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The Ledge Sep 25, 1919

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l��*Vj3f ^iC-
'*<> -"-v
Voi,.   XXVI.
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling, it with some
of our choice and eleeanl Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery. Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, couoled with a lar^e stock of
well-assorted Hardware
. ymmmt?!mm??immmmmmmmmt?!mmmmm mm
Fresh Fruit Arriving
Pond Seedling Plums $1.25 per box
Yellow Eee Plums $1-25 per box
Italian Prunes . ��� $1.25 per box
Elberta Peach��s - $1-50 per box
. "*J -Ten lbs of sugar spld with each box of fruit
.   Ice Cream Melons and Cantaloups to arrive
Wealthy Apples $1.25 per box
Tokay Grapes - 25c per lb
Malaga Grapes - 25c per lb
Ripe Tomatoes $1 50 per box
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
Before buj-iug see uie about
Motor tractors and complete line
of Farm implements
MIDWAY      -      -     B.O.
mmmmm\mmmm\mmim m\iiMK
> 09000000000000000000000C oooooooooooooooooooooooooo <
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5
> ' ��� s
. y
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60~Watt Lamps���50c each.     -
.   100 Watt Lamps���$125 each.
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
60 Watts
SL25 each
100    -
2.00 ��
200 '������
350 ��
MEAftHRR- & *X. 511  n^lcer St
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to .
Wears and Millinery,
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First
)0000000000006000000000000 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.   Meals served afe any time.
Sample rooma for drummers.   Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Fool ball Id connection.
W. D. RUSK - ������    ' s    '     - PROPRIETOR
For over fifty years The Canadian
Bank of Commerce has been serving
the people of Canada in increasingly large measure, until at the present tune we have over 470 branches
catering to ihe needs of the Conntry.
Greenwood Branch     L. ��, Brawders, Manager
.  Wool Sweaters
Wool Underwear % piece suits
Wool Combinations
Fleece Shirts'and Drawers
Fleece Top Shirts  ,
Work Shirts and Overalls
Lumbermans Socks & Rubbers
Mens and Boys Storm Rubbers
Leckie's Shoes for Bovs
Strong and Servicable
Around Home!
W. Elson 8 Co
. D. ST. DENIS   ,
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson, B.C
Best prices paid for raw furs
v "V    - Manufacturing VatHer;   V'~ ''
Guatanteed High Class Furs.-���
Nice selection kept in stock and madeto
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up. "Remodeled
and repaired
Skins dressed and mounted at -
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses, Cattle, Etc. *
uir=r IWDATU A M
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block  "    -     ,-     Nelson
421 Baker Street
Stocks, Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building aud finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG   -   - Proprietor.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
Nilson & Nilson       -      Proprietors
Too Much Scotch
'I   carina   remember���
the   bride   was. like,
a marriage���ife waB a fun'ral."
The dancing season has closed
at Christina lake.
The Okanagan fruit canneries
are short of helW v
OctobeM3 will be Thanksgiving Day in Canada.
Cutthroat trout Fry have been
put into Chute lake.
Jim Bush was in Spokane last
week buying a new fiddle.
Jack Morrison is on a business
trip to Red Deer, Alberta.
At McElmon's. Waltharri
Watches.    Boys -Watches.
A young team for sale.    Apply
Hugh McKee, Greenwoods
[~j  'The Granby store in Phoeaix
will sell groceries all winter.
That big flat at Midway could
grow a large crop of potatoes.
. H. R. Bidder, of Allenby, is on
a visit to his family in .this city.'
This year-about 100 carloads of
fruit will be shipped from Grand
Mrs. George Swayne and granddaughter, returned from Butte on
Monday.- _ -  .
Rocky Mountain Ryan is disposing of his rheumatism at
Many families are moving from
Phoenix and other towns to
The G. N. is again buying ties
in this section. The price ,runs
from 47 to 89 cents.
Ajnodem line of cigars, cigarettes, pipes, etc., at the Windsor
Hotel Cigar Stand.
Windfall apples sold by the
sack. Apply at thev McMynn
ranch, Kettle Valley.v
, Norman Morrison and Archie
Aberdeen will take in the New-
Westminster Fair next week.
Smoked Finnan Haddie, Kippered Herring and sliced Boiled
Ham at G. A. Rendell's store.
Several carloads of cattie were
recently shipped from ranches in
the Kettle valley to the Similkameen. _       ,'  y -,.,-v  - -  , ,
The government will build a
fence around the postoffice lawn.
This is sad news for the local
Full -line of school books,.
scribblers, slates, pencils and
other school supplies at Goodeve's
Drug Store,
The ,Douks are getting educated. Several of them attended
the negro minstrel show last Friday evening.
Recently in- one day, 16 carloads of sheep and cattle were
shipped from Peulicton to New
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Larsen of
Rock Creek may spend the winter
in California, for the benefit of
Mrs. Larsen's health.
��� Men's winter underwear, shoes
and rubbers.    Plenty of guus and
shells_at McMynn's, Midway.
See new ad next week.
The C.P.R. is getting ready
^or the coming boom in Greenwood, bv painting its depot a
beautiful-and impressiye color.
W. Jenks, D, Biner, Ed*and
Joe Richter tfere trap shooting in
Jtfelsou this week. This sport is
entirely different from shooting
Mr. and Mrs. McOrmond of
Victoria, were in town last week,
Sam still owns about a dozen
houses in Eholt that he is willing
to sell at a bargain.
The wedding took place in
Nelson, Thursday evening last
of S. D. Owens, C. P. R. agent
at Farron, to Miss Gertrud Lom-
mel of West Robson.
Captain W. J. Kane, manager
of the government sawmill at
Camp McKinney, was severely
injured last week in an auto
accident near Kaleden.
The sub-station of the Greenwood City Waterworks Co. has
been thoroughly - % overhauled,
passed government inspection,
and is now in first-class condition.
For the first time in years the
Hedley mine passed its dividend
this-' month. The mill in that
town will likely shut down  this
People at a distance are always iavorably impressed when
your letters are written on a nicely printed letterhead. Get them
at the printing parlor of The
Ledge office.
Archie Mills of Ferry sold his
herd of 57 Holsteins to the
French government  at  an  aver-
Whf��t ���n  ��*-��-��- "fall, while development work will K?nd'    ?��/u f��jty Y<&s Mr.
Wh.st, mon, it wasna coo{iaue OQ   tbeF Nlckle   plate Whiting was the Natural History
IK to��h A fnn'rnl " . --   ��� l.rwT*��snnttrtP��i* for the. TiamnaianA
HON. T. D. PA-TTULLO, Minister of Lands,
HON. J. D. MACLEAN, Provincial Secretary
Greenwood Theatre, Greenwood, Monday, Sept 29,
At 8p. a Everybody Welcome
ge price- of over $800 for each
animal. The cattle will be shipped from Seattle to France.
Walter Wartman is sinking an
inclined shaft ^on the Dewdrop
group in Central Camp. Bob
Dempster is doing some work in
the same camp on a group of
claims' owned in Washington
We have just received - another
carload of flour and feed from
the Oglivie Flour Mills Company,
Now on hand a full stock of
Royal Household Flour, wheat,
shorts, Chick Food, etc. G, A.
A social evening will be held in
the Presbyterian Church, Thursday evening, to bud farewell to
Mr. Sinclair, who has been iri
charge of the pulpit in that
church for some months past.
All are welcome.
R. McMurdo is in Phoenix,
Arizona, working for the. Lord.
He intends to distribute .a special
gospel message to those who are
unable to attend church, when
the Christian people of that city
dig up sufficient money to have a
large edition of the messages
Big Rory McLeod came in last
week from Westbridge to get a
Gaelic prayer book and some
other supplies for the winter.
He has a fine cabin up the river,
and has spent the summer helping Billy Middleton and others to
make the wagon roads look like
a billiard table.       ^ v
Scotch and soda can be obtained at Lightning Peak, provided
you pack your own Scotch.
George Boag has located a soda
water spring, and is hoping that
some day a live one will reach
his camp with some of the fluid
-that made the Scotch take to
kilts and haggis. -
The-Gazette ~ says. that*.the
owners  of  the  Union  mine in
Franklin camp have given
day   option   on it at a price re
ported to be $300,000.   The option was given to W. R.  Ross,
former B. C.  minister of lands.
It is said that he is acting for the
American Refining & Mining Co.
The following delegates trom
the Greenw.ood riding, have been
appointed to attend the Conservative convention in Vancouver
this month. Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Leighton, Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Morrison, Norman Morrison, J.
Crawford, Major Glossop," Eric
Jackson, J. R. Jackson, Frank
Roberts and W. Jenks^
The Hon. T. D. Pattullo, Minister of Lands, and the Hon. J.
D. MacLean, Provincial Secretary, are coming to Greenwood
next week,-and vwill-addressTa
public meeting in the Greenwood Theatre, on Monday, September^, beginning at 8 p. m.
Provincial matters of vital-interest will be freely discussed and
explained. Come,early and bring
all your friends. JLadies are especially invited to attend.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. E. Whiting
accompanied by their daughter,
Mrs. A. ' Mowat, arrived from
England on Friday morning. In
a two column article the Hamp-
stead  , Express  says    in   part:
When Mr. Whiting leaves us a
landmark will be tubbed out; an
integral part of Hampstead will
disappear and their will be a
void which cannot be filled. He
goes on a long journey to a new
and what in course of years will
be a greater country. He leaves
hehind him many friends, some
of old standing, some of new;
nature students who will keep a
soft place in their hearts for their
preceptor; and pupils of all kinds
and degrees. Thought can annihilate space, and while bodily in
the freer and greater west, Mr.
Whiting, we are absolutely sure
in his kind-heartedne?s. will often
find himself back in the ancient
borough on the Northern Heights
in over wrought ahd oyer taxed
England.    For forty y^irs Mr.
Correspondent for the Hampstead
Express besides writing a number
of books and the'mayor of Hampstead in .writing to the Express
says there must be thousands,
like myself who have derived infinite pleasure from the perusal
of his articles. I also hope that,
with the departure of Mr. Whiting, this series of articles will
not be allowed to drop from your
columns. I have had opportunities of realizing the value of Mr.
Whiting's services to the community and of appreciating his
rafe, delightful personality."
I Western Float I
There is a market on the prairie
for B.C. honey.
The Colnmbia river is still running past Trail.
Tomatoes are the cheapest thiDg
in the Okanagan.
A new telephone building is be-
mg erected in Trail.
The Bank of Montreal is
ing a branch in Hope.
. Walter Cray has pat np a new
store building in Hope.
>Be sure and gefe your job print-
mg afe.the Ledge office.
Rossland now has a public market in the Stone building.
-   Quite recen tly three cougars have
been shot ai Cowichan Lake.
The favorite sporfe in Nelson is
plajing solo for 10 cents a-chip.
Swat H. C. L. by getting yonr
job printing at The Ledge office.
T. Y. Hebron has bought the
Bolander residence in New Denver.,
The overhead bridge, on Washington street in Rossland has been
re-built. ->
Ife only takes a small number of
people to fill all the hotel rooms in
More and better roads in B.C.
wiil briDg more and more tourists
every year.
The Tremont Hotel in Nelson is
filled with guests from all parts of
the- country.    \
A home for aged and retired
newspaper men, may be established in Victoria.
The Graham evaporator at Vernon iB handling-apples this fall, instead of potatoes.
. There were 458 pnpils in attendance at the opening of fehe schools
in Rossland fehis month.
Angus Cameron of Three Forks
was killed this month, by the accidental discharge of ti rifle.
This fall 350 carloads of potatoes
will be shipped east this fall from
Kamloops over the C. N. R.
Charley Margin   is   rnnning ��� a
cobbling   shop   in   Vernon."    He
went to school'with L&ariee^'.,'������
-Ai    Pai's  are   now   being made in
a -suf Vancouver.    Many other  article's
should be made in this province.
J. D. Tompkins, the newspaper
man, has returned to Vancouver
after, four years service in France.
