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The Ledge Jan 10, 1924

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Array } ���
X Xi
���        >*' -I V  . "I   I j
Vol. " XXX.
No.- 25
We have in Stock
__. ~.     N    ...	
Skates, Hockey Sticks and Pucks
Now is the time to secure them as the Rink is open
Perfection Oil Heaters
Snow Shovels, Brooms, Etc.
Every Thursday "
Try Our --. =��
Sausages    s . fe;
~ You Will Like Them W
Start the New Year right -    -    ~        " j��
order from Phone 46 "<��>
���      ~ i ~r ��� ���     	
Headquarters for Everything in
Drugs and Stationery
Mail .orders promptly attended to
o    -
FogavieVF..��r a��d Feed.J
Are. the Best -
We are thelSole^Agents
$ J PHONE 17
ft C^<^<��feQC��Cg!KqbfeC<^- _RR iftfrfcflt
The Consolidated .Mining & Smelting io,
of Canada, Limited
[ r ,
_     Office, Smelting'and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
'      Producer*  of   Gold.    Silver,-' Copper,    Pig  Lead - and Zinc
,   ' "TADANAC" BRAND -    ,     V
Fit^ Reform     X
1 i
Suits %}
K Made to your measure
Order yours now
W, Elson "Bf Co,
Real Estate.
Fire,  Life Insurance
Licensed by B. C. Government
Accident & Sickness Insurance
Auction off your surplus Stock
\Call at my Office and see me in
reference to any of above
��� Ladies" and Childrens
Stockings and Rubbers
~411 Hats Going   .     ,
At Cost
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The.20th Century Shoe Repairer;
AU work and material  guaranteed.    We
~pay postage one way.    Terms Cash.
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15 p.m. *
Inspiration Pictmes Inc., pieseuts
Richard Barthelmess
I ������fe��S��S����*e
We tarry only.tbe best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal/ Pork,  Ham, Bacon,. Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
"The BondsBoy"
From first to last���as powerful as
"Tol'able Davi<T
The in_es.t Barthelmess has given
The story of a boy who passed through
slavery lor his mother���and to the shadow
~      of the~gallows> to sav<"a woman
George \V. Ogden's famous story, bigger
still in motion pictures
Au   escape   and   bloodhound "chase   as
exciting as the screen can give
Mixed baled hay, Timothy and Alsike
Clover, good for cattle and horses'; ��20.00
pertou, transferred or F.O.B., Greenwood.
F. Haussener, Box 36.;, Greenwood, B C.
Proprietor ��
The Joy Of Hearing A Voice
Wben yoa are travelling, evening brings lonesome hours. You would
be glad if it were possible to pack yoar grip and find yourself instantly at
home or among your jfrieuda. You cannot make tbis quick visit, but at the
nearest telephone "Long Distance" will send your voice back where you
want to be. When you bear tlie voice, you feel its presence- The voice is
the person. That'* why nothing can talcs the ^lace of the telephone as a
medium of communication. You feel you are with the person to whom you
are talking.
Two ladies musk rat collars and .two
ladies lynx capes. These are new and
very handsome furs. Call at my shop in
4 One black and white steei, 2 jear old,
brand on rijjlit hip looks likes a B. One
blue 2 year old heifer, no brapd visable
but has cut 011 ripht ear. Two red heifers,
2 j ear old, brand on right hip like a B, one
heifer has 2 white spots on forehead aud
the other one while spot ou forehead.
The animals are-beir,g fed at Phoenix.
Owner can have same by pa> ing expenses.
If not claimed within 30days they will
be sold.
Greenwood, B.C., Jan. ioth, 1924.
Phone, 7L, Greenwood or
A. KoRr.vw, Phoenix.
I Around Home
Harold Mellrud left for Idaho
last Friday.
Mrs. H. McCutcheon will remain in Vancouver for the winter.
, Chas. Watson,' of Chewelah,
Wash., was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. G. S. Walters this week.
The ice is in fine condition at
the skating rink. ^The rink will
be closed on Saturday night Jan.
Miss M. A. McLoughry returned on Sunday .morning' from
spending' the holidays in Vancouver.
Mrs. J." Harris, of Langley, arrived in town on Wednesday on a
visit to her parents Mr. and Mrs.
L. Bryant.
Jas. S. Birnie is able to be
around again in Princeton after
spending a couple of months in
the hospital there. -
Arthur Walters' has returned
to Anyox after spending a few
weeks visit with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. Walters.
��� The Misses Violet and Hattie
Auger, of Eholt, left on Friday
last for Lumberto'n to visit their
sister Mrs. A. Christensen.
Miss Nellie Hamarstadt, returned to Penticton on Tuesday
after spending theholidays with
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Morrison.
A donation of $5.00 has been
received from Duncan Mcintosh
for the skating rink for which
the committee arevery. thankful.
Miss Josephine McKee left for
Qualicum Beach last week after
spending a few days with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. McKee.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Elliott and
little son returned to Lethbridge;
Alta., after visiting Mr. and Mrs.
G.   S.   Walters  for   about   two
Miss D. Granberg left Saturday morning for Vancouver
where she will attend as student
in the Parisian Parlors of Beauty
Culture and Hairdressing__
A big time will be held at the
rink on Friday, Jan. 18th when
there will be a broom ball game
between the ladies and gents and
also a junior hockey match between two boys teams. Lots of
excitement.   Watch for posters,
_Jas. _Sha_nkSf_au _old__timer_of
this district died at Kamloops on
Jan. 1, at the age of 82 years.
-For many years he was watchman of bridges between Greenwood and the Mother JLode mine.
A sister of the deceased resides
near Tacoma, Wash.
John Walsh appeared before
Px EL McCurrach, S. M., on
Thursday afternoon, Jan, 10th,
cliarged with taking the contents
of the till in James McCreath's
store on Wednesday evening.
After the evidence was taken the
accused was committed for trial
in a higher court.
Hon. John Hart, minister of
of finance, has completed plans
for the collection of the gasoline
tax of three cents per gallon,
which became effective on Jan.
1. - The new fuel oil tax of one
half cent per gallon also went
into effect on the first of the year.
The gasoline tax will provide
additional revenue for road purposes.
Dog taxes are* now due.  -
The Late Hugh McCutcheon
Seldom has it been our duty to
record so sad a death as that of
the late Hugh McCutcheon who
passed away to his reward at his
home at 9 p.m. on Sunday, Jan.
6th. after about six weeks illness.
A dark gloom spread over the
whole community when it was
whispered about that Mr. McCutcheon was gone.-
Born of Irish descent in York
County, Ont., on June 4th, 1851,
making his age 12 years, 6
months and 3 days. ' He moved
west to Dakota ,and in 1882 was
bookkeeper for a' large ranch
owned by a Scotch syndicate.
Then going to Victoria for a
time he moved to Kamloops and
iu 1884 was -purser on one of J.
A. Mara's boats on Shuswap lake
plying between Savona Ferry and
Sicamous. The same year he
bought the Inland Sentinel, at
Kamloops (now The Kamloops
Standard-Sentinel) and was in
charge of it until 1894. During
that time he was a great advocate
'of making Kamloops the capital
of the Province. Iu '94 he moved
to Rossland and was employed in
Campbell Bros, store. He remained in Rossland three years
when he was made Customs
Officer at Nakusp and later Collector of Customs at Greenwood
which post he held for 24 years
up to the time of his death.
In the early days he was active
in the political life of the Province and was the Liberal candidate in Kamloops when Theo-
Davie_ was premier. At�� that
time the election was postponed
in Kamloops and when it was
held G. B. Martin, the government candidate was elected.
In 1896 he campaigned for H,
Bostock, who was elected to the
Federal Parliament when Laurier
went into power. At that time
he made many speeches iu the
Boundary and Okanagan.
He was a faithful church
worker and was a charter member
of St. Andrew's Presbyterian
Church at Kamloops, having been
on the Board of Managers when
it ,was built. He was on the
Board of Managers of St,
Columba Presbyterian Church
in Gree'nwodd,
He took an active part in the
affairs of the city and for years
was chairman of the School
Board. He also assisted in all
local enterprizes.
Curling was his" favorite game
and it was "only last winter that
a number of his friends invited
him to the local rink where he
won his last match.
The late Mr. McCutcheon was
married to Miss Margaret McLean in Kamloops in 1889. He is
survived by his wife and two sons
Roderick of Los Angeles and
Creighton; also a brother and
four sisters, David of Vancouver,
Civic Nominations
Nominations for Mayor and Aldermen, Police Commissioners and
School Trustee were held on Monday. All were elected by acclamation.
The new City Council for the
ensuing term- is practically tbe
Bame as last year with the exception that Thos. Jenkin replaces
W. H. Docksteader.
Mayor, T. M. Gulley; Aldermen,
Jas. Kerr, G. B. Taylor, Chas.
King, A. N. Mowat, A. J. Morrison
and Thos. Jenkin..
A. N". Mowat, L. Bryant and
Jas. Kerr (re-elected.)
A. J. Morrison and Robt. Forshaw.
With the Curlers   '
Curling has got off to a good
start. A number of games have
been played in the President
vs Vice-President competition.
Walmsley and Goodeve tied with
nine points each and in the
second game Taylor lost to Muir
by 4 to 12. This leaves the president with an adverse of 8 points
to overcome with his game with
the vice-president.
In the Warren Cup competition
Goodeve was victorious over
Taylor by 10-3.
Owing largely to the president's untiring efforts the two
sheets of ice are now in very good
condition and the members are
looking forward to some strenuous games. " -    '
News From the Capital
Victoria, Jan. 9th.���Perhaps the
outstanding achievement of the
Oliver government during J1923
was the redaction in freight rates,
secured only after a long and'bitter
fight. However, the deotease in
rates does not satisfy Premier
Oliver, who has announced his
determination to carry on the
fight until all discrimination
against British Columbia has been
Thanks to the political aspirations of certain outside faction!
during the past summer and fall, a
wrench has been thrown into the
machinery of government in this
province, but it promises to have
little effect upon general conditions.
Owing to the methods of the Third
party to gain public favor, through
the launching of a broadside at the
party in power, a thorough investigation of P. G. Ry. matters is
in prospect. The outcome of-this
enquiry through a Royal- commis--
sion will find the political situation
unchanged, excepting that the
government will be stronger and
the ambitious provincials" outside
the pale. But the public must pay,
first the cost of the enquiry and
the consequent loss of time of its
public servants,  and secondly the
Kettle Valley Notes :
Miss May Caldwell returned to
Grand Forks last week.
Several carloads of cattle were
shipped from Rock Creek last
week. ^
J. Pearson left for Penticton
where he is spending a holiday
with his son.
Harold .Martin   who   has.  been"
spending the festive   season hers
has returned to Trail.
Some people may think that
railway conductors are hard hearted.    Maybe they are only jealous.
Matins   and   Holy   Communion
will   be    held   in    the   Anglican
Chnrch on  Sunday,  Jan.  13th at"
11 o'clock.
Capt. Brew has returned to the,
Shaughnessy      Heights     Military
Hospital    after   spending   a   f#w
weeks-at his home. W
Mr.  and  Mrs.   Norris and Miss
Machie returned from  Vancouver"
on Sunday after spending a holiday-
there and at Victoria.
The annual meeting of the Bock'
Creek Farmers Institute   will  ba .-
held in the Riverside Hall on Sat- '
urday, January 19th at 2.30,p.m. -
There  will be a Card Party.and-
fDance in the Kettle  Valley School-
on  Friday, Jan.   11th at 8 p.m.
sharp.   The proceeds to go towards,
the School Fund,    Admission 50o.?-
Mrs. E.   Richter returned from?
Rochester, Minn., last week, where
she has been receiving treatment,
and an operation for goitre,  which
all her friends will be glad to hear
has been most successful.
Providence Mine
Presbyterian Church
Minister in charge
Rsv. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Sanday. January 13th
Greenwood 7.30 p.m.
Two shifts are now working at
the Providence mine. W. Madden,
the owner, states that 12 men ara
employed and that the force will be
doubled within a week. Development has commenced between the
400 and SOO foot levels and ore will
aooa be taken ont. Tha 600 foot
drift is beiisg cleared of water.
Margaret     McCutcheon,      Mrs.  R , . ,    .   . .;    . , j   ,
Trotter,   and    Mrs.   Walker ^Jj" ��'      SM ^ "^ ** d*
Vancouver,   and Mrs.   Mathews
of Toronto.   A son Lieut, H. E.
McCutcheon was killed   in   the
Great War.
He was a man who united
sound sense with strong convictions, and was candid and outspoken which eminently fitted
him to mould the rude elements of
pioneer society < into form . and
consistency and aided iu raising
a high standard of citizenship in
our young and growing country.
How much this community owes
him it is impossible to estimate.
No bronze or marble shaft, no
splendor of ancient or modern
tombs can adorn the memory of
such manly men. Their lives,
their deeds, their influence, living
or dead, and their pure aspirations are the monuments that
will keep their names burning in
the homes of kindred- and breth-
ern. While the silence of death
wraps and chills us at this
moment, memories, sweet and
precious, come crowding in.
The school and business places
were closed during the funeral
service.   -
The funeral service was
Premier O/iver would be in
Ottawa now, carrying on fehe
battle for fair-play, if it were not
fpr the pending investigation.
However, his hat is hi the ring and
there ife will stay, ho declares, until justice has been done by British
The removal of freight rases discrimination is the big issue before
the Pacific province and' while
victory will come eventually, it is
regtettable that petty politics mast
continue to obstruct the legitimate
business of the administration."
"\X" "  \\
-w   H V
-  _*<   I
--"�� W>p-vf|
1   '~*,?W
_    v�� 1     Hi -L
-JT_        ���*  i'? ^
-  '-���"*"'I
-. ^W\'l
,x '<<W|
���if a
t ;yXX))^y)
���' wy'-W-V;y|
7   7^--
y "3;;X~x>J
*      y ~ .-<ri-'""J
��������,-""        !I~.-,-*-4l
; *y-'-x-'y��j:i
'~_.vj, -ccar'A'X
n. j.,^-.ri-rtA!
