
one-third of the total shipping of the
United Kngdom, and one-tenth of the
tQtal registered shipping o'f the world.
\ ___
Majority Filing on Lands Are From
British Isles.
About one hundred and nine entries
for homesteads havc been filed at the
Dominion Lands Office since May 1,
as a result of the throwing open by
the Dominion Lands Department of
areas which were formerly reserved
for returned soldiers, officials of the
department announced- The majority of homesteaders filing on these
new blocks of lanjd arc newcomers
from tlie British Isles, and are of an
industrious and energetic type.
Addressing Letters       I
System Used By Spain Must Save
Much Time.
Is our method'of addressing an envelope, I wonder, the best one? Ia
Spain the- method adopted- is" exactly
the reverse to ours. The name of
the country to which the letter is to
be sent is written at the top of the
envelope, the name of the town next,
and on the following line the personal o"r "private address, "while on
the last line the name "of the addressee is inscribed. - I suppose the
sorter arranges his letters according
to the name of the country first,
-town next, precinct of that town last,
while thc postman and the recipient
only are concerned with the name on
,the enevelope, so that the saving of
time which this system must effect
seems to contradict the impression
that the Spanish are "inefficient." Can
there be any reason not readily apparent, which has kept other-countries
from adopting this system ?���The
Westminster Gazette.        "   " v-_
Information For Tourists
She may not look so young and
pretty as she used to. If her cheeks
are hollow and pale, if she is tired and
nervous, hcr'system needs a good
regulating with DT. Hamilton's Pills,
a real medicine that is noted for restoring the bloom of health to sickly
girls and women. Dr. Hamilton's,
Pills tone up the entire system. Complexion quickly becomes rosy, spirits
rise, strength increases daily. Health,
vigor and good looks will soon return
to a faded woman, if she uses Dr.
Hamilton's Pills. Sold everywhere,
25c-per box, or from the Catarrhozone
Co., Montreal.
Impressed With
German Tribunal
Court May Be Regarded With Confidence Says Solicitor-General.
Sir Ernest Pollock, , the solicitor-
general, lias-returned to London from
Lcipsic where he attended the opening trials of the German "war criminals." He was impressed, he said,
with the authority of the court, which
was equivalent to the British privy
council. Thcpresident was a man of
striking character and J impartiality.
The British witnesses wcrc examined
with complete fairness and their testi-
monyNvas well interpreted, according
to the solicitor-general, who'declared
he wits satisfied that the court might
be regarded with thc fullest confidence.
Catarrh ia a local disease greatly influenced
by     constitutional     conditions. HALL'S
Blood Purifier. By cleansing tlie blood and
building up the System, HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE restores normal conditions and
��Uows Nature to do its wort.
AH Druggists.      Circulars fref.
��. J. Cheney & Co.,-a'olcdo, Ohio.
China's coal supply, which is virtually untouched, irbclicvcd tp be sufficient to supply thc wants of thc human race, at thc present rate of consumption, for at least a thousand
Papier machc wheels arc to bc fitted
to thc trains on the. Paris underground-railway, to make them more
ncarl3r noiseless.
Miller's Worm Powders will purge
thc stomach and intestines of worms
so effectively and so, easily, and painlessly that thc most delicate stomach
will not feel any inconvenience from
thcir action. Thcy recommend themselves to mothers as a preparation
that will restore strength and vigor
to their children and protect them
from the debilitating effects whiclrresult from the depredations of worms.
Spend your money at homc, thereby helping your own town and local
An Oil of Merit���Dri Thomas'
Eclcctric Oil is not a jumble of medicinal substances thrown together and
pushed by advertising,, but the result
of the careful investigation of thc
curative qualities of certain oils as applied to the human body. It is a
rare combination and it won and kept
public favor from thc first. A trial
of it wjjl carry conviction to any who
doubt its power to,rcpair and heal.
Our Lignite Tests Interests State*.
The United States Department of
Interior is watching closely the results of the experiments in Saskatchewan in hriquctting lignite. This
came to light in connection with effort to get the "U.S. Government to
experiment with briquetting Dakota
lignites. The Interior Department
is holding off to ascertain what success attends the Canadian experiments.
