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The Ledge Jun 8, 1922

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 n WimuWiB-^nmi
i iWto���jrilini f,��b_j_
Vol.   XXVIII.
We carry a large line ot
Hardware,. House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock
O'Cedar Oils and Mops, Liquid
and   Powder   Ammonia,   Soap
Powders   and   Washing   Soda,
Brooms &c.
9     ^ ' ��������
Around Home
Barbara Being Pumped Out
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Watchmaker, Jeweler- aud Optician
Fire,    Sickness/,   Accident,   Life,
Auto, in fact any insurance, with
the best Companies in the World.
Houses, for Sale or Rent
Auctioneer and Valuer
Call at my Office Copper Street
Just Arrived
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars. Garage in connection.
D. Mcpherson -      -       Proprietor
The WINDSOR HOTBI, _ is heated with steam
and electricity. Pine sample "rooms. A comfort- ���
able Home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you- wane rooms reserved. "The buffet "is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream. ' .
A Car .of
Cereals, Flour and Feed
Their Quality is Pre-eminent
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
, . Commencing at 8.IS p.m.
*"*'*���-��" i '--""     -"'- ��� - -' -     ,V��V" '-.-*
Louis B. -Mayer presents the Brilliant
Anita Stewart
In Harold MacGrath's greatest novel
The Yellow Typhoon
Miss. Stewart gives one of the greatest
dual-role performances ever^ seen otr
,    stage or screen���a positive tiiumph   -
The**.story of a woman who  lived  for
6 reels 6
Also a Two Reel Chester Outing
"An Overall Hero"
Baled,Hay For Sale
"Have for sale about 50 tons of
baled' bay,'mixed, good feed for
horses and cattle.    Ton or car lot.
P. Hatjssenek,
Box 364. Greenwood, B.C.
- We carry only' the foest stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,  Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial wiil convince you
For Sale
Cabbage and tomato plants,
1 cent each. Pete Campolieto,
For Sale
Piano, Heintzman & Co., nearly
new; walnut buffet; large oak extension table. * For particulars
apply to Box 581, Greenwood.
Boy Scouts
Troup meets as usual on Friday
at 7 p.m.
. Usual meeting on Saturday at
2.30 p.m.
Good Old World
The telephone at yonr elbow seems so sisapfc at* instrument, it does its
work so quietly and quickly, that it is difficult to realize the vast sad com-,
plex eqaipmeat. the delicate aad maaifold adjnstmeats, the ceaseless immaa
care ia tlie central office.
It is the skill behind the scenes, together with seientiSc development"
and construction, efficient; maintenance and opcratica, wiskh make it possible for yoa to rely apoatlie telephone day and sight.
This world tbat we're a-livin' in
Is mighty bard to beat;
Yon git a thorn with every rose,
Bat ain't the roses sweet,
���F. I*. Stanton.
The gardens are looking-well,
radishes and lettuce grown in the
open are coming into general
use. Garden peas look as if they
would be a wonderful crop. Some
of the peas are ie blossom,
Mrs. Wm. Spooner, of Trail,
is in town this week.
John Mulligan motored in from
Penticton on Saturday.
There were many autos ou the
Sunday and much dust.
Home grown radishes grown
in the open are on the market in
Dune. Murray had the misfor-
to break the bone in his little finger last week.   ���
Mrs. Geo. Inglis aud daughter
Irene, left this morning for a
trip to the coast.
Service will" be held in the
Presbyterian Church 'ou Sunday,
June 4th at 7.30 p.m.
The_baseball boys will hold a
dance in the" Greenwood theatre
on Friday, Juue 9th.
A. N. Mowat has been officially
appointed caretaker of the Public
Building in'Greenwood.
George Inglis' left last week for
Beaverdell where he will be employed at the Bell mine.
The country^; looks fine now.
The green is-at its brightest.
It looks like.a prosperous season.
Eric Berg has secured a position at the, Sally mine, Beaver-
dell,and has left town for that
place.    �� ���
The directors of the Providence
Mining^ Co., -will hold their
annual meeting-in Greenwood on
Wednesday, June 28 th.
The Lord Bishop of Kootenay
will hold Confirmation service in
St. Jude's Church on Sunday,
June 11th at 7.30 p.m.
June is the month of roses and
there-will- be \3&me>f..4be-fiaesi
varieties in bloom here this year.
| Boundary   is the  rose   belt  of
H. Bidder, J. Price and Lewis
Bryant were fishing in Loon Lake
on Tuesday. Harry Bidder was
.successful in landing a large
Btack Bass. V
Isaac Crawford, well-known
merchant of Carmi, bought the
stock of the J. A. Bertois, general merchant, at Cascade, at 75c
on the dollar.
Application forms for bounty
re gopher killing ^competition
have now been received at the
Government .office/ "Applicants
should-inquire there. ���	
Midway will -have a real
demonstration on July. 1st with
many attractions. There will be
athletics, baseball, tug-o war, racing, dancing and vast quantities
of ice-cream.
Married at Nelson on Saturday
last Miss Miss Emma Bertha
Gilbert to John Wood. Mr. and
Mrs .Wood are spending a few
days at Kerr creek the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. E. Lund.
P. E. Crane spent a few days in
town last week returning to the
Bell mine, Beaverdell, ou Sunday morning accompanied by
Mrs. Crane aud son, Walton, who
will spend the summer months at
the mine.
Jerome McDonell who recently
took a three year lease and bond
on the Dynamo close to town, has
commenced operations with three
men. There are four distinct
leads on this property all of
which carry good milling ore,
Mrs. J. H. McNeil, of Oregon,
is stopping a few days at the
Pacific Hotel. Mrs. McNeil .is
the widow of the late J. H. McNeil an old timer of Greenwood
and Grand Forks having been in
the flour and feed busines in these
places in the early days.
Miss Ada Beattie, who has
been very ill with pneumonia and
complications at the hospital for
the last six weeks is reported
now to be slowly improving. It
will be remembered Miss Beattie
became a -victim to .pneumonia
during a visit to her sister ia
Easter week.���Penticton Herald.
Splendid Volunteer   work  has
been done by Messrs Lew Bryant,
Geo. Clerf, Jimmy Hallett,  Poly
Docksteader    Jerome    McDonell
and Ola Lofstad during the past
week on  the erection of a pole
line from the City to the Barbara
mine.   Arrangements for supplying the wire was made by J. N.
Paton, and connections were com-
pieced yesterday.     Messrs. Morrison   and   McGillis   have   been
busy   installing   the   pump and
motor and today are commencing
pumping operations.     On   completion   of    unwatering   at   the
Barbara a move will be made to
the Helen mine and the shaft two
hundred feet in depth will also
be pumped out..  Funds are needed to pay for  this preliminary
work of   unwatering   these  important properties so that they
may be examined by engineers
and any citizens who are anxious
to support a moyement of this
kind are earnestly requested to
leave a donation at either of the
Banks, the  City Hall or any of
the stores.   The cost of the work
has been greatly reduced by the
willing help of the parties mentioned and an estimate of $150
has been made as  the amount
that will  be necessary to complete the operations.
Kettle Valley Notes
Mrs. Ed Richter' returned from
Pentictonon Tuesday after visiting
friends there.
Major,and Mrs. Gray and Mies
King motored to the Okanagan
last Monday."       -
Mrs. W. A. Thorbnrn is expected home after a year's holiday
in" England. Her many friends
will be pleased to see her.
The Concert and Dance given by
the Rock Creek Women's institute
last Friday was a great success.
894.25 being taken in at the door,
The children acted splendidly and
much credit ib due to Miss Debney
for the trouble and work for weeks
which made the concert the success it was.
___Wm._Riehter of-Osoyoos, was
taken seriously ill on Saturday
morning last Bhortly after he had
returned from the Stampede at
Loomis, Wash. He was suffering
from acute pains in the abdomen.
He was rushed to the Penticton
hoppital where he died on Monday night. Edward Richter of
Kettle Valley and Joeeph Richter
of Midway, are brothers of the
J. N. O'Neill, Principal
No. on roll - 25
Average daily attendance       23.54
P. C. of attendance   - 90.18
Proficiency list:
Senior IV: Gordon Jenks; Mildred McLaren; RoBert Mowat;
Lilly Intilla; George Morrison'
Silvia Price; Jack Anderson; Mary
Kerr; Sam Eastis.
Junior IV: Bessie Bidder; Jesse
Paddy;    Allan     Fraser;    Annie
Thorslund; Mary Klinosky; Bennie
Hnrst; John Kerr; Ruby Goodeve;
Doris- Kinsman; Eraine DuHamel;
Edward JohnHon; Vera Walmsley;
John McDonell;^ William McLeod.'
Perfect attendance:
Eiaine DuHamel, Allan Fraser,
Gordon Jenks, Mary Kerr, George
Morrison, Robert Mowat, William
McLeod, Silvia Price, Jesse Puddy,
Annie' Thorslund,   Vera    Walmsley, Bessie   Bidder,  Doris Kinsman, Edward Johnson.
Cecilia M. Mcintosh, Teacher
Number on roll -       .        30
.No. in perfect attendance   -       19
Average daily attendance       29.04
Perfect attendance:
George Bryan, Eileen" Bryan,
Meredith Fenner, George Hurst,
Irene Inglis, Helen Kerr, Daniel
Kerr. Kathleen McLeod, Malcolm
McLeod, Robert Mitchell, Lewis
Mitchell, Edward Parry, Margaret
Royce, Mary Skelton, Wilfrid
Tromblay, Thomas Walmsley,
William Walmsley, Allan McCurrach, Bertram Price.
