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The Ledge Feb 24, 1921

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�� r'% *L&  ^7
\ vm0M
110 I) "iSfr/:-
Vol.   XXVII.
House Furnishings,  Hardware*
Kitchen, Utensils, Etes
-    T. M. GULLEX& CO.
\immKwmmmmmmmtmKmmmmmmmmm mmu
Rice per lb    10c. Beans 3 lbs for 25c.
. Dry Peas 2 lbs fok 25c.
v    Rolled   Oats     8 lb   Sack   for       45c
Rolled   Oats   20 lb   Sack   for   $1.10
Also many other lines at reduced prices _
LEE & BRYAN'S     Phone-46
Order Your Kodak Now
Full Range from $5 to $50
Everything in_FilmsJand Supplies always
on hand
Goodeve's Drug & Stationery Store g
��������������������*��������������������� WW
!       LECKIE'S
W. ElsonOCo
K   Greenwood, B. ���.
TfHff^jW|yWwySj,!* fWAKtaa^ff��i|i>lB
 . r	
A Coinpkle Assortment
Wagstaff's Jams and
Try Our
Pride of Canada, Pure
*  Maple Syrup
*J. G. McMynn,  Midway
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best Companies in   the World
Enquire  as-to'Rates
Ranches  For- Sale
v       Auctioneer
Call And See
^ Try Our. Coffee
Nabob, Braids Best, Seal, Wedding Breakfast
and Reindeer, fjrom'7Qc> 75c ,
BulktCoffee from 60c - 75c
_, GtttZ GIVW WWfcA "I
with steam
A coiufort-
" Touch tlie
The  VfclNDSOR   HOTEL   is   heated
and elecfcrjfHy.   ...E&e samp)e rooms,
"able liome for tourists  and travellers    t
wire   if you   want  rooms reserved.     The; .buffet is
replete   with  cigars
buttermilk and ice-cream
cigarettes," cooling-"beverages,
Presbyterian Church
* Services^
MIDWAY   .  ��
S, S. 10 a.m. Service II a.m.
S? S. 2.30- Service 7.30 pm.
-   ' Subiect'*For Fefc. 27th:ip '
"That Great City/'-,
Rev. W. H.  REDMAN, pastor
Greenwood     /��.
1 Around flome 1
There are 13 children attending school  at Christian  Valley.
Mrs. A. Christian, of Christian
Valley, was a visitor to towu on
An Ice Carnival will beheld in
the Greenwood Riuk on Friday,
March 4.
Just received a fine line of
childrens and ladies rings at
Mrs. Jack Ryan, of Grand
Forks, is visiting--- friends in
Mrs. G. B. Taylor was called
to Kelowna on Wednesday where
here sister, Miss G. D. Caldwell
is seriously ill.
Midway will plav a hockey
match with a picked Greenwood
team" on-local ice on Thursday
night at 8 o'clock.
Great logging activity is going
on up-the Kettle'river. The
roads look busywith teams and
the ri ver /filled with logs.
A. T. Garland and ^sou, of
Kaslo,'are visiting T. A. Garland, Anaconda. /Mr. Garland
has been in Kaslo>fof 28 years*
Miss Amy Heaven who has
been visiting friends in Midway
during-the past two weeks has
returned to her home in Grand
Ring up���when you know of
some news that you think' might
interest someone else and so help
us fill The Ledge with good live
local news. '      - ,_
A dance will be held in the
Anaconda school house,   Fridav
Ladies kindly bring refreshments.
Everybody come.    .
,, Mr. "and Mrs. John Simpson,
formerly of Greenwood, are how
resia'ents,of Burnaby, where Mr.
Simpson has bought'.a~ stnall
farm for the" purpose of going
into the chicken-business.
Greenwood Wins Boundary
, -FoP-Sale . __ll _
] set stock ^scajes.iand 1 set
light Bob sleighs. Will sell
cheap.    Apply -   ,
.   .    ED, MADGE,   . ���   ���
Rock Creek. B.C.
Providence  Resumes
For Sale.
* .      Shamrock 'Brands |
' \ 4 '* ���     HAM,  BACON  and . LARD   ;" :   |
^ Carnation Compound Butter and Cheese J
P, Bujpns 8r~jCo,   Ltd;,f Nelson, B, G
Nice dry potatoes, $2.��0 a
hundred. S. Bombini, Greenwood, B. C.
���V.- . v ACCOUNT
f/;   It-;is-^always wdl'to'hwe a Savings
" ->��� Account upon whicli interest ,is regularly
,   paid and from which yon are free to draw
^ ^"* at any time should you have a good oppor-
'���"- -^tunity to buy stopkor feed.   -A Savings
- v   Account is Ready Money.
L, ' -"R^EJ^VE FUND - ^   "-  .    $15,000,000
GREEN^VOOD BRAKCHrK. ^..Brawders, Manager.
Several horses have' been sick
this winter, The sickness starts
with indigestion, which,develops
into plcursy then "paralysis. H,
McKee lost a. valuable" horse this
fall and R. Forshaw lost one of
his grays on 'Monday nig&t and
VDick" ,tbe well known, horse
owned by W. H% Docksteader,
died a few days ago. "-There- are
still horses sickowned bj W. EL
Djcksteader, Lee & Br-yau and L-'
Putzel. ^ _,.'^ ' ,
The dance grvjen by th��� hockey
club iatbejMasomc HalL on Wednesday, nigltt was'a greater sue?
cess than was anticipated.   Manv
frbm^tbe   surrounding   country"
Vers present to swell^ the crowd
bf-merry makers and. the- perfect
daace.music by Bush's orcbelstr^
gave    great   satisfaction; 'feacfc
musician is an artiste arfdi;en^er;-
ed the mosr popular "up*- tp "dale
dauce music.     The supper pro-
video by-the ladi��3* was, excellent.
The dance -was -kept up uattl 4
o'clock anb even then they 1 were
reluctant to 'qiittJ-^^everal xakes
wetfeieff^over  which weTe auc-
tioned-taad the last cake was competed ��or in a prize ,waltz .whlcb
.was^wca byjifr." and-Hrs.' A. J.
Morrison^     ���_J _    J ���'-  "* *
,RrLee and J. Kerr are the
delegates from the local-Board of
Trade attending'The convention
.at Pentiction. Several resolutions1
of importance wiil b&,presented
by Greenwood's delegates.1 '*
Well done MidwaT. They attended the hockey, match, affd
dance last ��� Wednesday night
about 38, strong. Their support
and_l general Tgood feeling is
greatly appreciated. Eholt, too,
was well represented. -   .
Miss A. Bryan has been seriously ill, but her many friends
are pleased to know she is oyer
the danger point, though it'-will
require several,, weeks o��- careful
nursing before she -is"~" around
Messrs. Clark & Fox are dismantling the big hoist -at the
Mdther Lode mine, for shipment
to the Blue Diamond Coal Co.,
Alberta. Sale of same has been
successfully negotiated by Geo.
S. Walters, agent tor the^Canada
Copper- Corporation- in Greenwood.
Commencing March 4th C.P.R.
trains No. 11 and 12 will run triweekly both train leaying Nelson
and Midway, Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday, passing- through
Greenwood on the regular schedule viz; TEastbound 3.45 p. in.
westbound 4.13 "a.m. The westbound train will pass through
Greenwood on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning.
L.' A. Smith, v- formerly " of
Greenwood, has opened up the
Canadian-Win'dow Bakeries LtdM
on "10 Hasting- St.', Vancouver.,
and on March 1st" will open \an^
otheCbramch on Granville St.,
and^Jaies" 6n at the corner ,of
Mam-.arid "Broadway -S.ts. - This
is'tHe^rst'" venture of "its kirfd
west 6i Calgary, though there
are-lots in-the East as* well as the
Nine games had to be played before the Boundary league championship could be decided. At the
begiuning-of the season a six game
schedule was drawn up and as the
teams were tied at the end, home
and home games were played which
also tesulted in a tie. All the
games played were keenly contested
each game appearing to be better
than the previous one, but the odo
played on local ice on Tuesday
night was without doubt the best,
cleanest and fastest of the season.
Greenwood won a decided victory
by a score of 3 to 1 and it is ad-.
mitted by all that Grand Forks
was outclassed.
A special train was secured to
bring 120 Grand ForkB supporters
and with large crowds from Midway, Eholt and other points the
rink was packed reminding one of
the old days.
Right from the start there was a
burst of speed. Both teams made
several rushes and the defense had
a busy time. Taylor in a spectacular solo rush passed the "whole
Grand Forks team and scored the
first goal"for Greenwood. Morrison
and McDonald made brilliant
rushes and made shot after shot.
Murray and Clerf were at there
best. In-the second period Murray
scored the second goal for Greenwood from an angle shot. Through
out this period there was" wild
Spes'iV.Greenwded- showing "better,
combination than their opponents.
The visitors worked hard and tried
to score but., found the grade a
steep one. Blundeirstopped,some
difficult shots and saved the situation many times,' though the visitors net was bombarded more fre-
quenfcly.'and Atwood ��� had to exert
himself to the limit
In the'ftnal period Iboth- teams
seemed to be hitting a faster pace,
excitement-'-" was intense and the
players took every,, opportunity to
try "and score. ' McDonald made a
wonderful individual rush' and
passed the disc to .Morrison who
scored the third .goal for Greenwood:" "A littlelater"Grahd"Forks
scoied their only tally, thus saving-
^whitewash. Th,e'battle,continued
to the last second witlfa"7vim an<3
4t times the stickhftridling approached the miraculous. Wood
was the star in this period though
every man worked at top notch and
all. deserved the praise accorded
them by the fans.        *
Great credit is due to Roy Mc-
Leod for the way he referreed the
game. Roy Btood for no rough
play and always controlled the situation with decisiveness', impartiality and promptness. J. Morrison as judge of play.-had an easy
time of it-aB the game " was clean
there being only two, penalties.
The fans were pleased with the
game and its result. Greenwood
retains th&McBrida and Boundary
cups.   Twas a famous victory. <
After several months shut down
the Providence mine has started
to_get things in shape to resume
operations immediately. 0The
compressor and motor has already
been moved from near the'Greenwood Phoenix Tunnel to the mine
and is now being put in place. As
soon as the cement foundation
has dried and settled work in the
mine will go on with a greater
force than has yet been employed.
Several men ate already at work
getting everything in spick and
span shape. Mr. Madden, of
Chicago, is expected in town this
week and the annual general
meeting held in Greenwood.
It is the intention of the company to go down to the GOO. and
700 ft levels. ';     ���
Western Float
An advertisement in the Revel-
stoke Review, signed by the chief
of police, prohibits teamsters from
driving on the sidewalks.
There is" five feat of snow in
Sandon and over six feet in Phoe-
nix, while Rossland's record so
far this winter is 8 feet 3 inchee.  '
_ Field Marshall Earl Haig, commander-in-chief for the British
forces in France during the last
few years of the war, will visit
Britieh Columbia next fall.
^ w -JJiSPI
The    Coalmorjtr Colleries
pany, of Coalmont;. lias a mbnthiy
payroll of 840,000.   .'';;>     r }$*^$i
It is-rumored that >ha" 'F]6renc^i'T/fey||^^
Silver Mines._will put  on  a'::^ar^J|fel|^^!
and 'steamero on   Kootenay^ iake:;;      ,?'&a&*>
this year feo handle concentrates to;-!
Five Mile Point for transfer, tfo the ������
Great Northern  for   shipment (;tov!
Northport or Bunker Hillsmeltera, -
Mining in the Golden district;
will take on a new lease of life
with the opening of spring. The
Bunyan silver lead property- on
Bunyan mountain will be opened
in the spring with a crew of 100 to
125 men to start with. -The.
Brisco mine, in"the Columbia valley, ;-will also be opened' early this>;|@||p^|
year by Australian interests.r ' ^c-;'';||i|i|��i^
. A. despatch from .;Torontbirefer-||f|^S|^H
ring- to the new additions, to JiheS^^i^filPl
Trail smelter 'of the. ..Gonsolidatedi|p|^||^|
Mining ...���' and  Smelting   ^------^^'^^BJisSS'l
. *7i.,.,.......
says:    "The  Consol
and  Smelting Company's ;^;coppe)^^^|ppE
refinery at Trail has been incre^MlP^^^1''"
to 50 tons daily capacity,   whuih;
approximately " the vtotaTGanadfan;
consumption    :of,-refined^V copper|f|||ii^^5[
Both ingot and cake cppper'\af^?.be^l|||^|||ij
ing turned out, and . wire|bars|win|^i|li^|
be a regular produt when^the^op^ipSpSSlI
per rod  mill, now   nearing|^pm|i||s|
rod  mill
150;:tons of." .wire: rods^ . This|willS^��|I|
cargo of the Empress
Asia which docked at Vancouver
recently included 38 carloads of
fresh Chinese eggs. And, yet an
appeal is made for 'the starving
tnillions in China. ^ '
"The Doukhobors are slowly
adopting the laws of the country.
