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The Ledge Apr 1, 1920

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Array t
Vol.   XXVI.
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by fillinsr it with some
of our ctsoice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite, and Tinware in your kitchens
^ and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
"STOW OF QUAL.TY"    | ArmM   Home
We carry a large line of
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
Death of Nick Clerf
Just Arrived
Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish, Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,
A   -     all   kinds   of   Nuts <
Raisins   and
P.O. Box 1102      -      Nelson.'B.C
' E)d. Stanaway will open a garage in Greenwood.
D.   R.   McEltqon,  watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B,   C.
For Sale.��� l'Ford Car, apply
to G. A. Rendell, Greenwood,
Miss T. Hallsett, of Spokane,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A.
Phone 46       LEE & BRYAN
f/iuwtwiuiiiiiuiuiiiiiiiUiaiaiiiiaiiuami liaiiuuiuiiiiiK
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEY��R & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
) 0000000<X><>000<X><><>OOOOOOCO<>00<>0000<>000000000<><>0<>0<>0 o
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
'  Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
or^de'r'Crom selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
.' *and repaired
Skins dressed and mounted at
416 Ward Street Nelson; B.C.
Mrs.   Lewis   Brvant
week-end Jn   Grand
Laco tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���-50c each,
.100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts
100     "
$1.25 each
2.00 "
3.50 ��
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Dealer. iri Second-hand, Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,, Cattle,  Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks, Bonds, Notes ani'Debentures.
MEAGHER &  Co.. 511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to '
Wears and Millinery
We  Always   Show  The   Newest  First
In Great Variety
Suitable For, Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods sent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner.
Mr.   aud
spent the
Inspector Miller visited
Greenwood Central school
Mr^ and Mrs. Geo. Clerf, and
son, Lewis, left for Chilliwack on
George Watsou of the No. 7
road has rented the Birhie house
on Gold street.    -
J. Ci Carruthers, of Nelson, the
well-known commercial traveller,
was in town last week.
Fresh Cream cheese, sausages,
kippered herring, salmon and
sable'tod" at Rendell's Store.
W. Walmsley, formerly C.P.R.
agent here, has been transferred
from Rossland to Casclegar.
In stock Royal Household flour,
wheat, shorts, oats, cracked corn
and chick food.    G. A. Rendell.
Arthur Lakes and "Andrew
Larsen, prominent mining engineers, were in Greenwood on Monday.
The Gordon brothers of Prince*'
ton., killed nine cougars in the
Hope mountains during the past
winter. a
" The poles on the. Greenwood-
Copper Mountain high power
line are now up five miles beyond
We.have received a new shipment of English prints, flannelettes, pillow casing and cambrics.
G. A. Rendell.
Word was received in  town last
week of the death in Chilliwack  of
Nick Clerf, au old-timer of Greenwood.     The late  Mr.  Clerf ^was
well known.in  the  Boundary and
had been in failing health for some
time.    Ho was taken to Vancouver for treatment   and   later   to
Chilliwack.     The deceased leaves
to   mourn   his   loss,  a  widow,  a
daughter, Mrs.   Graham  of  Ohill-
wack,  three eons, Gas,  Emil and
George who have the sympathy of
all in their sad loss.
Fined $225
Charles Hamilton, a colored
man of Scotch origin, has been
trapping in the vicinity of Carmi
since 1914. Last week he was
arrested .by Provincial Constable
W. B. Stewart, on four charges,
namely: _ Fob having an undressed
beaver pelt Nand deer meat in his
possession during close season;
killing more than two deer of one
species, and for trapping beaver
during close season. On Monday,
Charles appeared before W. R.
Dewdney, S. M., and was fined
$225 on the fonr counts.
The Tipperary Mine
M. J. Buchanan and W. Jones
are doing some development work
on the Tipperary at Boundary
Falls. A shaft is being sunk and
at 12 feet good showings of gold-
silver-lead ore were encountered.
Tomorrow's Power
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms. ' Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.   Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes,
v Pool hall in connection.
|      W. D. BUSK - - -   -      PROPRIETOR
MAKE your banker your fman-
advisor. Let him help you
to shape your affairs so tfifit he
will be warranted' in giving you
ample credit to operate yoar farm
efficiently.; Our aim is to assist
you in every way possible.
GREENWOOD BRANCH, U E. Brawders, Manager!
Kodaks, full line of Films
and Supplies at
Goodeve Drug Store
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Send a Float to your frietids at
once. - Y/ou can get them a t
The Ledge office.
A Touching Poem
The following wishful poem by
Dr. Hawes, will appeal to many,
who in the wet past carried a. bottle
of liquid bait when thej went fishing:.
It's nice to sit and think and fish.
And fish, and sit and think,
And think and fish and sit and wish
That you could get a drink.
The Ledge has always room
for one more ad.
Mrs. A. J., Morrison and sou,
Jack, have returned from Trail,
where they were the guests of
Mrs. Chas. Perkins.
The Kelly ranch at Bridesville has -been sold to C. C.
Deeter of Irricane, Sask., the
consideration being $8,000.
See the samples of the latest in
wall-papers before__you/renovate
your house this spring. Orders
taken at Goodeve Drug Store.
Dr. W. H. Wood of Penticton,
who has been spending a number
of days in Greenwood, left on
Wednesday afternoon for Nelson.
Bert L,aue was in town last
week. Bert is now located "in
Vancouver, and he will move his
family from Grand Forks to thc
coast city..
All roads will lead to the
Masonic Hall on Easter Monday.
The Pythian Sisters are giving a
Hard Times Dance and a good
time is assured.
F, O. Pond, who has been employed of the high power line,
had a leg fractured last week;
The injured person was attended
to by Dr. W. H. Wood.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed, Stanaway
and two children arrived iu town,
this week from Spokane, and
have taken the house belonging
to the Episcopal church oa Kimberley . avenue.
Dr. J. M. Burnett 'expects to
arrived in town today. Dr. Burnett has been delayed in Princeton owing to having trouble in
getting his car shipped from
Hope to Princeton.
W. J. Kirkwood recently fell
off a building in San Diego, California, and injured his right arm."
In company with'his wife he intends * to make an auto trip to
Greenwood this summer. He
owns two houses in Greenwood,
and a $10,000 residence in San
Diego...- '
A few years ago the hardy sons
of New England sailed the summer
aud the winter seas in search of
the whale and a few vats of whale
oil supplied the world's need.
Today oil comes from the heart
of mother earth, in great black
gushers, boiling out in rivers,
trickling out in greasy streams,
sometimes only oozing through the
soil, but these rivers and lakes and
little streams, however fast fehey
flow, are ever an ebb tide when
the surge of the world's demand is
4H0W long  will the "gas   age"
last, and what is next?
 Engineers, who_are looking ahead
for generations say electricity will
be tbe coming force.
Eivers are being located on for
power .projects that may not be
developed for 20 years, but capital
sees ahead and is getting ready. *
The' west has water power by
the hundreds of thousands of
horsepower yet/untouched. High-
power transmission lines wilt take
this hundreds of 'miles; nfaw improvements", in storage batteries
will make electricity available for
truck, tram, railroad train and
maybe aeroplane.
Western Float I
There   is   a   house    famine   in
Daylight saving is now in vogue
in France. 0
The cannery in Penticton will
be enlarged this year.
Grand Forks will celebrate on
'���Empire Day" May 24.
The Bank of Hamilton will
erect a new building in  Penticton.
AjJPenticton man was fined $50
for supplying 2 per cent, to Indians.
Blairmore's export warehouse
now contains two carloads of "flu"
Wm'.   Brent,   of   Vernon,   was
selling seed  potatoes  in Oroville,
Wash., last week.
The old opera house in Trail has
been renoviated and is now being
used as a rooming house.
Vancouverand Victoria were in
communication by wireless phone
for the first time last week.
The O. B. U. called a strike last
month on construction work between Allenby and Princeton.
William Cook, the oldest white
resident of Victoria, died last
month, at the age'of 102 years.
A school teachers convention
will be held in Cranbrook on April
6th. About 100 teachers will be
in attendance.
George E, Macdonald has resigned as general manager of the
P. G. E. railway, a position he has-
held since April," 1919.
Mrs. J. N. Pennock, of Rosebery, wife of the C.P.R. agent at
that place died last month. She
was an old-timer inthat district.
Mining News
The Anna mine at Slocan City,
recently shipped 34 tons of ore to
the Trail smelter last month/'
The Anaconda group of eignt
claims, two and a half miles west
of Merritt, will be developed this
year. The ore carries copper, gold
and silver.
Ola Lofstad has been doing some
work on the Helen and Bounty
Bell miueral claims, prior to having
these properties examined by a
mining engineer.
A scheme whereby returned soldiers are to be "grub-staked" by
the provincial government and
sent out into the hills in company
with experienced prospectors has
been adopted by the government.
Fifty men will be sent out this
Work is, being carried on steadily at the Joshua mine at Stump
Lake. The ore is mined by machine drills from the 300-foot'level,
and two shifts are employed.
There is a large tonnage already
developed, and a carload of ore'was
at Nicola last week, on its way to
the Trail smelter.
Early this summer hydroplanes
will provide the Stewart mining
camp all the comforts of a rural
mail delivery, and will deliver
from the southern^ markets everything frond prunes to lumber, says
a Vancouver report. Several
machines are now being constructed in Seattle ancl early this month
the first one will fiy to Stewart.
In May the other two contracted
for will leave. They will have a
carrying power of 1200 pounds and
a speed of 901 miles anVhour^  '..   '
A monument will be erected in
Canada to the' late Sir Wilfrid
Laurier. Subscription lists to the
monnment fund will - close this
Over seven million people attended theatres in Alberta last year.
|\From  this source the government
collected over $118,000 in amuse*
ment taxes.
The U. S. are planning on establishing an air route to Alaska and
the Bearing straits. Suitable stops
are now being looked for in the
Interior of B.C.
Mrs. Humphrey Ward, the
novelist, one_of_fehe_ mosfe distinguished women of modern days,
died in London last week. She
was born in Tasmania.
Mr. and Mrs. Peterson have
moved in from the Emma mine
and have taken the Blackmore
house on Government street.
The Prince of Wales will be in
San Diego on April 7. The British and Canadians iu that city
will be given the first chance to
shake hands with him.
Celebrate- Easter Monday by
attending the Pythian Sisters
"Hard Times" Dance ia the
Masonic Hall. Come in old togs
otherwise you will be fined.
Tom Pierce appeared before
Plis Honor J. R. Brown, last
week, and was givea two years
iu the penitentiary, for attempting to assault a young girl.