Fires cannot be set without a
permit in the country until the
fire season  ends,    September   30.
This year there was a good crop
of potatoes afe ABhcroffc. The crop
was lighter than usual at Spence's
Sailor Woods of Princeton fought
in the Boer War, the Boxer rebellion, and the recent horrible racket
in Europe.
The Prince of Wales -will remain
one hoar in Nelson next Wednesday. This is a sad blow to the
taft hunters. i ~
"���Last nfohfelTat Merritt anindian"
was given 30 "days in jail, for refusing to fight a forest fire when
called npon by an officer".
Nakusp had four policeman 26
years ago this month, and no lockup. The drunks were tied to a
tree until fehey got sober.
Pack yonr own blankefes^when
going feo Vernon. It ib almost impossible to get room and board in
that town upon short notice.
In Ontario 28 factories ase 750,-
000,000 feet of maple every year.
With the exception of 15 per cenfe.
ife is all grown in that province.
Tourists from Dakota, Manitoba, and other places have bought
dry goods extensively fehis summer
from Meagher & Co., in Nelson.
Reginald Upper lost his life this
month bya gan accident in Revelstoke. At one time he was
manager of fehe Strand hotel in
In the old days some hotels had
snake rooms. Now the hotel at
Castlegsr calls its bar the Blue
Bird Tea Room. By the shades of
Joe Seagram this world do be flying.
Charles Leroy of North Vancouver was 105 years old tbis
month. He was born in France
and came to America in 1858. He
was four years, in the Civil War,
and was married at the age of 85.
One restaurant in Princeton
keeps open all nighfe. This enables many of the local, poker
players fe^gefe a meal afc any time,
and it ls real handy for the travellers who gefe on and off fehe early
morning trains.
The Dominion cannery at Penticton employs 125 people. Ife
packed 120 tons of apricots this
season, bnt the oatpat of peaches
will be much greater. The cannery will run until Christmas, and
will be canning apples in a short
No. 11
'Mining News
The Black , Prince, near Slocan
Cifey, is shipping to Trail.'
-��������� \
.   Last year the gold production in
B. C. was 164:674 ounces.
. In  Franklin  Camp   the   Maple
Leaf is using machine drills.
Some of the Rossland mines increased their forces this month.
The Bayonne district is rich but
slow in coming to the limelight.
There should be several -paint
mines in operation around Princeton.-
There must be oil somewhere in
B. C. The drills should be kept
Fairview and Camp McKinney
will come back, wifeh the coming
of the power line.
> This month the Mountain Chief
at Renata, shipped 200 tons of
copper ore by barge to Trail.
The Slocan Star mine near San-
was located on October 7, 1891, by
Bruce White and John Sandon
Pat. Welch of Spokane is inspecting some claims thafe he has
in the north on the Sainton river.
The Big Tunnel afe^Greenwood
still has its mouth open, awaiting
the action of its owners in Chic-
ago: '
A little placer mining is being
done at Rock Creek, 20 miles west-
of Greenwood: The camp is 59
years old.
F. H. Minard of New York, has
gone to Stewart to obtain expert
opinion upon the Big Missouri for
8ir Donald Mann.""" "-*   *- ~   ""
Daring 1918 fehe mines in B. O.
produced 3,489,172 ounces of silver. _TheSlfican produced 47 per
cent, of the total output.
Horses have been taken to the
Tarheel in East; Kootenay, to pack
out this fall three carloads of copper .ore. The ore shows 15" per
cenfe. copper.
Work has been resumed on the
Panama at Bear lake, in the Slocan. It produces dry silver ore,
situated not far from the Lucky
Jim zinc mine.
^Tfiere are hundreds of millions
of tons of iron along the Ungava
coast. __ Canada   should   gefe   busy
and  develop more of its natural
An important gold strike is reported 70 miles from Kenora,
Ontario. Rich gold strikes are
common in Northern Ontario, bufe
as a rule they pinch oufe in a few
feet.   -
The Consolidated of Trail has
boughfe six gold properties near
Goudreau, Ontario, for $400,000.
The properties will be diamoned
drilled, and a $500,000 plant
Ife is not yefe known where the
Consolidated will build their proposed concentrator for Rossland
ore. The water supply at Rossland does not seem to be sufficient
for a large mill.
Much work is being done this
summer at Granite Creek. Charley Lambert gave up- his proposition, but still has faith in the diggings. The big rush to Granite
was over the Hope trail in 1885.
At Stamp lake fehe Donohoe is
operating on a larger scale than formerly. A new compressor has
been pnt in, and beginning at the
lake a long tnnnel will be driven
to crosscut all the veins. When
in 1200 feet this tunnel will strike
the Joshua vein at a depth of 550
feefe. The mill will be moved to
the portal of the main tanne!* and
the ore will be hauled to Nicola by
motor trucks.
^   >
���-*   KKll
.;:"; h.:|
���    p.:
_ *--&! iryyyy&��y<z2>
Tin;   led'cj'*    c:;]rENWo{)i),   :b.
Good Roads In The West
Tiit ariiek' appearing in tliis column. 1:ist week dealing with the in-
ilucnci: and-. ���.��� Ift-ci ul" good -.ill-the-
ycar roads upon school attendance,
belter schools and the development,
of rural high schools,''concluded with
a reference to what the I'rovince of
Uuebec is doing in good roads
building and the markedly beneficial
effect it is having on agriculture, industry aud education in that Province, and how enthusiastically tho
people there are. in support 01 a --���������.
tiuuancc of a policy which is creating
such un improvement in the. life and
prosperity of the.  i'rovince.
What, ii being accomplished in
Quebec, is not only of'direct be tie fit-
to that Province, but indirectly it
benefits Canada as a whole, although,
it must be admitted, the effect will
not be very noticeable in these Western Provinces except thai, insofar as
Quebec advances, the whole Dominion is advanced and benefitted by
what has been regarded as our most
-backward Province coining in line
-with the other Provinces. The good
roads program of Quebec is. a sign
of an awakened Province, and those
roads wiV. prove a most influential
factor iu .making- the I'rovince still
more progressive.
The question is: Are the other
Provinces of Canada, aud more particularly these Western' Provinces,
going to  emulate Quebec's    example
��� in respect--   to., good roads    construc-
��� tion?    It.can hardly  be  doubled' but
"that ihey-will, and the question  then
arises,- how soon are they going "to
begin to create" a system, of- .hard^
"surfaced'main' highway??'' The fur-
"tlicr question presents itself: Is the
present an opportune time for..the. inauguration o\ such' a .policy? .
_ Wc. submit that, now- is lhe.accepted tinie, a tui we.-propose to-gtvo-a few.
reasons for ��� tltat-'-bolicf: ." T.lic Dominion Government, lias recently pro-
yidod a-yotc of $->0,000,0:vj to be-paid
to   the   .Provinces   on" -a   population
itself is: Can these Western Provinces finance their proportion of this
program, and at the.same lime eon- j
tiulie lo spend ihe large sums necessary in these new Provinces on what
are piopcer roads and which must be
built to enable farmers in re.inoU' districts to get to market, 1 -< us take
Saskatchewan- .as an example, and
what is true of it is proportionately
true of Manitoba and Alberta.
Jn   this   present   year  of   191U   Saskatchewan will derive a revenue from
automobile    licenses    of    upwards of
$800,000. Saskatchewan's annual grant
from the Dominion under the proposed ncw '"highways    scheme    will    be.
i $361,200 a year, which  will call  for a
further     provincial     expenditure     of
|S541,800.    Saskatchewan  can find  tliis
| from   its  automobile   license   revenue
| aud still have a quarter of a million
dollars   left   over.     And   surely   automobile    license    moneys    should    bc
spent   on   roads,   and   good   hard-sur-
: faced permanent roads at lhat.
Furthermore, if our Western Provincial Governments take over full
i responsibility for the building and
(maintenance of certain main roads iu
I municipalities, and thus relieve the
j municipalities of all expenses in con-
jnee.tion therewith, the. municipalities'
bencfi^ally affected thereby could, in
turn, well afford lo forego the small
grants of a few hundred dollars they
may now receive, from, l]ic Province.
l"or every dollar lliey thus relinquished they would receive, several
dollars hack in the for. i df permanently constructed and maintained
main roads.
The largest number of imtomojii.
owners in these. Western Provinces-
arc, farmers. Hard-surfaced roads
will extend the period of lime in thc
year that motor cars can be used, and
will reduce the wear and : ar on lhe
same, ilitis increasing their value to
the farmer. Their grei.lc. value and
utility will lead lo a further increase
iu lhe number of cars used, and, consequently, provide a still larger
license revenue from which a consistent and ever larger program of
good roads'-construction can be carried on.
The moral of the. situation would
seem ��� to be that every Western farmer should become a good roads
booster, and should bring all possible
legitimate pressure to bear upon his
Provincial Government to embark
upon a well planned, progressive
policy for -the construction of permanent hard-surfaced main roads?-
Canton, Ohio.���"I suffered from a
female trouble which caused me much
suffering, and two
doctors decided
that I would have
to go through an
operation before I
Gould get well.
. "Mymother, who
had beon helped by
���Lydia I!. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, advised me
to try i t before su b-
mitting to an operation. It relieved me
from my troubles
bo I can do my house work without any
difficulty. I advise any woman who is
afflicted with female troubles to give
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial and it will do as much for
them."���Mrs. Mauie Boyd, 1421 5th
St., N. E., Canton, Ohio.
Sometimes there are serious conditions where a hospital operation ia tho
only alternative, but on the other hand
so many women have been cured by this
famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, after
doctors have said that an operation was
necessary���every woman who' wants
to avoid an operation should give it a
fair trial before submitting to such a
trying ordeal.
If complications exist, write to Lydia
E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.,
for advice. The result of many yeara
experience i9 at your service.
British League
Wiil Not Perish
Melbourne., Australia. ��� Premier
Hughes,7 in a speech, said Australia,
must have a government that had a
clear and direct mandate from the
people. Referring lo the general political outlook, he declared that whatever became of thc other league of
nations, the league of the British
Kuipire would-never perish.
Queen Defends ��
Nation's Rights
-Wilhelmina   of   Holland   in   Accord
With Dutch  People
��� Thc 1 [ague.���In a "speech from the
throi��c    opening-, parliament,    Queen
Wilhelmina   referred "   lo  the   dispute:
between     Holland-" and     Belgium   re-"
garding revision of the treaty of 183Q?i
The1 Queen "declared     she   had   been
May Be Driven Out of the System
By Enriching thc Blood
In the days of our fathers and
grandfathers rheumatism was thought
to be the unavoidable penalty of middle lifc and ^old age. Almost every
elderly person bad rheumatism, as
well as many young people. Medical
science did not understand the
trouble���did not know that it was
rooted in the blood. Tl was thought
that rheumatism' was the mere effect
of exposure lo cold and damp, and it
was treated with 'liniments and hot
applications, which sometimes gave
temporary relief","bnt did not cure the.
trouble, Tn those days there were
fho.tisands-' of. rheumatic- cripples.
Now, - medical science 'understands
that rheumatism is a disease of the
blood, and that with good, rich, red
blood any man or woman of aiiy age.
can .defy - rheumatism, can be "cured
by..,killing ;ihe ' poison in . thc blood
'.which causes it.; There, are many elderly people who have never- felt a
twinge, of rheumatism, and many \vho:
Canada To Have
Air Squadron
Government Has Accepted Offer of
British Planes
Calgary.���Canada is to . havc a
thoroughly organized air squadron as
part of its military equipment in the
future, including 116 of thc best airplanes, which have been presented to
the Dominion of Canada by the British Government. _^---
This positive announcement was
madc here.by Brig.-Gen. O.��� M. Big-
gar, judge advocate-general; of Canada, and a member of the Canadian.
Air Board, who is aboard the special
train of the Prince of Wales. Gen.
Biggar look the place of Sir Joseph
Pope oh; thc train as thc special
representative of Western Canada.
