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The Ledge Jun 30, 1921

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 ' X    y       J
" vjU L 4   1921   * y
-AS** v]
77. a>
vor,. xxyn.
v J30-
' yy
No; 51"
House Furnishings,  Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
real value   \ f Around Home
Buy a
Made to Measure Suit
ammmmmmmmmmmfflimfmimmmmmmm wm
Large Assortment of
Christie's  Biscuits
Salmon and Halibut
Arriving Fresh Every   Thursday
Order Your Preserving Strawberries  Now
All Steps Lead To:
1   LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Quite a   substantial  reduction in prices
Your measure   taken   by   one
who learned "the business
No Guessing"
W. Elson 8.Co
/nmuiiiimmu iuuuttuuuiuuumuimttuumuuuuumi^
Fishing Season Is Now On
Everything in Fishing Tackle
-. -   (      s1-
'tlj, --
"I    H*. .I'r .        -���-
j- > "���?>.,    *��    \i' .   "
"-J-   * ��.���- V "- "*'v--'
I ^ * ���* "r1' jT
We have just unloaded1 a Vcair^of
Flour and Cereals
Order your supplies from our new stock
The WINDSOR HOTEL Is heated with steam
aud electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wancT rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete_ with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
, buttermilk and ice-cream.
Shamrock Facts!
TEN   THOUSAND   HOGS each year are not sufficient to meet the
growing demand for
*       BURNS' SHAMROCK   HAM  and  BACON       |
for only selected cuts of selected hogs are good enough for
| Calgary       Edmonton      Regina       Prince Albert       Vancouver  $
 .  n^saa^safca&aj
There's No Guess^Work AboutJ Long
-'Distance Telepuoning ;
,. When yoa finish your conversation you know yonr message has been
received.  -In addition, yon have your answer. V.' '���������-���
Remember also, you do not pay ibr messages not delivered���No talk,
.nopay.   - ���''.. - -'''"���.."."' -:
All the company's telephones are. available, for service day and night.
Special rates between y p.m. and 8 a;m. - V-
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health,.Accident
Best  Companies in   the World
Enquire as  to Rates
Ranches For Sale
Call And See
Spectacles ,of AH; Kinds
i    fe For Sale and Repaired
.   "Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail your jvatch* for Repair and I will
mail it back.   Charges are moderate.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,    Have a buyer for good ranch
Greenwood Theatre
Gray  &  flarf   Drnrvc
Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
Constance Talmadge
IN ~
The story of a miss with principles pure
as the Ten Commandments, with a pair
of eyes that made Cleopatra look like a
consumptive selling-plater and with a list
of ��� J'vampcd" victims reaching from
Frisco to Main Street, New York,
A Virtuous Vamp
' Five Reels
Also a Two Reel Lehrman Comedy
Punch of the Irish
"50 to 100 Squares Corrugated
Galvanized Iron. State Gage and
Price... Box 513, The Ledge,
Greenwood, B.OJ
v   For Sale
Six room bouse, all plastered,
good roof, doable boarded and
painted. Very cheap. Apply at
Ledge office.
For Sale At Eholt
Blacksmith shop outfit, complete
with tools; also carpenter and miner's tools, two cabin outfits,  cook*
ing    stoves  and   beds  complete.
Apply to   --
- Jos. N. Busoif,
Eholt. B.C.
Roy Conner, -of Vernon, was in
town on Wednesday.
R. Stevenson, . of Princeton,
was in town last week.
James Machell'is spending a
few days at Rock Creek.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Jenkin returned from Victoria on Tuesday.
Seryice in St. Jude's church,
Sunday, July 3rd, at 7.30 p. m:
Born���To Mr,' and Mrs. W. R.
Dewdney on June 22ad, a sou.
Sam Matthews was in town
from Grand Forks ou Wednesday.
F. M. Bubar, of Kettle Valley.
was a visitor to town on Tuesday.
W. X. Perkins, of Penticton,
was in Greenwood on Tuesday.
Mrs. Walter Murray, of Trail,
is the guest of Mrs.  H.  Murray.
Harry Bryan was on a business
trip to Grand Forks on Wednesday,
Jack Keady left on Sunday
morning on a busjfuess trip to the
Mr. and Mrs. John Ftnlay, of
Lister, are visiting friends in
the city.
. Mrs. E. E. Woods, of Pascoe,
is the guest of her sister, Mrs.
James Kerr.   -���    ..
Miss Laura E. Smith, of Winnipeg, is the guest of her aunt,
Mrs. G. Inglis.    ,
Miss Williamson is the guest
ot her aunt,-Mrs. L. V. Shillcock
at Kettle Valley?:'1
"Mr. and Mrs./H. McGillvray
and family, of Kerr creek, haye
moved into town.">-.;
Mrs. S, Wt-Auger, of Eholt, is
.yjsiting her daughter, Mrs. R. S.
<WaYkerral^Moyie.v^^>r,; -.   ;
���^���.^x^*'/:-y.>Xy~~ V"V" ���----    "'tx
yrti; tMcGutcheoa; ~ returaed>on
Monday, from a Jwbr weeksMfoli-
day in coast cities.
The Boundary Falls school
children held a very enjoyable
picnicTm Saturday..
Bob Folvik reports that he has
rye over 8 feet high on his ranch
near Boundary Falls,
H. M. Stramberg left- for Nelson on Saturday where he will
spend part of the holidays.
John McDonald returned to
Kitnberley on Thursday, after a
few weeks' holiday in the city.
"Miss Mae Keadyleft tf or "Rossland last week where she will be
a nurse in training at the Sisters
Ice cream sundaes, ice cream
sodas, all kinds of soft drinks,
orange crush, lemon crush, lime
crush, cocoa cola at the Windsor
Miss Caldwell, who has been
recuperatiug her health at the
home of her sister, Mrs. G. B.
Taylor, returned to Kelowna on
The Presbyterian service on
Sunday, July 3rd. will bc held in
Greenwood at 11 a. m., instead of
7.30 p.m. Service will be held
in Midway at 7.30 p.m.
The post office will be closed
on Dominion Day. The wicket
wiil be open between 4 and 4.30
p.m. G. N. mail will be sorted
after the arrival of the stage.
J. W. Dixie, a prominent
lawyer of New Westminster has
been appointed department solicitor, in Victoria, succeeding W. D.
Carter, the new deputy attorney-
The Independent Meat Market
is cow open all the time. We
carry only the best stock procurable m fresh meats, hains and
bacon, lard, sausages, head
cheese, etc, s
The Greenwood city clerk has
been, instructed to hold an auction
sale is Phoenix, on July 13, of
the goods and chattels which
were reverted to the provincial
government by the late municipality of Phoenix.
Government Liquor  Store
. at Greenwood
The room in the Miller Block
formerly occupied by the Miners'
Union is being nicely fitted up,
remodelled, fixtures installed and
painted ,in readiness for the Government Liquor Store which will
in all probability be opened in a few
days. The location is a good one
being right in the heart of the city.
A. car of liquor was shipped
to Greenwood on Monday. - Ed.
Pope has been appointed' Govt,
vendor, and permits can be secured
from the Government agent at the
court house, or from the vendor at
the store.
British Columbia Fir
Used in Toronto Arena
Dominion Day  at  Ingram
*   Bridge
Elaborate preparations have been
made for a big time at Ingram
Bridge on Friday, July 1st, when
the United Farmers will hold a
grand celebration. A splendid
programme consisting of Baseball
tournament, between -Midway,'
Rock Creek and Greenwood, Trap
Shooting, Horse racing, Bucking
Contest, ^ etc. etc. Refreshment
stand on the grounds. There will
be something to attract everybody
to Ingram Bridge on Dominion
Day. Everybody will be heading
that way. The day will wind op
with a dance in the Co-Operative
Hall, Roek Creek.
'    "A Virtuous Vamp"
The latest Constance Talmadge
production, "& Virtuous Vamp;"
by John Emerson and Anita Loos
will be Been at tbe Greenwood
Theatre, ���on , Saturday, July 2nd.
Vln? ttiis'/produciioir Miss Talmadge takes the part of a girl
whose winning smile and coquettish habits involve her in a manner of ludicrous escapades until
she finds the one man who,is proof
against her wiles. The play is an
adaption from "The Bachelor" by
Clyde Fitch.
Allan Eustis returned to Nelson
on Thursday, after a two weeks'
vacation here with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. R. Eustis.
~. Ross Wood left on Tuesday
morning for 4'enticton where-he
has been transferred. Ross will
be greatly missed by the younger
set as he took an active part in
all kinds of athletics,
" J. Prendergast, who is starting
a sheep ranch near the Jewel
mine was in town on Tuesday
and states that work at the ranch
is progressing favorably and
hopes to stock it next spring.
V. E. Tripp, principal of the
public school during the past
year, has resigned, and left for
his home in MacLeod, Alta., on
Friday last. Mr. Tripp was a
most energetic, painstaking- and
conscientious teacher and especially instilled into the minds of
the young the manly art of good,
wholesome sport.
R. B. Masterton, of Hedley,
formerly of Greenwood, will take
the Teachers' Courses at the
University of British Columbia
during the summer. Mr. Master-
ton was successful in his final
examinations last April and now
holds the degree of M. A., from
the Uniyersity of King's College,
Windsor, Nova Scotia.
H. N. Cox lost his valuable
bull on Tuesday which he had
just purchased from H. Hartley
last week. Mr. Cox only had the
animal two or three days when it
was noticed to be in distress and
foaming at the mouth. Dr. Acres
V S., of Grand Forks, was summoned and treated the animal for
pleursy. As autoposy was held
and it was discovered that the
bull died from eating a poisonous
(Special Correspondence of The Ledge)
Victoria, June 29.���By using
British Columbia fir instead of red
pine in it new livestock arena, the
Toronto city council and contractors on the building are,saving
$20,500, according to information
reaching the department of lands
here. Lumber officials - consider
this quite a boost for British Columbia lumber and means that the
product of this province is beginning to win its way in the markets
of Eastern Canada in competition
with pine from" the Southern States
and other foreign countries.
Must Be British Subjects
Victoria, June 29.���Druggists
and chemists in British Columbia
muBt now. be qualified as British
subjects before they can obtain a
pharmacy diploma, according to
amendments to the by-laws of the
Pharmaceutical Association just approved by the government here!
Another amendment to the by-laws
of the association approved by the
government increases the number
of examiners from five to ten.
Will Enforce Liquor Act
Victoria, June 29���No doubt is
left in the minds of the citizens bf
the province over what course of
action will be taken by the government in enforcing the * new liquor
act. Following rumored stories
that certain clubs would be allowed
to sell beer to their members, Premier Oliver and Attorney-General
Farris issued signed statements to
the effect that the strict letter of
the law would have to"be lived up
to; which meant that no one other
than^t government vendor would
be allowed to sell either spirituous
or malt liquor. Those officials
state that that law will be enforced
to the limit.
