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The Ledge Nov 13, 1919

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Array wx
'"'��" Ubr,
Vol.   XXVI.
Cosy Homes
Make yonr home cosy and attractive by fllHne it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture, Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery. Granite ahd Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
Rifle and Shotgun , Shells.   Firearms of all kinds
Pathephones and Records'
Men's--Furnishings, Shoes, Shirts,
Hats, Rubbers, Clothing,vand Groceries, at reasonable prices
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
s' Just Arrived 3
'      4
Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish, Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,
--, all   kinds   of   Nuts'
| Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN      |
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson/B.C
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 JOHN MEYER,      -      -      Proprietor.
; 'i 6
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
. Skins dressed and mounted at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
LacoTungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 ep.ch,
60 Watts
100     -
200   ������
$1,25 each
2.00 "
3,50 ��
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
-    Horses,  Cattle, Etc.
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stared for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
421 Baker Street
Stocks. Bonds, Notes and Debentures.
MEAGHER & Co.f511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery       _ "^
We Always  Show  The  Newest  First
A large assortment of Diamond
Rings, Watches, Etc.
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goodsisentupon request-
Watch repairing'attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner.
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.   Meals served at any Mme.
Sample rooms for drummers.   Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Pool hall in connection.
o <
Dealer in General Merchandise
Massey^Harris Co,, Farm Inv
plements, and the Canadian
Fairbanks >> Morse   Co,,
- Gasoline Engines,
I Around Home I
Miss Eva ' Murray returned
from Princeton on Tuesday.
At McElmon's'. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
H. L. McKenzie has returned
to Grand Forks from England.
Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Wood
motored to Penticton last  week.
A. modern line of icigars, cigarettes; pipes, etc., at the Windsor
Hotel Cigar Stand.
Large, quantities of Kokanees
are beThg shipped from Christiua
New shipment of Crochet Cotton and Crochet Needles. G. A.
A. McMillan^ of Trail, was
visiting his brother, William,
this week.
Jack Stymetz is running a
barber shop in Mace's^old stand
Lost.���A roan heifer, with
S B on right hip. Please return
to S. Bombini, Anaconda.
Smoked Finnan Haddie, Kippered Herring and sliced Boiled
Ham at G. A. Rendell's store.
Saturday, November 15 will be
the last program ��� at the Greenwood Theater for some weeks.
George Guise will cut over a
million feet of logs this winter on
Roberts land,~west of Midway.
Woodward Bros, have bought
100 acres of land near Grand
Forks, owned by Mrs. Robert
For that nasty cough get a
bottle of Rexall's Syrup of White
Pine and Tar at Gjpodeve's Drug
Store. -/  /
R. A. Brown is enlarging his
store at Midway, in order to keep
pace with his constantly growing
Bert Lane arrived on Saturday
from Grand Forks, and is here on
business in connection with P,
Burns & Co, ^
Mrs. Bidder and'daughter, Miss
Ivy, of Cranbrtfo^ have returned
home, "after" a 'two" weeks' Visit
with Mrs. H. R. Bidder:
New stock of Mitts, Gloves,
Socks, Woolen Underwear Fla-
nelettes, etc.    G. A.Rendell.
Roy Connor and EH Pleacash
motored in from Princeton and
spent a few days in the city before returning home on Friday.
J. Schofield and A. DeKinder
of Trail, are ona hunting- trip in
the Boundarv. and are stopping at J. 'R. Jackson's ranch
west of Midway. '
The'Great Northern has commenced lifting steel on its branch
between Grand Forks aud Phoenix. Doukhobors from Brandon,
Manitoba, are doing the labor.
Dr. W. H. Wood is opening a
drug store in the Princeton Hotel
block- in Princeton. It will be
known as the Princeton^ Pharm:
acyrand_will be~under the management of W. A. Jones.
Rev. Philip C. Hayman of
Grand Forks, who preached ' in
St. Jude's church last Sunday
evening, left for Penticton on
Tuesday to attend a meeting of
the Synod.
Jean Coccula, a nephew of
Father Coccula, is spending a
few days in town.     Mr.  Coccula
Central School Report
October 1919
Number in attendance
Number daily present
Perfect attendance:
Mabel Axam, Daisie Axam,
Selma Benson, Agda Carlson. Russell Eustis. Ethel Fraser, Dolly
Granberg, Gari Intilla, Gordon
Jenks, Irene Mcintosh, Silvia
Price, Estella Storerj^Ragner John-
Highest standing on examinations: Entrance: Selma Benson
87, Irene Mcintosh 85, Daisie
Axam 84, Sandford Pond 78, Gari
Intilla 72, Gordon Jenks 70,
Mabel Axam 69, Emmet Anderson
65, Russell Eustis 47.
Not present for all examinations:
John Krouten, Joe Klinosky, Edward Royce, Wilfred Docksteader,
Louis Putzel.
Junior Reader IV.: Ethel
Fraser 89, Agda Carlson 82, Stella
Storer 80, Dolly Granberg 69,
Gabrielle Legault 69, Lily Intilla
67, Jack Anderson 63, Silvia Price
38, Sam Eustis 31. Not present
for all the examinations: Ragner
Johnson, George Morrison, Harry
Number in attendance
Number daily presene
Perfect attendance:
Ethel   Benson,    Bessie
Gertrude   Dixon,    Allan         ,
Ruby Goodeve, Mary Kerr, John
Kerr,   William MacLeod, Edwina
Smith,    William    Wilson, John
Highest standing on examinations. Senior Reader III: John
Wyder, Gertrude Dixon, Mary
Kerr, John Kerr, Ernest Wyder,
:"    .602
- 85.50
- 27.36
I Western Float
Cheer up! We will have plenty
of sugar in the spring.
Dr. Cay of Vanconver bas opened
an office in Invermere.
The Princeton Star will install a
linotype in a short time.
Four Flush Jack was never
deacon of a church in Nakusp. "
There were' 27 poker games iu
Kaslo, 27 years ago this month.
Several white pheasants, have
been seen near Kelowna  this fall.
George E. Norris, proprietor of
the Nanaimo Free Press died last
The soldier should make a good
husband. He has learned to obey
The Huffman farm" of 106 acres
near Enderby has been sold for
Penticton and Chilliwaok are
very much in need of more dwelling bouses.
Only about 30 prisoners are left
at the internment camp in Vernon.
Last month 75 were sent overseas.
For allowing gambling in bis
place, the proprietor of the Victoria
Hotel in  Vernon  was fined 8500.
Clarence Brown died near Chilliwack, aged 79 years. He had
lived 48 years in the Fraser valley.
This is the time of the year that
B. C. should advertise its attractions, in Florida and California.
Ducks were very plentiful this
fall at Kootenay^Landing, and the
Indians have duck dinners every
At the Incola hotel in Penticton,
an orchestra has been engaged to
play at all Sunday dinners during
the winter. At one time two of
the hotels, in Nelson had orchestras
playing every evening.
Approximately one thousand
Chinese, driven out of Mexico into
Guatemala, are awaiting the result of an appeal made by the
Chinese Government to the United
States to assist - them in returning
to   their   homes   in   China.    Ex-
Milling News
The Granby  made' $10,000,000
in Phoenix.
The St.   Eugene at  Moyie may
resume operations.
Rich copper ore has been found
east of Prince George.
The Lucky Jack at Poplar Creek
is not working this winter.
The Lucille Dreyfus near Danville has resumed operations.
The price of   molybdenite
dropped to 75 cents a pound.
Many Chinks made, good wages
this year placer mining at Granite
The Electric Point near. North-
port will tram all its ore to the,
The Trail smelter is buying more
zinc. This is a boom to many
western mines.
The Bluebell, opposite Ainsworth, on Kootenay lake is the
oldest mine in B.C.
William^^acI^d^^ildtedU^^jS^11011168    -        ^-
Laren, Joseph Putzel. ffmiaiUU oHfarChinese froin Mfcxico
Junior   Reader   III
The banking requirements of"
merchants will receive full con-
sideratibn by the officers of this
Bank. Arrange to open a current
account and every banking facility
is assured.
Slip in Quietly
A clergyman about to enter a
street car noticed a drunken man
in thenar. "Do you allow;<Srunk-
en men on your car?" he asked
the conductor. "No, not as a
rule," replied the railway man,
but slip in quietly."
Prince of Wales Souvenir
Greenwood Branch     L. ��. Brawders, Manager
The beautiful portrait ot'tbe
Prince of Wales presented by The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of
Montreal is in great demand. It
is certainly a souvenir that is worth
while securing and retaining. The
portrait is 16 x 22 inches, and is
the best that has been, seen. Tbe
Family Herald and weekly Star
always does the right thing at tbe
right time, and the people of Canada owe a debt of gratiEude to that
great paper for providing this
beautiful souvenir of the Prince's
visit. The Family Herald is indeed Canada's greatest family and
farm paper and should be In every
home. $1.25 pays a fail year's
subscription including the portrait
of the Prince of Wales.
has just returned from overseas,
having served four years in the
French army and for a time was a
prisoner of war in Germany.
Greenwood's Victory Loan
Campaign goes on apace. More
than double the quota has beeu
subscribed witb * many more to
hear from. It is hoped that before the end of the week over
$30,000 will have been subscribed.
A meeting will be held in the
Rink building Thursday, (tonight) at 8 p.m , of all those interested in having the skating
rink open this winter. Now is the
time to get busy as with tbe prevailing weather it woald-not take
long to make a good sheet of ice.
That tbe G. W. V. A. do not
do things by halves was fulh
demonstrated at their Masquerade Ball on Tuesdav night when
one of the- fiaest affairs ever
pulled off in Greenwood was held.
Over 250 people were present and
all thoroughly enjoyed themselves
till the" wee sma' hours. The
costumes were most gorgeous and
tbe spectacular sight was well
worth beholding. Mrs. A. N.
Mowat, as a Spanish Lady, won
first prize; Miss Nellie Hammer-
stad, as a page, second prize; and
Miss Georgina Lee was the best
comic. The supper provided by
the ladies of Greenwood was
dainty and delicious, while the
Rock Creek orchestra rendered
music par excellence. As a result of the dance the Veterans
have added over $100 to their
Smith, Eraine DuHamel, John
MacDonell; Allan Fraser and Horace DuHamel, equal; Ruby Goodeve, Mary Klinosky, Ester Noren,
Charles Noren, Annie   Thorslund.
