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The Ledge Dec 2, 1920

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Provincial Library
��� y.yx'lXl^':
Vol.   XXVII.
,We have just received a nice assortment of
Xmas��� Goods
We would appreciate a look over before
purchasing  elsewhere
No trouble to show whether you buy or not
No- 21
S��|  Our quick turnover gives our patrons the benefit of the    ~3
*~" x downward trend of to-days markets.
Currants,   Raisins,   Peels.   Nuts, Spices,
0       Cho-long and Chrystalized   Ginger, Etc.
Do your Xmas Shopping At ,v
LEE & BRYAN'S     Phone 46
Full Hue of
Kozy- Koat Mackinaws
Large Assortment oi
Mens   Gloves.   Shirts,   Socks,
Underwear, Mackinaw Pants, &c
I Around Home I
il ty
Jack McKellar is in town from
Beaverdell. <
""Allan  Eustis lias  returned   to
town from Hedley.
Dr. Burnett is spending a few
dajs in Vancouver.
John Skilling", of Eholt, was in
town on Wednesday.
Ewart McMynn, of Midway,
was iu town on Tuesday.
_.. A... J.   Morrison."has returned
from a trip to the coast.
V/m. Walmsley agent at Castle-
gar, has been transferred to
John Thornton, of .Ferry, Wn.,
was yisiting Harry Medill this
week. ���
Spectacles   repaired    or' your_
eyes fitted with new ones  at Mc
The Provincial Elections.
\ The telephone business is now feeling the effects of the stop
page of industry during the war. Equipment has been bard to get
with the result tliat all over the country applications for telephones
cannot be filled. In British Columbia, however, there is practically
no waiting list. The girl at Central is doing her very best to help
out in a difficult situation, and that her efforts are appreciated is
shown by the thoughtful consideration which is being accordered
her.        , - ���      ,
We Claim To Be The Most
Reasonably Priced Store
In The Interior
The First Trial Will Convince You
.    PHONE 17.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. ,List _your Jands
with me,   Have a buyer'for good ranch
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail your watch  for Repair and I will
mail it back.   Charges are moderate.
- For Sale
A most successful and enjoyable
dance was'held at Bridesville on
Nov; .26.
Miss Barbara Jackson, of Midway, was in-town-on Monday and
Drnest Miller, of Victoria, addressed J. R. Jackson's meeting
on Tuesday night.
Select your Christmas presents
now while the assortment is large.
Goodeve's Drug Store.
Order your Christmas Greeting
Cards now. Samples ou display
at Goodeve's Drug Store.
Miss Ethel Royce, has passed
the probationary exams at the
Vancouver General Hospital.
Miss Shillcock, of Kettle Val-
ley, was the guest of her aunt,
,Mrs. F. Buckless, this- week.
The sale of work and dance at
Rock Creek last Friday was very
well patronized and most successful.
As The Ledge goes to press  the
result of Wednesday's vote is still
iri doubt, the latest report being 18
Liberals2   16   Conservative,
aud   6   independent.      The coast
cities went   strong   Liberal,   Vancouver electing 5  Liberals and  1
Conservative; Victoria, 3  Liberals
and   1    Conservative.     Attorney
General Farris election is conceded.
The voting  was   keen  and heavy
throughout   tbe province.    Many
surprises   took   place  and    much
money changed hands.    There are
still seven  places to hear from and
these may change the result one
way or the other.    Hon. Dr. Mac-
Lean was elected in the Greenwood
riding, with 4 polls  to hear from
as well as the   absentee   vote,  but
these  will   not materially change
the result.
The vote as far as can  be obtained is as follows;
Maclieau .Jackson  Pitman
Eholt    .
B'd'y Falls
Rock Creek
J 29
��� 6
285     239
Beaverdell, Christian
Valley and Westbridge polls still
to hear from.
Greenwood  Citizen Highly
-greenwood; sre.���
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. jXhe buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
0 g
Team ot horses and.harness.
Good true pullers, 11 and 12
years old, weigh about 1200.
Cheap for $325 00. J. C. Boltz,
Boundary Falls.
For Sale.
Six  weeks old pigs.    Apply to
D. D. MacLaren, Deadwood.
Shamrock Brands
HAMf  B^CON  and  LARD
Carnation Compound Butter and Cheese
R Burns & Co.,   Ltd,   Nelson, R C
on December ist, I920, the Corporation of the City of Greenwood take charge
of the power and lighting system of the
Greenwood City   Waterworks Company
in Greenwood and Anaconda.   All, accounts due from the above date must be
paid to the undersigned at the City Hall.
City Clerk.
Splendid assortment of Neil-
son's chocolates, both in bulk and
box, just in at Goodeve's Drug-
C. A. Atwood-, of Grand Forks,
was one of the speakers at the
farmers meeting on Tuesday
A. H. W. Crossley, and P. H.
Fox, of the Nelson Iron Works,
Nelson, are on a business trip to
this city.
The bell, organ and other
fittings of-the- Anglican-church,
Phoenix, were moved to Greenwood this week.
A gold sapphire pin, on Dec.'1.
Finder will be rewarded hy leaving same at The Ledge office.
The banking requirements
merchants will receive full consideration by. the officers of this
Bank. Arrange to oben acurrent
account and every banking iaciKty
is assure'* ~ '������
PAID-UP CAPITAL      -       ������      $15,000,000
RESERVE FUND -    ��� ."   - $15,000,000
GREENWOOD BRANCH, U E. Brawders, Manager.
Nothing to do but work,
Nothing to eat but food,
Nothiug to wear but clothes
To keep one from going nude.  ,    ~"
Nothing to breathe but air,
Quick as a flash 'tis gone;        . -   s
Nowhere to fall but off,
Nowhere to stand but on.
Nothing to comb but hair,
Nowhere to sleep but iu bed,
Nothing to weep but tears,
-Nothing to bury but dead. -
Nothing to sing bul songs,
Ah, well!   Alas!   Alack!
Nowhere to go but out,
Nowhere to come but back.
Nothing to read but words,
Nothing to cast but votes,
Nothing to hear but sounds,
- Nothing to sail but boats.
Nothing to see but sight?,
Nothing to quench but thirst,
Nothing to have but what we've got,
,   Thus through life we are cursed.      -
Nothing to strike but a gait,
Everything moves that goes. "
Nothing at all but cornmonsense
Can ever withstand these woes.
���Ben King.
Geo, Hallett, of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce -staff, was
transferred to the Mission Citj
branch on Friday.
H. R. Bidder left on Saturday
for Trail where be, will''be the
Canada Copper representative at
the smelter in that town.
A basket social and dance will
be held in Bridesville on Dec. 3.
Proceeds to go to buying- presents
for school Christmas Tree.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Roberts and
B. P. Hardcastle, of Rock Creek,
were in town ou Tuesday night
to attend Mr. Jackson's meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. Aitkin, of Barrie,
Ont., visited Mr. and Mrs. S. W.
Auger, Eholt road, on their way
to spend the winter in California.
A very pleasant social evening
was spent at the home of Mrs. L.
Bryant last Wednesday when a
large number of ladies were entertained, "500" was played, the
first prize going to Mrs. Thomas
and Mrs. D. McLeod was presented with the booby prize,
amid. much laughter, - - Story,
song and wit was enjoyed by all,
the ladies proving much more
adept at this than mere man. A
iucious supper was served testifying to the cooking of tbe hostess.
The party dispersed at a late
hoar having spent a real good
time and voting Mrs. Bryant an
ideal hostess. -  "
Get your job printing at 1 he
A few days ago a pamphlet was
issued by McGill University giving
the life history of the 24 most distinguished graduates of this great
institution-of learning. - Over 8000
men and women have graduated
from McGill university and to have
che honor of being selected as one
of 24 is a distinction of which any
man might be proud.
The person referred to is the
Hon. Dr. MacLean. The' only
other B.C. man mentioned is A. E.
Foreman at present Chief Engineer
to a large cement company at the
coabt. Among other names mentioned were: Sir William Osier,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Sir Andrew
MacPbail, Et. Hon, O. J. Doherty,
Sir Melbourne Tait and Dean
A-dams. .   _   --
I Western Float{
There are between 6000 and 9000
idle men in Vancouver.
The Okanagan had an onion
crop of almost 600 care this year.
The fruit shipments from Salmon
Arm will total about 100 cars this
Grand Forks will install a siren
Are whistle. The purchase price
is $650.
Okanagan apples won second
place in a horticultural show in
Oregon, last month.
The Japanese population of the
three Pacific coast states now numbers nearly 100,000.
At the recent referendum on the
liquor question in Alberta, the
drys got a majority of 19,248..
Fred E. "Dad" Simpson one of
best known newspapermen of tbe
west died in Kamloops on Nov. 23.
1,500,000 persons passed by the
grave of the unknown soldier in
Westminster Abbey  in one week.
G. M. Binney died in Creston
on Nov. 26. He was iu his 53rd
year and was a familiar figure in
the Kootenay.
Vernon's war trophies have been
placed on fche^ city hall grounds.
They consist of a field gun, a trench
mortar and two machine guns.
Preliminary work on the development of the Bridge River Power
site near Lillooet, is being carried
on. The development will entail
and" expenditure of $30,000,000;
the head will be. 1,600 and 400,000
horsepower will be available. 1
British Columbia is to raise a
85,000,000 domestic loan, the firsfe
one of it3 kind feo be raised in the
province.     The  proceeds   of   the
Mining News
A strike of   high grade ore was -
recently  made in  the Submarine
mine, near Oroville, Wash. "'
^ The Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power company
which owns and, operates the
smelter at Anyox produced 2,293.-
500 pounds in October. In September .,fehe output was 2,239,174
The Society Girl mine afe Moyie
will soon be on the shipping list to
the Trail smelfeer. Thiamine was
reopened last August, after being'
closed for many years. A few
days ago a rich ore shoot was encountered ou this property.
The Mansfield Mining company
operating in the Lardeau. recently
encountered ore which gave assay
returns of $12 a ton. The body is
seven feet wide and wassfernck afe a
depth of 350 feet. Ife lies near the''
main vein, the silver-lead iu which
-is valued at $150 a ton.
A report from The Pas,   Man.,
says.    "The statement of A.  D.'
Hall,  in the Saskatchewan  legislature, that the entire ore body at
Flin-Flon lies in Saskatchewan has
been  disputed  by Professor Wallace, .commissioner   of    Northern
Manitoba.    According to fehe commissioner, 16,000,000  tons  of ore
has been proven  positively, and of'
this, about 82 per cenfe lies in Manitoba.    The mainjhaft of the mine''
is located  in  Manitoba,  and   the
producing end will lie within fehe
boundaries of fehis province,   the
commissioner declares.    He asserts,
that there are great possibilites in
Northern   Saskatchewan,   bat   so
far the development of minerals ia
Northern Manitoba far outclasses
anyfehing.shown across the border
I^ hWi-H,.b�� USedJW "g��0d"^ Iin'era��erEefehTnkX-feo-lhe-facfe
and  buildmgs,  and  extortions to capital has nofe been expended to
I. S. Danoff,. of Rock Creek,
and E. W. Kingsley, of Bridesville, applied to His Honor Judge
Brown on Nov. 24th for natural-
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. McLennan,
and Commander Lewis, of Rock
Creek, were among those who
spoke at Mr, Pitman's meeting
in the Masonic Hall on Tuesday
Deputy Provincial Secretary J.
L. White has been appointed by
the provincial government to be
clerk of the legislative assembly,
an office filled for nearly 40 years
by the late Thornton Fell, K. C,
who succumbed suddenly during
last session pf the legislature.
Mr, White was appointed deputy
provincial secretary two years
ago following the retirement of
A. Campbell Reddie. He was
prior to his appointment as deputy
carrying, on his' profession 'of
druggist in Greenwood.
Willie Richter, the eight-year-
old soil' of , Wm, , Richter of
Os_oyoos, was discharged from
the hospital and left for his
home Saturday. Willie was the
sickest patient thet has ever recovered at the Oroville General
Hospital. He was confined in
that institution with pneumonia,
under the care of Dr. Einer for
two months, and for half of that
time was unconscious. He came
out of the hospital almost a
skeleton, but ' he is gaining
strength steadily and in a short
fehe University of British Columbia.
The New York Herald, in an
editorial recently, said that the
United States is being outbid in all
parts of the world by Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Japan
and other countries, because fehe
wages scales ia fehe" United States
are too high and labor efficiency
too low.
A remarkable crop of potatoes is
reported from Westholme, Vancouver Island, where Alfred Richards secured from six acres no less
than one hundred tons and five
sacks. Aboufe fewo tons of this
yield was-under-marketable-size."
The varieties grown were Eureka.
Sir Walter Raleigh and Jones'1
Rather an unusual eight was
witnessed on the streets in Blairmore a few days ago says the
Enterprise. Four lumberjacks,
who had been down from fehe
camps for a few days, stood, talking, and each had a black left eye,
won in a scrap the night previous.
One thing about lumberjacks, they
believe in treating everybody alike.