"There has been some, misapprehension regarding lhc offer of airplanes from . the Britisii Government
to Canada," said_ Brig.-Gen. Biggar,
"and I believe some announcement
on thc subject Avill bc made shortly
in parliament.
"Thc. Canadian Government has accepted thc offer of the Britisii Government of 100 of thcir best airplanes
with all equipment which goes with
the machines. fn addition lo this
gift of J00 machines, there will be 16
other replacements of airplanes presented from Canadian soiuc.es and
organizations during the war to the
Briiish  Air  Ministry.
"These machines will be equipment
for an air squadron which will be
organized, and-the Canadian Government will thus have one ot the best
air organisations as a part of its
military equipment. When the machines arc -turned oyer to us thcy
will be in perfect shape with ncw
parts wherever required, and- thcy
will be oj the very-best in the" possession   of -the. British 'Government."
Prohibition Helps
Boston To Save
Save About $100,000 This Year In
Cost of. House of -Correction
Boston.���Boston will save about
$100,000. this year in the cost of the
House of Correction 6n Deer Island,
as a result of prohibition, it is-announced. ' Already $25,000 of the appropriation granted for, thc institution this year has been! .turned, back.
Since.July 1 the population of thc
institution has declined rapidly. In
1915,~~thc number ' of inma1.es was
about 1,100. There/ are How only 300.
-One of the. prison buildings will be
abandoned this, winter, and this step
will mean a large saving in coal. Although employees have generally received increases in pay since 1915, it
is estimated that thc cost of Deer
Tsland this ycar will be only $202,-
���403.36, as against S305,679.7S in  1915.
'have 'conquered it .by simply keeping j
called emphatically to defend the na-; their blood rich an'd^mrc. The blood
tionls rights'," interests aiid integrity, j making.*.blood enriching- qualities of
arid', that-   she   was   in, entire   accord j Div.Williams'. Pink  Pills..is becoming
iiowu, -  aud
sue   was   in , entire
.with the Dulc.hpeople concerning the!
Strange Coinage
Wooden Money Is As Good As Gold
In   North   Country
Whoever heard of wooden money?
Thc only known currency of this
kind is issued by the Hudson Bay
Company, aud circulates all over the
vast territory'controlled-by that powerful trading concern, says thc Philadelphia ..Public'- Ledger.   -
It is ,a coinage consistii of pieces
of wood known as "castors," which
are stamped with a die. These arc
accepted everywhere in that territory
as cash, and arc exchangeable for
all sorts of supplies an- commodities
at the widely scattered sta'-^.a o> mc
corporation,    i
The area governed b_. thc company
is vast. fn one'straight Hue it extends as far as from-London to Mecca; from King's Posts to the Pelly
Hanks is further than from Paris to
Sarmacand. . Over all of T' region
the. corporation exercises a complete
dominion', employing, the native In-
i dians,.-chiefly' Ojibways. and_ Crees. to
collect, the. furs" which furnish its
revenue.   .','"'-���.
Britain's Wheat Purchase
Relieved Financial Strain on Australian Wheat Board
Sydney, New South Wales.���Britain's purchase of 1,000,000 tons of
Australian wheat at 5s 6d a bushel
f.o.b. has greatly relieved the financial strain on the Australian Wheat
Board. Wheal growers arc hoping
that the Britisii Government will exercise its option lo purchase another
500,000 tons before the end of the
year. This huge sale to the Imperial
Government u ill not prejudice Australia's markets in South Africa, New-
Zealand and thc west coast of South
America, as piovision is madc in the
contract for thc retention of these
markets. The options held by Britain
are subject lo review in the event of
the ncw wheat season in Australia
not yielding a sufficient surplus to
supply adjacent markets. Probably
Britain will consent to take a portion of the wheat'in the form of (lour,
thus giving'cniploymeul to Australian
workmen  and Australian mills.
\ '���
MORALE {Mo.reD a (F. See Mora!, a) Ih*
moral condition, or tbe condition In other nipecttja
far as It ta effected by, or dependent upon, moral cbn.
Mentions, auch at zeal, aplrit, hope and confiiitpcat
mental state, <u of a body of men, on armv. anj like.
'     I
Some  Job
'Corpoial: What's the mailer? You
look more scared than when you
wcrc lighting on the Hindenburg
Private: I'm getting ready to go
inside, to ask the boss f->r my old job
back.���London Ideas.
HATisDr.Webster'sdefinition. Many
of us know the. word only, in its
war-time application.
Webster dwells firstly upon the usage of tbe
word "morale" as applied to the common-place
happening* of. every-day life.    His allusion to it*
reference to *n army comes later.   And Webster is
corredl���meticulously so.
It was their private-life morale that made such
splendid soldiers of our boys when.die time cams
tor them to doirihe khaki. It was that, and that alone,
that made them take the first itep.and it was that which
carried them through to victory. If their every-day
moraie had been neglected, the Army could have done
mile with them and success would not have crowned
their efforts..
It is the many little incidents of your daily routine that make up'
yourmoraje-the morning shave, your clean linen, polished shoe*;!
brushed clothes. Webster speaks of zeal, spirit,- hope and conSl
dence. It is by attention to the small details of your personal
appearance that these may be attained. f������"��i
The Gillette Safely Razor enters as much into the morale of every*'
day life as it did into that of the trenches.   It helped our soldiers to''
5?l m_��i? \.Z c.onfiSence and bearing.   It will do the same for youJ"
rhe Gillette Safety Razor makes the daily shave come easy���therfe
is no.pulhng or scraping���no honing, or stropping���just five minutefc ,
of perfedt shaving comfort   And, afterwards, a chin that tells o*
morale and self-respect. ��� *
Sold at moit stores catering to men'a needs,
MADE IN     _ .-^- ^        XAfMOA.
The Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada, Limited, MontreaLQae.
When llolloway's Coin Cure is applied to a c"orn or wart it kills the
roots and lhc callosily comes out
without injury  to  the flesh'.
Death of Lady Foster
Ottawa.���Lady  Foster, wife of Sir
George Poster, Minister of Trade and
Commerce,  is  dead.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Saskatoon to Winnipeg By Plane
\\ innipeg.���Making,lhcir airplane
flight from Sask.'loon in a little more
than five hours actual' Hying timc,
Lieutb. If. Uobb and A. IL Rose
arrived in   Winnipeg.       Stops     were
every-year more widely
..,,., . .  il  is ��� the' -more  general  use  of  thes
question  at-issue.     1 lip.  provinces  ot j pills  that. >as  robbed-rheumatism   of}
l.imburg,- Zealand-and   Plunders,- she ; its-terrors. 'At, the first   sign of poor'1*
basis, covering a period of'live vears," declared, iiad. displayed  great'.iidelityi blond/'which is shown by Joss, of- ;iP/.
lobe expended   In liii'luviiv'cot^truc- :md .devotion to-the. nalio.H tmitv. "  j 0<^tc. .palpitations, ��lull-skuv . nd dm.- 30(1
lo.ue.cxpc.iueu   in ]nv,aw.u   c.iu.Li.iic.     ���     ���=       -       ,.--,     -        .   .   .,  -"      -; cy.es, -protect vourselt against the tur-
tipii.-'   By the terms'of the-grant  the j -. Kc.gardmg  the. League- ot. Nations,; t!uM.. ,.-av:lg,..s' of disease'bv faking .'Or'.'
Provinces "are  "required "io'-spend   an.ll.��e Queen  stated - that- adliereuees "by j Williams' Pink.I'ills.".'They have cur-
��ven "larger sum in   orclcr to  become! Mollaud was subject-, to "ihe. approv.al.j-ed   thousands  of  people���if Vyou  give
j-   Hudson- Hay. is    about     two-thirds I made   at   Humboldt,   Kamsack     aud
.the size of the Gulf of. _Mexico.       [tjOauphin   for   gasoline.     Lieut.   Robb
intitlcd to the, Opniiniou grant.:  -That
"is'to say, for every SlC'0,000 -.supplied'
by, the Dominion, tlic 'Provinces must
put. up   $150,000.    As. -the   D.ominion
" agrees lo funiish $20,000,00 within lhe
:'?icxt five years;-it means that "the Pro-
. ."vinc.es. will-have to "furnish ��30,000.000,
"thus    providing    a,, grand - total" -of
.; V.S'_5Q,000,000, ."...or"'- _S 1 p';660,Q0��'a.-._vcar_to
. ..beVspcut.'on'..highway- constrtictio.it in
'..'Canada. ;-' -.Surely.', therefore-,  iioav;. is
the time".above [all others: to. embark.
. on a program of-'coii.striiciio'tv.of".per-'
thanc'uI; roads; and not -merely' make-.
'.shifV-dirt-'roads. '_'. -"-_ ���'.. .-.     - -   . .-_'���.
.-:   - Of -this '' ��.$.000,p<>0   of  Dominion
.".-'money, .the   three   Prairie-.Provinces'
- will' receiyc-'tho, following    amounts':
:'." All>erta.'-$l;-^S.0bO;-.' Mahitoba,' $i;<302,7
''". -POO;-, SaskatcbeXXiui- .$_l,S0j3.'600*.' a' Yo-
'V-ial. 'for; thc fhYc'cTr., -, yiur.es ���"otV$4,886>_
".\ 000-^sa-y, ��� in- rouiid-'figure's,-':.SX<>0.O,000."
.Tlie. .-Provii'ic'.'V ���   will- b'e. required ."��� to'
'    furnish  air additional  S7'".?pp,0lK),   iluis.
-'- providing at)'-annual sum .oi'S-,500,000
.for. the t'u'xl live, years. . 1 f'this. money-
* ' is-, widely' - "<rxpt mlcd ���' -on .'-., permanent
;' ^-roads;-Wesieni-.Canada "at the ,Ciid_/>f
V- the _fp. ��'r\'ea.r   period"'.will -have   soino-
-;   {hing/to-show in X'<xy\ r(->.td,-. and we
'" . venture ;j,.to  predict- -that    the  advan-
."  "tages ,'resuhi'ug --frou'i   such " .highways
will'-lead -the pA:ople--to. in.-ist that-- the
-"'good "work-.be .continued-.
.The next, question that will present
by parliament after the ������ formation
of the league, . .-.As to the question
of national defence, it.- could not-be
solved "until'something .   definite  was
in almost.- landlocked sea,
3,000 miles of coast" line. More than
years-.ago - [-IcndriU lludeo.i
wintered there: His crew mutinied
and set him alloat in au open boat
with, his  son  and'7 seven   others,     fie
learned- concerning   the   international!1!!0.11' ,'.,,.
.them   a - fair   trial, they   will-not   dis-
appoilit ;you.
.  You' c'aiv'gel..these- pills through any j
dealer  in .medicine  or  by  niail'.at  50 !
i-box, "or  sis'-boxes'-for $^.5(), '
aud  his  companions  were  never  seen
again.-     -.-,"���     V '
The "unit  of value iu     thai  part of
the   world     is'a  beaver   skin.      Two
with ' im-s announced that a non-stop flight
from Winnipeg- to Saskatoon will
next bc attempted, probably within
a week if weather conditions arc favorable. Au auxiliary gasoline tank
with a capacity of 30 gallons will be
settlement ."".contemplated
���Le:igue"""of.-.X;itions...-; - '"''..
I y., -, P. ro c ky ilie,  On t ."
