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The Ledge Oct 6, 1921

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Array %:'XSX-i.^:M&%l?��:
(Provincial Library
OCT 10 192?        ,i
Vol.   XXVIII.
No. 13
House Furnishings, Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimwfnm mm
For Preserving
Crabapples, Prunes and Peaches
Halibut and Salmon .
-Arriving Fresh Every  Thursday
All Steps Lead To: ""
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Your Fall
Suit    -
To your measure
All Wool
Call and select today
W. Ebon 8 Co
Owing to existing conditions it is impera-
' tive that I conduct this business on a cash
basis.   All accounts  must be paid by the
10th of each month.    Those  in  arrears at
present will kindly settle by Oct. 10th.
This does not apply to Providence accounts
Before preparing for winter come in and inspect our
Sheeting,  Pillow Cotton,  Blankets,
Absorbent  Cheese   Cloth, Towels,
Towelling, Etc,
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best Companies in  the World
Enquire as  to Rates
Ranches For Sale      f
Call And See ���
Spectacles of All Kinds
For Sale and Repaired
Ask for Prices.aud, Compare with Mail
.-��� <"\ - -- -*���*   - *   - -
'' Order: House
McELMON, Greenwood
Independent Meat
The WINDSOR HOTEL Is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you want rooms - reserved. ��� The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
A   Cooking   Reputation
May be built on
Burns9 White Carnation Compound I
��� ?
Used iu ��� m
Biscuits,    Cakes   or    Pastry ��>
* - -v.
Packing Plants at. i *
Calgary    , Edmonton      Rccina       Prince Albert       Vancouver x
Distributing Branch for East Kootenay District, NELSON, B.C.    -     f.
The great increase in the number of telephone stations ia this province means that
the telephone subscriber i-s able to reach many more people by wire, and conseqtrenUy
fcis service is of greater Vatae. Darin? the past year or two, expftr-fir-a has been marked in all parts of Vancouver Island and tbe Lower Mainland, bnt adequate facilities
baie been installed, both in reg-ard to outside plant and In-side eqaipiaeat, to meet the
seeds of the various coatnnnities. The object of the company is to --five a telephone
service setond to none. The B. C. Telephone Company, being: a British Columbia concern ali throajfh, has a real interest in provincial prr^rg-w, and erery effort is made
cot only to meet the needs of development but to anticipate them;
We carry only the best stock procurable
Fresh Meats,   Ham, . Bacon,
Lard, Etc.
A Trial  -will Convince Yoit
John Meyer
Greenwood Theatre
Cray & Clerf. Props.
Saturday; oct. 8th
Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
"Betty Blythe, Lon Chancy, Lewis Stone in
Nomads of the North
���.  ' From the Novel by
James Oliver Garwood..
The best siuce "Rack to God's Country"
A blaze of forest  fire in  one
A- blaze   of   drama   in  every
Also a Christie Comedy
"Just Plain F&lks"
ADULTS 50c     -     CHILDREN 2Sc.
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
Wood For Sale
Apply to j. W- Clark, Pacific Hotel
For Sale
Good   Fall Wheat 2c.  per lb.
Walter Clark, Midway.
For Sale
Apples (picked)  from SOc
$1   in   your   own   boxes   at
Clarks    (late) . Lee's    orchard
In Mt
Around Home
Mrs. G. A. Rendell returned on
Wednesday from a visit to Penticton.
A. R. Lord," of Kelowna, public
schobMnspector, visited the local
school this week.
Tom Taylor, bf Princeton, is
visiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. G. B. Taylor.
Place your orders now for Fall
Wheat and Fall Rye for seed at
R. A. Brown's, Midway.
Douglas Cavaye has returned
to his duties after speuding a"
week's holiday in Nelson.
Phone 45R for pies, cakes,  etc.
David Clark, of Vancouver,
bought Keane's mill at the
Sheriff's sale uearBridesville on
Friday last.
J. B. DeLong, of Vancouver,
inspector of High Schools paid
the Greenwood school an official
visit on Monday.
G. Randall, of Keremeos, arrived in town on Sunday and has
started his new duties with the
Bank of Montreal.
Miss C. L. McDonald and Mrs.
L. Lyons left on Tuesday morning for Spokane where they will
spend a weeks holiday.
Dr. J. .MVTBumett returned to
town last week from a motor
tour of the Okanagan and the
northern part of Washington.
Service in St. Jude's Church,
Sunday, Oct. 9th at 7.30 p.m.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Murray,-
Mrs. Howard, Jimmy and Art
Howard, motored over from Trail
this week and are the guests of
Mrs: Hugh Murray.
- A -general -faceting- of the
G. W. V. A. will be held on Friday night to discuss matters relating to hojdfng the Annual
Masquerade Ball on Armistice
J. A. MacKelvie M. P.. for
Yale, was the choice of the
National Liberal and Conservative Convention in Penticton on
Thursday last, to contest this
riding in the Federal election.
The fifth anunal Fall Fair
Dance given by the Women's
Institute will be held in Riverside
Hall, Rock Creek", on Friday
evening, Oct. 7th Bush's Orchestra in attendance. Everybody welcome.
_ A. V.Foot; who spent "about a"
year in town and who made
many^friends during his sojourn
here left on Saturday ' last for
Borderland, Sask. Mr. Foot intends returning to Greenwood
when he will be welcomed by his
many friends.
AU arrangements are complete
for tbe United Farmer's Fall
Fair at Riverside Hall, Rock
Creek on Friday, October 7th.
There will be a good exhibit
and many intend, being present.
The dance in the evening .will
be a lively affair. '
Don't, forget to put 4 cts. .on
letters weighing less than an
ounce for places outside of'Can-
ada but within the Empire.
Foreign - letters are 10 cts. an
ounce and- five cents extra ( for
each subsequent ounce." Letters
for Canada, U. S. and Mexico are
3 cts first ounce^
The public are taking . advantage of the opportunity of'insuring parcels against loss
whilst in' the custody of the
mails, which came-into effect on
Oct. 1st. J. H. Goodeve was the
first person to insure a parcel at
the local post office and Mrs. T.
Rowe the second.
Many people have the habit of
holding their mail for posting
till the last minute. This results in serious congestion _,witb
the consequent delay in,handling
the mails. ��� Early,.posting results
in early despatch. Mail posted
too 7 late is - delayed nearly 24
hours. Be it therefore "-resolved
to mail early. "f
Card Party
The Card Party given by the
Pythian SisterB last Friday night
was very successful, socially and
otherwise. There were about 40
present and "500" was played for
which prizes were awarded to the
First ladies prize, Mrs. C. J.
First gents prize, W. C. Wilson.
Consolation, lady, Mrs. G. B.
Consolation, gent, D. Taylor.
After cards a Bhort programme
was enjoyed among others being a
solo by Mrs. Kinsman, a recitation
by Mrs. Geo. White, and a piano
duet by the Misses Ethel and Ada
Refreshments were served bringing a happy evening to a close.
Page Solomon
A stout woman always took two
theatre seats for her self, so as to
be more comfortable.
- One one occasion, the attendant
said, -'Excuse me madame, bat
who is going to use your other
ticket?" "I am going to occupy
both seats," replied the woman.
"Just as you like, madam, only
they happen to be on opposite sides
of the aisle."
Convenient Chaperon
"I don't know- what we can
make of Ethel," said the mother;
Bhe sleeps so much,"
"I know, mamma" said Tom-
'Make a chaperon of her."
the Joy "of Life
When the workmen own the workshops;
^ And the railroad men the rails;
And the grocery clerks the groceries;
And the mail clerks own the mails���
When the preachers own the pulpits:
And the pressmen own the shops;
And the drillers own the oil wells;
And the jails are owned by cops��� .
When the conductors own the street cars
And each driver owns his bus;
Will you tell us common people���
Whatinell becomes of us?
Mr. and Mrs. Myers entertained
a number of friends in Edmonton
on Sept. 23, in honor of their
niece Miss Victoria Shillcock,
who has successfully passed her
examinations at the business
college which "she has- been attending. An enjoyable time was
spent after which refreshments
were served. Miss Shillcock
leaves shortly for her home in
Kettle Valley to the regret of
her many friends in Edmonton.
G. S. Walters has received a
communication from the Board
of Railway Commissioners stating
that the Board will hold sittings
in the/Court House, Vancouver,
on Oct. 17th to consider the application of the Great. Northern
Railway Co. for permission to
discontinue the operation of the
Company's Red Mountain line
and to take up the rails and
other equipment with a view to
permanent abandonment of the
Mr. and Mrs. J. Groves entertained a number of friends at
their home last Monday evening
iu honor of their guests, Mr. and
Mrs. E. Lund of Greenwood.
After an enjoyable evening had
been spent with music and dancing, refreshments were served,
tbe party( leaving for their home
at one a.-m. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. 3. Groves, Mr. and
Mrs. E. Lund, Mr. and Mrs.
Hugh Bell, Mr. and Mr. E. Cook,
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Thorndale,
Mr, and Mrs. D. Robertson, Mr.
and Mrs. F. Underwood, Mr. and
Mrs. D. Williamson, Mrs. Wood.
���Trail News.
For Sale
A, few fresh milk cows.-   Phons
7L,   W. Jenks, Greenwood.
Greenwood Public School
September, 1921
J. N. O'Neill, Principal
No. on roll -        - 26
No. in perfect attendance - 15
Average daily attendance       24.65
Perfect attendance:
Annnd Anderson, Allan Fras3r,
Ruby Goodeve, Cecilia Hallstrom,"
John Kerr, George Morrison,
Robert Mowat, John McDonnell,
Mildred McLaren, "William McLeod, Silvia Price, Jess Paddy,
Annie Thorslund, Vera Walmsley,
Maria Williamson.
Proficiency list: -
. Junior IV: Allan Fraser, Ruby
Goodeve, Jesse Paddy, Cecilia
Hallstrom, Annie Thorslund, Ben-
nie Hurst, William McLeod, Mary
Klinosky, John Kerr, Eraine DuHamel John McDonnell, Vera
Senior IV: Maria Williamson,
Estella., Storer, Gordon Jenks,
Johnson. Beattie, Emmet Anderson, Mildred McLaren, Robert
Mowat, Lilly Intilla, Jack Anderson, George Morrison, Silvia Price,
Mary Kerr, Anund Anderson,
Sam Eustis.
Cecilia M. Mcintosh, Teacher
Number on roll -        -        24
No. in perfect attendance   -       19
Average daily attendance -   23.73
"-Perfect attendance:
Andrew Anderson, Bessie Bidder,
George Bryan, Walton Crane,
Lawrence DuHamel, Lloyd Eustis,
Harry Hallstrom, Irene Inglis,
Edward Johnson, Doris Kinsman,
Leo Madden, Kathleen McLeod,
Robert Mitchell, Lewis Mitchell,
Wilfrid Tromblay, Thomas Walmsley, William Walmsley, Edward
Wilson, Edward Parry.