*   i **������   ���m-' >'^. in
-'   Ws^l
" "h. Vf'-V-'rWl
v yrXiiXi4
1    _"    pi1 J!Si ��J?S*
in the Presbyterian Church on
Tuesday afternoon before a large
congregation, Rev. W. &. Wal-
kiashaw paying a high tribute to
the deceased. The casket was
covered with beautiful wreaths.
After the service the remains
were taken to the O.P.R. station
for transportation to Vancouver.
Jas. Kerr, G. B. Taylor, Chas.
King, Dan. McGillis, L. Bryant.
W. J. Cook were the pall bearers.
Creighton McCutcheon son of the
deceased was the chief mourner
being assisted by W. C. Wilson
held' and P. H. McCurrach.
-Winter Work     .=   .-���
Agricultural activities in British
Columbia's1 Dry   Belt are" largely
seasonal in character.    This is par*
ticularly true of the areas devoted
to the production of fruit and vegetables, % Spring-and -sanjmeiiva^eV
busy seasons.     The autumn is a /
pariotl of feverish activity.    By the^
iima that winter sets inthertuh"
of work is over for another v year, t
This seasonal distribution of workV"^
is a problem which calls urgently
for solution.   To be economically^;
Bound a community should provide,/'
its members with employment thV_:
year round. ""   W-"
How can such a  condition. b%y
brought about in the fruit growing-"'^
regions of British Columbia? "The'"
answer lies along the line of graat-  "
er   diversification    of   effort."W;AfV'
Branch of the B. C. Art League/ y
with headquarters at Summerlandj,V:
is advancing one valuable euggee- ~
tion���cottage industries.   -The iii-'"
troduction  of  poultry   keepio'g-V
supplement to orchardingVia^ftlgo^
advocated.   The green-housa pro- -
vides another promising   medium'
on which to expend winter ' labor.   1
To the enterprising and energetic  '
grower a multitude of possible win- '
ter occupations suggest themselves;
When all   little   odd   jobs  which,
were neglected during the rush of '
harvesting are attended to,  when
the wood supply for next year has:
been cut and brought down - froni
the woods, when the farm machinery has been overhauled, wh*n the -
flumes and irrigation ditches have
been carefully gone over and' re��'
paired, when there is a north wind
blowing and it is too cold to prune
there is still something which can
be done,   When the  thermometer
registers below zero it is  time to
plan the work for the year.   There
are seeds,   and   perhaps   nursery
stock to order,    A little thought
may now mean a," great saving of
time when the rush of Bpring work
starts. ' -
Winter evenings can ba-profitably spent iu reading the publications issued, by the Experimental
Farms Branch. The Summerland
Experimental Station staff will do
all in their power to supply any
additional information.
> ���v~i.
** -1
.    - ^1
-"*!_.             J
4 .f-xxi
y w-j
"^ ''t   *'��
,   Zf.
��� v *.
-   <��������� i"*"  i
"* *,       -     !*.       *
- >4r '?���-*
*\   *-
- "?^-d!
"*--S    t^^tt^\ *.*f
,   a^j*..^
���*. -T"
.:, W~!
-    0
Card of Thanks    "
Mrs. H. McCutchaon and Mr. J.
Creighton ajfcCntcheoa desire to
thank all friends for kind aym-'
patby during their recent bereave*
ment and also for the beautiful
floral tributes,
'   ,.      =*��VT'��� ^ -e1
_?TTt��i_&��_l li
IXiE,    iWDiJE.     tililhEXWGOD.     B.     C.
Tlie  Coldest Place |       Solving  Lignite Problem
According to Evidence
.Many  thlnl_   the  north  pole
ci��Uli.-_r j��liit*t- in  ilif- jir.irll.cvn
l.>iH.-vc:   Ji  Is  i'ar north, bin   ii
Pole, Review   of    Work   Accomplished
Lignite Utilization Board
JS     11IC
h:    MOI.
and the choicest: of Red Rose Teas is the
level,   !_'(���;..lb
Having only one
tljiii maUo a place
can  ix-.X'i i-  be   exit is prob-
fit.i degrees* ho-
Canada In 1924
MXi- is iho yoar .102-1 gvjiug to meaii io CunaduV
Tho ans'.vor is: Jusi oxaHly whai ihc i-oolo of Canada ..i-ioruiine il shall
ui ��.���;_.__>.
li the- Ciiiuuliaji pouph:
well saiisiii-d wiiii present condition:.,
v.'iti. the degree of progress ri-cordoil from yonr lo yoar since lho war, with
t.'.'.e c-x'.stinj.' rate ol' taxation, and tho prevailing state of affairs in lhe social,
political and business world, then tiiiuK-- will continue much as they aiv and
"���.:'-l will b-y very largely a ivpi-ti'lon ol' l.._!;'..
?Uil ii' (.'a Haitians arc not. snlhlied, and arc -prepared lo lay aside potty
pjv.iudict-s. aud discard sectional issues in favor of a broad patriot!.-in and
sound ri.ilioii.il policies and unitedly (le\oio llioiv tnergJos to it forward All-
bigh above the :-<
lie.-, in tho ocean,
ol lhe ihroe factor
exirctitely cold, ii
���trcTuely cold. It isn't
ably never colder ihan
low zero,'Fahrenheit.
WV do not know i'or certain whether
ihe north pole is over CO dog fees below zero. What we do know is that,
off imd on for tlie last 10 years, the
American Government ' has 'had a
weather bureau 'station at Point Barrow. ut'O miles north of tlie Arctic
Circle witIiqlil ever recording a 1om-
pernnuo lower than at degrees below
zero, exact!
on  the 3101 i
" the same as tiie lowest
rt-'-onl I'or Herschel Island
h coast of Canada.      Wo
iiiiifli 3noro I'or tills Dominion than
Canadian movement, then .i,1.;.'. wii
;-.:i> M'fvkms year in iis history.
CanadaV progress during this n.-w ..cur will be dependent, however, on
t;v extent to witicii Canadians will di-seard ilw-ir Kast and 'West speeiaeles and ;
v.iev- t:ieij- country, its problems and !.i.:-ds th.rongli Dominion-wide glasses,
.iivcaus..- nature has divided 'Canada at ill" Croat J.alsos Into two groat divl-
."juns is no rear-on why such divjsioa should bo carried into onr political,
<-'3_irii."r.'i;.l. fiscal -in a word, into onr who!., economic anil national life.
Canada's slow  piViirr-..'.-_.-; durin... rce.ni  years is  the result  of the blundi-r
r-.Mit- v... regarding the iKimiuion noi as one great entity but as two distinct j
arc mil, ami  can never bc, common inlerosts.      Wo I 1.-
'-���.������oiijir v.'hos". interest
have oven gone so far as to regard than as antagonistic and oppo.-iiiK inu-r-
"i'y... v,-_.h the inevitable oiuconie iluiL instead of pulling iogoth'-.r, Kast and
V.'est ..ave been striving ag.fiits! each oilier, and surely, albeit slowly, pulling
i'PJii--..     Progress uudor^such conditions is impossible.
The iu_-.-'ivsrs of Canada..1:1aj-I and West are nor. distin.--.r. and separate, bin .
I'-.iiiual. Ono is eoniplomont to the other. Kithor. without, tho other would '.
>..': crippled and all-f 11 lure growth aud prom-.*., relarded. If further growth
s:< population, produciioii and wealth in tlie West ceased, v.iial. -would bo iho j
eifect on tho industrial life of the KasiV Tlio ciuesliem siiiiplies its oto an-j
t'vor. .Iioo-: any sane person bolic-io tliat iho ..'.astern manufacturer'" would j
���i<- biitisiiod to-consider thai he hud airain>-d the maximum of business :in the;
WostV Not for oin/ruonioal. Hue unless .Ui'.'l brings aboui a marked 3.1a-j
i'VovfeiQonl in Woslorn conditions, fhe Kastern maiutfaclurcr is not going 10 J
:-ecuiv the increased business he desires: in fact, ho can make up his mind
that Lo xvill get less business.
Il is high time tho Kasi realized the siiitaiion, and gave- not. only serious
1..ought but sympathetic and .active co-operaiion towards solving Western
M-ouk-ms. "We cull thoni Western jM-oblems, bid. they are essentially ."Eastern
P"obiei.ns nu AVell, becauso ihey are national pfobloms, and upon their early
seiulioii depends not only the growth and prosperity of iho WesL but ol all j
��'a.nada. Tho Dominion can only prosper as tho West" prospers and is I
<:  veloped.
Tho financial and ninniit'aeturiiig, Ka.-;i needs llie producing and c-cmsuin-
i;ig agricultural West, and the aph-uitural West rerpaires the financial and
���:;i!inuf_.e.uring Kiisc. Our Jiatioual railways reuuiro tho devclopmenl. and
-;.rospo;:iT.y of both', and only- through iho .prosperity of the national railways
I'm rate reductions bo brought about which, will'benefit all.
Unquestionably.there aro policies thai, can be carried inio .immediate effect
1 '.at  will provo of enormous assistance  io  tho West  without doing an iota
t-'. harm to tho Kast���in fa^i, tho advantages accruing to the West, 'will re-'
Coun el to the benefit of Lho Kas.l.     '.rhe .East" must eomo lo a complete rcaliza-
iion of-this fact, study lho 'West, and. .instead of blocking or delaying these
policies, enthusiastically support and encourage their adoption. ���
- ���       " ''Ozi the other hand, the West must" lVco"uio more selC-rolianf..   - Woslern
'"-,   people musr-iearn thai ihey ihi-_us"Ti'v.:?:(._.J!)_ aad musl, worlc together towards
.7 :.<1ib sc.;I^Uc/rt:ofiiiany' of .jheir iirobleuis.-".Ti'ie people of jhe^.West havc been
if'   regarded  as  sc'lf-roliant, euergetic and as capable ol vrhole-heariod co-operation.
���"'������.-'i'.iit tho_ f.ac:i cannot "bo disguised lhaUin; lliestV latier "years Westerners have
\ ���'- V''-.-:i too niurli iuclinod lo'loau.-on 01 Iters,.espo'cially C-Soverniuenls/antl.legisl.i:'''
-y.oji, for'tiie solving of mitiiy of tjieJr.;prohlcms;.;w-hich, "however, can best he-
M'Ued,'ihrr��tigh their own en"ori's;a'nd,-as/far as pevnianency is ccmeorneci, ctuV
."    "i-. solved in no other way.    7   -"-'V-1 XX      '.'     -V "-':"'��� '.    '"���'-.-'��� ." -
.   "     .   Ccf-t'i'C-ration, not necessarily 'polifical.ly, bti'tin an'ecenioniic way by-iite
--.-,. v'.'Opie of tho Wcst'iu handling their'own problems, "and co-operation'between
. ���_-'��� ,T.'.'isr and West in dealing,with' nalional problcins, offers" ilio salV/'gano and
���"    7Mie. n:ethod of advancing" Canada far 'along, tho "palliVu. deyinopihent jiiid
,"   vrosj-orUy duriag 1921.    -Tliat-: co'-oiftra'iion- .ran,, however, "only, bo made ef-.
" -���-.���r-live through niulual unclei'stinuling,- the.7^1_ahdon7neiit"qffVjid.-_iin'!e"prejiul:
.--'   Je<."s',"s\is'iiJcions and all sui'.lioMVJoalpusi'os'.V' These iiVust li.o replaced by/a".
", 'ft rut- 'patriotism and a-'J'eaVn.i.iional 'spirit, and'/asph'allou' wliich-lhinTcs and
". 4.i;l-s, not "for.'/he; Kast- alojie.nor foi'--iiio-\Ves,i alone;, but for Cauada/-'V '-: .
bel!e\e that any rc-poris hy travellers
of weallier colder than lhat aro due to
instrumental faults or in tlu- inaccuracy of he observers.
There are 310 great ciiies .in _N"ortit
America thai, have temperatures as
low as [he theoretical figure for the
North .Pole, bui there aiv some which
drop as low as any ivcords for the
Arctic coast of North America. Winnipeg, with "iiH'.ouO inhabitants, is ono
of these.
Nome, Alaska, is just south of thc
Vrctic Circle, and thcy seldom have
degrees below zero.-- -Yillijalimir
Siefans.-on in Collier's.
With ilie definite announcement that
the carboni/er troubles are practically solved, tho Lignite Utilization
111 Hoard has issued al fRifgiua a resume
of its work of the pasi five years. The
review of ihe board's work, spread
over five years, comes from its chairman, .ft. A. Iloss. Work commenced
October :i, :i[t'lS, and is not yet finished.
Until _!92<J the province of Manitoba,
Un. province of .Saskatchewan, aiubihe
.Dominion Government provided the
necessary finances. ���Manitoba, however, withdrew in _I8?3 and the worlc
has been continued by ihe Saskatchewan and Federal Governments.-
Mr. fUOss tells of the early  efforts
of tho board, through   its   engineers,
j 10 build a commercially satisfactory
cai'bonizing plant. Experimental
plants that appeared to bo capable
of doing the work developed all sorts
of weaknesses when c.msirucled oh a
larger scale, to the great disappoint-
| menl of the board. In summarizing
the results of the five vears work Mi'.
.Ross says:
'���Carbonizing has  been    our    main
Beware of Imitations!
Unless you see the "JJayer.Cross" on
package or on tablets you aro not gelling tlie genuine Bayer Aspirin proved
sate by millions and prescribed by
physicians over twenty-three years for
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumbago
Neuritis Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, .Vain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
only.     Kach unbroken package con-
,        ., .,       ,   , tains proven directions. -Handy boxes
trouble.     1 hc other zonules 1 hat we, of twolve tal)lotg Cost few cents. Drug-
havo had, while serious, have been of
lesser importance. Wo feel confident, jn stating ihat now the cai'bon-
izer troubles are practically solved,
there is nothing to hinder tho com-
inoreial exploitation of this process.
