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The Ledge Sep 2, 1920

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i w
��nac^l libra
y^\yy *~v**\t y>i
ll       SEP 7    ^20
yoi,; 'xxvil
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it with some
of our choice and. elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
ana dining rooms
Oils for machines of al I ki nds, co upled with a large stock of
welI:assorted Hardware
.   '    We carry a large Hue of
J. G. McMynn, Midway
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables arriving daily.   Our Price���the lowest;
Agents for Five Roses Flour       1
gl Phone 46
EL __ ��� !=s
Leckie Shoes
And A
Fine Line Of
1 f% JElson 8 Co
LEE& BRYAN     J r.:^?*,^;^���^
Laco Tungsten Lamps
25 to 50 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 ^7att Lamps���$1.25 each. ���
NITROGEN 60 Watts   -   ��� /,   $1.25 each
I AMDC L00:''���"   - "   *    *    2'���� "
LAIY1P5 200   m     >   ;- ,    3.50 �����
Greenwood City Watenvorks ���6.
.    LOAN
P. O. Box U02
Nelson, B.C
We carry a full line of
Groceries, Flour and Feed
Your Patronage Solicited
.   ..Taylor 0 Jenkin
p����one! ��� - ��� -_-_,-- _____ ___T__=. __T,,, _ _,Q|,g^_^-_^_
Kodaks, full: line of Films
and Supplies at
Goodeve Drug Store
^REENWOOb, e. Q.
I have opened a new harness shop and
am" prepared .to make harness to order
and to do all kinds of repair work. - Shop
"work guaranteed. ���    "-__..
���������;- %
The Public an _ High  Schools
open pa Sept. 7,       '"
School    supplies    now   ia   at
Goodeve's Drug- Store.
Jack Morrison -;is oa a business
trip to Delburn, Alta.
P.  H.   McCurrach   spent    the
week-end in Penticton.
P.   Bubar, of   Kettle   Valley,
was in town on Saturday.
JVE.  Brett, of Chilliwack,   is
on a business,trip to town.
W. Spooner and son, of Trail,
are on a holiday in the city.
Miss, Annie Eustis isona visit
to her hrotber, Ajlan, at Hedley.
D. R. McElmOn, watchmaker
and Jeweller, Greenwood,   B,   C.
W. Kier has taken over the
milk business runjby H.  Hartley.
The Pythian Sisters will meet
on Friday evening', Sept. 3rd at
8 o'clock.       /-Xi.
Don't forget : the farewell
Dance to N. B. Kelsey in Riverside hall, Rock Creek, Sept 3.
R. B. ^Masterton left for Hedley on Tuesdav morning, where
he will be principafof the public
school.       '    x- ���������;,. y r/.
,.. Duncan Mclutosh, manager of
the Bell, Wallace mountain,
spent Sunday with his family in
the city.
Harry Kayes, of Rock Creek,
well-known in this city, died in
Grand Forks hospital on Thursday last.
Wanted.���To-let a contract to
plow at once about~25 actes. Call
pr write Fritz : Haussener, Box
364,;.Greenwood.'-r'X.-,-._. .-?-
H. M. Straimberg, principal of
High School, has returned to
town from spending the holidays
in the coast cities.  '-..������; ':
Archie MacLean, who has been,
employed in the dismantlement
of the smelter, left on Thursday
morning for Allenby.
- Creighton McCutcheon . left on
Tuesday, morning for Vancouver,
where he will resume his studies
at. the B. C. University.
No. 8
Hon. Dr."MacLean
Hon. Dr. MacLean arrived in
town on the K. V. train on Friday
afternoon, on one of his periodical
visits to the constituency.;* He is
combining business with pleasure,
meeting his constituents and taking
a holiday.
In conversation regarding business conditions throughout the
province, Greenwood's representative was very optimistic,, stating
that British Colombia was recovering from the unsettled conditions
due to the war, as well as any
province in Canada. The returned
men were gradaaJly getting established in their former or more congenial occupations.
Northern British Columbia was
very prosperous, the mining, fishing and agricultural industry were
making rapid strides.
Asked about the" forthcoming
referendum, on the liqnor question,
he stated that it would be held
some time in October, but the
Doctor would not hazard a guess
as to the result. Both Modera-
tionists and prohibitionists are
sanguine of success.
When will the general election
be held asked ThV Ledge? "We
have still more than a year before
our term of office expires," replied
the Doctor.
Do you expec* to carry the Province? "Without a donbt. A few
seats that we at present bold are
doubtful, but we will win some
that are at present held by the
Asked as to th9 success of the
Farmer movement politically, he
did not think there wonld be many
farmer candidates elected in B.C.,
particularly as there were nofe
many ridings the farmers votes
predominated. Continuing our
member stated that he hoped.that
the", government will have all
classes in the community represented on the floor of the Legislature. The province requires men
of intelligence and : integrity to
guide its. destiny and snch are to
be found in all classes in the community. .
Western Float
.The WINDSOR  HOTEI,   is .heated  with   steam:
and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.    .A comfort-
able home for tourists  and travellers.     Touch the.
wire  if you   wane  rooms reserved.     The buffet is
replete  with  cigars,, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
, buttermilk and ice-cream.
I have been persuaded .to open a .meat
stand for two days each week, Tuesdays
and Saturdays, and will continue the
arrangement indefinitely, "��� so long-- as
their is sale for fresh meat,-but it..should
be remembered that I; cannot,afford .to
buther.au aninialeach week, and, half of
it to be left on my. hands, while - some of
tlie citizens send out for meat. Should
the.householders.find it'more to their
convenience to buy outside; the arrange
ment will be discontinued.    ���   y .'."
y'X    :",   Wm.. LAKELAND
For Sale
4 Good Investment
yX when deposited in our Savings
Department; and both principal and
interest are s^e and can be obtained whenever required. Open an
account to-day. *_;
'.PAID-UP'CAPITALX:X�����xXx .:.;,N $15,000,000     -<
;RESERVE; FUND Xy}zi��xiiy��i. X:i$l5flQQSm y ;;;
���fiRE^^<^D.BRANC^Xi^w^r?' Managiev' X
The, Pf esby terian Church and
Msinse in/Phoenix... Apply Rev.
Hillis Wnght, Grand Forks, RC,
National Liberal and   'XX'
Conservative Assoc.
. J. W.  Jones,  M.-L.-A.-,- of Kel-
ownay .was in town last, week,   and
in   thie; Greenwood   Theatre    on
Thursday night he organized the
National Liberal and Conservative
Association  of Greenwood.     The
following  .officers   wer^e    elected:
Hon.   President,    Hon.    . Arthur
���Meighen;  Hon.  Vice-Prea.,  J. R.
Jackson; President,,, W. ,B.;. Fleming;': Vice;Pres:,  A-  3. ��� Morrison;
Secretary, prpitem, Ji F. 'Paton.
:;; A^ineeting of the above, a^ocia-
tipn will b�� held in the.CIub rooms
on Friday eyening,\-SeptiZ 3, for the
pnrpose:of electing .delates;So;,the
: j convention in Penticton;-;,.: X; (
. The Misses Vera. and Muriel
Redpath,- of Nelson, were the
guests of. Mr. and Mrs. T. Jenkm
on Sunday and Mondavi     ;   -
,���Miss"���= C. l -Mclntoshr - who will
have charge of Division II in the
local school, arrived in the. city
on Monday.from Alberta,.    ;   ;,
Mrs,, Silas . Smith, ...who -has
been the guest of friends in this
city, returned, to her horae^at
Copper .Mountain on Tuesday.    -;
:. .Mrs. G. J...Wright and. daughters, Carol and Ella, of. Nelson,
were the guests of Mrs.. A., J.
Morrison,- during^ the" .week-end.;
Knock/down thei; high  cost.of
by   orideritig    vegetables
from   Taylor    &   Jenkin.    ..Six
pounds for;2Sc.     Received -," fresh
every,Friday;-;'  \X-X   '"'r;-.
Miss Ethel Royjce, left.gn Monday morning's ;train for Vancouver, ..where; she will' enter- the
General Hospital in that city, - as
a nurse, in training. ;
The hunting season opens oh
Saturday,    Sept. '4.-     Grouse,
ducks, aridf.Mule ,deer can be.Jshot
commencing on that day in- this..
part of the Eastern district.
Mrs. Snyder of Winnipeg, and
Mrs. Martin and two children of
Weyburh, left for their, respective
homes on Friday, after being the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. V.
Mills for some weeks past.
Mrs. Fred Hopkins-returned to
Trail on Saturday, after a visit
with her parents, Mr.. and: Mrs,.
Mark,.Christensen,; near Bounds
ary - Falls. Mrs. Hopkins was
accqmpanied-by'. her, twp;da ugh-
tersi^V^^;;',';;-^-'^.;:,^'. r'l'X" "iy 'X  X
Send.a Float tp-your;friends .at
once./ ��� i :.Yoii > ^can , get. vthem^ ;,a t
The hedge.'office.-:-'Vv;.:'-,-';?;XXX-X".
Mrs. Lester McKenzie, ahd
daughters,"Dorothy, and.Comma,
spent a few days' in town this
week, on the way to their home
in Allenby, after spending, two
months visiting friends in Nelson
and Trail..' ..-...-
B. F. Greenwood of the Canadian Bank of Commerce staff
has been" transferred "to "Vancouver. His position was taken
by, C. S. Blampin, who arrived
in the city ; on ' Monday ' from
Chilliwack. y .y;Z.y ;*���-'���;
. The first of a serfes of Dances
under, the auspices.of the G.. W.
V. A.; will be held in the Masonic
Hall.; Greenwood,;.���= on; Friday'i
Sept. 10,:" A three piece orchestra
will be in attendance. If this is
a succes. and: is well patronized
the G. W. V. A; intend ; giving-a
dance once'a. month.  .;..,..;
rflbn.; Dr. MacLean ���: will,;leave
in few days' for North Vancouver
where he will:; on Septi .7, lay
the corner stone of a school, that
is;being built, iu that" city On
the 8th .the Dr. -will" attend a
banquet of.farmers at Chilliwack,
whileoia the 9th he will open the
Matsqui Fair. It is the ihtention
of our member to again visit the
riditfg before the nest .session of
the .Legislature.     '.'.;
The Ledge has always  room
for one more.ad.
A flower show will be held in
Rossland on September 16.
The refineries lowered sugar two
: cents a pound in Canada last week.
One hundred in the shade was
recorded at Keremeos on August
8th.    ,   -
Kelowna and Grand Forks suffer from depredations from clothes
Two lumber mills on tbe North
-Thompson were destroyed  by fire
last month.
o       -
Silent policemen will be installed on tbe important streets in
Grand Forks.
The greatest exhibition ever held
on this continent iscnow being held
in Toronto, Ont.
About $2000 worth of opium
was taken in a raid on a Chinese
joint in Fernie last month.
The, recent rains throughout the
province has put a damp on the
forest fire menace for  the season.
This is the lasfe year that fishermen will be allowed to nse drag
seines and traps on the B. C. coast.
There is a likelihood that tbe
creameries of Kelowna, Vernon,
Salmon Arm and Armstrong will
In July, Revelstoke collected
8630 in police court fines, while
Cranbrook received $611 from the
same source.
Four United States: army airplanes, flying from New York to
Nome, arrived at their destination
on August 25. The actual flying
time from New York was 55 hours.
The airplanes have started.on their-
return journey. . .