Proficiency list:
Second Reader:- Edward Parry;
Wilfrid Tromblay, Lewis Mitchell,
Walton Crane, Harry Hallstrom,
Robert Mitchell, Thomas Walmsley.
Joaior Third Reader: Percy
Fraser, John Putzel, George
Hurst, Irene Inglis (equal) Helen
Kerr, George Bryan, Leo Madden,
Lloyd Eustis.
Intermediate Third Reader:
Kathleen McLeod, Tillie McDonnell, Lawrence DuHamel,
Andrew Anderson. -
Senior Third Reader: Beesie
Bidder, Doris Kinsman (equal),
Edward. Johnson, .Edward .Wilson,
William Walmsley.
J. M. McKee, Teacher.
No. in actual attendance       7   32
Perfect attendance:
Eileen Bryan. Lewis Clerf,
Robert Forshaw, Helen Hurst,
Francis Jenkin, Daniel Kerr,
Albert Kinsman, Laura . MillB,
Dick Morrison, Malcolm McLeod,
Eogene McGillvray, John ,Mc-
Gillvray, Allan McCurrach, Beatrice McLaren, Bertram Price, Mary
Putzel, Marguerite Ritchie, Alice
Ritchie, Mary Skelton, Ethel
Proficiency lisi:
Senior First Reader: Malcolm
McLeod, Meredith Fenner, Eileen
Bryan, Marguerite Ritchie, Daniel
Kerr, Bertram Price, Mary Skelton, Dick Morrison.
Junior First Reader: Allan
McCurrach, Arthur Cox, Helen
Second Primer: Laura Mills,
Mary Putzel, Eugene McGillvray,
Roy Bakke, Roy HallstrorB, Lewis
Clerf, . Robert Carlson, -Alice
Ritchie", Bruce Terhune, Helen
First Primer:. Robert Forshaw,
Patrica O'Neill, Violet Benson,
Charles Royce, Albert Kinsman.
Receiving Class: Ethel Wilson,
Jack Morrison, Beatrice McLaren,
Fraracia Jeskin, John McGillvray,
Ruth Cox
Death of Miss Ada Thomet
The entire district was  shocked
to learn of the death of Miss Ada
May Thomet,  of Midway,  at the
early age of 18 years and 6 months,
at the Grand   Forks  hospital on,
Friday, Sept. 30th at 6.45 p.m.,
the cause of death being tubercular
meningites.    She had been a nurse
at the same hospital for 18 mouths
but a short time ago returned to
her home in Midway   for   a   rest.
Deceased was was only sick two
and a half weeks.0 She is survived
by her mother, Mrs. Bertha Thomet
three sisters,  Emma,  Helen and
Annie and one  brother, ��� Carl,  all
residing at Midway.
She was a true friend, and her
devotion to those she loved would
make a bright chapter in any life.
Nothing but the thought of the loving hand that has removed her can
reconcile those near and dear to her
of her absence. While she has
gone from the scenes, the conflicts,
the sorrows and pleasures of life,
she will still live in the hearts of
those who knew "her best. Her
lovely nature led her to hide her
best qualities from public gaze, but
they were revealed to those who
enjoyed her acquaintance, yet it
was in her.home that her true
worth was most conspicuous. She -
was a kind and loving daughter,
and her devotion to the family
circle had no limit. Her future
was full of promise, and we * dare
not ask why she was taken away
in her prime, unless, as flowers are
picked before the froBt finds them
that we may not witness their decay. Tt is~sad,~indeed, to' see one -
so well equipped for life taken, eo
unexpectedly, yet for her there was
���o standing on the border-land
gazing into the unknown, for
death came as the sunset dies along
the hills when tho day is over.
The funearl was held at the
Presbyterian Church, Midway, and
waB largely attended. Rev. Hlllia
Wright conducted the services assisted by Rev. E. G. Smyth. The
floral offerings were many and
beautiful. Interment. took place
at the Midway cemetery.
The pall-bearers  were:   Ewart
MeMynn, GordonVMcMynn,-Eric- -
and Robert Jackson, Joe Hielscher
and Norwood Docksteader.
"Nomads of the North"
Imagine a pet dog and a
bear chained together stranded in
the very swift currents of a river
of the Far North and finally being
dashed over a precipitous rapids
and through sheer animal intelligence and presence of mind, rescuing each other in the end! According to an authorized statement a dog and a bear were actually put to this severe test, being
abandoned entirely upon their
own resources for the sake of realism in James Oliver Curwood's
"Nomads of the North," which
will be Bhowa at the Greenwood
Theatre on Saturday, Oct, Sth.
For at least two minutes the remarkable struggles of these animals
occupy the whole screen and it is
said the manner in which they
finally reach -safety In such as to
elicit actual cheers.
Sambo's Dream
Sambo: "Say, Rastus, something fanny happened to me last
"Rastus:    "Dat so."
Sambo: "Yes; las* night I
dreamed I was eatin' shredded
wheat; aa' when I wake up, half
my rnatraa was gone.
���J&��-k*~z. TKTC    T/romK    frR^'\nvroon.
Anxious For British
To Have Honor
Does It Pay Trie Farmer
To Hold His Wkeat
Tin- question which ci)nsi iiut->s the heading ol' this article has been asked
find debated thousands t>C times and it. still remain.-; a moot question iu the
mind.- of many people.      Commissions have invest igated tlie grain marketing  problem  in  iivaetk-ally all  tho  great,  wheat growing countries ot  the,
world, and in, this connection due consideration hay been given to the effect on prices of the early tnarkoiiug of tlio bulk of the wheat crop imiue.dt-,
ately following' harvest.     Tho prevailing opinion in tho minds eC'iwii't peo- (
pie has  undoubtedly been  thai, those farmers who, from  force of o.it-ouui-j
stances, were compelled to rush llioir wheat. to,.  in;u-l-:et.    wm-o   the   losers |
thereby, while the man who could aft'ord to hold it aud watch tho market]
stood to gain.
Practical aud experienced farmer;; have boc.oiue. not only critical hut j
rather resentful of writers in new:--p,-ij.��>rs who essay the task of. advising |
them what to do and what, not to do. Arm chair fanners. Ilk"- ami chair
military strategists, aro not popular, nor do they carry union weight, a.ud
possibly rightly so when they attempt, to deal with practical farming problems?. Put in lite matter of the iniirk--lit)g of wheat, men who never plowed
n furrow or tweed tut acre in their lives, hut who have, studied the question
of marketing, the Hue (nations of prices, and the harvest seasons around the
world, tire well qualified to speak iu reply to the question at tlio head of
this article. They aro certainly iu just as good a position to express an
opinion in regard to it as any practical fanner, and possibly iu a, much bot.LC''
position to do so intelligently-, j
Of course, no hard and fast rule cau he laid down because conditions vary i
from one year to another and circumstances arise beyond tho control of more j
mortals which upset any and all calculations and defy previous experience, j
For example, tho man who sold wheat immediately following the outbreak!
of war in 191-1 was tho loser by so doing.   It is, therefore. Only possible
to arrivo afan intelligent answer to ihe question whether it pays the farmer to hold his wheat after harvest by taking the average run oC prices over
a period of normal years.
The Federal Reserve Bank of. Minneapolis lias recently issued a set of
most interesting- charts, one of which seeks to throw some light on the question. One pair of charts shows the variations in prices on tho Chicago and
Minneapolis markets covering the -la-year period from 1S7G to IPSO; another
shows the monthly range of cash wheat prices iii Minneapolis during the last
ten "years, while a fourth chart, dealing with the normal pre-war years of
1903 to 1013, shows whether a farmer stood to gain or lose by hohling4or selling his w;lieat as indicated by the Chicago prie.es which provaile.il from mouth
to month throughout this ton-year period.
Taking the August price in each year as a basis, the chart in question
shows the fluctuations in price above, ov below the August price in the succeeding months until August again came round. The chart reveals the
amazing fact that in 011I3- 25 months out of the ll!0 in this ten-year period
would if havo paid the farmer to hold his wheat as compared with selling
at the August price. In other -words, in 95 mouths out of .the .1.20 there was
a loss by selling wheat at other than the August price. On the average
every month showed a loss, and these losses vary from about five, cents to
fourteen cents a bushel. It is further pointed out. that if September prices,
instead of August, had been selected as the basis for .-making the.comparl-
"son the con'clusitins-TOuldi-ii^
,'��� .-.. ������ Tills highly intcrc^tmg!-ehart,7oa^qd7a
./.official.records, shoraV
7'.;pf;5.'l :ccn.t^p.pi^)ii^
;f;/>vo'u:id:..'MaVB;^ ;KoS^UlbeVVihC'.;ISss-'-AV0uul:
.:^,:'have'':ljee.ii:' U&S'iceutjs^'.-.^ February"
o>J.uhe" ic7*\:ceiiis,;7 and.in J"ivlii|v;Dvt7<SciiItM^/: 177";v^/";-. "..:^>7-v7 "^-7-v;;"-.'; v> '/.V;:.----:;'-;^;^ :i;;::.;|^>-v
7;v;V;Vln7Hi|rivlng a.t7:thes;e--|iguTe^a:irowuite'e- ita^Vpj:-eourSV DeeAStade.;7fot^tlie'
7-;Ji61(Iing"ltiS" wife tit ^n^s^ititv^all-tire'se;: -and; tt-5jc.a,nn'^
..... ;^)u.i;g;;'fCc't.u.^ ;at7- tjie: tiniOvpf i;har-vc:st S-ith^th-V^
v ��� "or-.sis^mouth'S; latoi-S^
7 ^pre%rii7j%^
��� i .ich��,nce��y;0:f//lo|s.;i^ Tofi ''iu-puijptVs^
V;-.pear;:t6v'bfr7a,lK,ht' iduXip.Xo&sXXXi.yXXSii.XXiXX:. yXXXyy:X'y::XiXyX-:^
Smith-Brothers Certain Flight Around
World Will Be Success.
"Wc are leaving nothing to chance,"
was Sir Keith Smith's parting shot to
au interview after outlining the precautions lie unci his brother, Sir Ross
Smith, are taking io ensure tlie success of their ilight around the world
next spring.
"We are pretty .certain that tho
flight will be made some day, and we
are keen to have the honor go to a.
.ttritisber," said Sir Keith.
The route has not yet been decided,
hut Sir��� Keith" favors crossing the
Atlantic first to get tho stiffest part
of the trip over early. "Altogether
it will not be a picnic,'' lie said. "We
are sure to come against some pretty
bad weather, especially when encountering the steady winds alon
Pacific, coast of Asia, but it won't
be worse than the Australian Ilight."
It is expected the crew will comprise, the -Smith Brothers and Bennett, whom Sir Keith Smith" describes
at! one of the most experienced mechanics iu the world; what the Australian.-! call a bush-blacksmith, because he c.iin do repairs with tools.
