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The Ledge Jul 29, 1920

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yi$&m Lft%ft\
i xm ?���>
\ V   ' '������������      *%#"
Vol. XiKiKVU;
Cosy Homes
Make your home <y>sy and attractive by filline it with some
-of our choice and eleeant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dinin? rooms -
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
We carrj' a large line of
J. G. McMynri Midway
^mmmmm'mmmmmmmmm'mmmmmmm mmfeg
m~ ������
���~* .   ������
fc Fresh Fruits and Vegetables arriv- ||
& ing daily.   Our Price���the lowest. ~~
Agents for Five Roses Flour
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
.   . '��� LOAN'
P. O. Box 1102
Nelson, B.C
Laco Tungsten Lamps
25 to 50 Watt Lamps���50c each,
100 Watt, Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts
100    ."
200   ��
*   *-  $1,25 each
���    -   2.00 ��
3,50 �����
*   *   *
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Kodaks, full line of Films
and Supplies at
Goodeve Drug Store
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail your ,watcli for Repair and I will
mail it back. .��� Charges are moderate.
Promptness in answering the telephone is a mark of courtesy shown the caller.   It is also a help to the operator for it en-
- ables. her .to-complete the  call aud to give  her attention to
Telephone calls should be answered promptly, for sometimes the calling person does not wait and "hangs up," If this
happens, the subscriber who has been called should not blame
the operator when she asks him to "excuse it, please."-
I have opened a new harness shop and
am prepared to make harness to order
and to do all kinds oLreppix wnrk.. Shop
equipped with modern machinery. All
work guaranteed.
4�� * 4.4,4,4. ^ 4, ^ fy ,�� 4,^
The WINDSOR  HOTEL " is  heated  with   steam
- aud electricity.     Fine sample rooms. ,   A comfortable home for tourists and travellers.     Touch the ,
wire   if you   want  rooms reserved.     The buffet is
, replete   with   cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages,
^_ buttermilk and ice-cream.
C LOAT ia not a periodic-
���*���     al.    Ii is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told,  and is   filled    with
sketches   and    stories   of
western life.    It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the -flush-daysof Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink   at  Bear    Lake   in
early   days;   how   justice
.was deal tin Kaslo in 93;
how  tho saloon  man outs-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the   roamings   of  a>
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It con tains the early, history
of Nelson and a   romance
of the Silver- King mine.
In   it are   printed    three
western poems, and dozens
"of- articles   too   numerous
to mention.    Send for one
before it is too late.    The
price    is   50   cents,   postpaid to any part of   the'.,
.world.     Address   all   letters to
Around Home
Register before August 1st.
Full   line of fishing tackle at
Goodeve's Drug Store.
.These days bathing is the
popular pastime iti Midway.
D. R. McEJltnou, watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B.   C.
Chas. King shipped a safe to
H. H. Sawyer at Cartm last
Mrs, R. M. Clarke, of Vernon,
is the guest of Mr.'and Mrs. J. A.
Miss Ruth Stanton, of Duluth,
Min., is the guest of Mrs. Helen
Archie Johnson,; deputy attorney-general was in'the Boundary
last week.
Mrs. G. B. Taylor left on
Tuesday's train, to visit friends
in New Denver.
Miss Georgina .Lee returned to
town on Monday, 'from visiting
friends in Trail,    '
H. H. Sawyer, of Carmi, and
G. J. Biggs, of Vancouver, were
iu town this week.
Mrs. H. McCutcheon returned
last week, from visiting with
relatives at the coast.
- James Hoy, who has a ranch
near town, had a good crop of
strawberries this year.
Mrs. Blackburn and daughter,
of Slocan City, are the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Gulley.
There is still time to get your
name on the voters' list. Saturday', July 31st is the closing day.
Deputy   Provincial   Secretary, j
X'^Cr'White,* of' victoria,   was '
visiting   friends   in   Greenwood
this week,
D. B. Fotherinham of Spokane,
is in town on business in connection with the Greenwood City
Waterworks Co.
Miss M. McMynn of Midway,
was in town on Wednesday, to
attend the Picnic, held near the
C. P. R. station,
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Mills and
Mrs. Martin returned -.to town on
Monday, from a weeks' holiday
in the-coast cities.
Greenwood Mining1 Notes
Fred Axam exhibited his ore
samples at the Mining Convention
in Nelson last week. Fred's display is unique, and contains over
200 different specimens.
Western Float!      Min^ews
R. Lee, G. A. Rendell, George
Boag and Chas. Hammarstadt have
left for Lightning Peak in the
northern part of this division.
These men are heavily interested
at the Peak.
Mark Madden, of Chicago, spent
a few days in town during the past
week, on. his way home from his
oil fields in the. South. Mr. Madden will return next month with
the directors of the Providence
Mining Co.
A trail will be built from the
Main Kettle river to Lightning
Peak. The work will commence
at once and Scott McRae will be in
charge. When completed it will
be a much improved route .to that
section of this camp. James Ken-
was instrumental in getting this
work under way.
The St. Alice hotel at Harrison
Hot Springs was totally destroyed
by fire last week.
W. "H.; Keough of Spokane, son
of Mr. Keough, an enterprising
mining man who operated \in and
around Greenwood in the early
days having located the B. Qr]
Mine and afterwards selling ife,
arrived in town on Saturday last.
Mr. Keough inspected the Republic and other mines of the
Mrs. Skidmore who has been
visiting Mrs. W." Walters in
Phoenix, left" for" her home in
Victoria last week.
Mrs. Charles Norris and two
daughters, of Rosebery^ are the
guests of Mr. aad Mrs. W. J.
Cook, at Grand Forks.
Miss Ethel Beattie, returned to
Merritt- on Friday, after spending a holiday with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. M, Beattie.-
Mrs. J. Frederickson, C. Fred-
erickson and Miss Avoca -Perry,
of Vancouver, are visiting Mr.
and Mrs. L. E. Efrawders.   .   -
Z-X. Convenience^ security, and economy ard
secured by th�� use of Travellers' Cheques
issued by tliis Bank.   They enable the bear-
.'.'.-���"���er to identify Himself and are. readily
converted, into the current coin of any
foreign country. :/^;;     -
Xy   P^-URCAPrTAL      .    v- /    $15,00(1009   V
X :.;.. RESERVE; FUND*. ��� ���_, ;.->- y.r y.y :$!5^0,QpG^
XyiGREENWOOD BRANCH^ E.:E:'Brawders,; Manager-VV'--
| R* T* Lowery *
4>   ; GREENWOOI), B. C..    4,
���*':'--:.'Xy'iz ii.'J'':r -y .'- :'������-'.��#��
���fr+ ^.'���!��� 4 if *?. 4* $ .$.4. $. 4
'Spared Feelings
- "Can you tell me,.. Johnny,"
asked the J fair young teacher,
"where shingles were first used?"
"Yes'm," '4bufe I'd rather noti
ma'ain;"���L. H. Journal.
The ;;Douks;'pf::, Grand", .Forks,
Deane hotels in -Phoenix ;and.are
noW;b.usy.tearing thein down..^;
. .T.'Kinsmao, .of ;Lake .Haron,1
has taken ^the^ S.V;.M,:^ Johnson
houses ^Mr,-^ Kinsman :.is;;;,em>
ployed, at the Proyi.dence'mine.
Many tourists stop at Greenwood these daV. This week a
party from Los Angeles were in
town," They are travelling by
motor.     - . .
. Mrs. Wm. Jenks. Robert and
Gordon Jenks, returned oa Friday from a visit to relatives at
Lister, the 'soldier settlement
near Creston,
The Greenwood junior baseball
team defeated the Phoenix'junior
team by a large score on Saturday afternoon. A return match
will be played next week,
Mr. and Mrs. J- Fife and
daughter, of Victoria, were in
Greenwood on Tuesday. Mr.
Fife is in charge of the dismantling of the sub-station iu Phoenix.
We have opened for business
in the Rendell Block store, and
have a complete line of fresh
groceries and will also carry fresh
fr-uitin season.. Soliciting your
patronage which will he appreciated. Taylor & Jenkin, Greenwood, B.".C."   - ���
At   the   Mining Convention  in
Nelson, Greenwood had an excep-
tfcii-aJly ,i!ne   dif=pla^..-of mineral.
Referring to the exhibit the Nelson
News, says:    "Probably the finest
collection  of  mineral samples exhibited was that from  Greenwood,
which contained samples from over
240* different  mines.    This collection attracted much attention, both
on account of the variety of samples and for the  variety and high
grade of the ores."    "Some of the
specimens - attracting    more  than
average attention  were:   A. large
sample from the Providence mine
at Greenwood,   that was plastered
with native silver; samples of high
grade silver- ore showing " native
silver, from the Waterloo mine, at
Lightning  Peak,  exhibited  by G.
A.   Rendell   and   his associates."
Other exhibits were:    "Silver-lead
from the Bonnie  Bel! mine, gold-
silver from the Last Chance, gold
copper from   the- surprise,' silver
from the   Providence,   gold-silver
from the Prince Henry, silver-lead
from the Helen,  gold-silver from
the Providence,   eiiver-leadr from
the-Waterloo." ��� '-'
George Kurtz and son Donald,
of Nelson, were drowned in a
whirlpool at Beasley last week.
Several day'8 rain during the
past week are estimated to be
worth twenty million dollars to
Southern Alberta.
Chinamen iu Armstrong who
have been working on Sunday have
been warned by the municipalities
that they must rest from their
labors on that day, otherwise they
will be prosecuted.
The Ontario Slocan Lumber
Co.'s sawmill, afe Slocan Cifey was
destroyed by fire, last week. The
mill has. not been operated since
1915. This is the fourth fire to
occur in that town in 13 days.
Seventy-seven pairs of twins
were bom in Winnipeg in the past
twelve months,-- according to the
department report. The number
of births- recorded was 5400.
Seventy pair of twins -were born in
Shorter hours, increased salaries
and time and a half for overtime
I was resolved upon as the coming
''year's objective by the Canadian
Postmasters' ..Association at fehe
concluding session of their session
in Winnipeg.
F. W. Peters, general superintendent of western lines, will
henceforth be senior officer on the
coast of tho Canadian Pacific Railway company." This follows the
recent death of Richard Marpole,
formerly general  executive assist
The Silver Bear, Kaslo, was a
recent shipper of 28 tons of ore to
the Trail smelter.
The Rock Candy mil] at Lynch
Creek is making regnlar shipments
of fluorite concentrates.
More thau 40 persons from Spokane and Coeur d'Alene attended
the mining convention in Nelson
last week. :
Dr. Griffin and associates have
struck a nice lead of galena ore on
the property which they are working on Lincoln creek, says the
Kaslo Kootenaian.
The Velvet mine, Rossland,
shipped 30 tons of ore to the Trail
smelfeer last week. This is the
first movement of ore fro^n fehis
mine in many yearp. It was one
of the early producers of that
Jas. S. -Leslie, of Vancouver,
was iu town last week. Mr.
Leslie formerly resided in Phoenix and after. leaving that town
became a 'knight of the grip.'
