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The Ledge Mar 24, 1921

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J    It
;Provincia! libr
*t. -
No. 37
House Furnishings,  Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
We can fill your wants for:���
'Also a full line of
LEE & BkYAN   *    Phone 46
Just Arrived A Large Shipment of
Neilson's  Chocolates
Everything In Bulk And  Box Goods
Goodeve's Drug & Stationery Store f
Before you .send that spring, order"; look over
our stock of
Prints, Flannelettes, Boys and
Ladies Hose,  Etc.
They will please you in every respect
-GREENWOOD; B.C.        ^
" ��� The .WINDSOR   HOTEL'  is . heated   witlT^team
. and electricity.   . Fiue sample rooms.     A comfortable home for tourists   and travellers..    Touch the.
.wire   if you   warn" rooms .reserved. -   The buffet is
"   replete   with   cigars,   cigarettes, cooling ^beverage's,
"" buttermilk and ice-cream.
Ladies   New  Spring
Millinery Novelties
Greenwood, B. C.
. 'r;-yy''.,:"-.' Shamrock Brands ���������}���
;'!:;;V:^^-;/'HAM,-':BACON   and  LARD. / -
Cariiatipn Compound Butter and Cheese
-..:,;'' ..':.   HANDLED-BY ALL LEADING GROCERS ... V 'V
���;,' -V NELSON,:B, G    . ;;,V' -���.<���"���������.
���: js-
Itis always well to .Have; a Sayings
Account upon which interest is regularly^
paid and fronivwhich; you are free to draw
at any time should you,have a good opportunity to .buy stock or feed, A Savings
Ac^ttut is Ready Money. nA
VV PAID-UP .CAPITAL-^--'.;-' y!
V ^GREENWOOD BRANCH, L..E. 'Brawders,' Manager..:
v  $15,000,000
W;;$i 5,000,0001:
A. Coinpltte Assortment.
Wagstaff's Jams and
Try Our   .
Pride of Canada, Pure
Maple Syrup
J. G. McMynri,  Midway
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best Companies in   the World ���
Enquire as to Rates
Ranches  For Sale
Call.And See'
���"���-��� GR����RWO0i>. B:'C.	
Presbyterian Church
s. s.
MIDWAY        .
JO a.m. Service 11 a.m.
S. S. 2.30- Service. 7.30 p.m:
'������   Subject For March 27th:  ���.
"Life- and Immortality"
Rev.  W/ H.   REDMAN, Pastor
| Around Home
Kettle Valley Notes
Frames ,;
.In. Shell or. Nickel
Put up in a neat Spriiur Covered Case
, v;     si.oo per pair v  ; V
Watchmaker,-   Jeweler
For Sale
Five cows, will freshen in the
spring; 2.. Heifers 2 ..years old, 2
yearling heifers. Team of.small
mules: Apply to E. M; Sommers.:
Wesibridge,~B;C.-;;       /     V
For Sale.
Country Club Overland, clover
leaf engine. Wire wheels, set of
practically new cord tires on,rear
wheels. First class condition:
For further information apply to
The Ledge, Greenwood,;B.C.-   ��� V
- ..NOTICE is hereby-': given that the
undersigned' is,; front fiiis datei-.the sole,
proprietor.-of-.the.above : Hotel; 'and'/will
.only; be 'responsible Tor/, debts contracted
by rae;..'";;;."'",'-". ���'���;.,". :/."' \..:."-" ' ' .-.'-''v.*..'-"'���;��� '
'.. "All- -.outstanding: ..'accounts' due ;Carl
Bjbrknjan-ape'jtol>e"paid to me.���'���'���'.. ,'(���":''.
.'���."Rock Creek, B.C.:, Marcb;i'9th,;i92r:\::
_\ ���?��� ������ ;'���';''/: ALICE "MAY RJORKMAN. V
Mrs. Mary- \Harris returned
from Kaslo on Sunday.
Dr. W. H. .Wood has sold his
drug store in Princeton.
Chas. King sold his house on
Gold Street to O. Lofstad.
Pythiau Sisters Party. Games
and cards. Admission fee, wait
and see. -���
Geo. Hartley left on Wednesday morning on; a business trip
to the coast.     V
Mrs. Shambufg, of Portland,
is^the guest o| her daughter,
Mrs. A. N. Docg'sleader.
Mrs. Louise /j?hornton, left on
Wednesday morning for Princeton, where her daughter is ill.
The Post Office will be closed
all Good Friday; but thc G. N.
mail will be sorted between 7 and
8 p.m. fi _
Born.���At Greenwood, to' Mr.
and ' Mrs. Stanley Bubar, of
Kettle Valley, : a daughter on
March 10. l:
Keep the date'-Hu mind for the
Dance in Riverside Hall, Rock
Creek, on May 24.- Bills to. appear later. '���      Z
Clarence Cunningham of Alamo,
has.had his agent enquiring and
getting full information about
the Jewel mine.':
The B.C. Telephone Talk is on
our table.and isV replete with iu:
teresting local scenes taken by
repairman A. N.i Docksteader...
Mr. and Mrs! W. H. Dock-'
steader left last'Thursday morning on a business trip to Spokane
and .returned on^Saturday  night.
Rev'. Father TDocola; who returned last week from a trip to
France and Rome, held Mass in
the Catholic   church    on   Palin.
Sunday. .      .
The Independent Meat Market
is.now open all the time, We
carry only the best stock procurable- m fresh meats, hams and
bacon, lard, sausages, head
cheese," etc,. '
..Chris. Nelson, who has been
with the Powers & Lequime sawmill, Norwegian creek, is now
working for Ola Lofstad, as
skinner, and driving- the famous
horse called :Moses, .    -   V
Easter Services at St. Jude's
(Church of England) as follows:
Easter D.ay���T.Sunday, VMarch 27,
.Evening Service.7.30 p.m. .. Sunday, April 3, Morning" Service
and Holy.Communion -l_l.-a-.in. -.,
V.Capt. S.'-'J.T-Mitchell, who" has"
been.in Ireland mingling among
the Sinn Feiners and taking.his
.hfe.;iri:hi,s hands during the; past
seven months, returned to. Greenr
wood;on.St. Patrick'sVDay.VThe
genial captain . is . glad to get
back to the.land.of-:the -free.--and
easy....,-, -,:���   ..    ' _-.  . ,- y.--~   -.-;.
...Easter and Farewell services in
the Presbyterian, church. Rev,
W. -H.V Redman""is' closing his
1 abors here; and re turn in g. - to- the
coast.. On Sunday evening at
7.30 o'clock.special music will be
rendered by .the . choir, also, a
cornet solo by John FinlayV On
Tuesday, evening at - the farewell
service,.Mr. Redman-will .give a
lecture on "Jerusalem's Future
Glory." The choir , taking .part,
with two cornet solos by. Mr.
Finlay.    All welcome.    .        '-;\;
In. another...column."V-will ;be
found an article entitled; ."Greenwood, Our; .Town,''1, written .for
these columns by "a local resident,
ahdvXheVLedge would just like
to:emphasize as strongly, as possible, ...in the words of > the immortal Shakespeare; (or, somebody) that:, "themes .our sentiments," .V:Our~. town has many,
veryVmany natural advantages,
but the people Hying ;in ;it^make.
the "real" towti���are you;.trying
to make your home town worth,
living iri? "' ��� \;VVV^.:V
��� -'.-The ' Ledge has': always.-;room
i for one more"-ad.^ :y~yy.-
Dad Hopper is getting his tin
Elizibeth polished, up in readiness
for the coming Beason.
Bobt. Bruce is away afe the coast
undergoing an operation for a diseased bone of the foot.
Jas. Warburton has imported a
new stamp puller. Jim says he in
good shape to open upas a dentist
���   '       a
Bryan Palmer and Geo; Whiting
left thp Valley on Sunday's train
for Kelowna. Honest toil is their
object in view.
Miss Welstead, a former resident
of Nicholson Creek, is expected
back from England in the spring.
She will bo accompanied by her
H. (Sheeny) Moll is running the
Post Office and handing out the.
tea, bacon,- flour.and "easy stuff"
for Mrs. Whiting during her indisposition.
The Bachelors Dance was a great
success and the crowd was enormous. Evidently, if one wishes to
get a good supper, the Batches can
sure dish it up.
The United Farmers of Rock
Creek gave a card-party and dance
on Saturday last.: The music was
supplied by local talent and a good
time was spent by all.
_ The K. V. grass hockeyists are
framing up a match for Easter
Monday,, weather permitting. It
is hoped-that Capt. Mitchell will
make good his promise and form a
club in" Greenwood. We're ont
looking for. ehiiiiengeB.-' '���'��� .'���''    '���'"
H; Whiting caught twenty three
white fish of good, size on Snhday
last. ^The fishing here is not exceptionally good. The dam at the
Midway ranch is thought to be the
cause. Maybe the government
will, be approached to have a fish
ladder, put in there.     . -.' ,.(
The 17 th of Onid Oireland was a
dead issue in Kettle Valley;
' - '      '   T) ��� '        ���
"Not a-pint was.'seen '   "'
Not a "Mickey" e'en
On the anniversary, of Patrick.   .
Beef, iron and wine        ..
Was the.'dfink divine
We pledged in, on St Patrick."
Greenwood, Our Town
I write anonymously, so it does
not take so much courage as one
would think. If my identity leaks
out I Bhall probably have to leave
Greenwood by the early morning
train, for being 'over-bold, but I
trust in Providence and the editor
to grant that I may be allowed . to
claim Greenwood as my home town
for some years yet,
; Now everyone knows that we've
got the prettiest little town in B.C.
-We'know it, but we're not nearly
proud enough of the fact, nor do
w.e make the best of it. Some other
towns possess more luxuries, but
its like the plain girl with the
rouge pot and the lip stick���place
her beside the really pretty "real"
girl, and where is she? Greenwood
has -natural beauty. Let's make
the best and think the most of our
little town. We can wander down
by the babbling brook; Think too
of our trees. Where else could we
see the Fall colors and Spring glory
to such advantage as around our
own burg? .We should see less
beauty in the snow's whiteness did
not the trees gather it up and
spread it out before our eyes, so
beautiful sometimes that it looks
unreal. And in the summer time
think of the gallons of concentrated
happiness which would be lost to
the world of men if we couldn't
wander in our shady bluffs to col.
lect the wherewithal for pur numerous brews.
The lakes which are near our
town are more than an aeset. And
we have athletic grounds and tennis
courts in our town too, but again
lack of enthusiasm is proving almost fatal to the life of the game.
Our skating and curling rinks"need
ftto boosting.
I want to voice a '. strong, if
anonymous, appeal for a cultivation of the make-the-best-of-things
feeling in Greenwood. Let's cooperate instead of disintegrate.
Let us get together���there aren't
many of n's left after all. Let us
be broadminded and give the other
fellows opinion a chance,,, and. I
believe, we could infuse lots of
life and fun into, in my opinion
an ill-used town Greenwood.
Mining News
The Norfehport smelter will close
on April 1st, owing to the high
cost of operation and the' low price
of lead.
It is reported, that miners formerly employed by the - Hedley
Gold Mining Co., Hedley, have
offered to rreturn to work if the
mine is reopened at a 20 per cent
reduction in wages.
>Rock Creek
- A very large crowd attended the
jolly Bachelors Dance on Sti Patrick's day in Riverside .Hall and
was a great success. Much praise
isduetothe. bachelors for the way
they ; decorated the hall which
looked verypretty and dainty in
"green and white. VA. gpodl. supper
was served by. the boys and Bush's
orchestra rendered excellent music.
A conveyance1 was also provided
for the many! who,went from Kettle
Valley.. Everyone. enjoyed" the
dance which did not break up until
5 a;'m". ��� "V"   ���-'"' ' ���*'���'��� .'���'":
The charming   home   of   Mr.
and  Mrs.  Geo. S,, Walters; was
the scene of much, -merrimentVon
St.-.. Patrick's.;; Night, when   the
ever'genial host. and hostess entertained their many friends ' at a
real,;.old   "Irish   Night."     The
decorations were a work of art.
