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The Ledge Mar 25, 1920

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JProvinciai tibrary
r yxyymmm
���" ���''-������'������ t-i#yti%'~!sm
���:y-'y. --^ry^M
1   ��� 3 3 1920
'   -JSto.
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures.
Use voiir Crockery. Granite and Tinware in your kitctieMS
'"'   ������-��� .'*���'.    ana dining rooms /
)ils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a~large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
We carry a large line of
AND        .'      /
J. G. McMynn, Midway
Just Arrived
Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish, Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,   Raisins   and 13
all   kinds   oP Nuts
P. O. Box 1102'    -      Nelson.'B.C
I Around Home I
Wm. C. Wilson is spending- the
week in Vancouver.
Phone 46       LEE & BRYAN
i ' ���
\ 0��K>000<>��0000<>0<>00000<>0<KOOOOO<>0000<>000<>000<>0<>00<>00<
f ��� ,   . '
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
) CH>0<>0<>0<>0;<>00000<>00<><>0<>OCOOO<>00000<>0000<>000<><>000<>000 I
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed  High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock:and made to
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
��� and repaired
Skins dressed aud mounted at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson,  B.C.
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts
100    ������
200   "
*     r>
$1.25 each
2.00  �����
3.50 ��
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Dealerjii^Second-haml Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,^,
Horses,  Cattle, Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks, Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
MEAGHER &  Co., 511 Baker St
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to,
Wears and Millinery   -
We  Always  Show  The, Newest  Fijst
In Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods sent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
'and efficient mauuer.
3 00000��0<><>0<K><HX><><>0<>00<>^^
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.    Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms ior drummers.    Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
m  Pool hall in connection.
o - <
Pedigree Purcherdn
Iron Grey, -4 this Spring, Good
disposition and well put up
$750    ���
Apply ROCK, Midway, B.C.
Mrs. W. H. Wood of Penticton,
is visiting friends in Vancouver.
*���>  D.   R.   McElmon,  watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B.   C.
For Sale.���1 Ford Car, apply
to G.. A. Rendell, Greenwood,
Mrs. (F. Erickson of Nelson, is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. S.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Swayne, of
Butte, Mont, are visiting Mr.
Swayne's parents.
Mrs. Mark Christensen was a
week-end visitor to the Lane
home in Grand Forks.
Fresh Cream cheese, sausages,
kippered herring, salmon and~
sable cod at Rendell's Store.
Mrs. J. P. Flood returned to
town last week, from V visiling
relatives at Alexander, Missouri.
In stock Royal Household flour,
wheat, shorts, pats, cracked corn
and chick food.    G. A. Rendell.
The  marriage   took   place   in
Grand Forks on March  17, of H.
L.   Mackenzie   and   Miss   Joyce,
L, E. Brawders, manager of
the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
has taken delivery of an'Overland car. ,       -
Born.���At the Princeton. General Hospital on March 17, to
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Muir, of Allenby, a son.
We have received a new shipment of English prints, flannelettes, pillow casing and.catnbrics.
G. A." Reo'defl.7"
Some    farmers   have   started
spring plowing,   while city people are    busy    preparing   their'
gardens for a bumper crhp.
See the samples of the latest in
wall papers before you renovate
your house this spring,. Orders
taken at Goodeve Drug Store.
Jack Morrison, who; was under
treatment in the Nelson hospital
for injuries received. while in
France, returned home this week.
Xixim^cm^iX-xi? .i\ x-'^x-.M-r^^^^^'x^xi
- ::::\;:^piat'^aa^;;^ ;��� .,-*. --_>:..""���=;:.��� ^^^feg^-^::.;"
Kodaks, full line of Films
and Supplies at >;
Goodeve; Drug
Scripture and Cat's Tails
The minister, was giving a talk
on kindness."Aud do you know,"
he^said, ' ' I actually once, heard of
a... boy so cruel that he cafe off.a
cat's tail. Can anyone give me a
quotation from the Bible thafe tells
how wrong ife is to do a thing like
that?"     ������.������,?-. "X.XX.yZ-.yX
One little fellow waB.called upon
and, .whatever -verse'Ihe clergyman
had i_n: mind, .he forgot it completely /when .the ,^ little fellow
quoted:V-':-..-'".;:/_;. y.'XX.X. ixXZ '���'���;-. Z'X
''What therefore God;hafeh joined
I together; let no Wan pat asunder;"
Abridge has been built over
place where the washout occur-
red some weeks ago on the main
road near the Doukhobor colony,
Grand Forks.
" Mrs. G. 'Sutherland left . on
Wednesday for Rossland to.attend the funeral of Mrs. Gossei
Mrs. Gosse is a sister of Mrs.
Silas Smith formerly of Greenwood, '���'
A. J. Morrison of the Providence mine, returned this week
from a business' irip to Nelson
and Trail. Mrs Morrison who
accompanied Mr. Morrison stayed
in Trail where she.is the guest of
friends. "
G. F. Grosvenor of Trail,:; and
Miss May Hill of Vancouver,'
were married . in Spokane on
Thursday, March IS. Mr...Gros-
yenor at one time was employed
in the local power statioifr of the
'S.JK.;!v��/Co;.' X'X -';'���''��� r'.\
: The Pythian,Sisters will hold
a "Hard Times" Dance on Easter
Monday .in the. Masonic Hall.
Atiyone.attendiiag in costume not
suitable to v'Hard Times'' will be
fined. - Good = music, ��� good eats
and a-rattling good time assured.
Watch for posters. X
i Rev. , Charles Pelletier died
very suddenly in Grand Forks on
Friday last. Father Pelletier.
was in charge of Catholic church
in that city, and had-been in failing health for some time. He
was an old-timer in the district.
The funeral was held on Tuesday services'being- conducted by
Archbishop Casey of 'Vancouver,,
and wasi .largely;.attende<l, which
showed,,! the ;/bigh"Xi -esteem"-; in
whtcbfithe/.deceased ;;was: held
among 'the" "citizens ; .;6f/ Grand
I Forks and vicinity.!-(\i.:- -'.r";���;,<;
The Grand Forks, Nelson, Oroville and
other papers have lately published articles
relative to this man (who is generally
known in this district as "Missouri") and
the articles are, in nearly every particular untrue. ���
The Grand Forks Gazette states that
Turner was "picked up" on the Canadian side of the .Boundary Line by the
Mounted Police when in fact this body
had no part in liis arrest, it having beeu
made by Provincial Constable W. B.
Stewart, and the only part the Moutities
hal was taking Turner to the Immigration lock-up at Grand Forks and keeping
hiin there a few days.
In. the latter part of last inonth a TJ. S.
officer named Burden came to Midway,
and had some sort of a paper, and certainly not such as should be recognized
here. He saw the Immigration officer,
and made some statements to him whereupon the Immigration Officer,, issued an
order to Constable Stewart to arrest
Turner for:. entering Canada- without
leave, aud Constable Stewart made the
arrest, and took him before the Immigration officer,, who proceeded to examine
him. Turner had sent for a Solicitor,
and when the. Solicitor stated he was
appearing for him, the Immigration
Officer stated he would not let him, as
lawyers were not allowed to appear in
Immigration matters, and he did not allow him to represent Turner, and this
although the Immigration Act states a
person charged "shall have the right to
be represented by counsel."
Turner was asked as to what nation
he was a  citizen and he stated he had
been born in Indiana, and had lived in
British Columbia,  since   the   month  of
November 1899; and on being asked if he
had worked at Porters Mill, near Molson,
he saidiie had'for 9 days; he was asked if
during such time he had worked in, the
State of Washington, and he said he had
(part of the mill works are in B. C. and
part in the State of Wash.), and the Immigration Officer stated he would be deported.    On being asked on what ground
he stated because Turner by working in
the U.S. had losfall lights acquired in
Canada.    It was pointed out that he was
across the Boundary line several times
each day  and that he had been at the
mill 9 days, but the Officer held that
work iu the TJ. S. for a day deprived him
of all rights of domicile. in Canada. .��� and
stated he  would order his deportation,
and that Turner might appeal if not satisfied.   Before the Notice of Appeal was
made out, the Immigration Officer stated,
that Turner had broken goal in the State
of Washington, and was wanted there, tor
white slavery.-   Turner  denied, havingv
broken.goal, and of having been guilty
o^the other charge, and whilst any acts
of a man out of Canada, even if true as
these were not, should have no influence
-with, or be considered by the" Immigration Officer, yet he repeated the statements as facts. -      .      X '.
���During the hearing Turner was.hand-
" .-(Continued on page 4)  -.
Western Float I   .  mhal^
Tho Yukon Territory went 'dry
lasfe month. ,    ^
Haveyou made oufe your income
fcax for^ 1919?
The O. P. R. are building a new
station at Forde.
Plowing commenced last week at
Keremeos and Cawsfeoo.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Widdowson
of Nelson spent the winter in Los
The new high school in Grand
Forks will be constructed of
cement blocks.
Commercial flying will be established between Vancouver and
Victoria this year.
James Kier, of Somenos, a returned soldier, has been appointed
city constable of Duncan.
Many farmers from Alberfea,
Sakatchewan >and Manitoba are
locating in British Columbia.
Mrs. J. C. Bolander a pioneer of
the Slocan died in California this
month, at the age of 70 years.
Now  is the   time to commence
giving  O.  H.   C.   L. a jolt.    Get
your garden in  shape for the com
ing season.
There are one hundred and five,
thousand returned men engaged in
civil employment with fehe Federal
A joint stock company may feake
over and develop fehe Union mine
in Franklin camp.
An aerial tramway is befng built
from a manganese deposife known'
as Hill 60 near Cowichan lake to
E. & N. railway. Last; year some
500 tons of ore were shipped from
this deposit to Tacoma.
According to A. E. Savage the
Pathfinder-Bertha mine on the
North Fork is now in 75 feet and
that soft rock'has been encountered. A compressor will soon be Installed at this property and the
hand drills will be replaced by
machine drills. When completed
the tunnel will be 700 feet long.
The strike of miners at Republic,
Wash., has been declared off, according to a report from thafe camp.
Afe the time ife began several
months ago. the rate of pay was
84.50 a day and a request for an
advance to $5.50 was made. The
men are reported to have returned
to work on a basis of $4.75, an increase of 25 cents a day..
A Vernon rancher recently sold
the P. Burns. Cov Vancouver, 90
head of beef cattle for which he gofe
almost $14,000.
The Slocan district lead the province in the production of honey
during 1919, wifeh an average of
122 pounds per hive.-   -      - ��� -- -
The Bull sale recently held in
Kamloops was a maiked success.
The sum of $22,000 changed
hands on that occasion.
British Columbia imported $2,
867,168 worfeh of butter lasfe year.
B. C. should produce enough butter to supply its own needs.
George Robinson returned to
town last week, having received
his discharge from the navy,
George left in 1914 and had been
with that branch of the service
"until, recentlyr"He was- in the
Jutland battle, one of the noted
sea .fights of the Great War.
Mr. Robinson had intended moving with his family to Nevada,
on Tuesday, but owing to labor
trouble in that section, decided
toretnain in Greenwood for the
present. .. "-'"V"
. Gapt. Stuart Mitchell who has
been looking around Greenwood
for a few: days :left for Saskatchewan; .to--.straighten, up. his
affairs there prior to locating
hear Greenwood. ,.Gapt. .Mitchell
will return,about;the end of May
and in all probability will take
oyer the Floyd.Bros, ranch [comprising some 480 acres. Should
this.-deal ;.be. consummated it is
the intention of Floyd Bros, to
return to! their old. home- in
New; Brunswick and start -a
saw mill.: .
This season the sawmill afe
Billings will have twelve million
feet of logs to cut. Some of the
logs are taken 100 miles by water
to fehe mill.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Shannon will
return to New Denver in April
from San Diego. In San Diego
Ed paid $30 to learn how to operate an auto.__	
Aboufe the first of April operations afe Allenby and Copper
Mountain will resume on a large
scale by the Canada Copper Corporation according''to a Princeton
report. By that time fehe grading
on the new railway will be completed and tracklaying commenced.