Importers Interested in Panama Route
It is rcpoitcd that'plans are'under
way at Vancouver for the construction of elevators for thc storage of
grain in connection with the preparations for the shipments of grain "via
the Panama Canal route to Europe
this fall. Advices from the United
Kingdom, ir is claimed, arc to thc
effect that importers arc keenlv interested in thc new route.
. -v - Planting a Tree.
"Only God can make a tree," said
the poet. Yts, but almost anyontf
can plant a tree, and everyone who
plants a tree of the right sort in the
right place does a public service-
Hamilton Herald.
Patronize your local merchant and
thereby help to build up your Jtomt
town and community.
Minard's Liniment used by Physicians
It affects many people more in winter than in summer���in the one case
it-is due to improper eating���in the
other to congestion excited by cold.
A small dose of good old Nerviline repeated a coupje of times usually removes the trouble very promptly. If
there is pain, relief is almost immediate. For cramps, colic, stomach pains
and thc like. Nerviline in sweetened water is certainly a wonder, 35c at
all dealers.
Aerial Difficulty Overcome
Big   Monoplane   Lands   and   Rises
From Rushing Waters.
. In a drizzling rainstorm, Lieut. R.
G. Fullerton and Major G. A. Thompson, flying men for the Imperial Oil
Company, added another chapter to
the history of aerial transportation in
the north, when they made a beautiful landing and ascent from the turbid waters of the Peace "River running
in full spring flood.
Thc fliers made the completely successful trial on landing and rising
from a swift running river, on a ship,
an all-metal monoplane, which it has
now been demonstrated can land on
snow, or with pontoons on lakes or
snow ,o rwith pontoons on lakes or
rivers. In other words, practically
evcry aerial difficult}' that thc north
has to offer to this form of transportation has now been surmounted.
Canadian Pacific Railway Issue Directory of Hotel and Boasding
The Canadian Pacific Railway have
recently issued a directory of Hotels-
and Boarding Houses in Canada located along its lines. This booklet
gives thc nantes of the hotel or
boarding , house, proprietor, whether
American or European plan, number
of rooms, rate per day, rate per week,
and the distance from^the station.
Information contained therein will
prove invaluable to the tourist in
planning a trip.
Warriors Found
Germans Make Big Profits
Some Plants Paying Greater Dividends Than Before War.
Enormous andfslill increasing profits
compared with those made in 1914
are being,made in thc German coal,
iron, machinery, textile paper, glass
and,electrical industries, according to
an- article in the- -Busscldorf���Lokal
The paper quotes thc reports of
numerous companies, among them
being one manufacturing copper and
brass tubing and plate at Duisburg
which .paid a dividend of 24 per cent,
and a bonus of 20 per cent. Its
shares which were quoted in Berlin
at 157 at the end of 1919 arc now 630.
Silenced the Heckler.
Hecklers do not get much change
out of thc Right Hon. Sir L. Worth-
ington-Evans, the new British secretary^ for war.
While addressing an election mccT^
ing, a woman, who appeared to be
highly incensed at something he had
said, shouted out, "If you wcrc my
husband I'd give you poison."
"Madam," replied Sir Laming,-''if
vou were rav wife I'd take it."
,- Doing His Best.
"Do you keep all thc popular magazines?" - 7~     '    -
"Xo, sir. Nobody could keep .'cm
all. I keep, however, about three
thousand kinds."���Louisville Courier-
DoB'tU&cocstipatioB poises your bleed
. and carfctlJ jroursne
Ifycftsrlirarand bo?
doc't work wrap- %
esrly take
tattle Uyit*
rill* sod��f'
tnti  yea?
trenfel* wS!	
It Rga*8& Fw  eBxsfesw, Wc ��
gppeitt*, haaj&s&R ��ad blotchy slrJaj
Thought to be Soldiers ofWilliam the
Fifteen skeltpns have becn discov'
ercd at Willingdon Hill, 'Eastbourne,
England, during excavations for road
widening. An'iron dagger was also
It is thought that the remains are
those of warriors buried after the
Battle of Hastings "in 1066. . The
hill is situated near Pevcnsey Bay,
where William the CoViqueror landed.