A report from Ottawa states
that fehe cabinet council has approved "a series of forms for taking
the next Dominion census���the
sixth���on June 1, 1921. The form
provide for census of population,
manufacturing, trading and business establishments, farnn and
farm products, with schedules for
the blind and deaf mutes, absentee
family, cards, enumerators' oaths,
Many farmers still think it advisable feo change their seed grain
every fewo or three years. In the
light of the work done by the various experimental farms of Canada,
this practice has nothing to recommend ife, while on the contrary,' it
has been shown that there are distinct advantages in not changing
seed. By the use of a good fanning-
mill it is quite -possible to use the
same grain year after year on "fche
same farm and maintain its pro-
dactivitity, provided that tbe grain
is seeded early each Eeason on
well-drained, fertile soil. The
seed should nofe be blaimed for
poor farming,  which ia most ire
Ledge,  before the paper   is all time wiil again be in his normal quenfely lhe cause
health,���Oroville Gazette. j dissatisfaction.
of the farmers
any   great    extent in   Northern
Saskatchewan and to the lack of
information of tho discoveries in
that territory.
The gross value of the production   frooT the   Mandy   mine  in
Northern  Manitoba in   the  tlfarpr
years of its operation  amounted t. ���
$2,617,320,   according   feo   figure
given oufe by G. R. ^Bancroft, man
ager of the mine.   .The  mine has
yielded 25,000 tons of high grade
chalcopyrite,  he   said.     This ore
averaged  20 per cenfe copper, and
So a ton in gold and silver.    The
value_o_fJhe__producfe-deIivered -at -
fche emeiter at Trail in 1917, was
$233,025;  in   1918,   $527,515;   iri
1919, $655,099; and the  estimated
value for this year,   $601,679.    It
is estimated   thai.  180,000  tons of
ore   that   will   run   aboufe five to
eight per cent copper, 20  to 30 per
cent   zinc   and   gold   and   silver,
valupd  at $5  a ton,   if lefe in the
mine still.    As this tonnage ia not
of a sufficiently good grade to warrant its shipment to  Trail, it will
likely   be   treated   at   a   smelter
which  may bo constructed by the
Flin Flon company, whose mine is
only three miles from, the Mandy
Trail Ore Receipts
- During the week ending Nov.
21, 1920, lhe Consolidated Mining and Smelting company received
10,664 tons of ore afe its smelter
in Trail. The receipts sre as follows:
Bluebell, Eiondel   "
Bnnyan, Lake Windermere
Canada Copper, Allenby
Emerald, Salmo
Helldriver, Lake Windermere
Horn Silver, Similkameen
Josie, Rossland -  ,
Knob Hill, Republic
North Star, Kimberley
Providence, Greenwood
Ptarmigan, Lake Windermere
Rambler, Cariboo
Velvet, Velvet
Whitewater, Retallack
Company Mines
A Newspaper Han's Reply
"He who fctsitates i�� lost"
"Yon can si ways Iry our lost
and found column," ^
.am   xjijuaa,   gsbenwood.   b.   &;
���  BY  ���
Printed    by    Special
meats   with   Thos.
Toronto, Ont.
Thc dogs, which had risen to stand '
for a  tense moment  with  rigid  mus- '
clcs, resumed their former position in
the  corner,  white  fangs    bared    and
neck bristles erect. '
Sagawa, the Algonquin, broke thc ,
silence with a question. j
"Why has White Hawk, your j
broth, r, hidden himself from thc eyes [
of his peopl ?" he asked ficic.ly, i
turning liis blazing eyes on thc half- ;
breed. !
"How am I to know dat?" flashed i
Dai bo suspiciously. '
The     Indian     turned   towards   tlic
forest, and stood, his long arms folded across his massive chest, his grave ���
eyes   gazing  b yond   tlie   star-str wn
skies    above    thc    silent    tamaracks.
Darbo  silently   moved   a  lit'l     closer
to the dogs.     Dalton crouched above
the   spluttering  smudge,    his     hands
clench_d, his^hcavy jaw set, his dark
face twisted in an ugly frown.      The
other  white  man,  who  had   resumed
his   scat   on   thc   stool,   watched jind
waited,   an   enigmatical   smile   on" his
lips.      The AlgoiTquin  turned slowly j
��    and  again   fastened  his   eyes   on   the
...    "The forest is big and its trai's lead
always, somewhere,"  lie said   drama-!
tically.      "Thc springs of the  wood-���
land arc many, but, always, there is a,
lake into which thcy empty.      When
'   hatred  burns  in   the   soul,   the  heart
follows  the red    trail.      The    forest
trails are hidden in a mist; thc \vlii c
���streams arc frozen; a blood-red  trail
stretches away t'o Somewhere.     It i.s
��� so  when  we  hate.      Sagawa  knows, j
He has followed such trails.      And at |
the  end is vengeance.      Three times
lie has sought for the end of thc red j
trails, thr. e times has he tasted vcn-l
geance,    so    that    thc old woodland
trails,  the white  ribbons  of streams^
thc    star-dotted    roof of his hunting-'|
ground might lose tlie red mist that
grew from hatred.
"But," hc said, his voice growing
deeper, "Sagawa has never killed save
in fair fight. Foot to foot and shoulder to shoulder with his. enemy, he
has fought and killed, and afterwards
tried to forget the red trail, tried to
remember only the old trails and
streams.      But   .    .    ."
He ceased speaking and stood with
lowered head.      "White    man    may
forget altogether," he continued gently.    . "Half-b c d may remember b'lt
one half; but Indian-���"    Hc straightened up and his eyes flashed.     "It is.
.' always  ha-c," -he/cricd, .;striking-'his.
breast, '-'and .the.''rcd7:iiiist,;ts  always.j
there".   ..He.-   pointed7  0u.twardi.v7t0>
...where the stars' were-.drooping-.lower
.   . oyer: Hit. forestXXiX-XZXyXXXiyyXX'
���������' '��� ���  Once niorc/JiC'/lookcd/'sfe
7 :thc:'cyc.s'pf.thp7lialfJ)rced/'.7;;^777-7\r.V;:;-
".'.- '���';������. ''Atid/^iowVSagawa' '^g'aiir-stts/'tiiir
. y-.' red, trail;���;s.ti^.'tchin'g~'h.crbss.:tliE.:Up:laiidI:;
.'���'���.'/growing: r.c'd4ch-r:artd^.dc'ep'cf,'-'.:an';ti.'''aiH7,
;.:'���;'ing.. to-him 7tp/follow/it;-;/ /Eroiii/the
'^.-'ySvhit.c-^Uroihcr.vfellj.-'slioHfrqiii h'hind
yXbyi. s b inft / id ri 5 in yV": "t (i .g: \ t r Ei i 1. ;jh a-s v; x;-t"-l 1 "--��� d-."
7;7;7Tiic/7' agcci/Ztrapper/' was.-.. Sa'gawa'.s
X;X ricnd.7:/^H essayed;7 Sa'ga\\'^;f;rb.iir riiic.
"77'.::;.Ra'pids,.:'man.y..moons./a'gpy. /'./He/fed
Xy. liim ^w.h]bjC:-iieV''\\"a^
;v7whcn;Sagawa:7was'si:Qk; wUh/ffty&rj/liis
Xi.yTig;. d7:'Whi'te7::'.lJ.r��iiiiGr; vw.atclVed/^b.fsiifc
���;. 7 Hiiii /and;7n\reg:cd\hinv.7bs;e;li.;to7.,hcaHhi
:.y\XHf{y..'���'vyixs ',: "7a y."good;/ mah;/;;/:;7ljG/7wai;S.
7,'. .:;5agawa's/bf otiiSf^^'Sa^a^a/iwhoAhas
X: XioXldy-ci:. th'6. rcdvtrai.^'ijiauy7- d^yk/aricl
." ;:7.:riight's;7iiv.-Vai��i,.;gPC.s^ft.e nid're/tp/fo]^
yZlovX itXyi.QnXmOyXinX:X^X^^:PX}yM-
:���'v 7g^zc: ��� tbpk~'inw the ��� ��fac'e, pf 7eachv;marf
. Xi: p rv'Scri;tv;.';-7 T:h��n /he '������ Xv:a&-^0ncXy;yxr:xy
���''������"/Ed r-. thc.jspaffie[:ig Xy:yminXCcyiq':hiyX:.
Zyiiti g��� die- Algonqii jit's /dc'pa i::tur'cVsih?fl��c
XX fel.hpn;7t!ic"three7in//th/q/U:abiri:A;-B;il7
���'���'^������;'sihttd.�� c. ���and'-stcod/alrdvc ��jr/bec/-//.-
X.xli'fL ::askc(l7iii7(jntinbiis- tpiipS7'\-7^'Gbi}j;dy:l7
".:.-' .������sp'^k"fub;;-'did:,;ybti '���"';��� '&ifXyy���;y^^;-h.
'������ ���Likd/;a/.ila|li> thc;ialf-brc^d^'sji]jpie'^7|v
���������; y f rQiir:; hi sz/sXotAy. an d;7 b;ick7 e cl/gb elw/- cil'
��� ���.������,th&//al;��rt;:.^
. 77;corner:,///���yxyyyZyyxxxyXyyyyxyyyy
i XX: X"Kir cpf^away/jf rpim^
XX'' Yoiwtp'uch !};ne,V--ai0"ji:. isiclc/dcse'/dpg/
7 V/.pn/''$o'Ui'|;--'!./;^ft^
Xy /of/ tlfc'. :liusifi'eft vcre|/tva7;ji ttl^^rwardd
'���:���'��� ^crqiifthiirg^bcl ^y^lp\V;7ahjd^i^ii^?:tptrguer{.
;���/: i .1 i c ki n,'g/;h s XXX p iKey XjnwxXyXXXZxZX'XyA
X-Z vou tp' .bits^^iT^kivb^L-^'YQn^krtp^ff;^
:iy, ��� .���: ^'���'j'yj.'ia't^
Xy a:\ffru fevok^'^th
X X; 7/.]}?dt div/tiifiiEd^ (X:
7 7-;v fi a sii^.d 7;7:'Sgfoss - ��� Jft^^
���''���/; ^/rCs^C'dpIo^^
: ZZpfrtpXX&xxiyx^yyyy
Xr - i'XJ&$oiZii'G)yg&y^^
������'- spc'a!:^r;:/''jtist;/:iri'/7tm
,:V: 4 riii Jfi ii^;7flifd.vi'^'W
Xy yytii n% i; to 7s rd!H;'h i S-Vf 1 ���' es^bfft.fti.&^ijiocaiisfe.
���..���:��� 1;7 7ti;s7:;7d^li01Siyj3diii:axti'AvU
f;.:'.;'Tliis" js'.'Mfc^rhl^lc
'������::,. '^nd;\y.ayi;ri'g.''in7S^
C Xiwenty^eigiftt ;-^ears^^
/7;.:Glps0}y; i'-trpp p^^:Ii"M4.7:Sn47Jbtffc;$acg;;-:
:; ^let^H'is.'.ysman.^ey^
���X :';ilyrbii|liehw��5^��lSd^ ���]'.
.^���..'..-hefpl^Mmw^d -���,. ���������}
xxi -'Ypffiii ^4^^JO^^^f^?'-.^i:^^*
"Just ' what    the    'ell's wrong, Abe?
Your face is black as a cloud."
"Nothing," Dalton answer.d; "only
Sagawa, the Algonquin, has hit the
red trail again. Old Man Farncy's
killer is going to get his sure."
Gregg took a chew of tobacco, and
champed meditatively for a second or
"Well, what of it?" he asked.
"What of it?" echoed Daltonrhis
dark skin flushing. "You ask that!
You act as though it were no news to
you, Gregg."
"WeU'for that matter, it isn't. I
knowed it all along. Factjs, I was
up thar, at Cove Haunt, the day
Daddy Farney was buried, an' I overheard the Injun tellin' Dorkin what
he intended to do. I was close
enough fer that, all right, and close
1 nough to hear that limb-of-thc-dcvil,
Danny Farney, promise his dead
father he'd even things up with you.
Seems the kid thinks you had something to do with the killin'," he
chuckled.      "Did  ye?"
Dalton turned on liim quickly, an
ugly  scowl blackening his  face.
"Well, you have a lot of nerve," hc
growled, "to ask me that question;
but you've got nerve enough for
most anything. Some day onc of
your awkward questions is going to
get you into troubl \ I mean that,"
as Gregg laughed shortly. "Just remember, wlun you're up here, you're
in bad man's land, savey? So," he
clenched his fist and lowered his
voice,���"don't you get starting any-'
.thing you can't finish or you'll get
planted samc as Old Alan Farney!"
Onc of the other men spoke.
"Would yc mind g vin' us our orders
chief, whatever they  are?" ho  asked.
There are as many different varieties of tea as
of roses���but only ONE
Red Rose Tea.
Red Rose is a blend
of about a dozen varieties of teas, chiefly
hill-grown ASSAMS
������ the richest and
strongest teas grown.
The skilful blending of
these teas produces the
delightful and distinctive
Red Rose flavor.    .
The rich, strong ASSAM leaves in the Red
Rose package are so full
of tea essence that three
teaspoonfuls go as far as
five of ordinary tea.
