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The Ledge Mar 15, 1923

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Array &mKs*&-jsz&zcz*i&i��s;
Vol. 'XXIX.
No. 34
We carry a large line, ol
Hardware, House Furnishitigs, Etc._
7     "- ."     ���       -    '.    ��� '.   x _���'���������       . ' ;.      X'
Inspect our stock
���~~k ��� ���    -1-~"��
Meatless Days
:   \
Canned Salmon, Chicken Haddie, Herring
and Tomato Sauce,  Pilchards, &c. &c.
Tomato Soup ,  Heinz Spaghetti
Fresh Fish Every Friday
Monday and Tuesday
March 19th and 20th
We wish to announce for the
benefit of our customers that
the    New   Milliners   Store
opens on the 19th
Next door to Pacific Hotel
W. Elson & Co
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
GREENWOOD -"7        - B.C.
Around Home
7.UIUUUUMUU iUiUiuuiiUiuuiiutiumiuuuumuuiuuiiK
��� tu
No More
Chapped  Hands or Rough  Skin
This can be accomplished by using the right kind of Soap
Vinola Round Bath  and Vinola Winsome "
are the two most suitable for the hard Waters of this district
Try Them
-     The  WINDSOR   HOTEL    is   heated *wlth   steam
and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.     A  comiort-
" able home for tourists   and  travellers.     Touch the        ^
wire   if you   wane  rooms reserved.     The buffet is
..   replete   with   cigars,   cigarettes, cooling  beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
����. * S
Real Estate    (Licensed)
Insurance. Fire. Life, Accident,
Sickness, &c.
Stoves   and- heated   pipes   cause
rnauy fires
A small premium will protect your
��� house aud furniture
Call at my Office Copper Street
Presbyterian Church
Minister in charge        	
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw, B. A.
_    Service, Sunday, March 18th
Midway, 2.30 p,m.
Greenwood. 7.30 p.m.
l:U. ���
Apricbt, Cherry^ Peachy Raspberry,
Strawberry Jams, Etc.
From 35c and Up
*      They are all of finest stock procurable
QreeDwoed Theatre
~    Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Andrew J. Callaghan presents
"All For a Woman"
A Stupendous Drama of the Love of thc
Mighty.   Players in  Thousands Led.by
Eniil Janiiings.   Scenes of unparalleled
Drama.   Truly a Masterpiece
7 leels 7
Service will-be Held in theE.C.
church ori7 Easter Monday, -at
10 a.m.   V- W
Born:���On Saturday at Boundary Falls, to Mr. and Mrs. S. J.
Mitchell, a son.
There is no better time for
beating rugs and carpets than on
fine days iu March.
M. Beattie, teacher at Rock
Creek, formerly of Anaconda,
was in town on Saturday.
It is requested . that all those
having wigs, aud sunflowers return same to Chas. King-.
Reputations gets you on the
front page of a daily paper/character iti the obituary column.
Mrs. E. Fenwick Wilsoc, of
Rock Creek, spent the week in
towa the guest of Mrs. Fleming.
The Ledge is a few days late
this week owing to the -staff
being, laid up with a severe cold.
Cash paid lor hides at Brown's
Hugh McKinnon, the well-
known Rock Creek tie maker,
was.a visitor to town on Thursday.
7 Neil Robinspn.-i has returned
from the Grand Forks Hospital
where he has been for several
Lost���A lady's watch initialed'
M.V,    Finder  will  be rewarded
by returning same; to  The Ledge
Greenwood  Skating   Rink
��he skating rink clo3ed,for. the
season last Saturday and a good
crowd of skaters were present. Refreshments were served.
The following i8 a detailed- ac
count of the receipts and.disburse
ments during the season.
Sunflower Minstrels
Good  Show ��� Crowded House
VWell Received
Tickets Sold
Cash Entries
Broom Ball
do       do
Minsfeiels ���
$ 74 25
154 00
14 75
92 00
19 50
"14 75
85 60
34 20
. ,   One reel Chester Outing
"Serial for Breakfast"
Also oue reel Christie Comedy
"Peggy Mixes Inv���
ADULTS 50c7     ���     CHILDREN 25c.
We_ carry only thc best stock procurable in .
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A' trial will convince you
aw3i��3S3a&s��=3#saj^^ sh=s*ss?-^s_#-����
Long distance telephone service will contact you with any desired City
within hundreds of miles. This fact of getting into personal touch with
the distant party is worthy of your serious consideration. Your own telephone is a potential hub from which, at will, you may radiate business
both incoming: and outgoing to numberless distant areas.
Call ,fR.rte Clerk" for information desired on charges to distant points,
Your telephone entitles you to a courteous efficient service'by carefully
trained operators, and it is  our pleasure to provide  you -with the niany
benefits of this service.
, Notice:
Dr. O. M. Graves, Dentist,' wil!
be iu Ferry," Wash., tbe first S
days of each month   until "further
notice..      - " ' '   "
For Sale
Three (3) purebred Wyandotte
cockerel for brecdingT $2 each,
F. O. B��� Kettle'Valley, C. O. D.
.   - N. Lmvis.
Will Sell
Set of double  team- harness @
$30.00.      . ' '     '    .
Hakky Royce.
��� Representative for old established
coast firm. , Must be hustler���
popular���with good connection and
driving own light- delivery truck.
Apply R.O. Drawer 619, Victoria,
Domesticated young -, lady in
England offers services free 1 year,
for passage, farm, or private.
Apply 'to P. O. Box 513, Greenwood. B.C.
Sealed tenders will be received Ivr the Mia-
l-stor of Lauds at Victoria, no; fater than
ti(K)Ti on the 22ml day of March, 1923, fur the
���yurcha'c of I<:ceisca X4S3I, *o cist 100.0CO feet
cf Fir anJ Taraatac. ar.4 $.000 Railroad Ties,
on ia afea ^turned on Wiid Her *e Creek,. "SVest
Fork of Settle Ri^er, 5iuiill_.i>2eca Ivand
One ,1> year will be allowed i'or removal
of timl>fir.
Further pinicalari of tlie Chief Forester,
Victoria, B. C, of Di=trii:i Forister, NeJscts.
Vic Foot after spending' the
winter in our midst returned to
his home in Borderland, Sask.,
o,n Monday.
Lost���A bunch,of keys, near
the Court House. 'Finder will be
rewarded by returning same lo
The Ledge office.
L, ,Clery, postmaster, merchant,
hotel proprietor, of Westbridge,
was a business visitor to town
during the week.
W, Elson has rented- his furnished house on Long Lake St. to
Jas. J. Diamond, of the Independent Liquor Co. -   [
Sure signs of spring are "reported all over thecommunity. Boys
are playing- marbles and girls are
getting out their skipping ropes.
Owing to so much sickness
throughout-the district, the Pythian Sisters Dance has been
postponed. New .date of dance
will be-anno'uncediater: '
Remember Millinery Opening,
March 19th and 20th and follow-
ing days, showing new ^.Spring
Hats and Millinery Novelties.
Next door io the Pacific Hotel.
The boy on the farm is just
entering upon the happy time of
the year. There are-calves and
chickens and all the young things
which have so much to do- with
the joy of hfe.
A dead town like a dead.' fish
floats down-stream, It takes a
live fish to float upstream, and a'
live town to make progress .in
adversity. This is a good time
to start pulliag together.
' F.,E. Proctor, of Rossland,- is
relieving in the local branch of
the Bank of Montreal during the
indisposition of E.'H. Corpe. Mr.
Proctor's father was manager of
the bank here about twelve years
' Stenographer's . Examination
for.British Columbia Civil Service
will be held on Saturday afternoon and evening, April 2Sth,
1923, Application forms and full
information may be had from the
Government Agent, Court House,
There is considerable sickness
in the district just now. The
grippe or ihe flu-or some- similar
malady is going the rounds and
few* escape. Fortunately it does
not appear to be serious, sad with
-j returning fine weather we shall
find all patients around and in
their usual health.
Service in St. Jude's Church,
Sunday March 18th at 7.30 p,m.
$48$ 05
Rent (City)
Light (City)
Prizes, Carnival
Dance expense
Minstrel expense
Advertising and printing
Amusement tax, stamps
Phone, Sec. expenses
8 60 00
28 30
179 30
42 50
41 90
10 50
7 75
49 25
20 S5
31 75
13 80
3 15
$489 05
C. Nichols,
Rink Com.
Lights, hose, aud other equipt-
ment will be stored  in  the Court
House for future use.
The following gave cash donations     (not   previously   acknowledged):
- M. McLeod, O. Lofstad,   I.   H.
Hallett, W. Krismah, Geo.  Gray,
A. McKenzie, Hon.   Dr.  McLean,
J. L. White, H. McCutcheon,   D.
j Mcintosh,   Mrs.   Sutherland,   Ed.
Pope, .Geo. Clerf.-   *     ..     ....   -.-���
Donations of wood:���
R. Forshaw, J. Roylance.
Midway News
Born- On 9bh inst. to Mr. and
Mrs. Charlie Bing, a daughter.
Mrs. J. G. McMynn arrived
home last week from Grand Forks.
Mrs. Hawkes left last week for
Tranquille to visit her husband, E.
Mrs. H. Dronsfield, of Nelson,
visited her parents Mr. and ."Mrs.
Hielscher last week.
W. Salmon and little son Donald
who -have been seriously, ill at
Grand Forks Hospital-are improving. ��� , -
-Harry Borders has his radiophone working now and baa been
enjoying a musical -programme
from Calgary.
What delight the amateur gardener takes in, looking through the
catalogues sent .out by the great
seed bouses, and planning for the
garden for the season that is now
approaching. If cabbages, "and
onions, celery aud lettuce could be
grown to match the splendors of
tha pictures in the catalogues, then
would the soul of the amateur wax
fat. He would become proud and
arrogant, and perhaps think that
he need not go to church any more.
But tho catalogue makers save him
this degraduation. They set ,up
an impossible standard. - They
humble him -by- contrast. Their
pictures and his achievements bear
but little resemblance to each'other.
This is why gardeners are so humble, and make inch good husbands.
Ab the Englishman says, the "gardener and his wife are always together like the 'oe and the 'andle."
Spring is coming, and everywhere birds from the North,
robins from the South, swelling
buds and trickling streams are
announcing that balmy weather
is on the way. These heralds of
spring fili the minds of men with
impatience to be up and doing.
Fishing and gardening and work
ia the fields. Gradually all men
will become eager to join tbe
struggle, the great battle upon
which our very life" depends, for
we must work if we would live.
Not for many years���if ever���
has a .minstrel concert of such excellence and magnitude been conducted in Greenwood as that staged
in the Theatre on Friday, March
Though the idea originated with
the skating rink committee, to
whom every credit is due, it would
have been impossible for them to
carry out their scheme to such perfection had hot the public entered
into the plan wholeheartedly. The
theatre was crowded, and some
were forced to stand at the back of
the hall.
The minstrels, all appropriately
dressed and blackened did their individual parts well but it fell to the
lot of the two end men, Sambo and
Bones,���Chas King arid P. H. McCurrach���to put the necessary pep
into . the programme with their
songs, patter and jokes, while. G.
S. Walters; as interlocutory, was
the real back bone of the troupe
and performed his difficult role to
perfection���especially did he excell
in his hypnotism stunt and later as
a great tradegian.
The songs jind choruses were
well rendered and the jokesj especially the local hits, were snappy
and up-to-the-minute.
The burleeque^band took well
and the Piccanniny Lullady, a
beautiful song, was sung with
great expression by P. H. McCur-
The one act comedy was very
skillfully presented, The good plot
the,bright characters, the comical
situations, kept the audience laughing right up "to to last. It waE
full of thrills and excitement.
To Mrs. J, McD. Reid and Miss
E. U MSKfnaeli fell thV'diffiSatt"
task of accompanying. They^helped
yery materially towards the success of the concert.  -
The originators and workers are
to be congratulated on the very
excellent results, financially and
socially. The dance following was
kept up until 2 a.m.
The following is a list ofthe names of
those taking part.
G. S. Walters, Chas. Kiii��,  P. H. McCurrach, J. Mcf). Reid, A. N.   Mowat, A.
V. Foote, J. Puddy, N. Docksteader, J.
N. Butler, E. Randall, T. Jenkin,  W. C.
Wilson,  E. H.  Corpe  (Mandolin),  Geo.
Clerf (drums),   Mrs. J.  McD. Reid and
Miss E. B. McKinnell, accompanists.,
Orchestra -     - -     ------     Selection
Opening Palter ' - -       . -
Opening Chorus ,>   ,
Joke, Two faced
Song, Mush, Mush
Toke, Scotchman
Song, Blige the Lady
Joke, Englishman
Song, Ma,
Joke, Dog's Dead
Song, Co-Operation
Joke, Doctor
Chorus, Cock Robin
Joke, Mother-in-Law
Song, Three o'clock in the Morning
N. Butler
Joke, Grandfather "     Bones
Song, O'Hooligan's Mule, -   A. V. Foote
Sleight of Hand Sambo and Bones
Song, Girl from Havana,     G..S. Walters
Patter, Bills and Visits Bones
Soug, Michael Roy      . _        Joan Puddy
Local Hits   - Sambo
Song, Life of a Farmer, Chas. King
Joke aud Patter, Bones and Sambo,
Song, rts a Lovely War, '    A. X. Mowat
.. ���     PART ir
Burlesque Baud,' A. N. Mowat and party-
Plantation Lullaby,   P. H. McCurrach &
Mesmerism ' ' G. S. Walters and party
Sketch, P. H. TMcCurrach,- Chas." King,
J. McD. Reid, A. X. Mowat, aud G. S.
GOD SAVE   THE   KI>"G   ,
- Bones
A. V. Foote
,     " X. Butler
P. H. McCurrach
C. King
Kettle Valley Notes
John Portman went to Greenwood on business last Tuesday.
-Mr. and Mrs. Beavan Gane were
the guests of Mrs E. Gane last
week end.
Grass hockey will be the next on
the programme, the sport everyone
is looking forward to.
Walter Haynes is back from Kelowna and is on his father's ranch
up Nickolson Creek.
Miss Debney has quite recovered
from her attack of the Flu. School
opened again last Monday.
TheW.A. will hold their next
meeting at the home of Mrs. R.
Gray, Kettle Valley, on Wednesday March 21st at 2 p.m.
Service in the Rock Creek Anglican church on Sunday Markh 18th
at 11 a.m. There will be no service on Sunday 25th inst.
: Quite a number went from the
Valley to Greenwood last Friday
to see the Sunflower Minstrels
which were so successful in their
Mr. and Mrs. H. Douglas Hamilton arrived on Sunday from England where they have been spending the winter. Their many
friends are pleased to see them
back. ,
The death of Chas. Wood took
place at the coast on Feb. 13th.
