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The Ledge Feb 12, 1920

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Vol.   XXVI.
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by fillinsr it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures.
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
ana dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
1    PHONE 28.                                         GREENWOOD, B.C.
We carry a large line of
J. G. McMynn, Midway
No. 31
Home I
imfmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mn
Just Arrived
Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish, Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,    Raisins   and
all   kinds   of   Nuts
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson.'B.C
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts
100    ������
200   ��
'   *>   $1,25 each
-    -   2,00 ������
3,50 ������
���   /   *
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed "High Class Furs
Nice selection .kept in stock and made to
order from selected'skins
Customer's furs made up.\ Remodeled
and' repaired
Skins dressed and mounted,'at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson/ B.C.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks. Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
MEAGHER &  Go^SH Baker
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready
Wears and Millinery
We  Always, Show  The' Newest  First '
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.    Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.    Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Pool hall in connection.
Tl/TAKE your banker your financial
A?JL adviser.   Let him help you to
shape yotir affairs so that he will be -
warranted in giving you ample credit
to operate your farm efficiently. Ou?
aim is to assist you in ����*"
PAID-UP CAPITAL      :       i       $15,000,000
RESERVE FUND -        - ��� ���  $15,000,000    .
GREENWOOD' BRANCH, E E. Brawders, Manager.
In Great Variety  '
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods sent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner.
For Sai.e ��� Willys-Knight
Four '1916 Touring Car, . also
Overland 1914 model. Enquire
Dan Biner, Phoenix, B.C.
Sheet Music
Latest Popular Song Hits
10 for $1.50 postpaid
Largest  line  sheet   music  in " interior
-   of B.C.   ,
Write for Prices
Modern Cleaners & Dyers
P. O. Box 152
The Ledge has always  room
for one more ad.
Kodaks, full line of Films
and Supplies at    .
Goodeve Drug Store
Amos Wheeler has left Kaslo
for Mullan, Idaho.
D. R. McRlmon,- watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B.  C.
Mr. McKinnon will preach in
the Presbyterian Church, Sunday,
Feb. IS, at 11 a. m.
The production for export from
Grand Forks during 1919 was
valued at $2,145,000.
Mr. and Mrs.' A. C. Mesker
have returned to1 Midway, from a
holiday in California.
Finnan Haddie," Smoked Sable
Fish and GohW Fillets at Rendell's store, Greenwood.
The Junior W.- A. will meet at
Mrs. Taylor's on Thursday, Feb.
12 at 4 p.m. All Juniors welcome.
A full supply of Royal'Household flour, wheat, shorts, bran,
oats, etc., on hand. G. A. Rendell.
R. Fitzmaurice, the G.W.V.A.
candidate was the winner of the
mayoralty contest in Vernon, last
Last year the Rock Creek district shipped 30 cars of cattle, 2
cars wheat, and dressed pork to
the yalue of $1,000.
Alex Davison" of Copper Mountain, has gone to Trail, where he
has accepted a position at the
Consolidated's smelter.
Have your eyes attended to at
once. We have both shell and
gold rimmed glasses. We can fit
you.   Goodeve Drug Store.
Miss Cassie McDonald, of Nelson, was called to. Phoenix this
week, through- tbi- death of her-
mother, Mrs. A. McDonald.
Mrs. J. H. Goodeve left for
Baker, Oregon, on Tuesday, haying been called there owing to
the serious illness of her mother.
Fresh vegetables are very
scarce and dear, but you can get
the best of canned tomatoes, corn,
peas and beans at reasonable
prices at Rendell's store.
The prizes at the Masquerade
Carnival on Friday last, were donated by J. H. Goodeve, W.
Elson, G. A. Rendell, Lee &
Bryan and James McCreath.
Mrs. Archie McDonald, a highly respected��resident of Phoenix
died ~9a' Sunday, "Feb." 8. She"
had lived in Phoenix for about
18 years, and leaves to mourn her
loss, her husband and a large
family/ Funeral services were
held in Phoenix on Wednesday,
internment taking place in the
Roman Catholic plot, of the
Greenwood cemetery.
The Boundary League hockey
games are over for the season,
the final match iu Grand Forks,"
Wednesday evening, Feb. 4, decided the championship, giving
Greenwood a lead of one goal in
the home and home series. The
score was 2-1 in favor of Grand
Forks, but this was not sufficient
to., overcome thc two goal lead
Greenwood, had by Monday's
game. This has been one bf .the
best season's for hockey in this
section. s -The teams were evenly
matched and of the eight games
played, both had won four? The
class bf hockey was exceptionally
fast and great credit is due the
players on each team for the man-'
ner in which they played," as the
public on each occasion wete abie
to witness a very clean, brand of
this famous winter' sport. By
winning the Boundary championship, the Greenwood team has
also charge of the McBride; cup,
emblematical of the hockey
championship of the Interior of
British Columbia. This cup is
open for challenge to the winner
of the Kootenay League. The
caps are on display in the. Goodeve Drug Store.:    ' ���     - -
Send a Float to your friends at
once.     You   can get  them   a
The Ledge office.
Central School Report
January, 1920.
No. actually attending
Percentage   -
Perfect attendance:
Mabel Axam, Daisie
Selma Benson, Agda
Dolly Granberg, Lily
Gordon Jenks, Joe Klinosky,
George Morrison, Irene Mcintosh,
Sanford Pond, Silvia Price, Eagner
Johnson, Harold Folvik.
Standing on examinations:
Entrance: Sanford Pond 87,
Selma Benson 86, Irene Mcintosh
84, Gari Intilla 79, Daisie Axam
79, Gordon Jenks 78, Mabel
Axam 76, John Kronten 73. Emmet Anderson 72, Joe Klinosky
Junior Reader IV.: Ethel
Fraser- 81, Agda Carlson 80,
Dolly Granberg 73, Gabrielle Legault 70, Lily Intilla 67, Ragner
Johnson 60, Harold Folvik 55,
Jack Anderson .49, Samuel Eustis
37, Silvia Price 37.
Names in order of standing:
Junior 2nd: Edward Johnson,
Bessie Bidder, William Wilson,
Lawrence DaHamel, Lloyd Eastis.
Senior 2nd: Ethel Benson,
Cicilia Hallstrom, Myrtle Dixon,
Kathleen McLeod, Tillie McDonell,
John Noren;
Junior 3rd: Allan Fraser, Ester
Noren, Mary Klinosky, - Charles
Noren, Horace DaHamel, Annie
Thor^slund, Ruby .Goodeve, Eraine
DuHamel, John McDonell.
Senior[3rd: Mildred MacLaren;
Gertrude Dixon and Joseph Putzel;
John Kerr, John Wyder, Mary
Kerr, Ernest Wyder, William McLeod.
Junior 2nd to Senior 2nd: Edward Johnson, Bessie Bidder,
William Wilson, Lawrence DaHamel.
Senior 2nd. to Junior 3rd
Benson, Cicilia Hallstrom.
No. actually attending
Percentage   -	
Western Float f
Cumberland wants a police magistrate.
Bayers of government liqnor
may see their names in newspapers.
Br. J. Plaskett, a popular veterinarian of Penticton, died last
Lord Leverhulme's interests will
erect a large soap factory in Vancouver.
^ Better police protection and seri
vice is wanted in and around
Mining News
'British ColtHnbia mining companies paid ��2,931,380 in dividends
during-1919. -   '    -
G. Preston, of Spokane, is making an inspection of fehe Index
mine, near Kaelo.
children    in   Penticton
be    vaccinated-  against
Perfect attendance:
Arthur Cox, Percy Fraser, .Doris
Dixon, Harry Hallstrom, Clarence
Johnson, Daniel Kerr, Ellen Kerr,
Eugene McGillvray, Malcolm McLeod, Lewis Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Leonard Pontesso, Bertram
Price, John Putzel, Mary Skelton,
James Stalker, John Stalker, Mer-
At the poultry show in Vancouver last week, Dr.   J. E.  Spankie,
���-in. "n t -, , ..     of tbat city,  formerly of Grean-
ideth   Fenner,  Lawrence  Folvik, ^nnA  ��� ��� ,  ,    J     . v"��i;"
' ' pvood, was awarded a special prize
Richmond Morrison
Promoted to Jr. 2nd Reader:
Leonard Pontesso, Clarence John-
eon, Doris Dixon (on trial).
Promoted to 1st Reader:. Irene
Inglis, Percy Fraser, Helen Kerr,
George Bryan, John Pntzel Harry
Hallstrom; John Stalker (on ferial),
Robert Mitchell (on trial), Margaret Royce (on trial).
- Promoted.to 2nd Primer: Lewis
Mitchell, Eugene McGillvray,
Mary Skelton, .Bertram Price;
Lawrence Folvik (on trial), Eddie
Perry "(on trial).
Promoted to 1st Primer: Mere-
deth .Fenner, Malcolm McLeod,
Daniel Kerr, Marguerite Ritchie,
Jimmie Stalker, Eileen Bryan.
A Definition
"Mother, what is propaganda?"
asked a child.. "Propaganda, child,
is the bunch of compliments yonr
father pays "me on my old bat,
t when he knows I am thinking of a
new one.���Life.
have to
A local of the U. F. of B. C. has
been organized in Creston with a
membership of 30.
The junior choir in the Presbyterian church at Grand Forks, has
a membership of 30.
The civic salaries in Kamloops
have been increased from ten to
twenty-five per cent.
Even the clergymen in Blairmore are i eceiving'price lists from
liquor export houses.
Forty-two million dollars have
been paid in pensions by Canada
up to the end of 1919.
The teachers of the New Westminster schools have been allowed
a raise of $120 a year.
The loss through forest fires in
B. C. last year amounted to $330,-
000.    There were 1120 fires.
Canadian firms will furnish $1.-
250,000 worth of asbestos roofing
for use in the north of France.   '
Seed wheat was bought for $3.25
a .bushel in; Calgary, last month;
It will be shipped to Montana. "
R. G. Marshall has succeeded F.
E. Simpson as manager of the
Standard-Sentinel in Kamloops.
More than 25,000 persons of the
farming claBS emigrated to Canada
from the United States during
Mayor Swan overwhelmingly de-
feat��d ex-Mayor McNeish in the
deferred civic elections in Slocan
City last week.
.Jeff Harrison, the first white
man to bring mail to Chilliwack,
has retired after over forty years
of public service.
Daring January there were
eleven- births,"one" mamage7~and
nine deaths registered at the government office at Duncan.
, The C. P..R. are-building 500
new refrigerator cars at a cost of
$1,500,000. These cars will take
care of the British Columbia eastward fruit trade.
The Tamarack mine at Slocan
City is being worked by Malcolm
Cameron and George Nicol under a
lease and bond.
The Laurier mine, Laurier,
Wash., shipped 31 tons of ore to
the Trail smelter duriug fehe latter
part of January.
The Standard mine of Silverton
made a profit of 830,010 in December, as compared with a'profitof
$7,598 in November.
The Flint mine at Kaslo ha^ an��
other 40-ton car'bf silver ore ready
for shipment to tTtab. The car
will run about $10,000.
M. S. Davys will operate the
Hewitt mine, Silverton. This
mine was relinquished by Clarence
Cunningham, after the season's
Tbe   copper   on   hand   at   the
Anyox smelter was redriced  to 3,-'
000,OOo pounds on January  1, as
compared with 12,000,000 pounds
at one time in 1919.
During the last eleven days of
January the Trail smelter received
34 tons of ore from tbe Providence
mine, Greenwood, and 37 tons from
the Bell mine, Beaverdell.