Proficiency list:
Sacond Reader: Margaret Royce,
Edward Parry, Wilfrid Tromblay
(all equal); Walton Crane,. Allan
McOorrach (eqoal); Bertram Price,
Malcolm ki MoLeod, Marguerite
Ritchie, Eileen' Bryan; Lewie
Mitchell, Meredith Fenner,' Mary
Skelton, Robert Mitchell, Dick
Morrison, Arthur-Cox, Daniel
Kerr, Thomas Walmsley.
Third Reader: Irene Inglis,
Kathleen McLeod, Percy Fraser,
Lawrence DuHamel; George Bryan,
Helen Kerr, (equal); George
Hurst, William Walmsley, John
Putzel, Leo Madden, Lloyd Eustis,
Andrew Anderson.
Midway News
On   Sunday ' the  4th   inst
death"occnrred of William Powers
at the Spokaue Hotel, Midway, in
his 57th year. The deceased gentleman was a native of Southampton,
England, and came to New York
when   14 years old.    In 1886 be
located at Vernon where he took
up a ranch.    Six   years later   he
moved to Midway and started the
first sawmill in the Boundary.    He
was  a successful   mill   man   and
during the  time he was* in  that
business operated  mills  at Grand
Forks,     Curlew,     Rock     Creek,
Beaverdell,    Carmi,    Nicholson
creek,   Midway,   Boundary   creek
and  Norwegian  creek.     He  had
been ill a long time and on Friday
previous to  hia death took a relapse and  sank into unconsciousness from which he never rallied.
At Midway in 1894 he married
Mies Lulu  Hopper-who survives,
him   and also leaves a daughter
Mrs. Chaa. Bubar of Beaverdell, to
mourn his Iosb.
He won the friendship of every
one he came in contact with and.
will  be sadly  missed by old and
The funeral took place from
Midway church on Tuesday 6th,
B. G. Gray officiating. The esteem
in which the deceased was held,
was attested by the great number
of friends~~who gathered to. pay7
their last respects.
"To live in the hearts of those,,
we leave behind is not to die.''
We haye known men who had
little sense of smell, and a girl to
whom sweet   aromas   made  no
appeal whatever,  but   she  died
young,   Such   men   miss   something of the terrors of the back
alley.-but the happiness iu  this
privilege is  their  bane  in the
orchards springtime.     Why   do
the orchards smell so sweet in
the   spring?   Some  argue  that
this sweetness is a ribbon of subconscious memory stretching from
blue to blue, from birth to death
and immortality.    These things
are too hard for us, but we do
know that  every flower  is the
promise of  immortality   to -the
plant to which it belongs, and
man*s craving to live always is
so persistent that all flowers are
beautiful   to  him.   Those  who
walked in the orchards last week
were with the Gods.   The scent
of the apple blossoms, the blending of the vast masses of pink
and white and green, the music
ofthe birds and bees,  all spoke
of  heaven.     The  man  in  the
orchard  who   could   open   bis
heart to thsse things and let his
thoughts and imagination run,
got a taste  of  glory that  will
soothe him throughout the year, '���
division in
J. Mr McKee, Teacher.
Perfect attendance:
_^_Helen���Bakke, -VRoy -Bakke,
Robert   Forshaw,   Helen   Hurst,
Patricia O'Neill,   Bruce Terhune,
Albert Kinsman, Gee Mou Yen.
Proficiency list:
First Reader: Mary Putzel,
Helen Hurst, Bruce Terhune,
Eoy Bakke, Eugene McGillvray,
Helen Bakke, Robert Carlson.
Second Primer: Patrica O'Neill,
Robert Forshaw, Alice Ritchie
and Violet Benson, Lewis Clerf,
Charles Royce.
First  Primer:   Francis Jenkin
Beatrice  McLaren,  Albert   Kinsman,     John    McGillvray,    Jack
Morrison, Ruth Cox.
On   Saturday   3rd   inst   Eddie
Nicholas, the infant son of Mr. and
Mrs. Clay Nicholas was accidently
drowned in  Boundary  creek.   It
appears that the little fellow was
playing around, the_ porch of.the
house,    when   he   was  suddenly ~
missed.     Mrs.  Nicholas   immediately gave tbe alarm and neighbors ran to her assistance.   Their.
first thoughts were the creek whieh
is very swift just now and Howard
Hill, with great difficulty   waded'
into the  creek   and   located  the
ehild's body some    distance  off.
By the time the body was recovered from the water,  life was ex-
jtinct,   although artificial  respira-'
tion was tried.   The funeral took
place on Sunday the 4th to Toroda.
B. G. Gray officiated.     It will be
that on the previous
and   Mrs.   Nicholas
Sunday Mr.
buried their three year old daughter. Our hearts and prayeVe go
out to them in their double
AU signs point to a Grand Celebration at Midway on July 1st.
Let's go.
C. W. Barrett left here last
week for Trail, where he will be
employed in the smelter.
McArthur's mill on Meyers
creek is being put in shape to commence operations in the near
First Class Line of Sports
Horse Races, Foot Races, Baseball, Tug-o-War, Dancing
Watch for Big Posters later
'V i
* ' * 1
-- n
ivM^^^^^^^^1^^^^1^^^^^^^^^ THE     LEDGE,    GREENWOOD.     B.     0.
"Tanlac It.is certainly
reputation  iu  my   case
Jackson,    Greenwalde,
student in Winnipeg.
"I suffered ��� from stomach trouble
for two years anil in spite of all the
treatments and medicines I took I got
���worse all the time. My stom'ach was
as sour as vinegar. I bloated ter-
riblv with gas and was so nauseated
I could scarcely retain a thing of the
backed up its | little I ate. I had pains across my
' said Ernest j back too until it seemed like it would
Man.,    dental   break.
"I made up my mind Tanlac was
worth at least a trial, \\*ent ahead and
took it, and began picking up right
away. I kept on improving until now
I feel as fine as I ever did in my life.
I'm thankful a thousand times over
for what Tanlac lias done i'or me."
Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
Tke Canadian Budget
During the Great War and in (ho years since, men responsible'for the
administration of national finances the world over have been confronted with
great difficulty in balancing thcir annual budgets. They have had to overcome obstacles of all kinds. War expenditures had resulted in piling up
national debts to unprecedented heights, the interest charges on which alone
called for enormous sums annually. Pensions, care of disabled soldiers, re-
cstablishinent of soldiers, call for further lnrge sums each year. During the
war years ordinary expenditures on capital account were discontinued, and
with the close of the war many services were round lo havo deteriorated and
called for large sums of money to make good the previous years' cnfoj'ced
Larger revenues had, therefore, (o bc obtained and there was only one
way to get the money���by increasing taxation. But taxation had to be imposed in such a way as to interef'ere as little as possible1 with business during
the dilticult period of re-adjustment from a war to a peace basis when the
whole world was engaged in the task of reconstruction, when hundreds of
thousands of people were ruined, and with unemployment of millions of men
and women. Governments only exist by will of the people, and it always
has to be recognized that there is a limit which any people will stand in the
matter of taxation.
Thc problem facing finance ministers has been to raise the larger revenues needed without at thc same time doing irreparable injury to the business interests of the country and (hereby, in the final analysis, creating an
even worse and, more difficulty situation.
British Chancellors of the Exchequer went further than those of other
countries in imposing heavy, even drastic, taxation. They proceeded to impose such taxation upon everybody," but more particularly upon the wealthier
classes. The result has been that, for some years past, Great Britain has
been steadily reducing its war debt, and in the last British budget it was
possible, owing to drastic cuts in national expenditures and as a result of
naval disarmament to a marked extent, to announce a beginning in reduction
of taxation. In the United States, too, there has been a reduction in the
national debt since the close of the war.
In Canada, on the other hand, the enormous debt created by the war,
instead of being reduced in the years since the Armistice, has gone on steadily increasing,. This has been due to the fact lhat the national revenues have
failed (o meet thc extraordinary charges for interest on the debt, pensions,
re-establishment of soldiers, and the heavy deficits on the national raihvays.
Tlie time had come when a halt had to be called to further increases in the
debt unless it was to become a monster which would Anally bring the Dominion to bankruptcy. Reduction in exnenditurcs had to be insisted upon,
and heavier taxation hud to be imposed, but imposed in such a way as not to
seriously interfere with business and the development of the country.
How W. S. Fielding in his first budget since again assuming the office of j which may be thought of as fore-
finance minister appears to have taken a leaf out of the books of British j shadowing the Gentiles* attitude to-
���ministers. Reductions in expenditure in many departments of government ward Christ. Though' Ebed-melech
were notd in lhe Estimates, and even these were further reduced in the ��� had a colored skin he was the whitest
Commons, notably in the militia and naval departments. The budget now man in Jerusalem. He was not only
announces the imposition of increased taxation. There'are certain reduc- sympathetic, but courageous. He went
tions in Customs duties, principally by way or increases in the British preferential tariff, and there is'a removal of a number of restrictions to trade which
should prove beneficial all round, but from a revenue standpoint these reductions are more than orfset by increased taxation in other ways. \
It is in the form of raising this additional revenue that Mr. Fielding is
following the example of British ministers. The much needed new revenue
is to come from heavier taxation on luxuries, and upon transactions carried
through by men and corporations of larger means and wealth. There are
increased taxes imposed on liquors, both intoxicating and known as soft
drinks, on the higher priced cigars and cigarettes, on automobiles, on bank
cheques, telegrams and cablegrams, on the note circulation of banks, and
through an increased sales tax. In other words, those people in the Domin- 'as he was lifted up'
ion who are best able to pay are to be required to do so.