Mr. Wood was a brother-in-law to
Mrs. Ed. Richter and was well
known throughout the Similkameen
and the Valley,
A. E. Bonnett sold seven .of his
registered Ayrshire stock last Friday to Mr. Fraser of Appledale,
B.C., Mr. Bonnett got a very good
price for his stock and says it'pays
to go.in for good registered stpfik.'..,
At the last meeting of the" Women's Auxiliary, Mrs. Shillcock,
and Mrs. Thorburn were elected
as delegates to attend the annual
convention of the W.A. which will
be held in Nelson on March 21st
and 22nd.
The famous Magpie Minstrel
Troupe - will give their second
annual entertainment in the Cooperative Hall, "Rock Creek on
Monday, April 2nd at8p.m. sharp.
New songs and good jokes and a
good dance to follow���so dont miss
this date. Only $1, supper included. '       - .'    '
Midway and Greenwood
-  U. F. of B. C.
. Sambo
The 1923 Spray Calendar has
just been issued by the Horticul-
tural Branch of the Department
of Agriculture. Victoria. This
calendar is somewhat more extensive in its scope than the 1922
edition and contains information
not only for the control of tree
fruit pests but has in addition
control measures for insects aad
diseases attacking small fruits,
as well as measures for rodent
control. This calendar will'be
forwarded free of charge to any
by writing Department of Agri
culture, Victoria,,B.C.
'The usual meeting of; this local
U.F.B.C. was held on Saturday
March 3rd at Midway,, the president, D. McDonald, occupying the
chair. There was a very good attendance and a lot of business put
through. - The question of paying
their share of the central organizational deficit was left over until
next meeting.
The challenge from Rock Creek
Locai to a debate was accepted and
Mr. Eveleth, Mr. McDonald and
Mr. Keir were chosen to represent
thew local. The debate will take
place a5-Midway on April 20th at
7 p. ra. at the home of Mr. Tippie.
A card party and dance will follow.
The subject for debate wil! be "Is
Dairying'or Beef Raising tbe most
profitable for this district."
Mr. Eveleth and Mr. R. Kerr
were asked to address the next
meeting on "Silos and Ensilage*7
April 7th at'2 p.m. prompl.
It was decided that a rebate of
SI be allowed to any member" desirous of Joining the Stock Breeders
Association.-  XX
.The secretary notified  members
that all those who- wanted stumping powder to put in their orders,
nest meeting or.before. -
It was also decided that some
members would be asked to give
an address each montbT The
question ' of starting a womeB's
branch of the TLF. was brought op
aad left over till next meeting.   ���
It was felt b^ all that thia was
_one of the most feaeeessfal. meet-
5? THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,     B.     G.
Big  Star   Flares  Up
Beta     Ceti     Leaps     Ablaze     in
Poisons  that Cause Blindness
the i Certain      Drugs     and      Foods    Have
The Dinosaur
Heavens   and   Catastroph
Something ten-Mile lias happened  :
tho solar system, Oumille Klanimurioii.
tlie famous astronomer ami director ot
the Observatory of Jinisy, has inform
ed the Academy of Science.
Beta Ceti, a star of lhe second mag-
nitiule, is swelling: ami growing ami
probably running a hi_.li leinperauire.
It is silready ten or fifteen times its
normal grandeur and lias hecome llie
brightest in ihe hestvens.
Mr.   KhiuiiTiarion   believes   jf   Beta
j Injurious  Effect On  Eyes
i     'Why    a     poison    taken    internally i
1 .should    ffecl. the eyesight is an interesting poini, and a  rather mysterious
one, y..'t if is well known that  certain
foods,  drugs  and  fruits  have  a  most j
injurious effect, upon llie eyes.
.Some  year.,   ago  a  family  were  a
poisoned   by   eating   rabbit,   pie.   and
though happily none of them died, ynf |
all went, temporarily blind.
Sour cresuu causes a curious weak-j
oning of the sight, technically knq.wn j
as  "amblyopia."      A similar  form  of '
T A ll-��        4-     |'li,s satellites,  it. is probably  llie Joss { blindness  comes   from   eating   tainted
JLfl   XxlOvJrtci ! "I" these that has   caused    lhe    fever i fish,   ami   is  not   "i������"'"""   t" .u.,u- <
uncommon   in -l^ily
swellings.      The astronomer ox-j'where the peasants eat. a good deal o
the . plains what is happening lo  Urn star , salt and dried  lish.
by poinling out. ihat il" si similar cats.- !     There are (wo different I'm its which
most 0��ien-| 'rophe hai)j>ened iu our solar system j cause  blindness.      One  is ihe so-eall-��� ""
. i ed "finger cherry" whicli grows wild in !
j Queensland.      'J'lie fruii. is a long red;
The  discovery  by    .M.    Klammarinii j berry, noi  tlsijdeasani  to llie taste. j Nature's
of   the   change   in   magnitude   of   ihe'     Thi.-
Exploiting    Famous    Deposits   in
Red   Deer Valley
Some of the finest aud
she deposits of dinosaurian and other
reptilian remains in the world are to
bo found in  the province of Alberta,
uccording   to   noted   paleontologists.
Discoveries   made   at   these   deposits
have enriched tlie col lections of many
famous museums both on tbis continent   and   in   Kurope,   and   have   done
much to enable science to gain a clearer  conception  of  those   forms of life   Henry Norris Kussell, head of the
existent    on'this    world  millions of; partnient  of Astronomy al   Princeton,
years ago.      !v\ploratlon work  in  re-j     U Is no now thing for stars to Ik-
cent  years has  been confined  almost
solely io the  famous depcsiis in  the
Want Strict Flour Inspection
Steps Being Taken in Vancouver to
Assure Grade
Owing lo the very great increase in
exports of Canadian Hour from Vancouver and the promise of a pronounced and permanent; development of the
trade in the immediate future, ihe
flour interests ol! the city are taking
steps to create a strict inspection iu
order to assure the 'maintenance of
Ibis product, in its premier position in
foreign markets. During the last your
flour exports to fhe United Kingdom
and the Orient increased -100 and 500
per cent.., respectively. ln jfil't tho
Oriental market look GS.032 barrels,
while in 1022 if look 515,-lSO barrels.
The -United Kingdom took '',0,19C barrels in .11)21 and UilJ.OSI barrels in
By    Rea     Proctor    McGee.     M.D.i
D.D.S.. I'ittsbursr'h. Pa.
the  earth would he consumed  lik
bit of paper in a furnace,
by    .M.
in   magnitude   of   the1     This    "cherry"    acts by doslroyin.
celestial  body, lietn, of the eonstella-. certain nerves, and  the blindness re-
lion Coins. is��of the great est .scientific j suiting is incurable,
interest and may he-of the utmost Im .     'I'll'''-  other  blinding  fruii   is  also  a
port a nee both from a practical and a a ' l'silive of Australia.      It. is a   kind  of
astronomical     standpoint,     said     I >i-. I molon,  whirl,  appears  in  great   ipisin-
l),.   j lilies   tiller   the   breaking   of   a   long
Physician Defies Fatigue
! lilies
Safety   Vnlve    to    Keep
Within Safe Limits
"That' tired feeling." which so often
holds us back from our best, efforts i.s
largely due io an incorrect conception
of fatigue.
True   fatigue   is   a   chemical   affair
end    is    the    result    of recent effort.
come    suddenly    hoi ter and brightc,
continued    Mr.   liussell,   but    such   a
, Horses
ami as a
one   time
lied Deer River Valley ia  Uberta.
'I'liis valley is in the east-central
part of (lie. province, northeast of Calgary, and can readily be reached by
motoring from the town of Brooks, ou
(he main line of the Canadian l'acllic
Railway, to Steveville, from which
point exploration parties set out on
their journey to their operating hii.se.
The valley has many of the characteristics of the Grand Canyon in Colorado.     Jt is several, miles in length, in
the history of astronomy.
According  (o  the  eminent
j either physical, mental, or emotional,
greedily. II is the sum of sensations arising
hi. Al j from llie presence of waste materials
of New Jin ilie muscles and blood.
Oovern- . Most of these waste products are
| ment iiu.uiry into the matter. carried away by Die   human   machine,
astrono- i     '-The milky   sap  which exudes   from i as  soon   as   (hey  are  made,  and  any
and   cattle   eat   il
result lose their sit
the   horse   raisers
large star has never before done ii. in ; South Wales insisted upon
mers, lleta Ceti can be seen from e.ny
African   tree  called  the  Aseolpias!
;ood 7.11
part of the world when the  weather i Cigant.ea  is  most  dangerous    to the
is clear.     It. is very low in ihe south.-; eyes.     A single drop coming   in con-
west,                                                               jlact.    wiih     the    eyeball  causes total
The star i.s at such a distance from
fhe  earth  that   il;  takes 80 years  for
slight  lagging behind is made
tlie hours, of sleep.
In  health  the  body  never gets  far
behind, and there is no accumulation
dindness. , ���[   waste products  from  day   to  day.
This tree .produces a beautiful, silky I A man who had not    eliminated    the
its    light
.Mr.  'JJussi
to   roach this planet, said ] vegetable down excellent for pillows, i poisons  of a  month-old  effort,  would
1.      De  was reticent, win
so much are us poisonous proper
asked to make a slatement as to the:110*  dreaded   tliat   the  natives   rarely
places six hundred feet deep, and af! possible significance of lhe enlarging I l)i('k or lls<> 1ll)'s valuable product.
DrumheUer about two miles in width, j oL' tllis heavenly body,    but   he ' said ' 	
The sides of the valley are formed ol',lllel'e couJ(1 '>c no doubt as lo its au-j Water   Harder   than   Iron
a series of rough, broken ridges, cans-   thenticity
ed by water and wind erosion, bare
of vegetation with the exception ot a
few clumps of brush here and there.
Well-equipped collecting parties
have been sent out by various museums from time to time, and generally
speaking have met with great success.
The topographical features of the land
have made it dlflieuli for collectors to
transport supplies and specimens, but
this difficulty is gradually being overcome, ami at the present time access
to and from the valley, as well as
transporting supplies, is a mailer of
comparative ease. Somc of the discoveries made in this valley include
the most perfect carnivorous dinosaur
known; duck-billed dinosaurs; hornet >
.....   j
dinosaurs; crocodiles; ���..���turtles;;' while, i
amphibians and' fishes,are .abundant ly '
.  represented//''.   ���  ���      7 ��� ., - -..' V ��� - .���
...-    As far. hack -a's\JS97.WeVale-lW-
rence '-.M. ."Latii.be, b( "the, theological
-���.Survey (if;("ana.dfi."was'actively engag--.
-ed in'' collecting .Vertebral.}" fossils in
(his,"-fields; arid it;is in a .great measure
���due.-, io  his utiui'ring.'efforts;.that.'this
���- wonder'ful:deposit has become known';
' io collectors, thc world over.-- Vn'ad-
JtlLiIon. to Mr.- I.;i!nbe,.'Barnu'iu.'.iifown,
since the Societe Astrono-
the worh
prof. Clyde D. Fisher, of the Astronomy Department of the 'American University of Natural .History,
believes the conflagration of J.ioia
Ceti, reported by 1'Yench .astronomers,
may have been caused by a, collision
with another'star.  .
The theory was advanced lhal: Beta
Ceti may have been bumped by a
"cold" star, tearing through the
heavens without a tall light. There
are temperamental stars    which    fos-
miuue is one of the mosl   reliable in . Jets of Water With Pressure of Nearly
Two Tons to Square Inch
At the new turbine station in Fully,
Switzerland, there aro several jets ol
water issuing from nozzles about one
and one-half inches in diameter, yel
the water, the pressure of whicli i��
nearly two tons to the .square inch, i.s
so rigid that if the stream i.s struck
with a. steel bar, the latter simply
bounces off.'
, The water is brought from a lake
more than 5,000 feet above the station,
through great pipes drawn from tern-
probably not be tired but dead.
j     Psiljguc is not lasting; it either kills
j or cures iweli'V
j Rightly regarded, fatigue, is nature's
i safely valve to keep us within safe
I limits, but, as a rule il makes us stop
I long before the danger point; is reach-
j oil. There is, therefore, a constant
j tendency for us to become too sensi-
| tive. to fatigue, more especially when
j the"task is monotonous and lackinig in
i interest.
Once we fall inlo this habit, of looking out for the first signs of fatigue
these become so insistent as to monopolize our attention. AI tent ion increases any sensation,- especially,, if
colored by fear. We think we are tired and become discouraged:'-when we
become discouraged we feel more tir-
come bright and dim at regular inter-j pered   steel.      They  are two   feet:  iiij0'1'
vals, but Deia Ceti is said not fo be j diameter  when they leave the lake;'    .'����� :W' v-"ork whaj. tells js ihe feeling
oue of them.     This supports ihe fear' on their way down  they become na:'-: sorry ,or onese,i: 'because one  has  a
thai, an accident has occurred. j rower, and have thicker walls in order i lial'H ���i0''-    ^nse- "r P<">wer comes from
j Ihe.simple belied"-that wc are equal to
���'the. iaslc.7'.-"'- '.'���'���:':'���"
If you'are chronically tired, and feel
fatigue iuore easily Than other., there
riii'iy .be'-u" physical-reason, hut if you
arte "passed'. lit -.(hen 'your trouble is
'.-juer'ely'ri'eryous."' . '-"". ,- '-.'-_'..,-"���;
VThe- cure lies im.taking fatigue philo-
; sopiiichlly'fis "a natiira!.an(f harmles.-
: phenomenon, 'whicli,,"will.'.'soon.,.distil>.-..
rpear.-if ignored..'    .'"".������".-���':   W..'"'-V   "
- Given decent hygenic- surroundings
--eight -''hours'    sleep,. -Jhree    sipiare/
Heals Inflamed Nostrils,
Stops Catarrhal Discharge,
Relieves Colds Quickly |
,   You'll .be pleasantly surprised at thc j
Vjuir.-k action Calarrliozone   litis   upon j
Catarrhal   conditions   in   tlie  nose  or j
Ihroai.      II is so soothing, so healing,
so" agreeable to use, so safe and relj-
tible that thousands praise it .and use
if every day.     No misty medicine to
take���you just breathe in the balsamic
vapor, tlie healing essences of Calarr- i
hozone and feel better a.t once.   ' Ca- j
larrho/.one is breathed through Ihe in-j
littler into every air cell in the lungs,!
into every  air passage in  the throat:
and  nostrils.      No matter where, the \
cold or Catarrh Is, Catarrhozone will
reach   il.      You   can  keep  free   from
coughs, colds, bronchitis and the like,
by using" Cafarrhdzone.    Two months'
treatment One  Dollar, sniall size 00c.