To Try and Standerize
Mine Equipment
Victoria, June 29.���To discuss
the practicability of standardizing
mine reserve equipment and to
consider the possibility of standardizing  the   methods  in   use,   the
Mining News
Edward Mellrud   has   taken
.lease  on   the Golconda mine, in
Dead wood camp, Greenwood mining division.    Mr. Mellrud and his
partner went up to'the property on *
Tuesday and work will commence'
with three men right away.-
 ��� o
"With the crew Increased to 35
men, practically all engaged in
outside work, increased activity is
apparent around the Silversmith
mine, Sandon, B.C., in work pro--
liminary to mill and tramway reconstruction involved in recent acquisition by the company of the'
Ivanhoe mill and water rights of
Minnesota Silver Co.
A car of crude ore has been received at the Bunker Hill smelter -
at Kell6gg from Silversmith,  and
said to be the cleanest shipment of
galena ever received at the Coeur
d'Alene reduction plant.*   John B.
White,   president   of  Silversmith -
Mines, Ltd., states that immediate
shipments to Bunker Hill will be
two carB, with a view to ascertain- .
ing possibilities for profit in dis- -
posal oi ore there.   Nothing in the
nature of a contract has been- entered into between Silversmith and"
Bunker  Hill  smelter,   Mr. White
states."���Mining Truth, Spokane.
"t I,
- ~-'^r%
United States bureau_ of mines, in
conformity with the suggestion of
Hon. William Sloan, minister of
of mines, has arranged for an international conference to take
place at St. Louis, Missouri, from
September 1 to 3 next.
Sumas Reclamation Project
Victoria, June 29.���The big
Sumas reclamation project undertaken by the provincial land settlement board is well under way aad
although high water in the Fraser
ie holding up the work temporarily
it is expected that next year's high
water wiil be the last which the
farmers in that area wiil have to
contend with.
Walking through the village
street one day, the widowed Lady
Bountiful met old Farmer Stubbs
on his way to market, Her greetings wept unnoticed.
"Stubbsl" said she, indignantly,
"You might at least raise your
hat to me!"
"I beg your pardon, m'lady,"
was the reply, "but my wife ain't
dead mor'n two weeks, and I ain't
started looking at the wimmen
A. El Malaeord the Remington
Typewriter service man will bs at
Windsor Hotel, Greenwood, on or
about Jnly 5th.
SEHrKGTOs'TypswBrrES Co. Ltd.
The famous Standard mine,  at'
Silverton, B. C, which contrbiuted
millions of dollars to its Spokane,'   ;-
eastern and Canadian stockholders,    '.
is to'be sold for $75,000.   Negotia-t-  .'
tions for  its sale were opened by J:" ���
the board of directors of the'-, Stan- X '"������    ��* -
dard Silver-Lead Mining company^ 'V-ilif
several weeks ago and. ratified "by^-V* s|||'
the stockholder^'at* a."meeting-in''"'" ^'""**
the Empire State building ori Tues-\
day lasti says the Spokesman Review.
,-The property^wiirpaBs to-New-.
York people under a bond and
lease which must be exercised
within -30-days.- The Newark
purchasers' has not been revealed)
Their acquisition >will include mining claims, mill, tramway, dock
and all other improvements. The
improvements alone cost more
than the price quoted to the purchaser. ' ,
The transaction will leave the
company without a mine, but with
a surplus of 8250,000 to $300,000
besides the $75,000 in prospect.
This money will not be disbursed,
but will be retained for the purchase and development of another
property if it can be found, according to an official. The company
has^no_ property in view,-but has
been engaged in the examination
of properties for a year or two.
"We sold the mine because we
believed it was worked out," said
an official of the company. The
Standard was believed to have been
worked out on three occasions, but
as often, yielded a new mineral'
prize to its persistent operators.
Its dividends.' yield aggregate $2,-
700,000, made under the Finch &
Campbell management, a sum that
is raised to $3,000,000 by the surplus.
Midway News ,   *
John Zurfluh was on a business
trip to Greenwood on Saturday.
Timber has been unloaded at the
C.P.R. depot for the new bridge
on the Kettle river.
A bridge crew were busy at the
Midway bridge last week, making
it' safe until the new one is built.
The school picnic was held on
Friday, about a mile from town
on the Greenwood road, celebrating
the closing of "the school. All kinds
of games were played and refreshments served. All report a good
time spent.
The Midway Baseball team is
winning for itself & splendid reputation, winning all that comes before them bo far this season. On
June 19th they defeated Chesaw by
a score, of 10 to 8. On June 20
Midway again came out conquerors
by defeating Curlew to the tune of
18-11. There was a large attendance at both games from the snr��
rounding district.
** THE    LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,     B.     0.
Britain Wants
Canadian Wool
Growers   May  Establish   Permanent
Selling Agency in England.
" Four years ago, Canadian sheep
breeders organized thcir own com-
' pany to handle their wool on a cooperative basis. So far, this company, while selling some wool in Europe, havc confined their efforts largely to thc Canadian and United States
Thc grading system which has from
year to year been improved upon, and
thc greater attention being given to
thc care of wool by thc growers have
created a standing for Canadian wool
on thc world's markets equal to that
of any other clips.
The result is that thc possible demand for Canadian wool in Great
Britain has made it necessary that
thc Canadian Co-operative Wool
Growers, Limited shall establish a
permanent selling agency on thc
Bradford market, England. Mr. G.
E. O'Brien, general manager of thc
company, Toronto, sailed recently for
England for this purpose.
The company's agency will keep at
all times a full line of Canadian
fleece wools before thc English and
continental buyers. Canadian wools
arc now being prepared in such a
���way by the farmers and put up for
market in such an attractive manner
by thc Co-operative Wool Growers,
Limited, that thcy arc attracting
their full share of recognition on all
the world's markets in direct competition with all other wools.
Mr.  O'Brien on  this trip has with
him a full line of samples and intends
-to   leave   no    stone unturned in dis-
��� playing  thcir  attractiveness  to  Eng-
- lish mill  buyers  besides  establishing
thc selling agency referred to above.
Ducks Are Plentiful
Saskatchewan Game Hunters Will
Have Good Sport This Fall.
The spring hatch this year gives
promise of good sport for thc hunters
this fall, according to Fred Bradshaw,
chief game guardian for Saskatchewan. With all the sloughs in thc
country filled with water there arc
plenty of young ducks, says Bradshaw. He has received reports of
some Canadian geese nesting on Luke
Johnston. This is unusual, this bird
usually selecting waters much further
north. While a wet spring is not
considered favorable for prairie chickens, reports received by Bradshaw indicate that there will bc a . plentiful
supply of sharp-tailed grouse this
Sport of Caesars. .
Thc-Roman peoplcwill soon enjoy
a pleasurc-.of thc Caesars.     The sea-.
shore  is  to  be  brought  so' near  the
city that a Roman can live on the seashore and commute to Rome. -A new
" electric  rapid  transit,   line    between
-Rome and, Anzio,-where. Nero had his
seashore palace, will-soon' be put in
. operation.     The journey is. expected
to take but 45-minutes,'while-trains
. will be run every-half-hour.     The un-
:" "dertaking '"will bc effected by electrifying .the present state railroad, which
. runs-to Anzio. '."-.���
Coal Mining In the Arctic
Coal  In  Growing   Quantities   Being
Wrested   From   the   Frozen
Since 1900 thc pioneers of thc coal
mining industry of the far north havc
been at work at Spitzbergen, 600
miles within the Arctic circle and only
10 deg. from the Pole. Here, during
the long day- of the Arctic summer
and the three-months winter night,
mines arc being worked and coal in
considerable and growing quantities
is being wrested from the frozen
earth. That coal mining under such
circumstances presents features of
unique interest goes without saying,
while thc circumstances under which
those who work the mines live arc
not altogether without their appeal to
thc imagination.
Both thc human and the technical
aspects of thc mining industry of
Spitzbergen are dealt with somewhat
fully in an interesting paper read before thc Alining Institute in Scotland I
by Mr. II. M. Cadcll, B.Sc, F.R.S.E.,
in which thc author gives details of
his personal observations of thc operation of thc several mines which arc
at present being worked. Spitzbergen has an area of 25,000 square mile^,
or approximately the same as that of
Scotland, but so far mining operations
havc been confined to a relatively restricted area in thc neighborhood of
Ice Fjord, a'-largc inlet on thc west
coast of thc largest island of thc
group, and to a small stretch of" territory to the south of King's Bay, some
60 miles further north.
On thc Ice Fjord the carboniferous
system consists mainly of a thick
scries of limestones overlying kulm,
in which coal seams occur. Thc
limestone strata pass upwards into
thc Permian, above which are rocks
of the Triassic and Jurassic age containing inferior coal seams. . Thc best
Spitzbergen coal, however, is not
found in thc carboniferous formations
at thc head of the inlet, but in the
secondary and tertiary coal-bearing
strata to the south, and it is here,that
active mining operations are at present being carried out. This superiority of coal of more recent formation
over that of greater age is not a little
curious when viewed in the light of
general experience. As thc scams in
thc carboniferous area have not, however, becn worked to any considerable
clttcnt, and as thc only samples so far
tested havc becn taken cither superficially or at no great depth from thc
surface, a possible explanation of this
apparent reversal of thc established
order of things may be inferred. It
is not .impossible that thc quality of
the older coal may improve at greater
depths, and if this should prove to bc
the case the value of the deposits in
this. area, would be . considerable-
Engineering, London."   '���   , -
Denmark Ships
Butter To Canada
This Razor
Means Shaving Comfort
At Minimum Cost
The     patented
feature of the
Valet Auto-Strop Razor
reduces the cost of blades. You
can use the blade six weeks, be-
.cause it has been.stropped and
its keenness renewed.
Every shave is as comfortable
as it is possible to make it.
Razor, strop and 12 blades in assort-,
merit of cases, $5.00 the set.' Fancy''
sets  up   to   $16.50.
AuftrStrop Razor}
-sltatfcns itself.
Auto Strop Safety Razor Co.,
Exploring The
North Country
American Company Tapping Mineral
Country in McKenzie Basin.
A new scheme for thc "tapping" of
the  northern   mineral    country    has
Parcel Post Rates Advance
Following New Schedule Has Gone
Into Force.
> An increase amounting to one cent
on every pound after the first pound
in the parcel post rates in Saskatche
wan a-���"~i,.��� i i *        ���       "    ��� j-  I wan, has gone into force.     The new-
ncen evolved by an American syndi- \    ,    , ,      , ~
..... v-,,������       ��� ..i   v nr    i       ���    r>    ���   J schedule or rates are effective now.