> M. rs.'-Ool&man,"*-wife ���"- of HDr ��� 0r
Coleman, vice-president of .the
western lines of the C. Pi R., met
with a tragic death through drowning at Lake Windermere on August 24,..where Bhe was spending a
yacation'along with her two boys.
Mrs. R. G.. Henderson died in
the Kootenay Lake General Hospital in Nelfaon oh August 24.
Her sudden demise has cast a
gloom.over the residents of Slocan
City, a place where she has lived
for 23 years. The deceased leaves
to mourn her. loss, a husabnd, a
son, George, and iwo daughters,
Myra and Muriel.; v
Looks as if the fire bug has returned to-Slocan "Cifeyr A"fire of
unknown origin destroyed a barn
in thafe town owned by W. C. E.
Koch, last week. It was built 19
years ago, when Mr. Koch took
contracts for hanling ore from the
Ottawa mine,, and it had accomodation for'-"20.''. horses, and storage
space for two carloads,of hay.
Greenwood Mining Notes
Joseph Cunningham is asking
an extension of his option on the
Suprise No. 3.
On the Helen, Messrs. Jackson
anil Lofstad are running a drift to
tap the'ore body af depth.
i Mark Madden, president of the
Providence Mining Co. and several
directors are expoctfrl in town at
an early date.
The Emma mine owned by the
Consolidated Mining & Smelting
Co., of Canada, is being re-opened
in a large way under the superintendence' of R;..M. Macaulay, M.E.
, James Poggi ia now shipping
about 30 tons of oro from tho Last
Chance, one mile from Greenwood.
If the returns from this shipment
are satisfactory a tunnel will be
driven to strike tho ore at depth.
Thisis one of fehe oldest and most
favorably known claims in the district and so'me years ago much
work was done on it, bufe for some
unaccountable reason its owner did
not pay the taxes and ife reverted
to the government;. In fehe early
of "this year this 'property was
leased to Mr. Poggi, who is now
completing his purchase.
P.   Crane,   M.   E.,   spent a few
da37s' in Greenwood fehis week.
Messrs. Mahoney and Ryan are
opening up an excellent showing on
the Highland Chief.
John McKellar, well known in
this camp, has obtained a lease of
a portion of the Bounty and will
soon commence work thereon.
Spencer Bennerman is prospecting the Clatawa No. 2, north of the
Highlander Fraction.;. He located a
lead on the Clatawa some years;
Tbe Wallace Mountain Mines,
Ltd., are working the Sally and a
lead on the Rob Roy which is an
extention'of the Rosie lead on the
The improvements, beingjmade
b��"the"r6aa'by*t/jame's "Kerr, rda3
superintendent, are nearing completion and are great value to fche
W. M. Archibald, chief miniqg
engineer of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co., spent two
days on the hill lasfe week inspecting mining properties. Ho was
accompanied by his wife.
Messr&. Sutherland and Thompson are having great success on the
Wellington, Where -working afe
present there are fewo parallel leads
separated by about four feet of
waste and by removing the 'horse'
they are able to mine the ore from
both veins. The ores are of excellent values.
Midway I^ews
. A new:, foundation isv being pu!
under Salter's hotel. .
; On the Bell," Messrs.""Mcintosh
and Crane have their compressor
installed and whilst only running
a few days it operated perfectly.
The Ledge hopes at some later'
date, through the kindness of Snpfc. -
Mcintosh, to ba able to give our
readers details of the cost of opera-
ton, which the writer is confident
will be of- great interest to mice
Constable W. B. - Stewart now
driy.es the latest In Ford. cars.
Mrs.; McMynn and three children,
Alice, Douglas, and Johnny, have
returned home . from spending a
few. weeks'" holiday at Christina
Lake."i:!  ;-" '-������.
Thp Rampollo claim  is showing
up to great advantage.
- Scott McRae is now locating a
trail between this camp "and tho
Main Kettle riven       -    -
AVmotor cycle with a side car
was brought in from .Grand Forks,
tohe used by the detachment bf
R. C. M. P., who are stationed at
this point.
For Sale
Red Currants $2.00 per crate.
Black Currants $2.50 per crate.
Wk��� Jenks,
Phone 'IL.
���;-.-:.: Ten i;oom--residence in. AnacrHida together .with. .-. sir lots, yy Will sell -for $700
or less.tlian one fifth of original cost.' . :
���y. -Terms pnethird cash,-' balance ..equal
payments' one and.' ..twoVyeais; interest 7
per cent, on ��� deferred ���, payments^ ..Fine
chance secure .choice home at. very low!
cost: % Address -F. "'Keffer,-;,610.'.Hatton
Block'.'Spokane.,;   }���.XX '���'.���'���'-y. '��� y.������.'  :.
Miss Mae McMynn left pn Thursday morning for Merritt, where
she will be a member of the teaching staff of the public school in
that city..
Miss H. Hielscfier, who has been
spending a. holiday at her home
her, returned to Grand. Forks this
weet, where she is on������,the nursing
staff;Of..the.hospital infebat;>city^
���iy iJ.X-Sy Harrison has a fine crop of
spuds; on his ?land: in-the eastern
part of;the,town. ;; They- are considered.^ some of; the best .in the
yalley,':and-a;proof of, what ;"can"be
done . on; "the iMidway flat,- with
irrigsfeion.;^ .y'.yXxy  -X   "���' '"- '
There is many prospectors in
'and around the camp and several
claims hsive been located with good
��� On" the. Waterloo' No. 2 the
owners are actively mining and
shipping the ore.by pack train to
fehe end of the wagon road as now
R, Lee has located a very, strong
lead- on one of his claims, but'the
writer, is unable to state the value
of the find, as the assay returns
have nofe been received.
The great requirement of   this,
camp  is a  wagon road feo connect
with   the   road   from   Edgewood.
Some little time ago Messrs. Green
Bros, sent one of their engineers, -
who surveyed only to the western
boundary of  the  Slocan   district,
and npon this being called, to the
attention  of the member. for this
district,, the Hon.   J.'D. MacLean,
he was  ins-tru mental in having tbe
survey continued to -the centre of
Lightning Peak  camp, and  from
this point roads   will   eventually
radiate   to   the   different   mining
claims. '    Messrs.   Rendell,  Bong,
and Hammarstadt had the branch
road to  the   Waterloo No.  2 surveyed when. A-  H.   Green,  C.E..
was locating the wagonc road forthe government. V
THE     LEDGE.-   GKEENWOOD.     B.     C.
The Wisp
��� BY ���
Printed   by   Special   Arrange-
msats  with  Thos.  Allen,
Toronto, Ont.
showed up powerful pitiful,   i felt An English Journalist
my heart warmin' to that big, broken
The girl sat with eyes wide, lips a
little apart. Something of the native
scealot's flame had caught her own
spirit. Her uncle was leaning a little
farther across the table, thc fork in
his slender iingures motionless.
"You mean���?" hc asked, looking
up slowly.
"1 mean that what Gawd had intended to bc a big man was spoiled
in your city. He came here a very
wreck of a bcin,' the skin hangin' to
his big frame, his arms shot full of
blue punctures made by a dopc-nccdlc
and his nerves completely shattered
an' his soul dead as a grass root on
a winter hill. An' hc told mc his
Gtory. Gawd, it was an awful story,
an' if I cried like a baby, I'm not
ashamed to own il."
Mr. Washburn turned towards thc
doorway again and his wife rose hastily, murmuring something about
"bavin* to sec to things in thc cellar."
The girl saw that her eyes were full
of tears and oddly, a strange choking
lump came into her own throat so
that shc found it difficult to makc
the request: "Please tell us about
him, Mr. Washburn."
"There ain't much to tell," said thc
man, coming back to his scat, "cep-
tin' that hc come here broken in body
and spirit, a victim to opium er morphine er somc like drug. He told
mc all about it, how the habit first
started, how it grew on him, an' how
it downed him. He was fittin' himself fer law er some sech profession.
Took good marks at all his examinations an' all that, but with thc crav-
in' fer the drug growin' stronger an'
stronger. An' then he went down
with a crash. Two nights afore the
final examination ��� that was what
Dorkin called it���some one of them
professor chaps found that some student had broke into his desk an' stole
a copy of the examination papers.
"'Course you know without me tel-
lin' ye that them papers was found in
Dorkin's room.    It was    useless    fer
. him  to   deny:  his    guilt;    cv.erythin!-
pomtcd to, it,- so hc had to leave' the
college" in" disgrace.. Everybody turned
ig'in ,him, even  them who had been
.his closest pals.-   He didn't have no.
spirit .left  to  fight .the drug���simply
.  gave" himself up-to''it,1, hc did.    Then,
jest afore the cn'd,he come,up here."
"The    native    brushed-   his    fingers
through his- bristling red- goatee' and
; ��milcdi       . ��� ���   ..    ������'.
:--   '.'Then  hc  come  up "here/!, he  repeated, "an' I was at the station the
night- he arrived. ...   y ���.- y-' '..
""--"I "saw a big,;thin-chrteked, hollow-..
eyed young feller tumble of! thc.-.train
and   stan'   lookin   'about'him, - dazed
like.  .1-Went-tip an' spoke to him'.-'.;Hc
- looked at mc like a man-in a dream,
' an'. said:���      . " '���;    . ��� ���'.'. ,;-."-���' Xy. .;,.-,' "'
.." " 'Wotild".ybu'.- mind  tellin'. me  the
name of this place?' - He' said, it" so
simplc an'' there -was, scch a softness
an' wistfulness" in; the ..voice/that ~ I'
. took tb him,at.'ohcc:; ���'���-   ',;��� ' ���. :C ; ���-' '-
..���.'_   "'This here'is'Lookup/ says-I.,';-���
'���;���'   -" 'Lookup,' say's 'h'e, an' then again
. he says, 'Lookup/ as.though he"was
"~tryin'-7t6"fix'the """name "ih his";mind/,"
..,." ."'Might ';be   you've.'-got '.off-; the
wrong stop?'-1"suggests: -,'.  He shook
his head.. 'I've allers' got   off .at ""the
,-. ^wrong stop,,-friend/ he says/an'- then.
. -again; he  Whisper's "'Lookup/ -jest, as
'-.;though he" liked the -name. -"'.He sort
.. o* .rolled .it in. his. mouth,." ye,-  know;
-,/tastin' it like,-an' when ..he said it, he
;   said: it'-"low,'.-as .though it pleased,'him
-;.mightily..'. -..-' : -'���     X~ .....   . -,:-..- .....
/-"Arc-yc comin'.dowri to the Settle-
'mcn.t?' I asks. -He looked at me, cr.:
-".-looked .down at me, fer I .must say:
,-;;he. Was a' tall, big-shouldered" feller,
-".. though tliin ari',shaky, an?- my- old",
. heart-fcjt might sorry fer him;'cause
���V I. took him-fcr-"a;.iimgcr,'- ye sec; an'
.'-"I'd.-seen'plenty of '-ira1 comc an' -few
X of 'em go/\   '
'���: }'".What's your; nameV he-asked mc,
���~;  an'. I told; hini.
^.."'Mr:- Washburn/  says  he,  *I  like
your looks .an' I'm goin' to. tell ybu
��� somethin.' jest on that account.    I'm
a fugitive/ says he-, slow" and impres--
,-sivc, 'an' 1 Want  to go in hidin' tip
here iri' this woods/
.."I  reckon  I  must have started at
���that,, fer he put his    hands    on    my
'   shoulders-an' says with a queer little
/smile that had pain behind it:���
."- ���  "'Not-a. fugitive from the law, but
from myself.    Did you ever hear; of
���   a drug-fiend?' hc says:
"I nodded!