I   want   to   get
"I'm   dead   tired,   an
back to iny cabin."
"Right ye are, Harry," put in the
somewhat discomfited Gregg. "But
first, Abe, maybe you'd enlighten us
as to how this Indian Sagawa's goin'
out on thc red trail is goin' to affect |'
our plans?" I
"How docs a drowned rat in a milk-
pitcher affect  the  porridge?" sn:rled
Dalton.     "I tell you it's going to play
thc vcry devil with  our plans, that's
what it's going_ lo do.      That Algonquin and Dorkin are as   thick   as    a
couple of marooned  toads on  an   island, s"o I've learned, and ycu can bot
your    bottom    dollar,   if  he's   Injun
enough   to kill   the  murderer of  one
friend, he's Injun enough to do it fori
another ,evcn if^hc has to call out his '
whole  damned  tribe from the  Basin I
of White Water, to help him.   You'll!
admit he's too strong for us.     That's I
why l'\p tried to g t him with us."
He   'ceased    speaking and glanced i
from facc to face of thc men grouped about  him.      "Old man 'Farncy's
death has put' Dorkin wise to cv ry-
thing," hc went on impr. ssively, "and
with him wise to everything, it's not
going to be so easy for us to raid his
Preserve.      Wait���"    as    Gregg    attempted     to    sp:ak.      "Wh n   I   gel-
through you can have vour say. I've
gone to a lot of trouble to plan this
thing, and it means money tp  cvery
man of us���and morc than money to
two of us"���he added, flashing a look
at the big man jby tlie tabic.
:,:"But Dorkin  is  sure; to be::, on  his
,giiai-d:7ribw,:7ahd' willf look .'after -liis
owhyyiYbii^" all7:knp\v77.;hiiri;777'Now','
.thcn'v-.what are .wc' gbing::tp:do?;:That's
7fiic.;:.qtustidn'.'.'XX-Xyyyy ryy-yy y..yy.
y :-ZDa:.bo;:h'ad7 crcpt-:'out7 frpiii'3ctwccn\
���.tlic .prp.te'c.tin'g'duisk.'ds, ���aii'civ'spiiietliin'jj'j
gct;^drlah',"h:cinm;" :h^
;7,. ���: VY^i7'7':ni eaii'7:-.shop
;G:r.cgg,-7witliya''.gnu7:.;7^.:77.7 ;��� v7.:v.77777J
/\:"Ma'ybc7soi;p.!^^777���,'7V,. yXyZyx'ryyX
���r-Tiic .:'hali-brccd"-pic^
Iciii fcf f rbt.ii7 tto -flpp if ���;and;.;mad3.7a7s!ge;f
7riinbjih;t'- 'gcsturc.Tj ���v7'T;|'Rbse'.''\ hc-saidj
)Vi.Ui7 a:-Uee-r:;:7'-Ab^
.'FyLxvidyXyyii Xi^yyi. i.yXX-XXXXtfXy.yi
';: 7H,b;7;vlauglied ^^."liut^iipbpdy7'joined;
iliim.;;"'yyX Xyy.XyXy���;'yXXXZiyXXXy/[
7a'; fi u lye 17 ;shbplc7 liis v :h niS-n y 711 rin s7. as;'
7 ''"Whaf.:.- ypu^^gbiu^Opydb-?"': cri^d-
7Grcgg^.in7valariri;'7:^77-77.7;i7;7:7ijfe:' y".yy
��� wh ^ t$ y e:a ch :��� dvtq'gi VC7I Hiti'"eye,i7;Si.irc; c
7t,.fi:rs 17s et:;cy cs';Pa; liis^sn aky^f HfyX ah ^
��� Ip>N^7;a^'.;^gpiiig.yb;iS.K ;shdVge c
..;iiip ;ilo-;i;i::v7:.7: Yqiv --li qar7f7:.me';:vaiid;,;;,7l3y
.if'���'J.,,a;J.l.p;\y; aii;;Inj.0iT:;'tcx7ca!Ifnie;4-:imiir.-':
Iii.?sv777 H.':7thc7fc7mfei��e;;a^m
Ked Rose Coffee is as
generously good as
Red Rose Tea
Home-Made Electricity
Generating Electricity From the Air
By Means of a Dynamo.
Great interest is being taken in the
invention of electrical instruments for
thc use of dentists and surgeons, and
in this connection it'is permissible to
refer to thc world-widfc curiosity
which'is felt relative to /the claim
made by Dr. Eugcn Stcinach," of the
University of Vienna, that he can restore youth to thc aged by "the X-ray.
The   full   merits
are yet  to
Wealth of Canada
Makes Debt Easy
Governor-General Says Undeveloped
Resources Run Into Billions.
"The developed wealth of Canada
has been estimated" at various
amounts between eighteen billion dollars and twenty-five billion dpllars.
The estimated developed - wealth pf
the United States is put at three hundred billion dollars. The United-
Statcs has still enormous natural resources, but so also has Canada, and ���
the latter are, as yet, almost wholly
untouched. If scientific research
could be applied to the development
of these respurces there would bc, in
ten years, not twenty-five billion dollars of developed wealth, but something nearer onc hundred billion clol-
lars and this would make the present
debt of thc'Dominion, which is about
two billion dollars, an exceedingly.
easy burden, and render it possible to !
pay^il oil in a few years." I
This   was   thc   assertion   made   by;
His Grace the Duke    of    Devonshire'
when he addressed the Royal Canadian* Institute at Toronto on the subject of research. The governor-
genera! said that while the principal
features which had impressed him
were, the growth and development of
Canada's industries and resources,
mining, fishing, water-power, etc., and
the strides which have been madc in
so short a time, he could not .but
wonder what its possibilities are.
"It is striking to note how relatively small portion of the Dominion is
now served by any railway," hc said,
"and yet wc have every reason to
believe that thosc vast regions,
stretching away beyond the Arctic
Circle, possess possibilities of the
highest value."
Makfe your
v ...
light   food
Put a spopnful of Bovril into yours- soups,
stews and pics. It will
give them a delicious
ncw sayouriness, and
you wi'l bc able to get
_all the nourishment
you require without
making a heavy meal.
For German Propaganda
Country Agreed to Use Coal Money
I    Turned Over by France for Food
j ������'__ and. Raw Materials.
!     Most    of   thc 200,000,000 francs in
gpld paid mpnthly to    Germany "by
France under the Spa coalf agreement
since last July has been diverted to
propaganda purposes and to pay British   creditors,  according   to   information received in French official circles.
These    payments,    made in  return
! for deliveries, of    promised    coal,    it
j was    agreed    by Germany, would bc
! used  to buy food to  ameliorate  the
' conditions of the coal miners, so that
thcy    would    be    physically able to
j maintain the output and also  to buy
! raw materials.   A large portion 'of thc
[ money was paid' through the  British
clearing house in Berlin for eventual
1 delivery      to      Germany's1      British
Canadian War
Memorial in France
Potato Harvest of 1920
Total  Value  of  Canadian Crop Estimated at $134,693,000.
Thc  potato  harvest  for thc  whole
of Canada is ^represented by 13S.527,-
000 bushels  from an  area  of 784,544
;icrcs,   as  compared   with   125,574,900
of  this   treatment i bushels    from-7 818,767 acres'in  1919.
bc  determined,  as  is   thc j The average yield per acre for 1920
efficiency of. the patent taken out by | is 176 1-2 bushels, which compares
young Edward M. Hubbard, of Scat-j witli 153 1-2 bushels last year and
tlc^ for thc process of generating'! w.th 146 bushels, the decennial aver-
elcctricity from the air by means of j agc for thc period 1910-19. By prov-
a dynamo weighing only forty, inccs, the yL-ld pcr acre of potatoes
pounds. Hubbard saysjiis invention I is well ovcr the decennial average
will revolutionize the uses' of electri- j throughout the -Maritime Provinces,
city in thevhome, office, etc., for by j Quebec and Ontario. 'In the western,
it every householder shall bc. able... to.j provinces the yi Id-per acre is below
i.nalce."his own 'lu'at 7fpi" ��� cooking- and
hpus'cV'lica'ti.hg:'aiid. shall be'-dependent
oii np thing, 'b'ut7air.: for..liis7siippiies.'.
';.'71 ii': I t'aly,. an' 'exchange -says','- a 7si in i-,
average for Alanitoba, .Saskatchewan
and ���'���.British'..- Columbia;''., biit' is-5 above
average for'-Albcrtx.' ���.'" In -Manitoba,
t:he-:.'.ppta.to-:-scaspn-.:lias liccr. .partici:
1:4S ���'Iv.4:.bu"s.lielsy-th'c-'de7ceiii.n
tus'-;tlcscribed-rf's:v;a'utcriiraeShearing7- a7
retroactive7:;,-e.ol.!ceto tb'-l-.-i-a*
sjjeci'al7tftinsform(rXXs vactcd-upbtr- by
Iii7-Albcrta- the -yicld^i's 'rifyu bushels;
aSi'cbiTHiai'cd \yl.tli;'179.<3^4j bushels, l.asf
Edifice As a Permanent Residence for
Fifty Scholarship Students From
A complimentary project, thus far
only projected, brought the Hon.
Philippe Roy to Canada again recently... This embraces thc erection in
Paris, as a war memorial to Canadians who fcH in Frai.cc, of an edifice to bc known as "La Alaison des
Etudiahts Canadicns" as a permanent
residence of fifty scholarship' students
from Canada. Such a residence, it is
claimed, apart from .its sentimental
interest, is a necessity for the entire
success of, thc scheme, as the $1,200
allotted lo each student barely covers
the requirements. The prbject has
been received enthusiastically in Paris
and thc Government of France has
donated a suitable site for the build-^
ing. An influential committee, to
further its general airiis,*" has been.
! formed, including Marshall Foch, Ex-
President .Poincaire, the Minister of
Education and Fine Arts, and a host'
of renowned litterateurs and savants.
A ladies' auxiliary of high distinction
has also been chosen.
This memorial, it is estimated, will
cost $500,000 and is the most adequate
kind of monument to the heroism-of
those Canadians buried in France. Of
the sum-required $60,000 has already
been raised by thc Canadian ..colony in
Paris, and. the- remainder could no
doubt easily'be collected in Canada
from its wealthy, men.. -This, however, it'..is thought,..would deprive the.
project of-its .national-character,, ahd
'it :is7intcrided. to secure' al large riiim-
:bc'r,bf.-s''niallsubscriptiohs-:instead, of-a
ibmparati.ycly -small; number;- Pf largo7'
���oncs*;;.>:���'�����'. :V{: ���'..'; ":'     -l-: 7-;'; Zyy"-- '��� vVvl'v^
Great Britain Paying Debt.
Advices to the Montreal Gazette
say that an arrangement has been
completed between the British Government and Canadian banks by
which thc indebtedness of Great
Britain, amounting to $150,000,000,
will be paid off within thc next ycar
and a half in monthly installments.
For thc six months, beginning November J, which installation has already been made, the monthly payments will bc $5,000,000 each, and for
thc next ycar $10,000,000 per month,
thus wiping out the debt by May,
Land Pays for
ltielf in One Year
Striking Example of What Can Bo
Accomplished    On   Western
Canada Farms.
The low price of good land in Western    ��anada    is onc of the chief-at- '
tractions  to thc farmer in older' settled communities such as the eastern ���
and middle-west statcs where similar"
land    costs    ten  times as much and
vcry   often   cannot   be   purchased   at
any figure.
It has been repeatedly pointed out
that thc cheaper land of Alberta or
Saskatchewan will produce just as
heavy crops of grain as will that cost-
hand. Chas. Gray purchased land
at Manville in Central Alberta for $38 '
an acre. Hc has just shipped his first
crop to market. At the current market price of wheat his landjias yielded him at the rate of $66 an acre���
almost twice what was paid for thc
land from the first crop.
ing  upwards  of $300  an   acre,
example of1 this /has    just    come
There are no trccs-on thc Falkland
dc^^u^expU^n.: ..7
iri^iiipyisC^xfitcdX-iXZXxZXyXyyyXy y
yyjyst.:--:. im.agin7c; Xfif e.:' :isa tSfactiprv-ISi
;-yi;7ic!7 :is 7i$4;73r4;;:bus.iieisj per- abr^bri-
"The Mincemeat
With A Punch'"
It has all the old-time flavor, made from a celebrated Engl'sh
Formula that has been handed down from generation to generation. TRY IT. ' It may cost a few cents more but it is
worth it as it is made from the FINEST ORIENTAL
Just Imagine
The delicious preserves you' would make if you could walk out into "an orchard o!
One Thousand  Acres  of   ripe,  luscious  fruit,  m  the  pink of  condition,  picking only
the 'Choicest,   using   nothing,  wilh   it  but   pure   cane   sugar,   and   if,  in  addition,   you
had  the nioit  scientific  machinery  to  tuin  it out���Don't you think your   lam would   J
bc  just  about  perfect?    1hir   ii   iust  how l
X EX D��  SMITH & SONS, Limited
They   were^'the   first   to   nuke   Pure   Jams   in   Canada,   and   are   still   leading
in. popularity.     Try  a  tin   of   their  new   seasons  strawbeny.     It  is   delicous.