Late known as the Mackenzie Basin \    ~, , ,
T7���r.ir._���f. ,    r    , .,  ,.      r Kates  on any parcel addressed to
exploration   and   Exploitation Com-| .���        .,.������.,
���.,,,. ���f tj���-      T , , . .    \ any post office within 20-miles of thc
pan> ot Boise, Idaho.     A representa-'     ..-.,. .,, , , ���
.:,,��� ���r 4.1,��� ��� -    .. T-1        4i       point or mailing, will be as followi:
tive ot the company at Edmonton has ="
Splendid War Work
Of Dover Patrol
Facts About Canada.
-. ���" Saskatchewan, with" an area of 251,-
700 square miles, is more than twice
the size of the" Transvaal, and British
Columbia, with an .area: of;" 355,855.
square miles, is almost-half the size
.of the whole Union of South-Africa.,
-The Yukon Territory, with !an area
"of" "207,076" ��� square milcs/'is". one-and
two-third times the area 7of the United Kingdom.of Great'Britain and Ireland.'       ���   - ���"-. .       -- -." '.-   '.- V.-��� v
Producers Are Facing a New Sodtce
of Competition.
-���" Butter men in Canada, both producers and handlers,' are in ' for' '_a
new' source of coriipetition. At the.
present time a large; cargo pf b.ultcr
is. on its way froin Denmark to .Vancouver Via the Panama Canal. It is
shipped by.'the .Royal Packet, line
which provides special, refrigerating
service-and it is-claimed that, ".owing
to the very low wages "being paid in
Denmark,-, in spite "of the fact that
Denmark.has to import much of the-
feed for. h*er dairy cows, it will bc
possible" to./lay -this butter down in
Vancouver for .less-than it .can be
shipped into that", city- from' the
prairie-.provinces. ������ Ji--. .;..--- _ ..
.���"-,. B.C: Fruit Crop.- '7.
.An ��� indication 7," of. the .'size of the
fruit  shipments" from -' the, Okanagan
Valley this, year is the fact .that orders"
have been placed by Valley- shippers
for- more than 7400 " .cars -of   "boxes'..
Practically; all  of- .this, big order will
- be,made up in the provincc.'-althbugh
7 a-fcwcarsAvill he shipped- f roiri. YVa_sh.-
. ington. ��� V.. >".'.- ������ V.'V.   \ '       ���" V-���''���
In Two Years They Swept Up 1,200
German Mines.
Speaking in Loudon, at thc annual
public meeting held- in connection
with the Roya'l National Mission to
Deep Sea Fishermen, Sir Reginald
Bacon, who presided, alluded to the
magnificent work done by the Dover
Patrol, of which hc was in command,
during thc war. He had over 200
drifters and trawlers under his command, and lhcir services were invaluable. The trawlers and mine-sweepers, he said, swept up, from 1915 to
the end of 1917, over 1,200 German
mines, they swept a total distance
equal to twelve times round the earth,
and 100,000 merchant vessels passed
the Narrows during those years, and
only one twenty-fifth of one per cent,
were lost through the German .mines.
The drifters shot their explosive
nets up the Belgian coast, and during
1916 and 1917 they laid a barrage of
nets along the whole'length'of that
coast off Zceb'rugge'and Ostcnd. Considering,that these men had lived outside thestrict discipline of-a fighting
service, thcir "discipline aud conduct
were".remarkably" good. -.-They were
not angels���they were, the first to ac-_
knowledge that'"themselves���but they
were.men;-and they were seamen.lit-
erally men-of the "sea, with tough bodies and stout hearts, which was""what
'was wanted in war.     ."'     .     ��� .
arranged for thc sending of independent prospectors into districts with
which they arc familiar. In this way
the new company expect to get firsthand information regarding the hidden wealth of thc north country^ The
organizers of the concern arc old-
time prospectors. The prospectors
will not indulge in any "fancy frills"
and will not bc burdened with a
quantity of useless wear. They will
travel alone, with canoes or packs and
are outfitted with just what is necessary to carry them through.
The general idea, insofar as the
present year is concerned, is to explore and obtain data, but development work is expected to commence
next year, if sonic of thc prospects
"pan out" as thcy arc expected to
Children Cay for Fletcher's
A Woman Farmer's Success
Started   Nineteen  Years   Ago
. Only Seventeen Dollars.
Mrs. ]\rary j_ Blackburn, who has
just purchased 160 acres of land close
to Hardisty, Alberta, says "Western
Canada can't bc beat."_..
Shc has been farming in this locality for the past nineteen years, leaving Eastern Canada and taking up a
homestead in 1902. She started with
$17 in cash and a few head of livestock; two heifers, a pure-bred bull
and sonic calves. She lived in a tent
thc first suminer-^.and rented a sod
shack for the winter. Ten years later she had increased her herd to 59
head of Holstcin dairy cattle and had
raised as high as 110 bushels of oats
to the acre, while up-to-date buildings had taken the place of the sod
shack, the house and barn each costing more than $1,600. These are
complete with cement basement, milk
house and .cellars.
Continuing her story, shc says, "I
have been all alone since 1909 and
havc milked my cows, raised my
calves, cut hay and. stacked it, by
myself. If a woman can start up
here on the bare prairie as I did, with
n6thing and make good, what might I
have done with a little money. -I just
wish you would drop in and sec what
I havc done by myself. What might
a man who tries not do with a few
hundred dollars."
1 lb., 5c; 2 lbs., 6c; 3 lbs., 7c; 4 lbs., 8c;
5 lbs., 10c; 6 lbs., 12c; 7 lbs.,-14c;
8 lbs., 16c; 9 lbs., 18c; 10 lbs., 20c; 11
lbs.,^ 22c. This rate also obtains in
cases where the 20-milc area extends
into an adjacent province."
Rates on parcels mailed to any
post office beyond the 20-milc limit,
but within thc province of Saskatchewan, will be as follows: 10 cents for^
pound and 5 cents for each additional
pound. For parcels addressed to any
post office in Manitoba or Alberta,
rates will be 10 cents for thc first
pound and 7 cents for each additional
pound; any post office in Ontario or
British Columbia, 12 cents for the
first pound, and 9 cents for each additional pound; any post office in Quc-
bcir"5r the Yukon, 12 cents for the
first pound, and 12 cents for each additional pound up to three pounds,
and 11 cents for each additional pound
above three pounds; any post office in
the maritime provinces, 12 cents for
tlie first pound and 12 cents for each
additional pound.
Of Interest To Tourists-
Do Not Require Passports As a Condition of Entry From U.S. to
\,       Canada.
The Canadian Pacific Railway announce they havc received the following notice which has been recently
issued by the Department of Immigration and Colonization of the Dominion Government, which will bc of
special interest to tourists travelling
between United States and Canada:
"Canada welcomes bona fide tourists and will extend every courtesy
possible to such travellers in entering and leaving thc Dominion. Tourists do notrcquirc passports as a condition of entry to Canada from thc
United States or as a condition of
.leaving Canada for thc United States.
Immigrants (i.e., persons coining to
Canada to work or reside) are debarred if-nationals "of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria or Turkey,
but nationals of any of thc countries
mentioned are not debarred when belonging to a non-immigrant class
such as tourists and travellers."
Fountain Pen
Points Are Valuable
All the World's a School
V - : ���. V 7Sound Travels,' Slowly.- ...
SoimdVi1-" "said to;'move "';it,ih''; rate
of. thirteen ;mi!<'s"'a -niin'uie,"and, .compared 10,light, -ii'is.'- s!oivcr-'itbii;,,'a
snail.-. "'-If v. 1.' 'should hear, .a-clap-'of
thunder half a liiinuW-after-, the.flash'
:ould calculate, that
,'of-' lectricitv'w'a^ about
of ligh'ning;  wc
the dUch'ar'g';.
six and a hah" \\
, / - '   Too.'.Old.- -.-V ;,;-';���/ ':-
-,   Mr.   B;-.g"ss.���[- hear-, you .have got.
engaged to my-sp-i,'Miss Sniy-thc.-   I
think you' might liiive *ecn_;i'ic first.'
'������;  Hi< StcnciKr'fiphc-.-.���^-1 did.'but J pre-
.-fcrr'ed'Harold!.--V-"."V'.':    " ; . -.
; rlncome Tax Collections. .: .���-������
��� ���: A recent question put in. the House
of'Commons.elicited tlie'fact that under" -tht.-.incdme tax "in the .fiscal year,
1920-21' collections wcri' $46,381,806.
the'sum ..of,$13,481,809.99 was collect
ed'th'rough income' tax-"on corporations in ���1920-21, in addition' to collections made under the "business profit'
war-fax act .of' 1916..'".-..-' '���",'; -."-.' '"���'''-'.
Wireless Station for Arctic Circle.
V The,.Federal Government 'is! install-;
ing --"'four, wi.rclc_.Vs' receiving..' s'ta tion s
between'Peace .River Crossing and
thc ArcticOcean,-;according' to T.-A.
P.. Frost, of- thc::Sp}dic.rs''. Civil- Rc-
"csiablish.iiieht "Board-, who has re'turn-
,ed to;Calgary.,'from a trip, to "the "far
north/on- departmental -business.':-''   .'
.GbbdVYear For Soldier Farmers.'
-V Ot.t-a\v,a.-^-Rc'ports". received., by- the
Soldiers'-Settlement- ��� Board ' indicate
that .soldier.settlers arc having.a: ban?
ner;year..^'.Exceedingly cheering reports have" beer, received from .settlers
in New Brunswick. Ontario; -Manitoba, -Sas'katclicvyan,' Albc'rta'and -British -Columbia; .:'���������
Struck Natural Gas. v
While drilling for' wafer, Philipp
Scheinboin is reported- to have struck
a flo",v of natural gas on his farm eight
miles south of Xoudorf, Saskatchewan. Thc flow struck at 400 feet is
said to be steady. , Drilling Operations stopped when gas was struck.
, L7-',-1374:
.-;. k Would Exempt Returned Men.
^Exemption from the federal income
tax -iox five years' or more' foivall, returned, men with-salaries.amounting, to
Ic'ss-v than ;-$2,"000-'.a ..-year;;is "'-'requested
in ;.a.resolution 'passed -by -the -.Edrn'oc-
ton.-Greai;\VarvVcttrans* Association.
v7Sbme pcopie. are .-so; fond, of .origin?.
ali.ty'. '.that;,'thcy7borrow, their neigh-
borTs.;-7 V.VV.;.,;���.;.��� '���-. XX'X XXX/X'S W"
Great Similarity Between School Life
,. arid Community Life.