The Silver Bear property, on the ���
south fork of Kaslo creek, in the
Slocan, has been under lease and
bond for $50,000,; with payment [:
exteriding^bver two " years.," M. Si
Davys and associates are the
The output of the mines around
Slocan City was larger in 1919,
than it has been in many years.
The Arlington shipped 509 tons;
Ottawa, 377; Meteor, 92; Black
Prince, 32; Republic, 23. This
year the output will  be increased.
for the best   female   bird  in the
There ie a vacancy on the Penticton Council. It appears that
Roderick McDonald a member of
the council is not entitled to the
position as he is unable to qualify
for it.
F. H. Mobley, Liberal member
for Atlin in the Provincial Legislature, died in Victoria on Feb. 3.
This is,the fourth time the Legislature has met, and each session a
member has dieJ.
Margaret, Warren and William
Fordham, three children of a
widow were drowned in SbUBwap
lake on Feb. 1, in an endeavor to
rescue an elder brother, Silas, who
had broken through the ice. Silas
-was rescued.
A correspondent states that while
glancing over a volume of tbe Encyclopedia Britannia recently, he
noticed that Cariboo is situated at
the heads of the Laird and Stiek-
ine river?. It was formerly a gold
mining camp, but the only, inhabitants now are a few Chinese, who
make a living working over the
tailings from the abandoned mines.
���Cariboo Observer.
The Mobbs property in the Lardeau district, has been bonded for
$35,000 to a- Vancouver syndicate.
A contract has been let for 250
feet of drifting from the hottom of
the present shaft, whieh is SO feet
deep. The vein at the bottom of
fhe.shaft isone foot wide and averages 250 ounces of silver per ton.
The Silversmith mines near Sandon, is in receipt of a cheque for
$14,931 in payment for S4 1-4 tons
of lead-silver concentrates, shipped
to the United States Smelting, Refining and Mining company at
Midvale, Utab, according to au
official statement. This was after
the usual redaction for freight and
, During 1919, 22 properties of
the Boundary-Similkameen shipped
ore to the smelter in Trail. Of
these, tbe Consolidated's property,
the Emma mine at Coltern, shipped
21,444 tons of iron-copper bearing
ore;' valuable for flux. This exceeded by several times aggregate
tonnage of all other Boundary-
Similkameen Trail contributors
combined. The Horn Silver, Similkameen, is credited with a production of 665 tons* and the Providence, Greenwood, is credited
with .336 .tons. Bell, Beaverdell,
ranked third with 291 tons. Other
Boundary-Similkameen . shippers
were: B. C.,"'-Eholt, 120 tons;
Buster, Beaverdell, 8; Canada Copper, Greenwood, 12; Castor Fraction. Beaverdell, 35; Don Pedro,
Greenwood, IS; Duncan, Beaverdell, 31;"Donohue, Nicola/8; Gal -
conda, Keremeos, 20; Inland,
Paulson, 9'; Mary Reynolds, Nicola,
142; North Star, Greenwood, 2;
Napanee, Beaverdell, 1; Princeton,
Princeton, 18; Eevenge, Beaverdell,. 34; Sally. Beaverdell, 106;
Standard Fraction, Beaverdell, 27;
Sterawinder, Greenwood, 29; Union
Lynch creek, 81; Waterloo. Lightning Peak, 13  tons.
' > �����'���
-y ^-^y?;Jg&����3& i'-z.ays--v. vs; l',-i��"��>fe?T*i'l^'-g^
B.     0.
Zam-Buk, because they havo proved
that it does what ls claimed for It.
Miss E. L. Doxey, graduate nura*
of 3220 Michigan Ave., Chicago,
says: "I have a patient -who suffered terribly -with piles. Zam-Buk
ia tho only remedy that gave her
"1 have used Zam-Buk myself
for the same ailment, also for sores
and burne, and have the greatest
confluence In it."
Growing Power
Of Western Canada
A recent Ottawa dispatch reveals
thc fad that, according to official estimates. Quebec coiuinucs to outstrip
Ontario in increase in population and
is steadily closing up ilie gap between
the two provinces in point of numbers
of people. This is a development
which has been in progress for somc
years now, wilh thc result that Ontario is gradually losing that preponderance of political power which it
once enjoyed at Ottawa.
As is well known, tlic basis ot representation of the provinces in tlic
House of Commons is fixed by the
British North America Act, which
provides lhat Quebec shall always
have 65 members, and each of thc
othci- provinces such a number as will
give the same proportion of representatives lo its population as thc.
number 65 bears to thc population of
Quebec, and it is also provided thai
following each decennial census a redistribution of representation shall
take place on thc basis of the population   figiucs   thus   ascertained.
Trior to the census of 1901 the unit
of representation for all Canada was
22,900,���that is, each group of 22,900
people was entitled to a member at
Ottawa. Tliis gave Ontario 92 members- to Quebec's 65, a difference of 27.
As a result of the 1901 census, and thc
increase which had taken place in
Quebec's population, the ifnit was
raised lo 25,367, with the result tliat
Ontario's representation fell from 92
to 86, because, proportionately, Quebec's growth in population was more
rapid thau Ontario's. Following the
census of 1911. the unil was again
raised, this time to 30,819, and Ontario lost four more members and is
now represented at Ottawa by 82. "On
thc basis of tlic recent official estimates, Ontario will, following thc ccn-
- &{is of last ycar, lose at least two
more members, leaving it only SO.
1 Thus in .two decades Ontario's representation will have decreased by
12, leaving only a margin of 15 between Ontario and Quebec, as compared with 27 only twenty ycars ago.
The same change in position is taking place so far as thc Maritime Provinces arc concerned. Nova Scotia,
which had 20 members prior lo 1901,
dropped lo IS after the census of xhat
ycar, and 16 16 following the 1911
census. New Brunswick fell from 14
lo 13, and later to 11. Prince .Edward
Island from 5 to' 4, and now to 3.
The opposite result is shown in the
West. Prior to 1901 Manitoba had
only 7 members, Britisii Columbia 0,
and the Northwest Territories 4, a lo-
- tal  of 17.    The census of 1901- raised
these figures as follows: Manitoba lo
-10, "a" gain" of 3;~.British "Columbia 7;
a gain of 1; Northwest Territories 10,
fi gain of 6; Yukon 1���-total 28. Following the 1911 census, these figures
wcrc again increased, and- tftday thc
representation is: Alanitoba 15, British Columbia 13, Saskatchewan* 16, A!
bcrla  12, -Yukon 1.   'Total '57.   -
Thus  while     the  representation' of
the    five Jiastcm   -I'rovince1-    in  the
".House  of Common--derren'-td l>y'19i
'.in  twenty  years, "or aii  average   ioss
. of a member a yiar',  the  reprcsenta-1
The effect of this growing political'
power  of   thc   West  in   the   national i
Parliament    is fraught with    trcmen-l
dous  possibilities in the shaping    of]
national   policies   and   in   a   probable!
vcry   radical  change  in   thc  financial
and  fiscal  policy     of  the  Dominion.
This increased power in  national affairs,  coupled with     the  pronounced
tendency   of   western   people   not   to
divide   upon   old   party  lines,  but   lo
unite   upon   great   questions   of   principle and policy irrespective of former
parly divisions and views, clearly indicates   lhat   a   ncw   rc-alignmcnt   is
about to take place and that all former political conditions arc due for a
Thc incidence of population is,
therefore, bound to have a profound
effect on future Canadian policy. This
will be true not only as between West
and Kast, but is maikedly in evidence
within the boundaries of thc old provinces. Ontario is becoming more
and more an industrial centre, where
the populations of thc manufacturing
chics and towns are growing while
the rural population is declining. Quebec, too, is developing rapidly in an
industrial sense, bul in that province,
unlike Onlaiio, agriculture is also expanding. Iu fact. Quebec is forging
ahead of Ontario in more than population, thanks to the far-seeing and
aggressive good roads and agricultural policies inaugurated by tlic provincial authorities. As a result, thc natural resources of Quebec arc being
more rapidly and scientifically developed than arc thosc of any other pro-
Geimination of
Canadian Seeds
Clear Your Scalp and
After shaving and before bathing
touch dandruff or irritation, if any,
with Cuticura Ointment. Wash all
off with CuticuraSoapandhotwater,
using plenty of Soap best applied
with the hands. One Soap for all
uses, shaving, shampooing, batliing
Finally dust shaven parts with Cuticura Talcum. Thc Soap, Ointment
and Talcum sold everywhere.
No Place More Suited to Production
of Seeds Than Golden
Head, B. C.
Canadian seeds, have a stronger
germination than foreign seeds, according to Professor Boving, of thc
University of Britisii Columbia, onc
of thc foremost seed experts on the
Professor Boving also considers
lhat not only of Canadian districts,
but of the whole world, there is no
place more suited to thc production
of seeds on a commercial basis lhan
Golden Head, British Columbia. He
predicted that Golden Head had natural advantages thai will make it the
greatest ��� high-grade seed-production
centre of the continent, although its
area is limited, and has urged farmers
lo start on a small sniale and standardize, as when tlicy established
thcir names thcy would find seed-
growing   extremely  profitable.
For Coughs, Colds,'
and the relief of iti'J
' flamraatory conditions^
of tlie throat' arising
from Bronchial, Astlv]
matic affections and
derangements of the
Respiratory Organs.
Prepared from Spruce
Gum and other medi*
dnal agents. Success- ,
fully used for 60 years.
Atwaya buy Ih* Ur���� Six*
Raw Furs Auction
In Montreal
Samples of Alberta
Minerals For England
��� '%
Alberta Natural Products/to Be Put
on Exhibition in London .XZX
Samples of the bitumen sands from
Fort McMurray, natural tar products
from the sands, gasoline extracted
from- natural gas, natural gasolinc,-
crude oil, salt, gypsum, roofing material from thc bitumen sands, sonic
briquettes-from-Baukhcad, coke from
the Crow's Nest, and some other of
the Alberta natural products wcrc this
week sent lo Licut.-Col. Obcd. Smith,
thc immigration officer for Canada in
London, England. These are to bc
put on exhibition at the London office
and will bc added to from time to
time as the material comes to hand.
vincc at the present timc.
Students of Canadian affairs, and;
those interested in our national development, may well follow with exceptional keenness the changes now
being wrought iu all national, financial and economic policies as thc direct outcome of western development
and growth in population, influence
and political power.
May Bc From  Other Planets
Discussing   tlic   mysterious   signals
described by Sig.  Marconi as having
been   received  in   the   form   of inlcr-
irupnons of llic Marconi wireless instruments, Sir Frank \V. Dyson, astronomer royal, London, admitted
lhat in his opinion it was quite possible lo get waves from oilier planets, lie was not prepared lo go further at  thc present timc, and  left  it
| to greater wireless experts than himself   to   describe   thc   effects  of  such
Tomorrow   will    be    clear
and bright, if you lake
"Cascarets"' .onight
To Provide in Canada an Outlet For
' Canadian Furs
Fur iuteiests arc much interested iu
thc announcement from Montreal lhat
the Canadian Fur Auction Sales Company, Ltd. lias been successfully organised and poveiful interest .uc
Mibsc.-ibiny for its $5.1)00,000 capital.