.Ask  your Kroner  for E.   D.   Smith's Jams with  the Mrple  Leaf label.
E.;:7D.:^mitft:.&: Sons, Limited   ^^^ S^ario"""
Donald H. Pain Co.,
���'Oil: ^BbBrigrTb;7:Coritiriue .'��� Ali77Wihter |: .!J^��^~
���''���'���(Oft:'b'0'r-iiig^0perati0ti$-���������arc'.to 1)c;;;catv
;'ri:eci/;pii7all Jvuvte-r-4iv'^
;l%teliCAya'n^by/7lfli7i:i^7p.f l;Ii:<i'7I.mpcnai;7
'������y.yy.xyyyy-  Xx;yyy'r-  ������.-���'���."..      Western   Distributors
^Watson'"&��������� Truesdale,:'!Wirhipe(r, Ilegina and Saskatoon, Sask.
���;.:7J . . -vCalffarv  and  ��d:nonton,  Alta.
 ....         ..  .,.tUc^Pw'ttf^
W^bp/Cfl3l-^ "	
;tP' vl>aN';'-7:^!is.i^y^d^ 	
':;x.XiyiXXX���.XXyiXX-XXXi XXZ-iyZZX-ii\: 19.19,7;tivc :pr'icc XXXX-ijUttsKct'^Triyiig'ing
con 1paoy^ifct lic-7\y.es't7cxccpt7t>vp'7Uia.t.'
RTci; in^tFort-l^p^laivlocality fiii; ;ili:^
Severe sfQ^/rWin'ter^Ppci'aHjoni^--vCbiVv
Ainiraii^^'/pf-^lferiii^-jii {.tlic/ southern'7
��dar-:tlVvV:.^wt^g:c:;7pxic:e7 pen"; Tj i 1 s It el
is^/a^Verjr;/IinpqiS&t'';;��7 Merits; jis7;ag;a;in s t'957c.ciTts .1a;sf ��� fSif;
JtiVd^t)! 11 ej::��� oXoXf J|e pyV. ^^^X^X 1^X^X10^
;��� :'7 ���'!:I J1 h;�� s e c/5>y 611-yy ���; coiin
oS^Vu-Up! J y pMi'feity*<fe? U'rftl i n ^byifii] iiy. ���
;IiMj^u��|:V!ii^iMn (17sp|ijiit;7tlT^;fe'|ifp./;
'f/el l-;7;|p,;7 ri &y;i^Xq X^i^Xxici^^'XiXMi.
>i ji^.{ :1 r-i i 11;-:-3ti Jtiv:=;^i t^y^t^i i>'s;-.i li7n fe v!Vt;/'S Cra. (^c-l c3
^!iS7J>gtig^[7;aiifi- -s yrXXX. XX XXyX��fXXr'\yXy.
ryiyyyyyyf.pnRsre/tPiWi'!; :1fi^;/t^iiic!u6:,:7;i:i
;Wv;ee!i^t;li e:{giipvc-lU:n
;;7-;'TJiftrS^ HpaW;0f7-&
pvtr. :���'������: |^b\^'to'^e'hfrii;7;tp7ife
tff";-d^/--about/faidiri:g'; ]37oi?kJn:'s::;:'f?re-;7
XXvciX.       Xxx-y xy .,. '. Xyy.yyyy'
���rXi&rgggyr��yfyyti; 7r��Sp;i"tjt;^n':;'fils; tpnesH-
a'lisivcK&fe u'\V'Ii^' ^vfi;''Hriuitl;;7i:t ;pft;:Ml��
triirilcy", ;C*!py ^isii'l'^qu-lfaS^^tov^'oPn?.'
ttid.7    The AXgrxmyibyti- lJ.a5,.:-g:.B|ie-'-o,ut'C
oil iu&'mahflirifftj j^bii: say;/- An^rigiit,
"we*!J -dp it :wli'ih: lift'sxgotrfe''' ; ...   'XX;
���" ��� "Wli.-t-t do yo.ii' ttiink,. ��� M'i-.. ��� Timber*
IcXy asked. Dsl't'on'.. ���      ...... -,-��� 7
' yfy-yX'  ��� (Tp- be', coiitiriticd)'    '_'���*"������
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iii'tci; l^ffiuKlalSi:^
'estv;H��edsr��ii7}/.^;tetiiV!.i^  _
iii ini.s sn/^&V'Ktflji{/ffiS77c
wter.iZiri;;77aj:7;^ ' A
^f;r:6 lii/iM&r''iy^St^
fef;al-7-iiui:i:i;a5;.,:l'p| ;iiier w^ *S ii^ ^.it'i^i ix^ive Vt JC/tl.c-��
;t}^ifc %;iTiw7;j>cQ.i ife
g;ri|i|iib;'v; ^^i^XZ^oyXXKiXX^/fo rfe%��
7,i s /-7:ti it; fXy tvilt igrt'p'.p tell ifc/cqi ftfiiV'vtett d
:S.ticc;css;in; ::Ptl1fir:/pla;ees:.'iiv. tlic7"cp.ui:se
���QXxihy.vrmiXyrXX.XXyiXiyX'XiXXZyXy- X...
Xyrrhe /Viking; Blood
���.'������Mr.-;.Wallace writes "sea-'stories with
���.thc/fifleHty^'of-.a���:Dana and-.thc lui.nor
;;.of'.'a'Captaiir Mai-rya.ttV/In'.this abiOi b-
ing.'.iiovcl 7he ..'describes.;;.-.wiih
������great''7.v.C!;'vev7nnd.--fresiiiicss'. the
.kind" /of ������'advi'iifurous'- l!.fe/.\vhicii
.���.���faIls-,it'o''tlie..'.io.f'of., tlipusa'tuls "of
: the; hardy;'- breed- "���.of-""sai!ors-7;in
���'the -Maritime:Pro,vince..''.', Cloth
^m75y;.yy:y^yyy.yyy _
"Buy a
a Week"
^V/vBaisy/j JSers^.l��-<
7 'Irtgcr.soll...lias.< proven himself a mas-
..���7tcr."bi:7roinance'. in-'t!iis7.unu'sually vivid
/��� dcscn'p.tioif-.pf'v-Westera'/life.'.vThc story
: "..is/orig:irial7.ahd7 fresh,', a'ncl'a^rci'iark.iblo
��� vcpnibinatipn' -hf-'realism:''aind.'.'iomancc,
7,{till "bf-:gnijp.iiig..and;.-,unu.sual ^situations.
/^Glbtli/$i5s.'Vi.^^"';/.:;/ iyXy.
ZX~iixXrXi.:XZXX:X;.yyyXX;fArT all booksellers
ry Xy Rpuiriamii, E'tiys *Erigihes-.'.' iyry.
-//ftoiufiania; is'xbiiyiii'g;.: 'several ���.. 'Jj'un-
di;ad/,toc\\Kdpj:pni;pfi;ves;. ��� acc'pr'cl.in'fi;';-to.
��l ^NP^fC^ilP^i^ed.;7' ���ii.cs.t&./'.fi ppni.;}7Eradc.|
Gmijmis'sidtti;rSj\^.:/3?: /^Vilgrts^'/Svlip-V
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,sfti? jy^/^"f^:H.curctccl77rU il Nyay^^fjiilp liveirt;.
Every Man for Himself f
There  is  lomance,  humor  and  color
aplenty,   with  a  good  healthy  tang of
the open  air of Canada about this enthralling   novel.   Tlie   charm   of
the   outdoors,   thc   intimacy   of
Canadian   politics,   and   the  extraordinary    type   of    Canadian
heroine, make ;t a difficult stoiy
to tear one's self away from so
long as thcre-is-another-chapter-
to icad.      Cloth $1.75.
Denirsfrn Grant"
A delightful stoiy of the Wed as
clear and fiesh as sunrise on the
prairie, with a dash of the Hast for
contrast; an intensely human story of
men anil women as big in spirit as
thc big out-of-doors in which thcy l:ve;
a timely story too, that piods at the
loots of today's problem���you will enjoy "Dennison Grant."      Cloth $1.75.
;^jEpllS��g^|gpK CO., Ltd., Publishers, TORONTO
;�� iT J lie/vt Sj^fe^S^ap e 1/: ;q f ?1.11 �� vw-o rl d i;i n7
ilfoHtf Sio fv.s7c i_iHrul:Vt vyori^ K1 i s//t h eUN brXsZy o ��
;i^l:/wjf tv^ i)w7;^ i|^g^
���sXaty ?:7a 1XiiiZXo'sf Je,n; X f ;.^ij! tix/^li;rt 117Qiv;-7ie ii-^
:jEy7"bc7/ptj&tSsSi7 rc�� /tfiftsc;7^i,ii;a;liliesi;
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sfedl. ZXyXr:'Ifea'&'iK/Jiri dtis tQ;piisp-f&;e;
fraiJi- daseas^jand/wiiii vsuffic1do:t 'tsapi^
; ^/^^lijjp^Ji t^l 1 el^^^^irie r iyi^^r csid eit t^
;f harder, j/a^-JptiliGrKd^
:dgub tj\vti 11; ;b(;;Ustd;:a s/an /^ttgum eiiti-tb
ifirp.ve'ij^tZf^ni^XXc^iSi^0f0in3^. ���
?cyip, rhg disg^fc/'^^^lye^';?} fc|f dyl rig/'
:ric^^Tp,i^m,p -fSfa.ilB^n3w��impi^^;^Sfc:
XZ l^roSX^X^^&P^iXXixiZXo j^i'./.CJeSir'ge
'<if 7p3Wmoi^i.tq:Sl^^^ge5tip
in-:.iiic/-gr��3t;warir XZiyXy. ~[i$Xi"''v'':'s''""
���;,,7,: ;,,/JBacer ;S5l^-; ^r ;Si2,0pfe/;.,//'
.;���'���&-.- nfew :t-rt?Uiri'g/'Kpi-^..7saic/;,'rc(Spftl/
���wSlsX.  sci    atr'tlie ��MvT&'tiry ^vfcGdiii.
Sa'lc.;-.iii Afadissri: Sqtijtr.e- '��.axderi-i SJcw*
Yoikf ...tlie- r^;card^;n^kbr7 agaitt, Being ���
ibfe:' f^!ii^us;7^insmai^:i|:'^h:<SW
���a#db,vi-lii��::'''big'%St:-pricfi; cX<%- paid/, iii;
i^bKc;:>7:;or.;-";p'EivMft.::.'''salc*' /iO;r; .a -pacing.;
:s!i��X&yyxZXXy XX rXyXziiZyXXgyy
1^his7JS;^Sigti/7pf/Kidney Weak-;
^uel7s^ii0^7^;be7^Qu/ckly .Cured =_
/vvitlii ri^ix- 7 i>ipn! l^/^Sl^^rfejiXsi/liaye
7b c$V;$'r/t 1 ii% ji^:$ n^
^1;U e; VFrSyi'irti Sl.A0Py
re^fe^T^.^t?*^t��S:IIIfe iSom-giVc��up.!V'/'7:X6�� -can -bc' cured^
i<ip:lkirs7'a4:o.iM'{:S^ .    ;.  y. '-
:bTPtmjtyi..       -..  ������/..  ;������'/.:.:      -.-��� ZyXXXX'rX^:TbatZb:a:el^t!i��^
X" "'   ���������'������    ���iyy'Xy '������yy'-'-' '��� xyXXX';!: -' vrtfey;eh'ffi;h^:ktnj^ ���"  '
:. .^.-V/";/; ���'.   Xyy.X -.Xy V ���''iJlipMS: sli^TRvait^cks-when bending-
7-'' '**C>P3'-/ZyXiyZ::- y-    y'.X '���6yrfj;Snd7^!i^t7;lfiireiiess.in .the'niorh-
'��� 7B��k.usq-. 7nt��h--4iyb'^'tbe^ X-
/i'Mfisfiiifct Wifb ��� jife,/- '^t; ns^^'afiovei-':.':��*firy:' rii-liff ^Vd-p��ajn   jliic ��� :tt>."' kid-
tiic: Ubwer' <jf^easbn;;aM"lHisfis .���deM'7^v^^f?#pH^i"PP^>"quiekiy
7Piic,p -yQU-start: tp.: use Dr.. Hamilton's.!
eI/J'6ri- ^Sie/S on tiri;eiitf0/f :X^XiixPsXX
spair .by its rii.e'ssa'gB/.- tliat1..the; s:tStj.I.is
;i:mm 0ri;^L./iffi^rij.e|ijrain j ip.r I 'ivo ftiiti^wh o
^iU^vc:S^��^��p3iB|fo ZbiXs -rc ftaseH; 'io-l ivje.
?Vote5'^diiti^;7^K Worke;rs./7i^//-/.
TKe/vd!F��tp��s^7G:fciirfii iRoval; .Bisijlc
'"���"""���"""-���"���" -���--��� ���������':""^.