Wu would emphasize as strongly as"
wc are able to do that the board did
not/sol iis hand to ihe erection of a
commercial plant to iurn out a well
established anil technically developed
process. Wo have heen attacking a3i
absoulely new problem, ono that has
310ver been solved vol commercially,
and if, as it musl appear lo the public,
wo aro somewhat slow, we would ask
a measure of patience iu.viow of the
large difficulties thai have been .mot
in so many.cases, diiilcultic-s of an eit-
liroly nnoxpeclcd nature.    ��
"In closing wu would remind ilie
leaders of some of the things the
board has already accomplished:
".(a) Tho board has developed completely both in the laboratory and on
pain, penetrates quickly jiuI1 wide an entirely n��\v type of' car-
tissues,    aud    brings  "a i bouizoj- which gave real promise of
Joint Stiffness Goes.
Swellings Disappear
Pain Is Subdued
No    Liniment   Gives   Such
Satisfaction As
gists also soil bottles of 21 and 100.
Aspirin is iho trade lnnrk (registered
in Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of
Monoacetlcacidester of Sallcylicacid.
While it is well known that Aspirin
3neans Bavcr manufacture, to assist
tho public against Imitations, tho Tablets of liayov Company will be stamped with their general trade mark, tho
"Bayer Cross."
It is i.ho groat penetrating power of
Ncrvlliuo that makes it so edicieni in
overcoming swelling, stiffness and in-
ilaniniation. It. itibs into The" very
core of Tlio
through tlie
warm, comforting relief at once.     No j success, and ono which with the aet-
hmnient  oonmarcs  in  pain  relieving; .,���,��� ���, 4    ,   .    , ,        , ",        ..-_������,
power with Nerviline.     For lho minor |",mco of lc<hlu���\ Knowledge ol high
paius and ills that arise iu every family, Nerviline should always be kept
handy on the shelf. Use It. for Ilheu-
m.ilisiri, Lumbago, Neuralgia and
Colds.     ."5 cents at all 'dealers.
Newsprint Exports
��� x'pict . that   Canada ���'- Will' .Soon ' be
-"-.:'   -Ahead of: U.S. in Production--.
.Newsprint    production--;-in;  Canada
amounted'' to ��-14,S20" tons "in] ilie.'. nine
nionths .ondeel October Jst,'- accordia'g
So ti'report issuotl by ihe:.Governhient
cretise' ol'l-l;",447 '-tons-or -IS; per cent.
��� ^mpareil- -with the: sa'rae'-peiiod last
':3"cf.r. /"''-.   -".- 7   .'7 '���;;-   V   '    .''���'.[-
: -Th'e.i'tffijinkiji.- the' report 'points "onr;
Is ���rapidly.-.reducing  Uie -lead, of; the;
.T'.ii"tcd_-.Staies-jn newsprint production.
The output'oif��� tlie -UnliecUStates was
only -1S.-1.3D7 :ions' more' ihan": Canada'
Sn- tho -first nine months. j>f :192?.,- a.s
,"Vgaiiist ::'70,2-i6 tons; greater ompnt for
'.thefsamo period.of" l'92i'..���'_- nl Sopteni-
XiX ' "Canada. - ��� produced -102,-1S.G- tons
w'iiiie the. United .-States" niills-prpduc.;
">B .3 j��,5:"09' ions..-- -'���.-' ". ..-'.   _". ���/ ."..'_    ���    .
' ��� M ,the/present- rale, oi' -increase .in
.another year, it  is' believed, "Canada
f"will hi- ahead o'f tho United-States, in"
,._ewspriht   d.iUptu.   - The   supply,   61
.'putiiwood'is'-diniiinishing'iu the.etistorn
niiites,"while' Canuda'-possesses ftlntosf
cnliiniUei'.-rc-sonrees oC "pulpwood. and
'.-w-.t;r]'.o-'or.-io' exploit jt.   '___���-.'   " '-     _.
.'��� .T_Iv";*i:��c:r5pr    often.. p'aiVri'es. .-in.   the
iij.ii'orhi-t'!' Luinillty-', ���.-'���'...."���    '- ."'������
A  Regular Fellow
���Humble Origins Often a Step-Towards
-".. Higher .-.Things ���'���' ; ��� 7
" ;'Movie audiences -are "not .infallible-
baronieie'rs. ������'���''iiut tho _New York' In-.
depcnile-ni,'.pbserves that [whereas'"Mr..
I.Tardiug got scant sfpplau.se -aI motion
l>lctui'e ;i'hcatres,-.at; lcast-uniil his last
we-stern Journey;..-Tresident. Coolidge
is" already- most popular.' -The Inde-
pe.uilei'it [finds; tliis iiarel .to explain; but'
.says a ,'cbance remark ovcrHeard- inii'y
offer a clue.-Vlle's a.regular giiy; why
ii_e was paying only:$32.50'rent'for his
house-.'-'; '���.'The..i;dct,'-that--.3rrti-dinKf liad
been a-farmer-boy,-fv.eoitpos'itor in-a
hevs'spayeroince, and a self-ni;ide jnan
was" usually lost sight-6f,_-perhaps bs-;
'causfe-'[hc" carried himself, like -ah"- aristocrat of long-standing.- But it Mr.
CooIIug-j'sf '.typical'--"American .origin., is
causing-liie-.mass.c-s.to rejoice, we can
rejoice :wlth them'.-' ..It .is one-of; the
-glories-of "our democracy ihat-huniblo
origins-have rc.peai6.fily provc.d io bo
a sftcp jailn'r than �� hindrance, to.hlgb
por-hion" . -;    ...-" 7"  -' ..--'-������
Land  Cultivation In  England
Now Back to Pre-War Conditions Says
Report of Ministry
"The'arable-cultivation In Lngland
and Wales may bc said io have returned 16. pre-war conditions," ".in a slatement in. lho agricultural stalistics.ro-
port for' :i 923, which'has just been issued by llic^nihiistry'of agrietilurrc.
'���The. area, under-crops and"'per'man-
'wit. grass -totals VflfT-f I.OOO-.acres.'a' de-
creaso'.'of "sr>;0.C'0, acres' compared" with
the :io;22-.- area. ���;'   This.- Is -' partly ��� eonw
'p.cn s a ted' for, -' 1 lbwever,.- by: a3t - in crca scot" 09.000 Nacres iiv frouglv. grazings, so.
.ihn' -net'- decrease-is ������1-1,000. - '-���-'' [. X.i
������' COTiiparing' tlie area, tinder.- cultiyh-
"iibfn lu' the,-years-:i'87.!-S8"-w.Uh iiie.3923
area there, wtia.n. decline -of "2,800,000
acres.- the. in ai a .redti c (ion ��� b.eihg in" the
crops, which., are now "about 1,800,000.
acres .less iiinn.in :i"S_79-Sn.      '     '_...'���
fT-hp-.ac.roage. of .wheat'i'n ilPSG-was
1,7-10,000,:.' or ".practically the.'same as
the average; of tlie- decade- dmiiiediate-
ly preceding'the. war.'but a -r.educl.ioi]
of 227,000' acres tioinpared.. with-, llie"
ilgu.res'"fbr'l922.'-.-;V"-V"        - - ���- ' .'-
temperaturo  metals  may  slill  prove
of very great  value.      <b)  AVith the
co-operaiion of tho American ISureau
of Mines', 'Washington, the board has'. cnfiui11'-v
aided 3naterially in iho development! fono1' kiutls v,'erc dul1 iUul ���*-S>�����-
of another retort Viginally designod  mon llornet1' offl-.color    slockCTS    aud
ieeders  were a  drag n  the  market.
What the Livestock
Market Suggests
Poor Quality and .Unfinished Cattle a
Dragoon tho Market
A recent Dominion Markat Intelligence report issued from Ottawa contains sonic suggestive iuformatipn as
to conditions nt the leading livestock
marketing centres, from which iho following ai:e quotations:
Toronto.���Trading on tho cattle
market was dull. There, was excessive supply of thin unfinished cattle
and buyers showed marked dislike for
it. Docked and castrated .lambs invariably topped tlie market'.
Montreal.���Packers,, tiutlcr the 3:un
of mostly inferior cattle, were not inclined to buy. Tike begets like; use
duality sires.
Winnipeg���There 'was a fairly broa'd
for good  feeding sleei-s, in-
.-To -guard .jho .-"baby/against "colds
.nothing, can .equal fBab'y's' Own'.Tablets:' -,. The Tablets aro fa mild .laxative
tliat .will-keep the. littlo one's "sloihach
and, bowels- working regularly. It Is
a recognized fact-thai where the stomach- find.bowels- are-'in good order that
colds will not exist;-that;tho- health
of tho littlo one will be good .and that
ho .will thrive and be happy and gootl-
naturcd.'.'. The. Tablets- arc . sold by-
medicihr. dealers or by- mall"- it 2$
box-. froni-Th'e J)r.[/Williams'
Co.,-Brockville, Ont:     -,..-'.���
.S'vvit-york'fnd  has" recently  passed  a'
law-by..which no atltomobl.lo   .vvill' lie
per'nditcd���'to operate in-iho   Country
'V)r*-il3'"Alps-unless:H in equipped'with'
foHf-wiift-1 brakes;-- ."    -.-.":
Bid Palpitate,
Weak Spells"
: Mra." L. Whituig, 202 K^St, We$t, Brockville^ 'pit;.
'"I took very ilck-yntn my nerves and. stoinacli, and seemed.-to-
���al! run dpwril-, At. times my heait would fiutter and .palpitate'
and' .1.   would''  take- -such    weak--sueIij-: jn    tKe    pit'   of
: ��iy   stomach '��� tnat   J. fome-
limes.; thought  ��� I     tvouid
-never,   get   better.    I . had
. sizriost given np. hope when
, a -friend   advised   the   use-.;''
of Dr, Chase's Nene Food.
': I did not stop until I had
fa-kea'...fweni>--fl.vc boxes. It
lias ,don?  ".''onder*   for  me
and I -v.'ant' io  T*cozim*-nd
��� it" lo everyone." - ' ���
x ^':D|L CHASE'S- ;NEH^E " F��OI> v''���
' S<> Cenls'a itor/si} tt.Salf'ir*. orliiBiir.^i.fi.iiir? .'- < �����-_, T.':i...Tnron_��-
7'. "';..;"-- Lao king Forward
.-"Ii"--'was'.iu.tho'year. ;I525.". A Kew
Vork- matroti,;-coming down to breakfast, ��� Jiiot' lier only ���s.on asofudlng" tho
sialrs. -Jle w.is .-headed .for the roof,
wiicro.liis fast airplane, awaited'him.-."
' :',\Thero to,' T'6mriiy?."f, asked the
ltKitroii.- '' . ���    ,''-;.'. ..-' - ��� ..
���.' "]>fiiyo'r for.lunch, nsoihei-,," _.-.-....
V "Wei 1#. _ yeai have.-a porfoci .da> tor
flying."-'. .;-'���'--''. ' .';77'v -X - ;" f-
. "Tliiif .js'.what I tiiought. ' Ko'"fbom
jjonver i.niay.liop-ofi'.io Syii.Kra'nciseo
for allttlo'-Bolj"." . f .-.--'-", ,. -.- X": '���'-���
-' ���*' Vevy'.'y,;ell. 'niy--Ki.11.' J Jut' iV". home"
.(iorlv fov ilitinor."" 7-7-  "=    .  ���".'   .",���
by O. P. Hood and W. W. Odell, of
the American bureau. (c) The board
has practically solved th.e problem of
briquetting lignite char. All known
binders have been experimented with,
(d) The board has erected �� flexible
demonstration "plant of solid .ponnan-
ont:eharacteiVitit l.ii.ufa'Ii, and provided accommodation,' water supply and
powor-;at reasouablo costs. ". Tt.y'fThe
board has produced .briquettes al ISion-*
fait'of a'fairly 'satisfactory eptaliiy,!
and The board' is-also prepared'to'pro-1
duee.more briquellos'ihprc after male-1
ing- cerlain.revisioiis.io the layout of
the" b.riauel..iug'-machinery,, with-the
nieehanleal .arrangements' and" 'se-
qiience- of .which- we. aref-satisfied.- "���
_ "Thc"-..bpard? would.' also point-out-
ih'at Canada :-.possesses- iho "second
gretftest.eoal supply of any country, in \
the work!". _-Of. this t_t)ai.about 77. per-_
cent. Is infi'he form of lignite and -sulVj
���bituminous'.coals.' Ijcis inconceivable,
that such- a . vast.natural,resource
should ."' be ������ 'dormant ���- permanently."
There.f'orc, this '3ignItcf..problem. .must
be''��� solyc-d somehow,'sbme-time, by.
some agent. -' To elate ".iho Lignite"
Boartr-.liaV brought' the'.-solution 6C 060'
part.. qf; this problem '.almost-- to.-. completion'..- . This is a; very di'slanct advance' since,=1918,-and "shall"the. .work
iiowstop?:"'-��� ---77 -���; ���-���^---- :-y���--- -
fStire He Was Expected '
-The.manager of a "well-known hotel
engaged'.a.new doorkeeper..". ��� "When>
man filled .ahd.;asked - to " seb :-.:Mr__.
Brown, tho new attendant .detained him
witli: the - customary, - ;��� ���' TjUt is ... Mrs.
Brown expecting you?'- . ' -. Vf- -
��� Tlio-; caller . withered Vhim with,: a
glance.      ��� 7-    " ���.'-'".;. - yy.
. "y'Aly. good, man," - -lie  . eaid/V"Airs.
Brown was expecting me.before I was
born. '- She is .ray mother/-'-  ."","'.
,Percenlage of select bacon hogs very
small; a heavy run of unfinished hogs
were mostly returned to the country
for feeding purposes.
Kdmontou.���All good cattle, specially good feeders and good butclier
sloers, sold readily at fair prices.
Prom. '.Markets Intelligence Oilice.���
.Dehorn your cattle.^ - Livestock
i bruisers aro money-losers. The markets are short on good quality- steers.
."Winter feed for spring'markets. The
winter "feeding of lambs is profitable.
.Docked and castrated lambs top ihe
market..- "Winter feeding is tho
strength of tho livestock Industry.
Spring-markets, are generally-bullish.