The  purpose  of  tlu:  company  i��  to
hold three or four ��i cat auction m.Ic-.
raw furs c\c.ry year so as  io pro-
'.iKuiiau i
'-cut  i<i|
A woman of experience says it is
impossible lo keep children or stair
carpets in place without using thc
Keep the warmth IN
and  the cold  OUT
Have a cup of hot Oxo |J
every day. ' It will warm
you through and through
���fortify-  against
fatigue ���. ward   off
;iOl   raw  iltrs c\crv  vear so as
i j -    ���
11 vide iii Canada an on lift for (
?   furs and  obviate  lhcir  bcii-.jr
For Colds or Influenza
and as a Preventative, take LAXATIVE
BROMO QUININE Tablets. Look for
E.W. GROVE'S signature on the h.ix. 30c.'
Alberta Glass Factory
The Dead Sea
Has  Possibilities  of  Some  Day  Becoming a Popular Watering
Forty-seven miles long- by about ten
miles wide al its widest, and lying
some 1,300 feci below lhc level of the
Mediterranean, the Dead Sea, accoid-
ing   to
possibilities of some day becoming a
popular watering place. Its shores,
where famous cities stood in the remote pasl, arc nowadays desolate;
but here and there are. fertile plains
capable of future agricultural development as well as scenery with moun-
Like a Tick! Wave
��� Heart Disease and Nerve
Troubles Sweep the Country
Probably     at    no    period    in
world's history have heart and nerve
troubles been so prevalent as they
arc today.
Thc heart can't stand the stress
and strain of this busy, bustling age,
and the care and worry, thc anxiety
aud activity of business lifc constitute
a serious drain on llic nervous system.
The business    of  this     work-a-day
world goes with such a rush lhal thc
a   traveller  m   Palestine,   has stoutest hearts    and stronecst nerves
break down under the strain.
On the first approach of any breakdown of the system Milburn's Heart
and Nerve Pills should bc taken. Thc
reconstructive power of these pills on
the heart and nerve system is simply
)    Mr. YV. A. Wright, T-Tnoowcll Ave,
, J Ottawa, Out., writes: "Aftcr suffering
lams aud ravines  fo tempt the lour-  fa,- somc tiine with my llcarU ] con.
ist.    And  there  is   the  water  of  the I suited  a number of doctors,  but got
lake itself ��� had any
Feeling half-sick, bilious, constipated? Ambition way below zero? I-ferc
is help1 Take Cascarets tonight for
your liver and bowel*;. You'll wake
up clear, rosy and ful! of life Cascarets act without griping or inconvenience. Thcy never sicken you like
Calomel, ' Salts, Oil or nasty, hars-h
pills. 'Ihey cost so littic, too���Cascarets work while you sleep.
foreign   mark-its
is   often   lost,   ai
Shanghai's Prosperity
Big Staple Industries Have Seldom
Had Better Year
Dc>pite many adverse factors due
to the war iu J-'.urope and the internal
strife in China, Shanghai enjoyed a
remarkable degree of prosperity in
191S. The big staple industries of the
port���cotton mills, docks and shipping
���have seldom if r\er had a better
year, and it would, perhaps, be difficult, wc are told, lo namc any particular branch of industry in- which i
there was not good reason to be satisfied with the financial rcsu'.ts of the
year's operations. Of all business
men the Japanese have reaped the
biggest harvests. Owing to the .favorable position thcy enjoy in consequence of proximity to the source of
supply, ''thcy have found, China generally   and   Shanghai   in   particular   a
ihi-re  'heir ideuiil;
1   u;fi'.nn'-   xou!h< i".
furs art, uradid with tin m
Tho promoters IilIu-vo thai (. : na<i-
ian furs will binct'ii giealh fr<jiii lhc
creation of tin? lmpurtaut ixclu^u-e
outlet and that csccIIim pridi
he obtained���eoii-ideraiilv belli'
Mill*, being api ������. aeiviu
per-, of tin- [ii It-
Spli'iulid prci:.Uc i
been acquired, are b> im.
cold "storage and e\ rr\
handling pelt1-, and withal Ihe promoter"" arc
to assure tht: sui'i'c<s of
which   is announced   for
Lord Shaughiif".<y, Lorn. C. UVb-
stci. Sir Herbert ll'oll. \\\ A. Hbck.
J. \V McCouueil. A.' fierce, R. S.
Collari. I".. l-_. Ciiiuininy= and A. .1.
Brown are ;uuoii�� ihe notable- financiers and fur men-hauls who 'ire interested iu lhe Canadian Fin Auction
Sahs   C��uipau>, .
t<.  lhc "-hi;.-
,i'i' already
lilb-d wilh
fin.iiii; for
arc advised
ilrcadv able
he first sale
New Addition Will Be Larger Than
thc Original Plant
(lood progress is being iur.de on
tlic large extension to lhe glass factory at Rcdcliff, Alberta. Tlu: steel
consttuction is completed aud thc
building is well advanced. Kxperts
are on hand to install thc furnaces
aud leads, which when completed will
bc as largc,as any ou thi* continent.
This new addition will bc larger than
the original plane, and is expected to
bc iu operation sonic time, in March.
Tlic plant is owned by the Dominion Glass Company, and was originally established al Rcdcliff' seven
vear��. ago.
New German
Postage Stamps
Imperial and State Authorities    Are.
Obliged to Pay Postage
At onc lime every member of thc
various  reigning houses  in   Germany
had  the  privilege     of. being  exempt
from taxation and postage.   The revolution has done away wilh this privilege.   All the princes arc obliged to
"pay taxes and  lo affix stamps upon
lhcir letters like every other citizen.
Thc government has now submitted a
bill  providing  that the  imperial  and
state authorities are also ^obliged to
pay postage. Until now thcy had been
exempt  from  this  obligation.       The t
Post Ministry    has already    ordered
ncw  stamps  to bc printed,  intended
solely for thc use of the authorities.   ���
Thcy bear lhc imprint "Reichsdicnst-
marke"  (stamp for imperial service), .
and thc stamps for the fcdcral statcs
the-imprint   "Dicnstmarkc"   (service
What is the Substitute
other power than i"0 relief.    However, I read what Mil-  veritable    Fl    Dorado."���Hong-Kong
burn's Heart and Nerve I'ills had
done for others, who had lhc same
symptoms and thought T vould give
them a trial. Relieve inc. six boxes
cured mc completely. 1 am feeling
fine now, and can attend "lo iny work
, , .       . ,        r       ,     everv day.    I  can  recommend '-your
place ior swimming matches, for the il)ills--l0 nnyouc suffering as I did."
Turkey been iu control of thc region,
so says thc traveller, there would
long ago havc been a popular bathing
station ou the northern shore of the
lake.   To bc sure, it is nol much of a
density of the sea compels even the
strong and enthusiastic swimmer to
content himself wilh leisurely progress, bul on-lhe other hand, one may
here enjoy lhe pleasure of deep-water
bathing without being able to swim
at all. You wade in, it appears, lie
down on your back, aud there ^you
float in great comfort and dignity.
One Ion of water from this remarkable lake contains 187 pounds of salt,
which is about twice the amount that
would bc found in a ton of water
from the buoyant Red Sea aud six i Berl'mcrs a rc
times the solution of salt lhal serves j f;lcl  ;^   ilot
Price 50c a box at all dealers, or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The T. Milbum Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
Daily Press.
Ludendorf Assumes English Alias
Ludcndorf,   llic   chief   strategist   of
the  German  army,  is  in  hiding���not
in the fastnesses of 13a\ariau hills or
Swis's valleys, but.in a modest flat in
Berlin���lo   be  accurate,   26  Yiktoria-
strassc, and he is known by lhc door-
plalc designation  ac   llciin,   I'. Newman..    It is doubtful if half a dozen
:uvarc of the fact.    Thc
without   suggostivencss.
Livestock on farms can bi most
profitably increased through an expansion of Canadian meat cxporl
trade. An improvement in the quality of the live animal will bc necessary if Canada is lo get into a foremost place in the big European markets lhal arc ready for our national
Got a. Child's Coat
By Dyeing Garment
(From a Recent Speech by the Hon.
��� A. J. Balfour.)
"The League of Nation^ has had
many" critics, but I am not aware
that among the multitude of criticisms-thai havc been offered any suggestion makes ils appearance for finding a substitute for lhal organization
which we desire lo see intrusted, I
admit, wilh the ttrcat task of preserving the peace of thc world. Those
who criticize the League of Nations
havc no substitute for the League of
Nations. They arc prepared, il
seems, foi Ihc- civilized world to go
ou in the future as ii has gone ou
in the past, oscillating between thosc
scenes of violence and sanguinary
disturbance and ihc inicivals in
which great and ambitious nations
pile  up   tlicir  armaments   for   a   ncw
Leverhulme Favors Prohibition
Lord Lcverliuiuic, the British manufacturer, who has returned to England from a two months' visit to the
United Slates, declared himself as in
favor of lhe adoption of prohibition
in Great Britain, through whieh, hc
said, enough could bc saved, lo pay
Britain's indebtedness lo America
within  five vears.
She Knew Whom He Meant
An   architect   rcmaiked   to   a   lady
that  hc   had  been   to  sec   the  great
nave in  thc church.
"Don't   mcnlicm   names,"   the   lady
replied.     "1 know the man you refer
to,"���Houston   Post.
1'Virville,  Sept. 30,  1902.
.Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,���Wc wish lo inform you
lhat wc consider your MINARD'S
LINIMENT a vcry superior article,
and wc usc it as a sure relief for sore
throat and chest...-When I tell you I
would not bc without it if thc price
was onc dollar a bottle, I mean it.
Yours truly,
A great many men reason in a
circle; that's why there is no end to
thcir arguments.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
Aviation in Canada
The stormy, blustery weather
whicli wc havc during February and
March is extremely hard on children.
Conditions make il necessary for thc
mother lo keep ihem in thc house.
Thcy arc often confined lo overheated, badly ventilated rooms and catch
colds whicli rack their whole svstem.
to flavor a ton of Atlantic Ocean. Bui j Criminals arc known to'adopt aliases,
much of thc lake borders .a "di. ary ,.nu{ Ludendorfs alibi is so thin that
waste, excessively hot,'' so perhaps jail ordinary adept al camouflage
lhc_ Turks- were excusable in not; would.discard jt_as ridiculous. New-_
thinking of il a- a pla<r for .rccrc-j ,nan is of religious fame, and Vic-
tion. ���    " i toiia���thai sounds equally-inviting to
 '-   "   '    '    j the average  detective,-   How  arc   thc
Thc  reason   -why  so    many    men'mighty  fallen!  ' '
could   nol   make   ends   meet   was bc-1  ��� ,
cause  thcy  were   too busily   engaged; The Spirit of the Times
in making one ciid drink.          -   .              Traveller:  "Now' what'ought  little
 ,                 . 'boys to say when a gentleman gives
"Diamond   Dyes"   Help   Make
Outfits for Youngsters
Don't worry about perfect result'-.
Usc "Diamond Dyes," guaranteed to
give a new, rich, fadeless color to any
fabric, whether il bc wool, silk, lhicn,
cotton or mixed goods, ��� dresses,
blouses, stockings, skirls, children's
coats feathers, draperies, coverings���
.everything   .    _
The Directhm Boo', wilh each package tells how lo diamond dye over
any color.
To match any material, have
show" you    "Diamond    I)ye"
Card. . - -
_. ,��� , .,    , I To guard against this a box of Babv's
cflorl. -Lo nic such an ideal appears j 0wn Tablets should be kept in the
to be absolutely intolerable, and [ihouse and.an occasional dose give'1
am nol prepared seriously to discuss | the baby to keep his stomach and
with anv man what the future of j^jbcwcls working regularly This will
.  -   ,      ,   . , ,   | not  fail  to break up colds and keep
tcrnational relations should be unless ; lhc ],ca1lh 0f Ulc 1)a1,y \n good cond;_
tion till the brighter days come-along.