Green and  white   festoons hung
in every  part of the  house and
there were many other novel arrangements; '  Each    guest   was
presented with a; beautifully constructed   Shamrock ; and   Paddy
Hat..;- Dancing,  was. the   chief
feature   of-; the    evening.;   there
were .also -many,  amusing���-���'.!competitions -for:;which. prizes  were
awarded.V. It was.daylight before
the vguests .began; tioV think   of
adieu expressed the,.opinion.that
it was the joliiest^party- they.had
.ever attended.-.--.'VV\;'.:. t"--������';''.''. "V,/V
Midway News
Vacant houses are getting -. very-
scarce, in town..
The general store . of R. A.
Brown will be enlarged shortly.
H. L. Jenkins, of Vancouver,
is"spending a'few days at'tbte Midway Ranch.       ...
F. M. Kerby, of Grand Forks,
is doing some surveying for the
Mid way. Ranch.,   V -
The Midway Ranch has received
a carload of. wooden' pipe to'���: be
used for irrigation purposes.   -
..Some good catches.of. white., fish
have, been; made in,, the Kettle
river during the past:week. ". '.'y'~''.
Miss Glendine. Davison j; has returned from a two. months' visit
with relafeive^at Kelowna..
;,,W,G. Stbits.of.Colyiile/a well-
known. Washington traveller, was
here oh:businessi last Saturday. -.
H. A. Nichols, G.P.R. agent,is
on a few days holiday, .. ^'Monty"
Thompson of , Trail, ..is relieving
him.-Vy:���/:./ r. -'V"": V .'V-./.V-', - .-.T.
; :.Mr.-. and Mrs. .Porter1 an d daughter of Mync&ster;. -were, .the" guests
of Mr. arid Mrs. R. D. Kerr, on
R. A. Brown has a contract for
45,000 ties from the C. P. R.    He
expects to ;haye   the   order com
pleted by August.
About 900,000 feet of logs are
on the bank at the Jackson ranch,
waiting for high water to take
them to the mill at Billings.
J. E. Pierce, of Nelson, formerly,
of Phoenix and Greenwood, was a
visitor in town during the past
week, looking over his property in
the vfeiley.   .
, .The Q>; N. Railway has stopped
buying, feies.;; iTie , makers' along
that railway are how hauling their
ties; to.; town and eelling them to
itheC.P.*/-"1- ' -'������-.''    .
Commencing April 1 wages at
the Anyox smelter of the Granby
Consolidated Mining Smelting and '
Power company will be reduced by
25 cents per shift. Wages at the
Cassidy collieries offehe same company will not be effected, as the '
miners work there under a different agreement. In announcing
the "wage cut last Saturday, Valentine Quinn, comptroller of the
Granby company, said that it was
made necessary by the present condition of the copper market.'
"Development work has been
commenced in" earnest on claims,
rich in strontium, located about
three miles out of Princeton and a
large body of ore bas been uncovered, of which samples recently
assayed gave returns of 75 per cent.
Samples uncovered since appeared
to be considerably richer in strontium -than anything previously
found. The discovery of this mineral was made two and a half years
ago but at the time nothing was
done with it, owing to the low
price strontium was bringing on
the market.. ; ~./V.'.-V \"." "   "
Strontium is used in the process
of sugar refining, the manufacturing of powder and fireworks' and.
other chemical processes. It ii
stated that about thirty per cent
more sugar, can be extracted by its
use than can be obtained from the
raw material without it. During
the war the price of strontium was
extremely high but after the arm-
istica the bottom fell out of the
market. Recently, it is said,
sugar refineries have begun to
realize its great, value in their business, and the price is again rising.
It is a very rare mineral. In 1916,
reports only show some 10,000 tons
th i ned but he Nor th"" Amer ican eonV"
tihent. .The principal mines are
in California and Nevada, but
strontium is also found in Ontario.
The first discovery pf strontium
in the Similkameen was. made in
1918. when a party of men. Messrs.
.Meausette, Daw and MickeL staked ,
claims, in   the   Ashnola.    Claims^
were also staked for. half' a mile all
around their original discover}', its
is stated, by private parties in the
interests, /of   the   Stewart-Calvert
Co./,   of   Oroville.     So  interested
was the Dominion  government in
this discovery up the Ashnola that
specialists were, sent in.; to  investigate.    The body of. ore,- however,
was. .'so segregated and^thp haul,
to ; the .railway,,   so    long'' that
practically, no work   was done on
the claims on  account of the ex-.
pense of operating.    '���
Having discovered near .Princeton a large body of pre which is -
easily accessible, the .men interested are working with outside capital
to put in a refining plant here.and
it is expected shat. will be.done a$
an early date. The process of refining is.very..simple.. - The ore is
reduced to a powder ."and then
treated with steam to bring about
separation, after; which it is dried.
Obmmnnicatibn;;has also beeri
opened up with interested firms to
establish a market -.and to ascertain, exactly what is the presenl.
market price of strontium."���8am-
merlaitd Review. ��� I
THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD.     B.
Printed   hy   SpccaaS   Arrange-
���xmnis with  Thos. ��� A3S��3,
Toronto, Ont,
''We will -wait for them here," lie
��aid. "When they land, each of you
-will remain in the position in which
Jie has been placed. .1 will demand
that they throw down their arms and
surrender. If they refuse, and fire,
'we will return.their fire. But, boys,"
he adjured, "they mustn't get past
"They'll not!" came in a growl as
from one man.
"And remember, let them fire first."
Hc glanced about him, and motioned Danny Farncy a little apart from
lhe others.
"Danny," he said���and there was a
note in his voic-e that the boy had never heard before���"to-night 1 want you
to bury nil personal enmity against
Dalton, and fight toe to toe with me
and the others, for our World. Don't
shoot, unless you have. to. God
knows, this thing is terrible enough
to have to do, without letting passion
and bloodlust master us."
"Jest as you say, Dorkin," Danny
replied. "I wasn't aimin' ter take
ftny chance till Sagawa comes back,
"That's right, Danny. Now you
ikeep this position, and HI place the
others. Then I'm going up to thc
cabins for a moment or so." He
reached for the lad's hand and gripped it in his.
^ Fifteen minutes later, having stationed his men, Dorkin went up to
the'cabin. Hc found the patient
much improved, Edna sitting beside
him. Mrs. LaPecr had given over
going to the Settlement. She had
:not wanted to go, in thc first place,
and 'welcomed the excuse of having
visitors to keep her at home.
Dorkin remained a short time talking to his guests. "By the way," he
remarked, as he turned to go, "if you
happen io hear shooting during the
night, do not be concerned. ' Word
has reached us that a wolf-pack is
in tlie region of the Preserve, and tonight we are going to stay awake on
the chance of a shot." And bidding
them good-night and pleasant dreams,
he passed  out.
- As he stepped from the cabin, Willow came from thc shadows and confronted him.
"Dorkin," she said, "is Dalton an'
bis men comin' to-night?"
"Who told you they were, Willow?"
he asked in surprise.
"Nobody told me. 1 know, that's
all. What did you do with my rifle?"
��hc demanded.
"1 put it away,'Willow."
"Because 1  was afraid you might
luirt somebody."   .
-. She   threw   back/her-, head, .:and
. laughed the'oldj'defia'rrt.laugh he used
to hear. .'-." " ���-.    ,"
"Well; why' shouldn't"! hurt somebody?" shc asked.'   ��� "That's what the
.rest of-you intend doin', if you have
to, ain't, it?" .    - ;-
Dorkin.shook his head. "But-you
inu'stn't -run into danger, Willow,, thc
-Wisp," he'admonished. L want, you
to promise ihe that you will go into'
the cabin, ,andistay there" till -morning."    ..    . - ""        '-���-"'    ''-".���
."Well, -X 'shan't'do it!" -���".'.
She stamped.her-foot'oh thesward
.nnd tossed her head;an.grily
I has with him,  away.      You,  Speers
I and Hanlcy,  take  this sack and get
that old silver grey and her puppies.
j You other boys know what animals
l yoti're   to  get   hold   of."
j     Fifteen yards away Dorkin's voice
! rang out.     "Up with your hands! We'
have  ten  rifles   trained   on  you  and
we'll shoot if you move."
A    sound,    something like a gasp,
came from thc surprised raiders.
Then Dalton
bluff, men!1
Helps Irritable Throat,
���neczing, Cong!
Relief   comes   at   once   when you
breathe in the soothing vapor of Catarrhozone.     Once its healing, pincy
voice shouted, "It's ��� essences   strike   thc  bronchial   tubes,
' you reali2e that a powerful treatment
But all, with the exception of him-- is at  work.      Irritation  can't live in;
self and one other, had  obeyed  that j tlie  throat  of a person  inhaling  Ca-
crisp command.
tarrhozone.      It   is   so   soothing,   so
"Bluff, hell!" growled one, his hands warming, so full of concentrated heal-
high in the air. "That feller never ing power that you.get results at once.
bluffs." Catarrhozone strengthens    the   weak
Dorkin stepped from the thicket, throat, stops thc cough, removes that
with presented rifle. "Dalton," he hacking irritating necessity to clear
said quietly, "it's no use, I've got! the. throat, makes even the chronic
you and your band dead to rights, j sufferer realize that at last he has
Throw   down  that  gun." j discovered a real friend.     For coughs,
- In'answer Dalton pitched his rifle, colds, catarrh and winter ills, nothing
forward, faring from the hip. Thej 'ln x^c family could bc better than the
bullet grazed Dorkin's cheek. ) complete   dollar  outfit.      Small   size
Then, cutting the lifting shadows of. SOc  trial  size 25c  all  dealers  or the
the lake, there came a streak of flame, j Catarrhozone Co., Montreal,
and from a canoe, in which sat two ' ������ ...   ���   .
men, a small���calibre rifle barked.
Dalton sank slowly down on thc
rocks, and lay still. The trappers
had stepped out from the woods and
ranged themselves up alongside of
A voice among Dalton's men cried,
"Everybody run for it!" But before they could act on thc suggestion,
Dorkin's men closed in on them.
One of them, however, a big man,
dressed in grey tweeds and wearing a
felt hat, broke through thc guard'and
Using His Wealth *
To Lower Boot Prices
People in Switzerland Profit by Millionaire's Scheme.
A''Ticincsc multi-millionaire of Lugano, named Battist Beretta Piccoli,
who amassed a fortune in America
and recently returned to his native
leaped for the forest, turning at its1 town, is using his wealth to lower the
edge to fire at the men who pursued prices of boots. For some time past
him. They returned his fire just as. thc pricc of bootg in Switzerland have
he entered the protecting timber.        I. , .  ,   x,   , .    Ti ,.      ,.   .,
As the pursuers turned to rejoin bccn so hiSh that m Itahan Switaer-
their comrades, a form reeled back,���'and people went about wearing clogs
from thc trees and sprawled on thc I or patched footwear,    and    children
00l?Il; ,.. ,. ,      I even went barefooted. Signor Beretta
Wall, we got him, artcr al      cried- lr K u~    i *    u  i      i .-.      <���
Pa Washburn. "Dorkin �� hc called, ��� Picc��h b<n,ght who!"a]c a Quantity oi
"when ye get them ycller-backs tied; leather and had boots made in Italy,
up -secure, would ye mind comin'. and then imported them into Switzer-
ovcr here and see if you know who land, where he sells them at half the
this feller is, as we've plunked!" ordinary rctaij prJcc. that is 20 fraacs
lhe prisoners were being securely        , . ' '
bound, hand and foot. or lcss fjer Pair-
At first thc local bootsellcrs took
no notice, but afterwards they were
also obliged to lower their prices to
thc level of his, and now the whole
"HI make up my mind later just
what HI do with you," Dorkin informed them as he turned away towards Washburn.