InJRofi��laad last week two Douk-
hobors joined hands in matrimony ]
deserting the Doukhobor colony,
secured a marriage license and
getting.married in true* Canadian
It is stated that the-work of
clearing slides and otherwise putting the railway "grade to' Allen by
and Cop*per Mountain in servicable
shape will .be commenced about
March 1, says the Princeton Star,
Rumors are widespread to the
effect that there is considerable
activity on the part'of the-AUenby
and Copper Mountain interests,
pointing to the resumption'-of
operations early__this JPjing-^_-ItJs
stated*,,hQwever, on information
purporting to .come from -a good
authority*^hat considerable change
is takfng'piAcer'artaong the companies in control* -, ���"
 ���J���1 ���~���   - -
Trait Ore Receipts     \
"- ���;*'    ,
Receipts at the Trail smelter for
the week ending February 14th
were 8,98?-'tons, The shipments
are as follows: : - -    "
Bluebell, Riondel
Gem, Sandon
Paradise,Xake Windermere
Ruth, Sandon
Company Mines
w ire j the field
by the four.Canad
Discussing :the -silverloStiooli^oll^^^^^
���;l*- - xaF^J*'''--}.-
make th6%Howiug*i;n$erei^m^^bM.
ver .canuot^be?-exp^tsdpo^^8o|i��^^
\raan - j.TiI..^:��;^:trrt>a"W��M*i^^^1TBS^)K
keen.- -;:Tu?:eonpe^Is||l|i��^^
coin v;'. n;ot|;a:<:o^er'^dr��^
'Economy.'..is; the-::cryJof :/M^fSME^S��M::i
and taxation is cutting at ^Iheroopl:^J
_oi]luxufy   expenditure/^'^Heaqg^Ss:^;^-.sajjl
plate and^Welrj^iiljbe^less'lni'r^r^
qu est, v The. req^ire^ep.^'^f^dii;^
are. doubtful.     A ; good; ;rn^n^j6ja;g
'would,���stimulate .demand,: 'especi��{%
ally afterjihe poor imports of 1920;^
but * thex. country   is well stocked -^
with ;precioas metair. and:coinage'��
is;out of the question.;   The.^6^?
beet of Chinese demanjd is:als6;tiri-^
certain; :^So  much  depends uppiir >"
the power of China to export-goods,'
and the ability1 of���. Europe to.?jpay
for^them.jjltl ean;Lib6>,taken,ifotes
Tommy���Isn't ���'wholesome?' \a
funny word, father? Father ���
What's funny about it? Tommy
���Why take away the whole of it
and you have some left.
granted^ however,; that^thVin'tGrior''?f ?
pf GhihaJs unusually well stocked i\^,;
wifchsBilver,>and that^onfid��noe dsv  :
being restored in;. officiar'iesues^oi ;%
nptesitAThe' Sf world 2.as}���'& .^%hoie.;jv-.; ;
"wouTdiayS good reasbn'to'weleonie"   '
the return of the price pf-silver to   ;   ;
a'Tpre^wirf im^ ''Tn'e^^efsislenf'^:^'
advance in the prieej of^his^metalv > '5v��
in. ]&&;������ price'-of \ commpditi^vtHe"^:.' -���
;r eason \ bei ng��tliat- the> Ailies^a^tO^J ��:
depend-;w largely'*upon theVprp-^.     '
iiUcts \of the Easfc,^ chiefly.���;���-frpnii'.'..-j ���>
In^iaj   with ..whom    the:.-:."v^J��ld'.^-  ';
balance of trade has always been-^,,;
unless the monsojyi proved.'^a fail*' ,;.i :-
ureVbeayiiy in her fay,oss^"WJheat;;, ,;:,���'
rice and Deans, -r-jtlte"' cratt^^blfitSS,^--.
andskins-rigure largely in tlie use->-  .>
ful: goods 'which^; come from India,;,"
ano^Gniha.::-kitJwaS feh^ "rise'itiiM'���?���:
cost of sueB-items .as, these -wbieti y:
Btimuiatedthat of other corhmoaj*- /���
ties in tha^arkels-<)f:;the-;-world* **yMi
Jt^.V.'.V ."-������
States. The many friends Qf
Mr, 8fi3Tt&" wish him great sue?
cess its'his'-new enterprise. -
Trail has challenged Greenwood
to play for the Nelson Daily News
cap. This ctfp is in Nelson waiting for an owner. Phoenix held
this cup but returned it to the
donators when their team was dis
banded. Greenwood has accepted
the challenge and will' probably
play a sudden death game if the
weather permits. The game will
likely be played in Greenwood* *���
Mose Burns, fGrater!? oi .Green-
wood, teas taken a- position with
the Coal Co., at Coalaioat.
B. C. Government Irrfe
SOUTHERN 0KAHAGAN .VALLEY, aoiacentitotiiew Towasitevof
- Oliver, BC-. 25 mites South of Peatictohilwill '-.-lie:-offered at
AUCTION at FentictOB, B.C, MARCH At&^5i$A$��ir:i��&g
Irrigation   system^ installed by   the Pn^nce:^��,Britw^
First PayEtient, so per-cent cash, I>a1anceia -fbiirSgaymehtsj rommene-K
. n cing fiv��> years from date of sale, interest at^p^ceMJ'??'^^"-^.^^
3For RETU^NED^B; �������� SOLDIERS,  similar ^rt^'^i^i^oniy'iiq^
per-cent. cask iaitial,pa>T��entand a ��l^e..pf^^^*o;aftervSve';.'
years,^Ettlgect to cultivatioa duties." . ��..  f^t:^^0^^:^^-^
Lots in -new- TOJVNSrTE ^OF' OLIVER ^nll beyfe^^t^sanltiame.
^Fofclull detaUs'aml-geaeral'infornifttioa apply,6;45.'^S-i
'     ....--"    J'   ""��� -     "-.'""'���       G.];R^NA��Eiv;
w   -   .   ' .       "   Desuty SisJsrer df^
' ";:B^Cv'
-**  -" -
-r-   >V
���f- y
NWOOD,-   B.'   0.
Bad -Blood Fatal
To Good Looks
Easy Enough to Restore Both
By a Simple Home Remedy
That Costs But a
Bad 3ook3 and bad health go together. To look young, to be happy,
to enjoy life, and be always at your
best yon must keep your blood pure,
your liver active, your bowels well
regulated. These are the prime essentials to a happy, healthy old age.
If you want a positive guarantee of
good health, you can easily find it In
the regular use of Dr. Hamilton's
Pills, which for forty years have been
keeping thousands of people in the
jjink of condition. It's no experiment to use Dr.''Hamilton's Pills as a
Tegular round of life. They are
Composed of certain extracts and
herbs that search out disease, that
regulate, tone and strengthen the system.
If in.need of better health, if lacking   in     strength, if subject to headaches, blood    disorders,
lack of appetite, and ind
safe to say "you will be relieved quick
est by using Dr, Hamilton's Pir.s, sold
everywhere in 25c boxes.
" ��� ���-      ������' -���'  ���
were    impediments   ball and close beside her, in a wicker TmD~rjal Oil Cnn**���
cetasbestherould;   crate, _ five  other  small  balls,  which |       *���       A   KJU ^on*pany
To Use Pigeons
nothing.      They
which he had to m
But witli the coming of Timberley, were her sleeping puppies.
came    also    something  to cause  the .��, (To be continued)
man who had fought back a great tin-1 	
rest.      The  memory  of  those  dead, i * i��      a   *    * ���
fruitless days had been brought back' AI����* *a s increasing
to him -And ^vith  the harmony of j        v Potat�� CrOtt
his world ajar, had been borne home|   F
to him the realization that ihe great. . ,        ... .,.,��, .
Mother, who had nursed him back toiCroP **��w   lakes Its Place as ��*
strength and poise of mind, had also
fostered in him the primitive instinct
to destroy, blindly, that which menaced him and his.
Fourth Largest in the Province.
More than seven and threeouarter
million    bushels    of    potatoes    were
He knew he would assuredly have | grown in Alberta in 1920,   and    this
killed that self-confessed despoiler of; cr0p now takcs Jtg p]ace as the founh
his early hopes and dreams, on that
golden summer morning, had it not
been for the restoration of his shattered harmony through the wailing
note of Willow Farney's violin. Perhaps, then, he really now belonged
to the primitive. If he enjoyed the
bounty of his Wild, had he then any
fight to violate her laws? And her
great law was "Protect thyself." Tim-
berley     threatened     his     wondrous
largest in the province,
wheat, oats and barley. Potatoes are
becoming a more important crop
every year, and the total- production
in the province has increased by
more than three and a half million
bushels since .1915,
j Tests made at the University of Al-
1 berta at Edmonton    show   that    the
world; he had sensed,    in    the    city
man's   coming,  disaster   to  him   and. Irish Cobbler leads all other varieties
.ect tn neaa-   visV   jYet he had spared him; more,)"of potatoes both in yield and in the
icct to neaa-, he had savcd h h     , d        * f    " *"lu ln  '"��
constipation,   fnngs of Lu,u> th(J ]y]lj.      Twi��9 a��� j fewness of the umnarxetable potatoes,
igestion^ tis   hapSj had he t}|cn ;ntcrfcrcd with the j 387i>ushels being the average,yield to
'.'^.V.^"10-?:! laws   of  his   solitude:'   But   he   was | the acre/with only otic and a half per
glad    he    had  stayed his  destroying, cent, of unmarketable potatoes    The
aster ^l^fisz^, ��-,*r <*%"����> ^ ��>,
the_ great song.
j Early Bovcc, 276; Carmen No. 1, 266;
Dorkin was'thinking it all over now, i Wcc McGregor, 263; Early Ohio,
as he sat beside the sick fox, Spray-1 254; and Tabic Talk, 245 bushels to
Coat.      That the attempted destruc-i tj)C acre.
tion of.this, the most valuab'e animal       ,-*      "    ..  ���.4���   ���r   tr-    . ...
of his  Preserve, was a premeditated!     GrCatCr  diverslty  of  ^niing  with
act by his enemies, he did not for a | potatoes as a regular rotation crop is
���' moment doubt.      How far thoy were i being advocated by Professor G. H.
i inclined to carry their lawlessness, he I Cutler,    of    the     Field    Husbandry
could not  guess.      Of one  thing  he; fi       >     f   h    A]berta y
I was more than ever certain, however,1
The   band  of   disturbers  had   a   new I
| leader.      Previously,   the   annoyance | IJ-.-. -J.   ll/^^L
had been trivial enough   such as. the   ^0^    WG3K
I tearing down of his_ No Trespassing   '
' notices, or the cutting of his enclosure fence. But now, they were trying to strike the very heart bf his project. It looked as though they were
bent on the destruction of him and
He knew he had little cause to fear
| their attempting to destroy other of
I his animals, because it was from those j
animals theyjioped ultimately to de
i rive gain
Will Carry Messages Until Wireless
Is Installed.
In view of the fact that the installation of wireless apparatus will be 5m-
I possible in the north country this
year, the Imperial Oil Company .are
making arrangements to maintain a
line of communication between the
flying men and their bases by the service of pigeons such as were, used to
such great advantage in the war. It
is said that birds will be carried on
every plane during every trip north.
In the event of a plane having to
make a forced -landing from engine,
radiator, or other trouble, a pigeon
will be released carrying back a message for help to the base aeodromc.
Forced landings may occur at any
point along the line of route and in
locations that will be far removed
from the abode of settlers. Here the
pigeons will be of special' advantage j
for they can be immediately released'
and wing their way at a speed oi more
than a mile a minute to. the source
where aid is available.
It is said that the first consignment
of carrier pigeons have already reached Peace River. It will be necessary
however, that they be ^'settled" to
the new place of abode and also be
given some amount of training along
their line of flight.
Any raata or womain who keeps
SEoam'e handy will tell fow    ^
that same thing
ESPECIALLY those rreciuentry
attacked by rheumatic twinges.
A counter-irritant, Sloan's Lmi-
jnent scatters thCcongestion and fene*
irates without rubbing to the afflicted
part, soon relieving the ache and pain*.
Kept handy<3.nd used everywhere
for reducing and finally eliminating the
pains and aches of lumbago, neuralgias
muscle strain, joint sti.Tnesa,' sprainsc
bruises, and the results of exposure.
You just knew from its stimulating
healthy odor that it will-do you good fi
Sloan's Liniment is "sold by al! druggists���- 35c, 70c, $1.40.
{.Made io Canada)
Nerves Shattered
After the "Flu."