J. A. McLaughlin formerly
with the Granby Co. ia Phoenix,
has accepted a position of foreman .at the Canada Copper
Corporation's mine, at Copper
The carload of whiskey which
was recently stored in Penticton
has been seized by the police and
is now in safe keeping in the old
provincial jail in fehat city.
A sawmill has been Installed at
Camp Lister near Creston. This
will greatly help this soldier settlement as now a sore supply of lumber can be had for the construction
of buildings' at that point. , ,
Mrs. Martha Sfcevoa died last
month in Steveston in her 91st
year. Deceased with her husband
trecked across the continent from
New Brnnpwick to Luln Island in
1878. The town of Steveston
takes its name from these early
After fifty-one years together,
Mr. and Mrp. D. G. Dick, two of
the 'most respected citizens of
North Vancouver, died on March
16. Mrs. Dick died at 2,30 in tbe
morning and her husband, passed
��way at 10 o'clock in the evening
of the same day. Mr. Dick was
not informed of Mrs. Dick's death.
The Minimum Wage Board .for
British Columbia announces, that
in future a minimum wage of $14
a week must be paid to all female
employees in manufacturing industries, this including apprentices,
probationers, and girls under 18,
formerly exempt from the provisions of the act. The number of
apprentices remains limited to one-
seventh of the total number of
female employees.
"The Princeton Mining and
Development company, the. ownsr
of a mining property four and a
half miles east of Princeton, has
completed the erection of a boarding and bunk houses, office and
other buildings an will install an
80-horse power boiler and four
drillcompressors this month, or as
soon as the condition of tbe roads
permit of hauling from Copper
Mountain," said. Fred F. Foster,
president of the company, last
weefe. Ore shipped from this property to Trail gave returns of 15 per
cent., copper and two ounces of
silver to the ton.
Paul Nelson the well-known
mining man of Oroville, who has
been in charge at the Submarine
mine six miles from Nighthawk,
Wash.,' was in Greenwood for a
number of days. Mr. Nelson and
Al Hagelberg some years ago sold
a group of eight claims to a Minnesota company and tbe Submarine
is one of the group. A large
amount of machinery is now being
installed and this property will
soon be on the shipping list.
During Mr. Nelson's stay in
town he examined a number of
properties in this vicinity in which
he is interested. He has great
faith in fehe Greenwood district
and it his intention to bring in
Spokane capital and work some of-
these properties. Some weeks ago
Mr. Nelson leased the Riverside
mine, near Eock Creek, and this
is one of tbe properties thafe will be
developed. Ola Lofstad of this
city is Mr. Nelson's partner.
:The Oiiija Board Says
, This is an old  friend speaking,
Mabel dear.
Don'fe do iti Don't propose to
him today, because he refuse you
sure. Besides, he's, superstitious
about this Friday the 13feh staff.
Keep your pet black cat off the
front porch. When he leaves tonight present hira with a bottle of
your father's best-wine. . The next
time he calls everything will be
hunk-a-dorey I Good-bye, ' Mabel,
nt TT-TTjj.    iJTi,i>r-iHi.    ^fM^Mwooi).    "B.    O.'
is mors energy
in &. pound of good
bread mcuie ii\ the
home with Royal Yeast
Cakes ihan in k pound
ofmeatf. Bread making
is a. simple operation
and requires no previous experience. Full
instructions in Royal
Yeast Bake Book,
mailed free on request.
Canada's Status
Canada's international status lias
been determined by its inclusion in
the League ot Nations as a distinct
national entity, possessing the samc
standing and voting power as is ac-
istcr of Justice is now in negotiation j
with the several Provincial Govern-''
ments witli a view to having representations made to thc British Government and Parliament for thc conferring of similar powers upon  Canada.
The view has long been held by!
many Canadians that a change should H
also be affected in our system of judicial appeals. At present the final
court of appeal for Canada is the
Judicial - Committee of the Priyy
Council in England. There is a growing   belief
cases    are
Two Disciples Journeying to Em-
maus (vv. 13-10).
1. Who they were.    Onc was Cleo-
pas (see v. 18); some think the other
J was Luke, whose modesty forbade hiiii
that,   so   far   as   Canadian'10 S've llis name; but it is not dcfin-
concerned,   the    Supreme. itcl>' known.    Why they were  going
Court of Canada should be made the j wc can only conjecture; perhaps they
final court of appeal���that it should
be supreme in fact as well as in namc,
and lhat all thc expense and delav
inseparable from appeals to London
should bc obviated.
Slowly,   but   none   the   less   surely,
were only walking away from Jerusalem to relieve thcir anxiety and drown
their sorrow. The ordeal through
which they had passed left them
somewhat stunned; thcy needed the
physical  exertion   and  quiet  of     the
Canada and the other self-governing   country to calm their nerves.      They
Dominions of the British Empire seem
to be moving towards the ultimate
goal of independence in all foreign affairs, just as thcy have long been independent in   all    domestic    matters.
were sad  (see v.  17).
2. What they talked about (v. 14).
"All tilings which had happened."
Strange and wonderful things had
t'aken  place, and thcy could not but
.Alberta Potatoes
I for California
What are they? A mild foim of
Jrost-bit&���a chilling of the part to
ouch a degree that Inflammation ls
sot up, causing a tingling pain, excessive irritation and often swelling. Zam-Buk cures chilblains by
drawing out tbe inflammation, thi'S
ending tho pain and irritation aud
reducing the swelling.
Miss Annie Lepard of Beaverdale,
Ont., says: "I suffered agonies from
chilblains and used ninny remedies,
. but nothing gave mo any easo until
I used Zam-Buk, which, after a
- little perseverance, completely rid
me of this painful ailment."
Regular applications of Zam-Buk
will prevent a recurrence of tha
trouble.   Keep it handy.   EOc. bos.
This does nol mean that Canada will commune together concerning them,
sever its connection with Britain, norj 3. Jesus joins them (vv. 15, 16). It
withdraw from the Empire. Not at was while they communed together
all. lt has been declared by the ' :i:i(.l reasoned about Jesus that he ap-
Prince of Wales, Lloyd George and peared to thcm. He never leaves those
others, that Canada is now a nation/ji'i doubt who sincerely seek thc light;
a partner of Great Britain, occupying . he promises to meet even the two or
a position of equality with Biitain in
the Empire. If this, is true, and no
onc disputes it, then existing anomal-
corded to sovereign nations, and ob-'.ics whereby in some respects the British Government, Parliament and the
courts can exercise a veto over CV.n-
ligatcd to assume the same responsibilities and discharge the: same du*
tics as arc laid on all othei nations.
This is an almost, revolutionary
change hi status to that existing prior
to thc Great War. When, on August
4, 1914, Great Britain declared war on
Germany, Canada, in common with
the whole British Empire, was automatically at war. The Canadian Parliament did not make a declaration of
war; it merely took official cognisance of thc fact that a slate of war
existed. It remained, however, for
the Canadian Parliament to decide
thc extent of Canada's participation
in thc war.
In future, however, as a full-fledged
member of ihe League of Nations,
Canada""*will havc a voice iu deciding
issues of peace or war. Canada's vote
will count just as effectively as the
vote of Great Britain, France, Italy
or any other country. This means
that, whereas formerly Canada had no
foreign policy, because it had no say
In foreign affairs. It must decide issues  of   peace  or  war  for  itself.
This change in Canada's international status inevitably calls for some
change iri ils position within -the
British'--Empire"'and .:in the relations-
hitherto, existing between this Dominion-and Great .Britain. .There are
certain "anomalies in the present relationship that must be corrected,'but
which iri no.wise weaken the, Empire,
or tend to Canada's, withdrawal therefrom ; cm tlic contrary, such changes
as are necessary should have'thc. effect" of adding strength-to the Empire."
-Recognized" as a nation .within ,a
.League of Nations, Canada -will have
direct'relations, with.all other-nations
and'it is "almost certain' to follow that
; this Dominion will, have its own ac?.
credited representatives at the capitals of other countries; The first-.step
in the evolution of; this "policy, is being taken in the appointment of a.
Canadian Minister;to Washington. In
the past, if -the. Canadian "Government
had- representations to make to the.
-United Statcs Government it was' ne-
' pessary to transmit them to the Colonial Office in.-London, .who in.;,furn
handed them "over to-thc.British., foreign "office, which"-senfc"them on with
.- instructions ..tO--"thc-''British" ambassador at'. Washington. Replies" "io"-. such -
representations had to-return'.via-the
-rsanic route,',-and.'all  negotiations, be-'
\tween Ottawa anjd'Washington had to
-"be 'conducted- through -London.'-   ..In'
-future, .wc .are;, tp. have direct -dealings
with .the".United! States -Government
.;"" through'a Canadian-Minister at'Wash-
- ingtori.-.-,;.;' ���-'  ���"; yXyxxy- ������-'��� ���..."."���".-'*';
' -X -Other ���'-.-'" important '. ��� constitutional-
.-changes are-.up for .discussion at Ol-
���' tawa.*' Canada.'derives its constitution
;-ffoni.- the British. -Parliament, through
.-.the;Britis_h;North'-America Act. Any
alteration -or amendirient.to that, con-:.'
- stitutipn- caii'bniy be affected'.by the
. British ' Parliament upon, address of
f thc .'Canadian Parliament.    It- is now-
.  proposed' that. .Canada -shall be given
.'.full, power over.its own constitution,
to- amend  it-.from .time :!to   time  as
.   thc people, of Canada co.nceiv.c/in their
������ own-'.interest it .should be."amended.
. and  without'-recourse  to  the  Britisii
;"; Parliament. '.Australia and'New Zea-.
l. land possess "such control over their"
constitution,.'and the Dominion Min-
ada must be removed.
Evolving gradualy, the apparent end ' him.
would seem to be the constitutional ' II. The
establishment of Canada and thc other
self-governing Dominions as sovereign nations, all owing allegiance lo
one Crown, flying the samc flag,
working together in cordial co-operation for thc good of all, but each mistress of their own affairs.   In a word,
three who gather in his namc (Malt.
18:20). Thosc gathered in his name
havc their heart toward him in love,
and thcir talk is concerning him. If
we would havc Jesus draw near to us
niorc frequently then, let us more frc-
riiienlly commune together concerning
Recognition  of  Quality  of Produce
Grown in Western Canada
/New markets for the potato crop
of Alberta have been opened up by
the shipment of a whole carload of
potatoes consigned from Edmonton
to San Francisco.
This, shipment practically constitutes the first consignment of the
kind ever sent from Edmonton direct
to thc Pacific Coast. While eastern
markets have been plentiful' in . the
past, direct orders for potatoes from
California points have seldom reached this city and the placing of such
a shipment with a city such as San
Francisco is a recognition of the quality of produce grown in thc province.