Williams'  Medicine"! martens-are .equal to .one heaver, and
twenty    muskrats  are    equivalent  to
"Will Reduce'- British' Home Fleet-
,/.London-,'' .Lu gland.���The. Admiral ly.
has "ordered, the V home', fleet bjiXti;'.'-
shipS':and; the fourth and"""'fifth���'.destroyer, flotillas_'to hc-rediired '/> "re.:,
s'erveMinsis fronf October.1. T.hc.-OYn'
flotilla' will ..also'- be'' reduced, io...a-:r:;;
serve, basis on the" coi'npl.etion' of its'
service, in "the-Iialtic. /The. " reron-
struetcd ."fourth- flotilla- ar.d--the .see:
pud'-light .cruiser- - squadron will .be
.fully, intyiiifetl- aud '.will join-the >Vilaii-.
tic '-'fleet,'-but the-, ���submarine..flotillas
attached to;:,the Atlantic flectVV'ill- be.
rc.du'ce'il  totli.ree, '    - ���'.-.   '   >������- ' V -
Bomb Thrown at Egypt's Premier
./l.cmdon.���A- bomb was tlirown-'at
Hussein- .'.-ltiislidiU.!:iKha-, Premier -of
I-'gypt, al .Alex'andria..according to an
Alexandria "��� lU^p'.'t'oh -..just-, rccei.ve<l
her.e; 'Jlie.; bomb' was-..-..'"". -':.,' ;i
b;;ske't o'f-g-rapcv-luit did, not injure'
I'ho-J'reiider.- . The ass/., lam. q�� Hussein -PaslVa was-a th(:qlc_/ical.' student,
one .marten..      The' trapping is done
iu ; winter/ and  in. spring the  Indians
-bring- tlu;! pelts   to   the, stations,   receiving inipayment- fqr-them wooden
money.''   With- the  latter    thcy     buy
what'supplies thcy need at thc store.
maintained,, by   thc ' comp... .   ..i   the
station. -.-"     ��� " ''.
"How is your cold, Doi\ld?"
" "Oh, very obstinate."    "And-how's
the  wife?"    "About the same."
Thanksgiving Day Oct, 13 .
Ottawa.���Mr. Pcdlow asked in the
House if it was correct that Uie Government had fixed - October 13 as
Thanksgiving Day, and if- so, if this
was to bc interpreted as.an announcement of Government opposition to
his bill to make Armistice Day, the
second day in November, a permanent thanksgiving day.
Hon. Mr, Dohcrty replied that
Thanksgiving Uay had been fixed for
Monday, October 13, .but it did not"
necessarily follow that Thanksgiving
Day would bc on the same date next
ycar. Future policy would have to bc
decided  later.     ~ -" '
s tha facta about SHORTHORN CATTLE T
The breed for tha farmer or rancher. Write tbe Secretary to-day for FREE PUBLICATIONS, and ge��
your name on our free mailing li��t.
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A Powerful Medicine.���The Healing' properties in six essential oils
arc concentrated in every bottle of
Dr.-Thomas's Kclcctric Oil,-forming
one of thc .most beneficial liniments
ever offered to the use of man. Thousands can. testify as to its power in
allaying pain,, and many thousands
more can certify that they owe thcir
health lo it. Its .wonderful power is
not expressed by its cheapness.
'��� the trouble is due to weakness
of the internal organs." My successful
home treatment will toe found helpful.
Send no money but write me today fof
free trial treatment. My treatment ia
equally "successful for adults, troubled
"with-imnary difficulties. '"
MRS. M. SUMMERS, Box 966 Windsor, ObL
Poland's Stand On
Silesian Issue
Down deep in thc heart of evcry
so-called woman hater there is" a
longing lo have some, woman, fuss
over  him.     -        . -
Liniment    Relieves    Neu-
Are   Hard   Times  Coming?
Yes, for thc man thaL .wears tight
boots-.��� -but- his. - corns-are' -iclicved
quickly by I'utnatn's -Corn Extractor.
No pain, and certain cure. That's
Putnam's. Use no other, 25c, at all
W"i.-e .'iiiollier's'-uho. know -the  vir-
tif.es   of   Mother/ (leaves'   Worm   J__x-
,tcnnina'tor_';"aiu-ays   have .it- at   hand,
j because   it. proves "its'-value.-'; ' '
!';; ���    Must Staiid Trial'-.;   x
Earl' of Athlone.for'Qovernor.-Gericral:
' London.���Tlu: '.Karl ot -iXihlonV, f
brother of;-Queen: Mrir-v. w.ilf'btv'ap- [
'.pointed ' goyei'iior-gciieral _ .of.; pm-:
a_da\ next., suniincr.'' in 'sifccessintiV ,tVi."
tlie Diike" of DeyonMnrc," the; p're's'i'iit ���
incumb'i'tVt; acVoniing to, the; _S:ni"t)"id"',
Xews,       ' ;       ���'   _'-    "--' ,'��� -' ���   ��� *��� i:    --.
Indermiity for N,ew Zeaiand
. 0.tta\s"a'.���The statement   attributed
to   Premier -Massc3\ .that   Ne^^'   Zca-
| land! expects  lor receive     ��10,000,000
i iiuicuiiiily froiii Cicrmany ',  the sub-
.1 jec't, of..Comment . .among  members,
'aiid- tlicrc - is  likelihood   of   questions
77 :''-." - -.-."-'-   .'. -������"��� ��� "'''.'.'-     "   _.-j'iu "the  lioiisc.  .as to ".what    Canada's
Wm'"..-"H"oiicnzollern' Must Answer For I'sha'rV: is likely to be'-. -.Caiiada's state-
.--. .Supreme Offence Against jn--.'- " liieiitof ehii'iiis.has already hem filed
._   ���;,"-     - ternational;'Morality-    ;,    .-.', but, -it is ".ciiipliasizcd here, what  will
rif-.-^'L'-reniicr', f.doyd 'CljiofnV-,". is   be .received- cannot- be' cv-iima:...  im-
til' ali.'Vlaims, ha\ e, been- filed and the
ability , <jf" ('liMinair.v. to pa\ has bc-.-:i
di le'rn'iin.ed.'.   ���,-
Sir George Perley Ready  to  Retire
Ottawa.���Sir George Perky, high
commissioner for Canada, who has
been home on a three uio. .hs' leave
is returning to London early in October, buthc has madc-ir clear that
it is not his intention to accept the
position permanently. ��� He will retire
when- a  successor can bc selected.
Completing Pulp Mills
I lol-
'������lii'j' .'Kill:
The "man -who'- lacks  polish  doesn't
ahvavs-lack-hiiinaiiil'v:      - ' -,'
I ABiiJldingWftrBo
.di'.rrrmiiied^pi ha\cit Mti.'-   ���'���
\-y.���*!'",-.eft)ifi:reiieo .il'Mna'::'!'.   l'"""i
Ian,I. llie .hand'nig^.ov"..:" -..   .-������
pVror "\V.-.-..nil", -accordiiig.-iVi
fial".- '.'Tin.-..i,n "w-s "payer- ;'."c.-'i:ts  ili'a'tVth.c
���Premier .will   insj--r ���-un   ha'vtng   such
���action-decided .upon." '".���,.-'     ������    ,;
-Tlfc fi.eacc . ' tri-aiy with Tlcrinany
arraigns ; W'illi'aui.', HohOnz'ollcrn,.' the
'fornfer'-Cieriiiaii "enip.eror; "ior-a sij-
pre.me-.. <i'_jft-iicc';'._igaiiist ���  iiit.t:rnalional
: -,y '_ Dr. Lohmann Passes Away,
'Herliii,'-'Germany.-'��� Dr. Alfred .1 oh-
mafin, scfiior jtartner'iu the ;ln>i of
r.ohiTiaim^X-.Co., ;h.tid also paituer in
thi- ,:("i(.ri!iaii ship-building company
wliic.ir.coustrl'.cted the German e-jiu-
'm.crcial  submarines,  Der.tsrhl.md aii-l
But More
; morality- .'ind the .sanctity-of .treaties," j.-lin-meu." h..is 'passed  .fway al  I
In Two Months Operation Will Probably Be Inaugurated
Victoria, 15. C. ���
mill*, which are being erected at
Beaver Cove, up thc coast, are-fast
nearing completion. In two months
operation will probably bc inaugurated with a product of fifty tons of
paper a day. A large- number of returned soldiers have been trivcu employment at the plant. A railway for
hauling the limber will be constructed and work bas been started on the
town-Mtc. Manager White expects
lhat the irvw indtiMrial centre will
have a population within three years
and in lime emulate such paper towns
as Swanson Hay, Ocean -Falls and
Powell River. -There is a,steady market for,' paper on thc Pacific, the
United Slates, Australia, Ncw Zealand and Japan being regular buyers.
German Fleet Floated Again
Washington.���Acting Secretary of
State Phillips ' received a dispatch
from London stating that ns a result
The- large pulp of/ the efforts to raise thc vessels
scuttled in Scapa Flow, the battleship
Baden, the cruisers Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Emdcn and 15 destroyers have been floated, and three other
destroyers problibly will bc  raised.
Premier .Would  Send   to  Insurgents
No Military Assistance
Warsaw, Poland.";���The government"
issued the following note with regard
lo Poland's stand in thc matter' of
Upper Silesia:^
"Poland has given evidence- of superhuman patience and irrcproach-.
able loyalty toward her international
engagements. Our Premier had" the-
couragc to declare to' thc delegates "
sent by patriots of Upper Silesia that
.he would send to the Silesian. insurgents no military" assistance and
would not violate a signed treaty.
"We fear that the Premier's and
Poland's sacrifices arc in vain. Tlic
German junkers, in concert with the '
Commuhists,_are"plotting"."war~ with
Poland. Thcy rely on the exhaustion
of thc allied powers and the internal
troubles of thc various statcs to keep
thcm from drawing thc sword."
A man's declaration' that a woman
is his first love, should be read like
a Chinese book--the last page first.
Russians Ask Help From Japan
London, England. ��� A Moscow
wireless message statcs that Admiral
Kolchak has officially applied to Ja_��
pan for help, offering as compensation thc Russian portion of Sakhalin
and the region of thc river Ussuri.
which is considered the wealthiest
portion of thc Russian Far Eastern
Lots  of  men   would  rather  lose.."a
friend lhan a dollar.
j and' provides 'for-.ii     special  tribunal;
i to try h'.ini. The.--clause;.of "the treaty!
1 dealing  with s "this ��� -question;    .closes;
.['with' thi>; sentence," "lhc .allied- and
.-a'ssociatcil powers , will .address a rc-
I .quest lo "tlic - gOvernnient ��� of -.The
i Netherlands    for   -the    siVrreiidcr  -to
, Favor Holland as Place of Residence
."    Amcrongen.��� Forme*-  Princess Cc-
c.ilie of Cicrmany, with her two sons,
t has left for Amersfoort, Holland, on,
J her way back to German v.    Shc tra-
Not Aspirin at All without the "Bayer Cross"
veiled  on   an   ordinarv   train.
thein.oi ilii
he  may  lie
��� es-empe'ror in order that j
ptil on  trial.*'
'.-'.During ���,. ���several.-;. months ������ of-each
year -some' of the. great .rivers of, Siberia, are. frozen-solid to. the bottom,
I li7utVtlie.i;fiShisiirtijiri'sone;d-; in-the. ice::
': maiiitaih 'Xr th ei t. J._yitSlit yV; and^eiumc;
�����hei/^a��ti��e .;:li;f7c ^htn; tjie�� fce;;mclts;
^Fiisfi^Gi^ (at.^^.Revcire)3;:C^|;^^
;;��sSecondj;s'Girl-;;; '���f^f^i^Xf^tTfis'^Xiffp.
Stoves and Ranges"
f.Onis or another, of these jaodeJs will suit your
-.i-tagteand fit your"pureed .'.Cooking troubles si*
ji-untnorvni where; 0ivi<IsEKi"S.:rans�� are used.
Nf-.i'iWJe.ki/ar: f&riiciiiars. airti. r-cmt of Oar*
iff. cs. mm
WIKNIPEG       Toronto (T)
\ possibility of the entire former royal
j family ui .Gcrni.niy making ' their
'home iu Holland was dfscusscd at
conferences taken part' in by Cecilic
and the former emperor and empress
at the Von -Bcntinck castle during
her visit here, it is understood. Nothing definite, however, was decided
Notwithstanding the numerous
beautifying preparations on the market, there are still a few homely women in the world.