'"Wall, I>m one/ he says, 'an'^-I'm
' jest about under.'-'.'- '-���'-"������
"He took- his hands from my shoul-..
dcrs an' fumbled .in an" inside, pocket
youngster, an 'when hc put a pocket-
book in my hands I stood thar swal-
lerin' hard an 'tryin' to say somethin'.
" 'There's money in that/ he says,
'quite a tidy sum of it. I don't want
it. It's yours, if you'll take me back
with you an' stay by me till I cave
" 'You mean take you back with me
to Lookup?' I asks.
" 'Yes/ says he, drawin' himself up
an 'tossin' his head, 'Lookup/ Then
he said it again, jest like he said it
afore, slow an' soft like, 'Lookup.'
"I handed him back his wallet an*
picked up his bag. 'You're welcome
to come along/ says'I, 'but not that
way. We don't need a whole lot of
money up here. All you kin do is
pay us your board, same's other people, an' we'll help you fight back/
says I.
.-"'Will ye?' he says, eager like,
'will 'yc?*
" 'I've said wc would/ I answers.
'There's thc democrat, an' there's
Moll an' Bess, best plugs in the settlement, an' there's a nice clean bed
up home, an' a nice supper, an' a
woman as is a woman who'll make
you fergct a lot of thc things you've
"Wc was Mongsidc my rig by now
an' I motioned him to climb up; but
hc stood there lookin' at mc an'
through mc. His facc was whiter an'
more drawed an' his eyes looked
morc sunk, I  thought.
"'Weak, ch?' I asks, puttin' my
hand beneath his elbow to help him
" 'wait/ he says, drawin' back. He
stood fer a minute cr two grittin' his
teeth, his facc gettin' whiter an' his
hands shakier. Then he jerked back
with a little growl like a hurt dog
would make, an' held out his left
arm. 'Look,' he says, "see them little
blue marks?'
" 'Yes,' I says, 'I see 'em.'
" 'Wall/ says he, 'them was made
by the needle. Put your hand in my
inside pocket an' take out that leather case/ he says. 'Hurry, man, afore
I change my mind.'
"I did what hc asked, wonderin' if
he wasn't jest a little off his head,
but feclin' too much pity fer him to
repent of my bargain.
"I took out thc littic leather book
an' stood fumblin' with it.
" 'Open it/ he says, an' I opened
it. There,, inside it, lay three tiny
bottles an' a lecllc shiny instrument
which I learned later was called a
hyperdermic syringe.
'"What's these?' I asked.
'"He -looked at me an'-then-his
eyes dropped to the:leather book...
' " 'They're hell, damnation, death/
hc shivers. 'Throw,'em.away! Tramp
on 'em!' he screams, an'-almost afore
the words was out of his mouth I'd
dashed 'cm bn the.rocks and ground
ray heel.'on''em.' ,' y
'"Down; with hell,. ..damnation**'and
deathI''says I, thinkin'- it best -to
humor "him; biit ��� he wasn't heariri'..
He sort o1'swayed,-and afore I knovv-
cd it he was. down before 'them
smashed'bottles," gatherin.- ."up the
splinters an' weepin' an' wailin'' ovcr
'cm" as-though-they-were his very
life.'.-...""       Xixyii X X" :"' ;������'._"
'.."I went over to.-the station an' got
big Bill Stover, .the agent,' to help me
put him ini the-rig; "then. I took- him
.home here." '--, - --.-''���'-'--:"���*/"������
���'.   Pa -Washburn paused.-and. felt for
his.pipe.,' -��� -../-.   /' -" - "������ - ���,'.'������_ "XX'/-;
'*.-; "I"ain't goin''to' prolong'tliis story
none,"  he.said; ."All.I'm- goin'' "to
say,is this/-That.wreck of a nian,was
.Dorkin,-ah  'fer a - long-time. it.'vv.as.
which an't' 'other would .Win,.- all" that
hell  he'd, soaked  his- frame ; with   er
this,"-���Her waved ,towards- the; spicy,
cloud:fleckcd out of'doors.-   ;��� ....-, .'
;- .'''But.-.Look-up'Vvohat-.last/ I never
saw scch-a change" worked'in. a. hian
.afoife, cr "since. '-Today there, ain't Uyo
men' in/this here. Settlement-can lift
an'.-.carry..-the.load" Dorkin--kin:   He's'
���.'mighty 'well --Hired .by,-everybody,' .too,
barrih! a;"few.outlaw tappers sech as
D.altori's gang," ari'-one er'-two others;
who. arcjealoiis of hini on account of
his owni'n' a sort, of private Preserve;
(Td .be.-continued.)
In Canada
Different Conception of Canada Says
Sir Charles Starmer
"The abounding prosperity one sees
everywhere" is what has most impressed Sir Charles Starmer, Northern Echo, Darlington, Yorks, who declared that as a result of the visit of
the newspapermen from the old/coun-
try Canadian stock would boom in
England. The newspapers in the
past had, hc said, not given enough
publicity to Canada. Thc governments, provincial andd federal, had
done their work well, but they had
not been supported as they should by
the newspapers. Now newspapermen were seeing things with thcir
own eyes, and the effect would bc an
impetus to immigration t.o the Dominion.
Sir Charles, who has paid several
-visits to Canada, spoke of thc marked
changes hc had noticed from the maritime provinces westward. "There is
vcry much greater refinement everywhere," he observed, "and a noticeable improvement in thc streets aud
buildings. Even in fifteen ycars,"
said hc, "thc progress is amazing. I
have just had another look around
this great city of yours which has in
it the makings of a city with a population of a million within the next
25 ycars." Sir Chailes, beforc this
comment, had dwelt upon thc enthusiasm with which the people of Canada undertook things. "To people
from thc Old Country it is rather
terrifying the tremendous projects
you back as if tlicy were quite ordinary, everyday affairs." As an alderman of ycars service in his own city
he indicated he could speak from experience.
Contrasting the profusion of food
he saw everywhere with what he
described as the extremely short supplies in England, Sir Charles Starmer alluded to the severe rationing
during thc period of the war. Cauada, to him, appeared to bc recovering more rapidly from the effects of
the struggle. "You seem to have got
back to absolute peace conditions
here," hc remarked. "We have not
yet reached that ideal stage'." The
people, he said, also seemed to be
morc contented. ��� Winnipeg. Frec_
Farmer Should
Grow Own Trees
Heavy Yields of Rye Grass
"Threshed Out at tlie Rate of 303 Lbs.
Of Seed to the
In an experiment .conducted at the
Dominion Experimental Station- at
Beaver Lodge, in -northern Alberta,
recently, it was found that rye grass
threshed out at the rate of 303 pounds
of seed to" the acre, all of Which has
graded  No.  1  at  the  Calgary    Seed
Home  Nursery, is Cheapest Method
For Prairie .Farms"
Txhe question-is of ten asked by the
Journal readers: "If thc "nursery sta-
i -tion at Indian- Head is already producing trees for prairie planting fully
up  to  its" capacity,  how-is any. new
demand  to/be.'.met? -   Can-  fanners
grow their own trees from seed?""'
'   Mr. Norman- M.. Ross, -chief of the
Tree -Planting Division; has the. foi-'
lowing.-to say  regarding    the   'farm
nusery under, prairie conditions:
"Where seeds of native trees can
be.obtained the cheapest method'of
getting".seedlings' is for .the." planter
to'grow''theui himself."". Most of ,the
hardy/varieties' are very easily- raised
from seed, thc: labor-.and. expense in
this connection" on.a farm ampuuting-
to' ve'ry-":little/--.; ���.-   ."/'' ..-'"   - ���"���"-/    _-".
' Seed "should -always-, be 'procured, if
pos'sible/;frpin mature trees-'grbwing
under' cliriiati.c and dllicr; conditions
similar to those' thc.-secdlings will-.be
���expected;"-to/endure. The "Manitoba
.maple has/a'.'very w_ide_~range,-/and-
seed" might be" procured'almost .any-
.where" in "North~America/:/It."would-
be .found, however, that .that, picked;
in-.-lhc.Southern States/or. even- in
-Eastern'.Canada/'.would' hot produce
-seedlings hardy-, in; tlie'prairie provinces. .The'; growing season, is .much
longer in,, tlic East than- in. thc .'West,
and it-has been.found that "seedlings
from eastern'.seed do-not ripen up or
mature early- enough- 'to..escape', tlic
fall. frost., on. the" ..prairies. ...and are.
consequently'cut bacl/- The greater,
the difference'there is between conditions of- growth affecting the par-
cut trees aiid thosc "experienced by
thc seedlings,, the greater^the difficulties the latter have to 'contend
with. ��� This shows that -many characteristics arc acquired by tlie secd-
fioin the parent trees, so tliat it
would al.ways be wise to get seed
from th.e. best individuals, and .to
avoid, where possible, taking it from
dwarf or stunted trees. Seed from
young trees do not generally' have
so' good a! germinating percentage as-i
that burnt- Ly uiatuirc ones.
The amount of land a farmer would;
require for Jus nursery is very siy'all;!
Painful back trouble indicates .diseased kidneys.       ���
Don't neglect the first symptoms.
When you can't stoop or bend
without suffering pain���
When you notice urinary disorders
dizzy spells and constant headaches���
When your back aches, morning,
noon and night, when laugour and
restlessness  oppress  you���
Then will the telling merit of Dr.
Hamilton's Pills make you feel better in one day.
Dr. Hamiltons Pills exert a wonderful influence on the diseased tissues of the kidueys. Thcy heal and
soothe, give vitality and tone, put
new life into thc kidneys, and thus
prevent a  return of  thc  trouble.
Kidney sufferer, health awaits you
and happy cure is right at hand in
Dr. Hamilton's Pills. Note carefully
thc above symptoms, if thcy fit your
case, don't delay, but go at once to
your dealer and procure thc unfailing Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake
and Butternut, sold in yellow boxes,
25c each.
Canada's Water Power
An Industrial Asset
Estimated That 20,000,000 Horse
Power is Undeveloped
lt is indisputable that one of Canada's great industrial assets in the
near future will bc an amplified use
of her magnificent water-powers.
These are capable of great development notwithstanding the enormous
progress reported; and at a time
when industries are hard hit by the
scarcity or dcarness of coal, fresh
water-power installations will "keep
the pot boiling" in more senses than
The Water Powers Branch of the
Department of the I iterior has compiled and brought up to date statistics
bearing on the availab'c and u'ilized
water-powers of the Dominion This
shows that there are nearly 20,000,000
horse-power still undeveloped, that
thc total '-water-wheel and lurbin^
development is about 2,500.000 h.p.,
and that the ultimate designed capacity of plants now operating or under
construction is 3,384,000 h.p. Canada
has utilized, or arranged to utilize,
about one-sixth of thc water-powers
of the country, hot inducing the international water-powers of the St.
