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The Ledge Mar 30, 1922

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 [| Provincial Li
WfeA, %'r ihy7-^
;3 3'0
- vi
Vol.   XXVIII.
We carry a large line ot
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock
1     FISH!      FISH! FISH!
Salmon and Halibut
arriving fresh every Thursday
Also a good supply of
Smoked and Cured Fish
Send us your order we will fill it promptly
gJLEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
^iuaiiiiiiuiiia iiiiiiiiiiiiaiUiiiiiaiaaiiiUiiiiiaiiiiiunniiif
Wall Papers
1922 Samples Just In
You Want To See Them
Around Home
Ladies Braclet Watches
A fine line ot "
Waltham Watches
In 16 Size Gold Filled and Nickel cases
$15.00 up
L........ .,.,���������,..,....?
The WINDSOR  HOTEL   is  heated  with   steam
and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.'    A comfortable home for -tourists and travellers.     Touch the      y
wire  if yon  wane  rooms reserved.     The buffet is
replete  with  cigars,  cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream. ���
D. R. McELMON, Greenwood
Greenwood Theatre
Cray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8 p.m., Sharp
Co^mme^ngjwith Feb, IsL we are offering. an_
inducement to the public for cash sales and
prompt payment of accounts with our
Special  Premium  System
We are certain this system will prove a boon
to the thrifty public
The local hjbtels had a busy
time this weekv
Andrew Christensen, of Watts-
burg,, was in town this week
Mr. and Mrs. M. Christensen
have taken up residence id town.
Alex MacPhee, of Beaverdell,
was a visitor in town on Wednesday.
Tomatoes, peas," corn and
beans 20c a can or 3 for 50c at
McMynn's, Mid.wav.
Born���In Princeton, on March
22, to Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Plum-
mer of Allenby, -a son.
Mr. and Mrs.'j-F. C. Buckless
and two daughters have moved to
their ranch near: Westbridge.
Matins and Holy Communion
in the Church of England on
Sunday, April 2nd  at ] L o'clock.
Mrs. I. Skelton and daughter
left on Wednesday for Danville,
where Mr. Skelton will work his
The United Farmers of Rock
Creek will hold an Auction Sale
at ,Rock Creek on April Sth at
1.30 p.m.
Mrs. Coles underwent an operation for. tumor,' at the Nicola
Valley Hospital,i on Wednesday.
���Merritt Herald.
Mrs. J. H. Goodeve and two
grand daughters-June and Harry
Toney, whose .mother died recently arrived from Seattle Monday
The Granby Co. are buying up
shares of the Knob Hill Mining-
Company, located in Phoenix, so
says a correspondent in  Belling-
ham. Wash.V^V-^ t<
,JL"Aa"eTeraeatafyiectuVe onmin-
ing' and   prospecting   by P.  B.
Freeland. district engineer,  will
be    held     in    the    Greenwood
Theatre on April 6th,  at 8 p.m.
Admission free.
R. A. Spencer returned Monday
No.y3f ,
Scouts Executive Meeting
ft     An executive meeting of the
Boy Scouts was held in the Court
House on Thursday evening 22nd
March.   "The chairman,   P.   H.
[McCurrach,   called upon   Scout-
I master D. Cavaye for his report.
The Scoutmaster gave credit to
the boys especially the younger
ones.for their   attendance.     The
Cubs attendance  was practically
perfect.     He  recommended    14
Cubs for their first star tests.  He
then asked for examiners for tests
in connection with Wolf Cub and
Scouts.     McCurrach,   Kerr and
Walters   were   elected   for   this
duty.    The Scouts will be permitted to buy hats provided their
parents have no objections.    The
Scoutmasters report was considered very .satisfactory and accepr
ted with tha"hks.    Wm. Jenkswas
appointed to the executive to fill
the vacancy caused   by the removal of J. V. Mills.   The treasurers report was quite satisfactory
and accepted-with thanks,
Arrangements were made with
the Rock Creek Theatrical party
to present "Magic Pills" a musical review of much merit, in aid
of the troup on Friday, April 21.
The Scoutmaster is tp arrange
for the hall and also for the
dance hall for the dance to be
held afterwards, The Scouts are
to do all the work necessary.
A' short discussion on Camp
took place. Various sites and
ideas were -exchanged but being
early in the season nothing definite was settled.
;> The following -letter- was-read
written from  Portobello,   Edin
burgh, Scotland;���
County Court
James Oliver Curwood
' presents
The Golden Snare
It's the Garwood story of the mysterious
golden-haired girl sheltered by a loup-
, garou man in the frozen barrens��� - .
And the.R. N. W.,M. P. sergeant who
brings a foundling baby to the girl and a
set of handcuffs to the man.
It's--romance and- thrill- pictured-with"
real Curwood punch by D. M. Hartford.
Also a two reel Christie Comedy
"Go West Young Woman"
ADULTS 50c     ���     CHILDREN 25c.
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
We carry only the best stock procurable in-
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
Running throngh the telephone cord area number of delicate flexible
wires. "Kinks" are formed when this cord is allowed to become twisted,
and some.of these wires may be bent or broken.
This means a "noisy" telephone line. "iTon cannot hear or be heard as
well. Infect, a twisted cord may cause a complete interruption of your
Keeping the telephone cord straight will give yoa greater, satisfaction in
the use of yonr telephone.
If you enjoyed "Back to God's Country" -r .-v. ^w^j
and "Nomads of the^ North" you'll be from a three weeks holiday spent
glad to know- in   Ottawa.   He   left   again -on
Tuesday morning for Vernon
having been transferred to the
Bank of Montreal there.
The Imperial rate of postage
applies as regards letters posted
in Canada for Newfoundland, the
charge being four cents for a one
ounce letter, and three cents
additional for each extra ounce.
CJharles Brown, a_w_ell_ known
engineer and contractor, was
killed on Friday last when he fell
from'a building he was erecting
in Vancouver. For seven years
he was proprietor of the Boundary Iron Works at Grand Forks.
R. hum. W. G. Miller, W. J.
Johnson, G. Haskell, of. Rock
Creek, David Blyihe, J. E. Johnston, Hj. T. Letts, of Bridesville,
Y. C. Ferroux, of Carmi, and
W. B. Crause, of Midway, were
among the visitors to town during
the week.
J, V. Mills says that-everybody
in Armstrong is grSatly excited
over the prospect of an oil boom,
as soon as frost is out of the
ground everybody will have an
oil well in their back yard. The
necessary apparatus has been
shipped from tlie coast for boring.
The gold wrist watch, which
was to have been presented to J.
V. Mills at the smoker given in
his honor at Midway on March
11th, has been safely received by
him at Armstrong, and he wishes
through the medium of. "The
Ledge" to express his heartiest
thanks to all his Midway friends.
Much has been written and a
great deal more said about the
social conditions and amusements
iu the cbuntsy. Do the people in
the country enjoy life as the town
and city people do? Of course
there must be some few exceptions to the rule, but from personal experience and voiced by
people who have lived in both
the country and the city we find
more true happiness and content-
1 ment in the country.
2nd Hand Lumber For Sale
All kinds of Lumber, Windows,
Doors,  One Hot Air Furnace in
first  class  condition,    for   sale
cheap at Mr. Keffer's residence.
Martin Anderson,
Customs Sale
On the occasion of their annual
social the officers, boys, ex-mem*
bers and friends of the 3rd East
Edinburgh, (1st Portobello)
Troop of Boy Scouts,���which this
month celebrates its fourteenth
birthday,���haying learned of the
formation of a troop of Scouts
and Cubs at Greenwood, British
Columbia, under a former mem*
ber of the 3rd East Edinburgh
Troop, have pleasure in sending
brotherly greetings to the Green-
wood Troop and.in wishing it a
very" successful future. They
also trust that at least a few
members, of both Troops may
some day meet each other,  and
County Court was held in the
Court House this week Hia Honor
J. R. Brown presiding.
Bock Creek Trading Co. vs. W.
G. Miller was heard in Chambers,
This was an application to release
garnishee order as to S186.35. Application granted with costs.
Bock Creek Trading Co vs. Joseph E. Johnston. This case was
also heard in Chambers and was an
application to set aside a garnishee
order., Granted with, costs.
Rock Creek Trading Co. vs. W.
G. Miller. This was for promissory
notes and money loaned amounting
to $713.01. Judgment for plaintiff
for 649.41 and costs. In counter
action judgment for defendant for
$59.70 and costs. I. H. Hallett
for plaintiff, H. L. McKenzie for
George Swanlund vs. Mark
Christensen et al for $137.60 for
hauling ties. Judgment for the
plaintiff for the amount claimed
with costs.
Lentfried Portmann and Anton
Portmann vs Andrew Christensen
and Albert Hopkins. $424.15
promissory note. Judgement for
plaintiff for amount claimed with
Charles N. Bubar vs Powers
and Leqhime. Balance for work
done $295.10.   Adjourned.
Rock Creek Trading Co. vs Carl
A. Olsen. $230.62 for goods sold.
Judgment by consent for amoout
claimed and costs.
Rock Creek Trading Co. vs. Joseph R" Johnson for goods supplied
I amounting to $349.75. Adjourned
for argument.
Kettle Valley Notes
A. Johnson has moved into hia
new house on Nicholson flat.
Allan Bon is the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Johns for a few days.
There looks to be an opening
for a residential lawer in Rock
There are now twenty-two children going to the Kettle Valley
Mr. and Mrs. Bard Bubar came
down on Sunday's, train from
Beaverdell. -
Louis Clery vs. W. G. Miller for
$165.23 balance of account. Settled
oat of Court.
Rock Creek Trading Co. vs
Margaret E. Hayes. $790.76 promissory note. Case adjonrney to
April 18th. Order for $107 to be
paid out to Mrs. Kayes of money
Cards to be Discouraged
Public Auction
Wednesday, April I2th, 1922
One Dodge Motor Truck
Capacity 1S00 lbs
In good condition, having been in use
not over two months
.H. McCutcheon,
Collector of Customs
and Excise.
Send a Float to your friends at
once. You can get them at
The I^edge office.
perhaps be able to carry out the
scout's first duty of service to one
another. At any rate the forming of the Greenwood Troop
serves as a reminder that though
"Mountains divide us, and a
waste of seas", the unity of the
Scout Brotherhood is world-wide.
Signed on behalf of the 3rd
East Edinburgh Troop.
New Lead Schedule
Following out the policy ontlined
to shippers last September, of making further concessions when marketing and other conditions- would
permit, the Consolidated Mining &
Smelting Company of Canada is
issuing a new lead sehedule to
shippers. These concessions include lower deductions from lead,
and lower zinc penalties, together
with an allowance of a larger portion of *he New York exchange to
Ths new schedule follows:
1. A larger proportion of the
exchange.on gold and silver will be
allowed to the shipper, especially
when the exchange is at a low rate.
2. Instead of a deduction of 1��
cents from the London lead quotation, the deduction will be I| cents.
3. There will be a charge of
only 30 cents a unit for sine, instead of 50 cents a unit, as recently.
It is desired that at the coming
Easter Season _the public _should
discontinue, as far as possible, the
use of small cards and envelopes.