"Man    down,    you say, Pop?" he
asked as he came up.     "Too bad, but! population of Lugano is wearing new
not near as bad as I feared it might! boots.     This millionaire is* now pro-
in-, ��   !ier.<Vs }l<?'"   . ,.,    ,    'posing    to    import    several hundred
I-f e s layin up thar, jest outside the i ,.��� ���   ,      ��� ���        ,   ,      .      .   .
woods, Dorkin.     Come along an'Til i thousand m0rc pa,rs of   boots   lnt0
show you." I other parts of Switzerland if thc price
flic faint flush of dawn was spread.
He turned .away. ; -All.
... - - ..Willow," he -said.' ��� "Of. course,-' I can't
make you. . But- 'I'.; would 'feci -"so
much better-'-if I knew you .wcrc^safe,"
. inside. ��� T.'iat's .'all:"" ','"'-->'.'"-".'.���.- -. '
; -She caught, his.ar.m",.as.;3ic turned..to
��<*������    '" -'.', ...������'. V-   '-'������ -;- '     '-".=.-'- 'V
"Tm-righl sorry,-Dorkin'," she.,chok-.
, cd.  .  "I'll, go-in.   ''I'll .-do'-what ever'
you say.""".-'"    .'-- V'-'���-...    ".,.--''.���'
"Thanks,..Willow, the .Wisp."-.;/.'  ;;-
- - "Then,'."good-byc, and'God keep you
"safe;"",   .-..._  ',   ���.���';..- ���'..:.  "//.    .<  '   - V
-  She. reached up. and'.'drew..his"'face
���: down against her.-: own' wc.t .chei'k,-'.;   -'
-'   "It's your, leetlc'pal. speakin',. Dor--
Hflj'Vshe' -whispered/'and kissed -.him.'
ing in the eastern sky and the shadows were lifting from lake and forest,
as Dorkin bent over the still form on
the ground, and turned it over so that
he could see the face.
"Timberley!" he gasped. "Good
0 "Timberley!" echoed the settler.
"By cripes! but it's a sudden end to
a chap that's gone wrong."
"Pop," said Dorkin quietly, "take his
feet and help me carry him up to
my cabin. No, not in that direction,
we'll go up through the woods. I
have a reason for not wanting our
boys to know about this."
"All right, ; Dorkin; I've" got rny
half secure, you jest lead the way. Did
yc; say ..lie was gone?" "asked the settler- anxiously. ' , ' .' . '
- "No, he'isn't dead���not yet".' ' Can.
you stand a little faster pace, Pop?"'
"Me? I can go' as fast as you like.
Speed up."., . '        --.-"      ; -    -  ;
.In-a short time they reached the
cabin,- -- They -found- Mr. Dayton ,up-
"and dress'ed; -though pale-'and shaky.
LaPecr's wife- was -trying her'best, to
quiet his agitation..- Edna, ".'she in-,
formed.Dorkin-, in-answer.to his quick
question,."was" in .her room,-and .Willow had gone, out, ,she. didn't know
where"..  ;.    V.  -���.���'.- ���'- '���       '-.. '
Dorkin 'had'/taken the: precaution
to ,cover. Timbcrley's face with, -his
'<handkerchief.-'/"'Beyond, giving- -,the
'wounded/ man . a ' .startled -look, the
banker paid/no attmtioh.-.-..'He"seemed'to- bc in a dazed condition.',. ' ���' -'
;,,,.--.;._;.-/(,.To,be'contiinie.d)   "'  -'".;',
of boots is not lowered there.
"A Feather in One's Cap n
Origin of Expression Goes Back to
Savage Days.
In thc Lansdowne Ms., in the British Museum is a description of Hungary in the year 1599 in which occur
these words:
v "It hath been an ancient custom
among them that none should wear a
feather-but-he who had killed"��� -a
Turk."-, ���'- '-'-.:."'."; ;    ���"
Hcn'ce the phrase; "A -Feather in
One's Cap" came to mean an honor
or mark- of distinction,- and it is so
used to the present day.
The origin of the expression goes
back to savage days,-.-to.-"the    tribal
Tne Experiment
Farms System
Experimental Farms System of Canada Not Appreciated as it
Should Bc.
Remark has several, times been
made in parliament and elsewhere
that the splendid work performed by
the experimental farms system of
Canada is not nearly so widely known
and appreciated as it should.'be. In
The Agricultural Gazette of Canada
for January there appears an outline
of tho system and the tasks in which
it is engaged. The Central Experimental Farm.at Ottawa is the headquarters of the twenty branch or auxiliary farms and stations. It is stated that there is-one farm in each of
the provinces of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Ontario,
two in Nova Scotin, four in Quebec,
two in Manitoba,'three in Saskatchewan, two in Alberta and four in
British Columbia. There arc also
two sub-stations in Alberta, two in
thc Yukon and one in British Columbia. In addition, working with the
system arc tobacco stations at Farn-
ham, Que., and Harrow, Ont. At all
of these experimental and research
work of national importance is ca'r-
ried'on. Eighty illustration or demonstration stations' have also been
established in New Brunswick, Nova
Scotia, Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Each branch of agriculture is dealt with in actua1 experiment, and thc results arc made public through thc press and by means of
addresses, demonstrations and exhibits. In short every effort is
made to encourage, advance and benefit agriculture, thc basic industry of
the country. ���
"97 itch your ehildren's sMna
Boon ai you eeo tie slightest trace
of a rash or sore, apply Zam-Buk.
This antiseptic balm will protect
tie, eoro place from infection, prevent it from spreading and healing
eoon follows.
Careful mothers always iesp
^Asn-Buli on hand for their children's injuries���it ends pain no
Quietly and prevents a��y possibility of festering. Best for cuts,
burns, scalds, bruises, ringworm,
iscalp sores, eczema and teething
rash.   All dealers 50c box.
Alberta Beef
For Great Britain
Alberta Eggs Compete
With the Best
Future of Poultry Industry in Province is Very Bright.
Through a proper service of egg
marketing the standard of Alberta
eggs has been raised during the last |
three or four years to where they arc '
considered first-class on the British
markets and the future of the poultry
industry in tlie province is very bright.
Stockmen Planning to Open New
t Market For Their Cattle.
Alberta stockmen are now proposing to open a new market in Great
Britain for their cattle, whether or not
the present . embargo on Canadian
store cattle into that country is-removed. A number of prominent
ranchers are now making arrangements to send to England a number
of live cat'tle which have been grain
fed during thc past winter, and the
result of such a move will bc watched by shippers throughout the prairie
Under existing regulations the animals will have .to be slaughtered within ten days of their arrival at a British pert. A considerable business,
however, along these lines has already
been built' up by shippers from the
Eastern Canadian provinces, and the
great divergence between the price of
meat in tlie two countries is tempting
thc western stockmen to ..follow their
It is stated that Scotch and English fed prime beeves, are selling at
about twenty-four cents a pound on
foot, a tremendous iscrcase over the
prices paid at Canadian and American
stock markets. As the animals would
be paid for in British currency there
would bc thc difference in exchange to
bc taken into consideration 'and prob-
H. A. Craig, deputy minister of agri-, ablc lo���s -n wdgh{j transportalion and
culture  for Alberta  is  the  authority   ajs0 an  a]iowa-ncc in  thc appearance
I of the meat when placed on thc^.mar-
I ket for sale. . However, notwith-
| standing all this the Alberta stockmen
for this assertion.
"There was a time," says Mr, Craig,
"when eggs were kept on the farm
for a-week after they were laid, and
later kept in the country store for a
week or more, Thc result was that
by the time they reached thc consumer they were often not fit for use.
This condition won for" Alberta eggs
the. reputation of being the worst in.
Canada. The market .service ��� was
established to correct this condition,
During .the past. three- or four, years
thc stan'dard-of Alberta.eggs has.been
raised to' where they can successfully
compete   with, the- best.   .  This  has
20,000 Children Die
Violent Deaths
Red Cross Figures of Fatal Accidents
In U.S. Are Alarming.
Figures compiled by the Red Cross
prove that in.the United States, 20,-
000 children, under fourteen years of
age, each, meet- violent deaths. Burns,
falls, automobile* and other vehicular
accidents, drowning and poisoning
exact the heaviest toll of child .life.
Forty per cent, of the children who
die before reaching their fifth birthday are killed accidentally, while almost 20 per cent, of the deaths claiming those between five, and fourteen
result from accidents', the compilation showed. - After fourteen, accidents cause proportionately fewer
deaths. First-aid instruction given
swimmers throughout the country by
the Red Cross had reduced drowning
fatalities from 10,000 to 5,000 annually, the statement -said.
Itch Cured in 30 Minutes.
Itch,  Mange,  and all  contagious  scratches
on human or animal, cured in 30 minutes by
Wolford's  Sanitary  Lotion.   At  Druggists,
To Open Homestead Land
Government  Lands Which  Will  Bc
Again Available For Home-
Dominion Government kinds within
fifteen miles on cither side of railways
in  Western Canada which have been
held in reserve for returned soldiers,
will bc made available on May 1st for
gencral-homesteading, except in so far
as   thc   reservation   applies   to   lands
withdrawn in the Porcupine Forest rc-
An Engraving Wonder
Lord's Prayer on Head of Ordinary
Steel Pin.
J. O. Lowdcr has on display at his
shooting gallery in Newburn, N.C., an
ordinary steel pin on the head of
which is engraved the Lord's Prayer.
Thc engraving is the work of C, H.
Baker ,of Spokane, Wash.j and thc
job required three years to complete,
according to Mr, Lowder, There are
65 words, 254 lettc/s and 19 punctuation marks on thc pin head, and. each
is so perfectly formed that beneath a
magnifying glass they stand out
clearly and can be read with case,
Blames Unpasteurized Milk,
Thousands of men'and women between the ages of 20'and 29 arc dying'
from tuberculosis because of having
partaken   of   unpasteurized milk, ac-
_...      ., . . cording to a statement made' by Prof,
serve,- the   Riding Mountain reserve, I Fit2gcra]d in a ,ecUlrc tQ the studcnts
taking    the    farmers'    course at the
Hudson Bay reserve, Doukhobor reserve, or any individual    parcels    reserved for the purpose of dealing--.with
cases of soldiers still-pending or reserved    for    other    special    reasons'!
Power also is  reserved for the minister of the interior at his discretion
to withdraw for soldier settlement any j
other areas if deemed,desirable. This .
means that after May    1st,    civilians '
may  acquire  Dominion  lands  within
the 15-mile radius excepting,  in    the
areas   mentioned.     In   the   case   of
newly opened areas, however, soldier
settlers will be given one-day's prior
itv. ,      ' ���;.
University of T.ororfto.
A    stiff   .upper lip has nothing ha
common, with a limber tongue,
who are .making the experiment are
inclined to the belief that there should
be a sufficient spread left to make the
venture profitable.
cust6mJof adding" a new feather    to [been  brought about by    the    cstab-
Grain Movement
At Lake Ports
the head-dress for every enemy-slain,
In Scotland, it- is still' customary
for thc sportsman who.kills .the sea:
son's first-woodcock to pluck a. feather- from; the' bird',;and "stick it-in
his cap, "-.;..,- -
���^'r7T'A T��Trr  -y���W-7--.-    --' :~-v
.- yTo "Ihe-.'watchers in  the forest the
night passed,slowly. -". Midnight came,
but ��� no,V-sign    of the. raiders.'- - .The
hours'.; dragged- by. and stjH'nO'dip^.of
paddle-, came to'listening ears, to vigir
' lantVcyes, '- .no ���" shadowy shapes .of
caiioes stealing across.-the lake.' -"..',;'
:- ".Then,, just as '.darkness, was' giving.