;7|y^tela^iCTyei?:disli|^5^ : "noisg^:/
W\lX^fivXX ^?0X^yisXce.mcily long .agpi
Tniadft^faittptfs;nb;y,��� itSXstrafigc.'lica 1 ing
Tfifffe.ct'UP^i'-^fei'kidutiys'and liver.-;
/"���D/pin?t::'sVait;./|is:l-H:ia dragging, pain
in ;the,Join:5;'grow':s \yorse.- . Start the-
curiertpitoy.-//;.;:,-'/;//;. .;..
;J;,.i^el'%:7.wffl/.^ean/.:// swcl!ed"~ ankles
/aii^?.SHnib^7.sl1Sfp/i^icu " pains
���;iri./tbe/,iBtis(^iGS::an7d7 joints;- and. other
;p;ai4M:7sy^pt0!psi;?as/wcl}. .. ''yy-,
���i;^r��/yp.tr7a:fft'fal-vyays': tired,, have .oan-
TtiriUPiiS^fiSadachei/w/clizzy ��� sjK-lls//and
Spccfe^'bcfOi^/vJyour^eyes' dr/'ririglng'
in;// thc/v^ea? fe-t Irt's e: Sre7:CPnv
syiiiptp'nls tha;t/:warn:.yeu7x>f> the;
itnrrte.diile:-nec'4;- -of'f-Br..''Haririiton's:
S��-:iySXZ^i^^fe:cut/his,ac.i��am^j.po^;^- Mandrakc;;/arid77: Birtttrnut,:
"HENvyou.buya phonograph you -\vant to be sure that you
are getting the best instrument tp bc had for the money.
'.--   But'how can'yoa be sure unless you know what lo look for?
This book outlines thc vital points that should be considered.
-The author;rHenry-Purinort Eamcs, L.L.B., is a renowned Concert
Pianist, Lccturer.'a'tid/Dircctor of the Pianoforte Dept., Cosmopoli-
���  tan" School of Music:
The BRUKSWICK, "all phonographs in one," answers every
"one'��� of thc;..rigid;tests .which Mr. Eamcs says should govern phonograph purchases.      Mail the coupon below TONIGHT.
The Musical Merchandise Sales Co.,
Dept   "W.L.2. 14i Portage Avenue, East,
/ Winnipeg:.   N
'/Please fend rne, free of charge and postpaid, tlie boofc "What to Look For in
I   .���-Buying a Phonograph."
5 nT^i^:...w'.^w.^ .w,..^.U^^.-^7
TFE     LEDftE.     GRBEFWOOB.     B.-'.C."
When I&eteors Hit the Earth
Meteor Made a Hole Wh'.ch Is 560
Feet Deep and Three-quarters of
A Mile Across.
The earth gains weight at the rate
of aboat seevnty pounds per minute.
A Disconcerting Sequel
Unrest and Dissat'sfaction in Various
Parts of Empire as Aftermath
.of War.   "
'Few sequels of'th.;
r.orc   disconcerting
war have been
:o   the   ordinary
In a year the accumulation is 11,435 E'-flishman tt-an the dLeovcry of his
tons. This increase comes sifting own unpopularity. Before the great
down, mainly in the shape of fine dust struggle his insularity, his-biusqucrie,
from the meteors, which are constant- had earned him a reputation abroad,
ly striking our atmosphere and get- which, though it was not without iu
ting burnt up into sinall^particles^humnrous s.de, left h m a little un-
Somclimes a meteor comes along that, easy. But the war, he hoped, .had
is "too b.g tq burn up. Some years | swept all this away. It had proved,
ago one exploded over Iowa and lat-, as in a furnace, the fine gold-of the
er there were picked'up over 5,000 Englishman's real n.itme, the aiicer-
pieces, some running to 437 pounds in ' ity of his passion for liberty and jus-
^weighf." The biggest meteor that | tice, his unselfishness, his tenderness
is known to have hit the*earth fell at | for depressed race-5. Might r.o: lhe
Coon Mountain, Arizona. It made ai mistakes and mannerisms of the past
hole which even now is 560 feet deep ! be now forgotten and might noi Eng-
and   three-quarters   of a mi'c across.' land now counfon the confidence, if
A Woman's
Trouble   ~
Stratford, Ont.:���"I do think Dr. Pieree'i
Favorite Prescription ono of tho beat medicines I. have ever
known for the ailments of women. I
had for quits a long"
time bwn having
woman's- 'trouble
which caused me to
become all rundown, 'weak and
nervous. ���- I   doo-
Earl of Minto Ranch
Increasing   His   Holdings  and   In*
porting Prize Cattle From   s
The Marquise de Fontenoy writes7
in the Philadelphia Public Ledger: So
infectious ^was the. enthusiasm- of
the Prince of Wales. over the magnificent opportunities -of agricultural
enterprise offered-by the central and
leak Inflamed Nostrils,
Stops Catarrhal Discharge
Cures Colds Quickly
Saskatchewan farm
Loan Bonds
'seemed to give m��
relief until! began
taking 'Favorite
Prescription.' This
medicine gave me
such wonderful relief that I am glad to reo-
omm-and it to others."���MRS, A. GODWIN, 60 Brant St.
Provincial Government to Raise
$3,600,000 From the Farmers
Unique in the annajs of government
financing in Saskatchewan is the.effort which is being' made by thc Provincial Government to raise'$3,500,000
from the farmers by the-sale of debentures .to provide funds for the Saskatchewan  Farm Loan  Board.
The board has up to date loaned
ago that young Lord-Minto, A. D. C. i cure/    These treatments fail because^.out^S.ZSO.OOO: to farmers for develop-.
Poor remedies have given Catarrh
the reputation of being incurable. But
it. is curable, easily andjquickly, if the
right method is employed. Snuffing
a   powder   or   ointment up the nose
tored���ut* nothing, , w.estern  provinces of Canada during j won't cure Catarrh, neither   will   tab-
'       " his tour through the Dominion a year| lets,,douching, or stomach medicines!
The  meteor  itself  is  buried  no  one
knows how far below.
" Stand at Ease "
Frequent Change  of .Posture is Advocated For All Workers.
Do not sit down for half an hour at
a   stretch;    stand   up for ten out of i cident   of   savagery.
Brampton, Ont::���"\ few years ago^I
was in a nervous and run-down condition
and felt greatly in need of a tonic.   A friend
it  bj-uiMKiiiA;   ��i i  w'10  was   being  helped   by  Dr.   Pierce's
,        _ .    , 1      ' Golden Medical Discovery advised me.to
not  the* affection, of the peoples lor| tryit, too.  It helped mc Trom tho very start
whom it had labored and suffered?
To such a question how bitrerly d.s-
appointing is the reply. It is coming hourly from Ireland. It came
from Egypt in March, 1919, when the
very fcelahccn' whom we had raised
from the dust were murdering defenceless Englishmen with cvery .in-
It   is   coming
every  thirty  minutes.
This advice is given to workers in
a welfare pamphlet just issued b}'
the British Home Office.
Frequent change of posture is ad-
from Mesopotamia, where the Arabs
whom wc have just rescued from thc
yoke of the Turk are in general revolt
against us. And-it.is coming from
India, where to many_ it seems  that
vocated   for   all   workers,   as it has ' the hostility to British rule is grow
b-Cii proved by manufacturers that
workers who rest at regular intervals merely by changing their posture, show 11 per cent, increase of
The idea was promulgated recently by Major Frank Gilbeth, U.S.
Army, at the Manchester College of
Technology, during a lecture.
He asked the audience to stand
for five minutes, "and obediently they
"did so. At the end of the interval
the major explained that he had endeavored to "rest" them. "1 guarantee you all feel better for it," he said.
The scheme may present novel aspects if it is carried out generally.
Office workers will refuse to sit for
more than twenty consecutive minutes. Postmen will carry campstools.
Carriers" will dismount from their
wagons twice an hour.
Plumbers���notoriously .nonchalant
in their movement���will- sink into
thc nearest armchair.
The British bricklayer will require
no auxiliary aids to ease. A brisk
change to the upright position is indicated (as the doctors would- say)
in his case.
The ncw posture-theory is .to be
introduced into many schools this
ing more and more acute and dangerous.���Lord Meston in the Contemporary Review.
How Teddy Lost the Bear
They say,'a' sore corn interfered
with his speed. Always apply Putnam's Corn Extractor. For fifty
years it has been curing corns and
warts.' ��� ."Putnam's" never fails. Use
no other, 25c"at all dealers.
Would Maintain Present Wages.
Tom Moore, president of thc Dominion Trades and Labor Council,
told the Canadian Club at Montreal,
that^labor would not tolerate any reduction in wages, as wages had failed to.k^cp pace with the cost of living. He added that Canada was
good ground for revolution, as the
employed class was largely of adventurous immigrants.
Approve Forms For Taking Census,
The Cabinet Council has approved
a scries of forms for taking the next
^   Dominion census���the sixth���brj,June
1, 1921.     The forms provide for census    of    population,    manufacturing,
trading-'and business  establishments,
farm      and     farm      products     with
schedules  for  the    blind    and    deaf
 mutes,-absentee-family cards, enumerators' oaths, etc.
Thoughts    that    burn   seldom  are
born  in a wooden head.
6<5I Canmo
OILIOUS    headache    spoils
many an  expected  enjoyment.
When the condition of the
liver is neglected, biliousness
' eeems to- become chronic and
rectors every two or three
weeks, with severe sick head-'
aches. -   -, -      '
��� Why not get right, after thla
troubJa and end It by using Dr.
Chaae'a Kldney-Hver Pills to'restore
tho health and actlvicy of the liver.
Constipation, Indigestion, , back*
ache, headache, biliousness and lcid��
nsy derangements Boon disappear
With   tha   U8��   o��   this   well-known
Obs plli ft dose, 25 eta, s box, oil dealer*
aa Edmangon, Bates & Co, Ltd., Toronto,
Calgary Objects to Beavers
Large Colony Has Made Its Winter
Quarters in One of the City
The beaver these days is looked
upon as a precious and valuable ani-
,mal. At any' rate,, the value of its
skin when made into furs would
leave onc-to believe'that it is well-
nigh extinct. - Calgajy, the largest
city of- Alberta, finds1 herself the
home of a colony of these animals
and resents the fact so greatly that
she has applied for a" permit for their
extinction.       v  ���   '.
Several of these animals have had
���their home in one of the city parks
for the past two or three years, but
this is'the first time'that they have
made plans to .stay for the winter. In
the summer the beaver does not do
any damage other than nibbling the
bark and shoots from the trees, but
with the approach of colder weather,
'it'takes its winter supply of food, in
the shape of'the trunks of large trees,
to 'the bottom of the river or creek,
where they are anchored and eaten at
leisure.' - To date some forty of thc
largest trees in the park alongside
'the viver have been neatly felled and
placed in the river. All the underbrush in the neighborhood has been
cleaned olf and collected into piles so
as not "to"iiitcrfcre--with "the hauling
of the winter supply. .'*���
Tlie killing ofnhese valuable animals is prohibited by law, but in vi'cw
of the damage thcy are doing] the city
has decided to-apply for a permit to
get rid of the unwelcome guests before-thc park-in which-they are-working takes on the appearance of a
modern battlefield. '!
and eventually restored m.> to perfect health.
I feel in apositio- to praise the 'Golden
Medical Discovery' very highly and take
Dleasure in recommending it to all those
who are at all nervous, weak r run-down." .
Dr. Pierce's medicines ere made ot veg��-
ta'ole growths that naturo surely intended
for backache, headache, pains, irregularities,
and (or tho many disorders common to
women in all ages of liie. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription is made of lady's
slipper root, black cohosh rdofc, unicorn
root, blue cohosh root, Oregon grapo root
and Viburnum. Women who take this
standard remedy know that in Dr. Pieroo's
Favorite Prescription they are getting a
safe "voman's tonic so good that druggists
everywhere asll it in liquid or tablets. It is,
without alcohol.
Xe   *^~ " i       i-'     i   j   they only affect local conditions, they
I of   the   governor-general,   who   had   jl   ������,���������������    ��v.��-->.o,,e��- ��,Vi5^w :.'���
j j.. ���       j do   not . remove    the cause, which is
been  assigned  to  attendance  on   his ! gi;rm ufe established , in    the    lungs,
future king during the trip, followed ' bronchial    tubes,    and    nasal    pass-
his example and purchased    a    large | a?es-      Ordinary    remedies    do    not
4,000-acre~ ranch   in  the  province   of'reach ttiese remote parts but CatarrH-j
... ,. .  . ( i ozone does, for it is breathed through!