The timber for the bridges are being framed in Princeton and then
taken up on cars to Allenby for,
Development work is  being carried on  steadily   afe   the   Hidden
Treasure group half a mile east of
Fairview. "   An   American, 8yndi-_.
cate is working' fehe property  and
during the past eleven  months 200
feet of tunnelling has been done
cutting an  apparently  large  body,
of low grade ora which assays from:
$8.68  to  $14.95 per  feou in gold,'
silver  and copper.    This property
is close feo  the Greenwood-Princeton high-power line.
:- Bootlegger in Coleman, Alta.,
had a hot time of it last week.
That city collected $875 in fines in
one day for violation of the Prohibition acfe.
-A bottle of "Imperial" whiskey
was found under a sidewalk in
Keremeos this month. That town
will have a rush to see if some
more can be located.
The Mayo Lumber Company's
sawmill at Sahtlam, V. I., was
destroyed by fire this month. The
feofcal damage done waB about $75,-
000; only partly insured.
Mr. Irvine, a cousin of Ike
Longhead's baa taken up his residence in California for fehe benefit
of his health. He is suffering from
the after effects of fehe Flu.
At Crftnbrook the electric light
company is wanting to raise its
The   Rock Candy  fluorifee mill-
up the  North  Fork,.from   Grand
Forks    resumed    operations   lasfe
week.    The mine which  has had
a small force on development" work
will be increased so as to keep the
mill    running   to    fall   capacity.
The Consolidated  Company,  who
own  this   property,   has   enough
orders ahead from Indiana, for fehis _
claes of concentrates, to run afe full
capacity for over a year.    The output will be about 18 cars a week.
: Rev. John;. Leech-Porter, .-of
Grenfell, Sask., formerly rector
of St.,. Jude?s Church. ' Green-
wootf, died in a Sanitarium in
Guelph, :Ont.,-on March .1st.
Rev. Leech-Porter never fully recovered from the flu, which, ctil-.
minated in a nervous breakdown
last July. , Since theii he has
not been well, but iri spite of his
poor health,, continued his duties
as rector of St. Michael's Church,
Grenfell,.until the ealy. part of
February, : when , he went to
Guelph;to' the Sanitarium. On
the ���way -down he ;unfprtunately
froze? his; feet - and" rig ht: hand,
'which/ resulted ja^.septiceinia.
This in;.turn affected; his heart
and caused his death. X
j rates from 18 to 22 cents per kilo
! wat hour.    The firm  claims  thafe
lasfe year fehe works earned a pro-
fife of less than $50 a month,
.. Fifteen hundred men, women
and children from Europe passed
through Port Arthur, Onfe., last
week in three special trains bound
for new homes in Western Canada.
Twenty thousand settlers are expected altogether.
Francis C. Holland, formerly of
the 102nd Battalion,' has returned
feo Vancouver from San Diego,
He was gassed afe Vimy Ridge, and
went to California for his health,
hat, when the banks in San Diego
began asking him $12 exchange on
a $60 pension cheque he concluded
feo go back to Canada.
A seam of first class coal over 12
feet in thickness was struck lasfe
week on the property of fehe Harvard Coal company afe Eaefe Princeton says a Princeton reporfe. This
is the biggest find ever made on
the property, and the coal is of
snch good quality thafe no feime will
be lost in making arrangements to
ship the producfe. Coal bunkers
which will hold 200 tons will be
built at^once afe fehe railway spur
near fehe cement plant. This property is better known as the United
Cariboo slum scored another
victory at Wingdam when it exerted its mighty pressure and
crushed in the timbers of fehe fine
new shaft begun lasfe October on
fehe Lightning Creek Gold Gravels
& Drainage Company's property afe
Wingdam. Very elaborate preparations for the ^ sinking of that
shaft had been made. Pumps of
6000 gallons per minute capacity
had been installed, a light pile-
driving machine for driving 30-foofe
lagging was on tbe job, and a shaft
12x15 feet was started and sunk
for aboufe 60 feet, when fehe slums
claimed it. Over a million dollars
has been spenfe in trying to reach
the gold that is said to exist in the
deep gravels of Lightning creek.
Tbis lasfe attempt will probably be
the final one of the kind.
A bridge spanning Snake rivsr,
Idaho, 345 feet from floor feo
stream, is fehe higheafe in America. i&il
'liiK     LEDGE,     G-RLKNWOOD,     B.     C.
i' -
The only breed of draft horsrs ever shipped back to  England from
Canada for breeding purposes were Pen-herons.
Ilie latest breed of draft horses in Ncrth America are Percherons.
The safest investment in draft horses today is Percherons.
A profit to own���A pleasure to handle.
You will make no mistake in your horse breeding this year if vi..^. use
a Percheron sire.
Let us put you in touch with the best Canadian Percheron Breeds.
Mention this paper when writing.
The   Canadian   Percheron   Horscbreeders' Association
William H. Willson, Secretary (DeskA.), Calgary, Alberta
' Irrigation Among'
The Ihcas
i One ol" Greatest Works Roused the
|       Wonder of Modern Engineers
I     It is well known that thc natives of
! Peru,  at   thc  date  oi   Pizarro's   con-
New Zeaiander's
Views on Ireland
Separation From Empire Sounds Absurd and Impossible
Most   New   Zealand people watch
the development of events in Ireland
quest, had reached a high degree of | with    mingled    perplexity and impa-
culture.    One of tlicir greatest works! tiencc.    They  wonld  like  Ireland  to
The largest stud oi tlie Pure-bred Percherons in the W^rld. The fi. it Percheron-
brecding Farm Established in Canada. The only firm on" thc American continent
trom which British horsemen have selected Percheron breeding stock to establish
studs in Britain. i
Do not let the British breeders come to Canada and carry off all our best foundation stock. Do not be satisfied with the cheap cull stallions brought in by irresponsible dealers and stallion ped.ars from the United States, when you can buy the
pest individuals oi thc best breeding raised right here in Alberta by men that have
been in the breeding business lor 25 years, and expect to remain in the business.
We have seventy-four head ol Pure-bred Percheron Stallions ot our own breeding now
on hand to select from. You can see their sires and dams, and if you cannot choose
one from the lot to suit you we will give you every assistance in our power. Write
for prices or come to Calgary Alberta, and we will meet you and show you the stock
at any time.���Address:
has recently  roused renewed wonder
on the part of modern engineers. This
is the irrigation canal constructed by
0"\ order of Viracocha;  thc canal is 3*4
meters    deep,  and    almost 650  kilo-
-^ | meters long,    running    through    the
j present departments of Huancavelica
I rind    Ayacucho ���    it    converted    the,
! plains of Castrovillcina and Cangallo
into flourishing    pasture land.      The
j work is all the more surprising when
���tlicrc is taken into consideration the
j nature of the land, which is between
! 3,600 and 4,800 meters above the level
have Home Rule, it the Irish people
want it, but the talk of an Irish republic and separation from the Empire
sounds absurd and impossible. The
Prime Minister of New Zealand is an
Irishman. The last census showed
that about four pcr cent, of the population of lhc Dominion had been born
Sports Among-
Citizen- Soldiers
Keenest Rivalry in Athletics Will Be
Encouraged Throughout
Australia's cadets, the   citizen   soldiers who are trained under her compulsory   home   defense system, have
a  warm-hearted  friend  in  Brigadier-
General Brand, state commandant and
onc of the   most   distinguished Australian leaders in the.latc war.    General Brand recognizes that routine is
irksome, and hc is popularizing, senior
cadet   work   by   combining   with it
sports programs whereby the keenest
in  Ireland,  and the  New Zealandcrs  rivalry in athletics will be encouraged
throughout Victoria.   General Brand's
Real Seville
All Orange and Sugar���
No camouflage.
Boiled tilth care in Stiver Para.
of Irish descent form a substantial
proportion of tlie people. The Home
Rule issue has been mentioned in thc
New Zealand Parliament on several
occasions, but always the men at thc
Keep  Your  Health
inard's Liniment
Cor   that   Cold   and   Tired   Feeling,
Get  Well,  Keep  Well,
Kill Spanish  Flu
by   using    the    OLD    RELIABLE.
Yarmouth,   N.S.
look's mm Roof Compoim^
A ect/e, reliable repulatina
medicine. Sold in three do��
(trees ot Rtrcnj-th���No. 1, 31;
No. 2. $3; No. 3, $5 pec box.
Sold by all druggista, or Bents
prepaid on receipt of price.
Frea pamphlet. Address:
T0B0.HT0, ONT. <F��rser!| Utiur.)
of the sea, and was encumbered with (head of affairs have avoided discus-
gigantic rocks that had to bc removed sion, on the ground that the domestic
without the aid of machinery, cxplo-j policy of thc United Kingdom is no
..sives, or iron implements. There i concern of a self-governing Dominion,
were high slopes to bc connected by'Undoubtedly there would bc a ready
bridges, and    mountain torrents that response if the  British    Government
Emblem Proposed
For i-outh Africa
Dr. Frederick Ensor Urged the Claims
of the Aloe
Capetown, South Africa.���The question of the selection of a flower as a
national emblem which shall be typical    of   South Africa   is   at   present
causing much controversy. Among'world's history have heart and nerve
others Dr. Frederick Ensor urged the troubles bec�� s0 Prevalent as they
claims of  thc aloe as a suitable  cm-
had to bc turned to use.
Like a Tidal Wave*
Heart Disease and Nerve
Troubles Sweep the Country
Probably    at    no    period    in    the
nerve roon
Trial Iiottlo elthor ttomedy S3., lewtfng Climulsn oi
VotuKQRwnediMCo.. Honpnl Oa.lt, N ��� tt'-1-. Lonilnii. Bug.
0    1 T PI EDP'CP'l-l-S   POH   THE
lnvii.lua.Mn Tor tUaeiwea uf Uieao Important omuiv
Gravel, "attis In Urn Buck. (lout. Uli-umivlisni I'rico
8j.. iMdlnst Clioinhts or tlr l.E cr.HIK) MED. CO..
liAVBttSTOCK  ltl>-  NAY.5.  LONDON- I3.MJI.AND.
��i"��7' Props RTX
 ���    ��.tv.*!V1-1 ' i~=	
Thrift in Chiie
blem flower for thc country.
.Dr. Ensor relates how when crossing the vc'.dt once hc saw somc
strange looking creatures standing in
a group on the top of a hill:   "Surely
arc todav.
The heart can't stand thc stress
aud strain of this busy, bustling age,
and the care and worry, thc anxiety
and activity of business life constitute
a serious drain on tlic nervous system.
The business    of this    work-a-day
thcy are kafirs   in their red blankets," j world goes witli such a rush that the
he   thought.    "But  our  eyesight   had i-stoutest hearts    and strongest nerves
deceived us, as well it might.      Thc |br^k (<i,ou'" "mlC'" lhc. str��ain' V   i "
_      ,     . . .' ,.      .,;,,, On the first approach of any break-
South   African   aloe   in   full   blossom jdown of the system  Milburn's Heart
had suggested to our fancy
encc  of  the  lurking  native
they  stood  glowing   in   the  hot   sun; | marvelIous
tall,   motionless,  defiant,  fit emblems!    M,-, VV. A
of tlie native of "the soil."
The flower symbols of European
countries arc: Greece, thc violet;
England, the rose; France, thc flcur
de lis; Germany, thc cornflower;
Ireland, the Shamrock; Italy, the lily;
Prussia, the linden; Saxony, the
mignonette;    Scotland,:   thc    thistle;
ie system
thc pres-jand Nerve Pills should be taken.   The
There  reconstructive power of these pills'on
the hot  sun;|Uie luVJrt and ncrvc ^'stcnl 5s simp3-v
' I marvellous.
Wright. .Hopewell Ave.,
Ottawa. Ont, writes: "After suffering
for some time with my heart. 1 consulted a number of doctors, but pet
no reiicf. However, T read what Milburn's Heart ancl Nerve Pills had
done for others, who had the same
symptoms, and thought 1 would give
them a trial. Believe mo, six boxes
cured me complcl;Ay. 1 am feeling
fine now, and c;ai at tend to my.-, work
Spain,   the   pomegranate; Wales, the every  day.^1  can recommend    your
leek. The mapleieaf is identified with
Canada, why should not the aloe be
recognized as the emblem flower of
South  Africa?   ;
,���>���������<���..���>.��>. #"��<>���������������������������������������������������>���������>���>������������
������������������������������������ .������.��..��.�����������
^Nation - Has Encouraged ' Savings ! \
^--V'-iThrough Stamps and-Other
XXX'..' ��� Inducements."-'
::'V,T.tie Scots and the'.French had.better look to thcir.laurels as saving peoples." .Chile bids fair ���' to rival them.'
