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The Ledge Jan 20, 1921

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Vol.: XXVII.
No. 28
House Furnishings, Hardware,
;   ' ' '<-'.���        '    ��� '.���   ���'������'    .���- '. .   ;
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
Purity or
Five Roses Flour
. $6.70
. $3.40
-." "
. ��
Alfalfa, Timothy,  Bran, Shorts, and other Feieds
at;lowest prices
LEE & BRYAN'S     Phone 46
,." Winter is not a convenient nor comforlable time.in which to
travel. But there, is little need to travel, when you have -the long
distance telephone. You talk direct to your party, knowing that
he gels your message.   What is better? >
"Every telephone isa long distance telephone.   Special rates
between 7 p.m. and 8 am.
W. Elson 8 Co
a   Greenwood, B. C.
; Try Our Coffee
Nabob, Braids Best, Seal, Wedding Breakfast
and Reindeer, from ~70c - 75c
Bulk Coffee from 60c - 75c
"     GREENWOOD. B. O.
:xp.-.-The WINDSOR   HOTEL   is   heated   with   steam
���.rand electricity.  ��� Fine.sample rooms.     A, comfort-   .=    .
'Viable home .for tourists  and  travellers.   ^Touch the
XXXyfirc. if ybu   wane, rooms reserved.   ; The buffet is.   ,--
���^.replete; with   cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages,   ���...
yXxyXX ���  buttermilk and ice-cream.     ���,       -.'   ���~
.������^Sj'SM7"^^ ^&��45��<&��&24
Shamrock Brands
HAM,  BACON  arid i ^AFD
56;��fGarhation���Cocipound:������:-���;' Bu. er and Cheese
X-XyXyXHANDLED BY;.Att .UJADING'tyiOCERS;'' ' ;:!->-.'������.:
Iteiifeos1& Go.;"'Ltd.,'Z Nelson, BwC
lilt is always well to have a Savings
I ii! Recount upon which: interest is regularly
'Xx ^:7pa��d and from-which you, are free to draw
"   at any time should you have a good oppor-
:    trinity to buy stock or feed.    A Savings
jrtccount is Ready. Money, -   78A     .
i   OF COMIvMCEv v
��. PAID-UP CAPITAL .,-. ...* '' -V ;X&WQoM iii
m|lRp��R\^'RjND;;c\;Vi~y :V:.yx���:$j5,O0O^M.;^-r
il^GREENWOOB: BRANCHrlii?E. Brawders; ''Manager^; V;
A; Conipltte Assortment
Wagstaff's Jams and ~
���     :'��� ������'���'���'...    Try Our
. Pride of Canada, Pure
Maple Syrup
J. G. McMynn, Midway
Just Received Some Handsome
.     "The World's Best Watches"
Full Line -Of
Shell Framed Spectacles
Guaranteed  To Fit You
D.   R.   McELMON
Watchmaker & Jeweler
Greenwood, B.C.
�����-. ������    -__     :      .      '       S
Owen Wheel ar,- of Rock Creek,
motored to town, on Monday.
Bobby Morris, of Trail, attend-
the Old Time Darice on Friday.
J. M. Hughes7, of Kelowup, is"
on a business trip to Greenwood.
Alex. Berry, of Copper Mountain, is visiting- friends in this
city. /'
Just received'��� a flue line of
childrens   and   ladies   rings    at
McElmon's.  :   :'i
Send a Float,to your friends at
once, You can get them at
The Ledge office
- The Norwegian Creek Lumber
Co., at Boundary Falls, have contracts tor.over 50,000 ties.
The provincial government will
build a new bridge at Carson at
an estimate cost of $10,000.
Geo. Sutherland is doing black-
smithing in the old McArthur
shop near the M'asonic hall.
Jack Cochrane, the well-known
trapper of the Main Kettle river,
was visiting friends in
wood last week..
City Council
The retiring cpuncilheld a winding
up meeting ou Monday night in the
Council Chambers. The accounts
wereO.K'dby the Finance Committee and passed. On retiring
the Mayor, in a few well chosen
words thanked the members for
their faithful service. The ytar
just ended was the blackest in the
history of Greenwood, but they
pulled through alright and he
looked for better times from now
The Mayor and new Council
were sworn in by W. R. Dewdney
after which they immediately settled down to business.
The Mayor appointed the follow ���
ing committees;���
Morrison, Kerr and Taylor.
Presbyterian Church
S. S. 10 a.m. Service 11 a.m.
S. S. 2.30- Service 7.30 p.m-
Subject For Jan. 23rd: *\
Thou Art Thou Shall Be
Rev. W. H. REDMAN, Pastor
For Sale.
3 cows.    One will freshen very
soon.    All are gdvernment tested
and   splendid, milkers.    Can-be
seen-an's time.���    ...-,....
'. ������.".   ���������..- MRS. ROYCE.
-." We carry the largest aud most.
,.   complete stock ia 'B.C.' Cash '
. discounts  pu   all   Incubators..'.
'      . Write for Catalogue. .'    ���>
.844-CambieSt. ���  ". Vancouver, B.C.
'' - Watchmaker aud "Jeweler -V   .
'.:."  ���-~-X_   GRAND'F.ORKS.--.: .'.X"Xy-
Mail your; watch for Repair' and I .'will
mail it back. . Charges are.moderate. '.
Xi GRAND  FORKS  : ."��� ���"'
Agents ;for Chevrolet, sDpdge,  Hudson,
Chalmers ". Ciadillac ��� cars;       Garage   .iu
conuection. ,
'; ;' pJKNTIST'
All   the   latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
W.-'E. Wilson who_has just recently erected a sawmill near
Midway has a contract to saw
112,000 ft of lumber.
Miss Whittacker, of Vancouver
is visiting her parents at Mother
Lode. Mr, Whittacker is pulling
down the buildings at that camp.
S. T. Larsea, of Rock Creek,
assessor for.the Rossland, Fair-
view and Similkameen assesment
district was here for a few days
this week in connection with
assessment work.
John S. Regies, a ,,well-known
old timer of the Boundary, died
in Oakland, California last week.
He was connected with the Pathfinder mine iu the early days, and
left for the South about a dozen
years ago.
Owing to ' increasing business
W. H. Docksteader has purchased
a~ heavy team of horses-from
Mr. Bush, of Toredo Creek,.
Wash. The Palace Liyerv is now
in a better position than ever
to'cater to the need of the public.
The hockey- match between
Grand Forks and Greenwood- on
the local ice tomorrow night at
8.30 in tbe main attraction this
week; The Greenwood boys are
iu good condition -and are keen
to show their mettle. '_"A~ large
crowd should turn out to cheer
the boys who are defending the
well earned championship. .r,
. The old saying ..has it that,
when the days begin to lengthen
the cold begins to. strengthen..
Will those.atteriding school land
well up in geography tell us^why
this is the.case. Why should, cot.
the weather,- become ;warmer as
the. hours of sunshine: become
mbre,: and the dead, of winter
comes.at or near the shortest day
of:th"e-year?"' "'.-..'���-���. ':iir.X;y . 'X.
When you. go into "the postoflice.
and enquire , for1' mail, or get
stamps, don't try to^lill. up, the
delivery, hole with the ..north end
of your body..: If. you merely
stand off. and ;fire off :your re-:
quest through, .those whom you:
address will respond promptly.
After .you receive your mail, don't
stand monopolizing the delivery
while you look at the postmark
and. guess who the letters are
from. Let those behind you
have a chance; as they may be
busy.and their time is valuable.
Please remember this and' you
will confer a favor on those in
the rear, ' " . '
, King and Morrieon;
King,; Mowat and Jenkin.
Mowat, Taylor and Kerr.
First named Alderman is chairman of respective committees.
The qneetion of electric light
and power was up for discussion
and it was decided to ask Lome
Campbell to meet the Council for
the purpose of making arrangements for the coming year.
A report from the Finance committee was discussed and adopted.
Next Council meeting will be
held ou Jan. 31st.
1 Western Float
Old Time Dance
;./;. ";Card of Thanks: xXx
The G: W.-fv. A;Jlesire^to itake
this" means of :thanking, all-the
ladies who assisted' .in '-making
sandwiches, waiting on': table;: and;
otherwise, helped to. make the" Old
;l:Time;pance sncii ti howliiiz siiccegs.'
Hockey Schedule
Oue of the largest crowds in recent years attended the Old Time
Dance in the Masonic Hall on Friday night which had been looked
forward tb with keen anticipation
was a greater success socially and
financially than was expected by
even the most ardent enthusiasts.
Right from the start to the last at
4 a. m. the dance went with a
swing and all certainly had the
best time in years. The old became
young and worries and cares were
banished. The old-time dances
were the great attraction and none
were disappointed, especially the
quadrille,, which to the middle
aged brought back fond memories
and - to - the young an experience
well worth while. The floor waB
in excellent shape and Werner's
orchestra, furnished the music in
grand style. . The supper which
came.from Grand -Forts satisfied
the. inner, man and was. all that
could be desired,. Floor manager
Nichols, put ginger and pep into
the affair and none sat out dances.
Many were present "who had not
danced" for years; many, came a
long distance. It was a-gay.and
merry.throng that���/assembled with
m uch: good, nafeured :j oehing. No
one could keep, their feet still as
the .old . time dances were an-,
nouhced and it takes the old timers
to tip, the light, fantastic. At .4
a.. m. the large crowd were reluct-,
ant to .ieaye bntall���-gopdtimes
must come, to ah end. Three
cheers were given the G. W. Y. A.
under whose auspices the dance
was held and with the singing of
the National Anthem brought a
happy and long to be remembered
night to. a close.
Reckless Driving
Grand Forks at Greenwood......
Greejrwood at.Grand Forks....:,
Grand Forks, at Greenwood......
Greenwood at Grand Forks!.-/.!
Grand Forks- at Greenwood.-:'..:,
Green.wood .at -Grand-Forks;:.:.;
; X The Led ge: h as:
Cor one more-ad: ���X;.
... Jan. ix
,-;.Jan. 24
.'..-.Feb.. 4-
s: room
A lady who had ber hand in.a
sling was. explaining to a. friend
fehat the hort  was due to. reckle33
dnving.;^;'^,.'-:;:-':.'-.'.-^; .-.���-.���/".���. VV'-'-���;
-'���; .ff.Of;..yqur   antb?'.',:,:aeked.-the
friend/-. yX; Z-Xy'X'ZX'.y: - ���/������" XxXX'.y
X^.*Ifo^7:i.saidythe; snfferer,;";i;
naiL'Xv'"^. ryii -X.i. Xi'; ���' 'y Xy ;���
Ottawa is in the grip of one of
the most serious smallpox epidemics in its history.   .
The value of crops raised in
British  Colombia   by   Indians  in
1919 was $2,225,000;
The thermometer registered 63
below zero at Carmack in thi
Yukon a few days ago.
The Penticton Fire Brigade responded to nine calls during 1920,
but the damage by fire totalled only
The old Kootenay hotel at Moyie
is being dismantled, a Cranbrook
buyer being their last week removing all the doors and windows.
The Otis Staples Lumber company's mill at Wycliffe, which has
been ehut down, for a couple of
month8,will resume sawing operations shortly.
The 1921 Seed Fair will be held
in the Empress Hotel, Victoria, on
Feb. 8, 9, 10 and 11. There will
be 46 classes open to competition,
with three prizes in each class.
The first silver fox caught
around Keremeos in recent years
fella victim to the traps of Mr.
Quaedvlieg on Jan. 1. The animal
was in fine condition, the fur being
at its best this time of year.
Eainfali in   Prince   Eupert  for
1920 was 78.40 inches, as recorded
by F. W. Dowling in charge of
government weather bureau. July
was the dry month, showing point
.77, and December the wettest with
11.75 inches.
A defective chimney caused the
fire which destroyed the Grand
Union hotel, Hedley, on December
8," according to, the report made'by
J. A. Thomas,.-provincial, fire prevention officer, who conducted an
enquiry into the matter.