Alberta,   adjoining   the   one equally   the inhaler into every air cell in the
large acquired by the young heir ap-1 lungs,  into every  air passage in  the
parent.- -Since then the earl has head and throat. No matter where acquainted with the pleasures of cou-
been devoting himself quite actively0' the , Catarrh Vis Catarrhozone will pon clipping as purchasers of Victory
to ihv. fnrminw nf tine u���A ,���;.i, ,��� reach it. It kills the germs,..heals Bonds during the war. The farm
to the.farming of this land with sol sorc Spots,"'c ears the nose and throat; . ���-,,��� f, *   .   . c���   . .    A������nrninl
much success and satisfaction to him- i instanlly. Universally used; pleasant! loan dcbenture ls ��sued.xn denomina-
self  that   he   is'increasing  his  hold-1 and clean; guaranteed    to    cure    or   tions from $20 to $1,000 and bears in-
ment purposes.on first mortgage security at 6 1-2 per.cent, interest, but
these funds have been secured in the
outside market. ; ~ A campaign, to
close December 7, has been instituted
to secure additional funds from the
more wealthy farmers    who' became
ings and importing prize cattle and
sheep from his-estatcs in England
and Scotland for the purpose.      In
terest at 5 per cent., payable every six
is a
deed, hc makes no secret' of his "in- \ cuTeVourCatarrh,''Bro"ncl��'itis, Throat  Provision  for redemption, subject  to
^���i.,-  ._:..: j ���.���:.. _     t    three  months' notice to  the provincial treasurer.
money reminded;
Don't   be   an object of aversion toi months, maturing  in 30 years,
everyone you meet-get Catarrhozone   attractive   feature   of  the   b>ond
i today   and   use   it   regularly; it will
Oil Development in the West
D ominion    Government' Has    Permitted Prospecting in Forest.',
Reserves. *
So keen is the interest in oil development in thc '\vestern/provinces
and the northwest, in which is "included the regions to the -north of
Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba,
that thc Dominion Government .has,
by order-in-council, permitted the
work of oil prospecting and development to bc carried on in the Dominion forest reserves. These reserves,
which are the areas unsuitable for agriculture and so have been set apart
tentiou of eventually transferring'all   Trouble spitting and gagging.    Large
liic  ii..,i ;���,^���t.   ���. .    .i size -lasts    two months, price $100;
us land in tei ests, at any rate those , smaUer ^. 5���      sampi'e PSkze/25^
that are not entailed, to Canada, and   at alf dealers,
to spend thc remainder of his days in
the Dominion.
In the circumstances, the formal
announcement of his impending marriage at Montreal to Miss Marion
Cook, eldest daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Cook, of that city, need
create no surprise; the morc so as
she has just returned froni England,
where she has been paying a prolonged visit to her fiance's mother, the
widowed Countess of Minto, now
lady-in-waiting to Queen Mary.
Minard's Liniment For Colds, Etc.
Our Debt to Leaves *
Flowering Plants Produce Oionel
Which Is Essential to Health.
We are apt to forget that leaves
play an important part ih~the scheme
of things which keeps;us alive. -We
consume the oxygen of the air. We
have no use for the nitrogen. This,
if something'did not restore the proper proportions, would result in our
death. The "something" is the unr
der surface of leaves, which during
the'day give out oxygen. They get
it from thc carbonic acid, absorbed by
the roots from the soil, and carried to
the leaves by the sap. ; Further,
leaves keep us'; healthy. Ozone,
which is super-oxygen, is a product
of flowering plants.. It is, as we
know, nature's great natural stimulant. But if leaves did not collect"
lose their attractiveness is the double 'dew to enable plants to live and de-
misfortunc    of-   many    young    girls.       i .  a y    ,.  v.     , '-
Their pallid cheeks and dull eyes tell   velop and flower, we should.be  de-
Tell, the Story  of Watery  Blood-
How to Regain a Good Color
'"���', and Health.:
To~be run down in   health   and   to
permanently for " forest    production,' everyone    that    thcy are doomed to' Prived^ of this valuable ozone, and our
comprise an area of- 28,000,000 acres.
As 17,000.000 acres are iri Alberta
alone, where the prospects for securing oil seem to be best, and as by far
the greater part of this area is in the
north,'theresis a stretch of country
that may bc worked over. In the far
north   there   are   other  vast   wooded
days of wretched headaches and are
health    vvould    suffer greatly.      The
onlyu charge that can be brought
against leaves is that when they are
deposited in numbers, as in a wood,
victims of breathlessness  and blobd-
lessness.     The anaemic girl,   if   she
neglects her health, may b    a sufferer all  her  life;   for an  active  happy
woman'cannot be developed out of a | they make the air much colder.     As
bloodless,   consumptive   looking girl,   they rot they absorb much heat from
without the  help  of  new,  rich,  red   the earth.     But against this must be
blood. ���'���   \ r  ���   ...     .... . ,
Pale, weak gjrls should take heed;' set th<; fact ha decayed leaves ennch
tractsthat have not  yet    been    set j Bloodlessness^must not be neglected, {the soil,
apart as regular reserves.       -        -Plenty of good air, a nourishing diet
A���  ,i i     ��� V -j    i.a��id rest will help you, but the cure
Another   ordcr-m-council : prov.des :. you necd most prJmyptI; isjxcw h]ood
that, for a period of five years- after! Good newvblood in abundance; such
the   date   upon which the Minister of  as makes Nall  the. difference between
First Oil Locomotive.
The first oil-driven express on a
British railway ran from London to
Birmingham, Oct. 21. To the layman,
the converted locomotive showed
but littic departure from the coal-
consuming engine. The latter used
70 pounds of coal per mile, but since
its conversion it burns only, about 30
pounds of oil per mile, an<J; does not
"emit smoke or cinders.
Recognized as a leading specific for
the destruction of worms" Mothers
Graves' Worm Exterminator has
proved a boon to suffering children:
everywhere.     It seldom'fails.
the Interior decides that oil in commercial quantities has been discovered ou crown  lands acquired under
sound health and poor health to girls
and women, is-supplied by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Their one mission
is to make .new. blood which .'reaches-
The Sheep Industry
regulations governing these.Iands,;the ' every organ, and  every nerve in the
royalty to be collected by the crown
shall not exceed 5 per cent, of the output of thc well or sale of the.products of the IoCation, nor be less than
2 1-2 per cent.,-and for the following
five years it shall not be more than
10 pcr cent, nor less than "5 per cent.
Thereafter it shall hJ. 19 per cent. ���
body, bringing to anaemic  girls and
Farmers Realize the Advisability of
. Maintaining a Small Herd on
.-.'������ Their'/Farms. ���    ���
The sheep industry .in Canada .has
women    new    color,'-; bright ..eyes, an^assumed more important proportions
clastic   stopj.aM7a fecHng;'onoy-in: in Can'acia in.the'pastfew years, both
i as to the quantity raised and the quality-of .'animal-bred. Farmers havc
comc more and  morc  to  realize  the
Winter Golf at Pacific "Coast
Game Is Played All The Year Round
At Vancouver And Victoria.
Certainly you can play, golf in winter at'the* Pacific Coast, and when
pack ng the trunk sec that thc Golf
Clubs are not forgotten. Vancouver
and Victoria are'favored with'many
an excellent course, where the sporty
game is played 365,days iii the year.
Pack the "whole .family out to tlie
Coast for the' winter, where thc big
outdoor may bc enjoyed. Rent a
bungalow or stay at onc or both of
the Canadian pacific hbtcls, thc Vancouver Hotel at Vancouver or the
Empress Hotel, Victoria.
The Canadian- Pacific operate .two
through daily trains each way, perfect
in equipment with service unexcelled.
Ask any Canadian Pacific Representative for illustrated booklet and information. '   -'
living.     The value of   Dr.   Williams
Pink Pills to young gir!s is shown byj
the cure.'of Miss. Bessie Clarke, R.\R.
No.   1,   Stevensviilc. Ont., who says:
"-Two years ago, while   studying   for   advisability of maintaining    a    small
��L^anC^.Cfl;,"h��li0'n, ".'-" heaUh Ucr'd on thcir farms diversifying-their
brokedown and 1 rell away lo a m rc '    -  . -.--...'- '
shadow, of niy. former self. When' the i agricultural  activities,    and    govcrn-
day    for    the    examinations came,' 11 mcnt propaganda and. the   introdue-
A  Medical  Need  Supplied.���-When ! should    have, been-in bed instead of Ition  of pure-bred 'rany*- by  manv  of
a medicine is found that not. cnly acts   trying them,' bat" 1 went pn with, the' t]le-nrov;nccs  has'rcsuItcd in thr'bet
upon the stomach, but is so composed- work and when through was almost provinces,.nas resulted in^tlic bct-
that certain ingredicnts^'of it pass un: .on the verge of. collapse.'    T thought-' tcn��S  of the  type  ot. animal.'.   The
then that a.rest would help mt,-but I present; status bf the.-industry is
did not ��� regain my strength. . .Then .gratifying when it is "considered that
my mother, wrs advised, to have me
try    Dr.-  Williams' -Pink -Pills, and
altered through the stomach tb find
action in the bowi Is,'then ' tin'ro is
available a purgative and a cleanser
of great effectiveness. " Parmelce's
-Vegetable- Pi"ls-are-of--.-this -character
and are reliable' pills. .'. During the.
ycars that they have been-in use they
have established themselves as a safe
medicine.      " '"���-'''."
'it    has   ''managed  to  make' headway
after- takingrthciu-for-about' a month j'
against-the deplction-pf-tlis:
-vciat zii.i-119
Manitoba Wheat Yield. ..'"'.
The average' yield of wheat in
Manitoba for the year. 1920 is fifteen
bushels pcr acre, according, to the
final report of the Department of Agriculture for this province." The report also states that much fail plow-'
ing has been completed,' and the land
is in fine shapc-for next spring; -   -.
I    found  .myself r-'storcd  to health,! of   thc - western '.ranches   due   to-the
wi.th good color" and a*ch;ngc for thc}.fencingin of farmers and thc parcel-
bctier, which' pcopIc-:-who    knew   ,me:ling--u    of thc land;
readily noticed..    I-am very-thankful --'-�����
for-what Dr.'Williams Pink Pills di 1-
for nic', aiid.hdpe'.my experience will
b'ncfit some other, weak girl."'-..""
You  'can   -get "Dr.' vVil,iains.,Pink
Pills '.through any dealer in medicine.
I or by I'mail? .postpaid, at    50'-edits' a
! box,'or. six", boxes .for $2..W from The
j Dr. Williajns'Medicine    Co., -Brockviile,- Ont.-' . '   '  - ". ' ���  ��� '���'���: -"-.;     ' ���"-'"'
��� French Flags to Fly Again.
The French flags,-of the Garrison
at Metz, which the Germans insisted
should be handed over to them when
the city fell on October 27, 1870. are
to be handed back to France, under
Article 245 of the Treaty of Versailles. As a number of the flags, which
for more than forty-eight years hung
in the church at Potsdam, were^last
year destroyed by German' officers
and students, it will be impossible to
carry out the clause of the Treaty
completely.   .,
Large Bridge in B.C.
Regarded as one of the largest
bridges in the world and one of the
engineering marvels of the country,
the bridge over Deep Creek on the
Pacific Great Eastern Railway, 1,200
feet long and 239 feet-high, has
reached completion. Throughout
the course of construction not a
single accident occurred.
The pay bf cabinet ministers under
the "Irish Republican Government"
is fixed at $875 a year.
Pape's Diapepsin!
"Pape'�� Diapepsin" i> the quickest, surest
relief for Indigestion, Gases, Flatulence,
Heartburn, Sourness Fermentation "or Stomach Disease caused by acidity A few tablets give almost immediate stomach relief and
shortly the stomach is corrected so you can
eat favorite foods without fear. Large case
costs only 60 cents at drug store. 'Absolutely
harmless and pleasant. Millions helped an*
nually.v Largest selling stomach corrector
in world.
Aerial Route to Fort Norman.
-Edmonton aviaton are entering
into negotiations for the establish-"
ment of an aerial service from Edmonton to the oil fields of Fort Norman on the Mackenzie River. The
proposal calls for the establishment
of landing stages at intervals along
the route and the transportation, in
the first instance before flying, of
gasoline.and.other essentials'for successful operation.     As the crow flies,
_..    ,.������_��� __    . Fort Norman is situated   900 ��� miles
Rural Route No. L      l      .' ������"���'���ca'-
Mascouche, Quebec, Oct. 15. 1919.      Irom Edmonton.
The  Minard's  Liniment  People,.
Sirs.���1 feel that I^shouM be doing      Many a girl's idea is shattered when
a wrong if; I neglected to write-you.   j,:Cr fiance goes broke.
I have had four tumors growing pn
my head for years.     I had them cut
off by- a."surgeon about fifteen years
ago,   hut   thcy, grew   again   till   about       Send   a   Uotalnton   Exp.*.*   Money    Order.
three months ago I had one as large  Five dollars costs three centsu
.and shaped, like a lady's thimble "��        "' _'   _     	
the very place where my hair should
be parted, and it was getting so em-i
barrassing in  public  that it    was    a
constant worry to me.     About, three
months  ago  I. got a bottle of A'our
liniment for another purpose and saw
oh the label good for tumors.     Well,
I  tried  it and  kept at-it  for exactly
two -:monlhs,. with   the- result   that  it..
has entirely removed all trace of the
tumor, and were it not that they had
been, cut  fifteen ycars ago, no mark
would bc seen.      I have not been ask-.
cd   for  this  testimonial and you can",
use.it- as vou sec fit.
(Signed') FRED C. ROBINSON,    j
P.S.���3    am"   a    farmer and intend
using Minard's Liniment on my mare |
for a strained tendon, and am hoping
for same resuhs.-
FRED C. R...