The following are the objections to
the use of small cards and envelopes:
1. As a result of the small size
of the cards or envelopes the Post
Office cancellation mark frequently
falls on the address partially obliterating it with the possibility that
the article may be misdelivered or
at least delayed.
2. There is difficulty in the
poet office sortation and handling
of small cards and envelopes and
thia unavoidably causes delay.
3. . There is .also difficulty in
putting small cards or envelopes
through stamp cancelling machines
at larger offices, and this too
causes delay,
4. The small size of .cards or
envelopes makes them apt to fall
out of bundles in which they are
tied, and there is the possibility of
loss as the result of this.
Responsibility for loss, misdelivery or delay as outlined above,
arising from the use of smail cards
or envelopes, rests entirely with
the sender.
Wm. Berg, of Greenwood, paid
a visit to his ranch up Nicholson
creek this week.
When a man tries to get something for nothing, he succeeds in
acquiring experience.
Ed Heed of Nicholson creek,
went to Grand Forks on Sunday's
train, on business.
Success in not made by lying
awake at night,- but by keeping
awake in the daytime.
The latest and most popular
song in Ontario is -'Every little
farm house has a brewery of its
Even if there is no place like
home, is no reason why a man
should loaf around there instead of
looking for work.
Most people will be pleased to
hear that the Magic Pills will again
be played at the CoOperatiue Hall
on Easter Monday, April 17th.
Through the crooked faces of
some mirrors we bny nowadays,
certain.persons are given a splendid
opportunity of seeing themselves as
others see them.
John Haynes, Geo. Haynes and
Russell Clark, of Kelowna, have
arrived and are already bnay hauling ties from Mr. Hayne's ranch
up Nicholson creek.
The Women's. Auxiliary are
giving a Masquerade Ball on May
Sth. There will be "four prizes.
Admission Gents $1, Ladies 75c,
supper included. This, is going to
be a good dance, so don't miss-it,
in Riverside Hall, Rock Creek.
"f he Golden Snare"
Boy Scouts
Troup meets as usual on Friday
at 7 p.m,
Usual meeting cm Saturday ait
2.30 p,m.
Lewis S. Stone, as a member of
the Royal Northwest Police, has
the principal male role in Davfd
M. Hartford's production of "The .
Golden Snare," the First National
attraction, which will be shown at
the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday, April 1st.
Miss Ruth Renick is seen as
"Celie"���a north country elf who
has for her on companion half-wild
wolf-dogs that haunts the wastes of
the Arctic barrens. Other mem- "
bers of tho cast are such well
known players as Wallace Beery,
Melbourne - MacDowell, Francis
MacDonald, DeWitt C. Jennings
and Wellington Playter.
The Highway Act
Particular attention is drawn 16
the, Highway Act, Amendment
Act, 1921, which prohibits the use
of heavily laden vehicles on roads
which are at the time not in condition to withstand such traffic.
This applies most particularly to
truck owners to whom it is pointed
out that they are defeating their
own ends by making roads impassable. No gravel roads no matter
how well built, will carry heavy
truck traffic during the spring
thaw or after heavy rains. A penalty is provided for infraction of
this Act, and authority has been
conferred upon the roads engineer
to take summary action, \
Spohn's   Distemper   Compound!
to break it up and Kfit ihem back in roruliUon.    Twenlv-ciKht. :
<.-.-.., *.* r.    n^.,1.    i.., ,,    ��, i.-.    "tii)/\u\"i.<"    :.. ,*i:.- ,,...1.1-.    i.-    * ..;..., '
Joys cf "ural Life
to break it up mid K<H lhon> back in condition. Twenly-ciKhl
year's use lias nitu.k- "SPOH.N'S" ijiclispcru'-iblo in tn.'atini,'
Coujfhs and CT'old?, Influenza and Dusiuuipcr with thcir ro-
sullln.i*' complications, and all diseases of the throat, nose
and Iuuks. Acta niarvelously as preventive: acts equally
well as cure. On s-ale at all dnijj stores.
Al)ranam Lincoln s Advice
With tho approach of Spring, and a revival oi' business activity fallowing
a winter characterized by much unemployment and the necessity for thc distribution of relief on a largo scale by Governments, municipalities and charitable organizations, thc air is idled ���with rumors of impending strikes and industrial disturbances. Thc coal miners of Canada and lite United Stales
threaten a -walk-out to enforce their demand for a six-hour day and a live-day
work week, while the engineering and other trades in Great Uritain are also
resorting to extreme measures.
ft would naturally havc been thought that, instead of creating conditions
which mean idleness, not only for those going out on strike, but. for countless thousands engaged in other trades which arc dependent upon a plentiful
supply of coal, and instead of striving for less work and employment, the
lessons of the past, year would have taught all men to exert themselves to
create more work in order thai, with the cmploynuu of all and renewed activity, there wotttl be better times and a larger measure of prosperity for all.
.However, it would appear lhat lhe fallacious teaching of paid agitators,
Hint ii reduction in working hours anil days below a reasonable limit must
inevitably provide work for a larger number, still inllucnces many of the
world's workers. The theory I hat the world must have a certain quantity
of any given nriicle. and lhat. if each individual produces a smaller quantity
(if il, a larger nunibci must, be employed to make up the required total, is a
lulse theory. It is possible to so enhance- the cost of an article as to make
it prohibitive, and to so seriously reduce the. demand, that, instead of there
being any increase in employment in such production, there is a damaging
Again, those who preach litis false doctrine lose sight of the fact. that,
mankind oifn . get. along wil bout an amaziugly large number of things if circumstances force tlioiu to do so. The experiences of the war should have
been sufficient to thoroughly convince all people <5f this fact.
Last year the coal miners in Great Britain sought to dictate to ihe whole
nation, and in tying tip the coal mining industry they not. only inflicted enormous losses on themselves, but dealt a blow at Britain's position as a great
coal exporting country from which if lias not yet recovered. Valuable properties were so seriously damaged thai, even yet they have not been restored
to their old-time producing capacity, and fewer men are employed.
Canada's workers would do well to heed ihe advice once given by Abraham Lincoln, himself a worker and a son of the people. Lincoln said:
"Property is the fruit of labor; property is desirable; it is a positive good
In the world. That some should bo rich shows that, others may become rich,
and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him
*vho is hopeless pull dowu the house of another, but let him build one for him-
slf, thus assuring, by example, that bis own shall be safe from violence
vrheti built."
' The man who gains.a competence in this world, or amasses wealth, does
not do so by working as little as he. possibly can, or by skimping the work he
does. The world's rich men are among its most industrious and hardest
workers. Their aim in life is not to accomplish as little constructive, productive work as possible in the course of a day, but rather to strive for a
maximum of results.
If men who now regard their position as hopeless, and are envious of the
success of their fellows, would but' follow Lincoln's advice and get busy, and
exert themselves, not as little as possible, but to the full extent, of their powers, they could quickly establish themselves and make a worthy place for
themselves in the world. But they will never get anywhere by; simply
criticizing what, oliters do and striving to tear clown what others have built
up.' They should change their tactics, and, instead of endeavoring to do as
little as possible, and skimping that little, try the plan of exerting all their
efforts and endeavoring to achieve a maximum of good work accomplished
during the full period of a reasonable long working clay.
What this old. world needs is not more spare, time, more sport, more entertainment and pleasure; but more work, steady work, constructive aiid productive work7"   Tlie busiest man or .woman"1 ia the happiest, healthiest, most
..prosperous.   .    * \     ,���- - -    ��� ..
Man     Had     Nothing
Country Brother
A boy left the farm and got a job
in thc city. He wrote a letter to his
brother, who elected to sth-k to hi.s
farm, tolling the joys of city life, in
which he said:
"Thursday wo atito'd out to the
country club, where we golfed until
dark. Then wa motored to tho beach
for the weekend."
The brother on (he farm wrote
hack: "Vosterday we buggiod to town
and haseballed all the afternoon.
Then we went to Nod's and pokered
until morning. Today we muled out.
io the cornfield and gee-hawed until
sundown. Then wo slippered and
then wc. piped for a while. * After
lhat we staircased up to our room
and bedsteaded until the clock lived."
L-i.iK'-: ��� A few days' ".'catrr.en: with
������v,;i etc more tc ;
up the il-ir. '.r.ar.
*.h*' beauty treat
ments   in   crea-
Jt,Tv,^ :!T;' Jep rrtsje
caused tiy a ��* fN G^i (L.L.&
sluggish hver te��S|j��gS3S3K^SL-.
Mili.or.s oi people. o:u. youric u.-.d .r.'.d-Ke ?.K?.
lake :hen* foi Oiliousnegj. D:.':tnees Sick
Headache. Upset Sto.T.aoli ud !o: ssilow
Pur.ply and Ulct-.hji Siiia. Tfcsy er.d ih��
misery ot Conslipa;ian
P��nai] Pill���Small Bose-Sreall Prlca
Railway Mileage
Saskatchewan Heads List for Increase
Since 1911
An addition of 13,081 miles has been
made to the railway mileage of the
Dominion since 1911. Each of the
provinces has had a share in this in-
Let's Get Busy Now
The Way to Help Business and Keep
.Money in Circulation
Do - your buying and your paying
now���and do it locally.
When you pay a debt here you will
see some of the money again in some
crease,  even Prince    Edward    Island   form. when you make purchases here
showiug a gain of a  little less than
ten miles; but Alberta and Saskatchewan head the list with 2,791 and 3,027
miies respectively. The total steam
railway mileage in the Dominion is
SS,S9'G  miles.
Artichokes    were    introduced
England in the lGth century.
More than 120 active volcanoes are
known in Asia.
Manslaughter in 2nd  Degree
Wken-Miiady Goes a~\Valking
Using a razor���bad stuff���but many
people do it for their corns. The
only remedy that is painless and sure
is Putnam's Com Extractor, which
does remove warts and corns, cleans
them right off. Refuse a substitute
for "Putnam's," 25c everywhere.
Japanese Art
Coiors and Health
Coll-jctor  is  on ' Way - to   London with
Valuable-List of Color Prints-
"��� Tlie   possessor of  the  most unique
and .complete  collection   bf Japanese
color'prints in "'the world,   .J.rr.    Marshall Martin, of Yokohama, is iu Yan-
1 con ver on his way to-London where
lie will submit' some.-of them fw.the
Inspection of the -Jlritish- .Museum,
which has "displayed considerable "eag-
erhe'ss.in thc matter.:" ' . ��� .-'
*'l   have' been   making   a  hobby' of
this -for-years  and   years,"  said" Mr.
/Martin', "and 1 have acquired my present collection only "as a, result qfmuch
patience,, considerable -.tact land . resource and - naturally a'good, deal of.
expense. Japanese* color prints of
genuine worth are now extremely rare
and' valuable," as you- may know," he
said, when interviewed after landing
from   the Canadian7.Pacific ""Empress
- of. Russia." ���;.   .     .--, '. : ..-, 7 -.���""
Effect of Colors-on Life and Health-of
,. - Humans and -Animals
Scientists ."have .found cut That
certain-.colors exert "a powerful -influence on the life and health of humans,
animals' and. vegetation. ,' In this re;
spect . blue predominates. .--A- blue
light focused oil a vein will cause the
Identifying It
Nina.���Tom, isn't that the same
suit you wore last year'.'