Thc first public performance on a
piano was given iu London ovcr ISO
ycars ago.
Flax A Popular
Crop in Alberta
on the Way.
a league  of Britisii nations
League of Nations.
within  a
Conference On Wild
Life of America
Silver Foxes Are Now to Have National Register
Rarely has such a diversity of interests engaged in thc exploitation of
a single natural resource been assembled in conference as was represented
at the recent Convention in Montreal
to consider thc conservation of Canada's resource in wild life and particularly in fur-bearing animals. The
meeting, was held under, thc joint auspices of :the Commission of Conservation and the Advisory Board on'.Wild
Life -Protection. :" Every province of
the Dominion wasreprescntpd and the'
attendance' included many df the provincial   authorities   in   charge  of  the'
protection-of wild life,-as well-as fur ,-row _and perplexity thcy-'would have
manufacturers, I cscaped;had, they 'believed what God
had recorded!  ' Jesus   showed   them
that what had happened was exactly
(vv. 17-27).
1. Jesus' question (v. 17). Though
hc was a stranger to them, his question did not provoke resentment;
there must have been something in his
manner and lone which unlocked their
2. Thc disciples' answer (vv. 18-24).
Though surprised that there should
be a single man in the confines of
Jerusalem, unacquainted with the
things which had recently- come to
pass, they spoke fully and freely of
tvhat they had communed about.
(I) It was concerning Jesus of Nazareth (v. 19). This Jesus was mighty
in word and deed before God and the
people. (2) Delivered, condemned and
crucified by the chief priests (-v; 20).
(3) Shattered hopes of the disciples
(v. 21). Thcy had reposed their hope
inhim as the Redeemer of Israel. (4)
Their bewilderment (vv. 22-24). The
story of thc women concerning the
empty sepulchre reminded them of
Christ's Words that he would arise on
the third day. A ncw hope seemed to
be'"arising in their hearts,; yet they
wcrc too timid to take thcir stand upon it.. (5) Jesus expounding the Scriptures ,totheni!(yv.'2:i-27).- . He chides
them for their unbelief of the prophetic'Scriptures'(v.-25).    What sor
Many a train of thought carries no
ii t
Will Receive More Attention Owing
To Experiments on Behalf
of Government
- Thc growing of flax in Alberta, it
is expected, will receive morc attention than ever before primarily owing
to  the  experiments  that   wcrc  made
last ycar by some growers on behalf
of  the  Imperial  Government.       Thc ,,,,,.
idea  was   then   that  the  shortage  of   .  The. good old  fashion of taking a
...... . .,. tonic in the-springtime, like most of
flax fibre for the manufacture of linen  thc customs  0f  our grandparents, is
in Ireland, lhat this product could'based upon sound common sense and
with advantage bc grown iu western j good medical practice. Winter is al-
Canada.    The  experiments  were  not, wa7? a tr>'in2; d���c* for those who arC
Lay Foundation of Good Health Now
By Building Your Blood and
Strengthening Your
satisfactory owing to the fact that the .
I not in rugged physical health.    Many
men, women and children go through
The Right Course
Work of Instructing British Columbia's Farmers of Tomorrow
Agriculture under competent, teachers along practical lines is" talcing an
increasingly important-position.in the
curriculum of the public schools in
the different municipalities of the
lower Fraser Valley of British Columbia.
At the present time the class in
agriculture of one of the high schools
are taking a course in thc proper feeding of live stock and are getting air
insight into thc different values of the
various kinds of feeds for cattle,
horses and sheep.
Last month the pupils were gain?
ing useful knowledge - about soils,
thcir properties and fertilization. Ten
schools in the same district are busy
preparing plans for thc school gardens. Poultry raising and thc care of
calves and pigs arc also on the school
Thc teaching of nature-study in the
class-rooms, the practical work of the
school and home garden, and thc emulating contests of school fairs are all
factors which tend towards the development of the boys and girls of today, and- will greatly assist thcm in
becoming efficient farmers and farmer's wives in thc coming ycars.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
flax was too late in maturing on ac-. the winter on reserve strength thcy
count of the exceptionally early frosts jhave stored up during the sunny, sum-
but while this was so it gave rise to,111';'-   months,  and   grow  increasingly
thc suggestion that the fibre could in iflc an?  ^"cl.as the spring days
bfo ;approach.   A tonic for thc blood and
nerves at this time will do much for
any case be used for the manufacture
of binder twine.
A  special   thrcshin
been  invented which
Canada's Tire Production
Figures made public in Montreal
show that there wcrc about 2,000,000
automobile tires manufactured in
Canada last year, requiring about 8,-
000,000 square yards, "or' 12,000,000
to 16,000,000 pounds of tire fabric, and
that-only about one third of the fab-
bric, required in the manufacture of
these tires was made in Canada. The
remainder came from the United
Slates. Increased production of tire
'fabric is now aimed at.
such people, by putting color in the
machine has cheeks and banishing that tired fecl-
while    dealing ;'ng t!lat wor"cs thousands of people
.,,   ,. . . ,. ,   e   ,    ,at this season of the year,
with the seed in a very thorough fash- It is jinp0ssible to be' energetic if
ion does not injure the stems. With 'your blood is thin and.weak, or if your
the flax seed at about $d.15 a bushel nerves arc fra3rcd or shattered.    You
of fifty-six pounds, and what could be
obtained for the fibre, which it is estimated would bc at least $10 a ton,
Alberta farmers are keenly interested
in flax growing. ��� One prominent Alberta farmer- alone is seeding- 1,000
acres this year with this product.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
traders,- dealers and
trappers, fur farmers and others com- |
mercially interested in Canada's" fur'
resources.- The--discussions were of.
the' most "practical character, covering
problems of production and marketing, and ' many '��� important questions
connected with-the development of-
the" comparatively new .industry' of fur
farming as a definite-branch of animal
husbandry. . ' ' ,-" "'.'...
..The remarkable " advances in the
priccs""of-furs' have induced "such vig-
orous'-cx'pldiiation.of wild .fur-bearers
what the Scriptures had'foretold concerning- the' .Messiah "and that' it behooved Christ thus to suffer, and to
enter into" his glory. ,." " ,; .
III. The Lord -Reveals'Himself (vv.
-    28-35):    .       .".-.-_ ."���'���.-.
1.-Nearing the=.cnd of the journey
(vv. 28, 29).- He made as though1 hc
A woman.can get a man lo do
anything shc wants him to if she has
tact chough lo" induce   him    to-  talk
about himself. . '' ���
Purebred Versus        V
Grade Stock
Alternate Returns bf Purebred Stock
-- Are Higher Than. Grade
"   .'. - Cattle
At the Dominion Government Experimental-Station at Agassiz, British
Columbia, an interesting experiment
has just been completed, which- goes
-to prove the .superiority; from the
point of view of ^'ultimate returns, to
the farmer of purebred "stock over, a
grade' herd.-
-In. December, 1911,'the experiment-
would'"go-farther, but thev constrained    , r ,-,-,���
:'.him  to .abide with them. V It would aj-farm-purchased. 28_ grade cows and
'the-following  year
cannot compete with o.thers if you do
not get refreshing sleep at night, or if
your appetite is poor or you are losing weight. You need a tonic at this
lime to add to your efficiency now, as
well as to save you from suffering
later on. And in_ all the realm of
medicine there is no better tonic than
Dr. Williams Pink Pills. These pills
tone and enrich the blood which circulates through every portion of the
body, strengthening jaded nerves and
run-down organs, and bringing a feeling of new strength -and energy to
weak, easily tircd.ldcspondcnl men,
women and children.
. Mrs. J. N. McNeil, Glace Bay, N.S.,
says: "For years past my home lias
never been without Dr. Williams Pink
Pills, and I have good'reason' to praise
them highly. Following an attack of
la grippe, I was left in. a badly run
down  condition:     I   had  no  appetite
Lift qffCorns!
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Wiin your fingers!   You can lift off
any-hard corn, soft corn, or'corn be
FaceWas Badly Disfigured.
-Cuticura Soap, and
Ointment Healed.
"Small red pimples and blackheads began on. ��� my; face, .and - my
face was badly disfigured.
Some of the pimples festered -while'others scaled
over and there were places
where the pimples were
in blotches.,. They used
to Itch and burn terribly.
"I saw an. advertisement .for ..Cuticura and I tried them.
They stoppedthe itching and burning and I used four cakes, of Soap
and three boxes of Ointment which
healed me." (Sighed) Miss V. A.
Hayne, Stormont, N. S., Dec. 26, '18.
-Thi Cuticura Toilet Trio, combating of
Soap, Ointment and Talcum, promotes skin
purity, comfort and health when used for
-every-day toilet purposes..  For Sample
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The Beauty
of TKe Lily "j
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wonderfully, pure,
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Oriental Cream
FERD.T. HOPKINS ��, SON, ,'M oi i i '.���.. .il
No 1 foi- Bladder Oat*rrh. No 2 for Mood &
Skis Dl5eas�� <   No. 3 for Ohronlo Waaknensot.
Dr .LECl.KRCMtd.Co.,Havcrstocl<Ril..N W.S.London.
Cook'a Cotton Root CompmmS
A late, rtttdble reputalitio .
.medicine.  Bold in three.do*
greet of strength-rNo.. 1, 51J
No. 2. $3; No. 8, S5 pcr box.
Sold by all dru?ei��ta, or ec-nfl
prepaid on receipt of tinco.
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TOIONTO. ONT. '.f��Wri| Wirtiir.)
and felt so weak I-could scarcely ro . tween the toes, and the hard .skin
about thc house.; I was taking medi-j calluses from bottom of feet,
cine but it was.not helping me, and a' A tiny bottle of "Freezonc" costs
friend advised mc to try Dr. Williams little.at any drug store; apply a few"
Pink Pills. 1 x'sed. thcm'.for a time -drops upon thc corn or callus.__ In-
with the most beneficial results. -My stantly.it stops hurting, then shortly..
appetite improved,   my . strength ' re-..you .lift   that   bothersome   corn   or
,.,.....,        ,     . .   -    ���   . .. ,   ���   .have been a-great   loss to them if hc
that-the  utmost care  is -essential  to  , ��� , ���  ���', ,      --,;:  ���-..'���     ; ���"
' ��� -.   ,.- ;,    -'- . , ���        ���-���had not been    constrained.  - ���
prevent the commercial extinction or-1;  n   c.^.    ���    - ��� ���   :        , ^ -.   .,,-..
