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The Ledge Feb 26, 1920

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 -f - ymxxxximixyxx
al Library
"^.���;.'.v.::'���;������-" -'-"���/' ��::; ', -O-V:   ���;-''���-  ..:^"<0^--i'^-;^'',^r^fH
Vol.    XXVI.
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it with some
bf our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
gmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmm mmfc
' We carry a large line of
J. 6. McMynn,  Midway
Around Home
Just Arrived
Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
���'        Sable Fish, Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,- Currants,
all   kinds   of   Nuts
Raisins   and
| Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
Wm. Bryant is night clerk  at
the C  P. R. station.    ���
No. 33
Many Claims Leased
Anticipations   for   development
and operation of the mines in the
Greenwood   mining division,   and
more especially on those situated
Fresh  Cream Cheese at Ren-1 within a mile radius of the city of
Greenwood, seem very promising.
D. ST.
P. O. Box 1102
> 0^>000<>0<>0<>0<>000<>00<>000<000000<X
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
'oooooooooooooooooooooooc ��oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skins dressed and mounted at .
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
NITROGEN ���*���-
60 Watts
100    ������
200   ��
$1.25 each
2.00�� ��
3.50 ������
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses, "Cattle,  Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks. Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
MEAGHER &  Co��� Sll Bake*St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First
j 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.    Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.    Soft drinks,- cigars and cigarettes.
Pool ball in connection.
0000000000000000000000000c 0000000000000000000000000 <
X- *
("unpreparedness L
A bank account is an assistant
in character building. It establishes the
confidence, independence arid'pride which
increases effort and paves the way to success.
Open an account to-day and be
y '.
PAID-UP CAPITAL      :       i       $15,000,000
RESERVE FUND       ...      '- *   "$15,000,000    ,
GREENWOOD BRANCH, & E. Brawders, Manager.
In Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line'of my
goods sent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner.
.     GRAND FORK.*, B.C.
-WANTS.- ETC. - -
For Sai,e ��� Willys-Knight
Four 1916 Touring Car, also
Overland 1914 model. Enquire
Dan Biner. Phoenix, B.C.
dell's Store
Mrs. Spurgeqn,of Hilliard, is
the guest of' Mrs. JVfellrud.
D. R. McElmon, watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B.   C.
Mrs. R. Lee "returned on Saturday from visiting relatives iu
"Judge" J. B. Wood a resident
of Princeton for'20 years, died
suddenly on Feb. 14.'
A son was born to Mr. and
Mrs. J. Benson, of Greenwood in
Grand Forks, on Feb. 4.
. E. Running, who bas beeu the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. Sater,
left for Seattle last week.""
v Mrs. Creighbatim, mother of
Mrs. 'J.- H. Goodeve, died in
Baker, Oregon, on Feb. 13.
Mrs. G. A. Rendell has returned from near Laurier, Wash.,
where she has been nursingT~
From now on the Boundary
G. W. V,. A. will meet every
Friday evening in the Fire Hall.
Mrs. C. Carlson, of this city,
died in the Grand Forks hospital,
last week, after a few days' illness.
E. B. Harris, of Penticton, was
in' town for a few days this week,
visiting    his mother,   Mrs.   M.
Mr. and Mrs." C. M. Campbell
and family have returned' to
Phoenix, from visiting in Vancouver.   ,
���W.-Hufty retuTfred-toCastle--
gar on Wednesday, after being in
charge of- the C. P. R. depot for
a few days this week.
Have your eyes attended to at
once. We have both shell and
gold rimmed glasses. We can fit
you.    Goodeve Drug Store. '
Western Float
The Ledge has  always   room
for one more ad.
Kodaks, full line of Films
and Supplies at
Goodeve Drug Store
Card of Thanks
Mr. and Mrs. Geo, Bong desire
through the medium of The Ledge
60 express their sincere thanks for
the many presents", for wedding
cake from Mrs. J. Keady, -and for
the social evening extended, to
Bucolic Press
My son, aged 14, missing from
home" in Genoa,' W, Va,; absent
fonr months; light haired, fair complexion, bloe eyes; left big toe cut
ofi for indentification.���Ad in
Charleston (W. Va.) News.
Harry Bryan- has practically
recovered from his recent operation, and he expects to leave the
Grand Forks hospital this  week.
We are unloading today anolhei
car of Royal Household flour,
wheat, shorts, oats, cracked corn
and chick food.    G. A. Rendell.
Rae Lane returned to Grand
Forks last week, after visiting
Mr. andMrs~M: Christensen,"at
Boundard Falls, for a number of
J, V. Ingram returned to Vancouver on Wednesday, after attending the funeral of his sister,
Mrs. G. W. Rogers, "in Phoenix,
on -Monday.
The Coalmont correspondent of
the Princeton Star says: "Charlie
Blank made his semi-annual trip
to town last Sunday. _ Charlie is
the star skinner at the mine."
The Emma mine is closing
down. All men working there
have a chance to go to Kimberley
as the Consolidated Co., will give
them free passage to  that point.
The many friends of D, McPherson will be pleased to learn
that he- is recovering from the
illness that-has kept him from
being1 on duty at the C. P. R.
station. A. Sherman, relieving
agent, is in Mr. ��� McPherson's
position at the local depot,
Mrs. Rogers, beloved wife of
Geo. W. -Rogers died in Phoenix
oa Feb. 19. Mrs. Rogers- is a
daughter- of Mr. and Mrs. V.
Ingram; well known old-timers of
Phoenix. The funeral was held
on Monday, and was largely attended, interment taking place
in the Phoenix cemetery.
1 F, H. Peters, general superintendent of the C. P. R. for the
B. C. division; W. O. Miller, district superintendent, and other
officials of the railway, conferred
with the citizens of Grand Forks
on Wednesday evening in regard
to the proposed change m the
passenger depot in that city.
Most of the mineral claims have
been held by people "who were
foreign to the district, probably on
a' speculative basis, and considerable difficulty has been experienced
in obtaining favorable leasee on
these properties, the amount of
royalty expected by the owner from
the operator, from 15 to 20 per
cent of the smelter returns, being
a heavy handicap to a practical
miner of small capital.
The Taxation Act of 1916, haB
cleared this difficulty�� with a consequent result that many of the
mining properties have reverted to
the crown. Experienced mining
men have seized this opportunity
to lease fchese mines from the government, the government office at
Greenwood having granted leases
to some forty applicants. Most of
the applicants are local mining men
who no donbt are acquainted with
the mineral value of"the claims
leased. Should a measure of sue-
cees attend these new develop-
ments^Greenwood may again resume its position as one of the
principal shippers of ore in the
Boundary district.
The following are some of the
claims leased by the Government:
"S. M. Johnson," T. Brannigan;
"Tintee," T. Brannigan; "Ah
There," Colin.McRae; ^Buckhorn,'
J. N. Paton;' "Strathmore," W.
H. Bryan; "Defiance," R. Lee;
"Crescent," W. -A. Thompson;
"Roderick Dhu," " L. Bryant;
"Meadow Lark," J. H. DuHamel,
"Last Chance," James Poggi;
"Maple Leaf," G. A. Bryan;
"Arcadia," W. C. Wilson; "Hope
No. 2,'' W. C. Wilson; "Ethiopia"
J. DuHamel; "Bonnie Bell," Ola
Lofstad; "Heen," Ola Lofstad;
"Electric," L. E. Brawders; "Riverside," Panl Nelson; "Nelson,"
G. A. Bandell; "New York," R.
Forshaw; '-Joilette," J. B. Des-
rosier; "Deadwood," Colin McRae.   -   -  - ---   '    -
How to Succeed
C. F. Higham, member of British parliament, says that every
healthy man is a potential earner
of ��50,000 a year. Then he tells
how to go about it. Maybe he is
"spoofing" us.
"The secret is Jo get othere to
work out your ideas," he says.
"And to have the courage of yonr
convictions; to say 'yes' and 'no'
and stick to it.' Don't be too tired
to get up when Opportunity knocks
at your door. Have an infinite
capacity for taking pains. Be
ready for any question���for an
emergency. Look and acfe prosperous. Be an optimist Pessimists do nofe gefe. far. - Be kind.
Be courteous���it's the cheapest
thing in the world.- Never break
your word. Business men are
looking for reliable men. Fire
yourself from the job thafe doesn't
make you happy. Take chances if
you want big, chances.' Have faith
in yourself."
There, that's how to earn ��50,-
000 a year. Take of your coat and
go to work! Wonder if Higham is
earning that much or only telling
the rest of ns how.
Fresh vegetables ' are very
scarce and dear, but you can get
the best of canned tomatoes, corn,
peas and beans , at reasonable
prices at Rendell.'s store.
Canada's   estimated population
is put at nine million.
New Brunswick reports the coldest January in history.
British Columbia apples are being sold in Nova Scotia.
Salt is next in line to be put on
the short list of H. C. L.
James Cleland, chief of police at
Revelstoke died last week.
Autos to the number of 250 were
sold in Penticton last year.
Lord Byng of Vimy may be fehe
next Governor-General of Canada.
A post of fehe Canadian Mounted
Police will be established in Merritt.
The Nicola Pine Mills commenced operations at Merritt last
The Grand Forks branch of the
United Farmers are in favor of
entering politics.
A new publication- appeared- in
Vancouver this month. It is
named "John Bull Jr."
J. A. Nesbitfe has disposed of his
business in Penticton to H. W.
Weatherby of Vancouver.
Ex-Mayor Anderson of Kaslo,
will leave shortly on a three
months' trip to the old country.
Six of the largest lumber mills
on Vancouver Island will cut 170,-
000,000 feet of lumber this year.'
Airplanes are to be used in the
exploration of the James Bay district this summer, in the search
for oil.
About   90,000   bushels   of   flax
fibre seed was produced  in Western  Canada, last,year,on- expert
mental fields.
R. E. Peary, world's famous explorer and discoverer of the North
Pole, died in Washington, D. C,
on February 20.
Lieut.-Col. Fred Lister, superintendent of soldiers settlement at
Creston, has resigned his connection with the B. C. Board.
George Kennedy, an old newspaper man of B.C., has taken
charge of the editorial and news
department of the Merritt Herald.
Pat Perkins an old timer in
Kaslo and district, died at his
home in Kaslo on Feb. 15. A
widow and six' children survive
An official return shows that the
export of spirits to Canada from
Britain in January was valued at
;��109,684 against ^20,094 last
.Nels Nelson won the skip jump
at the Revelstoke tournament- recently, with" a jump of 185 feet.
A. Seattle contestant jumped 200
feet but fell.
Vancouver will soon boasfe of fehe
largest telescope in the world, witb
a lensjLO feet in diameter, just half
a foot larger than the famous telescope at Leipsig.
Announcement was made recently thafe January 10th, 1920, was
the official date upon which war
with Germany terminated. This
date was fixed by royal order.
Finding that fehe Vancouver
Breweries had sold beer which was
above the strengfeh allowed by the
Prohibition Act, Magistrate Shaw
recently imposed a fine of Si.000.
The Monetary Times' estimate
of Canada's fire loss daring January 1920 waB 82,637,850 as compared with $3,915,290 in January
1919 and $2,047,496 in December,
The Emerald, Salmo, Bhipped 80
tons, Isaac. Brisco, 39 tons, Iron
Mask, Kamloops, 100 tone, to the
Trail smelter, during the second
week of this month.
The Sumpter Valley Smelter
corporation has been incorporated
in Spokane for $500,000. It will
work power plants, develop mines
and handle kindred operations.
This corporation will operate in
the State of Washington, British
Columbia and other parts of Canada.