Mineral Wealth
The Valleys of the Oeean
Atlantic Covers Two Nearly. Four
. Miles Deep
The Atlantic ocean-covers two vast
valleys. One of these passes between,
the Cape; Verde-- Islands and the
Azores, and is of great "depth. "It
runs: close up to Europe, "and comes
to an end near the British Isles,
where a-ridge or crest of land separates it from the basin of. the -North
Sea. - ���"'     . '-- -     - '���; -
��� The other' valley, runs, in "the maiii-
paral.lel to the first, from which" it is
separated- by. an.-'elongated, strip  of
land,  of .which .the -Azores, forms,,a'
continuation" above. the .-water.   "This
strip docs not exceed a depth of 9,850.
feet,- while.its .height amounts to 6,560
feet.'"  /,,'.-.'��� ...   '/" .-      '".
.-;��� The  first-valley,  like" it's  confrere,,
.is '.also; very ."deep, its:.bottom  being,
situated .at" a'-depth"of -nearly/four-
miles .below '. the ".surface.      Passing
along South'Anierica and leaving the
"Beninidas.io;.thc.left,-it almost"touch/
bs uppit;Newfoundland.and Labrador
finally; ending  just'; south.' of -.Greenland. . / '���/.//   "'.yi.-X-  ���  -";"-
/The '; sub-Atlantic ". landscape -thus
.consists of'fwd* Vast' parallel valleys
or:m'ountains. 'Farther- j"ioi;th-the land,
lies -higher,' and "tlie sea is,; relatively,
speaking'shallower.   ''Between Greenland -anil-"the' continent;" close to Ice-,
"land, ;Vnd ; the". Channel".] si ands,. there-
is   a' huge  plain "free  froni   aiiy- depression worthy of mention; "It thus
appears qtiitc-clear, that, at-one  time
England  was'connected  fo  the, -continent.
Of Spitzbergen
Britain Leads in
Richer Than Was Generally Imagined a Decade Ago
Four months of sunlight in the
year, but. the sunless winter in the
mining regions is not so cold as it is
in Canada, thanks to the neighborhood of thc Gulf Stream and the prevalence of the westerly winds, and
there somebody, presses a button,
switches on thc electrical current and
illuminates the mining villages with
electrical Jjght. The work goes on,
and thc coal.fields, says the London
Times Trade Supplement, are still
estimated to hold morc than 200,000^
000 tons of coal, which is interesting
information nowadays, even to the
American citizen, whose coal bin is
such a long way from Spitzbergen.
These, however, arc the beds of thc
steam coal; and those which contain
household coal arc said to bc even
more extensive.
Nor is Spitzbergen without interest
to thc man who runs an automobile,
as well as to thc man who runs a
furnace. Therc arc muddy pools on
thc islands, where gas bubbles up
through the mud, and last ycar an
analysis of thc gas showed that it
contains a large percentage of petroleum. A ncw and hitherto unsuspected source of fuel had probably been
revealed by those bubbles of gas, and
now arrangements arc being pushed
to prospect the region thoroughly
with the likely result of finding a
new oil-bearing region. Spitzbergen
is richer than was generally imagined a decade ago; during thc last few
ycars, iron, copper.Tcad, gypsum, asbestos and other minerals, as well as
promising hints of gold and silver,
havc been discovered, and large beds
of colored marble have been opened.
All of which is interesting to thc
world at largc, and particularly interesting to the British interests,
which have acquired ownership ol
about three-quarters of thc mineral
area. Norwegians, Swedes, Dutch
and Germans arc also busy developing this island wealth, ovcr which, by
the decision of the League of Nations,
waves the sovereign flag of Norway.
United Kingdom Regains Supremacy
, ^ Over States in Ship
Harrison Watson, chief Canadian
Trade Commissioner in the United
Kingdom, in a report to the government, empha'si-zes the success of the
United Kingdom in resuming her former place of supremacy in ship-building hcjd'in pre-war days. He stated
that owing to the uninterrupted increase in the tonnage of merchant
vessels under construction in July, the
United Kingdom has almost reversed
her position pf a year ago in c6"m-
p'arison with the United States. A
ycar ago the tonnage building in thc
United States exceeded that under
construction in thc United Kingdom
by 1,350,000 tons, while thc surplus
at thc present timc in favor -of
the United Kingdom is about 1,470,-
000 tons. "It seems scarcely necessary to state," says Mr. Watson, in
hi3 report, "that thc extraordinary
increase in American ship construction which took place "during the war
was due to unique circumstances
which have now largely passed
Hawaiian Pup'.ls Are
V     Sugar Contractors
A littjc   flour   by any other name
would doubtless smell as wheat.
Study of Sugar Production Introduced Into School Course
Boys', of the   sixth,    seventh    and
^ '
eighth grades of the public schools
ori the Island of -Hawaii are contract
planters and are,.raising sugar cane
in connection witlr. the industrial
work being done by' them in the
regular public school course.
Study of sugar production has been
introduced this year into the school
course. Each boy electing to take
this course signs a contract with a
plantation" for tlie cultivation oi a
tenth of an acre of cane. In connection with the practical work the students study tbe processes of production from the planting of the cane to
the marketing of the sugar and its
by-products. ��� ..
The Hanokaa School, for example,
started this work with 20 pupil contractors on two acres of school land.
Honomu school has 19 boys who
have rented land from thc plantation.
Thc returns from this work accrue
to thc pupil. Hc pays rent for thc
land and secures customary advances
for fertilizer, planting and other charges, on which hc pays interest at the
rate of seven percent.
He Ought to Know'Better ./
Therc is no usc trying to joke with
a woman.    Thc    other    day ~ Jones
heard a pretty good conundrum and
decided to try it ononis wife.
"Do  you  know   why   I   am  like  a
mule?" lie  asked her when  he  went
home.,   .
"No,"    shc ��� replied    promptly.    "I-
know you.are, but I-don't know why
vou arc."   .       ' '
Chinaman's Five "Buttons - ,
There" are' always, five buttons on
thc Chinaman's coat to remind him of
the five virtues recommended by Con-
fucious: Humanity", justice, . order,
prudence," rectitude:    "'       " ���   ,
ForThree Years. Hard and
Awfully Sore..Disfigured.
Cuticura Heals.
"I had.been suffering with a pimply face for three. years. - My face.
was full-of pimples;&nd they were,
hard and awfully sore. They festered . and dried. up, arid were ��� scaly,
and-disfigured-my face; They caused
rrie to lose a lot. of sleep,' and were
awfully itchy, making ine scratch and
��� irritate my face. ��� ,
' ';-."_* started to. use. Cuticuia. ;Soap;
and Ointment and I used two cakes
of, Cuticura Soap and two boxes of
Cuticura Ointment when"" I. was
: healed." (Signed) .Clifford Yeomans7,
East C.hezzelcook,' N. S. ���' -���",
:'-: Use Cuticura for'every-day toilet
purposes: 'Bathe with Soap, soothe
; with Ointment, dust with Talcum.
Soap 25c, Ointment 26 *nd 50c. Sold
throughout thsDominion. CanadianDepot;
Lymani, Limited, St. P��ul St., Montreal.;-
iy*i>  Cuticura Soap thave* without muz.
Cord or
Economy is: a saving* bank.
into which men drop pennies
and get dollars in return.,
economy   of   Partridge
is in their durability.
giving long service they
save new tire costs, and
their dependable wearing
qualities eliminate the
expense of repairs.
Game  as  Their   Name
Not.Aspirin at Ail without the,'-'Bayer Cross"
The name "Bayer" identifies the
;lonly "genuine: Aspirin,���the Aspirin
."prescribed by physicians'for over nineteen years and now made in Canada.
AJways buy an unbroken package
' of "Bayef Tablets of Aspirin" which
contains proper directions fof. Colds,
Headache,. Toothache, Earache, Neuralgia, Lumbago, Rheumatism, Neilri-
tis, Joint Pains, and Pain generally.
"Tin boxes of 12 tablets cost but
a few cents.  Larger "Bayer" packages..
Tlere is only one Aspirin���"Bayex"��-Yon mnst say "Bayer"
"- Aspirin Ib tho trado mark (registered In Canada) of Ba.ycr Manufacture fit Mono��-'
ecetlcacldeater. ot S&llcylicacid.    Whllft it ls well  known that Aspirin ' means'Bayer
manufacture,,to assist tho public against Imitations, the Tablets of Bayer Company,
���m\X\ 6e stamped with thcir general trado" mark, tho "'Bayer Cros*."   .
of his. coat.
;.-, spring night, an'/lhc sun-.had' left.-a;|
-; tiny..stnng of tra"cks;in-the',sl>y above
-��� OM'.Creation 'Hills,";an' he stood' fac1..
.' in'; tlic -lights - so ihat;.his".white:"face
Laboratory. This yield at the current (in fact, one-quarter to one-half an
retail price for rye grass would come
to over $90 per acre. Thc superintendent of the farm statcs that owing
to the conditions of harvesting and
threshing, he. is of the opinion that
not ��� much more than- half tlie "vieid
was'recovered.     , ,' ;  - *
- New - experiments ������ arc being "made
-at-.this station--all' thc timc" with a
view. ttr-aico:.''a'nihg. which .'varieties
.I .remember, it .was7;' a '."of grains, and other,-crpps yield best
Sraaaf-fed Eyelids,
Eye!'.inflamed by. tipo-
. turetcSn, BtSiacd Wltd
, ^_   __.: quickly relieved by SJIsrfM
' ^erf* EycScae-y. NoSmHtms
'& w*^Jurt Eye Comfort.: At
Y��or Drojsfatter by bbsO ��8e". per Bottle,
for 8*e_ *! fis Eye free writ*~-yy;-.: >a
many ..very, valuable restilts-'havc" been ���
ob-UiinVd-'at..the' Braver Lodge 'a'nd..,at
the-ibthcr'F.xrieiimcntalf-.'.'Farrris ... and
Stations in-va-ibus-.par:ts'of 'the;prai-'.
Interesting Venture
Tlic   Canadian  Abrasive  Company,
at "Victoria, B.C., has licen - inco'rpbr- ;
atctl  with' a capital: of/ $100,000, aritl.i-
.will/have-a factory .in   operation' at'
Vancouver, within, "a - short  time.. The i..
paper  used  in   ihe-manufacture : will j-
bc   obtained from   local   plants,  and '
| the hard rock from the limitless slip-:
plies of thc. British "Columbia .iijoti.ii"-'
tains."   This is believed to be the first
purcly  Canadian  venture  in - tliis. in-
r. .      . du'stry, and the initial'plant is "to cost
acre   would   be  more   than   sufficient| ^j  $500)000.     The . provincial"-de-,
in 'the. ordinary case.    Any land that j       tmcnt of ..hl(fustrics has loaned.-the \
is in a suitable conditions for growing garden: crop and is at the samc
time moderately protected from the
high winds, would. do for this purpose. The best soil for the nursery
is. rich, sandy.' loam. .. It- should, be
located near the house so that thc
work "could be done in odd.moments."
e;higher; latitudes;and, are most 112,Q0O,00Q. Children Orphaned by War
I'>;to"tlie" dimatic conditions of j   "ivelv-e " mi��K>n'i:hildreri in Europe
iho province; ^.Already   lost ��-  . - both .parents 'duridg}the
���/war," -it-", is.'; shown ��� -'��� by... compilations
"gathered by", representatives-. of   the
;,Red Cross, ; inv,;eigbteen /countries,
Russia- lead's' with, four-.millio'n.-anii
;rid";proViric^'and,;rriuch uw.fufcinfoiw.-F^ce-vha.-one -million: vAiSaniavJs
'mn'tirm'.' Y\rrr.ltrh} -. in'- licrlt?. -   '-- ���    ���.���. ''��      .-   '-'.'     ''.,j_'/ir'_i . '.t-.--iv ririn z -~ ".'���".'- -'.-'
mation {. brought. -��� to:- light
last on ;:tihe;flist with .17,000,X
.. :;I^st;..ycar.;the.number of visitctr"5 to \. X ���'Aromatic iioney exceU'ed inrnd'oth-;
���the"-,", "Loiidon:'. -Zoological- '--gardens-- .rrjoyaiiiy. is';"J)roduc"ed ���-'by ' the;bee��
reached- ihe'.record- total ���Zoiil.05.^2: 'X0f \&\ [V ��� Xy ��� yy - yy.'yy; \ ; Zyxy
compaiiy-$22,000 over a period, of ten
;    Piano 200 Years Old
. The. oldest piano in existence was
made by. Cristfori in the year 1720,
and is still in good condition. But its
sound is; more like that of a harp
than a piano^ for its wires* instead of
being struck by-hammers, are plucked by points of-'quill or _pi \ hard
lczthtTi'/i->Xy y = ;Xx.yX ��� Xi'X'Xy V
i'Xy'X'ii Discover. Oil Flow.;. Xi'ii
X Oil has been; struck in.'small .quan-,
tities- in theiJvrtM ,of ��� the Imperial. Oil
Company at-Fort .Normanin; the; far
;nprthi-'at��� a^. depth of -450 feet,\ accord--
Provide the only means, by which you ..can "keep  an. absolute accurate, check on. your sales.- The
new luxury tax and sales-tax makes it necessary to keep such.a record.   WVmake sales books/,
suitable for any line of- business, .with, either . duplicate, or triplicate .copies.   .... -.'X.'