,    ,, ���: ��,"-���' --'���-.'     I    2. Sitting together at the table (vv.
valuable .species.-   At thc same . time- on .���,,.     ���.��� ,,-.   :��� -.   , .,'���   ,-      ,���   -,
."  ~-    ���- ,     -.,'.   ���-   -   ,-  .,   . . . 130, ol). .His blessing of the.bread and
every - effort - should, be. made-to   111-  .-     , .-     .,   -     .      ; ���"  .-..    ....
].-      .,-..    V, ���>    ������     ,     -.      ,--,    ' breaking, it were so. familiar- that tliey
crease Canada s fur prouuction by the-
dcvqlopment'jof "fur ...farming^ laldngr"
sound;.' scientific lines.." " The! - conference,.'achieved'-an   exceedingly, useful
purpose-in informing' the:.various interests connected with the fur- indusr
try respecting the; numerous problem's
:that;_'effect- such .interests beneficially
.or the.-reverse.    Tlic" co-operation' of"
these interests-is ,a primary "factor-,in.
maintaining our.fur' renoure'es ���at .the
highcst.ppinf. bf;:productivity consistent with.their-permanent retention. -
��� ::TJie" convention- decided unanimous-'
ly to establish a" national registratiow'.
knew him.'.- Then,-too, they niay-havc
secn-thcnailprints-iii"his hands "while"
he-broke tlic.bread.. Thcy.'now'-knew
for'a. certainty'-that .the -Lord' whom
tliey had-.mo'tirncd.-.as :dca'd" was. alive
and _ in'.'their, very .presence'. -������If we had
eyes";to-perceive we' could--sec Jesus
daily walking ;and ���' talking with "us.
-What a .diffcrciit'"life would be'-'ours if
we would'but-see. him! '' ..- y
-3..Thc..irtisciplcs convinced (vv. 32-
35)-. - Tlicy'- at. once rc turned >to~ Jerusalem .'and reported to-the .eleven, what
things -were'-.done -and how- the -! Lord
had;.revealed- himself- to them in'-thc.
increased    their
turned and -I was soon able to'do all
my housework.-' I now-use the'pills
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recommended the '. pi'.Is , to -other,
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blood, and through, their usc.not only
the disastrous after effects of iiifiuen
callus right off, root and. all, without
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No: humbug!     ���
The Submarine Failure
Government   Bonds  and  other  high" class
Securities, returning from 5 to. 7 per cent.
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��100 up.
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Medicine Co., .Brockviile, Ont.      ������v.-
very' in
stock by three pure bred cows. From 'za but also troubles due to poor blood
time to timc more pure-bred' stock:?.uch ��? anaemia, rheumatism, indiges-
,-;.��� .... , . , - ;,-. ,- . tion and the generally worn-out feel-
lias been added and today- the farm-ing: that affects "so.many people; disowns 42 pure bred females, while, the
grade herd has- been _ reduced to 21.-.
... A.vearly comparison.has_becn .made,
during the last-three ycars pf the five
most, profitable' "pure bred .cows and"
the - five- most;-.profitable grade. "cows;
In each" instance, the 'puro-breds have
been' -the. morc "successful from a commercial'standpoint.. On' the average
the pure breds.produced-.4,476 pounds
more;.milk; and- 1-53 pounds more fat
per, cow per-annum, and- yielded an
average profit over feed Cost of $27.64
more per. cow -than' the'grades.' - X ���
-After a.purebred herd "reaches :a
suitable size.the niost.mone'y.-is made
by "selling the surplus stock "for breeding .purposes.-- A:record 'was kept of
the. sciiior-'sirc-in-the Agassiz  herd,
Prince Albert District Homesteads
-Statistics- issued show the'number
of homestead entries in the Prince
Albert.'district for 1919. were 56 per
cent, in excess of. those taken up' in-
1918, the numbers.being 6,623 in 1919
and'4,376.in" 1918. According tp" the.
nationalities, Canadians- -predominate,
British-born, next," and Americans "are
third. ,. ������.-., ���-'".���'. "       -;���;'   :
-'.this- Easter occasion..in "such
c registered stock, but will .-permit 1 y.~    ��� ...     ,     -���   , -.   ��� .
,- .- .������       ,    \. .,   i r.- ������"  ���  ,-       tnatwc-mav-know beyond thc-pcrad
the entry into thc United,-States free . -   - -. c-      ,    1 ".  ..   .  1-   -  -::    ,��
��� r  ,'. '���    c-" 11-    --"���������:���'������', /��� venture"'of a doubt .that;lie is rcallv
of duty of all registered foxes.
of silver ioxcs ancl took the ncccssar-v ..      . .. -���       . -,, -. ...  - .,    ... rr,,
-   -..   ,;-  ,     ",-..,-. ..    -::;-  . ' .."���breaKing-   of the-.bread;  -  Thcy.. ex-
stcps "toward initiating this: important 1 ', .    -,   ���.r,   ���-���,'".   ; :.���    -'      .   ,    -,���",
���-*-,      ~ ��� , -,    .        .     '-.,,-      .- -,- ,-claimed,'.. The'Lord-is ris.en indeed!"
buck ^registration will not only-. U'r    - r-i'~ ��� .     "���" '.- -     -"-1   i-
...-'. ,,--,'        ���'":,���-''���'    ,   -,"   -1 "Mav -Christ come to evcry believer on, -.-... ...   ..   ,   -,-��� ,     -..,,.-       ,.   ,.   ���.^ .
atcnally enhance the value or���: \u._ y?-__.y ���_������..;���_"_ ..���_ y.,X\y    "   .- -y a- Holstein bull, from December, 1916,
tb July. 1918. 'From his.service during
.that period fifteen grade and"'twelve
purebred 'females, were raised and arc
in. the hc.nl. at the present' time...'- Put-,
ting the very-topmost value, on the
fifteen, gradevheifcrs lliey-arc worth
$175, while the; dozen purebred heifers
arc .-worth just about twice, that. amount, yet thcy cost-no inore'lo raise
than; the.' grades. . Tlic:purebrcd; male
calves born -iri the herd during; the
same period were ;s'oid,'for .$100" each
and" up, while the-grade-bulls   ".were
V Sometimes:itas" what a-man doesn't
say-that is most interesting.,.   -.,-
How Great Britain Successfully Grappled With the WarrTimc
Mr. -Archibald Hurd, recognized
throughout the world as a naval expert of great judgment and foresight,
has been writing of late upon one of
his favorite topics, the submarine, and
he Voirits"our'thatr at" firstrit" "appeafV
ed as though it might succeed, for it
was a departure which took not only
British seamen, but all the seamen of
the world, by surprise. No provision
hadrbecn. made by either thc Biitish,
French, Italian, American, Japanese
or other naval authorities for countering the submarine employed as the
Germans employed it.. Lord Jellicoe
in the emergency was recalled from
thc . Grand Fleet, and on becoming
First Sea Lord; this officer, in association with Vice-Admiral Sir Alexander Duff and other experienced seamen whom he brought with him from
TfcLc ftoul of a. Piano Is
ttMt. Action    insist upon
. Tne.sate way to send money-by mail 11 by
Uomitiion Express Money Order. ,
the North, devoted himself to tlia
problem of . countering the German
submarine. The extent to which the
submarine was mastered is partially
revealed, in."the figures of the sinking,
of merchant tonnage. In,April, 1917,
5161000.'tons' of British shipping were
destroyed, but in. October, 1918, with
more tonnage afloat, thc sinkings had
fallen to 54,577 tons..
- Young men arc warned to beware
of. the.girl who is too indolent or dis-
beiicst to return his kisses; _".-<���
Thc first dJiily-' paper in the world       ��� �����,-���-���-.
T,vas..puBiishcd at- Frankfort,-  Gcr-Lumbcr^Shortage in Alberta
many.- " . ,      '.���-���-���
Canadian trade with the U.S;. is'second only to that of Great Britain^ .
Children Should Never
Drink Tea or Coffee.
They are harmful to growth, and
development and have a particularly bad effect on the nervous
system of the child.
Give the children
and avoid tea^and
of Western Canada Should Be
..Considered First X , --;.
Curtailment of\the amount"of lumber exported rirpm Canada is .-the.' request, which the. Alberta Association
of Architects has .put before, thcr.fed^
cral;government.- -Local architects sojd.for-veal
assert that; the situation is .desperate
if the. big building program in '��� sight
for the. coming'seasbh' is to .be carried out."- The association urges that
the needs of Western Canada should
be' considered "first and- the- exportation of lumber to the United Statcs
prohibited or' curtailed until such time
as there is an' adequate supply of lum
Any Woman Can Dye
And Keep in Style
"Diamond Dyes". Turn Faded, Shabby
Apparel Into New.
Don't worry about perfect results.
Use "Diamond Dyes,'' guaranteed   to
ber for future building undertakings give a ncw,  rich,  fadeles3 color,to
in  Canada. any fabric, whether it be wool, silk,
linen,    cotton    or    mixed;   goods.���
dresses,   bIouse3t,   stockings,    skirts,
children's   coats,, feathers,., draperies;
cbv.eTingSr^yerything.. ...    ;..... . ..
.'The -Direction Boole with each
package tells .how. to , diamond dye
over any color...' Xy-XXi y-Xy' X ;X ''--
t To match any; material, haye dealer
shpwXyou "Diamond Dye" Color Card,
Theatre Attendance in Alberta
During the past year 7,374,393 pco-.
pie passed, through 'the-doors of the
theatres '��� in- the province :of Alberta,
according to information, given: to the
legislature.by. W.: M. Davidson, respecting - theatres,", for..Aiberta.-.'--. The
total receipts; for. the;-.theatre. tax-durr
in-the" yea*. il9i.9. - wis; ,$143,926,". as
'. co"nipared.witIi'$SOJ25'in'I9li">;-.i V
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��#. THE     iytfTNTE].     (TP^NWOOT),     B.     C.
'I  sure
Filling His
Own Slides
Copyrighted. Printed by-special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
do," or "it  sort of seemed
SV\ like," etc.;  that he  should    know so
little of art, literature, or music.
[    As tactfully as possible they tried
[constantly    to put    some    polish* on
; Ruggles, and it must be admitted their
efforts were    not in vain.      He. was
quick to learn and seldom needed to
be told a thing twice.    With French
people, however, he had the best of
them, for his accent was better and
his speech far more idomatic than was
theirs.    Indeed, when  conversing
Meat Exports
From Canada
British  Government   Will   Take   All
Surplus Supplies of Canadian
It is expected that exports of meats
from Canada will continue to follow
in j tlie normal  demand of thc past  few
French. Ruggles passed readily for a  months, according to a statement offi-
man of birth and education.