- place.- to -davyir, They- came.' ���   Dorkin,
standing '.in ..a thicket. of birch,; close
. b-'sidc .'.the "'trail, 'glimpsed; them first,
-..and .gave, the sharp cluck of.a part-
. ridge,-..the.signal-agreed upon- to -.let-.
the'other know.. But there was no
".Other sound except :the faint .click of: '<-0 dividends ��� represents
"Outwitting a Volcano
-Open. Bar-Not'.Esseritiai,.to -the "Shc-
-..   -'-.cessfal Operation bf."'a;Large r "''
-.-:'.'.,',   V Hostelry".'  ''-���'.;,';;'.
".. Ic is .inte'restirig-. to ��� learn, in face, of
the predictions.that' prohibitioivof"the,
open':  bar;'would; ..spell  the' riiin.of.
..hotels .everywhere in,': thc   "province;
'that-.the"King 'Edward Hotel;in";-Toronto'has,.-'during the past year,'earned-
28 per.-cent.-, on ..'itsxapital,; these figures being ar-rive'd-".at after ;.providing
for .all-costs;of operation, taxes,'sa'l-
.arics, maintenance;and. all .-expenses
exccpt depreciation,.."reserves,"and any
���sum- that' inay.'-bttoHic-' payable" under
tlie income tax.     The sum applicable"-
14 per cent,
rifle-hammers .being drawn back-, and; on-the investment.     In 1919 the pro-
; jhe-low- hoot of.a horned owl, bblivi
"ous to, their presence.
;, .The ca.rior.s--came on, abreast, five
of them,  with  two men  to a canoe,
fits were $126,111 while in 1920 they
were $284,790. The King Edward,
if we  remember rightly,  was .not  a
-They beached simultaneously, and" the] fir*aiicii��l     success     under     the     old
paddlcrs   leaped  noiselessly  out,  an.di-licen.se system.   " With all due allow-
- grouped upon thc shore, - j anccs  for  excellent  management  the
.',-Once more there sounded the cluck'
"O'f the di.sturb.cd partridge. The little
Owl "gave a startled hoot, and sailed
off 'on soft, silent wings.
' The ' raiders, grouped closely together,-" were,' apparently, rcceiving-
thei.r final instructions from the
Jc'adcr.  .
"You, Bill, Jake and Ben," Dalton
was saying, in- guarded  tones, "look
after firing the cabins when we have
" drawn Dorkin, -and.-,whoever else he
fact seems to be. proved that thc open
bar is- not essential' to the- successful
operation^ of a large hostelry.���Ottawa Citizen,
Air Map of London
Give   Distinct   Photograph   oi
Each Separate Building.
Engineers'/'Trying ,to '.Drain
= ; i Before Next Explosion^ ..-'V- .
;-. .Mi.; Klqot,. :on ' the; island''~of' Java,
has formed., the 'very,.' bad',habit Vof
spilling. down .iupoii\the'"x;p3ains-;bcl6w.
from ;timc.' to,".time -some '38,000,000
tons ;.-of ".water' mixed' "with"."volcanic,
asli'n'n.d other-material. --.:- .-' ,.'- " -..'"'
- ��� ThisV'happencd four,-, times;- during;
the-nineteenth century, again", iti 19_0i
and 1919. ;;/>--.; :"V-.'-'.':... V.���,_.'; ".-."'
During"thc;'time. between-''eruptions
a "'.giant lake forms, in,'the. prater;-of
this'iVolcano and'the water is-blowh
out by the explosions in'.the- crater"
furnacel "���'.-,.."..'':'~.' ";'- --" ',-���.-.,���
;. .Engineers, arc now at .-work- trying
to "drain" this lake against'the time
'of aiicuh'er-,cx:plosion.   ������;-.' -
;Thc .difficu!t"i.e's".;3n-..th'c" way, of'.'-this
daring, feat arc'-.-tremendous,- t'o say
nothing of the constant danger. Notwithstanding all this, a tunnel is being bored through the crater wall,
at thc level of Ui.c bottom of,t,hc
Thc work is now
if it is Micccbsful,
cease to be r. terror
of Java,
lishment of-a system-of biiying-'eggs
according- to' quality, by which, thc
producer got paid for tlie quality of
the eggs hc offered,- -thus" giving.' him
some, encouragement to put -out a
good  product  on   the. market,';
.. -.OwirvEmpire- Prince.- -
Is:.Good-Speaker With a.Knowledge
. .' .of Everyday Affairs. .
Seven', years .ago -the Prince, o f-
Wales .was; .a' subaltern, now he'is a
colonel with a string of hard-earned
war '-ribbons. ���"' IIe;lias made.- strides
towards approaching the'record of his
father, "who is easily the most traveled
-6��v sovereigns---'in 'this "or;ariy-;other
pcriod;.-lie has become/a 'finished public spcakcr,'.an'd-���has'changed from-a"
shy .youth into a", young, man with; "air
intimate knowledge, of "..everyday- affairs," .-immensely., popular wherever'!
.-lie' goe's.VrLbndoii". Daily Chronicle."
Enormous ; Quantity .of Wheat
"Handled, by. Canadian Elevators'.
With one hundred and .thirty-seven
million, five hundred, thousand;." five
hundred ' and ninety bushels passing
���through .its elevators,-Fort William
and. Port Arthur lead all points on
the American continent in the amount
of-wheat handled in 1920, according
to the report issued by the.grain commissioner. , .The ports were-second
in oats,, fourth in barley and third in
flax. Minneapolis came second, with
one hundred and twelve million bushels handled. -
,    B.C. Berry Crop,
British   Columbia's berry  crop'  for
the  1921   season  is  estimated at  500"
carloads ,or 50 per cent, in excess pi
the 1920 harvest.     There are twenty-
eight hundred acres under berry' c.ul
Artificial flower-making is an
which the Japanese excel. ���
ills mi,.
aza '���
Use Bovril in"" your
cooking. It flavours, enriches, nourisiies more,
The   Body-building   Power   oi Bovrtt
lias been proved by independent scientific  experiments  to bo  from  10 to 20
tir.iea the amount, oi 'Bovril taken.
Fruit Juice Factory.;
-... A new.fruit.juicc factory, which will
cost "approximately $150,000, will be
established . in -Vancouver. Machinery for the "plant is now en route. The;
company"/.-has ,a' chain of .factories'
throughout", the .west from. Winnipeg.
- :Some/men- arc poor; rjecau.se ; they
arc honest and sonic, men- are'.honcst
because  they are rich, and can afford
to b6: V.. .-'. -,'-'���   ';.':'".-'-���'���.-" '-'-'���?'"-,
in progress and
Art, KI-oot will
"to"  the   natives
British' Columbia's" Mineral-'Output.'".,'
The1 value, of the;".iuincra!s'''produCt.J
ed in.-- British"-Coluntbia ,.in '1920 "was i
$2,284;312 greater:." than-' in. 1919,.-.'or
$20,5^0,625; " The"; p re si d e iff;;��� '.o i.. t he-
Vancouver Board of; .Trade'considers
these figures- very .frratifyiii'g.iii" view
of thc f;'.ct that,."the copper mines, had
been closed down ;for .'a ''considerable,
period owing to'- ti(e'.\lr.o.p in price of.
-copper.      Mining "prospects   in*. Brit?
So''not- *uff<!��
another day v:jj
It c US ns, Blooding, or rrotni<l-
Ing Pilos.' No
t . ��� anon wiulred
i P'r: Ctift.'.e'f> Ointir.oiit will relievo you at once
aiKl atord' lnM'ing"benefit- COc. a bos: all
���losilera; or. Edman��on; Ilutea-* Co,, LimlteJ,
Toronto,. Sample Y.oi. tree U ��� ycu mention Ulis
\>ap<ir uud enclose 2<s: stamp to pay postage.
? Just Imagine
'i'ht delicious preserves yoii mould, mak* il jfou could w��lk out :ratb.��ii.orchard ol,
On�� -Thousand" AcrtB oi ripe, luscious fruit, in the'pink of condition, .pickitig;oalj:
'*hc  choicest",  using nothing  with  jt  but sure  cone  sugar,  and.;iJ,;: i��: addition,  you
had .me most scientific machinery .to turn i�� cot���Don't you. think. ypur;.jaj)0. wfiiild-'
b��-2ust shout peiiect?- ihir is just tow   ..."..    ^      yi-.yyy':;y,-.:y^
D.' SMITH] &/ SONS,/ ��$$$&
���s     MAKP.; THEIR J^MB AND  JELLIES :^;g;^^Or.^/-:
Tlicy . Were ."th��  first  to. makt  Pure-Jams; in   Canada,  ��a4;; aro iiiU I<tf8ki8
- Its ' popularity.----Try  �� tin of .their new ��e.ison��  itrawberry. -  .It--i.S--.-'del|'cioiiai.jr''.-i"..""^'
- '    - MV your  grocer  lor E.-.D.  Smith's'Jama .-with'the M?ple;:.Leai Oabel;;:::"-.-;
;E.:B. / SmM'':& ^-gons, *��� limited ? ^,S^|fe3^p
. :-'.;...':"..;..':.-;. ������"".'.:.";wt8t��ri ;Diitrih"utors.-.. /',���' .yyyy'yyyyy
���-'' Walton-"&: Tj-u��gd'a!e," Wirstpcg, Hegina and Saskatoon, Sa��k.. ^DossldI: H.";'\P��ilJi;: Co.',;
, ���;.-..-..-    . ; .     Calgary aiid Edijiontbn", AHh. ''���/'*[--yt^i%^$Ti.-'-Myy"irs:
Lsh Columb:
More Outl'nes of History.
Sailor'���"We have just seen some
orangr; peel and banana f-kins floating- on the starboard", sir."
Columbus.���"Was ihcti: any chewing gum?"
Sailor.���!'Ko, sir."
must  pe  tnc
A scheme for a great photographic! Wcs:    InUifts  wc'rC comh'^  t0'  and
from the airi1'? hoped it. v.-as .going to be Amer-
map. of London  taken
Jan:d;-;th.ie;ni0'-"m:3;^itd:^^ fprjv ���-.,":!;'.;��� ;<;V;VV"VV::;7^VV"!:;V'v;V:;?'V.
?^V^|l^h;avev; begun"-wpric.���; ^m^te^ycX':^^��^:B^. ^f^^M&y
^c*i|plJn'eg|eon'n^e. ted;^
=Mfj$$:tm^ kfflpy��j���M*fe^
;3TO3;S9^rc/5��u! e.s faiiS/jr ^(u ii^jfftvijl^;:
mineral pr'od.ucfion'.on a normal.basis
is conild'.nti'y looked for -in. the neat-
future. V - V'.   V    '.-"  -   -'.'"-
Solomon had.,a World-v. iu.c'reputation, for wisdom-but then-{the'.old
gentleman had no youthful college
graduate  to   compete   with,'-
nave no
Clement'*. i
II' '���
[ <-
m T-r-T7i
TT?,T>OT? pT"!"
^W�� �����I^P'H
���r.-..~.~>������-tii'in uniim irfirin mtn i niirrmwriiinri
madies less profit on. lied
Rose-than on other tea. He
Knows 11 is the best quality*
Farmer Finds Coal Deposit American -Ail Pilots
Must Have License
Valuable   Deposits   Discovered    On
Farm Near Adrill, Saskatchewan.
��� What may prove to be valuable coal
deposits have been discovered by J.
F. Irvin, on his farm near Adrill, Saskatchewan. It is said that Irvin has
been offered a- quarter of a million
dollars for his mine. The discovery was made last fall -when Irvin was'
digging'for water.     He came on the
Otherwise They Will be Denied Permission to Fly. Over Canadian
United States'Army and Navy and
civilian air pilots will be prohibited
from flying over Canadian territory
after May 1; unless the United States
government   establishes  a  bureau   to
scam of coal when twenty-seven feet! issuJc. licenscs and re^istcr I)iIots ac"
Taxation in Canada
Third Article.