C. M. Ligbtbody, of the Vancouver Branch- of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, has been
transferred to the local branch
and arrived in the city on Sunday. _ ���     ������,
Mr. and Mrs. I. Crawford
motored in from Carmi on Tuesday, and are spending a few days'
xn town. Mr. Crawford reports
business good in the West Fork
Frank Peterson left on Wednesday afteraoon for Sweden.
Fraak will be away some time
and before returning he will tour
several of the leading countries
of Europe. '<    .
Hugh Baillie, Inspector of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce Pacific Coast Division,-; visited the
local branch of the bank oa Monday, and left on " Tuesday -for
Grand Forks.' -      '   ��� '   '   *
ant of the   company  in    British
Columbia." X ,
The "York" has been taken
down fehe Okanagan river fiom
Penticton to her new scene of activities on Dog lake. The "York"
has been in use on Okanagan lake
for about 20 - years. She will be
used in providing better communication for the Okanagan, and will
be operated in connection wilbh the
railway branch from Penticton to
fehe north end of Dog lake.
Governor Brough, of Little
Rock, Ark., issued a pardon last
week to W. S. Giboney, aged 64, a
resident of British Columbia, who
in 1S78 was convicfeed and sen-
tenced_t0-15-year3-in- the-penifeen--
tiary. He escaped from' jail and
fled westward. For many years
he had led the life of a farmer,
trapper and miner in Sfeevens
county, Wash. Recentty he moved
feo British Columbia.
A long freight train standing on
the.hogsback at Brookmere yards
parted in the middle and ten or
eleven cars raced down grade,
a1 number of them leaving the
tracks and piling up in fehe ditch,'
while two of the cars held the rails
and travelled a distance of some
20 miles. In the wreck were 67
head of "cattle consigned from Penticton to Swift Co., Vancouver.
About half the herd were either
killed in the. wreck or "were
slaughtered afterwards -owing to
injuries. -   '    , j
Glenville A. Collins,- a mining'
engineer of Seattle, has bought the
Tenderfoot group of seven claims,
in the Lardo. Considerable development work has been done on
this property. The values are silver and lead.
The Standard Silver-Lead Mining Co., is now operating the Wellington property, in the Whitewater
section of the Slocan, The Standard has recently taken over an
option held by H. W. C. Jackson
on this property.
Development work ha=3 commenced on the old King Soloman
group, on Ellemeham mountain,
one of the oldest discoveries and
mining holdings in the Oroville
section. .R. C. Dempster js in.
charge of the work.
L. H. Bigger, a Montreal min-"
ing engineer, has bought out P..
McGnires interest in the lease on
the Ottawa mine at Sloean city.
Mr. Bigger is now in Montreal
where he will interest capital,
wifeh the intention of building a
mill to treat the ore on the ground.
The compressor will soon be ia .
operation afe the Bertha-Pathfinder
property on the North Fork of
Kettle river. The tunnel fehat is
being driven on this mine is
now in 150 feet. E. A. Savage
has tbe-contract,���and-when com--
pleted the tunnel will be 700 feet
Less gold was produced throughout the world last year than in
191S and the indications are that
the 1920 output also will show a
reduction, according to the Geological Survey, which on incomplete returns places tbe 1919 production at from $345,000,000 to
8350,000,000. World production
in 1919 was almost 8381,000,000, ,
of which tbe United States produced' S58,2S5,-196. Returns for
the first six months of this year indicated tbe United States production for 1920 probably will be less
than- 850,000,000. The reports
showed a shortage of water for
placer mining and the closing of
many stamp mills.
Cattle and Horses
IN  -.
Greenwood Rink, at 1.30 p.m.
,-"      ON
SATURDAY,    JULY    31st
Six Milfc Cows. S Cows and Calves.
4 Heifers-1 short Horn Bull 2 yrs.
fcred fcy Government Bull. 1 Team
Horses 2000 lbs; ! Horse 1300
Itsi, \ Eusnry' Horse 900 Its. I
Mule 1000 Its.
Animals io & in'Rink at 12  noon.
Mr. C. J.. Lundy of Midway, B.C.
bas instructed me to sell by
Public Auction
Saturday, August 7th, at
230 p.m.
His very valuable-Herd of MlJfe
Cows an3 Calves, consisting of
three aasrter bred Bolstelos and
Ayrshlres. For fsjrt&er particulars
see ftand bills.
Charles King, Auctioneer, Greenwood. ��� i~' ;,V JJ���-...-����...r,L���,.r.-
THE'   XJ5DG.E,    GREENWOOD,    B.    ft
The Wisp
Printed    by    Special    Arrangements   with  Thos.  Allen,
Toronto, Ont.
Mr. Washburn took his quid of
blackjack from his mouth and shied
it at the drooping ears of old Moll.
It stuck midway between, where it
stuck like a tenacious horsefly. With
a dexterous flourish of thc whip he
dislodged it, aud with a chuckle and
shake of his carroty mop, resumed:���
'* 'Course tliat was what 1 was wor-
kin' for. I'm a wonderful eater myself, an' I do lovc Ma's creamed
chicken: so when she lit in on mc
that there way, 1 was so tickled with
the manner I'd managed things that
1 had to gel busy bucklin' old Bess's
hamestraps together so's-ma wouldn't
see  me  griunin'.
"'1 doubt like sin if they'll appreciate it, ma, says J as 1 climbed into
the   democrat.
,; '.I can't help it if they don't,' shc
conies back at me; 'I'm goin' to do
my part, an' you bc goin' to do yours
which is to get them folks here on thc
tick of seven,' says  she."
Here M'r. Washburn consulted a
big, loud-ticking watch, and with a
muttered something sat up straight.
Simultaneously thc old team woke
up and broke into a shambling trot
that carried liic complaining vehicle
around another curve at a merry
clip, and therc swam into view the
settlement of Lookup.
Far back along die road the driver
had pointed it out to his visitors
from the pinnacle of a high hill, and
they had seen it nestling like a bed
of  white   daisies   in   the   heart   of   a
j with one bound he sprang free of the
rig, and before the girl could think,
shc found herself lifted iu a pair of
strong arms and deposited gently
upon the spongy sward before thc
cabin  door.
Shc laughed ancl shook herself like
! a spaniel who had been unexpectedly
treated to a ducking iri the water he
was born to lovc, and turned a flush-
i ed face towards her uncle, just in
time to sec that dignified gentleman
being treated in a like manner. As
he was placed gently beside her, hc
turned with a half-amazed, half-injured   expression   towards  her.
"God bless my soul," he muttered,
"Edna, dcav, it's like living in the
prehistoric days. I haven't been
lifted in this fashion since I used to
play with by brother Bill in the haymow on the .old home-farm. Gad!
I wish you would drop a hint to our
strong-armed friend there that I
can't stand thosc dip-the-dip stunts.
My old rag of a heart is fluttering
lust here therc emerged from thc
cabin a woman of matronly aspect
whose plump, bare arms were
smeared witli Hour and whose big,
good-natured face fairly beamed
with   welcome.
"Well, you little dear, you," shc
cried, planting a motherly kiss on
thc pink cheeks of thc girl, "I know
you're 'bout dead tired out, and like
as not hungry as a new-weaned calf.
Come along iu and get some supper;
"Ma," introduced Pa Washburn,
"this here is Mr. Dayton, who is the
young lady's uncle, and Mr. Dayton,
sir, this here is niy Missus, best
woman in Lookup, best cook in Ontario."
"How do, sir," beamed Mrs. Washburn, "Come along in, you and the
young lady. I'll bet you're nigh
starved to death, and slipper's ready
and waitin .
Agricultural Instruction
For Younger Generation
Daddy  Farney  lay  asleep
green   valley   bordered   on    the    onc   arms of thc only mother he had ever
side by a wide lake, on the other by
hills     veined     with     white     -watercourses.   Now   they   saw   that   what
had looked like daisies on a bed of
green were really houses built of un-
paintcd  lumber;   twenty  or  thirty  of
them  resting  on  the  slope  of a big
hill.     In    front lay the  deep water,
warm in thc sapphire glow of a setting sun. Back of the houses climbed
thc    hills     tinged    with     variegated
r glories- of  color;  green   -melting    to
lemon-yellow,  slate-grey  blending to
bronze, while high above, where.the
timbers   thickened,  a  hazy  sheen   of
purple   and   amethyst  hung   suspended like the lid of a great bowl,'';a' picture   of    indescribable   grandeur   upheld" by. unseen' hands.. .     '-
;    "That-' there's    Lookup,"   shouted
the  driver . ovcr. liis --shoulder,   above
the-' Gatling-gun    reports --from    tlic
loose  spokes  in   the off-hind wheel;
for    the    sleepy    sorrels,   scenting   a
good" feed  of -hay and- oats' not  far
off,   had   broken   into   a- stiff ..canter
' and were taking the slope like a pair
of homing Jack-rabbits.
.-    As lie spoke thcy, rounded a.-slight
twist in the white road with a speed
that threatened to-overturn thc'dccrc-
-pit   democrat.  'As. - thcy .passed, the'
first' house  of   ,unpaintcd    boards  a
pair of. husky. dogs crept   -out'   and
-with  uplifted  neck-bristle's 'and bared
teeth   watched   them   silently. .   .'���','
-   'Farther   .on,- a   big    St.    Bernard
bounded  across  the  road  straight in
���front of the sorrels,and. gave one or
"two"deep1 barks_of "welcome,^and" as
tlicy  passed- the .several.- plain-.dwel-
. lings of Lookup, canines of all-kinds
and    descriptions    sprang -"forth""- to
.voice  theii;. welcome-"or protest." .'"
-'. ''Sled  dogs,"  explained; the"-driver;
"couldn't 'do without 'cm lip. here."-
- He" shook..the" ''!incs",,and "yelled-to-
. the team, and with-'a.flourish. .of their
���sorrel   tails,   the   aged  horses   leaped
.'. forward like ..charges, cagci:"  'for.-' the.
..; fray,- straight into the-heart of-a big
' tamarack- grove . ihro.ugh .which-;, the
���"-grey-" road .-twisted. '���;,/  '   -'   .-".-  ';-���
'-"' . In", the cool. shadow pi this .miniature..forest.ctlic lights were.pale an'd-
subducd-;   purple,  -yellow,.', and ~ opal,
��� 'scintillating-   so" "faintly    as-  to :-be
known. His grave rested at the foot
of the spreading oak on a tiny eminence which sloped to a swift-running
brook. All about him, ac hc slept,
swept the murmuring song of tree
and bush and water. Low above the
forest thc fleecy clouds hung like the
petals of'a great lily; the winds blew
fresh ancl sweet aftcr the storm.
Peace reigned aftcr thc war of tempest, and vcry peacefully reposed the
veteran trapper of the Northland,
whose spirit had ridden out���as he
had hoped : it ' would���on the wild
stornT  horses. "';
. .Beside the new grave sat thc lad
from, whom had passed'the",one" being in.the world upon whom'he had
depended.        .   ." . ��� .'.  "
"-His elbows were on.his knees", his.
hands nursed his thin face. His
sombre - eyes looked straight before
him into an unfathomable infinity .of.
loneliness.   "' .: '      ''���." .