Tom.���Yes, and it's the same suit
you asked me last year if it wasn't
the same suit I had the. year before.���
A Tonic Medicine a'Necessity at This
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are an all-
year-round tonic for .the blood and
nerves. But they are especially valuable in the spring when the system
is loaded with impurities as a result
of the indoor life of the winter
months. There is no other season
when the blood is so much in need of
purifying and enriching, and every
close of these pills helps to enrich the
blood! In the spring one feels weak
and tired���Dr. Williams' Pinlc Pills
give strength. In the spring the appetite is often poor���Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills develop the appetite, tone
the stomach and aid..weak digestion.
It is in the spring that poisons in the
blood find an . outlet in disfiguring
pimples, eruptions and boils���Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills cleat" the skin
because they go to the root of the
trouble in the blood. In the spring-
anaemia, rheumatism, indigestion,
neuralgia and many other troubles
are most persistent because of poor,
weak blood, and it is at this time
when all nature takes on new life
that the blood most seriously needs
attention. Some people dose themselves-with purgatives at.this, season,
but, these only further weaken themselves. A. purgative merely gallops
through the. - system, "emptying the
bowels, but.does not.help-the blood.
On .the'" other' .hand,- Dr, -Williams'
Pink' -Pills enrich,-the blood which
reaches every'nerve and .every organ
in the body, bring new strength and
-vigor lo" weak easily tired men, women and children. Try Dr.' Williams'
Pink Pills this spring���Ihey will not
disappoint, you.    '
Sold by all medicine dealers or sent
by mail-at GO cents a box or six', boxes
for $2.50'by The Dr: Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.  ' .
you will see some of the money again
some time.
When you pay a debt or make a
purchase you add movement to the
town and district's life blood and you
help yourself.
As money circulation increases,
business is more brisk, and employment increases. ' Let's get busy and
make the town hum with business
from now on. Do your share. Dcn't
worry about the man next to you.
Maybe he is waiting to see what you
will do.
Cause of Asthma. No one can say
with certainty exactly what causes
the establishing of asthmatic conditions. Dust from the street, from
flowers, from grain and various other
irritants may set up a trouble impossible to erradicate except through a
sure preparation such as Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. Uncertainty may exist as to cause, but there
can be no uncertainty regarding a
remedy which lias-freed a generation
of asthmatic victims from this scourge
of the bronchial tubes. It is sold
THE ('pain and torture of rheumatism can be quickly relieved
by   an   application   of   Sloan's
Liniment.   It brings warmth, ease and
comfort and lets you sleep soundly.
' Always have a bottle handy  and
apply when you feel the first twinge.
.It penetrates without rubbing.
It's splendid to take the pain out of
tired,   aching   muscles,   sprains   and
strains, stiff joints, and Ifame. backs.
For forty years pain's enemy.    Ask
your neighbor. .
At all druggists���35c, 70c, $1.40.
Made in Canada.
blood  to   concentrate.
A rod light
Children's Eyesight .7.
About "One-Fourth.; Found' to'-'Have-
7- - ���","-.;-'-Defective Vision ' ������__���..'-- -���
V. it has .-been .'discovered'"that aboiir.
...a fourth, of the school children, have
"defective- vision or' ' cye-siruin'"' reouir-
' ing-correction.- _, "t 1' these "defects '-ire
. not remedied by.'-"'.competent' 70'nujists
���rllie--"children-'cannot. make "any 'hia-"
teriiii' progress -iiv their school-work.
U sua 11 y 71 h e s e " eo rid i ti on s"- H re'' e a si I y
correciyd .as iii>ihe. majority, oi'.cases
it is simply .far-sightedness.' Another
common eye "trouble ' iii" .."children"- - is
cro.sseye or sfi'uint.'.aiid'.ihis'-ikjf.ccf. is
7not- always remedjed.-(>>",'iitiie. .J li is a
* serious-- trouble : and   roiptire.s.. proper
attent.ion"', as only- by this mo:.as can
" school/children  whose eyes    -.re    affected, read and s.ce and keep Op with
. iheir -classes..-      "��� "-'--���
will make it flow more quickly. Flies
detest the color-of-blue, 'hut occ's-are
most "strongly .attracted by. i:. Nature
used green-lavishly because it. is" lvsl-
-ful.to. the bye, or rather' tlie eyes" have
adjusted-themselves' to gre^n. /T1''0
' vegetation on -Mars-is red.. Human
beings and'animals ;are irri-ated by
certains .colors, but. the particular col-'
or depends-largely on, individual dislike,'whether natural' or acquired. . *
"The human body .is specially sensi-
_tivp_. to._blue rays,'.which' arc highly
actinic- - Tlie. blood 3s red for the reason'. that 'the ...red"���'_:color acts as a'
screen against.the actinic", blue 'rays
and thus, protects the nerves" and'
cells',of tlie 'body -from- ..injuvyV ';' It" is"
7very,.riiuch the-'same; in" photography,
where a! red screen is,used "to���protect
;plat'es .and .films: from, the "a'clio'n of
the,actinic rays.; '-.. "".7 .7-' ���'.    -
. For Scientific^ Research
Give    Grants    for    Research    on   the
", ��� ' ' Action- of "Alkali  '
-.Tlie -Saskatchewan 'aiuV -Alberta
Governments' and' "the Canadian Pacific -Rail-way Co. have this year contributed $1,000, and.'the -Advisory
Council 7 on' - Industrial Research has
contributed ?5,000 7 towards, the research on alkali'.action through the
.ground, water-, on concrete piping,
piles',etc'. ' Already more than..!S200,-
000. has beenJspeiit, on thisVprk b)'
the .-G'reateiv '".Winnipeg. Water- District. Board.' '"- The "City, of'..Winnipeg
recently made.-a grant,..towards the
work-' of 7?20O: The action -of. alkali
ground -wa ter "on. "the. con arete ��� pi pe
mains o'f'the" Greater Winnipeg-Water
District has, already' cost a-great sum
of money:" .7 The engineers. have been
compelled:to. put.in'a,.subsidiary- pipe
line.to carry-away the ground water.'
Madame   Fashion  is
very  busy now preparing for spring, in spite ot
Here is a coat which !she has designed  lor
the gloomy winter weather,
afternoon wear. The blouse back, which is very popular just now, will
be worn extensively this coming season. It is ol tan twill and the color
.value is greatly enhanced by the self-toned embroidery.
Commercial Cattle
Trip to Fiioon May
Should be Dehome^
Value    of    Western    Cattle    Can    be
Greatly Increased by Dehorning
; The Winnipeg Livestock Exchange ]
Become Possibility
Come   When   Secret   of   Atomic
Energy is Discovered
A souice ol energy that once liber-
is again bringing to the attention of  aied is capable ot blowing the world
Use -MinardVLiniment for-'the--Flu
By the Sweat of His Brow
Whistling, according to some piiysl-
..clans, will do much toward tlie de-
velopn't'eni.of a .robust physical frame.
���Everything.-Necessary.'Cari' be'Hail for
7" ;- Those; Willing "to. Work",, -
- -If is the,dutyof the people to Jiofise
tiiemselves.,-.". Kvery-.iiian,.except the.
small- nii'iibrjiy . of. defectives,- comes
into, the 'world -with a muscle, anil
brain' power - sufficient .to aectirt-footl,'
clothing, a habitatip'n"and- a'surplus,
Ths problem of each- is to. apply, flint'
riiiLscle and brain power'to producing
something that the world -/wants!
While it'is not true- that- tlie world
owes , hira "a. -living .in , the beginning,
it' will "owe him ,one":just.| as- soon >s
lie has- done, ���something Jor.'liis. kiiul
to put theni under'obligation lohinv,
Tlio unseen power, that-'first.-peopled,
the earth has provided-a.'soil that will
feed Jour times its present population.
Tlie earth feeds its children; but il
does "not put tlie food into their
mouths, " They must, take it from the
soil and the - sea . or. thcy must ya
i hungry.���Los.Angelc.-s--.Times.'.' -   "���������������������������.
Canada Importing 7 Pure-Sred Stock
- The importation of high-class purebred'-' stock! fnto' Canada, for breeding
purposes,, which was checked during
the.7war.:.ha.s'- again assumed, considerable proportions'. in the last fiscal
year 279 "horses were-.introduced.-'S33
cattle, 37.1'.sheep, 110, .swine-, and IS
goats.'! -,':,Though..the; United7,State3.
supplied, more aninials than-the,'British : Isles,' .the' breeds- represented, ia-
the main- had- a';British -origin. .���"���*���.
K.    U-- 1-?!
:'!~!.*;-?ard's: Liniment for. the Grippe.'and:
}y V" - Fiu '.'77V.--77 .'"���-��� V.7 ���> .'..'.. V- V-W
..-Knives:, have--been-' invented, to be
attached/tb./cuir.Ivalor.s' -;,io'���' cut.'- off
weeds. ....'������,.- '���". - V '*.'��� '���'".   .-'V-v'" X-.c
Canadian   Woman   Recommends Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound   7
Winnipeg. Maiiltbba'.-r-"I-'-can - not.
speak too highly of-what Lydia-E.
.Pinkham's-Vegetable Compound has
-done" for me; -I was a nervous wreck
' and. I just-had 7to. force.myself to do-
���my -.work.;- ..Lirc'",was-'a-.;misery and
woi;l*.was;-h. burden.'..-Even the' sound
of my own- children playing- hiade
iiib feel-as- if11 mu'st-'scrcani"-jf/thcy,
did not get away from iuoV-.I .could
not even speak rigbt'.to'nry 'liushanU.
The doctor said that he canld do
nothing for me owiiig to my.condition-, hut tolil.ni" to expect.'another
miscarriage.-.*-My husband's grandmother advised me to'tak.e Lydia'E.
Pinkham'^ . Vegbtablo- .-Compound.. ��� f
started it right' away-and everyon-S-
noticed what: a difTcrent.- woman I
v^'as in a-".'short tiioe. I went, and
engaged my-doctor, and he  did. not
��� know me. I.was.so well.; I was.able
to .do my work' ence more and it
���was _a. pleasure,.'not a burden.J Xow
-I-'bave'a 'fine bouncing babyVto use,
-the doctors oWnVwords.-'. I' ani 'able
to "nurse her. anil -eiijojr.'doing-'my
work;- T-.I..can."not ..help reconimeiiding
such a medicine, .and anyone' seeing
Xme- before.11 -took it and 'sesirig' me
now, can see what .it: .'does '.or.Tma.;
���What,it. ha.? done'jfbr me it can=d&
��� for: anyone. .In the same-..condition.
I am only too pleased for yon to use
my testimonial "���Mrs. 'Ejsiiiv. 7D.\vis,
77.217JIcGee7��t.;^yinnipeg, ..Mariitolia;
western farmers the urgent necessity
of dehorning their commercial cattle,
and that from now till the middle of
next month is the proper time of year
for the worlc to be done.
'. U is claimed, and is undoubtedly
true, that hundreds of thousands ol.
���i dolalrs could be'added to the .value
ot Western Canadian cattle by having
them dehorned.