.In some, manner the school may be
considered-as.nof greatly different
from the comunity in which grownups hold sway..-.-In his "school-group
the pupil "plays soewhat-the same partJ
which he. will eventually bc asked- to
play'in-.the larger community outside
the school. 7 Whenever :.hc.refrains
.from-an act which,'if it were commit-,
ted, would make difficult; the carrying"
on'of the work of the5 school "he is of
help to" his fellow'-citiz.cn;.in-school;
and whenever in.a more constructive
manner he .docs something which, will
make the work of; the school mc>rc ef-
fectivei-he has .qualified in--the - capacity:^ which-he will, be; known .later
on as a; public-spirited - citizen.���Detroit -STcws:"'. ���,;_..'.'   ���;-������'  -'V ",-';
Metal Used For Tipping Worth $200
An. Ounce.
An intcresting.-history attaches,to "a
small packet abqut--2j4 inches square,
which recently arrived.in London. It
weighed 3^$ lbs-, and' was eagerly
bought by an -American firm for $6,-
000. The packet .contained osmiri-
dium (osmium and. its alloy irridium)
used for the tipping of fountain pen
points .and "for delicate bearings- of
fine machinery.-��� - "V     '
The-discovery of osmiridium,-which
is. a member oi. the" platinum group
of-metals, constitutes an -interesting
piece pf -modern romance.- . Towards
the cud of.last year a small group of
prospectors were washing fox gold in
onc'of the "river beds in Paqua,-British
_^_ew,". Guinea,.-. 1 In _their_eagcrness....to
find the prcious metal they threw
away, from. their pans a bluish-grey
flaky substance, as worthless."," ��� This
was" osmiridium,' but the men did not
know it, and it is eight times more
valuable��� .than-'-gold and worth at.-the
present tic'.about,$20P.an  ounce..    -
Osmiridiuin.'is :onc.of the hardest
metals known,.and." prospectors-'.are
.eagerly, scarchiiig'for it in.Paqua:   ,
Growing Demand
For Alberta Eish
Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a remedy for Infants and Children.
Foods are specially prepared for babies. A-baby's medicine
is even more essential for Baby. Remedies primarily prepared
for grown-ups are not interchangeable. ' It was the need of
a remedy for thscommon ailments of Infants and Children
that-brought Castoria before the public after years of research,
and no claim has been made for: it that its use for over 30
years has not proven.^ >,:;".' '  ��> 7
What is CASTORIA'?
Castoria is a" harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric',
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Js pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. �� For more than thirty years it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic^ and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishncss 'arising
therefrom^and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Comfort���The Mother's Friend.
In Use For Over 30 Years
The "Sacred Way." '' x X
In memory of obscure soldiers o(.
aill nations and races who died in thc
Great War in defence of right and
liberty, a memorial is proposed,- a
roadway in France, to be knCWn as
"The Sacred Way." "The Sacred
Way" isa long and picturesque-- route,"
starting at Bar-lc-Duc and ending at
Verdun. This way is regarded as
the route that gave victory, the only
one which remained free and by which
the Verdun front was kept supplied
with food, guns and munitions.
Corn Borer Found In
Canada and U. S.
- ; . !He-Was ^Engaged.. ,.   ,'
���- pn.7ilie"''_F.riday.~ evening when.-the
great' strike had been planned.'-to take
:place an'old ladyigot'into an. omnibus..
She handed 7,-the .conductor .'.her-.'.fare'
���and said,-'anxiously,"""Arc ybu'eoming
out-this evening?*'-'.-    '"-"-��� ���'.
;Tli6, conductor, .'shbokliis hcad-.and
answered-with- great politeness;. "I'm
afriaid I .can't muim ,"" I've, got'.to get i
honic   to .'my"old   womatj.."-���London-
Tit-Bits.-':'"��� V ....-���- 7r  '   ":;'..v."'V:
Origins Of-Toasts.. '
���Originally,-when the ancient Greeks
or."-,Rojnans;.wcfc:.ai a fcasyflie'cus-
tom \vaS'to bow-before-thc statue of
Bacchus,.tlie god7."of _w.5nc;-.exclaiming;
"-Bc-_propitious,..0 Bacchus!" "and"pour
a .little-wine "on-thc ground.- ..This
was also doiicUo.-othcr'. gods. 7 Em-,
perors' bcihg:7dcificd, this honor; was
paid-to th'ein. - Then wealthy, people
and bcau'tiful.womcn were thus'toast-,
cd, and'the habit of .toasting was established-and later: people, dcci'lccl to'
dr.ink'ihe.liquor instead of'wasting' it.
Large Consignments Being Made to
U.S. Western Citiea.
; Commercial whitcfish catching-on
thc lakes of Central Alberta is now in
full swing. The fish is being brought
into Edmonton in considerable quantities . and forwarded from there to
the cities and towns in the' prairie
provinces of Canada, to parts of the
United.States and even to'the Pacific
coast-        -    ��� ���   -
, -There is a strong"local market for
this fish and a growing demand for
Alberta whitcfish.iii thc towns south
���of the line is reported, Large consignments are being made-to Chicago
and other cities in the-middle West,
where- the people, arc apparently
showing" a' liking, to it. '    . -
Tt-is well'known that in addition to
the lakcs.of Central and Northern Alberta; from which thousands of tons
of the most- delectable fish arc taken
annually," that" there" arc iiundreds~oF
other lakes north of the., provincial
boundary whosesupply. of whitcfish is'
practically inexhaustible.
The Wisdom of Law.
NThc Supreme Court of Maine has
just decidedthat where the dining
room of a hotel is infested with flics,
a guest is justified in refusing to remain at the hotcl*and justified in refusing to pay the board for which he
has" contracted. " Thc opinion holds
that thc house fly is tlie most repulsive and daftgerous of insectsand, distributes .the germs of, almost every
deadly .form, of. cbntagion.���Boston
Journal.   .    - "       '
European Pest Will Rapidly Increase
If Not Checked.1 '
The entomological branch of thc
Department of Agriculture has issued
a warning to aH'farmcrs. that thc
European corn borer, a comparatively new and/'exceedingly destructive
pest, has becn found in eastern, districts of thc United States and in
par.ts of OntarioV" The department
says that unless this pest is checked,
it will rapidly increase and cause great
damage to,crops. The. warning circular is,headed in red letters and is
illustrated in order that agriculturists
may identify the pest.
: The patriotic man is loyal to 'his'
country and to the communrfy iu
which he lives. If he is .consistent
he will give.first-preference to Canadian made goods .when" making purchases. ...He will, also'Stand--loyally,
by his local: dealer.'      ���   "
! You Can Prevent 40:<h
Annual Depreciation in Your Car,
Truck or Tractor
E by using a lubricant that will stop friction which is thc great foe to
S. gear life. -- Go into any repair shop and see the number of cars being
5 overhauled because some owners think that all lubricants are equally
SsJgood.^ Repair men will tell you that half.of.theif'busincss results.
S   from imperfect lubrication.
������;-��� ���   ���'"������_   All In. -  ,- ..
,"I hear-that Crimson Gulch's big
gaming resort has been closed.":
' "Yes," replied Thrce-Fingcrcd Sam.
."The police got busy-at last!"'
"'Twcrn't the; police. ��� Cactus Joe
had.a-winning.Strcak."   ���. .       ���    >
Whitmore's Gear Compositions |
are not affected by changes of tempct- 5
atnre. . They-arc actively fluid in th.c =
colder weather, and in extreme heat 5
and at high speeds thcy constantly ;��
preserve an indcstfuctablc film on the -,s
bearings, preventing contact of metal S
to metal.. - .5
WHITMORE'S do not evaporate un-
-der-c-xtrcme-heatj-the level-is not-rc-"-
.duced. -" Run  it  through  a   strainer
'and put it back in your car, truck or
tractor.-     You- can  use  it  over  and
over again..    One installation will last.
- eighteen     to .   twenty-four     months'
where there is.no leakage.     .Coiisid-
"ered on-a mileage basis no lubricant
is    so ��� economical< as    Whitmore's.
Don't ask for a grcasc~-ask for-Whitmore's "Auto Gear Protective
Composition,  manufactured-'by- The   Whitmorc   Manufacturing  Co.,
-Cleveland, Ohio. - X'     "���'..-- '   '       V
1 Canadian Automotive Sales Company |
5 Canadian Selling-Agents s
Toronto      Winnipeg      Regina       Montreal     1
Do  not   suffer
another day v:tn
ItcHinc,Bleed- |= -
Ing, or I'rotrnd-  2 ������
tag-Piles.   No  =   .
surclcnl oper-  S -
il'tion required:-];-; -
Dr. Chnsc'p- Ointment will relieve jou at onco I ��� -
anil uHoril - lasting benefit.    COo, a liox; all| ���
dcalnrs, or EUmaiison, liates & Co., Limited, ! ���
-1'ornnto.   Srfmple Uox fzeo it you mention this \ ���
paper and enclose 2c. stamp to pay postage.      .i �����EECIlUllillllIUlf lllIEIBIieiIlEtIlBltlIIIUIIE��intaillII��llIf IIIIIEEf IlElllSIIIIISIIIIltlESBIItiSIIIEt?
Winr.ipec- AddreSs���'
. 1757McDcrraot. Ave. .East..
..- -Telephone 4607a. -
. Regina. Address-^ ���
-14!0 Scarth St. North.
Telephone 3927.
Compressed .Wheat. ... ,
; Ah', odd -suggestion comes, from
-England as to- conserving vy.heat.-' ;l.t
is proposed to crush or rough grind
wheat, then soften with superheated
steam and compress in hard blocks
and store until v.-antcd, when a simple crushing process would-.fit it for
flour manufacture.���Scientific American.
Fashions' are naturally regulated by-
trade conditions. Nearly all garments are worn longer in dull times
than..in prosperous ones:.-V, y,-._."'-
���-'tO1^ i__ i  5""
Building Brisk in Saskatchewan..;
"Buildinjr permits issued in Mbpsc
Jaw; Regina and Saskatoon,,from the
first of- the- ycar-;to: the cnd-,df May
totalled'��� in value $196,825,"" $473,515
and"$83,010'respectively.  ,-���";.-" ,:,'    -;'V-
Ou-    slogan" . for * the.'coming year
should "be,."Buy at Home." .'Add Jo.J
your own and your-neighbor's prosperity by keeping the .money circulating m' our o~wn district; '''���',
The Age of Ability.
Much of the important work of the
world, in every field,- is done, by per-,
s.ons,;bcyong' 65,?.. Why'"should not'a'
man:or\voman fill a. subordinate posi-i
.tion-at an age--\yhic.h does not incapa-1
-cita'te'-ihe-hpad.-of'a department, .far:
the., .'head'--pf. :a-"7 great enterprise?���:
Louisville Cburierjoarnal. '-'".   " -���"V ,-j
'-,',' ""^V'-V���' "'   '  '.      -     ;   '���".'���>:)
'\ "^Snail is bought and-paid.for jt's
time-for.-, hubby to: get a new straw.
ha't '-. -Ay,.   ���-,-.:���   '-      -; .77 - ������-"
- Victoria - Seattle
V      V.   On Sale Daily to September 30,-1921.-^^Final Return Limit,. October 31, 1921V.. .-
'-.��� ,"'.   '-     V .Op,tiohal".Routes���Stop-Overs Allowed '.-.;  ���;    ���-"i '���. X .