Finish is an essential . to profitable'
sale:- .'-'"'       ."/-'���
"NERVES-A.:WRECK ���'���'���:
World Cruise of Warships
.        '��� 1:
British Squadron-.Will Girdle Entire
and Touch at Foreign Ports
A   good   deal   of: .interest is being
shown in tho Empire cruiso of the
British warships whicli sot out from
England toward the end-.of November
last to visit various ports separated
by wide seas from the motherland, including Canadian portsVand show tho
flag of the fleetto'many, thousands- of
loyal citizens of tiie,empire whefhave
never seen it.     Tlio cruise.-will also
embrace   a   few   foreign ports, San
Francisco among them"'
-There . are   two   squadrons in the
cruise, tho battle-cruisers H.M.S. Hood
and Repulse, and Ave light cruisers,
H.M.S.    Delhi,    Dragon,    Dauntless,
Dunedin and Dtinae.    There are three'
programmes, one being given by the
two squadrons jointly, ono by iho light
cruisers separately and   the third by
thc^ battle-cruisers  separately.      Esr-
quimalt and Vancouver will sec tho
joint programme and Halifax and Quebec will   seo   the battle-cruiser programme, which may also bo seen by
"��� Tho Kmpire^Ilcvlew publishes' the
itinerary of the cruise, which Is to
last ten months. In connection
therewith-' tho Review gives the" following information:
It oad-Admiral Sir Frederick Field
is in command of tho battle-cruiser
srjuaclron and It car-Admiral Sir IJubert
Brand is In command of tho light
cruiser squadron; Tho programmo
calls for tho Dunodin leaving the llght-
cruiscr scptadron at Now Zealand In
May. The two squadrons will separate at San Francisco, California, on
July 11, and will return to.England by
different routes.
Tho joint programme of tho battle-
cruisers and light .cruisers, which'
began at tho colony of "Sierra Leone
on .December S, 1923, .and then at
Sapo' Town, S.A., on December 22,
will take place at. tho following ports:
Durban, South Africa; Mombassa,
Kenya Colony; Trlncomali, Ceylon;
Penang and Singapore, Straits Settlements; Frecinanlfe. Albany, Adelaide
and Brisbane, Australia; Hobart, Tasmania; Jervis Bay, Sydney and Brls;
bane, Australia; Wellington, Lyttle-
ton and Auckland, Now Zealand; Fiji
Islands, .Honolulu! Hawaii: Esquimau and Vancouver, B.C. The light
cruiser programme will begin at San.
Francisco on July 7 ancl will bo continued through July, August and Sop*
icmber, the ports to bc visited being
San Francisco; Magdalena Bay, Colombia; Callao, Peru; Valparaiso, Tal-
cahuano ancl Punta Arena, ' Chile,
Falkland Isles', Babla Blanca, Argentina Republic; Buenos Aires, Monte-
Video, Rio de Janeiro and Capo Verde
Islands. Tho light cruiser squadron
will arrive at the liomo-portq on September 28-29. The " battle-cruiser
squadron..programme, starts at San
Francisco on-July 7, and after four
days at-this port the battle-cruisers
will visit the following places: Panama, Coon, Jamaica," Halifax 'and
Quebec, and before saiing for home
ports will either make.a second" visit
to Nova" Scotia or will call at Newfoundland. . . '-'"���
Concentrated beef-goodness, easily
imparted to dozens of dishes making
them more: tasty and nutritious*
In tins o! 4,10,50 uidlOOV
V' 5f
��� - ��������� iM
��� I
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tailored "Better Built" clothes.
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Rex Tailoring-Co. Ltd., Toronto
Makers of "Better Built" Clothes
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Dominion.Express Monoy Order.    ...
Bad Breath        jj
Overcome I
"Bad breath is a sign of decayed 4 ���
teeth, foul stomach or unclean V
bowels." If your teeth are good, - [J
look to your digestive organs at j��
once. Get Seigel's Curative Syrup Jf
at druggists. 15 to 30 drops after 11
meals, clean up your food passage j��
X and stop the bad breath odor, ft
X 50c. and $1.00 Bottles. Do not A
II  buy substitutes. Get the genuine. (I
Insulin, recently.discovered reined),
for diabetes, may render to humanity ���
a vastly greater service and p&ssibly
will ��� lead to startling revelations' in
tho field of medlcino, Dr. J. J. It. McLeod of the, .University of Toronto,
ono of. tho-discoverers of insulin, prt
dieted before the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
For Rheumatic "Pains;���The pains
and aches of Sciatica and Rheumatism
should bo. treated witrLDr. Thomas-'
Eclectric Oil. The soothing and healing properties of this Jamotis remedy
havo -been-'demonstrated for fifty
years". Uso it also for inflammatory
pains, cuts, scratches, bruises and
sprains, cither in. human beings or the
lower animals.     -
Justices ofthe peace and their-bailiffs patrol ihe highways in Florida in
autos forming;"rolling courts."-
Mrf. H; ��� A.f-lleid, Upper- Miisqiiodo-
boit,_-N.S.i writes-:.-���T ,am very thankful foi-"tho benefit i'iliayb received, by
usiiig.Milbtirn's.Heart and Nerve Pills.
:��� ..y/he*. "L came .homo from, overseas,
in-' ii.20,' ..my.' heart " \f.aa very.badly j
Manitoba Good Roads
Brandon   District   Taking   a   Leading
-    Part      in-7Construction; -and   '-
��� Maintenance -"
.That the'development of gtiod.roads
in Manitoba, and particularly in iho
Brandon ." district, has ��� made rapid
strides' ,withln ��� tho past' three years
was empbaiszed when over ono hundred-good road boosters gathered at
Brandon for iho District Association's
meeting recently.- "Each year finds
Manitoba" in' .greater -favor with tho
Mother! Give Sick Child-     '.
"California Fig Syrup"
Harmless    Laxative   for\ a    Bilious,
Constipated Baby^or Child
Constipated, bilious, feverish,-or
sick, colic Babies
and Children lovo
to" :'fako"' genuine
'���"California. Fig
Syrup." BJo other^
laxativb regulates^/
It sweetens' .the-"
bowels so nicely,
tho tender littlo
stomach and>
starts the-, liver and'bowels acting
without griping. Contains no narco- ���
tic's or soothing drugs. Say "California" to your druggist and avoid counl-
-crfeits!- Insist--upon genuino "Call--
fornia ' Fig Syrup" which cemtaitte
-.,..,,-���        - v , -travelling public and inthi3 respect
affected by concussion; and my. nerves:.,-    ,-_-���,,.,-���-���       ..      .Vi     '_�� ���'    , '
i  . -,:���-.--       '   -   ......        1 tho district surrounding "Brandon-: is
.were-a-dreadrai-'wreck:-; -i"wasvery";..    ~    '���-,    ,,   ' '     t ,   T, -:'""���"
short W.in.ded, and-'could not possibly ilaklne a leading parf ia. tlio. construe-
sleep at" night, in fact.T wa;. In" such
a condition.-1..foit as .if I-did.-noit. wish
ariyo'n'o'to-spc'ak to mc.- ' I-thought;!
would try .Milburn's Hear�� :and Nerve
Pills, and-before i-had taken'two boxes
I- could enjoy -a" good night's "rest -as
"well ajUanyonef ..'.-,-. ���'���'"��� '���'-'.,
"-There-are lotsof returned men who.,
are suffering..the'same-as I-.did, and 1
feci sure' if thoy would only, try Mil-'
burn's Heart and Nerve Pills they Villi
Ireccive tho sanies relief, that I'havo."-
Prlco r��0c."'n .'bos-, at :aU'- dealers, "br
mailed, direct on "receipt of'-, price' by
-Tho-T. I\Ii!bu"rn Co.,' Limited. Toronto,
Ont. f . ;   f Xy   -   -W. -
tion- and. maintenanco ..ot- good high-
Svays.- '.'..".      " *' ".   '���-' ���        ��� .-   ��� "" '
Twine,-For Alberta Crops ._���'
- ^ApprOxiniafteiy 363,000 miles"of binder ���twine,..sufil.clent to" stretch around
tho world- nearly nineteen times If it
was all tied Into ono string, were;re-.
quired, to' bind ��� Alberta's 1023 .bumper
crop. V Alberta's farmers-used '35,600;-
Of'O "pounds ot binder-twine.la.=:t- year,'
r.iorf. than'for. several yewr.s.
Rome-New, York^Vyirelesa
-.-;lii an' endeavor . to "develop direct
wirclc-ssf' communication with. Now
York a'structure about- 600ffeet high,
has' been built' at;.' St. -Paolo,'.- Bear
i:e>mb, .and anolhor about" J,0'0O. feet
higli/iit.O'oU'ano. --'";" -'-.
_   Good ' Reason,-for, Dislike.;:.   ;    f
.RisjerV 'SuitoV.--lIr.tw. Is'it; ;Ioh3ij.iie,
that you hare such ufriis-lik*; .to;me?
I li.ave'r.'!.'\-'.'r done -anything to eles^rvt*!
it. V-'.- ,',.......
.iohii!ii>'.." '-.Ves-," \OU - have;; . 'When !
V-; .Awaits Welcome f" ."'
--It -.is"  a��� long"lane;, even an'inter.-,
national lane; that.lia's ��� no. turn,'- and
.K.inipean conditions "must imj>ipove- iii '.
order -that .��� Knropo shall exist,.so.there
seems to beflittle'doubt'that the"time
Many- mothers haye reason -to.bless
Mother-Cravos' -"Wonn' Exierminator,
because it" has relieved the littlo'ones
of.suffering and made them healthy."
:;-      ' .- . A .Medical. Marvel    . ._     ��� ���
Alfred,;:Davis   has.-been living:18
years.*ith-'a. broken neclL   "i>t ho is
ivijl'cojite when'pur n'ssi,ita.nce,.insteari :;one"-.off tho most" cheerful patients, of
rt-gard.ed^critica'lly.'Vv.ill'. ho "-Hie .Portsmouth   (KiVglandy infirnja'ry
'-. Drydock At. Esquimalt
' -Eicayatioh work on tho hc>v Domiri-.
ion Government drydock- at Esquimalt
has been-progressing so rapiclly dur-.-
Shg.the.past;few months tliat the basin
!s: almost ready for-the construction
work. , Laying;-o��..concrete- lias_ commenced.. The ' installation.- of tho
pumps -.and".machinery vrill'.bcstartcd,.
in"ali,probability,-.ne��t.sunjimer. "-.-.. -
[ Miller's Worm Powders will. drive
worms from tho system without injury
to the'" child.''V: Tho'powders-aro .so
easy-'.to.tako--that, lho most delicato
stomach can" assimilate them and'Vol-"
come them-as"speedy.tiasera.-o! pain,
because." they.-promptly. fromovo'.- tho-
worms -that cause.tho pain, and thus
tho-suffering'of tho child is relieve'd..
With so sterling.a remedy at hand no
cliiid -should suffer yan -hour.' froin
worms..   :.���-....  '.  ---   .-���; -���       -._ >>.
,  Earth-to-Planet Rocket
German   Engineer   Has   Plan   for   a.
Rocket Which He Claims Can
��� Beach the Planets .
A German .engineer, Herr Oberth; is -
discussing   with '.technicians   acltiar
plans for rockets capable of reaching:
tho planets.'-   As'-motive power. Herr'
Ob.erth would use either ,ii]cohq__^^_r "
hydrogen iira.-fluid state,-to bc/burnT---
ed with oxygen..'' A rocket.cap'ablo^of.;
ascending to iho .border of'.tho'lorrea-" -
tial field of gravity can-bo construct: -
ed for' ?5,000,; in tho _ opinion' of Herr .
'oberthV  Tlo.estimates that . such ,a'f
rockct,.l)ut capable, of carrying two ob-;
servers,-'would'cost ��250,000.'  _
70U  ftTO net.
1 n 1;.-- yr h e.n
you iis��t i>r. ���
Chase's Olnt- :
ment for Eczema an4   Skin  Iriita-
tloiss.  It-relieve* at onca. and eradur
ally heaH the skin.   Sample box Br.
Chase's Olutmont-free u you mentlon-thu
paper ��nd send M. stamp for jtostaee.  60c. a
101; ill dealers or Ednianson,'Bates ti Co.,
^imltert. Toronto.
The, Iiidiahapolis NH-ws.
you come to see our"Kate, she puts-.tho faz.^ or jllfty,-,
clock back', and If makes inflate for':  -j0<iror'.
;. -���-;. 7;'-f'The V.K'\'m^tuni./
. Lamllad v-���Tou"l hfiv*/- hi '
!��a\. your
.srbo.oi", and I gel thras
'  The Farmer's Friend -;
Pai:ia��r"s Wife.���I wish,-Abn���'-.--. you f
would lull a chicken for dinner :.<Hia.y..
Abner;������>h,   wait   a whiU>.     ilaj b<-
one o'  theiii  autoiaobtii-s   wili   come
*Jv -maeie mf-
"Ther,*1 is no'
("'harpi��iK" will-
My  1
agt- la
ft*">ry rortson
'1 v-
Js? always
wtm though he ..is forced to rspend J iis
days ,in afwlieel; chair; ' H<. received
lho injisry -Ja' a fall-from a scaffold;
Are often Sang-:
with Mioard>.
and Leals,-'.-'.   '.
rous.   Rub well
It' eases'- pain
along. ���JJoston Transcript.
. An; Ha r-aUan; 2-cont s1;
n:ceStJK bi'oji'sii^.jOrtO'i'?
Trr.ncii h-ali-.''.: ' ���- V .-
���; r.��
The .liin.- that "i-'-l sin ������,
M<in'--> ��2jat. you .-.ive. is- u-
i'   vrin -JlcS  h��T.- 10 K{.<--.:!.1 it.
ii!-:*-  the
'f-.;! .onlv
>"-0 *���!���-������ .->
'.T-Kyh:   >(>-  TITAC:*
[ Grand Champion Prise - . . '
The","grand--cliampioii biill prue-of
tlio Aberdeen-Angus, class at; thc"Chl:-:
cago. International...Livestock, show
went to James'D. MacGreiipr, of Brandon., on IJIacli- Cap -Revolution: 7'Mr.