Twelve years ago, when similar discoveries were made, daggers were
found in Tibs and spearheads in skulls.
Fashion Note.
George Ade said at the Chicago
Athletic Club:
"Full skirts are going to be fash-
ionablejhis summer."
Then he added thoughtfully:
"I never did care for empty ones."
JOSEPH DROUIN, of Montreal, declares he suffered
six years with dyspepsia, but six
bottles of -Tanlac made a new
man oi him���Gained 35 pounds.
��� w
3 )'
i* j
- tS,-
. V ' I
For years Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator has ranked as a ridable
Avorra preparation and-it always^main-
tains its reputation.
Our slogan for the coming year
sliould be, "Buy at Home." Add to
your own and your neighbor's prosperity by keeping the money circulating in our own district.
When thc baby is ill; wlieri he cries
a grcatdeal and no amount of attention or petting makes him happy,
Baby's Own. Tablets should be given
him without delay. The Tablets are
a mild but thorough laxative which
regulate thc bowels and sweeten the
stomach and thus _driye_out _constipar
tion and indigestion; break up colds
and simple fevers and make teething
easy. Concerning them Mrs. Desire
Thcberge, Trois Pistols, Que, writes:
"I am well satisfied with my use of
Baby's Own Tablets. I have found
them of great benefit to my baby
when he was suffering from constipation and I can-, strongly recommend
them to other mothers." The Tablets are sold by all medicine dealers
or bv mail at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvillc, Ont.
Shrinkage of the Thames.
Builders employed near St. Magnus
Church have brought to light an arch
of old London bridge. It gives no
evidence of its exact datc,-but apparently is medieval. As it once stood
in. the river, it indicates very clearly
the limits which, as time has gone on,
/have been imposed on the - Thames.
Father Thames in fact, is nothing like
so wide in the waist as hc was in his
middle age, AT ^liicslane in the
City, not far from the Thames, Roman timber work has been discovered
in preparing thc foundations1 of a ue��-
building. It perhaps formed part o��
a wharf;���London Times.
"I could hardly believe my own
eyes when I stepped'on the scales after taking six bottles of Tanlac and
found I had actually gained thirty-
five pounds in weight," said' Joseph
Drouin, 2194 A, St. TJenis St., Montreal, who, for the past twenty-six
years, has been passenger conductor
on the Canadian Pacific Railway and
is well and favorably known along the
line of his run between Montreal and
Mount Lauriers.
."Before I started on this medicine I
was in a bad way.. For years I'd had
to take my meals here, there and
everywhere and, as the result of this
irregular eating, my internal machinery got all out of working order. I
lost all desire for food and what little
I ate would form gas and bloat me
up until I could hardly breathe. I
became so-inervous I couldn't sleep
at all well at night and was often so
tired in the mornings I didn't care
whether I took my train out or not.1
I'fell off twenty-five ^pounds in weight
and became alarmed about my condition, for I had tried all sorts of medicine without getting any relief.
"Then, one day I read a statement
in the paper which decided me to give
Tanlac a thorough trial. ��� Well, I
never would have believed any medicine could do a man so much good in
such a short time. It quickly settled
my stomach and gave me such an appetite that I could eat three good
square meals a day and no longer have
any trouble with indigestion or gas
and I sleep so well at night, even
when on the road, that I think it
would take a collision to wake^me up.
I npw turn thc scales at two hundred
and ten pounds, which is ten pounds
more than I ever weighed in my life
and. feel better in every way than I
have for a very long time. Tanlac
is the best medicine I ever tried."
Tanlac is sold by leading druggists
everywhere, '        i i
ft .,
1 il
�� -I
v il
v n
5r   t L
A Giant Parachute
Could Lift  Cabin  With  Passengers
From Airplane In Distress. #
A parachute large enough to lift
the cabin complete with all the passengers from an airplane in'distress
was described by TrOrde Lees, in a
lecture to the Royal Aeronautical Society in Londony
The decision aud operation were
placed in the hands of the pilot, so
that the passengers were not called
upon'to think for themselves.
During the war .(the lecturer "estimated) 200 -British pilots jumped
without parachutes from thcir burning machines at high altitudes rather"
than be roasted to death. All were
killed. / Nearly all would have been
saved if thcy had had parachutes.