The Smith are of Scottish descent.
They are undergoing a systematic,
course of training to fit themselves
for the.-hardships of the voyage.
Canadian Airmen
For Conference
Committee Will Consider Travel Be:
tween Parts of Europe.
A. Canadian delegate will bo named
Ottawa to act on a special committee to consider a comprehensive
scheme for airship aud aeroplane
travel along routes between' various
parts of the Empire. The committee will report to the Imperial Conference.   N
Among ,.thc subjects to be discussed are the provision of bases and fuel
supplies. Tho committee, which has
been appointed by the special conference of Prime Ministers, will be pre-'
sided over by the Secretary of State
for Air, and consist of, in addition to
representatives from Canada and India: Lord Clorrcll, Under-Secretary for
Air; Air Marshal Sir F. If. Sykes (reptile' resenting tho Air Ministry); Sir G. I..
Barstow (Treasury); Sir .1. Stevenson
The Liver Is
the Road to
If the liver is right the whole system
is better off.   Carter's Little Liver
Pills awaken your
sluggish, clogged-p
up liver and relieve constipation, stomach
trouble, inactive bowels,
loss of appetite, sick head\
ache and dizziness.   Purely vegetable
You need them.
Small Pill���Small Dose���Small Priea-
Paris to Have Mosque.
Paris is to havo a Mosque, in the
old quarters of the city near the
Botanical Gardens, whudi will bo en-
(Colonial Office): Sir Boss Smith; <-lt>WG'1 by the Mohammedan Society.
(Australia and New Zaland); Colonel! T1-�� municipality in which it will be
If. Mentz (South Africa).--By Dominion News Service.
The Human Factor
Cut and Dried Schemes Are Not
As lung"as human nature remains
we must expect disputes between
employers .and employees to continue.'!
Machinery for settling them with the
least disturbance of work and trade is
slowly being evolved by the process
of-oxperiinont and elimination. It is
the only possible method because
neither employer nor workman would
submit to a cut and dried scheme
architected for his benefit by somebody else. .The. machinery that proves*!
best must surelv   A'u'ry   in    different 1
countries according to tho temperaments of,their peoples. We caunoti
imagine British and German workmen
accepting the same procedure as best.
'Wo cannot understand how Americans aud people in India can expect to
find satisfaction by one and the same
plan. India' probably presents at the
present day greater difficulties' than
most countries, because of the unorganized, undisciplined, and uneducated chara.ct.er of her labor.���The Times
of India.
When stooping hurts, -when lifting
and bending causes distress that's the
lime to rub in lots of "Nerviline."
Usually a couple of applications
brings grateful relief. No liniment
more soothing, more certain to kill
muscular rheumatic, or sciatica pains.
Thousands of homes rely on good old
Nerviline for cramps, colic, dysonlcry-j
and external muscular pains. Largo
uli cent bottle, for sale, everywhere.
Sniall Potato Crop.
The    potato    crop    in the  district
round Hamilton, Out., is reported by
producers-to have failed.     Saskalche-
built, ltas given the site and tho
French Parliament has voted an.appropriation to assist tho work. Marshal
Byautey, military commander in Morocco, is also'activoly interested jn the
enterprise. A single Mohammedan
dignitur.v lias given 125,000 francs to
tho building fund.  ' ���
��� Great Britain turned out 70,000,
000 pair of army boots during the
war. - .
Hieroglyphics were in use in Egypt
as late as the third century of tho
Christian era. ' ^
C.'itarrli is a local disease greatly influenced
bv   constitutional  conditions.       HALL'S   CA-
TAkRH   AIKDJCIiVK   is - a   Tonic,   taken   in-
Wan Will have some potatoes for sale, | ten-ally, and acts through the blood upon the
ir    -it      ,,-., .   mucous   surfaces   of   the   system.    ' HALL'S
present  freight  Mte.-> , CATAKKl-1    MKDJC1NK   assists  Mature   in
and    even    at
could ho sold for considerably less
than .$!) per bag, which some of the
Hamilton producers anticipate will be
the price, before snow falls.
Native Platinum In B. C.
restoring 'normal  conditions.
Al! JJrtiggjsts.      Circulars free.
I-'. J.  Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Memorial Still      ,
Attracts Attention
The Fall is the most severe season
of the year for colds���one day is
warm, the next, cold and wet, and unless the mother is on her guard, the. . . .
little ones nreVseized with -cplds that I ������.�����} every week
may hang on all winter. Baby's Own
Tablets areViiothers' best friend in
preventing or banishing colds. They
act as a gentle laxative, keeping the
bowels and "stomach free and sweet.
An occasional dose of the Tablets
will preveut colds, or it it does come
on suddenly their prompt use will
relieve the baby. The- Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or- by mail
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams'  Medicine  Co., Brockville,  Ont.
A Worn-Out Proverb
People. Should  Show--.Individuality  In
Their.Conduct." ' __
"When you go. tot. Ilome do as.-_i.he
Romans do/'.is another- --bit ; of '-"the
'hand-mo-down,. f rayi-cUa i:l he-scaur f ype
.of moral and ethical garments  wkicii
many-:'of;us' -wear... .J 1..lias worn,.thin
in the sapie .spots, as '"tlie others. _'.. It-
is" a bid - for .mediocrity-.:   7t"��� c personal,' ni'e.'lndividual". all that.is .given up
for.the development,.of. our'spiritual
.and... mental 'life;..'-.this-'��� eateh-peniiy
.phrase,.woiil'd dim tinder the" -general
bushel   of.l.ihp ".coinniouplacc.,'' The
model-, of;  "conduct,   it' offers is tlio.
sheep. .7which" i.s surpassed..-������" only," by
������the Iien"'a.j the.possessor",.:-?-a]menial.
.'vaeiiiim.'-.-.Tlie C'iiiclnnati'j'^iqui'ivr, ���'
.  Modern fvlethods.
i'������"VV-,al-w;i>'s" ,'-ge>' oi.ir-eggs .from
C'a'iey," bald'the shy- g.hi graduate lo
her friend.. ".Vbtt'.know. -.Mr. Casey
has" the best, o.f laying lieiis*".- Jio has
been gettih'g-.twenty-.four- eggs.'a- day
- front 'twenty .five:���hens."' ."���.;.- t
..-."Froin" twenty-five, liens��� t^nty-
-four^ esK's'7-why does not the .other
hen-lay.?".."'"-   '���' ,   ..-7-V   -       '   -  ""
" '-Vy'iy,'- he's - the liookk'-'aj-er.
.--.Don't.get the big head--it "win-cost
yon'too. iiiueb for; hats,.'       ' .
-'.-'Sonic' horse.', .can'ko'- pretty   Tiisr',
but a'broken $10- bill goes faster;
Says RacUcal Agitator;
\ *""��� 7   Is Getting* Desperate
V   ���    '- -X X. .'--vr���   .'- -'-.    .���'-*:
.7.Mrs. Annie-..lie-slum, the Knglish'vo;
maii whd.has devoted the latter years
of her iifo to-the-. cause ."of India"., ana'
who "as" jirc-sKl'ont- of the"'international
.Theosophlcal Soeiol.y,.-'-presided-' pv7er
.the- first ..world congress 'of ,the society- w.hich-has just- closed, is hasten-
Jng back'-to. ihdia-io counteract the-ae-'
tivities of.Gandhi, the .radical agitator:
.���Mrs.-' iJosaht- said -sheiiad ''received
several ,-disV|uietin"g cablegrams from
Madras .sUi.e-'Vshe had i)oen iii l-!urpp"o
as to',-1 lie" a��-.ti vjti.es.of''landbi; ..- -... -
...'��� 'Thihrthi . "is -gM iin;j."de.-,peraf o;- 'anil
likewise losing liis' l.if-jid,.'���'-.paid Sirs;
i'.ysHiii:-, "aiid I .mui:t ge.t" bark to -my
"people as ffuickly. as possible"; They
.have great ������onfkieur'c- in me. ;iud I
lim. sur.e -1' cm in a large measure
.h'.-ui them away- froni. tlu1.. rjidical.
Vicious (cachings of Gandhi."   ���
Mine Will'Have.Capacity cf 100 Tons
a Day.
.,'.-      *    .     ' . ~,
It .is reported .that native platinum
iu leaves or, plants.believed to bc.thc"
first "occurrence of- the kind In Canada has been found in a winze-started" in the workings 500 .feet from the
surface in t.he Drum Duhiniou mine
on the uurthcrn coast, of British (Jol-
umbia. ' Tho Drum I.ummon mine is
a gold'property iu theVSkccha district.,!
iialf-way between.- 'Hartley B-iy and
U-20 to be Raised.
Aii attempt, is being made tp" raise
thfi submarine 1.7-20, WhiclL.was stranded on the coast of 'Jutland. ft will
be reconstructed as a rcfre.shmoiit
room at a seaside' resort.     . .
-    Us  Qunlity; Sells U.���Thc fact that
.so many thousands-of intelligent peo?
i jHe continue to use Dr. Thomas' Eclec-
' trie-Oil speaks' volumes for its healing
/efficiency. - . Ever.since, it was first iu-
lt is located one-mile froin j trodueed it lias grown.steadily in nub-
the beach, and'-a mill, which Was'start- j ihVfavor. owing.entirely. 16 its -maiii-
od iwo-vcaivago. is being, developed V01-'1- "^^"cssiit relieving "and .heal,
-��    -. . 1 ing sicliness.   ��� Ass a specific-ior cuts,
���and. added io.-   - With  improvements ��� ijurns. scalds   '
now contemplatiiig.it will havo a capacity, of "100 tons a day.   -    . "���  -.     " ������
Keep Minard's .Liniment in the house
Back To The Land
Utulevclopecl Acres V/aitiiYtj .For" Men
. -    ���    '-.Who''.Need Employment.' _._.._ V
..'Ifowywe dug into. the.laiul,.each man
.-in his own back-yard,'during the-dtiys
bl'.the War \yhen-the demand was to
-fee'd . tlio '-Allied., world,'. straining'.--in;
combat-.with the. "inbilster that would
'have strangled' eivilinalion.-"'-Ai'ul lifter
th is experience ii-'is the more strange
ihat-we'have hot: as.'a nation, in these
days., of.', reconstriic'tipn,'; tlis'cpvbred
md various- hiilammu?
lory . pains' its record, is beyond reproach.   7 .y'���',". X '    '   ',       -X '
Many Wreaths Placed oh Whitehall
Cenotaph Each Week.
Public sentiiuent is still profoundly
stirrdd by tho Cenotaph in AVhit-jhall.
