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The Ledge Jan 18, 1923

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Array ���\-r
Vol.   XXIX.   .
We carry a large line ol
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc;
Inspect our stock
No. 26
^mymw?mmmwm?mmfwmmmmmmmmmm-mw!^' g W. Elson & Co
We are Fishing for your Business
-.'��� ���"������;' Every Friday. -
��. LEE & BRYAN Phone 46
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
No More
Chapped Hands or Rough Skin
This can be accomplished by-using the right kind of Soap
Vinola Round Bath - and Vinola Winsome
are the two most suitable for the hard waters of this district
-- Try Them
__    Real Estate   (Licensed)
Insurance, Fire. Life, Accident.
Sickness. &c.
Stoves   and   heated   pipes   cause
many fires
A small-premium will protect your
0        7 house and furniture
Call at inyOlEce Copper Street
.The  WINDSOR   HOTEL   is   heated 7 witt   steam        V
-and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.   - A comfortable home, for tourists, and travellers. 7 Touch the. '���-'..
���\ -. wire   ifyou   wane'rooms reserved...-The buffet, is v:   ���".
-". ���"..      .replete" with  cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages, 7
!.., buttermilk and ice-cream.' '-"' .   . -- ���
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
"X'X"'; V.'Y.-- V-' "���"-' '-���-: ���.-.": .""t.-</::-" '"..--. 7- :[:���':������ :::\. '-^-:"..-;r: > "X'X .-"- -:" "-���-.-��� ,'.���''������' Xr'.'���'"���   i\:.'-,y '!���""" '-':-���, "!:-* -","���" "'- -::" '"'"-"���- 7:'-";'v '���":' .-"""���" '-;���".."!!
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Marshall Neilan
presents his photodramatic innovation ���
"Bits of Life"
First''Bit:    "The Bad Samaritan" ',"  " *  '-
Second    Bit:   ."The   Man   Who   Heard
Third Bit:    "Hop" by Hugh 'Wiley.',',
Fourth Bit:  :'!A Strange Adventure" .
Four real live stories by four real-life
V " '��� Actors    V
14 STARS including. Wesley Barry, I,ou
Chaney,- John Bowers,   Teddy Sampson,
- '���.-������Harriett''Hammond . .;'.-
7   -   '.-���-      --, ���! .6 reels'6. '���  -���-.'-.-
777 V 7;!fJne ;reei! ChesteriJQuting:777V:!''
;77:Al^;One^eei;;Christie!;Co^ ."
immmm meat MKEt
V--;-'   ,'We carryTpnly .the best stock procurable .iir
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you ./
*rt;,,^;^JHW--ML* tiVb-;. y xyxXXXZ VWV7 'yy^XXW'^AX-J^fl^pjev^bp^-- d
Presbyterian Church
Minister in charge   '   ; ��� '!.
V;Rev..!W: R. Walkinshaw, B. A.
;"���  - ';���.';��� Greenwood
���Tliere will be no service; on Sunday.
The-Rev; ,W;;'.R.' Walkinshaw .will, be
preaching in-.Grand Forks morning, arid
evening.'' .--".-"
25 Years To Pay
: The Soldier ^Settlement' Board of
Canada have Several FARMS for -sale to
Soldiers, or. Civilians at ten per cent down
and the balance iu 25 annual - payments
at-six per cent Several "to rent for 1923'
For particulars write - to,! District Super-,
intendent,' .Soldier- Settlement Board,
VernOii,"B.C.   ;.        V V.'''.-���.-���    ���     '���������-'
Telephone-service embraces a variety of operations; the installation of
telephones and chauges in location; telephone operating;' .maintenance of
.central office equipment,, outside plant and-telephone: apparatus; accurate
and!up. to date, directory listings; billing; collecting and numerous other
things that must be done to give service.that. will be-complete and satis-
. factory.
Notwithstand oui-aim to give the highest possible standard of service,-
we .realize 'that at times' difficulties will arise.   Usually they ' are quickly
remedied,-  But defects occur at tiniee, which, .in spite of watchfulness.are
not immediately detected.
Patrons will confer a favor if they will' advise iis immediately of such
By "satisfactory" service" we meair that the individual  user shall be
satisfied. . ���    7   . ..--������;--. ': .- . .
Baled. Hay For Sale
If.in the market for. mixed hay,
I have a quantity to sell. It is not
No. IV- as it is somewhat; bleached
but;, otherwise alright. ' WiU "bell
tori or carload lots.   TApply fcb
Bos. 364 ���'" .Greenwood, B.C,
Beef For Sale
Beef,   front  quarters   4c.; hind
quarters Id
Walter Clark,
Midway, B.C.
Everywhere in British Columbia
capable canvassers for attractive
and. 7 remunerative proposition.
Write immediately- to H. V- Mc-
Kianon, 907 .Sogers Bldg., "Vm-
coaver.......    " '-'���>'������ ,���.-"���-'
Around Home
The ice is in good condition at
the rink.
Cash paid for hides at Brown's
Butter is selling for 55 cts a
pound and ' eggs for 50 cts a
Mrs'.' John R. Jackson, of Midway, is the guest of Mrs. H. McCutcheon.
Are you getting ready for the
Grand Carnival at the Skating
rink on Friday, Jan. 26th.
C. E. Bartholomew has purchased a compressor for installation at the Combination mine.
Six prizes for costumes and
races for children, at the Grand
Carnival, Skating rink, Jan. 26th.
Wm. R. North left on Sunday
for Kimberley having been transferred to the Bank of Montreal in
that town.
, There were a lot of people in
town on Saturday night and there
was considerable business done.
The picture show helps to attract
the people.
At the University of British
Columbia, Creighton McCutcheon
passed the Xmas exams getting
an average of .65. per cent, in
twelve subjects.
W. Wightman, who has been
running the Fernie Export Co.,
in; town during the past few
months',, left last Saturday, for
I<ethbridger, Alta.
Mr. arid Mrs. A. Sater enter-
trined twelve of the bachelors of
town last Friday night to a swell
feed. They all report having had
the time of their life.
. If all.the.-skater��ywill .mask.at
the Carnival there should be a
grand turn out and spectators
will be rewarded for going to the
rink on Friday, Jan. 26th.    '
.The funeral, of; the late George j
A.. Hird took place on Friday, last
at the; Rock Creek cemetery, Rev.
W. R. Walkinshaw officiating.
Many of the neighbors attended
and conveyed the body to its last
resting; place..- ;';���
Superstition is not yet banisked
from the face of. the; Christian
world; -; Believers in unlucky Friday are. becotniujg ..fewer, every
day. but the faith in whiskey as
a cure-all still lingers even with
enlightened,people.;-;-.-���- ���
V During tiie -serious.".illness of J..
N, 'O'Neill, principal of * the
superior school, the trustees have
been compelled to ..put. the entrance class into Miss McKirinell's
room, ,and Miss Olson is taking
charge of the high- schoolpupils.
At; theV -Manse; : Kimberley
Avenue, Greenwood, ypu Thursv
day, lith January^ Frank
Windsor, of Republic, Wish.,
arid Hazel Lisle Price, !also of
Republic, were ; united- "ia the
bonds of matr.imoriy. Rev, ;W��; K-.
Walkinshaw performed. the cere-,
mony,."!     -7.' ;-: _��� Xx""''X-
7 It is said that magistrates are
busier in dull, times: than in the
times when the; sun of' prosperity
is high in theJHeavens.. Men's
tempers are more fretful Vand
quarrelsome, when things;- are not
gpinjg-Vwell with theiri, and it takes
a lot of- grace or a good triagi;
strate to keep them straight.
. -"<"''���. .'-'-' " "��� 1
The turkey was natried by the]
white people who first;saw.hirri,
either because they erroneously
thought the unspeabable Turk
with his wives and children had
birds of this kind iti their, flea infested land, or because . they
thought that the gobbler's headdress was of a Turkish ; pattern.
This is why there is an *^e" in
turkey, which should otherwise
be spelled . "turky." In spite of
his name, however, there are no
pains, no cramps, nor headaches
in a large helping from his roasted sides. It is easy to eat him
with relish arid be thankful afterwards.!.'    - <���"'-
Neilan Picture Adapted
From Four Stories
"Bits of Life," Marshall Neilan'g
latest film production, started in
New York ^nd finished in California, will be the screen attraction
at the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 20th.. The picture is
said to present a novel form of
screen entertainment in that if
offers the combined efforts of four
noted writers, namely: Hugh
Wiley, Walter Trumbull, ThomaB
McMorrow and Marshall Neilan.
The production is divided in four
episodes, each episode being based
on ione of the four storie*. The
first is taken from Mr. McMorrow's
"The Bad Samaritan" which appeared in the "Popular Magazint";
the second from Mr. Turnbull's
"The Man Who Heard Every-
thing," published in "Smart S��t";
the third from Mr. Wiley's "Saturday Evening Post" story,
"Hop," and the fourth from Mr.
Neilan'a original story, "The
Strange Adventure."
The cast is tlie largest ever
assembled in a Neilan production
and includes Wesley Barry, Lon
Chaney, Noah "Berry, Harriett
Hammond, Rockcliffe Ftllowes,
James Bradbury, Jr., Fred Bur-
tori, Anna May Wong and others.
The Curling rink was tha centn^
of attraction this week Jwlen  two
rinks from Osoyoos came over on
Tuesday to play, the local  enthusiasts.    The visitors are   all good
fellows and very keen curlers and
the games were all well contested
and  thoroughly enjoyed  by  both
sides.    In the evening many ladies
came to watch the games.    Coffee
and sandwiches were served about
10 o'clock  and the  kindly  feeling
of  "hail fellow well met" prevailed.     The   visitors   were:    Dr. G.
S.   Jermyn,  G.   J.   Fraser, D. E.
Burpee,  R.  D.   Fraser,  skip;   J.
Robinson, G. Crookston, W. Montgomery,    F.     W.    Fraser,   skip.
They  were all pleased with their
reception and it is hoped that they
will find another opportunity   of
paying-another visit.
Greenwood rinks were skipped
by J. H. Goodeve; G. S. Walters,
2; James Kerr; W. Walmsley; P.
H. McCurrach, 2; A. N. Docksteader.
Eight games in all were played,
Osoyoos winning 5,Greenwood 2
and !htied, the total score being,
Osoyoos 83, Greenwood 55.
Aaron Sapiro
Kettle Valley Notes
Mr. and   Mrs. Chas.   Bubar
for Penticton on Sunday.
Mrs. H.   Martin left on Sunday
morning's   train   for   Vancouver.
John Walker was a visitor to
Grand Forks during the w��ek-end.
Captain A. D. Welstead motored
to Greenwood on a business trip on
B. Bubar cam* down from
Beaverdell on Saturday, returning
on Wednesday's traiD.
A-Skating Club has been formed
in the Valley, with Major R. Gray
as secretary-treasurer. Members
fee $1.00.    The Club ia open to all.
Comdr. N. Lewis returned on
Tuesday from' Vernon where he
wenfeas a delegate to the Political
Convention. He states that the
convention was splendid, Borne of
the best men in!B. C. 'being
Is.It Anybody's Business?
Is it anybody's business
If a gentleman should choose
To call upon a lady���
If the lady doesn't refuse?    -
Or to speak a Httle plainer,
That the meaning all may know���
Is it anybody's business
If a lady has a beau.
Is.it anybody!s business
When that gentleman does call?
Or when he leaves the lady?
��� Or if-he comes at all?
Or is it necessary
That the curtain should be drawn,
/To .save fromjurther trouble , -      ...
From outside lookers-on?
Is it anybody's business���
But the lady's���if her beau        7.
Rides out with other ladies
/And doesn't let her know? .'"..
Is it anybodyls business���.. 7.
'.   But the gentleman's���if she  V-
Should accept another's escort -;
.Where he doesn't chance to be?.-  ���:
If a'person's on the sidewalk'-;-���   ���
' ��� Whether great or whether small, "-
Is ifc.anybody's business -
.. Whether that person'mea'ns'to call?.
And if you see. a person,-   .    '���'��� y X
'��� As" he's calling anywhere,'' -'
-Is it anybody's" business .....
.! What'his business may be. there. _
The-substance bf.ourquery.- .
- Simply stated, would be this:.; -'_   .���
,Is it anybody's business!-  '" ���  -. - ���' '���;;
-, What;;another's'_business,is?-._!yxi.
Or if it.is, or'if it isn'tV.-.'-:    7     '-.
, We; would really, like to know.
For we're certain,' if it isn't,
..' There are some who make' it so: .