A strike of seven feet of high
grade ore is reported to have been
made on the Tango group~ in the
Sheep Creek district. This property was formerly known as the
Eureka group, and is only a short
distance from the Nugget, where a
notable strike was made several
weeks' ago,
The Lasfe Chance mine at North-
port, Wash., which some years ago
shipped ��750,000 worth of ore under the management of Peter
Larsen, will be worked again.
Forty men will be employed immediately. The management-expects to ship 50 tons of ore a day
in a few weeks.
Four sleds are engaged in hauling ore from the property of the
Gladstone Mountain Mining com--
pany, according to a Northport,
(Wash.,) report. They had re-
moyecTl5p tons of high gr"aSe~leaa;
and had about 150 tons' to remove
on Saturday* last. This ore has a
net value of about $75 to theton
and-is shipped to the smelter in
Tho Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power company
produced 1,975,439 pounds of cop-'
per in January, according to a
New York report. This is comparable with 1,544,464 pounds produced in December. x The company
has been handicapped for several
months by a lack of quartz for use
in fluxing, says a Vancouver report. This handicap has been
eliminated by the opening of a new
���quartz-vein afea-poinfe-a mile""anrt"
a half from the Anyox smelter.
Through the addition of these
resources an increase iu the smelter
production is expected" to continue.
An additional handicap resulted
from a shortage of power in parfe
of December when the temperature
was low.
��� Conductor John Barrieau, firsfe
conductor on fehe Crow branch of
the C. P. R., and oue of fehe best
known in Western Canada, has retired on a pension after 38 yeare of
faithful and efficient service.
��� Premier Oliver estimates that ife
will take $4,000,000 to complete
and equip fehe Pacific Grieafe Eastern to Prince George. To extend
the railway to Swaa Lake, Peace
river, would cosfe $25,000,000.
In  connection   with   its copper
refinery, a rod mill,   costing $200,-
000, will be erected  at the Trail
smelter,- says the   Nelson   News,
and for the first time refined copper will be made into  copper rods
in Canada, the rods being the raw
material from  whieh   copper wire
is made.    At present copper  wire
manufacturers import  copper rods
from the United  States.    The copper refinery will also be greatly ex-'
tended, its capacity being increased
from 20 tons per day  of  refined
copper,  to 50 tons per day, at a
cost of $250,000.    The increase is
necessitated by the fact that  the
company  ia  to refiue  the  copper
concentrates of the Canada Copper
company,   to the  amounfe of  130
tons per day, the content of copper
being about 25 per cent.    Ife will be
the intention of the Consolidated to
sell as much  copper in  tbe ingot;
and cake foruo as possible,   the remainder being converted into sode.
The noblest thoughts my soul can claim,
The holiest words my tongue can frame,
Unworthy are to praise the name
More sacred than all other.
Ah infant when her love first came	
A man, t find is just the same;
Reverently I breathe her name,
The blessed name of mother.
���George Griffith Fetter,
I       - Mining News     ;
The   Consolidated   Mining   and
Smelting company has  granted a
50 per cent,   increase in   wages to,
all employees of the company in ail
its mining camps.
"?v to
-i-LJj       LkuiiLi        Uu-f-.k.vVWtfHl
E<  \
About Your Skin
__ \ H | RHV not make Cuti-
s^^j^r J ��� M Bcura Soap your
T^^av ��� B ��� every ��� day toilet
' . ^��a, InBsosp, assisted by
Cuticura Ointment
and Cuticura Talcum, n<vw and then
ia most cases a
clear fresh complexion, a clean scalp
free from dandruff and irritation, good
hair, soft white hands and a wholesome
akin free from Mcuiish. without resorting to tiresome, expensive "beauty"
fada? Cuticura costs little and does
much. Sample each, free by mail of
"Cuticura, Dept. N. Barton. U.S.A."
Sold by dealers throughout tbevrortd.
W&?~' Cuticura Talcura Powder ^WE
Do not fail to lest the fascinating fragrance of this exquisitely scented face,
baby, dusting and skin perfuming powder, delicate, dclichtful, distinfiuc. it
imparts to the person a charm iucoiu.
parable and peculiar to itself.
Britain���The World's Terminal
hi his review of Great Uritaiu's industrial unci financial future, to which
certain references were made in this
column lust week, Lord Northcliffc
not only told -his American intciv
viewer ot th.e ability being displayed
in reforming the status of thc industrial workers, and gave reasons why
ncithcr the United Statcs nor any
other country could succeed in taking
away from Britain her supremacy in
shipping, but he  submitted a logical
reason why England would continue
to bc thc centre of world trade and
finance. In this connection he said:
"Americans who come to London
arrive here not realizing that our
small country, which you can almost
put inside tlie state of Ncw York; is
merely the great terminal of nearly
a hundred diverse sections comprising thc British J.uupirc. That Empire is roughly divided into half a
dozen free nations, quite independent
of England,���thc great collecting and
distributing centre of the whole,���if
they choose to bc independent. If
Canada, or Australia, or Ncw Zealand
wish to cut thc connection tomorrow,
they can do so without leaving any
bad feeling behind. Sometimes there
is ruffled talk between us, as there
is between, any other great business,
but when it comes to what I understand you call a 'showdown,' it is seen
that thc business nlliar.ee is of thc
strongest. .      - -  ,.    y .
���.  "Neva-'forget, too, we are linked by
sentiment strong'enough to unite us
todcath-'.iself.'as'thc world has lately
seen, when from liic remote v'ar.ts of
Australia,- and from such widely separated places as Central  Africa,    the
Klondike,  and- thc   I'alkkuul   Islands,
. came.  litc.se  busy   Unions-,:'who'  were
���not killed,-'who  will give .you an .excellent ' stand-up    business,  fight, -in
South America and elsewhere.    Fiom
all    thosc.. places    there _'< (lowed _- lo
France,   .to Palestine,  -.io' Egypt, -lo
Asia' .Minor,   th.e   fine   young   people
..���who farmed a'portion of the land ancl
sea. armies-"' of" the liritish     Empire/
which numbered nearly eight' millions,
and- of'   whom' 1,000,000 'were-.killed
and'   missing    (and    missing', means
dead),  and'of  whom"   .our-losses' in
-. dead' officers, alone..- amounted to 50,-
-000..   '- " ' ''"���. ....:���   -.;'       :"  .-.   - ;
: -"A people' like- o'urs,vbacked up by
practically every single, raw' material
the'., world contains,, except, .I -u'ndc'r.-
staucl.   potash,-' which'seems .'one;-of
��� your weakness/too,  have.every  rca-;
:  son--.��o"-.the_.si!ent. confidence thcy. feel.
in the future/". In addition;to-our-sup-,
ply "of raw 'iiiatcrial/'weTiave 'the, best
'skilled;labor".in  the; '-world../' .1" ..say
' without he'siuitioh.'ihat,.'.mechanic, ���'for
'mechanic, ours, are! the  best,: for' wc
-   have'pi-a"ct!cally.!>b aliens.'.'."//���"-. ".
Financially," LorYlVNonhclijic. agrees
with ���..some of-the.; best-bankers- iu
England thai .GreaL/Bxitain. does' not
��� -need to'-borrow' further/from "th'c/XJni-
'tctt Stales.'/riW.pc^itio'it. of .tlic five
'great- British; banking:  cdiribinatio,ns,"-
;'.'holding.ainpiigst' thcm. S5 p.c'r. ccnl,. of
. "the dep6sit3L-of"the-i;nglish\lianks;is
' /so''strong-that.''any .present cr' -iniine"-.
"'. diately pros'pcctH'-c-. JSfitish trade, ca'u-
'- be ! financed, .without'-- seeking-;,- yulsi.de
"''liclpj and .it.'is .not, to.6, mitcli- to/say-,
" ''.Fays, the "editor "of/Wail/ Street Journal,    who  interviewed  - Lorch Nov'h-
allies. And in this connection it is
worthy of note, aud a source of British confidence in thc future, that this
3-ear Great Britain will be ?blc to provide all national expenditures out of
current taxation aud still be able to
make a substantial reduction in thc
war debt.
Concluding his statement of the
British position, Lord Northcliffc
made reference to a well-known characteristic of thc British race. lie
said: "Wc have many faults as a people. Thc French say that we havc
thc faculty of putting our worst foot
foremost. Wc are bad advertisers.
We always like to grumble. It amuses
one to notice how violently we grumble at a small'business .loss and how
quietly wc pocket a gigantic business
achievement. Wc arc not good 'boosters'; but I do happen to understand
something about propaganda, and
having the opportunity of speaking to
a great body of business men through
thc Wall Street Journal, 1 would ask
the .many business friends I have
made at business conventions in thc
United Statcs to apply a large amount
of salt to any dish served up by young
and inexperienced cable correspondents v/ho blow into London, and, because thcy find an absence of thc
noise and rush to which they are accustomed at home, fail to realize that
Mr. John Bull is back at his old stand
and is about to give you a thoroughly
busy timc in many markets that you
will find arc not such easily cut lemons as some of your enthusiasts believe."
All of which should help to dissipate from the minds of Canadians, fed
up with articles iu thc United States
newspaper aud magazine press, any
fear that Great Britain is in danger
of losing her old-time position as leader iu thc world of finance, shipping,
manufacturing and commerce.
Easily and  Quickly   Cured with
F��- Sa.le b?' A11 Dealers
Napancc, Out.
Uousrlas &.Co..  T
rop rs.
Irrigation District
For Saskatchewan
Act Passed Respecting Irrigation in
the Province
Among thc acts which wcrc passed
at the last session of thc provincial
legislature of Saskatchewan, which
has just prorogued, is one respecting
irrigation in the province. This act
provided for U,c formation of irrigation districts, which will be composed of a parcel or parcels of laud
on which auy dike, dam, weir, floodgate, breakwater, drain, ditch, basin,
reservoir, canal, tunnel, bridge, culvert, crib, embankment, hcadwork,
flume, aqueduct, pipe, pump or any
other contrivance for carrying or conducting water can   bc  erected.
The first procedure to form an irrigation district wiii be to forward a
petition to the Minister of Highways
for Saskatchewan. This petition must
bc signed by a majority of the land
owners of thc district who own morc j
Water Development
Scheme Considered
Project to  Utilize  South  Saskatchewan River Supply
With the object of inquiring into
the proposal to develop a water supply from the South Saskatchewan
River lo serve the area lying between
the river and thc cities of Regina and
Moose Jaw, and including those cities,
the Saskatchewan Government has
brought in a bill in the legislature to
appoint a commission of three members, of which Major A. McPherson,
consulting" engineer to the Local Government Board, is chairman. This i
commission is charged with the duties
of making a survey of the whole problem from an engineering and financial
viewpoint, and must also inquire into
thc water rights granted by thc Dominion Government to irrigation companies and others in Alberta where
the headquarters of thc Saskatchewan
River are situated.
It has been claimed that should
companies which havc been granted
water rights exercise their privileges
in full, there would bc no water in
thc bed of the South Saskatchewan
by the time Saswatchewan was reached. ... The commission is also directed
to negotiate with the Dominion Gov-
than half the land, to bc included in |crnn,cnt  in   regard   lo  this  situation,
the irrigation district. The petition
must further be accompanied by a
bond, and a report from a qualified
engineer showing the feasibility of
operating the proposed irrigation district.       Following  the  publication of  If lhc plan  ls aPProvcd' thcn �� votc
ancl wdien all particulars required in
connection with enabling thc legislature to reach a decision regarding thc
water scheme have been secured,' to
report to thc Provincial Government.