Between 30 Oand -100 wreaths and
other tributes aro placed around the
The cards attached show .that many of them come
from Canada and distant parts of the
Empire. Others bear the names of
places all oyer England?-"Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Men . spend a
couple of hours thefo almost every
day cleaning up and sorting out the
withered and' perished wreaths for
destruction. The cards and labels attached are, however, carefully preserved and their original owners can
have them returned to them on application. For five oi' six months after
the Cenotaph was unveiled these cards
and labels were sent, to' the Imperial
-War Museum. While that jiractice
has had to bc discontinued for some
time, any particular- card will hc sent
to the muslum -if requested.. The
Hugs o uthe Cenotaph, arc-also looked after, and at. intervals jfresh ones
are put up and the old ones are withdrawn-for cleaning and. renewal.".
Lake Trout Shipped
���From The North
New Industry On Athabasca Lake is
Now In Full Swing.  "" s
The first shipment of northern lake
trout has reached McMurray for shipment to the markets of Canada and
the United States,' and thus one of
the, most northerly commercial fishery
undertakings in the vfoiid is demonstrating tho unbounded resources of
tho untapped regions which lie beyond the Athabasca.    -.        ' ..--
A scow load of trout reached McMurray from tho Mackenzie Basin
Fisheries plant at Bla.ck Bay on-Lake
Athabasca, and further shipments will
bo made before tho close of navigation
on tlie big river.
Tho plant at Black Bay is now .In
full, swing; a large, number df buildings have been erected, tho company
possesses the most modern machinery, and in addition, to being unique
in tho annals of the north, the Mackenzie Basin" Fisheries' operations
points to the development possible
when capital and energy are continued with vision.
Mrs. Lilian Taylor
Tells How Cuticura
Healed Her Baby
"Our baby was two weeks old.
when hiB face became very red and
������ terribly itchy, and he
was. fairly jcrayy 'rubbing and scratching
till the skin broke and
bled. He could not
sleep, and did nothing
\ but cry. His face looked'
as though he might be disfigured
for,life. :,'-.' ���"
"I thought I would .give Cuticura
Soap ana Ointment a trial. I found
the fiee sample so good that I bought
more and two cakes of Cuticura Soap
and a fifty cent bo^of Cuticura Ointment healed him." (Signed) Mrs..
Lilian M. Taylor, Box 99, Brace-
bridge, Muskoka, Ont., Dec.30, '18.-
Cuticura Soap to cleanse and purify, Cuticura Ointment to soften
and soothe and Cuticura Talcum to
powder and perfume, are ideal, for
daily toilet purposes.'-.
Soup 25c, Ointment 25 and SOc. Sold
throughout theDominion. CanadianDepot:
Lrmaiu, Limited, St. Paul St.. Montreal. I
���"*���"���" 'Cuticura Soap chares without mus. I
Stop the Cough.���Coughing is caused by irritation in tho respiratory
passages and is the effort to dislodge
obstructions that come from inflammation of the mucous membrane. Treatment with Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric, Oil. .,
will allay tho inliammation and in con-,-option of the South African Govern
Floats Big Loan In London. ..
Tho South "African Government is
about to float a-loan of,��5,000,000 oh
the London market at 96. The interest will be six per cent. The lat-_
est dato for the redemption is 1940,
but the loanv may be paid off at the
sequence tho cough will cease,
it and you will be satisfied.'
Pea Soup Skies.
Iiwiiig Jiusli, the owner of the famous Bush Terminal in New York, w
talking about tho" kindred building he
is to put up in London.-
"Of course,"'he "said, "I wanted to
give London a skyscraper,.; but the
authorities wouldn't hear ���of that.
And yet," he added, "if there was ever
a sky that nee/led a. goo^l "scraping,
it certainly is London's."
ment at par after 1930.
The prospectus indicates that the
money is required for railways, harbors, .irrigation works, land settlement and other industrial improvements*
Remit by Dominion Express Money Order.
If lost or stolen) you ffet your money back.
Minard's       Liniment
The Toronto Hospital for Incurables, in
affiliation with Bcllevue and Allied Hospitals,
New 'York City, offers a three years' Course,
of Training ,to young women, having the re;
Luhlbermall's ! quired education, and desirous of becominff
nurses. This Hospital has adopted the eight-
horn- system. The pupils receive uniforms
��� - j of  the  School,  a    monthly    allowance    and
Why French Were Called "Poilu.":"   travelling expenses  to and ffWNew  York.
J For o_ further     information     apply     to     the
.The    amplication   ol the nickname' superintendent.
"Poilu"'to the French    soldiers   wasj.^���* ��� ���-���    ���,        ��� ���	
suggested by the unshaven faces of
Frenchmen during the time of their j
retreat from the Marne. The Avord!
means hairy or shaggy and is generally used in France to denote a man of
strength and character, the idea being
that men, with hairy faces and arms
.and chests aro strong.       -.
Hotel   Clerk.���Would  you
room with a hath, sir?
Erza Dimblcby.-���No, thanks-. .list
a room. I took a good wash afore I
left home last week.���Judge.
Cook's Cotton Root Compound
Jiia/e, reliable repulating
medicine. Bold in three do- :
Eraei of atrength���No. 1, Jlj
No. 2 ��; No. 3, $5 per bor.
���old br all dru^giata, or sent
prepaid on receipt of prico,
Fre�� ��� pamphlet. Addreji;
TMOKTO. OUT. CF.r-B.rlr Wlnjjf-.)
,'   BOOK   ON
/ jft^y. %
/ ^&S!ifrfc' 1
���   and  How. to  Feed
f j-j*KvKk0��^L
Mailed    Free    to    any
Address  by  the
>tt��R|�� m
CO., "LVC,
America's Pioneer
113    West    3l.st-street,
| Doe Remedies
New  York.  U.S.-A.
Canadian Fish For Chicago Market..
Iu -less- than', one week twenty- carloads-of Alberta, white fish fromLessT-
er. Slave Lake audLac La.Bieho pass:
ed-'tlirougl'i- l-klhionton en route to tlie
Chicago'niai'kotl- It is estimated.'that
there.-are""sfilk"eighty 'carloads before
this'--season's catch - iu. Lesser Skive
Lake- wil 1,.,-a'll be .marketed.- ',. ,   ���_
Dyed Her WrapBiue ;'
And a Skirt Brown
:-: 77*^;it:Ti.:ii."tc-lf.rifffi. Qf7:-':'fTi-tririiQhU:-7 J7)>-e."i**- Jfcpti.frt.fils;
������-;.-������ ��������� it-.-.-,-��� ���������������������,'--���,-     ..-..-..    -  .-..---      .-..-,- ii'it7.fvc-v.Wbr7ri',-'^
. ....   ,   ., .,.,   ...... . ..... ..     .ne^er;s'd}:ctKt!^forn.S7ii'J.U'K'.';'^aluOful!.^
ytii-jftflj-jirtis!:;;-.: jlliaiuuiit(7..,I:ij--;i;r. 7-;ire-7:.K��i-ir:i-.iit(?e<l
rot 11 ritiug. employineiu.
There "are
Sow Thistle" As Milk-Pr'oducer.-
Tiiai. ike-much.despised sow thistle.-
���whirli  lias -run  tlirougli  the fields ..iu"
Trreeiib'iish, .Minn:.,;aiiirwhi<-;h has ca.us-
I'ed'.grffitt .hisses'. Io .fariiiors", is^ a/good'
1 'uiilk prodiicer.  is- said-.to- have  been
]-foven>cce'ntly-.     {).; .J'.' Olso'ii,.:!; fanner;   .and   'dairy, man. .it. is .-r.-jiorfed.
turned .his ctiws .into a.- patch of -sow:
tliisile'j during the uioiiMiof July; and,
as a result, liis check   "at   "the   "local
.(���re..in'icry,..waS' greatly enlarged: -
thou's.-iiiils-, of'- acres of. uh'ilevoloped
hinds.' -Tin- one-'li'-'ods "tho 'other -as-
niireli as <:nnii;il'ne;eds labor andlabor
needs capital.---Sealll":.-Tin"ies.
JT>ihtu(>ii t|?.... I>7>-
:!f'/jis.iiiM;'':50i.'(:'t'1{e'F 4iie7'-tn;i:t��r:i!7 7vi6tf~.jvi'-.lft;;t(i
catft'U :'o'-fi'is.itS.e;d^ iibeds7,7'- Si)rX;hy:XXXXXX. '���
Works Unfailingly
;Uc'e(")giii/.i'd -iis a" lciujlng s'l'ieeilic for j. Lancashire .Shopkeeper. Cotl-ects Debts
the    "destruction "-of worms,   Mother j'" By Original   Method.'''.'.
Graves: Worm. Kxterininator litis' jirov-     ..A"-.Wiiiv to collect- old. delitshas^ been
ed a:lmon toiuffering children o.vory:j:hi ., ���  -Aini;i!7slu,i.lcooiier'ih."a
���where;     It seldom.fails. ���-.-������       '- -     J      ��� .  ,.   ��� -.-..   -. -���    ��� ..--
.-. ,'   '-���������,.-.-���   '   -" - . -  - ���'��� ���* hahcaslun-.town. ' - When an account
is -long overdue'.-'he" sends
- Miller's Worm Foiydei'jS are "complete in themselves. Thcy-not only
drive.worms, from the, systeih,. but repair thedamage that worms cause and
so invigorate tho cpiistitutio'n that it
speedily recovers ��� from the- disorders
of tho digestion that are the result of
the work of these parasitic intruders.
They do tth,eir, work thoroughly- aiid
strength"and. soundness'follow their
use. *.'-'"'���'        " ,
Labor and Strikes.
JMistress.^-"So your-malriiiionial life
was very- unhappy.; ..What. was:'the
trouble? ��� December wedded to May?"
"Alary .���"1.aw sake; no-niani; it-was
Labor-Day--wedded to''-do. Day of
Rest!" ;        :    '.'--     .  ,-'X'
���   Originally -.Marcji
month bf tho year. '
.K.very   .mature..-oyster:   produces j
about .one million, young . each year. V-'^Veffect, ending it with:- -the -.tlirill-
buhrie^vastage is enormous. '- -Out of j 'iig.'P'-"'"'^^'11-" J'onr- account1.".is -not
that rniliiori it is. estimated, that, on
the average.- only .rmc-or -two survive;
j     Ching-Xoun'g,    a.." Chi'natnan, is rc-
,-pitted io- have,-taught the method, of
Eritish Expedition.Now In South,.
There is already in the South rolar
regions another -British, expedition. It
is led by-.Commander John. L,-Cope,
who left Norfolk-, Va.. on Oct. 21, 1920;
for a six years' sojourn on tho icefields. The., party is aboard a 7,000-
ton -whalerj the Thor I., and three
auxiliary 'ships'anil" numbers more
than 100 men. .--One of its purposes is
the commercial development of the
mineral wealth of Antarctic. -        . ';;
making    bread    from    wheat
four thousand years ago, ,
-ptiid by""siH'h-and:such. a-;date.. I -shall-)
be compelled -to. put' tlie-'iieiy - act .in
; force." .No-debtor-has yet'ventured
to.ask: liiin "what "the .new act";is,; bill
he says that.no-.one- has.'lira ved 'its
terrors since he'invented it:       .   .''_-;-
Why doe's a torn'oration sbtneiimes
wait until there is nothing to receive
before asking, for ti receiver?