Thc Tablets arc sold by medicine
dealers or by mail al 25 ecu Is a box
from The Dr. "Williams1 .Medicine Co.,
Brockviile,  Ont.
iic is prepared cither to accept m
some form' or another the League of
Nations, or to tell mc what subsli-
lutc he proposes for it."
Minard's   Liniment Cures   Garget   in
Cows. - '
thcm :v penny for
��� Small Bov. '"'
carrying his haj
"ainl "nough!"
Austria. Seizes Billions
to Yield
Hew- Frost Affects Foods 'j
An cger expand--when il is'frozen I
an'd bi'iaks its ������hell., -Apples contract!
��o murh lhat a full barrel will sjirink !
until the tup layi,i i* a foot below j
the chine. When lhe frost is drawn.'
rust lhc apples a?"-umo their normal
Xr/c and fill'-the, barn I again. Cci-
'tion of the f"_"tir W'c-tern, J'ro\ inccs
and lhc Yukon ha^-incrcf-cd b> -!0, or
anJ,average of two- additional ifiembers a year. And.if lhc same proportionate  increase iu  population  in'ilic
*\Vcst is revealed b\thc censn- uf next
year���as     seems,    alloc, the;-     likely,
judging froni the recent ofiicial cstiui-1 j tired by being frozen  if  the frost
ale , of . Saskatchewan's -. popujalior, [ d'-aw n  out  gradually.      Apples     wi
, which places it now, at almo-'l double 11 arr> safely iu' refrigeiating car? win!
the 1911  figure���the, voting power of
' the West in the House of Common-,
will "be enormously increased, v.hile
not only relatively, but actually, that
of ;llte-East will be decreased.
liK.-l   id
'silence "may   be
it1 is ironical.
Do Corns Lead To Cancer?
arc rumciJ
The Sweet Cereal Flavor of
fis not produced by adding
sugar to this Mend of,wheat
and malted Parley.
Tlie sweetness'Is due to ac-'
\   tuaT��raini su^ar. self-devel-,
opedTay: the processing and  'V .
loud baking ofthis greaflfqp.cJ)
TFheres & Reason & Grape-Nut��
- A--,>il ihiy has not been "pmv-
id.  bnt   interested      panics   will   find
.    . . ., 'nothing   belter    for  corns   than   Put-
vauetic art  l.oi  appreciably-m- !���:in,\ Onm  Kxlraclo:', L'5i  at all deal-
��� c'r<:. - ,   ;
. j   A Keeperless Lighthouse
the mercury is rtgi^lefing p.dly 20 dr  j 	
grees below yxro. . P-tato..,. btii.i. *��� j Smali" Beacons  Have   Greatly  Aided
largely compiled o. water, ?.cc.v.ly        Navigation in Alaskan Waters
frozen.    Once  touched  bv frost  thev ,   - ,    , \   . ,    , ,
- Along thc coast of Alaska, where il
would bc difficult to' maintain reliable
lighthouse keepers", there have been
established many automatically flashing beacons, each 'of which can operate for    nearly five months    on one
"chaigc-of gas. A lighthouse with its
keeper,-alone ,among the -wildest of
scenery, is always a romantically in-
ieresting mark of progress.   A light-
jhou=c without a keeper, however, is,
! perhap.-.-a still greater sign pf progress, in that it frees many a man
from the temporary necessity of staying where he might not want to bc.
At first some navigators wcrc a bit
slow in getting used to the quickly
flashing lights. Because of the rapidity of the flash, one-might'hardly
know whether he was coming to,, or
going from such a light. Tn the end,
though, these'smalL ,'beacons, which
cost only about $1,800 each to install,
have greatly aided navigation'in Alaskan waters.       .."."" _   ''
Confiscated Private Fortune
j  " ' State $2,100,000,000
j li i.s esperled by the Ausliian gov,-
craiiienl -thai 12,000,000,000 ciowns
j (iumiiiially.$2,4OO,O00,O0O) will.be realized from ."the >partial confiscation of
private fni-iiincs. This amount will
bc iist.il in payiiuiii for, food and raw
material- pui (based in foreign", coun-
! tric<.        ',     "   -
Canada's Fire Losses
A fire loss of $8 per capita in Canada, against 45 cents in Lngland, 39
in France anil 1-1 in Belgium, emphasizes liic necessity of an encouraging
attitude on the part of Canadian citizens toward thc fire protection league
aud kindred helps.
J Dr. Uiiil-eli. -Mini-ter
making a report
nation to the
said he hoped
of' ' 30,000,000.
from Holland.'
to buy  food.'.
of   Finance,
or,  tin- liuancial sil-
Xaliona!    A^-ciubiy,
oon  to obtain  a loan-
crown- ���   ($6.00(l.OOii,| '
This" will also !.������ i,>cd j Traveller
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Bc Cured
In local applications- as tlicy cannot ivarli
tlie di-i-atcd poil ion ot the ear. Theic is
only one way to cme Catarrhal Deafnrss
and tliat is by a constitutional iviucdv.
tlirousli llie Uiood on the Mueoii- h-m faces
of ihc System. Catanh.il Ucr.fne>s i-. cau-cd
by an inflamed condition of the mucoid lining of the Eustachian Tube. Wliea this tunc
iS inflamed \ou have' a miiiMing bound or
impi-ifect heaiimt, and when it i-i entirely
tlo'.ed, Deafness is the lcsult. ' L'nle-.; the
inflammation can be leduced and this, tube
restored -to,its norma! condition-, liean'iig may
be destioyci' foiever. Many ca*-c^ of"l)eaf-
iia".s are cau-cl bv Citarih. v.'liicli is ats inflamed  condition  or'  the  Mucoii;.  Sulfates.
OM-:     MU.VDKKl)', DOLLARS    for    any
t.i"-c:   ol  .Calanhal   J)eaf:it"S 'lh.it   cannot    bc
ci:icd   bv   HALL'S   CATARRH ..MriUCINli.
All   Diujrisis   7tc-    Circular-   frc
I''.  J - Lhi'iiey  *<  Co. -'loiedo.  Ohio,
Cattle of ihe Sudan
Great Things in Nature and Art
The three tallest trees in thc world
arc believed lo bc two' eucalypti in
Victoria, Australia, csTimated to be
435 and 450 feci respectively.
Tlic lake -which has-thc,highest elevation of any in the world is Green
Lake Colorado. Its surface is 10,252
feet above thc level of the sea. In
some places il is over 300 feet deep.
The greatest depth of the ocean is
27,930 icet.
Thc largest sheet or pane of glass
in the world is set in front bf a building in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was madc
in Marseilles, France, and measures
1S6 by 105 inches.
At Alleghany City, Pennsylvania,
there was recently rolled a steel
spring six inches wide, one quarter of
an inch thick, and 310 feet long. It
is lhc largcstcoiled spring ever rolled.
General Sir John F. Sykes Suggests
Cross-Continent   Aerial
In an address given in London on
imperial air routes, General Sir F.
Sykes, controller of civil aviation, said
in speaking of the England-Canada
route, lhat great fields wcrc open for
the development of aerial routes from
Montreal across the continent, touching, for instance, at Toronto, Port
Arthur, Winnipeg, Saskatoon mid Edmonton, with Vancouver as the ultimate goal. The usc of Hying boats in
Canada would undoubtedly be. greatly
developed owing to the largc areas of
open water in the innumerable lakes,
and after what had already been accomplished in establishing aerial
routes much imagination was not called for lo conceive of a flying boat
route spanning the continent.
Reduced Rates
��� Judge: You arc guilty of assaulting
a man wearing glasses. I fine you $10,
/Defendant: But, Your   Honor,   the
plaintiff wore only a monocle.
Judge: Then your fme will be but
$5.���Washington Star.
'People.who fish for compliments do
not need long lines. ' They will get
their best bite's in shallow water.
Even if a woman doesn't get lhe
right kind of a husband, shc thinks
it is better than being left.
- Thcy once tried to shut a woman
up in a lunatic asylum���but she kepi
right on talking.
Cannot   Fail   to ,Be, Im
pressed With,Country's Enor-
- '    -��� : * '��� -    .- ������ mous Wealth /
Holding His Own       _ j     The cattle trade of thc upper Ts'ilc,
"Hello,   old   chap,''     What   do'vou  carried on by .the Shilluck and Dinka
tribes with the Arabs, gives opportunity for quite an extensive barter
Jmsincs- - Thc. Arab traders offer thc
uatuVs all kinds of gaudy" gimcracks
for their, cattle and hides. A traveller
ot|in thc Sudan cannot fail to I>c-im-
ith  ih��\ country's enormous
know today?"
"Nothing���absolutely nothing."
, "Well, cheer   up     You're    holding
your own."'���Judge. "   -
Women  of  the  Bayan/i     tribe
Central Africa shave the tops of their I pfe'sed
heads, while the men wear long hair.
N.     -U.
Not Aspirin at AU without the "Bayer Cross
wealth in honied and hornless cattle.
Uc v.iirr.icct procos-ions of plodding
blasts  along   the narrow  roads, and
remark with astonishment'the orderly
way in which these herds -pass each
other,     Percy Martin,  F.R.G.S., describes -" in the African /World lhe
"complete discipline"    which" reigns.
Even  when  the herds arc seen  approaching one another from opposite
directions and upon the same narrowly defined track, the columns mergfc
into one another no morc lhan  do'
the separate streams of water of thej
Blue and White Niles or of the Black j
and White Amazons, streams that run}
sidc by side for over 100 miles. j
For. Colds, Pain. Headache, Neuralgia, Toothache, Earache, atid for
Eheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica, Neuritis, take Aspirin marked with the
nainc "Bayer" or yoa are not taking
Aspirin at all.
Accept only "Bar*r Tablets of
'.Aspirin"   in   aa   unWoken   "Bayer'
package which contains complete "directions. Then yoa are getting real
Aspirin���the genuine Aspirin prescribed, by physicians for over nineteen years. N07 Hade in Canada.
Handy tin boxes containing 12 tablets cost bnt a fe-w cents,;" Dniggista
abo sell larger "Bayer" packages.
Ti��6 is only sae A��5lrfa-^'3*ye��^���Ton satut say "Bayer"
Aspirin Jj th* trade mark <r*sist��red In C*n*fi��) et Bayer HMrafactart of Hcbo-
" ��ceUcacia��ter of ��a.HeyIlc*eld.    While It to well knows that Aiplria me*=s Bsjr��*
sataufaoture, to *a*lct tk�� public stttlart taltftllons, tb* T*Met�� ot B��yer Ceapux
Sin b�� it��mp��a wlife tfctlr ssntnJ tr*d�� mark, tas ��'B��y�� Gt*mT
-.-. m
rHE     LEDGE      ftRTCET\TWnnr>      "R      n.
-.'     iV  - 'vil
��� JWji%
It Thin, Nervous,
Run Down, Depressed,
This Wili Help!
The wear and strain of life has
tended in recent ycars to produce
nervous debility in a large percentage of oui population.
Thousands are affected with a feeling they can't exactly describe. They
are always tired and droopy, lack ambition, have poor appetite, look pale
and suffer from depressing headaches
and insomnia.
This condition is full of peril. It
is the stepping stone to invalidism,
the beginning of a shattered constitution. _
We advise everyone in this condition to take a good medicine at once
and"try to get well while yet there is
Probably no better advice can be
given than to use Dr. Hamilton's
Pills, vvhich have become famous in
restoring the sick to good health. A
general toning up of the system at
once takes place. The whole body
is vitalized by rich and purer blood.