The name "Bayer" is the thumb-   of "Bayer Tablet* of Aspirin" ^hich
?.rm,_   ., genuine Aspirin.    It posi-   contain* nmnor ^;r��n*;����= ��������.. rv.M.
tively   identifies   the   only   genuine
Aspirin,���thc   Aspirin  prescribed  by
physicians for over nineteen years and
now made in Canada,
Always buy aa unbroken package
contains, proper directions for Colds,
Headache, Toothache, Earache, Neuralgia, Lumbago, Ttheumatisin, Neuritis, Joint Pains, and Pain generallj.
Tin boxes of 12 tablets coat bat
_    a few cents.   Larger "Bayer" packages.
There 2* oaly one A��plri_E���"_Bayes"���Ton aait *ay "Bayey"
ecctl^cSdester ot Salicyllcacia. "Whil* It I. well known mat Aipirlo muu B��y����
manufacttire, to ataitl tha puWIe agalaK Jmltatloni. th�� T*bt��tVof Bay��r ComoaBX
will on itamSKi wim tieir ��ea��rfcl trad, mark, th* "Bayer CrMs." "��"*������ mmmrnxm
TUFT    LEDG^,     Oi:i:SX\VOOD,
���*sr?* ^.'-W; 'a;-^.
' t"' V
OK Folks Need
Mild Bowel Tonic
And   Should   Avoid   the   Use   of
Karch Pills and Drastic
Old people, no matter how sound
and healthy/ should - avoid cathartic
pills, purgative water, salts and all
such temporary relief measures/ Thcy
case conditions today, but bind you
up worse than ever tomorrow.
lt is better lo get thc bowels into
the habit of performing their needful
function at a certain time each day,
and this can bc done by strengthening the muscles of the stomach and
bowels by the tonic action of Dr.
Hamilton's Pills, a mild laxative that
acts as close to nature's way as pos"-
Thousands of people, old and
young,- prevent aud -cure habitual
constipation by using Dr. Hamilton's
Pills, a mild yet active medicine that
is noted for its promptness in curing
headaches, belching gas, sourness in
the stomach, fulness after meals,'
liver soreness and muddy complexion. You'll have the best of health,
feel" good, eat well, digest and sleep
well if you regulate the system by
Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake
and Butternut, 25c per box at " all
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� BV ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with- Thos. Allen,
Thank her hc did, and ut once, for
her' gracious reception, taking his
chair pgain when shc had seated herself. Then hc hesitated for an instant, not' awkwardly, but as though
trying to decide just how to begin.
He was an easy talker, but much attention on a hurried world had taught
him to bc brief and concise, wasting
no* timc in circumlocution; -o that
when hc spoke, it was directly to thc
."I was just coming up thc Champs
Elysccs," said hc, "and I saw you go
into thc liotel.^ It was sort of funny,
> because there's- something that's bothering mc a good deal, aud I was,
wishing that I knew of somebody
who might be willing to put mc right.
When 1 saw you, I remembered how
nice you wcrc to me that day you
came into the ship, and I thought
that, maybe, as I woikcd for the company���which is'_sort of like working
for your family���yotr might be willing to give me a little advice." His
eyes rested on hers with a look of
frank, boyish appeal,
"I'm sure J should be very glad
to help you iu any way I can, Air.
Rugglcs," said Ruth, "lias it something to do with what I said to you
that day?"     "        ' ^
"Oh, no," said Rugglcs. "But before I go on, I ought to thank you
for that advice, too. I've put in my
application for thc managership or
thc Vienna branch. ' Wrote it that
night and sent it off the next day
with an endorsement from Mr. Durand, our managei. I guess there
won't bc any trouble about my-getting the-job. It looks like I had it
cinched." *- x
Ruth's face lighted.   '|iflni so glad!"
said shc warmly.   "Drop mc a line as
soon as you hear definitely, so that
_.I can send you a-word-of congratulation."
Rugglcs glowed. "Thank you ever
so much, Miss Downing," said hc.
"That will certainly bc my first act,
as soon as I hear." He hesitated
for an instant. "Say, M_iss Downing,"
hc asked, "do you think that there's
anything to be ashamed of about selling any first-class article directly to
customers? Anything, no> matter
what, like soap or " hats or underclothes or���shoes?"
��� "I most certainly do not!" answered Ruth decidedly. "What I said
that day was not to hurt your feelings���as you ought to have had sense
enough to know. It was merely,to
���well���to fire your ambition."
, "Oh, 1 wasn't'thinking"'of that,"
said Rucrglcs, "You couldn't say any-
��� thing lo hurt anybody's feelings if
you tried. Then you believe that a
man who tries on shoes is just-as
good as an j body e'.sc?" lie gave her
a keen loolc.
Ruth knit her broad brows and reflected for an instant.
"I do and I don't," shc answered.
"It's like this: If-thc man whose
work it is to try on shoes was as
good as lots of other men in brains
and body and general strong efficiency, hc would not bc very long contented al trying on shoes- for a living, and he would soon bc making_a
better living at a much less menial
occupation. Aftcr all, it's rather like
a servant'-* work���fitting clothes of
any sort to another person's^ body.
"Don't you think so, yourself?"
Ruggles's face clouded as he pondered this point of view for a moment.    Then   it   cleared.
"I guess you're right," said he.    "I
tr/" _ ������MA Wfeslesoae, Cleaaslng,
M 811II* BelresfeSsg and BeailEg
a ^*S*R t����I�����Murine for Red-
E��� _ _ ,__ cesa, Soreness Grajiula-
W^ft ^ tioiUtcHngand Burning
g �����_>*���__* oi the Eyes or Eyeij&j
** Dropa" Alter Uio Mcrfe*. Motoring cr GoU
wiO ��u Tatar conStfent-g. Aste Yecr Disaatot;
for SCoriae wbca yoar Ejrta Heed Gaurs. K-lf
ESttxta* Ky* Bemetfy Co., ���&Icas*
II Nose Is Plugged
You Have Catarrh
Perhaps you haven't heard of thc
"Ccn rcnie<1y���^'s so pleasant to use
���fills the nose, throat and lungs
'\yith a healing balsamic vapor like
the air of the pine woods. It's really
a wonderful remedy���utilizes ��� that
marvellous antiseptic only found in
the Blue Gum Irce of Aushalia.
The namc of this grand specific is
Catanhozone, and you can't find iis
equal on earth for coughs, colds, catarrh or throat trouble. You sec it's
no longer necessary to drug thc
stomach���- that spoils* digestion���just
simply inhale thc balsamic essences
pf Calanho/o.nc, whicli arc so lich in
healing that thcy drive out every
trace of Catarrh in no timc.
For speakers and singers and persons troubled with an iniiablc throat,
bronchitis, asthma, catarrh or la
grippe, Catarrhozone is of inestimable value.
lhc inhaler can bc carried in your,
pocket and may be used at any time
or in anyplace."
'Large size, guaranteed,   and 'sufficient.'for two months' use, costs' $1;
smaller  size,  50c;    sample  size, '25c.
Sold by all   storekeepers and- drug
gists. ���     '
never  looked al  it  that  way  before. |W  Rvpofk  fnmoc  WnrA
You sec, I ncvci thought much about j"   OT^IH t0ffl6S  1^0
the people who., bought 'cm.    I was
always thinking about thc shocs."
"That's llic reason," said Ruth tri-,
umphantly, "and a very good reason,
She was'liking Rugglcs more and
more evcry moment, and this naive
explanation of his pleased her tremendously. Also, it suggested lo-her
mind a quite new idea, which was that
.while the p -oplc ��'ho patronize furnishers of various j sorts might disregard-them, just so might these furnishers disregard their customers except as a means of gaining a livelihood and fitting their handicraft to
the objects for which it had Ivccn dc;
signed. Ruggles's next words crys
tallizcd  this   thought/
"It's like tins,-" said he. ."I know
how lo make shocs and I know how
to fit 'cm and sell 'cm, to��. I'm sort
of like a. blacksmith, "as I look.at-it.
But most people have got a good deal
of respect for a blacksmith and don't
think any the less of him because
he fits a shoe to a horse or an ox
or a donkey.- Tlicy don't look at him
like as if he was the donkey's servant." He gave her his flashing
smile.. "In'iny business, I've shod
lots of donkeys���the two-legged
Ruth burst into a laugh, in which
Ruggles joined.
"Well," said'shc, "I think a good
deal as you do���but most people
don't. Now, there's Dick. He was
perfectly happy, to work in the- factory to learn how shoes wcrc made.
But he'd no more try on a pair of
shocs for a customer than hc would
shave himr���-AtuL-iLJie^cvcr did.try,
and' thc customer happened* to bc disagreeable, the chances arc that the
company would havc to pay Jor a
damage suit and a new plate-glass
window for the store."
Ruggles laughed and his 'eyes
kindled. Hc had often felt- that way
"Yes," said he/ more to himself
than to Ruth. "I'm beginning lo
catch on. I guess Darthca was
right." "      "
Ruth pricked up her cars. "Who
is Darthca?" she' demanded.1
"Darthca? Oh, she's an English
girl I know. Shc came into thc store
to buy some shoes thc other day,
when I was at woik. I didn't sec
her, but shc saw me. And now shc
won't have anything more to do with
mc because I sell shocs for a living.
You sec, lfcr folks arc all swells in
England. Her great-uncle was a
"Oh/' said Ruth softly. Shc -was
beginning to understand thc deeper
reason for Ruggles's call. ""Tell mc
about her. But first tell mc this:
Why didn't you let her know whg.t,
your work wail?"
"Shc never asked mc," said Rugglcs, "nor her aunt, ^Miss Challand.
I only got acquainted witli her the
day before you came into.thc st'orc.
-By thc timc I got to know her pretty
well, I was'waiting to hear that I'd
got the managership of ��� the Vienna
store; so I thought I. wouldn't tell
her anything until I was sure, and
then give her a surprise."
"I sec," said Ruth. Shc had dropped her chin in her hand and "was
staring at Rugglcs through narrowed
lids. "How did you happen to meet
"It wa* up on the 'Marne," said
Rugglcs. ""I 'most always go out in
the country on my bike when I get a
day off, and ��� I was riding along thc
river when I ran on to" a couple "of
tramps bothering a girl who was
painting, all by herself. She'd given
'cm a-couple of-francs,-hut-thcyliad
seen some more money in her purse
and were -trying, to scare her into
giving, it up. I shoved 'cm into thc
river and wc both beat it���"
"You shoved thcm into thc river?"
Ruth's violet eyes began, to glow.
"Yes," "admitted Rugglcs. ''There
wasn't anything else to do. They
wcrc big, husky fellows and had
clubs. I took 'cm unawares' and
pushed 'cm over the. edge of the
bank. Then she jumped on my
wheel, and 1 grabbed up her paintbox and ran after her. I waited,
though, long enough to see that they
Rugglcs described his interview
of the early afternoon. There came
a- deep flush into Ruth's soft checks
as she listened; her dark-blue eyes
grew almost black,- and she bit her
full under lip.,- His simple narrative
finished, Ruggles looked questioniug-
ly at her.
"Do you think it was all, my fault.
Miss Downing?" hc asked." '*
Rulli shook 'her head.    "No,"  shc
answered.   t      "1    don't    think    you
wcrc in any way loVjlamc."
- /'Then  what do you  think I  ought
to do?" he asked. '    " .V
"That depends," Ruth- answered.
"Arc you very fond of her?"
"Yes," Rugglcs answered frankly.
"I think a lot of her. You sec, I've
got to know her pretty well, and I'm
satisfied that .' shcvdon't understand.
She's a mighty nice girl and hasn't
got ji mean streak in her."
"You're in love with her, I suppose,",said Rulh, not as one who-asks
a question, but as if- merely stating
a foregone conclusion.
Ruggles' sat bolt uptight and his
eyes grew very round.
"In love with- ,hcr!" hc gasped.
"Why���no���nothing of thc sort. I've
never for "a <sccond thought that way
about Darthea. Why���it's ridiculous!