But aside from these petty annoyance i he was bored by his new man-
The British Empire
Comes Back
(Continued.)  -
Meanwhile,   the    season    advanced
and,  thc  hea't of Paris growing'oppressive,  Ruggles  rented a furnished
Splendid Tributes From Two Reputable and Representative
U.S. Journals
When Britain is being made the object of open or veiled attacks in the
United States Senate and in the columns of W. R. Hearst's scurrilous
sheets, not to mention the covert stabs
within her own household, it is heartening  to read such splendid tributes
cially made by the Industrial and De-
\^ '""Zl ��1 ance"; he "was bored "by his "new "man- velopmcnt Council of Canadian   Meat
>S.t     . ���    zr    ner of life.   Being a natural-born bus- j Packers.    The press  message     from
iness man of inherent business ability,-Chicago that owing to the adverse ex-  J   ,���   . ���������f���ki��� a      *.,
he did not take kindly to ease    and  change  meat exports from the U S A ��� ���m  ^o   reputable  and   represcnta-
idlcncss-especially in a "hen-house."  Z*. *'���. VXP��l'S   , ��^,�� ^   ��� 'tive Periodical as are foUnd in the fol~
as he sometimes  thought  to himself h,ad  *easc?' ��  somewhat belated, as  ,owinB cdilorial from thc Wall Street
.. .       ��� s of his establishment.     He sometimes  the  recorded drop in  prices  of hogs journaj.
villa at  Le Touquct for 'the  months  wonderccl drearily what he was going as a result of changed conditions took i
of, July/and August, aid removed h.S|to  do  whcn   he  shouId   find   himself place ;��� both countries iast {a!]> and'
Valuable Mining: Property
The Greatest Yielding Copper Mine
On the Continent
The  sale of the  Flin   Flon  copper
mine of La Pas in southern Manitoba
German Dyes for
Great Britain
First Installment W.ll Shortly Arrive
In Great Britain
The British Board of Trade has jusl
to the International Nickle Company given  notice to consumers    of    dye-
has just been announced.    The purchase price was one million dollars.
Consequent  on  this  purchase  it  is
expected that a railway to thc mine
stuffs that the first instalment of colors which Germany has to furnish under the reparation clauses of the
peace treaty will shortly arrive in the
is  twenty million  tons,  worfh  about
'Last fall it was said by the chair-
hdusenold thither.  'The brotlw^ Steamship    Co. 	
Montcrcau ran down for every week--than jle couid possib!y spend. At such  traclc lor scveral months has been oti'Uiat  ,lis  slocicholders  could  sell   out \180 million dcl.ars, whicn will make
end, and on one of these outings they  moments he thought wistfully of the, the lo.wer, basis.    Thc exchange situ-1 their ships and docks and retire fromi^ the greatest yielding copper mine
w^owaVa1!^ *p       i   '       A   kJ"��� bctWCCn  L��nd��n   a"d  t,1C  Do"  business with ample provision for the !<>"   ��'*  continent,  slates  thc  Regina
who was a lieutenant in tne army ana      Ihis sadness of Rugglcs   made him  ���,;,.:,.,,    ,.   ��-nivlf.,vtint   mnn>  fiDnnHo   -./���.������.-,         < V^et-
a   young  man. of  good   connections,  thc more interesting to his household," ���ni��"   V T7 ..   . *   T      ���orabIe . r��st of tnnr lives, but that they did.1"^-
  "    I none  of whom-except perhaps    thc  than for lhe Unlted States, and Cnna- jnol   intend   t0  flo   sa    0n Its   bool ! 	
will be built in the near future, con-1 United Kingdom, and will be followed
necting with the Hudson's Bay Rail-1 at intervals with additional quantities,
way at a point about 42 mile north- Distribution will be made as soon as
east of the Pas and that a smelter (possible after each consignment is re-
will bc built and water-power which j ceived. The basis for distribution will
is located near the mine will be devcl-|be normal probable requirements for
oped. I the next six months of thc members
The proven ore body in  the mine 0f Color Users' Association aud the
ed certain orisons���ascribed it to the
though small personal fortune.      His I   _         _ r  _
expectations    were, however,    of,thc devoted' Mustapha, who had witness-,dian   livestock  farmers  and
best,���as    Ruggles," anticipating    another suitor, took pains to assure himself,���so that when  the you
aunt formally requested in
the  hand" of  Rosa  Ben  Al
Ruggles decided, to give his consent,
no  doubt influenced to some  degree
by Rosa's impassioned pleadings   that
she might have    her adored Marcel.
Miss Elliot did not figure prominently
in any of these negotiations.
breeders !vaiue tilc British Empire is not only i
National  Federation of Paint, Color
and Varnish Manutacturers.
['he Cause of Failure
A Smooth skin
in "aitiy weather:���
.-"Wash" well >-in warm-' water-
using absolutely pure soap:"
Baby's Own
ne vn
���rinse well-
with the Red Cross.    It must be said   ness  in  the  livestock  industry.    The  the  British  Empire will stay in bus-
that all did their utmost to cheer him,  British    Government   has   purchased  iness
was cVeSr'rkefbett^reyo0fUrB "**  moniMy. the ���V^ ��< <*��*��-. ba-j    "There is a significant paragraph in
Then one day Ruggles came in to'con available for export, and because;an    editorial    discussion  of Britain's
luncheon  with  such  a high  flush  on  of the high quality of Canadian bacon  new colonial acquisitions in thcNew
One- might    think    that    Ruggles ,1ns lean checks and so vivid a bright-! there is every indication that they will
should-'have been a verv happv man'ness in his eyes that Miss Elliot, on       '.; ���    t    ,_k��� ������ olir ,m.���iU(.
at so successful a fulfillment of his rcatching sight of him  feared that the.cotUinue to take a" our ����P����-
fever brewed in the swamps flanking ! 	
Dc'ikos must have germinated again.'     ;       ,   ,-    -K, . ���
Ruggles seemed nervous and excited.. Canada S Mineral ReSOUrCCS
He had been watching the tennis on j 	
the courts of    thc Hermitage Hotel,'
obligation to his late benefactor. Once
���his wards were married, lie could say
to himself: "I have carried out the
instructions of Hamid Pasha in a manner which I know that were he living   ..._     -.       ��� ,
he. would thoroughly approve.    I am  and he had seen enter a big touring-. In Possession.pt the Worlds Supply  sources, encouragement of production
discharged  of my  responsibility  and'car containing Ruth and Miss Down-j of Nickel, Cobalt and 'fostering of   industry,    extension    of
it remains nowonly for me to enjoy ,ing.   He announced this^ fact in as cas- Asbestos 'trade: these arc cardinal principles of
York Sun:
"In thc colony over which the British flag is raised justice and domestic
peace arc assured. In the colony
which flies the British flag trade prospers.   Development   of   natural    re-
my  wealth.
am  young,  in
g-ood  ual a voice as he was able to control.
At the opening of thc twenty-second  British colonial policy.   Their fruit is
annual meeting of the Canadian Min-1 honorable profit in which all the Em-
ing Institute, at Toronto,    President'Pire shares.'
D.   H.   McDougall  pointed   out   Can- !    "This is eminently true, and the ex-
"Really?" said Miss Challand
you speak to thcm?"
"No," said    Rugglcs, "I just
them pass."
"They've probably run over to meet'ad,      situation    with   reeard to the '^ordinary difference   between    Gcr
Mr. Downing and his son onathevRot-|^ ^^ ���f ^XmcS.  of ���?*  coercive  methods  and   those
which is due
health, with many friends, and about
one hundred thousand dollars a year
to spend in the pursuit of happiness.
The,world is mine."
But Rugglcs felt that the world was
very far from being his. - Mr. Falconer, who at Ruggles's invitation had | tcrdam,     ,  ���      ._  _....____ ,
come down to spend several days at j Boulogne tomorrow,"    said Darthca. la iiation���coal, iron and wood.    Her 0l  the greatest and most bencficient
his Le Touquet.   villa, had informed i "I saw in the 'Heral*" about a wcck'COal deposits, he said, did not include ,'colonizing power the world has ever
him that there was a rumor of   Ruthjago  that they were among the pas-  anthracile   except ;n 'sinalI quantities; lScen is brought before us today.   AI-
Downing's    engagement to    a young ��� sengers. ' . . ���        ' ......
Englishman of title, the Honorable | Rugglcs helped himself to Chablis. her lron ores werc of very smaI1 con-
Cecil Townsend.and at this news itjHe was conscious of a sudden irrita-, tent, and their development depended
seemed to Ruggles that all of the light | tion with Darthca for not having in-; upon the advance of experiments to
had gone out of his life - He could |formed him of this all-important fact. |a la degree; her timber resources
no  longer deceive  himself in   regard i He had never formed the habit him-i ... ,   _       , ,
to his true state of heart toward Ruth. | self of following the steamer sailings !werc vanishing, and Canada s post-
He knew that he loved her with an | and social items, but he could not un-I tion was indeed alarming.   As an off-
sace-Lorrainc did not become reconciled in fifty ycars. Schleswig-Hol-
stein has voted three to one against
the Germans after fifty-four years of
attempted assimilation. Polish Silesia  was  seized, without even  a prc-
intc:sity which     absorbed  him,  soul
Tind mind and body, and that without
her all  else  was  a. hollow  mockery,
and would always be., ;-���
The three days that she had spent
with her aunt at the Carlton had crvs-
dcrstand  how  anybody  could  fail  toj set   to   this   he   emphasized   Canada's  tence of right, by Frederick the Great
be interested at any time by the
movements of any of the Downing
family, or fail to comment on them.
As a matter of fact, Darthea had commented on the circumstance, but Rug
I "strategic" superiority mincralogically
in the possession of the World's supply of nickel, cobalt and asbestos.
tallizcd Ruggles's distant, adoration Igles had not been present at the time,
into a consuming passion the vio'ence I This, then, was undoubtedly the rea-
of which left- him at times weak and . son of Ruth's presence in Le Tou-
shoken from its mere contemplation. ' Boulogne aud a charming resort. Rug-
There _was in his heart a constant hun-j quel, which is only a short run from
ger for her which made him feel as | gles found himself suddenly deprived
though he were a mere shell; a ie- of appetite.
"I'm afraid you're not feeling well,
Mr. Rugglcs," said Miss Elliot, observing him decline a favorite dish.
ceptacle for the containing of a
mighty love. He had managed to see
her twice on each of these days, and
Ruth- and her aunt" had accepted his
invitStion -to -s-dt-riirer'and -the- -theatre.
Not only had she accepted him frankly as a friend, _but she had shown a j this afternoon and ask them to_ din
sweet and sympathetic interest iri" his'
Big Reclamation Plan
Manitoba and Saskatchewan will cooperate in thc reclamation of thc Carrot River triangle, lying in the vicin
al the opening of the seven year' war,
more than a century and a half ago,
and is still Polish and not German.