If it is we'll join-the rabble     ',���'
"Aisd act this noble part'
Ofthe tattlers and defamers- '
'. Who throng- the public mark.   ,*"-'.
If it isn't we'll act the.teacher, '���-,- - ���-'.!'
.. .Until each' meddler learns'- .
' Twould'be" better-in the future-.   '.
If he'd .mind-his own concerns.
Mr. Sapiro has come and convinced the Okanagan Valley that
co-operation will solve the difficulties at present confronting the
growers. The enthusiastic audiences that heard him at Vernon,
Kelowna, Penticton and Summer-
land prove this beyond the shadow
of a doubt. The enthusiasm that
he aroused must be taken advantage of at once so that the plans for
the marketing of the 1923 crop
may be carried out.. The leaders
realize this and are working to
that end..
Mr, Sapiro is a brilliant and
finished speaker. He .has a pleasing personality and ' the sincerity
There will be a public meeting
in the Co-Operative Hall, Rock
Creek on Saturday, Jan. 20th at
1.30 p.m., to hear the report of the
delegate to the Provincial Convention. All who are interested in
hearing the objects of the new
party are invited to attend. This
will be followed by a meeting of
members to formulate rules for the
local association.
Midway News
Mrs. W. B. Stewart has returned
from Grand Forks Hospital where,
she has been undergoing treatment..
Geo. Pitman, of Myncaster,
made a business trip to town.
Mrs. H. H. Pannell returned
from Grand Forks last week.
Mrs. J.. G. McMynn, who has
been seriously ill, is improving.
Don't" forget the date. ., Ice
Lost His Enthusiasm
At a wedding in Scotland recently the bridegroom looked 'soVex-
treiri.ely ..wretched arid got 7ep fidgety,; Btariding first on one foot and
then on the 7other, that theV.'best
man" decided he. would find out
;what the:trouble.W��.8. V.
...f'What's up, Jock?'', ha whispered. V'Hae ye lost the ring?"
V^o.n7 answered the\, unhappy
wretch, "the .ring is Safeenougb,.
but, mon, Ive lost ma enthusiasm."
and conviction  with' which, "he de- J^pfVj ?kaT3g   "nk'   Green
livered his address show .that hi  WOod'F">J, January 26th.
heart is in-his work. 7. v     V
He came.not. as one to.tell us
I'what you should do," but rather,
���'let me..tell you""'what we ;have
done. and,! perhaps! in that! way .1
can; help. -you.''; He came!'."in' a
spirit of. co-operation. - ... 7 "*
���-������. ^fa6 -fay has been shown. - 'Let
every grower," basiness: man :and
citizen of the Valley", get/behind the
movement." "By 7;everyone:Vdoing
his share thejob.can. arid.!must;be
done'..7\: --'-'V.-"-;.'���--,-7 ..;' ��� V '���
..While there were' som e who: were
skeptical as to tlie good .which Mr.-
Sapira.could do at this time; there
are none now. He has 'shown the
growers which road to travel and
uow-rests with them. There is
now little doubt but that they wiil
takehis advice."-. -   ;; 7     ..';
Mr. Sapiro is a self made man.
He was raised in a. San. Francisco;
orphanage; and while littleVknbwn.
here of his early history, he studied
law and after dping a gerieral
practise for a. time specialized in
co-operative _ law. Today he; is
known ''throughout. ---'the'-'-United
States and Canada as the : contin 7
ent's most noted authority 'on the
subject.. ,His;firm,Vwhose offices
are in Sari Francisco,; acts as !coiin-i
eel for forfcy-Wb. different;.cooperative; organizatiorie, a ...factV.which'
8hov?s his standing. ^-VeffforiJfews;.
;       Anaconda
.The Maple Leaf Social Club will
hold a. Hard Time Dance in the
School on- Feb. 14th . (Valentine
Day)7at S p.m. Admission: Ge_nts,
not members of club, SOc.; gent
members 25c; ladies free.. Ladies
to provide, refreshments. Ladies
riot bringing refreshments will be
charged 25c. for.aupper. 7. Proceeds
to renumerate mueiciansVfor.their .
siarvices/. Come and haveagood
iime.x>y,:X.-yx-=-.xX;-._,...-'..- -.-.-.-":.   '"-'-
-.A   merry . throng . of .about: 40;
people from  the: surrounding district met at the home of  Mr. and .
Mrs. S. Bombini. on Saturday night
and. had  a real!jolly time.    The.s
evening was -spent in; dancing in-7
tersperced  with! songs; and recitations, the iriusic being supplied byr_-
R; Roylance, BV Bclmbini.. and J.;
Roylance.    Supper:, was served' at.,
midnight....'!. ;     .
There, will be no meeting 7of
the Cubs ori Saturday owing to
the Cub" Master not been able to
be present.
Rising betimes in tne morning
is a virtue that all young men
would do well to cultivate. In
nearly all callings this habit is a
money maker. One reason is
that the early riser gives a man
a long day in which' to do
something. Another reason it
helps .to strengthea the moral
fibre. And . a strong man with
lots of time to do it in can accomplish much-7        -   .���-.���
Pay your subscription Th�� Ledge
XX"And 7N0 Wonderv
The nurse was indignant She
.had just been ministering to the
voung= woman who.presided over
the.toilet preparations, and was
suffering from a cold that .threatened to develop into pneumonia.
"Severe coercive methods, ought
to be invoked to deal with some
pf these senseless girls," the
nurse exclaimed. "Ordinary talk,
logic, pleadings, experience and
all else do no good. That girl
who just left is wearing' satin
slippers so low cut that they
would come off if it were, not for
the Straps across the instep.
Satis, siippers in winter! Can
you beat, that? What kind of a
wife and mother. tsrili that girl
make with, her brokea constitution ?"���The News.
Two i.risbrnen were indulging in
a quiet gariic of cards when it came 7
to Pat's turn to deal. ..-';.'���      V.V.-
- During the deal, Pat remarked:..;.
"Moike,phwat. was. the. last card I
jgave ye?"-' -;V; ".- X _.''. .,.'".. ���,'- -'.'" ;.
.-"A spade." replied Mike.:
.,.-'���!"I thoaght-it was," replied Pat,
"the way ve^ spat on your hands
before jep.eked it up." '
Attend tKe Masquerade
Greenwood   Skating   Rink
��� ;, y���y-Qji-������_;.; ...
Friday, Jan. 26th. at 8 p.m.
/ SI^C .PRIZES "W.;-'.:W
Best Dressed. X^dy, Best.Pressed 'Gfitit,"
Best "Dressed Girl, Best Dressed Boy,:
"Best Comic, and Most Original" Costame
Children'* Races after judging
afc 8.45.   Skadng tiii 10.30
Adults goc.   Children 25c! .
Adnlis'ssc,   Children   tsc." �����
THE    LEDGE,    GREENWOOD.    B.     0.
reak chest colds
Apply Sloan's. It draws congestion to the surface. Starts blood
circulating freely and thus
breaks up the cold I
imuta      ~tolk POM!
Develop Canada s Foreign Trade
Tho prosperity of the Canadian people depend* upon Hie development of
the natural resources of tin; Dominion for the use of people both al homo and
abroad. Possessed as yet of only a small population, but with a great extent,
of territory and an enormous wealth in natural resource.'!, it is ;i self-evident,
fact that if tho development of Canada's resources is limited to the requirements of the home market, growth will be rcgrelably slow and the prosperity
of all people now resident in the Dominion long delayed. While Canada needs
population, and the resultant much enlarged home market, it also requires
that its foreign trade be enormously and even rapidly extended.
No nation, any more than an individual family, can become rich and prosperous by trade confined to and carried on among its own members, !Tarti-
cularly in the case of a country like Canada, still largely in an undeveloped
and, pioneer state compared with other countries, is it essential that the raw
materials of our resources be developed and sold to those other nations re-
c.uiring them, and who in turn have something wliich Canada cannot produce
for itself.
Without encroaching upon the realm of controversial political topics, it
can, we think, be stated without fear of successful contradiction that the economical, fiscal or trade policy of Canada for many years has been based on the
principle of seeking to conserve the home market of Canada to Canada, rather
than seeking .to develop Canada by energetically endeavoring to place Canadian products iu foreign markets. That is to say, the theory which lias found
general acceptance has been that it was much more important that Canadian-
made goods and products should be sold in Canada, even to the exclusion of
foreign-made goods and products, than to develop the use of Canadian products and promote Canadian industry and bring wealth into Canada through
the export of our goods and products to other lands.
Without presuming to pass judgment in this column on the wisdom or unwisdom of such a policy in the years that have passed, we arc strongly of the
opinion that the present Canadian policy la following along correct and sound
lines In seeking to obtain a larger entrance for Canadian products into the
markets of other countries. The action of. the Dominion Government during
the past few months in negotiating trade treaties with France, Italy and Australia, and in opening negotiations for similar treaties with Belgium and Spain,
and possibly with other countries, is undoubtedly in line witli the present-day
requirements of Canadian industry and progress.
It is an illuminating fact recorded in the press recently that, following
the signing of a trade treaty with France, one of the big Ontario manufacturers of agricultural implements secured a large French order, and this Canadian factory began working full staffed and fuli time on the order at a time
when the domestic demand was more or less stagnant.
... Canadians can, 'generally'/s'peaking, ..be ..'depended' iipoii" id .give "a/ pr"efer':-
. ence hr their" purchases to''tlio*'pr.o.luc.s" of.fhcir own .fields, rind factories, when
these-can be obtained of asVgood'quality-as those of oilier countries.  > "Both
national "pride ',anii- sclf-latercst _liclate-;'tlie' use"- by Canadian's 'Oof .Canadian-'
made nriic.le5;..and compulsion is not needed to promote such.trade.-- .But.thq!
..active interest arid assistance of Government is required.to' open tire door's and
pa'v.e (.he-way for. an expansion'Tin Canada's .-export trade:  . Thls.is-about all ��i-
Goyc'rruncnt.'should;-be expected (o do.-   .1. then,.remains "for transportation.
.interests-, both/railway and mercantile 'marine!.,for .financiers'; .manufacturers
' arid coniinercial interests .generally/to.seize'-the;-'opporliihity .presented to them
-and push Canada's^wares-into' "these markets.-.!'-' ..XX'X.- ;.-'' '"V. X'X- VV"
- ;- It is to be', .hoped that the.steps" already -taken !to. extend -Canada's _ triide'
abroad will, be-continued! -Canada'.needs the services ;o��.a-'larger.number
of al er I ami ��� cfli cienl. trade -'couimis'.. loners abroad", "men"- appointed riot .through;]
7p61ltipiil~.Hill.-or with the idea of .providing;., sdft.'bertlrfqr. so nib ..friend, or"
party worker; but'k'eeii -commercial; travellers or.-'sales, managers foi; Canada,,
men .on the.;spot in.the world's-trade" centres who will improve every, opportunity to introduce. Canada's products.' j'ni.6' those markets, and 'who'-will.], rompt-
,3y'3-eport;ever"y"favorable factor .tliat ..can be utilized- for Canada's benefit.!" .V
:   -..' A Big, broa'd. "comprehensive trade policy;, national In'its scope and-inter-
national in its "operations, is one of the. things which, rightly - conceived'and
- energetically;'directed; will" prove.;a powerful" agency -'-in -bringing, a return of;
.industrial; "and" conimerclal activity- to. Can a da'and prosperity to its people.'
Accuracy of the Bible
History of King's Has Been Found
Absolutely Correct
There i.s no book in the world that
has been handed clown as has the
Bible. There are twenty-nine kings
of Egypt, Israel, Judah, Moab, Damascus, Tyre, Babylon, Assyria, Persia;
ten different countries mentioned
among these twenty-nine, both in the
Bible and on the monuments, so we
can trace them. Every one of these
is mentioned iu the Bible as king of
the right country. Every one of the
twenty-nine is mentioned in the correct chronological and synchronous
order. Remember, some of these
kings reigned, like Barneses II., for
sixty-two years; some for two months.
If you were going to write tiie history
of this century, and had to gel those
little kings in the Balkans and Germany aud Austria and Italy down
right in the synchronism and in their
relativly, you would find ii a big problem. But the Bible has its kings
right.'-���TR. Dick Wilson.
For Infants and Children-
in Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of
Discovered True Remedy
For Systematic Catarrh
A bad case of Catarrh is not an ensy
thing to treat, and a remedy that
makes good, deserves great credit.
Catarrhozone certainly fixed up Chas.