ENJOY-THE GRANDEUR OF,.THE -"-"      '"; ",' .-" V V  '. ���..,-:.'-"'-." V - -:-' '"'".��������� "'-���> '"-'.., \''
:';    "TRANS-CANADA LIMITED"��� A Time-Saver    -',
--;:;"--"-. ...;    "      EXCLUSIVE.SLEEPING CAR TRAIN;.      . -"
For full information, call or write to-day any agent of tlie
c -,1
- ^1
;. y\i ���i^mim
THE     LEDGE,    'GREENWOOD,     B.     C.
Conference Of Premiers,
Favor Close Relations
With United States
London.���In a speech at a sitting
of thc Conference of Premiers,, the
proceedings of which wcrc confidential, Premier Meighen is understood
to have strongly stressed thc view
that only with the fullest autonomy
for all the component-parts of the
Empire can the whole survive and
prosper, and to havc again emphasized thc desirability of close relationship with the United States.'1 He is
also understood to havc bee'rr warmly
supported ' by Premier Smuts/ of
South Africa, and also, Ui some extent, by cithers in the conference. Indeed, one of the outstanding features
of the conference is its untinimity in
thc-bclicf that friendship with the
United Slates must remain a cardinal
principle of British foreign policy.
The sessions' of the first week of
the "conference have made it clear
that whatever British statesmen may
liavC thought or said in clays gone
by, there is not now lhc slightest indication "of,.any desire on their part
to minimize or interfere with progress of dominion autonomy. "Tlie
round table group which flourished a
fc-w years ago, and whose* designs
were so suspected it)- the i dominions,
is no longer^ a factor in British political thinking.
Its leaders, mostly brilliant young
Englishmen-"of high ideals, <,and abstract theories, havc cither repented thcir views or lost thc car of thc
country, anfl it is extremely doubtful
whether thcy command thc slightest
,support even of the most imperialistic sections of the press "and Parlia-
ent. Thcir place has been taken by
a more influential and practical set
of thinkers devoted lo the study of
imperial questions and basing their
actions upon * the ^firm belief that
only with the fullest autonomy for
all thc component parts of thc Empire can the Emmrc as a whole survive and proper.     _ .
Date Set For AlGferta Election
Premier   Stewart   Makes   Announce--
ment. and Issues Manifesto.
- Edmonton.���Writs  are issugd calling for a, provincial election in Alberta J
to bc held on Holiday, July 18, with
.nominations  one  week    earlier,    on
Monday, July 11. V '   '
This announccmciit was made by
Premier Stewart after full consultation with the other members of' the
executive council. Thc officia-1 manifesto to the electors of the province
was also given out by the- Premier
outlining the reason for the holding
of an election and the policies upon
which thc Government appeals to the
province for support.
Sixty-one provincial constituencies
will bc involved in the election, provision having been made at thc last
session of the legislature for five
members each at large for Edmonton and Calgary, instead of three
members as formerly. Medicine Hat,
was given two members instead 'oi
one.      - '     .
The last Legislature consisted of 58
members, including two scats fas-
soldiers' representatives at large,
these being abolished under the
amendments of last session.
 Instead, of_bcing dcfcrrecLas inJprc-.
vious elections the northern constituencies of Peace River and Athabasca
will vote on thc same day as thc re-
-maindcr of the province this lime.
. Members of Crew Are Held.
Newport News.���Two members of
the crew of the United States steamer
Eastside arc being held by the department of justice operatives in connection with the finding..of nearly '500
machine guns hidden aboard her while
she was at New York. Thc steamer
has "sailed for Dublin.
Bandits Attempt To
Kill French General
Commander  of  Army  in  East  Has
Narrow Escape.
��� Damascus, Syria.���An attempt was
made to assassinate General Gouraud,
commander of the French army in
thc East, as he was travelling in an
atuoniobilc.front Damascus to the Sea
of Galilee in--Northern Palestine. The
assault was committed' by bandits.
Thc General was uninjured but had a
narrow -escape, a_ bullet passing
through his left sleeve.
The Governor ���of Damascus, who
was-.with him in the automobile, was
slightly wounded. -
The bandits had disguised them-
sclvcs.as' gendarmes.
Thc general was. made thc object
of a sympathetic demonstration
upon his return to Damascus.
Albania Appeals To
League of Nations
Ask for Public Hearing of Grievances
Against Greece.
Geneva.���Thc first case.-in which
the competency of the League of Nations in ' international differences is
questioned, has arisen in connection
with Albania's demand that Greece
and Jugo Slavia evacuate Albania territory.
Thc Albanian, delegation here has
filed a memorandum with the ��� league
in which the Albanians reiterate their
grievances against Greece and Jugo
SlaVia and ask for a public hearing
,on them. Efforts arc being.made by
thc-^jreck and Jugo Slav representatives to take thc_casc out of the
hands of the league and have it set^j
tied by thc Council of Ambassadors
on the ground that the ambassadors,
already , havc occupied themselves
with these questions and are better
able than thd Council of thc League
of Nations lo deal with them.
Denounce Sinn Feiiters
Addresses ,Given;at Meeting of Irish
Colonial in Toronto.
Toronto.���A meeting'was held in
Cook's -Presbyterian Church here- to
celebrate the opening of the. Ulster
Parliament and a number of addresses
were given denouncing the Sinn Fein
in thVUnited'Statcs as propagandists
whose aim was to create friction between America and Great Britain to
destroy, civilization. . \
Rev. Dr) McFaddcn, president oi
the Ulster Society of Pittsburg, said
that the bulk of the people of the
United' States' 'are -heart ' and ' soul
with you in the belief that the Sinn
Fein, in thc United States have absolutely no" right to interfere in "the
affairs of Great Britain or attempt
as- Ihcy arc doing to break up the
peace of thc world:"
Chinese Provinces Hostile      "
Canton.���Hostilities have 'broken
out between the provinces of Kwan-
'���tung and Kwangsi, in Southern China.
The Kwangsi forces bc^gan the fight-
"ing-by-firing (Iic'fifsf guiTsnHthc Ling
Shan district. British ships arc submitting to> search in the west river at
Canton through thc co-operation of
army and customs officials.
Canadian Cattle Sales In England.
Ottawa.���A cable from-London,
England, received by . thc livestock
branch of- the department of agriculture, states that there is a fair demand
for Canadian cattle in the Old Country. Quotations on June 21 were:���
Best Canadian and American ox hides,
14 and 14j-< pence per pound.
Brilliant Scene Marks The
Opening Of Ulster Parliament
King George Makes Pica For Peace Between Two Branches
of Irish Race. ���-?
This May Mean Cheaper Money
Ottawa.���News of the reduction in the Bank of England discount rate to 6 per cent, was received with interest by the financial-officials here.. The Minister
of Finance had ao comment to
make on the reduction, but it was
pointed out by an official that
banking interests were more directly concerned. Another official stated that as London was the
gold market for the world, the
Bank of England acted as a barometer in the supply available.
Cheaper money would result from
the reduction.
U. S. Would Welcome
Canadian Envoy
Appointment Will bc to Interest of
Both Nations.
New York.���The United "States will
be .pleased to see a Canadian minister
at Washington 'says the Tribune commenting, on reported statements before'the Imperial Conference.
"The new Canadian minister will
apparently be.a member ..of the diplo-.
matic" corps on the same'footing as
the ministers from other American or
European states," the Tribune says,
and concludes: '/'Whatever' thc nature
of thechanges in Canada's external
relations, the United States would be
'pleased-to sec.a Canadian minister in
Washington :and a United States
minister .at' Ottawa... We have the
same broa'd interests and the same
world point of view as our northern
neighbors. It is'to the interest of
both nations'that tjiey should bc
brought into still closer economic and
political co-operation."
Denounces Handling
Of Immigrants
Director of Protective Association
Says System Is Wrong.
Ottawa���Denunciation of the system
of handling immigrants arriving in
Canada was again made by Abbe Fhil-
lipe Casgrain, director of thc Immigration Protective Association~here. Thc
abbe cited instances where whole
��families have becn deported and returned to the-Old Country where they
have no homes now to go to, and
where they must start life again under worse conditions than ever, having wasted thcir^ savings in a useless
and expensive voyage.
Thc abbe suggested that some way
should be devised of' officially examining immigrants in the Old Country.
Interest Shown In
British Census
Statisticians^ Believe Population Has
- -   Grown Despite War Losses.
London.���Statisticians ,arc looking
forward with unusual interest to the
returns of the British census and
wondering ^vvhat the war has really
done to the British Isles. They believe thc population hay growri""��ppre-
ciably despite war losses, largely because emigration was checked by the
war .- -   '    j*
The first British census was takcii
in 1801-and has been repeated every
ten years since- then. This is, therefore, the thirteenth ecus.is of British
Isles. Over 38,000 enumerators are
Opens Irish Parliament
King George V., who^accompanicd
by Queen Mary, visited Belfast, and
delivered a message to the Irish'
Expect Visit From
Marshals Haig and Foch
Ottawa.���With the strong possibility of having Field Marshal
Earl Haig and Marshal Fochv
present for a unity conference and
pageant of ex-service men in Canada next September, the annual
convention of the Great War Veterans' Association will likely b'e
postponed till that time.
The convention Was to have
opened at Port.��� Arthur,v.Ont., on
July 4, but , this, coupled with
"- other: important developments,
. has prompted the proposal for a
postponement with the hope that
the September gathering, will
bring together a more representative gathering, including delegates
from other veterans' organizations.
U. S. Airmen Killed
Settlers For B. C.
_ Wfll Be Selected
Choicest Lands In Province Offered
As Inducement.
Victoria.���Hand picked settlers arc
to bc brought to British Columbia in
large numbers to fill up the vacant
lands in northern and central parts of
the province, according to plans just
completed by owners of large areas,
it is stated. Most of the owners of
these lands arc iu England.
Some of the choiccsflands in British Columbia will be offered settlers,
who will bc given thcir choice of
locating in thc Bnlkley or Kecluko
valleys, or in thq Vaiulcrhoof, Prince
Gcorge-and Lillooet districts.
Belfast.���Thc opening of the Northern Parliament by thc King, who
was - accompanied by Queen Mary,
was carried out with all thc pageantry
jmd ceremony with which formal ac-
lions of British sovereigns arc surrounded. The King'himself wore thc
uniform of an admiral, with the blric
tasli of thc ��)x&et~ol tlic'Garter across
his breast, while the Queen, who looked extremely pale and nervous, was
in while satin, without any insignia of
her rank. But a' string of pearls was
about her neck and large clusters of
diamonds and cnicrp.rds shone from
Jicr collar and brooch.