��� by ���
Printed   "by    Special    Arrangements  with  Thos.  Alien,
... Toronto, On$. ���
%         ~���-3
(Continued)      r
There was grave danger of the Pre-
acrve becoming overcrowded.     After,  ,   . - -:;--������ -;.- ������- -.-,- -   -,i     v��� ���  \.,rap rnaim-itv nt *-,������ vt,~,..��
all, one thousand acres was not such <?eir attempting to destroy other of In -Wge Majority of 'wes-those
,���,mnip f.e\A (nr },:, w:ift rr; nf]<, his animals, because it was from those wno ; survived the last epidemic of
an ampje lie id tor his    wild     n ncls.i     .     ,    fa��    h       .    j .   .    , &    . Spanjsh influenza were left with weak
when measured against the mnTons 02  **.""n��11!>. UJLJfTi,ulv;2t ull""<llc|y.lo ^    . v        B>,attprp<l rP�����- im^,l;!uj
forest    land    which    surrounded    it.! ""P"-.   ^ubjle,SS the= poisonmfir  J ^'^^^hX^V^ w^^
"Fvprv mrins -fonnrl nnrnhpri! r>f vmincr  oi Spray-Coat had been  deliberately  piooc,.anci^ne wnoie system has been
iivery spring tound numbers oi >oung   nU���X~A *~.i���*;���iA*tn Mm   ,���,i  ^���.  left in such a general  weakened and
exhausted condition that it has been
emies to carry out their threat of the   impossible   to    get   back   your   old
" "    - " ���1th and strength.   "��
_^                     >  ^.^^ " you are in this condition there is
n��e -rpison whv mimhfrM of his w'Hl mane'of'the""old7ox,'now suffidenUy! <��lyo���� thing to do; take a course
otie^ reason -vvtiy numbers ot his w l'l   r d t0 y k h;^ ha  d   fe]t ' 1 0f  Milburn's   Heart  and  Nerve   Pills
kindred were sent to new homes-each I ^ccoverea ro jick nis nana, leit more ^A c/v>-^rtw ������j���i,i��� vn,��� uZ^t J.sn
The other reason why Dorkin
deemed it advisable to dispose of his
animals    was    that    the    specimens
Why Don't They Put Some of the
Surplus Wool Into Cloth.
' The world has never seen such a
glut of v/oolias exists at the present
lime. What to do with it is a great
economic problem. There is enough
on hand to meet-'all possible needs
for two years. Great Britain holds
2,000,000 bales of the volume she' accumulated    between    1915 and 1918.
Despoiling Forests
Great Medicinal Tree Disappearing
Rapidly From Pacific Coasy
A warning that foreign cutters are
despoiling the forests .of British Col-
umb.a by destroying, root and .branch,
all the native supplies of the cascara
sagrada bush, is being sounded by
botanists and timber cruisers, interested in preserving this valuable medicinal bark. The legislature's to be
asked at the coming session to -pass
legislation to preserve this and other
valuable barks and herbs from destruction. .      .
The cascara, referred'to in botanical works of ten years ago as the
"Pacific Coast's great gift to mankind," is said.now to be/so depleted
in Oregon and Washington as the re-'
[.suit of -feckless gathering that there
is no longei any to be found within
reach of transportation.' Prices have
risen from two cents to more than
ten cents a pound.
The Placid Jiritom
Nation   Will   Not   Get   Along
Matter What Happens.
, The rebellion in Ireland, the
risings in India, and Egyot,
clamor of Bolshevik laborites, hard
times, industrial stagnation and a
plethora of unemployed citizens, all
combined, do not disturb British
placidity. Hence, we note a British
correspondent    calmly    sitting down
Movement; for New Province
,     .    ,.      L... , .      ,,   .      ,.     and writing a half   column    to    the
Want to Create Another Province In I ^T^ StlU has���?\?} th�� ^ \ London Times on the topic of "The
'        ' New Ontario District ��f tW�� ^T^     Soif Afrfa haf. ��� \ Woodpecker's Love Call."    A nation
enormous store;��so   has   Argentina, rv,   ,. .      .        ...        ,   ��
! a       ��� , ', .       1 that can,give its attention to a half
column    about    the    "Woodpecker's
Love Call," at so busy a season is
going to get along, no matter what.
comes    of   it.���Seattle  . Post-Intel.H^
gencer. - .
wild things which too must have thnr   9}anacd to- intimidate him, and  con-
ranning and   feeding scope, and  the   vm.ce him of the intentions of h s en-
caring for so many: within a limited, e���es to carry out their threat of the  3-
area, at last became a problem which   demohshmtn    of his Preserve. | -talt
had to be worked out.     And this is'     Dorkin,    stroking    the long,_ grey;     ��
of pity than anger towards these men
who wished him harm. They were,
he reasoned, but the thoughtless tools
of a crafty master mind. That mind,
he felt sure, was Abe Dalton's.   But
and see how quickly your heart will
be strengthened, your nerves toned
up and your blood enriched.
��� Mrs. W. W. Ptarce, 14 Seaton St.,
Toronto, Ont, writes: "I was"left with
a weak heart and in a rundown condition from the "flu."   My nerves were
brought splendid prices.    Not tharthe, b        d   Dayton    was    another���and
monrvy  so. acquired appealed  to him   Dorkin was as sure he knew h5rn.
selfishly; in fact, he never thought 01      Slowly he rose  and looked  about  badly shattered, and I had such pains
money   thus   seru^d   as   a   personal j Wm>     into his strong face had crept  in my heart 1 could not sleep much at
the gravity of a set purpose. The night. I took several doctors medi-
eyes sweeping the woodland, taking cines without getting any bettor. My
on its cloak of early twilight, held a husband got me to try Milburn's
light hard"as blue flint, and the mus- Hfart and Nerve Pills, and after I
clcs of his massive arms trembled like j took one box I got relief; after taking
destroying agents held in 1-ash. I six boxes have been   well   and   not
Uo from the eastward a black cloud   bothered since. :
was rolling.- The trees, standing i" ��� p���r!C,e 50c a box at. all dealers or
whisperless and dead, stirred to sigh' ?"ai,~�� r/.��Ct- on_re��ipl;of price by
of Earning. - Dorkin watched the.on-1 fhe, 1.^ Milburn Co., Limited, Toron-
rushitig storm-clouds for an  instant, [ i0�� ^ni-.
gain, and he would have scorned using, it to further his personal interests.
But his love of the w-'ld things, whom
he had so well 1-arned to understand,
nnd over whom he possessed sucTi
marvellous power, his sympathies for
Ihem werf* so deeprooted that he had
KraduaMy become possessed of a gr^at-
and wonderful ambition! Some day,
if things went well, he in tended to extend Ms Hrrle-of profc^tion, and form
a vast Preserve, sufficiently largeto
allow all his wi'd'fri'nds to come into
it, and live their-lives.'-unmolested bv
him or any.other man.      He.hadal-
then, producing a whistle'.from his
pocket; sent'a shrill'blast out on. ihe
stillness; . ".-""'.        -
Almost imnfediat'ely it was answer
A"M{litary Course'-".
Program This Year.     ',-."-.
e    University ��� of "Saskatchewan
ready  learned  how  s,uch  a   tract 'of 1 ���,  , -,-a        .       -,      r tt     t     ��� . ��� j.    ,      . ^ ���.       . ���
wi'd land was to be obtained from tr.e ! CflJfrom different parts of the forest, .Saskatchewan. College ' Has  Military
Government, and he was laying, bv afd ?"? .s,oon, .r-a^e" s,n.d ��*���V\
every dollar,-earned by his labor of,food beside him. Dor*n lookedJ
love   to this end" from one-to the otner-of hishelpers,)
-'���-'��� -        I starching'y."    -He  .-was    considering j wil3"haveJ"a definite military course for
whether it.was'best to tell them what'
he had learned that afternoon.'"-..
; "Danny,".:'he-^ask-rd, "has Willow
returned with Spray-Coat's puppies?"
. "Yes, Dorkin,". the' Boy answered,"
"I,, was hilpin'her put,'em a'way.fer.
the night." ...
-"Well,  you'd better'go  and bring
her into, the house, laddy.   The storm
will,be bn.usin another half-hour." ���
"Obediently,   the  boy  turned   away.
..Dorkin;waited until the-irecs'hid him
frim sight; then he.tu
The trappers, he knew, particularly
-   the .more, lawless .of them���Abo." Dal-
..- Ion and those 6f;the" lower swales, for
instance���would res-nt haying a Preserve of such-  magnitude    stretching
through    the"",trapping-land, in which
they operated."    -It might'  even ' be
necessary   id acquire certain  of their
"fie'ds, government land all, and. held
.by them now simply "through,- squat-
fc-'s' rights;. -This-gave. Dorkin some,
feelings of uneasiness."   He was noth-
, ln��r,.if,not square. :   He wished to.de-
��� prive no, man of what was; justly" "or
even  unjustly  his.     "But   to  the big
Solitude, with her unfathomable .mysteries, he owcd'.'.his rebuldirig.-    ;H'e
would pay." that .debt������!n! part at least'
���by -protecting her children*,thc--wild
.  things, lie loved;   '        .   ',;-.;��� --' ."
'   .But' there-had'crept into: the'har-
.ri'iony.of his world z. strange, jdi.stu.rbr
irTgnofe.r- Dorkin first felt; its'jar on
' that morning when'he faced Timber.-
"-' ley on' the "sunny-sward of Ifhe upland.;
The petty ���.persecution.'?-of the-lawless.
-' trappers/ .wjjo quesiion'ed'his right to
steal   the  fin est-'specimens'-of -furred
���    creature's-from" their wiles,, had: been
the year" 1922 .according.to "an announcement made after a .recent conference between" President Murray, of
the University, and Brigadier-Genera!
Orm'ond,. O.C., No." 12'District. .'.
��� One hour each.week will'be.devoted ;-t.o drill and-physical training and
one-hour to''theoretical work.-  "Lee-
Arthur, Ont., is reviving the movement for the formation of a new
province out of the area lying between Chapleau and the eastern boundaries of Manitoba province. "There
Frank-^H.    Kcefer.^   M.P.,    Pojrt' American producers 'have   no!   been
able to sell more  than a quarter of
their output since  1919.
Meanwhile, to make matters- worse
from   the   standpoint   of   the   wool
growers, many mills are shut  down
are,    said Mr. Kcefer, "more people   bc&use of kck 0f-orders.     They are
m the district mentioned than there   ceiiintr their rloth hv auction      This'*_"V" "i_ ���   \'""Z i."	
,���/.-�� ,���v,ff�� -,���-,, nf *i��� t .        selling tneir cioui oy auction.      iniSj p t  dog3 t0 sch0ol, where they are
were when any of the four western , win ;ncv;tablv means .chcaner cloth-! ......^.\_. A._..
provinces were given self-government; What reason can' be urged
against the formation of a new
province in this area, so that it may
thrive by sclf-goyernrnent?
Don't let constipation poison youi blood
and curtajlyou'r energy.
If your liver and bowels	
CARTER'S ������, HffllTTLE
Liulo Liver^B   %flVF7R
trouble will' ,
be relieved.  For  dizzinese, lack  oi?
appetite, headache. and blotchy skis -
try them.   Purely(*egetablfc
��omU PiU���Sm��n D���������Small f rico
Studying Expansion
^     Of Orient Tra^e
Canadian Government Merchant Marine Investigating Possibilities.
In connection with the inauguration
of a regular service of steamships between British Columbia antf the
Orient, the Canadian Government
Merchant Marine is investigating
trade possibil.ties and the prospects
of developing trade with the great
Oriental countries. When the liner
Empress of Asia cleared from -Victoria for Yokohama, among her
saloon passengers was A. B. Bros-
ted, general freight agent for the
Canadian National Railways ;who will
act as an advance guard to the fleet
of ships flying the Canadian flag, that
shortly will invade the Oriental'fit Id.
I will inevitably means cheaper clothing; but'it must be remembered that
not more than five" pounds of wool
enter into a'-suit of clothes.���Ottawa
Journal.'   '   ._ . ~
Alberta's Sand Deposits
Should Prove of Great ^Commercial
Value to Canada.
In outlining the possibilities of the
extensive deposits of bituminous sand
along the Athabasca River in Alberta,
S. C. Ellis, engineer -of the Federal
Department of Mines, said that under
reasonable market and transportation
conditions this sand should prove of
great commercial value to Canada. He
suggested .usir#g this material for-road
construction as it had already proved
valuable for this-work. " The transportation of this material .seeme'd to
"be . its only hindrance. ' If suitable
freight rates could be- obtained, -the
sand should be" of immense ..value.
Apart', from the experiments ' tKat
have taken place,.measurements of the
extent of the land show that'the deposits occur.at intervals, over.approximately. 200- mile's round about Mc-
Murray.       '"���'.���"
Paris    society    women- send their
-taught mann'ers.