The appetite is increased, food is
digested and naturally strength rapidly increases. Headaches go because
the bowels are regulated and all
wastes are carried off.
There is no experiment about using Dr. Hamilton's Pills because
thcy certainly restore the sick, as
a trial, will quickly prove. Just as
good -for the old as the young, and
suitable to the needs of women and
children. This grand family medicine
should be in  every home.
fr Filling His1
Own Shoes
��� BY ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
In spile of thc protests of her aunt,
thc two ladies arrived ten minutes before thc hour set for dejeuner, and
Rugglcs 'suffered sweet agonies of
rapture as Ruth gave him her hand
and he looked into her violet eyes.
The excitement of thc situation had
brought a delicate flush to Ruth's
checks and a vivacity to her maimer
such as Ruggles had not previously
observed. She seemed in somc subtle
manner nearer to him, less of the
- goddess and more of the mortal' maid.
He could not keep his eyes from her.
Promptly upon the hour, Miss Challand and Darthea wcrc ushered in ,by
the stately butler, and, having been
greeted by thcir host and introduced
to ..tlu- Misses Downing, they turned
to Ruggles, who was waiting quietly.
Miss Challand, feeling not "quite at
her case, was slightly stiff. Darthea's
rosy color deepened and her eyes
were filled with an intense curiosity.
It seemed to her that she had never
-seen so great a change in a person in
so few months. The happy, light-
hearted, careless boy had suddenly become a man���and. a vcry attractive
man, at tliat. Hc was thinner and
seemed to have grown taller, and his
face, which she thought of as rather
round and pink and had always been
as smoot'' as a babe's, was now lean,
rather pale, wilh shadows still beneath thc eyes, and hc had a short,
crisp, fair mustache. Formerly, hc
had worn his yellow hair rather long,
especially behind thc cars, and had
brushed it straight back from his forehead, whereas it was now cropped
barely long enough to part, with a
ruthless sacrifice of thc waving locks
on cither side.
His dress was different, too, for
while always neat aiid particular in
his costume, Rugglcs had had but
little  to  spend ou  clothes.    But he
 had_closely_obscrvcd-Pembroke _and
had tried to get as near as_ possible
thc samc effect, not only in points
of dress and barbcring, but in his
manner of conducting himself. He
might have had a far worse model,
and what with Pembroke's natural
taste and case and Ruggles's quick
adaptability, the effect was excellent.
But theie was something subtler
than this. Rugglcs had seen and
suffered and been ti listed with rcs-
ponsibiltics since Darthea had packed
him from her haughty ptcscncc, while
his change of fortune and the respect
which it commanded, on every sidc
had given him self-confidence. Though
as natural as ever and with the samc
unaffected politeness, he no longer
sought constantly to please. Hc seemed rather one to bc pleased.
But if Darthca found a change iu
Rugglcs, then no less did Rttggles sec
Darthca through different eyes. She
was as charming as ever and with thc
same evident stamp of birth and
breeding, but for somc reason Rugglcs was conscious of a curious sense
of disillusionment. Darthea seemed
callow, youthful ;md undeveloped to
thc point of childishness��� aud a child
that seemed destined to arrive at no
other maturity lhan that of her ycars.
Hc could not help comparing her to
such a vital futl-naturcd girl as Ruth,
with her swift understanding and
generous sympathy.
Thc luncheon passed pleasantly,
and a littic after three Miss Challand
and Darthca arose lo take thcir departure. A shower threatened,' and
Rugglcs^ offered to lake them to their
destination in his car, which was waiting below. Thcy were going dtrcctly
homc, and after a slight demur Miss
Challand accepted his offer.
Mustapha in his black suit and let,
opened the door. As Darthca stepped into thc superb limousine, with its
luxurious fittings, she was conscious
of a littic thrill. Few girls who havc
not groivn-up in thc lap of luxury
arc able to remain indifferent to the
atmosphere of a powerful automobile.
It represents t.o many things besides
mere vulgar wealth, the evidence of
which  one might find  in  clothes  or
jewels or a house. For the car suggests romance, imperious progress,
swift motion, a freedom of environment, distant regions, and the spice of
danger, all to be achieved while comfortably cuddled in the lap of luxury.
It is a sort of magic carpel to waft
one from the chill blast of winter
winds to the sunny slopes of Olympus or from scorching sidewalks to
cool mountain heights. Yachts are
all right in their way for those who
like thc water, which many do not.
Besides, if small, they are cramped,-
and if largc, they are dull, and thcir
relations to passing people and things
are not so intimate.
Ruggles gave the address to Mustapha, who mounted beside the chauffeur, and they glided off as silently
as a gondola.
"What a lovely car," said Darthea.
Ruggles smiled.   "Yes," he answered, "it's quite a change from my old
bike.   It seemed sort of funny, at first,
to be riding around in it and knowing i
that it was my own, but I'm getting!
Easily  and  Umckly  Cured  with
For bale by All Dealers
Douglas &  Co.,  l'rop'rs. Napanee,  Ont
Aviation to Weld Empire
Possibilities That Will Be Opened Up
By Air Routes Already
The London .Times, in an article
dealing with aviation as an empire
welder, says that for communication
with the outlying parts, of thc empire,
with India, Canada, South Africa,
Australia and New Zealand, it would
bc difficult to overestimate thc impor-
getting! tance of the possibilities that will bc
used to it now. L guess il doesn't take j nuencd up by air routes already sur-
long for anybody to get used to> being ;veycd witi,in the cmpirc. Nothing
rich.    Its a good deal harder for mei   , .. ,i .   i
to get used to the idea that I'ye got el   * "0t CVCn lhe pcrsolial n,aS��ct'
to limp around with a stick for the ism of thc p"ncc of Wales, will prove
rest of my lifc."
"Is it really as bad as that?" Miss
Challand asked.
"So Pembroke says.   The bones of
my ankle  were  all   smashed  up  and
somc taken    out.      It was a mighty
lucky thing for me that Hamid Pasha
left me all this money.    I don't know
how I'd have got along.   Speaking of
that, Miss    Challand,    there's something  I'd like  to  talk  to  you .about I
whenever you can spare thc timc. It's j
in connection with finding some lady j
lo act as what Pembroke calls 'resi-;
dent chaperon' for these girls that I've ,
got on my hands." j
"I should be vcry glad to advise I
you, I am sure, Mr. Ruggles," said:
Miss Challand, to whom Mr. Falcon- j
cr had already described Ruggles's'
interesting charges and explained his !
needs for their social education, "but
my own acquaintance is rather limited, and at this moment I am unable
more valuable as an instrument, not
only for annihilating time and space,
but for drawing ever closer tics of
sympathy and .mutual understanding
which bind together the mother country and the dominions.
Laugh When People    . ]  	
btep  Un YOUT  feet  j {ghan ruler is said to be 11
Try   this   yourtelf   then
It along to others.
it workg!
Changing Status
Of Afghanistan
New Ruler Negotiating With Russia's
New Government
For a long period. before the war
Afghanistan vvas practically a Briiish
outpost for India. The Amir governed the country as hc thought well;
but, for the better protection of India,
the British restricted the Afghans
frtfm alliances with foreign powers.
Indeed, the foreign, affairs of the
country were practically under British
control, and for. this right of restriction a handsome subsidy was paid
annually to the Amir. Shortly after
the war ended a new Amir reached
the throne of Afghanistan as a result
of the assassination of his predecessor
and the new ruler invaded India and
apparently expected ,z rising -in India to occur simultaneously with his
invasion. In this he was disappointed, and a British-India army of a
quarter of a million men met him near j
thc border. There was some fight-j
ing, aftcr which a ncw arrangement I
was made, under which the British 1
subsidy was withdrawn and the Amir
left free to control his own foreign
affairs. The collapse of Russia is given as one reason for this concession,
but another explanation is that Britain requires all her military resources
in the Far East to hold lndii itself in
he new Af-
egotiating a
new treaty with thc new Government
of Russia.
This ls Just the season
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TempIeton'B Rheumatic
Capsules bring certain
relief, and permanent ra-
n suits. They are recommended by doctors, and
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Mailed anywhere on re- .���
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ASTHMA. Don* t sufler another day.
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On the Somme
New Decision on Status of Aliens
The Appeal  Court in London  lias
Ouch I ? ! ?ib!   This kind of rough. given  an   important  decision  on   the
talk will be heard less here in town if'status of an alien under the laws of
to   think  of anybody  who "might  be people. troubled   with  corns will  foi-[ the empire.   The appellant was Hen-
suitable to your requirements."   Miss'Iow. thr
Markwald,    who was
e simple advice of this Cincin- , .. ���
Challand's tone was a little stiff." W :"ati authority, who claims that a fewj"cl1 f e"nan
she was secretly pleased and flattered'dron* of a druR calIpd freezone when .born in Germany, and settled in Aus-
that both Mr. Falconer and Rupglcs I applied to a tender, aching corn stops (tralia in 1908. He obtained a ccrti-
should have turned-to her for advice  soreness at once, and soon the cornjf]Cate  0f naturalization  and  went to
in this delicate    situation.      Darthea
looked    outof the  window
smooth-running limousine.
"Of.course," said Ruggles, "it might
dries up and lifts right out without j England at the oulbreak of lhe war,
of the p pfi.SayS freezonc is an ether com-|and was  required  to  register as an
pound   which   dries " immediately and I alien   under the Aliens    Registration
By Sapper G. AV. Bartlett, Canadian
Engineers, B.E.F., Scoutmaster of
Gladstone Troop, Boy Scouts.
>, Late October in the woods of
Northern France. The trees arc still
robed in their summer green, but thc
chestnut leaves are reddening, and the
cut-leafed birch is yellowing to a
dainty sculptured golden creation, excelling the most marvelous effort of
goldsmith's art. The squirrels are
chasing each other across thc winter-
green carpet and playing tag among
the ferns on the slope above.   -
The few summer birds are chirping
cheerlessly among the holly and
laurel, loathe to take a farewell of
their lovely summer home; but the
golden pheasant is here to stay, and
he revels and fattens on the luxurious
Re refused and was prosecuted! profusion  of bounteous autumn.   ,So
convicted by a magis'rate.    On  long has he enjoyed immunity from
the divisional court upheld the 1 the hunter's persecution that he al-
havc" to bother "about" the "housc'kecp- icient t0  remove  every hard  or soft I conviction.      The appeal  court held ni0st walks over :ay feel; and as I
ing part, of course; Selim and Sarah \ f.onl or^ callus from one's fcet;>   Mil-   that the appellant had not ceased to! rise, he takes a little run to thc near-
anil the cook look after all" that. You!1'0113  of American   w.omcn   will   wel-
scc, my idea is  that thc girls ought  come thls announcement since the in
to get acquainted with nice people,
like you and Dar��� Miss Wcstbrookc,
and other folks whose place in society
is like what Hamid Pasha's was. I've
got to find some lady like that to give
the girls the right sort of a start.
They're just as bright as they can be
and it won't take long for them lo get
the idea if'they're handled right. We'll
be pretty quiet at first," Ruggles went
on, "because, while it ain't the custom in Turkey to go into mourning
aitguration of the high heels.
the way wc do, still I don't think lhat
il would be quite the thing for the
girls to go out much so soon after the
death of their adopted father, do
you?" -��� -   .- -  ���-~      - -��� '
"Indeed, I do not," replied Miss
. "Aren't thcy going to wear mourning?" Darthea asked.
"Not thc way the French do," said
Rugglcs. "But thcir dresses are quiet
���black and white and sort of simple.
Miss Elliot looked after that."
"What is Miss Elliot like?" asked
Darthea, still obviously-interested in
thc tiafhc.