.   5*
'< r
1      Demonstrated. y
 In _onc_way_st_would_bc_a _pity__to_
dcn\'- the privilege of free speech to
the local disciples of Lcniae and Trotsky. ' Thc more they arc listened to
thc more they niake it plain that no
plan of social reconstruction could
conceivably be a success, if it depended Trjon them for its carrying?
out.���Toronto Telegram.
It is a wise fish that can read between thc lines.
British Coal Imports Mostly Canadian
The importation of Canadian coal
seems to be a somewhat important
factor in meeting the situation caused
by the miners' strike in Great Britain.
Recently a despatch to thc London
Times dealing with the receipts of
foreign coal, emphasized the fact that
nearly all the vessels -arrivihgr at
Glasgow with coal cargoes were
Canadian. >. l
r9~3��K IfeM-SnaB Fsfeg
The patriotic man is ioyal to his
country and to the community in
which he lives. If he is consistent
he will giTC first preference to Canadian made good* -when malting- par-
chases. He -will alas stind loyally
by his local dealer. ���*
Keep Minard's Liniment in tfa$ hens*
May Pass the Critical Period Safely
and  Comfortably  by  Taking
Lydia E. Piokiiam's Vegetable
- Compound.
Regina, Sask.���*' I was going throngfe
Change of Life and suffered for two
years with headache*
nervousness, sleepless nights and general weakness. Some
days I felt tired and
unfit to do my work.
I gave Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a
trial and found good
results, and I also
find it a very helpful
Spring tonic and useful for constipation
from which I suffer much. I have recommended Vegetable Compound to several friends, and am willing yott ehcahl
publish this."���Mrs. Mabtha. W. Lrai>-
say, 810 Robinson St., Regina, Sask. '
If yoa hava warning sympioass ench
as a sense of scffocatsoa, hot Ssahea,
headaches, backache, dread of impesd-
ing: evU, timidity, Bosnds m the essn, ,
palpitation of the heart, sparks befera
the eye^ irre^ularitiei. constipation,
variable appelate, weaknesa, racnaet*
Bde, sud dissbess, get a fxrttia cf Lyd��
E. PifiikluuB'c Vegetable Gonzpcaad asd
begfa tald^ the sae&clra s�� erne*. Wo
kaotf'H ��i b&p yoc ns I% #3 Ma.
w, %' u. tan ^yy
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or J 3 ]
when not paid for three months or more :
have passed. To Great Britain and the !
United States ��3., always in advance.
v, Lessee
^Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Sstray Notices 3,00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  I2-5��
(Where"; more than one claim appears id notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal 'advertising,   12 cents a
���    line first insertion, and S cents a line for
each   subsequent   insertion,    nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each, insertion.
Business locals i2^c, a line each insertion.
e Home Circle
We all know the mail, the mere grip of whose hand puts
new life and strength in tor us, and the woman whose
brave, cheery smile���amidst disappointment and trouble
���makes us ashanied0to despair -and give up.. And why
should we not resemble them? It "is surely -better to'be
like a bright, cheerful fire, at which our friends can warm
aud revive their drooping hearts, than like the proverbial
wet blanket, which can effectually put-out the flame of
love and hope.
, Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
E. W. WIDDOWSOiN, Assayer and
Chemist, Box mro8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper "or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver Ji-75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead ��3 00. Silver-Lead ��2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, .etc., on application.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the ���
day, week or month
F. Nilson
. The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
I l:,it the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Co operation built tlie pyramids.
We make our friends; we make
our enemies; but God makes our
next door neighbors.
Woman is like a guri���her range
���is limited. But ia the home she-
hits like a thousand of brick.
The most poetical thing, more
poetical than flowers, more poetical
than the stars���the most poetical
thing in the world is never being
sick. <
Men are wanted; men who are
vigorous,., energetic and fearless;
who, although busy with their own
affairs, have time to devote some
of their ability and energy for the
common good. Men who are not
afraid to tackle the new problems
of civic and municipal government
which are constantly cropping up
and who have the courage to break
away from aged customs and  tra-.