Big" Asbestos Order
France, to Purchase' Materials to
Value of $1,250,000 in the
Arrangements have been made by
which Canadian firms will furnish
$1,250,000 worth of asbestos roofing
for use in thc North oi France.
The credits wcrc on the usual basis by which the French Government
issues bonds ancl of these the Canadian manufacturer or shipper takes
three-eighths, while the Government,
through thc Government commission,
takes  five-eighths.
Asbestos roofing, being manufactured from Canadian asbestos and
Canadian cement, is classed as onc
of'.the purcly. Canadian . products
now finding an export market.
thc petition a returning officer will
be appointed wli0 will have charge of
thc election to decide whether or not
the district shall be formed. The
number of trustees for' any district
may be three, five or seven as the
minister may direct, but every trustee shall be an owner of land in that
This act sets out in detail the methods of election, and how irregularities
arc- to bc  dealt with.
Arr Original Mayor    " .
C.ermondsey boasts- the "most:independent and original/Mayor- in  Britain in thc person of Mr. W.- C. Bus-'
tin,-. /,'"'. '.."'.
"He will -not accept aiiy invitations
to' functions "during his year Of office
and. declines "-tp: bc invested with thc
-robe aud chain-.of.office!
' -A compositor by trade; Mr.- Bustin
will .continue his occupation. .He'has
been- granted' $300 for out-of-pocket
expenses and for Joss of remunerative
lime' while -acting as. mayor.   .-���
of the electors in the area affected
will be taken. It is specifically provided in thc bill that should thc proposed water development be proceeded with, the expenses must bc bor.nc
by the area benefited.
So many have Neuritis,
that painful, paralyzing
Inflammation of tho
nerves. Do not s1Jffor another day. II you ere R
Nothing else brings rolleS
so quickly and so surely.
Send for free sample to
Tompletons, 142 King St.
W.. Toronto.
For sale at reliable druggists for 11.04 a box.
Provincial Act to
Restrict Townsites
'.Templeton's RAZ-MAH Capsules are guaranteed to relieve
ASTHMA.   Don't Duller on-
othor day.
Write Templetons, 142 King St.
W., Toronto, for free sample.
Reliable druggists sell them at
$1.04 a box.
Saskatchewan Reserves Rights Over
the Railways   '���
In    future,   railways    which    build
branch lines in Saskatchewan will bc
restricted somewhat in "their location
of townsites by  the Town  Planning
Act, which received its second reading in  thc legislature.    Hon. George
Langley,  in  charge  of the bill,  said
that it had been a misfortune in the
past    that    railway    companies    had
shown  themselves selfish  and erratic
in their choice of townsite locations.
In some cases they had crossed highways   which   had   been   improved   at
great expense and located thc town-
site   some   miles   away   from    such
[roads, thus rendering them almost" a
j waste of money.   This would not be
,'permitted in future, as thc bill gave
'��� thc  government power  to deal with
Ithc location of ncw townsites.
Barley 2,000 Years Old
By the generosity of Lady Ludlow,
Rolhamsted (England) experimental
station has secured a coin which is
of peculiar interest to agriculturists.
Struck in the city of Mctapontum in
330 B.C., it bears on its reverse sidc
<��� Professional undertakers are practically unknown in Japan. When a
person dies it is the practice for his
nearest relatives to make a- coffin
and bury him. Thc mourning docs
not begin  until  after  the burial.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach
the diseased portion ol the car. There is
only   one   way   to   cure   Catarrhal   Deafness,
the- representation  of an  car of
ley, which is so accurately moulded
that the variety can be identified.
The barley  is thc six-rowed -variety,
i    .. | and    that
Dal     HALL'S
You Can be Cured of
The Pure Balsamic Essences of Cab
arrhozone Afford Surest and
Quickest Cure '
Catarrhozone ^is certain to cure because ; its healing vapor is carried
with the breath direct to the seat, of
the chest, nose or throat trouble. Being composed of the purest balsams
and pine essences, it immediately allays irritations, facilitates the ejection of mucus, soothes and stimulates
the lungs and bronchial tubes. The
mangel of the age in curing' nose,
throat and ^bronchial troubles, that's
what thousands say about Catarrhozone. There is nothing so sure to
cure, and to those in fear of changeable weather���those who easily catch
cold���thosc who work among lung-
chilling .surroundings, or where dust,
impure air, fog, or damp can affect
them���let them get Catarrhozone and
usc it several times daily���it will cure
every time.
Large size Catarrhozone, sufficient
for two months' use; guaranteed,
price, $1.00; smaller size, SOc; sample
size, 25c.    Sold everywhere.
May Get Part of
German Naval Equipment
British" Government Offers Dominion
Some Reparation Claims
In thc material which the allies are
requiring Germany to deliver as com-
through thc Blood on the Mucous Surtaces
ol the System. Catarrhal Dealness is caused
by an mtlamed condition of the mucous lining ot the Eustachian Tube. When this tube
is inllamed you have a rumbling sound or
Which has always been supposed to unpcrlcct hearing, and when it is entirely
ho thp nlrlpst  fnmi  in   r-nll'ivaltnri    Wp icloscd-   u"fnes3   is   thc   result.      Unless   the
oe tne oldest torm n. cultivation,  we ; inllainil,atl0n can  be re(iacei and thls tube
is   by a constitutional    ictnedy. ipensation for the loss of German bat-
CATARIUl      MJiDICIXE     acts  ��i    i ���       ���*   c    ��        ut <
tleships at Scapa    Flow are several
now   know   that   it
Southern   Italy  over
years  ago.
Minard's   Liniment
for   sale   every-
t\vo    thousand
A crowd of 1,000,000 pertons with
easy standing .room would cover 70
was    familiar    inj'estorcd to its normal condition, hearing may
1 be  destroyed  foi ever.    Many  cases  o(   Deafness are caused by Catanh, which  is an inflamed condition ot the Mucous Surfaces.
ONE     HUNDRED    DOLLARS    lor    any
case  ot   Catarrhal   Deafness   that   cannot   be
cured  by   HALL'S  CATAHRU   MEDICINE.'
All  Drugists  75c.    Circulars  free.
F. J. Cheney & Co. Toledo: Ohio.
Surveying by Aeroplane
Thc aeroplane in Tasmania has been
used to survey a route for the erection   of   a   transmission   line   capable
of delivering  10,000    horsepower    of;But
electric current from thc Great Lake
I Works  tb  Launceston,  a distance of
  150  miles.     No   man   has   every   been
Oner" -i   mnn,��.   i 1   r, i   .   I through this part of the country. The
una:   a   mother   has   used   Baby s | f '   , .   ,
Own   1 ablets   for  her   little  one -she Iacropl.ane, which carried an engineer
always  keeps  a  supply on  hand,  for | of   the   government
She Thought Dyeing
Was Old Fashioned
Dairy Industry of
Saskatchewan Grows
Export    Market   Is    Now    Needed,
Declares Dominion Dairy
There was a largc attendance at thc
eleventh annual convention of thc Sas-
.^nJiinL'i!?1   c0"vil,lccs   her   there I department,   traveled   180   miles,   and I coUon    or   mixed   goods. ��� dresses, Since.
d.i��    wc �� Wn"! '" kecp'"^��� overgild mountain peaks, rising1
emiuren ucii.    I lie T ablets are a mild '
but thorough laxative which regulate
the bowels and sweeten the stomach,
thus driving out constipation and indigestion, colds and simple fevers and
making teething easier. Cone ning
them, Mrs. Saluste Pelletier, St. Dumas, .Que, writes: ��� "1 have used
babys Own Tablets for the past ten
years and am never without them in
the house. Ihey have always given
the greatest, satisfaction and 1 can
gladly recommend them to all mothers of .little 0!,CSi'>-. Thc Tablets are
i to an altitude of 6,000 feet, over very
heavily timbered country, numerous
lakes, lagoons and rivers. Information, which in the ordinary way would
have taken some months to obtain,-
owing to the forbidding nature of thc
country, was gained iu a couple of
Diamond    Dyes"    Made    Her
Faded,   Shabby,   Old   Garments Like New
Don't worry about perfect results.
Use "Diamond Dyes,"   guaranteed  to!katchewan Dairy Association held rc-
givc a new, rich, fadeless color to any j cently al Moose Jaw.   Delegates were
huydro-elcctric j fabric, whether it be wool, silk, l!iicn,J present  from  all  parts  of  thc  prov-
or,       . _        .
blouses,   stockings,   skirts,   children's'    Reviewing tha past    ycar    in.,  the
coats, feathers, draperies, coverings��� | dairying   industry,     Percy   E.^Rced,
floating docks, dredges, hydraulic
cranes, etc. It is understood that the
British Government has madc enquiry
of thc Canadian Government as to
whether Canada would like to acquire
any of these on account of Canada's
reparation claims, and the matter is
now being considered by the government.
Auction sales in Japan arc conducted very differently from' the American plan. A bidder at a Japanese
auction writes his name and bid on a
piece of paper which hc. puts into a
box. This is opened by thc auctioneer and thc highest bidder receives
thc goods. , '  . ���
Japanese children are taught at an
early   age   to   write'  and   draw   with
sold   by   medicine, dealers   or .direct !both hands, and to this fact has been
Dy/11'^1* at ^ cents a-box from The1
Dr.   Williams.  Medicine   Co.,   Brockviile, Ont. 	
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money if PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure Itching, Blind!'Bleed?
ing or Protruding Piles. Stops Irritation;
Soothes and Heals. You can get restful
sleep after the first application.' Price
60c;   _ . - ���       .-     -:'"".'."' i'i ���
Canadians to Trade
Willi Caribbeans
xyi    .It'Has Been Said-- ,-
. ./That", yoii.havc no idea howbi
other fellows'.troubles are.',----' Xy    .'.
",' That; money.' like "salt,.:is. necessary
to.add .flavor Vo\lifc,',.buf' nu, overdose
is'.harmful.':_���'-: ":-v, -   '-  .-���'-.,-:" ���'������''
'.That'..-1lie'. unfortunatG  thing;, about
good' resolutions, is that they; arc" often,
iyia'dc too late.   ���_'..-     '."��� '-.-.������. ."-'',\ ." Z
-:.Thal politeness-is. like an-ni'r-.ctish-
ioh:  there.may be ;nolhing.in "it,".but
ii. ciisA.v  the'- jolts- 'wonderfully/.:"'  "...
Plans for Prince's Visit to. Australia
ascribed the-superiority of Japanese
art in certain directions especially
in neat sewing.
The Direction Book with each package tells how to diamond dye ovci
any color,
.. To match any material, have dealer
show you "Diamond Dye" Color
Possibilities Offered / By Tropical
'; Islands and Adjacent- .
..;.-.-'' "Mainland ..'
A "campaign-is under way to inter,
est the. Canadian merchant, in' the
possibilities-for- trade .offered by the
tropical islands :aud . adjacent' mainland of: the Caribbean;. Sea. - These
islands-lying remote.from, the scat of
war havc prospered, greatly,' and-their
"products .arc no^v- niuch ' in demand.
In tlic past "the Canadian Government
has' made," special arrangements in order toy encourage" "tract c"" with" ""these
lands:. .Under ;i"he' Canada-West In-
dhi .Agreement of .1913'/ a .-"tariff preference of ^O'pcr-ccnti-oh most goods
"of-..Canadian'... origin is granted ��� by
Antigua; "Miarbadpcs, -British Guiana,
Dominica, .Grenada-, Mon'tserrat, ' St.