Vanity of --Wild Animals.
.An investigating.;-scientist who has
been studying wild-animals _has^ learned that members o.f the-feline .tribe,
do not play with their long claws on:
} the hark of trees to sharpen .them, as
is popularly supposed, but the antics
are a display of vanity on the part of-j
the male, to show how agile and.powerful'he i.-i. , ���   '
: I: V V^|V:-;^|^|^^iS& XX XX: X
Chopin's .Last. Living .Pupil.;.; V-
-'..The. last living-' pliipjl. of .Chopin,has
-jiist-celebrated "his^ninety-first birth-
-day,. iri -a.,Pans ;gan:eti: X IHs. nante'is
..Peni>-"--and>sin7e.th'e war he has'been
Ih;irig- i.h pdverty.;:"J,- He' celebrated,.his
6aaise.F*:';"---~ XXXi  \ '��� ���''7-/"..'^;":~���-���.-"-���'-..-,V
I y*.
THE    LEDGE. - GEEENWOOD,    B.     0.
World Happenings
Briefly Told
Sir John Baddolcy was elected Lord
Mayor of London. He succeeds Lord
Mayor James Roll, whoso term has
expired. ' -N   -    ...     "������"���'
, Sacli Lecoluto iu the Ville Sauvage
airdrome, lowered his own world's airplane speod record  by ' flying at tho
rate., of 330 kilometers,   275    meters
- (205 miles, 169 yards) per hour.
- According to a report road to tho
Port Arthur.^ City Council, fivo thousand men will bo out of work there by
the middle of winter. This, report
was sent to the'ministjer of labor.    ..���'
.; Average gross profits of over 200
' per cent, hijye been made by armchair
'lunch counters in Boston.     In some
instances the profits/ have, been found
to run as high as 500 per cent.   ;."..-.
Reuters    Capetowru    correspondent
/ says that the'Union of South Africa
loan for five million pounds sterling
for   various    public works has boon
Coal output from the Alberta mines
up to tlie end "-of July this year was
2,799,SSS tons, more than half a million'tons" less than last year for the
same period, when tho amount'mined
was 3,557,817 tons.
Because It had been given to her
'  by a friend who was   killed   in   thc
,    war, hold-up men at Now ""Cork permitted  a young woman to retain  .i
wrist    watch,    after    taking all her
other valuables.
It -is charged that immigration officials' at Idiiisf Island are" separating
parents at Ellis Island from children,
the parents being admitted and their
children sent back, because they happened to arrive after tlio quota had
been filled.
Sixteen yejars ago Mr. and Mrs.
Schneider arrived iu Garner, Ia���
from Lisbon, N.D., 400 miles, using
a horse and rig, after a 10-day trip.
Recently they made-the saute (rip in-
eight hours in an airplane with their
son as pilot.   -
The .Third Internationale of Moscow has sent out a wireless appeal to
tho workmen of .Europe to block army
and munitions shipments lo Poland,
Roumania, Esllionia, Lclvla and -Finland, charging that a war was being
prepared by Poland and Itqtunamu
against Russia.
Robert Donald, well known journal-
 ist and_for several-years chairman of
the Empire Press Union, has written
a letter to the London newspapers
commenting ou the absence of any
scheme for constructing an imperial
wireless telegraph chain. No bettor
-way of supplying useful aud necessary
��� labor for the unemployed cjfn bejouml,
lie said, than Ihrough tho erection'of
.   wireless. ���> s
Takes Electricity From Air
Nevy. Generator Consists of Wire- Iron
and Minerals.
Demonstrations have been made on
the streets of Denvor of a new electric generator that is claimed- by the
inventors, to" take' electricity from
the air. ,   -
The inventors are-J. E.-Ammann,
of Denver, and his brother, G.- E.
Ammann, of Spokane, Vi'ash.
To demonstrate, the brothers borrowed an old electric auto, took out
tho batteries a^cl after roping their
new "atmospheric generator" ~ fast,
they got in and rode-off at a" high
speed.        .7 .'.'     .  ��� -
'"There Is nothing Inside the drum
that moves; tho contents 'consist
only of iron, wiro and minerals,"
says C. E. Ammann. N *
* "It can'be used to drivo any .-electrical apparatus and can.be made in
any size."
The brothers are closely guarding
their secret, and even take their
"brain-child" when it is not in use,
to thcir. room in tlie Argonaut Hotel.
So far tho brothers havo not offered
to sell their, proposition.
Electrical men in Denver aro-'-"waiting "to bo shown," but they grant
���the thing works.
If the Blood is Kept Rich and Red You
Will Enjoy Health.
More disturbances to health is caused by weak, watery blood than most
people have tiny idea of. When your
blood is impoverished,' the nerves
'suffer from lack of-nourishmont and
you- may bo'troubled with insomnia,
neuritis,' neuralgia or sciatica. Muscles subject to strain aro under-nourished 'and:you' may have muscular
rheumatism or lumbago. If your
blood is thin and you begin to show
symptoms of any of these, disorders
try building up the blood with Dr.
"Williams' Pink Pills. These pills have
a special action on the blood and as
it becomes enriched your health improves. The value of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills in eases of this kind is
proved by tho experience of Mr. D. J.
McDonald,. North lliver Bridge, N.S.,
who says:VMTor some years I suffered severely "with headaches, pains in
flie hack and a run-down condition.
At times the pain in my back w:ould
be so .bad that I would sit up in bed
all night. Prom time to time doctors
wore'treating me, but did'not givo me
more than temporary relief. And then
one day when I was suffering terribly a neighbor came to see me, and
urgetl, me to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills.; After taking two boxes I felt
relief.. I got five boxes rnoro and be-'
fore they were all gone I felt as
though they were giving me -new life,
as in every way they built, up and
improved, my health'and strength. I
am now working as a barker in a
pulp mill, ton hours a day and feeling none the worse after my day's
work.7 'I say with-pleasure that this
condition ia due to .Dr. Williams'
Pink, pills."
You can getsDr. Williams' Pink
Pills from any medicine dealer or by
mail at 5 cents a box, or six boxes
for 52,50 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
The Impediment.
The clergyman was .solemnizing the
marriage of an" elderly couple the
other day in tho fens of Lincolnshire.
All went well until ho required and
charged them both that if they knew
of any impediment why they might
not ho lawfully joined together In
matrimony they were to confess if.
"I'm all right, mister," said the bridegroom, "but-Martha, she lisps a bit!"
A Practical Boy.-
- Teacher.���Which of the song birds
do   you   like    best,   Tommy?     The
nightingale or tho thrush? .    ,
��� Tommy:���I" prefer-the" hen."" -_
Teacher.���But tho hen doesn't sing.
Tommy.���I know, but it's tho ouly
bird whose lay I care for.
Our slogan for thc- coming year
should be, "Buy at Home." Add to
your own and your neighbor's prosperity by keeping thc money circulat-
irfg iu our own district.    v
y. r
���'Health First)'-h
��� :xx:.x^his is the.start of > -.-"-v-v
x':[ w?-:va better day/
.   There's .^satisfying. comfort and. cheer in a
breakfast cup "of Postum, and there's no: disturbV.
irig element to irritat-e nerves or .digestion and
leave ihente!;.energy- lagging before the "day -ia-.
" done. ���'_"- -, - - "'      ���".-���    7 :"  -
Thousands of former tea and coffee users
have found that Postum meets every, demand ���
���: for.a delicious table beverage, apd brings steadier
neryes," dearer, mind���r-better healths
As many 'cups as -you like with any meal������
no after-regrets. * '"-   " ,
Postum comes in two forms; Instar-tPostutn {in libs)
made.ins'tantly in the cup by the addition of boiling 'watef.
.-; Postum Cereal (in packages of larger bulk, for those who '--
,,.prefer to.'make the dririk.while the ro'cal is being prepared) ,-    ,
"-'HJadt by boiling'for.SO.jaJnutes..'-'., '������ XXiX'.   '-'��� -'���X - V ��� X X{- '���
There'sfa; 'Reason^^for';. Bosjum;
"'-' VSoId by"aU'^rbc'crs.---'-V".--77;. ���""""'-''.
Wounds & Injuries & -
oFEczema.PimpIes /
Ringworm, l/Icers.&c.
Purely rterbal-50 Cents Box
Preparing'   For
vv inter
;A-n   Acknowledged" Expert   in
All Matters Pertaining to
Household Management.
Lace Trimmed
Nightgown Of
Crepe de Chine
Too often winter approaches only to
find the homo, maker totally unprepared for it. Unfortunately; therefore, there is very often much,unuec-
cessary' distress as well as e'xnonse
during the. cold season.. The thrifty
housewife goes over her homo thor-
���oughly during the fall days and makes
a note, of needed repairs or alterations. So, wliether-yotfown the home
in which ypu.livo or rent-it, you should
take stock of its condition. For in-
stance, is the heating-plant in working order? ������-.-.
Where it is possible, the coal supply should ho acquired as far $n advance/ of-'actual winter as possible.
It is good forethought to make a fire
in "the early fall just to test out the
equipment-;  '      _- "v
Then there- is' tho matter of
weather stripping and double windows in the really cold climate. Experts tell us that the'io is a great saving in fuel where these appliances are
used. Tho handy inan_of tho house
can "easily measure for and apply
weather stripping^. " .It takes, however, a professional to mako really
effective double windows.
It is tho part of wisdom to have
the roof of tho house gone over very
thoroughly for leaks. Gutters and
leaders should likewise bo gone over.
Wheu taking down the hangings
and curtains of summer they should
bo cleaned, aired wrapped and labeled
so as to be available at a moment's
notice when tho warm days return.
Summer clothing should be gone oyer,
aud only what is really available for
further- use should be granted storage
space. There are many ,poor "folks
in tho warmer parts of\ our country
who might bo able to mako immediate use of summer attire you no longer want.     . -
Porch furniture should bo cleaned
and" wrapped cither in' newspaper or
burlap. If it needs repainting, fall
"is"a""goo(l~fime"to~paint���it. A stiff
brush aud some soapy water to which
has been added a Httlo ammonia will
prove- effectivo in', cleaning reed or
willow furniture.