The. by-election in Delta to fill
the vacancy by the resignation of
Premier Oliver, probably will .be
held during the first week in February, the premier announced Saturday. The exact date ' has not
been chosen yet, except that it is
announced fehat ife will nofe be Friday as thafe is market day in New
An action which labor men believe will prove a deathblow to the
One Big Union west of Winnipeg
was taken by the delegates at tbe
B. C. Coast Loggers' convention in
Vancouver last Friday, according
to a report from the meeting. The
delegates, "after considerable discussion, decided tp withdraw,from
the O. B. U. and carry on their
own industrial organization inde-
pendentlyi . The loggers, with
affiliated ; bodies, will be about
20,000 strong..     . ,\
., Sir.; William Gage, publisher,
paper, manufacturer, philanthropist
and captain of. industry,-died last
Thursday afe.his home in Toronto
following a stroke ori'. New Year's
X>ayv ';. The .death' bf Sir William
James Gage., deprives .Canada of
one .of. her.; most "generous and
great-hearted philanthropists. Sir
William, was- the; founder of/the
sanitarium for consumptives movement in Canada. He -was, one of
the,originators of the .Toronto! harbor, and Welland Canal improve-,
ment schemesj and he !,was the
he��ld df the largest .paper asiil
stationery publishing house in the
Dominion. .:.
There' is : being , offered, in "the
University of .British Columbia a
Forestry Course, and a number of
students are already enrolled.: The
course approved by the. senate: at
;its last meeting, is especially designed to torn out professional
engineers trained for logging operations, and foresters who- are in
close touch with the actual operations in British Columbia's great
industry. Th8 university is now
fnlfillingits function-as a Provincial-Universife^oby; giving professional training for all the .basil in-,
d astries of the pVovin ce. Xi In a few
years the iiifluence,of snch training
,* j on "��� thejndustries - will"\ be-jteit in a
*  Mining News   .
InformafeioD receiye'd from Can-
anea, Sonora, Mexico, said thafe
mines of tbe Cananea Consolidated
Copper company had shut down
and thafe fehe Bmelter will ��� also
close. It is estimated that 2000
persons were thrown out  of work.
Only one customs mine supplied
ore to the big reduction works of
Consolidated Mining and Smelting
Co., afc Trail for the week ending
Jan 7feh, the mines of the company
supplying 6233 tons of ore of the
6258 tons received. Following Is
the report;���
Paradise, Lake Windermere       25
Company Mines 6233
Belief that the copper industry,
expecially the export trade is likely
ta witness a brisk revival if loans
now under negotiation between
American bankers and various
European countries reach the final
stage. Switzerland and' Italy,
countries which are especially
handicapped by reason of their
lack of coal, contemplate enormous
purchases of copper in furtherance
of government plans to harness
their vast water ��� resources. Germany which is sending large quantities of her coal to France under
the terms of the peace treaty, also
is in the market. In addition to
the heavy toll in coal which Germany has to pay France, German
industrial interests, which always
have been prominent in the manufacture "of electrical appliances,
also will buy extensively of American copper, once .there credits are
are reestablished. Belgium and
mosfe of the new countries of central and eastern Europe are reported to be contracting in this
market for supplies ef copper, that
metal entering largely into the upbuilding of feheir railways and
many industries. It is estimated
that the present surplus of copper
approximates 750.000,000 pounds,
of-whieh more than half will likely
be taken for foreign use.
A judgment ofr 833,814 to the
Standard Silver Lead Mining company of Silverton, B.C., from Beer,
Sonheimer & Co-, of ^ew York
was rendered by Judge Frank H.
Rudkin Jlast Saturday, says the
Spokesman ��� Review.. According
feo fehe clause in the contract around
which the case was fought, Beer,
Sonheimer & Co., were allowed feo
deduct the duties" assessed by the
United States government in the
transportation of ore- from - Brifeish-
Columbiain to'the United States
in their accountings with the Standard Silver Lead Mining company,.
Which bore the customs costaiul
thus.:paid the amount to.the United
States 'government.' Because the
zinc was not withdrawn - for consumption in. the United States, but
was .exported under custom's regulations, customs duties were waived
by thd United States gbvernmenfe
in behalf of Beer, Sonheimer & Co.
In spite of.this .fact, the -company
continued to deduct the tax assessment; ;fr6m , the Standard, Silver
Lead Mining company:- uFhis tax
assessment of S3S.S14 represents
the some collected from the mining,
company, on false assumption. The
Standard .Silver Lead Mining company is controlled, by the Finch
estate and G. H; Ay lard of Victoria.
marked degree.
-,   Hockey; Line Up
/Greenwood has "plenty of good1
material from which to pick their
line-up for tomorrow night's game
and- keen competition, has bcen-
feaking-plsce, among the -players for.
a position on the taara.. The. lineup for tomorrow is asJfbllpws':���-' -.
Ed... Blundel.l
..." R..Taylor
Cover Point .
Ross Wood
��L .McDonald
J. Hallett
Left Wing
.S/ Murray
Right Wing
<      G. Clerf
;."."Spares: ""'A.
Morrison,  E. Mor-
ri?on;.:-:    ------ THE     T.RTWR.  ' frREfWWOOTk.
/-If "3
BY ���
Printed    by    Special    Arrangements   with   Thos.   Allen.
Toronto, Ont.
It \*orks Wonders
On Catarrhal Colds
Simple   as  A,  B.' C   to  Drive
Away Colds-With
Mammoth Radio Station
When your throat rattles, your
lungs r.nd chest arc: sore your throat
i.s  stuffed  with  cold���don't fear  con
French Station When Completed Will
Work Easily With All Stations
In The World.
A recent despatch from St. Assize,
France, s-ays: Loris Deschamps, under
secretary of state for posts ancl telegraphs, laid the corner-stone of what
is d.-signed to bc the most powerful.
(Continued) i
During the days which followed,
Willow studiously avoided Dorkin. If
he wondered at ail, he gave no sign.
Perhaps it was just as well, he reasoned. He wanted time iu which to
regain his poise. Never again must
he allow his heart to flame into that
wild outlawry which overthrew reason and made hiin, in his own eyes, a
thing debased and unworthy of a dead
father's trust. .But in tlic summer
' night.? following- tireless inkkinj.;
through his far-reaching domain, ii:
search ol" m.inif; stations of hi* enemies' vandalism, he lay awake thinking ,
aud v/li.n he fell asleep he .-.aw lie , a
fileudcr wisp of a girl, t;azing at him
villi  cyi s  that called and allured.       i
He missed her ii; those hai-y, scent-'
ed twdighls, missed the grave eyes
lifted to his, the brown hands caressing- the old violin, misled the voice
whose cadence was as soft as the
zephyrs horn in the pockets of hoi-
native forest. He wanted her to re-
niain always as she was r.mv, he tuhl
himself; he wished her simple joy.-,
and pleasures might never know the
unrest which comer, of .-��� eking after
knowledge. i
It  Was  easy   for  him   to  reason  so,'
as  he  sat   alone   at   evening   beneath
the wild-hop vine,  the big grey  lynx
at his feet, gajdng'up at hini from amber,   trusting   eyrs;   easy   lor  him,   a
man of twenty-six, to assume the pari
of foster father to a girl of eighteen.;
If only  afterwards,  as   he  lay's!e p-j
.less���shut   away   from   ihe   low  stars
and the night scents���that imiitter blej
longing did  not  come  to haunt  him.'
During- the.  day   there  was  enough
tohold his mind away from.haunting '
things���things  intangible,  unreal, unforbidden.
Edna Marsh and her unci': had accepted his invitation to spend a couple
of weeks at Hardwoods Retreat. The!
companionship between him and the
girl from his other world had beeu
more than pleasant during the brief
periods that they spent together. He
missed Edna, too���but not as he1
missed Willow. I
He had found many proofs of his I
enemies' hatred throughout his Pre-1
serve; wild mothers wantonly inurd-!
ered and their young dead through i
starvation; the beaver dam broken;
the wdre fence about the enclosure cut.
to allow the wolves to enter; many!
such evidences of the enmity of Dal-j
ton and his confederates. |
But not once did he or La Peer so j
much as catch a glimpse of the van-!
dais.      They were too cunning  to be
seen.   _   Undoubtedly,  they chose  the j
night- snvwjiich t:ov:;w6rk: 'their- persecik;
. fcru!y,\w:e'rc;;'4^
what--they ^.Ontempl:atc.dVd07in^.-.:i'v:>:" '���?;'[
��� ���'. Theii^6b'jecti'vc?h )'.
Xsyike;fsiXoty<it:oi:X^tXKXXrXCZixX[X'yX 'X
i '���':' 'yjX oriXii '<y%;ri ti t ii tie 'si n c ei i'fgr iiMi^givw [
;-!ciVv'tne: w|!d '|hirr||.s.: in^/'pr^
i'i ettiisOmeHlviitgi;l;keVe#-iifi0f h's;-clfiiV
������; 3rc&:;v.';v3��^
:;.Pres;erye,.;t'hBy: 'w:<&fc;sifoi\g yfrupii^yilXi i
Vfifjcct.-; the'ir":;;p'urpOs7fcj;y.;.; Dal-tOur^f olV
vl'a'iy'lcss;'.- hraiVandVti^ '
; ,ry;l j'jSJ. w QUI d ���."c .6 si) c ;j nS ivi i i\fXXiXXXXXXiycyi
..'���vy^rc^ii.^cd'ed:^/-- ������VyVV-iVVV'V'V V '���'���[
:"" iiArvd;.-iagain;s:g;'&
rqiliii;'. iWh. 0.7::waj;- aXh'piii'^wn.Mni'ili ifilSc !�����;
��� toii^ilk, 41k it;tlij: i$��hV;nigjit tpVo'��oHlcisi":
.V tn^;^h?S-Vtha.t; :p nil ;pj;j:g|i:t:5^di^''-iio^;
'. x> i: dii^;iiyil'tl-v:kwrd're'd :jsjSiR^^>.$i;�� Xyiiy
,^ S O f til y 9i:U0;d tl la't C^
with, tihi' 6;gipir,cs.Si.QHy1^
sumption���use Catarrhozone and get ; r;ulio station in the world, capable, of
well. It clears the throat, relieves j transmitting with two sending, instru-
hacking, relieves tight chest and sore- j nienls 24,000 words, hourly, or recciv-
ness iu tiie bronchial tubes.    To clear!-,, ,     ,    .   , .  . .      ,, ,
,- .      ,        , ,, , ���      ; ing   and    deciphering simultaneotislv
away    Catarrh    ot  the nose nothing. ,     f       , .
could bc better. Catarrhozone is na- : W>,000 %YOrds hourly on hve mstru-
ture's __ovvn remedy���it lica's and i men.s, Tlie alternating system will
soothes���relieves every form of throat, ��� l>e used.
lung and bronchial trouble. Prescrib-i ���,. T , . ,, ,
ed by many specialists and used by i ihe Larayctte Station, which now
thousands every day. Get thc dollar is the most powerful, has ?. maxi-
outfit; it lasts two months and is : mum range of 15 000 miles, but ex-
guaranteed. Small size, SOc; trial. pcricncc has show accordjng. to
size, 2.ic; at all dealers. ,. ��� ,.. . , . ,��� , , , .
  j the   Ministry   of   J olographs,   that   it
|cannot   be   depended   upon   for  more
opposite,  a  great, arched  )W;t!|an   -^-Q0
cutting with spiked ter th the lifting
and falhug aurora hor alis of the
northern 3ki s, and gradually from his
muiI was drawn all disquietude and
depression. The That, whieh had
drawn him lo the solitude of space
and had remade him, was over all,
strong, calm, powerful to protect hi'.u
and his.
When he 'tru.-.e to seek once more
the path io .he cabin, the dew nu.sis
wcre glittering on fern and leaf; a
slendi r di?c of a moon v.-as lifting
above the tamaracks, eastward. The
old lynx had gone back io her kittens.
As lie turned towards the p til.
from a thick copse along shore. .-,o:i".e
fifty yard, disirr.t, there leaped a
streak- of yilh.w .'lame, and the sharp
crack o! :������,���,-> ri'lcs fir tl ti^gethe,-
awoke a hundicd cciice.s. ]>orJci:i
felt the iiis,, i.i .-, bi'.het -above his
head. As he sprang for the safety
of tiie forest, he heard the quick
"tack-tack" of a lighter rifle again,
and g'impscd one of two dim forms
speeding uunvard in- a canoe, pitch
With a low cry he leap
Thmks Ca*e Should Be
Settled in Canada
Raney Calls Appeal to Throne Myth
And Superstition.
"A myth and a suoerstition is  the
so-called inalienable and tinie-honor:
ed right of carrying appeals to the
foot of the throne," declared Hon. W.