Dealers everywhere, orcthc Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
A British Fire Fighter
Can Throw' 24 Jets to Height of 200 j
A very interesting type of vessel
was recent ly built in Creal. Britain
for use abroad as a fire and salvage
boat and also on occasion its a fug
and water tender. This vessel is over
one hundred feet long and is'driven by
iwo triple-expansion engines giving a
speed of o'ver J 3 knots���which is about
two knots higher than the contract
speed. The boilers are oil-fired and
there are two salvage nnd fire pump's
wi.th a total capacity of .1,000 gallons1
per minute. A powerful single jet
:.P/7> in. in .diameter can be discharged
to a height: of about 200 feet, while no
fewer than 2f jets can be thrown
simultaneously if desired. The vessel is constructed for sea going and is
proceeding under her own steam to
her destination in tlie east.
7Whatever -happened' to ���-.I5cla.'-"Ce.l.i \ w>'withstand tlie terrific pressure." *
oc.curcd scores of years ago; but the!- The jets are - .directed on to the
distance, to ;.i he... earth-, is so:".p-eat the] vanes, of huge turbines. " There-ar.}'
bi'ighV-lig]i.t.;hasohl\7,iusl-'ari'iv.ed,- al: j twelve'.of thesb'iiionste'rs at the genec-'
ilong-al "I.S'ij'.UOii j afing,"station-, and" each is /capable of
-V ", . . .'" .."I'giyingf-oitt-ihree'ihb'ti.saiid^hbi'sepriwei'';'
"j i]ir.ei77-ih(Kisnrid=;.horsepower. produced j
'by a jet of',w;;ter'Kiiiaifi']--ih;in,a,7:Jiild;s I
though"   ii-- .hurried
miles a second.."..-
*  . ��� - -   ...'-".   . .- ��� - ,;
Captain  Rules  His  Ship
Only. Accountable .to OW.iVers of
! . 'WW  ; V'   "Vessel'..  7.7 ���..-.""'.
j    .Oit. his "-.ship "the, -capiaiit   rules,-:'
of".tfie.Ne-w"..Yorlc.Na.U'u'"al History M-us- j i.<>lhlng",h  _
earn; made' fh:e first'systematic .e7\-p]o.. j 'i'borc is" no eivjliuu-who;has so'mueh j..Sasl.atc)iew'an, is that, slightly "Orel
fiti'oh  of the fossils, Vand'Cliarl.es\" 1.1. jpower^s.'a :;iea ctijfliiiii:
'Shipping  Certified'Butter -
"'A-''feature   ot'-. tire, creamery  butter
does'; can' be (juestioned:.| pj;oductioiv-report, of the, province "of
I mer
- the Cie61ogi(;al7Survey,Vand others 'have
been "active iii exploiting ' this.-'"iield.
"'J'he Ceological Survey of'Canada now
-litis   a"  remarkably- fine ..collection   of.
dinosaurian  remains1 mounted ami 'on
-.exhibition'.,in the Victoria.; M-us'eum at
���Ottawa. ������'-���;��� -- -'- -X   -'" '      '-" -   '
;.j)er cent., or over. 5,000,000 pounds, "of
Nl.er;iber_.. untllV-lately. connected .w'itir'!- . W -.'PSii.r..ds . llie ��� navigation ' of ih(7 iiie '"total  creamery..butter  output" of
ship; the ^Vptaiii- pi eases--himself-, as'f o'Xi'iii.- was-exported under "C.overnment
whetherViie'.wi.li take .si. wsitcl'i- (thotigh1' gradi; 7eertificale.     Of   -this .. amount
he7Vp_icn.doe"s)7' .-.lie ^ives^iis". ord?W;i.~Q0,000"" pounds'.were'' sliiiiped directj
who li'assJhese. <)ji-.to :-|p (.ireai I3i;iiain,''while-l:26,00d pounds | .':
'"'" '"""' e;tn ; we'nt-Vlo -the  United-, Stales,;, and.'-ihe.jVv
als" a, day, ami' si--proper simoiinf.of
fresh air and e.\creisq���w:ry._csin-'s. ;ui_!
silniost ttiiy simount-ol" worlc pi'tMide.d
.we' do not "comiiliciile it witli. worry. - ..-
'������ Do not be sifrsiid of fatigue?-���A l.'hy-
sicitui in D(indon"D;t"i!y-Mail.
to his~- ollicers,
the. me'nVv Kottc.of liie. otlicers-
.Livestock   improvement  Trsdns'.-
- UndeiMlie-auspiees of the rsiihvays.-
the.Provjiicisii .Government,'anil'-liy.c'-
-; stock tissociiijionsof tlie'iiroyin.ee, t wo
��� liveslock-iinprovenic-ni������--'.rains, "similar
to'' those'";w]')ic'h ���-toured, the "'province
.last "year,  will  again '-be-, operated .'iri
give.sin order-contfarydo. the.captain's'
wishes.-- -'"������'��� '''X-X   '   - ���.-���',    -,'"
,.   In the msitterof dffenees-by seiiinen,
Ih e est pt si in. is- bo) li. j udge. ssnd jui:y, stud
one of'"iiiis duties, is to. ''-log." or, record,
lhe crime  for .oflicisil  jnirpose.s.     -lie
then' reads oyer; 'lhe. entry to the of.'!
fender:' ,��� yx -y-���������-:- ---.   -'---. ���,---���.-.- |
- --Should his: ollicers do sinyiliing'coiV :
trary. to . regiilsilious/Vfiie:' captsu'n" lias !'
baktneeilp 'iriihe.r markets.-'-.
^f.anitob.'i during tlie.Vcomjng '.'suninier.-.j-l'ie r.ight,to remove ;ih'em j'rom .ollice
" -'-' .'"-��� X���-y������������,-���������;'   ,-'���'������'-" ..'j'and /degrade .theni.' '.." '...""���.���. ���-;��� .yy:..
, .U.S. Entries for.'Aviation Races -
days,,,'.iii /the,; 3iiei;ca.n!i!c; marine, "e.-,,;
ppcisiMy.' \yei;e. iieeorded si, fair ���-l'ri;il--fsi'
'.we'-uiider'slamv. uie jilirase"' today!."-- -i
W)n-the .sma!ler ship's'that, ii.oaj.-'f.o j'Jl '
_ /-.Years .ago"'-the,  csiplain'Ti-V-iirivilegt.:--.;
X The United Stsites navy,,lias eut'ereil'li'i Uie way. of puuishmcnf'-were-'aJHi.s- 'X,.XX.iXXX'Xy
-,-.,��� -     , - ��� - ..       ,���      ..���-.-..- ���,    . - ..   - ���       . --    -    i, ii i eu s jiiDin., a no
-three (lying boats.ih'.'Jhe.-cbmpc-i.iUon   <\'._ and -��� fe\y...(.f. .the'' .ssiilors- .of- -(ho.-_c'; '.-' . "..."   '. .;;.... V
. for-ihe Jsic<iucX " Schneider- siyiat'ion
marine 'trophy.- valued-sit 2i>,"00Ti frtincs,"
to be-st:ig.ed':n<ai-- the Isle of W.'ighf,
-nexi'suiuuier.,'.",.-.-.".,   .". .-" '    ., '.- -'" [.'XX-
; Tells How Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Gompouad Relieved /Her of
Inflainniation and Great Weakness
,..'     "'.     .Some-Family-; .    .-'.;':
"liaye, you- any children, .lo'ne.s-?".;
." "Oil,, yes.   - You juiow. Kobihson-?."7
' "AYllich'  Kobinson-TJonthan?V;".Yes.
Kno'w hinivery1   well.    Ayiiafs   that
!'KOt't'o"d'i.>"'"w"itTf it7?"=" "7V -" , XX. -7,'"'""'
{ {.-'"I'm .goirig^ to.tell you. -; He^ai'id'-1.
j have. 31 ���children betweeu'us.!'"
.' "VYhat are voir talking about'.',   you
must be .crazj-. / ���SVhal do you. uiesm
Oh,'h.e;Hyes on".one side; of a. chil
Von the'other:".' '-
Meme'l Always In. Trouble ;
, -MemelV .again -a. cenli'e-of trouble','
hsis -;not" had a.. v-.c-ryX peacei'ul history,
li" was founded "as fsir baclca's'1252 by
ihe-'J'euloiiic Order.'and.was .ornierly
one of- the.=',tbwns -of-life -"JlansesUic-
League: , Dul.it was hot often,.!eft iii;
jicace for long: periods, on account oi'
-= its~-.--Yrontier ������-situation,----l-Uissians.
Swedes "sind- Gerhiiins," hsiviiig' fought'
for-it at different times.". H-wsis. again
bembarded in.l!)1.5. '���___ this'CtTtinlry.
'.j.'-Iit is pViricip.'illy.known..from tire fact-
that its name, is given tb'cer.iairiV-tfin-
ber of which it is the exporting.cent re.
}'V"Pape's Diapepsiii'.'.Correcis' i
X- .   Sour,- 'Upset; S'loniiiclis.',,'-;-'  |
j'    " ' '��� :-'- Vtt'Once?.    '-���/,'��� .5
- "Psi'pe's Diapepsin" is/the .'Quickest,
surest " relict" "for.indigestion,".gsises,
llatitletice; ��� heartburn,-7 sourness; .fermentation'; or stomach distress .caused
by acidity. - A- few tableis give almost
immediate .stom'sic.li.. relief.. - Correct
your stomsiclr and "digestion, noiv; for-'a
:fntv.ceni,s..V Druggists.-scirVmiliiohs ot
packages.'.,   "*  ., ,   ., ,V.'.-   '"   ..  "'--;���,''
The examination of school children
from the standpoint of health always
reveals the most alarming percentage
of denial defects. ln this coun'ry
the uniform percentage of children
with decayed teeth is ninety-eight out
of every hundred.
Dental defects constitute the most
numerous, of all defects of the body
lhat are found during medical inspection.
The children who are in greatest
need of attention to the teeth ��� are
found, ainong those, from four to eight,
years of ;igc.
The percentage greatly decreases in
the older groups,
These defective teeth are responsible for many of the serious disturbances of the general health, and especially is this true of the so-called
"rheumatic" siffections, diseases of the
heart and digestive disturbances. No
system of health supervision of children can possibly be effective that
does not secure the successful
treatment of ilentsil defects, or -thai
fails to instruct parents in dental prophylaxis.
In those fortunate communities
where, there is a school dentist the
children should be encouraged to visit
his clinic. The time is coming, according to Modern Medicine, when the
school dentist will be considered just
as necessary a pari of the school system as i.s tlie school principal himself.
In school dental work, where it: is
impossible, on account of a hick of
facilities, to care for the teeth of sill
llie children, then the teeth of the
children of the first two or three
grades should receive attention first,
so that eventually' the percentage of
healthful mouths in thc upper grades
will be increased.
, In these days when it has become
so fashionable lo distribute large gobs
of money for charitable and sociological purposes, it: would seem lhat one
of the very best: methods of benefiting one's fellow man would \ be io
found, in all large communities, dental
dispensaries-where those people who
cannot afford lhe services of the skilled dentist could take their children,
to have their-little lives made something belter than one long memory of
raging toothaches. ' ���
The benefits iu health that, have
been demonstrated by the older established clinics of this type, have shown
Unit this work is one of the most important in the conservation of the
hesillh and the prevention of disease,
that lias ever been undertaken.   .
In communities where there sire" a
number oforphaiiages ami other.ehar-
itable institutions that cannot afford
lhe.regular.services of si .dentist with
a wcli-cquippcd ollice, it is .particularly - desirable to found cent nil dental"
dispensaries that wiil'take care of sii'l"
of the cliildrenin"these'homes. -."'"���'���'.'-'
. Tn' casting" about for a."-'metlib<l to
spend .money for. the Vpublie good," >.6
not forget lhc,mpulb.; -' ../ '.'���'.."'. "'
��� try this method
That chest cold can bc
broken up���no matter how
stubborn-and deep-seated it
may seem!
Apply Sloan's Liniment
to chest and neck tonight.
. Its tingling, glowing
warmth goes to the root of
trouble. 11 breaks up thc congested, inflamed condition:
���   Relief quickly follows.
Get a bottle of Sloan's today. All druggists carry it.
Its effectiveness will surprise
yOU. u     .1/,.,., ,'��� Canada
Sloans Liniment-kills paint
'I'or rheumatism, bruiscs.strains.tliest colds ~
Worst Prison In World
Description   of   Mongolian   Jail   Civen
By Returned Explorer e
What must be the worst prison ih
the world is described by an explorer
who returned recently from. Mongolia.
Inside a double wail of wood is si
space about 10 ft. square into which
light never penetrates, ln these dungeons are piled wooden boxes, .4 ft.
long by'2V6 ft. high. These coJIir:s
are the prisoner's cells!
" The . wretched captives haye heavy
chains about their necks, and their
hands are mansicled. They caji nei.-"
tiier sit erect nor lie at full length.
Their food, whenever the jailer happens to remember it, is pushed
1hrou_.li a G in. grilling.in the side ot
Ihe collins. In these "awrul surroundings prisoners are kept,.sometimes for
life. , . .-..'���   "'
..Not only do they suffer torments
through being unable to tise their
limbs, but also they are quite 'unprotected- from the cold, whicli often is
intense.      Only  st Mongol  could   snr-
I vive i'or a day.
IS very'  dollar   spent   in your homo
town is si boost for the community.
7 "West. St-.'.Tohrn K, R.��� "I vras/jri-a
pencral..riin-d<>wn condition following., or
the-birth:o?7.ny iwiri boys._ 1 had a great /this/hajipimV-the ^aptsfin'find
-.deal "i.f inflammation, with pains and
-['chaplain. -'Hie    captain-- tsil.es oti-'hiV
j.dtities. .-   lleW'<iiidtict's.-_l.��jviiie'''w.o.rs!ii!.V
'. read.s the.I.uriaV.Sfn ice.a.nd ovc'ii per
: forms .(he .nisimage���. cerciii'ony '.when!
. ipqiiiri/d";. ' lie'.is .doctor s>nd. surgeon j
j ii nec"e?.-a'ry,.i[>nd hsis ,t ho..suit hbrity fn -1
.;��� pledge'. jiis'.Qwn -siitp" 'or.\a.il 'parYVti'i
'her cargo.'     -.-���'   .--.'-;-[  .".:-./ ���.'- ���'-' -''.'-���  !