Cure must bo takeu not to store
porch pillows as they are taken from
tho porch. The covers should bo re-.,
moved, carefully laundered, wrapped
and labeled. The pillows themselves
may "be washed-hy swashing about in
hot'.soapsuds-until tho. dirt is ,thoroughly loosened. The pillows should
bo-well rinsed und hung on thc lin6
to'.thoroughly dry. Winter covers
may. be put on these pillow's".-
- The ��� thoughtful-, housewife 7w'ill'see"
to it that every-moiuber. of tho." household" is provided ' with rubber ovoiV
shoes' and rainproof coats far- in. ad-",
vanco'bf-.tho ,rcal cold days^ . It-is
well lo print���'���n'ui'hq aud address -li��/in-
dclihlo ink. dn'.tho lining,pit'the.'school
child's rubbogpV". Go .over;the. urn-..
brellas aiid see that they are hVusable
condition."' -These .'suggestions' will
help 'make the household run more
smoothly 'during 'tho : cold days "to
cohio. ���'���        ��� '''���' ���" "-   '!"��� \ .-   '. ���'-.-
- Passes'-111th Birthday.. '.-V.
.,On. Sunday, Sept. -25th,;the .Kingston. .Standard .completed' its- 111th
year in. the. journalistic" world' and .is"
��� now entered .oil its 112th year." ; It is
the third-oldest paper in Canada. It
started as. the .Gazette,, and tried several other, names- before adopting;its.
present appellation^ y
Otherwise, No"
ciI see by the paper that- a woman
can live on. nine cents a day."     --;.
"NiB-g. cents;, when it's her .own
money, they.mean."���Xew York Sun.
- The - oftener-. a -man-falls -. tlie., more
he7 iV: .-addicted'', to:,fhe advice-giving
bawti 777Vv77V- XXy " ""
'-.'���;���H'^a'.-.boy-'as "lost 'lie's, a: waif.;from
hbme.7'.- ���".V-   -:-:7"77-":'""r'7''
By Marie Belmont
The tendencies In dress are often
reflected in other realms of apparel.
The nightgown illustrated is fashioned
from a rich quality of flesh-colored
crepe de chine. It repeats the style
tendency of the fiipck in the sashes
that are tied at its side. These are
made of double faced ribbons which
show .pale blue on >one side and flesh
on the other. The square cut decol-
letage is outlined with-fine val lace
and insertion and partly hidden'tindor
the fine mesh of the laco appears the
narrow ribbon which is tied in a
dainty bow in the centre front.,-'
New Lamp Burns 94% Air
Beats Electric Or Gas.
4- lll3W ��U 1-tmp that gives an amazingly brilliant,-soft,, white light, even
better than gas or electricity, has been
tested by, the TJ. S. Government and
35 leading universities and found to
bo superior to 100 ordinary oil lamps.
It burns without odor, smoke or noise
���no pumping up, is simple, clean,
safe. Burns 94% air and G% common keresene (coai-oil).
The inventor, T.- V. Johnson, 595
MeDermot Ave,, Winnipeg, is offering
to send a lamp on 10 days" FR13E trial,
or even to give one FREE to the first
user iu each locality who will help
him introduce it._ Write him to-day
for full particulars. Also ask him to
explain how you can get the agency,
aud without experience or money
mako ?200 to ?500 per month.
Parental Pride.
'���They're    six    foine sons ye have,
Casey," said Dennis to his friend.
.   "They are," replied Casey.
"Do yo - have any trouble , with
them?" inquired Dennis.
"Trouble!" repeated Casey. "I've
never had to raise ray hand to ouo of
them, except in~ self-defense."
"Elements of Peace.
England seems to have decided
that it doesn't want to whip Ireland,
and Ireland appears to have" determined that it can't whip England. If
that doesn't, mean peace there is no
hope.���Toledo. Blado.
--The- first woman"to he presented
with the Freedom of tho City o'f London was tlio Baroness Burdott-Coutts,
in 1872.
A deputy gamo warden of Centre-
villc, Md., arrested his 14-year-old
son for shooting a raccoon in violation of the game law.
One of the mysteries conticcled
with sunspots is their appearance in
larger-'' 'numbers;.', than -usual every
eleven-years.or so.'-" ".    - - .   -.:.    -'-, ."
May Pass the Critical Period Safely
and Comfortably jby Taking 7
7 Lydia ��. Pinkham's Vegetable^
7"   {-;""..:'Compound. -"" -, .   V; ���'
Cliang-e of- Life'
-"I.was going through,
and 'suffered for two
yearswith headache,",
nervousness,: ..sleepless nights and gen-;
oral weakness.'.Some
days I felt tired and.
unfit to. do my work.
I gave Lydia E.
Pinkham's : Vegetable ^Compound a
trial and found good
resulti, 7. and I also
find it a very helpful
Spring tonicanduse-
ful for constipation
from which I suffer much.-   I have recommended Vegetable Compound to several friends, and am willing yoa should
publish tliis."-���Mrs. Martha W. Lim>-
say, 810 Robinson St., Begins, Sasjk,
If you have, vrarning symptoms such
as a sense of suffocation, hot flashes,
headaches, backache, dread of impending evil, timidity, sounds .in the ears,
palpitation of the heart, sparks before
the eyei, irregularities, constipation,
variable appetite, weakness, inquietude, 2nd dizziness, get a bottle of Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
begin taking the medicine at once. W*
fknocr it will h��lp yoa M it did Mr*,
Lindsay. >
I. John's Disciples Become Christians
":-(w. 1-7).,
. These twelve disciples had only
been taught the baptism of repentance as a preparation for the kingdom
of God. Paul taught them to believe
in Christ, that is, to receive Him as
the One who had on the cros^ provided redemption for them.
11^, Paul   Preaching in Ephegus (w.
.'  S-10). 7  7
- 1. In the Jewish synagogue (v. 8)./
J2js message is characterized by: (1)
boldness. . Ho realized that God had
kent Him and that His authority was
hack of Him. (2) Reason. He reasoned with them.' God's message is
never sentimental nor arbitrary, but
in accord with the highest reason. (3)
Persuasion. It is not enough ,to come
boldly with a reasonable message; it
must bo accompanied by persuasion.
(4) Concerning the kingdom of God.
Ho did not discourse on current
events, literature, or philosophy, but
upon tho message of salvation,
through Christ.   *
2. In the schoolhouse of Tyraunus
(vv. 0, 10). Paul's earnest preaching only hardened the Jews. When
they came out and spoke openly
against this way of salvation in
Christ, Paul separated the disciples
from them and retired to the school-
house of Tyrannus.
III. God   Working Miracles by Paul
(vv. 11-1G).
- So wonderfully did he manifest His
power that handkerchiefs and aprons
brought front Paul's body healed the
sick and cast out evil spirits from
those, whoso lives had heen made
wretched by them.
IV. A< Glorious Awakening (vy. 17-41).
1. Fear fell upon all (v. 17). News
of. the casting out of these evil spirits
created impression favorable to
Christianity. _'-..'
2. It brought to the front thoso who
professed, faith in Christ ..while not
living right lives (v. IS). They believed, but had not broken from sin.
3. Gave up the practice of black
arts "(v. 19)'. This means forms of
jugglery by use of charms and magical words. All such are -in opposition to the will of God; therefore no
one can have fellowship with God and
practice them. They proved the genuineness of their actions by publicly
burning their books. Though this
was an expensive thing���valued at
about $12,500���they did not try to sell
tho books and get their money back.
When you find you have heen in a
wrong business, mako a clenn sweep
of things; burn up your books on
Spiritualism, Christian Science, etc.;
empty your whisky and beer into tho
sewer,'and have a tobacco party similar' to the Boston tea parly.
4. Uproar of the Silversmiths at
Kphesus (vv. 23-41). (1) The occasion (vv. 23, 2-1). This was the power, of the gospel in destroying tho
infamous husiuess of Demetrius and
his fellows. It was clear to them
that idolatary was tottering before the
power of the gospel. They were not
interested particularly In tlio matter
from a religious standpoint, but he-
cause it was undermining the principal business of tho city. (2) The
method (vv. 25-29). Demetrius, a
leading business man, whose business
was the stay of others of a similar
nature;" called a meeting and stated
that much people had turned from
idolatry and that the market for their
wares was materially weakening. Ho
appealed to his fellows (a) on the
"ground of"business, silyingT^'ThisTotir
craft, .is in danger of being set at
nattglit" (v. 27). (b) Qji the ground
of religious-prejudice. He said '"The
temple of the great goddess Diana
should he despised" (v. 27). He became quite religious when he saw lhat
his business was being interfered
with. His speech gained his end,
the w'holo crowd was enraged and
yelled,, in unison, "Great is Diana of
the'Ephoslans."- . The mob was quieted;-by the tact and good-.-judgment of
tlio' towivcierlc-���' ",:" "".'V"  ���-'" -  '   7
Because Its
Fine Qualities
Are Protected
by the Sealed
Planting Sockeye Eggs
Will Aid In Restoring,Run of Fraser
Planting sockeye eggs, much as one
plants potatoes or any other seed," is
one of the new methods in use in connection with the artificial propagation
of the king of salmon. Tho eggs aro
planted under gravel. This is" akin
to ihe conditions under which 'he fish
aro hatched by natural means and is
expected to yield better results than
wore possiblo before. It is anticipated that this method will greatly aid
in restoring the sockeye run of the
Fraser River to a sound basis.'
Ask,for Minard's and take, no other.
Guribiis Trap Foundv
Mysterious Object Said io be.'at Least
V \-.'..".V      -1,000.Years-OId.7- ;7V"     '-"
"A .curious-'object/ .believed to, be
some kind of-a.trap lor animnls/has
he_on found-in the1 Mbss'of Auquharney
by- Mr..Pierre^of Peterhead..' "II-consists'.of a piece'of oak. -17-inches. long
by 10 inches'"wide," flat^ on top and hot;.
toiiv.and.lap.erizig" sligh'tlyrto the ends-
through which1' in".'the centre,' there- Is
an oblong hole, with-the "upper, edges
.bevelled-to meet, a tray .door underneath V     ',-. '-V V       ���",-.''"���''."
This is-hold in"place_--by .a-longltuclp
iital bough spring fixed in place by a
pin at each end. -When any weight
-c.bmes on it,." it falls down, the bough
spring moving to one side, and when
the weight Is. removed , it is, closed
again by7tho" '-spring. ' The. trap,. or
whatever, it. is, was found seven or
eight feetfromthesurface, and as, according to Louis FJguier, it takes two
feet of moss 400 years to grow, the
mysterious apparatus, on that calculation, would be at least 1.600 years old.
There is, however, no other evidence
as to Its age.    - -   .
Minard's Liniment used by^Physicians
A frozen fish six months out of
water Is ^chemically fresher than a
fre=h fish three days out of water.
Do you feel blue, sickly, heavy, too
tired to get up? If so, it's probably
your liver which is. slow and needs to
bo toned and stimulated by Dr. Hamilton's. Pills. It's a wonderful change
Dr. Hamilton's Pills will make in a
few days. 'They relieve tho system
of poisonous wastes, they aid the
stomach, improve digestion, increase
your appetite. You'll feel like new
all over after using this health bringing medicine. Thousands have proved it. Sold everywhere in 25c boxes,
or Tho Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Proves Value of Irrigation.