The more "exhaustively any study is made of the whole question of taxation in Canada, the stronger does the view prevail that .under existing circumstances two main reforms are imperative, In the first place, radical
changes shouldbc effected in thc methods now employed in the imposition
and collection of thc Income Tax in order that a simple, inexpensive and
practical system be substituted for the present elaborate,, expensive and
highly confusing one. ^
Secondly, and even more-important in its effects on business and as a
means of raising thc large revenues now required without imposing too
great a burden on anyone, and to bring about that equality of treatment
which is essential in order to remove existing feelings of bitterness against
all taxation because of so many evidences of injustice, one uniform tax
should be imposed and present levies on business removed.
Is there one simple, uniform method that can be applied which will
operate with absolute fairness all round and at the same time be capable
of producing a large revenue, easily collectible and at a minimum of expense both to the Government and the taxpayer?
We believe there is, and that it is to bc found in a fixed uniform tax
on the turnover in all lines of business. The introduction of such a tax
is growing in favor in the United States, and, to the extent that it has been
applied m Canada, it is operating satisfactorily and with a minimum of expense and friction,
 The plan proposed is extremely simple.     It is that everybody engaged
in business, large or small, manufacturing, wholesale, jobbing, retail, law
below the surface, after' passing!
through a bed of quicksand,. He kept I
the discovery secret until he had some
of the coal tested. It is reported to
be equal to any of the western coal
for domestic purposes. Development
operations will probably be commenced on an extensive scale this
summer. -
Coras Between the Toes
Painless y Removed
cording to agreement at thc recent
international air convention. The
convention, it was announced by the
manufacturers Aircraft Association,
was subscribed to by all the powers,
including the United States, and established the unanimous ruling that
air.pilots should bc barred from flight
over foreign countries until they received government licenses for air
worthiness and responsible operation.
No government board invested with
power    to    issue such" licenses exists
Get busy and relievo those pains
with that handy bottle of
Sloan's Liniment
WHAT Sloan's does, it does thoroughly���penetrates without rub'
ling to the aff.icted part and
promptly relieves most kinds of external pains and aches. m You'll find it
clean and non-skin-staining. Keep it
handy for sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia,,
over-exerted muscles, stiff joints, backache, pains, bruises, strains, 6prains,
bad weather after-effects. #
. For 39 years Sloan's Liniment has
lielped thousands the world over. You
aren't likely to be an exception. It cer��
tainlydoes produce results.
All druggists���35c, 70c, $1.40.
UViade in Canada)
Starting a Home
on $1,000
An Acknowledged Expert in All-
Matters Pertaining to Household Management.
in  the  States, although  Canada and |
sure, dependable remedy | the larger  European    powers    have
such bureaus in operation.
A real,
that has been lifting out corns for
thcspast fifty years will surely lift
yours out. Putnam's Corn Extractor
is thc old reliable corn remedy���it
stands thc test of time and never
fails, 25c everywhere.
Co P. R. Announce Summer
Service to Alaska
Agricultural Exports
Weekly Trips on Same Schedule as
. Last Summer.
Thc service to Alaska for the coming summer which has been announced by the C.P.R., will be a weekly one
on the same schedule as last sum-
yers, doctors and professional men generally, transportation and financial! mcr, steamers leaving Victoria 11.00
corporations���in a word, everybody who renders service to the public and i p.m. every Friday arid ��� Vancouver
Teceives pay for the "same shall pay a small tax on the gross turnover of j it-OO p.m. every Saturday, arriving
the business in which they are engaged. .     ������ , ! Skagway, Wednesday morning.      Rc-
At the endof each month'' everyone who had-made sales of any kiudj turn ing.-. steamers will leave Skagway
whatever would figure up the total amount of such sales, make out a cliequc'j 7.00 .p.m.  "Alaska  Time,"  Thursday,
-for 1 per cent, of the amount, and-forward it to the Government.     AllI that j reaching   Vancouver  8.00  a.m.   Mon- _
would be.necessary would beTor the Government department to comptte a ;' days.     This service wi''l be performed j
complctclist of all persons engaged in business in Canada, and check up
that list monthly, or quarterly, to see that proper remittances of the tax
were being made.      If there is one thing a man in business cannot well
hide it is the volume of his turnover.     Profits may bc hidden, expenses may
bc inflated, camouflage may be indulged in  m  many ways, but  the gross
turnover of a business stands out clear and distinct.     At thc end-of the i
calendar year, thc Government might require that an annual statement of
turnover���that is of gross sales���bc submitted.
Professor Arkell Urges Farmers
Regain Lost Ground.
Professor H. S. Arkell, Dominion
livestock commissioner, addressing
thc agricultural section of thc chamber of commerce at Hamilton, urged
upon the farmers the tiecessityof defeating their competitors in the export market and deplored the fact that
Canada had lost seriously in its export trade since the war. Other
countries were now supplying-the agricultural products which Canada,
should be supplying, Commissioner
Arkell said. " "Canada's prosperity
depends upon, its ability to increase
its export trade in agricultural products," he said/
First Automatic Machine.
Few persons arc aware of thc fact
that the automatic machine was first
used more than 2,000 years ago. Its
inventor was Has, of Alexandria, who
flourished from 117 to 81 B.C. It
was actually a slot machine, which
in return for a coin of five drachms
offered a cup of wine, and was worked on similar lines to thc modern
slot machine.
by the "Princess Royal" and "Princess Alice" commencing with the
"Princess; Royal" from Victoria, Friday, June 10th, followed by the "Princess Alice" on June 17th, and will be
maintained- up to and including .the
last sailing -from Victoria, Friday,
September 2nd.      Thc minimum fare
One per cent, on thc
turnover of all business in Canada would unques-   ^i11 b*) $40.00 ���c ���y from Seattle,
tionably produce an  enormous revenue, possibly more than would bo re
Victoria   or   Vancouver   to   Skagway
"^-i     i       A      i   ir    .��� . '" ���  1.1 re- "". '    tf  i     i,���.���, ���. 4V,���! or $80.00 for the round trip,      these
quired,     One-half of one per cent, might bc sufficient.     But whatever the |       v     . '
amount of thc tax it would be levied fairly and equitably on everybody, and
there would be'no necessity for thc elaborate system now prevailing, nor
for imposing on business'-the obligation and expense inseparable from the
complicated system of returns and reports now demanded by thc Finance
Department, \-  . .'.
Such a tax would bc the essence of simplicity; it could not fail to be
understood and easily, grasped; it would apply to one and all alike,
whereas present systems are distressingly complicated and manifestly unfair
in their application.
The collection of the tax would be automatic and ^disturbing, offering a sharp contrast to thc present disturbing and highly expensive system.
The distribution of thc burden of taxation would be just, falling like
the rain. Those who consume the most and spend most would pay the
most taxes, because, in thc final analysis, all taxes are paid "by thc ultimate
consumer and purchaser.
The revenue derived by the Government would not be dependent uponj
fluctuating periods of. prosperity and depression in business, as it is wheni
based onprofits...   The purchases of thc people will, of course, vary some-'
,what, but the variation is not so great as to seriously affect-the gross sales
'upon which-thc tax would he levied.', .   ���     ".   ' ""..'"''
Any tax will increase prices-to some extent, but. a small tax pn-gr.os3
turnover-will.operate".to cnhanccprlccs. to a lesser degree than do existing forms of taxation now imposed on the business of'the country.
fares include berth and meals en
route, but not while thc steamer is
in port at  Skagway.    '
There will also be summer excursion fares from Skagway; to inland
points via the White Pass and Yukon
Railway. ���
It is .expected travel will be heavy
to Alaska, and anyone desiring to
make thc trip should make reservations early.
Long Standing Asthma,
have suffered so long from asthma
and Have tried so many so-called rem-
cd.es they think that there is no real
help for them. They should rgad the
letters received by the manufacturers
of Dr. J. D. Kcllogg's Asthma Rem
A letter has come from an earnest
little woman, going to be an Easter
bride and contemplating what she
should buy for a modest home.
She writes: "We have just one
thousand dollars. We thought of
placing five hundred dollars in the
bank as a sor.t of reserve or emergency fund and of expending 'the
other five hundred on our home."
And she asks suggestions.
The real home .is a development���
a growth. And with such limited
capital it is far better to buy a few
furnishings of excellent quality and
add to them.
Let us start with the kitchen.
You will want one or two chairs, one
preferably a chair which folds into
a ladder. They may be purchased
unfinished and painted and enameled
by yourself.
In selecting pots and pans go
slowly. When ������ you start, as the
need arises for a pot or a cano opener
or anything else, jot it down. It is
not necessary to cover thc floor with
linoleum. Better wait. When you
have more money to spare you can
buy the inlaid linoleum at about two
dollars a yard. It will last fifteen
years. -
Can Be Quickly Overcome by-
Purely ��egc
table ��� ac�� sure
ana gently on
the liver. Relieve b;!'ous-
nesa,  headache   dizziness sad mdigestion.   They do snesff
umaU PUB���Small ��es�����Small fitted
The Spare Tire
,    .   ���      .      . M      . ���     .,        The next consideration is the bed-
As a Result of Treating the TrouDle    ��� ���   ���    ,    , ,.,..
Through the Blood. ���     r0om>      fwn beds are a little more
The chief-symptom of rheumatism expensive, but desirable. In case of
is pain. The most��successful treat-1 illness one bed can be-moved to ailment is the one that most quickly re-j other room. Metal beds now come
heves and banishes the pain. Many, ;n artistic dcsjgns and one sh(nM at
rheumatic people  suiter    pains    that,      ,   ,    . ��,      ��� ,   , ....
could be avoided by bui'ding up the'lea��t  look  at   them ^forc -deeding
blood; when rheumatism is associated! upon  wooden beds,      But,  whatever
Many   with thin blood it cannot.be corrected   the %vood dT the metal of the frame,
Should Always Be Covered With a
Case for Protection Against th^t
Thc car owner who carries a sparo
tire���and a great many of them do-
unprotected on thc car is laying Up
trouble for himself. Eycn if no more
serious accident happens, dust collects on thc inside of tlie spare casing and is turned to mud by thc first
shov.-cr. Then when thc casing is
called into service thc inner tube will
be rubbed against the hard deposit
of mud, with chafing and a speedy
blow as the result. Cases for the
spare tire cost little, and they should
always bc used to protect and preserve thc spare tire for its day oi
Certainly So,
Teachci (after lesson on snow),���>
"Ae we walk out on a cold winter
day and look around, what do we Bee
on  every  hand?"
until the blood is built uo
Mr. Ed. Hall, Main-a-Dieu, N.S.,
suffered from rheumatism for years,
but tvas: more fortunate than many
victims of the disease for he found a
remedy that so built
cdy from cases once as desperate as i system    that    he    is
their own.      Even  in  long-neglected    '    '
cases this ^preparation brings prompt
Automatic Manure Loader
rheumatism.     Mr. Hall says: "I was j
taken down with rheumatism, and at
times was   under   the   treatment', of |
several  of the best  doctors in  Cape j
Breton, but they held out no hope for'
put your money into the best springs
and mattresses and pillows you can afford. Rather economize by buying
plain white enamel metal bedsteads,
up   his   entire! bijf (10 n0\ consider cheap mattresses
now free from:
Minard's   Liniment
for   Bale, every-
Canada's Indian Population
Estimated  at' 100,000   According   to
-   Department of Indian Affairs/.
Canada's Indian" population is' nov/
A New Device Which Has Been
Built by British Engineering
A new device for loading manure-
into carls or for handling any type of
fibrous 'material has been devised by a
British engineering firm. The complete machine includes a steel frame
platform mounted on travelling
wheels and carrying a- light pillar
crane driven by an oil engine and
winch- mounted on- the-platform. .For
the purpose mentioned the crane is
fitted with a special form of automatic
grab. This grab is formed by-a
scissor-like framework of bar. iron
carrying a pair crT sets of, .tines or
grips, which : are   opened and  closed
or springs.