.;" A-- soft wind, came" winnowing-up
from the "valley, bearing with it the
scent of wild- water, plants. ��� As it
'touched his .check the lad sprang up
arid with a . ciry-sob . "stretched his
arms above . tlic mo.iVnd. - "Daddy,
Daddy," he cried;'then sinking on
his knees, hc murmured, "Daddy, I
ain't fcrgettin'. .I'll find out fer sure.
if, hc did it���and then���" '
'��� Bcn.rting" lower hc let his hot forehead rest against thc':. cool, sweet
-earth of-the .grave.;": then,, rising, he;
picked up'/his rifle- and turned towards ' the' path - to the "cabin; - - '.'
- - Swiftlyrhc "walked"until";"'.tlie"~iog
���hom'c.sbowcd., through the .clearing,
then -his pace -became 'slower, ��� a.n'd".to
tlie -gaunt hound--. that'-"irict-. him on
tlic path'and.-raised sad eyes", to: his,
he spoke.; -.'.'Burp,' I" 'can't" jes'. go. .in
"thar,-. hot. yit.-'I; can't -.do..it." X'X-. r
/The /dog""whined and',wag'gcd".'his
"tail,--then, ..-turning,' trotted, back/to-
-wards.thc- house'.':- VThe" lad followed;
-haltingly, -like-..one - who" y.;as- weary
aft'er.; a -hard -trek .through;.'an; "unbroken . waste..-- From, tlic .trees- all
Should be Made   Easy   for   Country
Boys and Girls to Secure
Rural Training
A man may never be too old to
learn, but youth is conceded to be
more teachable than thc person of
mature age. By providing suitable
instruction and training for thc young
men and women of thc farm,'more
lasting benefit will be conferred than
by seeking to make good thc deficiencies of the older generation. The
1918-19 report of the' agricultural
instruction act commissioner reviews thc work carried on during the
year by thc funds placed at the disposal of thc provinces for agricultural instruction by thc federal government. This bulletin is obtainable
from thc Publications Branch, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa. Thc
report indicates that about onc half
of thc total annual grant of $1,100,000
is applied to thc instruction of adolescents.
For the advancement in the direction of agricultural training in the
rural schools, thc grant is largely
accountable. Along with it havc been
developed nature study, school and
home gardening, boys' and girls' clnbs
in poultry, pig and calf rearing, canning, bread making and similar activities, culminating in thc annual school
fair. Practical projects of this kind
may easily bc madc the medium for.
training the intelligence, because they
arc seized upon with eagerness by
most boys  and girls.
In certain high schools agricultural and household science courses arc
bcing developed, and in more than
one province, special vocational
schools of agriculture have been
established and receive assistance
from the grant. In ^developments
such as these lies the hope for the
improvement of modern agriculture,
through thc rank and( file of the
rural population, to whom the centralized college of agriculture is not
available. The present day need is
that is should bc made easy for
country boys and girls to secure an
educational training of such a character as will fit them for country
life and rural pursuits. Colleges of
agriculture and veterinary colleges
havc not, however, been overlooked;
thcy also arc given liberal assistance.
Following the close of thc war, the
attendance at these institutions
shows a marked aud gratifying increase,'and thcir influence-in promoting the advancement o�� Canada's
leading" basic industry, "agriculture,
will continue to .make itself felt.
Easy As Rolling Off a I..dj to Stop
A Cough or Cold With
No more medicine for the stomach
���that isn't where your cold is lodged. Just breathe in the healing
vapor of Catarrhozone���a soothing
healing medication that acts instantly. Colds, sore throat and catarrh
fairly flee before Catarrhozone.
Every spot that is congested is
healed, irritation is soothed away,
phlegm and secretions are cleaned
out, and all symptoms of cold and
catarrh arc cured. Nothing so quick,
so sure, so pleasant as Catarrhozone.
Beware of dangerous substitute?
meant to deceive you for genuine
Catarrhozone. All dealers sell Catarrhozone, largc size, which lasts
two months, price $1.00; small size,
50c; sample size, 25c.
Encourage Sheep Raising
Pasture for Stock
The Golden Days
Wonderful. Days in the West Before
The" Advent  of tlie ..
���""  -.   .;   "    Railway   ; ���., --"".-
-.'What were the golden.' days" "of the
famous. Royal North.West .Mounted
Police?. Col. .Gilbert Sanders, CM.
_G... D.S.O., Policc.-magistratc of Calgary, ^veteran of the - South .- African
and' the Great "War, declares '.th.al-
these wonderful days were those just
subsequent to the ad'yent. of the-.Canadian Pacific." Railway..; in Western
.Canada," wheu-.the" settlers..had to Jbc
assured: of adequate'..protection"; and
-when the "police were- compelled '.'to
exercise- personal oversight' oycr-.thc
"pioneers, "visit, thcm:several- times in'
every., .month- ;i'id,^ secure ...a; signed'
-statement' to the effect" that "this, duty
was^ efficiently-performed.-".Then 'the
whiskey runners .'and--the Indians had
to'.be'kept.undcr'control,.and for."this,
^purpose .the .flaming' fed '.tunic. bV the
Motilities was', of" :signal- service, for
'whercvcr_il was. seen-���arid it. coiild
bc".s'ee"u for.;iniles-in. t.he. clear air of
liie .'prairies~-law.'-arid . order; .was al:
most " instantly" Established, .-'-and the
-evil-doers were punished.' ���- True,, thcy
I fled'"sometimes but -ihe-'police; never
Varieties cf Grasses That Serve Useful Purposes in the West
Feeding thistles to horses was one
of the expedients adopted last winter by a number of farmers in the
vicinity of Moose Jaw, Mr. G. C.
Stewart, of that place, rather surprised thc dry farming delegates at the
Swift Current convention, by stating
lhat riot only did the Russian thistle
serve in the scarcity of other fodder
but that it had a rcal food value. He
himself iiad a bunclv of horses that
came through the winter in great
shape fed only on thc thistle, and
hc believed it had great possibilities
as a pasture crop. -Cattle, sheep and
iiogs liked thc thistle, and it undoubtedly had a nutritive value.
Mr. Stewart called attention to the
important part that pasture plays in
Saskatchewan farming operations and
expressed the opinion that it would
bc a still greater factor in the future.
Speaking of the grasses which could
bc best cultivated in.the southwest,
Mr. Stewart gave it as his opinion
that the perennial grasses, legumes
and cereal crops wcrc most suitable.
He thought that brome grass was
perhaps the most valuable of thc perennials, although a danger existed
in that in time the grass became root
bound. This was not such a danger
as it appeared at first sight because-
it was necessary in this district to
have a grass that could be worked into a rotation to give the fibre to prevent soil  drifting.
Among.the legumes, alfalfa, and
.sweet clover were .the most suitable,
ancl both could bc grown to good advantage in ' thc southwest.,. Cattle as
a- rule have to "a'cquirc a'.taste' vfof
sweet clover," but soon-get to'.like it.
The chief, advantage to-be. derived
from" growing this class of'fodder,
is that il not. only-provides a feed,
biit also ' enriches- thc  soil.
Speaking of the. cereals Mr. Stewart suggested- that fail rye offered
thc best "possibilities in the,southwest. All stock, will cat it-"as-a. pasture crop and sown early, in the
spring'it niakes'one of the best-crops.'
T One-of ihc professors-from the col:
lege ;it' Saskatoon recommended -the
crops that were suitable for food and
at the. same jimc-'.of'service in hold-j
ing the soil. Oats,- .western.'- rye, |
brome-. "grass" and .alfalfa and" sweet
.clover had.not proved hardy enough
for the-climate. The legumes, made
the best hay'for'growing-cattle and
dairy .cows especially for thp Matter-
tlicy.\vcrc.great'milk producers.. Oats
was justly entitled to -first, place: as' a
hay. crop in Saskatchewan. -'It. .was
a short crop, fell iri :casily., with' rota-:
ilioiis, was. nutritious, and-the farmers
knew how to. grow'.it.' He also^s'lrong-
��� ly, advocated a., greater .acreage", to
brdme'-'grass/a ' strong"���;-.drought .resistant"  ���-'..-'    -"   ::     -- ��� '  "" ���     .".'.- -'
Although   West   Offers   Unequalled
Advantage Few Sheep Are -
At the opening of Edmonton's summer exhibition, Dr. S. Fl Tolmic, minister of Agriculture, replied to an
address of welcome from the directors of the exhibition association and
officially 'declared the fair opened.
"The West can surely bc congratulated on having four such remarkable
exhibitions'as those of Edmonton,
Calgary, Regina and Brandon," declared Dr. Tolmic. Such exhibitions
were of particular interest to the Federal Department of Agriculture which
was keenly alive to the value of these
affairs. "Wc arc trying to popularize
the consumption of more mutton, as
well as encouraging sheep raising,"
declared Dr. Tolmic. "It is" rather appalling that we only raise 3,000,000
sheep here, whe'n in Australia tliey
raise 80,000,000, in thc United States
40,000,000 and in Great Britain 27,-
000,000. This- country offers almost
unequalled advantages for sheep raising, and there is scarcely a farm flock
anywhere but what could keep a
small flock. They arc not only useful for cleaning up fields, but use a
great deal of feed that is ordinarily
wasted." �����
Emigrants from Britain
The Square Deal Pays
And square with the enemy every
man gets when hc separates himself
from his corns by Putnam's Corn
Extractor. For fifty ycars .."Putnam's" only���it's painless and sure,
25c. at all  dealers.
Cultivation and Rainfall
Open Question as 'ro Whether Climate Changes as Settlement
. Proceeds
Not much comfort was given to
lhe settlers in thc dry dklricls^of
twe- west by Mr. F. Stapart, hcud of
the meteorological conference at
Swift Current a few days ago. With
a. full knowledge of the records of
rainfall for l!io pasl thirty years or
more, he couid not ngrco with the
statements frequently -..i.vJc'. that the
climate undergoes a change as settlement proceeds. In F'lroye and
Asia Avhere observations have been
made for centuries, there is no indication of any marked incr.'.ase or decrease in the supply of mc.istmv. The
United Statcs Weather Bureau'gives
similar testimony in regard to the
rainfall in Kansas, Nebraska and
other western stales. These conclusions arc in straight contradiction
with the views held by farmers, arid
generally accepted by well ;'h ������'���d
people. Any' number of elderly men
-with;'experience- of pioneer Iii-:- in
western or northern '. _ Oil tan O- will
testify ' that to their knowledge the
summer droughts are more' frequent
since -the forests were,removed,, and
that- late spring' frosts arc not so destructive-as in the- early . dyX Al-j
most, any sctl-kr whose =nieinory-. goes
back, to the sixties of last century
can fell, not only of potatoes, but of
fields of .grain being-.destroyed. No-
such ^severe frosts - have - .occurred
since tlie spring "of 1895.. In Manitoba "the climate has apparently moderated since thc early seventies, when
the Red River colonists struggled to
produce enough food to last over.the
winter. Between the professional
weather "men who have the figures to
prove, their-case; ��� and -the. fanners
whose memories cannot be much ai
fault, thcir is a conflict of evidence.