A real modern note was struck by
thc King's speech, which he read in a
strong, clear voice, emphasizing the
points which he wished to impress on
thc audience. His pica for peace and
conciliation bctaccn thc two branches
of the Irish/race fell on welcome ears.
more desired than in   Ulster,   where
feosincss has suffered greatly by the
ttrifc' ''throughout' .the country" and'by"
the    Sinn    Fein    boycott. of   Ulster
goods. '
During thc delivery "of the King's
speech thc whole audience remained
standing, with eyes fixed on Their
Majesties in golden chairs. Prior to
this, prayers ,wcrc said by the Primate of Ireland, Anglican, the Presbyterian moderator and the .senior
Methodist minister, thus all the religions represented in the Parliament were recognized.   .
The Nationalists and Sinn Fcincrs
confined themselves to refraining
from all, participation in thc ceremonies. ��� I
The King and Queen rc-cmbarked
on thc royal yacht, receiving a noisy
greeting from thc shipyard workers.
- Thc King conferred honors on a
number of "prominent Belfast men.
Baron Pfrric was created a Viscount,
and   Lord   Mayor   Coatcs, a baronet.
Canadian Coal Sent To France
/_ -     /
Ships. Unable to Obtain Coal From
British Ports,
London.���-'Ten steamers have delivered cargoes of Canadian coal at
Cherbourg, France, according to thc
correspondent  of  the  Times.
Active Immigration  *
Work Is Delayed
Settlers WiU Not Be Brought In By
Western . Canada Colonization Association'Until The Provinces Pass
The Desired.Land Listing Legislation. Preparatory Work Will
At a conference between the Eastern and Western Directors of: the
Western Canada Colonization Association it jvas decided that the successful functioning of the Association
depends upon the working out of a
joint land ', settlement plan under
which the efforts of the Federal and
Provincial Governments will be effectively co-ordinatc3. Nothing short
of such a" plan will afford this Association a real basis upon which to
carry out the vital' national ^undertaking for which it was created. It is
felt that the organization would be
unwise to expend: a large amount of
-monC3r-in securing high^class settlers
only to- find the lands increased in
price on their arrival. It is realized
that all promises and statements ma'de
to intending settlers must be fully
carried out.      	
LTiUil these suggestions arc given j
effect so that there will be a reasonable assurance _ of results in actual
land settlement, the directors do not
feci justified in wi-thorizing' the expenditure of privately subscribed
money which would necessarily bc involved in a first year's -programme.
The obligations of the Association to
voluntary "financial supporters of this
movement are such that it must not
spend funds generously donated until
the pathway of effective colonization
is reasonably clear.
In thc interval which must elapse
before the proposals can be put into
effect thc Association will continue fo
press for the co-ordination and legislation necessary, and endea*Vor to
complete thc full subscription list of
$1,500.00. Thc directors" hope that
thc Federal Government will be represented at a proposcd''confercncc of
Western- Premiers and -that as a result a uniform plant will bc put into
operation which will solve thc unoccupied land problagjfc and enable thc
Association to get to work.
���Before- leaving- for���Vancouver the
Managing Director, Major-General A.
D. McRae, C.B-, made a .brief statement to lhc press, in thc course of
which he said:���
''I agree with the decision unanimously ^reached by thc Eastern and
Western Directors after thc most serious consideration of all the circumstances. I am very proud of the
splendid support which I have received from the members of" thc Board,
particularly in regard'to my land listing plan". In thcir view, as in mine,
thc legislation asked from the three
Prairie Fro\inccs is absolutely necessity to success. This oi similar
legislation must he put into effect before thc unoccupied land problem is
solved.      The participation    of    thc
Planes Collide in Bombing Raid on
Old Battleship.
Washington.���Two of the leading
fliers of the United States army air
service, Captain Howard T. Douglas
and Lieut. M. J. Plumb, were1'drowned in Chesapeake Bay after a collision of thcir, planes in,the course of
a bombing' raid directed at the hulk
of the old battleship'San Marios off
Tangier Island.
American Inquiry
Will Assist Canada
Investigation of Agricultural Conditions    Valuable    to    Canadian
Washington.���The special commission of House and Senate, headed by
Representative Sydney Anderson,- of
Minnesota, which will; make ajbroad
investigation of agricultural conditions with a view to recommending
emergency and permanent agricultural legislation, will include in its task
a study of Canadian agricultural condition? and legislation./ The commission will probably not visit Canada,
but will assemble such data as can be
obtained through the Department of
Commerce. All foreign markets' for
agricultural produce will be explored
and thus thc findings will bc of value
to Canadian as well as United States
agricultural interests. 6
Old-Time Yarns
the West
. Clerk).
Drowned On
f Journey To Oil Fields
Outfit of Bayes Brothers Capsized on
Hay River.
Peace River, Alta.���The long journey to thc Fort Norman oil fields has
at last begun to take its toll of human life, according to reports just
reaching here on the arrival of0 the
steamer D. A. Thomas. Thc reports
were received by passengers connecting with the lower river boats at the
Chutes, and arc very meager in detail
Three    Bayes   brothers    left   here'
(Continued) *
The furs wcrc untouched, being
wrapped up "in- canvas, but half bfa
beautiful cow buffalo robe and half a{
rabbit skin robe were eaten.-' Never
mind, I was too pleased to sec thc
dogs again, so rewarded the boy
handsomely and i-eturnccT"to Fairford
in great style next day, tlie dogs��in as
good a humor as myself; and then I
promised never again would -\ve admit
a stranger to our ranks.
When Chief Factor Archie McDonald ordered mc to lake charge of the
Fairford Post, his instructions were
to complete the new master's house as
soon as possible. Then I was to remove everything of value in thc old
fort and burn the buildings, which
hud been up for many years. I was
rather curious to know the why and
wherefore as to'burning the place, so
asked him his reason. "Oh," was his
reply, "there arc some fool stories
current at Fairford as to them being
haunted, for some bloody rows' took
placcltherc in thc old drinking days."
Well, I reached Fairford all 'right
and took possession of the place. I
put,,au extra man or two on the. new
building and after settling down began making a few cautious inquiries
as to what shape (if any) the spooks
were supposed to take. Very little
satisfaction was given mc, but I noted
tlia't -Indians and thc usual hangers on
did not like to be near or in the post
after dark.
This establishment was built in'the
usual way in Lhc form of a quadrangle
and surrounded with a wall of hewed
limber,-at'one end of the square the
master's house and on each side various store houses, while the front was
shut with the wall and large gates.
The native men's houses stood at
some distance away outside the enclosure. I and my cook, a Lewis
man named Malcolm, were the only
occupants of the fort at night; not
though the only, ones, as I always had
my four famous dogs, Herod, Nero,
Moro and Hero, who, if anyone touched mc, would have had a bad time of
it, as they were exceedingly fierce if
set on to any person or animal. I
forgot to mention that a platform of
heavy sawn planks ran all round thc
square and most of these were'--old
and rotten'so one had to :bc careful
in stepping for thcy would tip up and
conic down with a bang.
One evening, when the place was all
quiet, Malcolm came in from thc kitchen and 1 saw by his embarrassed
manner that there was something on
his mind. ""Well, sir, master," and
that was as far as he could get. However, I encouraged him, and bit by bit
thc truth came out. He wanted to
go and sleep in the men's houses, and
ou asking his reasons, he said he kept
hearing noises at night and also fell
things moving, though hc could sec
nothing. He hated to go and leave
mc alone, but hc could not sleep the
things were going on.     I finally
told him he could go, and after his departure made a careful inspection oi
the whole premises and saw that all
gates were closed and barred. Then,
calling my dogs into the hall, I overhauled an old shot gun and loaded
it heavily with powder and plenty of
wadding, as I thought some attempt
might be. made through the night to
scare mc off the premises.
My room was at the front of the
house, the window overlooking the
square. Tin's I left partly raised but
pulled down the blind. Then, placing thc gun handy, I blewout7thc
candle and went to bed, the time being near midnight. Just as I was
falling asleep I heard a heavy trampling noise coining round thc squareon
thc platforms,, and I was out of bed
like'a flash, cocked my gun, and waited developments. Thc heavy tramping came right on past my window
but there was nothing visible, though
the night was light"enough to see the
olhcr buildings plainly. It may have,
been imagination, but as the noise
passed the window I thought I '.could
detect a draught of cold air. Well it
is no use disguising thc fact that I -
felt creepy, but just then I thought
of my dogs. The noise in the meantime had stopped, so I waited quietly
for a repetition, and lhis~camc in a
few minutes. The same heavy tramping started apparently close to the
main fort entrance, then along..past
the Pemican store.then turning an J
coming right in front of my window.
With that I threw1 the front door op^n
and set thc dogs o'n it. Out they
went with furious growls, and back
thcy came again, hair bristling 7 up,
and evidently cowed, as ihey retreated
into the corner and would make no
response when I urged them out
again. Again, as I had followed
them out, I could, see nothing, but
this time distinctly felt a cokl
draught air pass. The dogs cither
felt or saw something that scared
them, and it may be the brute crcatio-i
is more sensitive to non-visible aura's
or whatever name it ov they might Irj
called than the human kujd, or brs
civilization* dulled our '������ perceptive
It was several weeks before the
new- residence was ready, for .occupancy, and oduring this time I constantly heard the same heavy tramp-
lings and other noises, and there was
no doubt the dogs were affected, as
generally they were joyous creatines
always ready to sport -or jsjay with
flic. However, as.no ill-effects occurred, I became used to the racket
and yet was glad enough after vacating the premises to put a torch to the
old fort.
During the same winter a mysterious light accompanied me for some
hours on Lake Manitoba, which by i*s
presence, affected my fearless dogs in
the same way, but this I have described fully in a former article, entitled
Indian Witchcr.-.ft.
about April 20 last, bound for Fort
Norman via Vermilion and thc upper
Hay River. As near as can bc!
learned, two of the brothers were I
drowned, while the third succeeded in I
making shore with the aid of thc up-1
turned canoe. Further rumors havc |
it that another man accompanying i
them-was also drowned.* j
All of the party were good river ���
men. Thcy had reached a point of
thc lower Play River below the Alcx-
andra Falls and where the balance
of the journey to Great Slave Lake
should have- been less hazardous j
than on thc upper, portion of the
river. In some way not yet learned
but while in swift water, their outfit
capsized with the above-stated results. 1
Automobile Price Reductions Of
Western Interest
All-Canadian Car Proves Itself.���New Rock Levels Anticipate
Quantity Reduction.
,- Western Canada development depends so much upon the extended use
of "motor cars that recent price reductions interest someone in practically
every family in thc West. That, for
instance, of thc new Overland to less
than a thousand dollars at thc Toronto factory is of wide importance.