II. Webb, wlio writes from Woodstock:
"For a number of years I was troubled
with   Systematic   Catarrh.     Nothing
helped me very much.     I used Catarr-' nothing less than this.     To call peo
hozone  Inhaler and  got relief.      To j ..,���  ! __._���.__.-..,	
Telephone Courtesy
Immediate Response to Call Is Only
Common Politeness
Courtesy is the cheapest gift in
the world. It costs nothing. It involves no obligation. It always
pleases the recipient. Nobody is the
loser thereby. Yet thousands of people who are courteous in their personal relations with* their fellows iu business manifest a lamentable and inexplicable lack of courtesy when using
the telephone. It should be obvious,
even to the most obtuse mind, that
anybody calling another person on the
telephone ought to bc ready to speak
to the person called immediately a
connection is established. Yet tho
common formula will be found to consist of "Watt a Minute."
The -wait covers tlu. time occupied
by the operator at the calling end iu
notifying tho person who has called
that tlie person who has been called
is ready. But why not a direct connection, instead of intermediary de
lays extending from the operator
through a clerk or a secretary or some
minor official up to the person calling?
Common courtesy dictates   this,   and
A .Land of White Houses
- People" in !Ber'mud.a Use No.'Coior. in
-���.   ���   -.   - ��� ;. '������". Building -  7"  ;-   7 ,' -
-;7-The,..Bermu.das.-are- a lami-df.-white
! houses. ���No other .color-is. I.p be.'seeii."
They.'are'.all built of.the native .white
Vstotiie Vol'! "coral; formation,'- which",i_iV
derlies every foot'of "soil. 7 When .first
quarried, ihe-���stone-is 'so,.._o!f that.-it
may be-cut-" with 'a- .knife,'.: but -it-
���hardens' 7.yith.. exposure- to- the riir.
When a -Berniudait7wish"s';to; build
himself a house'; allhe,'h"as7,.to.;.do-. is
to 'buy himself-ir.piece. tif'Vian.d and
;sera';pe/ off'- a'7'foo.t.o'r iwo"of soil >"to
reach" Ills quarry. : ". yX-'XX- ���-.'������>.'��� ]'-
By-means of a. saw tlie'-.P.ioiifv. i7 ". iit
. into pieces of the   proper   sis-,.-. -"Thin!
, Hal-slabs'of ih.o -same in.alerh'. .form
..the roof. .-������The' houses, ?von including   the. roofs,  are -frequently   white.-
-���wa_shed.'on' the outside, and eunlr.-lyt
strongly with tho.rti.ep grce.a verdure
by wliich thfy-iirosui-.i-ounih-d. 'fin iv
aro-'no"-siinnt.ie*s;-as there i.re. in tint
rest of the .world-.... .   '-���' .
Will Be Demand
For Draught Horses
R'. E. Wilson "Advises Western' Farm-
r-!;^;-1 ers Jo .'Be Prepared ;���; -"- ~
7 A-��� committee''-froin '."the . Manitoba
U'brse -Breeders' -Association., will- be
appointed:!-io confer with the'propc'i;
authorities'.in- Saskatchewan, regarding the-desirability of ai- uniform enrollment of'stallions.-between-tlie two
porvin'ce's,, it' -was.'decided-al- the. -annual- meeting, of the Manitoba hdrso
"breeders .at' Brandon. ._������' X '���' 7 '���'��� -' - - V-
-"-'.T. W_:'J.ejd was..' re-elected., P.rdsi:
dent-. ���-... ���;_������ Xy - -:-. " 'X'X yX.-'' ��� 7,..--'
! it:' V.. -. Wilson;! .^of.the-Dominion.
Biv^.-no'elV i.jfanch, Void, tlie 'delegate.
I hat for. the" '-next! "f ewvyea'rs-- eastern
���"dealers would be!, coming';west- for
llieTr horses' and,-, advised "-western
farmers'. .to"- ke,ep.:'on- raising-good
.draught. :;liot--rC:P.; -With - the ret tii'-ii. of
conditions to iior'nial" - iii . ih"c.,\woi-t
tlu-i-f "would be'ft fairly-good de'maml
for horses and this would- l>h"a -paying branch ot" r.hc agricultural industry, he'said.
and  go
build up my system, I used Ferrozone
This combination can't be beaten.
They made me well." Your case
may also be bad, but Catarrhozone
will do for you what it did for Mr.
Webb. Two months treatment ?1.00,
sniall size 50c. All dealers or the
Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Canadians Not Cheese Eaters
There are about 0,000,000 people
in Canada and every one of them
over two years of age should be a
regular consumer of cheese. Now
they eat less than three pounds each
a year. They should be consuming
twice as much, and even then they
would be using only about one-half
the quantity per head that is consumed in Great Britain.���Toronto
Unfortunately    for    our
body has yet discovered
rest in a hurry. ���
times, no-
1   way   to
A man's debts last
longer   than his
pie upon the telephone and then keep
them waiting, or expect them to wait,
is lo mistake boorishness for politeness. Moreover, as time is money
more today than ever before, it is, by
implication, also theft.���From the
Montreal Star.
New Use For Radio
Exact Location of Herring Schools
Given to  Swedish   Fishermen
The radiophonc~is becoming a serious menace to tho safety of the herring off the Swedish coast. The fishermen out at sea soon will be told
from the Gothenburg radio central thc
exact location of the herring schools.
This unique service, which will tend
to eliminate wasteful waiting on the
part, of ..fishermen', and will doubtless mean a considerable increase
in the catches of herring, is tlie newest commercial use to which tlie wireless telephone will be put in Sweden,
according lo plans just completed.
While   merchant c vessels have lor
Housekdld Hints
Iteoipoa   For
tha   Busy
Bailey Hermits
1 cup brown sugar, 3 leups Hour.
Via cup shortening, Vi teaspoon nutmeg.
2 well beaten eggs.
y. teaspoon cinnamon, 1-3 teaspoon
V_! cup chopped nutmeats.-
-,i cup chopped Sun-Maid Raisins.
V* teaspoon baking soda.
V/2 tablespons milk or water,
Va teaspoon ground cloves.
Cream shortening, gradually working in sugar, raisins and eggs, then
slir in the soda which has boon dissolved in the milk. Mix and sift together the salt, Hour and spices, stir
into the first mixture, cover ,and let
stand for an hour or more, then roll
to .._ inch thickness and cut with
round cutter. Bake in a rather quick
oven (375 degrees F.) for about 20
Raisin Caramel Frosting
���li cup sugar, V-i'cu.) brown sugar.
VI cup hot water.
;t stiffly beaten egg white.
VI cup chopped Sun-Maid Raisins.
Cook sugar and water until it
threads when dropped from tho lip of
a spoon. Remove from fire and when
bubbling ceases stir slowly into egg
white. Beat until thick enough to
spread. Add raisins and spread on
cold cake.
Furs From'Canada
According to advices from Washington, B.C., Canada- is the principal
source of the United States imported
raw furs, which now annually accounts for between 20 and 25 percent,
of the total import value.
Mr. A. i-l. Lee; Beamsvllle, Ont.,
writes:���"I am delighted to let you
know what I have to say regarding
the good Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills did me.
A short time ago I-suffered with
heart and nerve trouble, and was so
bad I could not sleep, only about two
hours each night. My heart was so
bad I lfad spells when driving on thc
road and would f;iint away, and neighbors    would    carry    me   in from my
TrieTobacco of Quali ty
and in packages
Lost Wings In Evolution
Reason Penguin Cannot Fly Like
Other Sea-Birds
Ages ago the penguin, whose wings
are short, paddle-like flappers, entirely useless for flight, could fiy as
well-as any other sea-bird, oiuce the
bird inhabits only remote lands in or
near the Antarctic regions, whore if
has few human or animal enemies, it
B.C. Douglas Fir
Canada's Finest Wood For Structural
�� -      Purposes
On account of its strength and,the
size iu_which it can be obtained Douglas fir of British Columbia is considered as Canada's finest wood for structural purposes although it has many
other uses.     The tree reaches heights
exceeding   250   feet   and   diameters
came to spend all its time'on land or; above seven or eight feet, although it3
in the water.. Generation after generation it failed to use its wings' for
flying, and so in the course of long
evolution those wings became very
small and stiff, and "lost their long
feathers, until now they cannot be
moved,at the middle '"joint--like Hie
wings of Hying birds.
But the penguins became wonderful
divers   and   swimmers,   using  'their
wings one after the other as a
paddles-a canoe with a  -double. pad-
size'is much below this on an average
in the interior part of British Columbia. ' It is an important timber for
structural purposes, for the production of lumber, railway ties, piles,
mine timbers, wood block paving -ind
many other purposes.
The Kidneys Seldom, to Blame���The
.. ":T"rouble Due to Blood Impurities
-; There is more nonsense talked abotit
backache than -.any 'other .'trouble.
Some people'have been frightened into
the belief .that 'every: backache uri'eans
deadly kidney', trouble. " As a matter
bf;-medicar.fact'- not:-orio backache -in:
twehty has anything "to do with "the
kidneys.,-. Most .backaches, come froni
sheer ��� weakness and kidney' ^Irugs
can't lielp that'- You need-something
to.improve your-"blood-and build you!
up.'.'and-th'atis exactly what Br.-Williams':. Pink-Pills wlUdo.V.'Some backaches- are-really ..muscular' rheumatism;/some-are the symptoms of. suclr
ailments as influenza," indigestion* "constipation and.-'liver.troubles. - ln.:'wo-,
-men" mostVbackaciies * come - from : 11113'
-weakness or irregularity of the blood
supply.- -' To".get rid of the trouble
take a., tonic-.like' Dr. Williams'..Pi'nk-
.-Pills' to enrich .::the blood and bring-
strength to aching . backs arid"; weak
nerves.-,-'. Sir.- \V. - Prince,- Loyerlhg,.
"dnt., tells .what lhes'e."piils..dl.d for hiin'.
-He says:���'-'.Periodically "I suffered' for.
about five -years with backache. . '- If I'
caught', cbld"'it sechied- toisettleiiimy'
back which pained'me "so "badjj' that. I
could hardly turn-over in bed.-1' These,
attacks would, last for a week, or' ten.
day's,.-"I tried many-remedies;but they
did-no* .drive away the trouble. About
two- yea.rs_agp,-while' -suffering froni
.one-of these atlacksia friend advised
fine iolry-.piv \Villiams*;Pi.nk- Pill's.' :1\
followed'his advice, with the best of
results, asl .have, had ho attack-of the
.trouble !sin"ce,- 'and' 17.feel sure . thai!. I
.am. permanently relieved.".-, ." " 7"
You cari'get these'- pills "thro.ugh any
���dealer in niedicine-'or by "mail postpaid
wagon.      I also look these spells in .
.the night and during mv dnilv work ! d'e. and steering with their teet.
some time been required by the law j on the farm.     My nerves were so bail'
I would jump out of bed, and was then
compelled to walk the floor before 1
could settle down again, bur after.taking a few boxes "of     '  "     --.'.""-
to carry . wireless . equipment, the
smaller fishing vessels have hitherto operated without systems' of. communication with the land. - They will
now receive-weather .reports;: forecasts, and "news; as well'as the radio
tips regarding, the" appearance of the
.herring....: .".--���, , ���,-"''! .-V ���',V - !'--
' Plans are 'ori" 'foot -to .distribute
news "iii , Sweden by'radio telephone:
Experiment's1 - ar.o ."being! -mad
St'ockliblniVas a. centre. -.-"
Decrease In Immigration
Canadian     Immigration     Last    Year
.'Declined 26 Per Cent.
The" number  of  immigrants   enler-
iod    from
Great Growth " .!'.
Exports of pulp and paper from
iianj Canada in the first eight months of
1922 were valued at���.$78,000,000. The
exports for the whole jVear 19^2 were
valued at less than $2,000,000. These
figures are the^measure of the growth
of natural Canadian industry in a decade.