It seems almost certain .tha! the .removal of"'.trees'influences"cliiiTale, aiid"
.it -is ;mo"re than . probable lhat ' the
breaking up of widc.areas of new land
is' :ijso-a factor, in determining;, thc
climate.-���:"Montreal" Family. 1-1 -raid.
Every Part of Canada Will Benefit
From the Influx
Evcry part of Canada is.to benefit
by the influx of Imperial ex-soldiers
who are coming to the Dominion to
settle on farms under ^the ^special
scheme decided upon by the Imperial
and Dominion governments last "year.
Those aleady selected by the Dominion representatives, W. E. Scott, former deputy minister of agriculture,
British-Columbia, and Russell Wilson
of Saskatoon, will bring about a million dollars in cash, said Mr. Scott,
at Halifax from the Cunard liner
Caronia en route with Mr. Wilson to
Ottawa where they will make an official report.
Of the thousands of applicants
about 700 have been found suitable,
during the stay in England of Messrs.
Scott and/Wilson. They are not thc
professional army officers type of men
Mr.Scott said, but mostly .were civilians before thc war. Thcy are sound
and adaptable and come from York,
Nothumbcrland, Wales and Scotland,
the best agricultural sections of thc
Old Land, and Mr. Scott declares
thcy will adapt themselves to conditions here and makc ideal farm settlers and citizens.
That Canada should get as many
of this mass of settlers as possible is
Mr. Scott's opinion, as Australia and
New Zealand arc going to send agents
there this fall for the same kind of
men and will offer big inducements.
Thc two agents did not get a good
slice of bread since thd'y left Canada,
they declared, Britain and many other
parts of the world being short of
wheat. Therefore they say there will
be big prices for all the food produce
Canada can export for years to come.
Newspaper Costs Still Mounting
The cost of. the white paper on
which newspapcrs.arc printed mounts
steadily upward. The ^increased
price which went info force on July
1st represents an added expense for
Candiau publishers of not less than
the huge sum of eight million dollars. In December, 1916, the price of
newsprint was $36 a ton.- Early this
year it was $80. The new pricc is
$110 a ton���an increase of $74 over
the price prevailing up to 1916 ���
more than 205 percent. For the last
quarter of this year the pricc will
be $130 a ton, 261 percent ovcr the
cost price of .four years  ago,
On Face and Head.' Itched
and Burned. Disfigured.
"Last year I became affected with
eczema. It started on tbe cheeks in
a rash, and the water spread and
made ray face Bore aU around the
ear and partly on my head. The skin;
was very sore and red, and the
breaking out itched.and burned so
that I could hardly,'help scratching.
My face was very disfigured.   .
"Then I used a free sample of
Cuticura.. It helped so I bought three
cakes of Soap and one box of Ointment, and my face was healed."
(Signed) Miss Martha Berger, Span-
away, Wash., Feb. 11,1919.
Give Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
Talcum the care of your skin.
Soap 2Sc. Ointment 25 and 50c.  Sold
throughout theDominlon. CanadianDepot:
Lym��n��. Limited, it. Paul St., Montreal.
0V~Cuticura Soap ekaves without mug.
g ,1'JWH
Winner in Butter Contest
Results of Dominion Education Butter Scoring Contest
'For May
Saskatchewan wins first pjgee in
the Dominion education butter.scoring
contest for the month of May, is the
information received by P. E. Reed,
dairy commissioner for the province.
Thc province also tied with Manitoba.-'
for second place.
Four creameries in each of thc nine
provinces of the Dominion arc entered in the contest, thc scoring bcing
made on samples sent in each month
from May to October inclusive. Two
Saskatchewan, creameries received thc
highest possible scores for workmanship. The Cudworth branch of thc
Saskatchewan Co.-opcrativc Creameries scored highest with- 97 points, and
thc samc company's Birch Hills tied
with the Crescent Creamery company
of 'Winnipeg for second place, with
96 points out of 100."
Since thc war in 1914 the number;,
of horses   in   the   United   States on
farms has increased 147,000;-the number of mules is 546,000 greater.
Prince Ships Stock by Express
The Prince of Wales shipped eight
horses and eleven ponies by Dominion" Express lo his ranc.i in Alberta
on the steamer Montcalm from Bristol oil July 7.
- No man is bound to bc rich or
great, no���nor to bc wise!-but cvery
man is bound  to be honest.
Appear At Your
If you receive' a sudden
caller or an unexpected invitation you can feel.confident of always- appearing
at your best.  In but a few
moments It renders to your
skin a wonderfully   pure,
soft  complexion  that  is
beyond comparison.
Gouraud's ' .~S
Oriental lEream
'FEkD.T. HOPKINS & SON. tvLori I.i o al ;
... . .      gave-iip   the .trail .until   their quarry
al)piit the cabin  the.spng. birds ^werc ,   =&. ^X^x^
Along--' with' tlic-'in-'
dbiliitable n'ersistency with which, thc
scarcely-, .discernible '"._" through -; -.the ,--,
trilling--,'their',-luil;_.by- scings 'to ,fiedgr:
lings ' hidden -somewhere'away in X)** j cHlllitiais ^re" followed hundrecls,and
swcet^mcllmg..foiIage.' ������- ������ ; - - _.; Y,.^,;1,!,^,,^ of "miles, Was an even-
Suddenly: _rthc- boy: p:uised   ori   the
j liand'cd.-jusfice at the ".trials; and- hence
shaggy .screen: tliat;-rested.--abovi:. a ,,.   .  aujtli(lc-   ^^
yatii and held .up his-brad uy'X Hsverv j-"^...^' .coats .became' the
Not Aspirin at/All without the "Bayer Cross"
Papering Pins is
A Remarkable Process
��""-; .almost glorified '.it.
-flooring "of-.palcr,grcon   inbs's
' ��� Then,'"'as    the " road ' curved
more;, thcy -dipped' into a' wide, "green
open, with-thc.big lake sleeping b't-\
' fore ; it,, arid -.the,, big   forest-crowned'-;
hills.'sweeping'beyond-it. j
' : ' In .the'-vcry'.heart   of    this    open!
stood a long;.' wide,' homey cabin of \
..logs,'-aiid   alongside   of   Ihis    cabin,.
ivith' a  jerk; of   .his   elbows   and   a
��� "Whoa.-- thar,"'old   gals."   Pa   Wash-
;burn-.'drew-iip-with, a  flourish. '
'���"   "This here .is our place, an* you're.';, favorable
--y.-elcome--to it an' all ��� it   holds," he ! -j-j
., cried- .hcartilv:.  "S'posin* wc. light." -1 .,
._ .".-   "   ," .. ,      "       ,    I;gets ;i Jaugii;
Suiting  -the- action   to   the  words,).'
.-.'   - , : use capitals
XXrb<-s- :liis  grici
\ drawn 'face "there  swept a .look "that
(To. Be--.ConViijiied,).
Writing Letters
A Correct Form for Letters Should
Be Acquired
By   corjest   form'in   letters- or   iii
social customs 'one  avoids fixing uii-
'att'cn-lion     upon    him.iclf,
i who rats pie
guaranty""of "the observance o.f the
laws-,aml:--th'c 'protection of -life' :md
properly..; Thercfiirc,-; (.'.'yA. Saunders
sji'ys: ��� '-''I'-he days, i hpent.'in . lhc- ser-.
vice; of.-Ihc'Jorce. "were thi., .-golden'
days of.jny.lifc'." T.he wOrhl-'will never know the- hundreds of uleeds of
courage., and valor that..' have-", been1
performed by. those in "the service....
' -    , ".-No-End of Mutton . ' ���   .
Canada" is .deslined  to JJ>ecc>me .tlie
greatest' cai tic, raising, country in't'hc.
'wioVldr-ih.C .ni'usk-o:v- anil- icind.eerfill-
ing tlie 'seuii-Ar'ctie' lands .of. tlic - far.
"north. . 'riiese "animals-'need no"; barn
nor. feed���lveing able, ty- p'r'ovhle their
���own  food' and' sht'lien -'-. 'ihc.-musk-ox
.is '-a, -gigantic' ."sheep,;, the-, meal  "of.
1-whieh' ;t;isi<.-.-, "Hk
coat, is .two "and
Two Girls. Cah;Tut"Up "Many "Tlious-
;-' ���   ���'' '-/;'' -- ands. A Day   .
-.'The" first- pins liiaclc in-'this. country
were .'very crude indeed���-merely".a bit
of'wire twisted, into a knot for ahead
at one end, and sharpcneil to a",point
;t"t til'-;.other. Their successors .of-to-
d'ay undeiiga'. a'^suiprising;,varicty of
bcei:whi!e its wool-' operations- before they arc' considered
'.half-;tin]'es as'thick'; ;',;. for'nse,-. says--.the. London .-jpurnal.
For Colds, Tain; Headaclic, Neuralgia, Toothache,. 'Earache, .and" for
Khpumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica, Neuritis,, take Aspirin, marked with.the
name "Bayer", or you aro not taking
'Aspirin at all.
.'    Accept - only" .'"'Bayer-  Tablets    of
Aspirin" "in "'ari   unbroken   ."Bayer"
package which.", contains complete di- .
rcctions. .Then you arc getting real���
Aspirin���the . genuine .; Aspirin yre- .
scribed,'by. physicians for over mho- ���
teen' years. Now'. made in Canada.
.Handy tin boxes containing. 12 tab-,
lets.cost but a few cents.- pruggists
also sell "larger "Bayer" ��� packages.
Thexo is only on�� Aspirin���"Bayer*V-Y<m must say "Bayer" .
Aspirin (���Vho traclo mark- (registered ia Canada)' of Bayer Manufacture ol'IIono-
..acoticacldester of Sallcyllcacld.    While It is well known lhat Aspirin mcans Bayer,
manufacture, to assist the public against imitations, tho Tablets of Bayer Company
will bo etamped with their svuvral trado maris, tUo "Bayer Crow,"
as: lhal: or- ri'' sheep,
feeds on; grass and
.lichen. ....'���
���' - 'rhe-niiiskox-
llie" "reiudrei   oii
-.Protecting. Twine from Crickets
If   the   twine   onc   buys   is  not   already protected' from - "crickets    and
with Iii- knife   grasshoppers -the following  'formula
given   by   \V'- T.   Flint,  en'touiologi.-t I
of Illinois, can Lc use-d very salisfae- j
torilv.   -lie recommends a solution' of;
the one who forgets to
iii liis letters is tolerated
'���"��� "Eating up Forests- -
'The ivcw York 'City' newspapers
"every "day- consume the"' equivalent- of-
ove-r ��1,0.00 spruce -trees, and'.Chicago
ovcr 5,000, -war" tlic. .'startling: fact
given, by a. speaker-, al,.thr'National-
Editorial' convention1.- ��� ' OnC'Sunday
newspaper alone takes llie spruce of
1 over  lbr-ty-"acres  for  (-very .issue,
-..,-sometimes.    .Correct    form    ��5.  ."a j t^0 gallons or kt-rosViic. and on<�� Ka
! Chance to prove, oneself; .it is an open . ,m_ fl, p;m]f. (,rf.fl,;tt      Mi.