"Oh, she's fine.   She's an "American
girl who went as a teacher lo Robert
College.   Shc graduated from Vassar.
That's one of the big women's col-���
leges  in America.    You'd  like   Miss'
Elliot.   She's finely educated and has { duslry,  win
alot of sense and is just as nice and; fine cardboa
kind as she can be"
A Spanish Industry
a Spanish supplement,"devoted to the
commerce of Spain and the commercial  relations  of that    country  with
be an alien in London by virtue of 1 Cst shrubbery, then pauses and eyes
his Australian  certificate of natural*
izalion and dismissed thc appeal,
me, with head to one- si:!e, more in
curiosity than fear.
On the crest of thc rid^e aLovc :.'.!*,,
Canada exports today sixteen times * tlic pines stand dark, dim r.nd silent.
Manufacture   of Paner  Concentrated m��rC   bac011' than   beforc   lhe wan i Along thc slope below, the wood thins
Manufacture jDf Paper  Concentrated; wkh cqual    skm thc same    rcsults .        .^ a park ^ ?; ^^ ,,.v,
Tl,��� p,p;�� ��t���h=" im= K���,���ri,f ft,Jcould in a few' ycars be shown    fori':is .trim lerrpccd straw*, in the m:d-
fh-l^li_T^.PA.h^���b:��"Rht ?,U!iother products of Canadian livc��-_Cck.:djsUncc. Aml bc_4���! lhc' ffrccn Zd,ls
orchards, -vineyards r.*.:d meadows
stretch down info the green flit where
meanders thc sluggish Somme. Roads
partly screened by Lombard poplars.
Alberta Seed
Again Successful
Possibilities of the Brooks District as
a High Class Seed Produces Area
The success of farmers on irrigated
land in the neighborhood of Brooks,
Alberta, in winning a large share- of
the prizes at the Idaho State Seed
Show at Pocotello, Idaho, recently,
has been followed up by even better
success at the British Columbia Seed
Fair. At this fair, out of twelve samples of seed grown on irrigated land
in the Brooks district ten were aAvard-
ed prizes. First prizes were .won with
alfalfa seed, red clover seed, white
Dutch and clover seed. Marquis
wheat, field peas, spring vetch seed
and alsike clover seed were awarded
second prizes, while third prizes were
won with winter vetch seed and
dwarf garden peas. All this seed was
grown with irrigation last season.
These successes0right in thc heart
of districts that arc famed for the
production of a high quality of seed,
amply demonstrate the great possibilities of thc Brooks district as a high
class seed producing area.
Shale For Fuel
France. The paper industry is described as one of the oldest in Spain,
Jaliva having been the first European
town to engage o in paper-making.
Owing to the immense importance of
paper, it has been necessary to amplify the ancient modes of production
and bring into use other materials
than those employed in olden times,
materials more plentiful and cheaper.
Thc result has been a decrease in
the importance of the.old manufacture of vellum, thought this industry
has maintained itself in Catalonia,
owing to the traditional craftsmanship of the men employed iu it,
, The productive value of thc in-
hich covcis thc making of
oaid -~fron
Found the Remedy
Women Look For
Mrs. Alice Roberts Felt Like a Different'Woman After She Had Used
the Great Canadian Kidney Remedy, Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Substance    Common    in   Geological
Formations Makes Experiment
Widely ^Interesting
Railroads in Esthonia seem in a
fair way to discard coal in favor of
bituminous shale, a substance common enough in geological formations
to make the Esthonian experiment
widely interesting. Lacking coal, the
Esthonian provisional government has
been investigating the possibilities of
shale and as thc report comes by way
of Helsingfors, shale is now being
used for a good many purposes. Thc
gas factory at Reval, for example, is
using shale exclusively for making
gas. But, so far, shale has not been
adopted as a fuel, and wood is being
burned in the fire boxes. The factory
probably waits to see how completely shale can be used to run railway
trains, and the lailway factory in
Rcval is now experimenting with fire
boxes sulable to using shale in a locomotive. That it can bc successfully
used, however, seems to have been
proved. Cost is a strong argument
for lhc use of shale, and 3, marks for.
.1 pood, or some 30 or 40 pounds, of
shale, as against 30 marks for thc
same measure of coal makes it vcry
much cheaper. It would bc odd, bul
not impossible, if later events should
show that in using shale for fuel the
little-known country of Esthonia is
leading the world.
"How  was it you never  let yous
and  green  hedges,   convcigc   ou   a;
bridge; and beyond   the   bridge   tl.e j mo���� j^ ^^-onThc V.C.?'"
road slopes steeply up into a country      ���Ifc ^^ ^ lnffl  ^c  wrflc ���
we may not explore. As we lie among, Loildon Punchj
the greenery, and watch thc quaintly i
clad peasants toiling in tbe fields  ; 1, ks=.-ki-=' ^==^r::.'=rr7-i~'";T-
seems like some painting by Millet.|
Lack of Raw
Material in Europe
Greater Part of its Population Not
Producing Anything
Speaking on "The Economic Situ��
ation in Europe" at a meeting of the
Delphian Coterie at Cannon Street
Hotel, London, P. A. Molteno said
that thc outstanding fact was that
Europe was not earning its daily
bread. Thc greater part of its population was not producing anything,
owing to' lack of raw materials, lack
of transport, and lack of coal and
food. Unless credit were obtainable,
deprivation would be superimposed
and currencies would not pass muster. So far as thcy were concerned,
the result was felt in the fall in thc
value of the sovereign, about 25 per
cent, in America. Even in the victorious countries the situation was very
serious, and it could only bc met by
increasing thcir output of goods to
pay for imports. They must all work
harder and spend less, and aim at a
better scale of living.
Tt was essential for them, Mr. Molteno continued, that Germany should
be fully occupied with work, and her
recovery in the economic sense would
bc greatly to their advantage. They
were now selling largely on the continent to countries which could not
pay thcm, and because of that, they
wcrc unable to pay America. They
sorely needed the surplus output of
other countries, but at present they
were not in a position to buy freely.
Russia, hc insisted, must be brought
into thc economic system, as her vast
resources were essential for thc food
supply of Europe.
,' 'id
New Gristing Order
The Canadian Wheat Board has
just issued an order that "western mill
licenses returning' all grist to grinding customers will not bc required
for the future to remit thc 65 cents,
or in the case of eastern and B.C. licences, 15 cents per bushel, nor to
issue certificates of participation in
future profits. Millers must, however,
report names of and quantities returned  to  their customers.
Hawaiian Cash Sent to Japan
Iu the fiscal year ended June 30,
1919, almost $900,000 in international
money orders was sent out from Honolulu, and all but $10,000 of this amount went to Japan. There is also
much money sent to Japan through
the local Japanese banks, there being
three of these in Honolulu.
Brazilian cocoanut palms live 'from
600 to 700 years, and the date palm
from 200 to 300 years. On thc Mount
of Olives, Jerusalem, there are olive
trees known io havc been flourishing
in 1099.
10 'ill
*        Kftl
to 7,000,000 pesetas a year,
Halhersage, Alta., February 9. ���
That Dodd's Kidney Pills arc the remedy that tired women with aching
backs are looking for is the lesson
taught by thc experience of Mrs.
Alice Roberts, a well-known and
highly respected resident of this
Mrs. Roberts fell lircd all the lime.
.  .Her backache was terrible.   She used
rags,   amountsJDodd,sKidncyPillSt   That is why she
20    pcrjsayS_
abroad.'    "Dodd's Kidney Pills did wonders
for me."   "My back ached so that I
Darlhca asked a few more questions'       ,      r     , . .    . ,   ,
aboul Miss Elliot, then turned her in- ccnt of wh,ch  1S pxl'0ltcd
quiries to thc girls, whom Rugglcs dc-'Tlic "Temps" gives an account of tlic't0r���e."   "My hack aciicu so that 1
cn-iii/wi in tic niiiot .,^1,,^-t    ��� -'. ���   5    .        re-       .t        it      r could hardly do my work.     Mrs. Ro-
Serine tl �� ?hrv'^in nn^'i ���     !papCr "'      l��' ��   Spam' 0t lhan berts continues, "And I felt so'lircd
their lefti -ftion  L ZV?P�� duS velIum' carried-on for home uses as all thc timc.   My heart also bothered
tneir destination, he came to a sudden       n        r .  .���        1        1     t>i ���
resolution. "Sec here. Miss Challand,"  wdl as for ��porlalion abroad.   The,me
- '    manufacture of paper used for news-1    "Six boxes of Dodds kidney Pills
papers is almost entirely   conccntrat-iraa.de. ,nc fecl llkV different person.
1 /.    -   -         ;     ��   --~            ,     ;���Ask-your ncignbors"ir Dodas-ivid-
cd  m  thc provinces  of thc north  01   	
said hc, "I hoped that maybe you
miglit_bc__wiI!j_ng_lo_ hclp_'me_oul__in
this business. I mean, that I thought
perhaps you might consider taking
charge���and if Miss Westbrooke
would come, too, so much thc better.
Mr. Falconer has been telling me
about an old place in Neuilly that
seems lo bc just what I want, and
there's a big studio in a wing of- thc
house that would be just thc thing for
Dar���Miss Wcstbrookc. I won't say
anj- morc about it now, but please
think it over. Mr. Falconer's coming
to scc^you, and he'll tell you all about
it.   Well, here wc arc."
And Mustapha, with his umbrella,
ushered two vcry much agitated ladies
to their door.
(To Bc Continued.)
The Function of the
Agricultural College
To Generally Improve Conditions
Surrounding Rural Life
The services that may be performed by the agricultural colleges In Canada in the upbuilding of a sound rural
spirit, as viewed by thc presidents of
these institutions, arc graphically out-
Spain, especially at Tolosa.
Butcher: '.'I am in need of
about your size.      I would
five dollars a week."
Applicant: "Wiil I havc a chance lo
ney Pills    won't cure    sick kidneys.
Cured kidneys strain all thc impunities out-of thc blood.      Pure blood
boy!means new health all over thc body.
J Thousands   of   Canadian   women   repay you j comnlcnci Dodd-s Kidney Pills.
Care for Canadian Graves
Butcher: "Oh, yes; I want you to p      Je of Mong Takj      an Interest
bc here at four every morning.'
Is Your Nose Plugged?
Have You Catarrli?