K-itts:.Ncvis, ;. St. .Lucia," ."-"St "Vincent
.ancl; Trinidad," affording Canadians a
{decided trade, advantage": -The'Doniin-
'.ion -GqvcrnineuOalso"- payV-'a .r.eru-ly
.subsidy" of WpiOOO" "to/the- Royaj Mail
.Steam; I'acke;; Company -.to-'ensure 'a
;  Cheap Form of Insurance
You are "insured against corns and
bunions -by- the purchase of a single'
25c bottle of- Putnam's Corn .Extractor; it cures- painlessly in 2*1 hours.
Try Putnam's Extractor, 25c at 'sill
dealers: .-.       .������'.'���'
New Diamond Fields
Tlaring. Will Be Proclaimed Open for
, Digging March 20
Tlaring, a waterless,-treeless and
virtually gamclcss desert ncar-Taungs,
in Bcch'.uanalancl, promises to be the
scene of the biggest diamond-claim-
staking-rush in rSoiith-African-history.
Parole System Praised
No Such Thing as the Criminal Type,
In the Opinion of Experts
Judge W. -P. Archibald, Dominion
parole officer and onc of the greatest
experts on criminology on thc continent, recently, delivered an address
on the question ol the parole system,
in- the course of which he declared
that'.the criminal could not be looked
upon as one. beyond Llic pale of
Christian' 'influence. Hc looked confidently .forwarcf, hc said, lo thc timc
when crime - would cease, and that
time would come, he added, when
thcy "had "the right men and
j women to handle the youth of the
I country as-they should bc handled."
Or ��� the question'of parole, Judge Archibald said that out of 11,000 prisoners who had been liberated iinJcr
this system from Canadian penitentiaries,; only 2% pcr ccnlT had violated
Lonclon.:���Arrangements "arc   being \y
-.for-lnifilitly. ��� "steanisli'ip'.' service";--fro
made, -for  the" l'rincu of   h.ik-s .viml.,
i'o'.-Australia  and >Ncw .'Zealand- tliis i
"year. ,,-Th"e;l'nncc. wi.tl,' it- is  hoped,
arrive'in :Ne\v -Zealand  oil   April'17",
and, reach-Australia outlay liv'pru-
iceedin'Ef hy'thc   j-'anama"-- Canal," both
Wales' visit.! (-^'rtt!i^\'; P^ts .to.-tlic -AVcst-IIndics.
fl With' the. creation-of bur. new.merchant marine, Vesciit steainsh'ip' facili-
l-es'vwill -be..greatly improved/.., ...  '
clilYe.'that (he--task <jhc "great. English ��� goiii'g- and .cpu\iiig,"-'.a-;id:.'\Msi,tiug -the
bankers.' .'("and''no country ��� possesses.} i',;;i:k:db,cs 'on,.the way but.-' -.':.'..,,
Minard's .Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Civil Service Experts Risig.iv
It is understood that Tlaring will be ,, -       - ,        , ��� ,   ,,       ,    ,
-  . .   - ,     --..',.���        ? - .     . .-. I'lhc terms under winch they had o^en
proclaimed open ior diamend digging. -    "
about.March 20:,   '������-.��� '.."','
..Amazing stories are afloat concerning- the wonderful richness of the -dis-.
trict, ancl prospective- diggers, .froni
the Cape, and Mozambique,��� and..even
the'Congo,-arc preparing to try. their
luck' in the new field: "Despite" warnings -of- possible failure; men "arc.
abandoning good jobs in various parts
of the:country in-order to he free to
stake'out- .claims when; 'thc-'.proclama-
lion; is issued.' Hundreds of;-women
also-arc- i��rrallying;to go to-the new
di&gihg?;./. ... ; .,."', ���;. X. '-'X'': -���.','
' Tlfc .;' goyeriimcnl .is' preparing ' to i
cope.',, with
In-another part of his address the
judge said that in thc opinion of experts in. criminology there was no
such thing as what was com:i'o:'ly
described as the criminal type. People were far too ready to oslr.i'-L'e
their fellow'man when he had gone
astray aiid to profess to believe tliat
because a man had once gone'wiong
he "must" always be. wrong.
dairy commissioner for Saskatchewan, stated that five .new creameries
wcrc opened during thc season of
1919, making, a total of 43 in operation in the province. Final figures
of output have not been received -in
all cases, but reports which are apparently correct show thc creamery
output for thc year to be 6.598,000
pounds. This "is au increase of 1,-
592,014 pounds, or 31.73 per cent, over
1918. The total value' of thc dairy
products of the province" for 1919 was
$16,769,000, which is an increase ot
more than $3,000,000 over thc previous ycar.
L. A. Gibson, dairy commissioner
for Manitoba, expressed amazement
at the growth in dairying since thc
early days of thc N.W.T, Moose
Jaw, hc said, had thc first'creamery iu
1896, when 72,589 pounds of butter
were made. Prince Albert, had a
creamery then also, and Indian Head,
but the combined output was only
132,000 pounds, which sold at an average-price -of 18.57 cents. C. P.
Marker, dairy commissioner for Alberta, spoke of the forward movement toward better-bred stock.
J. A. Ruddick, Dominion dairy cqnt-
inissioner, spoke on the development
of thc produce business in the West,
saying that production of creamery
butler ���in Saskatchewan had reached
a point where an export market.was
needed. Thc total value of milk products in Canada, he said, was $250,-
000,000, of which $65,000,000 would be
cxnorled. .
}    Need "Cascarets" when Sick,
j '        Bilious, Constipated.
When your child is bilious, constipated, sick or full of cold; when thc
little tongue is coated, breath bad and
stomach sour, get a box of Cascarets and straighten the littic one right
up. Children gladly take this 'harmless candy cathartic and it:cleanses
the little liver and bowels without
griping. Cascarets contain no calomel
or dangerous drugs and can be dc-
Ufciided upon to move thc sour bile,
gases ancl indigestible waste right out
of thc bowels. Best family cathartic
because it never cramps, sickens or
causes inconvenience.
Charcoal is insoluble-in water.
O.vercrowded Warsaw
Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is
probably onc of thc most densely
populated cities in thc world. Its
growth in area has been retarded by
the fact that under the Russian' regime, certain fixed city limits were
drawn many years ago, and for military reasons no houses were to be
built outside of--these limits. In a
recent census it was found that the
number of_Jnhahitants in a building
in Warsaw was about ^seventy, as
compared with only seven or eight
in London.    ���
A new folding camera is equipped
wilh an additional bellows, to be
drawn out and extended beside thc
regular one to permit accurate focusing to bc done until a picture is
Syria, almost the only country cultivating pistachio nuts, produces
aboul 500,000 pounds a year.
,\ Official Dat<; of End of War
A. .committee" .of   counsellors      <i.:s
Tjccn -named in London lo decide fie
thcj'.aiiticinatcid"-. rush  to jp^al dale o.Mhe ending ol the world
Tlaring,  and. .a. township,    to  receive |
wat.'Tt is declare! that thousands of
greater   of  perhaps ..as.
like':, to ."t'tiriv  immediate
great)- would
attention   to;
'".is"paying-'.off the iJ.ritish national- debt "plari-ivin'g.ta harness falls, of the-'Par-.
: to tlic -United .State'?,, irrespective, cifjana river for ihc. production- of''c-lec-
1 what is owing to.Gr.cat Britain by her jinc power.    -    " ������''.,      ���"-��� ������ . -, .'
���The '._; Argentine   . govern men jt.   "v{\ Private Concerns "Are Olferihg. More
i ���
i .
K '���'���'
i Z
I   ���'
_ ;
{ ���
M Mdrning'Dish Of
;     certainly does Hearten one up
:: yfbr*ii\e. day. Why shouldn't it?
;: 6r^e=Nuts is ready-cooked,
ready-sweetened ^^nd contains
^   . ^ nature
. requires ;fbr the 'strength to do
'" ��� .^*hingSV���-r";:.; -,;������-:.������ ^ V Xi?V:..���, ���::yy,, yiyy���,;'-"
Make X3iBpeNut^; .your home \
:; Attractive Salaries Than Paid ���':
." By. Dominion"Government
.Considerable 'comment'.:"has".'_ been
caused,.; especially , amongst .members
of-^the'Can'adiaii - Civil' '-Service,- over
the .fact. 6La number- .of "members of
the service,, principally cuipldycd. in
the Geological Survey,-' Mines; . ���; arid
other technical', departmen ts, - having-
rcsigncd.their, positions "to. take posts
with -private concerns, more /particularly ih-lhc United Slates/ Petroleum
interests in U,a| country! have recent-'
ly taken nx experts from thc -Depart-
mcnt'Ot Mines, and other members/of
the same department are said' to. be
about .to follow suit. Reasons are
for the situation art" the high cost of
living and the fact that- the private
conpern;S. are btiering .very much' more
'attractive; salaries ''than/arc 'bcin�� paid
by.; lhe.���pominic!,'ri..-GoyerinnentJ" -:.    ,-
il-ie.'iiew.eoiVnuuni-tV'is .being laid oui./l,'oil!^1Aar-c.-il,vol.vcd '" lcS;i1 1-roccc-I-'
/"'ratings is, siuuiicd-about forty -hi'H^s (>��K:s_AvbkIi have been hold up pending
south-of Vrvhi'irg,.nu"d ab6iit'"'dnc'liuh-. |:<n. siuiliorituuye "decibiou on thc point,
���dreii'-'miles   norlh .of ���Kimberley; "the. Interviewed ,cm .the subject, a  prom-
iast-iianicil .i.laee ji'ciiif-" fern���>:>;? for i'ls-.V^"1  barrister  said  recently: '
'.'So;-many, war nica-iiir.:; weu pas-
iscd,. such as. thc rents restriction act
great' diamond .nifjiei..
"-./'It; has been'"���. es'tihiatcd/thar 55,720 j and ..the ordcrs-in-councit, that - or.c
pairs of old sl"iocs;''arc. needed ��� for "����si not .trade with the enemy or
every /-'mild of a -road.'-composition" <l�� thjs/or'that and thc other, ancl that
niade-of slag, rock-; asphalt and scrap ,Iht-legal.���profession, generally spcak-
1 ca lhc r,-that'has', been-pa'tculcd-'/.m .| ing, is,looking.for guidance. No onc.
Great-Britain. " '" - .'������.--/������"."��� .- "���' .can"possibly, answer the question offhand., Soiuc'conlracts used thc phrase-
'at- ilu':- .termination of ' hostilities'; j
while others.spoke of the 'duration of j
/'Bayrfrians..;arc\lieavy-'drinicers^ each
an/."." ^cpi?; of, 20p/./quarts/ - of;: beer
.every^year^'v;-'-' .};':��� v:X--:--...'-.'..-...'-. ���'���'.������
Tuberculosis aniong" miners-has decreased Since the-iiitreduction of elec"-
tric'.:power  into ��� South/African /gold "llic Av:ir' :m'1 '''reach cafe the .parties
mincis.- --" /-���--���'.      :��� /Tprnhnliiy.intended the same thing."
. . ���.. _..-      ,-    ,     ".An--Illiterate Mo;tsy-Maker
-An alien, in Wclland who can neither read nor. write has been fined
$1,000 for making a false income-tax
return. His earnings as a steel worker were $5,527 in one year. It would
be illogical to deduce from this an
argument for illiteracy, but many men
'ivliovafe literate in three or four languages1 would change places financially-with., .the 'Wclland wage-slave.���
Toronto  Globe.       .. '
w.."-:-'. N;.
About ninety per cent, of the Japanese people, can read-and write.