A    lintijh   physician
i Ion  of crude ereoi-itt.    Mix   n>,e
geihc:r and  immerse  ihc  t-.vfr.c
:. Upon the writer-? definite statement, ^.^ of a,)0Ut mQ boiir-or unlii ;t
of liis   situation   and   de'sjre   depends j-s saVurMtd/tlvl.n ia>. ollt in  the  sun
| and dry thoroughly before usinij. The
I Missouri. Agricultural College recom-j ____
i'nienil'-.a   solution   of .one--gallon   -'���
lime 'sulphur and ten/gallons of w;<
'Soak.'..f"r.':':i -siniiiar'- 'period .'"ai..d "_
a!7 i woman Oi toui.y ih
. to- ! physier.liv si.;r.-:-i...r
'or a   ti'Mher.
-! the/rea'dcr's understanding, The-read-'
-..-cr may-have nothing to,gain; so h?
Vtoss.c.5   fh-e,';ir:(U-fjni'ie .letter- into, .the
.-.anit.'.'DC -��7'
;--.JIf. ,'m'ay; on-the other j
..���f.illin-g- to lie of. service":
:iu!ris"i-if;'"v.'hat-.in- cr.ea-.;
Ol !
:.;! ".van!
IiV grii;-:?e"which..:T.is.ke=i.;, "-. ... ;
X--Z-'-- rn;!;"^'qui("kiy'-;.a and X;Xy -X
.-.-....'iksr/g';. thh-^'i^C'^-iv'-Q:i.*' "^y^^X UriX^T '-^;-X!l
Air":. Harbor
: jiv coiiiparisdiu with-the. size, of-the
object' manufactured,. the- operations
sce.in: bcwildcniigly- 'numerable-; /but
if ��� tlicrc be .one. process" more, remarkable than' another' it -is' "papering the
pins."   The/papers having been .pass?
ed'thi-ough- ah ingenius  looking' machine   which,-.- at   ..regular.,intervals,
pinches -.-tip -a. fold" aod pricks a hole
"in- it.'are ready to, receive thc pins." .-
.  'For this" purpose  there is-another,
machine,'' worked"by- two gifls>;-..Onc
feeds, the".pins,. the' other the papers.
-The .first pari of the machine is:a box
about- 12-incheS'lbng, .6 inches- broad,
land 4 inches deep.      .The' bottom ii-
composed of small, square steel bars',]
sufficiently far apart to let .the! shank'j
of  the pin  fall through, but.not the
head.    These bars are just as thick
as  the  space  between  papered pins..
The lower part of the bottom of the
box is madc to detach itself as soon
r.i,.nimB<i Fitsi;^     as the row of pins is conipl.etc,. .     .
'|$S^*g^V ' r^^tcr:** at^gular inters,
: ;turetoSaa, Sssf ind.W!si-{ is  received, and...passed down-a- cor-,
[.'responding: set'-.of grooves, .\until y it
' reaches the-\readyrprkked paper."...By
inld'cciually and
iu    her    grand-
- A   critic  i.s   a  grown-up   boy    who
coii.timies to throw stones. ,,
::.V:-r-. :^
cmickly.reliered fey Maries
EyelsSKSj. No Smarting,
jast Ere Comfort; AS
Yopir 'Dmggisis.'eT by irail ���0c per Bottle.
For BesVsl-lbe.Eys free 'jr-Hc '--'- -oyM'
Ktorise Eye SS��agfl��y Ce��� Cblc��a��.
ii \.-liiXX:Z>Z<l:eXX�� ^XdyiiiXr,:. '.vihat -isY'deri; :jSfanitpb3/,:-;It-.is-:to ;-i.c..v;rru1:tr^.-, ,;. yy7T'yy.ryy y_ -.yyry--- yy-y-yr-,
x.yM^irXz'Xi"Xi:'xyi^X:Xiy:y   z:y; ���.-...--[and;-80^yafds;jii;femcjtcr;v. yXiy: ;X\ XxyyviXyXyx VXy}C&-xiyy~
the -nicest 'possible; adjustment1 these '.i
piristcoine exactly,"to" their ^places,; and. [
are '.then-'pressed.'into the'ni>':-"'J.B!y-'--tiiis j
method..tyro!;gir!s:can ��� in one .day-'pu
'ujK.m'any thousands of pin pape
'������ U ru
THE     LEDGE,     GliEEjS'WOOD. ���    B.     C.
Winnipeg      JtrjZt?** Calgary
Lest week, in this paper, we
used about ia foot of space to
.  tell something about the ���
Are You Educated?
This is but a reminder. If you
read the adv. in last week's
paper all well and good, and if
you overlooked it, it will be.
time well spent if you
��� find a copy and read it
very carefully. It is a
hard'job these hot, sul-
f'try days to bend over
i a washboard or turn a
hand washer. A MAYTAG Multi"-' Motor
washer, with a powerful, light, compact,
half horse, air - cooled .
engine built right in as
a part of the washer is
one thing above all
others that should be
.in every home , where
there is no electric
current. Ask the implement o~r hardware
dealer, in your hometown where you do
your trading to tell you
about it. If he refuse,
then drop us a line and
we will, and will also
send you free a-copy
of- thc MAYTAG
Laundry Manual.
Series of Tests Have Been Evolved
By University Professor '
A,professor of.the University of
Chicago has evolved a series of "test
questions which he avows are the
best evidence of a real education. If
you cari answer "Yes" to all the questions ybu are truly educated,, the professor says.   Here are the questions:
Has education given you any sympathy with all the good causes and
made.you expose them?
Has it made you public spirited?
Has it made you a brother to the
Have you learned how ��� to make
friends and keep  them?
Do you know how to be a friend
yourself?     .
Can you look an honest man or a
pure woman in the eye?
Do you see anything to love in a
littic child?
Will a lonely dog follow you on the
Can you be happy and high-minded
in the drudgeries of life?
Do you think that washing dishes
and hoeing corn is as compatible with
high   thinking  as   playing the piano?
Are you good for anything else?
Can you bc happy alone?
Can you look out on the world and
see anything but dollars and cents?
Can you.look into a mud puddle by
the wayside and see a clear sky?
Can you see anything in the puddle
but mud?���Christian News Letter.
Cox Is A Friend
Of Great Britain
Nominee for U.S. Presidency Declares Against Inflaming Anti-
British Feeling
While delivering an address at a
patriotic rally held in Massey Hall,
Toronto, under Empire Club auspices, on November 22, 1918.'Hon. J. M.
Cox, Governor of the state of. Ohio,
carried the audience' with liim when
he declared that the kaiser was a
criminal and should undergo trial as
a common murderer and assassin for
violation of international laws.' Mr.
Cox impressed his hearers by his eloquent "declaration of friendship towards Canada and Britain. He spoke-
eloquently in defence of good relations between America and Canada.
."We are proud of the fact," he said,
"that between us is the longest boundary line in the world unmarked by
the bayonet, untrammclcd by cannon,
���eloquent of thc fact that the brotherhood of man is born of emotions that
carry us. and. our moral outlook as
high as the heavens themselves. I
hope that any man in-the United
States of America who, in a spirit of
mischief, or in a demagogic spirit at-
temps to inflame our people and poison the minds of our children against
Britain, gets what .he deserves."
Unrepentant Germany
Yields Increased
By Using Straw
"California Syrup of Figs"-
Child's Best Laxative
To Reclaim Half
Million Acres
Inundated Areas in Albeta and Saskatchewan to be Drained
Forty reclamation projects involving 400,000 to 500,000 acres of land
are planned -in-'Alberta, and surveys
are being conducted to determine cost
/'and means of bringing water covered
areas into agriculturally useful surfaces. Among the lakes which will
be drained will be Sullivan Lake, near
Wabamum, Chip Lake, Cygnet Lake,
near. Entwhistle, and certain low lyings trctchfisJn..the.lesjser Slave Lake.
The scheme will embrace inundated
' Saskatchewan areas aiid cast of
Prince Albert, and 1,000-milc tract
between the Carrot and Sskatchewan
Rivers will be 'surveyed- this'summer.
Holloway's' Corn Cure takes thc
corn out by the roots.' Try it* and
prove it.
Fox Farm Proves A Success
Considerable success has attended
the fox farming project of thc Regina
Silver Fox Company, of Regina, Saskatchewan. -The company is considering thc extension of the present
ranch by adding 28 more pens.   Tlic
. Regina. company was , formed last
October and 30 pairs of registered
silver foxes imported . from - Prince
Edward Island.    A number of- pups
_^werelraised_.this_year and._the_o_fficials
of thc company believe-they can turn
.out a higher class of fur' than Prince
Edward  Island, owing  to  thc  colder
-winters.- Fox pelts .are now bringing
from $400 to $1,000;
One Ton Per Acre, Benefits Com- or
Wheat Land
According-to experiments made at
the West Central Station at Morris,
Minnesota, farmers who.burn their
straw or allow the stacks to stand
for years in thc fields, are robbing
themselves. Applying straw directly
to the land has given good results in
Morris, as thc following ' statement
from Superintendent P. E. Miller
"In our 1919 station report, wc publish results of experiments conducted
the last four years. For a four-year
average, one ton of wheat straw plowed undeccach year gave an increase
of 6.2 bushels of corn to thc acre the
following year, while onc ton of corn
stover plowed under gave an average
increase of 1.5 bushels of-wheat each
year during the same period.        ���
"Heavier applications gave smaller
increases. Two tons of wheat straw
gave ari average of only 0.3 bushels of
corn, while two tons of corn stover
gave an average gain of only 0,4 bushels of wheat compared with the untreated land.
"This experiment was begun in
1916, and during the first two ycars
there wcrc no increases with wheat,
but, during the next two years, wheat
gave'an increase, each year with both
one-ton and two-ton stover applications, "Iri 1916 therc was no increase
with corn, .but in 1917 there was a
very'decided increase and in .both
1918 and 1919 there was a very decided increase from the one-ton applications. It seems apparent that the
cumulative effect, "especially with- an
application of. onc ton, is having beneficial influence-upon yields.
- "We arc coming to, the conclusion
that straw in amounts of one ton. per
acre can be applied with benefit upon
land which is-to bc used-for corn or
"wheat" The- rcsults~at_ this" station
seem to."indicate that it'will, take at
least two. applications before noticeable- increases in yield arc obtainable
Inasmuch as'only a small, part of-tlic
straw can be .'handled as a-litter, it.
would appear that spreading it direct
Iy iipon the land is an easy and effect
ivc way of making use of it."
o. I;. Cannot
"' 99"'.
ILIQUS,   headache /spoils
raahy. an  expected  enjoy-;
-ment.'" ;/���'��� .-,"���".-���': " - *.'> "_' ;.;;
>. When^tii.e, condition, of .the.
liver is .neglected,, biliousness
:; seems to become chronic and
recurs.every two or three
weeks; ."with.severe, sick headaches. ' XX     : ''"'- _-'      '������'xx '";
Why not get right after this
trouble and \ end it "by using 33r.
Chaae'a Kidney-Liver Pills .to restore
tha. health and activity of th�� liyer.