^ ^      m :.;S:4;S""
.   There is a;r heavy, demand Just ','npw,"for   triplicajj books. . We make a great variety of.
triplicate books, both, in separate carbon leaf ..and black back, style. .-.-'. ./' ;
Write tis for sample and prices, before, placing your, next ordcr.or ask any of our agents :���
tp give you'this information. .  ,.- ' ;  >."    ', '*-.���"   '' iy X - ���
Vegetable Parchment BM^r Wrapper^ '
We are. in the best position of any fym in Canada to fill your order promptly for pa.rcli-
nftnt butter wrappers, either printed'or. plain. We are large importers of this brand of paper,
and have special facilities for printing wrappers   in either, one or two colors of ink.
Xxiiy;, ^/,/ ^-:vy^^ia;;;7PAp
;��� '������;.'".-'We'^aIso?manufacture"a-;-'completc"���.Hue" of  waxed bread and meat wrappers, plain or print'd,...
:;,.- ���TOxed;papcrVrolls;,f6r-Kome use,-and:\v^ed papers for all purposes: :.
���-. ". X y.  -Our equipment is -the 'most", modern and.; complete to be. found in Canada.;. Our good^are ���-_
.first class-and our^service is'prompt. ; Let us.prove this to you on your next order for Coun-.v.
''.:. -'-.ter Chcck^'Boo^,v Parchment "Paper,,;or-Waxed .XP^k. X X yyX'X'yii\XX XX' ZX XiZiXyyX' ii-Z Xyi
'��� '��� :''Forsijnotatioai-.apply -.to'pnbljsher".-ef:"thu-;papcr...'..,:'-.-.'.';-;..��� '.   .. -,'',-;.'���.*-';,'.-:.'- .-V'v :'v '-���-'������ 'X-'-XX .X'X- ���'.'��� 'Xy-.
wmmmm mmmmimxm
iXX- '-HAMILTON,':ONT^-BSANCH:;vOF^ICE3"-^ -.-: AT.-"';XXXX-Xi
THE-   LEDGE.     GREENWOOD,     B.     0.
1 -I
si -
Stand-Up For the Law
Recent 'events in Canada, both east
and west, point to the necessity of
great care being exercised,; not so
much1 uy the authorities, perhaps,>as
by lhe people in general; to safeguard
one of the Dominion's finest traditions and at the same time protect the
liberties of the citizen*.
Canada has long been recognized
throughout the world, and.-especially
in the great republic to the south, as
a country where law was respected
and obeyed, where even-handed justice was administered to high and
low, rich and poor alike, and where
sooner or later the long1 arm-of the
law would get thc guilty. In the
United Statcs, where so many murderers escape just- punishment vfdr
thcir crimes, where the law's delays
are almost interminable', and where,
as a result of a lack of public confidence iu thp, machinery of justice,
lynchings are not infrequent, the reputation borne by Cauada was. an invaluable asset, lt is an asset Canada
cannot afford to lose, nor allow to be
A few weeks ago, however, a
group of men in southern Saskatchewan took the law into thcir own
hands and- drove a labor agitator out
of the country, threatening' him with
lar and feathers if he returned. On
August 16, at Thorold, Out., a mob
stormed the town jail and finally set
lire to it in an effort to take a prisoner from the officers of the law in
order that lliey might execute him
themselves, .although he had not yet
been found guilty of the crime
of which hc was accused. Fortunately, common sense and an appeal to
British fair play was effective in restraining the passions of the mob
beforc it took the irretrievable step.
People, however, must be on thcir
guard against "such exhibitions and
acts, "if Canada is not to suffer in
the eyes of-thc world, and the rights'
and liberties of its own people placed
in jeopardy. ; Even in the earlier
days when the west -\yas "wild and
woolly," and nt the tyne of the grcat>
stampede fry-the - Yukon' . law was
maintained aud respected so effectively as to call forth the admiration of
all countries;������ -It is as necessary as
ever that it should continue to bc
maintained. The world; has passed
through a great war when, human
life seemed to be the cheapest commodity in'the world, and "as-Si "result
many people do not look upon the
take of human 'life as seriously as of
old. But the .old conception of the
sacredncss of human life must bc fully re-established, and it is the duty of
all citizens' Id .assist by precept and
practice to such -restoration, and to
oppose bjr all ^legitimate.., means' in
their power anything that tends- to
weaken and destroy, confidence in thc
law.'- . "������-."     '   ���,
- The.maintenance of law" and order
is the foundation "of any .- organized
state.   Without respect,, for law, and
-lacking order, society could not exist,
all "property would soon cease to havo
any value,, family', tics would be dis-.
solved, and-human life ultimately be
the plaything of the'murderer and as-'
, sassin.-'" -        .' -   V ..
.' Do "away witli; law, and respect for.
it���which, of course, would follow the
non-ciifor'c.eincnt-of law���and disorder -would reign"'supreme' All mankind "would revert to only- one law���
the law of the jungle,: the - law that
might is right and.must-and will.prevail."  -..-,       .._ ���-" . -
livery".man and woman realizes in
' their .innermost -beings'  that'this   is
'rtrue;-"a'nd that; the" whole '.organism' on
which human'society-rests has been
evolved and'erected .because;of gan-
eral acceptance of the absolute neces-
-sily of "a. state"- of law and order. Mob.
rule is evil and .vicious in .the highest .degree.-���     '     . ��� .;-: -.:���������- '.
. . Thc maint'esaiicc-bf-' order,-' rests
absolutely iri' respect for and the up-
. holding of the law.   And' the uphold-.
"ing. of- the Haw*���which;-.after, all, is
but the: concrete' expression"; of "the
.will  of. flfcr majority- of -lhc  people���'
yiX dependent", upon- respect-   for,   and'
.unqualified"'support of; those,who-are
appointed , lo administer' .the-' ;la\v��
���which.tlic'people through, their/ clcc ty
cd;-,representatives ; have, enacted - for
thc "common good and .protection'of
/all/   i'X ..'' y yX-;} .   .'-- Xi'Xi;
-There'can be only '.oiic.,puU-,oihc.rc7
. suiting"-.froiiifa; loss' of' public "'co'iifidr
encc, in- .lhc 'adininislraliori -ofjuslicc
.iii.'lliis country, and through the"acts,
of-thc- people', taking'.the /lav/, into
their, own'hauds���-Jaw'. willbe super-:
ceded; by/liccnsc; -"anarchy    will"; re-'
place order. . Life and property will
become playthings of the passions of
men, and. all those precious liberties
and that freedom, to....defend and
maintain -which' our heroic soldiers,
died and suffered in their hundreds of
thousands, and which aloiic tan' be
maintained under a system of law and
order, will'be destroyed, and a state
of disorder and chaos, prevail.
Every -person who" joins ��� in or
cheers on a mob is undermining the
very foundations of that law which, is
his own safeguard and theprbtection
of his family and his^ property.1
To Make a Pound of Honey
It is Clear That the  'Busy  Bee' is
Well Named
Thc Manchester Guardian quotes
experts as saying that this is to be
a good season for honey, and it adds
that many people will, welcome: the
news, though few realize the enormous effort a single pound of honey
necessitates on thc part of the bees.
"In a pound jar," The Guardian explains, "there is the concentrated essence of over. 60,000 flowers. . It is
calculated .tliat to make'a pound of
clover honey thc bees must take nectar from* 62,000 blooms and make 2,-
750,000 visits in the process. Often
thc journey from the liivc to thc
flowers and back runs lo two miles,
so that thc making of a pound of
honey entails journeys aggregating
b.vcr 5,000,000 miles. When it is remembered that a single colony oi
bees will produce "from sixty. to
eighty pounds of honey in a'S"eason
it is clear that.the 'busy bee" is-well
named.'' .,���,:��������� ':���   -
Advocate Tree Planting
No season of the year is so dangerous loathe life of little ;oncs a.> is the
summer. The excessive heats throws
the littic stomach out/ of order so
quickly that unless prompt aid is at
hand the' baby may be beyond all
human help beforc the mother realizes he is ill. Summer is 'the season
when diarrhoea, cholera , infantum,
dysciitry and colic are most- ^prevalent. 'Any of -.-tiiesc troubles-, may
prove deadly if not. promptly, treated.
During the summer mother's best
friend is Baby's Own Tablets. They
regulate the ibowels, , Sweeten 'he
stomach;an.1 keep,, baby.:healthy. "The
Tablets ai'c sold' $>y medicine dealers
or-by mail at 25 cents.a box from
Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockviile,  Out.    ...
Trees of Benefit in Preventing Evaporation in the Summer
The tree plaining car sent to the
prairie provinces by the Canadian
Forests Association has been stopped
for inspection at many of the leading
towns and cities. Mr. Archibald Mitchell, who is in charge of the exhibits
in. the car is advocating shelter belts
as a protection against soil drifting
arid other wind damage. In his opinion ten percent of the country should'
be under trees to make it fit for habitation.      ��� 	
Questioned" as to the method of
planting' Mr. Mitchell said:  .    ,'
"Strips of wood across each quarter
section, running north' and south,
would go a long way toward solving
many of lhc dry farm problems of the
west. Even if the growing of grasses
becomes universal, as is proposed, the
trees would be of the greatest benefit
in retaining the snow in the winter
and preventing evaporation in the
summer, thereby storing a greater
supply of moisture for thc-.growth of
the grass."   ->- -'
Mr. Mitchell maintains that the
planting of trees is not a difficult ,job
as on& man and one team can plant
1,000 trees in a day, that it takes 1,800
trees to cover ��i acre at 4x6, which
is work for two men for one day.