" The prospects are such that there
will be a fair market this fall tor all
our cattle, ..but.-thcyTrailst bo"dehorned
to.7bring .their full value. . Stockern.
and- feeders"- "with. , horns always sell
at a "discount p'f;$l io $1.50 per .hundred .under .dehorned cattle.of-.the
same quality.',. --���"��� '-��� y.i. - ��� .'���"���.7
.". With7 tbe :slart.*.of.' the heavy -summer, and .fall'run pf:'cattle.'.the western;' dealers "will". have' .'-to. depend
largely', on Toronto and- Montreal
.packers, to- take our "surplus. .=, These,
packers, from experience, "are afraid
of- :li6rncd,"cattle; as their losses. from
.bruises have'bee.n"':so}'heavy. "��� Consc-
quontly - their -'instructions to-.their,
buyers are to leav.e the7horne'U cattle
alone unless they caii hi' bought Tory
cheap! 7.7-Alpiost7al|1-commission nicn
can-, tell of ho'w .they. - had' .loads, of.
"horned ' cows X last: fall .that, were so i
".badly---hooked-;that they .'hart-- to.', be
sold at, bargain prices." ... -.7' -:- .-
..'The -point.-.the 'Winnipeg. Livestock
-I'':''change-.wanls-tp'emphasix'e is tnis:
That/ the "bulk"o��.'biir.:butcher cattle
��� will''have" to;' go to Eastern. Canada
i. and' unless thf;'y arc 'dehorned"'-they
will not bring very "much..money; U
is lip to the raiser to restore the-confidence of. tho. eastern- packer by 'de-
hoi;ning. his'.stock: '"--.������ -
to pieces was described by Dr. F. W.
Aston. F.H.S.. a research fellow of
Trinity College, Cambridge, in a series of five lectures at the Franklin
Institute, Philadelphia.
"It may be many-years before thc
energy, which can be produced by
charging four hydrogen, atoms lo odc
helium atom is released, but from tnat
moment either the world will sudden
ly become a new and brilliant star or
man will havc at his command energy
beyond imagination" that "will" "maltt*
coal and; oil unnecessary.
This force, called "atomic energy,'!
���is found in hydrogen, and revealed by
the i'acttli,at this gas is-the only one
of. the elements that', physicists, cannot- reduce to.an- atomic weight that,
is an integer. The .explanation-sounds
academic, .but'it means,.' when translated; that'a! trip To'-.the moon dr any
-other spot-in tlie-universe ceases to
be absurd and becomes.a possibility,
explains Do'clor-Aslon.V   7.   '-;.-   "..."'���
Backward Children
The Value of Medical ' Inspection in
Public Schools
Backward children are not always,
perhaps not often, backward because
of either mental deficiency or sloth-
fulness, says the U.S. Public Health
Service. Many of ��� them _are backward solely because of such ordinary
and easily remediable defects as adenoids, near-sightedness, or bad "teeth.
A case in point was recently reported by the oflcial representative of The
Public Health Service in the eighth
sanitary district of Vermont, in which
the service is co-operating in a rural
health work project..    .
Medical inspection of one .of the
graded schools in October, 1919,..show-
e'd'that it had been thought necessary
to instruct in a special room sixteen
pupils who had seemed to be unable
to keep tip with n their respective
classes. Physical examination showed that each of the sixteen had some
serious hampering physical defect
(chiefly enlarged tonsils, adenoids, or
defective hearing or eyesight) which/
rather than any mental handicap, was
the probable cause' of their inability.
Through the co-operation of the
school directors, the facts were
brought to the attention of the parents
or guardians of the children and all
were set right before the end of the
On re-examination of the pupils ihe
next December (1920) it appeared
that all of the sixteen previously backward .children had caught up with
their proper grades and were keeping
up in them with their classmates. A
year later, in December, 1921, some ol
these sixteen children were among
(he mental and physical leaders in
their grades.    -.
Oppose Skyscrapers fjr London
British Architects Disapprove of
Altering Building Regulations
The proposal of the committee on
I7ondon Building Acts to alter building regulations, so as to permit of the
construction of buildings 120 feet high
instead of the present maximum of SO
feet, has been disapproved by tno
Royal Institute of British Architects.
Most, of the architects who spake
on the question declared, that "skyscrapers" in the mediaevally planned
streets would be depressing and demoralizing, while the increase in the
city's population would result in the
swamping of traffic by the necessary
supply services.
"They Certainly
Did Help Mc"
New   Brunswick. Man    Now in Good
Health   Advises  all   Sufferers  from-
Kidney Trouble to _use Dodd's Kidney Pills.'
Village S.t. Jean, Kent Co., N.B.���
(Special).���"Dodd's Kidney Pills certainly helped me."
Such'is the emphatic statement of
Pascal Thebeau, a well-known resident of this village.
"I was very ill of Kidney disease,''
Mr. Thebeau continues. "In the morning I was so weak I could not gel up
before mid-day. I took three boxes
of Dodd's Kidney Pills and thcy did
me a lot of good."
"Now I am well again and I advise-
any person suffering lrom Kidney
disease to use Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Dodd's Kidney Pills are known in
every corner of Canada as the old reliable Canadian Kidney remedy. They
are known by* the work they have
Ask your neighbors if Dodd's Kidney Pills are'not the remedy for sick 7
A devilfish with tentacles eight
feet long was landed at English Bay
pier in Vancouver'with a'crab pot for
It will* Prevent Ulcerated Throat,���
At the first symptoms of sore.throat,
which presage's ulceration and inflammation, take'"it spoonful of- Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Add a little
sugar to it- to make it. palatable.' .It
will allay the Irritation and prevent
the ulceration and swelling.that are'
so painful. ' Those who were periodically subject "to quinsy- have thus
made themselves immune to attack.
Dye Skirt, Dress
Or Faded Draper!ss
In Diamond Dyes
  < % *
t3ach packnge of "Diamond Dyes" con-
tainri directions so simple Hint :in.v woman tan ilye or tint faded, shabby skirl---,
dresses, waists,- coats, sweaters, stockings. liaiiKinb'S. draperies, everything like
now. Buy "Diamond Dye;"���no other
kind���then perfect home dyeing is jriiar-
anteed, even if you have never dyed he-
fore. Tell your druggist whether tbe
material you wish to dye is wool or silk,
or whether it is linen, cotton, or mixed
coods. Diamond. Dyes never streak,
spot, fade, .or run. ��� ���-
Rescue of Robinson Crusoe
7 - Rub it in'for Lame .Back.���A. brisk
rubbing7with Dr.'VThomas"'.--"Eclectric
Oil-will relieve lame back..- The skin
will immediately/ absorb, the oil and
it'will penetrate the tissues and bring
speedy relief. '='i'ry it and be convinced., 7 'As-; the "liniment, sinks Th,. the
pain-comes out. and-there'.are ample
grounds for saying IhnUil is-an'excellent article.':'."'..'". . V" ' .7. "'��� '���':-.���: ;'''  ".--
-""Tlie Cariadian Burbank ^:-:."--"
7, Dr.'. Charles Saunders .who -is- called
.".The -.Canadian.' Burbank,"; discovered
'i'larauis'-v-heaC 'aiid - add"ed7��r5,000,000.
,io annual-value of ."Canad.ian-crop.-Norris ibis'-the.only-wheat.lo the credit-of"
Dr.'- Saunders. ,-..He introduced Pre-,
lude,- and Kuby and .-the .famous early
iled Fife.' His also was "the r.iberty
(hulless) oais. 7 ,.������-.���.      '   ���."...-..
X~XX  '' .... How to. Test Oil .. ..\....? =_._
- .-A7sin)p!e7.'metiiqd. to 7tcs't/'tlis,.' purity' ���'���	
of oifis't.o. pla.ee ..'a! drop-of. the fluid.!'
on-a clean'whi'tc-'blolter. If the drop'
i disappears oyer' night and leaves no j
| dark stain,, the , oil is quite free of J
'carbon, ..A stain-shows there is -a j
[certain amount-of free carbon in ihe '
; oil  which would Inter be left in the;     ..     ���     .      . c    .,���_.   ,        _ --      ���
-...;��� - .    - I writes Mrs. A; Asnby o* 88 Chariea St. W. TV-
engine.'      .If  the-bubbles  rjfS*-   QUicklv,    ��a.*o.    Write-her for the story of how D. D. D.
relieved her baby of a bad case of cc-ema Uiae
torr.ptotofy covered the head and face.
"We keep on publishing these statements
ireekly from all parts or Canada, telling of Hia
reaiiy niBrveioui result* secbrcd by the Jiquid
wash. Why not get a bottle of D. D. D. today
. no "onr positive guarantee? Uck goet tike magic. ���
JUW a bottle.  Try D. D. D�� Soap, toe.
ad Fearfel Eezama
yfrnaihers only knew
the value of D. D. D.'s
Scene is Staged at Juan Fernandez for
-    ' Benefit of Tourists.
. - The "rescue from an7 island iti ihe
South Pacific of --Alexander Selkirk,
the British mariner, abound whom'
Daniel IDefoe is said to have ��� woven
the', tale-! of TRobinson. Crusoe,-was
vividly pictured :to'several'hundred
tourists, "including: -prominent British
and American residents of Valparaiso,
on-their".arrival at .Than-Fernandez^
the original Crusoe island���250- miles'
bit the Chilian coast:" -.-'.' - .
" ��� Two natives' of .Tuau Fernandez,
one'V-'represeriting. Crusoe" and the
other hismari Friday, clothed in.the
traditional ��� goat, slcins and.' wearing'
long-beards, pushed off from.s'nore on
a raft after ."they had'sighted the "rescue" ship.',"; A pdrrot-and a goat were
the only passengers and; as in IDefoe's
story, the. raft was laden with fish;
fruit and .".oilier-island products.; ���-,_ .
' Boarding the vessel,, the "marbbn-
od'Vpair .were received", with ail.hon-
ors-br the"captain- to .whom "Crusoe"
presented, his offering.77 The. passenr
'ge'rs then .took- up'a 'collection for poor-
"childreii on 7the^island;'-".-;7 '- '���
.���.'The- tourists' "spent, three days at the
Juan Fernandez-island^ group vfyt.ing.i
the wild country of; high, mountain
peaks .and luxuriant, vegetation'.- .They
saw. the'mbiiurncn.t-' erected- by-Britisli
.seamen to" "the.memory-of Selkirk, ihe
original Robinson Crusoe, aud visited
the lookout from winch- he is" said to
have sighted, nearly t wo centuries ago,
the vessel thai, finally rescued him after four ltmc- > cat's cf soliiinlo.
���   Rate on Potatoes Cut V
Prairie potato growers will benefit-
at "once by a reduced freight rate to
points in Eastern Canada whicli came,
intp-'effect recently.     A lower.rate lb .
points.in the United States will become effective on April 12.    ' Professor .E.-.W.-  Brodrick,    of    Manitoba
from- B. ,E.-"Mcintosh, of the "Depart- -
ment of - Agriculture .Ottawa,  notifying him of the .reduction;   According
to Winnipeg freight agents the'rate'-,
has been reduced from   7.1% - to   66
cents- a. hundredweight.���Free' Press,.