.MacGregor has been-one 'pj-.-thefrnqst-
fprominent" livestock -.exliibitors at. the
���Chicago show and just before the war
.won the Grind. Championship for-the
besfsteer at "the-International Exppsl-
tlod. with-" Glencirriock. Victor. 7 This
year's prize animal was .sold to a Cali-
.foraian for.��15,000."- .'���..': :". X . '- , Z :-
Cook's Regulating Compound
A iatt. Reliable, regulating
ftiedUIrur fej  wirtnrn    . SiiM ir
iW*-Jtv'i-'��\��1 ^irc-irilr Na I.' %i.
\,.J. S i-P}.i, t.-* 1  '-S.-._.H*^t
T.Ht tfqoK- MCti-IA-INC- BO>
r��-r*BJV>'ii.n_i��Ti, WitdVoiti*.'
15c- 3 for Bffcdder Cat&nh. If0. a fer Blood ft -
BSiln DUeaMi. Kff.3forChro_j!cW6aket����e>.
HO!." *Y Lr^MMOCII HI tSTS. PRICK IM "*X-0��._��Hn,3i-
c* Mktc ��1 rt'.ti 11. P��o-JT-Sr, Basic.Torokio...
.02 Ml. S.T.'P._c_.  S.tRCii-  West.   Hostrial.'.
':.'": "t Loans'to' indostriea :. ... 7.
.-. Ileport of 'iitk British. Columbia .industrial '.Commission-. .'DepariWeiit
shaiifs loans' to 'industries, amounting
.to '$1,176,691' embracing 0 plants.-Xl.c*
payisK-flts h'a.��f boon'made" on principal by Tk> ind'jstries-. ' Total-repay;
jn**n is a mount' t.o'��� ? 1S 5,-) it S/ o* vrh ich
$71r2ij.v.-'...s intorost. ..      ._���,,. '
...   J'
, Kesp'"Mir.a.-_f's Lir.imeof'tti the h'��u'*��|
fill <*.
��� ���'"������i
���   IB ���
���3l ���
'%-��� ��^#**��*��*a*sd
, TDagic 15aking
^Powder b&erbeen
known and ased
5,11 over Canada
for more than 25
years. If b&s set
and maintained the!
standard For goods
of its class.    Its
use  is increasing
daily because of
its strength, purity'
���and  universal
salisfactjon   *
%w Food insures
good health *
I79e^ic taking"
1'Powder insures
iPure   Food   *
Pageant Of Empire
Will Be,Held at"Wembley in Connection  With  Empire  Exhibition
Aiising fjoni a suggestion made by
the Piincc of "Wales thai a pageant of
thc Empn e should be helel at "Wemblej
m connection svith the Butish Enipue
Exhibition this scat-, steps aie now
being Liken fo oigani/c such a pageant Tor thts puipose a special
meeting of -lepiesentatlseb ol the
Dominions Mas held at the Wai Ofhco
m London, when a piehminaiy di<-cus
sion look plac.0 as lo lho fonn the
pageant should take
_It is -understood that special lea
lines suggesied compnso a iopi escalation of the following fU.uh exploi-
eis, ihe glones ol tho l__h7ahethan
penod, the exploits of Ttoheit Blake,
English paihainentinan and atliViiial,
1599 11)57, deselopnient oL tiansyon,
hi->toi\ of InCiA, "o.ul\ settlement in
Canada and Austi.ilia, inissionai>-cn
tpipiise, abolition of slavciy, lnstoij
oL South Afiica, and the tle\ elopnient
of spent -Auolliti icaluie Mill be a
tlciuoubtiaaou ot lough nding
The oiganueit. of the Enipue p.igu-
ant will torn the Dominions in a
shot I tune, and Mill al&o_si-5U the
Sudan, i%Illi a Aii w to Obtaining chai-
aetenslK exhibitions fiom each
Building Deadly Weapon
U.S Experts Develop a'Poweiful New
'J he I nittd States Ann.\ Onluancc
i spoils base ele>s eloped what thev be
heso to be the heasiest and most pos'-
etful guns of its ljpe in ihe s\oild
Tho new weapon is ot the 11 inch
calibre t\pt, and is tapable ol huilmg
an. anuni pi< icing ptoT'Ctile. of XyiW
pounds tfiij. di-ianc" ol 2'i miles
Separation, But No Alimony
Women's Ailments
Gausedby Heglect
Proper   Treatment Will Quickly j
Bring   Back  Robust  Health     '
and Good Spirits \
The Long Sojouin In Egypt
Women aio on the whole moie sick '
Iv   than   men       One   iea__on  is   thai
' thou  ajstem is    inoic    complicated,
i anolhu   and  mon   lrupoitant zeasoii
I is, thes put olf measui es of 1 chel too
long    , Ai the beginning, constipation
Is   tlu    tiiu&p   oi   nine tenths of wo
uicn's ailments      The bluod becomes
' weakened   and   polluted���the   ntises
fauftei. .md a nm down condiiioii fakes
loot -,
thee Iiom all oui.   He  will keep thv.
soul      Psalm 121 7
Lesson���Genesis, Chopin s- 37 lo
50 inclusive Dcsotlem .1 Heading���
I'salm  121
The Text Explained and Illumined
1 Joseph PiesenLs Ills Biotheis to
Phaiaoh, seises 1 and 2 In Gen
4517-19 wo aie told ot the losal oielei
calling toi the coming oi Joseph's
tamils jnto Eg\ pt, and now Joseph announces to Pharaoh that the oi clei has
Because ot Iheir mildness of action, been executed, his fathei and bio<h-
as a sjsttm legulatoi, no medltino loi
women can tompaie with Di ILunil
ton's Pills -< The kielne-*- rpucMj n
sponel to the i erne dial action ot Di
llaiu'llon s Puis, and the lesult is as
jou would expect���pain   in   the   back
eis logelhei with then flocks and
heids and all diey possessed haso aimed in Goshen Joseph piesented
Use ot his biotheis to Phaiaoh pos
sibly he chose fi\e because ihat was a
f.isoute numbeu   of    the    Egs pliant
and side, shortness of bicaih, and bad   bul seis hlceh  the lost sveio occupier.
coloi disappeai���the functions ol the
body then  opeiate naluialh,  conges
��,tion and pam aie picsented  and poi
fefc'l health uteins ,
'Ihousands ol happ\ swimeii saj Di
Hamilton s Pills aie the gieatest  md
in looking attei the docks and heids
2 The Comcisation Between Phai-
aoh and Joseph's Biotheis, seises 3
and 1 Pluiaoh luenmed as to theh
occupation, and thej leplied as
Joseph   had   mstiucted   them   (Gen
Jpcst blood puilflex, tlie finest complex | lb'Jo 111), that thoy smc shcpheids,
ion lonewer, ihejno^t cciiam legulat
n^g medicine knovn Sold hs all
diuggisis a'td stoicktepeis, 25c pei
bo\, fiu fen ?100 postpaid, fiom The
Catanho/one Co, Monti cal
How Bees Tell  the Time
The Vatican has issued a denial ol
published lepoils ot its /intention to
eslalihsh a wueUss bioadcaMmg -,1a-
JMinta  E   Ai bui Uh ,  \\ite> oi
*Fatts" I.  AibuclJi, w.is   manted    t
dnorcc  on the   giotMids of neghd  to
pi os uie '.md de s<-��i Uon
The Jitih* -tos\ n ol Kiumm , in ai 'st
fitienne, in Fiance, lu.s tho distinction
of being the hist eonimuuiU to louu
an ' unhaiao man led mens club"
The dcifh is announced oi lhc J\nl
ol JcistM, one ot tho huge landossneis
ol JEngl.indt> owning ncaih 20,000
acies      Tic s'as air. rats of age
'lh(> Mt\icau fieetot.iM ol ihe in
lenoi annouueofc tnat thc piesidenlial
elections ssPl bc held m Juls since
the p^ac. ol the lepubhc is uot sen
ously disUnbed, and the. lebolhon is
now practically suppic_.sed
x 'the linked Stales Clmeimueui his
ngsetd to soil a qumtili ot ^s.u m,i-
tn.al to th ��� C>bntrii'i trf>\i mini nl jii
V   peaeeHil,   epuct   b'paiaiion,   no
d image done   c\enbodj  happ\   again
���ihit's   ^he    situation    s\hcu    you
j oi tuce som   coins       Tu   Putnam's
to-seen   i-om l.vuactoi      Acts like magic, no
ipain, no l.uhne, success e\cnr time
| UTTitse   a  substitute  loi     Putnam's,"
"c cs 11\ vihete.
Eugltind'b onh siale newspapei,
lhc London Gazette, is 25S seais old
I'ubliealion was inaaguiatotl during
lhe leign ol Chailcs II It s\as then
known as 'lhc CKfoid Gaiolto, 1he
comt having lied io thai cits because
ot thc plague
Intel esting    Experiment   Made
French Expeit
An .. niloilisting cspeiimenl made
some time ago b\ a Titnch expeit
picnes thai bees knosv the tunc of day
without lho -ud of a timepiece
This e:\peit began Ins test by bieak-
ti.sting in the open Vm al sesen
o'clock, paitaking of light pic&civrs
and jam At ton o'clock the table
s\;as cleaitel Foi the middas' meal
no^sweels s\eie scued, but at foui
o'clock Iheie svas a light lunch, svith
asreels "Within a sveek the bets came
to undei eland these mealtimes so ^ell
thai Ihey came fiom all the sanioimd
ing places in such sssaims thai the
food had lo be seised indoots artels' .n d
Foi Both House and Stable.���Theio
is a good deal ot sinnlaiitv, phs&ically
speaking,.betsseen human beings and   bs  the double ciosvn of
then weie m no was ashamed ot theli
occup.ition, although to thc Egsptians
it ssa-i a debpibod calling Thej had
come because of the Limine in then
own land, thej told I'haiaoh, and (lie)
asked onlj to bo allowed to so.ouin
in Go&licn, not to gain Iheie a peiman-
ent lesldence Little did they dieam
how long their descandants svould
tauy in Eg>pt!
il Phaiaoh's Giant to ��Joseph's
Kindled, veiscs 5 and G, Phaiaoh xuilied to Joseph, his primo minislei, and
with much graciousness dhectcd him
to cause his peoplu to settle in the
best ol the land, and iuithei asked
that Joseph take the most eilicient
ones into his osvn lojal sets Ice, to
bupeiintond the caie oi his cattle
Esreiy shepheid is an abomination
unto the Eg> pliaus, Joseph had" told
his biotheis This fact prosidential-
ly alloss-ed them to lrve bs thomsels es,
and piescnted them trom inleimailying with tho Egyptians and thus be
coming lost as a people '
I Jacob Is Picbented to Phaiaoh,
s'cises 7-10 Wo lias'o come to one
of tho noble scenes in the Old Tesfa-
ment.     Br Ro^eis desciibes it
"Imagine the Phaiaoh seated on his
tin one (its legs and back enameled iu
gold and blue), his shouldeis cos'eied
ss'ith a Tjiian mantle, his ss'iists and
ankles oinamented svith gold and
pieciotts stones, his head fctumounled
 ~  ��� _.   uppei    and
the low oi animals .Both aio subject i losvei Egjpt Befoic him is Joseph
lo main ailments ..using iiom inilam ] In attne only less magnificent than
malion and to all maunei ol cuts and > his lojal master, and, presented bs
biulsis Di Thomas' leltctilc Oil him, his aged lathei in peasant gatb,
is an ontnclj icliable lemeds ioi such | with aiobe of camel's hair about his
ailments and mishaps in both human i svaisP Yet through tho .simplicity
being^^oj the lossei oidei ot animals ' of hl& appealanco bhines lhe dignity
  | ot the man,  who    had    Used  "long,
j boino gteat souos\s, seen angels in
j dieam visions    at    night    in    stony
places,    and    sviestled    suth an Uu-
kuosvu Pieoence bj tho loud ssaters of
Large Stocks  of  Fuel
Th.   rtcciswn is umkistood' rain ami disticss ailei  ��� uiug is the
,    ,        , .   , . , s\<.s tht stoiuaeii fallows tint u is too
to ha-.e ben prompted bj a rtesiie io| woaU tf,p,l!oin] t]lt volJ  0l (hgPSting
-aid that gosemtuenl   wiaWi is Licedjj^   f0od   taken      lu   this   condition
Shoitage  of  Fuel  is  Expected
Canada this Winter
ndigestion     D.sappears    When     the      A iuel bhortagc m Canada this "S\in-
Ihe'lrgenf^S ol  all'S su,u  ^ - *�� ^octed.     Itetuins .sued
Jtom mdigestlon, and   who   iind   tin   ^   !h��- mining bianch of tho -Rmeau
stomach   ttuible   to peiioim its usual i ot Statistics- &hos\  that both jnipO-ts! king io ijiejik ilisi
jtmiliun j, i loiw loeniKh the blood '^t-co.l and ou'pu' now mints fen tho'
bj an .11 mt d ajni-iui,
A mob of -e\eial tlious.inel peisOns
ttoimod a i ul m tho ('< lino dlsliict,
Pals, and mnostd and Ijncbe'd a
piibonei wlio was ehaigtd with Las
ing Stolon U'MU a cfitfiedial a ntnnbei
of salMnble leccptacks containing
ieh. . oi ih6 <-aml"i N
The  Professor Agrees
This Veidiot Will  appeal  Stiomjly to
the Average Doy --
some jitorlc fooliohh icsoit to put galls t>S but these onH un the. rggiasale
th.  tioubl'\
jN*<"s\ stiuugth ij ^neii weak stom
aehs\b\ Ui ^illianib' Pink Pills because these pills-cnilch and punn
the hood bupph- This is lhe niltnal
jnotoss ot giMiig siicng'h and lon��'
to the slomaeh, and it accounts loi the
speed, lehcl in tioniaeh ehsoidei^
ilia I ipllows tho use 'oi Oi Wil'Iams'
i Pmlc Pils 'Ihe appetite n \ise��, food
' can bo takai ssiHiouf discomloit and
the bmden and pains ol judlgestion
aie dispeMed .Mi \\ Uliam Johnson, a piomlntut btibintsb man of X.e-
eiuille,  AS    be.as  Ublnnonj   ty the!