0C\ course, there will be criticism from all these quarters, and already
associations representing this and that particular interest are demanding reconsideration by tlie Government, of this and that tax. It must be recognized, however, that the Federal Government must obtain larger revenues.
Canada dare not go on adding additional millions to the national debt every
rear. To do" so would be to commit national suicide, because it would not be
long before an ever-mounting debt would eat up the entire revenue in interest
charges alone.
That being the case, it follows that those who can afford to indulge ia
luxuries, or who are in "a position to issue large cheques where the average
man issues only small onej; or none at all, should be called upon to pay. It
is the system which has helped Great Britain through the hard years follow-
T.  Jeremiah Predicts  the' Capture of
Jerusalem (vy. 1-3).
1. To Whom���the People (v. 1).
Jeremiah had been taken out of the
prison by the king (37:17), and ordered confined to the court of the prison "(37:21). The people seem to
have had free access to him in the
court (32:12). From this place of
limited confinement Jeremiah announced to the people their approaching captivity.  .
2. Counsel Given (vv. 2, 3). (1) All
that remaineth in. the city shall die
by the sword, famine and pestilence.
(2) He that goeth forth to the Chaldeans shall live. "He shall have his
life for a prey" doubtless means Lhat
he shall escape with his life, though
losing all else.
11. Jeremiah Accused by the Princes
(vv. ���!, 5).
1. "He weakeneth the hands of the
men and all the people", (v. 4). From
a human standpoint what they said
was true, but since Jeremiah was but
the interpreter of God to the nation
thcy ought lb have, heeded his advice
to surrender.
2. "This man scekelh not the welfare of this people, but the hurt" (v.
���1). This charge was utterly false.
Jeremiah was the best friend of the
people, for he faithfully proclaimed
to them1'God's judgment upon them
for thcir sins and advised them how
to make the best of their unfortunate
3. The King's Cowardly Act (v. 5).
Jeremiah is abandoned by his cowardly friend. The very one whom Jeremiah was trying to help deserted him.
The king was afraid of thc Chaldeans,
the princes, Jeremiah and God.
IIL Jeremiah Cast Into thc Dungeon
(v. 6).
This was not a regular prison, but
a cistern which had doubtless been
emptied of its water during the siege,
leaving only "mire." Into" this mire
he sank. The purpose was to let
Jeremiah die there. There was no
possible way to escape. In this situation Jeremiah is a type of Christ
(Psalm 69). Jeremiah was one of
(.he bravest of God's servants.
IV. Jeremiah Rescued From the Dun-
,   geon (vv. 7-13).
1. By Whom���Ebed-mclech, an African servant (vv. 7-9).     The Jewish
A set of eleven volumes of press
clippings non her visit to America
was recently presented to Madame
Curie, discoverer of radium.
The steamer Abron from Alexandria, entered Boston harbor without a
pilot, by means of radio bearings and
soundings only Captain Powell reported that the innovation was successful.
A. L. C. Atkinson, Vermillion, Alta.,
has been awarded first prize for
mathematics and mechanics, according to the results in the faculty of_ap-
plied  science at_McGill University.
There was a brilliant"" scene in the
House of Lords when the Earl of Balfour, recently created a peer by King
George, was formally seated amid all
the ancient ceremonials incident lo
such an occasion.
Americans constitute practically
one-half of the 16,77-1 immigrants who
have entered Canada this year. The
total is made up of the following:
British, 4,528; United States, S.019;
other countries, 4,227.
Urged by Lieut.-Col. C. J. Williams,
of the Navy League, and Sam Harris",
President of the Ontario Division of
the League to   take   action   Toronto'!
City Council endorsed the protest of j "Cuts and Bruises Disappear.���
the Navy League against the propos- j When suffering from cuts, scratches,
ed curtailment o�� the Canadian navy, j bruises, sprains, sore throat, or chest
,,,,     s,.      ,     . _.���. T ,     ,,    v,    .. J and   any. similar   ailment,   use   Dr.
The Church of St.\John the Baptist j Thomas.  Eiectl.ic   0il.      Its   healitig
power is well-known in every section
of the community.     A bottle of Dr.
Tax on Checks Costs Montreal $20,000
The new stamp tax on checks will
cost the city of Montreal ?20,000 a
year, according to an estimate prepared by P. Collins, assistant city
at Dunkirk, France, dating from the
fifteenth century, has been completely destroyed by fire? A large number
of oil paintings and other objects of
art, the value "of,which has not been
determined, were lost.
A letter expressing the King's congratulations to the war graves commission on the splendid care taken of
war graves in France and Belgium
has been received through the Canadian high commissioner by the Department of External Affairs, Ottawa.
It is understood that the Morgan
group, with which certain British
bankers are associated, shortly will
send representatives to Vienna to
study the Austrian financial system
with a view to ascertaining whether
there is any basis for a loan to aid
Austria's reconstruction.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company has transferred to the Federal
Government the 50,000 acres of coal
lands referred to in the Crow's Nest
Thomas' Eclectric Oil should   be   in
every medicine  chest  ready for the-
emergencies that may always be anticipated. ��� ---.    .��� ~
Discover New.Uses
"    For Ultra-Violet Rays
Method -Found of Analyzing Drugs,
Paper and Linen
I.omarkabie new uses are being
found for the ultra-violet rays which
have already been employed for ripening fruit, increasing plant growth,
and for sterilizing-milk and drinking
'water. J
The rays are invisible, but they possess the power of making certain substances glow in the dark. Al a recent demonstration in London ~a powerful beam of ultra-violet rays was
thrown in a darkened room upon the
audience, who discovered that their
teeth glowed with a blue fluorescent
State Wheat in State Ships
Commonwealth Liner Loads 6,000
Tons of Queensland Wheat
The Queensland Slate Wheat Board
has chartered Commonwealth Government ships for cargoes'oversea and
the liner Australpeak has left Brisbane with 6,000 tons aboard.-, -
The Queensland shipyards of Walk-
er��, Ltd., ha!ve ..completed building
their second 6,000 ton steel steamship
for the'' Commonwealth Government
line. ���."'..��� \     *-,'.
Pass Subsidy Act of 1897
7.   The trans-' *-s***���lu-sc tecth  showed  as  black-
Need a Tonic to Enrich the Blood and
Restore the Health.
Some people have a tendency to become thin-blooded, "justas others have
an inherited tendency to rheumatism,
or to nervous disorders. The condition in" which the blood becomes so
thin that the whole body suffers,
comes on so gradually that, anyone
with a-natural disposition in that
direction should watch the symptoms
carefully. Bloodlessness, or anaemia,
as the medical term is, can be corrected more easily in lhe .earlier stages
lhan later. II begins with a tired
feeling that rest does not overcome,
the complexion becomes pale and
breathlessness" on slight exertion,
such as going up slaii's, is noticed.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a home
remedy that has been most successful
in the treatment of troubles due to
thin blood. W>ilh pure tiiv and good
1-i'ood   these  blood-enriching, pills  are
Smallest Gold Coin
Minted at Geneva, Weighs Less Trial*   '
' Postage Stamp
. The.-,smallest'gold coin In the world
has just been minted at Geneva Tor
the use of the League of Nations.
Though called &��� franc, it has nothing
in common with the familiar French
coin, being worth only about one
penny in;British money, Jt is octagonal in shape, and on one side aro
engraved the initials "S.D.N."���So*
ciete des Nations. So tiny is tho *
coin, however, that the letters can bo
read only by the aid of prpowerful
magnifying glass, while its weight -is
less than that of an ordinary postage
stamp. The gold franc is not intended for general circulation. It represents the unit of universal value in .
which the forthcoming bu'dget of the *
League of Nations is-to be calculated.
Its actual weight'is given officially'as
.03225805 of a' gramme. V     '
;an servant (vv. .-a'.     me jewisn  -""- "���"������.  "~- -* ���������    -������-  ��� ,      . ,.     _ .,        , ,      j ""uu   "���'-Ci~c   ��������Uiuiui.   _������������_.   _i_t
onhef   whom   his   own nounlrvmon   for. was made on September 14, 1905,   aml  ���-"- fmSer nails and GJ'es Slowed   the correct treatment when the symp
tried lo destroy is. saved-by a Gentile,
and the certificate of title was issued
on November 27 of the same year.
A total acreage of 3 2,763,040 acres
has been sold to settlers in Alberta
and Saskatchewan under the
as well
Many new properties of the rays
are being studied. In one case^a-
metliod has been discovered of producing syntheic formalin   and   sugar
,   . v.       . .   _ -1 by their action on water and carbonic
ion Lands Acl, according to a state-
to the king and boldly declared that
the princes had done evil in imprisoning Jeremiah.
2. The Method (vv. 10-13). The
king yielded ��� to his request and furnished a guard to prevent interference
with the work of rescue., He let down
soft rags and worn-out garments by
ropes and instructed Jeremiah lo put
them under his arms and under the
ropes so as-\to prevent injury to him
They lifted him
ment in the Commons, by Hon.
Charles Stewart, Minister of 'the 'Interior. Of this acreage 4,155,738 had
been patented and 693,13! acres were
not yet patented.
acid, while an entirely new method-of
analyzing rare drugs,. and' more particularly different samples of paper
and linen, consists of photographing
the fluorescent light set up in the
various substances under the influence of tho ultra-violet rays.'