"Two acres iri two days wouldn't
take'much lime from the wheat planting season," he remarked. "Usually
the farmer neglects planting trees
because hc thinks hc cannot spare
the time, but the two days taken out
of the middle of the wheat seeding
period would not bc lost, but would
simply bc transferred to thc end-and
thc"small amount of damage incurred
by the .change, through a pos'sible
frost is not compared with the advantage "to be derived in later ycars
from the trees'. "������ Possibly in two or
three years the farmer may be thankful that he spent two days to plant
them as it is possible thc only crop
he will have will bc that behind the
shelter belt."    ..."-���'���'
U. S.  History at Oxford
From Oxford conics thc interesting
note that Viscount,"Rothermere.. has
offered to Oxford University" through
lhe chancellor,-on certain���" specified
-conditions, a'sum-of $100,000 for the
establishment and endowment "'of a
professorship.'of the history of lhc
United Stales ^f-America, to be styled' the Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth
Professorship of Amcrican.History in
memory of. his son,- Capt.'. the Hon.
Harold Vyvyan; Harmsworth; - M.C.,
Irish Guards, formerly- commoner of
.Christ Church,, who was killed in the
war. ' "-.'--
Great Fishing .Territory ;
That the'lakes' of Northern- Sask-.
alchewan arc from a .fishing point of
view the finest iff.Canada, .is-the opinion.of G. Sigurdson,. ,a 'fisherman
who, ..with- his crew of three caught-
300,000:'pouiKls of whitefish in Buffalo
Lake'last"year.-- It is stated lhat Buffalo. Lake is teeming .with" fish, and
is" only one of the many similar lakes
.of the ji.oxth....lTJi.c_only- difficulty" is
transorlatioir, and witli one railway,
it is estimated that at.-least.300 car-
.loads of fish "could be brought out of
hc northern- lakes- each  season..
Minard's Liniment Relieves Distemper./ .. .-.."���;-";.; ���/���'���_���-    ���: . ' ...
Supplies Scarce in Far North
.Arrivals from thc Jiead of Pelly.
River, 200 miles north o\ Fort Selkirk, bear word, that the stores in
that district have been out of supplies
for months. They. have not had a
grain of sugar.since Christinas, The
steamer Thistle, however, has just
arrived at the head of navigation with
ample supplies for the coming winter.
A little "Danderine" stops your hair
coming out and doubles ,
its beauty
���To stop failiiig.hair at once and rid
thc scalp -of-.every particle- of dandruff, get a.small bottle" of delightful'
"Danderine" at any drug .or toilet
counter for a few cents,- pour-a little
in your handand rub it into the scalp.
After several applications. <tW hair
usually"."stops"" coming "but" and you
can't find any dandruff. Help-your
hair grow strong, thick and long and
become'soft, glossy and twice as
beautiful and .abundant. ���     .    .. -    .
��� Among lhc Hindus cnbnnous'-sums.
.are^'spent oft the cremation of....the,
richer "classes.in' sandal-wood; .    '��� '
Are.tiiarkablc.bird, found -in .Mexico
is. the-bee martin,, which lias a'trick-
of ruffling- if p-. ihc feathers oii'-top of"
its head .into the 'exact 'resemblance,
of "a.'"beautiful.' flpwc'r; when",a lice
"c.oiiics along' to''sip. ..tlic"- honey /from.!
lire, supposed-flower" it is snapped iip, .
by llic. bird.   ......'-"-     .'O-'' "-'��� . '..'--
..The-Riksdag:has; passed/legislation
looking to thc. electrification" of -.the
entire system " of .-stale railroads.', in
Sweden.  ���������'���_,,'��� -'-   s ���
.' "jell ""mc;". said the . solicitor'-for
the'prosecution, "w.c.r.c jou present at
the '/inception of'. l!ie "altercation ?".
"Xo;. .sir,"- replicd'.thc' wiincss,' "biit,f
'was/there, tvlicii'.-ilio," fi.^Iit started.'-'���-
London -Xit-..biIs. "������   -    ���'." ..-   "���    ���"
��� 'Miner's Worm";' Powders" dp"1.'not
nced-'lhc. after-help/of-castor oil or
any/purgatives .-'to ��� complete '.,their
'ihorpiighnpss, because thcy arc.found
in themselves. ".Onedo.se of;llrcin and
-they will be .found palatable by -all
.children,--will end the worrii trouble
by-'making..the stomach -,an"<l bowels
untenable- to'tho parasites-. -Arid iib.t
only, this, "but tho' pb.w'ders will' be
certain :lo :��;xcrt"jiiosV beneficial' in-'
-YItiriscc's in-'the digestive .organs.'--
There can scarcely be ,any doubt
but what the sin here meant is that
which we studied last Sunday, namely
David's soul during this time. It
and 12). About a year had elapsed
from the time oL David's sin to his
repentance. The Thirty-second Psalm
graphically pictures the state of
David's soul during thi s time. It
was a ycar of great soul-anguish; day
and night he-was lashed by a guilt}
conscience. In this psalm we sec the
path by which a guilty soul may return vto God.
I. David's Cry for Pardon ((vv. 1, 2).
It is well to note his conception oi
God.   He saw hiin as,a God of mercy
and loving kindness. '        v
1. "Have Mercy" (v. 1). Hc knew
that justice would forever separate
him from God. Because he saw the
mercy and loving kindness of God he
did not sink down under this weight
of gloom and despair. Because Judas Iscariot did not see God as a God
of mercy he went out and hanged
himself. .   /
2. "Blot out my transgressions" (v.
1). Hc was fully conscious how many
had been his acts of rebellion against
3. Wash me from my inquiry" (v.
2). He knew that it was not enough
to have God blot out his sin, for his
very person was defiled. . He knew
that in order to bc clean he must be
washed thoroughly, and that by God
himself. y    '���
4. "Cleanse me from my sin" (v. 2).
He was not clear that washing would
make clean, so hc pleads with
God, to make him clean by whatever
process is needed. He was even willing for fire.ito be applied, just so
he could be 'clean.
II. David's Confession (vv. 3-5).
1. "I acknowledge' my transgressions" (v. 3). He now makes a clean
breast of them���he would hold back
nothing. There 4s no way to peace
with God but by a full confession of
sin. No half-hearted dealing with siu
will avail. ,
2. "Against Thee^have I done this
evil" (v. 4). All sin is vitally and
really against God; All our wrongdoing with,ovur fellows is against God,
for such deeds violate His laws. To
heighten all this guilt he remembers,-
that it was done in God's sight, thus
showing disrespect and contempt for
him. ��.-
3. "Behold, I was shapen in inquity"
(v. 5). Hc confesses not only to
these acts of.sin, but lhat he is by
very nature a sinner. ...
III. David's Cry for Deliverance (vv'.'
v 6-9).-, .-;���.;"    '
1. "Make me..to know" wisdom" (v.
6). He, asked God that instead of
heart, wickedness he might be taught
by God himself in his inmost nature.
2. "Purge me with hyssop" (v. 7.
David seems to.sec that in order to
be.cleansed there is need of applying
atoning blood. - His prayer soars aloft
on the wings of faith to the supreme
sin offering, Christ! - .
3. Restoration ((vv. 8, 9).    He not
only wants-pardon, biit-restoration- to
the divine'favor iri Jesus: Christ..-
IV; "David's Cry For Purity.of Heart
. vv.'; 10-12), -'.'.'" ....
.He realized that if his life was to
be different, Gbd must dispose his
heart toward' the right, so he cried
for ..the holy spirit to. not be taken
away from--him. ���'. ' .' ~'";'",-
V. Dayid's-.Vows. (yv..-13-17-).-;���---.' -'--
' 1.. To tell God's..mercies, to otilers
(v. -13). The one who, has experienced God's forgiveness.at'once'desires;)
to tell it. to others. , ,'"-'-'./:,.. ."-������'
2.;To sing.aloud.o'f-God's righteousness ,"(y. 14).'He-saw that the'.application of God.'s mercy and- loving-
kindness was on .the.ground "of .righteousness and justice. - He. had vowed
to-preach, how. lie. vo'ws/-to -.sing.;'' / ...
. -3.-.To" show forth. Gbd!s'"praise' (v.-
15).. When, the Lord opens a man's'-
lips,' then, his, lips'shall  sing of "liis-
.praises;   ;'..   ,"���_',-_"-'- .    .-.", -.-"'"'-  ������.:���"���'
. 4. The reason; assigned"(vv.11.6, -17).
It-is because the-sinner- has seen.tht;
-supreme--sacrifice, -'"Christ/'aiitl" with, a
:c6n"trite heart- presents Ihe.-mcrits' oi-
Clirist-'Je'siis; .God's-'remedy "f<\r sin..
^fgg^aisasrj-/ ^^'^'^ js&i
Food scientists claim that the leavener is largely
responsible for the flavor* texture and, whole*
someness of your home baking. That on no
other one ingredient does so much depend. It is
important* therefore, to use a baking powder
that you know possesses the necessary leavening
Contains No Alum.
and is the only strictly high class baking powder
in Canada selling at a moderate price. Its reputation is built on purity and highest quality.
The only well known medium priced baking
powder made in Canada that does not contain
alum and that has all its Ingredients plainly
stated on the label.
Difficulties of the
Obscure Addresses  Often Tax  The
Ingenuity of Officials
One; of thc problems faced by the
postmaster, and, morc often than not,
solved by the postmaster, 'is the obscure address. Recently two .letters
were received at the Winnipeg^ post
office���letters which, be it remarked,
have since reached their destination
���that for a'time-taxed the ingenuity
of the officials. ""
The first was addressed to a party
at the "Scpior Hotel, Winnipeg, Canada." To lookat this address is to
be mystified; but to say"it over aloud
is to discover at once that the/writer
meant "C.P.R. Hotel."
Thc second was a littic-more puzzling.   It was addressed as follows:
Sun Rises 4:51 sets. 20:18.
Moon Rises 17:S4,osets 2:1.
Winnipeg,. Man., Canada.
��� The post' office address ejepcrts,
however, ultimately got to the bottom of this crytogram. Thcy remembered that the Morning Free Press
has for some time made a practice
of placing at the top of the front page
the day's meteorological record. The
envelope was therefore7marked "Try
Free Press." Upon reaching its destination it was found to contain the
payment for a years subscription to
thc Free Press, from a foreign-born
Canadian citizen in British Columbia.
British Big Bertha
A Huge Guii With a Range of Eighty
.When the freedom of Sheffield was
conferred on Earl Beatty, the fact
that super "Big Bertha" was being
built at Vickers' works was disclosed
by the Lord Mayor. Its length.is 80
��eet-~3iid it can throw an eight-inch
shell between seventy and eighty
miles. ' In consequence -of the extraordinary high velocity of the projectiles, the gun will need re-lining at
frequent intervals. An earlier gun
of this type was delivered to the government after the signing of the armistice.