Patricia, Alberta, is a standing testimony to the value of irrigation in
Southern Alberta. Two years ago its
site was unbroken prairie and its surrounding land virgin to the horizon.
To-day there are twenty thousand
acres under cultivation in.the district
directly tributary to; the thriving settlement which has most chic improvements and advantages.. '
No Rest With Asthma. Asthma
usually attacks at night, the one time
Avhen rest is needed most. Hence the
loss of strength, the nervous debility,
the loss of flesh and other evils which
must be expected unless relief is secured. Fortunately relief is possible.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
has proved its merit through years of
service. A trial will surely convince
A Concise Epitaph.
The epitaph that the late Professor
George Trumbull Ladd composed for
himself. "I'have lived and loved and
labored ana all is well,"" seems to
say it all about as concisely as possible.���Waterbury Itcpubl ican.
Standard shoes are being mantifac-
ttiro'd in England with lhe retail
price, $11, stamped on the sole.
Boot Factory For Calgary
Financed by British  Interests Would
Employ Over 300 Men.
If the City Council approves of tentative offers made by the commissioners, Calgary will have a boot factory
in a short time, employing more than
300 men. The concern which may go
there is financed by British interests
'and the city commissioners have
recommended that a 99-year lease, on
easy terms, be granted.
Only the uninformed endure the
agony of corns. The knowing ones
apply Holloway's Corn Remover and
get relief.
Quick Work On
Imperial Cable
Speech Sent-From Vancouver to London in 45 Minutes.
A telegraphic achievement was recently performed at Vancouver when
Lord Korthcliffe's speech before the
Canadian Club, was cabled lo the London Times through the Imperial Cable
in the remarkable short time of 45
minutes.. The meeting of the Canadian Club in Vancouver wa~s" held' at
1 o'clock in the afternoon���that is, 9
o'clock London time. A start was
made with telegraphing the message
nt 2 o'clock (10 o'clock London time),
and the full despatch was received in
London at 10.45 (2.45 in Vancouver).
Corns, Warts, Bunidns
Painlessly Removed
'. Don't limp any longer, don't suffer,
another hour from corns. The oldest
remedy and the bes.t, the one that for
fifty years has proved a true success,
will life out your corns in a hurry.
Putnam's Painless Corn and Wart Extractor is the one remedy to use. Refuse a substitute, 25c everywhere.
Famous Millionaire Starving at Thirty "
At thirty, Dr. Edward Acheson, the
inventor of artificial graphite,' was
starving in London, and hc might have
died but for the kindness of 4a working-class family whoso acquaintance
he had made. Not until he was near
fifty years of age did Foi tune change
her frowns for smiles. Today he is
classed among American millionaires
and his fame has spread io all parts
of the'world.
Homestead Entries Increase. '
Homestead entries in Saskatoon district for the month of August total 73
as against 12 for the same month last
year. Land sales revenues increased
from $112 to ?707.
���22s Perils sf Neglect,
Digestive ailments are frequently neglected.
People say "It's only a touch of indigestion-
it will go away." What begins as simple
discomfort is allowed to become a serious���
- -chronic ailment.-- Never"negiecf"the"treatment of digestive derangement. To relieve
disorders of stomach,' liver, kidneys and
bowels, Beecham's Pills act promptly and
usually overcome the difficulty.   Take
V      Sold everywhere in Canads,
In boxes, 25c, SOc
Largest Sale of any Medicine in the World
A good nourishing food, rftady to-serve and in
expensive.     Try' it cold or fttAt in, slices a.ni
serve with frisd egja instead of bam.
No bone, no gristle, no waste and every can wivx
\       the Government guarantee of purity.
Clark's Good Thing:* est made from Canadian
?arm Produce and sold everywhere ia Cteods,,
���fern THE LEDGE
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States ��3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ii> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, noupariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals 12J-2C a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t ;-.at the editor would bc pleased
to have more money.
Cr.cmies make the man���aud
lack oi them tho modern lady.
jBkass collecting is said to be a
hobby. Some of U9 have been at it
for years.
According to an advertisement
hosiery is falling again, Suspenders
must be getting worn.
Thieves sold 7,000 false teeth at
Detroit. We can't think of a sufficiently biting comment.
Pioneer Dies in  Okanagan
The death on Sept. IS at Lumby
of Alex. Christien marks the passing away, at the age of 88, one of
the most popular of that fast disappearing band of pioneers who
have done so much in the settlement of the Okanagan. His life
has been intimately identified with
the early development of the valley. He was one of those who
penetrated into the Okauagau long
before tbe advent of railroads and
who, by their struggles and pre-
severance, laid the foundation here
of civilization aud order.
Card of Thanks
To the dear friends and neighbors
who so kindly assisted us in life's
greatest trial, by kind words and
kindly acts and to those who sent
the beautiful flowers, we tender
our sincere thanks.
Mrs. B. C. Thomet and Family.
"Why do plays go wrong," asks
oa dramatic critic.    Because somebody hasn't made the playwright.
It is said that baldness is an
indication of brain power. In the
case of some M.P's it is the ONLY
iluii an application will be made to the Lejrisla-
iti-i'. of the Province of British Columbia at its
next sittings for an Act in relief of the City of
(iivcnwood, by providing-:
1. That the debentures lo the amount of
S15.01N) issued pursuant to an atrieenient dated
24ih March, W09, made between the said City
and the Greenwood Phoenix Tramway Company Limited, be declared null and void and
cancelled for want of consideration:
rru ��� ]��������� nr .    r\u   ������-.����� 1 '       -���   That the operation of the jitd-remeiits
liie late Mr.   OliriStieil    was born    Ivan-i--- date the 7th  day of September, 1M1, in
favor of the Manufacturers Life Insurance
Company aud the Sun Life Assurance Coni-
pauv of Canada, respectively, for the sum of
Sl'>.522.2!> and $11,26X03, respectively, be sus-
jiendi'd. and the said judgement creditors shall
take uo further action'tlic'rcuiider:
.���>. That all the outstaudiiifr debentures of
theCiiv of Greenwood be brought into hoich
pot and thai the siiikiiijr funds oil hand now be
distributed in reduction of the liability under
the said outstanding debentures:
4. That one person be appointed by the
I.ienieiiaut Governor in Council on the nomination of the holders of a majority iu value of Unsaid debentures to act as Trustee for the said
5. That the said Trustee for the bondholders he yiveu veto powers covering the expenditures of the Municipality, thc rate of taxation
and all other mailers necessary lookinir to ihe
repayment of the said outstanding- debentures
iu instalments as speedily as may be:
6. That the real property held by the City
aud all arrears of taxes be constituted trust
asseis 10 apply on the redemption of the said
debenture.-: ���
7. That the annual tax sale may he held
only when reijuired by the Trustee for the
debenture holders:
*. That tlie interest rate payable on outstanding debentures be six per ceiit.
'). That tlie assessment roll for the year
1121 shall be taken for thc next live years as
the assessment roll for the City aud that the
maximum rate of taxation sliall not exceed six
mid one-half per.cent, of the assessed value ol"
the laud and one-third of the assessed value of
the improvements:
10. Such further and'other relief as 10 the
Legislature may seem meet:
DATED at Vancouver, B.C., this I'.lth day
of September, 1921.
Solicitors for the Corporation of the
City of Greenwood, applicants.
Egypt had home-brew four
thousand years ago. No wonder
they knew how to pickle their
mummies so well.
Women smokers are a danger to
tho future of the race,;say9 an eminent .physician. ������ Their cigarettes
- will  probably. ��� lead   to a decided
shortage'in matches.   ���
' ,7It is estimated that'. the.. recent
census will prove that the average
number .of persons in a."family^ in
Canada is'"a small   fraction oyer
-three. .The small fraction, no
doubt," refers to- the head of the
.house. -.'  "  -'. " :   "-.-���-"���
��� A-celebrated, cathedral organist
-has declared that the present vogue
of women wearing their hair oyer
their ears is .responsible" for > lot. .of
bad singing.. .He implies, of course
.'that it .would be. .better if some
wore their.hair.over their mouths.
I doi not fear a'siren -:  " -"/ V '���'":. ;',-
V With a mass, of midnight hair; 7
With': wicket, drooping eyelids,* '-XX
]'���; And a blase',-, worldly.air;"';..-" X
But,.oh, I cross, my lingers,. ���
And breathe a little prayer,:'7
When I meet a blond'-haired catie,
...  Witlv a blueVeyed baby stare.!. ���/.'
in St. Anicet, Quebec, coming west
as a young man and dually finding
his way into British Columbia.
Thirty-four years ago he came to
the Okanagan.
For many years he followed the
lure of the gold fields, his last venture in that line being at Cherry
Creek. Subsequently he acquired
laud at Lumby where ho has since
resided. For some time past he
has been in failing health and was
forced to give up all active work.
Few men have been better liked or
held in higher esteem than Alex
The deceased was one of a family
of seven  brothers   who   came   to
B.   C.   in   the  early days and did
pioneer work and  whose descendants  are still doing  it.    He  was
uncle to Joseph and John Christian,
of Christian   Valley.    The  family
name is the French one of Chretien.
On coming west one  branch  made
the complete change into English.
It is not too much to say that he
had not an  enemy in the worid.
He   was   a   brother  of   the   late
Joseph Christien,   one  of the  first
white settlers of Okanagan Mission,
of the late   Louise   Christien,  of
Armstrong, and of Charles- Christien,. for 30 years   a  resident of
Lumby,.    but   more,  recently   of
Seattle..-.He '.-leaves 7a   daughter,
Mrs..Cleophas- QuesneLof Lumby
and a  son,   Alex,-'of .St.  Anieent.
His  wife predeceased . him.'    -The
funeral .^as..held, "on Sept.; 20 ..from:
the residence of his.daughter  with,
whom - ho  had  recently -.'made.his
home, to the. Roman Catholic Cemetery/. The following all old friends
of the deceased; acted as pall bearers:  Messrs. O..   Bonneville,'. J.   H.
i)eschamp3,  L.   Leblanc, N". Bessette, J.; P.' Bburcet and J. Gallon.
\      ���-������	
Order your winter supply  now
JOHN WYDER,    Box 615,   Greenwood
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.    Terms Cash.
Fire Insurance
Real Estate
Royal Bank ttldg., Grand Forks
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building aud finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG     ���    -   Proorietor
''Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
Agent for   Chevrolet,   Studebaker,   and
Overland cars.    Garage in connection.
D. MCPHERSON        -       Proprietor
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lauds For Sale. List your lands
with me,    Have a buyer for good ranch
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchases of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ori
Producers    of    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
���    �����-..   "TADANAC" BRAND   :'
Syr.:p;is of
Uad ��ei -f men:marts
In future the Greenwood
Garage will be run under the
management of C. Elliott and
W- C. Wilson.