A   dressing   table  and  a  chiffonier,
are substantial pieces    that    warrant
an  expenditure.      A small chair and
.., -       ,    ,      ,,       T     "* * perhaps   a   willow   armchair   arc   demy recovery from the trouble.    I was     ���    ,, ,~. ���. ,,
confined to bed for three years and a   sjrable-      ��ne or two sma11 ru^s 2n
helpless cripple from the trouble.      I, a  neutral color may be allowed  out
could not move, and had to be turned i of the furnishing money,
in sheets.     My legs and fingers were!     And   then  you  will  want   to  start
drawn out of shape, and sores devel-| .
oped on my body as the result of my ^
The  first  piece
A woman always tells you it is foolish to worry���but shc worries just the
������  ��� ���     ..���������.��������� ���������-    "::~l .=���:������        .����
For Infants and Children
Always bears
Signature o$"
Send   a   Dominion   Express   Money
They   are   payable   everywhere
Present extravagant methods in business would no.longer bcencourag^ states. that tJlc Indians    had ��� 218,024",
-ed by the "desire. to .spend whac would otherwise-become profits subject to;  .'t 1.....1 .:���.!__ :.__ :��� i<v>',-> '.*.Vi- deeply.
���   ,       ,n���n��� ,��� ,    ! by a system of.-levers and unkwork.
estimated at 100,000 according to -the: ���      . , .,   ",.,, - ,   . ' ,
;      .-     .     ,  :,     v,        .        .     ,   io pick up a load the grab is dropped quickly on to the mass with' the
lines'-vertical so  that  they .penetrate
������ When.thc wire rope holding
annual report  of  the Departmcnt-'of'
Indian  Affairs.      The report   further
acres of land under crop in. 1920 and,
taxation. '   Old-fashioned business economy and enterprise _ would    again  th   va]uc pf farm ^0^-,. wds ��3,462,-
cbmc.to the front and .thrive,
sion would return
The old incentive to enterprise and cxpan-
the grab becomes'slack u. weight de-
,,��� .   . .���   ,.., , .��� , ., . -,���.���.,_.    ! scends  between   two  guide's,  locking
147, as against-$3,14^,146 in 1919. The! ���, t      ���,"    . -,'. -".
_ -'.  -    .      , ' .-. - .- tlie arrangement.      Ihe winding up-of
.... ... .Indians.in thethree.prainc provinces:,,  -       -  -.-; '        ,,      '.     ��� " , ,t,
��� . And because the tax load would be.spread .equally over the whole p'opu- | broko 4 500 acres'of land and summer- I t!lci:opc t'Ehtens the tmes -round the
lation, it would be accepted without murmur and that resentment and bit-! f_,i__..-_���!,   ,cVic" _- Vi   It:...".. ������,��� j-load,-which'can be released when de
, . fallowed  15,735 acres,  and  they- 'also
terncss of feeling which now is so prevalent because of a sense"of injustice   liad.17^35 h'ead of stock. .  Thc'value 1
:that while now.one man .pays, another escapes.scot free;"because 'whilc':the
-honest and patriotic man pays the. last cent due from him, the dishonest
���man gets off lightly "through his dishonesty.   ".'.""'
Spool "Machines -. . .
Are ��� Complicated
Only Skilled Men Are Employed As
'.:���'' Operators...--���''",-.'.';.; ���'
" Eight.Hundred million spools,-with"
a.market value of nearly-one' million"
-dollars, arc turned out every .year by
the spool factories in Maine;   - ."White
birch' is. the material used almost, ex^'
-clusivelyin this, industry. 'The machines for -making spools are .complicated iand require; skilled men- in their
operation.." The -spools.'. drop .from'
"���the lathe's af the-rate "of'-one per-sec-;
-ond, ��� and  must be perfectly  uniform
.and true."-;'   Thc finished r spools -.arc
marketed largely, in New York,"Con-.
"necticurWd Rhode Island.     ".'���  ���.���.-;
Canadian Linen Industry
V The-.Vargest ' lake- in "japan:
-Biwa���is .only" '56 '"mile's- long. ���;
If.,the'-; public, .is" willing--to. bite the
'actor- cares"..not "for,-the. critics' bark:
Canadian   Market   Able..to   Absorb
About Ten Times as Much. Linen   .
Goods Produced liocally..
' The-outlook, of the Canadian-linen
industry was never brighter than, at
thc present., time. ���. Approximately
40,000 acres: of. fibre, .flax-'is.'being-
grown in Canada and-the; Canadian
market ..at-the present, time-is able' to
absorb about ten times-as ..much linen
goods-as.-arc'iproduccd locally. -- A!-
-.'ready-onc. big' Irish linen manufacturing firm, thc'Brookficld Company, has
announced its ;intcntion; of; establishing a plant in Canada, probably, in
-Quebcc,.'and to 'e"xtcn'd,',as'-far as it can'
the-"cultivation .of:; flax..for its 'own
needs.-   '';'���-'���     ''. "' ���-������   -   '���'. ��� -.-    '���-".������
of real and personal property in 1920
is .shown- at $67,915,077, or .' a per
capita" value, of $674.43, .whilst, the
average per capita income in 1920 was.
$107.13. V.VV !"��� "' -:"".-"   -   ���_���
-.���Whetvji' wife puts, on", too many-airs
the atmosphere of', the home isn't
what it-should, be.- '..���'-.'       ��� -:'"��� ---'""
��� The. Honest Man.' ./   .;.
;-'Nothing ' more .'.completely baffles
one-who.'is full-of trick-and duplicity
than straightforward and simple integrity "in .'another.;.. .A-.knavc would
rathcr>'.quarrel-with a'.b/other .knave-
.than -a'.- fool, .but hc; would.rather
aVoid.a-'quarrel with. one. honest.'man
than .with. both. -Ilc-.can'. coiubat.'a.
fpol.bymanagcihe'n't aiid'addrcss and-
he' can ,cbiiqucr.���a''icuay'e''by--teriipta-
ti'cns.-V.But' '.the' 'honest V;man. is
neither to be bamboozled, nor bribed.
���Goiton. -'-'.,:"'.'-="'.'
j sired by pullingahand rope. -v About,
half' -a cubic'.yard of - refuse can be
lifted, at one time and the action is
so,simple,tliat .the-grab can be operated very, rapidly and easily by-.' -un--
.skil'.iM- labor.-"-- The:-portubtlii'y-and
case of .manipulat'.on of this,grab will
make "it invaluable where an altcrna--
tivc is ..;dv.sired". to ..the- slow ".'and
unpleasant- job{v of shifting'- manure,
.with 'manual'-labor,'.  ",..- '���: -'*':. ' .
long confinement to bed.      I was in i
this serious condition 'when   a   friend j
advised the use of Dr. Williams' Pink j
Pills and I began taking them.   The |
first benefit I felt from the pilL was
an improved appetite, and then I began to feel stronger, and was finally
able to get out of bed ..nd go about
on crutches.     I continued taking the
pills for months, slowly    but    surely
getting   new   strength," and .finally I
was able to lay the crutches aside.     I
will-always ^ie lame, .as the result of
my long stay in bed my left leg has
shortened somewhat, but otherwise I
am feeling fine and able to    do    my, .      ~.    ,    ,. ,
work'  as   .Fishery Overseer'."  ��� I'may j rnonc>r." for   >ed    Iincn-   and ' many
.add that-when  the rheumatism came -other   things. '   But   purchase 'care-
on I weighed 140 pounds, and when L, fully.- ".���.--- "'*"
began" goingabout on crutches-I only'' ...--.
to purchase is a fair-sized mahogany gate-leg table. Then select a
wing-or fireside chair, This may be
covered in a rich brown denim. It
may be covered and re-covered from
time to time,
- It is always in good taste, and
when the home becomes more elaborate and more complicated this chair
may be. moved to one of the bedrooms. For chairs, look at the rush-
bottom ^Windsor style mahogany.
.   Thisis. but a beginning.     It leaves
HERBS 13 n remedy lor thc relicl ol Con-
Btipation, Indigestion, Uihousness, Rlieuma.
tism, Kidney Troubles. It is well-known,
having been extensively adyf-rtiacd, since 1?
was lust manufactured in 1888, by disliibu-
tion oi laig�� quantities ol Almanacs, Cook
Books, Health Books, etc., which Jre luimsh-
cd to agents free oJ charge. The itraedies
are sold at a price thst allows agent> to
double their money. Write Alomo O. iitiss
Medical Co,, 124 St. Paul Street "Easl, Moa��
real, Canada.      Mention this paper.
weighed 67 pounds.-and -now I am' at
normal weight. There are many;'here
"who .know" and can vouch for the
truth of these statements." . - . -
..You can get these pills through any'
dealer in medicine, or by mail,' post
paid, -at- 50 cents a box or six-boxes
for $2.50 "'from The Dr. Williams
Medicine  Co., Brockville,. Ont.
.' Limitations.
.  As a general- thing, when it comes
up that a woman has "to ask a man -to
.guess her age she "expects.him-to be
least' a gentleman.���Dallas  News.
"Cascarets" II Sick,    .
Bilious, Headachy
- Tonight surel Let a pleasant,
harmless Cascaret work while yoti
sleep and. have your liver active, head)
clear, stomach sweet and bowels moving regular by morning. No grip-
ing or inconvenience. 10, 25 or 50
cent boxes.     Children love this candy
cathartic too.
Women! Use Diamond Dyes
��� Saskatchewan Leads.:  V
NFronv registered and accurate stat- ���      . ,-..,    c,. .���     ^       ^      ,��� . .
.   .   ���   ��� -        ,:      '   .- ,       , , - -        Dye ��� Old  .Starts, ..Dresses,   Walets,
istics, "baskatchewan  leads with  mo- -   ,., Coats<   Stockings,   Draperies.   ,
tor cars per thousand.pcople, avcra^g-       Eadj. package.0f "Diamond  Dyes"
ing    75."    Alberta  --follows  with' 58, i'contains easy.directions "for    iveing
���Manitoba -with
'-On tal'iO-'-Wiwr
Livestock: Calendar
"while  British' Columbia  drops to
.New..-.Brunswick'to.   -22, "and    Nova
Scotia, -Quebec    rind Prince; Edward
Island have 19, 15.and 12 motor-cars |
respectively,  'per  thousand, people.
any.-article of ;woq'1, silk, cotton.-Jinen,
or, mixed goods, - Beware! " Poor
dye; streaks, spots, fades, and ruins
material by giving it a "dyed-look."
Buy, "Diamond Dyes"-.only. Druggist has'Color Card.      ....
Only "Bayer" is Genuine
Minard's' Liniment. For Dandrufiv
. - Peevish,. ..pale,-restle'si and. sick'/
children owe." their-' conditions. : to
worms.,..- Mothcr.Gravcs' Worin .Exterminator, "will.- rclicyc.'-them andyre-
;storc health.'-':-.'      ..-        '    ���"-'.   ���   :.;
Saskatchewan Livestock 'Associations;
-,-j. Sending   Calendar - of L Prize. :
V ��� ���'.-W.nhers at'-Chicago.-'.
;"--Tlie -'Saskatchewan-: livestock' :aSso-
c.iatio.us'havc -cd'nferrexl.a'.rLal  bq'oir.
���iir'seniling a calendar "rcsple-duit with'. ..-.,,      .   ,. ...      ;��� . . ..
... '       >.    " c    ,, .,,"������. ���-    ..-:""-    -! toulcd mav be used as. a-.walking stick,
���illustrations -of-all'the-, prize-winners   ,"���.   ."".���""���:,-,.,.' ���". -
���;   .      .",. '. , "'���-��� ^   ",-,' Ihis -remarkable' tent when set,up is
irom-lliat   province, at   thc" .Interna-. ,..:     ���"���-���--.  ;  .-..-.��� .,..-���      "... .