./During the last ten years'sayings in--
Jstifutidns have-- risen-', considerably in
.number. In 1910 there existed "in the
'entire country but-a "dozen ihdepend-
, enV-institutions carrying the accounts
���;;.of..some '200,000 -persons'; their- com;
ipietc savings amounted-; to only ��4,-
iOOO.OOO in American money. .In 1917
'deposits- rose to.' 110,000;00().- -Chilean"
Vpesos,- whicli" would- equal.'about' onc-
���^foujrth as maiyr American- dollars.,To
.this, in the": year-. 1918,/werc, added
;;:50,O^P,000. more!Chilean peso's. The
...tiatiou has- .encouraged savings,
v'turpiigirstamps ahd other," substantial
iiuiuccments.." Incidentally,, it is, worth
^���"While"-noting' that;;lott.e'ries arc, " not
i permitted, in Chile;.-dciwii" there- -thcy
���'believe in., getting-'. rich.", slowly'   and
pills to anyone suffering as I did."
Price 50c a box at all dealers, or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The T. Milburn Co., Limited,. Toronto, Ont.   -
Reconstruction in Fiance
Constipation,-   Headache,
.. Colds, Biliousness, driven -
' '..out witli "Cascarets", ."
Large   Part   Will Be   Restored By
September    ,    -
- The rehnaisancc .'of France, ��� after
f ; her devastation by "the'enemy, is bc-
|;gimiing to.be manifest, and when the
|! "grape is full'thc vineyards'.will smile"
ijan'd'a large.part of France wili.be it-
asked New Zealand ministers to lake
part in an Imperial conference to consider the Irish" question. But thc minsters would not go ovcr to discuss
separation. _
The Irishmen in tliis country indue Home Kulcrs, Sinn Feiners and
Orangemen. But tlicy havc never
succeeded in making thcir quarrels
and thcir divergent opinions have any_
rcal significance for thc Ncw Zealand
people. Sir Edward Carson, with his
threat of armed resistance to an Irish
Government, and Mr.- de Valera, wilh
his talk of. seccession from the Empire
and his melodramatic speeches and
appearances, look equally foolish and
unreasonable from this sidc of the
world. It seems clear to Ncw Zealandcrs that the Irish people ought to
have any form of government that
they want-���within  the Empire.
After the South African War, when
national antagonisms were still shaking,a war-wrecked country,, the people
bf South Africa, Briton and Boer, got
together in conference and arranged
a constitution within which "thcy
could govern themselves under tlie
British flag. The sensible men on
both sides disregarded the irrcconcil-
ables. Why, asks the New Zealander,
do not the Irish people get together
in similar fashion? '���"'
scheme has been enthusiastically welcomed by the boys and by citizen's
committees, who have joined heartily
in.the sporlmg competitions between
battalions, brigades and training
areas. This new way of making soldiers means the introduction of a common interest among the units, skill,
discipline and clean rivalry.
Early  spring  brings  with  it  COUGHS,  COLDS,   DISTEMPER,
, Be prepared.      Give your horse
Spohrr's Distemper Compound
at the first sign of a cough. Better still, give it as a preventive
befoie he shows signs of sickness. "SPOHN'S" acts equally
well as preventive or cure. By reason of its germicidal finalities,
it expels the disease germs, abates fever, restored appetite, and
condition. Sold by druggists.
SPOHN   MEDICAL   COMPANY,     ��� Goshen,   Ind.,   U.S.A.
Moroccan Spanish Jews
One of those historic bits stranger
than fiction, aixLonc which contains
the note of poetic justice loo often
lacking in ordinary experience, is the
recent inauguration of an effort upon
Victims Are Left Weak, Tired and
Mentally Depressed ��� Tonic
Treatment is Strongly
No pcstilciicc in ycars has caused
more Widespread suffering than the
epidemic of influenza which swept
over Canada in the fall and winter of
1918-19, and again this winter. The
danger from this trouble is. seldom
over when the characteristic . symptoms, the fever, headache and the depression of spirits have passed away.
.Influenza leaves behind it weakened
vital powers; thin blood,'impaired digestion and over-sensitive nerves.
Men and women who were robust before stricken with "influenza find their
bodies racked by pains previously unknown to them. This condition is due
to an abnormal thinning- of the blood
and leaves the system an easy prey
to other sdrious troubles. This is Uie
lime when the convalescent'from-influenza should build up the blood with
a reliable blood-making tonic such as
Dr. Williams' Tink Tills. Weak blood
means impoverished nerves,^impaired
70 Lombard St
Britain May Demand
Compensation From U.S.
Delay in Turning Over German Ships
Caused Considerable Loss to
The British Government is consid-
One pound of neanuts contains a
little more of the body building nutrients than one pound of sirloin steak,
while of thc heat and energy producing nutrients it is more than twice as
,, ,. ,       .   ,.       ..  much.     FOWLER'S   WANTMORE
enne  the  question  as  to  wnethcr  it  Salted Pcanula are mighty good-
should  claim  compensatiot. from  the _____________________________
United Slates for the delay in "turning ovcr to Britain the German ships
allocated to this country by the peace
conference,  says  a London dispatch.
This was announced in the House
of Commons by Andrew Bonar Law,
government spokesman. He declared
considerable loss had been caused the
British Government by the retention
of such steamships as the Imperator
aftcr completion of lhcir services for
the United Statcs.
Representations on the subject havc
been made to the Washington Government by the Biitish Ministry of
Shipping, hc added.
The ships referred lo in thc above
s> >.
f ^^bk     m
I _wv^4_, 1
and How to Feed
Mailed    Free    to    any
Address  by  the
T  W3f JT
.   CO.,   INC.,
America's Pioneer
IIS    West    31st-street,
Dog Remedies
New York.  U.S.A.
digestion, a feelhig of ..tiredness after .dispatch   arc   not _lhose   thc   sale   of
even, slight  exertion;'.and  sometimes !which was stopped recently by injnnc-
cven more serious symptoms. When
the blood regains its rich red quality
the nerves recover their strength and
the organs of the body function naturally. In fact, building up the blood
will.vitalize the whole system.     *
The    experience    of    Mr.    Andrew
Marty, Bathurst, N.B- will   prove of
value to a host of influenza sufferers
who  still  sufle;:  from  lhe   effects   of
jthe disease.    Mr.   Marly says:���,:Thc
the part of Spain lo nationalize andjllcn.-Wc and consequently new hope
rehabilitate the Jews of Morocco. The-brought into my lift: through the usc
King of Spain himself is at the head: of-Dr. Williams'' Pink Pills is almost
of tiie movement, .Ining chief of ihc" beyond my power of expression.-Fol-
������������-,, .  ,   . ������lowing a severe attack of.   influenza
Honorary presidents    ana being sec- in m^ j lWd myself rap:dly faiHnK
U-.s..j-.-.r'i'.l"g"j"��������t��f��'i��-.*����..��..��..��..i.,i..,- .,,.,���.,'���
���Drive away-those, persistent enemies of happiness���biliousness ahd constipation.. Don't stay'headachy, .sick,
tongue-coaled, sallow and miserable!
Never have" colds,,-indigestion,' upset
��� 'self again.    So  thc   French  peasants
are. saying in "their��� spring meetings.
Facts support the optimism of their
outlook. ' Out:of 1,403 miles of railway lines destroyed during the ivar,
stomach, or that misery-making gas. J France has made -1,267^4 miles ready
Feel splendid always by taking Cascarets occasionally. Cascarets never
gripe, v sicken.-or inconvenience you
like- Calomel, Salts, " Oil-or- nasty,
harsh Pills.- Thcy cost so little and
work-while-you sleep. '.'.,' -.
Alberta's Telephone System
r: i .11 \
iyiriMtXiy^^^iiW^X: I>lkc
^Ic^p^iu^ -^ygfjigst on,
 ;ln^::-|?ear��'-I "siifcere'd
^eicv^tish'esfj ���. ttirtd ���' aleep-
^���'������^SS&Si-'X' -f>etf��v^'': ��&'' cdndi-
���'���^%on:;w^':::Mu^t;- ofcbut by
xX^mm&ri-x I,:.fcafc.' .frequent j ^��,u
xx Jie^cKes; iieural&te piiiiw-arKl
:{W t#8��iffinj|, iiMx '���:..: -usryes and
:r3;ffiuscl^ai/'���'% Jteiljind^estion,
;-;jffasSl6#vt-feaii'aiiS easily
''���:^^X'iizV]C6nmi&^. 's, treat-
:." -:^nt-of-:l>fe' Ghas^s-'-,'Nerve
,' i^oody: Mid ��eveti i>i>m$Zo�� this
.^���imefli^e^ctti^^^ine'.^l;;*!! p.y
..'���' -'iiij^p't!^
iy ��nfe fiuiidrecl; jjsr. cettt better
ife;Man ixwssy^M liaye to ihajjfc
f ^Dfe^h'ase��'' - H^ve;::. Fqoii: vfof.
Province Has a Total-of -106;529 Miles
-ofvTelephohe-Lines -. ,:.
- -Alberta's - telephone "system",-',.-ii J^-
placed; .would; cost .$13,320,312,. statcs.-
J>". ;E". :_W_ray,'-. fo_rincrly_ cluef ,_eiigiiiccr-
fpr the. Bell' Tel'cpliohe: system.-, .at-
Chicago, \vhq-'has'beeh making a-thor-
ough."'-cxamiiialion- of".-the tclcphpnc
"'system.'of.the province."-.- .','. .-.'..-���
Aecbrding;". to.,-. Mr.��� i W-ray's report,
tlrerc. were on- .Iannary .1, 1919,- 453,787"
tcleplione,-poles/: 13,400 miles,of-'pole
linos, .53,-463. miles-- of .'.overhead Vwirc,-
2o,f:95 iniicsVof overhead cables; -and.
ivf.07i.. niiles1 of -underground'.cables���'
a:; total of 106,329 miles.-of..telcphom;
lines. - TI'iUs;6 figurc-Si themselves���'ni,ay'
not itteai'i mych .to" the, lay mind,.'biit'
th.cy are ;>. concrete .--.indication.: of- the
"c-stc'ht ai.id-u.tility.-6f the s.ystein'v.'liich"
covtrs the .province frpni-'Cnd to end.
v;;ith a. network of v.:.;-e.s, and -afTord.';
'ii. Jii'f'an's c-f cc!i>t"iiI" coiiimuiiiratibii
between even .ll'.g- most' sparsely set.-.
���t->tl. distiicl.-.. - .,;..   /. ,
'..- 'l'.,e  [���; rn'i.'uie.iicy- 'oi.^its
i;  thc -rc-pfirt.- goes,, 'oil   to
for use by thc end-of September.;.-Out
of 1,160 destroyed bridges, "she. had
reconstructed 657; 'Out'of 672 -miles,
of canals, 437-J^ miles were ready for
use by "the1 end :of -August. . Out of
three.'thousand agricultural instruments destroyed "or removed -by the
Germans, two hundred thousand- had
been, replaced.'- Out of-550,000 .houses
.destroyed/ 80,000.' haveVl-eensuflicient-
ly repaired to be utilized; 16,225 huts
have .been provided, and;60,000 .were
in-process of construction by the end'
of, the'past year. : Out of 6,950 squarc"
nuicSrdf: tillable land'devastated, -1,5-10
square miles have been made fit for.
cultivation., al the saine'date; aiid ,74
million cubic meters- of,' trench excavation-have-been filled-in;  --- -  V -
onded by many of the most prominent statesmen of all parties. After
three centuries" of ostracism' thc Jews
are'to be" officially-invited to return,
as it were,-and to.resume, their position in the  evolution of lhe land.
,'A few' more .smiles' 'of --silent'"" sym-
pathy,.,a few.^mpre .tender words, "a
little more restraint .oi.y-'temper' may
m;[kc..;i.ll -the diffeVcncc .in.o'ur-"!ivcs. ".--
. A-3  r-garti..