-:' .pnly t,.o".'liis.<wn"ej-s is'the "se;|  .���._'.'>-��� i
lain.'' accountable.'/' Should,   h^'-. j'a'ij j
-. I hetn.; he-'-' ju.tist" be :pr.ep;ire(lVt"o ...sn��(<���]'��� j
/.the ���eoriseouei-iec-.V''. -this may.���be tin/
,csinccl!ing.-of.his'''i;ic.ko.!.-;- p<-rnianeiTti\V
for"' a'-.number ,oT:years. -   Should '<
s. it  very
��� "  ..He Told :To'o. Much '. ���'
'.So/ you', asked .(Scraldiric. to/marry
as'k.ed it'man of-lhc-othei'.""
'Yes.-but-.T didn't- have '-any luck,
/.A'''-crow��h of-' iVOOO.oao." persons,' mil.
too 'closely packed, for comfort, would.
cover.-7-O acres. ��� .'      "'.      /       -;   - .-.
'-, ; replied   his j'riend.',- '';She--as)-:e;l
| if J-had sin y.-prospects.'.'' -;'-'-.  -; ,."";
'"'.'."Wjiy.. didn-'tvyou'I'tell", V;her .'"��� sibiiui j
your rich uiiple'.",'    ' V ���' -   .yXX-
. /"I 'dld.'iis'.ng it al]!'V..(;eraldiiie'-
siutu, jio,M\"'���-i.oii<loii'..I)ailv ;7\fail..'
7-";7 V-/-" "'One'Better':' '"���./���"'", . ' j
Sotnetiiii'es7.tlie7.V:in"kee'.s- hu.miir of.;
-C.\agger;i.ion" is mei...by as..'goo.d as he
gave,;- ' An 7Amerman;.'viri"'-"London
-stopped;sit :i coster's stall and- lifting
up/ii" j.o(Hl-./i/.e,d nfehm-". said:,., "Are-
tliese- the lai-'gest aiipies you. have?" '
'weakJi'cFS'..-. Finally "my doctor recojn- ��� ��J��n:iit.. io .come b
' mended" Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable ; in'{J' the'coastwise 'trade-.;.i wiii.eii
.-Compound-. Hcsaifi. that your-medicine Vised probably to seofV.
.would be .the.only thing to build-me-up..1' .- _',' .  '.���-" VV
:dJIIi<.u!t.to/(K>me'ba.;kV;intr,i?ayd:'iri.!^ /^MV . mt bloomin' gr;.j.e dahn, ^i
-yet '.*";;?siid ?"he coster.''
Reclaiming,Bi'C. .Land   "
'    Tim British' Columbia-Oovernme>U.-'s
,   After :i  dsiy's" work  in  baling  Ii;t>. | S2,;"��00,000: job of reclaiming andW<m-
ihc.o.wner of a  h;iy  nre'--s- ntx:\i (��nl\ ���. in�� to-s^UIeinfrit'ilre rivir'.'sift'e'-biSitoih
iook/Vr njr.-.i-ef'or'der of a  new siuio i lantis of- Humsis in the Kra.t-ei; Vsiliey"
over an siresi of live to fourteen niiles
71 h.'-
1 am sureh'e is. right, for I. am.t'ec.linjr'   M-,k����� i��/ ��� - v        . ��    - .- ,.     �� .
much'-betVcrand-am gaining in weight"..-f^cl,me We!9.hs and.^oHnts Hay-Baj
haying-   gone -.down   to   ninety-three-
ppiinds. -1 was in -bed- f or over a month,8-
;' but am up again now,   I have recommended the -Vegetable Compound to my
"'friends and give you permission to use   maiie'--wi;igl,ing-i..'!>j'(i counting msKdiinc-j
'mv. letter.:"���-Mrs.. Elmer -A. Ritcuii.. '  " "'  '"' ''" ~' '--""���"���
Si Rpdnqy St., West St John, X. ��.
" '" There Lre many women who find their.
i :housch'oId duties-almcst unbearable. o"v,--
:.ing"t9 some weakness or derangement.
'.-The trouble"' may b:- "light, yet, cause
'such annoying syxr.'y-''- -3 as dragging ',-:,]
pains/weaknejsaand a iun-do%vn feeling. ,
.Lydia- E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-/ ���/'-'
' pound is a splendid medicine for such    ""/
conditions. Jt has in many cases relieved ���.,. :-
-those symptoms by removing the cause      ."V-our  bono
���.of theinl   'Mrs. Itstchies -experience is . <-(!." ; -7 / '.-
"butoneojT many. ' /,'-
You might be interested in reading
"Mrs. Pinkham's Private Text-Book upon
-the' ".Ailments of Women." You caff
' net a'-'eopv'-frc-e h" writing the Lydia.
:E:'KnkbaBi .Medicine  Co,-,  Cobourg,
Oatario. .'^
hii:ii: I'he^raiclVi'o'fmlstV;Mechanics ..^!! ?)fi '^"ipleted by .Msi.>.Jsf. jJ.in.J_.
MsiL-aziiv-',ipsr|,i"h'..i an"d-7n'lu^ii-;iteV',|7,-''n7 Barrow,"- .Minister^ --'or-'.' A.i_rieuliui-e^ 7,11:7 has-Vdone.'.-'foc- me.- For '
,   ���   -.--, -    --  - -'  ',' . .-.v.-" V xy:X- \-\',.. ^-yxXXrirXy i'^'iXyyx---���-y'   .-'���"���-:. months I .was under tlie doctor'
.hnow^iow   many   bales   Iuk  machine vI-.f^amHUHK! d: , ,-^.-c.-;.-��� ;_.,,.   .-    -'��� yn(iyg0f>na-!mjU6f. . I   was   s
I IliBi'i1
hsil' H
oui. sinjl their v.e.').-ht:' - As
come :��ut ��� of -1 iie- pt e^.--;-1 lu.-y
the (Ifvis.-f., v.i'-ieI. and.V-oiiii!
: Ail.Made Clsar,-:
>r,   I   wtis   not
...���--'7 Grain for South America
1 Anotlier If6.0'��0 bushels of grain has
/been boolie.l -.or shijimein. froni Vart-
couver'-'to'--Csiilao, South "America.
j b'rin.dnir'. tlie- iota! ,Jsunount'. QfVgrain
\ booked and shipped -to. that no v.--, nistr
' kc.jt;.11p._rb���-32i"'.*>r,0j fcuJ?lLC;ls_,,- 'V. 7Y--'7���-"'."
���,yrr:.yn ���
.'-���"Ihii'- i hi- olTics'-r '.. says'7"i ou
J-!.\inj;".to climb;;. lainpiK/^.'.."- >���':" '���;.""!
-:'"f 7v..a<. yom-, _.r>n6r.:'" -A /.oapte.'oi i
' fris<..-�� I'oroylil<-s'l7i<l'' brr-rt folipy.in-.' |
iue .atotind/ali .dsiy,1 "and; I." don't niind '
Tjt-Ilirisr-.yosi -t!isrt.-ih.i,-y. were ef-u'ins; on
���/:'���. '"_-",-,;1'-..Su'ccess at'VLast.""';:-..;,-"'"" ;'U !
:-I.'On'i ;he: discourased about -:.e?'ffij;i
���jn ih': froni 7pagf>,.."'..���;.-.U took:-King,Tuf-
sir/Kh7'.n!en S.2,��;!.,j.V-a.rs.=!0 iret^iheie.'yut
i-,c-.. landed n;.7n-- hiar.- -Boston   Tu'.n .-.
L". ��� H��*
fa niy-'n tn
7The Kidney* are the Blood-Filler*���*
. When thoy Weaken "and Stop. Up.   .
X the System Becomes Overloaded 7
,'.,'.."   -: with .Uric Acid--
,   Niagara,KallPi .6nt.~'I have tised.
nearly all of Dr.. Pierce's medicines
.        ���- "':   ":.,".and ���', take   -great-
pleasure in giving
ttiein ... si     boost.
The  Anuric V'Fab-V
��� lets arethe.great; -
est heneOttoiniin-.-
kjnd.. ��� f ;was" suf-v
-ferinf... with . kidney   trouble, arid
was -rejected -- by
different Iesut"-.
,,-J^rr anco   .companies. :
\"?g>t.. 'Today. lata [. hdld-
*   in?..-':-three -. good-'-
.- '"..policies. '-.. All    1
askihe readers of this, .is/to .give .-.the
Ahuric7.Tablets % trial,/aud become,
.a life user ".in -the future^'���William '
Dempsey.V- BridgerSt. '-,   '," '
"   -ABLE, ASSET ,  .  -.   ._._-.
Jrontreal." /Que.���"i. cannot 'praise;
Dr. tierce's, Aiiuric- enough" forCwhat'-;,
it/- Jias'-Vdoner-;lair;��� n-G-' F��l~   three ;
s care
complaining of my Mduc'ys.   ITnally
��� I made up 'my mind to try Dr.
Pierce's.Anuric, Tablets. I took two
packages and don't complain anymore.. I have" gained in Weight and
am still gaining. My appetite is
sreat' '^r.d sleep has come to .me...;
That is what 'he Aniirjc Tablets- have
,done for, ma,' /.truly recommend -them
;to those '.vho are suiierliiE; from kid-'
-'riey ailments-the .way J did.   Ther'-
are'asi'ghly; good,' though not espen-.
give; ���asy.to buv, hut bard ia beat."..
.���TV AV,'Brown,''4,t5"Dorcheste'r St., W.-
��� ��� Ask you feeariest'druggist for An.
'iir.c'in.-.taolet form;-or- seed -10c,to '
Dr.'. Pierce's ��� Laboratory. in  Bridge^ -:
burg.   Ontario,, for .'trial., pkg.  -and =
t. rite "for fr.e�� medical - advice. -." .--'���
-_-[��� NapoieonV Carriage      7
Famous Carriage Presented to German.
...7   City .by English Owners     ./-'
-We so;,oi'ten .see pictures ..of Xsijio-
leonon footand on horseback that,it
JJ?,.(li/!!cuH_ to ..imagine..him directing, his
armies' -from'; a carriage.;. But-Ilu;
owhership'Of the, tntvclling'-csirriage in i
wliich lie did much of :_liis campaign--
ing lias' just -been ..contested; by. three"
nations.'--       ��� - --   ,-.".,   .   .    ..-'-'.
lt'wsis left by iS'apofeon on the bai.-:
tlefleld .of Leipzig,--.where he"- was-
crusiiingty defeated, by-the. combined
Prussiiiu.1.,, Russians s^nd Austrian's;-
and it i'ell into the hands of.the famous Prussian Field-Marshal; 'Blucher.
Bilicher left-it" to his-descendants, who'
sent -it- to, the :fa'ihily ' estates in'
Bbhemisi.      "V "- ',. ' ,.-"/ ' ���   "',' /'- X
;it" is. .'not-/"surprising" that France
should have" claimed'"the carriage after
the" war; but .it was. also claimed by
English descendants of'Blii'cher, and it
hi��s jiisl been .awarded to them- by'-the
Supi'o.me Court, of -Leipzig,. ���   ;    .'
"But. curiously enough,-iis new own-
����rs: iisive 'decidc'(.r not  tii. bring 'it  (o j
Kngliind/intt-hsivc" presented-it to tlie}
city oi" Ureslau'; -so .that-(!er"niai)y -will
keep.'lK'i'. trophy,.after alb. ��� :���������'': "-':.X
... - Big .Fishery. Deal Cbrisum'tTiated , "���'-���
-.One' of the "biggest fishery deals on
the Pacific/coast in- years'.lists" been
cohsiun.inatedVbet'iyeea /the Canadisih
Fish '.Company;. Ltd',' ami "the1 North
Pa'eilic Packers,'. Ltd., holders.-of "property formerly owned/and operated by
the .-Western/ Packers. ...Four Isi'rge
canneries .become the.property oi' the
.Canadian. Fish" Comptiny;; in siddition;
the company" is- purchasing tlie Lagoon
Bay' Cannery./-- These properties "will
.employ, about SO0 men during the fish-
ing'.season'arid "will produce at"'least
'3,00,000 ca'scs.'of ssilmon."     -/.-''."-''    -
ifie   if      ���
Man's Match
Well worth h
A sturdy match, big enough
to handle withyour,mitts on.
Strong enough to strike^on
rough surfaces. Made to
withstand more .moisture. ~
A. safe match, free- from
poison arid free from glow
.when blown out...   V -
Their added length "gives
longer light in the dark.
��; ;
Silver .is being-recovered, from the!
waste hypo/.used" in "developing film,
photographs/-.. The-Los Angeles-yichl-
averages .'.close.- to $34,000 monthly.- ." ;
The Canadian...Match Co.. Limite^ '
Children Cry for Fletcher's
. Sounding Device": ���''-. ,/'-- -
A device -hsis been/receiiily /jnvenV
ed for measuring ocean' d'-l'ths.-' "It."is
done .by niean's or-.souudr'elleci ion,and
so'acc'urate-is. this insirunieht-ti'iiit seS-V
dom is there'im.-error- of -niore than a
foot, even, when a ship, i.s travellihg at
���full-ppeed-. 'J'iiin is-considered onco'l.
the moht7imi��orlun_. msiritime. inven
tion's'.of years. '...;:-;;���.���"'��� "���.'��� -'.'..'';-;".;.".'/;-"-/
��� 'Britain Favor-s Canadian" Bacors ]
A desps'itch from London, England, j
testifies further to the superior quali- [
lies ot Canadian bacon received in the'
British . Isles, the Dominions product j
being in greater,'fsivor than, that of
Deniilark/and threatening to- seine Jfs
nisirket. v; 7-."-,'   ���   ������, [ .'���.'-  ,     -   ~ /    ��� -"-'
Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a/remedy for Infants and Children.7
. Foods are specially prepared for babies.'. A baby's medicine
is even more essential for Baby. Remedies.primarily prepared
. for grown-ups are not interchangeable.    It was the need of/.
. a remedy - for the common ailments of Infants and- Children.
that brought Castoria before the public after years of research,
and no claim, has -been" made for it that its use; for ..over. 30
.years.has riot proven,W '.'.   /-������'/ -:-���      -"..'-'". .    ,.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Cantor Oil, Parcgpric_;
Drops and Soothing Syrups.     It is pleasant...   It "contains
neither Opium,/Morphine nor other narcotic substance. ..Its
.  age is its guarantee.    For more than thirty years Vit" has
-���'.-been in constant use;for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
::Wind   Colic   and Diarrhoea;   allaying Fevbrishncss  arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Comfort���The Mother's Friend.
��� ---Had Ah - ingenipus"Aiibi' /.,.-
j." -.irirarged/wi.ih..s-tfaHnsr-' t-ggP, V-'i- Nor-"
; ton;,.Vork.=. fsirni laborer, said^the' hen
: mu5t.ha_rt.7aid iheni on.iii.s coat "-ami
' tlicy.-.ha'i.- r'-'Ited into hi.*-j��ocl;*t.::r    .'/
���Minard's '" Ls.-.iment.. for .-.Coughs- ar.d
. ���''��� ���'_ "Colds '"���'���"���; '..:-���-  ..  -;     ��� iXy-y
n Use For Over 3ft Years
<JIXXE1\W001)V   Ji.     0.