'...��� i  ..    '        ,., ,   .. :..,   ���    ���    '.. ,.''    .four -fcct "h-.i/h���mst\ big; enoueh   tor
tional show at Chicago last-December-.-1-��� ---���        ���     "      ���- .r-. ���.
'; ;'���     A Coatpoeket Tent.;..- .. ���".,-'
.;' A ten t; which' may be folded upiand
put ..into "a-.-good-sized pocket, ..the
"fabric'bcihg execcdingly thin.-tho'ugh"
. tough:; and  waterproof,-, has  bceti.-iur
vented by an Englishman. .; The-tent
.pole,is hinged iii the ���niiddle/ftuU" when
a"   ������;:'������:-���'    -   ���  .''   ;���      '     ������.'":  s  "":.".".'.'1
s In Favor
:^th iboussaids Who can not drink, '.=y..\
;;^a" jar.^opffee'.^- "'.'���'.'- ./'\;- y-fy- Xy-X !^yy 'i:y
are champions':pf .'PpSTtlM-^
because; it fel^dlJiem d^crf 1r^ i
ble-���-backtp coinfort,
.">..;     -Waiting For Spring. '
" "."There ..-ar.e .said; tp.: b.e oyer 5,000
<ars of "grain on-the C.P.R. -and C.-N.H.
1)ctwcch;-Winnipeg' and- the elevators
It is'a beautifurpioceof" wor,kinan"r
ship and' %yill 'si:rye:.asa"; reiiiindev. o'f
"-how  the reputation,; of- Saskatchewan
is.'in the .hands of the breeders o-f-the
province. '���...- ! ���   "! -.   V,
;'Uud"er a beautiful ^picture,,of tlie
great'gelding "Major," bred by-Swan-
"s'o'n Haqgetty, of",Belle   Plain's,    the
otic" person 'to .sit. in .eo:hfi>ri.":b'_v, ,r.l.'
tl-.ough two ni'a-y oivupy it :Vt'.Y pinch.
Mak'e..-it' Abundant 3. /
of'-Port -'Arthur and    Fort.' \Villiaih."-,l)'?!?uant.F.ent;uce-, "The rc.tuui of-tbej
'All-but/'thrcc-elcvators-in,  the   two. horsc."- is- hciP<;d bY, the breeding of j
porVsVare" closed not to reopen/until   Sidings of size and quality.      Major
their bursting bins can" be relieved at jis sl^owu at 3 vytight-of 2,100 pouiuls.-
-the' opening   of navigation.
������'.-:'"'-,-'.Motors- In��� Saskatche.w'ari..s/':';
y Saskatchewan;_"w.itli S total'of;<i0;32S-j
automobiles'and 424 motor-cycles now'
stands seebndin Canada in regard to [
the.   number   "of . "registered -'.auto
vehicles.    .-'- .,';������,.--,-"-- ..  -".-���-.';
V. .Make Artificial Rubber;:-.;
;'";,Using-ordinary',coal -tar as .a."basis,
a,- factory' ��� in, /Europe. is..;turning'.;out
about, v.200y tons, of artificial;.rubber.
daily;;V; /'VV,-.' V/V/V/; ,?���'��� ':f;)y--
V;'.-Trarrip;���"I :-sa'y,.;;rhister,-- Ic'an't. yer
gimme, a chance to'i. make j; something
.today.?";;:;;.;./ :'-y'&-���'*��?���$' //:-"���;/' "y-
'. ���". Fa'rni ei.;; ~f-'Tss, ;V.;Mak��'y'^JQwitU
. A .Curious Rent,
;/ -The:"o'ddcst' -of all..":the'..queer . rent.<
'on;the' ;,ki-ng....'of:'.England;s.;;reVit7bO,ok
is'thc. on'c 'which rco.uircs"Hhe; tenants
.of-'certain";'.l.aiids near .Dover' to ,-hokl
the king's'.iicad. when he Ji.s. seasick.
As. King-George is-a sailor king, and
.has^traveled "farther; by. thousands ;d'f
miles, than 'any -other,, monarch.'.ori
record,; it -is: not likely. - that ..he ��� will
.Many' odd! ;:ttd bi/."i"rre'us��;s. tVt-the
airplane'- -have, "be.cn " suggested .and
tried' out,- but" the .extermination .of
mosquitoes by'.' their.uses", is "perhaps
.the oddest "proposition-, yet proposed.
This idea" is-' being planned by the
provincial' government..' An .aerial
survey- of- the "Fra?cr -Rivc-r'deita ;,as"
the first step iii-a-'chGme. to Curb -the
annual- siv:tfms of inosquitoer has
been ordered.
:ail' on -anybody to. pay; this ' curious
��� r** I'   '        ...-1.'"-.'-���',   ���        ���','-:-       -   :��� ,v
ent-,..-..   .;,= -���.j-;.- .;   .;-,. ���   . -.���-��� - . ���:_-���������'.?
v.A/looking' glass scl'ddttt;'.s.!i'ows'._,.a
���womari'." as/she;would.'like, to ..,��ce; herA
self/-; V'V/W-":-V!v'':'V' V'-'": '.'��� ������������.!' .-:���--���
_tVvVHls;Francc'Hard Hrt? :,y   ;
'%r,\Vh'ij^".''"v.-e!";.'-;,'l r"co'ogr.iz'c";Xhat .tric-ria^
jtional finances, of France are in a bad
: way, I notice .that licr.Vcxpor.t'-.is, .improving- and. ;that ..she.ha^ scarcely
any'unemployed.'.'' In this country .wc
have over a million unemployed, but
France has" onjy ;.26,Q00,.'and   she ' has
imported'.iarg-e "-numbers of Spanish
and- Italian laborers.���London...Sunday
pictorial,-;;���'-'''.-.'���= //��� v.""v"."/v/,; y-;--~
-.'.The .'eyesVof ���.the,'oirds..; that" fly'7 by.
might?-.are.yusually, nearly!;.double ,:the
:'size of those that, ko abrcad.by ,d��y.
" Wamijigl Unless you sec the nam*
'Bayer" on package or on tablets yo��,
are not getting Aspirin at all. Take
Aspirin only as told in thc Baver
package ?ot Colds, Headache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Earache, Toothache, Lumbago and for Paiiu Then
you will be following the directions
and dosage worked out by physicians
during, twenty-one yats and proved
safe by' millions. Handy tin boxes
of twelve Bayer Tablets_ of Aspirin
cost few cents, Drugarists also sell
larger packages.- Made in Canada.
Aspirin is thc trade mark (registered
in Canada), of Bayer Ma^nfarJiit^of
Monoacrticaridcstcr   of   Salicvliracid.
/.Corns""disappear when treated" with
Hollpway.'s';r.Corn   Remover 'without
leavings-scary'- -/;'\. ���'/.; ^ -.; "V''-'-''-.'""".
Tokyo, is said to have .more book
^ shops/^han^any. iithtr. .ei*y.Vv/' j,"-,;" ������;/���
V.Ini:uedi.itely after'! a". "Danderine"
nassagc, your hair takes on new lifej
lustre and wondrous beauty, appearing twice as.heavy and plentiful,"because each hair seems to fluff and
thicken," Don't let your hair stay
lifeless, colorless,, plain or scraggljv
You,";too, want lots of long, strong,
beautiful hair. - < .; ������'*';������.-
;.- A 35-ccnt bottle of delightful "Danderine".' freshens your, scalp, "checks
dandruff and falling hair.;-This stimulating "bcauiy-tcnic" gives to thin,
dull, fading hair .that youthful brightness and abundant .thickness���AH
druggist's."."*.-.;"-. /���-' :"   V
"California Syrup of Figs^
Child's Best Laxative
/W./H.-U.   I3S0
Accept "California'*-Syrup of Figs
only���look for thc name California on
the package, then yort are s��re yasf
child is bating-the beat and most
harmless physic for the lit!?e stomach,
liver and bowels. Children lev* Ha
fruity ta*te��� Fell directions os eacis
bottle,    Yoe BStssf say *�����^f��rnfe.w If:
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three mouths or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices 525.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Betray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each ad-
dltional claim.) <-,
All other legal'advertising, T2 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising so'cenls
an inch each insertion.   .
Business locals 12^0. a line each insertion.
Of all the holidays in the }'ear Christmas and Easter
stand more prominently on the page of history than any
others, Throughout' all' the nutations and vicissitudes'
that have entered into the world's history during the past
two thousand years the two festivals that commemorate
respectively the birth and the resurrection of the Man of
Nazareth still shkie with a luster that remains unfaded
after the lapse of two centuries..
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Work for some good,  be  if ever
so slowly.
BooTLKCiOixci seems to be one  of
our greatest sindustries.
The sacred festival of .Easter has been appropriately
termed the "queen of festivals.'' ' It has- been observed
from the foundation of the Christian religion, and is celebrated in every part of the Christiau world with great
solemnity and devotion.
Physician and Surgeon  "
Office Phone 90.       Residence Phone 69
,      ��� -' u
"When a  man   lectures  ou   prohibition ho has a dry subject.
Any man possesses the ability to
be as big a fool as he pleases.
When you are sitting and thinking be sure you are not sitting.
It's a lucky guy that can get a
jag on while ou duty and still hold
his job.
Don't waste time finding fault
with yourself; that is what your
friends are for.
Easter was not kept as a festival until the fifth or sixth
century, but previous to that the question of establishing
it as a feast day before the council of Nice, when it was
decided authoritatively that Easter was henceforth to bc
the Sunday following the fourteenth day of the calendar
moon which, happened upon or next after the 21st of
March so that if this fourteenth day be a Sunday, Easter
was not to be on that date but on the next followino- Sun-
day.- Easter da\r, therefore, maybe on any day within
live weeks inclusive of March 22 and April 25. It cannot
happen earlier nor later than these two dates. In' 1883,
Easter occurred on March 25, and again in 1894, which
will be twice in the past century. In 1951 it will "occur
again ou March 25. ' "-
Culanteesi Rotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city. ' Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
CHAS. WALMSLEY      -    Proprietor
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Nicely furnished rooms, by the*
day, week or month
F. Nilson      - ��� Procrietor
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Rrick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG     -   -  Proprietor
. The chap that doesn't mind
wrinkles in his socks has been
married a long time.
A man that wants to find a de-
feet in anything seldom needs to
put on spectacles to-find it. ; .
BETWEENsbmemenand sponges
. the" only- apparent   difference   is
that sponges will take water.'-
The old-fashioned girl;is slow in
starting the use of rouge, but  once
.'she starts,.she makes  up   for lost
. time. - V    ���    "'.'���'- " '..    '
'The girl that marries the roan
because she's sorry for. him generally.'finishes  up   by-'feeling sorry
,fdr:herself,-'���!'." :"V V"- '��� '-.:'. V:    ".''"
!. The next time you see .a. friend
who looks iii poor health", tell.him
��� he's looking fine.-..'.-It ;doesn't cost
"a cent, and if you dbu'/b overdo it;
you -are- certainly." accomplishing
some good.in. the: world/V !'
Tha Easter festival of our forefathers covers a period
of fifteen clays. The week beginning with Easter Sunday
was most entirely given over to sport and games and general merry-making. An odd feature of the old time celebration was that of heaving or lifting, the "heaved" sitting in a chair decorated with white ribbons. Easter
Monday and Easter Thursday were' known as heaving
days, the women sitting in a chair on Monday and the
men- on Thursday. Those heaving or lifting the chair
were expected to lift it three times, and then kiss the
occupant who, in turn, kissed <, them. To the regret of
the lads and lassies in the districts where- the novel ceremony-was'once performed the Custom has long since died
out.' '���������""-..������.-���������.'".-",.' .-     ������        .