New   rock-bottom  levels were calculated to be necessary if a complete
The, two    brothers drowned were | rcturn t0 normal conditions was to bc
married  men and left  their  families ' accomplished
at   Carcajou   Point,,  w here they had \
In   the   case   of   thc
1 company making tho car cited, normal
previously lived.      ��� j conditions involve factory production]
The Thomas also brought- ihe news | ��" :>''ai'gc scale,
of thc drowning between  Fort Ver- |      ih,s   V^ntity   production   nas   at-
mi'ion ' and    the,   Chutes    of a man , lall1cd ,aFt >'<'ar-      3t will be rcmcin-
naiucd   Wiggins,   who,   with    three Ibcrcd tlMt u"Ilcn  |ilc Overland Corn-
others,   was   floating  downstream   to \ l):m>' '"trodiiccd the Model Four, the; nght along.
radical departure in spring suspension! it  is upon this expectation that ihcy
wa-i looked upou a<j a maikcd develop-! have   liasod   their  new  prices.       Re-
j ,  , mc 'it iu light car construction.    Much I ports from both Winnipeg and Regirm
Federal Government is niost cssrntialTj , -. j w.ii,   thcrrtore,   c.vpcctcd  of  this  all-1 branches of this    company    show     a
During the interval the association, of,' Australia Better Buyer Than States. _ Canadian car.-     It ha�� now    had    a] m-.uked stimulation in business during
dian owners, who bought it for its
appcarance_and_it_s _quite__eviden:- en--
ginc efficiency and comfort. Thcy
have found it also possessed of unexpectedly great stamina and economy.
Getting 25 to 30 miles., lo thc gallon
of gasoline appears to bc the average
experience of owners���some report-
ing even 35 miles. Ten to fourteen
thousand'miles with a'-1 single set of
tires is also common, so that thc all-
Canadian car has thoroughly proved
itself, perhaps noulitre more than in
Western Canada.
Thc    1921    car has many improvements and according to Willys-Overland  officials,  they expect a  demand
sufficient  to keep  thc  factories  busy
In fact, it is stated that
their camp at Spruce Point, half way
h-iwcen Vermilion and thc Clinics.
il! have no nccd for thc scrv-       London.��� 1'ivir.ier Hughe?, of Au
iccs of a Managing Director in charge ' t,--^':i
of    actual    colonization    work.      Although  retiring from my connection
with thc Association I have agreed to
assist  in  pressing  for  the  proposed
fhis 1 legislation before thc coming confer-
coal, the correspondent says, is being ( nice of Western Premiers. Know-
used to bulfktr ships which are unable j ing something of   pa*t    immigration
to obtain^fuel in British ports owing
to the miners' strike.
People Give Haig Ancestral Home.
London.���Bcmcrsydc, near Melrose, Scotland, thc ancestral home of
Field Marshal Earl Haig, and from
which he~takes a part of his title, has
becn'purchased by public subscription
and has becn formerly handed over
to him. His Lordship, in a moving
letter of thank?, said: "An old dream
of mine rather than ^a- hope has been
realized in ihis gift."
movements to thc prairies I make bold
to say that if given the proper basis
to start on thc Western Canada Colonization Association has within it the
power to greatly assist the Governments in the colonization of our unoccupied lands." ,
in a speech here said that in
1920 Britain's colonics purchased
��180,(100,000 worth of British goods:
On a per capita basis an Australian,
as a customer, was worth to Britain
��18. American purchases from Britain in 1920 amounted to 14 shillings
per capit.i.
I year's proving by thousands of Cana- ' the \cr\ iir<t month of tiic reductions.
for   in   no   part   of Irttend is peaccfRobert Blair; managing    director   of
the Belfast Telegraph and Trevor
Henderson, director of the Belfast
News, received knighthoods.   . -
Ulster Parliaments Adjourn.
Belfast.���Both houses of the Ulster
Parliament have adjourned until September 20. Thc senate, before ad-
journcment, nominated six members,
including a peer and a Iaborite, to thc
council of all Ireland, to bc established under the Home Rule Bill..
Allies Offer To Mediate.
Athens.���Thc Allied diplomats presented" a joint note to thc Greek Government offering mediation in the
Greco-Turkish conflict. Thc diplomats declined to make known the
text of their note.
Elevator at Duval Burned.
Regina, Sask.���Thc elevator of thc
Maple Leaf Milling Company at Duval, Sask., was completely de-troyed
b3' fire and-several freight cars burned
to thcir steel frames. The cause ;is
Flin Flon Discoverer Dies.
.The Pas, Man.���Isadore Dion, one
of thc six original prospectors "who
discovered thc Flin Flon mine, died
here. Dion disposed of his interest
in thc mine for $25,000.
Scots Beat Vancouver.
Vancouver.���The   Scottish   professional soccer team defeated Vancouver amateurs 3 to 0 in a return match.
W7    N.   U.. .1374
Fire At Fort William.
_ Fort William,���Fire of an unknown
origin dtstro>cd one of- the loading
tower? at the Canadian National coal
dock, Pert Arthur. The loss is esti-
matcd'St =?l5,fl00:
Lord Curzon Makes
An Unexpected Attack
London.���An unexpected attack
was 'made on tlie covenant of the
League-of Nations in the,House of
Lords by Lord Curzon, secretary of
state for foreign affairs. He declared that riiagy existing international
difficulties were due to the Allies having taken the wrong turning in the
making of peace and he uttered a
strong appeal for thc United States'
iitmost co-operation with the Allies.
Thc foreign secretary, in the course
of a general discussion on mandates !
admitted     that    parliament, was   en-1
titled to more
said this  was
information,   but
trained lawyer knew 'what it meant.
Lord Curzon v,as inclined to think
there was a mistake in policy vriie:i
thc Allies met in Pari*, in their extreme desire to get thc League of
X'atio'ns on th'e international stamte
book.,. They rushed almost with precipitation, hc ��aid, to discuss questions which it now was seen would
better have been solved by brin^
postponed. Hc could not help holding thc opinion that if, instead of taking up better regulation of world,
ihey had r.t thc close of the w:.- endeavored to secure the pea*-e of the
we ��honld
a snbject involved in j have becn much further advanced in
obscurity. The language of the the,conditions of ppac�� than we now
covenant  was- such, that not evta ��� a j are." ������.������-���.���=.���.������.-������,.'.;:.
fl ***~***H*��ZU1A
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid.for three months or more
have passed. To Great "Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
The Home Circle
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where] more than one claim appears in notice, "$5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal 'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, o nonpariel
We believe that the world is a good place and is growing better. This world began with a garden and it is going to end with a garden. 'It's a pleasant place to live in
and if we had been consulted as to which of the stars we
should choose for a habitation, we could not have done
better than to select this. We have always been glad
that we got abroad this planet. It just suits us. To our
mirid the very best color iu the universe for the sky is blue;
the very best shade for grass is green, and the very best
for water is crystalline flash. The mountains are just
high enough for me, the valleys just low enough, the
rivers just swift enough.    The human face is  most won-
^itSinff^"8 50CeiUS derfully a.daPtetl for its usc with sunshine in its smile and
tempest in its frown; with two eyes, one more than is
necessary, so that if one is put out we still may see tlie
beautiful things God has placed around us; with one nose,
most admirably arranged to take in the sweet perfumes of
Art. even at its best, may be justly criticised, but
where is the-blasphemer wjho would dare criticise the arch
of the sky, or the crest of a wave or the flock of fleecy
clouds that the shepherds wind is driving over the pastures of the sky. There is only one discord to a thousand
harmonies. There is a whole sky full of robins to one
hooting owl, and to every destructive torrent there are
hundreds of placid streams with water lillies anchored at
their banks aud stars laying bright reflections to sleep in
their bosoms.
To Put Out YOUR Fires in. 1920
The Consolidated Mining & Smeltifig Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department/
Purchasers of Gold, Silveiy Copper and Lead Ores
Producers   of   Goldr   Silver,  Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig  Lead  and Zinc
Business locals  I2^c
a line each in-
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, aud
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Get out in the open. Get yonr
soul bigger, enlarged,  expanded.
Boards of Trade that have good
meeting generally do a lot of good.
Join the Board of Trade and
boost for an industry for Greenwood.
When you have a news item of
any kind send or phone it to - The
Speed upl There's no hard
times coining;   it's   just   the soft
times going,
Get a new member for the Board
of Trade and boost for a sawmll.
Remember co-operation built the
How calm and serene~the stars;
how majestic the river; how regardless of petty man and his
troubles frets the noble mountains;
how untroubled the face of the
The ordinary citizen ought to
feel grateful to the men who take
up the duties he.is too busy, or too
lazy, to undertake, aiid he should
at least take the trouble to keep
himself authoritatively. informed,
and get a good idea of what is going on, and why it is going dp.
If he will - do. this- he will- in the
long run save himself money,  ad-
It has been said that to have the children in your power
would be to control the destiny of the world, but give us
the mothers and let them realize their power, and we will
have the children.
It is a thousand times  easier  to  contract a new liabit
than to get rid of an old one.       c '
Your Town
If you want to have the kind of home
Like the kind of a town you like
You needn't slip your clothes in a grip
���  And start on a long, long hike;
You'll only faid what you  left behind
For   there's   nothing   that's   really
new; -     ,.    ,---
It's a knock at yourself when you knock
your town,    .....
,Tt isn't your town���it's you. ...
You wouldn't"expect if you 'mined your
��� soil,
-   Bumper .crops that you useto get;.-
Nor aught but runts fro iii feeding that
7 .-stunts;    "..-.-���.
-���   Nor payment without a debt
One gets returns from what he earns ' -
���'; Something must first be- due,    - -
If your town  doesn't pay, look at it this
���    way: ���
It isn't the town���it's you.  .-.    -.,
vance  the-interests of   the   com
muuifcy, and be the better qualified  ReaJ towns are. riot. made, by men afraid
���~   -        .,.'���',-.-'        y -,.-���      ' Thai others will get-auead,
to sometime be" one of a relief
party to one or other of 'the muni-
'-: cipal administrative boards���there
-are three of them in each municipality���-council, school; board and
__..fpolice commission, all elective, -
Support Your* Paper y\
The country weekly, newspaper
/renderB a.distinct service;.to.every
���   community.of. the province.'V The
local.sheet.does.much;; to;bind com-
miuiities.. together-and. weld   the
. whole in one. ..���    -.',-:.    V   -;
V    A local weekly is a.distinct asset
.    tb;thctown:.or village inVwhich-ife
.strives for.unity of purpose,  good
fellowship and community .spirit.