\Q]i Kiiaivuitecii quality bibli-
ware" ol' high cr-uftsuinusliip
and beauty, made in Canndn,
the Silvcrplnlc of William Rogers
and l��is Son stands pre-eminently
; The Best at Uie Price
Made and Guaranteed 1>j-
Niaoaba Falls, Os-taiiso
tftie Silverptaie of
William ^Rogers and his Sotl
m xx^T^WrlWm^ml
/ ���  <^K
THE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD.    B.    0.
Jand he looked so ferocious that Raoul
seemed to think onc of thc other two
chances might be better worth while.
Rosa was apparently quite willing to
lead him on, as there was no prospect
of her seeing her Humbcrto for about
a month, but I squelched that, and he
brought his starboard batters to bear
on Alcssandra, his port ones being out
'o.f action as thc result of the'cxplo-
Slecplcssness is a warning of forces  si0n.   She'fcll madlv in love with him
If Sleeplessness
Is Your Trouble
Read This
Says Agriculture and
' Industry Must Unite
at war within the body���all is not
harmony���something needs correction.
-Nine times out of ten the body is
loaded with the poisons of half eliminated and half digested food. Brain
and nerves are irritated, sleep is impossible."
No prescription ever formulated
produces tlic rapid results of . Dr.
Hamilton's Pills.
They flush evcry impurity from thc
body, kefcp cvery organ working" well,
remove thc evil effect of lost sleep,
and set you up in a few days.
Try Dr. Hamilton's Pills today,
see how much better you feel, sec how
much easier it is lo facc the day's
Your blood is nourished, your ncr-
on thc spot, particularly as the three
other girls were already bespoken,
and now she can talk of nothing else.
Indeed, she might go farther and fare
worse, because he is a vcry kind, simple-hearted man aud extremely intelligent. He and Livingstone got very
thick, and Gallatin told me that Raoul
had asked him to stand his friend in
the business. You see, Raoul's got
only his pay and he's getting on a bit.
But I must say he seems crazy about
Alcssandra, and I'm sure he'd make
her a kind .and devoted husband. The
two of 'them came"up with us on the
train from Marseilles and they arc
going to call on you as soon as you
can see them. I've explained that the
girls could not marry without consent
and that you were going to be very
ves fed  with  new vital power, vigor)particular in choosing their husbands."
and health is sent to every part of
your system.
It's because Dr. Hamilton's Pills
make each organ do the work Nature
expects of it, because it ensures harmony, health and vigor to thc system,
that it cures sleeplessness, languor,
depression and nervousness.
Isn't there a reason why you should
use Dr. Hamilton's Pills. Sold in
25c boxes by all dealers.
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� jj-j  ~-
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with *Tho��. Allen,
Prof.   Wallace   Tells   of   Vast   Resources of Manitoba's Great
That some problems in Canada will,
not  be  solved  until  agriculture  and
industry rubs shoulders, is the opin-
"Well, he happened to paddle by hi
his cauoc while the girls were waiting therc, and he saw Rosa and
promptly fell in love with her. He
knew v/ho thcy were, and after that
he climbed the wall several times and
managed to slip up and throw notes
into thcir windows. It's my private
opinion that hc bribed Hassan, but I
couldn't swear to it." ���
_ "That Hassan person never looked
right to mc," Ruggles said.
"Humbcrto," Miss _ Elliot continued, "assured mc on "his word of honor as a gentleman that this Avas .the
first, time-that he and "Rosa had'ever
met, but that "he was wildly in love
with her and wanted to marry her.
I told him that in that case hc had
betier-let mc talk to his mother, and
hc said that he wished T would. So
the next day I went there and called.
Thc old lady was pretty cattish at
first, but when she learned more about
thc girl, and particularly that shc had
a dot-of a million'francs; she wanned
up considerably. The next clay I invited her and Humbcrto to tea, and,
well���lo make a long story shorter���
they arc both coming on to Paris in
a couple of weeks .to ^ask your consent to thc marriage."
She began to laugh again, dropping
her facc in her hands with her char^
actcristic manner. Rugglcs did not
laugh. On the contrary, hc leaned
back in his chair gripping Jts ample
arms rather tightly in either hand,
while a frown, or rather a deep groove
which betokened an intensity of
thought, drew itself straight up between his eyebrows. His face, still
pale from occasional periods-of physical pain whicli came from time to
time when overtired, was rather
drawn and_ the shadows under his
eyes darker than usua'.
"Miss Elliot looked up. still laughing. At sight of Ruggles's expression
her mirth died a sudden and violent
, death. ._
j "What is it?" shc asked quicklv.
"Are   you ill?"
I "Oh, no," Ruggles answered; "I'm
just thinking of what you've just told
' "Then why do you look like that?
Are you angry?"
"Not at all. I don't sec anything
to "be angry about."
"Then what is it?" The color poured into her facc. "I thought you'd bc
Rugglcs; here you had these girls
on your hands to marry off as best
awfully glad. Why, just think, Mr.
you could, and now it looks as if it
wcrc practically done and you had
nothing morc to bother about."
"I don't quite see it that way," Rugglcs answered slowly. "I never counted on carryin- out Hamid Pasha's
directions in quite this way. My
bother doesn't matter. Besides, I
guess I'm well paid for it. Now, look
here, Miss Elliot,"���he dropped his
elbow on the arm of thc chair, rested
his ,chin in his hands, and his clear,
blue eyes looked steadily into her
gray ones, just now filled with a hurt,
resentful look, ��� "let's go over this
thing carefully, just like it was any
other- business proposition that needed some studying out. Take Rosa,
now���we'll leave Roxana for" the last
���How about this young Italian? Has
he go-i-any money of his own?"
"I don't really believe that he has,"
Miss Elliot answered, "but his mother
must havc a little, as they seemed to
be living quite comfortably."
"But'all the same/ she jumped al
thc chance of gelling him married to
Rosa when she heard of Rosa's dot,
didn't shc?"
"Shc seemed willing," Miss Elliot
admitted.   "But he's got a good title."
"It wasn't too good, though, to give
to a little girl  out  of a harem that
Hemp Possibilities
In Manitoba
Should Read Mrs. Monyhem's
Letter Published by
Her Permission* -
Mitchell, Ind.���"Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound helped me so much-ion  Qf Prof.  Wallace,  commissioner
wa""w>kinfff?rw!rd jfor northern Manitoba, who gave a
to the coming of my I very interesting and instructive ad-
littla one that I am dress before thc Canadian club at
recommending it to   Rr.,nfion
mothers. Before ^he development of the vast retaking it, some days   sources .in the'northern part of our
I suffered.with rwu. province must be carried out, and the
ralrria so badly lhat   IT   , 0 ., . .   ,   .
I thought 1 could jH��dson Bay railway completed, be-
not live, but after iforc Canada can ���-���ver hope to realize
takir.��three bottlea 'on <hc huge assets which lay in thc i
?* ty.Z~\?        Jl}^~   northland,  the commissioner stated,
ham a Vo^etable       .-.,.,,, .   ,
Speaking of   the   mr   industry   in
northern Manitoba, Prof. Wallace
stated that a conservative value on
thc furs exported last year was at
least $1,800,000, and this would be increased this ycar, as thc price of furs
had gone up. Thc possibility of largc
A Huge Rope and Cordage Industry
May Be Developed
Dr. W. J. Harington, a member of
thc Manitoba legislation, is of the
opinion that Manitoba may become
one of thc world's largest hemp-pro-
Thc purpose of Peter was to establish  all  who   were  passing  through
ducing districts, and as a result a huge ! suffering and testing.    See for exam-
rope and cordage industry may be developed in  this province.
"Hemp grown  in  Dauphin district
last summer," hc s��ys, "was from 12
pie 1:7, 3:14, 4:12, 5:10-12.
I. Christian Growth (vv. 2-5).
The   Christian      obtains  his     life
through the new birth, and thc agent
<( Compound I waa en-
���u tirely relieved of
neuralgia, 1 had
gained in strength
and was able to go
around and do all
my housework, niy baby when seven
months old weighed 19 pounds and I feel
better than I Havo for a long time.   I;   . , ,.,-,,.
never had any medicine do mo so j revenue from thc timber lands de-
much pood."���Mrs. PEARL MonYHAN, Ipeudcd solely 911 thc development of
Mitchell, Ind. - thc pulp wood industry.   Between thc
nSSL^^&'St^JS^ g.ra"d *">*��� -*��d Saskatchewan
and child, and many letters have been River there is roughly aboul seven
received by the Lydia E. Pinkham million cords of pulpwood, while there
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., telling of ,-s about
health restored durinsthis trying period
by the use of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
to 14 feet high when harvested, anUi0t its accomplishment is the-Word
I am given to understand that thc-i of God (1:23). The same vitalizing
yield in relation to the seed used was jand energizing power which makes
as great, if not greater, than is to b.i j the believer a child of God is essential to growth and development. In
order to have spiritual growth there
must be both renunciation and appropriation.
1.   Renunciation   (v.  1).       Certain
things injurious to spiritual life must
found in any part of the world where
the industry has been established for
\ years. There is an opportunity here
for Manitoba to comc to the front as
a rope, twine, cordage and paper
manufacturing province, as all these
Urge Completion
OtH.B. Road
Deputation from The Pas Board of
Trade Appears Before Manitoba Legislature
In   the   Manitoba   legislature   the
members heard a deputation from The
thc same amount between
the Grand Rapids and thc Nelson
River. Thc speaker stated, however,
that it was his belief that the pulpwood industry should be commenced
near Winnipeg, and then gradually
work northward.
That there is over 3,500;000 horsepower waiting to be developed in the
north, of which amount 2,500,000
horse-power is in the Nelson river,
was another statement by thc speaker.
Huge mineral deposits waited development to. make Manitoba onc of the
| foremost provinces in the mining in-
Over $2,500,000   of  copper
Pas board of trade, interested in  thc
development   of   northern   Manitoba. Idustry.
The vital necessity to this part of thcorc has been exported, and a certain
province and  to  Western  Canada of 1 propeity  has  been  proved  up   abso-
the   completion   of  the   Hudson   Bay  lutcly, which contains twenty million
railway was urged, and J. A. Camp-J tons of copper ore, with  a value of
bell, M.P. for Nelson, in supporting
thc claim of thc deputation, said that
this ycar there would havc to be a
definite decision, as to who should
havc the natural resources.    Thc dc-
over $180,000,000. He stated that gold
mining offered perhaps the greatest
A huge flooded area on  the banks
of lhe Saskatchewan River had madc
things   arc   manufactured -of   hemp tbe put away (1) malice���all wicked
fibre, and I would urge upon thc government thc necessity of giving earn
est attention to thc encouragement of
the industry.
For a few cents you can save
your hair and double
its beauty
'Gee!'" muttered-Rugglcs, between
his  teeth.    "Wouldn't  that jar  you, 1 had just climbed down a wistaria vine
though;1     He mopped his moist fore- to meet him in the garden, was it?   I
head.     Well, how about Bulbul and1 guess it wouldn't fetch much,on thc
Alcssandra? I suppose King Ferdinand ahd King Constantino came flyin'
over in, airplanes to get thcm."
"They didn't have timc," replied
Miss Elliot. "Bulbul has been commandeered by an American soldier of
fortune, who is a West Point giaduatc
and came out here as a war corrcs
pondenr.   His paper has recalled htm, ihc makes?''
market���do you think so?"