E. Raney, attorney-general for Ontario, iu an address to the Toronto
Board of Trade. Mr. Kaney stated
at the outset that- he was speaking,
not as the attorney-general, but as a
private member of the board. Such
a privilege as appealing" to thc privy
council did uot exist iti England or
in Scotland, Mr. Raney added,, and in
his opinion it should not exist in Can-j
ada. j
Hon. Mr. Ivaney quoted Prof. Keith,!
of Edinburgh University, as pointing'
out that such appeals inflicted in- |
justice on poor litigants who could j
not carry appeals to tlie foot of the!
throne, and he cited the case of a I
widow in Northern Ontario whose j
suit for $1,000 damages foi timber cut ;
At  All
Slop that pain!
QUICK, warming, soothinsr.. comforting
relief lollowa an application of Sloan'3
Liniment, .lust clap it on tha strained,
overworked muscle. Good for rheumatism,
too.   PcKlraks tvilhoal tubbing.
(Made in Canada)'
on k'-r property was carried    to    tlu
miles regularly, being
unable, for instance, to v ��:!. satisfactorily   witii   Argentina.
The Sainte As.d/e Station, when
complete in 1W3, will, it ia calculated, work easily and regularly with
all stations in the world. The
station will be creeled for the Com-
pagnie Generate Tr.'egfaphe San.s-
!iel (General Wireless Telegraph
Company). Thirty per cent, of tiie
capita^ invested iu the company is
British, 7w per cent. French, the
Eieoch Cable Ccinpau,     holding    'Ai)
per    cent     of the total capital.      The I bl*    cnou��n    ;ln
1 enough to adjudicate all questions of
Origin of Wealth
privy u.'iiucil where  the hearing had
co.-,'. $.3,560,      iff.    pointed    out ' that
to   she   light  o:
council being a
2'ir. Raney
not the ca
Capital Not Always Plunder Amassed
By Unmoral Men.
judges in this    country   held;     -\ \iK. "Mirrors  of Downing Street"
v:c.-\s or. this question.     A& | jias a paragraph which is well worth
appeal   to   the  privy | considering   in   Labor and  other  drink of empire, Hon. j ri(.Si      jt sayS: "Democracy, nursing
extended that    tliis    was j w]K,t    ;;    deems    to be its economic
] wrongs, und not  unnaturally regard-
Mr. Raney argued tha: Canada was ��� -mfg t!le ,vcillthy classes    with    bitter
id    had    judges    big
has    a worsting agreement ]
Radio    Corpora-
intervciimg  space.
ed across the
:  canoe  was ;
with th?
''Ihe    striking    physical features of
the plant will be 16 steel towers, 820
feet high.    A number of special telegraph  wires will  connect  the station
I with the Central Telegraph Offices,
law   that    arose   in connection  with
the Canadian courts.
The Western Wheat Fool
rounding  a  small-island  in   the  sake,;
evidently    making    for    the    farther
Dorkin   glanced  quickly
ly, about him.      "Wil'ovv
searching- [
1 i
! An
Remarkable Belies
cient Tennis  Balia Are Found in
.''Willow, where are
ne called, 1
ise   b
Westminster Hall.
,iT,      , -,,���-, ,        , Workmen   re-roofmg   Westmiaster
J iu-, J;ere.   Dorkin,   here   close   be-   ~T  ,, ,,       ,        .  ^ ,    ,
side vou." ' ' recently    found two round ob-
He turned, and saw her standing' Jcct-S ln ^;c dust and cobwebs in the
straight and rail among the white! old oak rafters 90 feet above the
poplars.       There  was  sufficient   light: &r0Und.      Wrhrn  the  dust and grime
had been removed these objects prov-
for him to mark the wanness of hcr
cheek? M<j tlie deep lire in her big
"Willow," he .said again, and paused, his utterance stemmed by thc
revelation of llu- girl's superb courage and simple loyalty. Gloriously
beautiful she was, a wild thing fitting
perfectly its wild environment, slender form i;:>se, a veritable power of
poise, passion, destruction.
She threw the empty shell from her
little ride and levered another into the
chamber. Then she stepped to ��� liis
side and laid hot brown hand on-his
ed to be ancient tennis-balls,
An antiquarian says that, judging
from their size and structure, the
balls date back to the reign of Henry
VIII. (1509 'to 1547), who was an
ardent supporter of .tennis, or tennice,
as it was then called,
Both balls are covered with leather,
which    has    burst    in several places,
and    faint    traces    of white  may be
seen on the. surface. Remarkably pre-
jserved,    the    bodies    of the balls arc
. .. ;.'!n'- tc' -feet .yo.u ..y.et,.|,coniposed of -huma-n...hair.-,-.-;.Jf. is-vvell-
���ed-you-.to-know-.th.cv ���wci-e:-abl.e-to^get-|':.--.-:;::,..- y- yy.yx:.y.,..-:.--y-y y..-y. y
yMZHy ZXXiy :Ji.:'gii*-ss:- / XX XX:b<X& li^^^^^iX^Xj^^i^'^X Xf'k*'.
'^iiiyXiXZ..X'Xy ifXXri'irioyQ.n XX dio.ttr;,;["lisI'ffC ^^bi<-Jl::i is"-?2-.ji4/ tnbfE.es -t'rs-��� cliaine-ccr,
1 VAvys^Daltou's^^
"' .ai.t--;^jati?;p:i:6%' "C'Qurt^-fev't'iit^has.^eett
ev   t
.sftw'fi^/Vlli.;. iis'-^g-en-exally/' ;cted:ted.
::iy:ith'::the''b;iilldiiigi'of ..t'lj;eV#hfiisVJc6tii-ti
-lit-tlvftf'fiO'X"-":��� 'ulikii'o'iVni"" 'th^i^there^a's^S'
feiii.fis ':<cauriiHt^'.'iW.fetrijms'ter-.lift!li. '���'/.:
'���ir;.jrieniiis .:dijis'v. developed;: 'tivrough ':;tlifc
Gr'eielK. and?.R.Os;!i<thsi-;;-.'i :.-'. yiX-'Xyx x.y
..h;e:��� Sytiis... iy Idg/friaii::.>d'Wfssied'y $!.'.���*VS^
���do wii;.:" '-������ ais'-';.- ;ii's.ft a I, ,;".i.i oviugjf t ;:M M1 ���'; j est
MXo otficlos p. x\fl'p:'Agh-yo-; d I'iini it q-1 Xi -.- i i h X ������
iiSyp'pi'y ;diii-iiT ^sVyii.tc,';-V" -iX V VV Xx ���'-' XX
XX\ )'fpX XXXii&yy: i- r-ivst tfil ^^^rijy^v^'^yii-sii^
-;i/Ii;c; ;dj i^.i;';iii. :Vr^ ^?=;t^ "iifcvlvi 3i :?iid itVv ^Vi^Vi tiiyy-:
;'ri i ijg eftviil'oi^ina fee - i t isjj siyXi: figo XX) Itlv XXX':
X ffS h'4 j ''ffii'r"! X\XX iy'yyyy^XXffXXXiXyX:
!iXXnyy-X' ^XXCkyXi^yXtXiy^ti: .'t hi' ;si7i wXty
^Bi X'X". XXi iiXi... i"ii"iii ii""i
:A-mbi.i:fbij.9j';'iPr''��ijec^ Sm'qV:
;;. ;:;3:Sfe:-;i:rai^tSP@;t^
^gevvjiy^iJUt ic&^r^d^jil'eld-V^fe
ymifirTSvfe^irg'-ii.ti) e;^ifi:pcfia5^i! "iEdiiiipaijij:
;7s: tt:;H^ ftid^f i e!t:i fl?5 w
Venture Is An Ambitious One With
An Element of Risk.    -
The wheat pool projected by the
farmers of Western Canada is the
latest proof of their enterprise and
self-reliance. It will put to the test
their capacity for organization and
for doing business in large units on
co-operative principles. The 'Board
of Directors of the United Grain
Growers, Limited, representing the
business side of the farmers' movement in the three prairie provinces,
has endorsed the pool as outlined by
the Canadian Council of Agriculture, and it is planned to make the
scheme operative before the crop of
1921 comes on the market.
The aim of the pool, of course, ";ill
be to feed the market carefully so
as not to exceed its demands and produce a glut that will send prices down
with a.rush. Hitherto attempts at
controlling supplies have been made
by speculators intent on cornering the
market. The. benefits of the wheat
pool, if any,, will go. to. the .producers.
;thcms'elv.es^; .'���;I'fv:is.:a;.:foTra';;or.Vsclliji'gv
l^ty'ditereiU'f drf'v .priiieip
;operatioifsyo't.:;the\^W"h'.eat-VBqard ;i-'iii
Xoi^\9yn(iA919^Qy v^lt��Vdnftir�� Xh
an, tinibiitiqus;i.:ion;e;;:with���/Atj/-.'cle.jncn,t"''.'fff/i
���it:-::wrl li;i:be ;--a&X i ri i? ��� '"i'i .6;���..'��� p iii El ie .riay or si^
'Tot;Qn1:^y GlJobiy:^ t;yyyy:xxy-.y-;yyryyy
anger, has yet to learn that capital
was largely the ceration of the Puritan character, and that the prosperity
of these British Islands was laid in no
small measure by the "thrift and temperance of those who lived simpiy
because they thought deeply, Capital , without which labor could have
done little, is not a contrivance of
the noisy rich, but the deliberate
creation of virtuous men." There is
another side to this where capita! is
tlie plunder amassed by intelligent
and possibly immoral or unmoral
men, but this -side should not blot out
j the   other   which    is just as true,���
I Christian Guardian.
, A New Style Tractor
British "One-Way Motor Plow Proves
To Be a Success.
Among the most interesting of recent developments in British agricultural engineering is thc one-way
motor plow, which has appeared upon
the British market in the form���judging from field experiments���of a successful model. Upon a commercial
basis, this and the other one-way
plows will makc thcir appearance.
The one-way plow in the present
case consists of six plow breasts;
three being suspended from each end
of the main carriage, which is modeled on the lines of a tractor body
and is driven by an engine sufficiently powerful to haul three In--.
rows in the heaviest clay land. Thc
forward shares arc held out of work
as the motor plow proceeds across
the field and automatically drop into
work when the machine begins its
return journey. Plowing therefore
becomes a succession of forward and
return movements.
One type of one-way plow has the
advantage that it can be used as a
tractor to haul another implement or
a laden wagon, for the plows can be
World Being Made Ovcr,
The world is in process of being
made, ovcr climatically and geologically as a result of recent tremendous
seicmatic disturbances in the Arctic
seas and Northern Asia, according to
a statement by an eminent scientist,
Professor Guillaumc Bigourdan, president of the committee of longtitudes.
"Wc arc traversing a period of volcanic disturbances similar to that occurring beforc thc creation, of man,
and .which causeds the disposition of
thc present continents, oceans and
chains of mountains," he said.
Condemns   Irish Agitators
The New \'crk Evening Post Scores
dt Valera's Secretary lot Anti-
British Campaign.
Under the caption; "A P.cal Irish
Grievance." the Ncw York Post deals
editorially'with the recently proposed
vendetta against British subjects, and
tht "tearing down of everything British in the United Slates," as"advocated by Harry Boland, secretary to
Aapionu de Valera, at Madison
Square Garden. Boland's remarks,
the newspaper says, are as "remarkable a tribute to the speaker's ignorance as to his foolishness,"
"'"Sensible and intelligent Irishmen
have long been aware," says thc Post,
"that a serious- disservice ��� is being
done to Ireland by the ignorant hate-
mongers who apparently dominate
the Irish-American campaign. . . .
Intellectual hooliganism frequently
translated into appropriate acts, is
alienating all sympathy from Ireland in this countrv."-
Women of Canada
D&cro/Ont.:���"I am more than ijloaaea
with Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. I
K" waa nm-down and
eo nervous that I
could not even atay
in tho house along
in the day-time and
tried every kind of
medicine I heard of
but got no result.
One ot my friends
iwivised me to talcs
,'Favurite Prescrip.