;  It gives a personality to yonr dia-
...  triet. which  it couldnH; otherwise
.-enjoy...,: \V'-';V- -':-'XxX')-
���A-district without. a,Ioeal newspaper is not- taken  very seriously
by' anybody; the . politician. scorns
its desires if, by any chance he. can
:   learaV them; the. manufacturer bf
the articles you want ia at a loss as
to your ability fcp accept his wares
Yonr   local   newspaper  is   the
voice pf.yoo.r community;  it tells
the -virtues; of your climate,  the
richness of -your soil, the produc-
\   tion of your fields arid orchards.
ft demands' and, commands  and
, ; Eecnres attention;\ from. the  legislators of. the land:    IV pounds constantly for the fulfillment of your
���districts    requirements,-.;be, t&ey
roads, culverts, bridges or h-riga^
tion ditches.- .        V 'X--X
Support yonr local newspaper
and you support yoarself.-rFarm
and Home.
When ��� everyone   works,  and .'.nobody
7 shirks -
.-    You can raise a.town  from the dead,
And if while you make, your ��� personal
-      - slake,    7 ��� ���...       ."'-
- Your neighbors can. make, one too,
Your town-wilt be what you wantil to be
~\7It isn't the tb\vii���Iil's~you7" ��� ~ :
-'"""-,-,V-;.    V':   7-.'ANONYMOUS.   -
Reprinted from "The Farrow." . .
" The. Consolidated Mining and
Smelting company received G476
tons of ore in the. vveek ended on
June ,21, according to a report
from its smelter at Tadanac. The
receipts were as follows: -Florence
mine,V Princess creek,,; 201 -: tons;,
Knob Hiil mine, Republic, 50 tons;
Surprise mine,: Republic, ST'tons;.
Gompany. mines, G237 tons,   .
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers. Cadillac cars, Garage . iu
4*'J? 4* 4? 4"t"i"k4�� *i�� *&"&�� �������
Your Fire
1    Auto Stage twice daily to  Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
I Forks aud Nelson train,- leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
p    For Oroville, Wenafccb.ee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m'.
Fare $1.50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage Free,    Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Drayine.     V- Auto's for hire Day or Night
Wc carry Tires, Oils, Greases. Hayjand Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3 L
x^** * + ++++ + *+?* + + + + ** +++*>+ +
tbe fiume Bote!
nelson, B.C.
The only up4odate Hotel in the interior,
in everyjrespect,.
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
T.  ��� THOMAS
^ C LOAT is not a periodic- *
���   r    al.    It is a book con- -j^
taining 86 illustrations all ***
told,  and  is    filled . with *4��
^.   sketches   and    stories   of ��$���
.^ .western life.'   It tells how
T* a gambler cashed in after
��f�� the flush days of Sandon ;
^��  how it rained in New Den- *^*
jl. ver long after Noah was 4��
dead; how a parson took a ��f��
';/!nelson;."b.c,^;} ,.'
7; Nicely, iurnished rooms,-by the  :.
;'"���;., day,; week-or mouth      .   -'���
^7 drink at Bear Lake., in
4* early days; how justice
*3�� was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
��g�� how the saloon man out-
j, prayed the women in Kala-
-jr mazoo; and graphicaliydeT
jy- picts the . roamings. of a
T* western editor among the. X
4�� tender-feet in the cent belt;. T
e|�� It contains the early history. "**
eli of Nelson and a romance ..4"
. of the Silver King mine. 4*
v_ In -. it.- are printed . three jl
^ western, poems, and dozens g,
j. of articles too numerous jf
"^. to mention. Send for one..***
*3* before it is too late. The ��S^
<3�� price is 50 cents, post-VWji
J|�� .paid to any part of the ��|>
j^ world. Address all, Ie*- ^
T: ters to ''-*
>   The'Ledge
'��yx '���'.;':>���'���;'-.���.; v'.-;v.::- .
F. Nilson
.   616 VernonSt ."Nelson
Brick b'uilditig aiid finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
monumental: co.V ltd.
FRONT ST., ; NELSON.     BOX 865
���*      - - ,- ���   .   ��� -��� ��� .   ���    ���������--���
$50: to ;.#5ji
���No better life in vestment- available- -���-'. V
���No better security obtainable
���Cannot be seized "or levied upon for any cause ���
���Will be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed
".; r~N��t, affected by trade depresnoa
:, y-jy r7Freefrom.DbininioaIiiconie'Tax :''.r'��V.,'7
i\''.';-,[���-:' -���No'medical-examination required; "        "'X ���-"_'���'--
': .. Anyone" over .ihe age of 5 years resident or: domiciled In CaaMsty.
. may-purchase,-'.. ���        ... ,-'���-"'-. '  .--,��� -:-'������ .'.���-.        ���- ..; J-;- . 7"--,7v'-,-���
f., Any 7twp'persons may. purchase jointly.'���";       ��� .;"        '"'-.���    -7 ..._7
y .Employers "may purchase for their employees-���school board* for 7
. their-teachers-^���congregations for their ministers.;'"   - -; ,'7.7 .-. ...
:\'. &PP'y to your, jxjstmaster; or write, postal = free, to S. T. Bastedo, Snp��-
. inteadent cf Aar.aities, Ottawa, for new booklet aad other mTorniatfoo dexiaKS. ���
. :State aei gad age iast birthday, r     - \ "      ^'     '   ' - '   --.���
��� .->���
Sysiepsis of   ~.
imi fid llmanifmeiife
Minimuii.��prlca of flrat-olass land
- redueed to ?5 an acre; second-claai to
' $2.50 an acre. .- ��� -        .    .
Pre-emption how confined to- mir-
. veyed lands only.   ...
Records will be granted covering only
.land.suitable for agricultural purposes
md which ia non-timber land. '    ���
. Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not.more than four may
arrange for. adjacent / pre-emptions"
with joint residence, but-each making
necessary Improvements "on respective
claims. ft '    -
.    Pre-empto'rs- must occupy claims for
: ttve years and make improvements to
value of $10 per" acre, including clear- '
ng and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where proTemptor in occupation not
less than S.years, and has' made pro-
,. portionato improvements, he may, bo--
cause, of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of improvement, and transfer his claim.
Records   without   permanent   real-
��� aeiica may bcilssued, provided appll-'-
ea-nt makes improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each ���
, year.    Failure . to make improvements
.-or- recprd-same^wiir-operate-as'for^-
.   lelture.    Title  cannot be obtained in
.  .,��?n B yearH> ai��d improvements '
of  110.00-per acre,'including'6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required..'-   ���
������   Pre-emptor"   holding - Crown - grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
fa��n- ivithout actual occupation, pro- '
vided   statutory   Improvements   made -
; fcna- residence' maintained on  Crown
granted-land/, A
UnBUrveyed. areas, not exceeding iO
ajcres,  may be  leased  as  homesites;
-J   ..1<J be obtained after fulfllling rest- .
.aentl&l and improvement conditions.
; For grazing and industrial purposes
areas1. exceeding   840   acres   may   b��
-    ��ft.    y 0M Person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial Bites on
umber. land not exceeding 40 acree
may be purchased; conditions Include
payment of otumpage.    - ���
,K���NitVJ,S1 ^ay Shadows Inaccessible
��J'.imlot,n,K roada ���y be Purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
: to them. Itebate of one-half of coat of
j road, not exceeding half of purchase
prioe, la made. y, ._ .      .
. Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$i.2S each^ .Gold-Silver (1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead fo.ooV Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc fo.oo.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
:. pre:emptors'    fres
^".'- ��� '     ACT.
The scope of this Act U'enlarged to
nolude all persons. joining ana^swr-
Jng with Hfs Majeoty'a ror^eB.    fee
time within which the heirs or devisees
?��a��m eas!,a ��r��:��n>ptor may apply
for title under this. Act ia eitended
.from for one year from the death of
-Bucli, person, as formerly, until on*
year after tha conolusion of the present
war<ct This, privilege la also miiTli.
No fee* relftUng to pre-emptions we
due or payable >y jsoldteri on
. empttons recorded after June 28  1
/Taxes are remitted for five ye*ra
_ "J8;
Provision for" return *d? money^'ac- ^
rT?��eA'lu6-and b����P faJd 8'nee Augintt
.*, 1��14, on.account of .payments, fee* '
��� ortaxes on .soldiers'- pre-cmptlomi.'."    =
Interest on agreements to purchase'
V^0^ CIty l��t�� j����W P^membersTof
AJilea Forces, or aepenients/ acauired :
direct or Jndireet, rsmitted from ��n-
.  llstment to. Maroh 31. 1SJ0. * ". .
��uk.pyRCKA|ER|-OF.CROWN tf
_ Provision   inade: for   I��rro*ncV   of
Crown pants, to awb-purchase��J  cf'
. Crown, Lands,  acquiring rJehte from
purchasers who fallad    to   complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, onftal- ���
flllment of conditions of surchase. &- '���
. ���terest.aaauxea.   Where lut'-paroni*. '
era do not claim whole of original Bar-
eel, purchuce price due and Usee tats
- be   distributed. pro��ortioi��t��ly   $r��
���-���v   -;' VV-'" CRAZirta.  > ���
"Gracing. Act,  191&,  for    ay��t��maUo-
'  development of livestock Industry Bro-
vldea for grazing districts and range
Administration   under   Commisaicrier.-
- Annua! grazing permits Issued bssed
on numbers ranged: priority for' eatab- '
Ushed    owners. -   Stock-own*r��   raty
form Associations for range mjhhj.
. ment.   Free, or partiiaiy free, p��a��lti -
for ��etUera. camp���� ��: tw-i^lfe*. as
tot����h��4,. ^^..
All  the   latest/methods  in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
RATES $1.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
I For
'3 '
(Expert Ooticlan)
K. W. C Block       ���      -     Nelson
Dealer iu Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses, Cattle, Etc.
When you-puy of. your home
merchants you are helping the
town and. thereby sharing Jn the
profits of your own purchase.
���Economy and Satisfaction ||
combined with Promptness 3
are the features which go to %
make up the Service we give |��
our customers. Are you 3
one of them? 3
Letterheads, Noteheads,       %
(Ruled or Plain) 3
Envelopes,- Billheads, 3
(All Sizes)
g Statements, Business Cards, 3
g Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. 3
I The Ledge      PHONE 29      1
g     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department    3
Tlie Mineral Province of Western Canada
;'���..." Has produced Minerals valoed as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,722,603; Lode
Gold, 8100,272,431; Silver, 150,432,304; Lead 143,821,106; Copper, $153,680,965;
;V;. Other Metals (Zinc,  Iron,  etc.), $16,818,487; Coal and Coke,   8199,123,323;
. _-.',;   Bailding^tone, Brick. Cement, etc., $29,991,767; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc.,
8785,918; paking its Mineral Production to the end of 1919 show an
Aggrepte Value of $670,649,894
Production for Year: Ending December, 1919, $33,296,313
-'-.'--'.,'   '-"    The   M&ing   Laws of this Province are niors liberal and the-fees lower
; than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Empire..       ��� .
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees/
Absolute Titles are  obtained  by developing each properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Fall information, together with mining^ Reports and Maps, may be obtained
'*" gratis by addressing-���
VICTORIA, British Columbia.


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