Miss Elliot bit her lip ancl did_ not
"Now this Livingstone," Ruggles
went on. "Who's going to put up for
him _ for the twenty years that-he's
writing his history of Turkey?^ Has
ihe  got  any money  outside  of. what
but hc has decided to remain on in
Constantinople lo-1 write a history of
the war. Hc says that it may take
liim twenty years, if things keep on as
thcy arc now going, but .tliat he is in
no hurry whatever, anci' that with
Bulbul he would not mind remaining
fifty. Pembroke brought him over for
tea one day, and as he had been hav-
��� ing-chills-and��� fever-he" decided _to
come back with us on thc Ailp to
Marseilles to get the malaria out of
his"system. He appears to have succeeded with the fever, but he has got
something else in his system in its
place, and hc is now in Paris aud
means to come around to see if you
may not bc good enough to help-him
Miss Elliot looked rather disturbed,
"I don't believe hc has, from - what
Lord Pembroke said," she faltered,
"but he's a vcry brilliant writer and
earns a good salary."
"As long as he's on the job." said
Rugglcs. "But from what you say-
about his being recalled, it looks like
hc_was_o_ut of_a job just now, doesn't
it? And hc doesn't seem to care
about breaking his neck hunting for
another." - -
"But he's of vcry,vgood family and
a West Pointer���an cx-ofiiccr in thc
United Stales Army," Aliss Elliot
"So far as I can sec," Ruggles observed, "his family don't seem to be
being dclaj'ed and interrupted, he declared, by thc present unsatisfactory
state of affairs, and he expressed himself as in favor of the natural-resources being handed over "to the province, as it-would.be more directly
concerned in their effective development.
The Brazilian and Peruvian governments will maintain a chain of radio
stations across South America.
yelopment of northern^ Manitoba was a splendid hay meadow last year, from
which over nine thousand tons of hay
had been cut to help out thc farmers
in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and as
a result'of ranchers seeing the high
quality of hay which came from northern Manitoba, they have now commenced to move northward and are
already locating tlicir ranches in that
part of thc country. The experiences
of the last few years on the prairies
have been such as bring farmers back
into the bush country, where there
will always be moisture, Prof. Wallace said.
No real development of the   north
could ,take  place, however, until  the
.Hudson Bay railway    is    completed.
jThe West must urge the early completion of this road or it will never
be finished, said thc speaker. No
railway In the next fifty years wi'l tap
such valuable territory as thc Hudson
Here is What the
Principal Learned
Principal of Saskatchewan Schools
Tells Out of H.s Own Experience
What to do When the Kidneys arc
To stop falling hair at once and
rid the scalp of evcry particle of dandruff, get a small bottle of delightful
"Danderine" at any drug or toilet
counter for a few cents, pour a little
in your hand and rub it into the scalp.
After seveial applications the hair
usually stops" coming out and you
can't find any dandruff. Help your
hair grow strong, thick and iong and
become soft, glossy and twice as
beautiful  and  abundant.
A Pennsylvania' water company has
prevented the condensation of moisture on the outside of its pipes by
coating them with ground cork, applied after they havc been coated with
a cement paint.        ^
A Polar Coal Field
Spitzbergen Output From 500,00 to
1,000,000 Tons Annually
An artist in "Karikaturcn," published in Christiana, pictures a portly
polar bear reading the Spitzbergen
address of welcome to King Haakon
of Norway, other polar bears smiling
approval, and thc King's boatmen,
with their mittened hands on the oars,
Webb, Sask., February 23.-r-(Spej
cial.) ��� That there is one sovereign
remedy for kidney disease and that
remedy is Dodd's Kidney Pills is the
outspoken opinion of Mr.- George
Hulchings, -piincipal of thc public
schools here.
"1 suffered for two ycars from
diseased kidneys," Principal Hutch-
in gS" states. " "1  was advised about a
Bay railway, and although the deeper 1 waiting impatiently till the ceremony
waterways and power project was a ;s ovcr an(]  thc king, returns where
good thing for Canada, Prof. Wallace reminded westerners that they
should not lose sight of thc great
value attached "to the opening up of
Hudson's Bay. He also recommended the provincial administration of
the natural products, it being his opinion that although the province
would not handle it as well for thc
first few years, thcy would gradually
year ago to try Dodd's Kidney Pills, _
They havc -helped -me-more-than- any rperfect-a_system which-would-make
remedy I have ever tried. I find that!for the better administration of the
my; health has beer..'greatly improved.  Iiatural  products  of northern   Mani-
I   can  conscientiously  recommend  ,_,._
Dodd's Kidney Pills to anyone suffer
get it out.   Uul bul is mad about him, good  for his meal  tickets.    And as
nllfl       -n !������       n !������ n       Ir.       fin ��1 ��� *��u.1_.1..         _ 9 f - 1 _ " 4 * . ���> fi*
and as she is dark and plump and
bcutiful and he is built like a giraffe
and just about  as  handsome,     thcy
for his being a one-time army officer,
why did hc gel out?"
"I'm sure I don't know, Mr. Rug-
olighMo bc splendidly suited to cachiglcs,"  said  Miss  Elliot,  with  a  tone
ot]!��.r'" ' l'iat l"etl to kc hijurcd hut somehow
_  Gee!    gasped Rugglcs helplessly;  failed  of  its   effect.    "No  doubt  hc
'it's not Mr. Livingstone, is it?"
"Right the first time," snapped Miss
Elliot. "It is Gallatin Livingstone���
or 'Galloping' Livingstone, as hc tells
mc. thcy used to call him at West
Point. Lord Pembroke assures mc
that hc is vcry well connected, a thoroughly nice fellow, and usually pays
his debts. They knew each other in
thc Philippines where he was corresponding or fighting or both, ancl Pembroke was fisliing for pearls nt a place
called Jolo."
"J know hini," muttered -Ruetr'cs,
sliding deeper into his chair. "Well,
now let's havc Alcssandra���and then
I'll go up and sort of rest for a little
"Alcssandra," said Miss Eiliot, "has
succumbed utterly to the fascinations
of a very distinguished-looking
French naval officer, the Marquis
Raoul de Poligny dc Pouil!3'-en-
"Gee! How did you remember al!
-who has been  retired with  thc
preferred to write for his living."
(To Be Continued.)
Britain's Part in the War
Contribution of Empire to Victory of
Allies Over Germany
Figures havc been issucd.uilh official authority during thc past few
days showing in fomc measure thc
contribution of thc British Empire to
thc victory of thc Al'.ics ovcr Germany. Thc Britisii Empire contributed in all  8,654,467  men,  (including
ing from kidney disease.   I would not
be without them."
Dodd's Kidney Pills act directly on
the kidneys. They help the kidneys
to dc> their, full work of straining' alt
the impurities out of the blood. The
result is new health and energy all
over thc body. Ask your neighbors
about Dodd's  Kidney  Pills.
Following his address, Prof. Wallace illustrated several features of his
talk b3r the aid of lantern slides.
Send Canadian
Claims to Enemy
Rural Education Problem
Damages Amounting  to   Thirty-five *
Million Dollars Already
All Canadian   claims ngunst   Germany for reparation for loss of Canadian lives and damage lo property of
Canadian citizens which now amount
to sonic $35,000,000, arc to be placed
through   a   committee   consisting of
Thomas  Mulvcy,  under  secretary  of
state; Co!. C. II
and    C.   C. Robinson
Special Curriculum Is Required for
the Rural Schools
That a special curriculum is required for thc rural schools is the contention of thc United Farm Women
of Alberta. This organization, which
is a strong factor in the rural life of
the province, at its convention held
in Calgary indorsed certain resolutions, in part as follows: "That thc
United Farm Women of Alberta, in
convention, indorse thc policy of the
minister of education in raising the
period of teacher training to onc
year,    advancing   loans    to    normal
it is warmer. The world at large
knows littic of Spitzbergen, which the
Peace Conference awarded to Norway, but thc fact that last wintci the
population of Arctic Ocean Archjpcl-
ago numbered about 500 men, of
whom morc than 400 were Norwegians and thc rest Swedes, combined
with the statement that of late years
the ^Norwegians havc donc_much-for
the development of Spitzbergen
seems to justify, thc award, and the
cartoonist of "Karikaturcn" no doubt
expresses thc feelings of thc average
Norwegian. There is coal in Spitzbergen, and thc output, tinder proper
development, has been estimated at
from 500,000 to 1,000,000 tons annually
but for only three months of thc year
and sometimes for only one, is thc
land free of ice and lhc way open
for vessels.
Air Mail Service in India
I school students to enable  them     to
Biggar,- of Ottawa, takc lhc coursCi and a]so thc      ,ic-
ison,   of    loronto.     ...
Mails for Karachi Will be Dispatched
After Arrival of English
Loudon,    England. ��� The    Postmaster  -  General     announces     that
thc     Indian    post    oflice    proposes
to   maintain  a  weekly   air  mail .service  between  Bombay  and   Karachi.
Thc  air  mails   for  Karachi   will  bc
dispatched   froni   Bombay   after   thc
arrival of thc English mail, and persons  in  thc  United Kingdom     who
ncss, that is, the will to do injury to
others without cause; (2) guile���deceit of all kinds; (3) hypocrisies ���
feigning to be what onc is not���assuming a false appearance; (4) envies
���hatred of other because they possess excellencies which we do not; (5)
evil speaking���all kinds of slanderous
speaking against others.
2. Appropriation (vv. 2, 3). (1)
Spiritual food must be taken (v. 2).
The principle of the new life was conveyed through the Word (1:23), and
the Word is the means by which that
life is to be strengthened and developed. Just as a new-born babe
loves milk, so men who are born
again love thc Bible. (2) Spiritual
food must be assimilated (v. 3). The
Word of God must be received and
assimilated by meditation.
3. The grand objective (vv. 4, 5).
It is coming to Christ���to grow up
and become a part of the glorious
church, the spiritual house, which is
designed to show forth the glory of
II. Seemly Behavior of Christians
(vv. 11-25).
1. As pilgrims and sojourners (vv.
11, 12). Christians are merely sojourners on the earth; they are journeying through it on their way to the
eternal home in the heavens. Our
heavenly citizenship (Phil. 3:20)
should-^constrain us to (1) abstain
from fleshly Justs (v. 11). The term
"lusts" includes thc entire army of
unclean forces springing from our
carnal natures; they are enumerated
in Galatians^5:19-21. These war
against the soul. (2) Behavior honest before the heathen (v. 12). Christians should so live that it will bc
impossible for the world to speak
against them as evildoers.
2. As citizens (vv. 13-17). While
the Christian's true- citizenship is in
heaven, he has a responsibility as a
citizen on the earth. A Christian man
recognizes the necessity of social order, and will not only graciously submit to the authority of rulers regaid-
less of the form of government, but
will faithfully perform his obligations as a citizen. This he wilt not
do through cringing fear, but as thc
Lord's free man. By this free submission as a servant of God he puts
to silence the ignorance of foolish
men (vv. 15, 16). (1) Honor all. men
(v. 17). Hc will sec iu evcry man
the image of God and therefore give
honor to him. (2) Love thc brotherhood (v. 17). The Christian has a
peculiar love for those who are of thc
samc household. (3) Fear God (v.
7). (4) Honor thc king (v. 17). This
has peculiar significance, for in all
probability-the-wicked Nero was 'the
king then reigning.
3. As servants (vv. 18-25). While
doubtless slaves were meant here, the
principle applies to all who have relation lo employers. 'The Christian
will bc in subjection to his master.