.Constipation,   .iziiie&iilon.    bacfo
ache, headache, biliousness and kid*
. ner   derangements   soon   disappear
with   tho   us��   oi . this   well-knowo
Oae pill a dose, 23 eta. ft box, all (Sealera,
*a Edmansoa, Bates & Co., I/t<L, Toronto,
Signs .Go ,To   Show That the Hun
''���    Has Not Changed Through
The   War
We desire to sec France recover
her strength, and Germany and Central Europe restored to healthy economic prosperity. But against, one
thing we set, and shall steadfastly
set, our face1���against the revival in
any form bf the, German militarist
temper. Of that temper the latest
exemplication is the beating of 'a
newspaper correspondent for the offence of standing with his hands in
his pockets in the presence of a
Prussian officer. Against that temper the British peoples fought, juid
it, with-thcir Allies' help, thcy overcame.' The surest bulwark against
its return within a calculable future
is thc maintenance of the closest
friendship and co-operation which wc
shall not cease to advocate and to
uphold.���London Times.
Emigrants Flock
To the Dominion
European Invasion of Canada Assuming Large Proportions
Thc publicity department of thc C.
P. R. statcs that the great European
invasion of Canada has been experiencing since shipping was released is
vcry general and drawing immigrants
from a large area. Every continental country, ally and neutral is contributing its quota to the growing
A steamer sailing from European
points for the Dominion is crammed
to.capacity and thc class of Canadian
settler was never higher npr of a
better type. Thc vessels of thc C. P.
R. alone handled 26,126 passengers in
April and May, and of this total 15,350
avowed their intention of settling in
thc Dominion and making their future homes "here.
Canada Imports ���
Agricultural Products
Sores Flee Before . It.���There are
many who have been afflicted with
sores and have driven them away
with Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil, which
acts like magic. All similarly troubled
should lose no timc in applying this
splendid remedy, as there is nothing
like it to be had. lt is cheap, but its
power is in no way expressed by its
low price.
Accept ' "California" Syrup of Figs
only���look for thc name. California on
the package, then you arc sure your
child is having .the best and most
harmless physic for thc little stomach,
liver and bowels. .Children lovc its
fruity taste. Full directions .on each
bottle; You must say "California."
\ _���
The Foolish Hun
Search for Treasure
Bullion Sunk in War. "Awaits Salvage
,'-���".,���   Off. Irish Coast
Efforts .will bc: resumed, this summer-to recover,the .��4,000,000 of gold
-still lying in ihe wreck.'of the British
auxiliary criiiscr.L'aurcutic,,which was
sunk by a mine off the mouth of the
Lough Swilly in January, 1917, while
on her way to'Ncw York. The bullion
is-in bars each of which, is worth.
��1,200. Altogether the ' Laurentic
carried "'.'abount/ ��7,000,000 in'��� gold
when.sunk. It is estimated tliat about
��3,000,000.since has been recovered.
Up. "to now. thc weather - has been
favorable.and, as the wreck-lies' in'
an exposed position, the isalvage can
be";done .only", in' the finest weather.
=-It-is-.cxpe<;tcd that some,blasting-will
be necessary .to. get at.the compartments in which the; gold' was carried.
The work is. being "done by the Racer,"..a "salvage ship..
,Only One Thing Keeping/ Germany
From ' Making Another Bid .
For-World Power
A company of German troops in
Berlin who were sent to salute the
flag at thc French embassy first sal-
.uted t.he flag and" then broke into
singing the famous war song- that
was specially intended to express the
idea that Germany' is supreme over
all. The-crowd in-the streets' look
"up the. song" and,'something of a dc-
-mqns'.nilion occurred. ' Thc troops;
by thc way;''had been-scat. fo salute
the flag, in order to makc official amends ,fqr thc action of a mob a fevv.
clays before.in tearing down- thc tri-
co!or-from-the-embassy -staffr-;���--_-
If is useless-; of course, to expect
that the German people could.recover
from the feelings -which 'made-, the
war and those ywhicli, "grew out of
the "war- in even two years.' Biit it'
might, bc supposed that" prudence
would play sonic- larger .part iir. restraining their - expression of .'those
.feelings ��� thaii" -it- seems to be doing.-
While:, thc. German ministers at Spa
were pleading: with the Allies not to
cripple Germany in the struggle-for
economic reconstruction, was' hardly.
a filling time for, Germrin-sUdicrsi and
the'Berlin public ;lo throw insults'; at
any of the. Allied statcs-van'd least of
all the slate whos.c influence goes the'
farthest, to decide .what- conditions
shall be imposed "on Germany.-.-- If
that is .the German idea of.how-to
cultivate' good -feeling among -thcir-
latc enemies, and to get concessions
which-are' certainly-,' important to
-them, and which'��� thcy declare.'to be
of vital'importance, thecitizens of-thc
new republic have a-good deal to
learn - beforc their, "democracy"- will
be. safe, for . themselves:1'^' Thcy .'arc
giving, the Allies .to understand ���'that
despitc'what German statesmen may
say, all .that keeps' Germany frdm-tak-
ing.;tlie .wir' -path again in- another.
<lrivc: "for world-'-power-.is. thc lack, of
strength. ".-The more, thcy-drivc'"homc
that,conviction','-the- njorc oncrbus;.thc
j'demands -made' upon themare li.kcly
b  he���Edmonton  T'.ultciin^      -   "������
Memory of even the most important episodes in contemporary history
is remarkably short. Six years ago
last Monday Archduke Francis Ferdinand was" murdered by Prinzip, a
fanatic whose act played into -;the
hands of the junkers and militarists
of Germany and Austria and furnished the pretext for the greatest war
of all time. Yet few people and few
newspapers commented on ihe anniversary. The date had been almost
completely forgotten and it is doubtful if ten persons in a hundred could
havc recalled thc names of the actors
in'this prologue to the great tragedy.
���Ottawa Citizen.
Dominion Bureau of Statistics Shows
Need of Co-Operation
Foreign farmers, i.e., those farming land outside Canada, found a
profitable market here in/ the last
twelve. months for over 143 1-3 million dollars' worth of their products.
Farmers and livestock breeders will
find the story told plainly and irrefutably in the following abstract from
the returns of the Dominion bureau
of statistics. It gives the imports of
live animals and of animal products
into Canada for the last three years
ending May 30th (000's omitted) for
1918, 1919, and  1920 respectively:
Animals living, $2,517, $1,871, $2,494.
Hides and skins, $7,885, $5,903, $25,-
Lard, $63,639, $2,682.
Leather, $9,640, $10,593, $18,059.
Meats, $17,807, $7,338, $20,220.
Wool, $33,715, $40,940, $74,259.
c Totals, $72,200, $67,504, $143,356.
Many of. these imports are offset by
our exports of the samc class. That
is, Canadian manufacturers import
much of their raw material from
abroad, and the Canadian farmers
have to export thc results of thcir
work to be raw material in other
countries'." The needless "criss-crossing" of products and the expense of
their transportation might be largely
eliminated .were, Canadian manufacturers and Canadian-..farmers to be
more closely linked together. Manufacturers might utilize more what the
Canadian farms, under the climatic
conditions, can best produce; farmers
might more definitely aim to produce
that for which manufacturers can the
best find la market.
A considerable part of the products
given above could have been produced in the Dominion and profitably
manufactured for Canadian consumers if industry and farming had been
more closely related during, the last
twenty ycars. ��� Thc���[ Industrial and
Development Council of Canadian
Meat Packers, 186 King Street, W.,
YOUR good intentions don't pay the grocers .=
bills.   Your family has to live even if you 5
don't   Secure a- Monthly Income .Policy j��
now.   Write for pamphlet to-day.     ���_�����, S
Winnipeg, Reginz, Saskatoon,  Edmonton,  Calgary, Vancouver.      .����
(Agents Wanted in Unrepresented Distiicts) j��
To Establish Law
In the North
Mounted Policemen Carry Law of the
White Man Into the Home
Of the Eskimo
Three parties of Royal Canadian
Mounted Poliaemen leave Ottawa
shortly for the northern section of
the Hudson Bay to carry the law
of the white man into the home of the
Eskimo. The three parlies leave via
steamer at Montreal for their long
journey into northern waters. One
party Will act as a court, and is in
charge of Inspector Thomas, with
Sergeant Douglas as assistant. Another party, consisting of Inspector
Phillips and Sergeant Joy, will journey on the same steamer to Belcher
Island, a remote place on the south
side of Hudson Bay, where there is
an isolated Eskimo settlement. The
third party is for the purpose of es
tablishing a branch of thc department of customs at Port Burwell on
the Quebec shore of Hudson Bay
Straits. This will be in charge of
Sergt. White and one trooper They
will be stationed at this extremely
northern post to collect all necessary
customs duties from United States
and foreign ships which arrive on the
coast and wish to trade with thc natives.
Angry Customer.���Look here, waiter. I have just found this trouser
button  in my  soup.
Waiter (with a beaming smile).������
Oh, thank you, sir. I couldn't think
what had become of it.
Belgium's Recovery
; '-.   Big Price Paid, for Horse
Prince Palatine, a" famous English
thoroughbred. horse, has.been bought
for shipment tb the United States, for
$250,000, which is said Jtp 'be "the highest price ever paid for a horse.    Six
other horses have brought oyer $100,-
000 each during ..recent years.    It is
interesting to note that in the older
days Robert Bonner paid $33,000 for
Dexter;  the. famous  trotter, in  1867,
j while twenty years, later h- pair, $40,-
| 000 for Man's! $..- Another well-known
j trotter in'her day, Flora .Temple, -was
���sold in 16M9 for,,$13.-and nine years
i la'trr, wh<-n shc had become famous,
[ivx 53:000. '.-.--.""
Brute Centenarians
Elephants are. perhaps, the longest
lived' members of' the - animal'"kingdom, averaging between .100 and 200
years. There arc*..records of elephants living 350 years,. Most naturalists allow the whale about the same
length of life as ."the. elephant/'; Tltc
.camel .comes third,, averaging "about
75 years.; The average life of a lion
and a tiger is 40 and 25 years re-
.spectivdy.. ������""-'";,���'.��� _-'_'������;: "'"""-'... V;V;..'.
Minard's  Liniment  Co.,  Limited.
Dear Sirs,���This fall I got thrown
on' a fence and hurt my chest very
bad, so 1 could not work and it hurt
me to breathe. I tried all kinds of
Liniments and thcy did me no good.
One bottle of- MINARDjS LINIMENT, wanned on flannels and applied on my breast, relieved me completely.
Rossway, Digby  Co,,  N.  S.
British Military and Naval Costs
Great Britain's expenditures on
naval and military operations in Russia from ihe lime of the signing of
thc aimisli.ee with Germany, Nov. 11,
1918, lo March 31, last, amounted to
$55,973,000, according to a parliamentary paper just issued.
Is Always Full of Life and. Energy���
',.".-. Failures arc Weak and- '"' ��"
.'..'-'."."���'"__ .-'-Bloodless;. ;,"-
.-.'Some "inch 'seem "to. have., all the
luck.'. If- there; arc any good things
going these Jneii"-seem.to. get,'thcm.