Senior Reader II: Ethel Benson
and Cililia Hallstrom, equal; John
Noren, Myrtle Dixon, Tillie MacDonell, Kathleen MacLeod.
Junior Reader II: Bessie Bidder
and Edward Johnson, equal; William Wilson, Lucy Desjardine,
Lawrence DuHamel, Lloyd Eustis.
Perfect attendance:
Doris Dixon, Percy Fraser,
Harry Hallstrom, jClarence Johnson, Daniel Kerr, Eugone McGill-
vray, Malcolm McLeod, - Leonard
Pontesso, James Stalker, John
Proficiency List.
First Reader: Leonard Pontesso,
Clarence Johnson.
Second Primer: Irene Inglis
and Helen Kerr, equal; John Putzel.
First Primer: Lewis Mitchell
and Bertram Price, equal; Eugene
McGill vray and Mary Skelton,
Receiving'Class: Meredeth Fen-
ner;'Malcolm McLeod and Eileen
The Florence at Ainsworth has
doubled its output. The mill is
working ttwo shifts. J
There are many silver properties near Greenwood awaiting capital to develop tbem.
J. P. McFadden, manager of the
Rosebry-Surprise Co., at Sandon,
has returned from a business trip
to California.
The    Premier silver-gold mine
near Stewart has 88,000,000 worth
of ore blocked-out. ���'- The American
u " ..Tk""*"' " "" MZ*'W I Smelting ~Co. Te"ce��lir^cugfifta~
was a result of the campaign being I"_   ���������B    . '     *-u6"��
made m that country against the two-fifths   interest for   somethine
immigration of Anift+in ^aun~ ���  i:j.��� &a /*��� ������� �� >
Electric Light Consumers
The undersigned company in order to
give their patrons better service are in-
stalling^watt meters, as an absolute necessity to guard against the snfringtnent of
their rights by the consumers aad also to
distribute fairplay to all concerned. This
company agiees to  supply   current for
lighting purposes,  but not in any sense
foi   heating',   cooking,   etc.    Numerous
complaints have been coming in to the
company, of people who are getting poor
satisfaction as legards lighting,   which
ha3 been traced out to the party next
door using an appliance which was taking all the power from his neighbour,
The meter will rectify all these matters
and the public will be served more satisfactory-, and there cannot be any complaints of overcharging, as every one pays
for what he consumes and no more. This
is considered the only solution in order to
give the public better service during the
cold spell in winter, when so mndi car-
rent is used for hesting purposes regardless of how it drags down the lights. The
enormous rate in   which these heating
appliances are multiplying the volt meter
at  the  power plant is there to testify,
hence the main cause for poor lights in
Grebkwood Cmr Waibsworss.
immigration of Asiatic labor.
Constituting the' second shipment of cattle bought by the Provincial Government 'for settlers in
the interior and noFthern portions
of the province, Hon. E. D. Barrow has just concluded the purchase of 100 head of fine young
stock.- These animals were secured
from thc Fraser Valley districts
and will be shipped to the Quesnel
districts for the settlers there.
Dairying in the Qnesnel district
has such promising prospects that
a creamery will be established
there next spring.
Caribou in untold thousands are
ranging the hills within five' miles
of Dawson   and over an area of
fifty, miles _wide  by-one-hundred
miles in length.    Every hill and
valley is covered with  the herds.
Arrivals from Glacier Creek traveled   the   main   road   through  the
centre of the herd for fifty miles,
and they estimate that there are
hundreds of thousands and   possibly millions of animals  in  the
great assembly.     Dawson   people
are leaving in squads  to   secure
their winter meat supply.    With
beef and mutton selling at -from
sixty to eighty cents per pound,
the caribou afford great relief from
the high cost of living.    Women,
boys and girls are joining the men
in the big hunt.
like $4,000,000.
W; J. Elmendorf, of Seattle, has
taken the Mercury group, three
miles from Sandon, on a bond for
$30,000, and has let a contract to
extend a tunnel 50 feet to determine other development. Several
carloads were shipped a few years
ago from the Mercury and returned 200 ounces in silver and 50 per
cent. lead.
A world wonder copper deposit
in Northern  Manitoba,  known as
the Flin Flin, has changed owner-
8hip"for~two~ahd  "a half million
dollars.    A seventy mile railway
will  be  built into it.    One of the
largest smelters  in the' world will
be  built on   the   property.     The
proven ore body is 350 feet by 1500
by 900 feet.    The value of the ore
is $8 per ton.    Before the returnsj
are expected the owners anticipate
expending fifteen million dollars.
It is -Hayden & Stone of Boston
who negotiated the deal on behalf,
it is believed of Tennessee Copper
Co.  and Arazona   Copper   Co.���
Omineca Herald.
Will Your District Win This Gun?
-f j!
Boche Siege Gun���A War Trophy
will be presented hy the Canadian War Trophies Commission to
the B. C town or district making the best pereeniage showing
oii the Victory Loan. Every, town, and district has an equal
Li Battle Won by Bravery���In Peace to be Won by Bonds THK     LKDliE.     Ci LIK&& WOOD,
Co-operation In  Politics
Tlic following article is an interesting prediction as to the solution
of thc political situation, by an independent, but close student of political matters:- -
The result of tlic Ontario elections
held recently have aroused Dominion-
wide interest. Much conjecture prevails as to ihc ultimate outcome of
thc groups of parties elected which
will necessitate a re-alignment politically before a stable Government can
bc formed.
The success of the Farmers' party,
whereby tlicy secured the largest
group numerically, at once puts that
party in a leading position and entails upon its members important responsibilities of government. There
should be no valid reason why that
party should not call to its aid support from other groups, and organize a Government to carry on the
affairs of the Province. There is no
great gulf, for instance, between the
views of the average Farmer member for a mixed rural and small town
constituency, and the Liberal member for a similarly comprised riding.
The Provincial Legislature is a magnified county council, and, aside from
extreme or faddist members, sufficient unity to carry on a stable progressive Government should not be
difficult  to  secure.
One feature, however, lhal may
Lend to prevent getting together on
the part of the Liberal and Farmer
members was thc attitude assumed
during the contest by Ilaitlcy Dew-
art. K.C., the Liberal leader. There
was no justification for his attacks
on thc Farmer candidates. They had
.every right lo run. They practically
and iu principle represented Liberal
and democratic viewpoints, and thc
results at the polls indicated that the
people upheld thcir entrance into thc
political field. In these circumstances it was folly to divide thc Liberal Mother   Graves'   Worm     Exlcrmina
United    Farmers'    movement in the'
East came  as  a surprise to  all.     In
the   Prairie   Provinces   the   party   is:
now   thoroughly   organized,  and   has
had greater    experience    in  political;
j affairs,  and bids  fair to  make every i
j bit as great, if not -a greater, show-j
; ing than  in  thc  East.    In  these cir- ���
cumstauces,   therefore, what   folly  it.
is to divide  the  forces    in the  West j
largely because a very small minority of old-time Liberals will not, for
purely    partizan    reasons, co-operate
with thc really Liberal Grain  Growers'  party.    There  arc  stna'.l  groups
of    these,   old-time   partisans   in   the
East and West, who, largely for personal reasons, and principally because
they   cannot   control   and   direct   the
new forces, refuse to co-operate. Thc
rank    and file  Liberals,    farmers  or
otherwise,    should    not tolerate this
dictation  or allow candidates to    be
foisted upon thcm because of    these
few malcontents.
The overwhelming mass of Liberals and Farmers in thc West sec eye
to eye on main principles. Their
forces should not be divided. Cooperation and harmony in political
action is plain common sense if results are to bc achieved. Thc Prairie
Province Provincial Governments and
tlie great majority of thc members
of thc Legislatures realize the facts
and heartily approve of united action. Thcy realize that in thrcc-
corncrcd contests the reactionary
forces may win out, since division of
Liberal support ensures domination
by thc interests of  Privilege.
The platform and aims advocated
by the farmers arc essentially Liberal. Thc majority of the better class
and intelligent farmers of Canada
are Liberal in their views. At present the farmers', or Grain Growers',
wing of Liberalism is in the ascendant, and should receive the undivided
support of sane Liberals. Since that
clement of Liberalism is in thc majority, thcy have the right "to assume
a certain measure of control and leadership. But they are fair and reasonable and desire co-operation and
support. There should, therefore, bc
no division, and thc personal views
of the few Liberal reactionaries
should bc disregarded. Adherence to
a common-sense course of united action in thc selection of well qualified
candidates would ensure triumph for
progressive principles at thc next
Federal general election. "
International Hay
And Grain Exhibit
Saskatchewan Farmers to Try for
Honors at the Chicago Show ��
Visitors to the International Hay
and Grain Exhibition to.be"held at
Chicago in connection with the International i Stock Show, Noverifber
29 to December 6, will have an opportunity of seeing some of the fine
grain and other crops that are produced in Saskatchewan. The farmers
in this province arc arranging to send
samples of.-wheat, oats, barley, rye
.tnd various grasses and vegetables;
At the International Soil Products
Exposition at Kansas City, Mo_, this
year Saskatchewan farmers won the
sweepstakes both for wheat and oats,
as well as many first and other pmes.
Thcy feel confident that they will be
able to repeat these triumphs at Chicago next month.
While it is true that in this-lesson
the disciples are witnesses of Christ's
glory, the full truth is that the manifestation of Christ in glory was to
give to the discouraged disciples a
foregleam of the Messianic Kingdom.
Thc hopes . of the disciples were
crushed when Christ announced his
death on the cross. They were unable to see how victory could issue
from death.
Jesus took with him Peter, James
and John, and went into thc mountain to pray. His chief aim in retirement was to get the disciples
apart into a slate of receptivity, so
that he might show them the method
of the Kingdom. Before going to the
mountain hc declared lhat there.were
some standing in his presence who
would not lastc of death till they
should see the Son of Man coming
in his Kingdom (Luke 9:27; Alatt. 16:
28). That their drooping spirits
might bc revived and their confidence
restored,    hc is transfigured    before
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Sac. hlicm-       T���  men  from  the upper
  world arc sent to converse with him
Getting  Posted j:'bout his approaching death in Jcru
A Ncw Code
First Barber���That was a bad cut
you gave that old man while shaving
Second Barber.���Oh, there's a reason for it. I'm courting his maid,-
and that cut will let her know that I
can meet her this evening.���Dallas
Lord Nocoync.���"I say, old dear,
what is the usual procedure in catching an American-, heiress?"