Near Bingeni, in Germany, is-a fani-.
ous echo'which' will toss a sound tp
and fro no ..less than, seventy-limes:   ���
I the' oil -"will flow, at the existing tern-
j pc-rature. - "If ilie{biibbles do not rise,
'ithe,;oil is. too thick -for use.  -
j' ������ -7-;'-. Burying Preserves .Oak. -.-.
j---7\yhen-'.ba!c7 is.-buried, in wafer or--in
J.wet." Sand 7iV-;wiU iast'for ccnuries.
f.Oak/pi'.es7ui.ider .bridge's constructed
j'by.";the',';Rpaians ;two": thousand' -ears
".ago.have been found to. be. a.? -sound
..as;when thevi-were first-pat in-posi-
;'..ti6n,"-'V'-'���:--���"-.-"-���.���-.".;:-.*;."'--''���'.'---    ' .
m. Lo^caLSffSltln Dlseass
���. S. A. immigrants Make Good
Over 100,000 immigrants have been
broiight.-to Canada during the last two
yer.rs by the Salvation Army.- The
number of failures among them, has
.been small which is attributed to tbe
very careful method ..of selection. -' Of
tho_ 26,000 'girls .and women brought
fiom 'he7Britlsb7 Isles,-less than one-
I ha 11*.'of..one per. cent.: have failed.
��� - If ^you "c*i!inot': call  n.t
write :o"tti
will send
a  lor-al   dealer':
r> til*:. i>jxd.' Lal>or-'ton->.<=.-De-pui -  H:pavs to.patronize home Industrv.
. 27 LyaifAve.. Toronto."and they*    . . - .   * .- ',     -'���-...- ���   " ���
A you fi-pff trial,loTtie if you en- iJuy.trom the merchants in yourswa
c!o~e 10c. whicli merely pais for postage  .������       ' - -,.*"
and. i-aci-ir-g-- ', ..       . . . ;wwa ^ -'--..-.-
Mr a.' Dalton   tells   of  a   Well-kno-wrri
Doctor's  Presci-iplibn  that. is  safe
for Yoanff Mothers to take a* a   - '
Tonic and'Nervine because it
contains    no    harmful    in.', '.
��� ��� gredtent.  ��� -       .-..,,
London, Ont.���"Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription saved my. life y-ears  ���
ago and for. that' ���
reason I am most-,
.enthusiasticin my ���
recommendation ���'
at it' to.' women "'
��� who are ailing and'
���fireali. I was tahe'n
Y.-lUi ttie measles
when  in   an   ex-.
pectant condition;
then blood poison-,
ing set- in and my ;
.-family,   became.-
;greatly"a.larrjed., The doctor-advised
'them to.give me Dr..Pierce's Fayc:-.'.'
. ite rrcscriptipn-and I-took, several
.bottle's   of   it -and- v.*a's" - restored   to
absolutely   perfect -health.   I   'later
toolc Favorite -Prescription as a tonic. .
'.'and nervine and received great-benefit "from -it.    As a- woBian's medicine
"it is unequalled':"���r'Mrs. Jennie Dal-
ton/-767 -York St.-
Your  Health.ii  Vital.to  Yow
Barrie, Out.���r"I tvas suffering from
it rundown system some time ago,
was unfit to perform my daily duties,
and was advised "to try Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription. I tried it, .,
took two bottles, and was restored
to my natural strength. I cannot
praise Dr. Pierce's medicine too
highly, and.will be willing to write
to any one sending; stamped, envelope."��� Mrs. A. If. Bishop, R, R. No; I.
You'll soon feel better if tqu obtain --. this "Prescription.'- ol Dr.
Pierce's, at your iiearest' drug slora,
in tablets or liquid.- or seifd 1C��
to Dr. Pierce's Laboratory in Bridge-
burg. Out; for trial pkg. tablets an4
vrrite for free me-Ussi adfie*.       t ���'��� -*c
THE    LEDGrE,     GREENWOOD,    B.     a
is the iii\tural desivo of ovevy woman,
and Is obtainable by tlio use of Dr.
Chase's Ointment. Pimples, blackheads,
roughness and redness of tho skin,
irritation and eczema disappear, and
tlio skin is left,'soft, smooth nnd velvety.-
AU dealers, or Edwanson, Bates it Co.,
Limited, Toronto. Snnipla free if you
mention this paper.
The Submarine Evil
Almost Useless Except for. Attacks on
Merchant Shipping
if we are to build submarines, and
even more submarines than before the
war, naval competition will be perpetuated in a new and dangerous
form. Nor can'���-���we regard the restrictions on their use" which have
been accepted at Washington as a
(sufficient safeguard against their' future . misuse. The restrictions are of
importance, and'we do not doubt that
they have been adopted with sincerity,'but such rules have been made before and then broken by nations confronted with imminent defeat. '.Experience has proved that submarines
are almost,useless except for attacks
on merchant shipping, and if we are
really determined to rule out such attacks from among tlie more hideous
possibilities of warfare there is only
one way to do it, and that is to scrap
thc submarine.���London Observer.
The now automatic phone service
has becn inaugurated in the city ol
Lethbridge at a cost of $225,000.
Japan will establish a scientific
laboratory on tho South Sea Islands
to study- typhoons.
Twenty-one drillers have left Petro-
lc-a for the oilfields of Mesopotamia.
They wiil be engaged by the Anglo-
Persian Oil Company.
Orders directing tho return to the
United States by July 1 of all troops
now quartered on the Rhine were issued by Secretary Hughes.
Sir Robert Home, chancellor ���.>!' the
exchequer, speaking in the House ot
Commons said ��9,323,S!)9 had been
collected under the entertainment tax
in the last eleven months.
With a capitalization of ?100,000, an
incorporated joint stock company" of
tanners and agriculturists has been
formed at Fort William for tho purpose of co operative selling ot dairy
and farm products.
Rum runners along the Canadian
border will be hunted by wireless, according to advices by Commissioner
Haynes from Col. Roy C. Vandercook,
head of thc Michigan department of
public safety.
A Washington despatch stat?s that
the House has approved provisions ot
the army appropriation biii which
calls for a reduction iu thc em'isted
strength of the United States regular
army .to 115,000 men by July'l.
Thc Gctnian steamer Antonio Dei-
lino arrived at Boulogne from Hamburg and embarked passengers and
mails for the voyage to Buenos Ayrcs.
She is the first Transatlantic vessel
under the German flag to call at Boulogne since the war in regular service.
George Richardson, who blew the
charge when the Light Brigade'rode
up to thc guus-at^JBalaclava, died recently at Liverpool. It is believed
that he is the last of the gallant Six
Hundred. . He possessed 16 medals
given for valor.
The hydrographic office of the U.S.
Navy, Dept. issued a warning to mar-
iners\that the. North Atlantic steamship lanes, normally used from February 1'to August 31, may be rendered hazardous by the presence- of extensive ice fields.
. "Papa" Maiss, who was reputed lb
be tho oldest schoolmaster in the
world on the active list, has just retired on his well earned pension, aged
00 years. He had been a__tea_chcr
for 70 syearslvnd absent from^his Uosk
only 12 da>*s through illness.
The great ice cap of the interior of
Greenland protects the southwest
coast to a considerable extent, and in
the brief summer months almt-sl all
kinds of vegetables, includinr-^euuum-
bers aiul strawberries, aro grown
there. In summer the coast L ablaze
with the color of wild flowers. .
You may not think so, but that's
what happens to every one of us
when the kidneys are affected. The
kidneys arc the filters that remove
from the blood the waste matter that
acts like deadly poison on the vitality
and health ol the system.     Dr. Ham-
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of
Interested in Western Canada
Irrigators to Meet
Convention   to    be    Held    at    Maple
Creek and Brooks in July
The annual convention of the Western Canada Irrigation Association fori
the present year will open at Maple
Creek, Saskatchewan, on Wednesday, i
July  26th,   and   two   days  later  will,
move to Brooks, Alberta.      Some   it \
the most prominent irrigationists on j
the American Continent are being in- i
American   Farmers   Are   Anxious   to
Take Up Land Her*
(By G. C. Porter, of Winnipeg)
Minneapolis, Minn.���Canadian Gov-'
eminent Agencies at. this point and
the railroad Natural Resources Department Agents, are in receipt of let-'
ters from points'as remote as California and Florida, from farmers who
want, to move to Western Canada.
Some of them are-from men who went
to those States as recently as three
years ago to try fruit growing, lured
there by advertising companies owning large acreage. They are dissatisfied, and are anxious to get back
Must Be  More Co-operation
Co-operation by the people of West-
vited to address the convention, tnd
in view of the growing importance of J ern Canada and more co-operation in
irrigation in Western Canada tho, helping get settlers on tho land is
meeting is promised to be largely ar-jwhat the railroad men, immigration
tended. The largest single irriga-1 Government agents and real estate
tion project on the American Con- men with whom I have talked ointment is in Alberta, and irrigation de- ��� phasteo as a prime essential it the
velopmcut is going ahead at a rapid lull advantage is to be taken of thc
pace. I trend    that    is    setting in from the
  ! Slates towards the vacant lands over
Reynard's  Menu ' (lie line.
Vox    breeding,    looked  upon as  a, How It Can Be Done '
speculative crane a low years ago, has |
Howard   Everett,   president  of   the
now become a stabilized industry in | Lll00    Lai;(1    company,  speaks  with
Prince Edward Island and    is    being'
practiced in othCT provinces with sue-
wide experience in this field.   lie told
mo of the days when Lhe Luce Com-
cess.      Investigations  carried on  un-j
ilton's Pills stimulate .tlie kidneys, ex- ] dor thc  auspices of  the  Council  for, jf-ttchewan.
pel    fei'menting    matter    rrom    the   Scientific and  Industrial Research at!
bowels,  restore   the  liver  and  stimtt-!
���io,   lusiur-j   ���.ne   in ur   ami   suuui-   rtii���v.���   ,���,i   jmi:������   ,.,!.!.   c�����'���   mire
all excretory organs.      No medi-   ��U"W  T   do.*lI.inS ^Jth  sucn  qucs | (hem  0Q the  1;,
will   clean  up  the  system,   tone j tl0ns as laa- or-S,n lm(1 extirpation of i Ulc   co.opcraUoi
pany was taking thousands into Sas
They looked alter their
particular settlers and helped locate
and.    . There was not
the blood, mako you feel fit and fine  intestinal parasites,  dieting    of , aulas quickly as Dr.    Hamilton's    Pills, j mahs  and  minimum  age  for mating,
Useful and needed in every home.
Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and
Butternut, 25c dealers, or The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Acreage Ltacisr Plough
have produced much data of value Lo
the breeders.
LBY'S HiAL'ffi"
Land P.eady for Plough is Well up to
Average in Manitoba
That there will bo '4;002,000 acres ia
Manitoba ready fjr the plough this! homo,
spring, is a .statement made in a report issued by the provincial department of agriculture. This acreage
is well up to the average,
obtained from the agricultural department show that in 1021 Manitoba land
was cultivated in preparation for the
1922 crop as follows: Nov.* Lreaking,
157,000 acres; summerfallow, 1,012,-
000; fall ploughing, Gl, 133,000; total,
'1.902,000 acres. These figures compare   very    lavorably as regards fall
as a
every settler
ed Lo 'the soil.
Tho spring is a time of anxiety to
mother.-; who have little ones in the
Conditions make it necessary
pcration and help for those
now arrivals that he wouid like to
have seen and such as is necessary if
a ken in is to be anchor-
The machinery was
not there for the ed operation purpose.