'tion.' said that it
would cure me, and
it did. After twang
/our bottles I /ell
like a new _woman
and it is also the very beat medicine for a
woman bringing up a family. I will recommend 'Favorite Prescription'- to any ��� on��
suffering like I did."���MBS. JOSEPH
TillscidKxrg. Ont.���"i found Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Piescription ait excellent medicine
for the ollmop.tff of women. I had become
vety weak, and nervous. I waa just miserable when I began fcakinu the 'Favorite
Prescription' and it proved most beneSciat.
It so completely restored me to health that
I heve never had *ny return of this ailment,
I do ndvioe the use of 'Favorite Prescription'
by vroicf.Q whq suffer wjth womanly troub>
1&"~-MRS. GEO. W.AXKER, P. O. Boa
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Proscription 2a
made of lady's slipper root, black cohosh
root, vjdeorn root, blue cohosh root and
Oregon jprapo A>ot.. Dr. Pierce knew,
wbca he fiwt made this standard medicine,
that whiskey and morphine were injurious,
nnd so ho has always kept them out of hia
remedies. Women who take this standard
remedy know that in Dr. Pierce'B Favorite
Preemption they are getting a safe woman's
tonic so good that druggists everywhere sell
ii, ia liquid or tablet form.
- New Coal Company.
An expenditure of $1,500,000 in
���building a plant to handle 1,000 tons
of coal a day is bcing contemplated
by J. J. Grant, owner of 2,800 acres
of coal land in the vicinity of East
Wellington, Vancouver Island. Tlie
company will be known as^tlip-East
Wellington Coal Company.
To PrStect Public
Slisep Breeders' Want Cloth Stamped
With Percentage of Wool.
A resolution asking^ the Provincial
Department of Agriculture to take
steps to secure legislation to protect
the public when buying alleged wool-
leu goods, was passed by the Manitoba Sheep Breeders' Association, in.
annual meeting at Brandon.
The protection suggested was that
a statement be stamped on thc cloth
showing the relative amounts of vir-,
gin wool, shoddy, cotton or. other,
textile included in thc make-up.
Urge Mrs. Murphy For Thc Senate. U
By a resolution, the Montreal
Women's Club endorsed Mrs.- Arthur
Murphy, of Edmonton, asvbcing qualified for a seat in thc Canadian Senate, and prayed the "Fcdcral gov.ern-ii
ment to appoint hcr to that posi.tion.".:
Too many people in this world arc:
not happy unless they   arc   bubbling
| oyer with unhappiness.       ,.   .    .j. .  .'
���Ex*0byerii(qr "��� ^Declares V':: Tjine'i:^ jiasi
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;fi;!.ofe.ei/;Jou^Srhmg.; 'il i;ei'; uiiri;.s ti'-rii ilivdia
hv 1 ii:&j tr-tets*;! 'W-sn^4'i;fc--:f ofijii^of'.' goVem^
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jiijiM^tlt^^p r cs $$'!���: e'itv,
:XXli>wv:lirXX XiX
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g1ri^;--ih;a:iifi;;-Jf i-i pUXXXXfyQ
KJiijiiS: -p\ ��i��yXXZrmXiiXfs:
i ith:fc:-jfo;fliVo?ciH^
i a!i:d;:::H.f;iA;pl;i3i.3V^
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:iXtiXn)yXXXiyXX;'XZ..Xi' XI'   ".   ;   .
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'ii^piiKby is -jrXy&jfe ^.s^ree^ps7Csi5^dj;''.;-;-t!iiid;
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XX -Women- Bhbui&Vtalce; vtmrflmg"\.;from^suchv
i Byinptibnisivais iiieafc ;flaiisUes/felior|,n:essi-bf:;brealh^
;ibiues^:wlficli;7i'iMicfti;o -the CiapprpacHi^f^-tlie-
��� iable/ tbinpouiid: is tbe .grbatesfc a.icl T^pmeiV cani':-
,:lia(y^ ��� dwing-.,tUis-^
���' ������' PreinontV 0,~".I,was pas'siiigr thrwjj{lrtiie-en.ticai..||cribd -.
���;.o!'-Jife,'be'ingiorty^six-'years.oi-age.iatvii'had ��;11 tbo.s'yirip--.-.
���;toin3i'Iuci<ient'it6',tiiiticUaiig^^^ nervousness, .
' and'-was-'in a:'gbrieralrrun-d6wh"condi'Moioi'sp it;'was hard ���":
'-.Coflipoutid' was -recoiitriibndett.'tdfc^ias-t^o-best.-rehieiJyi-,,-;
ifoffnyitroitbles;-: wliich.i't; 'sW.oly gtovic'4;:t.c^..l)^..::-.I:ieeU]boo��..--:
-tJrbanS;.- Ill^,,;13CTlji^:Ofeng��:c>��.;Sdfo,::in:vadd
���'Hs-aiiiiidyiiijr eymptoms."I..-h'a<��\':Kn;^.w��c)t--'6f griped ���'jfb^cU; ������/:���;'..
'.lastod aU'-winteE-and'leftnio ���ia-aiwt'aken
: Xydia E.iPinkha'in'ft V.bgetablUjCpmpbtmtl.wid^h^Mt^i'i-;-"'^'
:.Jforwomeh'-'.piassijifif: thn>'ugH:.th'e C hMgb.piv^ifiB'i'.-ed.Iiftoia^-.::/..
���'���iny.doctbirl.'wouid ijy-ic.Yilsbcn' 'i&eg��h.tatJ'ai'n':in:,strc'j?gtb;; ���/���.'.'
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. ;m��e : S'...'H*'l' yy s ff3'i.gte. ys'��.r yeliffAy
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f>ed �����?>���'
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fofl'ilC-4 "Ij-lfflv
fife  ^3-3.51 Ciftt'
by "a d;i-->t?.ii-ii>H'g ./jm-bre - ii.*- 'is-r. voice,-!
���&���<��������� i-'iO'AX-irf}, i4. yykilyey^j. ���:y,-vxr'Voiv^\
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,'v Xtf ��� yon;i}:Xyyiiu% ..ga s��.-^r.'it' Ik:/
m?i'ss&- ef "?$' .ft:if'j.;ci*'..��is":
���:o;-i'c?r of whifeh-'liiad 14
.tXri-.rtv.    ���*��;;���>   iv .Pi'&lfi-
S5'.VM>|- v.,;i
to   y.s.m:i:.  "H*c
':Pv>�� :tiii;i;.'iii5>fri>,
?f��KVt?:       'Vlie-
-s-s-l, Fb.iiily '���yoM'y^ ;:uviv.le tfij'
i'rKiYj hiZo ���Xsri::pirX' ,*J:c "iii-/j
iicr   cjX
���yitnek i!sji
JyiyyA . iHro
���tnu tiiH 5>:?'niife "wtMvler-
X<? itiiiXiivs tliotJiitirtTcd hy
}K<yhyv.yyWiiii)ytiZ Fix
: ��� Spiiiet'ding; Is-'^otiimoh;-
'....;roi iyXyy 'M.rfArV'-htw. iyyy
���rc;f';in.':'.-.-ifle's  liV.jV'a^cv'-V ...'_���:;-":..'���'
���Hy ���rr^c^S'.,ii.i.jijS7>i.f;:^v''.'"J; prah;:;*r,-:ii'ti-]-.
i';v\:\ -'ilfx-vivV tife^^S'lsp." we '-gXiAZ. hi ''iv-1 fi
i i:ii'g:'hard XyX ntisuBrf.
-y/Aiieyor fXtiXiiry;. diyi
i-;lj:. Id?;
;X yX>l i'liftrttc ring:. J-
.M.y-;,i).n: dd.cvMJdtV&^ViAO'"
���;\.t, 'dyr^-iXgr ..ypryyvyXyiy
;tacc jfft'ff-:%($&!!?fyvti;ins; yyiey
xyy6Xliy la-i:vhlch'i&i.3ifM*^'''
i-'ofi'i'-wamy, .;a��^^
xixtim Xrymmpx^m^!mipv^
|; fta,Ii^iJ3f^; W^0XXiSXiiJ}^Mi^^X^iSi'&
i)ir5.v;clyis4Kivitnii i fiXf^iifrMly- -
f if art i:i;iipi. I^Fsf^f-a S��np,U^��i'^--'iir.:'fnt;ftfc.'
. .. :^��jts' Xi' EcoiiosiTiy/":   ''���������.''' X'X-'
���ih-   t;its,; "fii-fit-s?f M^irva'tioiistl/tihrWii'
-P j'iiS4.i-tJ'ff ii-i��vJ<-;��;i? -. il-firimV^ .'-|ia?:;Tciiiiic;sitr:
Xii &Kcikfca!g'-auK!��'��-:i&?'fi^
tw.tr +& Vvtvrwrd'Qti 'AR't>{^!^ji??0\.''3in^fL'.tdiv;
tjliftif ew&rnsiiv.������     ������ ::yy;x ���������; ;
. Ui a jckgKti:.t ft''{.E:'-;;4^,i'^i^0e:atr,|
fc-'istt'titai-n 7 <*f ::U!-e- bj'a'ftgjB^l'.Vei^iiinti-ti1|i
tcj> a* W.a^iifgitnbs iNffc'i'-Hardiug;.. '(Xc-i
decferfid he ��� -Jiys-rcrreii siiuiply to- taifceri
thy math' ci otpiff, ddfver a-.bricl sd-'f
dt;eas a��d. ilicn taike:'up.the ihytires x>Xy
\yi-t office. ' ^-illc-.Sidd it- wptiki- iii;d;Ci|
dife'po^7r0on.,ii.>!jry; tiiiiljappy. one if thei
outlay- fori'���finVsfebOrivte inaugural j
(Treated-jKc^.fmp^csS*:! o.f;: iSx^aya-.;;!
��i(?XpXX'XiXiyX:-XiX--. "   Xy-X'XyyX'iy
ZKi^pXCojtff^yZiyXjsmt ^jffevyi:Sb'areg-
^^"^{tignidQ^V^iirtcs- -pHrtt'S.-. %rcpoj;tv
: :';i^ill: isStfeiirew'iliatei^
,of ��25Q,��00jCK)O:imarks^VvS *f ^& P
x-tifig-ssJ'sBity \
THE     LEDGE.     GREENWOOD.     B.     C.
ond Happenings
Brief ly ToldJ
London has an average of nearly
40,000 brides a year.
'- * ......
The average  cost of living in  the
United Statcs is 99.2 per- cent, higher
..'than in 1914.       ~ ~
The Manitoba provincial savings
bank reports deposits .'of oyer a million dollars.
Two hundred cases of whiskey
.found in a box car-; at Windsor are
confiscated by. Inspector Lannin.
Ncw railroad mileage built in thc
U.S.. in 1920 was only 314 miles, thc
smallest on record.
A Manitoba Angus Association was
formed on Monday night at a meeting of thc black cattle breeders.        j
Thc Montreal Womens' Club en-j
dorscd Mrs, Arthur Murphy, of Ed- I
monton, for appointment lo' thc i
Senate.   .      '��� I
Manitoba sheep breeders arc urging |
the government to pass legislation to
protect thc public against the sale of
poor grade woolens.
The ncw liquor laws of Manitoba
have eliminated politics from the
regulation of thc traffic, according to
Ii. B. Harkncss, Brandon. .
The Alberta Federation of Labor
declare the Provincial Government
to be apathetic on social legislation
advocated by the federation.
Another warning has been issue'd by
the Britisii Foreign O'fficc regarding
emigration to South and. Central
America, without ample means Sr a
definite guarantee of employment.
The Stab'vof New .York will get a
. transfer tax of $1,0.84,761: from thc
j>2/,205;283, estate left his widow hy,
F. W. Woolworth, thc millionaire, five
and ten cent store merchant, who died
���ui April, 1919.
Thc    second    criminal chamber of
���lie Imperial Court, Lcipsic, has sentenced the first three   war'   criminals
'. tonvicted . respectively    to    five and
'"'our years'  penal  servitude  and   two
_.V. n.rs'.; imprisonment.
Between 700 and 800 cars of grain
..������,:re arriving in Fort William, Ontario,
[Porter in Turkey
i Is 146 Years Old
Sunday As A
Day of Rest
An; Acknowledged   Expert   in
.    All  Matters  Pertaining to
Household Management,
Was   Born   in   1774   And   Has   Son
Ninety.       ���
Zora Mehmed, of Constantinople,
who at the age of 14S used to tell reporters that he felt younger every
day, is ill. Zora is now 146, and is
���suffering from indigestion. He
blames "it'on-a cheap, set "" of false
teeth hc bought twenty years ago, and
which he says never gave satisfaction. His original dental equipment
was ruined in 1809, when he made a
bet that he could lift 500 pounds witli
his teeth,
Authenticated birth records at the
mosque in-Bitlis show that Zora was
born in Turkish Armenia in 1774. He
has a. son aged ninety, and a young
daughter of,fifty. He has been a porter all his life, carrying heavy weights
that range fronr 200 to" 1,000 pounds.