To Investigate Combines
.'ergers And Trusts
Ot tsiwa.���Premier Kind's resolution
providing I'or the introduction, of si hill
to investigate combines,- trusts and
mergers, was introduced in ihe House.
The. Premier stated that at present
(.here, was no effective legislation
against combines. Such legislation
sis had been enacted was divisible into
three groups. The lirst. was in the
Criminal Code, the second was tho
Combines lnvestigsilion Act. 1910, and
the third the Hoard of Commerce Act
smd llie Combines stud Fair Prices
The latter had repealed the Com-j
bines Invest igsifion Act, smd one;
clause in the Hoard of Commerce Act
provided that, no prosecution be til-
lowed under the Criminal Code. The
legislation which he proposed repealed the Hoard of Commerce and Combines and Fair Prices Avis-nnd revived section -19S of the Criminal Code.
Whsit. was needed, said the Prime
.Minister, was effective machinery
which would disclose thc existence
of combines opcrsiling to the detriment: of (he public stud afford means
whereby1 proceedings under the
Criminal. Code might he effective.
Thc proposed legislation, said Mr.
King, supplemented the present: section of the Criminal Code by creating
;i new criminal offence, making.it an
offence for -any person to knowingly
assist or bc party to combines operating to, the public harm. lnx order
y .that persons might: be properly projected    in    the    matter   of   criminal
Vancouver. -A     bed    of    diamonds j
j equal in purify lo lir.-Kulian diamonds/'
! and varying in size from one to "three
| carat's, has been discovered by Harry
���i YV.   Oakley,  of  Campbell  Hj.yer, B.C.,
Select Progressive Candidate ;;v]0 "sa-vs ,,islfi"�� was',iuu,e ha,Kvav
��'  ; j between Cumberland stud Courtnsty.
N.    Hopkins,    Moos'?    Jaw,    Will
Contest By-election April 10
Moose Jsiw.���I-.. N. Hopkins, Moose
Jaw, was selected as Progressive candidate in the by-election wliich will be
held April 10, to fill the House of Commons sesii: Ysicated by K. M. Johnson.
Mr. Hopkins was elected on the first
ballot over J. V. Patterson, Hearne,
and'YV'. McBride, Caron, and his selec- [
tion was'inside unanimous by thc con- j
ven tion.
JI. M. Johnson, unseated member,
in sin address to ihe convention, declined to .allow his name to be balloted upon, as tlio question of his
qualification has never been definitely settled. Hon. .)'. A. Maharg,'loader of the Opposition in the Saskatch.e-
wstn Legislature, withdrew his mime,
but. pledged his support to tlio Progressive cause.
The stone', of which he has picked
up 15 within the last six"months, have
j been pronounced by experts in Pork
land Ore., sis sapphires,- but so nesirly
white that they resemble Brazilian!
diamonds. Mr. Oakley has sold sev
oi-si 1 of (he stones at: $25 si carat.
- 0
Butter Shipment
From Auckland
New Zealand Product' Reaches New
York via  Panama  Canal
New York.���An epoch-marking occurrence wsis reported- in commercial
circles when a 5,1120,000 pound cargo
of creamery butter arrived from Auckland, N.Z.
New York, market men announced
that, si .fleet of butter-carrying ships j
prosecution,,  tho   proposed legislation \ was now on the high seas witli nearly
included a provision Unit no prosecution could be effected except at the
instance of the uYtloniey-Gencral or
the..Solicitor-Genera! of a province.
10,000.000 pounds of New Zealand butter,' destined for consumption", in this
country.- Its arrival, it-was predicted,-would semi the price of butter/to
In sunlit ion- lo    penalties,   said   ?.fr.| consumers down to fifty cents a pound.
he cargo'came by way of the Panama
Turks Say Lausanne   -.
Treaty Inacceptahle
Willing to Continue Negotiations
Under Certain Conditions
Const sm fiiiple.���Advices from Angora stsiie thsit the Turkish Nsitional
Assembly has decided that the Lausanne treaty is inaccrptable, being
contrary io the National pact.
The Government, however, was authorized by an important, majority lo
continue negotiations under certain
conditions. The first, of these provides for the settlement within s>. limited period.of (he Jfpsul question. The
second condition is that all financial
economic and administrative questions be settled in conformity witli
the complete" independence of the
Turkish nation. In the third place,
the evacuation of all occupied territories immediately after the signature of peace i.s demanded.
.-.;.-.������    j?
Alberta Liquor Export
Export     Except     By     Brewers     and
Distillers    Forbidden    After
March '15
Ottawa.���The export of.intoxicaiiny
���liquors  from the province of Alberta,
bold post I Federal G
PARCEL     OF     BANK     MONEY     A7
Kdmohion.-���A   special   from   W'hiu-
skiwin, Alberfsi, says:
A   bold   robbery  took   phice  sit   the
arketing Problems
j post oil'iee here when tlio door leading \ n P l
'to the inner part  ot the building wW beniiaH  .(lOVei'Iimem
forced  open   smd   a   parcel   of  money
The bundle,  which  contained  some
.$5,000, was'in transit from Hdmonlon | Issue of $50,000,000 Will Be In Foreign j tlie subject of advice'from .the JJepart-
���t'j Currency      ._ \ ment of Justice sis si result of Tne iui
Csunrose,    and    was left on the ledge-     i;Prii��� .. ./n,,, i..,u- .mitim-i'/im.- n.n u. ; lisil
Floating New Loan|SS*-*
Ottawa.���Whether the commitU-<- to
investigate- the.-marketing o;  agiicul-
inquire  into   the
titer it should b��
j done by a Iloysil commission, will bc.
suuhoriy.jng the is-
nieetiiig of ih',' committee.     Mo��t
the Royal   Bank
was left on the ledge!     \<,cry]n... ..The. iaw
to be signed for by the mail clerk in | suo  0l-  ��50,000,000' worth   of  treasury I of   the   western   members   favor   tlu
���\nother package of; l)iJ]s7w__j,._, Was given .official publiea- j commission  plan, smd to it the Go\-
tlie usual way
money in the
tills and the
tie,   ihe  cash   in   the
ie   ssiie,   me  easti   in   uie j ,j0)1| jsRelieved to provide the first iu';
stamps were not touched.; s1iUU.e ���,��� ., government lloating an in
Britishers Goirig to U.S.
iiernal  loan Quoted only in  denominsi-
i lions   of   foreign   money.     The   law
signed  by President  Lbert. makes  no
King,   one   of   the remedies-proposed j
wsis   publicity,   which 'wsis sometimes j Csmsil.
effective      '        "    "
even more . effective. lnvestigsilion
would be simplified, in formation, could
be laid before a registrar, whoVvould
be empowered to institute inquiries in.
order to ssilisfy himself that a combine
existed. In addii ion, commissioners
could be appointed with full powers
of investigation.
More ' Going    to    States
British   Dominions  Combined
0.   T.   Humphrey,   Kditor and Pro-       London.���If   the   flood   of   Knglisi
priotor of The'Times, Nokomis, Ssi.sk. j emigration to ihe  I'nilcd States con-
���  - -... - ���    ... .   . ��� Unites til the present rate, Great Bri-
i tain's (juotsi under the United  Stsitcs
j law will be. reached long before July
i.l,   the   end   of   the   fiscal   emigration
i vcsir.
i    .('onirary to the general impression,
j if is learned that Britishers tire going
._..,, .    . , .    .      io the United States at a rsite almost
eminent will place unitensil grants lor .-.,,,
,.,_,....     ...... ....... . .  , never equalled- sind there is room lor
only 2.,00,0 more in this year's quota.
Emigrants    sire    leaving    Glasgow
silone at ti rate    of    more    than    500
weekly,   which    is   greater than fhe
j number from sill oilier English ports
Saskatchewan Highways
Government   Will   Place   Grants  on   a
New Basis
Itegina.���The    Saskatchewan    Gov-
tlian to All ',nei,iion ofthe German mark, but sa\s
'ihe treasury bills may be purchased in
British. 17,S��� Swiss, Butch, Swedish.
Norwegian, Danish, Argentine. Spanish and Japanese currencies. French
and Belgian francs stre not. included.
The work, ol' fixing fhe details and
conditions surrounding issue of the
i bills is left, to the discretion of the
Ministry of Finance.
highway construction and maintenance on si new basis, if. was announced
in the Saskatchewan Assembly by
1-Ion. J. G. Gardiner, Minister of Highways.
The Hat. grant of $500 annually io
etich-,municipality is to be abolished
aud lho Government proposes in future to vsiry the 7 smiounts in different;' municipalities in' accordance
with conditions and oilier considerations. The total amount expended
for the purpose throughout the province will not be reduced, it was stated.
The restoration of the principle of
paying school grants ou the basis of
encouraging schools to remain in operation the maximum number pi: teach-
The British Sovereign
Soviet Premier Better
Moscow.--The .health" of Nikolai j
Lenine, the Premier, is gradually im- i
proving, according to atstalenient'at':a based on Die Act passed last session
meeting of lhc Moscow Communist which provided for the prohibition-oi
parly byi Leo Kameneff. 7 acting pro- export'except ���>>" distillers and brew-
lriier. ���--' ers,  from a province into  which im
 y X���_���������'-'   '"   '' | port, .'was- prohibited   and   .which   by
order-in-council  required   lhe  prohibition of export.
except by brewers and distillers licensed'by the, Dominion, is forbidden after \XmS: <-1:l>'s in the year Was announced
by Hon. S.-.T; Latta,- Minister' of Education,-moving the second reading of
combined    last    year.     The
Lord   Haldane   Makes   Assertion   that
the  King  Is  No Automaton
London.���The -British  sovereign  is
by no means the   automaton   he    is j
annual! sometimes supposed to be, said' Lord I eoiinterin
eminent  is  now quire agreeable,  but
ii  does not.  wish to have history r,c
pealed���an  inquiry started  smd  then
sirresled by process of injunction
If (he Justice Department finds any
wsty of advising tt conimission '>i
inquiry without the hazard of sm in
junction process, thsit form will br
lollnwcd. It is anticipated, howevct,
thsit, tis was the csise with tho 'Whcsit
Botird.' si certain amount ol ledeitil
and provincial co-operation will be
necessary to secure the fullest loi m
of commission inquiry. If this is no
possible,   the   committee   wil   go   into
iit, though lhc job is recognised sis so
onerous that. it. is not especially
relished.     .Moreover, there are plenn
I of other subjects connecting with
farm product marketing to be taken
up. o      .
With   Hie  cattle  embsirgo  being  re
moved... livestock    shippers    are    en
the ssime diiliculty in g,et-
quota for Great Britain now is 77,8-13.
To  show the increase in emigration
since1 January .1, it is only necessary
o state that only SIS persons sailed
Jlaldano in'the House of Lords in the j ting space for cattle as used lo be en-
course of a discussion-raised, by Lord, countered by farmers some year-, ago
SouUiborpugh, wlio wanted to know Jin securing cars for their grain. It
whether  the   Government  was  intro'-! is found that many of the'companies
the first week in January, whereas injducing legislation recommended in tho j have the letting of cargo space in th-
the last week of February the depar-.! J'��I>01't of the royal commission on the
lures numbered 1,975!.'   According to J distribution of: honors.
emigration statistics, hiore Britishers [    l-��~d Haldane said much misunder-
are. going to the United States than'to .'j standing existed regarding the King's
sill tlie British dominions combined
the fifteenth of Cue present month.
A^proclsunntiou containing the prohibition-has been issued by the Governor-General.     '.Phis, proelamsitioivj.s
!New Anaesthetic Discovered
London.���Replies from all tiie Dominions on the question of holding im-
perisil and economic conferences ja
London have boon, "received by Premier    Bonar    Law,    according lo Cue
Times, and the conference will probably be. held early next, siuiuiiiu. it
is hinted that both conferences will be
held simuHsineously in ihe. same place
in-order that ihe" Premiers of-1 lie Do-
minions may be consulted on questions of policy which.; are..' bound    to
llie Government, not io "interfere with
ilie brosid lines of the lis'cal policy
during iho lifetime, of tlie present J'sir-
liament, the Times says, there is every
indicaiion thsit tlie7 (piesiion of prefer-
Alberta     -Committee       Deal
Common Problems
Calgary.���Organization of a permanent committee, representative of sill
business, farming smd financial interest's in Alberta, to desil with common
ence will, figure- prominently in the. [problems, smd demands for legislation
discussions at the economic confer- j drastically -changing present "relief
ence. .,
Mr.    Law
I iir;t!M_i;sm,\    'Cisanguig     present
- -, .7   ���". ���' .   j methods, to embrace the Vdministra-
slsued . in. the 'House otj tion of linsincisil siid'in individual eases'
lhat the British Government'jio farmers sill oyer Alberta struggling
assumed "it ..wsis the. general desire- ;>f! under', -heavy    loads of indebtedness';
the   Dominions   Lhstt   any-^conference's
which -m'igltt -bo  strranged7 should  be
London'; .'-The "Government
l.siw. has. pW:dgod,|.:oisi(ier,"J]c:s;iid.-.'      .."-7      ~'y'
arise in connection.with the economic ! held  .in
conference.   -       ", -    - .     -' ,-.. ���. I had not mskle.'siny.. eiKpnnes
""���' Although  ."Bonsir
The King And Queen
were the-outstanding'results of "the
farmers" debt conference here.- - Kd-
peal/of- the Southern-:AlbeHa Drought
'he-j Relief Aet..\vas d'ein'a.mled, snul'lt/wiis.
'y asked that, iegishttioii. be, instituted in
its i)l:Vce/hilly-"]irotec(iri"g the. individual .'debtor and Iiis ^creditors, at: the
ssmie tinie avoiding any/appearance of
blank*,ij.:j��roiectjoh ofa inoratorimu:
the bill to ahiend the School Grants
Act. The highest'grants will be paid
���to schools operating the full 2.1.0 days
with.reduced grants for those.that .do
not: keep open so long.
During the discussion on this bill,
Harris Turner, Opposition member for
Saskatoon City, injected it new note
when he suggested the lime had now
comewhen the Government should
make material reductions
paid; to schools. , He declared lhat si
large number of naw schools were being buill, smd unless grants were cut.
down somewhat lho 'Government wsis
j likely to become seriously involved.
The resolution 'siskiug the Podorsil
Government for ihe' transfer of her.
nsitursi] resources to Ssiskatehowsui
wsis carried unanimously, after lion.