Reggie.���"It's very simple, old chap
You tell thc girl how much you love
her. and her father how much you
owe."���Boston  Transcript.
U. S. Millionaires
In- 1917 the estimated- capital invested in Canada in the.fisheries amounted to $28,729,000, of which $10,-
098,000 we're-, invested iti boats"and
vessels. There were 95,304 persons
employed in thc fishing industry.
Making the Auto Do the Chores
An improved method for making an
automobile do all the farm chores at
a small expense for gasoline has been
devised by a native of Kansas. His
invention is an attachment comprising a frame wilh a pulley at its forward end adapted to project in front
of thc radiator of thc car; by starting Qn Sale Everywhere.---There may
up thc engine it is possible to opcr-jbc country merchants ' who do not
ate lhc threshing machine, saw wood, keep Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil,
churn  thc butter, turn  the ice cream
Incomes Diminished, Not Increased by War
Washington. ��� Million-dollar incomes in the United Statcs were diminished rather than increased by the
war. An analysis of income tax figures for thc ycar 1917 just completed
by. thc Treasury Department shows
that "war conditions in the United
Statcs had a decided tendency towards thc leveling of incomes. There
was a vast increase in thc number
and size of smaller incomes and a decided decrease in incomes of a million   dollars or  more a ycar.
No man would want his wife to act
as do some women to whom he makes
freezer, cut llie fodder, ' turn lhc
grindstone, operate the crcanj separator, or even milk the "cow if thc farmer is equipped with suitable milking
A pleasant medicine for, children is
groups and to create division as between them.
Following the Ontario results, and
of more ��� particular interest in thc
Wes.l, is thc result of thc Federal by-
election in Assiniboia constituency,
where Hon. W. R. Motherwell was
overwhelmingly defeated by O.' R.
Gould, thc Grain Growers' candidate.
These contests should serve as a
warning to those sincerely in favor
. of a policy of reform and "fair taxation, low tariff and progressive government," of thc"Iack of wisdom displayed in dividing the forces of those
who arc united in main principles.
Tn Assiniboia, < Mr. -Gould has for
ycars beeu an active supporter of thc
same principles and policies as those
contended for and upheld by Mr. Mo-
Ihcrwell. During thc past ten years
Mr. Gould- supported and actively
campaigned in behalf of the Provincial Government of Saskatchewan, of
which-iir: Motherwell was a -member. > In 1911, Mr. Gould" was an ardent supporter of Reciprocity, of
which, also, Mr. Motherwell was a
foremost exponent. "For these reasons alone Mr. Motherwell's action in
opposing him was not justified, but
even had Mr. Gould been previously,
a Conservative, and had changed his
views to conform to Libera! sentiments, the defeated candidate would
still have' been wrong in contesting
thc scat in view of thc strong public
sentiment which existed favoring thc
Grain ��� Growers' policy ancl political
movement. . - ;
. The  strength and showing of- thc
tor, and there is  nothing better
driving   worms  from .the  system.
A Roomful Of Gold
$475,000,000 Requisitioned By
Bolsheviki From the People
Something of the Arabian Nights,
a memory perhaps of Aii Baba when
hc discovered ^the treasure -cave, is
suggested by thc story of Kokhak's
gold supply and thc visit of inspection
by foreign correspondents under the
guidance -of thc -Omsk Government's
minisIcr of finance.' About 1,440,000
pounds avoirdupois of gold; such is
said to be the reserve of the Kolchak
government at Omsk. Its value in
American money is placed at about
$475,000,000. ,"In one room there
wcrc about thirty tables loaded down
with gold in all forms, requisitioned
by thc Bolsheviki from thc people. .
.. . -Conspicuous-in this lot was a set
of solid gold-dishes, formerly the pro
pcrty of Mr.'Tercschtsclicnko.-one of
the wealthiest of the Russian nobility," The set of gold dishes," in thc
upheaval " of Russia, had- passed
through several hands before falling
to the Bolshcviki, and eventually to
the Omsk Government; and at least
one of possible heirs liad renounced
all title  to it
that   government   in   the   restoration |
of  Russia.    Most  of" the  gold,  how- i
ever, was displayed in-coins and in-1
gots,and~its exhibition was meant to
inspire  confidence  in .the  ability  of
the government to finance sonic of its
immediate operations.
though thcy are few and far between,
and these may suggest that some
other oil is just as good. There is
nothing so good as a liniment or as
an internal medicine in certain cases.
Take no other. The demand for it
shows that it is thc only popular oil.
Oj-stcrs arc such nervous creatures
that a sudden shock, such as a loud
thunderclap, will kill many hundreds
of thcm.
Soothes Irritable Throat
Quickly Cures Bronchitis
Drugs   to   Take,   No   Sickening
Stomach Medicine to
The Fall is the most severe season
of the year for colds ��� one day is
warm, the next' is wet and cold, and
unless the mother is on her guard'thc
little ones arc seized with colds that
may hang on all winter. Baby's Own
Tablets arc mother's best friend in
preventing or banishing colds. They
act as a gentle laxative, keeping thc
bowels and stomach free and sweet.
An occasional dose will prevent
colds, or if it docs come on suddenly' the prompt usc of thc Tablets will
quickly relieve it. The Tablets arc
sold by medicine dealers, or by mail
at 25 cents a box from The^Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Just Breathy "Catarrhozone"
- Count ten���a bad cold-is-relieved
by Catarrhozone���wait one minute
and you will feci its soothing influence on a sore irritated throat. No
failure with "Catarrhozone"���it cures
because you can breathe a healing
vapor to the"very spot that -needs
help.    ' _ *
The big thing lo remember about
Catarrhozone is -this ��� you just
breathe a healing pincy vapor that
is ful! of thc purest balsams, that
is rich in thc greatest healing agents
known lo science. -
This wonderful vapor dispels all
soreness, kills all germs, gives nature
a" chance to complete, a real cure.
Colds and throat troubles can't last
if thc pure healing vapor ,of Catarrhozone is breathed. Catarrh will disappear, bronchial attacks will cease,
coughs, and .winter ills will become
a thing of lhc past. Complete outfit
lasts two months, price $1.00; smaller
in view of itsUisc'by^size 50c; ^sample size 25c, al! dealers;
'or The Catarrhozone Co.'. Kingston,
(hit..  Canada. -        -      .    -   .  .
Building Activity Continues
Number of Buildings Being Erected
Keeping the Trade Busy
Building activity continues very
brisk in the cities of Western Canada. Scarcely a day passes without
thc announcement of some new permits being granted. These arc mostly for residences, warehouses and
office buildings. Although there are
no, very largc undertakings, thc number of small buildings being creeled
is keeping thc trade busy. In Regina
permits wcrc granted in one day for
thc erection of a building for a bank
and another for a warehouse. Thc
estimated cost of these two buildings
is about $90,000. In Winnipeg on
the same day permits aggregating thc
same value were issued. As already
mentioned, these enterprises arc not
very largc, but the regularity with
which similar work has been undertaken throughout the- year-has- tended to keep the trade active.
Sharp Practices
Full of Wind
Scrcccham.���He was a wise poet
who remarked that in this' world a
man must either bc an anvil or a
hammer.  . -
Peachani.���Oh, I don't know! Il
seem to mc that most of thcm arc
merely bellows.
r  "    '
A' Gloomy. Outlook
"I suppose now your husband will
bc  home sooner of nights."
"I don't know. This allowing prescriptions of liquor for illness will
make hint want to sit up With sick
friends   more  lhan   ever."
salcm (v. 31)���the very thing about
which thc disciples refused to talk.
Then, too, God's own voice was heard
in words of approval of Christ's
course,  directing  thcm  lo  hear     the
Bombers Lost
On Way To Egypt
Seven Handley Page  Machines  Are
Disabled on New Air Route
In the British House of Commons
Right Hon. J. B. E. Seelcy, under
secretary of state for air, declared,
regarding the recent allegations that
there had been a serious number of
fatalities on the new air 'route to
Egypt, that in the spring and early
summer there had been an urgent demand from Egypt for airplanes of
large size and endurance to cope with
the critical situation there.
Owing-to this urgency machines
had been sent by air instead of by
sea. Fifty-one Handlcy-Pagc airplanes were' sent,, of which 26 arrivr
ed safely. Seven were at various
points on the route disabled, and fifteen had been given up as wrecked.
One machine had crashed down
badly and four lives wcrc lost. There
were three other bad accidents involving four fatal and three non-fatal
injuries. At thc request of the chief
of the air staff, a special outside commission has been appointed lo "enquire into  the  matter.
The minister emphasized thc fact
that tlie choosing of this route had
nothing to do wilh civil aviation, and
again urged lhat at thc time the situation in Egypt had been critical.
Revive the Jaded Condition.���When
energy flags and thc cares of business become irksome; when the whole
system is out of sorts and there is
general depression, try Parmelce's
Vegetable   Fills. . Thcy will  regulate
Master.    Surely they     cannot doubt thc��,action of a deranged stomacli and
his abililv now to carry into execu-a disordered liver, and make you feci
,.,'., , rr,       ,, ���    like a ncw man.    No one need suffer
tion lus kingdom plans. Ihc purpose,,a day ��ron- debililated dit?csUon wlien
then, of thc transfiguration is to give so simple and effective a pill can bc
When you investigate a gruesome
tale .you will usually -find 'lhat it
grcw-somc since it  started.- -
New Way of Selling- Old 'Furniture
. / in Paris
1 Second-hand furniture dealers in
Paris have- thought of' a profitable
scheme to sell their- stocks to great
advantage. -A flat is rented in the
aristocratic quarter of the city - and
filled with lhc finer pieces of furniture. An advertisement is inserted
in tlic di-.ilies that an rldcrly woman,
widowed by thewar. will sacrifice her
furniture iu order to get enough
money lo return tn the countrv- of
her birth.