In appearance he. is about seventy
years old.
Mrs.   Mary   C.   Solomon,  93  years
.old, has been  awarded  first prize  at
' :\ county fair in Mississippi for bcing
ihc most accomplished horsewoman.
$100 Reward, $100
Does your skin get chapped and'
irritable ? Are you distressed by slightly
reddened patches on which appear tiny
watery heads that burst and form into
apres ? Do your arm? or face feel sore,
inflamed and itchy ? If so, a coarse
. fatty ointment will have little effect. You
need Zapi-Buk whose refined herbal
extracts penetrate to the underlying'
tissue and drive-disea3e out. Being
powerfully antiseptic, Zam-Buk purifies
the skfh. It soothes raw angry surfaces,
stops the intolerable burning, itchy irritation, and clears away sores and eruptions.
Mr, A. Josey, Spry Harbor, Halifax,
N.S.. says: "I had eczema on the hands
for three years. The intense itching kept
me awake night long. I had 'eczema
cures' but got no better until I applied
Zam-Buk. This wonderful healer,
however, has entirely rid me of "the
distressing disease." Don't suffer winter
skin torment a day longer. Get Zam-Buk
to-day I   60 c. box, all dealers,
The Eight-Hour Day
Insiatcnt Demand of tabor Group for
Legislation on This'Question.
This year the laboj- leaders repeat
the request for the eight-hour day
legislation. There was an insistent
demand last session from members of
the Labor group for such a'law, but
thc request was side-tracked, and it
was intimated at that time that a
commission would be appointed to investigate. This has not been done,
but it is likely that an eight-hour law
will be brought in by the government
at the approaching session. The Labor
conference of the League of Nations,
held in Washington last year, agreed
that the eiglit-hour day should be
made the law in the signatory countries. Canada was onc of them, but
it has been held since hy the Dominion Government that such a measure
can only bc enacted by the Provincial
Governments.���Kitchener   Telegraph.
Emancipation of Women
Wealth in Sweden's Forests
The other day 1 called on a"in:c.ixi
old gentleman who ' is working very j J$$ cLdtuS Stio^'i? &
hard .for vlgt is; termed- the, "Blue ; J^.^aIWIT^IneTS;
Sunday. He'told   me   lie   believed    internally and acts through the Blood on the
everyone should observe Sunday:    He^^Mmc.NlS fliV^I
believed that folks who work hard six   dation   of  the   disease,     gives     the     patient!
'.I-,,,. ��� ,.,������i. _t,i.���i,i   ������ ��t.��� :...���.'. .... ���f ' strength hy improving the.general health'and
days.a.wcck-.should, in the interest ot: assistBs natJire in doh�� its wKork     -$100_00 for
health; if  for.-rib'"Other reason,  havc I an>" case of Catarrh that HALL'S. CATARRH
' MKDICINE  fails lo cure.
the seventh day upon which .'tb rest.
He was..-the; speaker-, I_ the listener.
But he interrupted'liimse.l'f about'two
in the afternoon to inquire of his iwife
if dinner was. ready. There wa,s some
sore' of a fc^bl.c reply from the kit-
cheiu -Tl'iqn- safd.the man: "It's .'.taking her all.day.long to bring on the.
dinner to-day���been at it, too, since
nine tliis.inorning." ^'       .
I waited, anxious to hear him
denounce the lady who had been
working . hi-. .tlie_ kilche^i from nine
in thc morning on "the day. of
REST" ��� and I ' wailed���buti- 'there
wasn't ...even'., a: murmurVin' this
��� ������ Thc .dinner was -a -delight.   -We began with iced grapefruit    and   went
. through, .all, the. courses 'of  the -con-
Druggists   75c.      Testimoniab  free.
F.  J.   Cheney  &  Co.,   Toledo,   Ohio.
iaily, from the west.   A total of 1,000 I v'ciit'ional  dinner from soiip  to" nuts.
ara arc passing through    each    da>
nd   officials,   state the winter is one
jf the busiest recorded, witli no un-
mploymcnt in  evidence.
Bishop Fallon, in an address before
he  Holy Name  Society, at  London,
Ontario,  expressed   tlic  opinion   that
.  Catholics had a constitutional-right to
develop their schools in  Ontario, up'
to and including the university,      In
a short time this would    become    a
matter to be decided by thc highest
courts of the empire.
Two million dollars have been appropriated by the Imperial Oil Company for development work in Alberta during thc present ycar, an
_ amount considerably in excess of any
previous expenditure in this province
by the company. Drilling'gangs are
busyat.the present, timc. piercing the
crust of mother "earth in various
��� .districts,- -;y,;,. -yryx- y.yx-yy: -yyyyy.
���ra ti vNo rt h:>; BaU'lftfior
'���-. twelve- -Viioii tliisVja.n:- in c ricas cyoiX^ 7i.!p eir
/vicesit; ���byierjthcj]^
' ���'. y cis t ci il ��� tlirc e'j ii i 1.1 i o h -.-hits licls i;o�� i Xyi teat
ii-^an d i:it>W>' ;nii! 1 io j li" I Vits 11 el^ ';ofV6a;t^ii. tli is
"You've quite a party dinner' today," I suggested, knowing, that,!7 had
tl topped in jbpbn 'th es cl folks un ci'Rcct-
cdly and that no special preparation
had been made for mc.
"No, indeed; this is our regular
Sunday dinuer���'bput tlie same every
Sunday. '-.-Pa jus-t has lto liaVc a
course" dinner du Sunday.-"' r
- It would not have been polite to
say anything at the timc, but- who
could help think about thc.-con-
Vcnic:icy,,l -or rather the incouveni-
ency, of such a situation? -Here was
a m*u~wlio. wprked hard for the observance of the day of rest and the
OTHER -fclltfw and then insisted on
having'?, course 'dinner prepared by
his. own 'wife- when he realized full
well tliat- i( meant hours of ���woik in
prcparation-and in cleaning up. . -
. Yet in the average workaday
American .... family,,... Sunday. ..is .>bf.ien
���it h e j,,ion jiyj./ X\ ajpjwlic ii.: ial hi jjmi ecit.' ; to X.
��� '' .'  Her Sense of Humor.
"Has youi; wife a sense of hu'mor?"
,;I think" so,'' replied Mr. Meckton.
"The funnier a gown looks thc more
she is.willing to pay for-it."���Washington- Star, \ V.,
Worms in children, if they bc not
attended to, cause convulsions,, rind
often death. Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator will protect the children
from these distressing afllctioii's. . ��
Tree Must Be Planted Immediately
One Is Cut.
Tile-millionaire farmer is no novelty
in Northern Sweden to-day, says a
correspondent..His large forest holdings have combined with the high
price of lumber to give liim immense
wealth. The best of it is that by.
strictly enforced law, no onc may cut
a tree there without planting another
iri its place, not even the owner0 of
the land^ Electric light and power
have been installed in half the rural
homes of Sweden, which now is a
modern country. The war gave it a
great impetus industrially. Motor
cars are everywhere, and 75 per cent
of them of imported makc, although
few of the cheaper kinds.
The success of a nurse girl depends
upon hcr attention to little things,
Proved  Every  Day   That  Dr.
Hamilton's Pills Are Just
Right for Women's Ills.
No.One Need Become Old
Famous London Doctor Inaugurates
Training Class For Elderly Men,
"Old age is just a pose," Sir James
Cantilc, famous Harley,Street physician, said in commenting upbn.his announcement that he would preside
over the inaugurations of a class in
physical training for business and professional men of more lhan 50 ycars
of age.
"A 'irian usually grows old because
he think* it "dignified," hc said. "Hc
sits back and lets thc years do what
thcy like with him, I shall be seventy in a fortnight, but I rise every
morning at-4.30, and soon after that
dance for a quarte'r of au hour.
. "I prefer step dances, the Highland
fling and strathspeys. There is nol
enough exercise, in the modern dances
for me."      :
German Soldier's Bonus,
The city of Frankfort has given a
Littic wonder woman suffers so
much from constipa'tion. She always hesitates, continually puts off
taking medicine.
Of course a woman's system is delicate, is easily injured by drastic purgatives. Bitter experience with harsh
medicines makes hcr cautious, and
to her great injury, chronic .sluggishness of the system is permitted.
Few pills are suited to the actual
needs of women ��� thcy are too
strong. "
But there is a good woman's laxative, and it combines mildness with
thoroughness of activity���it is known
to the people'of many nations as Dr.
. . , -n        , ,, .   .   Hamilton's iPills, which   never   gripe;
bonus of 50 marks to all veterans of j never cause j,ausea and   are   safe   to
the 'war of 1870-71 on. the condition! use no matter what the conditions of
thatvthey havc lived within the city strength or circumstances of health
limits, since" January 1, 1920, and that maybe. A naturalness and regularity
their  income   does  not  exceed  3,000
marks., /'At the present rate of exchange this "adjusted compensation"
will amount to 66 cents.   .
Busy at Halifax.
Work in the Halifax shipyards
shows no sign of abatement. A second vfcssql of 10,000 ions will be
launched during the, middle of this
month, Workmen employed- total
between 1,400 and 1,500 men.
of the system, so important to evcry
woman, is quickly acquired by the
regular use of Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
As a health-bringer, as a tonic laxative, as an all-round ladies' medicine,
there is positively nothing so efficacious as Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and Butternut; 25c per box, iu
all dealers.
Are  Now   Oa  Terms,, Of  Equality
With The Men Of Oxford And
Eligible For Degrees.
Few fields remain for thc all-conquering wbmen. Lady Rhondda,
backed by her millions, and her ability, is setting out to batter down thc
doors of the upper chamber, and,
sooner or later, she or some other
peeress in her own right, -will succeed.
Women are just now busy qualifying
forthe last of the great professions
to capitulate���the bar, And' the
spectacle of these potential Portias
"eating their dinners" in hall, is one
to view* with mixed feelings.
They are nov/ on terms oi equality
with thc men at Oxford arid eligible
for degrees; but Cambridge remains
to surrender and plaintive voices are
raised that this university shall remain inviolate.
But privileges "tiring in their train
obligations; perhaps the most ardent
suffragette overlooked this corollary,
Women now havc to share with men
the irksome duty of trying their
peers, and jury service is one that
does not appeal to them. Thcy frequently complain to the bench that
they arc needed at home as baby is
teething; or that therc will be trouble
if father, comes home and there is
no dinner ready. But such picas
avail not, As thc law stands there is
no exemption for women from serving on a certain kind of case, and
this is a distinct hardship on ^11
decent-minded women.
But the list is not complete, for
the church itself is opening its doors,
not vcry wide,, Certainly, but sufS-
ciently for Miss Maud Royden, the
well-known City Temple preacher, to
insert her foot. Thc bishop of London ha9 just licensed this lady as
"a bishop's messenger." Under the
regulation agreed upon at the Lambeth conference, she may preach and
read the lessons, but is not allowed
to conduct any creed service. The
complete admission of women to. tlic
priesthood, from all signs and portents, is but a matter of time.���Lon-
don correspondence, Vancouver Province. .
Kidney Remedy
Kidney troubles are frequently
canted by badly digested food
���which overtake* theie organ* to
eliminate tho irritant acid*
formed. Help your stomach to
properly digest the food by
taking IS; to 30 drop* of Extract
of Root*, ��old as Mother S'elgel's
Curative Syrup, and your kidney
disorder will promptly dis*
appear.  Get the genuine.       j
Peter McArtkur
Author of
"Thc Red Cow," "In Pastures
Green," Etc
Mfct Him At All Book Stores
Send for list of inventions wanted
by Manufacturers. Fortunes have
been made front simple ideas.
"Patent Protection" booklet and
"Proof of Conception" on request.
tO  SHIPMAN   CHAM����RS    ��   ��   OTTAWA. CAW��C��
3)uy your out 01 town supplies with Dominion Express Money Order*. T*w% dollars  ccr.ts  three  rent*.