The Hindus have " no word for
"friend," but use the0word "brother"
Send for list of inventions wanted
by Manufacturers. Fortunes have
been, made 'from simple ideas.
"Patent Protection'* booklet and
"Proof of Conception" on request.
Sun LKf^
tures wi'.l'bc given-'on military'science'
i��c-iiKs uiu mm. t .      a-  - -      ."-      ,   ,"      -,'.   -
 ���... _rncd to:L-aPecr.!by'0fBcers'��PP<nn,��d:,b-y--t.h.?.,^>-����>a
I'was afraid "to tell him" what I'm g'o-l-Dcpartmcnt, covering.the. strategy of
ing "to ' tell- 'you,    Pete,"    he    said." " "" --.���.-..-
"There's no .saying int'o'-what.trouble
his .hot heart might lead him���and us,
Look!".-;. ���:.-_���   ���;���',;���. -;���"���-:���" *;
���.,:"-From -an' inner pocket-.Dorkin. pro
duce.d   a;;small leather,;card-caseand.| Minard's" Liniment- For Distemper.'-,
laid-it;in    the, -"' Frenchman's -��� hand
the Great _War,'.with -particular:1 reference to campaigns' and "engagements
in which;, the-" Canadians' took part. -
- Youth,
With its
; in a k os
for the
. health   and
.'But, later,
'..ma tens
briiig a dif-
" ferent result. Thei'care of a.family,
multiplied household duties,"arid
- very of teii the weakness caused by
wqBaanly.diseasej tetid to prolong
. "the sufTeririg and. to make convalescence a slow andweary process.
Many womenr--p<?jhaps your own
jQeighbors---have. had . beneficial.
.--'experience."with Dr. Pierce's Fa-
VoritePrescription, which prepares
the prospective mother.    Send 10
;cents":to Doctor Pierce's Invalids*
Hotel   in   Buffaio, N. Y.* for a
.trial package of tablets.
""'-; Hamilton, Out;���* I was advised
by a practical nurse to takeDr. Pierce's
'Faypritc Prescription as a tonic dnring
expectancy,-and I have had every rea- -
eon td be,gratefoi :fbrdier, advice, be-
canee it kept me in perfect .health and
I. had practically., no..Buffering.";,The .
*P r es. c rip tion 'not only benefits the;"
toother, but I am positive'.the-<chi!d is''.
benefited, too.   I woold not -hesitate'[���>
to recommend this.:'Prescription' to; =
��rery expjetant   mother."���.Mas..< 0.
'Spixb, 48 Bess Street, N; yl.'? { -r ^ ���
---^l-". n ;��l,-l tic.--7 ������    --.    -,.-.-���-'���   -'---':..  -
"LaPeer.;"'.. wonderingly-:'-, .obeyed."
"Sacr"e!"; lie. exclaimed." "Dere-ccs.
name in here^-f-ahd it hce's'i/ame, Tim-
berlry: ..'   Zc ��� skunk!".'"' - '-.'.'.   '���-'."
; His hand shook; as .H'c'-hpride'd- back
"tlic--ca'sel-.'.--"Y.ou ��� .foiin* dat? You
pick-it .up,.;maybcerT-:?'-.- -."'.' -'. . .- : ���������'
- "^Yes,",;. back:., where wc'.iound. old-
SprayTCoat,'Pcte."'- '  '*  *  ���      ;-   '. -���
,, Coffee wasnot kn'ov/n' to .thc.'Greeks
or Romans. -.'    -.'.'.--.   '���-'-:���"���,,.-���:,'..-"...
Tlie. .Frenchman   stood, silent,   his I
head-bent in".thought; -   .,;  '."V ': /   " i
.'.Dorkin reached forward and put a-'
rhaird; on, 'his' -shoulder..". '-'���!Peic,"   he
said (liii; tly,;",I>kn6w'.I ."cah'.-Cotint -on"
you'.-"   You. have" learned to lock-upon
these wild things we are-protecting-as
trio re-.than -mere. wild, things.     "You
-don't intend to" let them fali- intp-.ihe"
'hands of those vandals, do -you?"
,  La l?c Or.   jerke'd    his-"si. tidcr,. form
cr-oct njul'tivfcw out his." arms.'     "By
dc cro.ss of. Christ,-no!".he.cried,   - '-'I
���'-Many children die frorn'.the-ass'anlts
of worms, arid;"-the first, cafe^ of mothers..should be;jo see that .their infants'
are free' from", these, pest's';. A vermi-
1, fuge.tha't-c'atv'.K-.."depended-, ori' is .Miller's Worm Powders,-'.   They will not
only'expel, worms.from' ihe  system,
but -", act .'.as;."ah'calth-'giv.irig;..ini.dicine
.jand'.a..r.cmc.({y'. fp.r"',majiy".;.pf.   the.''.ail- ,.-
rn'en.ts-'?that beset- infants,   .enfeebling]'
Uhc'm 'and .'endangering  their lives
...Your New House.
- Happy- .the' 'man,   in those days of
shortage,  whp -owns a house   that -is
--ricicriuer.ugly nor uncomfortable! And
happier still .is the-prospective, "bit'ild-
England to Hold
A Potato Coni'er.enc���
Best Methods bf Raising and Cultivat-
,  ;ng Will Be. Discussed.
The   Royal- Horticultural  "Society
acting'in conjunction with the British
-Ministry-:of'Agriculture, has decided
to hold an International 'Potato' Conference, in -November,��� 1921, with'the
view of discussing the'whole qifestion
in"connection'with the. best methods
_pf. raising-and cultivating,this root; .
-';-.T-hc chief t'opics'-to be" discussed at
the .forthcoming, conference- will   bb
";thc 'industrial -and' commercial- use of
the potato,.seed.production, /and , the.
''.cultivation 'of ,..hew"'vari;ti.es."- .."The
preparation; of the .program", of-' the.
conference -and - the arrangement" of
the. papers.to.be";rea'd haye= been left
in-the hands of .a ..sub-co'tninittec.1'' Invitations,  -to   foreign delegates -to a't-
L't.ch'd -the. conference will, it' is -stated,-
-be'sent; out shortly.'_." -It is "in teres t-
ing> ..to.', note 'that already -the "United
Stat: s"Department of 'Ag'ricultirc'has
[agreed to send delegates and to" make |
an exhibit, of various Am
tics.   . .
HALF a century has elapsed since the Sun Life Assurance Company of
Canada issued its-first policy in 1871.   The figures submitted herewith
indicate the size, strength and outstanding position to -which the company
has attained among the life assurance institutions of the world, as a result of
Its opcratione 'during those first fifty years,      ��� '
.-'"���'[    ���     .. .    ASSETS
Assets as at 3Jst December, l1920"    ���    <,    . \ ���    ���    ,    ,
.   Increase over 1919   ...-;'..,,...,
���'   INCOME
Cash Income from Premiums j Interest, Resits, etc. j'in
.Increase oyer 1019   ..    .   ���.    .    .    .    .    .    ���    ,    ,,
.Kroflts Paid ot Allotted to Policyholders In 192�� -.    .
.-' '���-������-���-���: '"'     ��� SURPLUS
Total Surplus 31et. December, 1920, over all Mablllties
asd capital,    .    .    .-.-; t    ���
- (According to the' Company's" Standard* -rf*. for
��� -  ,- r>S3uranc����,t5ie 0:n (5) Tabic,, with 3>4 and 3 psi
cent. Interest, and for-annuities, the B. O, Select
AnniMy Tables -wltii 3Jtf j)cr cent. Jntcrest).
Death Claims, Matured Endowments, Profits, etc., during 1920   $
Payments to Policyholders ainco organization - .    .    ,
'���"      . .'_ -A^^AN.CES,'ISSUED DURING 3920
insurances issued ahd paid for in casli during 1920  .
; -.    .Increase over. 1019.-. ."".....,    .    .    .    .    .
* 28,751,578.43
$  QJMAtlJM   ^
icrtcau vane
fight all ?c t*m" -fcr ijem t'intf 1 lo.ye. ;.cr {vi10 -w;u coiiforni'hohesVly'to gooc
Let .dcm feller come, an' I  keel dcm.!   ,     ",   -', ..' e "���,,   - J     .�����i���
���mi.-^K asTkeel skulking. w��ascir Don't r-Stanu/trds  forjhc -new structure!" W.i
;I    know,  -nic.?_ .Don't:.! fin -'out "all -'".V^y// "��)g'] ��� fo.r   Jhc good, old days o
'-hour,what -de ia-w allow us to" do," to i -cheap iriaterials-aiid abiindant1 labor,
-nwtecr our ovV;v?^ .   .   ���.   ���.   -|"bnt   .fip' r^ponsibility^or a" pleasant
Sure tine,   not Jet  La Peer-.       A -'- . -"     '-'.-.������   "j  -        "..-'���--
.reatly. I. tak it. on" mas-If ti'Mo��Y'-niv,-nJ���,i   !s- "^ .personal now
it GVy -v.-iir come, Dorkin.      To.nisjht,   than.. ��� form.:rly._ - -Of ���   course  utility)
now-, win I -g-q .down dcrp- and 5;>cak   should always^ he .considered-, but-that-
de .word  to dc in tnen."-   ���   .        "        }is no' reason "why. a house should not
Dorkin  pondered, ..his  eyes on _rii^is0.1iavc Simplicity o.f line" and good-
taste    in   -ornament.���^Youths    Com
arkening ski.es above    the    clearing.
"Aft'ir ihe stortn' ha's passed,'"if you;
-like, Pete," he said.
He held out his hand, and with that
Spirit of "kindredship, closer than
brotherhood,  the  Frenchman  grip'ped
"it. Something warm splashed.down
on Dorkin's wrist, and as he turned
towards his cabin, there -was that in'
��� his .heart which drowned' the bitter
anger which had scorched it, .
Korguvlen'Island, 5n the Southern
Indian'Ocean, is over 3,000 miles from
the ncart-s't mainland, and ��� may lay
claim to being the -most isolated
W.   N.
',    ..^CHAPTER XIX. .
The:night.- was" late: ���:.' Outside,' the
furnmer  world .of-'Shagland.-- .drench-
For Sore Throat
Cold in the Chest, Etc.
cd.and refreshed by "the downpour��� of-[
rain, slept peacefully beneath the low-j:
hanging ��� stars..' .'V-Iii his '""cabin',-, beside i..
"the .heavy;',oaken .table. ^ Dorkin,'; ���satj;;
alone,"--:his "arm's;'folded;;. his'-chiri-'iunkj'
:o'n'.his"- breast. At-.his-fe.ei slept; Lar'rj\j
the,'setter,- h-.ayy- muzzle- be't\v.ceri',.h'-s-;! :
;pa\vs.'"-dreami;ig.:-fit fully--'.ahd-oValfihg-':-'
"suddeniy -a,t'-.i.nti;'rv"ais..'tq"---cas.t.'.^a.-rjYics-'':'
.;tibning" look->At:,.his1��iha'st';r.:":;.:."y. ;������".'.'-,' :"."':j:
On.a bearskin;.!in'..the .corner,.of. t.he.i
"' 'Real Go'i's-Acres'"
War Cemeteries in France. Reported
,-." . AVcll'Kept;'-
That the war ccni"i:tt-ries\in France
.and Belgium are real.- '-'"Cod's Acres"
.net-not the-iil-cai-cdL-forrind-unlovely
spots that rtiasiy'siipposcd-thcin to be,
was t.lie message to Bereaved-pdrc'nts
and re'latives'd.livere.d by^Captain the!
R-ev..M. Mullincftsr, M-.C.,' "in Christ'
Church Cathedral, Montreal. Rcpn>
sentative in France ;df -the Canadian
Red; Cross and honorary chaplain to
New Zealand, wit'h^whosc .Jorces he
scrvi-d for over four, years, Captain
M-uilinea'tix. has come here ..to tell
Canadians of the way their dead are:
cared for and how'the graves may be'
Captain MulTincauxLdcscribcd chiefly the work pf the-St: Barnabas Hospital, which, he organized in France
jnst over a year ago for the purpose
of. assisting re.la.ti.ves' to visit graves.'
i g^|p^||^oS|^^ j^j
1 f
THE -  LEDGE, '. UREENWOOD.     B. ���   0.
/" .
/"Will I mak�� an extra prof it,;
or wilt I stick t& quality???89
���Whenever the grocer buys
tea this is tKe question that
If he is after the biggest pro*
fit he will never buy Red Rose
Ifea for it gives him less profit
than other teas which he sells
ait the same price* Buthe buys
Red Rose.���It has the quality*
World Happenings
Briefly Told
Mine Products of B. C.
' British Columbia's production "for
1920 totalled $20,580,6,25," which is an
increase of $2,284,312, or seven per
cent, over the 1919 total, according
to figures made public by the Department- of Mines. Increases -were recorded in'"silver, copper and zinc,
Heart Disease Relieved-in JO Minnies.