.-.7. Latest Tax in".Germany
-.'A-tax on gluttony;is,the.latest method of raising .funds'to be devised'by
!th"e-hiuriicipalityoi'-Berlin.! , ' / .-
"X Glutton.'-.', is'.���;.defined" in the regula-"
"lions as.- "excessive -consumption -of
food or drink,"arid-the fact !of, excess
is- "determined;.- by.- the'cost", of:the
-meal. 7; The! figure-in marks" tit.which;
"the gluttonjr begins is . to -be; fixed
.and .announced monthly."."" ..'-The .cost
of. eating iu -excess of ~- this- - amount
r ���. ��� -   .,���-m  - .���      ���---���" ,7-7, ���,'ing Canada-during tlie    peri
I can-iionestlv sav. 1   am -a. itIIov/h.- ,    ��� �� '
man.-; f now,feel "in tiie.bOKf of hearth.'! AP"'"! to ..Nov. 30, 1922,-decreased 2t>
In-"fact.-"the best'I've, been lir-forlliree ��� per-'"cent,   'when    compared with "the
years, and can do any scl;is"s;;ol'-\vork j number"- entering "during the'eorres-
with.p!ea"sure;wh<:r-befoi;e.lif^���s ir;.1)6lldjn ' _;er.'cl    rt^_       vjous
lion,   burden, to.me.":  ... .    ,.:,>,-.,..    :-. -���  ��- . -: -. 7      .    ���   ,     K       /
- - ' Price -'-SOc. u'.b'ox at -all- dealpvs 'or.; according-.to statistics, ol- thc. Depart-
malled 'l.ir'ect' on receipt. !of" prlre byVVnent .1 of,.inimigra"tibn.7 During'������'the
The .T.; aiilburri Co.. .Limited, -Toronto!-"; in22'. period, GS,s'S2    immigrants7 -en-"
.0nV ..  '!_ ;."7W : ~. '      -_'-W     -     i'tcre'il'   Canada, '-."of ,whomi27,2G2. were
'".'''   -"}!British' .subjects', ...lS',6-10''froiiiVUnited
. '-;!- States, and- 31.580. froin'  other", coun-*
U'l'.img-;- ---- -' ���       --   '. ���    1   - ���--. ���-.- -
.    ,,   .   ,��      ....  .   .... ,.-,.������,    -"'tries.   .   During   -tho"    corresponding
in the- \ermihon . district.   - Jjiit-vean-;       .���  ;   -.,���-,-���- ���"���������.- x -   . ���,*
at ' - 1 ���" 1 ' -'  1 ",< -, i"   -'^iU    .n'..n:"* - ���  Period ol the previous year a total-of
.May  lst-and  October 31st..   \'X^., ap-;   ���  ;^._. - .,������-;,-:���'���
.     .-..,.. - .������'...   "       ,      :.- ,��� .-. -    i.fj.ixo, entered, 3a,903 of whom .were
-proximately ()00,.0()0 pounds- ot-bulter,'   -
were'Shipped to' Vancouver.'' "'i)iiririy
thc months of June,-July and-'Atigust
Dairying-is""the.riialnstay' of
will; be.
taxod'at the ;rate-of -23 "per,
at'"50'! ..cents "'"..i .box 'or; six boxes, for.
$2.-50".7f'rbm.; The .-Dr-. Wilila'ms"! Medicine C6.,-Brockville70.nt:..' .-";'   "..'   ,
'Would' Enlarge Probation System
Rec.ornrnendatiens   to   Go' Before"-th'e
"���   Ceil ii ci! ofthe Canadian .-
."-!.'"Bar  Association   "��� "���-..���"-.-  '���'.!-,
. "!An increase .in -Ihe.system.of-'prdba-
tioirV pej-iti.isHion-to administer ^spank-
.ing as -piinishmoht of youthful' offend-'
' ���: Kindly Judgment..'!";; ;"' -7'
- Do not-.."judge .'m.eii h.1 together ..b'y;
whiitV they do'b'r ,v! hat! lliey say or even
by, what-they are; - Judge them! rather/by .what. they, try hardest" to!be.���
Toledo -Blade.-'" -'. '���,: .;".  :"    ."' ' "   .'-. ���
��� ������**���>*���**������*���**���#.+���*.������*-*������+�������������%**#-*��-���.���
..An- Eastern View, of the Hudsbn-.-B.ay
. .11'��� ""���'������!���  ''������   ! -Railway .Route v-,.,-,..- ���'-'
Tlie following sage remark" is'frohi-
a recent.issue of the'Ottawa"journal:",
,  The . ]DoiiiInion-;"-G'overninerit "btillt-'a
1  railway, io Port. Nelson, wliich is -fay-
j orably.situated 'asV-a!port for tlie'dis-
J patch"   of "'steamers-:--to ��� and   from
Europe, and it;iias!bcen-,anVuiuiualir
ficd   failure '-. " V'.   -The   utliizaiibn
Tape's; Diapepsin". is the" quickesti]..or-.s.!J.c!l;Kc,iannc.1 !J,S ? ^iort.,ct!t bc:
surest ' relief -for indigestion,', gases,-]; I ween" the grain growing . centres.-of
j flatulence; heartburn, .sourness; .feH.fhe west ami .Liverpool Whcw known
- * -"���
'Rape's Diapepsin-VCorrcds ���
.' Spur> Upset ;Slomachs,' '!
.-'=���/���- -;- 7 7:11 Once-  Xy' X.'.'
British subjects, 23,279-from, the"-Unit-
Led'." states and 717,393" from other
".countries. ��'-. " '.���."���. ���      ���        ���-" - : ���'���   ��� '���-
that local dairy company paid out JS00,
daily for.'"cream to Viiribusipairons.. 7r
-. -      " Qf No Importance
���-Drives '-"Asthma- Before" - lf."";.;The! .Rppbrter.fWhanks. very "much for
smoke or vapor-from: I)r.\'J,. U.Kel-; your information';"-"I '.shall .describe
logg's ;Asthma:;Keniedy; gives'- ns'tlima ithe". bridal"dress -and' those^.'of ���; the
no-chance to .linger. 'It eradicates - / .,- -.' ���'.-,- ._.',-- , ��� --.. -
the. cause. .-Our experience with the ,���u.ds:as,weli as-.the.house.decorations
relief-giving remedy shows, how'actual |:���*l .the presents...-But,, naturally,'the
and positive.is .the succor.it.give9,;7.It'.public..will-be.interested -in-tho'^bride--
!* A'leVrofu^:!>^n(li:!.1^^""(1:5X!,^'i:;i srooni.     Wl.iitr,f-sjmli -71' ;sa>. ..about
him���"-'.   ���.".    ���-_."'  .; ��� ���.-..-"    "-,   ; '.--.
Bride's- .Ma'nfma".���-"Well, I
ment and was not   submitted   lb the'
public-until its makers knew -it7would
do; its work well. ;,   '--       - .'.,.'
Confident Ignorance
- Your. courici.cnee..'w-;Vs Riven, jou for
personal, use. .��� ,})o.h'x.���J.i'-y-to. m.tke. ir
the. oilier ;fel!ow^s-gui'deV ��� ���' .:
ivcrs;_..-.ll!e. necessity of--.-iit JeastV! Ave \ inVnitfilbn'-or stomach-distress caused
j-years. as a ���b;irrlster-:it-law. in'order to j'by acidity. ' A "few! tablets give"almost j
I. become eligible' foi- -iippoihtment- to' �� imme'dJate. stomaehV relief..". Correct'
.judgeship- oX a"Tiiagi:jtracv;::adiuInW|->"9urstomach anydigcH. lon;now.tor.a
i. - .    -     .--:."-''-  ., ��� ���-. I fow cents.
��� trauons of ��� prisons. after the manner | ,'packagcg','
DrUBgists.sell millions of
!     Fi'.minino intiiiUon is the mother of,
I "1-rn.Id-you-so."       -,       ���-'���;"-".--''
Nerves So Bad That
She Would Sit and Cry
Mrs; Mary Hocking,  Madoc,   Ont.,  writes:���.
"Dr. Chase's Nerve Food has dope me a wonderful lot of good.
I suffered from general weakness and was so run down and my iieart
and, nerves were in such bad shape that I would sit down and cry
and not know what I was crying about. I also
used to have, weak spells. Thanks to Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food, however, I am. real' well. now, I
shall a'ways keep a box of the
" Nerve Food, in the house, andrcr
commend them to ' fny  friends; -
they are a wonderful medicine."'
Madoc, Ont., says: :-"I. have sold'
Mrs, Hocking!, your ,Nerye Food,
and the medicine.has done her"
much good.'') "���' '.'!���'.'-. - V 7   "-,-'���
'���It*'   """   "  ""  v';"'''
"��� DR*'-.CBASCTS
SQ Cents a bos, all cJeflirrs, or Kdiuansan. iBates '& Co.. Ij,td., Toronto
I of factories, vliero -wiifjes'" sl.oiiJil'jbe
I paid to pri&oneri:, to go largely to the'
(suiiport of the prisoners' families:- are
some' -of: the .recommendations to go
before ' the ���, Council, of'lhe- Canadian
-liar'Association'. '.They were-read by,
j Judge Coatsvorth at ";i "mecting.'of the
) Vork l'ioneors' f?oeiety iii'Toronto.
With regard to - ihe present-day
.method" ol" treatment of prisoners.
Judge ' Coat.svroilh .said: "It has
been found that SO to L'O per cent, of
the offender.-, who are placed' on probation or parole live up to the rajuir-
i ed Ft'aridard and find their way back
to respectable society."    ��� -
XX. Religion Was Intact. .
-An' old darhy. gp.t up one night at a
revival, meeting and Vsaid: "Urudders
an'-sisters, you knows fin". I'k&ows-dat
I..ain"t'ljeen;iwhp.t.7l/oiigiit*'r been.- - Iss
robbed;;hen-' roosts, ".and-, .stole," hogs,
an'Vtole lies," an'-got drunk ah'-"filashe<i
folks! wi'.'Vmali.-ruzpr/'an' shot.' craps!,
an''V'��i.f5<r-<l"an>sworp,' but'._!-thaEk-,the
Lord-.;'der's-"one. thing. 1 V.aint nebber
dpne;,''l;jt3nt.nef;ber lo^t .mah religion..'?
'- Pov/erful Lantern for-Lighthouse'..
Trinity House" linsVdecided largely to,
increase the power of the light of the
light,of tha Needles Lighthouse, at
the 'western,extremity of -the, Islc-of
."Wight.;-, -vThe; present,"35.000 "candie-.
power'-light, is',' to' be. replaced byTonc"
of a-million-.candlepower, which .Will
fciv'e "greater penetrative effect during
I'ogSJ' weather.
Experience 5s a great teacher, but
,her tuition fees are exorbitant!        . .
Cumbered witli endless rounds
of. duty, the.tired, nervous
mother generally finds ia .
cott's Emulsion
tonic-help of;, rarest value
1A little of Scott's after meals
i for a few days would do
�� a world of good.    Try ttj-.l.
Scott tt Eowt! e. Torimto. Ont.' 20H59 S
phiintasni!..;' y '-��� :... .-���!".. y ..'..'.���.- '-���'
���- This is the ! sort of ignorant cocksure, eastern-comment., .that-- -enrngpa
western opinion." - ��� 7'. ," -..' - "-. -]'...
:'-}ibv?X. could- .the Iludspn Bay"'route
have been demonstrated ":a'n, :"unqua.U-:
fied -failure" when' it- hiss never been
tried? "'"-,.
"The Dominion. Government built a
railway to ; Port "-Nelson,""������ says the
Journal., ";:Indeed"? -'is "a, railway, that
stops ninety miles short of.. its ter.
minus arid lias never been operated;
in any real sense of the term, to. be
regarded as having been "'built?"
Jf the Ottawa Journal will. Itludly
suspend further observations upon the
availability of the Hudson TtJay route
for ten or fifteen years it will have
some fatcts to go, on by which it will
be able to decide just liow.wide it lias
been of the mark, in the comment
quoted' above.���Manitoba Free,Press.
his name-must go:ln:. -.Ybii might say
tliathe was-among those present!," '-
Dye Faded Wrap,        V
-V   7 Skirt, Dress In'"'- ,-'-.'.-.'';-'���
Diamond Dyes
'-'.Each package of;,"Diamond Dyes"
contains directions so simple ,any woman .can dye or lint her old .worn.-fad-
e'd thing's new." - Even,if. she has never dyed .before", she. can put a-rich,
fadeless'".-color':--into .-: shabby "skirts,
dresses, '-'.waists,-;. coat's, -! stockings,
sweaters/;.coverings,- draperies, - hang:
.ings. everything... -Buy Diamond Dyes'
���no .'other, kind���rtheri perfect home
dyeing is guaranteed.- : Just tell your,
druggist '..whether.. tlio - - material you
vvlsii to. dye is wool or ."silk, "or whether
it;is. linen; cotton, ,or mixed goods:
Diamond Dyes never streak, spot,
fade/ or ruii. :.
,'X-X   Those Beautifui,Blues .
Here's a doctor; saying a good'word
for tlie blues.' - As a- means, of 'calm-;
ing. excitable.'temperaments and. high;
ly strung nerves, an-occasional gloomy
butlobk; on life- he' says, .is.distinctly
beneficial; And of course wo all
know how profitable it is for -dtntists
to feel down in the mouth.