. dltions and  do  things differently;
��� who believe that when there it the
will to,-to tho way-can be niade; in
whose vocabulary the word "cant"
has---no place. - These ��� mien" are
wanted to become.-members-of the
"���-.Board of .Trade..
JSvery. member of a community-and especially every-
parent should take a deep interest in the public school.
It is not enough to.pay your school tax without complaining, or to know that the teachers are qualified, nor is it
even enough to keep your children in school regularly. If
you arc really interested in thc subject as you should be,
you should visiMhe school regularly and persistently.
The sooner children are brought 'to understand that
idleness is a crime, and that no amount of fine culture,can
make them pass for valuable in the world's eye if they are
unable to earn a livelihood, arid.so must  become "hansrers
t o
on" for others to support, the better for them. That
daughter who helps her mother cook and scrub, is fat-
more worthy than she who only paints and plays, aud
obliges her overworked father to pay' a servant that she
may not soil her dainty hands.
Watchmaker aud Jeweler
Mail  your  watch, for Repair and I will
mail it back.    Charges are moderate.
4�� 4. ���$. 4.4* 4> ���%> '& $ *8* *&��� 4* *5��
LOA.T is not a periodic-  ^
ai.    It.is a   book con-s,
Sfi illustrations  all  J*
with  **���
cja tsHiung
J, told,   and  is.   lilled
T sketches   and    stories    of ��J*
1* western life.    It tells how ������-
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   - Proprietor
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department -
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars.V Garage in
The advertising columns of the newspapers are a certain index of the successful- business houses of a citv or
town, The rule holds good in every lfietrbpolis, in the
civilized world. _Printer's ink has made thousands of
men rich and never yet made one poor. The bold- advertisers are the successful business men. Those that launch
out and scatter broadcast-facts,aud figures, keeping tlreir
business ever before the people never relaxing, never re-,
treating, but always pressing forward, pushing ahead
never to have to regret "lost opportunities" or '/what
might have been," but unbounded success0is -theirs, to
which the world pays homage and many attribute to luck
as a favorite or fortune when the real source ot this o-reat
success lies directly through the channel of judicious, persistent advertising.
City Council
' A. regular "meeting   of  the   City
Council was. held  in  the  Council
Chambers ou Monday,. June   6th.,
Those present were Mayor 'Gulley.
-A-ldermcn. Taylor,'   Mowat,   Kerr,
, King and Jenkin. -- ���
'-'   Following a long discussion  the
firm'of McDiarmid,' Shoebothard &
McDiarmid. was authorised, to look
" after the city's interests'   in   the-.
action proposed, to be taken'against
���the city by the holders"'.��! matured
:!. bonds,' .- ��� ' V'   ���.' -'.' ������  -7 :,,.; " '"   '-
��� ��� - The streets 7committee :reported
- completion 7 of   repairs : "to ; .-Twin.
~ ereek   fiurne and .the,, opening of
, Greenwood street for. traffic.' .   . -:
'���        Offers-for .certain .buildings .in
......the city. y,-.ere.duly considered, and
- the/.elerkVwas instructed  to-.pro-
":. eeed with negotiations,   =, . .7
V ;"' Aldermen Kerr and Taylor were
'appointed' as . a 'eoniiiiittee  to iot-
". '_'������ raulatej some ..definite  scheme "for
providing .assistance.. to V the  bos'--
,..- pifeal - -ireceutljy  opened -..by. Dr.
.   Burnett..  The Council .were of the
-  opinion that the.usaal Government
:   grant.could   be obtained  and: that
further additional   help should be
forthcoming from  the. citizens  iii
'���'  view of the-Dpctpr. haying .gone to
-'   so much expense'and trouble.fitfirig
. up the-hospital ; in Van   up-to-date
'������ manner. - -' } ,.-",-
.Next meeting of Council Avill be
V. held oh. June 20th. r
���Will stand for service . at Sam
,B.oaibini-'s~Ta"uch, Anaconda, every
Monday'. as. long as occasion de^
'mauds. Terms, SO cash and 810
when mare proves to be in foa!.
���"'������'._ J. Roylaxce,
Greenwood, B.C.
Card of Thanks
Dealer iii  Second-hand Furniture
."' .-and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
_.   Horse's,  CaU5e,_ Etc. .