HKRBS is a remedy for the relief of Constipation, Indigestion, Biliousness,' Rheumatism, Kidney Trouble?. It is well-known,
having been extensively advertised, since tt
���was firs! manufactured in 1888. by distiibu-
tion of large quantities of Almanacs, Cook
Boolcs. Health Books, etc, which are furnished to agents free of charge. The rcmedie*
are sold at a price that allow* agents to
double their money. Write Alonzo O. Bliss
Medical Co., 124 St. Paul Street East, Mon-
real. Canada.    - Mention  thi* paper.
Make|SALARY and
Many, superstitious gamblers consider it unlucky to play" cards on a
table that is not covered with cloth.-   ���
Faint and Dizzy Spells.
Weakness and
Shortness of Bi-eath.
Minard's   Liniment
For   Garget
You can generally tei)': when ..the
j heart is affected by the: faint-^and diz-
jzy spells, the shortness-of "breath-, "pal-"
Jpitation, throbbing, irregular, beating',-
smothering sensations,, weak,:sinking,
in! all-gone feeling, choking" '. sensation,
'etc. .-' .-'.   "        ���---;
Many men - and women"-!become
rundown and, woin out -when otherwise they could be strong-and healthy
On Early Rising. -
It   will" be   recalled   thabthe-poct, !"'f they would only pay some attention
John G. Saxe, rather'neatly calls thc;to.V'e first ?ign ?/, h^rt" weakness.,-'
."_: Oh.Divorce Reform.- '-7"
.."If the' proposed divorce "law. reforms iti.this 'country "arc carried out,"-
says-'..the Bishop...of; Chelmsford, '.'it
will iuean- practically. a7revised,- version of the marriage service.'' He
suggests -it ;.will 7 probably read; like
this: ''1,-.John, take, thee, Madge,, to
be iny wedded wife���until one of-us
gets-drunk,- or until one of'tis, goes
inad/.or one; of us. gets locked'up or
goes to live-somewhere-else for. three,
years;'and until .then I plight thee my
��� troth."' . The;'Bishop; further declared, that. what, is wanted is not a_..lessening of the . marriage" tie, "but "a
gingering lip-of. the love. and.devotion
privilege- "to -.live--'one '.with -.another'
till "death do us'part;' ".-..': "v'. '-.; " -
-Shape of thc Head and Hair.
;A Chinaman has a round head,'and,'
eyery hair on his head ;is "shaped like-
i wise.-    That is to,say',-a cross-section
��� of. it -(as seen under'the microscope)
is circular. "J- People of the'white race'
have heads that are -more or less'oval
in form; as hatsshow. The hairs' of
the-head .'arc. likewise, oval in section.
-The.negro has an" oblong head. -Call
it rather.an;oblong syiiarc:1/^Each,individual- hair. of. his wool Js oblong
square in section. -Which", in! fact, is
"the reason "".why ..it kinks. ".���". Nobody
.knows-why;there should be tliis sort
of correspondence between .th.e shape
of tlie.'hcad and the shape, of the hair.
��� It is. just a: fact "in nature, -:
The Cattle Rustler.' "-""-.
A cattle rustler, in the south .country has been convicted ahd sentenced.
Alberta,'-as "a whole, _has7for a considerable time been- free "of the depredations ."of this type..- It is-well that
it should remain so. -Nothing will do
it quicker'-than severe sentences.���
Calgary Herald.   .
Write��� Th��
^--TORONTO, ONX^jl,-
-Time -
- "7 Girls,on the Farm...'" -'. .
- .Farming7on-"the western prairies is
., , --     ...    ,        - .---���      great fun in the opinion cf harvesting
., , , ,     No   remedy   will   do 'so. much   to    -^ ,      .;-     --'    -���������-,   '- -'.     --   r
turn.of a man who wrote .much con-'jn^j  ti,c  t^rt   regain   strength  and   Slrls returning on the.^excursions after
ccniing the beauties of early' ri^TRg. 1'yigox icgukile its beat and-restore.! the completion .of their work. City
Thc poet informs us that the reason lt. ^'����� hcalchy and normal "condition girls of various occupations, which
that he wrote so well was because hc aSj}���'_"" a.^^I!lrDrrke.Np7r%P Ont kept ihcm.''indoors-the year-rbund*
wrote in bed at 10 a.m. Also it must i writes:���"1 have used on towards the.
be remembered that Thomas E.-F.di-jsecond  box  of   Milburn'i.'Heart  and
son let it be known that he got along!^'CrXL^llSi 1nd, $.,d lh<??"b-avc ?-dnc
r       ,, ,    - ,   ,      -.    me good.   1 had-those fainting^ dizzy
comfortably   on   four hours sleep in jscells, once in a while, and also weak-
the twenty-four, but when he visited:ness and shortness   of   breath,  .and
Seattle a few years ago it was observ-^vould J^^? so choked ^p at'times.
, �� jj^i^t. 1     ���  .   I'   could .hardly  sleep  without'sitting
d   and   recorded - that he took-cight up in  bcA    VVhcn   walking too  fast
of   slumber.���Seattle Post-Iti- 1 would have to stop and.try .to cr��'tch
my breath.    I" feel a lot better, since
'.Why,. He Was Happy.    - .-
,   A-deaf-man. was arrested, for burglary. One day in  his    cell    the
keeper, lioticcd   hiin. dancing   around
Prehistoric Monsters.From Red Deer.
-.-Another shipment of the bones of
prehistoric monsters taken from the
fossil ��� beds- of the- Red "Deer -River
has been shipped cast, ��� representing
thc ".summer's "work of a geological
I party sent; out by the'Royal Ontario
'Museum. . Six dinosaurs .were excavated by .the party, one of.the'specimens brought-,tb light being pronounced . the only ��� one of its kind
known to science!! its entire length be-,
ing between-twenty-five and thirty
Weeks ���
if Breakup A Cold
r/?r them
Cook's Cottdfi Root Compcti
7s ^
-Miller's    Worm    Powders    are.'a
prompt,    relief, from-  the attacks of-
'.worms in children.   . They are power-
,    .     .        Tr ,,��� .,.,; ful in-their action and, "while-leaving
and.;singing. He-wrote a note:  ��\Vhy !,nothing to'be desired as-a worm ex-
.arc z/ou so. happy?" and handed it'ro   pellant, , have-..'an..invigorating, effect!
A tare, rtliable Tefr.iat'r-g
medicate. Suld ia ttree <i*��
zraes of strengib-���Xo. !, $1|
No. 2. S3; Ho. 3. SS per box,
8old by ��H dropiriats, or *(-n��
prcpsuJ o�� rrfeijit of oric��,
Fret pumpLlrt. AdiircctJ
I08WIT0, OUT. 'Jsiuuli VbttuJ
No young man who tells a girl that
eating - ice   cream has ,a tendency to
enlarge the"mouth will make a good ~?   t   ��.-,. r-
,     .      .- "       (The  1. Milburn Co.
husband. .     fr>   nnt
I have used yourpills and know that-' ���rX\ 'X-'XiXX.-Xi-XXir.Xi-'
theJJiave helped ,mc wondrrfuliy; "as i u'-(',-^ !^d.-��orkc.,s in .th
1  hays  improved  very   much."-',  ;'.';��� 7'; pro\:cdj'th^cir.:cfiiciency--oi
Price 50c a box at all7dealers "or..
mailed direct .on_rcccipt7of price! by!"
saddlcd to a desk "or-' s%vitchboard,
fduyd ..enjoyable; occupation* in.. mindr
ing -small' babies, .feeding large "men;
washing "-"dishes and- pitching --hayi
3mlking\-co>ys and. "wearing -overalls,
and the,'whole enterprise was in.the
na'lurc'.of .'novel-, playmakiiig. .'"-Many,
of ;th?."girls-.were7waf-wbrker3,-.hav-
'as   -sp>ht j-yftr's.in munition plants
e fields' ahd
on"' Canadian
A. -\i! ,'wcre"., unanimous', "in
rcsiion  of determination to
.the prisoner. -   --."Because my lawyer
'says' I "am to'have my'hearing tomor-
ro\y,"'"wrote back-the. deaf man.   ".,-.-" -7.
L-'s'"'"" ���-. -., -���   '   . -r~���  -   ' 7 '    y
; x Moose. Jaw Land-at' $100 an Acre;
' An-enfirc section of land, nine rni.les
northwest of Moose Jawr, owned and
farmed for .some year's .by- Robert
Biishby, was sold to John Griggs.,at
$100 per acre, with- a_. cash; pas-ment
.of.$23,600; .- Mr. Griggjnbw -farms
within -A'-icw miles of Moose Jaw a
total of 2,410 acres..
upon thc yputhful system, remedying
fever, biliousness,  loss    of . appetite,:
sleeplessness and other ailments that
follow "disorders caused-by worms .in-
the stomach and bowels. . ���'.
America s Pionetr
Dog Reissdis*
��nd  How  te   Reed
Milled     Free    to    aaj
Ad<lrc^��   by   th��
CO..   TN*C,
US     Wett     31tt-street.
Ne*   York.  U S A.
; Grandrria.r���Why do you insist, upon1
; having- thebiggr share of the pudding,
Jimmy Isn't your .older brother "entitled to it?;' :Sniall Boy.^No, hc-
.sri't- :Ht was eating, pudding two
years before I was ���bom."
i.-.riii?. -
I'lc-ir 'c:-
'������By means of a cylindrical attachment at the'back of his ! car,'. which
ends in7an.ear-piece close to him; the
driver : of a .! hejavy. motor triick can
now hear other traffic approaching
from'-behsnd.''. '"-������-- -.-'.-":->" ��� ''���' -';������-
J to, On
i.rf.iunr to- t.'ie
inic work next year.'
W.   N.   U.   1344
What are claimed fo be exact imitations of rare Oriental carpets 'zrc-
how being manufactured in England.
Yon vn.noi.
Inj whest
Toa tiss Dr.
Chase's OJntr
Beat for -Eczema,"-au��<S Skin Inrlta^
tlor.s. It relleTes at-��5nceaa<SgT��da-.
ally- heals, tha skits. Sampl* tx>2 Dr.
-Chase'* OIiiBnent-'frea it you isentlon tii��
paper sad send 2c stamp ��� for postag*. GOc. a,
t*oi ��� sii dealers ox SCuuacsBe ��tze$ �� Ofc,
Iisiite<3, Toroattt _ ���-        ��
- -������ ������ ������ ���. ��� ���. Ba.ooa    y^
xxazs aw��
__ kkiti roo��
Eriu JtotO* Wiitr Sma*6) St. Me��isg Ckn^e* �����
T��UrraKeg��fflaCe^Ba��p��10itfc.K Wi.totfa.lte
BB.X3f t. CBlfTBXT KSPV��A3I��K.
U3.LC ULCEiv OuvER'-it'O^Evs
lanJaaW* mr <!r3*m af tt��ss tKoortsact axn��
"    haffiBff OmSia m Tv-lS CIXSC XK3. <���
Each package of "Diamond Dves" cojh
tains directions to simple tb&t tmj
woman can dy�� stay material -withouft
stroaldng, fsding or rtmaing. Ifeyggirt
h&& color card���Take no oiker dysi
*i^ ""!?*-*" ������ "^-ifej ^
Is 32.50 a year strictly in advance,, or $3
when not paid for three mouths or. more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
JJstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificale of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than oue claim appears io notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advirtising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
Rn inch each insertion.
Business locals I2^c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t hat the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Publishers have   Troubles
Iu his interesting and informative article in Printers' Ink for
October 2S Roy Dickson Bhows that
tlic publishers of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals have
worries of their own. Paper prices
have advanced 200 per cent since
1916. Postal rates on many publications have ladvanced 280 per
cent, freight rates 100 per cent and
oxpress charges 60 per cent.
The labor item has grown apace.
There the increase is due, first, to
changes in shop practices, and,
second, to the increase in the scale
itself and also in the reduction of
working hours. After a detailed
analysis of the foregoing changes,
Mr. Dickson eays:
"In tabulating the figures I have
set down only those outside of
controversy. Overhead, including
cost of management, rentj insurance, etc., all are "omitted. The
expense of maintaining circulation,
editorial and advertising departments,-all items dealing.with cost
of management, executive ability
or anything over which the publish-
er has control, are.ruledout. The
labor scales, paper prices, and the
cost of transportation i are out of
publishers control and are common
to all publishers, especially the big
edition men.?' . ���  '   ,   '     .    .
The publisher . ib a mannfacv
turer, but now finds himself in a
class peculiar in itself. While
other manufacturers are buying
raw materials at greatly, reduced
.prices, the publishers raw materials
continue pn a high andrising level.
���'.Wool j cotton, hides,leather, rubber,
metals���all these and; other corn-
mod ities jare the lowest pn record.
But print paper,' the publisher'p
; big item of raw material, stays up
and themanufacturers have served,
notice that still   higher "prices lie
ahead.-   .7 .;"-"/.-:   ������-:"-'--���.'," ! 7..! "���'.
.;.- !N"or is . th ere; any prospect that
postage wiil come down; ;6r freight
or express rates;-.So the. American
publisher, engaged in an; industry
iliafcis always hazardous; at' best.