Dr. AgnewV Remedy: ior the Heart gires
perfect relicl in.all cases ol 'Organic or
Sympathetic Heart Disease in JO mmutvs, and
speedily effects, a cure. it is a D<:er:css
remedy lor I'alpitation.-Sbortneim o' llrrnth,
Smothering Spells, Pain in Left Side, and all
symptoms ol a diseased ilcart Ono dose
convinces.   '
Germans Working-
For Pa.estine Trade
Open Winter Causes
Aimh Optim'sm
Plenty of Moisture in the Spring is
, Confidently Predicted.
The open winter which, this country
has experienced ha3 caused a\wjivc
of optimism, writes a correspondent
from'- Mac'.cod, Alberta, to spread over
the ranchers and farmers of the^dis--
trict. Such . conditions have been
unknown for years and point to a very
wet season. It has been observed
by the Indians that the birds are nesting in the higher branches of the
tree's and this is stated to be a sure
sign of floods. The cattle also arc
moving.from the bottoms on to the
higher lands and it is confidently predicted that a very early spring is a��
"hand bringing with it abundant'mois-
tufe.    :- ,C        ,        <���.
Making Strenuous Efforts to Retap-
/   ture Former Monopoly.       ,,
Sir Alfred   Mond, member  of  the
Zionist organization's economic council  for Palestine, has returned, from
..Palestine,- and, according tc the London Times, stated he was impressed
most  favorably  with   that   country's
.possibilities.     He     warned   .British
traders that the Germans were making   strenuous   efforts   to   recapture
their former monopoly of its markets,
and urged the building of strong trade,
connections now in view of the future
importance pf commerce with Pales^j
tine, which he described as being in
the process of active^ development.
In addition to other troubles, sleeping sickness is reported in Ireland.
German paper manufacturers are
now underselling Canadian newsprint.     .-.. ���.'-;"        , ;'
-The Alberta Government ^has confirmed the taking over of the E. D.
arid B. C Railway by' the C.P.R.  J
The Canadian General Accountants'
Association has decided to bar women from holding certificates.
,_..Suicides in the U.S; in 1920 numbered 6,171, including 2,604 women
and 707 children. ������
Miss Emma Goldman was one of
the orators at the funeral of Gen.
Kropotkin at'Moscojv.
The forthcoming allied conference
in London will be held at St. James'
Work on the. Wclland Canal has
been progressing steadily all .winter,
I is�� one of the
���most useful an<&
economical articles
employing about 1,500 men.
Pairy producers in Alberta will be
)��quired to -contribute 50 cents annually to the National Dairy Council.
The dispute between the. management and employees of the Canadian
National Railway may be aired in the
House of Commons.
Sa(c" blowers at Pontiac, Mich,,
blew a vault at the Bank of Michigan,
and were repelled by mustard gas that
had be~n placed in the vault.      ���   -   .
Premier Lloyd George, speaking in j
._     Itch Cured In 30 Minutes. the   Commons,   emphasizes-the. need
Itch,. Mange,  and%all   conttigioajy, scrntcheB | for   CO-Opcration "between     aH     units
i    tinman    ��-��*���    animal      fiirp/1    it\     \C\    iftiniiffm    hv '    '  . t ,x , _     _
of    the    empire on questions of 1m-
;*let -GJilletifrlye
expression, among
tlio0e'-'.'that are
familiar'.mtli its
Read Oha tliredians
^ibmIcs: the wappeic
HPL        "TV 1 *    '���   ''
1 he ."-JJelicious
- An   Acknowledged   Expert   in
All Matters  Pertaining  to . _
Household Management,
Compose Suit
Of Cafe an Lait
on human or animal, cured in 30 minutes by
Wolford's Sanitary  Lotion.      At Druggists.
B.C. Loans to Industrial Concerns..
British Columbia's department of
industries granted, loans amounting
to $630,658 to industrial enterprises
during 1920,; according to a report
tabled- in the legislature by Hon.
John Oliver, premier and minister of
industries. Loans totalling $3,044,-
050 were applied for during the .year.
New Zealand was the first country
in. tlie; world to acknowledge the political equality of the sexes by giving
-women full stiff, age in 1893.
Minard's Liniment ""For Colds, Etc.
��� Farm Sold For $38,000,
Tydhurst farm, four miles west of
RcginaywSaskatchewan, -was sold recently frfr $38,000 cash, or $118.75 an
acre. ���   This- price, which is notably
to $$30,658 to- industrial"  enterprises1 hi��h>for   high   productive   land   in
during  1920,'according 'to  a: report  -Western  Canada, included  the  good
.tabl.d   in ,thc    Legislature by Hon. "buildings on.the property,
-John Oliver, premier and minister of
Big.Grants To Industry.
British. Columbia's  Department  of
^Industries   granted  loans . amounting
pcrial defense. '    ".
. Southam interests are reported to
be-contemplating-* purchase sof the
Toronto ..World and the .Montreal
Herald. The World may be' changed
to an afternoon publication.
Capt. Rev. M. M^il'.ineau, Canadian
Red Cross, .says that the Canadian
ccmctcrLs in France are "real God's
acres," being well cared for and
beautiful.   * - s
. A U ri-que Barometer
Stone In Finland Which Forecasts
The Weather. ' v
In Finland there is a stone "which
like a barometer, forecasts the weather. This stone, it is said,'turns black
or blackish gray when rain or bad
weather is approaching, tand small
white spots at the approach of clear
Some of us think of fritters as
verging on the luxurious, but the fritter is one of the ways of serving leftovers that hotels���those.great-institutions who make a very particular
study-of economy���find very satisfactory. Of course, the fritter, even at
its-best, is not food for invalids or little children or folks with impaired
digestion, but a properly made, fritter
is a gastronomic delight.
In discussing fritters as an economical dish with 'a very frank little
western 'woman recently, she remarked': "But you need deep fat" and
a deep pan to-make 'em, and all that
costs money���how can you call that
She- was ���: right in that one needs
deep fat for.frying the fritters and a
deep pan. But isn't this part of one's
household equipment? This argument might be followed up by saying
that you have to have some kind ��f a
tabic and something to sit upon when
you are serving food* in civilized-
But the excellent vegetable fats and
oils that we find on the market today have the virtue of lending themselves to the cooking of several foods
without absorbing a\iy of tl.   flavor.
For instance, one might fry'iish in
deep fat and then fry apple fritters in
the same fat.     This was not true in
the oltl days, when  the only fat the ;
housewife knew was lard or beef fat. j
But the vegetable fats on the market I
to-day are really  delightful to work
A deep iron-pot is convenient but
not essential. .    For the small family
PCHEEtyKEBBAL-ga pwJoswwwrilte..
AHTBEFT1B���Steps bScod-paiscn.
SOQTHHB-EaU pain sad unutic&eie.
PUBE���3t���� tobsltjftLnu&se'
Immigration To Canada
Decrease Is Shovrn Of Immigration
From the United States.
Statistics prepared by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics give, the immigration to Canada for*the eight,
months ending November aa 120,000
as against 91,000 for the same period
in 1919. From Central Europe came
17,669, an increase of nearly 10,000 for
,thc period; from Great Britain, 65,000,
an increase of 18,000; and from the'
Unit-d States, 37 970, a'decrease of
one thousand The immigrants arC
of two classes: (a) those who are
coming to >oin heads of families, and
(b) refugees from the war areas, A
great number of these immigrants are
held up at entry ports and deported,
and the largest number hcid for <lc.-
portation at one time^v/as eight hundred.
Two-thirds of an andicne
onto, "listening     to    an
Lieut.. Dempster,  on  h.s  experiences
address   by
weather. Many attr.bute the- changes
to the stone's fossil mixed with clay | ��ot indulging in fried foods very frequently, the top of a one-quart size |
and    containing    rock  salt; nitre, or
ammonia, which, according to the! double boiler may be improvised as
amount of Avatcr vapor which the', a frying pan. Put in only enough fat
air contains���attracts the dampness or! or oil t0 ha-f fil1 it. More fat than
gives its own off. When it attracts! *his >s liab^ to cause bubbling over
as a prisoncr-of war in Russia, op.n-lit becomes black; when it gives oft ��� aiui tne Possible catching fire of the
%. declared   themselves   Bolshevistic.' moisture  and  the' salt   gets dry,  the- *at Wlt" a^ tnat means
By Gertrude Beresford,
The compose suit is one that appeals to many women because of its
practical qualitie's. This model is
made of cafe au lait velour in plain
i and striped weaves. The former is
chosen for the coat. The long collar, however, shows a pleasing use oi
the striped fabric, The skirt, too, is
made from the striped velour as well
as the jaunty {nrn back cuffs. The
soft tricorne of brown satin reveals
a soft draping on the side.-^ The type
of suit just described suggests an ex-
! cellent way of making over clothes.
Sometimes a dress gets rubbed in the
bodice while the skirt is still quite
presentable. ��� By getting enough material for.a coat you lnay readily
evolve a delightful suit.
��� industries. "       *
���'-'"    Loans totalling $3,044,050 were applied for during the year. ' ���
"Of course, one "swallow does not
make a summer," said McCall. "But
if there's not some big mistake one
apple made a fall."���Stray Stories.
In the southern hemisphere a tornado rotates .in the direction Opposite -__from that taken by one in the
northern hemisphere.
��� The less you need looking after, the
more will the boss think of you.���
Bert Moses.
is a prqof of true worth. The reliability of Beecham's
Pills as a safe, gentle and.e'ffective corrective and
eliminant has been proven for. 70 years.. Digestive
disorders often cause impaired health.- Biliousness,.
. headache, lost appetite, constipation, and ailments ,
V^may 'be relieved: by that reliable family medicine ^r
The Union Farmers State Bank-of
New Salem, North Dakota, has closed. Officials of the bank said reserves had fallen below fiie legal limit . and -that the bank would re-open
Agitation against infected shaving
brushes has resulted in, virtually
paralyzing the ��� Japanese bristle industry, and the government is taking
steps to open a national disinfection
office at-Kobe
stoije becomes.white, indicating that
the air contains little moisture.
Canada's Mineral Wealth.
The total value of Canada's mineral
j production   during   the   year  1920  is
[estimated at $200,000,000 as compared
���with $176,686,390-in 1919."   ^*
The schools for girls in Copenhagen are reckoned among the best
in Europe. '
Of Interest to Childless
Just   Breathe   "Catarrhozone."
Its Balsamic. Vapor Does
���the Rest.
All. records for construction'' of
merchant vessels were broken by
British, shipyards during 1920, when
618   vessels   of   2,055,624 tons .were ,
"completed, exceeding the   1919.   total' "" ��s a tiny* germ that sets-up the irri
by   over..WO.OOO tons.-. The'world's "���lation ^hat ���ake*-coWs -fi0
output fots 1920 was -1,759���vessels of
5,816,666 tons, a decrease of -1,500,000
to'ns. -���-'-' ��� ''--'-
Sun-Life Company
Makes Big Advance
��� w��ywhfere
in Canada.
In Boxes,
Largest Sale of Any Medicine in the World
-;     SAVES $?Oj0O
~"*-TJie very latest editibf" ol the Encyclopaedia Britannica-may be had i-n what ia. colled the Handy Voiuui* edition at $70.00, less lhan the,ordinary Cambridge edition; we.
liave both cditionV . The Handy Volume edition has. every letter and every syllable
contained in the mote expensive'one. "The.pap��r is just the same, but "the margins are
narrower- and the. type is "smaller. ��� You can'buy this;"!iandy .Volume editsonlor $1.00
down and the balance, in small monthly payment ol about 14c i.d.iy'." Thespecial easy-
termi piiib the Britannica in cithei cditioo- *itlnn the reach o!-*eye.ryone. ..Those who
wish to pay cash may do so. . . You have licard about, the llritannica since yoo were, a
"child and. have always wanted it���now' is'-yotir chance.   -   .--;.   ,.','���'.,. '-".,--
y -'Send usa post. card,, you need not  wi-itc" much, nist  write- the word.'"nrilBnrjn:a"
. with-your name aocl.ftddri-as;- we. will ue>dii>.tand and full particulars'will be sent. . .   ;
McAINSH^. CO.,. Limited',  4;=to: 12 College St.; Toronto.
.  .Agents L For Encyclopaedia Britannica.
,,.- ..-'���" 'SUN LIFE.
-- The year 1921.mark^ thefiftieth ah-'
nivcrsar-y- of- the Sun Life Assurance
Company of Canada which in the half
.century of its .existence .has..grown.to
bc-pnc'of' the largest'and most sue-'
.ccssful life insurance-cbmpahiea in the
���world.        -"..-'' ������    .