.  ugly.:. dandruff':. -Stop
^-coming .out. and. double ���
���    '  its beauty;
examination of. t'he-proj-
showed   that   on -the   wh'olc   ii-1
inns iiren "v*.s.:!l -coif-ilrlie-ieil,-.and is v.'cil
[::!ain't.ai:iid aiid iii fir.st-ciass.'operating
i'c'otMii     i.   Corisio'teh't- standards usual
"j.in      C��vc.'.-;i;;":(.!it'-D\vned'    institutions
een followed, consequently the
telephone  pi?nt ss  a whole  is- properly   designed  rr.ul   well   constructed,,
relatively jire'e   from  unusual   or uneconomical   operating   -and construction practice-, or special materials, e:c-
Pi-nsivc    iiiid.   difacult    to obtain, or
frraks o��'equipment, oit-n the whims
of nianagx-nienl or lhc solicitations of
^fcrfi'Ciaase*!? '^er^::FooiJ?|?;^eHW 'a;^M
rj&. Xi oXZJ&tfji'iZtytiXfiXtiepi i y ^?^i???^;
-'.'--,} An Obliging, Editor
' Visitor: I a.m .collecting for. tlie
poet's-.hospital. '��� Will' you contribute?
./. Editor-,.V/ii'ii pleasure. Call tonight
wi'th'-th;;- a:nbulrt.nce- 'and.Tll-,have,'a
. A'-tratVl-i ^pQliclemau'-iii :Cmcagc��-s6Vd-
. . Lethbridge-Weyburn Line
- The gap. on the Lethbridge-Weyburn line-Will be "filled np and construction on this -line-completed -in
1921,-according to word received from
D.;.'C. Coleman, .general- manager' of
C.P.K. western" lines.
.-Very. Quiet!--.
Vicar (to parishioner who has recently 'lost,, his ���_ wife): You-must, feel
very lonely'now, I'm afraid, -Mr. Jud-
kins?   -, ,'    " - '    "   .-
.Mr.: Judkins:'Yes, sir;, il be .lonesome���rbut it be quiet!.    -.; '
"Cold in the Head"
lion, but vessels which'were temporarily turned over lo thc United Slates
to complete thc repatriation of American forces.
" A Dominion Express Money Order lor Cto
dollars  costs three cents.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
in health, and was naturally.- much
alarmed. I began to lose in weight,
could not eat, did not sleep well, and
in a word I was reduced to a mere
shadow. I was forced to discontinue
work because of my weakened condition, and things had a very blue
outlook. I tried a number of suggested remedies; but without benefit.
And then one day Dr." Williams' rink-
Pills were suggested to me. I'actedon
my' friend's advice, began _ taking
these pills,' and soon fell, an .improvement. Every day I-seemed to grow
stronger, and after four weeks' treatment Tfelt fully restored :toi-my old-
time health..; From, niy own experi-.
ence I feel that, if-given.a_ fair trial,
there is no medicine superior to Dr.
Williams' .Pink Pills in building up a
run-doivii system." .
' - Dr.. Williams'"Pink Pills are atonic,
.not a .stimulant. Thcy build tip the
"blood, and hot only= thc disaastrous
after' effects of' influenza,; but -also
troubles due to poor" blood, such as
anaemia, rheumatism, indigestion nnd
-the- generally -worn-out- feeling--.that \
affects so many people,-disappear. You '
can' get these..pills through any dealer
in" medicine, or by niail al 50 cents a
box, pr six boxes, for $2.50, from Thc
~      " " Co.,   Brock
viile; 'Out,. ���."'.'.   ���'.'.."���'--   '
New Legislation for Manitoba
The Hon. Edward Brown, provincial treasurer, has announced that
Manitoba will establish an assessment
commission as a permanent institution
and its first duties will be the equalizing of assessments iu the various municipalities. The commission will be
semi-judicial in its" powers and scope.
Manitoba will bc the first province in
Canada to enact such legislation.
Treaties in Canada
Copies oi the -following treaties
have been laid upon^the table in the
Canadian House of Commons by the
Hon. N. W. Rowel!, Acting Secretary
of State for External Affairs: With
the Czccho-Slovak, witli the ' Scrb-
Croat-Slovenes, the arms traffic convention, thc liquor traffic convention,
which deals with the liquor traffic in
South Africa, and the Berlin and Brussels acts conventions. These were
signed on behalf of Canada by Sir Edmund Kemp,"overseas Minister of
Militia. -      ,  /
Zinc was known to Europe for 500
ycars before a method' of ^extracting'^
the metal from the ore was discovered
It takes a has-been a-long timc. to
find it out.
No Chance
Probably-no married man, no matter ��� how well trained liis .hand and
brain, is quick enough to take his
knife and scrape up a small quantity
of red raspberry, jam)''adulterated with
rhubarb, from the luncheon cloth
without getting caught.
Wild    horses  Were    abundant    in
Europe in the polished-stone age.
is   an' acute; attack': of-, rrasa-:  calarrli.     1'er-
sons: \vho^sre;-sul)jeot   to  fnqucnt  "colds   in
tlie .heail""~\YiU :fi!i'd. that tlie use of IIAIX'S! r��_    WJIIi-irnc'    Iff r-.t;,-i-ii.
CATARRH..MEDlC'tNli--will 'buHJ  .up .tl.e   Dr-'  VVliliams   .iilctllcle
System,  cleanse  the-Iilood  arid   render' thcin
less   liable,  to   .ccldi.  :  .Repeated   attacks   of
Acute-Catarrh-mav  lead-to  Chronic  Catarrh.
HAl.l.'S CATAK1UI  MKDJC1KK is tahen
internally': ami   acts 'through'   the   I!1ocd   on
the 'Mucous .Surfaces., of  the .System., .-���--. .
"' All. Druggists'75c.,'   Testimonials free:, "-
-$100.00" for aiiy'cr.se of catarrh . .that
HALL'S.CATAIUtll MEDICINE, will- '-no!
cure.-- ������--   -\ -. ,'.'-       -    ���- -   ' ���'
���   F. .J.' Cheney   &-Co.,   Toledo,'; Ohjo.'
rwn-   injurious
Absolutely Guaranteed
__lluy__lt   At   Once  for   Your   Car	
Sprucex Polish Co. Calgary,
Season Opens Early in B.C.
Egg-Laying- Contests
A little "-Danderine" coo.:s, cleanses'
Announcenient-Madc Calling Start for
"-,November-1 st"'
"���; Announcement has been made-by-1'\
C. Elford, Dominion, poultry husbandman, that^cgg-laying "contests- will b'e
continued, next ycarOiy. the experimen-
Tractprs   Are   Busy." on : Vancouver ] uil.' fariir" system -throughout-, Canada
.   Island Where.Spring-Has V
-.X': '-'"'-.   :OSet In; ':'���;-'. ',:;���""'-:
-A. report .from Victoria", TVui:-h-i
Columbia'.������ says 'thai, the .inonth, just
passed' "has- been -the. finest "Fcb'iuary-
ivilliih' the inciiiory .of.' the oldest old-
timers:-" Aii" ordinary. Kebruary usually
sees "'a pirecipi (ation- -"of -seven" to ten
inches- of. rain; only an inch "aiid. a
quarter .fell., in the month, just -ended.'
The nearest to' this'-^ycar's".-record
occurred fifteen years ago, \vhcii they
had a -Febiuarj- with: a! "prccipitatibri-
of* three inchest Thc'lattcr-.half ;of
the month just ended' lias consisted
of almost unbroken ;"suushinc. hardly
as'warm as May, but quite as/delightful". '      -   .  ".'.'-   ''
On Liiiu Island, spring- .work -is
proceeding apace. -:' The - ground is
drying, so rapidly that-'nuicli spring-
plowing has been done, -Many, tract-
Two American Billiard and seven
Pool Table?, Hrunswick-Balkc Callen-
dar (Klinp: Dcsicn). Will sell en bloc
or separately, i'ricc 53,000 Cash, or
54,000 on tcims.    -
Athletic Billiard Par!ors~Ltd..
128a 8th Ave. West      M-V _Caleary
Disappearing Propeller Boats ������ Ideal for
Shallow Waters
Marine Engines
I.O.O.F. Bldg., M-V Calgary
RAY. Phone Ml660; 9 Caledonian
Block, 226 Eighth avenue cast
Calgary - Alberta
These' contests will, start, on Monday
morning. -November' ].,.'.'    ���--..'���-. -
.The contests' in.llie ^resl \vill;.bc
held. ;it tlic/cxpcrimVntal 'farms.;- anc
stations" 'at .P.raiidon, Alan., Indian
-IHead,',' Sask".,- and;.'.Lethbridge,, Alta.
The Cuthwa- contest, will be for,-, the
pomitiion and" llie 'others'for tlie provinces', in which they arcYhcld.,"' ���
Adds   Additional   Charm   to   a
Perfect Toilet
XfJ OMEN have skin of such delicate
" ��� texture that thcy occasionally
are annoyed by'riiapping or fine lines,'
ihe hcRimiing o[ wrinkles. March
winds usually play havoc, with skins
of this kind. Milady of tlic West can
easily keep her skin soft hy applying
a little  Magdalrna Cream.    -  *.
-A  delightful  vanishing toilet  lotion.
Keeps the skin smooth as velvet.
Ask Your Druggist for It.   If He Cannot Supply You, Order l>irect From   -
No. 2, 329a Sixth Ave. W.       Calgary
Puncture Proof
/mt*rS\Punerui�� Proof AU9
Nothing can
happen to a
Dayton Airless
Tire but wear.
8.000 miles la
ru arastttd.
Users get from
ten to twency
thousand miles.
of air-free, care*
Let   aB  ieatoa*
Superior Auto
Specialties Ltd.
237, 12th Ave. B.,
Superior  Atito  Specialties,   Ltd.,  2JI7,   12th
Ave. Kast, Calgary:
1'Ieaae sent! particulars of your agency proposition.
NAME   .....
��� ���*���*�� *��������* ���
--.Our idea of-'a. fool man is .one who1,
is-<so,- busy  p'liui.ng .away ' something j
for a rainy day that lie-hasn't tinic to
enjoy thc,.sunshine.'" ���'.
and  makes   the   feverish,  itchy  scalp i , .,.-     -.,   -.  ,
soft and pliable; then this stimulating jors     and    innumerable     three-horse
tonic penetrates to the famished hair j teams  were  turning over  the black
roots,   revitalizing   and   invigorating loam oii various"parts of.-the Island,~\
every hair in the head, thus stopping accor(lhig   to   statements   of  persons
iy.torriobil'e .off- Michigan-
avenue'.lit 1895.--
the hair falling out, or getting thin,
dry-or, fading.., ��� ->,, ;'-. ���   -
���;''-Aftcc- '.a- few.';applications;of��� "Danderine" ybii seldom-find -a fallen, hair
or a.pa'rticle.of dands;uff; tesides.-.eycry
hair'shows new life, vigor, brightness,-
"more-color ahd thickness.''",���'.;-���. >���;--. ���
A. few cents buys a ^bottle 'of -delightful "Ban'der^nc".���"at��� any drug 'or
toilet counter. "'-��� ;"    y'X-r'yy. '-'-���. -..'- ������'":'
Minard's" Llmrhent
X ���'������iy. -where^; 'xy-'j- Xy:
for :sale/every-
���H'X: zuyy-im
who visited the ���: garden . community, j
Scored- of;, small holdings are being
opened by former.soldiers and planting: of berry bushes and erection, of
houses. and;barns'proceeds .together,"
'-.Qii-two farms-'early, potatoes swere
being, planted .at the end of February;
;. A-wise .nian;ha.3--ali the-'mpney.-"lic
needs,.but ?. fool never has..enough*--���.
-Always   send  your, lists   and
get qMti prices before buying.,
..We.Save Yoii Money
234-36. Dept. A��� 12th Ave. West,
Garments of all J-inus cleaned, dyeil or repaired,
list on request
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you not    lovc me, too? .How happy J
we could be!"    She sighed;
Ruggles felt the blood pouring into
his   face.    "I   guess   you   don't   quite
realize what you're saying,  Roxana," i
he said.