The  Ledge has  always   room
or one more ad.-
*i* a  gambler cashed in after
���3* the flush days of Sandon;
������ bow it rained in New Den-  "*"
���*�� ver  long after  Noah  was "Vs
* dead; how a parson took a ��f*
j*- drink   at   Bear    Lake    in  ^r
*& early   days;   how    justice ,��.
���4* was dea.lt in Kaslo in .'93;  ^
��Js -how  the saloon   man out-  ^*
��&> praysd the women in Kala-   4s"
, mazoo, and graphically de-  ��5"
"* piefcs the   roamiugs    of   a  ^
*** .weBfeern editor among  the  jl
*f* tender-feet in the cent belt.  T
Jjp It coutains-thc early history    ��
<*�� or Nelson and   a romance *��*
T of -tho Silver  King mine.   �������
4 In   it are   printed    three ����,
^sj western poems, and dozens ���*,
#^ of. articles   too   numerous   .
J* to mention.     Send for one J
*%* before it is too late. ��� The *$���
<%* price . is   50   cents,   post-_4?
^t paid to  any part  of    the '������
^ world.     Address   all   let- ^
^ -I�� 4* fy --f 4" *$* $* 4- ���% ���$��� ��f 4=
B. C:
Auto Stage twice daily  to  Midway   meeting Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson train,  leaving Greenwood at S a'.m.-
For Oroville, Wenatcheo and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare SI.50 Each Way.   -Hand" Baggage Free!    Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Drayingr.        - Auto's for hire Day or Night
We-carry. Tires, Oils, Greases,  Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3L
 1 -1- ir ��� - TT-MWft il'��Wft| m. 1 'i '.
��LThe Coming Week of June 6 to 11 .will'
seethe  greatest" Red  Cross Membership
V Enrollment "Drive that Canada has ever
'known.   iMtish ^Columbia must,, aridI will,\
top .the list, else   it will' defeat   its' own
".traditions, to splendidly upheld.
;C���The,Red Cross is today a living thing,'
' pulsating with'energy.   A child of war, it
. ..will, not be denied its right to manhood in
time of peace.    Vast as was its work in-
/.battie,_yas'tcr still are the labors which now -
confront it���labors which it is pledged to
undertake. 7 .        -
. ���f JoiK the-Ucd Cross in British Columbia,
.and'by your example and' effort help it to...
achieve its work-in the relief of" sickness  .-
and distress: Help it to inculcate its
principles-and practice amongst the rising
generation ��� the,-mothers and fathers of
tomorrow. '       ~Y    "      .
C Join the Red,Cross in British Columbia,
you men and women of cur Province, arid
help it in its,greatest".endeavor for the
improvement of health arfd the prevention
of disease. ; - ���   -
C Join the Junior Red Cross in British
Columbia, you boys and girls. You will
"be proud to wear its, emblsm���you will be
glad to serve under its banner. Many are
the children. Ie** fortunate than you whom
you can help and. cheer.
In view, of the generous and un-
ffitinted support given to the School
Fair on Friday last, by the. people
- of: this ...municipality,.and: district,
. the. pupils and>ctaffpr;,the.. Green-
--.wood ; ".-Eublic Scbool ;,ta.Ke" great
' pleasurein Vfeuderitig,, this -ydtevof:
tharik?r;;bp,t.n; to tho?e. wh"o':a'?=ifted.
by  giyir.ig.^'.donations;"; of ������ saleable
���' arcieles'or personal jseryice.  "and to
' .tho?eVw-hpse..'assist-ance..'.w.a3  of;;,.a >,
.-���rnonetarj^.n-ature. VJ,t--is'-'only;fair ���;
to. say>.;ti)r��tvthe" results -of this;"
������^.-\*Ist��hV^,'h��ve;��ar"::exceeded  their j
expectation^., V" .-V / ,.;V ;' W -. - ���
Synopsis of
land trf i.mgndmanis
Mlnlmuiii^prlce of ilrst-clasa land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
��nd which'is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims.   ' q
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before-receiving Crown Grant.