How's Your Stomach?
Vim, Vigor and Health Follow
This Advice
Theodore, Sask.
���"It ia a pleasure
to me to write a
few ���lines   about    -
"Dr. Pierce's Gold- . ,
en   Medical   Discovery.     I, used..
. this medicine and
: can "say. it is just;  -
what I.wanted
and needed.. The
sour    stomach,-   ���
heartburn .after-7
eating arid tho gas are gone arid I ain
:-able to take cold water again. Before
I--had to take the water hot. on. ac-. 7
.count'of the stomach trouble... I reo-'V
dmmend 'Golden Medical Discovery'
. to. every one who knows what~a weak
stomach ia."���yv,'B, Waug'h."-"
V Need a.Tonic?,
Health Is Your Moat Valuable Asset.
Do Not Neglect It!
Hattpnford,* Alta.���"Being rundown
after the flu; I was in- a- weakened   .
condition,-had dizzy spells arid short
breathing, followed by .falntness.." It���".,
seemed-as-though I'd never feel-well;
again, but I. was "determined nbt;to
.give 7 up. ^ Hearing of Dr.  Pierce's
famous 'Golden Medical Discovery' I
sent for a !bottle. followed theidlred-.
tlons, and.soon felt less.tired and
"faint, and finally I. got back-to my
normal state.. I have thanked God 7
many times for restoring my health,
arid I gladly recommend this 'Medical
Discovery/ for it  ls. ab-\pure,,'and--.,
worth .a trial to anyone who is" run*
down."���Mrs. Gertrude .White, Crys-.   .
tal Springs Farm.   ... ,   .  ..   '
: Golden Medical Discovery Is put ���
up. In  Dr.  Pierce's  Laboratory  in  ..
Bridgeburg,. Ont, and  sold  by ..all
druggists in both tablets, and liquid.
Write Dr..Pierce, President.Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo, N.Y;, for fwa
medical advlcw.   7
"-'- . .  Was Afraid of Night Air
Tlia "reminiscences of one of" Napoleon's valets, lately published, preaent
a cheery picture of the ex-Emperor.'at
St. Helena rinsing .for his mail at da>'���
break .to draw the curtains and open-
the -windows.".,: "Let" in tlie.. air which;'
God made,-' he used 16- say, !wh.ea ho'
was in a-good humor; - Not even iii-;
his sunniest .-moods, ;howcver,,' <Hd ;ho."
dreanv" of Jetting -God's ralr' into .his'
bedroom at night!���New-York Times'.
Value of Crop
It is estimated that Western "Canada's wheat crop this year will bring
in ai profit of $45,650,625, divided.as
follows: Manitoba, ?8,19S,750; Saskatchewan, $23,777,250; and Alberta, $8,-
654,625. These figures are based ou
the last government estimate of" return.-".-' :, 7 '    -
., VV; ..Good Motto For 1923 7-7
. Koger W. Babson,'the prince ofstat1
isticians.-.and 7 economists/ "suggests
as; a "good rnotto. for. 1923:- "Bite, off
more;-than you can chew���thenVeliew,
it.'' X Babson-sees .prosperity .alieiid,
and'to, raake assurance'd0.ubly7sure.he!
wants ..^yerybody'.-jto"; iend'-a; liand.b>f j!", --''.V...!'--' '---'���     ~   '- '���';.    .-" -.;������!-.,-:..���-;"
? Sroduclng'all he can���and then some. ���'_ Minard's''Lrni'nient' for.Burns ',& Scafdt
Like Mind, Like. Poem,\,
V Poet-V-r'T put - my.- .whole mirid. into
this poem."  ���,;���������.;���'.-���''''  ��������� ������.���.'-.-��� 'X'X - X'
'-''Editor.���"Ei-idently.XVI. see.;-that
it's ..blank 7-verse/'-T-Vancouver Prov-
inceV.'7:'V.:.V'-!.-���. >- .-.  ���"������ --���   ������>-...-���
Cocoanut'trees in "Brazil are supposed, .to" live and bear fruit fi-qin-.'COO -to-
700 years,"but the date "'palm Is" not. "so
-hardy-, arid; seldom lives, to exceed 300
years.     ��� '   "-.-.-���...������- ���'
Give your local merchaats a chance.
Bay at home!
la JniIi.'--ppiisnMc in Jill
v.TFca    of    Uistrinncr.
��� ..  - ,.        Iiifluehsri, Coughs.
Golus. II-avoK and Wonns aiuu;ii.
norses find mules. Vs=oi\ .-ind endorsed Ijy leading: stock fnnii.s and
vet'eriin drivers ot U. S. ,iu<I t'.-in'-
ada for tliirly years. gold in two
eUcs ut -all tXv.t'A store.". - -   ���
^Si^��JH;^toicM7cct fe^iiEjtifm'ifcjyi!;
w.. N.V.u." iVoS
���tg)jg^if&mm!^-2tpw*&&i' THE    LEDGE.     GREEFWOOD.     B.     0.
-;J1K --���
The women of thc state of San Luis
Pbto, Mexico, are given the franchise
under a measure adopted by the state
Fourteen hundred Italian refugees,
who left Smyrna after the fire, have
sailed from Brindisi, Italy,.for Smyrna,
again to take up their residence there.
A resolution requesting congress Ao
riiodify and liberalize the Volstead
Prohibition Act was introduced at the
opening of jthe New Jersey Legislature,  s .      v.
Thc-  reduced   rental   charged   for
grazing privileges on school, lands in
tho western provinces of six cents per
acre, instead of ten cents,  is to be
'continued for another year.
Captain George Chanot, one of the
two French ^soldiers who were awarded the Victoria Cross during the Great
War, has been appointed magistrate
of St. Pierre, Miquelon.
The price of sugar has been advanced 15 cents a hundred by the Atlantic
Sugar Refineries, Limited. It was said
that the increase was effective all
over Canada. -7
Wonderful Work Is
Done In Damascus
Hand Looms Still Used for Weaving
Beautiful fabrics
The looms of Damascus have been
famous for many centuries. In this
city, where everything is still done
on the most primitive -way���where
meal is ground in stone mills turned
by camels, the hand looms are worked by a weaver and his draw-boy.
On these looms are made the beautiful damasks, woven in silks of
brilliant colors, that were known
throughout Europe and Asia as early
as the time of the Crusades.
Damascus was also famous for/its
Damascus blades in the Middle
Ages but few have been forged since
1399, when Tamerlane, the terrible
Tartar conqueror, raided the city
and carried off all ��the great armorers
to his own capitals.
These blades were so keen that they
would cut floating gossamar; so hard
that they would.shear an iron spear
in two as if it'were a reed; and'so
elastic that they would bend to a right
angle' and then spring back as ever.
The twisting and welding of two
grades of iron and steel gave them
their cutting properties, and also contributed a beautiful watermark pattern. To make them still more beautiful the Damascenes inlaid them with
marvelous designs done in gold and
silver.... Damascus today is still famous for this exquisite inlay work in
metals. -
���     I     '   ������
A Hundred Dollars Worth
For Thirty-Five Cents
When, you are awakened from a
sound sleep by Cramps, when without
a moment's warning pain springs
upon you, it's then you would readily
pay a hundred dollars for the quick'
relief you could! secure from a thirty-
five cent bottle of trusty old Nerviline.
Nothing like Nerviline to relieve
cramps, stomach gas, diarrhoea and
kindred ills. Nothing better for Neuralgia," cold in the -chest and sore
throat. The price of Nerviline is I
thirty-five cents, no more, no less, in
all stores where medicines are sold.
Calgary Citizen Declares Tanlac Ended His Rheumatism and Put
Him On His Feet
"Tanlac lost no time driving out my
troubles two years ago, when I had
rheumatism so bad .1 could hardly
work, and I haven't had a pain since."
This emphatic statement was made recently by David A.: McArthur, 1042,
10th Ave. E��� West Calgary, Alberta,
well-known proprietor of tho barber
shop at the National Hotel.
"If you ever had a bad toothache,"
he said, "you will know how I felt,
only that dull, throbbing pain was all"
up and down my left side. Every
joint in my left leg, arm.and shoulder
pained me all the time, and at night
I "could get no rest or sleep, no. matter
what position I tried to lie in. When
I was at work thc pains were just as
bad or worse, and I was simply miserable.
"What people said about Tanlac in
the papers started me taking it, and
I've been thankful a thousand times.
This medicine certainlyrdid the work
for me and I gladly recommend it to
Tanlac is foi- sale by all good druggists.     -
Over 35-million Lotties
The cost of living in Germany increased 753.C per cent, in December,
the average of prices being 685'.times
as great as those charged before the
war, according to figures published.
The main building of the Salvation
Army Temple at Peterboro, Ont7 to
gethcr, with the-Young People's Temple, were totally destroyed by lire
Jan.. 11 entailing a. loss of $100,000.
Thc council at The Pas donated the
"""���sum of $500 to start a special fund to
^be known as a "Hudson Bay Railwny
propaganda- fund," and to be increased by private contribution when re-
"-""���quir'ed. .; !  .��� 7 ���"-.,. !.".'���
.'-".'^Germany "is"buying bones.' -Flat
bones and round bones - are both in
. wider .demand, according to official ad-
. vices to' the Department of Trade and
Commerce. -.-The bone's are used for.
waking'tooth "brushes .'and buttons!-- .-
7 . A pioneer-party of 50 educated Kng-
- ilsh.women wlll'sail for Aus'trlia about
.the middie.'bf February-to settle. N.oar-
--' ly'400 a'ppliecl.-to. join the-party:; - The-
age..of*the' majority of those, accepted
,1s around SO.   .'_-' / -"_';.-��� -     ; --' ;
7'- "An ".Indian, "John" .'James, pf Mien.
! Water, west' of"-Fori-William, has'for-
..warded the. pelts :of' two timber-aiid
,elfkt-b'rusli wolvesjto'Jt.j_W.L-Brown,
.Indian, agent!'for "the . coj.ecti.on_ - of
! bounty7,; The Indian will receive $240
in-bounty!'liiono-yV-- ���   ' ;'-"���"''" 7 ���'."-'���
- -An-unusual 'education jirbjecl" is'be-':
ing--forwarded by the" Uritish Federa:.
-Uonof.Ujiiv.crsity woemriV " If'cbntcni-
��� plates "taking! a 5Q0.year,lease .o'f Crosby Hall,; a fifteenth- century, structure
en .Chelsea'."embankment.-for use-as a"
resident, for foreign women'graduate,
students.',-;-"'-""-   ;-'���':-: --' '-��� .- ���- X. ��� ' '"���""'
A New Auto Highway
Stretch of Road Being Surveyed in
Jasper National Park
A survey for a possible location for
.i -forty-five mile stretch of motor road
in Jasper National Park from the
eastern park boundary is being carried out by two location survey parties under the supervision of the Engineering Service of the Canadian National Parks Branch, Department of
the Interior.. Two lines are being
run, one following for a distance of
approximately 25 miles the abandoned
Canadian Northern' and Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway beds and the other
running independent of. the old road
beds. By this means it will be possible to select the most economical
route and.at the same time determine
what portions of the abandoned grade
may be.utilized/     ������""".
When completed the road will form
an important link in the proposed Edmonton-Vancouver highway. .The" Provincial Government of Alberta has SB-
ready started work on the road froni
Edmonton.-/, to - the. eastern ...park,
boundary.. , "'. .77'   ���'.'--"���.      ,"-.-  --��� ..."
'. Every careful and observant .mother
-knows-'when her child' 'suffers ���' "from
worms. She, also "knows Lhat if-some
remedy be not spee'dilyVappliecl much
-harm will'result-to-the "infant.. . An
"excellent preparation for..-tlils.purpose
is" Miller's "= Worm7 Powders.. They
drive worms' from the system and set
up.stimulating and soothing'effects, so
.that the-child's progress'thereafter is
.-painless'-and satisfying.'-.��� ���'-.-������" -���"- v:'7 ������'��� -_
"V" ;' -- -"Vocabulary. Needed1. '--,'... '.7.
Teachers should have a "vocabulary
"of between -1,500 and 4,000 words". The
professional man should have-from
1;500 ��� to. -3,000 -words;. while! the'' ditch -
digger may get along with.300 words..