They-make" other "people'do-their .'will
���they arc-; leaders;}-If-they arcbiisi-.
ness men" they- arc 'successful; -if,"they,
.are workmen-thcy-: get the foreman's
job, -Thcy-have the, power of influencing people." .'.''-' ;': -��� ' - ;/V ","'.;"
, The same'thing is true" of' women;
Some- have" the ' charm .'that "makct
men. seek thcm out; others'arc always neglected:'. "But this isnotliick,
It is.due fo-a personal gift���vitality.
Men arid women :0f-.this sort arc nev-
]er ;weak, p'liny invalids.... Thcy may
not be-big'.-but tlicy arc-fifll,'of. life
and. energy... -The whole��� , thing, is' a
matter of' good' blood; good .'-nerves
arid good health.'_ ' Everyone 'would
.wish to .be like this.'.and .'t.lic'.qualitics
that make for vitality and energy are
purcly a",matter,pf health.'; -By. build-'
ing''up' the blood and; nerves, .sleeplessness, "want of energy; weakness/of
the.-back.'.stooping- ' ihouidcrs. headaches, and "the ineffectual .sort of presence which really-comes froni weakness, can .all be got rid of. Dr. Williams Pink Pills _ have .-made ; :many
weak, Ured men vigorous and healthy,
arid many pale,;dejected'girls- ;and
women, plump, rosy-arid attractive, by
improving their" blood and toning up
their nerves: -If you are .weak, ailing,,
low-sptritcd or unhealthy, try Dr.
William? ^hik,. Piiis. and note their
speedy, beneficial effect.
You can get-' these;; Pills through
any medicine dealer or by mail at
50"cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams Medicine. Co.,
.Bro'ckvnic, Ont." v -'...
Country's Exports May Exceed Im-
-. . ports Before End of
Belgium is making rapid recovery
from German depredations committed
in the world war. At the close of
the war 2,000 kilometers of railroads,
1,600 bridges, 600 kilometers of canahs,
telegraph, and telephoncsystems. and
a third of thc factories of thc country
had been destroyed. Recovery has
been proceeding steadily since the ar-^
misticc, and Emil Franqui, the Belgian minister of stale, writing in thc
magazine of Wall Street, stales lhat
the. railway?, telegraphs, and telephones have been almost entirely' repaired. The canals arc navigable and
many industries havc been revived.
Already coal production is a littic
higher than in 1913, reaching 105 percent of pre-war output in thc month
of April last. Textile and wool production arc gradually being restored
to normal and plate glass works arc
in full operation. The progress has
been slower in thc steel construction
plants.   -
Exports, hc added, to Holland,
France, Italy and^Germany surpass
imports from those countries. The
balance with England is slowly but
surely readjusting itself, and from the
present indications it appears probable lhat before the end of^ the ycar
Belgium will export more than she
Let "Danderine" check' nasty
scurf and stop hair
falling out
When ordering goods by mail, send a Dominion Express Money Order.
r    4^*     ���
r ^flwvnki ���
and How to Feed
f dPwIrlnP^V
Mailed   Tree   to    any
Address by th*
v. ���vVUpc* **
AuAor            ���"'
CO.,   INC,
Aatrlca b Pioneer
11J    West   31��t-street,
Dog Remedies
New York, U.S.A.
Cook's Cottofl Root Compound
J. *afe, rtliabU regvlatino
imdicint. Bold in three do��
Kreea of strength���No. 1, Sll
No. 3. 93; No. 8, SS per bos.
Sold by all drusfuts, or sent
prepaid on recolpt of prict.
Free    pamphlet.      Address I
Toicaro, ont. cr��Birij wium.)
irilUUUl ��UA��i D1AIW niiAUl
 ���           -    BLOOD
_ -     NERVB FOOB
Trial Bottle either Bemady U., leading Chtmlau or
Yctario Remedies Oo.. Gomel Q��l(. N.'ff.S, London. Bn>.
UR.LC uLCIlb Oliver&kidneys
Inrxluable for dlaraiei of these Important organs.
Or&rel, I'alni In the Bask, Gout, llhenmatlim. l'T'.ct
Ut., leadltuc Chemlits or Dr. JiE OLERO MED. CO..
Paragon  Shorthand
Our former Paragon shorthand # students,
many of thcm in excellent positions for
several years, are recommending this won-,
derful system to their young friends, who
are entering our summer classes almost
daily. Write" if interested, and learn a
little of the interesting history of this
system, which has opened tho door for
thousands of young peoplo to. pleasant
and   lucrative   employment.
Federal    Business   College,   Regina;
Dauphin Business College; Portage la
Prairie Business College.
Head Office: The
To .have thc children sound and
healthy is lhc first care of a mother.
They cannot bc healthy if troubled
with worms. ��� Usc Mother Graves'
Worm  Exterminator.-
Irrigation Makes
Prosperous Towns
Remarkable Cbmrnercial*I)eveloprnent
'..'���-'In. the .Irrigated1 Area
,. .'The . commercial. development of
.the town of Brooks,'Alta., is a-wonderful, tribute- to- lhc, value of irrigation..'. -'Reports received'"by Dun's
Mercantile .Agency; indicate that the
"business in this town, has increased
a hundred percent in the last, two
years. : Irrigation^ has converted the
place, from a quiet, town to a live one,
and .the report .'says " there, are now
���more, goods' unloaded at Brooks, than
at any other, place on", the line. Men-
lio��-'isi:.��rsd made" of the prosperous
lown'of Duchess, .which is.also in' the
- irrigated "area.' '���'" Five r years ago the
site of .this.'.town:.-was open prairie,
nO\v '.it. is the 'centr'e" of'a- community
.which bius fair, to-becbm'c bne-'of the
.wealthiest-"in-Canada. "'"��� i  ,-
To stop falling hair at once and rid
the scalp of evcry particle of dandruff, get a small bottle of "Danderine"
at any drug or toilet counter for a
few cents, pour a little iu your hand
and rub well into thi scalp. After
several applications all dandruff usually goes and hair stops coming out.
Every hair in your head soon_ shows
ncw lifc, vigor, brightness, thickness
and more color.   -
Tractor Seeding Mark
Acres in One Day Sets a
For Summer
Snow White Dressing
A pure white liquid dressing for
outing shocs���easily applied; it
dries quickly, does "not turn yellow nor rub off:
Gold Leaf
A self-shining dressing that produces a quick, , lasting black
gloss. Especially adapted for
ladies' and children's fine shocs.
British Military
A high grade waterproof polish
for black, tan, oxblood and chocolate shoes.
Your dealer has  these lines.
Canadian Polishes, Limited,
What is said by motorized farming
authorities to be a record in light
tractor seeding has been accomplished
by a Manitoba farm worker. James
E. Tyrer seeded 135 acres of flax in
onc day, using a light tractor drawing
two 12-foot double-disc drills. His
combined acreage with that of two
other men for the same day was 352
Thc average acreage seeded in a
day with thc same equipment is
from 40 to 50 acres, according to the
ranch manager. Tver is 23 years old,
and lives at Tr'eesbank, Han.���Manitoba Free Press.
A Br
Many 'of our cares 'are.'but'a iffdr-! a stnali
itish ocean liner has installed
branch'ox-a London bank ss
[bid way..of looking at oi:r privileges. 'a convenience fo it$ passenger^
Had His .Game Trapped =���' .
A   young   Swede   appeared  at  the
county judge's office and-asked for a
lyccns^XZ'X y.X-X yrxXXX-y  Xy
. *'What;.kind of  a license?"  asked
the judge; "a hunting license?"
"No," wai the answer," aye tank
aye bane hunting long enough aye
want marriage license."
��� Between two fads a woman is api
to choose both. .   X   ,
A self-made man sometimes makes
a noise like a phonograph.   '
Liniment   Relieves   Dis-
Canada's Fleet Due in September
The Naval Fleet, consisting of a
cruiser, two destroyers, and two submarines, which the British government has presented to the admiralty,
arc expected to comc out in September. Commander Hose, who recently
went to England to supervise the taking over, has-asked that a number of
other officers be sent across. The
ships arc now being overhauled and
got in readiness for scrvisc. They
may be quartered at Halifax in summer and Esquimalt in winter. Commander Hose is likely to succeed Ad-
miftl Kingsmill as director of the
Canadian  Naval Service.
For Men's Women's
__ ; and Children's Shoes  ���
Merely A Boiled Egg
Victoria Wants British Service
Initiation of an all-British news
service for the Empire so as to remove the necessity of employing agencies dominated by foreign interests,
will be urged by representatives of
the Victoria Board of Trade at the
ninth congress of Empire Chambers
of Commerce, to be held'in Toronto
from. September 14 to 17, inclusive.
In Japan straw is converted into
bags for grain, shoes for the feet,
raincoats for the body, roofs for the
houses, paper mats, screens, beds,
and numerous other articles.
W.    N.    U.     1326.
If You Don't Know How to Boil an
ECg   This   Will
Therc is,a great difference in eggs
���somc cling to the shells more than
others. "Hard boiled" eggs should
not bc boiled; they should bc cooked
below the boiling point for twenty te
thirty minutes, and will bc more digestible (the albumen is not hardened) and will peel more easily. However, the egg should be dipped in cold
water for a few minutes before removing the shell and this does away
with the last bit of difficulty. Hurry
and "boiling hard" to get & hard^
cooked egg makes most of the trouble. It takes a little time to do anything well���even cooking an egg in
the shell, which sounds like the last
word in simplicity.
A Pleasant Purgative.���Parmelce's
Vegetable Pills are so compounded
as to operate on both the stomach
and the, bowels, so that thcy act
alongthe whole alimentary and ex*
cretory passage. They arc not drastic in thcir work, but mildly purgative, and the pleasure of taking them
is only equalled by the gratifying1
effect they produce. Compounded
only of ^vegetable substances the curative qualities of which were fully
tested, they" afford relief without
chance of injury.
Men of character are the conscienc*
of the'society to which they.belong.
Minard's Liniment Relieve* GargeS
in Cows.   .
The haad of folly it responsibly
fo; quite a aua&ef'of Mack eyae,   ��� .���...���.a^-St-m* fettf.g nfejup
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance,  or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have passed.   To Great Britain aud the
United States $3., always in advance.
Editor and Financier-I
Retires from the Star
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices    7.00
Hatray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    1.00
certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more thau one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, i2>ceuts a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, uonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
au inch each insertion. '
Business locals I2>4c. a line each in-
F. J. Smyth, one of the veteran
editors of the interior, who has
been in charge of the Princeton
S'tat since 1014, has resigned.
At one time Fred published a
paper at Moyie during the early
days of that town. Later he
went to Phoenix and was on the
staff of the Pioneer, for some
time before going to Princeton.
He will in future reside in Spokane.
Young Bride
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t V.at the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
County Court
His Honor J. E. Brown, of
Grand Forks, presided at the Bitting of the County Court last week.
Frank Oskar Peterson, of the
Main Kettle river, application for
naturalization was approved.
Boundary Valley Lodge, I.O.
O.F. vs Robert Mitchell. Action
dismissed with costs.