J. A. ' Miihsu'g'^ resuming (he debate,
expressed himself entirely iii 7 siccord
with'tlie-stand taken by Premier Dunning "during the conduct ol-,nogotisi-
tioiis' -with the Federal Go'vevnineVii-
l.asi" year.     ['���',. '    --"���.':,"
Persons Under Influence Become Conscious Immediately by Use of 7
/ Oxygen
Chicago.- -Discovery of an ansiest'he.-
lie pronounced by some experts to be
superior lo any known drug producing
ami est hesia is claimed by -Dr. A. B.
Luclihardl, Associate Professor oi':F,.ozen t0 Dealh on Unslaked Trail in
Physiology at  the  University of Clti-J Alaska
eago, smd J. P. Ctirler.
relations to his ministers. His Majesty did not automsilically approve al!
that llie ministers told him. He nor
only had the right to ask for a most j
minute explansiiion, but could criticize j ber of the ships of the Merchanr Mar
in M-hsu. might be, very7'effective. Vne,. which can be adapted wiihou
fashion. 'I much diiliculty.
hands of brokers. There is no-tribunal, over the steamships, which .sir
biimrily can allot space sis ihe.\
please. In view of this fact it is ver.-
probable tliat any continuance of difficulty in securing, cattle'accommodation will induce the Government to put
info the service of this Irade a num-
JQ. S. Commissioner :.[��� May Ratify Naval Treaty
v Lost In Storm
..,     The new gas is said to uiilim
?V ,     ! ertios
Nome. Alsisk.'i.���-W.
Expected Signatory Powers Will Agtec
to  Reduction
London.���ln explanation of the misestimates  for "!!)_!:���.���_!_.  wliich   show  a
of ethylene gas and to have
many sidvantages over nJiros sicid,
"Hie. laughing-gas*' now eommouly in
use. Supporters of Dr. Lockhardt's I
'discovery ssiid that it bus no effect. |
on the hesirt. action", minimizes danger
of jmeumonia from the use of "laughing gas" aud persons under its .influence can be returned to consciousness
almost immediately by fhe administration of oxygen. ..";..-
O. Msirx, L'nitec ^ ,.ei]llclj0n (;|- m0VQ Hum :C8,00^,000,-.it
States Commissioner ;a Teller, was, i[3 ril.lle(1 UliU" lho figures wore pre'pr.r-
nmen io death on. an tmsiake,] trail; etl on Lhe assumption thai the Wash-
between Teller and Rhismsirl". Keb- LillK(0]1 llaval ���.CH,y win ho r.nLlie'd by
I'Utny 27, according to word from 'fell
er. A. companion mimed Heed, who
became separated from Marx in a
blinding snowstorm, family reached
Teller safely.ami orgsuiized si search.,
irig party. The body was found '2~>
miles from Teller. ��� .-
Makes Grant For Fairs
Use For X-Ray
May Prove Valuable in Treatment, foi-
7        -' - Whooping Cough - " ;."-'-'.
"iiosion-.���Jlelief." that tlie'X:rsiy uiay
prove.: ot more/yalu'e in 'the.."ire'sumeu't
��� 7 '   "   B.C. Mine Exhibit '
-   Victoria.���A  fine  exhibition  of  the
mineral wealth of   Uritish    Columbia
-.   " .       :-" "'-.���. ..���---'���:"'-���    .. ���"_   ���   '        -. wiil be -made at.tlie forthcoming J.ril-
Sum-.of $1,600, Approved by Aberdeen ] ish J''mpire  Kxhihllion  to  be  held, in
-. -    '��� -. -Angus Body- 7
--'P.rsihdoii.--A graiu';of .LOGO 10 th.e
fairs in different ptirts of Canada was'
approved by ihe PosirtVbf IJireclorsof
.fhe .'Csma'diiin Aberdeen. Angus' Asso"
.elation-who we're injsession liere/This;,
money /wii__3> be'-divided-pro rsi'ta-be-
Objective issured
...   ���   . . iw-een.provuices-'anil.ilie i.stsk-'of piac-
ot whooping couKh..-tlian.--anj-. "otherljn^j^j.o.VHtrious'ch.sses'will be left
lonn of treat merit- is exi>ressed_ by'Div
I Henry "I...Jio witch  and ./Dr. 'Rsilph- .11.
_     ,,..,. j .Leonard   in ;sl 'preliminary" jVepori, o)i
"Uiam 7 Ulli piHeritS I"-1 h^ l"iexi>cri men ts -i o"-"fiii-d-.JiT cu re; Tin;'
'"    ' (he. cbmplajnf .that    litis- baffled- "alj
.:  London.---'!'he King/ami Queen,- for
liie.. li.rst, "time in'.their livc.s,.,'brbke.
-isi'esfd with the-L;ib.;>r- ineinb.ers of Par-'
liamerit .im the . hbtiie.of'one' of -'their
-subject's. - ; t -,' , 7. ���;. '"-"".' ..//'. -.."
.7 .r'fhe 'occasion was,.a dinner 'given |by.-
V)seouiu.";.sii.d   Lydy ..Astor; 'ai :wbie!i-
'I'heir />!:..jestiesiiiot-, :;inion.g ...other.-'.;
' Jiuites;,-] Ic'nry Thomas",. Genera! Secre-
. - tsiryol' 1 lip-Natiou'arTTn.on. of Hailwiiy;'
"ttieii;   .h'lh'n  Uobur-t -CJync-s,-- i'resitlent.
7 of    llie- ', National     l.'tii'o'n of (:.cner;'l
Workers,-.-arid -.foriner fiabor leader in
-. ihe-l.loitse.' .and Philip Snowd'en, siiid
... iheir. w'ivi s." ' -' V -      . -   V
.'Ltibor'came iti siiken. knee breeches,
ireiitriicni..." yX-iX'X X   '���' ' ':���'"��� ���'.-���--���.-
.V/l-iieir/repbrt. which \was V-publisru'd
Nearly -   Fourteen,    M iii ion 7 Bus.lais'
' s.--   Already  \Shipped   -From.'-   "
"V  -   -7'   - Vancouver -;. W/'V   /   jil1 -the  "P.oston- ^redicalVstndI.Surgicil
.������' i..lour'naI-:iaid that. deiinite'liriprovein'oiH'
was lioled ih mosL of 2i> csi'ses- of sie-
. V*suicouyor.-i-V"a'ncbuv.er  sis   st -gi:a:h
port.hsis go/ie/ovei: the-.top/iuid/js-j/s"^
j he..King"had" made,'.knowii/liis'-desire
to 'meet the leaders of-t he Labor party,
"jri'-such. msinncrV. : -',. '-, ' - .���    '/.,'-.:'
'" Lsuly.   Astor,   'whose csipipaigu  for
-]io!itical honors; was characterized-by.
imicli.b.'inter, .greeted"tlio I/sib'or guests
'.when'- they sippesircil iiiVkriee'br'eiech.es
with joking'remarks. -. She whispered
"pull   up  your stockings" .in 71 he  car-.
of-Mr. Tho'nias,. and eveii-'itiquirsid of-|
tlie- Canadian High ('omnii.sinh/ Hon.' j '"���. ", '   ,- -. -    '. ,  * -.-'   '"'������"     "".  "   "'���"'"��� 1
���;';-,     . . ". .;.-.-.-       -.,.---.-" i port -. during -:'tlto.' .present  crop ,\car. I
fiyc:j)eriussis (whdoj)inir-;coiigh)..treal-
sured    of   .acliievii)g.-/tho7-/;i5,aOO(000 j ^ XyUh"\he   ^'-rav
bushel   objective' set:'for "the   1922-72;; '"'
crop "year, .siecdrdiiig/'b-- the si'aiistics
' i?stied 'sit .the  \':nir-oii\e"t; -Merchants'.
, Kxchange.'--" ,-,   -';.--.   ..   -' ,7.  ���'/"-   ".
:To" date; ���l.l;?7':i.,J-l2 bushelsiof -gri-in !
hiive.been.sH'ltiaily-s.biiippd   lrom" .the '
i whicli-   ranged [
r.months - k>-  fbuj
subjects - of i
iVoiii'   tlirce !
.10'ihn d.iroctors.M'rqiri est eh, province. ;.���
.lohti/ Lmye,/; Klorsiv V Qui.:.- AV. D.
l^ydii./De'WronVjSaHlj;.;: .his.'., 'Turner,'
Csirroll, Man::" F.J. Coilyer./Welwyri,
Sask.;' iind'F. \Y. -Crawford, Pva'ndoii;
have-been, stjipoihted members of"iho
Kxcetuiy.e.Commit'teo;- -,;'The,jissoci;i:
tion- will ; hold its annus.h hieeung
next-year -atSti'sksitpoii...        -,..-..,.��� ���*
---/,-,-     .Railway Accident Toll -���
Otiy wii.���Sixteen/people, were   kill'
5'3-injureil; in:22f; railway XX
London, "ISnglsiml. next year,- stccording
to --Hon... William" Sloan,-Minister of
Klines.   /   . " :     . ."
the signatory powers.
The gross estimates are given t.s-
.sEfiL-iOLlt'y as compared with .L't;:'.-
���I7(i,657 i'or the previous year. T3i<
net" figure is ��5S,000,000' sis coiupaie^l
with she iirevious estimate of J_.il.-
SSS.700.' , ,
Refreshes ff��ary Eyes
When Your Eyes feci Dull
snd Heavy, use Murine. It Instantly RclievestliatTireti Feel inc
���Makes them Clear, Bright and
Sparkling. Harmless,' Sold and
Recommended by All Dru_[_i_ts.
j stages I'rom'. one lo tcii-weeks.
in.; .age. ,i.��....   .i��"--jy.-,| .im<i
years-with .Hsen.se" l^ny reported to the l.ailwav ;.Cpy.
Larkin; if/hi;; slot-kings wereon !
'mission, in Febr.u.-.ryV    ;'J'lie csisualtiti's
iiiclu/led "one'p.iss.ef.ger 'killed.. ;unl: i"
injured,'-10. employees killed smd' L'uH"
Lethbridge.--Fire, caused" hy-.'defe.''-.; injured: and
-Elevator, at. Taber Burned.
stt-aight, .' -_'   ,   , ��� '     ' ���...  .---.
: 'rite .guest's.'sii'i "sit two. huge'round;,
tables,   -iniiid V the  - fnigriinee. of/pink !
tulips and- other bl.oi-'sbnis..   " The din- )
ers' iii<'"lin|ed;  in    aiidition.   io . ilidsf
. . ,. "> "thei: persons killed.and
; lluukings ;cro,:orde,i" on I lie-'exehuOo j"v^ w��-|nS,''fsimJ ed.thfvOgilivv; Mill y\ f;) j,^,,,.-,,;,.;. / . '.',-   \. -^XXx:;
'������iravide' for- the shipment  oi";!.l9!),W \ i^".V>��flWVy's . -leva tor suid  cpnt^itt/ \\y. -   -X X'~ W -x7 V.     .  '      ',
"   ' ��' '��'i����?'V-.Tl.";-,,wss will.riitt._j-ni..> Ui.��ifr-| 7 ,:Aged Woman'Sent  to^j-Kon  -. '   :
tnds of ilolliir.-s..;      "-.��� ' ���������-.'   -;--,'. ',    ..    .   "' "��� " .  ���'���-*.   ���--
���---' , "',-     ��� '!  ...I 'ot'.uii.e i.-r Prairie;���Vounii/giiMt.' liy ;
j bushels inoVe':
.  'Griiin.iiiiiri,'ire predicting 1 ha 1. :\'sim-:
cotner'-s  'total--shipment of grain \'w
which 'was jo<..;.Hy i.lescrilie(!.si"s ;v coit-j_' monfionedV- l.'rem'iei- iiruisir'.LaV. the I
cession; and. tliere. .wtTro sjlso. presenl f^rrouisVnd "lUarehionW ofWlisburyJ
,ihose, vvli.o, wear ) he .ehtinshed gari er- -- j fi,;, s-j;,.., j,',.,.. ai)l| yy,... - xviii'ilpy, J.a'd'y-'
Dalfour, Hsi!isbiiry".-ind Grey .of' Val-, KraiiccV jJiiirouV.' Lord' 'and .Lady ..11.,'---.
loden.'   .'..'/'. '    .'.-���.-   ..',.'   ���'.-! i;ice"'.Perey,-'-Viscoiisil' sind; Lady Grey.of ���'
j tlio   ye;ti'-". will sfppro'ximaie 2,i.0iiii..iiini
- -,'i'lie. a.ffsu'Kv.-.hicli v.iis,- uiil.-ju'e." in
ilritisli.social-.liistory,- .wsis sirrsingeir-
as-. niucli   to   permit, the.' King   "aml-
Falfodcn.-Tidrd.'l^bcri. <.eej|/t,ord ;iud '-. ^
Liid'y Istii^-ion. -Dsihm. Lyuleton.-.Miv.'i l,v*'nisin Paid, t.
'.-.-,   Hea'ds-'Percheron Club -
biisl'.'ds..- ���'      -������    ' -' '.        I ���' lii-iiudon.i-V.'ilmol lieid, oi ihiindiiis.
"-,-./-,. "- -���. .���������" ��� -.-..'-   '      ���        .-    -W.ss .elected .president ofshe. M.iniiolssi.
-/   .; ,'7 Fenian'Raid Veteran .' ���   / '    i.l'eiVhenitiJh'eed.^s ai-:i ni/etin^ iiVd,!
'  ���;. ��� ; :-       ��� ',",'.-.'���' '.'"''' "���    ���-.   "    '      ! hej'e. Marfli 7."   ���'.*'. -" ��� ".'  7-    '. ""���
---.Vancouver,/ H.t ,-,-.! s.i.siie.-;   -SnirgeotiM   -   -   .   .       --. .  ���-,  '   '    . "        ....
V,Jter;iii/ of  the  <-'rimesi:i 'war,  the ! "~x'X.     :"y~y   ~W~' ~~"~VW,���:-~
ti'.jtiry .01' ;i;ienii>flng to. .murder/her i
/husband,-.lit mes'Ca'iupbel I,. l��y.vpofs6ji- \
I itig  his " food/ V\lrs. ,3Iiirt!iri   CampbeJI, j
iirid  7e 'years, "wjis-sentenced by, ,'lu.-;. |.
tiee. 'Adain/on .10 serve  four yes'ir.-
.S'liny-./Mfumiain' lViiiientiary." -
.- 1
Lloyd "George,.~S|i: .-...i.h'n    and-
���Iji'il -Uiver R'elx'llioti
Qiie'en - 10 / meet- in social intercourse j Simon, .1 he" Lord./.Msiyot"   'and
��� ���' with th'e/LsiboHfes />s / it)   allow
- LiibdriiPs ""to'corife'.iiub social coritacf
. Wiih'Thrir   Majesties; :��� if'.'.'wasV said
���.Lady j?'��d  fIie'7Smstli'_ A'frifitn-'- war-. VisVde'-til
.Lai.r j hero."-;. 'Vlie'.. enhsred -jn '/i's.":^ in ilu-
the i Mayoress of-;PI-ymouih. ;(!ol, nn,][';i>n^.,.,;i'.i.'.i��,J;'ill'JiLv':i.ul-so.ry-o.l.'wViMi-tiio; iTth.