The Boers were fighting the British
with apparently implacable race hate
in 1902, and fighting for them, as a
self-governing part of the empire, in
1914, of their own free will.
j "Exchange for the pound sterling
'means nothing in this connection. An
Could Hardly Walk
Without Resting.
When you go to a physician to be
examined for anv heart trouble, one
of thc first questions he asks is: "Are
you shoit of breath?"
Now, when the heart becomes affected there ensues a feeling of a choking sensation, a shortness of breath,
palpitation, throbbing," irregu1ar beating, smothering sensation, dizziness
and a weak, sinking, all-gone feeling
of oppression and anxiety.
On the first sign of the heart ber-
coming weakened or the nerves unstrung Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills r.re just the remedy you require.
They regulate and stimulate the heart,
and strengthen .and restore the whole
nerve system.
Mr. Stephen Crouse, East Clifford,
N.S., writes: "I suffered for five years
with heart trouble. I could hardly
walk from the house to the barn without resting, as T used to get so short
of breath. Doctors could not help
me. My wife told me to get-a--hox
of Mi'burn's Heart and Nerve Pills
and 1 felt better after taking them;
three boxes made mc quite well. I
am now helping my son.to work the
farm, and can truthfully say I fee!
like a different .man." r  -
Prize 50c a box at all dealers, 'or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont. 1
and dry carefully.
In the interest, of
your skin,, uie
Baby's Own Soap.
"Best for Baby and .
Best for You."
Sold everywhere.
Albeit Soaps L!mlt��4,
ilfri,, Hoatnal.
Every Farmer Should Keep A Strict
Record of All Transactions
To be successful, farming must be
made a business. Failures in farming are as often due to neglecting the
business sidc as to any other cause.
Farmers who neglect to keep exact
records of their receipts and expenditures should ponder thc following
extract from thc February "Teller,"
issued by the Sterling Bank.
"When    asked    recently    by    the
National Association  of.-Credit Men
what in their opinion  was the chief
cause of business failures, 10,000 merchants replied almost to a man: 'Failure to keep books.'   About the same
time    another    investigation    among
6,000 mechants taken at random from
all parts of the country showed that
only  10 pcr cent, kept "records that
told them: What they had in stock,
what profit they were making, what,
thcir expenditure- was for selling, ad- j
vertising and other items of overhead,'
what particular part of their business I
was profitable or unprofitable".
Every farmer  who  does  not  keep
books  shoujd  make up his  mind to I
begin.    Send to  the  Commission  of
Conservation for a free copy of the
"Farmer's Account  Book."
ity of The Pas, according to govern
ment announcement.    The- estimated Irish agitator, in two columns in the
cost of reclaiming the land is $2,000,-J Hearst    newspapers,    said   it was a
"OlCl'm    all  right, thanks,"    said i000  and  the vcost  will   be  borne  by proof of bankruptcy.    But from 1861
affairs and his physical well-being",
and considered him in the light of a
social equal.
Ruggles's views on class distinction
had, however, undergone a revo'ution
as the result of his-personal experiences. As a shoe clerk in thc service
of the company he had considered
- himself the social equal of anybody,
but now, as a millionaire and a man
honored by-the Padisha of the Ottoman Empire for distinguished gallantry on the field of battle, he had
swung to the other extreme and held
himself to bc but a'parvenu, an upstart, one of lowly origin who had
been raised to fortune by a trick of
fate. : He did not .consider himself to
be inany sense Ruth's equal, nor did
'- he expect the -woild at large to value
him as such. He reflected that both
his mother and father had been fac-
Tory hands, and that he. himself had
first seen thc light of day in a dingy
workman's cottage under thc shadow
of"the'factory walls':
"" Had Ruggles been like certain others who ,have leaped froi.i -obscurity
to great wealth, he would havc paid
some genealogist a hundred pounds to
have provided him with a coat of arms
' and a few ancestral portraits and
claimed relationship -with the Ruggles
of Hants or Kent or York or any old
Ruggles.    "I guess I'll go over   ittid , the two provinces in proportion-to-the-j to   1865   our, dollar  brought- only :40
call  on  Miss  Downing and her aunt] amount of land in each.   The triangle'cents in Canada   and it d*d not ex-
"~  "S^��D0Sw���i ��VhXn��I 1&:��; T?,-3M  T!' ^^a���,^^ * Par��atil 1879, with the rc
saw her, that-she wanted to meet the
Roxana raised her tawny eyes slowly to Ruggles's face.
"Is she very pretty?'\ she asked
"Yes," Ruggles answered, "and she's
just as swee.t and nice as shc is pretty.
You'll all be crazy about her."
"Are you crazy about her?" asked
"My dear!" said  Miss Challand. in |
mild reproof. _ ��,
Rugglcs smiled  wearily.
"I guess everybody that knows her
is crazy about her, Roxana," said hc,
and fell into an abstracted silence.
Roxana was rather silent, too, but,
when unobserved, her eyes shot yellow gleams at Ruggles from und^r
thcir long dark lashes. She had seen
deeper into his soul than ber less instinctive though more sophisticated
mentors. - __,
(To Be Continued.)        ~^
Merrick Anderson Buy
Extraordinary Growth of Business Is
Reported by Old Established
Anticipating considerable activity iu
building operations in western Canada
Oirls!    A mass of long;
thick, gleamy tresses ���
of which lie in Manitoba and the re-iteration  of specie  payments.      How
maindcr in _the_ adjoining province.      many Americans know that before the
battle    of   Gettysburg a Confederate^
loan, secured by cotton in the hands
of Jeff  Davis's  government,   sold  in
London  above  United  States  7  per
cent, gold bonds?
"When sterling was selling at its
lowest this newspaper pointed out
how largely this was due to speculative overselling, and it has rallied 40
points since. The British Empire is
doing business at its old stand in Lon-
Canada's Relations
Wilh West Indies
Will Be To Our Advantage To Cultivate Their Friendship
Sir Robert Falconer, "K.C.M.G.,
president, of the University of Toronto, writes to Montreal to emphasize
the importance of the work that T. B.
Macaulay, of this city, is doing in trying to create better-relations between
Canada and the British West Indies
and British Guiana. "Today," says
President Falconer, "somc of these
islands are almost dependent economically upon the United Statcs, and the
trend of all their trade, including that
of Biitish Guiana, might easily and
quickly be diverted thither. If Canada can bind the West Indies and
British Guiana to herself by trade and
personal intercourse, their future relation to this Dominion or Great Britain may be left to take care of itself.
The trade of the-West Indies would
You don't have to rub it in to
get quick, comforting
Once you've  tried it on  that stiff,
joint, sore muscle, sciatic pain, rheumatic twinge,- lame   back,   you'll find
a  warm,  soothing relief you'   never
thought a liniment could produce.
Won't stain the skin, > leaves no
muss, wastes no time in applying,
sure to give quick results. A large
bottle mcans economy. Your own or
any other druggist has it. Get it today.   35c, 70c, $1.40. .Made in Canada.
j ...     Liniment
���yyXxKeep ii handy    ���
be of great advantage^to us, and they
don while we are talking and throwing jcould with much profit purd)asc from
vital capital away in fool taxes. Each us
ry    'to his trade."
British War Honors
county, and have hungan etching of
Totteringham Court-ori"-Slushy Water-. inon ., c ���, ., t,- , ���,.,i o������ t,j
in a conspicuous part of his drawing-|in ^ the fi��� of Blrd a��u tl0n' Ltd!
room. He might have, presented the of Hamilton, large manufacturers of
city of Paris with a statue or soup- building paper, have had reprcsenta-
kitchen for indigent absinthe-drinkcrs.j t;ves jn tile wcst( estimating the prob-
-!^rc1'^ni.rCiut%-asf ;S| able, demands of this country for the
of this sort,    Hc suffered in silence
and tried to be strong.
But it required- all of his strength
to meet Mr. Falconer's announcement
In regard to Ruth's supposed.engacc-
ment with an unmoved face and a
heart the weight of which proved almost too great a burden for an injured ankle.    He managed to receive
coming season
The directors of thc Merrick Anderson company have announced that
thcy havc closed a contract with thc
Hamilton firm to act as thcir exclusive
distributors for the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.     This will
-. ... -   , .      ,, include the handling of the Ncponset
the news standing up. and to all out- .   ., ���   . ,       , ,.
ward appearance undismayed, but the building   paper   and felt,    the ��� well
faithful Mustapha, who had grown to
lovc, his youthful master, detected
symptoms of fever that night and
enjoined a day in bed, to which Rug-
glrs wearily submitted,
Exclusive of-Royal-Air-Force, Total
London, England.���The final award
of honors has now been made .to officers and men in respect of services
Let "Danderine" save your hair and ;in connection with the war elsewhere,
double its beauty.   You can have lots This closcs thc honors ,- t t j
of long, thick, strong, lustrous    hair. , ,,      . . ,      ^
Don't let it stay lifeless, thin, scragg-|so far as. concerns the Afghan war,
!y or fading. Bring back its color, the frontiers of India, Mesopotamia,
vigor and vitality.
Get a 35-ccnt bottle of delightful
"Danderine" at any drug or toilet
counter to freshen your scalp;   check
or operation-s elsewhere since the armistice.   Of the honors conferred between   August,   1914   and February,
dandruff and falling hair.    Your haYr 4, 1920, exclusive of thosc conferred
needs this stimulating tonic; then its [by thc Royal Air Force, 239,126 were
life, color, brightness and abundance  awarded for services in the field and
will return���Hurry!
certauj��,other factors contributing to
Ruggles's lack of cheer, whicli exercised the samc pronortion to the pri-
known  I'aroid  roofing,  wall boards,
The  Merrick   Anderson    company
recently purchased  from Donald  H.
Bc^ide^ihe'crusii'ing conviction that!Bain the warehouse just west of the
Ruth could never be his, there were  Merrick  Anderson   property,   which
will give room to carry thc stock of
thc  firm of Bird and  Son.    George
mary cause as might a series of mos-|A. Merrick stated to the Free Press
quito bites  to  the victim  of an   en-  that  the  extraordinary gain in busi-
' counter with a motor-car movine at a  ness -yvhJcb bas marked recent months
hMi velocity.   The Misses Challan<jU j        ���        ;        f cessat;on. ���
- Elliot, and Wcstbrookc had come to ��� .      ** -      ..
oppress his spirits both individually In sPltc of thc cr��P fal!ure Jn scc'
and collectively- It sometimes seem-' tions of the west last fall and the
ed to Ruggles that thev had entered comparative failure in various por-
into a conspiracy for the betterment t; of thc,country ;n reccnt years,
of lus speech and manners; a sort of
Society for the Social Improvement of
Richard Ruggles.