���'Ciids himself confronting eondifcionF
of increasing difficulty.^ aiidfcriek.
He has his troubles and  the solution of hisproblems is not in eight.
. ���Spokesman Review.   7  '!   7    7
tho bank.    She was known to keep
a considerable  amount of  cash in
her home and a roll what appeared
to   be   burned    bills   was    found
among the  remains in   her trunk.
A tin containing a large quantity
of burned silver, money was also
discovered. This, it is claimed,
destroys the theory that robbery
had been the motive of a crime
and no other suggestion is at present forthcoming to oxplain why
her life should have been taken.
The Provincial police are investigating the case but have not
the slightest clue to guide their
So far as can be learned the
deceased had no relatives in this
country. She, together with her
husband came from the States
about the year 1900 aud settled in
Greenwood where thcy erected a
building originally intended for a
hotel. Afterwards this was opened
by them as a roomiug house.
They lived iu Greenwood ten years
bub on account of continued disputes between the couple, Mrs.
McBride moved to Coalmont in the
fall of 1909."
The Vendela Mine
On Monday, Sam Bombini, Dick
Pasco and Joe Sevetafii commenced
development work on the Vendela
mine south-west of Greenwood.
"Dennison Grant"-���
Canadian Novel
'Foul Play Suspected ���;-'.
! "The : charred remains of   Mrs;
Hattie McBride were removed from
���lhe ashes  of the house in.which
-! she had livetl;at Coalmont, at daybreak on Sunday   morning. -According to a verdict returned at the
..inqueBt fpnl -play .was connected
with tragedy. ZX    "
jibe deceased wjomau, who was
.5.0 years of age,, moved from .Greenwood to Coalmont about'-eleven
years ago, Fays the Princeton Staiy
Mrs. Hattie McBride was said to
be a woman of considerable means*
owing $15,000 worth of bonds, and
debentures in the city of Greenwood; S5,C00 in Victory Bonds and
havicg-a similar amount of cash in
Canada has gone forward amazingly in the matter of becoming
self-supporting in Canadian novels
���a very important development
What people read determines what
they think, and ib was a serious
situation when most of our people
were reading foreign literature,
and so developing a foreign rather
than a Canadian viewpoint.
! Perhaps no one has done more to
bring Canadian literature to Canadian, people than has Robert
Stead, .whose hovels,. "The Home-,
steaders". and "The Cow. Puncher'.'
have charmed and delighted every
oneJwho read them. These,books
were not only written in Canada;
they were ".printed, bound, and published. In Canada. They mark.a
sort of Canadian ^Declaration of
Literary Independence, because in
the past our Canadian authors have
been carrying most of. their books
to publishers"in the United States.
Mr.' Stead's new .novel, "Dennison Grant" ($1.75), like his former ones, is: produced in Canada
and published by the Musson Book
Company,   Limited,   of   Toronto.
It is an absorbing story of Canada
of today, and will undoubtedly
contribute still further to the
author's popularity. Mr. Stead
never fails to charm and entertain
the reader, but he writes for more
serious purposes as well in "Dennison Grant" one of the great problems lying at the root of the
world's unrest���the ownership of
money���becomes a theme of intense
interest as about it circles the'des-
biny of the hero and his two hero
ines. Thab is as far as bhe curtain
should be lifted in a newspaper
review; read "Dennison Grant,"
yourself and learn what happened
to him���aud to them.
Physician and Surgeon
__ That he has located] at Greenwood
Oflice    -   Guess Block.
Residence   -   Dr. MacLean's House
Office Phone 90.       Residence Phone 69
T.    THOMAS. *
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers. Cadillac cars, Garage in
The Ledge *
GREENWOOD,  B. C.'.    ����
^--7���--���;���--.    -y-xx^
* ���!* ���$* <$*���$* ���?��� ���$* ���%"% ���!��� ���?��� 4=
C LOA.T is not a periodic-
" al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and 6tpries of
western life. It bells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear L&ke in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in 93;
how tbe saloon man out-
prayed the women.in Kalamazoo, and graphically de-,
picts the roainings. - of a
western ��� editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early.history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.:
In it are. printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is- 50 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world." , Address all letters to
Culameen Rote!
One of the. largest hotels In
the city.   Beauti ful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson     -        ��� Proprietor
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
-Brick building and finely furnishedjrooins
JOHN BLOMBERG     -    -   Proprietor
E.- W. WIDDOWSON,' Assayer and
Chemist,. Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1 23 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead #3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., ou application,
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
ar.d Clothes, Metals, Sacks, -
Horses,  Cattle,   Etc.
(Diversion and Use.)
TAKE NOTICE' that Herbert Holmes whose
address is Iteavcrdell, B. C., wilt apply for a
licence to take and use SOO y.illoiis per day of
water.out oi Heaver creek, wliicli flows southwesterly and drains into West Fork of the
Kettle river about % mile west of Bca-verdeli,
B.C.    . -      ;
The water will be diverted from the stream
at a point about 550 feet in a uorthcrlj- direction from tbe Norlh-Enst corner of Lot BS09.
(Part of Lot 1545} and will be used for irrigation purposes upon the land described as B509
(Pnrt of .Lot 1545) Beaverdell. B.C.'   -;
This notice was posted 611" the ground on
the 25th day of November, 192& -- ' '
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and tb the "Water Act, 1914" will
be filed I11 the oflice of the Water Recorder at
Grand Forks, B. C...
Objections to the application may" be filed
with the said Water'Recorder or witli the
Comptroller of' Water tehts, Parliament
Buildinprs, Victoria, B. C.,..withiii thirty days
after the first appearance of this uotice'in a
local newsoaper.       ' '. -
Tlic ditte.of the first publication of this'uotice
is November ,>5th, 1920. .     ..,������"--'
;.-.' ' H. HOLMES, '
'.- .   - -- " Applicant.
Another Price Suggestion ���.;���'
FOR; ligli t,' 'tender, ".'flakjr.
pastry you-have, only'to
adciv.Uiat spoonful:; of . Dr:-;
Price's Creani.;Bakihg Pow- 7
der:. ������'-'.-�� .7- ;..."' ' '-.' x-X'X-y
��� And ' once yoiTJiave. seen"
" how. easy, these.- deliciously.'.-
filled.; pies are to make;' you'
will, want one, or -niorc of'
"theni. every day in-the week!.
iy'iX - -.-Custard;Pie .  ��� ���'. ��� '���':
-1 cup pastry flour .':-   '-.
'%'teaspobnjDr. Price's' .
.'-,Baking-Powder   . ��� '     7.-
% teaspoon salt .   ���'���'_;.-���    --
% cup shortening
-"-'cold.water -'���"-.."-
Sift.-,!together- flour, "baking
powder and salt; add'one-half'-'
shortening arid rub iaiiglitly
With fingers; add Water slowly until-of right eonsistency
to-roll out. Roll but very thin;
put on in small pieces .rc-,
mainirig shortening;" fold up-'~
"per arid lower edges in to
center.; fold sides in to center; fold sides in to center
again; roll out thin and' put
on pie plate.
X:y.-:.-;-. . Custard
;.3:esgs .-..':.-,,-.".=.-:.- - xy -- ;.-':��� ->
%:cup sugar.-- yy. ���[ ���_: y.yry .  ';- -
H tcaepqoh, salt :.-���''.-...���  ''.'       . 7". : ..
2.cu'p.s'scalded milk '-" -'--, " ";": ---.-' 7,
1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
Made from Cream of Tartar,
' derived from grapes.   -
7-Bcat - eggs,'' add sugar, salt,
flavoring; and milk .'very slovv- -
'.ly. .Line pic plalc; with-.paste
'made as above',, and' bake in
very. hot ovcsi about. 10 njin- ,
,ute's...PoUr.custard into the
baked'crust and bake in mod-"
..crate"oven about .23'minutes.
The pic.js" done- wlien-a.knifc -
put .:iri_ -center'..of!...custard
comes.'out dry.--'���.'
" X'    - "       -'     '   ''"' ���*."'-"
Cocoanut- Pie -is. made fthe-
; same, way; adding 1 - ciip^ b��
" shredded cocoanut; ~ and," iis-
.ing only-'2-eggs./- -' "'���.   Xy. ...
y ' Pumpkin.Pie- '
2 cups st'e-n-ed.aiid strained
7,-��� pumpkin-.-. ��� .'.'     "-
. 2 cups rich' milk or cream   "
% cup.brown or granulated "���. ' '-���
- .  sugar -    --.., =y ���.. --���;:,.-,.
9 fifttro       - - --;---..'---,.'-���
. ��� ^-oo3     ... ., . - -      -     -
Vi teaspoon ginger - .-���'..'
- Vs teaspoon salt -.; .      .   : -     .' ,-
1 teaspoon cinnamon ' "    " -���
llix - - pumpkin -  -with   ��� milk,
sugar,, -well-beaten eggs; ginger,, salt, cinnamon, and'beat
'2 minutes.   Pour-" in to pie-tin
which   has'-been-lined   with
pastryl Placein hot oven "for
1.15' minutes,-- then reduce heat
and bake-45 minutes in moderate oven;."To bring out flavor of'pumpkin.it .must  ba.
.very wclKbakM.'- -
Synapsis of
land'.ftcf Amsndments
Minlmum��prlee of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
*nd which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. : f
Pre-emptora must occupy claims for
Ave years and make improvements to
value of ?10 per aore, Including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown. Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
��S00 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
Jeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
# .Ah��P 5 ye*���, and improvements
of fio.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. A
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding &0
Mres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas   exceeding   640   acres   may   be"
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land  not   exceeding   40  acres''
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exoeeding half of purchase
price, is made. /"^ '
* ACT.
The scope of thia Act la enlarged to
Inolude1 an persona joining and aerv-
ing with His Majea^a Forcaa. The
time within which the helra or devisees
of a deceased pre-amptor may apply
for title under thla Act la extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion or the present
war. Thla privUege la also made retroactive.
No feea ralating to pre-emptions are
due or payabla^y aoldlera on preemptions recorded after June 26. 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years
Provision for return of moneys, accrued due and bean paid since August
4, 1814, on aooount of payments, feei
or taxes pn soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest pn agreements to purchase
VBEi'S mr Iot�� heM \y members of
Allied Forcea. or dependants, acquired
direct or Indlreot, remitted from enlistment t6 March ll, 19S0. ^ .
Provlalon made for Issuance of
Crown franta to aub-purchasers of
Crown Landa, acquiring righta from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on ful-
Aliment of oondltlona ot purchase Interest and texea. Whera aub-purchae-
ers do not claim whole of original parcel, Purchase griat jut ftnd ,������ *��L
be   distributed   proportionately   over
GRAZING).    *
Oraalng Act. 191��, for systematic
development of livestock Industry provides for gracing dlBtrtcU and range'-
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permit* iaaued baaed
on numbers ranged; priority for eitab-
lishod owners. Stock-ownera may
form Association for range management. Free, or partially free, permit*
tor settlers, campera or trav^llere. UD
to tan head. ^ ^ ���
; (Expert Octlclan)
K. w. C Block       -      -     Nelson
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville trains
Autos For Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
.   of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers'  ot   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig, Lead   ind Zinc
*  -1
x+*+fr******** i"ft"4'4"4"��'*4'4"4**'t'4��
! Cbe Burne fiotel
DeI$ont B*���*
The only upxto/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boatsf
*4"*+��f++* 4- * ****** ��f��f******f**x
1 For Good I
g ���Economy andSatisfaction 3
g combined with Promptness 3
% are the features which go to %
% make up the Service we give H
g our customers.     Are  you 3
�� one of them? 3
s^-" -      . ���      ��� '    3'
���~>        ���  ��� :  ���-;*��
gr    =.- ==- ' ZSZ
B. Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
���E:   . .,   (Ruled or Plain) .   " ZS*\
���~.y _.y_ _ _l_ __ Rnvelones^ Billheads*  ^3
SS     . (AH Sizes) 2
��� Statements, Business Cards, %
g Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. |j
I The Ledge      PHO^^     1
g     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   3
���;;^;11ie Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has prod need Minerals valaed as follows:' Placer Gold, $755 722,603; Lode
Gold, $100,272,431; Silver, 150,432,8^4; Lead 143,821,106; Copper, 8153,680,965;
Other Mefeals (Zino, Iron, etc.), $16,818,487; Goal and Coke, 8199,123,323;
Building Stone, Brick. Cement, eta, 129,991,757; Miseellaneon3 Minerals, etc.,
$785,918; making fita Mineral Production to the end pf 1919 show an
$670,649,894 ;
ember, 1919, $33,206,31
aggregate Value
Production for Year; Enjiiig
The  Mining  Lawa or thiB Province ars more liberal and the fees lower
ihan those of any othar Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British :, -v
Empire. . ��� '   i;  ' X-    ' '' X'  ''���  '"���'.'���������-'' X '._��� i y' ' '-���''���-;
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Abfeolnte Titles are. obtained by developing anch properties, the secarity
of whids is gnaranteed by Growns Grants. .
Fnll information, together with mining Eeporta and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing��� .. i. y .--
VICTORIA/ British tolumbia.


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