"But  indeed   I   do,"   shc   answered
quickly.      "Why should    I   not love
you?    And why should ybu not lovc
Thousands'of broken-down despon-'mc?    Do   you   know   any   girl   more
beautiful than I? Do I not please
you? I can sing for you and play for
you and dance for you. I know the
Circassian gesture dance and many
others. And where could you find a
girl with .such hair as irine and such
a skin and a body that is neither fat
nor thin, and���" ., .
"Roxana," Rugcrlcs interrupted,
"you mustn't sav things like.that."
"Why not, effendi?" she whispered
softly. "Arc they not true? And am
I not yours?    Did not Hamid Pasha
GREENWOOD,     33.     C.
dent dyspeptics have recently been
given b^ck their health. v ,
- These happy people don't proclaim
it was a miracle that endowed them
with" a new-lease of lifc���it was# simply thcir common sense in selecting a.
tried and fc.uVen medicine, one specially" adapted to" their particular ailment.
All  these   splendid  cures  were   effected- by Dr. Hamilton's Pills, which
beyond  all  question   have  a  strange
power   to   restore  a   weak   or  ailing
If "your stomach is tired and overworked try Dr. Hamilton's Pills, and
note the prompt improvement. Pain
before or after eating will disappear.
You'll no longer have that nauseous,
gassy, bad tasting sensation. You'll
get a real vigorous appetite and
digest: what you cat
give tr.c to you? What may I not say
to ybu, Ruggles Effendi? For your
eyes, there is no veil across my face
or across my heart."
Rugglcs leaned back in his chair,
breathing rapidly. There was a sweetness and a seduction in Roxana's voice
such  as. he  had  never  heard  in   any
Lots  of well' other, while thc childish simplicity of
-.b^v.  . .o  ������H..J  to     increase, her wooing cleared it of all immod-
your strength, to make you brighter: ��ly.     She   spoke   from   no   beat   of
and more ambitious; in a week you'll1 passion, but plaintively, like a child
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feel like a different person, in a
month you'll, be permanently restored. -      *
.For fo'ks who are out of sorts, not
feeling just up to thc scratch, perhaps bothered, with headaches or
constipation, to them Dr. Hamilton's
Pills will prove-a boon.
* Filling His
Own Shoes
- -"'   ��� B\   -T    -
hurt,at having withheld from it something which it feels to bc its due. The
ravishing' Roxana was begging for
loyc as a little girl might beg for promised . sweets.
Rugglcs could find no words with
which lo answer her. And the'sweet-
ncss.of her as she leaned toward him
entreating his favor was that of orange blossoms drenched in dew.' Not
onc man in a hundred could have kept
his head in the face .of such  an  ap-,. _      ^_1  __,
peal from such a source.    Some girls j might tame the savage instincts that
ate them.
By increasing the range of thc instrument, this wireless man" said, it
would be a comparativclj' simple matter for a man sitting in an easy chair
in  London  to cause an explosion in
���       .         ��� New York.   All that would be ncccs-
scc the girl sdfely married and cstab- j sary would be to leave in Ncw York a
lished. There was something in the, rcceiver^suitably hidden and connccl-
cxpression of her lawny eyes, when'
Explosion Caused
JtJy Wireless
No Difficulty in Firing Gun From a
Spot 300 Miles Away
At the Marconi station at Clichns-
ford, England, the other day a small
mine of gunpowder was exploded by
the use of an automatic- wireless transmitter at Cambridge, 35 miles away.
A member of the Marconi company
pointed out that there.would be no
difficulty in firing a gun from a spot
300 miles away.- All the big guns used
ih_the Passchendaele offensive could
havc been fired as easily from London as from Ypres. Paris could cause
an   explosion   in Berlin   by   merely
pressing a key. An airplane could j The rcview of thc quartei>s icssons
wait until advancing enemy troops [cau be profitabiy made t0 ccntrc In
had reached a certain spot, and then jthe service of pelej. and John> or per.
explode a mine which would anmhil- haps beUci% thc aclivily and power of
thc risen and ascended Christ marii-
for a, second they flashed into his, lhat
made Rugglcs nervous and ill at'case.
He'felt tliat he was dealing.-with a
priminitive- nature, which he would
never be able to understand and
which contained high potentialities of
ejj with a mine.
j Old Clothes Dyed
j Make New Garments
mischief.   He hoped that matrimony, j "Diamond Dyes" Turn Faded, Shabby
with    its    attendant    responsibilities,! A_ ^, T_t_ >T������
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
Oddly enough, Roxana's "* point of
view was merely the Oriental adaptation of Ruggles's, and as such quite
reasonable. Shc had belonged to Hamid Pasha, who had been as a father
to her and had loved her for her
beauty and attainments, which affection she rendered in kind.. But now
Hamid Pasha had been taken to thc
bosom of thc Prophet and Ruggles
was his heir. Ruggles had inherited
her, Roxana, with other of Hamid
Pasha's real and personal property.
There fore shc was his, and" why in
the name of all that was t-asonablc
should he not enjoy her, just as he enjoyed the other benefits? The Occidental precepts of Miss E'liot and
Miss Challand and Mr. Falconer and
others had slipped from-Roxana as
rain from lhe back of a duck, not onc
drop soaking in. ��� Theory vvas all
right in its way, but facts were facts.
She belonged    to  Ruggles and    was)
are fashioned for work, and some for
play,.and some to pass the. time away;
there aire the true and the false, the
motherly and the wanton-hearted, ,thc
artists and- the earthy.- ��� Roxnna was
fashioned for lovc; her mission in
life, for���which she had been trained
from childhood, was to please. Art
ahd nature had combined, to fit her
for this faculty. And now, when she
wished'the.'most'-to', fulfill this func;
lion, both failed her. Roxana was
hurt and puzzled.
"What is il, Rueglcs Effendi?" she
asked. "Have I done anything to displease you?"
"Of course not," Ruggles answered.
"But, you sec, it's like this Roxana.
Before Hamid Pasha died���"
He was interrupted by a light step
on the gravel path, and a white-clad
figure appeared. Then a voice that
both recognized as Miss Elliot's call-
"Mr, Rugglcs���"
"Here I am," Ruggles answered.
Miss Elliot drew nearer and stood
lie was able to. sense beneath his
ward's quiet and self-contained exterior.
Roxana appeared to be quite content with the arrangement, and was
much pleased with her engagement
ring and its superb diamond. The
wedding was arranged for October,
when Von Hertzfcld's family would
bc able to assist.
(To. Be ^Continued.)
Marconi's Offer to Britain
To Link Up British Empire in a Chain
of Wireless Communication
The British Government has received an-offer from .William Marconi, the
Italian inventor of thc wireless, to
link up. the entire British Empire .in
a chain of wireless communication,
the system to bc turned oyer to the
government  ownership  if  desired  at
for a moment looking at them as they i jilc cn(i 0f 30 years.
fsat close together on the wicker
bench. It was too dark to see her
facc, but when shespoke, her voice
held a peculiar cold :note.
"Baron von Hertzfeld has called,"
said shc. "I thought you might like
to meet him." ,  "- -
"All right," Ruggles answered.
"We'll be in directly."
Miss Elliot-^turned and went back
to the house," Ruggles looked at Rox-
Mr. Marconi would build plants, his
offer said, in England; in Canada, at
Montreal and Vancouver; in India, at
Singapore; in-South and West Africa,
in West Indiesand in Australia. With
certain stipulations, he would engage
to carry out the constructionyand organization without assistance of the
government and to pay the Exchequer
"What I was goitfg to say is this--one-fourth of the profits.
glad "ofh, b"ecaus<fhc " was "beautiful' ��an���J, Pas,�� J *J}_ ���5 ,aJ,e."_"'. W.h_"
and^brave and kindly and generous���
and* young.    .
In her-hcart Roxana had-been sorely perplexed at Ruggles's behavior toward herself. She understood quite
thoroughly her (.worth and her desirability, and had no difficulty in translating thc thoughts that were written
in men's eyes as they met hers." She
knew that "her beauty was phenomenal, her voice a nightingale's, her
mind vivid and alert; not" like that of
many women she had known in different harems���sordid, selfish, sensual,
and cruel. ' Shc was a mountain girl
and loved more tiie rush of free air
and thc tang of frost and the free usc
of her muscles and clear, cold water
in which to bathe than sweetmeats
and jewels and massage and heavy,
exotic, stifling things. She was a
maiden destined for the Yi'.diz Kiosk
(the Sultan's harem) when given lo
Hamid Pasha by Abdul Hamid, and
therefore her apple of knowledge still
hung from the bough. She had never
desired to taste thereof until Ruggles
Effendi, late of the Walkeasy Shoe
Company of America, had braved the
wrath of Miss Elliot, that incompre^
hensible-woman,-and walked into the
haremlik of the departed Hamid Pasha.
It all seemed very simple to Roxana, while at thc same time infuriat-
ingly perplexing. Since she had been
in Paris and had been permitted, not
only to go about unveiled, but to meet
and talk to different men, she had
come to realize her power. These men
desired her greatly, yet seemed al-
wavs afraid of her. They encroach*
cd, but half-heartedly, upon her mai-;kittcn     ��But beforc marry Ilim
he died, asking me to look after you
four girls and sea that you got started right in life and married iii thc
European way. ~Hc sort of felt that
Turkey was breaking up, I guess,- and
he didn't want you left without somebody to take care of you. He said
in his letter that I was to' consider
myself just like your big brother, and
that's exactly how I feel about you.
If I was an outsider, it might be different, but, you see, Roxana, I'd have
to bc a pretty poor sort of a man to
go 'contrary to his directions, after
all he's done for inc."
Roxana nodded her lovely head. "I
see. Rugglcs Effendi," she answered
"So you "mustn't think about me
that way," Rugglcs went on. "I want
to sec you girls happily married to
good husbands. Now, Bulbul and
Alcssandra will probably marry these
two Montcreau brothers. This Baron
von Hertzfeld wants to marry you.
What do you think about it, Roxana?" > "
Tlie girl began to toj- with tiie gravel with the tip_ of her little slipper.
"He is_ very nice," she answered in
a lo_w_voice, "and v,cry_handsomc._Hc
is a Jew, but I have heard that the
Jews are very kind to their wives and
give them a great many presents. Besides, he is vcry rich. I .will marry
him if you wish me to, Ruggles Effendi."
"Now that's rcal sensible," Ruggles
answered, greatly relieved. It flashed across his mind that perhaps he
had been unjust to Roxana. Why.
this girl whom he had regarded .as a
lioness was after all as docile as a
For himself, Mr. Marconi stipulates
Apparel Into New
Don't worry about .perfect results.
Use "Diamond Dyes," guaranteed to
give'a new, rich, fadeless color to "any.
fabric1, whether it be wool, silk, linen,
cotton   or   mixed   goods,���dresses,
fest in the service of Peter and John.
Lesson  I.  Peter Prcacbes at Penta-
cost (Acts 2).
Peter proves that Jesus Christ arose
from the dead, ascended o.i high and
poured forth the Holy Spirit upon thc
church; the cvidcjicc of it was thc
unusual behavior of the disciples.
Lesson 2. Peter and John Heal a
Lame Man (Acts 3).
This remarkable miracle wrought in
thc name of Jesus Christ proved that
though thc Jews had crucified him, he
was how.alive and continued his work
through the disciples.
Lesson 3. Peter and John Witnessing
of lhe Risen Christ Before the
..'Sanhcdrin'  (Acts 4).
As   a   result   the   Sanhcdrin   took
knowledge that they had been with
Canadian Holsteins
Fqj* Great Britain
Next Year a Shipment of Holsteins
From Canada Will Enter
A few years ago a shipment of
Holstein-Frcsian breeding stock was
by special government permission allowed to enter England from Holland,]
and it is from, these foundation animals that the numerous British herds'
of this breed have been derived. It
now seems that the timc has come
when it will bc necessary to introduce
fresh blood for the revival of these
British stocks, and to that end it is
stated that next year a shipment of
Holsteins from Canada will be permitted to enter England. The cattle will
require to be introduced on a special
dispensation, for the Britisii Government docs not permit entry of live
cattle in ordinary circumstances.