A buyer visits the flat, the woman
shows a bookcase; the price is agreed
upon, but when the doors are opened
a row of old school books is disclosed. The widow bursts into tears
and "explains that the books belonged
to her son who left his studies to take
up arms and was killed two months
after he had. left home.' The pros-
pecthe buyer consoles her, and to
help her forget her grief pays her
double the price asked.
W,       N,      U.
- Miller's -Worm Powders ', attack
worms iri thc stomach and intestines
at oiicc, and no worm can conic in
contact with them and live. Thcy
also correct the unhealthy conditions
in the digestive organs that invite and
encourage worms, setting up "reactions that arc most beneficial- to thc
growth of thc child. -They havc attested tlicir power in- hundreds of
cases and at all times "arc thoroughly trustworthy.
The Eskimos living within the" limits of Canada number 3,2%,
of whom 1,087 live in Baffin,. Land,
thc largc Arctic Island north of IIud:
son Bay and separated from Greenland by Baffin i3ay. ��� On the mainland
there arc 2,209, principally ih the territory adjacent to Hudson Bay.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Shipments of Lumber From B.C.
More than 12,000,000 feet of lumber for tha British order of 70,500,000
feev of .British Columbia lumber is
now ca route U> England. Tbe representative of the British Government
hopes to have 40,000,000 feet on tha
way over by the en& of tht year.
thc disciples a foregleam of lhe
coming Kingdom, to enable them to
see the Kingdom in the cmoryo. That
this is true is not only shown by the
context and circumstances, but by
thc inspired interpictation of one who
was with him and knew all that happened. Peter said, "For wc did not
follow cunningly devised fables when
wc made known unto you thc power
and coining of our Lord Jesus Christ,
but wc were cye-wilncsscs of his
majesty, for he received of God thc
Father, honor and glory when there
came such a voice to him from the
excellent glory. This is my beloved
Son, in whom I am well pleased; and
this voice wc ourselves heard comc
out of heaven, when we were with
him in the holy mount. And we havc
thc word of prophecy made more
sure; whercunto ye do well that ye
take heed, as unto a lamp shining in
a dark place, until the day dawn, and
lhc day-star atisc iu your hearts (2
Peter 1:16-19 R. V.). To those who
believe in thc inspiialion of thc Bible
these words arc final. Lei us therefore note the outstanding features
of thc Kingdom as displayed in the
I. Jesus Christ the Gloiificd King on
Mount Zion  (v. 29).
The glorified King on this Mount
was intended to symbolize thc-Mes-
sianic Kingdom when Christ returns
to thc Mount of Olives in Jerusalem
(Zech. 14:4-17). This is still in the
future, and will bc literally fulfilled.
II. Thc Glorified Saints With Christ
(vv. 30, 31).
1. Moses, who was once denied an
entrance into Palestine, appears now
in glory, representing the redeemed
of lhe Lord who will pass through
death into the Kingdom. Many thousands of the redeemed havc fallen
asleep'and at thc coming of the Lord
shall hc awakened to pass into the
- 2r Elijah; now- glorified,- represents
thc redeemed who shall pass into the
Kingdom through translation. Many
shall be living upon the earth when
the Lord shall comc, and shall without dying bc changed and tints pass
into the Kingdom (1 Cor. 13:50-53; 1
Thcss. 4: 14-18).
. 3. Thcy talk of the very thing which
tlic disciples refused to believe, namely, thc death of Christ.
III. Israel, in the Flesh, in Connection With thc Kingdom, Represented by Peter, James and John
(v. 28).
Israel shall bc called from tlicir
hiding place among all nations of thc
earth and shall be gathered.to Jesus
Christ the King, as the central people
in the Kingdom (Ez. 37:21-27).
. 1. Peter proposes lo build three tab-
cnV.icles (v. 33). Thc Feast of Tabernacles iookf-d forward to thc glorious reign of Christ." Peter caught a
'glimpse ' of the significance of the
transfiguration. IHs proposition
showed that he thought of the Feast
of Tabernacles, aud therefore of the
2.*Thc divine voice (v. 35). -At this
timc God himself uttered his words,
assuring them that this one in glory-
was his son Jesus Christ.,
[V. Thc Multitude at the Foot of thc
Mountain  (vv. 37-43).
"Chi** is representative of the nations which "shall be brought into thc
Kingdom which <=hall bc established
over Israel (sec Isaiah 11:10-12). The
people here were~ grievously oppressed by the devil. There are times
when the devil is especially active in
his oppression of men. About the
time of Christ's first coming he did
his best to harass men. Just before
Christ's coming again lie will be especially active, for he knows that his
time ii short.
got at any drug .store.
���    (     ~ "
Predicts Lean Years
Dr. J. W. Robertson, noted" educationist, speaking to the Victoria
Canadian Club, said "in part: "It will
take two years before thc world's
breadbasket is full of grains, and ?l
will be five or six years more before
wc will catch up in our bacons and
fats," the speaker continued. "When
the Britisii and other governments
guarantee prices in order to get enough there is no fear of prices coming down yet."
From Suffering by Getting
Her Lydia ��. Pinkham's
Vegetable .Compound.
Pittsburgh. Pa.���"For many month*
X wes not able to do my work wing to
a weakness which
caused backache
and headaches. A
friend called my
attention to one of
your newspaper
advertisements and
immediately my
husband bought
three bottles 01
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound for me.
After talcing two
bottles I felt fine
"and my troubles caused by that weakness are a thing of the past. All women
who suffer as I did should try Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound."���
Mrs. Jas. Rohkbkrg, 620 Knapp St,
N. S., Pittsburgh. Pa.
Women who suffer from any form of
weakness,asindicatedby displacements, _
inflammation, ulceration, irregularities,"
backache, headaches, nervousness or
"the blues," should accept Mrs. Rohr-
berg's suggestion and give- Lydia E.
Pinkham's "Vegetable Compound.*
thorough trial.
For over forty years it has been
correcting such ailments.   If you have
��� mysterious   complications   write   for
advice .to-Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mass.
��� \i
The man who has money lo burn
seldom uses any to enlighten the
world. !
When a^ young girl docs not look
wilh favor on a young man's suit he
should change his ..tailor.
Gold Nugget Potatoes .":
New Variety Discovered By Seager
Wheeler, of Rosthern - -
Gold Nugget potatoes are 'a new1
variety discovered by Seager Wheeler, of Rosthcru, .Saskatchewan. They
havc twice in succession won first
prize for thc best "half dozen potatoes shown at thc International Food
Products Exposition, and for thc best
half peck shown in the dry farming
section. -
This j-car Mr. Wheeler was not
successful in winning the first priztt
aud sweepstakes for wheat at the International Soil Products Show, bdt
hc is not at all disheartened, for he
has won thc prize five times in eight
ycars. This ycar another Saskatchewan farmer won these prizes.
Do not anttBT-
anothor day with
Itoblnff, Bloed.
Intf, or Protrud<
Ing Piles. No
surgical open,
ation  required.
Dr. Chase's Ointment will relieve you at ones
and as certainly oure you.> 60a a oox: all
dealers, or Edmanson, Bates tc Co., Limited,
Toronto.- Sample box tree lt you mention tbU
paper aP* enclose 2c. stamp to pay postage, -
OTTAWA." �����������7-=>     CANADA.
HERE'is a nip in the air these mornings
that must be rather sharp to the man
- who scrapes his chiri when shaving
If he used a Gillette Safety Razor, he would
���positively enjoy shaving every morning, he would
look his best at. all times, and there would be
no cutting or chafing of the skin!
Furthermore, in the time he now takes to get
his old razor edge as near right as he can, he could
finish shaving with the Gillette. ,
Stropping and Honing would be a thing of
the past for him. That alone is worth $5,-���the
price of a
Mildred: III think I'll have my
beauty nap now.
Maud: Well, take a good Ion? sleep,
dear, -
Safety Razor
Any dealer who is anxious to supply
men's needs will gladly show you a
variety of Gillette sets. See him today,
if possible. N
>-- i-ij His Appreciation
The boy stood  on   the bridge,
��� slipped his bands vigorously.    Beyond tbe brow of the hill a dull
red glow suffused the sky.
"Ah, little boy," remarked the
stranger, wbo was rather nearsighted, "it does my heart good to
see you appreciate yon beautiful
cloud pffect!"        ���
"Yes, sir," replied the lad;
"I've been watching it for ten
Upon the ^boy's face there appeared a smile of radiant bliss.
���'A real poet/ without a doubt.
A nd do you'' watch sunsets often,
little boy?" ""'
"Suneet? Wby that ain't a sonnet, guvnor! That's the village
M'hool burning down."
Putting a Cigarette,
idiosyncrasy. . Let's go back to the
primitive den. Let's get the big
stick and'become cavemen. As
Billy Sunday would say, 'A damn
good licking is what some people
need.' "
Get your job printing at The
Ledge, before the paper is all
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Morse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
* P. Burns & Co., Ltd/
Home^of Shamrock Bacon,   Ham  and Lard
Eggs,   Cheese   and   Pish   of   all   Varieties
Autos Tor Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Cbe Burne Botel
nelson, B.e.
The editor of. the Ketchikan
Miner ciaimV the natives of. the
.village tothe south-threw a fit last
week .when a female tonript walked
up.-the streets oif the city puffing a
cigarette.. He comments as follows: "Jiist because women are
ve-jririg pants is no. sign tbey
should have the gall to smoke a
pill in public. "It's disgusting:
in   fact  ii's  hell.    It; .-is  a case of
alace-; Livery   And: Stage
�����'���:. '-   ���    ������'-'-.���   '     '      '   i
Thc only up,todate Hotel in the interior.   First-class
in every respect,
1 F, after; achieving a -costly
. ;* victory/ Canada fails, to provide for her wounded heroes,
for  the ���:���- employ merit   of ��� her
citizens, and 'for the" maintenance  of.her'  trade," Germany
. will, not have.fought in vain."