I guess I've given you a wrong idea
about thc business, Miss Downing. T
just liked her au awful lot and admired her looks and her' talent. < She's
painting -a picture for the. Salon right
now:'a dandy picture of an old mill
on thc Marne. But I never thought
about being in love with her���Gee!"
^ "Did you ever think about her being in love with-you?" asked'Ruth.
Rugglcs stared. "Her "in love with
mc! Say, you're trying to -kid me,
Miss Downing." - His voice', held a
note of reproof.
"I'm doing nothing of' the sort!"
said Ruth, ciisply. "I'm not that soit.
What I'm trying to find -. t, in order"!
to help you as much as I can, is
why you should both be so cut about
this thing unfes you're in love, with
each other."
"Oh, 'I beg your pardon", tMiss
Downing. I see what you mean."
Rugglcs leaned forward in his chair,
regarding her intently. - "Well, it's
sort of like this. You see, I'm all
alone in the world, and sometin.es I
kind of miss what most oll'r people
have got���somebody besides myself
to think about. If I had ,:i mother
or a sister it would-be dififeicnl, 1
su'posc. _Well, Parthea_scemed_to_mc
to bc 'just' what I needed that way.
Shc and her aunt arc ^ruty poor, I
guess, aiid'thcy thought that ;I was
well fixed and didn't mind letting mc
do little things,-to "help us all to havc
a good time���like going to tea at thc
Pre Catelnu or having a picnic on the
riveV or somctliimr of lhat sort. It
never amounted to 'anything so far
as tlu\cost went, and we had a lot of
fun. Bul that was one icason why I
nPM.r told 'em lhat �� was a clerk_ in
a shoe-store. I va*< afraid they might
think t was spending more than I
could aflord, and not want lo go any
more,     But,  let   me   tell   jou,   I   was
weren't  going  to  diown." . , . ... ,     .
���,-,, ,.,-���      . ,   r,   .,      ���.    .pitcr <-o htippv in my lite, and why
Oh.  you  did."    said  Euth^     Anil'. , \ ....      .   .
what if thuy'd been drowning?"
"Oh,   I   suppose 'I'd'vc  had -to   try
to fish 'cm out," said  Kugglo. "Hut
there   was   no   danger.     One   of  'em
started to craw! out and conic for mc,
and I whaled liim over the head with!'"/""    ,   ,iwc havi   produced  more
, ,   .,       ,     ,  .. ��� l  iindi island,    villi   Ruth.        Audi .   -    -
her easel, then beat it.
Ju-t Im-imum: it seemed like 1 had
somebody beside myself to think
! about. But there ��a< never anv Unc
| business about it "one way ot lhe
jolh-'i. W't'ii- always bei-n just good
. friends."
Tratfe With
The Eskimo
Opportunity  For  Profitable Trading
Around The Shores Of
Hudson Bay
Manitobans must awake to the opportunity that will soon present itself for profitable* trading around thc
shores of Hudson Bay. Our American cousins arc showdng the way,
though thcy arc less conveniently
situated for this commerce than ourselves. Tlic American-Arctic Corporation, of New York, has bought
the' ex-yachtsFinback,_ a remarkably
fast, able, ketch-tigged craft, admirably fitted to navigate these northern waters, and has given command
to'Captain., George Comer, An experienced whaling captain of Ncw
Bedford, Mass.
Her: mission will be "lo visit the
Hudson Bay region, to barter with
Eskimos, and to serve as a base from
which the company plans to tap the
fur resources and mineral deposits of
j'thc far north, in a more thorough
way than has heretofore been possible." Scores of picture-reels covering American lifc :ind methods, street
scenes and manufacturing plants, arc
to be showii to create a-craving for
American products- and an interest
in American   lifc.
While-one is7 forced to admire the
enterprising spirit 'of these New
Yorkers, il is surely not unfriendly
to point out lhat Hudson/Bay should
bc our own piivate preserve, though
if we do not avail ourselves of the
time and opportunit}', of course, the
trade of that region will pass to
American hands. Fur, fishciies and
minerals await thc trader \\ho shall
go aftcr thcm, and by making Nelson
thc base port Manitoba merchants
would haye. :r "convenient* striking
point. The season of 1920 will sec
the "Finback" in thc bay; le- us hope
shc will often exchange signals with
vessels bent on a like mission, but
flying tlic red'.ensign with the Canadian arms in the fly,���Winnipeg Free
The King And His Servants
Servants   Were  Guests  of  the   King
and Queen at a Garden
The servants of the royal household and their-wives and families
wcrc thc guests of the King and
Queen at a garden -party in Buckingham Palace on a recent afternoon.
Thc party was a "strictly private"
one. Thc palace police and thcir
families were invited, as well as all
thc workers in and about the royal
residence.  -,
The band of thc Royal Horse
Guards played during the afternoon,
and there were performances also by
thc Southern Syncopated Orchestra
from thc Philharmonic Hall aud a
negro jazz band. Thc jazz band
played in the amphitheatre formed
by thc bed of the palace lake, which
\vas drained early in the war to hamper the opciatious of enemy airmen.
Tea was scivcd in gieat marquees.
Tlic royal family joined thcir
guests in the gi omuls immediately after tea and, remained till thc end of
the programme, - which included a
Punch and Judy shc-w for the little
ones. This was enjoyed as much by
thc grown-ups as by thc children.
The King and Queen laughed'as heartily as  thc youngest of their guests.
Princess Mary joined in thc dancing of the chiidr.cn. The entertainment was timed to jast i��om_4 till
6.30 p.ni., but the youngsters were so
happy that thctinie was extended by
nearly an hour. The King and
Queen  chatted with  ail.
The Need ior Thrift
At the bottom of thc solution of
thc cost of living problem is willingness to work in the production of
essential things; lo go without for
a timc, if needs bc, the unessential
ones. A great deal would bc accomplished if every individual would take
counsel with himself, as hc would do
if wc were still at war, as to whether
he is contiibuting his share to production. Perhaps this is too much to
expect, human nature being what it
is. Hut, however much w'e may
theorize, and howevei far wc may
seek for'the remedy in the nostrums
of economic quacks, we shall get no
neecsary  article   moie  cheaply   until
'you feel now  as if some of your fain-'
lie laughed contagiously, and Ruth, ;,u", '"  "" " ���'"'- "'/""' '""""j Java's  World  Trade Jumps
joined him,t   although her mirth had !','-v !EdfS��1" l,ai^ ��l,���-vo," "lro,"fh no\,  S,.lt Lake City, rtah.-java's wo.hl
a rather peculiar note.
"And what happVncd then? Was
shc all alone?"
"Oh, no," said Kugylcs, "Jler aunt,
Miss Challaud, w\ts wilh her. but Darthca had gone out alone to make a
sketch of the river. Wet met Mis;
Challaud coming down  the tow-path
fault  of  vours.  "Well,  do  you  kuowT   ","\ .v '"''V.  _-. "  | ���	
what I  would do i����� vour piace^"      j tr'l<k' ,,as JU"1[,Ctl ,rom ^m-m ���-l Flour a Dollar a Pound
"Xo,"   said   Rugglcs'.    "Thai's  ju-tl        ly  !K,fotc  U,c  u:ir  l0 $80,000,000      Food prices \it present  scem_ high,
..i...  t ..".  ������ ,:.?,i "..,.���.     ' "   i:*  ><"���'��.  .iccoiding   to  J. A.   Uarklcy., but they aie nothing compare*! with
Ladies Have a Clear
Sweet Healthy Sfein
ByUsing Cuticora
Promote skin purity, skin comfort and skin health by making
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and/ Talcum
(your every-day. t^ile'.
Just t uch any
redness or roughness
with Cuticura Ointment. Wash off in
five minutes with Cuticura Soap and hot
water, best applied,
with tlie hands which it softens wonderfully, and continue bathing a few
moments. Rinse with tepid water.
Dry gently and dust on a few grains
of Cuticura Talcum Powder, a fascinating fragrance for powdering
and perfuming the skin.
Contrast this simple, wholesome
treatment with tiresome massaging
and manipulating.
Cutlcnrm Soap 25c, Ointment 2S and C0c. Tal-
?im 25c. plus Canadian duties. Sold everywhere,
orsaraploeach free address: "Cotlcara, Dept.
H, Bolton, TJ. B. A.'
Great Britain's
War Forecasts
Grasshopper Eggs
In Sod Land
Are   But   Half   an 'Inch   Below   the
Different kinds 'of. grasshoppers
havc diffcrcnt^habits. .Thus the Lesser Migratory Locust deposits its;
eggs, largely, in stubble fields or in
moderately soft situations elsewhere.
It chooses, loo, thc small openings
surrounded by* herbage and. seldom
ki3'S eggs in the - centre of grass
clumps. The Pellucid or- Clear-
winged Locust, on the other hand,
avoids the cultivated fields for egg-
laying and selects instead the grass
lands round about. It also deposits
its eggs in the clumps of grass rather-than around, them.
Of the grass hoppers at present infesting Saskatchewan and Manitoba
fully 75 pcr cent, are of the Pellucid
kind and in consequence, thc same
percentage of eggs arc to be found
in the sod as compaicd with those
in ~ the stubble. To plough stubble
down deeply is. not difficult but' to
turn sod to the same depth is frequently impossible, and it is, there-.
fore, important that other means bc
employed for destroying the locust
eggs known to be' present in large
Recent experiments ������.conducted' at
the 'Dominion Entomological ��� Laboratory, Trccsbank, Man., have shown
that locust eggs cannot survive exposure to thc sun for more than a
few days, even when encased in thc
usual pod or sack. Thc question of
thcir destruction is, therefore, simplified, and any method that will expose
thc egg masses to thc sun will destroy them. Thus disking, cultivating or harrowing will all bc useful
means 'of killing eggs, and we arc
strongly urging cvery farmer to cm-
ploy one of tUcSc methods ou all thc
dryer sodded areas of his farm or
roadside. Thc eggs arc but half an
inch below thc surface, and can,
therefore, bc easily exposed. Thcy
will bc wherever thc hoppcis were in
July and August.���C. Gordon Hewitt,
Dominion  Entomologist.
New Zealanc. ~.ucer Describes Them
As  Marvelously  Accurate
Wellington, New Zealand. ��� Ncw
Zealand's ���������brilliant soldier, Brigadier-
General Richardson, amazed the
members of the New Zealand Club
recently wdien hc described how marvelously accurate wcrc the British
forecasts iii 1912 of the world war.
General Richardson attended secret
and confidential lectures given to officers attending the Biitish staff
college. They wcrc told that as
soon as the Kiel Canal had been
deepened Germany would find some
pretext for war with France, probably in the autumn of 1914-or iii' thc
early spring of 1915. .The French
army would fall back, also the British army-if it was in France, and
Paris might be captured by thc Germans, but the fall of the capital would
not end the war. If Britain were to
maintain an army of 1,000,000 men
conscription would bc necessary.
The lecturer also stated that the
Gciman '.'?c< iki'.:!-I ;>r.i s-"l; a decisive combat with the Briiish until it
���had thinned down the "British fleet
by mines and submarines. Germany
hoped to"*siuk one British ship a week
by these agencies,'and', then to strike,
say in 12 months from the dodar-.ti-jn
or war. I
What About The
Peace Palace
Napoleon Was Offered
An Air Service I
Campenas Drew Up Plans of Airship
to Accommodate 200 Persons
The great progress ma'dc in aviation during the last few years recalls
the fact that as long ago as in 1796
a Frenchman named Campenas drew
up plans, which he laid before Napoleon, for thc making of an aerial
ship to accommodate 200, persons,
and. which he claimed could be directed to any point of the compass.
The inventor's letter deserves rc-
pioduction: "I myself will bc your
pilot. You can thus without any danger hover above the fleets of'enemies
jealous of our happiness, and thunder
against them--like a new Jupiter,
merely by' throwing .perpendicular
downwards firebrands made of.a substance which will kindle only by thc
contact and percussion at the end of
its fall, but which will be impossible
to extinguish. Or, perhaps, you. will
think it moro prudent to begin at
once by forcing the British Cabinet
to capitulate, which you may easily
do as you have it your "power to set
fire to the city of London, or to any
of the maiitime towns of England."