....���AVint.cr-.,is,:a; .dangerous..:3e.c\son ,%ox
ithiei -little iones-.,;;;Tb.e''days.-:rtr& .change*
.able-r^one.; bright;," tlic.. next -'pnic:.gdl.cl
;Snd:.stormy,���i.ili&t'.itli'e<nip.titer isvafraict
td:-.;:talce;i tlie ichildren;iouitvfQrii,tlie3rre'slr.
Syorld^--..: ^���1icJi,;,iili!S
i-0itonii$: "aiid ,;3ri e 'stJoniiseizccli witi hveirilds
p r*-g ri ppfc'V Vi\\(iVat ���; is? si e XA cd7:td;;i-fei-eil>:
ilii tKc;:fa-mily^isi.tS:ir;csAtully
;:��������� 'She Bfeitn y,t- ^aifiiitigiXtpulnsmi&i
isffwecpiner- ^beJiuetitljr dcrriiigieaViiie-
.���todn'e��s,--- .;^0;-./'��jyaterit 'iis;  poisoned7 -
!ffi6?iiittb3->c.s.ult..  ':���   XiyixyXX'
'K-wJiicy- .aetioit. ifiiUgt ho -at6Us6d^''
the liva? aw'a'S'eiiotf"to abtlcin aiia'tlia.-
liowpla ..r^gUkted 'I>y,ysueilv 'treatment.
ha  Di..::eiKbo'a.ii-Ktd��e:^ij^eri:'���J^ll*.'"'
' fills ^y9^tb^r^^rl^o^iof^^io;;s^!l^
���. ^^?\-!?��$3feyiSJwfe^
: VT ji. c;:: au s^vpr ;tj e liquid's ;).h'i l^dyfyigoni;
'iii i4^.;:; elaboration
Vil rry ���'' ou it -ill c ri'jviaii'vV: y vXyXXXXiryXyX
:;i.i)iisni^rS?64'! li-^n." ^^<J'^V?;!' yXXsiiiX
:^ir^ii0^lc|serUiit(<1 ;^xliini i.k ��� Svil r^iiv^ipiic:^:
i \i\j iissxli n nie i^yvftj'lii i|a,^iri j jji ii f i\ iV ii3^^^ J rxlt^i%
i-ifti!!Si^?J! ^M$^^
:. irorX % j o^tl.i c^.n eaji^\jf it!'i\:|ife!fatuil^;.'iv::V
':pHf ^^;%tiixt=vM ^'Vy y XP^i^li^i C^ti^: ^HYti 1
'^yi yyii\ clifjii^ri"; 3jj:hVh rviiv.3,0 r ixiXXZS&iX it
XfXpk ySo}^ii\i.Xji\^iy;}
ioji/Siiifil ��\ V|i;;^
; iin i l^/l.h;.i^ f-s pi i^i:5��-r O;; 51c f i \fc ^ elii^j ;iy jtY^n ji-:
ibitti?j'u%l;s?'iiyiXfJy0 il-iojgfe/ii;li|ie:'i;eiie&
lat^yue-iipiidl4 lidlt^-lire' ttiVvt'a;ti'"^
thgscViibii ��v qi'iiiFtsi,' ^wliGi;e--i uoiiit? :'i[i:;tii�� 0>O:
t if rlcrj^;; S^r ^t^^r i^l ^" Xi icy; liiift tjtj jic cii/aii^s
coOkhi^{:;i\vj% coinijiljjieiiLi'^ijiust. -ibsforiig;
v-.-Ma!fei;.;i5^r!iii>^ii;piMx'iyii,; J.oX.    ScihiXsjifX
@llys .have' ^cle^scrtj;.' *and-;'o:tli!;/r ��� .foods-
$m:t>\vi!fc&e ;gOQAW';.<il7!c>ynrJK., istiolo Xhe.
f d^'yilXcfJairfc ^inj;;sfent!;:,u): lijie-' ywri(^erii;
|-atit>r::ovc.r^iigK(.��� ������ -���"���:���. ���'���*"������"'' ������rXr-.
IX/lfX- ihc -c. ItolfsrcNvifc .'���-'���. cAftiio-U .jj;i��c'!i'n ���
ilaY'|or ;:C.OHij>!cti*.*(Stf; at   Jc^t. -shci
f .shOiil(li;..l>liaii.- to-do ������a's-'Iiit.tl.e-. v.:f)'rk,'a.s.
poissitUc-' <>ti,5^11i^^l^y?.Jli^.^e*;tl 1 ^^.;;^q!fcs^
Tablets V'-.^ihtey.'>.7wiiIvv
^fei'niiacli,Viuicl.: -bowe!isi:'wid;;idrivei:^ut-
'coVd E: 3n3~lyy7:M
:l>e-iai&!&i- tio) .getioyieij .the ^yiiiVtierivseas.oii.
iIi\>^'pei"Eect'i'is'af&t'y'.-.v ^TliiciiTivbiefe'i;are
;sbid;. iby;imedicinfe.&
;=;it; 'ZyX ceiu t.Sv;a'..fc^:^ii^ni; TiiS^'��rJi XttiX-
:;li'ainis^;Mc cli.ci lijVCQV sKft^kYille/'i 'OX X,
i;f:;,i^iGioal|iAr:e^s: jn;:Ne\y!^iidlcin(I;iii:^jj;
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;;taIii ii g:iiri fitiyriys J*iE % 0iX^^PffygviSfXoi
'._X-biei7'1 iftttiiniiiiWisi -i;p.akiSveas^i^lii.i^feifori
;ipiw'Wi t i t& se^i��i7g^th i>^
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i-Kfc aw ioffiBi A1':��f:;itil!i^i��
Val^Stfey e y yu d;: t h e ;iil>re'lu n'inSiry;-. H^p^rlb
i?!la SV liiv&ea^iy VI ji ]d ^1 Y^^?t^:rfic^lHioyi^ i0 Vc.s: ttvi.ry
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;rd\Ps3if*:er:;":.si^f... xxy;iyyyyy:y'r\y
XXXkXX X.y0{0iWi}XiX^^X^>XyyX; y -X
'��� X.xiXiiyXyXXXiVXipiii iyJXXi"iXi:XWZXyXiXXXXi
"yXX<Xx. ;Xi^i)XyyXXrXfX;
iitsciiiiftpiiijiilli: ��!i?jitS$iV;iy;.V
MUta^d'^ iLiir ;meitt'^6iryDipht^
X��r ,Tv&��aii;\ 1'ilfesi^ito.' .Iwte/a- Ma^Vteli-
i-lie'r '���t!tivti:ii>:c: 'tuiftli'is.'. iii*'M':t.-Si;c ^:l:feaist;
Iwy :\sj^e^.s:ul^ll<;.n^'ii?iM 'li:��.itili:nikis:it'licy
iifee.: '.   '.'���'.   ���'.���'������'���'���' '"���'.'���-' .."_���_.      yy-..-
The 3gill That Bnngs Relief.���When
aftcr onc has partaken of'a meal he
is oppressed by feelings of fulness and
pains in thc stomach he suffers from
dyspepsia, which will persist if it be
not dealt with. -Pannelec's Vegetable
Pills can be taken to bring reiicf.
These pills are' specially compounded
to deal with dyspepsia, and their sterling- qualities in this respect can be
vouched for by legions of users.
Styles Surprise Released Prisoner.
Free again after twenty-five ycars
in Charles town State Prison, the last
ten of which were spent without uttering a word,' V. J. Hanlcy. othcr-
j wise known as "Silent Corkey," declares tiie things that strike him as
most amazing arc women's dress, thc
general refinement of people and thc
intelligence of thc younger generation. High heels, short skirt and
gauze stockings wcrc" his biggest
amazement and hc thought thorn "foolish and funny.
House With Strftw Walls.
A house "with walls made of compressed    straw   has been erected in
Paris.        -
..,The,franiewqrk.of the. building.is.of
iWOqd;7��idi 7-the'"'sid:^
t>locks,.iC|if; tightly;7 coriipressedHistrawj
Mg^tpiii ii lib -jl r^ i^ti:6s;5 .^if j/^tlie^OT^fti4ai| s
���ianlj^.sma]! i'lbundatipnS^i'arS.^necde^
aiidj;a-;h.du^e^ b'6vjb;uilfe
ili;���tiils^Tyay-is :attr];biifte#;fej;i^
.teix-tiilc--- eu^i'iccr rrrryy:yyyyyx:yyrxyyr
:Qii fc;,:,;*te'i:tifti:-^'ili .;;���>. te^
���Liiiayefrc m veil;froii^SiiiKurri';s:;��carf:
-ZgOyLxytiis itjiiijcn-; tBrribl^;J3a^j\^i;t|i.-iiflyi:
4ie i rt,- / Yip i:ye s y ���aiicl.,.-! ai iy iingyXyicilsy'smi:
y:si&XXdp iyiyXliXyiycid^r-jp rsjitiboii XrsW
^^isiiaiiii h g ii'iiit:������; liini,; Visjj:'vi;lji Vili Qiil/Vftip
ilipiitJi;Si\";;i,;;:;i.t.--clQ.cJb'rei.1 ^Syitli-"L^vo ,.d;ifferf.
XX)X&biXiX>y.XX[\^sSieiribcl l^/^t ,.biH:tier^
i^alts^f Sh e| ey er:; $ 'yXsri XiXX? Xi nXwiiifiXxX
'Ibiittfc jUiti^i Kil iic iaje ifl E. j^^ rfijj/jtj ji 9in! yXiiQyXX.
iXXXiivXXi}<XXXiXXcyky;X^ Jdriyi^nofii^iiigSjiiiuj^Sd
} nffiuty^fe;ii:^
??i :4��6^V*fi^
jj;:^ !iS iiiiii gc!.j "i:: iM77^
fb^XiifXiyXyXXXXyy.X: ;-j'" ���'.'yXXrXX XXXyic^ttcdi:c^jitih:o0:;ib;ijn&!ic::gpei)V-?;.^j'XiXX
^xyXyZxyyxyyyy :>ry';-,yc;yXt'Xy.r-i��.btfidy-: itfce-il-.'df^ii';%if��ii' ''iiiicdi-tiife-'iias
-..'-���. ..\V.el.l-. s-a'in.ei'iHtcs'.-.l. thm-k-rr w;is- be#1 xy.���x y ������ ;i-:f;i -x-.r ���, y.-.r--. y-.-:-y T-r������;. it v.-
xry-yy-i.,:-���-./���:, yy.yy.:-.     .. .: yy-,-...:-,-y.    ..f-:pEavc-il..tlv ]��;PSj;:i.Jlsaf);-.!ilf;..:aml. J..{ldKS*C
je ��i|e:^:^i-iOiii ;^
ili!.!'iV&^jVVV:;ij::iVv���.'���:���/'.;' Xyyixyx'"'��� .'i-&&v$'..t]&%fri(;:.i^
"'" ' ' "" '" '" ' "' ' ''X0X,.
Many Immigrants Coming:
Large Movement From U.S. to Canada is Predicted This .Year,
Manitoba ..will receive hcr fair share
of farm immigration this ycar from
thc United States, according to W. J.
White, of thc department of immigration, Ottawa, who was in Winnipeg
recently. He is the superintendent
of immigration agencies located in rhe
Republic. Mr. White stated the
movement to Manitoba would be
largely influenced by the consistent
and uniformly good crops which have
been grown in the province.   ,
-The superintendent of agencies
predicted a large immigration from
the United States to Canada this
ycES". Written inciuirics received by
the numerous agencies and by Ottawa had been decidedly numerous
this winter, and Mr. White said that
this Could be taken as a barometer of
thc movement to follow. An internes tjiiig jieiatuirej: of .}itliie;4in ni i�� r^tionVs;
iliei jf adt:jtibat;:i itianyjj'iCaina3iiai?s;7;whiq^
ji^dyakeh- Ui5jir.e;$id;enc.e4nijjlhe'vUnitcd:
;:St^C;S.j;;ifQr:j,;:saiitiiqus7 rcj.asonsi; i .cHicfiy.
jliealthij; .'JwereVeqn^
jTliis:^ivSis;j part ie til afly i:/iTotrce'ab'lei;j;iin
i jthejjSD'ti tiicijrtj Matcis j;';chiefl^;jl?Jorid:aV:y
CHOICE SILVER Black Breeding
Foxes.        Instructions.        Reid
Bros., Bothwell, Ontario.
water for Automobile Batteries, Household, Personal and Industrial use. 2 1-3
gallon capacity. Will distill two quarts
per hour. Made of pure copper. Booklet free. The Thomas -Manufacturing Co.,
Dept. A, 704 Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg,
Man.   ���        '
Unnecessary.   -
"Willie, did you brush your tccih
rfiis morning?"