The ^Victory. Loan 1919 i!i to7
.. provide for; all -these   things
���'.l}' ^s vvitally   needed/While
the expenses, of - mobilization
;\vere spread: over four years
tlie cost   of. demobilization, is
being crowded into; one. 'V
:--.'. British Go 1 u m b i a,  which
��� maintained such - a high -ayer-
ageJ in ^recruiting,/and Canada,
-which in Sir ^Arthur , Currie V
words, "Never; failed to make
an objective,"   dare.: -not"fail"
now.  X-y . -. ���'    ���-,���;-. -''X...    y '  '
;     -V;.   JOHN NELSON, :.���
���Chnlrmnn Press News dnd feature
,���;-. .Comnilttfc for British Columbia...,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.       '
RATES S1.00 per day and up; European Plan.      ".
P��s Meets allTrains and Boats. .
������   -A smile comes naturally wheri; we meet our "friends and ac-
.'   quamauces faces to face, in. our offices/at our. h'bines or on the
-   street- .Ard.vhy should it npt'when, the Wes of tbe telephone-   "���
���,- }'bnnga caller to us?-.""-,.=���, ��� -���'. .- '.'-,,. .'- _.--'���-"., ��� ���,'. ���'-.'"   v ''���..-. ".
_...- ..-:,������ ���. Make youphelio greetinggenial}ananswer that tells jnst':-"
���:., ���: who   is.talking, andj.a tone: thatreflects,both- interest and"'"���'
;'���.;'��������� 'attention;;., '..'--. ".  -;'. --'... . .' ,-���'   ':-".\-." ������'..'.    ..'-. ��� ...     ,. v
i-y .NELSON, B.C.' .'V .;
Nicely iurriished- rooms, by the
', "."day; week or month; /,
Nilson & Nilson
Culamccn Botel
One of the largest hotels In
the city:   Beautiful location,    .
.fine rooms and tasty meals.     .     ~
JOHNSON & EKLOF   - ;:- Proprietow
V ss&sssssagf^i
.THE     LEDGE-     GJiEEKWOOlk    R.     CL.
v'.-""'Z? *'���> ���
:�� -:
i ,-1 V i!
���- *xm
..y A'SA
*   >-\i
���" ,-J
'.> !
' Ml
r^oes It Hurt You
To Bend Over?
This is a Sign of Kidney Weakness, But Can be Quickly Cured
Don't frive up! You can bc cured
and "made well again.
That backache and dragefing-weari-
ness can bc stopped for all time.
Those sharp attacks when bending
over, and that LamencssJn-thc morning can also be overcome.
Every ache and pain due to kidney
weakness will disappear quickly once
you start to use Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
a marvellous remedy Hug ago made
famous by its strange healing effect
upon the kidnevs and liver.
Don't -wait till that dragging pain
in the loins grows worse. Start the
cure today.
Delay will mean swelled ankles and
limbs, sharp rheumatic pains in 'the
muscles and joints, and other painful
symptoms as well.
If you are always iir-cd, liavc continuous headache, dizzy spells and
specks before your eyes or ringing
noises in the cars���these arc common
symptoms that warn you of the immediate need of Dr. Hamilton's Pills
of Mandrake and Butternut. Sold in
25c boxes.
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� BY7
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement .with Thos. Allen,
Toronto. ..
(Continued.)  "        -- ;
Strong,- supple,   ��� quick of thought
and action, he raged    like a young
wolf beset by a pack of clumsy curs,
and when presently his bayonet was
torn from its-nxtuies_he gripped the
piece by the muzzle and lashed "about
liim, like a -blond demon.
Then suddenly the moon gashed its
way through the black curtain of
cloud, and Ruggles saw vaguely that
he had to do with but two of his enemies���thc one a squat creature 'muf-
.fled to thp chin.in'rags, the other an
officer. ^Screaming- wilh the hope of
despair, hc sprang upon thc former,
struck his weapon aside, and^ dashed
thc butt of his1 rifle into the-'swarthy
face.. And then; as "he flung himself
upon tjie other, the moonlight struck
upon the face _ofJiis* antagonist^ and
Ruggles ' gave ��� a cry of recognition.
It was the Balkan gentleman to
whom hc had^sold'a pair'of. shoes in
the  Paris store.    *     ,  _
"I know you!" he roared.w '.'I'll
send you where you won't need - any
bunion stretcher!" "-
'      ,    ,      """" "i       <
The wavering,., call of * Turkish
bugles was borne down pulsating on
the'flaws of the gusty wind. There
came a rattle of rifle fire, cries of
"Allah! Allah!*' and the rush of many
feet. Rugglcs did not hear. The
moon blazed on his pallid face as_ he
lay unconscious across thc body of
his late client, the Bulgarian gentleman.
��� On thc sunny terrace of what had
formerly been a royal palace on the
Asiatic side of the Bosphorus, an old
man, with snowy hair and beard and
a skin the color of antique ivory, reclined upon the silken cushions of'his
chaise-longue and listened with vquict
pleasure" to thev~vcrses of Swinburne
which were being rcad_ aloud by his
"The  storm-winds  of ages x
Blow through mc and cease,
Thc war-wind that rages," "~
Thc spring wind of peace���"
There was a delicately perfumed
spring wind wafting front Thcrapia
across thc Straits, and Colonel Hamid Pasha prayed that it might be
fraught with peace. No one glancing
at thc sere and yellow skin stretched
like parchment over the lofty, benevolent features of thc old man could
doubt but that it wouldat least bring
peace to him, for the coming change
was written plainly- there, and the
dark, luminous eyes held that expression of slightly troubled curiosity sometimes to bc seen in thc eyes
of a dying man or a prospective mother whose hour is upon her. Yet
they wcrc serene, for thc old Ottoman had been true to his God, his
country, and himself, and felt that
he had naught "to fear.~
"Read lhe 'Super Flumina Babylo-
nis,' my son," said he. "I recall a
stanza which has frequently been expressed in our poetry:���
" 'On the mountains of mcmor3r, by
thc world's wellsprings,
In all men's eyes,
Where the light of the lifc of him
is on all past things,
^Death  only, dies.'"
Half a Million Houses
Miss Flora Boyko
Tells How Cuticura
Healed Her Pimples
- *-Mjr-fcca was veiy itchy at first,
and after that it was covered with
pimples tbat disfigured it
badly. The pimples were
hard and red and they wen
Bmall, and they were scattered all over my face and
weresoitchylhadto scratch
and I could not sleep. l
' "These bothered me nearly a year
before I used Cuticura Soap and Ointment and when I had used fivecakes
of Cuticura Soap and five boxes of
Cuticura Ointment I was healed."
(Signed) Miss Flora M. Boyko,
Cardenton, Man., Dec 26,1918.
Having obtained a clear healthy
akin fey the use of Cuticura, keep it
clear by using the Soap for all toilet
purposes, assisted by touches of
Ointment as needed. Co not fail to
include the exquisitely scented Cuticura Talcum in your toilet preparations.   Splendid after bathing.
For frM itmtfe each of Cotfcnr�� So*s>. Dint*
m��>t aod Tolcam addrcaj pojt-cord: "Catleun,
Sept. A, Boitoa, V. a, A."  Sold everTfthen.
'TPHIS question has been
answered by many thousands of women who have
found health and happiness in
the use of Dr. Chase's Nerve,
Food. ^
Sleeplessness, Irritability, nervousness, gloomy foioljodinss of' tho
future, depression and discouragement���theco aro socio of the symptoms which tell of exhausted nerves.
In order to avoid nervous prostra-
- tion or some form of paralysis it ia
well to g=t the building up process
established   at  onco  by  use   of  Dr.
Chase's Nervo Food.
EO conH a box, C for $2.75, nil dealer's, or
Ddmnns.on,  Bates &  Co.,  Ltd., Toronto.
Britain   Acquires   21,000   Acres
Housing Problem
Dr. Addison, speaking at Shore-
ditch, England, stated that thc ministry of health had already acquired
21,000 acres of land for the* purpos'
of carrying out the go\crnmcnt promise of a half million ncw houses in
three ycars.
A further twenty thousand acres
had been marked as for housing purposes. Tlie average cost of each
house, without allowing for land, was
The suggestion had been made to
build wooden houses, but the lowest
quotation tor such a house of thc
simplest design was not far short of
$3,000. The fairy tales that had been'
set adrift that wooden houses ' could
be built at a cost of $1,250 was all
Plotters Were Foiled
At his elbow, Rugglcs turned the
pages of thc beautiful copy of Swinburne's "Songs Before Sunrise,"
which an English friend of Hamid
Pasha, who knew the old Ottoman's
love of poetry, had sent him from
the limited edition. Like his host,
Ruggles was propped in his chair
with many cushions of silk and cm-
broidery, and rare Bokhara and
Rhodes. A crutch lay at his side,
and one foot was still enveloped in
bandages. Ruggles was never to
mount his wheel again, for a Bulgarian bullet had so shattered his ankle
that only thc skill ofXord Pembroke
had prevented amputation, and thc
young man was destined to limp for
the"rest of-his'lifc. This wound, with'p'
three others, hc had received in his
desperate ���defense of Colonel Hamid
Ruggles found thc desited poem
and read it slowly in his clear, pleas-,
ant voice. It is a rather curious fact
that the vocal tones of the T.urks are
more similar to those" of-English-
speaking.'people' than those "of any
other nationality. - Hamid Pasha, to
wliom the English and French languages wcrc as familiar as his mother
tongue, lislencd to the reading with
quiet pleasure. Rugglcs had a natural lingual facility and read with
smoothness ancl expression. These
exercises had been for sevcial weeks
a pleasant feature of thcir convalescence. Hamid Pasha's wound was in
thc liver ancl still open. Ruggles had
all healed, but Pembroke limited his
physical activity.
Ruggles read on. Hc had developed a love of poetry during his convalescence, and gave to his diction
a lilting quality which his kindly host
found most harmonious and soothing., Hamid Pasha slept very little,
but of recent days he had-fallcn more
and moie into thc habit oflongpc-
riods " of sctni-somnolencc, during
which liis body became numb while
his mcnUlily was clear and tranquil.
It was thc approaching dissolution
between the physical and thc spiritual
and Hamid Pasha knew it and was
Now, as Rugglcs read on, thc old
Osmanli Turk looked out across the
vivid blue of the deep-flowing" Bosphorus aud thought of many things.