This..was'told "16-a teachers' institute
at "Salc-ili, Oregon,'by! Dr.-Carl G. Dpn-i
ney/, President of- WlTliamette Univer
Hiiy:';VV;W-v- . Xx: X'X'Xx '   '���
Britain's Arable Land
Reduction in Amount of Agricultural
Land is Announced
deduction of the arable area of
Great Britain has been continuous
since 1918. Land now under the plow
is not much greater than immediately
before the war, according to a report
from the ministry of agriculture.
The total area under crops and
grass showed less change in 1922
than for several years past, the figures
being, 26,025,000 acres in 1-922, against
26,140,000 in 1921. The arable area,
however, was reduced by- 308,000 acres
while the permanent grass area was
increased by 189,000 acres.
The healthy child sleeps well and
during its waking hours is never cross
but "always happy and laughing.' It is
only the sickly child that is cross and
peevish. /Mothers, if your childreif'do
not .sleep "we'll;'''if they are, cross and
cry a great deal, give them Baby's
Own Tablets and they will soon
well and happy again. The Tablets
are a mild but thorough laxative which
regulate the bowels, sweeten the stomach, banish constipation, colic and indigestion and promote healthful sleep.
They are absolutely guaranteed . free
from opiates and may be_given.10 .the
new-born babe with-perfect safety.
They are sold by medicine'dealers, or
by mail at 25 cents a' box" from The.
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.-, Brockville,
Ont. .        - s ���      -
Train Races Airplane
Struck Favorable Wind Current
and Drew Ahead .
-     - x
������Tlie "northbound " air  express  from
London to Manchester challenged the
speed of,an express train'travelling in
the   same", direction ��� recently.     The
plane .was; flying at a height "of 2,500
feet,'.and at this level, a gale was blow;
ing.-X, The air express!.caught .up.with
the train, arid.then apparently ran into
an" extra-strong.:, wind-' current;' -.lor
though tlie," pilot "opened .out'.'- .to-105
miles ah hour'for -ten'-, minutes   lie
was   unable   to   gain an inch "on the
train! - .Finally- -die   .manoeuvred-.J.lic"
plane"' intoV-a'Taore' favorable--' wind
current"aiid slowly drew ahead.   ,:-'���..
Minard's Liniment for!' Neurafgia
. Dairying.lti.Mahitoba,. --. .-/---
.'.���Manitoba's. "dairying' '-industry1-' has
shown remarkable, development during
tlie past few"years' aiid out of 5.i;obO
fanners in the province-there are now
26,000 of them -producing .'aud' shipping
milk,and-cream,  '.'���.   -7'. 7-
1. The Son's Insubordination (v. 12).
There is every indication that this
was a happy home. But-a devil entered it and stirred up discontent in
the heart of the. younger son. He became tired of the restraints of home.
His desire for freedom moved hiin to
wilfully choose to leave home���throw
off the constraints of his father's rule.
Sin is the desire to be free from the
restraints of rightful authority and for
selfish indulgence. It starts out with
wrong thoughts about God. At the
request cf the spn, tlie father "divided
unto them his living."
II. The Son's"Departure (r. 13).
Having made the final decision he
got his goods in portable shape. Having thrown off the restraints of. his
father's rule, he eagerly withdrew from
his father's presence. This is always
the way sin works. He "gathered all
together." When the sinner casts off
his allegiance to God he takes all thai
he has with him. Ho not only wastes
his money, but his character is sacrificed. , .
III. The Son's Degeneration  (vv. 13-
' He had a good time while his money
lasted, but the end came quickly. The
indications are that his course was
soon run. From plenty in his father's
house to destitution in the far country was a short journey. The sinner
is soon made'to realize the famine
when his very powers which ministered to his pleasure are burned out.
IV. The   Son's   Degradation (vv. 15,-
16). '  ..   ,
He had no friends to help him when
Iiis money was all gone, so he was
driven to hire out to a citizen to feed
swine. It was quite a change from a
sonship in his father's house to feeding hogs in the far country. So it is;
those who will not serve God are made
slaves lo the devil to. do his bidding
(Rom. 6:16). In his shame and disgrace the prodigal could not "even get
the necessary food. The coarse food
of the hogs was denied him ."���
V. The Son's Restoration (vv. 17-2-1).
1." He   Came   to   Himself (v. 17).
When he reflected a bit lie was made
conscious that, though he had wronged his-father and ruined himself, yet
he was a son of his father. In the
days.of his sinning he was beside him-..
self. The world calls the sinner who
leaves off his evil ways crazy,.but in
reality he just becomes sane. If we
j^e 1 could but get sinners-to think serious.
' ly of their condition-it would';be;iiipr_c
easy to get them' -to. turn ."from their
sins.- '   , ..    '���-.   ' .-..-"-";, '-��� . '-'
2. His" Resolution (v."IS)'..-- llisrre-
fiecliou ripened into resolution. The
.picture of his home, where even - -tho
hired servants had a, superabundance,
moved him lo make a decision to leave
the far country and go home.    ,, V
3. His Confession _(yv. IS, 19). ..He
acknowledged that his "sin was against
heaven aiid his .father���that!��� ho. "hacV
forfeited his right to be called.a' sbnj
and begged-to'be given   a'place- as. a'J
hired servant. -'.The sinner.not.only
'should   make ,a resolution; lie>sliouki-.
confess  his- sin;., for with' the. heart
man-'bcliev'cth,unto righteousness, anil. ���,
-with' 'tiie...mouth ; coin'essioa-. is-made '���
unto salvation..      7- -'.,���".���      . '-;���'. '
; 7'i! .His Action; (v. 20).     Action' was |
needed.!' . Resolution will-not avail'tin-.'
less/accompanied with action. ���: - - -'"'_
:5.' His Reception by.Ilis..Father. (vv.
20:24)V   Tlie father had-,'not- forgotten
his son'.-   During .the years die 'longed
for his-return.-.',  He' JiiusL-ofteh have
looked .for .him. for_'he sa.w_hiin-wb.en
he was a-great .way off. . .So" anxious
was he for.him.that, he ran .to meet
him and fell upon his neck and kissed-
him.;.. So ghid was the father that he
even- did; riot.' hear   his  ''confession
"through," but  ordered   tlie-tokens- of
honors to be placed upon'hiin; rcceiv-;
ing lilm -back into a- son's  position;
This parable -makes -bare God's .heart;
Every teacher.should strive to. present'
By    Rea    Proctor    McGee,    Mvi>.,
D.D.S., Pittsburgh, Pa.
A"while ago a huge dirigible balloon
exploded in the air and plunged
through the roof of a building in one
of our large cities. Many people, who
were doing their best to be useful citizens, were killed at their work as the
burning wreckage came down upon
them. A set of city ordinances were
passed at once to prevent a similar
catastrophe in the future.
It always takes a severe lesson to
wake Americans up to the fact that
an ounce.of prevention is worth while.
Why must we always wait? Why
not prevent in the first place? Prophylaxis means: early treatment for
prevention. -
Prophylaxis-*'also means: do the
right thing and avoid the accident.
So manyii regrets can be eliminated by
doing the right thing first. In the
mouth the right thing is to have the
teeth and mouth thoroughly cleansed
at frequent intervals. Every surface
of every tooth should be carefully
gone over and each little particle of
stain and every deposit of tartar
Teeth frequently have very rough
enamel, almost as if nature had neglected to polish them. This rough
enameP'ls^a favorite resting place for
food and bacteria. It should always
be smoothed, and polished
little cavity should be filled.
One  tiny, filling is  worth a  dozen
large fillings as a tooth preserver.
Have your teeth filled while the
cavities are small. It does not hurt
to fill little cavities and
prevent big ones.
It is very important to remove all
stains. AVhere there is a stained spot
it indicates that there is a spot that
is not cleansed % the friction of the
tooth brush and it usually means that
the enamel at that point has been attacked by the acids and decomposing
food. Every stained area should be
cleansed, " smoothed and polished.
Where fillings are good but rough,
they should be ground to the right
sine and shaped and polished; if they
are defective they, should be removed
and replaced by perfect ones.
One of the most important thing.*
! about fillings in teeth i3 the contact
point. This is the spot where each
tooth touches its neighbor. Any fault
n't .this_ point allows food-to pack between the teeth, causing great discomfort! and making the gums sore.   :    ,-
.Prophylaxis"is the best tooth insurance.--.     ".'.'���' ���  '���"    - ���
little fillings
Agricultural Training
Beatty Offers Farm Courses in Alberta
For Boys of Britain
Announcement is made that President Beatty, of the C.P.R., is awarding
a full summer course at the a'gricul��
tural schools of Alberta to the four
prize winners of the young farmers'
clubs of Great Britain.
These organization have been formed in farming communities of the British Isles and also in Western Canada,
some particular or specialized lino of
farming being taken up by members.
In Saskatchewan, these organizations
increased their membership from 460
in 1S13 to 30,000 in 1921, and in the
same period in Manitoba they have
increased from seven clubs to 210
clubs, with 1,500 branch clubs with a
total membership of 25,000.
The four selected boys will arrive
in Canada in time to commence, their
summer course at the Alberta agricultural schools in May next. There
is a possibility that the award will be
made an annual one.
Indiscriminate Charity
To give money is to pauperize, even
to the extent of helping a hungry man.
It is Infinitely better to put him in tho
way of earning his own dinner, and
then he will be able to earn other dinners and find his self-respect conserved as well as -I1I3 self-containment
strengthened. To build up independence should be the aim of all sound
philanthropy. Anything.short of that
almost invariably does more -harm
than good.���Ottawa Journal.
Unfit to Live���Must Die
This verdict is rendered a thousand
times every week���no corn can live,
it must pass out, drop off, if Putnam's
Extractor is applied to corns and
warts. Use the old reliable "Putnam's," it never fails, 25c at all
Excellent for Croupy Children.���
When a child Is suffering with croup
it is a good plan to use Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil. It reduces the inflammation and loosens the phlegm giving
speedy relief to the little sufferer. It
is equally reliable for ebre throat and
chest, earache, rheumatic pains, cuts,
bruises and sprains. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is regarded by many thousands as an indispensable of the'ttaui-
ily-medicine chest.
The Useful Camel
Ship  of   Desert   Has   Great   Strength
and Endurance
Without   the    camel   the 'hot deserts   of   the   Old World would lie unpeopled and unknown.      In the hot,
dry desert regions the   camel/is   the
horse, the cow and the sheep of the
herders   and    traders.     He    carries,
all the burdens, he furnishes flesh and
milk for/food, and  his hair or wool
furnishes material for weaving cloth.
At night in camp the little children of
the chief get cups of the camel's thick,
cheesy milk,' mixed with water.     On
the chief's table is cooked camel-flesh.
The herders wear robes and.turbans
of brown  camel's  hair  cloth.-     The
master .sleeps under  ti  camel's  hair
'"tent     .---��"-     - ...... ���'���- y   ;".:- . '- ."-.
���-'������-���'- For" many   hundreds   of. years the
camel has been one of the most, useful   "animals "to men,"because.of his
.li'-grcat strength and his ability",to. en-
BestV- Bowel.' Laxative.7- j
xy \Vhen7 Bilious;'.''yy I
_.';-'���������; ^/Constipated..." 'x-y-1
m-m'��i'��h*i *��M��*H m�� ��������+.���<����� <*H��*��4������4��X
To "-clean-"out" your-'; bowels without
cramping .or overacting, .take. CaS;"
carets.,' .JSick 'headache, '-biliousness';
gases, indigestion; sour, upset, stomach
and all;such distress gb_rie.by'inonilng;
Nicest" physicVon'earth.-for- grown-ups
and'chlldren. ���;; iOca-box.- .Taste like
"candy.   "";..   '       y ���  - ���'.   ���  -" "V1
Bananas Were Curiosities
First Ones Brought to United States
In 1870
In 1S70 the first bananas 'in commercial   quantities   arrived   in    tho
United States.   .Some of the red fellows    were    brought    to Canada by
daring  fruit dealers  about 1S87  and
were regarded as curiosities. ,s   Today
it is estimated 72 bananas are eaten
annually by every man, woman, boy
and girl in the whole of North America.     The United States and Canada
together consume  55,000,000  bunches
a year.   And" in the interval 'between,
by means of judicious and truthful advertising, the grape fruit and seedless
orange have been commercialized to a
degree   hitherto   undreamed.���Ottawa
Help Wanted
Small   boy    (to   the   preacher).���
"Please, mister, we got a. new sled.