"No. Wc didn't have any i.ueklc-
bciry I'ie yesterday."
Rheumatism Relieved In 1 to 3 Days.
South American Rheumatic Remedy is a w'onderful medicine in the
treatment of acute' or inflammatory
rheumatism,- chronic, rheumal'sra,
lumbago, neuralgia, and all ailments
I due to rheumatism, It often cures
in I to 3 davs. ' At druggists.
Coal in commercial quantities is
found in 2S of thc statcs and territories of the United Statcs.
/:i ..Moifei jEnglishjguhi'amcgijbc'gin: with.'
il7W V tihatt ot th;'aniy^
; f'P'a^iEip'r' Nagii S'tqieinfiii; 'is��7yXi\
���X A;;parigi ;p.f;icongcienc:%jiri9^.';ihSn:-^
half; ;'iceri.turyj: W
i^ii|i7'y;His^FairiilyjjC^';^^ iiaiiid-ihi^ivisitatemeiir-thati the' Tepentatiitj;
���Hoinitljirnicjai^ scitt. ��� it -;h'S;d; "6ol7d'vai ���
? :j:VPaj0fesj�� j r^ii^e^ftfeit: .iri ^iiifei'^-jfc r'iiiSiW
:Xiii|lfti^sji^Yoinu-- i'siS; dpr:s?irG';i;rljwai/;s-.S
g;vfc::^ftid:|rci:!ablc:"vcuie'<iy A'tFAHMKif.
wh^g^shp^s^ii-jtoinS^oifi\VWmSjVTji<?ST^yy. -.-.
:jyyiiijii'totivs: iiafeics^ily; f^eiiigiiiig'bj! e vi'ivii X- ijv jj
rjcjV ijXyy. ri Sh ii/^ijeis 118 ^iipss.:, -:- yhXilX&tiUii
civitliirR'. ?:iiiiji c&iVyii;lSiiipn:s. ��� ;A: ��oiii.t:jinj
:jiKs>f^birf)K::jIii!o^idefe;- :hay^-.'cxpi&ilftA
ilrcj'M'&riivs-, .rtiic.'st^iMafili SiKljiiiev^c^
iitftj'twiTeid; tipjiijifi?- a vftivy ijicitftliy jigjiiv;
;:UrtK'i;K:(? i--V'.c
f i.: f, M Xi{'niy'i \y xyiXXyiX
fyiyyyp!:; y :pQiy::^yiX^:iiyii:M:y^.yy,y:y]K^
'i ;G-i: i:, ��lii|ijtff, "p.! iXyy yy j ]yy: pXpyX^Xiiyy^xi;
j7afinin0^s:Kifci n|��-iiH^^
Ailrairtij '''IteVS-Kd ���feiW?fei'y ii i yJec;iitdiS-o XKr
ZXiic: rrpltiy-; f}-ij-*< s.vj::J:fc;:s^:;&r\tc;re:jSyeifi
JjAijiijj&Cj;;, riiii.V.ij;1l,i^^^vi-;(SiuIScsj ;(t:v!iry%ii^:$:
tprtWjja jSvjjtoii^Ks'C&ie.iii.^jN'aiihjj^
fes^ V;3yijpji 1 id p"l^^iHlj).iiiJiK^rt%; sjoi tiaiii- bjxA^l'ti^ ���''
iejqii nXfviS}:iliS5;.e;'j^ruck^ e s. jiii;,i
iliicj'iraitcjjfef ^;ciQi} s ijet^
iiii!0S'-VO/ii sijaj'iif W^XXiXXXXzyxXXyXX
i. :lX\iXyiXfXXix^MXXiyUWX ��jXXXi X vi{?;K
jPl lti'jif���':���-. js rrai; yXipX rMWZyii}Z
tiiiii'i HjVjjti u.gssoiti>^\jl)ig'^:j7j
Aiy&sy tiijffi fci.rilijst'ci'jO;
��� farn'ris' tli�� -ciirlijjrorti-.
. ''".i&'V-p-r. Ivjugv-a ���JiCTn's'/weritk by riic
sta.ji'��.t'irHt.-'of- ike-'nV^-fcl.lcclcsr. ��� -...'.''���������.���������*
iyM:��3tf�� :Qi^ssi(p^^r^ii^,0;XX
;s.^'3iyS V?�� o? \ i X& eiitl i j .Ky||iir c ja j jjEiJ jCMit
liip^iill'idfcijb OiirSugJi^giL'ngia iu! ^jfejTjffe
IpatS^e e J^s ^ijpjtil^i^
���j|yhi^pwniiiijpjjii. ii^tfii^iji^vjj^jf jig U t c ij;
Eij'^'j'J'j'^vi^yiji^.^ 7?ii:iS'jSAj3i5V^^S
.   ;ViBig^:i(3^td ;Sbr^ftctit>   .,:
Tite- ;4v!^ivmc;i:; 'ifvaisicriii^.rf^usi .a" Vft-
to;riK kws airj-Jvedj rr&ii England ^vVfih
ibn-nke.r&j.'" '   .Vi' ,;
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'; Xiyyy. ���:..-.
Jo-" fo'a;k.R"' yiyts
^eciulia y-iXZy ejaliiir ejfiil4VS'hotJj jiriijivih^7
��� \ :XXsX��py\ s.y yX^piu,
tiliaii j&iajiie^W'liHte^/au-- i^refiJ^jjiMSirjj
reycP-jpii7 ii'Mt'j;f��3wrujj;of 'iu:mmj>eashiii):le;
TVefiV*vif^.. irtih:shAt-:ai/steui^cre^inreii
:|E^e��:':iriB��ni'eid.b3r.. :exvo��.
f'hackly: wl>creid.byMart|�� j
jurt/jjEye. iCoiafortiy j&j.r
���������*!'i-^. --.-.- -, v--i���-  ��������������� ��� ��� X-!r!oiirJDjruigKirtB' or byXtaailZ.69crpit Bowl*,.''
X^Vyty^^yim: rr^^%t^lhi'tyi'h^^^A'^:^ v*::
;Muiit^;jCy��i j Ba^ij^;!^;: :jC|ifeit5iaw j
"jiSbxe^: -iiicsi- jiCj.uic!tfy.^:H;aJv:e '.y-'o'xi.. ���%
|icrsS-tctvt ��oi;y :t&St  i^fttseS^iiiii?!. S.eaT?. ... .     ...     ........ ..
fUm fi^'iPr. IjHnnjas'ji^Kgiife' .(MfF?-* ^4^ivr^:X^:-&WXy^.:^^%
iii the'dTei&=h-ig. j i-Tt: Ai;iii stt)^^^sjojjirfc-1 tltci jficljlipfi -EviliipjVuSi j ��ii;iV.:��&iieped;
ilife caiRry'-nway fficjrrbffd '8<3'shv.4KWV:',' ytr the ^artil^sOitji^iiVr^fejitBrfe
.wr-tteiicK steu     It is ���a-roc.cs.gjHz-ed'i.,. ........    .-... i.y,  . ,f  ..      ���������.y.x
!.Ti^^-.:"aH��.��K^o,fIs.-ami--.i.ijiittifvers - O^f yX^*"��� W^P^y ;J1;VS: '^rp^pUixOX^;
1 .. ...... j-....,^.  - fx]{y. [hXixiXhsXXd where' &iW for-.a:tabbrtv hein^Vn^asiy.'flMrce
. ...Millid'ctsf.S.tolwi'.3tt-iP.aris>; ;������';..���������..'-';���
���; fiXiiirP ^ J";'tqy r:;:fflH5orf jlfao.eiij in j��:a;:!i j
XMi JjISsiriKsV'Suli ;B^fM--0O4-rttoS:'f
worth'of good? and yai!^ah!:os,.'li^lit."'t)if
p..e;0V':lff c-ni-.
��� '.F.rop.t -r-l y. -;i-p:pii ed -
yy:y:yy"i^ic "ianct-
'llrt'-Sc'Kt.ary ���i
hi' Prmcei'
~ X&
f. ft'C't io.n-g... SvMlr- on it-!s lica^l iai'Cproi'vgr
j ed '-horn-s' siuii)ia:r to- tli* afetStfrs- ah: a
''rstiniilldecK/' "Sir, Whftei'shott&c'.anii^t
K-vftf-.i'SeoxgB tr Us.] nisi'awd- gave iit to tii*> .Aylu-iier ^P'&ivt-
which'-w'ere' recovireetj-bjy'.th'e.pffliie^ wCe'kh-ij'try- AssO'c-iaiion fej-
. Tins*
^wete.,;tihei: :t6t;ail a;noiii*Veofaiti6^-7i7ift|j^i>!?n^^
:E'ari;sV$iteiu^^ jthe prtRtvrre ?n<X
Z$yyyrxpil& dtirifi^^^��{accwdin|^.jo^ si^ryj>re :;jjo.tj^tmniicii.;   '._y.r. '��� rX. :y
|a|> iiS i^ll^^O^OQiSf^
lyyX liieigCpT XjXi 'Sy^yX^X&^vXX^MSXkX
���' :Ld&f^-.&7S^U)T*if&ctingf,:
mfiiciHS. -.SorW'th;..tby��8;d����,':.::':
*re��is o!v'��^iigti<~N*;':-li'Si'j.'-
Kai:' S.'vS3;';Kffl..-S;?*S;S>��rb<t��i;-.
Sold t r ��.U <!ra?trtt>, or. ��ra%
"|>ropwa'';'on-'-i*.e��4j>t-" of. ;.fjric*iv
fresi--.   p��rapSi!*t.' ... Aacr������'|V
jtiHEicipojc-. MRbiiem'E-'cbii''
y-  '-hook-on '.-.':���
��sd- iHo.w' i6 "P.eiMl:. .-
M'iliti' Tiie   ip.-iiayi
yy*.44?inf::bi -w*;
'���"���=". co.-.. ..ixg;-". :
i-]?*:- ��� W��*t,. lirtrMin**.,':
Xe* 'Votfc,- ���&.&*.: THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
Is $1.50 a year strictly in advance, or f 3
when not paid for three months or mon-
have passed. To Great Britain and tli -
United States ��3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Knlray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement.:  12.50
(Where more thau one claim appears if notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal 'ad\ artising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
TranscicntVlisplay advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
���Business locals I2j^c. a line each in-
Kkei' the cash moving by paying
it out. Idle money helps to make
dull times.
Now would seem a good time for
farmers to open recruiting offices
in tbe cities.
If there is an absence of hard
coal iu Canadian cellars other hard
stuff is there in abundance.
With tbe holidays come and
gone, father has nothing to worry
about bufe the bills foorn the butcher
the grocer and the wood man���ancl
his income tax.
Two thousand barrels of real
beer were poured into a river in
one of the prohibition districts.
Yet numerous people have objected
to being called "You Poor Fish."
A. poultry expert says bens refuse
to lay when their feet are cold.
Housewives would cheerfully contribute to an '''overshoes for hens"
fund if it would increase produc-
'-tion jand reduce the price of eggs.
It is'-a curious fact that some
people who take a deep interest in
the unknown soldier. ��� who- lies
. buried in Westminster Abbey take
very little interest in. bhe unknown
soldier who comes .to them seeking
employment." '       -     . '.?.     .-'    .'
Tnu lady who said the'other.day
that she "positively , thrilled ""while
washing  "dishes" must,be".able to
. hear the. music of!... running" brooks
as^the'water p"oui'S"''=from,. the tap"
into .the pan," andjtp-see., visions'; of
iridescent-beauty"1 ih- rising  clouds
.of'suds and steam..-
The Smile
Greenwood and its surroundings would be a great deal
brighter if all remembered that the smile is a wonderful
tonic and governor. The man who smiles courageous^
when everything seems to be breaking against him will
live longer and do finer work and get better seryice from
the men working with him than the fellow who can't smile.