Meats may enter, biit live cattle have
to be slaughtered at special landing
docks, thc idea being lo keep out disease. As another shipment of Hol-
stein-Fresians from the continent is
out pf lhc .question, tlie importation
of Canadian Holsteins is, according to
the North British Agriculturist, to bc
allowed in over the fact that "fresh
Frcsiari blood must be got if the breed
in Great. Britain is to bc maintained."
���Breeders' Gazette.
blouses,    stockings, skir%    children's j Jesus, that is, his lifc and work were
coats, feathers, drapciies, coverings���
everything.  ,
The Direction Book with each package tells how to diamond dye over
any color.
Tb match-any material, have dealer
show you "Diamond Dye" Color .Card.
Commissions to
Investigate Russia
League of Nations Adopts Resolution
of Inquiry
The council of thc League of Nations has adopted a resolution to send
two commissions; to Russia to investigate affairs therc.
The first commission, representing
being reproduced in and through
thcm. Being with Christ will: 1. Give
an cxperimentarknowledge of him, so
that-thc life will remind one of Jesus. 2. .Take away the fear of man.
Peter, who a little while ago quailed
before a Jewish maid, is undaunted
before the august Sanhcdrin. 3. Open
a man's lips. Peter said: "We cannot
but speak thc things which we have
seen and heard." What the hearr
feels, the mouth must speak out.
Lesson 4. The Risen Christ Vindicating His Church (Acts 1:5-16),
He passed judgment upon Ananias
and Sapphira, for their hypocritical
pretense of generosity. The living
Christ knows thc intents of .'tlic heart;
will include ten members, two of
which will be appointed by thc international labor bureau. This body
will study general conditions in Russia.
The second commission, headed by
Albert Thomas,. of France, head of
the international4 labor bureau,    will
A ui    iumav.u, .win,   Av^cli^vjil   a Ll|/luuLi,a'. i'
that he must have a monopoly for 30 j s*udy conditions in Russia from thc
years,- protection during ��� that -time
from competition.along his routes by
other companies, and the right to extend thc system to foreign countries.
He a'slcs the government obtain any
sites he may select by -condemnation
proceedings. In national emergencies, smch as war, the inventor agrees
that ti'e country would bc entitled to
take ovcr thc works.
At thc end of 30 years, should it be
decided to nationalize the system, Mr.
Marconi wants a refund of thc original cost, plus one-tenth of thc gioss
receipts for 30 ycars.
dcii reserve. Notes had been slipped
into her hand by thc maitre d'hotel
or chasseur, not only on leaving such
establishments as the Ritz and Carlton, but even in walking on thc
Avenue du Bois with Miss Elliot and
the other girls. Roxana read lhcir
impassioned contents and threw them
away. Alcssandra, Bulbul, and even
that adolescent beauty, Rosa, "would
havc kept them, read them over and
ovcr, dreamed of .sentimental possibilities, sliowu thcm to thc other
girls, and possibly havc bribed the
littic ladies' maid to have engineered
a poste restantc at thc corner of the
garden wall. Roxana consigned thcm
to thc famous sewage system of Paris,
where no doubt they floated on their
proper level. Somc of them may have
Ruggles decided that the best method of procedure would be to comc to
a clear, mutual understanding. Roxana had _just said ��� that she loved ���
literally ^translated, liked���him. Ruggles took his point of departure from
this reckoning. But before expressing
himself, he decided lhat he had better
put Roxana right on certain figures
of speech, which micht afterwards
lead to misunderstandings.
"I'm mighty glad you think so much
of me, Roxana," hc said. "But you
know there's a lot of difference bc-
tween'likifig a person and loving him.
And therc are a good many different
kinds of love."   '
Roxana's eyes glowed darkly from
her pale face.
"I have them all for you, Ruggles
Effendi," she said softly.    "Why do
ifJSlHS. Be*ls-KeeD vour ET��
you'd better find out if you really
care for him," said hc.
Roxana slightly raised her splendid
"It does not matter," she answered.
"If I am to marry like a European
woman, 1 will do as they do. If I
do not like him afterwards, I will take
a lover."
Rugglcs gasped. The kitten seemed to Tic showing a littic claw at thc
end if its velvet paw.
"You mustn't say things like that."
he protested. "Nice women don't
ever think of that sort of tiling."
Roxana smiled, and her white teeth
flashed through the murk.
"If yon loved mc, I should never
deceive you, effendi," she answered
softly, and her lithe body swayed toward him. "You would never have to
watch me.    Aie���my dear���" ^��
Her bare arms slipped up about his
neck, and shc rested, her head for an
instant on his chest. The odor of her
hair was in his nostrils. Then shc
loosed him suddenly and rose witli a
little shudder.
About Tea Chests
Between three and four million tea-
chests are required for thc India tea
crop eacluycar. The wood used-in
these chests is of a very special kind.
It must contain no sap that would
corrode thc tea-lead in which the tea
is;packedpmust be--frcc~from ��� any
odor, as tea will take up that readily,
and must be well seasoned so that
it will not warp.
viewpoint of labor.
The council adopted-^Arthur Balfour's resolution to appoint a league
of nations health commission to study
conditions in Poland and prepare a
report recommending methods to stop
the epidemic of typhus, there. This
report will be presented to thc international hygiene conference to be held
in London next month.
Another    meeting    of the
council will be held in Paris
the  Rome meeting.
A Suitable Size
The Salesperson; But thosc arc not
hope chests, miss. They're much too
small. They're for gloves. These
cedar boxes make nice hope chests.
Miss Pcachblow: I'll take one or
the little ones. It's for my old maid
aunt and she has very littic hope left.
"Phwat's th' matter wid ye?" enquired Doolan of Murphy, who was
sucking his thumb, whilst his face
plainly showed signs of excruciating
pain. ^
"Shurc, Oi've just hit me thumb wid
an 'ammcr," moaned Murphy, as hc
exhibited the injured member for in-
, speclion.
"I'm sorry for ye," remarked Doolan, sympathetically.
"Be jabers, it would 'ave been
wuss," declared Murphy, with sonic
consolation, "if I'd had 'old o' th' 'ammcr wid both 'ands."
"I will do as yot
Effendi," said shc.
tel! mr, Rugglcvs
Ruggles met thc brothers Dc Mo>?-
tercau and liked them, which sentiment was cordially reciprocated. "Un
homme charmant ct trc3 distingue,"
was the verdict of the Frenchmen.
Madame de Montercau, with the fani-
ily solicitor, had an interview- with
Rugglcs, the marriage settlements
were drawn p, and a formal betrothal was announced. The double
weddimf was set for the first v.xek in
The suit of the young Baron von
Hertzfeld was also approved by Ruggles.    Not only did be like and ad
' He*ls���Keep your Eyes
Strong and Healthy. If ���_���.    ..���   ������ 	
iheyTirs,Smart,Itch,or mire Von Hertzfeld, and believe that
Burn, if Sore, Irritated, he would make Roxana a kind and du-
.,   . -   ��       fctfsamedorGranulated, tifel bnsband, butjie was anxious to
use Murine often. Safe for Infant or Adolf    .  __-___���_��__
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E��*:Bcok. ��*rf8ee��s|��3j,CSfeas*,fJ,S.4.{ W.     N.     U.     130$
After Being Relieved of Organic Trouble by Lydia E,
Pinkham's Vegetable
Oregon. II!.���"I took LydiaE. Pinkham's Vegetable Comjjound for an organic trouble which
j pulled me down until 1 could not put my
foot to the floor and
could scarcely do my
work, and as I live
on a small farm and
raise six hundred
|j;jchicken3 every year
Uljit made it very hard
for me.
"I saw the Compound advertised in
oar paper, and tried
it It has restored
iny health so I can do alt my work and
I am so grateful that I am recommending it tb my friends."���Mrs. D. M.
Alters, R. R. 4, Oregon. 111.
Onlywomen who have suffered thetor-
tares of such troubles and have dragged
along- from day to day can realize the
relief which this famous root aad herb
remedy, LydssE. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, brought to Mrs. Alters.
Women everywhere ia Mrs. Alters*
condition should ivofit by her reeom-
mendatJoa, and if there are any complications writs Lydia E_ Pinkham*s
Medicine Co., Lynn, M&3S.. fGr advice.
The result of their 40 years experienc*
is at year service.
1 nothing can bc concealed from him.
th.?.  .Lc,a^le of Natio?s    exclusively^ Lcsson 5> Thc Living chrisl SavJng
Men and Women in Samaria
(Acts 8:4-25).
His sanction of the preaching of
thc Gospel by Philip in- Samaria is
shown by the outpouring of thc Holy
Spirit. Peter and John were sent by
the mother church to confirm the
Lesson 6. The Living Christ Healing
thc Sick and    liaising" the Dead
(Acts 9:32-43).
That Christ is aiive is  proved  by
the vanquishing of the dreadful mal-
|ady of palsy and the rctcuanting of a
| corpse by the departed soul.   Nothing
I like this  hati been known  since thc
days of Christ.
Lesson 7. Thc Risen Chrisl Revealing
Himself to a Gentile  {Acts 10).
Peter  testifies   to  Cornelius     that
Jesus Christ .died for sin and is to be
the judge of the quick and the dcaa,
and  that  everyone  who  believes  on
him will  receive remission of sins.
Lesson 8.���Peter is  Delivered  From
Prison Through the Living Christ
Sending His Angel to Open   the
Doors (Acts 12:1-19).
The church prayed for Peter's deliverance and^thc prison was opened.
All power is given him in heaven and
in earth; therc is nothing too hard for
Because Christ-^s alive, those who
are joined to him by faith grow. Because of thc contact wilh hini they are
able to maintain seemly behavior in
thc various relations of life.
Lcsson 10. Christ Is thc Revcalcr of
' God's Love (I. John 4:7-21).
The proof that Christ is alive is the
Il happens evcry time you treat a,lovc of God iu  the hearts of thosc
who ha*e been born again.
Lesson   11.   Christ   Is  Alive  Because
He U Walking in the Midst of the
Churches (Rev. 1:4-18).
Lesson 12.
Tn heaven! thc crucified, risen and
glorified CIiri.it will be thc centre of
worship. All glory and honor arc ascribed   to   him   because   of  hi��.   niar-
Sentenced to immediate Death
corn with "Putnam's"���Corn dies ���
never returns. Nothing so certain and
painless as Putnam's Corn Extractor
���try it. Fifty years' success guarantees its merit. 25c bottles at all dealers.
B. C. Dairy Produce
Japan Denies Report
Story That She    Bought Victory In
1904-5 "Preposterous"
London.��� The Japanese Embassy
here issued the following statement:
"Referring to the news circulated
in the last few days to the effect that
Japan bought the victory over Russia in 1904-05, the Japanese embassy
declares this is entirely groundless.
Moreover wc suspect there is some
foul play involved in the rumor.
""The story, of course, is so preposterous and chimerical that it hardly
deserves a formal denial; but in view
of the fact thatsevcral papers printed
it is well that it should be noticed."
The "Lion D'Arras"
Reuter announces the disappearance
of one of the last of the war newspapers���the "Lion d'Arras." These
war area sheets, whicli did so much
to cheer and encourage the inhabitants of the stricken towns and countrysides, will bc looked upon in the
future as one of the most interesting
products of the war years. -The "Lion
d'Arras" appeared in the city at a
time when the enemy was within a
few hundred yards from thc walls.
The founder of the paper was the
Abbe Gucrrin, who continued its edilor during the 172 weeks of it3 existence.
Cheapest because
they're ihe Best
'THE "Kastlake" Round End
���*��� Stock Teak ii very popular.
Made of highest quality,, heavy
galvanized iron; the heavy tubing is firmly looked on and the
strong angle iron bracei are
formed around the tubing. Side
seams have double row of rivets.
Bottom is turned up inside���the
strongest construction known.
"EMllake" T*nlu are right In every
rivet. AH stylet inoludinf.HouteTanki,
Giitern'i, Grenariei, Hot Troughs,
Gasoline and Coal Oil Tanks, Wafon
Tanks, Snow Meltars, Feed Cookers,
etc.. Well Curbing, Corrugated Culverts, Garages.
AAf*r ftUtr ���� th T**iyou want.