:. A comparison of the' growth^of the
company's'business by decades is perhaps  the   most- convincing.'proof,  of :
thc.steady development of public con- "
fid^ncc'towards'.-it. ��� ,-,     ���....; . .    ' I
; One- year - after   .it'-was-organized, i
in ��� 1872,   'the company's income.'was
,$48,000,-" its; assets, $96;461; and' it-'-had ."
disagreeable.     Colds die-quickly if Catarrho-
zon* is used, simply, because the vapor of Catarrhozone instantly destroys -.
the germ tHat.ktcps the co'.d al.vc.
-Every breath you draw through, the
inhaler .fills  flic whole breathing apparatus with "pure "p.iney essences that .
. stops' colds at.th ir very- beginning.
You experience .a- pleasant 'sensation
, of. relief at once. . - Soreness, conges-
"tion.and irritation; leave the. nose and.
! throat, the head is cleared, and every
I trace' of   co'ld'or catarrh is relieved..
I Catarrliozotic is so sure, so'plcasant,,
���I such   a   safe   remedy   for   winter  ills'
���j that "you can't afford to do without it.
... Get, the'"dollar outfit,' it    lasts    twoj
month's and is guaranteed' to reli.ve;
, small size' 50c; trial size 25c, "a'l deal-'
'e'rs""��r-Tlic ;Ca"tarrh^z6hc Co.,"' King
tstbn,-. Canada.    ..-"���.    . -      .
With the pot half filled with fat,
you arc ready to heat the frying
medium . to the proper temperature
for fritters. A rough way of estimating whether or not the fat is of
the right temperature is to look closely at it" to ascertain if it is "Still." It
is no longer moving as it was at the
beginning of the heating.
When smoke -begins to come off,
you may know that your fat is burning. This impairs "the use of the fat
and consequently is not economical.
If the fat shows signs oi smoking,
remove it at once from the siovc until it has coofed' down.
And, during a frying, under uo circumstances leave fb?e hot fat on the
fire'while you kavc the room if only
for.a moment. It.is safer to remove
the "fat1 entirely-from the stove "and
reheat upon returning.- ."���        -''
��� " Now,'.as to the-fritter batter. Here-
.is a basic recipe which .will do for all
kinds of fritter's with-a bit of varia-,
tion.- -' Sift/together two level, tea^
spoons of baking powder .'with one
level half-pint measuring cup of flour j
and one-fourth level teaspoon of salt, i
Aged Maine Farmers.
Fanners in twenty-eight  towns of
j-Maine, according to a recent survey,
I show   an    average of seventy years.
I Yiu might thing this ^ high   average
indicates     merely     the     wonderful
halthfulness of agriculture as a calling.     There arc those, however, who
interpret  the  statistics    as    proving
that almost no young people are taking up the' farms which their parents
have cultivated.     One wonders just
what New England agriculture will be
like twenty years   hence i when   the
average age of the farmers is ninety
years.���Lowell Courier-Citizen,
, Tablets always do just \that is claim
To'a half-cup of mj}k or water add s" cd for them.     The Tablets are a mild
* Mrs". Georges' Lefebvre, St. Zenon,
Qx\c, writes: "I.do not think thrre is
any- other medicine to equal Baby's
Own Tabl is for little" ones. I have
us.cd them for my baby and would use
nothing else." What Mrs. Lefebvre |
says, thousands of other mothers say. j
They- have found by trial that the |
always do just \4jhat
Toronto, Ontario.���"I suffered for a
long time from a female -wealniess, inflammation, and a terrible backache
caused by that condition. One day one
of your booklets was left at my door, and
I read bow other -women with troubles
like mine had been made well, so I got a
bottle of Lydia E. Pinkbam'sVegetable
Compound and a package of Sanative
Wash, and it helped me -wonderfully, _
and I now have the finest littloAaby boy
that any mother could want. I want to
recommend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to any woman who has
female troubles." ���Mrs. Joseph La
Bella, 773 Shaw Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The experience of Motherhood is a
trying one to most women and marks
distinctly an epoch in their lives. Not
one woman in a hundred is prepared or
understands how to properly care for
herself. Every woman at this timo
should rely upon Lydia E, PinkKjim'a
Vegetable Compound, a most valuable
tonic and invigorator of the female
In many homes once childless there
are now children beeause of the fact
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound makes women normal,
healthy' and'strong, and thie good old
fashioned root and herb remedy contains no narcotics or harmful drugs.    *
Danger Signal For Automobiles.
- A' '"periscouc" .automobile danger
.signal, which warns motorists of tht.
approach at night, of- cars or trucks"
dr'pund a curvc-pr corner,-is:now."used
-in-'phio.-'-'The signal works automatically.^  . It. consists .of a nine-inch red
well beaten egg.    / . .     .      i
Stir the.liquid into'the flour and-add
enough more liquid to make a drop
batter. Care must be takcn.in thin-
tiing.=the--batter, as -sometimes.- the material from, which, the fritter will take'
its name will have a thinning effect..-
.- If a smaller quantity, of" batter- is
desired,', use half the-quantity .of..'nia-:
.tcrial and " either the yolk or the
white' of. one egg. This division of
the egg is" considered^, more, economical" by,most cooks than taking half.of
the whole'cgg.  '-. One';can,do so many.
or an .eprfr
.but thorough laxative which rfgulate
the bowels -and sweeten the stomach
and. thus banish indigestion, constipation, colds, colic, etc, / They arc sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents,a bos-.from The -Dr. Williams-
Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Ont,
How anxious'people are to help you
when you/are'-in' a position to help
lctjs:w.ilha mirror so/arranged in-the ,'things, with an egg-white
v -.'- ...-      '-     -'     '   -,*,-,..   | back, of  it -that .it-caiclu-s   thc..;rays- .yolk..   -::.  . -.    . ��� , .. .;-.. '���.-,.��� I
written policies for.a, total of ,$1,06-t,-- V    .'���-,,- ���',' .-,-,���  ,  - ���   c         -  ' "���-' , -i     c -   '    ��� ��� --" :i -���  " i   i>'," "-     i ,  ��� c\
icn   -  b'   !.-t    - lo'oh '.t     ������   "-      /front the. headlight of a car approach-', ,'- Suppose you .have- half; a -cupful of!
350;   - By-the year. 18&0-the-income.':   -     -    --,---,       ..--��� '���:      ,   ���-,,���.-'      -   ' -     --,    >������'.-     ,,    .-- -    "1
,',-.' '  .' -" *i ii-inv    .'.v-1'^   ���" ���    .mg ^around.'the. .curve.-... -and   -throws ,-let t-ovcr    canned, -fruit..-.    Drain.any
had. grown;-to-.?l'll,402,. with   assets.--,-     -.   -..-:."   ---;.   -  -'.--,-  ��� . ���-    - ^--.- -:   --���'    /     "-."'���  -,-"   vV   ..   -   .-'-"-,.,
������- = ������--'-������"- ���   them into tlio red letis, uluminatirig- it..! syrup "from it and add' tne. trai^t to- the''
- -   -���     .' ���.-.-=���1^-^--..'-" f . .'''. -,- ' .  -;.  j'-bat.ter.   "'In this,'way, half a:cu"pful-of
Tii Korea "it" is', etiquette; for- a -man l:ffuit;.car..;:bc made .to".scrvc/cight or
���Mothers.. can- easily know when
their children-- arc troubled with
worms,"anil, they lose no time in applying '.a " reliable remedy���Mother
Graves': Worm, Exterminator,
PAZO OINTMENT instantly Relieves ITCHING PILES and you
can get restful sleep after the
first application.
All druggists are authorized to
refund the money if PAZO OINTMENT fails in the~treauaearof-
any case of ITCHING, BLIND,
It is guaranteed by Paris Med-.
icine Co.,Toronto, ManirfactuNsw
|_af tho world-famoms Grove's
"Laxative Bromo Quinine tablets.
..: Tiger beetles, found all. the world
over/rim "down; "their prey by speed of
foot:-'V;-.-"-'. ���'"'������'������   ���
$473,682 and insurance in-force-of $3,-
897,139. ,   Frpni-this/tiinc-ionwai.u the
dcve!opme"nt:qf"thc-cdnipany,,not'only .     ..-.: ,���
in .Canada, but-.'in-; stretching:. out   "to  '       J'"
'many.'.other- countries .;of
"procccdctl a.t a u-apid
eh ybu_-.eat.let it be the best��,?
Real  Seville    \
;\jXB,tlt:,0 ���������'���
AQOranga aridSagar���r
- No.camoaflage. -
Boiled isith, care in.SilctrFaas^
'��� *a�� yoira grocer ron IT.' -
Just: Imagine
The delicious 'pisserYes you:would.mite il. jb'u .could;walk out icto\tjJ orchard ol  '.
" ' "      '        .'���-���--.        = .     ..   -   'ftlonJ picking only  )
One  Thousand VV<Ves'"o{-".ript,'-'lu��cio'us .Jruit;- jb  th��  pink ,oi.:rondftion> picking
'he   choncst,   using   nothing ��� with   it-bat   pure" cane   *us!ar,"-and' if,'."u>'.addition," you
had  me. inoaii  ���ei<-��tifir  machinery   to torn  it ��ct���Don't "you think-your  Jam ��� would
V*  ;w>t  about   ptifect?     Thir'U  jost   how "",.... '.'. .-=���-.   "-;   '
:^K-.:&tSMITH & SONS, }Limite&:M
���".:.'���'/.-.���"'���-:,;'.' '       -.' KAKK  THEIR   JAMS   AND. JELLIES'       .*��� V      <- "���'���
  ~ "  " ";tt
::~'u~-' '���'���'. >'-   '������'.'-;.- ;  ' -ST ���'.,-"," -'iWtaterB 'D'nxriivxeTK "[-_������;.'.���-;-"','���   \. ,-.f ;Ai" ���',-;" ^'V/T;1 '".:'-'
'���W*tt�� * 'Tries**)*.,' WirBip����, Bcgrna and Sa'sVaMcn,-_5atlL-"^.donaia,'"B.i-.}tiiiit.'Cft.
',*".'., fhtr   wen' the   b��i . to'iuske   Pote.-Jansa   in   Cmada,
ia  ixmolarity.   ' Try ".*  liri   of .their.'new   *ca>oos   *tra��berrj.
���    ;-.  >J^i>yollT,::ffoee��^^o''���;E.,���, D.-.-SiriiVs'Jiaia ,#itb_'the-1
     limited       F^tG^.a^Pie^eril
are' *till.:lead'mg
i: deliciou*. '" ��� -' .-'
Leaf, IabeU.--v.-V'.'
CileJr?  t*4 .Edmonton..-. Altai
is the
tables for,the next foui'-decadrs inUi.-l
catc: ' '., ���':.-' ;...;-'"--��� -'���'""/-'' -"'",-'
1890-f In'com'e   .     "
",..-'     Assets,'."';
; -',"      Insurance
1900^1 ncome   .
-'���.';   /Asset's' ....
.' :.'.Insurance.
19.1(>-r.liicotnc   i"
',"    Assets -';,'
"..;.-.:    'Insurance
1920-rlncome- .
'  " Assets- .,
-   Ins-'urvicc.
ore "jijs; wile "if they "chance" to^
meet".hi the street, " ."' -.   'i"-   -- '""    ���'-
.'.,'.....'��� "2,473.030
-in. force .---16,759,030-'
.-.'-.-....'. '":--'2,7.89 000,
.;���'-.-.".-.���.". "'10,486,00:)
in-^force -,57,98-0,003"'
..-,.."-'.."; " " 9,575000"
'..'....'���,'. ;. 38,10-1.000
itv force.'143,549;003
'.;..>..;���.-./ 28:751,000
'.-=.;.-.'.;. - 1148391000
486,641,000  inacy
the : Ji
.^.iRlicuniatisru. Re.'icyed In 3 to 3 Days.'1
. .South '.'A,iiic"ric.-iri^ltliiuniatic. .Kernedy is -a
Vonderlul jiic.licuio - in the treatment.- ol. .i\.-ute
or". intl��'iiiin.ili'!!,y .rliciiiii.i.tisin, chronic' il;ei)ina-
ti:3i\i,.hi.nbrii;o, 111.111:11^1:1, aiid'all ail'.nelu.i iluc
"io"_'rh-.:ni'.-.:iti;m.: It; Olten- ciir;.s-'1:1-, I 'to 3
���i.jy.- '���- ���At'iirii^Eibts.     "���-,.-'.=���'    ..'-.���        '"���'';
in   force
a; record", stands- alone in
airnalsof life ���insurance -companies in
Canada.      Nor-"after- such    a   great
"achievement   is .there  any   sign   that
the-.company, has any   '.intention    of
statlding stil! on its laurels,, for during i
the  past   year   there   was   written   in
new insurance upwards. of. ��106,000,-
000, which  in itself exceeds "by ,$20,-
1-000,000 thc-high' m:ark,"'of.!l9l'9, 'v.-hich
-tip'.to:.that-date -was a record;.for .the
��� cotrjpany.. '���  It is'interesting' to ,-notc
. that during.its'fifly'.'ycars 6f.exister.ee
���j the SunJLife has.paid out to its.'pol.r
^icy-holders or'.thcir:bc!icfici^ri;cs,-"Qy,er;
.jstatcrnc'ritr-ofT-this- coinparty. ,-fpr-;;jthc
- pa's';:"-year. appear'i"c|scwh,crci'.i;in:,;..this"'
:,.-,!ssue..an'd -w.li.,.be -studied.(yvith-'.more I'
;-';t!iari^��sual.interest .in:this its'" Jubilee :-,~ . ��� ...���.-
"-'year,;:/] ';^i.;":v^/vSr^:.-/\^) ;V...:."'"'���>"���' ''J:". -���.:S-;':"-..'.-;
' - Built' Church 'From One Tree.