Tour In India Was GreafStrain
Too Long and Ambitious for Prince of
Wales -    ,  -
The reader will, no doubt, remember
when a  few years ago there, was a      T ,.���,������    rrom    various nu-ivtor-i iu
collision iu the Halifax, N.S., Harbor      A'a--e*--    110in    ^auou., qiuitc.s m
..... i  , and  one  of the  munition  shins  wnq I India,   dealing   with   the tour of the
out, of the dungeon and he was per-l*"lu one u*  "���*.  ni-IU""11, -"-P**. vas i ��� .   '     ��� ,��� f       ��� ._,_��.
.,,,,,     ,      , ...       ��� ,.       'blown up, causing great loss of hie   Prince of Wales, all agreed   that   the
mitted   the   freedom   Of   the COUrl   Of  ���th. living- ���>  Hriro nnr-Hnn  or Hia o\tv      .    ��� <,    ,,        . ,   /      ��.    i   ,  ��,
. . ana injmg a mifee pqiuon oi tne cu>   strajU   0r   yle   tour Iuvs affected the-
the prison. m rums, and causing a great deal of,     ,,.     ,. ,,-   t. . ,  .,   ,.     .
���    Why did Jeremiah have such a hard suffering and distress among the in- j --��-lu- oL   he Prince' nnd "��' when
Why do the purest and best h��bT,ten&.  P ,. n.��� r      ' ,       jIie left Ind'a f, Was* ^^ Bear
, ,        7       .,   ���   ���rl Mrs. \\infield Dill, now of Windsor, ! a nervous breakdown.     The tour was
men and women have to suffer?   WhylN.Si>  WBS  living  -n Halifax  at that I r���allv   too   ]ong aml amb UoU8   rad
are God's prophets unpopular?   Jere-itime and went through this trying ex- .   "'    *    ,.��.   ,     ?>    _. '     ,.
rnlah, the prophet who declared God's | perlence and lift shock wrecked her ! u*��   P��**tlcal    situation was an adth-
I nerves.      She  writes  as  follows:���"I | tional complication which must^huve
added to the    strain.     The    Prince,
moreover, with his    restless    energy
Spare the children from suffering
from worms by using Miller's Worm
Powders, a most effective vermifuge
with w(hich to combat these insidious
foes of the youngancThelpless. Itisan
excellent worm destroyer, and when
its qualities become known in a'house-
hold' no other will be used. The
medicine acts by" itself, requiring no
purgative to assist it, and so thoroughly that nothing more is desired.      .   -
Success and Failure
lag tlie war.     It" is the system that should be given a fair trial by Canada.
Livestock Prices Reviewed
Big Drop in the Prices of Livestock
During Past Two Years
'The drop that has taken place iu
the prices of livestock during the past
t"*vo years Is vividly illustrated by the
Dominion Livestock Branch reports'
of the average prices for the month
of April, this year, and in 1921 and
1020.     It is not necessary to go any
further -than Toronto to realize this
and, Iherefore, the prices of that market are referred to, accompanied by
the remark that a similar state of af-
fairs was shown in Montreal and elsewhere. In Toronto the average price
for good steers, in 1920 was $13.62, as
against $7.70 this year; for heifers,
?12.95, against $7.51; Tor cows, $10.75,
against ?5.73; for bulls, $10.55, against
54.81; for calves $16.45 against $7.26;
for hogs ��20.15, again3t $13.43; for
lambs, ��18.65, against ?13.55; and for
power to deliver, goes to prison and! WM llving ... Ha���rax .u ^ U]ne o{
u|Vihe    explosion, .and   it'wrecked my
suffers.     "Why do thc righteous
Germans Cannot Be Trusted
Asid They Must Keep
,, Well and Strong
Two Interesting Letters'
Toronto, Ontario.���"V/hen my husband was calicd back to England in
1914 I took Lydia H. Pinkham's Vegc-'
table Compound to strengthen me so
I could work. I had'a trouble that
used to make me" weak,' but I am
Able to do mv work, now and'am
perfectly satisfied with your medicine. I still get it at the. chemist's
nnd I strongly recommend it to any-
bodv I hear of suffering as I did.
You may^ publish this if you wish."
���Mes. E. Horn-blower, 8S9 Yonge St.,
Toronto, OnXario. , -
I Bid Not Feel Like Working
���T was in a general run-down condition with a weak'back and a-tired -
feeling so  that  I  did  not  feel  like
working.    ,3Iy   mother   was   taking
Lrdia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and recommended it to" me, so
I have taken it and my back is better
and I am now able to do my work.   I
recommend the Vegetable- Compound
to bv -neighbors and you may publish  riiv  letter,"���Mrs.   Josephat A.
Chester.  Box 47. Carbon. Alberta.
' I/rdia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
poand shoald be taken when yon first
EOtice s��c& symptoms as nerrousness, -
fcsckarfte. weakness and Irregularity.
It will help you am'  prevent - more
amicus trouble.   Give it a fair trial
Have Made and Broker* Many Treaties
With France
The famous "scrap of paper" which
She Germans tore up when they invaded France through Belgium, was only
one of a scries of treaties and promises that they have made with France
���and afterwards broken.
These treaties date right back to
100 G.C., when "France was invaded by
300,000 Germans, who pushed many
miles over the. frontier before''they
wore stopped .' and defeated. - They
sued for peace and promised never to
invade the country again.'
Hut again and again they- have broken their solemn pledges,, and have invaded France forty-three times in under two thousand years.
fer" is an age-old question.
1. The power of God is more strik-
ingly___s_hp_w_n__ in _deliverancc_thaii__iri
keeping from trials. This was so in
the case of the Hebrews in the fiery
furnace and Daniel ih the den of
2. Great "gain accrues to the sufferers; e.g. the Hebrews in the fiery fur-!
nace .were not only kept from being!
burned,   but   had   walking with them
the Son of God; Job through his trials
was brought to see himself.   *
3. Suffering-turns out to the furtherance of God's cause; e.g., Job bet
comes the priest through whose intercession his friends-' are pardoned;
Paul's sufferings furthered the preaching of thc gospel; John through banishment on.the'Islc of Patmos was
given the vision of the Revelation.
nerves so that I could not do my
housework. I would take such nervous spells I would be under thc doctor's care. -       -.	
I saw Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills advertised, so I.took two boxes,
and they helped me so much I took six
more, and now I am completely relieved. I can recommend them to any-'
one suffering from heart and nerve '
To all those who suffer from nerv-
vous shock we would recommend our
as the best remedy to tone up'the entire nervous system and strengthen
the , weakened, organs. jtfilburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills are the original
heart and nerve food having been-on
the   market    for   the past 27 years.
and his insatiable desire for exercise,
imposed' a further slrai_n_jm himself
and did.not allow for the effect of the
Iridian climate on his physique. Pie
is now en route home. A (_uiet voyage should restore him to full health
Placer Mining Being Revived
Present indications point to a considerable reviv.il. of placet* mining in
the Cariboo district. Gold mining is
the most attractive mining enterprise
at the present .moment, because the
cost of labor and supplies has dropped, and there is a sure market for
the whole of the output. Several
United States concerns havc purchased-and bonded-placer leases, and already a.good deal of .machinery has
been freighted to the respective
claims.    - ' -
Price, 50c a box at all dealers, or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto,
Ont.   '
toms described are noticed. The
value of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills in
cases of this kind is. shown by the
statement of Mrs. M. Chase, o'f Trenton, Out., who says:���"I can highly
recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
to all who suffer i'rom anaemia and
nervous exhaustion. For three years
I was nearly always troubled with
headaches, and until I began taking
these pills no treatment seemed to do
more than give me temporary relief.
I had read of what Dr. Williams' Pink'
Pills were doing for others and finally
decided to try them myself. ' I further
decided to give them a fair trial and
kept on taking'them regularly/'or several" months and I am glad to say
have derived permanent relief. I feel
that I can safely and honestly recommend this wonderful medicine."
You    can    get   Dr. Williams' Pink
. Pills through any dealer in medicine,
I or by mail, at 50c a box or six boxes
for- $2.50   rrom^ TheVDr-   Williams'
, Medicine Co., Brockville. Ont.
|  .-   \ .
Fur Sales Total Over Million
Total sales approximating a million
and a half-dollars were reported by
the Canadian Fur Auction Sales Company at the conclusion of the three
days' fur auction at Montreal."" A
record attendance of buyers .marked
the sales, these being present ' from
coast to coast in Canada, from.every
important fur centre in the United
States;- "whilst" "many ""'English and
French firms we're represented. , A
total of 2,225 lots of .furs were disposed of in twenty-four hours, selling
time, ��� The fall sale* will commence
on September 12th.  ._'
Men   Who   Get Along   Will   Not  Stay -.
The difference between thc -genius
and the ordinary man is not that the'
genius never falls down, but that- he   ,
won't stay down.   ; He always gets up  ���
again.   . The difference between success and failure ia life' lieTrjust there.