Metallic Roofing Co:
Manufacturers    Wcd
i Rheumatic Pains
Z Are relieved in a few days by
���) taking 30 drops of Mother Seigel'i
9 Syropaftermeftls and on retiring.
X It dissolves the lime and acid
���) accumulation in the muscles and
(��� joints so these deposits can be
*^ expelled, thus relievinf pain and
^   soreness. Seigel's Syrup, also (g -
known as "Extract of Roots," �����
containsnodopenorotheratrong g
drugs to kill or mask the pain of (��� -
rheumatism or lumbago, it re* f>
moves the cause*   SOc a bottle *-��� -
at druggists.
Look at tongue! Remove poisons from lrttle stomach,
liver and bowels
Deposits Discovered
Valuable   Find- Reported in   Central
. Saskatchewan'
A company has been incorporated
under the name Soda Deposits, Ltd.,
for the development of the recently
discovered sodium-sulphate deposit
near Fusilier, in Central Saskatche-
i wan.
The minister of-agriculture-insa recent statement in the provincial parliament, in regard to the development
of the "natural resources of the provinces, alluded to certain deposits of
sodium-sulphat that had been discovered in the southern part of the province. Samples of these deposits
were examined by the government
chemist, the output from which analysed 93 per cent, pure or 99.1 pcr cent,
after certain elements, such as moisture, had been discounted. The locators of the deposit at Fusilier claim
for its product even greater purity
than this.
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only���look for the namc California on
thc package, then you are sure your
child is having the best and most
harmless laxative or physic for the
Uittle stomach, liver and bowels. Children love its delicious fruity taste.
Full directions for child's dose on each
bottle.   Give it without fear.
Mother! You must say "California."
Great Opportunities for the
Farmer in the Province
. Interesting statistics of thc dairying industry in thc province of Britisii Columbia have i ccently been j;iven
by the minister of pgriculture.
There arc twenty-two creameries
manufacturing butter in various parts
of the province, hc says, four cheese
factories and three farm daiiy factories for manufacUu'ng fancy cheese.
Of dairies handling or distributing
milk or cream, or manufacturing ice
cream, there arc in all 45.
During lhc past year the creameries
produced  1,68S,000 pounds of butter.
vclous work of redemption.
Not Quite the Samc
Lady: "I r.\y, waiter,    this chicken
pie hasn't any chicken in it."
Waiter: "Well, madam, if you ordered a dog biscuit you wouldn't expect
to find a dog in it, woiikl jou?"
Don't si.binit to liic inevitable until
you havc positive proof that it is thc
Columliii". lii.st found thc Sargasso
�� i
valued at $1,018,197.    In  addition
thi-.  tlicrc     v.cc 630,000  pounds
dairv butter, pi-.ing a total Lulte/ p:o- j Vrgggr
duction   valued  at  Sl,375,697.    Apart
from tlic 630,000 pounds of bi.Ucr. lhe
dairies supplied    almost ten    million
gallons of milk and 217,000 gallons of
ice cream.   Thc output of the cheese
factories was 304.S02 pounds, giving
in al' a total dairy production valued
at $7,148,688.
Great opportunities stiil exist for
the dairy farmer in the province, however, for British Columbia still has to
import, among other things, the greater past of her butler supply, as is evidenced by ihe fact ihit almost $3,000,-
000 worth o: this produce alone were
imported to suppij thc needs cf lirr
population. - ,
to!sea on m.s voyage ot iJiscovcry.
Alberta Sheep hi Yukon
The First Man to Start a Sheep
Ranch in That Country
Last fall thc Western Stock Ranches of Southern Alberta, who arc extensive breeders of first-class Oxford
and Oxford grade sheep, shipped two
grade ewes and a ram to Mr. Lade-
routc, of Kirkman Creek, Yukon, and
he has just written expressing his
satisfaction at the manner in vvhich
thc sheep had withstood thc extreme
weather of the far north. lie statcs
that "thcy arc vcry hardy and havc
j already slopped out when it was 45
to 50 below zero." They are fed well
at nights in a good warm place, but
arc outside al! thc day.
Mr. Laderoutc states hc is thc first
man to start a sheep ranch in that
country, and is so well pleased .with
the quality and endurance of his Al-
|berta-bred stock that hc is ordering
as many more this summer a* his
capital will allow.
Saskatchewan Dairy Production
In his agricultural report for the
last fiscal ycar the Dairy Commissioner for Saskatchewan shows the
remarkable increase of 18.70 per cent,
for the province in dairy production.
Though 97-cars~of buttcr~wereTcserv-"
ed for home trade, a total of 2,425,000
pounds of butter went to outside man
kcls. The total value of the dairj
products is given as $3,180,622.
Scotch Clydesdales for Alberta
A shipment of purebred Clydesdale
stallions has just arrived in Calgajy
after being imported from Scotland.
These havc been purchased by Andrew Dollar, a . well-known horse
breeder of Southern Alberta, and have
been shipped to add to his alrcadj
valuable stud at High River.
Nine Indian reserves in Western
Canada arc to bc opened up to settlement by soldier-farmers, according
to thc announcement of C. W. Cavers, Ottawa.
Wc often  see  weak old men nnd
week old babies.
jffiD_SPMB  ,,G*
Fcr Coughs, Colds,
and the re'Jef of in*
faxnniatery cor.diaons
of the throat arising
from Bronchial, Asth*
matk affections and
derangements of the
Respiratory Organs.
Prepared from Spruce
Gum and other medi'
dnal agents. Successfully us��l for 60 years.
(Iwiji iot Un Lars* SS��
Which? v
"'If you plead guilty, -which 3-ou
arc," said the police judge, "thc court
wit! be easy with you. But if you
plead nol guilty, which yoa ain't, and
tltc court finds you guilty, which it
will, it'll go hard with jou. What do
yon plead���guilty or not guilty?"
Ladles Have a te
Sweet Healy Skin
By Using Cuticura
reports havc issued  from  thc   Vladi-j
\ostok   trade   coznmscsionc r's
fi cm timc to time.    -
\    Rattlesnakes were known jp colon-!
\bA times in   the   Middle states,   b'.it i
j havc loir."- ?Hc? di-appr.��rrd
Promote skin purity, skin com-
fort and skin health by making
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum
your every-day t~3e'.
Just t uch say
redness or roughness
vrith Cuticura Ointment Wash oS in
five minutes witli Cuticura Soap and hot
water, best applied
wth the hands wlilch it softens wonderfully, and continue bathing a few-
moments. Rinse with tepid water.
Dry gently and dust on a few grains
of Cuticara Taionn Powder, a fascinating fragrance for poTOering
aad perfuming the skin.
Contrast this simple, wholesome
treatment with tiresome massaging-
and manipulating.
CoSessn Sana St. Otsfem* is-���fl Tte, 7��~
lirsuobad ttta ��6��na>: yxm
1 s $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to  the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices   700
Batray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    1.00
3ertificale of Improvement.....  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears it> notice, f 5.00 for each additional claim.)
Allother legal 'advertising, 12.cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business "locals I2#c. a line each insertion.
Professor l<\ Werner, principal
of the Grand Forks Music Academy, and Miss Dora Christensen,
of Greenwood, were married at
Christ Church, Grand Porks, on
Monday morning, March 22. Rev.
P! C. Hayman performed the ceremony. Harry Weber acted as
groomsman and Mrs. M. L. Weber
acted as bridesmaid. The happy
couple are spending their honey-
moon in Spokane.
The blue cross! means that
your subscription is due, and
tV.at the editor vvould be pleased
to have more money.
The Four-Flusher
Don't cues the flour-flasher
is to be pitied.
He is building his future upon a
tissue of falsehood. What can the
future hold for him but exposure
and humiliation!
A four-flnsher is a liar. He
loves a lie. He depends upon
making the lie stick. He doesn't
know, as'you do, that the truth
finally prevails.
The four-flusher may be your
rival. All the. better for you���for
Ever notice the crest-fallen
countenance of a four-flusher in a
game of poker when some one who
has the cards calls his bluff? Be
the one who has the cards.
Jim Turner
(Continued from page 1)
On ^ay 1, 1920, the subscription
rates of The Ledge will be as follows: When paid in advance $2.50
a year. When not paid for three
months or more have passed S3.00
a year. To Groat Britain and the
United States $3 a year always in
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts,  Farm aud
Fruit Lands For Sale.   List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
la the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028-
TAKE NOTICE tliat T,' Cburles Graser,
of Boundary Falls in said District, occupation,
Rancher, intend to aoply (or permission to
purchase the following described lands:
Commencing- at a post planted at the
South-East comer of Lot 1028; thence ��ortli20
chains; thence East 20 chains; thence South ,0
chains; aud thence West 20 chains, and containing 40 acres more or less, the same co ha
utilized for prazinff purposes.
Dated at  Uoundarr Falls,   B.C.
lTtli, 1919.
cuffed, and whilst kept in the Lock Up
at Midway was compelled to  wear leg
irons day and  night,  although at night
he slept in a steel cage!
* Turner was not taken before any Canadian magistrate, or judge,'. on any application-for'his extradition,' and "since the
charges staled "-by.the". Immigration. Offi-
. cer.'even if true,. were'not extraditable,
. the bringing of some sort of paper,  not
.' even shown'to Turner, .was  undoubtedly
as a   bluff, on   an attempt to . have him
.'-'railroaded".across the line/ through an
altogether improper use of the Canadian
Immigration Act. ' Turner . invites   the
Police Authorities of the State of Washington to commence Extradition proceed-'.
.   ings���-more .thau this, he defies, them to
-,doso. -" -        '     '"     '
' Turner came, to B. C, as stated, in 1899,'
and B'.-C". is arid has been his home.   On
the shut down at Princeton, last summer,
he, wanting" work, went to Molson- and
worked in  a harvest .field 21 days, and
then returned to Princeton, thinking the
strike might be over, but it was not, and
he later applied for work at Porter's Mill.
No evidence was given before the Im-
""migration dmcerTalthough"  "testimony',;
. is'required to be given;;'and it\vya3.';nc^
shown, ,br attempted to be shown that
'   Turner's work at..the -place- stated, was
anything other than for a:mere special or
temporary purpose.- The question of los-
.. ing his rights was a question of 4aw> and
-should have been, as advised by the Regulations,   have' beeu referred .to., an In-
;.' spector, or to a Board of enquiry.. ������'  -_������- ���
Cash-bail.of" $500 -was.'required, after
;   the.Immigration Officer.-had refused; to.
,   accept responsible persons who had not
'- .such-sum's at" .all. times'-available /in the
'",   bank.;  The' fine-.for-" "entering.: without
leave, by a person "having.no. Canadian
rights, is only $200;'and as Turner had a.
"% Canadian domicile.he could enter Can-,
;  ada as a matter ot right; '-   ���:'������-��� /,.','.���-'
The immigration Officer,-at the" .ti.me
��� .bail was/applied for, stated ".Turner.'-was_"a
.'   "desperate character", and'was. wanted
for white, slavery ~ that  he   had stoleii
,, .chickens, "etc ,-, !etc. ...Turner, has.' never
owned a revolveri and never.carried one,
���   and;no person herecan recall, his having
-.been involved, in any, fight ' Atone time,
when in. liquor, he was given to being noisy
iy on the streets; and .has been fined: .He
'. .was'never.accused of;stealing, but. about 5
... years.ago.he and two others occupied a
-'.. cabin near Phoenix,.and-Turner worked
..: and the others.did hot, but were to sup-.
ply their share of the "grub," and.chick-
��� ens, which undoubtedly had been stolen,
��� were found cooking on a stove, but Turner'.Was not charged with their theft, yet
., owing to. their being found cooking in
the cabin in which   he  and  the others
lived he was found guilty of receiving,
'.';" - &nd served, the. term imposed.   Very few
,' "old timers" here have ever' believed he
was   guilty,but  suffered   from allowing
persons .who lived with him, who abused
. his confidence.  ; "?*'.' -.-..��� J������:'[       '���-'.���''XX
Upon Turner's appeal reaching^Ottawa,
the Minister of Immigration directed that
a careful enquiry.into the.:matter...beyin-
stitrited, and in consequence of. the re-
port.made the Minister found that Tarter.
had been unlawfully imprisoned and. he
ordered his release,,and h?wa3 on,the
��ftern��on of the 22nd inst, set free.
land &cf fimanifmanls
��� Minimum- price of flrst-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
?2.5Q.an acre.