Campenas assured Napoleon his airship could travel from Paris to London, destroy the place, and return
to Paris within twenty-four hours.
Napoleon refused to countenance
the scheme, however. And it is interesting to note in this regard, that
in-thc early days of the. war aeroplanes were used, both by the allies
and thc enemy, solely for scouting
purposes, and pilots of both sides exchanged greetings  when thcy , .'	
each other. It was not until a German pilot shot at a British that each
side look to arming thcir own crait,
and battles in thc air became inevitable.
SM 4#<
League of Nations Appears to Have
Forgotten The Hague
People iu Holland, as well as elsewhere, arc wondering what is going
to become of thc Carnegie Peace Pah-
ace "at The Hague, a bit of propcrt}'
which seems rather oddly to havc
escaped consideration iu thc discussions at Paiis. The League of Nations appears to have forgotten The
Hague; at any rate,. thc covenant
makes no mention of the solemn conventions that brought its elaborate
peace machinery into existence, and
although later the interests most
closely involved did thcir best -to
have the league established where
stood already the Palace of Peace,
the league decided ou Switzerland,
and what is to happen to the palace
is food for conversation. It is not
quite cci tain who owns the land on
which the palace was built, but if
it is lhc ��iovcruuieiil of Holland,
there may eventually be advertised a
peace palace for sah- or to let." It
will bc interesting to see how lime
settles tin: question, for lh< palace is
not endowed, aud if it ceases lo fulfill its oiiginal use it calf'hardly be
indefinitely kept up in idleness.
what I want" to find out.
(To  Be' Continued 1
industrial evpu't of Jata, who is vis-| prici ����� in  Alaska  during the gold fc-
iting the tradt   untie-- in the  Uniicd   ver     A  book recentlj   reviewed says
 ���  ���    "      States, and who is .i \iMtor~here. He'that  at  Dawson     m   18l'K  sugai   was
U.S.  Rhine Army s.ml'th.it .'i\.i w'Cs  not aiToded  with..*?/?  do lap-   a   sack,   fiom   a   dollar  a
Cob'isr/. Marshal  Foch, thc  allied, the high i^srnf Ininu. ceitain women j pound, c��e-> a dollar and ;. h.ilf each.
That's  lhe   way  wc  got  acquainted."'. commander-in-chief,  has  decided  up-i labored r< oii. ing oni>  10 cents a d.i\ ' Hut  thc money came as  caj-ilj   .is  it
"Ahd afterwards?" Ruth asked. |ou   ��j,c   extent   of   territorv   iij"     the' :i"d beimr -d>lo t<> "yi l ..long" on such. \> cut.    A man who wa-. low in funds
Wanning     under     her     sympathy, j Kliinelmid to be Isold permanently JnJ a  sum. -       jiuppuud  to  git  a  paper  with   news
*"~ about the  Spanish-\jnerioaii   \\'i\,v at
a tiiiu wh'ti no newspapers had been
received for several weeks. He read
a few choice items to a crowd about
the post office, and then announced
that hc would read thc rest in a hall
near by at one dollar a head for admission. t"i\c hundred men crowded
in.���Montreal Family Hera id.
Take Shoes From Orphans
Rumanians Requisitioned 71,420 Pairs
From Asylum in Budapest,
Paris.���Advice of fuither rccmisi-
tionhig iu Hungary by the Rumanian
troops _of occupation-, were- received
by thc supreme council of thc peace
conference. On September 10 the
reports slated thc Rumanians requisitioned 71,420 pairs of shoes fiom the
orphan asylum in Budapest. Of these
thc great bulk were shipped to Rumania, onlj' 6,000 pairs being left in
thc oiphanagc. The orphanage society expicsscd the fear that these
also w^.ui be taken under the guise
of niilit.uj ictpii'-itioiis, leaving the
orphans shoeless for the winter.
Many othct cases of alleged looting
were reported to the supreme council.
The Needs of Today
Today we are pajitig the price of
war and its waste. To overcome this
wc must bc over-industrious and
practice such frugality a�� we havc
never known before. This is true
patriotism today. Conservation of
food, clothing, shoes ��� not higher
wages lo enable if. to spend more
lavishly���is what this country needs
from u<?. More constructive hamiony
in all wc do and less waste of energy
in class hatred will bring results wre
all long to ha-v e established.
More pay for less work and higher
tilli tint In tha
dark. Th*
band! cod fii-
nroi u�� coated
witb ��� mb-
���Dane* contain-
tag real radioia
J^ actual tin
Beekeeping" In Manitoba
Record for  Honey Very Far Abov<
Average /
The present season has been ,i goo{
one for Alanitoba beekeepers. The
month of May was congenial, the
summer has seen a continuous succession of honey-laden flowers, and
there has been no August frost to
spoil"tlfc_aTitumn blooms,~so~~thaf the-
bees arc still adding to tlicir stores.
Mr. R. M. Mucklc, of Clandeboyc,
secretary of the Manitoba Beekeepers' Association, reports that some of
his hives havc ghen him as liigli as
2S0 pounds m honey this ycar. T'ns,
of course, is a very high ic:oid, very
far above the a-\crage. Hc estimates
au average yield for the whole province, howcvci, of at least 80 pounds
pcr colony, which i-- very satisfactory. Honey is high in price, and
beekeepers arc able to sell thcir
whole output at ar average of around
30 cents per pound. So far the ca��
tern honey ot the 1919 ciop has nci
reached tlu western maikct, at leas*
in quantity, and ihcr<* is a keen Hcii
demand for much mori honcv thai
Manitoba has "-o  far produced
Butter For Paris
Opportunity for Canada to Sell Foity
Tons a Day
Paris will usc 80,000 pounds oi
Canadian butter daily, it Canadian?
arc willing to ship them, according
to Philippe  Ro\, Commissioncr-Gen-
Rugglcs told thc rest oi his slorj ��� ^nitui Si..t<.s force*. Ju area will
of how he had become intimate withjbc twice as large as that which has
the two, walking with them in his kccn imjcr United States jurisdiction
free moments, sometimes accompanyJsmcc tjlc ]ast combatant division left
thcm on little excursions and to
church, or for tea in some modest
restaurant. He told also of how
Darthca had comc into the shop ard
had seen him trying on shocs, and
he sh.owcd Ruth the note that he had
received that morning from Darthca.
Ruth perused it and bit her lip.
"Nasty little prig!" she muttered
under her breath.
"What?" Ruggles asked.
"Oh, nothing.    And then what?"
for home.
"Before I unchain the dog. ati'wei
mc this: Are you one of these here
"Xo, madam; I'm just a plain hobo
or bum."
"In that ca��r. here's a piece of
May Fly Pacific
Vancouver.���Among the arrivals on
!the steamship Friuzcssiu was Captain
Eric Donaldson, D.F.C., who has announced that hc will essay a trans-
Pacific flight by airplane. The flyer
intends to "hop off" from San Francisco and flj \ia the Hawaiian
Islands, thence to another island in
thc southern Pacific, and from there
to his home in AustiiTia.
Addition to self and subtraction
from others comprise some men's
sole knowledge of arithmetic.
eral for Canada in France. Mr. Roy
pi ices for inferior goods will in Jimci'sajs that ��airplcs from Canada have
work great hardships upon the j arrived in Paris iu good condition af-
profiletror    and    his    un-ccou��niical   ter 36 da>�� en loute.    Hefote the war
theotie N'ew*   Vork Outlook. I France   imported   mo=t   of  its butter
 -^- ,_tfiom Siberia, but now thai supply is
Marshal  Foch's   Salute j cut oft and will piobabh not be a.ail-
Duriii'j:' the   London    peace�����ar:.de, able   foi   fi\c  \t.ar-
Marshal Foch*   salute impressed the' '  r	
citizens more than an}   other of  the} Shifis for  United  States
minor incidents of thc day.        ,��� {     San   Diego.  ���  Figures   ��ust made
In his right hand the Marshal heldjpnblic show' that thc total number of
the symbol of his rank and power���a!vessels delivered to thc United States
silver-starred baton, covered with a [Shipping no<trd ��incc tht covcrnrnenl
rich velvet cloth. undertook to uiu'd a merchant marine
As hc approached King Gtorge. i1- 1.227 \c<-scls. with a foial dtad-
Foeh raised his arm til! hc held the weight tonnage of <i,S'3,416. Thc ves-
br.ton aloft at length slightly in front scls include 517 ^trcl ship?, 33S re-
!of him, and then, pausing for a rao-| qui&itiono! Mccl ships. If steel ships
i        "        Liberal "
"Was  thc  prima  donna     generous; mcnt, hc swcot it down in a Mow and
with  her  trills?"   .
"Oh, yes, she cau us a great many
runs for our money."���Baltimore
American. J
m?gnifir;rnt ss.lutc at arm's Sencih.
Ignorance is bliss until i:
associate   with  egotism.
purchased   fsom  Japan.  342  wooden
ships, a~d 1^ composite ships.
Some pretty gi'ls are aifrcdyt d*��
Spite   ihur   L��u:t;..
'i^SM 1, ������ - -���
-.,~,;-": * '��� r' 'XiXXyXXf- y^^X^^xyy:^yyyxr^:>^i
ivtvy-s^iaouaaaani i rn in ui ��� in in n
/    Is $2 a year strictly in  advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three mouths.    If nol
p tid foi until the cud of the yea- it is $3
S^ It is always ��2.50 a year to the United
States in advance. *
Editor and Financier.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices    .  $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices ,     7 00
Estray Notices 3-oo
Cards of Thanks    **       1.00
Certificate of Improvement   12.50
(Where more  than  one claim appears ir notice,  S5.00 for  each ad-x
dilional claim.)
All other legal advci Using, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and S cents a line for
"each .subsequent insertion, uonpariel
Premier Hearst of Ontario is
strong for Prohibition. He knows
the value of only chinking water,
ever since he swore oft' touching
booze afc Saulfc Ste. Marie over 30
years ago. Billy took the right
road then, and see where he has
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would bc pleased
lo have more money.
Hi: who passes  will  livo to frog
Tun clean chimney never buruB
down a town.
Si'Eix'u is butter, while silence is
bacon and eggs.
Nouodv likps the honk of a wild
goose when he is driving  an auto.
Half  of the people buy an auto
because their  neighbors have one.
By wasting nothing you can reduce the High Cost of living. The
people of Canada are too wasteful
and extravagant.
We ueed the brakes in Canada.
K"ext year the interest on our
national debt and pension bill combined will be 8150,000,000.
Yes," Alice, it is still true that a
pat hand beats three kings, unless
the B.C. legislature has changed
the law in recent years.. Write to
Billy Sloan for further information.
That home of refuge for senile,
and played out 'politicians, the
Senate, cost the people of Canada
last year about ��300,000. Its funeral would help some in these days
of Hich Cost.
In the war and out of the war
soldiers often find different treatment. In New York the other
day a one-handed negro soldier
said: "I enlisted; "I gave the
country my hand, and I was ready
to give more. When I was in
France, I was a man and a soldier,
hut when I got back here, I'm not
a citizen; I'm not a man, evert^-
jusfe a big, black brute."
Life in Mexico is chequered, but
never-dull. The section of the
country between Manzanillo and
the City of Mexico is dominated by
the followers of Carranza, the
rebels being hundreds of miles
.iway. Just the same the railway
trains have to run in the day time,
is they would be blown up if they
ran at night, all signs of prosperity are gone in this region, and the
better classes have had to leave.
Many of fche towns are in ruins.
A-fter leaving tho coast you do not
see any foreigners, the whole region
being ravaged by human devils.
No one laughs and death lurks at
every turn of the road. Mexico
needs a dose of intervention by the
United States.