No doubt his mind dwelt most upon
his religion, which was of thc orthodox faitli of Islam, but not bigoted,
or, when all is said, particularly devout iu outward demonstration. He
prayed when it pleased him, and
where, and tlic call of a muezzin from
a minaret did not always bring liim
to his knees, for which.be had becu
at times severely censured.     Hamid
Pretentious Plot of Bolshevists Ends
~    In a Fizzle
Bolshevist plans for thc seizure of
Whitehall and of Westminster vvcrc
laid early during thc present year, it
has just been disclosed. A number
of extremists, most of whom arc still
engaged in Bolshevik propaganda in
England, and in the, United States,
met and discussed the plans for this
pretentious undertaking, which they
hoped would be executed by a so-
called sailors' and soldiers' union.
One of the plotters since has been
sent to prison, where he is still serving a sentence for having madc revolutionary speeches. The plot came to
naught, because of lack of support
and the watchfulness of thc authorities.
Pasha was a freethinker and a man
of the woild. He found all religions
good, and the lack of any more bestial and stupid than fraught with any
especial danger'of hell fire. For him
God was God, and while Mohammed
was his prophet, it was quite possible
that he might through thc ages havc
found need of other prophets, such as
Grahma and Confuscius ancl Zoioas-
ter and Jesus Christ.
Hamid Pasha was childless, and
this fact_had been the sorrow of his
declining years: Earlier in life he had
taken wives in accordance with thc
'Jaws of.thc Koran and Ottoman social custom, but these marriages proving , unfruitful, he had divorced his
womcukind, . amply providing for
them. He'wasenormously rich, having inherited" estates in'Egypt and
stock in the Suez-Canal. The Egyptian property, hc had ^converted into
cash, which ho,had investcd^with prodigious subsequent 'profit, in the joil
fielxlf of'B'atotim, at that time undeveloped. Still" later, he'ha'd disposed
of these .holdings
through his London, bankers in British, African, American and, other securities. Oddly enough, he was thc
holder of laige blocks "of American
industrial 'stocks.
Hamid Pasha had never been a
sensual man, bul he was sensuous lo
the point of aestheticism. Plis pleasure lay in such things as thc sight
of his almond tices in full blossom,
or thc odor of the jasmine which
clothed thc columns surr&unding his
Persian fount.iin, wlicieof the basin
was composed of ancient tiles, each
of which woukPhavc been found
wo! thy o�� a glass case in thc Musce
Guimet. Thcir traceries were partly
hidden by delicate moss of a vivid
green, whicli-the-gardener was pei-
mittcd to lcmovo only in ccitaiu
Hamid Pasha loved also music, poetry, and thc dance. . To entertain
guests he had sometimes brought
gypsy troupes from thcir malhallah
in Stamboul. Hc loved also thc musical murmur of thc Bosphorus tides,
and as a spectacle thc mosques and
minasels of Stamboul aflame iu tlic
Sound money    is    the    kind
jingles in a fellow's pocket.
������*��� ����������������������.   ��,���.#������.
Sure! High Heels
1 'Cause Corns But
J      Who Cares Now j
jt9M|ll���������B..t���a.l��M*..��..tH��Mt..t��.tM��"t"t��t"l'.9��tft.��*.>t"*      '
Because style decrees that women
crowd and buckle up their tender toes
in high heel foolwcar/thcy suffer from
corns, then thev cut and trim at these
painful pests, which merely makes the
corn grow hard. This suicidal habit
may cause lockjaw, and women are
warned to stop it.
A few drops of a diug called frcezone applied directly upon a sore corn
gives quick relief, and soon the entire
corn, root and all, lifts out without
pain. Ask thc drucr store man for a
quarter of an ounce of. freezone,
which costs very little, but is sufficient
to remove evcry haul or soft corn
or callus (rom one's feet.
This drug is an ether compoundand
dries in a moment and simply shrivels
up the corn without inflaming or even
and ieinvcsted''rr'tat'nK l'lc -surrounding tissue or
skin. Clip this out and pin on your
wife's dresser.
Not Aspirin at All without the "Bayer Cross"
Shipments of Swedish Ores
A Berlin wireless message statcs
that thc shipment of ores fiom Sweden to the German ports has 3gain
been prohibited by lhc British blockade authorities despite the Swedish
Government's protests.
"I got this car for a song."
"I heard that you gave a note for
it."���Boston  Tianscripl.
Love's young dream is all right until the matrimonial alarm clock goes
off and causes a ntde awpkening.
One Great Essential
To a Woman's Health
Is Her Nerves
Natuic    intended    women    to    bc
strong, healthy and happy as the clay
is" long,- instead  of being ^ick     and
wretched.    But how can any woman
-sunrise with  ancient Agiaijic healthy and happy when thc~wholc
Sophia rearing its bulbous domes
above thc morning mist like bubbles
of gold swelling upward from a cal-
ncrvous system is unstrung. Thc
trouble is thcy pay move attention to
thcir social and household duties than
they do to thcir health.    Is it    any
dron of silver.   A bite into thc heart wonder, then, that they become irrit
of    a ripe5   pomegranate    crisp and|able and  nervous,  have hot flushes,
sparkling, or a fish taken from    the faint    aml dizz>*- sPci,s'    smothering
deep, cold wp'.ers  of  thc  Bosphorus
where it lapped lhc w all of his citaYc,
marked the extreme of liis. pleasure
as a gourmet. Heavy foods he abominated, as lie did also alcohol, tobacco, aud other noxious poisons, wilh
all forms of gio^-, phy<-te:i{_ indulgence.
Keen of intelligence, learned, fc.ir-
less in battle as a Bashi-Ba^ouk,
gentle iu his household, a poet ;-.t
heart, ancl a man of deep, broad, fundamental religion���such was Tfurid
(To  Bc   Continued )
laud sinking spells, become weak and
nervous, and everything in lifc becomes dark and gloomy.
Milburn's Hcait and Nerve Pills
are the very remedy that nervous,
tired-out, weary women need to restore thcm to thc blessings of good
Mrs. 1*. II. Ryan, Sand Point, N.S.,
write' "I ha\c been a great sufferer
from ncr\c troubles. I was so weak
and nervous I could not sleep at
night and my appetite was very pooV.
I could not walk across , the floor
without ticmblinc;. I had hot flushes
When I
Fraternization Of
British Are Anxious to Cultivate the
Friendship of United
"Maintenance of thc future peace,
happiness and prosperity of mankind
rests undoubtedly in thc hands of thc
160,000,000 people who spea'- the language of Shakespeare and Lincoln,"
declared Frederic William Wile, of
London, at the Congress Hotel, Chicago, recently, speaking at the annual
banquet of thc National Implement
and  Vehicle Association.
Mr. Wile, Indianian, ex-Chicago
newspaperman, and for thc past nineteen ycars a resident of ' Europe,
where hc >is attached to Lord North-
cliffc's great journalistic organization,
made an cai nest plea for Anglo-American frateinity. He advocated it as
an ideal to be striven for in "the
enlightened self-interest both of the
United Statcs and of Biitain."
Though thc speaker confessed himself a warm advocate of the League
of Nations, he expressed the view
that a league of thc English-speaking
nations could of itself guarantee of
"safety" of democracy. "Between us,"
said Mr. Wile, "wc can dominate,
without domineering, God's whole
Mr. Wile said, in part.
"I havc not returned lo my country to pretend that thc Anglo-Amci-
ican horizon is cloudless. It is not.
I havc nol comc home lo proclaim
that Americans aic universally beloved in Gicat-Britain. They ate not.
What I do say is this���that the vast
bulk of the British people, thc sane
leaders of the classes, and particularly thc authorized spokesmen of thc
masses, arc warm ancl avowed apostles of friendship with the United
Statcs. They are cageily anxious
thai our laic comradcship-in-aims
shall nol prove lo have been a mcic
ephemeral bond. Thcy aic conscious
of thc mighty, the unselfish and the
indispensable aid that America rendered to Libeity's cause. Thcy recognise, from lhc bottom of grateful
hearts, that wc proved om selves a
friend in need and a friend indeed.
"The Britishers arc not blind lo thc
practical1 realities of the Anglo-Am-
"erican situation. They know that it
bristles with difficulty, but thcy do
not believe that any of them aic necessarily insuimountable. Thcy know
that in the months and years that
.lie ahead of us John Bull and Uncle
Sam arcjlcstined to bc foimidablc rivals for thejrade of thc world. They
know that the financial supremacy of
the globe has passed from London
lo Ncw York.- They know that Britain has become a debtor nation. They
know tliKt the Irident of mercantile
marine supremacy is slowly but surely passing to thc grip of this ncw and
mighty Neptune of the western seas.
They know how fabulously the cm-
eigcncics of war have magnified thc
wealth and industrial power o��_this
amazing nation.
"But thc Brilishcis believe that
along with competition with America
thcic is ample opportunity for cooperation, loo. Their view is thai a
heaven-sent oppoitunity is now .presented for team-woik between the
English-speaking nations iu every
field of economic, spiritual ancl political activity.
"You manufacturers of America
will do well, in my judgment, lo prc-
paic for one rnpoitnut new development in Great Brit.m.. Unless I am
much miscaken,_the days orficc trade
in England aie numbered. I look at
no distant date for lhc intioduction
of a protective- tariff iu thc United
Kingdom. It may nol at once assume
thc skyscraper heights to which pio-
tective-tariflf America has so long
been accustomed within its own domains, but a tariff of some kind is,
iu my judgment, a certainty and at
no fat-off timc. John Bull has hitherto maintained industrial eminence
thioughout thc world because of
cheap production. Thc days of cheap
production in England arc numbered,
too. The British industrial fabric,
shaken to its foundations by thc war,
lcquircs radical reconstruction. I
expect reconstruction, among other
forms, to assume the shape of a pro
tcctive-tarilt  England."'
Mr. Wile devoted a lan>* part of
his address to summarizing Britain's
achievements in thc war. lie said
that only an infinitesimal portion of
thc American people was aware of
tlicir magnitude. "How many of us
know that the British race lost a
million dead, ��nffcicd 3,000,000 casualties and mobilized more than  10,-
OSd Age Deferred
Business men who must speed up the works and make business
boom during these days���after the-war���must recognize the necee*
sity of keeping fit. When mind is befogged, when you have dull
headaches or feel logy, when not "up to snuff," keep the bowels
free with "a mild laxative. In the morning take a tepid sponge bath
(cold water may be used if it does not chill), follow with a brisk rub
clown; a sufficient "setting up" exercise in good air until you are in
a warm.glow.   Have you tried it lately?