!   One  ircc-mado a  church -a.t-;Santa!
���Rq.s'a;,Cai:.f;  '.-l-'vory "parfof the- build-'
iti jr,.-except the flooring,.- catne froin a
giant redwood, which yielded -seventy- i
eight' 'thousand-'fcet'~..oiv linibcr   an.tl
shinies'.   '     "..���-'.'.-.-
"ten*.-.'-<- The syviip may. have'-waleranrt
the" jiiicc'-of-halt" a lemon and a Tittle
suyar- adtld and a very, little ' cornstarch --slirrcd-- in -fold'".water.- . " This
���cooked-, up; .wi'l give -.an"--economical
sauce; ' ; .; --.- ' _ . ��� . \ , -., ' ���
'-' Slices of apple "-soaked. :in-- lemon
juice and' sprinkled .with: pow.dcred
���sti'gar.m.ty be dip.pcd'iii tl!C batter and-
trlcd in deep .fis.t.'-: Use- a wire, spo'oii
���for rcmoviiig "the. fr:t'tcr>,.::Knt1 -'pii't'
tttcm" on soft-;paper-io.-rer.iOvc" excess-
"fat," 'Bit's, of fish' or" any Ic-ft-oycr
vtgetabhv may bo jiirule i.r.to the very
-economical    fritter.   ,;ml  served with'
. - Excellent' for Croupy' Children.���
"When a. child 'is, sitifferin.cr with ciotip
"it is a good, plan to use Dr. Thomas
Ecle.ctric Q'J, . it rcduc* s tiie in-
ibunmatiorr' and loosens th^ phlepm
giving-speedy-relief to the little sufferer.. -It is, < qu.illy reliable for sotc
throat" aiid'-'c.li's.t. earache, rhrtitnpttc
pahis.'.'Ctits.'bruihCi- and hprain-a.      Dr.
�� IT 0 �� ��
This signature is on every box
If yon aro nnablo to get PAZO
OINTMENT from your druggist,
send 60c in i>ostag�� stamps to
Paris Medicine Co, 193 Spadlna
Ava, Toronto, and a box will be
mailed to you promptly. Write
your name and address plainly.
cream  sauce .as  .the -tnam   lyyt
tinchcon. ���-
A Queer.
JIL'.RUS   is   .1   remedy   lor   the  r��ltcl   ol   Con>
���Tl'ion'ias'-.l'lclcct'ric 0��: is  recatded bv 1 stipation,   Iml-KOtion,    Biho��snt��s.    Rheumv
---������---��� ���     " - ��� tlsnli   Kulncy   Trouble*.       It   11   wcll-'tnown,
having   b��ea   t.-stensivcljr   ailvcrtiscd.   stk'c   li
wns  tirst   manut.-iunrcd   in   18S8,   by   dist tbw
tion   ol   Imsr   cruantiticii   ot   Almanacs.   Cosh
..        ,      . , , Books,  Upalth  Books, etc., which are furnish-
report   of   Major   Gen.   Strick-    eil  to agent*   lice oi charge.       The  rcmcilioj
" i" c .. _ .       '      I are <ol<l  at a price    thai    allows    agent,    to
commander oi .he crown iorce<;; <loub!c ,he.r money.     Wr.te A'on^o O   Bii,:)
IrejaiuCcottccriiir.e; the Cork   firp.    Mclscal Co,  12-t St   Paul Street I'jst.  Moo-
many  tlioit'sands as an  indispensable
of t'tic-.fn.mi1y.m'cdicii.e ch^st.
-.is withheld by 0i
Britibh ministry.
real,  Canada?      Mention  this  paper
CHOICE SILVER Black ^Breeding
;F.oxeX   '     Instructions.-   .- Rtid
Bot'hvvcil, Ontario. .... .      ���'.
When   ordering'goods  by   mail,  ��cud a. Ui>>
.���     -     ..      T- JL'   A. .�� -./-I*.l-V '-
.-'A-Powerful 'Med'cine.���-The   heal-,,
-itig.properties in si.x-essential oils .arc ".Bros,
cone, titrated- in, cVcty, bottle   of-Dr.
Thomas'   Krlec-tric   Oil,'  fornTihg^one
ot  the tni-��sf���be'tioflci;.! liniments ever
Transaction i-oftercd :o. the uso of man:"*-'' Many can     ..     ��� -,,       .,,-.,, -,
,; - --; ' .   -,..-.-���        .t     '            ��.   -        ���    ���      n      ���       I tiiinion- Expiesi   Money Orde/.
-   ,r       T--  -,- .        ���'��� ,- Mcsluv-at to -t.s*,po.v.'Cr . m    a'hvinc   __^  ��� ��� -        - -.   .
io    Kip ing    an    American once               ���   ,                '���   --- -              .���,   \\- .
1      s . - ! pain, anciymany.-.niorc-" car.--rr��rtifv that
.'<H0i-y-:.'"'^?rin.S' thal vou ar': r*;-'"'l,1---k,thcy owe.their:health to it.     Its won-
i'ng; li.tcrftttijre-.at.-.$1 -jk -w oj<1, .1. enclose \ dor-fuL\pow<"r. is not-expressed by the-
$1-for a.'sai-nplc!'*'- Mn^iplin^.com- |:.sa^lV rp��'at".;which it. sells
��� Willi
ott.l. ,r,kept"���'��� the
dollar:-'Two weeks .later. tlie Anifri-
can, wrote:;..:'?o-hi the 'Thanks' ancc^
dote for' ��2.".'���;priciosed pleaseifind' 45
cents in"stamps; bcing;half.-.the;profits
oattiic:. transaction, less";'the- pos'ta'gc^'.L-^-'',��^/!.
��� ;\- ,=-.---; :,', ���   .-":'"----���.-"    ;"���:������-;--.-"���������'."��;,;'..'',..'''and-<��en{i
'W,'��� N.''.'-U..-i3M"
:,-.<���;:  :'."'. Big Fur Catch,.
- .-During one week recently twenty-
:sis-thousand-muskrats, ��� three    thou?
sapdT marten,' .two hundred and fifty-,
of all classes, two hundred
giitceii. skunk,--one polar bear,
. -s..    iijuiit .-white-fox",   thirty-five  lynx
V yS-y&?TQ9PfP\ I* B-^V: ^-������"^! "unicrbus :lcssec pclt3;-w<"
'���'-'��� B'ritjsU'-.Columbia's'^rnincral-"output-; at The; Fa*,' Man,-'���"'���'.' ''.'.' ;
lb^t.h^'y��vl^-Js.\vaturd''.ai^^l00r].,^; ���"".'>vV'' ^-."- ���' �� '""','���������.- "':"-': : '^
L^,^sycd'nSp^ared'vwith;^^350.313.'.��or i ���'',-Nc-wfoandla,rid"~'"was". .England's first
i"l?19.';\-;:-''V,'V.';>'-:.^v^-'y-''..-'-'';' ':;f --;'.;;5.",'l possession, beyond "the sess. :,..'-
'Cao^S'-'COttos Rod' Ctonp'aaEl
in'isutt,- Sold Sri tl.reo ��Jw
arec* o{ strength���Nu.  J, SI J
No.. 2. S3; No. 3, S3 P��r bos.
Teptuu  oo  -rerckp^' of   firie*#
8oM by *!1 dropr��u,cr*rtta
'-"'"' I '
re4. pamphlet. , AdilreM}
TCS3BT0.eST. {hsm*t WUitr^
-' one
-,*nd Hew-ta Y*ei
JtMled    Ft����.   tf>    *B*
; AddreM  ij   A*
"-. AMlier
H. a:.*^- rs over
; co., isc
lit   .W��**". iU'-street.
Kew York, USA. re
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when uot paid for three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States ��3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal ami Oil Notices     7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement....:  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, J5.00 for each additional claim.)
�� All other legal advertising, i2cents a
tine first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, noupariel
,Transcient'display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals   I2j-<c,   a  line each 111-
The Home Circle
A girl that is uot neatly dressed is called a sloven, and
no one likes to look at her. Her face may be pretty, and
her eyes bright, but if there is a spot of dirt on her cheek,
and her fingers'ends are black with ink, and her shoes
are uot laced or buttoned up, and her apron is dirty, and
her collar not buttoned and her skirt is torn, she cannot
be liked. Learn to be neat and when you have learned it.
it will take care of itself.
Hints for Board of Trade
Following up our article of last
week we again publish a few more
suggestions for the Board of Trade.
This orgtuizatiou is uot a religious
body, but secular and deals with
civic problems from a basin ess
standpoint. As a straight business
proposition, right over the counter
���jaiid in cash register terms, the
Board of Trade should be interested
in law7 enforcement and the moral
and social conditions of the community. It is said that there is
more crime in Xew York than all
Greats Britain; there are more
deaths by violence in Chicago than
rebellion ridden Ireland. This ex-'
perience oi big U.S. cities will help
to convey to smaller cities the first
importance of right living condi-
tioEe. Here are some more tests
of a town:���
7. Accessibility���"Can    we   go
and come easily?    Does  the  town
have adequate railroad connections,
and trairi service?"
S. Business���"Can I make good
use of capital-in-your- town?, Are
there- good banking facilities? Up-
to-date' stores? - Favorable" labor
conditions?" A prosperous farming
territory?      . '     ' -'
'9. Employment���"Can  I  count
'.on .co-operation from organizations
��� making it their   business   to help
introduce and establish'��� hew  com-"
"mereial interests .and. to  welcome
new citizens?1'       -      '- '���'.   ;
:- -. 10. ���Progressiveness-���"Shall "I
find that I. am. iii a live- town hav-
."-ing-a progressive city government,
: active civic organizations," lire pro-
- tectioii and'a pull together-spirit in.
everything, a-town with'"a future?''
.. If you can have help enough to keep your household in
perfect running order without making a machine of yourself, do so by all means. White floors are lovely,
shining tinware is very fine, spotless windows and highly
polished silver are a delight; the mending basket, emptied
evetw week is much to be desired, but there are things of
more importance and if it all depends on one pair of hands,
one back, and one set of nerves, for Heaven's sake, for
your own sake, for your children's sake, don't.
' Physician and Surgeon
Office Phone 90."      Residence Phone 69
T.    T.
Girls of a marriageable age do not like*to tell how old
they are, but yon can find out by following the .subjoined
instructions, the young lady doing the figuring: Tell her
to put down the number of the month in which she was
born then to multiply it by 2, then to add 5,, then to multiply it by SO, then to add her age, then to subtract 365,
then to add 115, then tell her to tell you the amount she
has left. The two figures to the right will tell you. her
age and the remainder the month of her birth. For example, if the amount is 822, she is. twenty-two years old
and was .born in the eight mouth (August).    Try it.
..Application1; fur permits.to ifi-aae livestock
o'li the Cr<i'wii j-.tii'/i' witliin each tii-azin<r District <>l' tlie Province of I'.ritisli Columbia,dur-
.injr liie '.rraziiiLr season of 1'.'21 ;misi 1ms filed wiih
the -Disii-ici ��� l-'cireKlui- at 'Cariboo. Criiii1>r<iulc.
I-'cirtVieurire, Kamloups. Nulsoii, 1'rincu Rupert.
Vancouver, Vernon or with-the Comniissiouer
<>{('��� razinir. Department of Lands at Victoria.
U.C.. on or before March 31,1921. . -. . .
lilank.forms upon whicli to'sub'niH np;)!iia-
tioiis inav' be obtained from-the. District Foresters at'tlie above.' named places or from the
Department of Lands at Victoria.    ,
Tlie irraziiisr of livestock .on the Crown
Kan^e willioiit;periuit eoifwtituies trespass.- prohibited bv law.
��� ' G. K.-XADEX.
...'_. "   Deputy Minister.of Lands.