Mr- Elliott has had a wide
experience in the repair of automobiles. Any work entrusted
to them will receive prompt and.
careful attention. A special
plant is being installed to handle
storage batteries in the most
efficient manner.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson      - .
Certificate of Improvements. -
"WATERLOO No. 3" Mineral Claim, situate
111 the Greenwood Miiiiii-r Division of Yale
Where located:   In ]yijriUll-lllg peak Camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I,-Isaac H. Hallett, So-'
1-cttor, as Agent lor Charles Morgan Kingston,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 29153C, and Francis
Edward Rendell, Free Miner's Certificate No.
33285C, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Miuinir Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obt.iiu.nii-- a Crown .Gram of the above claim.
Aud further lake notice that action, under
Section SS, must be commenced before the
iijsue of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 22nd day of July,-A.D. 1921.
.'���'...        1. H.'" HAtr^ETT. .
Rod and Gun .for ^October
.-"' The October issue.of "Rod and
Gun In ;Canada"  >vill  be., perused
, . witbgreat pleasure by all. fehose to
. 'whom thei great outdoors is,calling.
- "/'Nova. Scotia  Fishing'As It  Ib"'
...appears  th this  splendid-.'number
"written;- iuVa. fascinating;, original
.-way bj*.Percy E.TNpbbg.    H. Mortimer -f--Batten's ���   story     entitled
.''Banska, The Terrible^  is of an
appealing.nature and will -prove-of
intense.interest to both young and
old..    "The  Industrious   One" by  4. price   is   50   cents,  post
R W.  Williams  would doubtless
..attract the Interest of every reader.
.This   together   with   stories   and
articles by the usual clever.nature
writers, Robert Page Lincoln,  A.
Bryan  Williams,   J.   W. Winsoa,
also the instructive col-ums of the
.-.various departments,  add greatly
to the.yajqe of Jthe^'magazine,'- and
. in their own."-mystenons; -.way, im-
. pact.: tp. .7 the...,spirit   of : autumn.
'-Rod and ,Gari In Canada" is published, monthly';.by. W.ifJ;.7Taylor,
Limited,7Woodstqck.;: :;'_;.���_..  .'-:;-'--XXX
.... ....... ���*>
��|�� .D-LOAT is hot a periodic-' T
'������ // al." /It is a book con- T
���g-i-..tainirig 86 illustrations all ,'.T.
"^���- told,;.and :is 7 filled ...with; ��K
, -sketches . and ; stories-/of ��$���
q��' Western life; . It; tells, how 7-A.
:T/a .gambler cashed . in after T
-"��������.the;, flush days.of Sandon ; 7^
.'���js; how it'raiiied"in: New Den- 7*.
;4�� ��� 7ver" long 'after-, Noah was '- *��
.dead; how a parson took a nf*.
T drink , at. Bear ' Lake in i'^jL
^T early days; ..how." justice. T
4? was' dealt in Kaslo ih: Q3;. J*
��g�� liow the saloon man ou6.-V"��*
'^  prayed the.womeh iii.Eala- Jfr.
. mazoo, and graphically de- i|e
T picts the roamings /of a j��
T*, -western- editor; among the X
4?. tender-feet in the ce^nt belt. ���"*
��f����� It.containstlieeariyhistory. 4?'
:^ of Nelson.and7 a romance 4*
^ of the. Silver- King mine.". i"
T- In it are printed three J,
-��Sb  western poems, and dozens T
# of articles too numerous "v
j[ to mention. Semi for one 4?
***  before it. is too late.    The 4*
E. W.. WIDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, -Copper or LeacL
$i,2S each. Gold-Silver $1.75. - Gold-
Silver with Copper; or Lead #3 00. .Silver-Lead |2.oo. Silver-Lead-Zinc ^3.00.
Charges for other metals,' etc., on application. ;     "-..     -' ' '   '
In Similkameen Land District. Recording District of Fairview, and situate about Four
Miles North-East .from Westbridge on Kettle
Riven " '.-".'.        -    .
TAKE- KOTICE'lUa't Asa Carl Meslcer,
of Midway, B.C.',- occupation Railway Conductor, intends to apply for permission to ptir-
i;Ua.se' tlie following described lauds:
:.C.oiiiineiiciiiB-,.at a.piist:-planted' at ,:tlic
"South-West corner of I^ot S90s thence East
about 35cliains; lUeiice..So.ulU 20 chains;.ihence
West 20; chains; thence Kortli foliowiuff the
Meanderinjrs of Kettle River to point of com-
hieiiceiiieiit, and coiitaiuing eig-lity acres'wore'
or less,'. "���������_. "       ���
--  /     -.���-'. ���' A.'C.lMESKSKT
���   .     7. ' .'��� ,        .       .   .Applicant.
- Dated \1\\\ Aug-iist, 1921,-
Mlnlmuni*prlee of flrsi-cJase Innd.
reduced to 55 an ucre; acuojid-claaa to
$2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
��nd which is non-tiniber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
- but parties of not""more than four may '
Arrange    for    adjacent    pre-emptions;
with Joint residence, but each making
. necessary Improvements on respective
claims.   . ���r -
Pre-emptom must occupy claims for
live years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation oi at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
��� less than 8 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, be-
cauee of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Reoords without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
$100 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained. in
was than 6 years, and Improvements
of $10.00 per acre. Including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. m
VnsUrveyed areas, not exceeding 20
tort, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For gracing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by on* person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions Include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exoeedlng .half. of purchase
prioe, la made. /')
* tbe BUine Bold I
Hclson, B.C.
in every respect,
* ���
-���j*  The only up^o/date Hotel in-the interior,   First-class
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone itr
each roomr
First Class Cafe and Bartrer Shop^
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted. .
'   RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan. - ;
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats. j,
'K*^* *%* *$��� "X* *T* *T* *fr *T**��* *e* *e* *���* *e* *V* *���*   *���* *���* *���* *�� *e* *T' v* *v* *���*-���"*
Send a Float to your friends at
once: . You ��� can get tnem at
The.Ledge office - -    ' "���'-..-
.-V-- .7 ..   ACT.
The scope of this JLct ls enlarged to
���"������'- rsons jolninr
lnolude iuf*n5
and serv-
'orces.    The
.:.-:    -:: 7  W. H. DOCKSTEADER; PROP.
I    Auto; Stage -twice daily :to /Midway  meeting Spokane, Grand
.       .Forks and Nelson train,;leavin^Greenwood at-S a.m..
'For.Qroville, Wenatchee and "Prrnceton.lea7e8 Greenwood," 3pm
Fare $l:5Q -EarirWaj. "Han^J Baggage Tree.    Trunks Carried;
#press=and HeavyDrayini?; [y, [ XX. X ;" Auto's-for hire Day or Nfcht
XX I,  We carry tires,.OilsVGreases.  Hay and Grain 7
Office-Phone 13, ,  '.7/,. '���:;.-; ^sidehce Phonek
���|�� paid po any part of " the
4, world. Address all .let-
.   ters to '
*   The Ledge
jf. 4,4 44. ^ ^4.4.4�� 4.4,4
Green; Forests are van in vestment which gives big
returns.   ���; -y-rX^^Xy-x
The shareholders include, directly or indirectly, eyery;
.\,'"   citizen in the Province. '���' -. ��� ���'���**'.;,;
Dividends; are shared directly by every individual
/who resides in British Columbia;       ":���" y -xx.
Each tree is worthy of preservation, and means employment to someone, sooner or later.
No timber substitute has been found,/but timber
provides substitutes for many articles.
The Lumber trade is called the barometer of British
Columbian prosperity.
Keep the mark set high; destruction of the Forest
.../���'...J speHs;loss;'forevjerybody^^.vv ':vv-.,..:������-"-
Inf with His Majesty'-, forces. The
time within whioh the heirs or devisees
er a deoeaaed pre-emptor may apply
tor title under this Act ia extended
from (or one.year from the death ot
���uch. person, as^formerly, until one
fe^r alter the conclusion ot the present
. war. Thla privilege is also made retroactive,
No feel relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 28, 1818.
Taxes-are remitted for Ave years.
Proviaion for return of moneys accrued, due and P����n paid since August
i, I91i, oa aooount of payments, fees
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions. -
Interest oa agreements to purchase.
own or ol*�� !/�������� ���!������-.�� >��� ���
I FoHSood I
g ���Economy and Satisfaction 3
B combined with Promptness 3
g are the features which go to 1
H make up the Service we give 3
g our customers.     Are  you H
B one of them? 3
8esk est iVute^rfJ
��urehas��r��  wt./.   HhIa*."*"}"  r��>m
7'*"���"";      V..   JSRAZINO.   i    -      -   ���
Graslng Act.   1919,  for    srstamaHn
rides for gra��ln�� dlstricU and ran-?��
administration   under   CommUiJ^iL
fu^mbers ran*e<Si, Priority tor esUh.
lUh.ed    owners.      Stock-owner--;   m��C
7 form Assoolations for raSge  "an^
menL   Kree, or partially frean.^S?
Letterheads, Noteheads.       1
(Ruled or Plain)    . . ^S
B        V RnvAlAnAc    R��llUAa��JA
B  X'X    ."'���'.   ".. ...(All Sizes)    ---- '   -     ... -.���
p Statements, Business Cards, H
| Posters, Dodgers, Etc.r Etc. %
1 The Ledge      PHONE 2a     I
w>*^ii^ ii ^m ^an��
g     GREENWOOD-       Job Printing Department   j|
pepoeral Provinces ^#
XX-'x-yX '"-Ty ;��� y- y--;x-TO''END OF DECEMBER, 1920- ^\ -\X   '���  -V. ;-;-;
'X'l ....Has'prodneed Minerals valued as follows:    iPlacer Qqld,, $75,944,203; Lode --'-;
/ 7/ .Qold, 8102,753,823; Silver, 853,668,284; Lead $46,637,221; Copper, $i61,513,864; 7
7/ Zinc, 819,890,466; Coal and Coke, $212,573,492; Building Stone,; Brick, Cement, / ..
7,: 7 etc.i 832,168,2.17; Miscellaneous Minerala, etc., $1,037,408; making7ifcs :Mineral
Prodnction to the end of lt)29 show an       "'..:..       V ���-,'-'.,-. - 7
Production for Ye^Ending December^ 192^^^35,543,084
The. Mining   Laws of this.. Province - are more,liberal .and the :fees lower-
than those of any other Province inthe Dominion, or any colony-in the BritiahV
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing. such propertiea, fehe secarity
7~7     of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.-' /
Fall information, together with mining Eepprts and:^Maps,; may be obtained 77    V
;.7   - gratiaby addressing���./-  ���-.,.., ������ ..XX-iXXiXX XxXX 77-77;.. 77...   XX-Xx-X ���, X.y V    "..y.X'X'X-P


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