If Subject to Colds, Here Is Real
Good Advice
in Looking After Plots
Word has been received by .the
office of the Overseas Military forces
of Canada from M. Gustavc Casy,
president of an association formed by
I thc people of Mons to care for thc
graves of allied soldicrs. Thc burgomasters and inhabitants of the 81
communes of the district of Mons are
Wc can scarcely realize lhat '.lie!
alarms of war ever troubled this 1
peaceful countryside' j
But as we lake our fisld-gljss audi
scar, the scene morc c3ossbr, we notice j
that one wing of thc chateau has btcn
pounded to nibble by shell fire, end
that the poplars near the bridrtf havc
been shattered and dumem'j.uvd ss if
by a tremendous electric storm. Tlicrc
are long ditches running in appatent-
ly aimless confusion which were not
dug for draining tlic farm lands; and
there arc deep pits dolled along the
slopes, which were not made by
human hands. On the slope, above,
some of thc sentinel pines liavc been
.tortured _aud torn by shells searching
for concealed artillery; and it lequircs
little imagination-to guess the salutation which would hail us fjom the unknown, beyond,the river hilis, should
yonder hawk-like sky scoui with the
sloped back wings 'and forked tail,
discover our hidden post among the
To Grant Farm Loans
Saskatchewan Municipalities Empowered to Make Advances to
Problems connected wilh the guaranteeing of advances to farmers have
been dealt with bv tlic Saskatchewan
colds and catarrh. Easy to ~do this
with Catarrhozone, which cures a
cold in ten minutes. Even to the
lungs goes thc healing vapor of
,.,.,.     T ,        , _,    Catarrhozone���all through   thc bron-
Iincd m thc January number of Thc;chiai tllbcSj nostrjis and air passages
Agricultural Gazette, of Canada, pub-]���everywhere a trace of disease remains ��ill Catarrhozone follow. You'll
not havc colds, nor will you suffer
from sniffles, 'biouchilis. or throat
trouble if Catarrhozone is used. Get
it todav,    but
assisting the, association.   The aim is legislature.   As a result of legislation
, 1 tn .,ii���f ���,,��� n-nv,, 'r, n f-,i���;!v in i,P brought in, municipalities arc empow-
Don't    load    your    stomach    with   ���� ^��    �����f��� J a   She     I i    "cd to make advances to farr,ers fc,
cough svrups.    bend healing medica-! c^rcu ior ana ueai.mj.    iinuici, int.
tion through the nostrils ��� send it'family must    endeavor to get    intoitllc P��rposc of buying oats for feed.,
into' thc passages that arc subject to  communication with thc next of kinl1" som? municipalities thc demand isj
of the deceased soldicrs and 'inform !so larBc  tlm  tllc  municipalities  arc;
beware of dangerous
two   month
small si^i.
lishcd by the Depaitment of Agricul
turc, at Ottawa.
Professor Reynolds, President of
the Manitoba Agricultural " College,
considers thc main function of thc
institution is to teach not only what
good farming is, but also how to li\e
in thc country and mak-,- thc country jdralcr.s
better to live in. He concludes his Kin
statement   thus:   "Thc  present   occ;i-i 	
sion emphasizes thc fact that a man \ '       M?an Insinuation
"D-d, did you fall in love with mother at first sight?"
"Yes, my boy. Eut it was a year or
so aftcr" wc were man icd that the
doctors discovered that I should havc
worn glasses much sooner than I did."
thcm that thcy arc in charge of hisjmiable to make financial airangcmcnts j
grave, and if the next of kin proposejan(l  thc provincial    government has!
to  visit  Belgium     thcy  will  bc   thc | undertaken to stand behind them to
guests of the family in charge'of thc  tllc extent of guaranteeing thc bank-
grave whilst there
On the anniversaries of the two
battles of Mons, August 23 aud Xo-
\ ember 11, homage is paid to the dc
In discs -where there is open rang>;
and farmers who are engaged in
wheat   raising  arc icquircd  to  fence
,    . - .    ; ceased  and   wreaths   arc  laid     upon! their crops to prevent thc stock    ofj
substitutes meant to deceive you .forj - ^ association  - now ! their neighbor* doinc harm, municip-!
genuine  Catarrho/onr.       Larire  size,'tsu-11   b'*"L"     l,,%-  lWJ-l,"Kl1     ,lu" ^ * !
- - -" ...       ]iavc no,v 0;, their'ahtics arc empowered to borrow mon-
trcatmcut,   costs  ?1.00;
0c:  '���amj-lc  '���'?c 25c; all
01     Thc Cnt��rrho?oiu      Co..
<���>>>, C amid.'
tlic   gia\rs  of  100  allied  sol-'cy  to  purchase     barbed  wire  which
educated at thc public expense at an
agricultural" college or elsewhere,
must not turn his education solely to
private profit, but is obliged therewith
to serve thc public."
Stilt, Sdres&es, Sotlfrn,
Heals���Keep your Eyesj
Strong and Healthy. If
theyTire, Smart, Itch, or'
Bam, if Sore, Irritated, j
- _ ,y laSamed or Granulated,
use Murine often. Safe for Infant or Adultl
Happiness doesn't consist of having
everything you.want, but in ihe
ability to get more.   "
Ancient Ronians knew 2*/ varieties,
of apples.
At all Druggists in Canada. Write for Free,
SyeBook. MsriasCos?BBy,CM��as��,ii.S.i.
1 jiarcr
diers 1 1
commission. <">f which tlu-    l.ich com-! settler* who desire
Imperial   war  grave* 1 thcy may scl
mission";- tor    Canada,
easy terms  io  the
to fence.    Provi-
Gcorgc' ^ioit is madc for repayment under cer-
Pcrlcy, is  a  n.c:i:L>cr.  l.r.s ,by a^rrce-' tain conditions which mus! h<- obscrv-
ment with the Belgian government,
given the association the general supervision of all maintenance.
Gold and Silver Output '
Since the ycar 1904, when thc province of Ontsrio became sn important
?wtfc��rd*rvri�� producer of valuable metal, thc silver
|tcbintLBleed.jInines of Northern Ontario havc pro-
lag Piles. Nolduccd approximately 303,/24,1/i fine
1 uSi^nnSSS,jounces of silver valued at $181,570.-
es havc prodttc-
iccs    valued
Profit in Egg Production
Thc records of thc Storrs (Conn.)
Agricultural Experiment Station    relating fo the production of eggs show*
that  thc   ecg  yield  from  5,000  hens
during ihe past five ycars h?s averaged  156  eggs  per  hen. or  130 dozen
eggs from each pen of tea birds. Witli
prices that have been obtained during
thc past year, thc product from ten
t hens v>-onld retail for S75; whereas it
-.rmld co~: trss than $35 to feed them.
Limited, oi Montreal, organized and financed by a representative body ol Canada's leaders in great commercial
enterprises will hold its
:irsf Great Sale of Raw Furs
Otfering immense quantities of fresh, original, unculled
Canadian Furs-the Best in the World-UNMIXED with
mfettor southern varieties, the company will sell to the
higi.est bolder of hundreds of eager buyers from all parts
of the Un:tcd Steles ;v.id Europe.
You get the void's bast piices on the WORLD'S BEST
FURS, your CANADIAN goods, al our sales.
chief buying capitals.
Buyers from London, Paris, New York, Chicago and other
great disinbu-ing rentres have already arranged to attend
The widespread :n?p.resfc shown by bay&rs ckarly indicates
the unusual ?farc?!y of raw furs; unmistakably paints to an
unusually keen demand, particularly for the finer fu>s���
Canadian goods. We think we are not unduly optimistic
in predicting
LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES will gladly be mad- on request
accompanying *Qy shipment large or small pending sales.
Tlie expense to shippers to the Montreal sale* isless-the buying
, force is as strong���a# in any market in the world. Write u��.
Get our advices-market reports, accurate, reliable guidance to
you in buying and SHIP NOW���any quality, of any variety
or grade. No market in the world will net you better results.
Last day of receiving for this sale is MARCH Isl.
The Canadian For Auction Sales Company!
�������   __��.  mv ��M �������  n    _    ��� r JHTTUt>    '
, -"'-il
Temporary Offices���Windsor Hotel
,,_--jgffi ;n
���' - -A-'
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
ft is always 52.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier'
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Kstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Oertificafe of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir�� notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal ���advertising, tis'cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, noupariel
Business locals I2j��c. a line each insertion.
Kettle Vallev
The blue cross! means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Aheadline artiBt makes General
Foch say that he had visions afe the
battle of the Marne. The general
called ife vision. "I do not call it
a miracle," he says, "but in a
supreme moment clear vision is
sometimes given to a man compelling him to feake certain measures
of enormous importance. I believe
I had such vision in the battle of
the Marne, on the Yser, and on
March 26feh, 1918. The victorious
decision came from the Supreme
Divine will."
Joan of Arc had visions. She
performed miracles. She was
burned as a witch. Foch had no
visions. He performed no miracle.
His worst enemy has never accused
him of witchcraft. Yet God gave
him the vision that brought victory.  . -- , _
Each story reflects the prevailing
faith of its age.      .   .
Five hundred years, ago it was
the,spectacular things that reminded us of God-or the devil. But
the general finds God elsewhere-r-
in steady, self-forgetful, work and
singleness of aim.   - ���".
Themorescieb.ee advances and
the more we find of regnlarity and
Jaw in nature, the more we think
of God as present, not here or
there, but.everywhere.-."'���    Y;
Serious.thinkers, looking for. the
Divine are turning less to any
special, order of events and more to
the constant striving of men to
realize something better.
"The kingdom of God.is within
��� you." "/���'.-    .- ..-'...-. Y ��� -. "X -'";-"--'.';.,.-'-
Miss Betty Cisco, who has been
visiting Mrs. J. Richter, returned
to her home in Vancouver on
Wednesday morning.
Word was received at Kettle
Valley on Suuday, that John H.
East, an old timer of the district,
had died in California.
A surprise party was sprung
on Mrs. Ida E. Weed, on Saturday evening last, in honor of her
birthday. There were 52 persons
present and a most enjoyable time
was'spent in dancing, cards and
Synopsis of
Call This Living
Bancroft Bailey of South Newbury, Vt., died at ,-the age of 101.
He never spent a penny ou tobacco
or liquor, never inside of a theater,
.tnd never spent an evening away
from his family.
A life that must have seemed
much longer than 101 years.
;   Styles   change,in. hip. pocket
hardware.   --'���.'������   ���'-' , .   . .,  -
Actually there nothing' more
optimistic in all literature than a
seed .catalogqe.:; .-.  -     .. Y.  Y
"������'Just, because we ask.our visitors
to tarry a little longerwe. dot.mean
to insinuate that they are tarriere.
Masquerade Carnival
X The Masquerade. Carnival at .the
local rink.   laBt   Friday';: '-evening
was great success!    There were no*
.'.; as many skaters in fancy  dress as
:   ljajbe'.p&stj bat the costumes-were
extra good.   _A. large  number of
spectators were oh hand for the
.. occa.Biojn.    The judges ware: .Mrs.
G. B. Taylor, Mrs. W.  S.  Dewd-
. -.'ziey,-.Mrs. C. King, and J. Keady,
Vand feheir awards   met  with   the
approval-\of: all.     Charles   King
started the races and presented the
prizes.  The winners follow:   Best
dressed   lady,    "Billiard   Table,"
Miss DolJy Granberg; best dressed
gentleman, .'-'John  Ball," -Robert
Jenks-.best dressed girl^Y*?Nnrse',?.
Mies  Ethel - Fraser; .best, dressed
boy,   "Indian' Cbief" Allan Mc-
Carrsch;. best   comic, \ "polored
Man,"' Harold .MelIrndY;"Y-rY;::^/
Girls race���Baby Gioodeve..,-;
Boys rac&r-William McLeod.
Older boys race���Bcssell Eustis.
Greenwood's Got The Cup
Hurrah! boys, hurrah!
Greenwood lias the cup.
It was hard working got it boys,
Not a streak of luck.
It sits in Goodeve's window
Gleams in the wintry sun;
The school boys stand admiring.
Spin tales of fast games won.
The poor old fogies come along
Rheumatic and crippled up,
Stroke their beards aud repeat the fact
That Greenwood won the cup.
Hurrah! boys, hurrah!
Now lhat Greenwood has the fame,
Be sure she'll never loose it, boys,
Hold on to her good name.
Greenwood, B. C, Feby 9th, 1920.
Editor Grewnwood IvEDge.
Dear Sir:
In the Vancouver Province of
February 7th i noticed the speech in the
Local Legislature. by"F. J. A. McKenzie,
M.L.A. for Delta, advocating the supply,
by the government, of "Free Stumping
Powder to Ranchers,"
After some thought on the possibilities
of such an action I decided to write a few
lines for publication, in your paper,
bearing on the subject.