The pgtold imemle eonleiUiou ihat ! salue ot  these   pills in cases of this
ihe Satu.das njsht bath js an -ibsaul   ^a']      ^ w>   'l ��� flacked with
indigestion   accoiiipanictl   bs    bcnetQ
anel supeiiluous custom is suoptoltd
bj the autboutj ol l��i Vlteiibuig, pio-
fpsfcoi " of biologs in Iti
Houston Texas "Uathuu," Di AS
lenburg told hib clas,, 'x uisL ,i con
cesbiou to cUblo'ii It is jits., a fad
and one bathes enih Toi the social
"l��iebtigc~deii\-ed anel Jlbt_i'>rhjs phs-
sical ss'elfaie" Pcoploju.e tie idea
that i)pi��0n- of the body aie thio^vu
off through the poics of the skm
nrlnch must be 3.i-pt open b\ bathirg
"If bathing weie nefcjbaij foi <?ood
health, 90 pei cent ot tho peojib* ^o
day would be on tho e"dg<" ol
sras e "���Yancous ei Tios ince
ciam]is ju tlw stom.ich I sea's pre
seiibed loi bs the familv doctor, but
InstiuHe., j got m\v little benefit Then 1 tiied
some oi thc atiseilis. d lemeelies bul
swth,no bettei lesult Indeed iav
condition s>as gicwlng woi&p .Then
I lead Ot the ease'of a nun s\ho praised in -iVilliauib'spink Pills whose eem:
diiion-wat. tlmilai to nn own. and I
decided to In this medicine Tho Jesuit, I think, s\as amazing as the tiso
olNsi\ bo\es lestoied me to my foim-
ci good liealth I can the Core
'sunnily coimiKiul the use of this
medicine tor stomach uoubles"
You can g^ these Pills Horn any
medieine dealer oi by mail at j0 cents
a bo\ or ti\ boxes foi $2 50, irom The
Dr Wilhuns' Jledicine Co, I3rock\ille.
On I
len months rndlng Ociobei  Ul  ssuo
��ell abo\e the thietsoai asuage
"When consulticd m conjunction
with lli�� mild *fai.hu of No\embei
and Doceiubei,' sr.ss tho nnuing
bianch, 'these Jaci, seem to'pie
elude the po&sibjhu ot a mel shoitage
nt Canada iliis ssmtu "
'the cumulatsse oiujuit of cot] fiom
Canadian mines loi the, len months
was 11,127,000 tons an mciease of 21
pei cent osu ihc pt coding tinfo-
\cai useiage foi tue same penod The
output timing Del >boi s as 1,500,000
tons, an incieaso ol__21 pei ecnt os-ei
j llut oi ycpt'uibc.
Iho total nnpoitation o< coal iiom
the ITn^Lcd btateb and Great tin tain
duung Octobei ssr.s scsen pei cent
belosv thc three ) eai as ei age lo1 the
month Uosvesei, the total imposition ol all coal ioi the 10 mouths s\a&
10,150,000 tons, an inocasf ol 43 pei
cent, osu tho piecediug tlneejcav
aseiagc foi the bame peiiod
Ask for Mmafd's and take no othe-
Value of Farms     ,   '
Accoiding to a ,_eceni oflicial com
piKitiou it is tound that out oi jcsei
100 people in Canada r��l lise pn fauns
Thc 7��.0iM. faini- in f'anad 1 j epic,ont
a fross wen tli ot S700,0o0,oo0, oi aboul
|Hi,i>u0 p��r faun   ,.nd pi educe :'n an
nuitl ie>cnu'> ot noaily ^l.'tn'.OuO,  .ut
as ei age    income    V i    tail! of S_> 0(1,1
s 1,-arl \
^ tin nosei   can tell       l^.cn a  nun
of iron nus look a bit nisu
The Use of a Hyphen
A   teacher , iS��tiueiiDg hei  ]>npiis
in the use of the hjplirn, asked them
to gis e hei an example of its use, and
the svord "bird cage"   ssas   submitted
bj a small bos.
" Ihat'-j light,"   she    encouiagingh
i'"marked    'ZStnr, tell mo s.hy sic put
a If phi.ii ia bnd-cagc."  '
''It's for the biid to   sit   on"
the stattilai' icplj
^Vhethei the com bo of old oi new
giosvth, it must sield to Hollowaj's
Coin llciitover
Increase  In  Trade
Road building Programme In B.C.
A progiaiaiuo of load building jn
I.iitis.i Voluuibl.t which will invofre
tho r\p'Miditure of about" $20,000,000
dming the- ].f\t Fise sears, was outlined in the Ltgi&latuie bj Hon W II.
, suthciland. Minister of Public "Woiks.
Consideiable Inciease Is Shown Over
the Previous Year
Tho total tiade of Canada ioi the
eight months ending New ember, J9?3,
is up $175,SL",66S in compailson nith
the con esponding eight months of the
presious joai. Total trade foi No-
serabei i�� up nearly thiee million'? as
compaicd with November of last jear.
Total tiaele foi the e^ight months svas:
1025, $1,311,091,034; 1922, $1,138,215,-
566. Tor the month of Nos ember
alone it ssms $211,08;*. tJ7 in 1923, and
w a*; $208,090,232 in 1922
During the eight montlis' period
both imports and expoits arc higher,
riports showing an mcreaso of ?70
millions and import? an Increase of
$105 millions Imports foi the month,
compaied with Noscinbcr, 1922, ate
dossn four millions "and domestic c\
poi ts up approximate!} set on millions
McohiiE^Dia &-sou> bv eas.'GC(s�� ��.opiki*mJ
���*��-�� toa r*Jt* ��s cars ��o3K ��ii.w��*o t��.:m����M
"An Puipirc -vro.th d>ing foi is .tlso
worth Hiin^ foi  and working foi "-
HII II  ihe Pi nice o'f Wale.
Not At Ail
P.is,engci (on linei) ���Is j i. s\lre
loisvaid? Conducto/ (pohtels) ���She
svasn't to me, &i!'
A Brotherhood Of Britons
Empire    Exhibition    Fellowship    Will
Prove of Inestimable Value
(I3\ Sn John Fosier Fi asei)
The man ss-ho fiisl thought of estab-
OOLDENTUXT���.ltho,ah will keep'hshing tho Fellosvbhip of the British
Hmpiie Exhibition is to be congiatu
We know thc exhibition to going to
be ' the gi ealest on earth," that it svill
be a grand panoiama of sshat ihe Empn e is < ccomplislung, that thousands
of oui hms-fnen fiom oseiseas svill ho
giscn glad gieeting on "visiting tho
But behind, and thiough, and all
lound the exhibition is a gieat. In
stiuctise, Impenal idea Theio ssas
the possibility that people vould come
and mars el and then go assay, enthu
biastic osei what the Empne means
bul missing th.it comiadeslnp v/hich
should bc the cnfliacleiistic ot all Billons ishelhot ihej eomo fiom \r.inrou-
ici oi--Biisbane Inseicaigill oi Joh
anncshing, Uaibados or Hong Kong,
Abeidecn oi Fiji
So heie comes thc Fellowship ot thc
IJiiUs.li Emplie Exhibition, ssluch I
suppose all of us can join and sslnch
has the Pnnce ot Wales as its first
We will join bec.iubO sso slant to
make the exhibition a success because the fellowship will be a chain
binding together men all oset the
voiId who aie of tho same hjood, because s\-e will s\ant to fostei tiade
lelationships between all countries
within the Empne and sve svill weai
badges of our biothcihood m gun-
me^tal, sils'ei of gold
The follosvslup w 111 last ioi the pet-
ioel of the exhibition, but I sision
that fiom it will emetge a gteatci and
pciinanent association ot men thiough
out llie Empiie ssho, although fai
paited, will be animated bs the same
bpnit of impeiidl patiiotistu
Eveiyone of Bntish citi/onship is
eligible for membei ship. We paj
out ls\o guineas and lecetse a patclt-
ni en I coitificate signed bs the Pnnce,
a ticket admitting us at all times to
the exhibition/ or tw entj fis e .singlo
tickets, we fasten tho badge in oui
buttonhole That does not seem much
and > el it is going to h.n o a fai extending psj etiological effect on tho
hundicds of thousands of citizens of
the Empne It ssill be like a shake
of the haud between all good Batons
whether they call thomsels os Canadians or Scotsmen, oi Au&tiahans ot
Iiishmen, or Nesv 7ealandets oi South
Afiicaiia, ssith the declaiatlon "lis
lnend. sve meet heie at Wembley, but
when thc exhibition is osei and jo'u
go som ssaj oi I put sue mine, we'se
both got wo_.lc to do to help each
othci "
Of couiso time i^ nothing political
about the fellowship     It is a bond be
to  the* bame
fauul.>   though bcalteted, to asfel^t Em
pne ludustij and tiade      Tho coinpi-
stojie oi conimeicc ib knowledge and
lew ol us knosv aU wo should know
about the Cmpiic       So ssuh the fel
low ship will be    li'btitulpel    scholar
ships to nnthei   Impoiial   education
The   bcholaiship.   ssill be oi   X 1,000
each      In ihe case oi the souug clti-
/.eu oi the Unlleci Kingdom thc monej
will piosdde for nis bOttlemnet in tho
oseibeas Emplie.     Iu the case of the
soung citi/on of tne overseas Envphe
it  ��'ill in os Me ioi Ins unis-ei=?ity ot
technical education iu tho home coua-
n;        But peihaps  neither  of  them
want    to   lease then osvn land      In
that case the ��1,000 will b<j uscd in
gning "a btait in life."
V, hates *i otu politics wo all do de
she to improse tiade .md t>o decicase
unemploymeni ^o all agieo that ii
we can niipio.c tiade SMtlnti tho family ciicle the bettei it svill be Tho
politicians do not ispcm to havo been
successful in flndmg_a _curc for_tho
ails from which tlio Dominions and
out selves buffer Yet thete must bo
a len.eely and tho. flist essential
luiowleclge and goothvlll.
It ^ is because of ils s alue iu tlna
thiection that the fellosvship bo
strongly appeals! to me I am di.-
trts&fuJly aw aie of the ignoiance
which pies ails among--t nianj English
men about the line fi e e life in the Dominions, and^-niore than once 1 base
been ii mated iu^ tha Dominions by
foolish talk about tho decadence ot
England. Wembley svill do much to
busbh asviy tho cobwebs ot mibunder-
standing; but when the exhibition has
become a memory those who lias-o
belonged to the felloss ship svill be missionaries of Emphe svhcieser they
happen to be.
It-should be a point of honor that
n_embei__hip of th" fellowship be at
least 2,00 "i,000���svhich aftei all only
represent one m ten of the expected
luuubir of slsiton to the exhibition���
because of the tsattrnal spun it ssill
cngcnelflP aud because this gieatfi
number of numbei3 the greiter tho
numbo" of scho'itships svill bo distributed
II��io is a gi��>at ^iiibadm^ sso'k i
svant to bee ,�� w._\e ot ent.husi.ism in
suppoit ot it
Just one way now to have pancakes
. with thatold-timeSouthern flavor. Use
Aunt Jemima
Pancake Flour
Aunt Jemima's famous recipe ready-mixed f
- �� \
����� t.
English Love Hoises
Theie must btill be a good deal of
money in England, foi m a blngle
daj'd &ale af Tatleiball's.""iecently
thoioughbied hoibcs sold for ?S68,-
605, and fesv or the pii^cs goi asvay
fiom English lacing men���Tot onto
Mail ancl Empnc.
Advance Warning
This countiy will haso 10,000,000
automobiles by tho end of 1921,
which means that the pedestrian's
chances of being run ovei svill has'e
impiosed by 1,000,000 osco 1923 ���
Boston Ti.uisciipl. s
the .Tabbok He is not ovei come by
ihc ^king's piosence or his ^adoin-
ments, the pomp, and majesty of his
comt Ho is not as\edtinto silence
waiting, as- the custom stab, for the
 ��� .o speak fiibt     Nas*. he 'blessed
Phaiaoh,What is   ho ofteicd him the ��� t bolongmg
salutation which he would gise
cointoousls  to anv oihei inor! i! "
Husband and Wife
Both Receive Benefit
Mr. N. St. Hilaire Recommends
Dodd's Kidney Pills to All
Who Suffer.
British Trade Outlook
Revival   is   Predicted   if   Euiope
Returns to Normal Harmony
Qualified optimism appeals to be
the altitude ol the P.ntish manufacrm
eis ssith.iegaid tcrthc hade outlook
Detailed lepoits to the Fedeiation oi
Btitibh lndustn*>s lease no doubt as to
theio basing been a distinct inipiosc-
ment in tho last qua:ter of the past
seai, ebpcciallj nt the labl fesv weeks
An eximplo ot this svas Lhe inciease
pt .CI 750,000 iu tho value of the non
and steel e\potts
A compa^ati^c 30slew ot the tiade
fi'jinc-s ioi 192i shows tho to*al silue
of cxpoitb foi the Hist U months lo
base been JC 10,000,000 higher than m
1S22. '1 vents Ilv�� pa cent oi the
incicabo is accounted foi by the abnormal demand ior coal and coke in
the^_fnst^ cpioitei of 1923,_owlngto
the Fi ench occupation of the Rulu affecting the German coal liade, but
theio svas an impiosement gcneially
in thc last quauei of the jear
Tho most cheering featines last
jear sseie the dectease in the numbei
of tho imemplojed and the inciease
in trade returns, -the inciease in,tho
bankers* advances to the traders, the
use in the impoitation of lasv matei-
laH*and the .steadj increase in the
Gutnut of pig non and bteel.