Would ye mind prayin' for snow?"���
Life. '
Bo not guSer
another day v.':_n
It eh Inc. Bleeding, or ITOtrud-
lng Piles, No
surgical oper-
a tion required
Dr. Chase's* Ointment will, relievo you at once
and' afford lasting benefit.- 60c. a \tox; all
dealers, or Ettmanson, Butcs & Co., Limited,
Toronto. Sample Box free if you mention this
paper and eacloso 2o. stamp to pay postage!.
dure-heat/thirst and hunger."-
-,7V -'    "VA Crack Shot", -   ..���'/'-.
".-'���A/nian .engaged'in cleaning.ai. observatory-, noticed -angastronomer -loblc-
ing- through" a -teiesebper-"'""-y 7 ������:.-- .7-
minutes. later,-'seeing a..star
fall, the man was; heard to .'remark:
"Strike me pink', lhat chap's, a, crack
shot!"���Pearson's'.".    .-V        'X    '' 7-
Catarrhal Conditions
Dick Turpin Inn Will Disappear
Favorite   Halting ,7 Place', of ."Notorious
--Highwaymarils Closed".     7.7
'; Reputed ;.to!'be",700 years '.old," and in
past times a favorite halting-place :"of
Dick-Turpin aiid other notorious highwaymen,, the picturesque King's Arms
Inn a.-Elthain "has been closed'down.
-It-is to-make way .for a modern- namesake close, by.: ',   ' 7      7,-V.   -..- '_"..--.��� '.
Road widening-of tlie.'niain road -between London and 'Folkestone has-necessitated sweeping avf.ay.:the lim-^a'
timbered .building" of- two'.;\flo'ors���
which'.;. projected   upon.;", tlie., thorough-,
fare;  '-.  '���.-'���:   -v ~   ' - 7- ' 7- ,   :'-; "'   -."��� .
., .The -inn-.hoasts of- a- haunted room,'-
:and".there.;is: also,  a' legend   "tliat" .a
subterranean passage reached   to   tlie
neighboring church. -. ��� ���."   '.'-.'-.
'. fi '.XX.      ������'"-   "   ��� -- ���    .-' ������ --"
I'ay your cut of town accounts by  Donun
ion    Express    Money Orders.      i?ive doliars
costs .three cent's;-;
.;,;cah, earn Fifteen to Fifty Dollars
7 Weekly wilting showcards at home.
.: No ., canvassing. f rieasant, profitable V profession, "easily, quickly
-' learned by our simple graphic block
system." Artistic ability unnecessary."- We instruct you and supply
V you'work.-. Wilson Methods, Ltd.,
.Dept., 99,,Toronto, Canada.
r Catarrh, is a local disease {.really influenced-by. constitutional conditions. It
therefore requires constitutional tfent-
_., Is-'tuken- internally and acts through tlie
tills lesson -so'as-to show .Cod's forgiv-liy^ -ot thc
iiig mercy-~His wililngnes's to.rec
-���stem."   -HALL'S "CATAHRH:
r.vr.v*        ��
-��| back" His -wayward "child;
'"��� . -'- 7..N.0. .Very -Definite..'/ -"���- ''���-
'--' Thc, fortune-teller was sending" cold,
streams ;of-horror down her victim's
back as she. predicted -the'"iai.'"things"
In store: for, him/ in. the. immediate' fii-"
ture.- ': 'VVV"--. ;���.;'--'    '������'-  '������ .   .'X-X
       .......     MEDl-
.CINjE .frives the patient strength by Im.
proving' the- gcnet-iil--health" and assists
Nature in doing, its'work. - ;---���-    -  -
All- Druggists.    -Circulars free.' ,
ye. J..Cheney & Co.. Toledo, Ohio. -.'.;
-.'."You. will/die "in
ed-at last.' V'.'Tl.h.
tolls me' so.":- . ���
���; "As
a;, year!
you'r. palm
_Are you fagged and foggy when you wake
up in '&e.;fnoi^injg?---^hefe's;a'Rieas6hj''
:  Tea and coffee are known tp affect many
people that way. Often; too, these beverages cause riervdiisness, sleeplessness
and severe headache. "There's a Reason."
- Instant Postum, made from, choice,
roasted wheat, is a delightful mealtime
beverage free from any element of harm.
Try it for awhile, instead bf tea or.
coffee, and let the Sunshine iri. ���  ���-*
'  "' \
At Your Grocer's in Scaled, Air-tight Tins \
I he./victim/'- ."it
cannot-be as'.'bad-as tliat.?".-. /'..
1 7.<'iid;"--".contiaiied7th'eV;<.er,
"you .will die ,In-a; -year���but in .what-'
year ''I'cannot say."'   -V:'\,V- ...    '.'-������_':
: The ' clieapness.7 of Mother Graves*
Worm Exterminator puts-,.'l"��; \vithin'.
reach" of .'all,-arid It can be.gbt-at.any.-i
druggist's.       ."-.     ' "      '--.."'
; TheLUseful Echo ['���'. . X,''���
-./Dr.. II. .C.;.. Hayes,, physicist, told "the
National Academy of Science iii ICew
York ,tlia t, "with- an echo yoii can "tell
Ho:'a-hair' just liow deejv'the ocean" is,
at .any jpoint. iii " all., -its,-;. HQ,000,000
-square ��� miles, and :.with' an" echo .to
guide ..-you--will-be. able- to ���, navigate.
:safely" through a. fog'so thick' that you
can't sec the bows of.jour,own boat;7-'
-It is .easy to discourage a' Aian, who
realizes that he "isn't entitled' to'anything: "... -   .��� ���"-.'";   ^ -.;-."���.;
. "and -light sewing at home, whole or
spare time: good pay; work sent
-  any   distance,   charges'paid; .,,���Send
stamp' for particulars. National
'/Manufacturing Co., Montreal.
""��� It.is s'aid.that worry, kills niore pep-
pie."than work���probably because more
people worry, than wbrlc.,.7  "������'-���",' :-V"-
Presbyterians Lead ih China
At- present the' Presbyterians forn
the largest Protestant communion iii
China, numbering S7.332. V\-itii tiie
2D.000 Congrcgationallst's,. added, they
will'exceed the Methodists who come
next, by nearly 30,000.
A jjanertrae *��� ur!ple tin of Instant Postum ���
��r.ij iK>?.*ptt!c_, for 4 c In stamps. -: Write:
Worth Grasping
George W. Stull said concerning tlie
late John Wanamaker: "He was always at work, on time." The youth
who cannot grasp that essential/and
carry it -. Into . effect. Is a failure. before he begIns.~-.Oitawa Journal. .
;; '".7. A' Christian 'Conception ''
. In-.defining-hi's" motto" in:life'as "that
of "thinking, trying, toiling, and trust--
irig,"'John AVanamaker" displayed "a>
beautiful,, conception, -which- few- possess,, of a; Christian's- earthly piigrim-
age,*r-G'uelph Herald".
/Powerful- Mediclne.-i-The. healing
properties in six essential oils, are-concentrated .- in. every bottle: of Dr.
Thomas'. Eclectric Oi!,- forming one of
tho'most--beneficial liniments ever offered to the use .of man." "-Many can
testify as to its power In allaying pain,
and'many more'can-certify that tliey
owo UielrVheAUlitoit. ���' Its-wonderful
power' is not' expressed:-by .'the .small
pries at which it sells.   .
Dok Remedies
BOOK ON"     .
" J500. 1>ISJEASE3.<
' ��ti(_" How, to Feed'
Mailed,'Fro*   to any
Address by the
n; clay 'cLOveu
CO..  INC.,
129   West   2illi    St..
New- York,   U.S.A.
Some nervous people with, a' few.
'dollars and -no brains take exercise by
making a run on the bank.. .-
Everybody   knows  -liow
else Ought to do things.
. Sizo' for sire, ��� a .thread o.'�� spiders'
silk is decidedly, tougher than.one of
stee!.' - , -'.;.- X-iyXX-y " . "    -V .-���
7 Greatest .Violin' Not.Purchaseable
������-.MlscliaE.lmari's .violin",is 'said to
be ;the-most expensive," with .one except, of- any -in: the. world.; It is a
Stradivarius,; and." lio would,"' not
sell it for "million's,';although'- it's re-
puled . worth is-������.'about ?50,60O."' "Its
only' peer" is .the ' famous' "Messiah,"
alsd'-a.-Stfadivariusj" 'which- ;iaV hot
"purch'aseable. 7 Mr. Elman's ten finger's; are. insured for $-100,000, .'nearly
?50,000 'each.: '.^'And'they" are-'worth
much-more "than -their ��� insurance to
me,|" .he said." . . -X "
For the Kidneys
Kidney troubles are frequently
caused by badly digested food
which overtaxes these organs to
Help you* stomach to properly
digest the food by taking 15 to
30 drops ot Extract of Roots, sold
at Mother Stsgel's Curative Syrup,
and your kidney disorder will
promptly disappear. Get the
genuine. SOc. and $1.00 bottle*.,
A cynic is.a man who lans'iVat the
world.with tears In his.eye?;  /,7   - ..-"
Hot Minard's Liniment on
cotton wool brin_r7"! relief for.
Minard's is Kifijr ot Tain.
V.-'.--'-Minard's; 7'/_
' Liniment;
;"'. The. Fanilfy -Medicine '.Chest.',
Peopls Should-Eat More.Fish
Every day should-be-fish day, "not
Friday alone;- says New York Health
'Commissioner Copeland. lie. thinks
people.eat altogether too much meat,
atid that public school children' aro
"taught everything ei'cept how to
Railroads' and Motors
In a year the Pennsylvania .Railroad
carried 152,000,000 without killing one.
During the same year -12,500 persons
in ths United States were killed : by
automobile*. There seems to -be.no
limit to human progress-. "
in tk�� HferW th& Pity*
Ail Rc^wd* proptrfy.
Look for that
found only oa
The ���
A genu in�� Brunswick cos*
.yon no more than an ordinary-
talking machine. Insist on a
Brunswick and get th? phono-,
graph which is desscne^l to play
The Musical Mdse. Sales Co.
���143 Portage Ave*, E.t Winnipe*;.
\V.   N.   U., 1455
m&m ���>-������
Is ��2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain *nd
thc United State* Ja.50, always in advance.
���    ' ��� m '   ��� '���"- ���������'
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices (25.00
Coal and OU Notices ���..   7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Ctirds of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ii\ notice,  $5.00 for each ad- .
ditional claim.)
All other legal advsrtlsing, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2#c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
The  promised land is tha land
where one is not.
A pessimist is a man looking at
last year's overcoat.
If   there   were   no   clouds
could not enjoy the sun.
All things come to the other
fellow if you sit down and wait.
Ak- opfciraiBt is a mas who can
enjoy the smell of limburger
If you want a list of all the ill-
tempered  men  in    town  ask   the
telephone girlg.
3. to 4.30 p.m. ��� Stock judging.
"Wednesday, Jan. 24feh
9 ta 9.40 a.m.���The seeuriug of
a high grade cream.
9.45 to 10.25���Grain crop's.
10.30 to 11.10 a.m. ��� Feeding,
care and management of live stock.
11.15 to 11.55 a.m.���Feeding for
egg and meat production.
1.30 to 3 p.m.���The testing of
milk and cream.
3 to 4.30 p.m. ���Demonstrating
practical methods.of planting.
Thursday,  Jan. 25th
9 to 9.40 a.m.���Rearing young
stock (poultry.)
9.45 to 10.25 a.m.���Swine production.
10.30 to 11.10 a.m ���The principles and practice of cheese making.
11.15 to 11.55 a.m.���Clovers and
1.30 to 3 p.m.���Stock judging.
3 to 4.30 p.m.��� Stock judging.
Friday, Jan. 2Gth.
9 to 9.40 a.m.���Hoed crops.
9.45 to 10.25 a.m.���The business
of dairj' farming.
10.30 to 11.10 a.m.���The inter-
oculation of orchard practices.
11.15 to 11,55 a.m.���Seed growing.
1.30to 3 p.m.���Culling (poultry)
3 to 4.30 p.m.���Selection of seeds
roots and bulbs.
Q-.B. Boving, Dept. of Agriculture
H. R. Hare, Dept. of animal husbandry.
Miss M. Morince, Dept. of dairying
W. A. Middleton, horticulture.
R. T. Skelton, poultry husbandry.
The lectures are open to. the general public free of all expense.
There will be an examination for a
scholarship   (conditions   of which
Headlinb: "Women demand
right to preach." When was it
ever refused them.    /.',
���';:Mi.T; a small boyV-is kept in
."affeerV school because. his,.father
worked his arithmetic wrorigV.