As a matter of fact, he was not far
wrong. It- hurt Miss Challand's cultured. Miss Elliot's academic, and
Darthea's aesthetic sensibilities that
Ruggles should "sir" and "ma'am"
new acquaintances; that he should be
guilty of such vulgar expressions as
Unusual Game Shortage
Natives of the Arctic Red River region are facing starvation because of
the shortage of big game this winter,
according, to members of the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police expedition
to Herschel Island and Fort McPherson on thc Arctic coast who arrived
at Dawson recently. Not even
enough skins were available to supply
the natives with moccasins, they reported. Relief supplies have been
sent to Fort McPherson.
1 thc buying power of thc provinces is
undiminished and very large quantities of goods are bcing absorbed
cvery month.
Considerable . extensions are being
made   this  year  in  connection   with
the   paper   and   paint   plants  of the
Merrick Anderson company and fur-
'.   "T=^_���       __^ j i\iet  improvements  will  be  made  if
E��l*fa��fresles,So��lltia. conditions warrant this year.
Seals���Xeep your Eyes
Strong and Healthy. II
they Tire, Smart, Itch, or
*C Bum, if Sore, Irritated,
'You've got a head like a row of
. ^ - ��� _,. .~J Inflainsd cr Granulated, piano keys."
use Murine often. Safe for Infant cr Adult]    '-"Why so?"
Atall Druggists in Canada. Write for Freei   ��c���kj ;rnn,��
EyeB^fc. ?J��ilseCt��jisy,��lc��8��.��.S-4J     "om l ��^
The man- who has nothing to say
15,032 for other services connected
with the war, making a total of 254,-
These include 6,588 honors to the
Indian Forces, The honors conferred
on British Forces include 578 V. C's,
two with bars, 8,970 D. S. O.'s, 705
with one bar, 71 with two, and seven
with three bars, and 37,018 M.C.'s
2,952 with onc bar, 167 with two, and
four with three bars. Thc total number of "officers and men who passed
through the British Army during the
war was approximately 6,000,000, and
it is interesting' to note that in the
South African-War,-when the total of
"Their trade and population arc
both growing rapidly. Moreover, thc
social status of the people is rising
rapidly. Under scientific management
the future of these countries with
thcir fertile soil and natural resources
is bound to be prosperous. It will be
to our advantage to cultivate thcir
friendship, and to our interest to be
generous to thcm in trade.
"It would be good policy for the
Dominion Government and the Canadian boards of trade to direct the
attention of thc Canadian people to
these very near neighbours of ours
within the Empire."
The Sublime Porte
Lord Cecil gives as his opinion that
it is not necessary to expel the Turkish people from Constantinople, even
thc sultan might remain, but the Sublime Porte, associated with the worst
intrigues and crimes in history, breeding ground of international disputes,
Grain Pickler
Quick in action���gires
���simple to operate���
cannot get out of order
���no waste of fluid.
Fill from b��{ or scoop,
empty by tilting hopper,
repeat ������ fast as you lika.
An efficient, qaick-acting'
pickler for baay Wettern
Metallic Rora^te
797 Notre Dame Ave.'wwmpe^
Y.M.C.A.  in Mesopotamia
must be got rid of.      The Sublime
Porte is then the government of Tur--outposts were removed from any kind
Work Has Been of Great Benefit and
Is More Needed
London, England.���The general in
command at Baghdad has cabled - to
the Y. M. C. A. in London asking that
Y. M. C. A. workers in Mesopotamia,
who, on account of the financial difficulties of thc association, were under
orders to be ready to close down at a
week's notice, should be instructed to
carry on for another ycar. He points
out thc value of the Y. M. C. A. to
British soldicrs living among the social conditions of an Asiatic country,
with only a very-small British settlement, while those in the deserts and
key. The term is French for Porta
Sublima, thc_ lofty_gate._Constantinople has twelve gates, near one of
which is a building with a lofty gate,
called AH Bab, in which resides the
grand vizier, and where are situate
all thc offices of the chief ministers
of state, and from which issue all imperial edicts. The French term, Sublime Porte, recalls thc timc when
French was the diplomatic language
of Europe.
of civilization whatever, "During the
period, of-reorganization^of-the army ���
of occupation," the message, continues,
"and until social conditions improve,
it is of great importance that the association continue its program for
another year. Glad if you will reconsider decision, as work of this 'association has been of great benefit
and is even more needed now than
heretofore, with the advent of ncw
regiments with young soldiers."
A Brilliant Meteor
.    , -        . .....   ,.     troops in thc field was 448,43a,    the
isn t always conscious of it until after , , , ,      ,
,    , .   , ., number of honors confered was ap-
he has tried to say it
Worry never paid any bill except
the ""doctor's.
proximately 3,717.
Daylight Saving
The Vancouver City council has formally endorsed the principle of daylight saving and will in all probability
exercise thc power of local option in
adopting it, provided the legislature
extends the same privilege in that respect as last year.
Rev. A. J. Warwick Describes Phen-
omenom Seen and Heard
In Manitoba
, Do meteors hiss? Rev." A. J.'Warwick, Anglican missionary at Shoal
River, Man., asserts they do. "I was
returning across thc river near the
mission on this reserve when all at
once there was a brilliancy through
thc whole air, and I turned southward,
to see a most intensely white meteor
in appearance about twice the size
of the planet Jupiter, and issuing from
that point. Streamers of very vivid
sparks trailed at all angles behind, and
the whole river side was as though
lighted by an electric bulb," he states,
"There was one peculiarity, thc sound
of hissing, which was continuous and
without doubt present, along thc
whole course of the phenomenom;
and was not supposition on my part.
It was present with the light, the
sparks and the meteor."
Pearls kept in the dark lose thcir
lustre, but regain it on exposure to
the sun.
The Mackenzie river drains an area
of a little less than 600,000 square
miles. - .
N.       JI.       1303
Nightcaps of cotton or -wool are
[recommended-by a French doctor as
'safeguards against colds in the head.
-  " "Hawaii Population Increases
Thc population of Hawaii, exclusive
of military and naval stations is 249,-
992, the census bureau has announced.
This is an increase of 58,083 compared
with 1910.
Butter was first-discovered by carrying milk on camels, the jolting motion producing the butter.
Sometimes marriage is a failure .-and
sometimes it is,only a fun on the
THE Silverplate of Wxffiam'
Rogers and his Son combines
beauty of design with high quality
-    and durability.
Perhaps this explains why, in a
multitude of Canadian homes, it
has been known fcr more than
three generations as
"The Best at th Price."
M��J* ind GaxstBttmi by
Ntsgart Falls, Oat.
Wie Sih/srphie of      X _
William Rogers and his Son THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It:isalways'$2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier.'
The Motor Tax
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices....... $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Oertificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears io notice, $5.00 for each ad-
. ditional claim.)
All other'legal advertising, t2'Ceuts a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals I2}4c. a line each insertion.
A proposed change in the motor
license tax is announced from Victoria. Instead of the $10 flat rate
for autos, from battered Fords to
high powered limousines or heavy
traffic trucks, a new system of
license is to be adopted whereby
taxation will be levied on the
weight of the car and its valuation.
The money thus derived is to go
into a fund for the payment of interest and sinking fund on a $5,-
000,000 loan to be used for the
construction of maiu trunk roads
over the province.
The blue eross! means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Advice as a Vice
" These are days when you ought
to live with yourself.
Know who you are, what you
are and watch your step.
Be responsible for'yourself and
to yourself.
Polish up your conscience and
listen to what it tells you.
A good, healthy conscience is a
100 per cent, better guide than a
ouija board.
Look to .yourself because the
other fellow ip mighty sick and
tired of volunteer advices.
All during the war tbis other
fellow had to do a lot of things
and then on top of that, along came
a lot of well-meaning people with
loads of advice as to what he ought
to do.
The war is over and there is
some relaxation in the things we
bad to do.
But the giving of advice is still
the most popular; sport among
eager uplifters, who feel the urge
to r"do something for humanity."
They shoot it at mankind ;ln the
mass just like spraying a gardeDj
with a hose.
There is too much advice lying
around loose these days. y--
If you feel the advice bug biting
you, all right,, but write out the
formulas it inspires and then
apply'-them to yourself and keep
them to yourself. .
.. But here we are spilling advice
ourselves. . Well, w^ admit we
know, better,-���Ex. .       .,   - ',
On May 1, 1920, the subscription
rates of The Ledge will be as follows: When paid in advance ��2.50
a year. When not paid for three
months or more have pasBed $3.00
a year. To Great Britain and the
United States ��3 a year always in
la the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview: andZsituate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Cliurles Graser.
of Boundary Falls hi said. District, occupation,
Rancher, intend to aoply for permission to
purchase tUe following- described lands:
Commencing- at a post- planted at the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 2C
chains; Ihence East 20 chains; thence South 20
chains; and thence West 20 chains, and containing 40 acres more or less, the same to b
utilized for fr razing- purposes.
Dated at  Boundurr Falls,   B.C.,  November
���fr 4�� 4* *t* & ���$* ���&�� 4�� 4* 4* ������ ���
A Chronological Puzzle
Are. you, earning your Salary?
Think it over. - Take a pencil  and
figure  .put, the    schedule; .below
: (ahvays subtract.)    ,     ,-.-���'.
There are days in a year       . \.865r
You.sleep 8 hours a day.' ���=    '.". 123
.,:-. 'xx. ".'������;;���.-';������������ ixi:zy \i-x-x .243
;Ybu rest.8 hours a day.      ; .^ -1.22
"~i"x x-"Xxx X'yi^i'' ixX'i'121
There are Sundays, in. the year .. .62
.'-/- ������".'- .'-.-' '-'"'--"'���' - - -''---\v  X;'(&
C LOAT is not a periodic-
'������ al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled. with
sketches . and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained iu New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at. Bear Lake iu
early 'days;'how justice^
was dealt in Kaslo in 93;
how the.saloon man out-
prayed the women i'n Kalamazoo, ahd graphically de
picts the roamings of a
western editor, among the
tender-feet in the cent belt,
It contains the early history .
of Nelson and a romance..
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed ""three
western poems,and dozens,
of articles . too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late* The
price is 50 cents,, postpaid to. any part of. the
world., Address ; all letters'to . -* - ���'-.--"���.',.-; .