Success depends upon our ability to .
get up when we are' down.     It's the
comeback   that   counts. """ In   other
words the quitter gets nowhere. That
rich neighbor of yours, that successful man, has had-and still has, his fin-
ancial   ^reverses.   - He    doesn't ' talk
about them, for he knows 'that notlv
ing succeeds like success, so''lie advertises his successes to his friends,
his enemies, even to himself.""" He ignores his failures.  -
Somebody���a few days.-.aeo said,t"the .
man who-slicks never gels stuck."    "
Keep Minard's Liniment in-the houss
Man ofTwo Hearts Dead
. Mike Chiaventone, 22 years old,
who puzzled the medical profession
because of having two hearts, is dead
at' his home, Kewanee, 111. He had
complained of heart trouble since boyhood, and eight months ago he .was
examined at Rush Medical College,
Chicago, where it was discovered he
had two hearts the larger one on the
left side and the smaller on the right
B^C. Receives Settlement inquiries
Under the scheme for the reduction
of the Indian Army about two thousand war-time subalterns and captains
.will. receive fairly substantial gratuities and other compensation according
to their rank in the servicers well as
being granted free passages for themselves and families to any British Empire port.' The India" Office has
directed settlement inquiries to the
Dominion and Colonial authorities and
the Canadian Superintendent of Immigration urged the advantages of
British Columbia, whilst the Agent-
General tor that province recommended a project in the Okanagan Valley.
Officers from British Columbia are in
India to advance the scheme.
Denmark's kings have been called
either Christian or Frederick for
over 400 years.
Matter af Pronunci57tiqn "
."How do you. pronounce -.'pneumonia?'" asked sthe French boy, who
had come to England to learn-the
language. His only chum. told .him.
"That's odd," replied the young
_for.eigner._l _-'-*It saysjn^this ,.stor*L_r .
am reading - that the doc.tor pronounced it fatal."
Women theatre ushers were first
introduced by McKee Rankin at the
Third Avenue Theatre, New York
City, in 18S4.,
The Arabs started enslavement of
the negroes.
Standing Timber.on Vancouver Island
Speaking before the Vancouver Island Association Boards of Trade, E.
\V. Neel estimated thc .standing timber of Vancouver. Island at 116,000,-
000,000 feet.- In lhat portion of the
island which- includes the Esquimau
and Nanaimo Railway belt, the Renfrew ' district and Barkley Sound
drainage basin, there are estimated to
be 30 billion feel of Douglas fir and 13
billion b.m. feet of red cedar. -
Rhubarb    Grower   Challenges    World
The champion rhubarb "grower of
Kent, England, T. Dodd, of Wye, has
for the twenty-ninth year in succession taken premier honors in a competition for outdoor-grown rhubarb.
Mr. Dodd, who is a jobbing gardener, produced this year, in spite of j, ��,. Rockefeller has transferred
the cold weather, perfectly straight nearly all his fortune to his family, to
sticks of rhubarb thirty inches long [obviate paying death duties on his
and five inches in diameter.   He says J demise.
lie" fs ready to show rhubarb in com-J -	
petition with the whole world.- ' I Ask for Minard's; and take no other
Healthy liver
Healthy life
Your liver���healthy or clogged, active
or sluggish���makes all the difference
between a vigorous,
cheerful life and low
spirits and failure. To subdue
a stubborn
liver, overcome constipation, dizziness,  bilious- __���___���
ness, indigestion, headache- aud the
blues there is nothing on earth so good
esCwter'sLittfellfH-PlIk Purely vegetable.
Satan Pffl���Ssaali Base���Small jpzkg
Took No Chances
"Well," said'the happy bridegroom
to the'minister at the conclusion oE
Ihe ceremony, "how much do I owe
you?'.' "Oh, I'll leave that to you,"
was the reply. "You can better estimate the value of the service rendered." "Suppose we postpone settlement then���say for a year. "By that
fime I shall know whether I ought to
give you one-hundred dollars or nothing." "No, no," said the clergyman,
who was . married himself, "make it
five dollars now."���Boston Transcript.
\X.   N.   U. ��� 1423
Radio Company Organized
"   Organization, of the Western  Canada Radio Co., Ltd., in Winnipeg, with
a capital of 15,000,000, is announced.
The aims of\the company are said to
be-the obtaining "of patents and rights,
development and operation of general
radio   business,   and   manufacturing j
and installing of    receiving    outfits ���
throughout the Dominion. ", j
WARNING!    Say "Bayer". when you buy Aspirin.
Unless "you see tbe name "Bayer" on tablets, -you are
not getting Aspirin at all.   Why take chances?
Accept on!^ an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions/and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
-,   Colds '   - Headache Rheumatism
' Toothache        Neuralgia Neuritis.     ;
Earache     -*'    Lumbago Pain, Pain
Handy *vBayer" boxes ef 12 tablets-���Also bottles of 24 and 10Q���Druggists.
Aspirin Is the trade mark (registered, in Canada) of'Bayer Manufacture of Moso-
a<*etl<-acldeater ot Salicj'licacid. WMle It Is ���well known that Anplrln mean* Bayer
manufacture, to asrist th* public asalnst ImStntlons, the Tablets ot Barer Company
--*m le stamped wit** t&elr general trada mark, the "Barer Crose."
Minard's      Liniment
It you desire to enter a profession you should consider what t��ie new flelri o*
Veterinary Science has to offer.     Graduates have splendid opportunities for a
eucces&ful care��=r.     You should inquire.     - i        ���
���Write for Bulletin and Calendar to C. ��. MeGilvrsy. M.t>.T.�� Principal
Affiliated with CUFfPH OVTA^ff* Under  the   O-itirio
Cr.iversi.-y.o_ Toronto oum-rf. U.MAKKJ DeBC o�� Agrtcmt,.^
V  *
*M 1
Viscount Northcliffe
Suspicious of Japan
Nation as Powerful as Germany Waa [
-   In 1914 x i
Viscount   Northcliffe,1   -writing personally in the Daily Mail, calls upon
his   countrymen   to   "Watch  Japan."
"Why,"   he   asRs, ^'are the7Japanese
���people   being   taxed   more   severely.
than any other nation for the support!
of armaments," and he gives this reply to his own question: Japanese art,
Japanese industry, the    constant,   if
imitative, desire of the people for "uplift," and  Japanese    patriotism  - are
very  admirable,  but there were two
Germany's, and while Japanese Liberalism, of which Three Elder Statesmen , (the Genro) are much afraid, is
allowed occasional expression, I.know
from'personal observation and information that tlie Pan-Japanese are as
powerful today in Japan as the Pan-
Germans were in Berlin in 1914.     Before I visited Japan I said to one of
our most distinguished authorities on
the   Far   East���a Scotsman who had
lived  for years    in    those    romantic
lands:  "What is  the obeject of Japan?"      He  replied:   "The  control  of
China."      "And   then?"      "The   control of the world;   for who controls
China could control the world."
Here Is
Something Smart
Cold: Air from Her Well
A woman at .Newark, N.J., has a
dry artesian well which always emits
a stream of cold dry air. This, she
has had piped.^.th rough her house,
where it is used for drying clothes,
and. in place'of ice, and i'or keeping
the liouse cool in~"summer. "���-
The State as a Jewel Merchant
Government of Queensland Forced to
Protect its Gem Miners
To tl'.s rubies, opals, emeralds and
blue sapphires mined in"the Stale of
Queensland which have long had llieir
principal market in Paris have been
added discoveries of orange sapphires.. The-gems are sold in Europe at such high prices that the
amount paid "to the miner is poor by
comparison. The miners have now
asked the Government' to pool, thc
gems and market' them on community account.
Inventor Dies In London
Hall's Catarrh Medicine
Those who aro in a "run down" con-
dltion"; will notice < that". Catarrh bothers
them much more than jivlien they aie in
good health. This fart piovcs that
while   Catarrh   is  a   local   disease,   it
SlSSliJ '""k0??^. ��by constitutional'co.--
hlonri   ,X�� '}Smc and   acts  tlnou-rh   the
H  "P��n  <-he .mucous, surfaces  of  the
"  n?��tm!!1^fUCi!1S tl,e inflammation and
dftions"    *S*Lt:me "��� resioriii-. normal con-
All Druggists.     Circulars fiee.
-1'. J. Cheney & Co..-Tolcdo. Ohio.
Round the World Cruise
������ * ���  ,-
Starting Next Winter Trip Will Take
Four Months
The  C.P.R. steamship, Empress of
" Trance, has been chartered for- an ajl
round the world cruise next winter.   "
The trip, which will occupy four
months, commences from New* York,
January 23,* 1923, and will take in
the West Indies, tho Panama Canal,
Japan, India,,the Malay Peninsula,
Egypt, Italy, France and Great Brt-
'tain, after which a run across the
Atlantic will terminate the tour at*
Quebec about May 23. Fourteen.days
are allovttd in Japan with an option of
13 days in India.
Watch Manufacturer Invented Works
For HCeyless Watch
Lawrence  l?arnett Phillips,  F.S.A.,
F.R.A.S., A.It.E., inventor, artist and
author, died in London, after a. short
illness, in his 81st year.     The son ol
a. London''* diamond merchant, he was
iormerly in buisness as a ^wholesale
chronometer and -watch manufacturer,
lie invented the rocking-bar keyless
work '"for    winding    watches;    also
patent sketching boxes   and   palette,
simplified    mechanism    for    chronographs, simplified and perpetual calendars, and calculating machines. Since
1882 he had devoted himself i to art
"and exhibited at the Royal Academy
j and other galleries in London and the
country.      In  addition to  "Horologi-
cal Rating Tables," and "The Autographic Album," Mr. Phillips compiled a  very  useful dictionary of Biographical Reference,  containing 100,-
000 names, with a classified index of
the biographical literature of Europe
and America.