Hc will not only do this when his
cmployci is gentle and reasonable,
but even when it means wrongful suffering. It mcans not only submission
but-loyalty. It is the duty of a Chiis-
tiau to consider and further thc interests of his employer. Many times
to do so means hardship and suffering. The grand example of suftcr-
iug wrongfully is Jesus Christ. While
his suffering is an example to us, it
was much more, because he suffered
in order lo break forever thc power
of sin so as to do away forever with
Many a Canadian
Beauty owes her
exquisite complexion
to the use of
'Baby's Own Soap'
"lis Best for Baby
and Best for You"
Albert Soaps limited, Jlfrt., Montreal.
Future Marvels
Matters Not Beyond the Bounds of
Immediate Possibility
Sir Oliver Lodge made thc prophecy that while he did not know .whether- thc utilization of atomic energy
"would comc tomorrow or would take
a century," he did not believe "that
our descendants would be consuming
stored material, such as coal, using
chemical energy and burning up air
when thcy wish to drive machinery.
They would instead bc taking the energy out of an ounce or two of matter instead of out of a thousand tons
of coal." It is prophecies like this
which give hope lo the working physicist, and that propellers with three
thousand times the efficiency of existing mechanisms are possible, or that
the air may do unprecedented work
along little-suspected lines are matters not beyond the bounds of immediate possibility. These speculations
cause a thrill as a new year and a
new epoch open.���Philadelphia Public
Vou simply say to the drug store
man, "Give me a quarter of an ounce
of freezone." This will cost very little
but is sufficient to remove evcry hard
or soft corn-from one's feel,
A few drops of this new ether compound applied directly upon a tender,
aching corn should relieve thc soreness instantly, and soon the entire
corn, root and all, dries up and can
be lifted out with the fingers.
This new way to ridAone's feet of
corns was introduced by a Cincinnati
man, who says that, while fieezone is
sticky, it dries in a moment, and simply shrivels up the corn without inflaming or even irritating the surrounding tissue or skin. _
Don't-let father die of infection or
lockjaw from whittling at his corns,
but clip this out and make him try it.
One Big Union Takes Increase
A resolution stating that they are
willing to accept thc 14 pcr cent, increase in pay pending further negotiations which thcy insist must bc entered into, has been adopted by the
Onc Big Union mining district of Al��
bcrta, and forwarded to thc Minister
of Labor. Thc resolution also op��
poses the recent order of the fuel
commissioner, requiring that all miners, must bc-inembcrs cf-<he-United
Mine Workers of America, the international organization, or leave their
work. v
Bc  up  and  doing���but  be   carefuJ
what or whom you undertake lo do.
in  France during  the victorious  offensive in  1918 against    the    German
rank of first lieutenant owing to an army between July IS and November
sea forces), and its casualties    were I While claims for reparations arc still
���killed, died of wounds, 851,117; missing and prisoners, 142,057; wounded,
The capture of prisoner? and guns
injury received in the explosion of 11 were as follows
the Patrie, which has resulted in a defect of his hearing. Raoul is no longer in thc first flush of youth; about
fort3-, I should say, but seems to be
a very splendid man. Thc captain of
our ship introduced him. Hc fell in
love with Roxana, first, but on learning that shc was practically engaged,
he tacked ship and ran alongside Bulbul���because shc happened to bc the
schools    and
coming in, it is thought that the greater part of them arc now in thc hands
of the state department.    The com-
mittce in Ottawa will put the claims Hvi     accoimno(lalloil   for thc
m shape ior their presentation, to thc teachcr    Tq ovcrconIC this dlfficuhy|
Prisoners. Guns.
British Armies . j 201,000 2,?-IO
French Armies -. 135.720 \$SC>
.American Armies 43,300 1,421
Belgian Armies X, 14,500 474
In addition, there were 80,000 British combatant troops in Italy who co-
rcpara'ions commi'Mon iu Paris. A
committee of the British oversea*! dominions -in London. o-\ which Sir
George IVrJcy. Canadian high coin-
inis-ioncr. reprr.;cni.: thi: country.
Vi ill \>:y~ upon tho ikum:; from the
diit'crtnt parts of the" empire before
they are sent on to tlfc commission
in Paris where Sir John Bradbury is
representing the British Empire.
relating    to two-room
teachers' residence."  -
One of the factors which tends to
complicate rural education is the difficulty which often obtains in providing
Garden Tools for France
London.���Thc Royal Horticultural
Society war relief fund collected last
year ��20,000 to assist in restoring
thc gardens and orchards of thc Al-
desirc their correspondence to bc fo7-|Iies in Uic devastated areas, anci thcy
warded bv the new air service should havc Just arra"��e<* to send to Fiance
mark the covers conspicuously with |a first Iargc consignment of horticul-
the words "via Bombay-Karachi Air!turaI tooIs- somc 21'000 abides,
Service" iu the top left-hand corner. i���gWng over 30 tons. Through thc
Letters,   postcards   and   packets     of jassistancc  ��f ^  B��tish   Committee
printed   papers  and  samples, but  no
the Hon. George P. Smith, minister of parcels, arc eligible  for  tiansmission
education,   informed   the   convention
1I1.1t llic government is planning to sec
jihat  not finly is a good ho'ise  provided for the lonelier, but v.ith it five
acres of l.".nd for thv, teachcii." n-i.
nearest, perhaps.    B^t that * brought  ^d ��ost effectively in the final
Livingstone galloping down the deck. ,dcteat of ll,c Aiistiian army at A'iI-
������^. . -    , , ,��� torio-Vctieto, capturing 30,000 prison
ers, and in the  Eastern  Theatres of
A Wfiulesaae, Cleansfcg,
Betresiicg acd Heaiinf     , *
Lesion���Murine for Red-
Granula- 'an   average   throughout
Palestine    and    Mesopotamia,
i where about 400,000 British troops on
1918 were
Evdfd? .^'*r'it"1^> *',c complete defeat and des-
*2 Draw" After the Movias. Motorisg or Goli truction oi the Turkish armv v--a<5 cf-
%c?J mi yr.nr eajofeieace. Asfc Year Drazzist - , ^,j - .j,, T>,;t:_ 1, _i_������ ���..,i ���
forMuriwwhenr*arEye��NesdCare,     ua  ��scted   oy   Use   I.ritish   alone,   and  a
Siuria* Sy* Remedy Co., C&ica^e total of j25,r��W) prisoners trken.
Make haste slowly if you would get
rich quickly.
The arctic tern is the foot-loose
wanderer of the bird world. If breeds
far within the Arctic circle, as far
north as it can find land on which to
build its nest, aud spends thc winter
as near the South pole as it can
f:nd open water in which to find its
food. Its summer and winter homes
are 11,000 miles apart and necessitate
an annual round trip cf at least 22.-
000 miles. Thc name "Arctic'' well
suiis it; the young- have been found
within " dee. "f the pole and the :-.cst
frequently must ue freed from Vr.ow,
of the French Red Cross, these will
be consigned and distributed amongst
20,000 .families whose home? were
completely destroyed.
The green and yellow tints' fro fre- J
quently  to   be  found  in   caterpillars j healthful
arc believed  to  be  due   to  coloring
by the aid sen ice. The special fee
for transmission by air is 1��. for each
ounce- or fraction of an ounce in ?,d-
eiilion to the'ordinary postage. Thc
correspondence msj bc ported at any
ofi':t-c in  thc United Kingdom in the ... . (
ordinary way, and thc latest limes of n,att" VcnvC? f,���'"  U,"r IooJ' acd
posting to connect with thc out-wring ���scd * V��U.gh tIlC b,����^of th* spin-
Indian mail in any particular week arc!ncr.-;- . ,Bj   \mP"*?*"* !cs���s with;
thc samc as in thc case of oilier cor-!artlfiTl    Col��r?    VIC    ^"""itcrs
rc��pondcncc for India. '      icausca   *>mc   ��pccics   of   caterpillars!
to prouuee silk of oright orango-ycl-j
low and fine ro=c hues. ]
and Afife
���"THERE is no time in worn*
an's life that she cannot
benefit by the use of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food m order
to keep up the supply of pure,
rich blood and to ensure a
condition of the
nervous system.
Nothing to. Offer >
judge ���Have >ov. an> thing to oiTcr
thc court before -"nunc.- 13 passed
on yon?
Prisoner.���Xo, vutir Iioti.ir: 111�� lawyer took mv last *!ollar.
Gi^gcr  grown
Ilea&jeiies, neuralgia, sleeples*.
ntss, nervous spelW Irritability,
tlrefl, worn-out feelings, soon disappear when the vigor and energy ot
th* nerves are restored i>y llie us��
of this great iood cur��.
50 ��nt�� a l>or. C for $2.7*. all f ?&<���&, ot
Ednsiwn,  Bates & Co. Ltd.. Toronto.
wajs commanded  r.-'ort?   than  doi-ble'
thc  price  of any  other���even  before
the   advCr.t   cf   rnohibition.    ,   U
! '"avorablc
!produce   :
conditions    an    acre   will j
5   much   as   four  tfaoi^and f
1 -Dzx^m
VV 1
s $2 a year strictly in advance, or $2.50
when not paid fof three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always ��2.50 a year to  the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier.
DelintIueut Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Betray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
Allother legal 'advertising, I2'cents a
line first insertion, aud 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
measurement.    .
Business locals i2_^c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross! means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Are You A Canadian?
"If you are, prove it.
You know thafe line you are always given to type on yoar machine, "Now is the time for all good
men to come to the help of the
Now is the time for all good
Canadians feo come to the help of
the country.
You have heard a great deal
about the "balance of trade" aud
the "depreciation" of Canadian
money. As between the United
States and Canada the exchange
now stands at around 16 per cent.
Thafe means that a Canadian dollar
is onty worfeh eighty-four cents in
the United States of America.
You   may   say,   "That   doesn't
matter to me.    I'm  living in Canada, spending my money here, and
I don't intend.to visit  the ^States,
no'who cares?"
-But ife does matter  toV'you, be-
. cause  it   is "seriously - influencing
."our trade relatiens with our Southern neighbor,  and  whatever does
that,, affects our cost pf living very
It  means that everything   you
buy from the Sta,teB is IG. per cent,
higher in price and  therefore you
are  paying really . $1.16 cents for
every dollars worth of goods.   .
. - There is one thing you  can do,
Mrs. Housewife, and you can do it
now.    Don't buy anything   "made
in America."    Don't buy a suit, a
dress, a blouse,  underwear,  shoes
or stockings that come from.the
United States/  .Ask  if. they will
" please "show something "made; in
.,-;- Canada.; You wilf.:;nofe only pay
..less for it but.you will; keep; Canadian-money jn circulation, at its
full value, and yoa  will' give .end-'
ploy ment to ^.Canadian- workmen,
andl keep '. Canadian  . home   fires
-'-burning. -'" ;.""."'-'"���' , "-''"-���'"������'-.'-.-
'-���'.',' Don't buy .canned   goods from
jbhe":TJ.'S. X.; don't���buy  American
'--ba'c'bn,' ham,  or potted; meats, or
olives, .or:.dut-of:season, tomatoes
and strawberries. ., These are luxuries and this, is no time for luxury.
Encourage . the; Canadian   farmer
and stock- raiser to believe he -can
1 find his market at- home,  and re-
;. duce the. cost of living by ;eating
..Canadian food. .
'.-- ��� You stood by.your country when
-;yqar   men   were   fighting in   the
....'trenches.;';You- knitted and   yon
canned and you preserved and you
.put. your   money    into:    Victory
Bonds.    Your country needs yon
; again���to. save; ber trade,  to keep
,np. her credit as a nation.    If you
have a. drop of Canadian  blood in
, yoar veins, you're proud of Can-
;ada,    proud   of   oar   war-record,
..proud of. pur men,. proud of.our
over-subscribed Victory Loans.