���f * ��f ��f ��f ���$**f- ���$��� >%> ���!��� <%> .f 4
One-half day on Saturday all
'Vy;:.-.'?;.fehe year-. X-y Z -'; '- -
Legal holidays in. the year
One hoar, a day for lunch
Two'-weeks vacation
..; How,  how ..much  do you owe
your^bpss?   Think it over.
Not Many
'���How many- make . a million?"
as the teacher"af. the class in aritn-
metie.   - xx^XXi ������-''  .-'-..-..���.v.''-.'/1' .-'. =
; The dnllesV boyiiin Xth.x clas?
raised.his hand.,,~iyX:Xyy:'XXX :'..;
��� '"'"V-Well^"^bby,-'*ii!��idr;''*6e;teach-
er, "yoG-raay fell us;"-;.- v. 'XXy-'y
tCNo% many,'" sbsweredBobby.
It   osts You'-ii.
Nothing; Biit "-a'i'i
Little Spare Time
.-People all around where yoii-
.llve. want" to.'read," resjularly.-
the. most, .-.'progressive',
weekly ���. magazine in
British' Columbia-���   ':
Act as oot agent���get tfie subscriptions' of' your friends and *���
others���omr .offer, is Kemiine.
No -guess -work. Every sub-
BCriEtion-yoa get means; a definite  step  forward.
Wants It
Write tonight. We'll show
you how to get any .article yon
jesire���and. get it" quicily.
Don't' put it off till tomorrow.
Do not forget
Income Tax Return
on or before the 30th of April, 1920.
orninion of Canada
Department of Finance
ALL  persons* residing in Canada,  em-
ployed  in  Canada,  or carrying on
business in  Canada,  are liable to a tax
on income, as follows:���
1. Every unmarried person, or widow, or
widower, without dependants as defined by the
Act, who during the calendar year 1919 received or
earned SI,000 or more.
2. All other individuals who during the
calendar year 1919 received or earned $2,000 or
more. ���
3. Every corporation and joint stock company
whose profits exceeded $2,000 during the fiscal
year ended in 1919.
Forms t0 ^e uset* m fii*n��
returns on or before
the 30th of April, 1920. ���
farmers and ranchers must use
Form Tl.
miist use Form T IA.
C O R P O R AT I �� N S and joint
stock companies must use Form
T 2.
Every person required to make a return, who
falls to do so within the time limit, shall be
subject to a penalty of Twenty-five per centum
of th* amount of the tax payable.
Any person, whether taxable, or otherwise.
who falls to make a return or provide information duly required according to the provision of
thi Act, shall be liable on summary conviction
' to a penalty of $100 for each day during
which the default continues. Also any person
making a false statement in any return or In
any Information required by thc Minister, shall
be liable, on summary conviction, to a penalty
not exceeding $10,000, or to six months'imprisonment or to both fine and imprisonment.
General Instructions.
Obtain Forms from the Inspectors or
Assistant Inspectors of Taxation or from
Read carefully all instructions. on
Form before filling it in.
Prepay postage on letters and docu-
ments forwarded by mail to Inspectors of
Make your returns promptly and avoid
Commissioner of Taxation.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada/Limited -,
o        .                 Offices, Smelting and.Refining Department ,.'.:���'
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
.Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper, ;"Bluestone,   Pig   Lead ""and? Zinc.
'���'"���   : '"TADANAC" BRAND  ; -���'"' X'���"������������"
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. ,.- Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wan: rooms'reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk aud ice-cream.
Supposing ybu were telephoning a store and you got for the answer,
"Hello!" would you prodeed to give your order or would you enquire,
"Is that So-and-so's?" At the same time you would think-how much
better it would have been had the person replied with the name of the
Had he done so, you would doubtless have s iid to yonrself. "Now,
that man is up to date; he, knows how to answer the telephone properly"
Yet how many people blurt out "Hello!" never realizing that it
sounds brusque and that it also interferes with efficient telephone service
Synopiii of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum  pric*  of" first-class  land   .
.reduced to $5 an aore; second-class to
J2.B0 "an acre.   -   ' .'...-.
, Pre-emption  now  confined  to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only .
land suitable for agricultural purposes
md-which is non-timber land.-
Partnership pre-emptions abolished, -
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence; but eaoh' making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. -"���'���'
'. Pre-emptors must, occupy claimsi for .
' - Ave years and make improvements to   .
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
.  . Where pre-emptor In occupation, not
. less-than 3 years,' and has' made pro-
. portionate improvements, lie may, because of ill-health, or" other cause, be .
gra'nted intermediate" certificate of. Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may ba issued, psovided applicant makes improvements to extent; of
' $800 per annum and records" same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or  record' same will operate  as  for-
X- telture.- -Title-, cannot; be 'obtained" In
less than 5 years, and improvements -
��� of.. $10.00. per -acre,- including 5 acres -
, cleared, and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.  -
Pre-emptor   holding "Crown    grant .-
.may record another pre-emption, If he,
..requires land In conjunction-with his
farm,"without actual, occupation, pro-.,
;vlded- statutory  Improvements   made'
- and   residence ..maintained  on   Crown
��� granted land; :.-'.., a
' ITnsiirveyed. areas,-not exceeding 20 .
acres,   may'be  leased  as  homesltes;"
. title to be. obtained after fulfilling resi-   -
- .dential and improvement conditions..
-   For. grazing and Industrial purposes '
. areas"..exceeding   640   acres " may- be   -
, leased .by. .one person or company.
.-Mill, factory or Industrial, sites ;on '
timber land  not' exceeding   40  acres
may be purchased; conditions include
. payment of Btumpage. ���'���-
.'������ .-;Natural.'hay meadows  inaccessible '
- by existing, roads may be .purchased.'���
.conditional upon construction of a road"
"to them: ��� Rebate of one-half of cost of '
'..'road,; not 'exceeding, half of .purchase ���
price, is. made. - .'--,-
pre-emptors'    free    grants '.
-��'��� -'.".act. -,-;.;���.'.;
.    The scop�� of this Act is enlarged to
include all personi joining-and-serv-y-
ing with His Majeaty'a Forces.    The .
time within which the heirs or devisees..
-, of a deceased pra-emptor may apply
for titla under this 'Act is extended
from for-one year from the death of
'-. 'such  person,' as . formerly,   until   one
" year after the conclusion of the present"
war.   This privilege is also made re-
' troactive.   .   . .'-....   -
. .   No.fee* relating to pre-emptions are.-
���due or payable by soldiers on.   preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918."
.Taxes are-remitted for flv�� years.-.. - -
,- 'Provision, for return of moneys ac-'
-crued, due and D*en paid since August "
4, 1914,'on .account of payments, fee*,
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.'.
"-. Interest on agreements to purchase '"
town or- city- lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct-or Indirect, remitted from en-
ilstment to March SI, 1820.
Provision made tor ��� issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands,.- acquiring rights ��� from
purchasers who failed .to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on tui- '
nilment of condition* of purchase, Interest aad taxes.- Whers eub-purcbM-
ers do not claim -whole of original par
Culameen Botel
.   One of the largest hotels" In
the city.   Beautiful location,
,     fine rooms and tasty meals. .
��� Nicely- furnished rooms, by the -
.'.  day, week-or month
Nilson & Nilson       -       Proprietors
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse
Leave    Greenwood
Daily to Meet Spokane and
" Oroville Trains
Easter Suggestions
A tempting piece of SHAMROCK HAM for Breakfast
SHAMROCK   BRANDS   bf   Bacon,   Butter   and  Lard
E Burns  8?  Company,   Nelson, B, C
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick building and- finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
ffeniSi^'aZXreiiiizssXj^iei^X XX':
\ y3$agi&'fi^iyryyyyyyiXX^yyyX-
must  he
eel, purchase price due arid t&ses maj
he   dlsfcribuUd   proportionately
whole 4?��*>     Applications  mi;
made by.May 1, 19��!!i.   ."   \
"=&��� iX'" ���''^GRAklNQ.-.":��� -.-;���' X #.
���  Greiins Act 19i>, itor - systwaatlo
.-development 6fnv����took"lmluatjy provides ior grailnr dlstflcte ��� and range.-
administration. under. CommlgjJoner.
Annual grazing permits-Issued based--
- onnumbers ranged:'priority forestab-""
lisbed "owners. ���    BtodE-ownSTB *WQr.
form' Asaoclationa for range Bt&a&gt-X
ir>enC. Free, or.partial}? free, persalti;
for settlsrs, .campers, or .travellers, ap
to tea h��*iL ^.r- .-.,:-
--';.���'.���;;-,'. ii ---DENTIST Y     X .: :;>-
AH Work Guaranteed
Pi 0. BOX 148, -TELEPHONE 92
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
-'���'-';.;> ; (ExcerrOptician);,
"~';"  (JRADUATE ':-"
k. w. .C Block      : -      -     Kelson
Autos for Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy braying
Palace   Livery   And
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
E. W.. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, . Nelson, B. C.
Cbarges:~~Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
I'i each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
j?.oo Silver-l^ead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc., on application.
me fictc!
The only up^o/date Hotel in the interior!
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES SI.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
St���$��,��$�����$����f*��$����$"$����8"f����f����f����$����|**?��'$* ���������f����f��''f����f,"f'*$'*l**f**('
 GRAND FQRKSy     yi
Agents for- Chevrolet, Dodge j Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac, cars,. and Republic
truck-motors   '     . Garage iit connection.
All   the   latest  methods  in   high-class
.   Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,:::;^' -^,;BX.
Dealer in: Fsirm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar.Poles, and Fence Posts,..Farm'and
Fruit Lands" For Sale. ���?'-List -your lands
'.with me;.; Have a-buycr for-good ranch
xa The Mineral Province of Western Canada
'xx--x'X ->-;:~y XXX-. TO END OF DECEMBER, 1917      : '
-_���;..'   Has produced Minerals valued as follows:    Placer Gold, $75,116,103;  Lode
yiyy Gold, 393,717,974; Silver, 843;823,7f51; Lead ��39,306,144; Copper, 8130,697,620;
Other.; Mefcalsi (Zine,   Iron,  etc.), 810,933,466;  Coal  and Coke,   $174,313,658;
V   ..> Building Stone,   Brick.   Cement, etc,   $27,902,381; making ita Mineral Produc-
���    tion to/fehe end of 1917 shovr an - ��� ' , ���
Production for Year Ending December, 1917, $37,010,392
���. The   Mining  Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion,   or any-colony in the  British"
Empire,, , " -
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute  Titles are- obtained   by developing sach proper-ties, the security
e-f which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
:-.-;'.'��� Fall infoffm&iiori, together with raining Reports and -Maps,, may be obtained        . ,   .
/ gratis by addressing���  . "- ,.
':}xxxi~- '": . ;-VICTORIA, British ColnmMa.


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