Norwegian Colonists for Alberta
A welcome addition to Canada's
population arrived at Quebec on board
the Canadian Pacific steamer "Montrose" from Liverpool, in the form of
over forty well-built Norwegian colonists, who were on their way to Sedge-
wick, Alberta, where they will engage
in 1 arming. This is the third large
party of,personally conducted colonists to arrive in Canada this year under the auspices of the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Bear Attacks Mail Stage
Silver Fox Pelts
Of the total value of /silver fox pelts
produced in Canada in 1921, which
amounted to $432,130, Prince Edward
Island produced $243,694, or nearly
sixty per cent.- The value of the live
foxes exported from Canada in 1921
was $277,182.  '
" ~      "Surgeon MusTbe Sober
A surgeon in England who performed an operation when under the
Influence of'liquor, after which the
patient died, has boon sentenced:to a
year's imprisonment for man-
' slaughter.
Driver of Yukon Coach  Kills Unique
Mail Robber
- Bill Boulet has the distinction of being the only stage driver in the Yukon
who ever had to kill a mail robber.
He drives a four-horse stage on the
long overland route, between White
Horse and Dawson. - Recently, what
is said' to be the first mail thief in the
history of the Yukon, attacked Bou-
let's stage���and died.
It happened in Alberta, a ' road-
house, on the long trail, where Boulet
was paying an official calk Looking
out of, the window he saw an immense black bear on fop of the coach
throwing the mail, sacks to the
ground and smashing express parcels.
Boulet levelled his rifle and a dead>|
bear tumbled to the ground.
Do Large Breaths Hurt?
Is Your Chest Wheezy ?
Proper treatment is a vigorous rubbing of the; chest, neck and sore side
with good old Nerviline. This ^wonderful, liniment sinks into the tissues
where the pain is seated and gives instant relief. That catch disappears,
all sense of soreness goes Quickly.
Just try Nerviline tor chest tightness,
coughs,, colds and soreness. -It's a
wonderful Liniment, saves the whole
family from numerous minor ills and
shouldv be in every home. Large bottles, 35c, at all dealers.
Is there a baby or young children in
your home? If there is you should
not be without a box of Baby's Own
U'iiblets. Childhood ailments come
quickly and means should always be
at liand .to- promptly light them.
Baby's Own Tablets are the ideal
home remedy. They regulate the
bowels; sweeten the stomach; banish
constipation and indigestion; break
up' colds and simple fevers���in fact
they relieve all the minor ills of little
"ones. Concerning them Mrs. Moise
Cadotte, Makamik,' Que., writes:
"Baby's Own Tablets are the best
remedy in the world' for little ones.
My baby suffered terribly from'' indigestion and vomiting, but the Tablets soon set her right and now she
is in perfect health." The Tablets
are sold :by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25c a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Royal Piebes
Many    English-Speaking   People   Are
Descended from Charlemagne
Most of us have Royal blood in our
veins, though we don't know it.   One
Isabel   de   Hermandois died in 1131.
Twice married to nobles, she claimed
descent   from    Charlemagne through
six separate lines, and left four children'whose descendants can be traced
right down to.the present time, with
the result King George V. and Abraham Lincoln are each separated from
her    by    twenty-six generations���an
honor shared by a New York farmer���
whilst George Washington is four generations nearer.     A Dr. Jordan says
in view of all this that, through Isabel, "the' English-speaking population
of the  world  consists  of inbred  descendants of Charlemagne."   Now we
will      be,    really    'good.���Montreal
j Gazette.
Seeing Western Canada
Personally Conducted Tours to the
l Pacific Coast
An���unusual oppoi:unity for seeing
Western Canada and the Pacific Coast
under most favorable conditions and
at a minimum expense is afforded by
the Canadian National Railway. The
Company*" announce a personally
conducted' tour through the .Rocky
Mountains. A' special train -will
leave Winnipeg on June 30th at 11.30
p.m., aria" will connect with a G.T.P.
steamship from Prince Rupert on
July 6th. Stops will be made at the
following points ot interest en route:
Watrous, Saskatoon, Wainwright, Edmonton, Jasper, Mt. Robson, Prince
George, Kitwanga, Terrace, Prince
Rupert, "Vancou,'er* Victoria and
' Dishwashing is the day's most disagreeable task. Pot (.washing is the
dirtiest job of all. Save time and
keep your temper by cooking with
[utensils that, cannot absorb dirt or
grease���pots and'pans that wash, easily with .soap and water and wipe
sweet and clean like china. Make your
housework easier by using
Very chic is this dress and one that
will be found to meet lhe general
needs of milady, it can be worn to
business or'as a sport dress, and is a
[.very practical model for the spring
and early summer. The cape-like
back adds materially to its smartness.
It is of black, with Roman, stripes.
The hat, which is of black straw, is
adorned with black quills.'
Diamond: War* is a threes
coated enameled steel, sky bin*
aiid white outside with a anovry *
white lininc. Pearl Ware is a
two-coated enameled steel, pearl
tier and white inside, and ont.
ham av
���*Sheet Metal Products co"_JJ?1?
"What is civilization?" asks a California writer.- It's where'you stand
on a street corner and wait for ten
street cars, four hundred automobiles,
fifty motorcycles, twenty-five' bikes, a
dozen motor trucks, a. few 'fire engines, the police patrol, a hurry-up
ambulance and a funeral to pass before you dare make a try- for the opposite cornei*.���San Francisco Chronicle.
It Will Relieve a Cold.���Colds are
the commonest ailments" of mankind
and if neglected may lead to serious
conditions. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil will relieve tlie^ bronchial passages
of inflammation speedily and thoroughly and will strengthen them
against subsequent attack.:. And,.as
it eases the inflammation it will
usually stop the cough because it allays the irritation in the throat. Try
it and prove it.
An Ambitious Project
Temple to Replace Burned Shrine at
Saint Anne De Beaupre
A, temple costing $3,000,000 is to bo
erected in Ste. Anne De Beaupre to
replace the destroyed one, according
to an announcement-made by the Re>
demptorist Fathers, and a monastery,
of $500,000 to provide accommodation
for tho residing fathers., At the same
time it was also slated that in view
of the importance of the work a
contest open to all Canadian ,architects and bearing a prize of ?15,000
for the successful candidates may be
held in connection with the scheme.
They are simply dried bile made
up of Crystalline constituents of that
fluid. Very common is this disease
, among merchants, clergymen, shop
1 girls, and those of sedentary habits.
Prevention consists in,"' maintaining
correct action ot the liver and bowels,
and this is speedily accomplished by
using Dr. Hamilton's Pills. No person using Dr. Hamilton's Pills will be
subject to,bilious fits.
A Good Battle Cry ^
"A Rotarian is a man who does not
grab the stool when there is a piano
I to be moved," is the thought expressed in .a*recent;bulletin of that organization. There are a great many
pianos to be moved in this world today* and we do not think a better battle cry could be found for menl on
every _ job���including all branches of
the newspaper business.���Editor and
Sound diges
. , . ,. . ", ~ " i tion, good appetite, a clear color will
A choice ^ol route for the! ,-..���.?... 4.,.. S
return trip may be had. For full particulars apply to any agent of the
Canadian National Railways or wiife
to W. J. Quinlan, District Passenger
Agent, C.N.R., Winnipeg.   .    .
A new ferry line, the longest in the
world, is to be operated between
England and Sweden.   -
Recipe for True Love
Take one whole friendship compos-
_e_d__of __two _P5trts mutual-admiration-
and one part mutual respect. Add a
soupcon of_ physical attraction and
spice delicately with sentiment. Cover with Imagination. ' Keep in a moderate temperature for several months',
and serve under a summer moon.-
Helen Rowland.
Increase  in  Okanagan  Shipments
X-The total shipments lrom the Okanagan Valley in packages for 1921 are.
Asthma Remedy Like It. Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is
distinctly different from other so-called remedies. -Were this not so
would not have continued   its
evidence the health giving properties
of Dr. Hamilton's Pills which are safest and best ior general family use.
When a laxative is needed, when you
feel out of sorts, that's the time to
use Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake
and Butternut, 25c all dealers or The
Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Broadcasting in Two Languages
A Montreal newspaper" is going in
Here is
it i for a radio broadcasting   service
,    ..    ,. _     .,, , _ great '-Trench as we*j as English
work ot relief until known lrom ocean _.    ,      ��
to ocean for its wonderiul value. a new, inetl-od ��* promoting the
Kellogg's, the loremost and "best of; Bonne Entente. Teach all the radio
all asthma remedies, stands upon a'fans the French" language by means
reputation founded in the hearts of;
thousands who have known its bene
May Return to Germany ��
The return of former Crown Prince
William to Germany in the near future is probable.
It is understood' that the ex-
Kaiser's son will give up his abode on
the island of Wieringcn and settle
down in Germany, to live quietly as a
country squire. The Berlin Government is making his return conditional on *a promise that he will not engage in any political activity.
For Sprains and Bruises
The first thing to do when you have an injury is to apply Jlinaid's famous. Liniment.
It is antiseptic, soothing, hcaluic and girei
quick relief. * .
A Vanishing Disease
Number   of   Tuberculosis   Cases
Being Gradually Reduced
A summary of the work done
A locomotive was imported from
England in 3829. to serve as a
model for American builders.
as follows, the 1920 figures being given afterwards for purposes of comparison. Apples, 2,<171,902, 1,097,-
II2;~-crabs,-328,710r"127,53S; "peaclies",
105,584, 106,818; plums, 112,852, 66,-
906; prunes, 192,058, 98,587; pears,
85,919, 107,637; apricots, 60,987, 36,-
942; cherries, 76,408," 77,830^ strawberries, 7,270, 2,142; raspberries, 11,-
039, 3,818; other small fruits, 15,026,-
535. -
The use of blank space'in separat-
j ing words in writing was not begun
I until the tenth century.