Don't let the poisons accumulate in the intestines either, but try
a dose of castor oil tho first thing on arising, or a pleasant laxative
occasionally,"such as one madc up of May-apple, aloin and jalap, rolled
into a tiny sugar-coated pill, ancl sokl in every drug store as Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Then a cup of hot water before breakfast,
and you'll feel better than a king! If you continue in life thus, you
can pass a Life Insurance examination at sixly.
If you wish to prevent old age coming on too soon, or if you want,
to increase your chances for a long life, you should drink plenty of
soft (rain) or distilled water daily between meals. Then procure at the
drug store Dr. Pierce's Anuric (anti-uric-acid). This "Anuric" drives
the uric acid out and relieves backache and rheumatism, as well as
kidney trouble, Anuric dissolves uric acid as hot tea dissolves sugar.
The Syrup ior
A golden stream of
Crown Brand Corn
Syrup is the most
delicious touch you
can give to Pancakes!
In the Kitchen, there
is a constant call for
Crown Brand Corn Syrup
for making puddings,
candies, cakes, etc.
Sad the day when you are
too big to enjoy a slice of
bread spread thick with
Crown Brand!
Could that day ever come?
Ward it off! Grace your
table daily with a generous
jug of Crown Brand Corn
Syrup, ready for the dozen
desserts ana dishes
it wii I truly "crown". _��� _
Sold by Grocer*
2, 5, 10, and
20 pound tin*.
The Canada
Starch Co.
Montreal -
World's Wheat Yield
International Institute of Aguculturfj
Issues Report I
"The yield of -wheat for 1919 ani-j
omits to 51,900,000 Ions in thc nor-|
thctn licmispheic countries, -which
of thc world," says a report issued
by the International Institute of Agriculture at Rome.
It is added that this is about 4,500,-
000 tons below the yield of 1918, and
more than 2.000,000 tons below the
average crop of thc four yeais preceding 1918, and that thus there is a
greater  shortage  than  last winter.
The report says the yield of rye
in the same countries amounts to 4,-
200,000 tons, against 4,100,000 tons in
A Precarious Playground
Mrs. X. (returning home),���Mercy!
However did thc child get that awful
bump ?
Green   Girl.���You  told   me  lo  let
him  play  on   the  piano  and   hc fcjf
i1  <.-iil
Love    of man  foi    himself-nevcf
grows less.
and fainting spells     vyi.cn i *�� on  mm     d s:iiIorsr- thc kcf ask.
mv second box    of Milbitrn s Heart        ' '
For Colds, Pain, Headache, Neuralgia, Toothache, Earache, and for
JRheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica, Neuritis, take Aspirin marked with the
.name "Bayer" or you are not talcing
'Aspirin at all.
Accept only "Bayer Tablets of
Asplria"   ia  an  unbroken   '���Bayer1'
package which, contains complete directions. Then you arc getting real
Aspirin���the genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for over nineteen years. Xow made ia Canada.
Handy tin boxes containing 12 tablets cost but a few cents. Druggists
also sell larger "Bayer"' packages.
There ia saly ��e Asj*Iria��""B&ya;r"���You iaatt aay "Bayer"
Aspirin it the trado m*rlc (reentered la Canada) of Bayer Hsr-ufa.'-turo of 3����ro-
��cettcssid*ster of SalJcyUeacld. While It Is -wall Snuvwn that Aspirin means Sayer
saannfcctnre. to aislst th�� pnBl'c against Imitations, the Tablets ol Bayer Cotnpsisy
silt b* ��ump��4 iruu tbslr eensral Us&% s&?k�� ti�� <*����rtr Crete"
Get In Debt to Yourself
Get iu debt to jotir��*.lf':ind tlivn i.u
aginc you arc the otlu r fcllutt. Dc
cidc, for cx.iuipio, that >��->u owe jom
j self ��10'> Thru .?et nftci that huu-
i dud .i- though j on were trj ing to
beat joursclf out of it. Give 3'oursclf
no rest til! you clean up your debt.
When you have paid yourself the $10Q
and have it safely deposited in thc
savings bank where It is earning interest for you, go in debt to yourself
again. Try to make it $125, $150, or
$200 this time. Keep up the process. Get so you follow yourself
around from place to place demanding payment on y<jur debt. Stick to
this plan for a few years and you'll
have a snug little sum back of you
for the daj's of old ace or rn forced
iitid Nerve Pills I began to feel bet-
i ter aud kept on until I had used sis:
'bov;e��! when I felt like a different per-
Ison. I am never'-without thcm in the
[house  anil  recommend     then'  to  all
��� who s-ulfcr with  thcir nerves."'
j 1'iicc 50c a bov .it_ .ill dealer'? or
'mailed dtrcet on receipt of price by
'The T. Milbi'n.     Go.  I united.     lo-
��� ionto. On'.
Last ycar the Indians had undi r
crop 82,421 acres of land, an increase
of 11,733 acres over the area cropped
in 1917. Last year thc value of the
Indians' farm products, including hay,
amounted to ��2,834,1-19.
Rests, Be!resfiescS��oi&es,
Hals���Keep your Eyes
Strong and Healthy, if
they Tire, Smart; Itch, or
Burn, If Sore, Irritated,
Inflamed orGraaufa&d,
use Murine often. Safe for Infant or Adult
At all Druggists in Canada. Write for Frea
Eye Book* ��SFiaeC*Bp��j,Cii��gs,O.S,&_
cd. ��\nd then hc told why "our sister race" had rendered these sacri-
"Biitain, it ii true, remains a mon-
aicln and stiil tolerates a Ling. But
in Britain, though thc king reigns, the
people ink Britain rushed to arms
lor pivei-eh the same reason that
v. c dul. r.iUi'ch, because like us, shc
was dctciiiiincd to vindicate I incoln's
immortal words at Gettysburg, that
Liberty must not perish from thc face
of this earth, Shc fought to the limit
of her able-bodied man-power,
brough herself to thc brink of financial ruin .suffered and bled���why?
Because, like us, shc insisted that
democracy, and not autocracy, shall
remain enthroned as the governing
principle throughout the civilised
Crabs may not be so palatable as
lobsters but they will do in a pinch.
Seasons comc and seasons go, bul
the gas meter goes on forever.
| If   Bilious,   Constipated  or
? Headachy take
j "Cascarets."
Tomorrow the sun will shine for
you. Everything will seem clear,
rosy and bright. Your system is filled with liver and bowel poison, which
keeps your skin sallow, your stomach
upset, your head foggy and aching.
Your meals arc turning into poison,
gases and acids. You can not^ feci
right. Don't stay bilious or constipated. Feci splendid always by taking Cascarets occasionally. Thcy act
without griping or inconvenience.
Thcy never sicken you like Calomel,
Salts. Oil or nasty, har-ih pill�� They
co=t bo Utile too���Ca=r,ner= work
while vou sleep.  ~~
A sore corn, he said was bad enough, bul to havc it stepped on was
the limit. Hc invested in a bottle of
Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor,
and now wears a happy smile. Corn
is gone���enough said. Try Puln?-.i'��
ExU actor, 25c at all dealers.
Utilizing Garbage
On behalf of the Saskatchewan
Oakolc Company, au offer has been
submitted to thc city council of Regina, thc capital of the province, for
the manufacture of garbage into fuel
briquettes. The company wants thc
city to deliver garbage foi a period
of live ycars, and asks for thc usc of
the city transfer station at an annual
rental and electrical power free. Thcy
propose to beginv thc erection of a
building valued at $35,000 or $40,000,
and will give thc city an option to
purchase thc "plant on a basis of an
earning capacity of eight pcr cent.
Over a thousand years ago tht famous mosque of St. Sophia, in Con��
stantinople, was built with mostar
mixed wilh musk, aud thc odor of thc
latter still exists
Biblical Note
A bashful curate found thc >t->ung
ladies in the parish too helpful. At
last it became so embarrassing that
he  left.
Not long afterward he met thc curate   who   had  succeeded  him.
"Well." he asked, "how did you get
ou with ihc ladies?*'
"Oh, very well indeed," said thc
other. "There is safety in numbers
you know.*'
"Ah!"' was the instant reply. "1
only found tt in Exodus." ��� Dallas
W.      H.
i��&*&*&: >
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the sear it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States iu advance.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Estray Notices 3,00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement.  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal ���advertising, 12'cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals I2j4c. a line'each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Sugau is a poison as it i8 nothing
but solidified alcohol.
The daily paperB are too big, and
should be cut down in size.
Asrylkind of food soon'becomes
cheap if people do not aee it.   CZ"
Fear, greed, and selfishness
keep the world in want and misery.
In America every day there iB
enough of food wasted to feed millions of people.
Keep an open mind, and always
hear both sides of a report before
you make a decision.
The trapper should be a happy
man. He does not have to read
the daily papers nor buy coal.
At the way the world is going
these days, it will soon be time to
hunt up a tepee and a pair of
In a strange country nothing
braces you up quicker, than reading the local paper from your own
home town.   ..
The Hoe Men
There is nothing shy about the
Ontario Farmer, by heck. All he
wants is the earth with a fence
around it.
The other, day. he went to the
polls and applied the oM principle
of voting.early and as often as the
law allows and he got the surprise
of his life when he toted the bacon
ISTow he.figures on forming a
combine with.the labor element in
the Assembly.and starting a Farmer-Labor government at  Toronto.
The Ontario farmer was always
strong for labor, in fact his notion
. of-labor was about-16- hoars a day
though he refused  to do any thing
but chores on Sunday.
High prices for farm truck and
an idea Jjthat tha whole country
depended on his efforts for its very
esistense .has lifted the., farmer out
of the "hick" .elites and now he
wants.tb run the. country along his
idea of just what is good for the
farmer and nobody else.  : ���-;-'-
:. The shrewd politicians are however,'preparing to hand him a.jolt
that will loosen his eye-teeth when
'���'he connects. ..' Xx Z . ���'.'"."���'
By a system of ^ redistribution of
Beats on a population basis,. Brer
Farmer will be shown some of the
. fine points of the political game as
the bulk of the population lives in
the city and not on the farm.;
Bat by gam, I s^vari if the rural
Licks haven't made the wise politicians of-Ontario look like a row
of basswoodmen.