Department'of Lamls.   ���
���  Victoria. 15.C.   . . -   -
-January, 24ili". 1921. ..-' ���-'-:     ','-
'  "The.-Cour.t of Revision ��� which'-"sat
'-'   in- Greenwood   arid . Grand'. Forks
recently allowed ,'eertaiir reductions
.   in assessments;;'.; Owing to tbe-ees-
" satJon'.-.;of'. mining-".-and -;- smelting
"-'��� operations:here and;in-.Grand Forks;
'--. the. district ha's lost -from the- Can;-
'    ada Copper.Co.,, the Granby  Co.
"' and"tiie':W.est Kootenay Power Co..
; Vreyenuefrom-ari. assessable valua-
.. tioh'/o.f-   .approximately, ,8900,0OO
'.'  inadeup-as'follows;--Granby   Co.,
.-; ��400JOOO; "Canada'Copper. Go. 8200-
.. .000: Bo'u'ndaVy-Falls line' to : No. 7,.
Anaconda t'p Mother Lode, .Cascade
.;   Power ��� and   Light' Co.; .8250,900;
; '   Power-'Plant at' ;-Phoenix';'.. 820;000."
"".'.- '.While! the "district   has lost these
,-plants theprovince doe3. not   loose
,    the revenue as ..much of   the   machinery has been moved   to' Allen-
bylCopper, Mountain, Anyoy, Gas-
, . sidy and other parts and   the   gov-,
-eminent will tax the plants at these
��� /.places-.   ' ���.'���.'���.'. :   .
.    .    - (CLliAKINli   STKIiAMSj       '.".,',      .
TAKE 'kOTICE'lhat "Joseph Peter Kcane,
whose add ress is Rock Creek,-will apply for a
licence to use the waters of Rock. Creek for
"Clearinjf Streainsv;]nirp'ose,-|i. e. elearin��r and
improving the stream for the (h-ivin<r,lioomiu��,
or raftinj,' of.logs).     '     _������ ; '���   '-
The points on Hie stream between u-hicli it is
prouose.il to clear are from the the c'ontliieucc of
Rock Creek and Kettle "River "to a point where
the Government Matron "road���. crosses Rock
Creek oii hoy'So. IK94. ''.-.:,'- ���"-'"-'.   '. ���"- ' '.
The-estimated 'mileage between . tlie said
points is e'itflit miles. The .'term'- proposed for
the licensees 20 years.. '.--"'"""���'-,-    '  -''���/-,..���-"
This"-notice was posleil.,011':. tlte>;ro.yiid on
the 1st.(lay of February," A":."D. 1!)21". --"-" -' .'" .'
;.'A: copy -of .this notice and... an -application pur-;
suaut thereto aiidto.the "Water-Act, -1914"' will
be filed iii ."[tlie office of the Water-Re'cbrde'riU
Grand Forks. ^  '-��� -'.    -' -      -���    .'      '-
"'. Objection; to the application -may }ie"'filed
with the" .said-': Water "Recorder or- with1'the
Comptroller of ..'.Water' Right's,:' Parliament
Uuildingv Victoria.'B.- C., .within :lhirty days-
after the first appearance |of this notice in a
localjiewso.aper. - .-. .' -' - . .';_'. - .. -'-. .
-Tlie date of the first publication of. this notice
isi'-ebniarv 3rd, A.'D. 1921. r . _!--...-..- -'--..
; - "' JOSE"Pir-l'KTKR''KEAXK.----
��� .'���,     :.,-     """''."    '., ���'.   ' "'Appl.icant.
SEALED TENDERS,"superscribed "Ten
der for Midway Bridge No. 15-43. will be received by the Honourable tlie Minister of Public Works up to 5 p. m. of Monday, the 21st day
of February, 1921, for Hie erection and completion of a timber hiirhway Uridine over Kettle
River. Midway.     - '      .
. Plans. Specifications. Contract, and Forms
of Tender may be seen at tlie .Department of
Public Works," Parliament liuildinirs. Victoria,
or at the office of ihe District Uuurineer. Peutic-
ton. Copies of Plans may be obtained upon
payment of *S whicli will be refunded upon return of plans  in. (rood condition. -   -
Each proposal must be accompanied by au
accepted bank cheque on a chartered bank of
Canada,'made payable to the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, for the sifiii of ten
per cent of the amount of the tender as security
for the due fullilinent-ofthe Contract, which
shall be forfeited if the-party teuderiiijr-decline
to enter into contract'when called., upon to do
so..or if he fail to coinplete'the work contracted
*<"-���  ���-,'."      -   -      . '   .
��� Tenders will uot be considered unless made
out. on the 'forms'supplied." sitrued with the-
uctual sitrua'lure of the tenderer. ,'
The lowest or any lender uot uecessarilv
accepted. -���-���.- ,    -
.... -   .     '      j.    1\ P1I1LI1', '       ���-
'   'Public Work's Engineer.
Public Works Depanineut,
Victoria. TS.C February 5ili..l')21.        ."'''
T.n'ders for'llie-'abi>ve work Siavo been.extended to five, p.'ui. of Monday" the 2Sth d;iyof
I'Vbruarv. l')2l. '��� ..." '-'--'
���   ��� .  .  ". y. imiilip.
'-/.-      -Public -Works .Engineer.'
Ciilameen liotel
One of tlie largest hotels in
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day,'week or month
. Nilson Procrletor
Synopsis of
land Act Amendments
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG     -   -   Proprietor
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
E. W. 'WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer and
Chemis*. Box biioS, Nelsou, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
(1.2'S each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3 00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
Grimsby Reunion
An Old Boyi and Girls reunion.
is "on tapis at Grimsby, Ontario, for
August 25,. 2G and 27, 1U21'. .Did
you ever live in or near there?
The Oid -Home Committee wants'
your name.and address.
Ageiits for..Chevrolet,'-Dodge,' Hudson,
Chalmers-.Cadillac cars,.'' Garage '_ in
connection. '    " .    -      . ���������''    "'���-.    -.   ." -
-'. " ,--,   Watchmaker and Jeweler' ���""."
.-,,;>-   .".-"GRAND FORKS" '.;."":���  "' .-":
Mail;-your -watch" for-Repair'and I will
niail-it.back. ��� Charges:"are' moderate.
.:'���'..   .^-V/DKNTIST :���>-'/'.;'
All'"the-: latest' niethods-in' high-class
Dentistry.      ' \",  :-  .
Corner. Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   B.C;
*k *Jp 4* 4* 4* ^'^ rk 4* ��fc'^ + ��$���
--    *
���'   .*
. .   .. *
<& C'LOA-T i8 not a periodic- j.
* -- al.    It is.a. book con- ^
��g��  taining 86 illustrations all *��*
^,".told,  and  is    filled    with "?���
,   sketches   aad    stories7 of ��$���
^  western life.    It tells how- ^��
"5*. a gambler, cashed in after ^
^�� the -fi'jsh-;days of Sandon ; T
^��y how.it rained, in New Den- j
a ver long after Noah  was v
��" dead; how: a parson took a- 4s
'"jj*'--drink . at.'Bear���'.. Lake'  in ^��
*��*. early;-days;, how    justice ,j,
4�� -was. dealt; in Kaslb in   93; j"
-fr . how. the saloon.man' out- ^*
��|��  prayed the women in Kala- <^��
v . mazqo, and graphically de- 4"
picts the rroamings of a i,
T* Western, editor among '-the ^
*8* "tender-feet in the cent belt.    ,
Wages of lumberjacks in partB
of Ontario,have been cut. from 870
a month minimum to S45.   ;
The  Ledge has  always   .room
for one more ad.
Sead a Float to your frieads at
once. You caii get them "at
The Ledge office
"'-'.:������ 'We'-, "chri-y,' The. ..largest', 'and .tn'ost'.; -:
complete s^/ck"v.'/\i,C..<;.Cashes-' -
.countsvOn'r-'an',.'-'lMcu!)ators.   v\Viffit.-'
.Pencil"^.'a;;il Xetii;i^' ior- poultry;' .
,\ ;Sj';'f^riir;''a"iVj"berrics._;:i:.y-':<"^;;"
'���'-".. '���.-'-; AVriU'.for.Xat.alpguK-';^ .'J.'?."/
A;;<t: -JOHmm^:gO^
S>^4 Catnbie 51. ;'.'r.:Yancouyer,.:B.C.'-',
-'- .
Next Issue of Kootenay Telephone Directory
���Going to Press
" ���: .The next isstie of the. Kootenay Telephone,Directory closes" on,,'
.March-lot.;"--If you are contetnplatin'g taking new .service, or-inak-' ..
i   -
��|��.- It'contains the"early history V
:-& .bfvNelsou and.. a romance *j"
- ���B'.': of .the Silver .King. mine. �������
-T":In'-it. are   printed .three ��|>
is�� western poernkj and dozens j,
tj. .of articles ..too  "hurnerous jf
"** to mention. .Send for one j*
'* before.it isi .too late.    The V
��3�� price / is,  50," cents, "post- ��|��
��|�� paid to  any; part, of -��� the ^��
^L  world. ""-JA-ddresB   all -let-
' .' .'ters'to-'"       ..''.:"'=."."-..'.
T- y .        .'  ���- ��'';���'      '���.':���",
*���' The iJeclqe
4��      GREENWOOD, B. C-
Mlnlmuiu^prloe of first-class land
reduced to ?5 an acre; aecond-clasa to
$2.50 an acre.    -
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only. ���
Records -will be slanted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which is non-timber land.
Partnership-pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent" pre-emptions
with joint .residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. '       : r
Pre-emptors must, occupy-claims for
Ave years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made pro:'
portlonate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer hisclaim.
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
$800 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements^
or record same will operate���ay forfeiture! Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, Including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
rranted land. a
UnsUrveyed areas, not exceediug 20
���tores,  may be  leased  as  homesites; -
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions, s
For'grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may- be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceedtng 40 acres
may be purchased; condftions Include'
payment of stumpago.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
. conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made. ,_-.(')
The scope of this Act la enlarged to
Include all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
:. rear, after the conolusfon of the present -
war. This privilege Is also made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26,-1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4, 1914, on aooount of payments, feet
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
dlreot or lndlreot, remitted from enlistment to March 81. 1920. ^
LANDS, jji
Provision made for issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete -
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest and/taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be
made by liay L I*??.   ���
GRAZING.    I -' f
.Graslng Act, 1918, for systematic
development or livestock industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits Issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners, vStock-ownera may
form Associations for range manage- ""
tnent. Free, or partially free, permits
tor settlers, campers or travellers, up
to ten head. ^
The Consolidated Mining | Smelting Co.
of Canada; Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,; Copper and Lead Ores
^Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
I Cbe Rume fiotel |
% nelson, B*gv ' *
The only up/to>date Hotel in the interior,    First-class   efa
in every respect, * <fc
-.      -       '���-��������� -'���       ; '      *
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each" room:
First Class* Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted. ���
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan."^
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block        -      -     Nelson
PHONE   13
Auto and horse Stages
Leave Greenwood Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
���        ��� -     -    **r *   vi ill* ��� m  i   %<��� h ��� ��y,     -
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
-Turnouts in.the Boundary
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery .And  Stage
I For Good I
& ���Economy and Satisfaction |j
g __    combined with Promptness 3
& are the features which go to 3
% make up the Service we give 3
H our customers.     Are  you 3
B one.of them?                    '3
B Letterheads, Noteheads,       %
J^: '*""'                    (Ruled or Plain)         ' "' '                                                33
% -      Envelopes, Billheads,           _3
B .                    (All Sizes)        """:-:"                    "           "       ^
%^     -   Statements, Business Cards, |j
% Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. %
| The Ledge PHONE^..   |
B GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   3
4* 4"$�� ���?���'!��� ^* ���^^���l* ef"l"f,4:
Dealer in" Farm .Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles", and Fence Posts; Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List year lands
with riae,   Have a Jmyer'for good rinch
, Dealer."'in "Second-hand,: Furniture :'_���
; ���}���, /andClptlieSj'Sletals/Sacks,-'";'���..'
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, ��75,722,603;  Lode
Gold, 8100,272,431; Silver; $50,432,304; Lead 843,821,106; Copper, $153,680,965;.
Other 'Metals  (Zinc,   Iron,  etc.), $16,818,487;  Coal  and Coke,   $199,123,323;
Building Stone,  Brick.  Cement, etc.,  $29,991,757; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc.,
$785,9i8; making its Mineral Production to the ��nd of 1919 show an t
Aggregate Value of $670,649,894
Production for Year Ending December, 1919, $33,296,313
���'������' than..;feb��^M;iftb^
��� /'"��������� ^'Miner'atloca^ioWa
������V-Vv-'.:''#'----"-'f-'^l*oiofee pities,^re;:!;6h|a_injdw
-./; ;��^^g'f;'pf whl(^is.,^
^i;|S;;g#^|i^;||rt||inf^^ , '
i^^^SiBSi^^MlSBHttlwijIffi^ mines


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