The spirit of encouragement was
there but there was no organization.
Mr. Everett did not thinkNtriat- this
should be left to haphazard chance.
There shduld be organized bodies to
meet these new comers. It the people
wore worth advertising for and worth
sending highly paid agents over the
to keep the baby indoors.     Ilu is often confined to overheated, badly *.on-
tiiatud rooms and catches colds which   country  lor,  they were worth taking
care of until settled when they arrived at their destination.
More Attention at ths Border
Many of the men with wnom I have
talked emphasized another weakness
that, is proving most expensive.     It
is  the  handling of  emigrants going
cents a box  from The Dr.  Williams', into Canada when they arc at thc bor-
rack his whole system. To guard
| against this a box of Baby's Own
Tablets should bo kept in tho '.muse
and an occasional dose given Un*
baby to keep his''stomach and bowels
working regularly. This will prevent
colds, constipation or colic and keep
baby well. Thc Tablets are sohl by
medicino dealers or by.   mail    at.    25
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
ploughing with those available foi\.the
1921 crop which were new breaking
188,000 acres; summerfallow 1,410,000
acres; fall ploughing 27730,000 acres;
total, 4,32S,00 Oacrcs.
Whits-Packers   Handle   B.C.   Herring
All herring packing is now completed and there are only about 3,000 tons
left in the market to be moved to (lie
Orient.     Already   -25,000   tons'' have
gone forward to that destination. Ovei*
Miller's Worm Powders act so thoi*-! 50 per cent, oi the herring packed in
oughly that stomachic and intestinal' British  Columbia this year  was pro-
worms pass from the child without be- ��� cessw- by wlllte ,,acker!j.     Four years
ing noticed and without inconvenience T ,    , , An     ���, .     ���
to  the sutferor.      They are  painless  BS�� Japaaesa packed 100 per cental
and perl'ect in action, and at all times.'this dry-salt cured  herringt, hut last
will be found    a    healthy ' medicine, i year t*iiis was reduced to 70 per cent,
strengthening   the   infantile stomach   aad this year to 50 per cent.
and maintaining it in vigorous operation, so that,- besides being an effective vermifuge,  they are tonical and
health-giving in their effects.
Are You a Self-Starter ?
Some People .Will Not Run Without
-, Csing Cranked
Our good friend James Bowo was
telling me the. other day the story of
the man who lived in a rented house
to whom someone gave a dog. Of
course the dog had to have a kennel.
The man got some old packing boxes
and made it himself. He had never
built anything before and making this
house for his dog/gave him so much
pleasure that lie bought a.small piece
of land on flic outskirts of the town
and with the help of a local carpenter
-built-a house for-himselfand "family?
It.is likely mat lie would bc a renter
today if someone hadn't given "him
that dog. Most of us aro like the
old-fashioned automobiles without
self-starters. Someone has to crank
us before we'll run.���Forbes Magazine.
der. Of course, there must be immigration officers to interview these
people seeking admission to Canada,
but one Dominion Government agent
told me that last year 250 being sent
into the prairies logo on farms wero
turned back at the border by the Canadian Immigration officers. Those
familiar with the working of the Government Immigration Bureau in the
States assert that they think a certificate from any one;'of these agents
issued to a prospective settler in order, that hc can gel his cheap railroad
ticket on arrival in Winnipeg, should
bc sufficient evidence for thc admission of such person oa arrival af the
Hard and soft corns both yield to
Holloway's  Corn  Remover,  which  is
entirely safe to use, aud certain and, border without further information
satislactory in its action.
The , Emergency   fleet
launched 2,3 L2 hulls.'
Radium Expert Dies
"Professor Johan F. Fischer, who
was popularly credited witn knowing
more about radium than any other
man in Denmark, has just died at the
age of 5-i.
He paid a heavy price for his
knowledge. While experimenting in
iac?ium he lost several fingers. In
192J he visited America.
Ii Vou Have Neuralgia
Rub on "Nervilke"
Apply Nerviline to the sore spot.
Notice tho warm glow that spreads
deeper and wider as Nerviline's soothing influence is carried deep into the
sore tissue*. How quickly the pain is
eased. ln a little while you have
forgotten it,"the soreness has actually gone. For neuralgia, sciatica,
rheumatism, Nerviline is a boon.
Largo 35c bottles..   Sold everywhere.
Poise and Brains
ten Will The
isarmamehi of
tmng tables f
Suppose everybody would
recognize the feet that there's no
-gain but much'loss in keeping
up hostilities with the stocnach!
Suppose the ancient aggravation of improper food on indignant digestive-organs should be
settled with guarantees of sensible diet and tranquil digestion!
���The saving would be beyond
all possibility cf counting.
���Yet millions -go on declaring
war on the stomach and accept-'
ing- war in -return���loading up
on starchy, heavy, unbalanced
and highly-seasoned
food at breakfast or
lunch ���and wondering why comfort, happiness and efficiency
are out of reach. -
Likewi-ia ths  Spads
Not the man'with some money; but
the man. who having no money, wants i
to go to work and_make _some_money. - - -- ���        rrr^	
aTwages tlie farmer can afford to pay,   N��   PeoPle   on   Earth   Kave   Political
is   the .man to let into Canada.     The       .   Ta|efl- Eclual t0 the British      .
man with a hoe!���Vancouver Sun. The British are a very great people.
  The marriage of Princess    Mary    is
Beyond Possibility only  ahother   example   of   how .they
It    will    be   time Tor Germany to, manage lo do Ihvi right thing before
squeal'if she is ever compelled to pay' t!le final crack of doom.     Itemembcr
as many marks to France as she left j the world war and how tlie British
there.���Philadelphia North American, j Empire came  out of it bigger than
" ������ - | ever.     Look   at   Ireland���for   years
Tho tea tree is an evergreen plant, given up as hopeless. Think of Balfour coming to Washington and putting across Ilia four-power treaty,
while getting the naval holiday, and
going home with both Japan and
America "the sworn friends of old John
Dull. No people on .earth today have
political talent, experience and skill
equal to the British. " Congratulations to the '-former Princess, now a
huniblc - Viscountes.*'; and, if you
please, felicitations to old England on
leading the world just by poise and
brains.-*���Springfield Republican.
Grape-Nuls makes a friend
of-the taste and. an ally of the
stomach. V ""
There's a charm and satisfaction- to this delicious.-food
which -prompts appetite to sajr,
"There's a meal!." and digestion
to answer,- "Thank goodness,
here's peace at last!"
Grape-Nuts is the perfected
nutriment of wheat and malted
barley���sweet, crisp, and wonderfully nourishing.- It digests
quickly, and provides the necessary elements, including the
vital mineral salts, lor body,'
nerve and brain.
Order Grape-Nuts from your
grocer today, and let a delighted
taste pass a treaty of peace along
to an enthusiastic digestion and
Grape-Nuts���the Body Builder
"There's a Reason"
Kade bv Canadian Postum C��real Co., Ltd,, Windsor, Or;:.
I. Asa's Reformation (vv. 1-5).
Asa was the-grandson of Rehoboam.
Doth his grandfather and father favored idolatr)*, but in spite of this record of his ancestors, Asa had a will
of his own, and though young when
he came to the throne, inaugurated a
campaign of reform which brought
great good. He not only had the
handicap of the idolatry and immortality fostered by the two former
kings, but he had .to contend against
the influence of his mother who had
encouraged immoral worship, (I.
Kings 15:13). In order to carry out
his reformatory measures he, had to
wrest authority from her by deposing
her. Asa did that which was good
and right in the eyes of tho Lord (v.
1. Cleared the land of idolatrous
emblems aud images (vv. 3, 5). (1)
Strange altars. These were the altars devoted to other gods. (2) High
places. These were places where
unlawful sacrifices were offered. (3)
Broke down thc images. These were
upright stones connected with idolatrous worship. (4) Cut down the
groves. These wero trees or poles
connected with tree worship. He had
all those relifs or idolatry destroyed
in Jerusalem and other cities throughout his kingdom:
2. Commanded Judah lo seek the
Lord (v. 4). He knew that if the
reformation was to be effective it
must be by the positive seeking after
and worshiping of God, accompanied
by obedience to His commandments.
Destructive work avails little unless
followed by constructive.
If. Asa's Defensive Preparations,(vv.
1. Built fortified cities (v. 6). The
cities are not named, but the meaning, doubtless, is that it was a general
system of defence which involved the
cities at strategic points.
2. He erected walls about the
cities (v. 7). These were usually of
stone. Upon the walls were, observation towers from which the position
and movements of the enemy could be
seen, and from which defensive warfare could be waged.
3. Made gates and barred them
(v. J). The reason he assigns for
these defensive preparations was that
they had sought the Lord God. Those
who really trust God will make every
effort to provide, defence.
i. Had an army of spearmen (v. S).
These spearmen were also protected
wii.h*"large shields. The army was
made up of 4S0,000 brave men. They
were prepared to wage an offensive
as well as a defensive war.
III. Asa's Victory Over Zerah, the
Ethiopian (vV. 9-12),
1. Asa set the battle in array (v.
10). He went out to meet the enemy.
He first made a disposition of his
means of defence. This was wisdom
on his part. Intelligent faith moves
the possosov to do first that which
is within his power.
2. Asate prayer (vv. 11, 12). He
cried Unto tho Lord. He sought
the source of national power. In
this prayer note (1) Ins conscious
helplessness. ' As he, faced the Egyptian army two to one against him, he
was clearly conscious of his impot-
ericy. The first requisite in obtaining help from God is conscious weakness. The Christian conquers not by
self-reliance, but by self-distrust and
faith ln God. (2) Appeals to God
for help. Ho knew that though they
\vere-lie!plcss""bei'ore "the-mighty" enemy, with God's help they could win
the victory, One man with God is a
majority. ��� (3) Reposes faith in God.
The word "rest," means to lean upon
���to cast the entire .weight upon. In
the measure that, we realize our need
of support will we lean hard upon
God. - (i) Advanced courageously.
He went, forth depending upon God to
fight for him. Real faith does hot
wait until it sees its,way clear, but
goes forth expecting God to clear the
way. (5) Flung himself upon God's
arm?. "O Lord, thou art. our God."
His cause was God's cause
He Never Saw Wife
So Well And Strong
Says Railroad Man
"If anybody wants to hear about
Tanlac, they ought to come out to my
house. My wife is so enthusiastic I
believe she would be willing to talk
all day about it," said M. Burns, ��$.
Rose, Man., well-known Canadian. National Railroad man.
"It is natural that she should be delighted with the results she has obtained, because she is like a different
person now from what she had been
' """""   '"'   l
tor three years past. Stomach
trouble and indigestion made life miserable for her and she was failing day
by day.
"Tanlac proved to be the very thing
she needed. She says she never felt
better in her life and I can believe it,
because I know I never saw her looking a. well and strong as she does
Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
National Council of Education
Triennial Conference to be Held in
Toronto  in  1923
Into the minds of a group of citizens of Western Canada, there came
in 1917 the idea that a concerted attempt should bo made to rally the
best public opinion of the nation behind the schools of the Dominion, the
direction of which is assigned by our
constitution to the Province. It was
contended that the Education Departments' cannot be fully effective if
unsupported by an interested and
alert public opinion.