-,  Pre-emption. how  confined  to  our-.
. veyed lands only..
- ' Records will toe granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
And whieh is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrangre for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, .but each -making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. - - '#
��� Pre-emptors must occupy claims for"
five years and make improvements to
value-of $10 per acre,-including clearing and cultivation 01 at least 5. acres,
before, receiving Crown Grant.  , -
Where pre-emptor, in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made-proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
- Records   without   permanent   resi--
. dence may be issued, provided appli-
. cant makes, improvements to extent' of
��� J800 per annum and records same each
- year.-  Failure to make improvements
���..or  record  same  will  oporate  as  for-
. teiture.'--. Title-cannot:.be-obtained  in-"--
less than 5 years,'and improvements-,
of. $10.00 - per-acre,  including 5. acres
.cleared and cultivated,-and residence
of at least.2 years are required.-'.
..'..Pre-emptor -holding   Crown , grant'
may "record another pre-emption, if he,-.
,.,requires land In conjunction with his;.;
... farm, .without actual occupation; pro-.'
-yided statutory - improvements made
and- residence, maintained  on   Crown   -
- granted land. .,-;_���---..- m
.. "Unsurveyed.areas, not exceeding-20 ,
.  acres,: may' be  leased  as  homesites;   '
tltlfc to be obtained after fulfilling resi-.
_ dential ahd Improvement conditions."-
For grazing and industrial purposes-',
- areas - exceeding. - 640 -.acres  -may .be  .
leased by oho person or company. .
'������-- Mill, rtactory or. industrial sites'on '
timber land   not", exceeding- 40. ~ acres .'-
..may. bo purchased; conditions include' ���
payment of stumpage.���-'   - .,,.'.--'.'..-
,   Natural - hay   meadows   Inaccessible,
by -.existing- roads may be purchased '.
-conditional upon.construction of a road <;
��� to them.  -Rebate of one-half of cb'stof "
road, - not' exceeding half-'of- purchase"
: .price,'is.-mad��.-   '.-;".;,.       ��� -;
��� -���  " . ;     '- -'-   ACT... -."���-."
... The. scope of this Act is enlarged to
.'. Include all persona Joining and- serv-i.
-; ing.with His Majesty's Forces. - The   .
time within which the helrso'r devisees '���
.of a-deceased pre-emptor. may apply
for...title,  under ..this Act Is  extended
from for- one year; from tho -death' of
such   person,ras, formerly,   until- one.
���year afterthe conclusion or the present
war.    This.privilege isalso made-retroactive.: ,.- '-...'."
No fees relating to pre-emptions are.
due or payable  by -" soldiers "on - pre- .
eruptions, recorded after June 26, -1918
Taxes are remitted "for five years.
Provision for return.of moneys accrued, duo and been paid since -August
:*, 1914, on account of-payments,, few
��� or taxes on.soldiers' pre-emptions.
-Interest on agreements' tor purchase
town, or city lots held by members of
Allied,Forces, or dependents,, acquired
direct or Indirect, remitted from en-
. llstment to March n. 1920.
Provisloh made for Issuance of
Crown grants to 'subpurchasers of
Crown Lands^r acquiring rights from
" purchasers who failed to complete
purchase.- Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of 'purchase, interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do-not claim whole of original par-
��� eel, purchaa'9 price due and taxes may
b��   distributed   proportionately   over
,-whol��   area.      Applications   must   bo
-mads by May 1, 1920. -������.
���:.6'i"X\X.X "^.GRAZING. -.- :... ���.
.; 'Grazing- Act. "1819, "for:-'syiteniaUcf
���". development of-livestock.;Industry pro-
..'.'VJaes for. grazing districts, and-range-
��� administration .under...Commissioner. ���
^Annual '.'grazing - permits -Issued based :
..on nunibers ran^gd; prlorlty.for estabi-:;.
��� ;IlFh��d . owners.- -Stock-owners 'may-;
.'form Associations for.-range' manage-.-'
'���'��� ment .Free, or "partlaiiy free, parmit*-"
for Mttlers, ,camp��rs-or'traveller*, ujr"
: to.. t��a.haad. ���--.:.; "-. .- "--       ���.;  .-���;.'-���
department ot Jfinance
Bomtntim of Canabs
Should be Filed
at Once!!
All persons residing in Canada, employed in Canada, or carrying on
business in Canada, are liable to a tax on income, as follows:
Every unmarried person, or
widow, or widower, without dependents as defined by the Act,
who during calendar year, 1919,
received or earned $1,000 or more.
Forms to be used in filing
returns on or before the
31st of March, 1920.
Trustees, executors, ad-
minstrators, agents and
assignees must use Form
T 3.
Employers making a
return of the names and
amounts paid to all directors, officials, agents or
other employees must use
Form T 4.
Corporations and Joint
Stock companies making a
return of all dividends and
bonuses paid to shareholders and members during
1919, must use Form T 5.
NOTE.���Individuals comprising partnership mutt file returns in thcir individual capacity on Form T I or T 1 A.
Every person who is required
to make this return, who fails
to do so within the time
limited, shall be subject to a
penalty of $10.00 for each day
during which the default
continues���and all such penalties shall be assessed and
collected from the person
liable to make the return in
the same manner in which
taxes are assessed and collected.
All other individuals,
who during calendar year
received or earned $2,000
or more.
Time Limit
All persons in Class 1, as
shown hereon, must file on
or before, the 31st of
March, 1920.
All persons in Class 2, as
shown hereon, must file
on or before the 30th of
April, 1920.
Every corporation and
joint stock company, whose
profits exceeded $2,000
during the fiscal year ended in 1919.
General Instructions
Obtain Forms from the
Inspectors o r Assistant
Inspectors of Taxation, or
from Postmasters.
Read carefully all instructions on Form before ���
filling it in.
Pre-pay    postage   on
letters and documents forwarded by mail to Inspectors'of Taxation.
Make your returns
promptly, and
Forms to be used in filing
returns on or before the
30th of April, 1920:
All individuals other
than farmers and ranchers
must use Form Tl.
Farmers and ranchers
must use Form TIA.
Corporations and Joint
Stock companies must use
Form T 2.
Every person required to
make a return, who fails to do
so within the time limited,
shall be subject to a penalty
of twenty-five per centum
of the amount of the .tax
Any person, whether taxable
or otherwise, who fails to
make a return or provide
information -duly required
according to the provisions
of the Act, shall be liable on
summary conviction to a
penalty of $100.00 for each
day during which the default
continues. Also that any
person making a false statement in any return or in any
information required by the
Minister, shall be liable, on
summary conviction, to a
penalty not exceeding $10,000,
or to six months' imprisonment or to both fine and
Address of Inspector of Taxation for this District:
R. W. BREADNER, Commissioner of Taxation.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department' r.y.i
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
.-,'���. ������-   "TADANAC" BRAND'".'���'
ss     iii
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated witlf steam
and electricitv. Fine sample'rooms. A comfort-
able home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
000<��OOOOCKX>0000<H><>000<><>0<>��OCK><><>0^ .
-^ a
Fupposing.you were telephoning a store and you got for the answer,
"Hello!" would you prodeed to give your order or would you enquire,
"Is that So-and-so's?" At the same time you would think how much
betier it would have been had the person replied with the name of the
store. .
Had he done so, you would doubtless have siidio yourself. "Now,
that man is up to date; he knows how to answer the telephone properly"
Yet how mail}' people blurt out "Hello!"- never realizing that it
^sounds brusque and that it also interferes with efficient telephone service
All Work Guaranteed
P. 0. BOX 148, TELEPHONE 92
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block '.���:    -'.-.-      Nelson
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, .aud Republic
truck motors'        -.Garage in connection
Culatneen Bold
One of the largest hotels in
. the city.   Beautiful location, .,-
-fine rooms and (asty meal-.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
.'���  day, week or month   ���
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
For Lenten Season
jj   Kippered Herring, Smoked Black Cod, Finnan  Haddie,.
I '    WHole Salt Cod, Codfish Bricks
Pacific Salt Herring in 101b and 20 lb kits
J5 R Burns &  Company,   Nelson, B, G
�� - X:     ���
^���4.4.4. ���'!q4"i*'$'4*4"��"$*4'4*4"!*i?:     {
Nilson & Nilson
Autos Forlliire.   The finest
Turnouts in the.Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
.,,._.---"-;- DENTIST XX
All-' the-  latest; methods'' in . high-class
.-f . Z'X   :.���   Dentistry! ���-.     '_     ;'-������'-.
.>::-Vioo '-BuiLbiNO /';������
.    Corner.Abbott &.Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -;-   B.C.
616 Vernon St.. Nelson   . .
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Palace   Livery   And  Stage
E. Wi WIDDOWSOiN, Assayer and
Chemis*, Box Biio8r Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
fr each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
fr.oo Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.- Charges
forother'metals, etc.,:.on application,.
h^f^x --x
Use Spare Time
and Obtain Gifts
-;.-People everywhere are. asking-about the
���: .B. a' Veterans -We.okjy. "They're waiting for-
'��� .some one."to receive, their "subscriptions.  You.
' can. do .''this���-land, get' any' article/you; aes.ire
-wjthbut cost. ..The/coupon below brings all
tlie details.'.   Anyone can come, in- on .this...
Decide now-   . . 'XX- ,..'.,-.       - '-" -;",   \-'-.-
offers . an opportunity here; that. will prove
of. wioritferTfui assistance to those. who desire '
many thingsi.whlch extra-^taioney would give
them! There i&no. guess work���no risk
Every subscription-you get means a. definite
step towards the attainment of; the article
you want. Holiday outfits���a new fishing
equipment���-a. business course���rail these are
easily possible by giving us: your spare time.
Don't wait for a later advertisement���someone else near you may write tonight aDd
get ahead of yon.
"   Simply.'tear It out ahd fill In sour, jp.
������'. name and/address���^'f ull particu-
.  Jara will come by return rnaIL:.
:65i69 Province Building ' v     �����;'���
VAXcouvKK, a., a-. X-yZ ;-���;���'
���      '  ''   '"    ' , -',' ���1-1.. -" S*n
. ni-n���������~ " I,, 91
m"'y   A ���5-*' Pronaet SvH6o^. V��oeeet��; S. P.  -
m /     Send-, me "faif* pert icu tium  ��s
���; offer., ���.- - -,./ m-\ -v --, >..'-    ; -- ��� .��� s-  ��� ���;.'
FRONT ST..     NELSON.     BOX 865
The only up<4o>date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat arid Telephone in
each room.      V        y.xx.yi
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES 51.00 pcr day atid up; European Plan. .
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
Hhe Mineral Proviiiee;^
i i--x\Xi':)yxxXy''i    -TO END ^ DECEMBER,U917; i-c-XX' '
^5as prodbced Minerals vafaed as,foJldws:   Placer GplJ, ��75,116,103; .Lode .-
.'_"_'."   -;:Qoid, ^93,717,974; Silver, $43,623,761;'Lead S39,3GG,144;Copper,:$130,597,620;.:
; ���; Other   Melals  (Zinc, .Iron,   etc.), 810,933,4,66;  Coal 'and- Coke,; $174,313,658;   "
. -BtJiiaingStone,  Brick,   ^kment, etc.,   827,902,381;.making its Mineral Produce,   V;.    ���
.. . ;tion feo the. end of 1917 show an;.:. -X i -:iyi. '-"iz'y '     -X'i     ��� XxX-X'r
XXZ{     0^ 'X'XXiiy:: Z
Productioiifor Year Ending D^eraber^917i $37^10^392-
���-.���'���,' -The   Mining .Laws^ of Ihis  Province are  more liberal and the,fees lower,
than those of any'other Province in the Dominion,  or'any colony in the  British
Empire. ���-".'. ";":-.;,-"?���'��� :���"'"""
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolnte  Titles are  obtained   by developing snch properties^, the secority .
of which is gnaranteed by Crown Grants. XXyXy-yy
.Foil information, together with;mining.Reports and. Maps^'-'may be obtained;-, :
".'XX-.- ;y. grabs' by addressing���-,.., y X-. ZZXyX ;X'Z"; ..) y. - ������-.���' ���' ."'������ --..-. .; .���'
'- X


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