"I Love A Lassie" '
Billy Oswald is coming backl
This announcement will bring a
thrill of anticipation to every
theatre goer from the small boy
who neglects his supper to be first
in line for a gallery seat to the
staid businessman in Center G 1
and 2. There may be a difference
of opinion as to the ability of some
starB, bub no one has yet been dis
covered who does not agree that
the rotund Scot is in a class by
himself when it comes to providing
clean wholesome comedy.
Mr. Oswald's vehicle this season
is "the original comedy with music
"I Love A Lassie" which was
written especially for him, and is
said to be a decided novelty. The
suppoiting cast is composed of
carefully selected artists among
whom are Beatrice Carson, Patricia
Salmon, Phyllis Hughes, Myrtle
Cree, Alice Whitnel, Sherrold
Paige, Ernie Iinpitt, James Mount,
Dick Barr. and Arthur Doyle.
The production is under the personal direction of Mrs. E. Lang,
formerly of the famous Bostonians,
which is ample assurance thafe the
performance will be a snappy one
and provide a rollicking evenings
Mr. Oswald will appear in "I
Love A Lassie" at the Greenwood
Theatre for one night, Sept.   27fch.
Saturday Night        -        Sept. 27
The International Scotch Comedian
(Is  Tha'   A  Fac')
Beatrice Carmen
The Laughing Success
"I Love A Lassie"
A Musical Comedy Thats Different
PRICES $1.-10~ ' CHILDREN 55c
War Tax Included.    .
TAKE NOTICE that Charles Not>le Bubar
of Beaverdell, B. C, Farmer, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following- described lands: Commencing- at a post planted
at the south-east corner ef Block A Lot 1441,
thence south 40 chains, thence west 20 chains,
thence north 40 chains, thence east 20 chains,
to point of commencement, and containing
eighty actes more or less.
Dated 28tli August, 1919.   ���
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and situate North of
and adjoining Lot 2 5 O 2s- '
TAKE NOTICE that Cyril Radan of
Boundary Falls iit said District, occupation
Rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Lot 2377s, containing 80 acres more pr less.
Dated August 25th, 1919, at Boundary Falls.
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Two New Mills
The Scotch of It
For years John L. Retallack
kept stored at bis house in Kaslo
380 bottles of champagne, a keg
filled with rum 100 years old, and
many liqners that were made in
" 3852." Recently -John had this
valuable stuff shipped to his home
in 'Victoria by express, where he
no doubt will ba pleased to let the
Prince sample it. It reached the
coast safely, being guarded all the
v?ay as though it were a consignment of pearls, diamonds, or strictly fresh eggs.
When Fred Demuth went to
school in Rossland his teacher said
that he was the biggest dunce in
that town. Fred afterwards became a doctor and went to tbe war.
One night at tbe front-he fixed up
a soldier who had been shot in the
head. The .soldier asked Fred
who he Was. ''I am the biggest
dunce in Rossland" said Fred
The wounded soldier was the
teacher who had taught Fred in
Rossland.       *
In- order to  give  every soldier
and nurse in Canada a gratuity of
$2,000 it means a debt increase of
about 8800,000,000 for fche Dominion.    If tbis vast sum  is graufeed,
theie we be no assurance  that it
will be spent in productive industry  and not in  idleness.    The soldiers would  not as a rnle derive
lasting good fortune  fronf a donation that- impoverished their brothers and  the industries of the Dominion.    The returned soldier cannot  escape the conditions   in his
own country, and his best fortune
is the work and wages of prosperous industry.    Whatever gratuity
he receives, now he must in a short
time work  with  the rest of ns to
Mining Taxation
Writing to The Nelson News, J.
C Harris of New Denver says:
"After well over twenty years of
trial, we find that on an average
less than one per cent of the crown
granted Mineral claims of B. C.
are being worked and whole mining camps such as The Lardeau are
almost lying deserted. Look' at
Slocan City, with the price of
silver well over one hundred cents
an_ounces and then try and be
proud of the mineral act of British
Columbia. 'By their fruits ye shall
know them."
Some practical mining men have
been trying to get hold of mineral
claims near Silverton this last summer-there are well over four
hundred claims to choose from
(all lying idle of course), bufe fehey
could not make a deal. _ Some of
the owners could not be, found,
some wanted absurd prices, some
papers were lost. So Silverton
may join the defunct cities of the
Kootenay. We want the laws and
taxes arranged to wake tbe claim
owners up and not to eend them to
Amongst the difficulties thafe the
prospector and mining- man encounters is the fact that very
many of the location posts and
surveyors' monuments have disappeared. Would it be too great a
hardship to make a man who holds
mining property look after snch
matters? Should a man be allowed to hold au nncrown-granted
claim indefinitely without ife being
surveyed so thafe its bounds may
be known?
A mineral claim whose owners
value afe fifty thousand dollars is
taxed just the same as one valued
at fifty dollars. Jusfc think of taxing lots on thejbesfe parfe of Baker
street at the same rate as lot."
away up beyond the tram lines. It
would be no more absurd.
"Why is it right to tax' fifty
thousand dollars' worfeh of agricultural land two thousand five
hundred.dollars per annum, if ife w
neglected and unimproved, and a
mineral "claim of equal valne and
eqntilly - neglected only thirteen
dollars and,twenty-five cents per
It is reported that the Consolidated of Trail proposes to build
concentrators afe Kimberley and
The Kimberley installation is
said feo contemplate a plant having
a capacity of 10,000 tons daily at
the outset and possibly the erection
of another unit of the same size,
which would make the total capacity 20,000 tons. If fehe latter capacity is provided the concentrator
would become fehe largest on the
continent. The nearest 'approach
is said'to be a plant in Utah which
has a capacity of -15,000 tons, although the several plants of the
Anaconda Copper Mining company
in Montana have a total capacity
of aboufe 15,000 tons.
Plans for fehe Rossland installation have been under consideration
for m<iny months. The capacity
considered afe fehe outset was 1,500
tons, but the quantity of low grade
ore to be dressed is said to warrant fehe nse of 5.000 ton plant.
The cost of a 1500 ton plant has
been estimated afe $100,000 to
The chief problem ^ at Rosbland
has been the source of water. The
city has first right to the supply,
bufe has been disposed to share ife
liberally wifeh the smelting company. The cost of providing
equipment for the movement of
water has been placed as high as
82,500,000, but ife is believed this
sum can be reduced greatly by the
erection of a dam on the mountain
near Rossland.
The proposed site of fehe Rossland concentrator is between the
War Eagle and tho Le Roi mines.
It is reported that ground for the
site was broken this week. The
sources of ore would be the Le Roi,
War Eagle and Center Star mines,
which are owned by the Consolidated company. In fehese properties are large bodies of low grade
copper-gold ore leffe when ore of a
higher grade - was removed. Preparations were in progress some
time ago, for the substitution oi
concrete for wood in the lining of
shafts on fehese properties in contemplation of an ore movement
fehat wonld tax the outlets heavily.
"How was ife you never let yonr
mother know you'd won the
"It wasoa ma turn tae write."
Culameen fiotel
One of the largest hotels in        v
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty inealo.
^.. O. JOHNSON     -     PROP.
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Pool Room and First-Class
Barber Shoe
p dears. Tobaccos, Soft Drinks.
Ice-Cream Parlor in Connection'
Come in Often
Excess Baggage
"Madam," said fehe conductor,
politely, to the colored lady, "you
mast remove that suitcase from tha
"Fo* de Lawd sake, conducfeo',
dat ain't no eaitcase, Dat's mab
John Depew was mistaken for a
deer afe Bamberton Sake, Bear Victoria, and shot and wounded by
Emii Saiab.
Returned Soldiers.
DR. WOOD, of Greenwood, B.C.
has been appointed by the Department of Soldiers' Civil Re-Establishment as Medical Representative
whose duties are to attend to all
returned men who may be taken
ill any time within one year of discharge, whether the cause be from
war service or nofe, and to men who
are suffering a recurrence of disability caused by War service, at
any time. ,.-
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Ci/eenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
~   Oroville Trains
Order Now-
Your Cutting Machinery -   Binders   -   Mowers.
and Rakes^
We handle the McCormick  andjDeering   Line
and will be pleased to"order repairs
v for all makes of Machines
Get our prices on Barb Wire and   Nails.     We can
save you money on large or small lots.
Ship us your hides.   We pay cash and remit promptly.
Midway, B. C.
Autos For Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Synopsis of
land Act Amendments
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Changes:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$i each.' Gold-Silver I1.50. ' Silver-Lead
$2.00 Stiver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
forother metals, etc., ou application..
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Repnblic
truck motors Garage in connection.
Antos sold and repaired. Agent for
Chevrolet, Dodge and Stndebaker cars;
also Republic and National tracks.
Minimum  prlc��  of  nrst-class  land
reduced to |5 an acre; second-class to -
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
*nd which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange^-!or v. adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective"
claims. ' p
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for,
nve years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
*SV* "ceding Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided appli-
���SSJ maltes improvements to extent of
?300 per annum and records same each ���
year. * allure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
lelture. Title cannot be obtained in
# .,����P 5 year��. and improvements
-of- ?X0.00-per acre-ihcluding-6-acres-
cleared and cultivated, and residence
or at least 2 years are required. -
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
ana residence maintained on Crown
granted land. g.
TJnsurveyed areas, not exceeding io
acres, may be, leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling resi-
aentlal and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industclal purposes
SEP* ��xoee<3lng 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
������iS!11, Ifaciory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
hv ����Yf��L hay .poadows. Inaccessible
����,imlj��,n.B road3 may b8 Purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made. *
tJ%h% sco.?e of thia Act ia enlarged to
wU,??.,.al!Tper��>!V! Joking and senr-
J.1* wl,l_jLHls Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
SL*.!??0**8??1 Pre-emptor may apply
&LUf& UndW thls- Act ,s extended
from for one year from the death of
ouch person, as formerly, until one
��??r "^ST.th0 ?��ncluston of the present
t^Seti?e     Pr,vlle*�� *s also made re-
rf,����_,f- M re,*tln* to pre-emptions are
^e���#?r PayaMj i* soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, mg
Ta*S�� ,af9 remitted for five yeirs
���J��SVl.?lon f0/ "turn of moneys ac-
?*/��������� been paid since August
i, 1914, on account of payments feei
"t^J?8 ?n 8o!dle��' Pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
i0m2,������C,ty Iot��> held by members of
At���� ^rfe2', ����-dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March ��l. 1920.
Provision    made   for   issuance   ef
��S35 J���-*8 to "Ub-Pnrchaser! of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to comoleu
purchase. Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase In-
terert and taxes. Where Bub-SJS.
��rs do not claim whole of original par-
d��   distributed   proportionately   ovar
^olfara- Applications must be
mada by May 1, 1S2Q. ��� -
Graslng Act, 1919, for systematic
'd��y*Jopment of livestock Indirtry pro?
*$**, f2r*^a*ta* dlstricta'and ringe
administration under Commissioner.
Annual erasing permits Issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for rang* management.   Prw, or partially irtarpsrmiu
&rt��tbSS.cwap*r"w ****��**�������
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
o Offices, Smelling and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,. Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig   I^eacl   and Zinc
One of the Greatest Helps to Good Telephone Service .
/  , Telephoning is regarded as so easy that many people do
not take the trouble to see that they telephone correctly.
One should speak directly into the instrument, with the lips
but a short distance away,. When that is done, the voice does
" not need to be loud, and moreover the person at the other end
can hear distinctly. .
' When children do so much telephoning,  it would be well
to instruct lhem-to telephone properly.
****��#<&^*&��&&'iy'4'4' i.^4.4.4.^^4,^^.^^4.
me Rotel
nelson, B.C.
The only up^to^date Hotel in the interior,   First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES 51.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
F. Burns & Co., Ltd. |
Home of  Shamrock Bacon,   Hani'land 'I<ard
Eggs,   Cheese   and   Fish^ of   all    Varieties
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