The preliminary conference held at
Winnipeg in October, 1919, called the
National Council into being. The
next conference is now being organized by that council as a definite expression of its aim and proposed activities, as a means of creating public
opinion and invoking its entire force
on behalf of an educational ideal. This
conference is to be held at Toronto at
Easter, 1923,. the entire cost of its organization having been most generously undertaken by the Rotary Club
of that city. Toronto will be made
the conference-centre for a Dominion-
wide educational campaign in which
all cities and towns will bo simultaneously interested by notable speakers.
Willi this in view, committees are
now in course of constitution at the
more important points, and through
them, Canada will be asked to consider vital aspects of Education, and
formulate opinion and suggestion as a
Newsboy Claims World's Record
Has Sold 113,000,000 Copies of London
Evening Star
Harry Williams, a news vendor,
claims the world's record for selling
a single newspaper with a total of
113,000,000 copies of the London
Evening Star. He joined the sales
force in January, 1SSS, when the
Star was first published. In recognition of his services he has been given
a substantial pension, for the rest of
his life. Williams' record for one
day's sales came on August 4, 1914,
when the public was clamoring for
war news. On that day he sold 29,-
000 copies.
Worms sap the strength and undermine the vitality of children. Strengthen them by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator to drive out the
A Firm Foundation
Franco-British Alliance May Result in
United Europe
We doubt if much good will come
out of Genoa, but if France and Great
Britain go there as allies there cannot be much harm. Adbul Eami! remained in Constantinople long after
authority had lelt his nerveless fingers simply owing to tho jealousies
of the European powers. Bolshevism
in its turn will succumb when it finds
itself face to face    vrfth    a    united
Europe. A Franco-British alliance is
means of interesting the public in the i the only foundation on which * that
pressing need of a "now light" in edit- ( unity can be built.���London Morning
cation, in its   widest   interpretation.  Post.
For these committees, a programme '��� 	
of subjects is being prepared in which; Wealth in  North Land
discussion and research is  desirable j    According  to   Lieut.-Colonel  A.   C.
at this stage.     These   topica   might: Garner,    of    Regina,    tho    principal
usefully include the "Pros and Cons
of Co-Education," "The New Zealand
system of School Administration"
(New Zealand with & populaton of one
and a quarter millions, has or.ly nine
school boards!) "The Oisenia In
Education," "The Residential Consolidated School for'Rural Districts," etc.,
etc.. ,Tho programme for the conference itself has not yet been decided
upon but proposals will be submitted^
to the executive of the council and to
the Toronto Committee within the
next two or three weeks.
Representation from Great Britain
and France on what is hoped may be
considered a satisfactory basis to all
wealth of the north country lies i*i
its minerals. That while some oi
the land in the extreme north might,
be reclaimed and made avails-hie for
farming, the greatest consideration
must he given to the development of
the mineral resources.
Prisoner.���Good morning, Judge.
Judge.���How old arc-you?
"You'll be thirty when you get out."
���Chicago Phoenix.
It is said Italy's perfume manufacturers consume 1,860 tons of orange
been    assured, and the council j blossom, 930 tona of roses, 150 tons
each of jasmine and violets, and 15-
tens of jonquils annually.
must uow'concern itself with the important question of speakers to represent thc Dominion and the United
Invitations will be issued io djpart-
ments of education    throughou t   ths i five inches,
Empire and of certain foreign countries,  to educationalists of outsland-J', The oiEcial census of   Japan   has
In   Ceylon   are   to  be found snails
which attain a length'of from four to
ing eminence,, and to organizations" of
an educational character, and tha conference .organized on as impressive a
scale as_ possible.. _     _.. __.	
Wash New Cars Often
Water Tends to Harden Finish and
Preserve  It
Every automobile should be thoroughly washed arter returning from a
trip in the country.
In no case should dust or mud be
allowed to remain on the car for any
length of time, for the chemicals in
the mud acted on by the heat of the
sun will destroy the luster of tne
varnish. , Tar and grease should also
If God j b(i removed if high-grade finish is to
has taken us for His people, and if
we have taken Him for our God, no
enemy can prevail against us. May
we experimentally say, "Thou are'my
1 God," and hear Him say, "1 am the
j.   3. The Egyptiahs smitten  (v.  12).
I The   enemy    fled   before Israel and
.could not recover themselves.
Minard's" Liniment  prevents   Spanish
- Flu
Dry in England
Tt Wiif worth placing on record thac
rainfall in the British lsl<?j was smaller'in 1521 than in any other year
since 1815. The total was only 32."f;0
'inches, while the average for thc hundred years from 1S1G to 1DI5 'was
2l.il incites, and the usually accepted
normal���the average for the thirty-
five years from 1SSI to Ifilo���i.5 23.50
inches. February, with 0.12 inch,
Avas the month of least lain, while
July had only 0.1."> inch.
Tha Beginning of the End
Petrograd, named in honor of the
Czar Peter the Great, who built it, is
to be renamed Lenignid. a Moscow
dispatch reports, in honor of Lenine,
who unbuilt it.���Topeka Capital.
Saskatchewan's Schools
99,109 children were enrolled in the
provincial schools of Saskatchewan
during 1513 according to statistics;
today the total is about 175.000 and
the cost of school sdnnnistratioa is
aoout ?7,200,000 as compared with
?3,6*I5,S53 ia 1913. -   -
A course in the maintenance and
repairing of motor cars is now a
feature of one of the largest American
colleges. ' ���   .
be retained.
. The oftener a new car is washed
the better it will be iov the'varnish,
as water tends to harden the finish
and preserve it. After the, varnish
has once been hardened the car
should' be washed as seldom as possible. Care should be taken in the
winter not to have tho temperature in
thc garage too warm, as too great si
change in temperature from 'the inside of thc garage to the cold weather outside is likely lo "cheek" fhe
paint,        ���' X k
been "completed and places the total
population at 55,863,053.
_ "Attached" to "the"" Aq~uarium~-ifiVNew~
York City is a hospital where fish are
treated for their ailments.
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a hit! Drop a little
"Freezoae"'on an aehsng-c-uiiirii-sU-ixi-
ly that' corn stops hurting, then shortly you lift it "right out with fingers.
Truly! .   '   .      "
"Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Freezone" for a few, cents, sufficient
| to remove every hard corn, soft corn.
Pric* of Twine is Reduced
A redtiction.of-six cents a pound on!or corn between the'Toes," and"the~"ca"'
all twine.has been announced by the
International Harvester Company
through the Regina headquarters
branch of Saskatchewan. _ Of the j
company's business alone'the cut in'
price of binder twine means a saving
of over a million dollars to farmers
in Saskatchewan." as the yearly turnover of thc International concern "in
tliis class of business approximates
luses, without soreness or irritation.
1? i-, always safe to <;��!<! 3 IJominion !;���:-
prc-s Money Order. ' JFive d-/!Iaxs costs three
cert-." -   ' , -
YOU can make mf-i-ey in havim; that
idjba patented.   -*-Ve win place'
your PATENT before the proper it.vXU-
��� The  RAMSAY' Co.
I AR.MPKIOR Patent Solicitors    ONTARIO
5 body
ialrher *rrvsm
���freely with Baby's Own Soap
Good Prices for Silver Fox ,
An increase of sixty-six per cent, in'
;- the price of silver fox featured the fur j
{auction sale held "at Winnipeg. Two '
i hundred and fifty dollars was reaiiz-!
I ed, as against $150.00 at the last pale,
t ilasrten, fisher, and red fox alpo showed appreciable increases.
*���.*!������� ��&*����   t��*'���*��. ���
! Minard's   Liniment
> CoSds
for   Cough   and
T}92 Esir.-edk.--
and  . cw  to  V��~&
Mailed   Kr*e   f�� any
'   Addresn l.j tte
-     Author
ir. ci.ay ounnn
r.o.. ixc
125      AVftrt      Fouvtli
irtreet. N*-**1 YorK-,
C.S.A.     *
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
52.50 when not paid for three mouths or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the. United States fa.50, always iu advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices     7.00
Katray Notices 3-��o
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.5��
(Where  more  than   one claim appears ir> notice,  $5.00 for  each ad-   -
uilional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
l*uc first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
^.i-h subsequent insertion, nonpariel
.. '���asurcment.
Tmnsclent display advertising 50 cents
,--,.'. inch eacli insertion,
Business locals I2,!4c. a line each insertion.
Curling Club has Banner
[The I.cdg-* invites correspontlencc of a
public nature but docs not necessarily
hold its-elf responsible for the opinions
Our Town Expansion
Dear Mk. Editoh:���
It- cannot surely be possible
in this day of progress, when
every eye scans the sky for evidences of the morning of a greater
day, that any place should do as
Afcri in Abruzzo, a small town of
ancient date and scant renown did.
climb half way up the hill and
then sit down as if to say, 'I climb
no further upward.' Every prince
of business and every controller of
finance in Canada is Beginning to
chirp hia spring song of better
times and bigger things. The
ebbing tide must shortly flow.
The resurge of optimism is reflected
in the rising value of Canadian
money in the foreign market. It
id now nearer par in the United
States than that of any other
country. Our assets are beginning
to surpass our liabilities in such
fashion as to increasa our credit.
The war left us in part a  wreck���
-it left, us- yvith  our  dreams  too,
with-   much, of the -course   husk-
;.ground"'oil- 'The-mind  of the people-is   functioning. 7    Progress, is
..dre3m    aiid"   -prophecy   becoming
. realized'in act auti fact. ,
If such, capacity, for "expansion is
latent in national and individual
life, it may fed its finest 'and most
- permanent-expression  in the com-
m*iriifey\.  Something has-been'said,
.about beautifying the town.   What
���can,be more beautiful-than normal
and" continuous  growth, -with the
ornaments   which ' accompany-  it?
- Our. town- has--been  static-long
��� enough,, let us "try  and 'make "it
.^���ow. -7-. /.'.-. - --' ':"_. 7-
And we'have assets���electricity!
. ";i -till of various kinds, in apparent
V,uiKliiuce, fair access to the main
. V/iiukefcs, -water, available prbper-
���ii'S adjacent to railway; .streets
���\iready   opened,, vacant  lots "near
" "ahouglv-for "factory "sites." .-"There" is"
���- modesty about one's-, assets' .which
- amounts to sleepiness1,,: arid ;whieh
makes-..ncf sales;.   Belleville,: Ont.,
" has secured-in a-' year, six new'in-
;. tlustries -by*' a- little commendable.
/..enterprise. . Another::town-, got re-
-���cently  a - inHli.c-n- dollar  plant'-;by
. expending -twenty"*five.7 dollars -in
: .careftir.ady'erbisiiig'.:7M'ay-I humbly
.suggest, that the."-Board of Trade
���'get us as citizen's together to. orgari-
;ize7.a.Jiye committee,'., "which- will
'"-, put.; Greenwood - on '.the" map7as"a
candidate'for" new; busineesV.-'For
new. busiuees.must inevitably come
Canada's/way  in'the  near fiiture:
There.'i.s7no,, city- .in the' Province
which can offer-as  cheap  building
sites as we can.   .Why'not a-, write-'
. up of the town, say   in Tbe-'Times,.