The manufacturers' headqtfarlcis
ej.piesses the opinion, that the mai-
kets ot the svoild aie anxious to
trade s-.ith Oreat Britain, and that
theio ^trbc no Question about a bjg
lesisal this ye.ii if Kuiopc icxuins to
noitual i..innonv
Quebec man who suffeied from pains
in the  back got lelief immediately
through using  Dodd's  Kidney Pills,
East   Angus,   Que ��� (Special) ���
"Both my wife and mjsclf base obtained   gieat   leliei    thiough   using
Dodd's KIdnes Tills "
bo sajs Mi. N. St Ililahc ssho lis-ess
in tins place. "I took 2 boxes of
Dodd's Kidnoj Pills ior pains in my
kidnejs and back and they did mo
good Immediately. I alsvavs, keep a
box in the house My wife has also
uscd them and xlioj have dono hei
much good, and &hc is scis grateful
Todas'sse aie, tiuitc lelicved, thanks
to Dodd's Kidney Tills I lecommend
them to all who suffer tiom_ltidnej
tumble and bad back"
Dodd's Kidney Tills stimulate and
strengthen weak kidness You ss-ill
bo sinpiised hosv quickly they begin
to cleanse and punlj, to soothe and
heal tho kidnejs, at tho samo time
backaches and lhettmatism disappear.
Ask sout neighboio if Dotld't. Kid
ney I'ilis do not make bound kidneys
Offer Free Scholarships
C.P.R.  Will  Give  Scholarships  For 4
Years at McGill
Announcement lcgaidnig the conditions of two fiee _.chol.u ships in McGill Unis'cisity offeicd by the Canadian Pacific ltailwas Company, svas < ,
made al the head olhce, Montreal, in
a cnculai issued 01 ei the .signaluie
of Grant Hall, sice-piesident.
The ibcholai ships co\er four j ears'"'
tuition in aiclntecune,   civil,   mechanical    or    clectncal .engineeung ^at t
McGill Unhersitj and aie offeied subject to competitise examination to ap-
picntlce1! and othei employees of the
compans   undei  ts\enty-one jeaLS of
age and to luiuoi son^> of cmplo>ee.s
Thc examination .svill be held at the
Unijeisits,    Monti eai,    and at other
centres throughout Canada   in   June;,
1921      Dining the eunent jear, tssr6
scholarships    sseie   also offeie'd and'^*"
made asailable foi  the Unisreisilj70f
Mon Ueal   to  Pi ouch    speaking"   employees      It is> the intention of the
conipanj   to inciease the number of _���
scholaiships asailable for the French
speaking candidates to  'four,    undei
condition^ similar to those sshich pre-    -
s'ail  for  the  seholai ships ,offeied   at
McGill frui\usits ^
7..1 >>
1   -
��� 9��
Sea Mystery-
Lifeboat  Camed  Crew  of  Dead
Off English Coast
Plunging   thiough   sloimy   svmtei ���
seas   olf   the   southern coast of England, the fatutmship innisholm .sighted
a lifeboat ahead, whipped and tossed,-
bs bi caking siases ^   -
Thiough theh binoculars thc officers
of tho Innisholm studied thc tins* craft
Rolling on hei svet thsvaits ssei embodies of six men, dead
y j��-/�� <ry
Ruddenlj   a gteat ssase osei turned
Christian Endeavor Work Fiouiisnirig 1 the lileboat    Onh  pso 1 odles teninm
Some tluits  Clnlstian Endeasoi of-jed m tho ciaft   -when   tho   JiimslVok2- ~~
fecials attended the .annul convention
of field teetotalico leu iho Clnistian
Eudea-oi Sociems of 1ho United
States and Canada, in Toi onto. The
lepoits showed an increasing numbei
of societies, bettei financial conditions
and laigei membei ship
Minard's Liniment for Dandruff
Ptoqressive Bedouins
A demand loi folding chaiis has
been soioed by the Bedouins, svho
from time lmmemoilal have dono
their sitting cro^s legged, Becont
ly a consignment of 2,000 of these
cliaiiH ftom Au still arrived at
Eibshman ���I'm a little still fiom
bosvling Coach ���I don't care svhore
jou'ro nooi, get busy out on the
tiack���Stiatfoul Chnpaiial
Women Are  Ambitious
British Columbia Women Want
First Senate" Seat
Ai l_aitisft Columbia ssas the fust
piosiucc to obtain ssomen's suflrage it
si as uniniiuouslj agreed bj ihe Ihit
ish Tiogiessxse League at a meeting
in Yancouve* to petition the Dominion
Oosesnnient for the fhr'-t sac.tnes oc-
ctumg in the senatr> Thi,s seat., de-
elaietl Mts Jiniin.i Andcison, was be
ing much j-ought after by woiiifn m
-\lbeita aiid fea&katchew aa but Biiusb
Columbia wotucn want it for M.115
Ellen Smith. Tho obp-'-Uon svas raided that it would _ take Mary Ellon
Smith away from liritUh Columbia,
but-tlio objection svas over-iuled ss-lien
it was pointed out fhtt l.e_�� tphere, o:
ut-etulness svould be gival.-i- -at or-
tasva. and that many of ��hf litsv.s gov-
irni'ag xvoni��'n and diildf-n could not
b��- improied at Vhuorja.
���IIo'-v ooino peoplo s'ho .'UG_5-p-svide-
Ij   dliteient fio mus can be satisfied
svith thenisches x- pa-t -til human nn-
1-3 J de-rstaneling
Expei knee teaches people a Iou of
things the> would latliei not knosv.
Gis e sour loc
Bus- at home.
'��< iiieichan'-' a i-iiaiics.
Mir-sard's Lifiiment Hea*s Cuts
\V- X
Extending Canadian 1 rade
-' For ihe purpose of extending Canadian trade in Gteece. Turkey aud.tho
Eastern Mediteiranean, -. ,AV. - McL.
���Clarke, Canadian Trade Commissioner
at Milan, Italy, has" been instructed 10
yisii these counuies aodrepost on the
opportunities for Ihe sale ot f'anadian
The .Farmer Has Awakened
Thing.- lias', reached the ' point
wlie-re nothing discouragos a fanner,
more than to jack up a psper and sec
that the KtA'ernraent jr- going lo do
?om-:thing i\>r him. ���Yale-s, Cc-nti-e,
Ks-.n., X��*s.
leached the spol.
The dead men were svell eloihcd.
but had suffeied teiMbly iiom exposure There ssas no lond, lrc&h svatei,
noi oai= in the boat      -    -    ���>,_.'.
Baiel} deciplioi able ship'*, papei.s,
found in the pocket of one of the^dead
men, indicated that the lifeboat .wa*1
fiom the Biitish ship Roca. TBe>ond
this ilteic i^ no clu< 01 tho strange,
nts stmt's of the sea ,       " v   ,
1 .-1
&���->   ^t." ^
*       l^j.
The Pi oven Asthma Remedy.   Since
asthma existed theio has been no lack
of much hei aided lenieuies, but tliey -
base pi os eel shoit Used and worthless
The cser-giowing leputation of Dr. J.
D  Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has giv-''
en it a place in the field of medicine
which no other can approach.    It lias ,
nesei   been   pushed   by   sensational
methods bul has simplj gone oa. p��-
tectmg iehcf and making no-w con��-
*   --
It is human n'lturo 101 man to look  ^
out foi numbm o��o,_bui iho_cbarming r
joung   widow    alssass   looks out foi^
numbei two.
Tho man svho doesn't talk ha?
les-> icpenting to do than the garrulous individual. _
A Harmless Substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups ������ No Narcotics!
Mother:     Fletchers   Castoria ~lm 1 lation of Pood;  gis ing aa tural sleep
been ia uso for osei SO years to relievo babies and children of Constipation,   riatulency,   V.Tnd    Colic t and J
Diarrhoea; allailng rescrUhness'aris-!
Ing tbeiofioni, and, by icgUlatiug tho]
Btomaclv i.nd Bowels, aids tho assiml-1
without opiate!*.
f,lsn.ituro of
Tho genuine bears
HrtY&u Reaching farihi (trtltlf?
^^SllXSi    Under which Zodiac
FIcESt Sf8n were ydu bo,*rt?
What are your op-
portui.tties \n life, your future prospects, happiness in roan Sage, friends,
enemies, success 111 all undertakings
and many other vital questions as in-
dsca'ea by ASTROLOGY, the most an-
dent and ir-terest-nu science of hir-
tory ?--.-. 7-
. -'\Vf>i,;V  ;."<->:i   !>.'.i-n   iiiuiCs-   r.   htoky   pisxrf
I .sviUtc-U ..J..11  Crrie,  fbo mo^t Iiitvicsrini;
. astrolosri-.-ii.lT iLtorpn-tation of tbti  Kouku:
' Slifii ��� yoi.i  w-iv bora uiuler.
f inii>,.y-'..;-<'ji'�� i��<> th'> exact date of vour
..l.iitti'in-yt'.ur imp, }i��s_..wr!tin... To ��,t-
r-r ��v>at. of tli:.-- ,_oticf> and pestaAC enclose
'.tweive.ci'fits l-,_ ;uij- toeux and yi��ir crcc-t
���irijoi' liji-'t-^U'lroy". Your al~ti'0|tr(;i<-,-<I In-
ton><-< intjou \\_H !>o vrritfHti in (jtuin S^s.V,
���'.KitiifT'* a"<i ��=��� ��!��� to you Svcue<}__. *ealt?��J Ai_t5
ItostiKiid..   . A gieztt r-iii-prsM; asv.iits j c��{-^
--'Do.-,not fail to s��r��d BIrthrfate ancf to cn-
. close  12c.      Print  name  and  address  tts
,->void tleisy in maiilog.
���VVrit.f'.iiOS.��� TODAY��� xn   .:>��.    .
���m RWs Ave., Bept'82. Nct- York
^.-...-i.      >.��� .,y_ft   ���,aMM.(tjMi^i-;a^^^,__^.la_^-,.01^_ __.^___J^ . ��� THTE     LEDGE.     GREENWOOD,     BRITISH^   COLUMBIA.
"""���,l"     - ���   f.'WUlWtiWWW^WI.	
Is !$-..oo a year strictly in advance, or
32.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance;
- Lessee
��� " ���""*- -i" ..i- ���    ���    '      ���~
. Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.0c
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than, one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for -each additional claim.)
All other legal'advirtlsing,   12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
.each   subsequent   insertion,    nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals  I2^c.  a line each insertion.
���r .  ��� u 1' . ' ���     ,���,���'���     ,    -   -
Dont 'wait to be a great man���
be a great boy.
In the course of time the oldest
inhabitant becomes a survivor.
"When a girl begins to pump a
fellow about his life insurance, the
reBt ought to be easy;-
SoME-people^refnse to take physical-exercise for their health be
cause it doesn't come in bottles.
-Horse feed is now being put np
in bricke���and some of the horse?
we see nowadays ^confirm this fact.
All doctors are alike. When
they go into conference, its to decide whether to cat off your leg or
pull it.           _____ '  *
.6 ' ,        . -   - ��� ���
The kind of fellow who is too
superstitious to take a[job^on Friday is never too superstitious to
take a loan on that day.
Or course it is possible to be
both blind and deaf, . but the
people who" are blind to their own
faults are seldom  deaf to flattery.
There's more to curling
Than simply the name
The language's harder
To learn than the game.
Lady taking a bath was nearly
asphyxiated by a leaking gas
heater, (5but," says a newspaper
account, "she waa saved by the
watchfulness of the elevator man."
[The Ledge invites correspondence of a
public nature but does not hold itself,
in any way, responsible for the opinion'-,
_   Kettle Valley, B.C.,
Janv3rci, 1,924.
Editor Thb.Lkdgb,
I think it mutt have been a
matter of wonder to those who take any
interest in politics as it certainly has been
to myself, how Mr. Bowser when cornered svould reconcile his speech at Sooke,
March 24th, 1923, with his confidential
" letter"to"Pfemief Brewster January 28th,
Extract from speech "Mr. Oliver
blames uie for the money sunk in the
P. G. E. I did not advise them to settle
svith the contractors. We had the persona! guarantee of Foley, Welch 8c
Stewart to finish tbe line, a guarantee
perfectly good for the $21,006,000 advanced. But Premier Oliver steps in
with h'ls insatiable desire to pose as a
great railway builder, and cancelled that
guarantee . ."
Extract from Bowser's letter:
"So far as I am concerned personally
and I think I may speak for tbe oppose
tion, I am -willing to agree not to oppose
or obstruct such settlement in the House
by taking a passive stand and at the same
time to statevthat I will net take any
advantage of such a settlement by critic-
izhj-i you for making same   .   .",    ,
Here is Mr. Bowser's explanation m _.
speech at Sidney, December 29th, 1923.
Extract from speech. > "In tbis letter
Mr. Bowser told Premier Brewster thai il
tbe Government took over the railway he
would not oppose or approve the plan in
the Legislature, but would take a passive
stand. But when he wrote the letter,
Mr. Bowser emphasized, be aad no idea
ofthe way the new government would
mishandle railway affairs."
This explanation of Mr. Bowser's is an
insult to the intelligence; of the electors.
The mishandling of the railway by the
Oliver Government after the agreement
was rnade, is another question altogether,
the real point is that the Oliver Govem-
mest made a thoroughly bad Agreement
....-.with the contractor*, thereby saddling
;-tb�� Province with a debt of some $ 20,-
X 000,000 which-has since swollen to some
t:'&5,ooo,oo6, and thai Mr. Bowser, who
7 now says   the agreement  sboald   neyeV
S'havs   been   made, while Leader of the
���j Opposition    wrote   the    letter  already
ffqeoted, saying that lie would not '6ppose
'this infemons agreement, thereby, betray-
���-ing th�� people of BritishColambia.
% ��� ��� , ST. LEWIS.
"The Bond Boy"
A thrilliug man hunt with blood
hounds, is one of the gripping features of Richard Barthelmess'
"The Bond Boy," which will be
the First National attraction at
fehe Greenwood Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 12th.
Barthelmess, as Joe Fewbolfe, is
aeeii as "the fugitive and he declares the taking of these scenes
made the cold chills run up and
down hiB spine because the experience was so realistic.
In the story Joe allows himself
to be convicted of a murder he did
not commit in order to- Bhield a
woman. Sentenced to die, he
makes a dramatic escape from jail.
Bloodhounds are put on his trail
and a hair raising pursuit  follows.
Barthelmess' portrayal parallels
"Tol'able David" in point of
power, and character. He is surrounded by a distinctive cast, the
principal members of which are
Mary Alden, cast as an unforgettable mother and Mary Thurman,
as an unwilling wife.