Spencer-t'iay/iuid Mi^7'M;.rgai'e;-AV)n/;;JJ<;?iniriu a^-'sVLtiglotV in"; thc-Criniea.
���/j'-ir.c/\vas hilt/lj> "yeiir>7old i-heii. -L'V
- 7 Csiusidsv ��� he - served \\ itTi-.tho" i j 1 i.i- stud
. {1st Ouiaiio,Pities, smd '-.was '.in-./.iho
./ Fcnisi'ii -Piiid 'sifi'd' ih/; ii'ed'ltiver" i>o-
��� bellion. lie was-' with. llie"-. Canadian
;,;j/Moum-eu.;'Kiik's^.in. HojuJj -Afi:ii-si, w-in-
'-:!.'niii!i-'t.iirco -lnedi'ils.' ln':::ih;i'r.'cc;mpa'ij.,i."i'-
makes a crowning sauce
for Blanc Mange and
Baked  .Apples-"an-cT
-Puddings'..' !���'"-'', 7W./;
It. is. n pure and .
wholesome sweet .
���-'whether used---
for table-syrup,-.:
.sauce-or candy- ���/'
-making. -    ... //'/
S^c that you get " Croivn 'Brand
reject ii>n.
:l':li��:/'l"Via7feis I v;;<;i>^��rh) i>����ii^7l i.rii^;SjSfi i 4i7:
Air ^orc-s-'E-stima'tss1
Lond.i'm.���'j'Ih- r.-t.irn'snes lor- the ui>-
Icc-ir)  of Great   1 hikiin's  sreriai   lore:".--
I toft -the- iiscal "> e:-ir.'
���l-n'flunced, ��� show ��� n .
t- y:.- .*.. .- x
t.��.i^b&v,i,'Hi.-. -    - -
Olisl  siii-
|^,lte/;M usaiy. ^^
;yJiS7ii(.iRturig^'��e^e'd;/fi """*	
Vsi'/ciii-h'iiti/^in^'-lkfiW J5ij-g-ti_rt��i",:''��n"d;--fc;,��?i-.i^5-i:"
Hr(3'es'in-.-(.-i��iMrtftffn'(j]d-��..- Tiie- hXiM
jtei'^isfs -"'iltt*'t' - it ' '}< it'iti -.i-wi-fbii'' :'"'
io.kIi si  luiddle  ground  si^; 'enf.-nr  ;.i
jlliftii/fiigh. eoiiv-. .
prisoners under. I
'i cut :mi'e'e;i!cni.. 1
������\-.-z\ ��� /;���-��� vi,s;:--��� ���������....-y: ���;.?...-. yX.<:X':yy:X::X:������
:\V~..'.N*,>".L\. .14v3
vvaii'^ pease.
Til"   \inso .i.,(jini'in:i!i ni   will   now
��� pi i>0.'>. d to di,'1! a replj id the \l,"ir-.
v^hii'i '.\\'\ coiit-iin < ouivm 1'Opo-..|t-
v.i'iti:i thi1- li!lj;:.lii"n-, rs ili'i in d !,���>
1 L��_   _������o.uh!.'- deba'e.-    ,tnd   .Aidml,'.'
1 ni-]'rP<"ii:��i>'''>iiti-i'ih',_''' pa^'^il' h\-'Vi"/. .>-
>.*-mbU.'- ttl'!' h dcnsind >iri'1 sidn .
'ie uo th_ mincijile-, y.' the n.vii-'rl
tp..'' on s>li ri'ittets smT''<j:tiic Tii:k 7-
, in-ol'iio ind* i>en'7ene.>
iniMitir.i'/s'V'-ei-e itver i.iee.-c'.-. ivt'us.'l j
i.o- rep'asriaif Turl.'i^
?rmi's .of Iii
1 I.onilon ,\ di-p.-stih ti- ljeiitei".-.
tto'.i Con-i.ipiinojde -a> - the N'asion
111 -.1 t'.ov ei indent -< ein> n> 1 ,iu won ,.
( oniplcto , ���> k 'oi > i"i th* i,au-nnne
tic.rj -ruaiinn in th< 1^ 't.tt'b sis An
s.cisi Wl'iie tlie I'Mi.jnivK wori
'ii.ikin- ohjei 'ion- n) 'Iif i;k\ einmi nt
niopc)-,'!^. llie l.ini.lc^ "l CiUif'tr.5
ih�� ir   -'spi'io, '"l      i'P I   silill ejned    Mtc
Wit It
;PaWS5i*^|:'init.uiff= -"a
ta? Kif��a;
,' ^-ndoi -^d
-bring home the bacon;'collar the blue.vase,
. /;   carry the message to Garcia, etc. 7..;.
jTTIiIVR.o.i7'-iits.:.tiiH of/energy aiid/
oil, ..vill put 'tlie pep., into-you "
flisii ninkrs'win.iin^plav.t. ..LVe vini-
like-it in'joiirJn'isin'csS; too..' .-'.-/
. On?-jnin'dtTil. sind/'f or-ty-ilVe-.i-al-'
ories'nf .nicrjiiwnm nurnmwit hi every/'
.liitlt'.-ii.vc-cciit' red hox.thsitn'du sec.    ���
.-'/,' Cohics - from" .fruit 'siijjsr /in  prac-.;.
'' t ioaI ly, p red i^tf d f orm-~lcv 1;lose, ."t hc V
ycicnti<ts" call-it���so', it"'goes- to work
almost im'incdfiit-cly.-   Rich in foodr':
.iron also. V ;; "-.-   V   -      -"',:'   ;
Try*the<c little niisins when ypu're.'
liungry.'lazy. tircdor" f.i:iit. . -See' ho\y -.
thcy pii'k yotf upsmd 'sct-'j on'.m. your --'
"toe?.-     ...".,     '-      ���   ."-..    -. . - ���
" Between - Meal"
5c Everywhere   .
���ml ��T��*wwa��wiin����'aMii.H.��yj��.-�����
's $t.c>o a year strictly in adraaee, or
52.50 when not paid for three aonths or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
t'ae United States $2.50, always in ad-
.Oeliusjuent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Cos', and Oil Notices    7.00
Betray Notices , 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal 'advertising, 12 cents a
Une first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
:��ach subsequent insertion, nonpariel
itisnsuretneut.       c
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
���tic inch each insertion.
Business"locals I2j4c. a line each insertion.
St. Patrick's Day
"The day set apart for the commemoration of St. Patrick deserves
more serious consideration than
"the tvearin' o' the green."/for
St. Patrick was a notable man, a
devoted missionary, a true poet
'cr.fi a-great Christian. He is not
Xy exclusive patron of one land or
ij(.nomination but has left a heritage for'all Christendom.
His biography repays study'as
-yy example of a man who broke
' --���- invidious bar of adverse cir-
"���'ircRtauces  and  won  his  way to
room   and  influence.     For  six
��� ,irs Patrick was a  slavd  and his
..���r'-ly travels were undertaken  not
from choice but first as a  captive
and afterwards as a fugitive.
��,e. Patrick was an unselfish
missionary. He had learned the
truth of Christ's gospel and he
could not rest uutil others had the
opportunity of knowing it also.
With none of the modern aids of
printing or transportation, he was
���ib]?, io evangelize a large section of
'c's adopted country/ ':,' Born in
' v.cat-laudi,   enslaved     in/Ireland,
��� iducateiriii' Britain,' jn a dream.he
' -.l!'e;>rd the-voice of the Irish; saying,
.. -''..We-7pray .thee, ^holy; youth/ .to.
. coiab;    and '-'henceforward   ..walk
- among us."' "'
-;'.-7'He-also-'-ranks high  as/a  poet7
His great., confession   of faith, and
: his.poe'm tibrica.or .."Breastplate"
"composed"', while ; facing- trial,  at"
...Tars', ara examples of the contribution -.��_ beautiful language - and im-
. pi'isaibo"ed .feeling toVChristian der'
Vyj.ies'&l literature.    The man who
could'- compose such. poems, -must
7 hav.e'be(_u'a;great'Christian.   ������'���)���
.-'-. It"is' the-, tragedy - of, the  real.
- memory - of/ St. /Patrick, that tradi-
' tioji'. -and ^'.superstition" '.' gathered
���around his" same obscuring his.
.; place in Christian-.history; He
.- uhalienges'. us', today by .-his conquest
-;-'Christian-faith and  by 7 his tireless
: missionary zeal; ���  So /while sham-
��� racks.' -are ���; in   evidence on March
��� '��� :1'7ih;,7inform ation-..as . to.7 the, re'al
7 ���_���:���. Patrick may spur us:oh. to truer
"-.CVr-fstiau"'service..'.'fr''The; Teach-
V -Xx AlontiilyW.;,. 'X)X. WV '--"'" 7
Fort William.���The contract for
the construction of si building to replace number fi1?e freight shed, was
awarded by Ca^adi'in Pacific Ksiil-
ivay officials to the Cr. ' ������n'-Hall-
A.ldinger Company, of Winnipeg'. It
provides for two fire .walls which
will divide the new structure into
three compartments.
The new dock along- the new shed
.vill be of concrete. It is the present
intention to use the end of the-shed
nearest the Canadian Pacific Railway subway for the handling' of
local freight instead of the end nearest the city subway dock as was the
- with the old shed. It has been
decided that the new arrangement
will be more satisfactory to company officials and to concerns having business with them.
Discussing the new shed to-day,
D. C. Chisholm, division superintendent, said that the new structure
would be of frame construction very
much like the shed it will replace,
aside from the fire walls and the
concrete wharf.
Rei.frev.;:. Ont.���Mr.'-' Ritchie,-' the .
:i'ion.; a-...nt .of. iho. Canadian';Pa-.'
Xx Railway,' has'.'.received instruc*.
mj from  hofidc_uarters '"to  rigidly"
sCo'rc'e the no.'tr.espassing'order on
e;property-'of".this'.company;.'; This
particularly in-reference -to.peo-V
���" walking down' the railway track.;
.ion- aceider.ts.-. happen. it ...always'
t-.1!._ si .trouble' to thc company and
V'yV there.,' have- been '.complaints
;.f "C'-cp! ;cliil'dren have been using
, "rs.'lway ;us a "thoroughfare. ;_.-..  .-
V'a-jc.'oByer.'��� "I' have been -in- the
��� r.'r.and. the Pyrenees,'but I have.
'���.���if ejcn anything "that can .com-.'
,-:>-i.h Banff,"/said William Fa-'
?I'.ar.,:,    famous   -English    actor,
VV '^taking- .at'Hotel' Vancouver.
...--. isivcr'shasn. spoke of the" woa-
/-' 7 ''"tr-rr.ationhl dog races staged
:;��'-.V\.-:ntsr carnival,, and said- that
./iva.;1;oil ..special..invitation visited
Tivat'rhotiph. picture, plant---a. -
��� Jiahi.
( In-ereirsere,   B.C;--Ah' approana-'
t:bn-had been passed for the building7
of a (j^pot at Lake Windermere by
t'::u     Canadian     Pacific ,  Railway.;-
'���X'X  "'inderrner'e is the.depat for
1.-'.". X.'yXii of the Lake Windermere
<��� yXX:...   It enjoys the distinction of
t'���'":/  tr;c only station on the Lake-
"::__���;-mere   branch   between- Gol-
f:���-. and Fort Steele,"which.has en-;
-< --���<:_��� the benefit of an agent since
.'.. V.ir.ber.   1914.     A -modest  little
��� :rtr.b!e  depot,  a" box-car  en'.the'"'
.r.c.-nd,   has   done   duty   all   these
..-.*������= but with the proposed opeti::
.._' of the  Banff-Windermere road.
p-  i'yyj  thirtieth-of June,  it is no
(.-.���'.bt thought that it.is time the
CiJ i-ox car took a move.
���:__     '   .  �� �����.   t .
Winnipeg.���Under the auspices of
the railways, the provincial government and livestock associations of
the province, two livestock improvement trains, similar to those which
toured the province last year, will
again be operated in Manitoba during the coming summer.
The 192M trains are to be known
ns "the Livestock Improvement
Trains." They will give attention to
the following departments: The
benefit of improved quality in cattle: demonstration and sale of purebred sires, both beef and dairy
breeds; the production of fodder
crops; the dehorning of cattle and
other work in connection with the
cattle industry;" the breeding, feeding and marketing of bacon hogs;
the demonstration of desirable mutton types and docking and castration of lambs; demonstrations and
lectures on poultry raising, with the
selling of eggs for hatching purposes; home economic lectures and
demonstrations for women and lectures and education motion pictures
for girls and boys.
The dates for the trains will be
from Monday, April SO, onward for
four weeks. This will cover about
the same dates as last year which
were found very satisfactory.
Olt.T.v:;.'���The Canadian National
i'.siks "ranch of the Department of
tho Interior is commencing the con-
si ruction of a hydro-electric gener-
r.tinp,' s!ation in Cascade creek in,
Ksuft'f'National Park to supply light'
end power i'or the town of Banff,
-\!hc_-.;.. The dam at the outlet of
.���Vaks Minnewanka constructed in
1'jXI to provide storage facilities,.
v.-ill be utilized and will ensure 0|
steady flow of water for power piuM
poses without further impairing thai
.ci-nie attractions of the locality.1
F.k-etric power for Banff is at pres��j
inc obtained from the steam plan!(
of tho Bankhead Mines. The work
will be undertaken by day labor.
While We Have Them
Vv'innipcg.���Seven thousand cars1
:�������� grain have been loaded between
��->pt-mber 1, 1922, and Feb. 1, 1923,
fer the western coast by the Cana-i
dian Pacific Railway. This repre-
���rc.ts 10.234,000 bushels of grain for;
:::port from Vancouver. The ship-!
DU'iit.s comprised G.175 cars of wheat]
1G2 oats, 10 barley and 50 rye. Ex-',
ports from the western coast were
r! "stiiied as follows: The Orient,
R:"Jf;,SS0 bushels, and the United
Kingdom 9S7,005 bushels. As at
January 31, there were 900,000
l.u:die!s of Canadian Pacific grain
i:i die elevator sit Vancouver arid 500
cars in transit carrying 735,000
husho!:--. of wheat. Thc present movement west is averaging 25 cars si
Ottawa, r A constantly growing
apprecisitirn on the part, of Canadians of their 'national parks, evidenced by the continued increase in
thc number of visitors in the last
year, is emphasized in the report- o;
National Parks Commissioner J. B.