The nice thing about being cultured/Is that you can act common
without 'being= considered   a   low
���brow.;      7 _ ,-.W-J V" 7"V'V'" V v.  "
; Many a man complains of his
poor "memory,v but' did you ever
hear' a man y complain, of his poor
"judgment.. " V
-What's, the use of having a skat��
ing rink in .Greenwood,  when the
! law.-', dqash-t allow you   to" get, ..a
''"skate" op. "".-7 ���-",....'
...:- He. thatbib.wB the" coalB in the
quarrels he'has. nothing to do .with
7has no V right to \ complain if the
sparks 'fly "in his -face.  - -... .-.,���'��� -
. - Sojib . men are so lazy that the
mqmeat they put the business end
of' their/trousers in a chair, they,
-f>U7asleep." VThey, will not even
V: their eves, work."-���,-
Dates of .Meetings for
WBock Creek V
Winder the auspices of ..the* ,Um-
7, versity, of British Columbia and the;
.; .UnitedTFarmerB of .British Colum-
.  bia, arrangmerita   being   made; by
the Rock Creek..Local, the ..follow-.
���7 ing lectures will be  given, .at the.
V, Cb- Operative Hall, Rock Creek.
Monday,;Jan. 22nd.
9'fo. 9.407a,.m~B.reeds and breed-
X ing of live stock.
.9,45 to 10.25;a.ia,���Soil and soil
7 fertility. /
7 10.30 to li.10 a.m. ��� Factors
favorable for growing vegetables.
li.15 to 1L55 a.m.���Breeding
for"egg production.
1.30 to 3 p.m.���Grain judging.
3 kr4.30 p.ra.-^-Stock judging.
Tuesday, Jan. 23rd.
9 to  9.40  a.m.���Manures and
fertilizers.        '     W ','"��� W"V
9.45 to 10.25 a.m.���The principles of feeding live stock.
10.30 to 12.10s.m.���The eomiag
aad spoiling of milk.     ..        fe*.
11.15���11.55 a.m.���Propagaftipa
aad general care of email frniie.
1,30 to 3 p,n3.--Jadging of Sard
will be made known later) for boys
and girls under nineteen years of
age who are sous or daughters of
United Farmers.
Any enquiries should be made to
Rock Creek Local, U.F.B.C.
Kettle Valley.
Your Town
If you want to have  the kind of home
Like the kind of a town you like
You needn't slip your clothes in a grip
And start on a loug, long hike;
You'll only find what you left behind
For   there's   nothing   that's   really
It's a knock at yourself when you kuock
your town,
It isn't your town���it's you.
You wouldn't expect if you mined  you
Bumper crops that you use to get;
Nor aught but runts from feeding that
Nor payment without a debt
One gets returns from what he earns
Something must first be due,
If your town  doesn't pay, look at it this
It isn't the town���it's you.
Real towns are not made by  men afraid
That others will get abead,
When everyone   works   and   nobody
You cau raise a town from the dead
And if while you make your personal
stake,  .
Your neighbors can make oue too, .
Your town will be what you want it to be
It isn't the town���it's you.
Reprinted from "The Farrow."
Jackie���"I say, papa, what's
the derivation of millionaire?"
Papa (who has just got the bill
for his wife's new hat)���"I am not
sure, Jackie, but I think it must
be derived from milliner."
Dr. O. MV. Graves, Dentist, will
be in Ferry, Wash., Feb. 1st to
Feb. 9th.    I make good  come and
see me.
Palace Livery  Stable
7W v.jBxpressv and Heavy praying;
Auto?s and 'lYiiekvl^rCHire, Day or Night
V- 'We/carryW.7.      X'-X:.y. ;
/ Tires, Oils, Greases, Hay arid Grain
. Off ice. Phone 13.
Residence Phone 3 l
7      7 V  v      of Canada, Limited 7,
V/.-V-'- -'"��� Office,',Smelting aridRefining Department .    -./'."-,'-
'   7./.,'"" W-"    W.traiiV.British" Columbia; /vW-W ,;'���: 'X 7
��� :\  xy'.    SMELTERS AND REFINERS xy
Purchasers ofGold,; Sjiyer,1 Copper, Lead andZiric Ores
���   Producers   oi - Gold,.-'Silver," Copper,    Pig . Lead   aud  Zinc 7    "...
'"' "'-���'-;"--  -7-"" V"V^'W':"-"'"n:AlD^^^^
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
Fall.aud Winter Suits and Over-
i coats samples (Just arrived.)
Now on view at
Tailor and Cleaner
Synopsis of     ...
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
���Pre-emption now
veyed lands only.
Records   will  be
only  land  suitable
confined   to sur-
granted  covering
for    agricultural
VF HE/his.tory. of-golf in'.Canada.-is.'
V;' a long/story.    The first game
- played'.on  this - continent  took  place,
in; "tIii. Country and the- dcvt-lopmerl
��� of the game here-has gone"forward
\viUi rapid .strides.V._Tp-_day_/thc.;Doi
ili.inioii   is'.'-dotte.d-  with   Jinks -noted,
for .their-: excellence   from".'St. ,,An-
,drews-by-the Sea.in. New "Brunswick,,
to 'Vancouver "in   British," Columbia/
...Guests'-are'welcome everywhere and
United   States'.experts   like" ."Chick"
Evans.and Oswald  Kirby-are unanimous jn declaring that the quality of
Canadian'golf is'very  high./_ Ganai-
da'sVfirst. club was" the Royal  Montreal  founded  in"- |873   about    fifteen
���years, before St." Andrews GoIfCliib,
'the; first"' iri -.the.-United"-; States, .was
: Started-in Yorikers.- N.V, '-"..".-"'V
"Canada's   St..And:c\v's.by-the-Sca
is 'a : seaside course ph ��� Passamar
quoddy^ Bay, Van-estuary .of the Bay
ofFnndy so near Maine'that-a long
driver could almost: put one over'the
iiiternatiorial:-fence.'-:St. Andrews is
r.ot.ia7name .to: be_tak_en_ lightly,'and
when Sir William: -Van -Home V and
Lord Shaughncssy had-the'6,100. yard
New .'Brunswick/links laid out,-' they
made it worthy -of-its great. Scotch
namesake,-., the -mother links of .the
golf world. Many _of the holes arc'
on sloping 'ground- witli" -the" picturesque: panorama; of the bay -in, one
direction,' and' the green forests in
another. ,_In addition .to the. regular
18-holeSj there Is a ,9-hbles course
for-ladies arid the Algonquin is headquarters, for; golfers.- 'VV- '.- -'���"
The -Canadian,- government owns
arid, manages at. Banff, Alberta, one
of   the. most; interesting ��� and -  picy"'
turesque links/in  the.. \yorld: .  Banff-
. Golf Course, .this year, expanded . to
18 holes,, is nearly a mile above; sear-
level  along-the "banks of  the   Bow
.River.  ..From, tf.e .edge.of the-fair-/
ways"' majestic  mountains    tower    a
mile'/above'the. .links and the" golfer
enjoys-his-favorite sport, in a scenic
setting of unforgettable beauty.  Now
and then the "gallery." watching the.
game- is augmented' by .wild- rhouriV
tain goats; who peer down^f ronr some'
lofty ledge at the players.' - The links,'
are iri" charge of a competent profes-.
sional   and   are'" a .fine- test"of/tlie
game!" ��� >    7  "     ' -.- ..,.,-.    '-'.'-.,.
, Farther west' Vancouver ,-and:.Victoria .enjoy-'golf;"both-.summer* and
winter.'on links.'Which are a'delight-
to both.expert and novice.",;
purposes   and    which- is   non-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre.emptors 'must occupy claims
for five years' and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
o-Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years,, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted.intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
.Records without permanent residence
may be" issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum aud records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or Vecord same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be--obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements of
$10.00. per acre, including'S acres.cleared and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may fecord.another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
a'nd residence maintained .on Crown
granted land. 7   :     .
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres -may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.       _.
Natural  hay  meadows'   inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased-
conditional upon construction of a-iroad
to them. .Rebate of one-half of cost of
road,  not exceeding.half of purchase,
price, is made.     -     -'-" 7' .'���    "  .,
Tiie scope oftthis Act is enlarged to
includeVall/persoris joining; and serving
with'.His Majesty's Forces.   The time
in which theheirs or deyisees'of a deceased pre-eiuptor may apply fortitle
under' this, act is extended from one -
year froin the death of such.person, as-
formerly,, until brie-year, after the coii-
clus'iorro'f the present war.' This.privilege is made retroactive." -      ,    ''.'���/���
��� No fees relating to- pre-emptions', are '
dueor payable by soldiers on pre-enip-'.
.lions recorded   after   Jmie   26,-    1918.7
Taxes are rerhitted-for five years.V ,_,-.,,
.'Provisions .for return, of  moneys ac-'
crued.duc and been paid since August
4,1914. on account of payments, fees br "
taxes on soldiers'pre-.emptioiis.,
_'  Interest on .'agreements to purchase 7
town or -city lots; held by .'members of
"Allied Force's,;or dependents, acquired;,
direct or, "indirect,--remitted from en-
listment.tb Ma'rch.Slst, 1920. "��� '���
' Provision   made;   for   insurance    of..-
Crovyir: Grants"   to. sub-purchasers, of"
Crqwii  Lauds;-acqiiiring.rights"from
purchasers who failed.to complete pur- -
chase,-involving forfeiture, .on :fulfill-
ment of couditioris of purchase; interest -
and  taxes,V.7_Whcre ..sub-purchasers-do'-',
not claim whole of.original parcel, purchase price" due and taxes may., be distributed' proportionately    oyer - whole
area.: Applications must be made" by."
May 1," 1920. ���:   "        '""      -   ".-
-X  X   ���'-.' :      'CRAZINC/.,     '..  -V    '
vGraaing Act^'1919, for. systematic de;
velqpment' of livestock 'Industry   pro-7
yides'. for' grazing districts'.arid range
administration   ''under,- Commissioner;.
Annual ;grazing .permits, issued -based
on numbers Vaiiged; priority for established owners." Stock owners may form
Associations  for. range-; management.-..
Frcei -or. partially 'free,   permits   for',
settlets, campers,or- travellers up.to ten
head. '-,--     " -"..'; .-'' ":'-.'   : .     -', '������
-^.Economy mid Satisfaction
cpmbined with Prompthess
are the features which go to
make up the Service we give
ouir customers. Are you
one of them?
Letterheads, Noteheads,
(Ruled or Plain)
'   . (All Sizes)
��� 7',' VCRAHD:JF.6��ks.v BlC. "."
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker.
arid Overland cars. Garage in"connection.
d. Mcpherson      -, . propHetdr
E. WV WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS,.. Nelson,,: B. C.
Charges:-r~Gold, Silver, -Copper or Lead
Ji.25 each. Gold-Silver $1,75. Gold-
Silver with Copper br Lead. $3.00, Silver-Lead $2.00. - Silver-Lead-Zinc.$3.00.
Charges for other ,metals, etc.,. r,n application.- ��� -.---.-' "VV. .
tatements, Business
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. Jf
^^ v - ;v , ., -- ���_! -*��*���
g ;��� GREENWQOD/ ;v /VM Printing Departmefit vg
Send Your
" " - '���    ' to
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Fork*.
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We
' pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
; "I'HeV Ledge .can supply your
every /need; in.,the printiag line
aad -.;a t7 prices -" consistent /with
first-class' work; ...   ���;-y-x-'i 77-.--7
Pay yoar subscription to TSe Lefee
; |he Mineral Province of;W^       tmidi ^;;'""
.;-."_.. Has produced Minerals valued W follows:   .Placer Gold/ $76,177,403: Lode.   ''V.-"--..
Gold, $105,557^977; Silverr$55,259,485^^
Zinc, $21;384,531; Coal and:Coke, $225,409,505; Building Stone, Brick, Cement;;   7 V-.
$34,072,016; V Miscellaneous -"Minerala,-   $1,210,639;    Vtisaking, /its " Mineral . 7 V  V;
Production to the end of ,1921 shbwV/V -    . V . .7    W/ ^ '���'-"''"'"'.
X M toregate Viltae of $/34^
ion for the Year EiMngPeceinber,1921, $28,06<5,!641
The   Mining  Laws of thiB Province are more liberal, and the fees lower,
than those of any other Province in the Dominionj or any Colony in the  British  .
Empire, ^
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominalfees.
Absolate  Titles are  obtained   by developing such properties, the security
of which ie guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Keporte and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing���.
x'yx���'-."y ylxx&-   wv"\the'mn. im minister'of mines
yy Wy-xx ���wW.vV^W 7   :���"��� ���- ������ YIGT0RIA, British Columbia.; -
-. JS.


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