--6f London,   England?"     I .believe
--'many capifealiHts who  come  to the
. ebuntr'jrwould come and look oyer
our propositionV.:;and7.we could do
-business" with them.^--77V..
7    '    Coru.ially :-youre, Vr,7-.
77 -A. 7N-.VM.qvr at,
The warm  weather  of the past
few days has  drawn   to a close thv
curling season  aud it  has been a
most exciting and   enjoyable year
for all members.    It  is impossible
for a man to play this game without  putting  his mind  to it.    For
two hours he must  forget his business worries   and   cares,   for   the
game'   holds    his    attention.    It
brings  people   together   from   all
parts of the country  and lays the
foundation for friendships that are
enduring.    To the moralist curling
is the finest sport.    It typifies life's
experience  in   a   thousand   ways.
Here   is   the   cautious  man   who
"hogs"   his  stone,   aud  the   over
jealous  man  runs   '-through   the
house."     There are  types  ofthe
conservative    and     racial.      One
"hangs to the tail  of  progress and
hollers whoa," the other runs riot
and    destruction    follows   in   his
wake.    Or as four  men  of a  rink
go on the ice they typify  the ideal
partnership,   the  first  man lays a
foundation iu exactness, the second
knocks   out of   the way injurious
competition;   the third  man  does
all necessary  to  protect the interests of his business���now guarding
against loss,   now making a little
addition to capital invested,   while
the  skip,   directing  all,   comes to
the rescue at the critical   moment,
and  by   masterful   strategy    and
with skillful resource turns apparent failure into glorious success.
Other views of the game our
readers may work out easily, for
these are the serious, the poetical,
the tragic and the comic aspects.
Above all curling is a sport in
which young and old freely intermingle. It is not a young man's
game nor an old man's game. It
is for everybody���and his wife.
A new man got a job as a porter
on a railway train, and one of his
first duties was to learn the rules,
as laid down in the rule book, of
the railway for the safety of the
train and passengers. He prided
himself on knowing them perfectly.
One night the conductor going
through the Bleeping car noted a
red lantern hanging in the passage
way. He called the new porter
and asked him what the red lantern
was doing there. "Why chief,"
said the porter, "I was just carrying out the rules." "Never heard
of any rule call ing for a red lantern
in a sleeping car" answered the
conductor, "Where did you get it
from?" With an air of perfect
positiveness the new porter got out
his book of rules and pointed out
Rule 27���"Caution���Always hang
out a red lantern when the rear
end of a sleeper is exposed. "���Ex
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
A fine  range  of samples to select
from.     (Just arrived.)
Now on view at
Tailor and Cleaner
a RB
Tanner Ranch
287 \-l acres, 1 mile from Kettle Valley.
Good terms can be secured.
While We Haye Them
There's no one like a mother, lad,
To comfort all our pain;
There's no one like a father, lad,
To make one smile again;
So while we have our mother, boy,
Let's drive away her fear;
And while we have our father, boy,
Let's fill his heart with cheer.
There's no one like a mother, lad,
To keep us pure within;
There's no one like a father, lad,
To .warn away trom sin:
So while we have our mother, boy,
Oh, let us not rebel;
And while we have our father, boy,
Let's heed his warnings well.
The time is surely coming, lad,
When mother will be gone;
The time is surely coming, lad,
Of father's passing on;
So while we have our mother, boy,
Let's make her spirit blest;
Aud while we have our father, boy,
Let's be our very best.
���Amos R. Wells,
Physician and Surcreon
Residence Phone 69
E. W. WIDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemist, Bor RiroS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead J3.00, Silver-Lead $2.00, Silver-Lead-Zinc (3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
Send  Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material  guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
Portmann Ranch, Nicholson Creek
3 1-2 miles from Kettle Valley. 160 acres.   Cattle,
Horses and Implements.   Terms can be had.
4 year old Shorthorn Bull, For Sale, in good condition.
For further particulars apply to
Kettle Valley
When you have something,
to sell, put a
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
The charge  is reasonable
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers   ot   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
F. NilSOn
Hoots Mon
The    habit    of .-."sending ' the
-���'chain letter" is getting, to" be-a'
nuisance, throughout" the district".
This -is   a .letter  .containing7a
prayer started by a maniac its the
old   country;   and    any ...'married:
woman.receiving one is supposed
to.sendVa copy   to -her-friends
every  day  for  nine days',; at; the"
end of which time good luck .will j
follow  them.-   If" they don!t pay
any attention'.to the letter great
misfortune, will befall them. .It
,is estimated that some millions of.
these letters are. circulated ^eyeyJ.
day. -   7.-..-, ��� .,-.-- ���-���- :.,;";>".
A Scotehaian has been,definedias
a mair who keeps the Sabbath and
everything,'else -he. can lay - his,
hands on....' Most'people aro aware
of.the-, Scot who.-remarked,' that
London was ' a terrible'.place; he
hadn't been there.bat. a few hours
before.-' -.'bang -wShfe. saxpence."
Then-there is "the story, of the
three Scotties who. went.td.a church
where they. understood there was'
no. collection. Finally,, when
ushers. ' started! ' round with the
plate one. offehem, with great presence.of mind, promptly fainted and.
the . other two. carried him- .but.'
A.ud that other Scotchman who.
.book.', no;.-comfort out of. his pipe
because,."when :iiV'was "his'' "own
tobacco ��� he worried . over. the'; ex:
pense; ;"a*id: wheu'.-ife" .was borrowed
BY.   DAY   or   CONTRACT    -   =
Wood For. Sale
Second "Hand Pipe, .Rails,  Miuing Cars
and other Mining Equipment  ,
��� Reasonable Prices     y X,
Apply to J. W- Clark. Pacific Hotel
The Government Of
The Province Of Uiitisli Columbia
Agent, for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars. Garage in connection.
D. McPHERSON        -       Proprietor
The attention of
Timber Licence holders who are
taking: advantage of the provisions
of the 1921 Amendment to the
FOREST A:iV wherfey arrears of
licence fees accrued prior to 31st
December, 1920 have been funded
and made , payable in annual instalments, is specially directed to the
fact that any renewal fee which became due in 1921 is not included in
the instalments above mentioned, and
such 1921 and.all subsequent renewal
fees must be paid .within one year
after the date of expiry ofthe licence
in order to maintain. the right of the
holder to obtain a renewal of the
A.uto Stage twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
Forke and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatcb.ee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m..
Fare 81 50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage Free.    TrunkB Carried.
Express and Heavy Draylnsr. Auto's for hire Day or Night
7 We carry Tires. Oils. Greases. Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3L
tobacco ithe .bowl-.; was 7 packed - so
tight that'ib'i'/wadha dr"aw;"; Like-
'wise',fc,li ere-is a; narrative that. afc:. a
,weddingV-.the-7be8t'.7'm in, ."noticing
that.the groom looked .worried, exclaimed,-; *';What's the matter- Don*.
ald?'"--;Hae ye lost ihe ring?? .V-Naw'.';
-replied- Donald, ���'butTTve; lost my.
enthooaisrri.!? . The expense-.of the
manoeuvre.--.was', evidently .".what
bothered; him. 7OKthe Scotchman
and the Irishman, who went into a
bar for i drink-arid came, out without having one because the Emerald
Islander had left-: bis money. at
hoine,1 we air knovv/, and also .that
gulls will not follow a Scotch ship;
Many other stories are told in
like regard but they are all libels. ;
��� V'Of--.course,-,���.when,; aVScotc.hman
does .loosen7'up ; he 7 performs the
thing in proper style. Jnst look
at Carnegie who has literally cast
libraries around the world in'volume?.,. ���' -. V7VV' .. /-- :
V-'-There.is thisalsoJo be said for
Sandy..7 Some men-when,.they.put
a hand Jn their pocket and find
'.meney Others know.thai they ..must
have another man'a7 trousers on. -A
son of .Scotia always hag some ���, bawbees .to come "and go qnV���"'-.-'-"��� 7-7 ..,'������.
7 'The'V Ledge' hasV'j.tways : room
or,one'more'-ad, vV7.;7-,7v7.:''' 7 .'
Very Old Highland
Supplied to the P. & O. Steamship Line.
f��Liover forty  years;. ip__His,Majesty.|s_'.
Transports; to many exclusive Clubs and
Officers':,Messes -all   over   the- world.
15./YEAVRSVi-MATURED.'       -Ask   for..
Cattb's. :X,X. X' ; V .- '..';������'"_   Vv-    ." "'.'���    -
.- - ������:.-"".,,���"'' V .-' r For 5ale at:V ''V.  -.".-' W
eh a
the small amount of baking powder
it��� takes to-make a cake-���rwben she'.;
compares ttie small cost ofetha baking powder with that of the other
naaterialsused, when she appreciates
the difference there is ml.flavor,; tex- -
ture. and wholesomeness^fhere Is
only one decision arid that is
1 Job Printing \
�������- -~^
j�� ���Economy and Satisfaction %
g combined with Promptness jf
H are the features which go to J|
H make up the Service we give af
f|.' our customers.     Are you %
B one of them?                        H
Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
(Ruled or. Plain) 3
Envelope* Billhead* 2
-  (AIlSize��) . Zm
Statements, Business Cards, %
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. %
PHONE 29       1
��� l^fcH^K
1 TThe Ledge
H    GREENWOOD    ? job Printing Department   2
Synopsis of
Landict Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.-
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respectire ��
claims. .
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, bt
granted intermediate certificate of im;
provement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will, operate as forfeiture... Title cannot be obtained in ,
less than 5 ye'aTs, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including S acres cleaned and cultivated, 'and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with" his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements -made
and residence maintained on Crown -
granted land.
Unsurreyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title.
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas-exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acrea
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost' of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-erriptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, aa
formerly, until one year after the con- ���
elusion of the present war. This privilege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers or/, pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.. .
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect,- remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision made for insurance, of
Crown Gfants to-sub-purchasers of
Crown Il^ands, acquiring, rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, pa fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and taxes/ Where sub-purchasers do
not claim wHble'df original parcel,"puri7
chase price due and taxes may be distributed, proportionately over whole
area. . Applications must be made by
May 1.1920.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development, of livestock . industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration under , Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority, for established owners. Stock owners may form
Associations for range management.
Free," or partially free, permits for
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
head. . .
The Miner^ of Western Canada
X-Xy^X'^^XXX-' ': TQ'END OF-DECEMBER,-1920  ���" ���;'�����* XxXXy
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer.Gold, $75,944,2Q3;-, Lode 7
y: .-".-.'.Gold, 8102.753,823; Silver^ 158,668,284; Lead 146,637,221; Copper, $161,513,864;    -
Zhic, $19,896,466; Coal and Coke, $212,573,492,- Bonding .Stone, Bricki Cement,   V
etc, $32,168,217; Mificellaneoos Minerals, etc., $1,037,408;-'making ite Mineral1
7     VPrqdaetidh 46 the end of 1929 show an <
Aggregate Value of $706,192,978XXX
Production for Year Eliding December, 1920, $31,543^ 084-
The  Mining  Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower 7
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees,
Absolcte Titles are obtained  by developing snch properties, the security
'���-.-"'-   of which ia guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Foil information, together with mining Eeporte and Maps, may be obtained
yX gratis by addressing��� 'V77,
VICTORIA, British Columbia.


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