All   tlie    latest   methods   in   higli-class
Dentistry,   ���
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -  -   -   B.C.
tors, and when the -late. Lord
Kitchener- was in JTew .Zealand.<he
was taken to it by a pretty Maori
girl who acted'as'.guide: She . told
[���him the whole story, at the conclusion-'the. ,'sterh soldier's face
softened" into "a ' smile! -"Then I
suppose, "he said'-'- it would .-be
highly.dangerous- to. call "a Maori
lady.a little duck." V-V"'
For Sale or Bond
E. W. . WIDDOWSOM, Assayer and
Chemist-, Bos BiioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Cold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$i 25 each. Gold-Silver ��1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead, #3 00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-I.,ead-Ziuc #3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
FRONT ST.,      NELSON,     BOX 865
V  Building at flsoybos   V
'V' '."We   are'.- informed    that, two
hotels are,to be .erected  at. once "at
: Osoyoos, one of. 20 rooms  and   the
other of 40.    It is understood that
'. -local - contractors.; and   earpeiiters
:\have.*put in  a bid .on" the larger
- 7building;.   From  theVsame source
it is understood that much  builds
} ing-is in  contemplation, this sum-
. mer, hot only at Osoyoos  but  on
the big  irrigation  project  that is
partially completed on the   British
-Columbia side of the line.    If the
.   building boom, that   is predicted is
...carried out- that   vast stretch   of
; territory   that    has   been   almost
:  without    a    building    since   the
e.bun.fcry    was    first   settled    will
speedily become covered with, neat
- and comfortable  homes,  and  the
Verstwhile barren country  be made
to blossom like a  rose."���Oroville
' Gazette. .
Group of four' claims near
Greenwood.. ...Gold,-, silver , and
lead property.! Main ;lead 8 feet'
with- several .smaller ,leads'-.,running- . through . properly.. Considerable development- work has
been done, consisting-: of tunnels
and shafts. . . Railway . goes
=thrqugh;one'claim.' For further
information apply to
:���;-.;..   .'.OLA LOFSTAD,   ',.
; y[Xy" ""-   '���' Greenwood,-B.C.
.Agents;! for/ciiey'rolet, ! Dodge,'. Hudson,
^Chalmers, - Cadillac cars',-- -,'fGarage;- in
connection.-   "~~  ' .-������:'-'���'���-=      --     '.'������.
<, V JOHN GRASSIC3C ���' Vv-.-
'. , - ���   ��� ."��� 'Watchmaker'- and" Jeweler    .V.."
.' ���' ������V\ . ;-"GRAND'-FORKS v.V'���-"'','".'
Mail, your -watch' for Repair and-1 will
"nidil'.it back'".1:.Charges are moderate. "
The value of the telephone is not only in- convenience, .but at'
anytime you can reach anyone you  want.    Call-Lon^   Distance,
" give-name "awl. address ol the party wanted awl'the Ume at Which-
you won7dlike to talk,  and she will do tlie rest.    Tie 'the person   *
wantril'/arbr near, travelling orat-home",  he  will be located .and
wilTbe available at the appointed lime.
Long distance telephone .'service is much more comprehensive
than oiie realizes.     ���'���_'���'
;, ' " ���  \ '��� '    . '        '��� '
* * ���& ��$* ���& 4r * *$"*��� 4��+���*��� *
-���   ��$>
"������ ��� 4.
A-.ID LOAT is not a periodic- j,
V- a'> I* is & book con-. ?
������ taining 86 illustrations all "**
j, told, and-is rilled with'4
j^ sketches and stories of. <4��
^ western "life;:. It- tells how ������
*3* a gambler cashed in after j,
.���5�� the flush days of. Sandon ;. T
��|��- how. it rained in New Den- "*
,A ver.. long after' Noah was "I8
e^ dead;, how a parson took a ��{��
J   -drink   at   TWr    T.ntA    in   -��.
Mln)muir.��prlce of first-class land
reduced to ?6 an acre; second-class to
{2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposeB
��nd which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. '  '. f
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ave years and make Improvements to
value of ?10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least. 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, be-'
cause of Ill-health, or other cause, be ^
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.'
Records without permanent residence may bo Issued; provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$800 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements
of 110.00 per acre, Including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. ($
UnsUrveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
' For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them, Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, Is made. f 1
'���l ACT.
The scop* of this Aot Is enlarged to
lnolude all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply "
for title under this Act Is extended
from for one year from the death of
such, person, as formerly, until one
year after the conolualon of the present
war. This privilege Is also made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions arc
due or payable by soldiers on - preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years,
. Provision, for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4, 1914, on account of payments, feet
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or oity lota held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
. dlreot or Indirect, remitted from enlistment to Maroh 81, 1920. q
Provision made for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights . from
purchasers who failed to complete,
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on ful-
o Ailment of conditions of jpurohase. interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original par-
pel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributes proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be
made by Itajr V l W.
GRAZING. .'V': (
Grailng Act, 1919. for systematic
development of livestock industry pro- .
vides for grailng districts and range '
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits Issued based
on numbers ranged: priority for established ��� owners, '��� Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free,-permits
for settlers, campers or travellers, up
to ten head.   .
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
tlffices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers pf Gold, Silver,; Copper arid Lead Ores
Producers    of    Gold,    Silver,. Copper,   Bluestoue,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
nmc Fjotcl
nelson, B.e.
-����������������� "  "*
4*   The only up^to^date Hotel in the interior,    First-class   ���$>
"5"   .   ��� in every respect,   ��� / ��� . 4��
4�� -   C   '     '       =    .. '     '"  ""e|e-
'*' Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in  *
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric  Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
1 For
*��*:"'o'arly days; how justice ^.
4"..'was .-.dealt- in Kaslo in '93; T
��jJR .'how" the saloon "ni'an out-" ~y
<&, .prayed the women in Kala-   ��$��,
> ;.rnIlzoo, aiid graphically.def> _��{��
\**;;picta 'the roamings of a &
^*-,Av'es'tern editor among the..^
.4*' ":te.ndcr-feet in.the.eent belt.>T
e|�� It contains the early, history *
.<:&�� of Nelson and a romance ���I*
-.��^- of the. Si.lver King -mine. i^��
./��; In -it', are" printed; three ��2*
A Western poems, and dozens . �����,..
A��� ��^'Articles;;too.: numerous [jf
?..-t6 mention,'., Send for one "*"
.*? before, it. is" -too late".' The. ^*
��$*-.price-/,is"-50. "cents,- post-- ��|*
J v^�� paid to  any part  of    the  <|��
-    world.  " Address' all   let-; &.
(Expert Optician)  ,
K-VV. C Block . . '-      :     Nelson
ters to;."
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Morse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
���'  " % :���.'���������'���,'.���'.''���'. "**S
���Economy and Satisfaction 3
combined with Promptness 2
are the features which go to 3
make up the Service we give |j
our customers. Are you if
one of them? 3
Autos for Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in  the. Boundary
Light and Heavy Draying
Ralace: livery ; And; -; Stage
.. ;r-   /.[   GREENWOOOD. B.C ��� /
W.'. H... DOOKSTEADER, Ppop.. j
Letterheads, Noteheads, af
���  ..    (Ruled or Plain)  . "   '   ~g
Envelopes, Billheads, ��� ��� 3"
/���ah o:������_\                                     '-. -ra
-(All Sizes)- - -,._--
Statements, Business Cards, 3
ers, Dodgersr Etc., Etc. ^
PHONE 29       1
greenwood     :  Job Printing Department    3
'/���[''V;fetiM^;.Puck J:;',".>';;
If a Maori wishes;'to,:insn'lt-'^an-
other Maori he, calls;his;.adversary
some kind of .food.';.,^;,Any. kind -will
do,., living-or; dead.V:; Oiie^Maori;
chief once ;called ^another, ^a^roast;
veal. /Then he. fled to the bush/
hid in. a .cave, was... tracked cap.;
tared.and beheaded.;/ V V-V yX y"
The cave "is.still"', shown Vto! visj^!;
a^year; for: life
���. '���*���
-.- *
��� .*.
Ii _ _ .,_________��^���
s;*^^;S^te.:^^S>ge3ast;.6irt^��yi;^^ ���'���'-:^"--'---^--"":- -������-<*���-���������-������- ���'���-���-
.-''; >'v;, ' *y'. '.rrjlo' better'life- investment available' V':���.:..': V. VV':
-;-���':-,- !'v-; ^Np! better security ^obtainable ;. ������;- '-.'- .'V-i'"'.';-;���';.'.-'" .
".-'��� >.".'-; ; 'I',; - ���:Cannot "be seized or levied upoK for aiiy. causeY-' ��� ��� v '
:/;'-.'. "-."�����. ; T���Will be. replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed - ., :���- :" ,\
���;.;r.;.,;:-..;- -������;,���,^���Not affected by trade depression'; -���;.-.,',,',.' ���.^-/,'' V
���-.;���';-���*���..;.:'i'''y-prFree from*Dpmtaion."IncoiTC"TM"'v'."j;"\"';;,''J..;/"'*;'=.''.-.--;���
:. *,'.'.;" '!; .;"��� ^No medical examination; required >..' '���;','."' :   V'\ ���''-";'.;".'!;,
'���' -.- '^yeme.oyer'.the'age bf.5;'years 'resident 'or'dcsoiicifed in Canada -���
: .tnay'Rurcfiasi.- :'",: /-;'""-���' V:C;'' -'.'.."���'-',-."��� '���"';���' '-^'V "V';"'"-" '���.''"���'"'^������".'.;."V^
/.; -Any two persons may purchase, jointly: ...'V-:';"'-V lV' V..;;-.'    V
;.;'��� "Employers-may purchase fpr-their empIbyee3-rH(ChiK)l_'.boai'ds.for''
.'������.their teachers'-^ongregarionsforrtheir.ministers.. ' ;,;-���...-'-���.'".  ''.-.'V.'"'-""..''
Dealer in "Harm Produce, "Railroad Ties
Cedar Pole's, and Fence Posts, Fann and
Fruit Laiids For Sale. List jour lands
with ine,"-.Have a buyer for good ranch
s^||agc3! ClotliesV'MStal^^cks^|;;C
'V/ ������;^';'.:-:: <���::.��� _v::-.-vTb-ENp.of;December,"i?ia
^as producedi Minerals, valued as follows:;   Placer Gold,':-$75,722;603; Lode ?
Gold, 8100,272,431 j.Siiver, 850,432,304; Lead $43,821,106;.Copper, $153,680,965;"    '
;���      .Other. Mefcals  (Zine,.;IrQri,   etc.), .816,818,487;   Coal  and[Coke.,. .$199,123,323;-,       -
Bailding Stone,   Brick.  Cement, etc.,  $29f99'l,l757; Misceilaheous,Minerals, etc.,     ;    V;
$785,91,S;,making; 'jta MiheraYProductiqnto the end of 1919 show; an^:"^^^" ,"    V V
Production for Year Endiiig
The   Micing   Laws^ of this .Province, are more liberal and the fees"1UWC1
than those of any other Provirice.ih the Dominion,  or any. colony, in the British
'.'���: - ;-, Empire.    ,
,';'!yy %;y:.--Mineral, locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees,
':^-y':'^^^&:::?^&  obtained   by developing, such properties, the'secority
V'."-:V<W.^9f-^��ch;i8gnaranteed/;b'y---Grdwn.,GraDts.- .,-.-���' :-..;.
yyy.: -'v-i'cSir3.*1*.by ,addressingT-T VV'1-'";/:;. V;"".,'"-;-',;'.', "���:. ';'���' y ,-:-i-."-..���.���.-���;'-;':* ,'.v--'"-: '���-���'"��� >.'".������'"��� -;-"-������" V '.:'"'-'���'��� "'-''^
ritish Coluitifcia.


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