The woodchuek:still whistles in
the rock, pile,, when, the grander
"gees" or "haws" his team around!
it and the thoughtful farmer won
ders if, perhaps, be has not had a
hen tramping in hia haymow when
he relied an "Labor. "-^Kitsilauo
. -Times.
:-ixV&:      J* IS     ';���:;"
. IbI-Germ:   They're going tore-,
dace the size of paper money. .
2nd Germ: Well* where we
goin, to live? It's overcrowded
now*--- .-���-""
He Right
Bobbie:' What the meaning of
I. W. W.?
Daddy:   I won'! wash, I think.
&       ���
Steady Employment aad Prosperity
Hangs on Victory Loan.
Canada's future prosperity depends
to a great extent upon the success of
the Victory Loan. No country can
exist upon trade within its own boundaries. Canada counts on the trade
ivith Great Britain and other allied
countries to keep the flood of good
times in the country.
The surplus products of the farm
ind the factory, find their way across
the seas. The revenue of the farmer
and the manufacturer is dependent
on this trade relationship being sus-
���ained./- The employment of many
lands depends on the orders that
;ome to the firm. The pay envelope
only comes with steady employment.
Great Britain and overseas countries are still desirous of continuing
trade relations, but, overwhelmed
with war expenses, they must be
given credits for the time being. The
farmer and the manufacturer must
be paid for their products and manufactured articles in cash. Therefore,
Canada must finance the proposition
to keep the tide of commerce coming
r.his way. But in order to have the
inoney on hand to do this great thing,
Oanada must borrow from her people.
The Victory Loan offers bonds to
subscribers paying 5% per cent, interest. The guarantee behind^ the
bonds makes them an absolutely safe
investment. Victory Bonds are ac-'
;epted as collateral at any bank, and
jan easily be turned into money at
���1 profit. It is then to the interests
jt every Canadian, to subscribe for
ill the Victory Bonds he can, for ii
is profitable, it is patriotic, and it ia
necessary for the continued prosperity of the couatry.
"DicTthe doctor pay a visit?"
"Yes,  and the visit   paid   the
doctor.���Boston Transcript.
Not a Bad Stunt
"I^know a way to get rich."
"How?"   ,
"Buy a pie and open  a restaurant.
Synapsis of       %
Land Ad Amendments
Minimum price ot first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
52.50 an'.acre. .
. Pre-emption now. confined to surveyed lands only.   y
Records will be granted covering only
. land suitable for agricultural purposes'
And which is non-timber land.  - -
��� Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange    for   -adjacent    pre-emptions
' with joint residence, but.each making
necessary .improvements on respective- -
claims. ���%���-'���-''
- Pre-emptors' must occupy claims for
. five years and .mako improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clear-,.
Ing and cultivation of at least 6 acres, ���
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, be-
-'cause of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of Ita-
provement and transfer hi3 claim..
Records   without   permanent   resi-;
' dence may be issued, provided appli- ���
cant"makes.improvements to extent of
��� $300 per annum and records same each-.
' year.    Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture.' Title' cannot be obtained in
fess than .5 years, and improvements
of $10.00- per acre,  including-. 5. acres
. cleared and cultivated,  and residence .
of at least- 2 ydars are required.
Pre-emptor   holding   Crown   grant
. may record .another pre-emption, if ho
requires land in" conjunction with his^
... farm, without ^actual- oceupation,~pro-
vided   statutory   improvements   made
and   residence   maintained-on" Crown
granted land. .   0
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
' acres,   may   be  leased- as  homesites:.
. title" to) be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement" conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
���areas   exceeding   040   acres   may   be
leased .by one person or company.
- - Mill, - factory or, industrial, sites  on
-timber- land   not'- exceeding   40  acres
may be -purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage. ���
Natural   hay' meadows . inaccessible'
, by. existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon" construction of a. road
to'them." Rebate of one-half-of cost of"
road," not-exceeding'half of purchase-
price; is made.- ' '   ;���-. ���-.".'.   ''-    ,
5 ".-���-..     '                ACT.   "   - ���-.    ;   _\;'���
��� The scope;of this""Act is enlarged to -
Include. all "persons joining and serving with. His Majesty's "P'orces.    The",
time within which the heirs or. devisees"
6f a'deceased pre-emptor may apply ���-
tor title under this Act is  extended
from for-one year from the death "of-
��� such   person; ;as - formerly,   until   one ,
- year aftcr the conclusion of the present"
-war.'   This, privilege is also made retroactive. "
-No fees relating to'pre-emptions are -
due ��� or -payable- .by soldiers -on pre-,
.emptions-recorded after. June 26, ISIS"
..Taxes'are remitted for'Ave. years.
-Provision .for, return/ of moneys ac-'
' crued, due and been" paid since August"
-4, 1914, on account of payments,.fee*-
.or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions. ...
Interest on agreements to purchase -
town or city lots;held.by members of ���"
. Allied.Forces, or dependents, acquired
* direct or indirect,'-remitted -from en-;
llstment to;March-SI. 1920. ..  ... ���;;" .    .-'
sub-purchasers of crown *
-������-..      .; -..lands; .--.��� -..;-. \
--.   Provision    made ' for ' issuance - of
- Crown . grants' to sub-purchasers --of '
���:Crown.'lands, acquiring rights "from .
' purchasers - who failed ' to   .complete "
purchase; involving forfeiture,- on fulfillment of .conditions of 'purchase',- interest and,taxes.-. Where sub-purchas- '
ers do notc&im whole of original par-' '
. eel, purchase price due'and taxes may .
be   distributed ' proportionately   over
whole   area. .    Applications   must   be
made by May 1. 1920.-
�� GRAZING. ���'���'
Grazing Act,   1919,  for    systematic
���development of livestock. Industry pro-.
videsfor grazing districts and-range
- administration ���'tinder'Commissioner. ���
, "Annual grazing-^ permits'issued .based '
ori'riumbers ranged; priority for est'ab-.
'; lished ' .owners. .-   Stock-owners - may-,
form Associations" for range manage- -
: ment." - Free, or partially, free, permits
for settlers, campers.or-travellera, tip   .
-.10 ten bead." ���       '-������-'.."���-  .   -'.,       -   r, >
'; 0PTICIAK ::A��%;i6^0aCTR|St#^
W.."C."Block""""'" -'"���"" -:' "'Kelson
our jjream
Fond parents dream of a bright future
for their children.
They dream of the literary and musical
education they are going to give their
daughter, and of the high position she will
take in her sphere of womanhood. \
They dream of the education they are
going to give their son and vision him some
day as a clergyman, a famous lawyer, an
eminent physician, a prominent financier,
or a captain of industry.
But to make these dreams come true
������or even partly true���requires foresight,
planning and money.
To provide the money what plan so
wise as to buy Victory Bonds for each child?
Thousands of parents bought Victory
Bonds for their children in"'1917 and 1918.
Surely you will be among the thousands
of loving parents who will buy Victory
Bonds for their children���this year?
Victory Bonds may be bought on instalments at such easy terms that every parent
who so wishes may buy
BuyVictory Bonds For\cmr Ckilciren
Issused" by Canada's Victory Loan Committee
in co-operation with the Minister of Finance
of the Dominion of Canada. -'
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
: HaB produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,116,103; -Lode "^
- Goldl.MSim^W'rSil^rWS^MS.TeirLeiid $39,366^144['Copper," $130,597,620;"  \
Other Metals  (Zinc,  Iron,  etc ), 810,933,466;  Coal and Coke,   $174,313,658;
Building Stone,  Brick.  Cement, etc.,   $27,902,381; making its Mineral Produo
; tion to the. end of 1917 show, an
$ Aggregate Value of $595,571,107
Produetioii for Year Ending December, 1917, $37,010,392
. "Th6;--'Miting.....Law8 of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
..    than those of any other Province in the Dominion,  or any colony in the British     -
\iZy'Xy'X'EmpiTe.y--y...xXi.- '���""; ''-'.Xi - ' '.
f."'"/-"- , Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
;.      Absolute /Titles are. obtained   by developing snch properties, the Becarity
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants. --
-���'Full; information, together with mining Eeporta^and Maps, may be obtained      .    -
-.   gratis by addressing���-'--X. '     ,
^'���';-.^ VICTORIA, British Columbia.
.-���/'V DENTIST
All Work .Guaranteed
P.O. BOX:M8��� "���;'-    ;     ' TELEPHONE 92
yfeef^WSfflV-7 Filled
Send a Float to "yoar friends at
Christmas. , Itou can get them s t
Tbe Ledge office. ;   :
616 VeraoB St^Helsoa
Brick building and finely furnishedjrootns
J0HR BLOMBERG    -. -  Proprietor
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, aad Republic
track motors , Garage in connection.
FRONT ST.,    INELSOR,     BOX 865
Si W. WiDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemist, Box siroS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:~Oold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$ieach. Gold-Silver fr.50. Silver-Lead
��2.00 Silver-Lesd-Zicc $3,00. Charges
forotfaer taetals, etc., on application.
Sheet Music
Latest Popular Song, Hits
10 for $1.50 postpaid
Largest line sheet   music in - interior
of B. C. *
GOOD WORK       ���       PRICES RIGHT
Write for Prices
Modern Cleaners & Dyers
P- O. BOX 152
Dealer in Farm Prodnce, Railroad Ties,
Cedar Poles, aad Fence Posts, Farm and
Frnit Lands For Sale. List yonr lands
with me,   Have a boyer f or good ranch.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers, of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    o��   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
"TADANAC" BRAND      ' '
Buy Your Winter Clothing Now
We Have A Complete Line of       . V
Mackinaws   and [Mens   and  Childrens Woolen
and Rubber Goods
A full line of Christmas goods wiil arrive shortly
Fresh and Cured Meats always in Stock
Ship us your hides.   We pay cash and remit'promptly.
Midway, B. C.
The WINDSOR HOTEL is " heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home * for tourists and travellers T*nch the
���wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete  with   cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages,
5 buttermilk and ice-cream.


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