Harkin. Visitors to all Canadis'in
national parks during, tbe year in
question were estimated at 160,000,
of whom more than '71,000 went 10
Banff. Foreign travelers to the larger
parks were about 65.COO. From an
economic point of view, on a basis
of .300 spent by. each' fcreign visitor
while in Canada, the national parks
accounted for an indirect revenue of
some $19,500,000,' which amounts to
about $2.22 per capita of Canada's
present population. Other revenues
from the parks, in the way of timber
sales and concessions, accounted for
$72,000. Total appropriations for the
parks last year were $966,000.
There's no one like a mother,.lad,
To comfort all our pain;
There's no one like a father, lad,
To make one smile again;
So while we have our mother, boy,
Let's drive away her fear;
And while we have our father, boy,
Let's fill his heart with cheer.
There's no one like a mother, lad,   .
To keep us pure within;
There's no one like a father, lad,
To warn away lrom sin:        ��
So while we have our mother, boy,
Oh, let us not rebel;
And while we have our father, boy,
Let's heed his warnings well.
The time is surely coming, lad,
When mother will be gone;
The time is surely coming, lad,
Of father's passing on;
So while we have our mother, boy,
Let's make her spirit blest;
And while we have our father, boy,
Let's be our very best.   ���
���Amos R. Wells,
Seeds for the West
Selected. Early,   Hardy.  Productive
varieties for Field, Garden and Lawn.
- Write for Illustrated. Catalogue'
SEED CO., Limited
Tbe Ledge cau supply your
every need- iu the printing line
and at prices consistent with
first-class work.
The  Ledge has  always   room
for one more ad.
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars. Garage in connection.
D. McPHERSON        - .    Proprietor
ASSRYER        "
E. W. WTDDOWSO.N, Assayer and
Chemist, Box BH08, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver J1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., en application.
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material  guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
For Spring and Summer
Splendid Assortment, of New
Samples Just'Arrived    L
Call and see them
Tailor andllCleaner
���nil ���Nimr-mrtT"t-����������~
LIMITED (Nod Personal Liability)
Under and b.v virtue of a Writ of Fieri
Facias issued out of the above Court, dated the
8th day of March A. D. 1923, and other executions to me directed, I have seized all riifht,
title, and iuterest ofthe Defendant in certain
goods and chattels, a list of which may be seen
at my office, and will offer the same for sale at
ray office Court House, J_riuid Forks, B.C., on
March28th, 1923, at the hour of 2 o'clock in the
Terms of Sale���Cash. "���
Sheriff of the County
of Yale
Tiie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Departinen
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   of    Gold.    Silver,   Copper,    Pig   Lead   and  Zinc
(1) Winning, team of; Quebec Dog Derby.���(2) "Spectators7 at the course ~-.(3) Jean Lebell, the .winner/receives
���;������...- .7... ���-: ���   .  V   V"-Y .-.-'���--   V. V     . the" pri2e i'rom Mayor Samson. 7 '- "���_;     X. X      ���_��� '.: -.-���;.. V'
'Ti-IE racing'oi dog'teams, in-sleighs-
V*.' " is probably, not ari.anc.ie.it :.fprm
: of;sport, "and-'more.-probabljv-stilI;"il
.is-a sport .that -.caiiie "'first into b cjng
��� iii our-own country. - It is pretty sure
Uiat prehistoric.man had-ji.is.'friciiilly.
.'dogs to.help him. rim.down.his .gani'c
-and. warn him-of the app_roac)i... of
' enemies -and" .perhaps -.,'served '- .some
,. small'.purpose- as' a hrast- of burden.
"Modern .days, have seen; dogs Iw'nliiig
: carts Vthrongh .the .streels o.f, J.Kuro--
".pdanVtown's and'when the. white, tiian
:: first'icatrie 'to{.Canada the. Indians of
the .phiins hariicssed .hiin as' thcy- did
their, horses -to,. .���Veoiiplc-of;;poles- on
.'which were-placed articles they wish-
- crl to convey fro in oiic'camp'to an-.
other; J5.T11'1 the- Afctic-jlhe'-'slfi glt^was;
: the-.natural .forrii.' of- vehicle  and- the.
v development- .of . the '."Jluski'c" froni
the wqll' was the natural'form of evolution. ' The dog,.'performed.a''great
tvor.k'in the opening1 :up'of 'tlie-N.orlh
to civilization. .Travel and trade.depended, .entirely.'iip'bir him and he did
his work well. .-Tlie. natural -in'slinct.
of the white, man-towards sport could
only result- in "the development of
dog team racing aiid thc interest, in
,the sport has sprca'd until, no .'winter
.''; carnival in ...Canada". or. rtheVK-Nor.thcf.i.
. States :is';-complete without"-at."   least
- one-dog-race; X' '-,   --"', -   .... ..--'
:; -��� The    Eastern ������ International   -.Dog
'���Derby held in the   ancient   city    of
��� Quebec recently was' a curious instance ofthe fascination this-sport,
has; for a.U kinds- and; conditions  of
���men. - Never since-the days:- of 7 the
-.war   were   there   gathered .i/on.- the
���' streets 'of that .7city"'such" crowds .��� a_-
-were there to see the dogs start and
.. ^finish, arid the dramatic'incidents ,'of
.  th.e race were followed . byV crowd?
'. around the bulletin boards.of,, the city
vasreports came in by telephone from
���various "points along the route of the
races. -The race .-was,; ran . in'   three
heats, the distance.averaging A3 miles
ca each dayVwliica vris by. c<? rnesn5
;i. hard day's.woik for the dogs; -The
total distance urn was 131 miles', aud
the 'running- time taken' by the syin-
"liiiig;-teain -.was 15.50 hours'. The
.taceVvas won .by J can' ..cbcll-.and his
���five.;-dogs, a, team "belonging to the
IJrown"--Corporation- of ."Quebct:, and
one tliat-earns, its' livelihood" by carrying .mails, and-supplies into the coin'-,
panies'. northern camps..-.-.'.' ''���'���- ��� ���
. .-.Tliat." is thc-'bare story; of the race,
easily, cno.tigh told, but it is-not so'
easy. toVlcll -.of the 'tremendous interest tiikciriii' the race''.by-Ihe people, of
-Oiicbec-aiid'thc. lumdreds^of" visitors
.-who' had come from'all over .Canada
and .the 'United States'..lo .witness^il/
-The.'-'Grande-'AUec,. Quebec's.' show
street, was Vevery day lined ''witlr
thoitsaiids o'f. people to ..see .-the .dogs
..fart and finish,'.and-if .half thc; pro-
-.iiises. madeVare lived :up to", another
year-will sec hundreds of dog'-tcams.
owiicd'~and. trained, by -Quebec's .citizens,, purely fdr'.the lovcTof the. game.
- Jean.-' Lebell^" the-.-winner, had un-"
doubfedIy thc best team for that kind
'of a race. Only one term could exactly describe them���they we're, riion--
grels, and' there's . much.' to 'be: said
for. the.niongreL.if the breeds, that
make; up his-varied .parentage are* of
the-:right.sort:'.-Jean Lebeli's dogs
/wcre.-.Iarge.y. Great Danes, but here
and there/ there seemed to be a
touch of the bound or even of the
greyhound in them, and that may account for their speed. The one Unit--
ed States entry in the race was a
magnificent team of huskies that
owned Labrador as their original
home. They were' beautiful dogs,
but they were not in good shape, or
perhaps the story of the race might
have' been' different. ���
-: On each one "of the three.racing
days'Jhe dogs came "from the .staples
fresh and eager'for,-the run. They set
out on- the course at, ten. minute intervals, and as each team shot away'
from the starting poinf it was given
a ? splendid send-off. S .The ������ finishes
were much more exciting, and that of
the last day -was. particularly S07-. Oil',
"the-first two da'j's Leli'e!l'h';i(lVfiii.ishcd ;
first,  although' others "of   the    eight;
.competing' feains' had  started.'.-ahead,
of hini:'   On the final heat.-he staffed-'
last. .a"ud;-would, have���._finished   firsl"
but, for  aii   unfoVtunate. accident: -
:' ��� Another,. Ill own ..Corppralibn team, ,.
driven  by jiiii.'jSkcenc  was.the' fiist
fo'api)ear.  ''it'had started .'seroiul,' 'but,
passed.the /first. early ��� in.-tlie"- race,-.
and'Lebell folowcd about .que miii'uie'
behind. ��� "All" through- the scries, i^tv
bell   had. saved   his   dogs   by   taking;
them out" of.the- harness' alternately
and giving thcni. a rest-in the shigh. ���'
.He had:niadc'a bet thai he-would for-
-theVlhinl.' time ;be   the. first   in "ilie
stable:' When", about "four miles from
tlie finish and going'strong one-of his
dogs'.suffered a cut foot.   .There was .
.hard going ahead if that bet was.to
be ��� won,  but   Lebell  never,-flinched..
The dc��0'-came out of the harness,'his
foot was bound up. and,-.: wrapped in..
Lebeli's coat, he 7f in [shed the ..rest of
the,journey ih:the sleigh," and-if "ever"
a dog looked "ashamed of himself" as
Ids comrades pulled to victory,', that
dog  was   the   one. ��� '��� While - Skeehe
.beat   Lebell   to   the ' finishing;   post,.
LebcH managed to-get into the stable
first, and so won his bet. ���
Lebell is a French-Canadian with
a fine war record, lie arid his dogs
are inseparable chums,, arid- when it
comes to endurance, the man is; about'
as good as the dogs. He finished
the race running beside his' team and
doing a good share of the pulling
on the sleigh. He is to-day the hero
of Quebec and the $1,000 prize and
"silver cup,, which he won, is but a
small part of.the glory that fell to .
him.. ,
- Another-international dog race, is'
practically- assured for Quebec 'next
year.... The-Chateau Frontenac for-
this occasion housed a brilliant gathering . o! guest's who were interested
in. the race, and some of these have
i announced "that they will see .that
! the United SJates is 'well represented-"
Palaoe Livery  Stable
Express and Heavy Draying
Auto's and Truck For Hire, Day or Night
We carry
Tires, Oils, Greases, Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13.
Residence Phone 3L
I For Good I
���>^ -. ��� - ��� - jjz
*r* ���'���<������
1 Job Printing 1
ss ' .... ���'..-���"       ,        ^
^ ���-Economy and Satisfaction |j
% combined with Promptness 3
B are the features which go to -3
^ v v    make up the Service we give 3
^ our customers.     Are  you -3
S^     --.."'.'"-';-.' '���'.-���. ~~2
^ 7 one of them?  w 3
i7'WElPRINT;v^:vv^'--v x-1
Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
;, (Ruled or Plain)'  -   ,:V.   ,'���-"..     ;. -"-. .  ������'.''-' ���-���- '  X   ���-.   ^
JEnydopes,! Bj^eads,;^^;i.v2:3
V" V --'7":(A-11 Sizes). ��� - .   '' . 'XyxX X - [^j*
Statements, Business Cards, M
.-       .     -"-- ;    ,-     '"-' ' -    , -..- '"    .-'.'.: .i      _ -"'���."____'
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc^ 3
'-.'. ..'.' ^;�����."- ���- -- ."���--. -~-��
L^dffe       PHQNE 29  V |
B:    GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department :;-"���.'3
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price   of first-class   land
reduced to $5 an acre;  second-class to   *
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering
only, land suitable for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties'of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value Of $10 per acre,
including clearing and- cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum aud records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record-same will operate as for-,
feiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including- 5 acres cleared and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, withoutactual occupation, pro- .
vided statutory improvements made-
and residence maintained on Crown
granted laud.
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling- residential and improvement conditions.
��� For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding   40 'acres--
may be purchased; conditions include ..
payment of stumpage. ..       '
Natural hay meadows   inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased;
cpnditionalupon construction of.a road' ���:
to them.   Rebate olTone-half'of'cost.of'.-".
road, not exceeding half. of purchase
price, is made..     .    .;������-���        .
The scope of this Act is enlarged, to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the"heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor Trriay apply for title
under -this act is extended, from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the .present war. This'priv-
ilege is made retroactive.
-No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest orr agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from  env-
listment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision   made    for   insurance'   of.-
Crowu   Grants- to   sub-purchasers   of
Crown Lands, acquiring .rights from
purchasers who failed to-complete purchase, involving forfeiture,  oa fulfillment of conditions'of purchase, interest -
and' taxes.   Where sub-purchasers do
uot-claimwhole of original parcel,-purchase price due and taxes  may', be distributed  proportionately    over, whole '
area;.  Applications must be made by:.
May 1,-1920.' ; . "  -.'    .- 7-
... GRAZING    '.'..
���'.."Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of.livestock -industry; .provides; for... grazing districts -aad range V
.administration    under "Commissioner.-;
Annual gracing permits issued based',
on numbers.ranged; priority for established owners."-Stock owneru may.form
Associations, foi" -range' management.'
Free,   or partially ,free,.Jpermits   for .
settlers, campers or., travellers up to ten,?
head. ''  '���'.-' "V   -.   " -. -���     ���'���[
The Mineral;^
y-X    Has prodaced-Minerals valcied as follows:  .Placer Gold, 876,177,403;-Lode    V
.. VGold, 8105,5:57,977; Sn^^^
: 7 7/7   Zinc, 821,884,53.1 ;-Coal and Coke,;8225,409,505;- Building Stone, Brick,.Cement,"'-'--.,'   X'X
-...;." .834,072,016;   {Miscellaneous^: .Mmerale,V$1.210.639;'V'-'iaiftkingv/ittf'VMineral; 7-V x
'Production'"-to the end of 1921 show;  x)        V . -; '    7 - W  '.--'- Xx"
:; ht A^regatevyain^of-X$7i^,259M9xV:txy,
Production itir tie Y^
The   Mining   Laws of this'Province', are more liberal,; and the. fees lower,. -     .    "V
than those of any other Province in the. 'Dominion, or;any: Colony iritheV British
Empire.'1' -- ��� - -...'-' -.     - .���'.__   -.; 77-   .'-."V "7
Mineral locations are granted to discovereris for/nominal fees,
Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing such properties, the security
".    of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Fall information, together with .Mining Eepbrts and Maps, msy be obtained
X gratis by addressing��� -
".:-' -. '���.' . "   VICTORIA, British Coiirnifeia. ���' "���
- t.
���3 j


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