Let the Children share
this mealtime bevera
No NEED to wanvthe little folks away
from the table beverage when Postum is
served; every reason to invite every
member of the family to join in the enjoyment of this wholesome, satisfying drink.
Postum is made from Nature's best
wheat, and contains nothing to harm
nerves or digestion.
You'll greatly relish its full-bodied
Savor and aroma.
An economical mealtime drink���the
large size tin of Instant Postum will serve
from 90 to 100 cups.
Made in the cup, in a moment.
Instant Postum for Health
"There's a Reason"'
- Mad* by Canadian Postnna Cereal Ctv, Ltd.
"Windsor, Ontario
the New York State    Charities   Aid
Association during the last fifty years
indicates   the   progress   possible   in
fighting   certain"   kinds   of   disease.
-The fall in the tuberculosis deatlrrate
from 129.3 per thousand  in 1918  to
86.2 per thousand in 1921 is already
a matter of common knowledge.. The
society attributes the result to more
hospitals, more visiting nurses, more
city dispensaries, the establishment of
rural clinic service,  open-air classes
for     tubercular     children     summer
camps,    and    recently enacted state
laws of which  lhe above are  sometimes   thc   result.      The   great   progress already made, however, seems
little more than a healthy start toward actual eradication.     The_soelcty
announces    the    appropriation ol between $300,000 and $405,000 a year for
at least five years by the trustees of
the Milbank Memorial Fund, left by
Elizabeth   Milbank   Anderson.     This
money will be used for tuberculosis
control.     The   results   expected arc
similar to those secured in Framing-
ham, Mass., during the last fire years.
There, for only ?2,40   per   inhabitant
per   year,  ^tuberculosis deaths have
been reduced 67 per, cent.     Thc Mil-
bank trustees hope for a demonstra-
iion in pulmonary disease paralleling
the fall in typhoid from twenty-seven
per 100,000 to less than four per 100,-
000."    This is close to an announcement that one of our most, common
and dreaded diseases can be made a
larity.���St. Thomas Times-Journal.
of radio lessons.���Fram the Mail and
Peevish, pale, restless and sickly
children owe their condition to
worms. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will relieve them and restore health.
Happy Albania
Happy Albania is-the term applied
to that country, for it is said that it
occupies thc unique position among
European nations of being ihe only
country ~which~luTs_ no national
and has a gold currency.
"'Corns disappear when treated with
Holloway's Corn Remover without
leaving a, scar.-
Self-Sacrificc of Japanese Peasant
Starved Rather than Eat Rice Needed
* For Seed
In Mr. J. W. Robertson Scott's new
book, "The Foundation of Japan," wc
aro told of a deed* ��� that deserves , a
place in some Golden Treasury.
"The story is that a peasant in a
peiiod of scarcity happened to be the
j possessor of the"only_unbroken bale
of rice in  his village.     lie  himself
puCered .from-lack-of- food,-but,-look-
clebt | jng to the future, he resolved to sacri-
A Cause for Gladness
i i
English  Chiropodist'Says'Corns  Prevent Rheumatism and'Gout'
If you want to avoid rheumatism or
gout, cultivate your corns.
'"Corns, bunions and almost" all
other callosities of the feet are mere-,
ly Nature's wonderful provision for
extiacting from the human body the
chalk that sets up rheumatism-and'
gout.""'       ' t
This-solace to foot" sufferers emanates from Mr. T. Gillings, the well-
known chiropodist, who has tended '
the feet, of almost every judge, sheriff and lord mayor oi'London -within
the past fifty,years.
"The corn," explained Mr. Gillings,
"draws the chalk from the body like a
magnet. Invariably when the corn,
or other callosity reases to grow tlie
twinges of gout or rheumatism are
felt.*'*���Tit-Bits. '
j See   himself   for others" good.     He
Mernedi- Frasheri, thejiead of theiwou-d not  cook any of the rice be
Albania delegation to the conference
at Genoa, in an interview indicated
that all would be well with the country "if only wo were left in peace for
a little while."
Cavendish, the English chemist,
had a back stair built in his house
to avoid seeing any of the women
Mrs,   Dalton   tells   of  ��   Well-kmoscri
Doctor's  Prescription  that is  *afo
for Young Mothers to take as a
Tonic and Nervine becnttfe it
contains    no    harmful    in��
London, Ont.���"Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription saved my life years
ago and for that
cause he saw that it would take away
fiom tho only store the village would
have for sowing in the spring.
"Eventually he was found dead of
hunger in his cottage, his head resting
upon the unopened bale ot rice. "Who
shall say that he has not a-place in
the brightest hero-list of those who
have laid down their lives for their
' Patronize you* local merchant and
thereby help to build up your borne
town and community. '
Plague of Locusts in Russia
. A plague of locusts .iromising greater destruction than that of last year,
has developed in the Caucasus, Baku,
Kuban and the Crimea, it is a serious blow to South Russia's hopes for
successful crops, and the peasants
have mobilized to fight- the pest
with_ gasoline. Even airplanes have
been utilised, being sent to drop poisonous bombs In the breeding areas.
greatly alarmed.
life of a coin.
years  is  the  average
Monuments to military heroes are
unknown in China!
Th����   exact
J kno<5Tt. *��>"*.
cacse   of 8lee_> is un
reason I am most
enthusiastic in my
of it to women
���who are ailing and
weak.I was taken
with the measles
whan In an expectant condition;
then blood poisoning set in and my
family became
The doctor advised
them to give me Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and I took several
bottles of it and was restored to
absolutely perfect health. I later
took Favorite Prescription as a ton's
and nervine End received great benefit from it. As a woman's medicine
it is unequalled." ��� Mrs. Jennie Dalton, 767 York St.
Your Health i�� Vital So Y��a
Barrie, Ont.^-"I waa suffering froxa
a rundown system some-time ago,
���waa unfit tp*. perform my daily duties,
and was advised to try Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription. I tried it,
took two bottles, and was restored
to ifiy natural strength. I cannot
prsdaa Dr. Pierce's medicine too
feigfely aad 'will be -nrflUng to -write
to any one sending stamped envelope."���Mrs. A. H. BIsfeop, R. R. No. 1.
' You'll booh fed better If you ob-
tals this "Prescription" of Dr.
PIerc��'3 at yonr nearest drug; store,
fa tablets or Ifqmld, or send 10c
t�� Dr. Pierca's Laboratory la Bridge-
burg, Ont, for trial pkg. tablets asi
srite for fx6�� a-e<Ue*i advice
"Lantern of the Dead"
To be erected on the top of the
ridge of Notre Dame dc Lorette,
scene of some of the bloodiest fighting in the war, a lofty stone beacon
to be known as "The Lantern of tho
Dead," is to flash nightly across thc
plains of Artois the memory of the
100,000 men who lie buried on tho
shell-scarred slopes.
The beacon, says ^'Illustration, will
be an important feature of a great
memorial chapel which it is proposed to build on the battlefield.
Fish from Manitoba
Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, is expected, to produce upward of 1,500,000
pounds of whitefish this season, ��n addition to a large catch of pickerel,
jackfish and tuiibee. Th<s coarser
fish are exceptionally plentiful, this
season. Lakes Manitoba and St.
Martin are also, being fished extensively.
Is the natural desire of every won-Jin,
ftnrS is obtainable by tho ns�� of Pr-
Cliaoo's Ointment, rimplcs, blackheads,
roughness nnd redness ot tlie skin,
irritiition and cea.ipa disappear, and
the skin is I.ft soft, smooth una velvety.
All dealers or K<2ai��n-.oi>, BrIcr & Co.,
Mmited, Toronto. Sample frco il T��v.
mention this paper.
Dr. Chase's
It i^ at-vays safe to send a Dominion Ex-
pres* Money Older. Fire dollars coits t&r��9
;��� -aiNTME-Nt.'
y-^Bums. S&ve^M'tiis'.Rtc. "������������
Seal Catch Increased 20 Per Cent,
The Newfoundland scaling season
has closed frith ths arrival back: in
port of the sealers Hanger and Thetis,
the last of the fleet to return from the
sealing grounds.' The total cateh this
year "R-as about 12S.S36 pelts valued
at about $200,000, approximately
twenty percent greater titan that of
last year.
Sfartole Is chalk, changed aad crystallized by the internal heat of the
Rodf CofflpctiaS;
J< ?V��. SetteKa repulatfne
������*��cmm_   Bold ia tht���� d<��
Sold f)jr ��lt dtt��eei��tj_��_ sen*
ptrVtoA on ������pt of rricaj
rre*- p��snpJile*-      A(*dt����_
i���� eoesi imsotctui coj
��f8l9E_B��8��T. *?���*��?? ttMu*.)
Etas? Reir-$d.����a
book: osf
- sfc��I  Hot? So FeetS
l!a!I��Ni  Frea   ts> any
AaAmms by ih&
TR.   ChAt OtOYBn
t��  ^eat' K ih   St..
Minard's Linsswsfit used fay Physiciansi
W;* ���'3L 7EV -iiSS
Is J2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Bstray Notices    3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals i2>��c. ��� ��� line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pi eased
to have more money.