Then show your.pride by gefefeipg
behind the cumbrous ; wheel of:
"trade relations" and ; shoving;:
Shove fehe Canadian manufacturer
along give him a "boost." Bay
his products; ask for "Made in
Canada'*   goods/  and   make  the
Canadian dollar gefe you a good,
honest dollar's worth of goods���
nofe a "measley" eighty-four cents
Spend your money in Canada,
where it was made, and make your
slogan "Canada for Canadians"
oount. "���Margaret Currie in Montreal Star,
The Ideal Man
The man to brag aboufe gefes up
afe 5:30 in the morning (before his
wife) and starts the fire. Afe 7
be'p at work. He gives to his job
fehe best that is in him an afe 5 p.m.
he calls it a day.
His day's work is finished, but
not ita worries. He takes fehem
along as he starts for home. His
back is a bit bent with them, but
he straightens up as the wife opens
the door
"You look tired and worried?"
she says.    "Anything wrong?"
"Oh, no," he replies, smiling,
"I'm not a bit tired. It's been a
perfect day."
And after surjper he hears the
children's lessons and rides the
baby ou his- back aud when the
children are to bed he finds an odd
job to do about the house, or, takes
pencil in hand, he figures how ends
are to be met this month. Then
he banks the fire and goes feo bed
to refreshen himself for the next
day's round.
Who ia fehis fellow? He's dad���
fehe Everyday Man.
The yearly mortality in the
United States of wild animals in
captivity is four in 100. Monkeys
and foxes suffer when caged and
turtles and snakes thrive.
Letter of Appreciation
The Boundary Branch of the
G. W. V. A. sent the following
letter to the Boundary Womens'
Dear Mrs. Whson,
At the last meeting of the Boundary Branch of the G. W. V. A. a resolution was passed thanking the Womens'
Institute for their kindly gift of $20 and
at the same time I was instructed to ac
knowledge the donation and to assure
you that this kind thoughtfulness is appreciated.
As some of the aims and objects of
our association is to perpetuate the close
and kindly ties of mutual service; to
maintain proper standards of dignity and
honor between all returned soldiers: to
preserve the memory of those who died
and suffered for the nation; to constantly inculcate loyalty to Canada and
the Empire and unstinted service in their
interests; to impress upon its members
that they are to continue in its service to
Canada as cit'zens, the same spirit of
sacrifice arid loyalty whicli they have
shown to Canada atid the Empire as
soldiers, you will therefore probably be
interested to know that the money will
be spent in not only making our -hall
more comfortable but in erecting some
kind of a monument to those of our comrades of this district who fell iir a just
cause. , . '
Yours sincerely,
"      ~ ANDREW MOWAT,
TAKE NOTICE that application has been
mad�� by the Greenwood City Waterworks Co.,"
for permission to clian(,re its rates tor the supply of electrical .energy for liR-ltting purposes;
asfollows: ' ' .'   ' .
,For dwelling houses from a'l& c: p. flat
rate of 50 cts per month, to a 10 ct k.w.li; meter
rate iipio30k.w.b.,lieyond that Sets per k.w.li.
, Objections to this application, setting out
concisely the grounds therefor, may be filed
with the iitiderniirtiei). Court House, Vancouver,
B.C.', and with the Company, within ten (10)
days of the last publica'iou of this notice.
Date of first publication February 19,1920. -
Date of last publication March 4,1920.
Secretary, "' ,    -
Public Utilities Commission.
4      Synopsis of       %
Land Act Amendments
The Kettle Valley Railway. Company will
apply to the Parliament of Canada at its -next
Sesston for an Act authorizing it to construct
the following lines of'railway:
-t'a)   From a point at-or near "Coalmont on
the Joint Section operated by the Applicant
Company and the Vancouver. Victoria and
Eastern Railway and Navigation. Company,
thence in a general .southerly direction, a dis'
tance bf abont 12 miles to the so-called Granite Creek coal areas, in the Province of British Colnmbia.
-^   And  farther  extending  the   time  within
which it may commence the construction of the
following linesbi railway\yhicb'it has hereto-"
fore been duly authorized to construct:- : ��� -
"'"".'" Ct>! ��� "From a point "at. or near Grand Forks
., toa point 50 miles up'the' North .Fork of the
. KettIe.RiverV-in the -said"Province. -".-"-  -
(c) -From a point'at or hear! Otter Snm7
'   mit by. the most feasible ;ronte. to the-Aspen
.- Grove mineral district, in the said .Province,
. 'a distance of abont 30 miles.-v ,   .   .'. ������,-.���
.;, And-farther authorizing it. to increase its
bonding powers in respect of _ the .said lines of
railway toTiOjKOper. nsile.'.arsd for:other,'par-
poses.-.'.'���'���..'-. --.,7 ,'-'-;,".'"'.���,- ���";.-,.--'" i'. ���.���'���  ���'-*".,-,.
���; -DATED.a* Montreal this 13th'dar'of Jan-
nary, 1920.7;-.---". .-' .'-;-.'-_���;" . :-;- -.-.:"'���.���-'���  ...
--.���."---���;;:- :.V''"'H. c.-dsWAtrD,-'.-^";/-'';'-'" -'.'
"" ' Secretary,'Eettle Valley."Railway. Company.
Friog'le; Thompson.."Bnrpess & Cole .'-���.,';.._-.
. .-  ; ������ :._ Otta-ara Agents.-'  .-,-'"_ .".;;' ���'���_"���'". ',    -. ���
Minimum price of flrst-class land
reduced to ?5 an acre; second-class to
$2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.   -'
Records will be granted covering: only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
*nd which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. a
Pre-emptors muBt occupy claims for
Ave years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not'
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
/ess than 6 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
,r,mj wlth��ut actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. a
Unsurveyed areas, not exceed!^ io
KfesJ Lnay be leased as homesitea;
title to be obtained after fulfilling resi-
S, lal and improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, Is made.
9 ACT.
The scope of thlaAct is enlarged to
Include all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under t'hls Act Is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
y-ear after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege Is also made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable ly soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918
Taxes are remitted for Ave years
Provision for return of moneys ac-
5ru,e3i,due and be��n Paid since August
4, 1814, on account of payments, fee*
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
A^n..0�� olty l0t3 heId by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 81. 1920.
LANDS.. '   .    *
Provision made for . Issuance - of -
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase. Interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be
made by May 1, 1920.
9 GRAZING. ���
GrMing Act. 1919, for systematic
development of livestock industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits Issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
for Bettlers, camper* or travellers, ud
to ten head.  ^ v
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
FRONT ST..   " NELSON,     B0Xn865
(Expert Optician)
K. VV. C Block        -      -     Nelson
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty mealo.
:        NELSON, B.C.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
Nilson & Nilson
All Work Guaranteed
P. 0. BOX 148, TELEPHONE 92
Morrison-Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
PHONE   to
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos for Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts  in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Get your job printing at The
Ledge, "before the paper is all
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining.Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluesloue,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and "travellers. n Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
oooooooooooooooooooooooooo OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
In the Similkameen Land District, .Recording
District of Fairview; and situate Esst of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles Graser,
of Boundary Falls in said District, occupation,
Rancher, intend to aoply for permission to
purchase the following- described lauds:
Commencing ai a post planted at the
Soath-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 20
chains; thence East 20 chains; thence South 20
chains; and thence West 20 chains, and con-
tainftijj 40 acres more or less, the same rob.
utilized for grazing purposes.
Dated at Boundarv Falls,  B.C.,  November
B. Wr WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer and
Chemist, Box BiioS, Selsou, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
j?.oo Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc., on application, ^
' s    'BROKER,.    .
Dealer in  Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale.   List ybur lands
with me,   Have a buyer for  good ranch
All   the   latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   B.C.
j Float!
fr fr
fr fr
fr fr
j*, D LOAT is nofe a periodic- j,
r al. Ife is a book con- T
���}�� taining 86 illustrations all 'fr
j, told, and iB filled with fr
T sketches and stories of ��{��
fr western life. It; tells how ��g��
fr a gambler cashed in after j,
fr the flush days of Sandon ; j��
�������; how it rained in New Den- fr
ju ver long after- Noah was fr
T dead ;��� how a parson took a fr
fr drink at Bear Lake in
fr early days; how justice
fr was dealt in Kaslo in 93; .
��{�� how the saloon man out: ***
j> prayed the women in Kala- fr
. mazoo, and graphically de- fr
fr picts the   roamings    of a ago
��� western editor among the j,"
fr tender-feet in the cent belt. T��
fr It contains the early history fr
JU of Nelson and a romance fr
^ of. fehe Silver King mine, fr
fr In ife are printed three fr
ju western poems, and dozens j,
j. of articles too numerous T
fr to mention.     Send for one j*
��� before, it is too late. The fr
fr price is , 50 cents, post- fr
fr paid to any part of the fr
ju world.     Address   all   let- ju
fr fcers t0 fr
fr R. T. Lowery fr
fr GBEENWOOB. B. C. fr.
fr fr
' ^f ^9^ ^w* *w* *M* *tb* *^* *m* *���* *V* ^T* ''r' "T
If you work in a store or au office, your ambition is to give
service. What do you answer, when the telephone rings? .
Hello? Or, do you announce the name of your firm or the department? "Hello" signifies only that someone is talking. It
entails interrogation aud results in .loss of time. In inany;cases,
it causes annoyance.   Why not be efficient aud courteous?"
Cbe fiume fiotel
'       nelson, B.C.
The only up^to/date Hotel in the inter iof.   First-class
in every respect,  .
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Home of  Shamrock Bacon,   Ham  and Lard
.   Eggs,   Cheese   and   Fish   of   all    Varieties
i -
TJie Mineral Province of Western Canada
* - '
', Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,116,103;  Lode
���. Gold/393,717,974; Silver, ,843,623,761; Lead 839,366,144; Copper, $130,597,620;
Other Metals  (Zinc,   Iron,   etc.), $10,933,466;  Coal and Coke,   $174,313,658;
Bailding Stone,  Brick.  Cement, etc.,   $27,902,381; making its Mineral Produc*
tion to the end of 1917 show an - X ...
i-iy-i Agnate Value of $595,571407
Production for;Y^
The Miring. Laws of this; Proyince:are. more.liberal and the fees lower,,
than those of any other Province in the/DomiBioa, or any colony in the British ,
Empire. ;.
Minerallocations are granted to discoverers.fornominal.fees.,   : . >
:      .,;   ; "Xx Absolute";Titles are;-, obtained^V by developing such properties, the security
',  v, . ; of ;which.is guaranteed by Crown,Grants.       ~ " ..'-'''-'
y'XyXrX'X   ���- Fall information^ together with mining Eeports and Maps, inay.be obtained_   ...    -:
>'".���;'-':"���:'-''. gratis'by'addressing��� ���; ���.  '."XX.y '';���������- '���"''.    . xyy X .Xy''-' i X...-''-  - '"-i"
;'::Vv;5'S:-^ VICTORIA; Bntish Columbia.'". ���
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;' Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
Xfrfrfrfrfr frfrfrfr frfrfrfr frfr  frfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrx
1 For Good 1
1 Job Printing 1
g ���Economy and Satisfaction 3
H combined with Promptness g
H are the features which go to %
% make up the Service we give %
H ~ ; ' pur customers.     Are  you %
��= one of them?                          3
Letterheads, Noteheads,
. (Ruled or Plain). "    '       ���     -
ies, di
���. ���:. :".  (AirSizes)'   ";���.' .'
g?  greenwood        Job Priiitiiig 0^jarMeft
l^m^MWMim^,ts1i.ijmii rntue i


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