Smile, and you will feel better, and feeling better you will
produce more efficienly. Your smile may help the man
next you from becoming disheartened. He will smile with
you and both will feel relieved. The smile will spread
until it becomes a good natured laugh. Smile and hum,
or whistle a little tune, full of cheer aud snap and pep.
There is nothing like a little music to bolster the morale.
Of course you musn't bother other people with your whistling and humming. Nothiug is quite so irritating when
one is searching his vocabulary for a word that will fit, as
to have someone whistle. We know a man with whom
<his whistling stunt is almost a superstition. He says
that if he only whistles a few bars of "Over There," or
some other snappy piece on the >vay to work of a morning
that things seem to go much smoother during the day.
Physician and Surgeon
That  he  has  located.) at Greenwood
Office    -   Guess Block.
Residence   -   Dr. MacLean's House
Office Phone 90.       Residence Phoue 69
The Tiresome Ones.
Doesn't it make you tired at a social party to meet some
one who has to be coaxed at everv turn to do his or her
bit to help things move? The person who upholds his
end at every party and picnic, who does his best to keep
the fountain of humor flowing aud the laughter pealing,
who is ready to "try anything once" he is the chap who
is wanted. He is the one who makes friends. , He is the
one who hangs the crepe on old man gloom, and puts the
blues out of business. Would there were more of the
necessary talent, and there would be more if those possessing it were only more willing and not so backward about
coming forward.
Who has not attended informal gatherings where some
talented player, singer or elocutionist has been coaxed by
the hostess and others to fill in and help disperse a few
dull moments, only to be met with the lame excuse of
"haying no music," "being out pf practice," '.'a bad cold"
and then'have to-listen to somebody who; was. perfectly
willing to keep good cheer onthe'move but who lacked the
ability and talent to "tear off" something ou the piano.or
.-'execute";thc latest popular-ballad?.  -������;'-.-     v , . .-   -    ..
This would be a rumui3> old world if we did. not take
our.turn at entertainiiig-and amusing others, atid if-"we are
given-special talents, then it'"is an." added .reason, why we
should; ,wheii asked, to spread good cheer and widen the
welcome smile.-V-V, V . "'-_'/".-   '   ���-'."' ...'""'.-..'     '���'.,-.
.'-Be-a good sport,j-'V v .   -  .   Xy .;. : V. V " -:, ���.       ���'."���'v"
Require, Permits
.'.-.Some recent prosecutions in dif-
.ferenfcpar'tsVpf .the jcountry' have'
drawn ^attention" -.tq tlie fact that
a.permit is. required'- for ,the pos-
-sessioii "as well,- the'carrying jpf-all
explosive-weapons." .There is'only,
one-exception' to ".the-;, law. - .Any
��� Britisii-'subject'.in '.po=se'ssioh=of-.a
.shotgun   which  he owned   before
July 1st. 1920, does  not require a
.permit for' that particular weapon,
but if   acquired   after   that   elate
there is no. exception  made.    The
securing of a  permit,   however,   it-
very simple  as.it may  be granted
by almost any  judical  officer, in-
-.cludiug.   police,    justices   of . the
- peace ori issuers of hunting licenses.
Culamten Rotel
One of the largest hotels In
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms aud tasty mealo.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
daf, week or month"
F. Nilson     - Proprietor
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building aud finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG     -    -   Proprietor
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
EVW, WIDDOWSOM, Assayer and
Chemist-, Box bito8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
gi-25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. . Gold-
Silver with.Copper" or 'Lead J3.00." Silver-Lead $2.00. . "Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for'other metals, .etc., on application. "     '��� - . ������_ ���"-_-..
1921 Totals 13
.-- , Is thirteen your lacky  number?
. jThenbet on tbe year 1921!
... Of course most people aren't the
least superstitious  nowadays,   but-
even  the most   practical   minded
can't help noticing .queer coincid;.
ences..and  omens. .' So., when you.
add 1 and 9 and 2 and 1, and finds
its totals np to .the mystic .number
13,'. you must pause a littleito consider what the ominous number,tal-'
ji'ways'jhas brought to -yon." jj-   yyX.i
": .--"If-it's '-yonr  lucky^nnpaber. ^then,
wealth,fam<^ coal,, / and AjEacfcarcf.
-���-wiil bejygius'during: the.new.year.
ButX.nVthirteen Vis jyuriry.hopdop..
-gbbdnight\% Watch j,:ybtiiVstep; for j
S'iGy jq.nahjda^ iy.
-.,Good breeding, like charity/ should bc^ijn-at'honie.'The
clayis.pdst jwiien-childreu used .to"" rise 'when, -their, parents
.enter.ed-.the - room.and' stand until they j, receive. permission
to '.sit.-. But .the" mistake- isjhow made"'usually' .iiv the other
direction inV allowing' ..to;.' small boy s' and.. girls ..'too-." much
license to.-disturb.,.th'e-peace:of^the"....household,:.,.We think
thejb'est way.ito-.train' children inxotvrle&y .vyojuld'' be. t.o ob-.
serv.e"towards-.them a.^scrupulous ������" politeness..//-We would"
go so'far. .as to -say' that Ave .should-'make- it as much, a ppint
to.-listen to children.." w-ithout-Vihterrupting .'.them- and v-to
answer -Ihem-sincerely -and. respectfully-''as -. if:" tHey/: were="
grown up,j_.Ahd,;indeed; jmanv; of -thejr'wis.e,- .quaint,sayings 'are, far -li'etter wortli listening-to than the stereotyped
commonplaced of tlie morning -callers'/. Of course, to allo.w
uninterrupted chatter would be to surrender the repose of
the household., but it is very easy, if children are themselves scrupulously respected,.to teach them in turn scr'iip:
u.lously to respect the convenience .of others, and to know
when to talk and when to be silent.
^ -C LQA.T;is riot a periodic-
':, '"-al. It is a. book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is .filled with
sketches.;jand /.stories. _ of
western life. It tells how
a . gambler icashed iri .after
the- flush days of. Sandon";
how. it rained in. New Den-,. T*
ver'.: long- after;'-Noah- was'.;4*
dead; how a parson -took a _ ������
: drink : at ..Bear.' .Lake    in
^ncp^fc of
land M ^msni'menis
Mlnlmun.��prlce of first-class, land
reduced to ?5 an acre; second-class to
?2.B0 an acre. ,.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary .Improvements on respective
claims. : f
Pre-eihptors must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor-in occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
Jeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 6 years, and improvements
or $10.00 per acre, including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, ahd residence
of at least 2 years are required.   ���
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in .conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.   " A
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
Mres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or. industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; oondltlons include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding Jialf of purchase
prloe, ls made. /*���,
^ . ACT.
The scope, of this Aot is enlarged to
include all persons jolnlnj and serv-
in* with H& Majesty's forces. The
time within whloh the heirs or devices
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act ls extended
from for one year from the death of
juch person, as formerly, until one
year after the condlusion of the present
war. This privilege Is also made retroactive,
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable ty soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26. 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys ac-
pnysd, due and been paid since August
4, 1914, on acoount of payments, feei
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
VWn-��l,'Mt'r'Iot8 b��Id by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indireot, remitted from enlistment to Mar* 11. 1920 _
Provision made for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purohasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of oondltlons of purchase, interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not olalm whole of original wu-
cel, puwhMf ��riot du* and taxes may
be   distributed   proportionately   oter
^^oVI^^X^z^ u
Oraxtag Act. pit, tor sy��t,��natio
development of livestock industry provides for graslng districts: and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged: priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
- for settlers, campers or tramiiers. un
to ten head. X. .
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
-   Offices, Smelting and^Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
:_Producers: oi   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
5 Cbe Runic RolcM
* nelson, BX. *
The only op/^o/date Hotel in the interior,   First-class
in every "respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES S1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
"TTTtTTtTTTttTTT   *T**$**T**T*-T**���**$**v**T*"
For G
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block       -      -     Nelson
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
:   Oroville Trains
early   days;   how   .justice
was dealt in,}Kaslo in .93:
how':- the saloon   man-out-:
prayed.thfe worn en in. Kala- -
mazoo,;arid graphically depicts the   roainihgs = of. a
western editor among  the,
fender-feet in the cent belt.
��j�� It contains the.early history
TAT fY "O ~Q V   prolong
VV  \J 11 IV. i     YOUR LIFE
..  '    ��� Gives a larger return for life than is obtainable
from any other form of investment with absolute
-.V-.  security.-.."-.-   .���':.-..      . -   .- -���;
-Free "from Dommion Income Tax.
j. Any person resident or domiciled in Canada over  ���. -
"... " - th'ea2eor5rpaypurchase,.tobeginat.once>oratany -.
j later.'datedesired an'Annuity of from$50 to $5,000, i
...  to'be paid in monthly-or quarterly instalments...   ��� ������ j:
; ' j ..;   Any-..'two. persons' may. purchase jointly.. ���.-    '.���'--:
���-Employers may purc'.i&se. for their" employees.",." j
'}.".'":Apply :to;you"r po3trri2Ster,.or write, postage free, to S..T. Bastedo," ���
.Superintendent, jofj- Annuiiics,:. Ottawa, for; new '^booklet-:' and other.-
i jnToririaticn required.- -.Mention age-last" birthday."-.'.v-~- .'yy* . ' W   ':'������,- '.
of Nelsou aiid   a romance
of the Silver.. King mine.
In   it are   printed;' three
A western poems, arid dozens jX
��   of articles   too   riumero.ns .^
J* to mention...   Send for one. **
�� before it is too late.    The/'J'.
price '-"-is -50 cent.3,. post-:.. 4��
paid" to- an^' part of the i|��
world;.    Address   ail I let- j^
'ters to x.i-. ""'-X;'
The Ledge *
GREENWOOD, B. C.     %>
Autos For Mire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary
.Light and Heavy- Draying
Job Printing \
--EconomyandSatisfactioh |
Combined with Promptness 3
are the features which go to %
make up the Service we give ||
our customers. Are you %
one of them? %
Pate; ������Vtftefcv W.. :Fsti|ge
,W,"-. H.; DOCKSTEADER, Pppp.
Letterheads, Noteheads,       %
(Ruled or Plain) S3
(All Sizes) ~ CSt
Statements, Business Cards, %
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. 1[
Ledge  vliteE 29      |
g;   GREENWOOD    .':;��� JoS|nrifln^Bepartment   g
^ * -I* ��f ^ *$��� ��� ���!��� 4. # ��!"$�� 4
Dealer iu Parm Produce, Railroad Tie's
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm aad
Fruit Lands For. Sale. , List, your lands
with me,. Have a buyer, for j good ranch
Dealer'-.iii'.-.iSe'cond^handj Furniture'
;.' 'KapdJClotfics^BIetals,; Sacks,?~'. y
yiX. i. Horse��'j'ealtle,v;Etc.V. V !'-.'
The Mineral>:l^QfinceVoj; Wc?ter^|��|L|^S^^S
���Xii-'r'- :.':K">;-;v;;'toend:of-pecember,;19i^|v^
Has jprodriced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold|:87B,7?^60^;|t
Gold, 8100,272,431; Silver,; $50,432,304^ Lead 843,821,106; 0Q^J^r|l|^i.MfoJ^a
Other Metals (Zfno,  Iron,, etc.), $16,818,487;  Opal and <^^|jJg^2$;S2.3^
Building Stone,  Brick; ;CemenVete., j $29,991,757^Misceil^
8785,918; making ita Mineral Production to the end 'of .1919:iKpw:;^.n^iZXX
Aggregate Value of $670,
Production for Year Ending December,
The  Mining  Laws of this Province are more liberal: and fjthele^lpW^SV V
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony ini:;theji;Brftieh:iX
Empire.    s       '.,.-_     ..���",'    .. .'--.-;     .'��� --:i^X-;&^Ii^B^^Xy^XZ^ZyrX..X:
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nqmina^i^'eafe^
\;. Ataolate.'j Titles are jobtained > by (developing snchi- prc^rtiee,:jthejBecai;i^
j'oi..which.i3guaf^feeed'by;'Ci^n ���[ '. ;yy~'"'i'. X'iXXXIiiM^
- X j'Fnll information,' togeSher with mining j Re pprta and j M^^^^jef^&^i^^ll^^
���;gratL��iby^addressing-^r'XX-XyX XyXXyyiX:.jV-j -vj..".;Sv./";:-Mft!^^^^
\ Vi
������������* ��.*-,
��� ~AXXy'


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