Empress of Canada
Launched at Glasgow
-- Prairie Chickens- Scarce
.Prairie, chickens are -not. plentiful
generally on the prairies, this,year,
according to the statement of'the
chief game guardian for-the province,
of Saskatchewan.    ���
Reports from issuers-' of    licenses
��� \ -
show that good hatches are practically all in thebushes," with" very few on
the open prairie.' According to .rc:
ports, good 'hatches were observed
In 155 localities and poor hatches in
".Mothers- can easily- know ;.whcn
their children arc troubled' with
worms, and they lose iio time in applying the best.-of remedies���Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator.' . "   . '
V: ���';" ;i50" Year did.'"Grape Vine
-At Hampton Court, London,"iri.one
of the greenhouses'is the famous vine
planted ;in;'fl768 :by'. "-Capability"
Brown; a'famous' landscape ;gardener
of "the" eighteenth century. ���' The "vine
is the Black Hamburg variety.. The
fruit in.recent years'has been good,
but "this season" tlic number and'qual-
ity'of the bunches.is rather'above the
.avcragc.;'-;The girth' of the stehr.i's"five
feet at..the' base! . Several -years ago
twelve-bunches of fruit froni the wonderful'Vino: were- "shown-,at; a Royal
'Horticultural -Society-exhibition and
thc combined weight -was A2:pounds'.' -
CanaiVa���Kecqyc-rihg.:Fastc"r'TJia-.i��� jtfS.':;St6waways Asphyxjatcd.by Disinfect: :
.'���; 'Tlie; Wall -.S't.rocl jounKiri'-KA^o-if '.'     //   ; - \" ".- a^- ." '��� y   i '. -./������' !
-cprrcspondciit' quo!i\(l -a" Boston !.>UHk-'! ���'. 7!;>v'o stowaways aboard- the French
cr,- .who Jjas. just',returned" from i'.imX liii!" steamship*'Niagara, which arrived
:id:i, as follows:. "-,-".   - ..    at "New.- York froni v. Bordeaux, were
'"Canada is going strong!'recovering bvulcaps and'bdund's.'ironi-'tiie dc-r
��� prcssiou  caused by-.war.   ..While, un-
fouhd asphyxiated by funics ;froiii,disinfectants in one of-the "ship's'.'ventilators,, w-lierc. "they   arc'.'believed    to
rest and- lack of xo-ope "at ion secrii's'i have-hidden to escape detection ;when
t.o be holding things, hack cm this: 'the liner entered port. The;, ventilar
side'of thc border, the Dominion to) tors- Avere closed; when the ship was'
the north' faces an era o'f'unprcccd-
_chted .activity arid prosperity. One
of the basic reason for this brilliant
come-back is the rich yield of the
norlh-v.'csteru- "wheat fields.- -
xXX XiX ffo ��Ee furtd..,..E j?pea$es.;
S^?tcfMijd7^^ ;
;pejise'7's^?��icur'r!^;.h^ 'SoIdifciT
^ii^iy^ifirM(fmiciY<; dfi^^.anadjr ^ri'b'r'
;ipoiuij ry ~b tpfxii tb e j-afin js- H��x;Jha^,hefii';
3tith;ttHz^lh^;;an'|qf& "'
fumigated at quarantine,'but the presence of the men was not'discovered
until after she had docked.; 'v
A Real Asthma Relief.  .Dr. J.. D.
Kellog's Asthma  Remedy has never-
been, advertised. :by. extravagant s'ta.t^M
iijents. ;,. its claiins7 are;."'cotiservafiye-|
;.indceq,.\.w|ien\.:.{Hdged=."by,;'..tK.e .curesI
~whic1&s'i&;p;eii&rttsy.. Eixpcgt '*cal'. ref
: lie j; &n4y^tai^e^Zi^tx0^i^^nX^o^ [
Ihaye^ca'use^f or;^
Jsf ^utterly;';;jtailediKfS
;.;S-;^yioX.'.:iiV\^l4@jjj^ 4sZyyiXSyy:X..y iXXxXXZZZXXsiXsk&^XxX;
Wi�� ixZZiXZXyXi;^:;^^^v^^.$y^^Q^hM):!^'c'^i ���^.^fe^fc^^fl^^"^Qir8'lsfe:i "t|
'."-���-'.'���.'���^���'���X'i'r'������':���'yX' !V.-��-�� ������������"���:&' '''���'���v*''-':;:':'yx--v-''^'-'':'':h^-f "Tv"*V%-r':-'?; t.' ���"i-'*--'-������-'-I" 'i .S*" :i-HV/--,r."'���'����� ". r".'.-' '.-\'��''+!���'�����'> '���""'���"-1 /*������"�� '������'"���: ;"-..'--''.."i'" -'>-^~t?.'-''--,.^''.-/;-:^:t-r!':'v-'..v;,
Coli Id; Hardly ^alk.;^
::|Wiih(lUt: Resting,
When you go" to" a physician -to-be
examined'for any heart- trouble one.
of .the'-first questions lie". asks"is:"Are
3*ou short, of breath?''.
��� N.qw, when- the heart' becomes ;.spr
fected-.there ensues' , a .feeling, of
a clicking sensation, a shortness of
breath, palpitation, throbbing; irregular beating, smothering sensation,
dizziness and a' weak, sinking,'all-
gone feeling of oppression and' anxiety.
: Oh the first sign pf the heart becoming weakened- or- the- nerves unstrung 'Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills are just thc remedy you require.
They .regulate "and stiniulate the
hearti an.d':ltrehgthen ahd-.restprc the.
whole' uerire systctiu : y
X Slri:?Stephea;;:CroiJSej;:iEast. GlIfJ6i^4��
5;'cars^jSri th.;1K cart-It tpn$^S^XiXS0i^:
;]|arrt*wit hou't X resting^; aiO'lused^to1
^oulikift oV'h$^
Refloat Vindictive0
The. British light cruiser Vindictive
which was 'sunk in the entrance of
Ostend harbor on May 11, 1918, and
which has blocked that port since
that time, has been refloated and thc
port is again open for traffic. The
sinking of the Vindictive was one of
the most thrilling events pf the last
year of thc war.
Will be Largest Vessel, Running On
The Pacific
The Empress of Canada, for the
Vancouver-Japan service has been
launched by. the Fairfield company,
Glasgow, and is the largest liner built
by the compan}'. It will be the largest running on the Pacific. It is a
vessel of 22,000 tons capacity, splendidly planned and besides spacious
ordinary accommodation, has special
.features, _viz: a gallery 110 feet long,
and a swimming bath thirty feet long.
The ship leaves Liverpool in March
next and will make a world's tour on
the way to her Pacific station.
Black Base for Lake Nipigon
The south end of Orient Bay on
Lake Nipigon, and Keemanly Lake
were recently stocked wiilh three hundred parent black bass. The fish were
shipped from "Toronto in tanks and
deposited in thc water by.Neil McDougall, sportsman's representative'
of the Canadian National railway.
They Soothe Excited Nerves. ~
Nervous- affections, are usually attributable to defective digestion, as the
stomach dominates the. nerve centres.
A course of Parmelce's Vegetable
Pills will still all disturbances of this
character, and by restoring the stomach to normal action relieve ' the
nerves from irritation. There is. no
sedative like them and in the correction of. irregularities- of the digestive
processes, no preparation lias done so
effective, work, as can be testified - to
by thousands. ���'
"California Syrup of Figs"
Child's Best Laxative
The' various diamond mines' in
South Africa yield stones -with* such
distinct characteristics that they are
readily classified as to their origin by
experts. ���..'���.'-.''
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only���look for the name California on
the ��� package, then you are sure your
child is having the best .and most
harmless physic for the little stomach,
liver and bowels. ... Children lovc its
fruity taste. Full" directions on each
bottle.   You must say "California." ���
Speed Laws Slow, in Earlier Days
In 189,6 motor cars'.were permitted
by law to operate upon the public
thoroughfares of England at a rate of
12'miles per hour, and in Scotland, at
the rate of'10 miles per hour.
y''(iyM'''x ""'- ���;"" -""-'X '"
\>Mim/yiS. : ^;;These pays-,.'..'
Those High-priced
.-���-.; An-- unprotected:,binder -'has" only'yn working life, of
; ISO days���atid so it is with all other machines. An actual
'.depreciation.: of-15 to 25%' when", left to -the- ���weather.-
. When housed--properly the. depreciation is reduced to.
the ordinary wear, and tear caused by the work���3 to 10%. ���
���,--;'An implement shed, .that-contains housing for. vour.
machines; a tool room and a garage would be the ideal
compact arrangement "for-the protection "and upkeep of-
your machines...^This is a precaution that paj'S' handsome-'
reward to thc farriier.
.-���'������. ' BUILD NOW  X'x~:X\
���      See. the.'many;, plans for-up-to-
date implement, houses, at your
nearest lumber dealer..'HeJs fa!-: .-'
ly equipped to .Tender eyery.;a8r . ���.,:;..
.,;.--��� -."' ��� .ssist^nee^in^the plarining;;si:yp
''iRSiPS^^*?^** 4hd--'^
yyrXfexg. 3f lHlsv '���as.sis'taiiCi^Ns'.r 'fre'fe-'
���Z$;.%-f'i&'$i��iXf. dealers: hav*;..:fi',-splendid',;
XfjyftpQkxpf ;.liO0'--;pajjes. ,oa '^Better'-'
r��;^Buildiiigsi?'. of which;Jthc^lI;s.be"
fIs'^ieasejd; io- let;ybu,haT��;.&';co|>yi-
^|^b/;aiid;s'ee .UlaiZnOiff.: ryXX
y yy-"TJ^-.XjSme^vaiimit�� !me'!^rt> iS��.. l.tusfiir' ���
:-yyyy;;0;Memifehim '.-.,.,
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1,00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12.cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
measure uient.
Trauscieul display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2j��c. a line each in-
Four War Trophies
For Greenwood
In accordance with fche distribution of war trophies approved by
the Government, Greenwood will
receive a German 77m Gun, No,
617; German Trench Mortar, No.
4710; two Machine Guns, Nos.
4929, 5S34.
Mayor T. M. Gulley received
word that the trophies left Ottawa,
on Aug. 6th, and so far the two
machine guns have arrived.
Mining News
W. J. Elmenorf, M. E., of
Seattle, and G. T. Morgan attorney of the same city, are looking
over some mining properties at
The newly erected Noble Five
mill at Sandon commenced operations last week. Twelve men are
employed and there is three
months' ore on the dump for the
mill to work on.
Fatal Accident at Phoenix
Cassiar lead the gold production
in B. C. during 1919 with 60,076.,
Rossland came second with 50,229
oza.; Boundary-Yale, 33,526 ozs;
Southern Coast, 5,014 ozs.; Lillooet
2,506; Nelson, 297 ozs.; all others,
278 ozs.
The Rambler mill in tho Slocan
was opened np last week with a
force of man composed of members
of the International, Mine, Mill
and Smelter Workers Union. The
mill has been closed for several
months owing to the strike.
The Kaslo Kootenaian says:
"For the past two weeks Fahey
Bros., leasers on the Whitewater,
have been stopiug ore from a vein,
5 to 8 feet in width. The ore is
fine galena. The ore is in the No.
3 tunnel, and about two tons a day
are being taken out."
Construction commenced last
week on the 50-ton flotation for
the Ottawa mine.near Slocan City.
L. H. Biggar and A. L. McPhee
have this mine under lease and
bond from the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co., of Canada.
The mill will be erected a half mile
down the hill from the mine, and
was designed by Mr. Biggar, a
flotation expert, who recently became associated with tbe property,
acquiring Pat McGuire's interest.
It is the intention of the lessees to
have the building ready before the
snow flies, and that the heavy
machinery will be brought in soon
after the first heavy fall of snow.
epsis of
One of the worst accidents that
Phoenix has had in many a day
occurred on Wednesday morning
when the skating that is being
torn down, fell over with fatal
results. In the fall of timber Jack
Mattock, aged about 8 years, who
was playing around the rink, waB
instantly killed; W. C. Mitchell
had a thigh fractured and was
taken to the Grand Forks hospital
by Dr. Burnett of Greenwood; Mr.