A grizzly bear barbecue will be
one of the features of the Winter
Carnival at Banff in  February.
Ten Canadian and three United
States teams have already entered
for the Eastern International Dog
Derby, which will be run during tho
Winter Carnival in Quebec, February 21, 22 and 23.
Progress and bright prospects in
the development of sodium sulphate
in Saskatchewan.-is reported by the
Bureau of'��� Labor- and Industries.
Sodium sulphate recovered from
Saskatchewan deposits is now being.,
used in the manufacture of glass at'
Redcliff; - - . .'
A report of the British Columbia
Industrial / Commission Department
shows -loans to. industries amounting
to $1,176,694 embracing 60 plants.
Repayments have been made on
principal by 55 industries. Total repayments amount to $181,428, of
which $71,245  was  interest.
For the purpose of extending
Canadian trade in Greece, Turkey
ancl the Eastern Mediterranean, W.
McL. Clarke, Canadian Trade Com-4
missioner at Milan, Italy, has been*
instructed to visit these countries
and report on the opportunities for
the sale of Canadian goods.
���1 n
E. D. Calvert, noted guide and
sportsman of Rainy River, who has
done much towards bringing tourists from all parts of the United
?tatos to the Iiake of the Woods,
states that the tourist traffic this
year has greatly'exceeded all previous years and anticipates a greater
increase next  season.
United States grain shipped from
Canadian .sorts during the crop year,
September 1, 1922 to August 31,
1923, totalled 55,000,000 bushels.
This meant total handlings of approximately 110,000,000 bushels, aa
it was necessary i'or the grain to
pass through the elevators'at lake
ports and at ports of exit'.
Miss Marion Towne, of Berlin,
N.H., who in three years since she
first put on a ski. has achieved
fame through her daring and grace-,
ful jumping, has expressed her de-"
sire to compete with Canada's best
girl ski jumpers at the winter sports
carnival in Quebec on February" 21,
22, 23 and 24th, during which time
she will  make exhibition jumps.
Further indications that the year
1923 will create a crecord in ocean
traffic are shown by figures given
out at the headquarters of the Canadian Pacific Steamships! Bookings
for westbound sailings were exceptionally large, while those for sailings to the Old Country for Christmas and tlie New Year were in advance of the traffic of any', previous
The Calgary Board of Trade is
taking interest in the proposal of
large British interests, which involves the utilization of western
straw for the manufacture of paper
and other products, and is getting
all possible information with respect
to the development of industries.
Hundreds of thousands of .tons of
straw are burned in the prairies
every year, which it is claimed has
a commercial value.
St. Jovite, Quebec, has been chosen
once more as a movie location, and
arrangements have becn made by
Conrad Nagle and Alma Rubens for
.the transportation of themselves,
party of 17 and equipment to that
place during the early winter. Last
winter Lionel Barrymore and Seena
Gwen located at St. Jovite for the
filming of "Snow Blind" prior to
taking other parts of the picture
around the Chateau Frontenac, Quebec, and Windermere, British Columbia.
Traffic through the Lac.hine Canal
in 1923 showed an increase over
that of 1.922 in almost every particular, the total grain carried being
88,285,270 bushels, as compared with
87,831,212 in 1922, the best previous year; coal receipts totalling
813,591 tons, compared with 384,575
tons; the ship tonnage operated being 5,462,200; against . 4,786,543;
shipments of ��� pulpwood totalling
356,980 tons, against 313,134 last
year; the cargo tonnage being 4,-
411,183, compared with 4,360,328;
and the number of passengers carried totalling 78,097, against 69,392
hi 1922.
There was nearly $100,000,000 increase in the total tiade of Canada
for the first five months of the current fiscal year, according to a return" made by the Department of
Customs and Excise. The total
trade of. the Dominion, according to
the return, for the five months ending-with August, "was :?785,000,000,
as against $626,000,000 during the
same period a year a��o. Imports
during the period were about R393,-
000,000, as against $003,000,000 a
year ago. while exports of Canadian
produce rose from $316,000,000" approximately to $386,000,000. �����*
The new Continental remedy called]
"LARMALENE'-' (Reed.)
is a simple harmless home-treatment
which absolutely cures deafness,
noises in the head, etc -NO EXPENSIVE APPLIANCES NEEDED for. this
new Ointment, instantly operates
upon the affected parts with complete
and permanent success- SCORES OF
The Premier at Lord Shaughnessy's Funeral
i.epiescntatives ol the Federal Government and Canadian Pacific Railway at the funeral of the late Lord Shaughnessy.
In the  centie. left  to  righl,   behind the  motor, Sir Lomer Gouin, Right Hon.  William  McKenzie  King, Senator
Mrs. K. Wilkinson, of Slnd Road, Stioud, *
wrttes ���"PU'iiso could 1 tioul>le you to send me
another box of the Ointment, [t is not for myself, bui for .1 friend oi mine ��lio isas bad as I
wis, and cannot pet any rest for the noises in
the bead. T feel a new woman, and can tfo to
bed uo'\ ancl fret a good mirhl's iest, which I
ha\e uot been able to do for manv"
months.-It is a wonderful reinedv' and am
most dcliyhted to lecommeud it."
Dandurand. To the cvlreme right, \V. X. Tilley.K.C, E. W. Beatty and Sir Herbert Holt,
St   Putiick? Church
Inset, The cortege entering
Applications foi pei mil1-to craze li\cstocK
on tlu' Ctown i.iinfc witlim each {.'ra/iutr dis-
tuctof t!icPio\iu<.e of lliitish Columbia must
bc filed with the Distnct b'oiesteral CranbiooK.
Fort Ceoitre, Kamloops, Nelson, Prince Rupeit.
Vaucou\ ei. Vernon, aud Williams Lake, 01 with
the Conimissiouci of Cia/insr, Parliament
Buildings. Vicloiia, H.C.. 011 01 before M.nch
15th, 19:4.
Blank foi ms upon which to submit applications maj be obtained fiom lhe Distiict For-
'csters at the .iImme named places or fiom the
Department of Land", at Victoiia. B.C.
ft. R. NADEN.
lleputy Minislei of I^ands.
Dep.u tiucnl of Lauds.
Victoiia, li.-C.
Jamicu.. 5th, W24.  .
Has opened an office above  Chas.
King's office.
Open 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m."
The certificate n*> j>I_����j. sibo��r villi lie iKisticti tu ill!  jjiiNM-iijri-i-A    .ifjo.'irtl   the  I impress   of Canada vrtso  appe.ir
Uetore  JVeptumr,   ��*   ilitl   tho��f   puxi��<._iK��.rx   au   lhe   I _m$��r<_ ����������  of   1'ri.nee   last   ?<�����__-,   who  are  _.Ii{_wn   In   picture*  2
"iis.tl  3. _ , 1    >
rhen to travel upon the sea wa�� to venture in great,
^danger it was usually thought wise by the voyagers-
:o propitiate the god of thp waters by making gifts to him
before setting sail, and oftentimes, when Neptune'dis-
_. played his wrath at sea, hujfcp sacrifices were' made to
him.    To our superstitious ancestors the son of Saturn
and Ops had great power over the waves, especially those
: \of tbe- sea, and had,.therefore, in his bands thewelfare .of
all  vessels and . their, human- and'other freight;.'The
���worship .of Neptune-'was'early "introduced, into Rome',
-Vand July 23rd;'"-NeptunaKa,''was-his feasti '_  .   ��.'
* As- science ' reduced; the"-   terrors ' of. .the} sea,   and
���"-adoration and -higher civilization- erased the "sometimes
"'" terrible-superstitions from the minds of tbe world, so .the
-Worship of and sacrifices to Neptune ceased, .but even to
- this day he is venerated hy many Latin.and Scandinavian
'-' -iaihsrs" and no ship crosses the equator Without some
' - recognition being made of hiin.    Usually tbis takes the
' form of a burlescue perforixiance in which those who are
. msfeias their first "crossing of the line" are initiated into
the mysteries of the deep.
The unique photograph reproduced above was taken
aboard the Canadian Tacific "Empress of France" while
on a "Round the World" cruise last year. Neptune
boarded the great liner in the early morning of the day
on which the '���line" was crossed, and held court. He
was attended by the Royal Barber and other- high
officials who assisted in the initiation ceremony. Most
of the passengers were summoned to his august presence
and were tried for their misdemeanour, punishment or
praise being, awarded without favor. Those who produced evidence of having been "initiated" before were.
of- course, exempt from trial.
This - year*, when Neptune boards tbe Empress of
Canada, which leaves New York on a Round the World
cruise on January 30th, his secretary will issue to alBhose
who pass before the God of the Waters, certificates to
that efiect,. which- wiil be countersigned by Captain S.
Robinson, R.N.R., who commands the vessel, and which,
besides being valuable souvenirs of the trip, leill exempt
the holder from further triel. -     *
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to the Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa
until noon, on Friday, the JSth February, 1924,
foi the conveyance of His Majesty's, Mails,on a
piopobcd Contract for four years, twelve times
per week on the mute between Greenwood and
Kaih\ay Station from tbe Poslmster General's
I'iinted notices containing further Information asto conditions of proposed Contract may
be si_eu aud blank font s of Tender may be
obtained .it the Post Office of Greenwood, B.C,,
and at the othce of tbe District Superintendent,
Postal Scr. ice.
Office of District Superintendent, Postal Service, Vancouver, li. C, 4lh Jaauary, 1924.
District Superintendent.
Have  you 'paid'your  subscription to The Ledge?
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
��� For Fall and Winter -
Splendid Assortment of New
Samples Just Arrived
Call and see them
Tailor and Cleaner
Mrs. 13. Ciowe, of Whitehorse Road, Crov
don writes:���"I am plcnsed to tell vou that the
small tin of ointniemyouseut to meat Veutuor,
haspro\eda complete success, mv hearing is
now quite normal, and the horrible head noises
ha\eceasi'd. The action of this new remedy
must be \cc\ lemaikable, for I have been
troubled with these complaints for nearly ten
\ eais, and have had some of Ihe very best "medical ad\ice together with other exoetisivc ear
insti uments all 10 no purpose. I need hardly sav
how very pr.iteful I am, for nivlife has 1111 lef-
Ifoneau entire change. _ -^
Trj one box today, wliich can be forwarded
lo anv addicts 011 icceipt of mouev order for
Addiessoideih to:���
"LARMALENE" CO.. (H. Thomas),
"Woodlands," Bean, Dartford, Kent. Eng.
The   Ledge can  supply   your
every need in  the  printing line.
and   at   prices   consistent   with
' first-class work.        -     -��� ���---
1 For G
��� I9IC
I Job Printing ]
��~- 1 ' . _^_3
��� ���Economy and Satisfaction 3
H combined with Promptness %
& are the features which go to 3
1 ���--    makeuptheServicewegive!
& our customers.     Are  you 3
I oneofthem?                         I
my ~.m
Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
(Ruled or Plain) v " 3
Envelopes, Billheads, V!
- (All Sizes) '    3
Statements, Business Cards, Jf
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. J��
I The Ledge
PHONE 29       3
i^__ n��^n��^�������*___���! ^.n^ii ^.ar^ii ^3
Job Printing Department    3
Vacant,       unieserved,       surveyed
-(Jrown.. lands may be pre-empted by
- Uritish* subjects over IS years pt age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to .become, British   subjects,   conditional   upon   residence,    occupation, ���
and   improvement   for    agricultural
v purposes. " _^
Full Information concerning .regulations regarding pre-emptions is
given in-Bulletln No. 1, Land Series,
"liow to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge
by addressing tho Department of
Lands,-Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.   '
Records will be -granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and "which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 6,000 board
feet per acre west of the Cobst Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that"
Applications for .pre-emptions aro
lo be. addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Ul-_
vision, in which the land applied for
is situated,'~and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be' obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must .be occupied for
five years and improvements mad��
to value of $10 p'er-'aere, including-
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant ."can be
^received.   _
For moro detailed information see
the    Bulletin *��� "How    to.    Pre-empt,,
Land." "" '   -"
Applications aro received for purchase of vacant and ""-unreserved
_ Crown lands, not being timberland,
for agricultural purposes; 'minimum
price of first-class (arable) land is $5
per acre, and second-class ,(giazing)
land $2.50 per acre;- Further Information regarding purchase or lease
of Ciown lands is_glven In Bulletin
No, 10, Land Series," "Purchase and
Lease-of Crown Lands.-'
Mill, .factory, or industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 'acres,
may be purchased "or leased, the con-'
dttion3 Including payment of
stumpage.    - -
Unsm-veyed areas, not exoeedlng 20
acres, may-be leased as homesites,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected in- the first year, title being
���obtainable after residence and improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
For 'grazing and   industrial    purposes areas not exceeding 640 acred
may bej leased  by  one person  or a
-company.  _     ���
Under the Gracing Act the Province is divided into grazing districts
and the range administered under i
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
giazing permits are issued" based on
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owners
may form associations for" range
management. Free, or partially free,
permits aro available for settlers,
campers and travellers, up to tea
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
H*8 produced Mineral! valued as follows: Placer Gold, $76,542,203; Lode
Gold, $109,647,661; Silver, *59,8U,266; Lead $51,810,891; Copper, $170,723,242;
Zinc, $24,625,858; Miicellaneons Minerals, $1,358,839; Coal and Coke, $238,-
289,505; Building Slone, Brick, Cement," etc, $36,605,942, making its Mineral
Prodaction to the end of 1922 show ��� "
An Aggregate Value of $769,418,462
Production for tiie Year Ending December, 1922, $35,158,843
The Mining "Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower,
*h��n" those of any otfcar Province in the Dominion, or any Colony, is the British
Empire. . ^ -
Mineral losatieas are gr&nted to discoverers for nominaHeee,
Abeojate Titles are obtained by developing snch properties^ the security
of which is gtiaraa$��$d fay Grown Grants. .
Tmil information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
gratia by addressing���-      ^* -'-._'
. ~      _    TBE BON. THE MI81STEft OF MINES
VICTORIA, British Colemfela.


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