Seventy pounds ol meteore land
on tbis earth every minute.
City Council
Regular fortnightly meeting of
the City Council waa held in the
Council Chambers on Monday
night, Mayor Galley in the chair
and Aldermen King, Mowat and
Kerr present. There was not
much business transacted, most of
the time being taken up with
reports of Water and Pound Committees.
Instructions were given the City
Clerk to charge the usual sprinkling rate pf three dollars per nozzle
to be p3id in advance, and to order
water service to be cut off on any
premises where sprinklers are being
used without tfite rate having been
The chairman of Pound Committee reported much better conditions since last Conncil meeting.
The most recent complaints of
animals from the north end of town
being on the streets during early
morning hours were discussed and
the pound keeper notified to .take
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
If a girl kisses you don't kiss
her back.    "What's her face for?
Cutting off advertising may reduce expenses, but so does cutting
your windpipe reduce the cost of
living. 7_-___
A Boundaryite husband, who
recently broke his umbrella over
his wife's back, says it was an
accident. Yes, he didn't mean to
break the umbrella.
A non-progressive chided his
wife with not having a rag to her
back when he married her; she
retorted: --Don't worry about that,
I have plenty now."
Canadian railroads last year
carried 51,000,000 passengers and
only four were killed and 240 injured. 185,177 employees were in
railway work and 91 were killed
and 1,344 injured.
Men and women are made what
they are by what they do when
they have nothing to do. It is
what a man does when he doesn't
have to that count in his own upbuilding. The personal question
is: "What do I do when I have
nothing elBe to do?"
A fine range of samples to select
from.     (Just arrived.) ,
Now on view at
Tailor arid Cleaner
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phohe 69 .
The Canadian Bank of Commerce declares Canada to be suffering, like many other countries,
from an over-extension of the functions of government whose financing calls for greater taxation than
can be borne, instancing the total
of taxes in Manitoba, $57,190,000,
against a total value of cereals pro-
duced in the provinca $40,500,000.
Osoyoos Notes
On Wednesday last three men
held up the bank at Loomis, Wn.
They tecured about $300 and proceeded across the Canadian boundary in an auto. The American
authorities were hot on their trail.
In Bichter's Pass the bandits had
tire trouble which allowed the
authorities to overtake them. The
bandits left the car, one jumped
behind a rock where .he was captured, the other two ran to the
timber. The sheriff fired*several
shots and hit one outlaw knocking
him down but he was up.and away
in a moment. They are supposed
to be hiding in the hiils west of
Osoyoos where a search is being
carried on..
The Hon.. J. D. MacLean, Minister of Education and Provincial
Secretary, accompanied by Jas.
Kerr, Road Supt. of Greenwood,
were visitors here on the 1st inst.
At Fairview the Guggenheims
are doing considerable development
work on their mining property.
It is generally believed that it is
the commencement of a great mining activity" in the camp.
A stampede was held at Loomis,
Wash., on Friday and Saturday.
A number of people_ from the
valley motored over to see the fun.
A mild wave struck the valley a
few days ago and the thermometer
went to 102. The result was
rattle snakes and gas engines have
come to life. The later may be
heard -across- the- lake -pumping
water into the irrigation flumes.
Surveys and Reports
Land, Timber and Mineral Claims
Will be in Greenwood District
in June and July
Room 6, 525 Pender Street, West
VANCOUVER, n. c'..   ��� ���   ���
achinery. Prices  Have
NELSON, B.C.      _
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or mouth
F. Nilson      -        ��� Proprietor
. 7E. W. WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. ,C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3.00. Silver-Lead $2.oo.gSilver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
Send Your
To        '
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Ploughs,   Harrows,   Mowers,   Rakes
and   Binders
������������'* " *"���
McCormick,    Deering,   John   Deere,
Champion   or  Oliver   Lines   on ,_
IrOWNS, Midway, BC.
"The Yellow Typhoon"
Anita Stewart literally becomes
a detective hunting herself in "The
Yellow Typhoon," the motion pic-
tare version of Harold MacGrath's
story, which will be shown at the
Greenwood Theatre, on Saturday,
June 10th. For Anita, portraying
the part of twin sisters, is at once
the hunter and hunted. One of
the sisters known as the '-Yellow
Typhoon/- kills an officer in a conspiracy against th* government,
while the other, a secret service
agent, witnesses the crime, and
later aids in trapping the conspirators.
Card of Thanks
Mr. F. Bnrdick and family wish
to thank friends and acquaintances
and the Women's Institute of Bock
Creek for sympathy shown them in
their recent sad bereavement, in
ths loss of ��, loving wife and
mother, alsos for beautiful So were
sent.   -
Card of Thanks
Through the medium of The
Ledge we desire to extend to all
friends aad scqsaintances onr
heartfelt thanks for sympathy
extended dflrisg the time of onr
sad bereavemest,
:   Mrs. hvLtt PowsESy
Mb, & MR3* Cbas. Bubae
Boundary Falls School
Report for May
Glad j s
A. G.-McLaren, Teacher
Days school in Eeaaion
Total attendance
Average attendance    -
Perfect    Attendance:
Proficiency list: Intermediate
Grade Senior, Annie Swanlund,
Joseph Krouten; Junior class,
Caroline Casselman, Annie Casael-
Second Reader," Alice Casse!-'
by burning the sapling's of to-day
destroy the~~Fbrests~of to-morrow-
man,     Jovie'  Klenosky,     Annie
Daniel  Boltz,  Andrew
Wood For Sale   ,%   .
Second Hand Pipe, Rails, Mining Cars
" and other Mining Equipment    . .
, Reasonable Prices'
Apply to J. W- Clark, Pacific Hotel
Provincial Taxes for the Princeton
and Kettle River Aisessmen t District for-
nserly payable at Princeton aad Fairview
respecirvely, aie now due and payable on
or before tie 36th of Jane, 1922/at the
PremEcial Collector's Ofnce at Penticton, '1
ac.    .;. -   - ' "  -I
^   - PACI l^t.C
Summer Excursion Fares
To Eastern Points
St. Paul, Minneapolis or'Duluth*
Chicago .
. Detroit ,        .'.'-,._
Toronto . ...
Ottawa  '���-   ~    .
Montreal .     "     .
Quebec X. :        .
St. John , 7'      . . ', ;
Halifax -<mm .
- New York . -   7    . . -: .
$ 72.00
On Sale, May 25 to 31 August. Return Limit 31 Oct.
,    Many optional routes, via Great Lakes or through
California at slightly higher fares. Stopover enroute
Rates -to many other   points.   Details  from any
agent or write , -      ' -
District Passenger Agent, KelsosfB.C.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting %
. of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department ~
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,'Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver, "Copper,   Bluestone,  Pig  Lead  and Zinc
"TADANAC" BRAND 7    . .
Auto Stage twice .dally to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a, m.
For Oroville, Wenatohee ami Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1,50 Each Way.   Hand Baggage Free.    Trtmks Carried.
Express and Heavy Brayine.,      *        Auto's for hire Day or Nisrht
We carry Tires, Oils. Creases. Bay and Grain'
Office Phone 13. "      Residence Phone 3L
When you have something
to sell, put a
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
The charge  is reasonable
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price ot, first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class-to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted corering
only land suitable for- agricultural
purposes . and which is non-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange forVadjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making'
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must malfe im--
provements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, itbefore receiving-
Crown Grant.
..Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, bc
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, - provided applicant"
makes improvement to extent of $300
per. annum and records same each
year. Failure -to make improvements.
or record same will operate as" forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acres cleai-
ed and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding- Crowno Grant"
may record another pre-emption, if he "
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements, made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted-land.     -'       -    .   ���   -
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acresTmaybe leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions."' ""* ���
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding'- 640 -. acres may '��� be
leased.by one person or company. " -.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding - 40 'acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage. ,---���'   *
-Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads* may'be purchased
conditional upon construction bf a road
to them. , Rebate of one-half of cost of ���'
road, not-exceeding half ]of purchase
price, is made.  . - ���'   *  :
The scope of this Act is enlarged to,
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces.; The. time '
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased-pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one"
year from the. death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present war.   Thispriv-
ilege is made retroactive.   < _:
No fees relating to pre-emptions- are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded' after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys ac-'
crued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments,' fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreementsto purchase
town-ortity lots held by members of;
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920. -       ;,.
Provision  made   for  insurance    of
Crown  Grants   to sub-purchasers  of
Crown I^aiids,7" acquiring rights "from
purchasers who failed to complete pur*.
"chase, involving forfeiture,; on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and taxes.   Where sub-purchasers do
not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due~and~taxes~may bedis-"
tributed   proportionately    over  whole
area.   Applications must be made by
May 1,1920.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development'of livestock industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock owners may form
Associations for range management.
Free, or[]partially free, permits for
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
-   A
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $76,177,403; Lode
Gold, 1105,557,977; Silver, $55,269,486; Lead $48,330,575; Copper, $166,393,488;
Zinc, $21,884,531; Coal and Coke, $225,409,505; Building Stone, Brick. Cement,
$34,072,016; Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,210,639; making its Mineral
Production to the end of 1921 show'
An Aggregate Value of $734259,619
Production for the Year Ending December, 1921, $28,066,64-1
The  Mining  Laws* of this Province are more liberal, and tbe fees lower,
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British -
Empire. -    ���'
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees,
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing snch properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by Grown Grants.
Fall information, together with Mining Beports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British CoMmbls,


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