Patterson was slightly injured on
the shoulder, and a team of horses
owned by W. Kier, came to a
sudden end.   . -   " -
." The rink building was:sold some
time ago, the proceeds of. which
were.to go to building a monument
for those who served iu the Great
War. The roofing .was. removed
and Messrs. ; Mitchell, Middleton
and Patterson, of Kelowna, were
getting the structure iir shape bo
that it could be pulled over, but
before this was accomplished the
great crash came. .
""Miv Mitchell who is manual
training teacher, in. the Kelowna
school had spent the .great, part of
his vacation buying lumber in the
Boundary. .About 15 years ago he
was in charge of the Boundary
Falls school. -.;', ....,';.:, .,: ''-. "-���
Jack'Mattock was a son of Mr;
and Mrs. George Mattock'of.Phoe-
: nix, and .the sympathy of all goes
_o iit to them in. their great Iobb. : y
Receipts at Trail smelter for the
week ending Aug. 21st were S911.
These figures bring the totil receipts at Trail for the current year
up to 210,055 tons. The weeks
shipping list was as follows:
Blue Bell, Riondel, cone. -
Josie, Rossland
Mandy, Le Pas, Man.
Mollie Hughes, New Denver
Monarch, field, cone.
Venus, Carcross, Y. T.
Company mines
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver J1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead J3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application,
Revision of
Provincial Voters' List
Death of Mrs. D. G. Mills
\ Jessie E: Mills, wife of David G.
Mills, of   Ferry,. Wash., died on
August 21, after an illness bf. sev-
. eralmonths duration..' i-  '���..
: vThe late "Mrs..'Mills was in her
.47   year,   and   was "'always   of a
cheerful disposition,, haying a; host
of; friends who- held her in very
high esteem.   She wag loved by all
the. children who knew, hei? and
was auntyto all of them;
'The. deceased leaves to mourn
her.lo8S,{a. husband,.; two sisters,
Mre. Anna .0. James, and Mrs.
Alice Miller,, of Cayuga, North
Dakota; four brothers, John and
Adam, of Bingham Lake, Minn.,
Charles of Dakota, and Samuel
Cogley of Mo.. Several nieces and
nephews:. A niece, Mrs. Anna;0,
Anderson, was with Mrs, Mills,at
the time of her illness and death
The. funeral was held on August
24 from the Mills home at Ferry,
Rev. Mr. Martin of Oroville, officiating. There were many floral
Fire at Mother Lode
.". The superintendent's residence,
:. boarding house,; and all houses on
;,thV.wesfc/ side of Mother Lode,*
rwere destroyed by ^fire on Wednesk
, day morning. ; "   ".     ;'; ':"Xyi.Xi.
y. /^Latervisi''cb^teinpIaUag pafeiing.a
candidate-in :4he field/in the'Yale
;by-election.;;,; Tom Stchardsoa of
;VanconVer,;a former labor member
, Of the Imperial parliament, will be
".'asked to' ranx iXxX-'ZxXX'''' 'Xyi-Xy^
Oscar Lachmund, mining engineer, formerly general manager
of the Canada Copper Corporation,
who left for China under "sealed
orders" two months ago, has been
heard of by his.family at Canton,
where he was awaiting orders to
proceed into the interior, presumably . upon mining examination
business. His.etay at Canton has
been very pleasant, and he is particularly impressed with the intelr,
ligence and courtesy of the higher
classes.. It is expected that he will
be in China several months longer.
���Northwest. Mining Truth,- Spo?
kane.        -     .'���'..,
LIMITED LIABILITY :���-   ���'-.
. NOTICE is hereby triyeii that the deferred
Annual Meetinp of the above named Company
will-be held, at tlie 'registered oflice of tiie Company, in the Citv of Greenwood. 13 C, on Thursday the 30th day of September,- 1920, at-10:30 in
the forenoon,for the following -puiposes,nanie-
iy:��� To receive and consider; Uie .annual statement of accounts and balance sheet, and the reports of the Directors'and'. Auditor .thereon; .to
elect-Directors aiid other -oflicers; \to transact,
the ordinary business of the Company; and to
ratify an agreement: dated . the 1st Novesnbciy
1918,- for. the sale -of Lots 2092,-2093,-2095,-2096,
2615, 2616,' 2617,2618, 2619, 2620.1204S,"aml 1205S
iu the Similkaiuceu-Division of YaIe;lMstrict
(and being the mineral Claims.cotnnioulv-.referred to as the"Sally Group") to. tlie .Wallace
Mountain Mines Limited; and .to authorize the
proper officers 'of the Company "to execute' a
Transfer of said Lots to said Wallace Mountain
Mines, Limited, and io place such Conveyance
in.the-Bank of Montreal, at Penticton, B7C., in
escrowytobe delivered to-said Wallace Mountain Mines, Limited, upon such Company carry-
ing.out the terms and conditions iu said Ajfrce-
meut of .November" 1st, .1918, and paying-��� all
nioneys due oit the "purchase of said Lots. ;  " '
��� Greeu\vo6d,-15.C.,"Au<rust20th,1920.-, '������-".' *���;. .'���
' ���' -'  .-,- '��� v    "  - . By'Order-  ! '. "-' ���'-���"'    '. -
"'     '.'.'-      ---'.-'  '-'.M. J.'"M:,WOOD,; .,'
' .'\'  "'"���''.'.      ''. '��� - '   ...... 'Secretary. ���"
;T.. '" TOQB^VS'.'
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos for Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary
Light and Heavy -Drayihg
Palace V Livery  ^ud  Stage
-Dealec; ;i n';' Se(��n.d-liantl>;Txirniture"
;,''-. :aiid'Cloth^?-",Metals,'-Sacks,���;.'';���;
X XX .Hprse.%;Cattie,V'Etc."",. XX i"';
NOTICE is hereby given that on Monday,
the 13th day of September, 1920, at ten o'clock
in the forenoon at the Court House, Greenwood,
B.C., a sittlinjr of the Court of Revision will be
held for the purpose of revising the list- of
voters for the above-named Electoral District,
pursuant to the provision of the "Provincial
Elections Act.
And notice is further given that auy person
claiiuinpr lo be entitled to be registered as a
voter iu the above-named Electoral District may
apply'iu person to have his name entered on the
list of vo.tcrs for the said-Electoral District at
the .eaid'sittiiiff of the Court-of Revision,.notwithstanding the'fact tliat his name, has beeii
omitted from the list of applicants for registration or thathe has omitted to'apply for. registration at the time or in, the .'manner-otherwise
provided by the "Provincial Elections Act."
The list of applicants for registration is
now posted and may. .be inspected at the oflice of
the undersigned Registrar of .Voters. ,
���.    ..    - w.-r. dewdney'; '
Registrar of Voters
��� Greeiiwood' Electoral District,, 9th  August
1920.- '"'��� --.-���.''..'. '-'   '
Minimum��.irice of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emntion now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering: only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. -9
- Pro-emptors must occupy-claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may bo Issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
loss than B years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, lf he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. a
UnsUrveyed areas, not exceeding &Q
teres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to he obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may b6
leased by ono person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40. acres
may be purchaaed; conditions include
. payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to thorn. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding lialf of purchase
price, ls made. ,*' \
^ ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
Include all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act Is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege is also made retroactive. ���
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
t, 1914, on aooount of payments, feet
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or oity lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or lndlreot," remitted from enlistment to March 81. 1920. a
��� Provision made for issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase. Interest and taxes.- Wher�� sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be   distributed   proportionately   over
- whole area. Applications must ba
made by May 1. 1820. u *   �����.
Xf ' ���   GRAZING.    ,,     '        "���
.   Grazing  Act,  1919,  for    systematic
- development of'livestock industry pro-
.���   vides for. grazing districts and range
- ��� administration under Commissioner
-Annual.grazing permits issued'baasd
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. ' Stock-owners may
form Associations for.range manage-
-, ment. ' Free, or partially free, permits
- for "settlers, campers or travellers, up
- to ton head." ��� .���
Physician and Surgeon
That he has located at Greenwood
Office    -   Guess Block.
Residence   -   Dr. Maclean's House
Office Phone 90.      Residence Phone 69
All Work*Guaranteed
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block       -      -     Nelson
Culatneen fiotel
One of the largest hotels In
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals..
Nicely furnished 'rooms, by the
day, week or month
g 140
F. Nilson
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   ��� Proprietor
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers. Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties.
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelling and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers   of   Gold,   Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig  Lead  and Zinc
-Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail your, watch for Repair and I will
mail it back.   Charges are moderate.
Shamrock Brarids
; /HAM,   BACON   and   LARD    X
Carnation Compound ;        Butter and Cheese
* P, Burns  & Co,,   Ltd,,; Nelson,. B, C |
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
��� Itli
-- Years.ago, a uia'n,. whose iile'a may'havc"'l)eenr soinewhat in
adyance .of llie time,, .when-addressing a" gathering of schoolchild-
reh, 'said, '.'Never say. 'Hello' .when- greetuig;'a person. 'Hello''
means -nothing,,it is a' silly greeting-. Be considerate "enough to
ask after his.his health;' say 'HoW dp you do?" . . ..-" -���."_. y'-
"-;: Of/course, 'in answering the; telephone you' .would\ not say,
"How do you-do?" of. even --"Are you-there?"- But suchgreetiugs-
are no'mqre.but of place than-'.'Hello.'.', .Proper telephone practice
is-tp announce who is speaking.- '"���-:"XX'
% nelson, BX* $
+ '
The only up/toVdate Hotel in the interior,   First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
iy'vyXiy'y] xi_Xy each room.:v^V..;, -      __
15 0AMRLEX .
'���'Z. I -]���:>:-. X ���': Steain,Heated;'; Electric-; Lighted". '..>;.',��:.;- ��� Xy
"i. XZX; ;RATES Sl'.OO'per day- i_nd'n,p;-"EsropMnPlan:"y/,V'-;:\;.'!
"���; XXyX -;';;v-;,-Bos' Meets'ailTralfls anfl.Boats, XXyXXXiyXy
All   the,   latestJiriiUiodsiryivXWgh-classi
���" :- XX. Z  -X- Xji^aXXa^XXXXiXrXXX
'-.������Corner Ab1��ftt&i:HMtin^;3tw'��i&v
Job Printing |
���Economy and Satisfaction ||
combined with Promptness g
are the features which go to ||
make up the Service we give |j
our customers. Are you ||
one of them? =i
Letterheads, Noteheads,       25
(Ruled or Plain) "Sm
Envelopes, Billheads, if
(All Sizes) .      3
Statements,'Business Cards, %
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. %
Gold, $100,272,431; Silver, $50,432,304; Lead $43,821,106; Copper, $153,680,965;
;-;()tl^^M|fcai8; |Zin^^ME@)Bt^pJl^^
'" .:'Tfee.--:. -^icipg- ^wa7';^^^!!^' ';iProv^^yMey mdifeJib^^^dii^- ^ees ;lbwer:;- j
than those of any ptli8rPro?iQce in the Pomiaion, w^ny^cqlony: iia:-the': -Brit^ali ZyXXXxZ
ZXy ������^pnerat .logons-^:gi^|^^^ y'im
:|Spf|Al|^a!feft'^ '^^^iUTli^yyyiiiyy


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