Where.pre-emptor-in occupation not
less than 8 years, and'has made pro- -^
portlonate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided appll-
SfPn makes_JiPProvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
jelture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements
of 110.00 per acre,- including; 5'acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, pro-
- vlded statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
gflnted land. ���
Unsiirveyed areas, not exceeding 20
Mres. may be leased as homesites;
tlue to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposea.
areas exceeding 640 acres may Ue
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing-roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of-a road
to. them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding Jialf of purohase
price, is made. X)
'��� >   ��� . ������ ���" ��� ACT.. , ;7.'
The scop* of this Act ls enlarged to
include all persons-Joining''and serving with Hb MBjMty's /oroM.   The
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,' Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluesloue, .Pig   Lend   and Zinc
+    *
Cbc fiumc Rofcl
nelson, B&.
time. Within which the heirs or dev��
9f ai.??CMtBe.d Pr��-epiptor may ap
for title under .this Act; Is extent
-rrom lor one year from th��.death of
4�� '   .
4�� The only up/to^date Hotel in the -interior.    First-class
j* ^   in every"respect,
* Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in  ?
each room, v
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Elcctric-Erf^lited.
���.       y
RATES $1.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
gmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma
1 For Good 1
such perBon, ,aa -formerly, tintll one
>-ear after the conclusion of the present
war,- This privilege Is also made retroactive    .
No fee�� relating to pre-emptioinS aro
due or payable T.y soldiera on preemption* recorded after June 28, 191S
Taxes are remitted for��flv�� years.
Provision for. return: of moneys <ac-
oru,ed. due and been paid since" August
*, 1814, on account ot payments, fee*
o*,-***** ?n soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town-or olt3t"16t*-'hftld *y members'of
Allied sprees, or dependents, acquired
dlreot or Indirect, femltt��d from enlistment to March 81, 1920. ^
-- Provision made for Issuance of
Crown pants to ��ub-purohasers . of
Crown LMtds,"- acquiring, rights from
purchasers Who failed to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of p��rcfaaoe. Interest ud-taxM., Where Bub-purchasers do not claim vhple of original par-
ceU pu��*����* brioe due and Uxw mas
be   distributed   proportionately   over
^bnavAruoMmu't u
QRAriNa. > c
Graslng Act, 1919."for sysUraatlo
development of .livestock industry provides., for .grating districts and range
, administration., under- Commissioner
Annual.: grazing.' permits' issued based
on numbers ranged: priority.*or 'estab-
-ItBh'ed-- owners.=���Stock-owners^may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permlU
tor settlers, campers or trawtflew, up
to t*n head. i.
x       . (Expert Ootician)
K. W. C Block
I Job Printing |
g ���Economy and Satisfaction 3
& combined with Promptness |��
g are the features which go to |j"
% make up the Service we give %
% our customers.     Are  you |��
H one of them?                          ^
B Letterheads, Noteheads,       %
SZ: (Iluled or Plain) - " ���j
% Envelopes, Billheads, __-_._ 3
S^~        " ""*"-        (All Sizes)        - -      -   -        - .   - -      ^g
& _  Statements, Business Cards, H
H Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. %
1 The Ledge      PHONE 29     |
g     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   %
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
- ~.'        -\ '
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,722,603;  Lode
Gold,-8100,272,431; Silver, 850,432,304; Lead $43,821?10G; Copper, ��153,080,965;
Other  Metals (Zinc,  Iron,, etc.), 816,818,487; Coal and Coke,   $190,123,323;   '
Building Stone,   Brick.  Cement, etc.,  829,991,757; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc.,
$785,918; making itts Mineral Production to the end of 1919 show an ~"
Aggregate Value of $670,649,894-  ���  _   "7 ���
Production for Year EHding December, 1919, $33;296,3J3
. The   Mining   Laws of this  Province are more liberal and the fees lower.
;.    than those of any other Province in the Dominion,  or any colony.in the  British '  ,
_    '"      - Empire. ,���..       ��� ,   , * , ,       ."
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal feea.-
Absolnte  Titles are  obtained   by developing such properties, the seqgrity
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants. ^ ;    ' ���
,Fctll information, together with mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis, by addressing���
VICTORIA, Britfslr ColumMa.


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