P. Burns & Co., vs Christensen.
Adjourned to September 2nd, next
court.     ^^_	
Fatal Accident at
Grand Forks
Men relate that Mrs. Newly wed
went to the grocery store to do her
morning marketing. And she was
determined that the grocer should
not take advantage of hor youth
and inexperience.
"These eggs are dreadfully
small," she criticized. .
"I know it," he answered,
"But that's the kind the farmer
brings me. They are just fresh
from the country this morning."
"Yes," said the bride, "and
that's the trouble with those farmers. They are so anxious to get
their eggs sold that they take them
off the nest too soon."
Sealed lenders will be received by the Minister of Lands not later than 110011 011 the Wtli
day of August, 1920 for the purchase of Licence
X2494, to cut 1,225,000 feet of Tamarac. Fir and
Pine and 45,000 Ties on an area situated ou
Wild Horse Creek, Similkameen District.
Three i3) years will be allowed for removal
Of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Nelson,
Sheriff's Notice of Sale
NOTICE is liereby (,'iveu that under and by
virtue of a certain Warrant of Execution placed
in my hands, I shall offer for sale on the steps
of the Court House, Greenwood, B. C, on
Thursday the 12 of August, 1020, at 11 o'clock
a. m., thc following; A one-half interest in
and to the Black Pine Fractional Mineral
Claim (Wallace   Mountain).
Terms   of   Sale, Cash.
Dated at Greenwood, B. C, this 29111 dav of
J uly, 1920.
Deputy Sheriff
41.Dealer in Second-hand-Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
Some Dog   '
What a beautiful dog, Miss
Ethel!" exclaimed her bashful admirer. "Is he affectionate?"
"Is he affectionate?" she asked
archly. "Indeed he is! Here,
Bruno! Come, good doggie, and
show Joe Brown how to kiss me."
E. W. WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
$?.oo Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc., on application.
Ledge ads bring' results.
Get your job printing at T he
Ledge, before the paper is all
gone. ���   ',
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Physician and Surgeon
That he has located at Greenwood
Office    -   Guess Block.
Residence   -   Dr. MacLean's House
Office Phone 90.      Residence Phone 69
All Work* Guaranteed
Morrison Block, GRAND FORKS, B.C.
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery   And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Ebenezer Barron died in the
Grand Forks hospital on Saturday
evening from injuries received,
when his Ford car was in collison
with the eastbound passenger train
at the C. P. R. crossing near the
G. 3ST. station.. Mrs. Barron and
sister were also riding in the aato
and they are suffering from shock
and minor injuries.
In, the impact tbe Ford and its
occupants were carried by the
locomotive a distance of about 75
feet to the bridge and' then hurling them over an embankment
into the Kettle river/ Deceased
fell out as. the car turned over,
alighting on a stone butment, and
was, injured eo seriously that he
died three hours after being rushed
to the hospital. The women undoubtedly owe their lives to having
been thrown " into the water
rather than on the embankment.
The late" Mr." Barron, was a well;
known rancher of the Grand Forks
valley and was about 66 years of,
age. Mrs. Geo., Fee of Stillwater,"
Miss Grace Barron of Allenby,
Mrs, Stanley Hull of Grand Forks,
and : Walter of VAncouver,, are
daughters and eon of, the deceased.
"The Bible says there will be no
marriages in Heaven." said "Willie.
���'I wonder if this is true" "Of
course it is," replied his little sister
Hazel. "How can the women
marry when their are no men in
the place?"   '
Synapsis ef
Lasid Act ^fiigsicimenfs
confined   to  aur-
Mrs; Geo.: R. Naden- ;������;..
Died iri,'Victoria
/Margaret,.Hogarth Naden,  aged
,52 years, wife pf. George R.;Naden,
.; Deputy-Minister of,Lands,  died-in
���;���   Victoria, on July 19.  The deceased
.    was a native .of Chatain,  Ontario,
and a.number'..ofyeara  ago was a
resident of   Greenwood,    leaving
here for Prince Rupert,, thence to
."Victoria,   where   she had1 resided
for the past three and a half years.
'--'"��� She is survived - by her husband,
one son  and one daughter, ail of
Victoria, who have the sympathy
.   of all in their great loss.
Auto transport
Autos will be handled by  the
i C.P. R. between Hope and Prince-
'-��� ton on "Mondays and Thursdays,'
leaving Hope at i^p.m. for Prince-
���  ton, arid Princeton; at 10'a.ni.. for
Hope;   ���"'Proper... loading��� 'and. uek:
loading- facilities    have   been \ in-
..stalled at Princeton/.v:/; 'XxXiXX:
Send a Float to your frieflds at
. once.     Tou   can ', get "{them a?!
The Ledge office. :-iy yyXiyh
Mlnimmi.w,.>rice of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption   now
veyed lands only.
���Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which Is non-timber land
Paruiersliip pre-emptions abolished,
.but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
clalms.j (��
Pra-emptors musi occupy claims for
five years and maka Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, Including clear-
ng and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before,receiving Crown Grant
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 6 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, be-
, cause of ill-health, or" other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of lm-
, provement and transfer his claim
Records without permanent "residence may be issued, -provided appll-
����>' makes improvements to extent of
_$S00 per annum and records same each -
year.. Failure to make improvements
or  record  same ,will  operate  as  forfeiture.    Title cannot  be  obtained  in
^"tin1���   �� years' a,nd improvements'
of $10 00  per,acre,  including 5  acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required
.     Pre-emptor    holding    Crown    grant
may record another pre-emption, if he-
requires land in conjunction with his
{-M���,' V'1}*}0?*- act,ual occupation, provided   statutory..improvements   made
- and   residence   maintained  on .Crown.-
granted land. ----:- >
^ .^iiS,ir^2y.ed, a^fa>---not"-exceedli!S-2(l
*cres,   may -bo   leased   as   homesit*��s��-
.dentlal and improvement conditions.    -
;     For grazing and industrial nuruosea
areas, exceeding- 640   acres   mly   bs ���
leased by .one.person or company.- -
"Mill,.-factory :or  Industrial -sites  on ���
,; timber land   not   exceeding   40   acres
23aayJ3Vu/cl?as"d: conditions include'
., payment of stumpago.-- -.:.-���
..Natural. hay   meadows   Inaccesslhia
.  by. existing .roads ma^ be purchased
-F>RE-EMPTORS'     Free
- V ���'      ' .''-��� '.ACT.-.  -���-'
. , The scops-'of. this Act is enlariredto
S? wffh%fe,??n18 J��in!4 and seeing with His Majesty's Forces-x Th��
time within,which thehe rsXr diviSei
of, a deceased .pre-emptor hLyS
for title .under ..this Xct 1r extended '
from for one year from the-death of
.. No.fees relatinr. to pre-emotlons arc '
*�����������. Payable.V soldiers^   preemptions recorded after June 26   1818   ;
Taxea are .remitted, for flva years ���
Provision for return of iLneys accrued., due &nd been paid s���ce lui^t
.  i. mi. on account of pa��"f�� -
or taxes on soldiers" .Dre-empS'
Interest on agreements toT purchase
Allied Forces, or dependents!   n���,,!-.^  '
direct ot Indirect, remitted'from ��n^
listment to March 8I...1929TL
Provision .inade for taruane�� r,t
Crown grants to sub-purchasers S
Crown Lands, acquiring rlarht*f���S;
purchasers who failed * to comfe
purcKase, involving forfeiture ^f^-
flllment of conditions 0SU��� In
terest and taxes.   Wh&^SSSiSl
- era <Jo not claim whole of origfni pt?I
be   distributed   proportionately   ot*
whole  area.      Application*  nfuet  �����
. mad* by. May; 3L.-2.e20..-;,.,-,_. * ,c*-.-.,
���'-".'"<���'- "'���-.. X ~". QRAZinq.;\��' Xy....' ''9-..
���y GraalngvAct:- IMS,, for "��r��tiraa.'tic-"-
.; vides -for; graxing districts and range"
.-. ;a.dministratlon-:under- CommiMion *r -':
-Annual .grazing .permits lamed baaed';'
; -On nuTn>?r?-ranged-priority for wtab-���
. llshe.d :. owners..- - Stock-owners mar "
form ��� Associations-for- range' manut- X
. ;ir*p.t.' Free.-or partially fre��. permit* ���
for. settlers..caaipers or ;tr*T��Utra. u��
to t*a"h��ad- -���'-.���-,-<-'-���"       ���--..���---���.- ^..-.r?:.
Shamrock Brands
HAM,   BAGON   and   LARD   -
Carnation Compound Butter and Cheese
* P, Burns  & Co,,   Ltd,,   Nelson, B, C ji
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block       - "���   -     Nelson
Culameen Rotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Nicely iurnished rooms,- by the
.   day, week or month      .
F. Nilson
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers. Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch.
I   I4O
The Consolidated Mining k Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
-.-'..- '';   Offices, Smelting and Refining Department   "������   -
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig ��� Lead   and Zinc
K <&"&"*��� *4"��<***4>4< 4* *4<*4"$*'��<4"*>4"$**ft��4>4��
Cbe fiume Ffctel
 jklson, B.C.
The only op4o/date Hotel in the interior.   First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room,
/.'  ' First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
,    Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
-     RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
I For Good I
Job Printing
MINING . __   1
the small amount of baking powder\
it take^ to make a cake���wheh she
compares the small cost of: the baking powder with that of the other
mateiials usedi when she appreciates
me difference there is in flavor, texture and wholesomeness-othere is
only one decision arid that is
All   the   latest  methods  in   high-class
'"'   ���. . Dentistry.
Corner Abbott St Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER;   -   -   -   BjC.
���Economy and Satisfaction g
combined with Promptness ||
are the features which go to 3
make up the Service we give H
our customers. Are you 3
one of them? 3
B Letterheads, Noteheads,
S^ (Ruled or Plain)
g Envelopes, Billheads^
ST (AU Sizes)                                                                     ^3
% Statements, Business Cards, %
g Posters, T)odgers, Etc., Etc. 3
1 The Ledge      PHONE 29      |
fi GREENWOOD     - Job Printing Department    3
^iuuuuiuuuuiuiuuim iiuiuiuuiuiaiuiiuiuiiiuaiauu k
^The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has prodnced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $76,116,103; Lode
Gold, $93,717,974; Silver, 843,623,761; Lead $39,366,144; Copper, $130,597,620;
pfcher.Mefeals (Zinc, Iron, .etc.),"$10,933,466; Coal and Coke, $174,313,658;
Bniiding Stone, Brick. Cement, efce., $27,902,381; making iiu Mineral Production to the end of 1917 show an
;XyXil>W^\y0t of $595,571,107
Vear Ending December, 1917, $37,010,392
The  Micing  laws.of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower���
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Empires       '���'-. -
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
:VA^ia>o J Titles are  obtained  by developing such properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by Crown.Grants.
Fail information, together with mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing���,    : '
?^:f^^V\!?i^"^/^^^^Tm HON., THE MINISTER OF MINES
^ii^.^X&^Pl^i.    ' ' VICTORIA, British CpiHisMa.   '


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