This idea is not a new one to me as I
have had it in -mind "for some time and
discussed it with various local people.
Mr. McKenzie has sounded the key
note of agricultural-development in B. C.
;. If free powder was- supplied tomorrow
there would be a stampede, of. ranchers .to
secure it.. As soon as the frost is out ol
the ground these hills would .be ringing
with the sounds of blasting and'. land
clearing operations aud b}- the end of the
season a tremendous additional acreage
would be.in a producing condition. Development, would then follow as the .night
the day and" where .we.now have deserted
mining towns we would "then have-prosperous agricultural communities.
. .The- Department of- Agriculture has
sent lecturers and demonstrators through
"here froni.time to time,.for years, at considerable expense to the Province. Today what tangible .results are there of
their visits? Supply, the rancher with
Free PoNvder and there would be results
inside of twenty-four hours, increasing
from day to day.until".the end of a.few
years"the transformation would be beyond description". - , ' 'Xy"
��� '; If the .Government" is really desirous of
developing.:.the -^Agricultural Industry;of
this province it could dispense with the
entire"Agricultural"Department, thereby
securing much.of theiiecessary funds: Y
"' Supply. Free Powder" to the rancher and
'agricultural-development-would; come as
a tidal wave that' would y overwhelm the
Province iii prosperity;1 ;." ��� ,'..
'; " - r ..'Sincerely yours; ��� .-- Y.v
= ."-   -i-Xy'-i "1 rY w. C^. WILSON; .Y
.     Re Lots. Block 2 7, Map. 34, City of ,Y
.-.: Zy.Xy    .���-���'-'Greenwood -,-' ,. '-��� '���
,'" NO.TICE". is, liereby jfiveii that I-shall at
tlie expiration "ofoiie" month froni" the date of
the first- publication ' hereof issue,- a Certificate of Indefeasible Title to tlle above mentioned laridsin the name of Ucrtlia. Kstella Dock-.
���steadcr'unles'4 iii. the meantime .valid objection is made to me in wrilinj*.;. ' ,'���."'��� . ;.
"TheJiolder of -lhe following document re-,
latinif to the said lands,' namely:
.,- Deed, dated 25th July. l'XM, -Columbia and
���"���'��� Western.-. Railway Company .to Frederick.
/. C. Anderson, - _- . ., : - .
is required to deliver same to me forthwith. ."'<
" DATED at' Kamloops,- B;.e.;'tlie Mth day,
of January.'1020I     -.,     -"-���'��� ..."-.   Y'
...'".-���    '������ ..   H..-V..CRAIG.YY  ; --
:'-,-���'. ' District. Registrar.
The Kettle Valley Railway Company will
apply to the Parliament of Canada at its next.
Session for an Act authorizing it to construct
thc following lines of railway:
(a)   From a point aror.near Coalmont on
the Joint Section  operated  by the .Applicant
Company and the Vancouver, Victoria and
Eastern Railway and  Navig-ation Company,
- thence in a general southerly direction, a dis
tance of about 12 miles to the so-railed Granite Creek coal-areas, in the Province of British Columbia.
And   further extending   the   timc   -within
which it may commence the construction of .the.
following lines of railway which it'has heretofore been duly authorized to "construct:
: (bi -From a point at cr near Grand Forks
to.apoint-50'niiles -op.tbe North Fork o! the
Kettle Ri.ver,';in' thesaid Province. -   -. '-, X    -
(c)   From a'-point-.tit or itear-.Otter Sum-;
'.��� mit.by lhe most feasible route to the .Aspen
Grove mineral di-itrict; in.the said Province^
adistance.of about3!) miles- .---.;        .' .';. '���..'.'::
An'd.;fsirther;-anthbrizing-.'it to increase its
bonding powers in. respect,of-the said'lines cf
railway.to ST0,!JCQ peV,,mi!e, ,'aad for, other-,pur-.
'poses-,;:. -,-~ ;. ' '���;'y "y.'.X' --,-". '���'X-xi"-1Y- -_': .-|
���   ': DATED at Mpd'frea"Kthis,13.thday-of Jan-';
narr, 1920:'.,..   ��� ^.' ���'.' ,-... ,"���' Y-- .....' ; :.--..- ���:.-.-��� -   j
'.    ~XX:-i   ..     yXjI...ti05^A'LD,yy  ffy   '- ���j
'. Secretary.-Kettle Valley RajIway'Company.
Pringle, TIiomps6n,~Bar<res$ & Cot?'.-""' .-''.".7-:'-"-
;.       O'tta-wa'Ayents.   ��� .-'.'.-��������";'.   "'-.--:. .'""������
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
52.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. ' q
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
nve years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least B acres,
oerore receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided appli-
ca-nt makes improvements to extent of
?300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained In
. . �� an 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunction with his
��� 5mi with��ut actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. A
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling resl-
����� laI and 'improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas   exceeding   640   acres   may   be
>??,? by one Person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
. Natural hay meadows . inaccessible
y _,e��jstin,R r��ads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
9 ACT.
The scope of this Act ls enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
or a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act ls extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after tho conclusion of the present
war. This privilege is also made retroactive.
No.fees relating to pre-emptions are'
due or payable by soldiers on    preemptions recorded after June 26. 1918
Taxes are remitted for five yes^s.
.Provision for return of moneys ac-
5ru,0Adue and ��een paid since August
4, l��n, on account of payments, fee*
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
ffii^ 0lty lot3ileld by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 81. 1920.
���* LANDS.
Provision made for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase -Interest and taxes. Where flub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be
made by May 1, 1920.
9 GRAZING. ���
' Grazingv Act, 1919, for syatwnatic
development of livestock industry, provides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits-issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for-estab-
lished owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
. tor settlers, campers or travellers, ud
to ten head.  ^ v
la the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Charles' Graser,
of Uouudary Falls in said District, occupation,
Rancher, intend to aoply for permission to
purchase tlie following described lands:
Commencing' at a post planted at the
South-East corner of Lot IOJS; thence North 20
chains; thence East 20 chains; thence South 20
chains; and thence West 20 chains, and containing 40 acres more or less, the same 10 b--
utilized for frrazlnu purposes.
- Dated at Boundary Falls. B.C., November
17th,1919.  '
.-E. W._ WIDDOWSOJN,-Assayer. aud
Chemist,, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges;���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each.' Gold-Silver $1.50. ,Silver-I,ead
$?,po : Silver-I/ead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
fair other metals, etc., on application, ���
.  NELSON, B.C. '
"y-, "- ' -; - MIN-ING-.'������''-'-. ������--'���>"
":.;Y J'-Y/Y-BROKER- "-;.--VY'- Y
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block        - -,. -     Nelson
Cuiameen fioiel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty"mealu.
JOHNSON & EKLOF   -    Proprietors
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or inonth
Nilson & Nilson
AU Work Guaranteed
P. 0. BOX 148. TELEPHONE 92
Morrison Block, GRAND PORKS, B.C.
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Orovilte Trains
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and. Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery   And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your" lands
with me,   Have a buyer for* good ranch
All   the   latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   B.C.
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Get your job printing at lhe
Ledge, before the paper is all
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
^L "C LOAT is not a periodic-���-V
^   al.    It is a book con-  T'
������ taining 86 illustrations all fr
ju told,  and is   filled    with fr
. sketches and stories of �����{��
j* western life. It tells how ��2��
���*f* a gambler cashed in after .y
fr the flush days of Sandon ; jf
��g�� howit rained in New Den- fr
ju ver long after Noah was fr
j> dead; how a parson took a ��$��
fr drink at Bear Lake - in ��2,
fr early days; how justice j
fr was dealt in Kaslo in 93; j[
Jfg, how the saloon man out- *��
ju prayed the women in Kala- fr
. mazoo, and graphically de* 4*
fr pictB the . roamings of a ^
"I* western editor among the j,
fr tender-feet in the cent belt, jf
oft It contains the early history "���
j, of Nelson and a   romance fr
�� of the Silver King mine. ��{���
fr In it are printed three ��{���
,!�� western poems, and dozens ,��,
���^ of articles too numerous T
fr to mention. Send for one ***
fr before it is too late. The fr
fr price is 50 cents, post- fr
������� paid to any part of the ����>
ju world.  . Address   all   let- ^u
* *T t0 ?
fr R. T. Lowery fr
<%>     GREENWOOD, B. C.     4>
fr fr
QVV *W* *w* *w* *v* ^O^ ��*V *w* *���* *T* ^^* *���* ^F
^��^��^��^��^^5��^��^��^��-^��^��<^^C^&^��^Ci^^��^��4^4^�� ^��&&&��&��&&i
P; Burns & Go,, Ltd. $
���'''������- X'X   x -     '���"-' ������..-'       -'-���-..'-' U
���. /.Home of  Shamrock Bacon,   Ham and Lard-y  . Sj
Xy Eggs,   Cheesed and. .Fish   of   all    Varieties-       \
������'.���'-��� ���������'��������������� .���.xx.:--x'ii": :��� ' '��� ~;;- ���������:������'������':-'���" ���-���' J
���-.'������'' yy-XyTQ-mD^-OF-'DEC^
YHas produced.-Minerals valued as follows:/Placer Gold, $75,116,103;, Lode
Gold, 393,717,974; Snver,$43VC23,761; Lead $39,366,144; Copper, 8130,597,620; ���
Other Metals - (Zinc,; Iron,  etc^; S10^933,466;; Coal and Coke, ;8174,313,658;.';���
Baildirtg.Stone,..Brick.. Gemerit,;etc.,, 627,902,381; making ite. Mineral Prbduc-.-
..--��� tion tothe eiid of 1917 show an : . ���   . : =.     Y   yY V-Y -.',
Aggregate Yalue of'. $595;571;16K:y;
Production for Tear Ending December, i917> $37,010,3
The   Mining   Laws, of this Province are more liberal and the feeB lower       .
than those of any other Province in the Dominion,. or any colony in the  British
Empire. -
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by, developing such prdperfeiep, the security  \
-"';-;" of.which. is guaranteed, by Crown Grants.    x'./Z- Y; -....-��� Y'"?,';'.-���''.'���..:'' -.-"-..���  .-���"'       ri'Xiy'
'���'���'���   ���'., Full information, together with 'mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
fyy Y Y"gratis'.by addressing-��� iy,.y 5.~ X.Zy .XXyy, ZiX'y ZXrii'xiii.xixy X'X.yyX-. ":-���:- '���_���-. .���   _;.;."
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department ���'
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   PigYLead   and Zinc
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
���   buttermilk and ice-cream.
No one wants to be unnecessarily brusque in manner, yet
the use of "Hello" in answering the telephone gives that im-:
pression. The better way Js to tell the -caller who is talking.
-When you announce your name or the name of your firm or de-
partmentp'ou eliminate the necessity of additional enquiry. It
facilitates your telephone service and creates a favorable impression right from, the start. ,����� ���
Cbe Rume Rotel
   nelson, B��C.
The only up^to/date Hotel in the interior.   First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each roorii;
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
S-^ . m*t 4%��a   . ��� -     '_��___.' _________ _______! - r_2
���Economy arid Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features which go to
make tip the Service we givei
bur ciistomersV Are
one of them? V
Letterheads, Noteheads,
���'.-���,'   (Ruledbr.Plain) .;   . :  : ;- ,���- ' Y"   ','" YY ��� ���'��� /
i The Ledge
p: ���:'���;: greenwood'';     Job Priflting Department^ y3
UtfJJffUJiJlwil.""IMiHI ���""���


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